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Thursday, February 12, 2009
CRA Meeting

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09:04:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:04:31 Good morning.
09:04:33 The Community Redevelopment Agency CRA will now come
09:04:36 to order.
09:04:37 The chair will yield to Mr. Charlie Miranda.
09:04:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:04:43 I have the pleasure of introducing a young lady who
09:04:46 everyone knows.
09:04:47 She's done an outstanding job in various areas of the

09:04:50 city.
09:04:50 She's been a volunteer to many civic groups.
09:04:54 She was also a -- she did an excellent job, has been
09:05:04 very fair, and sometimes I everyone call her for
09:05:06 advice, not that I take it, but I call her for advice,
09:05:09 and she's been very forthright in giving the facts to
09:05:14 myself and other council members, and I would like to
09:05:16 introduce this morning Sue Lyons who is going to say
09:05:20 the prayer.
09:05:21 Please stand and remain standing for the pledge of
09:05:22 allegiance.
09:05:28 >> Dear heavenly father, thank you for this council
09:05:31 and the good work they do.
09:05:32 Please protect them and their families.
09:05:34 Thank you for the wonderful city we live in and those
09:05:38 who have worked so hard to make it a better place.
09:05:42 Please lift this burden of worry and stress from our
09:05:44 hearts and let us know that you will take care of our
09:05:48 needs, because we place our trust in you and your
09:05:51 word.
09:05:54 We cast all our cares on you.
09:05:56 This is a time of testing, and you have brought us

09:06:00 this far and will not abandon us.
09:06:02 Did you not abandon us in the wilderness, and we have
09:06:05 faith you will continue to lead us out of this
09:06:08 troubled time.
09:06:09 Help us to turn to you in our time of need, for you
09:06:13 are all powerful, and you care for us.
09:06:16 Give us the peace that transcends understanding and
09:06:20 remind us to put our trust in you.
09:06:23 Amen.
09:06:26 (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:06:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:06:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:06:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:06:49 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:06:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:06:52 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time.
09:06:54 Here.
09:06:55 At this time I turn it over to Mr. Mark Huey.
09:06:57 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.
09:07:01 Before we talk about the first agenda item, I wanted
09:07:06 to take a moment and provide a little clarification to
09:07:10 an article that was in the Tampa Tribune today.

09:07:14 The article concerned a routine matter before you this
09:07:18 morning concerning some adjustments to the budgets you
09:07:23 approved last fall.
09:07:27 What we determined in reviewing those budgets --
09:07:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have a copy?
09:07:34 >>MARK HUEY: Excuse me?
09:07:35 Copy of the article?
09:07:36 I'm sorry, I don't.
09:07:37 But I'll explain to you what the article said.
09:07:40 >> Let me make some copies.
09:07:47 >>MARK HUEY: What occurred is when we used mill annal
09:07:50 rates to make the revenue projections in support of
09:07:54 the budgets, inadvertently the Hillsborough County
09:08:00 environmental protection program, that millage rate
09:08:02 was included in the millage rate, and as you are
09:08:06 aware, that is not in fact a source of TIF revenue.
09:08:10 That millage rate that taxpayers pay toward
09:08:14 preservation of public lands is not a revenue stream
09:08:18 that comes to the Community Redevelopment Agency.
09:08:21 So that was an accident that occurred.
09:08:24 That accident was discovered.
09:08:25 It was corrected.

09:08:26 When we billed the county, we billed the appropriate
09:08:29 amount, and the county appraised the appropriate
09:08:33 amount so the accounting adjustment before you today
09:08:35 is simply to correct that, to reduce the budgets by
09:08:39 the amount for each redevelopment area, that they were
09:08:44 inadvertently increased because of the accidental
09:08:46 inclusion of the ELAPP millage rate in the original
09:08:50 projections.
09:08:51 The original we provided some information that turned
09:08:54 out not to be accurate in the way it got communicated
09:09:00 in the paper and we apologize for that, and that
09:09:03 information speculated that it had to do with the
09:09:05 passage of the ELAPP program or not, and really that's
09:09:10 irrelevant to the calculation of TIF revenues because
09:09:13 that millage rate is not part of the overall
09:09:17 calculation of TIF revenues coming through the
09:09:21 redevelopment agency.
09:09:22 Any questions about that?
09:09:23 We apologize to the media and to the public for any
09:09:30 miscommunication that might have occurred in that.
09:09:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just to clarify, it didn't affect
09:09:35 our budgeting, did it?

09:09:36 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, the adjustments before you today are
09:09:43 in effect to take in each of our CRAs to make the
09:09:49 adjustments associated with that inadvertent inclusion
09:09:54 of the ELAPP millage in our revenue projections last
09:09:57 year.
09:09:59 So again a mistake was made.
09:10:01 The result of it was we overprojected TIF revenues
09:10:05 slightly in each redevelopment area, and that mistake
09:10:09 was caught.
09:10:10 We have reduced in each CRA an amount to account for
09:10:16 that, and today's actions will make the CRA budget
09:10:22 consistent with the actual revenues billed and
09:10:26 collected from all of the taxing municipalities.
09:10:28 >> Next time we should be more optimistic about ELAPP.
09:10:32 >>> Well, again, ELAPP is not part of the millage, so
09:10:37 we weren't optimistic or not.
09:10:39 That's why it's unfortunate the information was shared
09:10:40 in that way.
09:10:41 It was, but I just want to correct the record.
09:10:45 ELAPP is not part of the millage that comes to the
09:10:48 TIF, and whether ELAPP passed or not had nothing to do
09:10:52 and should have had nothing to do with the way we

09:10:54 projected revenue.
09:10:55 That millage was included again as part of the
09:10:59 original revenue projections and today's actions
09:11:01 correct for that.
09:11:02 And that was an error on our part.
09:11:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Continue.
09:11:12 >>MARK HUEY: The next item that we have is we had a
09:11:15 very successful community meeting last month in Drew
09:11:19 Park.
09:11:21 Most of you were there.
09:11:22 We appreciate your attendance.
09:11:24 We had good attendance from the community.
09:11:26 We had a chance to hear from Louis Miller about the
09:11:30 progress on Cargo Road.
09:11:31 We had a chance to hear from HCC about their future
09:11:35 redevelopment plans, and from a number of folks in the
09:11:38 community.
09:11:39 So we again appreciate all of their participation in
09:11:44 the meeting, and HCC is a wonderful host.
09:11:49 The next meeting per your policy will occur in April.
09:11:52 At this point absent further direction from the board,
09:11:54 we would suggest that we have it in the Heights.

09:11:58 That is one of the redevelopment areas you have not
09:12:00 yet visited.
09:12:01 So if that's satisfactory, we would offer that up as
09:12:05 our next community meeting.
09:12:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:12:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We love all of our CRA districts.
09:12:14 I guess I would question, is there enough going on in
09:12:16 the Heights to warrant a meeting?
09:12:23 >> MARK HUEY: I think you will be pleased with what's
09:12:25 going on.
09:12:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:12:27 >>MARK HUEY: They are no different than any other CRA
09:12:30 district in the fact that the economy and the capital
09:12:34 market challenges are certainly damp evening private
09:12:37 sector activity, but at Heights we are moving forward.
09:12:42 >> Fair enough, thank you.
09:12:43 >>> And I think they'll update you on the
09:12:46 infrastructure planning.
09:12:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:12:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:12:52 >>> We will plan on that and work it with your
09:12:54 calendars to find a God date in April to do that.

09:12:59 The next item on the agenda are monthly reports.
09:13:11 If I had to pick a top thing certainly the opening of
09:13:13 the history center was a milestone that it's been
09:13:16 decades in the making, and successfully open to rave
09:13:21 reviews, and our downtown has a new attraction that we
09:13:24 can all be proud of.
09:13:29 Right after that I think the Super Bowl was quite an
09:13:32 event for our city, and for our redevelopment areas,
09:13:35 particularly Ybor City, Channelside and downtown.
09:13:38 We had a chance to be showcase the history center, the
09:13:43 convention center, the activities in Ybor City, and of
09:13:46 course a great historic neighborhood of Ybor City.
09:13:50 Great business all around, and very successful in that
09:13:53 regard.
09:13:54 We had a lot to show off, didn't we, as the fruits of
09:13:57 our redevelopment efforts since the last Super Bowl?
09:14:03 We have had residents moving into the elements in
09:14:05 downtown, about 25 residents so far, living in the new
09:14:09 element high-rise.
09:14:10 In Ybor we had two new restaurants open.
09:14:13 We are beginning to work with IKEA in an advertisings
09:14:18 of their opening to make sure that we can take

09:14:20 advantage of the very significant customer traffic
09:14:25 that they will bring into the area.
09:14:29 Channel District, we continue to make progress on the
09:14:31 possibility of acquiring land for pocket parks, stage
09:14:36 works has committed to moving forward with their
09:14:38 interior construction, and Drew Park, we of course had
09:14:42 our community meeting.
09:14:44 We are on track to close on our first land acquisition
09:14:48 in Drew Park this month in the Cargo Road progress is
09:14:53 ahead of schedule, and office 2009, hopefully, we will
09:14:58 all be at a ribbon cutting for that.
09:15:00 East Tampa, the Martin Luther King retention project
09:15:02 continues, has started construction.
09:15:06 We are excited about that.
09:15:07 That will be comparable to the Fairoaks project that
09:15:14 claimed that stormwater feature for public park.
09:15:19 The hotel continues under renovation.
09:15:22 Significantly, the folks from Sarasota from the
09:15:25 Newtown CRA came to visit East Tampa.
09:15:28 You might recall we hosted the statewide conference of
09:15:32 the Florida redevelopment association a few months
09:15:35 ago.

09:15:37 Folks from Sarasota learned about what we were doing
09:15:39 in East Tampa and made a special trip including their
09:15:43 mayor coming to visit what we are doing in East Tampa,
09:15:46 and his team did a great job touring them around.
09:15:51 I think board member Saul-Sena had a chance to visit.
09:15:53 We appreciate that.
09:15:56 It's nice to see our efforts recognized by other
09:15:59 communities.
09:16:00 Heights, the Beck's office building continues to stay
09:16:02 on track to start construction.
09:16:04 And in Central Park, we have our development team
09:16:07 there, the Housing Authority and Bank of America
09:16:12 looking forward to putting in tax credit applications
09:16:19 in the upcoming cycle.
09:16:20 Those are some highlights.
09:16:22 I would be glad to answer any questions you might
09:16:23 have.
09:16:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
09:16:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A couple of questions.
09:16:30 In the goals for January, it says completed is a scope
09:16:35 of work for a process for administering the CRA facade
09:16:47 grant so people can borrow money to improve the

09:16:49 facade.
09:16:51 >>> Well, what the scope of work refers to, remember,
09:16:54 we don't have the capacity internally within the city
09:16:58 to manage that program, so the scope of works relates
09:17:02 to an RFP that we are planning to make available to
09:17:07 identify an administrative partner.
09:17:10 And so that's the scope of work that's referred to.
09:17:12 In terms of when we hope to be able to actually
09:17:15 activate that program, I think it will be in June.
09:17:18 So what we are doing is continuing to report to you
09:17:21 progress, the time line that we outline when you
09:17:25 approve the project, aside grant program.
09:17:29 >> Have we received a copy of the RFP?
09:17:32 >>> No, but we'll be glad to get you that.
09:17:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What sort of individual or entity
09:17:37 are you looking for, when we say we are looking for to
09:17:42 administer it?
09:17:44 >>> We need an entity primarily that will help with
09:17:47 the administrative side.
09:17:52 As applications are received we will primarily be the
09:17:54 marketers of the program, but as applications are
09:17:56 received, and processed, that they can assist with

09:17:59 underwriting, and the whole administrative process of
09:18:03 up to an award, and that in addition to that, there's
09:18:07 a process, because these are in a sense loans, a draw
09:18:14 process that will occur.
09:18:15 So this entity would also help us in administering a
09:18:18 draw process to make sure draws are made consistent
09:18:21 with the agreement that we have with an eventual
09:18:26 awardee.
09:18:26 There's two main pieces.
09:18:28 Would this be like a bank or credit union?
09:18:30 >> Yes.
09:18:31 We would expect to the be a financial institution that
09:18:32 is used to doing loan administration.
09:18:37 >> And how much money do we anticipate being in the
09:18:39 loan program and how much money do we anticipate
09:18:41 paying someone to add mer it?
09:18:46 >>> Between three CRAs we expect to have about 1.3
09:18:51 million.
09:18:51 The largest is in East Tampa which is about $800,000.
09:18:55 The administrative costs, and I'll report to you on
09:18:59 the project, we reported to you an estimate.
09:19:01 Until we go through this RFP process.

09:19:03 But I believe, Mike, it was --
09:19:07 >> About 9 to 14%.
09:19:09 >> We expect to the come in around 9 to 14%.
09:19:12 Again, we'll be glad to come back and report to you,
09:19:15 once we do in fact have an administrator on board how
09:19:17 that will work.
09:19:18 >> And who will be making the selection?
09:19:21 >>> It will occur to the normal city procurement
09:19:24 process.
09:19:26 And we'll have as part of that representations from
09:19:32 the involved CRAs but we will be using the normal
09:19:35 city procurement process as we do for all.
09:19:38 >> We have been talking about trying to get local
09:19:39 businesses -- you know, we recognize if you spend
09:19:43 money locally it stays in Tampa, not where it's needed
09:19:47 to stay.
09:19:49 Will there be any weighting given to local entity
09:19:53 rather than an out-of-town entity?
09:19:57 >>> Only as consistent with the current policy and
09:19:59 practices of the city.
09:20:02 So there's nothing being done differently.
09:20:05 >> There's nothing being done additionally?

09:20:07 >>> No.
09:20:08 >> This is something you might not have been tuned in
09:20:11 because it's not a CRA board but as a council board
09:20:14 wanting to do everything we can to help local
09:20:16 businesses.
09:20:17 The legal department is working on it but as you know
09:20:20 they haven't come back to us yet with a specific
09:20:23 proposal.
09:20:23 But we also haven't gone out to this RFP yet.
09:20:26 >>> Well, what I can share with you is I cannot
09:20:30 imagine a scenario in which a local company would not
09:20:33 be awarded this.
09:20:39 Because of the work involved and the fact that so much
09:20:41 of is it going to be doing -- whether it's evaluating
09:20:46 RFP responses or administering draw requests, and
09:20:50 visiting sites, it would be very expensive for an
09:20:54 out-of-town entity to be able to do that.
09:20:56 So I hate to speculate, but I can just offer you that
09:21:01 up as an observation.
09:21:03 I really can't see how an out-of-town firm would be
09:21:06 economically competitive with local firms in competing
09:21:10 for this type of work.

