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Tampa City Council
Thursday, January 31, 2008
9:00 a.m. CRA meeting

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09:04:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Good morning.
09:05:11 Let me call the Community Redevelopment Agency for the
09:05:14 City of Tampa to order at this time.
09:05:20 We will turn it over to councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena.
09:05:23 >> It is my pleasure this morning to introduce Gale
09:05:26 Whiting and she'll be leading us in the invocation.
09:05:29 Mrs. Whiting is the chair for the center for Catholic
09:05:32 Jewish studies, she's an active member of our
09:05:35 community, and she and her husband, Paul, were

09:05:37 founders of Academy Prep.
09:05:40 Last week, I think Lincoln Tomayo spoke some
09:05:45 inspirational words, and today will be led by Gale
09:05:52 Whiting.
09:05:53 Let us please stand, and remain standing for the
09:05:56 pledge of allegiance.
09:06:00 >>> My first public invocation.
09:06:02 Thank you, Linda, for inviting me, and it's good to be
09:06:05 in front of you all again to say thank you to you on
09:06:08 behalf of your community for all do you to serve us.
09:06:10 I come from the Roman Catholic tradition.
09:06:13 Our church has blessings for everything.
09:06:17 In this little book which is called the shorter book
09:06:19 of blessings, there are blessings for pets, for boats,
09:06:24 for harvest, for body parts, for church hole I days,
09:06:27 for offices, for old people, families, just to name a
09:06:32 few.
09:06:32 But for this occasion, and Linda mentioned to me that
09:06:35 many of you here are here as public servants as well,
09:06:40 that you are from various organizations that serve our
09:06:43 community.
09:06:43 So I would like to offer this prayer as well for all

09:06:46 of you.
09:06:46 So let us pray.
09:06:50 Lord, as a City Council, and members of our community,
09:06:54 charged with helping to govern and help the people of
09:06:56 Tampa, may everything we do begin with your
09:07:00 inspiration and continue with your help so that all
09:07:05 our prayers and works may be given you and by you be
09:07:12 happily ended.
09:07:13 We offer glory and praise to you forever and ever.
09:07:16 Amen.
09:07:19 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:07:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
09:07:40 Clerk, roll call.
09:07:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:07:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:07:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:07:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:07:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:07:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:07:52 Thank you very much.
09:07:56 We will now, the first item on our agenda today, is
09:08:00 the discussion from the arts council for the Channel

09:08:05 District, and this is requested by councilwoman Linda
09:08:09 Saul-Sena.
09:08:10 >>> We have Leith ter Meulen.
09:08:16 She introduced herself to you a couple months ago and
09:08:19 she's here today to give you an update on the status
09:08:21 of her research and report.
09:08:27 >> Good morning.
09:08:30 I'm Leith ter Meulen with LandAir Project Resources.
09:08:35 I want to thank you for inviting me back here again.
09:08:38 I know you have a very busy agenda today.
09:08:41 And I'll be very brief.
09:08:42 I want to give you a status report of where we are
09:08:45 today and also answer any questions you might have.
09:08:49 We are about to conclude a city-wide survey.
09:08:55 We work very closely with did city and our marketing
09:08:59 consultants every green solutions to research and
09:09:01 create a pretty extensive e-mail list, and we blasted,
09:09:07 I think that's the right terminology, we E-blasted
09:09:11 2300 individuals in organizations about two weeks ago
09:09:15 with a survey that we encourage everyone to respond
09:09:19 to.
09:09:20 It's also posted on the city's web site.

09:09:23 And we have gotten so far, almost 500 hits, and about
09:09:28 100 responses.
09:09:29 We have also, in the last few months, conducted
09:09:36 individual market meetings and interviews with
09:09:38 individuals, about 65 individuals, representatives
09:09:42 from Tampa's arts community, Channel District
09:09:46 residents, businesses, and artists, and we are going
09:09:50 to continue those individual interviews through the
09:09:53 course of this study.
09:09:54 What we are going to be doing in the meantime, we are
09:09:56 also researching best practices from other cities, and
09:10:00 we've looked at about a dozen cities, both nationally
09:10:04 and abroad, cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
09:10:08 providence, Rhode Island, Houston, Seattle, so on.
09:10:14 Some of the most interesting examples, though, of
09:10:17 successes we found overseas, and in neighborhoods,
09:10:22 called temple bar in Dublin, and I just want to take a
09:10:26 moment to share some of the statistics from temple
09:10:29 bar.
09:10:29 Temple bar is a Riverside neighborhood within Dublin.
09:10:34 From 1992, the governance of Dublin and temple bar
09:10:41 community created an entity to in fact encourage an

09:10:47 emergence of this neighborhood, very similar to
09:10:49 Channel District from the public-private investment
09:10:53 that we see going on in the Channel District.
09:10:55 And between 1992 and 1996, the number of restaurants
09:11:01 in that neighborhood doubled.
09:11:03 The number of shops doubled to 200.
09:11:06 Now, they started with more shops than Channel
09:11:09 District currently has, but they are such great seeds
09:11:14 of development opportunity on the retail level and the
09:11:17 commercial level and the arts communities in Channel
09:11:18 District, that I think these statistics speak well to
09:11:20 what can happen in the Channel District as well.
09:11:23 The number of arts buildings doubled.
09:11:26 Hotels doubled.
09:11:28 The employees -- and that's a very exciting
09:11:31 statistic -- the number of employees employed in the
09:11:34 community quadrupled.
09:11:36 So, you know, our charge, of course, is to identify
09:11:42 ways that the arts and investment of arts can really
09:11:45 help to invigorate the community, but we are very
09:11:48 cognizant of what that means in the long run.
09:11:50 It does mean jobs and it means employment and that

09:11:52 means economic vitality.
09:11:55 One thing that's changed since we started our study,
09:11:58 of course, both locally and nationally, you know, the
09:12:03 economic environment has shifted somewhat, which has
09:12:07 caused us to shift some of our attention to other
09:12:09 cities where similarly it was necessary to become
09:12:15 actually quite inventive and find ways to overcome and
09:12:20 move through economic downturns so that those
09:12:23 downturns don't in fact stifle arts investment, in
09:12:27 fact really, you know, add to it.
09:12:30 So our next steps, we are going to be compiling the
09:12:36 survey results for the first two weeks of February,
09:12:39 and we are wrapping up our best practices research
09:12:42 during this same time frame.
09:12:44 We are going to be holding two public meetings
09:12:47 February 25th, an evening meeting on February
09:12:51 26th, a morning meeting, and at that meeting we
09:12:55 will be presenting the results of our survey.
09:12:58 We are going to be presenting some preliminary
09:13:01 concepts that we will be recommending in our final
09:13:03 report, and also sharing some images of public arts
09:13:07 initiatives that have worked in other cities, and that

09:13:10 we believe can work in the Channel District as well.
09:13:13 So I would like to encourage questions.
09:13:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:13:18 I'm very excited about the work you're doing.
09:13:22 At the two public meetings for both developers and
09:13:24 artists, I assume.
09:13:27 >>> The public meetings are public meetings.
09:13:28 They will be announced and they are open for the
09:13:33 public.
09:13:33 The series of meetings we have had thus far have been
09:13:39 by invitation, certainly not to be exclusive in any
09:13:44 means, but we are really very focused, more like focus
09:13:48 groups with different types of individuals, like the
09:13:51 developers, for example, the property owners, and in
09:13:54 fact we had a very encouraging meeting with the
09:13:57 property owners yesterday.
09:13:59 We talked to them about the possibility of introducing
09:14:01 some short-term art-related activities, that we
09:14:09 could -- can be installed in fact in their vacant
09:14:13 retail spaces, as a means to just show some vitality
09:14:17 and some invigoration in the neighborhood.
09:14:19 And they were very, very receptive to that.

09:14:22 So the meetings we have had thus far have been select
09:14:25 focus groups.
09:14:26 The meetings for February will be announced by the
09:14:29 city and they will be public meetings.
09:14:31 And we are going to be encouraging as many Tampa
09:14:35 residents as are interested and available to attend
09:14:37 those meetings.
09:14:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:14:41 I know that we will be informed of it so we can get
09:14:42 the word out.
09:14:44 And perhaps, Mr. Chairman, we can have the results at
09:14:48 our March 13th CRA meeting.
09:14:50 Thank you.
09:14:50 >>> That's it.
09:14:53 Thank you very much.
09:14:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
09:14:55 We have also an update, Central Park strategic plan
09:15:00 update.
09:15:00 >>> Very briefly.
09:15:03 Last couple of meetings we have alluded to the
09:15:06 negative impact, and particularly the strand decision
09:15:09 having on our planning in Central Park Village.

09:15:12 And that we have been discussing with our consultant,
09:15:16 the real viability of continuing that planning process
09:15:20 under the circumstances.
09:15:21 At this point, Michael hatchet, the CRA manager, a
09:15:26 consulting team, have agreed it would be best to put
09:15:29 that plan on a hiatus stage at this point.
09:15:32 And so we have put it in that we will plan when the
09:15:38 board of that redevelopment area, Central Park, is
09:15:41 formed.
09:15:41 We will bring the consulting team to brief them and
09:15:46 bring them up to speed, and then as the strand
09:15:49 decision situation is resolved and we have better
09:15:52 footing for long-term planning in that district we
09:15:54 will reactivate that planning process. So that was
09:15:57 the extent of our update and I'll be glad to answer
09:15:59 any questions.
09:16:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Do we have an estimate of when they
09:16:04 are going to make their decision?
09:16:10 >>SAL TERRITO: I'll address that.
09:16:13 Sal Territo.
09:16:15 They are going to have legal argument and the thrust
09:16:17 of the cases will be to try to narrow it down to those

09:16:21 cases because none much them are CRA cases, they are
09:16:24 tax increment financing cases but in that CRA case
09:16:27 they are dealing with the use of the money, not the
09:16:29 structure, that we have established here, and they are
09:16:31 going to see if they can get the court to at least
09:16:33 narrow it down, which is our best chance of maybe
09:16:36 going forward with what we have.
09:16:37 But there will be arguments next week on the other two
09:16:40 cases, and knowing the importance of these cases to
09:16:42 the state and to the nation generally because of
09:16:44 dealing with bonds, they think there will be a
09:16:47 decision maybe within a month, not sooner but they are
09:16:50 going to have to find a way to address some of those
09:16:53 issues, and narrow the case down.
09:16:57 >> Are those cases that came up after the decision?
09:16:59 >> There are two cases that came up after the
09:17:01 decision.
09:17:02 They have had oral arguments, rehearing on the strand
09:17:04 case, we are assuming, and obviously it's -- they were
09:17:09 going to wait until they hear the other two cases and
09:17:11 come up with one unified decision rather than three
09:17:14 separate decisions among one other.

09:17:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before we move on to the appointments,
09:17:32 will you provide for us, I guess, at the next meeting
09:17:34 some update relative to the impacts as to the
09:17:40 amendment 1 pass, the effect it will have on the CRA
09:17:44 if -- very critical, very important?
09:17:50 >> We will do that.
09:17:51 That will be a good lead-in to next year's planning
09:17:55 process.
09:17:55 I will be glad to do that.
09:17:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Public comment, persons who wish
09:18:01 positive T speak to any matter on the agenda may come.
09:18:03 And you have three minutes now.
09:18:06 We are not talking about those who are here for
09:18:10 appointment, but if you are here as a citizen and just
09:18:12 want to speak, address the council, you can do so at
09:18:15 this point.
09:18:19 The other appointments, if you just want to speak to
09:18:21 the CRA board, this is your opportunity to do that.
09:18:26 Other than those who are applicants for the
09:18:28 appointment to the advisory committee.
09:18:34 Okay, I assume not.
09:18:37 Then item number 3, we need a motion to approve the

09:18:39 bylaws.
09:18:44 Yes.
09:18:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know that we have been working on
09:18:46 these, you know, a long time, and there's been a lot
09:18:49 of discussion.
09:18:51 And I'm a little concerned that once we start having,
09:18:57 you know, working with these bylaws, if there are
09:19:00 changes that we want to make, I just wanted to hear
09:19:03 from our attorney what it would take to change these
09:19:05 bylaws.
09:19:11 >>> A simple majority to change the bylaws.
09:19:13 Reason we have come back today, you have already
09:19:15 approved the bylaws.
09:19:16 When we went back and looked -- we have done that in
09:19:20 the past in resolution, rather than motion, so you
09:19:22 simply brought back what you had before except for one
09:19:25 provision in there dealing with a simple majority
09:19:30 requirement.
09:19:31 Your bylaws can be changed by simple majority in any
09:19:33 other matter.
09:19:34 The use of eminent domain.
09:19:36 That's the only exception.

