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Thursday, January 14, 2010


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09:21:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go into CRA.

09:21:48 Mark Huey.

09:21:49 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.

09:21:52 And what we would like to do at this time is in keeping

09:21:55 with City Council meeting you just had, approve item

09:22:00 15.

09:22:02 The only approval item on your agenda or the last of

09:22:07 the approval items on your agenda.

09:22:09 We can do that so Ms. Wise can --

09:22:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Can I get a motion?

09:22:14 >> So moved.

09:22:15 >> Second.

09:22:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to approve the

09:22:17 resolution item 15.

09:22:19 All in favor?

09:22:20 Opposed?

09:22:22 >>BONNIE WISE: We just wanted to mention that Mr.

09:22:24 McDonaugh did discuss this at the citizens advisory

09:22:26 committee, and it was very well received.

09:22:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Wise.

09:22:33 >>MARK HUEY: I will note this is the first time that

09:22:43 CRA has done TIF-based financing.

09:22:46 It's a great milestone, and this is a template we can

09:22:49 use in the future.

09:22:50 So we appreciate your work on it, and yours as well,

09:22:54 Bob.

09:22:55 The first item on the agenda is monthly report from the

09:23:03 representative of one of your advisory committees.

09:23:05 And we have Mr. Sam Harris here from the Central Park

09:23:08 redevelopment area.

09:23:18 >> My name is Sam Harris.

09:23:20 I'm with the CAC.

09:23:22 >>GWEN MILLER: We just voted on the resolution, 15.

09:23:38 We are going to do roll call again.

09:23:39 Roll call.

09:23:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:23:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:23:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:23:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:23:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.

09:23:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:23:56 You may continue.

09:23:57 >>> Sam Harris.

09:23:59 I'm with the CAC, chair of Central Park.

09:24:02 I want to give you some updates on what we are doing

09:24:04 for the last year.

09:24:06 We are making progress.

09:24:08 And we are currently there's groundbreaking over there.

09:24:11 They are working out there as we speak.

09:24:13 And we are waiting on funding for various reasons so

09:24:17 that we can move forward with the process.

09:24:19 I have four items that I would like to specifically

09:24:22 speak about this morning that I think are important to

09:24:25 Central Park.

09:24:28 Number one is we need to work to develop small

09:24:31 businesses within that area before the building starts,

09:24:36 because the last thing you want to do is have buildings

09:24:39 like we had in some of the other CRAs for a number of

09:24:43 years before any tenants are there.

09:24:45 So I think we need to be working to get small

09:24:47 businesses in that area so that we can grow economic

09:24:51 development.

09:24:53 Number two, marketing dollars.

09:24:56 We need to be able, within our committee, to be able to

09:25:01 do various types of marketing as far as getting

09:25:03 community meetings.

09:25:04 We need to be able to make the public aware of what's

09:25:07 going on in Central Park so that they can have a voice

09:25:12 in the process.

09:25:14 Number three, land use.

09:25:18 There are several business owners within our CRA that

09:25:20 have been there for over 50 years, and they currently

09:25:24 cannot get rezoned their property.

09:25:28 There is one business in particular on the corner of

09:25:31 7th and Nebraska where they have a lot next to his

09:25:37 building, but it is not zoned properly so he can have

09:25:40 parking.

09:25:43 He's gone through the zoning board.

09:25:45 He's caught nothing but red tape.

09:25:48 No success.

09:25:48 He's an elderly gentleman.

09:25:50 I would like to think that if we can work with the City

09:25:52 Council to include some type of legislation in your

09:25:59 February meeting on the rezoning of the Central Park

09:26:02 area, still meeting with the Planning Commission, I

09:26:08 believe, two nights ago.

09:26:09 Last but not least, we want to thank you for all your

09:26:13 hard work, and we look forward to Central Park being a

09:26:18 diamond in the rough in the City of Tampa.

09:26:21 Any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

09:26:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Harris.

09:26:26 When you speak of the businesses, the businesses are

09:26:28 not going to come because there are lot of tenants so

09:26:34 you will have a difficulty getting new businesses

09:26:37 anyway, and some of the ones that were there that I

09:26:39 talked to, they were not getting a lot of patrons, so

09:26:43 they were not surviving.

09:26:47 That's generally what happens when you have a

09:26:48 redevelopment area, you move everybody out.

09:26:50 Generally businesses are not going to survive because

09:26:53 there's nobody there to patronize them.

09:26:55 So that's a tough one.

09:26:56 The issue on the rezoning issue, that is an issue that

09:27:01 has to take the proper steps.

09:27:04 Council can't really get involved with that until they

09:27:07 come to us.

09:27:08 Now, it is my understanding, I thought that when we

09:27:12 created the CRA that a lot of that had already been

09:27:16 rezoned, set for different land use.

09:27:20 Am I wrong about that?

09:27:25 >>> There was a rezoning done with the Encore project,

09:27:29 very large scale rezoning, and most recently -- and

09:27:31 this is what Mr. Harris was referring to -- were

09:27:34 involved in a map amendment change that was approved by

09:27:37 the Planning Commission this week, I believe, and will

09:27:41 be coming back before you.

09:27:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So when it comes back to us.

09:27:44 >>MARK HUEY: Whether that effects this property --

09:27:53 >>> It should benefit if we get it approved.

09:27:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But that has to take its normal course

09:28:01 of action if you understand the process.

09:28:05 The Planning Commission then eventually gets to us, and

09:28:09 then we have to, I guess, approve it based on the

09:28:13 facts, I guess it is, when we have our zoning hearing

09:28:15 on that issue.

09:28:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What corner is it on 7th and

09:28:20 Nebraska?

09:28:21 Is it northeast or the northwest?

09:28:23 It used to have the Spur station, and --

09:28:29 >>> Four-story green building.

09:28:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the one that used to be a

09:28:33 rooming house and had a restaurant in the bottom?

09:28:35 >>> Right.

09:28:36 There is a person interested in bringing a restaurant

09:28:38 to that location, but there's no parking.

09:28:41 There is no parking.

09:28:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Oh, there is no parking.

09:28:44 In fact that's the one that used to have an illegal

09:28:47 sign at the top.

09:28:47 A big one.

09:28:48 >>> Right.

09:28:50 Across the street from that property --

09:28:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Was a gas station.

09:28:56 The Amoco and a spur.

09:28:59 >>> Across he owns the actual lot and it's currently

09:29:04 not zoned.

09:29:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What you are saying is exactly

09:29:07 what I brought up, that when you have modernization for

09:29:12 whatever, good or bad, and you have existing laws, they

09:29:15 do not take into account the history of any city

09:29:18 including this one.

09:29:19 So, therefore, you want to help the building, but the

09:29:24 laws prohibit you from doing what you want to do to

09:29:27 save the building and to make it workable.

09:29:29 So I think those things can be worked out long-term.

09:29:35 But not overnight.

09:29:36 But I agree with you on that.

09:29:37 >>> Any other questions?

09:29:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:29:44 I know that the thing you are really waiting for is to

09:29:47 find out if Encore gets funding.

09:29:52 In the meantime do you have a database of people who

09:29:56 moved out from the neighborhood so once the Encore

09:29:59 project gets underway they can be communicated with to

09:30:04 see if they want to move back in?

09:30:06 >>> In order to get those databases, those databases

09:30:10 are there.

09:30:10 We need to have some type of marketing dollars to do

09:30:12 just that.

09:30:15 Right now in our CRA there are no dollars for to us

09:30:18 actually use to do the sort of things you are talking

09:30:20 about.

09:30:21 So the capability of doing it is definitely available,

09:30:23 but we need funding in order to make it happen.

09:30:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:30:28 I think maybe Michael hatchet is on that.

09:30:33 >> Michael hatchet, manager for Central Park CRA.

09:30:37 I just wanted to reiterate that the Tampa Housing

09:30:39 Authority does keep very good records on all of the

09:30:43 residents who are relocated out of Central Park Village

09:30:47 and are -- will be notified and kept abreast.

09:30:55 -- of development progress and will certainly be

09:30:57 afforded the opportunity to return to the community.

09:30:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:31:01 Mr. Dingfelder.

09:31:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Michael?

09:31:06 This relates to your question.

09:31:08 I know the budget for that particular CRA is extremely

09:31:11 small, if anything.

09:31:14 What was last year's budget total?

09:31:18 >>> Just under 40,000.

09:31:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Harris, I know you are familiar

09:31:22 with this, but you guys are the ones who put together

09:31:29 the budget, recommended budget of about 40,000 and then

09:31:33 bring it to us, and then we approve it or amend it or

09:31:37 whatever.

09:31:39 Or you can amend the budget during the year.

09:31:43 Or we can, with your recommendation.

09:31:50 I haven't seen that budget obviously since we approved

09:31:52 it, but perhaps work with Mark and Michael to put in

09:31:57 1,000 or $2,000 or something like that for postage or

09:32:01 printing or whatever it is you might need, and bring it

09:32:04 to us, so that we can do it.

09:32:08 >>> Okay.

09:32:09 Thank you.

09:32:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

09:32:11 Thank you, Mr. Harris.

09:32:12 >>MARK HUEY: Next item on the agenda is the monthly

09:32:27 reports.

09:32:27 You all received copies of those.

09:32:29 Lots of activity going on in our redevelopment areas.

09:32:33 Most notably in downtown.

09:32:35 We'll talk about this a little bit later.

09:32:37 Everybody is getting ready for the opening of the new

09:32:39 Curtis Hixon waterfront park.

09:32:41 But we are also working on the old federal courthouse

09:32:44 with an opportunity there.

09:32:45 The heritage place project continues along.

09:32:49 Lots of special event activities coming into our

09:32:53 downtown, the twilight criterion event that are looking

09:32:59 for funding and support, and of course we are looking

09:33:02 forward to Gasparilla coming into the core of our

09:33:06 downtown next year.

09:33:07 Ybor City and East Tampa, you are going to hear a

09:33:09 presentation in a little bit.

09:33:11 They have been working on some new small business

09:33:13 initiatives.

09:33:14 We have our first facade grant program coming forward

09:33:18 out of Ybor City, and we are excited about that.

09:33:24 Division plan amendment for Ybor II.

09:33:26 The work that the Planning Commission is going to do to

09:33:28 help with that is going to be coming forward to you as

09:33:34 City Council.

09:33:34 In the Channel District you heard about all the work

09:33:36 going on on the financing, and an equal amount of work

09:33:39 has been going on to prepare for that construction

09:33:42 activity that's going to occur there.

09:33:45 Drew Park, a lot of paving work has recently been

09:33:48 completed and is making a visible difference in the

09:33:52 street environment in Drew Park.

09:33:55 East Tampa, we are excited to be seeing some of the

09:33:59 private investment that has been occurring there,

09:34:02 projects opening, beginning in December we had the Gore

09:34:07 retail project and the quality INN and suites opened up

09:34:11 and in January there will be some other projects

09:34:12 opening up, and just a great testimony to private

09:34:17 sector activity still occurring because of the

09:34:19 attractiveness of our redevelopment areas.

09:34:22 We are working with USF on the project opportunity.

09:34:31 We mentioned earlier Michael hatchet, the work we are

09:34:34 doing on the map amendment for the comp plan in the

09:34:36 Central Park CRA, and we are working to finish up our

09:34:39 annual report.

09:34:40 So lots of things going on.

09:34:42 And I would be happy to answer any questions that you

09:34:45 might have at this point.

09:34:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?

09:34:49 Ms. Saul-Sena?

09:34:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.

09:34:52 The heritage center is where the St. Paul AME church

09:34:57 used to be, and I believe they are awarded state money.

09:35:00 Is that project moving ahead?

09:35:04 >>> It is.

09:35:04 They were awarded it% tax credits and there are a

09:35:07 number -- 9% tax credit and there are a number of

09:35:10 things that Bob McDonaugh has been working on.

09:35:13 Yes, they continue to move forward.

09:35:14 It's not closed, fully financed deal yet, but it is on

09:35:20 track to be.

09:35:21 So we are very excited about the opportunity again even

09:35:23 in the difficult economic environment to be able to

09:35:27 have a quality residential, a new quality residential

09:35:30 project, and save a historic asset in our downtown on

09:35:35 the verge of occurring.

09:35:36 >>> That is such an exciting project.

09:35:40 Given that it surrounded by a lot of surface parking

09:35:42 lots, Cottrill be the catalyst to activating that whole

09:35:46 area.

09:35:46 That's great news.

09:35:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

09:35:52 You may continue.

09:35:53 >>MARK HUEY: The most significant infrastructure

09:35:57 undertaking that we have put forward in partnership

09:35:59 with the community in East Tampa is the redevelopment

09:36:03 of 22nd street.

09:36:05 And that's a project that you as a board have

09:36:07 supported, and we want to provide you periodic updates.

09:36:11 So this morning we would like to provide you a short

09:36:14 update on the progress of the work on 22nd street.

09:36:27 >>> Brad Hubbard with wade engineering, engineer of

09:36:32 record for the 22nd street and hanson project.

09:36:35 Here to give you a brief project overview and also

09:36:39 update you on the status of the project and the future

09:36:42 schedule.

09:36:43 The general intent for this project is to make 22nd

09:36:47 street safer and more pedestrian-bicycle friendly.

09:36:51 The road is currently three lanes.

09:36:53 We are proposing to turn it into two threw lanes with

09:36:57 dedicated turn lane and landscaped medians.

