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Thursday, June 11, 2009
9:00 a.m. meeting

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[Sounding gavel]
09:06:27 >>CHAIRMAN GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:06:28 The CRA will come to order.
09:06:29 The chair will yield to Mr. John Dingfelder.
09:06:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Good morning, council members of
09:06:36 the CRA.
09:06:36 Good morning.
09:06:37 It's my pleasure and honor this morning to introduce
09:06:43 the Reverend Father Stavros -- and I am going to try

09:06:49 this -- Akrotirianakis, answered God's call to serve
09:06:58 in the Greek Orthodox Church in September 2004.
09:07:01 He comes to us from California through Boston,
09:07:04 Connecticut, North Carolina, and now Tampa.
09:07:09 He obviously loves children. The last four summers he
09:07:14 directed the St. Stephens summer camp children's
09:07:17 program.
09:07:17 We welcome him to give us the invocation, followed by
09:07:21 the pledge of allegiance.
09:07:22 If we will rise, please.
09:07:23 Father?
09:07:28 >> Heavenly Father, we thank you for showing us the
09:07:31 light of another day.
09:07:33 We thank you for the many gifts you have bestowed on
09:07:36 our lives, and we thank you for the many people
09:07:39 assembled in this room who use the gifts you have
09:07:42 given them to guide our city.
09:07:44 We ask you to guide them, protect them, and keep them
09:07:47 safe as they execute their responsibilities.
09:07:50 We ask you to give them patience and understanding in
09:07:53 their deliberations.
09:07:55 We ask that you give them wisdom and discernment as

09:07:58 they make their decisions.
09:08:00 Lord God, we ask that you continue to shine your
09:08:03 blessings upon our city Tampa and all of its citizens.
09:08:06 Remember all those who work in civil authority in our
09:08:10 city.
09:08:10 Remember also the men and women of our Armed Forces.
09:08:14 Remember each member of our community and each of our
09:08:17 specific needs.
09:08:18 Remember especially those who are sick and suffering.
09:08:22 Remember all of us and bless us.
09:08:24 Keep us during this meeting and throughout this day
09:08:27 with the protection of your blessings.
09:08:29 Amen.
09:08:34 (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:08:35 >>CHAIRMAN: Roll call.
09:08:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:08:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:08:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:08:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:08:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:09:00 I would like to put on the record that Ms. Linda
09:09:02 Saul-Sena will not be here.

09:09:04 She's out of town.
09:09:05 Mr. Huey.
09:09:06 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development, administrator.
09:09:09 Our first order of business he have month, you hear
09:09:12 from the advisory committee president, and today we
09:09:17 have Brenda Christian representing the Heights
09:09:20 Riverfront CRA.
09:09:21 Brenda, welcome.
09:09:22 Come on up.
09:09:27 >> Brenda Christian: Good morning, Madam Chair,
09:09:29 members of the board.
09:09:30 A pleasure to be here this morning.
09:09:32 I'm a little bit nervous but very excited about our
09:09:35 development and the things that are going on.
09:09:37 First of all, I'd like to thank you very much for
09:09:40 joining us in a public meeting in April.
09:09:43 We had the opportunity to share what's going on in the
09:09:47 development as well as there were some items that were
09:09:49 brought forth that were of concern to the community
09:09:52 also, and that was a very nice opportunity.
09:09:56 Also, I would like to thank you for having me here
09:09:59 this morning.

09:09:59 This is my first time to get to speak to you, and it
09:10:03 is an honor.
09:10:05 I would also like to thank Michael Hatchet for all the
09:10:10 support that he has given me over the last year as
09:10:14 chair of our board, guiding me and helping me do the
09:10:18 job to the best of my ability.
09:10:21 Mark Huey has also been very instrumental in keeping
09:10:25 our board on track.
09:10:27 And then of course Darrin Booth, and the Heights is
09:10:34 the biggest part of our development in bringing the
09:10:36 investors and the investments into the area, and
09:10:38 actually we are now having things that are coming out
09:10:41 of the ground, and that is so exciting.
09:10:45 Let me talk just a minute about the Beck building that
09:10:48 is going up.
09:10:51 We have steel going into the building right now, we
09:10:54 will have floors being poured over the next couple of
09:10:57 weeks, a roof going in, so it is looking like a
09:11:00 building, acting like a building, and we are hoping
09:11:02 that there will be occupancy at the beginning of the
09:11:04 year.
09:11:06 With that occupancy we should have the first section

09:11:11 of the walk completed, most likely --
09:11:22 It's easier to visualize than for me to be able to
09:11:40 describe it.
09:11:40 We wanted to give you a brief picture.
09:11:42 The Beck building is here.
09:11:45 On your right.
09:11:47 And the rest of it is kind of a pictorial of what is
09:11:55 being projected for the water works building, the boat
09:12:00 slips, and it's all very exciting.
09:12:03 We are excited that we will be having restaurants
09:12:07 coming in.
09:12:07 We are not sure quite when, but there is talk about
09:12:10 this, and there will be places to eat along the river
09:12:14 very shortly.
09:12:20 Most exciting is we already have in the works our
09:12:23 water taxi.
09:12:25 He is running on Fridays.
09:12:26 We are calling it a happy hour cruise.
09:12:29 The times are actually being expanded right now, but
09:12:33 he does start at Cafe Dufresne on 5:00 on Fridays and
09:12:39 runs down to Ricks on the River where he can stop,
09:12:43 have a drink, get some pizza, salad, enjoy some time

09:12:46 and company with your friends and associates, and then
09:12:49 head back to Cafe Dufresne, or be dropped off at
09:12:54 multiple places along the way should you park
09:12:56 somewhere else.
09:12:57 Other than that, I think that I have completed most
09:12:59 everything that we have going on, unless you have some
09:13:01 questions for me.
09:13:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Brenda.
09:13:09 We appreciate you coming down and giving us the
09:13:11 update.
09:13:11 I remember when we were out at your meeting a few
09:13:14 months ago, I think there was a discussion about an
09:13:16 annual event, like a festival type thing.
09:13:20 And I was curious if you had a date coming up and what
09:13:27 the community should know about it.
09:13:29 >> Thank you for mentioning that.
09:13:30 It's on my list and I forgot to bring it up.
09:13:33 We are having a ribbon cutting on December 11th at
09:13:37 4:00, and that will be the completion of our first
09:13:40 section of the riverwalk.
09:13:43 It will be preceded by a job festival and fireworks.
09:13:49 That's December 11th at 4:00.