09:21:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Please share with us what you have
09:21:15 written up.
09:21:16 Thank you.
09:21:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for bringing up that, Linda.
09:21:22 I'm curious why we have to actually have someone add
09:21:32 mer this because you are the administration for our
09:21:34 CRA district and I know the city does have
09:21:36 relationships with banks, and I know that we do have
09:21:40 some loan programs, especially growth management,
09:21:44 development services, and I question whether that's a
09:21:50 good use of the money.
09:21:52 I'd rather see the money go to a business to do the
09:21:54 facade.
09:21:55 But, you know, if we really feel that we need someone
09:22:01 to administer this program, I think Linda's point
09:22:10 about local businesses is very important, knot not
09:22:13 just because we want to support local businesses,
09:22:15 which I know everybody has been talking about it since
09:22:19 I started sitting here, but that the major banks are
09:22:24 actually failing, and the only banks that are in any
09:22:27 kind of decent shape right now are local, the small
09:22:31 banks, the local banks, and the credit unions.

09:22:34 So if we are going to award this to anybody, I think
09:22:37 that it only makes sense to do that, absolutely do it
09:22:42 with a local company, and, you know, all the big banks
09:22:46 have branches here, so it's not as if we are talking
09:22:48 about going out of town.
09:22:51 It's possible you could give it to Bank of America or
09:22:54 fifth third or one of these big banks that, you know,
09:23:00 invested all our money unwisely when it could be going
09:23:03 to a local credit union or small bank or something,
09:23:10 but I really question whether we need to spend this
09:23:14 CRA money on administration when we actually have
09:23:17 administration staff to do it.
09:23:24 >>> We wrote to you a memorandum that would discuss at
09:23:29 length at this board, and at that time this issue was
09:23:33 debated and we provided you information about the work
09:23:38 that we have done to see if it could be done
09:23:40 internally and why it couldn't be done.
09:23:42 That was certainly our preference, but we simply don't
09:23:45 have the staffing resources internally to do it.
09:23:48 So we are on track to implement it in the fashion that
09:23:51 you have approved.
09:23:52 I would be happy to re-send to you all of the backup

09:23:55 documentation that you approved previously on this,
09:23:59 and so you could familiarize yourself with the
09:24:03 discussion that we had and the information that we
09:24:04 provided you.
09:24:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to see that.
09:24:07 I also think that this is, you know, really a bigger
09:24:11 discussion now because we did -- everything that we
09:24:13 have approved over the last three or four years were
09:24:16 based on a lot of assumptions about what was going to
09:24:20 happen with the market.
09:24:25 Needless to say things haven't gone as -- I think it's
09:24:30 well worth it for us to look at -- revisit how we are
09:24:34 spending a lot of this money to make sure we are
09:24:37 getting the most we can out of it.
09:24:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Did you have your hand up, Mr. Miranda?
09:24:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I am going to wait last.
09:24:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Good morning, mark.
09:24:54 Thank you.
09:24:57 I would like to ask Bob a couple of questions about
09:25:02 Channelside in the January report.
09:25:06 >>> Bob McDonaugh, urban development.
09:25:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know if you have your page

09:25:14 with you.
09:25:14 I'm sure you know this by heart.
09:25:16 But I just wanted to walk up a couple of these because
09:25:19 these are things that you have been talking to this
09:25:22 board about for a couple of months.
09:25:26 It says work with City of Tampa contract to finish
09:25:29 negotiating Wilson Miller contract amendment.
09:25:32 What are we changing with Wilson Miller?
09:25:34 >>> Well, there's two things.
09:25:36 One is it's the approval of the next scope of work,
09:25:39 which is the continuation of the construction
09:25:41 documents.
09:25:43 But there was also approximately $50,000 going to be
09:25:48 added to this leg of the contract, because as you are
09:25:50 aware, we are going through federal funding, and one
09:25:55 of the caveats of federal funding is that you are in a
09:25:58 position to actually build these improvements.
09:26:00 So one of the two things we need to do for stormwater
09:26:03 in the Channel District is to have two retention
09:26:06 areas, two retention basins, and one is scheduled or
09:26:09 planned for under McKay and the other is scheduled
09:26:13 or planned under York street, and we are working with

09:26:15 the Port Authority because part of that property is
09:26:17 owned by them.
09:26:18 And so that would be really the addition of the York
09:26:21 street basin which would have been done in the future,
09:26:25 is really the only change to what we are looking at
09:26:27 right now, to position ours that is if federal funds
09:26:29 are available, that we can say, yes, we have the
09:26:32 engineering in place to do these improvements.
09:26:34 >> So when you say federal funds you are talking about
09:26:37 the stimulus money?
09:26:38 >>> Correct.
09:26:38 >> And then working up a list, community parks, you
09:26:41 have a couple of items there.
09:26:42 You said working with the community to locate,
09:26:46 possibly locate a pocket park, I guess, some letters
09:26:50 of interest to land owners to discuss possible
09:26:52 acquisition of parks, how are we doing on the little
09:26:55 pocket park?
09:26:56 >>> I actually have three land owners who have agreed
09:26:59 to a pricing structure.
09:27:02 I have had discussion was my board, and my plan is in
09:27:06 the next newsletter which should go out in the next

09:27:09 month to invite residents to a meeting where we can
09:27:11 talk about exactly what it is they would like to see
09:27:14 in their parks.
09:27:14 And it's interesting because we have a variety of
09:27:17 interests.
09:27:19 I have folks who like to see art work.
09:27:21 I have one group that would like to see children's
09:27:23 exercise equipment.
09:27:24 And then everybody wants something for their dog.
09:27:27 So before I get too far down the road, I want to
09:27:31 involve the community and make sure that everybody is
09:27:32 consistent with what we are talking about.
09:27:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Great.
09:27:36 And then the last item I was curious about related to
09:27:43 the parking garage which in front of us in some
09:27:48 context of zoning or something awhile back.
09:27:50 And we had assurances, at least verbal from the Port
09:27:56 Authority that they would, you know, try and activate
09:28:00 the front of the garage on the Main Street there,
09:28:04 Channelside Boulevard.
09:28:05 >>> Channelside Drive, yes.
09:28:09 >> And perhaps make it a little more pedestrian

09:28:14 friendly than their current garage.
09:28:18 Any word on that?
09:28:19 >>> Yes, they will be coming in front of this group to
09:28:23 discuss their garage.
09:28:24 But they did several things.
09:28:26 I think they had their meetings open to the public.
09:28:29 They had me participate in the selection of a
09:28:33 contractor, and engineer and design group, and they
09:28:36 did several things.
09:28:37 One of the big concerns that some of the residents in
09:28:40 the Channel District had were view corridors, and it's
09:28:44 their existing garage.
09:28:45 If the garage was built to be level with their
09:28:48 existing garage it could impact or negatively impact
09:28:50 the view corridors from The Towers of Channelside.
09:28:53 So what they agreed to do was actually lower it by a
09:28:56 floor.
09:28:56 And they accomplished keeping the same number of cars
09:29:01 by cantilevering it over the sidewalks.
09:29:04 So did it two things.
09:29:05 One thing is that it adds the ability to provide shade
09:29:12 and keeping people out of the elements when they are

09:29:13 walking on the sidewalks.
09:29:15 And secondly it gives them the opportunity to light
09:29:17 that area at night.
09:29:19 And so the pedestrians would be illuminated.
09:29:22 They also have punchouts in there which would support
09:29:27 vegetation.
09:29:28 The exterior skin of it was somewhat reflective of the
09:29:34 shops at Channelside across the street.
09:29:36 So it was a departure from the existing garage.
09:29:39 The original garage was built when there was only the
09:29:42 aquarium there, and so the colors and designs, which
09:29:46 was done by HLK, were reflective of the aquarium.
09:29:49 So everything has changed now and we have a lot of new
09:29:52 other structures.
09:29:52 And so what the engineers and architects did was
09:29:57 basically, because that building is off about 60
09:30:00 degrees it almost like two separate structures, and
09:30:02 what they have done is put design elements in there
09:30:05 that are reflective of the buildings that are there
09:30:07 now.
09:30:07 That's the long answer to your question but the answer
09:30:10 is yes.

09:30:10 >> We appreciate it because we haven't had an update
09:30:13 since they were here awhile back.
09:30:14 How about any shops or storefronts on the first floor?
09:30:18 >>> Not that I'm aware of, and I think they are still
09:30:21 in the workout stage with that.
09:30:23 They have had several meetings with Wilson Stair again
09:30:27 to make sure that the design is something compatible
09:30:29 with the city.
09:30:32 They have got a ways to go.
09:30:33 Basically what they have done is recently in the last
09:30:35 two or three weeks, with the design build contract,
09:30:39 and from there they have a concept, and they have to
09:30:41 take the concept to fruition.
09:30:44 >> I'm glad at least they are going to do the covered
09:30:48 walk.
09:30:48 >>> And lowering the building also, I think there was
09:30:52 a collective sigh of relief from the people that live
09:30:56 in the towers of Channelside.
09:30:58 >>MARY MULHERN: I just have one question and I don't
09:31:02 know if you feel comfortable sharing this with us, but
09:31:04 three properties you are looking at for the pocket
09:31:06 park, where are they?

09:31:09 Can you give us an idea?
09:31:11 >>> Three of them actually are within the central core
09:31:15 of the Channel District.
09:31:16 Again, my plan -- and I think it supported by my board
09:31:19 and the residents -- is not to have a park but a
09:31:22 series of parks.
09:31:23 And so the idea, the philosophy, the first one would
09:31:28 be central to the district, and then perhaps moving
09:31:30 north and south to accommodate all of the residents.
09:31:34 But it's kind of in the middle.
09:31:35 So basically it would be a is that righter walking
09:31:37 distance to as many residents as I could possibly
09:31:40 accommodate.
09:31:42 >>MARY MULHERN: So Channelside goes --
09:31:46 >>> North-south.
09:31:47 >> So on the south side.
09:31:49 >>> Actually in the center, probably between 11th
09:31:52 and 12th.
09:31:53 >> Okay.
09:31:54 >>> And south of Kennedy and north of Cumberland.
09:31:57 >> So none of them are going to be on the channel?
09:32:00 >>> Not yet, no. And again, this is a work in

09:32:03 progress.
09:32:04 And it will be my hope to have several parks, because
09:32:09 it will break up the monotony of lots of tall
09:32:13 buildings.
09:32:14 And I think it will accommodate more of the people who
09:32:17 live there.
09:32:17 And what will be neat is that we can have a different
09:32:20 characters in each park so it will accommodate
09:32:23 different people in different ways.
09:32:25 >> I think that's great.
09:32:26 That's what we have been hearing from residents.
09:32:27 That's what they want.
09:32:28 >>> We have been listening.
09:32:30 >> The parks that are right there.
09:32:31 >>> Yeah.
09:32:32 >> Thanks.
09:32:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.
09:32:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to say thank you for
09:32:36 your diligent work that you have done, not only this
09:32:39 project but throughout the years.
09:32:42 And the only reservation I have is for every action,
09:32:45 there's always a reaction.

09:32:46 And if we are going to look to the local on
09:32:50 everything, what does that mean when they go find work
09:32:53 somewhere else?
09:32:54 That they are excluded?
09:32:56 That another city like Gainesville or St. Petersburg
09:32:59 or Orlando or Mobile, Alabama is going to tell them,
09:33:03 go back to where you came from, stay local?
09:33:05 That's all.
09:33:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:33:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mark, can I ask Ed about East
09:33:22 Tampa?
09:33:23 >>> Ed Johnson, development manager, East Tampa.
09:33:27 >> In your goals for the upcoming months in parks it
09:33:31 speaks to the rolling out of the strategic action
09:33:33 plan.
09:33:33 I know you have been working I guess with the
09:33:35 consultant to develop that comprehensive document in
09:33:40 preparing it for community roll-out.
09:33:45 Give us a little update on that, and also are you
09:33:50 going to roll it out to this board as well?
09:33:52 >>> Yes.
09:33:53 Our plan is, I think we talked a little bit about this

09:33:56 a couple past meetings, is to actually create an
09:33:59 executive summary.
09:34:01 We'll share that executive summary of the plan first,
09:34:04 get the buy-in from everyone on the executive
09:34:07 summaries, where we are going within the plan, and
09:34:09 then roll the plan out at a subsequent time.
09:34:13 We hope to have the executive summary wrapped up here
09:34:16 in the next couple of weeks.
09:34:18 Of course, a lot of our actions or solutions are, you
09:34:23 know, weighted down with what's happening in the
09:34:25 economy, as we talked about, we plan to bring about
09:34:30 two actual funding scenarios, one without TIF back
09:34:37 financing, and because of what's going on in the
09:34:39 market, it's wreaking some havoc on our projections
09:34:45 right now.
09:34:46 So we'll kind of retool and get it updated the best we
09:34:50 can, and then we'll come to you and the community with
09:34:53 than the executive summary and have some further
09:34:56 dialogue and get some more additional community input
09:34:58 as to what the objectives are.
09:34:59 >> Yesterday I was at a meeting, Pat Bean from the
09:35:04 county was there giving that update.

09:35:09 Tom and I were there.
09:35:11 What were the numbers she gave, Tom, the property
09:35:13 appraiser is projecting something in the teens?
09:35:18 >> Eleven?
09:35:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, 15 or 17% drop in potential
09:35:24 appraised values across the county as an average, I
09:35:27 guess.
09:35:29 So I guess that will affect you and all government
09:35:33 agencies.
09:35:33 >>> That's correct.
09:35:35 And I believe Mr. Huey is scheduling a meeting with
09:35:39 the property appraiser's office to actually sit down
09:35:43 and discuss, you know, exactly where those projections
09:35:47 are realistically before we actually wrap up the final
09:35:51 piece that we need to put into our projections for the
09:35:53 executive summary and our plans.
09:35:55 So, yes, I think we wanted to wait until he had that
09:35:58 conversation and to see exactly where we were going to
09:36:03 go with these numbers.
09:36:04 >> Do you guys expect East Tampa to be hit harder than
09:36:07 most in terms of those reductions?
09:36:10 >>> Well, I believe so, because we have had the

09:36:12 largest growth over the last several years, so it
09:36:14 would just be common sense, I think, that it will take
09:36:18 the largest hit.
09:36:19 But in reality sense, when you think about it, going
09:36:25 from $6 million to $5 million, $5 million we can still
09:36:29 do a lot with.
09:36:30 So, yes, we will have less revenue, but we will still
09:36:33 have revenue to be able to conduct redevelopment
09:36:36 activity in East Tampa.
09:36:37 >> We appreciate your optimism.
09:36:40 Thank you.
09:36:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
09:36:43 I think that I kind of differ with these assumptions
09:36:48 about the 15%, because when you look at the map there,
09:36:52 was a map of Hillsborough County.
09:36:54 Of course this seemed like years ago because it was
09:36:56 about maybe three weeks or month ago.
09:36:59 That showed by neighborhood, and it was all of
09:37:03 Hillsborough County.
09:37:04 The areas that had depreciated the most.
09:37:08 And I know because my neighborhood happened to be in
09:37:11 the 29%, one which was the highest one at that point.