09:19:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So, for example, if we found that
09:19:41 some of our bylaws weren't as workable as we had
09:19:45 expected we could just bring it up -- what would the
09:19:48 process be?
09:19:49 >>> The process would be bring it up, and put it on
09:19:51 the agenda to be discussed, and then you simply do a
09:19:54 motion that you want to amend the bylaws, you get a
09:19:57 majority to amend the bylaws, I'll bring them back to
09:19:59 knew a resolution format.
09:20:01 We can do it the same day if I know in advance that's
09:20:03 what you want to do.
09:20:03 >> And the way to bring it up would be to write a memo
09:20:06 to the CRA members or bring it up at a CRA meeting?
09:20:10 >> I think you can do it either way. If you are
09:20:12 finding at that point they are not workable you can
09:20:14 make a motion at that particular point that would you
09:20:16 like to have the bylaws amended if you get the four
09:20:18 votes that you need to make the amendment, then staff
09:20:21 will make the change for you.
09:20:23 >> So, for example, I know one of our new rules is
09:20:26 that we have a certain number of members, but if we
09:20:29 felt that we needed to change that, that would be a

09:20:32 bylaw change, and we would --
09:20:35 >>SAL TERRITO: Members of the CRA board or the
09:20:37 advisory committee?
09:20:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The advisory committee.
09:20:40 >>> Okay.
09:20:40 No, you would have to change the policies which are
09:20:42 not part of your bylaws.
09:20:43 >> How do we do that?
09:20:45 >>SAL TERRITO: You simply make a recommendation you
09:20:47 change the poems for that particular CRA or in general
09:20:49 for all the CRAs, the four votes that you need, that
09:20:53 would be enough to make the change.
09:20:55 That's a policy change, not a bylaw change.
09:20:58 Same process.
09:20:58 >> Thank you for the clarification.
09:21:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr.
09:21:04 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: When were these bylaws enacted?
09:21:06 And when was the last time there were any revisions?
09:21:10 >>> I was involved in this back in 1983.
09:21:14 They were originally enacted in '83 and they were
09:21:17 changed three times with this particular -- or four
09:21:20 times if you count this particular one.

09:21:22 91 was probably the last major change.
09:21:24 And then they were changed again in 2002.
09:21:27 And this would be the third change.
09:21:29 The original one for some reason is not listed on
09:21:32 here.
09:21:33 These bylaws, I wrote these, as a matter of fact, back
09:21:35 in the early '80s and these are probably 75% of what
09:21:39 was written back in the '80s.
09:21:42 Probably 25 years ago.
09:21:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, sir.
09:21:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a couple of questions.
09:21:48 I have the strike-through here.
09:21:51 Is that currently what we are operating off of, Sal?
09:21:55 >>SAL TERRITO: There's a clean copy on top of it which
09:21:57 you approved by motion, but the strike through
09:22:00 indicates the changes.
09:22:01 >> On the strike through, under the eminent domain
09:22:04 section, article 6, it says if we want to condemn
09:22:15 properties for purposes of CRA, it takes five votes,
09:22:19 but if it's the City of Tampa then it's four votes.
09:22:22 I'm just wondering what the origin -- is that
09:22:26 statutory, the difference between the two?

09:22:29 >>SAL TERRITO: No, that was the way they were
09:22:30 originally written.
09:22:31 And we are making a distinction between how the
09:22:33 property was acquired.
09:22:34 If it was acquired through eminent domain, then it
09:22:38 seems to me that the rules should be the same for
09:22:40 disposing of it as it was to acquire it.
09:22:43 If it wasn't acquired through eminent domain then a
09:22:46 simple majority should be sufficient because it didn't
09:22:48 require the taking of someone's property.
09:22:50 So that was the reason for that distinction.
09:22:55 Let me go back and read what you're reading.
09:22:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And while you are looking at
09:22:59 that --
09:23:03 >>> oh, I know, the portion that was taken out was
09:23:05 statutory so it is redundant.
09:23:07 I was reading different -- we took out a lot of
09:23:10 language because the statute requires it to be done
09:23:12 that way.
09:23:13 It didn't have to be in your bylaws.
09:23:14 That's why the language was removed.
09:23:16 >> I see the part that's stricken.

09:23:19 There's still a discrepancy between the procedure for
09:23:22 property that's going to be used by the CRA.
09:23:28 >>> Okay, I see what you're saying.
09:23:30 The distinction I'm making there is if it were for
09:23:32 another government rather than for a private use.
09:23:37 Or the City of Tampa.
09:23:38 So if it's being used for a governmental purpose it
09:23:40 would not require there to ab 5-vote requirement and
09:23:43 this is also a recommendation.
09:23:44 City, you as a City Council, would be doing the actual
09:23:47 eminent domain. This is a recommendation by the CRA
09:23:51 to ask the city to do eminent domain.
09:23:53 CRA is not using eminent domain power.
09:23:56 It's a recommendation and a distinction we are trying
09:23:58 to make here is if you are using it for a private
09:24:00 purpose, which is much more difficult to do obviously
09:24:03 since the legislature changed it, it will require a
09:24:06 simple majority F.they are using it for other
09:24:08 governmental purposes, it would not be necessary to
09:24:12 have a -- a simple majority.
09:24:14 That's the distinction I was trying to make.
09:24:16 If it's not clear I can clarify that.

09:24:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I am going to look at it a little
09:24:20 longer.
09:24:21 Other question I had is, I'm sure everybody else might
09:24:25 notice, but who is the secretary, assistant secretary?
09:24:28 Is that the clerk?
09:24:31 >>> The clerk.
09:24:32 Treasure is the director of finance.
09:24:35 >> Thank you.
09:24:36 >>> You're welcome.
09:24:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: we need a formal motion.
09:24:43 We approved already but we need a formal resolution.
09:24:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
09:24:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And seconded by councilman Caetano.
09:24:51 All in favor?
09:24:53 Opposed the same thing?
09:24:54 So moved and ordered.
09:24:55 Thank you very much.
09:24:56 Now we'll move to the quarterly report.
09:25:03 >>> Last week we all received quarterly financial
09:25:07 report, accountability report to you, about how TIF
09:25:13 funds are being spent including project by project
09:25:16 narratives from our CRA managers.

09:25:19 Just for you to receive and file today.
09:25:21 Our managers are here to answer any questions you
09:25:23 might have.
09:25:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was speaking with the city
09:25:28 finance director Bonnie white, and she says the city
09:25:31 is anticipating a $2 million less in our budget
09:25:35 because of the state projections that were incorrect.
09:25:38 What is the expected loss that we can expect as a CRA?
09:25:46 >>MARK HUEY: From amendment 1?
09:25:48 >> No.
09:25:49 Just because the state projected revenues --
09:25:53 >>> I think what Ms.Wise was talking about was sales
09:25:55 tax coming through the state.
09:25:57 So that won't impact the redevelopment agency.
09:25:59 >> So we'll have the budget process, you anticipate --
09:26:06 >>> yes.
09:26:06 The impact this year we'll have a combination of
09:26:09 things.
09:26:10 We'll have the impact of amendment 1 and we'll have
09:26:12 the impact of the slowing economy potentially and its
09:26:16 impact on real estate value.
09:26:18 >> If a property is in applying for bankruptcy

09:26:23 protection, how would that impact the taxes that they
09:26:28 would theoretically be paying?
09:26:31 >>> It would not.
09:26:31 So, again, taxes --
09:26:36 >> Would be paid?
09:26:37 >>> Yes.
09:26:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We need to receive and file.
09:26:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks for this comprehensive book.
09:26:44 In a nutshell then, we have been criticized over the
09:26:50 last couple of years for not doing -- not encumbering
09:26:54 and spending money fast enough.
09:26:57 In a nutshell do you think we are doing better, and
09:26:59 why?
09:27:01 Rhetorical question perhaps.
09:27:04 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, again, as I have shared, many of you
09:27:07 all have been around city government longer than I
09:27:09 have, and all of us would share the fact that we wish
09:27:12 things happened faster.
09:27:14 And so I feel much as you do the same today.
09:27:20 Having said that, I can tell you that the
09:27:22 redevelopment agency work is treat add round the city
09:27:26 as a top priority.

09:27:28 And so we get excellent service.
09:27:31 We appreciate the support from all the departments
09:27:34 that we work with in public works, the finance
09:27:37 department, all around the city.
09:27:39 We appreciate the support that the CRA gets from those
09:27:42 departments.
09:27:43 And so if that answers your question, we are pleased
09:27:50 with how things are going.
09:27:51 There are always things that we are working to move
09:27:53 faster, and hope to move faster.
09:27:56 But again we appreciate the overall support throughout
09:27:58 the city of the redevelopment agency's work.
09:28:01 >> Well, it appears that we are encumbering funds and
09:28:07 spending them faster than even last year, just looking
09:28:10 at this document.
09:28:11 >>> Right.
09:28:13 >> We'll look at it a little closer but on surface it
09:28:16 looks good.
09:28:16 Thank you.
09:28:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think the report is very good.
09:28:20 I must commend you for that very much, very
09:28:25 professional.

09:28:25 I really, really appreciate that.
09:28:28 >>> We are trying to be transparent with everything
09:28:30 and certainly we present the facts, and what the
09:28:37 status of projects are.
09:28:38 And these are made available out in the community that
09:28:40 we work in.
09:28:41 And we try to have the same transparency with them
09:28:45 that we have with you.
09:28:47 Get information out.
09:28:48 >>GWEN MILLER: This is what we asked for, so we
09:28:50 appreciate you getting us what we asked for.
09:28:52 >>> And Julie in our department, our financial
09:28:57 analyst, is really the lead on this and working with
09:28:59 the managers, and we appreciate the good work you do.
09:29:02 Thanks, Julie.
09:29:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to receive and file.
09:29:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:29:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Miller and
09:29:09 seconded by Mary Mulhern.
09:29:10 All in favor let be known by Aye.
09:29:13 Poses same sign.
09:29:15 So moved and ordered.

09:29:17 Okay.
09:29:17 Now we will have the presentation of applicants and
09:29:20 selection.
09:29:20 What I would like to do, it's my understanding that we
09:29:23 approved the slate for the Ybor.
09:29:27 Is that right?
09:29:27 So what I would like to do at this point really is to
09:29:30 move that so they won't have to be here all morning
09:29:34 and approve that slate.
09:29:35 I would suggest if council wants to know who they are,
09:29:38 we allow them to come up and maybe introduce
09:29:40 themselves, and then pretty much it, then report on
09:29:44 the slate.
09:29:45 So if council just wants to know.
09:29:47 This is for Ybor.
09:29:49 Those persons who have -- whose name appear from Ybor,
09:29:53 or CRA, if you will come forward and just simply
09:29:55 introduce yourself by name, and your profession, and
09:30:01 that should be sufficient enough so that council can
09:30:03 see who you are.
09:30:06 The CRA for Ybor, they are elect their own members.
09:30:15 We are just approving the slate for this particular

09:30:18 CRA.
09:30:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And we just want all of us on the
09:30:23 CRA board want to express our gratitude for you all,
09:30:26 to you all, for your willingness to serve.
09:30:30 Everything in the city is complicated with Ybor
09:30:32 because it's so much more interesting, it's always
09:30:34 more complicated, and we really appreciate your
09:30:36 service.
09:30:37 We thank you.
09:30:40 >>> My name is Steve Yturriaga, I'm a developer and
09:30:47 resident of Ybor City.
09:30:49 >>> Enrique Woodroffe, president of Woodroofe
09:30:51 Corporation, Architects, been involved with Ybor City
09:30:54 for the past 25 years.
09:30:56 I really appreciate you allowing me to continue.
09:30:58 Thank you.
09:30:58 >>> John Gorman, I've been a member of Tampa for about
09:31:08 12 years, been in the bar business for 30 years, and
09:31:12 that's my experience.
09:31:14 And glad to be here.
09:31:15 Thank you.
09:31:17 >>> I'm Carrie West with MC Film in Ybor City,

09:31:25 historic Ybor City, that is, and glad to be here, and
09:31:29 I have been here, living in the area since 1980.
09:31:32 USF.
09:31:33 Glad to have this opportunity to serve on the board.
09:31:39 >>> Anddrikk Frazier with Tampa Electric Company, on
09:31:43 the advisory board for the Ybor City Development
09:31:45 Corporation.
09:31:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
09:31:56 Yes, sir.
09:31:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would like to move the slate.
09:32:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Seconded by councilwoman Saul-Sena that
09:32:04 we accept the slate.
09:32:05 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
09:32:08 Same sign opposed.
09:32:09 So moved and ordered.
09:32:10 Thank you.
09:32:13 Okay.
09:32:14 Thank you all very much.
09:32:15 You are free to leave or you can stay with everybody
09:32:21 else.
09:32:22 I think first on the list is the Central Park CRA
09:32:30 advisory committee.

09:32:31 Mr. Ewing.
09:32:33 Let me also thank you for this grid.
09:32:37 It's very helpful.
09:32:38 Those of you that received that, very helpful.
09:32:43 I really appreciate that.
09:32:45 >> Yes.
09:32:46 Did everyone get those?
09:32:47 We have extra copies.
09:32:49 Do you need extras?
09:33:02 We are pleased to present to you all of the
09:33:04 candidates.
09:33:05 When we first embarked on this process, this is the
09:33:08 first time we have been through this together.
09:33:10 We didn't really know what to expect.
09:33:12 In fact, Charlie, I remember you wondering whether we
09:33:18 would have any applicants come forward.
09:33:19 Good news is we had 72 candidates come forward for the
09:33:24 46 seats that are available throughout the agency.
09:33:26 And I want to especially thank the CRA managers who
09:33:30 worked very hard in their areas to get candidates, and
09:33:33 also media partners, the Tribune, the times, Florida
09:33:37 sentinel, La Gaceta.

