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Thursday, December 13, 2007
9:00 a.m. session

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09:06:42 >> COMMISSIONER SCOTT: Good morning.
09:06:43 Welcome to the Community Redevelopment Agency for the
09:06:46 City of Tampa.
09:06:47 We will now call it over to councilwoman Linda
09:06:50 Saul-Sena.
09:06:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is my great pleasure this
09:06:53 morning to have our invocation presented by Al Davis,
09:06:56 a long-time activist in our community, and articulate
09:07:01 spokesperson for the rights of the community.
09:07:02 It is a pleasure to have you lead us in our invocation

09:07:05 this morning.
09:07:07 All rise for the invocation and remain standing for
09:07:13 the pledge of allegiance.
09:07:15 Good morning.
09:07:17 >> Al Davis: In the one in the name who our national
09:07:21 motto, in God we trust.
09:07:23 We beseech Thee to do our best this morning as we set
09:07:30 about to do the business and the best thing is yet to
09:07:38 come.
09:07:39 We are thankful for being able to be awakened this
09:07:44 morning, clothed in our right mind, and enabled to go
09:07:52 forth.
09:07:53 Bless this council, this board, the staff, and the
09:07:59 others participating.
09:08:03 And as the season begins to unfold, we are mindful
09:08:08 that we are to care for one another and do what is
09:08:13 right in Thy sight.
09:08:18 It is in the name of God we trust, we pray, thank you.
09:08:23 Amen.
09:08:27 (Pledge of Allegiance).
09:08:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will now have roll call.
09:08:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.

09:08:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:08:57 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:08:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:09:01 Let me read into the record a memo from councilman
09:09:05 Charlie Miranda, please be advised that I will be
09:09:07 unable to attend the Community Redevelopment Agency
09:09:10 meeting this Thursday, December 13th, 2007, due to
09:09:13 medical reasons.
09:09:14 At this time I plan to be at the evening session at
09:09:18 6 p.m.
09:09:22 Thank you.
09:09:23 This is from Mr. Miranda.
09:09:25 So let me give you this.
09:09:30 Okay?
09:09:30 Our agenda has been outlined.
09:09:34 Shall we proceed?
09:09:37 >>> Good morning.
09:09:39 We have a number of decision items later in the agenda
09:09:42 but we are going to start this morning with a
09:09:43 presentation from our consultant who has been working
09:09:47 on your behalf in the Central Park redevelopment area
09:09:50 to create a future vision and a strategic action plan

09:09:53 for that.
09:09:54 You might recall that they were actually here last
09:09:56 month for the board meeting, and we ran out of time.
09:10:00 So we are glad that they could be back with us this
09:10:02 morning.
09:10:03 I am going to have Michael hatchet, our redevelopment
09:10:05 manager, for the Central Park area to come up and kick
09:10:08 things off.
09:10:15 >>> Michael hatchet, manager of the Heights and
09:10:17 Central Park.
09:10:18 As mark indicated we have been working under the
09:10:20 planning direction of EDAW on the Central Park
09:10:23 strategic action plan for some months now.
09:10:25 And they have made some great accomplishments and some
09:10:29 great strides for us in that regard in terms of
09:10:32 existing conditions in the community and helping us
09:10:38 form some preliminary scenarios for the redevelopment
09:10:41 of the community.
09:10:42 And how the financing of that redevelopment could take
09:10:45 place.
09:10:46 And so today, Ellen Heath, who is the principal of
09:10:49 EDAW, is joined by Jan ash of ash engineering, serving

09:10:55 as structuring engineer will present a PowerPoint
09:11:00 presentation to share with you what they learned to
09:11:03 date and where they are suggesting that we go forward
09:11:06 from this point in time.
09:11:08 So Ellen, we would like to invite you up.
09:11:12 >>> Good morning, everybody.
09:11:20 We have got a Slade presentation that I'm going to
09:11:25 take you through.
09:11:26 Obviously, feel free to ask any questions as we go
09:11:32 along.
09:11:32 We want to concentrate on our very preliminary
09:11:36 recommendations at this point.
09:11:37 And Jana, as Michael mentioned, will jump in.
09:11:43 And I am here on behalf of a full team, our project
09:11:46 manager couldn't be with us today, but I'm here on
09:11:48 behalf of her as well as Jesse wiles of APD and Pamela
09:11:54 Barb of economic research associates and a lot of what
09:11:57 I am going to present is work they have done.
09:12:01 I think you are probably familiar with our boundaries.
09:12:03 We have Tampa Heights to the northwest, downtown to
09:12:08 the southwest, Ybor over to the northeast, and then
09:12:10 Channel District.

09:12:13 So it's a relatively small area, kind of hemmed in.
09:12:17 There's an outparcel that is the GTE parcel and I'm
09:12:21 going to talk about that in a minute and how we might
09:12:23 want to deal with that or at least present similar
09:12:27 physical kinds of developments.
09:12:28 It's a good development, good jobs, but it's sort of,
09:12:32 as you know, turned its back on the neighborhood,
09:12:34 which is what we want to discourage.
09:12:36 So just briefly, the purpose of the plan, Central
09:12:42 Park, attract more private investment by enhance using
09:12:49 incentives and other regulatory actions sort of
09:12:52 typical of a CRA action plan.
09:12:53 But in particular in this area, I think as we'll see,
09:12:58 we need to take -- be creative about how we think
09:13:01 about this.
09:13:03 We have had a fair amount of public participation to
09:13:05 date, in addition to a couple of committee meetings.
09:13:09 We had a kickoff on June 7th, did some work over
09:13:12 the summer, and then the day before I was here last
09:13:15 time, we had a community presentation of our
09:13:18 preliminary recommendations.
09:13:20 So the presentation that you are about to see is very

09:13:24 similar to what we presented that night at the
09:13:25 community.
09:13:26 And I think, Michael, we had about 25 or 30 people
09:13:29 there.
09:13:29 So we were pleased with the turnout.
09:13:33 There is an existing condition report.
09:13:37 Demographic characteristics certainly supports the
09:13:40 initial planning of blight that was made to create the
09:13:48 CRA, and 69% of the residents live in poverty compared
09:13:51 to 37% of the entire City of Tampa.
09:13:54 Almost half of the structures are deteriorating, or
09:13:57 deteriorated.
09:13:58 And that takes into account the fact that the old
09:14:02 Central Park Village, as you know, has been
09:14:05 demolished.
09:14:06 Renters -- in 2004, occupied 97% renter occupied.
09:14:14 As we know, owner occupancy sometimes is a -- is an
09:14:23 indicator of economic well-being, and there's a lot of
09:14:27 vacant parcels.
09:14:29 Population has declined since 2000.
09:14:31 There are about 1200 residents there now.
09:14:33 Of course, the Central Park Village now called the

09:14:37 Encore project being spearheaded by Bank of America
09:14:41 will enhance those opportunities greatly, about
09:14:45 tripling of the residents by 2011.
09:14:49 Income of this area, as you might expect, is also
09:14:53 lower than the rest of the city.
09:14:55 Consumer goods spending for example of about 5600 a
09:14:58 year, less than half of the city-wide average.
09:15:02 But, again, with the new development as well as we
09:15:06 hope redevelopment of other areas, household incomes
09:15:09 are expected to increase as well.
09:15:12 And of course those new house holds and new buying
09:15:15 power enhance future opportunities for retail.
09:15:19 Currently, there are about 425 housing units, houses
09:15:26 1200 people, we have already talked about the high
09:15:30 renter proportion.
09:15:33 And then the housing stock is also aging and obsolete.
09:15:37 Look at what's happening around our CRA.
09:15:42 Of course, the surrounding areas particularly in the
09:15:45 last ten years have experienced significant
09:15:47 development.
09:15:48 Tampa Heights has some redevelopment of single-family.
09:15:52 Channelside and downtown have been a real focus for

09:15:56 mixed use kinds of development.
09:15:58 And then, of course, Ybor City with destination retail
09:16:03 and entertainment.
09:16:05 So the challenge here really is how do we create a
09:16:09 real place called Central Park, a place that people
09:16:13 can really feel proud to call home?
09:16:18 Although a lot of people feel proud to call this place
09:16:21 home now, but something that has a greater sense of
09:16:24 place.
09:16:25 We are in a little bit of limbo now with the
09:16:27 demolition of the public housing.
09:16:30 So I think it's sort of in abeyance, and it's up to
09:16:33 the city and the residents and the community to create
09:16:36 something that's going to be better than what was
09:16:38 there before.
09:16:38 How do we make it an enjoyable place to live, work and
09:16:42 shop?
09:16:42 And then last but certainly not least, how do we
09:16:45 attract and retain business?
09:16:47 The land use challenges, I mentioned this earlier, you
09:16:50 see the gray blob kind of in the middle of the CRA,
09:16:55 which is not included in the CRA boundary, but we call

09:17:00 that the enclave development, where it's walled off
09:17:04 from neighbors.
09:17:06 We really want to figure out how to integrate that
09:17:08 better, and then also as I mentioned earlier,
09:17:10 certainly discourage that kind of development in the
09:17:12 future.
09:17:13 We like the use a lot.
09:17:15 It's great for the area.
09:17:16 But just the physical form that it took it's not the
09:17:20 most conducive to building community.
09:17:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What's the cut-out in the middle,
09:17:24 that gray?
09:17:25 >>> That's what I'm talking about.
09:17:26 That's the GPE.
09:17:28 >> I just want to share with council members that when
09:17:31 rezoning came up I thought of it because it's a very
09:17:34 suburban design in an urban setting.
09:17:37 Steve LaBrake was here.
09:17:38 He was so proud.
09:17:39 He tore down all the older homes for a big piece of
09:17:42 land and it is a very bad design.
09:17:44 It is very unurban.

