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Thursday, December 11, 2008
9:00 a.m. CRA meeting

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09:07:26 [Sounding gavel]
09:07:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:07:29 The Community Redevelopment Agency CRA will now come
09:07:34 to order.
09:07:34 The chair yields to Linda Saul-Sena.
09:07:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is my great pleasure to welcome
09:07:40 for our invocation Dr. Scott Paine.
09:07:42 I had the pleasure of serving with Scott Paine for his
09:07:45 years as a member of Tampa City Council.
09:07:47 He's now on the faculty of the University of Tampa,

09:07:49 and he's also going around the country in a role of
09:07:57 religious --
09:07:59 >>> Trainer of local elected officials.
09:08:01 >> A trainer of local elected officials to help them
09:08:03 recognize what is significant about their role and how
09:08:06 they can be more sensitive to their constituents.
09:08:11 He's also the father of ten children and three
09:08:14 grandchildren.
09:08:22 We'll all stand for the invocation and remain standing
09:08:25 for the pledge of allegiance.
09:08:27 >>> Scott Paine: Thank you very much.
09:08:31 As I was coming in this morning I thought of the
09:08:33 prophets of old watching the storms roll through the
09:08:36 skies so perhaps we can put ourselves in that frame of
09:08:38 mind for a moment as we reflect.
09:08:42 Eternal father, loving Lord, we thank you for the
09:08:46 blessings of the storms of this day, that bring water
09:08:49 for our thirsty land, and remind us of your awesome
09:08:55 power and imagine industry, and we come before you
09:09:00 with some regrets. In recent days we have been
09:09:03 reminded of the arrogance of power, and recent weeks
09:09:08 of the bitter harvest of the seeds that are sewn in

09:09:12 greed, and over the past few years we have witnessed
09:09:15 over and over again the devastation that results.
09:09:19 When we look at our neighbor and see not a sister or a
09:09:22 brother, but an "other."
09:09:27 Help us to change all of that as we close this
09:09:30 calendar year.
09:09:32 Let us turn a new page in our own history.
09:09:34 We pray especially this morning for this council.
09:09:38 We ask that your spirit will be with them.
09:09:42 May they wear the mantle of office with humility.
09:09:47 May they be wise stewards of the people's treasury.
09:09:52 May they deliberate with justice, decide with prudence
09:09:56 and act with mercy.
09:09:58 And with the prophets of old, may they always keep
09:10:00 before them the needs of those least often in this
09:10:05 chamber, and most often in need, the widow, the orphan
09:10:11 and the stranger in our midst.
09:10:13 Amen.
09:10:17 (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:10:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:10:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:10:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:10:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:10:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:10:45 I would like to put on the record that Mr. Caetano
09:10:47 will not be in attendance this morning.
09:10:51 Mark Huey.
09:10:53 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
09:10:55 Economic development administrator.
09:10:56 Our first item was in response to a request about
09:11:02 providing pedestrian tunnels in our downtown, greater
09:11:05 downtown area, when construction is occurring.
09:11:07 We provided a memorandum on that.
09:11:10 And the bottom line of it is that our current code
09:11:13 does give our regulatory folks the ability on a
09:11:19 case-by-case basis to request that a developer provide
09:11:23 pedestrian tunnels.
09:11:25 So if there's any questions, we'll be glad to respond
09:11:28 to those.
09:11:29 But hopefully the memorandum was helpful to you.
09:11:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
09:11:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:11:40 It seems to me that our transportation department, who
09:11:45 is hopefully aware of where there is pedestrian

09:11:49 activity, will weigh in as people come forward and
09:11:54 expect this to be part of the plan for how staging of
09:12:02 transportation will occur during construction.
09:12:04 And would you mind just updating us on where we are
09:12:07 with that?
09:12:08 I know that when we had some issues recently on
09:12:13 11th street and Washington about transportation
09:12:16 really dominating the quality of life in the
09:12:18 neighborhood, we discussed getting more serious about
09:12:21 having a mature plan for people during construction.
09:12:30 I think all of the CRA members received a memo from
09:12:35 Henry Lewis about eight months ago and two months ago
09:12:38 about the issues along 11th and Washington.
09:12:43 >>> Bob McDonaugh with Economic Development.
09:12:48 Since that concern was raised I have spoken to the
09:12:50 folks at construction services as well as zoning, and
09:12:53 talked to them about the fact that, again, we are now
09:12:56 living in neighborhoods with residences, and we need
09:13:00 to be more sensitive to our construction plans and
09:13:03 making sure that the needs of the pedestrians are
09:13:06 addressed and future construction plans.
09:13:09 And we have had that conversation.

09:13:10 And I will make certain as projects come in that I
09:13:16 remind people of people's wishes about restoration of
09:13:20 premises, maintenance of traffic, again, because we
09:13:24 are not doing this in a vacuum.
09:13:26 We are in people's neighborhoods now.
09:13:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman?
09:13:31 I think what would be helpful is rather than it being
09:13:35 just your responsibility if it became part of the
09:13:38 process, that when people are applying for their
09:13:40 permit, that part of their application, you know,
09:13:46 writes down in black and white how they address where
09:13:48 the construction workers park their vehicles during
09:13:51 the construction, what accommodations will be made for
09:13:54 pedestrians.
09:13:55 It seems to me that needs to be made part of the
09:14:01 permit request process.
09:14:02 And is it now --
09:14:05 >>> They have a maintenance of traffic plan that is
09:14:07 instituted when they file for their construction
09:14:11 permits, and they are required to have a plan about
09:14:13 the opening and closing of streets and the maintenance
09:14:16 of rights-of-way.