09:37:16 Probably things have gone down more.
09:37:18 But I think this is the silver lining.
09:37:21 I think that in the community redevelopment area,
09:37:24 things were a little more stable, because they didn't
09:37:26 go up as much over the housing boom.
09:37:29 Am I right about that?
09:37:33 >>> Yes, and we have been supported by a lot of new
09:37:35 construction in many our CRA areas, which again should
09:37:38 provide some resiliency to the steep drop.
09:37:42 But as Ahmed reported this information that you heard
09:37:47 the other day, we heard it as well and it really has a
09:37:49 dramatic impact on our East Tampa strategic action
09:37:52 plan, as far as the recommendations that we were
09:37:54 bringing forward.
09:37:55 So it has caused as Ed suggested to really take a step
09:38:00 back, and to get a little bit more information from
09:38:03 the assessor's office to support the planning work
09:38:06 that we are doing there.
09:38:07 So we appreciate your patience on that.
09:38:09 The good news is that East Tampa is moving forward
09:38:12 even without a plan.
09:38:14 We have got as you know lots of good things going.

09:38:16 But we are anxious to get that plan done, and this has
09:38:20 just been the latest of a number of unexpected twists
09:38:24 in our development of strategic plan for East Tampa.
09:38:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you so much, Mr.
09:38:33 Huey, for these monthly reports.
09:38:35 It is truly helpful to see all of the activities that
09:38:38 are going on, because prior to this, we didn't have
09:38:43 this level of information and it's really a helpful
09:38:46 thing.
09:38:46 I wanted to specifically ask about the downtown loan
09:38:50 program for the repair of historic buildings.
09:38:53 That's completed, correct?
09:38:54 It says completed.
09:38:55 >>MARK HUEY: The program is designed -- do you want to
09:39:00 give an update?
09:39:02 Programmatically it's designed and in place.
09:39:04 >> What I want to do is let people know how they can
09:39:06 begin to apply.
09:39:07 >>> All they need to speak with me, the program with
09:39:12 Dennis, and it's basically set along the same lines as
09:39:15 the interstate program, and I do have a last step that
09:39:18 I have to take the documents against the legal

09:39:21 department, but the money has been set aside.
09:39:23 I have the forms.
09:39:25 We have a pretty good idea of how the program will
09:39:27 work.
09:39:27 And I've already met with Janett about the program.
09:39:32 I'm on it.
09:39:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good, good.
09:39:36 So by March you can share with us, you know, how
09:39:38 people are applying and what the time frame is.
09:39:41 Do you have like --
09:39:42 >>> You know what?
09:39:43 Dennis has a program where they have specific
09:39:47 deadlines.
09:39:48 I don't have as many properties in my area.
09:39:51 I don't think that will be necessary.
09:39:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's great.
09:39:55 >>> I would like to open it to all times and be as
09:39:59 flexible as possible.
09:40:00 So I don't think -- again, Dennis project covers lots
09:40:06 and lots of areas.
09:40:07 My specific CRA I don't think I will have as many
09:40:10 applicants.

09:40:10 Because of that I could be a little more flexible.
09:40:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's great.
09:40:14 One other quick question. There was some God news
09:40:16 here about the activating storefronts.
09:40:19 >>> Yes.
09:40:20 >> Can you share with us?
09:40:22 >>> We have two different things.
09:40:24 One we are working with the Tampa downtown
09:40:26 partnership, which is putting a for lack of a better
09:40:32 term shrink wrap on windows of vacant buildings, and
09:40:37 it's not just downtown, it's also Channel District,
09:40:41 and we are talking about Ybor as well, and the second
09:40:43 part of that is that I ran the program during Lights
09:40:51 on Tampa and I had a fair amount of people that
09:40:53 enjoyed it and for not a great amount of money I can
09:40:56 produce the same kind of thing 365 days out of the
09:40:58 year, involving people in the arts community and Ybor
09:41:01 and downtown and the university, and talk to landlords
09:41:06 with some of these buildings that are not activated
09:41:08 and put a projector in there and we can change what's
09:41:11 shown on a monthly basis and it can be informational,
09:41:14 it can be art, and at night, because we have some

09:41:17 corridors that don't have a lot of activity, they are
09:41:20 dark.
09:41:20 One of the things I have been working in my CRA
09:41:24 districts is adding light levels so people are more
09:41:28 comfortable walking, make it more pedestrian friendly
09:41:31 but by putting these displays in windows I think it
09:41:35 improves the comfort level and makes it more
09:41:37 interesting.
09:41:38 And these really in line with the recommendations made
09:41:43 in the art on the arts and how we need to activate
09:41:45 these windows.
09:41:46 So that's great.
09:41:46 >>> We had a meeting this week, and one of the things
09:41:51 that we have been somewhat hamstrung about is it's
09:41:54 called the Channel District arts program.
09:41:56 And our informal working group, prefer to call it the
09:42:01 in-town lights, because it is downtown, and it is Hyde
09:42:04 Park, and it is the Channel District, and it is Ybor,
09:42:07 and we want a sense of inclusion, where people don't
09:42:11 feel like they are going to be left out.
09:42:13 And so instead of call it Channel District arts plan,
09:42:16 we are calling it, at least among ourselves, to get

09:42:21 more people excited about it and involved in it.
09:42:24 >> If we need to officially as a CRA board change the
09:42:27 name we are happy to do that because we need everybody
09:42:29 to be engaged.
09:42:30 That's great.
09:42:30 >>MARY MULHERN: On that subject, I know that there's
09:42:38 an arts group in Ybor City that really wanted to
09:42:41 become a part of that, and I think before we, you
09:42:43 know, start always rebranding things and naming them,
09:42:49 but, yeah, informally you are working with a different
09:42:54 arm.
09:42:54 >>> At this point, attend all of these meetings, and
09:42:58 so we have already extended an olive branch because
09:43:01 the synergy -- we look at it as separate areas.
09:43:04 Nobody outside of our community looks at it as
09:43:07 separate areas.
09:43:07 They see it as one geographic area.
09:43:10 We are connected by a trolley, and it's within walking
09:43:15 distance.
09:43:15 So to have these imaginary lines really isn't helpful
09:43:20 for the process.
09:43:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A couple observations.

09:43:24 One is, Councilwoman Saul-Sena mentioned the issue of
09:43:29 the reports and how much more engaged we are, and I
09:43:34 want to point out that part of that is because going
09:43:37 back two years now, that this board decided to be more
09:43:41 involved and more engaged, so much so that you no
09:43:46 longer have a 30 minute prior to but you have a day
09:43:49 set aside for these meetings and that lends itself to
09:43:51 get reports in and be more engaged, more involved, so
09:43:54 I think for my perspective the board deserves a lot of
09:43:59 recognition and credit for what you have done, and the
09:44:02 importance of these CRAs in Tampa, and then staff
09:44:06 moving forward and bringing us the information and the
09:44:08 reports as well.
09:44:10 So I just wanted to highlight that.
09:44:12 Secondly, I want to say in terms of the downturn in
09:44:17 the economy, and the evaluation of the property going
09:44:21 down, also there's another silver lining in that, and
09:44:26 that is that the cost of doing business is cheaper as
09:44:28 well, that you should be able to move forward and be
09:44:31 able to get a lot more done.
09:44:34 The cost, the price is going down which helps
09:44:39 significantly East Tampa.

09:44:40 So I would hope as we move forward, Mr. Johnson, that
09:44:45 we can expeditiously move those plans forward as fast
09:44:50 as possible, because now is the time that you want to
09:44:53 be doing business because the rates are much better.
09:44:57 The last thing I want to say is in terms of Central
09:44:59 Park, I'm aware that the mayor did include such a park
09:45:04 in the stimulus package.
09:45:05 Also I had a conversation with Mr. Ryan, I have a
09:45:08 meeting set with him to talk about such a park.
09:45:11 It is seemingly that we may be everything to go there.
09:45:16 Do you want to speak to that?
09:45:17 But I want to request that we have an update on
09:45:21 Central Park, and I am going to be meeting sometime
09:45:24 this month to talk about where we are, but apparently
09:45:27 we have some good news in regards to Central Park and
09:45:32 what is taking place.
09:45:33 So I think it's good for this board to have an update
09:45:36 on Central Park, and --
09:45:41 >>MARK HUEY: We would be glad to schedule that, next
09:45:43 March.
09:45:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: At the March meeting.
09:45:48 Get us up to speed on what's taking place there.

09:45:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go to item number 3.
09:45:56 Evangeline best, chair of the East Tampa CRA.
09:46:05 >>> Good morning.
09:46:08 Just bear with me.
09:46:11 I'm a little nervous about doing this.
09:46:14 And it's a very special moment for me, because as
09:46:21 chairman of East Tampa, I take a lot of pride in what
09:46:26 happens in East Tampa.
09:46:27 I was born, reared, educated, spent 35 years as a
09:46:33 social worker in East Tampa, been very active in the
09:46:36 community.
09:46:36 And to stand here today representing East Tampa means
09:46:39 a lot to me.
09:46:41 Thank you.
09:46:48 I would like to thank you for the opportunity to come
09:46:50 before you to talk about East Tampa.
09:46:53 East Tampa is a very special area.
09:46:56 We have a lot of pride.
09:46:57 We have a lot of history.
09:47:02 Sometimes it's not validated but it is something that
09:47:04 those of us that have lived in East Tampa, we hold
09:47:08 dear to our hearts.

09:47:11 I would also like to give respect and pause to the
09:47:18 formal chairman Sam Kinsey and Tony Watts who was the
09:47:24 vice chair.
09:47:25 They laid a great foundation for this organization.
09:47:32 They laid the foundation for the new advisory board
09:47:37 that we could just start stepping stones and going
09:47:40 higher.
09:47:41 A lot of things were put in place, so I put my hat off
09:47:45 to Sam and to Tony, former board members, all the
09:47:50 membership.
09:47:50 And I would like to add that there are four of us
09:47:53 those on the current advisory board member that was a
09:47:57 part of the past.
09:47:58 So Carol Marshall, Maxine Woodside, Robert Blent and
09:48:10 myself, we see ourselves more as historians and we do
09:48:13 the connectiveness and we bring the group back. If we
09:48:17 have approved something in the past, we must go
09:48:19 forward on it.
09:48:20 So we bring that to the table.
09:48:24 I would also like to give special thanks to the city
09:48:29 staff, Ed Johnson, and his staff, Sidney Tucelli,
09:48:35 Laura Austin and Michelle van Long for their help.

09:48:41 They have been very patient with me.
09:48:43 They have allowed me to learn a lot, to ask a lot of
09:48:47 questions, to come there a lot and just say I need
09:48:55 more information, I want to know am I really doing the
09:48:58 right thing?
09:48:59 I think they are glad I don't have to meet with them
09:49:06 individually, I meet with them on a monthly basis so
09:49:10 that's for Ed Johnson's office and myself.
09:49:13 I would just like to share with you, I'm going to be
09:49:15 speaking to the exact comments that came from our last
09:49:20 January meeting where each of the advisory board
09:49:24 members gave what they said was the goals that they
09:49:29 accomplished this past year.
09:49:33 Starting with Denise James McKay, who is in charge
09:49:38 of aesthetic and beautification.
09:49:41 One of the things that their committee has
09:49:44 successfully done, which is going to put some
09:49:48 continuity and get us so we don't just act out of
09:49:52 emotions, in my opinion.
09:49:53 We get a lot of information about approve this,
09:49:56 approve that, do you want your name on this, do you
09:49:59 want to be a part of this?

09:50:01 Well, they set up a criteria that we would have to
09:50:05 look at before we approve anything about naming a
09:50:11 building, who gets what, in East Tampa.
09:50:14 So that to us puts us way down the road in terms of
09:50:19 not just doing, because we know somebody.
09:50:23 The next thing in her committee that they have done,
09:50:26 and that some of you were in attendance, I remember
09:50:30 seeing Gwen at our Christmas lighting in December.
09:50:38 It is the first time this ever happened in East Tampa.
09:50:41 We call it the East Tampa style.
09:50:44 That means that everybody and his mama could come
09:50:46 there, and we had parents, we had children, we had
09:50:52 art, most of the schools, and we have 17 schools in
09:50:55 East Tampa.
09:50:56 Most of the schools were present, participated on the
09:50:58 program, and we had the parents everyone that was not
09:51:01 from East Tampa, that transported their children over,
09:51:05 and were there in fellowship with us.
09:51:08 We billed that as being more than over 300-plus
09:51:12 persons, and everyone though the media said more, we
09:51:14 just know that we had a good time together.
09:51:18 The other thing that happened there was that we were

09:51:21 blessed by UCAP who is doing the pipelines in East
09:51:26 Tampa to donate 96 bicycles to East Tampa.
09:51:32 And we went to the school system to get that done in
09:51:35 terms of setting up our unified criteria for the
09:51:39 children to qualify.
09:51:41 We had such an overflow, and they brought us a little
09:51:44 bit more, we ended up being able to call on all our
09:51:48 neighborhoods, and our neighborhoods were able to
09:51:50 select a resident and their families to give them a
09:51:55 bicycle and to give them a $60 food basket for
09:51:59 Christmas.
09:52:00 We were very proud of that.
09:52:02 Moving along, in terms of Ernest coney who is the
09:52:08 economic development.
09:52:09 I heard comments this morning about the business
09:52:13 facade.
09:52:15 Ours in East Tampa is moving along also.
09:52:18 There was a good discussion at our meeting on last
09:52:21 Tuesday that more people are getting more interested,
09:52:24 they are asking more questions about the loan, and we
09:52:27 do plan to follow up on that, because we see this as
09:52:29 the secret, one of the secrets to East Tampa, in terms

09:52:33 of being able to do -- give a face here to East Tampa
09:52:38 in terms of our business establishments.
09:52:43 The other thing that Ernest pointed out was that he's
09:52:46 been a part of the university in terms of doing
09:52:52 service learning projects.
09:52:55 We had students to come in and actually go to the
09:52:57 different businesses and find out if they would
09:53:00 participate in this, long before, and they are now
09:53:06 back in the neighborhoods doing something for us
09:53:07 looking at foreclosures.
09:53:09 So we are in real God partnership with the university.
09:53:14 He's had business networking meetings, so that we are
09:53:18 getting our businesses to come together to just get to
09:53:21 know who they are and what each others are doing in
09:53:24 the neighborhood.
09:53:26 Next we have Maxine woodside, the health, education
09:53:32 and social services.
09:53:34 And there are two things that they have done.
09:53:36 One is that they have done this needs assessment that
09:53:40 was done 12 years ago by another private agency, CDC
09:53:46 of Tampa which was the kickoff to CDC, but the unique
09:53:49 thing about this is that this was residents that did

09:53:58 the interviewing with other residents.
09:54:02 We were out of the way.
09:54:04 And we got some good information about what the
09:54:09 community say they need.
09:54:11 And we have been talking about it.
09:54:13 Now, I know this is all about social service.
09:54:15 I don't want anyone to think we have not grown,
09:54:20 through hearing about the TIF funds and what it can be
09:54:23 used for.
09:54:24 But one of the things about the health and education
09:54:26 social service committee, they are one of the
09:54:29 committees that everybody independently doing small
09:54:31 grants, and to supplement some of their own agendas
09:54:34 and some of the things that they see that the
09:54:37 community says that they need.
09:54:38 So this will be one of the things that we will be
09:54:42 looking to more.
09:54:43 The next thing that they do is to welcome new teacher
09:54:47 event.
09:54:48 Now this is something that was one of the first
09:54:50 community things that ever was started, and it is now
09:54:54 in its fist year.

