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Tampa City Council
CRA meeting
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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13:32:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'd like to call the Community
13:32:51 Redevelopment Agency to order at this time.
13:32:53 And we'll have roll call.
13:32:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
13:32:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
13:32:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
13:33:00 >>GWEN MILLER: (No response.)
13:33:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
13:33:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: (No response.)
13:33:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
13:33:06 Let me read something for the record, from
13:33:10 councilwoman Gwen Miller, letter of absence.
13:33:13 Please be advised that I will be out of town until
13:33:16 late afternoon and therefore will be unable to attend
13:33:20 the CRA meeting scheduled for today at 1:30 p.m.
13:33:24 Thank you for your attention to this matter.
13:33:28 That's from councilwoman Miller.
13:33:31 Let me submit this for the record.
13:33:35 Okay.
13:33:37 Mr. Huey.
13:33:41 >>MARK HUEY: Good afternoon.
13:33:43 There are a couple of agenda items right at the
13:33:45 beginning.
13:33:46 Staff reports.
13:33:48 I'll give the first one.
13:33:53 Distributed a written report to you for your
13:33:55 acceptance.
13:33:55 I was asked to appear on the federal courthouse.
13:34:00 I have had at least two, maybe three meetings with the
13:34:02 school board since I last reported to you.

13:34:05 They continue to work on the possibility of the
13:34:07 courthouse, a high school.
13:34:15 I believe that due diligence is proceeding in earnest.
13:34:18 They will also, as they are working on this building,
13:34:20 updating their five year plan at the school board.
13:34:22 They expect to conclude that at the end of this month.
13:34:25 And so I think we will know more definitively in the
13:34:30 August time frame whether or not the courthouse is a
13:34:32 viable option as a potential high school.
13:34:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, chairman Scott.
13:34:40 I'm eager to see something happen with this.
13:34:42 So I'd like to request that this appear on our August
13:34:45 agenda for an update.
13:34:47 And with the idea that by September, it's either a go
13:34:52 or no-go.
13:34:53 >> I believe I have been requested by council to make
13:34:56 a written report in the month of August.
13:35:05 >>> The 23rd meeting.
13:35:06 >> So I'll be making that report to council.
13:35:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much, sir.
13:35:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And then we have a written report
13:35:20 that's just distributed, right?

13:35:23 Okay.
13:35:23 Let me just say again, I like reports in advance.
13:35:27 Let me just stress that again.
13:35:29 I like reports before the meeting.
13:35:31 >>> Okay.
13:35:32 >> If I can get them in advance so that will give me
13:35:34 an opportunity to read through them so if I have any
13:35:36 questions, I can raise questions.
13:35:37 So I'm just getting this so it doesn't allow me a lot
13:35:41 of opportunity.
13:35:42 Yes, councilwoman Saul-Sena.
13:35:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I appreciate this report.
13:35:49 The other unfinished business in the Channel District
13:35:52 CRA is the arts work that is supposedly going to get
13:35:57 done.
13:35:58 So I would like a report on that in August on the
13:36:01 status of that project.
13:36:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So you want a report on the art work?
13:36:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's some arts manager, or
13:36:12 consultant that's supposed to be hired to do like a
13:36:15 scope of work.
13:36:19 Supposedly it's proceeding so I would just like a

13:36:21 status report in August.
13:36:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
13:36:24 Seconded by councilwoman Mulhern.
13:36:26 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
13:36:30 Opposes?
13:36:31 So ordered.
13:36:32 Very good.
13:36:35 Now we have the presentation of the budget workshop,
13:36:39 overview.
13:36:43 >>MARK HUEY: This is really the main focal point of
13:36:45 our monthly meeting.
13:36:47 It will be the first time the board has taken time to
13:36:51 contemplate the issues that we are dealing with since
13:36:55 we put together our annual TIF budget.
13:36:58 We start by thanking you for committing the time to
13:37:00 doing that.
13:37:01 And we have an extensive PowerPoint presentation, if
13:37:04 we could pull that up.
13:37:05 I will start it off.
13:37:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me call to the board's attention,
13:37:11 if you would give us the presentation in advance, so
13:37:13 that we can refer to it as it moves along with it.

13:37:18 And there's seven areas that we will allow for
13:37:24 presentation by each area, and after each one, we have
13:37:27 allowed about ten minutes for questioning.
13:37:30 So just be mindful of that.
13:37:34 And I ask council not to get ahead of the presenters,
13:37:37 so we can just walk with them as they present.
13:37:41 Mr. Huey.
13:37:42 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
13:37:43 And there is a lot of information to provide to you.
13:37:46 We have nine redevelopment areas.
13:37:49 We have organized them into seven neighborhoods.
13:37:52 Of course, downtown has two CRAs and Ybor has two.
13:37:56 But keep in mind, we are going to try to spend ten
13:37:58 minutes on each.
13:37:59 That's 70 minutes.
13:38:00 And I have got some introductory comments.
13:38:03 So if you can help us keep the pace going, that will
13:38:05 be great.
13:38:14 The purpose of this workshop is to discuss with the
13:38:16 board the key challenges and considerations that will
13:38:19 guide our fiscal 2008 redevelopment work plan and TIF
13:38:23 budget.

13:38:24 You are going to hear today more than just TIF budget.
13:38:26 You are going to be hearing about the things that are
13:38:28 affecting really our work plan and goals.
13:38:31 And we are going to review each of our seven
13:38:34 redevelopment areas.
13:38:36 You see a map of the City of Tampa, and those
13:38:41 highlighted areas are the different redevelopment
13:38:42 areas, from Drew Park on the west side near the
13:38:47 airport, to the largest redevelopment area, second
13:38:52 largest in the country, we believe, East Tampa, and of
13:38:55 course those are around downtown. The format of our
13:38:59 discussion is I am going to do an overview for you of
13:39:01 agency-wide matters.
13:39:03 Then each of the CRA managers will come and share with
13:39:06 you about each of the individual redevelopment
13:39:09 neighborhoods and then we'll have the next steps and
13:39:12 closing comments.
13:39:15 I want to start our review, our overview by reminding
13:39:19 you about our calendar.
13:39:20 We are doing the workshop today, July 17th, and we
13:39:23 are working toward preparing for you a budget booklet,
13:39:28 much as we did for the board last year, that will

13:39:30 detail out the budget, and that will go to get you
13:39:35 that August 16th in anticipation of the August
13:39:38 21st board meeting.
13:39:39 And that we would have you approve that September
13:39:41 18th.
13:39:43 So that's the calendar we are working with.
13:39:46 Let's begin now by reviewing TIF revenues for the
13:39:52 agency as a whole.
13:39:53 The chart before you shows our growth in TIF revenues.
13:39:57 Last year, we were at just under $26 million in TIF
13:40:02 revenues.
13:40:02 This year you can see their projected overall to be at
13:40:06 $29 million.
13:40:07 The information that you have is based on the final
13:40:12 numbers we have gotten from the tax assessor and
13:40:15 appraiser so it's reflecting their June 30th
13:40:19 information about assessment levels in the CRA.
13:40:22 And then it's of course reflecting our current millage
13:40:25 calculations by the city, as well as the county's
13:40:28 current millage calculations.
13:40:30 So it is a very good estimate.
13:40:35 You can see the overall growth rate between '07 and 08

13:40:38 is about 12%.
13:40:40 Many of you had asked me what the impact has been on
13:40:43 the recent statement mandated rollback in millage so
13:40:46 let me address that for you.
13:40:49 Here you see a chart.
13:40:53 In the dark blue, just about $26 million.
13:40:58 Those were our TIF revenues last year.
13:41:00 At the top of the light yellow, you'll see a number
13:41:05 32.9 million.
13:41:07 That's what our TIF revenues would have been this year
13:41:10 had there been no millage rollback.
13:41:13 The millage rollback reduced our TIF revenues by
13:41:18 $3.4 million.
13:41:20 3.4 million.
13:41:25 So it would have been just under 33 million which
13:41:28 would have been a growth rate of 26%, a growth rate
13:41:32 after the millage reduction is about 12%.
13:41:35 How does this break out by redevelopment area?
13:41:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm confused on the yellow and the
13:41:47 blue.
13:41:47 I understand the --
13:41:51 >>> The dark blue, 25,777, that was our TIF revenues

13:41:59 last year.
13:41:59 So what I am reconciling is what the actuals would
13:42:02 have been had there been no millage change.
13:42:04 So what you are seeing, the $3.2 million in light
13:42:08 green.
13:42:08 That represent the assessment growth that we have
13:42:11 captured despite the millage reduction.
13:42:15 Does that help explain it, John?
13:42:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
13:42:19 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
13:42:20 Good question.
13:42:21 How did this impact?
13:42:23 Obviously the larger redevelopment areas had the most
13:42:25 significant impact.
13:42:26 So this presents you the same information across the
13:42:31 different redevelopment areas.
13:42:32 So as you can see out of that overall reduction of
13:42:36 $3.4 million in TIF revenues downtown bore the brunt
13:42:41 of that, about $2 million.
13:42:45 Next is East Tampa, our nest largest CRA which
13:42:48 declined about $750,000.
13:42:51 And then you can see the others.

13:42:59 We are going to discuss the TIF revenue history of
13:43:01 each redevelopment area in a little bit but I did want
13:43:04 to address you on the front end, the impact of the
13:43:06 millage rollback on our different redevelopment areas.
13:43:10 At this time, I'd like to switch gears and spend a few
13:43:14 minutes discussing with you some agency wide key
13:43:17 challenges.
13:43:20 And by key challenges, I mean the critical questions
13:43:23 that we as a redevelopment team, you the board, the
13:43:26 staff, and our community volunteers, are particularly
13:43:30 focused on as we prepare our work plan and budgets for
13:43:33 next year.
13:43:35 They don't reflect every single issue that we are
13:43:37 working on.
13:43:39 But they do affect important and key planning
13:43:42 challenges.
13:43:46 The first one is again taking off on the conversation
13:43:52 we just had, how should the uncertain property tax
13:43:55 environment upset the short and long-term planning?
13:43:59 We had just discuss board of director the immediate
13:44:01 impact.
13:44:01 You all are aware in January there will be a voter

13:44:04 referendum on super homesteading.
13:44:07 We have done a little bit of analysis.
13:44:09 This is a chart that shows what proportion of each
13:44:14 redevelopment area assessed value is homesteaded
13:44:18 property.
13:44:19 Now, you might be surprised to find out that downtown
13:44:22 has the largest proportion, almost 30% of downtown
13:44:26 assessed value is homesteaded property.
13:44:28 And that would be primarily Harbor Island.
13:44:31 Often we forget that Harbor Island is part of the
13:44:34 downtown redevelopment area.
13:44:35 You can see the next note impacted area is East Tampa.
13:44:42 Beyond that, there's uncertainty about what future
13:44:45 millage reductions may occur.
13:44:48 There is certainly potential for other changes in our
13:44:50 tax structure.
13:44:51 And so that begins to affect how we think about TIF
13:44:56 borrowing, as an example.
13:45:02 The second challenge, what are the implications of
13:45:06 changing market conditions on our short and long-term
13:45:09 redevelopment planning? At the bottom line, we are
13:45:12 doing redevelopment is attracting quality private

13:45:15 investment into our redevelopment areas.
13:45:16 That's what we worked to set the stage to do, is to
13:45:20 attract quality private investment.
13:45:22 The market has changed dramatically in the last year
13:45:25 suns we last visited on our budget, and the
13:45:28 residential development market is quite different, but
13:45:32 certainly commercial markets are quite strong.
13:45:35 Witness the IKEA that happened recently.
13:45:41 So that is certainly affecting the way we are thinking
13:45:42 and where we are focusing our time now as a
13:45:47 redevelopment staff.
13:45:48 It also upsets our thinking, for example, using
13:45:50 downtown as an example.
13:45:53 What are the things we can best do to position our
13:45:56 downtown to take advantage of the next cycle of
13:45:59 redevelopment that will occur in our downtown?
13:46:01 And it will occur again at a significant pace.
13:46:05 What are the important things we can do?
13:46:11 We have been relying as a redevelopment agency on the
13:46:14 general fund.
13:46:15 And you all are quite aware of the reductions that are
13:46:17 occurring in our general fund as a result of the

13:46:20 millage rollback.
13:46:22 What are the implications for us as we go forward?
13:46:26 Presently, our administrative expenses in agency
13:46:31 are -- as an agency are relatively low.
13:46:35 On your left, or my left, looking at the screen, it
13:46:38 would be your left as well, you see a pie chart that
13:46:41 shows total administrative expenses of about 6%
13:46:46 overall.
13:46:47 That's including our downtown debt service.
13:46:49 But overall the agency has administrative expenses.
13:46:53 If you exclude that service, you see it's about 12%.
13:46:57 Again, very modest, or fairly efficient.
13:47:03 We are guided in how we handle our administrative
13:47:08 expenses, financial policy that you as a board have
13:47:11 approved, and we have looked at on a couple of
13:47:14 occasions.
13:47:15 And it guides the types of expenses that can be
13:47:18 charged to administration, and how those are allocated
13:47:22 between the general fund and the CRA.
13:47:30 We are always trying to think about how we can be more
13:47:33 efficient in the work that we do.
13:47:35 Are there opportunities to create efficient cost

13:47:38 sharing solutions to program common to multiple
13:47:40 redevelopment areas?
13:47:41 The department itself was created with that vision in
13:47:45 mind.
13:47:45 This is an organization chart of the department, 18
13:47:50 staff. The green staff are the line management, if
13:47:54 you will, who are working each day in their particular
13:47:58 redevelopment area.
13:47:59 Those in blue are shared staff that work across all of
13:48:03 the redevelopment areas, and therefore don't go to one
13:48:09 particular redevelopment area.
13:48:10 We created this department intentionally to allow for
13:48:13 that shared efficiency.
13:48:15 So presently we share administrative.
13:48:17 We share GIF, financial reporting and analysis, and
13:48:20 organizational coordination costs among all of the
13:48:23 CRAs.
13:48:24 There's other areas we are looking at.
13:48:27 Possibly sharing facade programs, if we do facade
13:48:32 programs, sharing administration among the different
13:48:34 CRAs, as well as marketing support and possibly CIP
13:48:39 project expediting.

13:48:48 The next issue, what is the role of our CRA in helping
13:48:52 with the city's affordable housing challenge?
13:48:54 This is an issue that always touches us during the
13:48:57 budgeting time frame.
13:49:00 You are aware that this is an issue of really regional
13:49:03 economic development competitiveness for our
13:49:05 community.
13:49:06 Our ability to offer affordable housing is affecting
13:49:09 our ability to compete for good jobs with other
13:49:13 regions.
13:49:14 The development cost for housing, because of
13:49:17 escalating land costs, construction costs, insurance
13:49:20 taxes, et cetera, are exceeding medium income growth.
13:49:23 You know all about that.
13:49:27 Federal and state housing subsidies are declining.
13:49:29 All of these things are putting CRAs in the position
13:49:33 to be a potential significant part of helping
13:49:38 communities solve their affordable housing challenge.
13:49:41 Right now we are working on the most ambitious such
13:49:44 effort in the Central Park redevelopment partnership.
13:49:47 But there are other opportunities.
13:49:49 And whenever we come into this budget cycle in a place

13:49:52 like East Tampa, or Drew Park, or other areas we are
13:49:55 thinking about what part of our budget resources
13:49:59 should we devote to this important issue?
13:50:07 And lastly, how can we best bring additional non-TIF,
13:50:12 non-city funding to our redevelopment efforts?
13:50:15 Whenever we can bring other resources to the table, of
13:50:19 course, we are always working with the private sector.
13:50:22 They are really bringing the most resources to the
13:50:24 table.
13:50:24 But what other resources? We had some recent success,
13:50:27 as you are aware.
13:50:28 The state funded $1 million toward Drew Park
13:50:32 stormwater improvement project, $2 million towards the
13:50:35 riverwalk.
13:50:35 We benefited East Tampa significantly from homes and
13:50:39 SHIP affordable housing funding.
13:50:42 We had a significant CDBG investment in East Tampa in
13:50:45 the street resurfacing.
13:50:46 What other opportunities like that exist?
13:50:49 We want to keep challenging ourselves to think about
13:50:52 how to bring non-TIF resources to the table.
13:51:09 That concludes my presentation from the TIF agency.

13:51:12 And we'll be happy before we answer any agency wide
13:51:16 question that you have.
13:51:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. The last question that
13:51:20 you posed, number 6, is a great question.
13:51:25 And I wonder if you have anyone on your staff
13:51:27 currently who is exploring alternative sources of
13:51:29 funding from grant to public-private partnership.
13:51:35 Who do you have to work from?
13:51:38 >> Right now it's falling upon each manager to do that
13:51:41 as part of their arsenal of the work that they do.
13:51:45 And, for example, Ed Johnson recently won a $400,000
13:51:49 brownfield grant for East Tampa.
13:51:51 So, again, we had success.
13:51:54 Maybe if we do think about it a little bit R bit
13:51:58 differently in the way we staff, maybe we could get
13:52:00 more success.
13:52:01 That's something we'll be thinking about as we prepare
13:52:03 our budget.
13:52:05 Does that answer your question?
13:52:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think we should be much more
13:52:09 aggressive.
13:52:10 The reason I asked is because I know that we haven't

13:52:13 been as aggressive and broad-reaching as we might be.
13:52:16 And I think if we are spending money on staff, that
13:52:19 should be one of their specific, you know, tasks.
13:52:23 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
13:52:25 Right now it's spread across each area it's pursuing.
13:52:29 There's good things about that and there's not good
13:52:31 things.
13:52:32 Because, as you know, and you can see that the strong
13:52:34 growth we have had in all of our redevelopment TIF
13:52:38 resources, and beyond that, the workload that they are
13:52:41 involved in, unrelated to TIF, gives them limited
13:52:44 amounts of time to do the kind of, I think, thoughtful
13:52:47 grant-seeking work that you are speaking about.
13:52:50 So we are feeling challenged there.
13:52:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Another issue from my standpoint, and
13:52:57 that is do you have the staff capacity to be able or
13:52:59 staff person to be able to specifically go and target
13:53:03 grants?
13:53:06 From my background, you know, how does someone
13:53:10 specifically go after grants and pay for itself?
13:53:13 >> On a city-wide basis, we have a contract with a
13:53:16 grant consultant that the city has been using.