09:17:45 It doesn't relate to anything.
09:17:52 And I tried, really tried to make him redesign it.
09:17:55 Mark Huey was here.
09:17:57 The city was so eager for anybody to do anything.
09:18:00 I'm sorry, mark, that wasn't you, that wasn't you.
09:18:02 But the city was so eager -- [ Laughter ]
09:18:05 >> No one in this room was here.
09:18:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Anyway, but the city was so eager
09:18:13 to have anybody do anything they could, great job to
09:18:18 do it, but the design is so anti-urban.
09:18:20 And I thought, I tried, I just wanted to get that on
09:18:23 the record.
09:18:24 Thank you.
09:18:24 >>> Well, I think the point is well taken and that was
09:18:27 kind of our feeling as well.
09:18:29 But the use is great.
09:18:30 Those are the kinds of things that he would do want to
09:18:32 encourage.
09:18:33 It's just unfortunate the physical form that it took
09:18:35 really didn't contribute to what the community would
09:18:37 like to see in terms of community.
09:18:41 Also, we see as a real challenge here that with few

09:18:45 exceptions, there are some small businesses, really
09:18:49 not a lot, and it has been almost strictly a
09:18:55 residential community, and which makes it difficult
09:18:59 for people to do shopping, things like that, and it's
09:19:03 also not a balance as you know.
09:19:07 So we really want to enhance that neighborhood base
09:19:09 residential.
09:19:11 An opportunity in terms of the physical form.
09:19:13 We talked about the negatives, represented by the gray
09:19:18 blob in the middle, but an opportunity of the green
09:19:22 blob that you see, which is of course green space.
09:19:24 And I don't need to tell what you that is, but Perry
09:19:28 Harvey park to the southwest, et cetera.
09:19:30 Also, the link, there are good opportunities to link
09:19:33 to the trail, to the southwest, Central Park Village
09:19:37 is sort of there, in the lower middle, and they
09:19:40 propose a large open space as well.
09:19:46 So we see that as a real opportunity.
09:19:49 Those are the kinds of things we were looking at.
09:19:51 Other elements that contribute to community character
09:19:53 that we want to build on.
09:19:54 Certainly the very strong sense both physically and in

09:19:59 spirit of the African-American culture and history,
09:20:01 very strong asset of the neighborhood.
09:20:05 Part of that are the churches, many of which are still
09:20:10 thriving.
09:20:10 Libraries, schools.
09:20:12 The tree canopy, I mentioned open space, really
09:20:15 provides the basis of a great neighborhood.
09:20:18 It's a good neighborhood now, a great neighborhood can
09:20:20 be built around, and the brick streets.
09:20:25 Our friend Tom Labash who many of you heard from, from
09:20:31 ERA, what can we be, how did K we be visionary?
09:20:38 And then he brings us down-to-earth a little bit.
09:20:41 His key question is, how can Central Park benefit from
09:20:45 what's going around it and in it within Encore?
09:20:48 Of course in the short term -- and this is a long-term
09:20:51 plan, but we can't be totally ignoring the short-term
09:20:55 reality -- there has been a market slowdown, as we all
09:20:59 know.
09:21:01 5600 units according to Tom are proposed in the
09:21:05 general area of downtown and adjacent areas.
09:21:10 The new development is providing street-level retail,
09:21:16 and that critical mass of new housing that would be

09:21:20 important in retail.
09:21:21 Now, the sort of good news/bad news in terms of Encore
09:21:27 and Central Park is that the amount of retail that is
09:21:30 proposed in that development will really take care of
09:21:34 almost all of the demand that's expected to be
09:21:38 generate in the area -- generated in the area by
09:21:43 Encore and the other housing that's currently in the
09:21:45 area.
09:21:48 The proposal there is for about 81,000 square feet of
09:21:52 retail leaving only about 5,000 demand -- demand for
09:21:57 additional 5,000.
09:21:58 So we don't foresee if nothing else happened that
09:22:01 there would be a lot of demand for retail outside of
09:22:03 the Encore, Bank of America development.
09:22:07 So the conclusion there is that additional population
09:22:10 in Central Park is necessary if we want that
09:22:12 additional retail development.
09:22:16 As an aside, a lot of times, entertainment,
09:22:20 restaurants, things like that.
09:22:21 Ybor City is right next door.
09:22:22 They are struggling a little bit.
09:22:24 So that indicates to us that there's probably not

09:22:28 additional demand for that kind of retail either.
09:22:30 So we really need to be looking at the neighborhood,
09:22:33 what kind of demand can be generated within Central
09:22:35 Park, for the kinds of opportunities that we are
09:22:38 looking for.
09:22:41 Back on the slide.
09:22:44 Retail opportunity.
09:22:46 Right now, again, about 425 households, which
09:22:52 currently only supports about 22,000 square feet.
09:22:55 And that's investment grade retail, which means
09:22:59 something other than mom and pop.
09:23:00 Why is that important?
09:23:02 Because the kinds of rents that are needed to support
09:23:07 new construction generally cannot be borne by mom and
09:23:13 pop kinds of retail establishments.
09:23:16 They don't have the capital to pay the kind of rent,
09:23:19 to generate the kind of sales that are needed to
09:23:22 support the cost of new construction, if that makes
09:23:25 sense.
09:23:26 So that might indicate an area where we need subsidy.
09:23:34 Another way is to generate more people which can
09:23:37 generate demand for that investment kind of retail.

09:23:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We are looking at the exact same
09:23:46 issues, both again in Channelside and Ybor.
09:23:55 That's kind of a given.
09:23:57 That needs to be part.
09:23:58 >>> Okay.
09:23:59 >> You should probably talk to them about what they
09:24:04 are proposing.
09:24:04 Because given that this is physically adjacent --
09:24:07 >>> I believe our market consultant has talked to
09:24:09 them.
09:24:09 But I'll confirm that.
09:24:15 Because of resell opportunities in the park area now
09:24:20 are so limited that some dollars there now are leaking
09:24:23 out.
09:24:23 For example, there's not a grocery store.
09:24:25 So if people want to go to a grocery store they are
09:24:28 going somewhere else.
09:24:29 But it does provide some opportunity but it's going to
09:24:30 have to be very -- the solution to that is going to
09:24:34 have to be very carefully creatively crafted, I think
09:24:37 is Tom's real message.
09:24:41 Moving on to more of the physical planning.

09:24:44 We are really looking for elements that support a
09:24:47 sense of place, as well as the land uses, and these
09:24:51 are the kinds of things that you are used to hearing
09:24:53 from.
09:24:54 Planners like me, public safety, sidewalks, transit,
09:24:59 and of course everything has to be accessible.
09:25:02 There are some infrastructure challenges as well.
09:25:06 Jan, do you want to briefly speak to those?
09:25:09 >>> Good morning.
09:25:12 About the infrastructure that --
09:25:19 >> State your name for the record, please.
09:25:20 >>> I'm Jan ash with ash engineering.
09:25:24 A lot of the infrastructure is within, like, for
09:25:30 example, the Encore and the northern part of Nebraska
09:25:39 Avenue.
09:25:40 We are dealing with a lot of overhead utilities in the
09:25:43 Encore project.
09:25:44 It's going to be undergrounding the utilities.
09:25:46 And then we take a look at the redevelopment that we
09:25:49 might very well want to recommend developing a utility
09:25:52 corridor concept where we are able to underground the
09:25:56 utilities in much more of a uniform manner, and that

09:25:59 was one of our goals to be able to make some
09:26:02 suggestion, get some buy-in on that.
09:26:04 But the challenges is that we have aged
09:26:08 infrastructure.
09:26:08 Many of the roads and streets are going to be
09:26:10 potentially redesigned as we know from the Encore
09:26:12 project.
09:26:13 But then we would like to make some suggestions, some
09:26:17 scenario suggestions with respect to the other areas
09:26:22 of the CRA.
09:26:24 We are dealing with aged infrastructure.
09:26:26 For example, our research has led us that the gas
09:26:32 pipelines in the northwest quadrant are from the
09:26:34 1900s, okay?
09:26:36 And we have gotten old water mains.
09:26:40 We are going to be needing to look at infrastructure
09:26:42 to address the demands.
09:26:44 Providing service connections.
09:26:45 You are going from a lot of single-family homes, or
09:26:49 small density multifamily, to a larger density, so the
09:26:54 service connections, whether it be telecommunications,
09:26:58 bringing fiber to the properties, to bring it up to

09:27:01 the modern age, the water system, the sewer system,
09:27:04 evaluating those and making sure that we have
09:27:06 appropriate capacity for the build-out.
09:27:11 This site, much of it completely drains into Nebraska
09:27:14 Avenue northwest quadrant drains straight into
09:27:17 Nebraska Avenue, Central Park, there really is no
09:27:23 major drainage structures or ponds or anything like
09:27:25 that.
09:27:28 Water goes straight out into the channel, into
09:27:30 Garrison Channel.
09:27:31 Therefore, there are some issues with respect to water
09:27:35 quality.
09:27:36 And as we are redeveloping we want to take a good look
09:27:39 at that and make sure that we provide good ecological
09:27:42 and sound stormwater infrastructure that allows to us
09:27:48 improve the water quality in Tampa Bay as opposed to
09:27:51 leaving it the way it is.
09:27:53 Also making sure that we have that correct fire
09:27:55 protection throughout the community, which means
09:27:58 making sure we have adequate water mains, get the
09:28:00 reclaim in there, be able to get fire hydrants at the
09:28:05 appropriate levels so that the fire marshal and we can

