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Tampa City Council
CRA meeting
Thursday, March 13, 2008
9:00 a.m. session

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09:05:02 [Sounding gavel]
09:05:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Good morning.
09:05:05 Good morning.
09:05:10 I would like to call to order the Community
09:05:11 Redevelopment Agency for the City of Tampa.
09:05:15 At this time we would like to turn it over to Charlie
09:05:18 Miranda.
09:05:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:05:21 I'm happy this morning to introduce a friend of mine,
09:05:24 a friend of the city's, an individual who does a
09:05:28 fantastic job at the convention center.
09:05:31 He's the administrator and physical manager of the
09:05:35 beautiful Tampa convention center.
09:05:37 He has been employed with the city for 17 years and
09:05:40 he's also the senior pastor at the renewing the mind
09:05:44 Bible church in Lakeland, Florida.
09:05:47 It's my pleasure to introduce Mr. Fred Irvin who will
09:05:51 give the invocation this morning.
09:05:53 Please rise for the invocation and remain standing for
09:05:55 the pledge of allegiance.
09:05:58 >>> Good morning.
09:05:59 Let us bow our heads at this time.
09:06:03 Father God, we come into your presence so that you
09:06:06 allow us once again to live on this day.
09:06:09 It is because of your graces and your mercy that we
09:06:11 are here and we are truly grateful to you because you
09:06:14 are the all mighty God, you are the one who reigns
09:06:17 over ever mountain stream.
09:06:20 Father God, we ask on this day that you will rain into
09:06:25 our hearts, every word spoken from my mouth.

09:06:29 We ask that you grant wisdom so as this council, that
09:06:34 they will conduct business according to your glory.
09:06:36 Father God as a citizen of this great City of Tampa
09:06:39 we'll be able to benefit from decisions that they have
09:06:41 made and we will continue to look to you and give you
09:06:43 the thanks and the praise that's due your name.
09:06:46 We ask all of your blessings in your great son's Jesus
09:06:50 name.
09:06:51 Let everyone say amen.
09:06:53 Amen.
09:06:55 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:07:11 >> Roll call.
09:07:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:07:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:07:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:07:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:07:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:07:27 Mr. Huey, do you want to -- item number 1.
09:07:33 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
09:07:37 Yes, I have sent you a memorandum to reschedule our
09:07:39 Drew Park update for our meeting on April 10th.
09:07:43 >> So moved.

09:07:45 >> Second.
09:07:46 >> Moved and seconded by councilwoman Miller.
09:07:49 Seconded by council member Miranda.
09:07:53 Let it be known by Aye.
09:07:59 So moved and ordered.
09:08:01 >>MARK HUEY: We have a number of presentations, a
09:08:03 number of updates.
09:08:04 The next more important one is on the briefing on the
09:08:08 East Tampa strategic action plan.
09:08:09 Now how important those exercises are as we try to get
09:08:13 the city, the community, the private sector in
09:08:17 alignment about what our priorities should be in a
09:08:19 redevelopment area, and in this case East Tampa.
09:08:22 With that, I would like to turn it over to -- Ed, are
09:08:25 you going to introduce, or is he going to just come
09:08:28 right up?
09:08:29 Keith Greminger, the lead consultant for URS on the
09:08:33 strategic action plan for East Tampa.
09:08:35 Good to have you.
09:08:39 >>> I have hard copies in case for some reason the
09:08:41 electronic version doesn't come out.
09:08:44 >> We have them already.

09:08:52 >>> One more for the clerk.
09:08:55 We have a different one?
09:08:56 It's a different one.
09:08:57 Okay.
09:09:00 We can bring up the PowerPoint.
09:09:26 Keith Greminger, lead director, urban and design for
09:09:32 URS, here to present to you the East Tampa update.
09:09:39 Let's see if I have this Mike actually.
09:09:41 Basically what we are going to talk about today is
09:09:43 what we have done since our last update which I
09:09:45 believe is in December.
09:09:48 We'll tell you what's taken place since then and Wan
09:09:51 the next steps would be and hopefully our schedule to
09:09:56 complete in the year.
09:09:58 As you can see, we continue to meet with the private
09:10:00 sector in trying to understand what their interests
09:10:02 and needs are to look at East Tampa as investment
09:10:08 opportunities.
09:10:08 So with that, we started out early, and mid last year,
09:10:16 and continue to create that dialogue, and continue to
09:10:26 give calls to Ed's office and show them what East
09:10:28 Tampa's possibilities are and working with them to

09:10:31 look at how they can view East Tampa as a possibility.
09:10:37 Continue to meet with the partnership, multiple
09:10:40 meetings with East Tampa partnership, and we have
09:10:45 preliminarily given a draft of infrastructure studies
09:10:48 we have basically done.
09:10:49 And the infrastructure to understand where roads,
09:10:55 sewer, stormwater, utilities, parks, et cetera, and we
09:11:01 are meeting with the city later on next week -- this
09:11:05 week, I believe, actually, to go ahead with that.
09:11:10 And then February 19th, we had our first workshop
09:11:14 with the community.
09:11:16 That focus was on infrastructure, trying to understand
09:11:19 where the community sees the needs, and updating the
09:11:24 infrastructure, and on the 26th, we, and the code
09:11:33 enforcement, the clean city, environmental crime unit
09:11:40 and such and try to find out again where the community
09:11:48 is.
09:11:49 We have worked with the city, and the Planning
09:11:51 Commission, and looking at the land use plan.
09:11:55 Largely, our focus is on some of the major corridors.
09:12:00 Most corridors were identified currently in the land
09:12:02 use plan as the HC 24, heavy commercial 24.

09:12:07 One of the things that is a recommendation going
09:12:09 towards DCA is that land use category gets
09:12:14 recategorized as a CC 35 which is a community
09:12:18 commercial 35, which plays right into the direction
09:12:22 that is we were hoping for.
09:12:24 And what that does, it will permit a little higher
09:12:28 density and allow the residential components to be
09:12:31 part of that planning process.
09:12:32 With that we continue to work with the city staff, and
09:12:35 the Planning Commission to move forward on that, and
09:12:39 that's really been taken care of by that land use
09:12:42 designation change. That was a positive step forward.
09:12:47 Specifically on the February 19th meeting, we had
09:12:50 about 60 people there that participated in the
09:12:53 workshop.
09:12:54 We had various tables broken out in subject matters
09:12:58 such as transportation, parks and community and
09:13:01 neighborhoods, infrastructure, as well as
09:13:04 redevelopment opportunities.
09:13:06 And with that, we tried to understand the
09:13:09 opportunities, the constraints, what were those
09:13:12 existing conditions that we found in our analysis that

09:13:16 also the community could bring to the table.
09:13:19 Big area, seven and a half square miles.
09:13:21 We can't find every pot hole and broken sidewalk but
09:13:25 the community was very focused and helped us
09:13:28 understand a lot of those issues.
09:13:33 Based upon some of the major corridors, 34th
09:13:36 street, 27th Street, 29th, 21st, and look at
09:13:40 those improvements, similar to what has taken place on
09:13:43 Lake Avenue.
09:13:43 And, again, those corridors were actually identified
09:13:48 in the CRA plan.
09:13:49 So as we move forward with the strategic action plan,
09:13:52 our focus in looking at those corridors will remain in
09:13:55 the forefront as we move forward.
09:13:58 A lot of this was on the finance portion of this, and
09:14:05 how we have met with Hartline and where the bus
09:14:08 shelters currently exist, where they need to be,
09:14:11 what's the state of repair, ADA accessibility issues,
09:14:16 access from sidewalks connecting those bus shelters,
09:14:19 and how they connect with the parks and the schools.
09:14:22 So a lot of that was brought forward, as well as
09:14:24 looking at level of services of roads, how we can make

09:14:28 them safer, traffic calming opportunities, and some of
09:14:31 the drainage issues that we got into with the
09:14:33 stormwater aspect.
09:14:36 On the neighborhood improvement side, a lot of
09:14:39 comments about they would like to see more centers.
09:14:43 East Tampa has a lot of parks, and a lot of good
09:14:46 facilities there.
09:14:47 We are very impressed with some of the levels of the
09:14:49 facilities but they need more and they need larger
09:14:52 ones.
09:14:53 And the ability to offer other amenities from the
09:14:58 neighborhood standpoint, just walking trails.
09:15:00 We are looking at all the ponds, trying to make open
09:15:07 space park and how we continue to facilitate that, and
09:15:09 the cost impact.
09:15:10 That's largely what we are dealing with is trying to
09:15:13 understand those.
09:15:13 And then how they interconnect not only within East
09:15:16 Tampa, but also the larger cities, and Hillsborough
09:15:21 County trail system and how we tie them together both
09:15:26 from a pedestrian standpoint and a bicycle standpoint.
09:15:29 Our discussion was about continued coordination with

09:15:31 the City of Tampa, and the school board, and looking
09:15:34 at the programs that are provided at the facilities,
09:15:38 and how we can maximize those and bring those
09:15:41 together.
09:15:42 And then largely upkeep, how we continue to push for
09:15:47 that.
09:15:47 And we know the issues that you are facing with the
09:15:51 strained budget and how we can try to help understand
09:15:54 that as best we can as well.
09:15:57 From a redevelopment standpoint, we looked at a
09:16:01 variety of strategies where land assemblage should be
09:16:05 considered.
09:16:07 Again, this falls back to our continued conversation
09:16:10 with the private sector, and where they are looking
09:16:13 at, the projects that have taken place, and how we
09:16:16 continue to keep that ball rolling.
09:16:18 How we look at where investment has been made and
09:16:21 continue to add on that investment to create a
09:16:25 combination of dollars, public, private and other
09:16:28 funding sources.
09:16:29 One of the things we talked about, the incorporation
09:16:31 of an improvement from a commercial industrial side,

09:16:35 to help restimulate some of the existing structures
09:16:38 that are there.
09:16:40 And then the community really came out and identified
09:16:42 27th Street as what they would like to see as their
09:16:45 priority in the redevelopment aspect of that.
09:16:47 And again, here is where we are trying to take
09:16:51 advantage of the funding that's being put forward for
09:16:55 enhancement of 22nd street, to how we come behind that
09:16:58 and make sure that the commercial center, and the open
09:17:02 land that's available, can continue to add to that
09:17:05 investment that's been taking place.
09:17:08 You see on this diagram again, and we showed you this
09:17:11 back in December, the various areas that we are
09:17:14 looking at.
09:17:15 Largely from the gateway areas.
09:17:19 And again, you won't see the aerial here.
09:17:26 But you see on the top of the diagram is Hillsborough
09:17:31 Avenue
09:17:32 Right on the left-hand side, of the diagram, is the
09:17:37 gateway of Hillsborough and Nebraska.
09:17:39 The center is 30th street, approximately, in
09:17:43 Hillsborough.

09:17:45 There's also the CSX corridor.
09:17:47 We recognize that long-term, the opportunity for our
09:17:51 transportation oriented development, transit-oriented
09:17:54 development.
09:17:55 And we have two large parcels of land that could come
09:17:59 into play, the old farmers market as well as the
09:18:01 drive-in theater.
09:18:02 So again looking at that is an opportunity with
09:18:05 improvements on the roads of Hillsborough Avenue, and
09:18:08 then to the east, at the gateway there at 50th
09:18:13 street and Hillsborough Avenue, again, that's not only
09:18:18 gateway to East Tampa but is a gateway to the city and
09:18:21 the large tract of land is there, there's a lot of
09:18:23 slum and blight with the old trailer parks that are
09:18:25 there.
09:18:26 Again as a focus that we believe is an opportunity for
09:18:29 our need of redevelopment.
09:18:31 On the southern side of the CRA, again staying on the
09:18:35 eastern edge, you see right at 50th and Columbus,
09:18:39 is the new corridor that has been added there from the
09:18:42 redevelopment of I-4, and the expansion of the I-4
09:18:45 corridor.

09:18:46 And that infrastructure has been put in place, and the
09:18:50 fact the hotel is looking to move forward with
09:18:54 redevelopment.
09:18:54 So we talked with a private developer there, and again
09:18:57 how do we keep it going in that quadrant as we move
09:19:02 forward?
09:19:02 And we will show later on in the plan again the
09:19:07 strategy to create that momentum and keep that
09:19:09 momentum going.
09:19:13 And then we have 34th street identified.
09:19:16 Lake Avenue has already been done.
09:19:17 And then sort of in the center you see where 22nd and
09:19:21 lake is, there's an existing commercial corridor
09:19:23 there, the enhancements that are being put forth and
09:19:27 how we can stimulate the reenhancement of the
09:19:30 commercial corridor, the commercial product, not just
09:19:33 the roadway itself.
09:19:35 So those are some of the initiatives we are looking at
09:19:37 as we are moving forward.
09:19:39 On the 26th we met and talked about the program.
09:19:45 We had about 45 people there and looked at the
09:19:48 existing program that's currently supported.

