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Thursday, July 31, 2008
1:30 p.m. CRA Session

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[Sounding gavel]
13:41:48 >>GWEN MILLER: CRA will now come to order.
13:41:50 Roll call.
13:41:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
13:41:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
13:41:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
13:41:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
13:42:04 Before we begin our agenda, look at item number 3.
13:42:07 We are going to put that to the bottom of our agenda.
13:42:11 And we will come back to it after we finish the rest

13:42:16 of the agenda.
13:42:17 We'll now start at number 1.
13:42:22 >>> Good afternoon.
13:42:23 We have Lee who led our Channel District, arts and
13:42:29 economic development study.
13:42:30 As you recall, last month, the plan was distributed.
13:42:34 She was here and made some comments to you, shared
13:42:36 with you the vision of the plan.
13:42:40 And she is hear again today to receive your comments.
13:42:42 You didn't have a lot of chance last month to digest
13:42:45 the report.
13:42:46 But we would like to receive your comments today, and
13:42:50 with the anticipation that we would adopt the plan
13:42:53 next month.
13:42:56 So I will tell you that we received good comments in
13:42:59 the community about the plan.
13:43:01 There are many groups, many individuals who are
13:43:03 already taking on pieces and parts of the plan with
13:43:07 enthusiasm.
13:43:14 That's what this plan is all about.
13:43:15 We thank you for that.
13:43:16 And I'll turn it over for comments.

13:43:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Comments or questions?
13:43:22 Ms. Saul-Sena?
13:43:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
13:43:25 Again, I want to thank you for doing such an excellent
13:43:27 job.
13:43:27 I feel that you really went above and beyond in terms
13:43:30 of reaching out to members of the community and
13:43:34 creating a plan that really reflects what we all here
13:43:39 want.
13:43:41 One of the things that you emphasized in your plan was
13:43:50 working with the private sector for their resources
13:43:52 and moving forward.
13:43:54 But having sort of a -- like a grown-up in charge, a
13:44:04 person who really is the individual who is responsible
13:44:06 for making the connection, you know, finding the
13:44:11 person who has the empty space and the artist who
13:44:14 needs the empty space and making those matches happen.
13:44:18 Could you just reiterate your recommendation on that?
13:44:24 >>> Yes.
13:44:31 A point of control, and judging the reception I have
13:44:37 seen so far from the community, and also the people
13:44:39 who are already beginning to volunteer, as Mark said,

13:44:43 taking on pieces of the plan, it seems that it would
13:44:48 be beneficial to have a person who understands what
13:44:50 everybody is doing and sort of coalesce and keep them
13:44:56 moving forward together.
13:44:57 >> I thought that was a really excellent suggestion,
13:45:00 and I believe you pointed out that it would be best if
13:45:03 that person wasn't a direct city employee but rather
13:45:08 perhaps has with a nonprofit or, you know, perhaps
13:45:11 funded by TIF dollars and private sector dollars, but
13:45:16 with Moreau ton my.
13:45:20 >>> Yes, I think we always envision that certainly the
13:45:23 selection, the description of the responsibility has
13:45:29 to be a joint effort.
13:45:30 Especially if there is public and private moneys
13:45:33 involved, you know, that both sectors really need to
13:45:37 contribute to describing what that role is going to
13:45:39 be.
13:45:40 And selection of that individual should definitely be
13:45:43 a joint effort.
13:45:51 Housing person in one of the economic offices makes
13:45:53 sense that they will be very much in the community.
13:46:02 I think to come together on and agree with makes the

13:46:04 most sense.
13:46:07 I also just met with Santiago earlier today, and he
13:46:10 pointed out that the city has some resources within
13:46:13 its staff that might be able to address some of those
13:46:19 responsibilities.
13:46:20 So again, I think blending what private sector can do
13:46:24 and what the private sector can do is really key.
13:46:32 And the accountability practice is also very
13:46:35 important, and the individual initially is going to be
13:46:41 setting out the priorities and identifying a schedule,
13:46:46 and milestones that have to be met.
13:46:48 So that's the volunteers.
13:46:50 And going back to your question about the public and
13:46:52 private sector, we very, very much see that the
13:46:56 private sector, the business sector, is really such a
13:46:59 key partner going towards, you know, public sector,
13:47:04 the city, council, and I think the city has done a
13:47:13 great job investing in the arts and those investments
13:47:16 ultimately pay off in a great many private -- we are
13:47:20 recommending that the business sector in Tampa get
13:47:22 much more deeply embedded in seeing the plan
13:47:26 implemented, and a lot more between the two sectors

13:47:30 in, fact the three sectors, nonprofit, the private
13:47:33 sector, business sector, and the public sector.
13:47:38 >>MARY MULHERN: I can't remember if I brought these
13:47:45 things up at the last meeting or if we talked.
13:47:47 I did talk to you at length, and my feeling about the
13:47:53 arts and Channelside is that, you know, we had a plan
13:47:58 for the development of Channelside, which basically
13:48:02 priced all the artists out of there.
13:48:04 So there literally, I don't think, any artists that
13:48:09 are there originally.
13:48:10 Very ironic, that the district, what started out
13:48:14 because of affordability, and the kind of industrial
13:48:21 quality, then was turned into this high-end real
13:48:24 estate place.
13:48:27 So now we have residential and none of it really, as
13:48:33 far as living, it's not a place where most artists can
13:48:39 afford to live or work.
13:48:43 And just because of the -- the economy now, my feeling
13:48:47 is that -- and we talked about this, too, the idea
13:48:52 that we need all of your recommendations are
13:48:54 fantastic.
13:48:55 And I would like it if we could adopt these city-wide.

13:49:00 Because we need -- you know, I not just Channelside
13:49:07 at -- you know, we still have Ybor City which is a CRA
13:49:10 district, which does still have some artists and
13:49:13 galleries there.
13:49:14 So my feeling is that we don't need a person to match
13:49:20 people up.
13:49:21 We need to figure out some incentives to get people to
13:49:30 get developers and building owners to allow arts
13:49:36 groups or artists to be able to work there, and
13:49:42 hopefully -- you know, the market may drive down the
13:49:45 price of all these condos, they may turn into rental
13:49:47 units, we may be lucky enough to get some affordable
13:49:51 housing so artists can move in.
13:49:54 But I was not on council during any of that planning,
13:49:57 and you weren't working for us either, so you
13:50:01 inherited this as a very difficult assignment.
13:50:07 You know, something subject to the market.
13:50:09 But my feeling is that we are going to decide as a CRA
13:50:12 board, and I don't know if there is a way to do this.
13:50:19 But if we are going to hire someone who is going to be
13:50:21 an arts person, they at least have to be able to work
13:50:25 with the other CRAs because I just don't think we have

13:50:31 the resources to have a dedicated person.
13:50:34 I don't think it's money well spent for just
13:50:36 Channelside.
13:50:36 And I would rather see the money go more towards the
13:50:43 nuts and bolts things in the district to make it
13:50:46 attractive to artists and arts organizations, than
13:50:55 just representers and homeowners in general.
13:50:59 You know, I think it's a great plan.
13:51:01 >>> Thank you.
13:51:03 >>MARY MULHERN: But I think that because of the
13:51:05 economy, and what sort of happened there, and it not
13:51:09 really a surprise to me.
13:51:10 I mean, I kept wandering, you know, why we were
13:51:13 building high-rises, which are now mostly empty,
13:51:18 whereas it's the mid-rise buildings are full.
13:51:22 And the buildings that are within the character of the
13:51:26 district.
13:51:29 >>> Well, I have a couple of responses.
13:51:31 One is that there are still some really great artists
13:51:36 resources in the community who are homeowners and have
13:51:41 been for a long time and continue to work and perform
13:51:43 there.

13:51:44 And I think they still can create the seed of other
13:51:50 artistic activity there.
13:51:52 One of the -- you can call it a benefit of the real
13:51:57 estate downturn is that there is a great deal of real
13:52:00 estate available now.
13:52:02 And while this may only be a temporary window, several
13:52:05 of the property owners have suggested that they would
13:52:08 be willing to let their space be used by artists and
13:52:13 arts activities; an offer to help bring film makers to
13:52:19 the district.
13:52:21 These are users of space only needed for two to ten
13:52:26 months usually for their post production.
13:52:27 It's a great way to bring activity to the community.
13:52:29 And even if those artistic uses are temporary for
13:52:35 probably two years, and even if they get, you know,
13:52:39 driven out again two years from now as the market
13:52:42 recycles, so it's a great time to bring activity there
13:52:46 which will bring more investment, more personal
13:52:48 investment, more residents, and just more visibility.
13:52:53 I like your idea about the three CRAs, even the four
13:52:58 crass downtown, Ybor City, East Tampa and the Channel
13:53:01 District really kind of coalescing together because

13:53:03 they really are great regional destinations.
13:53:07 And between downtown and Ybor City.
13:53:12 And I think those kind of stations are going to really
13:53:15 blossom into a collaborative effort of neighborhoods
13:53:20 come together.
13:53:22 Also, one of the ideas that we discussed amongst
13:53:26 ourselves was that Ybor City offers a great
13:53:30 opportunity, Tampa offers a great opportunity for
13:53:33 artists, and our plan, we talk about creating a
13:53:36 production district where that becomes the workplace,
13:53:40 and the other communities are the homes.
13:53:44 So they become the bedroom community to the working
13:53:48 downtown and Channel District.
13:53:51 I think there's a lot of different ways that the
13:53:54 market will help us evolve, where artists will live
13:53:58 and work, and how the communities are going to evolve
13:54:03 together.
13:54:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
13:54:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
13:54:07 I like it when we are all on the same page, because I
13:54:09 had scribbled some notes earlier along with, and this
13:54:18 isn't truly directed at you, it's also directed over

13:54:20 here to Mark because he's the one that needs to run
13:54:23 with this sort of on the bigger picture across all the
13:54:26 districts.
13:54:26 But I think especially, Mark, as we go into our next
13:54:30 budget process, when we looked at the trolley, the
13:54:33 streetcar, the streetcar services the three
13:54:35 districts -- Ybor, Channelside and downtown.
13:54:39 And then we realized that the street car need sod
13:54:42 additional funding.
13:54:43 So what we did was we funded it from all three
13:54:45 districts, because there was the benefit to all three
13:54:47 districts.
13:54:48 And I think this is the same thing.
13:54:52 If we are hiring full-time arts program director, and
13:54:57 maybe eventually even a little bit of staff, you know,
13:55:00 create a little department, that should be something
13:55:02 that's shared among the various districts.
13:55:06 And then the benefits would flow to all three
13:55:08 districts.
13:55:09 And I say that for a couple of reasons.
13:55:11 One, I don't think Channelside district should
13:55:13 necessarily be burdened with that entire expense.

13:55:15 But the other part of it is, the benefit.
13:55:18 If we just do it out of the Channelside budget, then
13:55:22 that person shouldn't be working on anything except
13:55:24 for Channelside.
13:55:25 But realistically, we all know that downtown needs it,
13:55:29 that Ybor City needs it.
13:55:32 We lost -- sort of had some of these functions.
13:55:43 And then I guess that position has been unfunded
13:55:45 because of our budget cuts.
13:55:47 So now, you know, the CRAs have to have an
13:55:50 opportunity to step up to the plate and fill that gap.
13:55:52 And I think it's completely appropriate.
13:55:56 I hope we look into that right away as we are going
13:56:01 into that.
13:56:01 And the other thing I think one of you said was about
13:56:04 the incentives.
13:56:05 Mary, you said it.
13:56:06 I think it's a great idea, that we have to figure out
13:56:09 ways, and they might cost for CRA a little bit of
13:56:13 money but they would be worthwhile to create some
13:56:16 financial incentives for property owners to, as you
13:56:21 said, do it together.

13:56:24 >>> I'll just emphasize, too, in one of the addenda in
13:56:27 our plan is with the responsibility.
13:56:31 I think defining the role for that person, or that
13:56:35 position, is extremely important.
13:56:37 And, you know, defining the accountability for that
13:56:41 position is of critical importance, so there's a
13:56:47 continual evolution of the position, and a very clear
13:56:50 agreement on what that position is intended to
13:56:53 accomplish.
13:56:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I like the fact that that program
13:57:01 director, arts director, would be answering to the
13:57:04 CRA, you know, community, and us as the CRA, instead
13:57:10 of being within the administration.
13:57:13 Because what I observed was that being part of
13:57:22 bureaucracy, even though it might be splitting hair to
13:57:25 a lot of people, I think it's a little more difficult
13:57:27 to operate as compared to the smaller bureaucracy that
13:57:30 we have within the CRA.
13:57:33 So for what it's worth, that's my two cents.
13:57:37 >>MARY MULHERN: That's interesting, because I was just
13:57:40 thinking how, I mean -- and I said this to Lee when we
13:57:44 were talking about the plan.

13:57:46 The problem is we need the support and appreciation
13:57:48 for the arts city-wide.
13:57:50 And it's kind of sad to think that we have to kind of
13:57:54 move it out of the -- because we have a few little
13:57:58 really good arts people here.
13:58:01 So I'm not sure that we want to fragment that.
13:58:04 But if the money is coming out of the CRA and it
13:58:11 servicing -- and I would say all of them.
13:58:13 And I just remembered this.
13:58:14 This is before I started, but Hillsborough County, I
13:58:19 think it was the arts council -- Linda will know --
13:58:22 did this huge study, this huge survey, about what the
13:58:26 entire community wanted, and what they found out was
13:58:31 that people wanted arts in their neighborhood.
13:58:35 So, for instance, Joseph Caetano's neighborhood, they
13:58:39 want support for the arts programs that they have up
13:58:43 there.
13:58:44 And they have started some.
13:58:46 But, you know, in West Tampa, which is not a CRA.
13:58:52 And I think in an ideal city, we would have support
13:58:58 city-wide.
13:59:01 You know, if we have to just concentrate on a few

13:59:05 areas, I think it's fine.
13:59:06 But I think that East Tampa, another CRA, I mean, they
13:59:11 would be really the most deserving of funding for the
13:59:14 arts.
13:59:15 And it's really a benefit and economic driver no
13:59:20 matter where it is.
13:59:21 And I think -- I mean, as I said, ironically since
13:59:24 Channelside was in our district, and Ybor kind of went
13:59:28 through this, too.
13:59:30 As soon as the real estate market gets hot -- and this
13:59:32 happens everywhere.
13:59:33 In New York it happens continually but there's always
13:59:36 a new neighborhood opening up.
13:59:37 Here we don't have enough support in general, in
13:59:41 communities to keep artists here.
13:59:43 They end up just leaving town.
13:59:45 But that's kind of ironic.
13:59:48 That we are trying to create this arts district where
13:59:50 we disrupt it in our district.
13:59:53 And I'm not making a judgment there.
13:59:55 I'm just saying it's kind of ironic.
13:59:59 And as you said, it's more affordable for people to

14:00:02 reside and say Ybor, although I'm not sure Ybor
14:00:07 subpoena affordable but East Tampa.
14:00:10 So that should be where we are investing in those
14:00:14 communities, I think.
14:00:15 If that's more affordable for people.
14:00:20 >>> Our charge was initially to create a plan for the
14:00:24 Channel District.
14:00:27 It was very clear that there's so many great resources
14:00:32 in Tampa and in Hillsborough County that, you know, is
14:00:35 worthy of attention and support.
14:00:37 And it's really what we see as the riches in the
14:00:43 neighborhoods.
14:00:43 All of these small organizations or a couple
14:00:48 organizations with relatively small budgets that are
14:00:50 serving their communities and serving all of Tampa,
14:00:52 and I think doing a very good job of it, too.
14:00:56 And though we link it back to the Channel District, we
14:01:00 are aid -- there's a lot of people singing and dancing
14:01:08 and performing, and a lot of children's groups, and
14:01:11 the idea for the arts group grew out of imagining a
14:01:15 parade of all of these smaller arts organizations
14:01:17 performing together.