09:28:08 address any specific fire issues in that area.
09:28:13 As you know, water departments have programs with an
09:28:17 undersized main program, and their capital improvement
09:28:22 programs to upsize mains, and some of that has been
09:28:26 done in this area, but we need to make sure with all
09:28:28 the redevelopment that that is addressed.
09:28:30 So that the fire marshal and the city can address the
09:28:33 emergency issues.
09:28:34 So those are some of the infrastructure challenges
09:28:37 that we are facing when we are dealing with this.
09:28:41 >>> Thanks, Jan.
09:28:45 That's kind of where we are now in terms of what are
09:28:47 the conditions in the CRA.
09:28:49 Moving on to our plan, which is actually the fun part,
09:28:54 what are we really trying to accomplish here?
09:28:56 It's really looking at the entire community.
09:29:00 And it's about encouraging the level and scale of
09:29:04 redevelopment that's consistent with the community
09:29:06 character, the desires of the community, as well as
09:29:10 what we might need from a market point of view to
09:29:13 generate some of the kinds of implements that might
09:29:18 give us funds to accomplish some of the programs that

09:29:21 we might recommend.
09:29:22 So we are looking at identifying the best use.
09:29:25 There's a lot of vacant land, as I think I mentioned
09:29:28 earlier.
09:29:29 Looking at what would be the best uses for those.
09:29:31 How to diversify from the residential use to
09:29:34 reestablish that neighborhood character that would
09:29:37 really enhance the quality of life.
09:29:40 And then as noted, how do address that enclave form of
09:29:46 redevelopment.
09:29:49 Reconnecting Central Park to the grid, to its
09:29:52 surrounding areas, Ybor, downtown, et cetera.
09:29:55 Encouraging a range of housing options.
09:29:59 We think it's real important, which Encore, of course,
09:30:03 is geared to do.
09:30:04 Certainly minimizing and preventing if at all possible
09:30:09 displacement of existing residents.
09:30:12 We heard that loud and clear that that's a real key
09:30:15 goal.
09:30:15 And then finally, as I mentioned earlier, enhancing
09:30:18 the very historic character and identity that makes
09:30:22 this such a special place.

09:30:25 To accomplish that, we have identified two scenarios.
09:30:30 There are sort of artificial alternatives, if you
09:30:33 will.
09:30:34 And probably the final plan will include a combination
09:30:36 of the two.
09:30:37 But the first one is area 1 we are calling
09:30:39 reconnecting the urban fabric.
09:30:41 This is really would be the higher density
09:30:46 alternative.
09:30:48 Of course, the advantage of that is that the more
09:30:51 density both in terms of residential and other uses,
09:30:56 the more increment we might be able to achieve.
09:31:00 But it's really repositioning Nebraska and 7th,
09:31:06 strong link between Ybor City and downtown,
09:31:09 reestablishing the street pattern within some of these
09:31:11 larger super block that is have evolved over the
09:31:14 years, talking about mixed use and employment, that
09:31:21 wouldn't happen here and certainly wouldn't want it to
09:31:24 in terms of competing with downtown and other areas,
09:31:26 and destroying the community character.
09:31:29 But we really think that T northwest quadrant of the
09:31:32 CRA, kind of north, the gray blob, the GTE, presents

09:31:37 an opportunity for some sort of back office, mixed use
09:31:41 employment center.
09:31:42 There's a kind of public garden office that's like 10
09:31:46 to 25,000 square foot, footprint of office building,
09:31:50 and we think there's some promise there in terms of
09:31:52 market feasibility.
09:31:54 People that may not be able to afford rent downtown
09:31:56 but need office space for call centers, things like
09:32:00 that, kind of what we call back office functions.
09:32:05 Over to the east of Nebraska would be some higher
09:32:09 density residential kind of balancing what's
09:32:12 happening.
09:32:12 Where it says the proposed Central Park Village,
09:32:15 that's really proposed Encore now.
09:32:17 It's a little bit older now.
09:32:19 So that's the reconnecting the urban fabric.
09:32:24 The second scenario, rebuilding neighborhood identity.
09:32:28 And that's really focusing on the heritage of the area
09:32:30 a little more strongly, which really translates into
09:32:35 lower densities.
09:32:39 The land prices within the CRA really don't support
09:32:43 single-family redevelopment, except in maybe some very

09:32:46 rare circumstances.
09:32:48 So we are probably not talking about single-family
09:32:50 development, just based on the prices of the land.
09:32:55 But certainly lower density, you know, maybe
09:32:57 townhouse, very low rise, multifamily kinds of
09:33:01 products would be in this scenario.
09:33:05 In-fill development along Nebraska at 7th would
09:33:08 really be the focus.
09:33:10 Design guidelines.
09:33:11 Very important, really, probably, in both scenarios.
09:33:14 But we really want to focus on the
09:33:16 neighborhood-friendly aspect.
09:33:18 Again, reinforcing the African-American heritage in
09:33:22 the area, and certainly streetscape, gateways and
09:33:27 things like that.
09:33:28 So those are some of the are sort of the two
09:33:30 alternatives that we are looking at and will be
09:33:32 developing into a single recommendation for you.
09:33:36 As part of that, and this is all very preliminary, so
09:33:39 we are very interested in any of your comments.
09:33:43 This is in retail development, really targeting
09:33:47 specific clustered neighborhood serving retail.

09:33:51 In the beginning, probably the best opportunity for
09:33:54 that is adjacent to the proposed Encore development,
09:33:56 either along Scott, or maybe Nebraska.
09:34:00 Full service grocery store, as you know in any
09:34:03 neighborhood, that's important.
09:34:05 It's unclear whether that would be part of Encore or
09:34:08 not.
09:34:10 If it's not there, it needs to be somewhere.
09:34:14 Streetscapes and public investments, of course, may be
09:34:17 coordinated with promotion of new retail.
09:34:20 And then considering a storefront and maybe an
09:34:23 interior renovation program for current business
09:34:27 owners that would be supported by grants or loans, and
09:34:31 I think that's what you were talking about when we say
09:34:35 some level of subsidy is important.
09:34:37 For housing, we need to make sure that we have an
09:34:42 allocation of affordable single-family home ownership
09:34:45 and rental housing opportunities, number one on the
09:34:49 mind of most of the community people that we heard
09:34:51 from is that this is their neighborhood and they don't
09:34:54 want to feel like they are forced out, and home
09:35:00 ownership opportunities, of course, want to increase.

09:35:04 And certainly design standards as I mentioned earlier.
09:35:10 Jana is going to talk a little about the
09:35:13 infrastructure strategy.
09:35:15 >>> Thank you.
09:35:17 One of the things we are going to be dealing with is
09:35:23 many of the specific areas such as Encore, Tampa park
09:35:26 apartments, I am going to be calling those
09:35:29 developer-driven improvements.
09:35:32 But in regriding the streets, reestablishing the urban
09:35:36 profile, which if we go back to that, we found we are
09:35:44 looking at a variety of land trades with specific
09:35:48 entities in order to reestablish the streets.
09:35:51 When we do that, we are looking at being able to
09:35:55 establish that utility corridor to do the
09:35:58 undergrounding.
09:35:59 But that's going to be very dependent on the
09:36:05 developments moving in there. So to move forward with
09:36:08 the things that the city can do with various different
09:36:11 capital improvement projects that would again track
09:36:15 those -- attract those developers, a tract those
09:36:18 retails, make this a better, safer place to live,
09:36:21 knowing that our developments may be moving onto the

09:36:24 future.
09:36:28 So as we are back.
09:36:34 It's going to become a thoroughfare.
09:36:36 Intermodal area will be where the jail is so we look
09:36:39 at Scott street for a very important connector with
09:36:42 both pedestrian, bus traffic, and a wide variety of
09:36:46 others.
09:36:49 We may also recommend that the trolley system go
09:36:52 through there in the long-term future, because again,
09:36:54 getting that trolley system into the intermodal center
09:36:59 is going to link all those light rail facilities, high
09:37:04 speed rail facilities, our downtown trolley.
09:37:09 >> Can you show us where that intermodal is on the
09:37:14 map?
09:37:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me, you can't point to it.
09:37:27 >> It's PowerPoint.
09:37:29 >> The north part of Perry Harvey park you have the
09:37:33 entrance and exit ramp, the interchange.
09:37:37 To your left is where the jail is.
09:37:44 And that's where the proposed intermodal center is.
09:37:48 There's a little line with a blue dot.
09:37:51 And that blue dashed line is actually the light rail

09:37:56 proposed corridor that the light rail would be coming
09:37:59 in on.
09:38:00 And so, in fact, that's going to be, you know, looking
09:38:04 at the Hartline, greyhound bus, high speed rail, light
09:38:09 rail, into our own little Grand Central station
09:38:12 concept.
09:38:13 So now you take a look at that in contents that are
09:38:18 CRA, you have transportation access to Scott street.
09:38:28 You increase your densities to this area.
09:38:30 You are going to need at Scott street a better
09:38:34 thoroughfare for accessing the interstate, the high
09:38:37 speed rail, et cetera.
09:38:40 Bring the bus line through there.
09:38:43 It's going to be very important.
09:38:44 So improvement to Scott street, upgrading Scott
09:38:47 street, is going to be very important, as this is a
09:38:49 link.
09:38:50 We don't want to interrupt Perry Harvey park very much
09:38:53 because there's a lot of plans for the infrastructure
09:38:55 for Perry Harvey park.
09:38:58 And that's going to be -- also, we want to maintain
09:39:01 the trail system which has connectivity from park to

09:39:04 park.
09:39:07 Nebraska Avenue has just recently gone through
09:39:09 renovation from D.O.T.
09:39:12 However, they simply did a curb to curb change where
09:39:17 they have the middle lane, and a center turn lane.
09:39:22 However, they did not address much outside of that
09:39:28 curb, so we are recommending the best use of Nebraska
09:39:30 Avenue -- you have a very wide right-of-way there.
09:39:34 You have a right-of-way that extends 40 feet beyond
09:39:36 the curb line on the east side.
09:39:39 >> Really?
09:39:41 >>> Yes.
09:39:41 And so we think about that.
09:39:43 We look at that from a pedestrian, retail development
09:39:48 corridor for walking, good bus terminals, good
09:39:53 landscaping.
09:39:54 We look and say, what can we do with Nebraska Avenue
09:39:58 to increase its functionality?
09:40:03 49% of the community there commutes by public
09:40:09 transportation.
09:40:09 As we are moving into a much more public
09:40:11 transportation type of environment here as a city, or

09:40:16 wanting to, making that a great place for that
09:40:20 corridor thing to be a good corridor.
09:40:23 Also making it very pedestrian friendly, making it
09:40:27 very retail friendly for pedestrians.
09:40:28 That's going to tie these communities together.
09:40:33 We also look at regriding the streets.
09:40:36 And with specific land swaps we can reestablish the
09:40:40 streets historically.
09:40:42 There's some old TECO people's gas easements that
09:40:47 shows the roadways which is kind of a basic of how we
09:40:51 laid this out.
09:40:51 And we also looked at doing the green corridor going,
09:41:00 carrying that time square village up and down.
09:41:03 So with respect to also providing good pedestrian
09:41:06 walkways, good green connectivity, we won't develop a
09:41:11 gateway.
09:41:12 When we develop the griding of the streets, we
09:41:14 establish new gateways, as you develop new people and
09:41:18 develop this area for a higher density, Nuccio parkway
09:41:22 is very much a divider, very little access.
09:41:28 So opening up additional streets into Nuccio parkway
09:41:31 will allow for better traffic flow.

