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09:35:08 Community Redevelopment Agency meeting
09:35:20 Thursday, April 9, 2009
09:35:27 9 a.m. session.

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09:35:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:45:46 We are ready to start our Community Redevelopment
09:45:47 Agency meeting which is a CRA.
09:45:50 We will now come to order.
09:45:51 Roll call.
09:45:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:45:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:45:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:45:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:46:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:46:01 I would like to put on the record that Ms. Mulhern
09:46:04 regrets that she will not be here today for the
09:46:05 meeting.
09:46:07 Mr. Huey.
09:46:08 >>MARK HUEY: Mark Huey, economic development
09:46:11 administrator for the city.
09:46:12 The first item on our agenda each month you have one
09:46:16 of the terrific volunteers who heads up the community
09:46:23 advisory committee come to report to you and we are
09:46:25 pleased this morning to have Andy Scaglione who is the
09:46:29 chair of the Channel District community advisory
09:46:31 committee.
09:46:32 Andy, it's good to have you with us.
09:46:39 >> Good morning.
09:46:40 Number one, I would like to thank the board that you
09:46:44 all appointed, because it's probably one of the most
09:46:46 committed boards I have been involved with.
09:46:49 We probably have over 90% attendance ratio on these
09:46:53 boards.
09:46:54 We start on time.
09:46:56 They come very prepared.
09:47:02 It's very spirited meetings.

09:47:05 They are not a "yes" group.
09:47:08 Currently, our biggest -- one of our projects right
09:47:11 now is we have been -- we are getting an appraisal for
09:47:15 a park in the area, and that's going on right now.
09:47:24 I would also like to point out that Bob McDonaugh, we
09:47:29 have enjoyed working with him, he's very no-nonsense,
09:47:33 result oriented, and that's blended very well with the
09:47:36 Channelside district.
09:47:40 I'll open it up to any questions you all have.
09:47:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
09:47:50 Keep up the good work.
09:47:52 Thanks for letting us know what's going on in
09:47:53 Channelside.
09:47:55 I know you are going to have -- good luck and keep up
09:48:02 the good work.
09:48:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Scaglione.
09:48:07 I know you are doing a good job.
09:48:09 As Councilwoman Miller said we have a lot of
09:48:11 confidence in the advisory board and we appreciate all
09:48:14 that you do and the job that you do.
09:48:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We do appreciate your hard work on
09:48:22 this.

09:48:22 You have been working on this for many, many years.
09:48:25 What do you see as the challenges, other than the
09:48:30 total economic challenge that we are all facing, but
09:48:32 specifically the Channelside?
09:48:35 What type of challenges are you and your board facing,
09:48:39 and is the city responding to them, CRA responding to
09:48:44 them, and what can we do more to help?
09:48:47 >>> Actually, this board looks at things very in a
09:48:51 long-term range, and but they also look at making sure
09:48:56 there's some improvements currently, when you have
09:48:59 people living there, as in paving streets, and
09:49:08 economic, now, we'll come out of it.
09:49:10 Channelside will come out of it.
09:49:11 I mean, I am very, very proud of where it's at, where
09:49:15 it's going to go.
09:49:16 It's just going to take a little time based on the
09:49:18 economics we are in.
09:49:20 The staff has been fantastic, had no complaints.
09:49:30 But challengewise, I think this issue about getting
09:49:36 some parks in there is very, very important especially
09:49:38 taking advantage right now, when we can buy land at 50
09:49:41 cents on the dollar what it was two, three years ago.

09:49:43 So now is the time to really focus on that, which we
09:49:46 are doing, and taking advantage of the economics,
09:49:50 really taking advantage of it.
09:49:51 >> Do you feel that you will be coming to this body
09:49:54 with some recommendations on park acquisition, pocket
09:49:59 park acquisition?
09:50:01 >> Expand on that.
09:50:01 >> Do you feel you and your board will be coming to us
09:50:04 with recommendation of particular parcels, or --
09:50:08 >>> Currently we are getting an appraisal on one part.
09:50:10 We narrowed it down to, and a very respected appraiser
09:50:15 in Tampa, and we are doing it the proper way.
09:50:17 We are getting his appraisal and then coming in with
09:50:19 the offer.
09:50:22 This way everything is trance parents.
09:50:25 But again now is the time to take advantage of some of
09:50:28 these parcels because of land being probably 50% of
09:50:34 what they were two years ago.
09:50:36 >> Thank you for your service.
09:50:37 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What's the vacancy rate on your
09:50:42 commercial property that's down there?
09:50:44 >>> Very high.

09:50:46 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Very high?
09:50:47 >>> Yeah.
09:50:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Are there people looking?
09:50:51 >>> There's people looking.
09:50:53 Yes, there is.
09:50:53 >> What do you think turns them off?
09:51:03 >>> I'll tell you what.
09:51:11 The economics.
09:51:13 You have got to have people down there, what he would
09:51:16 call roof tops to support the retail.
09:51:25 I would ask Kim what obstacles he's running into.
09:51:38 >>> Ken Stoltenberg, 1101 Channelside Drive. With the
09:51:44 retail that we have, we have just signed a lease for
09:51:47 the 20,000 foot fitness center to come into the
09:51:50 Channel District center.
09:51:52 They will be opening up in about six weeks.
09:51:54 I will tell you we have got three basic concerns that
09:51:56 the people have.
09:51:57 One is, you know, during the day down there, you don't
09:52:00 see a lot of people walking around, and people say,
09:52:03 well, just meeting with a restaurateur yesterday out
09:52:08 there, it was new and weren't a lot of people around

09:52:11 up with there's no reason for them to be there because
09:52:13 there's not a lot of shops and services for them.
09:52:15 So it's kind of who is going to go first.
09:52:18 I think if we can get one or two people in there, and
09:52:21 they start to do well, the next tenant will come
09:52:25 running.
09:52:26 It getting the first one or two.
09:52:27 That's why I think the health club is very
09:52:29 significant.
09:52:30 Secondly, I think you have to look at key retail that
09:52:34 you need to get.
09:52:35 Obviously the biggest one is a supermarket, I believe,
09:52:38 and that's something we are working very hard on.
09:52:41 It's just right now it hard to get any retailer to do
09:52:44 anything.
09:52:44 You know, thirdly, I will tell you that having the
09:52:49 public amenities that you see, say, downtown, if they
09:52:52 were there in the Channel District now, that would
09:52:55 make it easier, but they are not there yet.
09:52:57 So those would be the three biggest things.
09:52:59 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: With the opening of IKEA, do you
09:53:02 think that's going to help you down there?

09:53:04 >>> It helps in the sense that IKEA has a very
09:53:07 sophisticated demographics and marketing department,
09:53:09 and because they have said yes, it would lead a lot of
09:53:14 other mainly larger companies such as a supermarket or
09:53:17 drugstore to look at that area, because IKEA has made
09:53:21 an investment there.
09:53:22 However, IKEA is a regional draw and a lot of other
09:53:25 things that are going to go in the Channel District
09:53:29 are more local.
09:53:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to thank the leadership for
09:53:37 what they have done.
09:53:38 Some of us think the Channelside is like it is today.
09:53:42 It is not.
09:53:42 It was like a dump.
09:53:44 Back in the 50s and the 60s and even into the
09:53:47 70s.
09:53:48 And the investment that private individuals like some
09:53:51 of these in the audience have made today is what made
09:53:54 the difference.
09:53:56 The investments by government, including the City of
09:53:58 Tampa and Hillsborough County and so forth, have made
09:54:01 a difference.

