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Tampa City Council
Thursday, March 11, 2010
5:01 p.m. Session


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17:02:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will now come to order.

17:02:59 We will have roll call.

17:03:01 [roll call taken]

17:03:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council, we have two memorandums from

17:03:12 -- one from councilman Dingfelder.

17:03:15 Chair Scott, I will be absent from the March 11, 2010

17:03:18 evening session of City Council meeting.

17:03:19 Thank you.

17:03:28 And then the second one is from Councilman Joseph

17:03:28 Caetano.

17:03:31 Please be advised I will not be able to attend the

17:03:36 evening City Council meeting March 11, 2010.

17:03:38 Thank you for the attention that matter.

17:03:41 Goes to the Clerk.

17:03:43 To be placed in the record.

17:03:47 Okay.

17:03:50 The first order of business we need to hold a public

17:03:51 hearing for items 1 through 7.

17:03:52 >>GWEN MILLER: So moved.

17:03:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

17:03:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

17:03:57 Opposed.

17:03:57 Okay.

17:04:00 Item number 1 is the first adoption public hearing,

17:04:02 small scale plan amendment to the Tampa Comprehensive

17:04:06 Plan.

17:04:12 Mr. Griffin.

17:04:13 >> Good evening, councilmembers.

17:04:15 Tonight you will be completing your transmittal public

17:04:18 hearing on the proposed plan amendments as part of the

17:04:21 August 2009 cycle of amendments.

17:04:23 Tonight is a continuation of the public hearing that

17:04:28 you held on February 25, 2010 in evening council will

17:04:32 hear presentations by staff on five plan amendments,

17:04:34 and then the council will take public comments on these

17:04:37 amendments.

17:04:40 The applicant shall have a chance to rebut -- rebuttal

17:04:41 opportunity if needed.

17:04:43 At the conclusion of tonight's public hearing, the

17:04:49 council will take final action to transmit these plan

17:04:51 amendments to DCA for their consideration.

17:04:54 These amounts that you heard on February 25 and March

17:04:55 11.

17:04:59 You will also make the adoption of the one small scale

17:05:01 plan amendment this evening.

17:05:04 State statute does provide the opportunity for

17:05:07 interested citizens to receive a courtesy information

17:05:10 statement regarding the DCA's notice of intent, the

17:05:12 notice of intent is the final action from the

17:05:15 Department of Community Affairs has after they review

17:05:19 their -- after a complete review of these plan

17:05:21 amendments proceeds through the process.

17:05:23 Any citizen wishing to receive this information

17:05:25 statement from the Department of Community Affairs

17:05:29 shall provide their name, address on the sign-in sheet

17:05:33 that is located in the lobby.

17:05:38 We will now present the small scale amendment 09-05.

17:05:40 >> Thank you, Mr. Griffin.

17:05:44 Good evening, Council, Jay Collins, Planning Commission

17:05:46 staff.

17:05:53 First you on tonight's agenda is Tampa Comprehensive

17:05:59 Plan pa 09-05 in the Rocky Point area the City of

17:06:00 Tampa.

17:06:07 This is a 4.4 acre of a 4.6-acre parent parcel at north

17:06:09 Rocky Point east.

17:06:12 A privately initiated amendment.

17:06:15 The only privately initiated amendment you will hear

17:06:15 tonight.

17:06:17 The request has been initiated to recognize the

17:06:19 Commercial development that has been occurring at the

17:06:21 site since 1986.

17:06:26 The current category Residential-35 does not permit a

17:06:28 Commercial intensity found at the site.

17:06:31 You will notice that the site is outlined in purple

17:06:34 here, you will also notice the green line that is

17:06:36 running, that is the coastal high hazard area for the

17:06:37 City of Tampa.

17:06:40 This amendment is not located in the coastal high

17:06:45 hazard area for the City of Tampa.

17:06:54 Transportation and land use is linked in the City of

17:06:56 Tampa through the Growth Management strategy.

17:07:00 This is an excerpt from the vision map from the Tampa

17:07:01 Comprehensive Plan.

17:07:04 This is outlining the Westshore district.

17:07:05 Within that district there are notable opportunities

17:07:09 that include improving mobility, supporting business

17:07:12 and industrial development, as well as capitalizing on

17:07:16 regional assets.

17:07:18 Some of the assets you see here include the airport,

17:07:21 but more so for this particular amendment is the

17:07:22 Westshore business center.

17:07:25 There are three business centers in the City of Tampa,

17:07:28 the Westshore being one as well as the downtown where

17:07:31 we are here tonight and the University of South Florida

17:07:40 and its supported uses such as the hospital.

17:07:43 This is the current adopted land use for the area.

17:07:48 You will notice the outline of the site as -- excuse me

17:07:49 as Residential-35.

17:07:54 You will also notice Residential-35 to the north, Post

17:07:55 Apartments.

17:07:57 You will notice Community Mixed Use-35 to the South and

17:07:59 also to the west.

17:08:02 To the South of Courtney Campbell causeway, you will

17:08:06 notice Urban Mixed Use-60 as well as more Community

17:08:07 Mixed Use-35.

17:08:11 The unincorporated community of Dania shores exists

17:08:12 just across the water there.

17:08:20 It has a future land use designation of Residential-6.

17:08:28 This shows the proposed amendment showing the entire

17:08:35 parcel, the 4.4 acres of the 4.6-acre parcel, all of it

17:08:40 being community mixed use 35.

17:08:47 Business centers are identified as areas of major

17:08:49 economic activity.

17:08:51 And they are vital to the city's continued success.

17:08:55 They act as anchors within the central district, the

17:08:57 University district and the Westshore district.

17:08:59 These areas should ensure that spaces for economic

17:09:01 activities are not displayed for residential

17:09:04 development and that residential neighborhoods are not

17:09:09 destabilized by inappropriate Commercial encroachment.

17:09:11 The design and development within business centers

17:09:14 shall promote opportunities to improve mobility,

17:09:19 safety, encourage the construction of workforce house,

17:09:22 promote a mixture of uses and expansion of economic

17:09:23 opportunity.

17:09:28 This is seen in objective 14.2, as well as the policy

17:09:31 supported through a sense of play, mobility, economic

17:09:33 activity and such.

17:09:38 Also objective 18.6 and policy 18.6.1 which deals with

17:09:42 compatibility issues for Commercial neighborhoods.

17:09:45 Mixed use categories offer the many tools to realize

17:09:52 these communities that supports commerce of living with

17:09:54 policies that ensure their development is

17:09:56 complimentary.

17:09:59 The siting of buildings, transition and scales in a

17:10:00 suitable land use.

17:10:04 With that on January 11, Tampa Comprehensive Plan

17:10:08 CPA-0905, request from Residential-35 to Community

17:10:11 Mixed Use-35 was found consistent with the goals,

17:10:13 objectives and policies of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan

17:10:16 building our legacy a livable city.

17:10:19 I thank you for your time, and this concludes my

17:10:20 presentation.

17:10:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

17:10:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

17:10:31 Currently there is no ability for pedestrian or

17:10:34 bicyclist to get around that area at all.

17:10:38 And in fact a pedestrian death that the portion of

17:10:41 Courtney Campbell, and we have been trying -- our

17:10:43 Courtney Campbell scenic corridor committee to make the

17:10:46 area safer for people who aren't in cars.

17:10:48 Currently if you want to go from one side of the street

17:10:51 to the other, you basically have to drive which is

17:10:51 crazy.

17:10:59 So I want to be assured that what -- you spoke a lot

17:11:02 about this would be Transportation friendly that there

17:11:05 would be consideration given to pedestrian and bicycle

17:11:09 movement as well as just cars.

17:11:11 >> Yes, ma'am, the Tampa Comprehensive Plan does speak

17:11:14 to those exact things that you mentioned with mobility.

17:11:17 Of different sorts of options of uses out there.

17:11:21 We do hope that through a planning his or her rye John

17:11:24 of 2025 we will see increase mobility in this area.

17:11:26 >> I hope we don't have to wait until 2025.

17:11:28 I see a bunch of scouts in the audience.

17:11:31 They will be beyond college and hopefully want to move

17:11:34 back to a place that has different options for them.

17:11:36 I am just really concerned because that area right now

17:11:40 is so pedestrian hostile, and we just got to change it.

17:11:44 >> Yes, ma'am.

17:11:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions of Council.

17:11:47 A public hearing.

17:11:48 Anyone wish to address Council?

17:11:52 Anyone from the public wish to address Council on item

17:11:56 1?

17:11:59 >> Good evening, Councilmembers.

17:12:04 Liz Abernathy represent the owner, the Wilson group.

17:12:07 I want to explain briefly the existing chase suites

17:12:10 hotel is constructed prior to the adoption of the comp

17:12:11 plan.

17:12:13 You saw this property a few years back through a PD

17:12:14 rezoning.

17:12:17 There was a group that wanted to come in, redevelop it

17:12:19 for condo high-rise.

17:12:22 They came in, did the rezoning for the condo high-rise.

17:12:26 That group has since gone away.

17:12:29 Current owner wanted to understand, you know, what

17:12:33 other options they might have.

17:12:41 When we explained to them that their future land use

17:12:44 RES-35 would not allow reconstruction of a hotel on

17:12:48 that site, in the event the hotel was destroyed they

17:12:49 could not rebuild that hotel.

17:12:51 The main purpose of this was to recognize that existing

17:12:54 land use, allow them that option to redevelop as a

17:12:55 hotel.

17:12:58 This property is also governed by a DRI.

17:13:03 It is in the -- excuse me the Rocky Point harbor DRI.

17:13:05 So any development or redevelopment will be governed by

17:13:08 that development order.

17:13:12 So, if, for example, they wanted to increase intensity

17:13:15 on this site, they will have to go through that DRI

17:13:18 process to look at mitigation or through the new system

17:13:23 and potential for mobility fees in the future, there

17:13:26 may be the option to put mitigation toward pedestrian

17:13:30 and bicycle improvements as opposed to roadway

17:13:30 improvement.

17:13:32 We are going to have those options hopefully in the

17:13:33 future.

17:13:36 So if the property were developed, perhaps some of what

17:13:40 your concerns you have expressed would be addressed.

17:13:43 So I just want to explain that and if anybody had any

17:13:43 questions.

17:13:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

17:13:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

17:13:49 I know that the Westshore alliance is trying to get the

17:13:52 city to reinterpret how the fees can be spent so it

17:13:56 won't just be for roadways but for transit and

17:13:58 pedestrian or bicycle improvements.

17:13:59 That haven't been accomplished yet.

17:14:02 We are going to rely on the kindness of strangers.

17:14:04 If you can talk to your client and tell them if

17:14:07 somebody takes -- needs to take a bus to their site to

17:14:11 get to work, it is not safe right now to get there.

17:14:14 And they really need to work with the property owners

17:14:18 in front of them to create some safe connections for --

17:14:18 for pedestrians.

17:14:21 It is really -- it is not a good situation right now,

17:14:25 and until we -- we work our rules, which we are working

17:14:29 on, they need to kind of do this because it is the

17:14:32 right thing to do, not because the law requires it.

17:14:34 >> And right now there is no one ready to redevelop

17:14:37 this site.

17:14:41 It's -- the market is not here yet, and they do want to

17:14:43 at least go through this plan amendment, get the

17:14:49 community mixed use so it can be redeveloped as a hotel

17:14:54 or -- or go residential or go office, but any of those

17:14:56 options again they will have to mitigate and -- because

17:15:00 I don't expect it to happen any time soon, hopefully we

17:15:03 will have those mobility options in place when it is

17:15:06 time to develop and we can look at those and suggest

17:15:10 those alternatives to the next owner.

17:15:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.

17:15:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes I don't know if this is for you or

17:15:19 planning or Growth Management people, but bet you can

17:15:20 answer it.

17:15:22 Run down the category of zoning that this future land

17:15:23 use would allow.

17:15:26 What kinds of -- you were just saying like a hotel --

17:15:27 >> Right.

17:15:29 Well right now.

17:15:31 >>MARY MULHERN: -- residential.

17:15:33 >> The zoning is PD and conceivable we could come in

17:15:37 and ask to go back to Euclidian district like cg, but

17:15:40 more likely it will stay a PD over time.

17:15:46 I mean, right now the PD that controls the property is

17:15:48 for 161 condo units.

17:15:50 So that --

17:15:51 >>MARY MULHERN: That will still be --

17:15:53 >> In place.

17:15:55 >>MARY MULHERN: -- if the land use --

17:15:57 >> Nothing can happen on this property other than

17:16:01 development of those 161 condos without it coming back

17:16:03 to you without an amendment --

17:16:05 >>MARY MULHERN: The hotel that is there, it is not

17:16:07 functioning right now?

17:16:09 >> It is operational, it is just older.

17:16:11 176 rooms.

17:16:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Do they rent jet skis from there?

17:16:17 >> I am not -- I don't know the answer to that.

17:16:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a friend who lives on pelican

17:16:23 island and she won't leave me alone what I can do about

17:16:26 the jet skis that go flying down their canal.

17:16:30 >> I do know there is another hotel adjacent to it --

17:16:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Somebody is renting them.

17:16:36 >> I don't had think the chase suites does but my

17:16:38 client is not here so I can't verify.

17:16:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:16:40 Thanks.

17:16:40 >> Thank you.

17:16:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else from the public?

17:16:49 A motion -- a motion to close the public hearing.

17:16:54 We need to vote to transmit.

17:17:03 >> Somebody is coming up.

17:17:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

17:17:11 >> Second.

17:17:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

17:17:15 Motion to transmit.

17:17:18 >> This is a small-scale plan amendment.

17:17:21 A first adoption -- first reading for the public

17:17:22 hearing.

17:17:24 First adoption of public hearing.

17:17:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Chairman, ordinance for the Tampa

17:17:29 Comprehensive Plan land use map for the property

17:17:33 located in the general vicinity of 3075 North Rocky

17:17:37 Point Drive East from medium density Residential-35,

17:17:41 R-35 to Community Mixed Use-35, CMU-35, provides the

17:17:45 repeal of ordinance and conflicts and provides

17:17:48 severability, provides for effective date.

17:17:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by Councilman

17:17:53 Miranda.

17:17:54 All those in favor.

17:17:57 >> Motions with Caetano and Dingfelder being absent.

17:18:02 The second reading.

17:18:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, item 2.

17:18:13 Mr. Garcia.

17:18:16 >>TONY GARCIA: Mr. Chairman, members of Council, Tony

17:18:17 Garcia, Planning Commission staff.

17:18:20 The first of four that you will hear that will have to

17:18:23 be transmitted to various departments for state and

17:18:24 regional review.

17:18:26 What is going to be before you now -- this is going to

17:18:28 be kind of good because this concept is a very nice

17:18:31 thing for our future citizens back there, the future

17:18:33 voters sitting in the back of the room to look at.

17:18:36 A nice concept for them to look at since they will be a

17:18:39 big part of what we will be talking about right here.

17:18:42 What is before you right now is comp plan amendment

17:18:44 0906.

17:18:48 This is a series of objectives and policies with some

17:18:52 design principles and with some things I will be

17:18:58 talking about for the next five minutes or so.

17:19:01 Transit Oriented Development is neighborhood services

17:19:04 within easy walking district of a transit station,

17:19:07 fixed guideway transit that offers local travel

17:19:10 options.

17:19:13 Just to name a couple of the features that you can get

17:19:17 from the benefits of transit oriented development.

17:19:20 It is more sustainable and efficient, provides a rich

17:19:24 mix of housing, jobs and shops, healthier lifestyle,

17:19:27 conserve open space in areas.

17:19:29 Transit Oriented Development also fits in very well

17:19:32 with what's being required in the new requirements of

17:19:33 state law.

17:19:37 I will let you all know as part of our process, we have

17:19:40 taken this already to DCA and met with officials at DCA

17:19:44 who were very supportive of the concept we will be

17:19:47 showing you this evening, and are actually looking

17:19:54 forward to getting all -- our objectives and policies.