13:53:19 So we might avail ourselves more of that in the
13:53:22 future, or may consider another option.
13:53:25 But, again, this is an issue we are thinking about.
13:53:28 I appreciate your thoughts on it.
13:53:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Is that a company or one individual?
13:53:40 >>> I believe it's an individual who has a company.
13:53:42 An individual grant writer.
13:53:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Sounds like we could use that.
13:53:51 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: In the beginning you said the
13:53:52 calculations as of June, because the property
13:53:54 appraiser starts the fiscal year in January.
13:53:57 How do we come up with June?
13:54:00 >>MARK HUEY: Well, that's when they finalize their
13:54:03 assessment.
13:54:04 We begin getting information from them about the
13:54:06 assessment levels in the CRA as of January, as of
13:54:11 January, starting in May, we start to get numbers.
13:54:13 But they really don't become very officials until June
13:54:17 30th.
13:54:19 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: And these numbers are based on
13:54:21 those final numbers?
13:54:23 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

13:54:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Huey, on page 7 you show us the
13:54:28 table that talked about administrative -- the
13:54:30 administrative portion of the total expenditure
13:54:34 excluding debt, 7% for direct, and --
13:54:38 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
13:54:39 Yes.
13:54:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are there national standards?
13:54:46 I know we belong to the Florida redevelopment
13:54:49 association.
13:54:49 I'm sure we probably belong to a national equivalent.
13:54:52 Are there natural standards or guidelines?
13:54:55 >>MARK HUEY: I'm not aware of any.
13:54:57 We'll do a little more research on that through FRA
13:55:01 and see if we can't identify.
13:55:03 Typically what happens, I will share with you, is that
13:55:07 CRAs tend to be overburdened with administration at
13:55:10 the beginning, when they are small.
13:55:12 And you will see that, for example, when we show you
13:55:14 the Heights in Central Park.
13:55:16 It had very also TIF revenues.
13:55:20 So that's why it's difficult to answer your question.
13:55:23 It very much depends a lot on point in time, where

13:55:26 larger, more mature CRAs are managed rather
13:55:32 efficiently by a small staff.
13:55:34 So that's part of the struggle with answering your
13:55:40 question.
13:55:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So the administrative component
13:55:43 works smaller?
13:55:44 >>MARK HUEY: Exactly.
13:55:46 And the more you do debt, that's another part of it
13:55:50 because debt doesn't really require administration,
13:55:53 once you put in The Place.
13:55:54 So that's why we presented it both ways for you.
13:55:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
13:56:00 >>MARK HUEY: Let's move on.
13:56:03 We are going to now -- PowerPoint.
13:56:08 We are now going to have a presentation by each CRA
13:56:11 meeting and their presentations are standardized it.
13:56:14 You are going to see them follow this format.
13:56:15 They are going to show you a location map just to
13:56:18 remind you of their boundaries.
13:56:20 They are going to highlight some of the redevelopment
13:56:21 activities of the past year.
13:56:25 They are going to identify for you their priorities

13:56:29 and planning considerations.
13:56:30 Just to remind you.
13:56:37 Just to remind you of the important things they are
13:56:39 working on.
13:56:41 They are going to give you some history of TIF spending
13:56:44 in the CRA and a preliminary look at the 08 budget and
13:56:50 how TIF revenues will be used and then they will have a
13:56:53 couple of minutes to answer questions before we move to
13:56:55 the next presentation.
13:56:57 We'll go in this particular order.
13:56:59 Our standard order, whenever we look at all the
13:57:02 redevelopment areas.
13:57:03 At this time I would like to invite Mike Chen up who
13:57:06 will talk to us about the downtown redevelopment area.
13:57:16 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Good afternoon.
13:57:21 The first piece is going to show you a map of the CRA
13:57:25 area for downtown.
13:57:27 Generally, you are looking at I-275 to the north, the
13:57:30 river to the west, we are boarded by the Channel
13:57:34 District to the east, the dividing line is Meridian,
13:57:38 and then Harbor Island to the south.

13:57:42 Perhaps as a point of reference, the large light spot
13:57:45 somewhere in the middle of all of that, that's the
13:57:48 roof of the forum.
13:57:51 A new project has come up.
13:57:56 This is the residence of Franklin Street, valued about
13:58:01 $12 million.
13:58:03 Particularly I want to point out the slide to the
13:58:06 bottom right-hand corner.
13:58:08 You are getting a good shot of the fly restaurant in
13:58:11 the context of the neighborhoods starting to come
13:58:14 about there with new residential.
13:58:18 SkyPoint is coming on, 380 units.
13:58:24 Also approximately 20,000 square feet of retail, value
13:58:28 of that project about $133 million.
13:58:31 The embassy suites hotel, 360 rooms, 12 meeting rooms
13:58:39 with about 20,000 square feet of meeting space, value
13:58:43 on this is about $55 million.
13:58:46 The new park areas along downtown.
13:58:52 Looking at the bottom left hand corner, MacDill
13:58:55 park, and the center and right hand slides are the new
13:58:58 USF parks that were recently opened and several of you
13:59:02 attended.

13:59:05 We have the plaza at Harbor Island, 138 units,
13:59:09 approximately $49 million.
13:59:13 We have a lot of planning considerations and how to
13:59:17 determine priorities coming up in front of us, in the
13:59:20 upcoming years.
13:59:21 The planning of the Curtis Hixon park, Ashley drive.
13:59:26 These are underway, and still subject to any number of
13:59:30 continued public meetings.
13:59:32 We also have to look at how we improve and expand our
13:59:36 parking surfaces, both on-street and off-street in the
13:59:40 downtown area.
13:59:41 We continue to convert one-way streets to two-way
13:59:45 streets to try to improve the pedestrian environment
13:59:48 and create a better environment for retail to start to
13:59:51 emerge.
13:59:53 And then we are just about complete with an agreement
13:59:57 that will come before you for the parking and
14:00:01 transportation study in downtown
14:00:05 One of our key challenges, how do we pay for all these
14:00:08 things?
14:00:09 We continue to have questions as to whether we are
14:00:12 going to have TIF growth or not, the status of our $40

14:00:17 million financing and how it's afforded with the TIF,
14:00:22 and regardless of how the millage sorts out, the
14:00:25 assessments sorts out, the two downtown TIFs will
14:00:28 expire in the near future, 2013 and 2018.
14:00:32 Another challenge that we look at is dealing with
14:00:38 parking in downtown.
14:00:40 Everybody says how do we better use the city's parking
14:00:44 assets to support development and investment that
14:00:47 wants to come into downtown?
14:00:49 Some of the things we have to look at is where does
14:00:52 that parking need to be located?
14:00:53 And I think we have had ongoing awareness of the need
14:00:57 for additional parking supply in the south part of
14:00:59 downtown, particularly around the area of the south
14:01:02 regional garage.
14:01:06 The third challenge is how do we really get a better
14:01:11 acceleration to create a residential environment?
14:01:14 A pedestrian environment in downtown to support the
14:01:18 new residential properties that are opening up.
14:01:22 Again, looking back at the Curtis Hixon park, we are
14:01:26 looking to begin construction there in January.
14:01:30 We do find additional ways to support the construction

14:01:33 of the children's museum, and the art museum.
14:01:37 Improve Ashley.
14:01:38 And again, the continued public meetings and input
14:01:41 that's coming in with that process.
14:01:44 Finding ways to improve alternate transportation.
14:01:50 Public transportation is a big piece of that, but we
14:01:53 shouldn't forget walking and bicycles.
14:01:55 That also needs to be part of our downtown
14:01:58 environment.
14:01:58 And they will be looking to reopen Massey park and may
14:02:03 even have to look at how we can support, maybe
14:02:06 everyone incent any retail to the area sooner than
14:02:10 later.
14:02:14 These bar charts will show you the escalation of the
14:02:18 TIF revenues coming into downtown.
14:02:21 I will point out to you in the two years, the right
14:02:24 two columns, 2007-2008, that difference reflects
14:02:30 approximately $290 million of new assessed value.
14:02:37 Now, we have done something a little bit different.
14:02:40 Rather than show you a full line item budget at this
14:02:42 point, we have taken our budgets and consolidated them
14:02:46 into four major categories.

14:02:48 And you will see these categories expressed in all the
14:02:51 presentations.
14:02:52 You will see this afternoon.
14:02:54 One of them being capital improvement projects.
14:02:58 This will be kind of traditional infrastructure and
14:03:02 that type of thing.
14:03:03 Redevelopment investment.
14:03:05 Basically, we categorize expenses.
14:03:08 This is where we are putting money in with the
14:03:10 expectation of it generating revenue and coming back.
14:03:17 The fourth category is district programs and services.
14:03:21 This varies from CRA to CRA.
14:03:24 So, for instance, in one place it might be clean
14:03:28 teams.
14:03:28 In another place it might be projects such as in the
14:03:34 Channel District, arts consultants.
14:03:36 It depends on the CRA as to what actually falls into
14:03:39 that category.
14:03:41 And then the fourth category, operation and
14:03:44 administration.
14:03:45 Again you will see these categories with every CRA
14:03:47 presentation this afternoon.

14:03:55 We have a number of things here that have been talked
14:03:59 about, the key challenges that we are going to be
14:04:01 working toward.
14:04:01 And you will see pieces this come into the budgets for
14:04:05 downtown in the upcoming fiscal year 08, such as the
14:04:11 commercial paper, how we have to make sure we allocate
14:04:15 money for the debt service payment, once we draw upon
14:04:18 that.
14:04:19 Massey park.
14:04:20 Multi-space parking meters.
14:04:21 These are all things that we are -- that you will see
14:04:24 reflected in the budgets when you get the line item
14:04:26 budgets.
14:04:30 This is an illustration of the category that I
14:04:34 described to you just a moment ago.
14:04:38 This is downtown.
14:04:39 You will see downtown being somewhat unique from the
14:04:41 other CRAs.
14:04:42 The light blue areas basically reflects the
14:04:48 category -- this is a category of -- let's see,
14:05:00 capital improvement.
14:05:02 And redevelopment.

14:05:03 One thing to particularly note in here, fiscal year
14:05:08 '05 and 06, the two left hand columns, the only thing
14:05:11 there is the debt service for the bond.
14:05:14 It was not until fiscal year '07, this year, that it
14:05:19 there is finally discretionary money to spend from the
14:05:22 TIFs and we expect that also to occur and grow some in
14:05:25 fiscal year '08.
14:05:27 And with that, it leaves you the opportunity for
14:05:30 questions.
14:05:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, chairman Scott.
14:05:35 A public of questions, Mr. Chen.
14:05:37 When is the next meeting scheduled about Ashley drive?
14:05:41 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Well, I don't have that scheduled
14:05:44 because that is with the administrator by contract
14:05:49 David bonds.
14:05:50 I will make sure you are posted of that well in
14:05:54 advance.
14:05:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
14:05:56 What I've heard, one of the main things we could do to
14:05:59 encourage retail downtown is to make the property more
14:06:07 affordable for them, the rents lower based on not
14:06:10 having to provide as much parking.

14:06:13 If we are going to truly want to have transit, I hope
14:06:17 that you will really consider doing away with our
14:06:19 current requirements.
14:06:21 We lowered it from 1 -- I think we could let
14:06:28 individual contracts manage on their own and decrease
14:06:32 the cost of construction which would lower the rents
14:06:34 which would encourage retail.
14:06:36 Something to think of.
14:06:37 You don't have to answer.
14:06:38 I just want to throw that out there.
14:06:40 >>MICHAEL CHEN: And if I may add to that, a very
14:06:42 important piece of it is changing the city's policy on
14:06:45 how we manage parking and issue parking permits and so
14:06:48 forth.
14:06:48 That is a key point in all of that discussion.
14:06:50 And that needs to occur.
14:06:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My last question is, what is the
14:06:56 timing on getting this transportation, parking
14:06:59 transportation study?
14:07:00 When will we let it and when will we get the completed
14:07:04 study?
14:07:04 Because I think that that study will address some of

14:07:07 our concerns about Ashley as it looks at Tampa as
14:07:10 being the major cut-through traffic street.
14:07:13 I think it will address a number of things that we
14:07:15 need to address sooner rather than later.
14:07:18 >>MICHAEL CHEN: A scope of work for that contract is
14:07:20 being reviewed right now.
14:07:24 I would expect that it may be as early as two to three
14:07:28 weeks we could have a near final draft of the scope of
14:07:31 work.
14:07:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's important that it come
14:07:36 to the CRA to make sure that it truly encompasses the
14:07:39 things that we hear from the public they are
14:07:40 interested in doing.
14:07:42 So before it goes out, it needs to come to us first
14:07:45 for review.
14:07:46 >>MICHAEL CHEN: I think we'll make note of that.
14:07:50 >>MARY MULHERN: On that issue of parking downtown, one
14:07:53 of the small businesses that has a business on Tampa
14:07:57 street suggested to me that we look at the empty lot,
14:08:01 for instance, where the Maas Brothers building was,
14:08:04 that are just dirt, and that are not necessarily going
14:08:06 to be rebuilt or redeveloped anytime soon as temporary

14:08:11 parking.
14:08:12 It might be a little revenue.
14:08:19 >>> We did have a fair number of conversations trying
14:08:20 to eke out even temporary parking opportunities.
14:08:23 That particular site that you mentioned is not owned
14:08:26 by the city.
14:08:27 And so it is something that requires a conversation
14:08:30 and eventually in effect that the owners of that
14:08:33 property has to volunteer for this property to be used
14:08:36 in that way.
14:08:37 But we do have conversations like that to pursue even
14:08:42 temporary sources quite frequently.
14:08:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't want us to get involved on the
14:08:47 talking issue.
14:08:47 I want us to focus primarily on budgetary issues,
14:08:52 which is the purpose of this workshop today.
14:08:54 I want to stay focused on that if you don't mind.
14:08:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Michael, you might have said this.
14:08:59 But when is the convention center debt retired?
14:09:05 >>MICHAEL CHEN: I think it retires in 2018.
14:09:13 I think it's coincidental with the second CRA.
14:09:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.

14:09:20 You mentioned that as a core consideration, when the
14:09:26 TIFs expire.
14:09:28 I guess you are alluding to the fact that at some
14:09:30 point we might want to consider an extension.
14:09:32 >>MICHAEL CHEN: I would not suggest that at this
14:09:36 point.
14:09:37 Any conversation certainly would be long and evolved.
14:09:42 I think it's important for to us identify what we can
14:09:45 accomplish now, what we have that is evolving on the
14:09:48 table in front of us, if possible, determine if the
14:09:52 existing TIFs and its structure and its longevity can
14:09:55 address the needs of anything in particular.
14:09:58 And perhaps as a last resort, if indeed there is
14:10:02 something unique and something special that you want
14:10:05 to consider that would involve a TIF extension of some
14:10:09 sort, I think that would be a conversation that
14:10:12 probably has to be closely linked with a specific
14:10:15 project rather than just in general.
14:10:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which leads us to the next core
14:10:23 consideration above that which speaks to the $40
14:10:25 million commercial paper financing.
14:10:31 We now know where we are in terms of what happened in

14:10:37 the past legislative session.
14:10:38 I guess we sort of have to wait and see what's going
14:10:40 to happen in January before we move forward with such
14:10:47 a big financial undertaking?
14:10:49 >>> I have been spend ago great deal of my time
14:10:51 recently with Bonnie Wise to go through with the
14:10:54 projections that serve to underwrite that $40 million
14:10:56 financing tool.
14:10:58 Currently it does appear that the $40 million
14:11:02 financing is viable, and we are looking at some
14:11:05 initial drawdown.
14:11:06 And I would kind of characterize it, I think kind of
14:11:13 put our toe in the water, draw down for a specific
14:11:16 project or two, and then over time, as we get more
14:11:19 definition and clarification where Tallahassee is
14:11:22 going, then we'll continue to draw down as it's
14:11:25 appropriate and available.
14:11:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In the past, Bonnie has shared with
14:11:30 us the projections as the Delta changed between the
14:11:37 convention center debt and the difference in terms of
14:11:42 the total revenue, and that we were starting to see
14:11:45 some really money that we could use.

14:11:47 And I guess that's going to be underlining that
14:11:50 financial $40 million.
14:11:53 >>> I can tell you right now, based on everything we
14:11:54 know under conditions today, there is the suggestion
14:11:59 that the $40 million financing is fully viable and
14:12:01 supportable by TIF funds.
14:12:03 We don't know how things might change in January or as
14:12:09 additional tax reforms in Tallahassee.
14:12:12 >> Then my last question relates to the garage
14:12:16 discussion.
14:12:17 This is financial.
14:12:19 I remember a couple years ago when we sold TGH the
14:12:25 city garage over there, and we grabbed -- sold it for
14:12:31 20 some.
14:12:32 We had to pay off debt and ended up with a pot of X
14:12:36 millions of dollars and I remember the mayor saying
14:12:38 she wanted to set that aside for future garage or
14:12:40 parking endeavor.
14:12:42 Is that what we are alluding to her when we discuss
14:12:46 these different possible garage alternatives?
14:12:51 >>MICHAEL CHEN: What I specifically alluded to there
14:12:54 was the possibilities of using some of the $40 million

14:12:56 commercial paper financing to support some of that, as
14:13:00 well as to find out how we can work with or create
14:13:05 synergistic relationships with private parking that
14:13:10 could support a variety of needs, if you will.
14:13:14 That's what I was referring to in my slide.
14:13:22 >>> I'm not sure Mike was on staff when that occurred.
14:13:25 You recollected right.
14:13:27 We tried to set that aside to really ideally partner
14:13:31 with a private development as to the parking we would
14:13:40 build, use the 5 million very efficiently because as
14:13:42 you might imagine 5 million with downtown land prices
14:13:45 wouldn't get us very far in creating a parking garage.
14:13:48 We have looked at a couple of opportunities but
14:13:50 nothing has worked out quite yet.
14:13:52 But we are confident that that money will be put to
14:13:55 good use in our downtown redevelopment.
14:14:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
14:14:04 Very good report.
14:14:08 >>> I think our next presenter is Vince Pardo with
14:14:13 Ybor City.
14:14:16 >>VINCE PARDO: Manager, Ybor City Development
14:14:18 Corporation.

14:14:22 We actually have two separate CRAs in Ybor City.
14:14:37 CRA 1, the interior portion that you see there,
14:14:40 stretches from Nebraska over to 26th street to the
14:14:42 interstate, was created in 1988.
14:14:45 It's our second oldest CRA, been functioning since
14:14:49 that time, that CRA will in fact expire in 2015.
14:14:55 I'll deal with that a little later.
14:14:58 The area to the south, the east and the northwest
14:15:02 section of that, is the new CRA, CRA 2 it's referred
14:15:06 to.
14:15:06 As you can imagine, CRA 1 is primarily commercial, CRA
14:15:11 2 is primarily residential.
14:15:13 It's interesting how in 1988 we are going to look at
14:15:15 the needs of that.
14:15:16 It was kind of an economic commercial base and now of
14:15:19 course they realize to support that we need
14:15:22 residential so the two unfortunately did not go hand
14:15:24 in hand originally but we were able to correct that
14:15:27 and create the CRAs in 2005.
14:15:30 The boundaries do in fact, as you notice, go from the
14:15:33 interstate down to Adamo drive.
14:15:36 The jogging on the left-hand side of that, when it was

14:15:40 created we followed what was then historic district
14:15:43 boundaries.
14:15:48 It goes over to 26th street on the east, and
14:15:51 Nebraska Avenue on the west.
14:15:57 Some of the projects, the Wilson Miller project,
14:16:02 distinction in the past year of having two of the
14:16:04 largest engineering firms in the city, in Ybor City,
14:16:09 both Wilson Miller and Heidt & Associates.
14:16:11 Wilson Miller took over an existing facade, $3
14:16:15 million, and restoration and improvements of the
14:16:17 particular building, 125 employees, and several of the
14:16:20 staff there have since become residents of Ybor City
14:16:24 and walk to work.
14:16:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you go to the map for one
14:16:27 second?
14:16:28 I wasn't here -- I don't think I was here when you
14:16:31 created the CRA 2.
14:16:33 What year was that?
14:16:35 >>VINCE PARDO: 2004.
14:16:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just got on.
14:16:40 The bottom jog where it does not hit Adamo, I
14:16:43 remember, I think that was controversial.

