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Thursday, June 17, 2010
5:30 p.m. Session


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17:37:09 [Roll Call Taken]

17:37:19 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open the public hearing.

17:37:20 >> So moved.

17:37:20 >> Second.

17:37:24 >>GWEN MILLER: All those in favor signify by aye.

17:37:27 Opposed, nay.

17:37:30 Staff report.

17:37:31 >> Hi, good evening, Council.

17:37:35 Dennis Rehara, Revenue and Finance Department.

17:37:37 If I can have the presentation on screen, please.

17:37:39 I believe you all have received copies of the agenda

17:37:40 and the presentation.

17:37:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, we have.

17:37:46 >> Let me walk you through that real quick.

17:37:49 The purpose of this public hearing is provide

17:37:54 information of the proposed statement of housing

17:37:56 development action plan and obtain the views and

17:38:00 comments of citizens concerning the plan, and provide

17:38:07 the public opportunity -- pardon me -- to be heard.

17:38:09 I will go over with you the calendar first.

17:38:12 You see on your screen, the calendar for the fiscal

17:38:15 year 2012 action plan, public approval and funding

17:38:18 application process and the time frame.

17:38:24 The CDBG Advisory Committee meeting of June 2010 took

17:38:24 place.

17:38:27 We are here at the public hearing tonight.

17:38:27 Pardon me.

17:38:30 The City Council approval of the proposed action plan

17:38:34 is anticipated July 29, 2010.

17:38:37 The submission of the action plan is anticipated on

17:38:39 August 11.

17:38:45 And the fiscal year 2011 begins on October 1.

17:38:48 This is part of the Housing and Urban Development's

17:38:50 requirements for the yearly action plan.

17:38:52 We are required to do one public hearing.

17:38:55 The City of Tampa actually does two.

17:38:56 This is our second.

17:38:59 There are four quarterly meetings of the CDBG Advisory

17:39:03 Committee and the budget office, housing and community

17:39:05 development, community affairs, and neighborhood

17:39:08 services are represented at all of them.

17:39:12 The public notice went out June 9 with 30 days for

17:39:16 public comment as the time frame.

17:39:22 Here is a summation of the HUD grant funding.

17:39:25 You see on the right, the fiscal year, next fiscal

17:39:28 year, the Community Development Block Grant of just

17:39:32 over $4 million of which 15% of that is public service

17:39:35 funds or just under $600,000.

17:39:42 Program income and prereprogrammed funds at $218,000 --

17:39:44 $218,575.

17:39:48 Home Partnership at just under $2.2 million.

17:39:52 The emergency shelter grants program at just under

17:39:53 $160,000.

17:39:57 The housing opportunities for persons with A.I.D.S. at

17:40:03 just over $3.7 million for a total of $10.3 million and

17:40:06 some change.

17:40:10 HUD program uses are on the next slide.

17:40:13 Housing programs and Housing Opportunities for Persons

17:40:16 with A.I.D.S. contain the bulk of the money.

17:40:19 Housing programs at just under $3.2 million, the

17:40:25 housing authority, JL Young and Mary Bethune at half a

17:40:26 million.

17:40:29 Public services again at just under $600,000.

17:40:33 The emergency shelter services at $156,000 and a half.

17:40:37 Housing opportunities for persons with A.I.D.S., $2.8

17:40:41 million and a little bit of change, capital improvement

17:40:43 projects at just under $316,000.

17:40:46 General administration which are your true overhead

17:40:51 costs for operating this program at just under $516,000

17:40:57 and housing administration, $1.27 million.

17:41:02 Again for total of $10.3 million and some change.

17:41:05 Under the Public Services section, third from the

17:41:10 bottom, just under $600,000, there were 30 applicants

17:41:15 and 28 awarded under this process.

17:41:18 The next slide.

17:41:19 Needs and recommendations.

17:41:23 Initial responses were mailed last month.

17:41:26 Mr. Randy Baron, Vice President of the Advisory

17:41:31 Committee will get up here to say a few words,and we

17:41:33 will open it up for public comments.

17:41:36 City advisory members are here, and we distributed the

17:41:38 needs and recommendations, responses to the members and

17:41:41 to you all at City Council.

17:41:45 Before I turn over to Mr. Baron, I would like to say in

17:41:49 the needs and recommendation packet, there are still

17:41:51 some responses that we are awaiting responses for and

17:41:55 as soon as we get those, we will get them out to you

17:41:58 all in the CDBG Advisory Committee.

