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CRA Meeting
Thursday, May 13, 2010
9:00 a.m.


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09:01:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to call the CRA meeting to

09:04:36 order.

09:04:36 The chair will yield to Mr. Joseph Caetano.

09:04:38 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Good morning, everyone.

09:04:40 Please stand as Shirley Foxx-Knowles, our city clerk

09:04:44 will give the invocation and remain standing for the

09:04:46 pledge of allegiance.

09:04:49 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning.

09:04:50 Let us pray.

09:04:51 Father, once again, thank you for another gorgeous

09:04:55 morning here in the City of Tampa.

09:04:57 Thank you once again for the opportunity to just be

09:05:01 here at this place at this time.

09:05:04 Thank you once again for your many, many blessings that

09:05:07 are too numerous to name.

09:05:10 Thank you once again for your grace and for your mercy.

09:05:16 Father, we thank you for the opportunity for our cop

09:05:20 conventions and other economic that will help stimulate

09:05:26 us.

09:05:27 We ask you to bless our leaders and make them

09:05:29 instruments of your will.

09:05:30 Bless our wonderful citizens and our great staff and

09:05:32 continue to guide them so that they do that which is

09:05:36 pleasing in your sight.

09:05:38 Bless those serving on the front lines in every

09:05:41 capacity.

09:05:42 Please protect them and bring them back safely to their

09:05:46 loved ones.

09:05:47 And now, as we close out this prayer of Thanksgiving,

09:05:51 we ask that you continue to watch over us, and may we

09:05:55 continue to sustain an attitude of gratitude, with

09:06:00 humble hearts we pray.

09:06:01 Amen.

09:06:01 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:06:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.

09:06:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:06:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:06:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:06:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:06:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:06:35 I would like to put on the record that Mrs. Linda

09:06:38 Saul-Sena will not be attending the CRA meeting this

09:06:40 morning.

09:06:40 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.

09:06:45 Good to be with you this morning.

09:06:46 We are going to start our meeting as usual and hear

09:06:48 from one of the presidents of your community advisory

09:06:52 committee, one of the chairpersons, and we have Jason

09:06:55 Watson from the downtown advisory committee here.

09:06:57 Jason?

09:06:57 >> Good morning.

09:07:02 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to come in and

09:07:05 give you a couple of highlights of what your advisory

09:07:07 committee has been up to recently.

09:07:08 As always we are always excited about the downtown

09:07:11 areas.

09:07:14 More good news recently, the Republican national

09:07:16 convention coming down here.

09:07:17 That will be a big deal for our city and the downtown

09:07:21 in specific.

09:07:22 We have been doing a lot of work activating downtown,

09:07:25 really helping with the transition into a residential

09:07:29 and play community in addition to the work reputation

09:07:32 that it has so far.

09:07:33 The most obvious thing we have done so far as far as

09:07:38 activating the support of the downtown market, the

09:07:41 celebration and the twilight, three events we helped

09:07:45 expand or bring to the downtown, all giving residents

09:07:48 and workers downtown something to do, another reason to

09:07:51 stay around, spend a few more dollars in our downtown,

09:07:54 help our businesses downtown.

09:07:56 This year the evolution and twilight combined into one

09:08:00 event which I understand is more successful than either

09:08:03 one had been on its own so hopefully they'll continue

09:08:05 to do that.

09:08:06 We have also improved the physical downtown, the most

09:08:09 obvious commitment of CRA, Curtis Hixon park, which I

09:08:16 think has gotten rave reviews and is an absolute jewel

09:08:19 to our downtown.

09:08:21 In the past we have also put funding towards Massey

09:08:24 park as well as smaller projects like improving gas

09:08:32 like park.

09:08:33 We also contributed to the way finding that I think

09:08:37 will help convention and other visitors that are

09:08:40 downtown trying to find their way around.

09:08:42 We have also supported some other downtown development,

09:08:44 a project I'm excited about, heritage place is 120

09:08:48 units, workforce housing project, that required local

09:08:51 money in order to increase its chances of getting

09:08:54 federal funding to CRA, provided that money, and now

09:08:58 they have got the federal match for downtown.

09:09:01 The same developers have now expressed interest and we

09:09:04 are going to rehab a project right across the street

09:09:07 from that.

09:09:08 So that will put people in our downtown and

09:09:10 development, jobs.

09:09:12 I'm excited to see it happen for a relatively small

09:09:15 investment of CRA dollars, and there is some money

09:09:17 coming elsewhere.

09:09:18 We have also made some streetscape improvements

09:09:20 downtown.

09:09:22 We helped with headquarters, did some landscaping

09:09:27 around their building.

09:09:28 That project for itself won an award from the Planning

09:09:30 Commission for urban in-fill.

09:09:32 So that's an exciting step forward to see also.

09:09:35 And of course we continue to help out the arts, Lights

09:09:38 on Tampa, one of two projects that received funding

09:09:44 that helped make them possible in these tough times.

09:09:47 Looking forward, I think the next big project that will

09:09:50 happen downtown is the rail, the high-speed rail that

09:09:54 will come downtown and then whether or not voters

09:09:56 approve the light rail referendum.

09:09:59 I think these are things that will have a big impact on

09:10:01 downtown, its development and where it goes.

09:10:03 I know those are things looking forward, the CAC is

09:10:07 interested in monitoring, providing input where

09:10:09 appropriate.

09:10:10 That's all I have for you.

09:10:11 If there are any questions.

09:10:14 I'll sit down and be quiet.

09:10:16 >> Any questions from council members?

09:10:17 Thank you.

09:10:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:10:25 As you well know, I hardly ever attend AC meeting or --

09:10:38 you're too nice looking for me to debate.

09:10:40 I attended one at Drew Park.

09:10:43 I was there.

09:10:44 I think that's the first one I have attended in four

09:10:46 years.

09:10:46 I was invited to go there.

09:10:48 And I spoke on only one subject matter for a few

09:10:52 minutes, the media was there, Janet Fenton La Russo was

09:10:59 there, and it was about code enforcement.

09:11:01 Drew Park has 250 cited.

09:11:07 And if you go back out of those 258 there was about 360

09:11:11 something that were recited again so a total of about

09:11:15 over 500 of the 889 parks that have been cited in one

09:11:19 form or another.

09:11:22 By code enforcement.

09:11:23 I have been asked by the administration to work and try

09:11:27 to change some of the guidelines and zonings so that

09:11:32 some of these items that they are cited for, since they

09:11:35 are in industrial areas, are not continued and -- not

09:11:44 doing their -- it's not that they are not doing their

09:11:47 job.

09:11:47 There's no gray area.

09:11:48 It's either white or black and they come after you and

09:11:51 say you are wrong and neighbors are saying we are not

09:11:53 wrong, and, yes, there is growth, and yes, they are

09:11:57 right, and yes, things were done, but I left before

09:11:59 their meeting.

09:12:02 I did what I had to do and exited the front door.

09:12:05 And it was at the police station.

09:12:08 And thank God I left without handcuffs.

09:12:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, Mr. Huey.

09:12:22 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for your presentation.

09:12:25 We appreciate your volunteer leadership in downtown.

09:12:29 The next item is our monthly reports.

09:12:30 And you have those.

09:12:31 You can see we have been quite busy.

09:12:34 Probably the two biggest things that we are working on

09:12:36 is the Encore project, working on those development

09:12:40 agreements with the goal of bringing those to you next

09:12:43 month for approval.