14:01:20 In one great annual celebration of what Tampa's
14:01:24 organizations can do, especially the smaller
14:01:26 organizations.
14:01:26 So it was really not possible to look at just one
14:01:29 district without looking at all of Tampa.
14:01:31 And I agree with you, there's so much rich resource in
14:01:34 the community.
14:01:38 And going back also to the public-private, it's so
14:01:44 much a partnership, and it's so much for any of these
14:01:50 efforts to succeed, it so important that those sectors
14:01:54 are really engaged with each other, and not each
14:01:56 separately, and each focusing on different aspects but
14:01:59 really working with each other, the behind of "let's
14:02:02 do it together" campaign.
14:02:04 The other side of that campaign is an individual one,
14:02:06 which is "I can do that."
14:02:08 So, you know, we know the plan is posted publicly, but
14:02:12 we also are hoping that it's been posted on the new
14:02:16 brand Tampa web site, and I'm hoping it too in itself
14:02:19 will become a blog, you know, that it will become and
14:02:23 remain an active plan that people will continue to
14:02:26 evolve it and grow it and work from it, as well as

14:02:29 change it.
14:02:30 >> What's that web site?
14:02:33 >>> Brand Tampa.
14:02:35 >> Brand Tampa.
14:02:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
14:02:39 Ms. Saul-Sena.
14:02:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Huey, I know there was a
14:02:42 meeting yesterday with a lot of nonprofits, and Lee,
14:02:45 and I think there's going to be another one coming up.
14:02:49 I would like for you to let us know when these are
14:02:52 going to be, and I think that's great because
14:02:55 ultimately it's going to be fewer organizations, and
14:02:58 you know, in concert with private sector in the city.
14:03:08 There's a lot to do.
14:03:09 Actually because things are kind of quiet now, it's a
14:03:12 great time to get working on it.
14:03:14 And I want to share, Mary, there are artist in the
14:03:20 district.
14:03:21 In Ybor, too.
14:03:28 >> it's been a privilege and honor to serve the City
14:03:32 of Tampa.
14:03:32 >>GWEN MILLER: We appreciate the work you are doing,

14:03:34 too. Thank you.
14:03:34 >> I have a question.
14:03:36 Why do we have to wait till next month to adopt it?
14:03:40 Is there any reason we couldn't adopt it now?
14:03:43 I move we adopt this plan.
14:03:44 It's a great plan.
14:03:45 >>> We are already running, and it's going to evolve
14:03:52 out of the very plan, and they are going to come up.
14:04:03 We would appreciate it if you would adopt it today.
14:04:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
14:04:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I think before we adopt it, we should
14:04:11 see if there's anyone from the public that would like
14:04:14 to speak on it, before we adopt it.
14:04:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
14:04:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You need to hold the motion for public
14:04:34 comment, something like that.
14:04:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I second it.
14:04:37 >>> Henry Lewis, 119 north 11th street in Tampa.
14:04:46 I would like to say I very much agree with what Mary
14:04:51 and John and Linda have stated in reference to our
14:04:55 needs in the Channel District.
14:04:57 I feel strongly opposed to hiring a single person for

14:05:02 the arts district since we in a longer have an arts
14:05:05 community.
14:05:05 It has disappeared 100%.
14:05:09 The last artist we had was about a group of 20 or 30
14:05:21 People living inside the Channel District who have
14:05:24 jobs, and they call themselves artists.
14:05:29 That's the general extent of what we have with artists
14:05:31 in the Channel District.
14:05:32 I feel that using two or three other groups to fund
14:05:39 this would be more appropriate, rather than directing
14:05:42 all the funds from arts district.
14:05:46 So with that, you know, I haven't really studied or
14:05:50 reviewed the entire study that was perhaps published
14:05:56 by the New York firm.
14:05:59 Not knowing all the contents, I really can't voice my
14:06:03 opinion other than I do not feel that we should hire
14:06:07 at this time, or waste our money.
14:06:10 I think the money should be spent directly on the
14:06:14 Channel District and beautification, infrastructure,
14:06:19 the other immediate needs that we have.
14:06:25 That's all I have.
14:06:27 Thank you.

14:06:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
14:06:30 >>> Ken Stoltenberg.
14:06:32 My office is at 1,100 Channelside Drive, suite 2400.
14:06:39 I read Lee.
14:06:41 'S plan in great detail.
14:06:42 I think it was a great plan and was a lot more
14:06:45 encompassing and covered a lot more aspects than I
14:06:48 thought was going to be possible.
14:06:50 Lee, I think you did a great job.
14:06:52 And one of the things that I think would be really
14:06:54 neat is in different economic scenarios create
14:06:59 different economics, and the fact we are going through
14:07:01 kind of, I guess would you say, a slump right now
14:07:03 could also create some opportunities to get some arts
14:07:06 groups into the Channel District, either into the
14:07:09 existing retail or the retail in hopefully projects,
14:07:12 knock on wood, that are going to be built.
14:07:14 And there isn't really a cut and dried or a process,
14:07:19 or incentive program, that's in place with the city
14:07:21 right now.
14:07:23 And that's not necessarily a bad thing because it
14:07:25 doesn't keep people from making up their own.

14:07:30 I would like to see every building down there have a
14:07:32 prominent arts use and I think there will be eight or
14:07:34 nine different ways that you could do it.
14:07:36 There's no one right answer.
14:07:38 The only right answer is the one that works for that
14:07:41 particular situation so you get it done.
14:07:43 And in that, I would think if could you just figure
14:07:46 out a way where any private sector person can break
14:07:49 even putting in the arts use, and it enhance it is
14:07:52 value of the rest of their real estate, that's the
14:07:55 formula.
14:07:55 And if you guys can work with the private sector to
14:07:59 figure out how you can do that, and it doesn't involve
14:08:03 throwing a bunch of money away up front, it would be
14:08:05 an overtime type thing, I think that's how could you
14:08:09 get the tapes of art uses that are going to be very
14:08:11 interesting in the district and make the real estate
14:08:14 more valuable all around.
14:08:15 So it can be done.
14:08:16 It's just different economic situations,
14:08:19 opportunities.
14:08:20 Right now as I mentioned several months ago there's a

14:08:23 great opportunity to buy open space in the district
14:08:25 and take care of that given what we have.
14:08:27 I think this creates similar opportunity, and we plan
14:08:30 to take care of some of these perhaps arts needs
14:08:33 long-term to do it now.
14:08:34 Thank you.
14:08:38 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to thank Mr. Stoltenberg
14:08:42 for his working with Stageworks, which is going to
14:08:46 happen, right?
14:08:49 They are raising money and going to open up in his
14:08:51 building, and thank Henry Lewis for everything he's
14:08:55 been doing in his lifetime in the Channel District.
14:09:01 And then my question was for you, Mark.
14:09:04 We are just adopting this plan.
14:09:06 We are not allocating any funds?
14:09:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Correct.
14:09:12 >>> Goes through the budgeting process.
14:09:14 You took the words out of my mouth as it relates to
14:09:20 Chen.
14:09:20 Nobody has done more to bring the arts in the
14:09:23 district.
14:09:24 He has commenced the stage works.

14:09:26 And it's a very important initiative for Channelside
14:09:29 and all of our downtown.
14:09:30 So we appreciate that.
14:09:38 >> May I suggest hold off the adoption till we had a
14:09:43 public notice.
14:09:44 One gentleman said he hasn't had a chance to read it
14:09:47 so there might be others that haven't had a concern so
14:09:49 it might be prudent to wait until the next meeting to
14:09:53 adopt this.
14:09:53 >> Withdraw my motion.
14:09:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Withdraw my second.
14:09:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I move that we have a public hearing
14:10:00 at our next CRA meeting, which -- on the adoption to
14:10:06 adopt the arts plan for the Channel District.
14:10:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
14:10:11 And, Sal, do you see any reason why members of the CRA
14:10:17 or the staff couldn't do some public speaking on this
14:10:21 in the intervening month to try to get the public to
14:10:24 pay attention and notice?
14:10:26 >>SAL TERRITO: Speaking on your own behalf and not as
14:10:29 the collective body where the sunshine issue, I don't
14:10:34 see a problem for each one of you individually if you

14:10:37 wish to speak on this issue.
14:10:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let me ask Mr. Hue Y, will there be
14:10:41 any other opportunities for the public to discuss
14:10:43 this?
14:10:43 Because frankly people knowing about it is going to be
14:10:45 one of its strengths.
14:10:48 >>MARK HUEY: Really, what's exciting is everyone is
14:10:51 into the implementation mode.
14:10:52 All of those who have been around it, who have been
14:10:55 digesting it, are really going to begin implementing
14:10:58 it.
14:10:58 So we are planning a number of meetings.
14:11:00 But they are all going to be sort of follow-on to the
14:11:04 meeting that we described yesterday where you have
14:11:07 groups collaborating around the plan to begin
14:11:10 implementing it.
14:11:11 So we will be very committed to getting the plan out
14:11:15 there.
14:11:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, you get it to brand Tampa two
14:11:19 weeks before the meeting so they can let folks know
14:11:21 about it?
14:11:23 >>MARK HUEY: Sure.

14:11:24 Absolutely.
14:11:24 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion on the floor to have a
14:11:27 hearing, August 21st, 1:30.
14:11:31 >> Second.
14:11:32 (Motion carried).
14:11:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else in the public that
14:11:37 would like to speak?
14:12:01 >>> The speaker's name is Al Davis.
14:12:05 And he is a resident of the East Tampa community
14:12:15 redevelopment area.
14:12:19 Madam Chairman, he has four items for which he wishes
14:12:29 some response in terms of what these items are.
14:12:35 He also wishes, Madam Chairman, that the response, if
14:12:44 they are for the coming, to be in simple terms, such
14:12:49 as a Yes or a No.
14:12:56 Madam Chairman, here are these items.
14:13:04 Did the application for membership on the CAC,
14:13:11 submitted by Al Davis, would it be under consideration
14:13:16 by this board?
14:13:22 Number 2, should the bylaws of the East Tampa and
14:13:34 being submitted to the attorney for review, should
14:13:40 they be reviewed from a perspective of consistency

14:13:44 with the board policy, and if the attorney feels that
14:13:52 they are consistent therewith -- yes, that's the
14:13:59 information.
14:14:00 Number 3.
14:14:02 With regards to the election process, did the election
14:14:13 process to be conducted with the election of only four
14:14:23 residents?
14:14:29 Number 5.
14:14:30 Does the term or phrase in the category of the CAC
14:14:40 member, does the phrase "at-large" mean inside of the
14:14:52 area or outside of the area?
14:14:59 Madam Chairman, that's about all of the items for
14:15:05 which I wish response to.
14:15:08 And it may be noted that the speaker might be taken
14:15:18 under consideration respecting of the so-called
14:15:33 behaviorist profile.
14:15:34 (Bell sounds).
14:15:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Davis, don't leave.
14:15:38 We have a question.
14:15:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I read your memo dated July
14:15:41 29th and it looks like you are to be included on
14:15:44 the list of candidates.

14:15:45 But you acknowledge in paragraph 2 that you said that
14:15:50 your application was late.
14:15:52 And I'm just wondering if there was any extenuating
14:15:57 circumstances that we should be aware of to make an
14:16:00 exception.
14:16:02 >>> Al Davis: That was unfortunate circumstances of
14:16:10 not being exact clear on the deadline that the EP --
14:16:21 that the partnership had set.
14:16:23 I was informed that there were notice giving at
14:16:31 meetings of which I was not in attendance, and also I
14:16:37 was informed that there was a press release or
14:16:42 something or other like that in the Florida sentinel.
14:16:46 I could not learn which addition that the old press
14:16:57 release contains so I was not exactly sure of the
14:16:59 date.
14:17:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You and I have served on various
14:17:02 things together, and you are Mister Process and Mister
14:17:06 Procedure, so that's why this one sort of strikes me
14:17:08 as a little unusual.
14:17:10 That's all.
14:17:10 >>> Well, it did.
14:17:13 And I apologize as I noted.

14:17:15 And I thought perhaps if the window from the
14:17:20 partnership process factor was closed, then I did note
14:17:25 in the policy itself with respect to selected members,
14:17:31 this council had the prerogative to at any time review
14:17:38 the membership makeup, and make whatever they
14:17:44 considered changes to their satisfaction.
14:17:49 And this would be the first time that if under the
14:17:54 select process of the policy that the partnership
14:17:58 would have an opportunity to be consistent with.
14:18:03 And I understand -- I could go on with some other
14:18:08 commentary on that.
14:18:09 But I do hope the board will consider that and grant
14:18:13 the opportunity for Al Davis to be considered.
14:18:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
14:18:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
14:18:19 Mr. Sal Territo?
14:18:23 Can you answer?
14:18:24 >>> I will attempt to.
14:18:25 His application was late, that's correct.
14:18:28 But if you want to add names to the list that are
14:18:31 submitted to you, you have that prerogative so he's
14:18:36 correct in that respect.

14:18:37 As far as the bylaws, we have reviewed the bylaws
14:18:40 consistent with your policies.
14:18:41 There are some typo things in there and some
14:18:43 accounting errors in there, but for the most part they
14:18:45 are consistent with your policies.
14:18:48 So, yes, they are consistent in that respect, and with
14:18:51 a few changes, I will suggest when we get to bylaws.
14:18:57 The election issue, I think the question was -- I'm
14:18:59 not exactly sure what the question was.
14:19:03 Oh, third and fourth.
14:19:06 Okay.
14:19:06 The election right now, what you are getting before
14:19:09 you are the four members that you have added to the
14:19:11 list for the residency which were not clearly in there
14:19:14 from the beginning.
14:19:15 So those are the four that are being presented to you
14:19:18 right now.
14:19:19 So there is only four members.
14:19:20 The other members were there under your policies were
14:19:23 continuing, so their original term ran out because
14:19:26 they were in place before the CRA policies were set in
14:19:30 place.