09:14:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And it addresses pedestrian
09:14:21 movement, also?
09:14:22 >>> In certain cases, yes.
09:14:23 You will see that -- again, transportation talked
09:14:27 about the fact it's looked at on a case-by-case basis,
09:14:31 based on the amount of pedestrian traffic there is,
09:14:34 and proximity of other routes.
09:14:36 But, yes, it is addressed.
09:14:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So hopefully we won't have any
09:14:40 situations like this in the future.
09:14:41 And just quickly, is 11th street now open for
09:14:44 vehicular traffic?
09:14:45 >>> No, it's not.
09:14:47 Oh, 11th street is.
09:14:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry, Washington.
09:14:51 >>> They are removing scaffolding from the street
09:14:53 today.
09:14:53 I spoke with Mr. Lewis this morning.
09:14:56 And with the job superintendent and are waiting for
09:15:00 scaffolding to be picked up and that's the only thing
09:15:02 left before the street will be opened.
09:15:04 >> And are they issuing Mr. Lewis a huge apology for

09:15:08 the months --
09:15:08 >>> I believe they talk to him on a regular basis and
09:15:11 addressed his concerns.
09:15:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:15:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:15:18 >>MARK HUEY: And the policy referenced in the code is
09:15:20 actually called protection of pedestrians.
09:15:24 It's part of the memorandum we sent you.
09:15:26 So it's all about protection of residents.
09:15:32 The next item is an update from Sal on the Strand case
09:15:38 that was finally resolved.
09:15:43 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) the case was decided,
09:15:49 the plaintiffs filed a motion for rehearing.
09:15:51 That was denied.
09:15:52 So there were actually three cases.
09:15:54 Strand being one of them.
09:15:55 All three of those are now final.
09:15:57 The Supreme Court is finished with them.
09:16:00 So we can move forward, if the market ever picks up we
09:16:04 can certainly move forward but the cases are resolved
09:16:06 and they were resolved in such a way we do not have to
09:16:09 go through a referendum at any time.

09:16:11 We do bonding or long-term financing for CRAs.
09:16:14 It was resolved as we would have hoped it would be
09:16:19 resolved.
09:16:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Very good.
09:16:25 >>MARK HUEY: Again he would look forward to when
09:16:28 municipal finance markets return to normal and we can
09:16:30 take advantage of that ruling.
09:16:31 It will benefit greatly a number of our CRAs that
09:16:35 could benefit from TIF financing.
09:16:38 The next item is the carryover from our last board
09:16:42 meeting.
09:16:42 We had lengthy discussion last month about urban
09:16:47 gardens and I was asked to do some follow-up items,
09:16:50 which we did.
09:16:51 Certainly from a TIF funding standpoint, where curing
09:16:57 the light is part of an initiative, that's certainly
09:16:59 an appropriate use for TIF.
09:17:01 We have did contact SWFWMD, and as you are aware, as
09:17:05 public leaders, you are aware of the water
09:17:07 restrictions that are in place.
09:17:09 SWFWMD would not be granting permits in the next six
09:17:12 months for any sort of a community garden.

09:17:16 And they will be reevaluating that policy in six
09:17:20 months or so.
09:17:22 We also -- throws a community group, healthy start,
09:17:30 that is advancing a grant and a study that is looking
09:17:34 at the old George Washington elementary school area
09:17:37 for a possible community garden.
09:17:39 We have been supportive of that.
09:17:40 And we are going to continue to try to create some
09:17:43 forums within our redevelopment areas to see if there
09:17:46 is real civic engagement and support of this effort.
09:17:50 And we are looking forward to hosting some of those
09:17:53 forums.
09:17:54 And that is my report to you on that matter.
09:17:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
09:18:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: First of all, I would like to go
09:18:04 back to the Strand question.
09:18:05 I had a question about that, which was, will you be
09:18:08 coming to us in, let's say, two months time with a
09:18:11 report on what's happening in your thinking about
09:18:15 reapproaching some of the projects that got distracted
09:18:20 because of Strand?
09:18:21 Would two months give you enough time?

09:18:23 >>MARK HUEY: Well, I will be happy really every month
09:18:26 make a mention of it.
09:18:27 We are very interested in doing TIF -- it's really
09:18:32 when are the municipal finance markets going to
09:18:35 provide an opportunity for us to have discussions.
09:18:37 Bonnie Wise has been in conversations with at least
09:18:41 one lender that I'm aware of, and there is some hope
09:18:45 that maybe next year, in 2010, that the municipal
09:18:51 financing markets may create some opportunities for
09:18:54 TIF financing but right now there isn't any.
09:18:56 So we will keep you aware of how those markets are
09:18:59 unfolding.
09:19:00 I think we are almost all overdosed these days on news
09:19:04 about the financial markets.
09:19:05 But this is one area of great importance to our
09:19:07 redevelopment efforts, as you know, and so we are
09:19:11 being as aggressive as we can in the environment to
09:19:13 try to initiate conversation with lending institutions
09:19:17 so that we can be one of the first to take advantage
09:19:20 when opportunities are available.
09:19:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be excellent.
09:19:23 And back to what you said about SWFWMD and gardens, I

09:19:28 was very surprised to hear that because I spoke with
09:19:31 Dave Moore from SWFWMD yesterday, and I don't know who
09:19:38 you spoke with at SWFWMD, but we are not talking about
09:19:42 an initiation of large-scale agriculture, this is
09:19:49 modest.
09:19:52 And perhaps -- I don't know if they understood what
09:19:55 you were talking about, but I can't fathom that they
09:19:59 would not be supportive.
09:20:00 >>> Again because our discussion was raining, we gave
09:20:03 them a scenario to respond to.
09:20:07 And Michael hatchet can give you a little bit more
09:20:10 information if you would like to know what we asked
09:20:12 them specifically and what they responded.
09:20:14 >> And he spoke with you?
09:20:19 >>> Michael Hatchet, Economic Development.
09:20:21 I spoke with Brianne Martin at SWFWMD and my approach
09:20:28 to it -- I described a hypothetical urban garden and
09:20:31 if we had, let's say, a half acre up to an acre and a
09:20:35 half plot of land that we wanted to use for the
09:20:40 purpose of an urban or community-based garden using
09:20:45 potable water, what would be the process, the
09:20:47 permitting that we would need to go through in order

09:20:49 to use potable water for that.
09:20:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did you discuss reclaimed water?
09:20:54 >>> We did, but as I understand, where we would be
09:20:58 able to put community gardens within our CRAs, we do
09:21:01 not have reclaimed water.
09:21:06 So that service, to my understanding, is not
09:21:08 available.
09:21:08 So using potable water, her response was SWFWMD is not
09:21:13 issuing permits for new installation, such as I have
09:21:18 described.
09:21:18 >> Well, now the Maas Brothers site, we discussed
09:21:22 this, where they perhaps want to put surface parking.
09:21:25 Since we are looking at bringing reclaimed water to
09:21:26 the park two blocks away, the new park that's under
09:21:30 construction, that if they decided not to do a surface
09:21:34 parking lot, instead we could put a community garden
09:21:38 there as an interim use, we could get the reclaimed
09:21:40 water from the park up the street.
09:21:42 >>> That's a possibility, but not knowing that at the
09:21:46 time that I had spoken with her, that was not part of
09:21:49 our conversation, so it was around potable water, and
09:21:52 her response was that their policy up until June