09:54:01 When you look at Meridian, when you look at the
09:54:06 square, when you look at the port of Tampa, what they
09:54:08 have done.
09:54:09 They have got parking garages, you look at them, you
09:54:11 would think you are in South Beach.
09:54:13 It's really, really nice.
09:54:15 And why is it that people go?
09:54:20 Because it's a fun place to go.
09:54:25 Those that are vacant now, it's going to fill up.
09:54:28 It's not going to be a long time in history, 20 years.
09:54:30 No.
09:54:31 Very shortly those areas will be built out and you are
09:54:36 going to have your stores and you are going to have
09:54:37 your grocery stores like any other community because
09:54:40 that's what it is.
09:54:42 And I am here to commend you all for what you have
09:54:44 done.
09:54:46 And taking the right step forward.
09:54:47 Thank you.
09:54:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for coming, Mr. Scaglione.
09:54:52 Mr. Huey?
09:54:57 >>MARK HUEY: Next item on your agenda is our monthly

09:55:00 reports.
09:55:00 And we have highlighted many of the significant
09:55:03 activities going on, certainly the groundbreaking for
09:55:06 the children's museum, the highlight for the month.
09:55:10 Many great events occurring.
09:55:13 We had the Gasparilla arts festival and thanks to the
09:55:17 leadership of the downtown partnership, the criterion
09:55:21 bike race, Ybor hosted the St. Patrick's day parade,
09:55:25 fiesta Italiana.
09:55:28 All of those help our small business in downtown and
09:55:30 Ybor City and bring business.
09:55:33 Completed acquisition of property in Drew Park and we
09:55:35 are preparing a process for the reuse and
09:55:39 redevelopment of that property.
09:55:41 The 22nd street planning in East Tampa continues.
09:55:44 In fact you have an item before you relating to that
09:55:46 today.
09:55:55 We began our published our annual report, on the
09:55:58 backyard economics plan which will promote the local
09:56:02 community support of our small and independent
09:56:05 businesses.
09:56:06 And many other areas of progress including completing

09:56:09 the repaving of 11th street and Channel District,
09:56:13 and I know Andy and the board there appreciated that
09:56:16 project coming to completion.
09:56:18 And you are going to be hearing a lot in a few minutes
09:56:20 about the progress on the Encore redevelopment
09:56:24 project.
09:56:25 So with that I'll be glad to answer any questions or
09:56:27 staff here would be glad to answer any questions you
09:56:29 might have.
09:56:31 But despite the difficult times progress is being made
09:56:35 in each of our redevelopment areas.
09:56:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
09:56:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the things that we have
09:56:44 identified in so many of our CRA areas is the need for
09:56:48 more retail to raise the tax base.
09:57:05 Have you considered any sort of incentive program for
09:57:08 retail, small retail?
09:57:09 I'm thinking specifically of virtually every district
09:57:12 from downtown to Ybor to the Channel District to East
09:57:17 Tampa.
09:57:19 Drew Park is the only area where I don't hear people
09:57:22 clamoring for local retail but the other districts all

09:57:25 identified that as something they feel would be a
09:57:28 benefit.
09:57:28 And as we talk philosophically as a CRA about where we
09:57:33 want to put our money, I sort of have a question, for
09:57:36 all of you, do we want to put our money into one
09:57:39 big-deal project in our different areas?
09:57:41 Or do we want to come up with smaller incentives and
09:57:45 carrots for retail that we identify that the
09:57:48 neighborhood wants in their areas?
09:57:50 Is this something that's been successfully done in
09:57:54 other communities, and is it something that we have
09:57:56 considered doing here?
09:57:59 >>MARK HUEY: I think we have actually had some
09:58:01 discussions with the board about incenting retail.
09:58:03 I know we have had a couple of different dialogues
09:58:05 about it.
09:58:06 And our approach is pretty consistent with what you
09:58:08 heard Ken Stoltenberg reporting, and Andy shared some
09:58:13 observations as well.
09:58:14 Retail is driven by market demand.
09:58:17 And so we feel very comfortable with letting the
09:58:20 market drive retail activity, except when there are

09:58:24 certain very strategic retail assets like a Channel
09:58:28 District, like a grocery store in the Channel
09:58:30 District, or downtown, or some of our other
09:58:33 redevelopment areas, where there really can be a
09:58:36 catalytic retail project.
09:58:39 We are active in discussions with those types of
09:58:42 projects.
09:58:43 So that's been our approach, to really identify with
09:58:46 the neighborhoods, with the community, what are really
09:58:49 some catalytic strategic projects that could help tip
09:58:53 the market forward a little bit.
09:58:55 And so that is our approach and we feel it's a good
09:59:00 one.
09:59:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also with that, Mark -- thanks very
09:59:06 much for your report -- the advisory boards have been
09:59:09 very involved and played a major role because they
09:59:12 have the pulse on the community, so they have been
09:59:14 involved with all of this as well.
09:59:17 And I know later on, talking about 22nd street, and
09:59:21 you came in, and brought people in, got a whole
09:59:23 discussion about what the market and land issues, you
09:59:27 know, challenges and all that, so all that's very

09:59:31 helpful to our understanding.
09:59:33 But overall, I know East Tampa and Channelside are
09:59:37 doing extremely well.
09:59:39 East Tampa is really moving.
09:59:42 You can see it.
09:59:45 >> One other observation on retail, one of the things
09:59:47 we also feel very compelled to do is to make sure that
09:59:52 the market data is rightly reflecting the
09:59:56 opportunities in our redevelopment areas.
09:59:58 As you remember, that's where we engage social
10:00:01 compact, to really make sure, and they have helped the
10:00:04 private sector see our markets a little differently.
10:00:07 And that's been effective for us in East Tampa and
10:00:09 other redevelopment areas.
10:00:11 And we are continuing that relationship with social
10:00:13 con packet to try to continue to be the best advocates
10:00:17 we can for the real market opportunity in our
10:00:20 redevelopment areas.
10:00:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:00:24 Item 3.
10:00:26 >>MARK HUEY: Item 3, this is a matter that relates to
10:00:29 the budget that was approved for the Channel Districts

10:00:34 in the last budget cycle.
10:00:35 It included an amount budgeted and approved by the
10:00:40 board of about 1.4 million to support the
10:00:44 redevelopment of 11th street, and particularly
10:00:47 related infrastructure as part of a development
10:00:50 agreement with the developers of seaport
10:00:53 Channelside -- seaboard Channelside.
10:00:56 The concern has been in this market environment, with
10:00:59 the project in fact move forward, and, if not, should
10:01:03 we be considering how to redeploy that budgeted line
10:01:07 item?
10:01:08 And so we are reporting today, and have a
10:01:11 recommendation for you.
10:01:13 In fact, the project is not moving forward in keeping
10:01:18 with what has been presented to you today.
10:01:20 So no particular fault of the developer, it's really a
10:01:28 reflection of the market environment.
10:01:30 That in fact is not occurring.
10:01:31 It's not moving forward as has been shown.
10:01:35 I can also report to you that we have had multiple
10:01:37 discussions with developers who are seeking to control
10:01:40 that property.

10:01:42 It's a very attractive piece of property and very
10:01:45 promising for redevelopment.
10:01:50 None has yet been able to take control of it.
10:01:52 And we believe, though, within the next 120 days, that
10:01:55 that ownership will sort itself out, and that a
10:01:59 development plan will emerge for the future of that
10:02:02 property.
10:02:03 So our recommendation would be to see how the
10:02:08 ownership situation works itself out, and what
10:02:12 redevelopment plan comes forward, and if it's a
10:02:14 redevelopment plan that we would embrace, that we
10:02:17 might redeploy this 1.4 million toward it.
10:02:21 If not, we can again redeploy it to some other
10:02:26 important use within the district.
10:02:27 So our recommendation would be let the private market
10:02:30 work its way and see what the new ownership group, who
10:02:34 it will be and what their plan will be.
10:02:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
10:02:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:02:38 I believe this money is in this fiscal years budget,
10:02:42 and this year is winding up by the end of September.
10:02:48 We have heard very clearly from the residents of the

10:02:50 Channel District that what they most want are physical
10:02:57 improvements in their neighborhood.
10:02:58 They want sidewalks.
10:02:59 They want street lights.
10:03:00 They want to live in a civilized neighborhood and not
10:03:02 a construction site.
10:03:05 Whatever is done with this property will undoubtedly
10:03:08 take at least a year before the city's role could kick
10:03:11 in.
10:03:12 The neighborhood has outlined what they want.
10:03:15 They have worked with Mr. McDonaugh to sort of create
10:03:19 the list.
10:03:19 They have been very clear with us as a CRA board that
10:03:21 they would like this stuff done yesterday if not a
10:03:24 year ago.
10:03:24 I think it would be more most responsive of us as a
10:03:27 CRA board to say, let's look at putting this money
10:03:32 toward the things that the residents have requested
10:03:36 with the idea that whatever comes out of this property
10:03:39 we can address in the next year's budget, because
10:03:42 whatever is created will definite definitely take
10:03:45 beyond, you know, this fiscal year to address.