14:19:31 So, yes.
14:19:33 >> How long?
14:19:34 >> Two years.
14:19:37 You will have an overlap.
14:19:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And the last question.
14:19:43 >> There are specific people who have to be -- who
14:19:48 have residences or businesses in the areas.
14:19:51 That's somewhat ambiguous when it talks about
14:19:53 stakeholders in the area.
14:19:54 So I think the way your policies written they don't
14:19:57 have necessarily residents or business owners that
14:19:59 area.
14:20:00 The categories which require a residency or business
14:20:02 ownership in that area.
14:20:03 We talked about people having interest in that area.
14:20:05 So you have some flexibility from your policies unless
14:20:08 you want to tighten those up right now.
14:20:12 It could be someone outside the area, specific areas
14:20:17 that require a residency.
14:20:19 >> To answer your question Mr. Davis?
14:20:26 >>> That leads to another question.
14:20:27 And if I may ask that.

14:20:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Point of order, Madam Chairman.
14:20:34 Public comment should last three minutes.
14:20:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
14:20:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Davis has gone over that three
14:20:39 minute time.
14:20:40 I'm just concerned in the issue of fairness, because
14:20:43 it's going to come back to haunt us.
14:20:45 Somebody is going to want, well, you gave for that
14:20:47 person, so that's what I am concerned about.
14:20:50 You are the chair.
14:20:50 You have discretion to do that.
14:20:52 But I am just concerned about the issue of fairness,
14:20:54 and the issues that will arise later on.
14:20:57 Someone will say, you gave somebody else five minutes.
14:21:00 >>GWEN MILLER: I agree with that.
14:21:01 Mr. Davis, you can see Mr. Territo after the meeting
14:21:03 and he will answer any questions you have.
14:21:04 >>> Madam Chairman, you know, I was ready to take my
14:21:10 sheet --
14:21:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Know.
14:21:12 >>> Outside of the limitation.
14:21:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Would anyone else like to speak?

14:21:19 >>> Randy Coen, 4121 West Cypress, I'm the chair of
14:21:32 the CAC for Drew Park here to talk to you very briefly
14:21:36 on items 4, 5 and.
14:21:38 Regarding 4, as I mentioned at your last CRA meeting,
14:21:42 the CAC conducted a workshop regarding land use
14:21:45 amendments in Drew Park, had 22 people that attended
14:21:49 the meeting and spoke.
14:21:52 All of the individuals speaking and the CAC committee
14:21:54 itself were unanimous in recommending that there be no
14:21:57 land use changes in Drew Park at this particular time.
14:22:00 Item 5, I'm personally happy about.
14:22:03 That's the acquisition of a parcel of land within the
14:22:05 residential area of Drew Park that will allow us to
14:22:08 begin implementing one of the goals of the strategic
14:22:10 action plan, which is workforce, or attainable housing
14:22:15 within Drew Park.
14:22:16 Item 6 obviously still requires some attention, but we
14:22:19 are hopeful that will have another parcel of land to
14:22:22 continue doing attainable housing in Drew Park and
14:22:25 amending that part of the strategic action plan.
14:22:27 Thank you.
14:22:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

14:22:28 Anyone else?
14:22:30 Reverend Scott, you had a question?
14:22:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, going back to the -- I guess I
14:22:35 can discuss it when we get to that point, the slate.
14:22:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
14:22:41 We go to the Strand update.
14:22:43 Mr. Sal Territo.
14:22:45 >>SAL TERRITO: There is nothing knew.
14:22:47 As you may or may not know the Supreme Court of
14:22:49 Florida is in recess at this particular time which
14:22:52 leaves us in a little bit of limbo because two of the
14:22:54 members have left, two are retiring, and we are not
14:22:57 sure what impact that's going to have.
14:23:00 Because we have a seven-member Supreme Court, four of
14:23:02 whom will no longer be there.
14:23:03 I'm not sure if they made their wishes known
14:23:06 beforehand when the opinion was written.
14:23:08 If it had been written I assume it would have been to
14:23:11 the minutes so I don't know if it's going to require
14:23:13 another hearing because we have new members, we are
14:23:16 kind of in limbo right now.
14:23:18 They will be back from recess in August, take a

14:23:23 one-month recess.
14:23:24 So we don't know exactly what's going to happen.
14:23:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
14:23:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Please don't make copies any more
14:23:31 for us.
14:23:32 We have read it.
14:23:33 That's a waste of paper.
14:23:35 What we want to know is when will it be resolved?
14:23:38 And I'm afraid clairvoyance is the only way to know
14:23:41 that.
14:23:41 But I have a question for Mr. Huey.
14:23:43 Given that we are facing budget, we don't know the
14:23:47 impact of Strand, we don't have -- do you have
14:23:53 anything to add?
14:23:55 >>MARK HUEY: Again we were quite hopeful that we were
14:23:59 going to resolve it, that we would have clear
14:24:01 direction going into our budgeting process.
14:24:03 But as you will hear in a little bit as we have our
14:24:06 budget presentation later in our meeting, this is
14:24:09 something that's factoring into, how do you do pay as
14:24:12 you go?
14:24:13 Particularly large infrastructure projects.

14:24:15 And you will begin to hear how that's affecting our
14:24:18 thinking.
14:24:18 So, yes, we are now having to think about, for
14:24:21 example, in the Channel District, how to really plan
14:24:24 the infrastructure development there on more of a pay
14:24:27 as you go basis and that will be a major goal for us
14:24:30 in the coming year.
14:24:32 >> Well, as we as a board provide direction policy to
14:24:36 you, I think we have to assume based on the -- by
14:24:42 which this has been resolved but it not going to be
14:24:44 resolved at any time soon and at least for our
14:24:48 upcoming budget we have to assume it's not resolved,
14:24:51 we have limited money, and really adjust our budgeting
14:24:56 accordingly.
14:25:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Does the FRA have any type of
14:25:11 legislative response or possibly even a Constitutional
14:25:15 amendment response contingent upon another bad
14:25:21 decision in Strand?
14:25:23 >> MARK HUEY: I know they had discussion.
14:25:25 All of those had discussions about whether that would
14:25:28 be possible and feasible.
14:25:30 I can't tell you what the current status of it was,

14:25:32 but I know back in the fall at the FRA conference last
14:25:38 fall, the FRA was discussing what options there might
14:25:41 be.
14:25:41 Now, I will a sure that you everyone thought it was
14:25:43 the Supreme Court would have ruled by now.
14:25:46 But it just continues to create a cloud that even
14:25:49 paralyzes, what are we going to have legislation on?
14:25:55 What are the clarifications?
14:25:56 And that's why it's forcing us to really look so hard
14:25:59 as the "pay as you go" approach because nobody really
14:26:04 sees a way to get clarity.
14:26:06 But, yes, the FRA is very engaged and looking at
14:26:09 options.
14:26:10 Vince is actually on the board, Vince Pardo, and I
14:26:13 didn't know if you had any -- okay.
14:26:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Since you are there, Mr. Huey, let's go
14:26:22 to item 44.
14:26:24 >>MARK HUEY: Randy Coen just mentioned the Drew Park
14:26:27 land use issue.
14:26:28 We had it ready for board approval last month and we
14:26:30 deferred it.
14:26:33 Jeanette Fenton wrote you a memorandum on June 6th

14:26:36 that gave you all the background relating to this.
14:26:38 Essentially the recommendation from the community and
14:26:41 the staff is to remove the land use recommendations
14:26:45 section from the adopted strategic action plan.
14:26:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
14:26:50 >> Second.
14:26:51 (Motion carried).
14:26:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Never had such an easy one, huh,
14:26:57 Mark?
14:26:59 >>MARK HUEY: Item 5 is a land acquisition in Drew
14:27:04 Park.
14:27:06 Again, Jeanette sent awe background memorandum July
14:27:10 30th on that.
14:27:11 >> Move approval.
14:27:13 >> Second.
14:27:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion.
14:27:17 Mr. Dingfelder.
14:27:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was looking at the map.
14:27:20 These are two small, back to back, and I'm just
14:27:26 wondering do we own adjacent or is this just for
14:27:29 in-fill single-family or is there multifamily option
14:27:32 there or what?

14:27:33 >>> We think there could be a multifamily option
14:27:36 there.
14:27:36 >> What's the current zoning?
14:27:39 >>> Current zoning is RM-16.
14:27:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sounds reasonable.
14:27:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
14:27:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just wondering, are these actual
14:27:48 properties there?
14:27:50 Or are they --
14:27:54 >>> Ten feet lots.
14:27:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
14:27:56 (Motion carried)
14:27:58 Okay.
14:28:01 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 and 8 are land acquisitions in
14:28:04 East Tampa.
14:28:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move approval on both 7 and 8.
14:28:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
14:28:10 (Motion carried).
14:28:15 >>MARK HUEY: Now the item 9 is the East Tampa bylaws,
14:28:28 modification.
14:28:28 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department again.
14:28:32 The bylaw modification is a little confusing to look

14:28:34 at because you have got the bylaws for the entire
14:28:38 organization, and within that are found the bylaws for
14:28:42 this particular CRA advisory committee, which begins
14:28:45 on page 3, article 8, community advisory committee
14:28:49 membership.
14:28:50 It goes from pages 3 through 9 on my copy.
14:28:54 I'm hoping you have the same copy I do.
14:28:56 So it goes on for awhile.
14:29:04 What the attempt was to do was not change the overall
14:29:07 function of the parent, the larger group, but to
14:29:12 include in that how the CRA portion of that would work
14:29:15 and how that met with your policies.
14:29:23 They are consistent with one or two slight changes.
14:29:25 One of them is basically an accounting error if you
14:29:29 look on section A which begins on the bottom of page 3
14:29:32 and goes through page 4, we are talking about the
14:29:36 13-members, there were four residents, one for-profit,
14:29:41 one for not-profit, and goes on.
14:29:43 Then it talks about the remaining seven members.
14:29:46 That should be the remaining six members.
14:29:51 So the remaining six members are designated at-large.
14:30:03 A question will come up, and these bylaws were adopted

14:30:07 by this subcommittee, this community advisory
14:30:11 committee membership.
14:30:12 To my knowledge, it had not yet been a factor by the
14:30:16 parent organization, the larger organization.
14:30:17 That becomes important because there's a dispute on
14:30:21 whether someone is eligible to be on the ballot as one
14:30:26 of the four members to be looking at or whether she's
14:30:28 not eligible to be on the ballot and the question
14:30:30 comes up, if you served already the two terms, you
14:30:33 have to have a one-year gap before you may serve
14:30:36 again.
14:30:37 And the question came up, does that gap mean you can't
14:30:40 run within that one year?
14:30:42 Or does it mean you can run but you can't begin to
14:30:44 serve until the one year has run?
14:30:52 The way the bylaws were being this was attempted you
14:30:55 could apply for, could you run for as long as you are
14:30:57 not serving without a one-year gap. There was a
14:31:00 change made by the subcommittee as a recommendation
14:31:03 that would you not be eligible to even submit your
14:31:06 application until one year has run.
14:31:08 So these have not yet been adopted by the full East

14:31:11 Tampa group, then the old bylaws are in effect, and
14:31:14 that person would be eligible to run, so long as she
14:31:18 does not serve until one year has passed.
14:31:25 >> Even though it's going to be term limited out in
14:31:28 2011, even though he couldn't serve he could put
14:31:31 himself -- it doesn't make sense to me.
14:31:33 That you can run if you are not going to -- if you are
14:31:36 not allowed to serve.
14:31:36 >> I'm not arguing whether you can or not.
14:31:40 I'm just saying what the bylaws say.
14:31:41 Bylaws say, you couldn't run, you couldn't even put
14:31:45 your name in.
14:31:46 I don't know.
14:31:47 If you are a term limited person, I assume that you
14:31:52 can run for that office as long as you don't take that
14:31:55 office unless you have been out for a period of time.
14:31:58 I don't know the answer to that.
14:31:59 >> Which provision?
14:32:02 >> Let me go to the section.
14:32:03 >> I want to know what section you are looking at.
14:32:07 >> Follow the common practice.
14:32:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Go by the bylaws.

14:32:13 Bylaws state if they don't have a gap they can run for
14:32:18 office.
14:32:21 >>MARY MULHERN: It doesn't say they can't.
14:32:22 Of the just says they can't serve.
14:32:28 >>SAL TERRITO: Begins on page 6, section D.
14:32:31 There is language in there that talk about you are not
14:32:33 allowed to run.
14:32:34 Knew language that was added, the newly-elected
14:32:38 officers are eligible to run for and hold office for
14:32:41 additional consecutive two-year term, then goes on,
14:32:43 there will be a mandated minimum of a one-year gap for
14:32:46 eligibility applying for and seeking additional --
14:32:52 applying for and seeking additional terms and/or
14:32:56 holding office.
14:32:56 The way they were written originally -- originally
14:33:01 could you apply for but couldn't start serving until
14:33:03 the one year gap came into being.
14:33:06 That's the way it was.
14:33:07 Now the change is made.
14:33:09 I'm saying, and I think under the old rules that was
14:33:12 allowed.
14:33:12 You don't want to allow it, and could you deal with

14:33:14 that usual you.
14:33:15 But I'm saying, I interpreted that that to mean under
14:33:18 the old rules, so long as you didn't serve, you had a
14:33:22 one-year, full one-year gap before you served again,
14:33:25 you met those standards under that old provision.
14:33:27 That's all I'm saying.
14:33:29 Whether you like it or not.
14:33:32 >>MARY MULHERN: But the full voting body, the East
14:33:39 Tampa community, revitalization partnership is going
14:33:43 to vote on this before it comes back to us, right?
14:33:47 >>SAL TERRITO: The only one that could recommend these
14:33:50 changes as far as I know -- I have to ask for
14:33:53 clarification -- regarding the subcommittee, the CRA
14:33:57 group.
14:33:57 Voted on these changes.
14:33:59 I didn't know it had gone to the full board.
14:34:05 If these had been adopted by the full board before the
14:34:07 applications went in, then these rules would apply.
14:34:11 I don't think they were.
14:34:12 That's what I have been told.
14:34:13 I don't know if that's the case.
14:34:20 The old rule would have applied.

14:34:21 If someone applied before the rule change.
14:34:23 >>GWEN MILLER: I agree with you, if they were
14:34:28 operating under the old bylaws, this is how they meet
14:34:31 the criteria, that person should be allowed to run.
14:34:33 But if we had adopted these, no, they could not run.
14:34:37 That's the way I understand it.
14:34:40 >>SAL TERRITO: It basically says you can't serve
14:34:42 unless you have a one-year gap between service.
14:34:44 So if you tendered your position on September 30 of 07
14:34:50 and didn't take office until October 1st of 09 --
14:34:55 a year in between.
14:34:56 That's all I'm saying.
14:34:57 That's the way it works, under the old reading of
14:34:59 that.
14:35:00 And that was changed, to clarify that issue.
14:35:03 Anyone who applied for, even eligible to run for one
14:35:10 year -- till one year had passed.
14:35:12 >>MARY MULHERN: So it written that they can't run, the
14:35:15 new version.
14:35:16 >>SAL TERRITO: They have to be out of office for one
14:35:19 year before they can even apply or run.
14:35:22 Correct.

