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City of Tampa
CRA meeting
8:00 a.m. session

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08:18:42 [Sounding gavel]
08:18:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Good morning.
08:18:44 The Tampa redevelopment agency is now called to
08:18:47 session.
08:18:47 Roll call, please.
08:18:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
08:18:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.

08:18:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
08:18:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
08:18:59 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay.
08:18:59 We have some budget items that we need to talk about.
08:19:05 And Mr. Huey is going to lead us through them.
08:19:08 Good morning.
08:19:08 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
08:19:12 Yes, chairman Alvarez, we have the annual adoption of
08:19:16 all the CRA budgets.
08:19:22 We brought the initial drafts to you over a month ago.
08:19:25 We have refined those in partnership with our various
08:19:28 advisory boards for the millage rollback.
08:19:33 We have researched, and resolved the Channel District
08:19:37 issue that we spoke about last month.
08:19:39 And we now have final budget for you to approve today.
08:19:46 Some of you called me with questions and have been
08:19:49 able to meet with me about questions.
08:19:50 I appreciate everyone's attention to these.
08:19:52 And if there are any further questions, we have our
08:19:54 CRA managers here who were party to them as usual to
08:19:59 get the budget in place.
08:20:01 We also have a number of advisory board

08:20:04 representatives here.
08:20:07 >> And I would like to go ahead and welcome Mr.
08:20:09 Kinsey, Christine Burdick back there, for coming this
08:20:16 morning and sitting with us while we look at these
08:20:20 budgets for the CRA.
08:20:23 Any questions on the budget?
08:20:24 Do you want to take them one at a time?
08:20:30 >>MARK HUEY: Whatever would be your pleasure.
08:20:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Huey, we are getting better.
08:20:35 It is October and we are doing it as opposed to last
08:20:37 year, and I know that we are moving towards September
08:20:42 quickly so we are going in the right direction.
08:20:45 My question for you is, in this next year are we going
08:20:50 to work on formalizing the relationship between the
08:20:53 advisory committees and the development of the budget
08:20:56 and having it in an even more structured time frame?
08:21:04 >>> Well, we try to have it very structured now, the
08:21:07 advisory board is very hands on in working with the
08:21:12 budget, and the more mature CRAs the refined
08:21:18 approach we are taking to that so we are trying to
08:21:20 work better with the advisory committee.
08:21:22 I think the challenge is that we are going to work on

08:21:24 this year, is to try to start even earlier.
08:21:27 And I think that's the best thing we can do for you as
08:21:30 a CRA board, as well as for the advisory group, to
08:21:34 continue to try to figure out how to start these
08:21:38 earlier.
08:21:39 Our biggest challenge is that as you are aware we
08:21:41 don't get the final TIF valuation until June, July
08:21:48 time frame.
08:21:48 So that's late in the city's budget cycle.
08:21:51 But we are going to try to make some efforts to do
08:21:53 some estimating this year, and start our cycle earlier
08:21:58 with the redevelopment earlier.
08:22:00 But thanks for acknowledging that we are getting
08:22:02 better and we are going to continue to work with
08:22:04 Bonnie and Jim Stefan and our advisory board members
08:22:06 and all the departments to keep improving our
08:22:10 budgeting process annually.
08:22:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: To give credit where credit is due, we
08:22:16 would have had a budget had not the -- but for the
08:22:23 extra time that we have taken, because we did have a
08:22:27 book just like this before.
08:22:29 But threw everything in a quagmire.

08:22:35 But be that as it may, we are here now.
08:22:38 >>> And that has been a challenge for our advisory
08:22:40 board members because they approved budgets really on
08:22:42 multiple points along the way.
08:22:44 So we appreciate the patients that they had and their
08:22:46 willingness to meet and continue to refine these
08:22:49 budgets.
08:22:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So if you want to take them, council
08:22:53 members, if you want to take them each, the first one
08:22:56 is the central --
08:22:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We can move them all and adopt all of
08:23:02 them.
08:23:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted to say something about the
08:23:05 Channel District.
08:23:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Go ahead.
08:23:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: At our last CRA meeting we had
08:23:10 members -- I think we had Jeannie White speak and
08:23:15 talked about the concern they had about the -- one of
08:23:18 the shaping mechanisms.
08:23:24 It's attraction as opposed to the arts with not being
08:23:28 recognized, and the economic development activities is
08:23:34 being an arts district wasn't getting enough focus and

08:23:39 clarity and funding.
08:23:41 And I've worked very closely with Mr. Huey and Mr.
08:23:45 Chen and Mr. Wilborn and the people in the area
08:23:49 develop a series of expectations in terms of things
08:23:52 that need to be done and I believe, Mr. Chen, off copy
08:23:55 that you can share with us this morning?
08:24:24 We have identified four activities although frankly
08:24:27 the last one seems a little nebulous to me but the
08:24:29 people in the district want it, and our consultant to
08:24:33 the Channel District, would be extremely helpful in
08:24:39 terms of promoting economic development through the
08:24:41 arts, and I did want a clarification.
08:24:44 I think you have set aside $40,000 in the Channel
08:24:47 District budget for this.
08:24:49 >>> That's correct.
08:24:50 >> It seems to me that that's enough to do some of it,
08:24:53 in terms of branding and marketing, if you need
08:24:58 material it might not be enough, and I assume these
08:25:00 are very broad-brush.
08:25:02 You don't really have the dollar amount within the 40
08:25:07 broken down at this point.
08:25:10 >>> We have not separated what goes out.