09:41:34 The gateway for Scott, over Nuccio and Kay, the
09:41:42 parkway, we look at various areas for opening up a
09:41:45 welcome door.
09:41:47 That improvement is again something that can be very
09:41:55 attractive.
09:41:56 Doing an east-west connection we looked at Encore,
09:41:59 then carrying through to the east and then going
09:42:01 north.
09:42:02 It's possible to carry that green connection.
09:42:05 And then also making better use of the parks that are
09:42:09 there, because right now you have a soft ball field,
09:42:14 it's really not a very developed.
09:42:16 As we increase our residential population there, the
09:42:17 residential population there, the demand for
09:42:22 ballparks, we want to make those attractive for the
09:42:29 developers.
09:42:29 So working on the parks.
09:42:30 And then, of course, the opportunities, of regriding
09:42:37 streets.
09:42:38 Therefore we have the ability to put excellent and
09:42:41 state-of-the-art utility systems in there, and do it
09:42:43 in a conformed way that makes it easy for maintenance.

09:42:58 >>GWEN MILLER: You were talking about Nebraska and
09:43:00 Scott street.
09:43:01 On the north side, what did you say you are going to
09:43:03 do with the north side?
09:43:06 What is happening there?
09:43:07 >>> In those areas, many of the properties -- many of
09:43:15 the properties are currently owned by the city.
09:43:20 Okay.
09:43:21 And according to Mike and a couple of others there may
09:43:24 be developers wanting to go in there and do a town
09:43:30 home, mixed use.
09:43:33 >> Also we thought that might be an opportunity for
09:43:35 some additional neighborhood retail along there on
09:43:38 Scott.
09:43:38 There's some businesses up there now currently
09:43:41 functioning.
09:43:41 We want to make sure that those are -- that those go
09:43:45 forward and maybe even are helped along a little bit.
09:43:49 But we are thinking sort of with Encore, preliminary
09:43:52 anchor for the area, that that might be the spot for
09:43:55 some additional neighborhood retail opportunities.
09:44:00 And as Jana says, it needs to be enhanced from a

09:44:04 transportation point of view if it's going to serve
09:44:06 that function of leading into the intermodal center.
09:44:10 However, we don't want it to become just a freeway
09:44:15 through the neighborhood where people are flying
09:44:16 through.
09:44:17 It has to be done in a very sensitive way and make
09:44:19 sure that we have the appropriate traffic calming,
09:44:23 pedestrian amenities, et cetera.
09:44:27 >> Also a school in that area.
09:44:31 Encore, from what I understand it, there's to be a new
09:44:33 middle school in that area.
09:44:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Meacham.
09:44:37 >> Between that and Booker Washington.
09:44:42 We need transportation, school buses, so I know in
09:44:46 that area you are also going to have schools and
09:44:51 children.
09:44:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We will revitalize all that area on the
09:44:55 north side.
09:44:56 >>> That's the plan.
09:44:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:44:59 >>> I believe the infrastructure improvements, from
09:45:02 what I have seen, you have opportunity to update that

09:45:10 infrastructure as opposed to putting the burden on the
09:45:14 city itself.
09:45:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:45:19 This is a really fantastic presentation.
09:45:23 When we discuss this next, I think because this
09:45:26 neighborhood is so central to our other CRA districts,
09:45:30 our other neighborhoods, we would all benefit from a
09:45:32 large map that shows the connectivity.
09:45:37 Because what's happening immediately to the east of
09:45:39 this, and the north and the south it all needs to kind
09:45:43 of fit together.
09:45:44 And even though we are supposed to look at each of
09:45:46 these districts separately when we are talking about
09:45:48 walkability and connectivity, particularly in
09:45:51 supporting a transit system, it would be helpful to us
09:45:54 to see all that.
09:45:55 And, secondly, I would like to share with council
09:45:57 members that next month we are going to be looking at
09:45:59 the TECO franchise, and Miss Ashe pointed out it's a
09:46:10 tremendous redevelopment benefit to neighborhoods like
09:46:13 this.
09:46:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Other questions?

09:46:16 >> I have some questions.
09:46:24 Are you done with your presentation?
09:46:25 If we want to pull that slide back to make sure we
09:46:28 don't miss anything.
09:46:37 >>> I think mark may have mentioned, or Mike, we are
09:46:39 going to go on hold for a little bit because we want
09:46:42 to get the community advisory committee in place to
09:46:44 make sure that we have the discussion of these
09:46:47 alternatives, where people really want to go.
09:46:51 We don't want to, you know, push ahead too fast ahead
09:46:55 of the community.
09:46:56 So our next step, once that committee is formed, will
09:47:01 be to go to them with these ideas, have the
09:47:03 discussion, figure out which pieces of which scenario
09:47:07 we want to go forward with, and then we'll develop the
09:47:09 final plan, and of course go back to the community at
09:47:13 large and come back to you.
09:47:16 With a recommended plan.
09:47:18 And that's it.
09:47:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good presentation.
09:47:22 >>> Thank you.
09:47:22 >>MARY MULHERN: What's really interesting to me about

09:47:34 this is because of the market and because of what's
09:47:37 happened with the strand decision, we are kind of at a
09:47:42 little bit of a blank slate starting point again, and
09:47:45 I think a lot of what you are talking about is making
09:47:48 really good use of those possibilities.
09:47:50 And where we are with transit right now, it's very
09:47:55 interesting to me, because what we are looking at is
09:47:57 an old neighborhood that's basically gone, because we
09:48:01 are going to redevelop it.
09:48:04 And there's very little there other than looking at
09:48:06 the history, history as opposed to preserving
09:48:12 something historic there.
09:48:13 And I think it's great that you are talking about
09:48:15 going back to the grid, and reconnecting the grid,
09:48:18 because that worked.
09:48:20 And I think that what we are finding and looking at
09:48:22 transit, and transit-oriented development right now,
09:48:27 is that the city, the true urban places where transit
09:48:32 has worked, and where we have density, what happened
09:48:35 was they built the transit a hundred years ago, you
09:48:39 know, like New York and Boston and Chicago.
09:48:42 So as the transit got laid in, the opportunity for

09:48:46 density grew around where the transit lines were.
09:48:52 >>> That's right.
09:48:52 >> So in a lot of ways this is a great place to be.
09:48:55 Maybe you need to relook at the design of this, or we
09:48:58 do, I should say, because we can make it work with the
09:49:01 transit.
09:49:02 So I think that's really interesting.
09:49:05 The other thing, I think it's great what Linda is
09:49:07 talking about looking at the bigger downtown areas and
09:49:10 the other CRAs, especially when you talk about like
09:49:14 retail, and needing a grocery store.
09:49:18 Well, the reality is, we probably need a grocery store
09:49:23 for the downtown area.
09:49:24 We are not going to have a big grocery store in every
09:49:31 one of these in downtown, Channelside, Ybor, and
09:49:33 Central Park.
09:49:34 So if we figure out where that's going to go, then
09:49:36 what we really need, as you are building this mixed
09:49:40 use, you are basically building an old-fashioned
09:49:43 neighborhood where you do have corner stores, and you
09:49:46 do have mom and pops, and that's really what works in
09:49:51 these kind of neighborhood.

09:49:52 So as opposed to thinking like this in the suburban
09:49:56 way that, okay, we have got to have a big grocery
09:49:58 store for this to work, I think looking at the big
09:50:01 picture, getting one that's accessible to people
09:50:04 downtown, but also working on supporting, you know,
09:50:11 those mom and pop businesses are what makes urban
09:50:14 neighborhoods work.
09:50:14 So I think, you know, whatever we do probably needs
09:50:19 some retail subsidies and figure out how to do that.
09:50:23 But I think that's really important to remember,
09:50:25 because these neighborhoods only work if they are
09:50:29 integrated like that, and we have a history of
09:50:31 urban -- of cities over centuries and how they work,
09:50:37 and that's how they work.
09:50:38 So I think that's kind of exciting.
09:50:40 A couple more things.
09:50:44 With Nebraska, I didn't realize that we had that huge
09:50:47 right-of-way.
09:50:48 And I'm wondering if that's a place where we can think
09:50:51 about a trail, a bike path trail as opposed to, you
09:50:55 know, we have got FDOT now putting bike lanes onto all
09:50:59 of these major roads, especially hearing about how bad

09:51:04 this is for pedestrians if we start thinking about
09:51:09 separating the car traffic from bikes.
09:51:17 And this looks like a really good place to look at
09:51:20 that because we might actually have the space for a
09:51:22 trail
09:51:30 Then this is a question also that looks at the bigger
09:51:32 picture.
09:51:34 In the original plans we have for the Central Park,
09:51:38 how much of the housing was going to be market rate?
09:51:42 >>> I don't remember off hand.
09:51:44 >> Mark probably knows.
09:51:50 >>> How much is market rate in Encore?
09:51:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: If you can come to the mike and speak.
09:52:00 >> the Encore development is proposing a total of
09:52:03 about 1500 housing units.
09:52:06 Of those about 35% would be affordable.
09:52:10 >> Affordable or marketable?
09:52:13 >>> Would be affordable meaning they would be
09:52:15 available to persons 50% or below.
09:52:18 >>MARY MULHERN: What about the market rate?
09:52:22 The rest is market rate.
09:52:24 Okay.

