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Tampa City Council
CRA Meeting
Thursday, June 12, 2008
9:00 a.m. Session

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09:05:51 [Sounding gavel]
09:05:52 >>GWEN MILLER: CRA is called to order.
09:05:54 I would like to introduce our guest for today to give
09:05:57 the invocation, Jim Crew from the clerk's office.
09:06:00 We are very glad that he agreed to do this and proud
09:06:02 of the work that he does.
09:06:03 Will you please stand and remain standing for the
09:06:05 pledge of allegiance?
09:06:06 >> Jim crew: Let's pray.

09:06:12 Lord, thank you for this new day and for your mercies
09:06:15 with it.
09:06:15 You are good and your mercies endure forever.
09:06:18 We are grateful for your many and often blessings to
09:06:22 us as individuals, as a community and as a nation,
09:06:25 Lord.
09:06:25 Lord, this day let the words of our mouths and the
09:06:27 meditations of our heart be pleasing to your sight and
09:06:35 to your servants as they act for the community.
09:06:41 An act of God gives to all men liberally.
09:06:44 We thank you that you hear our prayer and we give you
09:06:47 all the glory and the honor.
09:06:48 Amen.
09:06:50 (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:07:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:07:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:07:16 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:07:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:07:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:07:20 At this time I am going to turn it over to Sal Territo
09:07:23 who will do the Strand update.
09:07:25 >>SAL TERRITO: As usual there is nothing new to report

09:07:29 on Strand.
09:07:30 We are not sure what the holdup is.
09:07:32 We thought after the legislature met and recessed that
09:07:35 there would be some decision come out of the Supreme
09:07:37 Court.
09:07:38 Nothing has happened.
09:07:39 And I'll just keep you posted if something does come
09:07:42 up.
09:07:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:07:43 We now go to the Channel District.
09:07:46 Mark Huey.
09:07:48 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.
09:07:51 We are pleased this morning to have Lee trevulian here
09:08:00 again.
09:08:01 She has been working on her report for the Channel
09:08:03 District and how we can make arts a part of the -- a
09:08:08 vital part of the redevelopment district.
09:08:09 She has completed the first draft of her report.
09:08:12 Your office has received a copy electronically and
09:08:15 then a hard copy yesterday.
09:08:16 I know you haven't had time to review it today.
09:08:20 That's not what we are about.

09:08:21 She's going to be here to present an overview, a quick
09:08:25 overview of the report to orient you to it.
09:08:28 We will look to receive your comments as a board at
09:08:31 the next CRA meeting in July.
09:08:33 And then seek your approval of the final draft in
09:08:37 August.
09:08:37 So today you are here just to get an orientation total
09:08:41 report.
09:08:43 Public meetings start today about the report.
09:08:47 There will be some meetings in the community today and
09:08:49 tomorrow.
09:08:50 You will hear a little more about that as well.
09:08:52 So with that introduction I would like to invite Lisa
09:08:57 to give us an overview of this work.
09:08:59 Good to have you with us.
09:09:00 >>> Thank you.
09:09:01 I'm really actually excited to be here today.
09:09:04 I'm glad that we have an opportunity to share the
09:09:08 results of our work with you, really looking forward
09:09:10 to your comments and questions and even your
09:09:13 criticism.
09:09:14 First, I want to say thank you total mayor and to the

09:09:17 council and the CRA.
09:09:20 I especially wanted to say thank you to Linda
09:09:23 Saul-Sena and Mary Mulhern and they are not here with
09:09:26 us.
09:09:28 Their insights to the arts have been very helpful to
09:09:32 us.
09:09:32 I also want to say thank you to Mark Huey and Mike
09:09:38 Chen for their encouragement of our work.
09:09:43 Good morning.
09:09:44 Also, I want to acknowledge our consultants, every
09:09:48 green consultants.
09:09:49 They have been a tremendous help for us on our
09:09:51 surveying.
09:09:52 And I just want to also say thank you to the people of
09:09:56 Tampa.
09:09:56 Everyone here has been just absolutely tremendous.
09:10:00 It's been such a great amount of encouragement,
09:10:04 support, and interest, as well as fabulous ideas.
09:10:09 And you will see a lot of those ideas reflected in
09:10:11 this plan.
09:10:12 I believe there is a PowerPoint.
09:10:17 For the arts plan?

09:10:19 Okay.
09:10:19 Just to briefly repeat what we have discussed before,
09:10:26 our original goal was to assess the existing arts in
09:10:31 the district.
09:10:31 What we found, of course, there is limited access in
09:10:34 the district, so we went beyond the district and
09:10:37 really tried to understand and really see what
09:10:41 incredible assets that Tampa offers beyond the
09:10:45 district and even beyond the borders of Tampa and the
09:10:48 county.
09:10:51 We are also looking at national trends and other arts
09:10:54 districts, and we did research about 25 other cities,
09:10:58 about half a dozen of those are featured in the plan,
09:11:01 where we shared some best practices of other cities.
09:11:06 And really characteristics that would work and could
09:11:08 work in Tampa and in the Channel District.
09:11:10 Finally, we have a few recommendations on the
09:11:14 district, and we'll walk through those very briefly.
09:11:19 But they are detailed quite a bit in the report, and
09:11:22 looking forward to your comments and questions on
09:11:24 those suggestions.
09:11:29 So one of the chief considerations was the economic

09:11:41 goals and conditions.
09:11:45 We all know now that the market conditions have
09:11:47 changed considerably since we started our report.
09:11:54 Changes in public spending, and certainly the real
09:11:56 estate market and the credit market have really
09:12:02 changed the dynamics very much.
09:12:04 But as we reported last time, in a way, that's an
09:12:07 opportunity to regroup and really rethink how we will
09:12:12 approach the arts in the district and elsewhere.
09:12:16 What kind of district we are creating?
09:12:18 In our last meeting here, we described briefly the
09:12:21 five types of districts, and four of the channel
09:12:24 districts we are really promoting the idea of the
09:12:26 cultural production district.
09:12:32 We also want to stress the complementarity of the
09:12:36 Channel District and Ybor City and downtown.
09:12:39 These three communities are so inextricably linked,
09:12:42 and we want to encourage that kind of complementarity
09:12:47 by promoting production uses in the Channel District
09:12:50 that would complement the efforts of Ybor City,
09:12:54 economic Development Corporation in the downtown
09:12:57 Tampa, downtown Tampa partnership.

09:13:00 We were also learning this morning about the great
09:13:06 opportunity to link those three neighborhoods with
09:13:08 East Tampa.
09:13:09 And I think in the long run, those four communities
09:13:13 are going to form an incredible basis for a regional
09:13:16 destination within Tampa.
09:13:18 So what research is available to us? We did research
09:13:23 on resources, and there is an appendix to our report
09:13:28 that is a list, not a comprehensive list but some of
09:13:32 the resources that could be available to help support
09:13:34 some of those efforts that we are recommending.
09:13:38 We are really looking to the resourcefulness of the
09:13:41 citizens of Tampa, and certainly their continued
09:13:44 enthusiastic participation to really, really make this
09:13:48 work and really bring it to life.
09:13:50 We are looking at ways to -- recommending ways that
09:13:53 you might leverage different kinds of funding.
09:13:56 We are really, really strongly promoting a business,
09:14:00 corporate, private philanthropy and public effort
09:14:03 where there's a real cohesive unity amongst these
09:14:07 sectors, to really encourage art and really keep art
09:14:11 as a priority.

09:14:12 We are also suggesting some social entrepreneurial
09:14:16 ideas and concepts.
09:14:20 To give you one example, I met with Chris Tate who
09:14:27 runs the philanthropy organization.
09:14:29 She has offered to come to Tampa to meet with private
09:14:32 philanthropists to discuss some of the really new and
09:14:35 unique and innovative ideas that the Rockefeller
09:14:39 philanthropy is using out in the world to generate
09:14:42 different kinds of funding streams and revenue.
09:14:45 And who would govern these activities?
09:14:48 Well, we are recommending that a dedicated staff
09:14:50 person be hired, supported, and we'll look at that in
09:14:59 a few minutes.
09:15:00 Okay.
09:15:01 How did we go about getting our information?
09:15:16 I mentioned we spent a lot of research of other
09:15:19 cities, both nationally and internationally, but most
09:15:25 of the ideas came from the people here.
09:15:27 We have already held a combination of public meetings,
09:15:31 several public meetings, focused group meetings, but
09:15:40 we have interviewed, I guess, over 65 individuals --
09:15:43 good morning -- who represent all of various factors

09:15:47 of the community, the arts world, the business world,
09:15:51 certainly the community leaders, and audiences and
09:15:55 artists as well.
09:15:56 We also completed about two dozen interviews which
09:16:02 really was quite helpful.
09:16:03 They were anonymous.
09:16:07 Interviews with service providers, and hotel workers,
09:16:13 business owners, audience members.
09:16:16 These were anonymous, just on the spot, very, very
09:16:20 spontaneous, but they provided us with a lot of candid
09:16:28 insight into Tampa and the arts world in Tampa.
09:16:31 We also issued an online survey to the 2,000
09:16:34 individuals and organizations and the results of those
09:16:36 survey questions are in another appendix in the
09:16:40 report.
09:16:40 Okay.
09:16:53 We also, in the report, you will see that we have a
09:16:58 section on what we call the cultural paradox.
09:17:01 This is something, a phenomenon, that everyone is
09:17:04 familiar with, artists move into the neighborhood,
09:17:06 they revitalize it, they create economic value, and
09:17:11 before you know it, these development communities

09:17:15 follow, and by bringing very valuable investment into
09:17:19 the community, very often the artists support that.
09:17:25 We have seen some evidence of that already in the
09:17:27 Channel District.
09:17:28 However, there's a great artistic core still there, so
09:17:31 we are hoping that some of our recommendations will
09:17:35 encourage the support of that core, and continue to
09:17:37 build upon it so the district doesn't lose any of its
09:17:43 artists.
09:17:43 We also talked about the five district models.
09:17:46 And the best practices which you will see in our
09:17:50 recommendations to the Channel District.
09:17:56 In our recommendations there are some immediate next
09:18:02 steps that we hope will be implemented as soon as
09:18:05 possible, and we are also recommending a series of
09:18:14 longer-term recommendations that cover an area of
09:18:20 infrastructure and public realm, transportation, all
09:18:25 of the potential contingencies to creating a district
09:18:34 and bringing things together in the district.
09:18:38 I hope that this can be implemented very quickly, is
09:18:43 to initiate the arts program director.
09:18:49 We are envisioning that this individual will initially

09:18:52 report under the auspices of the Tampa downtown
09:18:55 partnership, eventually over a four-year period into a
09:19:01 self-sustaining local Development Corporation.
09:19:06 In 2012 we would like to see an individual would
09:19:09 develop, with a lot of support from the community, and
09:19:14 community advisors, it's going to take a transition to
09:19:20 bring in private sector support, and to really begin
09:19:23 to create one that we think will be a city-wide model
09:19:32 for arts program direction.
09:19:33 We also want to encourage a task force. This is
09:19:39 really again bringing together the mayor's office, the
09:19:42 council, the corporate business community, really are
09:19:45 encouraging the public sector the private sector to
09:19:59 partner on the development and maintenance of arts and
09:20:01 art policy throughout the city.
09:20:04 You know, we recognize that we are currently in a
09:20:09 challenging economic cycle.
09:20:10 Again, this is a great time to really again to regroup
09:20:13 and to put the forces together that are really going
09:20:16 to be ready for the next up slick with the various
09:20:21 pieces in place that will make art really a priority
09:20:24 going forward.

09:20:27 We are also encouraging -- I know, completed some
09:20:40 temporary exhibits, and we are hoping that some of the
09:20:47 media companies located in the Channel District will
09:20:49 work with the property owners to create some new media
09:20:54 and other kinds of excitement that will bring people
09:20:57 into the district, to get people to walk there and be
09:21:00 curious about it.
09:21:01 We also have a recommendation, property owners, that
09:21:07 we are hoping they would consider relocating their
09:21:10 marketing offices to the ground floor.
09:21:15 From a marketing point of view we are not sure what
09:21:18 the obstacles might be.
09:21:19 But we do think it's a great way to have people, a lot
09:21:24 of people on the street level, but again encourage
09:21:27 people to walk through the neighborhood and overcome
09:21:29 some of their perceptions that the neighborhood may
09:21:31 not be safe.
09:21:34 We also want to -- and this next is underway --
09:21:40 incorporate some of our public art initiative into the
09:21:45 public elements improvements.
09:21:47 We are meeting with Ms. Miller and Mike Chen.
09:21:51 We forwarded some of the suggestions that would be --

09:21:54 have an effect, or could be affected by the
09:21:57 improvement plan, and really, this is an idea that I
09:22:03 know is going to take a lot of work.
09:22:06 There's a lot of work built into this plan and going
09:22:08 to take a lot of volunteerism and a lot of
09:22:11 participation.
09:22:11 But one thing we discovered is that there are over 80
09:22:16 performing arts organizations who are members of the
09:22:19 arts council of Hillsborough County.
09:22:22 That's thousands of people in Tampa who are singing
09:22:24 and dancing.
09:22:28 We heard a lot from a lot of people, that everyone
09:22:33 seemed to crave in the authentic Tampa experience, and
09:22:39 the performers from all around Tampa doing puppets and
09:22:50 barbershop quartets, and so many variations, we would
09:22:54 love to see an arts community that in fact would be in
09:22:59 the Channel District and the great variety of
09:23:05 performers there are in Tampa, and an opportunity to
09:23:07 really bring some of the smaller organizations that
09:23:10 don't always get the recognition they deserve into the
09:23:13 spotlight, and also, you know, it's a great way to
09:23:17 bring people to the streets.

