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Thursday, April 8, 2010
9:00 a.m. session


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08:40:16 >> The CRA meeting, March 8, 2010.

09:05:49 Miss Shirley Foxx-Knowles will give the invocation and

09:05:52 please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

09:05:56 >> Good morning CRA members.

09:05:58 Let us pray.

09:05:59 Father, thank you once again for another beautiful day

09:06:03 here in the City of Tampa.

09:06:05 Thank you for those assembled here for the CRA meeting.

09:06:09 Bless our leaders and continue to give them the wisdom

09:06:13 they need to make decisions for the good of all

09:06:16 citizens.

09:06:17 Order their steps, and make them instruments of your

09:06:22 will.

09:06:22 And Father, bless those serving on the front lines for

09:06:26 our safety.

09:06:27 Let us continue to keep them lifted up in prayer.

09:06:30 And may they continue to feel those prayers.

09:06:34 And have the strength to carry on.

09:06:36 And now, as we go about the worldly matters of the

09:06:40 city, please accept our thanks for your protection,

09:06:44 love and your many, many blesses.

09:06:47 This prayer is rendered with much gratitude, love and

09:06:52 praise.

09:06:52 Let us all say, Amen.


09:07:20 >> Have roll call please.

09:07:22 [Roll Call]

09:07:25 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:07:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:07:28 >> CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:32 >> I have two letters from Miss Gwen Miller, who is

09:07:35 unable to be here.

09:07:36 She had a previous scheduled out-of-town engagement.

09:07:39 And it also goes for the meeting that we had last night

09:07:41 at Channelside.

09:07:42 That was chaired by our chairman.

09:07:45 Thank you.

09:07:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay, first order of business,

09:07:55 Mr. Huey?

09:07:57 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning, Mark Huey, Economic

09:07:59 Development Administrator.

09:08:00 As is your tradition each month, you hear from one of

09:08:03 the chairs of your Community Advisory Committees.

09:08:07 And today, we're fortunate to have Joe Amon here, who

09:08:10 heads up Ybor City Development Corporation.

09:08:14 And that advisory board.

09:08:15 Joe, we're glad to have you here.

09:08:17 Come on up.

09:08:18 Share with the board what's going on in Ybor.

09:08:25 >> Good morning.

09:08:26 First I thank you for the opportunity of being here.

09:08:33 And share with you a little what's happening over in

09:08:35 Ybor City.

09:08:36 I hope you can hear me.

09:08:43 I get this throat issue every year when we got the

09:08:46 pollen.

09:08:46 First, thank you for allowing me to speak this morning.

09:08:49 We appreciate you hosting the, your last meeting in the

09:08:52 district, in Ybor City.

09:08:54 Appreciate having you there.

09:08:55 On behalf of the YCDC, we thank you for support of

09:09:01 Ybor's two CRA districts and the work of the DC board

09:09:04 and its committees.

09:09:05 The last time I addressed you, I outlined the

09:09:09 comprehensive public participation process that takes

09:09:12 place before projects and programs are presented to

09:09:15 you.

09:09:15 Well, I'm proud to say, we're nearing the end of that

09:09:19 process.

09:09:20 Our plans and infrastructure committee has developed

09:09:23 priorities for the YCDC board to consider for the next

09:09:27 year.

09:09:28 At this month's board meeting, we expect to review

09:09:32 these priorities and prepare preliminary

09:09:34 recommendations that would be presented to you, the

09:09:38 CRA, and the city for consideration in the near future.

09:09:41 We're proud of Ybor's progress, and our accomplishments

09:09:47 this year include CRA facade improvement program.

09:09:52 We have one project already approved.

09:09:55 And five in the works in the review process right now.

09:09:58 Special event cosponsorship program, seven events are

09:10:03 funded for fiscal year '10.

09:10:06 Completion of the first block of the east seventh

09:10:09 avenue streetscape, new public restrooms in the central

09:10:14 Ybor parking garage.

09:10:16 Initiation of small business assistance program.

09:10:19 Improved signage, sidewalks, red brick crosswalks and

09:10:27 repair of red brick streets.

09:10:29 Improve parking strategies and parking lot standards

09:10:32 for the district.

09:10:34 Reduce crime through coordinated efforts with city

09:10:38 departments and the community.

09:10:39 Two award-winning marketing projects.

09:10:44 Ybor show and the Ybor TV commercial.

09:10:49 Clean, safe, friendly and attractive historic district.

09:10:55 Our future challenges include,

09:10:58 Future third parking structure to attract new

09:11:02 development.

09:11:02 A grocery store and other neighborhood amenities for

09:11:06 the Ybor area.

09:11:07 Residential property marketing program, vision plan

09:11:13 amendment for Ybor City CRA two.

09:11:16 Additional retail incentives.

09:11:18 Continue our programs and services with the reduced

09:11:21 staff.

09:11:23 Lastly, we want to thank the CRAs for supporting the

09:11:29 YCDC recommendation to allocate $100,000 to the Italian

09:11:33 Club for the purpose of stabilizing the Ferlita

09:11:38 Macaroni Factory and saving it from demolition.