09:54:55 This past year, we had over 468 teachers, and I know
09:55:02 that sounds like a lot, that moved about and came into
09:55:06 East Tampa, and the unique thing about this is that
09:55:09 you might be an experienced teacher with the school
09:55:12 system and have been working, but you have not been in
09:55:15 East Tampa.
09:55:16 So we take time to welcome you.
09:55:19 We feel that it's an honor for you to come in, and we
09:55:24 do it through a breakfast, we have done it through
09:55:27 lunches, and at the same time we have community
09:55:28 leaders that are there greeting them, welcome them,
09:55:31 sit at the table, tell them about the history of East
09:55:34 Tampa.
09:55:35 And more than anything we start including some of the
09:55:37 youth, that they say if you want to know how to
09:55:40 navigator how you want to know where you get some good
09:55:43 food, or you want to know about tutoring in East
09:55:47 Tampa, you want to know about some of the health
09:55:50 services that you need, we tell them about it.
09:55:52 And it's in a brochure.
09:55:54 The other thing, and why we think this is so
09:55:56 important, and that we realize many of the teachers

09:56:00 that come in, they come in, they teach, and again they
09:56:04 leave.
09:56:05 But by giving them a document, we feel we are
09:56:09 empowering them, that they can better teach our
09:56:11 children and reach out to our parents.
09:56:12 So we see this as a very significant thing.
09:56:15 There were many on the projects that had committee has
09:56:19 been involved with but I want to make sure I don't get
09:56:22 a buzz or anything so I am going to keep it to two or
09:56:25 three little activities.
09:56:27 Carol Marshall, in terms of the land use committee.
09:56:31 What was so unique about Carol, the first thing that
09:56:38 she said that she's accomplished, she's created a good
09:56:41 working relationship with city staff in terms of land
09:56:46 use.
09:56:48 And that means she's spent some time and they have
09:56:52 been in conversation with our committee.
09:56:55 Secondly, she says that she is in constant
09:56:59 communication with neighborhood leaders when they have
09:57:02 had some zoning issues.
09:57:05 She gets in touch with them and makes sure that they
09:57:08 know well what to do.

09:57:09 Michael farmer, who is in charge of the planning and
09:57:13 evaluation.
09:57:16 Again we feel that this is going to be a real
09:57:19 significant in-road to procedures in terms of this
09:57:26 organization.
09:57:28 One of the things that we have created is a project
09:57:32 review criteria for all projects must go through a
09:57:37 certain criteria to make sure it meets the TIF
09:57:41 standards, and if it meets the TIF standards, it will
09:57:45 then come to the CAC.
09:57:47 That is something that we thought we really needed to
09:57:50 set up a criteria that is not a subjective thing on
09:57:55 our part, has been approved and it will come forward
09:58:00 and if it's approved it goes forward.
09:58:03 And I would like to compliment one of our community
09:58:07 persons, Linda grow, who created this and she had
09:58:11 other input from that.
09:58:12 We also, as you know, we got our bylaws of the ETCRP
09:58:18 to come in line with what the CRA policies, and we got
09:58:22 that approved.
09:58:23 We feel that we now know who we are a little bit more
09:58:26 in terms of especially the CAC and the difference in

09:58:31 the two.
09:58:34 We would like to give credit to Ronald Brookins as
09:58:38 chair on that because he really stayed with that until
09:58:40 we got that worked out.
09:58:42 We did, as you know, come up with some new committees.
09:58:45 And as you expanded our committee, we knew that we had
09:58:48 to have some other positions to do some other things.
09:58:50 So we have expanded the new positions, and we are just
09:58:55 waiting to get them a little streamlined so that we
09:58:58 can appoint the persons to those positions.
09:59:05 Next -- wait a minute.
09:59:09 Rosa Cambridge, public safety.
09:59:16 She would like to give thanks to the members of the
09:59:19 police department and the environmental detective for
09:59:22 making the community safe.
09:59:24 They sit on this committee.
09:59:28 They give input, any little things that we hear in the
09:59:32 community comes through this committee and they are
09:59:34 right on top of it.
09:59:37 This committee is a little unique in that she pointed
09:59:42 out they have USF, Dacco, the Black Nurses
09:59:47 Association, SHIP, the fire department, and they are

09:59:54 part of the partnership and members of this committee.
09:59:55 She's created what we call Eyes on East Tampa.
10:00:01 It's going to be a newsletter and she's hoping to roll
10:00:06 it out in 2010.
10:00:08 She has also worked through this committee.
10:00:11 They have worked on what we call team building.
10:00:14 And they report to the community, and they call on the
10:00:19 TPD and the youth council to do more education in the
10:00:22 community.
10:00:27 The housing committee, which is vacant right now and
10:00:31 it will be filled within a few month when we get some
10:00:33 things worked out.
10:00:34 But I spoke on that at this committee.
10:00:36 And I'm proud to announce that we have 13 houses that
10:00:40 were rehabbed in 2008.
10:00:45 Also, I went back and looked at some figures.
10:00:49 Since this rehab program under the East Tampa has been
10:00:53 in existence, we have done 69 houses in terms of East
10:00:57 Tampa.
10:01:00 In 2008, "Paint Your Heart Out" campaign.
10:01:04 And this is one thing I just got the board and I was
10:01:07 excited and I'm trying to find a way to do something,

10:01:11 because I know some things are limited because of TIF
10:01:14 funds.
10:01:15 But in my mind I saw this as an opportunity to give it
10:01:18 a new face lift to East Tampa.
10:01:19 And we stepped out, and were able to do 50-plus houses
10:01:23 strictly in East Tampa, and we challenge all of the
10:01:26 neighborhoods, we are going to do the same next year.
10:01:34 We have a new East Tampa community marketing driven --
10:01:38 marketing committee, which is chaired by -- which the
10:01:43 members are Donald Brookins -- Juan Davis, and Ron
10:01:50 Brookins.
10:01:53 This much is going to be a joint effort with the
10:01:56 service learning project.
10:01:57 And we have been meeting with them, and we just know
10:02:02 that one of the things that we know, we have a good
10:02:04 turnout, and we got a lot of good things going, but we
10:02:09 want to Don more.
10:02:10 So we want to look at ourselves and we are opening
10:02:14 ourselves up to these young people, that go into the
10:02:18 community and meet people that don't come to our
10:02:19 meeting and tell us why not.
10:02:22 We have given them a list of businesses, just go and

10:02:26 ask.
10:02:26 We really want to change our image, if there's one, or
10:02:29 we need to know what our image is.
10:02:31 And we want to just meet the needs of the community a
10:02:34 little bit more.
10:02:38 Now, some of the things that I personally have been
10:02:40 involved with.
10:02:43 One of the things that I saw a need for was monitoring
10:02:48 and encouraging transparency to this organization.
10:02:54 And I set out to do that in many ways, in terms of
10:02:58 making sure all persons who are our members get all of
10:03:04 the information.
10:03:05 I made sure that the media knows whatever meetings are
10:03:09 being held.
10:03:11 I know that you, the City Council, you wanted to know.
10:03:17 I have distributed my package and I understand it is
10:03:20 mailed to you, but I don't know if you read it so I am
10:03:23 just going to give you a little clue right quick.
10:03:26 I had a format that I use in terms of my agenda.
10:03:29 One it will show you the agenda.
10:03:31 Secondly, it will show you when and where the standing
10:03:34 committee meets, time and place.

10:03:39 The number 3 page -- and these pages are numbered in
10:03:41 your handout -- the number 3 page shows you all the
10:03:45 ETCRP meetings which goes out every month to
10:03:50 everybody.
10:03:51 Then at number 4 is your time.
10:03:54 I included when all your meetings are being held.
10:03:57 So whenever someone wants to come that maybe doesn't
10:04:00 come to our meeting, they want to come here, they know
10:04:03 to come here.
10:04:04 Number 5, we included know your neighborhood, and we
10:04:10 give them a listing of all our neighborhoods, where
10:04:12 they meet and who the contact person.
10:04:15 And if you want to flip over and go to the end, when
10:04:18 you get to page 6, you will be talking about the
10:04:20 minutes from the previous meeting.
10:04:22 Just go to the minute and do that right quick.
10:04:25 The other thing that I have worked on is
10:04:28 accountability as I said and oversight, meaning that
10:04:34 by having the different committees meet regularly, and
10:04:38 so that the public will know when we meet, because you
10:04:44 sent out the first notice, but if you keep sending out
10:04:47 this information I might see something on your agenda

10:04:49 that I might want to come and see this time.
10:04:51 I don't want to have to pick up the phone, call
10:04:53 somebody and ask them, where is the meeting?
10:04:55 I know it here and it's this time.
10:04:57 Also, we made sure that our chairmans do send in a
10:05:03 copy of the minutes to Cindy and keep them on file, so
10:05:07 if either one want to come and see, just started to be
10:05:11 a member they can come and they can see theirs.
10:05:15 One of the other things, I guess one of the things
10:05:17 that most people wondered why do I do certain things?
10:05:21 My interest and my passion is in the neighborhoods.
10:05:25 I've spent a lot of time.
10:05:26 And when I took on the position of chair, I did spend
10:05:30 a lot of time in the neighborhoods.
10:05:32 I have been to all neighborhoods that invited me.
10:05:35 I have been right now we have eight other -- 13
10:05:40 neighborhoods that we know when they meet, and I can
10:05:43 go to their meetings whenever, and they welcome me
10:05:48 there.
10:05:48 I'm very proud of that situation.
10:05:51 Just last Tuesday, we had our meeting, and we had six
10:06:00 of our neighborhood leaders present.

10:06:04 We did our little group meetings, and we did our
10:06:07 chitchat, but I want to put emphasis on the
10:06:11 neighborhoods, because in my mind I see them
10:06:14 eventually standing where I am.
10:06:16 But you have to gradually get them to that point.
10:06:19 And one of the ways that I'm trying to do that is that
10:06:22 I have a slot on the program that I earmarked for the
10:06:27 neighborhood association to do the welcome of new
10:06:30 visitors.
10:06:31 They stand.
10:06:32 They do that.
10:06:33 And, at the same time, they can give a little blurb
10:06:39 about how they meet, where they meet and do a little
10:06:41 PR, and as far as I'm concerned it's a little training
10:06:45 before the real training.
10:06:46 So that is the overview of the neighborhoods, and,
10:06:55 lastly, one of the things thatch I'm very proud to
10:06:58 say -- and I was a part of for the past five years --
10:07:02 is the collaboration with the University of South
10:07:05 Florida.
10:07:09 It has been, I think, one of the greatest things that
10:07:14 happened to East Tampa.

10:07:16 We know more about ourselves than we would have ever
10:07:18 known in five years.
10:07:20 I have before you -- and I'm going to wait just a
10:07:23 second.
10:07:24 I want you just to see the document that was presented
10:07:35 to me and to Ed.
10:07:39 We have this on file.
10:07:40 These are all service projects that have been about
10:07:45 East Tampa.
10:07:46 It tells us about our assets, not just the negative
10:07:49 things.
10:07:49 Anything that we want to know about East Tampa is
10:07:53 here.
10:07:53 And what I'm saying to you, what this has done is
10:07:59 given us a lot of confidence, it made us know that we
10:08:01 are not -- you know, you use the term how we got
10:08:04 qualified.
10:08:07 But we don't see ourselves that way.
10:08:08 We got good information here that we can brag about.
10:08:12 What East Tampa is all about.
10:08:14 And I do have a summary copy of this that I would like
10:08:18 to share with you, because I really think -- I really

10:08:31 think if anything we need to now look at how we can
10:08:36 connect the dots with what we got.
10:08:38 We got good information.
10:08:39 And it might not be through getting TIF funds, but we
10:08:44 are going to have to probably come to you and say,
10:08:46 hey, we need some help, because we got good
10:08:49 information.
10:08:51 But where do we go with it now?
10:08:53 Thank you.
10:08:53 Do you have any questions?
10:08:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
10:08:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for peering today.
10:09:01 You are the first neighborhood I think to do one of
10:09:03 these reports.
10:09:04 And we ask for this in hopes this afternoon we would
10:09:06 get more in-depth information, and you have been so --
10:09:12 really helpful to have the depth of information.
10:09:15 And I want to thank you for using the skills that you
10:09:19 honed as a social worker to develop the capacity in
10:09:24 each of your neighborhoods, in growing your
10:09:27 leadership.
10:09:27 Ultimately we know the city doesn't have the staff or

10:09:30 the resources to help a neighbor evolve.
10:09:34 It's got to come from the people in the neighborhood
10:09:36 and you have created that and grown that in East Tampa
10:09:39 which is huge.
10:09:40 And I just want to ask you -- thank you so much for
10:09:42 sharing this information about the USF collaborative.
10:09:45 Would you mind telling us just briefly some of the
10:09:48 different departments that have collaborated with East
10:09:50 Tampa and the kinds of things that they have done?
10:09:53 Because I think it's really extraordinary, and I want
10:09:57 that information to get out.
10:09:58 >>> Well, one is I would go quickly to the education
10:10:02 department.
10:10:03 We have done the Florida mental health.
10:10:05 We have done architect.
10:10:11 We have done anthropology.
10:10:14 Excuse me.
10:10:19 We have had our history, because we have done some
10:10:22 story telling.
10:10:23 But I know -- and I can give you that list.
10:10:26 I would love to bring that and just pass it to you
10:10:29 because it has been very diverse.

