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Tampa City Council
CRA meeting
Thursday, May 17, 2007
8:30 a.m. session

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08:35:23 [Sounding gavel]
08:35:25 >>CHAIRMAN SCOTT: Good morning.
08:35:29 I will now call the Community Redevelopment Agency
08:35:31 into session.
08:35:33 We'll have the roll call.
08:35:35 Madam clerk.
08:35:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

08:35:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
08:35:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
08:35:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
08:35:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
08:35:49 Board members, the first thing we need to do, monthly
08:35:55 meetings scheduled.
08:35:57 Sent the office a memorandum yesterday.
08:35:59 My suggestion is a few weeks ago actually come back
08:36:06 with some dates and I did that.
08:36:08 And our last meeting, I think that we got off track.
08:36:15 My proposed dates on the memorandum is that we will
08:36:17 meet the third Tuesday each month at 1:30 p.m. through
08:36:21 December 2007.
08:36:24 We went and looked at the calendar.
08:36:26 It's booked through the end of the year.
08:36:29 And so through December 2007, I propose that we meet
08:36:34 the second Tuesday at 1:30.
08:36:37 I believe we may only need about an hour and a half,
08:36:41 two hours.
08:36:42 Then beginning January 1, 2008, we meet every second
08:36:46 Tuesday in the morning at 9:00.
08:36:49 Beginning January.

08:36:51 And so I'm open to a motion to that effect.
08:36:57 >> So moved.
08:36:59 >> Second.
08:36:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not going to vote firmly for
08:37:02 that, Mr. Chairman, because on Tuesdays I have another
08:37:05 thing that I do every Tuesday.
08:37:06 I have no problem with you all meeting.
08:37:08 I just won't be here.
08:37:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
08:37:12 All in favor of the motion?
08:37:16 Opposes?
08:37:16 Thank you.
08:37:22 >>THE CLERK: To start as of June.
08:37:24 So you want to switch June 21st to the June
08:37:27 19th meeting date then?
08:37:29 >> No, we should keep the June 21st date, leave in
08:37:32 the because we already passed that at our last
08:37:34 meeting.
08:37:35 So we will have to -- what I suggest that he would
08:37:38 keep the June 21st date.
08:37:41 And then start in July 2000.
08:37:45 Thanks for that clarification.

08:37:54 Starting January, I guess the clerk will take it.
08:37:57 Thanks very much.
08:38:01 We also need to establish a formal time for the
08:38:06 advisory committees.
08:38:07 It's my understanding that a meeting has been set now,
08:38:10 workshop, I believe.
08:38:11 Is that right?
08:38:12 Mr. Huey?
08:38:14 For June 26th?
08:38:16 June 26th.
08:38:17 And we need to set a time for that advisory, because
08:38:22 we have to give directions and give direction now to
08:38:25 the advisory committee.
08:38:26 So the meeting has been set for June 26th.
08:38:31 We need to set the time.
08:38:38 >>GWEN MILLER: 8:30?
08:38:41 >> What day of the week is that?
08:38:47 >> On a Thursday.
08:38:58 >>> That will be an hour and a half type of discussion
08:39:00 to type up our board advisory.
08:39:02 Again, there's quite a bit of issues we'll need to
08:39:06 gather for input on that policy.

08:39:07 The policy usually reviewed in the past is a draft,
08:39:18 for information our attorney has provided to us.
08:39:20 We are now going to work extensively with the board to
08:39:23 gather your direction.
08:39:24 So that will be the purpose of the discussion and
08:39:30 would like to title it instead of workshop, an
08:39:32 informal special discussion.
08:39:34 That way we don't have the same requirements.
08:39:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll move. That I'm completely
08:39:48 available.
08:39:48 It's up to everyone else in terms of the time.
08:39:51 >> I think you had already said assuming the 26th,
08:39:54 the date.
08:39:57 The timing to have that.
08:40:00 >> 9 p.m., or 1:30?
08:40:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You mean 9 a.m.?
08:40:07 >> Certainly, 9 a.m.
08:40:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't want to say anything.
08:40:12 I wanted to see how the vote was.
08:40:15 [ Laughter ]
08:40:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is that a motion?
08:40:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

08:40:21 >> Second.
08:40:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded at 9 a.m. on the
08:40:24 26th that we have the advisory committee workshop.
08:40:27 All in favor?
08:40:28 Opposed?
08:40:29 So moved and ordered.
08:40:31 >>THE CLERK: To verify, where did you want the meeting
08:40:34 to be held?
08:40:35 And it's a special discussion meeting?
08:40:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought it was set up for here.
08:40:39 I think it's set up for here.
08:40:49 Mr. Huey?
08:40:51 It's already been reserved?
08:40:53 >>THE CLERK: In chambers?
08:40:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
08:40:55 It will be here at 9 a.m. on the 26th.
08:40:58 >>THE CLERK: As a special discussion meeting.
08:41:01 >>> Yes.
08:41:02 This is a workshop for the advisory.
08:41:03 Is that right?
08:41:04 Special discussion.
08:41:05 Okay.

