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CRA Meeting
Thursday, December 10, 2009
9:00 a.m. Session


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09:05:34 >> GWEN MILLER: Good morning.

09:06:48 The CRA will come to order.

09:06:47 Chair will yield to Ms. Linda Saul-Sena.

09:06:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.

09:06:55 It is my pleasure to introduce a long-time friend,

09:06:59 Reverend Dr. Warren Clark, who is the assistant

09:07:03 director of FUSE, Faith United for Sustainable Energy.

09:07:07 Let's rise and remain standing for the Pledge of

09:07:10 Allegiance.

09:07:11 >> Good morning every one.

09:07:12 Pleasure to be here with you.

09:07:14 Let's take a time now, just to be still, to be silent.

09:07:18 In this quiet time, we remember the words of the

09:07:28 Psalmist, sing to the Lord a new song.

09:07:34 And you ask, what is the song of my heart, O God?

09:07:40 I take time to remember the reason why I chose public

09:07:49 service.

09:07:50 To contribute to the good of others, this community.

09:08:06 Beneath the endless fundraisers, public events, and

09:08:12 meetings, there is a song in my inner spirit, in this

09:08:20 day, I want to speak and act from the core reason I

09:08:26 chose public service.

09:08:28 I am aware, O God, of the other councilmembers and the

09:08:39 others gathered for this meeting.

09:08:40 We all have a song that comes from the good innings you

09:08:45 planted in our spirits.

09:08:47 I will be listening for their spirit song in this

09:08:55 council meeting, for each of us in our own way,

09:09:03 sincerely wants the best for all the people, and for

09:09:08 the environment, which makes up this beloved community,

09:09:14 we call Tampa.

09:09:15 Amen.


09:09:42 >> Roll call.

09:09:43 >> Caetano?

09:09:46 >> Here.

09:09:46 >> Saul-Sena?

09:09:47 >> Here.

09:09:47 >> Scott?

09:09:47 >> Here.

09:09:48 >> Miranda?

09:09:49 Mulhern?

09:09:50 >> Here.

09:09:51 >> Dingfelder?

09:09:52 >> Here.

09:09:52 >> And Miller?

09:09:53 >> Here.

09:09:55 >> At this time, I would turn over to Mr. Mark Huey.

09:09:59 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning. Mark Huey, Economic

09:10:03 Development Administrator.

09:10:05 First item on the agenda is to welcome Andy Scaglione,

09:10:09 your CAC chairman representative for the month.

09:10:14 Andy does a great job leading our efforts in the

09:10:17 Channel District.

09:10:18 Andy?

09:10:21 >> Good morning.

09:10:22 Bob McDonough is not here today, which is our

09:10:26 director in the Channelside.

09:10:27 He's had a hip replacement.

09:10:29 But let me speak about our relationship with Bob down

09:10:33 there.

09:10:33 It is very, very welcoming to have somebody like Bob,

09:10:37 which is a no nonsense, gets things done.

09:10:41 And please just continue making sure we have him at

09:10:44 Channelside, because we really enjoy working with him.

09:10:47 Let me go on two projects.

09:10:51 '09 has been a great year.

09:10:53 Our committee has probably over 95 percent attendance

09:10:58 ratio.

09:10:59 When there's not a member that comes, I make a friendly

09:11:01 call and make sure things are okay.

09:11:04 And because of that, we have an active board.

09:11:06 And a very accountable board.

09:11:08 As of tomorrow, we will close on our park, which will

09:11:14 be on 12th and Washington.

09:11:16 That's been a great achievement, and more so because,

09:11:20 we were very good stewards to the money.

09:11:22 We just didn't pay what they wanted.

09:11:25 That piece that sold over $100 a square foot, we are in

09:11:28 the low 40s.

09:11:29 And we did a lot of arm wrestling to get it to that

09:11:33 point.

09:11:33 Bone is a tough negotiator and as you know, I'm pretty

09:11:36 tight with the money myself.

09:11:37 So I'm very happy that the taxpayers and the residents,

09:11:40 it is a win-win, okay?

09:11:42 The second issue that we are planning on, is very big.

09:11:46 And it's the vault that we are doing for the

09:11:49 stormwater.

09:11:50 Okay.

09:11:50 We have been limited on some of the improvements

09:11:53 because of not having the capacity in stormwater.

09:11:57 This will be about an $8 million project.

09:12:00 Of that, we have already accounted for four that we put

09:12:05 aside for.

09:12:05 We are going to go out for financing, conventional

09:12:08 financing, this way we don't have the cost of bonding.

09:12:11 We don't have pledging our revenue out for years out to

09:12:15 come.

09:12:16 Very conservative approach.

09:12:18 To pay for the additional 4 million.

09:12:21 And the end result of that is, is we will have also

09:12:26 streetscape on Washington that will look gorgeous when

09:12:30 it's finished.

09:12:31 So it is going to serve two purposes.

09:12:33 Number one, create the stormwater capacity that we

09:12:35 need.

09:12:37 In the central Ybor -- I mean Channelside district.

09:12:40 And number two, the residents are going to see a heck

09:12:43 of a lot better look than what they see today.

09:12:46 So if you have any questions, please ask me.

09:12:48 >> Mrs. Linda Saul-Sena?

09:12:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm so pleased your neighborhood has

09:12:58 finally getting your park.

09:13:00 You were tough negotiators and that's just a great

09:13:03 thing.

09:13:03 It is a question not as much for you as for the staff.

09:13:06 And it is not really a question.

09:13:07 It is a comment I received from one of the residents,

09:13:11 she was very concerned that when we do the sidewalk

09:13:14 improvements along her street in Washington, that her

09:13:16 greenery next to the building gets to stay intact.

09:13:19 She had heard it was going to be removed.

09:13:21 And she says, I have been cultivating these small

09:13:23 plants and trees for a number of years now.

09:13:25 And there isn't that much greenery in the district.

09:13:28 And since we don't yet have a dog park, it is one of

09:13:31 the few places dogs have to go.

09:13:35 So she just wanted to put open the record, protect her

09:13:38 green space.

09:13:39 >> I'd like to add, just let you know that this park we

09:13:42 are doing, we have had two public forums.

09:13:44 One this week and a month ago.

09:13:46 More or less, we want the residents, it's their park.

09:13:51 And we just don't want to build a park and then them

09:13:54 say, well, we should've done this, should've done that.

09:13:58 So we have had great discussion, great open forum.

09:14:01 And I that I, really, when the end product, it is going

09:14:05 to be their end product, versus what we decide we think

09:14:08 they need.

09:14:09 So I'm really happy about that too.

09:14:11 Any questions?

09:14:15 >> Andy, thanks for all that you do and your volunteer

09:14:18 capacity.

09:14:19 You sound so knowledgeable.

09:14:22 Might confuse you as a staff person, but we appreciate

09:14:25 that.

09:14:25 I want to give a shootout to Bob, I didn't realize he

09:14:29 was having that surgery.

09:14:31 He is a great guy.

09:14:32 Met him many, many years, and he's too young for hip

09:14:38 surgery.

09:14:39 Let's hope they can rebuild him even better.

09:14:43 Andy, on the pocket park, I know it is not that big to

09:14:46 start with.

09:14:47 And I know money is limited and everything else, but is

09:14:50 any component of that, are they putting any component

09:14:55 out for children for a little tot lot or anything like

09:14:59 that?

09:15:00 Do you know?

09:15:00 Is that part of the discussion?

09:15:02 >> Regarding -- repeat that.

09:15:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In the park, any part for little

09:15:07 children, for little tot lot area or anything like

09:15:10 that?

09:15:10 >> It's been part of the conversation, one of the

09:15:12 recommendations, and we are going to have, we are going

09:15:14 to also have one more meeting is what I understand.

09:15:17 And then we will have a conclusion.

09:15:18 But that, that has been -- I tell you, the dogs have

09:15:24 got a lot of attention on this park.

09:15:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's interesting.

09:15:30 My little neighborhood park, which is probably about

09:15:32 the same size, is very, you know, has multiple uses.

09:15:37 And we have a little dog area.

09:15:39 And then we also have the children's area and then we

09:15:42 have the kind of, not a whole lot of adult area

09:15:46 perhaps, but my only concern is that, even though I

09:15:50 would guess Channelside right now is mostly young

09:15:52 adults and that sort of thing, or even older adults,

09:15:56 that I wouldn't want us to preclude you know, a lot tot

09:16:01 area, little kids area, because we were having this

09:16:04 discussion yesterday in a different meeting.

09:16:06 But in a similar context.

09:16:08 Sometimes I think in these urban areas, we sort of

09:16:11 assume there are not going to be a lot of chirp and

09:16:13 therefore we he don't put the children's stuff in

09:16:15 there.

09:16:16 And then, it sort of a self-fulfilling profess situate.

09:16:22 Then we don't end up with families.

09:16:24 So anyway, I just want to toss it out there.

09:16:27 >> There hasn't been a lot of conversation about that

09:16:29 quite honestly.

09:16:30 But I'll make sure it just gets addressed one more

09:16:32 time.

09:16:34 And it's mainly like you say, because of the

09:16:37 demographics of the area.

09:16:38 There's not a whole lot of children out there.

09:16:40 Young children.

09:16:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But I know I have a lot of room to

09:16:46 work with.

09:16:47 I thought some little corners.

09:16:52 >> It's going to be a beautiful park.

09:16:54 Over 20,000 feet right in the middle of Channelside.

09:16:57 We are pursuing a couple other pieces.

09:16:59 But again, we are not going to overpay, so we are being

09:17:03 very, very good stewards of the money.

09:17:06 Thank you.

09:17:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, John, I think that's a

09:17:11 really good point.

09:17:12 I think that park is going to have a lot crammed into

09:17:16 it.

09:17:17 And right now, I don't know if there are any children

09:17:21 living in Channelside.

09:17:22 That's a good question.

09:17:24 But I think it should be something that we are keeping

09:17:26 in mind for when we get a bigger park down there, which

09:17:30 we need to have, that there be something -- I don't

09:17:34 know if the Cotanchobee, does that have?

09:17:39 >> Yes, it has a play area.

09:17:41 >> I'll make sure it comes up in our next meeting.

09:17:44 >> It's more of a long-term goal, I think for the park.

09:17:47 >> Sounds good.

09:17:48 Thank you.

09:17:50 >> Thank you, Mr. Scaglione.

09:17:57 >> Thanks, again, Andy for your service.

09:18:00 Later in your agenda, you're going to hear more from

09:18:04 myself and Bonnie Wise about the financing of the York

09:18:07 street ballpark project and Washington street project.

09:18:10 Next item on the agenda are the monthly reports that

09:18:12 you received a copy of.

09:18:14 As you can see, another busy month in the redevelopment

09:18:17 agency.

09:18:18 Downtown, Bob helped the downtown partnership with a

09:18:22 very successful tour for real estate professionals.

09:18:26 Over a hundred folks came out to that.

09:18:28 There's been some activity on the courthouse we have

09:18:31 reported on.

09:18:32 It is in the running for our areas, our districts,

09:18:36 immigration offices.

09:18:37 And it would involve a $20 million renovation to the

09:18:40 courthouse.

09:18:41 Ybor City continues to work on their retail incubator

09:18:47 program, as well as an amendment to the vision plan

09:18:50 that this board approved some years ago.

09:18:52 To better account for the interests of Ybor two in that

09:18:57 vision plan.

09:18:58 Channel District, we are working on a grocery store

09:19:02 marketing study.

09:19:03 In partnership with the developer there, Ken

09:19:10 Stoltenberg and the downtown partnership.

09:19:14 We have been working on this York street Washington

09:19:17 street project.

09:19:17 Drew Park, large scale paving going on there.

09:19:20 Property acquisition activities that you will be

09:19:23 approving later in the agenda, we hope.

09:19:25 East Tampa, the quality inn opened up during the month

09:19:29 of November.

09:19:30 Project that's been in the works and we are excited to

09:19:33 be supporting through some TIF projects.

09:19:37 22nd street continues to make progress.

09:19:39 And we are working on a business, small business

09:19:43 information center project with the county small

09:19:47 business information center.