09:23:18 And I think everyone would agree that Tampa loves
09:23:21 parades and loves festivals.
09:23:26 Also, on the longer term, we are looking at very
09:23:30 long-term, the larger picture, which is I think every
09:23:36 mid size city in the U.S. and overseas has discovered
09:23:40 and realized and recognized that arts, the arts, are a
09:23:46 great investment tool.
09:23:48 So in order for Tampa to remain competitive in this
09:23:52 emerging world of arts district and arts planning and
09:23:56 arts investment, the city really must remain very
09:24:00 vigilant on its public policy to make sure that arts
09:24:03 is prioritized and really kept on par with other
09:24:09 public investment infrastructure, health and
09:24:13 education.
09:24:14 We would also like to see public realm bonuses in the
09:24:37 real estate to make sure that taking of private
09:24:40 dollars really follows the same strict guidelines as
09:24:43 the public selection and dedicated staff person, and
09:25:06 the right position for the right person.
09:25:08 I wish I could quit my job and move here and do it.
09:25:13 Also, in recognizing, really celebrating the assets.
09:25:18 There's such a tremendous amount going on here every

09:25:20 day, and more happening every day.
09:25:24 And I know that one of the follow-on plans of the arts
09:25:29 plan was to do a branding of the Channel District.
09:25:32 We really are encouraging a branding exercise that
09:25:35 really would be -- brand Tampa.
09:25:40 Brand Tampa is really at the heart of this.
09:25:42 We also talked a little bit about making sure that
09:25:50 downtown Channel District, Ybor, and I think now we
09:25:53 want to include East Tampa, is really about the
09:25:56 efforts that are really calibrated.
09:26:01 Each has unique characteristics and it would be
09:26:07 counterproductive to market those neighborhoods in
09:26:11 competition with each other.
09:26:12 So we really, really are encouraging that these
09:26:16 neighborhoods really calibrate their marketing
09:26:20 strategy, really look for a longer-term future, when
09:26:24 Tampa is really going to be a major destination.
09:26:28 Florida is scheduled to be the third most populated
09:26:31 state within the next 20 years.
09:26:33 The reason it going to gain between a million and a
09:26:37 half and two million residents.
09:26:38 There's no question that Tampa is growing and going

09:26:40 places.
09:26:41 But Tampa itself is going to be a great destination.
09:26:43 And these communities together combined are going to
09:26:46 be an amazing, wonderful, central city destination,
09:26:51 place to live and visit.
09:26:53 We also would like to see, and the perception has been
09:27:01 strongly supported by most of the people we spoke to,
09:27:05 to really encourage more 18/7 neighborhood where
09:27:15 people are living and working in the community.
09:27:18 We really focus on the artists unlimited building, and
09:27:22 really invigorated the Channel District, and many
09:27:24 years ago, could continue to be a cornerstone of the
09:27:28 arts for arts and artists.
09:27:32 The current building owners would be willing to fund
09:27:38 building and I think it's time to look at recreating
09:27:41 the artists unlimited building, that would offer
09:27:47 residences for artists as well as studio space.
09:27:51 Also, it's very clear that the Channel Districts,
09:27:57 unless some steps are taken to create affordability,
09:28:00 probably are going to be outside too many artists but
09:28:03 there's a great opportunity to live artists in Ybor
09:28:07 City and work artists in the Channel District.

09:28:09 There is a great connectivity between those two
09:28:12 neighborhoods.
09:28:14 We also are looking at creating sustainable creative
09:28:20 industry, one I think I mentioned in our last meeting
09:28:23 would focus on artists in community, some of the
09:28:28 convention centers, exhibiters like the Weavers, for
09:28:35 example, can produce in the Channel District, live in
09:28:37 Ybor City.
09:28:40 We also talked about culinary arts as another pillar.
09:28:44 We have gotten a lot of positive response to that.
09:28:49 And the one that we find the most challenging and most
09:28:53 exciting is going back to those arts associations, if
09:28:58 we can find a way to bring those performing arts
09:29:01 associations together and -- performing arts central,
09:29:06 really.
09:29:06 The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center has already the
09:29:13 possibility of expanding into the district by creating
09:29:16 or reopening a studio.
09:29:18 There is no studio within the Channel District.
09:29:20 So they are looking at creating rehearsal, studio
09:29:24 space there.
09:29:25 And it just a great opportunity to bring some of those

09:29:28 smaller organizations together, even virtually, to
09:29:32 begin with, invite virtual performances in some of
09:29:37 those empty storefronts.
09:29:39 We also want to encourage more linkages, and more
09:29:45 collaboration.
09:29:46 We discovered a little disconnect between audiences
09:29:49 and artist.
09:29:50 Audiences said, there's not enough arts, and the
09:29:54 artists said there's not enough audience.
09:29:56 So somehow, there's all of this.
09:30:01 So we have identified some suggestions on how to bring
09:30:04 audiences and artists together.
09:30:07 Also to bring the corporate and private philanthropy
09:30:12 and public sector together in ways that really, really
09:30:17 form a critical mass of support, where really all of
09:30:24 these components are working together to not support
09:30:27 the art as much as invest in it and see that pay off
09:30:33 in a myriad of ways over time.
09:30:36 Also to encourage to build on the great relationship
09:30:39 that Tampa already has with some exchange cities, the
09:30:48 New York City liaison, to create a wider dialogue with
09:30:50 other cities like New York, L.A., Miami.

09:30:54 There's a great program under way already called kids
09:30:59 connect Tampa, connecting young children to kids in
09:31:03 Amsterdam.
09:31:07 Their web site is something that our age group
09:31:10 probably doesn't understand.
09:31:11 To the kids it's amazing.
09:31:14 The next three items are really more of a physical
09:31:20 either constraint or opportunity.
09:31:24 If you are watching on the district, you have a sense
09:31:27 of feeling of isolation, and that will change over
09:31:29 time.
09:31:31 But we are hoping that some of the public realm
09:31:35 improvements can help with, you know, creating
09:31:39 physical landmarks and way finding that will encourage
09:31:44 people to come into the district.
09:31:47 We are also hoping that by activating the streets and
09:31:50 the storefronts with the activities such as parades,
09:31:57 festivals, the ability to lighten up the storefronts,
09:32:02 will help to also creator expand that sense of
09:32:07 isolation that they currently experience there.
09:32:10 We also have -- this is one of my favorite images --
09:32:17 for the future, when perform arts central, we are

09:32:25 going to have a problem with traffic and parking.
09:32:27 So we are suggesting that the city own the
09:32:33 transportation system, look at ways to minimize the
09:32:37 future traffic congestion.
09:32:39 And I love the stacking cars.
09:32:43 I think there's some great ideas in the world how to
09:32:46 move people around cities, and how to minimize the --
09:32:55 to maximize.
09:32:58 One wacky idea.
09:32:59 Some people are going to love this and some people are
09:33:01 going to hate it.
09:33:02 Everyone hates the -- the way they look and want them
09:33:12 to go away.
09:33:13 Maybe we can light them up.
09:33:14 Maybe we can paint them.
09:33:15 Maybe some artists will have a great idea.
09:33:18 We can already think of a couple of paint companies
09:33:20 that mate donate the paint.
09:33:22 So it's a crazy idea.
09:33:28 Out there for someone to either toss it out or run
09:33:30 with it.
09:33:32 The virtual business is really just keeping pace.

09:33:41 The world is digital.
09:33:42 The world is new media.
09:33:47 The next is on us, and we want to find ways to keep
09:33:51 Channel District not only current but future looking
09:33:53 as well.
09:33:54 So my last point is keep it real.
09:33:58 Well, we got some interesting feedback.
09:34:02 Some people said that arts in Tampa is elitist.
09:34:05 Some people claimed it's very blue collar.
09:34:08 So we think that's worth celebrating and that's great.
09:34:14 We think an aqua color culture and we would like to
09:34:18 see that sense of Tampa that's so unique and so
09:34:20 interesting, kept real, kept accessible and kept
09:34:27 alive.
09:34:27 Thank you.
09:34:29 Any questions?
09:34:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you for the
09:34:34 thoroughness, completeness and excitement of your
09:34:36 study.
09:34:37 And I pledge to you that we will make it happen.
09:34:43 You came up with a lot of good ideas.
09:34:45 But they are only as good as implementing them.

09:34:47 So thank you for getting us to this point.
09:34:49 >>> My pleasure.
09:34:51 Thanks for all your support, too.
09:34:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, you have done a great job and I
09:34:57 am really impressed with the way that you have kind of
09:35:00 incorporated Tampa.
09:35:04 This is not somebody coming in and giving us some
09:35:06 cookie cutter -- it's fantastic and I think really
09:35:10 important for us to realize that all of the things
09:35:13 that we are going to do as a city, we have to create
09:35:15 those incentives, and the emphasis for artists in the
09:35:21 private sector to be able to do this.
09:35:23 So there is going to be something we are going to have
09:35:25 to give to the project, and a minimum of which is
09:35:28 trying to get some staff, someone to work on this.
09:35:32 And I think we talked about the fact because of the
09:35:38 budget crunch, I think we need to look at the idea of
09:35:41 a coordinator in the bigger realm of maybe serving,
09:35:50 also downtown, Ybor City, maybe all of our CRA.
09:35:53 Ybor City and East Tampa and downtown.
09:35:55 So if you look at it in that way -- and maybe not to
09:36:05 have these neighborhoods compete with each other so if

09:36:07 you have someone who is looking at the big picture,
09:36:10 and I think that's our big problem now.
09:36:12 We don't really have any cultural arts in place other
09:36:15 than that public arts department which is overwhelmed
09:36:19 with picking up everything else.
09:36:22 So I think that's what we need to start with.
09:36:24 But you have got some great ideas.
09:36:26 I think the Con-Agra thing is great because you can do
09:36:30 some projections, and a public arts project
09:36:33 incorporated.
09:36:38 >>> Thanks.
09:36:39 Any other questions?
09:36:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate your presentation.
09:36:43 Very nice and very well done.
09:36:44 However, I look at things with a different view.
09:36:48 I look at outside the box.
09:36:51 Where are we, and where are we going?
09:36:54 Where were we ten years ago in Channelside?
09:36:57 There was no Channelside.
09:36:58 Where are we today?
09:37:00 I think we made a lot of strides in and out to create
09:37:03 what's there today.

09:37:05 I think a lot of good individuals, corporations,
09:37:09 partnerships, have certainly put their blood, sweat
09:37:12 and money where their mouth was to do what's there.
09:37:16 I look at things as being successful rather than not
09:37:19 being successful, meaning that somebody is trying to
09:37:23 achieve a goal, whatever that goal may be.
09:37:26 That certainly wasn't my idea.
09:37:29 So the kudos go to them.
09:37:32 I think we had an arts person on the city before.
09:37:39 If I remember a year and a half ago or something like
09:37:41 that.
09:37:47 I'm not one right now to be very forward with everyone
09:37:52 here in the audience.
09:37:53 I don't go to many meetings.
09:37:54 Why do I not do that?
09:37:56 Because I read a lot of violations regarding sunshine
09:38:00 laws.
09:38:01 I don't go to CRA meetings.
09:38:02 I don't go to a lot of meetings where I may
09:38:06 subconsciously influence members of the board,
09:38:09 whatever they are, to come back before me again, and I
09:38:14 have to explain that.

09:38:15 And I don't want to have to ever do that.
09:38:18 I don't know who does and who doesn't do that.
09:38:19 Maybe they do.
09:38:20 So what I'm saying is, I restrict myself to being a
09:38:24 council member.
09:38:25 And I do that by design, not by nature.
09:38:28 I would love to go to all these meetings.
09:38:30 I do not.
09:38:33 However, the budgetary constraints in this city,
09:38:37 there's a lot, for another position.
09:38:40 I have streets 35, 40 years old that haven't been
09:38:43 paved.
09:38:44 I got a call this morning that I have been working on.
09:38:46 There's various things in the city.
09:38:47 I need more of everything.
09:38:50 And it's not to say your gesture and well taken, let
09:38:56 me say, is not something that does not need to be
09:38:59 addressed.
09:38:59 How do we address that becomes the question.
09:39:05 For me to say that I'm going forward would be
09:39:08 misleading you.
09:39:09 And I'm not in position to say that.

09:39:11 Although I admire your work, I really do, honestly, I
09:39:15 admire what you've done.
09:39:17 It puts it in the threshold of opening the door to
09:39:20 look somewhere to achieve those goals.
09:39:22 I just don't know where that somewhere is right now.
09:39:25 I'll be very sincere with you.
09:39:27 But I'm willing to listen to more.
09:39:30 I have never talked to you or anyone in the audience
09:39:32 regarding these projects.
09:39:34 I just don't do that.
09:39:36 And I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings by not
09:39:40 talking directly about these things.
09:39:41 I just don't do that.
09:39:43 So that's where I'm at.
09:39:46 And thank you.
09:39:46 I think we have that position funded at once and that
09:39:51 would be an administrative decision to determine the
09:39:53 needs and necessity and the priorities of the city.
09:39:57 Do we have enough art?
09:40:01 In a, we don't.
09:40:02 In Spain there's art in every corner but I also don't
09:40:04 live in Oviedo, Spain.

09:40:06 That's a city that's much older than the City of
09:40:08 Tampa, much older than the country of America.
09:40:11 So what I'm saying is we are taking baby steps to
09:40:14 achieve certain goals.
09:40:15 But there's a lot of streets and a lot of sewers and a
09:40:18 lot of water.
09:40:19 I don't know what the administration is going to do.
09:40:21 I may go with them, I may not.
09:40:24 So I'm letting you know now that my position is on
09:40:26 hold but I really, really appreciate this one of the
09:40:30 best presentations I have ever seen.
09:40:32 >>> Thank you.
09:40:33 I really appreciate that.
09:40:34 You remind me of the conversation I had with Jack just
09:40:38 about two months ago and he described how he went into
09:40:41 the district 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and he said
09:40:47 the first thing they had to do, the unemployment was
09:40:50 so high, almost 50%, he said the first thing they had
09:40:53 to do was replace the sewers, and then we have to
09:40:56 replace the roads, and then the schools, and so on,
09:40:59 and now he has an unemployment rate of 4% and it's one
09:41:02 of the most thriving arts cities in the country now.

09:41:07 There are layers, and they are all are important.
09:41:13 >> I am in complete agreement.
09:41:14 When we look at Channelside, we don't see what's there
09:41:21 now.
09:41:21 But when you close your eyes -- and I don't want to
09:41:24 insult anyone in the audience -- you go back and what
09:41:27 it was, and the goals, that's been the tool of the
09:41:30 development of the City of Tampa.
09:41:31 When you look at Meridian Avenue, when you look at
09:41:34 what was there before, and we forgot one thing.
09:41:40 We can always buy out Con-Agra but the price is
09:41:44 unaffordable right now.
09:41:46 >>> Actually, I'm glad you brought up these concerns.
09:41:49 The direction that the arts and philanthropy are
09:41:55 moving in are really much more towards
09:41:58 entrepreneurialism.
09:42:00 The best practices of other cities.
09:42:01 And one of the reasons we are encouraging the combined
09:42:05 effort is it's to really bring in ideas like the rock
09:42:10 fellers loan program, small amounts, a capital
09:42:15 donation and a very large amount that's a loan to
09:42:17 nonprofits at a great low rate.