08:41:06 Thank you.
08:41:12 Workshop.
08:41:16 >> I just want to make sure that we are going to
08:41:18 contact all of the interested neighborhood people
08:41:24 upfront.
08:41:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The next item, Mr. Huey and I had a
08:41:31 discussion yesterday, I believe it was, about
08:41:34 continuing the meeting, I believe, for next Thursday,
08:41:40 is that right, Mr. Huey, to allow the CRA to meet, to
08:41:43 work on the CRA.
08:41:44 So do you want to come speak to that?
08:41:47 >>MARK HUEY: We have a meeting scheduled --
08:41:51 >>GWEN MILLER:
08:41:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: State your name for the record.
08:41:54 >>MARK HUEY: Mark Huey, administrator.
08:41:57 We have a meeting scheduled.
08:41:58 We put on the schedule to introduce you to the Central
08:42:01 Park planning team.
08:42:04 That is now happening per your direction in a
08:42:06 different way.
08:42:07 But we would like to keep that meeting in place for
08:42:10 the purpose of bringing back to you the service

08:42:12 agreement that has not yet been completed for this
08:42:15 fiscal year.
08:42:16 So I believe we can handle that in the time allotted,
08:42:20 Thursday, and we make that request.
08:42:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What's the pleasure of the council?
08:42:31 >> Service agreement to the end of this fiscal year
08:42:32 because we only have five more months.
08:42:34 But I think this CRA, which is going to be much more
08:42:38 engaged than it has been previously, should take a
08:42:41 much more careful look as to the agreements going
08:42:45 forward and working closely with our representatives
08:42:48 from the different districts, and together the CRA,
08:42:51 make sure that everything is really crisp in terms of
08:42:53 the direction that we see, particularly if our
08:42:56 resources are even more limited, we immediate to --
08:43:02 need to carefully direct them.
08:43:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And as I understand, this agreement
08:43:06 that you all have operated under for years, I guess,
08:43:09 anyway, so you do this every year as I understand.
08:43:17 So that will be appropriate.
08:43:23 So next Thursday morning we will deal with the service
08:43:26 agreement.

08:43:26 It's my understanding all of them are the same, based
08:43:29 on the language.
08:43:33 It's a sample.
08:43:34 So all of them are pretty much the same.
08:43:37 But yes.
08:43:39 >>> The variation in each one will have to do with the
08:43:42 financial number, which is tied to each individual
08:43:44 budget, the different redevelopment areas.
08:43:47 Otherwise, the text is essentially the same.
08:43:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
08:43:55 At this point, then, we know that's coming next
08:43:59 Thursday.
08:44:01 At this point we have staff reports per the agenda.
08:44:08 >>MARK HUEY: This is actually a written response per
08:44:11 your request.
08:44:12 A couple of weeks ago to respond to the letter,
08:44:18 questions from board member Saul-Sena, and I've done
08:44:23 that.
08:44:23 And if you have any questions about that, I would be
08:44:27 happy to answer those.
08:44:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have not had opportunity to talk
08:44:35 with Mr. Huey on. This I'm encouraged that things are

08:44:37 happening.
08:44:38 I shared with him in the absence of information, how
08:44:40 would we know if anything is moving forward?
08:44:42 And therefore it's important that on a timely basis
08:44:50 that council be updated because there are things we
08:44:53 are very interested in.
08:44:58 Clarify for me, Mr. Huey, that the fort Homer Hesterly
08:45:04 project is one that council really doesn't have a role
08:45:06 at this point, that we are dependent upon the efforts
08:45:08 of the National Guard to move forward to make
08:45:10 something happen there.
08:45:11 That's a project that we are all interested in.
08:45:13 And I had assumed that we were part of the
08:45:17 conversation, but clarified it when you said we are
08:45:24 not.
08:45:26 >>> Right.
08:45:26 Because the National Guard owns the property. The
08:45:28 next step is they are working with the selective
08:45:29 development team to move forward on a development
08:45:31 agreement.
08:45:36 Those discussions are ongoing. The first hurdle could
08:45:39 be that they are unsuccessful in reaching a