09:19:49 The Heights, you have been hearing about the camel,

09:19:54 project, the USF anchored project trying to take hold

09:19:58 in the Heights.

09:19:59 Putting a lot of time into that.

09:20:00 Central Park, you will be hearing about update on the

09:20:04 comp plan map amendment process.

09:20:06 There's a public meeting coming up that we want to make

09:20:08 you aware of.

09:20:10 And everybody keep your fingers crossed, the NSP two,

09:20:14 neighborhood stabilization, the stimulus funding we

09:20:16 have applied for in Washington, we are hoping to hear

09:20:19 an announcement about that in December.

09:20:21 And overall, we continue to make major strides on the

09:20:25 facade program.

09:20:26 We have many applications in Ybor, and in East Tampa.

09:20:30 A number of applications under review.

09:20:32 Drew Park -- not in hand, but we are working some

09:20:37 prospects in Drew Park.

09:20:38 And we are, as the year has ended, we are working on

09:20:43 our annual report, as well.

09:20:45 So those are some highlights.

09:20:47 Lots of other things to report on.

09:20:49 And I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have.

09:20:51 Yes?

09:20:56 >> The courthouse, what's going to happen for parking

09:20:59 there?

09:21:00 Is there availability to buy some property to put a

09:21:02 parking garage there?

09:21:04 >> Well, that is certainly part of what the developer

09:21:07 will be responding to, the federal government and his

09:21:10 proposal about parking.

09:21:11 And I can tell you that he has proposed, and identified

09:21:15 for them significant parking capacity around the

09:21:19 courthouse.

09:21:19 As all of you know, that is the largest challenge.

09:21:24 That's why the courthouse hasn't redeveloped to this

09:21:26 point, is that it has no significant parking of its

09:21:29 own.

09:21:30 So most uses are very challenged to get financing.

09:21:33 But in this case, at this point, again, we don't know

09:21:36 if he will make the final cut list or be the preferred

09:21:40 location.

09:21:40 There are many locations within our city competing for

09:21:44 this potential use.

09:21:45 It's presently located in the Westshore area.

09:21:48 So, there are some Westshore sites and other sites

09:21:50 being proposed for this.

09:21:52 But the courthouse is in the running, with a very

09:21:54 capable developer, and we are pleased to be supporting

09:21:57 their efforts.

09:21:58 And we will know very shortly, in the next month or

09:22:01 two, how we fare.

09:22:04 >> Saul-Sena.

09:22:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that would be wonderful and

09:22:07 we will all hold a positive thought about that.

09:22:09 I just wanted to make sure there will continue to be

09:22:12 public access to the courthouse building, because it's

09:22:14 public space and they're so beautiful.

09:22:17 >> Yes, and we have certainly shared that vision with

09:22:20 the developer.

09:22:20 He's at the early stages of design.

09:22:25 And conceptual design, and interestingly, the whole use

09:22:29 is a public use essentially, but we have also tried to

09:22:34 instill the view that there should be also welcoming of

09:22:37 the general public.

09:22:38 So, thank you for that observation.

09:22:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.

09:22:43 >> Mr. Dingfelder?

09:22:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The parallel is kind of fascinating,

09:22:48 because so many people got sworn in as American

09:22:50 citizens in the federal courthouse, I'm sure under the

09:22:55 hundred year history of that building.

09:22:56 So it is kind of neat to consider that.

09:22:58 But I agree with Ms. Saul-Sena.

09:23:00 I'm sure, since it's a federal building, I'm sure there

09:23:04 are major security considerations on the one hand.

09:23:08 But on the other hand, will be nice to leave some of

09:23:10 the first floor, you know, open to the general public,

09:23:14 or available at least to the general public.

09:23:16 I'm sure you'll keep that in mind, mark.

09:23:19 Thank you.

09:23:23 >> What will the role of the CRA board be in making

09:23:26 that determination?

09:23:27 Is that a CRA activity, or is it administrative

09:23:31 activity that will then come to us as councilmembers?

09:23:35 >> Will come to you as council.

09:23:36 Correct me if I'm wronged, but it is a city-owned real

09:23:40 estate asset.

09:23:42 There would actually need to be an RFP process and all

09:23:47 that would come to you at City Council.

09:23:50 >> Thank you.

09:23:52 >>MARK HUEY: We will certainly keep you apprised of the

09:23:54 progress and keep you very involved.

09:23:55 It is one of our city's treasures, so we intend it to

09:24:00 be very transparent and open process.

09:24:02 And embrace your involvement in that.

09:24:05 Any other questions?

09:24:08 >> I have question, and I know this is probably 0 more

09:24:11 for Cindy Miller, but I'm hoping that your Tampa

09:24:14 Heights is involved with this.

09:24:15 The church and lot that they want to go a garden on,

09:24:21 the historic building, do you know about that?

09:24:24 Tampa Heights?

09:24:26 What the status -- it's owned by FDOT.

09:24:30 They want to give it to the Tampa Heights neighborhood

09:24:34 association.

09:24:35 >>MARK HUEY: That's in the Tampa Heights neighborhood.

09:24:37 I am not involved in the details of that.

09:24:38 I'm sorry.

09:24:39 I am generally aware of it, so I'm aware of the

09:24:42 project, but I believe probably Thom Snelling or

09:24:45 someone in Cindy's shop is working on that.

09:24:50 >> Okay, so I should talk to Tom maybe, about that?

09:24:53 Because they have been waiting a long time and I really

09:24:56 want to get that going.

09:24:57 Then I have a question about this unfortunate acronym,

09:25:01 camels?

09:25:02 I think of cigarettes.

09:25:03 What does that stand for?

09:25:07 >>MARK HUEY: Center for --

09:25:12 >> This is the USF.

09:25:13 Okay.

09:25:14 >> For the viewing audience, essentially, the

09:25:17 university is partnered with manufacturers to provide

09:25:21 the latest in robotic surgery training.

09:25:25 They presently have a test, a pilot center at Tampa

09:25:29 general hospital as well as on their USF campus.

09:25:32 And what they're looking to do is really consolidate

09:25:34 that training in a large center.

09:25:38 We expect there would only be a handful of these bills

09:25:41 in the world because they're rather significant

09:25:44 investments.

09:25:44 And surgeons from all over the world would come and be

09:25:47 trained in the latest equipment and methodologies for

09:25:50 robotic surgery.

09:25:51 >> It's fantastic.

09:25:53 And I am going to help them come up with a new acronym.

09:25:58 >> Something a little catchier.

09:26:01 Any other questions?

09:26:02 >> Go to the next one.

09:26:04 >>MARK HUEY: All right.

09:26:04 The next two items are couple items relating to East

09:26:07 Tampa.

09:26:08 I'd like to invite our CRA manager there, Ed Johnson to

09:26:12 come up and update you.

09:26:16 >> Good morning, board members.

09:26:18 Ed Johnson, urban development manager.

09:26:21 First item on the agenda I was asked to, staff was

09:26:24 asked to comment, report on the efforts in supporting

09:26:29 the historic house on Osborne and 22nd Street, the

09:26:33 St. Peter Claver school want it to move.

09:26:36 St. Peter Claver school has pulled that request.

09:26:40 They determined it was too costly for them to move it.

09:26:43 And there were some other challenges, obviously, with

09:26:46 interstate four, trying to get a two-story structure

09:26:48 under interstate four just made it not possible.

09:26:51 However, we have put it back out to the community and

09:26:53 there were several entities that were interested in

09:26:57 possibly looking at moving it for either an office use

09:27:00 or a housing use.

09:27:02 But there again, from their due diligence, cost was a

09:27:07 determinate factor that they did not want to pursue it.

09:27:11 So at this point, we have no takers on moving it.

09:27:16 And this past Tuesday night, the East Tampa community

09:27:18 partnerships committee voted that they did not want to

09:27:22 spend any TIF dollars in moving that house to another

09:27:26 location at this time.

09:27:27 And the request also was to determine if it was a

09:27:31 historic structure, met with Dennis Fernandez, our

09:27:35 historic preservation manager, and we tried to cull the

09:27:40 records, look to see if anyone ever attempted to

09:27:43 declare this a historic home.

09:27:44 And we could not find any.

09:27:46 So it is not declared a historic site.

09:27:48 >> Miss Saul-Sena.

09:27:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:27:52 What is the age of the structure?

09:27:54 >> It was built in the 1920s, from what I understand.

09:27:57 >> So that's definitely over 50 years old.

09:27:59 The point of something being declared a historic

09:28:01 structure, as you just declared, I mean, you do the

09:28:05 research and see what significant about it.

09:28:08 But it seems to me, Mr. Johnson, that two things.

09:28:10 First of all, East Tampa just offhand, I can't think of

09:28:14 a number of historic structures.

09:28:16 I mean, you have a historic district.

09:28:20 In part of the Seminole Heights district is in East

09:28:23 Tampa.

09:28:24 And part of the Ybor district is in East Tampa.

09:28:29 But as far as freestanding historic structures, I can't

09:28:32 offhand think of any.

09:28:34 Can you?

09:28:36 >> There's one other house, it is located on 22nd

09:28:39 street, south of 26th avenue.

09:28:43 The white family, it is two story red brick home, which

09:28:47 has been declared historic.

09:28:49 That is located on, it fronts 22nd street just

09:28:52 south of 26th avenue, right across from Belmont Heights

09:28:55 estates.

09:28:56 That's the only one, other than the ones that are

09:28:58 already in the historic, historically designated areas.

09:29:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, the impetus behind doing this

09:29:06 is because there aren't so many historic houses.

09:29:08 It's an extremely attractive house.

09:29:11 And it seemed that the city has blocked that it might

09:29:16 be possible to move this.

09:29:18 Were you able to establish a cost of moving it?

09:29:21 >> Nothing other than an estimate.

09:29:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What was that?

09:29:25 >> That is what I reported to you last month.

09:29:27 The DOT, last house that they moved or building that

09:29:30 they moved that was a two-story structure was in excess

09:29:33 of $120,000.

09:29:34 That was moved seven blocks.

09:29:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, I'm very area.

09:29:40 I appreciate your report back to us.

09:29:41 I'm very sorry that we are not moving ahead to protect

09:29:44 this structure.

09:29:46 And I think it will be a loss for the neighborhood.

09:29:48 Because although we are all very, very excited about

09:29:50 the health center, that will be built on this property,

09:29:54 there aren't, there aren't that many, you know, sort of

09:29:58 special older homes from the period in the area that,

09:30:01 particularly two story ones, that give the neighborhood

09:30:06 a sense of history and I'm sorry we will be losing it.

09:30:10 And I'm sorry that the citizens advisory committee

09:30:13 didn't have a greater warning.

09:30:15 I don't know how long you had been talking with the

09:30:17 health center people about their project.

09:30:20 But, neither you as staff, nor the zoning staff

09:30:24 identified this house as a community resource earlier

09:30:29 on, when there might have been more lead time to do

09:30:31 something with it.

09:30:32 >> Unfortunately, there was a very fast-moving project

09:30:35 for the family, family health centers also.

09:30:38 They had been looking at other properties throughout

09:30:40 the area, but because of the use of stimulus dollars,

09:30:45 they were kind of forced to move pretty quickly.

09:30:47 And they approached senator hard grove and already

09:30:53 elder Davis who they bought the land from, two

09:30:55 adjoining prompts that make up this particular site

09:30:57 they're going to do the health center on.

09:31:00 So it was pretty quick, when that came up, there wasn't

09:31:02 a lot of time to really do any real in-depth look at

09:31:05 it.

09:31:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When did this all come up?

09:31:08 >> That was probably in the last 30, 40 days.

09:31:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It takes a while to get a rezoning

09:31:14 before City Council.

09:31:15 >> I understand.

09:31:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:31:19 >> Mr. Dingfelder?

09:31:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't want to spend a whole lot of

09:31:23 time on this morning, Ed, but you and I just discussed

09:31:27 this a little while ago.

09:31:28 Because, unlike most city projects, we don't have a

09:31:33 firm estimate on what this actual cost, house would

09:31:37 cost to move to a, to the nearest city lots.

