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Tampa City Council
Thursday, February 15, 2007

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08:37:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The Community Redevelopment Agency is
08:37:17 now called into session.
08:37:18 Roll call please.
08:37:20 [Roll Call]
08:37:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think we have Mr. Huey.
08:37:30 This morning.
08:37:31 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
08:37:33 Happy day after Valentine's Day.
08:37:38 We have four real estate matters to do at the

08:37:41 beginning of our meeting.
08:37:42 And I will turn the first one over to Sal.
08:37:46 And then if you have questions.
08:37:54 And then the other three relate to East Tampa.
08:38:02 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
08:38:03 (off microphone)
08:38:05 We are redoing the way of calculating how we to the
08:38:15 breakdown, simple mechanical changes. The calculation
08:38:18 is going to be used and going to be a six month
08:38:20 calculation with the consumer price index rather than
08:38:23 the one we had been using.
08:38:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
08:38:26 First of all, I'm thrilled that the union station is
08:38:30 getting repainted.
08:38:32 It really needed that.
08:38:33 How come this is coming before us as a CRA?
08:38:36 >>SAL TERRITO: CRA was signatory to the original
08:38:40 contract.
08:38:41 How it got that way originally, it was simply easier
08:38:45 to keep that line going.
08:38:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we have any research at this
08:38:51 point?

08:38:52 I have meetings there like every week and there's --
08:38:56 there hasn't been anybody else in that building for
08:38:58 quite some time.
08:38:59 Who is in charge of getting it leased?
08:39:02 >>SAL TERRITO: I imagine the real estate department.
08:39:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's lots more space. The whole
08:39:11 northern block of offices years ago.
08:39:13 Stephani Ferrell had an architectural office, it's
08:39:17 been empty at least five years.
08:39:18 It's gorgeous space.
08:39:19 And as far as I can tell, nothing is happening with
08:39:21 it.
08:39:22 I mean, are we -- are we shopping it?
08:39:30 >> I'm Herb Fechter, real estate.
08:39:38 Basically there's no availability.
08:39:39 One of the offices you are perhaps thinking of is
08:39:42 occupied by the I.T. department.
08:39:44 There is equipment stored in there, as well as lines,
08:39:47 test equipment for their purposes.
08:39:55 So that office is not available.
08:39:56 Another office on the west side is in very poor
08:39:58 condition.

08:39:58 There's some water intrusion.
08:40:00 There's some problems there that hopefully are going
08:40:02 to be resolved.
08:40:02 But as we speak there's really nothing available.
08:40:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My suggestion is it's extremely
08:40:11 attractive space.
08:40:12 And the people moving into the Channel District who
08:40:17 are seeing other redevelopment in this channel area,
08:40:19 and even if the Central Park Village project is
08:40:21 getting underway, that we fix it up and generate some
08:40:25 revenue from it.
08:40:27 Also, not to say anything about the I.T. folks, but
08:40:33 their equipment storage is kind of what I would
08:40:34 characterize as the back office use.
08:40:37 And this is very attractive space.
08:40:39 It's in an historic building.
08:40:40 It's got large windows.
08:40:42 And when I have been by it, it's just boxes of stuff
08:40:45 that are there.
08:40:46 And I would ask you to give us a report in 60 days on
08:40:54 how we can look at making the space available and
08:40:58 generating some revenue from it.

08:41:00 >>> May I add that that decision is not mine, but I
08:41:02 will make the investigation and report back.
08:41:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Whose decision would that be, the
08:41:06 CRAs?
08:41:07 >>> No, ma'am.
08:41:09 >> Whose decision would it be?
08:41:10 >>> It probably is an administrative decision.
08:41:12 We have investigated that before.
08:41:14 >> Great.
08:41:14 Then what I would like to do is request that the
08:41:16 administration report back in 60 days at our CRA
08:41:19 meeting on how this space is being made available to
08:41:24 become revenue generating.
08:41:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
08:41:29 >>> I agree.
08:41:30 Thank you.
08:41:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second to speak
08:41:33 to the administration.
08:41:35 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
08:41:38 Nay?
08:41:39 Motion passes.
08:41:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move the resolution.