08:45:42 development agreement with that selected developer in
08:45:44 which case they would proceed to the next developer
08:45:46 that's selected who had an interest.
08:45:49 So the council will be involved at a future time, when
08:45:53 a land use change, and rezoning, and there's also a
08:45:58 reverter clause that you will be asked to take action
08:46:01 on.
08:46:01 But those matters are rather far down the road, and
08:46:05 there is no time line specific.
08:46:07 So that will be the time and the place where council
08:46:10 in particular will be involved.
08:46:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And one of the things that I'm
08:46:15 really eager for you to do is to be able to report
08:46:18 back to us in 60 days on the Centro Espanol.
08:46:23 Hopefully things will be clear and I know we are
08:46:25 really eager to hear what's going on and if there's
08:46:28 anything that we can do.
08:46:30 60 days, maybe that would be the July meeting we could
08:46:33 put that on our agenda.
08:46:35 Actually it's not in the CRA district.
08:46:37 Okay, we'll put it on the council agenda.
08:46:39 So I'll do that later.

08:46:41 But the CRA field trips and community meetings, I
08:46:45 think we definitely benefit from getting out in the
08:46:48 field and seeing things.
08:46:49 So, Mr. Chairman, if you would just take the
08:46:51 leadership in terms of scheduling those.
08:46:54 I think it would benefit all of us.
08:46:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Huey and I have already begun
08:47:00 discussing those and talking about it and we have set
08:47:02 up a time where we would have an update every month.
08:47:11 So we are already out front on that.
08:47:33 >> I attended the Channel District last night.
08:47:35 They are very engaged.
08:47:36 They want to work closely with Mr. Chen in getting
08:47:38 this for hiring, a consultant to help them move ahead
08:47:47 as components in the CRA.
08:47:48 And Mr. Chen said that the RFP -- bottom line is we
08:47:53 should get something by the end of this month.
08:47:55 And I'm just eager for it to happen.
08:47:58 We have been discussing it for about seven months.
08:48:00 It's finally going to be coming back to us.
08:48:02 So I look forward to that being perhaps on our June
08:48:06 docket, an update on the Channel District, the next

08:48:11 person we are going to hire.
08:48:12 We, the CRA.
08:48:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT:
08:48:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just raise a question on that
08:48:30 and chime in here.
08:48:32 I guess my concern is, at what point is council, CRA
08:48:36 agency, involved in RFP, or involved in the selection
08:48:40 process?
08:48:42 I raised that question yesterday.
08:48:44 It was my understanding -- of course --
08:48:54 >>> Really, the participation of the board in what
08:48:57 would be routine matters of hiring consultants, that's
08:49:01 part of what's delegated to the service agreement, to
08:49:04 the city staff.
08:49:06 You approved the budget.
08:49:07 You approved the direction that is recommended through
08:49:12 the budget.
08:49:13 And we proceed to execute those arrangements.
08:49:16 And in this case, we use our expanded city procurement
08:49:20 processes that are in place to procure a consultant.
08:49:26 In the case of the arts consultant, we actually went
08:49:31 through a more involved interaction with the CRA board

08:49:36 during the budgeting process.
08:49:37 We actually worked with the community and the CRA
08:49:40 board to provide a scope of exactly what that would
08:49:45 entail, because there was a bit of divergence of
08:49:49 opinion about what should occur on that, during that,
08:49:54 and chairperson Saul-Sena was involved in a number of
08:49:57 those meetings, as a community group, and since then
08:50:02 we have just been executing on what we agreed on
08:50:04 during the budget process, using standard city
08:50:07 procurement processes.
08:50:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So then my concern would be that we at
08:50:18 least through RFP, I understand what you are saying
08:50:21 about the agreement but because we are the CRA board,
08:50:25 set policies, I want to be aware of where you are in
08:50:32 the whole process.
08:50:38 You don't have that, but I do.
08:50:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In the past the CRA board has been
08:50:43 completely passive basically and the staff did
08:50:45 everything, unless a particular CRA member got
08:50:49 involved, and I got involved because the people in the
08:50:51 Channel District told me that they wanted to be
08:50:53 involved and they wanted us to be involved.

08:50:55 I think we need to be more centrally involved in every
08:51:00 aspect of this.
08:51:01 I think that we need to carefully scrutinize the scope
08:51:03 of services in all our RFPs to make sure those
08:51:08 things really jive with what we told the people in the
08:51:11 areas they are interested in getting and they expect
08:51:14 to be getting in terms of service,.
08:51:15 It's going to take time but I think that it will
08:51:18 enhance the product.
08:51:20 I know in this particular case, the conversation at
08:51:24 last night's meeting was driven by the fact that some
08:51:29 of the people in the room said, we know what we want,
08:51:33 we worked with city staff to make sure that we would
08:51:36 be getting the kind of information that we need in the
08:51:38 future.
08:51:39 What we want to do is leverage, have this person
08:51:42 develop a way to leverage dollars to get arts
08:51:45 activities in the Channel District.
08:51:47 So I think it really makes the city dollars spent, the
08:51:53 TIF dollars spent better if we and the folks in the
08:51:56 areas that we are representing participate closely in
08:51:59 the development of what we want the money spent on,