09:21:56 3rd of 2009, no permits for that type of
09:22:00 installation, but they will revisit that next summer,
09:22:04 and is a possibility.
09:22:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks for giving us this report.
09:22:12 I think -- I don't think we need to even get bogged
09:22:17 down in this SWFWMD thing.
09:22:20 If things are going to happen within the city are
09:22:22 going to be on a pretty small scale, and probably not
09:22:25 going to be much different than irrigation for lawns
09:22:29 or whatever.
09:22:30 So I think that's getting way ahead of ourselves.
09:22:35 I also wanted to just reassure everyone that I put
09:22:40 together this discussion meeting, and we had a huge
09:22:45 group of people -- not group but all these individuals
09:22:47 showed up.
09:22:48 So there's all kinds of people in the community
09:22:50 working on it, and my objective is really just to get
09:22:55 people together in a kind of network, and hopefully
09:22:58 that will happen, agree on its own, if not something
09:23:03 that the city or the CRAs or I am going to be, you
09:23:05 know, doing myself.
09:23:08 I just am trying to help support this and bring it to

09:23:12 the table for conversation, but I want to share some
09:23:17 really good things that are happening, because if we
09:23:21 do get involved as a city in economic development, or
09:23:25 as the CRAs with any of our CRAs, it will be as a
09:23:32 small, minor partner in what we are doing.
09:23:34 And essentially, it would be offering some land that
09:23:39 is not in use at this point.
09:23:41 And we're talking about probably like a few lots.
09:23:47 It's not like acres of land.
09:23:55 And to help, um, you know, support the initiation of
09:23:59 it.
09:24:00 But I wanted to list all of the organizations that are
09:24:04 actually planning, in the planning and even late
09:24:08 planning stages.
09:24:09 Mark brought up the healthy together initiative, which
09:24:14 has a piece of land they are looking at.
09:24:16 It's not city land.
09:24:17 And they are in negotiation to try to use that.
09:24:22 There is a community garden in St. Pete that was
09:24:25 founded by 501(c)3 called green Florida.
09:24:28 She's looking at places to do something in Tampa now.
09:24:33 We of course have sweet water, Oregon I can farm,

09:24:36 which is the community farm that's been -- it's in
09:24:39 town and country just outside the city, but that's
09:24:42 been in existence for, you know, a couple -- I think a
09:24:46 couple decades.
09:24:47 I just found out yesterday the head start program just
09:24:51 got a grants, $215,000 for two years to create
09:24:59 community gardens at their centers.
09:25:03 So that's another partner we could maybe work with, or
09:25:07 that's at least an indication.
09:25:08 The children's home of Hillsborough County has, I
09:25:11 think, six acres of land that they are contributing to
09:25:17 an organic community garden that's planned, and they
09:25:20 are going to work with the children of the home to be
09:25:22 part of this, and there will be an educational
09:25:25 endeavor.
09:25:27 And as far as I know, we talked about East Tampa and
09:25:31 the reason I brought East Tampa up is because I know
09:25:34 there are a lot of people that are from the community
09:25:37 and from, you know, not for profits that are looking
09:25:40 at possibilities in East Tampa.
09:25:43 And USF is actually doing the geography department, I
09:25:48 think, is doing an inventory of existing gardens

09:25:55 there, and also, you know, interviewing the people to
09:25:58 find out, you know, if there's interest in a, you
09:26:03 know, going further as far as the community gardens.
09:26:08 And then I just heard from another student at USF who
09:26:12 has a -- just wrote her thesis on -- is it a mobile,
09:26:22 basically farmers market.
09:26:24 But basically just, you know, traveling around the
09:26:26 area with fresh organic vegetables that are already
09:26:31 being grown there, and so that was an interesting
09:26:34 idea.
09:26:35 So there's all kinds of stuff going on.
09:26:37 And those are just -- the things I listed are things
09:26:40 that are happening.
09:26:41 They are not things that are just in the planning
09:26:43 stage.
09:26:44 They are actually going on right now.
09:26:46 So I just would like us to cooperate and, you know,
09:26:50 find ways we can help.
09:26:53 I also spoke with the mayor last week, and she's very
09:26:57 much in favor of this.
09:26:58 It goes along with her initiatives about health and
09:27:04 exercise and all those things.

09:27:05 So -- and I also gave everyone -- and if anyone from
09:27:11 the administration hasn't gotten these from me, I just
09:27:14 gave it to mark yesterday.
09:27:15 And I think all of you should have gotten this from
09:27:18 Kristina.
09:27:20 There are two white papers.
09:27:21 One of them talks about how local government, what
09:27:23 they can do to support this.
09:27:25 And the other one just talks about the benefits of it,
09:27:27 which include -- includes security, benefiting the
09:27:33 environment, health, reducing food costs.
09:27:35 So the benefits are all there.
09:27:38 And the other thing I wanted to say was -- I felt like
09:27:43 at the last meeting, there was this be sense that I
09:27:48 was trying to impose this on East Tampa and the
09:27:51 reality is that I just want this to happen wherever.
09:27:55 I want us to help get at least one going, in any way
09:28:01 we can.
09:28:02 It doesn't have to be East Tampa.
09:28:04 The CRA is a natural, as Mark said, because this is
09:28:08 something that reduces urban blight, and there are
09:28:11 just too many great benefits for it.

09:28:14 So I'm not committed to any neighborhood.
09:28:16 I just knew that East Tampa was the one place where
09:28:20 people are already working on this.
09:28:21 A lot of different people.
09:28:23 And I wanted poem to get together and to be able to
09:28:26 work together and not be working at odds when someone
09:28:30 is already doing it.
09:28:32 So thanks.
09:28:33 >>GWEN MILLER: The east profit in East Tampa, they are
09:28:37 not interested in it because they still want economic
09:28:39 development to come into East Tampa.
09:28:40 They want jobs to come.
09:28:43 And people who want gardens in their backyard, that's
09:28:49 fine, but they don't want to take up land that they
09:28:51 can build or do something with so I think they are not
09:28:54 interested.
09:28:55 I have talked with them.
09:28:56 Reverend Scott.
09:28:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My question would be for Mr. Ed
09:28:59 Johnson, have you had any communication with anybody
09:29:03 that you know that's interested in East Tampa for
09:29:06 community gardens?

