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Thursday, January 15, 2009
9:00 a.m. CRA Meeting

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>>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:07:06 The Community Redevelopment Agency is called to order.
09:07:11 The chair will yield to Ms. Linda Saul-Sena.
09:07:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Everybody settle down.
09:07:18 Hit the gavel.
09:07:21 [ SOUNDING GAVEL ]
09:07:21 Good morning, everyone.
09:07:27 It's my pleasure this morning to introduce Chloe
09:07:29 Coney, our community leader, who is going to lead us
09:07:33 in an invocation.
09:07:34 Ms. Coney has been an activist for improvements in
09:07:37 Tampa for a very long time, in many different

09:07:41 capacities.
09:07:42 She's currently serving as the Chief of Staff for
09:07:46 Congresswoman Kathy Castor's Tampa office.
09:07:48 And we are so pleased to have her with us today to
09:07:51 lead us in the invocation.
09:07:52 Will everyone please stand and remain standing for the
09:07:55 Pledge of Allegiance?
09:07:59 >> Firstly, I would like to thank City Council lady
09:08:03 Linda Saul-Sena for inviting me and just to say happy
09:08:06 new year to all of you here at City Council.
09:08:08 Let's pray.
09:08:09 We come this day to say thank you for a brand-new
09:08:14 year, 2009, a year that could be the worst of times
09:08:19 and it could be the best of times, a year that we have
09:08:23 seen so much unemployment, foreclosures, poverty,
09:08:29 sickness, and hopelessness.
09:08:31 But we look unto you, for tough times never last but
09:08:36 tough people do.
09:08:38 We are tough people, we thank you for your goodness
09:08:42 for all of us.
09:08:43 And I ask today for a special blessing for the City
09:08:47 Council members to be a wiser and knowledgeable, and

09:08:50 just make decisions, great decisions on behalf of the
09:08:54 people of the City of Tampa and to represent them with
09:08:58 the spirit of justice, fairness, and humility.
09:09:02 And to be a public servant to all of your people.
09:09:06 Please give them wisdom, patience, and understanding
09:09:11 for the issues that people bring to them.
09:09:15 Give each one of them health, happiness, and much
09:09:19 blessings for the year of 2009.
09:09:22 And we ask all of this in your name, amen.
09:09:25 [Pledge of Allegiance]
09:09:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.
09:09:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:09:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:09:49 >> Dingfelder?
09:09:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:09:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:09:53 >> Caetano?
09:09:54 Mulhern?
09:09:55 And Miller.
09:09:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:09:58 I would like to put on the record that Mr. John
09:10:00 Dingfelder will be absent from today's CRA meeting and

09:10:03 the City Council special called meeting.
09:10:06 Mr. Mark Huey.
09:10:08 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
09:10:10 Mark Huey, economic development administrator.
09:10:12 Our first item this morning is the monthly report that
09:10:18 was requested at the December board meeting.
09:10:21 We provided you a copy --
09:10:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Interrupt you.
09:10:25 I made a mistake.
09:10:26 Mr. Miranda wants to present a commendation.
09:10:30 I forgot to do that.
09:10:31 I'm sorry.
09:10:32 Mr. Miranda.
09:10:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:10:35 Madam Chair, honorable members of Tampa City Council
09:10:57 and the members of the Community Redevelopment Agency,
09:11:00 I'm proud this morning to represent you at the podium
09:11:05 for outstanding service of the Tampa Police
09:11:07 Department, not only are these men and women Tampa's
09:11:13 finest, but they are State of Florida's finest.
09:11:16 And when you look at the statistics, they are really
09:11:18 the country's finest police force in all of the United

09:11:21 States.
09:11:22 They've done some outstanding work.
09:11:25 And under your direction and the direction of those
09:11:28 that are involved in the CRA and Drew Park, which was
09:11:33 brought up and worked on for many months at the
09:11:38 expense minimal to what they have accomplished.
09:11:41 And if I'll ask the chief to come forward and make
09:11:44 this presentation to the bureau of intelligence that
09:11:50 worked on Drew Park to clean up and then I'll read the
09:11:55 proclamation.
09:11:56 Chief?
09:11:57 >> Thank you, Council.
09:11:59 This was a pretty spectacular investigation that these
09:12:02 officers did.
09:12:03 These kind of establishments have been problematic in
09:12:06 Tampa for a long time, and particularly in Drew Park.
09:12:09 And really ruining the quality of life issues out in
09:12:16 Drew Park for the residents that live out there.
09:12:18 When they started this investigation, we've done these
09:12:21 kind of investigations in the past in Tampa.
09:12:23 And to be perfectly blunt with you, they are very,
09:12:26 very difficult, and they just don't tend to be all

09:12:29 that successful.
09:12:30 But in this case, they were wildly successful.
09:12:34 And they closed down, I think, every lingerie shop in
09:12:40 Drew Park.
09:12:41 Only one of them reopened, and that one didn't last
09:12:44 very long because they were so diligent and tenacious
09:12:49 in their investigation of those places.
09:12:52 So it is with a great pleasure to hear that they are
09:12:56 being recognized for this quality work, because it
09:13:00 really is unsurpassed in Tampa since at least I've
09:13:03 been the chief, that anything like this has been done.
09:13:05 So I would like to recognize them.
09:13:07 They are going to be off camera because they are still
09:13:09 working undercover in those areas, but they definitely
09:13:12 have done a great job, and we sure appreciate
09:13:15 everything they have done.
09:13:16 And we appreciate this recognition, too.
09:13:18 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:13:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Also, to thank Mark Huey and
09:13:27 Jeanette Fenton for starting the idea for this being
09:13:31 worked on.
09:13:32 Due to the sensitivity of this, not on the camera, but

09:13:37 I would like to give Chief Hogue this commendation.
09:13:40 It's really to the criminal intelligence bureau of
09:13:43 adult entertainment unit.
09:13:45 It spells out what they have done for the last six
09:13:47 months, and as the chief said so he will consequently,
09:13:51 every one of them is closed.
09:13:52 So they were baseball players in hitting a thousand,
09:13:56 they would be making $25 million a year.
09:13:59 Thank you for the job you all have done sincerely from
09:14:03 all of the City Council.
09:14:05 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:14:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena and then Mr. Caetano.
09:14:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:14:10 To the officers, I wanted to say that I had no idea --
09:14:16 I went to see a legitimate theater in Drew Park.
09:14:19 And I was there after dark.
09:14:22 It wasn't until after I was coming home from theater
09:14:24 and the lights of all the places were on with the
09:14:27 triple Xs and this and that that I understood how
09:14:31 pervasive the problem is.
09:14:33 In the daytime, the places looked quiet, but at night
09:14:36 they were really a tremendous blight on the

09:14:38 neighborhood.
09:14:38 Your success will completely benefit all the residents
09:14:41 and legitimate business owners in the area.
09:14:43 And I want to sincerely thank you, because it's that
09:14:46 kind of transformative police work that makes such a
09:14:49 difference.
09:14:49 So thank you so much for your hard work, and
09:14:52 congratulations on your success.
09:14:53 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Chief, I want to ask you a question,
09:14:56 do you support or your department support this
09:15:00 lingerie bowl that is coming to Tampa?
09:15:03 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:15:04 >> No, sir, we don't.
09:15:05 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: I encourage you to get hold of the
09:15:10 ears of the people that will make that decision and
09:15:12 tell them what you think.
09:15:13 Thank you, sir.
09:15:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
09:15:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I was wondering about that, too,
09:15:19 because since you shut down all the lingerie shops, I
09:15:22 thought maybe they were all going to Hyde Park and
09:15:25 joining the sport world for employment.

09:15:28 >> Well, actually, that is one of the problems is that
09:15:30 when you shut them down, they pop up somewhere else.
09:15:33 And in this case, that didn't happen.
09:15:35 And the one that did pop up, it only lasted a couple
09:15:39 of months, and it was out of business, too.
09:15:41 None of them are in the city anymore.
09:15:43 It was a resounding success.
09:15:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, gentlemen, again, for
09:15:47 everything you have done.
09:15:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a quick question because
09:15:51 this is sort of on topic?
09:15:52 I recently read a report that illegal sex trafficking,
09:15:58 you know, stealing young girls and forcing them to be
09:16:00 prostitutes, is a tremendous problem worldwide.
09:16:04 And I know that we have problems in this country.
09:16:06 And I wondered if the Tampa Police Department is aware
09:16:09 of this and has our eyes open and helps women
09:16:13 sometimes whose passports have been taken to know what
09:16:15 their options are and tries to literally free them
09:16:18 from this sort of sex slavery.
09:16:23 >> Captain Bartlett, Tampa Police Intelligence Bureau.
09:16:27 Yes, ma'am, we have been working with the FBI.

09:16:29 In the last few months, we did an undercover
09:16:32 investigation targeting specifically underaged female
09:16:34 prostitutes who are undergoing this.
09:16:36 That's not the whole sex trade problem, but it is,
09:16:39 obviously, minors are involved.
09:16:40 That's the bigger part of the problem.
09:16:42 But we have been working with the FBI, and they have
09:16:44 their own people assigned in the Tampa area to do such
09:16:47 things, and we're working very closely with them.
09:16:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excellent.
09:16:52 Thank you.
09:16:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you and continue the good work
09:16:55 you-all are doing.
09:17:01 >> Another reminder of how important police department
09:17:04 and public safety is to our redevelopment efforts.
09:17:07 They are great partners for us from downtown to Ybor
09:17:11 City, East Tampa, everywhere, they are helping to make
09:17:14 a difference for redevelopment.
09:17:16 We appreciate them.
09:17:17 Jeanette Fenton, a little bit later in our agenda, is
09:17:20 going to have a Powerpoint presentation to tell you a
09:17:22 little bit more about the success story in Drew Park.

09:17:25 As I was saying earlier, we did submit a first monthly
09:17:30 report per your request last month.
09:17:34 And we hope that it meets the mark.
09:17:37 If you have any suggestions about it, would be glad to
09:17:40 respond, and we will provide you this report on a
09:17:44 monthly basis.
09:17:44 If I could have the elmo, I'll just take 60 seconds to
09:17:48 orient you to the way the report is set up.
09:17:51 First of all, you should know that these reports,
09:17:54 there's one page per redevelopment area, and by that,
09:17:59 because of that, everything that a CRA manager is
09:18:01 working on can't be on the report.
09:18:03 So this is not intended to capture everything that
09:18:06 they are working on.
09:18:07 It's intending to capture their major top goals and
09:18:10 also key activities and updates that we think readers
09:18:14 would be interested that are happening in an area.
09:18:16 It could relate something to private sector
09:18:18 investment, something regulatory partner is helping us
09:18:22 with, or an event that might be occurring in a
09:18:26 redevelopment area or a new opportunity for us.
09:18:28 So that's the middle section.

09:18:30 So what you have is at the very top, there's a report
09:18:37 on how they did in their goals the previous month.
09:18:41 Basically they report if they are completed, if they
09:18:43 are still working on the particular goal, or if the
09:18:46 goal is completed.
09:18:47 At the bottom of the page, you see what the goals are
09:18:49 for the coming months.
09:18:51 So, in this case, at the bottom of the page, and this
09:18:53 is downtown.
09:18:54 You see the goals.
09:18:55 Top goals for January.
09:18:56 And if a goal up top has not been completed, if it's
09:19:01 still in process, typically it will drop down into
09:19:04 that section.
09:19:05 So that's how the report works, and what you'll see
09:19:09 next month is that those top goals for January will be
09:19:12 at the top of the page.
09:19:13 And you'll get a report on progress against those
09:19:17 goals.
09:19:17 So very simple report.
09:19:20 Provides some accountability, some sense of what our
09:19:23 managers are working on.

