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City of Tampa
Tampa City Council
Thursday, September 21, 2006
8:30 a.m.
CRA meeting

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08:42:59 [Sounding gavel]
08:43:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The Community Redevelopment Agency is
08:43:06 now called to order.
08:43:07 Roll call, please.

08:43:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
08:43:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
08:43:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
08:43:16 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
08:43:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
08:43:18 Mr. Mark Huey is on the agenda.
08:43:20 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
08:43:23 A cool morning in a cool city.
08:43:29 This had been scheduled to be quite a significant
08:43:32 meeting in the sense that we were going to bring
08:43:34 forward to you budgets for each redevelopment area to
08:43:37 be approved.
08:43:39 The communities and the staff have been working hard
08:43:42 on those.
08:43:46 In light of millage rate changes and some additional
08:43:49 changes, we are going to defer that final solicitation
08:43:54 for approval probably until the next meeting in
08:43:56 October.
08:43:57 But we will schedule an appropriate follow-up to that.
08:44:02 You do have your budget books.
08:44:04 I appreciate the fact that many of you have had a
08:44:07 chance to meet with, answer questions that you have,

08:44:09 and we appreciate that.
08:44:10 We'll continue to follow up.
08:44:13 In the interim and answer any questions you have about
08:44:15 the proposed budget.
08:44:18 We do have two business items that I would like to
08:44:21 make sure that we take care of.
08:44:23 One is item under number 8, which is reappropriation
08:44:30 for Ybor 1 CRA. The second is item number 10 which is
08:44:35 an assignment of land disposition agreements in the
08:44:39 heights area.
08:44:40 Vince Pardo is here to speak on 8, if you wish.
08:44:49 And David Parkinson is here to speak on 10, if you
08:44:52 wish.
08:44:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When I had an opportunity to go
08:44:54 over the budgets last week with Mr. Huey, and Mr.
08:44:59 Chen, I had a question about something in the
08:45:02 Channelside CRA district and then we had a subsequent
08:45:06 meeting.
08:45:06 And I know there's members of the Channelside council
08:45:10 to discuss.
08:45:10 So maybe we should do 8 and 10 first and then hear
08:45:15 from the public.

08:45:17 >> Okay.
08:45:19 Do we want to call up Vince Pardo for number 8?
08:45:22 >> Yes.
08:45:23 >> Do you want us to remove the items, 1 through 7 and
08:45:28 9?
08:45:33 We have a motion and second to remove items 1 through
08:45:35 7 and 9.
08:45:37 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
08:45:42 >> If you will take a similar option later today on
08:45:44 your council he agenda, I believe 32, 38, also.
08:45:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
08:45:52 Mr. Pardo.
08:45:52 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor City Development Corporation.
08:45:55 This is a realignment of existing fiscal year 06, TIF
08:46:02 moneys, moving it from one project to another.
08:46:04 We had 172,733 for the Centennial Park project.
08:46:11 The plan was to fund that partially out of this year's
08:46:13 money and partially out of '07.
08:46:16 When the bids came in, of course our highest priority
08:46:19 right now is getting the 15th street stormwater
08:46:21 project complete.
08:46:22 So we have done everything, the board concurred

08:46:27 unanimously, remove 172,733 from the park project into
08:46:31 the stormwater project.
08:46:32 And what I'll be doing next year is looking at funding
08:46:35 the park project out of '07 and '08 moneys.
08:46:40 >> So moved.
08:46:41 >> Second.
08:46:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to remove number 8.
08:46:46 Motion passes.
08:46:47 Okay, Mr. Parkinson, number 10.
08:46:53 >>> Good morning.
08:46:54 This piece of property was subject of an agreement
08:46:57 that was authorized sometime ago.
08:46:59 One of the terms of that development agreement and all
08:47:02 others that I ever worked on requires formal approval
08:47:05 of the city if they are going to assign their contract
08:47:08 but it does require the original respondent be a
08:47:11 member of that partnership or that corporation.
08:47:13 And they had that request, that resolution authorizing
08:47:18 legal, confirmed that the managing member
08:47:22 certificate --
08:47:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I remember this project.
08:47:29 It was really an attractive proposal for an office