09:31:40 You told me that the closest city lots might be about

09:31:44 quarter mile away.

09:31:45 So I think just in terms of doing our due diligence, I

09:31:49 think it would be helpful to, for this body to at least

09:31:53 know that.

09:31:54 And you know, what the costs would be.

09:31:57 I have got a guess that the DOT's costs might have been

09:32:02 a little higher, because the market was hopping more

09:32:05 several years ago.

09:32:06 And it's also federal money.

09:32:08 And so everybody probably starts salivating in terms of

09:32:11 most moving companies and what they're going to charge

09:32:14 the Feds.

09:32:15 With no offense to the feds, I guess.

09:32:17 But anyway, so, you know, hopefully we can just take it

09:32:24 one little step further and just get a quote or two.

09:32:27 From the moving companies.

09:32:30 The interesting thing is, to me, it's almost like the

09:32:35 city could take one of our lots -- what are those lots

09:32:38 typically sell for if we sell them?

09:32:40 Five, $10,000 or something like that.

09:32:44 >> Little more than that.

09:32:45 On those arteries, they're in the 20, $30,000 range.

09:32:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So if we took one of those lots and

09:32:51 we made it available and we told people in the

09:32:56 community, you know, you move the house, okay, here's a

09:33:00 lot, we are willing to work with you on in some

09:33:02 capacity.

09:33:04 When they get financing, they could pay us the market

09:33:07 value for the lot, or some reasonable value for the

09:33:09 lot.

09:33:11 Thom, you hear, here's a free house, you figure out how

09:33:15 to move it.

09:33:16 You figure out how to rehab it and we will make a lot

09:33:19 available to you or something like that.

09:33:20 I mean just to facilitate that process, in the name of,

09:33:24 as Ms. Saul-Sena said, in the name of saving a historic

09:33:29 structure.

09:33:29 And that potentially could be, become designated as a

09:33:33 historic thing.

09:33:34 I think it's pretty tragic, all of East Tampa, which

09:33:38 I'm sure over the years, has had numerous historic

09:33:41 structures that could or should have been designated,

09:33:44 that we have one to brag about.

09:33:47 Whereas in the other parts of the city, we have, you

09:33:50 know, dozens, if not hundreds.

09:33:52 So anyway, that's my soapbox for this morning.

09:33:57 >> That was attempted.

09:33:58 There were several entities that were very interested

09:34:01 in doing just that.

09:34:02 But, in their due diligence, they determined that they

09:34:05 did not want to spend the money, from their

09:34:07 organizations either, to move the house and rehab it.

09:34:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm not even talking about

09:34:13 organization.

09:34:14 I'm talking about individuals.

09:34:15 You know, I mean, it's possible there's people out

09:34:18 there who might be interested.

09:34:21 But anyway, let's just see -- I'm just real curious

09:34:25 what the market says right now it would cost to move

09:34:27 that.

09:34:28 >> I can do that.

09:34:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you all could do that.

09:34:31 We'd appreciate it.

09:34:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Mulhern?

09:34:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, Jon and Linda said most of what I

09:34:36 was going to comment on.

09:34:38 But, I do have a couple questions on this, so the city

09:34:43 owns the house right now and the lot?

09:34:45 >> No, it is owned by Tampa family health centers.

09:34:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, the health center already

09:34:50 purchased it.

09:34:51 And since it is not designated -- okay.

09:34:53 Linda, you might know the answer to this.

09:34:55 I'm sure you do.

09:34:56 That what about the highway trust fund?

09:35:00 Is there any way that that could be accessed for

09:35:03 historic?

09:35:04 You can't?

09:35:05 Did you already say that we can't access that?

09:35:08 >> From what I have been made to understand, no,

09:35:11 because it's outside the boundaries of what the trust

09:35:14 fund is.

09:35:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But we could potentially use other

09:35:20 public money in a variety of creative ways, if we chose

09:35:24 to.

09:35:24 For example, the money that Cindy Miller is using for

09:35:28 rehabbing houses, or CRA money, those would be

09:35:32 possible.

09:35:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Stimulus money.

09:35:36 I agree that, since it is such a rare thing, that we

09:35:41 have a historic building, significant historic

09:35:44 building, it would be worth us doing everything we can

09:35:47 to figure out ways that we could save it.

09:35:50 And I also just wanted to know if historic preservation

09:35:55 actually has gone out, looked at the house and, you

09:35:58 know.

09:35:59 >> I believe Dennis has.

09:36:01 One other thing that please, you have to keep in mind.

09:36:06 And this was brought out Tuesday night by Tampa Family

09:36:08 Health Centers.

09:36:10 They're using stimulus dollars to do this project.

09:36:13 So they have a very short time frame to make those

09:36:16 dollars go into play.

09:36:20 And so, they have already, they already have their

09:36:26 media approved and they've already started their

09:36:29 demolition, documentation.

09:36:30 So they're within 30 days or so of starting their site

09:36:35 preparation work, which includes, you know, demolishing

09:36:39 what's on the site and ready.

09:36:41 So, that's why we are up against the wall too, because

09:36:45 they're tied to the federal stimulus money and they

09:36:47 don't want anyone to think they're sitting on this

09:36:50 project and not spending any stimulus dollars.

09:36:53 Something they brought out Tuesday night.

09:36:55 >> I think the federal stimulus people might listen to

09:36:58 this, as a special case, if there were requests for

09:37:02 delay for demolition, because it is a historic

09:37:05 structure.

09:37:06 But that might be worth looking into.

09:37:09 Then my other question, was, along the lines of what

09:37:14 John was asking about, about the cost of moving it, but

09:37:19 also, if we could really look and see if there were a

09:37:24 closer, I mean, I think the cost -- does that have to

09:37:28 do with the distance?

09:37:30 Or is it just the whole fact of moving it?

09:37:34 >> I think it is all.

09:37:36 >>MARY MULHERN: All of the above.

09:37:37 But if we could find the closest possible lot that we

09:37:40 might be able to relocate it to.

09:37:42 So you know, I think I'm just seconding everything that

09:37:44 John and Linda were asking about.

09:37:46 And I'd like to see us ask all the questions that we

09:37:50 can of everyone we can and see if there's anyway we can

09:37:53 delay the demolition at this point, it sounds like.

09:37:58 >>GWEN MILLER: I want you to keep in mind, East Tampa

09:38:00 say they do not have the money.

09:38:02 You all talking about taking money -- they don't want

09:38:06 it.

09:38:06 They had the meeting, they said they didn't want it.

09:38:10 But you all -- don't take money from the East Tampa

09:38:13 from the CRA and rehabbing houses that from East Tampa,

09:38:16 don't bother.

09:38:17 They have many projects out there they're trying to

09:38:22 develop.

09:38:23 And you all want to take money from them that they need

09:38:25 to use for East Tampa.

09:38:27 Get it from somewhere else, not from East Tampa.

09:38:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I wasn't bringing up any East

09:38:34 Tampa CRA money.

09:38:36 I was talking about other sources.

09:38:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Other sources, fine.

09:38:39 But East Tampa, they do not want to move the house.

09:38:44 They have other projects they're trying to do.

09:38:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that.

09:38:48 >> Madam chair?

09:38:50 If Mr. Dingfelder's request to do further, get

09:38:54 information gathering was in the form of a motion and

09:38:57 it was seconded, I don't know if you want to bring that

09:39:00 issue up, because you have a motion on the floor right

09:39:02 now.

09:39:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me say that this suggestion

09:39:05 occurred, at least 60 days ago, okay, to do the due

09:39:09 diligence on it.

09:39:10 And that included just the first step, to call some

09:39:14 movers and say what's it going to cost?

09:39:17 And Gwen, with all due respect, East Tampa, the

09:39:20 community board can't make a decision, any kind of

09:39:25 decision unless they had that number in front of them.

09:39:27 And they didn't have that number in front of them.

09:39:29 So all I'm asking, and I will put it in a form ever a

09:39:32 motion, is to ask that staff quite simply ask for two

09:39:36 movers to come out and give a quote on moving that

09:39:39 house a quarter mile to the closest city lot.

09:39:42 Just so we have an idea of what we are talking about.

09:39:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Commissioner Scott?

09:39:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It is not that big a deal.

09:39:52 If staff won't do it, then I'll call two movers.

09:39:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just say, we spending an awful

09:39:59 lot of time on an issue, that should have been through

09:40:02 ten minutes ago, that's number one.

09:40:04 Number two, the advisory committee voted not to spend

09:40:06 any dollars on the house.

09:40:08 Now, I don't have problem getting information.

09:40:12 That don't mean I'm going to support it.

09:40:14 Because number one, you don't know where you're going

09:40:16 to get the money from, CRA, don't want to spend any

09:40:20 money on it.

09:40:20 I don't have any problem getting information.

09:40:23 Right now, many is tight.

09:40:24 The city doesn't have any many.

09:40:26 You know, CRA are limited in what they're trying to do.

09:40:30 So, we want to get information, that's fine.

09:40:33 But I'm not voting to spend no dollars on no house that

09:40:38 citizens already voted they don't want to spend.

09:40:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion.

09:40:42 All in favor of that motion aye, opposed nay?

09:40:47 [ MOTION CARRIED ]

09:40:49 >>MARK HUEY: Number four on the agenda, asked to report

09:40:51 on the status of Gene's Bar and The Honky Tonk

09:40:54 properties that we purchased with CRA dollars.

09:40:56 Both of these properties were purchased with the intent

09:41:00 of doing further acquisition, land acquisition in and

09:41:03 around both of those sites for future commercial retail

09:41:07 development that can create new retail space and

09:41:10 provide jobs for the community.

09:41:11 The advisory committee again met on the property

09:41:17 Tuesday night also.

09:41:18 And have given us a clear guidance that they want to

09:41:22 continue the same strategy at this time.

09:41:26 >> Which is?

09:41:28 >> Which is continue to look at acquiring other

09:41:30 properties in and around these facilities, and to be

09:41:33 able to utilize for commercial retail when the markets

09:41:38 softens up again.

09:41:40 >> So you're just saying there aren't -- there's

09:41:42 nothing right now?

09:41:44 Nothing on the drawing board?

09:41:45 >> However, I am still working with the private sector

09:41:47 development folks.

09:41:49 There are a couple of interests that are looking at,

09:41:52 especially the Gene's Bar area, for some commercial

09:41:56 retail projects that has some viability, but nothing

09:42:00 concrete at this time.

09:42:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?

09:42:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:42:05 Do you have any data that you have collected on the

09:42:09 availability of retail space in East Tampa, and the

09:42:13 vacancy rate and whether -- and I assume what would be

09:42:17 built would be new, so it would be like class A space.

09:42:23 What the demand is and what the availability is?

09:42:26 I assume with the rebuilding of 40th Street, that

09:42:29 there's going to be a new investment along there of

09:42:34 high quality, new retail space.

09:42:36 I mean, that's just an assumption.

09:42:38 But you probably have some information that you could

09:42:40 share with us, and not at this meeting, but at a future

09:42:43 meeting.

09:42:44 I'd really love to see that because I don't have a

09:42:48 sense of whether, you know, how much demand there is

09:42:50 and whether the very limited resources should be spent

09:42:54 on commercial space, office space, or you know, how to

09:43:00 best strategize the use of the public investment.

09:43:03 >> As you call inside the strategic action plan that

09:43:06 you approved last meeting, there are a couple of

09:43:09 pendencies in there that will have some of that data

09:43:13 for you.

09:43:13 The Lambert advisory folks that were our financial

09:43:16 consultants on preparing that plan, have done a market

09:43:18 analysis of what the demand is.

09:43:20 That is in the strategic action plan.

09:43:23 Also social compact, when they did the neighborhood

09:43:25 drill-down, where they pointed out some other retail

09:43:29 commercial demand that is still in this community.

09:43:33 So those numbers are in the strategic action plan, the

09:43:36 pendencies.

09:43:37 But I can pull some of that data and report back to you

09:43:40 next month.

09:43:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be great, thank you.

09:43:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?

09:43:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: How large is the property of

09:43:50 Gene's Bar.

09:43:51 >> Two lots, 50 by 100.

09:43:52 But we have since acquired other prompts around there.