09:19:52 And a lot of it was based upon the residential needs,
09:19:56 those programs, one of the biggest things we found was
09:20:03 education awareness.
09:20:05 There are dollars that are available.
09:20:06 How does the community learn about that?
09:20:08 How are they taken through the process?
09:20:12 What is that process, and how do they learn about it?
09:20:15 So to get that information out and provide it to be
09:20:18 part of our plan, and where people can go for that.
09:20:22 Obviously, the quality of the housing is another issue
09:20:24 that was brought up and how we continue to raise that
09:20:28 quality of rental housing.
09:20:30 We want to create some diversity in the housing stock
09:20:33 there.
09:20:33 With not only rental but affordable and assistance
09:20:37 there.
09:20:38 And then so the improvement, one of the things we
09:20:42 talked about is the residential facade improvement as
09:20:44 well, much like we have commercial industrial
09:20:47 improvements, also the residential facade
09:20:50 improvements.
09:20:50 And then whether or not the TIF can afford to increase

09:20:54 funding in that is areas.
09:20:57 On the commercial side, the need for more retail.
09:21:01 And we have got a study that the CDC is doing trying
09:21:07 to understand where the community is spending their
09:21:10 dollars right now to understand if they are not
09:21:13 spending within the CRA where and what type of
09:21:18 commodities and goods and services are they looking
09:21:20 for?
09:21:20 And one of the things that is noted is there is a real
09:21:23 lack of family sit-down restaurants in the
09:21:27 neighborhood.
09:21:28 So again the identification of that, working with that
09:21:30 gateway at I-4 and 50th street, the Norma hotel,
09:21:37 we have a couple of concepts going there.
09:21:39 We will be able to firm that type of redevelopment
09:21:44 between the Miller in as it's redeveloped and the
09:21:46 existing Days Inn.
09:21:51 We will present those to you within the development of
09:21:53 the plan.
09:21:54 Employment centers are always a big thing.
09:21:56 40th Street corridor is a huge employment center, how
09:22:00 we continue to enhance that, make that attractive.

09:22:04 People in that improved intersection off of I-4 into
09:22:09 the 40th Street corridor going up to USF and down
09:22:13 south to the port is a perfect example of how to
09:22:18 create an industrial corridor to bring in those large
09:22:20 employment bases.
09:22:23 Parking is always an issue.
09:22:25 One of the things going back to the diagram that had
09:22:27 all the gateways, the branding of East Tampa, giving
09:22:32 it an identity and making sure people know it coming
09:22:34 into the not through the city but through the East
09:22:37 Tampa CRA.
09:22:38 And I mentioned earlier, taking advantage of the pond.
09:22:44 It true open space, not just a water retention area.
09:22:47 Taking advantage of that, making those park-like
09:22:50 settings, bringing those to the community, and then
09:22:53 connecting the community to them, the sidewalks, good
09:23:00 availability.
09:23:02 One of the things that we have also looked at is other
09:23:08 opportunities that the TIF should work with,
09:23:12 subsidizing some of those programs.
09:23:15 Whether or not, again, as we look at the study, and as
09:23:18 you all are very aware of, we are doing our own

09:23:21 analysis, how the TIF is going to react with the
09:23:25 amendment 1, what's going to happen in '09 and '10 and
09:23:31 moving forward.
09:23:33 Paul Lambert is on our team, as a financial
09:23:36 consultant.
09:23:37 We are working with the city closely on that to see
09:23:39 that we are parallel with the projections that we are
09:23:42 looking at.
09:23:43 And then as we come to those numbers, if the
09:23:47 availability for additional funding for some of those
09:23:50 programs will be there.
09:23:50 As I mentioned earlier we want to increase the
09:23:54 awareness of how people get access to these funds when
09:23:58 they are available, and then will they address the
09:24:01 neighborhood needs with these programs?
09:24:04 So from there, then, our last charrette will be next
09:24:10 week, and what we are having in that workshop is
09:24:12 really the economic strategy.
09:24:15 We have done the physical infrastructure, and
09:24:18 identified those, and what the community would like to
09:24:21 see out of that.
09:24:22 We have done the program, understand where the

09:24:24 community would like to see additional program
09:24:26 support, and now we are looking at giving it the true
09:24:30 test of where we believe the dollars are, where we
09:24:32 believe the dollars are going to be next year, in a
09:24:36 five-year plan, and then the remainder of the 25
09:24:41 years.
09:24:42 So again it's going to be a projection we are working
09:24:44 closely with the city, economic staff as well, to
09:24:47 understand how those dollars are going to come about,
09:24:50 and quite honestly as I continue to talk with the
09:24:53 community, and remind them that these TIF dollars,
09:24:56 they are investment dollars, not spending dollars,
09:24:59 investment dollars, and how we best invest those
09:25:04 dollars especially in tough economic times.
09:25:06 Again, with that, we will make -- make the cost
09:25:11 projections based upon the community's need and the
09:25:14 development that we see as important to stimulate
09:25:17 that, and we will present also a draft of our
09:25:21 financial spreadsheet of how we see this coming
09:25:23 together.
09:25:24 And then we'll take the -- be working towards our
09:25:27 final documentation.

09:25:29 And that brings us to a schedule.
09:25:32 We will finish those community meetings this month.
09:25:35 Next month we will start working with ed and the staff
09:25:42 and the departments, to see our first working draft of
09:25:46 what we have identified from an infrastructure
09:25:48 standpoint getting their comments, seeing where the
09:25:51 holes are, see what we have included, if we have the
09:25:53 staff buy-in.
09:25:55 And then with that, we will take that to the advisory
09:25:57 committee and present that to them as well, taking
09:26:01 what we heard from them, and presenting that.
09:26:04 And then also posted on the web for our full community
09:26:09 access.
09:26:10 With that, we will also present to you the first
09:26:13 draft, the rough draft, the working draft, as we call
09:26:15 it.
09:26:16 The big document, we want to give you all plenty of
09:26:19 time to read it, review it and get through this, and
09:26:23 come back to us with questions as well.
09:26:26 And that's what will take place then in May.
09:26:29 And then in June, we will try to have another workshop
09:26:32 with everyone, have an opportunity for about a month

09:26:35 or so to absorb it.
09:26:39 It's a pretty complex and detailed document of what
09:26:43 our recommendation will be and why those
09:26:45 recommendations there, what we heard from the
09:26:47 community, make sure they heard -- we heard what they
09:26:51 were telling us.
09:26:51 Then we will present those recommendations to you as a
09:26:53 draft.
09:26:55 You have a working draft, and then final draft.
09:26:58 And then give you all about a month.
09:27:01 We will be working continuously with the partnership
09:27:03 and advisory committee, so that in July, we will be
09:27:08 coming to you to make our final presentation, and
09:27:12 hoping for approval of the strategic action plan.
09:27:15 That's really it.
09:27:19 There's a lot to cover.
09:27:20 Open for any questions.
09:27:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:27:23 Councilwoman Mulhern.
09:27:25 >>MARY MULHERN: I was really struck by, in your
09:27:28 presentation, the page that said commercial
09:27:30 improvement program.

09:27:32 Can you flip back on that?
09:27:36 Just by the photograph, because it looks like there
09:27:39 should be cows grazing there, just the beautiful,
09:27:44 open -- there.
09:27:48 >> That's one of the ponds.
09:27:50 >> That's a pond?
09:27:51 >> Yes.
09:27:52 We don't have cows in East Tampa.
09:27:54 Not that I'm aware of.
09:27:58 Up in the northeast, you're right.
09:28:01 We have horses there, too.
09:28:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Where is the pond?
09:28:05 >> I think this is the one on --
09:28:07 >> But I mean in that picture.
09:28:08 >>GWEN MILLER: That's the pond itself.
09:28:16 >>MARY MULHERN: The whole area?
09:28:17 That's a huge retention pond.
09:28:20 >> Open field.
09:28:21 >> East Tampa has some of the largest retention ponds
09:28:24 in the city and quite honestly, that's why that
09:28:28 portion of the city performs very well from a
09:28:31 stormwater standpoint.

09:28:32 There's only one area that really has any stormwater
09:28:35 concerns, and we are going to be working to take care
09:28:37 of that, around 30th and Hillsborough.
09:28:40 We met with the stormwater department.
09:28:42 A plan is in place.
09:28:44 We are allocating TIF dollars.
09:28:46 They are getting matching dollars in SWFWMD.
09:28:49 In the short term, three years or so, that will be
09:28:52 taken care of.
09:28:53 So there are some big ponds in East Tampa.
09:28:57 >> What will be taken care of?
09:28:59 >> The 30th and Hillsborough flooding.
09:29:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Because it's interesting, for
09:29:04 instance, that photograph, is that one of the places
09:29:07 where you are talking about making it park-like?
09:29:11 >>> Yes, ma'am.
09:29:12 We will put a walking trail around that, some benches,
09:29:14 some canopies and coverage.
09:29:16 We are also looking at Hartline putting some bus stops
09:29:20 there, so people have access to it other than from a
09:29:25 pedestrian and bicycle standpoint.
09:29:26 >> That's a great thing to have in the middle of the

09:29:31 city.
09:29:32 Open.
09:29:32 >>> In the first few months we got involved with this
09:29:36 is just getting acquainted with East Tampa.
09:29:39 A lot of driving around.
09:29:41 Just looking.
09:29:42 And ponds are, you know, tens of acres.
09:29:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I really appreciate this overview.
09:29:56 It looks like a great planning process.
09:29:59 The fact that the residents are involved all along the
09:30:02 way is absolutely critical.
09:30:04 And I love the fact that they are so happy with Lake
09:30:07 Avenue that they want to see that quality of
09:30:09 redevelopment replicated because I want to think when
09:30:13 we make that kind of investment with TIF dollars it
09:30:16 completely changes your attitude toward the street.
09:30:19 I mean, Lake Avenue looks fabulous now.
09:30:21 That's the kind of thing --
09:30:23 >>> as you know, it's all about placement.
09:30:26 When you come in and do these sort of improvements,
09:30:28 landscape, streetscape, pedestrian, scaled lighting,
09:30:32 it makes a corridor become multi-user, not just

09:30:36 vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists.
09:30:40 As we said on 22nd street, we are looking very hard at
09:30:44 how we capitalize on the investment that's going to be
09:30:47 made there with the commercial side.
09:30:49 We have the Belmont Heights development on the west
09:30:52 side, which is doing very well, that east side retail
09:30:57 really needs some help.
09:30:58 How are we going to improve that?
09:31:00 What are the issues that are going to be brought about
09:31:03 by those enhancement as a streetscape, and how are we
09:31:06 going to continue to help those retailers, those
09:31:09 offices continue to survive and actually thrive?
09:31:12 >> Can I ask one other question?
09:31:14 One of the things that we have all identified is that
09:31:17 East Tampa needs infusion of capital.
09:31:19 And one of the strategies I hope you will develop as
09:31:22 you develop the third part of your plan, focusing on
09:31:25 financing, is to make the broader community aware of
09:31:28 investment opportunities there.
09:31:31 >>> Absolutely.
09:31:32 >> Because I think a lot of people don't understand
09:31:34 the market that's in East Tampa.

09:31:37 And I hope that that's what you will bring to light,
09:31:40 because you sort of tell the story so that you can
09:31:44 connect the infusion of capital into this community.
09:31:46 >>> We have told that story a couple of times.
09:31:48 We have gone out and actually made one-on-one
09:31:52 appointments with about a dozen or so developers to
09:31:55 expose East Tampa to them, and their response has been
09:32:00 quite overwhelming.
09:32:03 And the next and the broad use of opportunities in
09:32:07 East Tampa from residential, commercial, huge
09:32:10 industrial base, great access, now that I-4 is pretty
09:32:14 much complete.
09:32:17 >> That's beautiful.
09:32:19 >>> Absolutely is.
09:32:19 So again capitalizing on those investments, as I said,
09:32:23 we are really looking at where these investments have
09:32:25 been made, up along the northern end of 40th Street
09:32:29 and Hillsborough Avenue, there are multiple new
09:32:31 multifamily developments there.
09:32:33 And how do we continue to spur that area?
09:32:37 Of course you have got another park, and great schools
09:32:39 up there.