09:11:41 With that, I thank you.

09:11:42 And sorry I had such a hard time, hearing me with this

09:11:46 throat.

09:11:52 >> All the guys in Ybor City used to speak that way.

09:11:55 [ Laughter ]

09:12:00 >> Thank you.

09:12:01 Mr. Amon, you got clean air out where you live, don't

09:12:06 you?

09:12:07 >> Yes, sir.

09:12:07 Thank you, Joe.

09:12:09 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.

09:12:09 Ms. Saul-Sena.

09:12:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:12:12 Mr. Amon, a couple years ago when we had that fire in

09:12:16 Ybor City and the building collapsed on the corner of

09:12:18 22nd and seventh and we were able to stabilize it.

09:12:23 You were a valued advisor on that.

09:12:26 And I wanted to thank you for that.

09:12:28 Have you or anybody with the advisory committee heard

09:12:31 anything about plans to do anything with that property?

09:12:36 >> The answer to that is no, I haven't.

09:12:38 Last time I asked the question is, just no money for

09:12:43 the owner, that's available for them to do anything

09:12:47 with the building.

09:12:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, the reason I'm asking is

09:12:50 because the last time I saw it, which was about a week

09:12:52 ago, it was pretty much in the same state it had been

09:12:55 several years previous and it is not getting any

09:12:57 younger.

09:12:57 So, as CRA, as -- that's a really key intersection

09:13:02 visually, which is why I'm glad we were able to

09:13:06 stabilize the facade.

09:13:07 Has the CRA talked with the owner about possibly making

09:13:10 some funds available on a loan or something like that,

09:13:14 to get it off the Don.

09:13:18 >> Not to my knowledge.

09:13:19 >> Well, could I ask you, because I know you're

09:13:21 knowledgeable about this, to maybe initiate that

09:13:24 conversation, because I just get very nervous when I

09:13:28 see things that are being held up that way.

09:13:30 And in fact, this very morning, there is two buildings

09:13:34 downtown, historic buildings that are being demolished

09:13:36 that's making us all very upset.

09:13:39 That we'll talk about later.

09:13:41 But I mean, a facade that's just kind of being held up

09:13:44 is not the world's most stable thing and we need to get

09:13:47 on with it.

09:13:48 I see Mr. Pardo standing.

09:13:50 Maybe he knows the answer.

09:13:52 >> Vince Pardo, Ybor City Development Corporation

09:13:55 manager.

09:13:56 Yes, I met with the property owner at the end of last

09:14:00 calendar year.

09:14:01 And it was a matter of, Joe said, was a matter of

09:14:04 money.

09:14:04 He said right now, with the economics the way they are,

09:14:07 just loans aren't there.

09:14:08 We talked again about the interstate loan money, facade

09:14:12 money was just in its infancy at that time.

09:14:14 Talking about that coming up.

09:14:16 And again, financing right now was an issue for him.

09:14:21 And he knows and appreciates us reminding him every so

09:14:25 often about that.

09:14:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, now that we have some success

09:14:28 under our belt in terms of making facade loans, we know

09:14:32 how to do it, we can see that it's done.

09:14:35 Maybe the market is shifting.

09:14:36 Almost four months later.

09:14:37 Maybe it is worth having that conversation again,

09:14:39 because it's such a visually important corner.

09:14:43 That it would really be good to get something going

09:14:47 there.

09:14:51 [lost audio]

09:15:42 Two way traffic.

09:15:43 The facade program continues to receive good attention

09:15:47 since last month.

09:15:48 We now have an active project in East Tampa we're

09:15:51 working on and we have an active one in Drew Park.

09:15:54 In addition to the numerous applications we have had in

09:15:58 Ybor City.

09:15:59 [interruption]

09:16:19 >> Drew Park, a very positive paving project, is being

09:16:23 worked on in cooperation with the public works

09:16:25 department.

09:16:25 That we think will provide a lot of enhancements there.

09:16:30 East Tampa focus of activity continues to be the 22nd

09:16:34 streets improvement.

09:16:35 And notably some of the property that we have acquired

09:16:38 there, we're working with the housing department to tee

09:16:44 up a solicitation for multifamily project on some of

09:16:47 that land.

09:16:47 And will be sharing more about that with you as that

09:16:50 unfolds.

09:16:51 Continue to work a lot on the CAMLS project.

09:16:55 That's our potential project with USF on a

09:16:59 state-of-the-art surgical training center.

09:17:07 And medical training center.

09:17:09 And I'll have a little bit of an update on that later.

09:17:12 We're also going to update you on our agenda regarding

09:17:17 Encore.

09:17:17 And we were busy this month training up new CAC board

09:17:22 members through some special training programs and are

09:17:24 continuing to do that.

09:17:25 And we're printing our annual report.

09:17:28 So again, lots of activity throughout the agency.

09:17:30 And I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have.

09:17:34 >> Yes, Miss Saul-Sena.

09:17:38 Ladies first.

