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Thursday, June 10, 2010
9:00 a.m. Session


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09:04:24 >>GWEN MILLER: In addition to his duties with the City

09:06:19 of Tampa, Jim has served as the director of the

09:06:24 facilities management for Pasco County.

09:06:26 Jim is also the mayor of his home community, Patchogue,

09:06:36 New York.

09:06:37 Did I say that right?

09:06:39 Next year he will have 40 years with government.

09:06:45 Will you please stand.

09:06:49 >> You under who all of us have come to whom all of us

09:06:54 are going, make strong our hearts that which unites us,

09:07:00 build bridges across all that divides us.

09:07:05 Make us rejoice in our diversity, and one in our

09:07:09 witness to peace, proposed spectrum to your glory.

09:07:13 Amen.

09:07:13 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:07:36 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:07:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:07:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:07:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:07:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Mark Huey, if you will now come up.

09:07:52 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.

09:07:54 Good to be with you.

09:07:55 Mark Huey, economic development administrator.

09:07:59 We have a number of items for you this morning, and

09:08:02 most significantly we have a first reading on the

09:08:05 Encore development agreement as part of our meeting

09:08:09 this morning.

09:08:09 And we are looking forward to that.

09:08:12 First is your opportunity to dialogue with one of the

09:08:17 presidents of the community advisory committees that

09:08:19 you have, and today we have Andy Scaglione, the chair

09:08:27 in the district.

09:08:28 Andy.

09:08:36 Why don't I do my monthly report?

09:08:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, go ahead.

09:08:39 >>MARK HUEY: You have as a second agendaed item the

09:08:44 monthly report.

09:08:45 Andy, are you ready?

09:08:47 Come on up, Andy.

09:08:48 >> Scaglione, chairman.

09:08:57 CRA.

09:08:57 We are going to go over the recent accomplishments of

09:09:00 the Channel District.

09:09:01 I would like to thank our board.

09:09:02 We have a very, very dedicated board and working also

09:09:07 with Mark and Bob.

09:09:09 It's a real welcome to have in the public sector a

09:09:14 no-nonsense get-it-done attitude.

09:09:22 It really is a reflection H.going on with that, we

09:09:25 completed the financial arrangement with BB&T, a $6

09:09:29 million loan, and instead of going through the expense

09:09:35 of bonding we were able to get just a commercial loan

09:09:39 to BB&T at favorable rates and work with Mrs. Wise on

09:09:44 that and very happy with what we accomplished.

09:09:49 The second issue is we purchased the land for the first

09:09:53 Channelside district park.

09:09:55 Construction plans are complete.

09:09:57 And bids are going out shortly.

09:10:00 Okay.

09:10:01 Number 3, we have established a news letter to keep the

09:10:04 residents informed, and that's worked out very, very

09:10:09 well.

09:10:10 Number 4, we commenced construction on the York street

09:10:13 stormwater project.

09:10:16 Number 5, we have a neighborhood amenity incentive

09:10:23 program now.

09:10:24 And retailers -- three retailers have taken advantage

09:10:28 of it as of yet.

09:10:30 We have the Washington street improvements are

09:10:33 scheduled to begin in September, which will put TECO

09:10:39 poles in the ground.

09:10:40 Wallet-sewer will be replaced.

09:10:43 And it will be the first streetscape in the district.

09:10:50 The plans for Kennedy Boulevard are being processed at

09:10:53 D.O.T.

09:10:54 And make a landscape median, make it safer for people

09:11:01 walking back and forth.

09:11:02 Our monthly CRA meetings, advisory committee meetings

09:11:06 are used by residents to voice concerns.

09:11:08 And we pack them in.

09:11:11 We hear all their concerns and it brings me -- I have

09:11:15 been involved in this since 1983 in the Channelside

09:11:19 district, and the changes I have seen from the Opidomi

09:11:28 channelers and the stevedores and what has involved

09:11:31 into today, we are seeing the people, residents and

09:11:37 small business owners, it's a real welcome.

09:11:43 So I'll open it up for any questions.

09:11:45 And again I would like to thank the staff that I work

09:11:47 with and our board.

09:11:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Scaglione for being

09:11:55 here and thank you for the CRA advisory board.

09:11:57 As you know, council, we met with the Channelside about

09:12:00 two months ago, I think it was, very fruitful meeting,

09:12:04 and of course we did follow up on some of the issues

09:12:06 and concerns that were raised at the meeting.

09:12:09 But thank you and the board who are volunteers and who

09:12:13 continue to have oversight of that CRA.

09:12:16 So we thank you for the timing effort.

09:12:20 >> I would like to say thank you to the volunteers like

09:12:23 you, we have over there are very good, and without you,

09:12:26 there wouldn't be a channelside.

09:12:28 So express my concern to them to keep up the good work,

09:12:31 and I know you are going to continue to channel them in

09:12:34 the right direction.

09:12:34 So thank you again.

09:12:35 >> Again, we have a great board.

09:12:39 It's really a joy working with them.

09:12:45 Thank you.

09:12:45 Have a nice day.

09:12:46 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.

09:12:47 >>MARK HUEY: Again, we appreciate your leadership in

09:12:52 the Channel District.

09:12:53 The next item is our monthly report.

09:12:57 As usual, lots of things going on throughout the CRA.

09:13:00 Certainly, this month, our time has been dominated very

09:13:06 appropriately bitten core project, and moving that

09:13:08 project forward to infrastructure, construction, and we

09:13:13 are excited about that.

09:13:14 Secondly, we have been working with the University of

09:13:15 South Florida on project CAMLS, and you will be hearing

09:13:22 that later this morning at your special called meeting.

09:13:24 In downtown, I don't know if any of you had a chance to

09:13:27 see the streetcar being extended, the tracks put in

09:13:31 place as it's being extended now into the downtown.

09:13:35 And that's a great sight.

09:13:37 Bob is working on enhancements to Ashley drive that are

09:13:41 going to be good and arena force all of the

09:13:43 redevelopment activity that's been happening along

09:13:46 Ashley in our downtown.

09:13:49 You have heard from Andy some of the progress going on

09:13:52 in the Channel District.

09:13:54 And we are particularly focused on the York street

09:13:57 vault, and it great to see the port garage opening on

09:14:03 June 30th.

09:14:03 It's going to be a great parking addition to the

09:14:06 district.

09:14:06 Drew Park, we are excited to be bringing to you a

09:14:08 facade grant approval.

09:14:09 The first in Drew Park.

09:14:11 So the team has worked very hard on that as well as

09:14:14 organizing a sweep with the solid waste department in

09:14:18 Drew Park.

09:14:19 East Tampa, we are focused on 22nd street.

09:14:22 And we have also been putting a lot of work into

09:14:25 enhancing and improving the facade program.

09:14:28 So those are a few highlights of the things that are

09:14:31 going on in your redevelopment work.

09:14:35 And I would be glad to answer any questions or staffers

09:14:38 who are here would be glad to answer questions as well.

09:14:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Huey.

09:14:45 I guess at some point you are going to talk to us about

09:14:47 the revenue relative to the CRA.

09:14:50 Is that going to be discussed today?

09:14:52 >>MARK HUEY: In just a moment I will have a brief

09:14:54 presentation about the budget, talk a little bit about

09:14:57 that, our budget process.

09:14:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I saw budget process.

09:15:00 I didn't know if you were going to go into the

09:15:03 specifics based on the property appraiser assessment

09:15:07 value of the CRA, which is a great concern of mine at

09:15:12 this point.

09:15:12 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, I know.

09:15:15 I have had a chance to brief each of you about the

09:15:17 latest information that we are getting from the

09:15:18 assessor's office.

09:15:20 Remember that the final assessed rolls we won't get

09:15:23 until July 4th.

09:15:24 But we have been working over the last few months with

09:15:27 the assessor's office to get information that can help

09:15:29 us start to plan for our budgeting.

09:15:32 We received information even last week, and that

09:15:36 information is indicating significant decline in tax

09:15:40 increment revenues for redevelopment agency.

09:15:44 Overall to put it in context, we last year, our overall

09:15:49 TIF revenues were around 26 million.

09:15:52 We are looking at them being closer to $18 million.

09:15:54 And so a very significant decline and one that will

09:15:59 give us some challenges in this year's budgeting cycle,

09:16:02 even more so than last year.

09:16:03 >> And I appreciate that.

09:16:08 I guess my concern is as we look at the decline, such a

09:16:12 huge decline, I mean, last year, East Tampa took in 4.2

09:16:16 million and this year looking at less than 800,000.

09:16:20 I mean, that's major.

09:16:22 That's a significant decline.

09:16:23 And then with the challenge we have with downtown and

09:16:26 the convention center, I'm just concerned as to almost

09:16:34 75%, I guess, decrease.

09:16:37 >>MARK HUEY: In East Tampa, yes.

09:16:39 So we will be working with the assessor's office so we

09:16:41 can answer your question.

09:16:43 Right now I can't explain to you why some of these

09:16:45 assessments have dropped the way they have.

09:16:48 But certainly it is our intention to fully understand

09:16:50 it and be able to articulate it to the board and the

09:16:53 community.

09:16:53 Right now we are just getting initial top-line

09:16:56 information.

09:16:57 >> At some point, we probably need to have discussion

09:17:03 because you are talking about a major impact

09:17:04 financially and given the fact anticipated revenues for

09:17:09 East Tampa, 200 million over the life of the TIF.

09:17:12 Now you are looking at less than 800,000 a year.

09:17:14 What does that do to the plan to move forward?

09:17:17 So we need to have some major discussion relative to

09:17:21 that.

09:17:24 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for those observations.

09:17:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mark, I'm not surprised by the

09:17:29 change in the revenue.

09:17:31 This has been going on for four years and now caught up

09:17:35 with TIF funds.

09:17:37 In I remember your figures, about $8 million less,

09:17:41 about 30% decrease across the board.

09:17:43 And if you look at the city revenues for the last three

09:17:46 or four years comes to about 30% decrease.

09:17:48 So it's finally caught up, because now construction has

09:17:53 not kept up -- or demand hasn't kept up with

09:17:57 construction.

09:17:58 Therefore you have no construction.

09:17:59 And it's difficult.

09:18:03 But we are all in the same boat.

09:18:07 It's not one TIF or one CRA or one is doing better than

09:18:12 the other.

09:18:13 They are all doing the same.

09:18:15 They are not stabilizing at the level -- they are

09:18:18 certainly not going to increase for the number of years

09:18:20 to come.

09:18:21 So I can understand the issues.

09:18:25 And you are going to have to make some adjustment

09:18:27 somewhere.

09:18:27 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, we understand that.

09:18:29 And we did, of course, as you are saying, it's not a

09:18:33 surprise that they are going down but some of them

09:18:36 diabetes surprise us, the amount.

09:18:40 And that's what we need to get further clarification

09:18:42 and explanation on.

09:18:43 And we will do that.

09:18:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:18:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey, before you go to your next

09:18:49 item, someone came in that I need to introduce.

09:18:53 I would like to introduce to be you miss Kim Denmark

09:18:57 who is present in our city as a direct result of a walk

09:19:01 across America project.

09:19:03 The project was derived from the need to bring to

09:19:07 foresight the plight of our homeless, specifically our

09:19:10 homeless veterans.

09:19:12 Ms. Denmark began her journey under the name of Kim

09:19:16 Walk Across America 1999, from her hometown Dayton,

09:19:21 Ohio in four feet of snow.

09:19:23 She has since walked across 16 states, has walked over

09:19:27 4,023 miles and has gone through 23 pairs of tennis

09:19:31 shoes.

