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Tampa City Council
Thursday, February 14, 2008
9:00 a.m. CRA Session

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09:07:51 [Sounding gavel]
09:07:52 CHAIRMAN SCOTT: We will now call the Community
09:07:55 Redevelopment Agency to order, please.
09:07:59 CRA.
09:08:00 At this time we'll turn it over to councilman Charlie
09:08:03 Miranda.
09:08:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:08:05 First of all, happy Valentine's to each and every of
09:08:09 you.
09:08:09 It's my pleasure to introduce our city clerk, the

09:08:11 illustrious Shirley Foxx-Knowles.
09:08:14 Please stand for the invocation and remain standing
09:08:16 for the pledge of allegiance.
09:08:20 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, CRA members, and
09:08:23 happy Valentine's day.
09:08:24 Let us pray.
09:08:26 Lord, give us a pure heart that we may see, a humble
09:08:30 heart that we may hear Thee, a heart of love that we
09:08:34 may serve Thee, a heart of faith that we may live
09:08:39 Thee.
09:08:40 Father, on this Valentine's day, we thank you for your
09:08:43 love for us, and may we demonstrate that same love for
09:08:47 each of us.
09:08:48 We thank you for your many blessings.
09:08:51 Thank you for the opportunity to be here in Tampa at
09:08:55 this day and time.
09:08:56 Thank you for our CRA members who are serving the
09:09:01 people.
09:09:01 Give them the wisdom they need to make the decisions
09:09:04 for us all.
09:09:06 Increase in them the gift of faith, hope, charity, and
09:09:11 compassion in the decisions they make this morning,

09:09:15 and the gives of understanding to the individuals who
09:09:17 come before the CRA.
09:09:23 Continue top guide our CRA members and make them
09:09:25 instruments of your will.
09:09:26 Bless our citizens, and keep us all in your care.
09:09:30 These blessings we ask and thanks we give, in your
09:09:34 name.
09:09:34 Amen.
09:09:37 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:09:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Miranda, and Mr.
09:10:03 Foxx-Knowles for that invocation.
09:10:05 Roll call.
09:10:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:10:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:10:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:10:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:10:15 We have a memorandum from councilman Caetano, a
09:10:18 letter, be advised I will not be able to attend the
09:10:21 February 14, 2008 CRA meeting due to I'm not feeling
09:10:25 well.
09:10:28 Thank you for your attention to this matter.
09:10:30 So this is councilman Joe Caetano, won't be here this

09:10:35 morning.
09:10:36 Mr. Huey.
09:10:38 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
09:10:39 Happy Valentine's as well to everyone.
09:10:41 Our first presentation this morning is related to the
09:10:45 Drew Park CRA, a CRA that benefits greatly from the
09:10:53 proximity to the airport.
09:10:54 The airport, as you are aware, has been around the CRA
09:11:02 particularly on the western border to acquire property
09:11:06 for future expansion of the airport.
09:11:08 That includes a new road, new cargo road that will be
09:11:13 built.
09:11:13 We are pleased to have Louis Miller here from the
09:11:17 Aviation Authority to share with you a presentation on
09:11:19 that, important investment that's going to be
09:11:22 occurring that will help spur redevelopment within the
09:11:25 Drew Park CRA.
09:11:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Welcome, Mr. Miller.
09:11:30 >>> Thank you very much.
09:11:31 I appreciate that.
09:11:32 I think we are going to have a slide presentation come
09:11:34 up here in a minute, and then we can go through it but

09:11:37 I appreciate councilman Miranda has been involved in
09:11:44 this from way back before, and we had a tour where
09:11:49 Reverend Scott visited the CRA, and I think at your
09:11:52 suggestion we have come to share it with the entire
09:11:54 council members.
09:11:55 I'm not sure where the buttons are to push to make
09:11:58 this work.
09:12:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Cutbacks on the fellow who does the
09:12:17 buttons.
09:12:18 That's life, you know.
09:12:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I told you we were one short.
09:12:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: How much sometime does it need to set
09:12:58 that up?
09:12:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Oh, it won't take long.
09:13:01 They are going to move them from one department to
09:13:04 another.
09:13:05 [ Laughter ]
09:13:08 >> You're on a roll this morning.
09:13:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's Valentine's Day.
09:13:18 >>> Is it up on your screen?
09:13:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Not yet.
09:13:32 >>> What I can do is bring up the pictures and show

09:13:35 you what it is we are trying to do but one of the
09:13:37 major things that we undertook at the Aviation
09:13:39 Authority especially Tampa International Airport was
09:13:42 try to develop our construction plan and our
09:13:45 development plan, something that fit along the lines
09:13:47 of what has been happening in Drew Park right next
09:13:50 door.
09:13:51 And when I first arrived in Tampa back in 1996, the
09:13:58 east side of the airport, or the west side of Drew
09:14:00 Park, was not going to be a public road.
09:14:02 It was going to run through the middle of Tampa
09:14:04 International Airport and as we got into that process
09:14:09 we said, that's probably not the best way to go.
09:14:11 So we made some changes.
09:14:12 And I think we are going to be able to go through
09:14:14 those now and see where we are at.
09:14:17 Here's the first slide that just shows the area, if
09:14:20 you can see up there, the north terminal area, a lot
09:14:25 of people don't understand how much work is actually
09:14:28 going to take place in that north terminal.
09:14:30 You can see that in the center of the slide.
09:14:32 It's going to cost close to one billion dollars to get

09:14:38 that completed and we will have that open no later
09:14:41 than October 1st of 2015 which isn't that far away
09:14:44 if you look at it.
09:14:45 But in order to do that we must plan for the future
09:14:48 because that's where the cargo building sits today,
09:14:50 ground support, some other facilities sit there.
09:14:53 So we need to move it over into the Drew Park area or
09:14:57 right next to it and that's where the yellow box that
09:14:59 you see up there, that's kind of the Drew Park area.
09:15:02 The Aviation Authority had a lot of foresight,
09:15:04 actually started back in 1994, acquiring did property
09:15:07 in the Drew Park area so we could allow for the
09:15:09 eventual expansion into that side of the airport.
09:15:12 And as you can see there, we have about 90% of that
09:15:16 property is already acquired.
09:15:21 All of that so far has been purchased with voluntary
09:15:23 acquisition no, eminent domain no, taking of property.
09:15:26 There are three properties we have to look at for this
09:15:28 road.
09:15:28 But that's some of the stuff that is happening to
09:15:31 date.
09:15:32 Some of the major projects that have to go through,

09:15:35 and I won't go through these in detail but we have a
09:15:37 lot of things we have to do before we can even start
09:15:40 getting ready for the Drew Park area, expansion of the
09:15:42 cargo road, so we can build our north terminal
09:15:45 development.
09:15:45 A lot of them are listed there but the ones we want to
09:15:48 talk about most today is the cargo road widening and
09:15:52 the ground support equipment facilities and the cargo
09:15:56 building itself, which we will show here in a second.
09:15:59 Some of the things that will happen in the north
09:16:01 terminal area, north terminal roadways, new terminal
09:16:04 garage, stormwater drainage, whatever it will be will
09:16:10 be almost an replication of the current terminal
09:16:12 development where you will have core terminal, four
09:16:17 airsides around that core terminal development, and
09:16:19 then when bee open in October we'll just have one
09:16:22 airside open, and leave 25% of our traffic to move
09:16:26 northward so it will work a lot better and that will
09:16:28 have that 14 day airside facility.
09:16:31 It will also be structured for the new international
09:16:35 arrival facility and handling the new largest airplane
09:16:39 that's ever been made.

09:16:42 That's kind of what it looks like in detail.
09:16:43 When you see the north terminal there, you will drive
09:16:47 to that north terminal complex.
09:16:48 There will be a garage out there.
09:16:50 You will park in that garage.
09:16:51 You will have your car in the facilities and
09:16:53 everything will be done ready for you when you are
09:16:56 going to fly out.
09:16:57 But if you look on the right side of the drawing or
09:17:01 the east side of the airport you will see the new
09:17:03 cargo road to go in and that is already being
09:17:08 designed, contracted for that road system, and it's
09:17:13 going to go in, it will be open.
09:17:15 That will be open in 2011.
09:17:17 We have had two meetings with the community out there
09:17:19 so far, the community being the residents in Drew
09:17:23 Park, and they are really very excited about what we
09:17:27 are going to do because we made some significant
09:17:29 changes that made it work better for them as they were
09:17:31 going forward.
09:17:32 So that kind of gives you an overview of what the rest
09:17:34 of them are going to look like.