09:33:39 They all helped to get the word out and ensure that we
09:33:41 had applicants apply.
09:33:44 And we appreciate that very much.
09:33:46 I also want to thank Shirley in the clerk's office.
09:33:51 You all got your applications last Friday.
09:33:56 It's a couple telephone directories thick about the
09:33:59 applications you received and Shirley and the clerk's
09:34:01 office did a wonderful job accepting those and sorting
09:34:04 them and processing them, and we appreciate that.
09:34:07 We do have enough candidates to fill all the boards
09:34:10 except for Central Park.
09:34:12 And so we'll need to continue to look for candidates
09:34:16 to fill that board.
09:34:21 And we did provide to you that matrix where we have
09:34:24 tried to capture from all of those applications,
09:34:27 especially the policy-specific information about those
09:34:31 applicants that are consistent with your policy, the
09:34:34 way you wanted the boards to be composed, the kind of
09:34:38 stakeholders you wanted to be part of those boards and
09:34:41 the kind of backgrounds you want them to have in
09:34:45 candidates for these advisory boards.
09:34:46 So we do hope that's a helpful tool to you this

09:34:50 morning.
09:34:50 With that I will turn it over.
09:34:51 We do have our CRA managers here who can answer
09:34:54 questions, if you need them at any time, as you go
09:34:58 through each CRA.
09:35:01 We basically turn it back over to you at this time.
09:35:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: May I ask you a question?
09:35:05 And I wanted to echo those compliments on creating
09:35:08 this matrix for us.
09:35:09 It makes it a lot easier to get our arms around.
09:35:14 Some of the people who are applying are not City of
09:35:16 Tampa residents.
09:35:17 And I wondered if that was a requirement.
09:35:22 They are property owners but not residents.
09:35:24 Do we address that in our rules?
09:35:27 >>MARK HUEY: Your policy gives you some latitude in
09:35:30 that, in that it does ask that they be either a
09:35:35 resident or an employee or a property owner within a
09:35:39 district.
09:35:40 But it also said they could have a significant
09:35:42 interest in the district in some other capacity.
09:35:46 So that's where you will have to use your judgment.

09:35:49 If you feel that criteria isn't met, as you question a
09:35:54 candidate, that would certainly make them potentially
09:36:00 unsuitable.
09:36:00 >> But you are not precluded from --
09:36:03 >> No, you are not.
09:36:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Way would like to do at this point,
09:36:10 Mr. Huey, is for Central Park, if the person will come
09:36:13 up and take one minute to introduce themselves since
09:36:16 we have so many applicants.
09:36:20 Well, she has a ballot, is that right? What I would
09:36:23 like to do, if you want to read that ballot and then
09:36:27 they come up in that order.
09:36:32 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good mornings honorable chair
09:36:34 and board members.
09:36:35 My name is Shirley Foxx-Knowles and I'm here to
09:36:38 present applicants for the CRA advisory committee.
09:36:42 Applicants, as you noted, will be taken in
09:36:46 alphabetical order.
09:36:48 Beginning with Ruth Dewberry.
09:36:54 >> I would like to read all the names off and they
09:36:56 come in that order so that way they'll save time where
09:36:59 you are not having to come back.

09:37:00 So Mrs. Dewberry, foster, Ricks, Harris, hall, if they
09:37:06 are here, if you will line up to come.
09:37:09 If you are here, will you come in that order?
09:37:12 >> We received an e-mail from Mrs. Dewberry --
09:37:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, I know Mrs. Dewberry.
09:37:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You don't have to be here.
09:37:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's not required.
09:37:28 She sent an e-mail because of an emergency she will
09:37:30 not be here.
09:37:32 I don't think that's enough.
09:37:35 We need a ballot for Central Park.
09:37:48 >>GWEN MILLER: That's Drew Park.
09:37:52 >>> Good morning.
09:37:54 Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and the board.
09:37:55 My name is Samuel D. Harris III, I'm with Tan Gen real
09:38:03 estate investment.
09:38:04 >> This is Mr. Harris?
09:38:07 >>> Yes, sir.
09:38:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Wait a second.
09:38:10 I don't have a ballot.
09:38:16 They are passing out two ballots.
09:38:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

09:38:21 We have it up here.
09:38:22 Go ahead.
09:38:22 >>> I would like to be a member of this advisory
09:38:26 board.
09:38:26 I believe that I can bring a lot of experience to the
09:38:28 table.
09:38:29 I have over 15 years of financial management
09:38:31 experience as well as real estate development.
09:38:35 I am a native of Tampa, Florida, which is a rarity.
09:38:40 You don't find too many of those people here.
09:38:43 I campaigned for Mr. Scott and Mrs. Miller, if you are
09:38:47 not familiar with that, when I was in college.
09:38:49 And I would like to be a part of that board.
09:38:52 Thank you for the opportunity.
09:38:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir -- are we allowed to have
09:38:58 questions?
09:39:00 Are not?
09:39:00 I'll do whatever you think, Mr. Chair.
09:39:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a lot of candidates.
09:39:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I didn't hear whether he has a
09:39:17 business here now or if he's going to have a business
09:39:19 here in the future.

09:39:23 >>> Yes, we have a business and we are looking at
09:39:25 relocating to the Central Park area.
09:39:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is that sufficient?
09:39:31 Thank you.
09:39:35 >>> My name is Stephen foster, I'm the vice-president
09:39:38 of real estate with GTE federal credit union.
09:39:41 As now we have about 13 acres in the middle of this
09:39:44 district.
09:39:45 And my personal experience is that I was born and
09:39:47 raised in Tampa, been a contractor since about 1979,
09:39:51 and believe that I can bring some perspective to this
09:39:55 committee or this board.
09:39:57 And by our very charter, credit unions are concerned
09:40:01 with in adding to whatever community that we are
09:40:04 involved with.
09:40:05 Thank you very much for your consideration.
09:40:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
09:40:12 >>> Good morning.
09:40:13 My name is Elizabeth Lyon hall.
09:40:16 I'm actually a resident of Seminole Heights area.
09:40:18 And I volunteer for both Central Park and the Heights.
09:40:23 Heights is actually my preference but there were less

09:40:26 at-large position there is so I would be willing to
09:40:28 serve on this one, too.
09:40:29 And I am a landscape architect, a site planner and
09:40:35 also a certified arborist, work in the City of Tampa
09:40:38 for about ten years or so now, and just with that
09:40:41 background I feel I would have a lot to add to this
09:40:44 committee.
09:40:44 Thank you.
09:40:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Then also we have two at-large on the
09:40:51 county.
09:40:52 Those are the ones that we just ratify, is that right?
09:41:00 >>SAL TERRITO: Local agreement.
09:41:02 The county gets two choices.
09:41:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I realize this is a tedious and all
09:41:08 these individuals certainly have applied and want to
09:41:13 create a better city to live in.
09:41:16 However, the question that I have been asking myself
09:41:18 is, is there any things that are written into the
09:41:24 process where if so many meetings are missed or
09:41:26 something happens, and I think there's an exit
09:41:32 portion.
09:41:32 >>> Yes, there are provisions in the policy that you

09:41:36 have for each of these advisory committees.
09:41:39 I think it's three meetings, if they miss three
09:41:41 meetings that are unexcused then they may be removed.
09:41:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just to speed things up.
09:41:50 I think we can move the slate of five.
09:41:53 And then I'll move the other two separately.
09:41:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:41:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilman Dingfelder,
09:42:04 seconded by councilman Saul-Sena.
09:42:07 (Motion carried).
09:42:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to ratify the two from the
09:42:11 county, Williams and Campbell.
09:42:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:42:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor let it be known by Aye.
09:42:20 Opposes same sign.
09:42:21 So moved and ordered so that slate is approved.
09:42:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As a formality or what?
09:42:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just need to sign them, right?
09:42:37 >> Yes.
09:43:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The next presentation will be from the
09:43:10 Channel District.
09:43:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Congratulations to everyone from

09:43:16 Central Park Village.
09:43:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Especially running unopposed.
09:43:24 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next slate in order, Mark
09:43:27 Alma, Blakely Hayden, Ryan Jones, Rhonda Nelson,
09:43:34 Alexander Petrilak, Andrew Scaglione, Heather Shipherd
09:43:42 and Thomas Stork.
09:43:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We don't have a slate for the Channel
09:43:52 District?
09:43:57 >>> Andy Joe Scaglione, been a commercial broker for
09:44:06 22 years, owned property in the Channelside district
09:44:08 for 25 years, been very involved.
09:44:11 As most of you all know I'm a very hard worker, and
09:44:15 dedicated to my commitment.
09:44:16 Thank you.
09:44:23 >>> Good morning.
09:44:25 Blake Hayden.
09:44:26 Been a resident of Tampa for five years.
09:44:29 I recently moved to the Channel District in June of
09:44:33 '07.
09:44:34 Since that time, been attending the Channel District
09:44:39 meetings.
09:44:39 And I was going to say, I work for brown and brown in

09:44:44 the insurance business.
09:44:45 And outside of my insurance experience, I also have
09:44:48 property management experience of two years which I
09:44:50 think will allow me to bring some ideas to the agency.
09:45:01 >>> My name is Ryan Jones.
09:45:03 And I am a native Floridians and grew up in the Tampa
09:45:05 Bay area.
09:45:06 Graduated from Florida State University with a degree
09:45:09 in finance, real estate, and currently a financial
09:45:12 analyst at max development group, redevelop commercial
09:45:18 and residential projects throughout central Florida.
09:45:20 Also involved in the Tampa downtown partnership blue
09:45:24 sky committee increasing our option between downtown
09:45:26 residents and the businesses.
09:45:29 Thank you for your consideration.
09:45:31 I also have applied for the downtown advisory
09:45:35 committee.
09:45:36 Thank you.
09:45:42 >>> Rhonda Nelson.
09:45:45 I have applied for not only the Channel District but
09:45:47 also the downtown district.
09:45:49 I have been a resident of Tampa for 13 years and have

09:45:54 been working in the City of Tampa doing redevelopment
09:45:57 projects as a civil engineer for the last 13 years as
09:46:01 well.
09:46:03 Probably have a little more experience with the
09:46:04 downtown district from the redevelopment standpoint,
09:46:07 but well versed in the City of Tampa's redevelopment
09:46:10 issues, and looking forward to serving on the
09:46:14 committee.
09:46:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you living in Channel District
09:46:17 or work --
09:46:18 >>> No, I live in Ballast Point but I do work in both
09:46:22 Channel District as well as downtown.
09:46:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:46:30 >>> I'm Tom Stork, president of the Florida Aquarium,
09:46:34 and as one of the anchor institutions in the Channel
09:46:37 District we would be very pleased to serve on this
09:46:40 committee.
09:46:45 I have been in the Tampa Bay area for 37 years, spent
09:46:48 a career at Busch Gardens and Sea World, been at the
09:46:51 Florida Aquarium for five years, from a public service
09:46:53 standpoint I serve on the tourist development council
09:46:56 for 15 years, and I served on the tourism commission

09:47:00 State of Florida for the past eight years.
09:47:02 I would be more than happy to serve.
09:47:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry to ask another question.
09:47:13 Again, I see individuals that have applied for two.
09:47:17 So is it proper for them to get elected to two boards?
09:47:27 I want to clear that up.
09:47:29 >>SAL TERRITO: There's nothing in your bylaw to decide
09:47:31 that.
09:47:32 That's for you to decide.
09:47:33 The way the policies are written, that would not
09:47:35 preclude that.
09:47:36 And it's up to you how you want to handle this.
09:47:41 >> I would love to vote for two council members at
09:47:44 once.
09:47:45 [ Laughter ]
09:47:51 >>> The way that it works is when you apply, you don't
09:47:53 know how many other people are applying.
09:47:55 If you look at this list of about eight, then you look
09:47:58 at the downtown list of about 20, you can see that the
09:48:01 individuals -- in the Channel District and I think
09:48:05 that's what they are thinking.
09:48:05 >> In order to stop this progress I would move the

09:48:08 slate because it's 8, and 8 is what we need?
09:48:11 >> No, we need 6.
09:48:13 >> All right.
09:48:13 We need 6.
09:48:15 >> I think we have to vote ourselves.
09:48:18 >> Are there any other folks who are here?
09:48:20 >> Those are the only ones.
09:48:23 So we need to select from the six that came, four.
09:48:32 You can look at the application if you want to the
09:48:34 review the application.
09:48:36 And also Mr. Huey has provided a matrix for us that's
09:48:44 very helpful as well.
09:48:45 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Are any of these candidates on
09:48:50 the list here serving now?
09:48:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Currently serving?
09:48:55 Mark, would you know that.
09:49:06 >> Yes.
09:49:06 In fact there is a check box on your matrix.
09:49:08 We wanted to highlight that to you.
09:49:11 Andy Scaglione is caring over from the Channel
09:49:14 District council.
09:49:19 And, in fact, just for your reference on the matrix,

09:49:23 it is the third column that can or cannot have checks
09:49:26 in it.
09:49:31 This is past CRA --
09:49:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There's only one.
09:49:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I would encourage to at least keep
09:49:38 someone with experience to help guide the process, or
09:49:41 have some historical knowledge.
09:49:43 So Andy would be the only one that would have that
09:49:46 knowledge.
09:49:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's an endorsement.
09:49:52 [ Laughter ]
09:49:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's an encouragement.
09:49:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm not sure about that Stork guy.
09:49:58 [ Laughter ]
09:49:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Turn these in?
09:50:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, while you are
09:51:40 tallying your votes we can move on to downtown.
09:51:43 We have a number of candidates.
09:51:54 >> I will have Mike Chen make one comment, there are
09:51:57 two ex-officio representatives on the Channel District
09:51:59 board.
09:52:00 Before we leave that topic, I want him to update you