14:16:46 But what I'm wondering about is, and maybe times have
14:16:49 changed and maybe it's something we should revisit.
14:16:52 But it seems to me that all those properties that are
14:16:55 carved out that go down to Adamo get the benefit of
14:17:00 everything that the CRA does.
14:17:02 And we had many discussions with those property owners
14:17:06 about their rezoning and about future, you know, major
14:17:09 complexes that might be going there, et cetera,
14:17:11 et cetera.
14:17:12 And it's just a shame that the CRA would miss that
14:17:16 opportunity, and frankly be supporting those
14:17:19 properties.
14:17:20 So I think that in terms of, you know, things to look
14:17:24 at, things to do, and I don't mean to create more work
14:17:27 for legal and you guys, but I think that's something
14:17:30 we need to revisit in terms of possibly adding that
14:17:33 in.
14:17:37 >>VINCE PARDO: I think it's a matter of really
14:17:42 planning.
14:17:42 The times here it was created the property owners were
14:17:46 very opposed to that, when we did the reports for
14:17:49 justification, the justification of the new CRA

14:17:52 referred to as the slum and blight report, as you are
14:17:55 aware, we looked at properties.
14:17:59 As you remember at that time, I mean on the council at
14:18:01 that time, was we were about to be involved --
14:18:05 Commissioner Scott will remember this -- in a lawsuit
14:18:07 with the Hillsborough County government.
14:18:09 And then Mayor Greco and Dan Klemen negotiated and the
14:18:12 negotiation was in fact we would not take those
14:18:16 properties which they were the historic boundaries,
14:18:19 were on the south.
14:18:20 On the north in fact the historic district actually
14:18:22 goes up to Columbus drive and that in fact was not
14:18:25 agreed to by the county.
14:18:26 Ironically when it became part of East Tampa, the
14:18:31 TIF -- went to the CRA instead of Ybor City because
14:18:34 that came out to the decision.
14:18:36 And I think at the time when nobody wanted to go back
14:18:39 to the county, we were happy with the agreement and
14:18:41 didn't want to mess with that particular issue.
14:18:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I appreciate that, and I am not
14:18:47 looking to any fights.
14:18:48 >>VINCE PARDO: Very evident, yes.

14:18:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Times change, people change,
14:18:55 circumstances change, and I think it's something that
14:18:57 we should perhaps have some discussions about.
14:19:02 I don't feel a lot of activity in that little cut-out.
14:19:06 And I'm not talking about across the street at IKEA.
14:19:09 I'm talking about on the north side.
14:19:11 >>> Sure.
14:19:12 I think we have it identified even in the Ybor vision
14:19:15 plan, it identifies specifically for members that
14:19:18 needs to be readdressed.
14:19:20 That is fourth Avenue. The residential areas will
14:19:23 probably remain primarily residential, commercial.
14:19:26 That area from fourth down to Adamo has the ability to
14:19:29 totally change from what it is today, something
14:19:32 different, because of the heavy commercial use, and
14:19:34 has been for a number of years.
14:19:36 And some of it wants to stay that way but some of it
14:19:38 does not.
14:19:39 So it is a very strategic area.
14:19:41 And part of the big discussions last year, if you
14:19:47 remember.
14:19:52 Okay.

14:19:52 Again, here's a large corporation, consolidated all
14:19:58 the office space in Ybor City and took over a historic
14:20:01 building which they have done a beautiful job
14:20:03 renovating that.
14:20:04 Also an example of new construction with Heidt &
14:20:05 Associates, adjacent to our Ybor garage, 235
14:20:10 employees, $12 million investment in new construction
14:20:13 in the district.
14:20:15 Housing continues to grow in Ybor, both single-family
14:20:20 as well as multifamily, in the last two years.
14:20:23 In the last two years, we had a total of seven new
14:20:26 multifamily projects in the district, approximately
14:20:29 200 units, about $68 million in new investment, and Ma
14:20:37 construction in the district, and in-fill of vacant
14:20:39 lots that are there.
14:20:43 Prices range now in the condominiums from go B 170000
14:20:47 to about $300,000 in price range.
14:20:50 There in Ybor.
14:20:52 Not immediately in the district but very prominent and
14:20:55 adjacent, actually across the street from the
14:20:57 district, is the IKEA project.
14:20:59 $40 million investment, about 29 acres, 400-plus jobs

14:21:05 projected.
14:21:05 The importance here is the synergy of this particular
14:21:09 project will be created and will continue to create
14:21:11 not only for Ybor, the Channel District, but we think
14:21:13 it will spread into Palmetto Beach and the other
14:21:16 communities.
14:21:18 Two national companies who have met with me looking
14:21:20 for property on Adamo drive because just because they
14:21:23 like to be near IKEA.
14:21:25 As simple as that.
14:21:26 And the synergy that a property like this will create,
14:21:30 right at the back door.
14:21:32 I would be remiss if I didn't say we have several
14:21:35 hotel developers that are scouring the district right
14:21:37 now.
14:21:38 We had this about three years ago kind of died down
14:21:42 for awhile, picked up again, very serious people, nice
14:21:46 flag ships, it will be very nice for the historic
14:21:49 district.
14:21:53 Current policies and planning considerations.
14:21:56 I put this number one on the list intentionally.
14:21:58 Maximize the use of the Ybor 1 project exploration for

14:22:02 2015.
14:22:04 Discussions only with our planning committee with, the
14:22:06 YCDC, also the full board, that we need to look at the
14:22:10 entire span from this year to 2015, and with the best
14:22:13 use of those moneys before this particular TIF
14:22:16 expires.
14:22:19 Number 2 is implement division plan strategies as we
14:22:22 have continued to do, but this year with continued
14:22:24 emphasis on crime reduction, on parking strategies,
14:22:27 and retaining and attracting retail businesses.
14:22:31 Strengthening and enforcing wet zone regulations.
14:22:36 Unfortunately or fortunately, what happens in Ybor
14:22:38 kind of goes with the city.
14:22:40 As downtown starts to mature you are going to see more
14:22:42 restaurants and wet zone establishments coming in,
14:22:46 kind of what we experienced in Ybor in the past years
14:22:48 will be lessons learned as we go through this kind of
14:22:51 thing.
14:22:51 As you look at other communities, we are not totally
14:22:54 unique.
14:22:55 It's kind of the life cycle of districts, and the key
14:22:58 is find out where you are and prevent some of the

14:23:00 problems from happening.
14:23:01 And wet zoning by itself is not a 4-letter word.
14:23:05 It's a use that's in that space.
14:23:07 A wet zone establishment could be a fine dining
14:23:10 establishment as well as a nightclub.
14:23:12 We just don't need to overpopulate any one of those
14:23:15 uses.
14:23:15 I think that's the key, to balance it out.
14:23:18 Implementing capital improvement projects that we have
14:23:20 budgeted, the renovations of Centennial Park, East 7th
14:23:24 Avenue streetscape project, constant repair of street
14:23:28 alleys and sidewalks, red bricking wherever possible,
14:23:32 in doing that.
14:23:34 We didn't have the money to red brick all of year
14:23:38 right now.
14:23:38 We have a plan to red brick pedestrian crossings at
14:23:41 this point of time, both in the commercial area as
14:23:43 well as the residential area that is budgeted and will
14:23:47 continue to budget it in the upcoming year.
14:23:50 Also assisting and improving the economic viability of
14:23:53 Ybor by working closely with the projects and owners.
14:23:56 For our key challenges, key challenge number 1.

14:24:00 How did K we improve the city's regulatory policies
14:24:03 governing Ybor City to enhance the reality and the
14:24:06 perception of the quality of life?
14:24:08 Considerations to explore more restrictive ordinances
14:24:11 for entertainment districts, plural, not just Ybor
14:24:14 City.
14:24:15 We have other districts labeled as that in the City of
14:24:18 Tampa, as relates to things such as alcohol, public
14:24:21 nuisances, things of that nature.
14:24:23 Wet zoning is conditional uses permits.
14:24:26 You recently held a workshop on that.
14:24:28 I think this use permits in the future will be very
14:24:30 valuable tool for the city to help keep control of
14:24:34 situations and the new improved establishments.
14:24:40 And also to revisit and take a look at our youth
14:24:43 protection ordinance, AKA, curfew.
14:24:49 David Smith doesn't like that word.
14:24:50 Sorry about that.
14:24:51 But currently operates Thursday and Friday and
14:24:53 Saturday nights for a very good reason, by the chief
14:24:57 and by David when that was approved.
14:24:59 Community is asking why not on Wednesday?

14:25:01 Wednesdays are starting to be repopulated on certain
14:25:04 concert nights in places.
14:25:06 So we will be looking at that.
14:25:07 The community is asking.
14:25:08 We will ask legal to take a look at that.
14:25:12 We want to make sure what we have now will not be
14:25:15 challenged Constitutionally, that would be a big step
14:25:19 backwards.
14:25:20 Number 2, what are the key parking enhancement needed
14:25:23 to support key development?
14:25:26 Address the future development means for east Ybor.
14:25:30 And here on the green, not only the east portion of
14:25:32 the commercial district but also east 22nd street
14:25:34 as well, as commercial establishments especially along
14:25:39 7th Avenue start to go and parking considerations
14:25:42 are doing.
14:25:44 As you think about parking enforcement, does not go
14:25:47 east of 22nd street.
14:25:49 There has not been a need in the past to do that.
14:25:52 So people kind of park kind of in a neighborhood
14:25:55 style.
14:25:55 That may be changing in the future as we see

14:25:58 development occurring.
14:25:59 Financial plans for development developing parking
14:26:02 facilities.
14:26:03 A big strong rental of the vision plan that we would
14:26:05 be in fact hiring a consultant this year, both for
14:26:08 parking as well as for retail involvement, is to come
14:26:11 up with a financial plan for future parking
14:26:14 considerations.
14:26:16 That will be a long-term parking strategy for Ybor
14:26:20 City.
14:26:21 You heard a very similar thing with downtown.
14:26:23 These are the two areas of your city that in fact have
14:26:25 metered parking, we had to pay for parking as opposed
14:26:29 to other areas where you don't.
14:26:31 So this is very, very important factor.
14:26:33 We know especially with the third garage being
14:26:36 proposed on the east side of the district the life
14:26:40 span of TIF, the TIF revenue is not going to pay for
14:26:44 this garage, probably a very small portion of it.
14:26:47 So it's a public-private partnership, maybe
14:26:52 Hillsborough County community college, Sheriff's
14:26:54 Department, talking about their need for parking and

14:26:56 maybe a parking structure to put, maybe partner
14:27:00 long-term with the city.
14:27:02 So we'll be talking with a consultant late they are
14:27:05 year.
14:27:06 Also customer friendliness, always something we have
14:27:08 as far as people doing their jobs, enforcing the
14:27:11 ordinances that are approved but also be friendly to
14:27:13 customers they want to return to Ybor City.
14:27:16 Challenge number 3 is how do we attract new retail to
14:27:19 Ybor City within the -- and retain existing
14:27:23 businesses.
14:27:24 We established this year a retail involvement
14:27:27 committee.
14:27:27 That committee has in fact been bought.
14:27:30 They are looking at retail incentives. The consultant
14:27:32 we bring in along with the parking consultant, one of
14:27:35 the missions will be to come up with some best
14:27:37 practices which work, where shouldn't we incentivize
14:27:41 some detail and we have actually a plan to do that,
14:27:45 that if there is a cost differential between what we
14:27:48 did in August, the cost differential between what's
14:27:52 being asked and what somebody can afford, and if you

14:27:55 want that use there, then maybe for a year, two years,
14:27:58 you kind of incentivize by paying a differential.
14:28:01 So one of the tools we are looking at.
14:28:06 Also in relation to that is the exact of negative
14:28:08 publicity on the business sector and the increased
14:28:12 customer friendly parking policy.
14:28:13 Again parking comes up more and more because you talk
14:28:16 about the internal core CRAs.
14:28:20 Also encourage retail to participate in the district's
14:28:23 marketing program which is established.
14:28:25 Use our logos.
14:28:26 One of the graphics we have in our own advertising and
14:28:29 use the Ybor City brand.
14:28:32 And also build off the IKEA announcement.
14:28:37 Mostly in downtown you see we have an issue actually
14:28:46 1988, discussion came up earlier about the
14:28:48 administrative process and I made a note to myself.
14:28:51 It took eight years.
14:28:53 1988, had eight years before the first dollar outside
14:28:57 of staff was realized for Ybor City.
14:29:01 After that we started to see some projects.
14:29:03 Before that you strictly had staff, office costs and

14:29:05 marketing.
14:29:07 That's all there was in the TIF budget that was being
14:29:09 consumed at that time.
14:29:10 But you see a steady increase for this particular
14:29:13 year.
14:29:14 Ybor 1 has experienced a $62,000, rounding off,
14:29:18 $62,000 decrease in its TIF from '07 to what was
14:29:22 projected for '08.
14:29:24 For Ybor 2, the residential area, there's actually a
14:29:27 38% increase.
14:29:28 So combined, you see we actually have a net decrease
14:29:32 of $23,000 in combined TIFs for Ybor City because of
14:29:36 the actions with the property tax impacts.
14:29:45 As Mike Shannon said with the categories and budgets,
14:29:49 capital projects, things here are things in this
14:29:52 particular area, include the renovation of Centennial
14:29:55 Park, building the restrooms, and the central Ybor
14:29:59 parking garage that we need desperately.
14:30:02 We had that temporary since 2000 when Centro Ybor
14:30:08 opened.
14:30:08 The continued red bricking of surfaces in Ybor City
14:30:14 wherever possible.

14:30:15 Again we budged for that.
14:30:17 Benches, latch post, litter baskets, those kind of
14:30:20 things.
14:30:20 I want to point out a need to replace all benches in
14:30:24 Ybor City.
14:30:24 It's 79 of them.
14:30:25 You want to do that on a wholesale basis, to withstand
14:30:29 parades and all the activity we have there.
14:30:32 Redevelopment investments, consistent -- on a footnote
14:30:37 here, all this is the amount paid out of the tiff the
14:30:40 arrangement with the community, there is as you
14:30:43 remember, in any given year when I'm bringing this
14:30:46 budget, I have two columns.
14:30:47 One is the TIF column and one is the main transfer
14:30:50 column. The main transfer actually supplements the
14:30:53 activities in Ybor City to the tune of $132,000 a
14:30:57 year.
14:30:58 So the net impact on the TIF is the reimbursement is
14:31:02 come from the main transfer fund in any given year.
14:31:05 And again that that is remained constant throughout
14:31:08 the history of that.
14:31:11 We started in 2005.

14:31:13 District programs and services.
14:31:16 Included are consultant for retail and for parking.
14:31:27 Ybor 2, pressure washing that happens down 7th
14:31:30 Avenue on a weekly and monthly basis or Ybor
14:31:32 ambassadors, which is customer friendly, give change
14:31:36 for parking, and best set of eyes and ears I can have
14:31:40 from 10 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening.
14:31:43 For the first time, we in fact are paying for half of
14:31:47 FTE, half of a position so you can continue to have
14:31:50 code inspection in the evening, Fridays and Saturdays
14:31:54 till about 2:00 in the morning.
14:31:55 Of course operations and administration.
14:31:57 As you see here, in Mark's chart for the costs as well
14:32:04 as support services, adding those resources to our
14:32:10 tool chest.
14:32:12 Finally, as far as the charts that you will see, and
14:32:15 you will see this kind of scenario with each one of
14:32:18 the presentations today, capital projects, we will
14:32:22 continue to see increase over what's projected for
14:32:26 next year, the redevelopment, actually decreased the
14:32:30 percentage of the overall TIF being used for that
14:32:33 particular function.

14:32:34 District promotions and services, which actually,
14:32:37 prior to 2005, we didn't have capability until we
14:32:41 changed the plan.
14:32:42 It had to be use Ford infrastructure.
14:32:44 Now we can do the special event coordination we do and
14:32:49 sponsorship and those types of programs.
14:32:52 And actually pretty stable in the budget.
14:32:56 Also stable and also there as the operations and costs
14:33:00 that we are talking about there as well.
14:33:02 And if you have any questions.
14:33:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In the past, the city spent over
14:33:14 $25 million on parking structures, and in Ybor we
14:33:14 spent it basically off of CBDG money which -- anyway,
14:33:20 it's water under the dam. We made major public
14:33:21 investment in parking.
14:33:22 I think that before we develop any kind of plan for a
14:33:27 parking in east Ybor City, we need to understand that
14:33:31 we have to absolutely protect the street grid of our
14:33:34 national landmark district.
14:33:35 And I think any negotiation should be done with the
14:33:38 CRA involved.
14:33:39 I don't want to hear that the city developed some kind

14:33:42 of plan with the Sheriff's Department that's going to
14:33:44 be -- that's not going to properly respect the quality
14:33:47 of our national landmark historic district.
14:33:50 And I think we need to really discuss what we need to
14:33:53 have happening in east Ybor City.
14:33:55 Maybe it isn't more retail and commercial.
14:33:59 Maybe the office uses and the residential uses are a
14:34:03 healthier way to go.
14:34:04 And I don't think that this decision making should be
14:34:06 done without the active inclusion of the CRA.
14:34:10 And I hope to have that conversation scheduled in the
14:34:12 future.
14:34:16 >>VINCE PARDO: When we get our consultant report back,
14:34:19 the long-term parking strategy for Ybor City.
14:34:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait a minute.
14:34:22 Then let me speak to that.
14:34:23 I think what the CRA needs to be involved with is the
14:34:26 development of the scope for the consultant.
14:34:29 We want to be not in a passive role of getting
14:34:32 reports.
14:34:33 We want to be in the active role of saying what kind
14:34:35 of reports we want developed.

14:34:37 There shouldn't be an assumption here.
14:34:39 There needs to be an active engagement at the front
14:34:43 end before a scope is developed, before we go out
14:34:46 looking for consultants.
14:34:48 I think this is really critical.
14:34:49 And, Mr. Chairman, if you would like to do that as
14:34:52 chairman, I don't know how to go about doing this
14:34:55 because we have always been in such a passive mode.
14:34:59 I would like it to come to us as a course at the
14:35:01 beginning perhaps of our CRA meetings, that any scopes
14:35:04 that are being developed automatically appear on our
14:35:06 agenda under an agenda item called, you know, scopes
14:35:10 of work being developed for contract.
14:35:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I guess our attorneys help on this
14:35:17 issue.
14:35:18 I'm assuming at this point that any work that's
14:35:20 involved with CRA allocation of TIF revenue, then the
14:35:27 CRA agency have involvement within that.
14:35:29 The issue that comes is those service agreements, and
14:35:33 how do they play into all of this?
14:35:35 See, that's the key component of that.
14:35:37 So at some point, that has to be addressed.