09:32:40 So all those things are -- all of that community-based
09:32:43 development, infrastructure that's there.
09:32:46 How do we attract people there and keep those
09:32:49 interests going in those areas where the investment is
09:32:52 already made?
09:32:54 Resound wag we heard from the developers that we
09:32:56 talked to is they go where other investments are made.
09:33:01 And that's where we continue to focus on.
09:33:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Other questions?
09:33:06 >>> The final product will have some of the real
09:33:14 dreaming.
09:33:15 Again our focus next year, '09, five-year plan, and
09:33:20 then the remainder of the TIF.
09:33:22 And how these investments could help grow this.
09:33:25 And we are very high on the fact that we have 25 years
09:33:30 of this TIF to grow yet and it's going to be amazing
09:33:32 in those later years, the amount of TIF dollars to be
09:33:37 developed there.
09:33:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Two other questions.
09:33:40 22nd and I-4, 21st and I-4, you are looking at
09:33:43 that corridor, one side, Ybor side, one side is done,
09:33:49 the other side is not.

09:33:50 >>> Right now the enhancement improvements are taking
09:33:53 place at 21st Avenue at 22nd street north to MLK.
09:34:02 That is the strategy.
09:34:03 So we are concentrating on that retail strip from Lake
09:34:07 Avenue south down to about 23rd.
09:34:11 And looking at that.
09:34:13 We met with Hartline at 21st and 22nd combined.
09:34:18 We have a roundabout opportunity there, and Hartline
09:34:22 looked at that as a super stop.
09:34:26 >> You can probably go down further to Columbus drive.
09:34:30 >>> We agreed.
09:34:32 And we identified that as the next phase.
09:34:34 The contract has been let.
09:34:35 >> Okay.
09:34:35 >>> But we recognize that as the next phase.
09:34:40 Since that road gaps between the interstate up to
09:34:43 21st street.
09:34:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And one last question.
09:34:47 That is you mentioned the Miller in, day's inn.
09:34:55 We have the other hotel zoning, and I was told it was
09:34:58 not.
09:34:59 So --

09:35:01 >>> absolutely.
09:35:02 And it's going to be a great contribution.
09:35:03 >> So not in the CRA, is that right?
09:35:08 >>> I-4 is the boundary.
09:35:10 >> So there's no, I guess you are not aware, any USA
09:35:19 hotel in the area then.
09:35:20 >>> As you can see, either side of that infrastructure
09:35:23 improvement, I-4 that has been made there, is upon
09:35:28 redevelopment.
09:35:29 So the team is focusing on the north side.
09:35:31 And we want to build upon that.
09:35:32 And we think we have a great opportunity with that
09:35:35 real estate between the day's inn and the Miller in.
09:35:41 It's perfect for redevelopment.
09:35:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:35:45 We now have a five minute present, right, Mr. Huey?
09:35:52 From Ken Stoltenberg.
09:35:58 >>> Ken Stoltenberg.
09:36:26 I have been actively involved in the Channel District
09:36:29 for about five years.
09:36:31 Developing Grand Central at Kennedy as well as our
09:36:34 planning through other projects.

09:36:35 And I wanted to just impart to you guys three basic
09:36:40 things that I think -- we now have over a thousand
09:36:43 residents in the Channel District.
09:36:45 And we are poised to have about 2,000 by the end of
09:36:47 this year, which is quite amazing given where the
09:36:50 district has been.
09:36:51 That's three large things that I think the folks who
09:36:53 live there, I know there are focus groups that we
09:36:58 conducted.
09:36:58 We also conducted surveys of people who live in Grand
09:37:01 Central, and also just anecdotally, folks who live
09:37:07 there and telling me what they would like to see.
09:37:10 So I believe the Channel District is poised for a
09:37:14 great amount of success in the next couple of years
09:37:16 and I would like to get started.
09:37:18 First I would like to talk about the good news.
09:37:20 Property values in the Channel District have gone
09:37:22 through the roof.
09:37:23 In 2004 they were 39 million N.2007 they were 173
09:37:28 million.
09:37:29 Over 400% increase.
09:37:33 Projected revenue in 2009 is $5.27 million.

09:37:42 The stuff that's already been developed with the
09:37:44 existing undeveloped real estate are projected to be
09:37:47 172 million with projected revenues $228 million.
09:37:51 That's $400 million, ladies and gentlemen.
09:37:53 That's a lot of money.
09:37:55 Only 15% of the district to date has been redeveloped.
09:37:59 Yet that accounts for 43% of the total revenue in the
09:38:02 projection.
09:38:04 The total projected improvements, hard and soft costs,
09:38:08 adjusted for inflation are $179 million.
09:38:11 The known revenue accounts for 95.7% of that.
09:38:16 We have already got those revenues.
09:38:19 This does not -- all these figures come right out of
09:38:22 the strategic action plan on the city's web site so it
09:38:24 doesn't account for amendment 1 but I didn't want to
09:38:28 extrapolate from the numbers we have all agreed to.
09:38:30 In any event the development that's already happened
09:38:32 can contribute greatly to the vast majority of the
09:38:36 things on the strategic action plan.
09:38:37 I would like to talk a little about measuring revenue,
09:38:40 the properties that have been developed, you measure
09:38:42 their revenue stream in millions.

09:38:44 The bun that is haven't been developed you measure
09:38:46 that revenue stream in thousands and tens of
09:38:49 thousands.
09:38:50 More we can do in millions the better off we will be.
09:38:53 Accelerating is going to add to the development if we
09:38:57 can A&M accelerate it.
09:38:59 However time is the enemy of that because every year
09:39:01 stuff doesn't get developed you lose that revenue
09:39:04 extreme and don't get it back.
09:39:05 Because those revenues are so strong I believe it
09:39:07 allows the CRA to be creative in the next several
09:39:10 years to make at great neighborhood and that's what we
09:39:12 are all here about.
09:39:13 What do the residents of the Channel District want and
09:39:15 how do we provide it?
09:39:17 This is the first of three things.
09:39:19 Great open spaces make great cities.
09:39:21 Now we have a marvelous time to procure land for open
09:39:26 space and parks.
09:39:27 Why?
09:39:27 Because the real estate market is lousy.
09:39:30 This is a window of opportunity when you wrote your

09:39:33 strategic action plan you couldn't have seen this
09:39:35 coming.
09:39:35 But these things are dynamic and they change over
09:39:37 time.
09:39:38 Right now we have a great opportunity to acquire some
09:39:40 land for open space.
09:39:41 But we have some challenges to that.
09:39:43 First we have the Strand decision from the supreme
09:39:46 court.
09:39:47 Easy thing to do is bond money on that projected
09:39:49 revenue extreme and go buy that land.
09:39:52 Well, that is difficult but not impossible.
09:39:55 You can have a referendum.
09:39:56 In fact, we have been doing that for 200 years in this
09:39:59 country.
09:40:00 We are quite good at it.
09:40:01 We can do that.
09:40:03 Secondly, you have amendment 1.
09:40:06 I believe the portability aspect of amendment 1 is
09:40:09 going to make any type of municipal bond writing
09:40:11 extremely difficult because the underwriters don't
09:40:13 know what's going to happen.

09:40:15 They are very nervous people by nature.
09:40:16 That's why they are municipal bond underwriters.
09:40:20 Maybe everybody from Davis Island packs up and leaves
09:40:24 for the Channel District.
09:40:25 Even if you bond that money I don't think you can get
09:40:27 great terms.
09:40:28 Could you purchase the land with current revenues.
09:40:30 However, that would leave you very little money to do
09:40:32 anything else.
09:40:33 I believe the answer is a lease option arrangement.
09:40:37 What I have done, what you could do is you could
09:40:40 simply sign a one-year lease with options, either
09:40:43 five, ten or twenty years.
09:40:45 Would you simply reaffirm those options every year
09:40:47 that so you don't have a Strand issue.
09:40:52 If you decide not the option for the land, it would
09:40:54 simply go back to the land owners.
09:40:56 This would allow you to utilize the property now for
09:40:58 parks which is extremely important for the folks that
09:41:01 live there but you wouldn't have to pay for it all at
09:41:03 once.
09:41:03 Basically you get owner financing.

09:41:05 If you made all the payments you get the land for ten
09:41:08 dollars at the end of the lease.
09:41:09 Would anybody be crazy enough to do this?
09:41:11 Well, the answer is yes.
09:41:12 I went out and asked four people who owned land down
09:41:16 there who thought they were going to sell it last
09:41:18 year.
09:41:18 They haven't sold it yet.
09:41:19 They would be amenable to this.
09:41:21 And as you can see, the areas in yellow, those are the
09:41:25 properties where the owners have told me that they
09:41:28 would do an arrangement like this and in fact put it
09:41:31 on paper.
09:41:31 I would be happy to provide those if anyone would like
09:41:36 them after the presentation.
09:41:37 We could do this and when would have potentially four
09:41:39 parts within a year, if we did that.
09:41:42 I believe that's very significant.
09:41:45 Folks from Sembler also said they would be interested
09:41:47 in doing this.
09:41:50 Restaurants, retail and hospitality.
09:41:53 The folks who moved down to the Channel District want

09:41:56 that urban environment.
09:42:00 (Bell sounds).
09:42:01 I'm going to hurry up.
09:42:02 These are things they want.
09:42:03 They want the jobs.
09:42:04 They want the restaurant.
09:42:05 They want the retail.
09:42:07 It's what people want who live here now.
09:42:09 If you compare Tampa with Orlando you will find that
09:42:11 Orlando had about four times the amount of urban
09:42:14 growth that we have had over the past five years.
09:42:16 They have done some things right and I think we can
09:42:18 learn from their experience.
09:42:19 Development agreements are the norm to incentivize all
09:42:23 types of development.
09:42:24 In those they contain rebated impact fees, cash
09:42:28 payments for restaurants and hotels, future revenue
09:42:31 sharing agreements, parking reimbursement agreements,
09:42:35 bonus density.
09:42:36 Oddly enough they don't use bonus density that I'm
09:42:39 aware of.
09:42:40 That's all we use here.

09:42:42 And we have to ask ourselves, does bonus density work?
09:42:45 Not yet.
09:42:46 The two developments that are under construction in
09:42:49 the Channel District do not rely on bonus density,
09:42:52 when construction costs are a hindrance to
09:42:54 development, sometimes bonus density compounds the
09:42:57 problem.
09:42:57 So you have a lot of tools.
09:43:00 It's important to use all of them.
09:43:02 All of these different systems were successful in some
09:43:06 cases and unsuccessful in other cases so you really
09:43:09 have to pick and choose what you would like.
09:43:11 Creating with sense of urgency.
09:43:13 Any type of incentive, put a short window on it.
09:43:18 If you put a long window on it, people will think it's
09:43:21 an entitlement.
09:43:22 Who should receive incentives?
09:43:24 The businesses and things you want to see in the
09:43:27 district.
09:43:28 Conclusion.
09:43:30 Redeveloped properties continue at a rate of 10 to 1.
09:43:41 Necessary for all contemplated improvement.

09:43:43 Time is ticking.
09:43:44 Every year that we don't have future redevelopment we
09:43:47 lose that revenue.
09:43:48 I believe it's important to create open space now
09:43:50 using the lease option arrangement that I just
09:43:53 discussed.
09:43:55 Fill the retail that already exists.
09:43:57 We have 160,000 of retail built over the past several
09:44:00 years.
09:44:01 I would suggest that you incentivize not the
09:44:04 condominium developers.
09:44:05 There's nothing you can do to help them at this point.
09:44:07 But the actual businesses that are going to locate in
09:44:09 the Channel District.
09:44:11 If you can do something to help them, to get them to
09:44:14 come there, that is what the people think is very
09:44:16 important.
09:44:17 And I would suggest that you incentivize that.
09:44:19 The best thing that Orlando has used is a future
09:44:22 revenue sharing agreement.
09:44:23 If you share in the success of the people that haven't
09:44:26 invested yet but come to invest later, you can never

09:44:30 lose because they created something that wasn't there
09:44:31 to begin with, in my opinion.
09:44:33 And I would suggest that any future revenue sharing
09:44:36 agreement, you only pay if that business is there
09:44:41 doing what they are supposed to do year after year.
09:44:43 If they are not doing what you are supposed to do, you
09:44:45 shouldn't incentivize it.
09:44:48 Provide a base level of infrastructure.
09:44:49 This is the third thing.
09:44:50 Folks in the Channel District, streets, sidewalks,
09:44:55 very important and it's something we need to do sooner
09:44:58 rather than later.
09:45:00 I would tell the folks in the Channel District, this
09:45:08 is something that you all can do.
09:45:10 You know, fairly quickly.
09:45:12 And, you know, you are leaders in this community.
09:45:15 Let the business operators that you know personally,
09:45:18 tell them, hey, you have got a great restaurant.
09:45:21 We would like to see something like this in the
09:45:22 Channel District.
09:45:23 I think you all can make a positive impact by letting
09:45:26 people know the Channel District is open for business.