09:19:31 Yet she continues in her effort to have the government

09:19:35 put some programs in place that would address this

09:19:37 horrible problem.

09:19:39 And anyone would like to find more about this project

09:19:43 can contact 540-760-1507.

09:19:47 And her Web site address is

09:19:53 I have with her with us this morning.

09:19:56 Would you please welcome Ms. Kim Denmark?

09:20:01 Come up to the podium.

09:20:03 [ Applause ]

09:20:12 >> Good morning.

09:20:14 It's truly a pleasure to be in the City of Tampa.

09:20:19 Before I go any further, I would like to take a moment

09:20:21 and just thank the folks that made it possible for me

09:20:24 to be here these few days while waiting for my

09:20:27 beautiful gift that Tampa has given to me that I would

09:20:29 like to announce at the end of one minute.

09:20:32 I have seven people I would like to thank in

09:20:34 particular.

09:20:35 First I would like to thank the mayor who I met

09:20:38 yesterday.

09:20:38 Wonderful woman.

09:20:39 I would also like to thank the Hyatt across the street

09:20:42 downtown, the Embassy, Quality Inn East Tampa, Mr. Ed

09:20:48 Johnson, Evangeline Best, Longview Super Store of

09:20:55 Dover, Flagstaff Super Store of Bushnell, and Design

09:21:02 Designs of Bushnell.

09:21:03 I began my journey about 94 months ago and you're

09:21:06 right, four feet of snow.

09:21:08 As a result of my attitude.

09:21:11 I was a very successful business owner, became very

09:21:15 arrogant, very self-centered, turned my head on things

09:21:19 that I should have done something about when I had the

09:21:21 ability to do so, and it was only then that I

09:21:24 experienced what we would call an epiphany today that

09:21:28 changed my life.

09:21:29 So now I'm walking across the nation, bringing

09:21:34 attention to those that are homeless, less fortunate.

09:21:40 51% of the people I interview on the streets have

09:21:44 served in the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, some

09:21:46 military service.

09:21:48 It is an honor for me to walk across the nation to be

09:21:52 bring attention to those that are indigenous in our

09:21:57 community as well as those veterans that serve for us.

09:21:59 I will continue my walk across the nation.

09:22:02 I have 33 more states to go.

09:22:04 And, no, it hasn't been easy.

09:22:06 People throw things at me.

09:22:07 People spit at me.

09:22:10 People curse at me.

09:22:11 But there's someone higher watching after me.

09:22:14 I want to thank you for this opportunity for sharing.

09:22:18 My gift that I'm receiving in Tampa is an RV that

09:22:22 someone has donated to the journey that will serve as

09:22:24 an office.

09:22:27 And our medical unit once a month where I can go into

09:22:30 WalMart and maybe give free screenings.

09:22:34 So anyone that's interested in partnering up or teaming

09:22:36 with me I'm honored.

09:22:37 God bless you.

09:22:38 I will be in your city about seven days.

09:22:40 The RV is not ready.

09:22:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Don't leave without it.

09:22:45 >> Can't leave without it.

09:22:47 Thank you.

09:22:47 If you have any questions I will be in the back at the

09:22:49 end.

09:22:49 God bless you all.

09:22:50 I love East Tampa.

09:22:51 I love Tampa.

09:22:52 I'm looking for a home when I'm done with my 33 states

09:22:56 and definitely the State of Florida.

09:22:58 I'm just trying to decide what city.

09:23:03 [ Applause ]

09:23:16 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for being with us.

09:23:18 Our next item I wanted to update you on is the facade

09:23:22 program.

09:23:24 The board put in place a facade program.

09:23:28 In three of the redevelopment areas, Drew Park, East

09:23:30 Tampa, and Ybor City.

09:23:33 Some months ago.

09:23:35 We have been working the program six, seven months.

09:23:38 The staff, through that experience, has generated a

09:23:41 variety of proposed enhancements to the program.

09:23:44 Those that approve the stewardship, the user

09:23:48 friendliness for applicants, and other parts of the

09:23:52 program.

09:23:52 We sent you a memorandum as a courtesy.

09:23:55 This is your program to make you aware of some of the

09:23:58 changes being considered before the we go into the

09:24:06 communities, Drew Park, East Tampa, Ybor City.

09:24:08 We will be doing that in the coming months sharing with

09:24:10 them our proposed changes, getting the input, and it

09:24:14 would be our expectation next month that we would bring

09:24:16 you final changes for recommendations.

09:24:19 So I wanted to make you aware of that, if you have any

09:24:21 thoughts to share.

09:24:22 We would be glad to receive them.

09:24:23 Otherwise, we look forward to talking to you more about

09:24:26 it next month.

09:24:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Since you are bringing us something

09:24:31 final, and now is the time to in any case make any

09:24:38 changes --

09:24:38 >> No, these are draft changes.

09:24:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have not received them.

09:24:44 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, you received them in e-mail a note

09:24:46 from me, and came from Jen through me so, yes, it is in

09:24:50 your office.

09:24:51 It was sent to you on Monday.

09:24:53 But it's not through the doc agenda process because

09:24:56 it's not recommended changes yet.

09:24:58 It's proposed changes that the staff has generated that

09:25:01 we wanted to make you aware as a courtesy so you will

09:25:05 be aware of the things that we are talking about to

09:25:07 your redevelopment community.

09:25:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:25:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?

09:25:12 Next item.

09:25:13 >>MARK HUEY: The next item.

09:25:16 We mentioned, if I can have the Elmo, the planning

09:25:20 process.

09:25:21 And we are going to have a very challenging budget

09:25:23 year.

09:25:29 This is the general calendar that we will follow.

09:25:31 June 10th, your next board meeting, or at this

09:25:35 board meeting wire having sort of a general discussion

09:25:37 of the process.

09:25:39 We are essentially going to follow the same process

09:25:40 that we have followed each year that I think has met

09:25:44 your approval.

09:25:45 We will be doing a workshop on the 22nd where we share

09:25:49 with you the TIF revenue projections, the initial

09:25:52 thoughts that we have about general priorities, and

09:25:56 giving you a chance to let us know what your thoughts

09:25:58 and priorities are.

09:26:00 In August we will present to you a budget draft.

09:26:03 This will be then finally approved by the board in

09:26:06 October.

09:26:07 So this is the same process we have been following in

09:26:10 past years and we are looking forward to working with

09:26:13 you on it this year, acknowledging that we are going to

09:26:15 have.

09:26:16 Last year we thought it was challenging.

09:26:18 This year it's going to be even more challenging with

09:26:20 our current TIF projections.

09:26:23 Any questions about that?

09:26:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.

09:26:27 Next one.

09:26:27 >>MARK HUEY: The next item on the Elmo, we had working

09:26:39 to schedule at your request a community meeting, a

09:26:41 meeting of the board in downtown about the high-speed

09:26:45 rail station, and where light rail will come in and

09:26:49 connect as well.

09:26:50 So that has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 20th

09:26:53 at 5:30 at the John Germany library.

09:26:56 And we are looking forward to having the board there.

09:26:59 And having a great community dialogue on this very

09:27:03 important investment that's getting ready to happen

09:27:07 north of our downtown.

09:27:08 It will definitely change the face of downtown

09:27:10 development for decades to come.

09:27:13 So we are looking forward to having a dialogue.

09:27:19 The next items are public comments.

09:27:21 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to public comments.

09:27:24 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak?

09:27:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say one thing about

09:27:32 the high-speed rail, just because I want to take every

09:27:35 opportunity before next week, because we scheduled --

09:27:37 we are going to have a report from Kevin Tebow, who is

09:27:42 I think the head of the high-speed rail enterprise, and

09:27:48 Ray Chiaramonte from the MPO.

09:27:51 They are coming to council next week at 2:00 to update

09:27:55 us on the high-speed rail plan.

09:27:58 I just wanted to get that out there for anybody who

09:28:00 wants to hear from the people who are making the

09:28:03 decisions about it.

09:28:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to ask if you had a

09:28:09 chance to be let Chris Burdick and all the other

09:28:14 downtown neighborhoods close to --

09:28:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Kristin is letting everybody know

09:28:20 about it, and Jim, I believe, the clerk's office, is

09:28:24 letting all those agencies know.

09:28:27 Hart fortunately got a big award and they are having a

09:28:31 press conference at the same time.

09:28:32 But hopefully somebody from Hart will be here, downtown

09:28:36 partnership, and chamber, anyone.

09:28:38 I'm going to invite anyone who has any interest.

09:28:40 >> I'm captain Frank R. Williams senior, 1112 east Cass

09:28:50 Street, paradise Baptist church.

09:28:55 I'm here because of the development agreement.

09:28:58 And you all have to give me a little time to explain

09:29:06 why I am here.

09:29:07 First of all, I'm the one that went down to talk with

09:29:10 Mayor Pam Iorio and asked her what are we going to do

09:29:13 with Central Park?

09:29:19 Jerome Ryans.

09:29:21 I went to see Jerome Ryans.

09:29:24 He said they are going to fix it up and paint it.

09:29:27 I wasn't pleased with that, because of what was going

09:29:29 on in Central Park.

09:29:32 I came down here -- I guess you all remember that

09:29:36 year -- and asked you all, what are you all going to

09:29:40 do?

09:29:40 You all said there wasn't nothing you all can do.

09:29:43 So that's a cesspool there in Central Park.

09:29:47 Nothing but a cesspool.

09:29:49 Our little children are being raised up there.

09:29:55 I have many feelings at my church.

09:29:56 I am going to explain to you, where a young man through

09:29:58 a baby out the window, two years old.

09:30:01 And I think the reason he threw her out the wind object

09:30:07 is because he had molested her.

09:30:09 I'm very pleased with the way it's going on.

09:30:17 But since got involved, you all don't invite me to no

09:30:22 meetings.

09:30:23 Just walk over us business owners.

09:30:24 Nobody say nothing to us.

09:30:26 Don't invite us.

09:30:29 I pay $25 for this here.

09:30:35 This should have been free.

09:30:36 I hope to God that you all don't approve this thing

09:30:41 until the federal government investigate every angle

09:30:44 because you all are not treating the people that got

09:30:46 business in Central Park, are not doing them right.

09:30:48 I don't appreciate it.

09:30:49 And they don't appreciate it either.

09:30:52 But the school board, what is his name?

09:31:03 Bill gates gave the school board $100 million.

09:31:07 Building a school behind my church.

09:31:09 First they were talking -- I went down there to be

09:31:18 meet.

09:31:20 $300,000 for the proxy.

09:31:26 We don't want the church.

09:31:28 We just want the land.

09:31:29 Why I was so insulted.

09:31:31 Wait a minute, these people think we are ignorant.

09:31:33 In fact I think they think black people are ignorant,

09:31:36 period.

09:31:40 We have to understand we are created in the image of

09:31:43 God.

09:31:44 God created us.

09:31:45 If you don't like the color we are, then do right by us

09:31:49 regardless of the color of your skin, creed or

09:31:55 nationality.

09:31:57 I think his name is Rick Scott, immigration, the

09:32:04 Mexicans was here before anybody else got here.

09:32:07 I was here before anybody else got here.

09:32:12 Lord have mercy.

09:32:13 Then you all want to put us on the back burner.

09:32:16 They are going to treat us like you treat everybody

09:32:21 else.

09:32:21 We aren't going to stand for it.

09:32:23 Let me tell you this here.

09:32:24 They destroyed my right-of-way.