09:17:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:17:41 I was very encouraged to see you have identified

09:17:44 developing funding strategy for ongoing activities and

09:17:47 requirements for the Curtis Hixon park.

09:17:50 Everybody's very excited about the park.

09:17:53 And I know that the downtown merchants, and the

09:17:59 downtown partnership were eager to have some things

09:18:03 start.

09:18:03 They're working with parks.

09:18:04 When -- at our next CRA meeting, could you give us an

09:18:08 update on how that's all going?

09:18:10 Because it was mostly CRA money that went to develop

09:18:13 the park.

09:18:14 And if you could give us an update on, you know, the,

09:18:19 when we start seeing some of the ideas that have been

09:18:21 floated out there.

09:18:22 And also, as it is getting warmer, if there are any

09:18:27 commitments to additional shade trees.

09:18:30 I have heard this from a number of people and I think,

09:18:33 as it gets warmer, week by week, we're going to hear

09:18:36 additional comments on that.

09:18:37 And perhaps even some kind of shade structure for the

09:18:41 children's play area.

09:18:42 Like a canvas covering or something like that.

09:18:45 Thank you.

09:18:49 >>MARK HUEY: We actually are planning to bring you a

09:18:50 recommendation next week, or next month, excuse me, at

09:18:53 the next board meeting, about utilizing TIF resources

09:18:59 to continue to assist with the activation and

09:19:02 programming of the park.

09:19:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.

09:19:05 >>MARK HUEY: And we'll certainly pass on the shade

09:19:08 issue to Parks Department and arrange for briefing on

09:19:11 that.

09:19:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:19:14 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you.

09:19:17 >> Thank you, Mark, for the report.

09:19:21 I had a chance to read through it.

09:19:26 You mentioned the CAMLS project, project going on

09:19:32 there.

09:19:32 I have heard some, heard some rumors that that project

09:19:38 may not move forward and it may be going to Tampa

09:19:40 General.

09:19:41 Any truth to that?

09:19:43 Are you still actively engaged in negotiating with

09:19:46 South Florida?

09:19:48 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

09:19:48 We're still active and engaged.

09:19:51 What is occurring, and I was going to report this

09:19:53 later -- in the Heights update, but because of some

09:19:57 challenges occurring at the Heights, and that's been

09:20:00 where we have been focusing our activity.

09:20:03 That was the University of South Florida preferred

09:20:05 location for the CAMLS project, so we have been very

09:20:08 focused there.

09:20:09 But because of recent events, it now appears like, it

09:20:13 likely won't happen there.

09:20:14 So we're working -- we have always had some backup

09:20:18 plans, some alternative locations.

09:20:20 Again, there's certainly some possibility that the

09:20:24 CAMLS facility could move, move outside of our city,

09:20:28 outside of our community.

09:20:29 Orlando in particular has been active in pursuing them.

09:20:37 So we have had backup plans in place that USF is aware

09:20:39 of and we're beginning to activate those.

09:20:42 And work with them on it.

09:20:43 So, yes, we're in active discussions, almost on a daily

09:20:47 basis.

09:20:47 Sometimes twice a day.

09:20:48 With USF.

09:20:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess my concern, it was rumored they

09:20:54 was now looking at Tampa General.

09:20:56 My concern is making sure that we keep the project in

09:21:02 Tampa.

09:21:02 Number one.

09:21:03 Number two, are the impediments so severe that we

09:21:09 cannot move forward with the Heights?

09:21:12 >>MARK HUEY: It would appear so.

09:21:13 It would appear so.

09:21:15 And again, they are -- they're driving that.

09:21:19 They're the customer.

09:21:20 So in their minds, the impediments at the Heights

09:21:24 appear at this point, and again, things can change.

09:21:28 But at this point, I believe they feel discouraged

09:21:33 about the current set of conditions at the Heights.

09:21:36 And that it might not be the best place for them.

09:21:39 So, again, all of us not only want it to get built in

09:21:43 our community, but also want it to be built in a

09:21:46 location where it can succeed and thrive.

09:21:48 And that their business plan can be successful.

09:21:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me follow another question, you're

09:21:55 looking at the Heights.

09:21:55 Is there any other CRA area that may be accommodated

09:22:00 because here again, you're talking about TIF funding

09:22:03 and that sort of thing.

09:22:06 So is any other?

09:22:10 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, the main backup opportunity is in our

09:22:13 downtown CRA.

09:22:14 As you might recall from the CAMLS project, integral to

09:22:19 the project's success is not just the building and the

09:22:24 training that will occur there.

09:22:26 But it needs to be linked to a hotel.

09:22:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right.

09:22:29 >>MARK HUEY: And that vision is bringing in surgeons

09:22:31 from all over the world really to receive this very

09:22:34 sophisticated training in robotic surgery and other

09:22:37 types of computer-based medical technology.

09:22:42 And for that to be successful, they need to be linked

09:22:46 directly to hotel, and of course we have many hotels in

09:22:49 our downtown that they can take advantage of.