09:52:03 on those three positions.
09:52:04 >> Okay.
09:52:05 >>MARK HUEY: In the ex-officio category there is a
09:52:10 slot designated for the Channel District council, the
09:52:13 existing association that has been active in the area.
09:52:16 At this time, due to, I guess, expiration of terms on
09:52:22 their board as well as the number of resignation that
09:52:25 is occur on their board, there is somewhat I would say
09:52:31 confusion and I don't wish to create any titles or
09:52:34 adjectives that might cast disparity on the
09:52:39 organization.
09:52:39 We have encouraged them to continue their work and
09:52:43 their representation in the neighborhood.
09:52:46 But at this point, there really is no board that could
09:52:49 come to a consensus to present an ex-officio member.
09:52:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to explain it for the
09:52:56 benefit of the CRA members here.
09:53:03 Because the legal department has interpreted if you
09:53:06 serve on one of these CRA advisory committees you
09:53:08 can't talk to any of the other CRA advisory committee
09:53:11 members except in the context of the meetings.
09:53:14 Because these people live and work next to each other

09:53:16 and have collaborated on a variety of projects.
09:53:20 The reason that nobody wants to serve on this board is
09:53:22 because they feel that they can't be as effective, you
09:53:27 know, in making things happen for the Channel District
09:53:31 because of the severe interpretation of sunshine and
09:53:34 the restrictions put on them.
09:53:36 And I have spoken candidly with a number of them and
09:53:39 that's why they are not willing to serve and run.
09:53:42 And I really think it's something that we need to look
09:53:44 at over time and see if there might be opportunities
09:53:48 for them to be present and perhaps ex-officio fashion.
09:53:56 Actually this is ex-officio.
09:53:58 But the reason they are having to do this is because
09:54:00 of the inability to talk with other people in this
09:54:04 Channel District if you serve on the CRA advisory
09:54:06 board.
09:54:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question.
09:54:15 They are ex-officio but not voting.
09:54:18 >> No, they are voting.
09:54:20 >> If we preclude them from voting would they still
09:54:23 be --
09:54:24 >>> ex-officio simply means you are on there by virtue

09:54:27 of a position you hold.
09:54:28 It doesn't mean you have a status.
09:54:30 It's an automatic type of a position.
09:54:33 So if they are on the board, they are subject to all
09:54:35 the rules and regulations that the board will be
09:54:37 subject to.
09:54:39 They can come and speak to that board as non-members
09:54:43 anytime.
09:54:43 They come in as any member of the public can.
09:54:45 They can participate to any extent they would like to
09:54:47 participate but they don't get a vote.
09:54:55 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone).
09:54:56 >>> They can't choose someone to be their
09:55:00 representative.
09:55:01 >>MARY MULHERN: So they can't be on the CRA and the
09:55:03 Channel District?
09:55:04 >>> No, the Channel District was given an opportunity
09:55:07 to put someone on --
09:55:10 >> Okay, I'm not saying that right.
09:55:12 The restriction is like our restriction is that you
09:55:15 can't be to discuss -- effectively they can't be on
09:55:22 both.

09:55:22 >>> Right.
09:55:23 >> And be within the sunshine.
09:55:25 >>> They can't be on both and be in the sunshine
09:55:27 because of the representation on the advisory board,
09:55:29 not because of their representation on the other
09:55:31 board.
09:55:34 The service on the advisory board causes the problem,
09:55:36 not the other way.
09:55:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, we have a couple residents that
09:55:40 were here, right?
09:55:42 Didn't we have a couple of residents?
09:55:44 So it's just --
09:55:50 >>> and that would be for any of your advisory bodies.
09:55:53 >>> There are two other ex-officio positions
09:55:58 identified for this advisory board.
09:56:00 One, an additional one was with the downtown
09:56:03 partnership.
09:56:05 It was their spent to provide their selection of the
09:56:11 general slate.
09:56:13 And I notice Christine Burdick is here, if would you
09:56:18 like to hear directly from her, I'm sure she can speak
09:56:21 to that.

09:56:21 And we have a similar situation with the port
09:56:23 authority.
09:56:25 That also has an ex-officio position.
09:56:33 >>MARY MULHERN: So maybe on Channelside, this will
09:56:35 apply to downtown, too. But if you are a resident on
09:56:40 the CRA board, you could still be a member of the
09:56:44 other group.
09:56:45 You just couldn't be a board member?
09:56:49 Is that correct?
09:56:53 >>MICHAEL CHEN: I think --
09:56:55 >> Could you go to the neighborhood meetings, their
09:56:56 neighborhood meetings, you just wouldn't be a voting
09:56:58 member?
09:57:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are you asking can you serve on two
09:57:02 advisory committees?
09:57:03 Is that what you are saying?
09:57:05 >>MARY MULHERN: No.
09:57:05 I'm say field goal you are on the CRA advisory
09:57:07 committee, for instance, you are not an officer on the
09:57:12 board, or you are not on the board of the other
09:57:15 neighborhood association, but you just go to the
09:57:18 meetings?

09:57:22 >> Participate.
09:57:23 >> You could still be a participant and people are
09:57:26 aware of that?
09:57:27 >>> That's correct.
09:57:27 Public meeting.
09:57:28 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just trying to encourage people to
09:57:31 come up and do this.
09:57:35 >>> I have had numerous conversations both
09:57:36 individually as well as when I addressed the group
09:57:40 late last year, but before some of the resignations
09:57:43 occurred.
09:57:45 I really tried to encourage them that there is a role
09:57:48 that they can serve to the community, their
09:57:50 neighborhood, that is separate from the duties and
09:57:54 responsibilities that will occur in these positions.
09:57:56 So we are trying to encourage them to continue.Sal
09:58:11 Mr. Territo, where in the bylaws does it state that?
09:58:16 >>SAL TERRITO: It's not in the bylaws per se.
09:58:17 Policies were adopted separately, several months ago.
09:58:21 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Oh, okay.
09:58:25 >>> If you would like copies of the policy, we do have
09:58:28 copies, if it would be helpful.

09:58:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Announce the outcome.
09:58:37 We have three candidates.
09:58:43 We may have to do a separate ballot.
09:58:45 They received the lowest vote.
09:58:49 But five candidates are definitely in.
09:58:52 And they would include Blakely Hayden, Ryan Jones,
09:58:59 Rhonda Nelson, Andrew Scaglione, and Thomas Stork.
09:59:06 They are in.
09:59:08 The other three candidates, we have a tie between two.
09:59:17 We are getting another ballot printed out.
09:59:20 So we will move onto the downtown.
09:59:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So those five, if you heard your name,
09:59:26 you have already been selected.
09:59:31 Fox moving onto downtown, we have the following
09:59:33 applicants.
09:59:36 Annie Diaz, William Earnest, Brenda Hicks, Dianne
09:59:41 Jacob, Kolby Jones, Leon Jones, Ryan Jones, Jill
09:59:47 Kelly, Meg Lashley, Bruce Maduri, Rhonda Nelson, Ruth
09:59:56 Ann Porter, Ryon Prevatt, Christopher Rosbough, Vivian
10:00:08 Salaga, Leslie Shirah, David Taulbee, Jason Watson.
10:00:15 If they would come up.

10:00:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is Rhonda Nelson still here?
10:00:21 Rhonda?
10:00:21 Would you like to withdraw from this one since -- I
10:00:25 think we just voted --
10:00:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would suggest, though, that if they
10:00:31 have been appointed to one board that we not even
10:00:34 consider them for the next board.
10:00:35 >> Not have that as a rule but in this case she just
10:00:39 withdrew.
10:00:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Then what I would do in the future,
10:00:45 Mr. Huey, we need to make that a policy that if they
10:00:47 serve on one board, because I know as a City Council
10:00:51 you have that anyway.
10:00:54 So I would suggest that you bring that back to us as a
10:00:57 policy.
10:00:58 >>MARK HUEY: And then as the policy, that a member of
10:01:05 the advisory committee can only serve on one advisory
10:01:07 committee.
10:01:08 We'll do that.
10:01:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What I would suggest for those persons
10:01:12 that have been selected already that we strike through
10:01:14 their name.

10:01:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Jones?
10:01:23 Which one?
10:01:25 >> Hunter Jones.
10:01:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we take him --
10:01:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Ryan Jones, yes.
10:01:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know if we can arbitrarily
10:01:35 do that if we don't have a rule but if we could ask,
10:01:38 he could voluntarily withdraw, Mr. Chairman.
10:01:43 Is Ryan still here?
10:01:45 >>GWEN MILLER: There he is.
10:01:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you okay with that?
10:01:49 Okay.
10:01:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Jones, will you come say it on the
10:01:53 record, if could you state for the record that you are
10:01:55 okay with that?
10:01:56 >>>
10:01:57 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: With removing my name.
10:02:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: From downtown.
10:02:02 Thank you, Mr. Jones.
10:02:07 And the order that your name was called, come forward.
10:02:12 That is Diaz, Earnest, Hicks, Jacobs.
10:02:22 I guess you're next.

10:02:24 >> Good morning.
10:02:25 My name is Dianne Jacob.
10:02:26 I'm senior vice-president of marketing for Tampa Bay
10:02:29 and company.
10:02:30 As the destination marketing company for Tampa Bay,
10:02:33 it's our mission to create economic development
10:02:36 through tourism and through meetings.
10:02:39 For that reason the downtown CRA for which I have
10:02:41 applied represents a large part of the product that we
10:02:44 market.
10:02:45 And certainly creating an environment that would
10:02:47 enrich the quality of life for our residents also
10:02:51 creates and offers the visitor an exciting experience
10:02:54 in our community.
10:02:56 My experience personally is mostly -- closely aligned
10:03:01 with the goals of the CRA.
10:03:03 I have a bachelor degree in design from the University
10:03:05 of Cincinnati and process for 12 years.
10:03:09 I maintain a real estate license which I used while
10:03:11 employed with Paragon group and the landmarks group,
10:03:15 and leased three major office buildings in downtown
10:03:17 Tampa.

10:03:18 Before joining Tampa Bay and company, I worked in the
10:03:21 construction industry for ten years.
10:03:24 All this experience allows me to understand the
10:03:26 process of the environment.
10:03:29 Tampa Bay has been my home for 26 years and I have
10:03:31 truly enjoyed participating in the growth thus far and
10:03:34 would enjoy participating in the CRA in the future.
10:03:39 Thank you.
10:03:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is -- thank you.
10:03:48 >>> Brenda Dohring Hicks.
10:03:52 And I was out of order.
10:03:53 But I so appreciate getting this opportunity to speak
10:03:56 with you and I'm excited about an opportunity to serve
10:03:59 on the CRA board.
10:04:00 For those of you who don't know me, I have been in
10:04:02 Tampa -- do I really have to tell you? -- the early
10:04:07 70s.
10:04:07 I have owned property in downtown Tampa for about 15
10:04:10 years.
10:04:11 Currently own two buildings in downtown Tampa and am
10:04:14 CEO of the Doran group.
10:04:17 The reason that really I'm excited about it, however,

10:04:19 is the excitement surrounding urban development.
10:04:25 A great opportunity that Tampa, the great physical
10:04:29 things they have here as well as the heart that needs
10:04:31 to happen in downtown.
10:04:31 And the incoming president of Tampa commercial real
10:04:36 estate for women, so I'm excited about that.
10:04:39 I will be their incoming president next year.
10:04:41 And I know they are also looking forward to having an
10:04:43 opportunity to participate in the kind of exciting
10:04:47 stuff that is happening in downtown Tampa.
10:04:49 That's me.
10:04:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mrs. Hicks.
10:04:55 >>> My name is Kolby Jones, I am a downtown resident.
10:04:59 I got my bachelors of science in real estate from the
10:05:02 Florida State University.
10:05:04 I have been in commercial real estate the last five
10:05:06 years, and the last three years have been working
10:05:09 toward a mixed use developer, RMC property group.
10:05:13 We have recently done projects in downtown Sarasota,
10:05:17 and downtown Orlando, and look forward to doing some
10:05:20 stuff in downtown Tampa.
10:05:21 I am also a board member for the CDC which is

10:05:25 corporation to develop communities in Tampa, and I
10:05:27 chair their real estate development.
10:05:32 Thank you.
10:05:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
10:05:36 >>> My name is David Taulbee, I'm a commercial real
10:05:41 estate appraiser with Lee Pallardy. We are based here
10:05:46 in downtown.
10:05:48 Also reside in the city limits of Tampa.
10:05:51 Working here daily, I have had the unique opportunity
10:05:53 of watching the progress, watching the land values
10:05:56 increase, you know, with the excitement, there are
10:06:00 also challenges that need to be undertaken and looked
10:06:02 into.
10:06:04 So being a property owner, working here daily, I think
10:06:07 I can provide some insight to the advisory committee
10:06:12 and I would appreciate your consideration.
10:06:13 Thank you.
10:06:19 >>> My name is Vivian Salaga.
10:06:23 I'm an architect.
10:06:24 I reside in the City of Tampa and have for the last 15
10:06:28 or so years.
10:06:30 My interest in the downtown CRA is centered around the

10:06:36 opportunity for the American institute of architects
10:06:39 to now step forward and become a major stakeholder in
10:06:44 the redevelopment activities of downtown and our
10:06:48 proposal of the City of Tampa to redevelop and reuse
10:06:50 the old federal courthouse.
10:06:53 As chair of that committee, I feel that we can bring
10:06:57 to the downtown CRA a unique vision, a unique
10:07:03 expertise that architects can bring to the equations
10:07:08 of redevelopment activity.
10:07:11 As a redevelopment partner in several other projects,
10:07:17 I am a property owner, and developer of historic
10:07:21 property, the historic temple in Tampa Heights.
10:07:27 My personal experience in property redevelopment
10:07:33 extends not only in the State of Florida but into the
10:07:36 state of Georgia, and as a recent past president of
10:07:43 the Florida association of the American institute of
10:07:45 architects, one of the goals of my tenure was to
10:07:50 position architects in public boards.
10:07:57 (Bell sounds).
10:07:57 I appreciate the opportunity.
10:08:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Jones.
10:08:02 Mr. Leon Jones.