08:47:31 building on Florida.
08:47:34 But -- Tampa, sorry.
08:47:37 But it was prior to the whole Tampa Heights large
08:47:40 scale redevelopment project.
08:47:41 And I just wondered since now we have this major other
08:47:44 player to the north, and from whom we are demanding
08:47:48 much in terms of public amenities, are we allowed at
08:47:52 this point to add anything additional to this in terms
08:47:56 of landscaping, sidewalk, anything that would benefit
08:48:03 the public given that the Tampa Heights area will
08:48:06 suddenly have 10,000 people living half a block away?
08:48:09 >> Not appropriate given the development agreement,
08:48:14 all the way at this point, basically ready to break
08:48:19 down on the property next week.
08:48:22 However, I should say that without regard to the
08:48:24 current heights project, when we were negotiating this
08:48:28 development contract, Bank of America, on a relatively
08:48:33 smaller scale project.
08:48:34 So we did incorporate at its origin.
08:48:49 They are willing to do that at their expense.
08:48:51 >> According to who's design?
08:48:53 >>> The Parks Department design.

08:48:54 It was attached to the development agreement and made
08:48:56 part of the agreement.
08:48:57 So the landscaping then of his project is incorporated
08:49:04 into the edge of the park so that it makes it look
08:49:06 like more of a unit than two half blocks.
08:49:12 In addition, we requested and he agreed to provide the
08:49:15 funding for the maintenance of the park for ten years,
08:49:18 as part of the agreement.
08:49:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We need a motion to pass the
08:49:26 resolution.
08:49:27 >> So moved.
08:49:27 >> Second.
08:49:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second to pass
08:49:30 the item 10 resolution.
08:49:32 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
08:49:34 Okay.
08:49:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the components that we were
08:49:40 looking at this number is number 2, the Channel
08:49:42 District CRA TIF budget, but when I went over that
08:49:51 with Mr. Huey, I was concerned because I heard from
08:49:53 the Channel District council that they were
08:49:55 interested -- I heard this for the last five years --

08:49:57 that they are interested in having a person who is a
08:50:04 proponent of economic developments for the arts in
08:50:06 their area.
08:50:07 So I would like to hear from them on that subject with
08:50:09 the intent.
08:50:10 And when I spoke with Mr. Huey, he had some concerns
08:50:13 about it.
08:50:13 But I think if we hear from the public we can come to
08:50:16 some sort of understanding of what their concerns are,
08:50:18 what they would like to see and how we can include
08:50:21 this in the budget.
08:50:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Huey, are we going to have
08:50:33 Janett --
08:50:35 >>> Yes, we are going to have a brief report.
08:50:38 >>> Jeanie white, president of the Channel District
08:50:40 and I always get to go first.
08:50:43 What we have put together is kind of a plan of what we
08:50:51 want this person to do.
08:50:52 And it would be a consultant, not a city employee.
08:50:56 So it's not a drain on the city fund.
08:51:00 And we have even put together a search committee, if
08:51:06 we need it.

08:51:07 And our thought was that this person would manage all
08:51:15 the different places.
08:51:16 What I plan to do -- I can't make it sound real legal,
08:51:22 Sam, but what I'm trying to do is to make the arts
08:51:27 part of the fabric of the whole district, so that it's
08:51:32 not just one place, it's like we were talking last
08:51:39 night at one of the meetings, on the front of it where
08:51:48 people would see, have children art gallery, you know,
08:51:51 things like that, but will bring the public to see
08:51:55 what art is.
08:51:59 There are many different kinds of art, that not just a
08:52:03 big mural or giant something that stands outside, but
08:52:09 there's something for everybody.
08:52:10 And that's kind of something I have been fighting
08:52:14 forever since I was a little girl.
08:52:17 And so if we have this person, they can go out and
08:52:24 solicit more spaces, for obtainable work space.
08:52:31 I think that there are ways -- and I'm not sure -- and
08:52:34 Sam has to tell us what is legal and what isn't --
08:52:40 that we could actually have a scholarship program for
08:52:48 obtainable grants so that if someone was recommended
08:52:51 by the arts counsel or by John or Mary or somebody,