09:22:51 So we'll be looking at some alternatives with them in

09:22:54 that.

09:22:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just can't stress enough how

09:22:56 important it is to try to keep that project in Tampa.

09:22:59 I mean, whatever we can do, whatever we can do,

09:23:03 whatever this Council can do, feel free to involve us.

09:23:08 >>MARK HUEY: You did write a letter of support last

09:23:10 month, which was very much appreciated.

09:23:12 And the Mayor certainly very hands-on with this and

09:23:16 appreciates the same sentiments that you feel about it,

09:23:19 that it is important for this to happen in our

09:23:22 community.

09:23:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just one last question.

09:23:26 You want to ask a question on this same item?

09:23:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say I'd like to see us

09:23:32 be more aggressive and keeping these biotech and

09:23:37 medical programs here in Tampa, USF and Moffitt.

09:23:43 It was disappointing to see that the new pharmacy

09:23:47 school is going to Lakeland.

09:23:48 And now it looks like, you know, we could possibly lose

09:23:53 out to Orlando on this.

09:23:54 So, I don't know.

09:23:57 Whatever we have to do, we need to get more

09:23:59 competitive.

09:24:01 >> MARK HUEY: I think, if I can say a word on the

09:24:03 pharmacy school -- I don't know if any of you saw Dean

09:24:07 Klasko's letter in the newspaper.

09:24:10 I believe it appeared yesterday.

09:24:13 And I have personally spoke to Dr. Genshaft about this.

09:24:16 You should know that the pharmacy school has been part

09:24:21 of USF health long-term vision for the university for

09:24:25 quite some time.

09:24:25 But it has lacked funding.

09:24:27 And they have not had an advocate to Tallahassee to

09:24:31 provide, to provide the leadership to secure the

09:24:34 funding.

09:24:34 And I can tell you that they are quite thrilled that

09:24:38 finally there has been some leadership, that has

09:24:41 secured the funding that they need to build that

09:24:43 school.

09:24:43 So, they're quite enthused about that.

09:24:48 Secondly, what you should know is that the research,

09:24:52 which is what we're particularly concerned about, and

09:24:55 that we believe is really the heart of building an

09:24:59 economy of, in this case, pharmaceutical-based cluster

09:25:03 of industries, will continue to occur at the

09:25:06 university.

09:25:07 The pharmacy school is, that will be built in USF, is

09:25:10 essentially a teaching center.

09:25:12 And it is being done and administered as part of the

09:25:18 USF school of public health that is on the Tampa

09:25:21 campus.

09:25:22 And most of the research, pharmaceutical research and

09:25:24 adopt -- a doctoral program will occur at the

09:25:28 university of South Florida.

09:25:28 And that really is the primary hub for the kind of

09:25:32 industry growth that we would like to see in our

09:25:34 community associated with the university.

09:25:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Would have made a lot more sense to me

09:25:41 to keep the pharmacy school here.

09:25:43 So, we don't have the leadership in Tallahassee from

09:25:47 Tampa, is that what I'm hearing?

09:25:50 >>MARK HUEY: Well, this was a regional leader, who is

09:25:53 again part of our Tampa Bay region, who was able to

09:25:56 secure this win for the region.

09:25:58 So, again, the university is a regional institution.

09:26:03 It has five or six campuses now around the region.

09:26:06 There is already a very significant -- the marine

09:26:11 science program is part of their USF institute, their

09:26:14 USF campus.

09:26:15 And so, we have a university system that is growing

09:26:20 with our entire region.

09:26:21 And so, obviously, we'd love for the marine sciences

09:26:27 program to be at the USF campus.

09:26:29 We'd love for everything just to be at our Tampa

09:26:32 campus.

09:26:32 But our university has a vision as an educational

09:26:35 institution that is regional and is going to grow with

09:26:38 the region.

09:26:38 And that is a good thing, because the heart of it is

09:26:42 here in Tampa.

09:26:42 And so, as the regional institution grows, it is only

09:26:47 going to make our USF Tampa campus more prominent and

09:26:50 successful.

09:26:51 And I think we're all for that.

09:26:53 And certainly that's what Dr. Genshaft is all about,

09:26:56 the president of the university.

09:27:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:27:01 You always give good political answers.

09:27:04 On the safe side.

09:27:08 [ Laughter ]

09:27:09 >>MARK HUEY: Just telling you like it is.

09:27:11 Telling it like it is.

09:27:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We all know the ideal place would be

09:27:16 here in Tampa, what you refer to south Florida.

09:27:19 However, certain senator were able to put language in

09:27:23 the bill that allow for it to be over in Polk County.

09:27:25 I mean, that's the reality.

09:27:27 But anyway -- I like your answer.

09:27:32 Ybor City GameWorks are moving out.

09:27:41 Are we involved with helping.

09:27:44 >>MARK HUEY: Actually, that -- the owners, Wilco, have

09:27:52 known about the possibility of GameWorks moving out.

09:27:57 The issues of GameWorks corporately are sort of well

09:28:00 known in the industry.