08:41:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
08:41:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to move resolution
08:41:46 number 1.
08:41:47 All in favor of the item please indicate by saying
08:41:50 Aye.
08:41:53 Nay?
08:41:54 Motion passes.
08:41:54 Very good.
08:41:55 Mr. Johnson, are you up for the next three?
08:42:04 >>> Good morning.
08:42:05 We have three resolutions on the agenda this morning.
08:42:07 The first one is for the selling of a property to Mary
08:42:13 Jane Finlayson.
08:42:20 This was our request for proposal, was out for 30
08:42:23 days.
08:42:23 They were the only respondents.
08:42:30 We expect to close on the property 60 days after the
08:42:33 resolution is approved.
08:42:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Move the resolution.
08:42:38 >> Second.
08:42:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to move item number
08:42:41 2.

08:42:42 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
08:42:44 Nays?
08:42:45 Motion passes. Thank you very much.
08:42:48 >>> Resolution number 3 is also for the sale of
08:42:52 property located in East Tampa that was in our
08:42:57 inventory for a number of years, was also included in
08:43:00 the same request for proposal as the previous
08:43:02 resolution.
08:43:04 The respondent was the only respondent to the RFP.
08:43:11 And they are the adjoining property owners.
08:43:13 They own the property next to this one.
08:43:15 And they are planning to build an additional home for
08:43:18 their family on this property.
08:43:20 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Just a question, now that we have
08:43:25 had two that have been sent out for bids, you have
08:43:29 only gotten one response.
08:43:32 I would just wonder how do we go through that process
08:43:35 of advertising the RFPs, and is it unusual to
08:43:39 normally get one response?
08:43:45 With redevelopment opportunities in the city, it's
08:43:47 surprising you only got one response.
08:43:50 Do you know why that is?

08:43:53 >>> I believe the property -- both of these properties
08:43:57 are in areas that are highly dense, densified
08:44:04 residential communities and in-fill lots, and the
08:44:08 property owners that live next to these locations are
08:44:12 the ones that are usually requesting to purchase these
08:44:16 properties.
08:44:17 They have been sitting out there for some time and
08:44:19 haven't had much takers on them.
08:44:25 >> This one is a corner so I don't know if that would
08:44:28 be available to other folks.
08:44:29 Not being critical, just surprised, just curious why
08:44:33 that is.
08:44:36 >>> Well, we advertise it in two newspapers.
08:44:38 We advertise it in the Florida sentinel.
08:44:40 We also advertise in the Tampa record, which is
08:44:45 standard publication that they normally advertise in.
08:44:48 And they have been advertised previously before,
08:44:51 hadn't had many takers, and the owners that live
08:44:55 adjacent to these properties have requested us to
08:44:57 continue to allow them to purchase them.
08:44:59 So we put them back out for bid again.
08:45:03 >> Thank you.

08:45:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just two things.
08:45:05 One, Ed, I think you mentioned about building an
08:45:09 additional center but your memo indicates five town
08:45:14 homes, I guess.
08:45:17 >>> Yes.
08:45:20 Construction companies.
08:45:22 >> When I first looked at this, it says we are selling
08:45:25 it slightly less than the assessed value.
08:45:27 But in this area, you know, the Community
08:45:29 Redevelopment Agency is all about revitalizing the
08:45:32 area.
08:45:33 >>> That's true.
08:45:33 >> And I'm hearing from Madam Chair, and Madam Chair,
08:45:37 that this is an area that definitely needs
08:45:42 revitalization.
08:45:45 Mary Alvarez: We need to move the resolution.
08:45:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Move the resolution.
08:45:48 >> Second.
08:45:48 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Alvarez moved and seconded to move
08:45:54 item number 3.
08:45:55 (Motion Carried)
08:45:56 Item 4.

