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November 8, 2007
Community Redevelopment Agency
8:30 AM






09:06:28AM >> The CRA Board will now come to order. The Community
09:06:32AM Redevelopment Agency will now come to order. We will ask
09:06:37AM council -- it's time to introduce our special guest.
09:06:40AM >> I'm happy to introduce Reverend Sarah Zimmerman of the
09:06:46AM Unitarian Universalist Church. Sarah is back to Florida
09:06:52AM after a year of serving as minister in Cleveland, and happy
09:06:56AM to be back in the warm weather, and we're welcoming her to
09:07:00AM Tampa. She's been there for two months.
09:07:03AM >> Thank you, Mary.
09:07:04AM >> Would you please stand and remain standing for the Pledge
09:07:07AM of Allegiance.
09:07:12AM >> Let us pray. Great Mystery beyond all of our
09:07:18AM understanding, as we come together this morning here in
09:07:21AM chambers, we invite your blessing on the work of this Tampa
09:07:27AM city council. We are grateful for the beauty of this new
09:07:32AM day, and for the possibilities it offers to all of the
09:07:36AM dedicated men and women who bring their unique talents, life
09:07:41AM experience, their training and their commitments to the work
09:07:46AM of this city. In a stressed-out world, where many
09:07:51AM distractions compete for attention, and a multitude of
09:07:55AM problems need to be solved, where decisions must be made and
09:07:59AM votes taken, may those gathered here to bring their
09:08:03AM attention to these challenges be blessed with clarity of
09:08:09AM resolve and purpose. We are grateful for this moment of
09:08:15AM centering before beginning the day's work, and now pause for
09:08:20AM a moment of silent prayer.
09:08:47AM >> In the name of all that is holy, amen.
09:08:56AM (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:09:12AM >> Before we have roll call, special privilege by our
09:09:17AM chairwoman, Council Woman Gwen Miller.
09:09:22AM >>GWEN MILLER: I would like us to do a moment of silence
09:09:25AM for Mr. Mark Hollam. He owned the Gamma House in the place
09:09:29AM in Tampa Height. He passed away, so let's bow our heads for
09:09:32AM a moment of silence for his family. Amen.
09:09:44AM >> Thank you. We have roll call at this time. Saul-Sena
09:09:48AM here.
09:09:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:09:53AM >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:09:57AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:09:57AM >> Thank you. At this time, item number one, I believe that
09:10:00AM item has been withdrawn.
09:10:05AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It has been
09:10:07AM withdrawn. We would like this to be put on the agenda for

09:10:10AM our next month's CRA meeting because we're eager for an
09:10:13AM update from our consultant. So do you need a motion to that
09:10:18AM effect? I'd like to move that this reschedule -- be
09:10:23AM rescheduled for our December CRA meeting.
09:10:26AM >> Okay. It's been moved and seconded, moved by Linda
09:10:30AM Saul-Sena and seconded by Councilman Charlie Miranda, all in
09:10:33AM favor, let it be known by eight. Okay. So moved and order.
09:10:38AM Okay. Item number two, community meeting recommendations,
09:10:41AM Mr. Mark Huey.
09:10:42AM >> Good morning. We have the board approved last month a
09:10:45AM community meeting policy whereby four times a year, you will
09:10:50AM have a meeting in one of our redevelopment areas. We were
09:10:54AM directed to begin preparations for that first meeting. The
09:10:58AM first meeting we will target as an east -- is in east Tampa,
09:11:02AM and that -- the advisory board has suggested that it be at
09:11:06AM one of their regular-scheduled meeting times, which would be
09:11:13AM January 8th, 6:30 to 8:00 at Young Magnet School. So we'll
09:11:16AM be working with your calendars to make sure that that can
09:11:19AM work, and we look to having -- helping that first community
09:11:22AM meeting to be a success.
09:11:25AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. So let me understand. This is their
09:11:28AM regular meeting time?
09:11:29AM >> Yes. This would be when they have month to month a
09:11:34AM community meeting and they would like to have this board
09:11:39AM attendance be a part of their regular meeting, rather than
09:11:42AM schedule a separate time. So their community is used to
09:11:46AM coming together on a regular time. It's each month, and
09:11:49AM they thought that would be the best way to get good
09:11:52AM attendance.
09:11:52AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just want to understand the process and
09:11:54AM the flow, and that is if this is their regular meeting, I
09:11:57AM want to make sure that we will be allowed to come in and --
09:12:00AM >> Yes.
09:12:01AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Sit as the CRA and then have the
09:12:03AM opportunity to dialogue with us without us maybe going and
09:12:07AM sitting in their meeting.
09:12:08AM >> No. This will be your meeting. This will be your
09:12:10AM meeting.
09:12:11AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. So we're clear. All right. Thank
09:12:13AM you. Okay.
09:12:14AM >> A motion?
09:12:17AM >> No, not really. Again, what will be helpful, if there
09:12:22AM are anything that you have a particular interest in east
09:12:25AM Tampa, that you can direct us, that we might work with the
09:12:28AM advisory committee there to make sure the session is
09:12:32AM productive as possible. So any input prior to then that you
09:12:36AM would have that could help us guide the agenda for that
09:12:38AM meeting would be helpful.
09:12:41AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Item number three, by-laws, draft
09:12:45AM changes.
09:12:46AM >> Yes. I'd like to turn that over to Sal Territo. This
09:12:50AM has been something that has been part of our work plan for
09:12:53AM some time, to come to you with an update of the
09:12:58AM redevelopment agency's by-laws, the original by-laws were
09:13:02AM put in place back in the '80s. Sal tells me he was the
09:13:05AM original drafter of those, in a prior life with the city,
09:13:09AM and as you will see, they are quite dated and do not reflect
09:13:13AM the way that the agency currently does business. So what
09:13:17AM Sal has distributed to you is an initial draft of changes
09:13:22AM that are being recommended. They are not being presented

09:13:24AM today for your approval. They are simply presented today
09:13:27AM for your initial consideration and approval would occur at a
09:13:32AM future board meeting. Sal?
09:13:37AM >> Good morning. Sal Territo, legal department. I'll walk
09:13:41AM you through this fairly quickly. Many of the changes on
09:13:43AM here are cosmetic changes, some of the grammatical things
09:13:46AM that we've changed. Some involve changes to state law since
09:13:49AM these by-laws were originally drafted, so I'll go through
09:13:52AM those fairly quickly with you and if you have questions,
09:13:55AM obviously I'll be here to answer them for you. On the first
09:13:58AM page, it was basically grammatical type changes. There's
09:14:01AM nothing really there. Page two, I didn't make any changes.
09:14:05AM Dealing with initial meetings or regular meetings, special
09:14:07AM meetings, however you go about doing those, those you've
09:14:09AM been doing for many years, and there are no changes to those
09:14:12AM particular provisions. On the third page, what I've done is
09:14:19AM item number seven was changed. The way the by-laws were
09:14:22AM originally written, it's more of, again, it's somewhat of a
09:14:25AM technical change. The CRA was choosing its chairman and
09:14:29AM vice chairman under the state statute. The city council
09:14:32AM chooses your chairman and vice chairman. Since you're the
09:14:35AM same people, it really doesn't change anything, it just
09:14:37AM changes the location for where that would take place. So
09:14:39AM the city council in its April meeting would choose the new
09:14:42AM leadership for the CRA, and then the CRA would convene at
09:14:47AM that particular time and those would be the new chair and
09:14:49AM vice chair respectively. So that's the only change there.
09:14:53AM It doesn't really change a lot except in what body you sit
09:14:56AM in when you do that change.
09:14:58AM >> Thank you. Mr. Chairman, most of these changes are very
09:15:01AM obvious, and we're not being asked to take any action on
09:15:04AM this at this time. I think it might be a more efficient use
09:15:07AM of our time, if we just all took a look at this and then
09:15:12AM were prepared to ask any questions prior to taking action, I
09:15:15AM assume at our next meeting or the following meeting.
09:15:17AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Council concur?
09:15:20AM >> I just want to ask one question because I'll forget if I
09:15:23AM don't ask it right now. Mr. Territo, on the number seven
09:15:26AM that you just mentioned, I'm just curious if we could say
09:15:33AM shall be appointed by the CRA Board as city -- or by the
09:15:42AM city council of Tampa, Florida, sitting as the CRA Board.
09:15:47AM >> No. That's why it was changed. That's the way it
09:15:49AM originally was.
09:15:50AM >> Okay.
09:15:51AM >> The state statute must have changed somewhere along the
09:15:53AM line when this was done. Under the statute, the city
09:15:56AM council chooses the leadership of the CRA, and in this case,
09:15:59AM it doesn't make a lot of difference because you're the same
09:16:01AM people. It would make a difference if it was a different
09:16:03AM body. Then you'd be choosing their leadership for them, but
09:16:06AM that's the way the state statute reads and it must have
09:16:08AM changed sometime between 1983 and now.
09:16:11AM >> Okay.
09:16:13AM >> Miss Saul-Sena made that motion, Mr. Chairman, I'll
09:16:15AM second that to hold this so we can digest it and bring it
09:16:19AM back at the next meeting.
09:16:21AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right. It is my understanding it is just
09:16:23AM for distribution today and for us to go through it and make
09:16:26AM recommendations to him. In fact, I would suggest that as
09:16:29AM you go through it, that you make the recommendation to him

09:16:31AM before the next meeting, and that way when we come we won't
09:16:35AM have to spend a lot of time trying to, you know, work
09:16:37AM through it. So if you have any suggestions in terms of
09:16:40AM change, then you can do that before our next meeting. Okay.
09:16:43AM The motion's been made by Council Member Saul-Sena, second
09:16:46AM by Council Member Miranda that we take this and bring it
09:16:52AM back to our next meeting.
09:16:53AM >> As you go through it, if you look at it from the
09:16:56AM perspective of these are changes to just bring it up to
09:16:59AM date.
09:16:59AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor let it be known. Opposed same
09:17:02AM sign. Could you give us an update on the strand decision,
09:17:09AM if there is one, or just where we are?
09:17:11AM >> As of now, we've heard nothing. Apparently the supreme
09:17:14AM court makes its decisions on Thursday, so we're waiting.
09:17:17AM There is speculation they may hold off on this particular
09:17:21AM decision until they've heard the cases that are coming
09:17:23AM before them in January because they involve some of the same
09:17:26AM issues. We don't know that for a fact, but there is
09:17:29AM speculation to that effect. They could come out with a
09:17:31AM decision today or may not hear from them until January or
09:17:34AM February. There has been no change since the last time we
09:17:36AM spoke on this issue.
09:17:39AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Question by Board members? Okay.
09:17:42AM Thank you, sir, very much. Okay. Mr. Huey, item number
09:17:47AM four, discuss the budget process.
09:17:50AM >> Yes. The budgets were approved last month by the board.
09:17:56AM Wanted to take just a minute, give you an opportunity to
09:17:59AM provide us any feedback on this year's process. Each year
09:18:03AM we try to improve it and enhance it, and if there are any
09:18:06AM thoughts or reflections or ideas while the process is still
09:18:10AM fresh in your mind that you would like us to integrate into
09:18:12AM next year's budget process, we'd be happy to receive that
09:18:15AM input.
09:18:22AM >> Each year, we've come closer to a timely process. I
09:18:26AM mean, we started off with like an eight-month gap. Now
09:18:29AM we're down to a pretty timely process. But each year, we
09:18:32AM also seem to have a significant amount of money that's held
09:18:35AM over from the previous year because we haven't spent it.
09:18:38AM And I know that that's for a variety of reasons, but our
09:18:42AM other city departments don't have that significant a
09:18:47AM holdover from one year to the next. And I don't know if
09:18:51AM it's that -- if it's CRA money, if the other departments
09:18:54AM don't get on the projects as quickly, but whatever we,
09:18:57AM sitting as the CRA Board can do to make these projects
09:19:01AM happen in a timely way so that they happen within the fiscal
09:19:04AM year that the money's designated for, we want to be -- we
09:19:07AM want to encourage that to happen. We've been frustrated.
09:19:11AM We've heard from the neighborhoods that they're frustrated.
09:19:13AM The things that are committed during the budget for the
09:19:18AM fiscal year have not been implemented during that fiscal
09:19:21AM year. So please, share with us how we can help get these
09:19:24AM projects done in a timely way as the year goes on.
09:19:29AM >> Sure.
09:19:31AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:19:32AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Any other questions? I thought the
09:19:34AM process was very healthy. Very helpful and healthy. So
09:19:38AM I -- I really appreciate, you know, and hope we continue to
09:19:42AM improve upon that and move forward in the next budget talks.
09:19:44AM >> Thank you. We'll continue to -- to -- we have some