10:10:32 I met so many neat persons through this process of
10:10:34 being in that role what I was doing as a broker.
10:10:38 I was not in this position.
10:10:39 I was the chairman of the health education.
10:10:42 And when the university would contact, have an idea
10:10:46 they would contact me and it was my job to find
10:10:50 someone in the neighborhood to say, is this a need?
10:10:52 Is this something you want?
10:10:53 And if it was a need then we matched them tolling.
10:10:56 So that's how that really happened.
10:10:57 So it's a lot of neighborhoods and a lot of businesses
10:11:00 that have benefited from this.
10:11:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have any idea -- I know it's
10:11:05 hard to put a dollar figure on people's hours but you
10:11:07 mention board of director six different departments at
10:11:09 the university and each of them I assume have several
10:11:12 graduate students working on these projects.
10:11:14 >>> I would not.
10:11:16 We started trying to track that kind of information.
10:11:19 But I think the numbers were just -- the numbers would
10:11:24 be astronomical because there was so much dedication
10:11:27 and it was man hours spent that was not just the eight

10:11:31 to five.
10:11:32 I mean, not time, weekends, people got involved.
10:11:36 And the neat thing about the students.
10:11:41 Once they got involved with East Tampa, you know what?
10:11:44 They want to stay involved with East Tampa.
10:11:46 And many of them start doing other volunteer work.
10:11:49 And that's what I really saw was another carrot for
10:11:52 East Tampa, that we had students.
10:11:54 As a matter of fact, last Tuesday night we had
10:11:58 students that were sitting in the audience and
10:12:00 sometimes they come in just to observe us.
10:12:02 And then at the end, they identified themselves.
10:12:05 Oh, yes, I'm going to be work on this kind of project
10:12:07 with you, I want to work on this.
10:12:10 So I like that.
10:12:11 We are getting I call a more sterile view without
10:12:18 influencing them, and I like that.
10:12:19 I like to look at myself and make sure that we are
10:12:21 doing what we say we are doing.
10:12:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mill hurricane?
10:12:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Linda, there are 52 projects and
10:12:34 that's amazing.

10:12:35 We have to thank you for all the work you have done in
10:12:37 East Tampa as a volunteer, and also thank USF for this
10:12:45 incredible contribution that they are making to East
10:12:47 Tampa and to the city, for doing all this research and
10:12:52 hands on.
10:12:53 It's amazing just to skim this list and see how many
10:12:56 different areas.
10:12:59 There's health, there's social services, just
10:13:02 everything.
10:13:04 Thank you.
10:13:04 And, you know, you kind of set the bar kind of high
10:13:08 for the next CRA person who has to come.
10:13:13 >>> I just started writing.
10:13:18 I will assist anyone I can.
10:13:19 >> Put your name and position on the record.
10:13:21 >>> He advantage least Best, chairperson of the East
10:13:24 Tampa CRA.
10:13:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mrs. Best, for all you
10:13:31 have done your whole life, especially in the last
10:13:33 year.
10:13:33 A couple of things.
10:13:34 One, I definitely want to plug "Paint Your Heart Out."

10:13:41 City Council and the city attorney's office had a
10:13:43 house last year in East Tampa, and we are going to
10:13:46 have another one this year.
10:13:47 And so I encourage all my council members and staff
10:13:52 and attorneys to join us this year.
10:13:54 I think it's April 25th.
10:13:57 >>> Yes.
10:13:58 >> And also we need to find more houses.
10:14:01 I think there's a lot of folks out there that aren't
10:14:03 familiar with the program and if they are watching us
10:14:05 and feel they might qualify, please have them get in
10:14:08 touch with you or the city on that.
10:14:09 >>> Yes.
10:14:10 >> The other thing I wanted to say in all sincerity, I
10:14:15 was very struck when you were talking about
10:14:18 transparency, accountability and oversight.
10:14:20 And we are hearing those terms quite a bit coming out
10:14:22 of Washington.
10:14:24 I think you are doing probably a better job than they
10:14:26 do in Washington.
10:14:27 I just hope we don't lose you to Washington.
10:14:31 Thank you for all you're doing.

10:14:32 >>> Thank you.
10:14:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you again for what you are
10:14:41 doing.
10:14:41 I want to say that from a historical perspective,
10:14:45 history perspective, Sam Kinsey laying the foundation,
10:14:51 the first chairperson.
10:14:52 You have built upon that and moved it to another
10:14:54 level.
10:14:55 Those persons that you are working with, and so all of
10:14:57 them, we are really grateful for that.
10:15:01 It's good to see people get involved in the community.
10:15:03 And move to another level and working with the staff.
10:15:07 And you can see the progress that's being made.
10:15:10 And so I just want to thank you and all those who work
10:15:13 with you at the University of South Florida, may want
10:15:20 to recognize them for the valuable work they have
10:15:22 done, commendation or something of that nature.
10:15:24 I don't know whether we can make a motion on this
10:15:26 board to do that, or City Council.
10:15:32 I would move that we recognize south Florida for their
10:15:35 invaluable work with a letter of commendation.
10:15:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I speak to the motion?

10:15:44 At this very long list of the USF collaborative it's
10:15:47 the name of the director Judy Jepsen and with a heavy
10:15:53 heart that she has been let go by the University of
10:15:54 South Florida because of their budget cuts.
10:15:57 And I think given the amount of positive energy that
10:16:00 she's generated that we should consider -- I'm just
10:16:04 throwing this out there -- using TIF money from East
10:16:08 Tampa to have her continue to work on getting all
10:16:12 these resources for East Tampa, because frankly I
10:16:14 would rather spend money on that than the banker to do
10:16:17 the facade program.
10:16:18 I think we could get a banker for 5% and spend the
10:16:21 rest of the on the USF collaborative.
10:16:24 When you look at all that's gone on, I didn't find
10:16:27 this out till I went to the people from Sarasota's
10:16:29 presentation, and Judy told all this great stuff and
10:16:32 then she started crying and said I just lost my job,
10:16:35 and I thought, oh, my God, this is a travesty, and
10:16:38 bathe it's because USF is facing the same devastating
10:16:41 cuts that everybody else is.
10:16:42 So I think that's something we should look at.
10:16:47 >> We have a motion for commendation.

10:16:49 We are going to vote on the commendation.
10:16:51 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
10:16:54 Opposes?
10:16:58 >> And rebuilding Tampa Bay is recognized, you know,
10:17:01 last week, Jose also of East Tampa, I don't know if
10:17:05 you are aware or not, but they did work in East Tampa,
10:17:10 with rebuilding some houses.
10:17:15 I just wanted to kind of highlight them again as well
10:17:18 for the work they have done.
10:17:19 So a lot of people really put a lot of energy and
10:17:22 time.
10:17:22 And we are indeed thankful for ed and his staff who
10:17:29 has been a part of this whole process.
10:17:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Now that you see that East Tampa is
10:17:33 doing a great job, all I want to get from you now are
10:17:37 good compliments.
10:17:38 We have working and let's keep going.
10:17:40 We have no negative comments about East Tampa because
10:17:42 they are really working.
10:17:43 And I listened to you this morning.
10:17:45 And you say what a good job you have been, what you
10:17:50 have been doing.

10:17:51 Let's keep it going.
10:17:52 >>MARK HUEY: On behalf of the staff, we have five
10:17:55 guiding principles that are at the heart of our
10:17:57 redevelopment efforts, and than the very first one is
10:18:00 community collaboration.
10:18:01 And I just want to read it to you.
10:18:06 Community collaboration.
10:18:06 We will proactively engage the talents and energies of
10:18:09 our citizens and key institutions and revitalizing our
10:18:14 community.
10:18:16 Isn't that what T.H.A.N. and the team in East Tampa is
10:18:19 doing?
10:18:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Best, for a great report
10:18:27 and all the God things you are doing.
10:18:29 I know you are going to keep it up so I don't have to
10:18:31 say that.
10:18:31 And whatever you need us to do to help you it's there
10:18:34 for you.
10:18:35 Okay.
10:18:36 We have a walk-on, Mr. Sal Territo, our attorney.
10:18:39 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:18:40 You know, for several weeks -- several meetings you

10:18:43 have been dealing with policies of the CRA and your
10:18:46 relationship for the board with citizens advisory
10:18:49 committees.
10:18:50 You had a policy that was submitted to you several
10:18:53 meetings ago that you asked me to revise.
10:18:56 I have submitted to you a revised policy that is not
10:19:03 as --
10:19:05 >> Draconian?
10:19:06 >>> Okay, for lack of a better word.
10:19:08 [ Laughter ]
10:19:08 It not as restricted as the previous policy was, the
10:19:13 policy was basically saying you should not attend
10:19:16 these meetings.
10:19:17 Now you are being urged not to but you are not
10:19:19 prohibited from attending meetings, and also there was
10:19:21 a provision in there dealing with ex parte
10:19:23 communications which I was asked to remove which I
10:19:25 have removed.
10:19:26 And the policy now is basically urging someone not to
10:19:30 attend, if you do attend to make sure that you let the
10:19:33 advisory committees know that you are there in your
10:19:36 own capacity, that you are not speaking for the board,

10:19:38 unless the board has taken a position on that, and
10:19:41 obviously you can go there and speak on the board's
10:19:42 position.
10:19:43 It's those kinds of provisions that you have asked me
10:19:47 to put in there that I have done.
10:19:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't have the specific language.
10:19:51 I got it earlier in the week but I don't have it in
10:19:54 front of me today.
10:19:55 I would like to see it before we vote on it, if we
10:19:57 vote on it.
10:19:58 But when I looked at it earlier in the week, I sent an
10:20:01 e-mail and I said, why are we doing this at all?
10:20:04 And I apologize to this board.
10:20:08 I had missed the meeting where this came up.
10:20:10 But I just don't get it.
10:20:13 I don't get it at all.
10:20:14 I think it's really silly to be tying our hand and
10:20:20 constraining ourselves.
10:20:21 I mean, for example, Chairman Scott -- councilman
10:20:27 Scott, you know, represents East Tampa.
10:20:30 Most of his district is in East Tampa.
10:20:33 Some of it goes into other parts of the city.

10:20:35 I would say 80% is probably East Tampa.
10:20:38 Why would we want to constrain Chairman Scott to pop
10:20:41 his head in on the East Tampa CAC meeting just to sit
10:20:46 in the back and hear what's going on, chat with his
10:20:50 constituents, that sort of thing?
10:20:51 And let him know he's concerned.
10:20:54 Why would we want to discourage that?
10:20:55 I would think he would want to encourage that.
10:20:58 Similarly, councilman Miranda.
10:20:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, no, I don't go to meetings.
10:21:02 Leave me out of that vegetable soup because I don't go
10:21:05 there.
10:21:07 >> Similarly the West Tampa councilman whoever that
10:21:09 might be in the future has Drew Park in his district.
10:21:12 Okay?
10:21:13 I just want to say it generically, Charlie.
10:21:16 I'm just making my argument generically.
10:21:19 I'm not talking about individuals.
10:21:20 I'm talking about positions.
10:21:21 Your district is West Tampa.
10:21:22 Drew Park is completely in West Tampa.
10:21:24 Why on earth would we want to discourage the West

10:21:27 Tampa district councilman from attending that?
10:21:30 Ms. Mulhern is city-wide.
10:21:32 Okay.
10:21:33 And as are several others.
10:21:35 Okay.
10:21:36 Same thing.
10:21:36 If they want to pop in and sit in the back and -- I'm
10:21:40 not saying, you know, actively participate and try and
10:21:43 shape the discussions and be there and speak on
10:21:46 behalf.
10:21:47 But this policy the way I read it earlier in the week,
10:21:50 and if I could take a look at it real quick, I think
10:21:52 it says that somewhere in there that we want to
10:21:56 discourage council members, or board members, this
10:22:01 board, from attending those meetings.
10:22:04 That doesn't make any sense to me at all.
10:22:05 We should be as involved, deeply involved in attending
10:22:08 these things and talking to these folks and helping
10:22:11 them and encouraging them.
10:22:13 I think they would be absolutely thrilled to see us
10:22:15 sit in the back of those meetings, and listening and
10:22:19 hearing and, you know, we shouldn't have to hear from

10:22:24 Ms. Best to come here and tell us what she's doing, we
10:22:26 should be able to go over there and do that.
10:22:28 And Ms. Best is clapping her hands because she's not
10:22:30 on camera so I'm going to say that.
10:22:32 So obviously she is one person who agrees with me.
10:22:35 And I bet if he would got all the other CAC folks here
10:22:38 they would agree as well.
10:22:40 So I just think this is the wrong direction, it's the
10:22:43 wrong message to our community.
10:22:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr.
10:22:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miranda point and counterpoint.
10:22:49 As you well know, I'm not going to speak to that
10:22:53 point.
10:22:54 When a council member attends a meeting, that they
10:23:02 themselves appoint the people to that board, and
10:23:04 another council member, with or without notification
10:23:07 shows up, and if two council members speak to what
10:23:13 they call a conflict of interest, a violation of the
10:23:15 sunshine law and other things illegally.
10:23:19 It has become apparent to me, anyway, that these
10:23:22 things were going on.
10:23:24 Not maybe two but one, on a consistent basis.

