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Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
Thursday, September 11, 2008
9:00 a.m.

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08:58:16 [Sounding gavel]
09:01:28 >>GWEN MILLER: CRA is called to order.
09:01:33 It is my pleasure to introduce my guest who will do
09:01:35 the invocation, Reverend Harrell Rodriguez is the
09:01:39 pastor of 29th street Church of Christ, humbling
09:01:43 serving his congregation ten years.
09:01:46 He is a life-long resident of Tampa and attended
09:01:49 public schools in Hillsborough County.
09:01:51 Reverend Rodriguez owns an AA degree in hotel
09:01:54 restaurant management from Hillsborough community
09:01:57 college and theology degree from the flu school of
09:02:00 preaching in Lakeland, Florida.
09:02:01 In June of 2007 reverend Rodriguez served as the
09:02:05 national director for the crusade for Christ campaign
09:02:09 whose conference was held here in Tampa.
09:02:12 Reverend Rodriguez has been married to his lovely wife
09:02:14 Debra Hennison for as he said in a great position for
09:02:22 22 years.
09:02:23 Please join me in welcoming reverend Rodriguez.
09:02:26 Please stand and remain standing for the pledge of
09:02:29 allegiance.
09:02:34 >>> Let us bow.
09:02:36 Dear father in heaven, we approach Thy grace and
09:02:40 thankful for the blessings of this day.
09:02:43 Thank you, father, for taking us through the night and
09:02:48 awakening us this very morning.
09:02:50 We come to this assembly this morning, certainly with
09:02:54 many ideas on our minds, and we ask those in
09:02:59 leadership capacity, be held and assist those ideas
09:03:02 that will be beneficial to our community.
09:03:05 We think of those who will be coming in to bring
09:03:07 ideas, that they will recognize we are all different,
09:03:11 that worry looking for the very same thing, a decent
09:03:14 community, and those plans which we put on the table,
09:03:18 hopefully they will come to fruition.
09:03:20 Let us humble ourselves and be mindful of the fact
09:03:23 that as we interact one with another that we should be
09:03:26 mindful and respectful of how we speak to one another.
09:03:31 Father, we also pray as we remember those whose lives
09:03:37 were lost in the attack upon us in September 11th
09:03:42 some years ago.
09:03:43 We ask that you continue to bless this great land of
09:03:47 ours, that such a thing will not happen anymore.
09:03:49 Father, for those who are survives, and those who were
09:03:52 lost, continue to bless them, and help all of us to
09:03:54 realize that we can continue to go to Thee for comfort
09:03:58 and strength.
09:04:00 Father, we recognize that the hurricane season is upon
09:04:03 us.
09:04:05 We ask that you might watch over us and keep us safe.
09:04:09 We pray, father, that you will continue to be with us,
09:04:12 guide us in all the decisions that we make, will have
09:04:15 your stamp of approval upon them.
09:04:16 In your son Christ Jesus name we pray and we ask all
09:04:21 things.
09:04:21 Amen.
09:04:23 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:04:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, reverend Rodriguez.
09:04:41 Roll call.
09:04:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:04:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:04:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:04:49 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:04:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:04:52 Time to turn it over to Mark Huey.
09:04:54 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
09:04:56 Welcome to our Community Redevelopment Agency meeting.
09:04:59 We have a number of important items on our agenda.
09:05:06 Including the presentation of our annual budgets for
09:05:08 the redevelopment agency.
09:05:10 And we also have the approval of partnership with the
09:05:15 Sembler group on an exciting project that is trying to
09:05:18 move forward within the Channel District.
09:05:21 But to start our meeting, Weaver an update for you.

09:05:24 We have a short update from Wilson Miller.
09:05:28 As you know, they are working in the Channel District
09:05:30 on a very important TIF-funded initiative to redesign
09:05:34 all of the underground infrastructure and prepare us
09:05:36 to replace all of that infrastructure so that
09:05:40 neighborhoods can be rebuilt on a firm foundation.
09:05:43 And they are also doing all of the public realm in the
09:05:46 district that will really do the place making that
09:05:49 will enhance the Channelside neighborhood experiences
09:05:53 as it evolves.
09:05:54 So they are here to give you a quick update.
09:05:58 Are you going to kick that off?
09:06:01 Thank you.
09:06:03 >> Good morning.
09:06:31 First of all, thank you very much for giving us this
09:06:33 opportunity for giving you an update.
09:06:37 We are at this point basically at the 90% level of our
09:06:42 master engineering and public realm design.
09:06:47 And Lea will cover -- I am going to try to go very
09:06:53 briefly over where we are with the infrastructure.
09:07:03 What we have available at this point available at our
09:07:05 office, that is basically the plans that are prepared,

09:07:11 the set of plans, and the backup that have been
09:07:16 forwarded to you, I should say all of the dents, and
09:07:21 we have been fortunate in getting a lot of cooperation
09:07:23 from all the departments and their review of our
09:07:27 plans, and providing us comments, based on the
09:07:34 poignant comments to develop the plans.
09:07:37 And at this point, we all have pretty much approval
09:07:40 from zoning, urban development, public works, and
09:07:44 transportation on reconfiguring rights-of-way
09:07:51 primarily to sidewalks, on street parking and ten-foot
09:07:58 lanes, and the ideas providing the most pedestrian
09:08:01 space we can provide.
09:08:05 At this point, I just want to kind of point real quick
09:08:08 to this exhibit we have in here.
09:08:10 That shows the section that I mentioned, which is also
09:08:16 in there.
09:08:16 We show how the utility adjustments are going to be
09:08:20 addressed.
09:08:21 In addition to that, above that we have an exhibit
09:08:23 that shows one of our typical intersections where we
09:08:27 have been able to identify all the utility adjustments
09:08:31 and provide relocations and adjustments for them.

09:08:36 One of the things we have done as part of our
09:08:39 infrastructure improvements, we are replacing all the
09:08:44 stormwater -- not all of them but most of them.
09:08:47 And in doing so, we are providing -- making sure to
09:08:54 minimize any kind of like puddles you see typically at
09:08:59 the returns and minimizing the impact of surface water
09:09:02 run-off to pedestrian areas primarily.
09:09:08 In addition to that, going to our next exhibit, this
09:09:14 exhibit kind of gives you an overall view of the
09:09:17 southern portion of the district where we are
09:09:19 upgrading all the storm sewer system, and on top of
09:09:25 that providing also removal of the solids by the
09:09:30 additional maintenance program that the stormwater
09:09:32 department is going to implement as structures that
09:09:35 intersection those.
09:09:37 In addition to that, we also have water quality
09:09:39 treatment that's going to be introducing the system,
09:09:42 so the water discharge into the bay will be much
09:09:45 cloner.
09:09:47 The other thing that I want to mention in here, which
09:09:52 has been very critical, is the undergrounding of the
09:09:55 overhead utilities, if you would, and that again we

09:09:59 have an exhibit that shows pretty much the extent of
09:10:02 all the distribution lines that are going to get
09:10:06 undergrounded as part of the of this exercise.
09:10:09 That's been developed pretty much in collaboration
09:10:12 with TECO, and the locations everybody coordinated
09:10:16 with all the other utility adjustments, and that's
09:10:20 been a major undertaking on all parties involved.
09:10:24 And right now we are basically fine tuning what I call
09:10:30 our public art infrastructure plan, focusing on
09:10:34 staging, way call staging and with the idea that we
09:10:39 come back with the construction packages, as they are
09:10:43 implemented they would have minimal -- I can't say we
09:10:46 can eliminate the minimal impact to the community.
09:10:50 The idea is to provide and maintain the community
09:10:56 toward services and access issues.
09:11:00 With that, I want to turn it over to Lea to cover the
09:11:03 public realm.
09:11:06 >>> Good morning.
09:11:13 Following up with Hamid's package to the city, the
09:11:18 public realm design, and we also have gone through
09:11:22 comments from all the departments and stage with the
09:11:26 master planning for the Channel District in the public

09:11:30 realm.
09:11:31 Here you have some typical sections of an interior
09:11:36 street which I'll go through first, and then
09:11:38 secondarily, Kennedy and Channelside Drive.
09:11:42 But what I wanted to highlight --
09:11:43 >> Put your name on the record.
09:11:45 >> I'm sorry, Lea Del Tosto with Wilson Miller.
09:11:51 In the public realm, we tried to wide ten sidewalks so
09:11:56 it's more a pedestrian friendly space, and linking how
09:11:59 we can incorporate shade through either plantings on
09:12:04 the street or we are also doing design guidelines, and
09:12:07 then those design guidelines also address architecture
09:12:10 and how components of architecture can now also
09:12:13 provide shade.
09:12:14 So it's really trying to make this nice, vibrant,
09:12:18 clean, easy to walk and a place that you really want
09:12:21 to be on the streets versus in a building or in a car.
09:12:23 If you can see in this plan here, we have kind of
09:12:29 highlighted on the sides some of our pavement options,
09:12:32 and then also trees, and some of the public realm, but
09:12:40 basically as we said before what we are looking at on
09:12:44 the right-of-way will be a combination of a shell

09:12:46 aggregate, if you can point to that.
09:12:48 That is the shell aggregate example.
09:12:50 And then above it is a square concrete.
09:12:52 This is a south cut concrete, a clean concrete with a
09:13:00 2 by 2 grid cut into it.
09:13:02 A lot times on sidewalks you will see the expansion
09:13:06 joints, or joining with the 6 to 8 feet, and it's kind
09:13:11 of big.
09:13:12 To make it somewhat pedestrian friendly, it's cut to a
09:13:14 2 by 2 grid, and that would be adjacent to the
09:13:18 building, so it's an easy pattern for developers as
09:13:23 they come in, to expand from the right-of-way line to
09:13:26 the base of their buildings, a 2 by 2 pattern.
09:13:32 On the edge of the street is where we have the shell
09:13:34 aggregate.
09:13:35 And that gives a little more interest to the public
09:13:40 realm as you walk along, and it follows in a kind of
09:13:44 curve lineal pattern.
09:13:46 On our streetscape we have the combination of the
09:13:49 high-rises, the red maples, and for smaller scale we
09:13:52 are using things such as crepe Myrtles and red buds
09:13:58 depending on the kind of climate they are being placed

09:14:01 in, shade, tolerant trees obviously need to go in
09:14:04 shady places, and like the crepe Myrtle needs to be
09:14:10 where you are going to get for that tree to survive.
09:14:13 We are also utilizing palms, cabbage palm, the
09:14:18 Washington palm and the date palm depending on where
09:14:22 they are located but allowing that to be a pattern so
09:14:25 it can suffice the architecture.
09:14:30 Sidewalk is a minimum of ten feet.
09:14:32 What we are hoping is that the developers in the
09:14:37 Channel District could, as stated now, they are
09:14:40 required to have a five foot setback when they come
09:14:42 in, so we could have a 15-foot sidewalk actually in
09:14:46 front, and hopefully there would be some jogging in
09:14:49 places where they would have like a cafe, it could
09:14:52 actually be wider.
09:14:53 So I think this is going to provide a very pedestrian
09:14:56 friendly environment.
09:14:57 We also have on-street parking.
09:15:00 I don't know if you can tell.
09:15:02 If you could point to the area.
09:15:06 And on the plan view where we have the planting.
09:15:09 We have on-street parking that acts as a buffer.