09:42:19 And it's an idea and trend that's becoming very
09:42:22 popular among private donors as well as foundations.
09:42:27 >> I agree with you wholeheartedly.
09:42:30 When you light a spark that may be the government.
09:42:33 When you light the fire it will be the development
09:42:38 coming up with the cashola.
09:42:42 >>> I believe speaking of public meetings, I'm not
09:42:46 sure -- what is it?
09:42:52 The Elmo.
09:42:53 There are public meetings scheduled this evening.
09:42:55 There is one tonight at the aquarium.
09:42:56 Another one in the morning at the Port Authority
09:42:59 building.
09:42:59 And then there will be a really rounding up meeting on
09:43:04 July 31st.
09:43:06 And we are really looking forward to receiving your
09:43:08 comments, questions, between now and hopefully next
09:43:16 July.
09:43:17 We have an opportunity to wrap those into our final
09:43:20 plan.
09:43:20 Thank you.
09:43:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for the presentation.

09:43:23 Okay.
09:43:24 Mr. Huey.
09:43:35 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you.
09:43:36 You put a lot of hard work into that plan and some
09:43:41 creativity and vision.
09:43:43 Our next agenda item relates to the Channel District.
09:43:46 We had committed to updating you on two items in the
09:43:51 Channel District.
09:43:52 One relates to the possibility of encouraging more
09:43:55 parks in the district and the second was retail
09:44:00 incentives.
09:44:01 Bob McDonough sent you letters giving you an update
09:44:06 and I asked him to share a minute on each and answer
09:44:08 any questions that you might have.
09:44:12 >> Bob McDONAUGH: Good morning.
09:44:17 First of all on parks.
09:44:20 That is an ongoing project.
09:44:21 The current economy has made it interesting.
09:44:24 We have a somewhat moving target there between what we
09:44:26 can afford and what we have, as well as the price of
09:44:29 land, which is the moving target.
09:44:35 We are working with the city's consultant Wilson

09:44:37 Miller to identify places within the district that
09:44:39 could be potential locations.
09:44:42 We spent a lot of time talking to the people that live
09:44:44 in the district about exactly what it is they want.
09:44:46 Do they want a large Central Park, a series of parks,
09:44:51 little pocket parks?
09:44:53 Again getting the feedback and feeding into a master
09:44:56 plan.
09:44:56 And something that's encouraging, in a slowed-down
09:45:04 real estate, a couple of developers that own property
09:45:06 in the district have spoken to me about the potential
09:45:09 about doing temporary parks.
09:45:12 Along the way of what we have done with the freedom
09:45:15 park and Bayshore and Bay to Bay.
09:45:17 I have spoken to the Parks Department and it's
09:45:19 something that they are encouraged about.
09:45:20 So I will move forward with conversations with those
09:45:23 developers to see what we can do to at least in the
09:45:26 interim develop some parks, and deliver them to the
09:45:31 people who live there.
09:45:32 And it blends into my intensive conversation.
09:45:37 I spent a lot of time talking to developers, to

09:45:40 retailers.
09:45:41 I was a developer and a retailer at one time.
09:45:44 And the issue is not so much what can the government
09:45:47 give me, but really deliver me more bodies.
09:45:51 And that's what makes it more attractive to a
09:45:53 retailer.
09:45:54 And the tact that I am taking right now is
09:45:57 specifically making these districts more livable, more
09:46:00 attractive.
09:46:01 The addition of parks, the addition of lighting, the
09:46:04 addition of road repair, which, A, makes it more
09:46:08 comfortable for the people who live there, who can
09:46:10 give a more positive conversation to people about,
09:46:15 yeah, we really like it.
09:46:16 I'm not worried about the lights, it's not dark, and
09:46:19 fixing the pot holes, and that encourages people to
09:46:23 come down there and to live.
09:46:25 Secondly, we are targeting certain industries.
09:46:28 And I think the top of everybody's list is the fact
09:46:32 they would love to have a grocer.
09:46:38 I have developed grocery stores in the past and talked
09:46:40 to them about what can the City of Tampa do to

09:46:45 encourage you to bring a store to one of these
09:46:47 districts?
09:46:49 That's in a nutshell basically what I am doing as far
09:46:51 as parks and the retail incentive program.
09:46:54 Questions?
09:47:02 >>MARY MULHERN: There's clearly not the density for a
09:47:09 grocery at this point.
09:47:10 But I think if you look at other cities, what urban
09:47:13 neighborhoods have, on the corner of every street
09:47:20 practically in Brooklyn or New York or any
09:47:22 neighborhood, just residential neighborhood in
09:47:24 Chicago, there's always a corner grocery store.
09:47:28 And we have those in our more residential
09:47:31 neighborhoods in the city here.
09:47:33 But nothing downtown like that.
09:47:35 And I think that's something that might really be
09:47:38 sustainable, even now if it was located somewhere,
09:47:43 where it would be, you know -- I mean anywhere in the
09:47:46 Channel District where even people who work downtown
09:47:49 could go to for lunch, could you pick up something and
09:47:52 eat it on the way home, and it seems like if there's
09:47:54 any kind of possibility in the near future, that's

09:47:58 kind of what we need.
09:47:59 And one of the things I was thinking about is that we
09:48:01 have had sort of a glut of natural food stores in the
09:48:08 last couple years in South Tampa.
09:48:10 And I don't think they are all going to survive.
09:48:13 But it might be something to look at some smaller
09:48:16 stores that are not making it because of the
09:48:20 competition and see if there's a way that some of
09:48:23 those might want to move into the Channelside.
09:48:27 >>> It's something I'll look at.
09:48:30 Again the difficulty with some of those businesses is
09:48:34 they are only attracted to a certain segment.
09:48:36 Population.
09:48:37 Again I'm trying to serve my entire constituency.
09:48:40 >> Right.
09:48:42 >>> By giving them what they want.
09:48:43 I understand what you are saying and I will
09:48:45 investigate that.
09:48:45 >> I think really whether it's a niche or -- the
09:48:56 smaller the better.
09:48:57 >>> Again as a rule of thumb you talked about the
09:48:59 corner grocery in Brooklyn and Chicago, they have more

09:49:02 people in one of those blocks than we have in both of
09:49:04 the districts right now.
09:49:05 Although the numbers are very encouraging.
09:49:08 And the developers that have a lot of vacant space are
09:49:11 being very aggressive in leasing the spaces, as well
09:49:13 as selling them.
09:49:14 And it's a message we are getting out, that there are
09:49:17 bodies coming down here.
09:49:19 Consumers.
09:49:22 Which is an important thing.
09:49:23 And I think later on we'll have conversations about
09:49:25 the social contact and their different way of looking
09:49:29 at demographics.
09:49:30 And we have challenged them with a couple more
09:49:32 locations.
09:49:33 And we are using that as a tool that, yes, there is
09:49:37 disposable income and perhaps there are more people
09:49:40 than we realize.
09:49:41 Again we talk about a grocer.
09:49:43 Their service area is about a two-mile radius.
09:49:46 And the numbers are somewhat encouraging when you look
09:49:49 at the Harbor Island, the Davis Island, the downtown,

09:49:51 the Ybor, and the Channel District.
09:49:54 But we are vigorously pursuing something to make our
09:49:59 constituency happen.
09:50:05 Thank you.
09:50:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sorry.
09:50:08 Just a couple of things.
09:50:09 In regard to the parks, on the notion of temporary
09:50:16 parks, the good side and bad side to it.
09:50:20 The freedom park that you referred to as corner of Bay
09:50:22 to Bay and Bayshore, parking areas, for the use of
09:50:26 Bayshore, which is wonderful in the short term.
09:50:30 But what I have had, the experience I have had, when
09:50:36 the project came in for redevelopment, all of a sudden
09:50:39 folks said, oh, we thought the city owned that, and
09:50:41 why doesn't the city own that?
09:50:43 And why isn't the city more aggressive in taking
09:50:45 ownership of buying it?
09:50:49 So you get people's hopes up and you get them
09:50:52 comfortable right across the street here, and most
09:50:58 people probably think the city owns Lykes park,
09:51:01 because how many years has it been now?
09:51:04 >> 12.

09:51:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And it's wonderful that we do use
09:51:07 it but at some point they are going to take it back
09:51:11 and build a high-rise and everybody will be mad at the
09:51:13 city.
09:51:14 >>> Expectations is a large part of what we do and
09:51:17 again given Mr. Miranda's comments about a budget
09:51:20 situation, this is something you can deliver to people
09:51:22 tomorrow, or within three or four months we can
09:51:25 develop it.
09:51:26 Why we are working on this long-term plan, securing
09:51:30 land for current employment.
09:51:31 So I'm looking at both.
09:51:33 I'm not just talking about, yeah, we have got a couple
09:51:36 temporary parks and I can go home and work on
09:51:38 something else.
09:51:39 No.
09:51:39 We are looking at the temporary solution.
09:51:41 We are looking at the long-term solution as well.
09:51:43 >> And do you have any sense of, you know, any sense
09:51:51 of the realistic possibilities of acquiring some small
09:51:54 pocket parks in the Channel District?
09:51:56 >>> There are several small parcels that are

09:51:58 available.
09:51:59 I am in the process of talking to land owners.
09:52:01 We also are working with Wilson Miller about a master
09:52:04 plan.
09:52:05 I think part of the issue, councilman Dingfelder, part
09:52:10 of the issue is that we are getting very different
09:52:14 messages from the public.
09:52:15 And I'm spending a lot of time in neighborhood groups
09:52:19 to determine exactly what it is that people want.
09:52:21 And before I commit to certain plans I would like to
09:52:24 make sure that we are going to deliver to the
09:52:27 constituency what it is they are hoping for.
09:52:30 >> I recognize when you get into negotiations it's not
09:52:32 something you want to stand in front of council and
09:52:34 talk about, but periodically I hope you will get back
09:52:37 with us on this issue as you can.
09:52:38 >>> It can have a rather inflationary effect upon land
09:52:42 prices, yes.
09:52:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
09:52:47 Thank you.
09:52:47 >>> Thank you.
09:52:53 >> MARK HUEY: I skipped over item 3 accidentally.

09:52:55 Joe John is going to come up and update you on the
09:52:58 strategic action plan process in Tampa.
09:53:14 >>> Ed Johnson, urban development manager for East
09:53:17 Tampa.
09:53:19 I am going to use the Elmo to kind of walk us through
09:53:24 our scheduled approval process.
09:53:30 I just want to kind of give you an update as to where
09:53:45 we are in getting to the final CRA, East Tampa
09:53:51 strategic action plan for East Tampa.
09:53:53 Our consultant, the URS corporation, has made great
09:53:56 progress on getting to its first draft of our plan.
09:53:59 We are hoping to receive the draft on July 11th,
09:54:05 is what our target date is, and then during the rest
09:54:08 of the month of July and August, we will take the
09:54:13 draft into review and edit process throughout all of
09:54:16 our city departments, and also our staff, and then
09:54:21 hopefully by the beginning of September, we will
09:54:25 distribute that first draft plan, and then start
09:54:29 opening up the plan for review by the various groups
09:54:34 as alluded to here in our schedule, East Tampa
09:54:39 community advisory committee, the East Tampa community
09:54:42 revitalization partnership, and East Tampa community,

09:54:47 you the CRA board, and we also plan to post it on the
09:54:49 city's web site.
09:54:51 And at that time we'll start conducting some review
09:54:54 meetings, hopefully we'll actually request that all of
09:54:59 you, you as board members and our East Tampa
09:55:02 stakeholders, also conduct extensive reviews of this
09:55:06 plan and help us with editing what needs to be
09:55:10 included in the final draft in this month of
09:55:14 September.
09:55:14 And then hopefully in the beginning of October, we'll
09:55:18 have this final draft plan for final review that Brian
09:55:23 will request that you schedule a workshop with the CRA
09:55:25 board, the board members, to go over that final draft,
09:55:32 or the approval process.
09:55:33 Also during that time we will also do inspection
09:55:38 meetings with our advisory committee to do the same
09:55:42 thing, and hopefully by the CRA board meeting October
09:55:45 30th, if everything goes right, we'll bring the
09:55:48 plan back for final approval at that time.
09:55:54 I am open for questions.
09:55:55 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm wondering why we are not -- the
09:55:59 CRA board isn't included in that July-August draft

09:56:01 plan review.
09:56:03 I think we would like to be able to see that, the
09:56:07 draft.
09:56:11 >>> We could do that.
09:56:13 >>MARY MULHERN: If you could copy us.
09:56:15 I would like to meet with you and see where you are.
09:56:18 >>> Not a problem.
09:56:19 We can do that.
09:56:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The plan is pretty much in place.
09:56:34 So probably early on in that process.
09:56:48 Is that part of the overall plan as well that you
09:56:51 all --
09:56:53 >>> In the plan it's a program that will be used under
09:57:01 the incentive portion of the plan itself, but the
09:57:03 actual creation of this commercial facade program is
09:57:07 going to be a district wide commercial facade plan.
09:57:10 We are in the process right now of putting the final
09:57:14 legal parameters around how we operate this program
09:57:16 across all of our CRAs.
09:57:19 Mike Chen is heading that up.
09:57:21 And then each one of our CRAs is going to have
09:57:24 individual criteria built within the facade program

09:57:29 that will address issues that are really specific to
09:57:32 the district itself.
09:57:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are you talking about the East Tampa
09:57:39 CRA area?
09:57:40 >>> Yes.
09:57:41 We'll have a CRA wide, all of our CRA including
09:57:50 commercial facade program, so the policy will get
09:57:53 written in design that it will be used in all of our
09:57:57 CRAs, but within each individual area, there will be
09:58:01 specific things that we will be able to target.
09:58:03 >> But it's my understanding in East Tampa, we are
09:58:06 just talking about East Tampa right now N.east Tampa,
09:58:09 there are certain boundaries, geographical locations
09:58:11 limited to, and I have received calls about that
09:58:14 relative to that.
09:58:15 So I'm speaking of that, before you go any further,
09:58:18 that maybe could you go back and open that up and take
09:58:21 a look at those who may have an interest in
09:58:23 participating in the whole commercial facade program.
09:58:27 >>> If I could, I could make sure that gets understood
09:58:36 very clearly in our initial work and what we thought
09:58:38 would be appropriate for CRAs, East Tampa CRA, what

09:58:46 we are fortunate to have, the University of South
09:58:48 Florida has some students this past summer that
09:58:51 actually helped us survey several of the areas within
09:58:56 our CRA boundary.
09:58:57 And that was the businesses along 22nd street,
09:59:01 29th street and 34th street.
09:59:04 They couldn't survey the whole CRA because it was just
09:59:06 too large and they didn't have enough students to do
09:59:08 that.
09:59:09 That's where I think folks might have misunderstood
09:59:11 that we were only looking at certain streets within
09:59:13 East Tampa.
09:59:15 That's not going to be the case when the policy is
09:59:18 written.
09:59:18 The policy will govern any business --
09:59:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
09:59:21 Yeah, that's fine.
09:59:23 I'm glad to hear that.
09:59:24 And I said this, too, I have gotten a couple calls
09:59:28 about that so it good to hear that.
09:59:30 So we will certainly relay that message, from my
09:59:34 office, and you being the director in East Tampa as

09:59:37 well.
09:59:37 That's pretty clear.
09:59:38 Thank you.
09:59:38 >>MARY MULHERN: You know, you brought that up about
09:59:43 the USF students.
09:59:46 It might be something that you could continue to do,
09:59:51 and then is it -- are they getting credit for it?
09:59:57 >>> Yes, that's correct.
09:59:58 As part of their continuing ed program, and
10:00:02 periodically, university allowed some of the
10:00:07 department that is have funding under a service grant
10:00:10 that they have, a few dollars every semester to allow
10:00:14 some of the graduate student to go out and do
10:00:16 community research work.
10:00:18 >> And were they doing that with you, with your
10:00:19 department, or --
10:00:23 >>> Through our department and the community supported
10:00:25 it.
10:00:26 >> It would be great if they continued it.
10:00:28 There's probably a lot of streets there.
10:00:29 Get them through four years, right?
10:00:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Not on the plan but I have a question.