09:32:28 Said wait a minute, you all are destroying the

09:32:30 right-of-way.

09:32:31 Put a fence around my church.

09:32:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up.

09:32:34 You have to wrap it up.

09:32:35 >> I know it but you have to give me more time.

09:32:38 >>GWEN MILLER: You have to talk to us.

09:32:39 >> That's what I'm talking to.

09:32:41 I'm talking to you all.

09:32:42 >>GWEN MILLER: You can talk for three minutes.

09:32:46 That's it.

09:32:46 >> That's ridiculous.

09:32:48 Okay, let me tell you this here.

09:32:50 Don't approve this here garbage until the federal

09:32:51 government investigate it.

09:32:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:32:56 Next speaker.

09:33:03 >> Good morning.

09:33:04 My name is Angela Williams.

09:33:05 And I came and I talked with you all once before in

09:33:09 reference to my property on Scott street.

09:33:11 And I spoke to Mr. Michael hatchet, at the time I was

09:33:15 told to ask about that area and Mr. Hatchet told me

09:33:21 that was only for Ybor City, it didn't extend over

09:33:23 there.

09:33:24 And then I got an offer from Tampa housing that was

09:33:27 really an insult for all of my parcels there.

09:33:32 It was very insulting to me.

09:33:34 And that was my livelihood that was taken away from me.

09:33:38 And if I come to the City of Tampa to ask, I could

09:33:42 probably function on my own.

09:33:45 When they took Central Park away, they took all the

09:33:50 wires, took the air conditioning, took everything from

09:33:52 me.

09:33:53 And I been struggling so hard to try to get back on my

09:33:58 feet, no livelihood.

09:34:07 What I need, if there was some Avenue that they can

09:34:10 take to help me, I could get in there and try to have

09:34:14 some function that might could help me until they

09:34:17 decide to come along and purchase my property at a fair

09:34:19 price that is decent.

09:34:21 And if it's something that the City of Tampa can't help

09:34:25 me, I would -- can help me, I would truly appreciate

09:34:28 it.

09:34:28 Thank you.

09:34:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:34:33 >> Madam Chair, members of the community development

09:34:44 agency, I'm Al Davis, and a resident of the 3717 east

09:34:52 wilder.

09:34:53 That's in the East Tampa CRA.

09:34:56 Madam Chairman, in the month of April, I believe I

09:35:01 addressed a communication to the chairperson and each

09:35:09 of the members asking for clarification on certain of

09:35:13 your policies.

09:35:16 And maybe late Tuesday, redevelopment of East Tampa.

09:35:23 To this date I have not received any written response,

09:35:28 so I don't know where we are in that.

09:35:31 But hopefully I will be hearing something directly

09:35:37 regarding that communication.

09:35:39 I believe at the May meeting I made a mention thereof.

09:35:46 The other thing, Madam Chairman -- and I'm delighted to

09:35:50 be one of the volunteers of the 13 membership of the

09:35:53 East Tampa CRA citizen advisory committee.

09:35:58 But Madam Chairman, I need some education.

09:36:02 I really do need some education.

09:36:06 I really need some education.

09:36:08 Because when I read your CAC policy concerning the roll

09:36:16 of the committee, I was struck by the item number 11

09:36:26 that suggested that we use Roberts rule of order as our

09:36:31 way of doing business.

09:36:34 At least a guide in accomplishing business.

09:36:38 And so far, it looks like either I am way out somewhere

09:36:45 out of space, or I am not in tune with Robert's Rules

09:36:50 of Order.

09:36:53 So I would like for the East Tampa CRA staff,

09:37:00 particularly Ed Johnson, if I may -- he's quite

09:37:06 knowledgeable.

09:37:06 He has been around for a while, and he knows the

09:37:09 distinction between doing things inconsistent therewith

09:37:15 and doing things consistent with.

09:37:17 So perhaps we can get with the director of economics

09:37:22 and urban development.

09:37:25 And have a little conversation about this, because I do

09:37:29 want to -- and I will be a volunteer engaged in this

09:37:35 effort until the Lord calls me home.

09:37:39 And the last message that I got from him, he said,

09:37:43 okay, I am going to let you stick around until the next

09:37:47 25 years.

09:37:48 Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:37:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:38:02 >> Joe Robinson.

09:38:03 I'm here today as the NCAA economic development chair

09:38:09 speaking on item number 10 concerning the master

09:38:12 development agreement for the Encore project.

09:38:15 In any type of development you will have this promise.

09:38:18 I remember Reverend Scott, you was crying about getting

09:38:21 a CRA in Central Park.

09:38:25 For the record, I was raised in Central Park at 1502

09:38:28 Orange Avenue.

09:38:29 I remember buddy's bar.

09:38:32 I remember Central Park.

09:38:34 I remember when Charlie moved where I was born.

09:38:39 So I understand Central Park.

09:38:40 And I understand St. Peter cleaver.

09:38:43 I went to school there.

09:38:44 I understand Scott street.

09:38:45 I understand the issues over there.

09:38:47 What I'm here to say is, as usual, any mass development

09:38:51 agreement, the one from the Marriott, 15, 20 years ago,

09:38:55 every one of them, I have been here speaking out that

09:38:57 the minority woman business enterprise statement shall

09:39:01 be in the master development agreement.

09:39:03 This project is definitely an economic engine.

09:39:09 It has a large minority participation number.

09:39:11 It has section 3 numbers.

09:39:13 It's creating jobs.

09:39:16 People are asking, when are you going to get started?

09:39:18 And the only thing holding it up is the City of Tampa

09:39:22 issuing permits.

09:39:23 City of Tampa issuing permits.

09:39:25 City of Tampa can't issue permits through a master

09:39:29 development agreement to further clarify the drawings

09:39:31 and information on them, and a master development

09:39:36 agreement will allow those things to occur.

09:39:37 But without permit it is people in the community are

09:39:40 complaining, and NAACP is going to provide jobs?

09:39:45 Are they really going to get started? Are they going

09:39:47 to start turning some dirt?

09:39:48 Are they going to start ordering some pipe?

09:39:52 When is it going to happen?

09:39:56 This is a stimulus funding project.

09:39:58 The president has said that he wants to put money to

09:40:00 stimulate the economy.

09:40:02 Well, this project can be a model for this area and for

09:40:07 the nation, providing that it goes forward.

09:40:12 We have had too many delays.

09:40:13 We have had too many promises to the fact that Reverend

09:40:17 Scott, you was crying about it and rightfully so.

09:40:20 But I'm saying we have a CRA district.

09:40:22 We have a project that is a very large project that

09:40:26 will go on for five to ten years.

09:40:30 And I'm here to say NAACP wants jobs, wants people in

09:40:37 the African-American community, small businesses have

09:40:41 an opportunity to perform and do their services.

09:40:43 Without approval of this master development agreement

09:40:46 and your second 9:30 meeting which I will be back up

09:40:52 here, this is not going to happen.

09:40:53 If we don't move forward now, we are going to miss the

09:40:56 boat.

09:40:56 We have got the train coming.

09:40:57 We have got the rail being talked about.

09:41:00 It's time for the decision to be made.

09:41:02 It's time to get some permits.

09:41:04 And people out there ready, willing and able at this

09:41:08 time for City Council to make a decision and get this

09:41:10 part of Tampa on the map and give some opportunities

09:41:14 for the community, especially the black community.

09:41:16 And with that, I ask for your approval on a master

09:41:20 development.

09:41:22 >> William Dennis, East Tampa.

09:41:31 My concern today is regard -- I was at a partnership

09:41:37 meeting the other night, the Hart transportation people

09:41:44 were there.

09:41:46 They showed us a couple of possibilities with regard to

09:41:50 the light rail.

09:41:52 One of those possibilities was along the I-4 -- I mean,

09:41:59 275 and Nebraska corridor.

09:42:02 The other one was a CSX tracks.

09:42:12 Now, I'm sure we all can recall the CSX fiasco over in

09:42:18 Orlando wherein CSX didn't want to take any liability

09:42:23 with regard to their track, even if they were at fault.

09:42:28 Now, my concern is, looking at a red herring the other

09:42:34 night at a meeting when they were saying we had these

09:42:36 two routes to choose from, or is there something in the

09:42:41 works where CSX is going to behave differently here in

09:42:47 Hillsborough County, Tampa?

09:42:49 Just a question.

09:42:51 Because, you know, who wants to be distracted by the

09:42:58 possibility this is going to come through East Tampa

09:43:00 when in all reality one likely route and the other one

09:43:07 is just something to distract you, you know, from being

09:43:11 active about being sure that you get a leg of this

09:43:15 light rail.

09:43:17 As we all saw over in East Tampa on transportation, we

09:43:21 are going to want to look out and see something coming

09:43:23 through East Tampa, you know?

09:43:25 And that's all I have to say about that.

09:43:27 Thank you.

09:43:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:43:29 Would anyone else like to speak?

09:43:31 Ms. Saul-Sena?

09:43:33 You have a special guest?

09:43:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.

09:43:35 It is my great pleasure this morning to introduce Canin

09:43:39 McCaslin. He has graduated already from the Georgetown

09:43:44 university Walsh School of Foreign Service which is

09:43:46 very impressive and now he's attending Carnegie Melon

09:43:51 University in public policy and management.

09:43:58 He's here visiting Mr. Johnson this morning and I

09:44:00 encouraged him to sit in with us at this CRA meeting.

09:44:05 [ Applause ]

09:44:09 Thank you for joining us.

09:44:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott.

09:44:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess my question, I didn't get your

09:44:18 name.

09:44:18 Come back.

09:44:21 That has a business in Central Park.

09:44:22 >> My name is Angela Williams.

09:44:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And you have a store?

09:44:27 >> A store.

09:44:28 I have two other lots on Scott street.

09:44:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:44:31 And what was offered for your property?

09:44:33 >> 98,000 for all, and I have beer, wine, tobacco

09:44:42 license, it could be a restaurant, it could be a store.

09:44:45 I have all of those things.

09:44:47 And I have been trying to rent the building out to

09:44:52 bring Central Park back.

09:44:53 You know, they would like to come back.

09:44:55 But it's been a struggle.

09:44:57 And I am not able to meet all of my obligations because

09:45:00 they have taken all of my doors, they have taken

09:45:05 everything from me.

09:45:06 When they tore down Central Park.

09:45:08 Like when I spoke to miss Pam Iorio, she told me mine

09:45:14 is not voluntary, it was involuntary.

09:45:16 So I need to speak with Mr. Michael hatchet to see what

09:45:19 they can do.

09:45:20 But it has been a struggle.

09:45:22 It's really been really bad for me, because I can't

09:45:25 make ends meet because that was my livelihood.

09:45:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, with the exit of the residents

09:45:31 there a lot of the businesses have been suffering

09:45:35 somewhat because of that.

09:45:38 And some of them have closed down because all the

09:45:40 residents have moved out.

09:45:42 And of course with the economy, the property value has

09:45:44 gone down.

09:45:46 We just got through talking about it this morning.

09:45:48 Mr. Huey, perhaps maybe you can talk with Ms. Williams

09:45:52 to see if there's some opportunity to discuss the

09:45:55 facade grant or some way to assist her, you or Michael

09:46:00 hatchet needs to meet with her and see Wan we can do,

09:46:03 put your best foot forward in how to assist her.

09:46:07 I would appreciate that.

09:46:08 >>> May I say one other thing?

09:46:12 Right now, I have been using someone to air condition.

09:46:16 If there was a way that I could get an air conditioner

09:46:18 or something, I can try to make it, you know.