10:23:29 I don't want to appoint anyone to a board and have me
10:23:32 sitting in the back or in the front or in the third
10:23:34 row or wherever.
10:23:37 By the mere presence of an elected official -- and I'm
10:23:40 not talking about myself -- it sends a message that
10:23:43 board doesn't know what they are doing.
10:23:45 And it was specifically discussed that if a council
10:23:48 member is invited by the board chairman, if I remember
10:23:52 the whole facts, and other council members are advised
10:23:56 of that meeting, that was fine, if you had an
10:24:01 invitation to go.
10:24:04 We have a country of laws.
10:24:07 We have a city of laws.
10:24:08 I don't want to skirt or have the impropriety or image
10:24:12 that we are violating or have attempted to violate the
10:24:18 mental capacity of those individuals that are doing a
10:24:20 job well done for the least amount of money, which is
10:24:26 zero, to make their community a better place to live.
10:24:31 For me, anyway -- I'm only speaking about myself -- to
10:24:34 go to any one of the CRA meetings, and maybe impose
10:24:39 what I think that you may not want to talk about but
10:24:43 that's what I want to hear on this side, is an

10:24:47 impropriety of fact, somewhat regulation of my duties
10:24:54 as an elected official -- and I'm speaking about
10:24:56 myself.
10:24:58 And these things, little things lead on to bigger
10:25:01 things.
10:25:05 Let me tell you why I ran for office.
10:25:06 I ran for office because in 2006, in December of that
10:25:11 year, I went to baby-sit my three granddaughters.
10:25:16 I have eight kids, six girls and two boys.
10:25:19 And I think they were baby-sitting me because they
10:25:22 were already 14, 11 and 9.
10:25:25 And it so happens that the television was on the City
10:25:27 Council meeting.
10:25:28 And I heard a discussion talking about if you pay this
10:25:33 much to the homeowners association, we might be able
10:25:35 to work it out.
10:25:38 I talked to myself.
10:25:40 You know what?
10:25:40 I can't stand that.
10:25:43 I don't want to see that, even though it's aboveboard,
10:25:46 I'm not going to say it's not.
10:25:48 Certain hearings during the council meeting, I sat

10:25:51 here and I started listening.
10:25:52 Well, I've got a contract with so-and-so where I'm
10:25:55 paying half a million dollars.
10:25:57 And I got a contract.
10:25:58 And I told myself, this is not going to happen as long
10:26:00 as Charlie Miranda is elected here.
10:26:02 So what I'm trying to stop is the appearance -- and
10:26:08 I'm not saying that's all a fact -- the appearances of
10:26:12 wrongdoing.
10:26:13 I have enough problems in government when individuals,
10:26:18 that's why the majority of people adopt like elected
10:26:20 officials, don't trust the government, and don't
10:26:22 really care what happens because they feel like they
10:26:24 have been run over by a semi, and then a big water
10:26:29 compacter ran them over and they are thin as an inch,
10:26:33 because we take a job, you retire, and back in the
10:26:39 same job making the same amount of money, while the
10:26:41 rest of the people are starving to death.
10:26:44 I'm getting tired of seeing this.
10:26:51 Not talking about the City of Tampa, talking about all
10:26:53 the governments.
10:26:54 And this is what's getting to me, it getting to the

10:26:56 taxpayers, it's getting to every citizen.
10:26:59 So I try to avoid all of that by saying, I'm not going
10:27:02 to do it.
10:27:04 I don't even go to the general meetings of all of
10:27:06 them.
10:27:07 I get criticized once in a while, that's fine.
10:27:10 But I would rather hear it from Ms. Best.
10:27:12 And I met with Ms. Beth privately months ago.
10:27:15 And for the record she's saying yes.
10:27:18 So what I'm saying is that I don't want to see
10:27:24 anyone's name in the headline that I work with,
10:27:29 including myself.
10:27:31 I think it's days tasteful.
10:27:34 I think the government is not liked by the people it
10:27:36 serves for various reasons.
10:27:39 Not the things he would don't do but for the things
10:27:41 that we do do.
10:27:43 Thank you very much, Madam Chair.
10:27:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Mulhern.
10:27:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I ran for office because I had a sense
10:27:49 that people didn't foal like they were getting their
10:27:55 needs and their message across to the city, and I

10:27:59 wanted to be able to listen to people and help them to
10:28:04 have more influence on what is happening in their
10:28:07 neighborhood.
10:28:09 I don't understand.
10:28:09 I totally agree with Mr. Dingfelder.
10:28:12 And what I don't understand about this discussion, or
10:28:15 this policy, is that we as the board, I don't feel
10:28:20 that we ask for direction in this area.
10:28:23 And I also think that if people have a bad idea,
10:28:28 negative impression of politicians, it might help if
10:28:32 we were more respectful to each other and weren't
10:28:37 suggesting that other people were trying to skirt
10:28:40 sunshine laws or do something illegal.
10:28:42 But I have been on council for almost two years and I
10:28:45 have never had anyone mention anything like that other
10:28:48 than the city's own staff trying to imply that this
10:28:52 council was trying to skirt the sunshine law.
10:28:57 I really don't need to hear it anymore.
10:29:00 I feel like that disrespect is fostered by people
10:29:06 implying that we are trying to do something other than
10:29:09 listen to our constituents and help neighborhoods
10:29:15 affect how their tax dollars are spent, especially in

10:29:17 community redevelopment areas where the money goes
10:29:19 right back in, and we are the board of the community
10:29:23 redevelopment area.
10:29:24 So I think that -- and I certainly have the impression
10:29:30 and the feeling that -- these feelings are shared by
10:29:34 people on the board, and I'm really tired of us
10:29:36 wasting our time talking about how we should conduct
10:29:39 business, when there hasn't really been any indication
10:29:42 that we are doing anything untoward.
10:29:45 And I think it's a benefit to listen to a group, a
10:29:51 committee, actual elected by their own neighborhood
10:29:56 and what their concerns are.
10:29:58 I mean, Ms. Best is fantastic.
10:30:00 She's articulate.
10:30:02 She's, you know, communicated.
10:30:04 She told us, you know, she gave credit to all the
10:30:07 people on her committee and all the chairs of the
10:30:09 different subcommittees.
10:30:11 But, now, maybe if we were there, there was one person
10:30:14 she didn't have time to mention or one idea, and I
10:30:18 want to hear from people.
10:30:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.

10:30:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:30:29 I have been an attorney for almost 20 years, Charlie,
10:30:32 and most of that has been related to government, okay?
10:30:35 I know sunshine, okay.
10:30:38 And I know that this board does not violate sunshine.
10:30:44 But, okay, it appears that we are trying to kill a
10:30:47 GNAT with a sledge hammer. If there's a sunshine
10:30:51 concern -- and that's fine, we should always be
10:30:53 concerned about sunshine -- if there's sunshine
10:30:56 concern then the only policy we need is something
10:30:58 along the lines of this.
10:31:00 If two or more council members are in attendance, they
10:31:03 should not speak on substantive issues to avoid any
10:31:07 violations of the sunshine.
10:31:08 That's it.
10:31:09 That's all we need to do.
10:31:11 The other policy that I do like in here that says if
10:31:14 an agency board member does decide to speak at the CAC
10:31:18 meetings, he or she should state that he or she is
10:31:25 only speaking as an.
10:31:29 Individual member and not speaking for the board.
10:31:30 Those are the only two policies I think we need to

10:31:32 address.
10:31:33 This but to start out by saying agency board members
10:31:35 are urged not to attend CAC meetings I think is the
10:31:39 long message to the community, it's the wrong message
10:31:41 to the CACs.
10:31:43 I think if he would want to go that direction we
10:31:45 should poll each one of the individual CACs and say,
10:31:49 is that what you want?
10:31:50 You don't want us at your meetings?
10:31:52 Because we have one CAC member right here who I think
10:31:56 would get up here and disagree with this policy, and I
10:31:58 think the rest of them would, too.
10:32:00 So let's not kill the gnat with the sledge hammer.
10:32:04 Let's try to do this with some surgical precision and
10:32:07 address the issues we need to.
10:32:08 I think either table this or amend it as I suggested.
10:32:13 But I urge council not to go this direction.
10:32:16 This is the wrong way to go.
10:32:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.
10:32:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't know how we got off onto this,
10:32:24 but I don't know who brought it to the council.
10:32:31 I don't really remember how it got here.

10:32:32 That's number one.
10:32:33 Number two, as I recall -- and I want to just be
10:32:38 straight.
10:32:39 I'm just a straight person.
10:32:41 'N as I recall the issue came out of the fact that
10:32:44 Councilwoman Saul-Sena was at Channelside and was
10:32:51 imposing her will on Channelside CRA.
10:32:53 That's what I was told.
10:32:54 I got a call.
10:32:55 I don't know how true that is.
10:32:56 The next thing I know we had a policy coming forth.
10:32:59 I think you spoke to that.
10:33:01 So my position has always been this.
10:33:03 My position is, one, if I'm AP elected official I have
10:33:07 a right to represent my constituency and go to any
10:33:09 meeting that I choose to go that does not violate the
10:33:16 sunshine law.
10:33:18 You can put that into that policy, John, but the state
10:33:21 law has not been.
10:33:26 Now my position, I don't go to the CRA meeting because
10:33:28 I don't want to impose my will upon the CRAs, okay.
10:33:31 I people if you want me to come, then invite me to

10:33:34 come, then I will come and talk with you about
10:33:37 anything.
10:33:38 But I'm not coming to your meeting because I appointed
10:33:42 you.
10:33:42 I voted for you.
10:33:43 And I think you have a right-of-way to have your
10:33:45 meeting without being intimidated by my presence.
10:33:48 I'm talking about me.
10:33:49 I'm not talking about nobody else.
10:33:50 I'm talking about Tom Scott.
10:33:52 So that is the reason I choose not to come to CRA
10:33:55 meetings, because I want you to foal free to speak
10:34:00 your mind, your opinion and make a recommendation.
10:34:03 Also we are going to decide anyway.
10:34:05 So I don't want to impose my will.
10:34:06 I want you to be free.
10:34:08 And I figure if you want me to come, then you will
10:34:10 tell me that, and I will come and moat with you.
10:34:14 Otherwise, I have what I call community meeting.
10:34:16 I call my own meeting and talk to you and hear from
10:34:19 you, to see what you have to say.
10:34:21 That's the on the thing.

10:34:22 When you have your meeting, you are in control.
10:34:24 When I have my meeting, I'm in control.
10:34:25 And therefore I listen to what you have to say.
10:34:28 So that's my position on that.
10:34:30 And if you all don't want this policy, I don't know
10:34:33 who made it, I don't know who brought it, but we need
10:34:37 to move on.
10:34:37 >> Let's move on.
10:34:39 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I think that's what we should do.
10:34:42 I did not get a copy of this.
10:34:44 Maybe I am being discriminated for some reason.
10:34:46 I don't have a CRA in my district.
10:34:48 But we convened -- can beat this thing to death
10:34:51 whether we hit it with a sledge hammer but let's get
10:34:54 over it.
10:34:56 >>GWEN MILLER: I think we are over it, Mr. Caetano.
10:34:58 But the thing is we have it on this agenda and we need
10:35:01 to do something with it.
10:35:02 We can't let it just float out there in the air.
10:35:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to receive and file.
10:35:07 >>GWEN MILLER: I'm talking, Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:35:10 I don't think we need to let it float out there.

10:35:12 I think we need to do something about it.
10:35:14 I'm speaking as Gwen Miller.
10:35:17 I don't attend these meetings because I know if the
10:35:19 CRA has any questions or concerns to talk about they
10:35:22 are going to ask me to come to the meetings and when I
10:35:24 go to the meetings I am not going to take control of
10:35:26 their meetings.
10:35:28 If they invite me, they invite me because they want to
10:35:31 ask me questions.
10:35:32 Ask me there.
10:35:35 So I think something needs to be done and need to walk
10:35:38 in these meetings and you jump up and you start
10:35:40 talking about their agenda, they don't want you to
10:35:43 take over their meeting.
10:35:44 They know what they want to do in their communities.
10:35:47 And they know what they need in their community.
10:35:49 So I think they should run their meetings and run the
10:35:52 way they want to run it so I think we need to do
10:35:54 something about it.
10:35:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I echo the sentiments of Chairman
10:36:00 Miller and the community redevelopment and Chairman
10:36:02 Scott of the City Council.

10:36:06 It is incumbent -- do we go to any other meetings?
10:36:10 Do we go to variance review meetings and sit here on
10:36:13 things that might be appealed to us?
10:36:15 The answer is no.
10:36:16 Do we go to these meetings?
10:36:18 Some do and some don't.
10:36:19 This doesn't say you can't go to the meeting.
10:36:24 What it says is, whether attending a CAC meeting in a
10:36:30 formal capacity, whether invited to the meeting or
10:36:33 deciding to attend the meeting on one's own, or having
10:36:37 a one-on-one conversation with a CAC member, or
10:36:42 community shareholder, or if the agency member
10:36:46 discusses CRA business with a CAC member or a
10:36:51 constituent of the CRA, he or she shall report the
10:36:56 conversation to the agency's next meeting.
10:36:59 Than men's for all of us.
10:37:02 When we talk about transparency earlier, Ms. Best
10:37:05 brought it up, everybody was fine.
10:37:08 These all this is about.
10:37:09 Transparency.
10:37:13 The people know what somebody discussed so there is no
10:37:16 mind-set of impropriety in any way.

10:37:20 We appoint good people to these boards.
10:37:26 Why should I -- and I'm only talking about me -- go to
10:37:30 these meetings, and by the mere presence, whether it
10:37:34 me or my predecessor or anyone else in the future, sit
10:37:38 there and be like the guiding light?
10:37:43 Let me see what you say so I can hold it against you
10:37:46 later.
10:37:46 That's not the way I operate.
10:37:48 You know what's best for your neighborhoods.
10:37:50 You know what's best for your area.
10:37:51 You know what you need in that area.
10:37:54 You are the ones that are there day in and day night
10:37:57 working with the managers of the CRA.
10:37:59 You know exactly what's needed.
10:38:02 At that time when all the information is gathered,
10:38:05 when all the consensuses are formulated, when all the
10:38:09 plan is in place, then you bring it up here in a
10:38:14 normal setting, so that we, the significant seven, can
10:38:19 vote on it.
10:38:21 That's all what this is about.
10:38:24 So what we are saying is, let's clean up, shower away
10:38:31 any debris that we may have on a fallout from

10:38:34 something like this that could become -- and I've
10:38:38 never said this is a conflict of any sunshine.
10:38:41 What could be a violation that I don't want to see my
10:38:47 name or anybody else's name that I work with on any
10:38:50 head loins.
10:38:51 That's what this is about.
10:38:52 And for me to vote to get this into receive and file,
10:38:55 that means the status quo exactly like it was before.
10:38:59 I have been around the block a long time.
10:39:00 That's exactly what it means.
10:39:03 So I'm not going to vote to receive and file.
10:39:08 This council may or may not approve this.
10:39:10 But I think the public is entitled to a vote.
10:39:13 Receive and file is very easy.
10:39:16 Put it away in a drawer and let it draw dust and
10:39:18 everybody will forget it.
10:39:21 That's not the way I was brought up.
10:39:22 Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:39:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
10:39:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:39:26 I have to say in my years of public service I have
10:39:28 never been called intimidating.

10:39:31 I also haven't attended any CRA meetings subsequent to
10:39:35 our conversation, although Andy, the chair of the
10:39:39 Channel District, says, why did you stop coming?
10:39:41 And I said, because of this.
10:39:43 I am a complete respectful person in terms of the
10:39:49 sunshine laws.
10:39:50 And this is such a brouhaha.
10:39:52 And council members, we have spent way too long on
10:39:55 this.
10:39:55 I call the question.
10:39:56 Let's vote to receive and file this.
10:40:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a point of order.
10:40:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr.
10:40:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ding this was not on the agenda.
10:40:05 I think it's too important to be voting on something
10:40:07 like this, not being on the agenda.
10:40:10 Councilman Caetano indicated that he hadn't had a
10:40:13 chance to even read it.
10:40:15 So I'm going to withdraw my motion on the receive and
10:40:20 file with all due respect.
10:40:22 Councilman Miranda thinks he wants to vote on this or
10:40:24 something like this.