09:12:45 We are also working on the project with the University

09:12:47 of South Florida, now contemplating location in our

09:12:52 downtown project CAMLS.

09:12:56 You can see in downtown the two waying of Zack Street

09:12:59 has been completed.

09:13:01 We had a great first Pops in the Park event in the

09:13:05 Curtis Hixon park.

09:13:06 It was very well a attended.

09:13:09 Ybor vision plan is well underway.

09:13:11 You will be getting a briefing on that soon.

09:13:14 Lots of community input.

09:13:16 Lots of good ideas.

09:13:17 The macaroni factory.

09:13:19 The grant agreement that you approved was a budget line

09:13:23 item for last month is coming to you soon for approval,

09:13:27 and that continues to move forward well.

09:13:30 Channel District, the York street stormwater project is

09:13:32 moving forward for latest reports to you, and we

09:13:37 appreciate the port's cooperation in moving that

09:13:39 forward.

09:13:42 We are moving forward in Channel District as well with

09:13:44 the drawings on the Drew Park construction drawings for

09:13:48 that.

09:13:49 There's a report a little bit later on about a

09:13:51 follow-up to the meeting you had with the community and

09:13:54 Channel District, so we'll save comments on that for

09:13:56 them.

09:13:57 Drew Park, we are working on a facade grant there.

09:14:03 We have an opportunity for some more street paving and

09:14:08 sidewalk activity that we are working on.

09:14:10 East Tampa, you are going to be hearing an update on

09:14:13 22nd street a little later in our agenda.

09:14:16 And you see there it's also an opportunity working for

09:14:19 some private investment, the growers restaurant right

09:14:26 next to the new Fifth Third Bank branch.

09:14:29 So that may be a great new restaurant in East Tampa.

09:14:33 In the Heights, even with the challenges there, there's

09:14:36 some riverwalk construction that's occurring there.

09:14:39 So again lots of things going on in each of the

09:14:42 redevelopment areas.

09:14:44 And I would be glad to update you, the managers of any

09:14:48 questions you might have about the work we are doing.

09:14:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just say to council, thank you,

09:14:53 Mr. Huey, and thanks for the report.

09:14:56 We do have those reports.

09:14:57 I just want to highlight a couple things.

09:14:59 One is the Encore development, as you know, we broke

09:15:04 ground on this past week, Monday or Tuesday.

09:15:10 And with the $28 million we have from the federal

09:15:13 government, that project is moving forward.

09:15:16 But I just want to highlight the fact that council has

09:15:18 played a major role in the involvement, certainly the

09:15:23 mayor has been involved from day one, but you as a CRA

09:15:28 approved for the TIF, and what is going on there.

09:15:33 So I want to say good attendance there, a lot of

09:15:38 publicity, and it should be noted that council has been

09:15:41 very involved with the CRA with Central Park, that sort

09:15:47 of thing, but the Encore development has really moved

09:15:50 forward, and council needs to be commended for your

09:15:54 involvement.

09:15:57 Your participation and the work there.

09:15:58 I did note, though, and Mr. Huey, you may want to

09:16:03 monitor, that is the creation of jobs.

09:16:07 Recognize the fact that there's some 4,000 jobs, and it

09:16:11 moved kind of slow.

09:16:12 There's been a lot of press about that.

09:16:14 I think you are aware of that, when they had the job

09:16:18 fair thousands of people showed up, but there have been

09:16:20 very few jobs, and particularly when the question was

09:16:27 raised by those who have gotten jobs.

09:16:32 You may want to make sure that that has diversity in

09:16:36 terms of those employment opportunities.

09:16:38 Okay.

09:16:39 That's the one project.

09:16:42 And the other one was the CAMLS project, I'm very

09:16:47 excited about that and the work that you have done.

09:16:49 I met with Dr. Sutherland yesterday, and the personnel

09:16:53 and staff along with Steve Michen, and they are excited

09:17:00 about that and the project being downtown.

09:17:01 So hopefully, as you know, we, last meeting, council,

09:17:06 voted and encouraged Mr. Huey to do everything they can

09:17:11 to keep that in Tampa, make it happen, and it looks

09:17:14 like we may be able to do that.

09:17:16 Hopefully we can do that.

09:17:17 I want to thank you and commend you and the

09:17:19 administration for council getting involved and

09:17:22 encourage us to move forward with that project.

09:17:24 >>MARK HUEY: And that will come to you with the

09:17:30 development agreement will more work on Encore, to

09:17:34 support the progress being made there.

09:17:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:17:39 Yes, there were a lot of really excited people at the

09:17:43 Encore groundbreaking.

09:17:47 And one comment I heard from someone was, I said, so we

09:17:51 are doing this ceremony thing.

09:17:55 When are we really to start digging?

09:17:57 And he said, well, just a few more permits away from

09:18:00 that.

09:18:00 So if there's anything we can do to help them get

09:18:03 through our permitting process to get started, that

09:18:06 would be good.

09:18:06 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, they are almost through all of that

09:18:10 so we are very excited.

09:18:15 About the great progress being made, and you again will

09:18:18 have some major involvement in moving Encore forward

09:18:21 yourselves by approving the development agreement.

09:18:25 There will be likely a CDB agreement in the coming

09:18:31 months, and you will have other opportunities to

09:18:33 continue as you have been through the creation of the

09:18:36 TIF, through the rezoning process that you supported,

09:18:38 and to continue support Encore moving forward.

09:18:46 The next item on the agenda is presentation I had

09:18:48 planned, just like we did last year about this time,

09:18:51 to -- as we get into the budgeting process to give you

09:18:55 some sense for where we think the TIF projections are

09:18:59 for the coming year as well as for some years into the

09:19:03 future to provide an active context for us.

09:19:07 We received some information from the assessors office

09:19:10 this week that we haven't really yet been able to

09:19:12 integrate into that presentation.

09:19:16 So I don't have a presentation to review with you this

09:19:19 morning as I had hoped to.

09:19:20 But what I will be doing is really putting that

09:19:23 information together and arranging some briefings with

09:19:26 you individually to update you on where our TIF

09:19:30 projections are going so you will have a good sense of

09:19:32 that as we head into our budget presentation.

09:19:39 Item 4, as you know, the board has committed a

09:19:44 multi-year commitment of TIF resources to the

09:19:48 enhancement of 22nd street in East Tampa.

09:19:51 So every three or four months we like to come before

09:19:54 you and update you on the progress of that major

09:19:56 commitment of the redevelopment agency.

09:19:59 So I am going to have ed Johnson to come up and provide

09:20:02 you an update.

09:20:15 When I was doing the monthly reports I was going to say

09:20:18 something as well about the wonderful news yesterday

09:20:20 about the Republican national convention, and we are

09:20:22 going to get to show off the work of our CRAs, aren't

09:20:25 we?

09:20:26 And I think one of the reasons we got it is because of

09:20:28 the work that occurred in our redevelopment areas.

09:20:31 So we can be very proud of that in the future.

09:20:34 And also have two trophies here.

09:20:38 And the Planning Commission, as many of you know,

09:20:41 annually holds an awards ceremony to honor excellence

09:20:47 in planning and development in our community.

09:20:51 And we have been blessed as a redevelopment agency over

09:20:53 the years to win a number of those awards, and we

09:20:56 received two, the East Tampa community received two

09:21:01 awards, and downtown was recognized with three of the

09:21:04 awards.

