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City of Tampa, Florida
Community Redevelopment Agency 8:30 AM meeting
Thursday, August 17, 2006.

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08:45:58 [Sounding gavel]
08:45:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The Community Redevelopment Agency
08:46:00 will now come to order.
08:46:02 Roll call, please.
08:46:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
08:46:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
08:46:08 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
08:46:09 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
08:46:12 Okay.
08:46:13 We have Mr. Mark Huey going to present some things to
08:46:17 us this morning.
08:46:17 Good morning, Mark.
08:46:18 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
08:46:21 Good morning.
08:46:22 We have an important administrative matter to attend
08:46:24 to as a CRA.
08:46:26 As we approach the end of our budget year, we are
08:46:30 always making sure that we have positioned our TIF
08:46:34 funding to be appropriated for uses that we can make
08:46:39 sure are expended within the three-year statutory time
08:46:43 frame.
08:46:43 So we are at that time of the year at the end of our
08:46:47 fiscal year.
08:46:48 And we have four of the redevelopment budgets that we
08:46:52 are bringing to you for reappropriation.
08:46:56 You received each of those in advance of this meeting,
08:46:59 East Tampa, Channel District, Ybor 1 and Drew Park.
08:47:04 And hopefully the explanations were fairly
08:47:07 straightforward.
08:47:08 We have representatives, all of the CRA managers are

08:47:11 here to answer any detail questions you have.
08:47:14 You should know that these have been vetted with the
08:47:18 various community board, representatives of the CRA,
08:47:22 so they come to you with their blessing.
08:47:24 And I'm happy to answer any questions that you might
08:47:26 have.
08:47:26 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any questions from the board?
08:47:30 No questions.
08:47:31 Okay.
08:47:31 So I guess we need a motion to --
08:47:36 >>GWEN MILLER: I move the resolution.
08:47:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to approve the
08:47:40 resolution for the Channel District, Drew Park, East
08:47:43 Tampa, Ybor 1 CRAs.
08:47:46 And also to receive and file.
08:47:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's related and as long as these
08:47:55 hard working guys are here, Ed, I was just wondering
08:48:02 if you want to give us an update.
08:48:04 I was curious about the stormwater pond, and I know
08:48:09 that's one of your big ticket items, at least this
08:48:11 year and in the coming years.
08:48:13 How is that coming in East Tampa?

08:48:17 >> Good manager.
08:48:19 East Tampa development manager.
08:48:21 The 34th street retention pond project that you
08:48:23 are referring to, councilman Dingfelder,, we are
08:48:30 reallocating these funds because we have a
08:48:32 construction budget already put together to go ahead
08:48:33 and start construction, as soon as the dollars are
08:48:36 appropriated.
08:48:37 So we thought that taking some of these funds from
08:48:40 some of the other index codes that we had previously
08:48:44 approved, that we knew we weren't going to be able to
08:48:47 spend down before the end of the year, just reallocate
08:48:51 those funds towards the reconstruction project so that
08:48:53 we can begin sometime probably around the end of
08:48:56 October, it looks like, and would be about a 90 to
08:49:02 120-day construction period to get the 34th street
08:49:05 pond completed.
08:49:06 And it will take the next two demonstration projects
08:49:12 for the next fiscal year.
08:49:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And part of that construction is
08:49:16 also a recreational opportunity around the pond?
08:49:22 >>> That's correct.

08:49:27 The 34th street pond,
08:49:43 >> That will be Mann tained by parks or by stormwater?
08:50:08 >>> It will be maintained by both. The area around
08:50:10 the ponds themselves will still be maintained by
08:50:13 stormwater, because they are the official entity that
08:50:16 manages stormwater retention.
08:50:19 However, the park features will be retained by the
08:50:21 Parks and Recreation Department.
08:50:23 >> I don't know who came up with the idea but I think
08:50:25 it's a really neat way of using our assets.
08:50:29 We never have enough park space and recreational
08:50:32 areas.
08:50:33 In any part of town.
08:50:34 And it's wonderful that we can take advantage of this
08:50:39 stormwater pond that has a function for drainage, and
08:50:43 then also turn it into recreational opportunities for
08:50:46 the citizens.
08:50:47 >>> Correct.
08:50:48 And it really came from the community itself, and the
08:50:52 aesthetics and beautification subcommittee that has
08:50:55 worked very hard for the last three years, and that
08:50:58 was one of the recommendations, was to take these