09:52:25 >> That would cover your rental.
09:52:27 >> You are only speaking, though, to the Encore which
09:52:29 is only 23 acres.
09:52:30 You are not referring to the whole 144 --
09:52:35 >>> That's the only project we have any numbers for.
09:52:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess my thought along these lines
09:52:43 was looking at the bigger picture because where we are
09:52:46 with the glut of market rate condos, to really look at
09:52:52 this, the kind of bigger picture, what we are building
09:52:56 there, you know, and where there may be other
09:53:00 opportunities for kind of affordable or workforce
09:53:06 housing elsewhere, or the fact that we have -- we have
09:53:11 this glut of housing.
09:53:13 So maybe what we could do in this area is increase the
09:53:16 amount of workforce housing, because we got the market
09:53:22 rate housing available everywhere else.
09:53:24 So we are now looking at this in a totally different
09:53:28 market than we were a couple of years ago when it was
09:53:30 being ran.
09:53:32 I think that's something to look at whether those
09:53:34 ratios still make sense.
09:53:36 >>> Certainly.

09:53:37 And we can look not only at that project where we also
09:53:40 have redevelopment opportunities with future
09:53:42 redevelopment of Tampa park apartments, and on the
09:53:45 north end of the CRA, where that question will be
09:53:49 explored, and we can develop appropriately.
09:53:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.
09:53:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder.
09:53:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:54:00 Thank you for the presentation.
09:54:01 Two questions.
09:54:02 One, you just mentioned the Tampa park apartments.
09:54:06 And I think that is really the linchpin to the whole
09:54:10 thing.
09:54:10 I mean, clearly the Encore project is moving forward,
09:54:13 and in some direction, and hopefully with good speed.
09:54:18 But I'm wondering, and maybe this is to mark or to
09:54:23 somebody else, what type of conversations we are
09:54:26 having with Tampa park, what type of opportunities
09:54:28 there are for redevelopment there, and also what type
09:54:31 of sensitivity we have to the residents of Tampa park
09:54:37 many of which their children I used to teach over
09:54:40 there at Booker T Washington, very familiar with that

09:54:45 area.
09:54:45 Are we having conversations with them?
09:54:47 >>> Yes.
09:54:47 We have been keeping a conversation going with the
09:54:50 architect who is serving as the project at this point.
09:54:56 In conversation with the development company, and
09:54:59 working on a development agreement that would
09:55:03 contemplate a redevelopment of those 22 acres.
09:55:06 >> Is it fairly consistent with the drawing that we
09:55:09 just saw on the screen a minute ago?
09:55:11 >>> It would be, yes.
09:55:13 They are looking at a redevelopment in terms of
09:55:15 numbers of land uses that would be somewhat similar to
09:55:19 Encore redevelopment, with the mixed use, perhaps
09:55:22 retail commercial component as well.
09:55:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I'm familiar down south of the
09:55:32 school, I think that's where it is, south of the
09:55:34 school, right?
09:55:35 >>> Yes.
09:55:36 The development you are speaking of, Tampa park
09:55:39 playground which is one of the city parks.
09:55:42 >> That's what I was going to ask. Is that school

09:55:44 board or city?
09:55:44 >>> That's city.
09:55:45 >> Okay.
09:55:46 And the next question I had as related to the credit
09:55:49 union property, and I think we are missing an
09:55:53 opportunity, and maybe you all are ahead of me on
09:55:58 this, but I think we are missing an opportunity if we
09:56:00 just look at it as a big gray blob without any
09:56:03 potential.
09:56:04 Because even though they have wrapped that building
09:56:06 with, you know, with a big sprawl of parking lots, it
09:56:10 doesn't have to stay that way.
09:56:11 And I think that as that area develops in a positive
09:56:15 way, then the credit union can become part of the
09:56:19 developer and they can redo the parking lots, and, you
09:56:21 know, put retail on the outside of the parking lots or
09:56:24 put residential on the outside of the parking lots,
09:56:26 you know, multilevel parking lots and that sort of
09:56:30 thing, in a more positive way than just surface
09:56:34 parking.
09:56:35 So I think that maybe -- I don't know where you are in
09:56:40 this plan, I don't know if it's finalized but maybe as

09:56:43 it evolves to the next stage maybe you can include
09:56:45 that as an opportunity, you know, to inspire the
09:56:48 credit union to become a redeveloper of their own
09:56:52 parking lots.
09:56:53 >>> A good point, certainly.
09:56:56 And we have taken some initiatives to be in
09:56:57 conversation with the credit union, along the same
09:57:02 lines, that as the area around them redevelops, that
09:57:05 the walls will come down, and would like to be
09:57:11 integrated.
09:57:12 >> Something positive.
09:57:15 We don't necessarily like the development per se and
09:57:18 the way it came out, but that credit union is a very
09:57:21 good corporate neighbor and I'm sure at some point
09:57:23 they want to come back into that community.
09:57:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miller then Saul-Sena.
09:57:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Looking at the action plan five years,
09:57:32 that means we are not going to see a developer until
09:57:35 five years from now?
09:57:36 >>> No, the way it works, the overall plan is a
09:57:40 long-term vision that may take 10, 15, 20 years to
09:57:43 accomplish.

09:57:44 But what we provided is a 5-year action plan.
09:57:47 So what needs to be done in year one, year three, year
09:57:52 four, year five, then typically what happens at the
09:57:55 end of that five years you take another look at it,
09:57:57 update the plan a little bit and do a new five year
09:57:59 plan.
09:58:00 So definitely, the idea is to get those short-term
09:58:03 actions in there.
09:58:03 >> So when is the development starting?
09:58:07 >>> Well, that's up to the market, and to other
09:58:12 factors that happen.
09:58:13 But we would certainly hope as soon as possible.
09:58:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We need to move off of this question
09:58:19 here.
09:58:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:58:22 City Council, sitting as a CRA, really wants to be
09:58:25 engaged in this process.
09:58:27 And I would like for you to make -- I would like you
09:58:33 to let us know all the meetings you are going to have,
09:58:37 also the opportunities when you are in town working on
09:58:39 things like whatever it is, the design guidelines or
09:58:41 the street grid or any of that stuff to let us know so

09:58:44 that we are able to provide input with you and help
09:58:48 you -- all of us have been around for awhile, and we
09:58:52 know the history of some things and we could really
09:58:55 help move this along and enrich it.
09:58:57 And sitting as a CRA board we don't want to be just
09:58:59 passively sitting here, hearing what you develop, we
09:59:02 want to be directly engaged with you.
09:59:03 So I would like to make a motion that our staff
09:59:07 provide those opportunities when you are in town for
09:59:10 us to meet directly with you and make us aware of all
09:59:14 of the subsequent meetings.
09:59:15 For example, several of the -- three of the council
09:59:18 members serve on the MPO.
09:59:19 That's how we got the money to improve Nebraska.
09:59:22 Some of the council members are on the Hartline board.
09:59:24 They have an impact.
09:59:25 I mean, wearing our different hats, we are able to
09:59:28 bring pieces of this along.
09:59:31 And we want to be -- my motion is just that the staff
09:59:35 facilitate more direct interaction with the
09:59:39 consultants working on this.
09:59:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

09:59:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Saul-Sena that
09:59:44 our staff, our administrative staff, make us aware
09:59:48 more the activity and scheduling on our cults,
09:59:54 seconded by Mary Mulhern.
09:59:55 All in favor let it be known by saying Aye.
09:59:58 Opposed say I am sign.
09:59:59 So Mohr moved and ordered.
10:00:01 Thank you kindly.
10:00:01 Very good presentation.
10:00:02 Thank you very much.
10:00:03 As we move forward I think one of the key elements as
10:00:05 pointed out is advisory committee is going to be very
10:00:08 important, mark, as we move forward, also keeping in
10:00:13 mind one of the key issues keeping in place the
10:00:17 African-American history and culture, heritage and
10:00:21 culture in that particular area.
10:00:22 And you made a very valid point, when we go back and
10:00:25 look at Central Park years ago, all that were
10:00:28 African-American stores, restaurants, businesses and
10:00:31 all of that.
10:00:38 We need to move to our next item.
10:00:43 Item 2 has been continued to January 31st, right?

10:00:52 >> Mr. Chairman, I was looking back through my notes
10:00:54 and we have been working on getting this consultant on
10:00:56 board for a long time.
10:00:57 She's finally on board, thank heavens.
10:00:59 We put off the discussion since September 6th.
10:01:03 So I'm really eager that in January that we have a
10:01:07 presentation.
10:01:07 It doesn't have to be the final report.
10:01:09 In fact, I specifically like to have conversations
10:01:13 with the consultant prior to her January presentation
10:01:17 to make sure what people she's talking to and what
10:01:20 she's doing reflects the concerns of the different CRA
10:01:23 members.
10:01:25 It's been awhile.
10:01:26 Hopefully it will be great.
10:01:27 But she needs to talk to all of us prior to that.
10:01:30 >> Yes, this will not be a final report.
10:01:33 It will be an interim progress report.
10:01:35 >> Will she be in town?
10:01:36 >>> Yes.
10:01:36 >> Will you make her available to us?
10:01:39 Thank you.