17:42:01 If you have any questions for me?

17:42:03 >>GWEN MILLER: No.

17:42:08 Mr. Baron.

17:42:09 >> Thank you.

17:42:10 Good evening, Council.

17:42:14 Randy Baron, Vice-chair of the CDBG Advisory Committee.

17:42:17 I was going to go over the city-wide needs and

17:42:19 recommendations and then I am going to invite anyone

17:42:21 who submitted an individual need from an individual

17:42:25 block to come up and make any comments if necessary.

17:42:28 This year we had nine citywide needs and

17:42:29 recommendations.

17:42:32 We went over them with you -- I am sorry, ten.

17:42:35 We went over them with you at our first hearing so I am

17:42:37 just going to go over a couple of responses.

17:42:40 The first one was the homeless outreach program which

17:42:42 is something -- this is our second year that we have

17:42:44 placed this in the citywide needs.

17:42:46 As you can see from the response, there was some money

17:42:54 awarded to the homeless coalition for rehabbing an

17:42:56 existing two-story building, but the response from the

17:43:01 city is that they need to use the RFP submission

17:43:07 process in order to get CDBG dollars.

17:43:11 The drainage ditches, this is something that -- that

17:43:14 was included because a lot of our older neighborhoods

17:43:16 with the drainage ditches in them are expressing a lot

17:43:20 of concern that they are just filled up and not -- that

17:43:23 they are not -- that they are overflowing.

17:43:25 We initially had contacted the city to see whether or

17:43:30 not they could actually cover those ditches and got --

17:43:32 said that the money was really not available for that.

17:43:34 And then we submitted about cleaning the drainage

17:43:37 ditches and the response is that there is a program in

17:43:41 place to -- there is a schedule in place to go

17:43:43 throughout ditches and to clean them out.

17:43:46 So as that program progresses, hopefully those ditches

17:43:50 will be made useful again.

17:43:55 Number three is the traffic calming citywide request,

17:43:59 which was basically to look at different methodologies

17:44:02 for traffic calming and see whether the city can do

17:44:03 that.

17:44:12 There was a response -- the response was initially that

17:44:17 -- that outside things such as trip generator, such as

17:44:23 schools and parks, et cetera, do have an impact on the

17:44:26 -- on determining what areas are necessary for traffic

17:44:29 calming; however, those factors are not weighted.

17:44:34 And, again, we would encourage City Council and the

17:44:39 administration to come up with a way to weigh such

17:44:42 outside factors such as proximity to schools, proximity

17:44:46 to parks, whether there is a sidewalk in an objective

17:44:49 way so when the city is -- when the city is using money

17:44:51 on traffic calming that those monies are spent in areas

17:44:54 that really need them and can provide the most

17:44:59 pedestrian safety.

17:45:02 Number four was the Party in the Park.

17:45:06 For those who have been to the Party in the Parks, they

17:45:08 are wonderful events.

17:45:11 They allow the firemen and the policemen to get

17:45:12 together with the kids.

17:45:16 I have been to one of those and a phenomenal process.

17:45:19 We start off with I think three a couple of years ago

17:45:21 in year it is down.

17:45:23 And the city is committed to one party in the park.

17:45:26 Again the CDBG committee would encourage the city to

17:45:30 maintain the least one Party in the Park every year.

17:45:32 It is a great project.

17:45:34 Number five --

17:45:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Randy, can you -- I am sorry, do we

17:45:39 have something to follow -- can you tell me where this

17:45:41 is if we want to follow along with this?

17:45:44 >> The citywide needs and recommendations that should

17:45:47 be in your packet.

17:45:48 >>MARY MULHERN: In here?

17:45:51 >> Yes, if you turn -- flip the page, the first section

17:45:55 should the citywide request and should start off with

17:45:57 -- page 1 here.

17:46:00 >>MARY MULHERN: All this long text?

17:46:00 >> Yes.

17:46:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:46:05 >> The one that starts at the top page.

17:46:07 Hopefully I am summarizing it enough that you don't

17:46:12 have to read all that long text.

17:46:15 City codes and outreach, there was no response.

17:46:19 Nor for number 6, the implementation of the foreclosed

17:46:22 property registry, there was also no response from the

17:46:22 city.

17:46:26 Mr. Rehara says we will be getting those shortly.

17:46:28 Connected communities.

