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Thursday, March 12, 2009
9:00 a.m.

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[Sounding gavel]
09:12:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:12:22 Good morning.
09:12:27 We are going to call the CRA meeting to order.
09:12:28 The chair will yield to Mr. Charlie Miranda.
09:12:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:12:34 It my honor this morning to have the very
09:12:37 distinguished individual say our prayer and blessings
09:12:41 this morning, none other than our chairman Tom Scott.

09:12:45 Reverend Scott.
09:12:48 Please rise for the prayer and remain standing for the
09:12:50 invocation.
09:12:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Shall we pray?
09:12:56 We are always reminded of what your word tells us and
09:13:00 guiding and acknowledgment.
09:13:03 Today we thank you for such a beautiful day.
09:13:05 Thank you that you blessed us, and you blessed us to
09:13:10 be here today, to take care of the business of this
09:13:12 community, of this city.
09:13:14 We thank you now for this City Council.
09:13:17 We thank you now for the mayor and those who lead the
09:13:20 city, not only our city but our nation.
09:13:23 We pray your blessings upon them.
09:13:27 We pray for those who lead us.
09:13:28 We thank you for our great nation, great country, a
09:13:32 nation of opportunity, prosperity, a nation, yes, with
09:13:36 many challenges that we are able to face.
09:13:38 So give us wisdom, that we make prudent decisions for
09:13:44 our community.
09:13:44 Thank you again for this day an and for those who are
09:13:47 fighting for democracy around the world, we pray for

09:13:49 them, that you bring them pack home safely.
09:13:52 We pray for our law enforcement locally, guide and
09:13:55 protect them day after day as they protect us.
09:14:01 Amen.
09:14:03 (Pledge of Allegiance).
09:14:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Roll call.
09:14:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here ding Dingfelder here.
09:14:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:14:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:14:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:14:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:14:29 At this time Reverend Scott will do a commendation.
09:14:43 >> Thank you, Madam Chair and members of this august
09:14:46 body.
09:14:46 We certainly do thank you for the privilege to
09:14:52 Recognize the University of South Florida for their
09:14:54 work in the community, in particular with the East
09:14:56 Tampa CRA.
09:14:59 So I am going to ask if they will come forward at this
09:15:01 time.
09:15:02 I am going to ask if professor green will come
09:15:06 forward, Dr. Briscoe, Robin Jones and Judy Jessen.

09:15:12 There are two students who are currently shadowing
09:15:14 City Council, I understand.
09:15:16 If they will come forward at this time as we make this
09:15:19 presentation.
09:15:19 If you will come join me here at the podium.
09:15:23 And I am going to ask the president of the East Tampa
09:15:33 CRA to come as well.
09:15:34 Madam Chair, to council, it is indeed a privilege and
09:15:37 a delightful pleasure to present this commendation to
09:15:40 the University of South Florida, and those who would
09:15:45 worked so hard in East Tampa, for the CRA, for the
09:15:50 collaboration, at our last CRA meeting what they have
09:15:55 done, what they have meant to the East Tampa CRA and
09:15:58 to the East Tampa community.
09:16:01 This commendation has been drafted, and the reasons to
09:16:05 the University of South Florida collaborative for
09:16:08 communities and family, whereas the Community
09:16:09 Redevelopment Agency for the City of Tampa commends
09:16:13 the University of south of Florida collaborative for
09:16:15 children, families and communities, and director Judy
09:16:19 Jessen, the many years of providing educational
09:16:21 programs, services, volunteers to the families and

09:16:25 organization of several underserved neighborhoods in
09:16:29 the city.
09:16:31 Whereas the collaborative is a recognized central
09:16:34 point of contact, facilitator and match maker for new
09:16:39 partnerships bringing together university, facility
09:16:42 and faculty and students, nationally known
09:16:44 researchers, community service organization, and
09:16:46 professional youth, neighborhood activists, government
09:16:50 officials, ordinary moms and dads, to build a better
09:16:54 community, therefore be it proclaimed that the
09:16:56 Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa
09:16:59 does hereby recognize the University of South Florida
09:17:02 collaborative for their dedication and commitment to
09:17:06 serving and improving the Tampa Bay community, and it
09:17:10 is signed by all seven members of City Council.
09:17:13 So on behalf of City Council it's my pleasure today to
09:17:16 present this to the University of South Florida.
09:17:22 [ Applause ]
09:17:35 >>> Thank you.
09:17:35 This is wonderful.
09:17:36 I'm very proud to be with you today.
09:17:37 I am representing president Genshaft.

09:17:41 My name is Judy Jensen, and I'm so sorry she couldn't
09:17:44 be here today but her plane was delayed in New York
09:17:46 last night. There was an accident.
09:17:48 Parts were falling from the sky.
09:17:51 And they just grounded the plane.
09:17:53 So she so regrets not being with you today to accept
09:17:56 this wonderful honor and commendation but she asked me
09:17:59 to say a few words on her behalf.
09:18:01 And I'm so proud to have he advantage lien best at my
09:18:06 side.
09:18:07 We have been partners for five or six years now in
09:18:11 this effort, along with Ed Johnson, City Council
09:18:16 members, members of the city staff.
09:18:19 It really been a wonderful learning experience for all
09:18:21 of us.
09:18:23 And I want to personally thank you for the
09:18:26 opportunity.
09:18:27 The challenge that was issued to us to get involved,
09:18:31 and we had more than 17 departments, 22 faculty
09:18:36 involved over the last five years.
09:18:38 We have donated almost a million dollars in in-kind
09:18:43 services by students, staff and faculty since we first

09:18:45 began this partnership in 2003.
09:18:48 I estimate there have been at least 600 students
09:18:52 involved through service learning classes, service and
09:18:55 research projects, 12,000 hours, and some of the
09:19:01 projects that have been undertaken have been priceless
09:19:03 in value.
09:19:04 Site plans that professor green and his students did
09:19:06 to turn stormwater ponds into neighborhood parks, we
09:19:11 realize the vision that the community had had for
09:19:14 years.
09:19:15 We have had health education programs developed to
09:19:17 target asthma and diabetes in the neighborhood.
09:19:20 We have collected oral history that have preserved the
09:19:24 memories and experiences of priceless neighborhood
09:19:27 residents.
09:19:29 Blueprints for commercial revitalization have been
09:19:31 developed.
09:19:33 Community volunteers have become our partners.
09:19:36 And we work together day and night just for East
09:19:40 Tampa.
09:19:41 Ms. Best gave at least 30 tours of the community to
09:19:45 our students and faculty making sure we were

09:19:48 introduced appropriately.
09:19:50 We had the partners.
09:19:51 We could not have done this without her.
09:19:53 But together, we never really managed what a
09:19:56 difference we could make.
09:19:58 And in the community economic downturn, these human
09:20:02 resources that we mobilized in our university and in
09:20:05 our community really are going to play a crucial role
09:20:07 in rebuilding our American economy.
09:20:10 And we need to keep these relationships in play in
09:20:14 order to share our ideas, form new partnerships and
09:20:17 share the expertise that we have.
09:20:19 We learn just as much from the community and from
09:20:21 these experiences as we give, and we want to keep
09:20:24 doing this.
09:20:26 This commendation is not just mine, certainly not just
09:20:30 the president's, but it has to be shared with
09:20:32 everyone.
09:20:36 The interns have been working beside you for years and
09:20:40 will continue to do so, and we have Anna daily, glad
09:20:43 to have you, in student now in government in USF.
09:20:50 Trent Green has students, whose plans have been

09:20:54 crucial in the development and attracting developers
09:20:56 to the area.
09:20:57 Richard Briscoe has helped with developing with unique
09:21:03 assessments for the neighborhood.
09:21:05 I could go on and on.
09:21:06 I could list dozens more.
09:21:08 I just wanted to let now this was truly a team effort.
09:21:11 Real estate values have increased, new businesses have
09:21:14 opened and there is reason for optimism.
09:21:16 Many students' lives and career plans have changed as
09:21:19 a result of this experience.
09:21:21 And USF is now learning how to grow our community
09:21:24 engagement capability, which is a very key aspect to
09:21:28 our strategic plan.
09:21:29 So thank you once again for the invitation, the honor,
09:21:32 and the opportunity.
09:21:35 [ Applause ]
09:21:44 >> On behalf of the East Tampa community, I think the
09:21:48 last time I spoke with you, I shared my passion and my
09:21:50 love of what we as a community saw the value of, what
09:21:56 we have experienced.
09:21:57 One of the key things I would like to just point out

09:21:59 in terms of where we are in terms of the community, it
09:22:04 was a real good connecting.
09:22:07 We connected.
09:22:08 We interwoven.
09:22:10 As Judy said, we learn from each other.
09:22:13 But for me personally, it like I have another family.
09:22:16 I feel that even though right now we are in a
09:22:22 different situation, I feel that I can call on the
09:22:24 university to help me with any and everything, and
09:22:28 believe me, I tried anything and everything to say,
09:22:31 can you help me?
09:22:33 Thank you.
09:22:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I failed to call up Mr. Ed Johnson who
09:22:40 is the manager for East Tampa.
09:22:41 So Ed has been working now for eight years, seven,
09:22:48 eight years, somewhere along there.
09:22:51 As a manager for East Tampa.
09:22:52 And you're doing a great job working with the CRA
09:22:56 board, and of course with the administration and the
09:22:59 City Council.
09:23:00 So Mr. Johnson has done a great job there in East
09:23:07 Tampa.

09:23:07 Thank you.
09:23:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm so glad that our friends from
09:23:12 the University of South Florida could join us today
09:23:14 for this recognition.
09:23:16 You all have given so much to East Tampa and to the
09:23:19 City of Tampa by giving us your professional
09:23:24 expertise, your students, your graduate students, and
09:23:28 focusing their energy on this part of town that can
09:23:32 use this extra help.
09:23:34 We don't have the resources to pay for all of these
09:23:37 services in the private sector.
09:23:39 And what you have done is allowed us to do so much
09:23:43 better work in terms of our investments in East Tampa,
09:23:46 because of the insight about where the work is needed,
09:23:50 what the quality should be.
09:23:51 Mr. Green, you heard for decades your students
09:23:54 everybody a help to our community in general.
09:23:55 But the transformation of those ponds into community
09:23:58 gathering places, from places you didn't want to be to
09:24:02 places you were attracted to, is so particularly
09:24:05 dramatic and all of you have helped so much, but in
09:24:08 particular, Judy Judson, you have been the matchmaker,

09:24:15 you brought the folks from USF to East Tampa, and the
09:24:18 amount of positive work generated from this has just
09:24:22 been wonderful.
09:24:23 We will not let your efforts stop here.
09:24:27 We will find a way to underwrite the continuation of
09:24:30 your work, because it's just too important to our
09:24:33 community for it to stop.
09:24:35 Thank you for everything you have done.
09:24:40 [ Applause ]
09:24:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Mark Huey.
09:25:02 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator, and
09:25:04 my thanks, also, Judy, before you leave, you really
09:25:09 created a national model, I think, of how universities
09:25:12 can interact and help cities partner with cities in
09:25:15 redevelopment.
09:25:16 We just really appreciate it.
09:25:17 Thank you.
09:25:23 The next item is our monthly reports.
09:25:25 And they are before you.
09:25:28 A lot of activity throughout the redevelopment area.
09:25:33 I'll highlight a few.
09:25:34 Probably nothing bigger than the groundbreaking on the