09:46:20 Because I put an ad in the paper.

09:46:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, ma'am.

09:46:24 He's going to get with you and he's going to report

09:46:26 back to me and see what can be done.

09:46:29 We will look into all of that, okay?

09:46:32 Thank you.

09:46:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey?

09:46:47 >>MARK HUEY: We are onto the approval section of your

09:46:49 agenda.

09:46:50 The first item is a scrivener's error resolution

09:46:54 correcting a scrivener's error on a previous

09:46:56 budget-related resolution.

09:46:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT:

09:47:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Move the resolution?

09:47:02 >> So moved.

09:47:03 >> Second.

09:47:03 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:47:05 Opposed?

09:47:06 >>MARK HUEY: Items 7 and 8 are related to some budget

09:47:11 adjustments you made last month that we needed to

09:47:13 clarify.

09:47:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.

09:47:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

09:47:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:47:18 All in favor say Aye.

09:47:20 Opposed, Nay?

09:47:22 >>MARK HUEY: Item 9, we are very excited to present to

09:47:25 you another award under the facade program.

09:47:27 The awards to date have been in Ybor City.

09:47:30 Just as in Drew Park, our first application.

09:47:34 And we are very enthusiastic to recommend that.

09:47:40 A couple that had a business property in Drew Park and

09:47:45 is looking to invest with our assistance to approve

09:47:48 that property.

09:47:49 And so the application is before you, and we recommend

09:47:52 it wholeheartedly.

09:47:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So move the resolution.

09:47:56 >> Second.

09:47:56 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:47:59 Opposed?

09:48:07 >>MARK HUEY: Now we will proceed with our main agenda

09:48:10 item this morning.

09:48:13 Mr. Robinson couldn't have set it up any better.

09:48:18 Stole some of my words about the significance of this

09:48:20 moment.

09:48:21 It's very significant in moving this project forward to

09:48:24 construction.

09:48:25 And I know that's not lost on you.

09:48:27 All of you worked very hard and have been very

09:48:30 supportive of the Encore development.

09:48:34 I would just like to make some brief remarks, and then

09:48:39 I will turn it over to the board.

09:48:44 I want to remind everyone what we are doing today and

09:48:48 not doing.

09:48:51 Today, you are receiving a draft, the draft of the

09:48:54 development agreement for your approval.

09:48:55 But today is not your approval.

09:48:58 That will occur on June 24th where you will approve

09:49:01 the Encore development agreement.

09:49:04 There will be other agreements that will be coming to

09:49:06 you during the summer.

09:49:09 Those will include a final interlocal financing

09:49:12 agreement, which is attached as a draft to the

09:49:15 development agreement.

09:49:16 And then you will also be receiving CDD documents.

09:49:20 So this is the first step in what is going to be a

09:49:23 series of approvals that you have stretching into the

09:49:26 summer.

09:49:26 But these first approvals are critical for

09:49:30 accomplishing what Mr. Robinson so well stated, which

09:49:33 is moving forward on investing in the infrastructure of

09:49:37 Encore.

09:49:39 For the benefit of the viewing audience in

09:49:47 particular -- and I won't spend much time with this --

09:49:50 but I do want to be review with you a couple of items.

09:49:56 The Encore project is located in your Central Park

09:50:06 redevelopment area.

09:50:07 And here is that map.

09:50:08 In yellow, you see the boundaries.

09:50:10 Just south.

09:50:12 Interstate bounded in yellow of the Central Park

09:50:14 redevelopment area.

09:50:15 It is that property between Ybor City and the central

09:50:18 business district.

09:50:30 It's a little bit more for you than our down context.

09:50:32 You see in the middle here is our central business

09:50:34 district.

09:50:35 And you see that this site is proximity to the downtown

09:50:41 intermodal station that is coming to our city,

09:50:43 Performing Arts Center, Curtis Hixon Park, the Channel

09:50:46 District with the Florida Aquarium, St. Pete Times

09:50:48 Forum.

09:50:53 This is just to give you a photograph of your site as

09:50:57 it is today.

09:50:57 In the foreground it's a cleared site.

09:51:00 You can see our downtown in the background.

09:51:02 So, again, just a very important piece of property,

09:51:07 strategic piece of property that we are looking forward

09:51:10 to transforming.

09:51:13 The visions that you have been presented over the past

09:51:16 years, this of course is an artist rendering, not

09:51:21 exactly how it's going to be.

09:51:22 But again for the benefit of the viewing audience, you

09:51:24 get a sense of what the development team's vision is

09:51:28 for transforming this land at the foot of our downtown.

09:51:32 You are familiar with the project vision.

09:51:35 It involves 28 acres.

09:51:42 1500 or more residential units, office space that we

09:51:46 built, retail, grocery store, potentially hotel,

09:51:51 office.

09:51:52 All of those mixed use uses in a mixed-income

09:51:56 community.

09:51:57 There will be an African-American museum that gets put

09:52:01 in place as part of a historic renovation.

09:52:04 There will be a new middle school that is part of this

09:52:06 project.

09:52:08 There's of course Perry Harvey park, an important park

09:52:12 that will be redeveloped as part of this project.

09:52:14 The project promises many jobs, up to 4100 construction

09:52:19 jobs, and long-term positive impacts on our community

09:52:24 and our economy.

09:52:25 And, of course, the team from the beginning had set a

09:52:29 very high bar for WMBE participation, local minority

09:52:33 and women-owned business participation in the project.

09:52:38 So in every respect, there is a grand vision for

09:52:42 Encore.

09:52:44 The development agreement before you is long.

09:52:49 168 pages.

09:52:50 And I am not going to go through it page by page.

09:52:52 I want to thank each of you for having spent time

09:52:55 getting briefed up on the key issues associated with

09:52:58 the agreement.

09:52:59 Essentially, the agreement that spells out how we and

09:53:04 the Tampa Housing Authority and the Bank of America and

09:53:08 2-B form CDD are going to work together to make this

09:53:12 vision come to reality.

09:53:13 And I wanted to today acknowledge Jerome Ryan who is

09:53:16 here and Leon Moore representing Tampa Housing

09:53:18 Authority.

09:53:20 Roxanne Amaroso representing development, the Bank of

09:53:24 America, and we just appreciate all of the work that

09:53:27 you have put into bringing us to this time.

09:53:31 The agreements does a lot accomplished a lot of

09:53:34 things.

09:53:35 First of all, it helps clarify how we are going to work

09:53:39 together to create just a beautiful, walkable,

09:53:44 transit-oriented mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood

09:53:48 from the ground up.

09:53:50 It clarifies how we are going to move forward now on

09:53:54 building the infrastructure that was made possible by a

09:53:57 federal stimulus, $28 million stimulus grant, that the

09:54:00 Tampa Housing Authority, in concert with the city, was

09:54:04 awarded in January.

09:54:06 How those funds are going to be deployed to build the

09:54:11 infrastructure of this neighborhood.

09:54:13 It clarifies how this new neighborhood is going to be

09:54:18 maintained to the highest standards after it is going

09:54:20 to be built.

09:54:21 How we are going to work together to ensure that.

09:54:24 It clarifies our mutual commitment to insuring minority

09:54:28 business and resident participation.

09:54:31 And it does all of this to be mindful of not putting

09:54:36 taxpayers in the general community at risk, and being

09:54:39 prudent in all financial matters.

09:54:42 All of this is documented in the agreement, and we look

09:54:48 forward to answering any questions you have about it.

09:54:50 But before I did that, I wanted to highlight two areas

09:54:53 of significance, and then I'll step away from the

09:54:56 microphone.

09:54:58 The first is Perry Harvey park.

09:55:01 As you all are aware, and you certainly reminded me of

09:55:04 that as we have briefed you, that the commitment to

09:55:09 getting Perry Harvey park redeveloped is prominent,

09:55:13 significant, critical element of Encore moving forward.

09:55:17 It was part of the rezoning process.

09:55:20 As you are aware, the mayor put in place a community

09:55:23 advisory committee that helped shape and guide a

09:55:26 beautiful plan for the restoration of that park that

09:55:31 creates a great space for residents of Encore, and

09:55:35 really the entire region to enjoy, and one that also

09:55:39 acknowledges and memorializes the historic and cultural

09:55:43 context of Encore.

09:55:45 And very good plan.

09:55:48 And our commitment is to get it done.

09:55:52 The document reflects our mutual commitment to making

09:55:55 that happen.

09:55:58 We are, as you are all very well aware, everyone in

09:56:01 this room, in a very different economic time.

09:56:05 And three and four years ago when this vision for

09:56:09 Central Park began to take shape.

09:56:11 And so our challenge has been, how do we ensure, with

09:56:16 certainty, for you, for the future residents of Encore,

09:56:19 and for the community that's worked so hard to forge an

09:56:23 exciting vision for that park, that it will get done.

09:56:26 And all parties involved have been committed to giving

09:56:29 you that ab assurance this morning.

09:56:35 And getting to it with certainty.

09:56:38 After considering a variety of different approaches,

09:56:40 what is being proposed in the development agreement, we

09:56:43 are pleased to do it, is that the city is going to

09:56:47 commit to doing the park.

09:56:49 And that is being allowed -- because the Housing

09:56:51 Authority, typically through the process that you

09:56:55 oversee annually, where you allocate to the Housing

09:56:58 Authority annually, about a half million dollars each

09:57:02 year of CDBG funding.

09:57:05 Those are federal funds that are made available

09:57:07 throughout the community for a variety of purposes, and

09:57:10 each year you have seen clear to provide the Housing

09:57:13 Authority to further its mission and purposes about a

09:57:16 half million dollars.

09:57:17 The Housing Authority is willing to forgo that in

09:57:21 helping the city to a sure that the park gets done.

09:57:24 And so with that commitment and that partnership with

09:57:29 the Housing Authority, the city is able to commit to

09:57:31 you today, and in this agreement, that we will take the

09:57:34 lead on getting the park done, consistent with the

09:57:39 vision of this board and the community brought forward.

09:57:44 So that is one issue that I want to review with you

09:57:47 specifically.

09:57:49 The second one, which is also an important one for you

09:57:51 and all of us, is that again we are getting ready to

09:57:54 invest $28 million in all new infrastructure, and that

09:57:58 is underground, new pipes, new stormwater systems, all

09:58:01 of that sort of underground infrastructure, but also

09:58:05 roadways, sidewalks, landscaping.

09:58:09 The development team is committed to developing a

09:58:12 beautiful public spaces in their project.

09:58:15 And so we all want to make sure that that is going to

09:58:18 be maintained well.

09:58:19 And these agreements provide assurances of how that

09:58:22 will happen.

09:58:24 There will be a community development district that is

09:58:27 created, and those agreements will be forthcoming.

09:58:30 I alluded to that earlier.

09:58:31 And that will provide a mechanism for property owners

09:58:35 over time to be assessed maintenance responsibility

09:58:40 over the course of the project.

09:58:42 In addition to that, the Housing Authority, by being a

09:58:45 signer and a participant to these agreements, has

09:58:49 acknowledged their willingness that the land owner to

09:58:52 support payment of those assessments that will be their

09:58:55 obligation.

09:58:55 And we have also provided a final backstop of the

09:59:01 possibility of having TIF resources be available to

09:59:04 backstop the Housing Authority's commitment.

09:59:07 So we believe we are bringing to you a sound plan in

09:59:10 that regard, and we are not just going to build a

09:59:13 beautiful community but how we are going to work

09:59:16 together as a team to ensure that it's maintained for

09:59:18 the long-term.