17:19:56 What's really exciting about the Transit Oriented

17:19:58 Development and as it relates to the Federal Transit

17:20:03 Administration, the FTA and criteria being used for

17:20:05 consideration of the light rail line that is going

17:20:08 through the City of Tampa is that as you can see here,

17:20:12 land use as of the late part of July according to FTA

17:20:16 will be weighted much greater as far as the criteria

17:20:21 that FTA will be using to determining how to use these

17:20:24 funds Nationally for these types of developments.

17:20:29 With that being known, and with the high-speed rail at

17:20:32 that point in time being on the horizon for potential

17:20:34 funding for our area and the referendum coming up on

17:20:37 the horizon in November, the Planning Commission along

17:20:42 a bunch -- along with HART and long with --

17:20:44 organization created a joint land use working group,

17:20:47 the working group was formed as a collaborative effort

17:20:52 to create a grass-roots effort to get a lot of

17:20:54 different organizations together to really show ideas

17:20:58 and provide input on the concept and benefits of

17:21:08 transit oriented development for our area and region.

17:21:11 This is a short list -- actually a short list of many

17:21:14 of the stakeholders we had involved in this just to

17:21:15 show you a few names there.

17:21:17 Of course we had all the governments involved in our

17:21:18 meetings that we have had.

17:21:22 We had business interests.

17:21:23 NAOIP.

17:21:25 We had the downtown partnership, the Westshore

17:21:26 alliance.

17:21:27 We have had the department of Transportation.

17:21:31 So we have had a variety of different involvement from

17:21:33 a lot of different groups.

17:21:36 There also has been validation done by several

17:21:38 consultants that have been hired not only by the

17:21:41 Planning Commission but by the MPO and HART, validating

17:21:46 potential market identification or station

17:21:47 identification as you can see over here.

17:21:50 There was market analysis that was done on the

17:21:54 potential impacts that would affected as it relates to

17:21:57 economic development, potential station locations, and

17:22:01 interviews that were done with developers both locally

17:22:03 and other states.

17:22:07 We found out from them that they wanted to make sure

17:22:11 there was flexibility within the policies, it would can

17:22:13 market driven, and what is really impressive over here

17:22:16 is the likelihood of development in these prototype

17:22:17 locations.

17:22:17 83.

17:22:26 % more likely to occur with transit versus 34 without

17:22:27 rail transit.

17:22:32 >> Would you -- don't say TODs or what it is --

17:22:35 >> It is a mouthful but I will say it, Transit Oriented

17:22:37 Development.

17:22:38 TOD.

17:22:41 I would like to -- let's talk about the TODs.

17:22:43 I will go over the framework very quickly.

17:22:45 I am just going to basically give you the highlights of

17:22:47 it.

17:22:51 The high intensity urban station is seven station --

17:22:54 very quickly I will relate -- the locations I am going

17:22:56 to tell you are not etched in stone.

17:23:00 It is just like in theory where they will fit in.

17:23:04 For sure it would be someplace downtown.

17:23:10 The urban area is near the location for the high-speed

17:23:13 rail and located where the primary central economic

17:23:15 exists downtown.

17:23:17 >>MARY MULHERN: At the train station?

17:23:21 >>TONY GARCIA: No, I think that is too far away.

17:23:25 I think that is too far.

17:23:28 High intensity urban station, only one of those and

17:23:32 most likely be located in the cd.

17:23:36 A good location of this would be like in the Westshore

17:23:40 district which is a high office, entertainment and job

17:23:40 location.

17:23:43 As you can see this type of location would be in a

17:23:45 regional, shopping, office center and will consistent

17:23:48 in meeting the high density residential uses.

17:23:50 You will have a mix of office, retail residential,

17:23:56 Commercial, and entertainment similar to public uses.

17:23:57 Community centers.

17:24:00 A variety of community centers where you will have a

17:24:01 community center what we have here and also

17:24:03 neighborhood centers stationed.

17:24:04 So we have a variety of locations.

17:24:09 We have a lot of where we are looking at the rail lines

17:24:11 coming through according to what alternative analysis

17:24:15 is showing right now, goes through four CRA areas.

17:24:18 We are looking at west Tampa, we are looking at East

17:24:21 Tampa, downtown, which is a CRA, a piece of the channel

17:24:23 district which is a CRA.

17:24:28 A variety of CRA locations which actually these lines

17:24:32 can potentially go through.

17:24:35 Employment center stations which also -- not only be

17:24:40 Westshore but potentially be the USF area, which are

17:24:43 also big employment centers and parking lot special

17:24:44 stations.

17:24:46 I think obviously we can see something like this will

17:24:49 be in close proximity to the airport or at the airport

17:24:53 or maybe a major regional mall.

17:24:57 I am going to go over the three steps which really are

17:24:59 the meat of the policies that are before you this

17:25:00 evening.

17:25:03 Because really most of the discussion we had -- when

17:25:06 you see the packet in this plan amendment, you will see

17:25:10 that we will adopt -- we really got tons of feedback

17:25:14 from the entities that were stakeholders from FDOT,

17:25:16 from citizen neighborhood group, from the Westshore

17:25:20 alliance, from -- from all the different municipalities

17:25:23 especially -- I must say the City of Tampa staff has

17:25:26 been very wonderful in meeting with us on a variety of

17:25:31 times providing a lot of input, constructive input, and

17:25:34 I think they share our enthusiasms for what TOD is

17:25:36 going to bring to our community and to our region.

17:25:41 Anyway, let me go into real quickly the three steps.

17:25:44 The loading transit development overlay.

17:25:46 This is basically a floating overlay that will land

17:25:49 into an area once the station is identified generally.

17:25:51 This general location of about approximately half a

17:25:55 mile is going to be identified as an area of influence.

17:25:59 Once that area of influence is identified, this is

17:26:01 where TOD is going to be focused, Transit Oriented

17:26:03 Development is going to be focused.

17:26:06 The planned boundary also be determined -- what we will

17:26:08 take into account will be a circle to start off with,

17:26:11 but then mold into something that is much more specific

17:26:15 and we take into account the fiscal and environmental

17:26:17 community boundaries and all the existing environment

17:26:18 that surrounds it.

17:26:21 So a lot of conditions that are going to help form

17:26:24 exactly what -- how big this location is going to be or

17:26:27 how small it is going to be as far as what is going to

17:26:30 develop around these specific locations.

17:26:33 Once the location boundaries are determined, the

17:26:35 specific boundaries will be brought back to this body

17:26:38 and will be noted and adopted as far as specific

17:26:40 boundaries.

17:26:43 As you can see over here, when we complete and adopt

17:26:46 the stationary plan, the plans will be completed by the

17:26:47 entities involved.

17:26:49 It will be the city, the Planning Commission will have

17:26:52 probably the local transit agency involved in it.

17:26:55 I will have a couple of other entities that will be

17:26:58 determined by interlocal agreement as you will see

17:26:58 here.

17:27:02 The plans can be funded by private as well as public.

17:27:05 Private-public partnerships are one of the best ways

17:27:07 for economic development to move forward in many of the

17:27:12 cities we review that have light rail currently or

17:27:16 fixed transit as most often referred to.

17:27:18 The City Council as I said before will review and

17:27:21 approve the plan in the area-wide rezoning that will

17:27:23 follow the actual establishment of the specific

17:27:24 boundaries.

17:27:27 These are just some of the components to deal with land

17:27:30 use, design, the actual overall policies and the

17:27:32 implementation strategies.

17:27:36 The design principles as they relate to land use speak

17:27:38 to the variety of housing and mix of uses, market

17:27:41 analysis that I talked to you about to validate the

17:27:43 economic validity of having something in that area and

17:27:47 the jobs it can potentially be created by that and

17:27:49 density and intensity that could be developed in those

17:27:52 areas whether it be more residential and whether that

17:27:53 be more Commercial.

17:27:55 Also connectivity which is very important.

17:27:57 It has got to be a walkable environment.

17:27:59 Got to be something that connects very well to the

17:28:02 arterial and collector roads to offer other types of

17:28:05 uses such as bus rapid transit, as well as pedestrian

17:28:08 and other options.

17:28:10 And, of course, community design.

17:28:12 We are going to want it to, of course, be attractive,

17:28:16 to have a nice streetscape, to provide public spaces

17:28:20 and programming.

17:28:22 So based on all the information that we have and a lot

17:28:25 of supported policies that we already have currently in

17:28:28 the plan, we are basically strengthening what we have

17:28:33 in the current plan and the typologies and only

17:28:35 scratched the surfaces on them and provides a

17:28:38 significant bolster what we currently from in the

17:28:39 comprehensive plan.

17:28:41 We are very excited about it and feel this is something

17:28:43 that will be transformational for our city and for our

17:28:46 region if we are able to move forward with this.

17:28:51 The Planning Commission staff finds this proposed

17:28:53 request consistent to the comprehensive plan.

17:28:54 Thank you.

17:28:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern and Councilwoman

17:28:59 Saul-Sena.

17:29:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

17:29:06 Was Flynn Council involved in all the meetings you had?

17:29:11 >>TONY GARCIA: Well, we provided a workshop to you.

17:29:12 You have city staff here.

17:29:15 We had a workshop with you about a month ago.

17:29:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, kind of very broad.

17:29:21 >>TONY GARCIA: That has been open and we sent E-Mails

17:29:26 of anyone to be able to come to our workshops over the

17:29:27 last six months.

17:29:28 We did not have any Councilmembers personally attend

17:29:30 any of our meetings.

17:29:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wondered because this big

17:29:36 transmittal did come -- it came to us a while ago and I

17:29:38 didn't realize it because no one called me to offer to

17:29:43 talk about it, but I think that is unfortunate since

17:29:46 this is all policy we are talking about tonight that

17:29:51 none of us have been involved in -- in the very

17:29:54 specific things that are in here.

17:30:00 So I think I am totally in favor of the concept.

17:30:02 Totally, absolutely.

17:30:08 But what we are talking about here is some major, major

17:30:14 changes and I guess one of my questions is the other

17:30:16 cities that you looked at as models or you consulted

17:30:24 with, did they have floating --

17:30:26 >>TONY GARCIA: Yes, our floating concept -- the

17:30:27 floating concept we are talking about is something

17:30:30 actually kind of out of the box and something that has

17:30:33 really been embraced by all of the entities that I

17:30:35 talked to you about already that were on our land use

17:30:36 working group.

17:30:38 >>MARY MULHERN: You are saying it has been embraced

17:30:41 but has anybody employed it.

17:30:43 >>TONY GARCIA: Not in this matter.

17:30:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Before -- okay.

17:30:48 >>TONY GARCIA: We have spoken to DCA as I told you

17:30:51 before and as far as is it doable or -- something we

17:30:54 can bring and be implemented, no one that we talked to

17:30:58 so far, okay, in any of the reviewing agencies feel

17:31:02 this is not something that is -- that is not

17:31:03 implementable.

17:31:07 To speak to that also, the administrator for the city

17:31:10 and Mr. Moreda and miss Miller has been involved

17:31:14 intimately throughout all these discussions, and I

17:31:18 think can attest to the support to what we have been

17:31:19 doing.

17:31:21 >>MARY MULHERN: But as you say it is out of the box.

17:31:24 And that was -- I want to see if other places have used

17:31:27 it.

17:31:32 So that kind of raises some more questions for me.

17:31:37 We have floating land use categories and then -- that

17:31:40 half-mile circle kind of scares me too, because it is

17:31:43 really nice to see the pictures of cities that have

17:31:49 transit stations, but having lived in one for a long

17:31:54 time and also having traveled a lot, what you show as

17:31:58 surrounding the station is the street that those

17:32:00 stations are on.

17:32:01 >>TONY GARCIA: Right.

17:32:03 >>MARY MULHERN: As you go half a mile beyond those

17:32:06 streets, it is usually residential.

17:32:07 >>TONY GARCIA: Right.

17:32:10 >>MARY MULHERN: One, two, maybe three.

17:32:13 We have got some, you know, -- downtown is different,

17:32:15 but as you get out into the neighborhood.

17:32:18 So about half a mile, I just wondered --

17:32:19 >>TONY GARCIA: Half a mile is the standard that is

17:32:22 used because it is a walkable distance, all right.

17:32:25 Approximately 10 to 15 minutes predicated on, I guess,

17:32:26 how quick you are able to walk.

17:32:34 Now in addition to that, the urban principle,

17:32:37 principles as far as new town development, part of

17:32:39 smart book principles.

17:32:41 In addition to that, you are -- you are going to use a

17:32:44 half a mile that is basically going to be used as an

17:32:49 area of influence to basically analyze.

17:32:51 It is not going to initially be a half mile.

17:32:53 We will look a half mile out and say, is it -- is

17:32:56 development actually going to go out a half mile.

17:33:00 In some case it is may and in some cases may go out an

17:33:01 8th of a mile.

17:33:03 If you look at some of the planning -- as part of the

17:33:08 subsequent codified in some cities, the code in how it

17:33:09 is going to be written because we are not talking about

17:33:10 code yet.

17:33:12 Code will be written to reflect what the existing

17:33:16 environment is.

17:33:17 The development potential.

17:33:19 The existing environment.

17:33:23 There are seven station typologies and we say a

17:33:25 neighborhood station which will be sensitive to if you

17:33:27 have established residential neighborhood so -- mull

17:33:30 million I looked at some of those numbers and they were

17:33:38 worrisome already up to eight stories or something.

17:33:40 These questions are glancing through here the questions

17:33:41 I have.

17:33:45 So I think when -- you know when we are done with this

17:33:49 hearing, I am going to propose that we need some major

17:33:54 workshops with Council and the public to really look at

17:33:57 this before we are going to -- I am going to be ready

17:34:00 to adopt this.

17:34:04 I mean that -- not before we transmit it necessarily,

17:34:10 but when it comes back, I think this is -- this is

17:34:15 major stuff, especially when you are saying "floating."

17:34:17 Because we don't know what we are talking about.

17:34:21 We don't know where we are talking about.

17:34:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

17:34:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

17:34:31 This is second to the idea of form-based zoning, this

17:34:34 is, like, the most innovative thing we have done and I

17:34:37 am really excited about it and it isn't completely new,

17:34:41 because 10 years ago Bill Boothe at -- came us to with

17:34:44 this and $300 million in Federal monies that seemed

17:34:47 like it would be there for us to do a transit system

17:34:49 and developed an entire program about Transit Oriented

17:34:49 Development.

17:34:54 I actually raised private noun have a breakfast to

17:34:56 discuss it with the community and the public, so I

17:35:00 have to say I am happy that it is finally back here

17:35:01 before us.

17:35:03 >>TONY GARCIA: Miss Saul-Sena, I did the research on

17:35:04 that ten years ago.

17:35:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You remember in our collective use.

17:35:10 >>TONY GARCIA: I worked on that.

17:35:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The more public comment the better

17:35:15 but I move for public transmittal.

17:35:18 And the concept of splitting overlay district is like

17:35:18 land use Sci-Fi.

17:35:21 No, I think what you are talking about is customizing

17:35:27 the district parameters into very specific location.

17:35:28 I think that is what you are saying.

17:35:35 That it won't be amorphousing, it will be detailed and

17:35:38 customized from where the station locations end up.

17:35:38 >> Correct.

17:35:41 An entire process -- public hearing process and there

17:35:44 will be workshops and discussion --

17:35:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps you should use different

17:35:50 verbiage because perhaps saying "custom" is better than

17:35:52 "floating" or something like that.

17:35:54 I think that is what your intent is.

17:35:58 >>TONY GARCIA: The reason we are using "floating" in a

17:36:01 designation as far as the district because the stations

17:36:04 have not been established yet so you have to have it

17:36:05 float.

17:36:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right.