10:01:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 3.
10:01:45 >>MARK HUEY: We have a very brief presentation by Ed
10:01:48 Johnson on a couple things I thought you would be
10:01:50 interested in, in East Tampa.
10:01:56 >>> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager.
10:02:02 There's a couple of things that I just wanted to bring
10:02:04 to your attention that happened over the course of the
10:02:08 last month or so.
10:02:09 And I have got a real short slide presentation here.
10:02:17 The City of Tampa and the urban enterprise initiative
10:02:20 of the greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce conducted a
10:02:23 private developer investor tour in East Tampa on
10:02:26 November 2nd at the Cyrus green community center.
10:02:30 Mayor Iorio and John Bauman the chairman UEI
10:02:35 chairperson led the kickoff of this presentation.
10:02:37 We also had the URS corporation, our strategic
10:02:40 planning consultant, actually plan an update to the
10:02:43 potential developers, to give you a progress report of
10:02:45 where we were in our project.
10:02:48 Plus we had an individual from Lorraine corporation, a
10:02:51 private developer who is already working on a project
10:02:53 in East Tampa, gave a testimonial as to why they are

10:02:57 investing in East Tampa.
10:03:00 Following that presentation, we actually took about 25
10:03:05 of those in attendance on a bus tour of East Tampa,
10:03:09 where we provided them a kind of look-see of the areas
10:03:14 that are ripe for investment and development purposes,
10:03:18 and also some possible sites for future consideration.
10:03:22 Public sector investment supporting private investment
10:03:24 in the community were also use.
10:03:30 We believe the tour was quite successful and as a
10:03:32 result to date currently working with four of the
10:03:34 developers that were on that tour that are
10:03:37 aggressively seeking opportunities in East Tampa.
10:03:41 And our staff will continue to follow up with all of
10:03:43 those who attended to assist in any of those who are
10:03:48 interested in potential project development.
10:03:53 This one is really near and dear to my heart, as you
10:03:56 recall, in 2004 we applied for brownfield grant
10:04:01 dollars and were successful, again in 2007 we were
10:04:04 again successful.
10:04:07 Two individuals that I want you to recognize this
10:04:09 morning are here in the audience, and I would like for
10:04:11 them to stand.

10:04:12 That is Cathy Byrd, the president of the inner bay
10:04:18 restoration and Lena Austin from our staff.
10:04:21 They are here with us this morning.
10:04:22 They presented at the Florida brown fields conference
10:04:26 the success stories of our brownfield program here in
10:04:30 East Tampa.
10:04:31 So that's the 10th annual Florida brownfield
10:04:36 annual conference held in Orlando.
10:04:37 They also collaborated on an entry into the statewide
10:04:41 poster contest, and lo and behold they won the
10:04:46 people's choice award for their presentation on green
10:04:48 workforce housing development.
10:04:53 To note in here also that they placed first in all
10:04:56 five categories of that judging.
10:04:58 But they were only table to give us a people's choice
10:05:01 award as a result.
10:05:02 I would like to really recognize them and give them a
10:05:04 big hand.
10:05:05 [ Applause ]
10:05:05 In addition, Lena Austin was electric as
10:05:13 secretary-treasurer for the state association for
10:05:16 brownfields association.

10:05:18 And this is just a reminder, this next slide, of how
10:05:26 we utilize our brown field dollars over the last
10:05:29 couple of years.
10:05:29 In 2004 we actually used those dollars to identify
10:05:33 about 678 potential brownfield sites that need some
10:05:39 type of clean-up.
10:05:40 Also, economic incentives, to attract developers to
10:05:48 the area and looking at sites that really need to get
10:05:51 cleaned up.
10:05:52 Also in 2007 we applied and won $400,000 in EPA money.
10:05:56 This is a 3-year grant that we are just starting.
10:06:01 We are in the process of selecting the contractors
10:06:03 that will actually be doing the phase 1 and phase 2
10:06:06 assessments utilizing those dollars.
10:06:08 And again we are going to use those dollars to provide
10:06:10 economic incentives.
10:06:11 We are also going to use it this year to also create a
10:06:15 community-friendly health component to this
10:06:20 brownfields grant this year.
10:06:22 I just want to make sure that we have an opportunity
10:06:25 to recognize these folks.
10:06:28 Thank you very much.

10:06:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you for that presentation.
10:06:35 I just want to highlight to Mr. Huey, you all have a
10:06:40 tour and economic, what is that, tour in East Tampa?
10:06:46 I find it interesting that the representative of East
10:06:48 Tampa and the chair of the CRA was not invited.
10:06:52 That goes back again to what Ms. Saul-Sena said
10:06:55 earlier about this council wants to be involved.
10:06:57 I think something of that magnitude, the CRA board
10:07:01 should have been invited to that tour and to be able
10:07:06 to participate.
10:07:06 I would like always to be afforded the opportunity to
10:07:09 say no or yes.
10:07:10 Okay?
10:07:10 I want to make that abundantly clear, to have
10:07:13 something like this and not be aware of it and not be
10:07:17 invited and to be the elected representative in
10:07:20 particular is not exactly right.
10:07:26 >>> Yes, sir.
10:07:27 We'll make sure that doesn't happen in the future.
10:07:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for
10:07:33 bringing that up.
10:07:33 I was searching my mind, did I see that invitation?

10:07:36 And the answer is I didn't see it because it wasn't
10:07:38 there.
10:07:40 I think that the thing that our staff needs to hear
10:07:43 clearly is that as a CRA, we are interested and
10:07:50 engaged.
10:07:50 The reason that we began in October committing
10:07:53 ourselves to more time, an entire Thursday morning,
10:07:56 for CRA issues, historically the CRA has not committed
10:08:01 the time and effort and attention to fully do what it
10:08:05 needs to do.
10:08:06 But that has changed.
10:08:07 When we had our council retreat, we determined the CRA
10:08:11 being one of our most important responsibilities was
10:08:14 worthy of the commitment of an entire Thursday for its
10:08:18 business.
10:08:18 And to that end, our staff needs to understand that we
10:08:23 want to be engaged, and we need to have the
10:08:25 opportunity when our consultants come to town, to talk
10:08:30 to them.
10:08:30 When events are held or when community meetings are
10:08:32 held to always be apprised of them.
10:08:34 Not that all of us can necessarily make all of these

10:08:37 events.
10:08:38 But I would think that probably we need a monthly
10:08:40 calendar.
10:08:41 I think that's a very modest request from our staff.
10:08:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:08:47 >>> We certainly appreciate your interest and wanting
10:08:52 to be involved and engaged.
10:08:53 More you are, the better you are going to be in your
10:08:57 governance role.
10:08:58 We appreciate that.
10:08:58 Thank you, ed.
10:09:00 Again, we don't often have a chance to reflect on some
10:09:02 of the marketing initiatives like that, some of the
10:09:06 recognition that our redevelopment efforts.
10:09:08 I thought you might appreciate that.
10:09:10 Do you want to cover strand?
10:09:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I appreciate that.
10:09:16 I understand it's a very good tour and appreciate the
10:09:18 PowerPoint this morning as well.
10:09:21 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:09:22 Only thing happenings on strand, as you know, the
10:09:25 strand case was decided.

10:09:27 It's probably not going to be the -- the new decision
10:09:31 is not going to come out probably until they have
10:09:33 heard the other two cases.
10:09:35 Those two cases were initially going to be heard in
10:09:37 January, for some unknown reason the supreme court who
10:09:40 have had moved those to February 7th so we
10:09:42 probably won't get a decision on strand until sometime
10:09:44 in February or March at the earliest?
10:09:48 That continues to delay, I guess, whatever we are
10:09:50 doing in Central Park.
10:09:51 All right?
10:09:52 Until somebody makes a decision on whether they think
10:09:54 they can go forward on some of these projects, and I
10:09:57 think everybody is a little skittish on what the
10:10:00 courts will do.
10:10:03 >> It's really affecting all of our redevelopment
10:10:05 plan, the height, Central Park, even Drew Park,
10:10:08 Channel District, all of our areas, are very much
10:10:12 affected by this decision and the opportunity around
10:10:16 it.
10:10:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
10:10:19 Commissioner -- councilman Saul-Sena.

10:10:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is the statewide CRA collective
10:10:26 weighing in on participating on that?
10:10:28 >> Yes.
10:10:29 I will be meeting with them tomorrow.
10:10:30 >> Yes, the Florida redevelopment association is very
10:10:32 much engaged.
10:10:33 >> And doesn't Tampa have more CRA districts than any
10:10:37 other community in the state?
10:10:38 >> I believe we do.
10:10:39 >> So we have the most to lose, or just be stuck with?
10:10:44 I mean, we are stuck at this point.
10:10:46 >> Absolutely.
10:10:47 But whether they have nine districts or two or three,
10:10:54 they are all quite frustrated as we are.
10:10:56 So, yes, we are all working together collaboratively.
10:10:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have an East Tampa advisory update.
10:11:07 >>MARK HUEY: Did you want the public comment portion
10:11:13 first?
10:11:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me get through the agenda.
10:11:17 I'll take public comments after that, okay?
10:11:20 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
10:11:21 Yes, we do.