09:28:02 And when they moved out of Ybor City, they also closed

09:28:04 many other concerns around the country.

09:28:07 Part of a restructuring.

09:28:08 So.

09:29:57 [Redial]

09:29:59 >> Mr. Huey, should we move on to the Encore?

09:30:28 >>MARK HUEY: I'd like to invite Michael Hatchett up to

09:30:32 give you an update.

09:30:33 >> Good morning, Michael Hatchett, manager for Central

09:30:35 Park.

09:30:36 Wanted to provide you with a date on the Encore

09:30:40 project.

09:30:41 First of all, I wanted to start by thanking you for the

09:30:44 approval you granted as sitting as City Council last

09:30:47 week for a number of agreements that will allow site

09:30:50 grading and some other preconstruction work to begin on

09:30:53 the site.

09:30:53 Also, as I know you must be aware, the March 25th job

09:30:58 fair attracted about 5,000 job seekers.

09:31:02 It was with a half day long event that attracted many,

09:31:07 many job seekers and indicative of the economic

09:31:12 struggles and difficulties that we are facing, not only

09:31:16 in this city but across the nation.

09:31:18 But at the same time, we're very proud and glad that

09:31:22 the Central Park CRA will be providing job

09:31:25 opportunities to a number of the people who did attend

09:31:28 the fair.

09:31:28 And so we're looking forward to that, and in order to

09:31:31 help make that happen, I hope to be back before you in

09:31:34 June or July, seeking your approval of a development

09:31:37 agreement.

09:31:38 And the creation of a Community Development District.

09:31:41 For Encore, that will put the project full steam ahead

09:31:46 and construction mode.

09:31:47 And get those jobs created and get those people to

09:31:51 work.

09:31:51 [Interruption]

09:32:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Hatchett.

09:32:02 We mentioned that the, when it was taking place, I went

09:32:06 by there that morning, it was a lot of people there.

09:32:13 My comment, let's see it moving forward and if anybody

09:32:16 have apprehension about the stimulus money and the

09:32:19 effect of it, this community is a witness.

09:32:24 Went by there to see all the people that are there and

09:32:26 the fact that we got 38 million-dollar stimulus money

09:32:31 to help Central Park.

09:32:34 Any apprehension about that, let the record reflect it

09:32:44 has helped Central Park, that project now is moving

09:32:47 forward.

09:32:47 And hopefully continue gain much attraction and

09:32:53 development for this community for the city.

09:32:56 >> Yes, sir, thank you.

09:32:59 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you, sir.

09:33:09 >> Last night you were in the Channel District.

09:33:12 And hosting a community meeting to hear from residents.

09:33:17 [redialing]

09:34:30 >> We could do downtown.

09:34:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Downtown is probably the only one we

09:34:49 have not done.

09:34:55 >>MARK HUEY: Downtown, there's an interest in downtown.

09:34:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Particularly, with all the

09:35:00 transportation projects that are going to be impacting

09:35:04 the northern part of downtown, I think it would be

09:35:08 interesting -- what is our northern boundary on our

09:35:11 downtown series?

09:35:11 Is it the interstate?

09:35:13 >> Yes.

09:35:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think would be very interesting to

09:35:16 have a meeting on sort of the north part of downtown,

09:35:18 like North Franklin, that area.

09:35:21 It would be -- I think that, and perhaps as part of

09:35:26 that we could have a very brief presentation on the

09:35:29 latest because none of us knows what the latest is,

09:35:33 because I think they're figuring it out as we speak.

09:35:36 The downtown transportation center that is going to be

09:35:38 part of the high-speed rail project, because that's of

09:35:41 great interest to everyone.

09:35:42 We know where the transit center is.

09:35:44 We know what's happened in terms of individual

09:35:47 redevelopment on Franklin Street.

09:35:49 But there's kind of a big question about the whole

09:35:51 swath of the downtown transportation center.

09:35:55 Maybe FDOT can give us all a brief update on what they

09:35:59 know, how and where it's going to be.

09:36:02 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, clearly a project that is going to

09:36:03 change our downtown dramatically.

09:36:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe we could meet at a site up

09:36:09 there, all brainstorm.

09:36:13 >> Next we have the CRA Tampa Heights Riverfront

09:36:16 update.

09:36:17 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, I wanted -- we have alluded to that a

09:36:21 little bit of our discussion of CAMLS.

09:36:24 As you're aware, this month during the month of March,

09:36:26 one of the lenders involved in the Heights project

09:36:30 filed the beginning of proceedings for foreclosure.

09:36:34 It involves a significant piece of the land, the

09:36:39 eastern portion of the Heights project, as you know it.

09:36:43 The situation is not unlike many landowners throughout

09:36:48 our city are experiencing.

09:36:50 Those who bought land during the hot times, the peak

09:36:55 times in the market, and used debt to finance that, are

09:37:00 now, in situations where the debt is worth more than

09:37:03 the current market value of the land.

09:37:05 And again, it's a situation that's playing out in

09:37:10 various ways throughout our community now.

09:37:12 The unfortunate part of the economic downturn.