09:17:37 This slide, to the left here, you can't see a lot but
09:17:43 it's been cargo operations, training facilities,
09:17:46 airfield equipment, radar.
09:17:51 If you drive along veterans expressway and you see
09:17:53 that big radar equipment that has to be located over
09:17:55 in the Drew Park area as well so a lot of things get
09:17:59 changed.
09:17:59 The post office will be relocated from its current
09:18:01 location over into the Drew Park area as well, which
09:18:04 will make it very accessible coming off of the new
09:18:07 road onto Hillsborough directly to the freeway system.
09:18:13 This is a little harder to see but you can see within
09:18:15 the project location, we are right within, right next
09:18:18 to the Drew Park CRA.
09:18:22 On the right side of that where that road is go
09:18:25 through.
09:18:25 The cargo road extension will be finished.
09:18:27 It will be a four-lane, left turn lanes.
09:18:30 It will have sidewalks.
09:18:32 It will have bike paths.
09:18:33 It will have walkways.
09:18:35 It will have everything it's going to need.

09:18:38 When we get finished with this it will have more trees
09:18:41 in the area than it has today.
09:18:42 And we are going to be coming back before the City
09:18:44 Council next week on a tree ordinance and
09:18:46 modification.
09:18:47 But the road itself will be a good road that will
09:18:50 serve the needs of not only the Aviation Authority and
09:18:52 the airport but it will serve the needs of the Drew
09:18:54 Park area.
09:18:57 The design criteria, four lanes.
09:19:00 I mentioned bike lanes.
09:19:01 Sidewalk on the east side.
09:19:02 On the west side of the road will be a ten foot path.
09:19:05 That's where the bike lane can be and everything will
09:19:07 be total landscaping, total lighting.
09:19:09 We are going to landscape it over and above the
09:19:12 requirements of the city.
09:19:13 The Aviation Authority will take care of the
09:19:15 landscaping as we do now, federal express facility.
09:19:19 We will actually build this road in its entirety, and
09:19:23 then be turned over to the city so it will become a
09:19:26 public road to the city.

09:19:27 Some of the changes that we made that were significant
09:19:30 when it related to dealing with the community.
09:19:34 We originally were going to put the road right along
09:19:38 Hesperides.
09:19:40 When we got into that process, we started it what
09:19:45 would be the best way to do, most economical way,
09:19:48 would significantly hurt a lot of businesses along
09:19:53 Hesperides.
09:19:54 So we said we'll move the road 100-foot to the east,
09:19:58 move it 100 feet from Hesperides, and then the city
09:20:02 will have basically Hesperides to the cargo road.
09:20:05 And that was presented to the community.
09:20:07 They were really excited about that because it makes a
09:20:09 large difference in what they are going to do.
09:20:13 I think the next slide as comes up -- and there it is.
09:20:19 This one shows -- here's the top one shows it's going
09:20:28 to replace Hesperides.
09:20:30 What we can do is not just on the east side.
09:20:36 The west side of the road will be very well
09:20:40 landscaped. On the far right-hand side that lower
09:20:42 level of Hesperides will remain a north-south frontage
09:20:46 road, so to speak, to the new cargo road.

09:20:48 Eventually sometime in the future the city may want to
09:20:50 do something with that property.
09:20:52 And if they chose to vacate it, that could be done.
09:20:55 And then that would expand the area from property
09:20:57 owners on the east side of the street to have that as
09:20:59 part of their expansion properties.
09:21:03 What does this mean for the community?
09:21:05 Obviously it's improved access.
09:21:08 Additional roadway capacity, enhanced pedestrian
09:21:10 amenities.
09:21:12 As now the Drew Park CRA is probably the lowest of the
09:21:16 north south street.
09:21:17 By having this new street, Hesperides, I guess that's
09:21:21 the name, replace Hesperides.
09:21:23 Another major north-south street that goes all the way
09:21:25 from the FedEx facility, O'Brien, up to Hillsborough
09:21:29 will give them great access, freeways north, of course
09:21:33 the other will be along Dale Mabry.
09:21:35 So it should work very well.
09:21:42 The extension and the design going on starting July of
09:21:45 '07.
09:21:46 Soil remediation is happening right now.

09:21:48 Cargo and GSC facilities, we have already hired a
09:21:53 designer. That project will go out to bid, and we
09:21:55 hope sometime in 2009.
09:21:58 And then the cargo road completed in November of 2009
09:22:02 as well.
09:22:02 So it's not that far away.
09:22:04 When it's finished, the CRA gets back on track, it
09:22:07 will make a big difference for folks.
09:22:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman, I ask that you hold your
09:22:16 questions.
09:22:17 >>> I think I'm at the end.
09:22:19 I am.
09:22:20 Ready for your questions.
09:22:21 Finished.
09:22:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:22:23 This is very exciting.
09:22:24 This can do for Drew Park what the Crosstown
09:22:26 expressway investment in Meridian did for the Channel
09:22:30 District in terms of providing a really beautiful
09:22:32 facility that serves two purposes.
09:22:34 And I thank you for your vision and your investment in
09:22:36 this.

09:22:37 I think it's going to be a great amenity.
09:22:39 And to the students at HCC who might be using bikes
09:22:43 for transportation it will provide them the first and
09:22:45 only safe north-south bike route through that area.
09:22:50 Well, nobody ever puts utilities on renderings because
09:22:54 they aren't attractive.
09:22:55 But are there going to be utilities on the street or
09:22:58 will they be placed on other streets?
09:23:01 >>> They will be on the streets.
09:23:02 You mean the light poles to light the street?
09:23:04 They'll be there.
09:23:05 >> No, I meant wires.
09:23:06 Are you going to have underground utilities?
09:23:08 >>> I believe they are going to be underground.
09:23:10 We are working right now with them to try to
09:23:12 accomplish them.
09:23:14 Much of the airport is already underground so we will
09:23:17 try to keep them underground.
09:23:18 It will be of a higher standard than today because we
09:23:21 want brighter lights.
09:23:22 >> Great.
09:23:23 I hope you are able to locate the electrical wires

09:23:26 underground because it will mean that the landscaping
09:23:28 is more lush it's more safe and reliable.
09:23:31 Good luck with that.
09:23:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Miller for the
09:23:41 presentation and thank you for your vision and the
09:23:42 board's vision for the Aviation Authority.
09:23:46 >>> I appreciate that.
09:23:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
09:23:53 >>MARK HUEY: Part of your agenda today is to recognize
09:23:56 outgoing advisory committee members.
09:23:59 As Lewis is leaving, I appreciate him.
09:24:01 He was one of the founding members of the Drew Park
09:24:03 advisory committee.
09:24:03 And we have enjoyed his leadership in that role.
09:24:09 Our next agenda item is listed as aquarium property.
09:24:14 It's a city-owned piece of property just north of the
09:24:17 aquarium.
09:24:17 We all refer to it as the aquarium property.
09:24:20 Its present use is to support parking for the Florida
09:24:23 Aquarium.
09:24:25 One of the great amenities, great destinations in our
09:24:29 community.

09:24:30 We are all proud to have the aquarium be part of our
09:24:34 city and community.
09:24:37 Two months ago, I believe, board member Saul-Sena
09:24:41 asked a question as to our planning going forward
09:24:45 regarding that city-owned piece of property.
09:24:48 And so this presentation today is in response to that
09:24:51 question.
09:24:52 And I have with us today team members from the Wilson
09:24:58 Miller planning and engineering firm who are doing the
09:25:02 strategic action plan implementation work, the
09:25:05 multi-million dollar next phase of planning in the
09:25:08 Channel District that is funded through TIF dollars.
09:25:12 One of the element of their scope of service is to do
09:25:16 planning work on the city-owned piece of property that
09:25:21 supports the aquarium presently.
09:25:23 So they are here to do that.
09:25:24 They are going to give you a brief 30-second reminder
09:25:27 of the scope of their entire work, and then they are
09:25:30 going to focus on that piece of their scope of work
09:25:34 that relates to the city-owned land.
09:25:37 And I'm going to have Hameed Sipka to come up and
09:25:48 start it.