08:51:00 ponds and turn them into a more useful use, and the
08:51:04 way -- than the T way they have existed the past 30
08:51:08 years.
08:51:09 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Are the water parks pretty good that
08:51:16 you can stock it with types of fish?
08:51:22 >>> As a matter of fact, one of the questions that was
08:51:24 asked some time ago, people do fish in these ponds,
08:51:29 even as they exist today.
08:51:30 The 34th street, as funds become available, we are
08:51:34 going to look at putting aerators in the middle of
08:51:37 those ponds to keep the water flowing so the water
08:51:39 doesn't become static and of course aquatic life will
08:51:43 continue to grow as a result of that.
08:51:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Wonderful.
08:51:46 Any questions?
08:51:48 We have a motion and second on the floor.
08:51:50 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
08:51:54 Any Nays?
08:51:55 Motion passes.
08:51:55 >>MARK HUEY: Terrific.
08:52:00 These will appear on the tax agenda, 34, 35, 36.
08:52:05 We appreciate your support.

08:52:06 And to make sure that TIF resources are used
08:52:10 expeditiously.
08:52:11 Thank you.
08:52:11 I have three other updates for you, while I have your
08:52:14 attention.
08:52:16 Quickly, an important update.
08:52:18 One, next month will be a very important meeting of
08:52:21 the CRA board.
08:52:23 In that you will be asked to approve the 2007 TIF
08:52:27 budget.
08:52:27 You will be receiving copies of all of those budgets
08:52:30 next week.
08:52:32 And we will be scheduling with you to brief you as you
08:52:41 see this.
08:52:43 We will try to schedule with each of you time on your
08:52:45 calendars to prepare you for next month's meeting.
08:52:48 I just want you to know on the front end, the budgets
08:52:51 you will be receiving, where we have strategic action
08:52:54 plan, like in Ybor and in the Channel District, the
08:52:58 budgets you receive are consistent with those plans.
08:53:01 And even in the case of Drew Park, we know that the
08:53:06 budget is coming to you is consistent with the thrust

08:53:10 of the recommendations that are coming out of that
08:53:12 plan.
08:53:12 I also want you to know that these budgeting will have
08:53:15 been through the advisory process, so they will have
08:53:22 that important input.
08:53:24 So we look forward to working with you over the coming
08:53:26 months in finalizing those budgets.
08:53:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any questions?
08:53:34 >>> One thing that I'll mention when you get your
08:53:38 packet, there is a great surprise, and I think most of
08:53:41 you are aware that for the first year ever you are
08:53:43 going to have a new budget, which is a budget for
08:53:45 downtown, the central business district.
08:53:48 As you're aware, until this year, TIF can be generated
08:53:53 from funds in our downtown have gone all towards the
08:53:56 convention center debt service.
08:53:58 And this will be the first year, and a year frankly
08:54:01 that many of us thought we might never see, where we
08:54:04 actually have incremental TIF behind the debt service
08:54:07 of the convention center.
08:54:09 So that is very exciting news for our downtown.
08:54:11 It's going to give us a resource that we can begin to

08:54:14 invest in, in some of the downtown improvements that
08:54:17 we have long been wanting to do.
08:54:19 So that's something -- it's our first year, we have
08:54:22 been working with the downtown partnership in this
08:54:25 first year, and getting their advice, and we look
08:54:28 forward to working on this first-year ever budget for
08:54:31 our downtown.
08:54:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Huey, have you set up a downtown
08:54:39 advisory board yet?
08:54:40 >>> Not yet.
08:54:41 This is a bit of a surprise this you're.
08:54:43 So that will be one of our goals this coming year,
08:54:45 that Mike Chen will be helping us facilitate, to
08:54:48 create an advisory board.
08:54:50 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Looking forward to that.
08:54:53 >>> In the absence of that, we have been working with
08:54:55 the downtown partnership again, and some other
08:54:58 stakeholders for input.
08:54:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mary, you and I are picking up on
08:55:05 the same track.
08:55:08 The downtown advisory committee, I think it will be a
08:55:10 great opportunity to include some downtown residents.

08:55:13 >>> Yes, absolutely.
08:55:15 >> And I think there are some, and there will be a lot
08:55:17 more.
08:55:18 And obviously the folks in Channelside are very active
08:55:23 in their group, giving us advice, and we look forward
08:55:26 to the downtown residents doing the same thing.
08:55:31 >>> Yes.
08:55:32 Just to make that point, Harbor Island is all part of
08:55:35 the TIF district and that's primarily residential.
08:55:39 >> And I know very well they will be glad to join us.
08:55:44 >>> And we will have plenty of advisors along the way
08:55:48 for downtown.
08:55:50 I have two more.
08:55:51 One is relating to the Central Park CRA.
08:55:55 As you know, that has been recently created.
08:56:00 I wanted to update you on some important activities
08:56:03 there.
08:56:03 Most importantly Bank of America and the Tampa housing
08:56:06 authority, on August 7th, a rezoning petition, we
08:56:10 are scheduled for public hearing on August 26th.
08:56:14 So that very sophisticated private-public partnership
08:56:22 with the Bank of America and housing authority has