09:37:16 We are particularly sensitive to this one, aren't we,

09:37:19 because this is our largest public-private partnership

09:37:24 that we have tried to pursue.

09:37:26 And the city has been working on a redevelopment of the

09:37:29 Heights area for 15 to 20 years.

09:37:33 Many ups and downs.

09:37:35 And I would certainly characterize this as another down

09:37:38 for our efforts to redevelop the Heights.

09:37:40 At this point, there are many different scenarios that

09:37:45 can play out.

09:37:46 Including some settlement between the developers and

09:37:50 the Heights.

09:37:51 We do not know what is going to unfold.

09:37:55 And therefore, it would be not very fruitful for us to

09:37:59 speculate about all the possibilities.

09:38:02 All we can at this point safely say is that it is not a

09:38:06 good situation for the Heights.

09:38:07 And it's going to be a challenging time period for the

09:38:11 Heights.

09:38:13 The city will remain committed to doing whatever we can

09:38:17 do to position the Heights for redevelopment, when the

09:38:21 markets turn.

09:38:22 We continue to believe it is an incredible asset to our

09:38:26 community, and one that will attract significant

09:38:29 private investment when the market turns.

09:38:31 And so for now, we'll work with all of the parties to

09:38:35 again try to position it for when the markets improve.

09:38:40 And we'll keep you abreast of actions and activities as

09:38:45 they arise.

09:38:46 But that is my report for you today.

09:38:51 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, Mr. Huey.

09:38:52 Next, we're going to have public comments.

09:38:54 Three minutes per person.

09:38:55 Anything on the agenda.

09:39:09 >> Greeting, Mr. Chairman and other members of the

09:39:13 agency.

09:39:14 My name is Al Davis.

09:39:16 3717 East Wilder Avenue, Tampa, 33610.

09:39:22 Mr. Chairman, I had a letter that I wanted to present,

09:39:30 but however, it wasn't finalized, but hopefully, prior

09:39:34 to the end of the business day, it will be, and sent to

09:39:41 the office of the agency.

09:39:43 And basically, the letter, in order to get -- wanted to

09:39:50 get clarification on some division of the, what is

09:39:55 generally called the agreement between the city and the

09:40:02 CRA.

09:40:04 And the language of the CRA-CAC policy.

09:40:12 And we are hopefully that by the time of the next

09:40:17 meeting of this agency, then I would have had a desired

09:40:24 response in writing.

09:40:25 So, so much for that.

09:40:27 Mr. Chairman, it was delightful experience I had the

09:40:30 other evening.

09:40:33 I was visiting one of your quarterly community

09:40:37 meetings.

09:40:41 Was at Channelside.

09:40:42 Well, why you going in the other CRAs?

09:40:50 Ain't you got enough of your own?

09:40:52 Mr. Chairman, what it was, I want it to grow.

09:40:54 I wanted to see and observe the involvement of the

09:41:01 people in that CRA.

09:41:05 And I was delighted.

09:41:06 I really was.

09:41:08 You see, where I came from in East Tampa, and besides

09:41:16 Ybor City, we're the only two of your eight CRAs that

09:41:21 have quote-unquote community-based organizations.

09:41:24 And so I was curious as how a CRA without a community

09:41:31 base organization, how they engaged themselves, you

09:41:36 know, in the implementation of their respective CRA

09:41:41 plan.

09:41:41 So I look forward to going to another one whenever you

09:41:44 have it.

09:41:44 And hopefully, this would help me, you know, as a

09:41:50 citizen of Tampa, to appreciate more what the city has

09:41:56 done to redevelop our area where we can be economically

09:42:00 sound and we could be rid of some blight and

09:42:05 deterioration, where our quality of life would be

09:42:09 enhanced.

09:42:10 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:42:12 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

09:42:13 Anyone else?

09:42:14 Okay.

09:42:15 That concludes that.

09:42:17 And then we have the required approvals on the CRAs

09:42:23 Tampa.

09:42:26 >> Three budget approvals.

09:42:27 And item 7, we'll spend a little bit of time on.

09:42:31 The other two should be straightforward.

09:42:33 The first one is simply a reallocation of funds.

09:42:37 The stormwater project in East Tampa on 30th street.

09:42:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm going to go ahead and move that

09:42:43 item.

09:42:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

09:42:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have a letter saying that the CAC

09:42:47 did ratify or approve that.

09:42:49 Letter for the record, so I'm going to move that we go

09:42:52 ahead and approve item 6, which is the Hillsborough

09:42:55 Avenue and 30th street stormwater improvement budget

09:42:59 reallocation.

09:43:02 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We have a motion and second by

09:43:03 Miss Saul-Sena.

09:43:04 All those indicate by saying aye.

09:43:06 [ MOTION CARRIED ]

09:43:11 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you.

09:43:12 >>MARK HUEY: The next item is the item I have been

09:43:15 briefing you on monthly.

09:43:16 Important community initiative that has been occurring

09:43:18 in Ybor City to preserve part of the historic fabric in

09:43:22 the district.