09:25:48 We are glad you're here.
09:25:50 >>> Can we go to the Elmo?
09:25:52 Good morning.
09:25:56 Thank you very much for allowing me this time.
09:26:07 I'm a project manager for the implementation of the
09:26:10 strategic action plan for the Channel District.
09:26:15 You probably know that FAP was pretty much developed
09:26:21 after 2005, and was adopted in 2006.
09:26:27 Our current scope of services is really focused on
09:26:30 trees, primary things, program management, public
09:26:34 design, and planning and design.
09:26:39 The public right-of-way and planning and designing is
09:26:42 really the major component of the efforts that are
09:26:44 going to take place over this year and going into the
09:26:48 next year.
09:26:51 As you pretty much know, the district is really a work
09:26:55 in progress.
09:27:04 Completed -- you know, there's completed area, there's
09:27:07 that's under construction, obviously there's some
09:27:12 uncommitted development.
09:27:15 The exhibit kind of shows it by color, blue being the
09:27:20 completed, yellow being the -- the purple being under

09:27:28 construction, yellow being the planned and the orange
09:27:33 being the uncommitted.
09:27:35 As Mark mentioned one of the tasks that we have been
09:27:40 assigned to do is the conceptual planning for the
09:27:44 city-owned property.
09:27:47 This property is located north of the aquarium, and
09:27:49 it's adjacent to the cruise terminal 3.
09:27:54 With that I am going to turn it over to Leah to talk
09:27:58 about some of the issues we are looking at for that.
09:28:04 >>> Good morning.
09:28:06 As Hameed was mentioning this is the area we are going
09:28:10 to be looking at as far as conceptual planning for the
09:28:13 city-owned land.
09:28:14 As you can see, located on here is where the Florida
09:28:17 Aquarium is, surrounded by that is the parking lot,
09:28:21 that is services at the moment owned by the city.
09:28:24 Also -- I'm sorry, Leah del Tosto with Wilson Miller.
09:28:33 Also surrounded by that is land owned by the Tampa
09:28:35 authority sort.
09:28:36 You can see the streetcar staging area and the New
09:28:39 York street station located along that edge.
09:28:45 Some of the planning considerations that we are going

09:28:51 to have to address through this process is plans for
09:28:54 the aquarium, for their future expansions that may
09:28:57 occur, and also parking for the aquarium, and the
09:29:01 possibility of providing joint parking facility for
09:29:05 other projects that may happen along the way.
09:29:10 Also new development on the city-owned property.
09:29:17 Included in that is going to be public open land that
09:29:21 needs to be addressed, and also land for
09:29:26 infrastructure improvements such as a stormwater
09:29:28 facility that can be used for -- have multiple uses
09:29:33 for roadway drainage and the possibility of public
09:29:37 land drainage to it or everyone public development
09:29:40 drainage.
09:29:41 Another potential for these properties is for an
09:29:45 interior parkway that could traverse the property.
09:29:49 In a moment I'll show you a larger picture of that.
09:29:52 But some of the demand that is now currently on
09:29:56 Channelside could possibly be alleviated with the use
09:29:59 of an internal roadway.
09:30:02 As you can see on this aerial here, this is
09:30:09 Channelside Drive.
09:30:12 This area has the possibility for a roadway to get to

09:30:17 this side of the property.
09:30:18 That is one of the aspects that's going to be looked
09:30:20 at as we do this development.
09:30:27 Other considerations are for the port property, owned
09:30:34 in that area and also private ownership under the
09:30:38 channel and how that could all work together with the
09:30:40 publicly owned land that the city currently has.
09:30:44 It's a very complicated process.
09:30:46 We anticipate that there will be a lot of public
09:30:51 meetings, meetings with the port, meetings with the
09:30:54 aquarium, meetings with the CRA board, meeting with
09:30:58 the general public and stakeholders, and resident that
09:31:02 live within the area.
09:31:06 As shown in here, there is the tentative schedule for
09:31:08 how this is going to proceed.
09:31:11 At the moment we are in the thought finding stage
09:31:14 where we are getting our base information collected
09:31:16 and then setting up meetings to meet with all the
09:31:19 independent stakeholders.
09:31:21 The area that we are going to be addressing is
09:31:24 highlighted on the aerial to the right in the yellow.
09:31:33 As mentioned, all the public involvement, making sure

09:31:36 we get CRA input from you as the board.
09:31:39 And then also, after the fact finding is completed,
09:31:46 developing alternative concepts that can be looked at
09:31:51 for the city-owned land.
09:31:52 Once we have the concepts, we plan to come back to the
09:31:55 board and to the public and get their responses to
09:32:01 what the concepts that are being considered.
09:32:10 Once we have communication back from everyone that is
09:32:12 involved, we hope to take it to the next level where
09:32:15 we would have a final concept with ultimate goal of
09:32:19 that would be to have a developer RFQ on the public
09:32:25 lands that the city would help Shepherd so that we
09:32:28 could realize some potential for development in that
09:32:33 area.
09:32:41 That concludes.
09:32:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm excited about this process.
09:32:50 I think it really important when you showed us a
09:32:52 litany of different considerations to realize that
09:32:54 some considerations, in my opinion, have more weight
09:32:58 than others.
09:33:00 I think that the proximity to the aquarium, and the
09:33:07 aquarium reliance on this land as part of their

09:33:10 overall planning, is really critical, and I see them,
09:33:15 as well as the port, as being very, very important,
09:33:16 but particularly because the aquarium has this
09:33:20 relationship with the City of Tampa as far as
09:33:21 depending on this land, that they are a super high
09:33:24 priority.
09:33:25 The other concern that I heard from residents is they
09:33:27 really want public open space.
09:33:30 Now, it seems to me that the least significant thing
09:33:33 perhaps is vehicular access, because if you look
09:33:37 percentagewise at what amount of the Channel District
09:33:41 is paid, this is a lot.
09:33:43 And I think in our culture always had too much land
09:33:51 given to them and if we are trying to make this a
09:33:54 transit area it should be further down on the priority
09:33:56 list.
09:33:57 So I'm hoping that there really is an active
09:34:01 involvement of all the groups giving particular weight
09:34:06 to the people who live there and to the aquarium as
09:34:07 the neighbor who has worked with the city and using
09:34:10 this land.
09:34:11 And I do believe that through good design you can

09:34:13 accommodate everybody's consideration and concern.
09:34:17 I don't see -- I see the CRA as being down on the
09:34:21 list.
09:34:21 I think that we want to be really involved.
09:34:24 And I would appreciate if you would invite us to all
09:34:26 the meetings with the idea that we could come and have
09:34:29 the opportunity if we choose to attend to listen
09:34:32 first-hand to the concerns of the residents of the
09:34:36 property owners of the aquarium, of the port
09:34:39 authority, et cetera.
09:34:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mary Mulhern, then
09:34:49 councilman Dingfelder.
09:34:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at some of your pages.
09:34:52 Maybe if you could turn, or go on the overhead to the
09:34:56 pages of city-owned land, aquarium.
09:35:16 One question, where your label says Cumberland Avenue,
09:35:19 streetcar station, just where the label is placed,
09:35:22 those are the parking garages, right?
09:35:26 Are those city owned?
09:35:28 >>> No.
09:35:29 They are owned by the port.
09:35:31 The garage.

09:35:33 >> Owned by the port authority.
09:35:34 >>MARY MULHERN: They are owned by the port authority.
09:35:37 Okay.
09:35:37 I just look at this overall and it's so gray.
09:35:41 It's all concrete.
09:35:43 And, you know, one of the first things we are talking
09:35:45 about is more parking.
09:35:47 I mean, I would like to think that we have got that,
09:35:50 the port has that huge garage on this prime location.
09:35:54 If that's going to continue to be there, maybe think
09:35:56 about adding some floors to that so we are not
09:36:03 covering up more of our space.
09:36:04 When I look at our city space, I think as councilwoman
09:36:08 Psalms said we need to think about open space.
09:36:10 But I think that open space needs to be park.
09:36:14 When you look at Channelside overall, that is the
09:36:18 number one thing that's missing, I think, is
09:36:21 anything -- even this one are so gray.
09:36:30 Go ahead.
09:36:30 >>> I just wanted to get back to the strategic action
09:36:33 plan.
09:36:33 And one of the things that really came out of that was

09:36:37 that this was an opportunity to have open space
09:36:39 because of the city-owned land that was there.
09:36:41 That is going to be a very high priority as we are
09:36:44 designing the space, is how do we get open space for
09:36:48 the residents there?
09:36:49 Because it's one of the few opportunities that there
09:36:51 really is in the Channel District to have something of
09:36:54 that scale.
09:36:54 >> I might have some questions for Mark, our City of
09:37:06 Tampa land, did we purchase that from the port
09:37:09 authority?
09:37:09 Or has that always been in the city?
09:37:19 It needs to be a Coca-Cola canning plant here and a
09:37:23 couple of other.
09:37:24 Linda actually may know.
09:37:30 All of that happened prior to us being here.
09:37:34 We are researching that really now, though, to
09:37:36 understand the implications related to the title of
09:37:39 that property.
09:37:41 So we'll know a letter bit more.
09:37:42 But, yes, this was all assembled intentionally by the
09:37:49 city.

09:37:50 >>MARY MULHERN: What about the port so as you go east,
09:37:53 all that Portland?
09:37:56 Has that always been in the port's hands?
09:38:01 >>MARK HUEY: There are elements as you walk out, each
09:38:03 piece sort of has a story of its own.
09:38:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe we can talk about it --
09:38:09 >>> and some of the pieces the city still has some
09:38:13 rights associated with that.
09:38:16 That's part of the complexity.
09:38:19 I think you have been introduced to some of the
09:38:21 complexities.
09:38:22 There's even others that are there that will affect
09:38:24 the planning as we are going forward with the port and
09:38:27 all of the stakeholders here.
09:38:29 >>MARY MULHERN: What about as you go across -- you go
09:38:33 north across York street.
09:38:37 Is that all -- the land that's by the water where we
09:38:41 as Tampa port authority label on that same sheet?
09:38:46 Is that parking lot currently?
09:38:48 >>> I want to point out that you keep in mind that the
09:38:56 port authority operates a number of cruise ships out
09:38:58 of there.