08:25:14 In items 1 and 2 -- in fact, items 1, 2 and 3, we have
08:25:18 seen three different consultants.
08:25:21 And once we actually design the scope of work for each
08:25:24 of them, we can identify what the budgets that
08:25:27 accommodate each of those could be.
08:25:29 >> When could you come back with that?
08:25:31 In two months?
08:25:34 >>> I think we certainly get to work on it right away
08:25:36 to identify appropriate targets, appropriate
08:25:42 consultants for each of those functions and begin
08:25:44 conversation with them.
08:25:44 Sure, we can give you updates on a regular basis.
08:25:49 >> Well, rather than us being in a more passive role I
08:25:54 would like to work with you to see how quickly we can
08:25:57 get this going including the people in the Channel
08:25:59 District participating and I assume Mr. Wilborn as
08:26:02 creative industries person is going to be director of
08:26:07 the consultants.
08:26:08 >>> Well, the exact structure on it hasn't been
08:26:10 determined exactly.
08:26:11 But I have spoken with and met with Paul Wilborn on
08:26:15 several occasions on these four items, and he already

08:26:19 has a list of consultants that are likely candidates
08:26:22 for the first objective.
08:26:25 So I think we have a running start working with Paul,
08:26:28 too.
08:26:32 A consultant that we should be speaking with.
08:26:35 >> I'll be happy to work with you on it, then we can
08:26:37 report back to the CRA the month after.
08:26:41 Thank you.
08:26:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Dingfelder?
08:26:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair.
08:26:47 Mark, Mr. Huey, if you could, let's talk about the
08:26:51 millage reductions with a little more specificity.
08:26:54 Specifically, it looks like the CRA budget, total
08:26:59 budget, is reduced by about a million dollars.
08:27:02 Three quarters of that was from the county millage
08:27:05 reduction.
08:27:08 Next time number these pages.
08:27:10 >>> Okay.
08:27:11 >> Three quarters of a million dollars in the city
08:27:13 millage reduction resulted in $250,000 according to
08:27:16 your document.
08:27:18 >>> That's right.

08:27:20 >> As we go through each CRA to approve this morning,
08:27:26 I would just like to see where that money was taken
08:27:31 out.
08:27:31 Because I don't have the old book compared to the new
08:27:34 book.
08:27:34 >>> Okay.
08:27:36 >> And how that decision was made.
08:27:39 >>> Okay.
08:27:41 >> I'm sure it was probably straightforward in some
08:27:44 and more complex in others.
08:27:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did you want to go through each
08:27:47 budget?
08:27:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to see, yeah, where
08:27:50 those decisions were made.
08:27:51 I don't think it will take long.
08:27:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Should we start with the downtown?
08:27:59 >> Whatever you wish.
08:28:03 >>> Do you want to talk about the downtown?
08:28:05 I remember the generalities, the downtown, where we
08:28:09 had our largest total reduction, reduced other capital
08:28:17 improvement projects.
08:28:18 I think were the main areas that were reduced.

08:28:21 We also reduced other professional services.
08:28:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we know how much, I mean?
08:28:40 >>> The previous version of the book that you had
08:28:43 before, the budget at that time was $225,000 for the
08:28:49 weight finding. Currently it's 150,000.
08:28:53 The conversion of one-way, two-way streets remained at
08:28:58 $1 million.
08:29:01 Other capital improvements which was viewed as some
08:29:03 clean-up and general maintenance programs for downtown
08:29:07 went from $137,029 to 70,284.
08:29:15 The debt service on the convention center remained the
08:29:17 same.
08:29:19 The streetcar projects remained the same at $50,000.
08:29:23 Previously you had had a line item called marketing
08:29:26 promotion.
08:29:26 This was eliminated in this final budget and combined
08:29:31 with other professional services.
08:29:38 Parking and transportation studies we had that budget
08:29:40 at $150,000 from your book, the previous book to this
08:29:44 current version.
08:29:44 And the other professional services, which includes a
08:29:49 variety of studies as well as market and promotion,

08:29:52 went from $60,000 to $30,000.
08:29:56 And the staff and operating remained constant at
08:29:59 95,805.
08:30:03 >> On the parking and transportation study, I know
08:30:06 that Jim corda and I and I can't remember who else had
08:30:12 some discussion busy possibly looking into more modern
08:30:15 parking meters on the street, ones that you perhaps
08:30:20 swipe a credit card.
08:30:23 >>> I know there's a lot of discussion going on to
08:30:25 improved and more efficient and more convenient user
08:30:27 friendly type meters.
08:30:29 >> I hope we can use part of that 150,000 to explore
08:30:31 that or perhaps do a couple of prototypes and that
08:30:36 sort of thing.
08:30:37 >>> It is my understanding the parking department is
08:30:40 actually on the way on that.
08:30:41 In fact, they met, I believe with, four different
08:30:44 vendors already, looking at alternatives.
08:30:48 We are certainly here to support them but I know they
08:30:51 are already making progress with this.
08:30:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions?
08:30:58 Go ahead and approve that one then?

08:31:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm going to support this.
08:31:02 And I believe that the signs are very important for
08:31:08 visitors and I'm sorry we have to cut some money from
08:31:10 it and I'm going to go to the tourist development
08:31:13 council meeting in two weeks and see if we can get
08:31:15 some additional funding from them to support that
08:31:17 because I think it's very clearly related to the
08:31:24 comfort and a very appropriate way to spend that
08:31:26 money.
08:31:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do we have a motion to approve it?
08:31:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Move --
08:31:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It should be item 3, I guess.
08:31:38 >> Second.
08:31:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to a proffer the
08:31:43 downtown CRA budget.
08:31:44 (Motion carried) Ms. Burdick, did you want to say
08:31:51 anything?
08:31:51 No, she doesn't.
08:31:53 >> She's happy.
08:31:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did we vote on that?
08:31:59 All in favor?
08:32:00 Motion passes.