08:53:00 that is really talented, that we could have a system
08:53:05 of having this person get a reduced rent, which we
08:53:10 could balance with some of the TIF funds, so it
08:53:16 would -- I don't know if that will work or not.
08:53:19 But there are a lot of things to be worked out.
08:53:21 But we need somebody that is not an artist, that is a
08:53:25 business-minded person who likes the arts.
08:53:30 And my thought was -- and we put together the
08:53:37 search -- a committee.
08:53:38 These people have agreed to do it.
08:53:41 Chris, as you know, works with the TIF and I don't,
08:53:47 he's a lawyer that has been very active in the
08:53:49 district.
08:53:50 Henry Lewis, who is our vice-president and lives there
08:53:55 and has lived there for 30 years -- well, has worked
08:53:58 there for 30 years.
08:53:59 Francine McClure who is a new resident and lives down
08:54:07 at the Victory Lofts.
08:54:08 And Ken Stoltenberg, who is our treasurer, and then
08:54:13 ex-officio, Paul Wilburn and I would advise.
08:54:19 And this burn should answer to either this committee,
08:54:24 and this committee would then answer to you.

08:54:27 So it's not, you know, a lot of bureaucracy.
08:54:37 Or if this person could directly come to you.
08:54:43 But you have got to tell me how to make this work.
08:54:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any questions?
08:54:52 >>> Do you understand?
08:54:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I looked at other models, that in
08:54:59 other TIFs where the TIF is recognized something in
08:55:02 the plan like economic development using cultural
08:55:07 tourism as a magnet and hire people to do this
08:55:10 particular thing.
08:55:11 And I think that this is developable within the
08:55:13 language of the TIF.
08:55:15 And in the matrix of bonus densities that Catherine
08:55:18 Coyle is bringing back to us, artist working space,
08:55:23 living space, performance space, interior and exterior
08:55:26 performance space and programming, is part of what
08:55:29 people can get additional bonus densities for.
08:55:32 It's been part of the Channel District since Wilson
08:55:37 stair drafted the first plan 14 years ago and we
08:55:41 worked together on that.
08:55:42 And we have a multitude of things for whom -- that
08:55:47 this individual, this consultant, would have

08:55:49 responsibility of doing.
08:55:50 Right now, when don't have anyone who is doing this
08:55:53 for the Channel District.
08:55:55 Christine generally, the downtown partnership,
08:55:58 promotes arts events downtown.
08:56:01 We have got people promoting things with Ybor TIF
08:56:05 money in Ybor, but the Channel District for which whom
08:56:11 it's the original selling point, doesn't have anyone
08:56:13 to do this.
08:56:14 Now that there are refuse gnaws for the Channel
08:56:16 District it seems this should be part of their budget.
08:56:19 And when I spoke with Mr. Huey about it he said, well,
08:56:22 that's all wrapped into the administrative budget.
08:56:24 And I said, you know, it really is something different
08:56:26 than the administrative budget which funds Mr. Chen
08:56:28 and some of that.
08:56:30 It needs to be for a consultant who specifically works
08:56:33 on cultural tourism, as an economic development tool.
08:56:37 So I would like to see coming back to council when the
08:56:43 budget comes back to the Channel District with this
08:56:46 component in it, and I charge you all in the interim
08:56:50 for working up what you think is a reasonable budget

08:56:52 in terms of the number of hours that its consultant
08:56:54 would need to work on this.
08:56:56 And I think it's not a one-time deal, one-year
08:57:00 specific, and I see this as a reoccurring economic
08:57:03 development function of the Channel District CRA.
08:57:08 >>> And we'd like to start it now so things are
08:57:13 getting organized.
08:57:14 Because right now it's all, you know, we are all
08:57:16 talking about a dream.
08:57:20 We can use the 501(c)3 that I started as part of it.
08:57:24 You know, we can do a lot of things.
08:57:26 But we need some direction from you all of what you
08:57:31 want us to do, how you want us to do it, and from what
08:57:35 I was told the other day, we still have $300,000 left
08:57:41 in the budget for this year.
08:57:43 So we wouldn't even have to wait until October 1.
08:57:49 We could hire a person now, have a letter head, you
08:57:53 know, have a stamp, you know, things like that, that
08:57:58 we don't have now.
08:57:59 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, have you come up with a salary
08:58:02 for this person?
08:58:04 >>> I would think that --