10:03:49 I think that would be the most responsive thing.
10:03:51 And I apologize for not being here for the
10:03:54 presentation, but is that something that you all have
10:03:57 talked about at your CAC meeting, this 1.4 million and
10:04:01 what you would like to see it go for?
10:04:03 Could we hear from him, Mr. Chairman?
10:04:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Daignault?
10:04:11 >> We have looked at the long-term.
10:04:14 Outlook at Channelside.
10:04:15 But also doing some improvements to satisfy the
10:04:17 residents.
10:04:20 And what Mr. Huey is proposing on the 1.4, that would
10:04:26 free up a lot of lot of money to do some improvements
10:04:29 for the residents currently.
10:04:31 So that's right on board where we are at.
10:04:35 But you are correct in what you are saying.
10:04:37 Thank you.
10:04:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So what I would like to suggest is
10:04:42 rather than to continue to set this 1.4 aside for a
10:04:46 project which may or may not happen within the fiscal
10:04:49 year that we use it to address the request that we had
10:04:52 from the CAC for specific physical improvements in the

10:04:56 neighborhood, the sidewalks, the lighting, with an
10:04:58 idea toward if some project does come ahead in the
10:05:01 future that we address that in the next budget which I
10:05:03 believe you are also already starting to work on the
10:05:06 budget for next year, because the year really begins
10:05:08 October 1.
10:05:09 >>> Correct.
10:05:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So I guess what my request would be
10:05:12 is that at the next CAC meeting, that we as a CRA
10:05:19 board direct the staff to work with the CAC to
10:05:24 identify what their highest priority in sidewalk,
10:05:29 streetlights, et cetera, are, and start spending money
10:05:38 that the people in this neighborhood really value and
10:05:41 want to see.
10:05:42 >>> Andy Scaglione: That will be taken up.
10:05:46 Like I said this board comes very prepared, and they
10:05:49 are very tight with the public's money.
10:05:51 I have to say that.
10:05:52 Unlike a lot of boards, as you know, are very, very
10:05:57 tight with the money and they make sure it's well
10:05:59 spent.
10:05:59 So I would just like to thank Blake Haze for coming

10:06:03 today, Mark Allman and Tom Stewart.
10:06:09 Thank you very much.
10:06:10 And again we will take that up at our next Wednesday
10:06:12 meeting coming up.
10:06:13 Thank you.
10:06:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I wanted to ask Mr. Huey.
10:06:21 We are like any part of this country, not Tampa but
10:06:23 the whole country.
10:06:24 There's certain plots of land that were well-meant to
10:06:29 develop or to do something.
10:06:30 Now that hasn't happened, because of the situation
10:06:34 this country is in.
10:06:37 Are we getting any of this money that was allocated
10:06:40 for the total improvement for this area?
10:06:43 Or is it just for parts of it?
10:06:47 >>MARK HUEY: I'm sorry?
10:06:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Where the present owner is still
10:06:52 going to own them, or that's going to be sold to
10:06:55 somebody else?
10:06:56 And I would imagine will have work to do what they
10:07:02 want to do and develop the property.
10:07:03 This is in conjunction with that to improve those

10:07:06 properties, guidelines that we have money for the
10:07:10 improvements to those areas, also?
10:07:14 >>MARK HUEY: Right.
10:07:15 Yes.
10:07:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey, you made a statement.
10:07:26 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, I think we need to be having a
10:07:29 contingency plan, and there are more needs in the
10:07:31 Channel District for spending thans there is money.
10:07:35 So I think alternatives are there for spending the
10:07:37 money, and will continue as board member Saul-Sena
10:07:42 suggested to work with the community advisory
10:07:44 committee.
10:07:45 But again I would like to suggest to you that there
10:07:48 are plans that are out there for this property, and I
10:07:52 don't know if they will actually go forward.
10:07:54 That's what I'm saying, so let's breathe a little bit
10:07:58 here before we make decisions, that you might be very
10:08:01 excited about and you might be very excited about
10:08:04 supporting with TIF dollars, and I would just like to
10:08:07 preserve that ability to do that.
10:08:09 And again, in the full spirit of board member
10:08:13 Saul-Sena and having a backup plan that we can execute

10:08:16 very quickly.
10:08:16 But I think the most prudent thing to do would be to
10:08:19 wait till the ownership of the property has been
10:08:22 settled that a redevelopment plan comes forward.
10:08:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: May I ask one more question of
10:08:27 that?
10:08:28 I, like Ms. Saul-Sena, would like to see all the
10:08:31 improvements that are possible to be done as quickly
10:08:33 as possible.
10:08:34 On the other hand, I understand the logistics that
10:08:38 this whole country is in.
10:08:39 Would 90 days be sufficient to have those
10:08:43 determination of the facts?
10:08:46 >>MARK HUEY: Again we are not in control of it but my
10:08:49 speculation is within 90 to 120 days there will be a
10:08:51 resolution to the property ownership, and we can
10:08:54 certainly report back and let you know exactly the
10:08:56 status and how we would recommend proceeding.
10:09:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps we could be moving on
10:09:05 parallel tracks, that even what happens with the
10:09:09 Sembler property, the community -- the citizens
10:09:12 advisory committee could be discussing if that were

10:09:15 not to go forward what your priorities would be, and
10:09:18 so we will be -- and you use the word quickly which
10:09:25 kind of make me smile because when don't do anything
10:09:27 quickly, but it would make sense to have things
10:09:29 develop on parallel tracks so if the property thing
10:09:33 doesn't go forward, then even though we let this money
10:09:36 sit around for a year, at least we haven't lost it
10:09:38 because it's not market, and we can go ahead and make
10:09:41 the physical improvements to the neighborhood.
10:09:43 And I think it would probably take the citizens a
10:09:46 couple of meetings to figure out what your priorities
10:09:48 are and kind of work that through, working with staff,
10:09:51 to see what the price tags might be might be.
10:09:53 But that way, you all would be clear on what you would
10:09:57 like to see, and it will either be one thing this
10:10:01 year, one thing next year, or both things -- well, we
10:10:04 don't know about the Sembler property.
10:10:06 But I'm sure the improvements to the neighborhood, if
10:10:09 they could happen sooner because they are organized in
10:10:11 a litany of what you want them to be, that would be to
10:10:14 the good.
10:10:14 So I look forward to hearing back from you all if I

10:10:18 can't of course go to your meetings.
10:10:20 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number 4.
10:10:24 >>MARK HUEY: Item 4 relates to our Central Park
10:10:26 redevelopment area which for our viewing audience is
10:10:29 just north of our central business district.
10:10:31 One of our most important and in many ways most
10:10:36 challenging redevelopment initiatives.
10:10:40 The centerpiece of the redevelopment work to date has
10:10:43 been a vision by the Tampa Housing Authority and Bank
10:10:46 of America to create a new mixed use community, a new
10:10:51 neighborhood called Encore, that will be live, work,
10:10:55 play environment, approximately 2,000 residents, and
10:11:00 you have been supportive of their efforts over the
10:11:03 years, and they are here to update you on their recent
10:11:06 progress, and I think you will be pleased with even in
10:11:09 these very challenging times the what is there with
10:11:14 the projects.
10:11:15 At this point I would like to introduce Roxanne
10:11:18 Amarosso.
10:11:24 >>> Good morning.
10:11:26 Roxanne Amarosso, Bank of America Development
10:11:30 Corporation.