09:13:52 December 12th, during the day, is going to be our
09:13:54 second annual holiday festival, and that will be
09:14:00 geared towards family and children.
09:14:02 There will be food and entertainment there also.
09:14:05 But thank you for asking.
09:14:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are there specific goals for the --
09:14:12 for the Heights this coming year, as far as your group
09:14:16 or Darrin?
09:14:17 >> I think the goals are kind of coming together, as
09:14:20 they come together.
09:14:22 Obviously, the Beck building getting completed is very
09:14:26 exciting because that does bring into the park the
09:14:31 first section of our riverwalk.
09:14:33 With that completed, I believe that that will then
09:14:37 prompt other development and other construction.
09:14:40 As of right now, I don't have anything concrete to be
09:14:42 able to share with the board.
09:14:44 >> You will keep us posted on what we can do to help
09:14:47 you?
09:14:48 >> Absolutely.
09:14:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
09:14:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

09:14:51 Thank you, Brenda.
09:14:52 We appreciate that report.
09:14:53 Very good.
09:15:00 >>MARK HUEY: We appreciate all the work that you and
09:15:02 your fellow volunteers, Brenda.
09:15:04 Thanks.
09:15:05 Our monthly reports were submitted to you.
09:15:10 Without doubt the most significant activity going on
09:15:13 as a redevelopment agency right now is the work
09:15:15 associated with the Encore redevelopment in Central
09:15:18 Park, our Central Park CRA.
09:15:25 We are quite busy throughout the city helping that
09:15:27 team prepare for a federal stimulus application.
09:15:30 Neighborhood stabilization of program funding that
09:15:34 will be used to support infrastructure development.
09:15:37 That's due July 17th.
09:15:41 Associated with that is an effort to generate matching
09:15:45 funds at the state.
09:15:47 The mayor will be going to visit with the governor,
09:15:49 along with other representatives of the development
09:15:52 team next week.
09:15:54 And the development team has submitted full

09:15:59 infrastructure design drawings at an 80% level to the
09:16:02 city departments.
09:16:03 They are being reviewed with haste.
09:16:05 So without question, that is the most intensive work
09:16:09 right now going on at the redevelopment agency.
09:16:12 In downtown, notably a new restaurant opened, and John
09:16:18 Moore wanted to make sure I promoted his new sail
09:16:22 pavilion that opened up in conjunction with freedom
09:16:24 festival.
09:16:25 And he wants to welcome everyone down on the
09:16:29 riverwalk, great place to get a drink, and enjoy our
09:16:33 waterfront.
09:16:34 And enjoy sunsets.
09:16:37 It's open Tuesday -- six days a week, Tuesday through
09:16:43 Sundays in the late afternoon and evening.
09:16:46 Channel District notably stage works, which we are
09:16:50 excited about bringing a theatrical theater into the
09:16:56 district is in for permitting.
09:16:58 Drew Park, we have land acquisition activity there,
09:17:01 and they are getting ready to issue their first
09:17:04 community newsletter to enhance our communications
09:17:07 there.

09:17:08 And then notably, also, July, we are working with a
09:17:14 number of stakeholders to launch a significant "buy
09:17:22 local" campaign during the first week in July in
09:17:24 particular which is national independent business
09:17:27 week.
09:17:28 So we are working with a number of chambers, a number
09:17:31 of other groups to promote buying local among our
09:17:37 Tampa citizens.
09:17:38 So those are some highlights.
09:17:39 And I will be glad to answer any of our CRA managers,
09:17:42 any questions you might have.
09:17:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:17:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Huey.
09:17:56 We had a discussion in the CRA district about the
09:17:58 potential for pocket park acquisition, and I know you
09:18:05 don't want to be too specific when we talk about land
09:18:07 acquisition, but generically how is that coming along?
09:18:10 >> Well, we have actually a report for you, item 4 on
09:18:13 the agenda will be a report.
09:18:15 >> I jumped the gun.
09:18:19 >>MARK HUEY: You jumped the gun, but that's okay.
09:18:22 >> If you want to slide into it, that's up to Madam

09:18:25 Chair.
09:18:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?
09:18:27 You can move on, Mark.
09:18:31 >>MARK HUEY: We were asked last month, when we
09:18:34 announced that we had received a third brownfield
09:18:38 grant award, to give you a presentation on the
09:18:42 previous two grants that we had received, and this one
09:18:45 as well.
09:18:45 So we would like to queue that up now if we could.
09:18:50 I'll start it off.
09:18:51 And then Ed Johnson will be reporting and Jeanette
09:18:55 Fenton.
09:18:57 I'll go ahead and start.
09:19:17 >>CHAIRMAN: They are coming.
09:19:20 >>MARK HUEY: The concept of what a brownfield is
09:19:23 pretty straightforward.
09:19:24 Under the circumstances really a piece of property
09:19:25 that has environmental issues and challenges
09:19:28 associated with it.
09:19:31 With the issues and challenges there's a high degree
09:19:33 of probability that it's infeasible to redevelop, so
09:19:41 brownfield are providing incentives and funding to

09:19:43 help overcome those environmental challenges.
09:19:46 And that's in a nutshell what brownfield redevelopment
09:19:49 is all about.
09:19:54 The city has received three grants now, three awards,
09:19:59 and certainly we are proud that it started in East
09:20:03 Tampa, and Ed is going to be coming up and sharing
09:20:07 with you the initial work that we did, and it's
09:20:09 because of the success that we had in East Tampa that
09:20:12 we were just recently awarded our third grant.
09:20:15 So, Ed, if you could come up, and begin the
09:20:19 presentation, he will tell you about the work that was
09:20:21 done in East Tampa, and Jeanette will talk about the
09:20:26 most recent awards and the plans for that.
09:20:31 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.
09:20:37 Thank you, Mark, for the introduction.
09:20:39 I would like to share with you, if I could, this
09:20:41 morning the successes that we have had with the
09:20:43 utilization of the federal BA grants, started actually
09:20:48 in October of 2004, that was the initial grant that we
09:20:55 received, which was $200,000, and that award was for
09:21:03 petroleum sites only.
09:21:05 And that grant has since been closed out.

09:21:08 It closed out in 2007.
09:21:10 The grants are for three-year periods of time.
09:21:14 We actually closed down all of the work that we have
09:21:16 done on the initial grant.
09:21:18 But under that original grant, the three goals that we
09:21:22 established at that time were completing the site
09:21:26 identification and location, where those potential
09:21:29 brownfield locations might be within our East Tampa
09:21:32 CRA boundary.
09:21:34 Our second goal was that we would offer up these grant
09:21:40 dollars for incentive purposes to be able to clean up
09:21:44 these sites and put them back into tax rolls.
09:21:50 And number three, provide an educational
09:21:52 opportunity -- opportunities, and also public outreach
09:21:58 that was performed during that period.
09:22:02 The first goal identifying the brownfield site
09:22:06 locations.
09:22:07 One of the things we did, we hired a consultant, the
09:22:10 GDE Corporation was the consultant for this particular
09:22:14 grant, and they were funded to actually create a GIS
09:22:19 environmental mapping system and service for East
09:22:21 Tampa, and during that process, they discovered there

09:22:25 was possibly approximately 600 sites that were
09:22:29 identified in this database, and they are all mapped.
09:22:33 We have a four-volume record of all of those sites
09:22:37 that has all of the identification of who the
09:22:40 ownerships are, of all of these particular properties,
09:22:43 and what that potential was, especially petroleum,
09:22:48 because we were asked to look at petroleum only.
09:22:51 That database is currently stored in our office, the
09:22:54 East Tampa redevelopment office.
09:22:55 It's also on our Web site.
09:22:57 And we also have CD ROM available for any potential
09:23:03 commercial developer that might want to low at
09:23:06 potential sites for redevelopment and using the
09:23:09 brownfield program.
09:23:11 The second goal was to also provide redevelopment
09:23:15 incentives.
09:23:17 And one of the things that we did with this particular
09:23:20 grant, we had at the time, we had about -- over 40
09:23:27 sites that were actually in the city inventory of
09:23:31 properties that we were going the to use to further
09:23:33 our portable housing programs.
09:23:35 So we used several of the dollars out of this grant to