09:43:55 We are looking to try to do an assemble blanch that

09:43:58 would give us somewhere in the neighborhood of three

09:44:00 acres, that we could then offer up for some commercial

09:44:03 retail development.

09:44:05 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: How long do you think it is going

09:44:06 to take before you come to that conclusion to sell it

09:44:09 off instead of just letting it sit there?

09:44:11 We maintaining it now, the building?

09:44:13 >> Yes, we are.

09:44:14 >> No, there's no building.

09:44:15 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: It's down?

09:44:16 Okay.

09:44:17 Get rid of it, let somebody build something.

09:44:21 >> That's what we're working towards.

09:44:24 >> How long's that going to take?

09:44:26 >> That depends on the market.

09:44:27 But we do have folks interested.

09:44:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Any offers come in?

09:44:31 >> There is nothing imminent.

09:44:32 There's no financing, all of you are familiar with the

09:44:35 real estate markets presently.

09:44:37 And so even for the best sites in the Tampa Bay area,

09:44:40 there's no financing.

09:44:41 So, in East Tampa, which is an emerging market, and one

09:44:45 that we promote very aggressively and what you have

09:44:48 seen in recent years, is investment occurring in

09:44:51 retail, along Hillsborough.

09:44:53 You see some redevelopment occurring on 22nd street

09:44:55 that's redevelopment.

09:44:57 Those are hard earned investments.

09:44:59 Right now, there is no market.

09:45:01 And so there's nothing imminent.

09:45:04 I don't want to represent to anyone on this board that

09:45:07 there's any imminent opportunities for those sites.

09:45:09 Really, we will hold them until there is really a

09:45:12 development worthy of the vision of the East Tampa

09:45:15 residents, that they would like to see come to that

09:45:17 community.

09:45:18 And I don't see that happening for at least a couple of

09:45:20 years.

09:45:21 But in the meantime, as Ed said, we will continue to

09:45:24 make the private development community aware of the

09:45:28 community's interest in seeing positive investment

09:45:31 occurring.

09:45:32 And maintain those open channels of communication.

09:45:34 So when the capital markets do change, we will be in a

09:45:37 position to make a good project happen.

09:45:39 Okay?

09:45:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Move on to the next item.

09:45:43 That's it?

09:45:50 Central Park.

09:45:51 >> Just wanted to make you away, Michael Hatchett,

09:45:54 ongoing project we kept you aware of, where we are

09:45:57 doing a map amendment of the comp plan related to

09:46:00 Central Park, our CRA.

09:46:03 >> Good morning, Michael Hatchett, Central Park

09:46:07 manager.

09:46:08 Wanted to update you on the progress being made and our

09:46:12 next steps regarding the map amendment that our

09:46:15 department, the Planning Commission back in August.

09:46:19 As you are aware in the approved cell park CRA plan,

09:46:22 one of the major redevelopment objectives of that plan

09:46:25 is for us to encourage higher density, mixed use

09:46:29 development.

09:46:29 And the objective behind that, or the means to do that

09:46:35 through the plan was to recommend that we institute a

09:46:40 land use change to maximize the development potential

09:46:44 of the property lying north of what we hope to be the

09:46:49 Encore development site, on the west side of Nebraska.

09:46:52 And so, that is depicted here for you.

09:46:55 The eight acre piece, which is under the transcript

09:47:00 there, to the southwest of the property, is a basically

09:47:03 a map clean-up effort.

09:47:05 It is Perry Harvey Park and would simply be requesting

09:47:08 that be changed to recreation open space to be

09:47:10 consistent with its use.

09:47:12 The 33 acres to the north is a gem of a redevelopment

09:47:17 area.

09:47:17 At present, it is largely vacant and grossly

09:47:21 underutilized.

09:47:23 So our efforts here in trying to keep with the intent

09:47:25 of the plan, is to maximize that development potential,

09:47:29 while at the same time, respecting the Ybor City

09:47:32 historic district to the east.

09:47:33 Is to seek a classification change from largely R-83

09:47:41 and CMU-35, to UMU-60, which would allow us to

09:47:45 significantly increase the amount of non-residential

09:47:49 floor space that could be built into the area,

09:47:51 consistent with the plan.

09:47:52 The plan calls for this area to be, division for it,

09:47:57 mentioned use with an emphasis on office.

09:48:00 And so that is the effort and the objective behind this

09:48:03 particular change.

09:48:03 Progress being made since we have submitted the

09:48:08 application, I met with a number of occasions with

09:48:12 Planning Commission staff and attended the Planning

09:48:15 Commission workshop on this matter.

09:48:16 And everything up to this point has been very positive

09:48:19 in this change going forward.

09:48:21 Our next step going forward is the Planning Commission

09:48:24 to set a public hearing.

09:48:25 It is the first public hearing on all of the public

09:48:28 hearing -- I mean map amendments coming before us next

09:48:31 year.

09:48:32 And that date, for you and the members of the viewing

09:48:35 audience, that we would hope you'd be able to attend.

09:48:39 That would be January the 11th of next year at

09:48:42 5:30 p.m.

09:48:43 In the Planning Commission boardroom.

09:48:46 And if there would be Any questions, I can either be

09:48:49 contacted or the, Tony Garcia, who is a planning

09:48:53 principal and the lead staff for the Planning

09:48:55 Commission handling this project, can be reached at the

09:48:58 contact information provided there.

09:49:00 So, we hope that you will be able to come out and join

09:49:02 us.

09:49:02 We look forward to bringing this to you, sitting as

09:49:06 City Council in March or April of next year.

09:49:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Saul-Sena?

09:49:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a quick question.

09:49:12 Could you put the other map back on?

09:49:15 Now, after this land use amendment, will City Council

09:49:17 and the public will still have input on any land use

09:49:21 changes within this area, correct?

09:49:23 >> The land use change would take effect.

09:49:27 What doesn't happen in this, in this change is the

09:49:33 zoning.

09:49:34 So any zoning or any development rights that would

09:49:38 pertain to this area, would still come through your

09:49:40 public hearing and rezoning process.

09:49:42 There is no zoning being changed here.

09:49:45 Just the land use.

09:49:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:49:47 How come the red line is drawn so it jogs south of

09:49:50 seventh avenue and doesn't, didn't parallel to

09:49:53 Nebraska?

09:49:53 What is the yellow part that's east of the red part?

09:49:58 >> Okay, I'll be glad to explain that.

09:50:00 The jog along Nebraska is something that evolved in our

09:50:05 conversations over the course of trying to submit an

09:50:09 application to the Planning Commission that we felt was

09:50:12 in the best interest of everyone, particularly the Ybor

09:50:15 City historic district.

09:50:17 The original CRA plan actually called for all of the

09:50:20 area north of what we hope to be the Encore site, to

09:50:25 RMU 100.

09:50:27 And two years ago, we filed that application and

09:50:30 through staff conversation and conversation with the

09:50:33 Planning Commission, that there was a feeling that

09:50:37 that, that that's the city's most intense

09:50:41 classification, that that might be too much.

09:50:43 And so, that effort was withdrawn and we reconvened

09:50:49 going into the August cycle of this year, sat down with

09:50:52 the map and trying to listen to everyone's concerns and

09:50:57 put together a boundary for the land use change area

09:51:01 that serves everyone the best.

09:51:03 The basic premise behind that jog that you see going up

09:51:07 Nebraska, is to not change the land use in that area

09:51:12 and leave it as CMU 35.

09:51:15 And the idea would be, as development occurs, the more

09:51:19 intense and taller buildings would line the interstate

09:51:22 and then would step down towards Ybor City historic

09:51:28 district as you move to the east.

09:51:30 And there was, we landed at the decision that the best

09:51:34 thing to do in creating a buffer and respecting that

09:51:37 district was just to leave that area alone.

09:51:40 And that would be the intersection at Nebraska and

09:51:44 seventh.

09:51:44 And that's very close to the national historic

09:51:50 district, which is up around the German-American club.

09:51:54 So the idea behind it was to create the buffering

09:51:57 necessary to be respectful of the historic district and

09:52:00 not to dominate it.

09:52:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great, thank you.

09:52:04 There are a couple historic churches and things in the

09:52:07 33 acres and those will be protected?

09:52:11 >> Yes, they are landmark structures.

09:52:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Mulhern?

09:52:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:52:17 If you could maybe draw for me on that map, with your

09:52:20 finger or a pen or something, where is the Encore

09:52:23 development?

09:52:23 What are the boundaries of it?

09:52:25 >> If we can have the Elmo, I can show you.

09:52:29 Perry Harvey Park, this area here, is the 29-acre

09:52:40 Encore site.

09:52:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:52:42 The 33 acres above is not part of the Encore?

09:52:46 >> No.

09:52:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, that's my question.

09:52:49 Thank you.

09:52:50 >> You're welcome, anything else?

09:52:52 >>GWEN MILLER: That's it.

09:52:53 Thanks.

09:53:00 >> Next item relates to the ongoing process of fill in

09:53:08 our community advisory committee.

09:53:10 Wanted to give you a brief update.

09:53:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Bring it down some.

09:53:17 >> On that process.

09:53:18 There we go.

09:53:19 We have a process that was initiated.

09:53:23 We have received applications through the clerk's

09:53:25 office.

09:53:25 At next month's CRA board meeting, we will be bringing

09:53:29 to you all of those applications for your review and

09:53:34 selection to fill the vacancies.

09:53:36 As you can see, we have five redevelopment areas

09:53:41 seeking applicants.

09:53:42 We have enough applicants in four of the CRAs to more

09:53:46 than fill the available seats.

09:53:48 And in Central Park, we did not receive any applicants.

09:53:52 Our suggestion to you there is to wait and see what

09:53:56 happens with the neighborhood stabilization program

09:54:00 this month.

09:54:01 I think if we are to get good news there, that will

09:54:05 create some vitality within this district and we might

09:54:09 have a different recommendation for you, if we do not.

09:54:13 So, for now, we would recommend just moving forward

09:54:17 with the four redevelopment areas that we have received

09:54:20 enough applicants for.

09:54:21 And move forward on that in January.

09:54:24 And in January, we will bring you a recommendation for

09:54:26 next steps in the Central Park redevelopment area.

09:54:31 Any questions about that?

09:54:34 Again, please, we held some information sessions.

09:54:36 We worked very hard to generate applications for your

09:54:40 review.

09:54:40 The next item on the agenda is Channel District.

09:54:48 We have mentioned this earlier in the meeting.

09:54:50 And again, we are going to use the Elmo.

09:54:52 Myself and Bonnie Wise will provide you this

09:54:59 presentation.

09:55:01 This relates to the Channel District.

09:55:03 The graphic that you see is a map of the district.

09:55:07 Overall.

09:55:09 And in red, what you are seeing are, is an overall

09:55:13 stormwater improvement project that is planned for the

09:55:16 district.

09:55:17 We have updated you on that work that Wilson Miller has

09:55:20 done.

09:55:21 Ultimately, everything in red needs to be done to meet

09:55:24 the district's ultimate stormwater needs.

09:55:26 What we are going to be talking to you today about is

09:55:28 the center part.

09:55:30 Really the most important part of that project.

09:55:33 This is a little bit more, an aerial map.

09:55:39 And I'll just again, last week, we had Wilson Miller

09:55:43 here.

09:55:50 This is an update.

09:55:51 It is not an approval.

09:56:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Tell him to come back.

09:56:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Not getting any applicants or

09:56:17 anything, even in his district.

09:56:20 >> It's been challenging there, because there hasn't

09:56:22 been any activity for that advisory committee to work

09:56:25 on.

09:56:27 >>GWEN MILLER: You can continue now.

09:56:29 >> This is the project aerial, specifically the part of

09:56:33 the stormwater improvement project that we are

09:56:36 discussing today.

09:56:37 The most intensive part is occurring on York street,

09:56:41 where an underground vaults, a very substantial

09:56:44 underground vault would be built.

09:56:46 And remember, many of the projects we have been wanting

09:56:49 to do in the district to improve the walking areas in

09:56:53 the district, we have been stymied because we can't

09:56:56 pull a permit because of the stormwater issue entailed

09:57:00 in putting more curb and gutter and sidewalks in.