09:39:00 They require a substantial amount of parking and that
09:39:03 is a challenge and because of that you see asphalt out
09:39:08 there, and one of the challenges that this exercise
09:39:11 really faces is how to add for that parking because
09:39:17 that is a very important part of this operation there.
09:39:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
09:39:23 That creates parking.
09:39:24 Is it like short-term parking?
09:39:35 I'm just looking at it thinking let's make that a
09:39:49 park.
09:39:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Refresh my memory in terms of
09:39:53 the -- are we funding you completely for this study,
09:39:59 or is it a joint funding with the aquarium or with
09:40:03 other -- the port authority?
09:40:08 >>> City.
09:40:09 >> Through the CRA?
09:40:10 >>> In a.
09:40:11 >> I'm just wondering why we didn't get partners on
09:40:13 this since we are looking at a larger area.
09:40:15 >>> Control is the answer.
09:40:19 The aquarium wanted to do a study and the city said,
09:40:21 no, we'll do our own, thank you very much, so we can

09:40:25 control it.
09:40:25 I think your point is well taken given that we are
09:40:28 going to have to play nicely with the properties to
09:40:30 both sides.
09:40:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The port authority has a master
09:40:35 plan for all of their land, I think, down there,
09:40:38 right?
09:40:40 >>> Back to 1999 -- they did a master plan back in
09:40:48 1999 but post 9/11 there was some reconsideration of
09:40:54 that and I think they are going to remaster planning
09:40:57 for the entire port operation and that is part of that
09:41:01 and they need some updates.
09:41:02 >> And what does the master plan say especially for
09:41:05 the area that Ms. Mulhern was pointing out north of
09:41:08 York street?
09:41:08 >>> They have initially anticipated that they would
09:41:11 have another cruise ship terminal there, with multiple
09:41:14 parking garages to support that.
09:41:17 But now they are kind of reevaluating that design
09:41:20 because of certain issues that they have and the way
09:41:22 they operate.
09:41:23 And as you probably know, the port, they are under

09:41:31 basic control of more of the security issues, when it
09:41:34 comes to the actual waterfront, the first 200 feet of
09:41:37 it, so there are some issues that they have to deal
09:41:39 with.
09:41:43 In order to do their master plan and be able to allow
09:41:46 for access on some of those.
09:41:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I agree with Ms. Saul-Sena and Ms.
09:41:54 Mulhern that open space, green space is very important
09:41:56 on that city-owned land and I think for certain
09:42:00 respects we have made some commitments, some moral
09:42:04 commitments to developers and folks who invested in
09:42:07 there, but I think there is creative ways to do that.
09:42:14 I mean, you can put some multilevel parking in there
09:42:16 and some green space on top, and that sort of thing.
09:42:20 I don't know.
09:42:24 It's not my field but we have all seen it, especially
09:42:27 in larger cities and urban areas.
09:42:30 So it will be interesting to see how you progress.
09:42:32 I also chime in on Ms. Saul-Sena, make sure we get
09:42:36 notices of these various public meetings which most
09:42:38 agencies are pretty good about letting us know and
09:42:41 that way we can pick and charges and pop in on them as

09:42:44 we can.
09:42:45 >>> And we are counting on your feedback.
09:42:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
09:42:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I saw that Tom stork is here, who
09:42:54 is the president of the aquarium, and one of our
09:42:57 advisory -- I just wonder if he had anything he would
09:43:00 like to add to this.
09:43:06 Welcome.
09:43:10 >> Tom stork: Welcome.
09:43:16 I appreciate it.
09:43:17 >> State your name for the record.
09:43:19 >>> I'm Tom stork with the Florida Aquarium.
09:43:23 We have looked at this parking lot.
09:43:24 We studied this parking lot quite a bit.
09:43:27 We did look at the opportunity to maybe plan it
09:43:30 ourselves, master plan it ourselves, conversations
09:43:33 with Mr. Huey.
09:43:35 This needs to be a joint effort.
09:43:37 This needs to be a joint partnership as we go forward
09:43:40 with this.
09:43:41 The aquarium has used it as the parking lot for 13
09:43:46 years now, 12 years.

09:43:48 We need to preserve parking for our guests.
09:43:50 We are going to grow the aquarium. That is our plan.
09:43:53 This is an asset in our community.
09:43:54 We are going to continue to grow it, and grow it as a
09:43:57 destination, and grow Channelside as a destination.
09:44:00 So we need to make sure we have parking, preserve the
09:44:02 parking, we need to make sure we have some space for
09:44:05 future expansion.
09:44:06 But the idea of a park is a wonderful idea.
09:44:09 And we're talking 7.5 acres out there.
09:44:13 So I think we can accommodate parking.
09:44:15 We can accommodate aquarium expansion space.
09:44:18 We can accommodate a park.
09:44:19 And we can accommodate some multi-use.
09:44:22 So we look forward to this process.
09:44:25 I look forward to working with Wilson Miller, the
09:44:27 entire staff of the aquarium and the board.
09:44:29 And I appreciate working with Mr. Huey and his staff
09:44:31 as well.
09:44:32 I think it will be a good process.
09:44:36 Thank you.
09:44:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

09:44:48 >> This is an exciting time frame.
09:44:51 To go from beginning to have the conversation to a
09:44:53 plan being created.
09:44:55 For the city that's warp speed.
09:44:56 And I just want to make sure that as CRA members who
09:44:59 are funding this whole thing that we are included all
09:45:01 along the way.
09:45:02 I think it's really important.
09:45:04 And this is probably a good time to bring it up.
09:45:08 You know, with the Strand decision, we aren't moving
09:45:13 ahead on a lot of things.
09:45:14 But I would like at our March meeting for us to take a
09:45:18 look at -- to have five minutes of presentation by Ken
09:45:25 Stoltenberg on Channelside, and he has five minutes
09:45:28 worth of really good idea of things we might be able
09:45:31 to do immediately before we wait for the Strand
09:45:34 decision to improve the quality of life for the
09:45:35 residents in the Channel District.
09:45:38 I would like to put that on our March CRA agenda, a
09:45:41 presentation by him for five minutes.
09:45:46 It's some ideas for Channelside by Mr. Stoltenberg who
09:45:49 is, you know, a major developer in the Channel

09:45:51 District.
09:45:53 Do you need that as a motion?
09:45:56 I make a motion that we put that on our agenda for our
09:45:59 next CRA meeting in March.
09:46:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilwoman Mulhern that
09:46:08 we have Mr. Stoltenberg to make a five minute
09:46:12 presentation at our March meeting.
09:46:14 All in favor let it be known by saying Aye.
09:46:17 So moved and ordered.
09:46:18 Let's move to number 3.
09:46:19 Downtown sign annal.
09:46:20 >>MARK HUEY: One of the items being funded out of the
09:46:24 downtown TIF is a new signage program for our
09:46:27 downtown.
09:46:28 The downtown partnership has a vision for how we could
09:46:32 improve our way faring signage throughout our
09:46:36 downtown.
09:46:36 A number of years ago.
09:46:37 And working steadily with the community to conceive
09:46:43 and now begin to implement a new signage plan for our
09:46:47 downtown.
09:46:47 A number of you have asked about it and wanting more

09:46:49 information.
09:46:50 So today we scheduled a time for Christine Burdick of
09:46:53 the downtown partnership to provide a presentation.
09:46:59 >>> Christine Burdick from the downtown partnership.
09:47:05 Thank you, CRA board members.
09:47:08 I am here with my colleague Karen Krepps, our
09:47:13 transportation organization management director and
09:47:15 she has really been spearheading this now two and a
09:47:19 half year effort to look at the signage that was done
09:47:26 in cooperation with the partnership and the city 14
09:47:30 years ago, the blue signs that indicate where to go
09:47:34 downtown.
09:47:35 Clearly, downtown has grown, the destinations have
09:47:38 changed, many destinations have been added so it was
09:47:41 clear that it was time to update that system.
09:47:45 So here we go.
09:47:49 I first want to just make sure that all use the same
09:47:54 nomenclature.
09:47:55 What we are talking about is a way finding signage
09:48:00 system, finding your way.
09:48:01 That's why we call it way finding.
09:48:03 It is occasionally called way faring which is kind of

09:48:06 a colloquial use of people going on their way.
09:48:10 But this is a way finding.
09:48:15 Signage.
09:48:16 Partnership, you know, is a not-for-profit
09:48:18 organization that actually has a contract with you in
09:48:21 order to provide management services in the downtown
09:48:24 area.
09:48:26 We act as a liaison between the public and private
09:48:29 sector in trying to make downtown the best place that
09:48:31 it can be.
09:48:32 This is a special services district map.
09:48:35 This is the area that we manage for you.
09:48:38 This is the area in which an assessment is collected
09:48:41 in order to provide those management services.
09:48:43 This is what we generally consider downtown, although
09:48:47 we acknowledge that there are many areas around
09:48:51 downtown that influence what happens downtown, and
09:48:56 what happens downtown influences surrounding
09:48:58 neighborhoods so there's some impact on our sign
09:49:02 annal, and extension of the signage that will go into
09:49:04 some of the neighborhoods surrounding downtown.
09:49:11 This is our mission statement for the signage program.