08:32:02 Let's go to the Ybor City one.
08:32:15 >> We have to go back and forth.
08:32:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Pardo?
08:32:19 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor City Development Corporation.
08:32:23 In the budget you have before you, the 100% of the
08:32:27 Ybor 1 reduction, the millage was taken in the
08:32:31 Centennial Park project.
08:32:32 The project, earlier we had money moved from that
08:32:36 project over to the stormwater project.
08:32:44 So the funding item in '06 and 07, we are now log at
08:32:48 funding item 07 and allocating moneys in '08.
08:32:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What was that amount?
08:32:55 Do you know the amount?
08:32:57 >>VINCE PARDO: it was equal to the reduction in the
08:33:01 TIF which for Ybor 1 was 31,283.
08:33:10 I think as mark said earlier, YCDC board has approved
08:33:16 a target zone which they have been talking about.
08:33:18 In fact since the last one, they approved the budget
08:33:22 this past Tuesday unanimously.
08:33:23 Before that we had two modifications before.
08:33:27 So it's always what you are cutting from and --
08:33:32 >> So the only change was the Centennial Park

08:33:36 improvements?
08:33:39 >>> Yes.
08:33:39 For Ybor 2 there was a reduction of 7,000.
08:33:42 >> I want to ask you a question.
08:33:45 The pay and display parking units you have here of $45
08:33:48 that you, are those change machines?
08:33:51 >>> No, those are for the three parking lots.
08:33:58 Three in the TIF budget parking department, about
08:34:02 $15,000 each including installation.
08:34:03 They will allow for credit cards, for change, or for
08:34:07 dollar bills, so they can get a sticker, buy one hour,
08:34:12 two hours, three hours.
08:34:13 And want to go across Ybor City and stop in a cigar
08:34:19 store or something, as long as you are in an Ybor City
08:34:23 city street or parking lot if you have time on it it's
08:34:27 valid.
08:34:28 And we are also looking at technology about cell
08:34:35 phones as well.
08:34:36 And some of the registers, registers with the program
08:34:40 that the parking department is looking at now, they
08:34:41 can actually go to a meter in the City of Tampa
08:34:45 anywhere, and they can actually call in a number, and

08:34:48 that number then clicks on.
08:34:51 So as the parking enforcement person goes by, they can
08:34:54 see the person online for that particular time.
08:35:04 I used to get a lot of tickets myself.
08:35:05 So like the sun pass when you click the button, under
08:35:10 the level of technology with a cell phone than having
08:35:14 an actual gadget.
08:35:15 >> Is there going to be an educational program for
08:35:17 this?
08:35:17 >> Once it's established, yes.
08:35:20 We are excited about it.
08:35:22 But we are purchasing three and --
08:35:27 >> Okay, good.
08:35:28 Do you have a question?
08:35:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We need to tell people how it
08:35:33 works, that it's available, you know.
08:35:35 >>VINCE PARDO: That's correct, that's correct.
08:35:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Let's go ahead.
08:35:41 Anything else, Mr. Dingfelder?
08:35:42 Did you have a question?
08:35:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
08:35:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

08:35:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion
08:35:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to approve the Ybor
08:35:57 City 1 budget.
08:35:58 Let's go to the --
08:36:01 >>> Ybor 2, reduction of the last round was 7,538
08:36:06 dollars.
08:36:06 Again all of the reduction came out of the streetscape
08:36:11 project which is the extension of the aesthetics you
08:36:14 see west of 22nd street.
08:36:17 Also east of 22nd street in that area, the lamp
08:36:22 posts, benches, and so on.
08:36:24 We have enough money out of last year's money and this
08:36:27 year's allocation to complete the first block.
08:36:30 So we need it to be a multi-funded project.
08:36:34 Did not stop our progress from being the first block
08:36:36 down which is our goal between last year's budget and
08:36:40 this year's budget.
08:36:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions on CRA 2?
08:36:46 All right.
08:36:47 Do I have a motion to approve?
08:36:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
08:36:52 >> Second.

08:36:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The CRA 2 budget.
08:36:55 (Motion carried).
08:36:58 Let's go to the Channel District.
08:37:08 Have we talked about that one yet?
08:37:14 >>> Talked about one piece of it.
08:37:16 I can go through and give you a summary of the changes
08:37:18 if it will be helpful again.
08:37:20 Again, starting from the previous budget book that you
08:37:25 received to the current and final version, we have
08:37:30 infrastructure projects.
08:37:33 This is ready for some interim repairs, potholes,
08:37:38 signage, fixing sidewalks and that sort of thing in
08:37:40 the area that was originally $240,000 and has remained
08:37:46 $240,000.
08:37:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mike, you can just say what
08:37:51 actually changed.
08:37:51 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Actually if I may add one more thing
08:37:54 because it was an interest of councilman Saul-Sena.
08:37:58 We do have money in the Channel District for the
08:38:01 signage as well.
08:38:02 So there's a $50,000 budget in that to help support
08:38:05 the activities also going on in downtown, channel

08:38:09 would be paying for their share.
08:38:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is that in addition?
08:38:13 >>MICHAEL CHEN: That was in the previous budget book
08:38:15 and it remains the same in this revision.
08:38:21 Okay.
08:38:21 Changes.
08:38:22 Infrastructure, engineering reduced from $901,484 to
08:38:28 882 -- excuse me, 882,482.
08:38:38 Those are the only changes.
08:38:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Only changes.
08:38:41 Any questions on that?
08:38:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On the infrastructure, will this be
08:38:48 a broad plan for how we should come to different
08:38:56 infrastructure changes?
08:38:58 Money two years out to actually rebuild the water
08:39:04 systems so we can actually go to construction?
08:39:07 What stage of engineering is it?
08:39:11 >>MICHAEL CHEN: There's two items for infrastructure
08:39:13 projects, one up in section 1, infrastructure projects
08:39:17 for capital improvements.
08:39:20 These are really interim projects.
08:39:22 In fact, there is some recent articles in a newspaper

08:39:24 that we heard through community discussion about that.
08:39:29 The second one.
08:39:33 RFQ has gone out.
08:39:34 Response date is November 2nd.
08:39:35 So that's moving forward.
08:39:37 The RFQ was written in such a form that initially
08:39:40 we're looking for more detail of engineering so we can
08:39:44 accurately price the systems.
08:39:46 But it is written in such a fashion that that selected
08:39:51 consultant could continue the progress of work to
08:39:55 select general contractors, and even go so far as to
08:39:59 even become a construction manager for the
08:40:01 installation of the project.
08:40:02 So that RFQ is very comprehensive to allow work to
08:40:08 progress without having to stop and do it all over
08:40:10 again.
08:40:12 The RFQ process.
08:40:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Continuing on the engineering and
08:40:19 then ultimately the construction of that and
08:40:24 specifically the financing.
08:40:25 Originally, well, let's take for argument's sake the
08:40:32 construction costs or 30 million or 50 million or