09:29:07 >>> Ed Johnson, development manager for East Tampa.
09:29:15 Not at the present time, councilman Scott.
09:29:17 I know there's been a lot of discussion about these
09:29:20 community gardens.
09:29:21 And I think I have been pretty supportive of
09:29:23 Councilwoman Mulhern's requests to try to collaborate
09:29:29 and bring people together.
09:29:34 I have been kind of at the forefront of bringing
09:29:36 University of South Florida, and making some of those
09:29:38 kind of connections.
09:29:41 There's been some talk with some of the nonprofits in
09:29:44 East Tampa, but I haven't heard of anyone really
09:29:46 wanting to make a commitment yet to doing it.
09:29:49 Just discussion at this point.
09:29:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The CAC, has the partnership discussed
09:29:56 it at all?
09:29:57 >>> Not at any length.
09:29:58 One of the things that Mr. Huey and I were talking
09:30:01 about earlier this morning, I'm going to kind of see
09:30:03 if I can organize a little workshop with the CACs,
09:30:09 not only the East Tampa CAC but invite all of the
09:30:12 other community advisory committees together, and any

09:30:15 of those neighborhood associations that are in these
09:30:19 locations, to try to come together and sit down and
09:30:22 have a dialogue, we'll invite Councilwoman Mulhern and
09:30:26 any others that so desire and see if we have any
09:30:30 positive dialogue to go forward with it.
09:30:33 But I'll start working on that next week.
09:30:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Don't work too hard because we don't
09:30:37 want it.
09:30:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:30:41 Let me say this.
09:30:42 I don't think -- in fact I know I'm not against
09:30:45 gardening.
09:30:46 You see, in my neighborhood where I live when I was a
09:30:50 little boy growing up in Ybor City, guess what,
09:30:52 everything that Ms. Mulhern spoke to, we had.
09:30:55 We had chickens.
09:30:57 We picked up the eggs.
09:30:58 We had cows.
09:31:04 Our own cows.
09:31:05 So I'm saying the problem in today's society, all kids
09:31:08 want to do is text message and watch a computer and
09:31:10 play games.

09:31:11 And if you get them same kids and put them out there
09:31:14 to work to see how things happen in life maybe crime
09:31:17 would be a little less, because they would have a
09:31:18 better understanding of fundamental things of what
09:31:22 nature is all about.
09:31:23 Although now you can't have a cow or goat like we did
09:31:26 in Ybor City.
09:31:28 There's things to be learned from these things.
09:31:30 I am not opposed to saying here's a lot the size of
09:31:33 this room here, go do what you want to do here.
09:31:36 One penny a year.
09:31:38 It's yours, sign for two or three years because we are
09:31:41 not going to use it.
09:31:42 It saves mowing and saves a lot of things and
09:31:44 something grows.
09:31:45 On the other side of the ledger, how do I protect
09:31:48 whatever is being put there from being vandalized?
09:31:51 There is not only -- and I'm not talking about East
09:31:54 Tampa, I'm talking about anywhere. And I'll get with
09:31:57 Mulhern after the meeting.
09:31:58 There are plots of land that I know close to my house
09:32:03 that have complete fence all the way around it.

09:32:06 That would ab beautiful place.
09:32:09 And St. Joseph's hospital may not like it.
09:32:12 But I'm not opposed if they want to graciously try
09:32:16 something out like this.
09:32:17 And since I don't have a good rapport with St.
09:32:20 Joseph's hospital, I do with the hospital, not with
09:32:22 the administration, maybe Ms. Mulhern can take the
09:32:25 lead.
09:32:26 But it will be a wonderful thing to do, to see
09:32:28 something grow, some benefit to somebody who needs
09:32:30 something.
09:32:31 However, being the type of mind that I have, I want to
09:32:35 see a pro forma to see where this thing is going, what
09:32:39 the costs are involved and what the returns will be,
09:32:41 so those individuals that really need it benefit from
09:32:44 it.
09:32:44 When someone spoke about the days, yes, we used to
09:32:51 have a milk guy come once or twice a week deliver
09:32:54 milk, we had a bread man, we had a vegetable man, we
09:32:57 had a pastry man.
09:32:59 Could you buy anything you want from inside your
09:33:01 house.

09:33:02 And due to the costs and conveniences of this modern
09:33:06 society that we now change to, everything works, but
09:33:09 no one is satisfied.
09:33:12 We have been satisfied in anything we wanted.
09:33:15 But we have to go back when we originally started.
09:33:18 That's what's been happening in America.
09:33:20 So I'm not against something like this.
09:33:22 I just want to see a complete pro forma.
09:33:26 Where are you going to do it?
09:33:28 What are the costs?
09:33:28 How are you going to get it done?
09:33:30 I do have an appointment with SWFWMD about certain
09:33:32 things that are coming up that are going to be readily
09:33:35 imposed on the City of Tampa, and I will report back
09:33:38 when I get my briefing from them.
09:33:40 Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:33:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Miranda, that's exactly the kind
09:33:45 of thing that we are talking about, so that's great.
09:33:48 Because, you know, the two things you need are a
09:33:51 fence, you need security, you need water.
09:33:55 And I can't reiterate enough that I'm trying to find
09:34:00 ways for us to partner.

09:34:02 It's not about us doing it.
09:34:03 And as I -- for instance, the head start got this
09:34:09 $215,000 this year and next year.
09:34:13 For three years.
09:34:14 Almost $600,000 to do this.
09:34:15 And that's more than enough to start a large garden.
09:34:20 So I think we're looking at working with other
09:34:23 organizations.
09:34:24 And the other thing you brought up, a great point.
09:34:27 And I think this is where we are going.
09:34:29 If we are going backwards, we are going back to the
09:34:32 way that people used to grow their own food, people
09:34:35 used to have a garden, victory gardens at the turn of
09:34:38 the century, we had gardens because people, you know,
09:34:42 were really, really hurting, and had to grow their own
09:34:45 food.
09:34:46 So I think that especially with food security, you
09:34:49 know, if we had all been growing our own food, or some
09:34:53 of it, you know, we wouldn't have mad cow disease or
09:34:56 some of the other things that we are facing now.
09:35:00 I think that's great.
09:35:01 And I think, you know, part of the great thing about