09:19:48AM things that we'd like to do to change it this year again.
09:19:50AM We're always trying to improve it. I would like to thank
09:19:53AM all of the community groups who were very involved for all
09:19:57AM of the work they put in as volunteers, our redevelopment
09:20:01AM managers who are very hands-on, and then in our office here
09:20:05AM at city hall, David Parkinson, and our financial analyst
09:20:11AM really take the lead in pulling the packages together, so we
09:20:14AM very much appreciate their work, and it's definitely -- it
09:20:16AM takes a village process, with, as you mentioned, all of the
09:20:20AM city departments are also quite involved, including bonnie
09:20:23AM wise and Jim Stephen, so we appreciate everyone's support in
09:20:27AM that.
09:20:31AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item number five, quarterly financials for
09:20:34AM the period ending September 30th, 2007.
09:20:38AM >> Yes. It's here for you to receive and file. We
09:20:41AM distributed those. And again, if I can relate to Linda's
09:20:46AM comment just a minute ago, this is the tracking document
09:20:49AM that shows you how money is being spent. And so we put in
09:20:53AM place last year an accountability process that is very
09:20:56AM transparent, so you can see how money is being spent. And
09:21:01AM while we will never achieve an ideal goal of spending all
09:21:03AM the money within that current year's budget, remember, many
09:21:07AM of the items that you approve in budget are very conceptual,
09:21:10AM and so they take quite a bit of time to move through design
09:21:15AM stages, bidding stages and construction stages. Sometimes
09:21:19AM years. The one thing I wanted to point out in this report,
09:21:23AM I don't have any presentation relating to it, but it's
09:21:26AM significant in that all of our 2005 tiff funds had to be
09:21:31AM spent by September 30th of this year. So as you go through
09:21:35AM here, and that's a key performance goal that we have as a
09:21:39AM redevelopment agency. Those funds that weren't expended
09:21:42AM would need to go back to the taxing authorities. So when
09:21:44AM you page through here, you will see all the 2005 budgets.
09:21:49AM Thanks again for the many city departments who worked hard
09:21:51AM over the last couple of months to make sure all monies were
09:21:54AM spent according to the budget. And you'll see they're all
09:21:59AM zeroed out. All were expended, all the 2005 TIF budgets.
09:22:03AM So with that again, I just that I Julie wisdom and Dave
09:22:08AM Parkinson and all the staff for putting this report
09:22:10AM together, and with that it's for you to receive and file.
09:22:12AM >> Move to receive and file.
09:22:14AM >> Second.
09:22:15AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Again, I think it's a very good
09:22:18AM report, very good document, it's a public document, and
09:22:21AM people can, you know, pick it up and get it and go through
09:22:24AM it, and I want to commend you, again. Excellent.
09:22:27AM Excellent.
09:22:27AM >> It's on our website. It's posted on our website, so it's
09:22:31AM a very transparent reporting.
09:22:33AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: I have a motion to move by Council Member
09:22:37AM Miller, second by Mulhern. All in favor let it be known.
09:22:42AM Opposed same sign. So moved and ordered. We'll now take
09:22:46AM public comment. Three minutes for those who want to comment
09:22:51AM and address the CRA Board.
09:23:07AM >> I'm Jeannie White and I am the founder of Artists
09:23:11AM Unlimited. I'm an artist myself and president of the
09:23:14AM channel district council, and we have met with the arts
09:23:18AM administrator. What would you call her? I mean -- the
09:23:23AM consultant. And very nice lady. Very nice. And I've
09:23:28AM talked to her on the phone several times, and she agrees

09:23:33AM with me that we need to move ahead on having a list of the
09:23:39AM people, the developers, who have donated how many square
09:23:44AM feet in what project so that we kind of can get an overall
09:23:48AM picture. And I E mailed mark about that to see if we could
09:23:53AM get that going, even though we don't have any way that --
09:23:57AM anybody that's going to administer it yet, it's just kind of
09:24:01AM past due.
09:24:07AM >> Thank you. Miss white, since you've been involved with
09:24:12AM the channel district council for a very long time, I was
09:24:16AM wondering if you had any feedback on the proposed
09:24:19AM functioning of the individual advisory committees.
09:24:24AM >> I can't get anybody to want to be on it.
09:24:30AM >> Is it because of the application process and all that?
09:24:33AM >> It's too much trouble to go through to -- they -- they
09:24:39AM feel like they can be better off talking to you all, like
09:24:44AM I'm talking to you now, than to have to worry about laws and
09:24:52AM constrictions and constraints. And of course being a
09:24:54AM creative person, I don't like laws of any kind. I mean,
09:24:57AM my -- my idea is, you know, play nice and don't kick sand in
09:25:03AM the other kid's face, but, you know, nobody -- I think we
09:25:08AM were supposed to get seven, and none of us are even --
09:25:12AM everybody just kind of looked at me like -- and you want me
09:25:15AM to do what?
09:25:17AM >> I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.
09:25:20AM >> Okay.
09:25:26AM >> Good morning. My name is Ken Staltenburg. I reside at
09:25:33AM 1000 Channelside Drive, and I just wanted to briefly -- it's
09:25:36AM not our last meeting of the year yet, but it's almost the
09:25:39AM last meeting of the year, and I went back and the
09:25:43AM publication that you all publish every year, I went back to
09:25:46AM the 2006 CRA update for all of the CRA's, and I think before
09:25:50AM we get to the end of the year, the channel district -- in
09:25:54AM the channel district it listed five things that were going
09:25:57AM to be a priority for this coming year, three of which we
09:26:01AM have made, I would say, pretty good progress on, one of
09:26:04AM which was the art consultant miss white just mentioned.
09:26:07AM There were two other areas where I don't think we've made
09:26:11AM enough progress and I just wanted to say since we made it a
09:26:13AM priority last year, I think we should refocus our efforts.
09:26:16AM One was coming up with a conceptual plan for the land that
09:26:21AM is located next to the aquarium to come up with some type of
09:26:26AM public-private partnership to utilize that space. And
09:26:28AM that's very important for the district, and I would say
09:26:30AM that, you know, we did make it a priority last year and it
09:26:33AM was in the report, and we should perhaps refocus our efforts
09:26:36AM on that. The second thing, which I admittedly have a vested
09:26:39AM interest in, was coming up with a formal plan to reimburse
09:26:43AM folks like me who redeveloped property in the channel
09:26:46AM district for all of the infrastructure and public
09:26:50AM improvements that they've put in. If you look at the
09:26:53AM projects that have been redeveloped, I think the planning
09:26:55AM staff has done a great job of having the folks, if you look
09:26:58AM at the buildings that are done, about 90%, as far as I can
09:27:01AM tell, of the things that are a mission of the strategic
09:27:05AM action plan have been accomplished. There's new sidewalks
09:27:10AM and streets and sewers. A lot of those things have been
09:27:14AM done. However, there's no formal plan for any type of
09:27:17AM reimbursement. And obviously everybody nose everybody's
09:27:20AM having a tough go in the real estate mark, and the channel
09:27:24AM district has unique problems that make it very challenging

09:27:26AM to redevelop, and a formal plan, if we could have one in
09:27:29AM place, so folks like me know what the ground rules are and
09:27:32AM what's permissible, what isn't, would be very helpful.
09:27:36AM Thank you.
09:27:38AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
09:27:43AM >> Good morning, council. My name is Tony Lacola. I'm
09:27:47AM president of the historic Ybor Neighborhood Civic
09:27:50AM Association. I'm also a member of the YCDC Advisory Board.
09:27:55AM I speak on item number six. I believe that item number six,
09:27:58AM the advisory committee policies that are going to be
09:28:00AM instituted are a step in the right direction. However,
09:28:02AM there's one thing that I would like to bring to your
09:28:04AM attention. I believe that advisory boards need the presence
09:28:07AM of a lawyer, city attorney present during these meetings.
09:28:10AM One, it's going to make sure that we're operating in the
09:28:13AM sunshine. We're also going to get back quick legal opinion.
09:28:17AM We're told often that it's going to take weeks to receive an
09:28:20AM opinion on certain issues that come up in these advisory
09:28:24AM boards, and also it's going to protect against conflict of
09:28:27AM interest. We have other advisory boards in the city that
09:28:32AM have legal opinion, the architecture of youth commission.
09:28:36AM Why don't the CRA advisory boards have legal opinion there?
09:28:39AM So I believe that something in the policy should include
09:28:42AM legal opinion. Other than that, I think this is a great,
09:28:46AM great move, great step in the right direction. One last
09:28:49AM thing. Council Member Caetano, I've put out the invitation
09:28:55AM for you to come tour Ybor City and see our neighborhood,
09:28:58AM have the neighborhood residents take you around, and I
09:29:00AM haven't heard a response back from your office yet, so
09:29:02AM hopefully you'll get back with me or one of your staff will
09:29:05AM get back with me. We'd love to have you in Ybor City and
09:29:07AM show you around. Whenever you're available, we'd love to
09:29:12AM have you. All right? Thank you.
09:29:17AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Thank you, sir.
09:29:21AM >> Morning, my name is Fran Costantino and I am a CRA
09:29:29AM advisory board member representing the ET board historic and
09:29:32AM civic association. I believe it was mentioned by Chairman
09:29:35AM Scott last week that we had met with him, and then didn't
09:29:38AM show up at the meeting to speak, and I think Mark Huey
09:29:42AM addressed that also. I had a broken foot so there was a
09:29:45AM reason why I couldn't be here, and I apologize for that.
09:29:48AM The list of what's presented to you was put together, I know
09:29:53AM that an E-mail went out saying that it was put together and
09:29:56AM presented by two CRA Board members, but that was incorrect.
09:30:00AM That list was put together by property owners residents and
09:30:08AM CRA members. So we were invited to get together to that
09:30:11AM group and that has been presented. And actually when you
09:30:13AM looked at the list, which I watched it on TV, most of the
09:30:17AM things that are on there Mr. Huey knows about and these
09:30:20AM things are not any kind of surprise to the administration
09:30:23AM whatsoever. Maybe the grants for the CRA, but I was a
09:30:26AM little shocked when he got up and said he didn't understand
09:30:28AM the transparency and some of the things on the list and that
09:30:31AM puzzled me. But today I just wanted to address there's word
09:30:35AM going around about the EMERITUS members for the CRA, and I
09:30:40AM think that's a real simple solution. As a child and after
09:30:43AM 13 years of Catholic school, I would rather do anything than
09:30:47AM look up a word in the dictionary or a thesaurus. Now a day
09:30:54AM doesn't go by where I am not reversing one or the other. I
09:31:00AM looked it up in several dictionaries and on the internet.

09:31:03AM All sources state that emeritus is a title of honor, retired
09:31:12AM from active service, usually for age, for retaining from
09:31:16AM one's rank or title and it is an honorary position. The key
09:31:19AM word here is retired. Half of our CRA Board is retired, and
09:31:24AM the other half is not. I believe that we either change the
09:31:29AM by-laws to eliminate them, or to make them appropriate that
09:31:32AM the emeritus members are actually retired. And that is also
09:31:39AM just to dissolve any perception of conflict of interest or
09:31:45AM nepotism. We sincerely want to keep this from happening in
09:31:49AM Ybor. Those of us that serve on those boards spend a lot, a
09:31:53AM lot of time. When you join the board, you're also expected
09:31:56AM to not share, but be -- not chair, but be part of a lot of
09:32:01AM committees. And those of us that are dedicated, and all of
09:32:04AM us are, this is not anything personal to one emeritus member
09:32:07AM or not. Adella was an emeritus member, and was an honor and
09:32:14AM an icon of a matriarch that we all adored. She was truly
09:32:18AM retired. And I think this is the point. The conflict of
09:32:21AM interest is that some of the emeritus members are not
09:32:23AM retired, and I think that's easily resolved. Thank you
09:32:25AM very, very much.
09:32:28AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
09:32:29AM >> I wanted to ask --
09:32:31AM >> Oh, you're here.
09:32:32AM >> A question about that. I think maybe the wording mixes
09:32:36AM up emeritus and ex-officio, maybe and maybe these members
09:32:45AM should be ex-officio so they can attend, but they're not
09:32:51AM members.
09:32:51AM >> Well, I think those positions -- I'm sorry. I didn't
09:32:54AM want to cut you off.
09:32:55AM >> I was done.
09:32:55AM >> Okay. There's 15 positions, and then there are some
09:32:59AM ex-officio members, of which I am one because I represent
09:33:05AM the east Ybor. The west Ybor has their ex-officio. They
09:33:11AM all appoint their ex-officio members. You know, emeritus is
09:33:16AM a very high honor. Like Mary Alvarez, she could be an
09:33:21AM emeritus member. I think there's just something so simple
09:33:24AM that emeritus should be retired and it's an honorary
09:33:27AM position.
09:33:27AM >> Because they're still voting? Is that what's going on?
09:33:30AM >> I feel that they should not vote just to avoid any
09:33:36AM appearance of conflict of interest. There's 15 residents
09:33:40AM there. There's a gazillion categories that they could fit
09:33:45AM into, and then go by the regular two years on, one year off.
09:33:47AM I mean, I would be glad if somebody would like to replace me
09:33:50AM as president of the east Ybor, and they can take over. It's
09:33:53AM not an easy job. It's a lot of time and a lot of effort,
09:33:57AM and all of us have Ybor's good interests at art. I mean, we
09:34:02AM give it a lot of hours to change that image. I mean,
09:34:06AM obviously what's been going on there has not been working,
09:34:08AM but maybe --
09:34:09AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Excuse me. We have another question. I
09:34:12AM mean Council Member Saul-Sena.
09:34:14AM All right. Thank you very much. Next speaker.
09:34:21AM >> Good morning. I'm the chairperson for the East Tampa
09:34:27AM Community Partnership, and I have, for the record, our
09:34:33AM committee met on last Tuesday, and we've had some
09:34:37AM discussions about not having residents, bona fide residents,
09:34:45AM on our advisory committee, and our advisory committee has
09:34:48AM come up with a solution. We voted on it, that we will be
09:34:53AM adding four slots, and it will go through the by-laws, that