08:58:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Or budget items for this person?
08:58:10 >>> I would think 60 to $80,000 a year.
08:58:13 You know, they would not get any kind of benefit from
08:58:16 the city so they would have to pay their own, would be
08:58:19 a logical -- because it's a full-Tim job.
08:58:22 It's a job that I've done for 20 years.
08:58:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And where would this person be housed?
08:58:29 >>> Well, right now, if they can find a parking place
08:58:31 in amongst -- we'd love to have them in the building.
08:58:36 We have plenty of space.
08:58:37 And it wouldn't cost anything.
08:58:41 We just need paper and a copy machine, and I think we
08:58:45 even got extra CPUs and things like that that can be
08:58:52 used.
08:58:52 >> So what you're looking at is a consultant's fee
08:58:56 plus -- plus office -- for office supplies, and --
08:59:02 >>> Yes.
08:59:06 And tell us what parameters you want to us stay in.
08:59:10 You know, where do you want to us go?
08:59:12 And Ken and Henry have been working on this a lot.
08:59:18 And they know more about the numbers and that kind of
08:59:22 thing more than I do.

08:59:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Huey, do you have any comments for
08:59:27 this?
08:59:28 >>MARK HUEY: No.
08:59:33 In your budget package as Linda suggested, in the
08:59:37 staff administration area, that we included in that
08:59:41 the possibility of arts-related coordination.
08:59:45 I put that in there as a holding because this idea, as
08:59:48 you can tell, is formative.
08:59:51 And I hosted Linda with half of the meeting earlier
08:59:57 this week, did a two-hour work session with all the
09:00:02 players.
09:00:03 It was helpful.
09:00:04 I learned a lot.
09:00:05 And I think we'll continue the dialogue and try to
09:00:07 bring something forward that is fundable.
09:00:09 Again, Sal gave pretty clear direction at the
09:00:12 beginning that the original vision that was described
09:00:15 was not something that was fundable.
09:00:17 So we have to see what is in this idea that truly can
09:00:21 be fundable by TIF resources.
09:00:24 That's our challenge.
09:00:25 We pledge to work, so see what we can come up with as

09:00:29 a recommendation.
09:00:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is there anyone else that wants to
09:00:32 talk about the subject here?
09:00:40 Well, at this point, I don't think that we can give
09:00:43 any direction until we know --
09:00:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What I'd like to do is have another
09:00:51 meeting like maybe next week prayer to the next CRA
09:00:54 meeting and see if I can't get them to do -- we need
09:00:58 to do a better job of clarifying what the
09:01:02 responsibilities were, developing a budget, really
09:01:05 having a package to come before City Council.
09:01:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I agree with that.
09:01:10 We just can't arbitrarily say we are going to cut this
09:01:13 out of the budget when we don't know what the budget
09:01:15 is going to look like.
09:01:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I will work with the staff and the
09:01:19 Channel District council to put this up so it's
09:01:25 something that is clearly stated that can come before
09:01:27 the CRA, with a clear understanding by everyone what
09:01:29 the responsibilities will be.
09:01:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Channelside district, for
09:01:35 come out, everyone that's from the Channel District.

09:01:42 We hear you, and we'll work with you.
09:01:45 And I'm sure that Ms. Saul-Sena will lead the charge
09:01:48 on this thing.
09:01:49 Thank you for coming this morning.
09:01:51 Janett, you have something to tell us for Drew Park?
09:01:59 >>> Janett La Russa, economic development, a quick
09:02:03 update concerning the strategic action plan process.
09:02:06 We are shooting at having a community meeting and CRA
09:02:10 board workshop in Drew Park the last week of October
09:02:17 with the goal of having the plan brought before the
09:02:19 CRA board for final approval and adoption at your
09:02:22 November 16th meeting.
09:02:24 So that's the general time frame we're working under
09:02:27 now.
09:02:27 And we just wanted to give you an update on that
09:02:30 process.
09:02:32 >> Do you have a date in October?
09:02:34 >>> It will be the last week in October and we are
09:02:36 working on that date, coordinating with your schedule.
09:02:38 >> So we can dress up in Halloween stuff?
09:02:41 >>> If you'd like.
09:02:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Anything else?