09:45:29 And get involved early in the conceptual process of
09:45:34 the development agreement.
09:45:34 This is how it worked in Orlando.
09:45:37 I know this personally.
09:45:38 And how it works is you work directly with your
09:45:40 economic development folks who I believe are quite
09:45:42 capable and could do great things.
09:45:44 Then you work out a con sen actual agreement directly
09:45:47 with the CRA.
09:45:48 And then it is -- you take that skeleton, work it into
09:45:52 a final agreement.
09:45:54 The way we do things here is we get the economic
09:45:57 development folks and then it goes into all the city
09:45:59 departments.
09:46:01 That's not the development folks.
09:46:05 However when you try to get a city department to agree
09:46:10 on something they have different goals and it's hard
09:46:12 to get them all together.
09:46:14 I believe if you craft the framework and then direct
09:46:16 them, this is what we want, now you guys do it, I
09:46:19 believe you will be a lot more successful.
09:46:22 Lastly, as the upper management of the CRA, so to

09:46:25 speak, I believe if you look at your mission to get
09:46:28 all these things done, and the best way to do it
09:46:33 Is not for the city to undertake every single
09:46:36 infrastructure project in the Channel District.
09:46:38 The best way to do it, the quickest way to do it and
09:46:41 the cheapest way to do it is to get guys like me to do
09:46:44 it for you.
09:46:45 Thank you.
09:46:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good presentation.
09:46:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you, Mr.
09:46:56 Stoltenberg, for sharing these ideas.
09:46:58 You are one of the contributors to the success of the
09:47:00 Channel District CRA, and we, I think, should do some
09:47:05 of the things on the list.
09:47:06 And I think that what he's suggested today is a
09:47:10 different way of doing business, and I think it's a
09:47:14 valid suggestion.
09:47:15 Every time I drive through the Channel District, which
09:47:17 is really frequently, it breaks my heart to see all
09:47:20 the empty retail space.
09:47:22 And I know other cities have used TIF dollars and
09:47:27 different mechanisms to try to incentivize retailers.

09:47:31 And it doesn't have to be a retailer, just needs to be
09:47:34 something active in the state.
09:47:35 It could be an exercise class.
09:47:36 It could be a business office.
09:47:38 But you want to drive past these windows and see
09:47:41 people there doing things.
09:47:43 And this is not my professional background but I think
09:47:49 that we certainly need to -- and sooner rather than
09:47:52 later get some things going.
09:47:54 But as you said we have all these people now living in
09:47:57 the Channel District, a thousand now, 3 that you by
09:48:00 the end of the year, and I can see a couple
09:48:04 restaurants in the Channelside development, and then
09:48:09 that's it.
09:48:12 We have the tools, we have the mechanism to make this
09:48:14 happen.
09:48:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Fantastic.
09:48:19 I move that we adopt everything on here.
09:48:24 >> Second.
09:48:25 [ Laughter ]
09:48:26 >> I didn't think people would go for that park idea.
09:48:29 Actually two of you brought it up at the last meeting.

09:48:31 You never know until you ask.
09:48:33 So I asked these four guys and said given the Strand
09:48:35 amendment and given the revenue constraints, would you
09:48:38 do this over time?
09:48:39 And they all said yes.
09:48:40 I was amazed.
09:48:41 I didn't think they would.
09:48:42 But now what?
09:48:43 They all thought they could sell their land for a lot
09:48:46 of money a year ago and now they are more amenable to
09:48:49 different terms.
09:48:49 They probably won't be a year from now.
09:48:52 >>MARY MULHERN: But is that idea like a lease to own,
09:48:55 rent to own?
09:48:56 >> That's exactly what it is.
09:48:59 Subtle financing.
09:49:00 That's all it is.
09:49:01 >> I want to say one more thing.
09:49:02 You said the thing that I have been trying to put into
09:49:05 words, and to express lately, and that is that
09:49:10 economic development for the city shouldn't be a
09:49:12 department, it should be like -- we have really two

09:49:17 goals.
09:49:18 There are two things we are supposed to do.
09:49:20 We are supposed to create economic development, a
09:49:25 healthy economy in the city, and we are supposed to
09:49:27 provide services.
09:49:28 And so I think that if this city, and, you know, if
09:49:33 our CRA board starts with that philosophy, that the
09:49:36 idea to create economic development, and to help these
09:49:42 businesses grow and make these neighborhoods work, is
09:49:47 an overarching goal and that should inform all those
09:49:50 departments, and I think you just said that really
09:49:53 well and I appreciate it.
09:49:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before we vote on the motion, Mr.
09:49:58 Huey, can you come forward, please, sir?
09:50:02 Have you had a chance to review the recommendations?
09:50:09 >>MARK HUEY: In a.
09:50:10 I would say I appreciate Ken and I share your
09:50:13 compliments of Ken and all that he's done, a pioneer
09:50:16 in the district and bring good quality thinking to our
09:50:18 strategic action planning process.
09:50:21 That we completed and continue to bring forward good
09:50:24 ideas as he mentioned, times change, things change,

09:50:30 priorities can change.
09:50:31 So we appreciate the ideas that he brought forward and
09:50:33 would be happy to take a look at them and consider
09:50:35 them.
09:50:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, really, I was just complimenting
09:50:40 him with that but I would like to maybe make a motion
09:50:42 that we look in particular at how we can go forward
09:50:46 with the idea of the park, the green space, to look at
09:50:53 it.
09:50:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My suggestion would be that your
09:50:55 motion include turning the recommendation over to
09:50:58 staff and let them look at it and bring back an action
09:51:00 plan for it.
09:51:01 I think we need to have Mr. Huey take a look at them
09:51:06 and bring back recommendations to us as we move
09:51:09 forward on these recommendations.
09:51:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:51:13 I think the two that are most critical are the open
09:51:15 space and the incentives.
09:51:18 And I feel like we need to create an incentive for Mr.
09:51:21 Huey to get on this.
09:51:25 >>MARK HUEY: I'm always onto good ideas that we can

09:51:28 move things forward.
09:51:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: By our next CRA meeting I would
09:51:31 like a specific response to those two proposals and I
09:51:34 would specifically like you to talk to the four
09:51:37 property owners that Mr. Stoltenberg identified about
09:51:40 whether they would be open to that.
09:51:42 We have been hearing the desire by local residents to
09:51:45 have open space from the get-go.
09:51:48 And a year and a half ago we had approved every square
09:51:54 foot in the Channel District and looked like it was
09:51:56 going to be not a square foot of non--- of impervious
09:52:04 surface, and there's the opportunity which may or may
09:52:06 not be there in two years.
09:52:08 So I feel like we should do more.
09:52:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Since I made the motion, I was -- I
09:52:15 didn't know we were going to move so quickly through
09:52:18 this.
09:52:18 I think we have got, in his conclusion, we have it in
09:52:22 red.
09:52:23 What should be the priorities?
09:52:24 Creative space now, provide basic level of
09:52:29 infrastructure now, and we had -- Mr. Stoltenberg told

09:52:34 us that the developers are ready to kick in for this.
09:52:38 So we need to look at ways that we can find them.
09:52:43 But we also saw that, according to him, that we had
09:52:46 the money right now from the TIF revenues to do a lot
09:52:50 of this stuff.
09:52:51 To do the basic infrastructure, sidewalks, and
09:52:55 streets, let's do it now, and then I think -- that's
09:53:03 my motion.
09:53:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's why if we send the motion over
09:53:06 to you with the recommendation, allow them to take a
09:53:09 look at it, bring it back to us, these recommendations
09:53:13 and all of that, we can move from there.
09:53:16 I think those directions are very clear and you have
09:53:19 the presentation.
09:53:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey, the next CRA meeting which is
09:53:25 the week after next -- would that give you enough
09:53:29 time?
09:53:29 >>> April 10th is our next.
09:53:31 It would not give personally -- we certainly will
09:53:41 commit to you to give some feedback on the
09:53:44 presentation that you heard, and what initial thoughts
09:53:47 we have on it.

09:53:48 So be glad to do that.
09:53:50 And then there might be some follow-on stuff to that.
09:53:56 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:53:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My recollection, the last time we
09:54:02 were doing the CRA, we were hiring a
09:54:06 consultant/engineer to look at all the infrastructure
09:54:09 issues and it was a big project.
09:54:11 We were spending a lot of money, hundreds of thousands
09:54:13 of dollars just on the sort of pre-engineering
09:54:17 evaluations and everything else.
09:54:19 Give me a quick update on that.
09:54:21 Because I'm hearing some of that right now.
09:54:24 From what I have learned in five years on council,
09:54:27 it's one of the things you can't rush into it.
09:54:30 >>MARK HUEY: Right.
09:54:33 In fact we are going to update you quarterly on the
09:54:35 process.
09:54:35 Wilson Miller was here last month, you might recall,
09:54:39 updating you on a small part of their study which
09:54:42 relates to the aquarium planning on this, the site
09:54:44 north of the aquarium.
09:54:45 But you just mention they are involved in a much

09:54:51 larger study to redesign and create a plan for
09:54:54 implementing new infrastructure throughout the
09:54:56 district, both under the ground, and the public realm
09:55:00 above the ground.
09:55:00 So all the streetscape enhancements, landscaping, all
09:55:04 of the lighting, all of that that will be coming to
09:55:07 the district over time.
09:55:09 The study is -- it not a study but it's actually a
09:55:14 process to get an engineered drawing that we can
09:55:17 actually construct those improvements in the future.
09:55:19 >> Right.
09:55:20 Because the last thing we want to do is fix the
09:55:26 surface and then go back and fix the sub surface
09:55:32 underneath and I think the city had a history of doing
09:55:36 that.
09:55:36 It's a little bit slower.
09:55:37 We need to rush it along as much as possible.
09:55:40 But we have got to fix what's underground before we
09:55:43 can fix what's above.
09:55:44 >>> Yes, I think what Ken's point is, and it's well
09:55:48 taken, and when we did the strategic action plan, you
09:55:53 are looking at the big blocks of what to do, the

09:55:58 biggest block was to do this study and design all this
09:56:01 infrastructure so we can begin implementing it.
09:56:04 We hadn't thought through the fine point reality that
09:56:07 before we get to all that, thousands of residents are
09:56:10 going to be moving into the district and in order for
09:56:14 them to have a good living experience we need to do
09:56:16 some things that, you know, frankly some of them you
09:56:19 might have to redo.
09:56:21 It might not be efficient.
09:56:22 But I think what's important is that when the next
09:56:26 wave of investment occurs in the Channel District --
09:56:29 and it will.
09:56:29 I can't tell you when.
09:56:31 The next two years, the next three years.
09:56:33 But our best marketers need to be the residents who
09:56:36 are living there now.
09:56:37 They need to be saying the district is a great place
09:56:39 to live.
09:56:40 And so what we are talking about, we did this year
09:56:42 divert some moneys toward remedial projects.
09:56:45 And you are going to hear an update from Mike Chen in
09:56:49 just a minute and we anticipate having to do that.

09:56:51 Again it's not the ideal investment of TIF resources
09:56:55 all of the time but it is important that we think to
09:56:59 ensuring that the current residents who are coming in
09:57:02 do have as livable an experience as the neighborhood
09:57:06 continues to sort of get uprooted every now and then
09:57:10 as we do more major infrastructure.
09:57:12 I think that's the portion Ken was trying to create
09:57:16 for us and we agree with that.
09:57:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:57:19 We need to move.
09:57:20 Time is getting away.
09:57:21 Very good report, Ken.
09:57:22 Very good.
09:57:23 And we need to carry this motion.
09:57:25 All in favor of the motion.
09:57:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two months?
09:57:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Sixty days.
09:57:34 >>GWEN MILLER: I would motion for 60 days.
09:57:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, Mary made the motion.
09:57:44 Do you want to incorporate a time?
09:57:45 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to have a report in 30
09:57:47 days.