09:37:00 We are taking the sidewalk on the west side of the road

09:37:03 and turning that from five feet to ten feet in order to

09:37:06 make it more of a multimodal, multi-use trail, to get

09:37:11 the bicycles off the road and onto the ten-foot-wide

09:37:15 trail.

09:37:15 On the east side --

09:37:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have some images of this?

09:37:19 >>> Yes.

09:37:19 I'll go through those in just a second.

09:37:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For the people in the audience.

09:37:23 >>> Sure.

09:37:36 This shows how the different phases of the project

09:37:39 relate to each other.

09:37:42 Obviously, we are starting at the north end with MLK

09:37:45 and working down to Lake Avenue.

09:37:47 That's phase one which right now is 95% with the plans,

09:37:51 and we are working to obtain the necessary easements

09:37:54 from the cemetery, and from the Housing Authority we

09:37:59 met with yesterday in order to get the final permits

09:38:03 from FDOT.

09:38:05 We are estimating to be able to advertise phase one.

09:38:15 We hope to be able to advertise phase one in March or

09:38:17 April of this year.

09:38:20 Another feature of phase one is along the existing

09:38:24 cemetery on the northeast side of the road.

09:38:30 We are adding a six-foot-wide sidewalk along with

09:38:34 decorative lighting and wrought iron fence to keep the

09:38:37 cemetery separated from the roadway and the pedestrians

09:38:40 using 22nd street.

09:38:43 Phase two runs from Lake Avenue down to 23rd.

09:38:53 This area includes a lot of the private businesses on

09:38:55 the east side of the road, and on the west side of the

09:38:57 road it almost entirely owned by the Housing Authority

09:39:00 with a small portion of school board.

09:39:03 Currently right now we are about 60% with the plans,

09:39:06 and we are estimating to advertising the first quarter

09:39:09 of next year, about 12 months from right now.

09:39:12 This area has been given LAP funding from the federal

09:39:18 agencies, and right now that money is scheduled to be

09:39:21 used in 2011.

09:39:23 Here are some renderings from phase two.

09:39:30 This is a small shopping center on the east side of the

09:39:42 road.

09:39:44 Backout parking to parallel parking, which is much

09:39:49 safer.

09:39:50 And this is just another section of phase two which is

09:40:03 right around Belmont Heights.

09:40:06 That's the -- that will be the existing six-foot-wide

09:40:10 walk on the east side and the other side is where we'll

09:40:12 have the ten-foot wide multi-use trail.

09:40:15 Phase three is in the conceptual phase at the moment.

09:40:19 It's going to be this roundabout at the intersection of

09:40:27 23rd and 21st.

09:40:29 There's an existing church, and two-story house right

09:40:34 in the middle of the road at the moment.

09:40:39 But this is scheduled to be completed sometime in the

09:40:46 middle of next year.

09:40:49 With plans and permits and advertisement around them.

09:40:55 That's really all I have.

09:40:57 Do you have any questions?

09:40:59 >>GWEN MILLER: The house with the turnaround, will

09:41:03 that still be there?

09:41:05 >> The house on the roundabout?

09:41:07 Right now the city is looking to purchasing that land

09:41:09 from the owner.

09:41:10 It would be ideal for it not to be there for safety

09:41:12 reasons for the house.

09:41:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.

09:41:14 >>> The city is looking into buying that at the moment.

09:41:16 >>GWEN MILLER: When did you say you are going to start

09:41:22 from Martin king?

09:41:24 >>> That will be advertised in about 60 to 90 days.

09:41:28 March or April of this year.

09:41:29 So construction is probably three or four months away

09:41:31 from that, hopefully four months away.

09:41:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:41:35 This is going to be a really dramatic improvement.

09:41:38 It's really exciting to see.

09:41:41 I have a question which is on phase three, are you

09:41:44 going down to the immediately north of the interstate

09:41:49 of I-4?

09:41:50 >>> No.

09:41:51 We are only -- for this portion of the project we are

09:41:54 stopping right there at 21st Avenue.

09:41:59 That's the scope of phase three at the moment.

09:42:01 >> Was that decision made because of funding or because

09:42:05 you didn't think that the part of 22nd south of that

09:42:08 needed work?

09:42:09 Because I think it going to look really -- it's going

09:42:12 to be really inadequate to have this tremendously

09:42:16 improved roundabout which looks just wonderful.

09:42:19 And then we have the interstate area, which is real

09:42:23 nice.

09:42:23 Then we are going to have this gap before three or four

09:42:26 blocks that's going to look --

09:42:29 >>> Yes, it is the plan actually from the interstate

09:42:32 toward the roundabout, and then even north of where we

09:42:35 are improving.

09:42:36 But we have to do in the phases because of our limited

09:42:38 resources.

09:42:39 As you might recall for the work that we did on the

09:42:41 East Tampa strategic action plan, we had to keep

09:42:44 redoing the plan because our revenue resources dropped

09:42:47 so dramatically because of the economy.

09:42:49 So we made the commitment to this section.

09:42:53 But as you have shared, it part of the bigger vision of

09:42:56 how that whole corridor is going to be improved over

09:42:58 time.

09:42:59 So one step at a time, and we are excited to be on this

09:43:06 first step.

09:43:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm very pleased the bicycle

09:43:08 connections, the landscaping, I hope you will consider

09:43:11 working with the private property owners to install

09:43:13 shade trees on their property where possible.

09:43:15 And also with the commercial portion of 22nd across

09:43:19 from Belmont Heights, seeing if there's some

09:43:22 reinvestment money or facade improvement money that

09:43:25 might be possible to upgrade the commercial on that

09:43:28 east side of the street.

09:43:28 >>> We are planning on meeting with the business

09:43:31 owners, and then relatively in the near future to

09:43:35 discuss what we are going to be doing with the

09:43:37 businesses, and I agree we can bring that up with them

09:43:40 at that time.

09:43:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.

09:43:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?

09:43:44 Thank you.

09:43:44 I appreciate that.

09:43:45 I look forward to the work being done.

09:43:48 >>> Thank you very much.

09:44:00 >>MARK HUEY: Two quick announcements relating to

09:44:03 downtown and the Channel District.

09:44:04 >>> Bob McDonaugh: Economic development.

09:44:10 Concerning the time and investment that's gone into

09:44:11 these things I'm not sure if they should be quick

09:44:14 announcements.

09:44:14 They are very important toward downtown area.

09:44:20 We have an invitation for the grand opening of the

09:44:23 Curtis Hixon park that is on the 24th at 1:30 p.m.

09:44:30 And if anybody has driven by there lately, they got the

09:44:33 grass down, which is a consider challenge considering

09:44:36 the weather Weaver having recently, and the Parks

09:44:39 Department is doing everything to have that park ready

09:44:40 for the grand opening.

09:44:41 I think when our population gets to go down there and

09:44:45 see the jewel that we have, it's really going to be a

09:44:47 center piece for downtown, and a great gathering place.

09:44:51 And along with that, on February 6th at 10 a.m., we

09:44:56 will have the grand opening of the Tampa Museum of Art

09:44:59 right there at the Curtis Hixon park as well.

09:45:01 So it's great, great things happening here downtown.

09:45:05 It's very exciting for these things to come together.

09:45:09 A quick update on the Channel District park.

09:45:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On the museum, is that a public

09:45:22 opening?

09:45:23 >>> They have it on their Web site, please come to our

09:45:25 grand opening.

09:45:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The museum will be open for the

09:45:31 public that day for everybody to see?

09:45:32 >>> That's my understanding.

09:45:34 It is in there -- I will get a confirmation on that,

09:45:37 but I did check on their Web site, and it's grand

09:45:39 opening on February 6th, 10 a.m.

09:45:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Very exciting.

09:45:43 Thank you.

09:45:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was speaking to the person who is

09:45:46 in charge of doing communications, and I said, are you

09:45:50 get something kind of word out?

09:45:53 He said I'm dancing as fast as I can.

09:45:55 And everybody will be getting notification.

09:45:57 >>> Karen O'Hare from our Parks Department, and today

09:46:01 to please call and update the Web site to put the time

09:46:04 on the grand opening as well as to generate an

09:46:07 invitation kind of like what the Parks Department did

09:46:10 for the Curtis Hixon Park so everybody has the idea

09:46:15 because it has been a long time coming and it's very

09:46:17 exciting for the community.

09:46:19 An update quickly -- yes, ma'am?

09:46:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say, I met someone

09:46:26 from the museum board over the holiday, and she asked

09:46:29 me if I would encourage all the council members to join

09:46:33 the museum, to become members.

09:46:37 And I'm not sure which opening she was talking about,

09:46:40 but she said you have to be a member if you want to be

09:46:43 invited to the gala.

09:46:47 So if you want a special invitation -- which it's not

09:46:54 terribly expensive.

09:46:55 I just want to encourage all of us to support our new

09:46:58 art museum.

09:46:59 >>> And one of the fun things is after the museum is

09:47:02 open, then they will be illuminating the museum using

09:47:07 the special light that they have.

09:47:09 If anybody hasn't seen it, there's a blog on the

09:47:12 Internet that shows them testing the lights just as the

09:47:16 sun was coming up one morning.

09:47:17 It's wild.

09:47:18 It's really -- the building itself has this very

09:47:22 uniform, somewhat bland exterior, but when that light

09:47:26 comes on its really amazing to see.

09:47:28 It will be a great asset to our park.

09:47:30 So it's exciting times.

09:47:34 The update on the Channel District park.

09:47:36 The CRA, the city has bought the land.

09:47:40 We now own it.

09:47:42 We had our second meeting with the residents.

09:47:45 And really there was a very strong agreement with which

09:47:48 plan that they would like to adopt.

09:47:50 And this is a close example of it that is being fine

09:47:54 tuned right now.

09:47:55 And once again will be presented when it's finished,

09:47:58 because there were some suggestions about orientation

09:48:02 and shade and sustainability of some of the plantings.

09:48:07 So that's being looked at right now.

09:48:09 But we are getting there.

09:48:11 We are getting close.

09:48:12 And so that plan should finish shortly.

09:48:15 Also, as long as I'm talking about the Channel

09:48:17 District, there were a couple other things I would like

09:48:19 to talk about quickly.

09:48:21 Another groundbreaking, which is January 27th,

09:48:24 which is for StageWorks. They are going to begin the

09:48:29 construction of their facility in the Grand Central.

09:48:33 And that's something they recently had their gala and

09:48:36 was very successful and moving forward with the

09:48:38 construction.

09:48:38 So that's a big deal.

09:48:40 I am going to be coming back to you next month about

09:48:42 extending the neighborhood amenity program.

09:48:46 In the Channel District right now, we have had

09:48:48 applications from a dry cleaner who is now open for

09:48:51 business, a wine bar who will be open for business

09:48:54 soon, an expansion of the power house gym which really

09:49:00 was a catalyst in bringing a lot of these retailers

09:49:03 because they saw the success of the gym and said, now

09:49:05 what?

09:49:05 This really does work.

09:49:06 And we have a sushi restaurant under construction at

09:49:10 the corner of Cumberland and 12th.

09:49:14 And so although it took a little time to bear fruit,

09:49:18 this program has worked, and I am very encouraged by

09:49:21 what's going on.

09:49:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That is absolutely splendid news.

09:49:26 We know that virtually all of our CRA areas have a

09:49:30 desire to get their retail invigorated.

09:49:34 And because you serve with the other district

09:49:39 directors, share the information and we should look at

09:49:41 that for some of our other areas as far as providing

09:49:44 the catalyst, the incentive, and waiving some

09:49:47 permitting fees and things to help these folks get

09:49:49 going.

09:49:49 >>> I will.

09:49:51 Yes.

09:49:52 Any questions?

09:49:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for that report.

09:49:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good news.

09:49:59 >>MARK HUEY: On the neighborhood amenity program,

09:50:04 remember last month you expanded it to Ybor City.

09:50:08 So our redevelopment efforts there are going to benefit

09:50:11 as well from that program.

09:50:13 The next item on the agenda was just to make mention on

09:50:19 the Elmo that the redevelopment agency will be coming

09:50:23 into Ybor City on Tuesday, February 16th on the HCC

09:50:29 campus.

09:50:29 We invite the community in Ybor to join you for a town

09:50:35 hall open Mike meeting.

09:50:36 And we know last year you were in Ybor City about this

09:50:40 same time, so I know the community is looking forward

09:50:42 to having you and hosting you in Ybor.

09:50:50 At this point, we have a PowerPoint presentation.

09:50:53 And in the budgets that were approved for East Tampa

09:50:58 and Ybor City, it included a vision of doing more to

09:51:03 support small businesses in both of those areas.

09:51:07 Those existing businesses, and to attract new

09:51:10 businesses into Ybor and East Tampa.

09:51:13 We have been working in both of those areas with the

09:51:15 small business information center that is a program of

09:51:20 the county, that area that you are familiar with.

09:51:22 They have been great partners up to now, and we are

09:51:25 looking forward to expanding the relationship to the

09:51:27 benefit of small businesses.

09:51:29 And so what we wanted to do today was have them give

09:51:32 you a short presentation about the new initiatives that

09:51:36 we are in the process of launching.

09:51:44 >>> Good morning.

09:51:45 My name is Lynn Shultz with the Hillsborough County

09:51:48 small business information center, which is part of the

09:51:50 economic development department.

09:51:52 Also with me is my boss Brenda Amy, a small business

09:51:57 development administrator, and we are here to do a

09:52:00 brief presentation on the potential programs we are

09:52:02 hoping to see in East Tampa as well as Ybor City CRA

09:52:05 areas.