09:19:24 And I hope you get a sense for all that they are doing
09:19:27 and the great job that they are doing.
09:19:29 We can never in our monthly meetings cover the breadth
09:19:33 of activities that are going on in each of our
09:19:35 redevelopment areas.
09:19:36 But hopefully this will keep you more informed about
09:19:40 progress and about items and activities of interest to
09:19:43 the board.
09:19:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
09:19:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Huey.
09:19:47 This is exactly what I was hoping for.
09:19:49 It's truly helpful to see how we're doing in all these
09:19:53 different areas.
09:19:54 And two quick points.
09:19:56 One is, it was curious to me to note that you've been
09:20:00 providing this to the Mayor on a monthly basis.
09:20:02 And because of our request, you're providing it to us.
09:20:06 I would hope that we would be certainly part of the
09:20:09 loop since we are the CRA board.
09:20:10 And I hope that you provide the same write-up to each
09:20:13 of the advisory committees, because it's really
09:20:16 helpful.

09:20:17 It's great to see what you're doing.
09:20:18 And then, Madam Chairman, do you think the best way
09:20:21 for us to follow up on specific questions is just to
09:20:25 contact Mr. Huey directly.
09:20:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Directly, I agree.
09:20:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.
09:20:31 This is a big, big help.
09:20:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
09:20:33 It was helpful, and I hope we'll continue to get these
09:20:38 monthly.
09:20:38 Is that the plan?
09:20:39 >>MARK HUEY: Um-hum.
09:20:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Great.
09:20:41 One major question I had is why West Tampa was in this
09:20:45 packet when they are not a CRA district.
09:20:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's the question I had.
09:20:50 >>MARY MULHERN: My bigger question, if we're
09:20:54 allocating any CRA money for West Tampa.
09:21:01 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:21:02 If you would prefer, I didn't remember that.
09:21:06 In the report we do, from my department, because we do
09:21:09 oversee the redevelopment activities in West Tampa,

09:21:13 it's included in the package.
09:21:15 I'm sorry for any confusion that created.
09:21:18 Your question about funding, no, the CRA doesn't fund
09:21:23 any activities in West Tampa.
09:21:25 The salaries -- it's Jeanette Fenton and her staff
09:21:31 member, Vince Capitano, those salaries are shared, and
09:21:37 those parts of their salaries that relate to the work
09:21:41 in West Tampa is paid by the general fund.
09:21:45 >>MARY MULHERN: So you just kind of gave us the whole
09:21:47 package.
09:21:48 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:21:49 It's part of ours.
09:21:50 I'm sorry --
09:21:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Actually, it's good to see as Council
09:21:53 members.
09:21:53 >>MARK HUEY: I can certainly, if you would like,
09:21:56 continue to provide it, but I'll provide it separate
09:21:58 from the CRA package.
09:21:59 >>MARY MULHERN: That would be great.
09:22:01 >>MARK HUEY: Just to avoid the confusion.
09:22:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I had a couple of other questions, and
09:22:06 I know since Linda pointed out that you've been doing

09:22:09 this all along for the administration, I wasn't going
09:22:15 to ask for more, but since you are already doing this,
09:22:19 I think my big question when I looked over the
09:22:22 individual CRA activities and goals, and I don't know
09:22:26 that, you know, we need you to do this on a monthly
09:22:29 basis, but maybe bimonthly.
09:22:34 I'd like to see a report on the spending, the
09:22:37 allocations of TIF dollars toward these individual
09:22:43 projects.
09:22:43 So maybe as it becomes a key activity, maybe we could
09:22:50 see how much is being spent on these individual goals
09:22:55 or projects.
09:22:57 I know when you're at the goal stage, you might not
09:23:00 have that -- we might not have that allocated yet, but
09:23:04 it would be good to just have that included.
09:23:10 >>MARK HUEY: What we have -- and, in fact, we're
09:23:13 providing it to you a little bit later in the meeting,
09:23:16 our quarterly financial update.
09:23:20 That's been our report to provide accountability for
09:23:23 all the different activities.
09:23:24 Maybe what I can do is sit with you and walk through
09:23:29 that and see what, if any of that, might fit into the

09:23:33 monthly reporting process.
09:23:34 But our major effort on financial reporting has
09:23:37 been -- and we do report by project and by activity.
09:23:40 In fact, there's a new addition to that report that
09:23:43 I'll share with you later in the agenda.
09:23:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.
09:23:47 And I'll go through it.
09:23:48 I don't necessarily need to meet with you, but if all
09:23:53 of these are accounted for the in the quarterly
09:23:55 report, then it's not a problem.
09:23:57 >>MARK HUEY: One of the things we do update you on are
09:24:02 major expenditure areas.
09:24:03 Those are things they are working on on a monthly
09:24:07 basis.
09:24:07 East Tampa, you'll see in every monthly report
09:24:10 probably some update on 22nd street because you have
09:24:13 allocated significant funds both for road enhancement
09:24:16 and for land acquisition.
09:24:17 So you will be seeing that kind of activity.
09:24:20 So they naturally dovetail the financial side and the
09:24:25 monthly reporting.
09:24:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Couple of other things.

09:24:32 Since you're doing this report already, and I know
09:24:35 this may not be a big concern for the Mayor, but I
09:24:38 think for us, it is more of a concern.
09:24:43 When you talk about the activity and the work being
09:24:47 done, and especially when you're talking about
09:24:51 negotiations, bonds and funding, if we could know, for
09:25:00 instance, when you talk about in East Tampa -- no, it
09:25:08 wasn't East Tampa.
09:25:09 Maybe it was Tampa Heights.
09:25:11 Closing on the Beck property, is that between the city
09:25:16 and Beck?
09:25:17 >>MARK HUEY: That's correct.
09:25:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
09:25:19 Just a little more detail there so we know, you know,
09:25:24 Heights developer continuing bond underwriting
09:25:26 process, what does that mean?
09:25:27 Is that private bonds that he's doing or are these
09:25:28 municipal bonds that CRA is participating in?
09:25:33 Just so we know who the parties are.
09:25:38 Because I know --
09:25:38 >>MARK HUEY: Little more clarification on some of the
09:25:41 issues.

09:25:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Most of what you do is private/public
09:25:44 partnerships.
09:25:45 I would like to know who is involved in doing that.
09:25:49 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:25:50 Good.
09:25:50 >>MARY MULHERN: And then one other thing and this is
09:25:54 maybe not a question for you but for my colleagues
09:25:57 here.
09:25:58 We talked about at our last meeting about having the
09:26:02 citizens advisory committee actually report to us.
09:26:07 So I would like for us to at these meetings to hear
09:26:12 from them.
09:26:13 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, you have one today.
09:26:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, good.
09:26:17 So we'll do one at every meeting.
09:26:19 >>MARK HUEY: That's correct.
09:26:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Great.
09:26:21 Thank you.
09:26:26 >>MARK HUEY: Unless there are any other questions, I
09:26:29 think that's actually the next agenda item.
09:26:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's a new year and there are some
09:26:40 things on your list of goals, and we as the CRA board

09:26:43 might have additional goals for you.
09:26:45 So my question, madam Chairman, what format would you
09:26:52 propose?
09:26:53 Write a memo with suggested goals?
09:26:55 >>GWEN MILLER: And I can pass it to Mr. Huey.
09:26:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For example, the city recreation
09:26:59 building that we're vacating south of the interstate
09:27:02 on Tampa Street, I assume that we'll do something with
09:27:04 that, but I would hope that a goal for this year would
09:27:07 be to figure out what we're going to do with it.
09:27:10 I'd love for that to be on the list.
09:27:12 That kind of thing.
09:27:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm wondering if maybe we should make
09:27:18 that an agenda item for our next meeting to talk about
09:27:21 goals.
09:27:21 If we're going to have goals, I think we need to adopt
09:27:24 them as a board.
09:27:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What we could do is write the
09:27:27 Chairman recommendations, and then have that on our
09:27:29 agenda, goals for 2009.
09:27:31 >>GWEN MILLER: I'll forward it to Mr. Huey.
09:27:34 >>MARK HUEY: Yeah, and I think really how that can

09:27:38 also dovetail nicely is the budgeting process is
09:27:41 getting ready to start in the coming months.
09:27:44 So your input about goals and priorities would also
09:27:51 help the advisory committees as they are thinking
09:27:53 about the following years' budgets as well.
09:27:56 Any input that you can provide into our redevelopment
09:27:58 process would be appreciated.
09:28:00 Anything else on that matter?
09:28:07 >>GWEN MILLER: I think we can move on.
09:28:08 >>MARK HUEY: You want to move on?
09:28:11 Well, we are glad to have Veronica Swiatek here.
09:28:15 Veronica, as you all know well, does a great job as
09:28:20 president of Chairman of the board of YCDC.
09:28:25 We appreciate your leadership there and that you're
09:28:27 here to give us an update.
09:28:31 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Good morning.
09:28:32 Thank you for having me here today.
09:28:34 My name is Veronica Swiatek, chair of the Ybor City
09:28:39 Development Corporation.
09:28:41 Vince is actually going to pass out our development
09:28:44 package that we have available.
09:28:45 And so as I go through some of the highlights of what

09:28:50 we've done this past year and some of our goals for
09:28:53 next year, you'll be able to follow along with some of
09:28:56 the marketing material.
09:28:57 First of all, I'm very excited to be here and to
09:29:00 highlight some of the activities we've been working
09:29:02 on.
09:29:03 We have had very active board members, and they've
09:29:07 been spending a lot of time with the committees and
09:29:09 some of the projects we've been working on.
09:29:11 I'd like to start with the recent award that we were
09:29:14 given by the American Planning Association.
09:29:17 The APA named 7th Avenue as America's top ten
09:29:21 streets.
09:29:23 We're actually very thrilled about this recognition.
09:29:25 We are helping the merchants promote this.
09:29:27 We have provided a poster that they are able to put in
09:29:30 their storefronts.
09:29:31 As a recap for 2008, it's been a very active year for
09:29:37 us and the board.
09:29:38 Again, the committee and the board members have been
09:29:41 very active in some of these subcommittees.
09:29:44 The first committee I would like to start off with is

09:29:47 the retail development committee, which is a new
09:29:50 committee we formed this past year.
09:29:51 They have galvanized Ybor merchants, residents and
09:29:54 organizations, and they are holding regular monthly
09:29:57 meetings and also creating a forum for the merchants
09:29:59 and their current issues.
09:30:01 Grassroots efforts have included holiday decorating,
09:30:06 monthly calendar events, art, and the vacant
09:30:11 storefronts and also special event promotions.
09:30:13 Initiatives include small business surveys, which give
09:30:16 us a better idea of some of the concerns, actually,
09:30:21 some of the positive things that are going on as well.
09:30:23 So we have in-depth understanding of the merchants.
09:30:28 Free retail marketing seminar, which was held in Ybor
09:30:32 City.
09:30:32 Urban grocery store subcommittee, and also supporting
09:30:36 the CRA facade improvement grant program.
09:30:39 As well as the Ybor Channel district downtown cultural
09:30:44 art program.
09:30:45 Again, I want to thank the retail community, because
09:30:50 this is a new committee for the YCDC, and they've been
09:30:53 working very hard.