09:23:38 be able to provide phase one an phase two
09:23:41 environmental assessments of all of those properties
09:23:43 before we turned them over to our affordable housing
09:23:49 providers and builders.
09:23:51 Of those 41 properties that we did, we also did phase
09:23:58 one on those but we also had to do phase two because
09:24:01 there were some of those properties, there were six of
09:24:03 them that were identified as potential to have some
09:24:06 type of contamination before we turned them over.
09:24:09 38 of those properties, as I said, were put into the
09:24:14 city's affordable housing program and the photograph
09:24:16 that you see there depicting this poster, that
09:24:20 particular builder, Cathy Berg, bid on several of the
09:24:25 lots, and she was given five lots to do affordable
09:24:28 green development, and that poster is an entry that
09:24:33 she made in the -- at the Florida Volunteer
09:24:36 Association Conference and she won the first-place
09:24:39 award in the poster contest for displaying how to take
09:24:43 a brownfield site to green.
09:24:46 That includes affordable housing.
09:24:48 To the right of that is a depiction of one of the
09:24:51 floor plans that she is planning to develop on those

09:24:54 five properties.
09:25:01 Also, I know you heard this story many times, but want
09:25:06 to point out here that fast lane clothing development,
09:25:08 that project, started with a brownfield program.
09:25:12 The site that fast lane clothing is currently on was a
09:25:17 potential site that had some potential for
09:25:22 contamination, because there was a dry cleaner that
09:25:25 was operating next door to it and there was concern
09:25:27 that there might have been some leakage on the
09:25:31 grounds, and we actually paid for a phase one and
09:25:34 extensive phase two on that property before we turned
09:25:37 it over to them to be able to develop what is there
09:25:40 today, which is a success story that you heard before.
09:25:46 And our third goal was community education.
09:25:49 We conducted many educational workshops throughout
09:25:52 East Tampa, utilizing our partnership mechanism,
09:25:55 neighborhood association meetings, things of that
09:25:57 nature, and we also created the first East Tampa
09:26:04 petroleum site brownfield brochure that we used to
09:26:07 market, and I believe I placed one in front of you.
09:26:10 You can see that this is the actual brochure that we
09:26:13 actually put into use as we went around and conducted

09:26:17 extensive education about what the brownfield program
09:26:20 was.
09:26:24 And the next and final page of the 2004 grant is a
09:26:27 summary of how those dollars were spent.
09:26:31 And as you can see, the $200,000 award was broken up
09:26:36 into several different categories.
09:26:38 The remaining balance, as you see, there's a $3,000.
09:26:41 That was $3,000 that we did not use from the grant,
09:26:45 because the time period ran out.
09:26:49 And under the grant administration, you are still
09:26:52 allowed to return anywhere up to 10% of the grants
09:26:56 that could remain unused if necessary.
09:26:59 So we ran out of time to spend the remaining $3,000.
09:27:06 The next grant I would like to cover is the current
09:27:09 grant that we still have remaining funds on.
09:27:12 This is the 2007 award.
09:27:14 This was for $400,000.
09:27:16 This particular grant was awarded to us base on the
09:27:19 success that we had with the previous $200,000 grant.
09:27:23 The reason this is 400,000, they gave us 200,000 again
09:27:27 for petroleum and 200,000 for potential hazardous
09:27:32 waste sites.

09:27:33 And our goals within this particular grant, we were
09:27:36 going to conduct 15 phase ones, four phase twos, eight
09:27:41 quality assurance project plans, develop a public
09:27:45 health monitoring plan for the East Tampa target area.
09:27:48 That was new in the brownfield program in 2007.
09:27:52 We were allowed to take a percentage of our grant and
09:27:55 actually go out into the community and canvas where we
09:27:59 might have health issues and try to create a plan that
09:28:03 would kind of remedy that.
09:28:04 And then of course to continue our community outreach
09:28:07 activities.
09:28:10 Goal number one and two is on this next slide.
09:28:12 We actually completed to date 14 phase one assessment
09:28:17 completed, five phase twos and one supplemental phase
09:28:21 two because it requires some further testing.
09:28:25 And the reason that was done, I'll share this one with
09:28:29 you, this was on the site that an owner came to us --
09:28:36 I won't mention any names to protect the innocent, as
09:28:39 they say -- but we had a developer, a site owner that
09:28:44 had a site, that they came to us because they were
09:28:47 concerned that there possibly was some contamination
09:28:51 on part of their property that they wanted to use for

09:28:56 other activities.
09:28:57 And when we performed a phase one it did indicate that
09:29:00 there were some underground gas tanks on the site.
09:29:05 Apparently the site previously was a former gas
09:29:08 station.
09:29:08 So we conducted an extensive phase two and discovered
09:29:11 there were buried still underground gas tanks.
09:29:16 The entity right now in the works with our state tank
09:29:23 removal program, that they are seeking funding to have
09:29:27 those tanks removed and have that site cleaned up so
09:29:30 it could be further used.
09:29:32 The cost of doing this extensive work in that
09:29:36 particular site was about $62,000 of that grant.
09:29:39 So you can see that's a great incentive for any
09:29:42 potential developer or property owner to actually
09:29:45 clean up their site.
09:29:47 Number two, quality assurance plans, we completed six
09:29:51 of those who to date.
09:29:53 These quality assurance plans, project plans, actually
09:29:57 go hand in hand with the extensive work that has to
09:29:59 take place when you do brownfield work.
09:30:04 And I want to show you an example.

09:30:05 This is a site that was at the corner of 34th
09:30:09 street and Osborne.
09:30:10 This is some city-owned property that we are looking
09:30:13 at potentially developing with one of our local
09:30:19 not-for-profit organizations to build on this
09:30:23 particular site.
09:30:24 It was discovered when we started phase one and went
09:30:26 into the phase two that this also was a location that
09:30:29 had potentially had gas tanks still in the ground.
09:30:34 And as you can see here, the gentleman that's in the
09:30:37 back dark shirt, he is the state director of the state
09:30:40 tank removal program.
09:30:41 He actually funded $50,000 to our community to be able
09:30:47 to remove these tanks from underground, the tank
09:30:52 removal program I talked to you about earlier.
09:30:54 They are doing some sampling there of the fluid that
09:30:56 was inside the tanks to make the determination if the
09:31:00 fluid was actually petroleum, which it was.
09:31:02 And the next slide shows you where they removed those
09:31:05 tanks.
09:31:06 And they are now out of the ground.
09:31:07 The site has been now meets all the criteria so this