10:11:31 Here today with the our partners the Tampa Housing
10:11:33 Authority and our development team, and very proud to
10:11:37 update you on our progress on the Encore.
10:11:47 The Encore is an urban renewal project that's been in
10:11:49 the making for more than three years for our team.
10:11:51 It's a public-private partnership to redevelop a
10:11:54 blighted area of downtown Tampa, creating jobs,
10:11:57 affordable housing, in a green initiative.
10:12:03 This is a public-private partnership with the City of
10:12:05 Tampa, the Tampa Housing Authority and Bank of America
10:12:09 Community Development Corporation.
10:12:11 When it's completed, we anticipate that it will have
10:12:14 created $425 million in new development dollars in new
10:12:22 various types of development within the core area
10:12:24 within downtown Tampa.
10:12:27 This is an aerial depiction of what the completed
10:12:30 development will look like.
10:12:32 It's comprised of just short of 29 acres with an
10:12:38 additional 11-acre redevelopment of Perry Harvey, Sr.,
10:12:43 park.
10:12:46 The project benefit to Tampa is it will directly
10:12:50 address affordable housing needs.

10:12:52 It's going to create substantial permanent jobs, 4,103
10:12:57 total construction jobs, supporting 8,784 total jobs
10:13:01 in the local economy over the next -- this depicts two
10:13:06 years.
10:13:06 It's really a two- to five-year buildout.
10:13:09 It also creates 955 permanent jobs supporting 1,374
10:13:16 total jobs in the local economy post construction.
10:13:23 This embraces a LEED initiative.
10:13:26 Our first redevelopment will obtain a silver LEED
10:13:33 designation.
10:13:34 All of the affordable housing developments in
10:13:36 partnership that we take vertical will have LEED
10:13:39 designations, and as partners, we make the
10:13:44 determination that the entire development, whether we
10:13:47 are the vertical developers or someone else is, needs
10:13:50 to have green components, so we are asking all
10:13:53 development that occurs within the development area to
10:13:56 embrace a green initiative.
10:13:59 It's going to stimulate business opportunities in an
10:14:02 African-American neighborhood that's blighted and
10:14:06 directly supports education, tourism, affordable
10:14:08 housing, and it will bring much-needed services such

10:14:11 as a grocery store to the area.
10:14:16 This is an overall lot layout of the 28.8 acres, and
10:14:22 it also shows you the Perry Harvey park immediately
10:14:26 adjacent to the master development.
10:14:29 I would point out to you particular note lots 2, 3 and
10:14:35 7, which are clustered together, and will be our first
10:14:38 vertical phase of development.
10:14:44 I'd like to tell but the project status at the time.
10:14:47 We are going to be submitting construction plans for
10:14:50 permitting for the entire infrastructure in the next
10:14:55 60 days.
10:14:55 We are going to be submitting for our water and sewer
10:14:58 permit application in the next 45 days.
10:15:01 And I will tell you that the City of Tampa is an
10:15:05 incredible partner to work this through a very
10:15:09 challenging redevelopment.
10:15:10 We are honored to have the relationship that the
10:15:12 administration has provided us with to take on a very
10:15:21 big redevelopment and revitalization opportunity.
10:15:26 The infrastructure we envision commencing upon receipt
10:15:32 of funding.
10:15:33 We are positioning ourselves, and applying for

10:15:36 federal, state, county, and city funding for various
10:15:42 components.
10:15:43 We are predominantly seeking federal funding to fund
10:15:46 all of the infrastructure for the entire development.
10:15:49 And we are not only hopeful but determined to move
10:15:56 this development forward.
10:15:59 Our financing applications for our first three
10:16:01 residential developments were submitted in February.
10:16:05 Our next financing application -- there are multiple
10:16:09 financing layers for each vertical building.
10:16:12 Our next ones will be submitted on May 26th.
10:16:14 And then in July we are going to know if we are
10:16:18 financed for one of our buildings.
10:16:21 In September we are going to know about another of our
10:16:25 buildings.
10:16:25 And the first of the year we are going to know about
10:16:27 the third.
10:16:28 Moving forward on three at the same time.
10:16:31 And we hope to be able to break ground this year, in
10:16:36 September or October, for our first building at the
10:16:40 Encore.
10:16:42 A our master development plans were very aggressive

10:16:45 and very comprehensive when we initially took over
10:16:48 this development opportunity and partnership, and it
10:16:52 did include an 11-acre redevelopment of Perry Harvey
10:16:57 park.
10:16:57 We spent a year in design charrettes with two
10:17:01 stakeholders in the community to ensure that the right
10:17:06 things were going to occur in that park so that it not
10:17:08 only supported the master development that we were
10:17:11 undertaking but that it was going to be a benefit to
10:17:13 all of the residents of the City of Tampa.
10:17:15 Today, our infrastructure and our master development
10:17:18 plans still include Perry Harvey park redevelopment.
10:17:25 And we are still creating a walkable community.
10:17:30 Our plans embraced a green initiative, a walkable
10:17:35 community.
10:17:36 We see a city within a city that has all of the
10:17:39 components that are necessary for a successful
10:17:43 neighborhood, and that includes a town center, retail,
10:17:48 office, hotel, and housing.
10:17:53 It also includes a grocery store site.
10:17:59 We recently embarked on -- and you are about to see
10:18:03 very prominent activities occur on this site, and in

10:18:07 relation to this site.
10:18:08 We have embarked on a marketing campaign.
10:18:14 You will see the various developments depicted on the
10:18:17 screen fences, around the property.
10:18:18 You will see an interactive Web site that is for the
10:18:22 benefit of the public and for private developers that
10:18:25 we would like to entice to embrace this development.
10:18:28 We are positioning ourselves to break ground on this
10:18:31 development.
10:18:35 I thought it might be helpful to give you a little
10:18:38 information on the time lines relative to all of the
10:18:40 moving parts.
10:18:41 The infrastructure can come out immediately,
10:18:48 immediately defined as having the funding.
10:18:50 We believe that we are going to know and receive the
10:18:52 funding in September of this year.
10:18:58 So we are making sure that our plans are in for
10:19:01 permitting.
10:19:02 We are making sure that we are shovel ready, and that
10:19:05 we are positioned to move this year.
10:19:08 The actual infrastructure for the entire development,
10:19:10 we believe, is a 12 to 14-month venture.

10:19:15 Our first vertical development will be named the TRIO,
10:19:19 located on lot 7.
10:19:21 It will be three buildings and provided that funding
10:19:24 is approved from the various sources that we are
10:19:27 seeking, we'll be able to break ground this fall, and
10:19:30 we hope to complete that first development within 12
10:19:32 months of breaking ground.
10:19:35 Our second vertical development named the Ella, which
10:19:39 is a senior development, which will be located on lot
10:19:42 3, we will hear about the financing this July, and we
10:19:48 hope to have that in place the end of this year and be
10:19:50 able to close the beginning of next year and commence
10:19:53 construction.
10:19:55 The third vertical development, the Tempo, a family
10:19:58 development which will be located on lot 2, will
10:20:03 probably be financed the spring of 2010.
10:20:07 That's an 18-month development time line.
10:20:10 Each building type is unique in design, construction
10:20:15 type, and has its own time lines.
10:20:18 We thought you might like to see some depictions of
10:20:21 the development that we are looking forward to
10:20:23 creating in the near future.