08:45:58 >>> Ed Johnson: Approving the acquisition of property
08:46:01 by Tim of Tampa, Inc.
08:46:04 All of you know that as Gene's Bar.
08:46:07 And it's for a purchase price of $200,000 from our TIF
08:46:12 property acquisition funding.
08:46:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second.
08:46:21 Please indicate by saying Aye.
08:46:23 Okay.
08:46:24 Thank you very much.
08:46:24 Very good.
08:46:25 Thank you.
08:46:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was looking on our agenda and
08:46:30 there's someplace on it for audience comment.
08:46:32 At least I don't see it.
08:46:35 >> We never had audience comment.
08:46:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We should.
08:46:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We should because we have audience
08:46:41 people here.
08:46:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We can do that afterward.
08:46:47 Item number 5.
08:46:48 >>MARK HUEY: Note prepared to make a recommendation on
08:46:50 that item so we'll defer on that.

08:46:54 >> Do you have any idea how far?
08:46:56 >>> No.
08:46:56 I will actually come back for that after we do the
08:47:00 quarterly review.
08:47:01 I would like to make some requests for future meetings
08:47:03 of the CRA and that would be one of the items that we
08:47:05 will take up.
08:47:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you explain that?
08:47:08 It's sort of bare bones there.
08:47:10 >>MARK HUEY: What we are working on is potential
08:47:14 agreement.
08:47:15 It's we are actually very excited about it because
08:47:18 it's very creative, innovative way to work with the
08:47:21 private sector.
08:47:22 Mercury advisors, who is developing the grounds on
08:47:26 Kennedy at the north end of the district, as well as
08:47:30 other properties in the district, has agreed to, in
08:47:37 this time frame, where the city is not in a position
08:47:42 to use TIF revenues to build infrastructure, to
08:47:46 actually take that on themselves ifs we will reimburse
08:47:50 them through TIF revenues that they will create in
08:47:53 their own development in the future.

08:47:54 >> A long-term agreement for reimbursement so the
08:47:57 property owner just fronts us the money.
08:47:59 >>> Exactly.
08:48:00 And we have not done one of these like this before.
08:48:02 We have been working on it Mike Chen has been working
08:48:06 with that developer.
08:48:07 We are will go forward to bringing it to you prior to
08:48:10 the end of March, and again look forward to that.
08:48:14 But it's not ready.
08:48:15 >>GWEN MILLER: I make a motion we continue it to the
08:48:19 end of March.
08:48:20 >> Second.
08:48:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to continue this
08:48:24 item to the end of March or whenever you say.
08:48:27 All in favor please indicate by saying Aye.
08:48:31 (Motion carried).
08:48:32 >>THE CLERK: Did you want this put on your agenda for
08:48:34 the March meeting?
08:48:37 >>> Let me just go ahead and deal with the meeting if
08:48:39 I could.
08:48:40 In addition to this matter, let me tell you the other
08:48:42 thing that we would like to try to accomplish with the

08:48:47 CRA board prior to the end of March.
08:48:50 First of all we have an annual report.
08:48:51 The CRA issues an annual report and we'll be bringing
08:48:55 that to you for approval prior to the end of March.
08:48:58 You're aware of the Drew Park strategic action plan.
08:49:00 We are very committed to getting that to you before
08:49:03 the end of March for approval.
08:49:05 And we look forward to having many of you at the
08:49:07 community meeting on Tuesday.
08:49:12 Centro Ybor, the new developers, we are working on an
08:49:15 agreement with that to get to before the end of March.
08:49:18 Downtown, we are working on a borrowing plan against
08:49:22 the tiff revenues we have in downtown to help complete
08:49:25 some major downtown capital improvement projects.
08:49:29 We look forward to bringing you that.
08:49:31 We are working on a couple of important CRA policies.
08:49:34 The Central Park development agreement, the largest
08:49:37 public-private partnership we are working on, is also
08:49:40 out there.
08:49:41 I'm not sure we are going to get that done but it's
08:49:43 out there.
08:49:44 Landfill agreement with the heights is something that