09:31:12 particular site now could be now returned to its
09:31:17 proper use in development.
09:31:19 Hopefully we'll start on that site in the very near
09:31:22 future.
09:31:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That didn't have much leakage or
09:31:28 plumes?
09:31:29 >>> No, it did not.
09:31:31 >> Otherwise it would have cost a lot more than
09:31:33 $50,000.
09:31:34 >>> That's correct it the fluid, there was still
09:31:37 petroleum and water volume that was still in there,
09:31:39 but it had not leaked.
09:31:40 The tanks were still intact when they removed them.
09:31:43 And luckily for us it didn't require any extensive
09:31:47 remediation other than new landfill.
09:31:51 Number three was the public health monitoring.
09:31:56 We actually conducted -- Councilwoman Mulhern was
09:32:01 present at this workshop.
09:32:02 We conducted a regional community health fair
09:32:05 workshop, and brought in health care professionals
09:32:10 from around the nation.
09:32:12 We had close to 100 participants, not only from around

09:32:15 our region but from throughout the country.
09:32:19 We had several members, Dr. Suzy rule, an
09:32:24 environmental justice attorney, that works in
09:32:26 Washington, D.C. for EPA, now working for EPA.
09:32:29 She was a private consultant when we conducted this
09:32:32 workshop.
09:32:32 Very successfully in a collaboration between several
09:32:40 of our health providers in East Tampa that are now
09:32:42 working on development of a very comprehensive plan on
09:32:46 identifying the specific health issues that are in our
09:32:49 community, and the remedies that it will take to be
09:32:54 able to solve some of those.
09:32:59 And our continued community outreach.
09:33:02 Outreach.
09:33:03 One of the things that we actually funded in this
09:33:05 grant was we partnered with the GIS department from
09:33:08 the University of South Florida, and this picture
09:33:11 here, a picture of the doctoral and masters students
09:33:16 that actually conducted the mapping of East Tampa, our
09:33:21 East Tampa area, where they felt through interviews
09:33:25 and use of GIS, where several of our areas of concerns
09:33:30 were around public health issues.

09:33:32 These maps are also located on our Web site, and also
09:33:35 at the University of South Florida, they were doing a
09:33:37 lot of research behind the information that was
09:33:42 implicated in this work.
09:33:46 And the last slide here is a recap of where we are
09:33:50 presently with our funding.
09:33:53 The majority obviously is in contractual work to do
09:33:56 the phase ones and phase twos.
09:34:00 We have a remainder right now of about $94,000 to
09:34:06 continue conducting additional phase one and phase
09:34:09 twos and other work that is necessary.
09:34:12 So that culminates my presentation.
09:34:15 If there are any questions.
09:34:20 >>CHAIRMAN: Ms. Mulhern.
09:34:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks, Ed.
09:34:23 This is very thorough and really good to hear what's
09:34:26 been happening, all this great stuff you have been
09:34:28 doing.
09:34:29 I have a few questions.
09:34:31 This last slide up here -- okay, yeah.
09:34:38 So those are the two grants.
09:34:39 We have already received the 2009 grant.

09:34:42 Has that been awarded?
09:34:44 Do we know we are getting that?
09:34:46 >>> We know we are getting it.
09:34:58 Jeanette Fenton my will be up here.
09:35:02 >> I have a lot of questions on the Web site.
09:35:04 The phase one and phase two, in the 2004 grant, is
09:35:09 that when you did the GIS, the big mapping?
09:35:12 >>> That's when we did the mapping to identify the
09:35:15 potential sites that were in there the whole target
09:35:19 area.
09:35:22 >> Does that mapping project show you where there
09:35:25 might be contamination?
09:35:28 Or is it mapping of the entire area?
09:35:30 >>> It just identifies the potential sites based on
09:35:32 the information that they gathered through their
09:35:36 research as to what the preexisting use of those sites
09:35:39 were.
09:35:40 >> And that was done by the contractor?
09:35:42 >>> That's correct.
09:35:42 >> So, really, it sounds like that was a very
09:35:46 thorough -- pretty much in all of East Tampa, kind of
09:35:53 where everything is.

09:35:54 >>> Yes, ma'am.
09:35:55 >>MARY MULHERN: That's great.
09:35:57 The other question I had -- where did it go?
09:36:02 I was trying to figure out how you identified the
09:36:04 sites.
09:36:04 But just through their research they figured out where
09:36:07 there would be --
09:36:08 >>> That's correct.
09:36:09 And also, if any individual comes to us and has a
09:36:14 concern as the individual I talked about earlier did,
09:36:19 that wasn't from the research, they actually came to
09:36:21 us and requested us to look at that site.
09:36:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
09:36:25 This is my general feeling about this, just from the
09:36:28 little bit.
09:36:29 I wish I could have been at that entire workshop but I
09:36:33 only got to be there for a little bit of it because I
09:36:35 know there was a lot of information, and there's a
09:36:37 good report available, too, and hopefully we can get
09:36:40 some copies of that, if anyone wants to see it.
09:36:43 But my sense now is we have the big picture for East
09:36:47 Tampa.

09:36:49 And we figured out where the contamination is.
09:36:52 And to me it makes sense going forward for East Tampa
09:36:55 if we were to identify the sites where it would be
09:37:02 most affordable, you know, to actually do the
09:37:07 remediation.
09:37:08 And I guess what I'm trying to say is that to get
09:37:14 through the whole process of identifying, identifying
09:37:20 places, to identify sites that might not be so costly
09:37:23 to mitigate the damage, and that would be available
09:37:28 for, you know, whatever you want, whether it's housing
09:37:32 or small business or whatever it's going to be, so I
09:37:36 think by going forward with East Tampa, if we could
09:37:40 try to focus more from start to finish.
09:37:42 Okay, here is the site, what can we do with it?
09:37:49 For instance, the site where hopefully the -- it's the
09:37:56 health clinic is going to go.
09:37:57 Where are we with that?
09:37:58 >>> As to a lot of our projects, funding, trying to
09:38:01 find a lender that is really wanting to make
09:38:04 investments.
09:38:06 >>MARY MULHERN: So is there an organization that --
09:38:11 what happens with this?