14:35:23 Those rules, as far as I know, those rules were never
14:35:26 adopted by the full board.
14:35:28 And if they weren't, the old rules are still in
14:35:30 effect.
14:35:31 If someone can tell me otherwise, I don't know the
14:35:33 answer to that.
14:35:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I see.
14:35:36 Why is it -- why don't they vote on it then?
14:35:41 >>SAL TERRITO: I don't know.
14:35:42 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we should throw it back to
14:35:44 them to vote on 89 but they can't do the bylaws until
14:35:49 they vote on them.
14:35:52 >>SAL TERRITO: The draft was put together by the
14:35:55 subcommittee.
14:35:55 It's going to be -- throws a draft that they put
14:35:58 together.
14:36:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
14:36:01 We are reviewing this.
14:36:02 And then it will go back to them.
14:36:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
14:36:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, my question is, I guess you are
14:36:09 sending it back.

14:36:10 My question is, what was the interpretation of that
14:36:13 group, that body, East Tampa body?
14:36:15 What do they say?
14:36:17 Because what I am hearing now, a second question --
14:36:22 >>SAL TERRITO: They asked me that question and I gave
14:36:24 an interpretation that I thought you were eligible to
14:36:27 run for so long as you were able to serve without a
14:36:30 one-year gap.
14:36:32 >> So my question doesn't go back to either the
14:36:34 executive body or the full body.
14:36:36 What was their interpretation, or what was the
14:36:40 decision?
14:36:40 See, I think it's a determination that has to be made
14:36:43 by them.
14:36:44 >>> What I told them, I said if you wanted to make
14:36:48 that change, and clarify that issue, you should
14:36:51 clarify it.
14:36:51 And that's what they did.
14:36:53 They went back and clarified.
14:36:54 If they don't agree with that opinion, that's fine.
14:36:56 If they ask me how I interpret that provision, I
14:36:59 didn't write it so that was my interpretation.

14:37:02 If they want to say they didn't mean that, that's
14:37:05 fine.
14:37:12 >>> The East Tampa Partnership.
14:37:17 The one thing that this committee did do, and we
14:37:20 thought we were doing, was totally accepting the rules
14:37:25 and the guidelines and the policy of this board.
14:37:30 And the only thing there was a major conflict in terms
14:37:35 of the East Tampa did we, you know, raise questions.
14:37:39 So the whole idea of the new additional members came
14:37:43 from this board.
14:37:45 We had just had an election.
14:37:47 We were moving on.
14:37:48 This board came up with the new policies about how we
14:37:52 would operate as a CAC board.
14:37:56 We then were directed to put them in our bylaws, make
14:38:00 sure that we are in compliance.
14:38:03 We have done that.
14:38:05 The other thing that we thought we were doing, when we
14:38:07 got the candidates, was that we had to follow, because
14:38:13 they are coming along this advisory board.
14:38:16 They must be for this board what their guidelines
14:38:23 were.

14:38:23 In that statement of a gap, because we want to be sure
14:38:27 what a gap meant, that was a vague term, we, the
14:38:31 board, the advisory committee, asked the chairman to
14:38:35 contact you, and asked specifically, yet more
14:38:40 explicit, what is a gap?
14:38:42 And at that point, I was told back, and they brought
14:38:46 it to our committee, was that it was the discretion of
14:38:52 the committee and our board.
14:38:55 And at that point, a statement was put in, and we
14:38:59 said, we want to be sure everybody understood what a
14:39:02 gap meant.
14:39:04 At that point, we voted that it goes forward to come
14:39:09 to you.
14:39:09 And it did come before the partnership.
14:39:15 We highlighted those areas.
14:39:18 And we specifically said, the only reason we are not
14:39:20 going forward, we thought we had to come and get the
14:39:24 blessing of this board to insert anything, and we
14:39:31 didn't get that.
14:39:32 So that's why we didn't take it first.
14:39:35 Once we were called here, we were called back to have
14:39:38 another meeting and then we will move forward.

14:39:39 But everybody that was present understood what we were
14:39:42 inserting and bringing forth to you.
14:39:47 >>MARY MULHERN: So that's what you are asking us to do
14:39:49 today then, is to approve these bylaws?
14:39:54 >>> Those bylaws, yes.
14:39:55 Because that's what we thought we had to do and then
14:39:58 go back especially the advisory board, we would then
14:40:01 come back and go to the partnership and say this has
14:40:03 been approved, here we go.
14:40:06 That's what we thought.
14:40:11 >> That's correct, she said what do you think it
14:40:15 means?
14:40:15 I gave her an opinion.
14:40:17 That's why it's called an opinion and not law.
14:40:20 They wanted to clarify what those bylaws were so they
14:40:22 put that language in.
14:40:25 That's what she's saying is absolutely accurate.
14:40:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead, Mr. Territo. Any other
14:40:33 changes?
14:40:34 >>SAL TERRITO: I think there was one in here dealing
14:40:36 with an ad hoc committee.
14:40:39 The way they are going to choose their slight is to

14:40:42 have basically a nominating process.
14:40:44 You come before us.
14:40:45 You speak to us.
14:40:46 And we'll make a choice from what's before us.
14:40:51 I looked to see if there was anything in your policy
14:40:54 that is would contradict that, and they are going to
14:40:58 choose the people they are going to submit to you the
14:41:00 final slate really has to come to you, and you have to
14:41:03 be approving those people before it goes back to them.
14:41:06 That was the method they chose.
14:41:13 >> For the CAC.
14:41:14 >>> For the CAC.
14:41:16 I went back to see fountain was a conflict with your
14:41:19 policy and they want to choose a method of really to
14:41:21 put forward.
14:41:22 How they do that really wouldn't come before you.
14:41:24 If you have a question about that, if you want to see
14:41:27 a change, you can certainly discuss it.
14:41:29 There isn't any conflict with their policy
14:41:31 necessarily.
14:41:31 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a question on page 7, at the
14:41:34 bottom, "G."

14:41:37 The Nominating Committee will provide a candidate
14:41:40 forum in which time the candidates will make
14:41:42 statements, answer questions from the audience.
14:41:44 These are volunteers.
14:41:47 It sounds like a political campaign.
14:41:49 If you are going to have the audience asking you
14:41:51 questions, then it's going to lead to a political
14:41:53 campaign.
14:41:55 You are going to have ads in the paper, hold out
14:41:57 political signs saying vote for me, and I don't think
14:42:00 a volunteer needs to go through that.
14:42:02 That should be changed in my thinking.
14:42:09 I don't think you should have a candidate forum.
14:42:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Where did the language come from?
14:42:22 >> They wrote it.
14:42:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to hear from the
14:42:38 chairman.
14:42:45 >> I'm thinking some of the representatives are here
14:42:52 today and they are to be presented to you again,
14:42:54 following your instructions.
14:42:55 They come to you.
14:42:57 You put your rubber stamp on it.

14:42:59 They come back to us.
14:43:00 And when you are before our group, the only thing,
14:43:04 it's not a political campaign.
14:43:06 Most of the people may not be known to the general
14:43:08 body.
14:43:09 And it's to legalize, and we don't have a whole lot of
14:43:14 candidates.
14:43:15 So you at least get to hear what they want to say and
14:43:17 then we just vote.
14:43:19 It's not a campaign or nothing like that.
14:43:22 >>GWEN MILLER: They are going to be wanting -- like
14:43:26 before we had ads in the paper, we had people standing
14:43:29 out holding signs, vote for this.
14:43:32 We need to go through this again.
14:43:35 >>> I don't want to.
14:43:36 That did not happen in terms of signs or something on
14:43:38 the street or something.
14:43:44 >>GWEN MILLER: There were ads in the paper.
14:43:47 >>> Well, that one, yes.
14:43:49 And that was directed at myself and I felt I had that
14:43:51 right as a private citizen to let people know who I
14:43:54 was.

14:43:54 I was not fully involved but I wanted to let everybody
14:44:01 know what I stood for.
14:44:02 And I really want to commend you that I was --
14:44:07 >>GWEN MILLER: The committee is not going to vote.
14:44:10 >>> Well, once you all give us a approval --
14:44:13 >> The whole community is not going to vote.
14:44:15 >>> Well, no, we have over 300 members in our
14:44:17 partnership.
14:44:18 And our attendance has been running close to 100.
14:44:21 And once you give your stamp of approval, we were then
14:44:27 going to move forward.
14:44:30 Still done in one meeting.
14:44:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Now I'm confused.
14:44:33 Sal Territo, is the partnership that votes?
14:44:37 >>> Yes, the partnership.
14:44:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Or the community?
14:44:42 Just whoever -- people who are running, they are
14:44:46 running for the community advisory committee.
14:44:48 >>> The only thing we are asking is that you listen to
14:44:51 our candidates, give us approval, and then it comes
14:44:54 back to our partnership.
14:44:55 And how we do that I think is still the partnership.

14:45:02 The only that candidates have input is the advisory
14:45:08 board.
14:45:08 We are just a seven little persons.
14:45:10 We have a partnership that is not a part of this.
14:45:15 >>GWEN MILLER: But the partnership is going to vote.
14:45:17 >>> Yes, they will be voting.
14:45:19 >> Part of the community advisory committee.
14:45:22 >>> Beg your pardon?
14:45:24 >> They are part of the advisory committee
14:45:26 partnership?
14:45:27 >>> Yes.
14:45:29 Let me say this.
14:45:30 I don't know what the confusion is.
14:45:33 If you are a member of the advisory board, you are
14:45:35 also a member of the partnership.
14:45:38 But in terms of who is going to select the persons, it
14:45:42 going to be in the role of more of a partnership.
14:45:47 Not vote or anything that has anything to do with
14:45:49 anyone else.
14:45:50 >>MARY MULHERN: You're saying that the whole body
14:45:54 voted for it.
14:45:55 Not the officers.

14:45:57 The body votes on who should be on the citizens
14:46:00 advisory committee.
14:46:01 >>> Yes, yes, yes.
14:46:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't want to make it any more
14:46:08 confusing.
14:46:09 I think I understand it and it makes sense to me.
14:46:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My feeling is this is like small
14:46:16 democracy and if this is what these folks want to do
14:46:18 then I will support them doing what they want to do.
14:46:21 >>> Thank you.
14:46:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you need a motion, Madam
14:46:24 Chairman?
14:46:25 >>GWEN MILLER: No.
14:46:29 >>SAL TERRITO the way-
14:46:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The
14:46:33 >>SAL TERRITO: The slate will come before you.
14:46:38 >> Could I make a motion of what's before us?
14:46:40 >>GWEN MILLER: They have some changes.
14:46:41 >>SAL TERRITO: What the changes, the 14 members
14:46:45 becoming 13 members, yes, you can do that, certainly.
14:46:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's my motion.
14:46:49 >> Second.

14:46:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
14:46:53 (Motion carried).
14:46:53 >>MARK HUEY: The issue before them was all of the
14:47:00 modifications of their bylaws now are consistent with
14:47:03 the applicable part of the board's policy that we just
14:47:10 passed.
14:47:10 >>> Correct.
14:47:15 >>GWEN MILLER: They will be on the ballot because
14:47:17 these ballots just got accepted, right?
14:47:19 >>MARK HUEY: That's the next item.
14:47:23 The latest version.
14:47:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: As I recall, we had this whole
14:47:43 discussion.
14:47:44 My recollection was that they provide for us a ballot,
14:47:48 and that we basically -- if we had any concern about
14:47:51 anyone on their ballot, then we raise questions about
14:47:53 that.
14:47:55 It was never my intent, and never my recollection of
14:47:58 the discussion, that we add people to the ballot.
14:48:02 It was the ballot coming from them and we pretty much
14:48:05 just approved it as we have done with all the other
14:48:08 CRAs.

14:48:08 I do not know whether we added names to any other CRA.
14:48:11 From my perspective I am not adding a name today
14:48:15 either.
14:48:15 There's a process, again, a process.
14:48:17 If I'm running for political office, if I am running
14:48:20 for office, and the deadline is over, I don't care
14:48:24 what I say, or how much money I got, my name was not
14:48:28 going on the ballot as supervisor of elections.
14:48:31 Is that accurate?
14:48:32 >>> That's correct.
14:48:32 >> Simple as that.
14:48:36 Once you establish a process, you have got to be very
14:48:38 careful when we begin to change that, because then you
14:48:41 start inviting a whole lot of other situations.
14:48:44 Because next time somebody else is going to have an
14:48:46 issue.
14:48:47 And the next time somebody else is going to have a
14:48:49 problem.
14:48:49 And the next time somebody else is going to have an
14:48:51 issue.
14:48:52 So, you know, this group, this CRA, has done what we
14:48:59 asked them to do.