08:52:01 and make sure that -- I mean, I don't think that we
08:52:05 need to make the selection -- I don't think it's
08:52:09 appropriate in terms of selection, that we select the
08:52:12 consultant to be hired.
08:52:14 But I think it's very appropriate that we are closely
08:52:17 involved with the development of the scope of
08:52:18 services, and with the timing of things.
08:52:21 I have to admit in this case, I'm disappointed that
08:52:23 it's May and we are just getting around to doing this.
08:52:31 I anticipate that next year will be more up to speed,
08:52:33 we have a plan in place and we are all going to spend
08:52:35 more time as a CRA board and be able to make sure we
08:52:38 get the money going in the right places and that the
08:52:40 work products come out in an even more timely way.
08:52:49 >>> Particularly for the new board members, remember,
08:52:51 as a council, you approve all contracts.
08:52:53 So all of the agreements that we have ever entered
08:52:56 into as a redevelopment agency for work or real estate
08:53:05 matters, come before you as council, and there has
08:53:08 never been an occasion while I have been with the
08:53:11 redevelopment agency that there's ever been a
08:53:13 disconnect with the scope of service that is we

08:53:15 eventually delivered, and you have always made efforts
08:53:19 to work very closely with our advisory board in
08:53:22 developing the scopes of services and work, and with
08:53:26 board members who have a particular interest in a
08:53:28 redevelopment area or a topic in engaging them early
08:53:31 on in the scope.
08:53:34 If you would like as a board to be more involved,
08:53:37 again it's a matter of you making the time, that our
08:53:42 scopes of work are nothing we try to keep secret.
08:53:45 There are always things that we have worked through in
08:53:48 a public way, and would be happy to get the Borden
08:53:51 gauged.
08:53:54 >> The other question about this, I remember because
08:53:56 of my art background, seeing a job description for
08:53:59 this.
08:54:02 Quite awhile ago.
08:54:04 What happened with that?
08:54:06 I know there was a job in the Channel District, a
08:54:11 consultant to work with, two residential development
08:54:16 that is were going on.
08:54:19 Am I --
08:54:20 >>> I'm trying to remember back to all the details of

08:54:22 this.
08:54:22 There was an idea at one point, now that you bring it
08:54:26 up, hiring a person.
08:54:29 And there was much discussion about whether that
08:54:31 should be a city staff person, or whether it should be
08:54:36 run by the advisory board, and what came about -- and
08:54:41 there were really legal reasons why we could use TIF
08:54:45 dollars to move down that particular path.
08:54:47 But that really came, was part of all of the dialogue
08:54:50 that occurred during the budgeting process that led us
08:54:53 to the approach that we are taking now.
08:54:56 >>MARY MULHERN: so what we are talking about now is
08:55:01 RFP for contract or --
08:55:03 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, to do a particular study.
08:55:05 And there's actually two studies in the Channel
08:55:07 District plan.
08:55:08 The first one that really speaks to the arts elements
08:55:12 of the district.
08:55:13 Then there will be a subsequent study which was also
08:55:16 of great interest to the agency, and to the community
08:55:18 about developing a brand for the Channel District that
08:55:22 would then affect a number of other things that we are

08:55:25 doing.
08:55:25 And we expect that brand of the district to have a
08:55:29 strong arts flavor to it.
08:55:31 So that's why they are sequenced the way they are.
08:55:35 >> So so for the RFP that's a consultant as opposed to
08:55:39 hiring a staff person?
08:55:41 >>> Yes.
08:55:43 >> I think it would be helpful if you could chair the
08:55:45 RFP.
08:55:48 I think it would be very appropriate for all RFPs
08:55:52 coming from the CRA to be sure with the CRA people
08:55:58 prior to them going out so that we have an opportunity
08:56:00 to weigh in on them.
08:56:01 Because, frankly, these are different from the regular
08:56:06 contracts that we see as council members.
08:56:08 Those are developed by the administration.
08:56:09 But as a CRA we have a lot more autonomy.
08:56:14 I think it would be helpful to make sure that the
08:56:16 RFPs, as they are being created, reflect what is
08:56:20 heard from the neighborhood, what we ourselves think
08:56:23 is appropriate.
08:56:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I agree with that and that's why I