10:08:03 >>> My name is Leon Jones.
10:08:05 I come here today not because I have a real estate
10:08:09 background.
10:08:09 I come today because I have been in Tampa since 1984,
10:08:13 went to the university of Tampa and graduated from
10:08:15 that institution.
10:08:16 Except for the two years that I spent in
10:08:17 St. Petersburg, my entire time has been downtown Tampa
10:08:20 either as a prosecutor or now what I do in private
10:08:23 defense work.
10:08:24 And I remember when I came here in '84 there were
10:08:28 signs all over Tampa saying the next great city.
10:08:31 And I have been waiting, and I have been waiting, and
10:08:33 I have been waiting.
10:08:36 And I realize that whatever small part we can play,
10:08:40 rather than just get on the sidelines and saying when
10:08:42 is it going to happen, we should participate.
10:08:47 What I bring to the table is the ability to take a set
10:08:49 of facts, obviously based on what I do, analyze those
10:08:52 facts, and understand that every detail that you work
10:08:55 through adds a consequence to the overall picture and
10:08:59 if you don't keep the overall goal, the overall

10:09:02 picture in mind you are going to make mistakes on
10:09:04 deciding what details are important or not important.
10:09:06 That's the uniqueness to way do for a living and I
10:09:09 believe I can bring it to the board.
10:09:11 Thank you.
10:09:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Jones.
10:09:16 >>> Leslie Shirah.
10:09:22 I am a Tampa native, born and raised.
10:09:25 I am applying for the CRA.
10:09:27 I left Tampa for 15 years to move to San Francisco
10:09:30 where I currently own three restaurants, in a very
10:09:35 urban environment, and I moved back to Tampa two and a
10:09:37 half years ago to open a restaurant in the downtown
10:09:39 area where I currently own something in the North
10:09:42 Franklin area, property at 1202 North Franklin, and I
10:09:45 feel like the CRA would be an excellent opportunity
10:09:48 for me to continue to create an urban environment in
10:09:51 the city that I have grown up in my whole life, and I
10:09:54 think that it is starting to develop this urban
10:09:58 environment and these people that have an enthusiastic
10:10:02 and high energy level in order to keep us going in a
10:10:06 positive direction.

10:10:07 And I have seen Tampa struggle in this area over the
10:10:10 past few years, and I have a vested interest because
10:10:12 my restaurant is downtown and I continue to think
10:10:14 about new ideas, to create serving the environment and
10:10:19 I would like to be a part of it.
10:10:20 Thank you.
10:10:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:10:23 You have a great restaurant, take.
10:10:29 >> It's the Fly.
10:10:33 >>> Jason Watson.
10:10:35 Good morning.
10:10:35 Thank you for having me here today.
10:10:38 I am an attorney and a shareholder in the law firm of
10:10:40 steel, Watson, right across the street at 201 East
10:10:43 Kennedy.
10:10:44 I have a variety of professional and academic
10:10:46 experiences that I think would assist the advisory
10:10:49 committee.
10:10:50 First I'm a lawyer, which I consider a benefit but I
10:10:55 know some may not.
10:10:56 I also have a masters in public administration which
10:10:58 is a degree that familiarized me with the inner

10:11:02 workings of local government and focuses on that send
10:11:05 end.
10:11:06 I had a variety of experience when I was in
10:11:08 Tallahassee for all those years getting an education,
10:11:10 I worked with the city of Tallahassee on their
10:11:13 advisory committee there.
10:11:14 I also was a journalist for awhile in Tallahassee and
10:11:17 covered city politics there.
10:11:18 So it's something I am very familiar with and why I
10:11:24 would like to participate, if you will.
10:11:27 Also, as an employer I was speaking to a colleague in
10:11:32 Ft. Myers telling me how difficult it was for him to
10:11:35 attract top talent officials in Ft. Myers because the
10:11:39 downtown is not vibrant.
10:11:40 And he was saying he loses people to Atlanta all the
10:11:43 time.
10:11:43 I would like to change that to lose people to Tampa.
10:11:48 As an employer I have an ambitious goal for my firm.
10:11:50 I would like to growth.
10:11:52 I would like to see Tampa as a place to be versus
10:11:56 Atlanta or one of these other cities.
10:11:58 I think as a young professional, also, I bring a

10:12:00 desire to see a very vibrant community and that's what
10:12:03 I think I bring to the board as a whole.
10:12:06 Jason Watson.
10:12:08 Excuse me for running over.
10:12:10 I bill by the hour usually.
10:12:12 [ Laughter ]
10:12:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In this case we are going to bill
10:12:21 you.
10:12:24 >> He looks like Pat Montega but we won't hold that
10:12:29 against him.
10:12:31 >> Yeah, he does.
10:12:32 >> How many do we vote for in this?
10:12:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 7.
10:12:40 Let's fin wish downtown and come back.
10:12:43 Downtown.
10:12:45 7 for downtown.
10:12:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Chairman, Chris Rosbough, he's
10:13:04 a TPD, city employee, Tampa Police Department.
10:13:06 I don't know him.
10:13:07 But I just cleared it with Sal in regard to can an
10:13:13 employee be on an advisory board.
10:13:15 And at least at this point in time he didn't see a

10:13:20 problem with it.
10:13:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't see a problem with that.
10:13:23 We had a lot of city employees on advisory boards.
10:13:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Chris Rosbough, I probably
10:13:35 mispronounced his name.
10:13:36 He's a TPD school resource officer.
10:13:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just for the record, Mr. Chairman,
10:13:49 when I'm out of here, there's TVs where I'm at and I'm
10:13:50 listening to what's going on.
10:14:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is tough.
10:14:12 This is 18, 16 folks on this list and everybody is
10:14:15 well qualified.
10:14:18 These are often some of the hardest decisions council
10:14:21 has to make.
10:14:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All candidates that ran for City
10:14:28 Council at one time? I guess you're smarter than we
10:14:32 are.
10:14:33 I don't believe Mrs. Saul-Sena -- has she voted?
10:14:56 I want to make sure.
10:14:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's go back to the run-off.
10:15:23 There are three names on there.
10:15:27 And you are picking two of those three names.

10:15:29 Okay?
10:15:29 This is back to Channel District.
10:15:31 Okay?
10:15:32 >>CHAIRMAN: Just one.
10:15:37 We had five.
10:15:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did we have five or four?
10:15:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We did five.
10:15:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One out of the three.
10:15:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.
10:15:48 I voted for two so I have to erase one.
10:15:53 That's what happens when you follow the chair.
10:15:55 [ Laughter ]
10:15:56 Did we hear from Christine?
10:16:37 Do you have a recommendation for, I guess, the
10:16:39 ex-officio or whatever that is?
10:16:44 >>> Christine Burdick, I'm with the Tampa downtown
10:16:49 partnership.
10:16:50 We do not.
10:16:52 We were told we had the opportunity to wait to see
10:16:55 what you comprised the board as, and we will then
10:16:58 hopefully try to fill in a gap that we think needs to
10:17:01 be filled.

10:17:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine.
10:17:04 >>> If I can speak for them for the uptown council.
10:17:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine.
10:17:11 Thank you.
10:17:14 We will move now to Drew Park.
10:17:30 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Board members, the applicant
10:17:31 for Drew Park are as follows:
10:17:35 George Adams, Chad Angell, Maritza Astorquiza,
10:17:48 Jacqueline Baker, Robert Cave, Tom Gola, John
10:17:55 Magliano, Susan Poole, Denise Sanchez, Michael Ross,
10:18:02 Dwight Stephens, and there are three ex-officio
10:18:07 members: Randy Coen, Nadine Jones, and Robert
10:18:13 Wynegar.
10:18:27 >> Ballot for Drew Park?
10:18:30 >> I don't have it.
10:18:31 >> I don't have it either.
10:18:34 >>> My name is Maritza Astorquiza.
10:18:47 I grew up in West Tampa.
10:18:49 Went to USF.
10:18:50 After I graduated from USF I started a 15-year career
10:18:53 with a major insurance company where I was an
10:18:55 accounting supervisor, operations manager, human

10:19:01 resource manager, my last assignment was a position in
10:19:03 the company in something new called the Hispanic
10:19:06 market, and where I was responsible for advertising,
10:19:09 public relations and general marketing.
10:19:11 So I got a lot of experience there in major projects,
10:19:14 national projects, and multi-million dollar projects,
10:19:17 of course.
10:19:18 Later, I decided to join my husband who was preparing
10:19:20 and opening doors in a new venture called Coda Sound,
10:19:26 and that's in Drew Park, and it's a production
10:19:28 company.
10:19:29 We do audio visual and we have audio, sound, we have
10:19:32 stages.
10:19:32 We do know the city pretty much because we travel
10:19:35 around doing different things.
10:19:40 Also, familywise, my family has owned a company,
10:19:43 Flayco Products in Drew Park for over 30 years, so
10:19:48 being a good family business could go there after
10:19:50 school, so I have been in Drew Park for the past 30
10:19:54 years so I know things fairly well.
10:19:57 Communitywise, I have been a member of the police
10:20:00 athletic league, I have been past president of the

10:20:02 police athletic league, I've been a member of the'
10:20:02 sheriff's Hispanic advisory committee, past president
10:20:05 of the sheriff's Hispanic advisory committee, honorary
10:20:08 sheriffs deputy.
10:20:09 What else can I tell you?
10:20:10 I have been involved with the arts and cultural
10:20:12 committee in West Tampa, Early Learning Coalition and
10:20:16 past CRA.
10:20:19 (Bell sounds)
10:20:21 >> Thank you.
10:20:22 >>> Michael Ross, King Engineering, I'm currently a
10:20:31 partner of the firm.
10:20:33 I have been with King for over 21 years, currently
10:20:36 serve as a senior vice-president, and director of the
10:20:38 land development department for the company.
10:20:42 In my practices with King over the last 21 years, a
10:20:45 large portion of that has involved redevelopment
10:20:47 projects, both within the City of Tampa and within
10:20:51 Hillsborough County.
10:20:51 All of my practice has been within the Tampa
10:20:54 metropolitan service area.
10:20:55 And although I have lived here since 1965, I am not

10:20:59 currently a resident within the city limits, but as
10:21:03 Mr. Huey indicated, I do have a significant interest
10:21:07 in some other capacity, and I think by virtue of what
10:21:10 I do, could bring a lot to this advisory committee.
10:21:13 Thank you.
10:21:16 >>> Dwight Stephens.
10:21:24 I'm co-owner of the Advanced C4 Solutions and business
10:21:29 owner with property in Drew Park.
10:21:31 I'm retired military from the United States Army.
10:21:34 I'm a resident of the Tampa Bay area, born and raised
10:21:38 over in St. Petersburg, Florida.
10:21:40 I bring a wealth of experience in dealing with people
10:21:44 and galvanizing the troop to meet a common goal.
10:21:48 As a recent resident of, well, business owner in the
10:21:51 Drew Park area, I have already been participating in
10:21:55 the committee meetings, and we have also been using
10:22:01 our facilities for other businesses within the
10:22:03 community.
10:22:07 Sign company in Drew Park, signs there.
10:22:08 I'm a member of the HCC, computer science advisory
10:22:12 board, but we are excited there as a corporation, and
10:22:24 me individually, to be on the tip of the spear in the

10:22:27 change there.
10:22:27 And I have seen the community in this area go through
10:22:30 ups and downs and when leadership is lax and community
10:22:34 involvement is missing, when the residents are out of
10:22:36 there, that I want to be part of this change in this
10:22:39 Drew Park area.
10:22:42 Very excited.
10:22:42 A lot of people are skeptical about it but I see
10:22:45 people that just need opportunity, a community that
10:22:47 needs opportunity, and I think I can bring some hope
10:22:51 to this effort.
10:22:52 Thank you.
10:22:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In fact, you work at 4C Solutions,
10:22:56 that's that new building, you have been in it about
10:22:58 three months or something?
10:23:00 >>> Yes, sir.
10:23:00 >>GWEN MILLER: I got an e-mail from Mr. Chad Angell,
10:23:11 he had to go out of town on business.
10:23:12 He wanted to be here.
10:23:14 He was interested in being on this board.
10:23:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:23:21 As long as we are piping in, John Magliano, I have

10:23:28 known for probably a good ten years or so, he's a CPA.
10:23:33 He told me he might not be able to get here today
10:23:35 because he has a busy CPA practice.
10:23:37 At this time of years things heat up.
10:23:39 But when he was out in Hillsborough County he was very
10:23:43 active and a member of the CIC as you can see on the
10:23:45 matrix.
10:23:46 And very smart man.
10:23:47 And I recommend him highly.
10:23:49 He also has a business in Drew Park.
10:23:51 That's why -- he owns property in Drew Park and
10:23:55 operates a CPA firm out of Drew Park.
10:23:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I noticed, I don't know him but his
10:24:02 partner is also on this list.
10:24:03 So people might want to know that his partner is
10:24:09 baker.
10:24:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think that's a different firm.
10:24:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, I'm sorry.
10:24:13 I think it's a typo.
10:24:15 Magliano.
10:24:21 It's his law firm, it looks like.
10:24:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: He's not a lawyer.