08:40:36 something like that.
08:40:37 There have been some discussions about bonding,
08:40:42 because obviously there is already a million dollars a
08:40:46 year, you know, it looks like it could be used for
08:40:49 these types of things.
08:40:51 I imagine that's just going to grow.
08:40:53 >>> Yes, sir.
08:40:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are those discussions still
08:40:56 continuing with the community and with the
08:40:58 administration?
08:41:02 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Absolutely.
08:41:03 In fact the plan -- and the plan working through the
08:41:06 coordination of city staffing -- has identified
08:41:09 several different directions that are viable for
08:41:11 financing.
08:41:13 The infrastructure work.
08:41:16 In fact I think the total was estimated approximately
08:41:18 $55 million.
08:41:22 But certainly bond financing is part of it.
08:41:24 And that's why I mentioned the first step of this RFQ
08:41:30 for the new consultant is to get some more detail
08:41:33 engineering so we can actually get an accurate

08:41:36 estimate of the project cost that will facilitate our
08:41:40 interaction with the finance department, how much we
08:41:43 need to bond for. That is the first step.
08:41:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm just wondering, at some point
08:41:48 do we need a consultant or some other type of
08:41:51 expertise in the financing area to assist us, to
08:41:55 figure out the best way to do that?
08:41:57 Or do we just do that in house?
08:42:00 >>MICHAEL CHEN: We had proposed that there would be
08:42:05 some outside assistance to the finance department if
08:42:08 they wanted it.
08:42:09 And in fact at one time -- and I think it's kind of
08:42:13 buried in some of these consulting services.
08:42:19 We had anticipated there may be as much as a $20,000
08:42:23 consultant fee that would assist the finance
08:42:25 department to understand the budget.
08:42:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I see Mr. Stoltenberger out there.
08:42:33 I don't know if there's anybody else in the Channel
08:42:35 District.
08:42:48 >>> It's going to be a long day.
08:42:53 We are very happy with the budget outcome.
08:42:56 We do have set aside for projects which are going to

08:42:59 be, as Mr. Chen described, nuts and bolts, nothing
08:43:04 fancy, but to improve things for the people who are
08:43:07 living down there right-of-way now.
08:43:10 We are also happy there are funds available for the
08:43:12 various types of things that are going to facilitate
08:43:14 the arts in the community, and very happy that mark
08:43:19 and Mike worked with us on that, and turned out
08:43:22 exactly what we wanted.
08:43:23 As far as larger infrastructure needs, we are very
08:43:27 happy that the RFQ has gone out and we are going to
08:43:30 select a developer to get that done.
08:43:32 For the record, we are all for looking at bonding out
08:43:34 some of the money to get the things that are -- that
08:43:37 need to be done sooner rather than later.
08:43:39 The other thing that I would encourage to you look
08:43:41 at -- and I know the city is working with the
08:43:44 development community to get things done as
08:43:46 construction is going on, and developers do extra
08:43:50 things that they don't have to do, you know, fix some
08:43:53 streets, putting in sidewalks, that kind of thing.
08:43:56 Because if we need to do it with construction it's
08:44:00 cheaper than coming back later.

08:44:02 So we are happy with the budget.
08:44:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
08:44:05 Mr. Stoltenberger, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you
08:44:09 before.
08:44:09 I guess you came in after I did that.
08:44:11 I didn't see you.
08:44:12 So welcome to our meeting this morning.
08:44:14 >>> Thank you.
08:44:16 >> Any other questions?
08:44:17 Do we need a motion?
08:44:20 >> So moved.
08:44:21 >> Second.
08:44:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to approve the
08:44:24 Channel District CRA budget.
08:44:25 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
08:44:27 (Motion carried) let's go to Drew Park.
08:44:43 >>> Thank you, Madam Chair.
08:44:44 The change to the Drew Park CRA budget was mainly in
08:44:47 the engineering and consulting fees line item.
08:44:51 That was the one that we had agreed by direction of
08:44:53 the advisory board to take any reduction.
08:44:56 And you see there was also a very slight increase in

08:45:00 the operating line item to reflect operating budget.
08:45:05 And those are the major changes.
08:45:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How much roughly?
08:45:11 >>> As far as the change in the engineering
08:45:12 consultant, that is a little over 24,000 that we have
08:45:17 gotten reduction.
08:45:19 >> The other one was what, a slight increase?
08:45:22 >>> It wasn't really an increase.
08:45:24 It's reflecting the operating cost of slightly over
08:45:27 9,000.
08:45:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted to thank you for the tour
08:45:35 of Drew Park.
08:45:39 Chairman Alvarez and I were able to take it.
08:45:41 And it really helped me understand what our long-term
08:45:44 ambitions are there in terms of redevelopment.
08:45:46 And sort of the question that Mr. Dingfelder asked
08:45:51 previously, to accomplish some of the things we need
08:45:53 to do with significant amounts of money.
08:45:56 And again I hope next year you will look and have a
08:46:00 greater sense of what our needs are as the bonding
08:46:03 needs to do in order to accomplish some of the
08:46:05 drainage programs, some of the land acquisition

08:46:09 programs.
08:46:10 I look forward to hearing back on how that progresses.
08:46:15 >>> Thank you.
08:46:15 It was our pleasure to arrange that tour and I was
08:46:18 very pleased that several members of the council were
08:46:19 able to attend.
08:46:21 We are looking at that very closely in the strategic
08:46:23 action plan that is being finalized now.
08:46:25 But thank you for your input.
08:46:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I got a one-on-one tour so I was
08:46:33 special.
08:46:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The advisory board met Monday night,
08:46:43 and they were pleased with the budget as presented.
08:46:48 They are very much waiting for the different changes.
08:46:53 And sidewalks have already been put in there.
08:46:57 So there's some improvements that are going in.
08:47:01 So we are looking forward to the advisory committee is
08:47:04 looking forward to what's happening in the area there.
08:47:10 I want to thank you for being there Monday night.
08:47:16 >>> Thank you, Madam Chair.
08:47:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions for Drew Park?
08:47:19 Need a motion.