09:35:05 this idea is that we are going to use people, older
09:35:13 people who have done this, to mentor the younger kids.
09:35:17 I didn't mention the school district but the
09:35:20 Hillsborough County school district is working with
09:35:22 some of their schools on this sort of thing, too.
09:35:25 So I think it's all good.
09:35:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to public comment.
09:35:31 Anyone in the public that would like to speak.
09:35:49 >>> Members of the CRA, I'm Al Davis from East Tampa.
09:36:00 CRA.
09:36:03 I know I got three minutes.
09:36:04 And Madam Chairman, my presentation is longer than
09:36:08 three minutes.
09:36:11 And I understand your rules so I'm going to try to
09:36:13 keep it.
09:36:15 I'm going to, you know, narrow it down.
09:36:17 Number one, I really appreciate you being there as a
09:36:26 representative of the redevelopment agency.
09:36:34 But I'm also concerned about your duality.
09:36:39 As council members.
09:36:43 Understood our form of government, and it's a
09:36:47 marvelous one, the citizens get the chance to elect

09:36:55 you as our representatives.
09:36:58 See, I'm a farm boy.
09:37:01 I got to take care of the cows.
09:37:02 I got to take care of the chickens.
09:37:04 I got to take care of the hogs.
09:37:07 But still I have got to have someone to present my
09:37:16 say.
09:37:18 So since all of us are farmers, all of us got things
09:37:22 to do, so we select somebody, you know, you sacrifice
09:37:27 your time to represent us, but sometime I think we
09:37:31 forget that you are a representative of your
09:37:35 community, you are a representative of your people,
09:37:40 and as you narrow your interest to not what the people
09:37:46 want, if you will, but what maybe I think it ought to
09:37:53 be.
09:37:55 Come to us and we will dialogue.
09:37:57 We will discuss things with you.
09:37:59 Now, so much for that.
09:38:02 Last time, Madam Chairman, I did request that the
09:38:07 attorney be invited to attend a CAC meeting in East
09:38:12 Tampa.
09:38:14 Now, I understand, I read the organic law of 163 part

09:38:20 3.
09:38:23 I read the redevelopment plan.
09:38:25 I looked at the strategic plan.
09:38:27 And the community involvement is in the form of a TIF
09:38:32 group.
09:38:34 And TIF is talking about the money.
09:38:37 And the money comes from ad valorem tax.
09:38:41 You got individuals who don't pay no tax, ad valorem
09:38:46 tax, that is, and that's where the undergirding of the
09:38:50 redevelopment of East Tampa lies.
09:38:53 We have other sources, true.
09:38:55 But as far as the community are concerned with the
09:39:01 TIF, then it is done through the community by the
09:39:05 committee of 13 people.
09:39:07 So there's an examination, they have even submitted
09:39:14 some of it, at least, have submitted an application to
09:39:17 serve.
09:39:17 But we have got to work smarter -- smarter instead of
09:39:22 harder.
09:39:23 And I'm going to continue to be here much as I can.
09:39:26 (Bell sounds)
09:39:28 Thank you, Madam Chairman.

09:39:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Davis.
09:39:31 Next.
09:39:38 That's an overhead.
09:39:47 Just lay it on the glass.
09:39:49 >>> Frank Brumbert. My address is 1120 East Kennedy
09:39:54 Boulevard, 1509.
09:39:56 I'm the other principal of Mercury Advisors, developer
09:40:00 of Grand Central at Kennedy --
09:40:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Turn it around, sir.
09:40:04 >>GWEN MILLER: It's backwards.
09:40:06 Correct.
09:40:07 >>> I bring to your attention an issue of public
09:40:10 safety.
09:40:10 It has been an issue at the corner of Madison Avenue
09:40:13 and waiting for almost five months.
09:40:15 Five months.
09:40:17 I want to give you this photo to explain the
09:40:20 situation.
09:40:23 Madison corner of Meridian is cut off already since
09:40:26 the end of August.
09:40:27 We have basically, the people that live at Grand
09:40:30 Central, there's roughly 600 people now there, among

09:40:33 myself.
09:40:36 Office workers, and people come from Meridian Avenue.
09:40:41 You see this example.
09:40:44 They can crash into cars.
09:40:46 We have tried to work with -- my business associate
09:40:52 Ken Stoltenberg went through the city, through proper
09:40:55 channels to fix this.
09:40:56 However, our manager did say a lot of things.
09:41:02 However nothing has been done.
09:41:03 We don't get any response.
09:41:06 I ask you as the CRA board members if you could do
09:41:10 something to get involved with this or the city staff
09:41:12 to fix this, and that it doesn't happen any more in
09:41:15 the future.
09:41:17 Talking about 11th street and Washington street,
09:41:19 what has happened, of course, this is something that's
09:41:22 not been caused by any development.
09:41:24 It's a water main.
09:41:27 It's been like this for five months.
09:41:30 And it's a public safety issue, in my opinion.
09:41:34 And the sad thing is we can't get through to someone
09:41:37 and it seems no one cares or let alone take

09:41:40 responsibility for this.
09:41:41 I will leave it at that.
09:41:43 There are many more examples basically that I can talk
09:41:45 about that happened.
09:41:47 This is just one of them.
09:41:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:41:50 Mr. Huey, can you take care of that for me?
09:41:53 Find out what the progress is?
09:42:00 >>> Bob McDonaugh, Economic Development.
09:42:07 As a matter of fact, I had conversation yesterday with
09:42:08 the engineering department for the water department.
09:42:10 And construction is done by an outside contractor
09:42:14 employed by the City of Tampa.
09:42:16 And I asked them again to call the contractor to see
09:42:18 if that can't be remedied.
09:42:22 So, yes, it has been done awhile and I have continued
09:42:24 to try to get that fixed.
09:42:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess the question is the timetable.
09:42:30 If it's been that way for five months, can we take --
09:42:36 you don't know who the outside contractor is?
09:42:38 >>> Actually the water department identified them
09:42:40 yesterday and promised they were going to call them.

09:42:42 I will check again today after this meeting and report
09:42:45 back.
09:42:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Five months is not acceptable.
09:42:48 >>> I agree.
09:42:49 >>GWEN MILLER: And get with the gentleman and let him
09:42:51 know when it's going to be finished.
09:42:53 >>> I certainly will.
09:42:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And let us know.
09:42:56 >>> Certainly.
09:42:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
09:43:05 >>MARK HUEY: Item 4 is the community meeting which we
09:43:06 have set for Drew Park.
09:43:09 On January 27th.
09:43:11 And we look forward to hosting with the community
09:43:16 looks forward to hosting the board.
09:43:18 Any questions about that?
09:43:20 If there are any specific matters, you want to make
09:43:23 sure we address during the community meeting.
09:43:25 Let us know.
09:43:26 But we look forward to having a good visit in Drew
09:43:29 Park.
09:43:31 The next item.