09:15:13 Cars are driving and people are walking.
09:15:16 And flip to the next one.
09:15:21 This is our typical section for Kennedy.
09:15:23 And what we have done on this is narrowed the drive
09:15:26 lane so that we can actually give back to the
09:15:28 pedestrian some traditional walking area.
09:15:43 Unfortunately because it is a right-of-way, restricted
09:15:45 on the amount of trees we can actually put in there,
09:15:48 just because of the view angles that are required by
09:15:51 D.O.T.
09:15:52 So we are encouraging that the architecture pick up
09:15:55 where the trees have left off and provide shade
09:15:57 through the back.
09:16:00 >> This narrowing, it's still pending. We do not have
09:16:00 D.O.T. approval yet.
09:16:01 >> The transportation department and the City of Tampa
09:16:24 have bought off on this design and they are going to
09:16:24 back us as far as going to D.O.T. and asking for the
09:16:26 narrowing of the travel lane.
09:16:28 Here you will see another one of the trees.
09:16:30 This is shown in this, and then two other public realm
09:16:37 symmetry components which is the bench, and the trash

09:16:40 receptacle, and then in the lower corner over there is
09:16:43 the stamped concrete that we are utilizing in the
09:16:49 right-of-way, before you get to the crosswalks.
09:16:52 It actually has some texture to it.
09:16:54 So we are meeting ADA.
09:16:57 But when you are approaching a crosswalk your tires
09:16:59 will start to rumble a little bit.
09:17:00 So those why that is being utilized in the
09:17:03 right-of-way.
09:17:04 On Kennedy, the sidewalk varies depending on the
09:17:09 condition there.
09:17:10 But we are trying to get at least a 10-foot sidewalk.
09:17:17 Right now in the Channel District code, it states that
09:17:21 setback from the building be five to ten feet, whereas
09:17:26 initially when some of these projects were developed
09:17:28 it was a zero setback.
09:17:30 So, unfortunately, we can't do too much about the
09:17:33 buildings that are there, but hopefully future
09:17:35 development, we will have wider sidewalks in those
09:17:39 areas.
09:17:42 Next one.
09:17:45 This is a section through Channelside Drive.

09:17:52 And again in this area basically the same materials
09:17:55 are being utilized in the streetscape.
09:17:58 One other thing, I do want to point out maybe if could
09:18:01 you just point to the pavement right there.
09:18:04 This is a pervious paver that we are utilizing in the
09:18:10 right-of-way.
09:18:10 It would be in the sidewalk area when it's adjacent to
09:18:12 a tree or plant when there needs to be additional
09:18:15 recharged water that needs to help support that tree,
09:18:21 but that we may need also to have areas for its wider
09:18:25 for people to walk.
09:18:26 So that acts as a dual function supporting the tree
09:18:28 and supporting the people.
09:18:32 You will see that there's a wider sidewalk adjacent to
09:18:35 the street car and it's being shown on the -- outside
09:18:41 of the right-of-way.
09:18:43 Unfortunately, because of how the street car is
09:18:46 currently situated, there's not actually much land in
09:18:49 the right-of-way on that side.
09:18:51 So in the Channel District code is asking that
09:18:55 developers provide a 15-foot setback, so that along
09:19:00 that edge you can still maintain that pedestrian feel.

09:19:05 And this is an area that we are also encouraging along
09:19:07 the streetcar, because of the issues with the wires,
09:19:14 more of a palm planting that provides coined of a
09:19:17 corridor, but come back in with a smaller tree like a
09:19:21 standard crepe Myrtle that can provide shade on the
09:19:24 side but still be adjacent to the street car area.
09:19:30 That's pretty much where we are right now.
09:19:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
09:19:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:19:37 Congratulations.
09:19:38 I met last week with Don skeleton and Don Clifford of
09:19:43 FDOT to talk about Kennedy Boulevard because it should
09:19:45 be the main pedestrian east-west link in the Channel
09:19:48 District and right now it is absolutely not walkable.
09:19:50 >>> Right.
09:19:51 >> It is way too narrow.
09:19:53 Ken Stoltenberg who is in our audience today has some
09:19:56 beautiful drawings of what it could look like if we
09:19:58 had some additional land.
09:19:59 I sort of -- I'm really aghast that we the city were
09:20:05 involved with this redevelopment of the Channel
09:20:06 District from the beginning, and somehow that sidewalk

09:20:10 was allowed to be as narrow as it is because it's not
09:20:12 what it should be.
09:20:13 I want our CRA to write the letter to FDOT supporting
09:20:20 your proposal that the pedestrian width be created,
09:20:26 and that they narrow those travel lanes.
09:20:28 They don't need the width.
09:20:31 The pedestrians do.
09:20:32 Transportation is supposed to be for all people.
09:20:34 And as we know from our transportation analysis of the
09:20:36 Channel District, we can't do it all by cars.
09:20:39 There's simply not enough room.
09:20:41 We have to make it pedestrian friendly.
09:20:43 So I think what you have come up with is very nice.
09:20:45 My question is, can this be staged?
09:20:48 Because I know that because of the state Supreme Court
09:20:52 decision we can't bond so we can't do it all at once.
09:20:55 Did you design this in that fashion?
09:21:01 >>> Actually one of the things I was mentioning about
09:21:03 the phasing of staging, that is how they were
09:21:06 preparing the plans.
09:21:07 We are setting them such that they can be in packages
09:21:12 within corridor, like let's say on 11th street

09:21:15 from whiting to Washington, and Kennedy would be a
09:21:18 package itself.
09:21:19 So we can schedule a different time, and the focus of
09:21:23 our work right now like I was saying on the
09:21:26 infrastructure is to design it in such a way that when
09:21:29 you have to stop a line and then come back next year,
09:21:33 the interruptions are minimized.
09:21:35 So that will be focusing on our effort right now.
09:21:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
09:21:42 Thank you for that presentation.
09:21:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'd like to make a motion that as a
09:21:47 CRA that we write a letter to the Department of
09:21:49 Transportation recognizing that the work that Wilson
09:21:56 Miller has done on Kennedy Boulevard recognizing the
09:21:58 investment that private sector people have done on
09:22:01 Kennedy Boulevard, and for the sake of pedestrians in
09:22:04 the redevelopment of the Channel District we need the
09:22:06 sidewalks to be wider.
09:22:07 >> We have a motion and second.
09:22:09 (Motion carried).
09:22:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:22:15 >> We appreciate all the good work you are doing.

09:22:28 Coincidentally there's an approval later on in your
09:22:31 agenda with the Sembler organization, and were it not
09:22:33 for the work that Wilson Miller has been doing in the
09:22:35 district, we would not have been in a position to
09:22:38 really partner with the Sembler group to take a
09:22:41 portion of the Channelside there on 11th street
09:22:45 and redevelop it to its end use both under the ground
09:22:49 and above ground.
09:22:50 And so their work is already paying off in helpful
09:22:55 ways, in actual physical redevelopments in the Channel
09:22:59 District.
09:23:00 At this point I would like to shift to the budget.
09:23:03 And we have a PowerPoint presentation.
09:23:07 We are going to walk you through there.
09:23:12 We have of a three-step process for you each year and
09:23:41 in July we had a workshop on the budget.
09:23:43 Today worry presenting actually the draft to you.
09:23:45 But for the first time this year we were pleased to
09:23:47 get you the actual budget draft document to you in
09:23:51 advance.
09:23:53 On Friday.
09:23:54 And so I don't know if you have had a lot of time to

09:23:56 go through it.
09:23:57 Don't worry about that.
09:23:58 Worry going to walk you through it today in this
09:23:59 PowerPoint.
09:24:00 You might want to follow along in your budget
09:24:02 document, just tab through it as worry going through.
09:24:06 We will ask for your approval of it today, if not the
09:24:09 approval of the budget.
09:24:10 It is really just to give you a chance to walk through
09:24:13 it.
09:24:14 The approval will occur in October, and we would
09:24:17 actually like for you to have a special meeting to
09:24:20 help us get that approved, and we'll talk about that
09:24:22 later.
09:24:23 Remember that what we are about today is allocating
09:24:26 about $33 million of agency TIF resources, about 14%
09:24:31 higher than last year.
09:24:32 Most of that is coming from the downtown and Channel
09:24:36 District CRAs, virtually all of that growth is
09:24:39 occurring in the Channel District, the downtown
09:24:42 CRAs.
09:24:43 The other CRAs as you recall are flat.

09:24:45 Remember that administrative costs overall for the
09:24:48 agency are a very modest 4%.
09:24:51 We are not increasing that in any significant way.
09:24:54 There's no staffing additions that are contemplated.
09:24:59 When we met during our workshop I shared with you this
09:25:03 overall sense of where we are as an agency, as board
09:25:08 member Saul-Sena mentioned the Strand decision
09:25:11 continues to hang over us and cause us to do planning,
09:25:14 and want to be in a position to cover the eventuality
09:25:17 that Strand might get resolved favorably for us and
09:25:21 that we can do TIF financing, or the possibility that
09:25:23 it may not.
09:25:24 And we certainly are going through an economic slump.
09:25:29 The uncertainty of our tax environment, you have, the
09:25:33 council, has your city budget workshop yesterday
09:25:35 evening.
09:25:36 Thank you for being here bright and chipper after a
09:25:39 late evening.
09:25:40 And you certainly are very familiar with the
09:25:42 unpredictability of our taxing environment.
09:25:46 Within that, we had two very straightforward goals,
09:25:49 and that's existing businesses and residents and the

09:25:57 limited private investment initiatives like the
09:26:00 Sembler proposal that you are going to be hearing
09:26:02 about a little later.
09:26:03 And threaten invest to be ready for when economic
09:26:08 conditions do improve, because they will, and we want
09:26:10 to be smart now and investing TIF resources to be
09:26:14 ready for that time.
09:26:16 Our presentations again are going to be
09:26:18 straightforward.
09:26:19 Worry going to share with you the top priorities, the
09:26:23 three or four top priorities in each of the CRAs and
09:26:25 run these through the budgets that are proposed.
09:26:28 I want to remind you at this point that while your
09:26:31 process started in July, the advisory committees began
09:26:34 working on this on your behalf in the spring, and have
09:26:38 worked very diligently.
09:26:39 These proposed draft budgets are coming to you in
09:26:43 every case with the advisory committees, your
09:26:47 representative support.
09:26:47 We have a couple of the presidents here, Veronica from
09:26:52 Ybor, Van from East Tampa, and we appreciate their
09:26:56 hard work, and all of the -- I think we have about 80

09:27:00 representatives, advisory representatives working on
09:27:02 your behalf on these budgets.
09:27:05 So we appreciate their work.
09:27:07 And with that I am going to turn it over to Ed
09:27:09 Johnson.
09:27:11 >>> Thank you.
09:27:16 Good morning.
09:27:17 Ed Johnson, development manager for East Tampa.
09:27:22 The PowerPoint, please.
09:27:24 The slide that's in front of you at the minute depicts
09:27:31 the growth of the East Tampa TIF revenue funds since
09:27:36 its inception.
09:27:36 As you can see for fiscal year 2009 we are kind of
09:27:40 flat at 6,182,000.
09:27:47 This next slide, I really want to focus in on the
09:27:51 importance of pay-as-you-go strategy that we are
09:27:56 utilizing in light of the Strand situation.
09:27:59 One of our co-redevelopment opportunities is along
09:28:03 north 22nd street, and we are going to begin with
09:28:06 phase 1 construction on 22nd street using this
09:28:11 pay-as-you-go model.
09:28:13 As you recall last board meeting, we reappropriated

09:28:17 current fiscal year '08 dollars and we set aside a
09:28:21 million dollars for the start of construction at 22nd
09:28:24 street.
09:28:24 In this fiscal year 09 budget you will also see an
09:28:27 additional million dollars that will make up the $2
09:28:29 million needed to start phase 1 of the 22nd street
09:28:34 enhancement.
09:28:35 Also, in our priorities here, you will notice there's
09:28:39 a 30th street stormwater project that we are
09:28:44 teeing up. In that 08 reappropriation we set aside a
09:28:48 half million dollars to partner with our stormwater
09:28:51 department who has a grant, matching grant opportunity
09:28:54 with SWFWMD to relieve a really serious flooding
09:28:57 problem in that Hillsborough and 30th street.
09:29:01 We'll also continue to support new private development
09:29:04 that is taking place in East Tampa, as you can see
09:29:06 from the last bullet.
09:29:09 There are several projects in their initial stages at
09:29:11 the present time.
09:29:12 And this is our budget.
09:29:16 This is the complete budget which was unanimously
09:29:18 approved by our community advisory committee.