17:46:33 This was the -- based upon the world cafe and stat that

17:46:36 took place a couple years ago or within the last 18

17:46:39 months, and the city essentially said there were other

17:46:43 outlets to get the kind of public input or the world

17:46:46 cafe, and, therefore, they would not recommend that

17:46:51 funds and staffing for the royal cafe meetings.

17:46:55 Number 8, Hillsborough Avenue beautification.

17:46:58 This was a recommendation that we had because East

17:47:01 Tampa -- Hillsborough Avenue is the gateway into East

17:47:04 Tampa, the east-west gateway into East Tampa, and what

17:47:07 we are hoping is that there could be funds that were

17:47:11 expended to make that a more inviting gateway into that

17:47:12 community.

17:47:16 This need and recommendation was -- was forwarded to

17:47:20 Transportation planning, and that essentially said

17:47:22 there is no money to do that.

17:47:25 It is an FDOT road; however, I think it needs to be

17:47:31 rerouted to somebody in the city, Mark Huey, Ed Johnson

17:47:33 have someone in economic development, because this is

17:47:34 really an economic development issue.

17:47:36 It is not a transportation issue.

17:47:39 The idea is to make people want to come down

17:47:42 Hillsborough Avenue once you cross, you know, 15th and

17:47:45 22nd as you are headed east.

17:47:48 And hopefully there can be a program that can make that

17:47:52 gateway into that part of town more inviting.

17:47:57 On number 9, the anti-litter initiative.

17:48:00 Again the response is that -- that there is a program

17:48:04 in the wings; however, they need funding support in

17:48:07 order to implement that program, and finally, number

17:48:15 ten, is citywide recycling campaign.

17:48:18 And the city essentially says that they support the

17:48:20 recycling campaign.

17:48:22 We are curious as to what the recycling rate is in the

17:48:23 City of Tampa.

17:48:27 The CDBG committee hopefully will get that response

17:48:28 back from the city.

17:48:32 So those are the citywide needs and recommendations.

17:48:36 We have -- we had many individual needs and

17:48:38 recommendations requests from individual communities.

17:48:41 And I am going to invite them up now if they want to

17:48:43 speak to those individual needs and requests.

17:48:47 I am going to start, however, since Frank Roter

17:48:50 generally is up here doing this instead of me and does

17:48:53 a much better job than I am doing.

17:48:56 He can't be with us tonight but he is also the chair

17:49:01 for his area, southeast Seminole Heights, and they had

17:49:06 individual need and recommendation to get some money

17:49:10 for Giddens Park and some -- and to fix the community

17:49:11 center there.

17:49:16 And since I have been on CDBG, that request has come in

17:49:17 every single year.

17:49:18 Every single year it comes in.

17:49:20 Every single year they ask for it.

17:49:23 I have been on the committee for seven or eight years

17:49:23 now.

17:49:25 And so they will keep on trying.

17:49:28 the response is that there are other areas throughout

17:49:31 the city and neighboring -- in neighboring

17:49:34 neighborhoods that could be used for community center

17:49:38 for southeast Seminole Heights, and misses the point,

17:49:41 the point is that there is a building there that can be

17:49:42 used.

17:49:45 It needs to be rehabbed, and, therefore, they will

17:49:49 continue asking for money until hopefully the city can

17:49:53 take some funds to rehab that building so people don't

17:49:56 have to go from outside that community to use a

17:49:57 community center.

17:50:00 That I will invite anyone from the individual blocks

17:50:02 who want to come up.

17:50:07 Say what block you are representing, and what project.

17:50:11 >> Good morning, Spencer Cass, Block 9.

17:50:14 Once again I am here a year later.

17:50:15 Once again on friendship park.

17:50:18 A year ago, I came before Council and asked that

17:50:21 Friendship Park be funded to make it fully handicapped

17:50:24 accessible for children.

17:50:25 It is now a year.

17:50:29 There have not been these community meetings that the

17:50:31 Park and Rec Department talked about.

17:50:33 These grand meetings with all these people coming

17:50:34 together.

17:50:37 Spoken to some people in the neighborhood, and they

17:50:39 painted the building, but that isn't what was asked

17:50:40 for.

17:50:42 What was asked for is that the park be made fully

17:50:47 handicapped accessible.

17:50:50 At this point, what I would like that Council order

17:50:53 that $1 million be placed aside for that project.