17:36:07 >>TONY GARCIA: Once the stations have been determined,

17:36:10 this area drops -- the area drops, and then starts to

17:36:13 take a life of its own, and then it changes from the

17:36:16 circle to something that is not going to be any greater

17:36:17 than that.

17:36:20 Will probably be much smaller than predicated in what

17:36:23 the existing conditions are going to be.

17:36:26 Meetings with all the property owners that are around

17:36:29 there, all the development potentials.

17:36:32 And the FARs and the scales you are looking at and

17:36:33 stories that are there.

17:36:35 You have to understand those are maximums that are

17:36:35 there.

17:36:38 Nothing that will develop to that.

17:36:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I know, Tony.

17:36:41 I know how it works.

17:36:41 >>TONY GARCIA: Okay.

17:36:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that.

17:36:46 I have to be the devil's advocate here because this

17:36:50 hasn't been used as far as I know in other cities, or

17:36:54 you don't know where the track is going, where it is

17:36:57 planned to go, and, you know, I would even feel

17:37:01 differently if I hadn't been to a MPO meeting where

17:37:08 David told me and I had no ideas that at least three

17:37:11 different alignments that they are looking at for the

17:37:12 north-South line.

17:37:14 So we don't know if it is going to be going through,

17:37:17 you know, areas that are dense, areas where there is

17:37:21 nothing there, which may be fine there is half a mile

17:37:22 around it.

17:37:28 So my problem with this is that it is not -- I don't --

17:37:30 I haven't had enough time to look at it and really

17:37:35 understand what we are talking about, but also, that I

17:37:37 am not sure that this is the way that we should adopt

17:37:39 land use policy, you know.

17:37:44 The future -- the Future Land Use Map, and the -- these

17:37:46 categories are going to be floating.

17:37:49 And we have never even had this category before.

17:37:54 He thinks it is a fantastic category to have, but I

17:37:59 think it would make sense to change our land use plan

17:38:04 based on when we have more certainty about where the

17:38:07 lines are going to go.

17:38:08 >>TONY GARCIA: Correct.

17:38:12 That is what this is following.

17:38:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Your -- I am sorry.

17:38:20 I mean, we are going to have to -- you are asking us to

17:38:24 adopt this concept --

17:38:25 >>TONY GARCIA: Concept.

17:38:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, it is not a concept, it is --

17:38:33 it is a land use category.

17:38:37 A developer can come in and -- what stops a developer

17:38:40 from getting -- coming in and asking for zoning

17:38:44 somewhere where there actually will turn out not to be

17:38:46 a rail for one thing.

17:38:49 >>TONY GARCIA: That's not -- if you have an area that

17:38:52 is determined where you have a location determined,

17:38:55 that is the only place where this is going to drop.

17:38:57 It is not going to be something citywide.

17:39:00 It has got to be something that is going to drop.

17:39:02 Ground zero will be the station location.

17:39:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:39:05 Well, I can't -- I don't know.

17:39:09 I am -- I don't want to necessarily stop the whole

17:39:16 process here and I won't be able to obviously but I

17:39:19 want to bring these issues up and -- I am going to need

17:39:21 -- we are going to need to have a lot more explanation

17:39:23 before this.

17:39:27 I am -- I am not comfortable with it.

17:39:29 >> In terms of a transmittal public hearing, this has

17:39:32 to go to the Department of Community Affairs to allow

17:39:34 them to review it and timeline.

17:39:36 When do you think this will be coming back for a first

17:39:37 reading?

17:39:40 >> Randy, Land Development cooperation.

17:39:44 To answer that question, it will probably be about 60

17:39:46 days probably.

17:39:49 They have an expedited review process so things move

17:39:50 much quicker.

17:39:53 >>MARY MULHERN: So we have time to have a workshop.

17:39:55 >> Yes, and I will say the city staff --

17:39:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But we had a workshop on this.

17:40:00 Isn't we have an hour workshop on this.

17:40:02 >>MARY MULHERN: A powerpoint presentation.

17:40:04 For me that is not a workshop.

17:40:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A dialogue where you had an

17:40:07 opportunity to raise questions, same presentation

17:40:09 pretty much.

17:40:10 But anyway --

17:40:12 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't remember the word "floating"

17:40:14 or half a mile, but --

17:40:17 >> If I may, the city staff has been working with the

17:40:19 Planning Commission staff throughout the entire

17:40:19 process.

17:40:22 And one of the reasons why the package is so thick as

17:40:24 you can see, there has been a tremendous amount of

17:40:27 comments from various members throughout the process.

17:40:30 We had some of the same questions the Planning

17:40:32 Commission staff about how the floating overlay would

17:40:36 work and how -- what would happen in the interim.

17:40:41 We feel confident that if it meets the test of state

17:40:44 law in terms of being a valid land use tool, that we

17:40:46 think we can go along with it and support it.

17:40:49 We also work with the Planning Commission staff to make

17:40:52 sure that certain controls were placed in the policies,

17:40:56 that being that once the station is set, that all the

17:41:00 overlay district -- floating overlay does is set a

17:41:01 planning boundary.

17:41:06 At that point, once it gets set, a stationary plan must

17:41:08 be produced and City Council must approve that plan.

17:41:13 That is where the actual specific land use density and

17:41:20 intensities get set.

17:41:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Come and find this consistent.

17:41:25 This is the train leaving the station right now.

17:41:27 >> If they tell us it is consistent, we are going to be

17:41:28 producing the plan.

17:41:30 And we are going to determine what that -- what those

17:41:33 densities should be in that area and working with the

17:41:34 community.

17:41:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

17:41:38 >> They call for a community very much like what is

17:41:40 being done with the form-based code now.

17:41:43 So it will be -- it will be a -- a much more

17:41:47 city-driven initiative to set what happens around those

17:41:48 stations.

17:41:50 That is when you can determine whether it will be one

17:41:53 block, two blocks, four blocks from the station in

17:41:54 terms of the development pattern and what happens in

17:41:56 the rest of the area.

17:41:59 Also, in here, there is doctor when you factor -- the

17:42:01 question about --

17:42:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, but let me say this, I am not

17:42:05 comfortable with that at all -- that policy you are

17:42:07 saying right now.

17:42:09 That you can go to four blocks from a certain area.

17:42:12 That that's going to be discretionary.

17:42:15 Whoever sitting here may not be any of us or maybe just

17:42:18 me, the one that might not vote for this.

17:42:20 >> It will be City Council.

17:42:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

17:42:23 >> Whatever City Council is setting which, again, is

17:42:25 past, present or future.

17:42:27 It is City Council acting on behalf the people and in

17:42:28 concert with the people.

17:42:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I know.

17:42:30 I know.

17:42:34 And there is a lot of issues on the ballot in November.

17:42:38 And one of them is about more public input in land use

17:42:39 changes.

17:42:43 So I think it is quite important that we don't just --

17:42:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, tonight is for transmittal and

17:42:48 it comes back in, what, 60 days.

17:42:50 >> Right, roughly 6 to days.

17:42:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, let's hear from the public and

17:42:52 then --

17:42:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me just ask one more question

17:42:55 about the schedule.

17:42:58 So 60 day -- say we get it back in 60 days and then

17:42:59 goes back to the Planning Commission?

17:43:02 >> No, comes back here for adoption.

17:43:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Back to us here to adopt?

17:43:05 Okay.

17:43:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Public hearing.

17:43:09 Anyone wish to address Council on item 2?

17:43:11 Anyone wishing to speak on item 2.

17:43:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

17:43:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

17:43:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All those in favor signify by saying

17:43:16 aye.

17:43:18 A motion to transmit.

17:43:24 Do we have an ordinance.

17:43:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Move for transmittal.

17:43:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

17:43:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

17:43:33 >> Motion carried with Dingfelder and Caetano being

17:43:36 absent --

17:43:36 [Inaudible]

17:43:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't think -- well, maybe if we can

17:43:49 have someone -- if we can have someone --

17:43:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you go get him.

17:43:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: He is in the back.

17:44:00 Okay, item 3.

17:44:08 Maybe staff can come up now and begin that process.

17:44:08 >> Planning Commission staff.

17:44:13 This next agenda item is a plan amendment CPA-0909

17:44:17 pertaining to the Courtney Campbell Causeway scenic

17:44:18 corridor.

17:44:21 A City of Tampa initiated text amendment.

17:44:23 It is a regular amendment requiring the Department of

17:44:26 Community Affairs review.

17:44:31 And -- and 2005, this body, the City Council, approved

17:44:35 a comprehensive plan amendment which included the

17:44:37 Courtney Campbell Causeway as a potential scenic

17:44:42 corridor at that time having statewide significance.

17:44:44 Subsequently, the Florida department of Transportation

17:44:47 did designate the Courtney Campbell as a scenic

17:44:50 highway, the 14th in the state and the first in

17:44:51 Hillsborough County.

17:44:54 In order to implement the State of Florida scenic

17:44:59 highway corridor management plan for the causeway,

17:45:02 objectives -- one objective and nine policies are

17:45:05 proposed to be incorporated into the comprehensive

17:45:07 plan.

17:45:11 And these policies, the objectives and policies relate

17:45:14 to and suggest to preserve and enhance for the City of

17:45:19 Tampa's residents, the National recreation scenic and

17:45:24 historic resources of the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

17:45:26 Again the purpose of this particular plan amendment

17:45:28 promotes public and private agencies to work together

17:45:31 to develop the recreational opportunities for citizens

17:45:35 of Florida, to support efforts to increase the

17:45:38 opportunity for residents and tourists, to have unique

17:45:44 outdoor experiences and promotes unique nature of the

17:45:44 Courtney Campbell Causeway.

17:45:47 This plan amendment was reviewed by the Planning

17:45:50 Commission on January 11.

17:45:56 And at that time, they found it was consistent with the

17:45:57 goals, objectives and policies of the comprehensive

17:46:01 plan to recognize and promote the city's assets, to

17:46:03 preserve an appropriate open space system for the

17:46:06 public's health, safety and welfare, and assure

17:46:09 retention of the aesthetic and environmental amenities

17:46:10 that the Courtney Campbell Causeway afforded.

17:46:13 The proposed plan amendment provides the opportunity to

17:46:16 foster and improve mobility and sustainability for the

17:46:17 community at large.

17:46:19 That concludes my presentation.

17:46:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman.

17:46:27 I worked for five years from a group from Pinellas and

17:46:30 Hillsborough to get this designated as a scenic

17:46:30 corridor.

17:46:33 I couldn't believe it took that long, but the state had

17:46:35 a form that was that thick and we did it.

17:46:37 This just recognizes it.

17:46:44 And it is a Pinellas, Hillsborough cooperative gesture

17:46:47 and working on getting a path some day all the way

17:46:47 across.

17:46:51 So far we have FDOT they will build a 12-foot

17:46:56 multipurpose trail past Ben Davis beach and beyond.

17:46:58 The tough part is the bridge.

17:46:59 That will take longer.

17:47:00 I would like to move it if I can.

17:47:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's take public comment -- before we

17:47:05 do that let's go back to number 2.

17:47:09 A motion on the floor made by Councilwoman Miller and

17:47:12 seconded by Councilwoman Saul-Sena to transmit number

17:47:12 2.

17:47:15 All in favor signify by saying aye.

17:47:16 Opposed.

17:47:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Nay.

17:47:22 >> Motion carried with Mulhern vote nothing and Caetano

17:47:25 and Dingfelder being absent.

17:47:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 3 we had the presentation.

17:47:29 Public comment at this time.

17:47:33 Anyone from the public wish to address Council?

17:47:33 Come forward.

17:47:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

17:47:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

17:47:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

17:47:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move to transmit

17:47:43 this --

17:47:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

17:47:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: -- to DCA.

17:47:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by Councilman

17:47:49 Miranda.

17:47:53 Those in favor signify by eyeing aye.

17:47:55 >> Motion carried with Caetano and Dingfelder being

17:47:58 absent.

17:48:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

17:48:05 >> Good evening, Council, Stephen Griffin, Planning

17:48:06 Commission staff.

17:48:08 This evening we will be presenting to you comprehensive

17:48:10 plan amendment 09-10.

17:48:12 This is the map amendment to your Future Land Use Map

17:48:16 for the central park area.

17:48:19 On January 11 the Planning Commission staff found this

17:48:21 request consistent with the Tampa Comprehensive Plan

17:48:26 for its consistency with that plan.

17:48:28 Our presentation this evening will be demonstrating why

17:48:31 the Planning Commission did find this plan amendment

17:48:33 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

17:48:38 This amendment is about the resurrection of the central

17:48:42 park area, and an ongoing planning effort by the City

17:48:45 of Tampa to rejuvenate the urban neighborhood with a

17:48:47 very rich and vibrant history.

17:48:51 Before you this evening on the slide here shows the

17:48:54 central park community redevelopment area.

17:48:57 As you know, the City of Tampa has made a commitment to

17:49:00 redevelopment of its urban neighborhoods.

17:49:03 Especially those that are in very close proximity to

17:49:04 the Central Business District.

17:49:09 The City of Tampa is actively pursuing the creation of

17:49:12 community redevelopment areas to facilitate

17:49:15 redevelopment that allows strategic investment made

17:49:20 through the utilization of the increment financing.

17:49:22 The central park community redevelopment area is

17:49:27 located in between two other CRAs, the downtown CRA

17:49:30 that lies to the South of this, this direction here.

17:49:34 And the Ybor City CRA that lies to the east of this

17:49:38 area over here.

17:49:41 The channel district's CRA also lies to the southeast

17:49:45 along with the East Tampa CRA that lies to the

17:49:49 northeast of this area.

17:49:56 The red star on this slide indicates the plan amendment

17:49:58 site and gives you perspective with regards to where it

17:50:00 is in the City of Tampa and the other map amendments

17:50:07 that are part of this plan amendment cycle.

17:50:15 The photograph that you see is an area known as "the

17:50:15 scrub."

17:50:19 Historically known -- given the name because of the

17:50:20 condition of the land.

17:50:24 Around the late 1800s, the scrub began as a settlement

17:50:26 for the African-American lumber millworkers and it

17:50:29 became a vibrant African-American community with

17:50:34 businesses located along Central Avenue at its heart.

17:50:38 The area had its own newspaper, schools, churches,

17:50:42 social organizations and culture in photograph shows

17:50:45 the scrub looking north from Cass Street.

17:50:47 This is where the central park housing development is

17:50:53 located and now the site of the encore project, and I

17:50:54 will give you a view of that.

17:51:00 That is the old central park housing development.

17:51:03 It is cleared right now and that's where the encore

17:51:06 project will be located.

17:51:09 The scrub and the surrounding central park neighborhood

17:51:14 was a community where social institutions support could

17:51:19 be found for residents that often face discriminatory

17:51:22 practices throughout Tampa.

17:51:25 Central Avenue in many aspects was a product of its

17:51:25 time.

17:51:27 A neighborhood that was developed as a result of

17:51:32 implied and imposed segregation which left the

17:51:34 African-American community in the position of

17:51:36 developing their own businesses and institutions.

17:51:41 Central Avenue served as economic, cultural and heart

17:51:43 of the African-American community.

17:51:45 African-Americans owned businesses there.

17:51:48 Such notables included the central life insurance

17:51:52 company located in the now building occupied by the

17:51:54 community center, the Florida Sentinel, as well as

17:51:59 countless restaurants, night clubs, shops.

17:52:06 Also there was the Apollo ballroom located formally at

17:52:10 central and Harrison and a famous stop along the

17:52:16 chitman circuit and made a name for itself being the

17:52:19 popular entertainment venue for some of the most

17:52:23 popular entertainers, James brown, Cab Calloway, Ray

17:52:31 Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, King and Adelaide.

17:52:34 Central park redevelopment plan was developed in 2006.