08:47:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
08:47:22 >> Second.
08:47:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Wave a motion and second to approve
08:47:25 the Drew Park CRA budget.
08:47:26 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
08:47:29 Motion passes.
08:47:31 Let's go down to East Tampa.
08:47:39 >>> Ed Johnson, East Tampa urban development manager.
08:47:42 We only have one change from the previous budget book
08:47:47 that was presented to you.
08:47:48 That was in the area of the retention pond
08:47:50 redevelopment and beautification.
08:47:53 We reduced that line item by another -- it was 55,441
08:48:00 dollars.
08:48:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Where was that?
08:48:03 >>> It was on the retention pond redevelopment and
08:48:05 beautification.
08:48:06 We had a large dollar amount in that line item which
08:48:13 normally we wouldn't get to till later in the year so
08:48:16 he would thought that's the easiest line item to take
08:48:18 the reduction from.
08:48:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did you want to say something?

08:48:28 >>> Good morning.
08:48:28 Thank you for all the members of the CRA board.
08:48:31 I just wanted to say that we appreciate so much the
08:48:34 East Tampa support that you have given us since East
08:48:38 Tampa became a CRA.
08:48:40 I'm extremely pleased that you are going to be more
08:48:44 involved in what's happening with this.
08:48:48 The East Tampa advisory group has been extremely
08:48:51 involved in the budget preparation.
08:48:52 And putting together our budget.
08:48:57 So we support the budget.
08:49:00 And we ask that you support the budget.
08:49:03 There is one other thing that I would ask of you.
08:49:05 And that is that you always make sure that whatever
08:49:12 comes before you involving the CRA that you ascertain
08:49:20 from the staff that there has been the involvement of
08:49:23 the advisory group.
08:49:24 We want to make sure that is happening.
08:49:26 And sometime I do have concerns.
08:49:28 You know, I think our mayor is extremely supportive of
08:49:31 what we're doing.
08:49:32 But I'm not always sure that there are people on the

08:49:35 staff that are equally as supportive.
08:49:38 And so we have to be extremely vigilant to make sure
08:49:43 that the dollars for the CRA, one of the things that I
08:49:48 would ask is that when we come before you with these
08:49:52 budgets, at the end of the year, we also want to know
08:49:56 that the budget gets spent, and where does the money
08:49:59 go?
08:50:00 These beautiful projects that we are talking about
08:50:04 actually come into fruition are simply an exercise.
08:50:08 But I'm also of the thinking that sometimes it is more
08:50:12 difficult to spend the money than it is to get it.
08:50:16 So I would ask that you hold all of us accountable as
08:50:21 to what is happening with the CRA dollars, and these
08:50:27 projects in the budget, did they take place?
08:50:29 So next December, at the latest, December 2007, we
08:50:36 should be before you telling you, giving you a
08:50:39 progress report of all of the things that took place,
08:50:43 and whether or not the things that were in these
08:50:45 budgets came to reality.
08:50:47 If it didn't, why didn't it?
08:50:51 What kept it from happening?
08:50:53 Because I'm not always convinced that everybody is as

08:51:00 committed to you as you are, so somebody has to watch
08:51:08 the store and make sure that the intent of this board
08:51:13 is being carried out.
08:51:15 And so I stand here and ask that you do that.
08:51:18 And if anything ever comes before you, that money is
08:51:22 in that you would do for us, get the community
08:51:29 involved, the advisory board there, that they have
08:51:31 input into it.
08:51:34 And I would ask that you would make sure that if that
08:51:39 some person from the advisory board is to say that.
08:51:42 And if no person is here from the advisory board to
08:51:44 say that, because we don't always know what goes on
08:51:46 when people come before you and what they are asking.
08:51:49 And I'm not always sure.
08:51:51 One of the things that this CRA is the community's
08:51:57 version of the Florida Lottery.
08:52:00 It is supposed to be to education what the Florida
08:52:03 Lottery -- I men to the community what the Florida
08:52:06 Lottery is to education.
08:52:08 But we know that somewhere along the way, in the state
08:52:13 legislature, they began to supplant the dollar.
08:52:17 So how do we know what was being spent in the

08:52:20 communities prior to the CRA?
08:52:23 And now how much of what's happening in the community,
08:52:28 and spent CRA dollars to do that rather than general
08:52:30 funds.
08:52:31 So we are in a longer having over and above.
08:52:36 But it has become a replacement for it.
08:52:38 And so I ask this board, as a CRA and the governing
08:52:42 body for the TIF funds, to make sure that all of us
08:52:47 are held accountable for that.
08:52:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Kinsey.
08:52:52 Mr. White?
08:52:54 >>KEVIN WHITE: I wanted to make a comment to Mr.
08:52:58 Kinsey.
08:52:59 I want to thank you in particular and your
08:53:02 organization for what you have done in East Tampa and
08:53:04 making sure that we as a body recognize all that you
08:53:12 represent and all that came before this board as late
08:53:17 as yesterday was looking down Lake Avenue between
08:53:22 22nd and 29th and looking at the progress of
08:53:24 the Lake Avenue beautification project as some of the
08:53:28 council members who were out yesterday and the
08:53:34 kickoff, and already if the road project is complete,

08:53:42 the plants, the irrigation, irrigation, it seems all
08:53:48 they have to do is put the mulch down and do the grand
08:53:51 roadway ribbon cutting.
08:53:58 And that's to East Tampa and to the neighborhoods and
08:54:01 to your advisory board.
08:54:03 And I think projects like that will continue to
08:54:04 happen.
08:54:06 I agree with you wholeheartedly, we have the money for
08:54:10 it, we need to do these projects and stay on task with
08:54:13 them.
08:54:14 But I'm looking forward to all of these projects.
08:54:19 And I'm sure the members that are here as well as the
08:54:21 members that will be coming will have that same
08:54:25 interest at heart and I don't know as a member of the
08:54:30 organization I'm sure you will come down and make
08:54:31 sure.
08:54:34 Thank you.
08:54:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Kinsey, I actually think we
08:54:38 should make you president for life.
08:54:42 I think you have the skills that your key suggestions
08:54:46 are really apt.
08:54:47 First of all that we get a year-end report to make