09:21:05 So of 16 awards they handed out, five either went to

09:21:09 downtown or East Tampa.

09:21:11 East Tampa was recognized for the strategic action

09:21:14 plan.

09:21:15 And so it becomes a third of the strategic action plan

09:21:18 that you have been involved in.

09:21:19 The Channel District, Drew Park and East Tampa have all

09:21:22 been recognized for planning excellent by the Planning

09:21:25 Commission.

09:21:26 And so we are very proud to have received that

09:21:28 recognition.

09:21:30 The other one, the East Tampa was one was the Robert

09:21:33 Cole park.

09:21:34 And you all have been there, and now what a special

09:21:36 place that is, and that was recognized by the Planning

09:21:39 Commission.

09:21:40 In downtown, Curtis Hixon park, Cotanchobee park, and

09:21:44 the U.S. Ameribank restoration project were recognized;

09:21:54 so downtown was recognized as a feature and the work we

09:21:58 have been part of.

09:21:59 So I want to acknowledge that and your support for all

09:22:01 of those projects and engagement with them.

09:22:08 We appreciate all your hard work oh.

09:22:13 >> Ed Johnson, manager for East Tampa CRA.

09:22:17 I would just like to give you a quick update on our

09:22:21 progress with our 22nd street enhancement project.

09:22:24 If I could, I would like to use the Elmo to contained

09:22:26 of reacclimate you with the different phases that we

09:22:31 will engage our contract on.

09:22:38 This is phase one of the 22nd street enhancement.

09:22:49 It will take place from Dr. Martin Luther King

09:22:52 Boulevard to the north down to Lake Avenue to the

09:22:54 south.

09:22:54 We are 100 percent completed with design.

09:22:59 Bids went out earlier this month, and the bids were

09:23:02 opened on May 4th.

09:23:05 We had five firms that responded to the bids.

09:23:09 And we will initiate a construction contract as soon as

09:23:13 we receive our final permits from the Florida

09:23:16 Department of Transportation so that phase will move

09:23:20 along quite rapidly once that contract is initiated.

09:23:28 Phase two.

09:23:32 Phase two is the area that will run from Lake Avenue

09:23:36 down to 23rd Avenue.

09:23:38 And there's actually two segments that I'll share with

09:23:43 you, this one that's showing here on the Elmo is right

09:23:47 in front of several of our mom and pop businesses that

09:23:50 are directly across from Belmont Heights estates.

09:23:53 As you can see, we are talking about adding sidewalks

09:23:56 where there is no major sidewalks there.

09:23:58 Trees.

09:23:59 One of the issues that we have along this segment also

09:24:01 is going to be some challenges for parking.

09:24:05 As you can see in the rendering, there will only be

09:24:09 seven parking spaces that will be parallel parking,

09:24:12 FDOT is not going to allow us to continue to have

09:24:15 diagonal parking where you are backing out into the

09:24:18 street.

09:24:18 So there were eleven of those, actually 17 of those

09:24:21 that we are removing eleven of them.

09:24:24 So there will be seven parking space as long that

09:24:26 corridor.

09:24:26 We are working with the owners there of those

09:24:29 businesses along that corridor to provide some

09:24:32 additional parking off-site, maybe to the rear.

09:24:35 We own some city property to the rear of these

09:24:38 establishments that we can possibly create, we are also

09:24:46 looking at acquiring some additional properties that

09:24:48 front 22nd street that could also be converted into

09:24:51 parking along that corridor.

09:24:54 and also phase two, the lower portion south of 22nd

09:25:04 Steve Avenue directly across from the seniors

09:25:06 development at Belmont Heights estates.

09:25:10 Right now there are no sidewalks at all in this area.

09:25:14 So we are actually going to be shifting the road a

09:25:18 little bit to the west to accommodate sidewalks,

09:25:20 streetlighting and really enhance that character along

09:25:24 there.

09:25:25 Also, phase three is the -- that's where we are talking

09:25:36 about developing that full roundabout at the apex of

09:25:40 where the two roads go off to one-way pairs.

09:25:46 Phase three, you just recently approved funding last

09:25:50 Thursday for the design of phase three for the contract

09:25:54 to move forward.

09:25:56 So that's going to move also.

09:26:02 Now, the other thing I would like to share with you is

09:26:04 that we put out an RFP just recently for a multifamily

09:26:09 project, and that multifamily project will actually be

09:26:14 where you see the picture of these gentlemen walking.

09:26:18 That is the property on the east side that we acquired

09:26:20 recently with TIF funding that we are offering up as a

09:26:27 development opportunity for a multifamily affordable

09:26:31 housing developer to come in and build some housing to

09:26:35 kind of continue the fabric of what the Belmont Heights

09:26:38 estates is.

09:26:38 The prebid conference was held yesterday afternoon at

09:26:43 Cyrus green community center, and I'm proud to say that

09:26:47 there were well over 15 multifamily housing developers

09:26:51 that came to the prebid conference, very interested in

09:26:57 developing this property.

09:26:58 So we should see very soon a very exciting opportunity

09:27:03 to be able to bring some additional housing to that

09:27:06 three-plus acres that we have accumulate add long that

09:27:11 corridor on 22nd street.

09:27:12 So there's a lot of interest.

09:27:14 And we believe that interest is happening because of

09:27:16 our announced investment that we are going to make here

09:27:20 along 22nd street.

09:27:25 Also in that contract, the RFP that went out for the

09:27:31 22nd street construction project, in that RFP we have

09:27:36 placed some language to encourage the developers to

09:27:41 actually hire local residents from the East Tampa

09:27:45 community as part of either the construction

09:27:48 opportunity or some permitted jobs that might a trick

09:27:54 ultimate as a result of doing this project.

09:27:56 So we are encouraged.

09:27:57 All of those contractors believe that they could

09:28:00 support that, and they are going to work with one of

09:28:03 our community based organizations to be able to be able

09:28:07 to have access to some folks that are already trained

09:28:11 and ready for employment, once those opportunities come

09:28:13 to fruition.

09:28:17 Also along 22nd street, I want to share with you a

09:28:20 couple of photographs, because I know our commercial

09:28:24 facade program has always been a concern about trying

09:28:30 to make some improvement to some of the businesses

09:28:32 along 22nd street.

09:28:34 I want to share with you a couple of things that

09:28:36 happened without our TIF investment.

09:28:42 This is the Suncoast plaza at 26th Avenue that was

09:28:50 recently expanded and rehabilitated with private

09:28:52 investment, without any government assistance

09:28:56 whatsoever.

09:28:57 So we do know that people are very interested in

09:29:02 Sprucing up the businesses along 22nd street, and we

09:29:06 also believe that that is a result of our continued

09:29:08 efforts to redevelop this corridor.

09:29:14 And the last one I'll share with you, this one is just

09:29:16 north of Martin Luther King on the west side of 22nd

09:29:22 street.

09:29:22 Another strip center that was in really ugly shape oaf

09:29:27 the years, but here again the owner invested their own

09:29:30 resources to rehabilitate this strip center.

09:29:33 And as you can see, it's very attractive.

09:29:36 And we are currently working with several business

09:29:39 owners that have expressed interest in our facade

09:29:43 program, and we are working diligently not only with

09:29:47 our staff but just recently with the staff of the small

09:29:50 business investment center satellite office that we

09:29:54 have in East Tampa.