09:30:54 The parking committee, which we had some great wins
09:30:57 this year, and I want to thank the Mayor as well as
09:31:01 Council for parking in Ybor.
09:31:05 The most notable parking improvement was a decision to
09:31:09 move the on-street meters, which, let me tell you,
09:31:12 that was a huge decision, and we are so grateful to
09:31:15 have that.
09:31:16 It's helped visitors.
09:31:17 It's helped the merchants as well as just -- it's just
09:31:22 a great win for everybody.
09:31:24 Also, the funding, the new pay and display machines in
09:31:30 the public parking lot.
09:31:31 Supporting the elimination of the interim parking lot
09:31:33 and the new regulations to enforce a private property
09:31:36 parking lot.
09:31:37 Moving on to the infrastructure committee, several
09:31:42 projects have been completed and are in the process of
09:31:44 being completed.
09:31:45 The first I'd like to talk about is Centennial Park,
09:31:49 which we had the ribbon cutting.
09:31:51 And thank you for those of you that were able to join
09:31:53 us.

09:31:54 The 7th Avenue sidewalk replacement, street
09:31:57 resurfacing, the new streetscape east of 22nd
09:32:00 street.
09:32:01 Also, the new public rest rooms in the Centro Ybor
09:32:05 parking garage, which was a much-needed necessity in
09:32:08 Ybor City.
09:32:08 The brick street cross walks, which are a beautiful
09:32:12 addition, as well as the east Ybor lighting
09:32:14 improvements and other neighborhood and district
09:32:17 improvements.
09:32:18 Now, every year, we actually go to the committee and
09:32:21 we have an annual planning committee.
09:32:24 That way we get input from the community itself of
09:32:28 what they would like to see for the upcoming planning
09:32:30 year.
09:32:31 That will be taking place next month.
09:32:33 So we go ahead, have this meeting, and we invite the
09:32:36 community.
09:32:37 And we actually do a workshop to see what is important
09:32:40 for them and how we can incorporate that into our 2009
09:32:44 and 2010 planning.
09:32:46 And we will be able to report that to you as well.

09:32:48 The next committee is the special events committee.
09:32:52 This committee has awarded seven different grants for
09:32:57 the fiscal year 2009.
09:32:59 And that's with a limited budget of 50,000.
09:33:01 We are really trying to promote events and fund events
09:33:06 that are family friendly, a daytime, early evening
09:33:10 crowd.
09:33:11 Promote the arts and also celebrate Ybor City's
09:33:15 culture and heritage.
09:33:17 The committee is very active in these events, and they
09:33:19 meet on a quarterly basis to not only discuss past
09:33:24 events, future events and to make decisions for
09:33:26 upcoming years as well.
09:33:28 The district marketing committee, which I am also
09:33:30 chair of, we've also had a very active and productive
09:33:35 year.
09:33:35 With the help of our marketing firm, Chappell Roberts,
09:33:39 we've been able to accomplish many of our goals and
09:33:42 promote Ybor City in a couple of different ways.
09:33:46 It's also unique because it helps support the other
09:33:49 subcommittees in promoting their events such as
09:33:52 special events, through the special events and also

09:33:57 through the merchants association.
09:33:59 The 2008 media plan has included creative projects.
09:34:04 As you can see with the handout, some of that money
09:34:07 goes toward creation of these materials.
09:34:11 Monthly calendar of events in a direct mailer to new
09:34:16 residents that are coming into the area.
09:34:17 Public relations efforts, which are proactive as well
09:34:21 as Story Engine and also the NPR StoryCorps, which was
09:34:30 just hosted in Ybor, which I'll tell you we were very
09:34:31 excited about that.
09:34:32 I hope you had a chance to go down there and actually
09:34:32 visit.
09:34:33 Also, media buys which include banners, print, radio,
09:34:36 and television, cable television.
09:34:38 Last spring, we actually completed a brand tracking
09:34:42 survey.
09:34:43 We wanted to go ahead and evaluate what we have been
09:34:45 doing in the marketing to make sure that we were going
09:34:47 in the right direction.
09:34:48 The result of this research conducted, we made
09:34:52 adjustments to the media buy.
09:34:54 So we switched some of the marketing dollars that were

09:34:56 earmarked from print and radio, and we placed those on
09:35:00 cable television and direct mail.
09:35:03 And two of the big media projects that we have
09:35:06 embarked on this year is "Ybor Flavors," which is a
09:35:10 30-minute TV show on the City of Tampa television
09:35:13 station, and we kicked that off last February.
09:35:15 There have been seven shows that have been filmed, and
09:35:19 each aired for about four to six weeks.
09:35:21 You can also find those on our Web site as well.
09:35:25 The next show is going to be filmed around the Super
09:35:27 Bowl activities in Ybor City, and hopefully it will be
09:35:30 used to promote more organizations and more
09:35:34 activities.
09:35:35 We have so many different places that we can do so
09:35:38 many special events, weddings, so on and so forth.
09:35:41 TV commercial, which we produced a 30-second cable
09:35:46 television commercial.
09:35:47 And we used original music and images from Ybor, which
09:35:51 I will go ahead and show you at the end.
09:35:55 It debuted last fall.
09:35:57 And I think the biggest accomplishment was having
09:35:59 people on the streets say, oh, we heard the

09:36:01 commercial.
09:36:02 And the jingle.
09:36:03 It's very catchy, so you'll be able to -- you'll
09:36:07 remember it when you do hear it.
09:36:09 It debuted this fall, and it's been on several cable
09:36:14 televisions, including bright house network and
09:36:17 Verizon.
09:36:17 We will continue airing it in 2009 as well.
09:36:21 We also make this TV commercial available to other
09:36:24 merchants and other organizations free of charge, so
09:36:28 if they do want to go ahead and use this footage, it
09:36:32 is accessible to them.
09:36:33 Currently, we have shared the commercial and raw
09:36:36 footage with fox sports network.
09:36:39 And they are actually hosting a national live
09:36:42 broadcast of the "best damn sports show" in Ybor City
09:36:47 the week prior to Super Bowl.
09:36:49 Fox will begin airing promos for this event this week,
09:36:52 and also, they are doing a lot of on-air mentions and
09:36:56 promoting of Ybor City.
09:36:57 So we're very excited about that.
09:36:58 Our goal for the TV commercial for 2009 is not only to

09:37:02 air it on local TV channels, but also to share it with
09:37:06 other venues, such as local hotels, Tampa Bay and
09:37:10 company, Ybor businesses that want to expand the media
09:37:14 buy and complement ours.
09:37:15 Before I play the commercial, I want to go ahead and
09:37:20 thank not only the board, because they do volunteer a
09:37:24 lot of time and we have a lot of subcommittees.
09:37:26 The Ybor City staff, the city staff, mark, Vince, and
09:37:30 also the CRA for being a big supporter of Ybor City.
09:37:33 And if there are no questions, I'd like to go ahead
09:37:36 and take this time to air the commercial.
09:37:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick, quick question.
09:37:43 Last year when we had the Santa parade, they put up
09:37:46 the barricades and people couldn't go to the merchants
09:37:49 and the merchants were concerned.
09:37:51 You have so many committees, I don't know which one
09:37:53 would address this, but are you working on that so
09:37:56 that access to the individual stores is not --
09:37:58 >> That would be the merchant association along with
09:38:00 the special events committee.
09:38:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you all working on that?
09:38:04 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Yes.

09:38:05 That's one of the issues we have with a lot of special
09:38:07 events in Ybor are the barricades.
09:38:09 It's a very complicated issue, so the board on a
09:38:13 monthly basis, we actually bring that up quite often.
09:38:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My feeling is sometimes, years ago,
09:38:19 the city invested in the barricades and we were trying
09:38:21 to make 7th Avenue a drinking mall and then we
09:38:24 decided that was not such a hot idea.
09:38:27 I feel sometimes we use the barricades because we
09:38:29 invested in them and they are there, rather than they
09:38:31 are really the best solution for creating public
09:38:33 safety and public engagement.
09:38:35 And I hope that you will look at that.
09:38:37 Because I think that the flow -- the easy flow of
09:38:41 shoppers and visitors to Ybor is probably what we most
09:38:47 want.
09:38:49 You have so much to offer, so many good things are
09:38:52 happening.
09:38:53 Centennial Park is beautiful.
09:38:55 Working very hard.
09:38:56 Your marketing materials are splendid.
09:38:58 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Thank you.

09:39:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's very exciting to see the good
09:39:02 things going on in Ybor.
09:39:03 And maybe the barricades could be used less.
09:39:05 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Well, I agree.
09:39:07 And I will definitely make sure that is brought up at
09:39:09 our next board meeting.
09:39:10 We are here to support the merchants and support the
09:39:14 community, and not -- we can provide the marketing
09:39:17 materials and like the calendar of events, but I have
09:39:20 to say the merchants have embraced it.
09:39:22 That's also nice to see.
09:39:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
09:39:25 Congratulations.
09:39:25 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Thank you.
09:39:27 Any other questions?
09:39:29 >>GWEN MILLER: You may show the commercial.
09:39:31 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Great.
09:39:33 >> Ybor City, where art, shopping, dining, and history
09:39:53 come together every day in a rich and authentic blend,
09:39:57 making it the true heart and soul of Tampa.
09:40:01 >> Can we get the volume up on this?
09:40:10 >> Come and experience Ybor City.

09:40:17 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Again, that is available to other
09:40:18 groups who express an interest.
09:40:23 Thank you again for your time.
09:40:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:40:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Veronica, one other way that we can
09:40:32 help as the CRA and the City Council is I understood
09:40:38 recently -- many of my favorite restaurants are in
09:40:42 Ybor.
09:40:42 One is having trouble with an awning and also the
09:40:47 A-frame signs and also being able to put the maƮtre d'
09:40:51 stand out on the street, if those are issues, many of
09:40:54 our rules are created for suburbia and not for a place
09:40:59 like Ybor, City Council is adopting a new
09:41:02 comprehensive plan.
09:41:03 We're saying that we're going to retool our zoning
09:41:05 ordinances, but sometimes that takes forever.
09:41:09 Come to us, write us, share with us as CRA or Council,
09:41:12 and we can begin to craft different rules for a place
09:41:15 like Ybor that's much more pedestrian oriented, you
09:41:19 know, where considerations are different, because the
09:41:22 urban fabric is different.
09:41:24 And we can work on that for you rather than making

09:41:27 your merchants crazy, which is what we don't want to
09:41:29 do.
09:41:30 Because I think the A-frame signs, the sidewalk
09:41:33 activity is one of the attractions of Ybor.
09:41:36 And if our current rules constrain that, maybe we need
09:41:41 to revisit them and change them to make them more Ybor
09:41:44 friendly.
09:41:44 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: You're absolutely right, because
09:41:46 we are a walking district.
09:41:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So I think that's something,
09:41:49 Mr. Huey, maybe we can work on along with the zoning
09:41:52 people in this coming year.
09:41:53 I'll put that on the goal list.
09:41:55 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Thank you.
09:42:04 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.
09:42:04 Thank you, again, Veronica, for all your leadership,
09:42:07 particularly in the marketing area.
09:42:10 She's personally added a lot to the efforts of Ybor's
09:42:15 marketing.
09:42:16 Our next issue is an Ybor issue.
09:42:20 Board member Saul-Sena, I believe, asked that the
09:42:25 issue of the naming of 7th Avenue, the street sign