08:54:49 sure what moneys are spent, what projects have come
08:54:51 about and which ones have been carried over because
08:54:54 they haven't been spent.
08:54:55 And your other idea, the CRA money not be used to
08:54:59 supplant things in the usual budget.
08:55:01 That's a key concern, too.
08:55:03 What I would like to do, Madam Chairman, after we
08:55:06 finish with the budget, is to ask for a year-end
08:55:10 report at the December CRA meeting.
08:55:15 All the CRA, where, you know, where we are, what's
08:55:19 been discussed the prior year, which projects come
08:55:21 into being, which funds are being carried over.
08:55:23 I think that would be really helpful to CRA members.
08:55:26 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And we know that some of the budgets
08:55:29 had some carry overs from last year to this year.
08:55:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I don't think we have ever done
08:55:35 that before.
08:55:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No, this is the first year we have had
08:55:40 so many CRAs.
08:55:42 But that's a God suggestion and we'll work with that.
08:55:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ed Johnson, just a quick question
08:55:52 on the -- again going back to these money issues.

08:55:56 I think we have all been amazed and really pleased
08:56:01 that the East Tampa CRA budget is now in excess of $5
08:56:03 million coming in.
08:56:05 And I think it's a wonderful thing.
08:56:08 I'm wondering what sort of projections do we have, do
08:56:13 we know where this is going in the next couple of
08:56:16 years?
08:56:17 That's question number one.
08:56:18 Question number two, same question I asked earlier,
08:56:21 are there any discussions about bonding or other
08:56:25 financial mechanisms to, you know, really kick
08:56:30 especially the infrastructure projects into hair gear
08:56:33 and do them sooner than later?
08:56:37 >>> Yes, sir, very much so.
08:56:39 Your answer to the number one question, yes, the
08:56:43 projection, at least that continues at its current
08:56:48 rate, will probably be in three years will probably be
08:56:51 double where we are today.
08:56:53 In excess of $10 million.
08:56:56 Obviously, all of this is predicated on increased
08:57:00 ad valorem taxes that are generated by property value
08:57:05 increases and we see all the increases continuing to

08:57:08 rise.
08:57:08 The real estate market as everyone knows has taken a
08:57:13 little bit of a hit but papers this morning to the
08:57:17 Tampa-St. Pete market, we are still continuing to have
08:57:21 increases in real estate values.
08:57:23 So if that is going to be the continuing trend, you
08:57:26 know, that could be $15 million in three to five
08:57:31 years.
08:57:32 So we are very excited about it.
08:57:38 That could do a lot of infrastructure improvements in
08:57:41 this community that is most certainly deserved.
08:57:44 The answer to question number two, we are working also
08:57:47 with Mike and mark to come up with a strategy and how
08:57:52 to go about taking some of our dollars that we are
08:57:56 allocating in our TIF for acquisition and things of
08:58:01 that nature to be able to bond those dollars, and to
08:58:04 be able to have a larger pot to be able to do
08:58:07 acquisition and infrastructure improvements.
08:58:12 We are highly encouraged that this is the direction we
08:58:15 take not only for East Tampa but for all of our
08:58:18 TIFs.
08:58:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The last question I had on this one

08:58:22 was, I had some concern, and I have nothing to base it
08:58:25 on, but I'm going to hope that maybe you do.
08:58:29 I have some concern that in East Tampa, there might be
08:58:31 a greater percentage of rental in terms of
08:58:37 single-family homes than elsewhere.
08:58:40 And my concern is that unlike most of us, you know,
08:58:47 who own our own home and locked in with the save our
08:58:51 homes 3% increase and we are protected by that, that a
08:58:54 lot of the folks in East Tampa who might be renting a
08:58:57 single-family home are not protected, and, therefore,
08:59:02 when their ad valorems go up, obviously we are
08:59:05 increasing the value of the neighborhood, going to
08:59:08 follow along, and increase the ad valorem, which of
08:59:11 course helps the TIF, but at the same time it could
08:59:13 very well hurt the tenants and the people generally.
08:59:18 And then we might be forcing them out because of those
08:59:22 higher rents they might be paying.
08:59:26 A, I don't know if that's true.
08:59:28 It's a little bit conjecture on my part but I think
08:59:31 anecdotally it might be.
08:59:33 So that's my first question, is you feel there's some
08:59:37 concern there.

08:59:38 And, B, maybe not this year's budget but maybe in next
08:59:42 year's budget, I don't know that we have a first-time
08:59:45 home buyers program in here like a revolving fund to
08:59:50 help people, you know, get into that as part of a TIF.
08:59:55 I'm just wondering, that way we could convert some of
08:59:58 the renters, more of the renters into homeowners, and
09:00:01 help stabilize the community in that regard.
09:00:07 >>> I'll start with your last question first.
09:00:08 I think that's a possibility.
09:00:11 I think that's something that we will definitely take
09:00:14 back to the community advisory committee to put on the
09:00:19 table.
09:00:20 We do have in this budget a rehabilitation loan for
09:00:26 existing homeowners to fix up their houses to kind of
09:00:29 eliminate some of the blighted conditions that we find
09:00:31 throughout the neighborhood.
09:00:32 But what is astonishing, in answer to your second
09:00:37 question of the idea about home ownership, this
09:00:43 particular community, being almost eight square miles,
09:00:49 has a very high percentage of homeowners.
09:00:53 It's approaching 60% of the residents in that
09:00:57 community.