09:29:23 There again you can see the million dollars that was
09:29:26 set aside for infrastructure on 22nd street.
09:29:29 Also, hearing from the board at several of our
09:29:34 meetings, we wanted to make sure that we pay attention
09:29:36 to small neighborhood infrastructure projects, and you
09:29:39 can see we are setting aside a million dollars for
09:29:42 neighborhood infrastructure which will take into fact
09:29:48 sidewalks, lighting, road resurfacing, in our
09:29:50 neighborhoods and in our community.
09:29:52 And then also our continuation of our successful
09:29:56 programs, especially our housing rehab program, and
09:30:02 just programs and services, we are going to continue
09:30:04 to support several of the programs that we put in
09:30:08 place like our clean city division and our youth
09:30:10 program, also funding of our environmental, and also
09:30:16 some recurring costs that have to go in to place to
09:30:19 support the Fairoaks community, lakes and others like
09:30:22 that.
09:30:23 And that's our budget for fiscal year 2009.
09:30:28 Next on PowerPoint is Mr. Vince Pardo from Ybor,
09:30:35 unless you have questions.
09:30:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I would like to, in

09:30:38 deference to people in our audience who are probably
09:30:41 most interested in their particular neighborhood, I
09:30:44 would like it if we could like discuss East Tampa, and
09:30:47 then before we go on to Ybor City.
09:30:50 If that would be okay.
09:30:52 While Mr. Johnson is here, I want to ask him a
09:30:55 question.
09:30:56 Then I would like to hear from the public who is
09:30:57 interested in East Tampa.
09:31:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Mulhern.
09:31:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I think those a good idea, too.
09:31:04 I just had a question for you, Ed.
09:31:09 I'm looking -- I was looking at the East Tampa budget,
09:31:12 and we have, I think, 382 there for staff and
09:31:21 operating.
09:31:22 And then we have also got the cost for the clean team
09:31:26 and the environmental detective, and then service
09:31:28 agreements, which are additional 500,000, it looks
09:31:34 like.
09:31:36 The clean team and the environmental detective and
09:31:38 then the service agreement, is that mostly staffing?
09:31:44 >>> Mostly staffing, with the clean city division,

09:31:48 about 50% of it is for equipment, for the staff to
09:31:52 utilize, you know, mowers, and weed eaters, things of
09:31:57 that nature, that wear out over a you're's period of
09:31:59 time.
09:32:00 >> That's probably 60, 70% staffing.
09:32:03 >>> Yes.
09:32:04 >>MARK HUEY: Just to make sure that everyone is
09:32:10 tracking.
09:32:10 When you mention service agreements, board member
09:32:13 Mulhern, what were you talking about?
09:32:15 Later in the package?
09:32:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Your line item for that, in East
09:32:19 Tampa.
09:32:20 >> Yes, I'm looking at that and not seeing a line item
09:32:24 called --
09:32:25 >>MARY MULHERN: I was looking in the book here.
09:32:26 Let me see if I can --
09:32:28 >>MARK HUEY: That's why I wanted to clarify this.
09:32:31 Because in your package there is a tab.
09:32:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, no, I'm looking at programs,
09:32:45 district services on page 31 under East Tampa.
09:32:48 And we've got 384 for the East Tampa clean team, youth

09:32:53 program, and then 123 for the environmental detective.
09:32:58 So those where I came up with that 500.
09:33:01 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:33:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just talking about in East Tampa.
09:33:08 >>>
09:33:11 >>> There is a tab called service agreements.
09:33:14 And as you recall, that's the agreement between the
09:33:17 city and the CRA.
09:33:18 And what you will see is -- and there are no changes,
09:33:23 incidentally, planned in the form of that agreement.
09:33:25 All that's changing is the sort of service agreements
09:33:29 overview, and its basically staffing costs of the city
09:33:32 that are being reimbursed.
09:33:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
09:33:36 I wanted to get a handle.
09:33:37 Thank you for pointing that out.
09:33:38 Because I wanted to get a handle on what we're paying
09:33:43 the CRA budget is paying for personnel and staffing.
09:33:48 Thank you.
09:33:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted a very brief update
09:33:52 on how well the environmental detectives are working.
09:33:55 I thought it was a really innovative I dough.

09:33:57 I believe last year was the first time we had it, to
09:34:00 identify illegal dumping and things like that to help
09:34:02 clean the area.
09:34:03 How is it working?
09:34:04 >>> Very successful.
09:34:06 To date, the officers that were in those positions
09:34:12 earlier on for the past two years, we have had two
09:34:14 officers that were actually operating as undercover,
09:34:19 environmental detectives, and to date they have in
09:34:21 excess of 47 felony arrests, and several hundred
09:34:27 thousand tons of illegal debris removed from our
09:34:29 community.
09:34:30 So it's been very successful.
09:34:32 The police department believes that they could scale
09:34:35 back a little bit.
09:34:36 They have incorporated the use of some mounted cameras
09:34:40 in certain areas, so this FY 09 budget was reduced by
09:34:45 one FDE.
09:34:46 They believe they can still be as effective with one
09:34:50 officer now that they have put a big dent into what's
09:34:52 been going on in East Tampa.
09:34:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's great.

09:34:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In reference to the -- the retention
09:35:04 pond, what do we call that?
09:35:06 >>> Fairoaks community lake.
09:35:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, community lake.
09:35:10 All right.
09:35:11 Apparently that's been used quite a bit in terms of
09:35:14 activity from the community and that sort of thing.
09:35:16 I do know that there was some activity, shooting of
09:35:20 that sort.
09:35:22 Have we looked to make sure we have more protection
09:35:24 around there to really preserve that area?
09:35:27 Because ifs a new site, very noise site, people are
09:35:30 using it, he special reply to walk in.
09:35:32 I just want to make sure that we also improve security
09:35:39 or whatever we need to do in there.
09:35:41 >>> Yes, it has been noted, councilman Scott.
09:35:44 Major Honeywell who commands district 3 has been put
09:35:48 on as a top priority for him to ensure that that
09:35:51 facility is maintained properly, and the folks that
09:35:56 are utilizing it are protected especially on the
09:35:59 weekends when there's football games going on, and
09:36:02 things of that nature, in the parks.

09:36:04 So he's very well aware and we have been keeping close
09:36:08 watch on that.
09:36:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: One last question, Madam Chair.
09:36:13 On stormwater economic development, where are we with
09:36:16 that?
09:36:17 The wall mart, the movie theater, drive-in, are we
09:36:23 anywhere with that?
09:36:24 Is that a dead issue now or what?
09:36:28 >>> Ed Johnson: We are still pursuing large retail
09:36:32 development.
09:36:32 Of course the economic times we are in are kind of
09:36:36 difficult.
09:36:36 And we are hopeful that we stay on the radar.
09:36:39 We have been told we are still on the radar.
09:36:40 But until real estate developers that build for these
09:36:48 organizations take on these projects, we just have our
09:36:50 fingers crossed that it will continue.
09:36:53 But we still feel very optimistic that something will
09:36:57 materialize in the next several months.
09:37:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Did you say Wal-Mart?
09:37:03 >> Yes.
09:37:04 >>MARY MULHERN: That's a killer of economic

09:37:06 development.
09:37:06 I hope worry not pursuing that.
09:37:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No, that will enhance that area,
09:37:11 though.
09:37:11 >>MARY MULHERN: No.
09:37:13 No, it puts everybody out of business.
09:37:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?
09:37:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One quick question.
09:37:22 You talked about supporting these business
09:37:24 initiatives. In what way are when doing that?
09:37:29 >>> My staff and I take the majority of the requests
09:37:31 that we get from these small business developments,
09:37:35 small business opportunities that come into our area.
09:37:37 A lot of them are looking for, obviously looking for
09:37:40 financial assistance to make the numbers work
09:37:42 correctly, and would he have been able to partner with
09:37:45 financial institutions that were receptive to their
09:37:49 development ideas.
09:37:50 We help fast track projects through the permitting
09:37:55 process.
09:37:55 We have even gone on a couple of them, have gone where
09:38:01 several of those projects have been brought before the

09:38:04 community advisory committees, looking for tiff
09:38:05 assistance, to be able to solve some of the shortfalls
09:38:10 in finance.
09:38:11 So we continue to work with folks in that manner.
09:38:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's very appropriate in
09:38:17 all of our blighted areas where we can -- particularly
09:38:21 if the community identifies that they need, you know,
09:38:25 fill in the blank, that we can help with the parking,
09:38:28 help with the -- in some of the public realm
09:38:31 investments that allows the private folks to do their
09:38:35 business and make it happen.
09:38:36 I think those appropriate.
09:38:41 Not to give the money but to help with the things that
09:38:43 are within the public realm to help make the -- to
09:38:48 help make their pro forma's worse because the
09:38:51 community wants these kinds of businesses.
09:38:55 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say that I would like
09:38:59 to see how much each of the -- and especially East
09:39:05 Tampa -- how much CRA money is going toward attracting
09:39:12 big box stores, because it's not a good thing for any
09:39:16 community.
09:39:17 And I'm going to make a motion at the end of this

09:39:23 meeting to bring someone in.
09:39:25 Actually, ill do some research.
09:39:27 But we need an economist to come in here and talk
09:39:30 about that, because -- it's a fact that big box stores
09:39:38 come in, they put all the little stores out of
09:39:40 business, they don't put the money back into the
09:39:42 community, and they don't provide good jobs.
09:39:45 And the jobs that we get from those small
09:39:48 businesses -- and this is what I say every CRA
09:39:53 meeting, providing 95% of the jobs we have are from
09:39:56 small businesses.
09:39:58 >> Local.
09:39:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Local.
09:40:00 So I think this model of bringing in big box global
09:40:04 stores that take the money out of the community and
09:40:07 don't put it back in, and provide low-wage jobs and
09:40:13 virtually no benefits, it's not what we need.
09:40:16 So I'm going to see if I can find an economist to come
09:40:22 in and talk to us about that.
09:40:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Madam Chairman, I'll disagree
09:40:27 with Ms. Mulhern.
09:40:29 I'm a small businessman.

09:40:30 I got a call this week to go down to 2000 Channelside
09:40:36 Drive.
09:40:37 Who runs that?
09:40:38 Who is in charge of that?
09:40:40 There's a gentle there.
09:40:41 He's a friend of mine.
09:40:42 He's been a friend of mine for years.
09:40:43 He bought five stores in a building.
09:40:46 Are you aware of that?
09:40:47 And he has not one parking space.
09:40:51 >>> Yes, Mr. Levy.
09:40:54 Did he not have any parking spaces he bought that
09:40:57 property, sir.
09:40:58 >> How could we allow that to take place and permit
09:41:01 the spot to have those stores without any parking?
09:41:03 >>> He has one parking space.
09:41:05 >> One parking space for how many square feet does he
09:41:07 have?
09:41:08 >>> It's approximately 1,000 square feet per unit.
09:41:11 >> Per unit.
09:41:12 He's got five of those units.
09:41:14 He's got 5,000 square feet with one parking space.

09:41:18 >>> Per unit.
09:41:18 >> Can't run a businesslike that.
09:41:20 >> Why did he buy it?
09:41:22 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: That's not the point.
09:41:24 Point is, it should have never been built.
09:41:26 It should have never been permitted.
09:41:28 Somebody dropped the ball or somebody had their eyes
09:41:32 closed.
09:41:32 It's not right.
09:41:33 This guy has made a big investment there.
09:41:36 He's got one tenant out of five units.
09:41:39 And he's struggling.
09:41:41 And I don't know how the city allowed that to be
09:41:44 constructed with one parking space.
09:41:50 You weren't there at the time.
09:41:51 You were somewheres else.
09:41:53 I don't know who was in charge of that but it's not
09:41:56 right.
09:41:56 >> That's always my answer, sir, I'm always somewhere
09:41:59 else.
09:42:00 [ Laughter ]
09:42:00 >> But it's something that has to be looked into.