09:57:48 You may not have all the information we want.
09:57:50 But what impressed me most about this was the big
09:57:52 capital letters in red, now, so I think as Mr.
09:57:59 Dingfelder just pointed out, we have the big expensive
09:58:03 infrastructure study.
09:58:04 We have done a lot of work on this.
09:58:06 So let's start next month.
09:58:10 Maybe you will just get to one of these items but
09:58:12 let's be able to move forward on something.
09:58:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the motion is for staff to review
09:58:18 and come back with a recommendation within 30 days.
09:58:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Is that the time frame, within 30 days?
09:58:29 >>MARK HUEY: As long as it's just an update of what
09:58:32 our progress has been in looking at these items.
09:58:36 As long as you are reasonable in that we'll be --
09:58:39 >>MARY MULHERN: How about one plan, item 3?
09:58:46 >>> With everything that we've going on that I am
09:58:48 going to come forward with a recommendation on land
09:58:51 acquisition or an incentive program, I wish things
09:58:55 could happen quite that quickly, but we have a lot of
09:58:58 other things on our plate in the Channel District
09:59:00 right now.

09:59:00 We do want to be responsive to the ideas.
09:59:02 I'm not being dismissive, but to say that I am going
09:59:05 to have a recommendation for you in 30 days on any one
09:59:11 of these items I'm not saying that I can deliver on
09:59:15 that.
09:59:15 But I can deliver an update.
09:59:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Mary Mulhern,
09:59:27 seconded by councilwoman Saul-Sena.
09:59:29 Let it be known by saying Aye.
09:59:32 Opposed same thing.
09:59:33 Thank you very much.
09:59:35 Okay.
09:59:36 We will now have the report.
09:59:43 The sidewalks, curbs, gutters.
09:59:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just want to reassure Ed Johnson
09:59:50 and have been on his team and his community that I was
09:59:52 watching their presentation from home.
09:59:56 I was a little bit delayed this morning.
09:59:58 But I saw all the East Tampa stuff this morning.
10:00:04 >>> Good morning.
10:00:05 If we could start by bringing up the PowerPoint
10:00:07 presentation for the Channel District update, please.

10:00:10 Thank you.
10:00:13 Actually, everything you heard thus far has been a
10:00:16 perfect segue for where I am going but I do want to
10:00:21 remind knew fiscal year 08 the TIF budget for the
10:00:26 Channel District is $1.5 million.
10:00:29 And, yes, there is the expectation of tremendous
10:00:32 revenues to come in the future.
10:00:34 In fact, next year should have a significant bump.
10:00:37 But today we still have some challenges with very
10:00:40 limited funding.
10:00:44 With that, this first slide on the PowerPoint shows
10:00:47 you the configuration of the Channel District CRA.
10:00:51 I will apologize to you for laying over on the side
10:00:54 but I want to give you as much detail in the visual
10:00:57 here, and the only way to do that was to lay it
10:01:00 horizontally.
10:01:02 If you will note that the north is to the right of
10:01:05 your slide.
10:01:07 And there's a compass in the top right corner that
10:01:12 shows you the north and keep your orientation on this.
10:01:15 All the streets are labeled, identified, and the
10:01:18 boundaries of the district.

10:01:27 This slide shows you the remedial projects that have
10:01:29 already been completed.
10:01:31 These have been activities that we have undertaken
10:01:33 since fiscal year 07 continuing into fiscal year 08.
10:01:41 The solid red lines reflect projects that the city has
10:01:44 undertaken.
10:01:48 There is a hashed red line that you see here.
10:01:50 That is a street's improvement that is underway with a
10:01:56 private investor.
10:01:59 This is within the Sembler project, and the city has
10:02:01 been working with them on that.
10:02:05 It is important to put this on here because it will
10:02:08 show how the south end of 11th street will in the
10:02:14 near future start looking very different from what it
10:02:16 is today.
10:02:17 I can also tell you that we have met with Sembler
10:02:20 several times and there are still several meetings to
10:02:23 go to where there's a very good possibility that there
10:02:27 will be a public-private partnership between Sembler
10:02:30 and the city to make that improved corridor up to the
10:02:35 standards of the strategic action plan.
10:02:37 So these are things that are underway.

10:02:43 The next slide overlays projects that are under
10:02:46 construction.
10:02:49 Somewhat center of the page is the slate project and
10:02:52 to the right side of the page is the seaport
10:02:56 Channelside, apartment complex project.
10:02:59 So this shows you areas where we have already
10:03:02 addressed, or are subject to current construction
10:03:08 today.
10:03:09 And as far as the next area to target for remedial
10:03:13 projects, we see areas of the Channel District that
10:03:21 are really candidates to be examined.
10:03:22 Now one thing that's not reflected on here in terms of
10:03:25 the city's search for remedial projects that were
10:03:29 reflected in that last slide, there are five other
10:03:31 areas in the Channel District that we explore to do
10:03:35 remedial projects on.
10:03:37 And as a result of surveying and engineering, it was
10:03:41 determined that those projects could not be done
10:03:43 because of stormwater issues.
10:03:46 We can't go about putting in curbs and sidewalks or
10:03:49 whatever that would flood the adjacent properties.
10:03:52 And so this shows you the, I guess, areas where you

10:03:59 don't see the-areas that we can explore for the next
10:04:05 target remedial project.
10:04:07 To give you a summary of the financials that have been
10:04:13 associated with this, in fiscal year 07 we allocated
10:04:17 $240,000 toward these projects.
10:04:20 Fiscal year 08, $300,000.
10:04:22 That gave us a pool of money of $540,000.
10:04:28 Surveying and engineering fees.
10:04:30 This is how we start to target prospective targets,
10:04:34 $13,000, and again I remind you, it's not 13 that you
10:04:40 for just the project you saw indicated on the map but
10:04:42 it was also exploring those five other projects that
10:04:44 were determined to be infeasible.
10:04:50 The stormwater problems were identified by survey.
10:04:54 Then we have actually the 12th Street projects
10:05:00 occurred in three different segments.
10:05:02 And then the last project that was completed, I think
10:05:05 it was just early to mid January was the north side,
10:05:12 the total projects undertaken to date, the costs,
10:05:15 $301,000.
10:05:17 We have a balance remaining to us for continuing
10:05:21 projects of $238,000.

10:05:24 And we are out there to identify the next project, as
10:05:29 I mentioned we are in conversation with Sembler, and
10:05:33 it is highly likely that some of this money will be
10:05:36 allocated to the improvements that are occurring over
10:05:39 that very long stretch of 11th street at the south
10:05:43 end of the district.
10:05:45 And then -- I have kind of given you the meat and
10:05:51 potatoes of this meal this morning, following me will
10:05:54 be Christine Burdick who will add spice to reflect
10:05:58 other ideas that we have been working with, with the
10:06:00 partnership, to bring a little bit more touch and feel
10:06:03 to the district.
10:06:04 But many while before Christine comes, are there any
10:06:07 questions that I can answer for you?
10:06:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It seems to me the Sembler piece is
10:06:13 really lovely but if you were to give us a map of
10:06:16 where people are actually living it's not there
10:06:18 necessarily.
10:06:18 I think the next time we discuss this, what I would
10:06:21 like to see is where the residents are, and where the
10:06:24 five projects are that you said aren't feasible
10:06:27 because these are not drainage because seems to me

10:06:29 that in the early days of Tampa, when everything was
10:06:32 dirt and gators, we built literally wooden sidewalks
10:06:38 over the mud.
10:06:40 And that might be something that we need to do in the
10:06:43 Channel District.
10:06:44 I have been walking around there, and it is not for
10:06:45 the timid to walk around.
10:06:49 It's a mess right now.
10:06:50 And we have got to get some things there for people --
10:06:54 to create connectivity.
10:06:57 So people with walk around hopefully with
10:07:00 destinations, from where they are living to go to
10:07:03 Channelside so they are not in the street, in swales,
10:07:07 but there's some safe passage.
10:07:09 And I recognize that, you know, wooden sidewalks or
10:07:12 whatever might be temporary.
10:07:14 But what we have there now is just not acceptable.
10:07:19 And so as we move forward, as we look at what we are
10:07:22 going to do next before we get to the really expensive
10:07:25 putting in the drainage pipes and doing everything, we
10:07:27 need to create some kind of safe, hopefully aesthetic
10:07:33 ways for people who are residents to walk around their

10:07:37 neighborhood.
10:07:38 >> Thank you.
10:07:39 I appreciate and certainly recognize your comments.
10:07:42 I will be happy to provide additional detail on the
10:07:48 map as we do updates through the future.
10:07:50 But I will tell you, the 12th Street corridor, there
10:07:53 was a lot of interaction between myself, our
10:07:56 department, and the residents who exist there to date.
10:08:00 And one of the focus areas that everyone was really
10:08:05 adamant about was 12th Street.
10:08:07 That's why there were three segments of projects that
10:08:10 occurred along 12th Street.
10:08:12 And today the entire length of 12th Street from
10:08:15 Kennedy to Channelside Drive has sidewalks that people
10:08:20 can go places and make the destination, if you will,
10:08:25 to Channel District and so forth, and as part of this,
10:08:27 we also work very closely with the parking department,
10:08:30 because one of the things we heard, the need for
10:08:33 on-street parking, and so part of that 12th Street
10:08:37 improvement was to also allow us the opportunity to
10:08:41 start identifying and striping parking space as long
10:08:45 12th Street.

10:08:46 So I will tell you that the bulk of what we have done
10:08:49 today really has been focused on how can we provide
10:08:53 positive impact to the people who are living there
10:08:56 today?
10:08:57 And we will continue to do that.
10:09:01 And we go back to the PowerPoint, please.
10:09:04 And the next slide is where Christine can start
10:09:09 providing you the spice to this morning's
10:09:12 presentation.
10:09:14 >>> Christine Burdick with the Tampa downtown
10:09:20 partnership.
10:09:24 Maybe not as spicy as Mike describes.
10:09:26 But Mike and I have been talking about, and actually
10:09:29 we have heard in feedback with the meetings that we
10:09:31 had with various programs, that we have been looking
10:09:35 for a way to expand the flower pot system that we have
10:09:41 in downtown, installed in two phases, three and four
10:09:45 years ago, and we maintain those.
10:09:47 We have a service that maintains them.
10:09:49 We are actually looking at bringing those maintenance
10:09:51 services in-house now that we have our own employees
10:09:54 working as the clean team and guide.

10:09:56 But we have been looking at how we want to expand
10:09:59 this, now that there are more residents and there
10:10:02 is -- and generation from the special services
10:10:06 district, we are looking at the opportunity to add
10:10:08 pots in the Channel District, also possible hanging
10:10:15 baskets from light poles.
10:10:16 That's something we are working on all over downtown.
10:10:19 The cost to add these pots varying on the size is
10:10:23 between 800 and $1,000 each and then the maintenance,
10:10:26 the service right now costs between, for that amount,
10:10:29 we are looking at 10 to 15 pots initially.
10:10:32 Right now, we are looking at locations as Mike
10:10:35 described.
10:10:36 We want to make sure that they are in the locations
10:10:38 that can be easily maintained, certainly appreciated
10:10:40 by people who are walking by or driving by.
10:10:43 We want it to be not -- you know, in proximity to a
10:10:49 construction project, because that puts the pot in
10:10:52 jeopardy and that's a less likely pedestrian place for
10:10:55 them to be.
10:10:56 So my staff and I are finding locations for the
10:11:00 landscape company as to where those pots can be

10:11:03 located.
10:11:04 And then what we'll do is be sharing some of these
10:11:11 remedial funds to have the system, beautification in
10:11:14 the Channel District.
10:11:16 We currently have 140 pots around downtown, in the
10:11:34 downtown core, and up north and in downtown.
10:11:37 So this would be an expansion into the Channel
10:11:39 District, now that there is more activity and people
10:11:43 there.
10:11:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They look great.
10:11:51 That's wonderful.
10:11:52 When you are walking around and looking at things,
10:11:54 look at the corner of Channelside and Kennedy
10:11:56 Boulevard.
10:11:57 The state Department of Transportation just installed
10:12:00 an enormous traffic sign that completely makes the
10:12:04 sidewalk possible but it's a real key intersection.
10:12:07 It's going across the street to the USF school of
10:12:09 business and the port authority building.
10:12:11 And anyone that's in a wheelchair couldn't get past
10:12:15 that.
10:12:15 I wonder if you could report back.

10:12:16 >>> That's one of the specific corridors we are
10:12:19 focusing on.
10:12:19 >>> It's also a very good target area for a remedial
10:12:24 project maybe in a sidewalk area around there that
10:12:27 would provide accessibility.
10:12:33 >>> Any more questions?
10:12:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No.
10:12:37 Thank you.
10:12:37 We have a report now from the East Tampa retention
10:12:40 pond.
10:12:49 Our time is really getting away from us here.
10:12:52 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, board members.
10:12:54 We were asked to kind of give an update on the three
10:13:01 demonstration retention pond projects we are doing in
10:13:03 East Tampa to create these park-like settings we have
10:13:06 been talking about for the last couple of years and I
10:13:08 have a PowerPoint presentation and you should also
10:13:11 have some copies there.
10:13:14 First of all, in this first slide, I just want to
10:13:17 bring to your attention that if you see where on the
10:13:21 chart list all of the departments that have been
10:13:24 involved in this project.