14:49:00 They submitted the list.
14:49:04 Basically to see whether we have any objection to any
14:49:07 of the names on the ballot.
14:49:08 That's my recollection of what we have discussed.
14:49:10 Not to change -- not to add to the ballot.
14:49:14 But if we have issues, with someone on the ballot.
14:49:16 That's my recollection.
14:49:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I totally agree with Mr. Scott.
14:49:25 Now I have a question, because I'm looking at this
14:49:29 slate, and there are five people recommended, and then
14:49:40 there are ten people that are current.
14:49:41 So that comes to 15.
14:49:46 Are some of these people that you are recommending
14:49:49 going to displace the other ten that are already on
14:49:54 there?
14:49:54 >>SAL TERRITO: This is not my ballot.
14:49:59 I am looking at it as you are as well.
14:50:03 A total of 13 members.
14:50:04 >> We don't choose, we just approve the ballot.
14:50:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, I mean, but I want to know --
14:50:12 >>> You can have 13.
14:50:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

14:50:16 Do you understand my question?
14:50:17 >>> Ed Johnson, development manager.
14:50:19 The slate of officers that was presented, the top
14:50:22 section of the slate has applications received.
14:50:26 There were seven applications that were received.
14:50:30 As you recall, we had to select members that represent
14:50:35 residents, and for-profit business owners, is what the
14:50:39 task was.
14:50:40 And out of those seven applications, two of the
14:50:43 applications based on the modifications to the bylaws,
14:50:50 it was felt that two of the applications did not meet
14:50:54 the qualifications.
14:50:57 One was Ms. Robert and the other Ms. Hart.
14:51:02 The recommended candidate slates were Donald Burkins,
14:51:06 Dixon, Robinson Scrivens that represent the
14:51:16 resident-only category.
14:51:17 Others that were on the list, Robert blunt and William
14:51:24 Benis fell under the category of property owners.
14:51:31 So if you go down and you total them up, from the
14:51:34 slate as presented, you have now three individuals
14:51:39 filling the positions of resident only.
14:51:48 You already have one resident on the existing

14:51:50 committee, current CEC members, Mr. Michael Farmer.
14:51:56 Now you have a total of four which represents the
14:51:58 total number of residents that you were requiring us
14:52:00 to have based on the CAC policy.
14:52:08 Because Ms. Hart was the only one that applied for the
14:52:11 for-profit business owner, and it was determined she
14:52:13 was not eligible because of the modifications to the
14:52:17 bylaws, you still have no individual meeting the
14:52:24 category in the for-profit category.
14:52:29 You have Mrs. Karol Josef Marshall, on the existing
14:52:33 committee that's already filling the one position as a
14:52:35 property owner.
14:52:38 Several others to the right on that category not for
14:52:44 profit, you have five individuals on the existing
14:52:46 board, that filled the not-for-profit arena.
14:52:50 And then you had two that are at-large. If Ms. Hart
14:53:05 is deemed eligible based on Mr. Territo's previous
14:53:10 comment, if you make the determination that she does
14:53:13 qualify, because the bylaws were not approved by the
14:53:16 larger East Tampa revitalization partnership, then she
14:53:23 could fill that position.
14:53:24 If it's determined we are not going forward with that,

14:53:25 that the existing bylaws as they approve what the
14:53:30 modified language is what you are going to accept,
14:53:33 then we are going to have to go back out for another
14:53:36 call for one position, for a for-profit business
14:53:42 owner.
14:53:42 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't see what the problem with
14:53:44 doing that is.
14:53:45 This is more confusing than anything.
14:53:46 And you didn't answer my question.
14:53:50 And you didn't no my question.
14:53:52 >> What is the question again?
14:53:56 >>MARY MULHERN: What does it mean current members?
14:53:58 >> Those are the current members that are currently
14:54:01 seated.
14:54:02 The ten members that are currently seated as they
14:54:04 existed before you created the CAC policy that
14:54:07 required us to expand the board to 13 members.
14:54:11 And the reason you have ten in the previous bylaws, it
14:54:14 accepted a past chairman.
14:54:19 Mr. Kinsey, who is on this list, is listed as a past
14:54:23 chairman who gets to serve one additional year.
14:54:25 He will go off of this list during the next election.

14:54:29 He goes away, so you have nine members, plus the four
14:54:32 that you are adding, makes the 13 members.
14:54:35 >> Okay.
14:54:36 I thought that we just approved this body's bylaws.
14:54:40 Why is this question coming up again?
14:54:42 We approved the bylaws.
14:54:44 They asked us to vote on this, and remove someone if
14:54:50 they have a problem with them.
14:54:51 I guess we move we a -- accept this slate.
14:54:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
14:54:58 >>MARY MULHERN: I still don't understand hop is going
14:55:00 to go off.
14:55:03 >>GWEN MILLER: She missed the qualification before we
14:55:05 passed it.
14:55:06 But she shouldn't be listed as for-profit owner.
14:55:12 But she was eligible because --
14:55:17 >>MARY MULHERN: They voted --
14:55:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Sal Territo in his opinion said she
14:55:25 on the ballot.
14:55:28 >> Of we voted on their bylaws already.
14:55:30 >>> My name is William Dennis.
14:55:34 I'm talking to you in the middle of a vote or what.

14:55:37 I have an interest in East Tampa.
14:55:41 I am for-profit.
14:55:43 I have provided affordable housing in East Tampa, just
14:55:46 a couple of houses.
14:55:51 And when I did the application, I thought, you know,
14:55:53 it was my understanding that I identified myself, even
14:55:55 though I am not making a profit, at least my hope is
14:55:58 eventually to make some money at this, okay?
14:56:01 Most of my profit goes into taxes and insurance these
14:56:05 days.
14:56:06 But I wanted to be on the CAC to try and make
14:56:13 improvements, you know, to the area.
14:56:21 And I'm not quite sure where my name appears at on the
14:56:24 list of people being considered.
14:56:25 But I do find -- buy my drainage certificates from the
14:56:34 city which opens my property to the code enforcement
14:56:37 department and so forth, and I'm all right with that,
14:56:39 I think it's a useful service, but, you know, I was
14:56:43 surprised to hear that I didn't get considered.
14:56:45 You know, under that category of business owner, you
14:56:48 know.
14:56:48 All businesses don't necessarily make a profit.

14:56:52 Sometimes they go in the hole.
14:56:53 Some of them get shut down.
14:56:55 But I am trying -- and I do have an interest in East
14:56:59 Tampa.
14:57:02 Have full representation.
14:57:04 We got a lot of non-profit representation, but, you
14:57:07 know, there are people out in East Tampa trying to
14:57:10 make a profit such as myself.
14:57:12 And so I'm not quite sure as I was saying where I got
14:57:16 categorized at on the slate of candidates.
14:57:21 I appreciated listening to the board speaking about,
14:57:25 you know, not having people out running to be a
14:57:32 volunteer, now.
14:57:33 I agree with that, too.
14:57:34 I try to follow the process.
14:57:36 I don't know.
14:57:37 It could use some improvement.
14:57:39 Thank you.
14:57:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I have one question.
14:57:41 Okay.
14:57:42 So you went through the application process?
14:57:44 >>> Yes, ma'am.

14:57:44 >>MARY MULHERN: And what's your name?
14:57:48 >>> I'm William Dennis.
14:57:51 >>MARY MULHERN: You're listed on here as recommended.
14:57:53 >>> Right.
14:57:54 But I also, you know, I was also being categorized as
14:58:01 simply a property owner, you know.
14:58:04 I'm run ago business.
14:58:10 And what I'm saying to the board, to the council, is
14:58:12 that for-profit business owners are being
14:58:20 underrepresented by the East Tampa business community
14:58:24 revitalization.
14:58:30 It's underrepresented.
14:58:31 >> They are recommending you to be on the board, so
14:58:33 you can speak on that commission or however you want.
14:58:37 >>> Okay.
14:58:38 >> And help them find someone else now.
14:58:41 You need another person like you who has a for-profit
14:58:43 business.
14:58:51 You have been recommended.
14:58:52 >> I know.
14:58:53 But just the category I'm under, you know.
14:58:56 Somebody was just standing here saying they were

14:58:59 having a problem of finding somebody that was
14:59:00 for-profit in business.
14:59:03 And I can't understand why.
14:59:04 Because I'm right there on the list.
14:59:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, thank you.
14:59:10 All right.
14:59:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We need somebody for-profit and Diane
14:59:21 Hart's application was in on time and you say under
14:59:23 the old bylaws, I think her name should be on this
14:59:26 ballot.
14:59:26 >>SAL TERRITO: You're asking me to make a private
14:59:30 decision, not a legal decision at this point.
14:59:32 All I'm saying is how I read those original bylaws,
14:59:34 she would be eligible.
14:59:37 If the board thinks not, they are their bylaws, I am
14:59:41 not going to second guess them but I have given an
14:59:43 opinion I think she's eligible under the existing
14:59:46 bylaws before the change was made.
14:59:52 That's as far as I can go.
14:59:53 It up to you how to handle that.
14:59:59 They called and said how do you read that?
15:00:02 I think it reads this.

15:00:12 They don't have to listen to my opinion.
15:00:14 >> Al Davis: Can I --
15:00:18 >>GWEN MILLER: You can't speak, Mr. Davis.
15:00:20 You had your turn.
15:00:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: my issue is the issue of fairness.
15:00:25 I will tell you that.
15:00:26 We have to be very careful when we get into
15:00:28 friendships and relationships and relatives and all
15:00:30 that.
15:00:33 Any day -- end of the day I want to Don what is right,
15:00:36 what is fair, and that we follow the process.
15:00:39 We have to be very careful with trying to make a lot
15:00:40 of determinations for East Tampa partnership.
15:00:44 Some agencies are -- unless there is an appeal of a
15:00:52 decision.
15:00:53 We just voted and passed a bylaw, did we not do that?
15:00:56 >> Yes.
15:00:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: They need to go back and determine how
15:00:58 they are going to move forward.
15:01:00 Okay?
15:01:00 That's number one.
15:01:01 Number two, we dealt with the ballots.

15:01:03 I don't know why this keeps coming up.
15:01:10 Unless someone said I met the qualification and I want
15:01:12 to appeal to the board that decision, I can say let's
15:01:15 take it up but that has not happened.
15:01:17 I have not received a letter -- the only letter I got
15:01:20 from Mr. Davis saying he missed the deadline.
15:01:24 And I don't have nothing against -- I like Mr. Al
15:01:27 Davis.
15:01:27 Been around a long time.
15:01:29 But the issue is process and fairness.
15:01:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott, I'm for fairness, too.
15:01:37 And they had her name on this and they got asked for
15:01:41 an opinion.
15:01:42 They asked for an opinion.
15:01:43 They want to know if they are doing the right thing or
15:01:45 not.
15:01:45 That's what I have been talking about.
15:01:48 Not relative and not friend, because if it was I would
15:01:53 recuse myself.
15:01:55 But I'm just going with what the attorney said.
15:01:58 They asked for an opinion.
15:01:59 I was going on his opinion.

15:02:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My conversation had nothing in
15:02:03 reference with regards to you.
15:02:05 >>GWEN MILLER: I'm just saying relative or friend and
15:02:08 I was letting the public know there is neither.
15:02:11 None of those.
15:02:13 Ms. Mulhern.
15:02:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I agree with Reverend Scott again and
15:02:17 feel that the reason that we have this partnership,
15:02:20 and that they have created an advisory committee, is
15:02:23 so that they can make decisions about what happens in
15:02:27 their neighborhood.
15:02:28 So I'd like to move that we approve their recommended
15:02:32 candidates.
15:02:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second.
15:02:35 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
15:02:36 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
15:02:38 Opposed, Nay?
15:02:40 Nay.
15:02:43 >>> Madam Chairman --
15:02:44 >>GWEN MILLER: You cannot speak, Mr. Davis.
15:02:46 You are out of turn.
15:02:47 You cannot speak from the audience.

15:02:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So, then, you have to come back
15:02:53 because you only have three votes.
15:02:55 You have to come back.
15:03:04 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number --
15:03:12 >>MARK HUEY: The candidate did not get ratified.
15:03:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Only three votes.
15:03:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 11.
15:03:20 >>MARK HUEY: You each received a copy of our quarterly
15:03:22 financial report, accountability on how we are
15:03:25 spending TIF resources.
15:03:27 You just need to receive and file that.
15:03:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question on it.
15:03:34 On page 1 under marketing promotion, there's $10,000
15:03:37 set aside for making the public aware of the economic
15:03:39 development program and activities, spending of TIF
15:03:45 moneys.
15:03:45 >>> What page?
15:03:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Page 1.
15:03:48 >>> 1?
15:03:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 1.
15:03:52 Downtown core.
15:03:54 Has that money been spent yet?

15:03:56 >>MARK HUEY: You will see there's a balance of about
15:03:59 8500 there.
15:04:01 The main activities related to that have been the
15:04:06 production of our annual report.
15:04:08 And most recently, we are going to have a run of ads
15:04:14 in the Maddox report which target the real estate
15:04:17 development professional community.
15:04:19 The first one appeared last month and we'll be doing
15:04:22 that, trying that this year as a way to promote
15:04:25 redevelopment opportunities throughout the city.
15:04:27 >> Okay.
15:04:28 This is an area that some of the CRA board members are
15:04:31 very interested in, and I think it's a good idea, but
15:04:37 I think it would be appropriate for you to share
15:04:42 marketing and advertising with us as a CRA board.
15:04:45 I think it wouldn't be micromanagement.
15:04:48 I know Ms. Mulhern does that professionally.
15:04:51 I'm very interested in how we are presenting
15:04:53 ourselves.
15:04:54 And I would love to see these things before.
15:04:59 I think it would be really appropriate to give us, you
15:05:04 know, give us an opportunity to provide feedback

15:05:09 before we do things.
15:05:10 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
15:05:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
15:05:13 >>MARY MULHERN: You are just asking us to receive and
15:05:15 file this, right?
15:05:17 >>> Yes.
15:05:18 And certainly answer any questions you have.
15:05:20 >>MARY MULHERN: When is the budget hearing for CRA?
15:05:23 >>> It's set today.
15:05:27 Again in your quarterly financial tracking what you
15:05:30 actually see are three years worth of TIF budgets for
15:05:33 each CRA track.
15:05:38 It's again a very thorough job.
15:05:39 We are doing not just tracking to this year's budget
15:05:42 but previous year's budgets because spending occurs
15:05:45 over multiple years.
15:05:47 Yes.
15:05:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say that we did approve
15:05:51 our budget advisory committee today, so they can
15:05:54 certainly take a look.
15:06:01 >>> In response to the budget process, ours starts
15:06:05 today with our first budget presentation which is our

15:06:08 next item, after we receive and file the quarterly
15:06:10 reports.
15:06:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to receive and file the.
15:06:15 >> So moved.
15:06:16 >> Second.
15:06:16 (Motion carried).
15:06:17 >>GWEN MILLER: We go back to item number 3.
15:06:19 >>MARK HUEY: All right.
15:06:25 Yes, we are starting today the budgeting process for
15:06:28 the redevelopment agencies.
15:06:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can we take an item and proceed with
15:06:36 councilman Dingfelder back in?
15:06:37 Do you want to take that up or come back to item 11?
15:06:42 >> Do it now.
15:06:46 >>SAL TERRITO: You can bring it up.
15:06:47 You are not under the City Council rules.
15:06:49 Off different set of rules so you don't have to wait
15:06:51 for the next meeting to take this issue up if you want
15:06:53 to bring it up at this particular time.
15:06:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I will just ask councilman is here, if
15:07:00 we should take it up and move forward.
15:07:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So what's the motion?

15:07:08 >> The motion was made that we -- it was her motion
15:07:12 that we approve the ballot as submitted and I seconded
15:07:16 it, I believe it was.
15:07:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I moved and he seconded it.
15:07:23 >>GWEN MILLER: I object because our attorney stated
15:07:25 that under the old bylaws it should be put on the
15:07:28 ballot.
15:07:33 And they need a person.
15:07:35 They don't have a business person on there.
15:07:37 >> But they do.
15:07:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So the issue is not who is on the
15:07:44 ballot, the issue is are we accepting these
15:07:46 recommended candidates, the five, the five recommended
15:07:50 candidates?
15:07:58 >>GWEN MILLER: They need a business owner on there.
15:08:00 They don't have one.
15:08:00 >> Mrs. Saul-Sena, if I could ask, you said there is a
15:08:04 business owner?
15:08:05 >> Mr. Dingfelder, there is a gentleman who came up
15:08:07 and spoke and said, I'm a resident but I tried to be a
15:08:10 for-profit business owner.
15:08:12 >> Which one is that, do you know?