08:49:47 we are working on.
08:49:48 And we also have a landfill in the CRA.
08:49:51 A lot of items, is my point.
08:49:54 And given the amount of items that we have, and that
08:49:57 they are all in various stages of coming to
08:49:59 completion, what I'd like to suggest is that the CRA
08:50:05 establish through the end of March 30-minute meetings
08:50:08 each week.
08:50:09 And we will bring to you each week as we are able one
08:50:13 or more of these items, and that we can make good
08:50:16 progress through the month of March on all of these
08:50:19 important items.
08:50:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm ready to do that.
08:50:22 >> So moved.
08:50:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, thank you.
08:50:30 >> Beginning when?
08:50:31 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Next week.
08:50:32 We need to do that.
08:50:33 There are just so many items coming up and I knew mark
08:50:35 and I had talked about maybe having two meetings in
08:50:38 March for extending the hours from 8:00 to 9:00.
08:50:44 But it's just now going to be enough time.

08:50:47 So I think this will help a lot.
08:50:50 And I'm looking forward to it because --
08:50:58 >>> We have been working on it and I know you want to
08:51:00 bring them to closure as much as we do so we thank you
08:51:02 for that.
08:51:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
08:51:04 >> Second the motion.
08:51:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did I have a second?
08:51:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, he got a second.
08:51:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion and second to have CRA meeting
08:51:12 starting at 8:30.
08:51:14 >>GWEN MILLER: 8:00.
08:51:18 >>> 8:30 every week until the end of March.
08:51:22 Beginning next week.
08:51:23 All in favor please indicate by -- discussion on the
08:51:29 motion.
08:51:30 >> I want to thank Mr. Huey and Bonnie wise that came
08:51:34 and briefed me on a number of these things earlier and
08:51:36 I have been very impressed with the creativity that
08:51:38 they have used in trying to achieve some of these
08:51:41 goals that the mayor sent out, and set out in the
08:51:45 CRAs identified, and I was very impressed with both

08:51:49 their hard work on these issues, and the creative
08:51:53 methods of dealing with them like the TIF
08:51:55 reimbursement method, the financing, the downtown CRA
08:51:58 money that Mrs. Wise is working on, can be a very
08:52:03 challenging financing.
08:52:04 But I think it's going to be good and I think it's
08:52:08 going to work well.
08:52:09 So I was very impressed.
08:52:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Fletcher.
08:52:13 (Motion carried).
08:52:15 We are going to do that.
08:52:16 Thank you.
08:52:17 I just want to make a comment that on February
08:52:20 20th, we are going to have the community meeting
08:52:23 for the Drew Park area.
08:52:26 This is where we are hoping that the community of Drew
08:52:29 Park comes out, and they want to see it.
08:52:33 So, please, we want you there.
08:52:36 I understand there are a couple of you will not be
08:52:39 there.
08:52:40 But if I can possibly change your plans to be there,
08:52:43 this is a very, very important community meeting that

08:52:47 we have been working so hard, the strategic action
08:52:51 plan is coming up that day, and we need full support
08:52:54 of this thing, because we have got one chance at this
08:52:57 thing before March 31st.
08:52:59 So I would really like to see everybody there.
08:53:04 It's 5:30 at the student center of HCC.
08:53:12 You're on.
08:53:14 >>MARK HUEY: Many of you have had a chance to be
08:53:16 briefed on the Drew Park plan.
08:53:19 We will be happy to brief the rest of you.
08:53:22 It is really a very mohel stone for our Drew Park
08:53:26 redevelopment effort.
08:53:27 So thank you for your support of that.
08:53:29 The last item that we have is the quarterly financial
08:53:31 report.
08:53:31 I had a chance to put that in front of you.
08:53:36 The board has been working with the administration to
08:53:39 put in place a formal financial reporting for the CRA.
08:53:45 And this is our first effort to put that.
08:53:48 So Jim Stefan is here.
08:53:52 I want to thank him and Bonnie.
08:53:54 They worked very hard to put this first report