09:29:55 Their folks are out a couple of days a week in our

09:29:58 community talking to business owners, trying to

09:30:00 encourage them to utilize our commercial facade

09:30:03 program.

09:30:03 So we believe in the next month or so you will start

09:30:06 seeing some real decent applications coming in for the

09:30:11 use of those funds.

09:30:14 That's it unless I have some questions.

09:30:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.

09:30:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

09:30:20 We see a lot has been done.

09:30:22 If you can go back to the roundabout slide, if you put

09:30:26 that picture back up there.

09:30:28 >> Sure.

09:30:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: If you look in the roundabout, you see

09:30:36 that steeple.

09:30:38 That's a church built in 1923.

09:30:42 At that time it was named the 22nd street church of

09:30:45 good.

09:30:47 I came to that church at the age of 26, 1980, April

09:30:55 25th and pastor that church, still do.

09:30:58 So there's an old church where I pastor but also in

09:31:02 that area, I'm wondering with all the development, do

09:31:09 we have any intent to buy that strip there?

09:31:14 Because on the other side of 21st we own that

09:31:16 except for that laundromat there.

09:31:24 Is there a need to be able to purchase that for some

09:31:27 type?

09:31:27 I mean, it's right in the center of 21st and 22nd.

09:31:31 >>> Right at the present time, there isn't.

09:31:36 We are looking at acquiring the other properties along

09:31:38 this corridor.

09:31:40 As you recall, when we purchased the former Gene's Bar

09:31:43 location which is just south of where the church is

09:31:46 that you referenced, we are trying to do an assemblage

09:31:50 there for retail project at some point in time.

09:31:54 If there is a need to acquire property to the north,

09:31:57 obviously we would look to that area, especially being

09:32:01 that it's so close to the roundabout.

09:32:03 As you know, that roundabout, the Department of

09:32:05 Transportation would only allow us to build one at the

09:32:09 maximum capacity that would be able to handle large

09:32:12 trucks, you know, tractor trailer trucks.

09:32:15 That roundabout is pretty large.

09:32:17 So those buildings are pretty close to that, the

09:32:22 circumference of that roundabout.

09:32:23 I don't know how that's going to affect.

09:32:26 There's still a small home that's pretty close to that

09:32:29 roundabout and then the church is immediately after

09:32:32 that.

09:32:32 So if there comes a time that that roundabout

09:32:36 interferes with the livelihood of either the residents

09:32:39 that live in that house or the church that's there, we

09:32:42 would probably look to try to purchase that.

09:32:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought that house was vacant.

09:32:47 >> There's a renter.

09:32:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me follow up with one other

09:32:51 question.

09:32:54 Going back to 22nd street to the retention pond by what

09:32:59 used to be -- what is it, Stuart? Farrell.

09:33:07 Are we planning to do anything with that?

09:33:11 >>GWEN MILLER: 22nd.

09:33:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are we planning on doing anything with

09:33:14 that retention pond?

09:33:15 And we look at what's taking place on 22nd street,

09:33:18 allow development along that area.

09:33:23 >>> As you recall when we originally started looking at

09:33:27 making it from a retention pond into a better community

09:33:29 use that particular one across Farrell was the third

09:33:32 one that was in the design package that University of

09:33:34 South Florida actually designed out for us.

09:33:38 So it was the third -- it was placed on hold by the

09:33:44 advisory committee because of the cost to construct the

09:33:50 kind of amenities that we put in, as you recall, the

09:33:53 Cole lake, even though it's beautiful it cost a lot of

09:33:55 money.

09:33:56 It was about a million dollars to do that kind of

09:33:58 retrofit.

09:33:59 So the advisory committee wanted to put it on hold

09:34:03 until our TIF comes back into better times and we one

09:34:08 go back to looking at doing something from another

09:34:12 point.

09:34:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: As you exit off of I-4 at Ybor City

09:34:17 and 22nd street, Ybor City has a lot of development or

09:34:21 improvements been made with the fountain that's there,

09:34:23 the McDonald's, and as you come forward towards down

09:34:29 towards 22nd street, there seems to be a lot of

09:34:34 improvements along there because that is the entrance

09:34:36 to East Tampa.

09:34:37 Do we have any plans for that?

09:34:41 >>> We would love to entertain a development

09:34:43 opportunity along that corridor.

09:34:45 As you know, there's multiple properties there that are

09:34:49 in private hands.

09:34:50 We have talked to several of those owners.

09:34:53 Some of them are not willing to sell at this point.

09:34:56 But, yes, one of the things that we want to make sure

09:34:59 happens is where we leave off at this roundabout at

09:35:02 23rd Avenue, where that apex is, where the roads go

09:35:06 to one way pairs, we have a commitment from the

09:35:10 Department of Transportation to include us in the

09:35:12 Crosstown connector project.

09:35:15 Unfortunately we have to wait until the Crosstown

09:35:17 connector is finished.

09:35:18 But the Department of Transportation is going to fund

09:35:22 some enhancement project along both 21st and 22nd

09:35:27 street on those one way pairs adding decorative

09:35:30 sidewalks and streetlighting, things of that nature to

09:35:32 really Spruce it up so we can connect from the

09:35:36 interstate up to this roundabout, so it really will

09:35:39 then become a real gateway into East Tampa but we

09:35:43 definitely are pursuing looking at opportunities that

09:35:48 might avail themselves as long that property along

09:35:51 there.

09:35:51 Hopefully some of those private investors will develop

09:35:54 it themselves, you know, as they see the work that we

09:35:58 are doing on 22nd and 21st.

09:36:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:36:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.

09:36:04 >> Ms. Mulhern was first.

09:36:09 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to mention an e-mail that I

09:36:12 got from you and I thought you might want to brag about

09:36:14 the new community garden that's going in East Tampa.

09:36:18 >>> Ed Johnson: Yes.

09:36:21 As a matter of fact, Frances Brooks and Ms. Ortez, in

09:36:30 East Tampa some property that was donated for that use,

09:36:32 have really worked that very well, and they just

09:36:35 recently applied for a grant through an agency called

09:36:43 grow healthy.

09:36:45 It's a program that they actually donate materials for

09:36:50 use by folks that will be doing community gardens for

09:36:53 the prevention of cancer, because one of the things

09:36:55 than they want to make sure is that people, when they

09:36:58 are out side especially here in Florida in the heat and

09:37:01 the sun are protected as they are out there gardening,

09:37:04 and don't want to obviously have them develop cancer,

09:37:09 skin cancer, things of that nature, so they provide a

09:37:11 lot of the merchandise for the folks that are going to

09:37:13 be out there actually actively working in these

09:37:16 gardens, sun screening and things of that nature, be

09:37:19 able to protect themselves, and Frances shared with us

09:37:23 today an e-mail that you received from the organization

09:37:26 that they applied for, and they were just ecstatic that

09:37:30 there were folks out here in these communities and

09:37:32 these neighborhoods that were doing these gardens.

09:37:35 We thank you, Ms. Mulhern, for keeping that movement

09:37:41 going on the community gardens.

09:37:43 I think it's growing, and it's growing rapidly.