09:42:28 for 7th Avenue be put on the agenda.
09:42:32 This has been hotly debated issue in Ybor.
09:42:36 I provided you some background information in the form
09:42:41 of a memorandum, and at this point, I open it up for
09:42:46 your conversation.
09:42:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Huey.
09:42:50 I have heard from a number of people on this issue,
09:42:53 including last night's phone call, which I thought was
09:42:56 the most creative, that we put an apostrophe, like
09:43:00 they do with po' boys New Orleans, because they know
09:43:05 poor is P-O-O-R, but they do P-O with the apostrophe.
09:43:09 I think that's creative.
09:43:10 I think the best solution is removing the incorrect
09:43:12 spelling.
09:43:13 After hearing from numbers of constituents, I have a
09:43:15 very fat stack of e-mails.
09:43:18 We're an educated community, and we know that Septima
09:43:25 is with a P.
09:43:27 There's a lot of history.
09:43:28 We don't need to spend the next three hours discussing
09:43:30 it.
09:43:30 My motion before the CRA is that we spend the money to

09:43:33 remove the improperly spelled signs.
09:43:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, this just came to me.
09:43:38 I think that we should name this controversy
09:43:44 Ybor-onics, because it's about linguistics and the
09:43:50 ethnic origins.
09:43:53 I agree with Linda that, you know, I think dialects
09:43:58 and pronunciation are everywhere.
09:44:01 You can pronounce something however you want.
09:44:03 And it becomes a tradition and becomes something that
09:44:06 happens.
09:44:07 But spelling is pretty cut and dried in all languages.
09:44:10 So I'd like to see us just spell it correctly and
09:44:14 everybody can say it however they want.
09:44:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is that a second to my motion?
09:44:22 I move that we waive the rules to allow them to speak.
09:44:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In our handout, the recommendation by
09:44:37 YCDC -- hear Veronica speak to the issue.
09:44:42 They have maintaining the 7th Avenue sign as it
09:44:42 currently exists.
09:44:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It was a split vote.
09:44:47 Very controversial.
09:44:48 Very split vote.

09:44:56 >> Fran Cosentino, president of the east Ybor Historic
09:45:00 and Civic Association.
09:45:01 And I appreciate you all giving me the time to talk.
09:45:03 And happy new year, commissioners.
09:45:05 We all know that this issue is very controversial,
09:45:10 and, you know, I don't think we're ever going to
09:45:14 agree.
09:45:14 I think you'll have the Spaniards and then the Cubans
09:45:17 and others.
09:45:18 It's just the way it's going to be.
09:45:19 That's Ybor.
09:45:20 But I do have book references that date so far back,
09:45:25 and this first one, there isn't one picture that
09:45:28 doesn't have a picture of 7th Avenue with La Septima
09:45:32 with a P with an accent on the E.
09:45:36 I think now as time has passed it's been accepted to
09:45:40 use both.
09:45:41 In fact, dictionaries are now using both.
09:45:44 On one side of the issue, wanting the P, we have the
09:45:47 EJ Salcines, Robert Martinez, who is Quinnipiac
09:45:52 University of New York, Carlos Cano from south
09:45:56 Florida, Braulio Alonso.

09:45:59 I wanted to take a minute to read his.
09:46:02 He's at the doctor this morning.
09:46:03 Then the other side, Frank Lastra and I can't even
09:46:07 remember who else at this time.
09:46:08 Braulio wanted me to read.
09:46:15 He says I'm 92-years old and lived in Ybor City on
09:46:18 14th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd from 1916 to
09:46:22 1941.
09:46:23 I am of Spanish descent and was a member of the --
09:46:25 from birth.
09:46:29 In all these years, 7th Avenue was always Septima.
09:46:32 All my friends with Spanish or Cuban descent use the
09:46:36 word Septima.
09:46:38 My friends and family who lived in the West Tampa area
09:46:38 used the word Septima.
09:46:38 As a teenager, I studied Spanish grammar.
09:46:39 7th was always Septima.
09:46:46 Newspapers in Ybor always used the word Septima.
09:46:50 Years later due to the Latin American influence, the
09:46:54 word Septima was added as a secondary use and some are
09:46:57 more relative newcomers to the area.
09:46:59 Some of these do not even speak Spanish.

09:47:01 In my opinion, the street should be named Septima.
09:47:03 Even as it is right now, it's like whatever we do, we
09:47:10 still can't do it right.
09:47:11 When you drive down 7th Avenue, some are brown, some
09:47:14 are blue, some have the accent on the E, some don't
09:47:17 have the accent on the E.
09:47:19 And I just feel like if we can't come to a
09:47:21 consensus -- I mean, everybody admits that they have
09:47:24 been asked at one time or another, why is the City of
09:47:27 Tampa misspelling 7th?
09:47:30 If you Google it, it will tell you that Spanish is
09:47:33 with a P, with an accent on the E.
09:47:36 Italian is two Ts.
09:47:38 So we know it's a colloquialism.
09:47:41 But the tourists and Super Bowl people coming don't
09:47:44 understand that.
09:47:45 I think looking to sound illiterate whether it's a
09:47:48 piece of our history or not, we can keep the chamber
09:47:50 newsletter, if that's what they want to name the
09:47:52 newsletter, spell it however they want.
09:47:54 But the streets that belong to all of us, I just think
09:47:56 it should be spelled the proper way.

09:47:58 Thank you very much.
09:48:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair, controversy
09:48:03 is what made Ybor City famous.
09:48:07 >> I thought it was cigars.
09:48:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, you had some controversy
09:48:11 there.
09:48:11 Some cigars say they are better than others and other
09:48:14 factories say their cigars are better than others.
09:48:16 You always had this ongoing thing.
09:48:18 Ybor City has always been the vegetable soup of the
09:48:21 community, where when I was growing up, racism never
09:48:25 occurred because we all lived in the same
09:48:27 neighborhood.
09:48:28 Right behind me was Dr. Hodges on 16th Street.
09:48:34 It is a hodgepodge of individuals, some very well
09:48:40 educated in the early part of the century.
09:48:43 I'm only going to speak on what I know about families
09:48:46 that I know.
09:48:48 Some families only had the opportunity of going to the
09:48:50 third grade because things were tough.
09:48:52 They had to go work, and they had to make a living for
09:48:55 the family.

09:48:55 And that's my family so when I got home from school, I
09:49:01 couldn't ask anyone about teaching me math or reading
09:49:04 a book or whatever I had to do because they didn't
09:49:07 know.
09:49:08 That didn't mean they were not good parents.
09:49:11 They were more than likely better than any parent
09:49:14 anywhere else.
09:49:14 Because they cared for you.
09:49:18 Whatever was on the table, they worked hard.
09:49:22 La Septima and the language that we use at that time,
09:49:25 and I know all the references to the individuals that
09:49:28 were made, and they are great.
09:49:30 One was my high school principal.
09:49:33 You had doctors at a clinic, health care in this
09:49:38 country is ruined because we didn't follow the model
09:49:40 that was established in Ybor City.
09:49:42 But when you look at things that are said, half the
09:49:47 people at Ybor City that I knew, I never knew by name.
09:49:50 I knew them by -- [speaking Spanish]
09:49:58 So what I'm saying, that is the blind lady's daughter.
09:50:02 That's the guy who is one eyed.
09:50:05 That's how we knew the people.

09:50:06 I'm going to be very sincere.
09:50:08 The language was convoluted because education was a
09:50:12 hard thing to get back in the '20s and '30s and
09:50:15 even into the '40s.
09:50:17 We had things like before Columbus Drive, it was La
09:50:31 Michica.
09:50:31 They had so many names for everything, Ybor City, 7th
09:50:35 Avenue.
09:50:43 There were four names for everything, but everyone
09:50:45 knew what you were talking about because that was the
09:50:48 lingo that we spoke.
09:50:49 We spoke Spanglish.
09:50:52 When I first got elected in 1974, I remember saying,
09:50:56 what am I going to tell the public?
09:50:59 And I told them you elected someone who speaks half
09:51:01 English and half Spanish.
09:51:10 My idol was Nick Nuccio.
09:51:11 Let me tell you something, he was one of the greatest
09:51:12 mayors we ever had.
09:51:14 So, what language did he speak?
09:51:16 He spoke the language of the truth.
09:51:19 And we understood that.

09:51:22 We're debating something that if the Leaning Tower
09:51:27 Pisa would have been straight, it would never be
09:51:33 famous.
09:51:34 There's nothing wrong with calling Setima, Septima or
09:51:39 whatever else you want to call it.
09:51:41 Ybor City is a unique place.
09:51:43 Very, very unique.
09:51:45 One of the oldest settlements in the city.
09:51:48 It had many great people.
09:51:50 All those buildings that you see of historical
09:51:53 significance were built by people that were making
09:51:57 eight, ten dollars a week and contributing and helped
09:52:01 build those buildings.
09:52:04 And if you were Italian and you married a Spaniard,
09:52:09 you had to elope during that era.
09:52:11 And I'm not trying to create a problem here about the
09:52:14 races and all that kind of stuff.
09:52:16 History.
09:52:17 That's right, Mr. Scott.
09:52:19 I'm trying to create a little history here.
09:52:21 I don't know what the argument is.
09:52:23 People tell me, when people come in from Central

09:52:25 America, they say it's misspelled.
09:52:28 I got news for you.
09:52:29 When I go to Central America, a lot of their things
09:52:33 are misspelled.
09:52:35 And I've never been to Central America, so I wanted to
09:52:39 see if you knew I had gone there.
09:52:40 So what I'm trying to say, the cost of this shall be
09:52:44 borne, in my opinion, by those who want to change it.
09:52:48 This has been there now for over 20 years, I think.
09:52:51 I don't understand the significance of the importance
09:52:58 of putting a "P" where everybody knows, first of all,
09:53:03 it's just not La Setima, or La Septima, it's got
09:53:08 Broadway on top of it.
09:53:11 How many names will we have for a street?
09:53:13 You go to Miami to 27th Avenue, it has three names
09:53:17 for the same street.
09:53:18 I go to Miami now and I don't even go there anymore.
09:53:24 You can't even Google three streets.
09:53:26 So if we're going to have a name, is it Broadway?
09:53:31 I think the most significant thing is, why have two
09:53:33 names for one street?
09:53:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion actually was to remove

09:53:41 the incorrect spelling and just have it called 7th.
09:53:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, Broadway is Broadway.
09:53:50 La Setima is 7th Avenue, Broadway.
09:53:58 It goes 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.
09:54:02 I understand that all grand streets have a different
09:54:07 name.
09:54:07 Palm Avenue is one of them.
09:54:09 Florida Avenue is another one.
09:54:10 Nebraska is another one.
09:54:11 All those major streets are different.
09:54:15 7th Avenue, as we knew it, La Setima, La Septima, it
09:54:22 has so many variations that no matter which one you
09:54:26 choose, it's going to be incorrect at some point.
09:54:30 So I'm going to listen to the debate before I think
09:54:34 what I'm going to do, but what makes the flavor of
09:54:37 Ybor City is that it was so unique and imperfect, but
09:54:44 the hearts of the people that live there that made
09:54:48 that was always to the best of the ability that they
09:54:54 had and the friendliness and the open hardship that
09:54:57 they had for their hearts opening up to help
09:54:59 everybody.
09:55:00 When I was a young boy, I thought I was Mexican.