10:24:25 I don't know.
10:24:26 We need to look at that.
10:24:28 >> It says P.A. after the name.
10:24:30 >> Which could be a CPA firm or a law firm.
10:24:36 It might be a typo.
10:24:38 >>MARY MULHERN: I am going to look at their bios.
10:24:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question for our attorney.
10:24:54 There's only one resident who has applied.
10:24:57 >> Susan Pool.
10:25:00 >> And there's a requirement that a resident be
10:25:04 included.
10:25:05 So are we required to fill one of our six slots with
10:25:13 that resident?
10:25:14 >>> No, you are not.
10:25:15 If that resident doesn't get the four requisite votes
10:25:19 that residents will not be chosen and that will be a
10:25:21 vacant position that you will want to fill sometime in
10:25:23 the future.
10:25:23 >> But, in other words, that slot must be a resident?
10:25:26 >>> Unless you change the policy, that slot is set
10:25:28 aside for resident.
10:25:29 >> But I remember the conversation, we want add

10:25:31 variety of viewpoints represented.
10:25:33 So that's why we required one of the slots being for
10:25:38 the resident.
10:25:39 Thank you.
10:25:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, they are partners.
10:25:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So it's a typo?
10:25:47 >>MARY MULHERN: They are in the same business.
10:25:48 >> I don't know Jackie but I can speak highly for John
10:25:52 Magliano.
10:25:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me raise a question, Mr. Huey.
10:26:04 This is six.
10:26:05 Other was seven.
10:26:06 Am I missing something?
10:26:12 >>MARK HUEY: It comes from the policy that we
10:26:14 distributed.
10:26:15 There's a matrix in it.
10:26:16 And this was what the board decided.
10:26:19 If you go down to Drew Park, you can see that there
10:26:22 are -- it's a board of nine.
10:26:24 Just like the Channel District.
10:26:28 And in the Channel District you have three ex-officio
10:26:31 and six that you elected, same here.

10:26:35 Three ex-officio.
10:26:37 I do want to clarify something about the policy, just
10:26:39 to make sure.
10:26:40 There isn't a requirement that you have a resident.
10:26:44 And again if you refer to this matrix, it's saying
10:26:47 that you want six members representing, and it
10:26:50 outlines all of those categories.
10:26:54 Whether you have one or more, you are trying to be as
10:26:56 representative as possible.
10:26:58 I personally would think would you want a resident of
10:27:00 Drew Park on the board.
10:27:01 And we do only have one.
10:27:04 At this point.
10:27:04 But I just wanted to clarify, the policy doesn't say
10:27:07 you have to have one from each category.
10:27:10 But I know your intent is to have broad
10:27:12 representation.
10:27:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Where does that one resident live
10:27:17 in Drew Park?
10:27:24 >>> Janett La Russo, economic development, Drew Park
10:27:29 CRA manager.
10:27:29 She does live in the residential quadrant, just west

10:27:32 of HCC.
10:27:35 And she has been a member of the existing Drew Park
10:27:38 advisory committee.
10:27:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: West of HCC?
10:27:48 >>> West of Tampa Bay Boulevard.
10:27:50 And south of Martin Luther King, the residential in
10:27:55 Drew Park.
10:27:56 I can give you her address.
10:27:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:28:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We are doing the Heights.
10:28:15 >> Before going to the Heights, I would like to give
10:28:17 you the results of the run-off for Channelside, or
10:28:22 Channel District.
10:28:23 And the person selected is Heather Shepherd.
10:28:27 And I would also like to give you the results of the
10:28:34 downtown.
10:28:38 The individuals selected include Brenda Hicks, Dianne
10:28:43 Jacob, Kolby Jones, Leon Jones, Vivian Salaga, Leslie
10:28:51 Shirah, and Jason Watson.
10:28:55 >> Congratulations.
10:28:58 And thank you to all the rest.
10:29:09 >> Did you all get that?

10:29:11 >>> And now for the Heights, the applicants include
10:29:14 Brenda Christian, Lena Young Green, Rochelle Gross,
10:29:21 Julie Hale, Elizabeth Lyon Hall, Brian Panico, Ann
10:29:28 Ruth Porter, Yasmin Rhodes, Vivian Salaga, Edward
10:29:35 Serralles, Russell Versaggi, and Jeffrey Warren.
10:29:44 >> Just a point of order.
10:29:45 Vivian, do you agree to striking your name off of this
10:29:48 one since I think we just elected you to the last one?
10:29:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also Elizabeth Hall.
10:29:56 She was selected for Central Park, I believe, as well.
10:30:01 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: And we have three applicants
10:30:04 for the ex-officio member.
10:30:08 Anthony Prieto, Barry Shalinsky, and John Dennison.
10:30:21 >> If the first speaker would come forward and
10:30:24 introduce yourself.
10:30:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Shirley, is that three out of
10:30:30 three?
10:30:30 >>> My name is Brenda Christian.
10:30:33 I am a resident of Tampa Heights.
10:30:36 I am also a realtor.
10:30:37 And I specialize in historic property.
10:30:39 And I have had the privilege of consulting

10:30:42 unofficially with many members of my community in my
10:30:48 neighborhood as well as the Heights, what is the best
10:30:53 use and best rehab on those.
10:30:55 I have served on the executive board for the civic
10:30:57 association, six of the eight years that we have lived
10:31:01 there, I chaired our tour of homes two of those years.
10:31:05 And I have been a member of our civic association for
10:31:11 eight of the years that I have been there. Thank you
10:31:13 for considering me for CRA.
10:31:15 And I have been on the CRA board since its inception.
10:31:18 Thank you.
10:31:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It doesn't show on my grid that she
10:31:30 is a resident, but she is.
10:31:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: She says that she's a resident.
10:31:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You mean under comments?
10:31:39 >>> A clarification.
10:31:46 Michael Hatchet, manager for the Heights.
10:31:48 The reason that some of the applications may indicate
10:31:51 that they are a resident but perhaps your matrix does
10:31:53 not, because we were looking just at the geographic
10:31:57 boundaries of the CRA.
10:31:58 So a number of the persons particularly in the

10:32:00 Heights, they may have indicated that they are a
10:32:02 resident.
10:32:03 It is true they are a resident of the Heights
10:32:05 neighborhood.
10:32:06 They are not a resident of the CRA.
10:32:09 That's the distinction.
10:32:10 Thank you.
10:32:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:32:15 >>> My name is Lena Young Green.
10:32:19 I would like to thank you for this opportunity to come
10:32:22 before you.
10:32:24 It would be a privilege for me if you would allow me
10:32:27 to continue to serve on the CRA.
10:32:30 I have worked in the community for many years, past
10:32:33 president of the civic association several times over.
10:32:38 One of our concerns in our community is to make sure
10:32:42 that the CRA, which impacts the entire Tampa Heights,
10:32:46 becomes seamless within our community and make sure
10:32:48 that we coordinate everything that happens within the
10:32:52 Heights with what happens with the broader community.
10:32:55 I would greatly appreciate your consideration for
10:32:57 serving on the board again.

10:32:58 Thank you.
10:33:05 >>> Rochelle Gross with the Roal Group.
10:33:11 We do historical renovation and property management.
10:33:14 I'm not a resident of the Tampa Heights neighborhood.
10:33:16 However, I direct significant interests there.
10:33:19 I developed and renovated a number of properties and
10:33:22 currently manage them.
10:33:24 I am a current member of the Heights Riverfront CRA,
10:33:27 and I also was reelected to the Tampa Heights civic
10:33:30 association board just recently.
10:33:32 I would like to continue to serve on the CRA board.
10:33:36 Thank you very much.
10:33:44 >>> I'm Julie Hale.
10:33:47 Thank you for considering my application for the Tampa
10:33:49 Heights Community Redevelopment Agency advisory board.
10:33:53 I'm a resident of Tampa, have been here well over 30
10:33:56 years, presently living in south Seminole Heights,
10:33:58 just adjacent to Tampa Heights.
10:34:02 My father's family is from Tampa.
10:34:05 At one time living on Nebraska Avenue in the '30s.
10:34:08 The area of Tampa Heights is just personally very
10:34:10 special to me.

10:34:13 Prior to my career at USF, from which I have just
10:34:17 retired after 17 years, I was long involved in
10:34:21 community volunteerism on projects particularly for
10:34:24 the elderly and people with disabilities.
10:34:27 However, I now have the time and energy to lend my
10:34:32 talents to something new, and I would be thrilled to
10:34:35 be part of the revitalization and redevelopment of an
10:34:38 area especially with the character that the Tampa
10:34:41 Heights area has.
10:34:43 Thank you.
10:34:49 >>> My name is John Tennison.
10:34:52 I am a practicing architect, have a practice in the
10:34:55 City of Tampa since 1973.
10:34:59 I'm also a property owner in Tampa Heights, and
10:35:03 maintained along with Salaga our architectural
10:35:08 practice in Tampa Heights for the last approximately
10:35:10 ten years.
10:35:11 I'm also a founding partner of the real estate
10:35:15 Development Corporation, community development
10:35:18 partners, practicing throughout the southeast.
10:35:22 I raise that point because specifically that
10:35:25 organization works entirely within the urban

10:35:29 redevelopment area.
10:35:34 I believe as an architect and practicing real estate
10:35:36 developer, I can bring that expertise to this board.
10:35:41 And will certainly pledge to do my best for the
10:35:44 community and residents of the Tampa Heights area.
10:35:50 Thank you for your consideration.
10:35:58 >>> I'm Jeffrey Warren.
10:36:00 I serve as president of Bush Ross, P.A., I'm an
10:36:04 attorney in Tampa.
10:36:04 My law firm Bush Ross during 2007 constructed a new
10:36:10 building in the Heights area after having practiced
10:36:15 law in downtown since 1972.
10:36:17 I can a sure you we have a very definite interest in
10:36:19 the Heights area, and we certainly enjoyed our move to
10:36:23 our new location.
10:36:24 Last year, while we were building our building, I
10:36:27 served on the advisory board, and would be interested
10:36:29 in serving again.
10:36:31 Thank you.
10:36:38 >>> I'm Barry Shalinsky, a candidate for one of the
10:36:43 two ex-officio positions.
10:36:48 I serve as program director at the advocacy center for

10:36:52 persons with disabilities.
10:36:55 We have offices downtown.
10:36:57 And my work involves self-empowerment for individuals,
10:37:04 economic self-empowerment for individuals with
10:37:07 disabilities.
10:37:10 In my past life, I have background as an attorney.
10:37:13 That's not my current work.
10:37:15 I enjoy my current work a lot more.
10:37:17 But my background might be useful, and I think has
10:37:21 been useful.
10:37:23 I have served on the outgoing CRA advisory board and
10:37:32 would certainly like to continue serving.
10:37:35 I own a home in the Riverside Heights neighborhood
10:37:40 with my spouse Robin Rosenberg.
10:37:45 I'm a member of the civic association, have been their
10:37:51 representative on the CRA board, advisory board.
10:37:56 I have reported regularly to the neighborhood
10:37:59 association.
10:38:01 And I would certainly be willing to communicate
10:38:05 regularly with the Ridgewood neighborhood and others
10:38:09 in the area.
10:38:10 (Bell sounds).

10:38:11 Thank you.
10:38:13 >>GWEN MILLER: I got an e-mail from Mrs. Ann Porter.
10:38:19 She is out of the city.
10:38:20 She said she would like to be here but couldn't and
10:38:23 she's interested in serving.
10:38:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to speak on behalf of
10:38:33 Barry Shalinsky, the last candidate in front of him.
10:38:40 I know him and his wife, extremely active in the
10:38:45 community and if he's willing to jump into this he's
10:38:47 willing to do it with both feet and we appreciate it.
10:39:02 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: (off microphone).
10:39:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We struck her.
10:39:05 Also we struck number 5.
10:39:13 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Mr. Chair, I wanted to give
10:39:14 you the results of the Drew Park, if that's okay.
10:39:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, that's fine.
10:39:20 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Individuals selected include
10:39:24 Chad Angell, Maritza Astorquiza, John Magliano, Susan
10:39:40 Poole, and Dwight Stephens.
10:39:42 We need a run-off among George Adams, Michael Ross,
10:39:49 and Denise Sanchez.
10:39:51 So we will be giving you all another ballot for just

10:39:55 those three individuals.
10:39:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We work just with paper ballot.
10:40:23 No chads. No glitches. No optical scanning.
10:40:27 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: It will take a few minutes to
10:40:27 tally those votes. If you want to take up any other
10:40:30 business.
10:40:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We don't have anything else to come
10:40:33 before the CRA, right, Mr. Huey?
10:40:35 Let's take -- we'll stand in recess --
10:40:39 >>GWEN MILLER: No.
10:40:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Go ahead.
10:40:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Everybody remembers tomorrow is the
10:40:44 black history program.
10:40:45 I would like to remind you to come out tomorrow at the
10:40:48 Tampa convention center.
10:40:49 City of Tampa black history committee is going to
10:40:52 present their 20th annual black history
10:40:54 celebration.
10:40:55 And they want you to be there at 11:00.
10:40:57 That's tomorrow, Friday, February 11, 2008.
10:41:01 And the speaker is going to be Dr. Keith Berry.
10:41:05 Admission is free.