09:37:45 >> And those two women actually -- I'm going to brag

09:37:49 myself, because from the workshops that I put together,

09:37:53 that's how they got the idea, and they are working --

09:37:56 they have a commitment to East Tampa, not just to do

09:37:59 this one garden, but they want that to be a model, and

09:38:03 then to, you know, move -- find other lots and plots of

09:38:08 land that they can use.

09:38:10 And I think the economic development benefit.

09:38:13 I mean, the benefit overall, you have health benefits.

09:38:16 But you have also got safer neighborhoods, and we found

09:38:20 that places that have community gardens, neighborhoods

09:38:22 that have them, the property values go up.

09:38:26 And in some places when you get to a large enough

09:38:30 endeavor in the garden, it creates jobs.

09:38:34 You have actually got people running the garden.

09:38:36 And there's a lot of funding, federal funding from

09:38:41 health department, from HUD, all kinds of possibilities

09:38:44 for partnering and doing that.

09:38:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda.

09:38:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:38:52 Growing up in that same area, you have got those

09:38:54 21st street never did come through, because at one

09:38:57 time it did when it was the old Ponce DeLeon.

09:39:02 But now only 20th street goes down up to the

09:39:05 expressway, unless you want to make a dead-end, or turn

09:39:08 left on Columbus drive, and head to 21st and go

09:39:12 south on 21st.

09:39:15 22nd is one way.

09:39:21 When I said 22nd, the light came on and off.

09:39:28 You must be touched with the man.

09:39:29 22nd street is a one-way till it meets 21st street

09:39:34 and then it's a two-way.

09:39:36 When you are heading south on 21st you can only go

09:39:38 around the curve and head out.

09:39:43 Those were great neighborhoods.

09:39:44 They still are.

09:39:46 When you mention community gardens, like was brought up

09:39:48 here, we didn't call them community gardens.

09:39:51 We never had a grant.

09:39:53 But they would tell you

09:39:57 (Speaking Spanish) which means go get the vegetables

09:39:59 out of the garden.

09:40:00 Everybody was in the same boat.

09:40:02 Everybody raised what they had to eat.

09:40:05 And you well know and I'm sure some members of council

09:40:08 here that live in the same vicinity as I did, there was

09:40:12 cows in the backyard.

09:40:13 There was goats.

09:40:15 There was chickens that laid the eggs in the morning.

09:40:17 Your job was to get the eggs to have the breakfast.

09:40:20 I see some smiles in the audience that are about my

09:40:24 age.

09:40:25 What I'm saying is that this new connotation grants,

09:40:30 the only grant we had was go borrow a seed from

09:40:33 somebody, plant it and make sure it grew.

09:40:36 There was feed stores on 26th Avenue and 15th

09:40:40 street. There was a feed store on 15th street and

09:40:43 MLK.

09:40:46 Called another name.

09:40:47 All those created, they showed sold you feed for your

09:40:55 cow, sold you everything that was needed.

09:40:57 And the women would get the flour sacks and make

09:41:00 dresses out of them because they were beautiful.

09:41:03 So are we going forward?

09:41:06 You never go forward till you look where you came from.

09:41:10 And it was a wonderful place to live.

09:41:13 Everybody shared.

09:41:14 If you grew something and the other neighbor grew

09:41:16 something, you crisscrossed the neighborhood, there was

09:41:18 a wonderful place.

09:41:19 Crime was -- there was porches.

09:41:23 And we don't build anything with a porch.

09:41:27 When you showed up there and watch people come by.

09:41:31 And that's what made that neighborhood such a great

09:41:33 place to live.

09:41:35 And thank you for doing what you are doing.

09:41:37 And that's why this intersection is very difficult to

09:41:41 deal with.

09:41:42 In fact, on 21st and Columbus drive, on the

09:41:48 southwest corner used to be the Boston bar.

09:41:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's right.

09:41:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: How did you know that?

09:41:57 [ Laughter ]

09:41:57 And cross street.

09:41:59 On the other corner was a drugstore.

09:42:00 I can tell you the neighborhood like I was living in it

09:42:02 yesterday.

09:42:03 You know, sometimes I leave here, and I want to relax.

09:42:07 You know what I do?

09:42:08 I drive through my old neighborhood.

09:42:12 And I look around.

09:42:13 And I said, thank God it's coming back.

09:42:16 Thank you very much.

09:42:22 If I start talking about what I know about Ybor City,

09:42:24 we'll all be in trouble.

09:42:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Speaking of porches, this council

09:42:31 passed a porch ordinance about four or five years ago

09:42:37 to encourage the construction of porches.

09:42:39 So I just want to remind anybody out there who wants to

09:42:42 add a porch, there are some zoning incentives in our

09:42:46 code for that.

09:42:49 And the question I had for you, ed, relates to your

09:42:53 budget on the 22nd street.

09:42:56 As I was going through the book this morning -- and you

09:42:59 all did a good job with that -- I counted up about $4

09:43:02 million in '08, 09, '10 budget for TIF money for 22nd

09:43:08 street.

09:43:08 I was just wondering what the total budget is for the

09:43:10 project.

09:43:11 Are you getting city money?

09:43:14 And other state D.O.T. money?

09:43:18 >>> We had this morning, Christine, our project

09:43:22 administrator from contract admin, I'll let Christine

09:43:26 come address the budget for us.

09:43:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I noticed her presence.

09:43:30 >>> Christine Burdick, contract administration.

09:43:33 I don't have my budgeting in front of me but to let you

09:43:36 know we are getting TIF funds for this.

09:43:38 We are also getting some money from public works.

09:43:41 By $2 million.

09:43:43 We are getting some D.O.T. federal money, also.

09:43:46 But that is just for phase two of the project.

09:43:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And when would that phase two kick

09:43:53 in?

09:43:54 >>> 60% right now.

09:43:56 Phase two we pay for about $250,000 of the design.

09:44:00 And the remaining money is going to go towards the

09:44:03 construction for getting a total of $8,507,000 from the

09:44:08 state.

09:44:08 >> Let us know what we can do to help on that in the

09:44:16 future as well.

09:44:18 If there's any extra money lying around, which of

09:44:21 course these days there isn't.

09:44:22 But maybe down the road.

09:44:24 Thank you.

09:44:25 >>> I'll take one last minute before I leave.

09:44:33 On the strategic action plan, I just want to make sure

09:44:35 that I pay tribute to my staff, especially Michelle van

09:44:42 lone who worked a lot of hours on making sure that this

09:44:45 document was good enough to win this award and also

09:44:49 Mike Chen from our department staff, they put on a lot

09:44:53 of hard work with our consultants and our community to

09:44:56 make this a real living document.

09:44:59 I just want to make sure that we paid respect to them.

09:45:03 Thanks so much.

09:45:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Mulhern.

09:45:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to add to really thank

09:45:09 the community advisory committee and the people of East

09:45:11 Tampa who have been working on that strategic plan for

09:45:14 years and years and have stuck with it and really

09:45:18 pushed this forward.

09:45:20 So I want to thank them for all the work they have

09:45:22 given without pay, just to make that a better

09:45:27 community.

09:45:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:45:30 Mr. Huey.

09:45:38 >>MARK HUEY: The next item on the agenda is follow-up

09:45:40 to your April 7th meeting in the Channel District.

09:45:42 Your community meeting.

09:45:43 There was about five items raised during that meeting

09:45:48 that the community brought forward, areas they would

09:45:51 like to see improvement.

09:45:54 Pet waste, noise, recycling stations within the

09:45:57 district, crosswalk, Channelside and Meridian and some

09:46:01 ideas about the new park that's being built.