08:56:28 raised the question yesterday in terms of how has the
08:56:30 CRA in the past functioned in terms of RFP, the
08:56:34 arranging process.
08:56:35 I mean, if you have a CRA and RFP process, who votes
08:56:45 on those?
08:56:47 Those are the kind of questions I raise.
08:56:51 >> City staff.
08:56:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's not necessarily true, though.
08:56:54 It all depends on how you handle those and how -- you
08:56:57 have delegated your thought.
08:56:59 Okay.
08:57:01 That's the issue.
08:57:02 Staff can still go out and do the work, then bring it
08:57:05 back to CRA agency to take action on it.
08:57:10 Is that correct, Mr. Caetano?
08:57:14 >> That's correct.
08:57:14 >> So it all depends on how you handle that, how you
08:57:16 want to move forward on that.
08:57:18 So those are the kind of questions that I raise, that
08:57:22 I will try to get a handle on, how you have to
08:57:24 function in the past.
08:57:27 Do you understand?

08:57:30 Because you are talking significant dollars.
08:57:34 And you talk about accountability.
08:57:36 And you talk about things that you have as a
08:57:40 legislative body that you have jurisdiction over.
08:57:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think we'll have the opportunity
08:57:53 to discuss this more in depth when we have a CRA
08:57:59 version of our retreat.
08:58:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: City Council retreat?
08:58:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, talking about as a CRA, I think
08:58:13 that we need to -- well, last time it was extremely
08:58:17 helpful, a book that was developed by Mr. Huey in
08:58:20 going over the -- but I think that perhaps, as we move
08:58:25 forward, we should, with the help of Mr. Territo,
08:58:31 understand exactly what the full abilities of the CRA
08:58:34 are, and you are correct, Mr. Chairman, we have
08:58:38 operated in a much more engaged fashion than we could
08:58:44 in the future.
08:58:45 And I think it's a question of how much energy people
08:58:47 are willing to put into it, that I think our
08:58:50 constituents would prefer us to be more engaged and
08:58:54 more time really to work on all these RFPs and the
08:58:58 future budgets and everything and spend the time to be

08:59:01 more involved.
08:59:01 So I'm on to do it.
08:59:04 There are four of us and I think we can do that.
08:59:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, certainly we can talk about
08:59:10 those in the future.
08:59:11 >>MARY MULHERN: One of the meetings we set today, we
08:59:15 scheduled all those meetings, to be a --
08:59:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, as I say one of the meetings can
08:59:22 be.
08:59:25 I'll talk with Mr. Huey and find out when we can put
08:59:28 that on the agenda.
08:59:29 Okay?
08:59:29 We need to approve two items.
08:59:34 Item 2 and 3.
08:59:39 >> So moved.
08:59:40 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I have a question on number 3.
08:59:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me first get a second to that and
08:59:45 then discuss it.
08:59:46 We have a motion by Saul-Sena-Miller, items 2 and 3.
08:59:53 >> To open?
08:59:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: To move for approval.
08:59:56 Need a second.

09:00:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Second for discussion.
09:00:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What's the package on number 2?
09:00:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Staff?
09:00:10 Mr. Huey?
09:00:11 Okay.
09:00:15 >>SAL TERRITO: I didn't understand the question, sir.
09:00:17 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What is involved in number 2?
09:00:20 Is it personal property?
09:00:33 Number 2, Gaspar properties.
09:00:35 (off microphone)
09:00:39 >> Gaspar properties would be the purchaser.
09:00:42 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What are we selling?
09:00:50 >>> Good morning.
09:00:51 I'm the manager of the real estate division.
09:00:58 The item of the Gaspar properties were an item we
09:01:00 didn't know existed until the would-be buyer
09:01:03 approached the city. This property, if I can help you
09:01:05 visualize, is at the foot of the Kennedy bridge.
09:01:13 On the east side of the bridge at Marion.
09:01:15 And it's a property that everyone thought was already
09:01:20 part of the D.O.T. right-of-way. The developer of the
09:01:22 property to the north, which you might think of as

09:01:24 that building that's been rehabbed, it extends right
09:01:28 down to Kennedy Boulevard.
09:01:38 They are the developer and they wish to acquire this
09:01:40 for the future.
09:01:41 It's a 30-foot lot and 25 feet of it must be reserved
09:01:44 for the Florida Department of Transportation
09:01:49 nonetheless they wish to acquire it now for future
09:01:51 access if needed, although it would be a 5-foot
09:01:55 easement for them.
09:01:56 That is the purpose of the sale.
09:01:58 So we examined the property, felt that it was surplus,
09:02:02 and negotiated the sale price of $15,000.
09:02:07 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: (off microphone) on number 3,
09:02:14 what's involved there?
09:02:15 Is that real property?
09:02:16 >>> That is also real property.
09:02:18 Address real estate questions.
09:02:20 Might address the purpose of that in the Ybor
09:02:23 district.
09:02:47 >>VINCE PARDO: Manager, Ybor City Development
09:02:50 Corporation.
09:02:55 You see lot number 9 here.