15:08:15 >> Mr. Dennis.
15:08:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So I feel like the community is
15:08:21 happy with this, and they need us to move.
15:08:24 And it was a 3-1 vote.
15:08:26 So you are the additional vote.
15:08:29 I call the question on the motion.
15:08:31 >>GWEN MILLER:
15:08:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I move that we approve the recommended
15:08:34 slate for the CAC for the East Tampa community
15:08:38 revitalization partnership.
15:08:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second.
15:08:43 >>CHAIRMAN: Question on the motion.
15:08:44 Mr. Dingfelder?
15:08:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My attitude on a lot of this type
15:08:48 of stuff is to try to be as hands-off as possible and
15:08:51 if this is the slate coming forward regardless of who
15:08:54 is on it as long as they are good, qualified people,
15:08:56 I'm okay with that.
15:08:59 >> All in favor of the motion, Aye.
15:09:01 Opposed, Nay?
15:09:03 Nay.
15:09:04 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent

15:09:07 and Caetano being absent at vote, Miller voting no.
15:09:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, item 3.
15:09:18 >>MARK HUEY: We have a PowerPoint presentation that
15:09:20 we'll pull up.
15:09:21 This is the kickoff to our annual planning cycle.
15:09:29 Remember that we had a three-step process that we work
15:09:35 with you, the board, the community, and the staff.
15:09:44 Today is the first step in the process.
15:09:46 The board workshop.
15:09:49 Next month we will be bringing to you the very
15:09:52 detailed budget booklet.
15:09:53 You won't be seeing detailed budgets today.
15:09:55 You will be seeing sort of our general direction
15:09:58 giving you an idea of where we are going with the
15:10:00 budget.
15:10:00 Next month you will get the very detailed budget
15:10:02 booklet.
15:10:03 And then that will be up for your approval in the
15:10:06 month of October.
15:10:07 So that we are following the same process that we
15:10:11 followed last year, the three-step process.
15:10:13 The purpose of our workshop today, again to discuss

15:10:18 with you our priorities.
15:10:21 Many of them you will be hearing about throughout the
15:10:24 year in the various districts.
15:10:26 The things that are going to guide our budgeting
15:10:28 process, and really also then to get your input and
15:10:33 your direction as we are working toward putting the
15:10:35 budget books together for next month.
15:10:38 I'm going to give some overview comments.
15:10:40 Then each manager is going to come up and spend five
15:10:43 or six minutes talking about their redevelopment area.
15:10:47 Again per your direction last month you said to really
15:10:50 keep it compressed given your busy day so we have done
15:10:54 our best to make a compressed and efficient
15:10:57 presentation for you.
15:10:58 And we again look forward to getting your comments.
15:11:07 For the viewing audience we are dealing with actually
15:11:10 nine CRA areas throughout the Tampa Bay area.
15:11:13 You see East Tampa, the furthest to the east, and
15:11:17 ranging all the way over to Drew Park, near the
15:11:19 airport.
15:11:22 We are going to walk you through each of those CRAs,
15:11:25 and before we do that I am going to make some general

15:11:28 comments about the agency as a whole.
15:11:31 First of all, you can see that our current revenue
15:11:33 projection, and our revenue projection at this point
15:11:37 about $33,464,000 of TIF resources to invest in these
15:11:45 neighborhoods is based on the current assessment role
15:11:49 and the millage estimates from our finance department.
15:11:52 So it's a good estimate of where we think we are going
15:11:56 to end up.
15:11:56 May fine-tune it over the next couple of months but it
15:12:00 gives you a good deal feel. That is a 12% increase
15:12:03 over last year.
15:12:05 As you can see on the right side, we invest most of
15:12:09 our funds in redevelopment capital projects.
15:12:12 Only 4% of the overall TIF resources go towards
15:12:17 operations and administration.
15:12:23 This next slide shows you where the growth occurs.
15:12:25 As you can see each bar represents the growth in TIF
15:12:31 revenues that occur in a particular district.
15:12:32 As you can see, Channelside and downtown are the
15:12:35 districts that really grew.
15:12:37 Virtually all of the overall growth and TIF revenues
15:12:40 of the agency occurred in those two districts.

15:12:43 The rest of the districts, some grew a little bit,
15:12:46 some actually declined a little bit.
15:12:48 Essentially they are flat.
15:12:50 So those are their redevelopment areas are going to be
15:12:54 looking at flat revenue projections relative to last
15:12:57 year.
15:12:58 The factors affecting growth, we are not going to bog
15:13:01 you down in a big analysis.
15:13:04 Obviously on the positive side, those areas like
15:13:07 downtown and Channel District, which experienced a lot
15:13:09 of new construction, significant private investment,
15:13:15 was a positive for revenue growth.
15:13:17 And we had other investment occurring throughout our
15:13:19 CRAs.
15:13:20 On the negative side, you we presented to you a few
15:13:24 months ago the negative aspects of amendment 1 on TIF
15:13:28 revenues.
15:13:29 And certainly the economy, we are seeing some
15:13:31 declining property values in the tax base.
15:13:33 So all of those things combined to create the revenue
15:13:37 projection, the overall scenario before you.
15:13:41 Administrative costs.

15:13:42 I wanted to talk to you about that.
15:13:45 Each community has an administrative cost, a direct
15:13:49 cost.
15:13:49 And then also a common administrative cost that they
15:13:53 share.
15:13:54 And I want to overview that for you.
15:13:56 First of all in the budget that is we are looking at,
15:13:58 there are new staff positions that heir being
15:14:00 contemplated.
15:14:01 And as it relates to the arts situation, remember,
15:14:04 that's a funding of an outside position.
15:14:13 Significantly you have the financial policy in place
15:14:15 where each of the CRAs is bearing an increasing
15:14:18 share of their own overhead and general expenses so
15:14:22 each area is taking on an additional 15% share of
15:14:29 their expenses.
15:14:30 And this year, because the CRAs are placing an
15:14:34 increasing demand on the legal department, we are
15:14:37 offsetting $75,000 of the legal department, spreading
15:14:42 that across, sharing that among the different CRAs.
15:14:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's twice Sal's salary.
15:14:49 [ Laughter ]

15:14:50 >>> That's a well-deserved bonus, right, Sal?
15:14:57 Kind of an overall planning considerations.
15:15:00 We have already talked about the Strand decision.
15:15:01 I have already alluded to that.
15:15:03 And you are going to hear a little more about that,
15:15:05 about how in East Tampa, for example, where we have
15:15:08 been focusing a lot on 22nd street, a 10, $12 million
15:15:14 project, what it means to try to do a project like
15:15:16 that on a pay-as-you-go basis when your TIF budget is
15:15:22 6 or $6.5 million.
15:15:25 We certainly have the condition of economic conditions
15:15:27 we are all familiar with.
15:15:28 The fact that it's very difficult for Ken and
15:15:33 developers to get projects financed.
15:15:36 And that is certainly going to mean that the momentum
15:15:38 of our TIF revenue growth is not going to be the same
15:15:41 as it's been in the past few years.
15:15:43 The unstability, the amendment 1, and other
15:15:47 instabilities in the taxing environments also create
15:15:49 an unpredictability about TIF revenues.
15:15:52 Those are things we are having to deal with.
15:15:54 Can't do much about them.

15:15:55 But within that context, we have two real primary
15:16:00 goals, one where I hope you will see as we develop our
15:16:02 budgets something that I know you support, which is
15:16:06 supporting existing businesses and residents, and
15:16:09 there are developers working hard to make projects
15:16:13 happen.
15:16:14 And what we are trying to do is come alongside those
15:16:16 projects in particular and really provide support
15:16:20 where we can, in this difficult time to help TIF those
15:16:28 projects forward.
15:16:29 And we know the economic conditions are going to
15:16:31 change so investing TIF resources in a way for our CRA
15:16:35 to benefit the most when the customer turns is also
15:16:38 part of our thinking, and a great example of that
15:16:40 would be the park being built in Curtis Hixon, the new
15:16:44 Curtis Hixon park that will bring a whole new
15:16:47 life-style element to our downtown, and be something
15:16:50 that again as the residential market improves, it will
15:16:53 be something that developers and residents will be
15:16:55 able to talk about, and sell as far as the opportunity
15:17:01 of living downtown.
15:17:07 With those introductory comments I want to bring up Ed

15:17:09 Johnson to walk you through each area.
15:17:12 We are going to give you a quick overview of some of
15:17:14 the positive things going on in each area.
15:17:18 We are going to give you a sense of some of the
15:17:20 conditions that are affecting our thinking, some of
15:17:22 our key budget goals, and give you a sense in a big
15:17:30 picture way how we see the big budget year.
15:17:35 We look forward to getting your feedback as we go
15:17:38 through each area.
15:17:40 >>> Ed Johnson, urban development manager for East
15:17:47 Tampa.
15:17:51 I just want to there we go.
15:18:00 Next slide, please.
15:18:01 I just want to remind you, the East Tampa CRA is
15:18:13 probably one of, from what we are told, one of the
15:18:16 largest CRAs in the country.
15:18:20 Encompassing some 7.5 square miles.
15:18:23 Our boundaries are Hillsborough Avenue to the north,
15:18:25 interstate 4 to the south, interstate 275 on the west,
15:18:30 we go all the way over to the city limits on the east,
15:18:32 which go all the way out to 56th street.
15:18:40 I'm happy to say that we have private and public

15:18:47 investments in East Tampa even in these hard times.
15:18:50 As an example, we just opened two major affordable
15:18:53 housing developments, Park Terrace apartments and
15:18:55 Brandywine apartments which encompass 350 units of
15:18:59 affordable rental apartments to the tune of $50
15:19:03 million in investment.
15:19:05 Also, the Payless, Kash N' Karry club, which is a
15:19:09 wholesale distributor to the convenience store
15:19:12 industry.
15:19:13 This is located in East Tampa on Lake and 40th Street.
15:19:17 It represents a $10 million real estate and inventory
15:19:21 investment in East Tampa.
15:19:26 And of course my favorite is the completion of the
15:19:28 34th street retention pond, conversion to the
15:19:31 Fairoaks community lake project.
15:19:33 That represents a $900,000 TIF investment.
15:19:38 Other exciting projects are underway in East Tampa,
15:19:42 and unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time to
15:19:44 go over a lot of them, but there are a couple of them
15:19:46 that I really want to highlight for you.
15:19:48 The old mill hotel site which all of you familiar
15:19:54 with, that is presently being converted into a 136

15:19:57 room quality INNS and suites, with an inn on page 2.
15:20:10 And some of you know I'm from the banking community.
15:20:14 We have convinced third bank to build a branch on
15:20:17 Hillsborough Avenue, and they have filed their site
15:20:19 plan and will begin construction shortly.
15:20:22 This represents the first commercial financial
15:20:25 institution building a branch in East Tampa in over 30
15:20:29 years.
15:20:39 Our current conditions, our strategic action plan,
15:20:41 should be released here shortly, in its first draft
15:20:45 form, and this plan obviously will provide some budget
15:20:50 recommendations that will obviously have some impact
15:20:52 on our FY-09 budget, and at that point we'll be able
15:20:57 to come back to you with some modifications once that
15:21:00 takes place.
15:21:04 East Tampa has seen a 30% reduction in this crime rate
15:21:07 over the past several years.
15:21:08 We want to make sure that that continues.
15:21:10 So we are going to fund several of our key programs
15:21:14 like the environmental detectives unit, the clean city
15:21:18 division, also it has a youth employment, summer youth
15:21:23 employment program that's associated with that, which

15:21:25 we are going to continue to fund.
15:21:27 And also our successful housing rehab program that
15:21:31 continues to get funding as we go forward.
15:21:36 Enhancement. 22nd street corridor is something that
15:21:42 was brought out in the CRA plan in its original form
15:21:45 back in 2004.
15:21:47 That design, that enhancement design of 22nd street is
15:21:49 underway.
15:21:53 However, as mark alluded to earlier it's a major
15:21:56 infrastructure investment. That project is going to
15:21:58 take somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 to $10 million
15:22:01 to complete.
15:22:02 And without funding capability obviously we are going
15:22:06 to have to look at some type of a pay-as-you-go
15:22:11 funding strategy and will become the major focus of
15:22:13 our planning throughout the year.
15:22:17 Current key budget goals.
15:22:19 Our community advisory committee has conducted several
15:22:22 workshops and is carefully working to develop the
15:22:25 draft of recommendations that will be presented to you
15:22:28 at a later workshop.
15:22:34 Neighborhood infrastructure like road repaving,

15:22:36 sidewalks, streetlights, curbing, will continue to be
15:22:40 a focus of this community advisory committee.
15:22:43 They listen to the neighborhoods.
15:22:50 As you can see, looking at our TIF revenue
15:22:53 projections, we lost a little bit going out in FY 09,
15:22:59 had a slight decrease, but there again, if you looked
15:23:03 at the side, looks like we are going to continue to
15:23:07 fund capital improvement projects and investment
15:23:09 opportunities in East Tampa.
15:23:12 Here I want to make sure that you understand these are
15:23:14 just holding positions right now for the $6.1 million.
15:23:18 The advisory committee is still working their budgets
15:23:21 which will be in a more formal form later on in our
15:23:26 continued workshops.
15:23:30 Next slide.
15:23:32 And the last slide shows our budget history over the
15:23:36 last several years and it still shows capital
15:23:45 improvement projects and we will continue to do so but
15:23:47 the key part I wanted to make sure that you look at
15:23:49 when you look at this slide is that the number to the
15:23:53 far right, $6.1 million.
15:23:55 Without having a pay-as-you-go strategy developed

15:23:59 funding, an $8 to $10 million project like 22nd street
15:24:03 is going to require us to use multi-year funding to be
15:24:07 able to make that possible so we will be looking to
15:24:09 you for ideas and recommendations as we go forward.
15:24:12 That's my presentation.
15:24:14 I'll answer any questions that you might have at this
15:24:16 time.
15:24:19 If not I'll turn it over to Vince Pardo from Ybor.
15:24:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry, I have a doctor's
15:24:28 appointment in about 20 minutes.
15:24:29 If we could go as rapidly.
15:24:33 >>VINCE PARDO: Manager.
15:24:40 >> Don't describe the boundaries. We know the
15:24:42 boundaries.
15:24:52 >> On the visual that you have here are accommodations
15:24:55 going back to goals as far as supporting existing
15:24:57 businesses in Ybor right now, particular emphasis on
15:25:02 retail and the arts and for preparing for improved
15:25:06 economic conditions by investing now, and we think
15:25:09 those are appropriate.
15:25:10 Keep in mind the Ybor 1 TIF will expire in 2015 unless
15:25:14 changes are made in that so we have limited time to