09:43:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess for us, since it is our
09:43:43 community meeting, if we could get a list of concerns
09:43:47 that Drew Park has for that meeting so we will be
09:43:50 here.
09:43:51 Do you understand what I'm saying?
09:43:55 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:43:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The concern we have, you will compile
09:44:02 that and provide it to all of us so we can have a
09:44:05 chance to review those before we meet.
09:44:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps a year and a half ago, HCC
09:44:14 provided us with a master plan of their ambitions
09:44:19 which were part of the Drew Park CRA.
09:44:22 And I believe their plans have changed.
09:44:24 But we haven't been updated.
09:44:26 And I think it would be helpful if that were part of
09:44:29 the conversation.
09:44:31 I'm really interested in knowing how they have
09:44:34 rethought what their plans are.
09:44:36 And, also, I believe that the Aviation Authority, you
09:44:39 know, is planning to move ahead with their road
09:44:42 improvements and all of that.
09:44:43 >>MARK HUEY: It's under construction.

09:44:45 We have an update on that, too, on Cargo Road.
09:44:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
09:44:49 That was the time frame I was looking for.
09:44:52 Thank you.
09:44:52 >>MARK HUEY: I appreciate that input.
09:44:56 Did we need to actually approve this item?
09:44:59 >> Move approval.
09:45:05 >> Second.
09:45:05 (Motion carried)
09:45:08 >>MARK HUEY: Item 5 is a routine budget matter
09:45:12 relating to East Tampa for your approval.
09:45:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move approval.
09:45:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a question?
09:45:24 I believe that now -- I believe that previously, what
09:45:27 the city paid TECO for streetlights was one price per
09:45:33 fixture and I believe with the adoption of the new
09:45:35 franchise agreement that it's different that we are
09:45:38 paying them a sort of what the real costs are based on
09:45:43 how long it's on, and I had a conversation with the
09:45:46 TECO representative about the kinds of bulbs in the
09:45:49 streetlights.
09:45:50 I said, are we using a more energy efficient bulb now

09:45:53 that we are picking up the tab on the electricity,
09:45:56 there would be a financial incentive to the city to
09:45:58 put in the better bulbs and pay less because it
09:46:01 reduces your cost 50, 90%.
09:46:07 And they said they are putting in the old-fashioned
09:46:09 kind of bulbs. If we want to upgrade to the more
09:46:12 expensive but long-time save energy kind of bulbs that
09:46:16 that's on our dime.
09:46:17 It seems if we are picking up the tab that's what we
09:46:19 would like to do.
09:46:20 So I wonder if you could report back to us on what
09:46:23 kind of bulbs we are using, what the cost differential
09:46:26 would be, what the savings would be, so that we as
09:46:28 a -- since these are CRA dollars, we could make
09:46:32 prudent decisions.
09:46:33 >>MARK HUEY: We'll do that.
09:46:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second to that.
09:46:36 And also bring a report that all light bulbs at my
09:46:40 house are those kind of bulbs.
09:46:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to approve a motion of East
09:46:45 Tampa.
09:46:45 >> So moved.

09:46:47 >> Second.
09:46:47 (Motion carried).
09:46:49 >>MARK HUEY: The last item on the agenda is shown as
09:46:54 an approval item but really this is your first review
09:46:57 of it.
09:46:58 So it's really presented today for your discussion.
09:47:02 It is a product really only of staff input,
09:47:07 communities not involved.
09:47:08 You all are seeing it for the first time so we look
09:47:12 forward to your input today.
09:47:14 The policy that you requested that we have tried to
09:47:16 put together starts by acknowledging the importance of
09:47:21 community advisory committees, knowledge the fact that
09:47:24 you all think they are so important that you put a
09:47:26 policy in place to guide the formation and activities
09:47:30 of those committees.
09:47:33 It spells out those objectives of the policy are
09:47:39 bulleted of this new policy are bulleted.
09:47:41 And then the second half of the policy is really a
09:47:44 procedure that's outlined, that would guide the
09:47:47 relationship between this board and individual
09:47:52 community advisory committees when and on what basis

09:47:56 you would represent this board to a community advisory
09:48:00 committee member.
09:48:02 Again, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about
09:48:05 it.
09:48:05 And if we hit the mark or do not hit the mark, and we
09:48:09 look forward to your review.
09:48:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
09:48:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:48:19 I had a question not about this but about how CRA
09:48:24 staff time is spent.
09:48:27 And we all serve on a variety of boards, and some of
09:48:30 our boards, the director at the end of the month, or
09:48:35 different department heads, provide us written
09:48:38 synopsis of the activities that they have worked on,
09:48:41 the progress they are making in different areas.
09:48:44 And I can think of several boards where we receive
09:48:46 that information on a monthly basis.
09:48:49 And when constituents ask me about what the CRA staff
09:48:52 is working on, sometimes, I would like more -- I would
09:48:57 prefer to have additional information since it opposed
09:49:03 to wearing our hats at City Council members, and we
09:49:05 are working directly with staff as CRA board members.

09:49:08 I would like to have monthly reports, not in great
09:49:11 detail, but subject heading of what the different
09:49:15 staff members for the different CRA are working on
09:49:20 that month.
09:49:21 Because I think it would be of great interest to us as
09:49:23 board members.
09:49:24 I think to be more responsible in our roles to have
09:49:27 that information.
09:49:27 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:49:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you need a motion to that
09:49:32 effect?
09:49:34 >>MARK HUEY: It would be helpful, and any thoughts you
09:49:36 have about it --
09:49:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And other boards that I sit on, we
09:49:40 have reports of what their staff do.
09:49:42 It isn't tremendously time consume but gives us a
09:49:44 greater sense of what you all are focusing on and
09:49:47 working on, because it would be helpful.
09:49:50 So that's a motion, that you would provide us a
09:49:56 synopsis of staff activities during our monthly
09:49:59 meeting.
09:50:00 Huh Hugh okay.