09:42:04 I don't know.
09:42:06 He is trying to negotiate, next door there's a big
09:42:09 parking lot.
09:42:09 >>> Yes, sir.
09:42:10 >> I think there's a 38-story approved building to go
09:42:13 on there, and he's trying to get that space.
09:42:16 He can get that space probably for six years for a
09:42:20 parking lot.
09:42:21 And I think that's the extent of the time that he's
09:42:23 permitted to use that.
09:42:25 If he can make a dole with that present owner.
09:42:28 >>> I have been down to speak with him, sir, and I
09:42:32 have made suggestions about what he could do and
09:42:34 couldn't do as far as parking arrangements.
09:42:37 It's a difficult situation, I agree.
09:42:42 >> I think a small business compared to Wal-Mart.
09:42:46 Reverend Scott.
09:42:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm wondering -- and if we close out
09:42:51 all the Wal-Marts here in the City of Tampa, how many
09:42:54 jobs would that be?
09:42:55 How much revenue would that be?
09:43:01 I rest my case.

09:43:05 I live in East Tampa.
09:43:07 I have to drive to Brandon -- what's closer, Brandon
09:43:11 or Hillsborough.
09:43:11 That's not even a super Wal-Mart in Hillsborough.
09:43:15 Dale Mabry.
09:43:15 And I driveway out.
09:43:27 My wife goes to now Tampa.
09:43:28 >> Will not support your community if you shop at
09:43:32 Wal-Mart.
09:43:33 >> I disagree with that.
09:43:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Johnson.
09:43:36 >>> Ed Johnson: I would like to add to what
09:43:40 councilman Scott is referring to.
09:43:42 The community of East Tampa, if you go and you start
09:43:45 taking apart some of the retail purchases, that's
09:43:51 their customer, those their client.
09:43:52 So folks from East Tampa go a long way to shop at
09:43:55 Wal-Marts.
09:43:58 There's social contact data that you will be seeing
09:44:00 shortly kind of reflects some of that.
09:44:02 We have a large amount of dollars that are escaping
09:44:05 the community, things that you would buy at a Wal-Mart

09:44:11 and things of that nature.
09:44:12 A lot of our escape dollars that are not coming back
09:44:18 into the community are being spent in someone else's
09:44:20 neighborhood.
09:44:20 >>MARY MULHERN: But those profits don't come back.
09:44:23 They don't get reinvested in the community.
09:44:31 They go to Arkansas.
09:44:34 >>> Most corporation versus organizations outside the
09:44:37 community but they have employees that are taking
09:44:39 advantage of employment at these places.
09:44:43 They do earn a salary and they spend their dollars,
09:44:46 also.
09:44:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a Wal-Mart -- why are we going
09:44:53 so far -- (talking over one another).
09:44:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, my --
09:45:00 >> Can't discuss all of that.
09:45:02 >>MARY MULHERN: My question for mark, I guess, is for
09:45:04 all of these CRAs, what kind of money and tax
09:45:09 incentives are we giving to big box stores like this,
09:45:13 as opposed to small businesses in the community?
09:45:18 Or encouraging and hemming them get started?
09:45:22 Because, you know, when I lived in East Tampa and the

09:45:27 only -- looked in East Tampa is the T only thing is a
09:45:31 big church.
09:45:32 Everything is chain hotels.
09:45:36 >> Not true.
09:45:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, that's what it said on the list.
09:45:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But that's not Dwight quite accurate.
09:45:43 First all you have in the budget 800,000 for small
09:45:46 businesses.
09:45:47 Am I not correct?
09:45:49 >> Right.
09:45:49 >> Also, for that Milton inn in East Tampa.
09:45:56 Am I not correct?
09:45:57 >> Right.
09:45:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I do noticed to go down the line?
09:46:00 What else?
09:46:01 >>MARK HUEY: We don't really strategically think about
09:46:04 big box versus.
09:46:07 Whatever is going to be good for the community and be
09:46:09 helpful in a community, and meet a community need,
09:46:13 that's what we are after.
09:46:14 >>MARY MULHERN: That's what I'm saying.
09:46:17 >>> It's smaller businesses.

09:46:19 In other cases it is more significant.
09:46:21 For example, in downtown, one of the things you have
09:46:25 that I think we all love to see are grocery stores.
09:46:28 That's a big box.
09:46:29 Worry after a big box in our downtown.
09:46:31 And worry not ashamed about it.
09:46:33 >>MARY MULHERN: That's a mistake because when don't
09:46:35 have the people to get a big box store downtown.
09:46:38 >>MARK HUEY: And we can debate that and debate
09:46:41 Wal-Marts and so on and so forth and I don't know that
09:46:44 this is the place to do it.
09:46:45 Fact of the matter, we don't have, as you might be
09:46:48 aware, Wal-Mart is cutting way back on opening stores,
09:46:51 as are most of the large big box retailers in this
09:46:54 economy.
09:46:54 So we are not actively engaged right now in anything
09:46:57 in East Tampa that is eminent in terms of big box
09:47:01 retail.
09:47:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm glad to hear that and --
09:47:05 >>MARK HUEY: I will tell thousand it is on our radar
09:47:07 screen, and not to be adversarial because I know you
09:47:10 have some feelings, but I know the community as well

09:47:13 has strong feelings about what some of these retailers
09:47:18 will bring a benefit to the community.
09:47:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to have a workshop so
09:47:23 we'll schedule a workshop, but it's not strong
09:47:25 feelings, it's data.
09:47:26 It's numbers.
09:47:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, we have to move on because we
09:47:30 haven't got tone that point yet.
09:47:32 Mr. Vince Pardo.
09:47:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Johnson.
09:47:41 Poured pardon Ybor City Development Corporation.
09:47:46 As you can see, as you see with several of the CRAs,
09:47:56 the variations and the growth of the TIF, you see here
09:47:59 a combination of Ybor 1 and Ybor 2, and this is
09:48:04 comprised, actually we have a 3.8% reduction in the
09:48:07 TIF in Ybor 1, and an increase of 20.49% in Ybor 2.
09:48:14 With differential about 2%, 1.5% increase overall.
09:48:19 And an interesting trend as you look at the newer CRA
09:48:22 and how the values there are going up, as opposed to
09:48:26 the original CRA, which was created in 1988.
09:48:31 As far as our goals, our primarily goals, this year,
09:48:35 number 1 is continue providing key programs, elevator

09:48:38 services and district marketing, want to support and
09:48:41 continue to support those programs that we have seen
09:48:42 over the last couple of years that have proven to be
09:48:46 effective including our 24-7 clean team, our district
09:48:49 ambassadors, our special events co-sponsorship, very
09:48:52 effective in getting small entrepreneurial kind of I
09:48:55 dose and family oriented daytime, and one to maybe
09:49:02 three years of funding for them to ramp down and get
09:49:05 sponsorship for those programs.
09:49:08 Code enforcement still very effective, and some of the
09:49:11 things that happen late night.
09:49:12 That's are out of the district Thursday, Friday or
09:49:16 Saturday night.
09:49:16 We rotate now because of cost.
09:49:18 But until about two, sometimes 3:00 in the morning the
09:49:22 parking lot standards and local signs and vendors and
09:49:25 things that are happening, but dealing with at those
09:49:32 hours.
09:49:32 And also red brick restoration happening both in Ybor
09:49:35 1 and Ybor 2 as opportunities arise for that.
09:49:38 Additionally -- and let me skip over marketing.
09:49:43 Marketing has been very effective, Veronica Swiatek

09:49:49 has not only been the chairman of our board but has
09:49:49 been the chairman of our marketing committee because
09:49:51 of marketing background for I think the last four
09:49:54 years and very effective programming in that with
09:49:57 Roberts communication and finding other avenues of how
09:49:58 to expand that program, and bring up the positive
09:50:01 things that naturally fall in the lap of some of the
09:50:05 press and getting it into the media.
09:50:09 The second priority is to improve the quality of life
09:50:11 in Ybor with enforcing our regulations.
09:50:15 Mark, as you know, chairs a group when call Ybor
09:50:17 coalition, a combination of all the enforcement
09:50:19 agencies from parking to code enforcement, TPD,
09:50:23 zoning, all around the table collaborating for the
09:50:26 first time.
09:50:28 This has been around three years, we have been doing
09:50:29 this now.
09:50:32 The fire inspector would say one thing, code inspector
09:50:36 say something else, it's a no-win situation.
09:50:38 That doesn't happen anymore.
09:50:39 We have staff problems right at the table.
09:50:41 We meet about every four weeks to six weeks maximum.

09:50:44 So it's a good interchange, also I get Monday morning
09:50:49 reports from code enforcement, TPD, fire if they are
09:50:51 out there, immediately, able to transmit that to
09:50:54 everyone so everyone understands what's happening out
09:50:56 there as far as infractions and also to put some
09:50:58 issues out before they become big problems in that
09:51:01 area.
09:51:03 Crime has been reduced 74% in Ybor City over the last
09:51:06 five years.
09:51:07 We are proud of that.
09:51:08 We did have some increases recently in things like car
09:51:12 auto thefts.
09:51:14 We have had TPD redeploying some of their officers,
09:51:17 and also parking people, as people get around and find
09:51:21 people leaving purses in their cars, putting tags on
09:51:24 their cars not to do that.
09:51:28 Putting bait out, please break into these cars.
09:51:30 So as far as the patrons coming in, and having
09:51:36 somebody responsible for that.
09:51:37 Also innovative parking strategies, the two-hour froe
09:51:42 parking has been an immense boost.
09:51:45 I don't think I have ever seen so many accolades from

09:51:49 business people and residents, helping economic
09:51:53 development especially with the small entrepreneurs
09:51:55 and retail shops.
09:51:57 And lastly one of our major ones is in fact to I'll
09:52:01 say partner, to collaborate with IKEA and their
09:52:06 opening, as they are marketing we are also marketing
09:52:09 Ybor.
09:52:09 I have had two advance companies in my office who
09:52:14 don't want to disclose their clients but their clients
09:52:16 like to be in eyesight of IKEAs so we don't need to
09:52:22 move in to do that and we want people that come in for
09:52:26 the day, the weekend, shop at IKEA, stay at our
09:52:30 hotels, and for Channel District and downtown as well,
09:52:36 help take advantage of those opportunities as they
09:52:38 come up such as that.
09:52:42 Budget.
09:52:43 Our capital projects, continue our 15th street
09:52:46 stormwater.
09:52:47 This is the allocation with this will extend to next
09:52:53 year, and that project paid off totally.
09:52:58 The 5th Avenue stormwater project is a new
09:53:02 project.

09:53:02 This includes design of that project.
09:53:04 We have done some modeling, because of some low spots
09:53:07 we have in that residential community south of
09:53:09 7th.
09:53:10 Sidewalk program continues.
09:53:12 That's both in the residential communities, doing
09:53:15 sidewalks.
09:53:16 We have put in sidewalks on the east side, where there
09:53:20 have been historically no sidewalks whatsoever on the
09:53:22 east side of the neighborhood.
09:53:27 Went down 7th Avenue next month and will continue
09:53:29 to the end of this fiscal year.
09:53:30 You will see a lot of our contractors doing hedge
09:53:34 replacements, especially some of the uneven areas but
09:53:38 also some cosmetic in the area.
09:53:40 Redevelopment investment continues at 332,000, in that
09:53:44 particular area.
09:53:47 And this program, some of these will be redundant.
09:53:50 A list of programs that we are implementing throughout
09:53:53 the project.
09:53:55 Most of these are continuation projects, as we go
09:53:58 forward.