09:55:04 I used to go to the casino theater once a week whether
09:55:07 I wanted to go or not to see -- [speaking Spanish]
09:55:12 because that was the only theater in that era and that
09:55:16 area of time that you could go see.
09:55:19 So I spoke with a Mexican dialect.
09:55:23 Because I used to watch the shows.
09:55:25 In fact, I still think I speak with a Mexican dialect,
09:55:29 because half the people don't understand what I'm
09:55:31 saying.
09:55:31 So this argument about who's right and who's wrong,
09:55:37 there is no right and there's no wrong.
09:55:40 We call things -- [speaking Spanish]
09:55:48 Some of you understand what I'm saying.
09:55:49 Some don't.
09:55:50 We nickname so many things.
09:55:54 And those nicknames stuck, like I said, half the time
09:56:00 I knew who I was talking about, but I didn't know
09:56:02 their names because we put it on the slang, and that
09:56:07 slang -- how many words are changed yearly on
09:56:10 Webster's dictionary?
09:56:11 A lot.
09:56:13 So maybe you ought to add three names to Broadway.

09:56:21 Broadway, La Setima, La Septima.
09:56:26 It's the discussion that is dividing friendships.
09:56:33 It's not dividing a city.
09:56:34 It is dividing friendship.
09:56:36 And that never happened before in Ybor City.
09:56:39 Friends were always friends.
09:56:44 They could debate and they could have a
09:56:46 misunderstanding.
09:56:47 But at the end of the day, if one of those two
09:56:51 individuals during the debate needed something, that
09:56:53 same individual would go help out.
09:56:55 And that's what I don't want to happen among
09:57:00 friendships.
09:57:01 Makes no difference to me who is right and who is
09:57:03 wrong.
09:57:04 I want the people that are debating this issue not to
09:57:08 get upset with each other.
09:57:10 Madam Chairman, I yield.
09:57:11 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.
09:57:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Don't we have to go into the City
09:57:16 Council meeting?
09:57:21 >> [microphone not on]

09:57:24 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: I agree, Ybor is very unique and
09:57:27 also very passionate.
09:57:28 But that is what makes Ybor City so special is that we
09:57:31 do have a lot of passionate people.
09:57:33 And, frankly, that's what is going to keep Ybor City
09:57:36 alive for future generations.
09:57:38 I did just want to go ahead and make a couple of
09:57:41 comments on how the board came to the decision.
09:57:44 Because there are so many passionate people involved,
09:57:46 we spent our October and November board meeting, a
09:57:50 majority of the time, talking about this subject.
09:57:53 On January 6th, everybody was sent a recap of the
09:57:59 meeting and how we had decided on our recommendation.
09:58:04 One of the things is that there are so many different
09:58:08 names, and there are people passionate about Setima
09:58:11 and there's people passionate about Septima.
09:58:15 In 1998 is when City Council adopted the proposal to
09:58:19 put the signs up for Setima.
09:58:21 So this wasn't a decision that we made lightly,
09:58:24 because we are actually overturning something that
09:58:26 City Council was passionate about in 1998.
09:58:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a question?

09:58:30 When City Council did that, did they dictate the
09:58:33 spelling?
09:58:35 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: It was after -- on April 2nd --
09:58:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wasn't on Council at that time.
09:58:40 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: With Mayor Greco's support, the
09:58:43 City Council passed a resolution approving Lastra's
09:58:46 proposal, which after the 7th Avenue signs were
09:58:48 changed to double blade signs including the reference
09:58:50 to 7th Avenue and La Setima with a T.
09:58:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When you all debated, was one of
09:58:59 the options presented to people to just call it 7th
09:59:01 Avenue?
09:59:02 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Yes.
09:59:03 So the first choice of the board was to go ahead and
09:59:06 keep the signs as they are.
09:59:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What was the vote?
09:59:17 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: 12-5.
09:59:18 Now, we did have a lot of lengthy discussion on this.
09:59:21 If we were going to make a change, we did not want to
09:59:24 add -- take the Setima and put up Septima because then
09:59:29 we would upset another group of people.
09:59:31 The first option was to keep the signs as they were.

09:59:33 The second option was to just take down the Setima
09:59:36 signs and keep it 7th Avenue.
09:59:39 The other important factor in this decision was, we're
09:59:43 not a bilingual city, so it would create other issues
09:59:47 if we tried to put up Septima, what are we going to do
09:59:52 with 6th.
09:59:53 Just as you were saying, how many signs will we have
09:59:56 on the street?
09:59:57 People won't know where to go.
09:59:59 I did want to give a brief background on why we came
10:00:02 to that decision.
10:00:08 >>MARY MULHERN: What kind of shape are the signs in?
10:00:10 Are we at a point where we need to replace them?
10:00:13 That's the other question, just the cost and maybe
10:00:18 they could be corrected when it's time to -- or the
10:00:24 discussion could continue.
10:00:28 Are the signs going to be replaced this year anyway?
10:00:31 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: No.
10:00:32 >>MARY MULHERN: When do you think that will need to
10:00:34 happen?
10:00:35 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: The signs are in very good shape.
10:00:37 So we don't have any plans to replace them as of this

10:00:40 time.
10:00:40 If we do go ahead and replace the signs, I think
10:00:47 there's going to be another issue of other people
10:00:50 coming to you and saying, well, we don't like this.
10:00:53 This is contrary to what was voted in in 1998.
10:00:57 So it does bring up other issues.
10:01:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say one thing.
10:01:05 I don't know that it's our place to decide.
10:01:10 Seems like a pretty neighborhood issue.
10:01:12 But on the other hand, I think that if we are -- Tampa
10:01:18 has and Ybor is steeped in history and changing
10:01:23 spelling is not going to in the long run -- I mean, I
10:01:27 know people have an emotional attachment to it.
10:01:30 But I also think maybe if you pulled all the people,
10:01:36 the younger people who live and work in Ybor, there
10:01:39 might be a different attitude.
10:01:40 And I see Tampa as someone who relocated here as the
10:01:48 city that's always reluctant to have any kind of
10:01:53 change.
10:01:53 And it might be worth thinking about how change can
10:01:57 help us to keep our children and grandchildren here
10:02:02 and this sort of thing makes us look -- can possibly

10:02:09 make us look less literate.
10:02:14 And I think it's important for Tampa to be considered
10:02:19 a city that knows how to spell.
10:02:23 >>VERONICA SWIATEK: Well, the one good thing is, we do
10:02:26 know how to spell 7th.
10:02:27 And we do have a plan if the decision moves forward to
10:02:31 go ahead and just to eliminate the Setima signs and
10:02:35 just stay with 7th Avenue of putting a blank --
10:02:40 actually a blade that goes into the sign so that it's
10:02:45 not a huge expense, and hopefully it would make
10:02:48 everybody happy.
10:02:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Council, we need to move on.
10:02:52 The attorney told us we cannot make a decision on
10:02:55 this.
10:02:55 I don't know why we are still discussing and going on
10:02:58 and on.
10:02:58 >> Sal Territo, Legal Department.
10:03:03 It's not a CRA decision on how your streets are named.
10:03:03 You can make a recommendation to the city, the City
10:03:06 Council and the administration.
10:03:07 You really can't make the change yourself because it's
10:03:09 not a CRA decision.

10:03:11 >> Thank you, Mr. Territo.
10:03:13 I would like to change my motion.
10:03:15 My motion would be to make a recommendation to the
10:03:19 administration that 7th Avenue is called 7th
10:03:21 Avenue and we remove the controversial La Setima.
10:03:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In my opinion, that would cause a
10:03:34 greater uproar because of the individuals that are so
10:03:39 involved and so willing and mean so well all of them
10:03:45 that La Setima or La Septima means so much to the
10:03:53 founding individuals of Ybor City and the unification
10:03:57 of everybody helping somebody.
10:03:59 Remember Ybor City when you couldn't walk the
10:04:02 sidewalks.
10:04:03 There were also no cars.
10:04:05 Very little cars.
10:04:06 I can tell you another comparison.
10:04:10 The hotel right here that's being so beautifully
10:04:15 redone.
10:04:16 You see, I'm glad you say the Floridan because we
10:04:20 never called it the Floridan.
10:04:23 De hotel Florida.
10:04:26 The Floridian hotel, because some of us couldn't say

10:04:32 the Floridan, so we called it la Florida.
10:04:35 We lived in an era in Ybor City, that, you know,
10:04:41 language meant a lot, but there were two areas.
10:04:46 One that were areas of real individuals that went to
10:04:51 school and had the scholar of learning.
10:04:53 And you had me and the rest of us who were caught in
10:04:56 the middle between most of them.
10:04:58 So I spoke Spanglish.
10:05:00 Most of my friends spoke Spanglish.
10:05:03 But the conversation was there.
10:05:06 And I see people -- well, I was born in Ybor City,
10:05:10 raised in Ybor City, and I had the unfortunate
10:05:13 situation, the same thing that we have now in school.
10:05:16 When you get home, you don't have A and B schools.
10:05:18 You have A and B parents.
10:05:20 You can wave at me.
10:05:22 I don't care about that.
10:05:23 But we don't have the school and the teachers are not
10:05:25 to blame.
10:05:26 It's the parents that are to blame.
10:05:28 Because they themselves are uneducated.
10:05:30 And they are great parents, but they don't have the

10:05:33 right to teach geometry and things of that nature.
10:05:36 We spoke in a system that the language was somewhat
10:05:44 mixed up, but everybody understood each other.
10:05:47 So I can't support the motion on the floor to 7th
10:05:51 Avenue.
10:05:51 I think that would be a greater controversy.
10:05:56 So let's see what happens.
10:05:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:06:00 We have a motion --
10:06:05 >> [microphone not on]
10:06:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Since we can't make a decision -- okay.
10:06:13 Go ahead.
10:06:15 >> I don't mean to take up your time inappropriately.
10:06:17 I would like to -- this is from the Ybor City Chamber
10:06:22 of Commerce.
10:06:23 The main premise before you, we have collectively made
10:06:31 some kind of grammatical error --
10:06:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you talking about the name of the
10:06:35 street?
10:06:36 >> Yes, ma'am.
10:06:36 One reason I wanted you to see this, we produce
10:06:40 excellent materials, and -- Tom Keating, Ybor City

10:06:46 Chamber of Commerce.
10:06:46 We produce these kind of materials and we have an
10:06:49 inventory of materials, and the Setima story is told
10:06:53 in that.
10:06:54 We use that term like you'd say Route 66.
10:06:56 It's a very well-known story, and we use it with our
10:07:00 tourist story, basically.
10:07:01 The main premise before you that we made some
10:07:05 grammatical error is simply false.
10:07:07 The secondary premise that we should be embarrassed
10:07:09 enough to correct our error is simply wrong.
10:07:12 And wrong on so many levels.
10:07:14 Setima was the correct spelling of 7th in Spanish
10:07:17 during the last century.
10:07:19 Adding Setima to the street signs was undertaken by
10:07:22 two of the most prestigious and represented
10:07:26 organizations in the barrio at that time.
10:07:27 Ybor City Chamber of Commerce and Ybor City Museum
10:07:29 Society.
10:07:29 Our visitors information center has reported out of
10:07:31 the thousands of guests we have served in the last
10:07:34 three years, only one questioned the spelling.