17:52:37 The purpose was to provide a strategy to eliminate the

17:52:40 conditions of blight, achieve an economically

17:52:45 sustainable level of redevelopment, and restore a safe

17:52:47 and pleasant living condition for the area residents,

17:52:50 visitors and the business community.

17:52:53 This plan focused on leveraging the positive impacts of

17:52:58 public sector initiatives done by the Tampa housing

17:53:00 authorities, improving the Transportation system,

17:53:04 replacing infrastructure, and improving the quality of

17:53:05 life.

17:53:09 This plan was intended to facilitate the marketplace

17:53:12 for the area to have flexibility in responding to the

17:53:12 changing market conditions.

17:53:16 A major concept of this plan is to protect and improve

17:53:20 the community assets in this area while encouraging new

17:53:23 higher density mixed use, residential office, and

17:53:28 Commercial development.

17:53:32 The request is to change the Future Land Use Map on

17:53:35 about 41 aches in the central park community

17:53:36 redevelopment area.

17:53:39 This was initiated by the City of Tampa economic and

17:53:41 urban development department to recognize those

17:53:43 recommendations that came out of the central park

17:53:47 community redevelopment area plan and this plan again

17:53:51 is to enhance the land use classification for that area

17:53:53 setting the foundation for the plan to achieve the

17:53:56 objectives which will include attracting private sector

17:54:00 investments, encouraging new high-density mixed use

17:54:03 development, connecting this area to the larger urban

17:54:06 fabric, and improving the infrastructure, safety and

17:54:11 aesthetics of this area.

17:54:14 The effect of this plan amendment will provide a land

17:54:16 use classification that will set the framework to

17:54:21 respond to the conditions for redevelopment activity,

17:54:24 the Urban Mixed Use 60 classification is the

17:54:27 appropriate land use classification that will fast they

17:54:41 are type of redevelopment activity.

17:54:44 Got out of sequence here.

17:54:48 No worries.

17:54:51 The central park area, again, has a rich and vibrant

17:54:53 history.

17:54:57 It's an area that has faced many challenges over the

17:54:58 years.

17:55:02 It has a history of change in urban form, development

17:55:08 patterns, both economic and cultural and relates to the

17:55:10 realities of a separate and prosperous African-American

17:55:17 enclave which still evokes many emotions, inspirations

17:55:20 to the larger Tampa community.

17:55:25 Your comprehensive plan has some planning contexts that

17:55:27 we looked at.

17:55:33 The plan has five areas called "districts."

17:55:35 The central park area is one of those districts and

17:55:39 also speaks to a neighborhood that is the microcosm of

17:55:40 the larger community.

17:55:43 Your plan speaks to growing economic prosperity and

17:55:46 creating a vibrant downtown which is the primary

17:55:47 business center for this region.

17:55:49 With regard to the Growth Management strategy that

17:55:53 provides the insight to how Tampa is going to grow in

17:55:59 the future, the plan articulates its processes speaking

17:56:03 to urban villages, business centers and mixed use

17:56:04 corridor villages.

17:56:08 In the context of this plan amendment, strategy one

17:56:10 dealt with districts.

17:56:13 The central park is a district and is the hub for this

17:56:20 area's economic, governmental, and cultural center.

17:56:23 The map before you shows the central park district

17:56:26 outlined in the heavy dark green line.

17:56:34 This area here is the site of the plan amendment.

17:56:38 Central park district has various opportunities that

17:56:41 can be taken advantage of.

17:56:45 As far as improving the mobility, attracting private

17:56:47 investment, maintaining historical character of this

17:56:50 area, providing the needed infrastructure that will

17:56:52 foster redevelopment and maintaining stable

17:57:02 single-family neighborhoods that enhance the district.

17:57:07 The plan amendment promotes is neighborhood.

17:57:10 Again central park is an area that will receive growth

17:57:17 over the planning period of this comprehensive plan.

17:57:19 Employment by proactively directing growth into

17:57:22 suitable areas primarily central park.

17:57:26 This area is that one the city has deemed appropriate

17:57:29 through the infrastructure improvements and mixed use

17:57:31 character.

17:57:33 Two more strategies that this plan amendment promotes

17:57:39 is maintaining a vibrant central downtown.

17:57:43 The ongoing development efforts in downtown Tampa do

17:57:46 provide opportunity for the central park areas to make

17:57:48 changes in this land use classification that will

17:57:52 foster redevelopment activity by being in close

17:57:53 proximity downtown.

17:57:58 Also, there is opportunity to provide for redevelopment

17:58:02 and revitalization activities that will foster economic

17:58:05 prosperity.

17:58:10 The aerial before you outlines here and shows the area

17:58:15 of the proposed plan amendment change.

17:58:20 This is your current Future Land Use Map outlined in

17:58:25 black showing what the current land use classifications

17:58:25 are for the area.

17:58:27 To the north you have the Residential-83.

17:58:31 In the center there is the Community Mixed Use-35, to

17:58:35 the west is the Central Business District.

17:58:38 And the east along Nebraska Avenue is the Regional

17:58:47 Mixed Use 100.

17:58:50 The map shows the land use change with this plan

17:58:51 amendment.

17:58:53 Will go to Community Mixed Use-35 and to the west you

17:59:01 will have the Recreation Open Space several agencies

17:59:03 did review this plan amendment request including the

17:59:06 City of Tampa, the school board, environmental of

17:59:08 protection commission, the metropolitan planning

17:59:11 organization and the Hillsborough area regional transit

17:59:13 authority.

17:59:17 All of these agencies reviewed the request and found it

17:59:24 consistent and did not propose any objections or

17:59:25 significant comments to the request.

17:59:28 A couple of major planning issues that Planning

17:59:31 Commission looked at and analysis of this plan

17:59:35 amendment was the mobility and increasing choice of

17:59:38 mobility options that will foster mixed use

17:59:39 development.

17:59:43 This plan amendment is bordered by Nebraska Avenue and

17:59:48 is one of the areas that the HART has chosen as a bus

17:59:51 rapid transit to increase mobility options for the

17:59:52 residents of this area.

17:59:55 It is also in the city's Transportation concurrency

17:59:57 exception area.

18:00:03 That area is to propose and accommodate traffic for

18:00:09 transit, bicycle, and pedestrian activities.

18:00:13 The Tampa area is in need of improvement necessary to

18:00:16 foster infill and redevelopment activities, and this

18:00:19 proposed map amendment will provide an appropriate land

18:00:21 use classification that will react to the market's

18:00:24 conditions for redevelopment that will bring the

18:00:28 development activity necessary for improved

18:00:33 infrastructure.

18:00:35 Finally two goals that this plan amendment does promote

18:00:42 as part of your comprehensive plan, 15 speaks to

18:00:43 memorable places.

18:00:46 The central park area is again identified that has a

18:00:49 great opportunity to transform and create

18:00:52 Transportation corridors that will intensify and

18:00:56 provide mobility options.

18:01:01 Along with creating new housing and job opportunities.

18:01:03 Another goal is the mixed use corridor concept,

18:01:04 transforming places.

18:01:09 Again this plan amendment site is located along

18:01:13 Nebraska Avenue a designated mixed use corridor and the

18:01:15 map will provide for redevelopment activity that will

18:01:22 promote.

18:01:24 Therefore on January 11 the Planning Commission made a

18:01:27 recommendation to find a plan amendment request,

18:01:30 comprehensive plan amendment 0910 consistent with the

18:01:33 City of Tampa goals, objectives and policies of their

18:01:36 Tampa Comprehensive Plan building our legacy a livable

18:01:37 city.

18:01:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Questions by Council?

18:01:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well-done.

18:01:44 >> Thank you.

18:01:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Public comment.

18:01:55 Anyone from the public?

18:02:07 >> Good evening.

18:02:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.

18:02:16 >> I am pastor Williams.

18:02:17 Scott street.

18:02:18 I am in the heart of central park.

18:02:26 And I got this here notification that -- that the

18:02:30 subject on the map, property contact for the

18:02:34 neighborhood association within 250 feet.

18:02:37 Able to understand what was going on about this, but I

18:02:40 am here to let you all know -- and I hope you give me

18:02:43 more than three minutes because it is going to take a

18:02:44 little time.

18:02:49 The church was erected there in 1902.

18:02:53 The City Council designated it as a historical

18:02:54 landmark.

18:02:57 I went along with him because the idea they say they

18:03:01 were giving funds to build it up, fix it up, straighten

18:03:05 it up.

18:03:09 The project had been torn down since 2006.

18:03:12 Is that right?

18:03:15 Torn down in 2006?

18:03:19 Yeah, I think it was 2006, yeah.

18:03:26 And nobody had come to me questioning my livelihood.

18:03:27 Livelihood at the church.

18:03:30 Nobody had compensated me or came to me and said

18:03:31 nothing.

18:03:34 Not one word.

18:03:35 I am on a property there.

18:03:38 This young lady, she's got property there.

18:03:46 Took her livelihood away from her.

18:03:48 At the GTE over there.

18:03:52 They gave GTE everything they wanted and some for what

18:03:53 they did.

18:03:57 Let me tell you this -- I see you y'all talking when I

18:03:59 am trying to explain something to you as if they are

18:04:00 ignoring me.

18:04:02 You see what I am talking about.

18:04:03 That's what it is all about.

18:04:10 Scott, you seem to be ignoring me.

18:04:14 I tell ya, the way you all treat us in central park.

18:04:17 Central park just as you said is called the scrub.

18:04:20 I lived in the scrub.

18:04:25 And when they came and housing, I lived in the housing

18:04:27 projects.

18:04:30 And that was a pretty decent neighborhood at that time

18:04:33 early, early years of it.

18:04:37 I can't -- I am the one that came here and told you

18:04:40 y'all needed money because it was a cesspool.

18:04:43 And by me coming here and saying you all needed the

18:04:48 money that put that section over there and a cesspool,

18:04:51 then y'all mistreated me.

18:04:52 I got this church here.

18:04:55 Church has been erected since 1902.

18:04:57 I am trying to keep it up.

18:04:59 You all designated.

18:05:03 You understand what I am saying, you all designated as

18:05:05 a historic landmark.

18:05:07 Nobody contacted me or put no plaque or anything up

18:05:08 there.

18:05:11 The thing about it what you are harassing me about, you

18:05:13 put the fence right on the right-of-way where I

18:05:19 couldn't have a through street.

18:05:20 Had a service the other night.

18:05:24 I put 13 Klu Klux Klan cops came by there and told us

18:05:27 we -- told us we didn't have no business having that

18:05:33 outdoor -- nowhere from the -- y'all have destroyed my

18:05:34 church.

18:05:38 Y'all have destroyed my members and seems like you are

18:05:40 all comfortable with that and sit up there and act like

18:05:42 you are comfortable with it.

18:05:44 I got a letter and I don't think you all wants this

18:05:46 letter to get to the public.

18:05:52 I will give it to every church -- y'all are mistreating

18:05:55 the church and I am not going to sit by and let you

18:05:59 mistreat me or nobody else, my members or nobody else.

18:06:02 I want Miss Ann to come up here and say what she got to

18:06:04 say since you all limited me to three minutes.

18:06:06 I told you that wasn't enough time, but I got

18:06:11 documentation.

18:06:14 >> Good evening, my name is Angela Williams, and I have

18:06:18 a place of business at 22 South street.

18:06:21 I have notified your offices, Mr. Scott, miss Gwen

18:06:25 Miller, and I also spoke with Pam Iorio, and when they

18:06:29 tore down central park, it took my livelihood away from

18:06:33 me and I had a hard struggle to maintain the taxes on

18:06:33 it.

18:06:37 And then they vandalized my building, and I had to work

18:06:39 two jobs to try to bring it back.

18:06:43 I had to recently sell some property in order to pay my

18:06:46 property taxes, and I had went all around trying to

18:06:49 find out if there was some type of grant that I could

18:06:53 receive to -- for a small business owner in order to

18:06:56 maintain, but it was nothing that I was able to

18:07:01 accomplish, and I called everybody that I could, and

18:07:05 miss Pam Iorio told me that what happened to me was not

18:07:10 voluntary, it was involuntary.

18:07:14 She told me to call Mr. Michael Hatcher and when I

18:07:16 spoke with Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Hatcher told me he was not

18:07:19 interested in it and whatever they put across street

18:07:22 from me, my place would be a sore thumb to the area.

18:07:26 But I lost everything I had behind that.

18:07:29 I just recently, as a matter of fact, February 25, sold

18:07:33 my property in order to pay my property taxes in order

18:07:34 to maintain.

18:07:36 So if there is anything that the city or Council they

18:07:42 can do something to help me, to conversate, I had a

18:07:45 very low offer, but I tried to accept, you know, just

18:07:48 so I won't lose anything.

18:07:49 Thank you all so very much.

18:07:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:07:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Hold up Mr. Williams, I will come back

18:07:55 to you.

18:07:57 Anyone else from the public?

18:07:58 Okay.

18:08:01 Your three minutes is up, but let me just -- let me

18:08:02 just respond for a second.

18:08:05 First of all, City Council has no jurisdiction over the

18:08:06 central park.

18:08:08 That is under the housing authority.

18:08:16 Mr. Jerome Ryans in the housing authority oversees that

18:08:17 property that's there.

18:08:19 It is my understanding and I can only relate what I

18:08:21 have been told, my understanding that you were

18:08:24 approached by the housing authority, and that you

18:08:27 wanted to put your property in excess of over a million

18:08:31 plus dollars and they were not in position to offer

18:08:32 that.

18:08:35 Probably beyond the market value of that property.

18:08:38 If that is the case, I suggest you -- that you go back

18:08:40 to the housing authority and have that discussion with

18:08:42 Mr. Ryan.

18:08:45 This Council has no authority over central park in

18:08:51 terms of the housing that was -- that was torn down and

18:08:53 what has been -- been erected there now.

18:08:56 That is totally -- the only thing that this Council has

18:08:59 in its purview was the TIF.

18:09:04 The county commission and this board created a CRA,

18:09:08 community redevelopment area and the TIF dollars in the

18:09:11 area that are used to help build the infrastructure

18:09:17 there in -- in central park now.

18:09:19 One of the big issues that I discussed when this was

18:09:22 going on was the existing businesses.

18:09:25 Unfortunately when the housing project was demolished

18:09:29 and torn down, your business because of those residents

18:09:33 moving out, than that will affect all of the businesses

18:09:35 that were in that area, your business and other

18:09:37 businesses suffered because of that.

18:09:41 Mr. Michael Hatcher is the manager for that CRA.

18:09:44 He is the purpose that you should -- you know you have

18:09:46 to discuss that with.

18:09:48 And at that point, it moves from there to I think the

18:09:50 mayor, is that right?

18:09:50 The mayor.

18:09:55 And then eventually comes back to City Council once --

18:09:58 if there is an offer made for your property, it then

18:10:01 comes back to City Council if the city was interested

18:10:06 in purchasing it, okay.

18:10:08 I would suggest that you go back to Mr. Hatcher and see

18:10:09 what opportunity.

18:10:12 I do know they set up the star program.

18:10:16 We awarded somebody today $50,000 grant somewhere -- I

18:10:16 can't remember.

18:10:18 So you can have a discussion about getting a grant in

18:10:22 terms of trying to improve your property and your

18:10:22 business there.

18:10:26 So I would suggest that to you.

18:10:29 Mr. Mark Huey, Mr. Michael hatcher who is the manager.

18:10:31 If you have any problems, call my office and we will

18:10:33 help guide you and get you in the right direction.

18:10:34 Okay.

18:10:36 >> Let me make this comment because you say something

18:10:41 that is -- the school board had purchased the property.

18:10:44 If they would have had it appraised, they were purchase

18:10:47 -- I had a contract with them.

18:10:50 They told me they couldn't buy because the idea is to

18:10:54 designate a historical land ma mark.

18:10:58 Who designate a historical landmark, the City Council.

18:11:01 So that kept me from -- kept them from approaching it.

18:11:05 And I had other people that wanted to buy it too.