09:35:00AM this will be ear marked exclusively for residents. And I
09:35:07AM read what we propose: To honorable Scott: The ETCRP
09:35:14AM advisory committee voted and approved the following
09:35:17AM recommended changes to the committee -- to the community
09:35:22AM advisory committee policy, revised dated October 31st, 2007.
09:35:27AM Recommended that on exhibit 1 on the east Tampa CRA column,
09:35:31AM that the total composition be expanded from nine members to
09:35:38AM 13 members, under the representative category, add four
09:35:42AM members representing the resident community. Once that was
09:35:48AM done, I immediately -- because we do have nine registered
09:35:56AM neighborhood associations, I immediately got in touch with
09:36:00AM each of the presidents, and I made them aware of this and
09:36:06AM say, you know, we would love for you to, either yourself or
09:36:09AM you give us someone that will come to our next meeting, and
09:36:13AM we will embrace and make sure that they are included as a
09:36:19AM part of our advisory committee. And once I made the call,
09:36:25AM it was interesting, I know I hear people say they're having
09:36:29AM a little struggle to getting people who want to participate,
09:36:33AM I only made phone calls to five of the nine -- I'll say
09:36:36AM within a couple hours -- and two persons called back and had
09:36:39AM two persons ready to be incorporated, and they're from the
09:36:44AM different neighborhoods. We want to make sure it's spread
09:36:47AM out. Okay? And I would like to submit it, please.
09:36:50AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. All right. Yes. Council Member
09:36:54AM Saul-Sena.
09:36:57AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. I'm just a little unclear.
09:36:59AM So there would be required participation specifically by
09:37:02AM four residents, but would there be any opportunities for
09:37:05AM commercial property owners to serve on this advisory
09:37:07AM committee?
09:37:09AM >> It's an opportunity, but we did not discuss that at this
09:37:13AM time, because we have them coming to our meetings, and our
09:37:19AM meetings are very encompassed. We can document that they
09:37:23AM are there. But we didn't have -- and I'm trying to do a
09:37:26AM recall right quick -- anyone that I would say -- and I want
09:37:30AM to make sure I'm correct -- that is on the advisory board.
09:37:36AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So are there any commercial property
09:37:38AM owners represented on the advisory board, or are you
09:37:42AM suggesting that there be?
09:37:44AM >> I hadn't thought one way or the other. I'm sorry. I
09:37:49AM want to be honest. Because they're so involved at our
09:37:52AM committee meetings, at our general meetings and they give
09:37:55AM input into the advisory committees, and they come before us
09:37:58AM and we hadn't had anyone to say I need to be on it, you
09:38:00AM know. And it was open to anyone that could have, when we
09:38:03AM had our election. It was open to anyone.
09:38:06AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:38:07AM >> Thank you. Oh, I would like to just say I want to
09:38:10AM personally extend an invitation to the board. We're looking
09:38:16AM forward to having you come on January 8th at young Jr. high
09:38:22AM school. Thank you.
09:38:24AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you miss bass. At some point, I
09:38:28AM guess, when we get through with public comment I guess do we
09:38:31AM need to take action on what was submitted to us, Mr. Huey,
09:38:35AM attorney or somebody? All right. Thank you. Okay. All
09:38:40AM right, sir.
09:38:42AM >> I'm Bob Lavandera. I'm a real estate agent and I want to
09:38:47AM talk about the Drew Park CRA. I don't know if this is the
09:38:50AM appropriate time.
09:38:51AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

09:38:51AM >> Okay. Let me start by saying -- well, I hope you all got
09:38:56AM the letter I sent you and had an opportunity to read it. I
09:39:00AM don't know a great deal about real estate law, but I know a
09:39:03AM whole lot about what is right and wrong, and what is
09:39:05AM happening here is dead wrong. For reasons I cannot explain,
09:39:10AM the city appears intent on destroying, or at least crippling
09:39:16AM a historic industrial park in favor of residential growth.
09:39:21AM This area currently is 92% commercial industrial and 8%
09:39:26AM residential. City officials have known for -- since at
09:39:32AM least February of this year, and probably way before that,
09:39:35AM that there are at least 150 properties or sites that have
09:39:39AM been designated for -- I'm sorry, have been targeted for
09:39:47AM extension. These businesses may have long histories at
09:39:54AM their locations and now they have a bull's eye on their
09:39:57AM back. They're being labeled non-conforming businesses.
09:40:00AM According to the URS study that, again, was completed in
09:40:05AM February, their survival is not to be encouraged. To make
09:40:09AM matters worse, most of these properties and businesses are
09:40:12AM not even aware that they've been targeted. URS's study, and
09:40:19AM I have it over here on page A5, shows -- and I've counted --
09:40:26AM 150 sites, and some of these were not shown as yellow, but
09:40:31AM they are yellow, so they should have been counted. And I
09:40:34AM counted 150 sites that have been designated as
09:40:39AM non-conforming areas. Why have these property owners not
09:40:43AM been notified? That's a good question. I don't know the
09:40:47AM answer. I do know that to date, they have not been
09:40:51AM notified. I'd like to examine the consequence of the
09:40:56AM rezoning. First of all, the impact on your business. This
09:41:01AM is kinda like a death sentence. It's going to be very hard
09:41:05AM to function under the requirements of the non-conforming
09:41:09AM status. The second impact on the business is a monetary one
09:41:16AM in view of the impact it has to your property and your
09:41:21AM structures that you have on the property. To give you a
09:41:24AM quick example, if you have a 400,000 property, 200,000 is
09:41:30AM land, 200,000 is building and improvements, rezoning it to
09:41:36AM residential, according to the property appraiser's office,
09:41:41AM reduces his value by 56%. I -- as a real estate agent
09:41:46AM working the area, I think it's a lot worse than that, but
09:41:49AM let's use that for an example. Also, your improvements now
09:41:53AM become useless. You have a $200,000 office warehouse on the
09:41:57AM structure -- on the property, and that now has no value
09:42:00AM whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it has a negative value
09:42:04AM because it must be destroyed in order to build something
09:42:07AM else on it. I --
09:42:16AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
09:42:17AM >> I've got one more paragraph, if I can.
09:42:19AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah, your time is up. Three minutes is
09:42:21AM up, so let me -- let me move to the next speakers and see
09:42:25AM how much time we have and maybe I'll have an opportunity to
09:42:27AM come back to you. Okay, we'll see.
09:42:29AM >> Mr. Chairman, before he leaves can I ask him a question?
09:42:32AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah, Mr. Miranda.
09:42:34AM >> I was going to speak on the whole item of Drew Park. If
09:42:38AM I may. Allow me at this time, or I can do it now or later.
09:42:42AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me hold. You have a question.
09:42:45AM >> What I wanted to ask, Mr. Huey, the owners of these
09:42:48AM properties, have they been notified that their property has
09:42:52AM been rezoned, or whatever they did to it there?
09:42:55AM >> No, they have not.
09:42:58AM >> No formal action has been taken.

09:43:01AM >> So this is just simply --
09:43:03AM >> Yes. Yes. The board adopted as part of a strategic
09:43:06AM action plan, and since the Lavanderas share concerns, we
09:43:13AM have not moved forward on any of the land use --
09:43:15AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me suggest --
09:43:17AM >> We have a discussion item later.
09:43:19AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah. It's on the agenda, so let me just
09:43:21AM ask council to hold the discussions and questions until we
09:43:24AM get to that part. I think that's a good solution to all of
09:43:26AM this. Okay. Thank you. Next speaker.
09:43:36AM >> Thank you. My name is Ralph Lavandera. Fourth
09:43:42AM generation west Tampa. I reside at 475 North Hesperides,
09:43:50AM Drew Park. I'm the president of our company that was
09:43:54AM established in 1977. In 1970, with the assistance of the GI
09:43:58AM bill, I was able to complete my electrical apprenticeship
09:44:03AM training working full ---training working full-time in the
09:44:07AM day and attending school in the evenings. After a period of
09:44:11AM years, I was able to acquire my electrical contractor's
09:44:15AM license. In 1977, I opened my business, and a small -- in a
09:44:22AM small little building on a small lot in Drew Park. That's
09:44:26AM within a period of years, I purchased an additional five
09:44:31AM tracts of land to expand my business at my original
09:44:37AM location. The additional land building permitted me to grow
09:44:41AM and eventually prosper. When I could no longer purchase any
09:44:45AM additional property adjacent to me, I was forced to locate
09:44:52AM and purchase additional properties for storage trailers, and
09:44:56AM none adjacent Drew Park sites that I had purchased. The
09:45:00AM story of success wouldn't have happened to me if my original
09:45:04AM site had been labeled non-conforming. My electric company
09:45:10AM not only pays a living wage to its employees, journeymen
09:45:16AM electricians, basically a minimum of $19 an hour, plus
09:45:21AM fringe benefits, and that we have employees who make
09:45:24AM considerably more than that. In supervisory and foremen
09:45:31AM capacity, but we also hire young individuals and help train
09:45:35AM them in the I.E.C. apprenticeship program. Independent
09:45:40AM electrical contractors. We presently have, our organization
09:45:44AM presently has, approximately 200 apprentices at the HCC site
09:45:50AM in Drew Park. We have over approximately 300 total
09:45:54AM apprentices, but 200 of them are there in Drew Park. Drew
09:46:01AM Park is essential to the small business. It's -- it's what
09:46:09AM an estuary is to the marine life. It's a breeding ground.
09:46:13AM It's a place to start and to grow. There are three fortune
09:46:18AM 500 companies in Drew Park that have offices there: FedEx,
09:46:26AM DHL and Graybar Electric Company. In addition to these
09:46:30AM fortune 500 companies that are there, there are
09:46:34AM approximately 500 companies, small businesses, in Drew Park.
09:46:41AM Not including the U.S. army reserve center, the FDLE office,
09:46:47AM the HCC, Tampa International Airport, Brighthouse Network,
09:46:54AM and car dealerships throughout Dale Mabry and Hillsborough
09:46:59AM Avenue there. These 500 or so companies employ thousands of
09:47:03AM people in Drew Park. I personally know of three of these
09:47:07AM companies that employ over 100 employees. All face
09:47:13AM electric --
09:47:14AM >> Time. Thank you, sir. Your three minutes is up. Thank
09:47:17AM you. All right. Next speaker.
09:47:25AM >> Good morning. Veronica Zweitech. I am chair of the YCC
09:47:31AM board. I'd like to start off with the board did support the
09:47:34AM new CRA policy, recommendation, with realization that we
09:47:40AM would need to address five different issues. The first
09:47:43AM being the board's slate of nominees will be approved by the

09:47:47AM CRA Board prior to elections. Terms for office for Board
09:47:50AM members will be two years, with a second two-year term
09:47:53AM possible. Terms of office for officers will be for two
09:47:57AM years. Three unexcused absences within 12 months will
09:48:02AM result in automatic termination, and requirements for
09:48:06AM compliance with the sunshine law and conflict of interest
09:48:08AM provisions of the city ethics code. I would also like to
09:48:13AM inform you of our board makeup. We do have 21 current
09:48:16AM members, three vacancies, 18 are currently active, and nine
09:48:22AM of those are new this year, with seven residences in the
09:48:26AM district. And as part of the conversation on the emeritus
09:48:30AM members, we currently have four members, Harris Mullen, Gail
09:48:35AM Hernandez, Joseph Capitano, Senior, and Hegans. I think all
09:48:42AM of these members speak for themselves and their work in the
09:48:44AM community, and I think we're very fortunate to have them as
09:48:47AM part of our board, and any contributions that they can give
09:48:49AM us. We also know that we need to address the emeritus
09:48:53AM members as voting members, as part of the term limits.
09:48:57AM Thank you.
09:48:58AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:49:04AM >> Good morning CRA members, I'm Christine verdict. I'm
09:49:09AM with the Tampa downtown partnership. And just briefly, I am
09:49:12AM glad that you are moving forward on adopting a policy. I
09:49:16AM think it's been a policy guiding the advisory activities, is
09:49:23AM well-advised and has been, I think, in the works for more
09:49:26AM than two years. I -- I want to make sure that you are aware
09:49:29AM of the responsibility that this gives you in choosing very
09:49:34AM knowledgeable and people who really represent the
09:49:38AM communities that they will be serving, and that the
09:49:42AM political motives that might creep into this be -- you
09:49:47AM prevent that, because these are people who I think will be
09:49:51AM giving good advice as to how the money that is collected in
09:49:54AM these areas will best be spent. And, in addition, I think
09:49:58AM it's incumbent upon you to make very clear to these bodies
09:50:03AM how you will use their advice, what -- what you expect of
09:50:06AM them, and how -- how their advice will be received and used.
09:50:12AM Because in -- in recruiting members, I think that's going to
09:50:15AM be a very important question that they will want to know,
09:50:18AM and you will use them best if you make it clear to them
09:50:22AM beforehand.
09:50:25AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:50:26AM >> Mr. Chairman, may I ask her a question?
09:50:28AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
09:50:30AM >> Miss BURDICK, I have a question. Are you aware of the
09:50:34AM forms and the protocol that if a person's a member at
09:50:37AM sunshine, and that they have financial disclosure and all
09:50:40AM that? Did you -- did the people -- I don't know if you've
09:50:42AM spoken to people about serving, but did they find that
09:50:48AM onerous?
09:50:48AM >> There are a number of people who would be good
09:50:51AM representatives, who are not interested in being so because
09:50:57AM of the conflict that that might present for them and the
09:50:59AM difficulty that that might cause for them and some of their
09:51:02AM true business dealings.
09:51:04AM >> Thank you.
09:51:10AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker? Next speaker?
09:51:13AM >> Hi. Ron Vertallo, chairman Drew Park Advisory Committee.
09:51:18AM Our advisory committee met Monday evening, been working on
09:51:21AM the policy, and we suggest to city council that you not move
09:51:27AM forward with this policy for this reason. I think it is