09:57:03 So, because of that, and as well some of our road

09:57:06 resurfacing efforts.

09:57:07 So, the York street will solve that for the center part

09:57:11 of the district.

09:57:12 In addition, Washington street, there will be a

09:57:16 significant amount of underground piping that will

09:57:18 occur there.

09:57:19 But in addition to that, the public ground, the

09:57:22 streetscape will be improved to the Channelside

09:57:25 district guidelines.

09:57:26 So what you will have is the ultimate public realm

09:57:31 improvements along there.

09:57:32 And I noted on that, that aerial in green, the new park

09:57:36 area.

09:57:36 So what you can see is how this project actually

09:57:40 relates to the new park, so you can envision beautiful

09:57:43 new streetscape along with the new park.

09:57:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Where's the proposed vault?

09:57:50 >> It is under York street.

09:57:54 What happens, it goes underground.

09:57:56 York street will be dug out, large scale underground

09:58:00 vault built and road surface put back.

09:58:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There must be a lot of flooding to

09:58:04 require a vault that big.

09:58:05 >> Oh, yes.

09:58:06 And again, this is anticipating current needs and

09:58:09 future needs in the district as well.

09:58:11 Very quickly --

09:58:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There an additional assessment

09:58:20 mechanism to recapture that money for future

09:58:25 development, in terms of the stormwater issues?

09:58:28 I mean, we are making a big stormwater investment, but

09:58:31 is that...

09:58:33 >> We are doing it through the value of having the TIF.

09:58:36 So what it will do, is it will be something that you

09:58:40 put in place that again helps the redevelopment of the

09:58:42 Channel District.

09:58:43 It gives us a competitive advantage.

09:58:46 It is why developers would come in there as

09:58:48 alternatively some other areas.

09:58:50 Because the stormwater needs are being addressed on a

09:58:53 long-term basis.

09:58:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So it is not like we are charging on

09:58:57 a building by building basis.

09:58:58 Everybody across the board is contributing through TIF?

09:59:01 >> Yes.

09:59:02 What you're doing, building the stormwater improvement

09:59:04 through the TIF.

09:59:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you build it, they will come.

09:59:08 >> Exactly.

09:59:09 And again, for the private sector, but I want to remind

09:59:15 you too, a lot of what we are trying to do publicly,

09:59:19 road, sidewalks, those kind of public realm

09:59:21 enhancements are needed -- this is needed to accomplish

09:59:25 those as well.

09:59:25 This is a brief recap of the project costs and the

09:59:30 funding that you have set aside.

09:59:33 And what we are trying to finance.

09:59:34 So you can see the project is estimated presently at

09:59:37 about $8.7 million.

09:59:39 We have set aside funds that we are going to use toward

09:59:45 that project.

09:59:45 In fiscal 09, remember, we have those funds set aside

09:59:49 for 11th street.

09:59:51 That was the Sembler project that was happening.

09:59:54 We are going to come before you and ask that those be

09:59:56 reappropriated toward this project.

09:59:59 Then in fiscal 10, the budget you just approved, we set

10:00:02 aside $2.3 million.

10:00:04 That leaves us $4.7 million of the project cost to

10:00:10 finance.

10:00:10 And with that, I'm going to ask Bonnie Wise to come and

10:00:14 share with you the process, even in this very

10:00:18 challenging municipal financing market, that she has

10:00:20 initiated to try to bring a recommended plan together

10:00:24 for how we can finance this on a short-term basis.

10:00:27 Ding dipping before we get to bony, I am going to put

10:00:31 on my Linda Saul-Sena hat.

10:00:33 Are either of these streets brick streets?

10:00:36 >> No.

10:00:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They're not.

10:00:38 When we talk about restoring York street, it appears to

10:00:42 me York street is sort of like, isn't it sort of a

10:00:45 nothing street?

10:00:46 Right now, with no purpose?

10:00:48 >> Right.

10:00:49 >> Or meaning?

10:00:51 >> Yeah.

10:00:51 It serves as a service access entrance.

10:00:54 For the port.

10:00:56 And provides some access to, and into the aquarium

10:01:00 parking lot.

10:01:01 So, we are not investing dollars right now because it

10:01:04 is sort of a superfluous street for the district.

10:01:08 Like we are on Washington street.

10:01:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we are just going to take it back

10:01:12 to Bearss minimum standards?

10:01:14 >> It will be much better than it is now.

10:01:15 But I don't want to represent to you that we are doing

10:01:17 all the public realm, the lighting, the landscaping,

10:01:21 the sidewalks all of those enhancements in this more

10:01:24 industrial area.

10:01:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was almost going to suggest we

10:01:27 don't bother repaving it.

10:01:28 >> Well, we have to because we're digging the whole

10:01:31 thing up.

10:01:31 The whole street is coming up to put this underground

10:01:34 vault in.

10:01:35 So we have to resurface it.

10:01:36 And it will be done in --

10:01:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My question was, I think you have

10:01:41 answered it.

10:01:42 Somebody's using the street?

10:01:43 >> Yes, it is being used.

10:01:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There's one of those stub streets

10:01:46 over there I don't think anybody is using.

10:01:48 >> No, this is used.

10:01:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay, thank you.

10:01:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.

10:01:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:01:55 I'm so excited to see underground electrical.

10:02:00 That will be on Washington street?

10:02:02 >> Yes.

10:02:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's great.

10:02:03 And any other opportunities we have to improve the

10:02:06 quality of the Channel District when we are tearing up

10:02:09 the street by investing and relocating the electrical

10:02:11 underground, it is initially expensive, if you're

10:02:14 digging the street up anyway.

10:02:16 Long-term, it is a great investment.

10:02:19 >> Well, I know you set that vision for the district

10:02:21 when we did the original vision planning.

10:02:23 And so we have kept to that.

10:02:26 And the plan is throughout the district, within

10:02:29 internally, to underground all of the distribution

10:02:32 lines.

10:02:33 Of course the transmission lines that come into the

10:02:35 district, we cannot do those.

10:02:37 But all of the lines, like on Washington street, which

10:02:40 are distribution lines, we are doing.

10:02:42 And we are glad.

10:02:43 We do agree that it adds a lot to the physical

10:02:46 environment.

10:02:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It really does.

10:02:48 And also allows the trees not to be massacred.

10:02:51 Which is a qualitative improvement in the area.

10:02:54 >> Okay, Bonnie?

10:02:58 >> Good morning.

10:02:59 Bonnie Wise, director of revenue and finance and

10:03:02 treasurer of the CRA.

10:03:03 And I am going to talk a little about the financing

10:03:06 that we have proposed.

10:03:07 As Mark mentioned, and this is the same --

10:03:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Bring it down.

10:03:13 >> The same that was on there.

10:03:15 As Mr. Scaglione I believe mentioned earlier, that we

10:03:17 are looking at a conventional type of financing for

10:03:20 this transaction.

10:03:22 This is going to be something a little unusual because

10:03:26 in this market that we have here, we are going out to

10:03:30 the banks, asking them for proposals.

10:03:33 And we have those proposals coming back due to us on

10:03:37 Monday.

10:03:37 And what we have asked them is to give us both a three-

10:03:40 and a five-year financing scenario.

10:03:43 And we are only pledging the CRA, the TIF revenues of

10:03:47 the Channel District.

10:03:48 No other city revenues.

10:03:49 And then this market, we really don't know what type of

10:03:53 financing opportunities that will provide.

10:03:55 But we are hopeful, because of the numbers that we have

10:03:58 in the Channel District, and the coverage that we

10:04:01 anticipate that we will get some good rates.

10:04:03 But we will know better of course on Monday.

10:04:05 So what we have for you here is showing the annual TIF

10:04:17 revenue, approximately 3.5 million.

10:04:21 And if we borrowed 5 million and that's, you know, an

10:04:25 approximate amount, for five years, at six percent,

10:04:29 once again, don't know will be five years.

10:04:31 It may be as short as three years.

10:04:34 Depending on where the interest rates come in.

10:04:36 And depending on what interest rates.

10:04:38 I think 6 is probably high.

10:04:39 But I just wanted to give you an illustration.

10:04:43 The debt service would be about a million two.

10:04:46 We have other commitments, operates expenses of the

10:04:48 CRA, and the streetcar.

10:04:50 So there's almost two million dollars would still be

10:04:53 available in the Channel District CRA for other

10:04:55 projects.

10:04:55 And once again, as soon as we have a better feel for

10:05:00 that 1.2.

10:05:01 If we end up going shorter, let's say a three year, the

10:05:04 lower interest rate, it could be higher at 1.8 million.

10:05:08 And we will just do the math and see what the better

10:05:11 financing scenario.

10:05:14 We have Worked with our financial advisor and our bond

10:05:18 counsel to assure this is a tax exempt financing.

10:05:21 We are going to receive back the proposals on Monday,

10:05:26 as I mentioned.

10:05:27 And then we are going to present those proposals to the

10:05:31 Channel District CAC on January 7th at their next

10:05:36 meeting, so we will be working between now and then

10:05:40 with the banks on terms and conditions.

10:05:42 Any additional covenants they require.

10:05:45 And then this will come back before you and the City

10:05:48 Council on January 14th.

10:05:50 Of course January 14th will be the CRA meeting.

10:05:56 But in the end, it will be the City Council who will

10:05:58 actually be borrowing the money.

10:06:00 So what we are going to ask of you, after we give you

10:06:03 the presentation, if it is acceptable, that we have the

10:06:08 CRA meeting, we go through the analysis and the

10:06:10 discussion, and then you break and have a City Council

10:06:13 meeting to approve the bond documents, which will be

10:06:16 finalized during that time period.

10:06:18 And then we would be able to actually close on the next

10:06:21 day.

10:06:21 During that time period that we don't show you toward

10:06:24 the end of December, there are certain legal

10:06:27 requirements that we have whenever we do a CRA

10:06:28 borrowing, we have to notify all the taxing

10:06:31 authorities.

10:06:32 In this case, the taxing authorities include notifying

10:06:35 the city, the county, and the port.

10:06:37 And also putting an ad in the newspaper saying we are

10:06:42 going to borrow.

10:06:44 But our bond counsel will handle all that working with

10:06:48 Mr. Territo.

10:06:49 So I'm very excited, because since before Strand, there

10:06:52 haven't really been any CRA type financing.

10:06:55 So, we will see if this could be the first one that we

10:06:58 can get done.

10:07:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Miss Saul-Sena?

10:07:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Question about the port, they are

10:07:04 going to definitely benefit from the stormwater

10:07:06 improvement on York street because they own part of the

10:07:10 land that floods.

10:07:11 Are they contributing financially at all to this?

10:07:13 And have we asked them?

10:07:15 >> Well, this particular financing is only structured

10:07:19 with TIF revenues.

10:07:21 So the port is one of the taxpayers into the CRA.

10:07:25 So as the value of those properties increase, the

10:07:29 amount they pay into the CRA increases as well.

10:07:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wasn't aware they paid taxes.

10:07:33 Maybe somebody can clarify that.

10:07:35 >> The way the base works, it was from the base, to

10:07:38 the, you know, whatever the value is next year.

10:07:41 The increment.

10:07:42 And they pay whatever their tax rate is, they pay into

10:07:45 the TIF.

10:07:46 Yes.

10:07:46 The city does pay into the TIF.

10:07:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, I just wanted to make sure

10:07:51 because I thought because they're sort of a

10:07:54 quasi-governmental agency.

10:07:56 >> The port is not exempt.

10:07:58 They pay.

10:07:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.

10:08:00 >> Just so, the inference was that the port would

10:08:03 benefit from this capacity.

10:08:04 That's not the case.

10:08:06 Whatever the port does to redevelop their land in the

10:08:08 future, they will build their own stormwater capacity.

10:08:11 And I even misspoke a little bit earlier.

10:08:14 I'm sure I didn't clarify this.

10:08:16 This vault is really being built to do stormwater for

10:08:19 roughly 39 acres of public right-of-way within the

10:08:22 district.

10:08:22 So these are all again the road areas of the district

10:08:26 that we are trying to build stormwater capacity for.