09:49:14 You can read it later.
09:49:15 But we have selected a lot of significant partners,
09:49:21 City of Tampa, the county, us, and stakeholders in the
09:49:24 downtown in order to address -- update this system,
09:49:28 and get the best products that we can.
09:49:34 Element of the signage program are vehicular way
09:49:38 finding which has existed for 14 years.
09:49:41 That's what the first project primary thrust and
09:49:43 mandate was.
09:49:46 We also know that there is a tremendous amount of
09:49:49 parking in downtown but it is not signed as such, and
09:49:52 many cities you know where you can park because
09:49:55 there's a green or a blue P on every facility that
09:50:00 provides parking.
09:50:01 We don't have that.
09:50:02 So we asked our consultants to look at the opportunity
09:50:04 and the need to add parking indication signage on all
09:50:09 the public, and perhaps private as well.
09:50:11 That's something that's still to be determined.
09:50:16 We want to have pedestrian signage as well, as
09:50:20 downtown becomes much more walkable and people use it
09:50:23 more on foot we want to be able to have them find

09:50:25 their way back on scale.
09:50:28 District identification downtown is large enough now
09:50:30 that it really can be put into small subdistricts
09:50:33 which allows us to do better signage within those
09:50:36 districts.
09:50:38 Gateways, we certainly want to have a way for people
09:50:42 to know that they have arrived in downtown, and that
09:50:44 is something that can be considered as part of this
09:50:47 project.
09:50:47 And banners and corridor identification, which is not
09:50:52 banners as we have discussed them before, but this is
09:50:55 significant signage that can provide you a way into
09:51:02 these various districts.
09:51:06 Committee members are a broad constituency.
09:51:08 As I said, we have county, city, staff has been very
09:51:12 involved, the arts council, and designers, and people
09:51:21 kind of familiar with the way we want downtown to look
09:51:23 and downtown to work.
09:51:29 This is the final approved design.
09:51:32 As you see, we have signage that has been proposed to
09:51:38 go on existing pieces in downtown that hold the
09:51:48 signals.

09:51:48 This alleviates the need for another post, and it
09:51:52 makes it easier to retain our sidewalks, and it's as
09:51:57 visible then as the street sign.
09:52:00 The ones to the right will be posted on posts where a
09:52:05 stanchion is not available.
09:52:12 These are other examples of gateway signage, potential
09:52:16 gateway signage, other posts, mounted signs in
09:52:20 downtown.
09:52:23 The next slide is a picture of actual vehicular
09:52:27 mockup.
09:52:29 We were asked to do an actual physical installation of
09:52:34 the sign that they would be installed so this is an
09:52:39 example of signage that was on, I believe, Kennedy at
09:52:42 Tampa street.
09:52:45 And the picture on the right is the backside of this
09:52:49 sign.
09:52:50 So it has an interest on the back of the sign as well
09:52:54 as information on the front.
09:53:00 This is our budget.
09:53:03 The expenses to date has been a consultant.
09:53:09 We hired a consultant to do the design.
09:53:11 This is not only the physical design but the design of

09:53:14 the system, where these signs need to be placed, how
09:53:17 they need to be shaped and sized and also designed.
09:53:22 Consultant fees for that came from money from the
09:53:25 partnership selected to the special services district,
09:53:30 then money from the county.
09:53:32 We went to partners, stakeholders, surrounding
09:53:36 downtown and in downtown, who had an interest in a
09:53:40 signage system, and the city, Channel District and
09:53:47 downtown TIF put in 25,000 to add to the consultant
09:53:50 fee.
09:53:51 The mockup signs cost 5,000 and we are in the process
09:53:53 of getting engineering and permits, so the total
09:53:59 expenses to date are expected to be $62,000.
09:54:13 To pay for this in fiscal year open has been 50,000
09:54:19 from the Channel District, signage that's there as
09:54:22 well and 150 from the downtown TIF.
09:54:25 There is 50,000 in the Channel District, '08 budget
09:54:29 for the signage so that's $250 total to them on the
09:54:32 first phase.
09:54:34 The total project cost will be $700,000.
09:54:39 That's 233 signs throughout both the Channel District
09:54:44 and downtown.

09:54:45 District.
09:54:47 The schedule is in 2008 we are permitting the entire
09:54:53 program, all phases.
09:54:56 They are in the process of finalizing the sign
09:54:59 locations.
09:55:00 And so it's a ready-to-go project.
09:55:03 The first phase will include parking and pedestrian
09:55:06 signage.
09:55:07 It will be fabricated and installed with a focus in
09:55:11 the Channel District, CRA, and this is expected to be
09:55:17 done by the end of '08.
09:55:21 2009 and beyond we will continue to phase in the
09:55:23 remainder of the program as funds are available,
09:55:26 funding and other sources, Strand here has impacted.
09:55:35 We initially were counting on a continued opportunity
09:55:40 for funding over the next two years for the successive
09:55:44 stages of this program.
09:55:45 And depending on how the Strand decision is rendered,
09:55:50 we can look forward to perhaps that.
09:55:54 We have asked our consultant to work on -- in the
09:55:57 absence of a continued funding source, how we would
09:56:02 best phase in, and over what time we would phase in

09:56:04 this program.
09:56:06 So that is the end of this presentation.
09:56:09 And I will take questions if you have them.
09:56:13 >>MARY MULHERN: They look really nice.
09:56:16 And I'm a graphic designer.
09:56:19 So I have some criticism, although -- I just have two
09:56:26 things.
09:56:27 One, on these approved designs, the ones with all
09:56:31 those individual signs, not the one that you showed
09:56:33 us, I can tell you as somebody who is a designer and
09:56:40 who also has really bad vision that you can't -- you
09:56:43 will not be able to read the white on the green.
09:56:50 So the type needs to be either black or you could
09:56:54 probably do it in that same dark teal color that the
09:56:57 rest of the signs are.
09:56:59 But no one is going to be able to read that.
09:57:01 Even from -- it will be difficult to read from even a
09:57:05 few feet away.
09:57:06 And then my question was, I love the colors.
09:57:10 It's got to be readable.
09:57:11 >>> You should know, I don't mean to interrupt, but we
09:57:16 were -- we had to work very closely with -- there are

09:57:21 very strict regulations on size, color, and we have a
09:57:24 number of FDOT folks.
09:57:27 Our designers have experience working with FDOT and
09:57:29 they knew the pallets that we would be constrained to,
09:57:34 but have the opportunity to work in.
09:57:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want people to be able to read
09:57:41 it.
09:57:41 >>> That's the purpose of the program.
09:57:42 >> Right.
09:57:43 And then my question was when you showed the design on
09:57:45 the back, which is really nice looking, are you
09:57:49 looking at putting directional text on the back?
09:57:58 There's only one way going downtown, the other way you
09:58:01 are going somewhere else.
09:58:02 Is that a possibility?
09:58:03 Or do we just not do that?
09:58:09 >>> I have to have some help here because I wasn't in
09:58:11 the FDOT negotiations.
09:58:13 But I --
09:58:17 >>> good morning.
09:58:20 Carol, downtown partnership.
09:58:21 The pedestrian signs will be two-sided.

09:58:23 So the vehicle way finding signs will not be two sided
09:58:26 with our one way streets and so forth.
09:58:28 It just didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense.
09:58:30 >>MARY MULHERN: If there are any places where it is a
09:58:35 two-way can we look into doing that?
09:58:38 >>> I can ask them and make sure D.O.T. doesn't have a
09:58:45 problem with it.
09:58:46 >> I think it looks great.
09:58:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much for the
09:58:51 presentation.
09:58:55 We have a Strand case update.
09:58:59 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
09:59:00 I want to give you a letter bit of background.
09:59:02 I want to give a very short briefing on Strand.
09:59:05 I would like to give you a little more this time.
09:59:06 When we talk about Strand we are talking about three
09:59:08 separate cases.
09:59:09 As you know the Strand case came down, there was a
09:59:12 rehearing, made modifications.
09:59:16 The Florida supreme court heard two other cases that
09:59:18 were somewhat related and they wanted to wait I think
09:59:21 until they did all three before they made a decision.