09:02:58 It's currently a small -- a small parking lot, retail
09:03:09 spaces.
09:03:10 The property which is currently a dirt lot is 18th
09:03:14 street was recently purchased by the Italian club from
09:03:19 the Trust.
09:03:20 Their desire is to in fact own the entire parcel from
09:03:24 17th to 19th to more efficiently as a property
09:03:28 line so the whole thing, property will be open to
09:03:33 their patrons as well as the public.
09:03:39 In the past administration, this alley that you see
09:03:41 here, and with the shaded on the southern part of that
09:03:44 alley, is actually by the city at least that yipe
09:03:48 aware of, paved over with blacktop.
09:03:56 This particular alley, they are able to get -- garbage
09:04:01 trucks are typically ten feet wide.
09:04:04 Since we have been able to pave this and get solid
09:04:08 waste trucks down there, those alleys we have
09:04:12 development on both sides it's a real problem with
09:04:14 sanitation and keeping those alleys clean.
09:04:19 In fact the sales in effect, our lot number 9 if they
09:04:37 get a parking lot that is more functional as far as
09:04:39 spaces.

09:04:39 And we RFPed this, was the only responder in the RFP.
09:04:44 The differential cost in which you see in your
09:04:47 agreement, in fact the differential, paying the city
09:04:51 206,339 plus closing costs on the appraisal of the two
09:04:56 pieces.
09:04:58 >> Okay.
09:05:17 >> Strictly a parking lot for a number of years.
09:05:22 It will be paved, submitted plans to the city for
09:05:26 being in full compliance with the parking lot with
09:05:29 stormwater requirements.
09:05:30 So any permitting requirements is SWFWMD which is
09:05:33 involved, in the process right now.
09:05:36 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay.
09:05:37 Thank you.
09:05:40 >> Is there any in which this money instead of going
09:05:43 into the general fund could go to Ybor?
09:05:50 >>> It would be up to administration with
09:05:54 recommendation from this body.
09:05:55 >> I can address that.
09:05:56 There's a possibility this might have been obtained to
09:05:58 use of urban renewal money, and if it were, it came
09:06:01 back -- it has to go back into the CBDG fund.

09:06:06 >> Well, that's good, too.
09:06:07 Because they desperately need money for that.
09:06:10 That would be great.
09:06:11 Will you tell us next month if that's the stat us?
09:06:14 >>> Yes.
09:06:15 >> Thank you.
09:06:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have a motion.
09:06:17 All in favor?
09:06:21 Posed?
09:06:22 So moved and ordered.
09:06:23 Thank you.
09:06:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: is there public comment?
09:06:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: CRA update.
09:06:32 Our time is getting away from us.
09:06:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there public comment?
09:06:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm sorry, you're right.
09:06:39 Public comment.
09:06:49 >>> Spencer Cass, 1001 north Howard Avenue.
09:06:53 I just have three quick questions.
09:06:54 Maybe we can get some clarification on.
09:06:57 First, CRA matter, under the downtown CRA, we are
09:07:03 short on money, so the city from the general fund

09:07:07 money on the convention sent every I would like to
09:07:15 know if the CRA intends on paying that back to the
09:07:18 city.
09:07:19 Excess in the downtown CRA.
09:07:24 Our question is if Hartline has been looking at that
09:07:26 money to get to the downtown CRA.
09:07:30 I think going back to the citizens, to cover shortage
09:07:33 of the downtown CRA would be nice.
09:07:38 Next, I appreciate the fact that the buildings are
09:07:41 being cleaned that were in item number 1.
09:07:45 But I would like to know specifically what the city
09:07:47 plans are for those buildings, and what date those
09:07:51 plans will be -- not for the clean-up but for the
09:07:55 actual use of those buildings.
09:07:56 I think it's important for the public to know by what
09:07:59 time certain.
09:08:00 And if they are not going to be used having an ongoing
09:08:03 expenditure I think it's time the city dispose of
09:08:05 them.
09:08:06 And last, I would like to you consider having the CRA
09:08:09 work closely with existing businesses within the CRA
09:08:12 business districts.