10:20:25 This is a depiction of the Trio which will be on lot
10:20:28 7, the first development that we anticipate occurring.
10:20:31 We are going to be seeking local housing finance
10:20:35 authority, bonds, as well as tax credits, and a host
10:20:39 of other funding.
10:20:40 And we are in the process of applying for those now.
10:20:45 The second depiction is of the Ella, 160-unit senior
10:20:50 apartment building.
10:20:51 It's predominant funding vehicle is a 9% tax credit.
10:20:54 It's application goes to the state on May 26th and
10:20:59 we are going to know in July.
10:21:00 We have already submitted funding for your benefit to
10:21:04 the Hillsborough County for all three of our vertical
10:21:06 developments, and we have asked them to significantly
10:21:10 participate in a number of different ways, including
10:21:13 financially, because we think that everyone benefits
10:21:17 from this, and it's going to take all of our resources
10:21:22 collectively for a development of this magnitude to
10:21:24 occur.
10:21:27 This is a depiction of the side and rear elevation of
10:21:31 the Ella.
10:21:33 You can see how the garage and the pool are integrated

10:21:36 into the building.
10:21:41 Our third development which we think will take a
10:21:43 little longer to finance, but actually the Ella and
10:21:50 Tempo could reverse themselves in order of competitive
10:21:52 process, and while we will submit applications
10:21:55 simultaneously, we just think the Ella has a better
10:21:58 shot based on its senior residency that it's serving.
10:22:04 The Tempo is 146 units family.
10:22:08 It is located immediately adjacent to Perry Harvey
10:22:11 park.
10:22:15 With that, are there any -- oh, there are two other
10:22:19 things I would really like to share.
10:22:22 We are very certain that we have learned how to
10:22:27 navigate in difficult times together.
10:22:29 We know we have strong partnerships.
10:22:30 With that we also have a conviction that we are going
10:22:34 to succeed because we are determined to, together as
10:22:36 partners.
10:22:45 There are certain things we need to accomplish as
10:22:47 developers.
10:22:47 Yesterday we moved a construction trailer on the site,
10:22:50 and in the next week we are going to be moving the

10:22:52 concrete that was retained from building demolition
10:23:01 off of lot 7 for a ground breaking in September.
10:23:03 In anticipation of receiving federal funding and state
10:23:07 funding for the infrastructure which could be as early
10:23:10 as this September, we are going to be having job
10:23:14 fairs, two of them, and having our first one, working
10:23:17 with the city park and rec department, and worry
10:23:19 asking them to work with us to utilize Perry Harvey
10:23:24 park, but June 4th and 5th we are going to be
10:23:27 having our first job fair, and we are working towards
10:23:29 our minority participation.
10:23:31 Frankly, this is an African-American neighborhood.
10:23:35 We in partnership recognize that it's very important
10:23:38 to embrace not only subcontractors, but residents that
10:23:45 live at Central Park Village, and see if we cannot
10:23:48 create opportunities for job training in addition to
10:23:52 job creation.
10:23:54 So you are going to see bulldozers, construction,
10:24:00 marketing, and a team that is working very hard to be
10:24:07 able to position us to take off this year.
10:24:09 Are there any questions I can answer?
10:24:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.

10:24:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you first of all for coming and
10:24:14 giving us an updates on this very ambitious plan.
10:24:23 Of course, now I go way back to my county commission
10:24:26 days with this issue but it's good to see you still
10:24:28 have your plans in place.
10:24:29 And also the importance of recognizing the diversity
10:24:33 of the community and making sure that all of the
10:24:37 partners, all of the people that in the community will
10:24:40 have opportunity to come and work and that sort of
10:24:44 thing.
10:24:44 I think it's very important for this community.
10:24:46 Let me go back now to the funding.
10:24:51 And a lot is predicated on whether you get state
10:24:54 funding, and whether you can get, I guess, stimulus
10:24:58 money, I guess it is.
10:25:02 I'm assuming that you are waiting to hear from the
10:25:04 city in terms of whether it's going to fund the
10:25:08 infrastructure.
10:25:08 >>> That is the predominant funding source but we are
10:25:12 going after more than one funding source for it.
10:25:16 Yes, to answer your question, yes.
10:25:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: State, you are going after that as

10:25:23 well, and you made it very clear earlier that a lot is
10:25:29 predicated on the funding.
10:25:31 >>> That's correct.
10:25:33 When we look at our opportunities for financing, we
10:25:38 know we have a very unique development.
10:25:43 While all funding is competitive, absolutely.
10:25:47 There are very few developments, I believe, in the
10:25:49 country that have the components and that are ready to
10:25:54 go, that are truly ready to go.
10:25:58 The bank in partnership with the Housing Authority
10:26:00 have made some deep financial investments to ensure
10:26:06 that we meet that criteria.
10:26:10 And we believe that the uniqueness in all of the
10:26:12 diversity and the uses, the job benefits, and the type
10:26:17 of product that we have is going to be very well
10:26:21 supported.
10:26:21 And we are doing all the right things to ensure that
10:26:24 we gain the proper attention to get that support.
10:26:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right.
10:26:28 I know that the city, we have committed quite a bit of
10:26:32 the funding, or I think all of the funding from the
10:26:35 city to this particular project, to make it successful

10:26:38 and to get it going.
10:26:39 I'm aware of that.
10:26:41 And --
10:26:42 >>> The city is a great partner.
10:26:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, and hopefully we can get some
10:26:45 funding from the state.
10:26:46 Now, that depends on the -- that's the lottery system,
10:26:51 is that right?
10:26:52 >>> In response to the lottery system, that would
10:26:54 apply to a 9% tax credit application for a vertical
10:26:59 development.
10:27:00 There is not a lot of that would apply to any funding
10:27:04 of the structure.
10:27:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:27:08 >>> So in the case of, to speak specifically, in the
10:27:11 case of the Trio, there's no lottery system that we
10:27:16 are facing with that.
10:27:17 In the case of the Ella and the Tempo, absolutely
10:27:22 there is a lottery system, but there is a very
10:27:24 significant change in process that has occurred since
10:27:27 last year at Florida Housing Finance corp.
10:27:31 A developer last year could submit 35 or 50

10:27:34 applications, and you would have to compete with all
10:27:37 of those.
10:27:37 Today, a developer can only select a few as their
10:27:43 priority applications.
10:27:45 I believe the state has done a very good job at
10:27:47 leveling the playing field, and we have a stronger
10:27:50 chance as a result of that.
10:27:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, good.
10:27:53 Let me follow up with maybe one other.
10:27:56 I guess more so a comment.
10:27:58 First I think the plan is excellent, looks great.
10:28:01 I think that we are waiting with great anticipation
10:28:05 and expectation for this to move forward.
10:28:09 At least I am.
10:28:11 And I will close by saying it's imperative, it's
10:28:17 imperative that we make this project become a reality.
10:28:23 There are those that had all kind of speculation
10:28:26 before, and apprehension and inhibitions about this
10:28:32 particular project.
10:28:32 But it's imperative that we really make this happen,
10:28:38 we move forth with it, and I know again a lot is
10:28:41 predicated upon the funding.

10:28:42 >>> We are doing everything we can including making
10:28:45 the investment personally, professionally and
10:28:49 economically.
10:28:50 We all think it's very important that this development
10:28:54 occur as soon as possible.
10:28:56 There are certain things that are absolutely out of
10:28:58 our control.
10:29:02 But if determination will get you there, we are going.
10:29:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think the economy has played a major
10:29:07 role in this.
10:29:08 >>> It has.
10:29:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But be that as it may, some good
10:29:10 things are happening, and we expect some good things
10:29:13 to continue to happen in terms of the project.
10:29:17 And I think this board is here to help in any way that
10:29:20 we can to help you make it happen.
10:29:25 Anything we can do at our level, if it means writing
10:29:33 to the government or writing to representatives at the
10:29:35 state levels and federal levels, I'm sure we will be
10:29:37 happy to avail ourselves.
10:29:39 >>> We actually plan on contacting you for that very
10:29:42 thing.

10:29:42 We are in the process of creating a list of advocates
10:29:46 that we believe need to show their support, to help us
10:29:50 get to that finish line.
10:29:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I think to show this community,
10:29:56 given the diversity of the community, that you can
10:30:00 come together, you can have -- I think that's a great
10:30:10 message to this community, a great message to this
10:30:12 board, and, again, I'm very sure you will do well.
10:30:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's a pleasure to hear this
10:30:23 encouraging news.
10:30:24 I want to give you something else to brag about when
10:30:26 you are pitching this.
10:30:27 And that is the City of Tampa has identified the area
10:30:32 immediately to the west of your property as the place
10:30:35 where both high-speed rail and light rail might place
10:30:41 their facilities.
10:30:42 >>> That's exciting.
10:30:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I have been working very
10:30:45 closely with the Department of Transportation.
10:30:47 They own the county jail site.
10:30:50 And I think you would probably join with me in urging
10:30:53 them to go ahead and tear it down and make it green.