09:46:04 Bob McDonaugh sort of summarized for you in a

09:46:07 memorandum and gave you a progress update on each of

09:46:10 those items.

09:46:12 And he's certainly here to answer any other questions

09:46:14 you might have about those.

09:46:16 But bee we want you to know that we certainly

09:46:18 acknowledge all of those items for follow-up and we are

09:46:22 working on them.

09:46:23 >>GWEN MILLER: No questions.

09:46:26 Continue.

09:46:27 >>MARK HUEY: We already mentioned project CAMLS.

09:46:31 When the board last met remember the CAMLS project, the

09:46:34 USF robotic surgery stimulation -- simulation training

09:46:39 center will bring in surgeons and health professionals

09:46:42 really from all over the world, we expect, to receive

09:46:44 the latest in training in the latest surgical

09:46:47 techniques, significant economic development benefit.

09:46:52 Trying to find a home in the Heights, one of our other

09:46:55 CRAs.

09:46:56 And it was not able to move forward there.

09:47:00 At the request of Judy Genshaft, the president of the

09:47:02 University of South Florida, she asked if we would

09:47:05 consider making available to them the Hartline, a piece

09:47:11 of property in our downtown located between the Fort

09:47:14 Brooke parking garage and the Crosstown expressway.

09:47:17 And so based on that, the mayor did consent, even

09:47:22 though it was not our intention to put that on the

09:47:24 market at this time, to issue an RFP that would invite

09:47:29 anyone who would like to do a project like that

09:47:34 including the University of South Florida to respond to

09:47:36 that.

09:47:38 Responses are due by May 24th.

09:47:40 And we are working very hard on that.

09:47:42 As you know, other communities would love to have an

09:47:46 economic jewel like the CAMLS project in their

09:47:51 community and we certainly want to make sure it stays

09:47:53 here in Tampa.

09:47:53 So just an update for you.

09:47:55 There will be more updates as the process unfolds in

09:47:58 the coming months.

09:47:59 But we appreciate your continued support on the

09:48:06 University of South Florida project.

09:48:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question because I can't

09:48:13 remember what that stands for.

09:48:15 CAMLS.

09:48:16 Do you know?

09:48:16 >> Yes.

09:48:17 Center for advanced medical and learning simulation:

09:48:27 That's why we say CAMLS.

09:48:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's a great project, Mr. Huey.

09:48:33 And I want to say again how much ---how important it is

09:48:37 to this community, and it's good to have University of

09:48:40 South Florida as a partner in this community and work

09:48:47 together to make this happen.

09:48:48 This will be a huge economic impact to the City of

09:48:49 Tampa, and for the University of South Florida as well,

09:48:54 and Tampa general.

09:48:55 So as you say, it will bring doctors from all over the

09:48:59 world to come and be trained on robotic surgery.

09:49:03 That's what it's designed to be able to do.

09:49:06 I understand that they are setting the thing up now

09:49:09 where you can be maybe in Pennsylvania and having

09:49:11 surgery somewhere else and they can control it and do

09:49:14 all -- it's going to be exciting.

09:49:17 So it's really good for this community.

09:49:19 >>MARK HUEY: It is.

09:49:22 One of the economic benefits of this location,

09:49:23 potential impact, is that it's very proximate to the

09:49:29 Tampa Convention Center and we believe that that

09:49:32 proximity, just a short walk, will allow the convention

09:49:35 center to be very attractive to large surgery-oriented

09:49:42 conventions, and right now we compete with Orlando and

09:49:45 other markets for those conventions.

09:49:48 And I think this will give us a leg up and hopefully

09:49:51 allow us to track some of those very profitable kinds

09:49:53 of conventions to our community.

09:49:59 It's going to help out the Marriott, the embassy

09:50:03 suites, the Hyatt, convenient to all three of those

09:50:06 hotel properties.

09:50:07 And that's important for them succeeding.

09:50:09 They need to be located near high-quality hotels.

09:50:13 It seems at this point to be a very good location for

09:50:16 it and we look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

09:50:21 The 7th item on the agenda, we had scheduled on

09:50:24 June 1st a community meeting in downtown that would

09:50:27 focus in particular, Jason earlier had mentioned the

09:50:32 significance of the high speed rail station for our

09:50:34 downtown.

09:50:35 As it turns out, we were not able to confirm all of the

09:50:40 participants from D.O.T., Hart and various consultants

09:50:42 that we feel need to be in that presentation for it to

09:50:46 be effective for you and the community.

09:50:48 So we are now looking again at the challenges to

09:50:53 reschedule that later in the summer when we can get all

09:50:56 of the players in the room.

09:50:57 So we appreciate your patience in that.

09:50:58 And we are working on that rescheduling.

09:51:01 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to public comments.

09:51:05 Is there if there's anyone in the public that would

09:51:07 like to speak you may come up now.

09:51:09 >>> Madam Chairman and other members of the Community

09:51:24 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis of 3717 east Wilder

09:51:31 Avenue in East Tampa CRA area.

09:51:33 Madam Chairman, two things, within the time constraints

09:51:39 that I have, I want to try to complete this.

09:51:44 Madam Chairman, did you and other members of the agency

09:51:48 get a copy of what I sent to you concerning some

09:51:52 clarifications?

09:51:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

09:51:54 I gave to the our attorney to read.

09:51:56 >>> I presume that I will subsequently have an

09:51:59 opportunity to hear the response as some kind of

09:52:02 indication.

09:52:03 The other thing, Madam Chair, you know, sometimes I

09:52:10 think I take things too literally, you know.

09:52:15 If it's raining, it's wet.

09:52:19 If you note in this item for public comment, you only

09:52:25 ask for public comments on items on the agenda.

09:52:27 Is that correct, Madam Chair?

09:52:29 >>GWEN MILLER: That's correct.

09:52:29 >>> Well, am I speaking about anything that's on the

09:52:33 agenda?

09:52:38 If not, how may I be able to get an item on the agenda,

09:52:41 or speak to an item on the agenda so that I will be

09:52:47 literally in compliance with the instruction?

09:52:51 I'm trying my best, Madam Chairman.

09:52:55 I'm in this continuing education mode as a resident of

09:52:58 East Tampa.

09:52:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Just start speaking and we can tell.

09:53:02 Just go ahead and tell us what you want to do.

09:53:04 >>> All right.

09:53:08 Well, sometimes, I would like to get a pro and con,

09:53:14 because when I finish speaking, then if you speak then

09:53:23 I will have a chance to respond.

09:53:24 And that's that dialogue that you all talk about we all

09:53:27 have sometimes.

09:53:27 I appreciate it, Madam Chairman.

09:53:30 I'm looking forward to an exciting decade to come, and

09:53:36 the redevelopment of the CRA, and the people that are

09:53:42 involved.

09:53:43 You know, it's called the dog and pony show.

09:53:50 I listen to the man from East Tampa.

09:53:53 You know, we are going to have a --

09:53:57 But I don't know who going to live in it, because I

09:54:01 don't know is it going to be fantasy or reality?

09:54:09 Around about in N that location the same as a hole in

09:54:13 our head.

09:54:14 There's another way to develop that traffic flow.

09:54:16 There is another way to develop that enhancement for

09:54:23 people that will be living there.

09:54:25 There's another way to be enhancing the opportunity for

09:54:27 the business sector.