09:25:39 children's museum that occurred.
09:25:44 One of the next key strategic assets that are helping
09:25:47 reshape our downtown and will reshape it forever, and
09:25:50 wonderful work on behalf of the children's museum and
09:25:54 board and staff, the Glazer foundation, the county who
09:25:58 supported it, and Fifth Third Bank who provided the
09:26:01 financing.
09:26:01 So it was quite a celebration for our city.
09:26:05 Had the Gasparilla festival of the arts that brought
09:26:07 our downtown to light, this past weekend, about the
09:26:12 Heights project that achieved a great milestone and
09:26:16 exposed on the construction financing for the Beck
09:26:20 office building that you had a presentation on.
09:26:21 We had the knight parade, and fiesta day in Ybor City,
09:26:26 major events that we helped support.
09:26:28 8-foot crosswalks were completed in Ybor, too.
09:26:32 The Channel District, we are preparing to repave
09:26:34 11th street from Whiting to Washington.
09:26:38 And Drew Park we closed on the acquisition of the
09:26:41 1.3-acre site that we have acquired for future
09:26:44 redevelopment.
09:26:46 We hosted brownfield conference in East Tampa,

09:26:51 attended by Kathy Castor, Councilwoman Mulhern was
09:26:54 there as well.
09:26:56 Focusing on brownfields and regional health monitoring
09:27:01 issues.
09:27:01 Ybor hosted the regional FRA conference, with the
09:27:07 federal stimulus package for the regional Florida
09:27:09 redevelopment organization.
09:27:11 We continue to work on the possibility of financing in
09:27:14 our downtown TIF.
09:27:17 We are in the midst of a web site update, a major
09:27:20 update and renovation of our web site to improve the
09:27:24 capability, and we are bringing our annual reports to
09:27:28 closure as well, which is a big project for us to
09:27:31 reflect on the accomplishments of the past year.
09:27:34 So those are some of the highlights.
09:27:36 Again, lots of things going on.
09:27:37 If you have any questions, myself or one of our
09:27:41 managers will be happy to answer.
09:27:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Huey.
09:27:47 I know that we are all bracing ourselves under the
09:27:52 economic circumstances we are in for rethinking what
09:27:55 kind of resources we are being generated from our

09:27:57 different CRA areas.
09:27:59 It is important, of course, for the CAC as well as our
09:28:02 board to know what these projections are as we move
09:28:05 ahead.
09:28:05 How quickly will you be able to get us some
09:28:07 information to help form our thinking as we move into
09:28:10 the next budget cycle?
09:28:13 >>MARK HUEY: We are anxious to do that in advance of
09:28:16 the budget cycle a little bit to try to get you
09:28:18 information earlier, because as you have been informed
09:28:23 by Bonnie Wise, you understand the direction, overall,
09:28:27 that the city is heading in.
09:28:28 I think the latest projections are 13 to 15% decline,
09:28:33 and so that gives you a benchmark really of what you
09:28:36 might expect with TIF revenue projections, so it will
09:28:39 be a very different environment as we come into this
09:28:42 budget cycle, the last few years where weaved
09:28:49 extraordinary growth across our CRAs.
09:28:51 So I think that you can expect that revenues, our TIFs
09:28:55 are going to go down significantly.
09:28:57 We are going to have some harder decisions to make
09:28:59 this year and in anticipation of that we are going to

09:29:01 try to get you information as quickly as possible.
09:29:04 Can I commit to an exact date?
09:29:06 I'm not sure.
09:29:06 But I can share with you our commitment to try to get
09:29:10 you even some multi-year projections for you to
09:29:13 contemplate as we head into this budget cycle.
09:29:17 >> But we as the CRA board, as a policy board, need to
09:29:20 provide you some basic guidance.
09:29:22 And one of the things that I would suggest, none of us
09:29:26 could have answer -- could have anticipated the
09:29:29 profound economic downturn that we are in.
09:29:32 However, in hindsight, which is always 20-20, we can
09:29:37 see that the investments we have made or plans were
09:29:40 not as strategic as they might have been because we
09:29:43 are not going to be able to implement the plans
09:29:45 because they were premised on a very different
09:29:47 economic situation.
09:29:48 And by the time we are able to implement the plan, the
09:29:52 landscape will probably be very different.
09:29:53 So given that as it may, starting this year, looking
09:29:57 forward, and as we develop our new budget, I would
09:30:00 like to see an emphasis on investments, in physical

09:30:05 improvements in our CRA district that will make the
09:30:09 residents there and the business owners there and the
09:30:11 property owners there feel good about their investment
09:30:13 and feel like expanding it.
09:30:15 So I would really not like to see more moaning money
09:30:19 for planning.
09:30:20 I mean, I think the direction needs to be
09:30:23 implementation of physical improvement.
09:30:26 And that's sort of across the board.
09:30:28 >>MARK HUEY: I think well taken.
09:30:31 We know in this downturn anything we can do to support
09:30:35 new residents moving into our downtown, or Channel
09:30:38 District, or businesses in some of our other
09:30:42 districts, it could be helpful and we are trying to
09:30:44 take that into account in our planning going forward.
09:30:47 Because we do think it will be not just this year but
09:30:49 a number of years of a very different economic
09:30:55 environment.
09:30:55 So thank you for your input.
09:31:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I recently had an opportunity to
09:31:02 speak with Lisa, the woman who wrote the plan for the
09:31:06 Channel District about cultural initiative, and she

09:31:09 asked me how things were going and I said, well, Bob
09:31:13 McDonaugh is moving a couple of things forward in
09:31:15 terms of activating windows in the Channel District
09:31:21 and as well as Ybor and downtown in terms of arts
09:31:26 activities.
09:31:27 We haven't of course identified the staff person to
09:31:30 actually be a leader in these activities.
09:31:32 But one of the things in her plan is to do something
09:31:34 with the baggage building.
09:31:37 I know under audience time we are going to have some
09:31:41 representatives here from the arts community.
09:31:42 We received a letter from a group of artists who have
09:31:49 an organization who would like to use the baggage
09:31:52 building for arts exhibition.
09:31:53 This is a case for long time.
09:31:57 Then the group that was renting it disbanded.
09:32:02 Herb victor from real estate said he was planning on
09:32:06 leasing it out for money.
09:32:07 However, this is a very soft market as we all No. he
09:32:10 hasn't developed the RFP.
09:32:12 He hasn't created any kind of time frame.
09:32:14 And because this Union Station or the building is in

09:32:21 our CRA district and because it seems that we need to
09:32:26 have exhibition space and arts activity to generate
09:32:28 interest in the -- and activity and vitality for this
09:32:32 area, I know that we can't direct the administration,
09:32:35 but I would like to request that the administration
09:32:38 consider allowing these artists maybe 12 months to use
09:32:41 this space for exhibition as a way of increasing the
09:32:46 vitality of the area, and beginning to carry out one
09:32:50 of Lee's ideas in a way that won't burden us with any
09:32:54 cost.
09:32:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:32:59 The next item.
09:33:02 >>MARK HUEY: We have Jason Watson here who chairs the
09:33:06 downtown community advisory committee.
09:33:08 >> Jason Watson: Hello.
09:33:18 My name is Jason Watson, I'm the current chair of the
09:33:21 community advisory committee for the downtown CRA.
09:33:24 I think this is our first report, at least for many of
09:33:27 our members directly to the board.
09:33:28 So I'll just give you a brief background.
09:33:31 We have been around for a little less than a year now.
09:33:35 We have got a really bright dedicated group that's

09:33:38 interested N and active in downtown and is one that is
09:33:42 committed to helping -- I don't want to say revitalize
09:33:48 because that doesn't give enough credit but taken even
09:33:51 to the next level.
09:33:51 Some of the things we have been doing in the past year
09:33:54 roughly, spend a lot of time educating ourselves both
09:33:57 on downtown, perhaps the individual areas that we
09:34:01 weren't familiar with as residents, or workers, and
09:34:04 also with the CRA and how the city functions.
09:34:07 It's been an interesting learning experience as I'm
09:34:09 sure some of you may remember from when you first
09:34:11 interacted as a city government.
09:34:14 Not all of us were terribly familiar with it.
09:34:17 At any rate, our group goals primarily are to increase
09:34:20 the residential activities downtown.
09:34:22 We want to see more people in here.
09:34:24 He would want to expand the hours that downtown is
09:34:28 active and alive, as some of the council members were
09:34:31 talking about already, some civic projects we have
09:34:34 looked at so far range from little things like fixing
09:34:38 sidewalks, entry grates around downtown that generally
09:34:42 improve the aesthetic value and walkability that

09:34:45 exists.
09:34:46 We believe pedestrian friendly is a great buzz word
09:34:49 for downtown.
09:34:51 There's some new wayfinding signs that went downtown
09:34:54 through CRA funds that help people not only in cars
09:34:57 but also a little more geared towards people on the
09:35:00 street to find points of interest around downtown.
09:35:06 Other little projects.
09:35:08 Bob McDonaugh has really taken a lead in talking to a
09:35:12 lost business own betters what we can do to help them,
09:35:14 and it's interesting sometimes, the real little
09:35:17 suggestions that can make a big difference.
09:35:19 One of them that I recall was changing lenses on the
09:35:22 streetlights in the North Franklin area, really made
09:35:25 it a little brighter and more comfortable and user
09:35:27 friendly for people that are in that area at night.
09:35:30 I know that we talked about increasing the lighting in
09:35:34 Lykes park after hours.
09:35:35 Again, just to go from what looks like a closed
09:35:42 downtown sometimes to making it more open and inviting
09:35:45 for people to come downtown, to have dinner at the
09:35:47 restaurants, to do anything we can to encourage

09:35:49 business tows extend their hours and create activity
09:35:51 downtown.
09:35:53 Speaking of some activity downtown, March 21st, we
09:35:56 just supported what is the Twilight Criterium -- I had
09:35:59 never heard of this before -- it's essentially a bike
09:35:59 race that's put on downtown, they're going to shut
09:36:06 down some of the streets during the day, and from I
09:36:09 understand it's pretty high speed and they round
09:36:11 corners pretty fast so it will be an interesting
09:36:13 activity that will take place downtown.
09:36:16 We are very committed to anything we can do to support
09:36:19 events like especially the Twilight which is one that
09:36:22 we understand they intend to bring back every year.
09:36:25 And our intention for helping this year was to get
09:36:29 them seated, get them in the ground and hoping next
09:36:34 year they can fund themselves with private donations,
09:36:36 et cetera, et cetera.
09:36:37 And that brings hotel rooms downtown, that brings
09:36:40 meals downtown, and it at least puts us within the
09:36:44 biking community a national stage.
09:36:48 Those are the kinds of events we have been focused on.
09:36:50 We also supported -- maybe you noticed downtown there

09:36:54 are a lot of sculptures that have gone up recently.
09:36:56 They are here for about a year stay.
09:36:58 It was an art activity that came and was proposed to
09:37:01 us that we help with.
09:37:02 We also at our last meeting, help park and services
09:37:08 for new parking meters downtown.
09:37:10 One of the frequent issues that comes up are kind of
09:37:13 access those people who are around downtown or coming
09:37:16 into downtown, our meters only take quarters.
09:37:20 Not everybody always has quarters with them.
09:37:22 One of the ideas they are putting out is parking
09:37:24 meters that tan either cash or credit cards.
09:37:27 And help make downtown more accessible for short
09:37:31 periods of time for people that want to come down, use
09:37:34 the bock store, eat lunch at the restaurant and then
09:37:37 leave for whatever reason.
09:37:40 That is by and large what we have done, where we are
09:37:42 going, looking forward.
09:37:44 We are trying to get somebody to come in and talk to
09:37:46 us about Kiley Gardens.
09:37:48 I know that's a project that's going on within our
09:37:50 CRA.