10:30:55 But they own the property, or they are being given the
10:31:00 property to the west of that, the four blocks of the
10:31:03 sort of mediocre state regional building and surface
10:31:06 parking lot, and that's where there could be this
10:31:09 regional transit hub as well as our light rail hub.
10:31:12 That would be such a benefit for people who would live
10:31:15 in your development.
10:31:16 >>> That would be a humongous benefit.
10:31:19 >> I encourage you to have a new director in this of
10:31:23 this, and I can give you the info, but encourage them
10:31:26 to get on with their plans because I see a great nexus
10:31:30 between what you are planning and what they are
10:31:31 planning and support the other, and it would be to the
10:31:34 good of the community.
10:31:35 >>> We would love the opportunity to work with them.
10:31:37 You are absolutely right, in the creation of a
10:31:39 walkable community, you have to have the services to
10:31:42 support that.
10:31:43 And, yes, we could isolate that to our little piece of
10:31:47 the earth.
10:31:48 But there's so much more we could do.
10:31:50 So we would very much embrace that.

10:31:52 >> Maybe you could offer to partner with them in
10:31:55 getting your the old jail site torn down because that
10:31:58 to me is such a negative message for that whole area.
10:32:01 If you all redo the park, if you start rebuilding your
10:32:03 vertical steps, get rid of the jail, it's a real
10:32:07 transformational piece, and that would be great.
10:32:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I want to follow up and suggest,
10:32:12 because this is a very important project, a unique
10:32:16 project, that given the information given today, about
10:32:19 the creation of jobs, I would suggest that we at least
10:32:23 try to give more information to the community.
10:32:27 I would suggest that you perhaps may want to meet with
10:32:30 the Florida editorial board, want to meet with
10:32:33 La Gaceta, of course with the other top newspapers,
10:32:36 the Times and Tribune and give them this information
10:32:41 so they can write about it and talk about it, because
10:32:43 I think the more we hear about it, I think it sends a
10:32:48 good message to the community.
10:32:50 >>> The president of VMG construction which is a
10:32:53 minority owned contracting firm is actually heading up
10:32:56 our job fair.
10:32:58 And if you will, just speak for a moment.

10:33:02 They actually have a program in place in partnership
10:33:05 with us and the Tampa Housing Authority as to exactly
10:33:07 how to approach.
10:33:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
10:33:13 >> Richard Zahn, chairman and CEO of VMG Construction
10:33:17 and Development.
10:33:20 Thank you very much for everything us here today and
10:33:21 giving us an opportunity to update you.
10:33:23 It been one heck of an endeavor.
10:33:26 We are all working, but to talk about the shop fair
10:33:30 first and foremost, we have done a lot of these
10:33:33 projects nationwide.
10:33:34 When I say projects, projects in sensitive blighted
10:33:37 neighborhoods.
10:33:38 A lot of promises that were made.
10:33:41 We have worked all over Memphis, L.A., San Francisco,
10:33:45 V.A. we are based here in Florida. We are a
10:33:47 Florida-based corporation, have been since 1988.
10:33:50 We are some 2,000 people spread around in 15 states.
10:33:54 And even during these tough economic times, we have
10:33:56 been very fortunate to stay alive as developers and
10:34:01 contractors, because we are very diversify and very

10:34:04 understanding on a lot of these very sensitively
10:34:06 inclined projects like this.
10:34:09 We have a neighborhood where people make commitments
10:34:12 that something is going to be built, and some three,
10:34:14 four years later commissioners, I'm sure, and the
10:34:18 people in the community are feeling a lot of pressure
10:34:20 as to when is it going to happen?
10:34:21 You have torn down our house, where is it?
10:34:24 When is coming?
10:34:25 So part of this prelude to what I am going to talk
10:34:29 about, this job fair, it's very helpful to have these
10:34:32 job fairs, and the strategic climate of a job fair is
10:34:35 critical so that you don't do it too early and that
10:34:37 you don't do it too late.
10:34:39 And right now during these times I think it's
10:34:41 important to do two job fairs, one that because we
10:34:44 have made some very important steps in getting this
10:34:47 project shovel-ready, per the federal term that's been
10:34:51 coined, and a lot of effort has been made to have that
10:34:54 happen, now that we are at that point, now that we do
10:34:56 have a construction trailer on-site, now that we are
10:34:59 doing some pretty great work in getting SWFWMD

10:35:01 requirements out of the way and making some
10:35:03 improvements to the site, now is the time to show the
10:35:07 people of this community that we are going to have
10:35:08 some job potential coming forth in the next 60, 90,
10:35:13 120 days N.doing so we are going to put together a job
10:35:15 fair in conjunction with the park and rec department
10:35:20 at the Perry Harvey park.
10:35:22 And what we do is we advertise to all of the different
10:35:26 periodicals that you mentioned, Mr. Chairman, and in
10:35:30 those we go to the Tampa Bay business journal, Tampa
10:35:32 Bay Tribune, St. Petersburg times, the Florida
10:35:35 sentinel, and also the La Gaceta.
10:35:38 We are really -- our primary focus initially in
10:35:41 conjunction with our commitments to the city and to
10:35:43 the partners in the development primarily inclusive of
10:35:47 the Tampa Housing Authority, our commitment to the
10:35:51 team is to ensure that the section 3 people -- throws
10:35:55 a special list of section 3 people, minority
10:35:58 contractors, already listed in the City of Tampa and
10:36:01 work inside of Hillsborough County.
10:36:02 We are going to target those folks first and foremost.
10:36:05 And those folks are section 3 minority contractors

10:36:10 that are already registered in your county and already
10:36:12 paying taxes in your county and within your city.
10:36:15 B, we are going to go after section 8 voucher folks
10:36:19 that live inside your Tampa Housing Authority
10:36:22 currently so that they are also given an opportunity
10:36:25 to work from the structure and the project that's
10:36:27 going to be going on in their backyard.
10:36:29 What we do during the job fair is actually bring in a
10:36:32 very diverse group of combination of minorities, and
10:36:35 that are on our team, and what we do is we talk about
10:36:38 a lot of these folks don't have the opportunity to
10:36:40 actually qualify for the job.
10:36:41 They may not have the work requirements, they may not
10:36:44 have the general liability, the financial wherewithal
10:36:46 to qualify to work for this type of project.
10:36:48 So what we do is we actually show them how they can
10:36:50 come to work with other minority firms that do meet
10:36:53 that criteria, and then we also put forth, there's a
10:36:56 minimum 25% minority participation requirement.
10:37:00 We are talking about African-American on this
10:37:02 particular project.
10:37:04 And what our goal is to exceed that and maintain that.

10:37:08 Because oftentimes a lot of these projects, you start
10:37:10 off with a goal, and at the end of the job, as a few
10:37:15 of the other gentlemen I have spoken to, listen, I
10:37:17 don't want them out there sweeping on the streets, A,
10:37:20 and I don't want to know that there's two
10:37:22 African-Americans and minorities on this project at
10:37:24 the end of the job.
10:37:25 We are extremely sensitive to that, not to speak
10:37:29 boldly to the community but I think it important we
10:37:31 speak factually and straightforward pointedly.
10:37:34 We understand this.
10:37:35 We have been through many of these projects.
10:37:37 We have been successful at doing these projects and
10:37:39 that's why we are here today and able to talk to you.
10:37:41 >>GWEN MILLER: When you say minority owned business,
10:37:43 what is it, a woman, Hispanic, African-American?
10:37:46 >> I'm Spanish born.
10:37:48 My mother is from Spain.
10:37:49 I am the minority owner.
10:37:54 Good point, though.
10:37:54 We do have a 50% of our corporation is female based,
10:38:00 kind of an anomaly in the construction business,

10:38:02 development business.
10:38:03 But in all due respect, they handle the stress and
10:38:09 also the change very quickly with people that are not
10:38:11 cog the doing the right thing.
10:38:17 >>GWEN MILLER: African-American?
10:38:18 >>> We do have African-Americans within our
10:38:20 corporation, and we have had African-Americans within
10:38:22 our corporation, senior and middle and entry level
10:38:25 positions since the beginning of our corporation in
10:38:29 1988.
10:38:31 I'm a prior military veteran.
10:38:34 I grew up in South Carolina after I was born in Spain.
10:38:37 I'm also a law enforcement officer.
10:38:39 I'm a captain in the Sheriff's Department.
10:38:41 I'm a swat team member.
10:38:42 And I work with a 90% Sheriff's Department in the
10:38:46 county that I work with up in orange burg county,
10:38:49 South Carolina, Larry Williams is black,
10:38:53 African-American, great sheriff, 90% of the Sheriff's
10:38:55 Department there is African-American.
10:38:57 I provided a lot of training and provided a lot of my
10:38:59 free time because I have been a lucky individual so I