18:11:06 Not only the school board.

18:11:08 But you need to look into it.

18:11:10 And let me know, because I need to know something and I

18:11:11 need to know something quick.

18:11:15 My insurance on that building is almost $10,000 a year.

18:11:18 I am not able to pay it.

18:11:19 >> Okay.

18:11:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, thank you.

18:11:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say to both of you,

18:11:27 to not just talk to Michael Hatcher, but go to the

18:11:29 central park CRA meetings.

18:11:31 I don't know if you -- there is a community Advisory

18:11:34 Committee, and you can go to that and talk to the

18:11:35 committee.

18:11:39 It might be helpful if you haven't done that already.

18:11:39 [Inaudible]

18:11:42 >> I have been to that -- we don't get no results --

18:11:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:11:45 >> That's why we are here.

18:11:46 >> Thank you.

18:11:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

18:11:48 Anyone else from the public?

18:11:50 Okay, motion to close.

18:11:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

18:11:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

18:11:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Favor signify by sighing aye.

18:11:57 A motion.

18:12:01 All in favor signify by saying eye, opposes.

18:12:03 >> Motion carries with Caetano and Dingfelder being

18:12:04 absent.

18:12:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, go ahead.

18:12:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you Mr. Chairman, I just -- I

18:12:15 wanted to recognize troop 53 from South Tampa Boy

18:12:18 Scouts who meet at the Palma Ceia United Methodist

18:12:18 church.

18:12:23 They are here tonight with scout leader Wayne Garcia.

18:12:25 And I think -- I don't know if he is trying to recruit

18:12:30 them to be political reporters or he may be just trying

18:12:33 to convince them not to go into government, but thanks

18:12:36 for coming tonight and sitting through this.

18:12:40 This is what we do, and congratulations.

18:12:46 I think do you deserve a badge or a medal or whatever

18:12:52 you got.

18:12:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You deserve something sitting through

18:12:55 all this.

18:12:59 [Laughter]

18:13:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, take up the last -- what I would

18:13:05 like to do is take up item 5 and move down to -- to the

18:13:09 public hearing for the CDBG.

18:13:14 If we can expedite item 5 if you can not take 20

18:13:17 minutes, he would appreciate that.

18:13:17 >> Planning Commission staff.

18:13:24 This next amendment 09-11 is a map amendment in South

18:13:25 Tampa.

18:13:30 It is a parcel of land approximately 40 acres in size.

18:13:33 It is the City of Tampa initiated amendment.

18:13:37 The request is to change the planned area which is

18:13:41 approximately 48 acres in size, and it is located South

18:13:45 of Interbay Boulevard, west of MacDill Avenue, east of

18:13:49 Holmes avenue, and north of west Napoleon,

18:13:52 approximately a quarter mile north of MacDill air force

18:13:53 base.

18:13:56 This site was acquired by the City of Tampa with funds

18:13:59 from the Hillsborough County environmental land

18:14:03 acquisition and protection program, as well as the

18:14:06 Florida communities trust acquisition program.

18:14:11 And as a requirement of acquisition with this grant

18:14:15 money, the request was to change to the most restricted

18:14:19 land use category for the condition.

18:14:22 The request is to change the current designation of

18:14:25 Residential-6 and Residential-20 to recreation and open

18:14:26 space.

18:14:28 So that is the primary purpose.

18:14:31 And it will reduce the development potential of that

18:14:35 site from maximum potential would be about 330

18:14:37 residential dwelling units and this will be removed.

18:14:41 The Planning Commission heard this on January 11.

18:14:46 And they -- the findings are with consistency with the

18:14:48 comprehensive plan in that this amendment will

18:14:51 strengthen Tampa's diverse neighborhood, maintain the

18:14:54 neighborhood's stability, recognizes and promotes city

18:14:58 assets, it preserves an appropriate open space system

18:15:02 for the public health, safety and welfare and

18:15:05 aesthetics and environmental amenities.

18:15:06 That concludes my presentation.

18:15:09 Tom Johnson with the City of Tampa is here in case you

18:15:11 have any questions regarding this particular site.

18:15:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman -- anyone from the public

18:15:17 wish to address Council?

18:15:18 From the public?

18:15:20 All right, moved and seconded.

18:15:27 All in fire signify by saying aye.

18:15:30 >> Motion carried with Caetano and Dingfelder being

18:15:31 absent.

18:15:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It is my understanding on items 6 and

18:15:37 7 that we already heard and pretty much we need to see

18:15:40 if there is any additional public comment and move for

18:15:40 approval.

18:15:45 Item 6 and 7.

18:15:50 Anyone here to address Council on 6 -- 6 being file

18:15:53 number e 2010-47.

18:15:57 And 7 being file number pa 09-08.

18:15:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman.

18:16:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

18:16:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let's ask the people from Seminole

18:16:05 Heights who worked so hard on this to stand up and be

18:16:08 recognized because they put so many hours.

18:16:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are they there.

18:16:12 >> Kathryn Coyle --

18:16:13 >> Two.

18:16:15 We had the lengthy public hearing.

18:16:15 [Applause]

18:16:18 [Inaudible]

18:16:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:16:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

18:16:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

18:16:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:16:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to transmit 6 and 7.

18:16:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

18:16:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have to say it is to perfunctory

18:16:39 after years of meetings and hundreds of evening chewing

18:16:42 on this and tweaking it, it is finally there.

18:16:43 Just congratulations, everyone.

18:16:46 This will be completely transformative in our -- in our

18:16:51 redevelopment of these Commercial.

18:16:52 Thank you.

18:16:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Congratulations to Seminole height for

18:16:55 your hard work.

18:16:59 Moved by Councilman Miranda and seconded by

18:17:01 Councilwoman Mulhern.

18:17:02 Items 6 and 7.

18:17:03 Say aye.

18:17:05 Opposed.

18:17:07 >> Motion carried with Caetano and Dingfelder being

18:17:09 absent.

18:17:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:17:11 Item 8 is a public hearing.

18:17:12 A motion to open.

18:17:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

18:17:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

18:17:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:17:20 We have miss west.

18:17:20 Sharon west.

18:17:24 Whoever is going to make the presentation.

18:17:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Sharon, you changed a lot.

18:17:39 >> Good evening, Council, revenue and finance

18:17:40 department.

18:17:44 A very brief presentation before Mr. Rotor will get up

18:17:47 here and address the Council.

18:17:50 Do I have that presentation on screen?

18:17:52 Thank you.

18:17:56 I wanted to go over the purpose of this meeting.

18:17:57 Just very briefly.

18:18:00 As you can see from your handout, the information

18:18:05 concerning the CDBG 36 entitlement, the emergency

18:18:08 shelter grant, the home investment partnerships, and

18:18:15 housing opportunities for persons with A.I.D.S. And

18:18:17 present the types of activities previously undertaken,

18:18:22 the anticipated level of funding, range of eligibility

18:18:25 activities and other requirements.

18:18:29 And importantly, obtain the views and comments of

18:18:31 citizens and any other persons who would like to be

18:18:35 heard regarding this issue.

18:18:37 Talking real quick about the funding you see before you

18:18:38 our current year amounts.

18:18:46 We anticipate the fiscal year '11 amount to be

18:18:47 relatively the same.

18:18:51 A quick review of the calendar, you see some of these

18:18:53 items have already taken place.

18:18:56 A technical assistance workshop and deadlines for both

18:19:01 CDBG and home have already passed and the next item is

18:19:02 tonight the public hearing.

18:19:05 Proposals and reviews and recommendations through may.

18:19:07 Responses.

18:19:09 And additional public hearing in June.

18:19:14 City Council approval action plan and the fiscal year

18:19:18 beginning for 2011.

18:19:23 The RFP, request for proposal process has taken place

18:19:26 and advertised on the city's TV channel.

18:19:30 As I mentioned technical assistance workshop was held

18:19:35 and held and recorded and replayed on the city's TV.

18:19:39 Approximately 30 individuals participated in the work

18:19:42 shops, evaluations have always provided very valuable

18:19:48 feedback and deadlines we already referenced and

18:19:54 mid-March time frame and evaluations next month.

18:19:57 The public hearing tonight as I mentioned needs a

18:19:59 recommendation to forward it no later than the next

18:19:59 week.

18:20:03 Initial responses and the second public hearing in

18:20:04 June.

18:20:07 If you have any questions, ladies and gentlemen, I or

18:20:10 some of the many subject matter experts here can answer

18:20:10 it.

18:20:17 If you do not, I will turn it over to Mr. Rotor.

18:20:23 >> Good evening, members of Council.

18:20:24 Frank rotor.

18:20:29 I live at 908 east Louisiana avenue.

18:20:31 The city developmental block grant Advisory Committee

18:20:35 was very busy this year, and we actually had ten

18:20:39 requests, a little bit more than we usually do and we

18:20:41 got carried away and excited about some of them.

18:20:44 The first someone a continuation last year dealt with

18:20:46 the homeless outreach, and what we are proposing that

18:20:50 the homeless coalition work with the neighborhood

18:20:55 community centers and University resource in west Tampa

18:20:59 to help develop them into basically kitchens for the

18:21:02 homeless, to be able to come in and to get meals, also

18:21:08 be allowed to get services, case management, health and

18:21:11 substance abuse treatment, education, vocational

18:21:14 training, job placement assistance, health services,

18:21:15 and also laundry facilities.

18:21:18 We feel this will be very, very useful for our homeless

18:21:22 population, and we are urging Council to go along with

18:21:22 us on that.

18:21:25 Our second request deals with the drainage ditches that

18:21:28 are located throughout the City of Tampa, and we really

18:21:29 had some concerns about that.

18:21:32 In fact our first thing was we wanted them all covered

18:21:35 over and we realized that was prohibitively expensive

18:21:37 and could not be accomplished.

18:21:41 However, we would like to see the drainage ditches get

18:21:41 cleaned out.

18:21:43 We found out that many of them are clogged.

18:21:46 They are not functioning the way they are supposed to,

18:21:49 and if we can have a citywide cleaning of the drainage

18:21:51 ditches we feel that would be very beneficial.

18:21:54 Our third request deals with traffic calming, and what

18:21:58 we are asking for that is, again, concern about our

18:22:04 reputation as far as pedestrian safety or lack of.

18:22:08 Support funding traffic calming measures which will

18:22:10 have a big impact on pedestrian safety.

18:22:15 Pedestrian activity is not a major factor in

18:22:17 determining if a site is eligible for traffic calming.

18:22:21 We believe that variables sidewalks and proximity to

18:22:24 parks schools and other community attractors will be

18:22:24 key ranking factors.

18:22:28 We believe this will be readily achieved by adapting a

18:22:32 similar mythology of what sites are necessary for

18:22:34 traffic calming in sidewalks.

18:22:35 And kind of move in that direction.

18:22:38 We also would like to have public works include newer

18:22:41 traffic calming technologies such as solar powered

18:22:45 speed displays because they can be very effective in

18:22:46 the neighborhoods that have them.

18:22:49 Number four, we realize there was not money for this;

18:22:51 however, we really believe this is very beneficial

18:22:53 community activity.

18:22:55 And this would be the potties in the park.

18:22:58 Basically in conjunction with the fire department and

18:23:00 the police department, we are asking for funding to

18:23:03 have two of these parks.

18:23:06 I talked to Shannon Edge earlier and no money available

18:23:08 in her apartment and looking for donation notice

18:23:11 community and looking for ways to have it because we

18:23:14 feel they are very beneficial activities.

18:23:17 Kids benefit from it, families benefit from it and a

18:23:20 unified force for all neighborhoods.

18:23:22 Number 5 is kind of a new one for us.

18:23:25 Basically we want to do some education about how code

18:23:27 enforcement works.

18:23:31 The department of code enforcement would like to work

18:23:34 with our public media, and to let our residents know

18:23:37 about code enforcement, how it works, what happens.

18:23:39 Very often the only time somebody knows about code

18:23:43 enforcement is when they are in violation and they

18:23:46 weren't aware that they were in violation until they

18:23:49 receive the notice and would like a public awareness

18:23:52 campaign so people will not end up going before code

18:23:53 enforcement for a problem.

18:23:56 Public information education can change the way code

18:23:57 enforcement operates.

18:24:00 Education can reduce the number of complaints, allowing

18:24:04 inspectors to be more proactive and reducing overall

18:24:06 costs and operating expenses.

18:24:11 We know that access to mass media is not cheap, but the

18:24:13 savings and the positive effects on public relations

18:24:15 could be great.

18:24:19 To go along with that, number 6, implementation of

18:24:20 foreclosed property registry.

18:24:23 Basically we are asking for a position to be funded to

18:24:26 manage the vacant properties of foreclosed homes.

18:24:29 Responsibilities, monitoring the overgrown conditions

18:24:33 of grass and weeds, protecting swimming pools, public

18:24:37 health hazards, dead landscaping, wear and tear and

18:24:40 vandalism that may occur as the houses are vacant.

18:24:42 Number 7 is connecting communities.

18:24:45 And at this time, I am going to ask Jennifer Willman to

18:24:46 come up here.

18:24:48 She has more experience of how to explain that whole

18:24:51 thing and I will turn it over to her.

18:24:53 >> Thank you, good evening, Jennifer willman, area 2

18:24:57 representative on the CDBG Advisory Committee.

18:25:04 Item 7 is a funding request that builds on the SDAT

18:25:08 grant, the sustainable design assessment team.

18:25:12 And if you recall it occurred a couple of years ago and

18:25:15 concluded recently, but was a partnership between the

18:25:17 urban charettes, the City of Tampa, the Planning

18:25:19 Commission and others, and the purpose was to connect

18:25:24 Tampa and to find new ways to empower the residents and

18:25:28 improve the planning process by engaging them and being

18:25:30 -- finding ways to have them be more actively involved

18:25:32 in improving their communities.

18:25:37 So this request is to do that in a way that is -- will

18:25:40 allow for group conversations, neighborhood

18:25:45 conversations to occur, and that is done a way of

18:25:48 workshops and using this technique called the world

18:25:49 cafe.

18:25:52 And it is important for there to be an outside

18:25:55 facilitator to do these workshops because then the

18:26:02 communities know that it is not, you know, impartial in

18:26:06 any way, a very independent process that is theirs to

18:26:08 go through.

18:26:10 These workshops -- it is a cost associated with it

18:26:12 obviously because it is a trained professional

18:26:15 facilitator that will conduct them which is a critical

18:26:16 component to this.

18:26:19 A two-part workshop where the first part will to be let

18:26:21 the citizens -- the residents of either one

18:26:23 neighborhood or a group of neighborhoods come together

18:26:26 to identify what their needs are, what the issues or

18:26:29 concerns are at that community, what they want to work

18:26:35 on, and at the second workshop, there would be talk

18:26:38 about how to implement and create a road map to -- to

18:26:41 address those needs.

18:26:46 And so the -- so this -- this is a request to allow the

18:26:50 neighborhood to -- to create a void, to -- to improve

18:26:54 the neighborhood planning process and we hope that you

18:26:54 consider that.

18:27:00 Thank you.

18:27:01 >> Number 8, asking for the Hillsborough Avenue

18:27:04 beautification.

18:27:07 Basically Hillsborough Avenue is a major corridor --

18:27:09 east-west corridor in the City of Tampa.

18:27:11 Many people drive through it to the Seminole hard rock

18:27:12 casino.

18:27:14 And Hillsborough Avenue is not very attractive,

18:27:17 particularly from Nebraska Avenue east.

18:27:22 What we are asking for CDBG dollars used to landscape

18:27:23 east Hillsborough Avenue in partnership with the

18:27:26 Florida department of Transportation and basically by

18:27:29 landscaping we feel this will further encourage

18:27:30 development of the businesses along Hillsborough Avenue

18:27:35 and severely neglected and overdue.

18:27:39 They did put in a -- concrete median that has no life

18:27:40 to it.