09:37:52 There's been interest in hearing more about that and
09:37:54 figuring out what we can do to support its eventual
09:37:58 redevelopment into everything it was at one point or
09:38:01 some variation of that.
09:38:03 I know the city has been very supportive and
09:38:06 rehabilitating it to a very good baseline.
09:38:08 Right now along with the Curtis Hixon park
09:38:11 renovations.
09:38:13 Also, we have talked about Avenue of the arts, which
09:38:16 is a project that's been kicked around before, Zack
09:38:19 Street connecting the Tampa Theatre with all the way
09:38:23 down to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, trying
09:38:27 to make again a more pedestrian friendly walkable
09:38:30 district or environment.
09:38:34 That's pretty much all I have to tell you here.
09:38:36 I'm sorry, I can keep going and going but I'll stop.
09:38:39 If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer
09:38:41 them, and I can tell you the committee is very active
09:38:47 and engaged and interested.
09:38:49 And if there was ever something that this board wanted
09:38:51 to put through to the committee, a question it wants
09:38:55 input on, I know that would be taken very seriously,

09:38:58 and we would be happy to put in our two cents if it
09:39:02 helps you.
09:39:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know if you have been working
09:39:07 with councilman Saul-Sena on the Kiley Gardens
09:39:11 project.
09:39:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We talked about it.
09:39:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Because several years ago, she was
09:39:17 part of organizing, bringing one of the landscape
09:39:22 architects and the -- I don't know what it's called
09:39:31 now, the beer can building.
09:39:34 >> Tower.
09:39:36 >> And symposium and it's already been done.
09:39:40 So you need to work with Linda, and I think the AIA
09:39:45 was the group.
09:39:45 Is that who it was?
09:39:47 Yeah.
09:39:47 >>> Councilwoman Saul-Sena did invite us to a special
09:39:54 discussion on the subject.
09:39:55 There are a lot of features, for example, the water
09:39:57 features in the park that as I understand the project
09:40:00 now preserves the ability to go back and act as
09:40:03 leader.

09:40:04 So that's one of those things that we would like to
09:40:06 know.
09:40:07 Going down the road, kind of long-range planning is a
09:40:12 feature we add back into the park, and the trees also.
09:40:15 >> I missed that workshop, which I really wanted to be
09:40:19 but wasn't able to be there.
09:40:22 Probably talked all about this.
09:40:23 >>> It was, it was very informative.
09:40:26 We are hoping to educate the whole board on the
09:40:27 subject.
09:40:28 And my interest when I worked at Rivergate Tower for
09:40:32 awhile, it is a beautiful building especially with
09:40:34 Curtis Hixon park which is going to be a jewel for
09:40:37 downtown.
09:40:37 It great that we are being able to add all that green
09:40:40 space especially for the residents that are in that
09:40:42 area.
09:40:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Very exciting.
09:40:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman?
09:40:49 Recently I did discover that the water taxi is
09:40:51 officially running on Friday afternoons and I would
09:40:54 encourage your group to -- maybe not an official

09:40:58 meeting but a fun meeting, or maybe an official
09:41:00 meeting, to take the water taxi, because downtown from
09:41:03 the water really looks fabulous, and it will inspire
09:41:11 probably your thoughts as you direct where you would
09:41:12 like to see the downtown go.
09:41:15 I really recommend that.
09:41:17 I think it has stops at the convention center, and
09:41:19 cafe Dufresne and the Performing Arts Center on Friday
09:41:24 at five and I encourage all of us to do it because
09:41:27 it's a lot of fun.
09:41:28 And downtown really will be activated in a wonderful
09:41:32 way.
09:41:33 The more ways we can get people around other than
09:41:36 cars, the higher quality the downtown experience will
09:41:39 be.
09:41:39 The on the thing that I think you might want to do as
09:41:41 a group is to think -- you have already identified a
09:41:46 number of ways we can improve the pedestrian
09:41:49 experience but those opportunities are going to be the
09:41:50 same that create the energy downtown that we all want
09:41:53 to see.
09:41:54 So I like your focus on that and encourage you all to

09:41:57 keep looking for opportunities like that.
09:41:58 >>> Thank you for the recommendation.
09:42:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?
09:42:03 Thank you, Mr. Watson.
09:42:04 We appreciate that.
09:42:06 >>> Thank you very much.
09:42:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano has to leave.
09:42:13 We are going to go down to item number 4, Sal Territo,
09:42:16 and talk about the policies.
09:42:41 >>SAL TERRITO: That is the policy that you recommended
09:42:42 that will be changed the last time we were here and
09:42:44 the changes on the bottom of page 1, and the change is
09:42:48 primarily one where you were urged not to attend, now
09:42:52 urged to exercise caution.
09:42:53 That was the thrust of what it was that the consensus
09:42:57 wanted the last time we were here.
09:43:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I continue to think that this
09:43:04 policy is unnecessary and I won't support it.
09:43:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
09:43:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I like the policy as it relates to
09:43:13 sunshine.
09:43:14 And the last time we were here, that was how it was

09:43:21 explained.
09:43:22 I said, how did this thing get started?
09:43:24 And some people said, well, we are concerned about
09:43:27 sunshine.
09:43:28 So I liked the one provision that speaks to sunshine.
09:43:32 I think the rest is a bit of overkill.
09:43:38 For example, this is a really interesting one.
09:43:42 If you look toward the bottom -- we have got different
09:43:48 versions here.
09:43:51 The paragraph that starts with "whether," it's
09:43:57 W-H-E -- whether attending a meeting or having a
09:44:02 one-on-one meeting with a community stakeholder, or if
09:44:07 an agency member discusses CRA business with CAC
09:44:10 member or constituent, he or she should report these
09:44:15 conversations at the next CAC board meeting.
09:44:18 Translated that means if Chairman Scott runs into CAC
09:44:23 member in the grocery store and talks with him about
09:44:28 something going on in the community about CAC type
09:44:31 issues, next time he's going to tell us not only did
09:44:33 he buy that can of peas but he also ran into Ms. Jones
09:44:38 and they talked about it.
09:44:39 This is the kind of overkill that this policy creates.

09:44:43 And I know it was well intended perhaps by whoever
09:44:46 drafted it.
09:44:47 Things in government just get spinning out of control.
09:44:50 So that's the kind of thing that I think should stay
09:44:55 instead of he or she should report, maybe it's are
09:44:59 encouraged to report.
09:45:00 So that way we can use our own judgment of whether or
09:45:03 not something, a conversation with that CAC member was
09:45:07 important enough to come back and report to this
09:45:09 council, or perhaps it was just to buy a can of peas.
09:45:15 Now what I'm saying?
09:45:16 Then you get to the last paragraph.
09:45:17 The last paragraph, the last two dots on the second
09:45:21 page, I just wiped out completely because what it says
09:45:24 is, it says if you are invited to go speak to a CAC,
09:45:32 by the majority of that CAC, that you are urged to
09:45:35 limit your comments to the subject specified, and then
09:45:38 you have got to dash out of that meeting, you can't
09:45:41 stick around for the rest of the meeting.
09:45:45 It says if the agency representative remains at the
09:45:47 meeting you should endeavor to refrain from
09:45:51 participating.

09:45:51 What if they ask you another question?
09:45:52 What if you are sitting there for the rest of the
09:45:54 meeting and they ask you another question, now?
09:45:59 I think part in there that speaks to sunshine, I
09:46:04 think, is good.
09:46:05 I said, if you know you are going to be attending a
09:46:07 meeting, and you send a notice to the rest of us, you
09:46:11 say I'm going to be attending, and you copy the clerk,
09:46:15 which is what we do a lot of times anyway, but just to
09:46:17 make sure that we don't bump into each other at one of
09:46:20 these meetings and create a potential sunshine
09:46:22 problem.
09:46:22 I think the rest of it is overkill.
09:46:24 And I would be glad to do some markouts and strikeouts
09:46:27 if you want to move forward with this at all.
09:46:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe in a little difference
09:46:35 here.
09:46:36 In fact, just last week a citizen was here, and he was
09:46:39 asked if he spoke to any council member providing his
09:46:44 subject matter.
09:46:45 And I volunteered to say, listen, if you want to check
09:46:48 around I'll be the first one to take a lie detector

09:46:52 test, because I don't believe any of us should be
09:46:54 talking to anyone regarding such matters.
09:46:56 And these things on the boards that we appoint, we
09:47:02 appoint them to be vigilant, strong, and understand
09:47:08 where they are at, and in what part of the agency they
09:47:12 serve.
09:47:13 And for any of us to go and speak outside the realm of
09:47:21 whatever they want to ask.
09:47:23 And I have never attended one.
09:47:25 That doesn't mean that's right or wrong.
09:47:28 But what it does say is that if I don't attend, I
09:47:35 can't be presumed take my appearance is going to sway
09:47:39 some opinion, not because of my name, but because of
09:47:42 the position in the city.
09:47:47 And it incumbent upon me to say that if those
09:47:50 individuals that we appoint are good enough to be on
09:47:53 that board, then they are good enough to bring
09:47:56 unbiased opinion to this board.
09:48:00 And I don't like to interfere.
09:48:04 And I'm not saying there is interference.
09:48:07 I'm saying that what if two members show up
09:48:10 unannounced?

09:48:11 And this happened before, where people show up
09:48:13 unannounced to different things.
09:48:15 And that's fine.
09:48:17 But when you go there and something is said, and you
09:48:20 can get the perception, just the perception alone of
09:48:26 something that's going on, I don't want to be any part
09:48:29 of that.
09:48:30 I believe that these CRAs are doing an outstanding
09:48:34 job on their own, without having -- and I'm only
09:48:39 speaking for myself, without having me at that table,
09:48:43 me at that forum, me in that conversation, when me is
09:48:50 going to listen to what they say in the appeal
09:48:53 hearing.
09:48:54 So, you know, it doesn't happen too often.
09:48:56 You don't see a Supreme Court justice sitting in
09:48:59 Congress listening to what they say.
09:49:03 It doesn't happen.
09:49:03 And I'm not comparing myself to a Supreme Court
09:49:07 justice.
09:49:07 So what I'm saying is in order to have clarity and
09:49:10 they are going to have separation, in order to have
09:49:14 the freedom of thought in mind and spirit for those

09:49:17 good individuals that we appoint to all these boards,
09:49:20 I think it should be done in this type of manner.
09:49:25 So, therefore, I would support this wholeheartedly.
09:49:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we had a long discussion about
09:49:38 this last time so I am not going to repeat everything
09:49:41 to say.
09:49:42 I am not going to support it because I don't think it
09:49:44 necessary.
09:49:44 I think we have our sunshine laws and our regulations
09:49:47 that let us know what we can do, and don't feel that
09:49:52 we need the adult supervision.
09:49:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Other comments?
09:49:59 Mr. Caetano?
09:50:00 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: On the paragraph that Mr.
09:50:03 Dingfelder started with "whether," I don't know
09:50:07 whether it says he or she should report.
09:50:10 So if the person decides not to report what went on,
09:50:16 perhaps that word "should" should be "shall I."
09:50:25 >> Should and shall are pretty similar.
09:50:27 Are you trying to soften it up?
09:50:31 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Well, they should report.
09:50:32 There's no criminal intent or anything.