14:35:40 Because what you have done, you have given the city
14:35:44 administration the authority to carry out the duties
14:35:47 of the CRA.
14:35:48 Am I interpreting that correctly?
14:35:51 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
14:35:52 Service agreements really is allocating the functions
14:35:56 between the CRA and the city.
14:35:58 The city is your staff, as you know, and you are
14:36:01 delegating to the city certain functions that you want
14:36:03 them to carry out. The key really is the budgets.
14:36:06 The budgets which you approve are what determines what
14:36:10 functions the city staff is going to carry out for the
14:36:13 CRA.
14:36:14 It's really the budgets that are the key.
14:36:16 Because each of the projects spell out in detail and
14:36:19 each dollar amount is associated with that particular
14:36:23 function.
14:36:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, we might disagree on that now.
14:36:27 I think, though, the CRA agency has a purview how they
14:36:31 structured it.
14:36:33 And I just got here a few months ago, and I think this
14:36:36 counsel or this agency has delegated or signed a

14:36:39 contract to the administration.
14:36:41 Technic, you don't have to do that.
14:36:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right.
14:36:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's an agreement between you and
14:36:48 the administration.
14:36:49 Pretty much is based on that CRA agreement, that your
14:36:54 input come from the budget process.
14:36:56 Am I interpreting that correctly?
14:36:58 >>SAL TERRITO: That's what I'm saying, yes.
14:37:00 The two documents have to be read together obviously.
14:37:03 But it's the budget that is control how you want those
14:37:05 dollars spent.
14:37:07 The service agreements cover a lot of the
14:37:08 administrative overhead and a lot of direction is
14:37:11 given in there as well.
14:37:12 I'm not saying they aren't important documents,
14:37:15 because they are.
14:37:15 But you are going to spend X number of dollars on this
14:37:18 project, X number for this particular function.
14:37:20 Those two documents together need to be read together
14:37:22 for the budget that determines how you want the money
14:37:25 spent and where you are going to approve it.

14:37:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But what councilwoman Saul-Sena is a
14:37:30 is saying we want to be involved on the front end of
14:37:33 the scope of the RFP and all of that.
14:37:36 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm not saying that's what you should
14:37:39 be doing.
14:37:39 I'm saying that's how it's structured right now.
14:37:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman, this is so important
14:37:43 and I'll give you a specific example.
14:37:45 On Ashley drive, that contract is being done by
14:37:48 basically -- it's being led by public works with
14:37:54 transportation engineers fashioning the scope and
14:37:57 direction rather than an urban designer.
14:37:59 If we as a CRA, just for example, said we want an
14:38:03 urban designer in charge of this and we want to see
14:38:05 the scope of work from an urban design perspective
14:38:08 rather than the transportation planning, we would end
14:38:10 up with a different work product.
14:38:12 And I'm saying as I look at this parking garage, as I
14:38:16 look at other things, I want to make sure,
14:38:18 particularly in Ybor City.
14:38:19 I mean all of our CRAs are important but
14:38:21 particularly downtown in Ybor City.

14:38:23 We need to make sure that we are getting what we want
14:38:27 and that we as a CRA are not just delegating this to
14:38:30 the staff, and they are handing to the different city
14:38:33 departments, and that we are not actively engaged in
14:38:37 directing and shaping and overseeing what is done.
14:38:40 I think that's a role that we feel is important.
14:38:42 And that our constituents feel is important.
14:38:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me just follow up on that scope
14:38:49 issue.
14:38:50 I think there's an easy solution.
14:38:51 Because, Mark, yesterday I got an e-mail that came out
14:38:55 of the downtown partnership, I think, and it said,
14:38:58 here's the draft scoping for the parking contract that
14:39:06 they were doing.
14:39:07 Please give us your comments.
14:39:08 So these things are floating around for the public to
14:39:13 comment on.
14:39:14 So, therefore, it's an easy solution that we would
14:39:16 just be universally included and regularly included in
14:39:19 that loop.
14:39:20 The other part of this is, when the city enters into
14:39:24 the contract with that vendor, we, with a different

14:39:29 hat on, we vote on that contract.
14:39:32 But that's a little late.
14:39:34 Because you want to see the scoping ---we want to see
14:39:36 the scoping earlier and just have some input.
14:39:39 So, mark, I think that's a good suggestion.
14:39:41 And I hope that whichever hat you have on, you can
14:39:44 carry that out and just, you know, run it by us, we
14:39:52 might not have that much to say but at least we'll
14:39:54 have the opportunity.
14:39:55 The other two things I was going to mention,
14:39:57 Mr. Chairman, in regard to Ybor parking, I have had
14:40:02 occasion, I like to pick somebody up downtown, say
14:40:05 where do you want to eat?
14:40:06 Let's go to Ybor, some nice restaurant.
14:40:09 You know, let's go have lunch in Ybor.
14:40:12 But immediately when I get there, you know, I don't
14:40:16 have any quarters in my pocket and that sort of thing.
14:40:19 I'm just wondering, is the revenue that we generate
14:40:22 during daytime, and working, the weekdays and daytime?
14:40:27 I think that the city could -- this is not necessarily
14:40:30 a CRA issue, it's a city issue because it's city
14:40:33 revenue.

14:40:33 But I think with our different hats on, we need to
14:40:36 visit that hand Mr. Hand.
14:40:38 So maybe you can come back and give us that
14:40:40 information from the parking department on what is the
14:40:42 weekday revenues, daytime revenues especially, from
14:40:46 parking, and why don't we just start waiving that to
14:40:50 encourage people to do, you know, what I was talking
14:40:53 about?
14:40:54 So that's just a suggestion.
14:40:55 And then the other thing I wanted to say for anybody
14:41:00 who is watching or perhaps is new to this board, when
14:41:02 you talk about the redevelopment investment, and then
14:41:07 the TIF payment of $200,000, the code word is Centro
14:41:14 Ybor.
14:41:15 I just wanted to get a confirmation on that.
14:41:17 Because really, it's government in the sunshine.
14:41:19 We should say what it is, and that's what it is.
14:41:22 It is what it is.
14:41:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.
14:41:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I know you didn't want me to talk
14:41:31 about parking but it keeps coming up.
14:41:33 And what John says, I think we need -- some of these

14:41:37 CRAs downtown and Ybor especially have some very
14:41:40 similar problems or challenges, and we need those
14:41:48 incentives to park downtown at night, and to park in
14:41:52 Ybor during the day, because we want Ybor to be more
14:41:55 than a night scene and we want people to stay here in
14:41:59 downtown at night.
14:42:00 So that is another problem that people have that they
14:42:04 are not going to drive downtown to have dinner, or do
14:42:07 anything, when they know they have to, you know, can't
14:42:10 find a parking spot and have to pay for parking.
14:42:14 It would encourage retailers in restaurants to stay
14:42:17 open later if we did have -- and bars downtown which
14:42:24 may be a good thing to have some happy hour as opposed
14:42:26 to all the drinking going on in Ybor.
14:42:29 I'm just thinking a lot of these CRAs have very
14:42:32 similar issues.
14:42:32 I would like us to look at all of those together.
14:42:36 And on that same note, you talked about a retail
14:42:43 incentive.
14:42:44 And did you say you had an advisory committee or task
14:42:47 force or something?
14:42:52 >>> The nonprofit that is we work with.

14:42:54 >> So your board has that?
14:42:55 >>> We have like several committees.
14:42:57 >> Because that's another thing that I think that all
14:42:59 of you Channelside, downtown, a lot of the CRAs need
14:43:04 that, too.
14:43:05 So maybe the other maybe CRAs need to look at that
14:43:10 as an example if they are not already doing that.
14:43:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: One last question and then move to the
14:43:16 next CRA because I am trying to keep us on track here.
14:43:19 That is that the CRA now spends a lot of money on
14:43:23 capital projects, right?
14:43:25 >>VINCE PARDO: Yes.
14:43:27 >> And what percentage of that, minority vendors, are
14:43:31 getting in the MBE component, SBE?
14:43:36 You are spending quite a bit of money here.
14:43:39 And I'm wondering, you know, as these projects go out,
14:43:43 are they going out, and the MBE, SBE policy is in
14:43:49 effect there?
14:43:50 >>MARK HUEY: Redevelopment projects are treated the
14:43:55 exact same way all city CIP projects are.
14:43:59 So they go through the same WMBE process.
14:44:04 If that answers your question.

14:44:06 There's nothing different.
14:44:07 We don't treat in any way redevelopment projects
14:44:09 differently than we do any expenditure of public
14:44:11 funds.
14:44:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me see that in writing in terms of
14:44:17 how many dollars --
14:44:20 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
14:44:22 I don't have any percentage information.
14:44:23 But --
14:44:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Get that to me later, okay?
14:44:35 >>> Channel District.
14:44:37 >>> Good afternoon again.
14:44:41 This is a map of the Channel District boundaries, that
14:44:45 you will see boarded by the water on the south, and
14:44:48 the east, the Crosstown expressway to the north,
14:44:51 Meridian to the west.
14:44:54 I guess if there's a reference point, you look at the
14:44:57 lower right-hand corner where the boundary takes a
14:45:02 turn.
14:45:02 That would reflect the Channelside Bay Plaza.
14:45:07 For those of you that didn't know, that's the new name
14:45:09 of the Channelside mall.

14:45:11 Channelside Bay Plaza.
14:45:13 Then just next to that the Florida Aquarium.
14:45:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What was the date that this was
14:45:28 established, this CRA area?
14:45:31 >>> 2003, I believe.
14:45:33 Scott cot thank you.
14:45:33 >>MICHAEL CHEN: The project to highlight to you, the
14:45:37 towers of Channelside, which is 260 units, with about
14:45:41 40,000 square feet of retail, value on that about $115
14:45:46 million.
14:45:48 The next would be Grand Central on Kennedy, 392 units,
14:45:56 170,000 square feet of retail and commercial space,
14:46:00 $126 million project.
14:46:03 I want to point out to you the lower right-hand
14:46:05 corner, you see a moving van.
14:46:09 This is actually people moving in.
14:46:12 So I want to point that out.
14:46:14 [ Laughter ]
14:46:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought they were leaving.
14:46:20 >>> No, they are not leaving.
14:46:21 The next project is seaport Channelside, apartment
14:46:27 project this year, 422 apartments, approximately $85

14:46:31 million project.
14:46:34 This is the Slade.
14:46:40 The Slade is a project that is just starting to turn,
14:46:46 280 units, about 10,000 square feet of retail, value
14:46:49 of about $84 million.
14:46:51 This is "The Place," 245 units, approximately 11,000
14:47:01 square feet of retail.
14:47:03 A value of about $93 million.
14:47:07 We got one that's just breaking ground versus "The
14:47:10 Place" which is just starting to go up, being on the
14:47:14 same slide.
14:47:15 And I will also mention, there's not a picture of it
14:47:18 but you have 170 units and about $65 million of value.
14:47:26 As in other areas we have strategic planning and
14:47:29 priority consideration.
14:47:32 Right at the top of that page is the strategic action
14:47:34 plan, in the Channel District that was approved by
14:47:37 this CRA board in May of 2006.
14:47:41 We are initiating the design and engineering of the
14:47:45 infrastructure system. That contract is under
14:47:47 negotiation.
14:47:49 And the next piece is we really need to make the

14:47:54 adoptive changes to the building codes to reflect the
14:47:58 recommendations in the plan.
14:48:00 This will create a legal foundation on which to base
14:48:03 your zoning decisions.
14:48:09 >> Enhance.
14:48:12 It's already been created, I'm sure.
14:48:16 >>> I stand corrected.
14:48:17 >> There you go.
14:48:18 >>> There has been discussion of remedial projects.
14:48:21 Earlier today I gave you an update on the remedial
14:48:24 projects in the area.
14:48:26 Two of them are finished.
14:48:28 I will tell you we are about a week to ten days away
14:48:30 from the third remedial project beginning.
14:48:33 It should be complete approximately four to five weeks
14:48:36 after starting and that will completely expend the
14:48:39 remedial projects budget for fiscal year '07.
14:48:44 And then the arts consultant, we are continuing to
14:48:50 negotiate a scope of work for them, and in fact just
14:48:53 last week, there was a rather extensive conference
14:48:56 call for them to clarify some information and points
14:49:00 in their proposal.

14:49:14 One of the key challenges here is making sure that we
14:49:17 work together with all the stakeholders to achieve the
14:49:20 best master plan for the city-owned land on the east
14:49:24 side of the Channelside Drive.
14:49:26 This is a major cost of approximately 7 acres.
14:49:31 I will tell you that there is a wide range of
14:49:34 stakeholders that will have an interest in this.
14:49:38 Just as wave already heard of a wide range of uses
14:49:43 that people have interest to appear on our property.
14:49:46 And what's interesting, all of that discussion will
14:49:48 have to be grounded in where are the stormwater vaults
14:49:52 going to be located?
14:49:54 Because there's a limited use that you can design on
14:49:57 top of a stormwater vault, and yet the entire
14:50:00 stormwater, the vaults for the entire stormwater
14:50:04 system of the district will occur along the city and
14:50:08 Portland east of the Channelside Drive.
14:50:12 Which someone added a picture for me.
14:50:19 Next is what kind of strategies can we use to
14:50:24 accelerate the infrastructure system?
14:50:27 Among the things that we are identifying in the
14:50:29 strategic action plan, not only is it important to

14:50:32 design, upgrade the capacity, rebuild the
14:50:36 infrastructure systems for the growth in the district,
14:50:39 but it's also important to satisfy the uses that are
14:50:42 already there.
14:50:43 So we need to accelerate the design and construction
14:50:47 of those systems as quickly as possible.
14:50:50 I will point out a rough estimate on the cost of those
14:50:53 systems, $115 million.
14:50:58 Just kind of a mathematical comparison, fiscal year 08
14:51:02 TIF funds, $1.5 million.
14:51:04 A little bit of math will tell you it could take a
14:51:07 long time to get that done.
14:51:10 Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves to perhaps
14:51:13 look at bonding the TIF revenues, perhaps starting in
14:51:17 fiscal year 09.
14:51:20 And if that -- I am going to relate back to some of
14:51:23 those projects I mentioned with these really enormous
14:51:26 values coming on.
14:51:27 We won't see the value of those in this upcoming year.
14:51:31 Those values will hit the fiscal year 09 TIF revenues.
14:51:36 Okay?
14:51:37 And then finally, we need to do everything we can to

14:51:40 create public-private partnerships to where possible
14:51:44 we can encourage developers to undertake some
14:51:48 construction of the systems, even if it means at some
14:51:51 point we would come around and create a reimbursement
14:51:54 of future TIF revenues just so that they help us carry
14:52:00 the financing in the front end.
14:52:01 And then there's a real balance to be achieved here.
14:52:04 There's no question we have people living in the
14:52:06 district, and the district needs improvement today.
14:52:10 All right.
14:52:10 And yet every dollar that we divert from the
14:52:13 short-term needs and investment, it will lengthen the
14:52:18 time it takes us to build the permanent infrastructure
14:52:23 systems that are so necessary in the district.
14:52:25 And just as an example, I did a little bit of
14:52:28 mathematics for you in that third bullet point.
14:52:31 $100,000 of annual TIF revenue generates $1.1 million
14:52:36 of bonding capacity.
14:52:38 Okay?
14:52:39 So that's a balance that we are going to have to work
14:52:42 with and achieve as we discuss the line item TIF
14:52:47 budgets for next year.

14:52:50 The next will show you the growth of the TIF revenues
14:52:52 starting with the first revenues appearing in 2005 and
14:52:58 growing to 2008.
14:53:01 2008 is approximately $1.5 million.
14:53:03 I will point out to you that this four years
14:53:05 represents a growth of about $135 million of assessed
14:53:09 value.
14:53:11 You I am going to go back, okay?
14:53:15 Towers of Channelside, $115 million.
14:53:17 Grand Central, $126 million.
14:53:19 The Place, $93 million.
14:53:23 Ventana, $65 million.
14:53:26 Any one of these projects could represent the growth
14:53:28 of the district has experienced over the last four
14:53:31 years.
14:53:32 So we do have some exciting times coming.
14:53:34 And there will be money if we manage our resources
14:53:38 well and plan for how we achieve the necessary
14:53:41 balances.
14:53:44 Again, the breakdown between capital improvements,
14:53:49 reinvestment, district programs, and operations, and
14:53:53 the illustrated version.

14:53:56 In the next slide you will see the dark blue areas of
14:53:58 those columns.
14:53:59 This is all the typical infrastructure.
14:54:03 So you see the bulk of revenues in the Channel
14:54:06 District for several years are being used for the
14:54:09 structure system.
14:54:10 And with that, I open up for any questions you may
14:54:12 have.
14:54:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?
14:54:16 Councilwoman Mulhern.
14:54:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know if I'm called a
14:54:20 stakeholder, but recent conversation I have had with
14:54:27 people who have bought condos in Channelside, but are
14:54:32 ready to move in, and part of the problem is there's
14:54:34 nowhere to walk their dog, and nowhere to buy
14:54:38 groceries, which I know will eventually there will be
14:54:41 a grocery store there.
14:54:43 But when I look at that city land all I can think of,
14:54:45 I wasn't here when you did your strategic action plan
14:54:48 last year, but we really need green space down there.
14:54:51 We need parks and green space.
14:54:55 And I don't think it's going to fill up and it's going

14:54:57 to work as an urban neighborhood if it continues to
14:55:00 just have towers, and nowhere for anyone to walk.
14:55:09 >>MICHAEL CHEN: And again I will open up any
14:55:11 indication of whatever time you have available, I
14:55:12 would very much like the opportunity to go through the
14:55:15 strategic action plan with any council members who
14:55:17 weren't here at the time it was going on, or just
14:55:20 would like some refreshing on it.
14:55:22 But I will tell you, the strategic action plan does
14:55:25 contemplate one of the larger community parks in the
14:55:28 district to occur in that city-owned land area.
14:55:32 And, frankly, I mentioned the limited usage you can
14:55:36 put on top of a stormwater park, that a park is one of
14:55:40 them.
14:55:40 So it may be going hand in glove at some of the
14:55:44 required uses of that land work very well with some of
14:55:46 the things we want to see happen there.
14:55:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena, then
14:55:52 councilman Caetano.
14:55:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: As we look at our fourth Fridays
14:55:58 when we have additional time to -- I meant Thursdays,
14:56:05 to have public meetings and things, I think that we

14:56:08 need a public meeting on that city-owned land.
14:56:11 I'm fearful.
14:56:12 Candidly, I'm fearful that the city staff might
14:56:18 develop something with a developer and then come to us
14:56:21 and the neighbors as an after-thought.
14:56:23 I'm just fearful because I've experienced this in the
14:56:26 past, not that with this administration but previous
14:56:30 administrations.
14:56:30 I feel like this land is so important to the people
14:56:32 who live there, to the aquarium, to the future of the
14:56:36 whole Channel District, that I want to make sure that
14:56:38 sooner rather than later we schedule a meeting about
14:56:41 what should happen with this land.
14:56:42 It could be under the CRA or it could be under
14:56:45 council.
14:56:46 But I think we need to be thinking about this now, and
14:56:50 the land is the yellow land on page 30 and I think we
14:56:53 need to have everybody's input before some kind of
14:56:56 anything gets negotiated.
14:56:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Caetano.
14:56:59 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Chen, the property appraiser
14:57:03 sets the value on these properties, correct?