18:27:42 It is kind of boring, ugly.

18:27:46 Number 9 is our anti-littering initiative.

18:27:48 We are pleased to say this has been going on very well.

18:27:50 We have worked very closely with clean city division

18:27:55 and Jim Pickney and we are asking again for $35,000 for

18:27:57 another 50 trash containers.

18:27:58 Previously four years ago when we started this

18:28:01 initiative, no traffic containers anywhere in the City

18:28:03 of Tampa and now we have lots of them in many of the

18:28:04 major streets.

18:28:06 So we are seeing, you know, the positive effects on

18:28:07 that.

18:28:11 So we are asking again for another 50 trash cans.

18:28:15 Cost of $700 per receptacle.

18:28:19 And have them placed strategically throughout the city.

18:28:21 The last request has to deal with the citywide

18:28:23 recycling campaign and neighborhood and community

18:28:25 relations is working very closely to get this

18:28:28 information out with solid waste.

18:28:30 We are asking to continue that campaign.

18:28:33 Also to have neighborhood and community relations to

18:28:36 continue working with the school system to encourage

18:28:46 them to re155,000 trays and recycling newspapers.

18:28:49 We have gone a long way going from nowhere to where

18:28:51 they are now but room to go.

18:28:54 Our committee met four times during the course of the

18:28:58 year and the list before you -- number one have a

18:29:01 homeless -- last one which is the recycling initiative.

18:29:04 So that's it for that and we are not going to go to

18:29:05 area requests.

18:29:10 First one is area one.

18:29:14 Area two.

18:29:18 >> Good evening, again, Jennifer Wellman.

18:29:21 I first wanted to add two new requests that came --

18:29:25 came to me from the historic Ybor neighborhood civic

18:29:28 association and I would like for these to be added to

18:29:30 the request package.

18:29:33 And these are the thing that had been requested last

18:29:36 year that were not funded.

18:29:38 Number one is financial support for retail business

18:29:42 incubator project in Ybor City to help small home-based

18:29:45 businesses to expand into a brick and mortar

18:29:47 storefront.

18:29:50 Incubator will provide low rent and on-site spaces with

18:29:53 technical assistance, the second request that is new is

18:29:57 curbing and sidewalks on third avenue between 22nd

18:29:59 street and 12th street.

18:30:03 And just to recap what is in the package from -- these

18:30:06 are all located within Palmetto beach.

18:30:11 Number -- the first item is the seawall from McKay bay.

18:30:16 The -- the seawall is in great disrepair -- disrepair.

18:30:20 Design work has been done.

18:30:24 There is studying for the design work and that has been

18:30:26 done but construction funds from needed.

18:30:29 So we are requesting this once again.

18:30:32 It has been requested for several years now, and we

18:30:34 would hope that community development block grant

18:30:37 dollars could help fund the seawall which goes along

18:30:41 Bermuda boulevard and along Desoto park.

18:30:44 If the seawall fails, that means the boulevard will

18:30:47 crumble into the water, and rather than deal with that,

18:30:50 it would be easier to fix the seawall that is there

18:30:51 now.

18:30:54 Number two, our sidewalks on 26th street.

18:30:57 Gaps between Clark and long street and this is an

18:31:02 important area because it connects us to the Ikea

18:31:05 store, Desoto elementary school is there and bus route

18:31:07 46 run along 26th street.

18:31:11 Number three, our trash receptacles on Bermuda

18:31:17 boulevard which is our water front from Lindsey street.

18:31:20 Number four, we are asking for funding to improve

18:31:23 building facades along our main street, which is 22nd

18:31:24 street.

18:31:29 Number 5 is a request again for funding to have a

18:31:32 community plan and form-based code and design

18:31:33 guidelines.

18:31:37 The last -- last year I requested this and was told

18:31:40 that -- that they would -- it is prioritized and based

18:31:44 on need and I feel that our neighborhood is in great

18:31:46 need of this because we are almost ready to be

18:31:51 designated a historic district and I feel like we are

18:31:55 you know, with need to plan to know when rezonings come

18:31:57 up how do we deal with it.

18:31:59 Number 6 is noise control.

18:32:06 Somehow a program to impose stricter standards for cars

18:32:07 driving on our street.

18:32:12 Number 7 is adult literacy and English clashes held in

18:32:15 Palmetto beach neighborhood and number 8 requesting

18:32:17 gateways for our neighborhood which is on -- the

18:32:23 gateway to be on Adamo Drive on 21st, 22nd street and

18:32:24 causeway.

18:32:27 I notice that this spending package was not part of the

18:32:30 agenda package online, and I thought it should be, so I

18:32:33 wanted to request that it at least be posted somewhere

18:32:34 on the city's web site.

18:32:39 Thank you.

18:32:42 >> Area 33 I would like to request southeast Seminole

18:32:43 Heights.

18:32:47 One simple request that deals with present Bill we have

18:32:49 called the capital loan center.

18:32:51 The capital loan center is very, very small that can

18:32:53 accommodate 20, 25 people.

18:32:58 It has been there since the early 40s.

18:33:01 Severely lacking in needs not only for neighborhood

18:33:04 association but the City of Tampa parks department that

18:33:08 operates a program there after school.

18:33:10 When the green planning initiative and it was selected

18:33:14 as the first recipient, everything has been done and it

18:33:15 is looking great.

18:33:17 The land was put aside for a separate building to be

18:33:19 built there for a neighborhood civic center.

18:33:22 We asked for this request the last five years and we

18:33:24 are hoping this is the year we can get it.

18:33:28 Anybody else from area 3.

18:33:32 Area 4.

18:33:36 Area 5.

18:33:40 >> Members of Council, Wesley Wisenberger representing

18:33:45 district 5.

18:33:47 Proposals in there, but two more I would like to add to

18:33:49 it if you don't mind.

18:33:54 One is the park that is on Armenia.

18:33:56 No facilities for any use.

18:33:58 People who are elderly are in that area.

18:34:01 Any time they need to use that park to walk their dog,

18:34:06 do any exercise or any potties or anything there, they

18:34:10 have to bring in the portable potties for that.

18:34:14 Really useless for an older person to be walking from

18:34:19 our area to the park and not to be able to enjoy it

18:34:21 without some comfort facilities there.

18:34:24 If there is any funding anywheres or planning for the

18:34:29 future, I wish that area would be noted.

18:34:33 The second thing is --

18:34:36 >>MARY MULHERN: What park, Armenia and what.

18:34:38 >> Armenia, Delia Park.

18:34:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, --

18:34:41 >> A beautiful area.

18:34:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I know what it is.

18:34:44 >> There are some people -- there are some beautiful

18:34:47 homes around there that are enjoying that park.

18:34:49 We are not.

18:34:50 We have an older population.

18:34:53 We have a lot of people who like to do walking and

18:34:56 exercise, but they can not, you know, hobble back

18:34:59 quickly to their homes.

18:35:01 And I am speaking of myself.

18:35:03 Time marches on.

18:35:04 This white hair --

18:35:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mature, not old.

18:35:09 >> Yeah, he stand corrected sir.

18:35:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to make sure I am in your

18:35:13 same class.

18:35:16 >> The second point is that that area is very close to

18:35:16 downtown.

18:35:19 As you can see, there is a lot of traffic there, a lot

18:35:23 of traffic accidents, but we do have quite a few tipsy

18:35:27 people and obnoxious people who break glasses, throw

18:35:28 bottles and so forth.

18:35:31 A lot of broken glass in that area.

18:35:35 I ask that the street cleaners come into that area more

18:35:35 often.

18:35:40 There are many accidents which the towing companies do

18:35:42 not sweep up after the accident.

18:35:44 And four or five days later there is a lot of broken

18:35:49 glass in many areas, and this has gone on for a long

18:35:51 period of time.

18:35:54 I strongly urge the police department or whoever would

18:35:59 be in charge of that to enforce that issue.

18:36:01 When there is an accident, the tow truck operator is

18:36:04 required to sweep it up.

18:36:08 All the residents and the traffic goes through there.

18:36:10 Everything is crushed and crushed and crushed until

18:36:16 finally it is -- that should have been swept up after

18:36:16 an accident.

18:36:18 The street cleaners can help take care of the broken

18:36:21 glass that is in the area which is very dangerous.

18:36:27 Thank you very much for your time.

18:36:32 >> area 6.

18:36:37 Area 7.

18:36:43 >> Good evening, I am Tonya Thomas, representing area

18:36:45 7.

18:36:47 The Sulphur Springs area.

18:36:52 We are in need of bus -- bus shelters -- I am sorry bus

18:36:56 shelters and -- and trash cans for our area.

18:37:03 What is happening is with -- with weather like this and

18:37:10 in the heat as well, our residents are having problems

18:37:15 with people that is waiting for the bus, that is bus 9,

18:37:18 HARTline bus 9 that runs through the Sulphur Springs

18:37:19 area.

18:37:22 What they are doing is finding shelter in any way

18:37:25 possible meet on our porches and so forth.

18:37:30 So they bring their food and their trash and there are

18:37:33 no garbage cans and so forth and they leave their

18:37:34 trash.

18:37:37 I understand when people are waiting on the bus, when

18:37:42 they are coming home, we find people on our porches.

18:37:47 So we appreciate that you consider shelter and some

18:37:49 trash cans for our area.

18:37:52 Thank you very much.

18:37:55 >> Area 8.

18:37:59 Area 9.

18:38:00 Thank you, members of Council.

18:38:02 That concludes our presentation.

18:38:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

18:38:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

18:38:09 Mr. Rotor, that has gotten better and better and

18:38:11 better.

18:38:14 Every year the group requests are -- are more

18:38:18 compelling, and it is evident how closely all the

18:38:22 neighborhoods are working cooperatively to identify the

18:38:24 things that will really benefit the city as a whole,

18:38:28 and he really think that you all are -- deserve huge

18:38:30 appreciation for the work that you do.

18:38:33 I just wish we could print some money, because all of

18:38:37 these are really important things in our community, and

18:38:40 we need to be able to fund them, and every year the

18:38:42 Federal Government gives us less money and every year

18:38:44 we have more issues.

18:38:47 And just think you have done great work here.

18:38:48 >> Thank you.

18:38:50 Because we really have worked together.

18:38:52 We no longer look at what the neighborhood wants, we

18:38:56 think of how it impacts neighborhoods citywide.

18:38:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is evident.

18:39:00 And I would love to see -- I am -- I am so glad that

18:39:03 Council has this opportunity to hear from you.

18:39:07 Personally thing is a tremendous -- it is tremendous

18:39:10 information for us as we start our look at the next

18:39:13 year's budget, because it gives us the most direct

18:39:15 conversation with the variety of neighborhoods about

18:39:17 what your concerns are.

18:39:19 >> You are welcome to attend our meetings any time.

18:39:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would love the executive summary

18:39:22 he we get here.

18:39:24 Thank you.

18:39:25 Mr. Rotor --

18:39:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Rotor, wait, I had a couple of

18:39:28 questions.

18:39:32 So actually -- these are all of the requests you have

18:39:34 gotten, what we are getting tonight?

18:39:35 >> Correct.

18:39:37 >> You are not meeting -- your next meeting, you are

18:39:39 going to review them and --

18:39:42 >> Our next meeting we will go over the initial request

18:39:45 -- the initial responses and talk about that and get

18:39:49 basically ready for our June appearance before Council.

18:39:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

18:39:54 That's when -- when is the money actually divvied up?

18:39:56 >> That is not divvied up until summer.

18:39:57 July.

18:39:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

18:40:02 I am just wondering because there is -- there is some

18:40:05 needs I am thinking of that -- that haven't been part

18:40:10 of your process since I have been here, but -- that

18:40:13 could very well be considered.

18:40:16 At least -- it looks like they are expect the same

18:40:19 amount this year and hopefully they will get what they

18:40:23 got last year, but we have learned from citizens all

18:40:29 over the city but mostly in West Tampa and East Tampa

18:40:32 that the park fees that have gone up have forced all

18:40:35 those kids out of all the programs.

18:40:38 And I am trying to find places to find some money.

18:40:42 So this was one of the things I thought about, so I am

18:40:45 wondering if we could talk about that or -- can I come

18:40:46 to your next meeting.

18:40:48 When is your next meeting?

18:40:53 >> Definitely.

18:40:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Is it on here?

18:40:58 June 10.

18:40:59 >> June 10, a Thursday night.

18:41:01 Might have Council that night --

18:41:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, well, maybe I will visit you

18:41:05 instead.

18:41:07 >> Feel free to E-Mail me.

18:41:10 The E-Mail ask on area 3 and I will be more than

18:41:12 welcome to take it because one of the things we

18:41:15 discussed last meeting, and it was last minute when we

18:41:17 heard that and didn't know where to go with it at that

18:41:21 point, but that definitely was a concern for us as

18:41:21 well.

18:41:23 >>MARY MULHERN: My other question and I don't know who

18:41:25 this is for, maybe Dennis since he is the only staff

18:41:28 person here, but some things like money for trash cans,

18:41:33 I mean we do have solid waste and clean cities division

18:41:36 and, you know, it seems like some of these might be

18:41:40 essential services that might not have to come out of

18:41:41 community development.

18:41:43 >> Yes, ma'am, we can look at those as part of the

18:41:45 overall prioritization.

18:41:47 >>MARY MULHERN: That kind of jump out at me.

18:41:49 The other thing, the bus shelters.

18:41:52 Is that a city -- is that a HART --

18:41:55 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to check with HARTline.

18:41:57 >>MARY MULHERN: We need to get with HART and see if we

18:41:58 can do that.

18:42:01 Get them to provide you the shelter.

18:42:03 >> We just like to stir the pot and get the interest up

18:42:05 and have people talk about it.

18:42:07 Sometimes we don't know exactly where to go.

18:42:11 >>MARY MULHERN: It will be worth talking to them

18:42:13 because they are doing an advertising program on their

18:42:15 shelters and maybe want to put one there for the

18:42:16 advertising.

18:42:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.

18:42:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

18:42:23 I appreciate you and everything that the CDBG committee

18:42:25 has done, and like you said earlier, things have

18:42:27 changed a lot for your membership and yourself.

18:42:31 It used to be district something didn't like what the

18:42:33 other district other one was doing and came before

18:42:36 Council and we got very little done, and throughout the

18:42:40 years, it certainly has gotten better.

18:42:43 Understand the gentleman who was here earlier, Wes, the

18:42:46 mature individual.

18:42:50 That area there that we are talking about, I can't tell

18:42:53 you how many calls we made to move semis and trucks

18:42:58 with flat tires that were there a week, two weeks.

18:43:01 But we are coming along little by little, and I think

18:43:02 the area is getting better.

18:43:04 >> Thank you.

18:43:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:43:14 >> Council, block 4 also and Vice-chair of the CDBG

18:43:15 committee.

18:43:18 I noticed that we all saw that everything here cost

18:43:19 money.

18:43:22 And -- and I hope we can find the money to fund -- I

18:43:25 mean all these requests are very worthwhile, but one on

18:43:28 here that actually doesn't cost money, and that's the

18:43:30 traffic calming.

18:43:32 That is the idea that you can have traffic calming

18:43:37 based upon criteria other than just the cars on the

18:43:37 road.

18:43:39 And this is something that we have been trying to push

18:43:41 for a couple of years now.

18:43:43 Traffic calm something one of the biggest complaints in

18:43:43 the City of Tampa.

18:43:48 People want to be able to walk safely, and they can't

18:43:50 because sidewalks in proximity to schools and parks are

18:43:53 not taken into consideration when they determine where

18:43:55 a traffic calming goes.

18:43:57 This one is free.

18:43:59 You can find out why the Transportation department

18:44:03 refuses to use some sort of objective grading scale

18:44:06 like proximity to parks, proximity to -- or

18:44:09 availability of sidewalks when they are determining

18:44:12 whether or not traffic calming belongs in a certain

18:44:12 location.