08:53:59 together.
08:53:59 We are very proud of it.
08:54:01 It is a great first effort.
08:54:02 We look forward to getting your feedbacks, making sure
08:54:05 that it meets your governance needs as a CRA board.
08:54:08 But it certainly has been already a very helpful
08:54:11 management tool within the city.
08:54:14 Just very briefly, and I appreciate having had a
08:54:17 chance to orient all of you privately to the report,
08:54:23 as has come out the first time.
08:54:25 There's a great deal of information in it.
08:54:27 And plenty to sink your teeth into.
08:54:31 Each CRA is reported under a separate tab and we are
08:54:40 providing three financial reports, for 2005, 2006, and
08:54:44 2007.
08:54:44 So like typical financial reports, we are going back
08:54:47 to 2005, because, as you know, TIF resources are spent
08:54:52 over a throw-year cycle.
08:54:53 So what you are seeing in each of those reports is the
08:54:57 budget category that the CRA board established, and
08:55:02 encumbrance and spending information for each of those
08:55:05 line items.

08:55:06 So you have those three reports for each CRA under
08:55:09 their respective tab.
08:55:10 In addition to that, we provided more detailed
08:55:13 information for each capital improvement project.
08:55:17 So for those line items that involve capital
08:55:20 improvement projects, you will find the most detailed
08:55:25 status information about each of those CIP projects.
08:55:29 Many of those are funded through multiple tiff budgets
08:55:32 and you will see that noted for the respective CIP
08:55:37 projects.
08:55:37 But again we provided, I think, a lot of information
08:55:41 that can help you better understand the progress, the
08:55:43 work in the CRA, and answer questions to your
08:55:46 constituents.
08:55:48 We are presenting it today for your acceptance, for
08:55:52 your review.
08:55:53 There's in a normal -- formal action that's requested.
08:55:56 And we do look forward over the coming weeks to
08:56:00 answering questions and getting feedback.
08:56:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I want to thank you, Jim and Bonnie,
08:56:07 and Janett, for reporting so hard on this.
08:56:13 This is the best reporting I have seen in quite a long

08:56:15 time and we have had CRAs for quite a few years.
08:56:18 This is quite comprehensive.
08:56:20 Anybody that looks at this can really sink their teeth
08:56:22 in it like you said and come out with a good feeling
08:56:25 that the CRAs are actually working.
08:56:27 And I for one want to thank everybody that had
08:56:31 anything to do with it.
08:56:35 Everybody else.
08:56:36 Mike, of course.
08:56:40 >>> Dave Parkinson is not here but he really carried a
08:56:43 great load on our department from our perspective in
08:56:47 working with Jim's team.
08:56:48 He deserves a special thank you.
08:56:52 >> Absolutely.
08:56:53 And I want to thank you personally for working on
08:56:56 this.
08:56:56 Because it's been very important, not only to me but
08:56:59 to our council members that have been here for the
08:57:05 CRAs have attempted to put in.
08:57:08 So thank you.
08:57:08 Mr. Dingfelder.
08:57:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I agree completely, Madam Chair.

08:57:12 You know, we are making great strides in the CRA.
08:57:14 And I think that when folks say what's going on,
08:57:20 what's going on, this will help explain what's going
08:57:22 on.
08:57:23 As I get a chance to read this over the next few
08:57:25 weeks, I'm sure there will be other questions.
08:57:28 And we need to, I guess, number the pages.
08:57:31 There we go.
08:57:32 Sort of numbered, sort of not.
08:57:34 But, anyway, on the page about downtown core --
08:57:39 >>MARK HUEY: The downtown tab?
08:57:42 >> Right.
08:57:42 I guess the third page, behind page 2.
08:57:44 It talks about DT partnership managing the design,
08:57:48 insulation, greater signage in downtown at the top of
08:57:53 the horizontal page.
08:57:55 And I just want to make sure, there's a controversial
08:58:01 issue in Hyde Park.
08:58:04 What is it, Linda, on Platt Street in front of the old
08:58:08 church there.
08:58:09 And they are very concerned that we are going to put
08:58:12 some sort of neon sign saying welcome to downtown and