08:56:24 entered the public approval process.
08:56:27 So they are working as they have been very
08:56:29 expeditiously to try to move forward private
08:56:32 investments in the Central Park CRA.
08:56:34 So we are excited about that.
08:56:37 Relatedly, we are putting together a financial
08:56:40 advisory team similar to the team that we used on the
08:56:43 heights project to support us, in working out our
08:56:47 private-public partnership for the Central Park
08:56:49 project.
08:56:52 Currently we are advertising right now for a
08:56:54 consulting team to help us develop a strategic action
08:56:57 plan for the Central Park CRA.
08:56:59 And we are also in the early stages of putting an
08:57:06 advisory group together for Central Park.
08:57:09 Lastly, the Drew Park strategic action plan.
08:57:13 As you know, that's well under way with a team from
08:57:17 URS.
08:57:18 We received a first draft of the plan a couple of
08:57:21 weeks ago, and we are engaged with a consulting team,
08:57:25 and refining that plan, testing the quality of the
08:57:28 thinking of that, the consistency with the scope of

08:57:30 services that we committed to that, and making sure
08:57:34 that any departments are concurrent with or are
08:57:39 acceptable to major findings, recommendations of the
08:57:42 plan.
08:57:43 Once we get a little further with that, in that
08:57:46 process, we will resubmit to you a new calendar.
08:57:49 There was a calendar that we prematurely distributed
08:57:54 about an approval process but shortly we will put
08:57:57 together a new calendar and it will include as the
08:58:00 original calendar did a CRA board meeting, in Drew
08:58:04 Park, to receive community input about the CRA plan.
08:58:08 So those were some other important announcements I
08:58:12 wanted to make you aware of.
08:58:13 We have a lot more going on that you can see in your
08:58:16 CRA.
08:58:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, we are looking forward to seeing
08:58:19 some type of fruition come to Drew Park.
08:58:27 As you know that's in my district, and I want to see
08:58:30 it started by the time I leave office.
08:58:32 That's one of my goals.
08:58:37 >>> Keep us accountable on all the CRAs.
08:58:40 You have a good chair here.

08:58:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mary works very hard at that.
08:58:47 Would you join us at the podium for one second?
08:58:49 I know it's kind of a surprise venture, if I could,
08:58:52 Madam Chair.
08:59:34 >>> Next year is going to be a lot more interesting
08:59:36 because we actually have real balance in the Channel
08:59:41 District for the engineering to start with some of the
08:59:45 construction projects.
08:59:46 We went over the whole budget with Michael and his
08:59:59 group and that has worked pretty well.
09:00:01 I think that the looking forward, I think, the
09:00:05 ultimate object is to get all the public improvement
09:00:10 and infrastructure project that is possible, and
09:00:12 looking forward to, you know, have some of the other
09:00:16 stakeholders working with the city to come up with
09:00:19 ways to get infrastructure improvements completed as
09:00:23 quickly as possible.
09:00:25 That will be the next thing.
09:00:26 And we are going to start on that next year.
09:00:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We appreciate all the time you put
09:00:32 into it.
09:00:32 I see your e-mails, and really indicative of your

09:00:36 involvement.
09:00:36 We appreciate that.
09:00:38 One thing I wanted to ask about specifically, I know
09:00:40 that there's an art component that you and some of
09:00:45 your neighbors have been pushing for.
09:00:48 It looks like it's going to be included?
09:00:51 >>> Yes, it is included in that.
09:00:52 And an amount that we are certainly satisfied with.
09:00:55 Something to work with the city on that.
09:00:57 They were very happy to accommodate us.
09:00:59 >> And I know it's important to Ms. Saul-Sena for
09:01:03 years, she wants to keep a vibrant, artistic community
09:01:06 in the Channelside.
09:01:07 >>> And that's something we have worked into, first
09:01:10 create a position and then grow that as the revenues
09:01:13 grow.
09:01:14 That's something that is in the budget, and it's
09:01:20 there.
09:01:22 Thank you.
09:01:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions?
09:01:24 Anything else to come before -- Mr. Territo, anything?
09:01:30 Anything else, Mr. Huey?

09:01:33 Okay, we are adjourned.
09:01:34 Thank you very much,
09:01:37 Everybody.
09:05:22 (community development agency adjourned)