10:40:25 What I'm suggesting is let's bring to the next month.
10:40:27 I'm going to bring some alternative language in and
10:40:30 let's continue this discussion, because if it's that
10:40:34 important then let's deal with it next month.
10:40:36 So I'm going to withdraw my motion, if somebody else
10:40:40 wants to move up.
10:40:41 Otherwise I move to continue it to next month so we
10:40:43 can be done with this meeting and move on.
10:40:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?
10:40:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I would like to make a motion
10:40:49 that we accept this and vote on it and let get it over
10:40:51 with.
10:40:51 Because we are beating the hell out of it.
10:40:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Second?
10:40:56 >>MARY MULHERN: What's your motion?
10:40:58 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: The motion is to accept it as it
10:41:00 is.
10:41:02 As it is, yes.
10:41:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second the motion and I'll speak to
10:41:06 the second.
10:41:06 This was brought up by the attorney who represents us
10:41:11 and the Community Redevelopment Agency who has been

10:41:13 doing this for a lot longer than anyone else.
10:41:16 So I'm going to second that based on those facts.
10:41:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My only concern is the language what
10:41:27 my colleagues on this are saying -- I think that
10:41:30 language needs to be changed.
10:41:31 So I think that language there needs to be changed.
10:41:34 When you say you are going to discourage council
10:41:39 members from attending meetings.
10:41:41 You can rephrase it.
10:41:43 >> It right there.
10:41:46 >>SAL TERRITO: To use sog caution, if you want to use
10:41:48 some other word.
10:41:50 If you want to take that language out, it's your call.
10:41:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Dingfelder had some other language
10:41:58 as well.
10:41:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not opposed to holding it for a
10:42:01 month but I tell you the substance should be the same.
10:42:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I agree with that.
10:42:05 I think this language, though, somehow or other, says
10:42:11 elected officials that we are going to discourage you
10:42:13 from going to the meeting.
10:42:14 I think in my opinion use your own discretion.

10:42:17 That's why I can't speak for nobody else, it's what I
10:42:21 do.
10:42:21 >>SAL TERRITO: The language we have in there is
10:42:24 actually urge not to attend F.that's too strong a word
10:42:26 we can change that.
10:42:27 You can simply say if you are attending these meetings
10:42:30 be aware of this.
10:42:32 If you don't like the language in there that says
10:42:34 discourage or don't attend, we can take the
10:42:37 prohibition language out.
10:42:38 We can amend that if you want to and you can vote on
10:42:41 it today.
10:42:41 I need some language, that I can come up with some
10:42:43 language if you like.
10:42:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it's better if we are
10:42:47 banging around the language carry it over to next
10:42:50 month and we'll massage it and soften it up a little
10:42:53 bit so we can all be happy with it.
10:42:59 >>SAL TERRITO: This is your policy, not mine.
10:43:01 Agency board members are urged to exercise caution
10:43:04 when attending these meetings.
10:43:06 That way, it's the urge for the caution, not for the

10:43:10 attendance.
10:43:11 If you want to change the language, agency board
10:43:12 members are urged to exercise caution when attending
10:43:16 these meetings.
10:43:17 I can amend that language very easily, if you like.
10:43:20 The substitute language.
10:43:21 You can vote on it today or not.
10:43:22 It's your call.
10:43:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, we have substitute language.
10:43:25 I would like that.
10:43:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Hello, I would like to be recognized.
10:43:31 I wasn't going to support Mr. Dingfelder's motion
10:43:34 because I think queue wasted a lot of time on this.
10:43:37 I don't think this came from this board.
10:43:39 And I also have no sense that it's coming from the CRA
10:43:47 districts or from the community.
10:43:48 So -- but I thought bet of it and I will support the
10:43:53 motion to continue this so that it can be on the
10:43:55 agenda as a public hearing, and we can maybe here
10:43:59 from -- hear from some constituents.
10:44:01 If I come to -- and I haven't been to -- I don't think
10:44:05 I have been to one of your meetings without being

10:44:07 invited.
10:44:09 The only one I have been invited to was the East Tampa
10:44:12 where all of East Tampa was invited.
10:44:15 And I am not going to show up uninvited.
10:44:18 But I also find this insulting to me.
10:44:21 If we were exercising caution, we never would have run
10:44:25 for City Council.
10:44:28 You know, it obviously not the most rewarding at times
10:44:35 experience.
10:44:36 But I don't think that -- I think we are under the
10:44:42 sunshine law.
10:44:43 We have to abide by that.
10:44:44 And I don't feel like there's any need for this.
10:44:47 And I could be convinced by constituents of this CRA
10:44:53 districts if they feel that they don't want council
10:44:57 members to come to their meetings, maybe that would
10:45:00 convince me.
10:45:00 But the idea that this is coming from the
10:45:02 administration to really try to interfere with us, our
10:45:13 relationship with our constituents, and this board, I
10:45:17 don't believe asks for this policy.
10:45:22 I don't know.

10:45:22 Maybe someone can remained me again if there was a
10:45:26 motion to ask for legal to tell us.
10:45:33 I'm going to stop talking now because I have had two
10:45:35 bites of the apple.
10:45:39 >>SAL TERRITO: There is a motion on the floor to
10:45:40 approve this.
10:45:41 It was seconded.
10:45:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would move to have clarity to
10:45:46 have the word changed urged not to attend, but if I
10:45:50 may, the administration -- and I'm not here to protect
10:45:52 this administration or any administration.
10:45:55 They did not write bring this up.
10:45:57 I brought it up.
10:46:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda, our attorney says we can
10:46:04 take a vote on it today.
10:46:05 >>SAL TERRITO: You have a motion on the floor to
10:46:09 approve it.
10:46:10 There was a second.
10:46:11 The suggestion was made to change the language.
10:46:13 Mr. Miranda seconded it.
10:46:16 >> He withdrew.
10:46:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Withdraw the second to the clarity

10:46:21 of all the language.
10:46:25 >>SAL TERRITO: Okay. All I was going to say is there
10:46:25 was a motion on the floor. It was seconded. If you
10:46:25 are withdrawing, that's fine.
10:46:26 The suggestion was made to change the language.
10:46:29 That's where we are right now.
10:46:30 So we had a motion and a second that's been removed.
10:46:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Scott.
10:46:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I make a motion we continue this to
10:46:43 next month and give the attorney an opportunity to
10:46:46 refine the language on that, in that area.
10:46:53 >>SAL TERRITO: The language is there if you want to do
10:46:55 it now.
10:46:56 He says he.
10:46:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: He says he hasn't had a chance to read
10:47:00 it so at least give him an opportunity to read it.
10:47:07 >>GWEN MILLER: That was a walk-on.
10:47:08 It should have been on the agenda and it wasn't so he
10:47:11 asked to walk it on.
10:47:12 >> Second.
10:47:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
10:47:14 to next month.

10:47:15 All in favor say Aye.
10:47:16 Opposed, Nay.
10:47:19 >>
10:47:20 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Saul-Sena voting no.
10:47:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to our public comments.
10:47:26 Anyone in the public that would like to speak.
10:47:30 >>SAL TERRITO: I was asked by the chair to anyone
10:47:33 speaking on items that are on the agenda.
10:47:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can't speak to anything before the
10:47:40 CRA?
10:47:41 >>> It says anything on the agenda is the way your
10:47:44 agenda reads.
10:47:45 They may speak to any item that's on the agenda.
10:47:48 If you want to do something other than that, then you
10:47:50 have to take a vote to waive the rules.
10:47:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, let's hear what people want
10:47:57 to speak on.
10:47:57 If they want to speak on something different then
10:47:59 we'll consider wavering the rules.
10:48:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Come on, Mr. Davis, let's start.
10:48:05 >>> Al Davis: Madam Chairman, members of the CRA
10:48:12 board.

10:48:12 This speaker's name is Al Davis.
10:48:14 And I'm a person that lives, works within the East
10:48:22 Tampa community redevelopment area.
10:48:30 And you have to forgive me if I may make a comment.
10:48:33 It not to offend, but only to let you know that I
10:48:36 think my humility has been assaulted.
10:48:44 I listened diligently to your discussion on the CRA
10:48:52 and the CAC policy, and I was wondering if you were
10:48:58 familiar with your own rules of procedure in terms of
10:49:06 how to conduct business in a rules of procedure
10:49:20 matter.
10:49:20 But be that as it may.
10:49:28 I commend this board for the objectives of having the
10:49:38 funding resource to redevelop the certain areas within
10:49:45 the City of Tampa.
10:49:53 I commend mark and his staff, particularly Ed Johnson
10:49:56 and his staff from the East Tampa area, because they
10:50:02 are overseeing the redevelopment.
10:50:06 This 6 and $7 million including fiscal year '09 is one
10:50:15 that has come to my attention in terms of where we
10:50:19 are, and where we go.
10:50:27 A progress report that was presented -- and I commend

10:50:30 the chairperson to use the term East Tampa, but, you
10:50:37 see, East Tampa could be misleading.
10:50:39 And I presume when we use the term East Tampa, we are
10:50:43 talking about the East Tampa CRA area.
10:50:48 You appointed 13 members as the group interaction
10:50:59 could be taking place in terms of giving to you the
10:51:04 recommendation on the implementation of the CRA plan
10:51:10 as well as the upcoming revised strategic action plan.
10:51:16 I like to work smarter and not harder.
10:51:22 I like to know how things come to be, how things will
10:51:27 be, and how we can make things happen.
10:51:31 So with that, Madam Chairman, I do want to commend Ed
10:51:35 Johnson and his staff for this nice progress report.
10:51:40 (Bell sounds)
10:51:41 May I continue by saying thank you again.
10:51:46 It is from reports that are provided that triggers my
10:51:57 interest and to see where we are going and how worry
10:52:00 going to get there.
10:52:01 Thank you.
10:52:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:52:03 Next speaker.
10:52:08 >>> Good morning.

10:52:10 My name is Greg stout, the president of the Tampa
10:52:12 police benevolent association.
10:52:14 I'm the president of the union that represents the
10:52:17 over 985 police officers.
10:52:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Sir, may I interrupt you one second?
10:52:22 This meeting is just for Community Redevelopment
10:52:23 Agency.
10:52:26 And if you are going to talk about something in the
10:52:27 city, you need to come to a regular City Council
10:52:30 meeting to discuss it.
10:52:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, point of order.
10:52:36 They have been patient.
10:52:38 I see this gentleman and many of his members here, as
10:52:40 well as some other folks in the community who I think
10:52:45 might have spoken on some of these issues in the past.
10:52:47 What I would suggest is we waive the rules, three
10:52:49 minutes on each side, if there's another side to this,
10:52:52 and they want to speak F.not, just three minutes to
10:52:54 waive the rules to hear out the representative for the
10:52:58 PBA.
10:53:00 They are citizens, they are employees, they take time
10:53:02 off from busy schedules.

10:53:03 I think he would should give them the courtesy of
10:53:06 waiving our rules and hearing them out.
10:53:07 It's a little abnormal because we are in a CRA meeting
10:53:10 but I think we can do that.
10:53:12 You have had to listen to us for a lot longer than
10:53:15 three minutes.
10:53:16 We can listen to you for three minutes.
10:53:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not going to support the
10:53:20 waiving of the rules.
10:53:21 Again these are CRA meetings.
10:53:22 Time and time again.
10:53:23 And I appreciate everything that the head of the PBA
10:53:27 and individuals for and against whatever the item he's
10:53:30 going to bring up here for.
10:53:31 But this is not the proper setting to receive this
10:53:35 information.
10:53:38 It is again -- if we start doing these things today,
10:53:42 multiply the fact you are going to have a CRA meeting
10:53:44 that lasts two days, and I'm not opposed to something
10:53:47 lasting longer than the time allotted for.
10:53:50 But we are going to get again in a situation where the
10:53:54 CRA meetings will become other than what the CRAs were

10:54:00 originally set for.
10:54:02 I hope they understand that.
10:54:03 It was set up for these individual CRAs to come in
10:54:06 and make a report along with their head, Mr. Huey, to
10:54:11 bring a report to this council, to find out what's
10:54:13 going on, what time and what place and what are we
10:54:16 doing with those public funds and how are those
10:54:18 neighborhoods doing?
10:54:20 So for that matter, and I hope you understand, I just
10:54:23 can't support that motion.
10:54:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did I get a second on the motion?
10:54:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
10:54:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to waive
10:54:30 the rules.
10:54:31 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:54:33 Opposed?
10:54:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Tied 3 to 3?
10:54:38 >>THE CLERK: Motion did not carry with Miranda, Miller
10:54:43 and Scott voting no, Caetano being absent at vote.
10:54:51 >> He's back.
10:54:52 Co-break a tie.
10:54:55 >>GWEN MILLER: I understand you want to talk about it.

10:55:05 Like wove explained, this is CRA, to talk about
10:55:08 community development agency.
10:55:09 Anything that's happening in community -- this has
10:55:11 been going a long time but would he have been talking
10:55:13 about that situation in regular City Council meeting.
10:55:15 So I think we need to continue to carry it on to our
10:55:18 regular City Council meeting.
10:55:20 >>> I understand it and I appreciate everything that
10:55:22 you are saying to me.
10:55:23 But there has to be a time and place where we discuss
10:55:26 officer dusty Rhodes.
10:55:30 The conduct of what's occurred with and around him.
10:55:32 >>GWEN MILLER: We will at our next City Council
10:55:36 meeting next Thursday.
10:55:39 >>> Can it be set on the agenda?
10:55:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, I will have it on the agenda.
10:55:43 >>> Thank you, Mrs. Miller.
10:55:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I know you all can't do anything
10:55:48 with it.
10:55:48 That's the problem.
10:55:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead, Mr. Knott.
10:56:01 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902 East Ellicott

10:56:04 street.
10:56:04 And then I just thank God for his grace and mercy.
10:56:10 A lot of people make it their own job, their own money
10:56:16 and everything but I have God's grace and mercy.
10:56:19 That's the only way I make it.
10:56:20 I want to talk on the CRA meeting.
10:56:24 Now you all have a CRA, I am going to be right there
10:56:26 because I got lots of stuff to talk about.
10:56:32 Now, I want to talk about this East Tampa thing this
10:56:36 morning.
10:56:37 I tell you, I heard a lot of talk this morning about
10:56:42 East Tampa.
10:56:44 But all this talking and all this arguing about who
10:56:48 set in the meeting and all that, somebody said we
10:56:52 ain't got but $500 that you over there to spend over
10:56:55 there.
10:56:56 Then somebody made a statement, poor peoples.
10:57:02 You know, I'm going to represent poor peoples till I
10:57:06 die.
10:57:07 But you all ain't got but $500,000 to spend over
10:57:11 there.
10:57:11 And then they talked this morning about the retention

10:57:14 pond they are going to put on Kennedy.
10:57:16 And then somebody mentioned that they got people
10:57:18 coming from Sarasota to visit east part of Tampa.
10:57:27 Can't have a regular ground park like the other part
10:57:31 of town there.
10:57:32 But the switch about CRA.
10:57:47 Spend money all over, create jobs, highways, roads,
10:57:50 building buildings.
10:57:53 This be morning saying they are going to take the
10:57:55 money and build Central Park with it.
10:57:58 I sit back there and my heart quit beating.
10:58:02 Told me years ago, Mr. Knott, you better watch what
10:58:06 come out of people's mouths because what come out of
10:58:09 their mouth is in their hearts.
10:58:12 Watching TV the other day to hear the government talk
10:58:16 about what money they want to come to the city,
10:58:18 instead of the government, and I said, that's a bad
10:58:20 idea.
10:58:21 And this morning I heard somebody this morning, you
10:58:25 all are going to build a Central Park with it.
10:58:28 But I totally disagree.
10:58:30 Another thing you all talked about this morning is