09:51:30AM overly cumbersome. I think it's going to be a burden on
09:51:36AM people to fill out applications, come down before city
09:51:38AM council, present the three minutes, their qualifications,
09:51:40AM and then if they get selected, fill out additional forms,
09:51:44AM violation of the sunshine, the ethics policy I think is very
09:51:49AM broad. And I can see myself, as an example, and I'm going
09:51:54AM to -- he's no longer in Drew Park, but take Frank Mersani,
09:51:58AM who used to own Stadium Toyota and his wife Carol. Sitting
09:52:02AM down with Frank and saying Frank, we'd love to see you
09:52:04AM involved in Drew Park. I'd love to. Frank used to be a
09:52:07AM member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and then lay out the
09:52:09AM process and the procedure, and I could tell you that he
09:52:13AM would probably say, thank you, but no thank you. So our
09:52:18AM suggestion is -- is that drop the word advisory, because
09:52:22AM we're really not sure what advice you want from any
09:52:26AM committee, forget the structure, and simply call it a
09:52:30AM coalition of businesses and residents from Drew Park, and
09:52:33AM then clearly communicate to that group what advice it is
09:52:37AM that you're seeking from them on a regular basis, irregular,
09:52:43AM but we think that the current policy is overly burdensome,
09:52:53AM it's too process driven and it will actually discourage
09:52:57AM people from serving. Thank you.
09:52:59AM >> Anyone else?
09:53:20AM >> I'm pastor frank Williams, reside at 1112 east Scott
09:53:24AM street, paradise missionary Baptist church, and also
09:53:29AM resident at 1114 east Scott street. We met last night, had
09:53:33AM a strategy meeting with the CRA last night, and we were
09:53:37AM looking at their proposal. A proposals were taken, but I
09:53:43AM was hoping somebody was here from Tampa housing because of
09:53:46AM what they're doing to us at paradise missionary Baptist
09:53:51AM church. We had a right-of-way on the west side of paradise.
09:54:00AM They dug that street up. Now my members have no way of
09:54:03AM getting into the entry into our church, which that's the way
09:54:07AM they used to come. They told us that they had sold that
09:54:11AM property to Hillsborough county schools. You can sell all
09:54:16AM the property you want to Hillsborough county schools, but
09:54:19AM you have no right to sell the right-of-way. Also, when
09:54:25AM people come down Scott street, they think they have a
09:54:28AM right-of-way where they could turn around because once you
09:54:30AM go down there, there's no interest. And they have to wind
09:54:34AM up backing up. To try to get free from getting off Scott
09:54:41AM street to go where they want to go. I got many problems
09:54:44AM that have been injected since the developer come talking
09:54:48AM about development, and it would take longer than three
09:54:53AM minutes for me to explain to you all in detail, but since I
09:54:57AM don't have that much time, you have a code enforcement,
09:55:01AM don't you. Send the code enforcement around there and see
09:55:04AM if they doing everything legal to the street. Our members
09:55:09AM are gone, and now the church is practically vacant. Other
09:55:15AM people has business there, too. No -- no council employee
09:55:22AM come and talk to us about anything. They just leaving us
09:55:25AM out in the cold as if they black balling us, and we don't
09:55:28AM appreciate that. Somebody need to sit down and talk with
09:55:32AM the business owners that are still in central park, explain
09:55:36AM to us in detail exactly what's going to transpire and what
09:55:41AM they planning on doing. We not going to sit back and take
09:55:46AM this lying down. You have to come up to us in a
09:55:53AM constructive way and you going to have to reveal the truth
09:55:57AM to us, and if you don't, we have a governor in Florida,
09:56:00AM which we will have to go and protest to him what's

09:56:03AM transpired, see if we can't organize a committee that
09:56:07AM everything be done in truth and in righteousness, and that's
09:56:11AM what we all about. Thank you.
09:56:16AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Thank you, sir. Anyone else, if you
09:56:27AM will come forward now, please. Anyone else want to address
09:56:31AM the CRA Board, would you please come and line up on the
09:56:34AM wall. Okay. So then this will be our last speaker. Okay.
09:56:36AM Thank you.
09:56:37AM >> Good morning. My name is Fred Hayes. I'm a retiree from
09:56:43AM progress energy of 20 years where I was a chief laboratory
09:56:45AM technician, and for the last year-and-a-half I've been
09:56:48AM working as a realtor, and investor for myself. Over the
09:56:52AM years, I invest for myself. I'm also a partner with
09:56:55AM missionary Baptist church. I also live in central park back
09:56:59AM in the '70s, I moved for what some people would say from the
09:57:02AM country into central park, which was a different culture for
09:57:07AM me. And right now, I work for the people, and I have
09:57:12AM concern about the people. And I've been to the two meetings
09:57:14AM that the developers have had about central park village and
09:57:21AM what's transpiring and what's going on, and I was there last
09:57:24AM night, and there were a lot of questions asked. It really
09:57:27AM wasn't enough -- enough time for the people there that was
09:57:30AM working with us to answer all the questions, and my concern
09:57:35AM is I -- I asked someone, why wasn't an advisory committee
09:57:40AM put together for central park. So that's why I'm here, just
09:57:46AM as a concern, to maybe someone can tell me, because I'm --
09:57:51AM I'm somewhat like a fish out of water. For the last 28
09:57:53AM years, you know, I was a chief laboratory technician, I was
09:57:58AM with chemistry and what not, and I'm just trying to stand
09:58:02AM here and maybe someone can help me, give me some insight on
09:58:07AM to what's being done, because there was some business mens
09:58:10AM there last night and I talked with them and they have a lot
09:58:13AM of concerns about the church and about the members can't get
09:58:15AM in and about there's a road on the west side that's torn up
09:58:19AM and there was a store in the area and now all the people are
09:58:22AM gone and there are a lot of issues that needs to be
09:58:24AM addressed, and I think a committee would help in that area.
09:58:27AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Okay. Thank you, sir. That will
09:58:34AM conclude our public comment.
09:58:37AM >> I think I only took a minute-and-a-half, and I got up
09:58:40AM here and I was kind of --
09:58:42AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm under the policy that once you've
09:58:44AM spoken, you can't speak again, unless one of the council
09:58:48AM members or board want to ask you a question.
09:58:50AM >> It was on another issue, Mr. Scott, not the same issue.
09:58:53AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: But you can only have three minutes.
09:58:55AM That's my understanding. Okay? All right. Or during the
09:58:58AM public comment at the time. What I'm going to do is make a
09:59:01AM slight adjustment to the agenda and move up the Drew Park
09:59:04AM discussion, and then we'll go back to item 6. I recognize
09:59:09AM now Council Member Miranda.
09:59:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you. It's my recollection that
09:59:16AM Drew Park is, for the record, about 829 acres. For the
09:59:19AM record, again, the boundaries are to the South, Tampa Bay
09:59:24AM Boulevard, to the North Hillsborough Avenue, to the east
09:59:26AM Dale Mabry Highway, to the west Hesperides. It used to be
09:59:32AM much larger. Sometime in the '80s, some concerned citizens
09:59:36AM got together and rezoned some of those properties to IG.
09:59:39AM They did that rightly so. They had the right to do that and
09:59:42AM the reason they did that was because they had an inclination

09:59:45AM that there was going to be an expansion somewhere and that
09:59:48AM did happen, and they were rightly compensated for their
09:59:50AM businesses and for the movement of their property from
09:59:54AM another -- to another location. However, I strongly feel
09:59:57AM that when you look at the consensus of facts, somehow,
10:00:05AM somewhere along the way, when you had meetings in the sector
10:00:08AM of Drew Park, 50 or 20 individuals showed up, and that
10:00:11AM certainly was a consensus, but it was not a consensus of the
10:00:15AM whole area. It was a consensus of those that were present
10:00:18AM at that time. So I understand what happened. Individuals
10:00:22AM had a euphoric feeling that this was the way to go.
10:00:25AM However, when you put up a sign in Drew Park, people think
10:00:29AM it's a rezoning sign. They don't really look at it because
10:00:32AM a lot of it was already changing to -- from residential to
10:00:38AM commercial and they paid very little attention. That did
10:00:40AM happen. If that sign was in west Tampa or east Tampa or
10:00:44AM South Tampa, you would have had a lot of people show up that
10:00:46AM were not the original 15 or 20. So what's happening is --
10:00:50AM and I agree with some of the statements, not all the
10:00:54AM statements, that were said here this morning. When you have
10:00:56AM a non-conforming use and you're in business, you got a
10:00:59AM problem. And you can't expand by more than 5% or 150 feet,
10:01:04AM something to that configuration, whichever is less, and then
10:01:08AM you fall under different categories of which, if you're a
10:01:12AM business that makes some type of sound, in the sanding
10:01:14AM business or automobile business, then if you change it, if
10:01:18AM you make those businesses that are conforming now
10:01:21AM non-conforming, they will fall under different rules and
10:01:24AM regulation, noise abatement, and the businesses become --
10:01:30AM diminish and decline because they have to move out to where
10:01:34AM they're not heard and not seen, and that's wrong. Drew Park
10:01:36AM has been a great and wonderful part of the city of Tampa.
10:01:40AM As we all know, it used to be part of -- during the second
10:01:44AM world war, a base, and a military base, and if you still
10:01:48AM look at Drew Park, there's still a lot of the original
10:01:50AM barracks that are now apartments. Is there something wrong
10:01:54AM with that? Absolutely not. But what I'm saying is I
10:01:57AM really -- I think that the proper way of handling Drew Park
10:02:01AM is to take the component of zonings out of the Drew Park
10:02:07AM recommendation that we received, and that this, henceforth,
10:02:11AM go back to the administration, see what they can do to work
10:02:14AM out, to help the businesses that are in Drew Park that are
10:02:17AM in real need of some infusion, and through grants and
10:02:21AM through -- instead of giving everybody, hey, guess what, you
10:02:25AM have a little problem here, you got a citation. Well,
10:02:28AM that's fine. But Drew Park has more citation per square
10:02:31AM inch than anywhere in the city. And that's wrong. Instead
10:02:37AM of hammering people, we should help people. It's the H & H
10:02:40AM theory. And I believe that the good people of Drew Park
10:02:43AM have asked very little of this government or other
10:02:47AM governments, have worked very hard, have worked and paid
10:02:49AM their taxes like everyone else has, and they deserve more
10:02:54AM than what we are proposing at this time. So, Mr. Chairman,
10:02:58AM with your blessing, I'd like to have a motion on the table
10:03:04AM that we rescind the component of zoning out of the Drew Park
10:03:11AM action plan, strategic action plan, to eliminate the fears
10:03:17AM and those businesses who want to grow and cannot grow,
10:03:21AM because A, you can't get financing, when you're in doubt.
10:03:25AM You can't get financing now because you have a problem with
10:03:27AM the banks, and rightly so. They gave money away at high

10:03:31AM interest rates. Now nobody want to pay it back. So what is
10:03:33AM happening here, it's not in the wrong thing. It brought up
10:03:37AM items to be discussed, and that has happened, and it will
10:03:39AM bring -- well, we're honored, sir -- and it will bring a
10:03:47AM great change in Drew Park. So these are the things that --
10:03:51AM that really will come to make a fiber closer together,
10:03:57AM closely knitted and will make the City of Tampa very proud.
10:04:01AM After all, it's the only adjoining industrial area that is
10:04:04AM right next to an airport. What better than that? And with
10:04:07AM that, Mr. Chairman, I make that motion that we take the
10:04:10AM component of zoning out of the Drew Park strategic plan.
10:04:14AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council Member Mary Mulhern and Council
10:04:21AM Member Saul-Sena.
10:04:26AM >>MARY MULHERN: I agree with everything you're saying,
10:04:28AM Charlie. I would like to ask before we second that, we
10:04:31AM weren't going to take any action today and I think we might
10:04:33AM want to even go further than just taking that component out.
10:04:36AM I'd like us to put this on maybe on the agenda for our next
10:04:39AM meeting to take some action so we can -- we can discuss and
10:04:43AM look at what we want to do with the plan.
10:04:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm in no rush.
10:04:50AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks. What I wanted to say, and I think
10:04:53AM this brings up a really great thing for us as the board of
10:04:56AM the community redevelopment area since we have so many in
10:05:00AM the City of Tampa, and it's really the whole philosophy
10:05:03AM which Mr. S Lavandera really illustrated in a very personal
10:05:11AM way of what is redevelopment and what are we trying to make
10:05:14AM out of our neighborhoods in the city. I look at Drew Park
10:05:18AM as there are 500 small businesses there. That's a healthy
10:05:24AM economic area for a city, and I think that these are not the
10:05:30AM little guys, these small businesses. Small businesses in
10:05:33AM this country provide 97% of all the jobs. They're not --
10:05:42AM those jobs aren't coming from those fortune 500 companies.
10:05:45AM We're employed, most of us, 97%, by small businesses, so we
10:05:49AM need to nurture those. Another fact I learned recently,
10:05:53AM these are from federal government statistics, salaries of
10:05:58AM people in small businesses are 50% higher than they are
10:06:04AM overall from large employers. Most of the new jobs created
10:06:10AM are from small businesses, and I think right now, because of
10:06:15AM the downturn in residential real estate, what could be
10:06:18AM better than to protect the jobs we have. We want liveable
10:06:22AM cities, liveable communities. People aren't going to move
10:06:25AM here or stay here if there aren't jobs. So I think it's our
10:06:29AM responsibility to do everything we can to create these kind
10:06:34AM of neighborhoods. And from my experience, Drew Park is a
10:06:40AM very attractive area for these kinds of businesses, because
10:06:43AM of the proximity to the airport, the shipping, FedEx and
10:06:48AM DHL. I have friends who had moved their small business
10:06:50AM there, their mail order business, and I called them to ask
10:06:54AM them their opinion on this, and they said, well, we had to
10:06:57AM move because we needed more space, and there was no more
10:07:01AM space available in Drew Park. This was a small business.
10:07:05AM Who knows. These businesses are going to grow, and it is --
10:07:09AM it can be an incubator, so I think we need to -- to look at
10:07:13AM this from a fresh perspective, and I want to just let all
10:07:18AM the businesses know in Drew Park that I personally support
10:07:22AM them and want to do everything we can to make it possible
10:07:25AM for them to prosper and grow there.
10:07:29AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council Member Saul-Sena and Council Member
10:07:34AM Dingfelder.