09:50:35 >> Are you trying to make it harder like you must?
09:50:40 >>> I think it should be more definitive.
09:50:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's the opposite direction of
09:50:45 where I was going but that's your prerogative.
09:50:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, Madam Chair, I guess -- how many
09:50:57 CRAs, eight?
09:50:59 Seven, eight?
09:51:01 Seven boards.
09:51:02 How many CRAs?
09:51:07 You have eight areas.
09:51:08 You have one CRA.
09:51:09 That's you.
09:51:10 You have eight areas.
09:51:19 How many use this policy?
09:51:21 What is their feeling about this policy?
09:51:23 >>> Any input provided was on those discussions.
09:51:37 >>SAL TERRITO: I got the impression from what I saw
09:51:39 that no one had any problem with it.
09:51:41 I didn't see any problems.
09:51:42 I don't remember getting any negative comments from
09:51:45 anyone.
09:51:45 >>MARK HUEY: There was a question that came from the

09:51:47 Ybor board that that board to Sal, I'm trying to
09:51:54 remember it was, but it wasn't germane to whether they
09:51:57 supported it or not.
09:51:58 I believe it was more clarifying this role versus
09:52:01 their role as council.
09:52:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The reason I raise it, I was
09:52:05 interested in what their view was on this.
09:52:14 I think some of the language has been softens,
09:52:16 ex parte.
09:52:17 I appreciate that.
09:52:20 I think that's good.
09:52:21 I think the sunshine issue is a key issue of notifying
09:52:25 people.
09:52:29 I think that's very good.
09:52:30 However, I'm just concerned, though, that it might be
09:52:34 just a little too much restriction from the standpoint
09:52:38 of allowing a board member to be able to guide with a
09:52:48 member on this council.
09:52:48 My issue is when a CRA board or council person shows
09:52:51 up at a meeting and pretty much begins to take over
09:52:54 the meeting, that's my issue, because I don't think
09:52:57 that we should go to that extreme -- those extreme

09:53:00 measures and take over a CRA advisory board meeting
09:53:05 when we are going to get the report anyway when we get
09:53:08 information.
09:53:08 And I will tell you from my standpoint, I can't
09:53:13 remember any CAC board going to participate without
09:53:18 being called by the board.
09:53:19 I can't recall that, since being on council.
09:53:26 I think clearly the issue is making sure that we
09:53:32 function without direct interference by a board member
09:53:35 here, where you are going to get the information
09:53:37 anyway.
09:53:38 And I think that's the all-around issue.
09:53:40 That's the underlying issue.
09:53:42 It's one thing to be invited to speak.
09:53:44 It one thing to go and listen.
09:53:46 But it's another thing to go in and assert yourself
09:53:50 into that process, into that meeting, or, you know, go
09:53:54 and say I'm here because I want to encourage you all
09:53:56 to come down and protest against this.
09:54:01 That's not right.
09:54:02 I think the advisory board should function, have a
09:54:06 mind of their own, we have appointed them, they should

09:54:08 function and do their work, make recommendation to the
09:54:12 board.
09:54:12 At the end of the day we are going to decide the
09:54:13 issue.
09:54:14 So that's where I am on this.
09:54:16 Again, I don't want to limit a board member if they
09:54:20 want to go.
09:54:22 However, I think we need to be aware that they are
09:54:24 going, so that there is no conflict or so that we
09:54:27 don't show up, and they are not going to somehow ruin
09:54:31 that board on a particular decision.
09:54:43 I don't want to impede, though, the opportunity for a
09:54:46 board member to go.
09:54:48 However, I would not want them to assert themselves
09:54:51 into that process of an advisory board, where they
09:54:55 influence that board on a particular matter or issue.
09:54:58 That's my concern.
09:54:58 >>GWEN MILLER: What is the pleasure of council?
09:55:02 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:55:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to make a motion to
09:55:06 approve this in a redacted form.
09:55:10 I would like to strike two paragraphs as part of my

09:55:15 motion.
09:55:16 The "whether" paragraph, W-H-E-T that I referred to,
09:55:27 let's try to letter and number these paragraphs.
09:55:30 It might be helpful.
09:55:37 Then the last, those the reporting back, you know.
09:55:46 And then the last.
09:55:48 And that's already inherent in a lot of what we do.
09:55:51 If I go to MPO or Mary goes to the trolley board or
09:55:55 whatever, if we have something important going on we
09:55:57 bring it back.
09:55:58 You know, that's discretionary, I think.
09:56:01 So strike the "whether."
09:56:03 And the last two dots on page 2, I think, again is
09:56:12 just overkill.
09:56:13 It's far beyond any sunshine issues.
09:56:17 It's basically telling us how to conduct ourselves at
09:56:21 those meetings.
09:56:24 Well, you know, we are all mature.
09:56:26 We are all responsible.
09:56:27 And we know how to go out in the community and handle
09:56:30 ourselves.
09:56:31 So I think the point is the leave the sunshine, and I

09:56:38 think that's extremely important and we should all be
09:56:40 aware of that so we don't trip over each other at
09:56:44 these meetings.
09:56:45 And my motion is to approve this thing but strike the
09:56:49 "whether" paragraph and strike the two paragraphs on
09:56:52 page 2.
09:56:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:56:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to speak to -- I don't have a
09:56:58 problem with the one because you are right on that.
09:57:05 If I talk I'm not going to keep notes.
09:57:08 So I agree with that.
09:57:09 That last one, the first dot on the last page,
09:57:13 representative is encouraged to limit his or her.
09:57:17 Urged.
09:57:17 Maybe encouraged to limit his or her comments at the
09:57:23 CRA meeting.
09:57:24 And then I would strike maybe the rest of it.
09:57:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:57:28 I'm good with that.
09:57:29 I accept that as a friendly amendment.
09:57:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I will not be supporting the motion
09:57:35 on the floor and I'll tell you why.

09:57:37 There's certainly a vast difference in us reporting on
09:57:40 any boards that we sit on.
09:57:42 Most of those boards are made up of elected officials,
09:57:46 or those appointed by the chairman of this body, the
09:57:49 chairman of the county commission, and the mayor of
09:57:51 the City of Tampa, the board that was mentioned, the
09:57:54 MPO and other boards of that matter.
09:57:57 In this case, this board is appointed by the City
09:58:02 Council.
09:58:04 And I'm not trying to drive a wedge between anybody,
09:58:09 not speaking to anybody.
09:58:10 But what I'm trying to drive a wedge in saying, the
09:58:14 fact is that let these independent boards be
09:58:19 independent.
09:58:20 Let them have their own say.
09:58:22 Let them discuss what's best for their own community.
09:58:26 And let those individuals that feel that they have
09:58:29 been slighted or those people that feel that for
09:58:32 whatever reason they were not understood, let's say,
09:58:38 there's certainly a Mike here that you are entitled to
09:58:40 come up and speak for three minutes to this council.
09:58:43 I think that's a better give and take opportunity that

09:58:46 we would have to discuss these things.
09:58:52 And let's take the veil of secrecy or the possible
09:58:55 veil of a cloud over our heads and let these things be
09:58:59 discussed in the open and that's what I'm saying.
09:59:02 Therefore I will not be supportive of the motion on
09:59:04 the floor.
09:59:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: While I think this is completely
09:59:09 unnecessary, I think that with the improvements made,
09:59:12 I'll be able to support it.
09:59:14 I think that we have invested a ridiculous amount of
09:59:19 time on something that isn't substantive and I look
09:59:22 forward to getting back to our regular agenda.
09:59:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion on the floor to modify
09:59:36 and accept the policy.
09:59:37 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
09:59:39 Opposed, Nay.
09:59:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion did not carry?
09:59:46 >>GWEN MILLER: No, did not.
09:59:48 >>THE CLERK: With Miranda, Miller, Caetano, Mulhern
09:59:55 voting no.
09:59:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Could we get another motion?
09:59:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to receive and file.

10:00:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to make a motion not to
10:00:03 receive and file.
10:00:03 >> Point of order.
10:00:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, you want a point of order?
10:00:10 >> I'm just saying --
10:00:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.
10:00:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to receive and file.
10:00:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
10:00:18 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of that motion say Aye.
10:00:22 Opposed, Nay.
10:00:25 All right, Mr. Miranda.
10:00:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move to approve this
10:00:27 recommendation that was given to us in total as
10:00:30 written.
10:00:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second of the all
10:00:33 in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:00:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I still go back to that issue of
10:00:40 "encourage."
10:00:43 Take that word "urge," encourage in that section.
10:00:48 I still think it needs to be encouraged.
10:00:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I accept that.
10:00:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What about the other paragraph?

10:00:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The grocery store paragraph.
10:00:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We have urges.
10:00:59 Mr. Miranda, you accept it?
10:01:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I accept it.
10:01:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What about the "whether"
10:01:04 Paragraph?
10:01:17 >>THE CLERK: Can I first clarify the vote on the
10:01:19 previous motion to receive and file?
10:01:20 Who voted no?
10:01:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Miller.
10:01:25 Scott.
10:01:25 Caetano.
10:01:27 And Mulhern.
10:01:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Caetano, Scott, Miller, Miranda.
10:01:36 >> CLERK, Caetano, Scott, Miller and Miranda voted no
10:01:41 on the motion to receive and file.
10:01:44 Thank you.
10:01:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What he's saying, any function -- and
10:01:49 I talk to a member or constituent, I am required to
10:01:53 report.
10:01:53 >>SAL TERRITO: I used the word "should" specifically.
10:01:53 It's more of an urging you to do it.

10:01:57 I didn't use the word "shall."
10:02:01 Shall would have required you to do it.
10:02:03 This is basically encouraging you to make that.
10:02:06 There's no requirement to.
10:02:08 No penalty if you don't.
10:02:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:02:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question on the motion.
10:02:14 The rest of that paragraph is the grocery store
10:02:17 provision, because it says whether attending a CAC
10:02:20 meeting in a formal capacity, or having a one-on-one
10:02:23 conversation with a CAC member or community
10:02:25 stakeholder.
10:02:26 I don't even know who a community stakeholder is.
10:02:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Anybody.
10:02:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I do not know who a community
10:02:33 stakeholder is.
10:02:34 Okay.
10:02:34 Or if we discuss it with a CAC member or constituent,
10:02:39 or a constituent of the CAC, of the CRA, who are the
10:02:44 constituents of the CRA?
10:02:45 100,000 people that we ever meet in Tampa?
10:02:48 >>SAL TERRITO: Do you want me to answer that or wait

10:02:50 for the next --
10:02:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think that's the most broad
10:02:54 paragraph.
10:02:54 If we are going to do that, then we can --
10:03:01 >>GWEN MILLER: You don't have to come back and report.
10:03:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then why have a policy?
10:03:05 >>GWEN MILLER: You need something in writing.
10:03:06 >>SAL TERRITO: Any conversation you have involving a
10:03:09 CRA area, you should bring it back here.
10:03:12 You say should.
10:03:13 Not have to.
10:03:13 Any conversation you have, those all I'm saying.
10:03:16 And that was trying to cover anyone with whom you may
10:03:18 have a conversation.
10:03:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:03:21 It is my turn to share.
10:03:22 I was at the beauty parlor this morning at 7:30 and I
10:03:25 saw Betty Castor.
10:03:27 Betty Castor lives in the Channel District.
10:03:30 She and I had a conversation about the proposed
10:03:32 parking garage of the Port Authority.
10:03:33 No, this is completely germane to the motion.