18:44:15 So that's -- that's my little pitch for that one

18:44:17 citywide request, and it's free.

18:44:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

18:44:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Baron.

18:44:25 We have a great person who does sidewalk planning, Jim

18:44:25 Washington.

18:44:28 What you are talk is a policy that comes from the head

18:44:30 of Transportation and I think you are completely

18:44:31 correct.

18:44:33 The pedestrian activities haven't been linked to

18:44:36 traffic calming, and as Councilmembers, we can make a

18:44:39 request -- and I will do that right now -- in 30 days

18:44:42 to have a person from Transportation come and tell us

18:44:48 how they can link the -- an analysis of traffic calming

18:44:50 to pedestrian vulnerability --

18:44:52 >> Or activity.

18:44:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Activity.

18:44:54 That is a better word choice.

18:44:55 Because I think that is something they can definitely

18:44:56 do.

18:44:58 We can't make them do it, but we can request that they

18:44:58 --

18:44:59 >> Thank you.

18:45:00 I appreciate that.

18:45:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A motion.

18:45:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I think they do do that.

18:45:06 I am pretty sure they do -- they do that with

18:45:07 sidewalks.

18:45:09 They have a ranking but don't deal with traffic

18:45:09 calming?

18:45:11 Yeah, but they are great about that.

18:45:14 And one of the things I am glad you brought this up,

18:45:17 because I met with them about a specific sidewalk that

18:45:21 was really needed near a school, and it actually has

18:45:23 been put in, but it just occurred to me that that

18:45:28 should be top of the ranking for both traffic calming

18:45:32 and sidewalks, closest to schools, you know.

18:45:35 It is pretty much a no brainier, but I don't know if

18:45:36 that is the policy now.

18:45:40 So I will second your motion.

18:45:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Miranda seconded the motion.

18:45:45 Moved by Councilwoman Saul-Sena and seconded by

18:45:46 Councilman Miranda.

18:45:50 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:45:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To appear and report on that.

18:45:53 >> Under staff report.

18:45:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Under staff report.

18:45:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess my only question is -- I was

18:45:59 under the impression that all of these items were first

18:46:02 presented to the administration for review.

18:46:04 That has not happened?

18:46:08 >>MARY MULHERN: He snuck that in.

18:46:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is a policy -- I would say --

18:46:15 >>GWEN MILLER: A wish list.

18:46:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Actually make it for the first

18:46:18 Council meeting in may.

18:46:20 That gives them plenty of time.

18:46:20 Thank you.

18:46:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:46:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to open items 9 and 10.

18:46:29 >> Do we need to close this public hearing, with a

18:46:29 motion.

18:46:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Close.

18:46:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

18:46:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Those in favor signify by saying aye.

18:46:37 Opposed.

18:46:37 Okay.

18:46:38 Moved and seconded.

18:46:41 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:46:45 Opposed?

18:46:47 >> Mr. Chairman --

18:46:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Swear the witnesses in.

18:46:55 Folks, we are still in -- just one second, one second,

18:46:59 let's -- let's make sure -- as you exit, please hold

18:47:00 your conversation down, please.

18:47:05 Council is still in session.

18:47:09 If you are going to be speaking in front of Council,

18:47:13 can you stand at this point and be sworn.

18:47:17 [oath administered by Clerk]

18:47:20 >> Mr. Chairman, I believe there are some items that

18:47:23 need to be received and filed prior to action that have

18:47:25 been available for public inspection in City Council's

18:47:26 office.

18:47:27 >>GWEN MILLER: So moved.

18:47:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:47:31 Those in favor signify by aye.

18:47:34 >> A brief reminder if there is ex parte communication

18:47:37 that a Councilmember should disclose those prior to a

18:47:37 vote.

18:47:41 Thank you.

18:47:43 >> Land Development Coordination.

18:47:50 Petition to rezone z10-04, the property is 212 South

18:47:54 Armenia Avenue, requesting from RM-24 residential

18:47:58 multifamily to PD planned development to allow for

18:48:03 shop, retail sales, retail cigar shops, daycare,

18:48:04 business and professional office.

18:48:13 With that Planning Commission will come forth.

18:48:15 >>TONY GARCIA: Thank you, Tony Garcia, Planning

18:48:16 Commission staff.

18:48:21 I have been sworn.

18:48:24 This particular site lies within -- on your Vision

18:48:26 Planning map in the central planning district which is

18:48:28 one of the three districts in the City of Tampa that

18:48:31 has been targeted to move growth into as far as

18:48:35 redevelopment opportunities and job creation.

18:48:40 As we zoom in a little bit more, we can see generally

18:48:45 that this project is located within the boundaries of

18:48:46 the neighborhood association boundaries.

18:48:49 This project is located South of Kennedy Boulevard,

18:48:54 South of Cleveland Street and north of Platt.

18:48:57 Predominant land use categories in these areas are

18:48:59 several, Residential-35.

18:49:00 This dark brown color is Residential-20.

18:49:03 This is Urban Mixed Use 60 which is one of our highest

18:49:08 categories and one that we designate primarily for main

18:49:14 corridors and arterials like Adamo Drive.

18:49:20 The pink color, which is pretty predominant along the

18:49:24 corridors of Howard avenue and Armenia which are

18:49:29 business corridors, business use 35 which allows for a

18:49:31 variety of nonresidential uses, office uses, office

18:49:37 professional uses and up to general Commercial uses.

18:49:46 Let me go ahead and show you the aerials.

18:49:48 Here the location of this site.

18:49:50 There are several -- there is a little bit of mix on

18:49:53 this block, but most of the uses around here are low

18:49:57 density professional office uses or neighborhood

18:50:00 Commercial uses in is actually a little bit of a dated

18:50:03 aerial, because as you know the Publix is over here

18:50:07 which is just north of apartments which are to the

18:50:08 South over here.

18:50:11 Just to the outside on the edge of the SOHO district

18:50:15 but we have a variety of general Commercial uses.

18:50:18 The request is consistent with many of the policies and

18:50:19 comprehensive plan that offer opportunities for

18:50:23 redevelopment and infill in this particular district.

18:50:24 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request

18:50:33 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

18:50:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions.

18:50:39 Any questions for Mr. Garcia.

18:50:47 If not, okay.

18:50:49 >> Tawanda Anthony.

18:50:51 A petition to waive this which includes a parking

18:50:55 waiver and a buffer waiver.

18:51:03 I will now show the zoning atlas.

18:51:07 Here is the property in the hatched area bordered by

18:51:11 Armenia to the west, Platt to the South, -- to the east

18:51:12 and Cleveland to the north.

18:51:16 You can see it surrounded by residential to the north

18:51:23 and to the South and CG uses including the book store

18:51:30 and shopping plaza.

18:51:46 Here is the aerial of the site.

18:51:50 This is the east side site and this is the parking in

18:51:51 the rear.

18:51:57 And this is a better view of the parking in the rear.

18:52:01 This is a view of north are of the site, and you can

18:52:04 see this forming residential.

18:52:09 This is west of the site, and it is multifamily.

18:52:13 This is additional multifamily east of the site.

18:52:15 And this is South of the site, and this is an office

18:52:19 use.

18:52:25 Here is a view looking north, and this is the area that

18:52:28 provides access to the parking in the rear.

18:52:32 And this is a view one block South and this is the

18:52:38 Publix.

18:52:43 The petitioner is proposing to rezone from RM-24 the PD

18:52:47 to allow for catering, business, office, retail sales,

18:52:55 retail cigar shop and day care, the PD setback 25.1.

18:52:57 The rear is 58 feet.

18:53:01 The left side yard is 15 feet and South side yard is

18:53:05 6'3" inches, the requirement of parking spaces is seven

18:53:09 spaces and five spaces are being provided.

18:53:11 Including one ADA space.

18:53:17 Photos have been submitted for elevation.

18:53:22 The department finds it consistent with the City of

18:53:24 Tampa Land Development Code; however, if the applicant

18:53:28 revises the plan before first and second reading, then

18:53:31 the department will find the plan consistent with

18:53:36 exception of Transportation are there is an outstanding

18:53:41 objection due to the reduced parking spaces.

18:53:44 The staff findings, Land Development Coordination found

18:53:51 the plan consistent with minor site plans and

18:53:55 petitioner has agreed to provide between first and

18:53:57 second reading.

18:54:01 Transportation found it consistent as well and required

18:54:03 a sidewalk and petitioner will provide a sidewalk and

18:54:06 in addition have an outstanding objection to the

18:54:10 reduced parking spaces.

18:54:13 Also, I have rescission sheets to submit for the

18:54:21 record.

18:54:29 That concludes my presentation, Council.

18:54:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

18:54:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, I have a question.

18:54:35 The petitioner has requested a variety of uses, one of

18:54:37 which is day care.

18:54:39 I am familiar with this setting, and I am familiar with

18:54:44 this site, and I don't see how that would be possible

18:54:47 to provide this -- you know the open space you need and

18:54:48 everything for day care.

18:54:51 >> They would have to go through the permitting process

18:54:54 and provide the loading air why in the front and

18:54:56 provide the playground area.

18:54:57 It may be feasible but would be determined at the time

18:55:00 -- when they go to pull the permit for the site and

18:55:03 bring it up to standards to meet the -- the

18:55:06 requirements for the daycare, and transportation, we

18:55:09 will address more in terms of the parking and how they

18:55:10 will have to structure that.

18:55:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

18:55:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilmember Miranda.

18:55:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

18:55:19 We are discussing both 9 and 10.

18:55:20 >> They are separate.

18:55:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well --

18:55:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: They are tied together though.

18:55:26 They might be separate but --

18:55:28 >> The rezoning has to be approved prior to the --

18:55:31 >> If the rezoning is not approved obviously -- but the

18:55:34 thing is, they are separate -- they are separate

18:55:35 subjects --

18:55:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know they are separate, but I may

18:55:40 vote against one and for the other one.

18:55:41 >> That may very well be.

18:55:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, that's going to be.

18:55:53 >> Good evening, Council, Kathryn Coyle, Land

18:55:53 Development.

18:55:55 I was going to read through the alcohol petition for

18:55:56 you which is the next case.

18:55:59 My advice would be to keep them separate at this point.

18:56:00 You are reviewing a planned development rezoning

18:56:02 fortuitous listed on the plan.

18:56:07 I would consider just that with the waivers listed and

18:56:09 then get to the alcohol and we can talk about any

18:56:11 issues that came up in the PD when we get to the

18:56:14 alcohol but keep them separate at this point.

18:56:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?

18:56:17 Petitioner.

18:56:21 Petitioner?

18:56:30 >> Hi, my name is Ali Alchikh, the owner.

18:56:31 I am not the business operator.

18:56:33 I just own the property and I am only talking about the

18:56:38 waivers and the change of use to Commercial property.

18:56:42 Basically, what we have done when we got this property

18:56:45 was -- it was not in very good shape.

18:56:47 It had not been fixed or redone on the inside and

18:56:49 outside for so many years.

18:56:50 It was rented as a house.

18:56:52 The condition of it was very bad.

18:56:54 We put a lot of money into it to bring it up to

18:56:56 standards to what the neighborhood is like.

18:56:59 We paved the whole area around the property, including

18:57:03 the parking lot, so we made it look much nicer.

18:57:07 It wouldn't be feasible to have this property as

18:57:09 residential because it doesn't stand up as residential

18:57:15 property to the value of what was spent on it, plus the

18:57:18 property, as was mentioned, most of the buildings

18:57:21 around it are either multiresidential or -- he mean

18:57:27 like apartment complexes, duplexes, and so forth and

18:57:30 some office use, professional use, or day care.

18:57:34 And basically we see that it does -- will help in the

18:57:40 area for the property to have a look and the only way

18:57:43 to sustain that is set it up in a way that will help

18:57:45 the neighborhood and keep the use within the standards

18:57:50 of that neighborhood.

18:57:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions of Council?

18:57:55 Anything else you wish to add, sir?

18:57:55 >> No.

18:57:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Hear from the public -- yes, miss

18:57:59 Mulhern.

18:58:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to ask a question of staff.

18:58:11 I am just looking at the site, and there is not any

18:58:13 pervious surface there at all.

18:58:16 I don't know if you come in with a PD, if you have to

18:58:17 provide anything.

18:58:21 I mean it looks like that is the way it is right now.

18:58:23 >> They do have to provide the green spacing.

18:58:29 They are required 660 square feet and provided 688

18:58:31 square feet.

18:58:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

18:58:34 Maybe -- where is this on that.

18:58:35 >> This is front yard.

18:58:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Because right now it looks like it is

18:58:38 all brick.

18:58:42 You will be putting in landscape there?

18:58:45 >> Landscape around the property.

18:58:47 There is landscape right now around the property

18:58:49 throughout, all the sides and the front.

18:58:54 I mean if -- any changes that is required, we will be

18:58:54 willing to change.

18:58:58 We don't have any objection to any of the requirements.

18:59:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay were there is some -- just a

18:59:03 couple of trees up against the front, but -- you know

18:59:03 --

18:59:07 >> There is a landscape island.

18:59:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe -- I can't see it on these

18:59:11 pictures.

18:59:12 Where is that?

18:59:16 It doesn't show on the overhead either, but this may be

18:59:17 an old picture.

18:59:20 >> Here is a picture that shows the landscape island.

18:59:25 >>MARY MULHERN: That's on the side.

18:59:25 >> Yes.

18:59:39 >> That is also considered green space.

18:59:44 If I may add landscaping on both sides of the property.

18:59:45 On the north side the complex is shared with the

18:59:49 complex next -- I believe two apartment rentals, half

18:59:53 of that landscape is for -- we know that because we had

18:59:56 an issue of them cutting their grass on that side

18:59:58 before and they said they only have the half property

19:00:00 and we told them that's fine.

19:00:02 There is landscaping on the side the building, on the

19:00:05 South side, plus that area in the middle there where

19:00:06 there are the flowers.

19:00:08 On the back of the property there are some trees that

19:00:11 were just cut down right now because of the season.

19:00:14 Not completely but like trimmed down around the front

19:00:16 of the property.

19:00:19 There were hardly any when the property was taken.

19:00:23 Just basically dirt and wild grass, if you might -- if

19:00:29 you may say.

19:00:33 >> TaWanda Anthony, Land Development.

19:00:35 Council, I would like to point out quickly for all the

19:00:38 uses, they are able to meet the requirement with the

19:00:41 exception of the cigar shop which is requiring the two

19:00:45 additional spaces.

19:00:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

19:00:51 >> I don't know if I can say something regarding that

19:00:52 fact.

19:00:53 I know how the operation is.

19:00:58 Basically you will never find more than three to four

19:01:01 cars in that parking area and the place has been there

19:01:04 for a while, but they don't cater basically to the

19:01:04 masses.

19:01:09 The main retail cigar shop in the area is by channel

19:01:09 13.

19:01:12 This one is more for somebody who would come in, sit

19:01:15 down and smoke a cigar then people buying cigars in

19:01:17 bull tock take outside.

19:01:20 So basically the space inside doesn't give them that

19:01:22 much of a chance to have so many people parking outside

19:01:25 at any given time.

19:01:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

19:01:27 We will hear from the public.

19:01:30 Anyone who wishes to speak, please come forward at this

19:01:34 time, please.

19:01:36 >> Good evening, Council.

19:01:41 Walter Crumbly, the President of the homeowners

19:01:44 association.

19:01:46 It is interesting to come down here and hear what the

19:01:49 man has to say because we never heard a peep out of him

19:01:51 about what he had planned from this.

19:01:56 We have always perhaps mistakenly assumed he was

19:02:00 operating a legitimate business and we find out now

19:02:03 that this business has been going on for about two

19:02:08 years was improperly zoned for that business.

19:02:14 This is the mistake we won't allow again, believe me.