17:50:55 You don't have to worry today about where the money is

17:50:56 going to come from.

17:50:58 I can tell you I can find you plenty of sources for the

17:50:59 money.

17:51:01 I can tell you right now there is a half a million

17:51:05 dollars extra left over from Zack Street.

17:51:07 Last year you approved funding for Zack Street.

17:51:09 You took $1 million away from that.

17:51:13 You were told by staff it would take $1 million to do

17:51:13 that street.

17:51:16 It didn't cost $1 million.

17:51:18 It cost half a million and a half a million.

17:51:21 Staff is looking to reappropriate that themselves

17:51:23 without coming before Council, but that money can go

17:51:25 directly into that park.

17:51:30 I am not just here on behalf of that park, Sunset Park

17:51:32 is joining us on the request last year and this year.

17:51:34 We have a lot of kids who use it.

17:51:36 It is used for the summer program.

17:51:36 A teeny building.

17:51:38 You can't walk into the buildings.

17:51:40 It is impossible for children to play there.

17:51:43 So all I am asking that Council direct staff to include

17:51:46 that as a funding source and to fund it.

17:51:50 Also just as a second -- as the East Tampa land use

17:51:53 committee Chairman, I just put that hat on for a

17:51:58 second, we would also like to see Hillsborough Avenue

17:51:59 funded.

17:52:03 D.O.T. went and put in those concrete horrible-looking,

17:52:06 you know, separators down the center of the street

17:52:08 where -- it would have been nice if they did it with

17:52:10 trees and landscape like the rest of the city gets, the

17:52:14 city is spending a lot of money in terms of the CRA in

17:52:14 that area.

17:52:18 I think there needs -- the CRA in that area.

17:52:21 I think there needs to be a more look into that.

17:52:25 If Council can look into that, I would appreciate it.

17:52:31 >> Sheri Simons, President of the Southeast Civic

17:52:32 Association.

17:52:34 I will keep this brief because Randy already said it

17:52:36 and he didn't know I was coming.

17:52:39 We are accustomed to not finding answers to our

17:52:42 requests.

17:52:44 And this -- I don't mean it is a blame thing, it means

17:52:48 I don't expect anybody can ever -- it is a wish list,

17:52:51 and we know we are not going to get half of what we

17:52:56 wish for, but to be told that what we knew was true was

17:52:58 not and to be dismissed, and I am speaking about the

17:53:00 community center.

17:53:04 We have asked for probably six years in a row.

17:53:07 This isn't the only place we asked.

17:53:08 Certainly we are active.

17:53:11 Certainly we used that little place we have.

17:53:13 I am not saying that I am looking for to you give me

17:53:17 one or to approve it, but to be told that you are being

17:53:20 dismissed and go find someplace outside your

17:53:22 neighborhood is unacceptable and that's all I am going

17:53:24 on record to say.

17:53:26 It is an unacceptable answer to us.

17:53:28 And we are disappointed.

17:53:35 That's it.

17:53:42 >> I am Wes Wisenberger from Block Grant 5.

17:53:44 What I would like to mention to you are just two

17:53:45 things.

17:53:47 I was speaking with Bob Allen.

17:53:49 He is not able to come here because of health reasons,

17:53:50 our President.

17:53:54 We had drainage pipes -- there was a plan with a

17:53:57 drainage pipes going from Cass and Fremont all the way

17:53:58 to the river.

17:54:01 That project was approved, and then all of a sudden

17:54:03 that whole thing stopped and the funding went

17:54:04 elsewhere.

17:54:06 We would like to know where the money went.

17:54:10 The other thing is the calming devices on Albany.

17:54:13 That project -- we went through process where it was

17:54:18 approved, and we were, you know, pleased that this was

17:54:19 moving forward, the money was there and everything

17:54:20 else.

17:54:25 Again that project was stopped the money was removed

17:54:27 and transferred elsewhere.

17:54:29 We would like really where did the money go to.

17:54:32 The third and final thing, this Villa Park situation is

17:54:34 personal to me because I live in that community.

17:54:36 I have lived there 20 years.

17:54:42 And it is the response from the city we asked there

17:54:44 would be some type of planning the future for

17:54:50 facilities so the people in the community -- so that we

17:54:52 as a civic association could plan something.

17:54:54 We could plan group picnics.

17:55:01 We could plan community activities there and the

17:55:04 response was we have no plans to put type of bathroom

17:55:08 facilities into that project, into that park, the one

17:55:10 on Armenia, Villa.