09:38:12 Do we give the site?
09:38:14 Or some of these are privately owned?
09:38:16 For instance, like the city owns that lot.
09:38:18 >>> We own that property, and we have initiated a
09:38:21 letter of intent with the development entity, which
09:38:24 includes one of our community-based organizations, our
09:38:29 CDC, is planning to develop this project.
09:38:32 So once they complete their due diligence of finding
09:38:36 and demonstrating that they have the proper funding,
09:38:39 they might meet the right requirements, they have a
09:38:42 tenant that is really signing on to a long-term
09:38:45 commitment, then we would deed the property over to
09:38:47 them.
09:38:48 >> Okay.
09:38:48 So we are going to give them the property.
09:38:51 >>> We are going to sell them the property.
09:38:52 >> We are going to sell it.
09:38:54 Okay.
09:38:55 And so the incentive for them is that we did the
09:38:58 clean-up.
09:38:59 >>> Correct.
09:39:01 >> What is the incentive for private --

09:39:05 >>> Hopefully when we say that we are selling the
09:39:07 property, if they meet all the requirements, like we
09:39:10 did with the fast lane clothing site, is that they
09:39:13 provide employment for local residents, then we would
09:39:18 look at possibly that being a deferred payment loan
09:39:23 where over a period of time if they meet the
09:39:25 requirements then we would forgive the loan, and that
09:39:28 would become the --
09:39:30 >> Okay, so what they provide for an economic
09:39:33 development that we can provide loans.
09:39:35 >>> Right.
09:39:36 >> And not -- what did you say, could possibly be --
09:39:41 >>> Deferred payment loan.
09:39:42 >> Deferred payment loan.
09:39:43 But there's no grant involved.
09:39:47 >> Okay.
09:39:48 Thank you.
09:39:49 I really appreciate it.
09:39:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:39:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Going back to the 600 potential
09:39:59 locations, just curious about that.
09:40:05 When you get into that -- I had a little experience

09:40:07 with this in New Jersey when I was practicing
09:40:09 environmental law up there.
09:40:11 And when you get into that, did you run into property
09:40:14 owners, you know, who perhaps might not want you to
09:40:18 really advertise the fact that they were a potential
09:40:21 brownfield site?
09:40:24 I mean, it's a little bit of a stain or a taint on
09:40:27 their property, until they can progress further into
09:40:32 the phase one or phase two and sort of disprove the
09:40:35 problem.
09:40:37 >>> What I think we are finding is as we do more
09:40:40 education concerning what brownfields are, and the
09:40:44 benefits of having these brown field grants in our
09:40:47 community, being able to provide those fundings, as
09:40:50 incentives to redevelopment, I think we kind of
09:40:54 mitigated some of the that negativity about what
09:40:58 brownsfield.
09:41:00 I know years ago when I was involved in community
09:41:03 development for some time, that has always been, you
09:41:06 know, the work that nobody wanted to talk about,
09:41:09 brownsfield.
09:41:10 But today I think we are seeing a reversal.

09:41:13 I think people are seeing the benefits of having these
09:41:16 grant dollars to be able to remediate these sites and
09:41:19 the work that we have done.
09:41:21 They are seen now as a positive.
09:41:22 So we are not seeing a lot of that negativity that we
09:41:25 used to hear years ago.
09:41:26 I think it's because of education.
09:41:28 I think people are really learning to really
09:41:29 appreciate that we are serious about cleaning up these
09:41:32 sites, and returning them to positive use.
09:41:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As a piggyback on that, when I look
09:41:40 at the 600 potential sites on your map here in East
09:41:46 Tampa, I know we haven't studied the other parts of
09:41:52 town or the other parts of the county.
09:41:54 But is that an inordinate number or density of sites
09:41:59 for a particular area as compared to West Tampa, other
09:42:03 parts of Tampa?
09:42:04 >>> I think it's pretty comparative.
09:42:06 I think you will find that in a lot of our communities
09:42:09 because all of them -- Tampa is an older city and it
09:42:13 has a lot of uses of properties over the years, in
09:42:16 every part of our town, you know, gas stations no

09:42:19 longer exist.
09:42:20 But no one really knows what was done.
09:42:25 Little former military sites, things of that nature.
09:42:27 I think it's pretty indicative.
09:42:29 One of the advantages I think we have with this next
09:42:31 grant that Jeanette is going to talk about, there's a
09:42:34 possibility that we might be able to do that, be able
09:42:36 to maybe just piggyback off of this GIS work that was
09:42:40 done and see what the rest of the city looks like,
09:42:45 being the next grant is a city-wide grant.
09:42:46 >> The question that's going to cause about all the
09:42:51 underground tunnels, too, in Drew Park.
09:42:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, let me just say that
09:42:57 brownfield, when I first was elected to council, one
09:43:00 of the first things I did was enactment of a
09:43:04 countywide coalition with the duties with the
09:43:08 brownfield ordinance, and they were designed for
09:43:09 economic development and clean-up.
09:43:11 Not only cleaning up but I think at least a minimum of
09:43:14 ten jobs.
09:43:16 So all of that was real relative to not only cleaning
09:43:20 up but also economic development and providing jobs.

09:43:26 That's the whole intent of the ordinance.
09:43:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:43:36 >> Good morning, board members.
09:43:40 Always a pleasure to report on new money that is
09:43:42 coming into the city.
09:43:43 And we are pleased and fortunate, and I will flip back
09:43:46 to the presentation.
09:43:53 There we go.
09:43:57 Catch up to where we are now.
09:44:02 As you heard, we have a new brownfield assessment
09:44:10 grant for $400,000, and that grant is split up into
09:44:14 two equal parts, 200,000 for petroleum products and
09:44:18 200,000 for hazardous substances.
09:44:21 This grant, unlike the previous one, which was focused
09:44:24 in East Tampa, is a city-wide grant that is
09:44:27 particularly targeting our CRA and that was in Central
09:44:31 Park, Drew Park, East Tampa, and the Heights.
09:44:35 What also sets this grant apart is that the source of
09:44:38 the funds are the American recovery and assessment
09:44:42 act.
09:44:42 So we are now beginning to see funds funnelling
09:44:45 through that funding source.

09:44:47 Like our previous grants, these grants will be used
09:44:49 for assessment of environmental sites, and also
09:44:55 planning for eventual clean-up.
09:44:57 And I think that is a critical piece.
09:45:00 It's not only identifying the site, it is how are we
09:45:02 going to plan for their eventual clean-up and also
09:45:05 their economic reuse.
09:45:07 This specific grant is going to pay for up to 26 phase
09:45:13 one assessments and eight phase two assessments.
09:45:17 There will also be eight quality assurance plans.
09:45:20 Again these are requirements from EPA that go along
09:45:22 with these assessments.
09:45:24 We will be completing up to four analyses of
09:45:28 alternatives for clean-ups or reuse plans.
09:45:31 We will continue to public health monitoring efforts
09:45:34 that are already underway in East Tampa and we will be
09:45:37 expanding those efforts to the other CRAs and
09:45:40 city-wide.
09:45:41 And finally we are going to be conducting community
09:45:44 outreach activity.
09:45:46 So very similar to what you have heard already in the
09:45:49 East Tampa program, they have done a great job, and we

09:45:52 are looking to expand and build upon what they have
09:45:55 already started.
09:45:57 Next shows you the breakout of the budget.
09:46:00 And keep in mind that although this grant is covers a
09:46:03 three-year period, because the funds are from the
09:46:08 American recovery and reinvestment, we are going to be
09:46:10 on a very aggressive time frame to spend the dollars.
09:46:14 You can see that the dollars are split evenly between
09:46:18 the two sources, hazardous substance and petroleum
09:46:22 products, 200,000 apiece.
09:46:24 The largest share of the grant funds will be
09:46:27 contractual.
09:46:28 We will be bringing a consultant on board to assist us
09:46:31 in implementing the grant, and also actually
09:46:34 performing the environmental assessment.
09:46:37 We also have an amount for training, because the EPA
09:46:41 has very strong expectations for training, not only of
09:46:45 staff but of other stakeholders.
09:46:47 As far as our next steps in the grant, we have been
09:46:51 submitting paperwork to EPA in order to be prepared to
09:46:53 negotiate and execute the grant agreement.
09:46:58 Once that is done, we will go to the city's process to