09:52:06 To give you a little history on the SBIC, the small

09:52:09 business information center and how we reach out to the

09:52:11 community, as well as provide if resources and

09:52:13 information to them, our mission is to support economic

09:52:17 development by assisting entrepreneurs in the creation

09:52:20 or expansion of small businesses in the Hillsborough

09:52:24 County area, which of course encompasses the City of

09:52:26 Tampa.

09:52:30 In 2009, the small business information center provided

09:52:41 over 30,000 points of assistance.

09:52:43 This includes counseling hours that we provided to

09:52:45 businesses, could be on multiple occasions based on the

09:52:48 needs that they have, as well as attendees of the free

09:52:51 workshop that we provide throughout the county.

09:52:53 It also includes the surveys that we go out into the

09:52:57 community and conduct with the businesses to assess

09:52:59 their needs, as well as Expos and trade shows we attend

09:53:04 throughout the area.

09:53:05 We have seen a significant increase as far as the

09:53:08 technical assistance and points of sis A assistance we

09:53:11 provided to Hillsborough County small businesses.

09:53:13 In 2000 we had 2300 points of a assistance.

09:53:17 2008 we were at 24,000 points of assistance.

09:53:20 And now in tween we saw over 30,000.

09:53:24 We expect this number to increase, specifically because

09:53:26 the current economic conditions.

09:53:28 A lot of job loss in this area specifically and

09:53:32 throughout the State of Florida.

09:53:33 A lot of people want to know the options they have in

09:53:36 their own business, which is why it's more valuable now

09:53:39 more than ever for us to be out in the community

09:53:41 providing them the resources and the information that

09:53:43 they need.

09:53:46 Just to give you a brief run down of the partnerships

09:53:48 that we funded the last 13 years, as mark mentioned

09:53:52 with the City of Tampa, we value that partnership over

09:53:55 many years.

09:53:55 A very valuable partnership we share also is with the

09:53:58 small business development center at the University of

09:53:59 South Florida.

09:54:00 We are very fortunate to have two in-house counselors

09:54:04 in our office, as well as two business research

09:54:06 analysts.

09:54:08 They are conducting research and providing confidential

09:54:11 one on one free counseling to the small businesses in

09:54:14 the area.

09:54:15 The SBC allows us to do this confidentially.

09:54:20 We also have the SBA, located in our office, which they

09:54:24 are physically located in our office which is located

09:54:26 on 56th street.

09:54:27 There's two in-house representatives that are available

09:54:30 to assist us with teaching the workshop and providing

09:54:33 information on the SBA loans and programs that are out

09:54:36 there to the residents and businesses in this area.

09:54:39 In addition, HBIF, which is a Hispanic business

09:54:43 initiative fund.

09:54:44 As you know, many of the businesses in this area in

09:54:48 Hillsborough County are Hispanic.

09:54:49 Therefore, there is a need to have the Hispanic

09:54:51 resources available as well.

09:54:53 Therefore, our partner HBIF located at our office

09:54:57 teaches workshop and Spanish with us as well as

09:55:00 provides counseling in Spanish.

09:55:02 The next one listed here, disadvantaged minority women

09:55:05 business enterprise and the small business enterprise

09:55:07 program.

09:55:08 It's listed here as a partner but recently this has

09:55:11 actually become part of us at the SBIC.

09:55:13 With budget cuts in the county we have now done some

09:55:15 transition, and we are overseeing this program, which

09:55:18 means our office now can do the minority business

09:55:21 certification as well as the small business

09:55:23 registration, which is something else we can bring to

09:55:25 the table for the resources that will be provided at

09:55:28 the different satellite offices.

09:55:32 Score.

09:55:32 This is an organization of retired executives.

09:55:34 And they are also located in our office, providing free

09:55:38 counseling, and they also go out in the community with

09:55:39 us to teach the workshops that we host.

09:55:43 Tampa Bay economic Development Corporation, TEDCO.

09:55:46 You may be familiar with them.

09:55:48 They used to be in the German American club with the

09:55:51 City of Tampa offices located there.

09:55:52 They are now located at our office at the SBIC on

09:55:55 56th street, providing information to businesses in

09:55:57 the community on loans that might be available to them.

09:56:01 The Hillsborough County public library cooperative.

09:56:04 They provide locations to host our workshops to town

09:56:11 and country, all over the county.

09:56:12 There's also the greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce.

09:56:15 This is a pilot program that we started almost two

09:56:17 years ago.

09:56:18 We started out in our office with one counselor on-site

09:56:22 one day a week providing counseling sessions for

09:56:25 businesses in that area, eight hours a day.

09:56:28 This has become such a popular satellite office that we

09:56:30 have now increased it to two days a week starting this

09:56:33 year.

09:56:33 Our counseling sessions are very full.

09:56:37 We actually have people waiting to get in week by week.

09:56:40 Very successful program that we hope to see something

09:56:42 somewhere in East Tampa.

09:56:44 In addition, our last partnership listed here is the

09:56:47 corporation to develop communities of Tampa, CDC.

09:56:50 We have a partnership with the university area

09:56:52 community center, YCDC that we have been working with

09:56:55 over the last couple of years, the East Tampa CDC and

09:56:58 many other CDCs in the area.

09:57:00 All these partnerships bring great value to the table

09:57:02 because it provides the businesses in the area a

09:57:05 one-stop-shop, a resource center that they can come to

09:57:09 and utilize all the different services and information

09:57:12 provided by all the different departments and agencies.

09:57:14 As I get into the programs that we are about to

09:57:16 discuss, these partners will be involved in this entire

09:57:19 program every step of the way, helping provide the

09:57:23 businesses, the guidance that they need.

09:57:29 Some of the resources I mentioned, most of these

09:57:31 already, we do provide the free individual counseling.

09:57:34 And I would like to mention again the SBDC allows to us

09:57:41 do this confidentially.

09:57:42 >> We have Internet access that our small businesses

09:57:44 can come and utilize as well as books and software and

09:57:48 other resource material.

09:57:49 This is something we will be setting up in the East

09:57:51 Tampa office, potentially a mini version of the

09:57:56 resource center as well as some information available

09:57:58 at the YCDC office.

09:57:59 So it will be easy access for the businesses in the

09:58:02 specific area to access.

09:58:05 Just to give you a general idea of some of the current

09:58:07 workshops that we are doing at this time throughout the

09:58:09 county.

09:58:10 I would like to point out specifically the business

09:58:12 plans workshops.

09:58:14 This is one of our most highly attended workshops.

09:58:16 We have seen recent attendance as high as 50 or more

09:58:19 attendees at one of these workshops.

09:58:21 It is a five-part series, where the business will

09:58:25 hopefully by part five have a very God pretty much

09:58:30 business plan established.

09:58:31 They can visit with our counselors afterwards and have

09:58:33 that reviewed by our counselors for free.

09:58:37 When we conduct the surveys in the Ybor City area, and

09:58:40 actually conducting surveys all over the county, one of

09:58:42 the things that we do discover is many of the

09:58:45 businesses in the area do not even have a business

09:58:47 plan.

09:58:47 And, unfortunately, this is one of the most important

09:58:50 things when you are starting a business.

09:58:52 So our goal is to get out there, help them create that

09:58:54 business plan, because that's one of the first steps

09:58:56 for them, especially if they are seeking out financing.

09:59:02 Now getting into the nitty-gritty.

09:59:04 What we are looking at specifically, the two programs

09:59:07 we would like to introduce, the East Tampa satellite

09:59:11 office, the second one is the Ybor City small business

09:59:13 assistance program.

09:59:14 Both programs reach the business owners in the

09:59:16 community, but both of them, they do have a little bit

09:59:20 of a different focus.

09:59:21 We will go into East Tampa first.

09:59:23 East Tampa, we will actually hope to have a physical

09:59:26 office located at the East Tampa redevelopment office.

09:59:29 This will provide us office space as well as a resource

09:59:32 center for the businesses in that area to easily

09:59:36 access.

09:59:36 A lot of times as a business owner there's only one of

09:59:39 you and it's very difficult for you to get away from

09:59:41 your office.

09:59:42 But if we are conveniently located near them, they have

09:59:44 an easy place to go.

09:59:46 In addition to everything that physical office there,

09:59:48 we will also be on the community, perhaps not able to

09:59:51 leave their place of business, and go to visit with

09:59:53 them and provide them the counseling and find out where

09:59:56 the needs are in the community.

10:00:01 Some of the programs listed here under things that we

10:00:03 intend to do is to provide counseling to both the

10:00:06 startups and the existing businesses.

10:00:08 One of the goals of establishing the satellite office

10:00:11 is not only helping the existing businesses but to

10:00:14 create a better awareness of assistance out there for

10:00:17 potential businesses to move into the area.

10:00:20 And I already mentioned the resource library that we

10:00:23 hope to establish in that area.

10:00:26 And that specific office.

10:00:29 Again, one of the things I do like to point out is we

10:00:32 will be in the community visiting those businesses.

10:00:35 They don't have to physically come to us all the time.

10:00:37 For example, if we don't have a counseling appointment

10:00:39 at a certain time of day we will utilize the time by

10:00:42 visiting the businesses.

10:00:43 Another thing that we have seen that's become very

10:00:45 important in today's economic environment is conducting

10:00:47 businesses as government.

10:00:49 So we will be conducting specific workshops on how to

10:00:52 do business with the government, as well as how to

10:00:54 submit a bid and RFP.

10:00:56 And this is just an example of some of the workshops

10:00:58 that will be geared specifically towards the East Tampa

10:01:02 based on the survey results and input that the

10:01:05 community has provided us as far as what they would

10:01:08 like to see us do.

10:01:10 I failed to mention at the beginning of the

10:01:12 presentation, I'm also enterprise coordinator for

10:01:16 Hillsborough County so this will bring an additional

10:01:17 value to both of these programs, because both Ybor City

10:01:20 and East Tampa are enterprise zones.

10:01:29 Mark, you wanted to mention the total cost for business

10:01:32 technical assistance program in East Tampa is going to

10:01:34 be $45,000, which is the course over the year.

10:01:40 Then going into the Ybor City small business assistance

10:01:43 program, there's actually a two-part to this specific

10:01:47 program, a little bit different than East Tampa.

10:01:49 The first portion of this is very similar to what we

10:01:51 will be doing in East Tampa, which is the business

10:01:55 technical assistance program.

10:01:56 So we will be getting a little information about how

10:02:01 all of this came about.

10:02:02 One of the things that we did, we started

10:02:03 participating, we as SBIC, and the retail development

10:02:08 committee which is part of the YCDC, and what we

10:02:10 discovered is that the YCDC and the community had a

10:02:14 strong interest in establishing an incubator program

10:02:18 within the Ybor City area.

10:02:19 And in order to do this, one of the things that you

10:02:21 have to do first is provide technical assistance for

10:02:25 businesses that are in existence there now.

10:02:27 You can't just plop down and incubator and forget about

10:02:32 the businesses that are there.

10:02:34 Our goal is to start by assisting the existing

10:02:37 businesses, providing them counseling, both the

10:02:41 start-up -- because again we hope to bring new

10:02:44 businesses to the area -- as well as the existing

10:02:46 businesses that are there.

10:02:47 This is a little different in that we will not have a

10:02:50 physical office located at the YCDC but we will be out

10:02:54 in the community visiting ten or more businesses

10:02:56 through the course of a month, and providing them the

10:02:58 counseling at their place of business.

10:02:59 They will also have the option of obtaining information

10:03:02 and partner information at the YCDC office basically

10:03:06 for the YCDC office, we will be able to do that as

10:03:09 well.

10:03:10 And very similar to the East Tampa location, we will

10:03:14 provide them information on doing business with

10:03:17 government, as that is a true asset now.

10:03:19 The second part of this program, the Ybor City program,

10:03:22 is that business incubator accelerator program.

10:03:27 What we will be doing is a two-phase session.

10:03:31 Phase one, conduct the foundation phase.

10:03:33 Basically the feasibility study.

10:03:35 We did already do some surveys in the Ybor City area.

10:03:38 The results proved that the community is very, very

10:03:40 interested in the incubator but it will benefit the

10:03:43 community, and they are in full support.

10:03:46 We'll continue doing some studies, and additional

10:03:48 surveys in the area because of course economic times

10:03:51 have changed since we did the surveys over the course

10:03:53 of the last year and a half.

10:03:54 So find out what the needs are, what the strengths are

10:03:57 in Ybor City, what type of incubator might work best,

10:04:01 whether it's a retail incubator, whether it's arts and

10:04:04 crafts, a kitchen, technology.

10:04:07 Those are the things we are all discovering as we are

10:04:08 going through phase one.

10:04:10 Phase two will take us to the next step, which will be

10:04:13 hopefully identifying a potential location, a potential

10:04:17 model for the area as far as what works best for the

10:04:20 area.

10:04:21 There has been some discussion on whether a green

10:04:23 incubator might be best, and basically creating an

10:04:28 awareness throughout the community about the incubator

10:04:31 program.

10:04:33 Going back real quickly, the Ybor City business

10:04:35 technical assistance program costs $12,000.

10:04:40 Phase one of the business incubator program is $14,000.

10:04:45 And then phase two is $12,000.

10:04:49 Both programs do have a similar potential outcome,

10:04:53 economic impact, innovation and economic diversity.

10:04:56 Faster job creation and create wealth, which is the

10:04:59 most important thing.

10:05:01 Specifically with the incubator in Ybor City, one of

10:05:04 the things, if you are not familiar with what a

10:05:06 business incubator does, it creates jobs within that

10:05:09 community.