09:59:24 An opportunity to watch the supreme court arguments,
09:59:26 oral arguments in these cases, and there's an
09:59:28 important distinction being made.
09:59:30 Strand was a unique case, and that helps us because
09:59:32 Strand wasn't a CRA case.
09:59:35 Strand was the use of TIF money without going through
09:59:38 Community Redevelopment Agency.
09:59:39 When they made their decision, they didn't have any of
09:59:41 the background on how we got here back in the 80s,
09:59:47 nudge of the justices read these cases.
09:59:51 It wasn't an issue.
09:59:53 They went way beyond where we think they should have
09:59:56 gone.
09:59:56 Having said that two more cases came on that were
09:59:58 argued on the 7th.
09:59:59 The second case was also somewhat unique in that we
10:00:02 had a municipality that was doing the tiff.
10:00:06 CRA.
10:00:07 But it was in a county that didn't have any ad valorem
10:00:10 taxes -- I mean a city that didn't impose an
10:00:12 ad valorem tax.
10:00:13 So somebody is arguing wait a minute, how can you

10:00:15 collect attacks in the county's portion and not have a
10:00:18 city's portion?
10:00:18 So that was also a unique argument.
10:00:20 So here are the three case it is supreme court was
10:00:23 hearing.
10:00:26 The third case was a typical CRA case, tax revenue,
10:00:32 CRA structure as laid out by the legislature, the
10:00:34 justices were very interested in looking at the fact
10:00:36 that the legislature had thought through this process.
10:00:38 The justices went back and read the earlier cases that
10:00:42 said, my goodness, a lot of these arguments were made
10:00:44 back in 1980 and 81.
10:00:46 Why are they coming back now?
10:00:47 So we think that there might be some room for the
10:00:50 justices to retreat from Strand, because Strand was
10:00:53 unique.
10:00:53 One of the other cases were unique.
10:00:55 So we think that there might be some more wiggle room
10:00:58 in here.
10:00:58 The justices that spoke on the case most similar to
10:01:02 ours, three of them were clearly in sustaining the
10:01:05 existing system where we can use tax increment

10:01:09 financing without going through a voter referendum.
10:01:11 Two were clearly opposed to it.
10:01:12 The other two were silent.
10:01:15 So they are the ones that are probably going to make
10:01:17 the decision on that issue.
10:01:18 One of them we think may be somewhat disposed to the
10:01:22 city's positions, and we don't know the answer.
10:01:25 There's no way to predict these things.
10:01:26 We are hoping the decision comes down somewhat soon.
10:01:28 But I was somewhat heartened by the fact they went
10:01:32 back and read the earlier decisions that got us to
10:01:36 this particular point in the first place and they were
10:01:38 somewhat happy, and somewhat more enlightened by
10:01:41 having read those cases.
10:01:42 So we are hoping that there might be some room to
10:01:45 receive from Strand, because they were such unique
10:01:47 cases.
10:01:48 They can keep the Strand case as it was but say in
10:01:50 effect that kind of process doesn't work.
10:01:52 But if you have a CRA and you go through the formal
10:01:55 process, then that mitt work.
10:01:57 So we think there might be some more light at the end

10:01:59 of this tunnel.
10:02:01 That's kind of where we are.
10:02:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item number 5.
10:02:10 Amendment 1 impact.
10:02:12 Move that to our next meeting.
10:02:14 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:02:15 You asked if I could do a financial analysis for you
10:02:18 to help you anticipate the impact of that.
10:02:21 That is not complete at this time.
10:02:23 So we will work toward having it ready for you in the
10:02:26 next board meeting.
10:02:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We move to the recognition.
10:02:35 I want to move and go to the other items out of the
10:02:38 way, Mark.
10:02:41 If you don't mind, board members, move to the advisory
10:02:44 board policy amendment.
10:02:49 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:02:49 At the last meeting there was a request.
10:02:51 You appointed all of the board members, to bring
10:02:55 clarity to the policy and acknowledge that only an
10:02:59 applicant could serve only on one board at any time
10:03:03 among the different CRAs.

10:03:05 So we inserted a sentence into the policy for you to
10:03:07 approve today.
10:03:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It is in there.
10:03:12 >>
10:03:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Miller, seconded
10:03:20 by councilwoman Saul-Sena.
10:03:23 So moved and ordered.
10:03:24 Let's look at number 8.
10:03:27 April community meeting plan.
10:03:29 >>MARK HUEY: We move the next community meeting be in
10:03:33 April in Ybor.
10:03:34 And we have a number of dates that the community has
10:03:36 provided us through YCDC when that would work, in
10:03:40 April, we'll be working through the chairman's office
10:03:42 and your offices to fix the date for that in April.
10:03:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do you need approval on that?
10:03:51 >>MARK HUEY: If you just want to acknowledge that Ybor
10:03:53 will be the site of the next month meeting in April.
10:03:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Saul-Sena,
10:04:03 seconded by councilman Miranda.
10:04:05 All in favor let it be known by saying Aye.
10:04:08 Opposes?

10:04:09 So moved and ordered.
10:04:10 So it will be in Ybor City in April.
10:04:13 Now what I would like to do is recognize those
10:04:20 advisory board members.
10:04:22 Mark, can you remind me how many people?
10:04:28 I have all these certificates here.
10:04:30 How many people that served on the advisory board?
10:04:37 >>> Overall the total number I am going to guess 50 to
10:04:40 60.
10:04:42 It's a good approximation.
10:04:43 And many of them are going to continue to serve on the
10:04:45 new boards but many are in a longer going to be
10:04:49 serving and --
10:04:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Why don't I come down and maybe you
10:04:54 can call them off and we can present them, those that
10:04:57 are here.
10:04:57 And then we will take public comment.
10:05:00 And then we go downstairs I believe in the Mascotte
10:05:02 room that we have refreshments, coffee, cookies or
10:05:06 something like that, and then we'll come back for our
10:05:09 10:30 meeting.
10:05:14 >>> We would like to recognize past members of the

10:07:10 Tampa Heights riverfront community advisory committee.
10:07:13 With us today, chairman Scott, is Darleen Kelly.
10:07:20 >>THE CLERK: If could you state into your name into
10:07:25 the microphone
10:07:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And use that portable mike there.
10:07:36 >>> Mike Chen, manager of the Channel District CRA.
10:07:59 >>> I tried to recognize people that are here.
10:08:03 We have Judy white.
10:08:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank Judy white.
10:08:14 Because she has been involved with this for years and
10:08:16 years and years.
10:08:17 She has been the chair.
10:08:18 She has given Yeoman's service.
10:08:20 She has been a leered.
10:08:21 We want to thank you for all your work and patience
10:08:26 and persistence.
10:08:27 Thank you.
10:08:27 >>> I'll still be around.
10:08:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good, good.
10:08:33 >>> Ken Stoltenberg.
10:08:36 Snoop thank you for all your work.
10:08:41 >>> Andy Scaglione.

10:08:47 >> And you will continue to be around, and we
10:08:49 appreciate that.
10:08:50 >>> Jennifer WOLMAN.
10:08:57 I think that's all that's here for the Channel
10:09:00 District.
10:09:00 We have other certificates.
10:09:02 Do you want the names in?
10:09:05 We have Jean defreeze, Henry Lewis, Francine Masono
10:09:15 and Cathy Hess.
10:09:18 >>> Good morning.
10:09:21 I'd like to take this opportunity, Steve Johnson, to
10:09:24 recognize our East Tampa board members that are no
10:09:27 longer serving.
10:09:28 But we appreciate their valuable input over the last
10:09:31 five years.
10:09:32 First up is Toni Watts who was co-chair of our
10:09:42 partnership.
10:09:44 Miss Diana Hart who chaired our housing subcommittee.
10:09:50 Ms. Chloe Carney.
10:09:55 Mr. Frank Reddick, who chaired our planning and
10:09:58 evaluation subcommittee.
10:10:00 We also have certificates for Ms. Betty Wiggins, who

10:10:03 could not be here this morning, Mr. Carl Warren, and
10:10:07 Mr. Robert blunt.
10:10:10 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:10:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would like to thank Mr. Johnson.
10:10:20 We met unannounced to each other at Sams.
10:10:22 We were dressed so differently we didn't recognize
10:10:24 each other.
10:10:27 >>> It's my pleasure to introduce the Drew Park
10:10:30 community advisory committee members that are here
10:10:32 with us.
10:10:33 First we have George Adams, Sr.
10:10:40 Next we have Dr. Robert Chun representing HCC.
10:10:48 And finally we have our outgoing chair, Ron Rotella
10:10:58 representing the Westshore alliance.
10:11:00 In addition, we have several members that were unable
10:11:06 to be with us today, and that is Mary Alvarez, George
10:11:10 Adams, Jr., Louis Miller.
10:11:13 Mr. Miller had to leave for another appointment.
10:11:15 Henry Saavedra.
10:11:18 Dalene Segert. Tony Swarez. Wes Williams.
10:11:24 And we will provide them their certificates.
10:11:26 >>VINCE PARDO: I want to recognize three members of

10:11:33 the current YCDC board which will not be returning.
10:11:36 They are not here today.
10:11:37 But one is Mary Alvarez, who is representing museum
10:11:41 society.
10:11:41 Mr. Julie Calamarez and bill Hernandez who was one of
10:11:47 the original members, CPA to that group since their
10:11:51 inception in 1988.
10:11:59 >>> Board members, thank you.
10:12:00 Do you have any further comments?
10:12:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We just want to thank all of you
10:12:04 who have served as volunteers to help make our CRA
10:12:08 areas better.
10:12:11 Onward and upward.
10:12:12 Thank you for your service.
10:12:13 [ Applause ]
10:12:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right after our public comment we will
10:12:20 go down to the Mascotte room where we have
10:12:22 refreshments and council can do down as well and greet
10:12:26 all of you and thank you further for your service.
10:12:28 And we'll come back up here at 10:30 for the council
10:12:35 meeting, City Council meeting.
10:12:39 At this time we'll take public comment.