14:57:06 Usually based on the construction price?
14:57:08 Because we don't have any market analysis to compare
14:57:10 with.
14:57:11 Because you don't have previous sales in that area.
14:57:15 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Oh, you're talking about the values I
14:57:18 associated with the new projects coming on?
14:57:21 >> Right.
14:57:21 >>> There's areas of transition.
14:57:23 I think initially as projects come online they are
14:57:26 recorded as a construction cost.
14:57:28 And then as the unit actually sold the assessor's
14:57:33 office changes the portfolio data per unit as the
14:57:36 closing acquisitions occur.
14:57:40 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Right.
14:57:40 Because what happens a lot of times the property
14:57:42 appraiser will put a value on something, but in
14:57:44 reality, it's going to be based on the income
14:57:47 approach, because the property is not going to bring
14:57:51 people in there like Mrs. Saul-Sena said, we need to
14:57:54 lower the rents.
14:57:55 But with the cost of construction, it's pretty hard to
14:57:58 lower the rents, because I know in the shopping center

14:58:01 that I'm in, originally sold for $12 million.
14:58:04 Ten years later it sold for $21 million.
14:58:07 So what happens to the tenants there?
14:58:09 Your cost of your insurance goes up, the property
14:58:12 appraiser comes out, and reassesses the property.
14:58:17 >>> Correct.
14:58:17 Actually, we spend a lot of time trying to monitor the
14:58:19 activity with the county appraiser's office database.
14:58:26 We try to market when and how it goes from a
14:58:31 construction-base add assessment to the closing
14:58:34 assessment.
14:58:34 We watch that very closely.
14:58:39 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: The price you anticipate does
14:58:41 not -- not what you are going to get in your TIF
14:58:44 revenue.
14:58:45 >>> It's all based on the refuse estimate of the
14:58:48 construction cost.
14:58:49 That's what the numbers reflect.
14:58:50 And if I may, in regards to the planning for the
14:58:53 public land, among the things that are included in the
14:58:56 scope of work being discussed with Wilson Miller for
14:58:59 the systems engineering, is that they would run --

14:59:04 conduct a series of public meetings, in association
14:59:07 with the planning of use for the city's land on the
14:59:12 east side of Channelside.
14:59:13 So this is something that we already contemplated
14:59:16 being very out in the open, and involving a series of
14:59:19 public meetings that would come with it.
14:59:22 As I said, though, the first step of that is to
14:59:25 identify engineeringwise where the stormwater vault
14:59:31 lead the rest upon that land, and then with that we
14:59:33 can then work with the public to design uses in space
14:59:37 that's desirable there.
14:59:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder, shall then we
14:59:43 need to move to the next presenter.
14:59:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The downtown -- what do we call it,
14:59:48 the $40 million commercial paper financing, you know,
14:59:52 tentative or perspective for downtown, we don't refer
14:59:57 to that, that's a possibility for Channelside.
14:59:59 And I don't know, Mike or Dave or anybody else who is
15:00:06 financially oriented, why wouldn't we look at that as
15:00:09 possibly an option?
15:00:10 >>MICHAEL CHEN: I think we'll look at it but one of
15:00:12 the challenges that the Channel District will have

15:00:14 versus where it was able to be underwritten for
15:00:16 downtown, downtown had a very long historical trend of
15:00:23 the growth of the TIF and therefore gave it some
15:00:26 dependability for where it would be tracking through
15:00:27 the future.
15:00:28 In Channel District, it's only been there since '03
15:00:32 generating its first revenue in 05, and I think we'll
15:00:38 have to use different methods of TIF projections to
15:00:41 generate it underwriting for a bonding capacity of
15:00:43 Channel District, because it will have more limited
15:00:46 historical trend to the.
15:01:11 >>> Happy to be here to talk to you about Drew Park.
15:01:14 The Drew Park CRA is about 150 acres and it is bounded
15:01:18 on the north by Hillsborough Avenue, on the south by
15:01:21 Tampa Bay Boulevard, on the east by Dale Mabry, and on
15:01:24 the west by the corridor.
15:01:39 The HCC has a development that will soon be home to
15:01:42 400 HCC students probably by the end of this year,
15:01:46 well under construction.
15:01:53 Next we had signed solutions.
15:01:55 That is a current business and operating in
15:01:57 Carrollwood that is relocating to Drew Park on the

15:02:00 corner of Martin Luther King and church and they are
15:02:03 very excited to be there and be part of the Drew Park
15:02:06 community.
15:02:08 Next is an example of some speck development which is
15:02:11 a combination warehouse and office in Drew Park.
15:02:18 Finally, this is a very recent addition, and this is
15:02:20 coastal construction.
15:02:21 They are a commercial construction distributor,
15:02:25 construction project distributor, and that is a
15:02:28 building that is 22,000 square feet and currently has
15:02:31 22 employees.
15:02:32 On the corner of Osborne between Hubert and Thatcher.
15:02:40 As to current priorities and planning considerations,
15:02:43 as you know the Drew Park strategic action plan was
15:02:45 completed and was approved by the CRA back in March.
15:02:49 We are now looking at having a multi-year action plan
15:02:54 and a blueprint for our activities for the next one to
15:02:57 five years. The other good thing about the action
15:02:59 plan is that it provided sample and model budget to
15:03:02 guide us in our budget planning for the next five
15:03:05 years.
15:03:05 So very helpful.

15:03:07 Another priority is the additional study that we feel
15:03:10 we need to do concerning land use changes in Drew
15:03:15 Park. The strategic action plan recommended
15:03:18 potentially changing land use zoning in an area
15:03:22 currently industrial, primarily what I call the
15:03:24 northeast quadrant, and of course we know that when
15:03:27 you contemplate land use changes, there are lots of
15:03:30 considerations that go along with that, certain
15:03:33 concerns that go along with it.
15:03:35 Now we are stepping back and looking at studying that
15:03:38 a little bit more, and also looking at the potential
15:03:43 need for transition plan if we do move forward with
15:03:45 those changes.
15:03:48 The major project that will be going on in Drew Park
15:03:51 over the next several years are the improvements to
15:03:53 the stormwater system.
15:03:55 There is considerable flooding in the area,
15:03:58 particularly again in the northeast quadrant, and of
15:04:00 course there are large open ditches, particularly
15:04:03 along Lois and other parts of Drew Park.
15:04:06 So that project is a major one, 25 to $30 million.
15:04:12 It will require that a funding plan be in place, and

15:04:15 enough TIF revenues to assist with the bond.
15:04:19 Finally, we are -- I'm happy to report, we have been
15:04:22 in a planning mode for the past 18 months or so with
15:04:25 the strategic action plan.
15:04:26 So now we are in the area in the time where we are
15:04:30 moving to implementation.
15:04:31 So that is where our focus is going to be over the
15:04:34 next coming year in implementing our neighborhood
15:04:37 improvements that are going to be both to that
15:04:41 existing residential neighborhood and also CRA-wide
15:04:43 as.
15:04:44 And some of those things include stronger adult use
15:04:49 compliance, more crime prevention activities, stronger
15:04:52 code enforcement, beautification of Drew Park.
15:04:56 We also need parks and open space.
15:04:58 As you know, Cardellia Hunt relocated to Al Lopez
15:05:03 park, Drew Park is without its own park and open space
15:05:05 within the district.
15:05:06 So that's something that we are looking at, and of
15:05:08 course affordable housing.
15:05:13 Some of our key challenges.
15:05:15 First of all, how can the city best work to help

15:05:18 organize the residential neighborhood that is there
15:05:21 and create a productive relationship with both
15:05:24 for-profit and not-for-profit developers that would
15:05:27 produce affordable housing and neighborhood
15:05:29 improvement?
15:05:30 And keep in mind that residential is scattered
15:05:33 throughout Drew Park, sometimes in quite unlikely
15:05:35 places.
15:05:36 But when I talk about the residential area, I'm really
15:05:40 targeting the area that is south of Martin Luther King
15:05:44 and west of Lois.
15:05:45 That is primarily all residential in that area.
15:05:50 Some of the considerations that go along with that
15:05:53 challenge are, in Drew Park, there is quite a bit more
15:05:57 rental than owner occupied housing.
15:05:59 So that is always a challenge when you are trying to
15:06:02 coalesce and organize individuals.
15:06:05 There is some apathy among some residents, again a lot
15:06:09 of them are renters, and some of them have a
15:06:13 perception of neglect by the city over the years, and
15:06:15 then of course with the airport taking over a
15:06:18 substantial part of Drew Park, a lot of residents and

15:06:21 businesses have had to move out of Drew Park.
15:06:24 So this has caused some issues among the residents.
15:06:28 And, of course, as with all the areas wave to deal
15:06:30 with escalating land and development costs.
15:06:37 Our next key challenge deals with how we can best work
15:06:40 strategically with the private sector to simulate
15:06:43 investment in Drew Park.
15:06:44 Certainly, we realize that developers at this point
15:06:46 are deterred by developing in Drew Park because there
15:06:49 are impediments.
15:06:52 First there is a very limited availability of large
15:06:55 sites.
15:06:55 It all has to be put together parcel by parcel and
15:06:59 that's a challenge for any developer.
15:07:04 The city doesn't control any major redevelopment sites
15:07:06 so we would very much like to, but that doesn't exist
15:07:09 at this point.
15:07:09 We are in discussions, for example, with the school
15:07:12 board.
15:07:12 They have a large tract of land over ten acres in Drew
15:07:15 Park.
15:07:15 And we are in discussions with them about the

15:07:19 long-term use of that property and where they might
15:07:22 locate, and how we might use that property to better
15:07:25 advantage.
15:07:26 There are no immediate projects on the Verizon.
15:07:32 Certainly we have had the housing projects, the HDC
15:07:36 housing project but in terms of value kinds of
15:07:39 catalytic projects, we are not quite there yet.
15:07:42 And of course we are looking at the best way to
15:07:46 customize incentives to generate private investment.
15:07:52 Looking at our trend of TIF revenues, Drew Park is a
15:07:58 relatively new CRA so our revenues are limited but we
15:08:01 are showing a good upward trend.
15:08:07 Finally we come to the breakout of our budget and
15:08:09 particularly the FY-08 budget and you will see a
15:08:13 strong, strong emphasis on district programs and
15:08:17 services which is reflecting what I mentioned earlier
15:08:20 about all the various programs that we are going to be
15:08:23 instituting to upgrade the appearance on the quality
15:08:26 of life and the desirability of Drew Park.
15:08:29 And then of course you have other line items dealing
15:08:31 with capital improvement, which most of the
15:08:35 neighborhood infrastructure types of things and then

15:08:37 finally the redevelopment investment which is a
15:08:40 combination of economic development, potential land
15:08:43 acquisition, and affordable housing, all kind of
15:08:46 rolled into one.
15:08:47 So that gives you a quick summary of our preliminary
15:08:51 FY-08 budget.
15:08:56 And then that is reflected in the bar chart.
15:08:58 And again the emphasis on the pink with the district
15:09:03 programs and services.
15:09:08 Before I take questions, I do want to acknowledge I
15:09:10 have my board chairman here, Ron Rotella, also in the
15:09:13 audience.
15:09:13 I wanted to acknowledge that.
15:09:16 Happy to entertain any questions.
15:09:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to make a statement,
15:09:20 Mr. Chairman.
15:09:23 Mrs. Fenton has been very forthright and truthful
15:09:26 about what she did in Drew Park.
15:09:28 I have concerns about Drew Park, because every part of
15:09:30 the city is different.
15:09:31 No component of the city is all the same.
15:09:35 We would all be wearing the same colored clothes and

15:09:37 so forth.
15:09:38 It's very different because it's always been a mixed
15:09:40 light industrial use, and they are good, hard-working
15:09:44 people, they try to do the best, they ask very little
15:09:47 of government, and they have necessities and services
15:09:51 that a lot of parts of the city don't offer to
15:09:53 anybody.
15:09:55 There used to be a mattress factory there.
15:09:58 A new building that was mentioned in the report, all
15:10:00 of them can't be in the report, just two blocks west
15:10:03 of signed solution, a brand new 22,000 square foot
15:10:06 building, all fiber optics and everything else.
15:10:09 It has not been rented for the last four or five
15:10:12 months that I have seen.
15:10:15 The talk about Drew Park is very interesting to me,
15:10:19 because I've learned from history, you can't make
15:10:22 something out of something that doesn't want to be
15:10:25 what it is.
15:10:26 Meaning this.
15:10:28 Ybor City was always residential.
15:10:30 We tried to change the complexion of Ybor somewhere
15:10:33 down the line, rightly or wrongly, to an entertainment

15:10:37 center.
15:10:37 That didn't go very well.
15:10:39 It wasn't a complete failure, because if you look at
15:10:42 the surrounding areas, what happened?
15:10:44 It came back just like it was, more and more and more
15:10:47 residential.
15:10:48 And that's what's going to be the success of Ybor
15:10:51 City.
15:10:54 There were no failures in Ybor City.
15:10:56 There was also no big winners.
15:10:58 Let me go back to Drew Park.
15:10:59 Drew Park is boarded on the east by Dale Mabry.
15:11:02 From Tampa Bay to Hillsborough Avenue.
15:11:05 It is being now compressed on the west by the airport
15:11:12 from the Westshore all the way down to Hesperides.
15:11:17 And correct me if I am wrong.
15:11:18 I'm going by memory.
15:11:19 In heated days like this, my suntan fire it is
15:11:25 one-cell brain I have.
15:11:26 So it brings in that complexion.
15:11:29 It just forms it to a little more tighter and more
15:11:33 knitted community.

15:11:34 And I have never called anywhere else but I would
15:11:37 imagine that Drew Park doesn't have 30-owner occupied
15:11:41 residence.
15:11:43 You are right, there is a lot of mixed use.
15:11:45 If you look at housing, I may not like what's there.
15:11:49 But now what?
15:11:50 That is true affordable housing.
15:11:52 They live well.
15:11:55 We don't treat them as well as we should.
15:11:57 And to change Drew Park is going to take something in
15:12:00 my mind, for my vote, anyway, I can't speak for
15:12:03 others, Drew Park had a unique situation back in the
15:12:06 '80s.
15:12:07 I don't remember what year but there was an election
15:12:09 held in Drew Park.
15:12:10 And they voted themselves to go light industrial.
15:12:13 Am I correct?
15:12:16 >>> That's what I have been told.
15:12:18 >> That's what I remember, yes.
15:12:19 And they changed their own zoning.
15:12:20 Drew Park at that time did that because of the
15:12:25 odd-shaped lots, they were pie-shaped lots and all

15:12:29 kinds of things, and during the military years, that's
15:12:31 where the base was at, drew field.
15:12:33 And these were things that happened during my time,
15:12:38 and hopefully it can be resolved while I am still
15:12:41 here.
15:12:41 But Drew Park needs assistance.
15:12:45 It doesn't need drastic change.
15:12:46 Let me say what I mean by that.
15:12:49 We go out there.
15:12:50 We give have been a citation for code enforcement.
15:13:02 That's fine. But we should say, let's give them a
15:13:05 low-interest loan, let's help them to make it a nicer,
15:13:09 fresher looking place to live for all these commercial
15:13:11 avenues in Drew Park.
15:13:13 And that's a concern that I have.
15:13:14 I don't want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars
15:13:18 and then, because of the compression of both sides,
15:13:22 sports venue on one side, with a lot of traffic, I
15:13:25 guess Dale Mabry may be one of the heaviest traffic
15:13:29 streets in Florida, and the compression of the airport
15:13:32 west to east from Westshore to Hesperides.
15:13:37 Those are my concerns about Drew Park.

15:13:40 I'm willing to see if their ideas are better than
15:13:44 mine.
15:13:44 But I am not going to support too much of changes in
15:13:46 Drew Park from what it is to all residential, because
15:13:50 those individuals, some individuals have 100
15:13:53 employees, 24 hours, 6.5-day workforce.
15:13:59 There must be thousands of employees in Drew Park that
15:14:02 were not taken into account, if something else changes
15:14:05 there.
15:14:05 And those are the things that I would like to see
15:14:07 happen.
15:14:08 If we change something here, we lose the respect and
15:14:12 the dignities of those people who worked so hard to
15:14:15 accommodate and feed their families for so many years.
15:14:18 And they need assistance.
15:14:20 They don't need change.
15:14:21 Thank you.
15:14:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Charlie, when council adopted the
15:14:30 strategic plan, it was right during the transition.
15:14:34 It was the end of the last -- right before you guys
15:14:38 came on.
15:14:38 And at that time there was a handful of industrial

15:14:43 property owners, not many, but a handful, and they
15:14:46 showed up, and they said, you all moving too fast,
15:14:50 et cetera, et cetera.
15:14:52 CRA adopted it anyway, over their objections and over
15:14:56 my objections.
15:14:57 I had some concerns.
15:14:58 I thought we were moving too fast and not really
15:15:00 listening to those property owners, those small
15:15:02 businesses who were there in Drew Park.
15:15:05 And specifically what we are talking about is -- and
15:15:08 when you all look at the strategic plan you will see
15:15:10 there's a corridor running north-south that has been
15:15:13 theoretically designated as future multifamily.
15:15:20 But it's not residential today at all.
15:15:22 What it is is a hodgepodge of various businesses.
15:15:25 But as Charlie said, there are functional businesses.
15:15:29 They have been employing people for years and they
15:15:31 will continue.
15:15:33 I have a couple of problems with it.
15:15:35 For one thing, we are losing land right and left.
15:15:40 In my district, for example, all across South Tampa,
15:15:42 we are losing industrial and commercial properties to

15:15:45 residential.
15:15:46 Down in Port Tampa, south of Gandy, along Westshore.
15:15:49 It's converting.
15:15:52 Anyplace that's industrial-commercial, boom, it's gone
15:15:54 and converting to multi-family.
15:15:56 It's all fine and good.
15:15:58 That's the market.
15:15:58 But I think that Charlie is right.
15:16:00 I don't think the city needs to necessarily go up into
15:16:02 Drew Park and say, you know, we want to encourage the
15:16:10 lots of industrial commercial, because pretty soon we
15:16:12 have an entire city that's filled with people living
15:16:15 but there's no opportunity to work, especially
15:16:19 opportunities forts middle class to work.
15:16:21 We might have lots of white collar jobs downtown and
15:16:24 Westshore, but not necessarily places where people,
15:16:28 you know, weld and fix cars and that sort of thing.
15:16:31 So it's a discussion for another day, Mr. Chairman,
15:16:36 respective to the financial issue.
15:16:37 But I'm glad you brought it up, Charlie, because I had
15:16:41 reservations back in March that I stated on the
15:16:43 record.