10:07:35AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, the letter
10:07:38AM really opened my eyes to the concerns of the small
10:07:39AM businesses in Drew Park, but we need to look not only at the
10:07:43AM zoning, but at the underlying land use because you can't
10:07:45AM just address one without the other. And I think there is a
10:07:48AM real need to have more community conversation about this. I
10:07:51AM think that Mr. Lavandera was correct in that many people out
10:07:56AM there didn't know that this was being proposed, and I would
10:07:59AM like to see a -- at least one community meeting where we
10:08:04AM come up with some way of getting the small businesses there,
10:08:07AM and that -- and that we're invited, and we have it in their
10:08:10AM neighborhood, and we hear directly from them what they
10:08:13AM think. I don't see this as a big rush, because with the
10:08:17AM state supreme court decision, we can't run out and spend
10:08:20AM our -- our money on the infrastructure that we want to do,
10:08:23AM so I think we should take the time to create a community
10:08:27AM meeting, go out there, explain what's being proposed, hear
10:08:31AM from people what they want, and rethink what our plan is.
10:08:36AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council Member Dingfelder.
10:08:39AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess I'm a little confused, because
10:08:42AM on item ten, were we going to have a presentation at all,
10:08:46AM or --
10:08:47AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: No. Discussion.
10:08:48AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This was just discussion? And why is
10:08:51AM it -- Mary, you indicated that we weren't going to take a
10:08:54AM vote. Was that decided? I mean, we're taking votes on
10:08:57AM other things.
10:08:58AM >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I just looked at the agenda. It just
10:09:00AM said for discussion. And --
10:09:03AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay. Well, I don't know. It's a
10:09:06AM little confusing. But I think the bottom line is, for me,
10:09:09AM is is last year was the last meeting before we transitioned
10:09:14AM to the new board -- this new board, and we -- the council
10:09:20AM approved the strategic action plan over the objections of
10:09:24AM many of these same small business owners. And I voted
10:09:27AM against it on that basis. I -- I didn't think we were
10:09:32AM listening to that community, at least to the community that
10:09:36AM was showing up that day. And I think that's part of the
10:09:40AM problem, as miss Saul-Sena indicated. We get fragments of
10:09:45AM the community showing up, and -- and it's like we -- we
10:09:49AM understand that there are folks that live there, but we
10:09:52AM hardly ever see them. You know, when I read this document,
10:09:57AM it -- it indicates that we polled the community, and the
10:10:02AM community said they were concerned about drainage,
10:10:04AM sidewalks, lighting, general cleanup of the area and
10:10:06AM minimizing adult uses in the area. That survey doesn't seem
10:10:11AM to indicate that they wanted to totally revamp the -- you
10:10:15AM know, the -- all the land use and the zoning. I think that
10:10:22AM we jumped the gun last year in putting this page four into
10:10:25AM the strategic action plan, and I wholeheartedly agree with
10:10:29AM you, Charlie. I think that we need to revisit it, maybe not
10:10:34AM this meeting, but we need to revisit it. And -- and address
10:10:38AM it in a much more -- we need to revisit it and address it in
10:10:43AM a much more methodical basis, and I don't think that we had
10:10:46AM a great community process when we implemented and adopted it
10:10:50AM last year.
10:10:55AM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I don't think we're in a rush
10:10:58AM to do anything in Drew Park right now. I think we're just
10:11:01AM talking and planning to see what the community need and what
10:11:04AM they wanted. I know that -- I don't know, but I feel that

10:11:08AM we're going to go back and discuss with them and let them
10:11:10AM talk to us and tell them how they feel because we heard some
10:11:13AM today, and I know they say we don't need to rush until we
10:11:19AM table it and come back and discuss it and I think that's
10:11:22AM what the administration will do, and then if we make that
10:11:25AM suggestion or motion to them, we can have this implemented
10:11:27AM and we can go back into the community, meet with them, get
10:11:30AM their ideas like we heard today, and we know what they need
10:11:34AM and what they want and I know we going to go with the
10:11:36AM community, so we feel that the community know what they need
10:11:39AM in they own community, so the motion just not to rush into
10:11:44AM it, and just -- have some more discussion on it.
10:11:49AM >> If I may speak, the last one, under the Roberts -- Robert
10:11:54AM Scott rule of order --
10:11:58AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's a new one.
10:12:00AM >> Well, you gotta go with the flow. It's -- I would like
10:12:03AM to do it, and I agree with everything that's been said, but
10:12:06AM I'd like to say it no later than the next meeting that we
10:12:09AM have on this, and let me tell you why. If some businesses
10:12:12AM want to expand now, they can't get financing because there's
10:12:15AM a dangling participle out there and you can't get rid of
10:12:21AM that until we set forth what we're going to do or not do in
10:12:25AM the Drew Park strategic study area so I think by next
10:12:27AM meeting, I think it should not last any further than that
10:12:30AM one way or the other that this thing has got to come off the
10:12:32AM table. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:12:34AM >>GWEN MILLER: But to go into the community and meet with
10:12:37AM them and be back with us at the next meeting?
10:12:40AM >> Really, given that it's the Thanksgiving holidays coming
10:12:43AM up, that's unrealistic to think that we could have the kind
10:12:46AM of community engagement you've asked for. I hear you, and
10:12:49AM I'd like to say that at the advisory board meeting on
10:12:53AM Monday, the Drew Park advisory board met. There were a wide
10:12:56AM variety of businesses represented there. For the record,
10:12:59AM the questions that they are asking, and they are good
10:13:02AM questions, and they deserve good answers. There was a
10:13:04AM commitment by the advisory board to move forward with more
10:13:07AM of a community dialogue in line with exactly what I think is
10:13:12AM the spirit of your discussion, and a commitment was made
10:13:15AM on -- at that meeting by myself that the city will continue
10:13:20AM to not move forward on any zoning or land use planning
10:13:23AM changes until that community dialogue has occurred, until --
10:13:28AM and we have come back to you, the advisory board and the
10:13:31AM staff, with a final recommendation on those land use and
10:13:35AM zoning changes. So that is the commitment that we've made,
10:13:39AM but could that community dialogue with the outreach that I
10:13:41AM think you want us to have, occur during the Thanksgiving
10:13:44AM season and be done by December, the next meeting, I think
10:13:49AM that's not realistic. Maybe by January we could get it
10:13:52AM done.
10:13:52AM >>GWEN MILLER: So by January? Mr. Miranda, would you
10:13:56AM change it to January?
10:13:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.
10:13:59AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me speak now because I haven't spoken
10:14:01AM yet. Mr. Rotelle, if you would come forward. Mr. Rotelle
10:14:08AM and I met and it was at that same meeting, and it was my
10:14:11AM understanding that they drafted a motion, a motion was made,
10:14:13AM a draft of which I have a written copy. Do you have a copy
10:14:15AM of that?
10:14:16AM >> Yes, sir, I do.

10:14:17AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do any of the other members have copies of
10:14:19AM that? Nobody else has a copy? You want to speak to that?
10:14:23AM >> Yes, sir.
10:14:24AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: The item one? The recommendation?
10:14:27AM >> Well, the advisory committee basically felt, and I think
10:14:31AM we agree with Mr. Miranda, this issue of the land use and
10:14:35AM zoning is probably the aspect of the plan that is most
10:14:39AM controversial, and there is kind of a cloud over businesses,
10:14:43AM because they're not sure whether you're going to move
10:14:46AM forward with that recommendation or not. So what we
10:14:49AM suggested was that council pass a motion that clearly states
10:14:54AM that it will not go forward with any land use changes or
10:14:58AM zoning changes until there is more input from the businesses
10:15:03AM and residents in Drew Park, and I think the businesses would
10:15:06AM feel more comfortable if they knew that you did pass a
10:15:10AM motion that said, we'll not go forward with any land use and
10:15:14AM zoning.
10:15:14AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:15:15AM >> That was the sense of our motion.
10:15:17AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: And that's the motion on the floor. Did we
10:15:19AM ever get a second?
10:15:20AM >> No. We didn't get a second.
10:15:21AM >> I'll second it.
10:15:23AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, it doesn't speak specifically to what
10:15:26AM he's talking about, I think, though.
10:15:28AM >> I'd like to make this motion.
10:15:30AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. The motion here is what he was
10:15:32AM talking about on -- in number one here. You all have copies
10:15:35AM of that? Okay. Council Member Mary Mulhern, and then John
10:15:42AM Dingfelder.
10:15:43AM >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to -- I do want to hear from John
10:15:48AM and I just wanted to say this before we go any further if --
10:15:58AM I'd like to hear further what you're suggesting, John, about
10:16:01AM whether you could -- what would you do? Rescind the
10:16:04AM adoption of that earlier plan, or we could go forward with
10:16:09AM this motion that Mr. Rotelle, that you suggested, and then
10:16:13AM at our next meeting, at the January meeting, we could look
10:16:16AM into what Mr. Dingfelder had suggested. I want to hear from
10:16:22AM you.
10:16:25AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes. Go ahead.
10:16:26AM >> All right. Yeah, we do have some choices. I'd say the
10:16:29AM most extreme choice would be that we would just excise page
10:16:31AM four out of the strategic plan. Page four is the future
10:16:37AM land use recommendation and the zoning recommendation. We
10:16:41AM effectively would be amending the strategic action plan and
10:16:44AM deleting that page, and I think that that would be -- like I
10:16:47AM say, the most extreme approach. It would probably be
10:16:52AM desirable to the families that do have, you know, businesses
10:17:00AM in that district. I guess the -- the more moderate approach
10:17:06AM might be the one that Mr. Rotelle has suggested, miss
10:17:10AM Saul-Sena was going to move, I think, which is to go ahead
10:17:13AM and just make a commitment from this board that we would not
10:17:16AM be moving forward on any land use or zoning changes until we
10:17:20AM have much more community dialogue. And -- and then Charlie,
10:17:26AM I think your -- yours was probably somewhere in between in
10:17:30AM terms of those two. So okay.
10:17:37AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. There's no motion on the floor.
10:17:39AM Mr. Miranda's motion did not get a second. She did -- she
10:17:43AM did second it?
10:17:43AM >> I seconded it. Yeah. I seconded the motion.

10:17:46AM >> Oh, Roberts rules wise, what does one do? If his motion
10:17:50AM is on the floor and I wanted to make this motion, we have to
10:17:53AM vote on that motion first?
10:17:54AM >> Substitute motions.
10:17:56AM >> Move for a substitute motion if you get a second, and
10:17:59AM then you vote on -- [Inaudible].
10:18:02AM >> Okay. I'd like to do -- I'd like to make a substitute
10:18:06AM motion then which was the recommendation of the advisory
10:18:08AM committee, which was a motion not to go forward with any
10:18:11AM land use or zoning changes recommended, and to not do a
10:18:16AM formal adoption of the CRA document, and -- and instead hold
10:18:22AM off on both things, go ahead and have meetings, and come up
10:18:25AM with something different than what's in here now.
10:18:28AM >> Just a point of clarification.
10:18:30AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
10:18:33AM >> I think as a matter of record, the strategic action plan
10:18:37AM document that's, you know, eight pages in front of us has
10:18:41AM already been approved by this board last -- last march. So
10:18:47AM to the extent that that's mentioned in there --
10:18:51AM >> You can't undo something that's been done.
10:18:53AM >> Well, if we're going to undo it we need to be sure that
10:18:55AM that's what we want to be doing. I think the first part of
10:18:58AM your motion is probably the more -- the tighter --
10:19:01AM >> Not go forward with any land use or zoning changes.
10:19:03AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right. That's what it says.
10:19:05AM >> It's a commitment from this board, and probably from us
10:19:07AM when we change hats to being council to not move forward
10:19:11AM with any land use changes until such time as we have much
10:19:14AM more community dialogue.
10:19:20AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: And that's what I'm prepared to support if
10:19:22AM that's your motion.
10:19:23AM >> That's my motion. I'm sorry. I thought --
10:19:25AM >> It's similar.
10:19:27AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Similar but a little different.
10:19:30AM >> I have a legal question on the motion. Do we have to
10:19:32AM make this as a resolution? As an ordinance?
10:19:37AM >> If it was passed by motion, you could -- well, I have a
10:19:40AM couple of questions, did the CRA approve this plan and did
10:19:43AM the city council approve this plan? If the CRA approved the
10:19:47AM plan, then it's within your venue to recommend the change to
10:19:49AM it. If you're dealing with zoning and land use matters
10:19:52AM which are under the city council's authority, not the CRA's
10:19:55AM authority, so what you'd be doing is making a recommendation
10:19:59AM as a city council at some point, not move forward on this --
10:20:02AM the zoning and land use changes because that really is not
10:20:04AM something that you have control over yourselves. The only
10:20:07AM other thing I'm thinking, if you're making a change,
10:20:09AM normally someone on the prevailing side has to come back for
10:20:15AM a reconsideration.
10:20:16AM >> I was on the prevailing side.
10:20:18AM >> That's fine, and I'm not sure if you've passed that time
10:20:21AM line. I don't know. I don't have that in front of me right
10:20:24AM now, so --
10:20:25AM >> We can figure it out by January.
10:20:28AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: It was a prior board anyway. It doesn't
10:20:30AM matter. It was a prior board. It was back in march. I
10:20:33AM wasn't even here, so you can do it. Okay. So the motion,
10:20:36AM then, is from counsel woman -- substitute motion from
10:20:41AM counsel woman Linda Saul-Sena that we move forward
10:20:45AM without --