09:54:30 I hope I will be around for the next, what have we got,

09:54:34 another 25 years?

09:54:37 >>GWEN MILLER: The roundabout? We are going to get it

09:54:39 before then, Mr. Davis.

09:54:41 Ware going to get that roundabout before then.

09:54:42 >> You are going to get it before then?

09:54:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

09:54:44 >> Well, why do we really need a roundabout there?

09:54:51 And the unto community gardens, I'm excited.

09:54:59 In the good old days where there was chickens and cows

09:55:02 in the backyard.

09:55:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.

09:55:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In response of Mr. Davis, first of all

09:55:12 I think that we have the saying that staff -- Mr.

09:55:16 Johnson has done a very good job, Mr. Huey, we have

09:55:19 seen a lot of improvements in East Tampa.

09:55:21 That's number one.

09:55:26 A lot of improvements.

09:55:27 Number two, the CRA and TIF, I think we have been in it

09:55:33 for about six years now, something like that.

09:55:35 And originally it was designed to bring about $300

09:55:40 million over the life of that.

09:55:41 We realized the economy has had an impact on that but

09:55:44 still we will be way up in the millions.

09:55:49 The third thing I want to say to Mr. Davis is, that is

09:55:52 what we call the CRA advisory board that has input on

09:55:56 all of these plans.

09:55:57 I understand.

09:55:58 And so in terms of the roundabout, I am assuming that

09:56:01 they have had input on that roundabout.

09:56:04 And if you look at the drawing, if the drawings are the

09:56:09 renderings as an indication of what it's going to look

09:56:12 like on 22nd street, it's going to be first class.

09:56:16 It will be very exciting to the community, very

09:56:19 beautiful.

09:56:19 And hopefully it will draw other development.

09:56:26 You are going to have a lot of healthy activity there

09:56:29 now -- don't have a lot of healthy activity but do you

09:56:32 have some activity, with the removal of Gene's Bar, and

09:56:36 other parcels where the church is at, to me, if someone

09:56:39 can develop that, that is a major piece of property

09:56:41 there.

09:56:42 On both sides.

09:56:44 On 21st and 22nd street south.

09:56:47 So that's a lot of potential, a lot of potential.

09:56:50 And from looking at the drawings, from this morning and

09:56:53 from other briefings, I think you all were in my office

09:56:57 this past week bringing me up to speed on the rendering

09:57:00 and the strategic plan.

09:57:03 It will certainly, certainly add a lot to 22nd street

09:57:07 and East Tampa.

09:57:08 So, Mr. Davis, you are on the advisory board.

09:57:12 Aren't you on the advisory board?

09:57:19 Okay.

09:57:22 I think it's terminology, but anyway, thank you, sir.

09:57:25 But, anyway, the advisory committee board/group, they

09:57:34 get a chance to see all of this, and permission comes

09:57:40 to us, and I'm looking forward to all of that from I-4

09:57:44 all the way back, all the way over to Hillsborough

09:57:47 Avenue to 22nd street being redone, redeveloped and

09:57:50 recompleted which will add a lot to the East Tampa

09:57:55 corridor.

09:57:56 >>MARK HUEY: Two things real quick.

09:58:00 We have three facade grants awardees that are here.

09:58:04 And I would like to take up those items.

09:58:07 And Bob McDonaugh is going to come up in a minute.

09:58:10 There's other staff to help with that.

09:58:12 But before I left, I wanted to take just a minute to

09:58:15 recognize Julia wisdom.

09:58:18 Actually the next item on your agenda is the approval

09:58:20 of the quarterly reports.

09:58:24 Julie Wisdom has been doing all the financial work of

09:58:27 the redevelopment agency for a number of years, the

09:58:30 budgeting, the quarterly reports, and you have

09:58:32 appreciated how that has developed.

09:58:34 And I think we set a very high bar for accountability

09:58:37 for how we use TIF resources, and Julie has been at the

09:58:40 heart of that.

09:58:41 You might be aware, Julie recently got promoted in the

09:58:45 financial reorganization of the city's finance and

09:58:48 accounting and budgeting offices.

09:58:51 Julie was chosen to be a manager in the accounting

09:58:55 department.

09:58:56 And we are going to miss her in the work that she's

09:58:58 done here.

09:58:59 And I just want to recognize and appreciate her.

09:59:02 There will be some other staff now assisting us.

09:59:05 But I just again wanted to acknowledge her good work

09:59:08 over the last few years.

09:59:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Congratulations.

09:59:20 >> Bob McDonaugh.

09:59:22 We have some required approvals which is the acceptance

09:59:25 of the CRA second quarter fiscal 10 quarterly report.

09:59:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We need a motion.

09:59:31 >> So moved.

09:59:32 >> Second.

09:59:32 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:59:35 Opposed?

09:59:36 >> A resolution concerning shifting of funds for CRA

09:59:38 Curtis Hixon park activation.

09:59:40 >> So moved.

09:59:41 >> Second.

09:59:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:59:43 All in favor say Aye.

09:59:44 Opposed, Nay.

09:59:45 >> Number 10.

09:59:47 A resolution concerning Drew Park street repaving

09:59:49 projects.

09:59:49 >> So moved.

09:59:51 >> Second.

09:59:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:59:54 All in favor?

09:59:55 Opposed?

09:59:56 >> Items 11 and 12 which are CRA Ybor City 1 and 2 to

10:00:01 the program change.

10:00:02 >> So moved.

10:00:03 >> Second.

10:00:03 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

10:00:05 Opposed?

10:00:06 >> And we have as mark mentioned resolutions number 13,

10:00:10 14, and 15, which are approval of the improvement

10:00:16 grants.

10:00:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we need to make a motion

10:00:19 individually?

10:00:19 Could we approve all of those at one time, Mr.

10:00:24 Attorney?

10:00:25 I will move -- Madam Chair, if you don't mind, I will

10:00:28 move item 13, 14 and 15.

10:00:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:00:33 All in favor say Aye.

10:00:34 Opposed, Nay.

10:00:35 >> Does the board have any questions on the applicants

10:00:42 of the facade improvement programs?

10:00:45 >> No.

10:00:45 We are just happy to utilize TIF funds to helping in

10:00:49 their business endeavors.

10:00:50 >> I think it's most appreciated as well in the

10:00:53 community.

10:00:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

10:00:59 >>> If I may, I would like to introduce Richard Chad.

10:01:07 One of the applicants.

10:01:10 Mr. Capitano has been here obviously before.

10:01:14 And Carmine.

10:01:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Does anyone want to say anything?

10:01:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Do either one of you want to speak?

10:01:21 Mr. Capitano?

10:01:23 Okay, Mr. Dingfelder.

10:01:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.

10:01:30 I'm not sure which item it was that we were going

10:01:34 through.

10:01:35 But in the budgets for the prior years, in the '09 Ybor

10:01:41 --

10:01:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think 8.

10:01:42 Those are the financial reports.

10:01:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.

10:01:51 In the Ybor '09 budget it speaks to that there's still

10:01:55 $244,000 other professional services.

10:01:58 I cannot recall what that category is.

10:02:03 Are we still -- still plan on spending that as other

10:02:11 professional services? What is the other professional

10:02:13 services? '09.

10:02:16 >> The year '09?

10:02:18 >> I'm not sure which individual one.

10:02:21 One or two.