10:08:28 For future development.

10:08:30 Just so I can clarify that.

10:08:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The port, my understanding is the

10:08:35 port owns a chunk of land --

10:08:37 >> All of the land.

10:08:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: From Channelside.

10:08:39 And also they own, well -- where the Channelside, you

10:08:45 know, commercial area is.

10:08:47 >> The shops, yes.

10:08:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I would assume that that land

10:08:51 drains into the right-of-ways, which then, you know,

10:08:53 are what we are addressing in this project.

10:08:56 So perhaps indirectly, they're benefiting from it

10:08:59 because if we didn't have the right-of-ways drained,

10:09:02 their property would flood.

10:09:04 >> That's -- that's not the way redevelopments are

10:09:09 reviewed.

10:09:10 In terms of them -- really, as you know, how those

10:09:14 calculations work, they're expected to take care of

10:09:17 their own capacity.

10:09:19 And so, at any rate, we are way beyond my technical

10:09:23 expertise on this.

10:09:24 And if you'd like some further analysis --

10:09:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's okay.

10:09:28 I'm just happy to hear they're being impacted.

10:09:31 >> What we are trying to do is create capacity so the

10:09:34 city can pull permits on its own improvements within

10:09:36 the district.

10:09:37 Which at the present time, we cannot.

10:09:39 So that's really the bottom line for us.

10:09:42 >> Try and get out of the hole.

10:09:48 >> Get me out of the vault.

10:09:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?

10:09:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess that's really a SWFWMD

10:09:56 constraint, because they're the ones who control the

10:09:58 drainage.

10:10:00 However, private development only required to hold, I

10:10:03 think their first half inch.

10:10:05 And then the water is allowed to go into the street and

10:10:09 we pick it from up there.

10:10:11 Sounds like a good project.

10:10:13 Bonnie, I missed the beginning of your presentation.

10:10:16 What is the property that we are putting out?

10:10:19 Is it just a typical bond?

10:10:20 I saw something about a new market.

10:10:22 Is that what you're referencing?

10:10:25 >> What I think we are going to try is just really a

10:10:27 fixed rate bank loan, rather than going into the bond

10:10:30 market of 30 years.

10:10:31 So it will be very short financing.

10:10:34 We expect either three or five years.

10:10:35 We want it to be a fixed rate and we are only pledging

10:10:40 the TIF revenues towards payments.

10:10:42 That way it doesn't impact the city's bonding capacity

10:10:46 dong --

10:10:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You mentioned bond counsel.

10:10:49 >> We still have to have bond counsel because this is a

10:10:53 tax exempt loan.

10:10:55 We may do a build America bond structure, through the

10:10:58 stimulus package, is that where we actually issue tax

10:11:02 exempt bond and then get a rebate from the federal

10:11:05 government.

10:11:05 And essentially it becomes tax exempt.

10:11:08 Anyway, we will work through all that with bond counsel

10:11:10 and see if that's a better rate.

10:11:12 We do have bond counsel and our financial advisor who

10:11:15 is working with us and distributing the RFP's, helping

10:11:18 us analyze the RFP's and what-not.

10:11:21 So there will be a minimal cost, but not like on the

10:11:24 bond issue where we have to pay a percentage to the

10:11:27 underwriter.

10:11:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.

10:11:29 Thank you.

10:11:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mrs. Wise.

10:11:34 >> Thank you.

10:11:38 >> Hopefully that will unfold well.

10:11:40 And we appreciate Bonnie's not always at her role here

10:11:44 is not always apparent.

10:11:46 And we appreciate all that she does to move our

10:11:49 redevelopment effort forward.

10:11:51 Next item on the agenda, item 8, your CRA board

10:11:58 community meeting policy calls for a meeting in

10:12:01 January.

10:12:01 You might recall there are four quarterly meetings that

10:12:05 we set.

10:12:07 And at the present time, I cannot bring to you any

10:12:11 particular recommendation of where to do a community

10:12:13 meeting, or particular for what reason.

10:12:15 So, I wanted to engage the board in that.

10:12:19 I don't know if there was any particular interest of

10:12:22 the board.

10:12:23 And absent that, suggest we don't have a community

10:12:26 meeting in January.

10:12:27 And the next one that would be a potential month would

10:12:30 be April.

10:12:31 The four months are January, April, June and October.

10:12:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?

10:12:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:12:37 Given that we have 7 CRA areas.

10:12:39 And we only have four quarterly meetings a year, I

10:12:43 don't think we should miss one, because there's a lot

10:12:46 to be aware of.

10:12:47 And I think Ybor City would be appropriate.

10:12:49 And the two things that I think we would with -- I

10:12:51 think we should have our board meeting in the Ybor

10:12:55 office.

10:12:56 Because we have it.

10:12:58 We are paying rent.

10:12:59 And it's very attractive.

10:13:00 And they have done a nice job with it.

10:13:02 And I'd like to have a report, it is not -- it is not

10:13:06 something that we address directly as a CRA board.

10:13:09 But I'd love to have a report then on, invite the

10:13:13 residents in on what they think we can do best, to help

10:13:16 them.

10:13:17 So that would be my encouragement.

10:13:20 We only have -- council used to have two night meetings

10:13:24 a month and zoning.

10:13:26 Because of the economy, we only have one a month.

10:13:28 So I'd encourage our CRA chairman to look at the

10:13:33 calendar and pick a non-zoning night.

10:13:37 Which gives us three or four to choose a month.

10:13:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why Thursday night?

10:13:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm just saying, we as

10:13:43 councilmembers only have one meeting a month, we used

10:13:46 to have two.

10:13:47 Now we only have one.

10:13:48 So I'm saying that we are, you know, in a sense...

10:13:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, I agree.

10:13:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It doesn't have to be a Thursday.

10:13:58 I don't see why it actually has to be in January, all

10:14:01 though, you know, certainly we could have it in June.

10:14:04 But I just don't think we should miss an entire

10:14:06 quarter.

10:14:07 >>GWEN MILLER: For January, we are having two night

10:14:09 meetings.

10:14:10 We have two night meetings in January.

10:14:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm looking.

10:14:15 >>GWEN MILLER: I'm looking two.

10:14:17 I see two in June.

10:14:19 >> Mr. Huey, my understanding that before you were

10:14:26 selecting these, so would it be appropriate to start

10:14:29 over?

10:14:32 >>MARK HUEY: Sequentially?

10:14:33 We haven't really done them sequentially.

10:14:35 We have tried to advise you and coordinate the meetings

10:14:39 where there's some significant activity that.

10:14:44 For example, your last one was in East Tampa and we

10:14:48 sequenced the time with the strategic action plan.

10:14:51 For example, April we are thinking we might do in the

10:14:53 Channel District because the park process will be at a

10:14:56 certain stage.

10:14:57 This project might be moving forward and we thought

10:14:59 that might be good timing.

10:15:00 But I can't, I don't see any timing for something,

10:15:03 particularly in January, but if the board has a

10:15:06 particular interest and wants to do something, we will

10:15:08 coordinate it and do it.

10:15:10 I just wanted to give you the discretion to decide what

10:15:14 you'd like to do.

10:15:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We haven't been in Ybor in a while.

10:15:19 Maybe we could time it with the Knight parade.

10:15:21 [ Laughter ]

10:15:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That makes parking a lit of

10:15:24 challenge.

10:15:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just thought it might be more fun.

10:15:26 [ Laughter ]

10:15:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm just kidding.

10:15:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Why don't we wait and see, is there a

10:15:35 CRA that might like us to come to them.

10:15:38 They might have something they want to discuss and they

10:15:40 can contact you and say we want you to come out and

10:15:44 discuss it with us.

10:15:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think we should be more proactive.

10:15:49 >>GWEN MILLER: If they have nothing to discussion

10:15:50 nobody has nothing on the agenda.

10:15:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ybor, always have something.

10:15:54 [ Laughter ]

10:15:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And perhaps we could do it on a

10:15:58 Tuesday or Wednesday evening, you know --

10:16:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do it Wednesday.

10:16:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's not good for you?

10:16:04 Is Tuesday better for you?

10:16:08 Perhaps Tuesday, the 19th?

10:16:15 >> If that's your direction to us, we will proceed with

10:16:18 the coordinating effort.

10:16:19 Way might suggest, the suggestion, if we are going to

10:16:22 go to Ybor, was to do it in Vince's office.

10:16:25 I am not sure that's big enough if there was a large

10:16:28 public.

10:16:29 I think last time we did at the HCC campus.

10:16:33 -- children's board.

10:16:37 Would like to get a venue that could accommodate a

10:16:41 larger group.

10:16:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ybor's left with a lot of

10:16:45 auditoriums.

10:16:47 >> We have no shortage of potential sites.

10:16:49 If that's your direction, we will --

10:16:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Why don't you get with Mr. Prado and see

10:16:56 what is available and what they --

10:17:00 >> And what we are hearing is that a Tuesday or a

10:17:02 Thursday?

10:17:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Tuesday I think.

10:17:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Tuesday or Thursdays are better.

10:17:07 >> All right.

10:17:08 We will work toward getting that on the calendar.

10:17:11 One clarification that Bonnie Wise a wanted me to bring

10:17:15 up, on the timeline that we presented, the

10:17:20 January 7th presentation to the Channel District

10:17:23 council is actually occurring January 6th.

10:17:25 So in case there was anyone in the audience marking

10:17:28 their calendars to be at that, we wanted to make sure

10:17:30 you had the right date.

10:17:32 January 6th.

10:17:33 That advisory committee.

10:17:34 The next items --

10:17:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to public comments.

10:17:41 Anyone in the public like to speak, please come up and

10:17:44 speak.

10:17:46 >> Good morning.

10:17:47 My name is Denise Meta-Jones.

10:17:49 I am vice chair of the East Tampa partnership and chair

10:17:53 of the aesthetic and beautification subcommittee.

10:17:55 Being born and raised in East Tampa, Belmont Heights, I

10:17:59 am so grateful that you all see the need to try to

10:18:02 preserve our historic buildings.

10:18:05 It is unfortunate that there are not more.

10:18:09 And the fact you are willing to try to do that now

10:18:12 pleases us.

10:18:13 However, we did discuss it at length.

10:18:15 And unfortunately, I guess, had we not been with the

10:18:21 time constraints that we have, now with the Tampa

10:18:24 community health center, wanting to do what they have

10:18:26 to do, we may have had a little more time to try and

10:18:29 come up with some things.

10:18:30 But I do think we spent a great deal of time the other

10:18:33 night trying to weigh our options of what is available,

10:18:37 how we want to use money that best fits and serve our

10:18:40 needs.

10:18:41 And we really strongly believe that for now, with

10:18:47 property, for instance, The Honky Tonk.

10:18:49 We do own the property at The Honky Tonk.

10:18:52 But the property right behind it, and I believe maybe

10:18:55 even on the side of it, we don't.

10:18:57 So, what makes sense to us to, if we can use our

10:19:02 resources to try and accumulate the property that's in

10:19:06 the surrounding areas of the properties that we already

10:19:09 own, then that would give us a better chance in the

10:19:12 future of when things come back, or the economy or

10:19:17 whatever, knowing how we can make things bigger and

10:19:21 better for us.

10:19:23 And that seems to be the direction that we feel like we

10:19:26 need to go in.

10:19:27 We do appreciate, however, and will continue to do what

10:19:29 you have asked, as far as trying to find out if Tampa

10:19:33 community health center is willing.

10:19:35 They seemed really very unwilling the other night.

10:19:39 She was very adamant, we only had about 30 to 45 days

10:19:43 to play with.

10:19:44 Based on what they're trying to do.

10:19:46 And I don't see them being as concerned about what we

10:19:50 want to do as they are with what their vision is.

10:19:52 To allow us to have more time, when they already have

10:19:56 the time and the things worked out for what they want

10:20:00 to do.

10:20:00 Of course, though, what you want, we are here at the

10:20:04 pleasure of you, so Mr. Johnson office will.

10:20:07 But the community did speak and we feel we better

10:20:10 utilize the money we have buying more property to make

10:20:14 the better improvements, whatever we decide to do in

10:20:17 the future.