15:16:43 I assumed, well, we can always amend the strategic
15:16:46 plan.
15:16:46 And I think that we need to revisit that portion of
15:16:50 the strategic plan before we get into major tasks
15:16:54 talking about rezoning and that sort of thing, because
15:16:57 we want your time spent in the best way it can,
15:17:03 Jeanette, and if council is not game for that
15:17:06 multifamily, then we shouldn't waste our time spinning
15:17:09 our wheels talking about the change in the comp plan
15:17:13 and the change in the rezoning that that would
15:17:15 require.
15:17:17 We have to have a lot more public input on this before
15:17:19 we move anywhere.
15:17:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to add one thing to the
15:17:26 choir.
15:17:27 Basically had the same feelings that John and Charlie
15:17:29 have.
15:17:29 And I know people who had small businesses there, and
15:17:32 that is one area where if you're a small family
15:17:36 business that you can afford to rent, and you can
15:17:39 afford to find a place for, you know, one of them does
15:17:44 mail order shipping and they have a small business and

15:17:46 they can afford to do it there so I think we do really
15:17:48 need to think about that, keeping the jobs here, and
15:17:51 especially because they are smaller businesses that
15:17:53 tend to employ people.
15:17:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council, my goal was to get us out of
15:18:00 here by 3:30 and no later than a quarter till.
15:18:03 We have three other presentations.
15:18:05 So if I cut you off, please understand I am trying to
15:18:09 get through this whole process.
15:18:10 We have to hear from the public.
15:18:13 3:30.
15:18:14 A quarter to four.
15:18:15 So if you don't mind, thank you very much.
15:18:20 Do you have anything else?
15:18:24 >>> Jeannette: There is a contract now on the
15:18:27 building on Martin Luther King, the one that you had
15:18:29 talked about.
15:18:30 I am not going to say anything publicly because they
15:18:32 haven't closed yet there have in reality been a couple
15:18:36 of contracts that have fallen through.
15:18:38 We are very optimistic about that building.
15:18:40 It was set to close in August.

15:18:42 It would be a very good addition if this business does
15:18:45 indeed move here.
15:18:46 And again just acknowledging your concern.
15:18:49 This is what the Drew Park advisory committee had many
15:18:55 in-depth discussion busy because they do share the
15:18:57 concerns on the current businesses, and also
15:18:59 preserving their ability to be there in Drew Park.
15:19:04 One of the things that we are looking at is not
15:19:06 necessarily just residential.
15:19:08 Remember, it would be a mixed use type of environment.
15:19:10 So it would be residential, office-profession, and
15:19:14 also, frankly, potential of them perhaps being able to
15:19:18 relocate from one area of Drew Park that was
15:19:20 industrial to the other area that will remain
15:19:23 industrial but maybe in a more upgraded type of
15:19:26 facility.
15:19:26 So these are all very good points, and we are going to
15:19:29 give them much further consideration.
15:19:32 Thank you.
15:19:32 And now I'm happy to turn it over to Ed Johnson to
15:19:35 talk about East Tampa.
15:19:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

15:19:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here's ed!
15:19:48 >>> Ed Johnson, manager for East Tampa development.
15:19:53 Depicted next on the -- if I can get this thing
15:19:59 working right -- is our map of East Tampa, to kind of
15:20:03 reiterate where our boundaries are, Hillsborough
15:20:06 Avenue is our northern boundary, southern boundary is
15:20:08 interstate 4, the western boundary is interstate 275,
15:20:12 the eastern boundary goes all the way over to city
15:20:15 limits which runs from Hillsborough down to Martin
15:20:17 Luther King along 50th street, and then from
15:20:20 Martin Luther King down to the interstate, encompasses
15:20:24 Grant Park which goes over to 56th street.
15:20:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Which is the largest CRA.
15:20:32 >>> This is from what we are told, Mr. Chairman, this
15:20:34 is the second largest CRA in the United States.
15:20:37 Encompasses 7.5 square miles, and obviously it also
15:20:42 brings it with some unique challenges.
15:20:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's the population roughly?
15:20:48 >>> Roughly around 35,000 folks at this time.
15:20:52 The photo that you see up here right now is the photo
15:20:55 of the Meridian point apartments.
15:20:57 This was developed on the old win ducks I site up

15:21:00 along north Hillsborough Avenue, 360 units of
15:21:05 multifamily rental, about a $32 million project.
15:21:09 This is one of three actual tax credit affordable
15:21:13 rental projects that is either constructed or under
15:21:16 construction in East Tampa for about a total value
15:21:20 about $75 million.
15:21:22 In value on property.
15:21:25 The next one is kind of a collage of several different
15:21:35 investments that have taken place in East Tampa.
15:21:37 The top right, the Ross department store came in to
15:21:40 replace Albertson's in the east gate shopping center.
15:21:44 That was a $5 million retrofit to that facility.
15:21:47 The B and D grocery in the middle, that was the old B
15:21:51 and D grocery store that was kind of in disrepair for
15:21:56 a number of years.
15:21:56 Group in New York invested $4.5 million and completely
15:22:00 renovated the store.
15:22:01 They are contemplating doing additional retail
15:22:03 development along their eastern boundary of the
15:22:06 property, because it does have some capacity to do
15:22:09 some other retail.
15:22:11 And then down on the lower corner is the Sweetbay.

15:22:14 That was about a million and a half of renovation from
15:22:17 the old Kash N' Karry store.
15:22:22 Right now, we are looking at approximately $175
15:22:26 million in new project investment that has already
15:22:28 taken place into this CRA.
15:22:33 The top priorities and planning consideration going
15:22:38 forward for 2008 were all under the movement towards
15:22:46 the community strategic action plan.
15:22:48 We are hoping to have our action plan completed by
15:22:50 spring of '08.
15:22:52 As a result of that creation of that action plan, will
15:22:57 probably result in some modifications to our
15:22:59 recommended TIF budget that is we are bringing forward
15:23:01 in '08.
15:23:03 Next up, large-scale structure projects will also be
15:23:06 identified in the plan, that will also require a long
15:23:09 range funding strategy.
15:23:11 And that could either be by bonding, and Mike Chen
15:23:15 talked to you earlier about even some potential line
15:23:18 of credit type products that might be used to be able
15:23:21 to produce some funding strategy.
15:23:24 Also, we are continuing to coordinate the

15:23:26 implementations of our ongoing capital improvement
15:23:29 projects.
15:23:30 As an example, the district 3 police headquarters is
15:23:34 nearing completion.
15:23:35 Several of the officers already started moving in this
15:23:37 past weekend.
15:23:38 The retention pond beautification project, we are
15:23:42 anticipating that that project will start construction
15:23:45 in two weeks.
15:23:47 Also, the streetscaping of 22nd street.
15:23:49 We just write let a contract for architectural design,
15:23:53 and engineering for streetscaping of 22nd, from
15:23:57 21st Avenue up to Dr. Martin Luther King
15:24:00 Boulevard.
15:24:00 Also, the continuation of our neighborhood
15:24:04 infrastructure projects.
15:24:06 Chief program expenditures also includes clean city
15:24:10 differentiation which has a summary youth component.
15:24:13 This year we have 66 students that are -- youth that
15:24:17 are actually working in the community this summer.
15:24:19 Some of those students end up having long-term
15:24:21 employment as a result of their work.

15:24:24 Also, we funded environmental program that is
15:24:31 exceedingly successful.
15:24:32 Since January they had some 34 arrests for illegal
15:24:35 dumping.
15:24:36 Several of those are felony charges.
15:24:40 Also, housing rehabilitation program to the tune of a
15:24:47 little over $1 million to date, and that is rehabbing
15:24:51 low and moderate-income individuals for rehabilitation
15:24:53 of existing housing stock.
15:24:56 Also, we are busy coordinating the implementation of
15:24:59 our new $400,000 brownfield environmental assessment
15:25:02 program grant.
15:25:04 As you recall, we successfully applied a few years
15:25:08 ago, that grant sun sets end of this fiscal year, but
15:25:15 Weaver we were successful in obtaining $4, 000,000
15:25:18 grant which will take effect October 1.
15:25:20 So we are in the process of putting the work plan
15:25:23 together for those dollars.
15:25:25 So we are leveraging our work efforts to be able to
15:25:30 bring other dollars to our CRA efforts other than TIF.
15:25:36 Items of key challenges that face East Tampa.
15:25:40 First question is bonding.

15:25:43 Near term opportunity in East Tampa.
15:25:46 We believe it is.
15:25:47 Some of the conversations, of course, we have a
15:25:49 significant TIF growth anticipation.
15:25:53 We have 26 years remaining on our TIF.
15:25:56 However, our TIF is still young for underwriting
15:25:58 purposes.
15:26:00 It's too new to obvious establish a track record and
15:26:04 also the uncertain property tax environment that we
15:26:06 live in.
15:26:07 However, bonding could also be used for large scale
15:26:12 structure and public realm enhancement and also be
15:26:15 used for land assemblage.
15:26:18 I like to always say, he who controls the dirt
15:26:21 controls the deal.
15:26:23 Key challenge number 2.
15:26:24 What is our best approach for incenting quality
15:26:27 private investment?
15:26:29 Consideration.
15:26:30 We currently worked on development incentives on a
15:26:33 project by project basis.
15:26:36 I would like to change that a little bit.

15:26:38 What we are being told from the private sector
15:26:40 developers that I have been in conversations with,
15:26:42 along with our strategic planning consultant, they are
15:26:46 telling us that quality development follows quality
15:26:52 structure improvement.
15:26:53 You put your money in structure, they will be around
15:26:56 to make investments back into these areas, where we
15:26:59 are showing we are using good public dollars to
15:27:02 improve the infrastructure.
15:27:09 Speeding the regulatory improvement process may
15:27:11 represent an opportunity.
15:27:12 Land control again can create good incentive
15:27:15 opportunities, and obviously very expensive.
15:27:19 If -- it's not craft -- if not crafted very well some
15:27:23 programs can be abused.
15:27:24 Administratively burdensome and enrich land owners
15:27:27 rather than incent users.
15:27:29 Those are the pros and cons.
15:27:31 Key challenge number 3.
15:27:32 What is our best approach for creating jobs in East
15:27:34 Tampa?
15:27:37 Considerations.

15:27:39 The area's unemployment rate is approximately 11.8%.
15:27:50 Obviously, it's a lot higher than the city's
15:27:52 unemployment rate.
15:27:53 For obvious reasons.
15:27:54 But we see the 40th Street corridor, and also see
15:27:58 Hillsborough Avenue as major job attracters.
15:28:01 Obviously to the north of Hillsborough Avenue, with
15:28:04 the reconstruction of 40th Street, University of South
15:28:08 Florida which is one of our major employers to the
15:28:10 north.
15:28:11 We also have to the south of East Tampa, you have the
15:28:14 city and you have the port.
15:28:16 So we are sitting right in the middle of two or three
15:28:19 major job employers.
15:28:20 So we see East Tampa being an area with proper
15:28:25 incentives we could possibly bring about some new
15:28:29 business for job creation.
15:28:32 Obviously TIF cannot be used to create a jobs program
15:28:35 that pays TIF dollars for incenting, TIF dollars for a
15:28:42 job that you create.
15:28:43 However, TIF can be used to support a company's
15:28:47 off-site infrastructure.

15:28:49 Stormwater retention, which can be conveyed to the
15:28:51 public, sidewalk improvements, lighting programs,
15:28:54 things of that nature that can assist the investor.
15:29:00 TIF could also be used to better connect residents to
15:29:03 major employment centers.
15:29:05 As an example, you could actually utilize TIF funding
15:29:08 to create a circulatory transportation system within
15:29:12 the neighborhood.
15:29:14 In other words, systems that can move folks from the
15:29:18 inner city cores to the major transportation nodes.
15:29:25 And the last key challenge number 4, what are the best
15:29:27 strategies for encouraging affordable housing in East
15:29:31 Tampa?
15:29:33 Consideration: Is this a new term priority?
15:29:37 At what level of TIF funding should be invested in
15:29:42 affordable housing?
15:29:44 Declining city resources that were mentioned earlier,
15:29:48 land available, federal home and state SHIP,
15:29:52 affordable housing, funding continuing to be reduced.
15:29:57 TIF currently supports single family affordable
15:30:00 housing rehab.
15:30:01 We have done that program over the last three or four

15:30:04 years.
15:30:05 And very successful.
15:30:07 Single-family affordable housing is nearly infeasible
15:30:11 given current land and construction costs.
15:30:17 The last one here is, if multifamily is the only
15:30:20 sustainable approach to affordable housing in the
15:30:22 future, a new vision of integrating density into
15:30:26 neighborhood development will be necessary.
15:30:29 As you recall, we have had a couple of developments
15:30:33 that were at the higher density level with trying to
15:30:36 introduce townhouse development into East Tampa to be
15:30:38 able to create some affordability for different types
15:30:42 of products of that nature.
15:30:44 So we need to pay particular attention to that going
15:30:48 forward.
15:30:55 The first revenues came in in 2005.
15:30:57 As you can see it's been a steady increase in the TIF
15:31:01 for East Tampa.
15:31:02 It started in 2005 at a 1.1 million, increased to FY
15:31:10 08 to 6.3 million.
15:31:16 And as in the previous presentation, here's kind of a
15:31:20 history of how we utilized our TIF funding in those

15:31:24 four categories that were explained earlier.
15:31:26 I would like to highlight that in 2008, preliminary
15:31:30 budget, we'll be looking at beautification of major
15:31:37 corridors, where we like to spend our dollars going
15:31:40 forward.
15:31:40 Again neighborhood infrastructure projects that relate
15:31:43 to sidewalks, road improvement, things of that nature.
15:31:47 Housing rehab loans have been very successful and very
15:31:55 requested by members of this community.
15:31:57 Land assemblage, a major component that we would like
15:31:59 to see more dollars invested in to be able to acquire
15:32:04 the kind of properties that will attract developers to
15:32:07 our area.
15:32:08 And a continuation of our retention pond,
15:32:10 redevelopment program and also the successful
15:32:18 environmental clean-up and enforcement procedures that
15:32:20 we have.
15:32:20 And pictorially, how this played out in previous
15:32:26 presentation it is majority of money over four years
15:32:30 of this TIF is largely spent either on capital
15:32:32 improvement projects, or redevelopment investment.
15:32:36 Investment is starting to play a bigger role, but

15:32:40 mainly it's been used in capital improvement projects,
15:32:42 and plans and services.
15:32:47 Very small amount of money in comparison to the
15:32:49 overall budget and useful operation.
15:32:53 We think we have been pretty conservative along that
15:32:55 line.
15:32:57 I'll open up for questions.
15:32:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?
15:33:03 Okay.
15:33:03 Very good presentation.
15:33:04 Thank you.
15:33:10 >>> Next up will be Mr. Michael hatchet for Tampa
15:33:12 Heights, and Central Park.
15:33:15 >> Michael hatchet, manager for the Heights for the
15:33:29 Central Park CRA.
15:33:31 We will begin our presentation this arch with the
15:33:33 Heights.
15:33:34 On the slide before you is redevelopment highlights to
15:33:37 share with you.
15:33:37 It's been an exciting year for us, that the left hand
15:33:40 photograph is a rendering of the Charles Ferguson law
15:33:44 center located on the Stetson campus on North Tampa

15:33:47 Street.
15:33:48 And the other photo is a rendering of the bush law
15:33:52 firm being constructed at north Highland and
15:33:55 Henderson.
15:33:55 Both than on track to be occupied by the end of the
15:33:59 calendar year.
15:34:00 Looking at our current priorities and planning
15:34:02 considerations, it's good for us to be able to share
15:34:06 with you that we have the Heights development
15:34:07 agreement that was approved last year that we are
15:34:10 working to implement.
15:34:11 The Heights project as you know is a 1900-unit
15:34:15 residential mixed use master plan community comprised
15:34:19 of about 265,000 square feet of office retail and
15:34:22 commercial, under the terms of the development
15:34:25 agreement, we will be contributing up to 74% of future
15:34:31 TIF revenues for that project so you can see we have
15:34:33 made quite a significant investment into the
15:34:35 redevelopment of this neighborhood.
15:34:37 Along with that, we are working currently to complete
15:34:40 the city develop a real estate transaction, also
15:34:43 contemplated in the development agreement.

15:34:44 The city owns nine parcels within the redevelopment
15:34:47 site, one of which contains the historic water works
15:34:50 building.
15:34:50 We are working on an agreement with the developer to
15:34:54 enter into an exchange agreement for city lots for
15:35:00 property that the developer owns along the
15:35:01 Hillsborough River, on which he will be constructing
15:35:04 the Tampa riverwalk, and dedicated to the city.
15:35:07 We are also working to achieve the start of
15:35:09 construction of infrastructure, the Heights arrive
15:35:13 walk and the rehabilitation of the historic pumping
15:35:15 station, you are familiar with the water works
15:35:18 building.
15:35:18 Good progress is being made on all of those points.
15:35:20 We are also taking appropriate actions to use the
15:35:23 Heights project to lure additional private sector
15:35:28 investment to the Tampa Heights neighborhood.
15:35:40 Challenge 1.
15:35:40 How can the city best support the construction of the
15:35:42 Heights project in light of current and non--- near
15:35:46 term market conditions?
15:35:47 We are all aware there has been a slowdown in the

15:35:49 residential market which has had an impact on the
15:35:52 timing as some of the elements of the implementation
15:35:55 of the Heights project.
15:35:56 So we are keeping that in mind as we are aware of
15:35:58 that.
15:35:59 And with that, that does raise for us the possibility
15:36:02 that we might consider into the future of amending the
15:36:05 interlocal agreement, financial agreement that we have
15:36:07 with the developer and the CDD to allow for additional
15:36:13 mechanisms to help support the project should that be
15:36:15 necessary.
15:36:25 Secondly how should we maximize potential by the
15:36:29 Heights project?
15:36:29 Some things to keep in mind as we address that
15:36:32 progress, Tampa Heights CRA is located completely
15:36:34 within the confines of the Tampa Heights neighborhood
15:36:36 association boundaries.
15:36:38 They are one of the few neighborhoods in the city that
15:36:42 has an adopted neighborhood plan.
15:36:44 That's a very active community, a lot of great people
15:36:47 and stakeholders in the neighborhood who are concerned
15:36:49 about the implementation of that plan as it relates to

15:36:52 the Heights project.
15:36:54 So we are working with them.
15:36:55 We are also working currently with some development
15:36:58 interests in the redevelopment of Franklin Street
15:37:01 between I-275 and Palm Avenue to the north.
15:37:05 And as we think about planning in this general area,
15:37:08 thinking about potential uses of and impacts on the
15:37:11 Hillsborough River.
15:37:13 As we continue to redevelop in this neighborhood.
15:37:22 Looking at the history of the TIF, fiscal year 06 was
15:37:25 the first year of TIF revenue in the Heights project
15:37:28 started at about 7,000, has grown to just shy of
15:37:33 200,000 in fiscal year '08.
15:37:39 Looking at the history and the categories that have
15:37:41 been proscribed in 06 and 07, we see dollars going
15:37:46 towards services, for financial consulting services
15:37:51 that the city entered into contracts with to get
15:37:54 assistance that we needed to make the Heights
15:37:57 development agreement a reality.
15:37:59 Also, in the same year dollars necessary to support
15:38:02 the CRA office.
15:38:04 Looking forward into '08 and beyond will be

15:38:08 significant amounts of investment into the capital
15:38:10 aspects of implementing the Heights development
15:38:12 agreement, and then dollars necessary to support the
15:38:19 office.
15:38:21 Shown graphically, there's some dollars again in the
15:38:23 first two years of significant portion of dollars
15:38:26 going towards district programs and services,
15:38:30 administration, and starting in '08, being able to
15:38:33 have funds available to support the implementation of
15:38:35 the Heights project, paying bond debt service.
15:38:40 I'll pause before going to Central Park.
15:38:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Questions.
15:38:46 Any questions?
15:38:48 >>> Very well.
15:38:49 Central Park is our newest CRA created last year.
15:38:51 It's 143 acres, positioned between downtown and Ybor
15:38:55 City, bound by Nuccio, 7th Avenue, Nebraska,
15:38:59 interstate 4, interstate 275, Orange Avenue, and
15:39:03 roughly Cass Street to the south.
15:39:06 Our current planning priorities and consideration,
15:39:10 this year, we do look to complete the Encore, which is
15:39:23 the official new name of the Central Park Village.