10:03:36 This is the kind of ridiculous feedback that you are
10:03:39 asking for.
10:03:40 And I gave her Mr. McDonaugh's flier.
10:03:43 She hadn't seen it yet.
10:03:45 She talked about the parking garage.
10:03:47 She's going to give you a call.
10:03:48 This is the level --
10:03:49 >>GWEN MILLER: You don't have to bring that back.
10:03:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, I do.
10:03:52 According to this.
10:03:53 It is germane.
10:03:54 She's a stakeholder and it's germane.
10:03:57 >>GWEN MILLER: It doesn't say you have to --
10:04:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's why I suggested we receive
10:04:01 and file.
10:04:02 >>GWEN MILLER: It doesn't say shall.
10:04:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you all vote on this I will
10:04:07 share great information.
10:04:10 >>GWEN MILLER: He called for the question.
10:04:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You have to have a second calling
10:04:14 for the question.
10:04:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Changing one word.

10:04:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Leave the whether paragraph.
10:04:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Called for the motion.
10:04:30 All in favor say Aye.
10:04:32 Opposed, Nay.
10:04:33 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda, Saul-Sena,
10:04:40 and Mulhern voting no.
10:04:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miranda did not vote no.
10:04:45 >>THE CLERK: Who voted no on the motion, please?
10:04:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Dingfelder, Saul-Sena and Mulhern.
10:04:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I can't wait to share --
10:04:53 >>THE CLERK: Mulhern, Saul-Sena --
10:04:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay, okay.
10:05:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Put them in writing.
10:05:01 We go back to Mr. Mark Huey.
10:05:05 Item number 4.
10:05:10 >>MARK HUEY: The next item, at our last board meeting,
10:05:13 the topic of the federal stimulus package came up and
10:05:16 how it might impact our redevelopment efforts.
10:05:20 As you know, there's an $800 billion package, $480
10:05:25 billion tax incentive, 320 billion in spending
10:05:29 stimulus funds.
10:05:31 At this point I can tell you that I received three to

10:05:33 four e-mails a day with new information, new news, new
10:05:39 interpretations about how these funds might impact
10:05:43 redevelopment in our community.
10:05:45 There are many folks within the city and outside of
10:05:48 the city pursuing every bit of information that is
10:05:52 coming out of Washington, out of Tallahassee, and is
10:05:55 available locally to help us understand how these
10:05:58 funds might support redevelopment.
10:06:04 There are areas of infrastructure, opportunities, many
10:06:08 different areas, tax credit that might come, that
10:06:10 might end up helping the private sector to catalyze
10:06:16 redevelopment.
10:06:17 Essentially, there are two funnels, basic funnels in
10:06:21 which this funding might reach our community.
10:06:24 One is through existing federal pipelines, if you
10:06:28 will.
10:06:29 For example, this week it was announced the city will
10:06:31 receive an extra million dollars in CDBG funding.
10:06:36 That's an existing program.
10:06:37 They are going to put more funding into that pipeline,
10:06:41 and some of that might help our row development area.
10:06:44 Then part of the stimulus will be issued through more

10:06:46 of a competitive grant process.
10:06:49 The information about those and the rules about those
10:06:52 are not presently available.
10:06:54 But as that information is made known, we are tracking
10:06:57 it, and it evolves.
10:06:59 So bottom line, we think there may be opportunities in
10:07:02 the area of infrastructure, in the area of tax
10:07:07 credits, affordable housing potentially, we are in the
10:07:11 process of participating with a city-wide
10:07:15 interdepartmental task force.
10:07:17 There are many departments within the city, tracking
10:07:20 funding process.
10:07:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Huey, I guess a more direct
10:07:27 question, are we aware what funding is going to come
10:07:32 directly to the City of Tampa, and what amount?
10:07:35 I raise that question, you know, it's interesting,
10:07:39 even Columbus, Ohio, the policemen got a million
10:07:42 dollars to save their jobs.
10:07:44 Are we getting money like that?
10:07:45 That's what I want to know.
10:07:46 I guess I want to know in particular is did Central
10:07:52 Park get funding?

10:07:53 I guess my information is, I kind of track this thing.
10:07:57 I just want to know specifically, how is it impacting
10:08:02 the City of Tampa, CRAs, and that sort of thing?
10:08:05 So if you have any information on that that we don't
10:08:08 have --
10:08:09 >>MARK HUEY: Not at this present time.
10:08:11 A lot of it is in the works.
10:08:12 The only thing I'm aware of for sure that could
10:08:15 benefit our redevelopment area is the CDBG funding,
10:08:20 funds we got.
10:08:21 This will be an ongoing discussion that we will be
10:08:23 having over many months as more information --
10:08:27 I go to a lot of cities, Madam Chair, a lot of cities
10:08:30 put in a lot of money, a lot of things.
10:08:32 I mean they are getting money for policemen and
10:08:35 firemen.
10:08:36 So what do we get?
10:08:38 I mean, they are already getting this.
10:08:40 Do you understand what I'm saying?
10:08:43 Columbus, Ohio, was able to retain, what was it, 12 or
10:08:47 10 policemen, last week were going to be laid off.
10:08:51 So all of a sudden cities are getting this money.

10:08:54 What are we getting?
10:08:57 Thank you.
10:09:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:09:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a number of things to report on
10:09:06 this subject.
10:09:08 First, most disturbing thing that I read just
10:09:13 yesterday was that Florida, the State of Florida, is
10:09:17 at the bottom of the list per capita in what we are
10:09:20 getting for stimulus funding.
10:09:22 Alaska is getting per capita so it not just how much
10:09:26 total.
10:09:26 It's per person who lives here.
10:09:29 So, I mean, it's complicated, but basically it's what
10:09:34 the state is asking for and what the individuals are
10:09:37 asking for, and I think Chairman Scott makes a good
10:09:40 point that if we are asking -- you are not going to
10:09:44 get anything if you are not asking for it.
10:09:45 So we need to start figuring out what we want and
10:09:48 asking for it.
10:09:49 And I think, you know, we don't have to just wait and
10:09:52 see what they are going to give us because they are
10:09:54 not going to give us anything unless we ask for it.

10:09:57 And specifically what we ask for.
10:10:00 Here's some good news.
10:10:01 Yesterday, Ann Jones was appointed to be an adviser to
10:10:13 President Obama, environmental activist and author van
10:10:19 Jones one of the first to recognize the power of green
10:10:23 collar jobs corps as a tool for social justice has
10:10:26 been tapped by the Obama administration to serve as
10:10:29 special adviser for green jobs enterprise and
10:10:34 innovation at the White House council on environmental
10:10:37 quality.
10:10:37 This is somebody -- his book is called "Green Collar
10:10:40 Economy."
10:10:40 It's one of those books that I was recommending people
10:10:42 read as far as local businesses.
10:10:46 It's on the New York Times best seller list.
10:10:48 So I think, you know, maybe we as the CRA should all
10:10:52 read it.
10:10:53 Because what he talks about is the fact that it's
10:10:57 about environmental justice, and the fact that the
10:11:00 environmental movement has not -- he feels has not
10:11:06 promoted the kind of environmental change and benefits
10:11:14 basically in the African-American communities which is

10:11:17 our biggest CRA, which is apparently the second
10:11:20 largest in the country.
10:11:21 Is that right?
10:11:22 East Tampa?
10:11:23 So here we have somebody in the White House whose
10:11:26 purpose is to create jobs, specifically green collar
10:11:32 jobs, and that is one of the goals of this
10:11:34 administration, and it should be, I think, maybe
10:11:37 adopted as one of our goals as a CRA, is to put
10:11:42 forward plans for green collar jobs.
10:11:45 So that's be the good news.
10:11:51 The bad news, I just got an e-mail from Cindy Miller
10:11:58 saying there are going to be 20 layoffs in the
10:12:00 construction services department.
10:12:01 So as he would look at where we are being forced
10:12:04 because of the housing industry and the construction
10:12:07 industry in such bad shape, we ought to find out where
10:12:10 we are going to create those jobs.
10:12:11 And then the last thing I want to say, I should have
10:12:14 said first, but basically the economic stimulus is to
10:12:18 create jobs.
10:12:20 So I think as, you know, community redevelopment board

10:12:25 and staff, and advisory committee, that's what we need
10:12:34 to look at right now.
10:12:35 We have a flood of housing.
10:12:36 We don't need more housing.
10:12:38 Prices are -- whatever we can do to keep people in
10:12:41 their homes and, you know, see that homes become --
10:12:46 and departments become more affordable, that's what we
10:12:49 should be doing.
10:12:49 But really, I think the best thing we can do is try to
10:12:53 Croat jobs.
10:12:53 So I think that needs to be the way when look at
10:12:57 everything.
10:12:57 And this green jobs thing, I mean, there are so many
10:13:00 possibilities.
10:13:00 We need to look at what's going on around us as far as
10:13:03 creating alternative energy plans, we need to promote
10:13:08 that, and, you know, my community garden thing is one
10:13:13 of the things he talks about.
10:13:15 Michelle Obama is talking about that.
10:13:18 We need to just get on board and figure out how we are
10:13:21 going to get help here in Florida.
10:13:24 In the story where I read about Florida being at the

10:13:26 bottom of the heap, for the stimulus money, what the
10:13:31 administration said was that they are giving the money
10:13:35 to the neediest.
10:13:39 I don't know how Florida isn't on the neediest list
10:13:42 because we are the ones that I think we are in the top
10:13:45 five in unemployment, and of course we are almost the
10:13:48 top in foreclosures and that kind of stuff.
10:13:54 That's my advice.
10:13:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:13:58 Ms. Mulhern, before you started speaking I wrote down
10:14:02 van Jones green jobs.
10:14:05 We are apparently thinking along parallel lines.
10:14:07 Mr. Huey, I think the smartest thing we can do is try
10:14:10 to get the solar manufacturing plant in East Tampa.
10:14:13 It would be a win-win-win.
10:14:14 And that's specifically the direction, you do economic
10:14:18 development as well as CRA, that we should be moving.
10:14:21 We, the city, should be helpful to build a plant
10:14:24 there.
10:14:24 TECO says that they are going to generate a little
10:14:27 alternative energy perhaps in another county, everyone
10:14:31 though they are our hometown electric company.