10:07:36 The question why Setima and why honor it makes a great
10:07:44 story to share.
10:07:44 I could go on with economic reasons as to why these
10:07:44 things as they are.
10:07:44 But I want to voice a couple of gentlemen that I have
10:07:48 coffee with every six months or so, which is Frank
10:07:50 Lastra and Rafael Martinez Ybor.
10:07:52 Quick quotes, not to take your time.
10:07:54 From Rafael, are we now to guide ourselves by modern
10:07:58 days and forget the past?
10:07:59 Ybor City was founded in 1886, not 2009.
10:08:02 My opinion, those that think we are stupid or
10:08:05 illiterate should be told there is an existing word
10:08:09 Setima, and the reason why it is spelled that way.
10:08:11 Frank Lastra.
10:08:15 I went with my father to many, many cafes of the day
10:08:17 in Ybor City.
10:08:20 Palmetto beach and West Tampa.
10:08:21 Both common and famous like the Colombia and Spanish
10:08:26 Park.
10:08:26 Wherever we went, no word was more relevant and widely
10:08:29 repeated than La Setima.

10:08:31 I have a great love for it.
10:08:33 This is about memory.
10:08:34 This is about history.
10:08:35 This is about having the good story, and as your
10:08:38 chamber exec in that area, it does make an excellent
10:08:42 story to tell people.
10:08:43 On occasion I use it myself in my writing.
10:08:48 It's something that I think makes history for us.
10:08:53 I think it's important.
10:08:54 I don't think it's a matter of a grammatical error.
10:08:56 Thank you very much for your time.
10:08:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My family moved here in 1926 and
10:09:02 had a store on 7th Avenue.
10:09:05 It was then turned into free max later on that many of
10:09:09 you have heard of.
10:09:11 I am personally a historian.
10:09:12 I wrote the Ybor City ghost walk.
10:09:14 In my script, I called it Septima.
10:09:17 It is a divided opinion.
10:09:18 What I'm proposing is that we remove the controversy.
10:09:22 I think removing controversy is the ultimate
10:09:25 solemnesque gesture.

10:09:27 We call it 7th Avenue.
10:09:29 This isn't colloquy.
10:09:30 This is me speaking.
10:09:32 You're done.
10:09:33 >> Okay.
10:09:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is saying what's verbalized is
10:09:39 so subtle between Setima and Septima.
10:09:42 That's one thing.
10:09:43 Written is different.
10:09:44 I'm proposing -- my motion is that we request the
10:09:46 administration to remove the controversy.
10:09:48 I think removing the controversy is in the best
10:09:51 interest of the community.
10:09:52 I think that would move Tampa ahead, and those of us
10:09:57 who have the subtle ear in conversation for the
10:10:00 difference between Setima and Septima, that's more --
10:10:05 I think in the written word, we should call it 7th
10:10:08 Avenue and put the controversy to bed.
10:10:09 I think that will move Ybor City ahead in peace.
10:10:12 So that's my motion.
10:10:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion on the floor.
10:10:17 Did we get a second?

10:10:18 Okay.
10:10:19 We have a motion and second.
10:10:20 All in favor of the motion, say aye.
10:10:21 Opposed, nay.
10:10:24 >>THE CLERK: The motion did not carry with Miranda,
10:10:28 Miller, Scott, and Caetano voting no.
10:10:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to put it in the hands of
10:10:42 administration.
10:10:43 Let them come up with the decision they want to make.
10:10:45 That's why I voted no.
10:10:46 Whatever we say is not going to make any difference.
10:10:49 I would like to go back to the administration and let
10:10:52 them decide how they want to handle that problem.
10:10:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, I will only say that we
10:10:58 have letters from the YCDC here asking that it remain
10:11:05 the same as well, about 12-5 vote, one abstention.
10:11:09 The second thing, my colleague and friend,
10:11:13 Councilwoman Saul-Sena said removing controversy.
10:11:15 I've been in politics, elected official for 12 years,
10:11:18 you never remove controversy.
10:11:20 You either make somebody unhappy or you make somebody
10:11:23 happy.

10:11:24 I don't care how you vote or you do.
10:11:27 It's as simple as that.
10:11:28 We base that on zoning issues.
10:11:32 Even if you change a name, you have another side that
10:11:34 will be upset with you for doing that.
10:11:36 And at some point, we just spent about an hour on this
10:11:43 issue.
10:11:45 And we have another issue that's waiting that is going
10:11:51 to take another two hours on.
10:11:53 So I wish we would just move on and respect, in this
10:11:58 case, those who have requested that we leave the sign
10:12:01 alone and remain as is.
10:12:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say one thing.
10:12:07 I found this controversy really interesting.
10:12:09 And I think a lot of people do.
10:12:12 And unless someone from Ybor would like to do it, I'm
10:12:16 going to write a letter to I think it's William or
10:12:19 James Safire who writes a weekly column in The New
10:12:22 York Times called "On Language" where he talks about
10:12:26 words and the evolution of words.
10:12:28 And I think if we can get that in the Sunday New York
10:12:31 Times magazine, it would be a help to the Chamber of

10:12:34 Commerce and tourism for Ybor, just the whole story of
10:12:39 how there's all this controversy.
10:12:41 Also, I'm sure he'll talk about the history of Ybor
10:12:44 City, if we can get him to include that.
10:12:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We're going to move on.
10:12:48 Mr. Huey.
10:12:53 >>MARK HUEY: Item 4 is the policy draft that was
10:12:58 presented at the last board meeting.
10:13:00 It's really for your discussion at this point.
10:13:03 I was asked to do one thing, which was to share it
10:13:08 with community advisory committees.
10:13:10 I'll just report to you that we shared it with Channel
10:13:14 District, downtown, East Tampa and Drew Park.
10:13:19 The heights Central Park in Ybor City have not seen it
10:13:23 at this point.
10:13:24 We did not receive any material comments.
10:13:27 There were a couple of comments that to the extent you
10:13:30 engage in a redrafting process that we would
10:13:33 integrate.
10:13:34 But we did accomplish that per your direction.
10:13:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In an effort to save time, I've
10:13:42 sent to all the CRA board members a suggestion that we

10:13:45 just receive and file this.
10:13:46 And not take any action.
10:13:50 >> Second.
10:13:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion, Reverend Scott?
10:13:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to respond by saying in looking
10:13:57 at this, the only issues I have with it is, the point
10:14:04 that says we'll make the one-on-one conversation.
10:14:06 CRA members ex parte communication and the other issue
10:14:11 is barring Council members from going to the meetings.
10:14:15 And those are my two issues.
10:14:16 Other than that, I'm comfortable.
10:14:18 I just think you have to be very careful, when you
10:14:23 make talking to another member of CAC who you appoint
10:14:27 ex parte communication.
10:14:30 I have a real problem with that.
10:14:32 Secondly, I think that every Council member has a
10:14:36 right to be able to go to the meetings.
10:14:38 I'll point out to us that we as Council members,
10:14:44 because we'll have the ultimate decision, just be
10:14:46 careful that you don't become the predominant figure
10:14:50 where you overshadow the board meeting.
10:14:52 And I think that's where the problem is.

10:14:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I've heard that.
10:15:01 And I haven't been to any more meetings.
10:15:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't want to create a policy just
10:15:06 for something that's very minuscule, you know, very
10:15:10 minimal, is ridiculous.
10:15:11 Now, we want to look at creating the policy and moving
10:15:15 forward, but I think those two items in here I just
10:15:17 cannot support.
10:15:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Madam Chair, thank you very much.
10:15:21 I echo Reverend Scott's remarks.
10:15:24 At no time should I appear before committee that I
10:15:32 appoint and speak to that committee because I may
10:15:36 unintentionally advise them to see what I want to hear
10:15:41 when I sit here as a Council member.
10:15:44 I do not want to be in violation of the Sunshine Law.
10:15:47 I'm not saying anyone is.
10:15:50 But the appearance of a conflict sometimes is greater
10:15:53 than the conflict itself.
10:15:55 So I don't think I've ever attended a CAC meeting or
10:16:02 community redevelopment meeting because I don't want
10:16:07 the appearance of my presence at a meeting be
10:16:13 interpreted that I'm there to review something that I

10:16:15 want to hear on my behalf that I feel that committee
10:16:18 should be focusing on and voting one way or the other.
10:16:22 Those committees were appointed.
10:16:25 They are good people.
10:16:27 They work very hard to advise us.
10:16:32 I will never attend a meeting for me to advise them
10:16:36 for them to advise me.
10:16:37 And since we're asking for all these reports from all
10:16:43 the CRA managers and so forth and so on, I would like
10:16:46 to add an additional report, that at any time that
10:16:52 someone in the CRA districts wants a Council member
10:16:58 present, for them to write the whole Council and tell
10:17:03 them that Council member is going to be present, no
10:17:06 matter if it's me or someone else.
10:17:08 Let me tell you why.
10:17:09 Once an individual goes, I already said why I don't
10:17:15 go, what about if two individuals show up?
10:17:17 The paramount and weighted consequences are much
10:17:27 greater than if you let those who are appointed to do
10:17:31 what they do well, let them do what they do well on
10:17:36 their own.
10:17:36 They may make a mistake, but I'm also not perfect.

10:17:42 I also make mistakes.
10:17:43 But what I'm saying is, let the system work.
10:17:48 Don't have the appearance.
10:17:52 Let it be transparent.
10:17:54 Don't have the appearance of a violation of the
10:17:58 Sunshine Law.
10:17:58 I don't want to read my name in the paper.
10:18:01 I don't want to see me on television defending myself
10:18:06 against a Sunshine Law violation.
10:18:08 So I stay away.
10:18:10 I stay away not only from these meetings, I stay away
10:18:13 from most meetings, not that I want to.
10:18:17 Not that that's my intent.
10:18:19 Not that I don't want to serve those people honorably.
10:18:22 But I appointed a lot of people to a lot of areas.
10:18:26 If I'm invited to go and I realize there's no other
10:18:29 Council member going, maybe I'll show up.
10:18:31 But to show up and not know who's going, to show up
10:18:38 and speak to me is right on the border line of
10:18:44 creating a problem for yourself.
10:18:46 And I don't want to create that problem for myself.
10:18:51 Therefore, I'm asking you, don't invite me.

10:18:53 Thank you very much.
10:19:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm not sure how this policy
10:19:05 recommendation was generated, but I feel like we were
10:19:10 all elected to City Council, and we all took our oath,
10:19:14 and we've all had repeated explanations of both the
10:19:19 public record and the Sunshine Law.
10:19:23 So I don't feel like I need to have a policy telling
10:19:26 me how to perform one of my duties, which is to be a
10:19:31 CRA board member.
10:19:32 I think if any of us were to go to a meeting and try
10:19:38 to direct the committee that is supposed to be the
10:19:43 advisory committee that decides what happens in those
10:19:46 CRA districts and tries to direct them, we're putting
10:19:50 ourselves in a bad position.
10:19:51 So I don't think that we need to be told not to show
10:19:54 up at the meeting.
10:19:55 I personally -- I don't think I've been to a meeting,
10:19:59 because I kept getting warned about it, but I feel
10:20:01 like not only are those meetings noticed public
10:20:05 meetings, which, you know, was something that we were
10:20:08 told had to happen last year, they are noticed public
10:20:12 meetings.

10:20:13 At our CRA meetings, we certainly have the
10:20:16 opportunity, and I'm sure that our attorney will
10:20:19 remind us to disclose if we are voting on something,
10:20:25 whether we had any communication.
10:20:28 But those are public meetings.
10:20:30 So I just -- I agree and have seconded Linda's motion,
10:20:35 but I also feel like I don't know that this board
10:20:41 asked for that recommendation, and I'm not happy with
10:20:45 it, and I think we're grown-ups.
10:20:47 We're elected officials, and we should be able to make
10:20:50 a determination about what public meeting we want to
10:20:54 go to.
10:20:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I don't think this is necessary.
10:20:57 I want to reassure Mr. Miranda, I will not go to any
10:21:00 CRA meetings that I am not invited to by the advisory
10:21:03 committee, by the board.
10:21:05 But I think that this is unnecessary.
10:21:06 Let's save time and just vote this down.
10:21:09 Move to receive and file it.
10:21:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Madam Chair, I was very careful --
10:21:16 I was very careful.
10:21:18 I never mentioned any Council members' names.