09:02:46 >>> No.
09:02:47 >> How are things going in Drew Park?
09:02:50 >>> They are getting well.
09:02:51 >> Glad to hear that.
09:02:52 Any other questions from this council?
09:02:56 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:02:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, thank you.
09:02:58 I was looking at the draft budgets for next year.
09:03:01 I wanted to compliment Mr. Huey and your whole team on
09:03:05 the budget.
09:03:12 I want to compliment mark and your team on the budget
09:03:15 package.
09:03:15 I think it's very thorough, it reads well, it's easy
09:03:20 for the eye.
09:03:22 And it's informative, foremost.
09:03:25 The question I had was -- and we'll be discussing that
09:03:29 in length, I guess next week.
09:03:33 Had you hue probably next month.
09:03:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Whenever.
09:03:36 The question I had was, discussion came up about
09:03:41 carryover.
09:03:42 So I don't know if you want to put it in the same back

09:03:45 or put it in a different document but I think it's
09:03:47 important that council sees what types of carryover we
09:03:50 have.
09:03:51 I guess we have a carryover of items that was approved
09:03:54 today as related to Ybor City, or a modification and a
09:03:58 carryover. Anyway, it's just something I'd like to
09:04:02 see.
09:04:02 >> I appreciate that.
09:04:05 Thank you for the compliments on the budget book.
09:04:07 A lot of work was put into it.
09:04:09 I want to especially acknowledge David Parkinson who
09:04:12 really was a point person in this but all the staff
09:04:15 contributed.
09:04:16 And again, I hope also reflects the hard work that you
09:04:21 all put in and the accomplishments over the past year
09:04:23 that are reflected in the package in addition to the
09:04:25 budget.
09:04:26 >> Unfortunately, there have to be changes on it.
09:04:30 >> We are going to make some changes and get back to
09:04:31 you on that.
09:04:34 It does reflect, also, a commitment on the part of
09:04:37 your staff at the agency to continue to improve and

09:04:42 enhance.
09:04:43 And I think your observation about reporting to you on
09:04:46 the financial side is another area that Jim Stefan,
09:04:50 who I know was here, we have talked about it, the
09:04:54 important goal for next year, to begin to integrate
09:04:57 into our regular meetings reporting to you, and this
09:05:00 will be an example of an item that we would report to
09:05:02 you.
09:05:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The other thing I wanted to say,
09:05:07 mark, publicly that you and I talked about privately,
09:05:09 is the folks on Harbor Island have expressed an
09:05:13 interest in being included now that the downtown
09:05:15 budgets have some room, a little room to spend some
09:05:20 money.
09:05:20 And so I know you assured me you were going to get in
09:05:24 touch with Harbor Island.
09:05:26 Huh hue yes, this is our first year so it's a new
09:05:29 experience for all of us downtown, and in planning for
09:05:32 this year's TIF.
09:05:34 We are still not sure exactly the amount of TIF that
09:05:37 we'll have.
09:05:38 Next year one of the goals we have for downtown noted

09:05:40 in your budget book is to Croat an advisory board for
09:05:43 downtown, and we'll certainly make sure Harbor Island
09:05:46 is represented on that advisory board.
09:05:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then the last question I had was
09:05:50 related to the item 8 that I guess you approved
09:05:54 already.
09:05:55 The question I had was, are we just deferring the
09:05:59 Centennial Park improvements to a later date?
09:06:03 I mean, it says that this is -- clearly stormwater is
09:06:08 a more important need than aesthetic improvements to
09:06:11 Centennial Park but obviously there must have been
09:06:14 some noticed for the apartment improvements, otherwise
09:06:17 it would never have made it in the original budget.
09:06:22 >>VINCE PARDO: Unfortunately you came in late,
09:06:24 councilman.
09:06:25 We expect to come in in the 06-07.
09:06:29 The plan now is fund it out of 07-0.
09:06:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions to come before
09:06:35 this council?
09:06:35 Okay.
09:06:37 Then we are adjourned.
09:16:16 [Sounding gavel]