10:39:02 give back to those communities.
10:39:03 So I'm very sensitive.
10:39:05 This isn't a token gesture.
10:39:06 This is a year of sincere work and challenges being
10:39:11 met and I have been the person to do this.
10:39:13 That's why I'm here today.
10:39:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:39:14 >>> Yes, ma'am.
10:39:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Again I just want to commend Bank of
10:39:20 America, and all the partners for moving forward, and
10:39:24 the importance of diversity, and inclusiveness.
10:39:29 It's so-so very important.
10:39:31 A lot of information today.
10:39:32 Very helpful.
10:39:33 Very good.
10:39:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:39:36 Any other questions, council?
10:39:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT:
10:39:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In terms of the timing of your
10:39:42 project I'm thrilled you are going to redo the park.
10:39:45 I think that's absolutely critical.
10:39:47 Do you build your buildings first, build the park

10:39:49 second, do them both simultaneously?
10:39:52 What is your timing on that?
10:39:53 >>> That's a great question.
10:39:55 We are actually targeting two different financing
10:39:58 forces for the park.
10:39:59 And it all gets down to when funding is received.
10:40:03 The time line for the buildings are pretty well set.
10:40:08 September, October for the first.
10:40:10 And that's based on those financial structures.
10:40:17 The structure funding source, we know, is going to be
10:40:20 determined by September.
10:40:23 If it is reduced, in anticipation that it could be,
10:40:28 because one source of funding we are going for, we are
10:40:31 applying to two other areas to try to support those
10:40:37 other uses within the development.
10:40:40 So the park could get delayed.
10:40:42 But the plan is that as part of that, the structure
10:40:46 that occurs within that first phase.
10:40:47 It's right next to those buildings.
10:40:53 The target, the phasing, if you will, will be very
10:40:55 inclusive.
10:40:56 So it will be the first three buildings as the first

10:41:00 phase, if you will, of development.
10:41:01 But it's all tied to what happens to funding.
10:41:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:41:06 I wonder if we can get a report back, if you are going
10:41:08 to be getting some answers by the middle of summer, if
10:41:11 we could put on our maybe July CRA agenda to hear
10:41:16 back, get an update from you on how this is all going.
10:41:20 >>> We'll have a pretty good income of funding in July
10:41:27 on buildings.
10:41:28 We will not have answers on infrastructure until
10:41:31 September but I will be happy to give you a report at
10:41:34 any time you like.
10:41:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:41:36 We appreciate that.
10:41:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just ask, also, suns you expect
10:41:40 a decision, I guess, in terms of funding by September
10:41:44 and break ground in the fall, two things, one is this
10:41:48 board be involved in the groundbreaking.
10:41:50 >>> Absolutely.
10:41:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Number one.
10:41:52 Number two is, Mark, if we can get a report update
10:41:56 maybe in the fall where you are in terms of the

10:42:00 funding.
10:42:01 >>> Absolutely.
10:42:03 But we speak pretty frequently.
10:42:06 All the moving parts.
10:42:07 There's a lot of moving parts.
10:42:08 We have regular conversation.
10:42:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The September meeting.
10:42:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So that would be my motion.
10:42:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:42:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, the fund they won't know until
10:42:19 September, is that right?
10:42:20 >>> No, but we currently have staff members we just
10:42:22 engaged in, for the time line we are actually applying
10:42:25 for the applications in.
10:42:27 We have weekly meetings that include city staff.
10:42:30 So you have the ability to reach out and get very
10:42:34 specific information on where we are.
10:42:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The motion then in September give us
10:42:40 an update where we are and that sort of thing.
10:42:42 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
10:42:44 All in favor?
10:42:45 Opposed?

10:42:47 Thank you very much.
10:42:50 Item number 5.
10:42:53 >>MARK HUEY: I know even before September we hear some
10:42:56 good news on some of that vertical funding, we'll be
10:43:02 celebrating with the board.
10:43:03 So thank you again for your team's commitment.
10:43:08 The next item, just a quick reminder, we have, as the
10:43:12 board goes into the community four times a year to
10:43:15 visit one of the redevelopment areas, and on April
10:43:18 21st, you are going to be in the Heights,
10:43:23 riverfront CRA, and we look forward to in the
10:43:27 community.
10:43:28 It going to be at 6:30 at the Ferguson law center
10:43:32 located on Tampa street, right next to Stetson law
10:43:36 school.
10:43:36 And that's all a part of the redevelopment area.
10:43:40 I think again you will be pleased with the progress
10:43:42 report there.
10:43:43 And I know the community is looking forward to hosting
10:43:45 you.
10:43:49 And that concludes the staff reports.
10:43:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 6.

10:43:56 >>MARK HUEY: Do you want to do but public comment?
10:43:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Or East Tampa CRA.
10:44:01 >>MARK HUEY: Land acquisition associated with the 22nd
10:44:04 street improvement.
10:44:05 It's a piece of property that's supporting the
10:44:07 roundabout those planned as part of that.
10:44:10 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. all in
10:44:13 favor?
10:44:13 (Motion carried)
10:44:14 Now we go to public comment.
10:44:25 East Tampa CRA acquisition.
10:44:28 That's 6?
10:44:29 That was the right one.
10:44:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But the one he moved was 7, the
10:44:34 resolution for the purchase of the property, I think.
10:44:36 Isn't that the one?
10:44:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe what he said was move the
10:44:40 resolution.
10:44:40 I intended to move the resolution to purchase from
10:44:44 U.S. bank that property for $25,000 along with 2,000
10:44:50 closing costs.
10:44:52 >>GWEN MILLER: That was 6.

10:44:53 We did 6.
10:44:55 We'll come back to 7 after public comment.
10:45:02 >>THE CLERK: There was no resolution on item 6.
10:45:04 It was a staff report only.
10:45:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
10:45:06 And we wanted to make a motion for the resolution.
10:45:11 >>THE CLERK: That's item 7.
10:45:14 >> In that case the agenda changed from the draft.
10:45:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey, come back again.
10:45:20 The East Tampa CRA, what do you want us to do on
10:45:23 acquisition?
10:45:24 >>MARK HUEY: Okay, I'm sorry, I had the draft agenda I
10:45:27 was working from.
10:45:28 I apologize.
10:45:30 Item 6 is a new program that we would like to launch
10:45:35 it in East Tampa to mitigate the most extent we can
10:45:41 the increasing foreclosure activity that is occurring
10:45:44 in East Tampa.
10:45:46 Presently, we know we are aware of 500 or so
10:45:49 bank-owned properties that are on the market, and the
10:45:52 program that we have put together in partnership with
10:45:54 the housing department and the community would give us

10:45:58 a chance to use TIF resources and in partnership with
10:46:02 nonprofits to acquire some of those properties.
10:46:07 And again try to stabilize neighborhood activity in
10:46:10 this challenging time.
10:46:12 So the program is presented to you in a draft form.
10:46:15 We will present it to you next month for approval, and
10:46:19 would be happy to answer any questions.
10:46:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we don't have to take any action
10:46:23 today?
10:46:24 >>MARK HUEY: No.
10:46:25 >>GWEN MILLER: The next meeting.
10:46:26 But we already approved the resolution item number 7.
10:46:28 We did that.
10:46:29 >>MARK HUEY: That's right.
10:46:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a question.
10:46:33 I haven't had a chance to look at the draft.
10:46:36 I will be glad to look at it over the next month.
10:46:39 But when the administration brought the other program
10:46:44 to us in the late fall, I want to say around November,
10:46:49 similar program using the federal foreclosure money, I
10:46:55 was real happy with the program except for one
10:46:57 component which was the notion that we are going to

10:47:00 buy properties, tear them down, and a at some point
10:47:04 build a new home on those empty lots and that sort of
10:47:06 thing.
10:47:07 And I don't think that really met the spirit or intent
10:47:10 of the emergency situation that the federal government
10:47:14 was sending us money for.
10:47:18 Clearly, this isn't federal money we are talking
10:47:21 about.
10:47:21 We are talking about our typical East Tampa CRA money.
10:47:25 But I'm just hopeful that this program doesn't
10:47:28 necessarily include, you know, a lot of tear downs and
10:47:31 that sort of thing as opposed to let's buy up the
10:47:34 homes that are there and try to rehab them and get
10:47:36 folks into them.
10:47:37 >>MARK HUEY: That's not what we are anticipating.
10:47:40 We are anticipating that it would be more in keeping
10:47:42 with your observations.
10:47:45 We are going to be buying existing properties, built
10:47:48 homes, that again maybe involve some minor rehab work,
10:47:54 and that could be redeployed.
10:47:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Turn them around real fast?
10:47:59 >>> Yes.