10:12:41 >>> Good morning.
10:12:45 TASS, from landmark realty, there are a couple things
10:12:48 I want to quickly touch base on.
10:12:50 The first as it relates to -- I know you didn't have
10:12:54 your update on amendment 1 today.
10:12:56 I did want, when you get your economic report back, I
10:13:01 hope that it includes what the effect is if you decide
10:13:06 to pass the $3.2 million in increased garbage fees to
10:13:11 these neighborhoods.
10:13:11 That's part of the mayor's proposal that was discussed
10:13:13 yesterday, is basically you are going to take the
10:13:16 clean city division, put it into the garbage division,
10:13:22 and -- solid waste and increase the fees.
10:13:26 I really hope that analysis is done before any
10:13:29 decision is made, either by the CRA or City Council as
10:13:33 to what effect that's going to have on these
10:13:35 neighborhoods.
10:13:36 As you mate remember these neighborhoods are already
10:13:38 going to be hit with increased water rates over the
10:13:41 next five years.
10:13:42 They have already been hit with the first round of
10:13:44 that.

10:13:45 That money is increasing.
10:13:48 They are also getting hit with the pass-through costs,
10:13:51 what we buy from Tampa Bay water.
10:13:54 These neighborhoods are really having a major
10:13:56 financial problem and I want to show you the extent of
10:13:58 the financial problem that they are currently having
10:14:00 so that everybody is on the same page.
10:14:12 What this is showing is 3,000 of the 4,000 foreclosure
10:14:16 proceedings going on within the City of Tampa.
10:14:20 The only reason I don't show all 4,000 is when our
10:14:23 office generated this report, it was a one-time block
10:14:30 over the city.
10:14:30 So as you can see it's not only affecting the CRA
10:14:33 areas but affecting the majority of the city.
10:14:35 Next to show you is just East Tampa.
10:14:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry, but I need more
10:14:42 information just in a figure.
10:14:43 If you have all that information I will be happy to
10:14:46 review not one but all 4,000.
10:14:48 Want to know the creative rating when they got the
10:14:50 loan, I want to know how it happened, I want to know
10:14:53 who the lender was, who the realtor was, who the

10:14:55 mortgage broker was, I want to know who made all the
10:14:58 money and somebody got left holding the bag if Charlie
10:15:00 Miranda is going to pay for it.
10:15:02 That's way want to know.
10:15:03 >>> I would be more than happy to give you the data.
10:15:05 >> Don't blame everything on the city.
10:15:08 >>> I'm not blame it on the city.
10:15:09 Way want am telling you is there's a financial problem
10:15:13 going on adding the extra burden of increased fees on
10:15:15 these people would be extremely detrimental.
10:15:20 I just want to show East Tampa.
10:15:29 Every place there's a little mark, little data, that's
10:15:32 something on the foreclosure.
10:15:35 That is it.
10:15:35 I'm sure you can explain coming down here and
10:15:40 explaining when these places get vacant and the crime
10:15:44 and everything else.
10:15:45 And as the banks take these over they are going to get
10:15:48 in worse and worse condition, there's going to be more
10:15:50 and more problems.
10:15:51 I want to point out if you are going to start adding
10:15:53 more burden on the taxpayers of the city, I think you

10:15:55 are going to end up with a major problem.
10:15:58 I think we already have a major problem.
10:15:59 I think it's going to get a lot worse.
10:16:01 So I hope that when mark brings back the economic
10:16:04 report that you ask him to include what the actual
10:16:08 impact of the fees that are going to be increased on
10:16:12 these areas and upcoming fees should City Council
10:16:14 decide to vote on them, that you can give your
10:16:17 recommendation to City Council on whether they should.
10:16:19 Now, it's my understanding that report won't be back
10:16:23 before you are supposed to meet with the mayor and
10:16:24 tell her whether you can increase those but hopefully
10:16:27 work that out one way or another.
10:16:30 Thank you.
10:16:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I might have e-mailed this to you.
10:16:37 I know I sent it to the mayor and David Smith and Sal
10:16:40 Territo.
10:16:41 But there was a story recently, there are a number of
10:16:44 municipalities that are actually suing local financial
10:16:49 institutions that gave these irresponsible mortgages
10:16:54 to people who are being foreclosed on.
10:16:56 So I think it's something that we need to look into as

10:17:00 a city, whether we can, you know, hold some of these
10:17:05 people responsible.
10:17:06 >> I read the story.
10:17:07 The only issues, you don't want to make it harder for
10:17:11 people who might want to refinance or anything else,
10:17:15 where lenders stay away --
10:17:17 >> Right.
10:17:17 It's just something to look into
10:17:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Spencer, since we are in the CRA
10:17:29 meeting, and we deal with TIF, and you follow all this
10:17:33 pretty well, and we are impressed, how about the $15
10:17:37 million Curtis Hixon Park that's being proposed?
10:17:40 Are folks talking about that at all?
10:17:42 >>> I think there needs to be an overall discussion.
10:17:47 I think everything needs to be on the table at this
10:17:49 point.
10:17:51 Where people are currently living, some of these
10:17:53 people working three jobs just to try to make ends
10:17:57 meet.
10:17:57 And I think there's going to have to be some sort of
10:18:00 discussion about the people who are already here, and
10:18:03 the potential people that might come here, and how

10:18:06 much money you want to spend in areas that currently
10:18:09 don't have the people, and, you know, how much you
10:18:12 want to try to help everybody else out.
10:18:14 There's only one pot of money.
10:18:15 You know, we might subdivide it in 100 different ways.
10:18:18 But I think at this point everything needs to be on
10:18:20 the table in every way.
10:18:22 And then we can all work out what's best for
10:18:24 everybody.
10:18:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me kind of bring this to a close
10:18:29 because we will discuss it at City Council, I assume,
10:18:36 not at CRA.
10:18:36 So that falls under the budget.
10:18:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The reason I mention the park, the
10:18:42 $15 million park funds originated here in the CRA
10:18:46 through the TIF.
10:18:48 And I'm suggesting that over the next month or so we
10:18:52 revisit that, because I think there are possibilities.
10:18:55 I think there are opportunities to get that money
10:18:58 back, you know, back into where it came from.
10:19:02 But, anyway, I'll continue that discussion as we
10:19:05 proceed.

10:19:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else?
10:19:11 Clock is ticking.
10:19:17 >>> Ken Stoltenberg, with Mercury advisers.
10:19:20 I just have two quick comments.
10:19:24 The remedial infrastructure program under way in the
10:19:28 Channel District, I want to let you guys know, has
10:19:30 been successful where it's been implemented along 12th
10:19:32 Street.
10:19:32 We now have the -- the road has been repaved between
10:19:35 Washington and Kennedy.
10:19:37 And there are now new sidewalks and gutters alongside
10:19:41 of that that function quite well.
10:19:42 The drainage on that street has been vastly improved
10:19:45 by just adding those simple things, just resurface the
10:19:49 existing road and put in the gutter and we put in a
10:19:52 sidewalk.
10:19:52 We now have about 1500 units in the Channel District.
10:19:55 I recent lip got my first condominium meeting which is
10:19:58 similar to a City Council meeting where about 20 or 30
10:20:00 people come and tell you what a marvelous job you have
10:20:02 been doing.
10:20:03 [ Laughter ]

10:20:04 One of the things that a lot of people ask me was,
10:20:07 hey, they just fixed 12th Street.
10:20:10 When are they going to fix 11th street and what
10:20:12 are they doing on the north side of Madison street?
10:20:14 And I think that people really noticed in a positive
10:20:16 way what was done, and I would just tell you that now
10:20:20 that the people are here, and regardless of what you
10:20:23 read in the Trib, there are people moving into Grand
10:20:25 Central every single day, that if we could somehow put
10:20:28 on fast track getting that basic level of
10:20:32 infrastructure, just that the streets haven't been
10:20:35 repaved in 30 years, just resurface them and get a
10:20:38 gutter to connect to the existing drainage system and
10:20:40 a sidewalk, it makes a major difference and I would
10:20:43 hope if there's any way we could get more of that done
10:20:45 this year, sooner rather than later, that we could do
10:20:48 that.
10:20:48 Because what we have done has worked.
10:20:51 I would encourage you to continue that.
10:20:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Could I ask, Mr. Chairman, if
10:20:56 that's on this coming year's work plan?
10:20:58 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Channel District, CRA manager.