09:00:59 >> How would that compare to the whole city?
09:01:04 >>> I can get that information for you maybe next time
09:01:07 we talk.
09:01:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you have concern about --
09:01:12 >>> Homeowners in the community.
09:01:14 But, yes, there is a concern of renters, some of the
09:01:17 folks that are renting some of the rental stock is all
09:01:23 the dilapidated products you see throughout the
09:01:25 communities.
09:01:26 So if we could get some of the owners of these
09:01:28 properties to fix them up, maybe the incentive maybe
09:01:34 meds to be looked at to help some of those folks.
09:01:37 Or convert them to homeowners.
09:01:41 And one of the other things we have done quite well is
09:01:44 we have been able to attract new affordable rental
09:01:48 developments, you know, this past week we had the
09:01:51 ribbon cutting for Meridian point.
09:01:53 That's 360 units, brand new market rate rental.
09:01:57 In the community that now some of these renters that
09:02:00 were in some of these other can go to a real true
09:02:05 affordable rental community and we have two more of
09:02:08 those type of projects on the drawing boards that

09:02:10 should be under construction here very shortly.
09:02:12 So we think we are in pretty God shape.
09:02:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions?
09:02:19 All right.
09:02:19 We need a motion.
09:02:21 >> Second.
09:02:23 >> We have a motion and second to approve the East
09:02:25 Tampa CRA budget.
09:02:26 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
09:02:31 Motion passes.
09:02:32 We go to the heights.
09:02:41 >>> Michael hedge with the heights of Central Park.
09:02:43 Quickly on the heights budget for '07, there is a
09:02:47 difference of about $6300 between the budgets being
09:02:51 presented today.
09:02:52 And that was presented in the original budget book.
09:02:56 Those dollars have been deducted from the contractual
09:03:00 services of the budget you have today.
09:03:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the heights budget.
09:03:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:03:08 (Motion carried).
09:03:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ms. Young, were you here for the East

09:03:17 Tampa?
09:03:18 I'm sorry, for the heights?
09:03:20 Or were you here for the Central Park?
09:03:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I apologize, did you want to speak?
09:03:30 I jumped the gun.
09:03:31 I'm sorry.
09:03:32 >>> I just want to thank you for one of the young
09:03:38 ones, some of the veterans to hear what we are dealing
09:03:42 with, with our budget being small and starting out.
09:03:47 Thank you.
09:03:48 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
09:03:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.
09:03:53 It would be for all of the citizen advisory committee
09:03:55 leaders.
09:03:56 Did you all meat among yourselves apart from city
09:03:59 staff?
09:04:02 >>> We usually have city staff -- there are so many
09:04:06 questions that come up that we want to have the staff
09:04:10 to answer.
09:04:10 And it's worked very well in our area.
09:04:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.
09:04:14 What I'm thinking might be helpful is each

09:04:18 neighborhood CRA has its own citizen advisory
09:04:25 committee.
09:04:25 And you all function independently.
09:04:28 I think it might be useful for all of the leadership
09:04:32 of each of the citizen advisory committees, as my
09:04:37 mother would say, talk amongst yourselves, you know,
09:04:39 to find out what you can benefit from things that East
09:04:43 Tampa has been in operation for many years.
09:04:46 They might have some housing.
09:04:50 The East Tampa people might have learned something
09:04:51 about a housing program that can benefit you.
09:04:53 I think that would be really valuable.
09:04:55 And I would see the city staff supporting it in terms
09:04:59 of maybe convening it.
09:05:02 But I really think that you all would benefit in being
09:05:05 free to talk among yourselves and figure out, there
09:05:08 might be strategies that you can share.
09:05:15 There might be ways of buying things collectively that
09:05:18 are to your advantage, you know.
09:05:19 I think that that would be valuable and something I
09:05:23 would love to see move forward in this next year.
09:05:25 As you all mature and as your budgets grow you can

09:05:30 learn from each others strengths.
09:05:32 And I think in the agencies there's outstanding
09:05:35 leadership and might be opportunities for leadership
09:05:37 development that could be available to all the leaders
09:05:41 of each of the individual CRAs.
09:05:47 >>> Definitely, we are one of the younger CRAs, and
09:05:51 listening to the veterans, because I had the
09:05:55 impression lately that give me some incite as to what
09:06:00 we should look for, the issues they are dealing with
09:06:03 that we haven't yet.
09:06:04 I think that's a great idea.
09:06:06 As far as our staff person is concerned, our members
09:06:13 are not shy about speaking what they want to do, and
09:06:16 the staff person is more in the roll of a supportive
09:06:21 or providing answers to questions rather than
09:06:28 influence on the decisions.
09:06:29 We don't have a problem with the staff being there.
09:06:32 It avoids us having to go and get answers, and then
09:06:36 come back.
09:06:40 But definitely the idea of connecting with each other
09:06:42 and having discussions as to what are our feelings for
09:06:46 what we should prepare for, I think it's a good idea.

09:06:52 >> Thank you.
09:06:56 >>> I'll agree, we have an excellent, excellent
09:06:57 working relationship with the immediate staff.
09:07:00 And in our meetings, they are there in an advisory
09:07:06 roll to answer questions that we may have about some
09:07:07 of the things that we want to do, that when don't
09:07:11 always understand all of it, the inner workings of
09:07:14 city government.
09:07:15 So without them being present, it would cause us to
09:07:19 have other meetings for that.
09:07:21 We don't feel intimidated.
09:07:25 In fact I don't feel intimidated by anybody's
09:07:27 presence.
09:07:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.
09:07:31 >>> And extremely outspoken.
09:07:34 The idea of having the meetings of the collective CRA
09:07:39 groups, we have only one.
09:07:45 From East Tampa, coordinate it through the city staff.
09:07:51 And there was one meeting but we never had another.
09:07:54 So we thought it would be a good idea to have some
09:07:58 change of ideas about what's going on and what others
09:08:02 are doing.