09:47:00 secure the professional services to bring a consultant
09:47:04 on board, and then once that is accomplished we will
09:47:07 move forward rapidly to begin complementing the grant.
09:47:12 That completes my presentation.
09:47:13 I look forward to coming back and reporting to you on
09:47:16 the outcome.
09:47:17 And I'll be happy to answer any questions.
09:47:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:47:29 >>MARK HUEY: We appreciate you giving us a chance to
09:47:32 share about that program, another example of non-TIF
09:47:35 resources being brought to bear on our redevelopment
09:47:38 work.
09:47:38 Our next item are two reports relating to the Channel
09:47:41 District.
09:47:42 And I would like to invite Bob McDonaugh our downtown
09:47:49 CRA manager to give those reports.
09:47:51 Bob.
09:47:57 >> Good morning, board.
09:47:59 Bob McDonaugh, economic development.
09:48:01 I would first like to invite a couple of people from
09:48:03 Wilson Miller to come up and talk a little bit about
09:48:05 the efforts that we have had with the Department of

09:48:06 Transportation on making Kennedy Boulevard between
09:48:10 Meridian and Channelside Drive more pedestrian
09:48:14 friendly.
09:48:18 >> Lea Del Tosto with Wilson Miller, and Jose DeJesus.
09:48:26 If we can go to the Elmo.
09:48:30 As you can see on these slides, there is Kennedy from
09:48:41 Channelside Drive to Meridian, and what this is
09:48:44 showing is where we stand right now with the Florida
09:48:49 Department of Transportation on reconfiguring
09:48:52 Channelside.
09:48:53 This is our proposal indicated on our left turn lanes
09:48:59 coming into Channelside Drive as you head in an
09:49:01 easterly direction.
09:49:02 And one through lane or right-turn lane.
09:49:06 We are also proposing that there be medians placed in
09:49:10 the block between 11th and 12th street, and
09:49:16 the road going from Meridian to the west.
09:49:19 These medians are shown, they are to provide some
09:49:22 pedestrian improvement, so there would be a safe
09:49:25 haven.
09:49:26 As you can see, there is a crosswalk.
09:49:29 It's kind of difficult.

09:49:31 In this location where you would be able to walk on
09:49:36 the east side of 11th over to Grand Central at
09:49:40 that point.
09:49:43 The medians would provide a safe haven in the middle
09:49:46 as you cross.
09:49:47 We are also proposing that there be approximately a
09:49:51 two foot add to the north side of Kennedy Boulevard
09:49:55 for additional pedestrian walking area on that side of
09:50:00 the street.
09:50:03 One of the constraints that we are dealing with from
09:50:08 Florida Department of Transportation is that they
09:50:10 would like to keep the lane width or the road width
09:50:16 similar to what it is now, without moving the curbs.
09:50:20 However, with the site configuration, we were able to
09:50:23 get a little bit extra distance on the north side so
09:50:29 it's very key for pedestrian safety along that side.
09:50:31 And with that, I'll answer any questions that you may
09:50:35 have.
09:50:35 >>CHAIRMAN: Questions by council members?
09:50:37 Thank you.
09:50:40 Oh, Mrs. Mulhern.
09:50:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah.

09:50:42 Linda is not here and this is one of her big issues,
09:50:45 and I'm wondering, her request -- and I don't know,
09:50:51 you as planners, I don't know if this is your
09:50:54 responsibility but maybe this is for Mark -- was to
09:50:58 see if we could have an agreement with FDOT that
09:51:00 Kennedy and Twiggs would kind of switch off so that
09:51:07 Kennedy could be two-way, and Twiggs be -- that
09:51:13 Kennedy would be our city road, and that Twiggs --
09:51:18 that's my question.
09:51:19 What's going on with that discussion?
09:51:24 >>> Actually a subject broached a couple of years ago
09:51:27 and for a variety of planning reasons that didn't make
09:51:30 sense.
09:51:30 Neither the city transportation planners or FDOT felt
09:51:34 that was a good approach to take which is why we have
09:51:38 invested so much time together with FDOT to come up
09:51:40 with a better solution for Kennedy Boulevard.
09:51:43 We did have a chance.
09:51:44 You mentioned that Linda is very involved and
09:51:48 sensitive to this issue, to brief her on all of the
09:51:51 work that we have done, and she's pleased with the
09:51:53 point that we have gotten to at this point.

09:51:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
09:51:57 Thanks.
09:51:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:51:59 We appreciate that report.
09:52:08 >>> A question was raised about where we are with the
09:52:10 acquisition of land for a park.
09:52:20 The red dots on the map represent parcels of land that
09:52:24 I have had active conversations with land owners about
09:52:28 by park property.
09:52:30 And I can say since the advent of the conversations I
09:52:34 have had, I have gotten prices down approximately 25%
09:52:38 from where land owners began.
09:52:40 It's been a somewhat cumbersome, arduous process, but
09:52:43 the advisory board feels like I do.
09:52:46 We are Shepherds of the public money.
09:52:50 We need to be very careful about how it's spent.
09:52:52 And I believe we are very close to the intent with a
09:52:58 couple of these property owners, very close to putting
09:53:00 out a contract on at least one of the parcels.
09:53:02 What I would like to do is set a benchmark with a
09:53:05 price for the first property owner and then approach
09:53:07 some of the other ones but we are very close to

09:53:09 getting some park land for the neighbors.
09:53:11 And I know it's an important amenity for the people
09:53:13 and the neighborhood.
09:53:14 And I feel very strongly about that.
09:53:19 >>CHAIRMAN: Thank you.
09:53:20 Anything else?
09:53:23 Mark Huey?
09:53:27 >>MARK HUEY: Item 5, we had scheduled to give you --
09:53:30 ed is going to provide you an update on our strategic
09:53:32 action plan.
09:53:33 And, in fact, we had planned on Monday to distribute
09:53:36 to you the executive summary of the strategic action
09:53:40 plan.
09:53:41 However, last week, we received from the tax
09:53:43 assessor's office some initial preliminary estimates
09:53:48 for our TIF revenues for next year.
09:53:51 And you are going to be hearing more about that at
09:53:54 your 11:00 budget workshop.
09:53:57 Because those numbers differ so dramatically from the
09:54:00 numbers that we are using in the strategic action
09:54:03 plan, we felt that it would be better to hold back on
09:54:06 this, and we will plan to update you next month on the