10:13:25 It's very important to understand that when we started
10:13:28 this attempt to do the demonstration project, this is
10:13:34 a first of its kind project that the City of Tampa has
10:13:36 undertaken to kind of retrofit the stormwater
10:13:39 retention pond that councilwoman Mulhern was alluding
10:13:44 to earlier.
10:13:48 Over the years, these pond created kind of a nuisance
10:13:51 in the East Tampa community, because it's just a hole
10:13:56 with some water and we weren't able to take advantage
10:13:59 of any of the surrounding land around these ponds.
10:14:01 So the idea behind it was to do a demonstration
10:14:07 project, return these pond to better community usage.
10:14:11 As you can see, it all all of the East Tampa
10:14:14 redevelopment office, also representing the community
10:14:16 partnership, because they had a big role in deciding
10:14:20 how to go about retrofitting these ponds.
10:14:23 Also, we employed the University of South Florida
10:14:26 architectural department.
10:14:27 They actually provided the original conceptual
10:14:31 drawings that you will see later in this presentation
10:14:35 that created the framework of what we were about to do
10:14:38 in these ponds.

10:14:39 And also we had stormwater obviously because there are
10:14:43 stormwater retention ponds.
10:14:45 They will have an ongoing responsibility to maintain
10:14:47 at the water level, parks and recreation, providing a
10:14:52 lot of the new amenities in the park-like features
10:14:55 that will go into these areas, the landscaping, the
10:14:58 irrigation.
10:15:00 Also, I didn't have on the chart clean city division.
10:15:04 Clean city division is also a very integral part of
10:15:07 this.
10:15:09 Will ultimately have the operation and maintenance
10:15:11 responsibility of a these ponds are constructed.
10:15:14 And, of course, our contract administration department
10:15:16 that is providing oversight on the management of this
10:15:20 process.
10:15:23 The next slide kind of demonstrates the little further
10:15:26 background into these ponds.
10:15:28 There are three of them.
10:15:29 We initially -- they even have dollars to do the
10:15:33 construction of all three ponds.
10:15:36 We had a difficult time trying to find a contractor
10:15:39 earlier on, because we were trying to put out a bid

10:15:44 for this work individually, and because of the low
10:15:46 dollar amount we couldn't find a contractor that was
10:15:49 willing to take on individually.
10:15:52 So we employed the design build concept and allocated
10:15:58 the million and a half dollars to do all three, put
10:16:01 them all under one design build contract.
10:16:03 We were successful in getting a contractor which gets
10:16:07 a registered company that is currently doing the
10:16:08 construction on these ponds.
10:16:10 The next slide shows the location of where the ponds
10:16:13 are located, 34th street, and our first pond is
10:16:17 under construction at the present time.
10:16:19 The second pond that will go into work will be Martin
10:16:23 Luther King at 19th street across from the middle
10:16:26 school.
10:16:26 The third pond will be at 22nd street and Chelsea
10:16:30 cross from the middle school.
10:16:32 The next slide shows the condition prior to
10:16:35 construction.
10:16:35 As you can see, a lot of land space, water
10:16:39 accumulating, which it's supposed to do for the type
10:16:42 of feature it is.

10:16:44 But there's a lot of land that's available there and
10:16:46 it's right close to a residential community.
10:16:49 The whole idea was to make it park-like.
10:16:53 The next slide is the conceptual.
10:16:56 >> The one that Moses Knott always talks about.
10:17:04 >> And people do fish there. There were folks fishing
10:17:09 while construction was going on.
10:17:10 But the conceptual drawings, you can see, we are
10:17:14 talking about putting a walking trail around this to
10:17:16 take into consideration the land that's there, to be
10:17:19 able to make an amenity for the residents that live in
10:17:21 and around this pond.
10:17:27 There will be a gazebo that will be built there to
10:17:30 have people be able to utilize this, be able to get in
10:17:33 and out of the sun.
10:17:34 As you can see there's a lot of vegetation is going to
10:17:38 be included in the final construction of these
10:17:40 walkways.
10:17:41 A lot of trees and shrubbery and irrigation.
10:17:44 The next slide.
10:17:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask you a question, a comment
10:17:50 about the last one?

10:17:51 And you are familiar with this south of Gandy.
10:17:55 But you know that pond over there by Robinson high?
10:18:00 They built a walkway, sort of a fishing walkway out
10:18:04 into that pond.
10:18:04 You know what I'm talking about, behind the Boys and
10:18:07 Girls Club?
10:18:08 The reason I mention that, and I don't know if that's
10:18:10 a desirable thing for that community, but if they are
10:18:13 interested in that, there's a group that actually is a
10:18:19 nonprofit group that worked with the state fisheries
10:18:22 folks that actually were instrumental in building that
10:18:27 and it was sort of a volunteer effort.
10:18:29 Like I say, the state was involved, I think, with some
10:18:32 grants from the folks who try to encourage fishing.
10:18:36 And so, anyway, we get together and talk about that a
10:18:39 little bit, they want a little extension, a little
10:18:44 pier to go out and fish on.
10:18:45 >>GWEN MILLER: No, we don't want a fishing pier.
10:18:48 Forget about that.
10:18:54 >>> The one at 34th street originally had aboard
10:18:57 walk across the pond but that was taken out for that
10:19:00 very reason.

10:19:01 Several folks said they didn't want people fishing off
10:19:03 the boardwalk and jumping off the boardwalk into the
10:19:05 water.
10:19:12 >>CHAIRMAN: Right.
10:19:13 We don't want it.
10:19:14 >>> So there will be features you will see in the next
10:19:17 several slides.
10:19:20 As you can see the 34th street construction
10:19:28 project is underway.
10:19:29 They are currently working at the site at the present
10:19:31 time.
10:19:33 And the gazebo that is going to be constructed at that
10:19:37 site was actually being constructed inside a warehouse
10:19:41 off-site.
10:19:41 So as soon as the infrastructure work is completed,
10:19:45 the gazebo will then be relocated and placed on the
10:19:48 site.
10:19:49 You will see.
10:19:51 The next pond, Martin Luther King, this is the current
10:19:54 existing conditions of that pond, as you can see,
10:19:57 another very large pond, a lot of land space.
10:19:59 And you see the aerator is not very effective.

10:20:07 We are looking at adding an additional aerator on the
10:20:11 project on Martin Luther King.
10:20:14 The next slide.
10:20:16 You will see we are currently in negotiation was the
10:20:19 contractor for a guaranteed maximum price on this
10:20:21 particular project, on this pond.
10:20:25 It would also feature shelters, bird walk -- sorry,
10:20:32 Ms. Miller, there is a little boardwalk on this one.
10:20:35 >>GWEN MILLER: But not fishing.
10:20:36 >>> The boardwalk is actually going to be utilized by
10:20:39 the school across the street.
10:20:40 >> That's great.
10:20:41 Okay.
10:20:42 >>> Around the area there.
10:20:44 There again landscaping, walkways, ADA access,
10:20:48 signage.
10:20:49 We are hoping to start construction on this
10:20:51 immediately after the Fairoaks pond project, and to
10:20:54 complete this one by the fall of 2008.
10:20:57 The last one is the most challenging one.
10:20:59 This is the one at 22nd street across from Fairoaks
10:21:03 middle school, a very large pond, has very deep banks,

10:21:07 not a lot of room to do a lot of pretty stuff.
10:21:10 But we have come up with an idea that we think will
10:21:13 really show this particular area off.
10:21:16 And the next slide will show that.
10:21:18 We are log at possibly taking that right-of-way area
10:21:22 just on the west side of 22nd street and actually
10:21:25 creating a bus lane, to be able to have the buses pull
10:21:30 off into this area and kind of create a perimeter
10:21:33 walk, a little market area that will be covered with
10:21:35 this tent-like structure where we can have vendors
10:21:40 that have legal licenses to operate, could actually
10:21:42 have a covered area to sell their wares along the
10:21:45 streets and have a really safe area along 22nd street
10:21:48 to do that.
10:21:48 As you can see in the bottom
10:21:52 If they will move the scripting up to the top, on the
10:21:55 very bottom of the slide, you will see there is a
10:21:56 little bit of a boardwalk that will go out, actually a
10:22:00 platform that will go out over the pond a little bit,
10:22:03 to be able to create this structure where vendors can
10:22:07 actually operate from.
10:22:09 So we believe that this is a challenging one, but we

10:22:13 think it's something that will be greatly received by
10:22:15 our community.
10:22:17 And of course the last slide depicts all three of
10:22:20 these conceptual designs.
10:22:22 And I will open it to questions.
10:22:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Did you miss the one at 32nd?
10:22:30 What about that one?
10:22:32 >>> Remember when we started this, the idea was to do
10:22:36 the three demonstration ponds first.
10:22:38 Once they are completed then we would open it for
10:22:40 consideration for other ponds throughout the area.
10:22:42 And that's the pond that Ms. Mulhern was talking
10:22:45 about, the one at 30th -- it's a huge piece of
10:22:48 land.
10:22:49 Huge piece of land.
10:22:54 We'll look at that as we go forward.
10:22:59 >>MARY MULHERN: One quick question.
10:23:00 The USF, was that the landscape architecture
10:23:04 department that did that?
10:23:06 >>> Trent green's department.
10:23:08 He hired a landscape architect to work with him that
10:23:10 came up with some of the amenities than we put into

10:23:13 the project.
10:23:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
10:23:17 Yes.
10:23:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to thank you, Mr.
10:23:21 Johnson, to this presentation.
10:23:22 The neighborhood is really, really eager that this is
10:23:27 going on.
10:23:28 And I missed the time frame.
10:23:32 >>> The 34th street park is under construction
10:23:36 now, slated to be finished and they are still on
10:23:39 schedule to be completed by the end of March, or would
10:23:43 be the first week of April and they will immediately
10:23:45 go to the MLK pond, because the contractor will be one
10:23:51 in the same so we did it as a design build concept so
10:23:54 just take what we have learned from 34th street
10:23:56 and move immediately to Martin Luther King.
10:24:00 And 22nd street will follow.
10:24:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have any additional?
10:24:18 Mr. Huey?
10:24:19 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:24:20 In January, when amendment 1 passed, you asked for a
10:24:25 presentation regarding the impact of that on our

10:24:27 redevelopment area.
10:24:29 Julie was our financial analyst who will give you a
10:24:32 short five or six month presentation on that.
10:24:36 >> Julie Wisdom with the department of economic and
10:24:44 urban development.
10:24:46 You can see here the four key points of amendment 1.
10:24:54 Would you like me to go over them?
10:25:01 Or are you okay?
10:25:04 Our analysis focused only on the impact of the first
10:25:08 point here which is the increased homestead exemption
10:25:14 that was passed with amendment 1.
10:25:16 This you can see maximum homestead allowance from
10:25:21 $25,000 to $50,000 for properties by $75,000 or more.
10:25:31 Because there is a direct relationship between the
10:25:33 property values and how much TIF revenue can be
10:25:36 generated, amendment 1 will impact the TIF.
10:25:45 This is kind of complex.
10:25:51 But to summarize the difference between a property
10:25:55 value in the current year and the value in the year
10:26:00 that CRA was created is the maximum amount that can be
10:26:03 used to ultimately calculate a TIF revenue.
10:26:08 That figure can be further reduced by any homestead

10:26:11 exemption that is present on the property.
10:26:15 And that figure is then multiplied by the millage rate
10:26:18 being levied in a CRA.
10:26:20 And 95% of that total is taken per chapter 163 in the
10:26:27 Florida statutes which ultimately arrives at the TIF
10:26:33 revenue received per parcel.
10:26:36 As an example, let's say that we had a piece of
10:26:43 property that's currently valued at $150,000.
10:26:47 And the base year is assessed at 50,000. That means a
10:26:55 maximum of 100,000 of its value can be used toward a
10:26:58 TIF contribution.
10:27:01 Prior to amendment 1, it would have been a homestead
10:27:04 exemption of $25,000 which then brings its TIF
10:27:09 increment down to $75,000.
10:27:12 Then you levy the CRA millage rate which in this case
10:27:15 is 1.25883%, take 95% of that total, and this parcel
10:27:23 was contributing -- I can't read it --
10:27:25 $898, I believe.
10:27:28 >> 896.
10:27:29 >> Thank you.
10:27:32 Okay.
10:27:32 Now, the same piece of property with the increased