10:05:09 They start out in a business incubator and hopefully

10:05:13 within three to five years graduate out to that same

10:05:16 community.

10:05:16 Statistics prove that 87% of businesses located within

10:05:20 an incubator stay within that same community.

10:05:25 Accelerate new business formation, and assist with the

10:05:28 growth of existing businesses in the area.

10:05:30 Product commercialization, introducing something new

10:05:33 into the area, finding a niche.

10:05:35 As well as support the targeted economic development

10:05:38 strategies.

10:05:41 At this point we are ready for questions and/or

10:05:44 comments.

10:05:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:05:47 I hope that as you go into Ybor you will work really

10:05:50 close with Vince recognizing that this is a national

10:05:57 historic district, and that what you do should play

10:06:01 into the strengths and character and history and

10:06:04 opportunity that that represents, because that's the

10:06:09 punch line of Ybor City.

10:06:10 >>> Absolutely.

10:06:11 I am an Ybor supporter all the way.

10:06:13 I love Ybor so I totally understand.

10:06:15 I'll be in charge of that project as far as incubation

10:06:19 project.

10:06:19 That's something that I will take --

10:06:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This has wonderful potential.

10:06:24 And Tampa has a sister city in Ashdod, Israel that just

10:06:29 set up a creative industries incubator in their

10:06:32 downtown which happens to be in a green building and we

10:06:34 could perhaps learn from what they are doing, and see

10:06:37 if some of it --

10:06:38 >>> I would like to mention that I have been attending

10:06:40 the national business incubator association conferences

10:06:42 over the last 18 months.

10:06:44 So I have met we've the incubators all over the world,

10:06:47 not just within the United States, to find out what

10:06:49 their strengths and their weaknesses are.

10:06:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is going to be a wonderful

10:06:55 thing for East Tampa and Ybor.

10:06:57 Thank you.

10:06:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't sum up all the numbers.

10:07:00 I'm not trying to be negative.

10:07:02 I'm just very conservative when it comes to spending

10:07:04 money.

10:07:04 So what one was 45, one was 12, one was 14.

10:07:09 Are there any others that I missed?

10:07:13 >>> No.

10:07:13 38,000 is the total for Ybor City.

10:07:15 45,000 for East Tampa.

10:07:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So then you look at 109,000.

10:07:22 What happens if it doesn't work out?

10:07:23 How do I get my money back?

10:07:31 >>> I'm not doing my math very well.

10:07:34 Need a calculator.

10:07:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Without the 38.

10:07:39 What happened in Ybor City will never happen again.

10:07:44 Ybor City was happening at a time in history when

10:07:49 immigrants -- emigrants settled there and built a city

10:07:53 within a city.

10:07:55 You are not going to find a Woolworth anymore.

10:07:57 You are not going to find Kress.

10:08:00 You are not going to find the sports venue.

10:08:03 You are not going to find Hernandez and Garcia. You

10:08:06 are not going to find the little restaurants.

10:08:07 They have all been torn down, just about.

10:08:11 It was a place where it was a center of activity for a

10:08:16 neighborhood within a city that was a city within the

10:08:19 neighborhood.

10:08:20 Hard to follow, I understand.

10:08:21 >>> I'm following.

10:08:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It was streetcars, with sidewalks.

10:08:27 It was people walking everywhere without cars, because

10:08:29 they didn't have the money.

10:08:31 That's not going to happen again.

10:08:34 Not only in this area, but in the whole country.

10:08:39 We are born with an idealogy that faster is better and

10:08:42 making more money is all we have got to do.

10:08:45 So my question hasn't been answered.

10:08:49 What happens if all this money is spent, and the

10:08:51 results are minimal?

10:08:52 How do I get my money back?

10:08:58 >> Why don't you step in, Mark.

10:09:01 >>MARK HUEY: Money back?

10:09:06 >> I believe in hard work, sweat, and hard work and you

10:09:12 will be rewarded.

10:09:13 If you are going to invest in something let it be your

10:09:15 own money.

10:09:16 And if you fail, c'est la vie.

10:09:22 >> He wants a personal guarantee.

10:09:27 >> That's what I'm looking far.

10:09:29 >>MARK HUEY: You will see there's expectation, so it's

10:09:34 not just about doing things but accomplishing and

10:09:37 having outcomes.

10:09:38 So where that will play in, board member Miranda, is

10:09:42 that if we are not pleased with the outcomes, we won't

10:09:44 continue to invest.

10:09:46 >> What timetable?

10:09:50 >>> It's --

10:09:54 >> I'm not opposed to writing a match and something to

10:09:57 make something happen for the good of the people.

10:10:00 But on the other side of the coin I'm not a -- I don't

10:10:06 even like to charge thing on credit card.

10:10:09 >>MARK HUEY: I understand.

10:10:10 And we agree with you.

10:10:11 And I know our partners agree.

10:10:13 They are outcome oriented.

10:10:14 So we will be evaluating, for example in the case of

10:10:17 Ybor as you heard, it's sort of a two-phase process.

10:10:21 If we don't feel good about where things sit after the

10:10:24 first phase we won't commit to the second phase.

10:10:26 And we'll be happy to keep you updated about the

10:10:28 progress on that.

10:10:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When you are talking about

10:10:32 bringing in a new idea, new incubator, new business

10:10:36 acumen, a new standard, this, that and the on the, that

10:10:39 sounds great in words.

10:10:40 But in practicality, and in today's economic, it is

10:10:43 very, very, very difficult to accomplish.

10:10:46 >>MARK HUEY: I understand.

10:10:50 And I can tell you I am on the advisory board of an

10:10:53 incubator at USF that had great success.

10:10:56 But it's not easy.

10:10:57 But it does happen, and I think you see it across the

10:11:02 country lots of communities experimenting with how in

10:11:06 their particular area like an Ybor City --

10:11:10 >> Let me ask you one question.

10:11:11 Is the incubator at USF the same principle and the same

10:11:17 success in East Tampa?

10:11:18 >>> That's just what I was saying.

10:11:20 Everyone learned how to apply.

10:11:22 The model is successful in many different environments.

10:11:24 So what we are trying to do with the small business

10:11:26 information center is to conceive of an incubator model

10:11:31 that we think can be successful in Ybor City.

10:11:33 And again, if in the first phase of the study process

10:11:37 which is a $12,000 process, we feel at the end of that

10:11:40 that we really don't have something that we don't go to

10:11:43 phase two.

10:11:44 >> Mr. Chairman, one other thing.

10:11:48 I don't mind voting for the first phase but if I see I

10:11:52 spent 12 and got six back I ain't voting for the second

10:11:56 phase.

10:11:57 >>> One thing I would like to point out about

10:11:58 incubating.

10:11:59 The whole key to having a business incubator is having

10:12:03 a low cost location for the business to start out, to

10:12:05 provide them lower cost rent, to provide them a

10:12:08 one-stop shop where they have access to the resources,

10:12:11 to have access to office equipment, fax machine,

10:12:14 Internet.

10:12:14 So there is a low cost factor that helps them grow.

10:12:17 >> And make undo that.

10:12:19 The new advent of Ybor City, when it changed, when

10:12:23 people left because of various things, was that.

10:12:26 It was the artists that was low rent.

10:12:28 And all of a sudden one business broke up and the next

10:12:31 business came in and the artists were squeezed out

10:12:33 because the rent kept creeping up.

10:12:35 And I envision that you will be successful maybe in one

10:12:38 or two of the empty for-rents that you have.

10:12:40 But once you do that, the rents start going up, and

10:12:43 then you have another problem that you haven't

10:12:45 anticipated.

10:12:46 Thank you.

10:12:46 >>> I'm Brenda Amy with Hillsborough County.

10:12:54 I just wanted to make sure you understood that

10:12:56 Hillsborough County is bringing money forward towards

10:12:58 this, also, in our staff time.

10:13:00 So we figure it's probably about $25,000 for each

10:13:03 project.

10:13:04 Just to make sure that you all understood.

10:13:07 It wasn't just the CDC is bringing the money for.

10:13:09 That Hillsborough County would also be doing the same

10:13:11 thing with our staff and the support staff that we

10:13:13 have.

10:13:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:13:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?

10:13:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think overall it sounds like a

10:13:25 good idea.

10:13:26 I mean, I share Mr. Miranda's concerns, because money

10:13:32 is tight.

10:13:32 But then again, I think, you know, just like other arms

10:13:40 of government, sometimes you have got to give a little

10:13:44 boost, especially in these tough times.

10:13:46 And I think if somebody is out there with a good idea,

10:13:51 with a good plan, but maybe not a lot of capital on

10:13:55 their own, you know, they might be able to take

10:13:58 advantage, in a positive way, of going into one of

10:14:02 these type of facilities.

10:14:04 Like you say, sharing office space, you know, that sort

10:14:08 of thing.

10:14:10 You know, in the big picture, spending 30,000 in this

10:14:17 particular district or 70,000 total, I think, is a

10:14:21 worthwhile investment, because we can't just rely on

10:14:25 Washington to help us get out of these doldrums that we

10:14:30 are in right now.

10:14:31 And I think that we have all been waiting to see not

10:14:35 really waiting, I think we have all been hoping to see

10:14:38 local governments step up to the plate a little bit,

10:14:41 and help us as a community climb out of these tough

10:14:45 times.

10:14:45 So even though we don't have a lot of excess money, I'm

10:14:48 glad to see that we have a little bit of money in our

10:14:51 budget to be able to do this.

10:14:53 And I know that mark and his staff will be keeping a

10:14:57 close eye on all of this, just like you do on all of

10:15:00 our money, and just keep us posted regularly.

10:15:04 The other part of the equation is, you know, seeing

10:15:09 the, quote, return on our investment.

10:15:11 I think that's something very hard to calibrate,

10:15:15 because a little small business is not going to turn

10:15:19 overnight and become a huge success.

10:15:23 Typically, they might grow from one employee to two to

10:15:26 four over three or four or five years or something like

10:15:30 that.

10:15:31 So I think we all have to be patient in this process as

10:15:34 well.

10:15:38 At this point in time I could support it.

10:15:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm very impressed with your

10:15:45 presentation, and it sounds like you really studied

10:15:49 this and really know what you are doing.

10:15:51 And I'm glad hopefully the county is working with us

10:15:55 and with our CRA.

10:15:56 But I do understand Mr. Miranda's question, too,

10:16:02 considering he's been here through all of this, ups and

10:16:06 downs of Ybor City.

10:16:09 And, you know, when we hear, oh, we have this new idea,

10:16:12 and this is going to work, I think what I would like to

10:16:15 see and what would be really helpful is not necessarily

10:16:19 our sister city in Israel but maybe some neighborhoods

10:16:23 in some other cities in this country that have -- use

10:16:30 this same model of business incubator and where it has

10:16:32 been a success.

10:16:34 Because I know, you know, every old city in this

10:16:38 country has neighborhoods that historic neighborhoods

10:16:41 that have been abandoned that are in the same kind of

10:16:44 situation in Ybor City, you know, at least the

10:16:49 infrastructure and buildings are absolutely beautiful.

10:16:51 So we have that.

10:16:58 The businesses haven't been thriving recently.

10:17:01 But that's really what I think would be very helpful

10:17:03 for us to see, is what some cities and some

10:17:07 neighborhoods that have used this, and what the results

10:17:10 have been.

10:17:11 So maybe, you know, if you could think some of

10:17:14 examples, and maybe, you know, bring, at some pointed,

10:17:18 bring to us, you know, presentation about at least one

10:17:22 or two places where this has worked, comparable kinds

10:17:25 of neighborhoods.

10:17:25 >>> It something to keep in mind, the incubator is the

10:17:30 second step to this process.

10:17:31 The first process is we are going to be out there

10:17:33 assisting the existing businesses first, providing them

10:17:36 the counseling, making sure they have their business

10:17:38 plans in order.

10:17:39 That is the most important step of this whole process

10:17:43 is identifying and assessing what their needs are.

10:17:45 >>MARY MULHERN: My feeling is Tampa, we are not the

10:17:50 first people to do this.

10:17:52 It's not possible that we are the first city that has

10:17:54 tried this model.

10:17:56 And, you know, if you are going to all a these

10:17:58 conferences and you are meeting and studying what

10:18:00 people are doing around the country, I think, you know,

10:18:03 it's not unreasonable for to us want to see some

10:18:07 positive results in a comparable kind of program.

10:18:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Madam Chair.

10:18:16 Thanks to my colleagues.

10:18:17 I support it.

10:18:19 And I want to commend you.

10:18:29 Given the time we are in now it's important to be

10:18:32 creative in bringing new jobs, new opportunities.

10:18:34 It's very important.

10:18:35 I will tell you that South Florida incubator project is

10:18:39 very successful.

10:18:39 I just did a tour two weeks ago. I recommend all my

10:18:41 colleagues do a tour.

10:18:44 Very successful.

10:18:45 And the county put in -- the county put in $250,000 to

10:18:52 get their project moving forward.

10:18:56 So I want to commend you for that.

10:18:57 I agree with Mr. Miranda, we have to, as a government,

10:19:01 watch every dime that's spent and all that.

10:19:05 Ybor City, I know what it was like years ago.

10:19:10 However, we can always try to create opportunity for

10:19:12 the jobs.

10:19:14 I think it's very important, very critical now in the

10:19:18 time that we live in.

10:19:19 And Madam Chair, I need to announce this real quick,

10:19:23 take a second to do this.