08:58:15 these are the events, in front of the historic church.
08:58:19 >> Unaesthetic.
08:58:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Also unhistoric.
08:58:23 Anyway, I just want to make sure that this funding is
08:58:27 not in any way, shape or form going to signage in
08:58:30 front of that church.
08:58:31 >>> No, it would not.
08:58:33 The CBD.
08:58:34 You are talking about Hyde Park?
08:58:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
08:58:39 >>> This is on the edge of this.
08:58:40 >> I want to make sure we don't jump across.
08:58:42 >>> I can assure you none of this funding will relate
08:58:44 to that.
08:58:45 Thank you.
08:58:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
08:58:48 This is excellent.
08:58:49 In all my years as a member of the CRA, this is the
08:58:51 first clear explanation of where our money is, where
08:58:55 it's supposed to go, and when it needs to be spent.
08:58:58 It's excellent.
08:58:58 And I look forward to using this as a template for the

08:59:01 future.
08:59:02 And what I would like to suggest, Madam Chairman, is
08:59:05 in our next CRA meeting that we'll have an opportunity
08:59:07 to read through it and if you have any questions to
08:59:10 defer them to next week.
08:59:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Carry it over on the agenda for
08:59:14 next week.
08:59:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Reddick.
08:59:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mark, going through the status
08:59:22 report, I see there is not an estimated date for the
08:59:29 bell Monday heights -- Belmont Heights the department.
08:59:38 They are about to start their season and --
08:59:44 >>> I appreciate that.
08:59:45 We'll look into that as being able to accommodate.
08:59:49 Do you have any comments about that?
08:59:53 >>> Good morning again.
08:59:55 Councilman, we just received the list of the requests
09:00:00 from the president of Belmont Heights little league.
09:00:07 We had a meeting with our legal attorney handling the
09:00:10 CRAs and there are a couple items not TIF eligible.
09:00:14 We are going through those now.
09:00:15 We hope to be able to complete and move on most of

09:00:17 those in the next few weeks.
09:00:21 >> Thank you.
09:00:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions for Mr. Huey on
09:00:23 the financial report?
09:00:25 Do we need a motion?
09:00:28 Huh hue in a motion is necessary.
09:00:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I am going to go ahead and ask for
09:00:32 audience participation.
09:00:33 Is there anyone that would like to speak to any item
09:00:36 that's on the agenda today?
09:00:39 Okay, very good.
09:00:51 >>> I'm Janie white, president of the Channel District
09:00:54 council.
09:00:55 And we were really excited.
09:00:57 Next week, the arts council has put together a
09:01:03 countywide cultural plan.
09:01:05 And they will present it to the county commission on
09:01:08 the 21st.
09:01:09 So I couldn't get you a copy and bring it over to you.
09:01:13 But it says exactly what we have been asking for, to
09:01:16 have an arts administrator to help us get the
09:01:20 developers to give us space for the arts in the

09:01:25 downtown area.
09:01:27 I have just been working on the Channel District.
09:01:29 They are going to go for the whole county.
09:01:31 So I'm really excited about it.
09:01:33 And our friend Bill booth who I think most of you have
09:01:39 known for years, and has worked all over this county,
09:01:44 he he's retired now, living in Houston, and he would
09:01:50 happily be willing to entertain being our consultant
09:01:54 to get it all started, and hire the arts
09:01:58 administrator.
09:02:00 So, you know, this is something that we can do and get
09:02:02 it started and get going.
09:02:05 >> When you talk to Bill, please give him my regards.
09:02:09 >>> Isn't he nice?
09:02:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Bill booth was the staff member who
09:02:16 wrote the Channel District plan from the get-go.
09:02:19 I was young.
09:02:20 [ Laughter ]
09:02:23 >> And he was on the board, too.
09:02:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it would be great if at our
09:02:29 next CRA meeting that he would at the very least
09:02:32 distribute the new arts council plan which will come

09:02:35 to City Council in a couple weeks.
09:02:36 But because it's particularly germane to the Channel
09:02:39 District, if we could distribute that and maybe have a
09:02:44 two-minute presentation by our people.
09:02:51 >>> After the 21st we'll have copies so we are
09:02:54 going to have more.
09:02:58 So do you want me to bring it down?
09:03:03 >> Well, check with Mark Huey.
09:03:10 >> When Mark Huey isn't bringing a lot of stuff to us
09:03:14 so we can look at it.
09:03:15 But it completely dovetails with our vision for the
09:03:18 Channel District.
09:03:19 And so --
09:03:20 >> And I think Paul Wilborn and Mike have talked to
09:03:26 Bill booth.
09:03:27 At least they were going to.
09:03:28 So I think it's something that I'm very pleased about.
09:03:32 >> Bill did the design for the casita project.
09:03:38 >>> Really?
09:03:39 Well, he's ready to come back and work.
09:03:41 >> I was sorry to see him go because he was a great
09:03:43 asset to the Planning Commission.