09:50:01 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:50:05 Is that a motion for discussion?
09:50:09 >> Second.
09:50:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
09:50:11 (Motion carried).
09:50:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you finished, Mr. Huey?
09:50:18 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:50:18 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a short thing I would like to
09:50:21 present.
09:50:21 We have Christmas season, and we have Santa helpers to
09:50:24 come by.
09:50:25 And they decorate all the trees in our main office.
09:50:27 And we have a PowerPoint to show you that was done
09:50:36 that Mrs. Mulhern will narrate for us.
09:50:39 Would you show the PowerPoint, please.
09:50:42 >>MARY MULHERN: That's Audrey.
09:51:02 That's Rudolph.
09:51:06 There were some friends that came in from school to
09:51:15 help decorate.
09:51:17 And they took over council chambers as we did the tree
09:51:21 decorating.
09:51:22 And this is what a couple generations away looks like.

09:51:28 That's what happens when my son is chair.
09:51:33 So I want to thank all these kids.
09:51:37 Nick Alcina, Austin Myer, Harris Balow, Audrey Abraham
09:51:43 and Miles Gilley for coming in and helping decorate.
09:51:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Good job.
09:51:49 [ Applause ]
09:51:50 And Council would like to thank them, too, because the
09:51:55 tree, it's a very nice tree and we really appreciate
09:51:57 them coming helping us.
09:51:59 Anything else?
09:52:01 >>MARK HUEY: Your direction on the policy.
09:52:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to read it, think
09:52:07 about it.
09:52:08 Discuss it with people.
09:52:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: To have input from CRA, I think we
09:52:19 spoke about it the day before yesterday.
09:52:30 CRA board members to go to an advisory board, they
09:52:35 should be invited.
09:52:37 That's the whole sense.
09:52:43 And the agenda set by the CRA advisory board.
09:52:47 And of course I guess the other issue, the only one
09:52:50 issue that I have concern is the ex parte issue.

09:53:02 Other than that I'm comfortable with the rest of it.
09:53:06 FROM THE FLOOR: I can't hear the speaker.
09:53:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Oh, okay.
09:53:10 Sorry, Mr. Davis.
09:53:11 What I was saying was the policy apparently addresses
09:53:15 the issue of CRA board members, attending CRA advisory
09:53:22 boards, and if so what governs that activity?
09:53:28 I read it.
09:53:29 And you and I had some conversation, Mr. Huey, and the
09:53:33 only question I have a concern about is the ex parte
09:53:37 piece.
09:53:37 I just need some clarity on that because I'm trying to
09:53:40 find now what is it that we will be discussing that
09:53:47 would kick that in, given zoning issues and those sort
09:53:53 of things.
09:53:54 I understand you had some discussion with legal on
09:53:57 that.
09:53:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
09:53:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I just read over this, too, so maybe
09:54:03 we can have our comments and input at our next CRA
09:54:06 meeting.
09:54:07 But I would like to, especially, say to Mr. Davis, if

09:54:17 the CACs like this approach, this policy, I'm happy
09:54:20 to be invited.
09:54:21 And ask my colleagues to approve me going to any of
09:54:25 the CRA district meetings to discussion especially
09:54:31 community gardens.
09:54:33 So I would be thrilled to be able to do that.
09:54:36 And one thing I'm thinking, it's really difficult for
09:54:39 us.
09:54:41 As Ms. Miller pointed out, she feels very in touch
09:54:44 with the East Tampa, because she lives there and has
09:54:48 represented them and now represents the whole city.
09:54:51 For me, I'm a city-wide, at-large person, for me as a
09:54:57 board member of the CRA, and all of us to be aware of
09:55:02 what the actual neighborhoods and the advisory
09:55:05 committee want, what is our opportunity?
09:55:09 And I think, you know, regardless of what we decide
09:55:12 about adopting this policy, it might be that we need
09:55:16 to have regular reports at these meetings from the
09:55:20 citizens advisory committee chairs, because I don't
09:55:23 know how else we are supposed to know what the
09:55:26 advisory committees are advising us on.
09:55:30 So it ends up always being filtered through the staff.

09:55:34 But we are not hearing directly from them.
09:55:36 So even assuming that none of us ever goes to an
09:55:39 individual advisory committee meeting, it would be
09:55:42 nice if we could have those advisory committee chairs
09:55:47 report to us at a regular basis at our CRA meeting.
09:55:54 >>MARK HUEY: Maybe we could rotate them through.
09:55:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.
09:55:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not an attorney and I'm not a
09:56:00 judge.
09:56:00 But I don't think any law can preclude any council
09:56:04 elected member to go to a meeting, any, as long as you
09:56:08 sit and listen.
09:56:10 But once some council member, including myself, if I
09:56:14 was to go and make a suggestion, then I think there
09:56:17 you have crossed the line, because at the end, you are
09:56:20 going to be the one sitting on this side having to
09:56:23 pass a motion on the same suggestion you gave to that
09:56:26 board.
09:56:27 And there is where the area becomes cloudy and rainy
09:56:32 and tornadoes start to move around like we are having
09:56:34 today.
09:56:35 Because only during that time, if you sit there and

09:56:39 understand what they are saying -- and we should --
09:56:42 there's nothing wrong with that.
09:56:44 I applaud anyone for going to those things.
09:56:46 However, once you get there, and you want to get the
09:56:50 floor, you want to do this, if I was to do that, I'm
09:56:53 wrong.
09:56:58 We appointed those people.
09:56:59 I'm happy that they are doing a good job.
09:57:01 I'm happy they know what they are doing.
09:57:04 All I want is for them to report back.
09:57:06 That's the prerogative.
09:57:07 We appointed them. I don't want to appoint somebody
09:57:10 and then have the impression to the general public,
09:57:13 only the impression, that I, Charlie Miranda, is
09:57:16 trying to steer something to that committee.
09:57:21 That's why I don't go.
09:57:23 Thank you.
09:57:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I thought that the suggestion that
09:57:28 we as CRA board members hear directly from the
09:57:31 committee chair is a great one, and I think that it
09:57:35 should be set up immediately that every CRA meeting we
09:57:38 hear from at least one committee chairman about their

09:57:42 concerns, because the way it is now, we really only
09:57:45 hear from them after they respond to a budget that's
09:57:47 basically been developed from their input, but by
09:57:50 staff.
09:57:51 There are many filters in between.
09:57:53 And I think directly hearing from them about the
09:57:56 successes, the challenges, I think it would enable us
09:57:59 to be better representatives.
09:58:02 So if you could set that up at every committee, every
09:58:06 CRA board meeting, we hear from at least one
09:58:10 neighborhood that would be great.
09:58:11 >>SAL TERRITO: Make a motion.
09:58:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move that at CRA
09:58:16 board meetings we have at least one committee
09:58:18 representative come and speak with us directly about
09:58:20 their concern.
09:58:21 >> Second.
09:58:21 (Motion carried).
09:58:23 >>GWEN MILLER: I have an announcement.
09:58:28 Mr. Huey?
09:58:29 You are cordially invited to attend the East Tampa
09:58:33 holiday celebration and tree lighting tomorrow,