09:43:22 It involves a building at, called the Macaroni Factory.

09:43:27 One that is significantly deteriorated.

09:43:30 And as all of the historic fabric in Ybor City, it is

09:43:36 so critical and there is always an effort, and in this

09:43:41 case, as is typical, an extraordinary effort to try,

09:43:45 when we can, to preserve that fabric.

09:43:48 We have been working for the past few months with Joe

09:43:51 Capitano in this capacity representing the Italian

09:43:53 Club, to try to see if there is a way and an approach

09:43:59 to preserve the building.

09:44:01 The YCDC board, as I mentioned to you last month, took

09:44:06 action to set aside $100,000 toward this initiative.

09:44:11 At their commitment to trying to be part of a solution

09:44:15 for the Macaroni Factory.

09:44:17 And with that, and through a lot of due diligence,

09:44:20 Mr. Capitano this month did get to a point where he

09:44:24 believes that the building can be saved and that he's

09:44:28 committed to doing it.

09:44:30 With the Italian Club.

09:44:32 I have sent you, distributed to you a letter that

09:44:35 outlines the basis upon which Mr. Capitano and the

09:44:39 Italian Club are getting involved.

09:44:41 This is not a letter that you have to approve.

09:44:44 I'm simply providing it for your information today.

09:44:46 So that you are aware of the elements of what is being

09:44:52 planned.

09:44:52 And they're all good.

09:44:55 You can see that Mr. Capitano has a great team of

09:44:57 architects, engineers and builders, experienced in this

09:45:01 arena.

09:45:02 You can see that there is a plan for even an eventual

09:45:06 user that is already interested in the building.

09:45:09 And that will be a plan.

09:45:11 It is not just to really stabilize the building, but to

09:45:15 try to move the work forward very quickly to put a user

09:45:18 in it.

09:45:19 That is going to be the most assured way we have of

09:45:23 actually saving the building.

09:45:24 Is to move forward, not with just with the

09:45:27 stabilization, but with the complete rehab, which is

09:45:30 estimated to be on top of the 100,000, maybe another

09:45:33 $350,000 or more of work.

09:45:35 So, what we would seek is your approval of the YCDC

09:45:42 action, with acknowledgment of this letter.

09:45:47 And Joe is here to answer any questions you might have.

09:45:50 And again, I'll just say how much we appreciate having

09:45:53 a business leader in Ybor City, so committed to

09:45:56 historic preservation that would take on a very

09:45:59 challenging project like the Macaroni Factory.

09:46:04 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, Mr. Huey.

09:46:05 Mr. Scott?

09:46:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm going to move item seven.

09:46:07 And with that, I don't know whether Mr. Capitano wanted

09:46:10 to say anything.

09:46:11 All right, then I'll move item seven.

09:46:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll second the motion.

09:46:17 But I want to recognize Mr. Capitano for his leadership

09:46:19 in protecting Ybor City.

09:46:21 More than any single person I can think of, you have,

09:46:25 not only exercised your leadership in speaking out, but

09:46:31 you have also put your personal investment and

09:46:33 structure in stabilized and protected them.

09:46:35 And you're a real hero to our national landmark

09:46:39 district.

09:46:39 And this building was in very insecure shape and I so

09:46:44 appreciate your willingness, with the Italian Club, to

09:46:47 take on stabilizing it.

09:46:50 It's going to be -- I know it is going to be beautiful.

09:46:52 Thank you.

09:46:55 >> One thing Mr. Capitano didn't do, he didn't stop the

09:46:58 rain a week ago Sunday.

09:46:59 [ Laughter ]

09:47:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay, we have a motion made.

09:47:05 Second by Miss Saul-Sena.

09:47:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to thank Mr. Capitano also,

09:47:11 ask him maybe if he'd adopt downtown and see if he

09:47:16 could keep some of those buildings down here from

09:47:18 getting demolished.

09:47:20 [ Laughter ]

09:47:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Miranda?

09:47:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not going to recognize him.

09:47:28 He ate all the macaroni that was made there.

09:47:31 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We have a motion made, second by

09:47:34 Miss Saul-Sena, to approve this Italian building and

09:47:38 cultural trust fund, $100,000.

09:47:40 All those in favor, indicate by saying aye.

09:47:43 Be opposed?

09:47:44 Motion carries.

09:47:46 >>MARK HUEY: Good moment for historic preservation in

09:47:49 our community.

09:47:49 Last item is a Channel District budget item.

09:47:56 We had money left over in the land acquisition for the

09:47:59 park.

09:47:59 And the park planning has evolved, we need more funds

09:48:03 to actually build the park that has been envisioned and

09:48:05 that you have been previewed on.

09:48:08 And that's what this budget amendment accomplishes.

09:48:12 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, Mr. Huey.

09:48:15 >> Second.

09:48:17 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Did you make that motion?

09:48:18 All those in favor indicate by saying aye?

09:48:22 Motion carries.

09:48:23 Any new business from any member?

09:48:29 Mr. Scott?