10:19:26 And Mr. Hatchet, I just received word from Kathy

10:19:36 Castor's office and the mayor's office that Central

10:19:38 Park did receive $38 million.

10:19:42 [ Applause ]

10:19:45 So that is exciting news for Central Park.

10:19:48 And for the City of Tampa.

10:19:50 And for the CRA.

10:19:53 >>MARK HUEY: Mr. Ryan is on the way over here and

10:20:03 share personally with you the good news and will be

10:20:06 here shortly and you will have a chance to hear from

10:20:08 him as well.

10:20:19 >>> Good morning one and all: My name is Joe Howden,

10:20:28 east 5th Avenue in beautiful downtown Ybor City.

10:20:31 I just wanted to say that as an Ybor business manager

10:20:35 and resident, obviously, I'm a member of the YCDC

10:20:39 board, that I come to you today to let you know that

10:20:42 the result of this good work that Lynn Shultz and

10:20:47 Brenda Amy has done in sort of coming together is from

10:20:51 a real community need.

10:20:53 It just didn't come because some people thought that

10:20:55 maybe an incubator would be a good idea.

10:20:58 This was the result of our retail committee which the

10:21:05 YCDC has a retail development committee, as you know,

10:21:09 and I am the chair, and this action has been supported

10:21:14 by both the board, full board and obviously the

10:21:16 committee.

10:21:20 This has grown out of a lot of people meeting for a

10:21:23 long time working very hard trying to figure out what

10:21:26 we can do in this unusual, creative economy.

10:21:29 And it turns out that a lot of businesses fail in the

10:21:32 first two to five years, not because they didn't have

10:21:34 better pancakes or abettor product or a great location,

10:21:39 but because they didn't do their homework, and they

10:21:42 didn't do their research.

10:21:43 And so out of that growth is need for counseling, which

10:21:47 I think is really significant.

10:21:48 Not only in Ybor City but probably in any city in the

10:21:51 country.

10:21:52 Likewise, what that sort of came out was this idea of

10:21:57 an incubator.

10:21:59 It turns out as Lynn eloquently described, you don't

10:22:02 just plop and incubator down and let it run and see

10:22:05 what happens.

10:22:06 That usually fails.

10:22:07 What you have to do is make sure that you have done all

10:22:09 of your homework and you have given that incubator all

10:22:12 the best possible chances to survive.

10:22:14 And that goes back to counseling and working with your

10:22:18 community to make sure everybody involved has been

10:22:20 educated.

10:22:21 So it is a different time.

10:22:25 And it's a time now where you have to be a smart

10:22:27 business person to succeed.

10:22:29 So our feeling generally is that this will provide us

10:22:31 with another tool for our tool box in Ybor City.

10:22:36 And I want to thank you for your support.

10:22:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:22:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to public comments.

10:22:44 We go to public comments.

10:22:46 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak?

10:22:56 >>> Good morning.

10:22:57 My name is Denise McKay James, vice chair of the East

10:23:02 Tampa partnership, and I also serve as a board member

10:23:05 of the CDC ever Tampa.

10:23:07 As a board member of the CDC of Tampa I have every

10:23:10 reason to believe that this will work, and I think one

10:23:13 of the advantages is that the CDC of Tampa is a part of

10:23:17 this partnership with them.

10:23:19 You don't have to look far to see about business

10:23:22 incubators and how successful they can be, because

10:23:27 Chloe Conan and Tony Watts were the pioneers of some of

10:23:33 that in Tampa.

10:23:34 We do have an incubator and they did the small business

10:23:37 training and everything else, and one of the business

10:23:38 owners has been there now for about ten years.

10:23:42 I don't know exactly how long the incubator has been

10:23:46 there.

10:23:46 More than ten years, I'm sure.

10:23:47 But we have people now who everybody there.

10:23:49 Due to the training that they receive through the CDC.

10:23:52 And the success that they have had with their programs.

10:23:55 So you can look to the CDC if you want to see how

10:23:59 business incubators can work and perhaps get some input

10:24:02 from that.

10:24:03 Thank you.

10:24:08 >> Good morning.

10:24:11 My name is John Wittner.

10:24:13 I'm a candidate --

10:24:16 >>GWEN MILLER: If you are a candidate, if you are

10:24:18 appointed to one of these positions, would you please

10:24:20 hold your comments until we get to that part of the

10:24:23 agenda?

10:24:24 >>> I was encouraged by Jeanette Fenton to speak now

10:24:28 because --

10:24:29 >> You have to leave?

10:24:30 >>> I have a business.

10:24:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Other persons that are going to be

10:24:33 appointed, would you please wait till we get to that

10:24:36 part of the agenda?

10:24:37 Okay.

10:24:37 Go ahead.

10:24:38 >>> Thank you.

10:24:39 Again my name is John Wittner, a life-long Tampa

10:24:44 resident.

10:24:46 I am currently applying for a position with the Drew

10:24:52 Park advisory board.

10:24:55 I currently work at Grimaldi Commercial Realty

10:25:01 Corporation which has a very large presence in that

10:25:03 area and has for approximately 30 years.

10:25:08 My experience is that I have been involved in real

10:25:13 estate development and brokerage for 20 years as a

10:25:18 local developer, medical office buildings, retail

10:25:22 centers, general office buildings, and a host of other

10:25:27 real estate aspects.

10:25:29 I recently became involved with Jeanette on some

10:25:34 projects we have in common, as well as Lewis Miller

10:25:39 with the airport and several other folks with the Tampa

10:25:42 Hillsborough economic Development Corporation, and just

10:25:46 wanted to let now that I would be honored to serve, and

10:25:51 I think I may be able to bring some fresh eyes into the

10:25:54 Drew Park area, it's a very strategic and vital area

10:25:59 that we need to spend focused attention on.

10:26:03 I think it got some great things happening with the new

10:26:07 air Cargo Road and some of the other developments.

10:26:09 But I think we also have a long way to go.

10:26:12 And I'm fourth generation Tampa, and I would love to

10:26:18 serve if I am giving given the opportunity.

10:26:20 So thank you very much.

10:26:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:26:22 >>> I would like to make a comment as an East Tampa

10:26:35 resident and homeowner.

10:26:41 I am in support of this and give personal testimony

10:26:43 because of the fact that one of the business plans.

10:26:52 And although you may not know right away how you get

10:26:55 your money back whether it's one job or four jobs,

10:26:57 that's one more job than we have currently.

10:26:59 Also in this tough economy that we have, a lot of

10:27:02 people are looking for direction.

10:27:04 And I know personally from going and attending the

10:27:09 business classes, the classes, that you do get a sense

10:27:11 of direction.

10:27:12 And once you get a sense of direction that you know

10:27:14 which way and which path you are going to take.

10:27:17 I would just say it is a valuable part.

10:27:19 And it will be a valuable part for the East Tampa

10:27:21 community.

10:27:22 Thank you.

10:27:22 >> I'm Al Davis.

10:27:39 I'm a resident of the East Tampa CRA.

10:27:50 We were privileged this morning to listen to the

10:27:52 conversation and the discussion.

10:27:54 I'm a little bit enthusiastic a little bit about what

10:27:57 this may look like as we continue going down the road.

10:28:03 The idea of having an incubator, you know, it good to

10:28:09 have -- but we can't count the chicks until the eggs

10:28:17 are hatched.

10:28:18 We cannot predict what we hope we can.

10:28:24 Yesterday is gone.

10:28:25 Today is here.

10:28:26 And tomorrow is coming.

10:28:29 I like the idea of futuristic innovative thinking and

10:28:35 planning.

10:28:36 And that's where I build my hopes up, Madam Chairman.

10:28:42 The future.

10:28:43 Thank you.

10:28:44 The idea of having this incubator concept sounds good.

10:28:58 I appreciate Mr. Miranda's and councilman Scott's

10:29:07 comments, because, you know, that's what it's all

10:29:09 about.

10:29:11 Dialoguing.

10:29:12 Making sure if we can.

10:29:18 Is it going to be coming out of East Tampa TIF funds?

10:29:24 Whatever the amount is, I just want to have the

10:29:27 assurance that when it's done, I can see that it has

10:29:35 really benefited East Tampa from the point of view of

10:29:44 the blight, the slum and deterioration.

10:29:48 I want some real physical results that I can point to

10:29:52 so say, yes, indeed, this was a good investment.

10:29:55 Thank you.

10:29:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:30:02 >> Good morning.

10:30:03 William Dennis, property owner in East Tampa.

10:30:06 I just wanted to say that I was impressed with the

10:30:10 plans for the 22nd street corridor.

10:30:14 I noticed that most of that property is public-type

10:30:18 property, you know, private property owners to the

10:30:24 south, all the proposals that are occurring right now.

10:30:28 I would like -- us private property owners need some

10:30:34 relief, you know, need some direction with what we are

10:30:37 going to do with our property, because we actually make

10:30:40 up the property base.

10:30:42 A lot of people in the public sector, they are exempt

10:30:45 from paying.

10:30:47 We need to have some real value to our property so that

10:30:50 we can -- I appreciate your comments with regard to the

10:30:57 property just south of the planned project, you know,

10:31:01 as it stands right now.

10:31:03 The other thing, I appreciate it also with the planner.

10:31:08 I believe that's Mr. Hubbard, with regard to having the

10:31:12 off-street parking down, you know, parallel parking in

10:31:18 the commercial district across from college Hill.

10:31:24 You never hear anybody mention that on the backside of

10:31:28 those commercial properties should be like service

10:31:35 alleys and maybe some additional parking, because, you

10:31:38 know, that's not nearly enough parking to accommodate

10:31:42 the, you know, the commercial customer traffic that you

10:31:50 would hope for.

10:31:52 And so like I say, I can't wait to see what the plans

10:31:56 are going to be from 23rd street or Avenue

10:32:02 southward toward -- because it's I-4, and it would be

10:32:10 nice to have something comparable to that, and then the

10:32:14 turn, the roundabout that's going to be at 23rd.

10:32:17 Thank you.

10:32:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:32:19 Would anyone else like to speak?

10:32:21 Mr. Huey?

10:32:22 Are you ready for item number 8?

10:32:26 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:32:27 The next four items on your agenda are a very important

10:32:31 process of filling in openings on the various community

10:32:36 advisory committees that's our notice in items 8

10:32:42 through 11.

10:32:43 And for the benefit of the viewing audience, these are

10:32:45 the folks who represent these redeveloping

10:32:48 neighborhoods and serve at the pleasure of the board.

10:32:53 We have forwarded to you all of the applicants, their

10:32:59 specific applications.

10:33:02 In addition to a matrix that tries to summarize the

10:33:06 qualifications and background of the respective

10:33:10 applicants, those matrixes also give you information

10:33:14 about the currently-serving members on each community

10:33:17 advisory committee.

10:33:19 Many of the applicant are here in the audience.

10:33:22 And I believe we are going to go through each one of

10:33:25 them one at a time starting with the Channel District,

10:33:28 and at your pleasure, those who are in the audience,

10:33:33 who would like to speak on behalf of their application

10:33:37 could address you.

10:33:38 And with that I will turn it over to the chair.

10:33:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you have the application, names of

10:33:49 people that apply?

10:33:52 Pass them out.

10:33:54 Our first one is Channel District.

10:33:56 Is anyone here that would like to speak to be appointed

10:34:00 to the Channelside district?

10:34:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It appears that there are three

10:34:05 applicants, and I'm sure Mark has looked at them.

10:34:09 Mark, do you have any objection to any of the three?

10:34:11 I'll move all three and make it easy on that one.

10:34:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

10:34:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:34:17 All in favor say Aye.

10:34:19 Opposed, no?

10:34:20 Those three have been confirmed.

10:34:21 We now go to downtown community advisory.

10:34:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just for the record, that was

10:34:25 Andrea Scaglione, Heather Shipherd, and Lonise White.

10:34:34 Congratulations.

10:34:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone like to speak who would

10:34:36 like to be appointed to the downtown community advisory

10:34:38 committee?

10:34:39 >> Good morning, members of CRA board.

10:34:44 My name is Vivian Salaga, 502 east Watts Avenue.

10:34:49 I am a practicing architect in the City of Tampa.

10:34:52 I'm here before you this morning to request the renewal

10:34:55 of my appointment to the downtown CRA advisory

10:34:59 committee.

10:35:00 The architectural profession has a significant vested

10:35:04 interest in the quality of the downtown environment as

10:35:08 it evolves over time.

10:35:10 Our headquarters office is located in downtown on Tampa

10:35:14 street.

10:35:15 We are active members of the downtown partnership.

10:35:19 And we have appreciated the opportunity over the two

10:35:21 years of my tenure on the downtown advisory committee

10:35:25 to weigh in on key recommendations for downtown events,

10:35:30 activities and development plans from the automated

10:35:34 parking meters to the workforce and market housing

10:35:37 proposals like the heritage center to the new

10:35:43 wayfinding signage system.

10:35:46 A design professional in at least one of the seats on

10:35:49 this committee has to balance the deliberations of the

10:35:52 committee with vision and we hope some significant

10:35:58 insight.

10:35:59 The present voting composition of this committee

10:36:03 includes two real estate professionals, two attorneys,

10:36:06 two public relations marketing business development

10:36:08 professionals and one design professional.

10:36:13 There is an a ex-officio member who is an event

10:36:16 planner.

10:36:18 I ask for your support and vote for my reappointment so

10:36:21 that the design community may continue to have a voice

10:36:24 in the future development of one of the most key

10:36:29 neighborhoods in the City of Tampa.