09:59:20 So those were a couple of things that I wanted to

09:59:22 highlight for you.

09:59:23 And we've that, I would turn it over to our chair.

09:59:27 >>GWEN MILLER: A question first.

09:59:29 Reverend Scott.

09:59:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, thank you, Madam Chair.

09:59:33 Thank you, Mr. Huey.

09:59:34 I think that we have waited a long time on this

09:59:37 particular project.

09:59:40 But from a historical point I have to go back and then

09:59:42 move forward to come to where we are today, because I

09:59:44 do have quite a few questions, based on our briefing,

09:59:49 this project has changed significantly.

09:59:51 Based on the partnership.

09:59:52 And that's why it's so important to make sure we have

09:59:55 all the players here today.

09:59:57 Mr. Robinson alluded to the fact I was very passionate

09:59:59 about Central Park a few years ago when I it first came

10:00:04 to the board of county commission.

10:00:05 At that time that was a different group and different

10:00:08 developer, Ed Turanchik and Don Wallace and that group.

10:00:12 The second time it came up, I took a different position

10:00:15 to make sure that everything I believe the community

10:00:19 wanted in there was in there.

10:00:20 One of those issues was the WMBE participation.

10:00:25 It was not in the original agreement.

10:00:27 And of course we got that included in there.

10:00:30 As a result of that, that also is now in the master

10:00:34 agreement here, which is on page 37.

10:00:43 I read through this thing.

10:00:45 I think it's 20% participation.

10:00:46 So that is in here.

10:00:47 I wanted to make sure that is in here.

10:00:50 But originally that was not, going back to the original

10:00:53 RFP, and when I was at the county commission.

10:00:55 So we do have that in there.

10:00:57 And as of today, based on the stimulus funding, I

10:01:00 understand there's 52% as of today minority

10:01:04 participation.

10:01:04 >>MARK HUEY: That's correct.

10:01:06 They far exceeded the goal that we have set.

10:01:09 And we certainly witnessed that in our day to day

10:01:12 works.

10:01:12 >> Right.

10:01:13 So I just want to acknowledge that, that I think a good

10:01:17 faith effort has been put forth in regards to those

10:01:21 concerns and issues relative to making sure that the

10:01:24 full community is represented.

10:01:26 That we have diversity on this project, that I value

10:01:30 that.

10:01:31 I think that every person, every business person in

10:01:33 this community has an opportunity to do business with

10:01:37 public dollars.

10:01:37 And so because of that, it is in the agreement.

10:01:41 And I look forward to that continuing that way.

10:01:45 Also, I want to say that I do want to raise a question

10:01:48 relative to the partners.

10:01:51 This is relative to Bank of America.

10:01:54 And I am glad to see miss Amaroso here.

10:01:59 You may want to come to the mike.

10:02:01 I guess because originally they were the out front of

10:02:05 this project as the Board of County Commissioners, and

10:02:08 subsequent here, since I have been over here on this

10:02:11 particular project, and I just want to make sure, that

10:02:16 they are still in this project.

10:02:20 In our conversation yesterday, there were some

10:02:23 questions you couldn't answer for me, and I have some

10:02:26 strong reservations.

10:02:27 I think I shared that with you.

10:02:29 I just need to hear from you, the role of bank America,

10:02:34 are they a developer, are they involved, are they

10:02:37 backing this project?

10:02:37 Where is Bank of America on this project?

10:02:39 >> Good morning.

10:02:40 Roxanne Amaroso, senior vice-president for Bank of

10:02:44 America Community Development Corporation.

10:02:46 As you know, we have partnered for more than four years

10:02:51 with the Tampa Housing Authority to work in partnership

10:02:55 to bring the Encore project to fruition.

10:02:59 And I am here, while on vacation today, to reaffirm to

10:03:03 you that Bank of America continues to be the Tampa

10:03:07 Housing Authority's partner and will do so throughout

10:03:10 the development of the Encore project.

10:03:14 We are fully committed in partnership and feel

10:03:18 fortunate to have the opportunity to have such great

10:03:20 partners.

10:03:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:03:23 I think very important, I learned a long time ago as a

10:03:29 county commissioner, get things on the record.

10:03:32 And get things in writing.

10:03:33 That way, because later on, we get older and we don't

10:03:40 have a recollection of things.

10:03:44 So it's very important to get things in writing and on

10:03:47 the record.

10:03:48 So I'm glad to hear that, because as of yesterday, it

10:03:53 wasn't certain as to totally as to what the role of

10:03:56 Bank of America -- I want to be certain with you.

10:04:02 I want to make certain that this project moves forward.

10:04:05 And I want to make sure that Bank of America is a

10:04:07 partner, and are committed to this 100 percent.

10:04:12 I do not want us to find ourselves in a position where

10:04:16 we diabetes with central Ybor, coming back, having to

10:04:25 get money from taxpayers to get out a project.

10:04:29 I want to make sure that we had all the partners at the

10:04:31 table, all the partners for the community, make sure

10:04:34 that this project is successful.

10:04:37 So I really do appreciate you being here today.

10:04:41 >> Thank you.

10:04:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And addressing that concern that I

10:04:43 had.

10:04:43 >>MARK HUEY: If I could make one quick comment.

10:04:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:04:53 >>MARK HUEY: I can assure you in that scenario the

10:04:55 actually backed the loan that the central Ybor

10:04:58 developers used, and that was the loan that ended up

10:05:01 they defaulted on.

10:05:02 In this case I can assure you that there is no such

10:05:04 engagement of the city.

10:05:06 We are not backing any loans, and again we have made

10:05:10 sure, with all reasonable -- to not put taxpayers at

10:05:14 risk and to do things --

10:05:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, one thing, mark.

10:05:17 That is true.

10:05:18 But I remember early on there was a commitment to do

10:05:22 Perry Harvey park, was going to be the first thing

10:05:24 done, as a highlight to lure investors or homeowners or

10:05:29 buyers into that.

10:05:30 You know we had discussion now that the city is picking

10:05:34 this up.

10:05:35 So that was the other issue that I wanted to raise,

10:05:37 because I remember vividly that this was an issue, in

10:05:43 particular by Bank of America, Roxanne, say we are

10:05:48 going to get it done, move it forward, it's going to be

10:05:51 the first thing done.

10:05:52 And now based on your briefing, mark, that now the city

10:05:55 has to pick this up for your CDBG funding, is that

10:05:59 right?

10:06:00 >> Yes.

10:06:00 >> Half a million for A year for the next how many

10:06:02 years.

10:06:03 >>

10:06:03 >> Which is a sacrifice presumably of the Housing

10:06:06 Authority.

10:06:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, see, I'm a straight shooter now.

10:06:13 You know that, right?

10:06:14 >> I understand that.

10:06:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I put everything on the record.

10:06:16 I want to make sure that because things change.

10:06:22 >> Yes.

10:06:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Recollections change.

10:06:25 >> Right.

10:06:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And because that was never in writing

10:06:28 is why we are now having to pick that up and is that

10:06:33 accurate?

10:06:34 >>MARK HUEY: In a, no.

10:06:35 >> No.

10:06:37 >>> I would love to clarify a few things that I think

10:06:42 are very important.

10:06:43 As partners, we recognize the importance of Perry

10:06:46 Harvey park.

10:06:47 We always have.

10:06:48 We have never wavered from that.

10:06:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:06:51 >>> We have always had the position that we would be

10:06:54 able to bond tax incremental financing and pay for all

10:06:57 of the infrastructure.

10:06:59 As you know, the Strand case really decimated that

10:07:02 opportunity, and if we look back that was probably a

10:07:05 great thing for us, because the market turned.

10:07:08 But it would have put this project in great jeopardy.

10:07:12 Not only did we move forward together in spite and find

10:07:16 an alternative vehicle which are the funds that we all

10:07:20 share the benefit of, but we still remain committed to

10:07:23 seeking other dollars in addition to the CDBG which is

10:07:28 referenced in that agreement.

10:07:29 We are fully committed to the development of Perry

10:07:31 Harvey park.

10:07:32 So you are correct in the source that is identified is

10:07:37 CDBG, and but in addition we have committed to seeking

10:07:43 state and federal grants to redevelopment of Perry

10:07:48 Harvey park so we are not wavering on that.

10:07:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, it's good to hear that.

10:07:52 >> I would also say to you that in four years, we have

10:07:55 invested $3.9 million in this development without

10:08:00 making a dollar, or covering overhead, and we have

10:08:04 reaffirmed to our partners we are there all the way, we

10:08:08 are going to see it through, and we are going to do it

10:08:11 together in partnership.

10:08:12 The last thing I really want you to know, because I'm

10:08:14 very excited about it is, we just had our first

10:08:17 neighborhood LEED meeting whereby we were able to

10:08:21 determine that the fight, not just the building, will

10:08:26 qualify for gold LEED certification.

10:08:30 That is a huge marketing advantage for the development

10:08:33 to attract all kinds of businesses and mixed uses.

10:08:38 So we are going for the gold.

10:08:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, good.

10:08:42 That's why you are here.

10:08:43 I'm glad you are here.

10:08:45 See how important it was for you to be here today be?

10:08:48 >> It's not going to waiver.

10:08:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So I guess what I am hearing you say

10:08:53 is maybe opportunities, not going to utilize all CDBG

10:08:59 funding, because you are looking at other revenue

10:09:02 sources to help with that project.

10:09:04 >> Absolutely.

10:09:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I'm saying that because that was

10:09:08 not articulated, Mark, yesterday in our Board meeting.

10:09:11 >>MARK HUEY: I think what the CDBG commitment really

10:09:15 allows for to us be able to represent to you today is

10:09:17 that it's going to get done.

10:09:17 [technical difficulties]
10:15:21 I didn't get all of it.

10:15:22 >> As long as it's on the record.

10:15:31 >> Let me read it to you.

10:15:33 And I have just been corrected that 2012 is lot 3, not

10:15:36 2.

10:15:36 So lot 2 and lot 12.

10:15:39 2013 would be lot 2 and lot 6.

10:15:42 2014 would be lot 4.

10:15:45 2015 would be lots 8 and 10.

10:15:48 And 2016 we anticipate would be lots 9 and 11.

10:15:52 >> Okay.

10:15:54 Good.

10:15:57 At some point, once the board has the opportunity to

10:15:59 raise questions, I will be more than happy to move the

10:16:02 resolution, but let me ask you a question, Mr. Ryan.

10:16:07 You are in this seat.

10:16:09 You are sitting here.

10:16:11 You believe that this is a good document for the

10:16:16 Housing Authority, City of Tampa, and for the community

10:16:21 at large.

10:16:22 >> Absolutely.

10:16:24 There's no way that I would stand here and tell you if

10:16:27 I thought it was a bad document, I would tell you that.

10:16:29 I don't have any qualms in regards to what the issues

10:16:32 might be.

10:16:32 I think this is a good document.

10:16:34 I think the city is working in good faith.

10:16:37 We have worked very hard over the last several weeks,

10:16:39 last nine months, I guess, putting these documents

10:16:42 together.

10:16:42 We are very comfortable with these documents.

10:16:44 I can assure you, I would not have asked my board to

10:16:47 approve this document yesterday had I not been certain

10:16:50 about the document.

10:16:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just wanted to get it on the record.

10:16:58 You are a full partner.

10:16:59 Today as you are sitting here, knowing this document,

10:17:10 as a City Council representative --

10:17:11 >> I'm certain it's the right thing to do. It's really

10:17:14 very simple.