10:14:33 We need to be innovative and resourceful.
10:14:37 You have a whole list of advantages for people who
10:14:40 invest in a manufacturing facility in East Tampa.
10:14:43 This is what we need to be going for.
10:14:45 I'm meeting this coming week with Rene Benton who does
10:14:54 job training and Warren Clark who is with a group of
10:14:56 clergy people who believe that sustainable earth is
10:14:59 good for all of us, to promote this kind -- to try to
10:15:03 figure out how we can make this happen here.
10:15:05 But you need to be the leader.
10:15:06 So I think as a CRA board, we ask you, please go out
10:15:09 and see if you can't do economic development and find
10:15:14 a solar plant to locate in East Tampa.
10:15:18 Market all of East Tampa's advantages.
10:15:20 We have got land.
10:15:20 We have got tax breaks.
10:15:22 And that's exactly what we need to be doing.
10:15:25 And I feel like the city has been -- has not been as
10:15:30 creative as we might be in terms of looking at the
10:15:32 thing.
10:15:32 I know we have already given our list of shovel-ready
10:15:35 jobs but these other things that are part of the

10:15:38 stimulus package are things we need to be a little
10:15:41 more creative in going after, we need to be very
10:15:44 imaginative and going after those dollars for our
10:15:48 community.
10:15:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:15:52 >>MARK HUEY: No, I'll just respond briefly, if you
10:15:54 don't ask, you don't get, and I want to say that you
10:15:56 all are aware of the "ask" that the mayor has made,
10:16:00 the lists that have been forwarded, League of Cities,
10:16:04 Kathy Castor.
10:16:05 No shortage of effort on many, many different fronts
10:16:08 throughout the city.
10:16:10 So find out how to tap into the stimulus package as
10:16:14 well as some of our partners like Bank of America in
10:16:17 Central Park be where we are going to work
10:16:18 aggressively to support those efforts as well.
10:16:20 We appreciate your comments.
10:16:21 And this will be an ongoing discussion.
10:16:25 The next item --
10:16:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to ask for a report
10:16:29 back not at our next CRA meeting but two CRA meetings
10:16:34 to solicit a solar production facility or any kind of

10:16:38 green energy facility in East Tampa, 60 days.
10:16:42 What are we doing to solicit that?
10:16:45 That's a motion.
10:16:46 Could there be a second?
10:16:48 >> Second.
10:16:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:16:50 (Motion carried).
10:16:51 >>MARK HUEY: The next item is a report.
10:17:03 We bring Wilson Miller in on a quarterly basis to
10:17:06 update you on the work that they are doing on your
10:17:08 behalf in the Channel District.
10:17:11 So Ahmid?
10:17:17 And then report on some planning that we are doing.
10:17:21 >>> Good morning.
10:17:26 HAMID from Wilson Miller.
10:17:29 Thank you for giving us time to do this presentation.
10:17:33 What I want to do very quickly, give you a background
10:17:35 on what we have done to date, and what we are doing at
10:17:40 the present time.
10:17:41 The focus of our work over the past year has been to
10:17:45 ensure that we have our design at the level that we
10:17:49 know exactly what the size of the pipes are, what the

10:17:53 basic design parameters are, and how the improvements
10:17:56 throughout the district will take place.
10:17:58 And produce engineering document that are now at the
10:18:04 hand of the city, and being finalized, and the shift
10:18:10 now is, there is now focus to specific sections.
10:18:20 I just want to quickly show -- I don't know, this is
10:18:23 hard to see, but every street that you see has been
10:18:26 reviewed, designed, and again is engineered in the
10:18:31 sense that we know what the pipe sizes are, where the
10:18:35 electrical is going to be buried and those types of
10:18:38 items.
10:18:39 Now we are shifting our focus to more targeted areas
10:18:43 where we need to do construction.
10:18:47 And those targets primarily, very quickly saying we
10:18:55 have to focus on the stormwater, the infrastructure,
10:18:59 which we are doing on York street, is going to have a
10:19:03 stormwater vault.
10:19:03 That design is in the process, and the construction
10:19:07 documents for that are being prepared as we speak.
10:19:11 With the goal of getting that into the construction.
10:19:15 In addition to that, the focus is also on some of the
10:19:18 other streets such as Washington street, and my focus

10:19:28 primarily is on the structure part of it, that has to
10:19:30 take place first.
10:19:31 And then Cumberland Avenue which hopefully is an
10:19:36 extension going to the west can complete that whole
10:19:39 connection, that is on the southern part, in addition
10:19:42 to their relocation of the lift station, which again
10:19:46 improves the services to the north.
10:19:51 Also I think was mentioned earlier, we are also doing
10:19:55 some interim repair work, improving the 11th
10:20:02 street, repaving those, and we have done that in the
10:20:04 past year, woo we have improvement along 12th
10:20:08 street and other segments of Washington again as part
10:20:13 of that.
10:20:18 With that, we get into some other part of the work.
10:20:25 >>> Bob McDonaugh, economic development.
10:20:32 I just want to give you an update on the progress with
10:20:35 the park.
10:20:36 We have identified a site.
10:20:40 It actually right in the center of the Channel
10:20:42 District.
10:20:43 Real estate is preparing a contract offer which will
10:20:45 be mailed this week.

10:20:48 And as soon as we have acceptance of our offer we are
10:20:50 going to have a neighborhood meeting about the exact
10:20:52 design of the park.
10:20:53 And we have some supports to show you the sticks and
10:20:59 bricks that would go in a park like that.
10:21:01 But let me talk real quickly about the site itself.
10:21:05 We are talking about this section of Washington and --
10:21:14 (off microphone) the L-shaped piece of property.
10:21:20 We have a pocket park.
10:21:27 In my conversations with a lot of the neighbors, the
10:21:30 access to the dog park is one of the things they
10:21:32 mention all the type.
10:21:36 This is one of the things I looked at.
10:21:44 Again we are meeting with the contractors this week.
10:21:48 I will schedule a meeting.
10:21:49 Wilson Miller will accompany me to that meeting and we
10:21:54 will incorporate the design features that the
10:21:56 neighbors would like in this first park in the
10:21:58 district.
10:22:06 >>> Lea Del Tosto. I'm here to talk to you a little
10:22:09 more about the parks.
10:22:10 What we have prepared as part of the exhibit is some

10:22:13 features that we have looked at, that could be
10:22:17 incorporated into a park space.
10:22:18 This is to give you ideas from the community, because
10:22:23 this is intended to be a public process.
10:22:26 We want to hear from the constituents within the
10:22:29 community as to what they would like to see in a park.
10:22:35 We intend to do that through the public process and
10:22:37 public meetings, in meeting with them to actually
10:22:40 formulate what will go into it.
10:22:42 So as I mentioned before, the images that you see on
10:22:45 the first two sheets of your handout are basically
10:22:48 just some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.
10:22:56 What they like and don't like versus just coming up
10:22:58 with ideas.
10:22:59 And that's what we showed there.
10:23:01 And then the last page of the handout -- were some
10:23:14 parks that were actually included in the master
10:23:16 planning process with the documents that were turned
10:23:20 in last fiscal year with basically just put collars to
10:23:25 the drawings that were in there.
10:23:27 And basically what was shown was the three levels of
10:23:32 parks that could occur.

10:23:33 And they are not meant to indicate any specific design
10:23:36 at this point, even though they look like they are
10:23:38 designed, basically for a cost estimating kind of
10:23:42 process, and to look at what might fit in a size park
10:23:48 that could be expected to be purchased.
10:23:49 So a passive park as one example where it's basically
10:23:56 to have a green space to go to and relax.
10:24:00 We did a mid-level type park which combines some of
10:24:03 the passivity with maybe some recreational uses.
10:24:08 We showed some parks might fit into the area where
10:24:13 people could come enjoy and then an active park, with
10:24:19 some playground feature, arts walls, arts sculpture
10:24:23 pieces so it's a little more involved than your other
10:24:26 two levels of park.
10:24:27 But basically, as I mentioned before, it's just some
10:24:31 ideas and show what kind of scale of things could fit
10:24:33 into this similar type space and that we would be
10:24:37 starting with a clean space as we go to the public and
10:24:40 gets ideas.
10:24:41 So with that I'll open it for questions.
10:24:45 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to suggest that, you
10:24:51 know, we have been talking about the drought, and

10:24:59 watering, and it would be a really good idea to not
10:25:02 have -- some of these have more turf than others, like
10:25:07 the top one.
10:25:07 The top two.
10:25:08 The other one was like not so much grass.
10:25:12 Also, to explore the idea of having a community
10:25:17 garden.
10:25:17 I know I talked to Bob about this awhile ago, and he
10:25:20 was like, well, I don't think there's a lot of
10:25:23 interest in the condos for gardening.
10:25:26 But I think it's worth, you know, even from probably
10:25:31 like six months ago, things have changed so much now
10:25:33 that thereby might be more interest in that.
10:25:35 And it's another idea I have been having as I have
10:25:41 been looking into this across the city, community
10:25:44 gardens is that restaurants.
10:25:48 A lot of them are going local.
10:25:51 Maybe if you are growing the herbs or whatever for
10:25:55 your restaurants, as we get more restaurants there,
10:25:57 that could be one of the things that they could be
10:26:03 partners in.
10:26:04 Just a thought.

10:26:05 And then my question is about this particular land
10:26:10 that you identified.
10:26:15 Does the city own any of it?
10:26:16 Or is this going to mean we are going to have to
10:26:19 purchase?
10:26:20 >>> The city is not owning land in that neighborhood,
10:26:23 no.
10:26:23 It's owned by a private party.
10:26:27 >>MARY MULHERN: So another idea is to pursue maybe
10:26:32 some public sources of funding for community
10:26:35 development.
10:26:36 >>> We'll look at every possible way.
10:26:40 And again just to reiterate, we have spoken about it
10:26:43 before, but the intent is not to have a park in this
10:26:45 district but a series of parks, pocket parks that
10:26:50 would be located closer to each of the residential
10:26:52 areas.
10:26:52 The rationale ail behind this first site, it's
10:26:55 actually geographically in the dead center of the
10:26:58 district.
10:26:58 So it's within walking distance for everybody.
10:27:02 And then we have Cotanchobee park is just about

10:27:05 complete now, which is relatively a short walk as
10:27:08 well.
10:27:08 The riverwalk terminates.
10:27:10 The process, construction process right now, it's a
10:27:14 public plaza being built at the bridge, the Beneficial
10:27:18 Bridge and Channelside right now, which is the
10:27:21 terminus of the riverwalk so the residents can walk to
10:27:24 that and access the entire riverwalk from that
10:27:26 location, which is only a couple of blocks from where
10:27:29 we are talking about.
10:27:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much for bringing this
10:27:35 stuff.
10:27:35 This is like the best news we have had in ages.
10:27:37 The community has wanted a park for a very long time.
10:27:40 It's certainly a great time to purchase anything.
10:27:42 And the fact that it cuts through from 11th to
10:27:47 12th or -- it will just make people's lives
10:27:53 better, I bring this to us as quickly as you can.
10:27:56 Let's get it going.
10:27:57 >>> Several meetings ago, council expressed a desire
10:28:00 to have the rubber hit the road and that's what we are
10:28:06 doing here, actually spending money, so infrastructure

10:28:09 that people are going to do.
10:28:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:28:11 We appreciate you bringing that report to us.
10:28:13 Mr. Huey.
10:28:32 >>> Our last report is a quick item from Julie to walk
10:28:36 you through the budget process.
10:28:37 I know you have already given a little bit today and
10:28:39 we appreciate that.
10:28:40 Julie.
10:28:42 >>> Julie Wisdom with the Revenue and Finance
10:28:48 department.
10:28:50 As Mark stated, I just want to briefly go through our
10:29:10 fiscal 2010 budget planning process with you.
10:29:15 You can see by the slide here that we did start doing
10:29:17 some preliminary planning projections back in February
10:29:23 and expect to continue refining those through the end
10:29:26 of June when we get the final tax roll from the
10:29:31 Hillsborough County property appraiser.
10:29:35 And then, of course, our budgeting process culminates
10:29:38 with the adoption of the final budget in October.
10:29:43 Nothing has changed from prior years, so you should be
10:29:47 familiar with everything.