09:08:23 With the businesses in Drew Park, basically ultimately
09:08:27 they were going to be forced out of the area.
09:08:30 And I think it shows just a lack of communicate
09:08:34 between the CRAs and the residents.
09:08:38 The business community that they are supposed to be
09:08:42 supporting.
09:08:42 Thank you.
09:08:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:08:48 I think that it would be appropriate as our July
09:08:51 meeting, to have a report on the federal courthouse
09:08:56 and how we are progressing in terms of attracting a
09:08:58 user to it.
09:08:59 So I would like to make a motion that on our July
09:09:02 agenda we get a report to Mr. Huey on the progress
09:09:05 that the city is making with the federal courthouse.
09:09:22 >> If we get a progress report. If we did then that's
09:09:25 fine.
09:09:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: There's a motion.
09:09:27 Do we have a second?
09:09:28 >> Second.
09:09:30 >> I think there was discussion about that.
09:09:32 The school board is talking about using that building

09:09:34 for a school.
09:09:37 >> I would like to know by July -- I'm sorry.
09:09:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: let him finish.
09:09:45 >>> I don't know if there was a study involved but the
09:09:47 school board is looking at it so evidently they are
09:09:51 studying it.
09:09:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to go ahead by July,
09:09:56 the school board is making progress.
09:10:00 I think that two months is enough time to get some
09:10:04 direction.
09:10:05 >> We have a motion on the floor by councilwoman
09:10:08 Saul-Sena and seconded by councilwoman Mulhern.
09:10:13 All in favor let it be known by.
09:10:16 Opposes?
09:10:22 The first I would like to invite Tony Rodriguez.
09:10:35 We had a discussion about the Channel District, and
09:10:37 that portion of our Channel District budget that has
09:10:41 some remedial projects.
09:10:42 And there was concerns about progress.
09:10:45 Tony Rodriguez from public works is here to give you a
09:10:47 quick update.
09:10:58 >>> Tony Rodriguez, public works on behalf of Bauer

09:11:01 league here at the last meeting representing city at
09:11:03 the governor's hurricane conference today, couldn't be
09:11:05 here.
09:11:07 We made great progress here within the last month.
09:11:11 In defining interim improvements in the Channelside
09:11:14 CRA area.
09:11:18 It was a team effort with public works to define the,
09:11:28 contract administration to figure out an execution
09:11:31 vehicle to get this done quickly, and of course the
09:11:33 CRA for the funding mechanism.
09:11:35 I believe Mr. Huey had provided a written response
09:11:42 outlining the three projects that we focused in on.
09:11:46 Specifically, it was the areas that we are looking at
09:11:49 are 12th Street south of Kennedy, 12th Street south of
09:11:54 Whiting, and the third project 11th street south
09:11:58 of Washington.
09:11:59 So we are going in to those areas on a focused effort
09:12:05 to do a lot of regrading of asphalt, putting in curbs.
09:12:12 One issue after we did our initial evaluation was we
09:12:15 felt that a field survey needed to be done, especially
09:12:20 topographic survey, some drainage issues in those
09:12:25 areas.

09:12:25 That contract will be let this week and we'll have the
09:12:28 results here by the end of next week, May 25th.
09:12:35 As far as the execution mechanism, public works has an
09:12:38 open-ended contract for intersection improvements with
09:12:41 the contractor, and get that going, and we are looking
09:12:47 at a mid June start date on these three projects and
09:12:49 about a six week construction period.
09:12:52 So things have come together very well this month, and
09:12:57 we are moving forward for these folks here in the
09:12:59 Channelside CRA.
09:13:04 >> Have you shared that information with the
09:13:06 neighborhood people?
09:13:07 >>> I understand the meeting last night, --
09:13:14 >> Do you have this information written down?
09:13:17 >>> Actually, Mike Chen, CRA manager for the Channel
09:13:20 District.
09:13:22 I had kept the advisory committee and the Channel
09:13:26 District informed every step of this process.
09:13:29 When we got the initial scope of work for the three
09:13:33 projects that Tony just described, I sent that to the
09:13:37 district and have kept them apprised as we made
09:13:42 progress with each step forward, a selection of a

09:13:45 consultant, to the scope of work, to the next
09:13:49 progress, the survey.
09:13:51 They have been advised by e-mail through the staff and
09:13:56 then last night I went into even more detail with
09:13:58 them.
09:14:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:14:04 So by our July meeting we can have a report back just
09:14:06 saying that this is completed or where it is.
09:14:09 I would like to make a motion that we get a written
09:14:13 short description of where we are in this progress by
09:14:15 our July meeting.
09:14:17 Hopefully on the completion with photographs.
09:14:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Been moved and seconded, councilwoman
09:14:25 Saul-Sena, seconded by councilwoman Mary Mulhern.
09:14:29 (Motion carried).
09:14:34 So approved.
09:14:35 Thank you.
09:14:42 >>> You had noted to me that the Tampa police station
09:14:44 CRA is not appropriately named any longer.
09:14:46 And we have gotten a number of requests to consider
09:14:50 changing the name of that.
09:14:52 And if that is the board's direction, I would like a