10:17:15 One of the core values of Bank of America is to do the

10:17:17 right things.

10:17:19 Every time I think about the Encore and how we move it

10:17:22 forward and how we move it forward together, because

10:17:25 Lord knows we face some tough issues over the last four

10:17:28 years.

10:17:29 We consistently have done the right thing together.

10:17:31 And I believe that document embodies that.

10:17:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:17:34 Mr. Huey?

10:17:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you want everybody to stand?

10:17:42 [ Laughter ]

10:17:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You are recommending this plan to this

10:17:48 council, without any hesitation, without any

10:17:51 reservation.

10:17:52 Is that accurate?

10:17:53 Speak to that.

10:17:54 >>MARK HUEY: There are some matters in the interlocal

10:17:59 agreement which we are still working on.

10:18:00 That's the draft attachment to this document.

10:18:02 So the development agreement that you are being

10:18:04 presented, yes, we are in 100 percent support of or we

10:18:09 wouldn't be bringing it to you.

10:18:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So there are some other issues that

10:18:13 need to be worked out.

10:18:16 >>MARK HUEY: The attached agreement, and that will get

10:18:18 resolved before next Thursday.

10:18:19 They are not really -- you are not probably going to

10:18:22 think they are material to anything that you are doing

10:18:24 today, but because your question is so direct I wanted

10:18:29 to be clear on that point.

10:18:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.

10:18:32 Attorney?

10:18:34 You have viewed this document from a legal standpoint?

10:18:37 I want to make sure from your recommendation that this

10:18:41 City of Tampa is not only on the hook but it's a sound

10:18:46 legal document agreement that we are entering into.

10:18:50 Can you speak to that, please, sir?

10:18:52 >> Let me just say you are not doing this today.

10:19:03 There will be somebody tweaks now and then, typos,

10:19:06 straightening up the language.

10:19:07 But this document is legally sufficient to protect the

10:19:09 city and the CRA's interest.

10:19:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.

10:19:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You all can sit down.

10:19:18 I want to say how happy I am to be here today after all

10:19:22 the years of working on this.

10:19:23 We are making great progress.

10:19:29 I had a few questions.

10:19:30 And the first two are about the park and maybe Mr. Huey

10:19:35 can answer them.

10:19:36 Two questions.

10:19:38 One, what is the time frame, the anticipated time frame

10:19:41 for the park?

10:19:42 Secondly, will the cities -- city's urban design

10:19:49 manager have some oversight over the design?

10:19:51 Because I believe the park is being developed not by

10:19:54 the city but by the Housing Authority.

10:19:58 I just want to make sure that the -- it says city parks

10:20:01 will be involved but I want to make sure that our urban

10:20:04 design manager also has some oversight.

10:20:06 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:20:08 And I will just say this first.

10:20:10 I said the idea that the city is going to do the park,

10:20:14 should provide everyone assurances that the park will

10:20:17 get done, and one of the reasons I would assert is

10:20:20 because you all will provide accountability to the

10:20:24 process.

10:20:24 And virtually each one of you, when I explain to you

10:20:27 that the city was going to do the park, you asked that

10:20:30 question.

10:20:31 Let me see the time line.

10:20:32 When are you going to get it done?

10:20:34 And of course we don't have such an exact time line

10:20:36 yet.

10:20:37 But we will be developing that and bringing it forward

10:20:39 to you over the coming months about how we are going to

10:20:42 move forward on the process.

10:20:43 So with the community and with the Encore developers,

10:20:47 and how we will time the sequence of the building of

10:20:52 that.

10:20:52 So that will be forthcoming.

10:20:54 In answer to your question about the point within the

10:21:00 city for developing the park will be the Parks

10:21:01 Department.

10:21:02 Just as they were on Curtis Hixon park.

10:21:05 And they will bring together a team of folks within the

10:21:07 city that certainly would include our urban design

10:21:15 manager as part of the process.

10:21:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I passed out to all the council

10:21:18 members a memo that I shared with you yesterday, Mr.

10:21:20 Huey.

10:21:21 You don't have to answer this now, because I brought

10:21:23 this up because today we are looking at a draft, and as

10:21:26 you pointed out this is the time for us to make some

10:21:29 fine tuning.

10:21:30 These are small but I think significant issues.

10:21:32 I'm pleased to see the architects here, because these

10:21:35 address both the vertical and the horizontal plane.

10:21:39 And that the public art manager should be a review

10:21:42 agent for the any of the public art identified on the

10:21:45 plan, all streets but especially Ray Charles Boulevard

10:21:47 share bike lanes for bicycles should be identified

10:21:52 since we are not identifying a specific bike lane, we

10:21:55 want on the street that's created the creation that

10:21:58 bicycles are welcome there.

10:21:59 The architectural review committee, just for Encore,

10:22:04 has as delineated in the master development, there will

10:22:07 be a person from the Housing Authority, Bank of America

10:22:10 and City of Tampa but it doesn't say that they should

10:22:12 have professional design credentials.

10:22:14 And since it's an architectural review committee, I

10:22:17 think that the representatives should have design

10:22:26 credentials.

10:22:26 Just like I wouldn't be a person for audits, I think we

10:22:33 should have somebody on the architectural review

10:22:35 committee.

10:22:36 And also the architectural should include obviously,

10:22:41 but it doesn't right now, bike racks, trash receptacles

10:22:45 designed for recycling as well as and facing Ray

10:22:49 Charles Boulevard, so that there's a sense of shade, a

10:22:53 sense of welcome, a sense of invitation to take part in

10:23:00 the businesses that will be located there.

10:23:02 >> And I did receive your comments.

10:23:05 Again I appreciate again all of you all being

10:23:07 thoughtful in your review, and questions about the

10:23:11 project.

10:23:11 In the interest of time, I did forward your comments to

10:23:14 the development team.

10:23:15 I don't know if they are prepared to respond.

10:23:18 But if you are --

10:23:29 >> There's in a requirement of public art.

10:23:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But it's indicated on the plan.

10:23:36 >>SAL TERRITO: In this particular area of public art.

10:23:37 The other thing is that even if we did want to mandate

10:23:41 it, the zoning may include it.

10:23:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm clear on that.

10:23:45 >> So the audience is clear as well.

10:23:47 I'm not trying to cut anyone off.

10:23:49 The zonings are -- because.

10:23:52 Way this audit was done, we cannot now come and require

10:23:55 that.

10:23:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Correct.

10:23:56 But it exists on the site plan.

10:23:57 >> I understand that.

10:23:58 What I am saying to you is these are issues that have

10:24:01 to be addressed.

10:24:02 Also the other issue dealing with this thing.

10:24:04 And this is again one of those situations where the

10:24:06 administration proposes that to you.

10:24:08 You have an absolute right to recommend changes to

10:24:11 that.

10:24:11 But what that means is what you have to do is tear it

10:24:14 down.

10:24:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.

10:24:15 This is a draft.

10:24:16 >> The administration recommendations to you and City

10:24:22 Council, if they have done the negotiation, if there's

10:24:26 something on there that you do not like you can say I'm

10:24:28 turning it down, and that it should be included.

10:24:31 The administration has to make a determination whether

10:24:33 they want to include those items in the draft.

10:24:35 I'm not trying to cut anyone off here.

10:24:37 But this is -- you have a yes or no obligation.

10:24:41 If you don't like the draft, you can say I will not

10:24:43 approve this unless these issues are included in there.

10:24:48 You don't have the right to renegotiate the deal.

10:24:51 That's the only point I am trying to make hear.

10:24:53 You have a right to raise your concerns.

10:24:54 You have a right to raise all these issues.

10:24:56 But the administration has to make a determination as.

10:25:02 If you are not satisfied with it, you are obligation

10:25:05 is -- that's the goal that you have as the City Council

10:25:11 and CRA.

10:25:11 >> Given the collaborative nature of this whole project

10:25:14 I would hope that we wouldn't have to go to that point.

10:25:17 I would hope it would be done very collegially.

10:25:19 >> I am not trying to cut anyone off.

10:25:21 I'm just trying to give you the legal implications.

10:25:24 Thank you.

10:25:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to hear what he sass

10:25:31 to say.

10:25:32 >> David Smith, 401 Jackson street, planner and I have

10:25:36 been before you since the beginning on this project.

10:25:41 While Mr. Territo is legally correct we have looked at

10:25:45 the points. And I just wanted to point out some things

10:25:48 for you.

10:25:48 One, the public arts spaces have been identified on the

10:25:51 plan.

10:25:51 We are committed to public art.

10:25:53 They have been identified in our construction plans.

10:25:56 We have no problem and will note in our final 100

10:25:59 percent plans that Robin Nigh, public arts manager, or

10:26:04 whoever that may be in the future, will be collaborated

10:26:07 with on the designation of the public art.

10:26:10 Regarding the bike paths, 100 site plans, and we did

10:26:18 include what was required in the initial approval, the

10:26:21 trail, on Nebraska, but we have also, just to point

10:26:25 out, we have 25 mile-an-hour design speed within the

10:26:28 neighborhood, which is very accommodating of bicycle

10:26:31 traffic.

10:26:31 We also have 15-foot wide travel lanes.

10:26:34 So signage for bicycles, I think our project can

10:26:40 accommodate that.

10:26:41 We may not have striped bike lanes.

10:26:44 But --

10:26:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's not what I was asking.

10:26:47 Just picture on paper.

10:26:48 >> So those things we can accommodate.

10:26:51 I think the architectural review, as far as having

10:26:55 credentials, I think the urban design manager, what we

10:27:00 are looking at here is for this to be a front end

10:27:03 opportunity prior to incremental review for developers

10:27:08 proposing projects to have a first blush reaction from

10:27:11 the developer, the owner of the property, THA, and the

10:27:15 urban design manager, what the architecture looks like,

10:27:19 how it fits into the urban scale.

10:27:21 As far as having specific credentials, we would not

10:27:25 like to put that in the development agreement.

10:27:26 We are going to keep that in our internal documents.

10:27:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.

10:27:30 >> Just a general comment.

10:27:32 But we understand what your concern is.

10:27:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want people to review it who

10:27:36 have some design skills.

10:27:38 >> Yes, I understand.

10:27:39 Also regarding the bike racks and construction detail,

10:27:42 what you did not have the benefit of is we provided a

10:27:45 design review manual that now has the bike racks,

10:27:48 everything in it, that is an exhibit that will be in

10:27:50 the final document to you.

10:27:52 And it's in a book format as opposed to long pages.

10:27:55 I know you reviewed the construction plans, but did not

10:27:58 have that detail in it.

10:27:59 But we do have that in the design book.

10:28:01 As far as the loggias and arcades, the design guides we

10:28:06 have now if we incorporated, those are the design

10:28:10 standards from the city's urban design manual which

10:28:12 includes encouraging arcades and loggias to be

10:28:20 incorporated.

10:28:21 We want people to be imaginative as to what they are

10:28:23 going to provide, and as the development starts we will

10:28:25 be able to consider those. And they are in the design

10:28:26 guidelines.

10:28:27 So we understand your concern, but want to let you know

10:28:34 those are things we are doing.

10:28:35 We know it's not directly related to the development

10:28:38 agreement.

10:28:38 It's related to construction documents in this

10:28:40 documentation.

10:28:41 But we are committed to committing to those things.

10:28:43 >> This is our opportunity for to us make those

10:28:45 requests, because we all want this to be such an

10:28:48 outstanding development, and those will only make it

10:28:51 stronger.

10:28:51 >> Yes, ma'am.