10:36:30 Thank you.

10:36:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:36:33 Next.

10:36:33 >> Good morning.

10:36:41 Eric Odum.

10:36:43 518 North Tampa Street.

10:36:45 That's my business address.

10:36:47 My office is obviously downtown.

10:36:49 And I have been around Tampa for the better part before

10:36:51 20 years.

10:36:53 I own my own commercial real estate firm.

10:36:57 And prior to that I was the chief executive officer for

10:37:00 DF insurance group which is a subsidiary of Allen

10:37:04 financial.

10:37:04 I have been a participant in many bonds or activities

10:37:07 throughout the area starting back in 1989 which was

10:37:12 then the Hall of Fame bowl, has now turned into one of

10:37:15 the premiere cornerstone events of our city, the

10:37:19 Outback Bowl.

10:37:21 And I also have been participating in downtown Tampa

10:37:26 and interested in arts.

10:37:29 Some of you might know me as one of the founders of the

10:37:32 Gasparilla International Film Festival which was

10:37:34 brought downtown, brought to Ybor, now in its fourth

10:37:37 year.

10:37:37 So I was looking for an opportunity to try to get more

10:37:41 involved in the community, and with my office being

10:37:44 downtown and being in some sort of business development

10:37:46 activity, I felt that this was probably the best

10:37:53 opportunity for me to contribute and give back.

10:37:55 And so I'm asking that you consider my application

10:37:58 today for the CRA, the downtown board, and I think that

10:38:02 I would do a good job serving, bring a fresh

10:38:05 perspective, and I appreciate your consideration.

10:38:09 Thank you very much.

10:38:09 >> Bob McDonaugh.

10:38:17 On your matrix it reflects the interest of a David

10:38:19 Michael Hunter of that company for the downtown CRA

10:38:22 advisory.

10:38:28 And he has an interest in being considered for the

10:38:31 Heights which he also applied for. So please disregard

10:38:33 his name as a candidate for the downtown.

10:38:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Disregard it. Anyone else?

10:38:44 You may vote then.

10:38:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is two out of three.

10:38:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote for two members.

10:38:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And pass it down.

10:38:54 >> Mr. Jones, who is not here today, has served with

10:39:05 distinction for the last four years.

10:39:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We will go to Drew Park.

10:39:10 Anyone applying for Drew Park that would like to speak?

10:39:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Today is the 14th?

10:39:21 >> Pat Cuervo.

10:39:26 Our family owns Nebraska Printing in Drew Park.

10:39:29 We chose 24 years ago to move to Drew Park.

10:39:32 We love Drew Park.

10:39:33 And we still love it today.

10:39:34 And I would just like the opportunity to serve on the

10:39:36 advisory committee.

10:39:37 Thank you.

10:39:37 >> Maritza Astorquiza.

10:39:51 I have been serving on Drew Park's committee in one way

10:39:54 or another, even prior before we were actually

10:39:57 officially a committee.

10:39:58 And I am up for renewal again.

10:40:03 Up for renewal.

10:40:04 And I am also have been serving as the vice chair.

10:40:08 And I have also been voted to be the chair for the next

10:40:12 session.

10:40:12 And, of course, it would be nice if I was a member to

10:40:19 actually do my job.

10:40:21 With great pride, I have served on Drew Park, and I

10:40:27 would like to say that I am also very proud that I had

10:40:30 a little vision that was very supported by the

10:40:32 committee, and carried out by other members of the

10:40:36 community, which was successful, and the project was

10:40:39 the partnership with the police.

10:40:44 And obviously we received a recognition, an award for

10:40:48 that program that we delivered in Drew Park, and was

10:40:52 very successful.

10:40:53 So I would hope that you would give me an opportunity

10:40:55 to serve as chair and continue my work in Drew Park.

10:40:58 Thank you.

10:40:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:41:00 >> My name is Francisco Rivera.

10:41:10 I own five properties in Drew Park.

10:41:12 I'm an active real estate agent and commercial loan

10:41:15 officer.

10:41:16 I'm also looking to acquire more properties.

10:41:19 At the present time, I reside in south Florida.

10:41:24 I have had 40 years experience in real estate, about

10:41:27 19 -- 13 years experience in commercial lending, and

10:41:33 residential lending.

10:41:36 I'm very excited about being appointed to the

10:41:39 committee, because I bring a lot of good things to the

10:41:41 table.

10:41:45 Drew Park sits in a very strategic area, and it could

10:41:50 be the gateway to central Florida.

10:41:53 Okay.

10:41:54 I'm very active in the Miami area with an organization

10:41:57 called Latin builders, and I can bring a lot of good

10:42:02 business towards the Tampa area.

10:42:04 So I really appreciate being appointed to this

10:42:09 committee.

10:42:09 Thank you very much.

10:42:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:42:11 >> My name is -- I am here this morning to ask you to

10:42:19 consider my appointment to the Drew Park ^ CRA.

10:42:23 A little background about me.

10:42:24 I work at Tampa Electric Company.

10:42:27 I worked there for 22 years.

10:42:29 16 of those years was in the customer service area

10:42:32 arena.

10:42:33 The last six have been in the operational area. I have

10:42:39 a team of folks that consist of engineers and linemen

10:42:41 that service the western part of our community which

10:42:44 Drew Park is part of.

10:42:45 And we are responsible for constructing and maintaining

10:42:48 electrical system in that area.

10:42:54 I feel my experience at Tampa Electric Company and the

10:42:55 relationships I formed over the last 22 years would be

10:42:58 an asset to this group.

10:42:59 I think I could act as liaison between Tampa Electric

10:43:02 Company and CRA as far as new construction and

10:43:04 development in that area.

10:43:06 I believe that the Drew Park area as the economy picks

10:43:11 up will be of interest to a lot of folks, and I think

10:43:15 as leaders in the community, it's our job to become

10:43:17 involved in the planning process, the development

10:43:19 process of that area.

10:43:21 And our ultimate goal should be that that is a place

10:43:25 for residents who want to live and the businesses do

10:43:28 thrive and all the activity that could be coming in

10:43:30 that area.

10:43:31 I think it would be an asset.

10:43:33 I would like to be part of the team and I would like

10:43:35 you to consider me.

10:43:36 And I hope that that will happen.

10:43:37 Thank you.

10:43:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:43:42 >> Last but not least.

10:43:44 My name is Domingo Noriega. 506 Blossom Avenue.

10:43:49 I have been a 29-year resident of Tampa, but my family

10:43:53 has roots in Tampa since 1920.

10:43:55 I am a registered professional engineer, have been so

10:43:58 for 21 years.

10:44:00 My main field of expertise is transportation engineer,

10:44:05 engineering, traffic engineering, and I have done quite

10:44:10 a lot of work in that area, very proud to have been

10:44:17 part of the traffic studies, the preliminary analysis,

10:44:22 for the air Cargo Road.

10:44:23 I was a consultant for the Hillsborough County Aviation

10:44:26 Authority.

10:44:28 I participated in all the public outreach activities.

10:44:31 I was actually able to participate and translate to the

10:44:38 Spanish community all the plans for the Cargo Road.

10:44:41 But more importantly, I do feel about that area, I

10:44:45 think it's one of our diamonds in the rough in the

10:44:49 city.

10:44:51 Of course many CRAs should feel the same.

10:44:54 But I think Drew Park is really the diamond in the

10:44:56 rough.

10:44:57 And I will volunteer my time if you appoint me.

10:45:00 So thank you so much.

10:45:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:45:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This says here road for four.

10:45:27 But we certainly have an ex-officio.

10:45:30 Does that include one of the four or not?

10:45:32 >> No, that's clarification.

10:45:34 You will vote for four out of the eight.

10:45:39 You ratify her, yes.

10:45:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't want to interrupt anyone's

10:45:46 speech as to why they should get elected.

10:45:49 But this is an area of great concern to me.

10:45:51 It's in my district.

10:45:52 An area that is zoned in great part to some extent

10:45:56 commercial.

10:45:57 And it's an area that has been hit very hard by the

10:46:01 city for different areas.

10:46:02 And it's the only area that I know of a major city

10:46:07 close by that's right next to the airport.

10:46:11 It has residential.

10:46:12 It has a lot of commercial.

10:46:15 And I would like to see it that way.

10:46:18 That's what the candidates have to have in mind.

10:46:20 And I didn't want anyone to hear what I said because

10:46:27 then they would say, oh, yeah, I agree with you.

10:46:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question for our attorney.

10:46:34 I know on a previous vote one of the people applying

10:46:37 with outside the City of Tampa and outside of

10:46:40 Hillsborough County.

10:46:41 Does somebody who serve on the CRA board need to live

10:46:44 within Hillsborough County?

10:46:53 >> (off microphone).

10:47:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just because in other boards I

10:47:11 believe people are required to live within the city and

10:47:13 the county.

10:47:13 >>SAL TERRITO: You did not set that in one of your

10:47:18 criteria. I don't think there's anything in your

10:47:20 bylaws that requires the CRA members to live in the

10:47:22 district or even in the city or the county.

10:47:26 Your decision whether you think that person can serve,

10:47:29 business ownership, and if there's a relationship with

10:47:31 that area, that's all you need to have.

10:47:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I have one other question.

10:47:40 There's no indication on our sheets here, or our

10:47:44 materials, if a person is currently serving, and unless

10:47:49 they come and tell us, that they are applying to

10:47:52 continue their service on the board.

10:47:53 >> If you look on the matrix, the existing CRA --

10:48:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I need that.

10:48:05 Thank you.

10:48:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Along those lines, Chad Angell, and

10:48:17 I guess Susan Poole, the only residents in this pool of

10:48:23 applicants.

10:48:25 They are currently deserving on your board.

10:48:27 >>> That's correct.

10:48:30 And that's the reason I stood up to address you is both

10:48:32 of them were existing members.

10:48:33 They were not able to be here today.

10:48:35 And they are seeking reappointment.

10:48:36 And Ms. Poole is our only resident of Drew Park that

10:48:40 sits on the advisory committee.

10:48:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Not for to you cam campaign, but

10:48:47 they are active?

10:48:49 >>> Yes.

10:48:49 They served very well on the committee.

10:48:51 >> And Loritza indicates she has been on the committee.

10:48:56 >>> General neat Fenton: All three very valuable

10:49:01 members of the committee.

10:49:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:49:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is the term limit?

10:49:06 I can't recall.

10:49:06 >>> It's a two-year term.

10:49:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we have a limit on re-upping?

10:49:13 >>> For the people that are being reappointed, this

10:49:15 would be their second two-year term and then they would

10:49:18 be term limited.

10:49:19 They would have to sit out a year before they could be

10:49:21 reappointed again.

10:49:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that at-large?

10:49:28 I'm just kidding.

10:49:30 >>GWEN MILLER: While we are tallying those, we'll go

10:49:34 to Tampa Heights.

10:49:35 >>MARK HUEY: Could I interrupt the agenda?

10:49:38 Mr. Ryan has arrived and is here with Cindy Miller, our

10:49:43 director of housing, growth planning and management,

10:49:46 and Sharon West of our housing program.

10:49:49 And we would love to have you up here to share with us

10:49:53 a little bit more about the good news.

10:49:55 >> Good morning.

10:50:01 Jerome Ryan, Tampa Housing Authority.

10:50:03 I'm sort of humbled this morning.

10:50:06 This is the beginning, the start, the beginning, the

10:50:10 start, the beginning, the start, the beginning, of a

10:50:12 process that we started several years ago at Central

10:50:15 Park.

10:50:16 And first of all, my hat's off to the City Council and

10:50:21 especially the mayor's office, Cindy's office, and Mrs.

10:50:26 West's office, and those individuals are Congress

10:50:29 person and also our senator for being so direct about

10:50:32 getting some things done for us, in this community.

10:50:35 And these guys everybody extremely helpful.

10:50:37 And I can't say a whole lot about those guys.

10:50:42 They have been pushing and pushing and pushing.

10:50:45 But I do want to say to you, I did receive a call from

10:50:49 Congresswoman castor's office about our money for

10:50:52 Central Park.

10:50:53 We are going to receive $38 million.

10:50:56 $10 million is for the city for closure and mitigation.

10:51:02 And 23 million for the infrastructure of Central Park.

10:51:06 I know I stood here before on a number of occasions and

10:51:09 said we have to do this, we are going to do that.

10:51:11 We have always had confidence in this process so our

10:51:15 prayers were simply answered today.

10:51:16 And we are very pleased with the beginning of a process

10:51:18 that has been a long time coming.

10:51:20 And I'm just very pleased.

10:51:22 And more than just being pleased with it.

10:51:24 I'm very pleased with the patience and the support that

10:51:27 we received from City Council, the patience and the

10:51:30 support that we received from the mayor's office, and

10:51:32 everybody that's been involved in this process, because

10:51:35 it's been long and drawn out.

10:51:37 And some days you feel just whipped, you know.

10:51:39 But we made a decision a long time ago we were going to

10:51:43 get this deal done.

10:51:44 And this is the beginning of getting the deal done.

10:51:46 And I'm just very pleased with it.

10:51:48 I'm very proud to announce we are going to receive did

10:51:51 $38 million.

10:51:52 And it just one of those days where you just want to

10:51:55 high five everybody.

10:51:57 [ Applause ]

10:52:02 And I just want to thank you again.

10:52:05 I'm humbled.

10:52:06 I'm really, really humbled.

10:52:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Could you remind us specifically

10:52:19 what the 28 million will mean for the project?

10:52:21 I mean, the project is huge.