10:21:21 I never mentioned anyone's name.
10:21:24 I just said I'm not going.
10:21:28 And that's -- I think we need guidelines.
10:21:31 And I also think the main thing that I said, I want to
10:21:36 know when a Chairman of those CRA in the different
10:21:42 areas wants a Council member to go, to put it in
10:21:45 writing, and to send it to us.
10:21:47 And what the reason.
10:21:49 If that Council member goes and I'm not an attorney,
10:21:52 but there are some here that are experts in the field,
10:21:55 and there's a debate on the issue.
10:21:57 And that issue comes before City Council, maybe I'm
10:22:00 wrong, what happens?
10:22:04 >> It depends if there were two of you there.
10:22:06 If there's one there, no problem.
10:22:07 You can speak up on what you want to.
10:22:10 If there are two, the perception may be that you're
10:22:12 passing information back and forth to each other
10:22:14 improperly.
10:22:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Therefore, the appearance of one is
10:22:18 not as bad, but if you have two by coincidence, you're
10:22:21 going to read your name in the paper.

10:22:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Call the question.
10:22:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Maybe we need to send it back to our
10:22:30 attorney.
10:22:30 Maybe the wording is not the right wording.
10:22:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to table it -- not
10:22:36 table it, to receive and file it.
10:22:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to receive
10:22:39 and file.
10:22:40 All in favor, aye.
10:22:41 Opposed, nay.
10:22:42 The motion fails 3-3.
10:22:48 >>THE CLERK: The motion did not carry with Miranda,
10:22:50 Miller and Scott voting no and Dingfelder being
10:22:53 absent.
10:22:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would move, Madam Chair, we send it
10:22:59 back and they refine it with those things I pointed
10:23:02 out where it restricts the Council member from going
10:23:04 to the meeting or ex parte communication.
10:23:06 I think that needs to be taken out.
10:23:08 I think that's the issue that I have relative to that.
10:23:11 I mean, I just think that -- we are elected officials,
10:23:18 and we can choose to go or not go.

10:23:21 I don't go.
10:23:22 I do not go.
10:23:23 And I do not go because ultimately I am the
10:23:27 decision-maker.
10:23:28 It will come before me anyway, and I get a chance --
10:23:32 now, if they requested me to come, I will come.
10:23:36 If you request of any chairperson or the CRA requests
10:23:38 me to come, I will come.
10:23:41 If it's just me.
10:23:43 If it's the board, then it has to come to a noticed
10:23:47 meeting.
10:23:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I echo again Reverend Scott's
10:23:51 comments.
10:23:53 I have been asked to go by Drew Park.
10:23:58 I don't go.
10:23:59 I don't want to have an unduly influence by my
10:24:05 presence there, not because it's Charlie Miranda, but
10:24:08 because it's a chair I sit in that happens to be an
10:24:10 elected official's chair that someone on that board
10:24:14 that's doing a heck of a job may feel intimidated by
10:24:18 my presence.
10:24:20 And I don't ever want that to happen.

10:24:22 That's why I simply don't go.
10:24:24 I take their advice.
10:24:28 I read what they say.
10:24:29 They made their own decision and I made my own
10:24:34 decision.
10:24:34 What better transparency, what more freshness in
10:24:37 government do you want than that.
10:24:39 So I'm going to second Mr. Scott's motion with a calf
10:24:45 yet, if I may add a friendly amendment to it, that if
10:24:48 we're asked to go, it must be in writing and all seven
10:24:54 Council members must know so somebody else doesn't
10:24:57 show up.
10:25:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think this is much ado about
10:25:03 nothing.
10:25:03 I won't support your amendment.
10:25:05 I won't attend meetings unless I'm invited or I won't
10:25:08 attend at all.
10:25:04 But I think we are spending way too much time on
10:25:10 something that is not of great import.
10:25:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
10:25:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that's a reasonable request to
10:25:18 ask that the CRA, if they are inviting one of us, to

10:25:23 let all of us know, and that's fine, and I think we
10:25:25 can ask them to do that without creating a new policy.
10:25:30 We operate under state law and under our charter, and
10:25:36 under the Community Redevelopment Agency act.
10:25:40 We have enough guidelines, and I just would like to be
10:25:45 treated -- if I were invited to go to a meeting, I
10:25:49 would certainly go, and I would not advise -- I
10:25:53 wouldn't go there to speak.
10:25:54 I would go there to listen.
10:25:55 And I think that is the benefit of going to these
10:25:58 meetings, is that you get the information from the
10:26:02 group, and you hear what they want to happen.
10:26:08 And then, now, we have to vote on these issues.
10:26:10 And I think the more information we have, the better
10:26:14 able we are to make those decisions.
10:26:16 So I'm not going to support the motion either.
10:26:20 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second on the
10:26:21 floor.
10:26:22 All in favor say Aye.
10:26:23 Opposes, Nay.
10:26:25 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder being
10:26:27 absent.

10:26:27 Saul-Sena and Mulhern voting no.
10:26:29 I ask that the motion be formally stated for the
10:26:31 record, please.
10:26:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Send it back to the staff to remove
10:26:41 any council members from going or ex parte, whatever
10:26:48 makes it a violation of sunshine.
10:26:50 Those are the issues.
10:26:56 And that will be sent to all of us.
10:27:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I believe this was drafted
10:27:03 previously by staff.
10:27:04 I would like the legal department to take a look at
10:27:07 it, too
10:27:12 Perhaps with the help of Mr. Shelby.
10:27:14 Thank you.
10:27:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:27:16 Mr. Huey, continue on.
10:27:25 >>MARK HUEY: We have Drew Park.
10:27:29 Community meeting scheduled for January 27th.
10:27:31 At the Hillsborough County community college campus.
10:27:34 And all of you have expressed an interest in
10:27:37 attending.
10:27:38 And I know the community is the looking forward to

10:27:41 hosting you for that.
10:27:45 I would like to invite, at this point, Janett Fenton
10:27:50 up.
10:27:51 She has a short presentation, PowerPoint, regarding --
10:27:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 2:00 on the 27th?
10:28:00 >>> It is at 6 o'clock p.m.
10:28:02 And I believe that's been confirmed on all of your
10:28:06 calendars.
10:28:09 With that I would like to turn it over to Jeanette
10:28:12 Fenton.
10:28:12 She has an update on the adult use program which we
10:28:15 implemented with the police department in Drew Park.
10:28:17 >>> Janet LaRussa Fenton, Drew Park CRA manager.
10:28:24 It is a pleasure to be able to deliver this report to
10:28:26 you.
10:28:26 You already gave the commendation to the Tampa Police
10:28:29 Department on their great work, and I want to give you
10:28:32 a few details behind that commendation.
10:28:37 Start with a quick PowerPoint.
10:28:38 First of all, the purpose of the program was to
10:28:41 achieve and maintain compliance with city codes from
10:28:44 the adult businesses in Drew Park.

10:28:46 As you know, it was a high priority of the Drew Park
10:28:50 advisory committee, the community, to undertake
10:28:54 enforcement of adult uses.
10:28:56 Also, it was a major point in the Drew Park strategic
10:28:59 action plan.
10:29:00 And we accomplished this during allocation of TIF
10:29:05 dollars to provide for overtime personnel, and other
10:29:08 investigative costs.
10:29:09 So in this way there was no normal police operations.
10:29:13 We were able to use overtime and fund other costs.
10:29:18 As you can see, the budget for the project -- and this
10:29:21 was intended to cover a six-month period with a little
10:29:25 over 132,000.
10:29:28 I am very pleased to report that through December, we
10:29:30 had spent about 74,000.
10:29:33 So not only did they do a great job, they did it
10:29:37 significantly under the projected budget.
10:29:41 What are we talking about when we refer to adult use
10:29:45 establishments?
10:29:46 We use the terminology as regulated for those that
10:29:49 have the proper adult use permit.
10:29:52 They are allowed to be there.

10:29:54 The Supreme Court says they have a right to be there.
10:29:56 And as you can see, there are about ten of them that
10:29:59 were of this type, the regulated adult uses in
10:30:03 existence in Drew Park in May of 2008, prior to the
10:30:05 beginning of the operation.
10:30:10 The next slide shows what we refer to as the
10:30:12 nonregulated.
10:30:14 These are the lingerie shops, massage parlors, so
10:30:18 forth, that don't have the proper permits, they don't
10:30:22 claim to be adult uses, they claim to be retail or
10:30:25 something of that nature.
10:30:26 So you can see there were nine of those again prior to
10:30:29 the start of this operation scattered throughout Drew
10:30:32 Park.
10:30:34 The next slide just shows the combination of both of
10:30:36 them, the 19 of these types of establishments.
10:30:40 And you can see the strong concentration throughout
10:30:43 the Drew Park area.
10:30:44 And then my favorite slide, which is the next one,
10:30:47 that shows the disappearance after -- this was as of
10:30:51 November of 2008, after six months of the operation,
10:30:55 where you see the elimination of the nonregulated

10:30:59 ability, and there is one of the regulated that was --
10:31:03 that had moved out, but that was as a consequence of
10:31:06 the airport expansion.
10:31:08 So that wasn't necessarily our activity, but we are
10:31:11 happy that the airport also did its parts in acquiring
10:31:14 one of these establishments.
10:31:19 This shows you what is happening now with these
10:31:22 properties.
10:31:23 As you can see, most of them are either vacant for
10:31:26 lease.
10:31:27 Of course, we are hoping as the economy improves at
10:31:30 some point then we'll begin seeing more productive
10:31:33 reuse of these properties.
10:31:35 We do have one that is now being used for a legitimate
10:31:39 business, the site of Hoffman brickyard, and that
10:31:43 shows you the picture of that facility and how it's
10:31:45 being used now.
10:31:48 This is the recording of the statistics.
10:31:50 As you can see, there was 163 total arrests in this
10:31:54 operation through November.
10:31:59 It shows you the break down of the location of the
10:32:01 arrests and some of the types of arrest that occurred.