10:28:52 I appreciate that.

10:28:53 Thank you.

10:28:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.

10:28:55 >>MARY MULHERN: A few questions, but I wanted to back

10:29:02 Ms. Saul-Sena up on this, considering that I had a

10:29:07 briefing yesterday or the day before and a lot has

10:29:09 changed in this document since then.

10:29:11 And we were told that this is the first reading or

10:29:16 first hearing, and that there are going to be changes,

10:29:23 and there have been changed in 24 hours in some of

10:29:27 these.

10:29:27 So I think this is the time to ask for whatever you

10:29:32 need.

10:29:32 And I think you should -- if you feel like there's

10:29:36 things that need to be written in here, we wouldn't be

10:29:38 doing that between first and second reading.

10:29:41 So I just wanted to say that, in your behalf.

10:29:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:29:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a few questions.

10:29:48 I don't know, Mr. Ryan or Ms. Amaroso can answer this.

10:29:57 Sorry to keep you jumping up and down.

10:29:59 I thought I would get you before you sat down.

10:30:01 And this is one of the things that's changed at least

10:30:05 since last week because I think that we thought the

10:30:07 first -- and I think we approved it at some point or at

10:30:12 least got a report -- we did think that the first

10:30:15 building was going to be the senior building and that

10:30:19 has changed, hasn't it?

10:30:21 Is that new?

10:30:23 >> We always talked about buildings.

10:30:25 The first two buildings would be the senior building.

10:30:29 >> Lee Fletcher, 401 East Jackson Street.

10:30:33 I think what you may be remembering is that you

10:30:36 approved participation in the tax credit applications

10:30:38 for the ELLA and the tempo for several years in a row,

10:30:43 and one of those buildings was a senior building, and

10:30:48 had we been successful in being awarded those 9% tax

10:30:52 credits by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation,

10:30:53 then the senior building would have gone first.

10:30:56 So that may be what you are remembering.

10:30:57 >>MARY MULHERN: You know, I'm remembering -- you are

10:31:01 right, we need to have all this written down and taped.

10:31:05 I don't remember, but there was something that came in

10:31:07 front of us about the ELLA building recently.

10:31:10 I don't remember what it was.

10:31:11 That was awhile ago.

10:31:12 >> You also may be thinking of the city's commitment of

10:31:19 affordable housing for the project, and we did recently

10:31:23 make a change in those agreements.

10:31:24 So those came before you in the last six months?

10:31:29 So that may be what you are thinking of.

10:31:31 And you would have seen the name.

10:31:32 But we changed it -- those agreements in what you

10:31:37 approved was allowing the flexibility so that we could

10:31:42 get whatever type of financing.

10:31:44 >>MARY MULHERN: So you do have that flexibility.

10:31:46 Part of the problem is we don't have that exhibit E in

10:31:49 here.

10:31:49 So we don't know.

10:31:51 I guess what I'm asking you is, is that something --

10:31:56 because you just said the first building that you are

10:31:59 in.

10:31:59 And we know you are doing this because you want to get

10:32:02 started.

10:32:02 You want to get those permits.

10:32:04 The first building is going to be affordable housing.

10:32:06 >> Absolutely.

10:32:08 >> And there is a significant lead time in getting the

10:32:14 infrastructure in before we can start going vertical

10:32:17 and that's why it is so important to begin the

10:32:20 infrastructure work in order to meet the goal of having

10:32:21 a building vertical by 2011, we need to start the

10:32:25 infrastructure now to have that happen.

10:32:27 So that's why you are hearing kind of, well, we need

10:32:30 this now, but what are we doing?

10:32:32 >>MARY MULHERN: What I would like to ask then is that

10:32:34 we have that exhibit E, council have that as soon as we

10:32:36 can get it, and have it before, with some time before

10:32:41 the 2nd.

10:32:43 >>> Absolutely.

10:32:45 It has been delivered to the city attorney although I

10:32:46 was just told moments ago that we need to flip building

10:32:49 3 and 2 on that schedule.

10:32:51 But the city attorney's office has that and I'm sure

10:32:54 can contribute didn't it to you.

10:32:56 >> We need to know, and that's what I think the

10:32:59 neighborhood, in the old neighborhood, the old

10:33:02 neighbors, really want to know what's going on with

10:33:04 that.

10:33:05 So thank you for that.

10:33:06 Let me -- I have to ask if there's anything else,

10:33:10 Chairman Scott, got you all on record.

10:33:13 >> Well, this is a question.

10:33:17 I think my other questions are probably for Mr. Huey.

10:33:25 >> As far as the park goes, when is that intended to be

10:33:33 done?

10:33:39 Is that written into the development agreement?

10:33:43 >>MARK HUEY: In the agreement what it states is that

10:33:45 we will complete the park within five years, but the

10:33:52 wording exactly, I'll pull up the agreement.

10:33:55 Hold on, I'll read it to you exactly.

10:33:57 >> I spent a lot of time with this.

10:34:02 It talks about that the park will be commenced within

10:34:05 five years, but commenced is defined as having issued a

10:34:08 contract for the construction of the park, meaning that

10:34:12 during that fit R fifth year it will be constructed,

10:34:15 but that's the outside language.

10:34:17 >> So as we award the yearly or allocate its federal

10:34:26 dollars, as we allocate CDBG money towards the park, we

10:34:31 are doing that every year start they can year?

10:34:33 >> Yes.

10:34:33 >> Where is that money going if you haven't started the

10:34:35 park for five years?

10:34:36 >>MARK HUEY: It will be retained, and as you might be

10:34:41 aware, CDBG dollars have term timing constraints.

10:34:47 So we will be deploying, need to deploy those dollars

10:34:50 much sooner than the five-year time frame.

10:34:53 And I will tell you, it would be all of our intent and

10:34:55 the mayor has indicated this as well, that we would do

10:34:59 this well in advance of that.

10:35:00 >> So is that part of the agreement?

10:35:04 >> Yes.

10:35:04 Yes.

10:35:05 Everything that we have presented to you --

10:35:08 >>MARY MULHERN: In the agreement we can -- okay.

10:35:11 All right.

10:35:11 >>MARK HUEY: Everything we presented to you, the

10:35:13 Housing Authority's role in it, the city's role in it

10:35:16 is all documented in the agreement.

10:35:17 >> All right.

10:35:19 Then I do have a question for you, Ms. Amaroso.

10:35:25 When you said you are hoping for other financial

10:35:28 sources for the park, given that money, can you tell us

10:35:34 what that might be?

10:35:35 >> You are actually working with grant writers in

10:35:37 Miami-Dade who specialize in seeking federal funding

10:35:41 grants for park rehabilitation, and they will be

10:35:46 applying in this year for funding that notification is

10:35:51 given next year.

10:35:52 We are going to continue to look at every opportunity

10:35:55 we can.

10:35:57 Unfortunately, the NFP-2 funding that we were awarded

10:36:00 for infrastructure does not allow for parks to be

10:36:03 included.

10:36:04 So we are targeting allowable specific funding for

10:36:10 Perry Harvey park.

10:36:11 And we'll continue to do than through the life of the

10:36:13 master development.

10:36:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:36:18 I think you can sit down now.

10:36:19 I appreciate it.

10:36:26 Here is the question.

10:36:31 If we approve this today, can Mr. Robinson go get his

10:36:37 permit?

10:36:40 >>MARK HUEY: Remember earlier, we are not approving

10:36:43 today.

10:36:43 So let me tell you, though, there's two permits.

10:36:46 The first permit is what's called the mass grading

10:36:52 permit that would allow them to begin immediately to do

10:36:54 the earth work on-site so they can begin preparations

10:36:59 for infrastructure. And that is the certificated

10:37:02 permit, the infrastructure permit.

10:37:03 The mass grading permit will be released upon approval

10:37:07 of this development agreement and the interlocal

10:37:11 financing agreement, which is attached.

10:37:13 The draft of that.

10:37:14 That the city would be comfortable with it.

10:37:16 And we believe that will happen --

10:37:18 >> That's on the 24th?

10:37:20 >> Yes, but I think we'll even be able to be release

10:37:23 the permit before that.

10:37:24 And then the second permit, the other condition

10:37:27 related --

10:37:28 >> The 24th?

10:37:30 >> Yes.

10:37:30 >> So whoever is getting the grading --

10:37:33 >>MARK HUEY: As long as we are -- as soon as it gets

10:37:36 worked out, we release that permit.

10:37:38 And so, yes.

10:37:42 >> Is it worked out here if we pass this?

10:37:45 >>MARK HUEY: No, no.

10:37:47 But, again, the second permit, the additional

10:37:51 contingencies associated with that are that the board

10:37:53 of the Housing Authority, which again they met

10:37:55 yesterday, and gave their approval, and then the

10:37:59 development team will have submitted their CDD

10:38:03 application, and that's a very important application

10:38:05 because it relates to the important issue of the

10:38:07 long-term maintenance of the park, and we have the

10:38:11 whole project -- excuse me, not the park.

10:38:13 It doesn't relate to the park at all.

10:38:15 It relates to the whole project.

10:38:16 And so it's a very important document of that we want

10:38:18 to be comfortable with, and you actually will have

10:38:22 quite a lengthy, as you know, CDD's happen over a

10:38:26 60-day period so you will be approving that over the

10:38:29 summer.

10:38:29 But we will release the permit as soon as we as an

10:38:32 administration are comfortable recommending a document

10:38:34 to you on the CDD.

10:38:36 Again I can't speak for when they are going to have the

10:38:39 application.

10:38:39 >> Well --

10:38:42 >> When they are going to have the application in,

10:38:44 that's in their court, not mine.

10:38:45 >> I have been advised we have special counsel working

10:38:48 on the CDD application and I have been advised it will

10:38:50 be submitted no later than Thursday of next week.

10:38:52 So by Thursday of next week the city will have that

10:38:55 application complete in-house and then the city will

10:38:58 have to determine when it determines that it's

10:39:00 adequate.

10:39:01 But it will be in.

10:39:03 So as I said earlier, the infrastructure time line

10:39:08 being driven by the stimulus fund requirements and by

10:39:11 the need to get these projects vertical really does not

10:39:14 give us any window where we can slip in terms of how

10:39:22 much time we have.

10:39:23 So the sooner we can get these permits -- and we are

10:39:25 doing everything we can with city staff to satisfy

10:39:27 them.

10:39:28 But the sooner we can get these permits, the sooner we

10:39:30 can all do what we want to do with the Encore project.

10:39:33 >> Thank you.

10:39:36 Mr. Miranda?

10:39:37 >> Thank you, madam chair.

10:39:40 First of all congratulations to all of you working

10:39:42 diligently and getting this project at least to the

10:39:44 drawing boards and hopefully very shortly completing.

10:39:50 Legally, yeah, everything is fine.

10:39:52 But there have been changes from the beginning to what

10:39:54 we have now.

10:39:55 And those changes are caused by economic conditions to

10:39:59 some degree.

10:40:01 The economics have been the same.

10:40:02 I don't think we would be here today.

10:40:06 We are going to have a hearing on land which may be 130

10:40:09 or 165 a square foot now, and I understand that.

10:40:14 But when you use CDBG grant money, all 500, or 550,000,

10:40:24 it's a little risky at some point because other parts

10:40:27 of the community are not being addressed.

10:40:29 That doesn't mean it's wrong.

10:40:31 That means you buy one stock and that stock has to

10:40:37 perform instead having a variety of stocks in your

10:40:40 portfolio.

10:40:41 My questions are to myself about the future maintenance

10:40:45 of this project.