15:39:26 We do look to complete that development with the
15:39:29 development team this year and to support that
15:39:30 development progress.
15:39:31 We are about one quarter of the way through in the
15:39:35 creation of the strategic action plan for the entire
15:39:38 CRA.
15:39:38 Looking for it being completed.
15:39:43 Looking to create redevelopment strategies for
15:39:45 city-owned land that we have in the area and also keep
15:39:55 in mind as we go forward with the challenges we have,
15:39:58 the TIF revenue in Central Park is extremely limited.
15:40:04 One of our challenges, our questions, is how should
15:40:07 the city deploy its Nebraska lots.
15:40:11 This is the graphic of the parcels located to the
15:40:13 north of the CRA.
15:40:14 North of 7th Avenue, west of Nebraska, over to the
15:40:17 interstate, within --
15:40:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What color are the city lots?
15:40:22 >>> Within this graphic the parcels that are blue and
15:40:25 red are owned by the city.
15:40:26 The ones that are blue have use restrictions, the
15:40:34 darker blue.

15:40:36 The 25 dark blue and then three or four red parcels.
15:40:39 All of those are owned by the city.
15:40:41 The ones of particular concerns are the dark blue.
15:40:44 The reason being they have had use restrictions and
15:40:47 timeliness issues that we need to address if those are
15:40:50 deployed.
15:40:51 Other items that we are thinking of, or that wave to
15:40:54 keep in mind with the deployment of these localities
15:40:58 is the impact of the Encore development and any other
15:41:01 development that we would promote within the district
15:41:04 would want to be complementary to and supportive of
15:41:07 the Encore development.
15:41:09 In conversations recently, there's just a limited
15:41:12 interest in the development community at present to
15:41:15 engage these properties, and also with all of the
15:41:19 concerns in Central Park with the absence of TIF
15:41:25 revenues it makes it very difficult for the office to
15:41:27 require some of the surrounding properties that people
15:41:29 might be willing to speak with us about so that we can
15:41:32 have a larger assemblage and not have scattered sites.
15:41:36 So that is something that we are working with.
15:41:45 How should the city address existing businesses?

15:41:48 Considerations here, as you know, the Central Park
15:41:50 Village complex is almost through with the relocation
15:41:55 process.
15:41:56 There have been some concerns expressed from business
15:41:59 owners, particularly along Nebraska, about losing the
15:42:04 customer base and also the declining income that
15:42:06 results.
15:42:06 We also know that through the CRA plan that City
15:42:10 Council approved last year, that we are planning for
15:42:13 significant increases in market rate housing and
15:42:16 trying to increase the median income in the area, so
15:42:20 that creates an uncertainty for the long-term
15:42:24 viability of the existing businesses.
15:42:26 I know that there's also a reluctance within the
15:42:29 private lending institution to provide assistance to
15:42:31 some of these businesses, to carry them through to
15:42:34 transition and planning period.
15:42:35 Again the absence of TIF revenue that confronts us.
15:42:40 We do not have resources available to provide that
15:42:45 assistance at present, and also a question that
15:42:49 remains with us is what exactly will the vision of the
15:42:51 strategic action plan be in terms of the types of

15:42:54 businesses that should be supported and retained in
15:42:57 the area.
15:43:03 Third, given limited foreseeable TIF revenue what
15:43:07 other tools and strategies can the city use to
15:43:10 encourage positive redevelopment?
15:43:11 As you would likely get, had to do some borrowing from
15:43:17 the city's general fund just to give birth to the CRA
15:43:20 and to fund some consultant services needed to help
15:43:23 support the creation of the Encore development.
15:43:27 That number is roughly $310,000 to date.
15:43:31 Also, because of limited TIF revenue, there is not the
15:43:37 ability to use TIF revenue to entertain conversation
15:43:41 for public-private partnerships.
15:43:43 It's very limited at the moment.
15:43:46 It pose as challenge as I mentioned earlier for trying
15:43:48 to acquire additional properties that the city might
15:43:50 be interested in.
15:43:52 The resources simply are not there.
15:43:54 The Encore is unlikely to produce discretionary TIF
15:43:59 revenue.
15:43:59 But on the positive side there are some regulatory
15:44:01 tools such as our land use codes and zoning codes that

15:44:05 can be used to help shape adjoining redevelopment and
15:44:09 help get some TIF energy going in the area.
15:44:14 Budget history this year is our first year for funds
15:44:19 in Central Park, expressly $46,000 and looking forward
15:44:25 into next year, there is a bit of decline down to
15:44:29 roughly 40,000.
15:44:31 And the uses over time are shown here.
15:44:35 District programs and services in '07.
15:44:39 Again these were dollars expended for financial
15:44:42 consultants in helping us craft the development
15:44:44 agreement in support of the Encore development,
15:44:46 dollars needed for the office, and looking forward
15:44:51 into next year simply because of the very limited
15:44:53 amount of TIF resources that are available, even with
15:44:57 the sharing some costs with the Heights is necessary.
15:45:03 The dollars go to support administration and
15:45:06 operation.
15:45:06 Questions?
15:45:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Michael, first I have to say,
15:45:12 39,000, that's kind of pitiful.
15:45:18 But seriously, on page 52, you showed a very colorful
15:45:23 picture of the city lots, and I was just wondering,

15:45:28 Sal, if the CRA identified certain lots that were
15:45:31 potentially for sale, could the city acquire them, and
15:45:37 then later sell them to the CRA?
15:45:42 Let the CRA get some money?
15:45:44 >>SAL TERRITO: Sell them to the CRA?
15:45:47 >> The city can acquire them --
15:45:49 >>SAL TERRITO: The city could acquire them, and then
15:45:51 sell them to the CRA, also a private developer would
15:45:52 have an option at that point.
15:45:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was just thinking, if there's
15:45:55 land assemblage opportunities now, you know, the
15:45:58 property is only going to go up.
15:46:00 So maybe we need to be taking advantage of those with
15:46:02 our city, and effectively lending that pitiful CRA its
15:46:09 money.
15:46:09 >>SAL TERRITO: You could have the city acquire them
15:46:14 through borrowed money from the city. There's several
15:46:14 ways of doing that.
15:46:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just hope we don't miss out on
15:46:18 any opportunities that are there, because we have, you
15:46:21 know, those nice blue lots and then a few scattered
15:46:25 gray lots.

15:46:26 I don't know what they are.
15:46:31 Anyway, you get my point.
15:46:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I just had a suggestion.
15:46:38 As far as the businesses that are losing business
15:46:40 because of the relocation, this deal that's happening
15:46:46 with Bank of America may be interested in lending to
15:46:50 them.
15:46:51 >>> Could be a possibility.
15:46:53 >>MARY MULHERN: That's part of, you know --
15:46:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess the question I have, and we
15:46:59 need to move quickly.
15:47:01 The question I have, is Central Park the only CRA
15:47:05 that have to borrow money from the general fund?
15:47:09 >>> No. They did the same thing in the Heights.
15:47:20 When they are new and they have no funds and we are
15:47:23 trying to give birth to a major project such as the
15:47:25 Heights project or the Encore development.
15:47:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think Mike is the Rodney
15:47:33 Dangerfield, has no respect.
15:47:36 >>MARK HUEY: TIF revenues are part of what we do and
15:47:40 this maybe dramatized it most significantly.
15:47:43 As we have worked as hard on these particular CRAs

15:47:47 as any.
15:47:47 And it really isn't about the TIF revenues at this
15:47:50 point.
15:47:53 Trying to work out a partnership with very significant
15:47:58 project.
15:48:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
15:48:03 No other questions.
15:48:03 Thank you.
15:48:05 That's our presentation on these 7 CRAs.
15:48:08 Very good.
15:48:09 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you.
15:48:10 I do want to especially thank some of the team that's
15:48:13 worked very hard on this.
15:48:16 David Parkinson and our new financial analyst Julie
15:48:19 Wisdom who joined us and already having a great impact
15:48:23 on the team, so we appreciate your hard work on this.
15:48:25 Thank you.
15:48:27 And I know we have given you a lot.
15:48:29 But there's one thing I also wanted to give you that I
15:48:31 think will be helpful.
15:48:33 We presented our budget on the slide, on our history
15:48:36 in a summary format, because when we provide you more

15:48:39 detail, you can't really see it.
15:48:41 So what we provided is some additional information
15:48:44 that might be helpful in your preparation over the
15:48:48 coming months.
15:48:48 It gives you more detail on the line items that were
15:48:51 spent historically on the CRA budget.
15:48:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you're entertaining any
15:49:04 additional discussion sort of in the form of new
15:49:07 business.
15:49:08 It was very well organized, informative and needed,
15:49:10 and I would like to hopefully speak for all of the
15:49:14 board and say thank you.
15:49:16 I think that was an excellent presentation.
15:49:20 Two sort of off-agenda items that I want to mention,
15:49:26 was in terms of board governance, advisory board
15:49:29 governance.
15:49:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before we go to the new business, I
15:49:34 would really like to take care of the agenda portion.
15:49:36 The next couple of items are very important.
15:49:37 Service agreement and the draft board policy and
15:49:42 special meeting for the central Ybor.
15:49:44 We really need to do that.

15:49:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe mine will come under advisory
15:49:49 board policy.
15:49:50 Go ahead.
15:49:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We need to take up the issue now of
15:49:52 the service agreement.
15:49:57 Do you want to do it?
15:49:58 >>> Yes.
15:49:58 Our goal today, we are going to present to you in
15:50:01 August with your budget package service agreement.
15:50:05 This year was an exception.
15:50:06 We didn't do it that way, and we will certainly not do
15:50:11 that again.
15:50:12 So you will be able to approve the budget and the
15:50:13 service agreement together.
15:50:15 So in anticipation of drafting those over the coming
15:50:19 months, we would like to get your input today, or
15:50:21 subsequently if would you like to call me and talk to
15:50:24 me about input would you like to have for the service
15:50:26 agreement, so that the draft that we bring to you can
15:50:29 include any thoughts of --
15:50:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Come back to us August 16th
15:50:35 according to the --

15:50:38 >>> That's right.
15:50:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just one question and this goes back
15:50:41 to councilman Linda Saul-Sena's issue and that is the
15:50:45 RFP process.
15:50:47 Does the service agreement preclude that coming to the
15:50:49 board prior to?
15:50:52 >>MARK HUEY: No, I think what John described seems to
15:50:58 make sense and whether you want to memorialize that in
15:51:00 the agreement or to that as a matter --
15:51:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to mach sure from a legal
15:51:05 standpoint that we can have those, the scope and all
15:51:10 coming before us prior to, on the front end as
15:51:14 opposed --
15:51:15 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, we'll do that.
15:51:17 So you're saying you would like to memorialize that in
15:51:20 the agreement.
15:51:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
15:51:23 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
15:51:23 We'll put some language into that.
15:51:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Those all I had.
15:51:27 Anyone else?
15:51:29 Or you can call him and add additional comments.

15:51:33 Okay.
15:51:34 Draft advisory board policy.
15:51:40 And this today not supposed to take any action but for
15:51:43 us to read through and get up to speed on and making
15:51:47 any corrections.
15:51:49 >>MARK HUEY: That's right.
15:51:51 You had a very extensive work session on the advisory
15:51:53 board policy last month.
15:51:56 At the end of that work session, you asked us to take
15:51:59 the input that we had received, and we took the input
15:52:02 from the board from some of the speakers who shared
15:52:04 and digested that, and have recrafted the advisory
15:52:08 board policy to reflect what we thought was the best
15:52:11 input.
15:52:13 It is now for you to read through the input and
15:52:20 changes, everything is red-lined and deletions
15:52:22 highlighted so that you can get a comfort level with
15:52:25 the policy as stated, and again not for discussion
15:52:29 today, but wanted to distribute it to you today.
15:52:32 We will now be interacting with the neighborhood as
15:52:34 well to get any input that they have.
15:52:37 And so we would like to maybe see this come at the

15:52:41 August board meeting for approval.
15:52:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any comments on that, board members?
15:52:47 Okay.
15:52:48 Councilman Dingfelder.
15:52:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just two things.
15:52:51 One, mark, I don't know, haven't had a chance to read
15:52:54 your revisions.
15:52:56 Does it include term limits?
15:52:59 >>> Yes.
15:53:00 >> I see it talks about terms of two and five years
15:53:04 staggered but I didn't see "term limits."
15:53:08 >>MARK HUEY: If you look at item 6, service should be
15:53:15 for one term with a minimum of one year gap for
15:53:19 additional terms.
15:53:20 That will be the second to last sentence.
15:53:27 Item 6.
15:53:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So that's an addition over and
15:53:31 above the other one.
15:53:32 All right.
15:53:32 And then the second comment was -- and Sal, maybe this
15:53:37 is directed towards you -- I see where we expressly
15:53:41 are identifying that meetings are in the sunshine.

15:53:44 That's your legal opinion.
15:53:45 I think it's sound.
15:53:56 An extensive policy that we are guided by.
15:54:02 I'd like you to at least think about -- I am not going
15:54:04 to put you on the 301 spotted today but at least think
15:54:06 about the possibilities that board members of the
15:54:09 boards that are important and this significant should
15:54:12 also be covered under the ethics code.
15:54:19 >>SAL TERRITO: We'll look at that.
15:54:20 We have looked at it before but we'll look at it
15:54:22 again.
15:54:23 It appears now the way the city's ordinance and the
15:54:25 state statutes are written, advisory boards may not be
15:54:28 covered under the definition of who is discovered
15:54:30 covered by the ethics so we'll go back and look at
15:54:33 that.
15:54:33 That isn't to say you can't change the city's ethics
15:54:36 code but right now I don't believe they are covered
15:54:38 under that.
15:54:39 >> Maybe as part of the -- I think it's important.
15:54:43 There's a lot of important advisory decisions that are
15:54:45 being made involving tens of millions of dollars and

15:54:50 the public needs that comfort, and Mr. Smith is in the
15:54:59 audience as well, Sal.
15:55:04 I think it's important that a representative of the
15:55:07 legal staff go out to the advisory boards, not only on
15:55:13 an initial basis to talk about sunshine, because I
15:55:16 think some of these boards are new and it's going to
15:55:20 be rather daunting, but also to continue periodically
15:55:23 to attend some of these advisory board meetings to
15:55:27 make sure if there's any questions that come up about
15:55:29 conflict of interest, ethics codes, you know,
15:55:33 sunshine, et cetera, that we have a very strong legal
15:55:36 presence, you know, from the city to answer any
15:55:40 questions that the advisory boards might have.
15:55:43 So I don't know how we would organize that.
15:55:45 But maybe you and David can talk about that with mark.
15:55:50 >> We are planning on having a workshop for all of the
15:55:53 members to give them an overview of the sunshine
15:55:55 issues, public records issues, those kinds of things.
15:55:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can we make it mandatory?
15:56:07 Thank you.
15:56:09 Any other questions?
15:56:10 Okay.

15:56:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The next issue then is Centro Ybor
15:56:15 special meeting.
15:56:16 >>MARK HUEY: What we would like to do in anticipation
15:56:20 of bringing to you some final agreements for a pro
15:56:23 proving -- for approving on Centro Ybor is schedule a
15:56:26 special session on that.
15:56:30 Because of the developers' request to not wait till
15:56:34 the next CRA board meeting.
15:56:36 So I would like you to make some time available on
15:56:39 August 2nd.
15:56:40 That would be your normal council date, in August,
15:56:44 8:30 in the morning.
15:56:46 Like we used to meet last year, meet prior to the
15:56:51 council meeting for 30 minutes, and there will be an
15:56:55 agreement.
15:56:55 You will need to approve it, the CRA, and an agreement
15:56:58 you will approve as council.
15:57:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the chair will entertain a motion
15:57:03 that we have our meeting at 8:30 on the second.
15:57:06 I would encourage you to have all documents, documents
15:57:10 on the morning of the second.
15:57:11 I want the documents before the second.

15:57:14 >>MARK HUEY: We will have it.
15:57:15 If we do not have them in advance, we won't.
15:57:20 We'll reschedule.
15:57:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Saul-Sena.
15:57:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wonder if 8:15.
15:57:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 8:15?
15:57:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I was going to speak to that,
15:57:34 Mr. Chairman.
15:57:36 Those are scheduled for 9:00, council meeting on the
15:57:40 second.
15:57:40 They have been waiting their turn.
15:57:41 And I don't like to hop and jump in front of the line:
15:57:46 I used to do that in high school, get my lunch first.
15:57:50 But what we need here is make sure we have those 45
15:57:52 minutes so we can get this completely done and stay to
15:57:55 that 45 minutes.
15:57:59 I would like to do that and move on.
15:58:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to make sure if anyone
15:58:07 was here to speak to that, that Centro Ybor, I saw
15:58:11 some people here to speak.
15:58:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, this was just the meeting, and
15:58:16 then we need to take public comments in a minute on

15:58:20 that.
15:58:20 But we have a motion on the floor.
15:58:21 All in favor of the motion?
15:58:24 Opposed?
15:58:24 We'll meet at 8:15 on the 2nd of August to deal
15:58:28 with Centro Ybor.
15:58:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: While you are on the scheduling, I
15:58:34 saw you had an August 16th meeting scheduled?
15:58:51 I think that might have gotten scheduled earlier and
15:58:54 we had to change the 16th date which would have
15:58:55 been one of the CRA dates.
15:58:57 I think that's what happened to them.
15:58:59 I'm not sure.
15:58:59 >>MARK HUEY: I'm sorry.
15:59:01 No, August 16th is the date you can expect to
15:59:03 receive a transmittal from me.
15:59:06 That would include all these documents in advance of
15:59:09 the board meeting on the 21st.
15:59:12 Okay?
15:59:13 That's our goal.
15:59:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That works.
15:59:17 >>MARK HUEY: Sorry for that confusion.

15:59:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That will conclude all the items for
15:59:22 today on the agenda.
15:59:24 Board members, because this is a workshop -- is there
15:59:30 anyone from the public that wants to speak today?
15:59:32 Before you get up, we need to have a motion to allow
15:59:35 that, because the workshop generally you don't have
15:59:38 public comment.
15:59:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I make a motion to allow but it has
15:59:44 to be consistent with items of CRA.
15:59:45 That's what we are here for.
15:59:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right.
15:59:50 >> Right.
15:59:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's a regular meeting?
15:59:56 I thought it was a workshop.
15:59:58 So you have three minutes to speak to that.
15:59:59 Thank you.
16:00:03 >>> Good afternoon, City Council.
16:00:06 I guess the first part of it, we were asked to answer
16:00:10 the question --
16:00:11 >> State your name for the record.
16:00:13 >>> James Evans, 1702 north Nebraska Avenue, Tampa Bay
16:00:18 Academy of hope and chairman of the human rights

16:00:20 coalition.
16:00:21 We were asked by a vote to answer the questions at the
16:00:26 last meeting, and the first part of that is the
16:00:30 questions that we were asked to answer, we answered
16:00:33 them thanks to our attorney.
16:00:35 He answered all of those questions.
16:00:37 And the Tampa housing authority was supposed to
16:00:42 respond to those questions, and we were just wondering
16:00:46 how that proceeding had been concluded and they have
16:00:52 responded to those questions, been voted on.
16:00:56 That's the first concern that I have.
16:00:57 The other is that if could you respond to that, it
16:01:01 could be helpful.
16:01:02 But the other point is that no demolition in Central
16:01:05 Park Village takes place until every one of those
16:01:09 human beings are out of there.
16:01:11 We have had seven years to do it.
16:01:13 And there have been rumors that the bulldozers and
16:01:18 particular tearing down of the project will begin.
16:01:21 I think that's inhumane.
16:01:23 We wouldn't do it anywhere else.
16:01:25 We wouldn't accept it anywhere else.