10:20:46AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Not move forward with any land use or
10:20:48AM zoning changes.
10:20:49AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Not move forward with any land use or
10:20:52AM zoning changes recommended for Drew Park's recommended
10:20:55AM redevelopment plan until the property owners of Drew Park
10:20:57AM and the residents have clearly been informed and have input.
10:21:04AM That's pretty much clear, I believe it is.
10:21:08AM >> Mr. Chairman, speaking to miss Saul-Sena's motion --
10:21:10AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second to that motion?
10:21:12AM >> Second.
10:21:13AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right. Go ahead.
10:21:14AM >> Speaking to miss Saul-Sena's motion, I see very little or
10:21:19AM no difference at all from the substitute motion to the
10:21:21AM original motion.
10:21:22AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry. I thought you said to
10:21:25AM undo -- then I remove --
10:21:26AM >> No. No. Yours is the same thing, I don't care, but if
10:21:30AM it's to take the component out, both motion have the same
10:21:33AM component.
10:21:35AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is slightly different. And it's
10:21:38AM not move forward.
10:21:39AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's not move forward so they have a
10:21:42AM difference -- that's the difference.
10:21:45AM >> There is a difference. It needs to be clear for the
10:21:48AM clerk that we are not taking out page four at this time
10:21:51AM pursuant to this motion. The only thing we're doing is we
10:21:53AM are agreeing and perhaps resolving that we will not move
10:21:58AM forward until we have much more community input.
10:22:00AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And after the input we may take it out
10:22:03AM or we might modify it.
10:22:05AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Pretty much we're putting in abeyance the
10:22:08AM rezoning plan for the CRA. That's the substitute motion
10:22:13AM made by counsel woman Saul-Sena, second by counselman John
10:22:19AM Dingfelder. So moved and ordered. Do we need to vote now
10:22:22AM on the original motion or just --
10:22:24AM >> No. I got it.
10:22:25AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. I just want to be sure before we
10:22:28AM have this discussion.
10:22:30AM >> Mr. Chairman?
10:22:31AM >> Yes.
10:22:32AM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I know everybody's busy with
10:22:35AM the holidays, but I think if we got busy now letting people
10:22:38AM know that in the first week in January that there's going to
10:22:41AM be a big community meeting, and I don't see any reason why
10:22:43AM we as CRA Board members couldn't attend that meeting, too,
10:22:46AM to hear directly from folks at that meeting, I think it
10:22:49AM should be held in Drew Park. I think it needs to be -- we
10:22:53AM need to get the word out to as many people as possible, and
10:22:55AM we need to get out the information that we have to all the
10:22:57AM people in advance so they can look at it and think about it
10:23:00AM and be prepared to tell us what they would like to see for
10:23:03AM their community.
10:23:04AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:23:04AM >> Is that scheduled?
10:23:05AM >> No. But I think that we -- Mr. Huey will get busy and
10:23:10AM make this happen the first week in January. Maybe on, like,
10:23:12AM a Wednesday night. Not on a --
10:23:15AM >> To get to the community input.
10:23:19AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: And it is clear the motion. You understand
10:23:21AM the motion, and the community, you understand the motion

10:23:23AM that was just made pretty much, and staff will cover this
10:23:26AM with you that what the CRA has done now is really put an
10:23:31AM abeyance on the whole land use and zoning plan until such
10:23:35AM time you have input. Okay? All right. Thank you very
10:23:39AM much. We need to move pretty quickly here. 10:25. We'll
10:23:43AM go back to item 6, advisory board policies.
10:23:49AM >> Yes. Since the last meeting on October 15th, I sent to
10:23:54AM you a revised draft of the policy that addressed all of the
10:23:59AM concerns you brought up at your last board meeting. I
10:24:02AM circulated that policy to all the advisory committees that
10:24:06AM served on your behalf. We held a meeting with the
10:24:10AM presidents of all the advisory boards, as I committed to do,
10:24:13AM and based on that, a revised draft came to you on Friday.
10:24:19AM Of last week. I won't belabor the changes that were made.
10:24:23AM Those were highlighted for you, and I think fairly
10:24:25AM straightforward. The one significant modification that was
10:24:30AM introduced in the policy was exhibit 1, which one of the
10:24:34AM speakers referenced. I actually have an updated version of
10:24:37AM exhibit 1 that I'd like to distribute to you now. This
10:24:51AM exhibit is a clarification to the element of your board
10:24:56AM policy that directs the size of boards and their
10:25:01AM composition. This -- this exhibit for each of the
10:25:06AM redevelopment areas specifies the recommended size, as well
10:25:09AM as the composition of the Board members. There were two
10:25:15AM things that have been changed since the copy you have
10:25:17AM already seen and reviewed. Those are highlighted in blue.
10:25:22AM One is in east Tampa. Previously, in east Tampa, the board
10:25:26AM size was shown as nine, and now it is shown as 13, as Miss
10:25:34AM bets had alluded to in her comments in the letter she had
10:25:38AM provided to, so I updated this exhibit in accordance with
10:25:42AM the letter that she provided you. You can see that four
10:25:45AM members are residents and the balance are at-large members.
10:25:48AM The other change that I made was to make more transparent
10:25:51AM the fact that I think many of you know that the central park
10:25:54AM board will include two representatives appointed by
10:25:58AM Hillsborough county. And so I've made that clear on the
10:26:01AM exhibit. You look under ex-officio, you will see two
10:26:06AM representatives from Hillsborough county on that particular
10:26:09AM advisory committee. So those are -- that's the only change
10:26:12AM since the document you saw Friday, and with that, I -- I
10:26:16AM turn it back over to you, Mr. Chairman.
10:26:19AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Any questions from -- okay. Council
10:26:25AM Member John Dingfelder.
10:26:26AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I just wanted
10:26:28AM to speak to two issues that seem to be popping up from some
10:26:30AM of the members of the advisory committee. Related to this
10:26:35AM being cumbersome or this being difficult. I think the
10:26:39AM bottom line is -- you know, the best place for the community
10:26:41AM to give their input in this process is to be part of an
10:26:45AM advisory committee so that -- so that, you know -- and I've
10:26:48AM been through this recently on another context, because if
10:26:50AM you're not on an advisory committee, then you become merely
10:26:53AM a fact-finding committee, and the fact-finding committee,
10:26:56AM trust me, does -- you know, has very little power, has very
10:27:01AM little ability to make real recommendations. So the best
10:27:03AM thing for the community is to put together these advisory
10:27:06AM committees in each one of these CRA areas. That's number
10:27:10AM one. Number two, once we assume that you're going to be an
10:27:13AM advisory committee, then we don't have a choice in terms of
10:27:16AM sunshine, and in terms of ethics. Okay. And -- and Sal,

10:27:22AM our attorney, can correct me on this, if you wish. But the
10:27:25AM bottom line is is sunshine is controlled by state law, so --
10:27:29AM and the state -- the state has come down and basically
10:27:32AM concluded that if you have an advisory committee, and that
10:27:37AM advisory committee gives advice to a body such as ours then
10:27:41AM that advisory committee has to act under the sunshine. That
10:27:44AM is not up to our discretion. We can say all we want,
10:27:47AM whether or not it's fair or good or what have you. But it
10:27:50AM doesn't matter. That's the law of the courts. And then
10:27:52AM number two, when it comes to ethics, this council,
10:27:57AM four-and-a-half years ago, adopted a very stringent ethics
10:28:02AM code that specifically addresses advisory committees, and
10:28:06AM not just these advisory committees, but all advisory
10:28:09AM committees related to the City of Tampa. So unless we want
10:28:13AM to go into that ethics code and undo that provision of the
10:28:16AM ethics code, then, again, our hands are rather tied. So I
10:28:20AM think those are -- they're interesting discussions, you
10:28:22AM know, and that sort of thing, but to me, they're non-issues
10:28:24AM today.
10:28:26AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Counsel woman Saul-Sena.
10:28:29AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I had a long
10:28:31AM discussion with Mr. Huey about this, because it seemed to me
10:28:34AM that in the years of serving as a CRA Board member, that we
10:28:38AM have -- I've been concerned that we're using sunshine as a
10:28:41AM way of disallowing community people from talking to each
10:28:45AM other. It didn't used to be this way, and I was very
10:28:49AM concerned at the frustration I've heard from advisory
10:28:52AM committee members. Mr. Huey told me that it is a state law
10:28:55AM and we cannot change it because it's a state law. The issue
10:28:59AM suggested by -- or the -- the possible way to address this
10:29:02AM suggested by Mr. Rotelle and the frustration voiced by miss
10:29:09AM Jeannie White, says that maybe -- maybe given that we
10:29:13AM want -- the reason we're having these committee -- we want
10:29:15AM to hear directly from the community about the budgets and
10:29:17AM about where these CRA districts are going, and I think that
10:29:22AM we all recognize that each of our nine CRA districts are
10:29:26AM very different in character, composition, personality.
10:29:30AM Maybe we should allow as a CRA Board some CRA's to have
10:29:33AM advisory committees, and others that really don't want to do
10:29:36AM it, because of all the restrictions in sunshine, to just
10:29:39AM come to us when we discuss their areas and give us direct
10:29:43AM citizen input, and not have advisory committees for those
10:29:47AM areas. I think that's something we should really consider,
10:29:50AM because obviously there are different comfort levels with
10:29:54AM this level of bureaucracy that we're requiring for the
10:29:58AM advisory committees, and some areas really don't want to
10:30:01AM have them. So I don't -- just as we look at this matrix of
10:30:06AM representative categories, we have many different total size
10:30:11AM advisory committees based on the complexities of the issues,
10:30:14AM the number of participants in different areas, perhaps we
10:30:16AM should allow areas to decide if they want to have an
10:30:19AM advisory committee, and if they don't, then they can just
10:30:22AM communicate with us directly.
10:30:25AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. Council Woman Mary Mulhern.
10:30:29AM >>MARY MULHERN: That was my one question for Mr. Huey was
10:30:33AM whether the existing advisory committees actually voted to
10:30:39AM adopt these new -- was there an opportunity for them to vote
10:30:43AM on whether they -- were in -- you know -- agreement with it?
10:30:50AM >> Some or more -- you've heard reports today on actions
10:30:54AM that were taken, YCDC reported to you, VERONICA reported,

10:30:59AM that they took an official action on that part. Mr. Rotelle
10:31:02AM in Drew Park told you what action they took. So each area
10:31:05AM took their -- miss best reported to you the action they
10:31:09AM took. So -- yet they've all had ample opportunity to know
10:31:12AM it, to understand it. Some of the communities that -- like
10:31:16AM you heard from the channel district. They're really --
10:31:20AM their board is starting to unravel a little bit as members
10:31:23AM who -- who don't see that they're going to participate any
10:31:27AM longer under this new policy. So each area is a little bit
10:31:30AM different. I think you have heard today a representative --
10:31:34AM a well-representative sampling of the actions and activities
10:31:38AM that have taken -- been taken by this community on this
10:31:43AM policy. We have done everything we can to distribute the
10:31:45AM policy that you've directed us to distribute, to receive
10:31:47AM input in writing and in person through a meeting of all the
10:31:53AM presidents. So I think you've heard a good sampling of all
10:31:57AM of that. And there's nothing that hasn't been said that I'm
10:32:01AM aware of that is out there relating to the policy.
10:32:06AM >> All right. I was just wondering if they had had formal
10:32:09AM votes separately, each of them.
10:32:15AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah, it is my understanding -- I raised
10:32:17AM that question and I was informed that they've all been
10:32:19AM involved in this whole process. I think it's very
10:32:21AM important, though, and I had a discussion with Mr. Rotelle
10:32:25AM and I talked with our attorney -- I talked with our
10:32:33AM attorney, and based on his opinion, it is that because we
10:32:39AM appoint the advisory board, that they must function under
10:32:41AM the sunshine and follow the ethics code. You all want to
10:32:48AM state that?
10:32:50AM >> If you appoint these members and give them a role, then
10:32:54AM that role is what kicks in all of the other provisions of
10:32:56AM sunshine, ethics and so forth. As long as they have a
10:33:00AM formal role that you've designated, and the key is not what
10:33:03AM you call them. The key is what authority you give them.
10:33:08AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I was going to speak to that. It
10:33:11AM doesn't matter what name you have. If we appoint them, you
10:33:15AM know, it still falls under the sunshine. I guess, though,
10:33:18AM the issue, when we talk about the CRA advisory board, it
10:33:23AM comes down to the structure, how they're set up, and that we
10:33:27AM want to hear from the community, okay? And you got to ask
10:33:31AM yourself the question, if community people are now saying I
10:33:35AM don't want to serve, why is that? Is it because of the
10:33:38AM process is -- is problematic? Or is it that some people on
10:33:43AM there have a conflict, and they have to disclose that
10:33:47AM conflict? You know, I'm not sure. But I -- in some of my
10:33:53AM conversations, some of it has been both. Some more so than
10:33:57AM others had conflicts. Some felt like the process was a
10:34:05AM little bit problematic. But I will tell you, in my ten
10:34:07AM years, almost 11 years in public service, that all boards
10:34:10AM that I've been a part of appointing, that they all were
10:34:14AM under the sunshine and had to go through the process of
10:34:17AM filling out application, and also financial disclosure.
10:34:20AM Now, that was under the county. City operations are a
10:34:25AM little bit different. However, I would think that we all
10:34:27AM operate under Florida statute. So the only difference here
10:34:33AM is that here you're required to come and give you a
10:34:36AM three-minute speech as opposed to just looking at the
10:34:38AM application, and then lobbying you, and then -- you know,
10:34:41AM that's the only thing I see really different here with
10:34:44AM regard to the process. But the question becomes here do we