10:11:24 >>> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager.
10:11:27 At the October 8th board meeting you instructed
10:11:29 East Tampa staff to work with chairman best to
10:11:33 establish positions for business and property owners
10:11:35 as part of the makeup of the community advisory
10:11:37 committee.
10:11:39 We did so, and the East Tampa community advisory
10:11:41 committee met on Tuesday, December 4, and voted
10:11:44 unanimously to include both designations as part of
10:11:48 the 13-member advisory committee.
10:11:50 The advisory committee then referred to their planning
10:11:53 and evaluation subcommittee the task of developing
10:11:56 procedures for incorporating the new designations into
10:11:59 the board makeup, and for expanding the advisory
10:12:02 committee from its current ten members to the 13
10:12:05 members as required by the community advisory
10:12:08 committee policy.
10:12:11 So I'm requesting this morning your approval to amend
10:12:14 exhibit 1 of the community advisory committee policy
10:12:18 that was approved October 8th to add these two new
10:12:21 positions.
10:12:22 And also Mrs. Best is here in the audience if you care

10:12:26 to hear from her.
10:12:27 But I also have the amended exhibit 1 for distribution
10:12:32 for those that want to have it.
10:12:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions from board members?
10:12:38 Ms. Best, do you want to come up and add anything to
10:12:41 what Mr. Johnson said?
10:12:43 Also, I have an e-mail from Mr. Kinsey, who is one of
10:12:46 the board members, past chair as well.
10:12:50 You all approved, I guess, recommendations of the
10:12:53 committee.
10:12:57 Take that into consideration.
10:12:58 Okay.
10:13:05 >>> I'm here to confirm and to validate what Mr. Ed
10:13:08 Johnson said.
10:13:09 I was a participant of the committee that he just
10:13:16 described, one, that we were excited about the
10:13:18 possibility of adding business persons to the
10:13:22 committee, and as he said, it is being deferred to our
10:13:28 standing committee.
10:13:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So now we have the residents and the
10:13:32 business community on board.
10:13:34 Very good.

10:13:35 And I'm assuming you all are moving forward, too, with
10:13:40 line with the recommendations, the elected process,
10:13:43 and all of that as well.
10:13:48 >> All of that to the committee to be considered.
10:13:50 >> Thank you, ma'am.
10:13:52 >>> I want to welcome you all.
10:13:55 We are looking forward having to you in January, we
10:14:00 are spreading the word and really looking forward
10:14:02 having to you in January.
10:14:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:14:05 We look forward to being there.
10:14:06 Thank you, Mrs. Best.
10:14:08 Do we need to make a motion?
10:14:12 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:14:12 I distributed the exhibit 1.
10:14:15 You will see if you look under East Tampa, the former
10:14:21 language that you had approved and the new language.
10:14:23 So, yes, we would like you to adopt.
10:14:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:14:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you interpret that?
10:14:34 And maybe you already mentioned when I stepped out for
10:14:37 a minute.

10:14:42 The rest can be across the board.
10:14:44 >> That's correct.
10:14:48 There are 13 members of the board.
10:14:50 At least four must be residents.
10:14:54 There must be at least one representative of a
10:14:56 business owner, one of a property owner and rep at
10:15:03 large, to serve at large.
10:15:04 >> It would be more clear to say minimum of one?
10:15:07 Minimum of one?
10:15:10 Or is that implicit?
10:15:14 >>> We thought it was implicit but if you would like
10:15:18 us to clarify you can do that by motion.
10:15:19 >> I guess you don't say it on any of them, do you?
10:15:23 >>> No.
10:15:25 >> But that's the intent of all of these, if you
10:15:28 mention a category, then implicitly you are saying
10:15:31 they should have at lowest one?
10:15:32 >>> Yes.
10:15:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second on the motion?
10:15:38 >> Second.
10:15:38 >> Moved by councilwoman Miller seconded by councilman
10:15:43 Dingfelder.

10:15:44 Let it be known by saying Aye.
10:15:46 Opposed?
10:15:46 So moved and ordered.
10:15:47 Thank you.
10:15:48 >>> If I can make sure there wasn't any
10:15:51 misinterpretation.
10:15:52 The board composition you just approved is not in
10:15:57 place yet and it won't be until I believe September of
10:16:01 next year, is that correct?
10:16:02 So they have approved the position.
10:16:05 Because you remember they go through an election pro
10:16:07 process that already occurred.
10:16:08 What they are going to be doing is integrating this
10:16:11 new composition situation into next year's composition
10:16:15 process.
10:16:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:16:18 Then we have the bylaws.
10:16:23 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm not sure how you want to proceed
10:16:26 but I gave you at last meeting, you wanted a chance to
10:16:28 review them.
10:16:29 If you want to discuss them I can.
10:16:31 If you want to just look at them or ask questions, I

10:16:33 can do that.
10:16:34 >> Whatever your pleasure is.
10:16:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are there a lot of changes?
10:16:51 >> There was quite a few changes.
10:16:54 Some of them were to bring them up to date with the
10:16:56 current statutory requirements.
10:16:58 Some of them were to bring them up to date with the
10:17:00 current way of business site.
10:17:04 These were written so long ago they don't reflect what
10:17:07 it is we do.
10:17:16 There was a policy made back in the $80.
10:17:19 That the CRA was opposed to allowing any kind of
10:17:22 reduction in impact fees, and I think the positions
10:17:27 have changed so that was still reflected in your bylaw
10:17:30 that there was a position that you didn't want to
10:17:32 reduce impact fees in distressed areas. That was
10:17:34 removed.
10:17:36 I think I got a feel for the board.
10:17:41 Mostly to bring you up to date.
10:17:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me ask a question.
10:17:46 Is it possible to continue this to next month?
10:17:49 I'm comfortable with --

10:17:54 >> I am too.
10:17:55 >> So moved to adopt the bylaws.
10:17:58 >> Second.
10:17:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved and ordered.
10:18:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Territo, should there turn out
10:18:07 to be a tweak that we want to do of the bylaws what
10:18:11 was the process?
10:18:13 >>> The simple majority to change them.
10:18:17 Except for domain.
10:18:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That gives me a good feeling.
10:18:23 We looked at this.
10:18:24 We heard from people.
10:18:25 It's easy to bring it up and change it.
10:18:27 The advisory committee now is sunshined and because of
10:18:33 that the meetings are open to the public.
10:18:34 Do we currently notify members of the civic
10:18:39 association when these meetings will occur?
10:18:41 Because I have gotten feedback from civic association
10:18:44 members that they decided not to serve on advisory
10:18:47 committees because they feel it's too constraining in
10:18:49 terms of the sunshine requirements.
10:18:51 But they still are interested.

10:18:54 And in an effort to have as much community input as
10:18:56 possible, do we notify the affected civic associations
10:19:02 when the advisory committee meetings are held?
10:19:05 Let me phrase it differently.
10:19:06 I would like to ensure that we always notify all the
10:19:10 civic associations in a CRA area when that advisory
10:19:14 committee meets.
10:19:16 I guess that should be in the form of a motion.
10:19:18 That when the CRA committees meet, let's say for East
10:19:23 Tampa, that all the civic associations in the area are
10:19:26 notified.
10:19:26 And also that it appear on the newly created CRA
10:19:29 calendar for council members.
10:19:31 Just so everybody and their brother knows what's
10:19:33 happening and when, the press will have an
10:19:36 opportunity.
10:19:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have a second on that?
10:19:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
10:19:41 So you are saying whenever the --
10:19:47 >> Advisory committee meets.
10:19:48 I think once a month.
10:19:53 >> That there should be a notice of the civic

10:19:57 association?
10:19:57 >> It's an e-mail thing.
10:19:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it's a great idea.
10:20:02 I'm just wondering --
10:20:08 >> The staff manager for that CRA.
10:20:09 >> Usually there's one or two civic associations in a
10:20:12 given CRA area.
10:20:15 >> Some of them like East Tampa, I think there's 16 or
10:20:19 17.
10:20:19 And we do a gator good job getting the word out to
10:20:22 those civic associations.
10:20:27 >> Public notice anyway.
10:20:32 >> That's a routine part of what we do.
10:20:34 We appreciate you wanting to clarify that in the
10:20:35 motion.
10:20:36 That's no problem.
10:20:37 But that is part of what we try to do.
10:20:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do I have a second on the motion?
10:20:47 >>GWEN MILLER: I don't think we need a motion.
10:20:49 They said they are going to do it anyway.
10:20:50 We don't need a motion.
10:20:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.

10:20:53 Dies for lack of a second.
10:20:54 All right.
10:20:54 The advisory committee selection process, let me take
10:20:58 the opportunity for public comment now.
10:21:01 Those in the public who would like to comment, address
10:21:03 the CRA board may come and do so.
10:21:04 You have three minutes.
10:21:05 As you come, please state your name, address for the
10:21:08 record.
10:21:09 You have three minutes.
10:21:21 >>> Al Davis, 3724 east wiser Avenue.
10:21:26 I talk for three minutes.
10:21:27 Do you give consideration for people who are lower
10:21:31 than the rest of us?
10:21:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Across the board.
10:21:36 >>> Have to take into consideration an element of
10:21:40 longevity, also.
10:21:42 [ Laughter ]
10:21:55 I want to thank City Council for engaging in this
10:21:57 Community Redevelopment Agency role.
10:22:03 And I like to feel that my participation would be on
10:22:08 an informed basis.

10:22:11 That means I have got to do some reading, I have got
10:22:15 to do some asking questions, I have got to do some
10:22:17 other aspects of this whole environment.
10:22:20 About 50 years ago, maybe a little longer, I was a
10:22:24 younger person, and I was with the military at
10:22:30 MacDill Air Force Base.
10:22:46 Mr. Chairman, if I go over three minutes, would you
10:22:47 give me two other seconds?
10:22:49 But, anyway, I was fascinated.
10:22:57 After that assignment at that time, I continued my
10:23:06 tenure with the military.
10:23:08 But in the interim, I met a young lady during that
10:23:14 brief time, and of course eventually we married, and
10:23:25 on my tenure with the military, we came back in 1964,
10:23:31 and I went back.
10:23:37 You know what?
10:23:40 Other than a landmark I wouldn't have known the place.
10:23:42 And what I am saying about that is reference to this.
10:23:44 Tampa is on the move.
10:23:47 Some of the historical places, or landmarks, if you
10:23:51 will, but for them being there you may not know where
10:23:54 you are.