09:14:55 motion to direct the staff to pursue a plan
09:15:00 modification to the CRA plan for the purpose of
09:15:04 changing the name of the CRA only.
09:15:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To Tampa Heights?
09:15:09 Would that be --
09:15:10 >>> We will bring back to you what the name will be,
09:15:13 if you will direct me to pursue it, we will bring back
09:15:17 a name that would be appropriate.
09:15:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
09:15:21 >> Second.
09:15:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: motion specifying change of name only
09:15:36 It's been moved and seconded.
09:15:38 Moved by Mr. Miranda.
09:15:39 Seconded by councilwoman Mulhern.
09:15:47 So moved and ordered.
09:15:50 >>> Lastly, I distributed to you the awards that were
09:15:53 issued last month by the Planning Commission
09:15:55 recognizing outstanding design and planning work in
09:15:58 our community.
09:15:59 They are done on a semiannual basis.
09:16:01 I want to point out that a number of the prongs
09:16:04 projects that received awards are within the

09:16:05 redevelopment areas, tanned redevelopment agency was
09:16:08 very active in supporting those.
09:16:10 Notably, that the project that occurred on North
09:16:13 Franklin Street, the Arlington hotel, the heights
09:16:17 project was represented for its urban in-fill and
09:16:21 reuse, and most notably the chairman's award was given
09:16:28 to the Channel District strategic action plan, which
09:16:31 the community, the staff, and this board, those of you
09:16:35 who were on the board last year, worked very hard to
09:16:40 complete.
09:16:40 So I want to know that not only is the community
09:16:45 pressuring the work of the agency but independent
09:16:48 agencies like the Planning Commission are recognizing
09:16:51 the work going on, and so I want to share that with
09:16:54 you, and again thank you for all that you are doing as
09:16:57 a board to make good things like this happen in our
09:17:00 community.
09:17:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good.
09:17:03 Thank you.
09:17:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would like for Mr. Huey -- I would
09:17:19 like to see a break down of the general revenue in
09:17:22 terms of CRAs and what moneys are being used by the

09:17:27 CRA redevelopment and those areas at a designated CRA,
09:17:32 what I'm asking.
09:17:34 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:17:35 I think you all are aware there's a great deal of
09:17:37 uncertainty around what will be coming to the
09:17:39 redevelopment agency this year, depending on the
09:17:42 outcome of the property tax discussion occurring in
09:17:45 Tallahassee, which we are monitoring, and by the July
09:17:48 time frame, I know Bonnie is scheduled in a couple of
09:17:54 weeks and we'll continue to keep you update board of
09:17:56 director the impact on our CRA.
09:17:58 If I can, just note that in response to the question
09:18:01 about the downtown CRA, it is producing incremental
09:18:06 revenues, may in fact no longer produce incremental if
09:18:13 the debt center is being considered.
09:18:19 Hopefully be in a position in July to give you more
09:18:21 definitive answer busy our residents for next year.
09:18:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So in our July meeting, a second
09:18:31 request.
09:18:31 Okay.
09:18:31 Yes.
09:18:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If it's okay with you, I think it

09:18:35 would be really valuable if I share with you and Mr.
09:18:43 Territo and Mr. Huey, and any other council member,
09:18:47 get together prior to our next regular CRA meeting to
09:18:49 just have -- a global understanding of where we are in
09:18:52 terms of all the different sources of revenue that can
09:18:57 be brought to bear in our CRA district.
09:18:59 That's what you are bringing up for this coming
09:19:01 budget.
09:19:01 But I think there are other things like, for example,
09:19:04 the 40th Street project, which is funded with opt-out
09:19:08 dollars but will definitely have an impact on East
09:19:10 Tampa.
09:19:11 Things like that, I think, would be very helpful.
09:19:14 And you can schedule at your discretion.
09:19:16 I figure I need to do this publicly.
09:19:19 And of course it will be sun shined.
09:19:24 I don't know that the other CRA members --
09:19:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, are you talking about additional
09:19:32 meetings to all the other meetings scheduled?
09:19:34 That's what I'm talking about because we are going to
09:19:36 have regular scheduled meetings from here on out and
09:19:39 Tuesdays at 1:30 which we can do that.

09:19:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay. That would be fine.
09:19:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: As opposed to creating another
09:19:47 meeting.
09:19:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's fine.
09:19:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anything else?
09:19:52 Yes.
09:19:54 Noticed to receive and file.
09:19:56 >> So moved.
09:19:57 >> Second.
09:19:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved and ordered.
09:20:01 That concludes our CRA meeting.
09:20:02 We now stand adjourned.
09:20:03 Thank you.
09:20:05 (CRA meeting adjourned)