10:52:22 >>> The infrastructure itself which is the toughest

10:52:29 piece.

10:52:30 We think don't think the commercial piece will be as

10:52:32 difficult to do as the infrastructure itself.

10:52:34 As most of you know, we have a downtown real estate

10:52:40 market, CRAs were not able to do the things they

10:52:42 wanted to on the TIF, so we needed those dollars to get

10:52:45 the infrastructure started. And I might add, too, Bank

10:52:48 of America, they have been our partner through this

10:52:51 process.

10:52:51 They spent quite a few dollars during this whole

10:52:54 process.

10:52:54 They have been our partner.

10:52:57 But I think more importantly, if it had not been for

10:53:02 you, the mayors, and others that kept us focused on

10:53:05 what we need to do and how to do it, especially my

10:53:08 board, we have got to get it done, we have got to get

10:53:13 it done.

10:53:14 And had it not been for you guys, I don't think we

10:53:16 would be where we are today.

10:53:17 That's what happens when a group of people can sit down

10:53:19 and agree and eyeball each other and agree to get

10:53:23 something done, and this is not something that the

10:53:26 Housing Authority did, this is something that we all

10:53:28 did.

10:53:28 And I appreciate you guys, appreciate your support and

10:53:32 your help, and certainly appreciate the mayor's office,

10:53:34 and especially Cindy over here and Mrs. West, these

10:53:38 guys everybody Yeomen, who we prepared we know a

10:53:42 quality application, we knew it was going to be a

10:53:45 highly competitive process.

10:53:46 There were hundreds of applications going after

10:53:49 approximately $2 billion.

10:53:51 And I'm very pleased.

10:53:53 Like I said, I'm blown away.

10:53:55 >> Good morning.

10:53:59 If I may, Cindy Miller.

10:54:04 Growth management services.

10:54:06 I want to put one more float on the $10 million that is

10:54:09 close to the city what we will be managing.

10:54:12 This will be transformational, not just for Central

10:54:14 Park, but the other neighborhoods that are included,

10:54:18 include East Tampa CRA south of Martin Luther King.

10:54:23 Grant Park.

10:54:24 Ybor City.

10:54:25 East Ybor.

10:54:26 So basically all of the neighborhoods from Martin

10:54:31 Luther King, and then down to I-4 to the south, and

10:54:37 beyond.

10:54:37 So it will be transformational for the core of our

10:54:42 city.

10:54:42 So this is really a celebration for the CRAs in that

10:54:44 area.

10:54:45 >>I had a chance to meet a lady yesterday at a meeting.

10:54:54 I didn't know Reverend Scott was such a rambunctious

10:54:57 person when he was young.

10:54:58 Remind me to talk about your childhood.

10:55:01 I heard a lot of good things.

10:55:05 So again thank you so very much.

10:55:07 And as I said earlier, without your support, and

10:55:10 without the support of Congresswoman Castor and Senator

10:55:14 Nelson and the city itself, we wouldn't be standing

10:55:16 here today.

10:55:17 So thank you.

10:55:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Ryan, I just wanted to say -- and

10:55:23 I do echo those sentiments -- and thank you so much.

10:55:28 I would suggest also that you share this with the Board

10:55:30 of County Commission.

10:55:32 Because the process began way back with the Mayor and

10:55:37 with the Board of County Commission.

10:55:41 So I would suggest that.

10:55:45 Secondly, I think we owe a great deal of thank you to

10:55:49 Congresswoman Castor, who really stayed on top of this.

10:55:53 I know we all are partners, and everybody deserves a

10:55:56 lot of credit.

10:55:57 But we have to really give a special thank you to her

10:56:02 for staying on top of it, keeping an eye on it and

10:56:05 moving it forward for us.

10:56:07 Otherwise, Castor may not have gotten the funding but

10:56:12 by her participation, I think, sends a strong message.

10:56:15 >> One other comment.

10:56:18 It's interesting.

10:56:19 I got a chance to spend some time in Washington.

10:56:21 She's a very strong person on the Hill.

10:56:23 I hear her name a lot when I'm in Washington.

10:56:26 So we have some advantages here in this community by

10:56:29 having her in Washington.

10:56:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It really speaks well when a community

10:56:37 decides to come together and do what's right for this

10:56:40 community, and what's best.

10:56:42 It speaks well of this administration as mayor, the

10:56:46 staff, the Housing Authority, and all of the partners.

10:56:51 Of course Kathy Castor.

10:56:54 It looks good.

10:56:56 This is a great day for us.

10:56:57 Great day.

10:56:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Ryan, let me tell you this.

10:57:03 You thank everybody.

10:57:04 Nobody thanked you.

10:57:05 I mean, you have worked hard.

10:57:07 You didn't give up.

10:57:07 You stayed on us, we stayed on you and you stayed on us

10:57:11 because this is a project you wanted to see done.

10:57:13 And we want to thank you.

10:57:15 You never had any doubts we weren't going to have the

10:57:18 money.

10:57:18 You said we were going to get it.

10:57:20 Every time you came before us you said we are going to

10:57:22 get it, just be patient.

10:57:23 We were patient and today it came through.

10:57:25 So when want to thank you for owe what you have done

10:57:28 and what you have done with the Housing Authority.

10:57:29 And it will be a great project.

10:57:31 >> And I want to really thank my board.

10:57:34 I have a great group of officers, the people focused

10:57:39 and targeted, and stayed on our cases.

10:57:42 And that's good.

10:57:42 I mean, I got a great group of people I work with, and

10:57:45 these guys have been very supportive and very helpful,

10:57:48 and willing to do whatever we ask them to do.

10:57:50 So I want to publicly thank them, too.

10:57:57 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.

10:57:59 High five.

10:58:00 [ Applause ]

10:58:06 >>MARK HUEY: This agency was started in the '80s, I

10:58:11 don't think.

10:58:11 I don't think there's been a bigger announcement,

10:58:14 Jerome, in the history of this agency, a more

10:58:16 significant announcement than this.

10:58:18 I haven't been here since the '80s, but I am just not

10:58:22 a aware of any single announcement that's been made

10:58:24 here at the redevelopment agency that is going to

10:58:27 impact our community more dramatically.

10:58:29 So just echo the significance of the day.

10:58:33 Our viewing audience is probably going to be reading

10:58:35 about this on the front page of the papers tomorrow.

10:58:38 And it will be all over.

10:58:42 We celebrate with you and your team.

10:58:44 >> We are going to have a groundbreaking ceremony.

10:58:51 We'll be contacting you about that.

10:58:54 But we are getting ready to rebuild those units back on

10:58:56 that location.

10:58:58 It's not going to look nothing like public housing.

10:59:01 It's so I want to share that with you, you will get an

10:59:06 invitation on that.

10:59:08 I want to tell you this, too.

10:59:09 We are going to go after another Hope VI.

10:59:13 There's a new program called choice community.

10:59:15 There's going to be a lot of dollars available for

10:59:17 that.

10:59:17 We are going to go after that.

10:59:19 And one of the things, too, that most of us know about

10:59:22 we got over 97, 98% of our dollars are obligated, by

10:59:28 March 15th.

10:59:29 We have done that.

10:59:30 We picked up an additional $12 million for our public

10:59:33 housing.

10:59:34 And there's some other dollars we are going after.

10:59:36 Because we said to HUD if in fact you give dollars

10:59:39 back, they are going to spend those dollars.

10:59:45 And we are a high performing agency in public housing.

10:59:51 So we want to maintain our status.

10:59:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Good job.

10:59:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Before you leave, you have not had

10:59:59 the resources that you would have liked to have had to

11:00:03 make -- to realize the projects on your place.

11:00:06 And it is so satisfying to see you get some of those

11:00:09 resources.

11:00:10 And in terms of weatherization dollars, the city of

11:00:16 St. Petersburg applied for some money that the City of

11:00:17 Tampa could also benefit from should the money come

11:00:21 through.

11:00:21 We need to talk with you about partnering in terms of

11:00:25 showing responsiveness so that we get additional

11:00:29 resources available for Tampa residents to do

11:00:32 weatherization.

11:00:32 >> Thank you.

11:00:34 We'll do that.

11:00:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you very much.

11:00:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for coming down and sharing

11:00:39 it with us.

11:00:39 >> One thing I failed to mention and I didn't want to

11:00:47 let the opportunity pass.

11:00:48 You notice we have a vacant slot in our matrix.

11:00:51 One of the seats.

11:00:52 And that was held by George Adams, Sr.

11:00:59 And Mr. Adams, we lost him several months ago.

11:01:01 He was a very valued member of our board, and in the

11:01:04 Drew Park community, he was a pioneer.

11:01:07 His business, electric supply, has been there for over

11:01:10 30 years, and just a wonderful gentleman.

11:01:12 And it was very sad for us to lose him, for his family,

11:01:16 for the community.

11:01:17 So that is one of the vacancies that you will be

11:01:20 filling today.

11:01:21 I just wanted to publicly acknowledge him.

11:01:23 Thank you.

11:01:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When he came down he talked to us

11:01:27 last year.

11:01:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to Tampa Heights appointments.

11:01:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we have the results?

11:01:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to do that all at one

11:01:38 time.

11:01:39 Anyone who is going to speak to be appointed to the

11:01:41 Tampa Heights advisory committee, please come up.

11:01:44 >> Jeffrey Warren.

11:01:48 I am the president of Bush Ross, PA, a Tampa law firm,

11:01:55 1801 north Highland Avenue in the Heights.

11:01:57 I am seeking a reappointment to the committee.

11:02:04 I served faithfully for the last two years.

11:02:07 I and members of my firm shared a vision for the

11:02:09 Heights and the redevelopment.

11:02:10 And I appreciate your consideration.

11:02:12 Thank you.

11:02:12 >> Rochelle Gross.

11:02:19 While I love and fully support Tampa Heights I would

11:02:21 like to withdraw my application for the Tampa Heights

11:02:25 CAC.

11:02:26 Thank you.

11:02:26 >> My name is David Hunter.

11:02:33 I work reside at 1902 north Highland.

11:02:38 I'm a practicing architect here in Tampa.

11:02:41 I also serve on the architectural review commission, as

11:02:45 well as the last two years I have been on the Board of

11:02:48 Directors for the local chapter, which has been very

11:02:51 involved in the community.

11:02:52 The reason I'm here today is I share a philosophical

11:02:57 belief with my boss, a gentleman named mark House.

11:03:00 And that is a few years ago, we were over in Westshore

11:03:05 area, and Mark recognized that the economy was turning,

11:03:09 and we were looking for new office space, and for

11:03:12 whatever reason he kept taking us back to the Heights.

11:03:17 I think it he recognized the potential of it.

11:03:19 He believed so much in the potential, that he we moved

11:03:24 our entire offices there in a bunch of trailers whale

11:03:27 we watched our brand knew two-story building being

11:03:30 built, which is just being completed right now.

11:03:32 And I encourage all of you to come enjoy the view from

11:03:36 the green roof deck.

11:03:38 With that said, his philosophy is can't sit around and

11:03:43 what I want for people to -- you have to go out and

11:03:50 create your own work.

11:03:51 And in our office we have a sign there that says this

11:03:55 is economic development.

11:03:56 And that's something that I think since we have been

11:03:58 down there, I started to understand what that really

11:04:00 means, and why we would like to get involved.

11:04:03 And I hope that you appoint me to this position.

11:04:07 Thank you.

11:04:07 >> Good morning.

11:04:14 Thank you for this opportunity.

11:04:15 My name is Brian Panico.

11:04:19 Born and raised in Tampa.

11:04:20 Graduated from Jesuit as well as the University of

11:04:21 South Florida.

11:04:23 I currently reside directly adjacent to the Heights

11:04:26 project.

11:04:26 If you remember, they moved a big old yellow house out.

11:04:31 So I have just about finished restoring that and reside

11:04:34 there as well.

11:04:34 So I am very involved in the community.

11:04:36 Really enjoy the neighborhood.

11:04:38 I want to be involved more.

11:04:39 And see a lot happen.

11:04:43 Professionally, I think I can bring a lot to this as

11:04:45 well.

11:04:47 I am employed by the new Heights, called Heidt Design.

11:04:53 I have experience in community planning, as well as

11:04:57 ecological sustainable design of communities.

11:05:00 Land planning, engineering, and construction.

11:05:02 So kind of a full gamut of history professionally there

11:05:08 as well.

11:05:09 That's my personal involvement in the community.

11:05:11 My desire to serve.

11:05:12 So I am also familiar with these boards.

11:05:16 I chaired the environmental lands acquisition board for

11:05:20 Pasco County, was just reinstated to another five

11:05:24 years.

11:05:24 So I'm familiar with the sunshine laws.

11:05:27 So I do appreciate this opportunity.

11:05:30 And I look forward to it.

11:05:31 Thank you very much.

11:05:31 >> Carmen Brown Johnson.

11:05:41 Daughter and attorney in fact for Willet Brown, 2003

11:05:47 North Highland Avenue.

11:05:49 In a great city of which I believe Tampa is one, which

11:05:53 I highly respect and value its diversity.

11:05:58 Community leaders that are elected, appointed, hired, a

11:06:01 or volunteer should always keep this in the center of

11:06:04 their decision making.

11:06:06 My family has owned property in the Heights since 1926,

11:06:11 and that was previously known as Holland park for four

11:06:16 generations.

11:06:17 Because of my family's deep roots in the community, I

11:06:20 am passionate and sentimental about the Heights

11:06:23 redevelopment, and the riverwalk project.