16:01:27 If any human being is in those particular projects,
16:01:30 they need to be removed.
16:01:32 They have had seven years to do that.
16:01:34 The second point is that Bank of America should pay
16:01:37 interest on the $10 million.
16:01:40 It's simple.
16:01:41 That would allow us to do more affordable housing,
16:01:44 almost $2.4 million worth of housing.
16:01:47 And I think they shouldn't get a promissory note and
16:01:49 walk away like that. That is just truly not practical
16:01:52 business for the American people, especially locally.
16:01:55 And I think this body should represent that very
16:01:58 strongly.
16:02:00 Thirdly, we should comply with the Florida law.
16:02:04 From what we understand, and what we are reviewing
16:02:06 based upon what we submitted to you, right now it does
16:02:10 not appear that the Tampa housing authority and Bank
16:02:13 of America is complying with the Florida law.
16:02:16 And it's moving to see that that is not being really
16:02:21 looked at in a strong way.
16:02:24 And I hope it's not something I or the attorneys that
16:02:27 looked at that, none of us see, and I hope that we

16:02:31 really just look at that.
16:02:33 And then the last point is this, the housing authority
16:02:41 of the 483 units they are taking out, it is just sad
16:02:44 to see a situation where we allow the housing
16:02:47 authority to reduce the number of units, 483 units, in
16:02:52 Central Park Village, and then we turn around as
16:02:55 citizens and say, let them build less.
16:02:58 That's wrong.
16:03:00 This is one of the most powerful corporations in the
16:03:02 world.
16:03:05 Their only out now is development.
16:03:07 They have moved into this area, and they are saying,
16:03:10 we are going to develop, and what we as a city are
16:03:13 here today saying, it's okay.
16:03:15 Well, as a citizen of this community, it's not okay.
16:03:18 And I hope that you will look at the proposal.
16:03:21 We don't get paid for this.
16:03:23 I'm not getting paid a dime to do this.
16:03:25 I care about the City of Tampa.
16:03:26 I think all of you are doing great works.
16:03:28 I believe in all of you.
16:03:30 And I think this project really needs to take a

16:03:33 serious look at a hard, fast rules of what we stand
16:03:37 for.
16:03:38 Just because they are poor, they don't speak the
16:03:40 proper English, just because they are different, we
16:03:43 have to look at that issue.
16:03:45 And because when we finish this project, we want our
16:03:50 names on it, and not that we build grave yards and say
16:03:53 what a tragedy that we push people aside one more
16:03:56 time.
16:04:00 >> Thank you, sir.
16:04:01 Next speaker.
16:04:05 >>> I'm Wally Anderson.
16:04:07 My business address is 2202 North Westshore Boulevard,
16:04:11 suite 200.
16:04:12 I'm the attorney for the Tampa human rights coalition.
16:04:17 I'm going to renew the question.
16:04:20 Has Tampa housing authority answered the eight
16:04:22 questions?
16:04:23 It was also -- they have been provided a copy of my
16:04:25 opinion letter.
16:04:26 You all have been provided a copy of my opinion
16:04:28 letter.

16:04:29 The city attorney has been provided copies.
16:04:31 We did not receive any responses.
16:04:35 It's my obvious legal opinion what the structure of
16:04:38 this limited liability is, is unconstitutional.
16:04:42 There's a way to fix it.
16:04:43 And I proposed it.
16:04:44 It's easily done.
16:04:45 And it needs to be done.
16:04:48 We have met, Mr. Evans and I and others, met with
16:04:53 members of the housing authority since November of
16:04:54 last year, and they have promised that they are
16:04:56 going -- any resident of Central Park Village can move
16:05:00 back in.
16:05:01 When you do the numbers, they are only building 395
16:05:05 units.
16:05:06 There are 483 units in the old Central Park Village.
16:05:10 The numbers don't add up.
16:05:12 They have made a public representation that they are
16:05:14 not going to follow through on.
16:05:16 The fact that they have not provided the final
16:05:20 documents to refute my reading of their documents
16:05:23 indicates that the final -- the draft document that I

16:05:28 based my opinion on has not changed.
16:05:31 There's a $10 million interest-free loan for two
16:05:34 years, that the Bank of America, a subsidiary of one
16:05:39 of the largest corporations, the largest banks in this
16:05:42 country, is getting an interest-free loan from the
16:05:45 Tampa housing authority.
16:05:47 Every dollar the Bank of America Community Development
16:05:50 Corporation loans to this LLC, they are guaranteed a
16:05:55 12% rate of return.
16:05:57 The housing authority gets nothing back.
16:06:00 What's good for the for-profit entity has to be good
16:06:03 for the government agency.
16:06:05 They have an obligation to pay 12% interest rate.
16:06:09 I believe the Constitution of the State of Florida, as
16:06:12 I state in my opinion letter, and I have mentioned to
16:06:18 the city attorney's office what is the standing in the
16:06:22 city attorney's office.
16:06:23 Perhaps a negotiated development plan was mentioned
16:06:26 earlier.
16:06:27 Working up those terms, maybe that's the way the CRA
16:06:31 and City of Tampa can hold the feet to the fire of the
16:06:34 housing authority and Bank of America to fulfill

16:06:38 Florida law.
16:06:39 The housing authority doesn't seem to be bothered by
16:06:44 the opinion.
16:06:45 They aren't here to defend it.
16:06:47 They are acting in disregard to the instructions of
16:06:49 the City Council, and that needs to be addressed.
16:06:52 So thank you very much.
16:06:59 >>> Good evening.
16:07:00 Sam Kennedy, chairman of East Tampa.
16:07:04 I would first like to begin by thanking Mark Huey, Ed
16:07:09 Johnson and the other CRA managers for the excellent
16:07:11 presentations that they have done here.
16:07:14 I certainly -- on the presentation of East Tampa, one
16:07:18 in which I'm extremely familiar with, but the manner
16:07:22 in which it was presented is certainly interesting to
16:07:25 me even though I'm familiar it with, it kept my
16:07:29 attention, so I just want to again thank you all for
16:07:31 the job that you all are doing and for the
16:07:32 presentations getting better and better each time.
16:07:37 Very well done.
16:07:38 I also want to thank the members of the CRA for the
16:07:42 interest that you are showing in the CRA and for the

16:07:45 interesting questions that you asked.
16:07:50 What I'm saying is a great mix of involvement from the
16:07:56 CRA, from the city staff and from the community, and I
16:08:01 believe that will be good for our city.
16:08:03 And so I simply want to thank you.
16:08:05 Let me say to you that East Tampa has a lot of needs.
16:08:10 One of the things that you heard, and don't know where
16:08:13 to begin, get so many things done.
16:08:17 So I want to support bonding.
16:08:21 It's extremely important, if we have this money up
16:08:23 front we can do a lot of things.
16:08:25 And it's extremely important for us to have the money
16:08:28 up front, because property is becoming a premium, and
16:08:32 the prices are going up every day.
16:08:36 One of the things we are seeing in East Tampa right
16:08:38 now, there's a lot of in-fill housing going on.
16:08:42 So there's a property vacant today.
16:08:45 If you need that property down the road it's going to
16:08:47 cost a lot of money.
16:08:49 We in East Tampa need to focus on some of our major
16:08:53 corridors that are in need, and you heard some talking
16:08:56 from councilman Miranda about business and so forth

16:09:00 and keeping those corridors business.
16:09:03 And I'm afraid that in East Tampa we are beginning to
16:09:05 lose our commercial corridor.
16:09:07 So we can't afford to wait.
16:09:11 And Ed Johnson made the comment about he who owns the
16:09:14 dirt controls the deal.
16:09:16 It's extremely important for us to start investing in
16:09:22 the East Tampa using some of our TIF dollars to gain
16:09:25 access to the property so that we can use that as a
16:09:29 leverage to bring the kind of development that we want
16:09:32 top see in the community.
16:09:33 So one of the things I want to encourage you to do is
16:09:37 to support bonding when that issue comes before you,
16:09:40 and then in East Tampa we want to put a whole lot more
16:09:45 money in the land acquisition, so we are going to be
16:09:48 asking that you would support that.
16:09:49 So again I thank you for your attention, and the
16:09:52 attention that you are giving to the CRA.
16:09:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
16:10:04 City attorney, do you want top address Mr. Evans'
16:10:08 issue?
16:10:09 Do you want to address that?

16:10:11 I think that's the only issue.
16:10:14 >>> I think really what I'm trying to do, their
16:10:17 complaint is really to the housing authority and to
16:10:18 the Bank of America and I'm trying to keep the CRA
16:10:21 somewhat separated from the.
16:10:22 Some of the issues that they are bringing up obviously
16:10:24 are going to involve the CRA at some point.
16:10:26 The housing authority attorney has already given an
16:10:29 opinion that he thinks the deal is proper.
16:10:31 He thinks the arrangement is proper.
16:10:34 I have looked at his research.
16:10:35 I agree with him.
16:10:36 From that perspective I agree with his particular
16:10:38 perspective.
16:10:40 They did a lot of work on this particular issue and I
16:10:42 appreciate what they have done but I think this is
16:10:44 really an issue that they have to resolve with the
16:10:46 housing authority and with the Bank of America because
16:10:47 it's their structure that we are dealing with, not the
16:10:50 CRA structure or the city's structure.
16:10:52 That's not to say they don't have a point.
16:10:54 They may have a point but we can't resolve it.

16:10:57 We have no authority over the housing authority and
16:10:59 have no authority over the Bank of America.
16:11:01 Whatever deal the housing authority, the Bank of
16:11:05 America made, is their deal.
16:11:07 When they come to us, and we do our negotiation, then
16:11:11 there will be issues that we'll be concerned with, you
16:11:13 will be concerned with, the city administration will
16:11:14 be concerned with and we can deal with some of those
16:11:17 issues at that particular point.
16:11:18 But the issues they are raising right now are not for
16:11:20 the CRA, it's really for the Bank of America and the
16:11:23 housing authority to resolve.
16:11:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Briefly, don't we have the ability
16:11:31 to address the number of units of affordable housing
16:11:34 that are created?
16:11:35 >>SAL TERRITO: We do have authority when we negotiate
16:11:39 on how many housing units there are.
16:11:40 A lot of it is going to depend on financing.
16:11:43 I don't want to speak to the Bank of America.
16:11:46 They are putting $3.5 million into the Perry Harvey
16:11:50 park which is not something they are going to get a
16:11:52 return on except obviously help with their marketing

16:11:54 and I don't wanted to stay here and advocate their
16:11:56 position.
16:11:57 But when you do a negotiation, there are many factors
16:12:00 involved.
16:12:02 One of the factors is going to be the number of units
16:12:04 they have.
16:12:04 One thing they are doing right now with the relocation
16:12:07 is that they are providing section 8 vouchers, not
16:12:11 that they are called section 8 vouchers anymore.
16:12:13 They are finding places for the people that are being
16:12:16 relocated to live.
16:12:17 HUD has very stringent requirements on relocation
16:12:19 which they are following.
16:12:21 That's something we can oversee.
16:12:23 But you're correct, once we negotiate with them, the
16:12:25 development agreement that we do with them will have
16:12:27 to work for everyone.
16:12:29 And if that means more or fewer units, that's going to
16:12:31 be part of the negotiation process.
16:12:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Again, councilmen, let me say this
16:12:37 issue goes back to last year when I was on county
16:12:42 commission, that was the time to negotiate, from my

16:12:46 standpoint at that point, and work hard on that.
16:12:49 I looked at the issues.
16:12:50 I studied the issues and tried to work hard then to
16:12:52 make sure that the people in Central Park were
16:12:55 protected and covered and had opportunity to come
16:12:58 back.
16:12:58 Okay.
16:12:59 Now keeping in mind that when you look at this whole
16:13:01 issue, this agency won't have any involvement until
16:13:06 the agreement comes back.
16:13:07 I think that's the time that we have to look at it and
16:13:09 have input.
16:13:11 You want the project to work.
16:13:12 Now, in my discussion with Mr. Huey and others, the
16:13:17 reason that the units have been reduced is because of
16:13:21 the tax rollback that has had a major impact on the
16:13:26 development issue.
16:13:27 So, therefore, in order to make the deal work, towed
16:13:31 cut some of the units out in order to make it work.
16:13:33 That is my understanding of that issue.
16:13:35 So you have to understand all the parameters, all of
16:13:38 the issues, all of the facts that are surrounding this

16:13:41 whole issue.
16:13:41 The other thing I keep in mind on the front end when
16:13:44 working with the RFP process, the housing authority
16:13:47 does not have any money for relocation.
16:13:49 And I think in the RFP, they put in there that the
16:13:53 developer had to allow some money for that.
16:13:56 So I think Bank of America is providing that funding
16:13:58 up front, and also want to say that I think if you go
16:14:04 back and look at that, too, unless it's changed, that
16:14:06 is not quite accurate.
16:14:10 Based on when I was a county commissioner in my other
16:14:14 life, they were getting a healthy sum of money.
16:14:16 So we can't say not getting any money.
16:14:18 That's not true.
16:14:21 I don't know the cost. That could have changed
16:14:23 between when I was there and when I'm here now.
16:14:25 Okay, yes, sir.
16:14:27 Hue high I was going to reinforce about what you were
16:14:31 saying, how putting this together is a very delicate
16:14:33 balance and involves the Bank of America and the
16:14:35 housing authority, and the city in terms of our TIF
16:14:38 commitment.

16:14:39 And if I can draw a couple of thoughts together, the
16:14:42 amount of affordable housing, each affordable unit, as
16:14:46 you all know, requires subsidy.
16:14:50 There's a cost to putting that in deal.
16:14:53 They are going to replace all of the infrastructure,
16:14:57 put all new roads, all new sewer, rebuild the park.
16:15:02 Those are being balanced against high use subsidized
16:15:04 affordable units.
16:15:05 If I can, the issue about the interest on a loan.
16:15:10 If I can use that as an example.
16:15:11 That's actually a tool that the housing authority is
16:15:14 using to help Bank of America build as much affordable
16:15:18 housing as they can.
16:15:19 For example, what was suggested -- and again I don't
16:15:23 fully understand the argument -- but if Bank of
16:15:27 America's costs for building their project were to
16:15:32 increase because they paid interest on the loan, they
16:15:33 are going to be able to build less affordable units.
16:15:37 The argument was the housing authority would have more
16:15:39 money to build affordable units.
16:15:42 I suggest to you at the end of the day, with everyone
16:15:47 trying to build the most affordable units possible in

16:15:51 the Bank of America and Tampa housing authority
16:15:54 project.
16:15:55 And that's one example.
16:15:56 Land costs, other things that they are trying to do to
16:15:58 make it very difficult and challenging to work.
16:16:03 And when we come to you in the latter part of the
16:16:05 year, you will have more of a sense for how
16:16:07 challenging it is to do all of the things that this
16:16:11 project is trying to do, from doing affordable housing
16:16:14 to building a park to replacing infrastructure to
16:16:17 building parking garages, on and on and on.
16:16:21 Very significant demand on this project.
16:16:23 Very difficult one.
16:16:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: From my perspective, I'm not going
16:16:29 anywhere. I'm elected for four years.
16:16:33 I think I got three and a half left by now.
16:16:35 But, anyway, not going anywhere. Where.
16:16:39 I was on the other side as a county commissioner and
16:16:41 I'll continue to look at it and monitor.
16:16:43 And let me just say also, the people there are not
16:16:48 different.
16:16:48 They are people.

16:16:49 They are human beings.
16:16:51 Their economics may be different, you know.
16:16:54 And from my standpoint, you know, I raise issues, and
16:16:58 trying to make sure every opportunity afforded to
16:17:01 them, the opportunity to return.
16:17:03 And I will continue to look at that when that issue
16:17:05 comes back to us.
16:17:06 I think the issue is going to be in the agreement,
16:17:08 when it comes to us.
16:17:10 And that's the time we take a close look at that.
16:17:13 And the issues really evolve around the city
16:17:18 administration, the housing authority, and Bank of
16:17:20 America until it comes to the CRA and to the council.
16:17:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that the legal issues
16:17:28 they are bringing up are not the responsibility or
16:17:32 don't come back to the city but in order for to us
16:17:34 look at that agreement, I would like to see the
16:17:40 housing office's response to this.
16:17:44 I think we are going to be asked to make a decision
16:17:46 about this, and you are fortunate to have that around
16:17:49 when this is going through.
16:17:52 Not that you're fortunate, but now more about it than

16:17:56 we do.
16:17:56 But we need to know about it.
16:17:58 So I need to see -- I would like to see what HUD --
16:18:03 >>> The only answer I have, Mr. Anderson included it
16:18:07 in his packet.
16:18:08 >>SAL TERRITO: They did give a short opinion on what
16:18:11 they thought the arrangement was correct and he was
16:18:14 gracious enough to include that in his package.
16:18:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Sorry, I didn't read the whole thing.
16:18:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also, he's given us his opinion on
16:18:23 that, which this is our turn, so I will tell you, I
16:18:29 look to the attorney that represents this board.
16:18:32 When he says that's his opinion, that's what I'm going
16:18:36 with, okay?
16:18:37 So I want to be clear.
16:18:38 Now the last thing and we are going to be out of here.
16:18:41 Mr. Kinsey, you're right on the button
16:18:48 The reason the legislature set up CRAs to chapter
16:18:51 163, I believe it is, so I agree with you 100%, and I
16:18:55 will tell you that I believe that the CRA,
16:18:59 particularly for East Tampa, is one of the best tools,
16:19:02 and I will tell you, East Tampa has a great

16:19:04 opportunity to really get down and redevelop.
16:19:07 And I hope that we move forward.
16:19:09 And I think the CRA agency is very involved, and wants
16:19:13 to be inclusive, and I think will be.
16:19:15 So thank you for your support.
16:19:17 And what you are doing.
16:19:18 And all of the advisory committees.
16:19:23 What you did today is very thorough, very informative,
16:19:25 a lot of information.
16:19:26 Very good.
16:19:27 So thank you and your staff for all of it.
16:19:29 Mr. Evans, I see your hand but I am trying to wrap up.
16:19:32 And get us out of here.
16:19:34 And we all gave everybody three months.
16:19:37 So with no further business we stand adjourned.
16:19:41 Yes, receive and file all documents.
16:19:44 >> So moved.
16:19:44 >> Second.
16:19:45 (Motion carried).
16:19:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We stand adjourned.
16:19:51 (Meeting adjourned at 4:19 p.m.)