10:23:54 And as we look forward to 30 years down the road, I
10:24:00 told Ed Johnson last time that I expect to be around
10:24:05 for the next 30 years so I want to see some of these
10:24:08 things come to fruition.
10:24:09 But in the event that I am not, I am very pleased that
10:24:13 we have people with vision, people with idea of making
10:24:19 life interesting.
10:24:24 And for the local East Tampa area, I want to be a full
10:24:29 participant.
10:24:36 And I keep hearing this statement when you refer to
10:24:38 the advisory committee as a board.
10:24:43 The only board that I know about is you.
10:24:48 As the CRA board.
10:24:50 So when they talk about boards --
10:24:54 (Bell sounds).
10:24:54 One other second, Mr. Chairman.
10:24:56 Now I'm looking at a bylaws development, I'm looking
10:24:59 at your policy development, I'm looking at your
10:25:05 strategic plan, I want to talk to the consultants when
10:25:08 they come and speak to us, I want to at least have an
10:25:12 intellectual conversation with them.
10:25:15 So I am going to be around for a little while longer.

10:25:18 And I am gratified of the CRA concept of improving
10:25:27 redeveloping the community.
10:25:28 East than the Tampa has been ignored for so long.
10:25:37 I thank you.
10:25:39 And what they call the tax increment fund, how does
10:25:43 that work?
10:25:44 And why is it working?
10:25:47 And what is going to happen after it's there?
10:25:52 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:25:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Davis.
10:25:57 >> Thank you for your service of many decades.
10:26:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have now the advisory committee
10:26:02 selection process.
10:26:03 >>> Since you approved the policy last month we have
10:26:05 been working feverishly to begin to implement that.
10:26:09 And we are doing that in particular because I think we
10:26:12 share your desire that advisory boards be active and
10:26:17 supportive of next year's budget process.
10:26:19 And in order for that to happen, given that it's going
10:26:21 to take some time, even after your appointment
10:26:24 process, to train them and stand them up as effective
10:26:29 boards, we really need to get them in place as quickly

10:26:32 as possible.
10:26:32 So with that in mind we have put together a plan that
10:26:35 would involve your January 31st meeting, your
10:26:39 January board meetings to be dedicated almost
10:26:43 exclusively to the work of selecting advisory board
10:26:46 members.
10:26:47 We would have the arts consultant from the Channel
10:26:49 District.
10:26:49 But we will try to limit our agenda item.
10:26:52 And I have Jeanette Fenton to give you more details,
10:26:58 she has been working with the clerk's office to put
10:27:00 this first-time ever process in place for you.
10:27:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good.
10:27:05 >>> Thank you, Mr. Huey.
10:27:07 Jeanette LaRussa Fenton, economic development.
10:27:11 I am very pleased to announce to you that we are
10:27:14 officially kicking off our recruitment for members of
10:27:17 our community advisory committee.
10:27:23 We are recruiting for five advisory committees in our
10:27:25 Central Park, Channelside, downtown, Drew Park and the
10:27:29 Heights.
10:27:33 And to set this up for our viewing audience.

10:27:35 As you know, Ybor and East Tampa have their own
10:27:38 process.
10:27:38 You heard a little about it a few moments ago.
10:27:42 But we are very anxious to recruit people that have an
10:27:45 interest in these areas, whether they be residents,
10:27:47 property owners, business owners, anyone that is a
10:27:51 stakeholder to become very involved in their
10:27:55 communities, and this is the ideal way.
10:27:58 The applications are available now.
10:28:00 They are available online at our web site,
10:28:03 CRA.
10:28:10 They are at our home page.
10:28:11 They are also available through the city clerk's
10:28:13 office.
10:28:14 People can call 274-8397 and they can get a hard copy
10:28:18 application package.
10:28:21 I do want to tell you a little about that application
10:28:23 package.
10:28:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we have a copy of this?
10:28:26 >> You will be getting them shortly, probably right
10:28:28 after the meeting so you will have a supply as well.
10:28:34 The application is not only the questionnaire that

10:28:37 people will complete, and also sunshine and ethics
10:28:45 form.
10:28:45 It is an information package as well so people will
10:28:49 see a question-and-answer sheet that will tell them
10:28:51 about the CRAs and the rolls of the advisory
10:28:53 committee.
10:28:54 There is also a map so they will see the area.
10:28:57 There is a matrix that shows the composition of each
10:29:00 one of the CRA advisory committees.
10:29:02 And then, of course, the actual forms that they have
10:29:05 to complete.
10:29:05 So the idea is to give people that have an interest,
10:29:09 that maybe don't know much about CRA or the advisory
10:29:13 committee process, to give them a little bit of an
10:29:15 education and information.
10:29:17 And to piggyback on that, we are going to have
10:29:21 information sessions for them.
10:29:27 We have planned two information sessions for those
10:29:30 that are interested.
10:29:30 They are separate and independent.
10:29:32 So they go to one or the other.
10:29:34 One is on January 8th at 1 p.m. and the other is

10:29:37 on January 9th at 5:30 p.m.
10:29:39 And they are both in the Mascotte room here in City
10:29:42 Hall.
10:29:42 And the idea is to again be responsive to questions,
10:29:47 provide information, so that people are informed about
10:29:51 the responsibilities when they make application.
10:29:58 Finally, we want to leave you with a list of two
10:30:02 dates.
10:30:03 I just mentioned the two information sessions.
10:30:08 In addition to those information sessions, the most
10:30:11 critical date is January 17th which is the
10:30:14 deadline to receive applications.
10:30:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: If you will slide that up a little bit
10:30:21 so we can see the January 17th.
10:30:23 There you go.
10:30:24 Very good.
10:30:25 Thank you.
10:30:26 >>> Application are due in the clerk's office by
10:30:30 5 p.m. on January 17th.
10:30:32 And then you will have your CRA board meeting on
10:30:35 January 31st at 9 a.m.
10:30:38 At that time, any of the applicant are invited to come

10:30:41 and make a brief presentation about their background
10:30:43 and qualifications.
10:30:44 Just as they do for your other City Council board
10:30:47 appointments.
10:30:47 And then you will vote and make the appointments at
10:30:50 that time.
10:30:53 We are also embarking on a public information effort
10:30:55 as well so you will begin seeing articles in the
10:31:00 newspapers about the recruitment.
10:31:02 It will be posted on the web site.
10:31:03 It will be on CTTV.
10:31:06 So we will be utilizing various information channels
10:31:09 to get that word out.
10:31:10 And then each of the respective CRA managers will be
10:31:15 publicizing it within their own CRA area because we
10:31:18 all have our own mailing list and distribution
10:31:21 channels as well.
10:31:21 So the whole idea is to give you a very good applicant
10:31:25 pool from which to choose from, and then you will make
10:31:27 your appointments.
10:31:29 That concludes my presentation.
10:31:31 I will be happy to answer any questions.

10:31:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It sounds like you are doing a
10:31:35 great deal of outreach, which is what we are all
10:31:37 interested in.
10:31:38 >>> Yes, ma'am.
10:31:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Each committee will have seven
10:31:42 members, correct?
10:31:45 >>> It varies slightly.
10:31:48 >> So the question is, is it up to council sitting as
10:31:53 a CRA to ensure that we have diversity of residents,
10:31:56 property owners, business owners?
10:31:59 Great.
10:32:00 You got it figured out.
10:32:01 Thank you.
10:32:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
10:32:04 Thank you, Ms. Fenton.
10:32:06 I think, mark, did you a very good job on this, and on
10:32:11 the process, and that's on the 31st we will make
10:32:15 the selection.
10:32:17 The date for East Tampa is January 8th.
10:32:20 Is that right?
10:32:20 >>MARK HUEY: That's correct.
10:32:23 >> At what time again?

10:32:26 6:30.
10:32:27 I want to stress that to council members.
10:32:28 >>> We are borderline having a quorum right now.
10:32:33 >> Well, this is councilman Dingfelder's suggestion
10:32:37 and idea, that we have --
10:32:39 >>> I can't remember who.
10:32:40 I just want to let you know we are on the border.
10:32:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good.
10:32:50 So we are looking forward to being on the 8th at
10:32:53 6:30.
10:32:53 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you.
10:32:56 Jeanette has done a great job.
10:32:57 The first time through it. We don't know what to
10:32:59 expect.
10:32:59 We do appreciate -- I know now that we know the
10:33:03 January 31st board meeting, it's going to be
10:33:06 dedicated for this.
10:33:07 Don't schedule workshops.
10:33:11 Council over that day, if you could, that morning,
10:33:13 keep it set aside and hopefully we'll --
10:33:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will dedicated that morning, I
10:33:21 think, for that.

10:33:23 Only two things in our agenda.
10:33:25 The art consultant and the selection of the --
10:33:27 >>> there may be some other things, but I will
10:33:32 minimize.
10:33:33 It will only be essential things that have to come.
10:33:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT:
10:33:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:33:42 I really believe that people can say in two minutes
10:33:46 what they can say in three minutes.
10:33:47 So it would be my recommendation that we limit the
10:33:49 applicants e-talk to two minutes.
10:33:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Kind of depending on how many people
10:33:59 turn out. If we don't have that many people.
10:34:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We can do that on that day so make
10:34:06 sure they are aware of that.
10:34:07 Is there anything else coming before council?
10:34:09 Let me conclude -- I want to say to all of you staff
10:34:15 and to the director, the quality of the presentation
10:34:17 is very good.
10:34:18 Presentation was very good.
10:34:20 And I want to note and highlight that.
10:34:23 Very professional.

10:34:23 Very well done.
10:34:25 Thank you very much.
10:34:26 Second, I thank the CRA board and the City Council for
10:34:29 their support.
10:34:31 And being engaged in the CRA.
10:34:32 That is so very important, very vital.
10:34:35 With that being said --
10:34:38 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chairman, motion to receive and file,
10:34:40 please.
10:34:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:34:41 Thank you, Mr. Clerk.
10:34:44 All right.
10:34:44 >> So moved.
10:34:45 >> Second.
10:34:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved and ordered.
10:34:51 Thank you very much.
10:34:51 We stand adjourned.
10:34:52 (CRA meeting adjourned)