10:41:07 They will be serving refreshments.
10:41:08 We would like everyone to come out tomorrow at the
10:41:11 Tampa Convention Center.
10:41:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: As now on Fridays I am judging the
10:41:15 ponies so I won't be here.
10:41:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Bring the ponies.
10:41:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Scott we'll stand in -- go ahead.
10:41:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Saturday morning, the long-awaited
10:41:26 grand opening of freedom playground is occurring, and
10:41:30 I have down here 11:00.
10:41:32 Does that sound right, Linda?
10:41:34 Do you know?
10:41:37 10 or 11:00.
10:41:38 But you can go online.
10:41:40 I know they have a web site.
10:41:42 It's over at Macfarlane Park.
10:41:45 And that's the accessible playground.
10:41:48 It's a wonderful -- the city and Stephani Busansky,
10:41:56 and her committee, which is a nonprofit have, done a
10:41:58 wonderful, wonderful job of building this playground.
10:42:00 It's a playground for all children.
10:42:02 And please join us for the festivities.

10:42:06 Either at 10 or 11, I'm sorry, Saturday morning.
10:42:12 Eleven?
10:42:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We stand in recess for five minutes.
10:42:15 (Recess)
10:55:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would like to call the CRA board
10:55:05 back to order.
10:55:09 Roll call.
10:55:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
10:55:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
10:55:15 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
10:55:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
10:55:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Chairman, just to clarify, my
10:55:25 assistant says the freedom playground thing is 11:00
10:55:29 Saturday morning at McFarland park at the intersection
10:55:33 of the interstate and MacDill Avenue.
10:55:36 Everybody come out.
10:55:39 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.
10:55:41 I wanted to give you the results of the Heights.
10:55:45 The individuals selected include Brenda Christian,
10:55:54 Lena Young-Green, Rochelle Gross, Russell Versaggi
10:56:04 and Jeffrey Warren.
10:56:07 The ex-officio members include Barry Shalinsky and

10:56:13 John Tennison.
10:56:14 You also have a run-off ballot for the Drew Park, if
10:56:17 you would complete that.
10:56:19 Thank you.
10:56:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The run-off is between Adams, Ross,
10:56:25 and Sanchez, right?
10:56:27 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: That's correct.
10:56:33 And you will vote for one.
10:56:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Should we try to get the council
10:56:39 members who aren't here?
10:56:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will try to get them in.
10:56:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you try to round up the council
10:56:51 members who aren't here?
10:56:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have asked them to come in.
10:56:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know but --
10:57:01 Congratulations.
10:57:02 Congratulations.
10:57:02 Thank you for serving.
10:57:04 On the ex-officio there on the -- those are just
10:57:28 ratifying, Mr. Huey, on the three?
10:57:33 Okay.
10:57:38 Three.

10:57:38 So those are both ratified.
10:57:42 >> Vote for one of those three.
10:57:50 While we are waiting on the tally, do you want to come
10:58:41 and bring us up to date on Central Park, please?
10:58:44 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:58:45 First off, congratulations for standing for these
10:58:52 boards.
10:58:54 The participants, it's been impressive listening to
10:58:58 them, sharing their backgrounds.
10:58:59 One board as of today will still be incomplete, the
10:59:02 Central Park advisory board.
10:59:04 And as I reviewed that, we have two members that have
10:59:08 been put on it.
10:59:11 Ms. Dewberry and Mary Williams who are former
10:59:15 residents of Central Park.
10:59:16 If you refer back to your matrix, there are no current
10:59:19 residents that are part of it.
10:59:20 I do not know if you want to give us any direction as
10:59:23 we try to fill two more seats there.
10:59:26 At this point, we are going to reopen the application
10:59:29 process for Central Park.
10:59:31 If you have any direction for me, I would be glad to

10:59:34 receive it.
10:59:35 Otherwise, we'll proceed to try to get some more --
10:59:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, are there any residents in
10:59:43 that area at all now?
10:59:47 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:59:48 There are very limited homeowners.
10:59:49 I'm not sure.
10:59:50 Very few homeowners.
10:59:54 The apartment community, Tampa park apartments, has
10:59:57 about 400 units.
11:00:00 Might be able to attract someone from there.
11:00:02 I will tell you Michael worked to try to attract
11:00:07 someone from there.
11:00:08 We spoke to the manager.
11:00:09 We posted the availability to the board.
11:00:11 So we worked at it.
11:00:16 But weren't successful at this point.
11:00:18 >> Are there like any stores, or small businesses
11:00:20 there?
11:00:21 >> Yes, there are some.
11:00:22 There are some.
11:00:23 >> That might be a good thing to do, you know, walk in

11:00:32 and give them an application, some information.
11:00:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It will be good if we can get someone
11:00:37 from the Tampa apartments to be part of it because
11:00:39 they live and reside right there.
11:00:41 Secondly, they have a civic association?
11:00:45 >>MARK HUEY: There is no active civic association in
11:00:47 the area.
11:00:47 Unfortunately.
11:00:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just as another piece of business.
11:00:54 I got an e-mail to indicate that our very own Bonnie
11:00:56 Wise, director of finance for the City of Tampa and
11:01:00 our CFO for the CRA, has been nominated by Tampa Bay
11:01:05 business journal for the 2008 CFO awards.
11:01:11 That's a regional award.
11:01:13 And she's one of two nominees.
11:01:15 She goes head to head against the city of Clearwater
11:01:17 director of finance.
11:01:20 Under the government category.
11:01:21 So they are going to be giving these awards Thursday,
11:01:24 February 21st.
11:01:26 And I wanted us to give Bonnie a commendation on March
11:01:29 6th, 2008, regardless of which way this goes.

11:01:34 We will give her a commendation for her nomination or
11:01:37 hopefully give her a commendation if she wins.
11:01:40 March 6, 2008.
11:01:43 We'll subpoena her down here and get her to accept an
11:01:45 ward.
11:01:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by council Miranda.
11:01:51 >> Well deserved.
11:01:54 Bonnie works very hard, comes from the private sector,
11:01:56 probably makes a third of what she could be making in
11:01:58 the private sector and we are proud of all she does.
11:02:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: For the record I sent a letter in
11:02:04 her support.
11:02:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: There's a motion on the floor.
11:02:08 All in favor?
11:02:10 Opposes?
11:02:10 So moved and ordered.
11:02:11 Thank you.
11:02:13 >>MARK HUEY: Let me share with you, it always honests
11:02:20 business agencies and the communities redevelopment
11:02:22 agency was knot nominated as one of the five
11:02:27 finalists.
11:02:28 We did not win that.

11:02:29 The event was in November.
11:02:31 My good friends at the Tampa housing authority won it.
11:02:35 But I want to make you aware of. That we were
11:02:37 nominated by one of the developers that we work with.
11:02:41 And great recognition for the entire redevelopment
11:02:46 team here, I let the chair know about it.
11:02:48 But I don't think I let many of you know about it but
11:02:53 we were pleased to get that recognition from the
11:02:55 business community.
11:02:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
11:03:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was just thinking about the, you
11:03:03 know, participation in the CRA, the Central Park
11:03:08 Village CRA, and the proximity of Tampa Union Station
11:03:15 to that neighborhood is significant, and I don't know
11:03:17 who the appropriate person would be.
11:03:19 But they have never been represented.
11:03:22 I'm not aware of Amtrak being remitted in any form of
11:03:28 anything we have done.
11:03:29 But I think that as we look to alternative means of
11:03:35 transportation that they are going to play a role in
11:03:37 the community.
11:03:37 I don't know if the Central Park Village CRA is the

11:03:42 appropriate venue.
11:03:44 But I think that, you know, the port always plays a
11:03:47 role, the expressway authority, and I would like to
11:03:49 see some communication with Amtrak as we look at
11:03:53 redeveloping that area, perhaps not a board spot, but
11:03:55 perhaps, you know, inclusion in thinking and planning
11:04:00 as we move ahead.
11:04:01 Because their proximity to Central Park Village is
11:04:05 significant, and I anticipate that we will see more
11:04:10 interest on interstate rail commerce and I anticipate
11:04:12 the Tampa Union Station will be the venue where that
11:04:15 will convene, and it's significant in the
11:04:17 redevelopment of that area.
11:04:20 >>> DOT established the intermodal center there just
11:04:25 adjacent to.
11:04:27 Good observation.
11:04:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Good for some transit person, transit
11:04:35 geek we can find.
11:04:36 That made me think of the artist group, Flight 19.
11:04:42 Are they still in the warehouse space, baggage space,
11:04:44 at Union Station?
11:04:46 >>MARK HUEY: I believe they are.

11:04:48 I want to have that confirmed.
11:04:50 But to my knowledge it's still in effect.
11:04:56 >>MARY MULHERN: What's his name, that artist? I can't
11:04:58 remember his name but he has been very, very active in
11:05:01 the arts community and organizing things.
11:05:03 So -- I can't remember his name -- he might be
11:05:06 interested.
11:05:07 I'll get in touch with him.
11:05:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for that suggestion.
11:05:13 There was an article the other day in the paper
11:05:15 talking about what are the growing professions in our
11:05:20 community?
11:05:20 And, unfortunately, manufacturing has been -- we have
11:05:25 been losing jobs in manufacturing but we are gaining a
11:05:28 lot of jobs in what are called the creative industry.
11:05:31 And I think that while we identify business owners as
11:05:36 a group on these boards, I can't think of a specific
11:05:41 individual on any of these boards.
11:05:43 I think there they're was a woman from Drew Park whose
11:05:46 business is film making.
11:05:48 But I think that we should look at people in a variety
11:05:51 of backgrounds, so not just attorneys and accountants,

11:05:53 but I think particularly downtown Channel District, we
11:05:57 should look at having somebody representing a creative
11:06:00 industry, because that's going to be one of the growth
11:06:03 industries in this area, serve in our groups, and we
11:06:09 should look toward that in the future perhaps.
11:06:11 And perhaps that's something that the downtown
11:06:14 partnership said they were going to wait until they is
11:06:17 saw what we did and then hit -- perhaps if you
11:06:20 wouldn't mind sharing that thought with Ms. Burdick --
11:06:25 Burdick on either the downtown or the Channel District
11:06:28 CRA committee.
11:06:29 >>> Okay.
11:06:31 We were fortunate to have some market planners.
11:06:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
11:06:36 Let me finish with the results here.
11:06:44 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Board members, we have another
11:06:45 tie.
11:06:48 The tie is between Michael Ross and Denise Sanchez.
11:06:53 And we have a ballot coming.
11:06:55 Unless you want to vote --
11:06:57 >> Well, how do we have a tie?
11:07:00 >> If there's seven, how can you have a tie?