10:34:47AM want to move forward with the advisory board policy. And
10:34:51AM keeping in mind that you can always amend as you move
10:34:53AM forward. I mean, you can always do that. So yes?
10:34:55AM >> Thank you. I think Mr. Huey's done a very good job of
10:35:00AM changing what came to us in draft many months ago to
10:35:03AM recognize the different personalities and constituencies in
10:35:11AM the areas, and I think this is a good one. And I think in
10:35:15AM the Democratic spirit, people who want to participate
10:35:17AM should, and if, for example, an -- people don't want to go
10:35:21AM through the -- you know, semi-arduous process of financial
10:35:24AM disclosure and all that, which I know precludes many good
10:35:28AM people from public service, which I think is a drag, they
10:35:30AM should just communicate directly with us as council members
10:35:33AM and not be an official part of the advisory committee. I --
10:35:36AM I don't -- I don't think that throwing out the baby with the
10:35:39AM bath water is wise. I mean, I do think that there's value
10:35:42AM to these, and I just -- I just am sorry that it precludes
10:35:45AM many talented people from wanting -- feeling comfortable
10:35:48AM participating.
10:35:49AM >> If I may, just for clarification, because several times
10:35:51AM the financial disclosure came up. There is no financial
10:35:54AM disclosure requirement for these advisory bodies. There's a
10:35:58AM statute that specifically exempts them from that provision.
10:36:02AM All the other provisions do prevail. But financial
10:36:05AM disclosure is not one of them, unless you want to add it.
10:36:08AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. That's a good clarification. Yes.
10:36:11AM We need to move.
10:36:12AM >> I move to adopt.
10:36:13AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do I hear a second? Is.
10:36:14AM >> Second.
10:36:15AM >> All right. It's been moved and seconded. That we adopt
10:36:19AM the advisory board policy. All in favor let it be known --
10:36:24AM yes.
10:36:24AM >> Excuse me. I just want to clarify in the east Tampa one,
10:36:27AM there's no specific reference to anybody representing any
10:36:30AM commercial interests, and in all the other boards, we have a
10:36:33AM variety of residential and commercial interests, and I think
10:36:38AM we should have some business owners represented.
10:36:40AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was going to come back to that.
10:36:42AM >> But do we need to do it now?
10:36:44AM >> Yeah, you should.
10:36:46AM >> Well, if you would like to pass the policy but give some
10:36:49AM further direction, maybe adding some clarification to that,
10:36:53AM that we can work with the advisory and bring a
10:36:56AM recommendation on that piece of it.
10:36:58AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:36:59AM >> So move to adopt the advisory policy and to re-examine --
10:37:07AM [Inaudible].
10:37:09AM >> Second.
10:37:11AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, we can ask staff -- we can make that
10:37:14AM a separate motion.
10:37:15AM >> Okay. Move to adopt --
10:37:16AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's been moved and seconded. All in favor
10:37:18AM let it be known by AYE.
10:37:20AM >> Okay. And then for the east Tampa one, we would ask
10:37:23AM staff to go back and work with them to include, I think,
10:37:26AM business, and that was the question I was going to raise in
10:37:29AM terms of business owners being a part of this group.
10:37:33AM >> We'll work -- something along the lines of what other
10:37:37AM communities have done to ensure stake holder representation,

10:37:41AM to include businesses, property owners.
10:37:43AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Miss best, can you all do that, please?
10:37:47AM Okay. Thank you. Can we entertain a motion that will ask
10:37:51AM staff to go work with them --
10:37:52AM >> So moved.
10:37:53AM >> Second.
10:37:54AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right. Moved and seconded that we ask
10:37:59AM staff to work with miss best in east Tampa to include other
10:38:03AM business component to this. Okay. All in favor let it be
10:38:05AM known by AYE. Opposed same sign. So moved and ordered.
10:38:09AM Thank you very kindly. All right. Then we need to move to
10:38:12AM item number seven.
10:38:13AM >> Yes. This is a very important part of our agenda, an
10:38:19AM exciting part, an opportunity to help a very important
10:38:23AM potential project in our downtown CRA move forward. I have
10:38:28AM a POWERPoint presentation that I will take you through
10:38:31AM briefly. Quickly. If that could come up, please. You are
10:38:53AM familiar with this project as Prime Meridian. The project
10:38:56AM came before city council last week in the first hearing of
10:38:59AM the rezoning, which was successful. The project is located
10:39:03AM in our downtown redevelopment area at the intersection of
10:39:07AM Channelside Drive and meridian. You see the downtown in the
10:39:10AM background. It's proximity to the St. Pete times forum, and
10:39:15AM channel shops and the aquarium. Very strategic location in
10:39:18AM our downtown. I'm not going to spend a great deal of time
10:39:21AM talking about the project, but I do want to highlight its
10:39:27AM important downtown and public benefits. It would be the
10:39:30AM first new office building --
10:39:32AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Excuse me for one second, I saw some of the
10:39:35AM people leaving and I just wanted to address and thank them
10:39:38AM for their service serving on the Advisory Board, and all the
10:39:41AM input and that they will continue to serve until such time
10:39:45AM all the replacements in place. Also, look at a way how we
10:39:49AM can have some way to recognize them as well. Certificate,
10:39:54AM awards, whatever. Those who have served. I would like for
10:39:57AM us to have some way that we can recognize them here in the
10:40:00AM chamber or somewhere. Okay? So work that out. Okay?
10:40:04AM >> That would be great.
10:40:07AM >> Thank you very much so excuse me for that.
10:40:09AM >> We really appreciate that volunteer involvement. So to
10:40:12AM recognize it as important. Again, first new office building
10:40:17AM at our downtown since 1992. $140 million estimated private
10:40:22AM investment. It would generate for our downtown TIF $420,000
10:40:27AM annually. Very significantly, it would create 1700 parking
10:40:32AM spaces which would serve the office tenants during the day,
10:40:36AM but at night and on the weekends would be available to
10:40:37AM support events in our downtown. 2200 employees,
10:40:44AM potentially, officing there, that will patronize
10:40:47AM restaurants, retail to street car and hopefully buy or rent
10:40:52AM some residences in the channel district. Great pedestrian
10:40:57AM realm improvements, green space improvements, a wonderful
10:40:59AM addition to our skyline, as you might recall this was going
10:41:05AM to be a LEED gold office project, first such office building
10:41:09AM in our downtown. Very exciting for all those public
10:41:12AM benefits. Today we focus on another particular benefit, and
10:41:14AM the agreement that is before you is targeted toward a
10:41:18AM downtown transportation and pedestrian connection
10:41:21AM opportunity. This is a map of our downtown. You can see
10:41:29AM the project site in blue. Roads have been highlighted to
10:41:33AM show you our grid, transportation grid, and our downtown.

10:41:37AM The main thing that I want to point out to you is that from
10:41:41AM Kennedy at the top to Channelside at the bottom, you can see
10:41:51AM how our downtown road grid is interrupted by -- it doesn't
10:41:54AM continue. There's very limited -- there's only three
10:41:57AM connection points that you can see. What we have today is
10:42:03AM an opportunity to create another connection point. And that
10:42:10AM is an opportunity to create another east-west connection
10:42:13AM that would connect from the channel district through to
10:42:16AM Florida Avenue. The action before you today won't put all
10:42:19AM of that in place, but it will put in place, and it's what's
10:42:23AM highlighted in yellow, a very key linchpin of that potential
10:42:28AM transportation and pedestrian connection. Let me sort of
10:42:35AM orient you to the agreement, and let me first orient you to
10:42:38AM some of the details. You see on this map the project site.
10:42:43AM Again, you see Cumberland highlighted, and it is the focal
10:42:53AM point of our roadway agreement that you're approving. You
10:42:57AM see on the North ConAgra is acknowledged. ConAgra is
10:43:00AM important to our discussion this morning because they
10:43:02AM control or control to the east of the project site in purple
10:43:09AM an easement area. That includes a railroad track that is
10:43:12AM used by ConAgra, and making this transportation and
10:43:16AM pedestrian connection happen involves ConAgra allowing us to
10:43:22AM move that forward, as well as the expressway authority.
10:43:30AM They are our partners in moving this forward. What are we
10:43:34AM agreeing to do? The agreements before you make certain
10:43:37AM commitments by the city and by the developer. Let me
10:43:39AM highlight those. Dotted in yellow at the bottom is the
10:43:42AM first part of that agreement. Presently, the city has a
10:43:46AM 20-foot right-of-way in place along Channelside Drive in
10:43:52AM green. The city has put that in place in partnership with
10:43:55AM the expressway authority to one day expand Channelside and
10:43:59AM Brorein to enhance east-west transportation activities.
10:44:04AM This commitment was put in place by the city because our
10:44:07AM transportation planners know we need more capacity over
10:44:11AM time, and at that time, there was no possibility to do the
10:44:17AM CUMBERLAND transportation corridor that we do have an
10:44:22AM opportunity to make happen today. So our first commitment
10:44:24AM is that we are going to give up that opportunity for a
10:44:26AM better opportunity. The developer will actually build a
10:44:29AM portion of their building in that right-of-way.
10:44:35AM >> Excuse me, mark. You're showing the dashed yellow line
10:44:40AM continuing up to whatever that next street is.
10:44:42AM >> That would be Nebraska.
10:44:45AM >> Okay. And our commitment doesn't -- wouldn't apply from
10:44:51AM Caesar to Nebraska, would it?
10:44:53AM >> Yes.
10:44:53AM >> Why?
10:44:54AM >> Well, our commitment as it relates to the developer,
10:44:58AM you're right, is to the specific part on their site.
10:45:00AM >> Okay.
10:45:01AM >> But absent that, the -- the value of the rest of it is
10:45:05AM limited for the city. It really is -- was designed
10:45:09AM originally by our transportation department as a continuous
10:45:12AM element. I wanted to make you aware of that as a board.
10:45:15AM But you are correct that the agreements before you don't
10:45:18AM affect that particular part of Brorein that is not shown
10:45:26AM along -- adjacent to the site.
10:45:30AM >> Mark, since you have that slide up there, I was wondering
10:45:33AM if you could point out the it looks like a light blue line
10:45:36AM on there, the street that we vacated recently.

10:45:40AM >> That was right down the middle.
10:45:42AM >> Council vacated that street, which I think we need to --
10:45:46AM >> It's in the middle of the site.
10:45:47AM >> Yes. That needs to be just pointed out. That was
10:45:51AM another part of the project.
10:45:52AM >> Yes. The developer, as you saw during the rezoning, has
10:45:56AM a master plan for the entire site. There is a building
10:45:59AM built on the North side of the site, a parking garage to
10:46:04AM the -- or the building is on the South side of the site, the
10:46:07AM garage on the North side, and ball street is an access point
10:46:10AM that is part of the plan that you reviewed during the
10:46:14AM rezoning, and we are vacating that to help make that master
10:46:17AM plan happen. Second part of the agreement is that the
10:46:28AM developer commits to provide the right-of-way that you see
10:46:33AM highlighted at this point, and to design and construct all
10:46:38AM of the road improvements for Cumberland between Caesar
10:46:43AM street and the railroad tracks. That actually -- that
10:46:52AM second bullet point, or this actual box is -- I learned
10:46:55AM recently is actually not correct. The developer is not
10:47:00AM committing to the design all the way to Nebraska in
10:47:03AM cooperation with our transportation department. There's a
10:47:05AM number of issues that have to be addressed before that
10:47:08AM segment can be designed. So the focus of their work is on
10:47:11AM that yellow box. To the -- now the issue of the railroad
10:47:20AM crossing, and that part of the property that gets you to the
10:47:24AM intersection of meridian. This is very important. In order
10:47:27AM for the thru way to occur all the way into the channel
10:47:32AM district, the railroad crossing that serves ConAgra, and
10:47:35AM that land that the expressway authority is involved with,
10:47:40AM needs to be controlled. We actually, as of today, ConAgra
10:47:44AM and the expressway authority have both signed and/or
10:47:48AM approved an easement agreement that does, in fact, put the
10:47:52AM control of that highlighted property in the city's control
10:47:55AM so that we can move forward. We now will need to be -- have
10:47:59AM some dialogue with CSX, which we will do together, but we
10:48:04AM are confident that we will be successful in finalizing all
10:48:08AM plans to -- for CUMBERLAND to be able to traverse that
10:48:14AM railroad crossing and therefore intersect with meridian.
10:48:16AM The design and construction of those improvements at the
10:48:20AM railroad crossing and at the interchange will be completed
10:48:23AM by the developer. Funding. There are two funding issues at
10:48:31AM play here. One is that -- the funding associated with the
10:48:37AM improvements at the railroad crossing and at the
10:48:41AM interchange. The agreement before you provides that TIF
10:48:44AM resources will be used to fund those improvements, and they
10:48:47AM would primarily come from the downtown, but there could be
10:48:50AM some improvements that are actually in the Channelside CRA.
10:48:55AM Once it's designed, we will have a better feeling for that.
10:48:58AM But our -- most of it will come from the downtown CRA. Then
10:49:04AM the yellow box, all of those improvements, the right-of-way,
10:49:10AM acquisition from the developer, because, again, this is now
10:49:14AM private property that the developer is buying, and is
10:49:17AM prepared to sell to the city to make this interchange
10:49:22AM happen, that design and construction of all of that is
10:49:26AM funded through impact fee credits. And let me walk you
10:49:29AM through that in a little bit more detail. This is the
10:49:32AM sources and uses statement, and it shows you we are using
10:49:35AM two funding approaches, one impact fees, we believe the
10:49:40AM project will generate approximately $1.7 million, all the
10:49:44AM elements of this before you are estimates, but they do give