10:29:49 One of the key elements to the budget planning process
10:29:52 is the preparation and submission of our budget
10:29:56 planning documents, which will occur in August, after
10:30:01 the budget workshop in July.
10:30:04 The new feature that we are going to integrate into
10:30:07 this year's budget book is multi-year financial
10:30:11 projections.
10:30:14 So hopefully it's going to allow us to forecast on a
10:30:19 longer Verizon.
10:30:21 As we all know, it's an extremely challenging year.
10:30:25 But we are going to do our best to get that to you.
10:30:30 As always, we welcome your input and any suggestions
10:30:33 that you have, particularly now, ideas on how to
10:30:38 maximize our TIF revenues are very much appreciated.
10:30:44 >>GWEN MILLER: I'll let you finish.
10:30:47 >>> I was just going to ask if there are any
10:30:49 questions, and there are.
10:30:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:30:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:30:54 I think that because CRA board members can only
10:30:58 communicate with each other in the context of this
10:31:00 meeting that we should have a meeting -- he would

10:31:03 should schedule time on our agenda as soon as possible
10:31:09 to have sort of a brainstorming session with staff
10:31:16 before you put your ideas together and bring it to the
10:31:20 CACs and then bring it back to us so that our input
10:31:24 can be appropriately at the beginning of the
10:31:26 conversation.
10:31:27 We recognize that revenues are down and our resources
10:31:30 are short.
10:31:31 And what I would like for you all to bring to the
10:31:34 meeting is the previous year's budget, how you
10:31:42 allocate staff time, what are the projects that you
10:31:46 anticipate being in this coming budget, because I know
10:31:49 there are some things that are appropriate to use our
10:31:53 TIF money on and some things that maybe are going to
10:31:56 slide maybe from the regular city budget that are
10:31:59 really important to the neighborhoods in the community
10:32:02 that we could pick up under our TIF dollars.
10:32:06 And there's some areas where things can sit, we don't
10:32:13 want to lose momentum and things that we projected for
10:32:15 this year, like many for projects that we know
10:32:18 probably aren't going to happen this year, so we'll
10:32:21 have that money, you know, sliding into next year's

10:32:24 budget.
10:32:25 I think the earlier Weaver these conversation it is
10:32:28 more productive they will be.
10:32:29 Madam Chairman, I would like to suggest that you
10:32:31 develop your agenda for the next CRA meeting or
10:32:33 perhaps the one after that.
10:32:34 I don't really know what your timing is that we can
10:32:36 have this.
10:32:37 But perhaps -- this is March.
10:32:40 Maybe May that we have that conversation.
10:32:42 And you will have a better sense of the dollars by
10:32:45 May.
10:32:45 >>> Yes, absolutely.
10:32:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:32:49 We appreciate that.
10:32:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On our agenda for the May meeting
10:32:59 we have a discussion of the budget.
10:33:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:33:02 (Motion carried).
10:33:05 Anything else, Mr. Huey?
10:33:07 Okay.
10:33:07 We go to public comment.

10:33:09 Anybody in the public that would like to speak, please
10:33:11 come up and speak.
10:33:12 Public comments.
10:33:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Come now.
10:33:16 >>CHAIRMAN: Public comments.
10:33:37 >>> My name is Moses Knott, Jr., 2902 East Ellicott
10:33:42 street.
10:33:42 Again I just thank God for his grace and his mercy.
10:33:45 I just can't do without it.
10:33:47 As a matter of fact, I ain't supposed to be standing
10:33:49 here now.
10:33:50 A lot of people -- I can't live without it.
10:33:56 I want to speak about this money this morning and this
10:33:59 CRA thing about the parks.
10:34:02 You know, I was sitting home the other night looking
10:34:05 at the meeting come on 12:00 every night and I stay up
10:34:09 late at night and the people at the budget will tell
10:34:13 but park and they come in and say we would like this
10:34:18 park and want trees, and we got parks down to the
10:34:23 ground, retention pond.
10:34:25 I just want to bring a point.
10:34:30 But Ms. Mulhern, I want to thank you from the podium

10:34:35 what you said about spending money.
10:34:37 You know, I went to churches, you know, and they say
10:34:45 a lot of churches are going to get in trouble with
10:34:47 President Obama and his group but a lot of cities are
10:34:50 going to get in trouble.
10:34:52 You tell them what that money is for.
10:34:54 Keep on telling them what that money is for.
10:34:56 Jobs.
10:34:58 That benefit this country.
10:35:00 But back to this park thing.
10:35:02 You know, in my neighborhood, you know, every man for
10:35:05 himself but all the tell me, Mr. Naught, go to the
10:35:12 City Council and tell them what we need.
10:35:16 The people do a good job over there with no money.
10:35:18 With no money.
10:35:19 But I want to say, though, people talk about what they
10:35:22 want.
10:35:23 This big ol' retention pond right there, this is my
10:35:27 second time talking about it.
10:35:29 Every time I come here, I talk about this big ol'
10:35:33 retention pond, right across the street from Middleton
10:35:36 school.

10:35:38 One man went and looked at it and said, Mr. Knott,
10:35:41 that's like 14 acres of land.
10:35:43 But when I look at all that land sitting there, we
10:35:46 need a track over there.
10:35:49 Ms. Miller is talking about the bicycles all over
10:35:51 town.
10:35:52 And I said I can't believe you are talking about
10:35:55 bicycles.
10:35:55 I wish you -- ride out here and look at this land.
10:36:01 That land there doing nothing at Middleton school
10:36:04 right on the corner.
10:36:05 But when I sit up there and I see those people and
10:36:07 they got tracks, football fields, they get on 22nd
10:36:12 street and up Hillsborough, come down Hillsborough to
10:36:15 30th street, back to the school.
10:36:17 That's the only track they got.
10:36:18 And when I see Mrs. Miller, one of the top black
10:36:22 ladies in this town, in Hillsborough County, where she
10:36:28 go to Middleton school and walk on Hillsborough school
10:36:31 property for the exercise.
10:36:35 You know I'm not telling a lie.
10:36:37 That's all they got.

10:36:38 That's all they got.
10:36:39 No bicycles.
10:36:39 No bicycles.
10:36:40 But I'm saying that please, you all, Mrs. Miller, you
10:36:46 city-wide, and she's city-wide.
10:36:49 You talking about the bicycle thing now.
10:36:54 Right now make some plans, and put a concrete road,
10:36:59 and all kinds of sidewalks, making a trail go around
10:37:02 that thing, and then you all get a chance to get over
10:37:11 there, cross the railroad track, right on 22nd street
10:37:17 and all that traffic.
10:37:20 It just amazed me about that.
10:37:22 But way want to say, though, I just thank God.
10:37:26 Back to this student thing again, you know, I just
10:37:29 pray to God that the city do the right thing about
10:37:35 this.
10:37:36 Reverend Scott, man, I tell you, you are on topic this
10:37:40 morning.
10:37:41 You are on it.
10:37:43 And you watch this money for me.
10:37:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Knott.
10:37:48 Next speaker.

10:37:52 >>> I'm here this morning on behalf of six
10:37:54 individuals.
10:37:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record.
10:37:56 >>> Megan Voeller, here on behalf of six individuals
10:38:00 that would like to see the Union Station space to be
10:38:05 continued to be used as an art exhibition state.
10:38:08 Here's who's involved: Wendy Babcock, assistant
10:38:10 professor of photography, University of South Florida,
10:38:13 College of Visual and Performing Arts; John Byrd,
10:38:14 assistant professor of sculpture and extended media;
10:38:16 Gregory Green, assistant professor of sculpture and
10:38:20 extended media; Sarah Howard, who is with me this
10:38:23 morning, research associate, digital specialist and
10:38:25 printer, institute for research in art and graphic
10:38:27 studio; David North, curator of exhibitions and
10:38:30 special projects at the institute for research in art
10:38:32 at USF, and myself, Megan Voeller, visual art critic,
10:38:36 Creative Loafing, University of Tampa.
10:38:39 The six of us, it was brought to our attention that
10:38:45 they would no longer be using the baggage claim, and
10:38:48 we would like to suggest that a new space be created
10:38:50 by our group.

10:38:51 We are calling the space super test and here's our
10:38:54 mission statement.
10:38:56 A Tampa based not for profit space in contemporary art
10:39:00 by providing an environment for artists to explore
10:39:03 innovative ideas in media, to for breadth and depth
10:39:10 through the region through current artistic practices,
10:39:13 super test build and sustains audiences for the
10:39:15 cultural economy.
10:39:16 We think that a space is crucial as part of the
10:39:19 downtown arts ecology in general and part of Zack
10:39:23 Street as an avenue of the arts, and we would ask City
10:39:25 Council to support us in our endeavor.
10:39:29 If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.
10:39:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:39:33 I'm passing around a letter that Megan sent to I think
10:39:37 all of us, and a letter that her vector sent to her
10:39:42 saying, well, we don't really know.
10:39:48 Again, this wonderful connection with the University
10:39:49 of South Florida and with the University of Tampa, and
10:39:53 cultural institutions, where artists are coming to
10:39:56 this city and saying we are going to do something, we
10:39:58 are not going to charge you for it, we are doing it on

10:40:00 our own effort, dime, and it will provide the creative
10:40:04 energy and vitality that we need.
10:40:06 So what I would like to do at this time is to make a
10:40:09 motion that we request the administration, make
10:40:13 Tampa's Union Station baggage building available to
10:40:17 this alliance of professional artists who use the
10:40:19 space for art exhibits and activities for a year.
10:40:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Got a motion and second.
10:40:27 (Motion carried).
10:40:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for your initiative.
10:40:29 >>> Thank you.
10:40:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Next speaker.
10:40:34 >>> Madam Chairman, other members of the CRA board.
10:40:44 Greetings.
10:40:46 I'm a person from the East Tampa CRA.
10:40:52 I have a riddle for you.
10:40:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record.
10:40:56 >>> And that riddle is --
10:40:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record.
10:41:00 You didn't identify yourself.
10:41:03 >> State your name for the record.
10:41:04 >>> Oh, my name?