10:27:35 homestead exemption generates $598.
10:27:41 So there is a decrease in revenue of $299 basically.
10:27:49 $300.
10:27:51 So this is analysis that we did on our department.
10:27:57 It use that is same methodology on a CRA-wide basis.
10:28:01 What I did was take the tax roll of January 2008, and
10:28:06 apply the homestead exemption increase to the
10:28:09 applicable properties.
10:28:12 Ran a revenue calculation, and compared to the what
10:28:15 each CRA received as part of their fiscal year 08
10:28:21 adopted CRA budget.
10:28:22 And you can see using those parameters.
10:28:27 The CRAs would have received a total of $862,000
10:28:31 less than what they did receive for fiscal 08.
10:28:35 The greatest impacts were in the downtown original
10:28:39 core CRA and the East Tampa CRA.
10:28:42 And that's because those two CRAs have a
10:28:45 preponderance of homesteaded residential properties.
10:28:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?
10:28:58 Councilman Dingfelder, then councilwoman Saul-Sena.
10:29:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A very good presentation.
10:29:06 It's interesting looking at the Channel District and

10:29:07 the Heights area, it doesn't show much in the way of
10:29:15 impact right now.
10:29:16 But I would guess that in those projects long-term
10:29:21 will have significant impact
10:29:25 , or this tax will have significant impact because
10:29:29 there will be more and more homesteaded.
10:29:31 Right now we have empty buildings and Channelside, and
10:29:33 therefore they are not homesteaded but we all know
10:29:36 they will be within the next couple of three to five
10:29:39 years.
10:29:41 So I guess whenever we are doing projections and
10:29:44 Channel District, ultimately when we go to the
10:29:47 Heights, we will have to ab lot more conservative in
10:29:52 our projections.
10:30:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The lawyer today Ken Stoltenberg
10:30:03 raised a question which I didn't think of, will the
10:30:06 portability undermine our ability to bond TIF money?
10:30:14 >>> I think right now Strand, also kind of impacts the
10:30:19 ability --
10:30:24 >> That's really a big deal.
10:30:26 Because it's one of the premises that we built all of
10:30:29 our work programs on, is a bonding ability.

10:30:33 And I think that, I mean, you are not a crystal ball
10:30:36 reader but I think we really need to have a tense
10:30:40 sense of that as we look to developing our budget.
10:30:43 Because there wouldn't be Strand, there wouldn't be
10:30:46 portability and we would be able to build our budget
10:30:48 for the next several years bond money, do all the
10:30:51 infrastructure improvements, and it really changes our
10:30:55 strategy in terms of bringing up our CRA areas.
10:30:58 So maybe next month as part of our CRA meeting, you
10:31:02 can tell us what impact you think it will have and
10:31:05 what other communities are doing.
10:31:07 >>> I will certainly try.
10:31:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:31:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much for a very good
10:31:13 report.
10:31:13 Again as she pointed out, the biggest impact is in the
10:31:17 downtown original core and the East Tampa area where
10:31:24 the biggest impact will occur on amendment one.
10:31:27 Okay?
10:31:28 Thank you.
10:31:30 April community meeting.
10:31:35 That is set.

10:31:36 Right, Mr. Huey?
10:31:40 >>MARK HUEY: We have our April community meeting set
10:31:42 for Ybor.
10:31:45 It's set for April 29th at 6 p.m.
10:31:55 And it will be at the children's board.
10:31:58 I believe it's on everyone's calendar.
10:32:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A memo was sent out to that effect so
10:32:03 everyone should have that.
10:32:04 >>> April 29th, 6 p.m. at the children's --
10:32:10 >> What day of the week?
10:32:11 >>> Tuesday.
10:32:11 Tuesday evening.
10:32:12 >> Thank you.
10:32:13 >>> We look forward to having gad representation from
10:32:16 the Ybor community to join you.
10:32:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Upcoming board meetings.
10:32:22 Do we need to discuss that?
10:32:23 >> Just one.
10:32:24 You have already heard about the number of things that
10:32:28 are on our agenda.
10:32:29 But in June and July we will start our annual
10:32:32 budgeting process.

10:32:33 And I know that's a major focus for the board.
10:32:36 As you have heard, we are going to be bringing the
10:32:38 East Tampa plan forward to you over the coming months.
10:32:41 And that will obviously be a major priority for us.
10:32:45 A number of issues in the Channel District, one that
10:32:49 we haven't mentioned that we will be bringing forward
10:32:51 to you is the art consultant report.
10:32:56 And next month with that report.
10:32:59 So that is on the agenda.
10:33:00 We are also going to keep you updated on the overall
10:33:03 Channel District planning process that board member
10:33:07 Dingfelder referenced and we believe we will have a
10:33:10 Heights update for you as well about some of the
10:33:13 progress there.
10:33:14 So a number of things on our agenda that are very
10:33:16 important in the coming months.
10:33:18 We are looking forward to working with you on those
10:33:21 items.
10:33:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Huey, it seems to me that it
10:33:28 would be prudent of us to get a list of things that we
10:33:32 can do without Strand and things that we can't do
10:33:36 until Strand is resolved.

10:33:37 That would really help me and I think all of us shape
10:33:41 our thinking, because it's such a large question mark
10:33:45 looming in the future.
10:33:46 I anticipate that it will be resolved in the future
10:33:49 positively.
10:33:50 But in the interim, it's certainly affected this
10:33:52 year's budget.
10:33:53 It would be helpful, I think it would be helpful for
10:33:57 our next meeting for you to just give us examples of
10:34:00 what we can spend money on, what we can't spend money
10:34:03 on, our current budget and the things that are on hold
10:34:08 and things we are able to move forward with, because
10:34:10 we certainly want to be able to use -- I feel like
10:34:13 this is probably one of the most challenging economic
10:34:16 times that our community has faced.
10:34:18 And the CRA areas are particularly burdened during
10:34:22 this time.
10:34:22 And so we need to do everything we can immediately.
10:34:25 I don't see any value in, what's the word, banking
10:34:30 this money right now.
10:34:31 If there are things we can do to make these areas look
10:34:33 like things are moving forward, make small

10:34:35 improvements, do things that inject some energy and
10:34:42 oomph into these areas, that's what we need to be
10:34:46 doing.
10:34:46 I this I the city has a tendency to kind of look at
10:34:49 CRA money sometimes, TIF money, as a way of bank
10:34:52 rolling infrastructure improvements we need to make
10:34:55 anyway.
10:34:55 And those are big dollars, and take a long time.
10:34:57 And those are the things impacted by Strand, what I am
10:35:02 urging us to do next month as a CRA is say, okay, we
10:35:05 are in the middle of 08, it may not get resolved until
10:35:09 next year's budget, what can we do this year with CRA
10:35:12 money to kind of get things going in our CRA area.
10:35:15 Plus, if you could do that for us, that would be
10:35:17 really helpful.
10:35:22 >>MARK HUEY: What you are suggesting -- I understand
10:35:24 what you are suggesting and we are definitely
10:35:26 cognizant of the fact that if we don't get a favorable
10:35:29 hearing on Strand, for example, the Drew Park
10:35:32 strategic action plan may need to be reconsidered
10:35:35 significantly.
10:35:37 How it will impact Channelside, for example, where we

10:35:40 have --
10:35:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm looking more immediate.
10:35:45 I think we need to have the big picture when we go
10:35:48 forward with our budget decisions for next year but
10:35:50 what I would really like for April is to say, okay,
10:35:53 here we are in our 07-08 budget, CRA budget.
10:35:57 Which things are we not able to move ahead with,
10:35:59 because of Strand?
10:36:00 How much money is left?
10:36:01 What can we do between now and October to best
10:36:07 benefit --
10:36:09 >>> I'll see if there's any issues like that that we
10:36:11 can bring forward and come before you budget by budget
10:36:16 basis.
10:36:17 >> That's fine.
10:36:18 And to give us a quick look of what impact by Strand
10:36:22 like bonding and what isn't like putting in flower
10:36:25 pots.
10:36:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say Mr. Territo can
10:36:29 help us with that.
10:36:34 >> Just to amplify the significance of that the East
10:36:37 Tampa strategic plan is going to actually have two

10:36:41 financial plans, it's going to have one that
10:36:43 contemplates the resolution of the Strand decision,
10:36:45 and our ability to bond in East Tampa, and it's going
10:36:48 to have another plan that doesn't.
10:36:51 And I will tell you that huge work effort on the part
10:36:54 of our consulting team to try to contemplate two
10:36:57 different plans like that.
10:36:58 But that's how significant the Strand issue is.
10:37:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Sal, what is the projected date?
10:37:07 You say now the supreme court is going to look at it.
10:37:13 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone)
10:37:16 >> How long are they out of session?
10:37:27 >>> I don't know.
10:37:28 >> So we should have that issue resolved hopefully by
10:37:32 June, and -- hopefully.
10:37:34 Hopefully.
10:37:36 Okay.
10:37:43 >> Let's move.
10:37:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman, we have till noon.
10:37:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Not quite.
10:37:53 Mark, anything else that we need to address?
10:37:56 >>> After public comment.

10:38:01 >> But on the next page.
10:38:04 >>> 13 and 14.
10:38:07 Were you going to do public comment?
10:38:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me finish this.
10:38:10 13 is -- advisory board update.
10:38:18 >>> We have an action item for you to accept
10:38:20 ex-officio memberships, two in the Channel District,
10:38:25 one is Ram Kancharla from the port, filling their
10:38:32 spot, Alex Petrilak filling the downtown partnership
10:38:33 spot on the Channel District board, downtown, Nancy
10:38:41 Kipnis filling the partnership. Miss Vienna
10:38:43 Santisteban filling the Ybor City museum spot.
10:38:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilwoman Saul-Sena,
10:38:53 seconded by councilman Charlie Miranda.
10:38:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question on the motion.
10:38:59 Christine, if I could.
10:39:02 I probably know Nancy Kipnis.
10:39:22 Is she here?
10:39:24 I have seen you around a lot.
10:39:29 A consultant to the downtown partnership, consultant
10:39:31 to City of Tampa on parks.
10:39:34 I just wanted to make sure, Sal, I'm all for Nancy,

10:39:40 don't get me wrong.
10:39:41 I just want to make sure we don't have any conflict
10:39:43 because we just went through this whole process about
10:39:45 conflicts and that sort of thing.
10:39:48 >>SAL TERRITO: (off record)
10:39:51 >> Is there any current contract with Nancy?
10:39:55 To consult?
10:39:56 >>> She is on contract with us to produce our "live
10:40:02 after five" event.
10:40:04 I think that happened on several board, we want people
10:40:08 who are knowledge and in touch with the things that
10:40:10 happen there.
10:40:11 And I know that they know enough to recuse themselves
10:40:15 when there is an issue that would be in conflict.
10:40:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The policy calls for if they have a
10:40:22 conflict they have to recuse themselves.
10:40:23 I don't think it's a real usual you there.
10:40:25 >>SAL TERRITO: She did sign that if there's a conflict
10:40:37 she would recuse herself.
10:40:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wanted to be sure we were aware
10:40:42 of.
10:40:43 Nancy, I support you wholeheartedly.

10:40:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?
10:40:48 Opposes?
10:40:49 So moved and ordered.
10:40:50 >>MARK HUEY: There's two training sessions scheduled.
10:40:53 We have 70 new advisory board members, although most
10:40:56 of them are new.
10:40:58 We have a session scheduled for this Monday evening,
10:41:01 March 17th.
10:41:03 And then one on Thursday in the afternoon.
10:41:07 We let your offices know if you can be a part of
10:41:10 those, we would love to have you there as well.
10:41:13 At those training sessions for our new advisory board.
10:41:19 We have a flyer that we'll give you to you.
10:41:23 Again we have been in touch with your offices.
10:41:29 The advisory board training.
10:41:31 >> If could you make sure all the offices get a copy
10:41:34 of those I would appreciate it.
10:41:35 Item number 14.
10:41:37 >>> Coming before you, it's not for approval today but
10:41:40 coming before you next week will be an approval to
10:41:45 begin implementing a part of our budget in Drew Park,
10:41:49 a partnership we have put together with the police

10:41:51 department to begin enhancing our enforcement of adult
10:41:56 uses in Drew Park.
10:41:57 We wanted to make you aware of that, in anticipation
10:42:01 of that approval next week, and we can answer any
10:42:05 questions on that.
10:42:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mark, this has been, for some time,
10:42:13 this is not something that's new.
10:42:14 This has been in the budget for over a year.
10:42:16 Am I correct?
10:42:18 >>MARK HUEY: Actually, the CRA plan that the board
10:42:20 adopted to create the Drew Park noted that adult uses
10:42:25 are a number one impediment to redevelopment in the
10:42:29 area.
10:42:29 Then the strategic action plan, the 18 month project
10:42:34 we went through with the community, also acknowledged
10:42:36 that the community wanted this issue addressed in Drew
10:42:38 Park as a top priority.
10:42:40 And then the budget.
10:42:42 You are correct; board member Miranda.
10:42:45 The budget also acknowledged implementing this year.
10:42:48 So we are simply carrying that out.
10:42:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?