10:00:38 East Tampa was requested to modify their bylaws.
10:00:40 Have they?
10:00:44 >>> Yes, ma'am, as a matter of fact the planning
10:00:45 evaluation subcommittee met last evening to work on
10:00:48 their final input for their amendments to their bylaws
10:00:55 that would make them in complains with our recent
10:01:01 community advisory policy.
10:01:03 Mr. Bookings and Mr. Palmer who head that committee up
10:01:06 are here today, if you would allow them to speak for a
10:01:10 couple of minutes, but they are moving very fast.
10:01:15 To get it accomplished prior to the election process
10:01:22 >> It's nearing completion.
10:01:40 Very attractive, really, and going to be a nice
10:01:43 feature added back to our community.
10:01:46 I received an e-mail the day before yesterday that's
10:01:48 already been scheduled for dedication on July
10:01:51 31st.
10:01:52 So they are marrying the completion of that one,
10:01:55 getting ready to start on the Martin Luther King and
10:01:58 19th street pond as we speak because it will be
10:02:00 the same contractor that will be doing all of the
10:02:03 ponds.

10:02:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And the one on 34th street is
10:02:07 already being used.
10:02:10 >>> Yes, sir.
10:02:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?
10:02:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
10:02:14 I just wanted to clarify that as you develop the
10:02:17 budget for this next fiscal year for East Tampa, that
10:02:23 I was concerned about the timing.
10:02:25 It appears that the plan won't be adopted until after
10:02:31 we will be looking at a budget.
10:02:33 And I wanted to make sure that the input from the
10:02:36 community about the plan is also reflected in the new
10:02:40 budget that we are going to be developing for the next
10:02:42 fiscal year.
10:02:43 >>> Yes.
10:02:44 As a matter of fact, we have asked the consultant to
10:02:48 make sure that they provide us with input for this
10:02:52 next budgeting process based on what information they
10:02:54 already have, the date they know that they can give us
10:02:58 some recommendations and how we should be utilizing
10:03:00 these funds in the short term.
10:03:02 >> I am interested in consultant reports but I'm

10:03:04 really interested in the community commentary on what
10:03:07 the consultants say.
10:03:08 Because like we just heard from Leigh.
10:03:12 It's the community that ultimately lives there and
10:03:14 needs to work to get this thing done.
10:03:16 And so it's really collaborative.
10:03:18 And we as a CRA board, you know, accept, creating and
10:03:23 developing the budget, want to hear the community
10:03:28 commentary on the consultant's recommendation.
10:03:31 >> Yes.
10:03:32 And as you are aware, the creation of the East Tampa
10:03:36 community advisory committee, when it first started
10:03:38 almost six years ago now, that was the center point
10:03:42 for all of this, that it would be a community driven
10:03:45 process.
10:03:45 So the budgets that are presented to you are from the
10:03:48 community.
10:03:48 They are not from the staff.
10:03:51 I just want to make clear that the community is very
10:03:54 involved in this process.
10:03:59 And budgets are their recommendations.
10:04:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there a time you need to receive

10:04:05 these from East Tampa so you have time to review?
10:04:13 >>SAL TERRITO: Going into effect before the next round
10:04:15 of elections which would be September-October time
10:04:17 frame because that's when four new members are going
10:04:20 to be chosen.
10:04:21 It wouldn't take me very long, a few weeks, before
10:04:23 that happens.
10:04:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Two or three weeks?
10:04:27 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes.
10:04:30 If I can get them sometime in late July, early August,
10:04:32 that would give me sufficient time.
10:04:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Late July or early August.
10:04:37 Let them know that.
10:04:38 >>> We'll probably have them ready before the end of
10:04:40 the month.
10:04:41 Thank you.
10:04:48 >>MARK HUEY: If I could make a brief comment on the
10:04:50 facade program.
10:04:51 That is currently funded in East Tampa as well as Drew
10:04:54 Park.
10:04:54 So it will be again reflected we think in the East
10:04:58 Tampa plan.

10:04:59 We just want to make it clear that it's a funded
10:05:02 program now and we have been working this year to
10:05:04 really structure the program and we will be bringing
10:05:05 to you the policy and process for that program
10:05:09 shortly.
10:05:14 The item 5.
10:05:17 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:05:19 In the last CRA meeting we had an issue come up on
10:05:22 what kind of communication should be between an
10:05:25 advisory board member and a board member here in CRA,
10:05:28 and got a little enthusiastic and think I went too
10:05:31 far.
10:05:32 You are allowed to speak with individuals, CRA
10:05:37 advisory board member, which is not a problem.
10:05:39 Way want to caution you was that they shouldn't be
10:05:42 coming before you and representing their board's
10:05:45 position, because then you get into a sunshine issue
10:05:47 and you as individuals shouldn't be speaking for the
10:05:50 entire board.
10:05:50 As you know, you are a collegial body, you work
10:05:53 through consensus and you want to be somewhat cautious
10:05:57 on taking the position that you are passing along to

10:05:59 an advisory board committee because you are speaking
10:06:01 for yourself, unless the CRA has taken a position in
10:06:05 that particular issue.
10:06:07 But you are clearly allowed to speak with an
10:06:08 individual member so long as they are not speaking for
10:06:11 their board and they are not speaking for your board.
10:06:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:06:21 >>SAL TERRITO: Some of the discussion I heard from
10:06:23 individual board members there seemed to be some
10:06:25 confusion on what an individual board member's role
10:06:27 should be if he or she shows up for a CRA board,
10:06:30 advisory board meeting.
10:06:31 And it's been my understanding that your policies are
10:06:34 that the chair then advises you on their positions.
10:06:38 Some of the newer members are not exactly sure what
10:06:41 position CRA board members, if he or she comes to the
10:06:45 board and is advocating a different position.
10:06:47 You may want to look at that issue.
10:06:49 Individual members can obviously speak for themselves.
10:06:52 You are not restricted on what you do.
10:06:54 You are not restricted on attending any of their
10:06:56 individual advisory board meetings.

10:06:58 I just want to dogs caution you that they are there to
10:07:01 advise you, not the other way around, when you are
10:07:04 giving them advice that should be done as a collegial
10:07:06 body so you don't get into that issue of I'm speaking
10:07:08 for the board, and I just want to caution you on that
10:07:11 particular issue.
10:07:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Territo, you are saying I can sit
10:07:18 and listen and not give any advice, but not answering
10:07:22 the question.
10:07:22 >>SAL TERRITO: You can obviously speak.
10:07:25 But I want to just caution you that you don't speak,
10:07:28 and try to give direction for the board.
10:07:31 If you want to give your own advice -- the problem we
10:07:34 are having is some are new members and they are not
10:07:38 exactly sure what their role is yet.
10:07:40 Some of the advisory bodies that have been around
10:07:42 awhile understand their relationship to you, to advice
10:07:44 you on their positions and to give you their best
10:07:46 advice.
10:07:48 If a board member shows up and starts giving their
10:07:51 advice, they are not sure if they should be taking it,
10:07:53 how much weight they should be putting on it.

10:07:56 It's that kind of issue coming up, with the newer
10:07:59 board members primarily.
10:08:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.
10:08:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't think I have been to a CRA
10:08:05 advisory board.
10:08:07 I tend to stay away from those myself personally,
10:08:11 unless we have a whole board meeting.
10:08:20 But I think it ought to be made clear again that if a
10:08:24 board member, if a CRA member goes to a CRA advisory
10:08:30 board meeting, they can articulate their own position
10:08:35 but they cannot officially articulate if the board had
10:08:40 not voted on that.
10:08:43 And that's what you are saying.
10:08:45 And it needs to be made clear, that they need to spell
10:08:49 out that the board has not taken action, this board,
10:08:51 they are speaking their own opinion on what they
10:08:53 desire.
10:08:59 At the same time, that's why I stay away, because I
10:09:02 don't want to interfere with their ability to advise
10:09:06 us, and I want to hear from them, and of course it's
10:09:11 more than likely this board will go along with what
10:09:13 the advisory board has recommended, and that's a

10:09:18 reason why we need to overturn that decision.
10:09:20 So that's been my posture since being here on CRA
10:09:23 board.
10:09:29 >>MARK HUEY: Item 6.
10:09:31 Our next community meeting is scheduled for October
10:09:40 and I'll be getting your feedback on where that should
10:09:43 be down the road.
10:09:44 We don't have a date yet.
10:09:46 Don't have it scheduled.
10:09:47 The policy has been the month of October.
10:09:50 We skipped June meeting.
10:09:59 The next item is the downtown Channel District.
10:10:02 I provided you a memorandum on that.
10:10:05 For the last two years, we have been working with the
10:10:07 downtown partnership.
10:10:10 They have taken the lead on redoing our wayfinding
10:10:14 signage throughout downtown and our Channel District.
10:10:17 Again, we have been working on that for two years.
10:10:19 We have invested about $250,000 of TIF funds.
10:10:23 We have an opportunity to complete that prior to the
10:10:25 Super Bowl.
10:10:26 And so we would like to move forward on that.

10:10:28 The memorandum outlined that.
10:10:30 It really was written to put you on notice that in
10:10:34 next year's TIF budgets for the Channel District and
10:10:37 downtown we'll have $260,000 in each of those budgets
10:10:41 in order to complete that project.
10:10:46 And that was the purpose of this memorandum, to look
10:10:48 through the concerns that you might have on that,
10:10:49 because we will be directing the downtown partnership
10:10:52 this month.
10:10:53 We need to in order for them to get this project done.
10:10:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.
10:10:59 I know this has been worked on for five years.
10:11:02 I just want to make sure that Tampa Union Station is
10:11:04 included in the signage.
10:11:05 I ran into some people at the station who said that
10:11:08 they had a really tough time finding it, that they are
10:11:11 currently aren't signs directing people there.
10:11:13 As we begin to rely more on train travel, we need to
10:11:17 show people where that is.
10:11:20 Thank you.
10:11:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Next item.
10:11:25 >>MARK HUEY: Next item.

10:11:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Streetcar.
10:11:30 >>MARK HUEY: We have David ARMIJO here to provide a
10:11:36 business plan for the streetcar.
10:11:37 As you are aware, we are in the process of moving
10:11:39 forward excitedly about an extension of that street
10:11:42 car more into the center of our central business
10:11:45 district.
10:11:45 There is a new business plan associated with that.
10:11:48 And importantly it calls for increased funding over
10:11:52 time on the part of the downtown Channel District, the
10:11:55 Ybor City CRA.
10:11:56 So we wanted to brief you on that.
10:11:59 David, we are glad you are here to do that.
10:12:03 >>> Good morning.
10:12:09 I think we have some slides.
10:12:12 There we go.
10:12:14 Thank you.
10:12:14 Technology works very well.
10:12:17 This is a great opportunity.
10:12:18 I know that there's been lots of discussion over the
10:12:20 past year about the streetcar.
10:12:22 We have done a very good job in the past few months

10:12:24 coming up with a 20 year plan, the first update of
10:12:27 that plan in the last almost five years.
10:12:30 We were able to structure a plan in such a way that we
10:12:33 are able to balance the revenues and expenditures
10:12:35 which of course is something we all try to do,
10:12:38 personal business.
10:12:38 But we are very excited about the potential of the
10:12:40 future.
10:12:42 I will go right through this presentation.
10:12:43 Next slide, please.
10:12:47 There are some key elements to the presentation,
10:12:50 including looking at where we are going to go
10:12:53 long-term.
10:12:54 Obviously 20 years now is quite a bit of time.
10:12:57 Critical aspect of why this presentation and the
10:12:59 update is coming at this time is we are will go at
10:13:02 extending the streetcar.
10:13:03 And I have some slides at the back end of the
10:13:05 presentation.
10:13:06 I will talk a little bit about the streetcar
10:13:08 extension.
10:13:08 But one of the key elements of that is some funding

10:13:12 processes, some federal funds that did require the
10:13:15 update at the time that we are now doing it.
10:13:17 That would include looking at the entire framework of
10:13:19 the street car system, looking at the 20-year cash
10:13:23 flows that we have for revenues.
10:13:29 In 2008 we are using the current year as our base
10:13:32 year.
10:13:32 We are actually looking at a very flat year.
10:13:34 In fact year to date ridership on the street cars is
10:13:38 virtually zero.
10:13:39 We are not seeing any growth.
10:13:40 There's a number of factors affecting that.
10:13:42 As we know, the economy, perhaps a little less traffic
10:13:45 than we are seeing at the airport and some of the
10:13:46 effort around the waterfront has kind of hurt us a
10:13:51 little bit.
10:13:52 But to take us forward 20 years we have put some
10:13:55 opportunities in there we are going to talk about
10:13:57 today, both in the CRA, as well as revenues itself.
10:14:01 And part of that plan would be to look at having fare
10:14:04 increases of about a quarter, 25 cents every three
10:14:08 years, street car board will be taking action on that

10:14:10 very soon.
10:14:11 Revenues would then in fact be equal to the projected
10:14:14 ridership again for the average fare.
10:14:16 We would hope that over the course of 20 years that
10:14:18 the streetcar you see today will be very different.
10:14:21 There's a lot of discussion about perhaps expanding
10:14:22 the hours, and growing into more of a commuter system.
10:14:27 That of course can be done and looked at in the
10:14:29 future, update of the plan and certainly would be
10:14:31 something we would be looking at once we complete the
10:14:33 extension of the streetcar.
10:14:35 Other elements of revenue would include special
10:14:38 effects of revenue here, the Port Authority paying,
10:14:43 the CRA TIF revenue which we will be growing over the
10:14:46 course of this plan and of course other revenues which
10:14:48 would include naming rights for the THS board.
10:14:51 We have actually done one other thing that's a little
10:14:53 different in this update.
10:14:54 We have now included a capital update maintenance plan
10:14:57 for the program which I think is very critical.
10:14:59 Vehicle is now approaching about a six-year period.
10:15:02 They have a much longer life.