11:07:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Michael Ross received three
11:07:06 votes and Denise Sanchez received three votes.
11:07:14 And another candidate received one.
11:07:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The vote will be between the two that
11:07:27 has the tie.
11:07:28 Okay?
11:07:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is Florida.
11:07:32 >>GWEN MILLER: If it was the 11th I was wrong.
11:07:39 It's tomorrow.
11:07:40 Everybody come out tomorrow, February 1st for the
11:07:43 black history program at the convention center at 11
11:07:46 a.m.
11:07:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I will be judging horse racing.
11:07:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: While we are waiting for another
11:07:57 round of ballots, I sent all the council members and
11:08:00 the mayor and everyone a memo.
11:08:03 This is food for thought.
11:08:05 Because of the passage of amendment 1 which is going
11:08:08 to result in a reduction of money to our general fund,
11:08:11 we are going to have to deal with this process.
11:08:14 And I sent a memo that reflect add conversation we had
11:08:17 awhile back suggesting that each of us select somebody

11:08:20 to be a representative for us on the citizens advisory
11:08:23 committee to look, to make suggestions on how we might
11:08:26 trim the budget.
11:08:27 I think that this is timely.
11:08:29 I think that citizens often have very good ideas.
11:08:32 And I would like to recommend that we do that.
11:08:39 >> I think we are jumping the gun.
11:08:41 We have a meeting with the mayor on the 13th, and
11:08:45 this is a trial thing.
11:08:46 The mayor has the right to, you know, meet with us
11:08:49 first and let's talk about it.
11:08:51 And I don't think we should appoint anybody because
11:08:53 the decision has to come from the mayor first.
11:08:55 And let's wait and meet on the 13th with the
11:08:58 mayor.
11:08:58 And in reading the letter, you are saying we and us,
11:09:02 and it should have been "you" not "us."
11:09:07 We didn't write the letter.
11:09:08 It's like we are telling her what to do.
11:09:13 I think we need to wait until we meet with the mayor
11:09:15 on the 13th.
11:09:17 All council members are going to meet with her on the

11:09:19 13th.
11:09:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I agree that we should wait and in
11:09:22 fact I made that motion.
11:09:23 And we had several discussion busy this.
11:09:25 But it is on the agenda for us to discuss the topic of
11:09:31 us, advisory -- financial advisory -- or budget
11:09:35 advisory committee.
11:09:36 And also whether we want to hire a budget analyst
11:09:41 which is in the charter.
11:09:42 So that's on our agenda for workshop, which is I think
11:09:46 where it belongs, because we have all got, I know just
11:09:49 from our brief discussion about it, we have all got a
11:09:51 lot of different ideas about it.
11:09:53 So that is February 28th.
11:09:58 That's on the agenda.
11:09:59 So since -- our calendar is so full, I think that way
11:10:05 we'll have already met with the mayor.
11:10:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Shelby, do you want ton address
11:10:11 CRA board?
11:10:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: City Council attorney.
11:10:14 I just want to just chime in on the subject matter.
11:10:18 Council members, with regard to the sunshine law, the

11:10:22 public meeting law, when you receive a memo from a
11:10:26 council member, sometimes your inclination is to want
11:10:29 to respond in writing.
11:10:30 And I would just caution council against doing that
11:10:32 because it does run afoul of the public meetings law.
11:10:36 So the opportunity to discuss it today at a public
11:10:39 meeting is the appropriate response.
11:10:41 But I would just caution council, again responding in
11:10:45 writing to a particular memo on a particular issue
11:10:48 that is also going to come before the City Council.
11:10:51 I want to just remind you of that.
11:10:54 I'm sure you know.
11:10:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much, Mr. Shelby.
11:10:59 If you will cast your vote, please.
11:11:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If there's a tie now, there's
11:11:09 something wrong.
11:11:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I changed my vote four times.
11:11:36 >>MARY MULHERN: While we are waiting can I bring up
11:11:38 some other new business?
11:11:41 I just wanted to report, and especially -- is Mark
11:11:45 here somewhere?
11:11:46 There you are.

11:11:46 Sorry.
11:11:47 After our CRA meeting in East Tampa, I don't know if
11:11:52 you recall, and everybody remembers, but Jason Mims,
11:11:55 who is the big -- he's a big supporter of education
11:12:00 and training for minorities, for African-American --
11:12:10 trying to get them into good high school programs and
11:12:13 then into colleges.
11:12:14 So I spoke with him and we ended up meeting, and with
11:12:17 a few other people, someone from the school board, and
11:12:20 small business person, to talk about the idea of using
11:12:28 either the CRA, but also in conjunction with our
11:12:32 minority and small business department with Greg Hart
11:12:38 to start to create ways for the small businesses
11:12:43 within their neighborhoods to mentor students, and he
11:12:49 had a lot of ideas on it.
11:12:51 So we are just sort of in the beginning stage of it.
11:12:54 And I'm not sure.
11:12:57 I think it was a great idea because it's to get the
11:13:00 school board together with businesses, you know, could
11:13:04 be something that it's not really part of the council
11:13:07 at all.
11:13:08 But trying to get that together.

11:13:11 So I'll be reporting on that, hopefully find someone
11:13:15 to take the lead and do that.
11:13:19 >>MARK HUEY: The East Tampa team can support --
11:13:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, and actually meet with Ed
11:13:27 Johnson.
11:13:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have something already with our
11:13:32 church at school along that same issue.
11:13:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The other day I was coming out of
11:13:38 Hyatt about 7:30 in the evening and I noticed a car
11:13:40 getting ticketed right here on Jackson street about
11:13:44 five minutes from the City Hall, and I stopped and I
11:13:47 asked a guy, why are you ticketing this car?
11:13:50 I said, the sign says Monday through Friday or
11:13:52 something to that effect.
11:13:54 And from 5 to 6 or whatever.
11:13:57 But the way the sign is worded, you have to be a
11:14:02 Philadelphia lawyer to understand what's going on.
11:14:05 Here was the answer.
11:14:06 And he was correct.
11:14:07 He said, well, I understand what the sign says.
11:14:09 But you have got to go to the other side of the meter.
11:14:12 And small print like this where it says how much you

11:14:16 have got to deposit up to what time at night.
11:14:19 And the problem with that is that the average
11:14:21 individual is not going to stop and understand,
11:14:26 everyone if they know, because you read it so quickly,
11:14:29 it says you can park for free after 6:00.
11:14:31 I forgot what the sign says.
11:14:33 And I told -- you know, you ticketed the car, he's
11:14:39 right, but the sign is very misleading in my judgment,
11:14:43 in my humble judgment.
11:14:44 I may be wrong.
11:14:46 But please read that sign and tell me what you think.
11:14:49 I think the sign should be changed.
11:14:51 What's on back of that little thing should be on
11:14:53 front, the same thing on the sign so that the public
11:14:56 is not ticketed for some interpretation.
11:15:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I agree.
11:15:02 >>MARK HUEY: This is outside the Hyatt?
11:15:06 >> Right here by City Hall on Jackson street.
11:15:12 It wasn't fair to me that they were giving out the
11:15:14 ticket.
11:15:14 And I'm not saying that they shouldn't give the
11:15:16 ticket.

11:15:16 They were right, but the way the sign reads, in my
11:15:19 interpretation, from Ybor City law, is that, you know,
11:15:23 it shouldn't be ticketed.
11:15:25 But when you look behind the meter, the little label
11:15:28 says, so much quarters and so forth and so on.
11:15:38 >>> I'll have them get back to you.
11:15:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is to piggyback on what you
11:15:46 are saying and it's relevant to our responsibility as
11:15:48 a CRA.
11:15:49 In Ybor City, during December, they had a cessation of
11:15:55 parking meters between, I think, ten and three.
11:15:58 I would like to request that at our next CRA meeting
11:16:01 we get a report back from Mr. Pardo on how well he
11:16:04 thought that went.
11:16:05 I thought that was very positive.
11:16:07 However, coupled with that, on 19th street, just
11:16:11 south of 7th Avenue, there's a lot where there
11:16:14 used to be meters.
11:16:15 And now there are signs that say monthly parking.
11:16:17 I parked there on a Saturday night, now, the spaces
11:16:22 were all empty, I didn't see a meter, I didn't put
11:16:25 anything in, and a ticket, and it was the same month

11:16:30 we were doing free parking during the day.
11:16:32 And I just wondered how many tickets were given in
11:16:35 that lot because I think I saw all the cars there with
11:16:38 tickets.
11:16:38 We do so much.
11:16:39 We spend so much to promote people coming to Ybor
11:16:43 City, but there's nothing like a couple of $30 parking
11:16:48 tickets to make you not want to return.
11:16:50 I would like a report at our next CRA meeting on the
11:16:53 number of tickets that were, you know, given in that
11:16:58 area.
11:16:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think I got more tickets since I
11:17:01 have been on City Council than before than anything
11:17:05 from the county.
11:17:07 >>MARY MULHERN: This is a very big discussion that the
11:17:10 economic development needs to lead on, because I hear
11:17:15 that about -- not every neighborhood but about Ybor
11:17:20 and about downtown and about the few restaurants and
11:17:22 bars we have downtown struggling because no one will
11:17:27 even go to the bar, drive downtown to go to a bar at
11:17:32 night because there's nowhere to park and you always
11:17:34 get a ticket.

11:17:35 And I think we need to do some kind of-- kind of cost
11:17:38 benefit analysis of this.
11:17:40 What we are paying these people to be -- God, they
11:17:43 must be working, you know, 48-hour days to put a
11:17:47 ticket on every single car.
11:17:49 And what we are making in that parking revenue and
11:17:51 what we are losing in the benefit of people feeling
11:17:55 like they can go downtown and do something.
11:18:00 I think we should have, I don't know what, put it on
11:18:02 the agenda for discussion or --
11:18:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say, I'm not against -- I'm
11:18:08 not against the parking department doing their job and
11:18:11 giving tickets out if they are right.
11:18:13 I brought this one up, because I thought it was kind
11:18:15 of on the gray area, the sign.
11:18:18 You have to study it.
11:18:20 And you don't know where to put the money or not put
11:18:22 the money.
11:18:22 The reason that they have parking regulations is
11:18:26 because there is a lack of parking spaces for the
11:18:30 volume that is there.
11:18:31 And if they are all free you have less people going in

11:18:37 to do business in my judgment because the employees
11:18:40 stay there, and you never move out, and you have a
11:18:43 stagnation, and even water it turns green.
11:18:47 What happens is, not that kind of green.
11:18:49 And we understand that.
11:18:51 But what happens is that you have got to have turnover
11:18:54 to create business opportunities in individuals
11:18:58 visiting the businesses or the restaurants or
11:19:00 whatever.
11:19:00 But I'm not against parking.
11:19:04 I'm not against following the rules.
11:19:07 In fact, now I'm sorry I brought up the little sign.
11:19:11 Because I see now we are going to have anatomic bomb
11:19:15 discussion.
11:19:16 And I want to understand that, you know, there was
11:19:21 nothing in Ybor City many years ago.
11:19:23 The tumbleweed and derelicts.
11:19:27 And then low rents brought in the artists.
11:19:29 The artists then were moved out because they got high
11:19:31 rent from the bar owners.
11:19:33 That's what happened.
11:19:34 And then development came in, and now Ybor City slowly

11:19:38 but surely is changing back to its original
11:19:42 neighborhood city.
11:19:44 And you have got to have parking and you have got to
11:19:46 have regulations.
11:19:48 But you also have to be liquid enough to understand
11:19:51 that during some times, a lot of people don't go
11:19:54 anymore to lunch in Ybor City, because anywhere you
11:19:56 go.
11:19:57 However, the parking garages where you can park for a
11:20:00 dollar, for two or three hours, I think it's the
11:20:03 greatest gift the city has ever done.
11:20:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
11:20:08 We need to really move here.
11:20:15 >>THE CLERK: There was a motion and second for a
11:20:17 report on parking tickets.
11:20:20 Scott
11:20:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The motion is to add to the our
11:20:26 agenda.
11:20:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For March.
11:20:30 >>MARK HUEY: I wonder if this is more a City Council
11:20:33 related agenda item than CRA.
11:20:36 Parking is a huge part of the redevelopment business.

11:20:38 We are very engaged in it but we don't oversee
11:20:42 parking.
11:20:42 It may be better to have Jim Corbett come in who
11:20:45 oversees parking.
11:20:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me say, I just brought this up.
11:20:50 Sorry, Charlie, but did you open a can of worms.
11:20:54 You jumped all over it.
11:20:56 But I think way was trying to say is you need to be
11:21:00 involved, because it's a bigger issue than just
11:21:02 parking.
11:21:03 It's an issue of, you know, bringing people into
11:21:06 downtown and Channelside.
11:21:07 And I do want to say, Charlie, that I'm not saying we
11:21:10 should get rid of parking meters.
11:21:12 I'm saying maybe we should look at hours where we
11:21:15 could not charge, and just a little bit of the
11:21:17 incentive there at certain times.
11:21:20 So I think we need to have you there and parking and
11:21:22 have a discussion.
11:21:23 So I think maybe a workshop.
11:21:32 Oh, I can't do this at our meeting?
11:21:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is a CRA meeting so it has to

11:21:38 come up at next week's meeting.
11:21:39 Okay?
11:21:40 So move your motion, Mr. Clerk.
11:21:42 Moved and seconded.
11:21:43 Okay?
11:21:44 Because -- okay.
11:21:48 Ms. Knowles.
11:21:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Board members, the individual
11:21:51 selected is Denise Sanchez.
11:21:54 Thank you.
11:21:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Then those other persons were
11:21:57 ratified, those other three people on there, right?
11:22:01 Okay.
11:22:01 Any other business to come before?
11:22:04 >>MARK HUEY: Commented about how you have been pleased
11:22:06 with how the implementation of your policy has gone so
11:22:08 far.
11:22:09 And I just wanted to acknowledge Janett Fenton.
11:22:14 Since you adopted the policy she has been working very
11:22:16 hard to implement it well and we appreciate all of
11:22:19 your work.
11:22:21 Thank you.

11:22:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:22:24 You did an excellent job.
11:22:25 Thank you, staff.
11:22:26 I think you did a good job getting through this
11:22:28 process.
11:22:29 >>SAL TERRITO: Mr. Dingfelder made a motion for the
11:22:34 commendation for Mrs. Wise.
11:22:41 Is that a City Council motion?
11:22:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can leave it as a CRA motion but
11:22:46 can I save it for council meeting?
11:22:49 >>> Not in the CRA you can't.
11:22:50 >> I'll leave it for next week.
11:22:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which draw my motion.
11:22:54 Move to strike my earlier motion.
11:22:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Withdraw my second.
11:22:59 >> Actually, I think we need to vote on it because
11:23:03 that passed.
11:23:04 Move to strike my motion.
11:23:05 Do it another day.
11:23:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?
11:23:10 So moved and ordered.
11:23:11 Okay.

11:23:15 Anything else that needs to come before?
11:23:17 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file.
11:23:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
11:23:21 >> Second.
11:23:21 (Motion carried).
11:23:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you all very much.
11:23:25 I think it went very smoothly today and a great job.
11:23:28 Thank you.
11:23:28 And we stand adjourned.

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