15:25:16 mach sure we use our money accordingly there.
15:25:19 Over at the left hand corner, you have an example of
15:25:22 what I would call programs and services.
15:25:25 Pictured here is the yes team.
15:25:27 The Ybor ambassadors are code enforcement officers and
15:25:32 special events coordination and sponsorship come under
15:25:36 these particular programs.
15:25:37 On the right-hand side, are examples of reinvestment
15:25:43 in the district.
15:25:46 Architect building and new structure on 7th Avenue
15:25:49 and the street car tracks is an example of existing
15:25:53 businesses that want to expand and stay in Ybor and
15:25:55 recommitment to new structure.
15:25:57 And bottom left hand corner you see the eye institute
15:26:00 which is now building a new building next to the
15:26:03 historic building called the casa factory when I was
15:26:07 growing up but was an old cigar factory.
15:26:12 Other examples of that are the Ritz theater, which a
15:26:19 tour of that, starting Thursday night events there.
15:26:21 Beautiful interior renovations and use of the building
15:26:24 with the arts and fashion.
15:26:27 Other relocations, two restaurants have expanded and

15:26:32 moved and relocated within the district, as well as
15:26:34 one retail establishment.
15:26:36 L'Enfant opened a new line, and we are pleased to see
15:26:40 that.
15:26:40 On the bottom right-hand side, you have examples of
15:26:44 not only zoning certifications but capital projects.
15:26:47 An example of our red brick pedestrian crossing
15:26:49 programs, one visual is 7th Avenue and 15th
15:26:52 street, which is at the tail end of the stormwater
15:26:55 project.
15:26:57 Ybor 2 particularly has funding for the historic
15:26:59 neighborhoods, strategic intersections.
15:27:02 Included in our capital projects this coming year are
15:27:04 the renovations to Centennial Park, additional
15:27:07 stormwater projects, the east streetscape projects, so
15:27:12 on the other side of Columbia, the corridors, also,
15:27:17 permanent restrooms in the central Ybor parking
15:27:21 garage, much, much needed, eight years of using a
15:27:24 trailer.
15:27:25 And also the constant repair of red brick and pavers
15:27:30 on 7th Avenue and our streets in Ybor.
15:27:37 These projects we'll go with those and go into our

15:27:39 current conditions.
15:27:39 Continuation of the Ybor vision plan with emphasis on
15:27:44 retail and the arts.
15:27:45 These are some programs you need to know as we have a
15:27:47 very strong and active retail committee which also has
15:27:50 artists and arts venues representatives.
15:27:53 Very pleased with their progress as a new committee
15:27:55 this past year.
15:27:56 As a result, we have catalogues, we have 23, 23 arts
15:28:01 and cultural venues in Ybor City, from museums to
15:28:04 galleries to even the city's own arts workshop at the
15:28:09 Centennial Park.
15:28:11 As a result of that, we have reinstituted -- and this
15:28:15 coming Saturday will have the third of the First
15:28:16 Saturday art walks in Ybor City.
15:28:19 We encourage to you attend that from 12:00 noon until
15:28:22 6:00.
15:28:23 And an early day, afternoon event, stay and have
15:28:27 dinner in the district.
15:28:28 Along with that, we also have issues come up with
15:28:33 the -- events which have been established and you
15:28:39 should have received electronically as well as hard

15:28:43 copies, and redevelopment strategies, which also help
15:28:46 some of the artists as well.
15:28:47 We are very pleased with what's happening there.
15:28:49 Next to S continued reduction of crime and perception
15:28:51 of crime.
15:28:52 Crime is down 74% in Ybor City in the last five years.
15:28:57 74%.
15:28:59 We are dealing with marketing, PR, we have initiated
15:29:02 the TV program, microwave on the city's TV program, we
15:29:07 have our fifth one coming up shortly, and instituted a
15:29:10 news letter to get out good news.
15:29:12 We talked about street closures, and good public
15:29:15 relations there.
15:29:16 We have implemented our free 2-hour free parking on
15:29:19 the streets of Ybor City.
15:29:21 Much appreciated by the community.
15:29:23 We are also, among other things, we have a model
15:29:26 residential parking program which we are looking at
15:29:28 expanding.
15:29:28 We also are readjusting our freight zones and cab
15:29:33 stands, so everyone is everything a good time with
15:29:36 having appropriate use of the street parking that we

15:29:39 do have in Ybor City.
15:29:41 Capital projects, I mentioned those before.
15:29:43 I will again.
15:29:44 Continue to implement these projects.
15:29:46 In key budget goals continuing to provide key programs
15:29:49 and services.
15:29:51 What I have not mentioned before are the district
15:29:53 marketing and PR program, continuous support for the
15:29:55 arts, and the finalization of the retail incentives
15:30:00 that have been initiated and recommended by our
15:30:03 committee.
15:30:04 And lastly, for those of you who attended our
15:30:07 community meetings this past year, in Ybor City, you
15:30:09 heard very strongly the need for a third parking
15:30:12 garage on the east side of the commercial core, on
15:30:14 8th Avenue, particularly in the -- what's known as
15:30:17 the sheriffs parking lot.
15:30:18 We continue to work as staff and with the community on
15:30:24 coming up with planning strategies.
15:30:27 The Strand decision, we had money there for design.
15:30:35 So we are looking at how we actually are able to
15:30:37 finance this garage.

15:30:39 The parking as of today in Ybor City can live without
15:30:43 that garage but I personally have dealt with four
15:30:47 major developments because we could not provide
15:30:49 parking.
15:30:50 Three of them motels.
15:30:51 One a major office source coming to say, how much
15:30:54 parking do you provide?
15:30:55 We say we don't have inventory on that side of the
15:30:58 district. That concludes my report.
15:30:59 I'm sorry, we do have additional.
15:31:03 Funding history.
15:31:04 Lou at this.
15:31:05 It looks kind of flat for the last three years.
15:31:08 In actuality, what we have hear is a reduction in TIF
15:31:14 for Ybor 1 and increase in Ybor 2.
15:31:17 And the upcome year, a reduction of 4%, whereas Ybor 2
15:31:22 has 20%, and U.K. you will see continually as Ybor 2
15:31:26 increases.
15:31:27 Overall an increase of 1.5% for our funding there.
15:31:30 And as you look at the 5-year funding history, you see
15:31:34 that the majority of our funds are going into our
15:31:36 capital projects, which we have talked about.

15:31:39 And also our programs and services.
15:31:41 So we have worked hard.
15:31:48 >> Pick up IKEA and things along there.
15:31:54 >> We would love to do that.
15:31:56 If you have any questions. and I will turn to my
15:31:59 brother, Bob.
15:32:01 >>> Although we are brothers we don't look anything
15:32:09 alike.
15:32:09 I'm Bob McDonough he for the Channel District and I am
15:32:12 going to start first talking about downtown.
15:32:15 Skip right over the photograph of where we are,
15:32:18 because I believe you know where downtown is.
15:32:29 The picture on the top left will be the cruel of
15:32:31 downtown which will be Curtis Hixon park and also
15:32:34 something that's not mention add long with that is
15:32:36 reconstruction of Kiley which again is another jewel
15:32:39 here in our downtown marketplace.
15:32:41 We have a very interesting challenge.
15:32:42 We are -- it's an exciting tame.
15:32:46 We are transforming a nine to five office market to a
15:32:48 24-hour-a-day live, work and play downtown.
15:32:52 And it's bringing a lot of new things to downtown.

15:32:57 An exciting time to be living and working here.
15:33:00 On the bottom left corner is Massey work downtown,
15:33:06 which is a nice amenity to the people for the
15:33:07 neighborhood.
15:33:08 If you will look at the picture on the top right-hand
15:33:10 corner, that's North Franklin Street.
15:33:12 It's a nice little neighborhood.
15:33:13 We have historic renovation.
15:33:16 We have new buildings combination.
15:33:18 The people up there are pleased with the way their
15:33:21 neighborhood has turned out.
15:33:22 We have the developer I'm working with right now who
15:33:24 is looking at doing historic renovations.
15:33:28 One of the old buildings up there which is exciting.
15:33:31 Bottom right-hand side is the new history museum.
15:33:35 What's exciting about that is the opening of a new
15:33:37 venue in downtown but also has the Columbia restaurant
15:33:40 on the ground floor.
15:33:42 It's activating our waterfront.
15:33:44 It's another activity that brings people to the water
15:33:46 which is one of the things that makes downtown Tampa
15:33:48 special.

15:33:51 >>MARY MULHERN: It lead certified.
15:33:52 I can't remember what level but it's a green building.
15:33:55 >>> The architecture is one of the things in the
15:33:58 future of downtown.
15:33:58 That's the element.
15:33:59 And they topped that building off this summer, is in
15:34:03 the process of being finished now.
15:34:06 Priorities and planning.
15:34:08 Current conditions, substantial philanthropic
15:34:13 financing is underway.
15:34:15 TIF financing Curtis Hixon park.
15:34:16 Again just to comment again, because it's worthy of
15:34:19 it, we have the construction of the Tampa Museum of
15:34:21 Art.
15:34:23 The Glazers children museum and the history museum all
15:34:27 at the same time, all in the same marketplace, a very
15:34:29 exciting time for downtown.
15:34:31 Residents are moving in.
15:34:32 Contrary to what you read sometimes in the newspaper,
15:34:35 the buildings downtown, the landlords have gotten
15:34:39 aggressive in some case where is they found a
15:34:43 difficult financing market.

15:34:44 It difficult to sell units.
15:34:46 They are leasing units.
15:34:47 Sew so we are getting more residents which is I am
15:34:49 creasing our tax base and the activity of our downtown
15:34:52 marketplace.
15:34:53 There is limited description as you well know, quite a
15:34:58 bit of it goes to the financing of the convention
15:35:00 center, and now Curtis Hixon park.
15:35:02 Key budget goals.
15:35:03 Continue to invest in Curtis Hixon park.
15:35:07 I believe that will be completed next summer.
15:35:09 Public realm enhancements.
15:35:12 We are building things downtown that you never saw
15:35:15 before.
15:35:15 We have stations for dog walks.
15:35:17 That's something we never imagined we would need in a
15:35:20 downtown market.
15:35:21 We have playgrounds.
15:35:23 I'm looking at kayak rentals and perhaps permanent
15:35:27 racks for peoples kayaks, our waterfront and downtown
15:35:32 marketplace.
15:35:33 We are completing our way finding signs. This is for

15:35:38 the Super Bowl to take place early next year.
15:35:42 And we are looking at conditions nor prime Meridian.
15:35:47 Again because of the financing market there are very
15:35:49 stringent pre-leasing requirements but we are in a
15:35:51 position to help them if it does choose to move
15:35:54 forward.
15:35:55 Our downtown TIF revenues have continued to increase,
15:35:57 and again you have seen our skyline change.
15:36:00 We had a number of new projects. And we will have
15:36:02 some increases next year.
15:36:04 I'm happy to report future activities.
15:36:07 As I mentioned we are looking at two new projects on
15:36:10 Franklin street.
15:36:11 One is a large new building which will come to you I
15:36:14 believe shortly.
15:36:15 And the other one is a renovation and it's a green
15:36:19 renovation of a historic building.
15:36:22 It's exciting.
15:36:22 We have a lot of things going on there and the
15:36:25 increased occupancy will increase TIF revenues as
15:36:28 well.
15:36:32 There's a brief history of our budget history.

15:36:34 Again we have a lot of money going to capital
15:36:37 improvements, like redevelopment investment, money
15:36:42 that goes towards debt which as now is the lifeblood
15:36:45 of the downtown marketplace.
15:36:48 We have increased the moneys for program services and
15:36:51 operations in administration is reflected in that
15:36:53 number as well.
15:36:55 Questions or concerns?
15:36:58 I'll move onto the Chan district.
15:37:03 Four pictures I would like to highlight here.
15:37:10 Top left is Grand Central.
15:37:11 And that is Ken Stoltenberg's project.
15:37:14 We heard much of that today.
15:37:16 A couple of things noteworthy is Ken is one of the
15:37:18 first landlords who got very aggressive noticing the
15:37:21 downturn in the sales market, and he turned to leasing
15:37:24 and his building is about 85, 90% occupied right now.
15:37:28 We have Stage Works going in there which is a great
15:37:31 opportunity for people in the Channel District.
15:37:33 Top right is the Slate.
15:37:35 The first phase of that will be completed in December,
15:37:39 and we'll have residents moving in there.

15:37:41 The garage is under construction, and the second phase
15:37:44 will be done later next year.
15:37:46 Bottom left is a picture I think which depicts our
15:37:50 challenge in the Channel District.
15:37:53 We have a completed projects with residents, and yet
15:37:57 ongoing construction.
15:37:58 And so we have a very large challenge in servicing
15:38:04 those people to make sure they have a safe and healthy
15:38:07 place to live and traverse.
15:38:08 We are spending a lot of time and money on sidewalks,
15:38:11 street repair, extra streetlights to make the
15:38:14 residents there feel comfortable in their new homes.
15:38:17 Bottom right is seaport Channelside.
15:38:20 The first two phases opened this year.
15:38:22 And then it's a for-lease project.
15:38:26 Current conditions.
15:38:29 We are implementing the strategic action plan which
15:38:32 includes engineering the infrastructure systems,
15:38:34 construction on segments of the infrastructure and
15:38:38 public realm are about to begin.
15:38:41 A segment of 11th street are looking at having the
15:38:45 undergrounding of utilities, water, sewer, electric.

15:38:48 This is in support of a program for the hotel Indy go,
15:38:52 which we hope will begin construction later this year.
15:38:56 Residents are moving in.
15:38:57 As I mentioned, again, we read off in the newspapers
15:39:00 about the dire circumstance of many of these projects.
15:39:03 I would like to report out of the homeowners meeting
15:39:06 last night, Channelside, they have 100 of those units
15:39:09 sold and continued interest of people moving in there.
15:39:12 So it is a vibrant community that we are picking up
15:39:16 more and more resident every year day.
15:39:19 Our two budget goals.
15:39:20 Developing a pay as you go funding strategies in each
15:39:23 of our different submarkets but it's something we are
15:39:26 looking at.
15:39:27 Again with Strand being the way it is, we will not
15:39:29 have a large pot of money to work from, so we are log
15:39:31 at developing each of our blocks and each of the
15:39:33 construction as we go along.
15:39:36 We are continuing remedial projects for current
15:39:39 residents.
15:39:40 We are adding streetlights, fixing pot holes, adding
15:39:44 sidewalks, curbs.