10:15:04 They would be in fact scheduled for some preventive
10:15:07 maintenance of those vehicles beginning in 2010.
10:15:12 We have also been able to capture some of the costs
10:15:15 for the right-of-way so we feel very confident.
10:15:17 There are some additional funds that will be coming in
10:15:19 during the course of 2010 and those are in the plan
10:15:21 and those would help us with the maintenance of the
10:15:23 program.
10:15:24 The phase one will in fact move us to preserving the
10:15:29 endowment account.
10:15:30 One of the key elements of the plan is to lower the
10:15:32 operating cost.
10:15:34 As you know, since the inception of the program, there
10:15:38 has been an operating deficit each year.
10:15:41 One of the ways we are structuring the balance is
10:15:43 looking at enhanced revenue, some of which I have
10:15:46 already addressed, and some additional revenues as we
10:15:49 go forward.
10:15:49 Primarily, fare box recovery, growing the system and
10:15:53 lowering the operating costs.
10:15:54 We believe adjusting the cost in the first fiscal year
10:15:57 of '09 we will be able to adjust for that.

10:16:00 Now phase two, and the whole reason for the update is
10:16:04 to look at the streetcar extensions.
10:16:05 I want to address that briefly.
10:16:07 We look at service beginning in two years.
10:16:09 Roughly, has a project in place by the end -- perhaps
10:16:14 as early as two years from now but we are going to
10:16:17 target it for October 1st which is this year,
10:16:20 2011.
10:16:21 Hopefully we can beat that number. This does assume
10:16:25 some additional operating costs of about $19 that you
10:16:27 but also assumes additional revenue.
10:16:29 In fact there's strong potential that revenue would
10:16:33 offset any increase in costs.
10:16:35 The endowment balance is also looking at reflecting
10:16:38 fair market value.
10:16:39 We believe we have got a balancing act now that will
10:16:41 preserve the endowment well beyond where it would have
10:16:44 been drawn down in the next three to four years and
10:16:49 will now extend out to 2022.
10:16:51 Keep in mind those numbers can go indefinitely if in
10:16:54 fact we are able to grow the revenue to the system
10:16:56 over the course of the next several years, as we begin

10:16:58 to look at our marketing plans and other activities
10:17:00 that we can enhance revenue.
10:17:04 Our goal will be of course to make sure that the
10:17:06 endowment does not come to an end, and in fact will
10:17:09 grow.
10:17:10 To take you a little bit through the streetcar
10:17:12 extension plan.
10:17:14 As we talked about before, there's a lot of discussion
10:17:17 about whether it would be given a single track or
10:17:20 double track.
10:17:21 We have taken steps within the planning process and
10:17:24 the work done by URS, which is where these slides come
10:17:27 from, as actually going forward with both ways.
10:17:33 I'll go into those numbers in a moment.
10:17:35 Currently we are looking at alternative A which is
10:17:38 single track running as you can see from here.
10:17:43 As we go from right to left, we should be looking at
10:17:45 what is now the Grabo plaza, going out to Whiting
10:17:47 Street to the left side of your screen, and a closer
10:17:52 view, if you look at the next slide, this is alignment
10:17:55 A-1.
10:17:56 If you look at this from a Franklin north view, what

10:17:58 you can see is that you will see a change.
10:18:02 This is the parking lot, in fact some of the parking
10:18:05 spaces, as it goes forward.
10:18:10 To the left if you are familiar with that street, you
10:18:12 have the parking garage in that area.
10:18:18 We do have travel lanes.
10:18:20 All intersection turns also remain.
10:18:22 There will be some on-street parking.
10:18:29 If you look at the next slide we reverse that and look
10:18:31 at the southern view on Franklin Street and see all
10:18:35 travel lanes remain.
10:18:37 What we give up here which is a little bit of the
10:18:39 aesthetics is in the middle of the road would be lost
10:18:43 but I think that would still be able to move traffic
10:18:45 through there very well.
10:18:47 If we look at the next slide, we look at the double
10:18:50 track running.
10:18:50 Again you see very much the same left to right, you
10:18:53 see the center from that point of view, this is more
10:18:58 aerial.
10:18:59 Next slide, the Franklin street, again you see that
10:19:03 all the travel lanes will remain, intersection turns

10:19:06 will remain and you have a little bit of loss of
10:19:09 street parking at that location there.
10:19:12 Don't have the numbers for that but can certainly get
10:19:14 that.
10:19:16 Flip that again and look at the southern view again,
10:19:18 you are looking at all the travel lanes remain, all
10:19:20 the intersections are in place and again the loss of
10:19:24 medians and a little loss of the aesthetics but
10:19:28 hopefully will mach up for that.
10:19:32 Talking about costs.
10:19:33 These numbers are still the numbers that we worked on.
10:19:36 We did have them do an update a few months ago to give
10:19:39 us the best they can.
10:19:42 One of the challenges we are having right now in the
10:19:43 industry is we are seeing a lot of labor cost, steel
10:19:51 and the like.
10:19:52 Fortunately for this project we do have much of the
10:19:54 track already.
10:19:55 In fact, currently over the 21st street facility.
10:20:01 Hopefully that's going to control some of the costs
10:20:05 that we see.
10:20:05 Also perhaps we can get this project in place, with a

10:20:08 design build and hope to have that by December of this
10:20:11 year and we can go into construction sometime next
10:20:14 spring, and we would in fact be able to get a good
10:20:20 price because right now there's a lot of opportunities
10:20:21 out there.
10:20:22 Again my hope would be that we will see a number
10:20:24 perhaps somewhere between these two numbers, maybe a
10:20:26 little lower on the double track, and no higher than
10:20:29 single track, and after that's done we would come back
10:20:33 to the city, the Hart board and the street car board,
10:20:37 whether or not we thought there was an opportunity to
10:20:39 do a double track.
10:20:40 The current budget projected at $4.5 million.
10:20:44 Again looking at the design build approach, the staff
10:20:46 will be releasing a document probably in the next 60
10:20:49 days.
10:20:49 Again we hope to have that work initially done by the
10:20:52 end of the calendar year.
10:20:53 We would be able to then go into a process where we
10:20:56 have a design build, right now eight months.
10:21:00 I'm hoping we can get that done a little quicker and
10:21:02 get that in place.

10:21:03 Again, construction, once we do start, it's estimated
10:21:06 about 10 months and we hope to have it in place by
10:21:09 2010.
10:21:09 My hope would be that we would be able to operate that
10:21:13 by the summer and that we have a special program
10:21:15 during that time that there's an opening for that.
10:21:17 We are very excited about the program.
10:21:19 We believe county be done within the next couple of
10:21:21 years and it will be a great asset to the streetcar,
10:21:23 certainly help us as we go forward.
10:21:26 And we'll talk about future plans beyond that when we
10:21:28 get there.
10:21:29 If you have any questions I would be happy to
10:21:31 entertain that.
10:21:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. ARMIJO for your hard
10:21:38 work on this and especially for your hard work
10:21:41 rebuilding the park.
10:21:42 I think you are doing a great job, and over the last
10:21:45 year.
10:21:47 My constituents, or our constituents, especially those
10:21:52 on Harbor Island, have been pretty adamant in their
10:21:56 concerns, and I use the term lightly, about the

10:22:01 extension.
10:22:02 And as we went through the early design part of this,
10:22:09 I have reassured them, assurance that I received from
10:22:13 you and staff, probably the most important part of
10:22:16 this presentation to me was that no matter whether or
10:22:19 not we do the single track or the double track, that
10:22:25 all travel lanes will remain the same under either
10:22:28 condition.
10:22:29 And I think that I can't emphasize that enough to the
10:22:33 folks on Harbor Island or anybody who uses that area
10:22:36 over there by the convention center.
10:22:39 We will not be losing any lanes of traffic under
10:22:42 either of these scenarios.
10:22:43 And you will confirm that for me?
10:22:45 >> Absolutely.
10:22:46 In fact I am a resident of Harbor Island.
10:22:48 I took the trolley in this morning to this meeting.
10:22:50 So I am just as involved within the community as well.
10:22:54 I have no doubt that we will be able to mitigate any
10:22:57 traffic issues, working very closely with the city
10:23:00 staff on this project.
10:23:01 I believe we will be able to do the job, and

10:23:05 vice-president a product that I think you will be very
10:23:07 proud of, and I'm hopeful that more and more people on
10:23:09 the island would join me and utilize these services.
10:23:13 >> During construction I'm sure there will be some
10:23:15 disruption, because we will be taking out some medians
10:23:19 and moving some curbs around and that sort of thing.
10:23:22 So I guess I want to caution people of that.
10:23:27 But once we are done, I think it would be good, I
10:23:33 think it will be a great project.
10:23:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: After the extension is completed,
10:23:37 won't you expand the hours to be able to accommodate
10:23:39 commuter traffic?
10:23:41 >>> Absolutely.
10:23:41 In fact that's one of the plans we have right now.
10:23:44 We have about a two-year window here over the next 24
10:23:48 months to really look at what we can do to enhance
10:23:50 revenues.
10:23:51 I know the streetcar board is interested in moving
10:23:53 perhaps to a 50-cent increase and that would generate
10:23:58 more revenues.
10:23:59 I think we are doing a public outreach so we will
10:24:02 certainly take that into account.

10:24:04 We are also looking at other opportunities, naming
10:24:06 rights.
10:24:06 I think this period of time will be a great
10:24:08 opportunity to find a way to get an infusion of
10:24:11 revenues into the endowment to build that back up.
10:24:14 And so I would certainly hope that we will be in a
10:24:17 situation that when we roll this thing out in two
10:24:21 years our financial situation will be a little better
10:24:23 and we will be able to do that.
10:24:25 Personally, I would like to take it in the morning
10:24:28 myself.
10:24:28 I take it around eight.
10:24:30 I take it and walk over to my office in Ybor.
10:24:34 Certainly that's an opportunity we would like to
10:24:35 provide for the community.
10:24:38 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say, I'm a City
10:24:42 Council person on the streetcar board and we are
10:24:44 looking at some really interesting marketing efforts,
10:24:50 brand new marketing efforts, and hopefully that's
10:24:52 going to work out.
10:24:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for that great presentation.
10:25:07 >>MARK HUEY: Certainly one of the most important

10:25:10 infrastructure improvements in our downtown.
10:25:11 In two years when it opens you can imagine all the
10:25:14 buildings in Channel District full.
10:25:17 And then the benefit from being able to come directly
10:25:20 into our central business district.
10:25:23 So we look forward to that coming on line.
10:25:28 Item 9 on your agenda, the next item, was put on the
10:25:32 agenda last week by City Council, and we do have
10:25:37 Charles COO from the port who is going to update you
10:25:42 on their early plans to do a new garage in the Channel
10:25:44 District, adjacent to the Channelside shop.
10:25:50 Charles.
10:25:50 >>> Good morning.
10:25:55 This is our chief operating officer to answer any
10:25:59 questions.
10:25:59 Hopefully you can see this on the Elmo.
10:26:01 This is the aerial photograph of the Channel District.
10:26:05 I just want to point out a few things, point out where
10:26:10 the parking garage is located.
10:26:12 We looked at the -- council member Miranda pointed out
10:26:18 ten years ago it wasn't a vibrant community it is
10:26:21 today.

10:26:27 One of the largest cruise ports in the nation.
10:26:29 Also Channelside operating rather successfully.
10:26:32 And based upon those successes as well as the
10:26:34 development of the area, see a need for expansion of
10:26:39 the existing parking garage.
10:26:42 Our existing garage was constructed around 2000.
10:26:45 And actually that garage, we are quite proud of it.
10:26:48 It won an award from international parking institute,
10:26:52 in competition with parking structures from Chicago
10:26:54 and New York and L.A. and Miami.
10:26:58 When we built things in the Channel District, we tried
10:27:00 to -- also won an award and we propose on doing that
10:27:08 with this proposed structure.
10:27:09 Proposed structure is about 100 feet, with 500 feet
10:27:13 length.
10:27:14 And it's going to connect to the existing garage.
10:27:18 We propose to have about 700, 800 parking spaces.
10:27:25 That's part of the reason we are building this garage
10:27:26 is because of the requests from the tenants, the shops
10:27:30 in Channelside for additional parking, and also help
10:27:36 valet parking and possibly staging of our trucks and
10:27:39 buses during cruise days.

10:27:44 The property is being acquired by downtown
10:27:48 Channelside, at the corner of Channelside and
10:27:50 Beneficial.
10:27:52 We would plan on doing this for cruise purposes,
10:27:56 cruise days, called storage days when we have supplies
10:28:04 to the cruise ships, the area between cruise terminal
10:28:07 3 and cruise terminal 6.
10:28:12 We think that's a primary staging to take place.
10:28:18 Also putting some of these vehicles in the first floor
10:28:20 of this parking garage.
10:28:21 Right now, we are at the preliminary stage, our staff
10:28:24 has prepared a concept, and that concept is like you
10:28:29 said just a brief design of the garage structure for
10:28:33 purposes of going out for design bid proposals.
10:28:36 And during that process, we lake to get input from the
10:28:38 city, as well as the neighbors, CRA, and welcome your
10:28:42 participation.
10:28:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
10:28:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks for coming down.
10:28:54 You have the zoning or the appropriate zoning to build
10:28:57 whatever it is you want to build?
10:28:59 >>> Yes.