09:53:58 And some of them we have had to cut back a little bit
09:54:02 in some of the hours such as the ambassador program
09:54:04 but we are keying on those hours, had to do some
09:54:08 shaving this past year, and Veronica and her
09:54:11 committees have done a great job working with staff in
09:54:13 bringing this about.
09:54:14 And then of course operations and administration.
09:54:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Prado.
09:54:28 >> Then we have Bob.
09:54:36 >> Good morning. I'm with economic development. I'm
09:54:36 here to speak first about downtown.
09:54:42 Excuse me for a second.
09:55:00 Here we go.
09:55:01 As you can see, downtown TIF revenues continue to
09:55:04 grow.
09:55:04 A lot of this is reflected by the opening of the now
09:55:06 residential projects and we are going to so continued
09:55:08 growth in that area.
09:55:10 Our top priorities are the opening of Curtis Hixon
09:55:13 park, Massey park both of which were funded by TIF
09:55:18 funds, Cotanchobee, supporting the opening of the now
09:55:21 Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa history center, and the

09:55:25 construction started the Glazer children's museum,
09:55:29 been working with and supporting the opening of
09:55:31 Floridan hotel and the element.
09:55:33 And worry also working with prime Meridian, Cumberland
09:55:37 extension, hopefully to get that project underway in
09:55:39 the next year.
09:55:41 And you will see some change in the signage in the
09:55:44 near future, the wayfinding signs, to begin
09:55:49 installation in the next 30 days.
09:55:51 Here's the downtown budget, proposed budget for '09.
09:55:55 You can see
09:55:56 It's the lions share of that goes to Curtis Hixon park
09:56:00 and our continued support of the convention center
09:56:02 bond payment which is the big economic engine that
09:56:07 drives a lot of our activities in the downtown
09:56:09 marketplace.
09:56:09 We are taking an economic approach to the arts project
09:56:13 because we are involving the downtown market, the
09:56:16 Channelside market, and the Ybor market.
09:56:19 Again, seeing it as one large conglomeration, and I
09:56:24 believe that will lead to its success in adding the
09:56:27 implementation of that project.

09:56:29 The continued support of the streetcar, which everyone
09:56:31 feels is an important addition to our downtown
09:56:34 marketplace, and we do have some money there for
09:56:37 marketing and promotion.
09:56:41 Questions?
09:56:41 Concerns?
09:56:42 >>CHAIRMAN: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
09:56:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
09:56:46 There's an issue which has come up recently.
09:56:49 And I spoke briefly with Mr. Huey about this
09:56:52 yesterday.
09:56:54 That is that in downtown, we have historic structures
09:56:59 which are not stable.
09:57:00 It is of utmost concern to our community that these
09:57:04 identified landmark structures be stable for the
09:57:07 continued health of downtown.
09:57:09 We have got some great successes in the redevelopment
09:57:12 of the Floridan hotel.
09:57:14 We have the tragic loss of the Maas Brothers building
09:57:17 because there was a hole in the roof, it rained in
09:57:20 there and rotted.
09:57:21 Currently the Kress Building has a hole in the roof

09:57:25 and I'm suggesting we take $100,000 from this budget
09:57:27 to stabilize the roof of the Kress Building, because
09:57:30 if you look at the investment and proximity to it, on
09:57:33 the east you have the significant investment of the
09:57:37 element building, to the south you have the historic
09:57:41 Tampa Theatre, to the west -- excuse me, you have got
09:57:46 the federal courthouse, and then catter-corner we have
09:57:49 the Floridan. If this building which is currently a
09:57:53 designated landmark structure and is not properly
09:57:56 secure, were we to have a foyer, it would put all
09:58:00 those other buildings at risk.
09:58:02 So what I am suggesting is we look at our budget, that
09:58:05 we find $100,000 to stabilize this significant
09:58:08 structure, because I think we would all agree, in the
09:58:11 last two, three years, we have lost significant
09:58:15 historic buildings in the downtown.
09:58:17 We lost the brick building next to the park, then the
09:58:22 building up the street on fire, we lost that brick
09:58:24 building, we lost the Maas Brothers building, and as
09:58:27 my mother used to say, just because something is old
09:58:30 doesn't mean it was ever really nice.
09:58:32 Decrees building is really nice.

09:58:33 That's why we recognize the landmark designation.
09:58:37 And I'm very concerned about its future.
09:58:39 So when we get to the budget itself, I'm going to make
09:58:42 a motion that we take $100,000 from this budget to
09:58:50 protect this resource.
09:58:51 >>> I would defer to legal about whether or not that's
09:58:56 something that we can do.
09:58:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My specific concern is the TIF
09:59:03 money was created to redevelop an area because of slum
09:59:11 and blight, and in the uncertainty of landmark
09:59:15 buildings in the middle of a lot of significant
09:59:17 redevelopment in our downtown, is stabilizing the
09:59:20 investments we have made in terms of redeveloping
09:59:23 downtown.
09:59:24 Today, we all received a letter from Chris Burdick,
09:59:28 the head of the downtown partnership, where she says
09:59:30 to us as a CRA, please be concerned about demolition
09:59:34 by neglect.
09:59:36 I'm not going to address that.
09:59:37 I'm going to address the significance of the Kress
09:59:39 Building to our downtown and the concerns I have
09:59:42 because the hole in the roof.

09:59:46 I'm not saying we redo the whole building.
09:59:49 I'm saying we make sure that the rain isn't coming in
09:59:51 and that vandals aren't potentially getting in so that
09:59:55 we would lose this structure.
09:59:57 Now, today we aren't adopting the budget.
10:00:00 We adopt the budget in 30 days.
10:00:02 That gives us plenty of time for legal to do the
10:00:04 research on whether this can be done.
10:00:06 And I certainly think that -- I will work with legal
10:00:10 to go to other communities and see how this might be
10:00:13 accomplished.
10:00:13 But that 30-day period, I wouldn't want them to speak
10:00:16 off the cuff.
10:00:17 I want to give them 30 days to think about it.
10:00:19 >>> We'll certainly take the next 30 days to
10:00:21 investigate that issue and see if that's something --
10:00:24 >> If we lose this building in the next 30 days, it
10:00:29 would be unconscionable for this community to sit
10:00:32 there passively while we wait for legal to think
10:00:36 things through and not come to the conclusion that we
10:00:40 must -- we must secure our historic resources.
10:00:43 We don't have that many significant historic buildings

10:00:47 downtown.
10:00:48 I have personally worked to secure money for the Tampa
10:00:50 Theatre, for Tampa Union Station, for this building --
10:00:55 not this building, this is before my time.
10:00:58 I was upset at the loss of the Lykes building, and
10:01:00 very upset at the loss of the Maas Brothers building,
10:01:05 both of which could have been saved.
10:01:06 And we must devote resources to protecting the Kress
10:01:09 Building.
10:01:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
10:01:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
10:01:14 And, Linda, I'm totally in support of that.
10:01:17 I think maybe we could also make a motion to exam,
10:01:25 have an estimate, figure out what we need to do and
10:01:28 how much that may cost.
10:01:29 You may already have a figure, 100,000.
10:01:32 But the other thing I was going to say, one thing we
10:01:35 learned about the horrible Gary school collapse is
10:01:37 that we can call an emergency code enforcement
10:01:40 meeting, and maybe we should do it for the Kress
10:01:42 Building before we have it cave in.
10:01:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is currently under investigation

10:01:48 from code enforcement.
10:01:49 They know -- the property owner knows they have a hole
10:01:52 in the roof.
10:01:53 Code enforcement can't compel them to fix the hole in
10:01:57 the roof.
10:01:57 They can just fine them if they don't.
10:01:59 I'm saying rather than dither about like we did for
10:02:03 Gary school for more than a year and a half, I talked
10:02:05 about blue tarps and just putting a tarp.
10:02:10 I think we have to go to a more thorough approach than
10:02:13 just a tarp on the hole.
10:02:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair.
10:02:20 Well, this problem is not the forum to have this
10:02:25 discussion, but in my opinion I think what you want to
10:02:27 do in light of the Gary school is all of your historic
10:02:30 buildings, really low at all of them, whether the city
10:02:33 owns or don't own, and what would be the cost to rehab
10:02:37 them or bring them up to standard.
10:02:39 I think that's the issue.
10:02:40 Secondly, in terms of the $100,000, I think you have
10:02:44 to low at from a legal standpoint, what does -- you
10:02:47 have to understand, this money is outlined under the

10:02:55 flu statute how you can spend and where it can be
10:02:57 spent and all that.
10:02:58 So legal would have to address that based on what the
10:03:01 Florida statute says, because it's geared to blight in
10:03:06 areas of redevelopment, putting a roof on a building,
10:03:10 does that address the issue and meet the requirement
10:03:14 of the Florida statute?
10:03:15 I don't know.
10:03:16 Just putting a roof on a building and let it sit there
10:03:19 is one thing but to put a roof on a building to invite
10:03:23 investors to come in and rehab the building may be
10:03:25 another issue.
10:03:26 I'm not sure.
10:03:27 But I think we need to look at that whole issue.
10:03:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just passed out to council
10:03:32 members and I'll make available to the press and the
10:03:35 public this big article that occurred about two weeks
10:03:37 ago, and it's called preserving the past.
10:03:39 This is prior to the collapse of the school.
10:03:42 And it identifies significant structures in Tampa that
10:03:45 are at risk.
10:03:46 And one of them, the very first one is the Kress

10:03:49 Building, and here, I met with the mayor on Tuesday,
10:03:54 and I met with Cindy Miller and Jake Slater and Dennis
10:03:58 Fernandez, and legal, on Wednesday to talk about
10:04:02 specific recommendations of carrots that we can
10:04:06 develop a better communication, variety of strategies
10:04:09 to better address demolition by neglect.
10:04:13 And here of course is the editorial about plenty to
10:04:16 blame for the school's dough myself.
10:04:18 We as a CRA and a City Council absolutely have to work
10:04:21 closely with the staff and the private sector to
10:04:24 educate people about the value of these structures and
10:04:26 to take action, because we cannot afford another loss.
10:04:29 It would be shame on us.
10:04:31 So I look forward to it happening in the next 30 days.
10:04:34 My motion would be that I would work closely with city
10:04:37 staff and the CRA staff to identify how we could
10:04:41 accomplish the $100,000.
10:04:47 And that's just a proposal, to secure the hole in the
10:04:51 roof of the Kress Building.
10:04:55 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to mention something
10:04:57 that occurred to me, and maybe Reverend Scott
10:04:59 remembers this, too, when we first came on council a

10:05:02 year and a half ago, one of our first meetings -- and
10:05:06 I'm sure Linda had requested the staff report -- and
10:05:11 maybe you even put it together -- but we had
10:05:16 photographs and a presentation by Curtis Lane, and
10:05:20 that was probably a year and a half ago, and sadly, I
10:05:24 thought it was the most depressing pictures I had ever
10:05:26 seen because it showed buildings we lost and buildings
10:05:29 that were in danger, and nothing has been done.
10:05:34 So we have got to do something now.
10:05:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:05:39 Good news is we have this very energetic now code
10:05:42 enforcement person Jake Slater working emphatically
10:05:45 with Dennis Fernandez.
10:05:46 Legal is engaged.
10:05:47 But we have got to put this on the front burner.
10:05:50 And if you would second my motion.
10:05:53 >> Second.
10:05:54 >>CHAIRMAN: All in favor?
10:05:57 Opposed?
10:05:58 (Motion carried).
10:05:59 >> Could I ask that the motion be formally stated for
10:06:02 the record?