10:49:47AM you a sense -- our best sense conceptually of how this will
10:49:52AM come together. Then you see another use of TIF funds or
10:49:56AM another source of TIF funds. The uses involve the
10:49:58AM acquisition of the right-of-way, the design and construction
10:50:02AM of the CUMBERLAND improvements and then the interchange at
10:50:06AM meridian and CUMBERLAND, that design in construction. So
10:50:11AM what you're seeing here is we're going to be providing
10:50:14AM impact fee credits for the right-of-way, and then TIF funds
10:50:20AM for the actual interchange of improvements of about 1.5
10:50:23AM million. This is the schedule of payments in the agreements
10:50:26AM that we have agreed to with the developer. For the TIF
10:50:30AM reimbursement that we have provided for. You might recall
10:50:33AM that a priority for our downtown tiff right now is the
10:50:37AM completion of Curtis HIXON park. So we have worked out a
10:50:42AM development reimbursement schedule with the developer that
10:50:45AM allows those payments that you see, which we believe can be
10:50:49AM accommodated within the current downtown TIF projections,
10:50:56AM but it would be an initial payment in the November 2009
10:51:00AM timing, the second one a year later, and then the balance of
10:51:04AM actual lost no later than 2013. And that concludes my
10:51:12AM presentation on this important public-private partnership
10:51:15AM opportunity that we have to move this very critical
10:51:19AM redevelopment project forward. I'd be happy to answer any
10:51:23AM questions. There are representatives from the legal
10:51:25AM department to answer questions on the agreements. We also
10:51:28AM have representatives of the developer.
10:51:31AM >> Thank you for the presentation. We need all the
10:51:36AM connectivity -- between downtown in the channel district.
10:51:40AM This has been a silly cul-de-sac in the past, and I look
10:51:43AM forward to it being connected. I think we have another
10:51:46AM safeguards in place so I'd like to move the resolution.
10:51:48AM >> Second.
10:51:52AM >>MARY MULHERN: I have questions about this, because I seem
10:51:57AM to recall when council voted on vacating that street, and
10:52:05AM also when we voted on the rezoning last week, it was with
10:52:09AM this understanding that because we were vacating that, they
10:52:17AM were going to make that up to us with some improvements on
10:52:20AM the other street. That's what I recall. That's how that
10:52:24AM was represented to us. But now we're being asked to give up
10:52:28AM the impact fee for -- so that we're actually going to be
10:52:34AM responsible with our TIF dollars to create that road. And I
10:52:40AM think that I feel like I'm not sure that we -- you know,
10:52:46AM this is a wonderful project. It's a green building. I
10:52:48AM would like to point out that green buildings save people
10:52:51AM money. They're the only thing that is selling right now in
10:52:55AM this market, is green buildings, so this is a benefit not
10:52:59AM just to us in the city or the environment, but it's a
10:53:03AM benefit to the builder, because they're -- and the future
10:53:07AM tenants, who are going to save a lot of money. So I just
10:53:11AM feel like we're -- we're kind of giving away the impact fees
10:53:16AM for this huge building, which is going to require a lot of
10:53:23AM infrastructure, new infrastructure needs and we're just
10:53:27AM conceding that and saying that we will pay for it. I think
10:53:30AM that for them, they bought that parcel with that Cumberland
10:53:38AM piece as part of the parcel. They probably can't develop
10:53:40AM this project without fixing that road. I think it's
10:53:44AM wonderful if they do that, but I also think it's probably a
10:53:47AM necessity. It's also something that's going to benefit
10:53:50AM ConAgra. So of course they would agree to this because
10:53:54AM we're -- the city, out of our impact fees we're giving up is

10:53:58AM going to pay for it. So I just don't -- I don't feel
10:54:01AM comfortable with it, and I'm not going to support it.
10:54:06AM >> I can make a couple of observations just to make sure the
10:54:09AM record's clear. I cannot speak to what was represented to
10:54:12AM you in the rezoning, and so forth. I would like to make a
10:54:15AM couple things clear. First of all, everything in the
10:54:18AM agreement before you relating to the use of impact fees is
10:54:22AM consistent with our impact fee ordinances. Secondly, one of
10:54:26AM the -- one of the considerations here, given that the
10:54:29AM interchange improvements are not yet settled, there still
10:54:33AM are some things we need to do with CSX. In the event that
10:54:38AM that does not move forward, what you should know, in the
10:54:41AM agreements before you, the developer will not get impact fee
10:54:45AM credits for any right-of-way that they give us or any
10:54:49AM improve -- any of the improvement dollars designed and
10:54:52AM construction dollars on Cumberland. So what we're saying is
10:54:58AM that has value to the city, you collect impact fees to make
10:55:01AM transportation improvements, like Cumberland, and to the
10:55:06AM extent that that does, in fact, become a meaningful
10:55:09AM opportunity to create that east-west transit corridor, it's
10:55:12AM a very appropriate use for impact fees, and everything being
10:55:15AM done is consistent with our impact fee ordinances.
10:55:18AM Secondly, I want to remind you that the TIF dollars are
10:55:23AM being used just for that interchange at Cumberland and
10:55:30AM Meridian and make that clear and remind you that this
10:55:33AM project will bring, if it moves forward, and it's a very
10:55:36AM difficult project to move forward. Our developers are
10:55:39AM working very hard to move it forward, it will bring about
10:55:41AM $420,000 a year itself into our downtown TIF to help make
10:55:45AM other improvements, good improvements, happen in our
10:55:48AM community, so --
10:55:49AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have a time certain 11:00, there's
10:55:52AM about three to 11, so do we have any other questions? Yes,
10:55:59AM councilman Dingfelder.
10:56:01AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Your comments are well-taken, and we all
10:56:04AM wrestle with these choices and it is a difficult choice,
10:56:07AM because it's the people's money. It's not our money, but
10:56:11AM it's the people's money in terms of the TIF dollars and in
10:56:14AM terms of the impact fees. But, in making the decision last
10:56:21AM week to support this project on the rezoning and on the
10:56:24AM vacating, I never would have supported the vacating of ball
10:56:28AM street until I heard that they were going to be, A, giving
10:56:33AM us half of Cumberland street back, because some council long
10:56:40AM ago vacated half of Cumberland street. So they're giving
10:56:46AM half of that back. If we didn't have that half back, we
10:56:49AM would never be able to develop, you know, Cumberland street
10:56:54AM ourselves. So A, to me, that was a reasonable tradeoff was
10:56:57AM sort of ball street for Cumberland street, although square
10:57:02AM footage wise, I don't know how it works out. And B, I think
10:57:06AM that the overwhelming purpose of this in terms of having a
10:57:11AM meaningful connection, a meaningful alternative connection
10:57:14AM to get through to Channelside I think is worth it. Because
10:57:18AM right now, what you experience, especially if there's an
10:57:22AM event at the ice palace or if there's a lot going on down in
10:57:28AM Channelside itself, then that whole street down there,
10:57:33AM Channelside Drive, snarls up, and as we get more residents
10:57:36AM who are living -- and living and working, working downtown,
10:57:41AM living in Channelside village, they're going to need that
10:57:45AM alternative really desperately to be able to get back and
10:57:48AM forth on that east-west corridor. So even though, you know,

10:57:51AM in a perfect world, yeah, just let the developer do it
10:57:55AM themselves or, you know, let them pay for the whole thing, I
10:57:57AM think in this case, the tradeoff is worthwhile and I'm
10:58:00AM comfortable with it. But your concerns are valid.
10:58:03AM >> I just want to say one thing to that. I think it's all
10:58:07AM great we need the connectivity. We need -- it's wonderful
10:58:11AM we're getting a new office building. I just -- I'd like to
10:58:15AM see us Drive a harder bargain. I mean, I see these
10:58:19AM contracts come in front of us to approve, and I look at
10:58:23AM them, and I'm thinking, well, you know, this is our
10:58:25AM responsibility to be, you know, tight fisted. Where's
10:58:30AM Charlie? Back me up on this. And I -- I just feel very
10:58:36AM strongly that I think -- I know I ran -- when I ran for city
10:58:42AM council, I ran on this position that development needs to
10:58:45AM pay its fair share. And I think I heard every candidate say
10:58:51AM that, and that's what I'm talking about now. This looks to
10:58:54AM me like we're giving them a little gift, when they were
10:58:57AM going to have to do that anyway. So --
10:59:03AM >> I learned years ago when I first got on a school board in
10:59:07AM Massachusetts, a fella who had been in politics for many
10:59:10AM years, and he said, the definition of a politician is you
10:59:15AM got to know the art of compromising, and while we may be
10:59:20AM giving up some $300,000 on impact fees, but the reward is
10:59:25AM going to be beneficial to the city, and I support this.
10:59:28AM Plus, the jobs that are going to be there, some 22, maybe
10:59:32AM 3,000 jobs. We need jobs. Because the market is hurting.
10:59:37AM And the real estate -- it's -- it's tremendous. I'm sorry
10:59:42AM that miss Mulhern can't vote for it, but maybe in the future
10:59:47AM she'll change her mind. Thank you.
10:59:48AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. The motion is on the floor that we
10:59:51AM approve. All in favor let it be known by aye. Opposed same
10:59:55AM sign. One.
10:59:59AM >>MARY MULHERN: Nay.
11:00:01AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Did you get Charlie to vote?
11:00:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, I did.
11:00:05AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Clerk, do you want to --
11:00:07AM >> Are you in favor of item 7?
11:00:09AM >> Yes.
11:00:10AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: He voted to it's 6-1. All right. 6-1 vote
11:00:14AM on that. One last thing is Council Woman Saul-Sena, do you
11:00:18AM want to speak to this on --
11:00:20AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, Mr. Chairman, I didn't realize that
11:00:22AM our CRA January meeting is the 31st, so I'd like the meeting
11:00:26AM for Drew Park to be sometime within the month of January,
11:00:28AM prior to our meeting. It doesn't have to be the very first
11:00:32AM week because we have a little more Leeway, so my motion is
11:00:35AM to ask the staff to schedule that meeting sometime within
11:00:37AM the month of January prior to our January CRA meeting.
11:00:41AM >> Second.
11:00:41AM >> Question on that motion. Done we hear that we were going
11:00:46AM to east Tampa in January for a night meeting?
11:00:49AM >> Yeah. Community meeting.
11:00:53AM >> I mean, I don't know --
11:00:55AM >> Scheduled for January 8th, hopefully.
11:00:57AM >> We just want to make sure that we have a good attendance
11:01:00AM from council so if we do it one a month might be better, do
11:01:04AM Drew Park in February or something.
11:01:05AM >> But Drew Park, we really want to discuss the land use
11:01:08AM stuff. I --
11:01:10AM >> Well, there's no real big hurry. I mean, we've

11:01:13AM already -- it's not a big rush. I mean, we can do it in
11:01:18AM February.
11:01:20AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Whatever my colleagues want to do.
11:01:23AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
11:01:24AM >> I think the holiday is what's causing, you know, the
11:01:26AM problem here. Okay? Thank you. Okay. I know we --
11:01:31AM >> We have one. We'll have to defer it.
11:01:34AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was going to say, can we make sure that's
11:01:36AM put on our agenda for --
11:01:38AM >> And we apologize for being here, and being well-prepared.
11:01:42AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is he here?
11:01:43AM >> Yes. Their team is here, actually.
11:01:45AM >> I just want to recognize them and thank them and I
11:01:47AM apologize that we didn't have an opportunity to move forward
11:01:50AM with their presentation, but --
11:01:52AM >> We'll bring them back. We'll schedule them back here.
11:01:55AM They're doing good work, and we look forward to exposing it
11:01:58AM to you.
11:01:58AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: And again, thank you, Mr. Huey, for your
11:02:01AM input and for your staff and those who are working hard for
11:02:04AM the CRA. You're doing a tremendous job.
11:02:06AM >> Thank you. Thank you very much.
11:02:07AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: You have item number eight that you have to
11:02:11AM take up a name change for the heights?
11:02:13AM >> Yes. I'm sorry.
11:02:14AM >> Second.
11:02:15AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Changing the name on item number eight.
11:02:18AM Thank you. That's for the old police station area, right?
11:02:22AM >> Yes.
11:02:22AM >> Tampa heights.
11:02:24AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we need to read that? We don't have to
11:02:27AM read it?
11:02:27AM >> No.
11:02:28AM >> It's only a resolution.
11:02:29AM >> Second.
11:02:30AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Has been moved and seconded. All in favor
11:02:32AM let it be known by aye. Okay. So moved and ordered. Okay.
11:02:37AM Any other -- receive and file?
11:02:39AM >> Receive and file.
11:02:40AM >> Second.
11:02:40AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor let it be known by aye. So
11:02:43AM moved and ordered. Yes.
11:02:45AM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Under new business, I don't
11:02:47AM know when, but I think that we heard from our public that
11:02:52AM the channel district is very concerned about a conceptual
11:02:55AM plan being developed for land next to the aquarium. I'd
11:02:58AM love to see us do that in the next quarter of our CRA
11:03:01AM meeting.
11:03:02AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. So you want that on the --
11:03:04AM >> We have a public discussion on it. On the -- on what the
11:03:08AM public would like to see as part of a plan for the land next
11:03:11AM to the aquarium that the city owns.
11:03:14AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. So you want to put that on the
11:03:16AM agenda?
11:03:16AM >> It would be for February.
11:03:18AM >> Okay. Mr. Huey, are you hearing this?
11:03:21AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That for our February CRA meeting we
11:03:24AM have a discussion of the city-owned land next to the
11:03:26AM aquarium and what the public would like to see as part of,
11:03:29AM like, the conceptual plan and what we're doing with that.

11:03:33AM >> Yes. And the progress that has occurred is that we have
11:03:36AM retained Wilson Miller to do all of our infrastructure and
11:03:39AM planning work in the channel district and part of their
11:03:41AM scope of services, as you might recall, was to help us with
11:03:45AM that.
11:03:46AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I thought the aquarium hired a planner
11:03:48AM to look at this, too. We need to have --
11:03:50AM >> I have encouraged the aquarium, actually --
11:03:53AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They have, they have.
11:03:55AM >> -- actually, to do whatever they need to do to be ready
11:03:58AM for our public process. The aquarium is quite aware of
11:04:04AM this. I've had a chance to visit with Tom stork on a number
11:04:08AM of occasions. Wilson Miller will be leading the planning
11:04:12AM exercise for the aquarium land as part of the work that they
11:04:15AM are doing in the channel district.
11:04:18AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to make sure that it's real
11:04:21AM public and that the public has a lot of opportunities for
11:04:23AM inputs. That's why I'd like it to be on our February CRA
11:04:27AM calendar.
11:04:27AM >> We'd be glad to put it there.
11:04:29AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:04:30AM >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay. All right, then. Nothing else
11:04:32AM coming before us, we stand adjourned. We, I guess, turn it
11:04:35AM over to the city council chair. Okay.
11:04:40AM >>GWEN MILLER: Change over.
11:04:41AM >> Give us a five-minute break.
11:04:43AM >> All right. We'll take a five-minute break then, and then
11:04:46AM the city council will reconvene.