10:29:00 In fact we would have started this earlier, but the
10:29:03 lot was used for the Channelside for the staging area.
10:29:07 It was part of our plan to expand the garage in the
10:29:09 past.
10:29:10 >> Okay.
10:29:11 Do you have a -- do you have a view of any kind of
10:29:16 rendering of the first floor view from Channelside?
10:29:21 >>> Not from Channelside, no.
10:29:22 >> Okay.
10:29:27 The reason I ask, you know, I know there's empty shops
10:29:31 along the facade there at Channelside.
10:29:35 I think fewer than there used to be.
10:29:38 And there's other antique shops else where in
10:29:41 Channelside and we have had that discussion earlier.
10:29:43 You heard it.
10:29:44 But eventually, when folks get there, you know, you
10:29:47 have some tremendously valuable space along
10:29:50 Channelside.
10:29:51 And it would seem to me that you would want to enhance
10:29:54 that as a revenue opportunity for the port, shops at
10:29:59 the first floor, other shops across the street in
10:30:03 Channelside so you would have a nice Boulevard of

10:30:05 shops as opposed to all parking on this side, all
10:30:08 shops on that side.
10:30:11 And now here you say that you might want to stack your
10:30:14 trucks and buses on the first floor, at least on a
10:30:16 temporary basis?
10:30:18 Is there any way that perhaps on the temporary basis
10:30:21 you can put your buses and trucks on the first floor,
10:30:23 but in the long-term have the ability to convert that
10:30:26 first floor space over to shops and restaurants and
10:30:30 what have you in the retail?
10:30:34 >>> Well, we do have some issues with that, the
10:30:36 shops -- Channelside LLC, we have some restrictions of
10:30:44 what we can do.
10:30:47 There's some restrictions on how much retail, any
10:30:50 retail we can lease that will compete with the shops
10:30:54 on Channelside.
10:30:55 We did reserve the right to put carts on the
10:30:58 sidewalks, and the streets, and this and that.
10:30:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In the alternative maybe you can
10:31:03 give them first right of refusal on these future
10:31:06 potential shops.
10:31:07 And I know at least architecturally, or structurally

10:31:10 or engineeringwise, if you give yourself the option --
10:31:14 because it's going to be probably five years from now.
10:31:17 If you give yourself the option to have that as retail
10:31:20 space not only does it improve the community, because
10:31:22 I mean you look at the picture.
10:31:24 That's a wonderful Boulevard opportunity.
10:31:26 Probably one of the best Boulevard opportunities in
10:31:29 all of Channelside, okay, to really finish out that
10:31:33 street.
10:31:34 So that way, folks walk up one side and down the
10:31:37 other.
10:31:37 I hear your contractual constraints.
10:31:41 But maybe if there's something in it for your existing
10:31:43 tenant as a right first refusal, it might be something
10:31:47 worth looking at before you get too far on this
10:31:50 structure.
10:31:50 I would really encourage you to do that, not only for
10:31:53 the sake of the port, as a revenue generator, but also
10:31:57 for the sake of Channelside and the city.
10:32:00 >>> We appreciate that comment.
10:32:02 >> We'll follow up.
10:32:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When I look at an overall plan, it

10:32:09 appeared that the existing sidewalk is around five
10:32:12 feet, and as Mr. Dingfelder said, this is a grand
10:32:16 Boulevard.
10:32:17 Understanding that you own it, you want to maximize
10:32:20 it.
10:32:20 To make a positive public experience for the
10:32:23 pedestrians, five feet is just won't cut the mustard.
10:32:28 It needs to be at least 15 feet.
10:32:30 And I would suggest to you that you have the
10:32:32 opportunity to create shade, which is a huge concern
10:32:36 in Tampa, Florida right now.
10:32:38 And always.
10:32:39 It's always hot.
10:32:41 So shade would give you the opportunity if you created
10:32:48 a wider sidewalk some of it could be under the
10:32:50 structure of your structure and you could have a place
10:32:52 where cafe, activity, possibly the cart, I personally
10:32:59 look for ice cream or lucky dog.
10:33:01 But I think you need to make it active and I also
10:33:03 believe, I'm not certain, but I think that you all are
10:33:06 committed by building something in the Channel
10:33:10 District to put in some form of public art.

10:33:12 If you are not required to, I hope that you will do it
10:33:14 of your own volition.
10:33:16 Could you do something there that would be attractive.
10:33:18 It certainly wouldn't be attractive to just have
10:33:20 parked cars and some kind of metal screening.
10:33:23 That isn't adequate.
10:33:24 It needs to be something aesthetic for the people to
10:33:29 be adjacent to.
10:33:31 I would hope that you would do that.
10:33:32 >>> We need to consider all these issues.
10:33:35 We have about 100 feet in width.
10:33:37 So you take away 15 feet that's going to diminish the
10:33:40 parking area and actually may not be feasible.
10:33:42 However, we could look at the first floor perhaps
10:33:45 being -- avoid maybe a canyon effect of having that
10:33:49 overhead.
10:33:50 But we'll take that into consideration.
10:33:51 We are also cognizant of the vegetation, and the
10:33:54 shade, like you said.
10:33:56 The top floor, putting some type of landscaping, which
10:34:02 you typically see on top of garage to make that
10:34:04 attractive to neighbors as well.

10:34:06 >> I believe that Christine Burdick is in the audience
10:34:10 and I believe the downtown partnership has an urban
10:34:13 design committee and I would hope you would seek their
10:34:16 input as well as talking with the neighbors in the
10:34:18 Channel District, perhaps going to one of the Channel
10:34:22 District meetings, sharing your plans, and eliciting
10:34:26 their input.
10:34:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. English?
10:34:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's the old back-of-the-room
10:34:46 trick.
10:34:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you for joining us.
10:34:48 If you could put the plan back up.
10:34:50 I'm sorry.
10:34:51 Michael, with all the effort and all the energy that
10:34:56 you and your firm put into the Channelside -- it's
10:35:00 okay -- into Channelside, that we have had so many
10:35:06 conversation busy trying to keep all the sides of the
10:35:09 street active, I mean, every rezoning that you bring
10:35:12 in front of us on behalf of clients, when did you the
10:35:16 master plan, we talked about it incessantly.
10:35:19 We have got a potential project here that is -- that
10:35:24 will create 500 feet of potential dead sidewalk, five

10:35:29 feet of dead sidewalk.
10:35:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How can this be allowed?
10:35:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Not just allowed.
10:35:39 They had rezonings.
10:35:40 I think they can do a lot of what they want.
10:35:42 Question is, what's the best thing?
10:35:44 I mean, you heard my suggestion, give yourself an
10:35:47 alternative on that bottom floor.
10:35:51 You must have some thoughts on this.
10:35:55 >>> Michael English: Wilson Miller.
10:35:59 >> We are down to agenda number 9 and didn't have much
10:36:04 left.
10:36:05 You were here for this issue.
10:36:06 >> I was just here to watch everything this morning.
10:36:08 It was an interesting agenda you have.
10:36:11 First let me say that I think the port has the
10:36:13 authority to do as it wishes.
10:36:15 And I've expressed my opinion to them that an active
10:36:18 ground floor would be the most positive thing they can
10:36:25 do for the community.
10:36:28 And I think in the long-term perhaps for the retail
10:36:30 future of that area, which is their property, their

10:36:32 revenue stream, and their strategic plan for
10:36:36 development.
10:36:37 I think they have some operational issues they are
10:36:39 trying to deal with, to staging, and losing the
10:36:43 downtown Channelside property, which they haven't
10:36:45 gotten into much this morning but it is a key problem
10:36:47 for them.
10:36:48 I think you are doing the right thing in encouraging
10:36:50 them to make that building as usable, as active as
10:36:55 county be on the ground floor.
10:36:56 Ideally, it would be a use that people occupy, not
10:37:01 just vehicles in staging and delivery.
10:37:03 Certainly, it needs shade.
10:37:05 It needs better sidewalk attention.
10:37:08 It needs more urban zin attention.
10:37:10 And I'm hoping that in listening to you all this
10:37:14 morning that they will take all those matters into
10:37:17 serious consideration.
10:37:20 They are kind of an extraterritorial authority of
10:37:24 their own as you all know, and it's not easy to demand
10:37:29 organizations like the port or the airport authority
10:37:30 do so.

10:37:32 So I think that you are doing the right thing.
10:37:33 And I hope that they will give all of this
10:37:39 consideration.
10:37:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I sat up here for five years now,
10:37:42 and I learn these concepts from you.
10:37:44 Okay.
10:37:44 From you and Christine and other people who are the
10:37:48 professionals.
10:37:48 You guys are the planners.
10:37:50 And you guys bring these and you say this is what we
10:37:54 need, this is the right thing to do for our community.
10:37:56 Okay.
10:37:57 So then these issues come back to us, we need
10:38:01 reinforcement back from you.
10:38:02 And that's why I drag you out from the back of the
10:38:04 room grudgingly.
10:38:06 And I appreciate your frankness.
10:38:08 I know there's some conflict in client issues and
10:38:12 things like that.
10:38:13 But I'm asking you, and you have done a great job, and
10:38:16 you have got to put your planning hat on, your
10:38:21 community hat and say you have to do a better job than

10:38:24 just 500 feet of parking garage.
10:38:26 >>> I agree.
10:38:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I think it's interesting, we probably
10:38:36 have more clout than Michael English at this point,
10:38:39 but they have the ability, the authority to do
10:38:41 whatever they want.
10:38:42 But as you look at what is happening in Channelside,
10:38:48 it just seems to me that it's only in your best
10:38:50 interest to make it a building that has walkable
10:38:56 retail quality.
10:38:58 It just really doesn't make sense to just put a
10:39:06 garage -- this is for cruise parking, right?
10:39:09 >>> It's actually for parking.
10:39:10 We have enough cruise parking.
10:39:12 We actually have sufficient parking for the shops at
10:39:14 Channelside.
10:39:16 We are getting pressures from the surrounding area for
10:39:18 parking outside to use our parking garage.
10:39:22 They have all the parking they need for the area.
10:39:24 >> But there's just general need for more parking.
10:39:27 >>> That's correct.
10:39:27 >> Well, if you look, I think, a little further down

10:39:30 the line, we are going to have increased transit, and
10:39:35 hopefully, I don't think that's necessarily going to
10:39:37 reduce the need for parking.
10:39:39 But we are going to have more people in Channelside.
10:39:42 It just makes sense to make it a more attractive
10:39:48 piece.
10:39:48 And as Mr. Dingfelder said, this is -- it's prime
10:39:54 Boulevard.
10:39:54 Is it called Boulevard, Channelside Boulevard?
10:39:58 >> Drive.
10:39:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe we should rename it Boulevard to
10:40:02 give that sense of "this is it."
10:40:06 And certainly it's such an interesting spot, because I
10:40:08 know I tend to drive there, not walk there at this
10:40:12 point, but everybody really slows down and even if you
10:40:17 are in your car, or Promenade where you can stop and
10:40:22 see what there is to do there.
10:40:24 So I know it's not -- you don't have a lot of width
10:40:29 but whatever you can do.
10:40:31 You also have a lot of height opportunity there
10:40:34 because I know the former council has allowed a lot
10:40:37 more height in Channelside.

10:40:42 That might be something to think about.
10:40:44 Give us a little bit of space on the ground level and
10:40:49 put another level of parking.
10:40:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
10:40:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:40:54 As a former council member, height is what you need in
10:40:57 an urban area.
10:40:58 That's number one.
10:41:03 People in an urban area have transportation.
10:41:06 That's number two.
10:41:07 If I recall the location, this is the exit point of
10:41:10 the current parking garage that you folks built eight
10:41:14 years back or whatever.
10:41:17 That is designed with a wonderful feeling, where you
10:41:21 go to that garage you think you are in South Beach
10:41:24 somewhere.
10:41:24 It looks really, really attractive, in my view.
10:41:27 I'm not saying that it is perfect.
10:41:29 I'm not perfect.
10:41:31 How can a garage be perfect?
10:41:33 I'm looking at this location, and I'm assuming that's
10:41:37 real close to the old Fogarty building, the old

10:41:40 Fogarty property.
10:41:41 Am I correct?
10:41:42 >>> Yes.
10:41:43 >> So what was there before?
10:41:45 I can tell you what was there before.
10:41:46 A white square structure that did very well at the
10:41:51 time in history it was needed.
10:41:55 It was a moving company.
10:41:56 But going in and out, and I say this repeatedly, where
10:42:03 were we, where are we, and what are we going for?
10:42:06 What's the objective here?
10:42:08 Well, the young lady came in this morning and spoke
10:42:10 about Channelside.
10:42:14 What was one of the areas she talked about?
10:42:16 The traffic problems.
10:42:17 I am assuming that traffic is created when there's in
10:42:20 a where to park.
10:42:22 And you go around the block and around the block and
10:42:24 around the block, and you waste gas, you waste energy,
10:42:29 you leave, and you don't spend your money because you
10:42:31 can't park the car.
10:42:39 Am I -- yes, I'm responsible for maybe creating part

10:42:43 of Channelside.
10:42:45 And I take that with no problem.
10:42:49 But at least I have created something.
10:42:52 Something happened when I was here before.
10:42:55 We didn't just sit on our duffs and tell people what
10:43:00 not to do.
10:43:01 We let the market duck Tate to us within certain
10:43:03 parameters of what the effectiveness would be.
10:43:06 There was in a Channelside 10, 12 years ago.
10:43:10 None.
10:43:10 Nothing.
10:43:11 Davis Island was under a barrage, Harbor Island wasn't
10:43:15 created, we could have bought it for $3 million, or
10:43:18 the last lot sold for $3 million.
10:43:20 That's how much change has happened here.
10:43:23 And now I am going to debate, and rightfully so, to
10:43:26 some degree.
10:43:27 I don't have the authority to tell what you to do.
10:43:29 I can have the authority if I didn't have a plan and
10:43:32 the property was not properly zoned.
10:43:34 Is this zoned?
10:43:36 So my limited action is to some degree.

10:43:40 I also don't tell you what debt depth your waterways
10:43:47 have to be.
10:43:48 That's your responsibility to make sure we get the
10:43:49 economic tools to do what is necessary in this whole
10:43:52 community.
10:43:52 And you have done a fantastic job and I want to
10:43:54 congratulate you for that.
10:43:55 The investment that you built, with the old Coca-Cola
10:44:01 site, they were in dismal condition.
10:44:03 There was more rats living there than people.
10:44:08 I'll say that again. There was more rats living in
10:44:10 Channelside than people.
10:44:11 >> And tarantulas.
10:44:14 >> That's right.
10:44:15 And came into the banana docks.
10:44:18 We have changed.
10:44:19 We have gone from a different type of workforce to
10:44:21 what we have now.
10:44:23 And I welcome the opportunity to continue to have
10:44:27 dialogue with you.
10:44:29 I'm just saying that we have to do it within the
10:44:31 parameters that are appealing to the public.