10:21:05 There has already been some work done with the fiscal
10:21:09 year 08 moneys with remedial structure.
10:21:12 In fact there was a segment of kind of curbing system,
10:21:17 gutter system along the north side of Madison that
10:21:20 part of this was fiscal year '08 money.
10:21:24 There was an additional -- I think somewhere around
10:21:27 180 to $190,000 of fiscal 08 money that's remaining
10:21:32 that we will be looking for the next level of
10:21:34 projects.
10:21:35 And I have had some conversation with Ken and others
10:21:39 in the district.
10:21:42 I heard a very common theme that most people would
10:21:44 really like to see the roads improved and redone, not
10:21:49 withstanding the asphalt is not the most beautiful
10:21:51 thing you can do, but that would be a significant
10:21:54 improvement to the district.
10:21:55 So I think we will be looking at a lot of that.
10:21:58 Now, with that, in all fairness, I No need to let you
10:22:02 know that there are some challenges with this.
10:22:05 We have done a lot of surveying in the context of
10:22:10 these remedial projects.
10:22:12 There were several remedial projects that were keyed

10:22:17 up over a year ago and surveys determined you could
10:22:19 not do the work because there were no stormwater
10:22:22 facilities or access to those areas, and putting a
10:22:25 curb would only accentuate a stormwater problem.
10:22:29 So along 12th Street, we were able to find ways to
10:22:34 grade those improvements that they could work even
10:22:37 without a central stormwater facility.
10:22:39 That will not work throughout the entire Channel
10:22:42 District, and we'll have to be very careful because we
10:22:45 don't want to invest money that cause as private
10:22:48 property owner even more grief than what he's
10:22:52 experiencing today because now he has water on his
10:22:53 ground floor.
10:22:54 So there's challenges we have to face.
10:22:56 We do have to go through this methodically with
10:22:58 engineering surveying and so forth to make sure we
10:23:01 don't exacerbate a problem.
10:23:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
10:23:04 Council member Saul-Sena.
10:23:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:23:07 To that end, I would like to request that our March
10:23:10 CRA meeting that we get a report on what road -- give

10:23:15 an overall status report, what improvements have been
10:23:18 made, which is a short list, what improvements Ned to
10:23:20 be made, which are the easier ones, which are the more
10:23:24 difficult ones and approximate cost of these
10:23:27 improvements and the three specific improvement are
10:23:29 paving the road, creating the sidewalk, and putting in
10:23:31 curb and gutter.
10:23:32 I recently tried to walk around in the Channel
10:23:34 District, and the newly renovated properties which are
10:23:39 about 10% are great.
10:23:40 The others you are walking in crumbled pavement in the
10:23:44 ditch.
10:23:44 We have 1500 people living there now.
10:23:46 We need to know what our plan I would like to
10:23:49 make a motion to put that on our March agenda.
10:23:52 >> Second.
10:23:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to second.
10:23:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded that we get a
10:23:58 report on the progress and everything for the Channel
10:24:01 District.
10:24:02 Okay?
10:24:02 All in favor let it be known by Aye.

10:24:05 Opposes same sign.
10:24:06 So moved and ordered.
10:24:07 Thank you.
10:24:12 Our 15 minutes, now I'm down to three minutes.
10:24:19 >>> My name is Al Davis.
10:24:21 You live within the East Tampa community redevelopment
10:24:24 area.
10:24:27 One of my concerns, Mr. Chairman, is as I attend these
10:24:32 various, I don't know what you call them, forums, open
10:24:39 meetings, but I think they are called partnership
10:24:43 meeting.
10:24:43 We meet each month.
10:24:45 We alternate in the a.m. and the p.m
10:24:51 Since my becoming aware -- and I want to commend the
10:24:55 leadership this council, I mean as the council, also,
10:25:00 you as a board, for your visionary way of how you want
10:25:04 to address some of the problems of the East Tampa
10:25:10 area.
10:25:11 I think the creation of the TIF funds -- and I
10:25:17 understand TIF also stands for transportation
10:25:20 structure fund -- so when I see the word TIF, I want
10:25:26 to be sure I'm associating it correctly.

10:25:29 But nonetheless, the idea that you have arranged so
10:25:33 that a certain portion of the money generated through
10:25:40 our ad valorem taxes is set aside specifically to
10:25:44 address some of the problems in the areas is
10:25:52 commendable.
10:25:52 But I don't want to operate under the illusion that
10:25:57 the tiff funds is the only financial resources that
10:26:03 this city has to address some of the problems in East
10:26:06 Tampa.
10:26:08 I think it's a good start.
10:26:10 And I think in the next 26 years -- because I
10:26:14 understand this is a 30-year kind of a cycle -- now, I
10:26:18 don't know where I might be physically in the next 26
10:26:24 years but I have arranged so I will be with you in
10:26:27 spirit.
10:26:30 The place where I am going to be interned is within
10:26:34 the East Tampa community development area.
10:26:38 [ Laughter ]
10:26:44 And I do want to commend you and I la forward to my
10:26:46 continuing involvement, and I hope that as we prepare
10:26:49 now as East Tampa prepares for the strategic plan that
10:26:53 we don't forget, that you don't want to bring out the

10:27:01 citizen with meeting after meeting after meeting, and
10:27:05 they don't see no results.
10:27:08 I want to see results.
10:27:11 Like I'm coming here today.
10:27:14 I see some results.
10:27:15 I see what you are doing.
10:27:16 I hear what you are doing.
10:27:17 That's commendable.
10:27:18 But if I go to a meeting in East Tampa, I just hear a
10:27:22 whole lot of rhetoric.
10:27:25 But that's okay, too, because you're still learning
10:27:28 something.
10:27:28 But I want to see some results.
10:27:31 And one of big issues, Mr. Chairman, and I'm done, is
10:27:35 the management of these retention ponds.
10:27:40 East Tampa is described, you have got water on all
10:27:44 three sides of us, and you have to manage that water.
10:27:49 I know I live right down the street from one but we'll
10:27:52 take care of that later, Mr. Chairman.
10:27:54 Thank you very much.
10:27:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That you very much, Mr. Davis.
10:27:59 I hope I don't insult anyone, especially anyone in the

10:28:04 audience, but I see it as a lottery.
10:28:06 They give it and they take.
10:28:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it would be appropriate for
10:28:10 our staff to give us a report on the status of the
10:28:12 improvements of the East Tampa retention ponds for our
10:28:14 March meeting.
10:28:15 You all have been waiting for years.
10:28:17 Is there a motion to that effect?
10:28:19 >> I'll make that motion.
10:28:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second.
10:28:21 (Motion carried)
10:28:24 That will be on our March agenda.
10:28:25 CRA members, any new business?
10:28:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to thank Mr. Davis for
10:28:33 being so honest.
10:28:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to request a report by
10:28:37 transportation.
10:28:38 I would like them to meet with the Department of
10:28:40 Transportation and see about swapping out Kennedy
10:28:43 Boulevard for Twiggs, the three blocks between
10:28:47 Channelside and Meridian.
10:28:49 Because Twiggs, I think, is more appropriate to be a

10:28:52 State Road and Kennedy if it were made a city road to
10:28:54 be beautified.
10:28:55 Currently that is disallowing lots of aesthetic
10:28:59 improvements such as sidewalk widening would really
10:29:02 benefit the Channel District as an entranceway and
10:29:05 Twiggs because of access from the Crosstown seems to
10:29:08 be more appropriate to be a State Road.
10:29:10 So I would like our transportation department to meet
10:29:12 with FDOT and have that conversation and report back
10:29:14 at our next March meeting.
10:29:18 That would ab request.
10:29:22 It totally effects the planning and development. CRA
10:29:24 and it affects our ability to widen the sidewalk along
10:29:27 Kennedy Boulevard which we have identified as, you
10:29:29 know, needs to be more pedestrian friendly.
10:29:32 >>MARK HUEY: My point was simply you have were
10:29:35 directing the transportation department.
10:29:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would it be appropriate to ask you
10:29:40 to have that conversation then?
10:29:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll have a City Council member in
10:29:47 about 15 minutes.
10:29:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We are adjourned.

10:29:50 Be back in about two minutes.
10:29:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll be back as City Council in 15
10:29:55 minutes or so.
10:29:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 10:5.
10:29:58 Motion and second to receive documents.
10:30:03 All in favor?
10:30:07 (CRA meeting adjourned)