17:55:12 My question is, why not?

17:55:15 This is not a place just to walk your dog and it is

17:55:18 just not a place for a few children to be out playing

17:55:19 basketball.

17:55:24 This is a community park that we should be able to use.

17:55:28 I wish we had some funding some way, some type of

17:55:31 facilities that could be set up for the people who can

17:55:36 come there instead of having to go several blocks home

17:55:39 to -- to their homes where we are having a function.

17:55:42 All I am asking in the future plan for facilities for

17:55:43 all parks.

17:55:46 All parks should be provided with that type of thing,

17:55:48 that, to me, is simple request.

17:55:58 Thank you very much.

17:56:01 >> Anyone else here for an individual block request?

17:56:05 Okay, City Councilmembers.

17:56:07 Thank you for listening and hopefully you will consider

17:56:12 the request made both to the responses to our citywide

17:56:15 requests and individual requests.

17:56:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Miss Saul-Sena.

17:56:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

17:56:23 Mr. Baron, Kennedy Boulevard is a state road, and we

17:56:25 after only 20 years of working on it managed to get

17:56:29 some additional landscaping and some landscape medians

17:56:32 and some countdown lights and things.

17:56:33 It wasn't 20 years.

17:56:35 Honestly it was 24 years.

17:56:38 But, you know, we -- it finally happened which proves

17:56:41 that you can do things like that on state roads.

17:56:44 And I think that Hillsborough, because of the

17:56:47 attention, you know, being paid to the redevelopment of

17:56:50 the neighborhoods on both sides of it is certainly a

17:56:52 worthy goal.

17:56:53 >> I would hope that would be something that people

17:56:56 could look at and hopefully it won't take 24 years.

17:56:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Hopefully it won't.

17:57:00 >> Kennedy is looking beautiful, and I know it is

17:57:03 helping generate economic development along that

17:57:03 corridor.

17:57:08 And east Hillsborough is an avenue that needs a lot of

17:57:09 economic development.

17:57:12 And let's hope it doesn't take 24 years.

17:57:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, the neighborhood, the

17:57:16 Seminole Heights neighborhood came together, organized

17:57:19 articulately, and got the most beautiful brick wall

17:57:21 along a portion of Hillsborough.

17:57:24 That is to the west that you are talking about to the

17:57:24 east.

17:57:27 So we need to continue quality.

17:57:28 Thank you.

17:57:28 >> Thank you.

17:57:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Miss Mulhern.

17:57:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I have a couple of questions.

17:57:35 I was having trouble just locating the specific

17:57:37 projects people were talking about.

17:57:43 So Sheri Simons, where -- I am not sure which center or

17:57:46 which project you were talking about.

17:57:55 [Inaudible]

17:57:58 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to come to the mic.

17:58:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, tell me.

17:58:04 >> Look on page 19, it is area 3, need and

17:58:09 recommendation, Giddens Park.

17:58:11 [Inaudible]

17:58:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay this is Giddens Park.

17:58:17 >> The spot left at the park for a new building.

17:58:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:58:19 >> In the original plan.

17:58:22 >>MARY MULHERN: You never got the building?

17:58:25 >> We knew we wouldn't get it right a way.

17:58:28 >>MARY MULHERN: You got the water turned on?

17:58:30 >> We had the water turned on and we fussed and turned

17:58:33 on for the picnic and still on right now and I don't

17:58:34 know what the --

17:58:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:58:37 Just needed to know that.

17:58:40 The last gentleman that spoke from west Tampa.

17:58:42 I know about Villa Park, but you were talking about

17:58:45 some other projects, and I wasn't sure where those

17:58:47 were.

17:58:51 >> That was gone from -- from Cass all the way down to

17:58:51 the river.

17:58:56 Planning for 14-inch pipe, drainage pipe going down,

17:59:00 north Hyde Park area.

17:59:02 >> Your name for the record, sir.

17:59:04 >> Wesley Wisenberger.

17:59:06 >>MARY MULHERN: you were saying it was funded,

17:59:09 budgeted, but they never did it?

17:59:09 >> That's correct.

17:59:12 And the other one was -- that was the calming devices

17:59:18 that came down from Cass -- actually it was the -- we

17:59:22 refer to it as the "Albany street calming device

17:59:23 project."