10:02:22 >> There's $244,000 still sitting in there.

10:02:34 I think we are doing a better job, by the way, of

10:02:36 getting this money spent.

10:02:38 I remember in years passed we would need two or three

10:02:41 years behind on getting money spent.

10:02:44 So the majority of that money is in fact --

10:02:49 >> The money where we have for contractual.

10:02:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Other professional services?

10:02:56 >> Yes.

10:02:57 And contractual professional services under there.

10:02:59 So this program was for approval after the budget has

10:03:05 been approved.

10:03:09 Kind of put money together so we could go forward

10:03:11 within this program.

10:03:15 The money was contractual.

10:03:17 We left that money in that particular category.

10:03:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.

10:03:29 Thank you.

10:03:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?

10:03:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I want to also comment to you, Bob,

10:03:34 as I was going through the budgets, in the Channelside

10:03:37 budget, or maybe it's the downtown budget, I noticed

10:03:39 the $300,000 for the prime Meridian project, and I

10:03:43 thought to myself, well that project is not going

10:03:45 forward, unfortunately.

10:03:46 So what are we going to do with that?

10:03:48 I looked later in your agenda and saw that you

10:03:51 encumbered it for Curtis Hixon park activation which I

10:03:54 think is extremely valuable and important.

10:03:57 I think I told council the story before, but my son

10:04:01 plays a form of bocci out in Brian park in New York

10:04:05 City virtually every day that the weather permits, and

10:04:10 we had the speaker come, I think, who ran Brian park

10:04:15 for many years and they had so many activities going on

10:04:18 out there right in the middle of New York City, in a

10:04:21 park that really isn't much bigger, I think it's about

10:04:24 the same size as our Curtis Hixon park.

10:04:27 And so it's really a function of what you do with it

10:04:29 and how you encourage people to get down there, and

10:04:32 during lunch, and other times of the week and

10:04:35 everything.

10:04:35 >>> We have actually engaged a group of private

10:04:39 citizens, they are calling themselves private realm

10:04:44 group working with the Parks Department to develop a

10:04:47 variety of activities much the way of Brian park

10:04:50 whether it be bocci or yoga and to develop certain

10:04:53 areas of the park on a daily basis to get people down

10:04:55 there and activate it.

10:04:57 Yes, that's what this money is for.

10:04:59 And I think it's important that we make this

10:05:02 successful.

10:05:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The interesting thing about that

10:05:05 Brian park experience, I have gone and done it with

10:05:07 him, is there's like 15 different things going on at

10:05:11 once, and so it's not like everybody has to be doing

10:05:14 the same thing.

10:05:16 It's not like we have one single activity.

10:05:18 We have people in one corner literally, the library

10:05:21 brings books at lunch and magazines and people are down

10:05:24 in one corner reading, and another group is playing

10:05:27 this bocci ball, and another group is, you know, you

10:05:31 have all sorts of things.

10:05:33 I think it's very exciting, good opportunity.

10:05:34 >> Thank you.

10:05:40 >>CHAIRMAN: One more question.

10:05:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was going to say, Madam Chair, with

10:05:44 the opening of Curtis Hixon park and the museum and

10:05:46 hopefully the children's museum in October, it has

10:05:50 added so much to the downtown area.

10:05:54 You really can't say enough about the downtown, and

10:05:57 what the park has meant to people.

10:06:00 You can come down almost any day, anytime, people are

10:06:03 there walking, reading, you know, relaxing.

10:06:05 So it's added a whole lot to the downtown area.

10:06:10 >> It's interesting because one of the things the Parks

10:06:13 Department is looking at I know is expanding some of

10:06:15 the hours.

10:06:16 As you say, anytime of the day there are people there,

10:06:18 and they want to enjoy the space.

10:06:21 Thank you.

10:06:28 >>VINCE PARDO: I sent around a postcard, if you will,

10:06:31 of new effort that we have gotten involved in called

10:06:34 the social city forum, a national forum, and remember

10:06:38 last year we hosted in Ybor City at the time, the first

10:06:42 statewide effort, and had several cities from the

10:06:46 central Florida attend and followed up, Coral Gables,

10:06:50 and staff, code enforcement, fire, police department

10:06:54 and others.

10:06:54 This is the second one.

10:06:55 It's a full day.

10:06:57 It's actually at the Rosen college of hospitality

10:07:01 management.

10:07:01 Captain Craig Roberts from TPD is going to be on the

10:07:05 forum and talk about some of the things we have done

10:07:07 not only in Ybor City but city-wide.

10:07:12 It's been a great effort.

10:07:13 I want to reannounce it to you and also the public.

10:07:15 Anyone can attend, a very modest fee.

10:07:19 It's an easy what I to get really experience what other

10:07:23 people around the state and the country are doing to

10:07:25 bring nighttime economy into a safer environment.

10:07:30 Safer for neighborhoods and also the business

10:07:32 environments and how government works.

10:07:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Ed Johnson.

10:07:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 21st and 22nd, a stop sign, I

10:07:46 guess about a year now?

10:07:48 >>GWEN MILLER: It's a four-way stop sign.

10:07:53 >>> Ed Johnson: A three-way stop sign.

10:07:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's been there about a year?

10:07:58 >> Over a year.

10:07:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyway, what was the rationale for

10:08:03 that stop sign?

10:08:06 >>> Accidents.

10:08:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, somebody running that stop sign

10:08:11 all the time.

10:08:13 Are you aware of that?

10:08:14 Every time I come to that corner, somebody running that

10:08:17 stop sign.

10:08:17 >>> I'll have transportation take a look at it and see

10:08:21 what's going on there.

10:08:23 See what it is.

10:08:26 Are you suggesting we do something other than --

10:08:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just take a look at it.

10:08:32 No, I'm not.

10:08:33 I'm just suggesting take a look.

10:08:35 A lot of people don't see the stop sign on that right

10:08:38 corner there.

10:08:39 They may not see that stop sign.

10:08:40 >>> There's a bus stop there at the corner.

10:08:44 The bus stop might be blocking the view of it.

10:08:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I can tell you almost every day, and I

10:08:50 come there every day, every morning, every afternoon,

10:08:53 every evening, almost every day somebody run that stop

10:08:56 sign.

10:08:56 >>> We'll take a look at it.

10:08:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else for CRA?

10:09:01 >>> That concludes the report for this month.

10:09:06 Thank you.

10:09:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:09:07 Any information from council members?

10:09:10 If not, I have one.

10:09:11 I would like to do a commendation for Mother Thelma

Louise Williams Pleasant

10:09:18 celebrating her 100th birthday on June 8th, and I

10:09:22 will be presenting that to her.

10:09:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think do it at the regular council

10:09:27 meeting.

10:09:28 Can't do it on CRA.

10:09:29 >> Are we switching over to regular --

10:09:36 >> At 11:00.

10:09:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

10:09:38 >>> We will be contacting each of the members.

10:09:41 The October date as is now scheduled conflicts with the

10:09:45 annual conference so they are asking the board members

10:09:48 to come up with an alternative date for October so you

10:09:52 will be contacted about that shortly.

10:09:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

10:09:55 Anything else?

10:09:56 Receive and file.

10:09:57 >> So moved.

10:09:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

10:10:01 All in favor?

10:10:03 If not we will stand in recess until 11:00.

10:10:06 (The CRA adjourned at 10:10 a.m.)



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