10:41:06 Oh.
10:41:06 This person is Al Davis.
10:41:13 Anyway, the riddle is, what is the feast for?
10:41:21 >> A what?
10:41:23 >>> Feast.
10:41:23 And what is wine for?
10:41:25 And what is money?
10:41:32 I am eager to give you the riddle if you haven't
10:41:37 figured it out at the next meeting.
10:41:40 Those of you who have the correct answer, I would
10:41:45 exchange the United States mint, state quarter for the
10:41:51 State of Florida.
10:41:52 Madam Chairman, I hear this term "transparency."
10:41:59 I hear it a whole lot lately.
10:42:03 And I have a couple of recommendations that I hope
10:42:08 this board will take under consideration.
10:42:13 When the managers of the CRA give you an activity
10:42:17 report, would they include in there the general
10:42:27 boundary of the CRA?
10:42:28 That would help the listener to know the geographical
10:42:33 area of this that I am speaking.
10:42:38 And, secondly, the CAC, CRA, that is the community

10:42:52 advisory committee?
10:42:55 >> Right.
10:42:55 >>> I get the take when you all use the term "board,"
10:43:06 in relationship to the community advisory committee,
10:43:16 well, except for the fact that I presume that I know
10:43:21 that's who we are referring to, will you be a little
10:43:24 bit more precise?
10:43:25 The group of people that you have appointed to
10:43:32 facilitate that relationship between the broader
10:43:36 community is the community advisory committee.
10:43:44 I believe you refer to yourself as the redevelopment
10:43:49 agency board.
10:43:53 So when I hear the term "board," I know you are
10:43:57 talking of yourself.
10:44:02 Council members.
10:44:04 You are not a council member when you are sitting in
10:44:06 the seat of the CRA board.
10:44:09 You are board members.
10:44:11 And I try to differentiate between your role as the
10:44:20 board of the CRA --
10:44:24 (Bell sounds)
10:44:24 Let me just conclude, Madam Chairman -- and your role

10:44:28 as member of the City Council.
10:44:31 One last observation.
10:44:33 I don't know why, but the members of this board, since
10:44:39 you are also the mayor member of the council, did you
10:44:46 notice something interesting, Madam Chairman?
10:44:48 All of the female members was elected by everybody.
10:44:53 But the was only elected by a few folks.
10:44:59 Isn't that interesting? And I'll tell you more about
10:45:01 it at the next council meeting.
10:45:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
10:45:07 Okay.
10:45:08 >>MARK HUEY: One request.
10:45:17 That is to schedule a special CRA meeting for next
10:45:20 Thursday, just for a few minutes, before City Council
10:45:23 for of approving the redevelopment agency's annual
10:45:27 report.
10:45:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: when will we receive the report?
10:45:33 >>MARK HUEY: Prior to the meeting.
10:45:34 As quickly as I can get it to you.
10:45:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Before City Council meeting next week,
10:45:39 next week for five minutes?
10:45:40 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:45:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
10:45:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: When will we get the report?
10:45:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's what I'm asking.
10:45:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My point is, I don't want to get a
10:45:49 report the day before, and then vote on it the next
10:45:54 morning for five minute.
10:45:55 Let me make it clear.
10:45:56 >>MARK HUEY: I understand.
10:45:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Did we get a second on that?
10:46:02 We have a motion and second to have a special CRA
10:46:04 meeting next Thursday morning at 9:00.
10:46:06 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:46:08 Opposed, Nay.
10:46:09 Okay.
10:46:11 Mr. Territo?
10:46:12 >>SAL TERRITO: A procedural matter tonight.
10:46:16 You have a meeting tonight.
10:46:18 And that one item that you have on that meeting is
10:46:20 being asked to be continued.
10:46:22 This was a concern if there were not a full quorum at
10:46:26 that particular meeting, what happens.
10:46:28 What will basically happen is if you have four members

10:46:30 it's not a problem because you will be able to take up
10:46:32 the issue and basically continue it.
10:46:34 If four members are not present, what will happen, it
10:46:36 will be brought up at your next regular meeting which
10:46:39 is the 19th for the same purpose.
10:46:41 My suggestion would be that if you do not have a
10:46:44 quorum that the item be mentioned anyway that it's
10:46:48 going to be continued, if there's anyone in the
10:46:52 audience, and the concern was basically whether you
10:46:54 had a quorum.
10:46:55 If you have a quorum it is not an issue.
10:46:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I am going to be
10:47:00 here.
10:47:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I will be here.
10:47:02 There will be four.
10:47:04 >>> And Mr. Caetano.
10:47:07 >> I'll be here.
10:47:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And could be excused for this
10:47:13 meeting since it's not going to happen but --
10:47:18 It's just a matter of continuance so if we have the
10:47:21 four here, that will be good.
10:47:22 >>VICE CHAIRMAN MULHERN: Any new business?

10:47:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to make a motion.
10:47:35 Since Ybor City is a CRA district, and the centerpiece
10:47:40 of Ybor's economic value is its status as a national
10:47:44 landmark historic district, and that status could be
10:47:49 threatened if 500,000 feet -- more buildings by HCC
10:47:54 were to be built not under the supervision of the
10:47:57 Barrio Latino, I would like to move that we ask the
10:48:02 State of Florida's attorney general for an opinion
10:48:05 about whether future construction by HCC is required
10:48:11 to come under the jurisdiction of the Barrio Latino.
10:48:18 I'm doing it in CRA.
10:48:22 I believe it's elected official and I'm a CRA board
10:48:26 member.
10:48:28 >>SAL TERRITO: Any elected official can ask for an
10:48:30 attorney general's opinion.
10:48:31 You can ask for it as an individual.
10:48:33 You can ask for it as a board.
10:48:34 You can ask as this body or the City Council.
10:48:37 So in effect, under the attorney general's rule any
10:48:41 elected official may ask that, if you don't get enough
10:48:44 people to support you, you may do that on your own.
10:48:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:48:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I was just going to
10:48:49 say that any City Council member can do that.
10:48:51 In fact during this course of the meeting, I have been
10:48:53 reading about such incidents as happened between one
10:49:02 and Florida State, they want to bye build a bio lab
10:49:05 and so forth and so on, and the city said one thing.
10:49:08 And I have been reading, and I have another item of 40
10:49:11 or 50 pages to read.
10:49:13 But I'm not prepared to vote for that.
10:49:15 And I think if Ms. Saul-Sena wants to do that, that's
10:49:17 fine.
10:49:18 She can do that on her own.
10:49:19 I believe you can.
10:49:20 And the reason is, there's a lot of issues here and
10:49:23 language that pertains to what happened for 37 or 38
10:49:26 years.
10:49:28 Nothing.
10:49:29 HCC built -- and I'm not siding with HCC.
10:49:38 On one issue.
10:49:39 I have not read the other issue.
10:49:40 And the other side is here.
10:49:41 So I have not concluded all of this.

10:49:45 So therefore I'm not prepared to make any statements.
10:49:47 But from what I've read, and one of them, the attorney
10:49:52 general's opinion is not going to be favorable to the
10:49:54 city.
10:49:55 That doesn't mean that's how it's coming down.
10:49:58 So I'm just saying that I'm not prepared, and I
10:50:02 applaud Ms. Saul-Sena for doing this and she can
10:50:05 certainly write the letter and send it out or any
10:50:07 other council member can write the letter and send it
10:50:09 out.
10:50:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, I will say first of all I
10:50:13 think it should be brought up in the context of the
10:50:15 City Council, since that's where it was first raised
10:50:18 and discussed, and we don't have a full board.
10:50:21 So I will support it being brought up at the full City
10:50:23 Council meeting.
10:50:24 I said in the meeting last Thursday, the only way it
10:50:32 goes is the attorney general opinion, whether it's
10:50:33 favorable or not.
10:50:34 The issue is, from what I heard from the discussion,
10:50:37 the only way it will be resolved is by attorney
10:50:40 general's opinion.

10:50:43 I think it should be discussed with City Council.
10:50:47 That's where it was first discussed.
10:50:50 >>> There are some attorney general opinions that deal
10:50:52 with similar issues to this which you may want to look
10:50:55 at and ask the question again.
10:50:56 There are some questions pretty much on point.
10:51:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I spoke with Chip Fletcher, our
10:51:04 attorney did B this, and he was not informed, that in
10:51:07 fact HCC had previously come to the barrio for an
10:51:09 opinion.
10:51:10 Now they paid no attention to the opinion, but they
10:51:12 had come to the barrio, indicating that they recognize
10:51:16 that maybe they should need to do that.
10:51:19 It's really a question of enforcement, and it's a
10:51:22 question of the next -- not this building that's come
10:51:25 out of the ground but the next 500,000 square feet
10:51:28 which would completely potentially undermine the
10:51:31 status of Ybor City as a national landmark district.
10:51:34 That's my concern.
10:51:35 And if I can bring it up successfully at council
10:51:39 that's great.
10:51:39 If not I'll pursue it on my own.

10:51:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you thinking of bringing it up --
10:51:45 can you do that tonight or are you thinking of doing
10:51:47 it at our next council meeting next week?
10:51:49 I think you might want to see it tonight to see if you
10:51:53 can get the votes.
10:51:54 I think I would be in support of that, just so you
10:51:57 know.
10:52:00 But I also feel that it would be beneficial if you had
10:52:05 the council behind you.
10:52:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Our attorney said he wouldn't do it
10:52:09 if I asked him, but I need to have a majority of
10:52:11 council.
10:52:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Any other new business?
10:52:17 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file?
10:52:19 >> Yes, Ms. Miller had to leave to go to the hospital,
10:52:23 her husband's mother is in the hospital so she had to
10:52:25 be for that.
10:52:27 Move to receive and file.
10:52:29 So moved.
10:52:31 >> Second.
10:52:31 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?
10:52:34 (Motion carried).

10:52:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to say one other thing, Madam
10:52:37 Chair, to Mr. Huey.
10:52:39 As a suggestion by Mr. Davis.
10:52:42 If there is a map when those districts come up, if
10:52:44 they could have a map to place on the overhead, that
10:52:46 would be very good.
10:52:47 I think that's a very good suggestion.
10:52:53 >>MARK HUEY: We'll see if it's electronically
10:52:55 available for the public, too.
10:52:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Any other new business?
10:52:59 Mr. Miranda?
10:53:00 Ms. Saul-Sena?
10:53:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, one more thing.
10:53:03 I will share with you all a campaign that's being
10:53:07 created by the coalition of business -- of
10:53:11 organizations including the Florida Chamber of
10:53:13 Commerce, and I love this.
10:53:15 It's called backyard economics, local spending works.
10:53:19 And it's about a conversation we had last week about
10:53:23 how the state is trying to get people to shop in the
10:53:26 state, because they recognize how significant it is
10:53:32 when people spend money within the state or within

10:53:34 their community.
10:53:35 So we don't have to discuss budgets.
10:53:38 It interesting because this came right on the heels of
10:53:40 our conversation about local --
10:53:46 >>MARK HUEY: Actually I have good news to report on
10:53:48 that.
10:53:49 I mentioned at the workshop last week about this
10:53:51 program, and we were looking being the Tampa Chamber
10:53:56 of Commerce has committed to Do being a host site for
10:53:58 this program in our area, and I spoke with them
10:54:01 yesterday, and they are committed to doing that.
10:54:05 And we just urge independent businesses to get
10:54:07 involved.
10:54:07 There's a credit, sort of a discount park program that
10:54:11 they will be promoting.
10:54:12 But its success is going to be very dependent on us
10:54:15 getting small businesses involved.
10:54:17 And I know you will help with that.
10:54:19 So we look forward to rolling that out.
10:54:21 It will roll out the third, fourth week of March.
10:54:26 And it's a state-wide program.
10:54:28 And they are going to be one of the local host

10:54:31 entities.
10:54:31 We are pursuing other entities to help host and
10:54:33 promote and get the word out about this program.
10:54:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I hope they will work with TIBA.
10:54:39 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:54:41 I sent them that information.
10:54:42 And they would be critical players in it.
10:54:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I spent all my money here in
10:54:51 Hillsborough County.
10:54:52 All of it, whatever I do spend.
10:54:53 I do save a little, try to, anyway.
10:54:58 Just so that you understand how serious this thing is,
10:55:00 when you get home, and you are hanging up your clothes
10:55:03 or putting on a change of clothes, read the label.
10:55:07 Tell me how many are made in the good ol' USA.
10:55:11 Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:55:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess that's it.
10:55:21 Adjourned.


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