09:48:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just want to make for the record,

09:48:32 Mr. Huey there was a number of issue that came up last

09:48:35 night in Channelside.

09:48:36 We ask those be placed on the agenda.

09:48:38 I want to just make those official.

09:48:40 Bob, do you have a list of those items we discussed

09:48:43 last night?

09:48:43 So my motion would be that the item that we discussed

09:48:46 last night in our community meeting, that they would be

09:48:50 agendaed for next month's meeting.

09:48:53 >> Second.

09:48:56 >> Real involvement there.

09:48:57 The people, a lot of the people were concerned.

09:48:59 Got up to speak.

09:49:00 That's good.

09:49:01 Only way you're going to get things done.

09:49:03 >>MARK HUEY: Right.

09:49:04 Again, for the viewing audience who wasn't there, as

09:49:07 the Channel District has grown up, we have an urban

09:49:10 neighborhood that is dealing with a lot of good

09:49:15 problems to have, and we're looking forward to

09:49:17 resolving those challenges.

09:49:18 For the continued good of the neighborhood.

09:49:24 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Miss Saul-

09:49:24 Sena?

09:49:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:49:25 I just wanted to ask.

09:49:27 I know we're trying to attract more retail in Ybor.

09:49:29 We have a retail program I think.

09:49:31 And I just wondered if we have made any headway with

09:49:34 that?

09:49:35 >>MARK HUEY: As the result of the Ybor program, itself,

09:49:39 I don't think we have had any applications under the,

09:49:44 the Ybor neighborhood incentive program.

09:49:47 But I know we have had continued vitality of activity.

09:49:51 Vince, do you want to give a report?

09:49:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can we carry this motion?

09:49:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, I'm sorry.

09:49:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Have a motion.

09:49:59 That was a second I think by --

09:50:02 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We didn't vote on that?

09:50:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No, we didn't.

09:50:06 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: All those in favor of

09:50:08 Miss Mulhern's motion, second by Miss Saul-Sena,

09:50:10 indicate by saying aye.

09:50:12 Motion carries.

09:50:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Actually, I laid the motion, Mary

09:50:18 seconded it.

09:50:20 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We don't want to leave you out.

09:50:24 >> We just need to make sure the record is accurate.

09:50:27 That's all.

09:50:27 >>MARK HUEY: As Vince is coming up, I'm sorry Joe left.

09:50:30 But just one response to your answer is, one of the

09:50:33 other great projects that Joe has going on in Ybor City

09:50:37 is the restoration of the Babcock building, which is

09:50:39 going to be a beautiful project.

09:50:41 You're all going to be very pleased when that opens up.

09:50:44 And he has gotten already commitments from some new

09:50:46 retailers to be part of that project.

09:50:48 So, Vince, anything else you'd like to share?

09:50:53 >> Again, Vince Pardo, Ybor City manager.

09:50:57 We are waiting now for the county commission to approve

09:51:00 the agreement that you have approved on the agreement

09:51:04 with the small business investment center, just as Ed

09:51:09 Johnson for both of us, we hopefully next month will be

09:51:12 kicking that off, for incubator as well as direct

09:51:15 assistance.

09:51:17 One of our tragedies was, in our case, the facade

09:51:20 improvement program was only just to beautify and help

09:51:23 buildings.

09:51:24 It was used as incentive.

09:51:26 Joe's left.

09:51:27 But when Joe came with his plan for remodeling the

09:51:31 Babcock building, which is referred to as the Sans

09:51:33 Souci project, that was the original name of that

09:51:35 building, he had a tenant already for the first floor.

09:51:37 Was an office tenant.

09:51:38 And in our program, we are giving, priorities are

09:51:42 retail and restaurant and office on the second floor.

09:51:46 Then the first floor.

09:51:48 We don't want Ybor City to become an office park.

09:51:50 Because of that, Joe literally moved that tenant to the

09:51:52 second floor.

09:51:53 And opened up the first floor for other uses.

09:51:56 Now we have a pharmacy going in.

09:51:57 So, that's just one example of how we have kind of

09:52:00 incentivized on very good users, you know you all gave

09:52:03 them accolades.

09:52:05 But in thinking of moving the office to the second

09:52:07 floor, so we do have retail and other amenities on the

09:52:10 first floor Ybor City, especially on seventh area.

09:52:13 >> Thank you, Mr. Pardo.

09:52:14 Any members here have any new business?

09:52:19 Yes?

09:52:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The concerns I have about the loss

09:52:25 of historic fabric, I realize need to be addressed by

09:52:28 City Council, so I'll bring that up at tonight's

09:52:31 meeting and I'll send a memo to you all expressing what

09:52:35 I think we might consider doing.

09:52:37 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay.

09:52:38 Nothing else?

09:52:39 >> Motion to receive and file.

09:52:40 >> So moved.

09:52:41 >> Second.

09:52:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So we're adjourned.

09:52:44 Our meeting --

09:52:45 >> All in favor?

09:52:46 Aye.

09:52:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Meeting at 5:30 this evening.



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