19:02:16 We will check out everybody now.

19:02:20 Anyway, there are is primarily a residential area.

19:02:23 People trying to get into this property off of Armenia

19:02:26 is kind of like trying to make a u-turn at the

19:02:28 Indianapolis 500.

19:02:33 Armenia is one way, and it is high speed, and for

19:02:39 people to try to turn into that driveway is suicide.

19:02:42 The only other way to get in is through the alley and

19:02:46 back which is -- you have town house there is with the

19:02:49 front doors and dust and everything every time you have

19:02:52 somebody drive up and down that alley.

19:02:57 So, you know, from a parking standpoint and a traffic

19:02:59 standpoint, I don't care what Transportation says.

19:03:00 They are nuts.

19:03:03 This is not something that will fly well.

19:03:07 Secondly, I don't want to hear anybody whine about all

19:03:09 the money you spent and all the money you are going to

19:03:12 spend, because there is a Supreme Court case right on

19:03:18 point that says you can not consider economic benefit

19:03:22 or cost to the petitioner in changing the zoning.

19:03:26 They should considered this before they ever undertook

19:03:28 this program.

19:03:33 On January 26, the neighborhood association that met

19:03:40 considered what we knew was coming up, and unanimously

19:03:44 voted to be against rezoning this property to PD.

19:03:47 And that's our position, and we are going to stick by

19:03:49 it.

19:03:51 Questions?

19:03:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

19:03:56 Next speaker.

19:03:58 >> Good evening, mark Stevenson.

19:04:01 I am the President of the Moody city homes HOA

19:04:02 association.

19:04:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The what?

19:04:07 >> The Moody city homes, townhouses or condos directly

19:04:10 across the street -- across the alley.

19:04:12 It is not even a street.

19:04:15 We object as a group, as association to this on several

19:04:16 different levels.

19:04:21 I mean, obviously to describe that as an alley is -- is

19:04:24 generous but runs between the two facilities.

19:04:28 You can see from the air yam photos, it really doesn't

19:04:30 give you a sense, but basically it is three steps

19:04:33 across the alley from the driveway of two of our

19:04:38 buildings, which is four two-car garages into the

19:04:40 parking lot of the current cigar shop.

19:04:42 There are a lot more residence there is.

19:04:44 A few people who seem to be living there on the

19:04:45 property.

19:04:47 There is a four-plex right down the street.

19:04:49 A heavily residential area.

19:04:53 Completely unlike two blocks over on South Howard and

19:04:54 Platt.

19:04:58 There are no other businesses of that kind.

19:05:01 It is sandwiched in between a book store, independent

19:05:04 book store, and daycare center on the other side

19:05:04 street.

19:05:08 I am saying this particularly with an eye to the next

19:05:11 petition, because they are asking eventually for the 2

19:05:12 cop.

19:05:15 It is obvious they don't intend to open a day-care

19:05:17 center or an office complex.

19:05:19 They are angling for some kind of a retail drinking

19:05:21 establishment.

19:05:24 There are plenty of those in our area.

19:05:25 There is a few too many.

19:05:27 Parking restrictions are even getting worse.

19:05:33 We successfully gotten the city to put "no parking"

19:05:38 signs in the works for moody, South moody, from 213,

19:05:45 214, 211 and 212 all the way to Platt.

19:05:48 No way any police can support any kind of reasonable

19:05:49 activity in that location.

19:05:50 I would appreciate you voting against it.

19:05:52 Do you have any questions I can answer for you about

19:05:54 the area or the building?

19:05:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask -- you are the President

19:05:59 of this --

19:06:02 >> Yeah, the HOA.

19:06:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How many people live there?

19:06:07 >> Three buildings in total, nine units in total.

19:06:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Some of the units, their primary

19:06:10 access it from the alley?

19:06:13 >> Yeah, two buildings that face that alley.

19:06:15 And there are four driveways.

19:06:18 With two-car garages.

19:06:23 So there are four residents that is their primary

19:06:23 access.

19:06:26 Basically their only parking and only access to their

19:06:27 home is through that.

19:06:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

19:06:30 Anyone else from the public?

19:06:32 Petitioner?

19:06:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: May I ask the city one question.

19:06:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's let him --

19:06:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The city first so --

19:06:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, then the speaker.

19:06:45 >> Good evening, Council.

19:06:48 Linda crumbly, and I have been sworn.

19:06:51 I am asking you to really look at this in a very open

19:06:53 way.

19:06:56 There is a Montessori school.

19:06:59 We have children in that neighborhood.

19:07:01 They are 125 feet from that building.

19:07:04 We do not need another establishment to bring out

19:07:09 liquor or beer or wine or any of that.

19:07:13 And smoking, especially, to have that type of

19:07:17 environment where children can see it.

19:07:20 We need to protect our community.

19:07:23 The more -- I can't impress upon you how much we want

19:07:28 this to be a good, quality community that we live in.

19:07:31 We have done -- we have made great strides in trying to

19:07:34 clean up this neighborhood, and we ask that you please

19:07:36 deny this petition.

19:07:39 For our children and for our families and for the

19:07:43 growth of our community, thank you.

19:07:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.

19:07:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

19:07:49 This case is very puzzling.

19:07:52 Are there any licenses that anybody got to start a

19:07:54 business or they did it without any permits or any

19:07:55 licenses or nothing?

19:07:59 I don't know.

19:08:04 >> Do you want to address it, Miss Cole, otherwise I

19:08:04 will.

19:08:07 >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, Legal Department.

19:08:09 I would urge you to stick on the question of whether or

19:08:11 not this is an appropriate rezoning.

19:08:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not asking -- what I am asking

19:08:14 is nothing to do with zoning.

19:08:15 I understand that.

19:08:20 I want to know the city faulted in any way so I can

19:08:21 correct that or try to correct that.

19:08:24 Now if we want to close our eye and keep walking like

19:08:28 we are in a little closet, that's fine.

19:08:31 >> If I may, I don't mean to jump up.

19:08:33 Kathryn Coyle, Land Development.

19:08:37 This site is under violation from code enforcement for

19:08:39 the change of use and they are here before to you try

19:08:40 to make it legal.

19:08:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: They did have licenses before?

19:08:47 >>JULIA COLE: Appears they might be under a code

19:08:50 enforcement -- there is a possibility -- I want to

19:08:52 remind Council that we ought to look at this on the

19:08:53 land use question.

19:08:53 Thank you.

19:08:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

19:09:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions of Council.

19:09:02 Petitioner.

19:09:08 >> Regarding the licenses, I know they have cigar shop

19:09:12 license that was issued by the tobacco, alcohol and

19:09:14 firearms department, when that was opened.

19:09:16 They didn't open the case without license.

19:09:20 They had even occupational license, they had -- the

19:09:23 license that was required to operate a cigar shop.

19:09:26 They never sold alcoholic beverages of any type there.

19:09:29 They have just been operating a cigar shop and I know

19:09:32 that basically to them, everybody is talking about the

19:09:33 bar or a lounge.

19:09:37 Basically put the use -- change the use to Commercial

19:09:40 was to encompass everything because basically the

19:09:42 tenants right now might be here this year.

19:09:44 They might not be here next year.

19:09:48 And we didn't want to get stuck with one kind of

19:09:50 business.

19:09:52 At the same time, this is never going be too bar where

19:09:54 people are going to come and drink and leave.

19:09:59 Again, business -- most of their clients are business

19:10:01 people, lawyers, doctors that come in to have a cigar.

19:10:04 Children being exposed to smoking.

19:10:07 The property has an apartment complex between the

19:10:12 school and the shop to where there is no -- there are

19:10:14 no children that come into that area coming out of the

19:10:17 day care, because the -- the way the cars go out of

19:10:20 that school is toward Cleveland, because the alleyway

19:10:22 is one way it is supposed to be.

19:10:26 So I never seen one of the parents drive their car

19:10:28 across the back of the cigar shop.

19:10:30 At the same time, they can not see cigars and

19:10:34 cigarettes being smoked there because usually the smoke

19:10:35 something within the premise.

19:10:38 Not nobody sitting in alleyway smoking cigars.

19:10:41 They have no reason to do that.

19:10:43 Very comfortable seating inside.

19:10:44 Couches, armchairs.

19:10:48 The place is done in a very nonCommercial setting.

19:10:52 Basically looks like a house.

19:10:53 The inside is like a house.

19:10:55 Couches, armchairs.

19:10:59 Couple of high-top tables with chairs on them.

19:11:04 So it is not a Commercial type per se.

19:11:06 The house looks like a house, the inside looks like a

19:11:07 house.

19:11:11 A lot of people have brought up the idea of -- people

19:11:14 that are the customers of that place right now that

19:11:16 there is no place in the summer or in their own season

19:11:18 to be sitting inside smoking.

19:11:19 They have to sit outside.

19:11:26 So the exposure to cigarettes or cigars from the school

19:11:28 is impossible.

19:11:29 Nobody sits outside in the back.

19:11:32 They usually sit Armenia in the front if they are going

19:11:37 to smoke on the chairs outside and as mentioned was

19:11:38 very high.

19:11:40 Cars passing through, I don't think anybody would be

19:11:44 offended by cigars being smoked out there and very

19:11:45 irregular to happen.

19:11:48 It happens usually inside the cigar shop.

19:11:50 Very adequate ventilation for the smoking, so unless

19:11:53 somebody is wanting to smoke, they don't go inside the

19:11:57 place and nobody else is exposed to that.

19:11:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

19:12:01 Any questions?

19:12:02 Thank you very much, sir.

19:12:05 Any other questions from Council?

19:12:05 Okay.

19:12:06 Motion to close.

19:12:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

19:12:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

19:12:13 >> Council, if I may, just to direct your attention to

19:12:15 the staff report.

19:12:20 If you look at the staff report, the staff has specific

19:12:26 findings of fact beginning on page 3, under new --

19:12:30 under number 2, and what that is in effect where you

19:12:35 see the -- like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, et cetera, those are the

19:12:43 criteria for PD site plan zoning district under 27-321.

19:12:48 And obviously those are in italics what the staff's

19:12:49 findings is.

19:12:51 Obviously it is the City Council's determination of

19:12:54 what those findings are based on the evidence that you

19:12:58 have heard, and then use that criteria to determine

19:13:00 whether or not to approve this PD.

19:13:02 So I just wanted to bring those to your attention

19:13:06 because that is the criteria under 27-321.

19:13:09 And again it -- though the recommendation -- the

19:13:12 findings of the staff are in italics, it is ultimately

19:13:14 up to the City Council.

19:13:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A motion on the floor to close.

19:13:18 All those in favor signify by saying aye.

19:13:20 Opposes.

19:13:24 What is the pleasure of Council?

19:13:25 What is the pleasure of Council?

19:13:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I am going to move

19:13:30 for denial on the 27-321.

19:13:36 I don't think it meets the criteria to continue this

19:13:42 hearing for zoning change from RM-24 to PD under

19:13:47 section page 3, section 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, those

19:13:50 criteria are not met and therefore I move for denial.

19:13:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It has been moved by Councilman

19:13:58 Miranda, seconded by Councilwoman Saul-Sena for denial.

19:14:00 All those in favor signify by saying aye.

19:14:03 Opposed?

19:14:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I am voting aye, but I wanted to point

19:14:12 out some other findings of fact.

19:14:14 Number 5, reducing Transportation needs.

19:14:19 They are asking for parking waivers, which I think that

19:14:21 is not going to be an option because of the

19:14:23 Transportation objections.

19:14:29 That is not going to work.

19:14:30 Number 6, compatibility.

19:14:34 This isn't compatible with the surrounding -- mostly

19:14:41 residential and small business and number 7, promotes

19:14:45 more desirable living and working environments than

19:14:46 would be possible.

19:14:47 I think obviously there are other possibilities that

19:14:50 would be better uses, and I would suggest it would make

19:14:53 a very nice little coffee shop where people after they

19:14:58 buy their books at Inkwood could go in and have a cup

19:15:00 of coffee.

19:15:03 >> Motion carried with Caetano and Dingfelder being

19:15:03 absent.

19:15:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to deny.

19:15:09 Okay.

19:15:12 >> I will look at the next item.

19:15:14 >> Catherine Coyle, Land Development.

19:15:16 The next item is not able to apply.

19:15:19 If the property is zoned residential, an alcohol

19:15:22 application cannot be made to the city.

19:15:25 So the application actually should be withdrawn or not

19:15:28 accepted.

19:15:29 Not denied.

19:15:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move not to accept item number 10

19:15:35 as an agenda item.

19:15:36 >> Second.

19:15:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:15:40 >> What was that motion.

19:15:42 >> Involved have it deemed withdrawn.

19:15:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Moved to have it deemed withdrawn

19:15:46 inappropriate for the zoning of the property.

19:15:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:15:50 Seconded by Councilwoman Miller.

19:15:51 Signify by saying aye.

19:15:53 Opposed.

19:15:59 >> Motion carried with Caetano and Dingfelder absent.

19:16:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: New business, Commissioner Saul-Sena.

19:16:04 >> I would like to make a motion for the founder

19:16:07 defendant pregnancy and bipolar alliance of Tampa bay.

19:16:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

19:16:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Their 25th anniversary and he is

19:16:14 available to receive this commendation at 9:00 on March

19:16:17 25.

19:16:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:16:21 All in favor signify by saying aye.

19:16:22 Opposed.

19:16:23 Okay.

19:16:25 That -- anyone else have any new business item.

19:16:29 I have a couple of items here under new business

19:16:32 requested by Tampa bay for letter of support for the

19:16:37 Tampa City Council for the 2014 NFL Super Bowl bid.

19:16:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

19:16:40 >>GWEN MILLER: A motion and a second.

19:16:43 All in favor of the motion signify saying aye.

19:16:44 Opposed nay.

19:16:46 The other is presentation at the City Council to the

19:16:52 Moffitt cancer center foundation.

19:16:53 >>GWEN MILLER: A second.

19:16:56 Motion and a second, all in favor say aye.

19:16:57 Opposed nay.

19:17:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The last I request is on our next

19:17:03 regular meeting.

19:17:05 Is that pretty busy agenda?

19:17:07 I wanted to make a motion for ten-minute staff report

19:17:13 to make a presentation about my trip to Haiti.

19:17:15 >> At the next regular meeting?

19:17:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: yeah.

19:17:19 >> Which would be April 1st.

19:17:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is that a busy meeting?

19:17:23 >> Mr. Chairman I don't know whether or not -- accept

19:17:26 for the fact that you will have second reading and

19:17:30 adoption public hearings on two items, one involving

19:17:33 the Gulfview estates request and the other involving

19:17:38 the communications tower on Henderson boulevard.

19:17:42 So other than that, that's -- I would say -- and that

19:17:45 is scheduled for -- that is scheduled for 9:30 in the

19:17:45 morning.

19:17:48 Obviously, you know, there is nothing scheduled for the

19:17:52 afternoon -- or yes -- is there anything scheduled --

19:17:54 >> Clerk's office.

19:17:57 No nothing for the afternoon; however, there are six

19:18:01 staff reports and unfinished business.

19:18:04 >> It is Council's discretion.

19:18:04 [Inaudible]

19:18:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah, let's do that.

19:18:12 >>MARY MULHERN: At the beginning of the staff reports

19:18:14 which I would -- I don't know -- they are not time

19:18:15 certain are they?

19:18:17 >> The staff reports --

19:18:18 >>MARY MULHERN: 10:30, okay.

19:18:20 At 10:30.

19:18:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: At 10:30.

19:18:22 My motion.

19:18:23 >>GWEN MILLER: A motion and a second.

19:18:25 All in favor of the motion say aye.

19:18:27 Opposed, nay.

19:18:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

19:18:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to receive and --

19:18:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

19:18:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All those in favor.

19:18:37 Any other business to come before Council.

19:18:38 We stand adjourned.

19:18:39 Any public comment.



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