10:58:32 people coming to the meeting.
10:58:37 I told you all time after time, every time we have a
10:58:40 meeting, there wouldn't be ten people there.
10:58:45 One man came.
10:58:47 I'm going to go out there and talk to our crew.
10:58:51 He ain't got no crew.
10:58:53 I'm going to cut the time off.
10:58:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Knott.
10:58:57 Next speaker.
10:59:02 >>> Good morning, council members.
10:59:04 My name is Connie Bergman.
10:59:08 I would just like to say, I respect the fact that you
10:59:12 all have taken on this responsibility to, you know,
10:59:18 lead this city, lead this community.
10:59:20 And I just wish there was some way that you can come
10:59:25 as a group beyond this podium so we can really see
10:59:31 what's going on in the community.
10:59:33 I think people that's working inside of the most
10:59:38 economically depressed communities have good
10:59:41 intentions.
10:59:41 That is the truth.
10:59:42 But we have been working on this same problem, whether

10:59:48 it was your ban renewal or some other type of
10:59:51 government entity, and the problem still is this.
10:59:56 We have double digit unemployment in East Tampa.
10:59:59 We have 17 schools but many of them are failing
11:00:02 because the children don't see a vision.
11:00:05 They don't see a path of education to one day they are
11:00:08 going to be able to get a job like their fathers,
11:00:11 their cousins, their uncles, because they are all
11:00:14 unemployed.
11:00:15 We have some serious issues.
11:00:17 And I would say the very necessities that you need to
11:00:24 make your family whole, then would you see it for a
11:00:27 community that has been underrepresented.
11:00:30 The fact that our community has had a lot of contrived
11:00:35 plans.
11:00:37 And I can go to one, two, three, four, five, six,
11:00:42 people that are disbursed in the community, many times
11:00:47 when the communities are spectators because they are
11:00:51 not qualified to get the job, public policy, a path to
11:00:57 utilization that follows people forever.
11:01:02 I'm just hoping, I'm just hoping that as you continue
11:01:08 to work diligently as leaders of this city, that if

11:01:13 you don't go to a meeting, drive by and see what's
11:01:19 going on in our community and find out why do we have
11:01:21 so many foreclosed homes inside of that community.
11:01:25 Find out why we have so many people that appear to be
11:01:28 loitering doing nothing because they can't become
11:01:30 employed.
11:01:30 And then let's get the people the head of these
11:01:34 agencies to come and be accountable for their actions.
11:01:38 And I am 100 percent opposed to any money that would
11:01:40 be used to go into Central Park that will make it a
11:01:44 development.
11:01:45 You talk about the element.
11:01:46 You only got 25 residents in a big old wonderful
11:01:50 element in these economic downturns? It takes people
11:01:54 who have vision to see the future, that capitalism as
11:01:57 you know it don't exist anymore.
11:01:59 All around the world, banks have crashed, the
11:02:03 financial crisis has hit everybody, and people are
11:02:06 just asking for the basic necessities to live.
11:02:09 Thank you so much.
11:02:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:02:11 Would anyone else like to speak?

11:02:12 Okay.
11:02:13 Now we go to our items we need approvals.
11:02:16 Get a motion to approve the following items.
11:02:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move items 4 through 13 on the
11:02:21 agenda.
11:02:21 >> Second.
11:02:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:02:23 (Motion carried)
11:02:26 Mr. Huey, do you have anything else you want to
11:02:28 outline?
11:02:29 >>MARK HUEY: No.
11:02:30 I just would like to clarify one item.
11:02:34 I didn't participate in your conversation about the
11:02:36 policy between the CRA and CAC.
11:02:38 But just as a point of information, the board directed
11:02:40 us to share that policy draft with the advisory
11:02:45 committees.
11:02:46 And I want to report to you that we have five of the
11:02:50 seven have reviewed it.
11:02:51 They provided some comments and feedback that we
11:02:55 forwarded to Sal.
11:02:56 The other two we didn't have quorums.

11:02:59 So I just wanted to make you aware of that.
11:03:03 I don't have any further report to give.
11:03:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you going to share the budget
11:03:09 process with us?
11:03:11 >>MARK HUEY: We'll do that in March if that's okay.
11:03:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
11:03:16 I have a question related to this, and that is, are we
11:03:21 looking ahead at all now that the Strand decision has
11:03:23 been determined toward any kind of bonding?
11:03:27 Or is that in a state of hiatus until the markets
11:03:33 settle down?
11:03:36 >>MARK HUEY: Yes and yes.
11:03:38 Yes, we are working on it.
11:03:40 As Ed reported to you earlier, a key part of the East
11:03:42 Tampa strategic action plan involves a scenario
11:03:47 involving bond financing.
11:03:49 Continue to work on in the downtown.
11:03:50 So, yes, we are in cooperation with Bonnie's office
11:03:53 pursuing it.
11:03:54 But as you have reported, because of the collapse of
11:03:58 the capital market at the present time, there really
11:04:01 isn't a market for such financing.

11:04:03 But worry trying to position ourselves so that when
11:04:05 there is the opportunity to do that type of financing
11:04:08 that we will be in a position to take advantage of it.
11:04:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just passed out to board members
11:04:17 an article called Ponzi state and it's a real
11:04:20 indictment of Florida's entire economy being premised
11:04:23 on growth, which is painfully not a stable place you
11:04:30 would have assumed you would find your financial base.
11:04:33 Looking at that, I want to say that I was sorry I had
11:04:37 to leave last week at noon, but I specifically was
11:04:39 going on a TV show to argue on behalf of the stimulus
11:04:42 package, which I think when all agree we desperately
11:04:45 need.
11:04:46 We are happy that Congress is moving forward.
11:04:48 We recognize the gren jobs are the way of the future,
11:04:50 and the way that this relates to CRA, I wondered if
11:04:54 working with particularly East Tampa, the staff, could
11:04:59 identify the promotion of green jobs being seen as an
11:05:06 investment that he would could marry CRA money with
11:05:11 private sector money and aggressively go after the
11:05:15 creation of green jobs in East Tampa.
11:05:18 And I'm thinking of things like the manufacturer of

11:05:22 solar water heaters, I'm talking about any sorts of
11:05:27 things that might be able to get money from the
11:05:30 stimulus package.
11:05:31 I notice that this was not on the city's list.
11:05:33 But, unfortunately, council members or CRA board
11:05:37 members weren't asked to participate in the
11:05:39 development of the list.
11:05:40 But we are here now as a CRA board, and I think it
11:05:43 would be very appropriate to provide some input some
11:05:48 our Congressmen about what sorts of things we would
11:05:52 like to see on the list of requests for stimulus
11:05:58 package money, and specifically green jobs seems to
11:06:02 really connect with our CRA areas.
11:06:04 So I would like to ask fellow council members if they
11:06:10 have any ideas.
11:06:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My question would be to legal.
11:06:16 I am supportive of -- the question is to legal, that I
11:06:19 am generally supportive of us perhaps as the CRA
11:06:25 having a parallel list or supplementary list from this
11:06:31 agency.
11:06:31 It probably a novel question to you, Sal, and I don't
11:06:36 want to put you on the spot, that may -- I don't know

11:06:41 if we have time.
11:06:42 I guess wove to have time, really, but this is
11:06:46 something we probably really need to look at.
11:06:48 Can we as an independent body authorize under state
11:06:51 statute, can we develop our own list that perhaps
11:06:55 would run parallel or reinforce or --
11:07:01 >> Supplement.
11:07:03 >> May I make a suggestion?
11:07:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: From this body alone.
11:07:06 I wouldn't expect you.
11:07:07 >> If I can just clarify what the lists are and make a
11:07:12 recommendation.
11:07:12 First, as you are well aware right now in Washington,
11:07:15 the house and the Senate are collaborating to finalize
11:07:18 the stimulus package.
11:07:20 And the best thing that we can all do is wish them
11:07:23 well and speed to get that all settled in.
11:07:26 And then we will know really what opportunities we
11:07:29 have as a city and a region to take advantage of that
11:07:32 stimulus package.
11:07:33 The list that had been put together were provided to a
11:07:37 variety of groups, the league ever cities and others,

11:07:44 Kathy Castor, those who were involved to try to help
11:07:46 shape the stimulus package in Washington, not in any
11:07:48 way to earmark funds particularly for one thing or
11:07:54 another.
11:07:54 I think what I would like to suggest given that is
11:07:56 that probably by the next board meeting, there should
11:07:58 be much more clarity as to what in fact has occurred
11:08:02 in Washington, and what elements of the stimulus
11:08:05 package might be attractive for redevelopment areas.
11:08:09 So I think if we have that as an item on our agenda
11:08:14 next week, we can give a report.
11:08:19 Next month.
11:08:20 Does that make sense?
11:08:21 >>GWEN MILLER: It makes sense to me.
11:08:28 >>MARY MULHERN: I do want to point out, though, that
11:08:31 there were literally wish lists submitted by the mayor
11:08:34 and by county commissions and MPO.
11:08:41 So I think it kind of beg it is question about whether
11:08:44 the CRA board could give direction, too.
11:08:47 I think that's what Linda is asking.
11:08:55 Yes, they have that direction already.
11:08:57 I think it's worth a pretty lengthy discussion and I

11:09:01 kind of touched on this earlier when I was asking
11:09:04 about the facade loan program, is that we are in a
11:09:12 really, really different economic climate, and the
11:09:14 things that -- not just what we are asking for federal
11:09:18 money for, or help on, but the things that we budged
11:09:22 our own CRA money toward, you know, I think we need to
11:09:27 look at that again and see if we are, you know, if it
11:09:31 makes sense.
11:09:32 And you have to look back and see what mistakes were
11:09:36 made.
11:09:37 And certainly, you know, we were all conflicted in the
11:09:41 housing boom, and the development bubble that went on.
11:09:46 So I think considering that all of our -- because it
11:09:51 takes so long to get these projects and policies in
11:09:54 place, those plans were all made during the boom.
11:09:59 And so we are talking about I know you are going to be
11:10:04 faced to deal with it as far as the budget being so
11:10:06 much less, and then the TIF revenue being so much
11:10:10 less.
11:10:10 But I think it's also a matter of kind of prioritizing
11:10:13 for us, not just what we want out of the stimulus
11:10:16 package, but how we want to go forward as a CRA

11:10:22 district, as CRA districts and what we want to spend
11:10:25 our money on.
11:10:26 So I don't know.
11:10:27 I mean, I'm thinking maybe this needs to be a topic at
11:10:32 our next meeting.
11:10:35 And I'm guessing just kind of broadening a little bit.
11:10:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's an excellent
11:10:41 suggestion.
11:10:41 I think the title of the conversation might be,
11:10:48 rethinking our budget under the new economic reality.
11:10:53 Specifically, I think we do need to look at what we
11:10:56 budgeted but would also love to have a recommendation
11:10:59 from staff on opportunities that we see with the
11:11:02 stimulus package.
11:11:03 And I suppose that as our attorney you can say whether
11:11:07 or not -- in what capacity we can weigh in.
11:11:11 But I don't think that it would hurt to make
11:11:14 recommendations on opportunities that we see.
11:11:16 And I think we certainly need to be aggressive and
11:11:20 creative in looking for opportunities to benefit our
11:11:24 CRA areas.
11:11:27 We are all, I think, stunned by the sharp loss in the

11:11:36 economy, and we need to really figure out our next
11:11:42 steps in a strategic way and if we need to put more
11:11:45 time into this, Madam Chairman, I think we should put
11:11:47 that on the last item on our agenda for the CRA
11:11:50 meeting that we work until the time allotted to really
11:11:53 chew on this.
11:11:54 And I would hope that we could get the information in
11:11:57 advance, perhaps, of our budgets, and then the new
11:12:00 projections, perhaps 15% lessening of the next year's
11:12:05 budget so we could start to sort of think
11:12:07 strategically about how best to use the limited
11:12:09 resources we have.
11:12:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:12:15 Anything else?
11:12:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to just share some good news,
11:12:21 because there's so little.
11:12:23 Our streetcar which operates in many of the CRA
11:12:27 districts had record ridership over the Super Bowl and
11:12:34 Gasparilla weekends.
11:12:35 There were 57,000 rides over those two weekends.
11:12:39 We got great exposure, national exposure with the ESPN
11:12:45 show filming from there, showing our streetcar.

11:12:49 And I think that one of the really interesting things
11:12:52 I heard was people love being in Tampa for the Super
11:12:56 Bowl, all the people who came from out of town.
11:12:58 And their only complaint was transportation and the
11:13:01 difficulty of getting around.
11:13:03 In a car or without a car.
11:13:05 So I think it speaks well for our streetcar system and
11:13:09 for our plans for light rail, but we need to really
11:13:14 focus on that and keep going forward with it.
11:13:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
11:13:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.
11:13:21 Ms. Mulhern, as our representative on the streetcar
11:13:24 board, is there a plan right now that you all have to
11:13:30 ultimately create a loop, perhaps six months down the
11:13:33 road or eight month could you share with us if there
11:13:36 is?
11:13:36 Because I think it's germane to several of our CRA
11:13:39 districts.
11:13:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
11:13:41 Well, it interesting because the loop was on there
11:13:43 when the street car was designed.
11:13:45 It was a loop.

11:13:46 And now we have the MPO and TBARTA coming up with a
11:13:54 rail plan.
11:13:54 And I have been talking about this a lot and trying to
11:14:00 make people realize that we actually have light rail,
11:14:02 which is the streetcar.
11:14:04 So what's happened is all of that planning seems to
11:14:08 have gone forward without even acknowledging, barely
11:14:13 acknowledging that we have a streetcar, even as far as
11:14:16 using the streetcar as a circulator.
11:14:19 So that's one of the things that I would like to see
11:14:22 the board, historic street car board, put back on the
11:14:26 table, because I don't think -- it not in the current
11:14:30 plans, but part of what's going to happen, I think, is
11:14:34 once we get that little bit of an extension, people
11:14:36 are going to realize it's not far enough and it's got
11:14:38 to at lowest go north and then it might as well hook
11:14:41 up with the rest of it.
11:14:42 So I'm hopeful that we'll put it back in there.
11:14:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
11:14:48 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file?
11:14:50 >> So moved.
11:14:50 >> Second.

11:14:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:14:52 (Motion carried)
11:14:53 We stand adjourned until 5:01.

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