10:06:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
10:06:04 My motion is that staff work with me to investigate
10:06:07 committing $100,000 from the downtown CRA fiscal year
10:06:11 09 TIF budget to fix the hole in the roof of the Kress
10:06:15 Building because it's a national -- it's a local
10:06:18 landmark, and it's endangered by having a hole in the
10:06:22 roof.
10:06:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with the motion.
10:06:29 However, I would like to see it worded "if it's
10:06:32 legally possible."
10:06:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If it's legally possible.
10:06:35 I'm happy to add that.
10:06:36 My feeling about attorneys, Mr. Miranda, is if you pay
10:06:39 them to figure out how it's legally possible, then
10:06:42 they'll figure it out.
10:06:43 So, Mr. Territo, you and I are going to get real
10:06:46 creative.
10:06:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Say that to a divorce court.
10:06:51 Last.
10:06:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:06:53 >>> Good morning.
10:06:54 I am now -- Bob McDonough, economic development to

10:06:58 talk to you about the Channel District.
10:07:06 As you can see, there's been a dramatic rise in the
10:07:11 TIF funds available for spending in the Channel
10:07:12 District.
10:07:13 This year it's almost $4 million.
10:07:17 Our top priorities, this was spoken about earlier in
10:07:21 the meeting, they developed a pay-as-you-go funding
10:07:22 strategy to construct infrastructure, public realm
10:07:25 improvements.
10:07:26 And you are going to see an example of that in a
10:07:28 little while and we have the folks up talking about
10:07:30 the hotel Indigo and the improvements we are going to
10:07:34 be doing on 11th street.
10:07:36 And 11th street will be our first street.
10:07:38 We have Slade, which is the first section will be done
10:07:41 in December, the second section done in March, have
10:07:45 that section of the roadway done, we'll have the south
10:07:48 section of the roadway done, and actually this
10:07:50 pay-as-you-go strategy, we are looking at the middle
10:07:53 section.
10:07:53 So it is a strategy that we have embraced with the
10:07:56 consent and enthusiasm of our board and this board

10:07:59 here.
10:08:00 We are continuing remedial projects for current
10:08:03 residents, again the simple things, sidewalks, curbs,
10:08:07 fixing potholes, adding additional lights.
10:08:10 We are implementing the arts study as I mentioned in
10:08:12 the downtown marketplace.
10:08:13 We are coordinating efforts between downtown, the
10:08:16 Channel District, and the Ybor.
10:08:19 Completing the wayfinding signage program.
10:08:22 Again we'll see those results in the near future.
10:08:26 Signs will be going up in late September, early
10:08:28 October.
10:08:29 And we are soaking opportunities to deferral
10:08:31 neighborhood parks.
10:08:32 Again, that's part of something that makes the
10:08:34 neighborhood.
10:08:35 And I had lunch yesterday with a land owner, so I am
10:08:38 continuing my due diligence to find something that
10:08:41 will fit our pocketbook.
10:08:44 Here is our '09 TIF budget.
10:08:49 We have the community improvement projects, the
10:08:51 signage, the infrastructure and engineering.

10:08:53 As you can see the lions share is for the 11th
10:08:58 street upgrade which you will hear more about in a
10:09:00 little bit and land development, and that is something
10:09:05 again I'm actively working on.
10:09:06 We have money set aside for the art and economic
10:09:08 development initiative, marketing and promotion, and
10:09:11 again the support of the street car.
10:09:12 Questions or concerns?
10:09:15 >>GWEN MILLER: No?
10:09:19 Thank you.
10:09:20 Appreciate that.
10:09:21 I will now introduce Jeanette Fenton.
10:09:27 >> Our Drew Park budget is over $1.4 million.
10:09:37 This year as you can see we enjoyed strong growth over
10:09:39 the last few years in our are leveling out this year,
10:09:43 still enjoying closer to 15% increase in our budget.
10:09:49 As for our top priority, the main issue for
10:09:53 infrastructure is our stormwater improvement needs.
10:09:56 And worry looking to complete the planning, design and
10:09:59 engineering for that project.
10:10:01 It's quite a large ticket, $23 million total, at this
10:10:05 estimate.

10:10:05 And of course we will want to develop funding
10:10:08 strategies for the project given the indecision with
10:10:11 Strand and how we might have to approach it on a
10:10:14 pay-as-you-go basis.
10:10:16 Worry going to continue our community improvement
10:10:18 programs, our infrastructure includes sidewalk, street
10:10:21 paving, Tampa Police Department has been very
10:10:24 successful with our adult use enforcement, and we are
10:10:26 going to continue our maintenance on that issue, and
10:10:29 worry also looking to do some new things within
10:10:31 environmental clean-up, pursuing brownfield grants --
10:10:35 clean up, and with our fellow CRAs on a potential
10:10:39 facade improvement program.
10:10:42 Another priority is to look for ways that we can
10:10:45 capitalize on the new Cargo Road that is being
10:10:48 developed.
10:10:49 It's under construction now, will be opening in
10:10:51 probably about 18 months or so, and we think that
10:10:54 that's going to provide a major boost to the Drew Park
10:10:57 CRA and we want to be prepared to capitalize on that.
10:11:00 And then finally we are going to be looking at ways
10:11:03 that we can improve the quality, workforce housing

10:11:07 stock in Drew Park.
10:11:08 We have done land acquisition.
10:11:10 We are closing on a piece very shortly, and worry
10:11:12 actively pursuing other vacant properties within Drew
10:11:16 Park for that purpose.
10:11:17 This shows you the breakout of our budget.
10:11:22 Our line items are fairly similar to last year's.
10:11:26 We do have a new line item, the $400,000
10:11:35 appropriation. This is anticipating future
10:11:37 construction costs.
10:11:39 We have already allocated over 900,000 in prior year
10:11:44 TIF funding that is going toward our share of the
10:11:46 design and planning cost, and now for the first time
10:11:49 we are beginning to fund anticipated future
10:11:52 construction costs.
10:11:54 I also want to reference our chair, Randy Coen is out
10:12:01 of town and he was unable to join us today, but he did
10:12:04 send an e-mail to all of you indicating that Drew Park
10:12:08 advisory committee's support of the budget.
10:12:13 If there are no further questions, I will introduce
10:12:15 Michael hatchet to talk about the Heights.
10:12:22 >>> Michael hatchet, manager of Central Park and the

10:12:28 Heights.
10:12:32 The presentation going forward through my CRA will be
10:12:36 a little different than what you have seen up to this
10:12:38 point, the reason being that the amount of TIF funds
10:12:41 that are available in '09 do not lend themselves to
10:12:46 actually having planning priorities around the actual
10:12:48 dollars, but there are good things happening in those
10:12:50 CRAs so I want to take a moment to share those with
10:12:53 you.
10:12:54 Starting in the Heights, you see the budget, basically
10:12:57 flat from last year, two line items going to support
10:13:03 admin and operating and as many dollars as we can
10:13:06 going into support the debt service for whenever those
10:13:08 bonds are issued we'll be in a position to help meet
10:13:12 that obligation.
10:13:13 We are on track to begin construction of the back
10:13:17 office in October.
10:13:18 The water works parks segment of the riverwalk in
10:13:21 December, and it might be optimistic to say this, but
10:13:25 it is hopeful and it is possible that the
10:13:28 infrastructure bonds could possibly be issued this
10:13:30 year, but I'm thinking more into first quarter or

10:13:33 later next year.
10:13:35 And so those are some good things going on in Tampa
10:13:37 Heights, and I'll pause there for a question, if you
10:13:40 have one.
10:13:41 If not I'll move on to Central Park.
10:13:45 Okay.
10:13:46 Central Park.
10:13:49 All dollars going into admin and operating.
10:13:54 The good news in the area is Bank of America, Tampa
10:13:58 housing authority still working diligently together
10:14:03 and hopeful to be able to craft a financial structure
10:14:06 for the Encore development that does not require TIF
10:14:10 financing to back the construction of the
10:14:12 infrastructure.
10:14:13 We were also gearing up conversations again with our
10:14:17 strategic planning consultant here in the near future,
10:14:20 just to see if there are options available to us in
10:14:25 terms of a strategic plan in light of the fact that
10:14:26 the Strand decision, and we would have to have other
10:14:32 planning options available to us, not being able to
10:14:35 plan or bond TIF dollars, so we will be reporting back
10:14:39 to you what we learn from those conversations.

10:14:43 Questions for me on Central Park?
10:14:46 Thank you for your time.
10:14:47 And I'll ask mark to come back up and finish.
10:14:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:14:53 >>MARK HUEY: That concludes our walk-through of your
10:14:57 budget book and there's lots more information about
10:14:59 progress and our priorities for the coming year and
10:15:02 things we are looking forward to.
10:15:04 And we look forward to getting your support.
10:15:06 I want to thank each of you.
10:15:08 Each of you took time out of your busy schedules to
10:15:10 get a briefing on the budget, and those issues which
10:15:12 were particularly involved in this year's budget.
10:15:15 So I thank you for committing that time.
10:15:18 It's reflective of how much you care about the
10:15:20 redevelopment of our city.
10:15:21 And so we appreciate it very much.
10:15:26 I want to also remind you in addition to the budgets
10:15:29 you will be asked to approve these service agreements
10:15:32 and there's a tab in your budget package relating to
10:15:37 that.
10:15:37 Your next official CRA board meeting is October

10:15:40 30th.
10:15:40 And that is late for us.
10:15:43 We really don't want to hold back on putting our
10:15:46 budgets and our funding in place.
10:15:47 So I'd like to request that there be some
10:15:50 consideration for adopting the budgets earlier, and I
10:15:53 know you have a council meeting, a regular council
10:15:59 meeting on October 14 and if it would be possible to
10:16:01 break that meeting briefly, do CRA business, and we do
10:16:06 look forward to working on the one motion that I heard
10:16:09 in relation to the budget which is that we would work
10:16:12 in the downtown area to see how we might address the
10:16:16 Kress Building issue.
10:16:17 And we do appreciate the spirit of what you are trying
10:16:19 to accomplish.
10:16:20 The historic fabric is a big part of what makes
10:16:23 anyplace special.
10:16:24 And when a part of us is at risk it's something we
10:16:28 should be concerned about.
10:16:28 And so we look forward to working with you to see if
10:16:32 there's something we can do through the redevelopment
10:16:34 agency to help with that.

10:16:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.
10:16:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me say first, excellent, excellent
10:16:41 document, excellent presentation.
10:16:43 Easy to read.
10:16:46 And I just want to compliment you.
10:16:50 I really, really like this.
10:16:52 Secondly, Madam Chair, I am going to move that we have
10:16:55 a special meeting, what is it, the 15th, and adopt
10:16:57 the budget.
10:17:00 >> It's the 16th.
10:17:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, the 16th we have a special
10:17:09 meeting to adopt the budget.
10:17:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:17:13 >>GWEN MILLER: What time?
10:17:14 Stop at eleven?
10:17:16 Would that be time enough?
10:17:18 Okay, stop at eleven.
10:17:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's my motion.
10:17:21 >> Second.
10:17:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Question on the motion?
10:17:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe a friendly amendment.
10:17:28 Maybe we can get a report back on historic --

10:17:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's going to be a longer
10:17:38 discussion.
10:17:38 I think we probably need the 30 days.
10:17:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to have our next
10:17:45 meeting on October 16th at eleven.
10:17:47 (Motion carried).
10:17:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I want to join
10:17:52 Reverend Scott in complimenting the staff.
10:17:55 This is the closest you have ever come to hitting the
10:17:58 market in terms of hitting the budget timing wise, and
10:18:01 I feel like you really incorporated the concerns of
10:18:04 the advisory committee.
10:18:06 I feel like council sitting as a CRA has spent much
10:18:09 more time engaged with the different areas.
10:18:12 I feel like we are just almost there in terms of
10:18:14 getting it done by October 1st, and really seeing
10:18:19 how things are going.
10:18:20 I hope this next year, I hope Strand is resolved,
10:18:23 because it would just allow us to do so much more.
10:18:27 >>> Yes.
10:18:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But I again compliment the staff in
10:18:31 the clarity of the presentation, and doing what really

10:18:35 developing two scenarios, no-Strand, Strand budget,
10:18:42 and the burden on all of you.
10:18:44 I think you have worked really hard and I think what
10:18:46 we have before us is great work.
10:18:48 I compliment you.
10:18:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we need to adopt the service
10:18:50 agreement at the same time?
10:18:52 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:18:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:18:56 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number 3.
10:18:59 >>MARK HUEY: If I could focus on one thing first.
10:19:02 Julie was here -- wasn't here, the financial analyst,
10:19:05 is the one that really takes the lead for pulling this
10:19:08 package together and this was her first year doing it
10:19:10 on her own.
10:19:11 You might remember Dave Parkinson was with us in past
10:19:13 years and led this effort.
10:19:15 So we appreciate all your hard work, Julie, and all
10:19:18 the manager whose worked with the advisory committee.
10:19:20 So thank you.
10:19:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, East Tampa.
10:19:25 >>MARK HUEY: On east Tampa, we have provided to you

10:19:28 via memoranda response to the request from the last
10:19:31 board meeting, where you asked for information about
10:19:35 city-owned property within East Tampa.
10:19:38 So we have provided that.
10:19:40 I hope we have met your needs.
10:19:42 And if there's any other items in that way, we can
10:19:46 talk about that, whenever you are ready.
10:19:49 So we have accomplished that.
10:19:52 Item 4, we want to move on, is in your policy,
10:19:59 community meetings policy, there is a meeting called
10:20:02 for in October.
10:20:10 There are four community meetings, January, April,
10:20:12 June and October according to this policy.
10:20:16 Last January we were in East Tampa.
10:20:20 You were there in that community.
10:20:21 In April we visited in Ybor City.
10:20:23 We skipped the June meeting.
10:20:24 And now I wanted to find out your wishes this morning
10:20:27 about October.
10:20:29 And if you would like to do a community meeting, and,
10:20:32 if so, we would like to suggest Channelside as a good
10:20:36 stop for you.