09:54:10 strategic action plan.
09:54:13 >>CHAIRMAN: Very good.
09:54:13 Okay.
09:54:14 We'll now have public comment.
09:54:16 Anyone in the public that would like to speak, you may
09:54:18 come up and speak now.
09:54:31 >> Al Davis: Madam Chairman and members of the CRA
09:54:36 board, I'm Al Davis in the area of East Tampa
09:54:40 redevelopment.
09:54:42 My comments this morning will be very brief.
09:54:48 I wanted to let you know that I was present.
09:54:50 But in thinking about the future of which development
09:54:55 redevelopment is really all about, I began to think
09:54:57 about the comment that I heard in regards to the
09:55:01 governor signing a very significant legislation
09:55:06 dealing with growth management.
09:55:11 And being aware that the City of Tampa has updated its
09:55:15 comprehensive plan, and being aware that the
09:55:21 redevelopment plan of East Tampa, and the strategic
09:55:23 plan that is yet to be forthcoming.
09:55:27 I wanted to be sure as a volunteer in the area, and
09:55:30 also as a person that would be affected by the various

09:55:35 components, how are they related to each other and who
09:55:40 is going to educate the populace as to their
09:55:42 relatedness and their connection so that we will be
09:55:46 looking on the same road map, and how we are going to
09:55:51 get to where it is that we want to go?
09:55:54 I know that the TIF funds -- let's see, this is in our
09:55:59 second fifth year, and, you know, Madam Chairman,
09:56:08 first thing I know, time would have passed, and will
09:56:16 we have accomplished what we want to accomplish?
09:56:17 I hear a lot of concern about the downturn of the
09:56:21 economy.
09:56:23 We don't have the funding that we used to have.
09:56:27 Are we making the adjustment accordingly?
09:56:29 So do I go to Ed Donaldson?
09:56:34 Or do I go to my representatives that I helped elect?
09:56:37 Or do I go to the attorney?
09:56:39 Where do I go to get these kind of information type so
09:56:46 that I can be sure that I'm informed at the next --
09:56:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Our attorney will be the best person,
09:56:58 Mr. Sal Territo right here to my right.
09:57:00 He would be the best person.
09:57:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: He will probably point you in the

09:57:16 right direction.
09:57:16 >>SAL TERRITO: Let me try to find out what you want
09:57:19 and then I will get you the information.
09:57:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Talking about the growth management
09:57:23 plan he can probably point you in the right direction,
09:57:25 but people that are highly involved in that would be
09:57:28 the city administrator, or the person who oversees,
09:57:37 the Planning Commission is a source of that.
09:57:42 Mr. the Planning Commission is a source.
09:57:45 The other will be those who handle the whole growth
09:57:50 piece here with the city.
09:57:51 I can't think of the name right now.
09:57:57 Cindy Miller.
09:57:58 Those are persons to really talk to because they will
09:58:00 have the knowledge of what all is involved in that
09:58:02 legislation.
09:58:03 And Mr. Fletcher, you may have something you want to
09:58:06 add to that.
09:58:08 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: City attorney.
09:58:12 This is a very important topic for council as well.
09:58:16 And I was going to mention the Planning Commission is
09:58:18 a good source.

09:58:19 Our office is looking at this right now.
09:58:21 And actually some point in the near future it would be
09:58:24 appropriate for us to brief you on the changes
09:58:26 required by that bill.
09:58:27 Because it will affect quite a few things that council
09:58:30 does periodically on zonings and comprehensive plan
09:58:34 changes.
09:58:35 So since it came up in the discussion today, I thought
09:58:38 I would suggest that as well.
09:58:41 >>CHAIRMAN: Does that help you out, Mr. Davis?
09:58:44 >>> Thank you, Madam Chairman.
09:58:45 It does.
09:58:46 But I like a focal point.
09:58:50 I will go to my single member district representative
09:58:53 as well as the at-large representative on what's going
09:58:55 on.
09:58:56 >>GWEN MILLER: You are welcome to talk to your
09:58:58 single-member district.
09:58:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You certainly can call me, Mr. Davis,
09:59:03 but in terms of the expertise and the person who
09:59:05 actually knows the legislation, I mean, we can get all
09:59:09 the information for you but in terms of knowing the

09:59:11 details specific, the Planning Commission is probably
09:59:14 one of the best agencies to have all that
09:59:15 specification.
09:59:17 As you heard our attorney say they are trying to get
09:59:20 their arms around, what it means and all that.
09:59:23 They have to come back to us and brief us on what it
09:59:25 means and all the specifics that are involved in that.
09:59:30 But certainly we can work with you and getting the
09:59:33 bill, the legislation, and that sort of thing.
09:59:37 >>> I just want to be sure that I am on the same track
09:59:40 with the relevancy, all of the various kind of laws,
09:59:46 plans, as it relates to the redevelopment of East
09:59:49 Tampa.
09:59:50 Thank you.
09:59:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:59:52 Would anyone else like to speak?
09:59:54 Okay.
09:59:54 Mr. Huey, we have some resolutions we need to pass.
10:00:01 >>MARK HUEY: The first one is property acquisition in
10:00:04 Drew Park.
10:00:04 You received a briefing memo on that.
10:00:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move the resolution.

10:00:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
10:00:10 (Motion carried).
10:00:14 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 was a slight budget change in the
10:00:17 downtown CRA.
10:00:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move approval.
10:00:23 >> Second.
10:00:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:00:27 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:00:29 Opposed, Nay.
10:00:31 (Motion carried).
10:00:34 >>MARK HUEY: Item 8.
10:00:36 Your board approved meeting policy calls for a meeting
10:00:40 in the month of June, and we did not see any
10:00:42 particular need for a meeting in the month of June,
10:00:46 any sort of CRA that was active enough to justify a
10:00:50 meeting.
10:00:50 But we are anticipating in the context of the East
10:00:53 Tampa strategic action plan a meeting to have a
10:00:57 community meeting probably in the September time
10:01:01 frame.
10:01:02 So what we thought is rather than have it in June that
10:01:05 we would wait till we are ready to have the CRA board

10:01:08 go into the East Tampa CRA district to discuss the
10:01:13 strategic action plan.
10:01:15 That would be our recommendation.
10:01:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So you want to have that in September?
10:01:19 >>MARK HUEY: We'll come back to you with a specific
10:01:21 game plan.
10:01:22 And again it's going to relate to how quickly we can
10:01:25 get a revised plan together, if we do have to revise
10:01:30 it.
10:01:30 >>CHAIRMAN: We need a motion to move the one for June?
10:01:35 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, that we would not have a June.
10:01:37 >> So moved.
10:01:38 >> Second.
10:01:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion an second.
10:01:40 All in favor?
10:01:41 Opposed?
10:01:42 (Motion carried)
10:01:43 New business?
10:01:45 >> Let me request Mr. Huey to come back with a report
10:01:47 on how the program going on in East Tampa at the next
10:01:51 meeting.
10:01:54 >>MARK HUEY: We'll give you a general update on the

10:01:56 status of the program.
10:01:57 >> Second.
10:01:58 (Motion carried).
10:02:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
10:02:03 >>MARK HUEY: I have two items to bring up.
10:02:05 One is that in support of the Encore development
10:02:12 submission for the federal neighborhood stabilization
10:02:15 program, the board is going to be asked to approve a
10:02:20 consortium agreement between the city, the Housing
10:02:22 Authority, and Bank of America.
10:02:24 And in order for us to meet all the deadlines, I'd
10:02:28 like to request a short called meeting, June 25th,
10:02:33 which is a regular council date, so just before the
10:02:37 council meeting, whatever your preference would be, or
10:02:40 you can break during council.
10:02:41 But that is an approval that we are going to need to
10:02:45 support that federal stimulus application.
10:02:47 >>GWEN MILLER: I would suggest we do it -- it's not
10:02:52 going to be but two or three minutes to approve the
10:02:54 resolution.
10:02:55 Is that agreeable with council?
10:02:57 >> So moved.