17:59:25 And we were planning on moving to the next which would

17:59:28 have been Fremont, but the money -- we understood was

17:59:30 approved.

17:59:32 Everything was going fine, but the money was completely

17:59:35 wiped out and transferred somewhere else.

17:59:37 We would like to know where.

17:59:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Was it CDBG money?

17:59:40 Or do we know?

17:59:41 No?

17:59:43 >> No.

17:59:45 Thank you.

17:59:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.

17:59:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, it's not directly relevant to

17:59:55 the CDBG, but -- but I did hear the discussion from Mr.

17:59:58 Baron of how beautiful Kennedy was, and I think credit

18:00:00 goes where credit is due.

18:00:04 And sometimes around here things take 20-plus years to

18:00:09 get done, but I just think we all need to acknowledge

18:00:13 Linda Saul-Sena, our cohort over here has worked on

18:00:15 Kennedy Boulevard in numerous ways and numerous

18:00:19 directions that only she can probably ever tell anybody

18:00:23 about, and anyway, you deserve great credit and with

18:00:24 appreciation.

18:00:25 Thank you.

18:00:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe on County Commission she can

18:00:28 help with Hillsborough.

18:00:31 I was going to give credit that it is amazing how you

18:00:34 persevered and it does look beautiful, but you know

18:00:38 this, that Pat Kemp was really involved in that

18:00:38 project.

18:00:41 So sign her up again.

18:00:45 >> We are going to work on it.

18:00:46 >> Any other questions?

18:00:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions?

18:00:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The process is we will get -- do we

18:00:53 make decisions tonight.

18:00:55 >>GWEN MILLER: No, we don't make it tonight.

18:00:57 He just gave us this calendar.

18:01:00 In the book he will be back in a few weeks.

18:01:01 >> Thank you, Council.

18:01:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Just a discussion tonight.

18:01:06 Any other questions of Councilmembers?

18:01:08 Move to have close the public hearing.

18:01:11 >> Council, may be other people here who may want to

18:01:12 discuss other parts of the CDBG dollars, the

18:01:14 distribution of dollars.

18:01:15 I don't know --

18:01:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else in the public who would

18:01:18 like to speak?

18:01:24 This is the moment.

18:01:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you parked your car and came

18:01:28 down here, you might as well speak.

18:01:31 >> Greeting Madam Chairman and members of the City

18:01:35 Council, I am a little bit nervous because -- this

18:01:39 Community Development Block Grant program is something

18:01:47 that I have just been kind of energized about in terms

18:01:51 of public interest, because there is a lot I don't know

18:01:53 about it.

18:01:58 But on the philosophy that, you know, when there are

18:02:01 several dots, you want to know how those dots are

18:02:04 connected.

18:02:13 I believe the money comes from the Department of Urban

18:02:19 -- HUD, Housing and Urban Development.

18:02:23 And this city has been quite fortunate, because I

18:02:28 believe that we have been -- the city has been the

18:02:35 recipient of these funds for at least the past 15

18:02:36 years.

18:02:42 Somewhere in that neighborhood.

18:02:47 At least I have been hearing this term Community

18:02:48 Development Block Grant.

18:02:51 So Madam Chairman, there is kind of like a learning

18:02:56 process for me now, but I would like to understand

18:02:57 this.

18:03:01 When government gives you money, it wants you to be

18:03:04 accountable for it.

18:03:09 They want to be sure there is an evenhandedness on this

18:03:12 protection.

18:03:15 I believe the original presentation was made by your

18:03:19 budget and finance officer.

18:03:26 Then I hear comments from the committee of some sort.

18:03:31 Was that the community development black grant

18:03:32 committee.

18:03:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Advisory Committee.

18:03:35 >> Advisory Committee.

18:03:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.

18:03:37 >> Then I believe we have the representative from the

18:03:42 city housing department.

18:03:49 So what I am trying to understand, so far identified

18:03:51 three dots.

18:03:54 How are those dots connected?

18:04:00 And where does the buck stop?

18:04:03 Does it stop at the City Council or does it stop at the

18:04:08 Advisory Committee, or does it stop at the physical

18:04:09 agent.

18:04:14 Again, Madam Chairman, I -- this is something that --

18:04:25 that I have been kind of energized about.

18:04:29 And also I look at not just the focus but the panorama

18:04:33 of what is going on in this city in terms of economic

18:04:36 development, in terms of the quality of life for the

18:04:40 citizens of Tampa.