10:20:41 But really, that's the purpose of this agenda, is to
10:20:50 allow to you talk about an October community meeting.
10:20:53 >>GWEN MILLER: What's the pleasure council?
10:20:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's an excellent
10:21:00 suggestion.
10:21:01 Channel District is certainly convenient to our
10:21:03 regular spot, and I would like to suggest that we do
10:21:11 it.
10:21:12 Perhaps we could perhaps the CRA chairman could get
10:21:16 with the council members and help figure out a date
10:21:19 that works for everybody.
10:21:20 But I think it it's always valuable.
10:21:22 It's easier for the people in the neighborhood to come
10:21:24 down here, it shows we are willing to go there, and I
10:21:27 was teasing about meeting at the aquarium but actually
10:21:31 if there's a meeting in one of the new buildings
10:21:34 that's been built, that I think would be useful for us
10:21:36 to physically experience some of the new spaces and
10:21:41 again we can work with Bob and the people who own the
10:21:44 buildings and see if there's a place there.
10:21:46 >>MARK HUEY: That's a good idea.
10:21:49 We'll look at that.

10:21:50 One of the new properties being built.
10:21:51 >> Maybe everyone a little walking tour.
10:21:56 >>MARK HUEY: We will work with the chair to select a
10:21:58 date, and get it on everyone's calendar, and tray to
10:22:02 make that work for the month of October.
10:22:03 >>GWEN MILLER: We will leave the place up to you.
10:22:08 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
10:22:10 Public comment?
10:22:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Public comment.
10:22:12 Public comment.
10:22:12 Anyone in the public that would like to speak, please
10:22:15 come up and speak.
10:22:21 Go ahead, sir.
10:22:24 >>> Ken Stoltenberg.
10:22:26 And I reside at 1101 Channelside Drive.
10:22:29 And I think -- and a developer in the Channel
10:22:33 District.
10:22:33 I think the Wilson Miller study certainly makes a lot
10:22:36 of sense.
10:22:37 I do own some property on Kennedy Boulevard which has
10:22:39 been developed as Grand Central at Kennedy.
10:22:41 And making Kennedy as narrow as we can and sidewalks

10:22:45 as wide as we can is extremely important, I think
10:22:48 mainly for a public safety issue.
10:22:50 The speed limit everywhere else on Kennedy is 30 miles
10:22:53 per hour downtown.
10:22:54 Only place it's 40 is right in front of Grand Central.
10:22:56 It was 45 and I called and complained.
10:22:59 Dealing with FDOT, shall we say, is a challenge.
10:23:02 And in a perfect world, I would love to see Kennedy
10:23:07 become a city road and perhaps the state road shift
10:23:11 more.
10:23:12 I heard those like moving the rock of Gibralter and I
10:23:16 don't know if that can happen or not.
10:23:18 An interesting comment was brought up about parking in
10:23:20 the Channel District and the parking code mirrors that
10:23:23 of downtown, which is one space per thousand for
10:23:25 office and three space per thousand for retail which
10:23:28 is absolutely inadequate in a normal setting.
10:23:31 At Grand Central we built over 500 additional spaces
10:23:33 because we knew we had to, to get the tenants.
10:23:36 We do have a lot of tenants interested and they
10:23:38 complain about a lot of stuff, mainly the fact it was
10:23:41 in an industrial district.

10:23:43 Nobody oddly enough has complained about the parking
10:23:45 because we've it.
10:23:46 And we didn't wait or count on the city doing
10:23:48 anything, because that would not be prudent.
10:23:53 And I guess finally with the parking, in the downtown,
10:23:57 the city made an investment.
10:23:59 They built Fort Brooke garage.
10:24:02 That's why you have all these big office buildings
10:24:04 down here.
10:24:04 So the parking code contemplated a city investment.
10:24:07 And if you don't make that same investment in the
10:24:09 Channel District the parking is always going to be out
10:24:10 of whack.
10:24:11 I'm the only one that built more parking than needed.
10:24:15 I didn't get anything for it but maybe now I'll get a
10:24:18 retailer.
10:24:19 Most people open the code bock and do the minimum.
10:24:21 Thank you.
10:24:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:24:23 Next.
10:24:28 >>> My name is Al Davis.
10:24:39 And I'm a TIF contributor, particularly from the East

10:24:47 Tampa area.
10:24:49 Madam Chairman, as you note, I share with you my sheet
10:25:00 about six items I would like to speak to.
10:25:05 Number one is, who is responsible for insuring the CRA
10:25:15 policy compliance?
10:25:22 Do you want me to get to each one?
10:25:25 8 then our attorney will answer.
10:25:27 >>> Number two, it may not be in order in which I give
10:25:33 it to him because having a little problem seeing way
10:25:37 even wrote downer who or haven't written down here,
10:25:42 but I know one has to do with the CRA -- not CRA but
10:25:47 the CAC electing its own chair and voice chair.
10:25:55 One of the other ones has to do with the CAC
10:26:05 membership based on the exhibit number 1.
10:26:11 Of the CAC policy.
10:26:15 The other one has to do with the explanation of what
10:26:21 does the term "at large" mean.
10:26:26 Does it mean within the area or outside the area?
10:26:28 And if it's ambiguous, I would like further guide
10:26:33 answer.
10:26:34 So the CRA areas that have at-large category of this
10:26:43 membership.

10:26:47 So it might be helpful to clarify that.
10:26:50 Another one, Madam Chairman, let me see, if you could
10:27:03 assist me a little bit.
10:27:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Which one did he miss?
10:27:07 >>> Oh, yes, the application of Robert's Rules of
10:27:08 Order, of all things, in terms of the operation of the
10:27:16 CAC.
10:27:18 And the other one has to do, who really has -- I don't
10:27:26 want to use the word control, but who is the CAC
10:27:29 subject to?
10:27:31 Is it to this board?
10:27:33 Or is it to the local community organization?
10:27:43 I think those about it, Madam Chairman.
10:27:45 If I can get those responded to, then I think I would
10:27:49 be well on my way to having clear understanding.
10:27:53 Particularly since I'm a TIF contributor, and also I
10:28:00 happen to live in the East Tampa area.
10:28:02 (Bell sounds).
10:28:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:28:12 Mr. Territo will moat with you after the CRA.
10:28:20 You can have one on one.
10:28:22 >>> Oh, one on one?

10:28:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:28:27 He will moat you after the meeting.
10:28:28 Okay?
10:28:28 Anyone else like to speak?
10:28:32 Okay.
10:28:32 We go to item number 5.
10:28:34 We need to move the resolution.
10:28:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.
10:28:38 I do you need to road it?
10:28:39 >>GWEN MILLER: No, just move it.
10:28:41 >> Second.
10:28:42 (Motion carried).
10:28:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anything else, Mr. Huey?
10:28:48 ?
10:28:49 >>MARK HUEY: That concludes it.
10:28:51 We do have and we appreciate your support on this
10:28:54 resolution.
10:28:55 As you are well aware, there are not many developers
10:28:58 really actively pursuing promising projects in our
10:29:02 redevelopment areas.
10:29:05 It's a difficult time.
10:29:06 We do have representatives of this development team,

10:29:09 who is working for putting an exciting project, and
10:29:12 would like to share a few words with you about their
10:29:15 project.
10:29:16 And show their appreciation for your support this
10:29:18 morning.
10:29:20 We have Darion Johnson and Jeanne DeFry is here.
10:29:27 I'll turn it over to you first.
10:29:28 >>> I'm, as Mark mentioned, Darion Johnson, the
10:29:32 president of Sembler investment, also president of
10:29:35 West Bay City Homes which is a subsidiary that is a
10:29:39 developer of Seaboard Square in the Channel District.
10:29:45 You are probably familiar, but in case you are not,
10:29:48 Seaboard square is located in the southern end of the
10:29:50 district.
10:29:50 It's just immediately north of towers of Channelside,
10:29:53 about 5.8 acres, bounded on the west by Meridian and
10:29:59 on the east by 12th Street, north is Whiting and then
10:30:02 Cumberland on the south.
10:30:05 Fairly large tract.
10:30:07 Predominant tract in the district.
10:30:09 So I guess first of all, I would like to say that we
10:30:12 are excited about the opportunity to work with the CRA

10:30:15 to advance the vision of the Channel District
10:30:18 strategic action plan.
10:30:19 I know it's been a long time coming.
10:30:23 So, you know, I really believe that it's going to
10:30:26 provide an opportunity to enhance the infrastructure
10:30:30 within the district and some tangible benefits.
10:30:35 Probably the most important thing as far as the CRA is
10:30:37 concerned is that there's really significant savings
10:30:42 that we can access.
10:30:47 And that's really for the CRA and for us as a
10:30:50 developer.
10:30:51 And that really comes about by combining the
10:30:53 realignment of the 11th street, zoning
10:30:59 application, along with enhancing the public
10:31:00 infrastructure along 11th street.
10:31:04 And that's really our responsibility and is our
10:31:07 dollars that go towards that.
10:31:10 And then the strategic action plan of course calls for
10:31:15 upsize of utility systems and undergrounding
10:31:17 electrical infrastructure, which obviously benefits
10:31:23 the entire district, and the combining of those two
10:31:27 efforts in doing that work at the same time really

10:31:29 gives us an opportunity to save the CRA money, and
10:31:33 advance our development.
10:31:38 Completion of the improvements I think will be a
10:31:39 welcome relief to residents of the Channel District.
10:31:44 I'm sure if you talked to any of those folks they
10:31:46 would tell you that they are pretty frustrated with
10:31:48 the pace of the redevelopment in terms of the public
10:31:52 realm in the Channel District.
10:31:54 They would like to see some tangible improvements, and
10:31:59 those had to happen.
10:32:00 There's significant planning that went into it.
10:32:03 We have to northbound front of the actual
10:32:05 infrastructure improvements.
10:32:08 But now I think it's a good time to actually show the
10:32:10 folks down there that, you know, we have dollars to
10:32:13 invest, and worry going to invest and start moving in
10:32:15 the direction.
10:32:16 We have already given them a taste of what the vision
10:32:18 is going to be from the Channel District.
10:32:20 I think it's worth noting that the fact that we'll be
10:32:25 moving forward with these improvements, I think if you
10:32:27 have seen 11th street, would you realize that it's

10:32:30 barely a street at this point.
10:32:32 The fact that we'll be advancing these improvements is
10:32:35 a real impetus for to us begin a development of our
10:32:39 hotel project within the Channel District.
10:32:42 That hotel is hotel indigo, and we believe we will
10:32:51 begin construction by year end.
10:32:53 It's a 168-room hotel, $38 million project.
10:32:57 There's 5600 square feet of retail space that will be
10:33:03 a part of the property.
10:33:05 This view that you see here is looking from Cumberland
10:33:08 to the north.
10:33:10 Obviously the tower that you see, the background is
10:33:12 not there, and quite frankly might be some time before
10:33:17 this.
10:33:18 Hopefully sooner rather than later.
10:33:20 But Indigo is a boutique hotel, it's off of the
10:33:26 intercontinental brand of hotels.
10:33:30 Intercontinental is the world's largest hotel chain by
10:33:33 number of rooms, includes hotels such as Crown Plaza,
10:33:36 intercontinental, holiday INN, candlewood suites,
10:33:45 about four years ago they came up with the Indigo
10:33:47 concept to really do kind of an upscale, a little bit