10:44:34 We, in partnership, have done a marvelous job, on
10:44:38 Meridian Avenue. That was a dump.
10:44:40 It's different.
10:44:42 We didn't have the streetcar.
10:44:47 Now when people come, the street walk, the sidewalk is
10:44:50 not rolled up at 5:00 in the afternoon.
10:44:52 Till after 6:30 now.
10:44:54 But we are getting there. We didn't have a convention
10:44:56 hotel.
10:44:57 We got two of them now.
10:44:58 That's doing better because the facilities and the
10:45:01 gamble that we all took.
10:45:03 So I'm saying that togetherness, you will get
10:45:06 somewhere, separated you won't.
10:45:08 But thank you very much for your time.
10:45:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:45:11 I have a question for Julia Cole, if you wouldn't
10:45:13 mind.
10:45:14 Julia, you are the city's land use attorney.
10:45:17 And the question is, the port has zoning to build it
10:45:22 but what kind of design review are you and Wilson
10:45:25 Stair able to provide?

10:45:28 Or is it carte blanche?
10:45:29 Is the Port Authority as a separate authority exempt
10:45:33 from any kind of city review?
10:45:37 For the parking structure?
10:45:38 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
10:45:40 What I understand, this parcel is part of an approved
10:45:44 PD in which the PD specifically provides design
10:45:49 criteria that must be reviewed to the permit process.
10:45:53 >> Translate?
10:45:54 >>> I'm sorry.
10:45:56 Yes, when the port comes in to go forth with the
10:45:59 permitting process under their PD, they will be
10:46:03 reviewed by the -- the planning and the development
10:46:08 staff so it would go to the appropriate staff people
10:46:10 under the way the PD is currently run.
10:46:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, would you be able to demand
10:46:17 certain qualities like a wider sidewalk than five feet
10:46:21 and shade trees and activity and retail or anything
10:46:24 like that?
10:46:25 What kinds of criteria will you all be reviewing for?
10:46:28 >>> I didn't bring a PD site plan with me.
10:46:32 I sort of ran down from another meeting.

10:46:34 But I do know there are specifics within that PDA
10:46:37 approval.
10:46:39 >> PDA?
10:46:40 >>> I think it's a PDA approval, which provides the
10:46:42 process for the review, with certain design criteria
10:46:47 in place under the PD because what I understand is at
10:46:50 the time this was approved you didn't have design
10:46:52 criteria within the channel area.
10:46:53 >> But five years ago, and isn't five years if you.
10:46:58 Done anything you are subject to the new rules?
10:47:01 >>JULIA COLE: You know, I don't know enough about --
10:47:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, that --
10:47:07 >>> That would be a zoning administrator.
10:47:08 >>: Could you research this and come back to us with
10:47:11 the Port Authority with the rules that are certainly
10:47:15 describe what the public expectations are for what
10:47:17 they build.
10:47:18 >>JULIA COLE: You probably want to have the zoning
10:47:20 administrator come forward and tell what you the
10:47:22 zoning code would state in terms of the timing.
10:47:25 It may be this is continuing enough that that
10:47:30 provision doesn't apply.

10:47:31 I just don't know enough about it.
10:47:33 I did however review the PD, and it did contain within
10:47:36 the PD specifically design criteria that would be
10:47:40 reviewed at the time of permitting.
10:47:41 >>: But there were no elevations?
10:47:43 >>> No, not at the time.
10:47:44 At the time I didn't think that was something that was
10:47:46 required.
10:47:47 And so I don't think that that is what it would be
10:47:50 reviewed under.
10:47:51 What it would be reviewed under is the specific
10:47:53 criteria that the note was note 18.
10:47:57 And I apologize for not having it with me.
10:47:59 But it was pretty specific.
10:48:01 I mean, there were criteria and there were things that
10:48:04 they need to be able to demonstrate.
10:48:06 >> The specific L specific --
10:48:11 >>> I apologize, I haven't had an opportunity to
10:48:13 review it.
10:48:16 >>GWEN MILLER: They are going to meet with the zoning
10:48:20 administration, right?
10:48:24 Meet with them.

10:48:25 They are going to bring it back to us.
10:48:26 They are going to meet with the zoning administrator.
10:48:29 Let them say what they can do and what they cannot do.
10:48:31 We don't know.
10:48:32 Like you say, we don't know in fact what the
10:48:35 guidelines are.
10:48:35 So I think they need to meet with the zoning
10:48:38 administration and let them sit with the Port
10:48:39 Authority and tell them the guidelines and then bring
10:48:42 it back to us.
10:48:43 >>JULIA COLE: I mean, what the process would be, not
10:48:46 withstanding anything else happening, is an
10:48:55 application would be made probably for site plan
10:48:56 review, that would be transmitted over to the zoning
10:48:59 administrator and her staff, and probably the urban
10:49:05 design manager, and they would look at that, what the
10:49:07 request is, in light of what the requirements are.
10:49:12 There may be meetings, and I understand the support
10:49:16 has indicated they obviously want to work with the
10:49:18 city on these issues.
10:49:19 So there may be some additional conversation so they
10:49:22 know what the parameters are.

10:49:24 But the process would be an application would be made,
10:49:26 the site, the plans would be sent to the land
10:49:29 development staff, they would review for compliance
10:49:32 with those provisions within the PDA.
10:49:35 The PDA, if that is met, then it would be approved.
10:49:39 If it's not, it would not be approved.
10:49:41 But we would come back to you in terms of your zoning
10:49:43 authority, unless there's some need for something and
10:49:46 they need to come back.
10:49:48 >>GWEN MILLER: So we need to wait for that.
10:49:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like some clarification.
10:49:55 Can you show me exactly where the parking structure is
10:49:57 going to be built?
10:49:59 Is that -- okay.
10:50:03 That is.
10:50:04 So that's going to be the -- those are The Towers of
10:50:07 Channelside, right?
10:50:14 What street is that to the right, my right, to your
10:50:18 right when you look at it?
10:50:29 What is the height right now that you are planning to
10:50:31 make the garage?
10:50:33 >> Consistent with the existing garage and also the

10:50:35 garage for Channelside and that's about five or six
10:50:38 stories.
10:50:41 >> It's interesting because we kind of -- I think
10:50:44 there was at least some discussion about the retail,
10:50:48 and aesthetics of what was going on the ground floor
10:50:52 at Channelside, now basically going to be view on
10:50:59 Channelside Drive by your new garage.
10:51:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.
10:51:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a general comment from me,
10:51:06 not particularly this location.
10:51:09 You can pave every street in gold and make every
10:51:12 sidewalk in silver, and someone will always say one
10:51:19 glitter is too much and the other one shines too much.
10:51:21 I can't satisfy everyone in the general public.
10:51:25 I can only do what I can do what I think is right at
10:51:28 the time that I'm here.
10:51:29 So what I'm saying is, yes, it's going to block the
10:51:32 view of something.
10:51:33 You know what?
10:51:35 Without this, that something wouldn't exist.
10:51:37 I remember when that something was built, and the only
10:51:43 ships we had were banana bringing in from Guatemala,

10:51:46 Panama and those things.
10:51:49 We had less than 100,000 people at one time leaving
10:51:52 the port to go on cruise ships.
10:51:54 I don't know what we have now but I would assume it
10:51:56 averages over 700 that you.
10:51:59 I'm making an assumption.
10:52:01 I saw was 600.
10:52:04 I see the ships come here and that's one of the
10:52:06 prettiest sites, I see that big red stack and I say I
10:52:10 wish I was on that boat.
10:52:11 And then I think to myself a lot of people wish you
10:52:15 were on that boat.
10:52:17 [ Laughter ]
10:52:18 It is a location now.
10:52:19 It's a destination point.
10:52:22 Not a stopping point.
10:52:24 See what I'm saying?
10:52:25 So what I'm saying, I dare not satisfy everybody by
10:52:29 going on board.
10:52:30 So I appreciate what you are trying to do.
10:52:33 I think it's a viable thing to have parking.
10:52:38 If you look at another area of town -- and I don't

10:52:44 want to call it by name, just south of Kennedy and
10:52:47 Howard -- we have a problem there, and the problem is
10:52:49 we don't have this.
10:52:50 If we had something like this, you won't have all that
10:52:52 parking in the neighborhood.
10:52:53 And this would not only alleviate some of the
10:52:57 problems, the congestion, but would help the economy
10:52:59 and spur that needed exchange, if you need people like
10:53:04 a turnstile coming in and out of somewhere.
10:53:06 Thank you very much.
10:53:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
10:53:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me just wrap up real quick.
10:53:11 Mrs. Saul-Sena, let me respond to it.
10:53:14 Linda, I think that the design issue is extremely
10:53:17 important.
10:53:19 But what's more important is the function.
10:53:21 Okay.
10:53:22 And I'm seeing some nods from our Port Authority
10:53:26 folks.
10:53:26 So I think maybe we are on the same page or
10:53:29 approaching the same page.
10:53:31 We don't serve on the Port Authority.

10:53:33 None of us.
10:53:34 The mayor serves on the Port Authority.
10:53:36 The last time I looked, Rose Ferlita, county
10:53:40 commission, was on the Port Authority. Is she still
10:53:42 there?
10:53:44 We have at least two elected officials on there.
10:53:47 And then we have some public folks appointed by them
10:53:50 elsewhere by the governor, what have you.
10:53:52 Those folks at the end of the day will make this
10:53:55 decision.
10:53:56 But hopefully, you know, you will take this word back
10:54:00 to them and we can send it to them, working with you
10:54:03 all.
10:54:07 Charlie, we all want a parking garage there.
10:54:09 I think we all know the existing parking garage fills
10:54:12 up for a variety of reasons.
10:54:14 And obviously you wouldn't be building one if there
10:54:17 wasn't a need for it.
10:54:19 So a parking garage is great.
10:54:21 But I think conversely we want a great parking garage
10:54:24 that would serve additional function than just
10:54:27 parking.

10:54:28 So I applaud Mrs. Saul-Sena for bringing this to
10:54:35 council, or CRA.
10:54:36 I think we should try to work together and do this.
10:54:38 And if you all need any help from us as a CRA to do
10:54:41 this, even in the form of funding, you know, that
10:54:44 might be a possibility, too.
10:54:46 Not that we are flush, and mark is about to jump out
10:54:51 the window.
10:54:53 But, you know, that's what the CRA is all about, is to
10:54:56 work on joint opportunities.
10:54:58 And to me this is a very, very important opportunity
10:55:02 for all of us.
10:55:04 Thank you, Charles.
10:55:06 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to move on.
10:55:09 We appreciate it.
10:55:13 You need to work with them and tell us what with we
10:55:18 need.
10:55:18 Going to public comment.
10:55:19 Anyone in the public like to speak?
10:55:33 >> My name is Al Davis, property owner in the East
10:55:36 Tampa redevelopment area.
10:55:38 By comment is to greet you and salute you and wish you

10:55:43 well.
10:55:44 But I would like to add a little footnote.
10:55:48 Nomenclature.
10:55:49 I don't know how important nomenclatures are in
10:55:54 understanding where we are.
10:55:57 Once upon a time, there was an individual in the East
10:56:01 Tampa staff called the manager of the East Tampa
10:56:07 redevelopment area.
10:56:12 Now we got another person there who is the urban
10:56:18 development area manager.
10:56:26 Are these two different people?
10:56:36 I thought it was the East Tampa redevelopment area
10:56:39 manager, or the manager of the East Tampa
10:56:44 redevelopment area.
10:56:46 It's the same name as far as the individual is
10:56:50 concerned, you know, Ed Johnson.
10:56:55 But now he's taken on a different nomenclature.
10:56:59 Are we going to change them according to whatever they
10:57:04 wish them to be?
10:57:06 I need some understanding in that particular area.
10:57:09 And I'm looking forward, Madam Chairman, to the
10:57:13 strategic plan, because I understand that is a vital

10:57:21 document to map out how we are going to use all of
10:57:23 this TIF money that we are going to be getting.
10:57:27 And, in addition, the input from the advisory
10:57:32 community and the input that we anticipate from the
10:57:38 larger group that is a partnership, is going to be at
10:57:44 the meeting, because we are going to have individuals
10:57:46 who are well versed, competent, practical, and full of
10:57:56 knowledge and understanding, in what it going to take
10:57:59 to revitalize East Tampa.
10:58:04 And when that day come, I look forward to saluting you
10:58:09 again.
10:58:10 Thank you.
10:58:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:58:18 >>> Randy Coen.
10:58:20 I actually serve as the chair of the Drew Park CAC.
10:58:25 That's why I am here in front of you this morning.
10:58:30 4121 West Cypress street.
10:58:32 I'm happy to be on the committee.
10:58:34 I'm happy to be the chair.
10:58:36 I lived in Drew Park as a child.
10:58:38 I witness to school in Drew Park.
10:58:40 Reason I'm here is very short and suite.