10:32:11 Two are unregulated activities which is the playhouse
10:32:16 theater and fantasy lane which has 23 arrests so those
10:32:21 are some of the most active in this regard.
10:32:25 The future action.
10:32:26 Certainly although we have shut down all of the
10:32:37 nonregulated, these are fly by night, they crop up,
10:32:40 they leave, and we have to make sure they do not
10:32:43 return.
10:32:43 And with Super Bowl there is an incentive for them to
10:32:47 crop up again.
10:32:47 So what TPD will continue to do is monitor for both
10:32:53 the regulated and nonregulated businesses.
10:32:56 We also plan to track the crime statistics?
10:32:58 Drew Park, the overall crime statistics, to see if
10:33:02 indeed now that we have substantially reduced the
10:33:04 adult uses if there is a related reduction in overall
10:33:08 crime in Drew Park.
10:33:09 So we are very happy, of course, with the results.
10:33:12 Like any operation, in addition to the good work of
10:33:15 TPD, we have had cooperation from lots of different
10:33:18 departments, the city attorney's office, code
10:33:20 enforcement, license, Land Development Coordination,

10:33:25 everyone has a role to play, and they have assisted.
10:33:29 Certainly the community has been active.
10:33:31 One individual in particular who shall remain
10:33:34 nameless, of course, for obvious reasons, has been
10:33:36 very helpful in providing information.
10:33:41 We have had real estate brokers, and property owners
10:33:46 that have also now not leased these types of
10:33:49 businesses.
10:33:49 So they have done their part to work and clean this up
10:33:52 as well.
10:33:52 We want to acknowledge that.
10:33:54 So again we thank the mayor and the CRA board for
10:33:58 their support and the allocation for this.
10:34:01 And captain Bartlett is still here.
10:34:03 If there are questions, obviously these are undercover
10:34:07 kinds of operation that is we don't like to discuss
10:34:09 too much publicly, but we are here to answer any
10:34:11 questions.
10:34:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I congratulate you on your success.
10:34:17 I wonder if there's any kind of joint marketing for
10:34:19 property in Drew Park.
10:34:20 I have heard a lot of concerns that the City of Tampa

10:34:22 is phasing out too many areas for people to have
10:34:28 businesses, particularly small scale manufacturing in
10:34:31 Drew Park, as you know, is an area that's appropriate
10:34:33 for that.
10:34:34 So do you, as a way to sort of come up with a positive
10:34:38 reuse for these facilities, do you have any kind of
10:34:41 marketing program as part of your work program?
10:34:45 >>> We do have funds budgeted for marketing and public
10:34:48 information.
10:34:49 We have not started a full scale marketing program.
10:34:53 One of the first things we are doing is a newsletter
10:34:55 type of communication.
10:34:56 But we expect that additional efforts will happen in
10:34:59 the future in that regard.
10:35:00 >> Do you have like a Drew Park web site where people
10:35:03 can see properties available?
10:35:07 >> We do have a Drew Park web site as do all of the
10:35:10 other CRAs in the city.
10:35:12 We do not maintain necessarily a listing of available
10:35:16 properties.
10:35:16 We do have a development map that shows areas of Drew
10:35:19 Park that have new development and what that is.

10:35:22 >> In an effort to shift this from being the adult use
10:35:27 area to a better use with these areas, maybe that's
10:35:32 something you should consider.
10:35:34 And you probably wouldn't have to do much work.
10:35:37 Could you let the realtors who basically broker these
10:35:40 things know that the web site is available, and they
10:35:42 could put what's available up on the city's web site.
10:35:46 I think that would be helpful in what we are trying to
10:35:48 do is just change this from a blighted area.
10:35:53 >>> Thank you.
10:35:53 We will follow up on that.
10:35:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Your nonregulated, are most of
10:35:58 them still open?
10:35:59 >>> The nonregulated are the ones that are shut down.
10:36:02 The regulated ones are the one that is remain open.
10:36:04 >> How many arrests were made in the regulated
10:36:08 establishments?
10:36:09 >>> Do you want to respond to that?
10:36:13 >>> Captain Brett Waller, Tampa Police Department.
10:36:20 The majority of the arrests were made in some of the
10:36:22 regulated businesses.
10:36:26 Their activity were a little more overt.

10:36:28 The nonregulated businesses which are primarily
10:36:30 lingerie shops, it's difficult to get in, it's a
10:36:33 little more time intensive, so we have made arrests
10:36:35 there.
10:36:36 And the few number of arrests we have made at the
10:36:39 nonregulated actually pay off more because as you can
10:36:42 see they are shut down.
10:36:46 The tactics that we employ on these places is
10:36:49 completely different.
10:36:51 I won't bore you with too many of the details.
10:36:53 But what I would like to present for a second is this
10:36:58 program is a shining example of community policing and
10:37:03 the neighborhood said, this is what we believe is
10:37:05 what's important and the city through the police
10:37:08 department applied the resources, and we have had a
10:37:11 great outcome.
10:37:11 We have had many people tell us that -- ask us why we
10:37:14 are doing this, don't we have better things to do?
10:37:17 And the answer that I tell them is, no, this
10:37:19 neighborhood said this is the most important thing we
10:37:21 want you to do.
10:37:22 So we have applied the resources and the great

10:37:25 manpower and detectives, and officers that we have
10:37:28 available to this problem, and a lot of people don't
10:37:31 realize the magnitude of what has been accomplished
10:37:33 here.
10:37:34 But it really is in the overall scheme of things a
10:37:38 very good thing.
10:37:39 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: One of the other questions.
10:37:41 In the Tampa Tribune, I guess in the St. Pete Times
10:37:43 also, you see these little teeny ads about massage
10:37:48 places.
10:37:49 Do you go after some of those ads and investigate
10:37:52 them?
10:37:53 >> Well, we look at them.
10:37:55 If somebody puts up an ad, especially if it doesn't
10:37:58 show a license number or something, it's kind of like
10:38:03 you are going to get hit, we are going to pick you out
10:38:05 in a crowd and we actually do a lot of investigations
10:38:08 against these massage places.
10:38:10 The places are licensed but oftentimes the people who
10:38:13 are in there are not.
10:38:15 Or the people who are licensed are committing acts of
10:38:19 prostitution inside.

10:38:20 We have a wide range of activity through the adult
10:38:23 entertainment and adult use segment of business.
10:38:27 But we do enforce laws against those places.
10:38:32 We do take a look at what ads are being put out,
10:38:35 because sometimes the publications, they are the best
10:38:38 leads that we have.
10:38:39 We check out the web sites, and the publications.
10:38:42 We draw up a list of what we are going to target.
10:38:44 And we have to thank those people who advertise their
10:38:50 behavior for giving us a little extra idea of where to
10:38:52 go.
10:38:52 >> Do you get cooperation from the Department of
10:38:54 Professional Regulation?
10:38:57 >> Yes, we do.
10:38:58 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Those massage establishments must
10:39:01 have on the front of their door, or their entrance, a
10:39:04 number.
10:39:04 >>> Right.
10:39:07 And that's the number that applies to the
10:39:09 establishment.
10:39:10 Addition inside the people that are doing the massages
10:39:13 must have their license, also.

10:39:14 So we have a range of people that are giving massages
10:39:16 that are licensed and they get to go to jail.
10:39:19 Then the one whose are licensed and kind of give that
10:39:21 extra service that the people pay for, and they get to
10:39:24 go to jail for something.
10:39:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you for the report.
10:39:32 Thank you for the work that you all are doing there in
10:39:34 Drew Park.
10:39:34 >>> We appreciate your time and the resources that you
10:39:37 gave us.
10:39:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Fenton.
10:39:42 Mr. Huey?
10:39:45 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 is the quarterly financial report.
10:39:55 Have you all gotten a copy?
10:39:56 It for you to receive and file.
10:39:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to receive and file.
10:40:01 (Motion carried).
10:40:02 >>MARK HUEY: A comment I would like to make, there is
10:40:05 one addition to the report.
10:40:07 Under each tab, the very first page, you will see
10:40:09 reported interest earnings.
10:40:13 Interest earnings that accumulated because we have

10:40:17 unspent TIF revenues, and the recommendations for how
10:40:20 to spend those TIF resources will come to you over the
10:40:24 coming months.
10:40:25 And I just want to alert you that we have enhanced our
10:40:27 reporting to show that information.
10:40:31 >>CHAIRMAN: Now we have public comment.
10:40:34 Anybody in the public that would like to speak.
10:40:37 >> Ken Stoltenberg, office at 1101 Channelside Drive.
10:40:54 And I would just like to say two things on the contact
10:41:00 between CAC members and stakeholders in the area, and
10:41:05 CRA members.
10:41:06 I have read the draft of the proposal, and I have
10:41:08 three basic concerns.
10:41:10 First, Mr. Scott mentioned the ex parte communication.
10:41:13 I think that makes it almost impossible just for any
10:41:16 member of the general public to talk to you about
10:41:18 anything having to do with things that are important
10:41:20 to you, your constituents and their needs and desires.
10:41:23 You can't know what's on every single agenda unless I
10:41:27 guess you carry it around.
10:41:35 Secondly, if you have a procedure where somebody comes
10:41:36 to a meeting you have to notice it and then the CRA

10:41:39 board gets back to you and you get back to them.
10:41:41 What that is a recipe for -- and I understand Mr.
10:41:43 Miranda's concerns.
10:41:44 But the city can be slow as molasses anyway.
10:41:47 I don't think it needs any help.
10:41:49 So when you are trying to accomplish things and make
10:41:53 great neighborhoods, don't make it so hard on
10:41:54 yourselves.
10:41:55 Thank you.
10:41:55 >>GWEN MILLER: next.
10:41:59 >>> Mark Olma, CAC with Channel District.
10:42:03 My biggest, I guess, concern is, I'm new at the
10:42:11 Channel District and this new board, but what I'm
10:42:13 finding is we have a great relationship with the
10:42:15 planners, but sometimes we have an hour, hour and a
10:42:19 half meeting, and it put down into two and three
10:42:22 sentences.
10:42:23 I don't think you guys get the full conversation, the
10:42:29 full be intent.
10:42:46 We are not confused by having you there.
10:42:48 I think it's a great idea to having you there on a
10:42:51 regular basis just to be there and see what we are

10:42:53 doing, and thank you.
10:43:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
10:43:13 >>> The East Tampa development area.
10:43:18 First, I want to note that this is the year 2009.
10:43:35 And two months has already passed.
10:43:40 We are already in our second quarter of fiscal year
10:43:44 2009.
10:43:47 And that's very significant in that I look forward to
10:43:52 what you plan to accomplish in the next nine months.
10:43:57 And what I have, Madam Chairman, I would like to
10:44:04 commend the East Tampa CRA managers.
10:44:10 I know sometimes that I might be a -- our community,
10:44:22 they have given me, they have educated me, and I look
10:44:26 forward to that continuing opportunity.
10:44:30 And, in addition, the assistance they have been giving
10:44:34 me in terms of providing information.
10:44:42 Of course, this quarterly report that is produced,
10:44:51 it's fascinating and you learn a whole lot sometimes.
10:45:00 Before my time is up, about the discussion that you
10:45:02 had concerning the CRA, the board, and the CAC
10:45:05 relation, I thought all public noticed meetings is
10:45:23 open for anyone to attend.

10:45:29 The hope the president-elect would attend one of our
10:45:35 City Council meetings.
10:45:37 Or CRA meetings with the public and I don't think that
10:45:45 would be a breech of the sunshine.
10:45:46 I don't think that would be a breech of the ethics,
10:45:51 code.
10:45:52 And as far as the ex parte component, I would like
10:45:56 some additional information of the reasons concerning
10:46:04 the ex parte communication.
10:46:07 Thank you.
10:46:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?
10:46:09 We need to pass this resolution?
10:46:10 >>
10:46:11 >>: Move the resolution.
10:46:12 >> Second.
10:46:13 (Motion carried).
10:46:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick announcement.
10:46:18 The Tampa Theatre is going to be open on inauguration
10:46:23 day, Tuesday, from ten in the morning, with
10:46:26 inauguration ceremonies being projected.
10:46:29 It's free and open to the public until two in the
10:46:31 afternoon.

10:46:32 So you can celebrate this historic moment in downtown
10:46:35 Tampa's historic theater.
10:46:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else to come before CRA?
10:46:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Receive and file.
10:46:45 >> Second.
10:46:46 (Motion carried).
10:46:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:46:48 We stand adjourned.
10:46:51 (CRA meeting adjourned)