09:08:02 And we do believe that would be extremely helpful.
09:08:06 Any problems that we encounter, with city staff, isn't
09:08:10 with the immediate staff.
09:08:15 They have been extremely great to work with.
09:08:17 But once we get outside of that group, sometimes
09:08:19 things are caught up in the bureaucracy.
09:08:23 And so that's the point I was making earlier about we
09:08:34 push these projects in the budget, and somewhere in
09:08:38 the bureaucracy, things get bogged down.
09:08:42 And so that's where our issues are.
09:08:44 It's not with the immediate staff.
09:08:47 They have been great to work with.
09:08:48 The mayor has been great to work with.
09:08:52 If you get to know some of the other folks
09:08:53 individually, you know, they are great to work with.
09:08:56 I think we are developing an excellent relationship
09:09:00 with Mark Huey.
09:09:01 And also, I think, David Smith has been great to work
09:09:04 with.
09:09:05 But there are others in the bureaucracy.
09:09:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
09:09:11 Okay.

09:09:11 We are going to the Central Park CRA.
09:09:16 >>> On the Central Park budget for '07 there's about
09:09:19 an $1800 reduction in the budget.
09:09:22 And what you saw in the original budget book.
09:09:26 Also coming out of the services line.
09:09:33 >> Any questions for the Central Park CRA?
09:09:34 We have a motion and second to move the central parks
09:09:37 CRA budget.
09:09:40 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
09:09:42 (Motion carried)
09:09:49 The other item is Mr. Huey.
09:09:54 >>MARK HUEY: That was relating to the rehab housing
09:09:57 program in East Tampa.
09:09:58 And apparently there's elements that the neighborhood
09:10:02 hasn't yet had a chance to vet.
09:10:05 So before we bring it to you, and some comments that
09:10:09 were shared earlier, we would like to make sure they
09:10:12 have enough time to be comfortable with it.
09:10:14 So we'll hold that.
09:10:16 And --
09:10:20 >> Which was that?
09:10:21 >>> Item number 9.

09:10:23 The neighborhood had been comfortable with the policy
09:10:25 element of it but hadn't yet seen the legal documents,
09:10:29 the ordinance documents associated with it.
09:10:32 And staff would like to review it before coming to you
09:10:39 with a formal proposal.
09:10:41 I would like to make a couple comments before we
09:10:43 close.
09:10:43 First thanks for all your support in the budgeting
09:10:45 process and your efforts in that.
09:10:48 I wanted to note that today you will be hearing the
09:10:52 rezoning petition for Central Park Village, the first
09:10:56 major redevelopment project opportunity that we have
09:10:58 in the Central Park CRA.
09:11:00 And I appreciate the a tentativeness you have shown to
09:11:08 it at this point.
09:11:09 So with that I conclude my comments and let you be on
09:11:12 your way to your council meeting.
09:11:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
09:11:15 I guess we Ned a motion to pull the -- to approve pull
09:11:21 item number 9 which is a resolution.
09:11:23 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
09:11:26 Motion passes.

09:11:26 Okay.
09:11:30 Ms. Saul-Sena, did you want to make a motion on
09:11:32 something?
09:11:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, yes, thank you so much.
09:11:35 The motion was to request for our December CRA meeting
09:11:41 a progress report on how the funds went for the 05-06
09:11:46 calendar year, which projects came being, which are
09:11:52 carried over.
09:11:54 >> Second.
09:11:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second.
09:11:56 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
09:11:59 Okay.
09:11:59 (Motion carried).
09:12:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If I could also ask staff.
09:12:04 I can see it could be cumbersome for the membership of
09:12:08 the CRA advisory committee.
09:12:10 But I think it would be valuable for the leadership,
09:12:13 not in the next, you know, week or so, but I would
09:12:15 like to request that staff, city staff, convene the
09:12:20 leadership of the different CRAs or mutual support,
09:12:25 and leadership training.
09:12:30 >>> We actually are on track to do that.

09:12:32 Mr. Kinsey mentioned that we have done this one time
09:12:35 before.
09:12:35 And that was about the financial policies that were
09:12:39 brought to you two years ago.
09:12:40 And so before we brought it to you a crows all the
09:12:44 CRA, we brought the leaders together to talk about it.
09:12:46 We have a number of other policies like that, that we
09:12:50 are working on, that were across the entire agency.
09:12:53 And so we see that as a good opportunity to bring the
09:12:55 leaders together.
09:12:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's appropriate for you
09:12:59 to do from the city staff position, sharing these
09:13:03 policies.
09:13:03 But I would also like them to network among themselves
09:13:06 to share information among themselves.
09:13:08 In other words, I don't want the agenda necessarily
09:13:10 city staff driven.
09:13:11 I would like to see it come from the leaders
09:13:13 themselves conferring with each other.
09:13:15 I think that would be invaluable.
09:13:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Anything else to come before this
09:13:20 council?

09:13:21 Mr. Territo?
09:13:23 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone)
09:13:30 Had you huh we will probably want to schedule a
09:13:36 special short meeting for that.
09:13:37 Could we do that in two weeks?
09:13:38 I think we could be ready in two weeks.
09:13:40 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think we have a CRA scheduled for
09:13:45 the 16th.
09:13:48 It's three weeks.
09:13:53 >>> Again, I would like to have the option to do it.
09:13:55 I can't do it now because I am not sure how long East
09:13:58 Tampa will take to review the documents.
09:14:00 I would like to think it's going to happen in the next
09:14:03 few days, that we can even be back to you next week.
09:14:11 I could make that commitment on his behalf.
09:14:13 >> We can go ahead and schedule it.
09:14:15 So we can maybe do it -- whenever you tell us.
09:14:18 And then if we have to have it the 16th we can do
09:14:23 that, too.
09:14:24 >>> Because a significant item we are going to be
09:14:26 bringing to you in the coming months is looking
09:14:28 forward to the Drew Park strategic action plan.

09:14:34 We are going to need a substantial amount of time to
09:14:36 review that with you.
09:14:37 Then looking forward in another month or two the
09:14:40 Central Park Village development agreement.
09:14:42 And that will require some significant attention on
09:14:46 the part of the board for those of you who are still
09:14:49 here.
09:14:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
09:14:52 And thank you to everyone to show up early this
09:14:54 morning to speak on the CRA budgets.
09:15:04 Thank you to everybody for showing up this morning.
09:15:09 Thank you so much.
09:15:11 We are adjourned.
09:15:15 (CRA meeting adjourned)