10:58:42 At our last CAC meeting we took up the issue of land
10:58:45 use designation changes within Drew Park.
10:58:47 The CAC after taking substantial testimony from a
10:58:50 number of businesses and property owners within Drew
10:58:53 Park unanimously elected to advise you that our
10:58:57 recommendation would be to make no changes in land use
10:59:00 designation to Drew Park at this time.
10:59:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: For the record, and I did the same
10:59:07 thing.
10:59:07 When I looked at the sheet, I saw that after nine came
10:59:11 public comments, but there was a 10, 11 and 12.
10:59:14 I believe Mr. Cohen was speaking directly to item 12.
10:59:17 >> Yes.
10:59:18 But I didn't know what the order was.
10:59:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Right.
10:59:21 In a mistake.
10:59:22 It was just the way the thing came out to play.
10:59:25 But I appreciate your comments, and with the hard work
10:59:28 you have done in Drew Park, all of you, and people
10:59:31 that are living there and working there, and it's a
10:59:35 hodgepodge of things that is very successful.
10:59:38 >>> It's a difficult environment but it been that way

10:59:41 for a very long time and it's been successful.
10:59:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else from the public like to
10:59:46 speak?
10:59:46 >>> Michael farmer, Curtis street, and I'm also the
10:59:58 planning evaluation chairperson.
10:59:59 I just wanted to say that it's for the goals of the
11:00:09 planning evaluation and the City of Tampa staff.
11:00:13 We are trying to work together.
11:00:15 But there's information that I have been trying to get
11:00:18 at least for about three months, and I hope that Ed
11:00:21 Johnson answers my letter of May 6th so that we
11:00:26 can move forward in doing some evaluation of the
11:00:32 projects that are on board right now.
11:00:42 As a citizen, I am a little bit concerned about three
11:00:47 retention ponds, the 34th street retention pond,
11:00:52 about two years now, finally being at final stages,
11:00:58 everybody excited about it.
11:01:02 That project is slated for $1.5 million.
11:01:08 We have two more retention ponds that are slated to be
11:01:11 done by the same contractor.
11:01:15 And I just am concerned about the cost.
11:01:20 At present, I think just that one is currently at

11:01:28 $811,000 and maybe more when they finish it.
11:01:32 So now we are looking at the other two.
11:01:38 And I'm just concerned about cost overruns, that is
11:01:43 going to take moneys, TIF moneys from other projects,
11:01:48 that the community wants done.
11:01:50 And that's about it.
11:01:51 Thank you.
11:01:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:01:54 Anyone else that would like to speak?
11:01:56 Okay, what go to item 10.
11:02:05 >>MARK HUEY: Item 10 and 11 are follow-on to your
11:02:08 public hearings last week on the Heights project.
11:02:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We are familiar with that.
11:02:15 Can we just go ahead and move and take action on that?
11:02:19 >>> I was going to say, you didn't get to hear much
11:02:21 about the building and the developers are here if you
11:02:26 would like to hear about the building.
11:02:27 They would love to give you a preview of what they are
11:02:31 planning.
11:02:31 >>JIM SHIMBERG: Holland and Knight.
11:02:35 I know the time is short.
11:02:36 We didn't get a chance last week and I wanted to ask

11:02:40 Eric to come up and walk through the proposed first
11:02:42 building that you are going to do and there's two
11:02:44 agreements on the agenda that relate to described to
11:02:47 you last week, we can answer any questions about those
11:02:49 agreements.
11:02:50 But otherwise, have Eric come up and quickly walk you
11:02:52 through the building.
11:02:54 I think you will be excited about it.
11:02:55 >>> Eric career from Tampa, Florida, 3117 Fairoaks
11:03:02 Avenue.
11:03:02 And I brought some images here of our project, if you
11:03:06 can turn the Elmo on.
11:03:08 I'm showing you the location.
11:03:22 This is the Hillsborough River.
11:03:25 And arts district and downtown.
11:03:26 And our site is up here on the north side of the
11:03:30 Hillsborough River across from Blake high school.
11:03:32 And this is the area of the new development.
11:03:38 And this is a close-up view.
11:03:47 Is the Elmo machine working?
11:03:48 >> It's working here but not here.
11:03:54 >> It's up there now.

11:03:55 >>> This is our site next to the water works building,
11:03:58 and Waterworks Park.
11:04:00 And this is the planned area for the Heights project,
11:04:03 which is approximately 50 acres.
11:04:07 There's some existing master plans for this area, but
11:04:10 it's my goal and our goal to redo that whole master
11:04:15 plan.
11:04:20 Our goal is to have the project which is going to be
11:04:23 our building on the second floor, kind of be the
11:04:26 leading design influence on this new Heights
11:04:31 development.
11:04:32 So this is an image of -- early images of our project
11:04:36 that shows our building here, next to the water
11:04:39 building, and the park, shown out here by the
11:04:45 Hillsborough River.
11:04:45 And everything is taking place along 7th Avenue.
11:04:54 This is the Hillsborough River looking back.
11:05:19 >>CHAIRMAN: It's working now.
11:05:20 It's working now.
11:05:22 >>> It shows that next to the --
11:05:28 >> There we go.
11:05:29 I'll try to be very gentle with this machine.

11:05:32 >>> It's very committed to architecture and as well as
11:05:42 the architecture.
11:05:43 And what we are showing here is a project with a green
11:05:46 roof and green screen.
11:05:49 This is a little bit more developed picture.
11:05:57 I'll pass these around.
11:06:19 The building of a two-story project.
11:06:21 The second floor is going to be our offices.
11:06:23 And we feel that this project is an expression of our
11:06:26 company, the goal, and by designing this building, we
11:06:31 are designing our environment as well as setting an
11:06:36 example of the whole development to come.
11:06:41 On the first floor we are talking to the Chamber of
11:06:44 Commerce.
11:06:44 We think that they are going to be the tenant on the
11:06:47 first floor.
11:06:48 We'll be on the second floor.
11:06:49 As you look at those, you will see a third floor, 15
11:06:54 person conference room as well as green roof to take
11:06:57 advantage of the Hillsborough River and the boat slip
11:07:02 and Blake high school.
11:07:05 You might notice that the development of the riverwalk

11:07:07 is going to be done in conjunction with this project,
11:07:12 along waterfront -- Riverfront Park.
11:07:16 And -- excuse me, Waterworks Park, excuse me.
11:07:22 And then in the future, that park and development will
11:07:24 be done all along the river all the way to North
11:07:28 Boulevard.
11:07:33 It has balcony views to the south and balcony views to
11:07:36 the west.
11:07:37 The front along 7th Avenue has an atrium entrance
11:07:44 and the architecture is inspired by the warehouse
11:07:47 design of water works, as well as the trolley barn.
11:07:50 It's a vocabulary that we picked up using the rhythm
11:07:54 and the windows of those projects.
11:07:56 On top of the butterfly roof, which will be used for
11:08:03 water harvest and collected in a cistern to reduce our
11:08:06 water usage substantially, and run-off substantially,
11:08:09 as well as flush our toilets with the gray water
11:08:12 system, and use that water to irrigate the plants on
11:08:17 the roof and on the green screen.
11:08:19 We are hoping that we will obtain lead silver
11:08:25 certification with this project at least.
11:08:27 There are views from 90% of the building looking out

11:08:34 onto the park, reduction of light pollution, and we
11:08:38 are expecting to have a 21% better than the Florida
11:08:42 energy code usage, as well as 10% of the building
11:08:45 materials are going to come from within 500 miles
11:08:47 away.
11:08:51 75% of the construction weight will be recycled.
11:08:56 And we have shop facilities and bike racks to
11:09:02 encourage commuters to this building, which I hope to
11:09:05 be one of them.
11:09:06 I'm a bike advocate.
11:09:07 And have a very high efficient mechanical system,
11:09:11 which hopefully will use a wheel fresh air system,
11:09:16 which what that does is it reduces the amount of
11:09:18 humidity in the air before you treat it to cool the
11:09:23 outside air as you bring it into the building to have
11:09:27 a high amount of fresh air in the building.
11:09:30 They have a cool roof with reflective index, and we
11:09:37 have light shelf to increase the amount of daylight
11:09:43 which will reduce the amount of energy use for
11:09:46 artificial light.
11:09:47 We are experimenting and looking at the costs.
11:09:52 Very extensive that we are looking into ways to get

11:09:55 rebates for that, and well used metering which allows
11:10:00 the meter to run backwards when no one is in the
11:10:03 building.
11:10:04 So that's our project, and I hope you like it.
11:10:09 Thank you.
11:10:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to congratulate you.
11:10:14 This will be the second LEED certified building in
11:10:16 town, office building.
11:10:18 But if the chamber becomes a tenant a lot of people
11:10:21 will come in there and they'll think, wow, Tampa is a
11:10:24 progressive community.
11:10:25 It's very exciting, very attractive, and what's your
11:10:28 time frame?
11:10:29 >>> We are hoping to start construction at the end of
11:10:33 August.
11:10:36 So we are well into production.
11:10:40 We have taken, as a company, big risk and moved on
11:10:40 forward with this project. Without having everything
11:10:45 done, we are hoping that things go well today.
11:11:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move the resolution.
11:11:03 Madam Chair, go ahead and move item 10 and 11
11:11:06 resolutions, approving the first amendment to restate

11:11:13 Tampa Heights agreement by and between the City of
11:11:17 Tampa Florida and Community Redevelopment Agency of
11:11:22 the City of Tampa, Heights of Tampa, LLC, and
11:11:26 development HT, LLC, to begin the development of a
11:11:31 portion of the Heights project, authorizing the
11:11:33 execution thereof by the chairman of the Community
11:11:34 Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa.
11:11:36 (Motion carried).
11:11:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move number 11.
11:11:42 (Motion carried).
11:11:44 >>MARK HUEY: Item 12 we sent you a briefing package.
11:11:48 You just heard from Randy Coen from Drew Park.
11:11:51 Our charge today was to update you on the ongoing
11:11:53 discussions we have been having with the community,
11:11:55 and the planning community as well about the land use
11:11:58 recommendations and the strategic action plan.
11:12:01 So Ms. Fenton is here to answer any questions.
11:12:07 What you heard, the recommendation before you is to
11:12:11 essentially to remove the land use recommendations
11:12:13 from the Drew Park strategic action plan.
11:12:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, we don't have enough time, Madam
11:12:20 Chairman.

11:12:21 I guess at some point I need to talk to somebody what
11:12:24 does that mean in terms of the TIF dollars for
11:12:26 funding.
11:12:27 Again, when this whole project came to county
11:12:30 commission, brought by at that time mayor Dick Greco,
11:12:34 and staff, and the whole engine was affordable housing
11:12:39 and that in the area.
11:12:41 So, I mean, on that basis, I don't know where we go
11:12:48 from here.
11:12:52 But I don't think we have time to address that today.
11:12:59 >>GWEN MILLER: You can give us a report and bring it
11:13:01 back.
11:13:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you want to carry over the
11:13:06 decision issue or the whole number 12?
11:13:11 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
11:13:11 Sounds like that's the pleasure of the board and we'll
11:13:13 bring you in more detail over the coming months so we
11:13:15 can have a dialogue at the next meeting.
11:13:18 I will tell you, that concludes, I believe, our
11:13:21 business.
11:13:22 I just wanted to mention about next month's meeting on
11:13:25 July 31st.

11:13:27 It going to be a 1:30 tame.
11:13:28 You have a council meeting at 9:00.
11:13:30 You also have a council meeting in the evening.
11:13:33 We have a very busy agenda for next month.
11:13:37 We will be beginning the budget process.
11:13:40 And you know we have seven CRAs and there's no way
11:13:43 to really make that -- we are going to have a
11:13:46 PowerPoint presentation and Tau through the budget for
11:13:49 consideration for each of the CRAs.
11:13:51 We also have this Drew Park matter.
11:13:55 We have the arts plan that huff dialogued a little bit
11:14:01 today.
11:14:01 We will be looking for your feedback on that.
11:14:03 We would like to bring social contact to bring you the
11:14:07 result of their study.
11:14:08 And we have -- my point is, we have a lot to do with
11:14:11 you on July 31st and I just want to make you aware
11:14:15 of that.
11:14:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would suggest we streamline.
11:14:20 If we are going to be meeting at 1:30 and meeting at
11:14:24 night, that's going to be a long day.
11:14:26 I would suggest we streamline some of that, bring it

11:14:29 back in August or something.
11:14:31 Because that's awful.
11:14:33 >>MARK HUEY: In August we present the budget.
11:14:36 July 30 -- we do have a lot of activity and a lot of
11:14:42 good things going on, though it's creating more work
11:14:45 for you.
11:14:45 I will work with the chair to streamline the 31st
11:14:49 agenda as much as we can.
11:14:52 If that's your pleasure.
11:14:54 >>GWEN MILLER: We have got to do it in July because
11:14:57 budget is in August.
11:15:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Like the Drew Park issue, that's not
11:15:05 going away right now, to bring that back in July, be
11:15:09 brought back in August, some of those issues.
11:15:17 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to go back to the item,
11:15:20 number 12.
11:15:20 I think we have been talking about this for the last
11:15:23 year, and there seems to be definitely a consensus on
11:15:28 the citizens advisory committee.
11:15:30 And I think that we have a consensus, I thought that
11:15:34 we did on council, although two people disappeared,
11:15:39 that we did want to remove that language.

11:15:41 So I don't know.
11:15:42 We deciding not to vote on that today?
11:15:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It sounded like it was Mr. Scott's
11:15:50 desire to have a little additional time to converse
11:15:53 with staff on it.
11:15:54 So I would just give him the deference to vote on it.
11:15:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The standards we have, I thought we
11:16:05 talked about a compromise.
11:16:06 But Watt sounds like now is, don't do anything in
11:16:10 terms of land use.
11:16:11 So what does that mean?
11:16:12 What options do you have at this point is what I'm
11:16:14 saying.
11:16:18 My understanding was before, have the citizens go
11:16:22 back, meet with them and come back with some kind of
11:16:24 compromise.
11:16:25 What I heard, don't do nothing.
11:16:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess maybe we need to delay it
11:16:34 since not everyone is here.
11:16:36 Mr. Miranda, I think, had a different idea, too.
11:16:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We can just continue this.
11:16:47 We'll come back to it.

11:16:49 Mr. Dingfelder.
11:16:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just in terms of the July 31st
11:16:53 meeting, you know, looking at the length of that day,
11:16:56 we will just be coming back from our vacation.
11:16:59 So that's going to be a long morning agenda, the
11:17:01 morning agenda will probably flow into the afternoon.
11:17:04 Then we have a night meeting of zonings.
11:17:07 You know, Madam Chair, I would urge you and Mr. Huey
11:17:12 to limit that CRA meeting to two hours max, in the
11:17:17 afternoon, just frame it out and work it out and that
11:17:23 sort of thing.
11:17:24 Because I think beyond two hours is not going to be
11:17:26 realistic.
11:17:27 >>GWEN MILLER: And what would happen, council members
11:17:29 would limit their comments, too?
11:17:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDERThe reason we come to these meetings
11:17:43 is to converse among ourselves.
11:17:49 >>GWEN MILLER: If it runs long, it runs long and you
11:17:52 don't worry about it.
11:17:53 If it runs long, it runs long.
11:17:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I agree with somebody else, Mr.
11:17:58 Scott or somebody, who said we need to just make sure

11:18:00 that agenda is short enough so we can realistically
11:18:03 get through it.
11:18:04 It doesn't mean we come here and try to have telepathy
11:18:07 among ourselves without conversing.
11:18:11 >>GWEN MILLER: We can certainly converse.
11:18:14 If you are going to converse, and you worry about
11:18:16 cutting short, you have to have both ways to cut it
11:18:19 short.
11:18:19 We can't just cut it short one way and not cut it the
11:18:22 other way.
11:18:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You have the gavel.
11:18:25 You can control it.
11:18:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else, Mr. Huey?
11:18:29 Okay, we stand adjourned.
11:18:31 Five minute.
11:18:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to receive and file.
11:18:35 >> Second.
11:18:37 (Motion carried).
11:18:39 >>GWEN MILLER: We will be in recess.
11:18:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Five minutes.
11:18:43 Don't have much time either.
11:18:46 (CRA meeting adjourned at 11:19 a.m.)