09:58:35 December 12th, from 5:30 to 7 o'clock p.m.
09:58:38 It will be held at the Tampa police district 3 office
09:58:40 which is located at 3808 north 27th Street at the east
09:58:46 court.
09:58:46 And this is near 22nd and 31st Avenue.
09:58:49 So they are asking you to please come out and support
09:58:51 them tomorrow.
09:58:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was in Ybor City on Saturday.
09:58:59 And Saturday there was a great bit of confusion in
09:59:04 Ybor City.
09:59:05 We as a CRA spend money on promoting the art walks
09:59:09 which are once a month.
09:59:11 And there was an art walk planned from noon to six.
09:59:13 There was also Santa fest, which is a parade which is
09:59:17 supposed to begin at 4:00.
09:59:18 Somehow, the barricades were put up at eleven in the
09:59:21 morning.
09:59:22 So you couldn't walk from one side of the street to
09:59:24 the other.
09:59:24 You couldn't park on the street.
09:59:25 You couldn't have access to the galleries that were
09:59:27 open for art walk.

09:59:29 And the retail owners, the people, the gallery owners
09:59:34 were just tearing their hair out, because, you know,
09:59:37 it's one of the Saturdays before Christmas, it's one
09:59:40 of the -- they are all hanging on to be profitable,
09:59:43 and the barricades were literally a barrier to anybody
09:59:46 getting to their shops.
09:59:47 I was down there because I was trying to go to movies
09:59:49 and couldn't cross the street to go to movies.
09:59:51 And the police wouldn't let you.
09:59:53 So the issue is, how did this happen?
09:59:55 But most importantly, how do we ever keep this from
09:59:57 happening again?
09:59:58 Because it was a lose-lose.
10:00:01 The only good thing was people in the parade had fun
10:00:05 but the shop owners were very despondent.
10:00:09 Can you tell us, Mr. Huey, I'm sure you heard about
10:00:11 this after the fact.
10:00:13 What happened and how do we prevent it from happening
10:00:15 again?
10:00:16 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, and it won't happen again.
10:00:19 It was clearly some missteps, and with some of the
10:00:23 planning surrounding the Santa fest.

10:00:25 And no shortage of effort gets put into the planning
10:00:29 of all these special events but there are they're were
10:00:32 a couple of items that didn't really support the
10:00:34 larger cause in Ybor City, and your observations are
10:00:38 on target.
10:00:39 I know the staff has already begun meeting and
10:00:41 debriefing about the problems you have spoken about as
10:00:45 well as some others that were aware of.
10:00:48 We always debrief about large events like this to make
10:00:51 sure that these problems, the cause, and in particular
10:00:55 ensuring that next year they don't happen again,
10:00:59 occurs.
10:00:59 And so that's underway.
10:01:01 I can have Vince give you maybe at our next board
10:01:04 meeting an update on that, sort of point by point.
10:01:07 But I can a sure you we were aware immediately of the
10:01:10 issues.
10:01:10 >> But weren't able to do anything about it?
10:01:15 >>> Well, there were some issues that we were able to
10:01:17 get resolved right away.
10:01:19 It's unfortunate that they developed themselves, but
10:01:21 the barricades was not one we could resolve on the

10:01:25 spot.
10:01:26 And so, again, issue noted.
10:01:31 It was a problem.
10:01:31 The good news is Santa fest had a great crowd and
10:01:34 people really enjoyed that particular special event in
10:01:36 Ybor City.
10:01:36 But we'll definitely do better next year, so that the
10:01:40 shop owners aren't inconvenienced and their customers,
10:01:43 the way they were this year.
10:01:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to receive and file.
10:01:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
10:01:56 So moved.
10:01:56 >> Second.
10:01:57 (Motion carried).
10:01:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else coming before CRA?
10:02:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
10:02:02 Ybor City is one of our areas.
10:02:04 And this is a preservation issue that -- we just need
10:02:09 some clarification on.
10:02:10 City Hall is having our windows redone with aluminum
10:02:14 but we told a lot of people in Ybor as well as our
10:02:16 other areas that they have to use wood.

10:02:19 And I think we just need clarification on what's
10:02:24 acceptable in terms of rehab and historic buildings,
10:02:27 historic areas.
10:02:31 And perhaps this is better to bring up at a council
10:02:34 meeting.
10:02:34 But I think we need clarification from Mr. Dennis
10:02:39 Fernandez about is it wood, is it metal, what's the
10:02:42 issue, what's the story?
10:02:45 Perhaps the 18th, perhaps our first day of City
10:02:48 Council meeting in January.
10:02:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with Mrs. Saul-Sena.
10:02:53 There's a thing called technology that has changed a
10:02:56 lot of the appearances of different things.
10:03:02 I'm just speaking on my own.
10:03:05 In different areas of the city, there's in my opinion
10:03:09 very little, if you are going to change a window, as I
10:03:11 just did.
10:03:14 I'm not in a historical area.
10:03:17 But when you are going to enhance the value of a
10:03:19 property, when you are going to make it safer, when
10:03:21 you are going to make it environmentally friendly, in
10:03:23 and out, and you say you can't have the window frame

10:03:28 that is aluminum, when it looks exactly like wood,
10:03:32 there's a lot of technology that has changed.
10:03:34 When that will reduce the cost of air conditioning and
10:03:37 heating, when that would do things that otherwise the
10:03:41 standard windows that we have here, every 10, 12 years
10:03:44 we have to replace them, and hundreds of thousands of
10:03:47 dollars.
10:03:48 And at some point, the public is going to get outraged
10:03:50 if they are not already there, and I agree with Ms.
10:03:54 Saul-Sena, it's got to be brought up and discussed.
10:04:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's probably more
10:04:03 appropriate that we discuss this as a City Council
10:04:05 since perhaps when we get together tonight at the --
10:04:11 as a council I can bring this up.
10:04:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:04:14 We stand adjourned.
10:05:07 (The CRA meeting concluded at 10:05 a.m.)

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