10:20:18 Thank you.

10:20:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:20:28 >> Madam chairman, other members of the board, I'm Al

10:20:37 Davis from the East Tampa seven and a half square mile,

10:20:45 under which the partnership is to preside.

10:20:49 That -- my fees may be more than that.

10:20:53 But first of all, I want to extend to each of you

10:20:55 individually and collectively, the good news of the

10:21:00 season.

10:21:01 That is, peace on earth, goodwill toward all men.

10:21:08 Madam chairman, last time I was here, there was some

10:21:12 discussion, very briefly, about whether or not the

10:21:16 council was subject to the administrative procedures

10:21:20 act.

10:21:20 And I have been adequately informed, and I received, so

10:21:29 my relationship with that matter has come to a rest, at

10:21:33 least at this point.

10:21:34 However, the reason for that is, as I look at the East

10:21:39 Tampa and the Ybor City, you know, we are kin.

10:21:43 Ybor City is south of east -- and East Tampa is north,

10:21:48 and Ybor City has been in a while for a little longer

10:21:50 than East Tampa.

10:21:52 But East Tampa somehow or another seems to be anemic.

10:21:57 And what I mean by anemic is that it just won't seem to

10:22:04 get up and move vigorously.

10:22:07 And I know our tax fund is for incremental, and we do

10:22:14 have the action plan, we have the redevelopment plan,

10:22:17 we have the policy, we have everything, every policy

10:22:23 kind of documentation that we would need.

10:22:27 But somehow or another, East Tampa has got to do one of

10:22:32 two things.

10:22:33 Move forward or stagnate.

10:22:37 I do not wish Tampa to stagnate.

10:22:41 And that's why I'm urging and appealing to the current

10:22:45 leadership, i.e., the CAC in itself, and the

10:22:51 partnership in itself is to know what their role are

10:22:55 and how they are to execute that role for the benefit

10:22:59 of East Tampa CRA.

10:23:01 We only have a short period of time.

10:23:07 Maybe 30 years -- is a long time, and I expect to be

10:23:11 here, but when I look at what we do, I want to see that

10:23:18 it does fundamental one thing, get rid of the slum, get

10:23:24 rid of the blight.

10:23:28 And get rid of the deterioration.

10:23:31 Those are physical characteristics that identify the

10:23:33 growth and the development of East Tampa.

10:23:36 Sentimentally, I will be here until, but I want to see

10:23:44 some concrete evidence that we are really East Tampa.

10:23:52 Now, we have our plan.

10:23:54 If those plan does not affect that kind of a concept,

10:23:57 then madam chairman, we need to come back to the table.

10:24:01 Thank you, and best wishes.

10:24:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:24:04 Anyone else like to speak?

10:24:06 Mr. Huey?

10:24:11 >> Let me just follow Mr. Davis.

10:24:12 I think the only thing that will prohibit -- only thing

10:24:15 that will prohibit East Tampa from accomplishing the

10:24:18 plans is the economy, where we are now.

10:24:21 That has had a major impact on financing.

10:24:26 So we know that, we don't control that.

10:24:29 But originally, when the CRA and TIF was in place, you

10:24:34 know, we very enthusiastic about moving forward.

10:24:38 Plan has been adopted.

10:24:40 The whole issue now is really just the financing and

10:24:42 the economy.

10:24:46 >> And I just remind -- and you all know, but not

10:24:49 everyone in the viewing audience appreciates hundreds

10:24:52 of millions of dollars of private investment has

10:24:55 occurred over the last five to six years.

10:24:58 Significant amount of TIF resources and other public

10:25:01 resources, like the city building, the Tampa police

10:25:05 district three headquarters.

10:25:07 I have the opportunity on occasion to drive investors.

10:25:12 And potential developers through East Tampa.

10:25:14 And I can tell you, they see a huge difference.

10:25:17 Can't believe the difference in terms of what's going

10:25:20 on in East Tampa.

10:25:21 So, I know you appreciate that, because you have been

10:25:23 around for a long time.

10:25:25 But for the benefit of the viewing audience, who often

10:25:27 doesn't have a chance to see East Tampa, and with that

10:25:30 in mind, tomorrow, is a great time to come out.

10:25:34 Anyone who wants to be in East Tampa for the tree

10:25:36 lighting service.

10:25:38 Last year, that was put together through the community

10:25:40 and it was a wonderful event.

10:25:42 This year, so successful, in fact, we are going to do

10:25:47 it again this year, through a collaboration with

10:25:49 private and public groups.

10:25:50 And we invite everyone.

10:25:52 That's going to be the TPD hid quarters again, starting

10:25:56 at 5:00 on 22nd Street.

10:25:58 Anyone who comes will get a real appreciation for the

10:26:00 physical and just what a great social and vibrant

10:26:04 cultural life there is in the district.

10:26:06 So we invite everyone to come to that.

10:26:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to follow up and thank

10:26:13 you for joining us this morning, ma'am.

10:26:19 Ed, only thing I was going to say, when you get quotes,

10:26:22 will you stick them in the e-mail to us?

10:26:24 Perhaps within the next week or so, so that way, since

10:26:27 there is a short window, if there's anything we can do

10:26:30 with our council hats on, you know, if there's some

10:26:33 great opportunity that we come up with, we will have it

10:26:36 quicker than a month from now.

10:26:38 So, just, you know.

10:26:40 We don't need it necessarily verbally a month from now.

10:26:43 Let's give it to us in writing sooner.

10:26:46 If that's okay.

10:26:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And to add to that, the location of

10:26:49 the city lot that would be available for moving the

10:26:51 house to, so that that -- and an approximate price for

10:26:58 that.

10:26:59 So we can develop it as a projection.

10:27:01 Yesterday I called you from a roundtable meeting, where

10:27:04 we were able to get this information.

10:27:06 As soon as you get it to me, I can get it to the

10:27:09 roundtable participants and perhaps one of them know

10:27:12 somebody who's able to make that kind of investment.

10:27:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey, item number nine.

10:27:18 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:27:19 Item nine, last month, you directed staff to take the

10:27:24 revisions that were discussed relating to the community

10:27:27 advisory committee policy and bring it back to you in a

10:27:30 final draft.

10:27:33 We provided that to you in a memo December 7th.

10:27:37 And these recommendations remember, were requested by

10:27:43 YCDC.

10:27:44 And they were discussed through all of the different

10:27:47 redevelopment areas.

10:27:48 And, and then by you last month.

10:27:54 And so we are bringing them to you for your approval.

10:27:58 Just as a reminder, they essentially dealt with the

10:28:01 approval process in terms of ex-officio members.

10:28:06 And with the term of service for officers of a

10:28:09 redevelopment area.

10:28:10 Previously, it required a two-year term of service.

10:28:15 This gives some discretion to each area as to whether

10:28:18 it is a one-year or two-year term.

10:28:20 So, with that, we would request your approval.

10:28:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Commissioner Scott?

10:28:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:28:27 I read through them.

10:28:29 That's on page two of five, item 7.

10:28:32 So pretty much the CRA's advisory board would have

10:28:37 discretion as whether they want one or two years in

10:28:40 terms of the committee.

10:28:41 That will be determined by those committees the way I

10:28:44 understand the way it reads.

10:28:46 >> Right.

10:28:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'll move approval.

10:28:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there a second?

10:28:51 >> Second.

10:28:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.

10:28:56 Question on the motion?

10:28:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As I'm reading this, are there no

10:29:01 limitations on what with an ex-officio member, or who

10:29:06 an ex-officio member could be?

10:29:08 I mean, they can be live in the district, live in the

10:29:13 city, county.

10:29:15 France, whatever.

10:29:17 >> Essentially, and just for reference, remember, that

10:29:22 there is a, certain redevelopment areas, and I'll give

10:29:27 you an example.

10:29:28 The Channelside, we have been talking a lot about the

10:29:31 Channel District today.

10:29:32 There's an ex-officio represented from the port

10:29:35 authority.

10:29:36 They are a major stakeholder in the area.

10:29:38 And what they do is they bring forward to you a name of

10:29:40 who they think would best represent the interest of the

10:29:43 port.

10:29:44 Whether that person happens to live in the district or

10:29:47 within the city limits is not a factor.

10:29:50 It's really, you're acknowledging that the port

10:29:54 authority should be represented.

10:29:55 And you're leaving to their discretion to pick the best

10:29:58 representative for that.

10:30:00 And now in the case ever Ybor, what we are saying is

10:30:03 that above and beyond that, the board of YCDC will also

10:30:08 play a role in bringing a final recommendation to you

10:30:12 about that particular ex-officio representative.

10:30:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But, I mean, you couldn't, for

10:30:20 example, have a city employee being ex-officio member.

10:30:23 I mean...

10:30:26 >> No, because all of these institutions -- okay.

10:30:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean a CRA employee.

10:30:32 >> I can think for example in the Heights, there are

10:30:34 certain neighborhood associations that are, have

10:30:36 ex-officio representation.

10:30:38 Is that correct?

10:30:39 In the Heights?

10:30:40 In the Heights we have two neighborhood associations

10:30:43 with a representative.

10:30:45 >> Correct.

10:30:45 >> So conceivably, if there's someone in that

10:30:48 neighborhood that is a city employee, they could be

10:30:50 nominated.

10:30:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I didn't mean to be that broad.

10:30:53 I mean like a member of your staff.

10:30:55 >> No, no, no, not at all.

10:30:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's not.

10:31:00 >> No, that's not the intent.

10:31:01 You have established exactly which organizations in

10:31:04 each CRA can have -- and in no cases is the city or

10:31:09 redevelopment agency.

10:31:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second on the floor.

10:31:12 All in favor say aye.

10:31:13 Opposed nay.


10:31:18 >> The next item for approval, we have put in place the

10:31:23 summer in the Channel District a neighborhood amenity

10:31:25 incentive program.

10:31:26 And since then, the Ybor CAC, YCDC has been considering

10:31:34 it for implementation in Ybor and would actually today

10:31:39 request that their program, they have modified it

10:31:41 slightly to suit their needs.

10:31:44 Be implemented in Ybor.

10:31:47 >> Move approval.

10:31:48 >> Second.

10:31:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and a second.

10:31:52 Question on the motion?

10:31:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I must have missed this when it was

10:31:56 discussed earlier.

10:32:03 In Channelside we have incentives associated with

10:32:05 zoning.

10:32:06 That's not what we are talking about?

10:32:07 >> No, just again, I appreciate you letting me clarify

10:32:10 it a little bit for the viewing audience as well.

10:32:12 What we put in place is a program that would reimburse

10:32:17 a certain type of use, a neighborhood amenity, like a

10:32:21 retailer, like a restaurant, like an arts venue.

10:32:24 And would reimburse them up to $10,000 for their city

10:32:30 permitting and connection fees.

10:32:32 Those kinds of expenses.

10:32:33 So we put in place in the Channel District, and it's

10:32:38 intended to provide in case there's a potential user

10:32:42 who's on the edge, about committing into a particular

10:32:44 area, it gives them an extra incentive to commit.

10:32:47 So it's a reimbursement, after the fact, after they

10:32:51 have paid the fees, so they have committed to move into

10:32:53 the district.

10:32:54 We will recommend burst them for the fees they have

10:32:56 paid for permitting and connection fees.

10:32:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It says the construction or

10:33:01 renovation of facilities.

10:33:04 So, what if somebody has an existing bar or restaurant

10:33:09 or something like that, and they want to change themes?

10:33:13 And, and they, same owners, same building owners, same

10:33:20 property owners, this and that, but they just, you

10:33:24 know, for whatever reason, want to go slightly

10:33:27 different direction.

10:33:27 Do they qualify?

10:33:31 >> If they are pulling a permit, and so they're doing

10:33:34 construction that's permitted construction, and

10:33:37 incurring these fees, yes, they would qualify.

10:33:40 In the case you described, typically, what's happening

10:33:47 is, a business has ceased to be successful, whether it

10:33:53 was a bar or a restaurant or something like that so

10:33:55 they are going to reinvent the format of that.

10:33:58 So they would come in and typically invest

10:34:00 significantly to re-do that space.