15:39:47 There are people living here. We need to respect that
15:39:49 and work with them.
15:39:50 We are implementing the arts study.
15:39:52 We heard about that earlier today.
15:39:53 We will complete the way finding signage which
15:39:57 downtown and Channelside districts.
15:39:58 And we are looking to buy land for neighborhood parks.
15:40:00 Again, an amenity which is necessary for the resident
15:40:03 of the neighborhood.
15:40:07 That is a brief graphic of the TIF revenues.
15:40:10 As you can see they have increased drastically and
15:40:13 actually we believe that trend line will continue in
15:40:15 the next few years.
15:40:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I apologize.
15:40:21 I have to leave.
15:40:22 >>GWEN MILLER: We won't have a quorum.
15:40:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can we just adjourn and continue as
15:40:29 a workshop?
15:40:31 >> Quick picture of the TIF budget history.
15:40:37 >>GWEN MILLER: CRA will stand in recess.
15:40:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move that we reconvene as a
15:40:48 workshop as soon as we can, which would be now.

15:40:56 Just so we can finish these presentations.
15:41:05 Thank you, Bob.
15:41:08 I don't think Linda's leaving was anything personal.
15:41:12 >>> I was going to introduce myself.
15:41:15 Jeanette La Russa Fenton, manager of the Drew Park
15:41:17 CRA, also the only sister among this band of brothers
15:41:20 here.
15:41:22 We will skip right over the boundary area.
15:41:27 And to my favorite part, the redevelopment highlights.
15:41:30 We have had several exciting projects that have
15:41:33 happened in Drew Park over the past year.
15:41:35 All of you are familiar with the project in the upper
15:41:38 right corner.
15:41:38 That is landing.
15:41:42 I am pleased to report it is fully occupied.
15:41:44 That means we have 400 new residents in Drew Park that
15:41:47 are students at HCC.
15:41:49 Next to that on the left is Broadway supermarket.
15:41:52 That has been a great addition to the neighborhood.
15:41:53 And took down space that had been long vacant in one
15:41:58 of our shops, the Hillsborough gallery of space.
15:42:01 In the center, the Kia automotive dealership which

15:42:07 relocated is on Dale Mabry and built a brand new
15:42:09 beautiful facility on the corner of Hillsborough and
15:42:11 Lois.
15:42:12 The bottom two are the ones I enjoy most talking
15:42:15 about, because they are businesses that one business
15:42:17 typically associate withdrew park.
15:42:20 On the right lower corner it's SLACO, a food and
15:42:25 beverage flavoring development and distribution
15:42:27 business.
15:42:28 They have been in Drew Park for many years.
15:42:30 And they are now expanding, adding ten employees,
15:42:33 built a brand new building right next to the one that
15:42:35 they currently have.
15:42:37 Invested over $1 million.
15:42:39 Next to that is medical laboratories, a medical
15:42:43 processing facility.
15:42:45 Again they relocated from another part of Tampa.
15:42:48 Brought 30 employees with them.
15:42:50 Took an existing facility, renovated it, made
15:42:53 substantial investment in equipment as well.
15:42:56 So we are very pleased at all these.
15:42:59 And there are certainly others.

15:43:00 But these are the ones we are highlighting for you
15:43:02 today.
15:43:05 In terms of our priorities and planning, our current
15:43:07 conditions, or focus this year has been on
15:43:10 implementing our strategic action plan.
15:43:13 We have done that through programs to construct
15:43:16 sidewalks.
15:43:17 We are actively working on our stormwater improvement
15:43:20 project in the planning phase.
15:43:22 Our police department has done a great job
15:43:24 implementing our adult use enforcement.
15:43:27 And we actually have virtually none of the unregulated
15:43:31 businesses are operating at this time due to their
15:43:35 efforts.
15:43:35 And of course our land acquisition activities, you
15:43:39 approved one parcel today.
15:43:40 We expect to be coming back with more.
15:43:43 Probably the most exciting thing that's going to occur
15:43:46 in the district this year is the construction of cargo
15:43:49 road.
15:43:49 And that will start, in fact, in August.
15:43:52 It will take 14 months.

15:43:54 When it done we will be left with a beautiful new
15:43:57 four-lane divided highway, landscaped, bypass,
15:44:01 sidewalks, and will definitely be something that will
15:44:04 enhance redevelopment within Drew Park.
15:44:09 Our TIF is pretty flat.
15:44:11 We have not had major catalytic projects but on the
15:44:14 other hand we have had the smaller projects which have
15:44:16 improved the area.
15:44:17 In terms of our key goals for next year, we are going
15:44:20 to continue with the implementation of our strategic
15:44:23 action plan, continue the programs you just heard me
15:44:26 talk about, and we are going to institute new
15:44:29 programs.
15:44:30 And we are hoping to start a brownsfield program which
15:44:33 will help us with assessment and remediation.
15:44:36 We know that Drew Park has certainly got many
15:44:38 properties that have real or perceived contamination.
15:44:43 We will begin a street paving program where we will
15:44:46 systematically pave street segments annually, and we
15:44:50 will begin planning a design for beautification of
15:44:53 some of our major corridors, like Lois, MLK an Tampa
15:44:57 Bay Boulevard.

15:45:00 We are challenged to finance our $25 million
15:45:03 stormwater project in light of the indecision with the
15:45:08 Strand situation.
15:45:08 But we expect that we are going to make significant
15:45:11 progress on phase 1 of that project, which is the pump
15:45:16 station and the pines north of the CRA that is going
15:45:20 to be financed with non-tiff revenues.
15:45:22 And finally, we are going to be focusing on
15:45:24 stimulating development of affordable housing.
15:45:28 And we will be transitioning as we make land
15:45:30 acquisitions to the development site and seeking
15:45:36 developers to develop these projects for us.
15:45:42 We are looking at revenue of a little over 1.4 million
15:45:45 this year, up slightly over our 1.2 million in the
15:45:48 current year.
15:45:48 It's fairly evenly distributed with probably the focus
15:45:52 more on programs and services.
15:45:56 You will see on the next slide the history of our
15:45:59 spending, and of course our very draft FY 09 budget
15:46:05 and this is something that is just in the beginning
15:46:06 stages of discussion with our Drew Park advisory
15:46:08 committee.

15:46:09 That concludes the Drew Park presentation.
15:46:13 And I will now turn it over to Michael hatchet to talk
15:46:15 with you about Central Park.
15:46:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Quick question.
15:46:22 I have always felt -- and you and I as we have driven
15:46:26 around, and Drew Park is such an ideal place for small
15:46:29 business.
15:46:29 Clearly you are not going to get, you know, 1,000
15:46:35 employee company looking for your park because there's
15:46:37 not enough space in one particular location.
15:46:39 But it's just a wonderful place for a small business,
15:46:41 started-up business, you know, 20, 30 employees, that
15:46:44 sort of thing, to grow.
15:46:46 And along those lines, do we communicate, do we
15:46:51 participate in any SBA activities, you know, with the
15:46:56 state or the feds in the Small Business
15:46:58 Administration?
15:46:59 I think USF, don't they have SBA activities and that
15:47:03 sort of thing?
15:47:05 >>> Not per se.
15:47:06 I mean, certainly, the enterprise zones, part of Drew
15:47:09 Park is in the enterprise zone and we have other

15:47:13 incentive type programs, and we are in communication.
15:47:16 We have a mailing list of over 100 primarily
15:47:18 businesses in Drew Park so that we can keep them
15:47:21 informed about opportunities and resource that is they
15:47:25 might be able to use.
15:47:26 >> I'm thinking the other direction.
15:47:28 I know I'm just sort of throwing you this at you about
15:47:31 you as long as we are work shopping and brainstorming.
15:47:33 But I'm thinking in terms of getting business, other
15:47:36 businesses to move in, you know, if they are out there
15:47:38 in the county, if they are in the incubator stages out
15:47:42 at USF or what have you, we should make them aware of
15:47:45 the opportunities in Drew Park and be part of those
15:47:49 partnerships that might be going on elsewhere in the
15:47:53 community and in the county.
15:47:55 Mark, any thoughts?
15:47:56 >>MARK HUEY: We do support the small business
15:48:01 development center that with Hillsborough County.
15:48:04 We came together, created a partnership with the SBA,
15:48:07 and the training facility is actually located O out in
15:48:11 the Temple Terrace area but serve it is greater
15:48:14 community.

15:48:14 For example, one of the things they did, that you
15:48:16 might recall, is come along 40th Street.
15:48:19 We have been doing the redevelopment there to help
15:48:22 council businesses, and I think your suggestion is
15:48:25 maybe we can sort of look at that as a resource in
15:48:28 Drew Park.
15:48:29 I can also tell you -- the SBA in Ybor, they are doing
15:48:34 some surveying of retail businesses now to give us a
15:48:39 handle on how we might support some of those.
15:48:43 So we got a good partner and maybe we can use them
15:48:45 more and leverage their resources.
15:48:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In addition, in terms of helping
15:48:50 the small businesses that are there already, but I'm
15:48:53 also thinking about encouraging other to come in
15:48:58 because it's such an ideal location and there's such
15:49:01 gator good opportunity.
15:49:01 >>> And honestly for many of the businesses coming to
15:49:04 Drew Park, and it really speaks to the lack of light
15:49:09 industrial manufacturing land in our city.
15:49:11 It's almost the only place they can go.
15:49:13 We don't have to work too hard to attract because
15:49:15 there's so little.

15:49:17 Many of that like Rome Avenue, like the Gandy
15:49:20 Boulevard area, have gotten redevelopment.
15:49:23 A lot of those companies have come to Drew Park as one
15:49:25 of the last places that they can come to.
15:49:27 >> Thank you.
15:49:30 >>> Michael hedge, manager for Tampa Heights
15:49:35 riverfront and Central Park.
15:49:37 I want to let you know going forward you will see that
15:49:39 the presentation is just a little different than what
15:49:41 you have seen from my colleagues, and the reason for
15:49:45 that is the tough revenues for both trust funds do not
15:49:49 rise to the level of having actual planning priorities
15:49:53 and considerations directly related to the trust fund.
15:49:55 But there are some exciting redevelopment highlights
15:49:58 that I want to take the opportunity to make known to
15:50:01 you.
15:50:01 And so we will start --
15:50:05 >> You don't want to be part of the brothers, Michael?
15:50:09 [ Laughter ]
15:50:11 >>> They are good people.
15:50:15 We'll start with the Heights, located just north of
15:50:18 downtown.

15:50:18 Redevelopment highlights, reminds you of and have you
15:50:23 look forward to, as you recently approved, sitting as
15:50:27 City Council, the $7 million, 30,000 square fat bank
15:50:31 office development is set to break ground in
15:50:33 September.
15:50:38 Just on the hills of that will be the groundbreaking
15:50:39 of the Waterworks Park segment of the riverwalk, and
15:50:43 just shortly after that would be hopefully the
15:50:47 issuance of the bond that would support the
15:50:49 infrastructure project wide, in the Heights project.
15:50:53 So hopefully after the turn of the next calendar year,
15:50:57 we'll see a lot of road demolition and a lot of new
15:51:00 infrastructure coming to the neighborhood.
15:51:01 >> Michael, if I could, why doesn't the TIF already
15:51:08 show the benefit of the purchase of the Heights?
15:51:11 Did that happen prior to the creation of the district?
15:51:16 >>> A lot of the properties have been purchased over a
15:51:22 number of years, since 1999, the property has been
15:51:25 acquired over a number of years.
15:51:27 Fiscal year '06 being the first year of the TIF.
15:51:31 And the Busch building is not on line --
15:51:38 >> I was talking about the Bishop project.

15:51:39 >>> This across the board is the property value.
15:51:41 Some of the properties that had been -- have increased
15:51:45 in their value and some have fallen down.
15:51:47 So basically level.
15:51:48 >> But basically, they were acquired before we created
15:51:52 the TIF.
15:51:53 >>> That could be the case.
15:51:57 Okay.
15:51:57 >>
15:51:57 >> With those new improvements coming on line starting
15:52:00 this summer and into the turn of the new year, we hope
15:52:03 to get those values up on all of the property.
15:52:07 Just looking here at the budget history, again
15:52:09 relatively unimpressive compared to my colleagues in
15:52:13 their districts.
15:52:14 We did want to point out to you that we are putting
15:52:16 all of the dollars that we can into the support of the
15:52:24 repayment of the bond issue and we'll do everything we
15:52:26 can to support the redevelopment efforts.
15:52:30 Moving on to Central Park, in between downtown and
15:52:33 Ybor.
15:52:37 To skip over.

15:52:37 Redevelopment highlight to share with you there, some
15:52:40 very exciting news.
15:52:41 Bank of America, along with the Tampa housing
15:52:43 authority, are in an excellent position to receive 9%
15:52:48 tax credit from the Florida Housing Finance
15:52:49 Corporation, for the construction of the 160 unit
15:52:55 senior housing development and along with that they
15:53:01 are also working internally to try to secure a bank
15:53:09 loan to fund the infrastructure so Strand or no Strand
15:53:11 we are looking forward to being in a good position to
15:53:13 reentering into negotiation was the bank and the
15:53:16 housing authority and the very near-term future to see
15:53:21 some good things happen in Central Park.
15:53:24 In looking at the budget, the lowest trust fund that
15:53:28 we have across the city, the revenues, are actually
15:53:31 down a little bit this year, and all that's necessary
15:53:35 to try to cover office and operating expenses.
15:53:39 As with the Heights, we will stand in a position, to
15:53:46 look forward to any profitable redevelopment efforts
15:53:48 that may come our way.
15:53:49 Any questions on the Heights or Central Park?
15:53:52 If not I will ask did mark to come back and finish it

15:53:56 up.
15:53:57 Thank you.
15:53:58 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for your attention and your
15:54:00 good questions along the way.
15:54:08 We are going to be working to develop the budget book
15:54:10 that we'll present to you next month.
15:54:12 And certainly between now and then any input, any
15:54:18 thought you have for the presentation that we don't
15:54:21 have time today, myself or the CRA managers are
15:54:25 available to give their thoughts and ideas, and we
15:54:28 welcome them.
15:54:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
15:54:33 That's a good job by you and your staff.
15:54:38 Although we don't have a quorum, this notion about the
15:54:42 arts manager perhaps straddling several district.
15:54:45 So let's keep talking about that.
15:54:47 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
15:54:49 >> As you build your budget.
15:54:50 >>> Yes.
15:54:51 Again, Lee put a coming September out there, half
15:54:57 funded by the private sector, and I think we have
15:55:00 already had some meetings with the downtown

15:55:02 partnerships with, with other stakeholders, about how
15:55:05 that partnership can come together.
15:55:06 And we will hopefully work that out over the coming
15:55:09 months so that we can bring to you part of the budget
15:55:12 the recommendation on that.
15:55:22 >> Even if we left it as a little ghost item.
15:55:24 >>> Exactly.
15:55:26 It will northbound there.
15:55:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for the presentation.
15:55:28 We need to receive and file.
15:55:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
15:55:33 >> Second.
15:55:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Can we receive and file?
15:55:39 >> We have to put it somewhere.
15:55:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned.
15:55:44 (Meeting adjourned at 3:56 p.m.)

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