10:40:47 And maybe mark can explain that.

10:40:51 I would feel a little more comfortable on the future

10:40:53 maintenance and who is going to maintain.

10:40:55 When you have $28 million in infrastructure work, you

10:41:00 have got a big boost to start.

10:41:04 You can't build the park until you have residents.

10:41:07 You build the park and have infrastructure, who is

10:41:10 going to use it?

10:41:11 There's no one there.

10:41:12 So it's a complex problem.

10:41:18 And that's how I look at it.

10:41:20 So can you just tell me about the maintenance?

10:41:22 In other words, I'm trying to tell myself, be careful,

10:41:30 be cautious, be sincere, and be prepared all at once.

10:41:35 And when I do that, I want to make sure that the city

10:41:40 is not held somewhere along the line responsible for

10:41:43 whatever we do or don't do next week.

10:41:47 And that's my concern.

10:41:48 I understand legally everything is feign.

10:41:52 Everything is fine also legally when you buy a house.

10:41:55 And you walk away from it.

10:41:57 Somebody pays a price.

10:41:59 So that's what I'm trying to say.

10:42:01 >> We give you 100 percent.

10:42:06 Why build something that isn't going to be maintained

10:42:09 in the long-term.

10:42:10 This is one of the issues as a team we have worked the

10:42:13 hardest on in addition to Perry Harvey park which we

10:42:16 talked about.

10:42:17 There's an exhibit in your document that evidences sort

10:42:20 of the degree of detail that we get into.

10:42:22 It's exhibit A.

10:42:24 I believe some of the exhibits got retitled.

10:42:27 And I'm losing track of what.

10:42:31 But it's a matrix.

10:42:33 I'll put it on the overhead.

10:42:34 I won't go through it in detail.

10:42:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And I apologize, but I just came

10:42:39 back today.

10:42:39 >>MARK HUEY: Essentially, this document, you can see

10:42:47 the column titled facility.

10:42:49 Each and every element of the Encore project that is

10:42:53 going to require future long-term maintenance.

10:42:55 The second column is the K-2 zoning.

10:42:58 And the third column indicates who is responsible for

10:43:02 maintaining.

10:43:03 So you can see in regard to your questions, the

10:43:05 decisions that have been made on ownership and

10:43:07 maintenance.

10:43:09 And most of the obligations for maintenance are the CDD

10:43:15 that you can see.

10:43:16 And I mentioned that earlier, that that is what the

10:43:18 developer will be establishing, a community

10:43:20 development, and therefore all future property owners

10:43:24 will be assessed to help pay for the maintenance of

10:43:27 those items.

10:43:29 Most of the items that the city has committed to are

10:43:32 things that we just do as a matter of course.

10:43:35 Like roads.

10:43:36 We take care of roads.

10:43:37 We take care of water pipes.

10:43:38 We take care of those kinds of infrastructure elements.

10:43:41 Yes.

10:43:42 There are some additional elements, for example, and

10:43:46 what I can highlight is the second item there, where it

10:43:49 says roads, and it should say and pavers but we will

10:43:56 correct that.

10:43:58 Part of the beautiful public space that they are

10:43:59 creating is utilizing some very attractive surfacing

10:44:03 material.

10:44:03 And so they have pavers being used for crosswalks and

10:44:07 other decorative elements.

10:44:08 And the city has committed to maintain those.

10:44:13 That is, for example, similar in the Channel District

10:44:17 where we are putting similar enhancements in, and the

10:44:21 TIF is being used to maintain those.

10:44:23 And so some of these responsibilities that are what we

10:44:27 call enhanced services are going to be the

10:44:31 responsibility of the TIF, not the general fund.

10:44:33 And so all that has been accounted for in our

10:44:36 agreements.

10:44:37 So I think we have been very thorough in working

10:44:40 collaboratively together on this issue, and again doing

10:44:43 our best to a sure that the general taxpayers in the

10:44:47 community unrelated to Encore won't be burdened by any

10:44:50 long-term maintenance responsibilities here.

10:44:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:44:56 We got everything on record.

10:44:57 So we don't have to come back and discuss it again.

10:45:00 We go to the record and then we can read it.

10:45:02 Now we need to pass the resolution.

10:45:11 >>SAL TERRITO: You have to have a public hearing.

10:45:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, then come back to the resolution.

10:45:19 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) the request is that you

10:45:22 also have a special CRA meeting on the 24th.

10:45:24 By both the City Council and the CRA.

10:45:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Ryan, you wanted to say something?

10:45:35 >> I would like for our team to stand up.

10:45:40 I think you need to know who our team is.

10:45:43 Some members are not here but I would like to have the

10:45:47 Encore team to stand up so you know who they are.

10:45:49 I think that's important.

10:45:54 And these guys worked tirelessly on this project.

10:45:57 This has been a labor of love, to be quite honest with

10:46:00 you.

10:46:00 It has been difficult the last year, four years, and my

10:46:04 hat is off to Roxanne.

10:46:06 They hung in there with us over the a lot of several

10:46:08 years, even though we have had our issues up and down,

10:46:10 but I think overall we have had a great team, and we

10:46:14 enjoyed working with the city and also, I think if you

10:46:20 look at a team that's going to get this deal done,

10:46:22 there's never been any question in our mind, never been

10:46:25 an issue but that.

10:46:26 The question was when.

10:46:27 And it looks like now we are on the road to getting it

10:46:30 done.

10:46:31 And I wanted you to know that we appreciate your

10:46:33 support and your help in getting this project done.

10:46:37 It's a labor of love.

10:46:38 It's been a very difficult project.

10:46:40 We have had people on this team that worked around the

10:46:42 clock getting things done, along with the city

10:46:45 administration working around the clock, put the

10:46:47 various documents together, and still all the documents

10:46:49 we put together.

10:46:50 I think overall, it's where we need to be.

10:46:53 And I would say to you that not only was this team

10:46:55 here, but with the city, your support, we'll get this

10:46:59 deal done.

10:47:00 There's never been any question in our mind about that.

10:47:03 The question is always when.

10:47:04 That's what I want to share with you.

10:47:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Lie Ryan.

10:47:08 Our hats off to you and all those who played a part in

10:47:11 this.

10:47:12 In particular I think we have to thank the Obama

10:47:15 Administration for the $28 million stimulus because we

10:47:18 wouldn't be here today.

10:47:21 If we didn't get that $28 million.

10:47:23 So that really jump started this project.

10:47:25 So we owe a lot of thanks to the current administration

10:47:28 in Washington, and for your hard work and all the

10:47:33 partners, Bank of America, and everybody.

10:47:35 So thank you very much.

10:47:37 I guess, Madam Chair, I need to move.

10:47:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena has a question.

10:47:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was going to move to have a special

10:47:44 called meeting for the 24th.

10:47:46 So I move that.

10:47:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to have a

10:47:49 special called meeting on the 24th of June.

10:47:51 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

10:47:53 Opposed, Nay.

10:47:56 What time?

10:47:59 10:30.

10:47:59 All we have to do is pass the resolution.

10:48:01 Can we do it at 9 a.m.?

10:48:03 Okay.

10:48:06 Mrs. Saul-Sena?

10:48:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, the only good news about it

10:48:08 taking so long to get to this point is we have the

10:48:12 high-speed train coming from Orlando to a location

10:48:17 that's catty-corner across the street from Encore.

10:48:20 That is a huge asset, huge, huge asset to attract

10:48:25 people to live in the Encore area.

10:48:27 It will be the closest possible place to live to this

10:48:32 beautiful station that we are getting for sure, and it

10:48:36 will be something that none of us really anticipated

10:48:40 four years ago or six years ago when this conversation

10:48:43 began.

10:48:43 That will again be a tremendous investment and

10:48:46 catalyst, and I think architecturally superb addition

10:48:53 to the neighborhood.

10:48:54 So that is a wonderful asset to this development as

10:48:57 Encore moves forward.

10:48:59 And another reason to get the park done quickly because

10:49:02 I think that that station will be done in three years.

10:49:04 Thank you.

10:49:04 >> Any other questions?

10:49:12 We have had public comments.

10:49:23 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone).

10:49:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have a council meeting coming

10:49:26 up.

10:49:27 We can have comments in council meeting.

10:49:29 >>GWEN MILLER: The comment is for CRA or something

10:49:33 else?

10:49:37 In the CRA district?

10:49:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to allow public comment.

10:49:44 >> Second.

10:49:45 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion to hear it.

10:49:47 All in favor?

10:49:49 Opposed?

10:49:49 Okay, ma'am, you may speak.

10:49:50 >> Good morning.

10:49:55 I heard the information that was given earlier

10:49:58 concerning the Scott street plan, I'm on the trustee

10:50:05 board.

10:50:05 And I'm concerned about the conditions of when to start

10:50:10 building, what kind of conditions we should be

10:50:13 expecting, how will they accommodate us going to and

10:50:18 from church.

10:50:19 >> Put your name on the record, please.

10:50:21 >> Carolyn Sanders.

10:50:22 >>GWEN MILLER: I need to refer you to Mr. Jerome Ryan

10:50:31 and his group, because City Council cannot answer that.

10:50:33 >> Lee Fletcher again.

10:50:38 We have here a representative of the contractor, DMG

10:50:42 construction, Scott Hamilton.

10:50:44 I think he can probably answer Mrs. Sanders' questions.

10:50:47 Would you like that on the record or do it out side?

10:50:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Do it outside.

10:50:52 Meet with that person.

10:50:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just say for the record, is

10:51:01 that the same church?

10:51:07 Williams?

10:51:08 Ebernezer?

10:51:09 Okay.

10:51:12 So the contractor will meet with you to address your

10:51:15 concern.

10:51:16 >>GWEN MILLER: He's going to meet with her outside.

10:51:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Scott?

10:51:22 That's a good name.

10:51:23 [ Laughter ]

10:51:30 Be sure to meet with her 'n and answer her question.

10:51:35 Thank you very much.

10:51:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else, Mr. Huey?

10:51:38 >>MARK HUEY: One last item administratively under new

10:51:41 business.

10:51:42 The October scheduled board meeting conflicts with the

10:51:45 Florida redevelopment conference for the State of

10:51:47 Florida.

10:51:48 Which we always attend and take part in.

10:51:51 So we would like for the board to consider rescheduling

10:51:54 the October CRA meeting, and that that be discussed at

10:51:58 the next board meeting on Thursday, the special board

10:52:01 meeting, some alternative date.

10:52:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Put on the agenda.

10:52:05 We'll talk about it.

10:52:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Any new business from council members?

10:52:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Receive and file.

10:52:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

10:52:13 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor say Aye.

10:52:16 Opposed, Nay?

10:52:17 I would like to do a commendation to Mary Cooper who

10:52:22 has been working with -- we call them the debutante,

10:52:30 young men and girls going to high school, have been

10:52:32 working with these people since 1963 to make sure that

10:52:35 they go to be high school and complete their education,

10:52:38 and they go to college and complete their education,

10:52:40 and has been doing it since 1963.

10:52:42 I would like to give her a commendation.

10:52:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:52:46 >>GWEN MILLER: And I will give you a date to come and

10:52:48 receive it.

10:52:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:52:53 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:52:55 Opposes?

10:52:55 Okay.

10:52:59 I guess we need to officially adjourn the CRA.

10:53:02 We need to adjourn the CRA meeting.

10:53:04 Then move into the City Council meeting.

10:53:06 Is that right, counsel?

10:53:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned as CRA and we go to

10:53:14 another workshop.


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