09:03:46 Did you want to say something, Mr. Fletcher?
09:03:51 Mr. Knott?
09:03:54 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902 East Ellicott
09:03:59 street.
09:03:59 This is my first time ever had a chance to say
09:04:02 anything on the CRA meeting.
09:04:04 Thank you, sister chairman for giving me this
09:04:06 opportunity this morning.
09:04:07 And you got my attention back there.
09:04:11 I was waiting on City Council to get started.
09:04:14 But when you asked about the little league Belmont
09:04:17 Heights park there, you know, we have been abused over
09:04:21 there.
09:04:22 And I was talking the other day over in another part
09:04:25 of town with a civic association, getting everything.
09:04:30 I thought why are we getting nothing?
09:04:33 You know, preacher done told me, why they don't spend
09:04:40 money in our area.
09:04:41 We don't have no walkways.
09:04:44 And streets.
09:04:46 22nd street is a mess.
09:04:47 We don't never get nothing.

09:04:49 But the other thing over there, why we don't get
09:04:56 nothing.
09:04:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Knott, you are getting a lot.
09:05:01 The CRA takes care of that.
09:05:03 It takes awhile but you will be seeing a lot of
09:05:05 improvement over there.
09:05:06 There's a lot of money coming into that area.
09:05:08 >>> I want to say, I see other things happening to
09:05:10 other people.
09:05:12 Don't have a walk trail.
09:05:13 Ms. Miller, she wanted Middleton school, you know,
09:05:19 Hillsborough County school property.
09:05:21 They don't have no bicycle -- I have been talking
09:05:25 about this for years and years.
09:05:26 Every part of town got 'em.
09:05:28 And Charlie was going to make sure they get it.
09:05:33 So the other thing, thank you for bringing that point
09:05:35 up, hear?
09:05:37 Thank you.
09:05:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I am going to piggyback on what
09:05:42 Mrs. Saul-Sena said a little while ago.
09:05:45 That we need to adjust our agenda and figure out the

09:05:48 appropriate place for audience comment.
09:05:51 And I will leave that up to Madam Chair and legal
09:05:57 staff.
09:05:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think just like we did now.
09:06:02 >> Whatever works for you.
09:06:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Anything else to come before this CRA
09:06:08 board?
09:06:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you want to receive and file the
09:06:14 report?
09:06:14 I thought we were going to continue the report.
09:06:18 Okay, that's fine, I'll move that.
09:06:21 >> We have a motion to receive and file.
09:06:24 (Motion Carried).
09:06:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:06:26 I am really enthused at the prospect of having more
09:06:29 frequent CRA meetings, because we obviously have a lot
09:06:31 of ground to cover between now and the end of March.
09:06:35 But also because CRA used to be a very minor part of
09:06:39 our responsibility.
09:06:40 But as the number of areas have grown and as the
09:06:44 amount of money spent in each area has grown I think
09:06:47 it requires additional scrutiny by the CRA members.

09:06:50 And so I'm pleased that we are doing this.
09:06:52 And I know Marty is looking at ways of helping our
09:06:55 schedule be better.
09:06:56 And I think that the 8:30, 30 minutes, is not ideal.
09:07:00 So I think we should ask Marty, as he's thinking about
09:07:03 how to make our general meetings flow better, to see
09:07:06 if for the future he can envision a better time slot.
09:07:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Absolutely.
09:07:18 Anything else?
09:07:19 We are adjourned.
09:07:21 (CRA meeting adjourned)