10:48:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, that's what I read in the
10:48:03 backup material, you know, to address issues of code
10:48:06 enforcement and that sort of issue, and appropriation
10:48:14 $1.1 million for this particular draft program.
10:48:17 That's what you are looking at.
10:48:18 ?
10:48:20 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:48:21 And it would be matched with funds from housing
10:48:23 department like SHIP and home funds, so it will be
10:48:28 again over a $2 million program with the combined
10:48:32 resources of our housing department.
10:48:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, one other thing along
10:48:36 those lines.
10:48:37 I was reading an article, can't remember, it was in
10:48:39 the national magazine or newspaper the other day, it
10:48:42 said that in many cases the institutions, banks and
10:48:48 Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and all those were not even
10:48:51 going through with the foreclosures because they
10:48:54 didn't want to take ownership of some of these,
10:48:57 because they didn't have enough value to justify the
10:49:02 costs and attorneys' fees and everything else that
10:49:05 goes with the foreclosure action.

10:49:08 So I know those might be a little harder to find and a
10:49:11 little harder to deal with, but I imagine --
10:49:17 >>MARK HUEY: Interesting times.
10:49:19 Maybe some of those opportunities that we can get
10:49:21 involved in.
10:49:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
10:49:23 Maybe it's direct contact with the banks.
10:49:25 Not that we are trying to get people out of them, but
10:49:27 if they are already gone and abandoned, but then they
10:49:30 go into limbo and the bank doesn't foreclose and the
10:49:33 people are gone, and eventually those properties fall
10:49:36 back to the city for taxes but doesn't that
10:49:40 necessarily take a couple years?
10:49:41 I think it falls back to the county and then the
10:49:44 county has to dump it to the city, but that's probably
10:49:46 a throw to five-year process.
10:49:48 Maybe we can grab some of those, too, because I think
10:49:51 they are equally needy.
10:49:53 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
10:49:54 We are trying to find any opportunities like that.
10:49:56 I think board member Saul-Sena mentioned a number of
10:49:59 times today that this is a time where we should be

10:50:02 aggressive in buying property.
10:50:04 And I think you have seen in all of our redevelopment
10:50:06 areas, Drew Park, East Tampa, Channel District, we are
10:50:09 trying to take advantage, and we found ours as number
10:50:12 of times in unique situations involving owners,
10:50:16 lenders, and real estate department is doing a good
10:50:19 job helping us work through some of those
10:50:22 opportunities.
10:50:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I understand it's even hard to find
10:50:29 people on the phone honor can answer questions because
10:50:30 there's so much going on.
10:50:32 >>> Even sometimes now in the course of offer to
10:50:35 closing, the principals are changing and the dynamics
10:50:40 of the deal are changing.
10:50:42 So very unique times.
10:50:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:50:47 We now go to public comments.
10:50:49 Al Davis.
10:51:03 I'm from the East Tampa redevelopment area.
10:51:09 You recall at the last meeting I posed a riddle.
10:51:17 And it had to do with feast, it had to do with wine,
10:51:23 and had to do with the answer to all things.

10:51:27 I don't know if you had time with all of these
10:51:31 critical times to even think about it.
10:51:33 But let me give you the answer that I think you might
10:51:38 find interesting.
10:51:40 And it's written in a book and from the ear that has
10:51:48 long passed but it has application even to today.
10:51:52 Feast is for laughter.
10:51:57 Wine is for merry.
10:52:05 And the answer to all things is M-O-N-E-Y.
10:52:10 Money.
10:52:10 I appreciate being here who today and wish you well.
10:52:16 I'm looking forward to the next 25 years as far as
10:52:20 East Tampa is concerned.
10:52:23 We have gone through approximately five years, and I
10:52:28 think the TIF set-aside or TIF category of the funding
10:52:32 to help Tampa redevelop is good for another 25 years.
10:52:37 I'm looking forward for the fulfillment of some of the
10:52:42 redevelopment.
10:52:44 I see some exciting things even now.
10:52:47 And you know I am going to be excited in 25 years from
10:52:50 now, because we would have all the infrastructure in
10:52:52 place, we are going to have all the facade in place,

10:52:58 we are going to have all the required lights, old
10:53:01 folks will be able to sit out on their porch, young
10:53:04 kids will be playing in the yards, and there will be
10:53:07 no drive-by shooting.
10:53:10 Am I dreaming, Madam Chairman?
10:53:15 Perhaps it will come to the time where our lives will
10:53:21 be such that we think we would be in paradise.
10:53:25 I appreciate the activity that the staff has
10:53:27 presented.
10:53:28 But I wanted to kind of relate it to the, if you will,
10:53:31 the service agreement.
10:53:34 You know, you wrote up a service agreement saying what
10:53:36 the city and the board will do in terms of the use of
10:53:41 the TIF funds.
10:53:43 Then when the activity that is reported by the
10:53:45 staff -- I like to see it kind of related to it, you
10:53:49 know, like the basis for it, why are we doing this?
10:53:52 Are we making any progress?
10:53:54 Are we doing it consistently with our understanding,
10:53:59 our level?
10:54:00 Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:54:02 Best wishes.

10:54:03 I'll see you next month.
10:54:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:54:05 Would anyone else like to speak?
10:54:06 Okay.
10:54:07 Mark, do you have any highlights would you like to
10:54:09 bring up to us?
10:54:10 >>MARK HUEY: I would like to ask you to do one thing.
10:54:18 There is going to be an important matter coming before
10:54:21 you next week.
10:54:23 It relates to the Curtis Hixon waterfront park
10:54:26 redevelopment.
10:54:29 They are going to be presenting to you, I think each
10:54:31 of you are being briefed by Santiago Corrada and Karen
10:54:35 Palus about the additions, very positive additions
10:54:38 coming into the park.
10:54:41 Part of the funding source for those additions will be
10:54:46 interest, accumulated interest in the downtown CRA.
10:54:50 So we would like to commit those resources.
10:54:53 We updated you last time we did a quarterly report.
10:54:55 We provided you the information about those available
10:54:58 resources.
10:55:00 And what we would like to ask you to do is to consider

10:55:03 next month to have -- next week to have a special
10:55:05 called meeting to consider a resolution to committing
10:55:12 those accumulated interest reserves toward the Curtis
10:55:16 Hixon park contract.
10:55:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion?
10:55:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
10:55:21 >> Second.
10:55:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do we have to waive the rules at
10:55:24 that time or what?
10:55:26 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:55:27 No, if you call for a special called meeting, you just
10:55:29 need a time certain that you want to do it.
10:55:31 This is sufficient notice for that purpose.
10:55:33 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll do it at 9:00 because it's just a
10:55:35 motion.
10:55:36 It shouldn't be no more than two or three minutes to
10:55:39 carry that motion out.
10:55:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
10:55:41 >>GWEN MILLER: So we have a motion and second to have
10:55:43 a special CRA meeting next Thursday.
10:55:45 All in favor say Aye.
10:55:46 Opposed, Nay.

10:55:47 Anything else to come before CRA?
10:55:49 >>THE CLERK: Receive and file?
10:55:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
10:55:52 >> Second.
10:55:53 (Motion carried).
10:55:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:55:57 We stand adjourned.
10:55:59 (CRA meeting adjourned)

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