10:34:02 And make it vital again, and an amenity in a district,

10:34:07 rather than a vacant space.

10:34:09 So, that's the purpose of the program.

10:34:12 Is encourage that kind of activity.

10:34:15 Whether it's new space or space that is being re-done.

10:34:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And there's no minimal commitment in

10:34:22 terms of -- in terms of what their project size is, as

10:34:27 it relates to this 10,000-dollar -- I mean, for

10:34:31 example -- for example, let me just throw something

10:34:34 out.

10:34:34 I know, the sewer issue's always a big issue when you

10:34:38 do renovations and that sort of thing.

10:34:40 So, what if somebody is changing their project

10:34:44 slightly, but they have got a big sewer fee associated

10:34:48 with it -- I mean, you know, it is an interesting, it

10:34:54 is an interesting approach.

10:34:56 I'm willing to sort of put my foot in the water and see

10:35:02 it go forward.

10:35:02 Maybe, if there's some sort of reporting that can go,

10:35:06 associated with this, mark, where you come back and

10:35:09 tell us every six months or so, how it's being used,

10:35:12 who used it.

10:35:13 How some of that money in the project shook out.

10:35:16 And then that way we can see if it is really the

10:35:20 intent.

10:35:20 >> This the Channel District, you should be aware we

10:35:24 haven't really had a taker yet.

10:35:25 We will see if we do.

10:35:27 You're absolutely right, we tried this programs and we

10:35:29 learn from them.

10:35:30 I can tell you in implementing the facade program,

10:35:33 which we have just put in place, we are learning things

10:35:35 as we are going.

10:35:36 And we may come to you for tweaks in that.

10:35:38 So, we appreciate the spirit of what you're saying and

10:35:41 we appreciate your willingness to let us try some

10:35:45 programs.

10:35:45 And learn from them and at the from there.

10:35:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We definitely want to be innovative.

10:35:51 >> The only thing I'll say in response to your question

10:35:53 is, the size of the project creates some calibration.

10:35:57 Because remember, we are only reimbursing for actual

10:36:00 fees.

10:36:00 Now you raise the case where a small project might

10:36:04 create a big tipping point.

10:36:05 And that's a unique circumstance, so we will see if

10:36:08 that happens.

10:36:09 And we will report on that.

10:36:10 And if that's the case, we might have to tweak the

10:36:13 program.

10:36:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean...

10:36:14 >> And I think we might even have, even within the

10:36:16 program, some discretion to say, that's really not in

10:36:21 keeping with the spirit of the program.

10:36:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As you know, the best intended

10:36:25 projects always seem to be subject to abuse sometimes.

10:36:29 >> Absolutely.

10:36:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I know you'll monitor it yourself,

10:36:33 but just come back to us periodically and let us know

10:36:35 how it's going.

10:36:36 >> I appreciate you saying that as well.

10:36:40 Because as I have shared with my staff, the worse thing

10:36:42 we can do is create a program where some abuse can

10:36:46 occur.

10:36:46 We won't allow that to happen, because we'd like to do

10:36:50 more of these programs.

10:36:51 So it is important for us to run them with integrity.

10:36:53 And to make sure they're within keeping with the

10:36:57 purposes that you're approving them for.

10:36:58 So, thanks for that.

10:37:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and a second.

10:37:02 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:37:03 Opposed nay.

10:37:04 [ MOTION CARRIED ]

10:37:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, I think that's a great

10:37:09 program, Mr. Huey.

10:37:09 Have we discussed the Ybor City vision plan amendment

10:37:12 for Ybor CRA two yet?

10:37:15 >> I just briefly mentioned it during the monthly

10:37:18 report that we were working on that.

10:37:20 I did provide a memorandum -- Vince actually provided

10:37:23 the memorandum to update you on the status of that.

10:37:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is not clear what the scope is.

10:37:28 I wonder if we could get a copy.

10:37:30 >> We will forward a copy to you.

10:37:32 As I recall, the state of the process -- the group,

10:37:37 YCDC is reviewing the scope.

10:37:39 As soon as the community has had a chance to input it,

10:37:41 we will send it to you, so you will be able to see it.

10:37:44 And if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

10:37:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's an awful thing that happened

10:37:50 in the last few days, these fires.

10:37:53 It's happened over the last month or so.

10:37:54 But it is really affecting specifically the every Ybor

10:37:58 City too.

10:37:59 And I know, I hope that we get a grip.

10:38:02 But, it's actively affected the amount of historic

10:38:05 fabric we are losing, the amount of fear in the area.

10:38:09 It is something that's an immediate issue and problem.

10:38:13 And challenge.

10:38:13 And I wondered if, as we move forward, as we look at

10:38:19 the scope, and I don't know exactly how you do this,

10:38:23 but some reference is made as we develop this scope, to

10:38:27 increasing security for the people who live in this

10:38:31 area.

10:38:31 Because it is obviously a big issue.

10:38:33 And I think that we need to address it ASAP.

10:38:39 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a resolution on item number 11.

10:38:43 Need to pass the resolution.

10:38:45 >> So moved.

10:38:46 >> This is a land acquisition we have been working on

10:38:49 quite some time.

10:38:49 It adjoins some property that the board previously

10:38:51 approved us acquiring in Drew Park.

10:38:54 It is adjoining property, which would allow us to do a

10:38:57 bigger project in the future.

10:38:58 We provided a memorandum to you, outlining all

10:39:01 specifics.

10:39:02 And we would certainly recommend your approval this

10:39:04 morning.

10:39:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion.

10:39:07 >> Second.

10:39:08 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, say aye.

10:39:09 Opposed nay?


10:39:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Any highlights, Mr. Huey, anything, you

10:39:17 want to highlight anything?

10:39:20 >> No.

10:39:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Councilmembers have any information?

10:39:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick question.

10:39:23 I read in the paper this morning a really depressing

10:39:26 article that the macaroni factory owners are applying

10:39:28 for a demolition permit.

10:39:30 They have been in negotiation, I hoped things were

10:39:32 moving along.

10:39:33 I just wondered, since Mr. Prado is here, if he can

10:39:37 give us any encouraging words or if there's anything we

10:39:40 can do as a CRA board to try to save this very

10:39:42 attractive but roofless building?

10:39:46 >> Vince Pardo, Ybor City development.

10:39:47 It is depressing.

10:39:51 I wish I had words of encouragement.

10:39:53 From the private side, the leadership of the Italian

10:39:55 Club has been working for months.

10:39:57 And with several models of looking at how the Italian

10:40:01 club could take over that building.

10:40:05 They're very concerned about this, the way it ties into

10:40:08 the history of the club and some of the founding

10:40:10 fathers of that club.

10:40:11 That's as of last week, fell through.

10:40:13 And leadership there is particularly Joe Capitano

10:40:16 senior has really been trying to bring that together.

10:40:20 The numbers just do not work.

10:40:22 And especially because, one of the main reasons we

10:40:25 talked about the other building earlier, there is no

10:40:27 parking.

10:40:27 The property owner for that particular building is not

10:40:30 willing to sell any of the land around that building.

10:40:34 So you have a particular universities and believe me,

10:40:37 the leadership of the Italian Club looked at office

10:40:41 uses, just as it was their own private business and how

10:40:44 they would look at the number.

10:40:46 It did not work, especially having no parking.

10:40:49 I was advised last week those negotiations totally fell

10:40:52 through.

10:40:53 And consequently, unfortunately, we have a request for

10:40:56 demolition on the Barrio team agenda next week.

10:40:59 I want you to know that the community did, in its

10:41:03 community meeting and its planning for this year and

10:41:05 its TIF budget did consider about purchasing historic

10:41:08 properties.

10:41:09 We have lost over $700,000 during Ybor one and Ybor two

10:41:13 in the TIF from '09 to '10.

10:41:16 Although was a community priority to do everything to

10:41:19 restore and to protect the historic properties, the

10:41:22 budgets not there for this particular project at all.

10:41:25 So TIF money was ruled out, even by a board that was

10:41:28 very, very concerned about the particular property.

10:41:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So there is no money in the new

10:41:34 budget for protecting historic properties.

10:41:36 Isn't there some facade improvement money?

10:41:39 >> Yes.

10:41:39 But this is much more than facade.

10:41:42 The facade is the only thing that is standing there.

10:41:47 The model being looked at was totally, doing the

10:41:51 facade, at least three sides of the facade and

10:41:54 literally constructing a new building inside would

10:41:57 strictly be the shell.

10:41:59 It would take more than we had in facade, just to

10:42:03 stabilize that project.

10:42:04 >> Sorry to bankrupt.

10:42:05 It's likely that this will go to the BLC for

10:42:10 demolition, for demolition permit, now that we have,

10:42:15 those negotiations have broken down.

10:42:17 It could be next Tuesday or could be a future date,

10:42:19 depending on schedule.

10:42:20 So I just -- I would really not have additional

10:42:24 testimony on the record on this, on issues that are

10:42:28 going to be coming before you all if the BLC were to

10:42:31 turn down that demolition permit.

10:42:33 So, happy to brief you all individually on where we are

10:42:37 in terms of the procedure, but I'd rather not create

10:42:39 additional issues on the record related to this

10:42:43 particular parcel, please.

10:42:45 Thank you.

10:42:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Fletcher, for letting us

10:42:49 know that.

10:42:51 Received and filed.

10:42:52 >> So moved.

10:42:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:42:54 All in favor say aye.

10:42:55 [ MOTION CARRIED ]

10:42:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This isn't exactly related, but

10:43:00 there is a Nexus.

10:43:01 I was out walking the neighborhood, not too long ago,

10:43:06 and this is actually down south of Gandy.

10:43:08 And they said well, I watch the CRA meetings and you

10:43:12 guys go out and meet in the CRA neighborhoods, you

10:43:15 know, quarterly or what have you.

10:43:17 They said, how council as a City Council never come to

10:43:21 our neighborhoods for, you know, any type of outreach?

10:43:25 Obviously that would be as a City Council.

10:43:27 And I said well, that's a good question.

10:43:30 Because I know county commission on occasion does go

10:43:32 out and into the different -- is it quarterly?

10:43:37 Thank you.

10:43:38 And do that.

10:43:38 So, anyway, when we put our City Council hats back on,

10:43:42 I'm at some point either today, or another day, I'd

10:43:45 like us to chat about that a little bit.

10:43:47 Maybe at our next retreat or something.

10:43:49 You know, in terms of the viability of doing that.

10:43:52 It really made a lot of sense to me when the person

10:43:55 suggested it.

10:43:55 I said yeah, we could come down here to Robinson high

10:43:59 school and have sort of a, you know, a

10:44:02 question-and-answer session.

10:44:03 Or community meeting or whatever people wanted to talk

10:44:05 about.

10:44:06 Or you know, down in that neighborhood and out in New

10:44:09 Tampa.

10:44:10 You know, up in university area, places, west Tampa,

10:44:13 places that are not CRA's.

10:44:15 Because they're not -- maybe they feel like they really

10:44:17 can't come to down here and we meet in the mornings, on

10:44:22 Thursdays.

10:44:23 This would be obviously in the evenings.

10:44:25 So anyway, just something to think about.

10:44:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I raised that question when I fires

10:44:32 came, the issue was about the charter, and separation

10:44:36 of power and couldn't carry the staff and all that

10:44:39 issue came up.

10:44:41 When I first came.

10:44:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I provide some history?

10:44:45 In the past, mayors, different mayors have gone and met

10:44:48 in different areas, and have invited councilmembers to

10:44:52 be part of that.

10:44:53 And since those are already organized and staffed, that

10:44:57 might be an efficient way to do it, if the mayor was

10:45:00 willing to consider it.

10:45:01 And I would think that she would be.

10:45:03 So that might be a way to go.

10:45:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are we retreating?

10:45:13 >> April.

10:45:15 Strategic planning meeting.

10:45:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe we will ask Marty to put it in

10:45:18 that discussion in April.

10:45:20 >>GWEN MILLER: We will stand adjourned.

10:45:21 Nothing else for the CRA.

10:59:24 (CRA adjourned at 10:45 a.m.)


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