10:33:50 more upscale product but still keep it within a price
10:33:53 range that is affordable to the typical traveler.
10:33:59 The average daily rates that we project on this is
10:34:02 around $150 a night.
10:34:04 I think at that rate it will compete -- it will
10:34:11 significantly support the cruise traveler, the
10:34:14 entertainment traveler that comes into the forum
10:34:19 convenience yow and appreciate the efforts of the
10:34:22 convention center and the downtown business traveler.
10:34:24 If you look at the embassy or the Marriott, you know
10:34:29 that those rates are north of $300 a night.
10:34:34 So it's something that brings a little more affordable
10:34:36 product into the downtown core.
10:34:39 It will be the only intercontinental in the entire
10:34:42 downtown core.
10:34:43 Currently, Indigo has 15 operating properties,
10:34:49 operating in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Scottsdale,
10:34:52 Arizona, and about a year ago they opened an Indigo in
10:34:57 downtown Sarasota.
10:34:58 So it's a limited full service hotel that will be
10:35:06 provided we get our liquor license, there will be a
10:35:09 bar and hot food concept but it won't be to the level

10:35:12 of a full service hotel.
10:35:13 So you can still sit down and have a mole but it
10:35:16 wouldn't be like going to the Marriott for a
10:35:18 full-service meal.
10:35:22 I think to wrap it up, I think this will be one of the
10:35:24 first non-condo uses in the Channel District, which is
10:35:30 kind of nice, I think.
10:35:31 And we obviously have a vested interest.
10:35:33 We have a significant investment.
10:35:35 And it's my belief that what really needs to happen in
10:35:38 the Channel District is we need people in the
10:35:40 district.
10:35:40 If we can get 168-room hotel which creates somewhere
10:35:44 around 200, 150 or 250 people a night in the Channel
10:35:49 District, maybe we can capture some of those within
10:35:51 the core of the Channel District, and support the
10:35:56 emerging retailers in the district, and as The Towers
10:36:00 of Channelside and the place resolve their issues,
10:36:05 which I hope they resolve them sooner rather than
10:36:07 later, we can get people in the district and we can
10:36:10 really start to see that vision come forward.
10:36:12 So I would be happy to answer any questions.

10:36:16 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say this is great.
10:36:18 And as I low at that picture, the hotel is the
10:36:23 appropriate scale for this neighborhood.
10:36:26 And before I was on council and got to say my piece
10:36:31 and vote on these rezonings, that was what I thought
10:36:35 would be sustainable in that district, that kind of
10:36:40 density and that kind of height level.
10:36:42 I think out great that we are going to get a hotel,
10:36:44 because we don't have a hotel breaking ground there.
10:36:48 I think we have approved some.
10:36:49 But this one is wonderful because it looks like it's
10:36:53 going to happen.
10:36:53 And I think that the infrastructure that we are going
10:36:57 to put into it is just going to help things, help fill
10:37:01 up the district with hotel traffic and also hopefully
10:37:07 people buying condos.
10:37:12 That's great.
10:37:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
10:37:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thanks for using some good design,
10:37:18 and I think this plaza that you created is very
10:37:21 inviting and I think that will be actively used.
10:37:23 The side street looks like -- it's hard to read the

10:37:28 drawing but I hope that it will have color, it will
10:37:30 have interest, and it will make people feel
10:37:32 comfortable walking down it.
10:37:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:37:37 Thank you.
10:37:38 >>> I will note real quickly that it is a locally
10:37:40 owned hotel.
10:37:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.
10:37:44 >>CHAIRMAN: we looked forward to seeing it going up.
10:37:47 >>> Thanks very much.
10:37:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:37:55 >>MARK HUEY: That's good news and we appreciate your
10:37:57 tenacity.
10:38:03 I hope you appreciate the fact that we know that, and
10:38:08 our encouragement here today.
10:38:11 We are glad to be part of it.
10:38:12 Such a good project.
10:38:14 And I just have a couple of last very quick items.
10:38:18 You received an e-mail from us yesterday about the
10:38:21 East Tampa slate, the election, and you have the
10:38:28 matrix of the board, the advisory committee that
10:38:30 represents you as voted on by the community.

10:38:32 I wanted to make you aware that in Drew Park we had a
10:38:35 resignation of one of the advisory committee members.
10:38:37 So we will work with the clerk's office to stage a
10:38:40 process of soliciting applications for your review to
10:38:44 fill that position.
10:38:46 We also had, in October, a very special event
10:38:50 occurring in our city that I would like to encourage
10:38:52 each board member to try to take some time to be a
10:38:55 part of.
10:38:56 The Florida redevelopment association, which is our
10:38:58 sort of professional organization statewide, for
10:39:02 advancing the redevelopment interest of communities
10:39:05 statewide, having their conference in our city, and
10:39:10 Vince Pardo is handing you out information about that.
10:39:13 Vince is actually on the board of FRA, and a number of
10:39:15 our staff are very involved in helping to put this
10:39:18 conference together.
10:39:21 And again it's the one time of the year where all of
10:39:25 the state interests who are involved in redevelopment
10:39:27 come together to talk about Strand decisions and the
10:39:30 implications of that, and new ideas in redevelopment,
10:39:34 and so I hope you can make some time in your calendars

10:39:37 to take advantage of one or two of the workshops that
10:39:40 might be of interest to you.
10:39:41 Some of it is actually tailored towards boards and
10:39:45 advisory boards so you might low over that agenda, and
10:39:50 we appreciate all the things that the staff are doing
10:39:54 to make that good for all of the statewide
10:39:56 participants who will be coming.
10:39:57 Then one last item.
10:39:59 Remember last year in East Tampa, we held an event to
10:40:03 attract private sector interest.
10:40:05 One of the things that we are trying to do to attract
10:40:08 increasing private sector interest in East Tampa.
10:40:11 We are working with the Chamber of Commerce, and we
10:40:15 are going to host that tour and exposure to East
10:40:19 Tampa.
10:40:19 That's going to occur on October 6th.
10:40:22 We will kick it off at Cyrus Green Center about 8:30
10:40:27 and involves a presentation then and then a bus tour.
10:40:30 If any of you would like to be a part of that I am
10:40:32 going to make sure that Ed gets your aide information
10:40:35 about that.
10:40:36 I'm sure those who come will be appreciative of your

10:40:41 presence there.
10:40:42 And this that concludes our updates and business for
10:40:45 you.
10:40:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
10:40:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I want to thank you and Ed
10:40:52 Johnson and everyone who put together the list and the
10:40:56 map of the East Tampa properties.
10:40:58 I really appreciate that.
10:41:00 And I wanted to mention one of the reasons that I
10:41:05 asked for that was because I have been researching and
10:41:08 talking to a lot of people in the community and
10:41:11 outside our community about community supported
10:41:17 agriculture, or a lot of different names for it, but
10:41:19 basically it's victory gardens, urban gardens, which
10:41:24 other cities are doing all over the world, and
10:41:30 everyone New York has probably the biggest number of
10:41:32 these, and they are basically public land in urban
10:41:37 areas that is undeveloped that has been turned into
10:41:40 gardens, or small farms, but I think in Tampa, in CRA,
10:41:47 probably gardens.
10:41:48 It's a great thing, and there's a lot of different
10:41:51 kinds of funding available, even like one of the big

10:41:55 things we are talking about now is food security
10:42:02 because the average thing you buy in a grocery store
10:42:04 has traveled 1500 mails to get to your grocery store
10:42:08 shelves.
10:42:08 So because of the outbreaks of Salmonella and all of
10:42:12 those things as when start to grow our own food, some
10:42:15 of it locally, and in Florida we have certainly the
10:42:19 opportunity to grow a lot that other people can't even
10:42:22 grow in the winter.
10:42:23 So those what I am looking at.
10:42:25 And I'm talking to a lot of different people in the
10:42:28 community.
10:42:31 That's why I wanted that list.
10:42:32 But I also thought, I think our developer left, but I
10:42:36 was going to mention that Channelside has a lot of
10:42:38 empty lots right now, and they are probably going to
10:42:40 be empty for a long time.
10:42:41 So I'd like the Channel District and downtown has
10:42:46 some, too, but if we have land that's sitting there
10:42:48 and nothing happening, we could certainly have a
10:42:51 season or two of growing things.
10:42:53 And it's a community process.
10:42:54 And there's private sector interest, and there is
10:42:58 grants available from different sources.
10:43:00 So -- how huh the mayor actually had us working on
10:43:04 that in the greater downtown area a little bit for a
10:43:06 few months.
10:43:07 So we are exploring that.
10:43:08 And I know Thom Snelling is also working to help the
10:43:12 city think through how it might support the
10:43:15 initiatives that you are talking about.
10:43:17 >>MARY MULHERN: And there's a lot of synergy.
10:43:21 USF is will go at it.
10:43:23 I think UT might be looking at it.
10:43:25 We have a great community farm here in Tampa, organic
10:43:28 farm called Sweet Water Organic.
10:43:31 And the person who runs that is a consultant to
10:43:34 target, and some of my big box stores that I love, but
10:43:38 he's working with, you know, internationally with a
10:43:42 community to support organic and local agriculture.
10:43:45 So I would love to see this be something that we get
10:43:51 ahead on.
10:43:52 I was also going to ask -- somebody mentioned to me
10:43:56 during the League of Cities that Tampa wasn't a member
10:44:00 of this.
10:44:01 Are we a member now of the redevelopment --
10:44:05 >>> Yes.
10:44:06 Again, Vince is on the board.
10:44:08 We have attended and been active with FRA for
10:44:12 probably -- longer than Irv here.
10:44:15 >> Is it the city or just Ybor CRA?
10:44:23 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor has been a member for a number of
10:44:25 years.
10:44:25 It was only functioning -- but since then, every CRA
10:44:29 area is a member.
10:44:31 >>MARY MULHERN: good.
10:44:32 Okay.
10:44:32 I got that information.
10:44:33 >>MARK HUEY: And we are inviting advisory committee
10:44:35 members to this conference and many of them are signing
10:44:38 up to participate.
10:44:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
10:44:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the speakers at the CRA
10:44:44 conference I heard before, and he is so interesting.
10:44:46 His name is Don Wickama.
10:44:50 And he's speaking at 4:00 on Friday.
10:44:53 And he's just a terrific speaker.
10:44:56 I highly recommend it.
10:44:58 But I was looking at a number of the panelists and
10:45:00 presenters who are people from our community, and it
10:45:04 really gives us an opportunity to shine.
10:45:05 I'm very pleased that they selected Tampa as the site
10:45:08 of this.
10:45:09 It's very exciting.
10:45:10 ?
10:45:11 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you.
10:45:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:45:12 Thank you.
10:45:13 We need a motion to receive and foil.
10:45:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Move to receive and file.
10:45:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:45:18 (Motion carried).
10:45:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: After I drafted the letter for the
10:45:24 chairman about Kennedy Boulevard, the gentleman came
10:45:26 up and spoke about the fact that that piece of Kennedy
10:45:29 is 40 miles per hour and the rest of it is 30.
10:45:32 If we want to create a pedestrian-friendly corridor
10:45:34 certainly a lower speed limit would contribute in a
10:45:36 positive way to that so I would like permission to
10:45:38 amend the letter to include our request that they
10:45:41 consider lowering the speed limit, and allowing trees
10:45:44 to be planted.
10:45:47 As per the Wilson Miller plan suggestion.
10:45:50 Thank you.
10:45:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:45:52 We stand adjourned until 11:00.
10:56:29 (CRA meeting adjourned)