10:42:54 Those are the last two items.
10:42:56 And public comment.
10:42:58 You have three minutes.
10:43:01 As you come, state your name and address for the
10:43:03 record.
10:43:12 >>> My name is Al Davis.
10:43:14 I'm at 3724 east Wilder Avenue, Tampa, Florida, and I
10:43:20 live within the East Tampa CRA.
10:43:25 And, Mr. Chairman, I don't know, maybe I went to sleep
10:43:26 somewhere and got Al Davis into some trouble and maybe
10:43:35 you can help him out.
10:43:37 Mr. Chairman, you remember back in November when you
10:43:39 promulgated the policy on the C.A.T. and you gave East
10:43:46 Tampa from 9 to 13?
10:43:48 And I was thinking you gave Ybor City whatever number
10:43:53 and all the rest whatever number.
10:43:55 And within 60 days, those other CRAs came back with
10:44:03 some individuals that you could select and appoint to
10:44:07 the committee.
10:44:10 But East Tampa somehow or another said, look, we can't
10:44:16 do that in 60 days, because we got our bylaws.
10:44:22 What do the bylaws say?

10:44:24 Well, you have to go through this and the other.
10:44:29 And I'm saying one fourth of your total membership
10:44:32 number is for almost one year and there is important
10:44:40 things that the C.A.T. is supposed to represent the
10:44:44 community about.
10:44:47 We have got the strategic plan.
10:44:49 We have got the proposed budget.
10:44:51 And a number of other things for the involvement of
10:44:56 these committees was said to be more representative of
10:45:00 the community if they had expanded in a common manner.
10:45:06 Now I read the transcript.
10:45:07 Apparently you said, okay, you can go right ahead,
10:45:11 wait until September to fix your bylaws.
10:45:17 Well, we can't fix our bylaws until we get a proposal.
10:45:26 We can't get a proposal until we have a community
10:45:28 meeting.
10:45:32 So, Mr. Chairman, help me out.
10:45:37 I read your policy on financing and administration.
10:45:43 You told each of those CRAs the number of people
10:45:47 they are supposed to have and by title.
10:45:51 One of the titles in East Tampa is urban planner.
10:45:55 Two of us.

10:46:01 Well, look, we ain't got no economic planner.
10:46:04 We got economic development studies.
10:46:12 Is that the same thing?
10:46:14 And you say that you can't add those four people on
10:46:21 because of their time line, the faulty policy.
10:46:40 Foot dragging, leadership, particularly as relate to
10:46:43 the city managerial component.
10:46:51 Can I have another second?
10:46:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me try to raise the question with
10:46:56 staff.
10:46:56 I think the issue you are raising is the composition
10:46:58 of the board, advisory board, and I think right
10:47:01 offhand, I recollect there are certain categories for
10:47:05 each areas, but it's not mandatory, I don't think.
10:47:08 I could be wrong.
10:47:10 But Mark --
10:47:13 >>> in the board approved policy there was a
10:47:15 commitment to include at least four residents to the
10:47:19 board, as an example.
10:47:21 Do you have an update on the status of that meeting?
10:47:24 >>> East Tampa CRA.
10:47:28 When Mr. Davis brought this to our attention a few

10:47:30 months ago we went back to the transcript and we were
10:47:33 under the impression that from the transcripts which
10:47:39 follow our election process that we had, and.
10:47:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's right.
10:47:43 >>> And we have been working with our bylaws so that
10:47:45 our election process would follow what your new policy
10:47:48 says, would include the new addition, because we just
10:47:52 had elections --
10:47:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's right.
10:47:54 >>> In September of 07.
10:47:55 We are now looking at what our current makeup is.
10:47:58 How do we address those and how do we now change our
10:48:00 makeup?
10:48:01 So in the process of making that we have two
10:48:03 committees, one on the bylaws amendment, the ad hoc
10:48:06 committee for the bylaws which was just elected at the
10:48:09 March meeting this past Tuesday.
10:48:10 And.
10:48:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:48:13 Thank you.
10:48:13 And refresh my memory.
10:48:20 We just went through the election process and in the

10:48:23 next cycle those persons will be added to that.
10:48:26 That's my recollection as well.
10:48:28 So that's what we gave them direction to do.
10:48:31 So what happens, Mr. Davis, that will move forward but
10:48:34 it will be in the next election cycle, which will be
10:48:36 this September, right?
10:48:41 East Tampa are the ones that they elect their own
10:48:46 advisory.
10:48:47 We just simply ratify them if my memory serves me
10:48:50 correct.
10:48:51 >> Mr. Chairman, I clearly understand that.
10:48:52 But why is it that East Tampa and all Ybor City -- and
10:48:57 I know the difference -- you ratify wherein all the
10:49:04 other CRAs you appoint?
10:49:07 What is the significant difference?
10:49:09 What is the process pertaining thereto?
10:49:15 If indeed the committee is to represent the community
10:49:19 as you sort through the input is to be divided.
10:49:23 Now like I said, Mr. Chairman, earlier,
10:49:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Davis.
10:49:32 Any other community input?
10:49:34 Or comment?

10:49:35 Public comment?
10:49:38 >> Michael Farmer, 2619 Estrada street.
10:49:43 I just want to assure the board that we are in the
10:49:45 process of adhering to your requirements through the
10:49:51 planning and evaluation.
10:49:53 We have already taken that into consideration and it's
10:49:55 being done as I speak.
10:49:57 Basically, I wanted to speak on the strategic action
10:50:01 plan as far as it goes and as far as the CRA plan.
10:50:08 We have all of these things in effect.
10:50:14 The community is very interested in the improvements
10:50:19 that is being presented to us.
10:50:25 We just want to make sure in all of this that the
10:50:29 community get what they want out of it.
10:50:31 And one of the main things is that we want an
10:50:34 improvement, basically what I am hearing is the street
10:50:39 resurfacing and lighting, because of the neighborhood
10:50:42 being so dark.
10:50:44 So these things were brought up into our strategic
10:50:49 action plan, as we had our workshops and such.
10:50:52 So we just want to make sure that, also, we
10:50:59 understand, we want to find out what the city's budget

10:51:05 is for its improvements into East Tampa, so that we
10:51:10 can all coincide together.
10:51:17 We don't know what the city is going to improve any
10:51:21 roads, parks, whatever, then we could better structure
10:51:25 how we are going to present the dollars to go along
10:51:27 with the city plans, also.
10:51:29 Thank you.
10:51:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I raised that question early on when I
10:51:35 came over and I was told it was not possible to gather
10:51:38 that information.
10:51:41 I was told.
10:51:42 I raised the question that the CRA was set out where
10:51:49 you cannot replace general revenue dollars with CRA
10:51:52 dollars, that the whole statute was created so it
10:51:54 would supplement what was going on.
10:51:56 I wanted to see the break out and break down and I was
10:52:00 sold told I couldn't get that information.
10:52:02 So if the staff has done something different, because
10:52:04 I raised that when I first came.
10:52:06 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, the specific request was, can we
10:52:09 break out for all the various departments of the city
10:52:12 how much is spent in East Tampa?

10:52:15 And the response was, we met with Bonnie Wise, that
10:52:20 the city's accounting system does not allow you to
10:52:23 draw on a geographic basis that level of detailed
10:52:27 information.
10:52:28 What we can provide and have provided is on projects,
10:52:32 specific projects, how much city funding, for example,
10:52:34 the TPD police station headquarters, how much other
10:52:38 city funding is going into that.
10:52:41 22nd street was mentioned earlier.
10:52:43 And that involved other non-TIF funding.
10:52:46 That's how we have been providing information about
10:52:48 East Tampa on the various projects that we are doing,
10:52:52 what is TIF related, what is non-TIF related.
10:52:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
10:52:56 See, that's not helpful because my information, which
10:52:59 the city has a different program, they cannot extract
10:53:03 all the different revenue dollars.
10:53:05 They don't have that capability where they do pay
10:53:08 district by district but where those dollars are being
10:53:11 spent.
10:53:13 The city computer, software program uses perhaps does
10:53:17 not allow that.

10:53:20 So they can only tell you specific projects I guess if
10:53:23 you inquire.
10:53:25 But in terms of revenue dollars --
10:53:28 >>> the annual budgeting process each year, Jim Stefan
10:53:33 and Bonnie are allowing GIS based tracking where
10:53:37 moneys are being spent.
10:53:38 So there is an effort to do better and better at that.
10:53:41 And we have been riding on the coattails of that work
10:53:45 and being able to report to you on funding on a
10:53:48 project by project basis in East Tampa and other
10:53:51 redevelopment areas.
10:53:53 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say that we need
10:53:55 that.
10:53:55 And if we don't have the software now that can do
10:54:00 that, then maybe the people in the revenue and finance
10:54:03 department could work on it somehow.
10:54:05 I don't think the answer is that the city can just
10:54:09 say, we don't have that information.
10:54:10 They need to get that information for us, on the CRA
10:54:15 board and on council.
10:54:16 We need to see that.
10:54:19 >> But one of the things that we do know is that

10:54:22 transportation has graded our roads below F.
10:54:27 So if it's being graded to a certain point, then I'm
10:54:30 sure the city knows that they have to repair these
10:54:36 road surfaces along the areas.
10:54:40 Since the majority of East Tampa has been blighted for
10:54:42 such a long time, it seems to me that that is a ways
10:54:49 back, that this should have been some kind of
10:54:52 budgeting for resurfacing the roads and improving them
10:54:55 for our community, especially when that community has
10:54:57 been -- has an influx of housing which is impacted the
10:55:03 streets, and everything in the community, because
10:55:07 there's been a lot of housing improvements in the
10:55:09 area.
10:55:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
10:55:11 We will work on that and Mr. Huey will work on that,
10:55:14 I'm certain, and try to help us.
10:55:17 You can't come back.
10:55:18 Mr. Davis, no.
10:55:22 >>> You didn't answer the first question.
10:55:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What question was that?
10:55:26 >>> Al Davis.
10:55:28 N.your policy of the financing and administration of

10:55:33 the relationship between the city and the board, you
10:55:39 said that East Tampa would have a manager, would have
10:55:47 two urban planners, and a secretary, in effect.
10:55:54 Now, East Tampa does not have two urban planners that
10:56:01 I can identify by the nomenclature, and I think
10:56:07 nomenclature is very important for our understanding.
10:56:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Davis, let me find out the answer.
10:56:12 Mark, do you know the answer to that, what he's
10:56:15 raising?
10:56:17 Okay.
10:56:17 Mr. Johnson.
10:56:18 >>> Ed Johnson, CRA manager, East Tampa.
10:56:21 What Mr. Davis is referring to, when we went through
10:56:23 an organizational change last year, originally, all of
10:56:28 our support staff personnel were classified as urban
10:56:31 planners.
10:56:32 They were urban planners 1, urban planners 2, but in
10:56:35 light of changing our organizational structure to
10:56:37 economic and urban development away from the planning
10:56:41 nomenclature, we changed the category title of those
10:56:45 individuals to economic development specialists.
10:56:48 They also include in those job descriptions all of the

10:56:52 requirements that an urban planner has.
10:56:54 So the folks that I employ currently in East Tampa
10:56:57 were previously urban planner 2.
10:57:00 They still possess skills.
10:57:03 We just call them economic development specialists but
10:57:06 they have the same type of categories.
10:57:10 >>> Just change the policy to update the language just
10:57:13 described.
10:57:14 And we will have no problems.
10:57:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right, Mr. Davis.
10:57:18 Thank you.
10:57:18 Okay.
10:57:19 >> Move to change the language to reflect the policy
10:57:22 change.
10:57:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do I hear a second?
10:57:25 >> Second.
10:57:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded to change the
10:57:28 language to reflect the policy change.
10:57:30 All in favor let it be known by saying Aye.
10:57:33 Opposed same sign.
10:57:34 So moved and ordered.
10:57:35 Any other business to come before us?

10:57:37 Receive and file.
10:57:38 Motion to receive and file.
10:57:40 All right.
10:57:40 Motion to receive and file.
10:57:41 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
10:57:44 Oppose same sign.
10:57:45 So moved and ordered and we stand adjourned.
10:57:50 5:30.

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