10:02:58 >> Second.
10:02:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:03:01 (Motion carried)
10:03:04 Well, 9:00, after the pledge and all that we can do
10:03:12 it.
10:03:18 >>MARK HUEY: Lastly, in looking at the board schedule,
10:03:22 our next meeting in July is scheduled rather than at
10:03:26 our normal time at 9:00 at 11:00.
10:03:29 There are some workshops planned beginning at 9:00.
10:03:32 I'm concerned about the 11:00 time frame, because one
10:03:36 item alone on that agenda is going to be our first
10:03:39 budget workshop, which alone takes about an hour.
10:03:43 And beyond that we'll have some other business.
10:03:45 So I wanted to make you aware of that as a potential
10:03:48 problem.
10:03:49 And if you have any thoughts about it now.
10:03:52 But, again, next month it's at 11:00.
10:03:55 And I think we'll run past the noon hour, unless it's
10:04:00 changed.
10:04:01 >>CHAIRMAN: I thought we always had our CRA
10:04:03 meeting Thursday -- scheduled it the second Thursday
10:04:09 after the CRA -- that's my thinking on it.

10:04:13 >>MARK HUEY: When the schedule was originally set it
10:04:15 was apparently set this way.
10:04:18 Apparently July and August are anomalies of how it's
10:04:21 set up.
10:04:24 >>GWEN MILLER: I think CRAs should be before
10:04:26 workshops.
10:04:27 CRAs are more important than workshops coming before
10:04:30 them, so I think we should move CRAs first and then
10:04:34 do our workshops.
10:04:35 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:04:36 You have the presentation of the Police officer of the
10:04:38 Month.
10:04:39 You have the Firefighter of the Quarter.
10:04:41 Workshops, receive data or information regarding the
10:04:43 first annual report to council as required by
10:04:46 section 26 -- I'm not sure what that is.
10:04:48 Workshop to discuss the transportation technical
10:04:51 manual at 10:00.
10:04:53 10:30 workshop to discuss the transportation impact
10:04:55 fee study.
10:04:57 11:00 workshop to discuss the appeal process and to
10:05:02 streamline the process.

10:05:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What's the date of that?
10:05:07 >>CHAIRMAN: July what?
10:05:08 >>SAL TERRITO: 23rd.
10:05:09 And you also have a night meeting at 6:00.
10:05:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Because of the break, We are taking
10:05:13 the first two weeks of July, is what the problem is.
10:05:16 So the CRA meeting shifts.
10:05:23 We didn't catch that evidently.
10:05:24 >>CHAIRMAN: Make we can make a motion to change that,
10:05:27 can't we?
10:05:27 Because we won't get to CRA until after lunch.
10:05:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The problem is you can't do both but
10:05:33 it sounds like one item is going to take an hour so
10:05:35 you aren't going to be able -- it sounds like all the
10:05:39 workshops and CRA meeting.
10:05:40 You have got one item to take an hour, then that's --
10:05:45 >>CHAIRMAN: How many items do we have on that day?
10:05:49 >>> There will be three or four other items, the
10:05:51 strategic action plan and East Tampa is one of those.
10:05:53 So like today probably similar.
10:05:57 We always have our citizens, our monthly report.
10:06:04 >>GWEN MILLER: One item will take one hour?

10:06:07 >>MARK HUEY: That would be our budget workshop, where
10:06:09 we walk through each of the CRAs, and there are
10:06:11 seven to go through.
10:06:12 And it's hard to get in in less than an hour,
10:06:20 typically with the questions that you typically ask.
10:06:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I would move to do what the chair
10:06:25 suggested and have the CRA meeting at 9:00, and then
10:06:29 we can schedule the workshops starting at 10:30.
10:06:34 >>GWEN MILLER: 10:30.
10:06:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just keep in mind that you are not
10:06:39 going to do all those workshops before lunch, and then
10:06:42 you have a night meeting.
10:06:43 Be mindful of that.
10:06:44 >>GWEN MILLER: But we do workshops at 1:30 and then a
10:06:47 night meeting.
10:06:48 We did workshops at 1:30.
10:06:50 >>MARY MULHERN: If we need to, we can come back after
10:06:53 lunch for the rest of the workshop.
10:06:55 And then I agree with Mr. Huey, we need to do the CRA
10:06:59 budgets, make sure we get that done.
10:07:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Either way we are going to have to come
10:07:05 back after lunch.

10:07:06 I don't care which way we do first, we are going to
10:07:08 have to come back after lunch, the CRA or the
10:07:10 workshop.
10:07:13 >>MARK HUEY: And if I could, maybe we should relieve
10:07:16 that schedule of having a community president come
10:07:20 next time, and my monthly report section, too, so that
10:07:25 we can really focus on the budget, and whatever other
10:07:27 business items that we would have so that I can make
10:07:30 sure if you do decide to a lot an hour and a half that
10:07:35 we can have an hour and a half meeting.
10:07:37 Would that be okay?
10:07:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was going to say because you are
10:07:43 going to run -- and that's my point because you have
10:07:45 the firefighter of the quarter, and police of the
10:07:48 month, and that's 30, 40 minutes.
10:07:58 So you start at nine.
10:08:00 You are looking at 9:45 a minimum, I think, before you
10:08:04 start your meeting.
10:08:04 And you're right, it's just going to be impossible.
10:08:07 I just don't see it.
10:08:12 That's fine if we want to -- I think we need to do the
10:08:17 CRA meeting.

10:08:17 I agree with that.
10:08:18 I don't have a problem.
10:08:19 I think the issue is trying to the workshops.
10:08:22 That's the issue.
10:08:25 >>MARK HUEY: That's certainly an option to keep the
10:08:27 schedule the way it is if you think the CRA could
10:08:29 start at 11 and creep to 12:30 that we make at very
10:08:35 efficient CRA meeting.
10:08:38 >>CHAIRMAN: CRA first.
10:08:43 Maybe if some of those workshops were continued.
10:08:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Continue the discussion on the
10:08:50 transportation technical manual.
10:08:52 >>GWEN MILLER: We can reschedule that.
10:08:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me make a motion that we do the
10:08:58 CRA right after the commendations, and in the meantime
10:09:03 we have our council attorney look at the schedule and
10:09:06 see what can be adjusted to bring back a
10:09:08 recommendation to us.
10:09:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
10:09:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:09:12 All in favor?
10:09:13 Opposed?

10:09:15 (Motion carried)
10:09:15 Any other things?
10:09:18 >> 11:00.
10:09:19 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned until 11:00.
10:09:23 Receive and file.
10:09:23 >> So moved.
10:09:25 >> Second.
10:09:25 (Motion carried).
10:09:26 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned until 11:00.

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