11:06:26 Long before commercial value of this area was

11:06:30 recognized by developers and investors, my family, like

11:06:34 many other long-time residents, established homes on

11:06:37 this land, instill values in our children that have

11:06:42 made Tampa what it is today.

11:06:44 One example, a tragic fire that occurred on my family's

11:06:47 property many years ago claimed the life of a young

11:06:50 mother, leaving her children, two daughters, homeless.

11:06:56 These two girls were adopted by my grandparents, became

11:07:00 sisters to my father and beloved aunt to me.

11:07:06 Miss Frances Jenny, one of my aunts who continues to

11:07:12 reside in Tampa worked her way through college and

11:07:13 served this community by being one of the first

11:07:15 registered nurse practitioners at Hillsborough County

11:07:20 health department and Tampa General for over 40 years.

11:07:24 Most recently, my family was involved as alumni in the

11:07:29 initiation of historic column alumni, the first

11:07:35 Hillsborough County school for colored recognized by

11:07:38 the school district, the Tampa history center and the

11:07:41 Tampa historic society.

11:07:45 As a community advocate, my husband and I served on

11:07:48 numerous boards and continue to volunteer our time on a

11:07:51 host of issues because we certainly believe in

11:07:55 President Kennedy's principle which requires that we

11:07:58 consider this important question, of what can we do to

11:08:01 serve our fellowman.

11:08:04 Through our field ministry, my husband and I have

11:08:06 supported the development of our children as well as

11:08:09 many other children in this community true to my

11:08:13 grandparents' legacy and many of these young people

11:08:15 have gone on to college and are successful members of

11:08:18 society.

11:08:20 With our youngest son becoming a Rhodes scholar in 2006

11:08:24 to study at Oxford university in England, and currently

11:08:27 working on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations committee

11:08:31 in Washington, D.C.

11:08:33 I am a proud member of this community.

11:08:37 I am proud of this city.

11:08:39 My family is proud of the city.

11:08:42 And our legacy and contribution to this community.

11:08:46 I am proud of the young people that I have had helped

11:08:48 to develop.

11:08:49 And I know that with your support my invaluable skills,

11:08:54 knowledge and deep love for this community will enhance

11:08:59 the work of the community redevelopment area advisory

11:09:02 committee.

11:09:04 Not only am I proud of this city, the river is my

11:09:08 legacy.

11:09:10 I was born on the river.

11:09:13 I lived at 1612 north Holland street when I came from

11:09:17 the hospital right next to the old shipyard, behind the

11:09:21 old police department, and by the mere fact that my

11:09:25 family has kept property, paid taxes, and kept up our

11:09:30 property, I want to be considered to be a part of this

11:09:34 community.

11:09:35 Thank you.

11:09:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

11:09:40 Okay.

11:09:40 Do you need a few minutes to tally votes?

11:10:00 Mr. Huey?

11:10:01 >> I was going just going to move the slate for East

11:10:05 Tampa.

11:10:06 We can just vote on the slate.

11:10:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

11:10:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

11:10:11 All in favor say Aye.

11:10:12 Opposed, Nay.

11:10:14 Okay.

11:10:17 We have the quarterly report.

11:10:22 Who is going to do that?

11:10:23 You will?

11:10:24 Okay, go ahead.

11:10:24 >> Bob McDonaugh, economic development.

11:10:29 The quarterly reports have been received for filing.

11:10:34 Any questions?

11:10:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to receive and file.

11:10:37 >> Second.

11:10:38 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

11:10:41 Opposed?

11:10:41 Thank you.

11:10:41 >> We have an item about CRA Drew Park street repaving.

11:10:47 >> Board members, this reflects a reprogramming of

11:10:52 funds that were not used in previous line items that we

11:10:55 are now reallocating toward neighborhood infrastructure

11:10:58 and primarily to go towards the street paving project

11:11:01 that we have been hearing about and has been an ongoing

11:11:05 phase one, phase two, and we'll have future phases as

11:11:08 well.

11:11:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

11:11:11 Any questions?

11:11:12 >> Move approval.

11:11:13 >> Second.

11:11:14 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

11:11:18 Opposed, Nay?

11:11:20 Mrs. Saul-Sena?

11:11:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question not about that,

11:11:22 but in light of the very excellent news that we heard

11:11:25 today about the federal money and I know that we have a

11:11:27 very ambitious time frame for moving ahead on that

11:11:31 project, and we know that our projections for the

11:11:33 different CRA districts are very modest, given the

11:11:36 current state of the economy.

11:11:38 I'm wondering if the spinoff from the public investment

11:11:42 will begin to show up in the district in the '11 budget

11:11:49 or the '12 budget.

11:11:52 I don't know which person to ask.

11:11:58 From the Central Park Village investment which, you

11:12:00 know, currently it's very modest expectations.

11:12:07 >> Michael hatchet, Central Park CRA.

11:12:17 We would anticipate that construction of the

11:12:19 infrastructure which starts later on this year, and

11:12:23 vertical construction would be dependent upon the

11:12:27 receipt of financial assistance for the vertical

11:12:31 development, the affordable parking units, which the

11:12:36 bank has sought 9% tax credits on for the past couple

11:12:39 of years unsuccessfully.

11:12:40 So we would need to go through another round of

11:12:44 applications to help secure funds for that

11:12:46 construction.

11:12:48 So it would still be at the minimum a couple of years

11:12:51 out before we would realize in any significant increase

11:12:56 within the tax increment fund.

11:12:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Ed Johnson, would you come up and

11:13:03 do your announcement?

11:13:04 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa redevelopment manager.

11:13:10 At this time I would like to introduce to you the new

11:13:15 weed and seed coordinator for our second federal weed

11:13:19 and seed grant for East Tampa, the East Tampa II grant

11:13:22 which was announced yesterday at a press conference

11:13:25 with the U.S. attorney's office.

11:13:27 We received another grant for weed and seed for our

11:13:29 areas that will be bounded by 30th street to the

11:13:33 east, all the way over to the county line from

11:13:36 Hillsborough Avenue down to interstate 4, and that will

11:13:40 be the targeted area.

11:13:42 And yesterday we also announced the appointment of our

11:13:46 new weed and seed coordinator for this project, and her

11:13:49 name is Kim minor.

11:13:51 I would like to recognize her this morning.

11:14:01 >> Just a very few words.

11:14:03 Actually, I just want to say that I'm very excited

11:14:06 about the project over in the East Tampa II district.

11:14:11 I am getting up to speed in terms of the issues and

11:14:14 concerns there.

11:14:15 But I know that the skill set which with I believe is

11:14:20 going to make a difference in that area along with the

11:14:23 partners and so forth that are involved in that

11:14:26 project.

11:14:27 So I just want to introduce myself today and to thank

11:14:31 you for allowing me to do that.

11:14:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you briefly explain, what

11:14:36 does weed and seed do?

11:14:39 >>> Basically weed and seed is a two-fold project.

11:14:42 The weed side is the law enforcement that goes in and

11:14:46 deals with the criminal elements in the community.

11:14:48 And then the seed side is the division that goes in and

11:14:56 establishes or has established programs that we are

11:14:58 trying to sustain to build capacity in the community.

11:15:03 So in terms of our social, economic, whatever the

11:15:08 issues are of the community, to try to build the

11:15:13 capacity in the community, so that's the broad sense

11:15:17 that weed and seed is very much more intricate than

11:15:19 that.

11:15:19 But the broader sense is to just try to go in, clean

11:15:23 out the criminal element, and then provide programs

11:15:25 that will sustain the community.

11:15:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We understand the cleaning out the

11:15:30 criminal element.

11:15:31 Perhaps at a future date, after you had a chance to get

11:15:35 your feet wet maybe in 60 days could you come back to

11:15:37 our CRA meeting and just give us a specific report on

11:15:41 the sort of programs that you are going to be doing for

11:15:43 the seeding portion.

11:15:45 >>> I would be more than happy to do that.

11:15:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

11:15:48 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

11:16:02 For the Channel District, you unanimously voted for the

11:16:08 three individuals.

11:16:10 For downtown CRA, the following individuals were

11:16:14 selected.

11:16:15 You have two appointments to make.

11:16:17 Mr. Eric Odum and Vivian Salaga.

11:16:23 >>GWEN MILLER: We have to make a motion.

11:16:25 >> So move to approve both slates that were discussed.

11:16:29 >> Second.

11:16:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

11:16:31 (Motion carried)

11:16:32 The next one?

11:16:34 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: For Drew Park the following

11:16:35 individuals were selected.

11:16:40 Chad Angell, Maritza Astorquiza, Patricia Cuervo, and

11:16:50 Susan Poole. And you ratified Nadine Jones.

11:16:55 >> So moved to approve the slate.

11:16:59 >> Second.

11:17:00 (Motion carried).

11:17:01 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: For Tampa Heights the

11:17:03 following individuals were selected.

11:17:04 Mrs. Carmen Johnson and Mr. Jeff Warren.

11:17:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved for the two.

11:17:13 >> Second.

11:17:13 (Motion carried).

11:17:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.

11:17:18 We had some great applicants who weren't selected. Can

11:17:20 they be alternates?

11:17:22 What are our rules about that?

11:17:23 >>SAL TERRITO: You don't have alternates provision in

11:17:29 any of those bylaws.

11:17:30 So if you want to do something like that, you have to

11:17:33 change the bylaws.

11:17:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move to change the

11:17:37 bylaws to do two things.

11:17:38 One is to require that people who serve on these boards

11:17:41 live within Hillsborough County, and number two, to

11:17:44 create an alternate provision to these boards.

11:17:46 >> How many alternates?

11:17:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One.

11:17:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If it's a big board you might need

11:17:57 two.

11:17:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are these seven-person boards?

11:18:03 >>SAL TERRITO: Depending on the area.

11:18:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps could you come back to us

11:18:07 with a recommendation on that and a sense of whether

11:18:09 these boards have not been able to meet because of not

11:18:11 having a quorum.

11:18:12 That's the real reason why you have an alternate, to

11:18:15 groom someone for the position and to make sure that we

11:18:17 have -- if you could come back to us with

11:18:20 recommendations on that, that would be great.

11:18:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

11:18:23 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

11:18:24 (Motion carried).

11:18:25 >>THE CLERK: Could I ask the motion be formally stated

11:18:30 fought record?

11:18:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes. To ask Mr. Territo to come

11:18:33 back to the CRA board with first of all with an

11:18:36 amendment to the bylaws stating that people who serve

11:18:39 on our advisory board live within Hillsborough County,

11:18:42 number one.

11:18:43 Number two, that we have a recommendation from him on

11:18:46 the number of alternates for our board, and report back

11:18:50 on whether we have not been able to have a board

11:18:53 meeting because of a lack of a quorum.

11:19:04 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to make an announcement

11:19:08 that Mr. C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., who passed away, I

11:19:12 would like to say to the family that you have our

11:19:14 prayers and our thoughts are always with you, and if

11:19:17 you need the council to do anything we are here for

11:19:19 you.

11:19:19 And I don't know definitely where everything is going

11:19:22 to be.

11:19:23 It's up in the air.

11:19:24 I know the wake will be tomorrow from 6:30 to 7:30.

11:19:28 And the funeral is Saturday at 11.

11:19:30 I think the funeral will be at Allen Temple. They said

11:19:36 the wake was going to be at Wilson funeral home.

11:19:38 I don't know if it has been changed.

11:19:41 Cathedral Faith Church on 30th and Hannah.

11:19:46 The wake will be tomorrow night.

11:19:47 So our prayers go out to the family.

11:19:49 And they will always be in our thoughts.

11:19:52 Any other announcements?

11:19:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Linda, you said you had two things.

11:19:59 One was the alternate.

11:20:00 The other was the out of county?

11:20:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That should be should live in

11:20:04 Hillsborough County.

11:20:06 >> Can what did you do with the could you tell of

11:20:08 county?

11:20:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What I meant to do was that a

11:20:12 person needs to live in Hillsborough County.

11:20:13 I asked for a motion, to ask Mr. Territo to come back

11:20:16 to us with amendments to our rules, to accomplish both

11:20:20 those things.

11:20:21 That's what my intention was.

11:20:22 Did I say it clearly?

11:20:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, I missed it.

11:20:28 I support the alternate thing.

11:20:29 I don't know about the county thing.

11:20:31 But I guess we can discuss it at a later time.

11:20:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps what you can do is bring

11:20:37 back what our rules are for other boards and

11:20:39 committees.

11:20:39 I believe that that's a standing requirement for other

11:20:43 boards like code enforcement, or preservation board,

11:20:52 things like that.

11:20:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If we recognize property ownership

11:20:57 had, you know, and say somebody owns half of Drew Park,

11:21:00 for example, they might live right over the line in

11:21:02 Pasco or right over the line in Pinellas.

11:21:04 I don't know why they would be penalized for that.

11:21:07 But, anyway, we can discuss it later.

11:21:09 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to discuss about the wake

11:21:15 at cathedral of faith church 6304 north 30th street

11:21:20 and the funeral will be Saturday at Allen temple AME

11:21:23 church at 2101 north Lois street.

11:21:27 Those are the correct times and places.

11:21:28 Okay.

11:21:29 Anything else coming before the CRA?

11:21:31 >>THE CLERK: Receive and file, please?

11:21:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file.

11:21:37 >> Second.

11:21:37 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

11:21:40 Opposed?

11:21:40 Anything else?

11:21:41 We stand adjourned.

11:21:41 (CRA meeting adjourned)


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