18:04:46 I -- I even understand that the neighborhood or the

18:04:52 area of the zone or whatever they designated.

18:04:56 The Advisory Committee is that I am not sure that we

18:04:59 have a representative.

18:05:03 Now I believe you got this Department of Community

18:05:07 Affairs.

18:05:09 Well, I was able to communicate with them, and they

18:05:11 said, well, where do you live.

18:05:14 And I gave them the address.

18:05:16 I said, well, who is the Advisory Committee

18:05:18 representative for this area.

18:05:23 Well, they gave me a name, and said there is a vacancy,

18:05:25 would you like to serve.

18:05:27 I said not necessarily.

18:05:30 I just want to know who is representing me.

18:05:35 So I hope I get a chance to meet this person and see

18:05:38 how effective they are within this Advisory Committee

18:05:44 structure.

18:05:47 So with that, Madam Chairman, I will take my seat, and

18:05:56 I do look forward to being more engaged because it does

18:05:58 look like the HUD is going to continue funding this

18:06:00 community development block grant program.

18:06:07 I don't think the Washington politics are going to

18:06:08 tamper with that too much.

18:06:14 But I do hope that the benefit that we get can be

18:06:15 demonstrated.

18:06:18 One last thing, Madam Chairman, and I am going to

18:06:19 leave.

18:06:24 Where may I look for a -- an accomplishment report or a

18:06:30 progress report or something to indicate that if these

18:06:35 organizations are asking for the funds and you have

18:06:40 granted the funds, who is keeping track of whether or

18:06:43 not they are fulfilling their obligation, and does the

18:06:47 public have access to that information in terms of

18:06:50 their fulfilling their obligation.

18:06:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Davis, he is right behind you.

18:06:58 He can fill you in on that, from staff and the city.

18:07:08 Does anyone else want to speak?

18:07:11 >> This for public comment regarding the public service

18:07:14 money also?

18:07:17 >>GWEN MILLER: No, it's not.

18:07:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The CDBG money.

18:07:20 Center for Women.

18:07:22 Yes, you are on this list.

18:07:22 >> Okay.

18:07:25 All I wanted to do was just to thank y'all for

18:07:29 supporting us all these years and continue your

18:07:32 supporting -- I know you haven't voted on it yet, but

18:07:35 it is on the list of our geriatric assistance program.

18:07:40 We provide major yard cleanups for folks, and we also

18:07:45 do some care coordinations so that our elder neighbors

18:07:50 can continue to live independently and live

18:07:51 independently in their homes.

18:07:54 We know this year the city doesn't a lot of the Federal

18:08:00 and state funds it has had in past years, and so we

18:08:02 would just like to say that please keep us in mind in

18:08:05 the event you do come across some sort of unanticipated

18:08:09 money, because our senior home improvement program has

18:08:13 over 500 people, city residents still on our list.

18:08:17 These are low-income folks who have needs ranging from

18:08:22 wheelchair ramps to full house rehabs.

18:08:23 So just thank you very much.

18:08:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record for me

18:08:26 please.

18:08:30 >> Yes, Beth Bacay, representing the Center for Women

18:08:33 at 305 South Park Avenue.

18:08:33 Thank you.

18:08:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

18:08:37 Anyone else would like to speak?

18:08:43 Need to close the public hearing.

18:08:46 >> My name is Liz Kennedy, and I am a volunteer with

18:08:50 two organizations that are very fortunate to be listed

18:08:50 here.

18:08:54 And I wanted to thank you and whoever selected us.

18:08:58 I first represent the Tampa YMCA and a group of

18:09:02 volunteers that has been very active in wanting to make

18:09:05 a huge difference in sulfur springs.

18:09:09 And this will enable us to have an early childhood

18:09:12 learning center for very young children and their

18:09:17 parents in Sulphur Springs which is an enormous gap in

18:09:20 that community, and we are very, very excited about

18:09:22 being able to do that.

18:09:26 And so this is going to get the ball rolling as we hope

18:09:30 to create a neighborhood of promise in Sulphur Springs,

18:09:32 the other organization I represent is the Presbyterian

18:09:34 Family Learning Centers.

18:09:37 And you have funded the literacy program again, which

18:09:39 is a wonderful thing.

18:09:44 We work with families, parents and children with

18:09:47 literacy and we are particularly focusing on early

18:09:50 literacy and language acquisition.

18:09:54 So in both these situations, thank you very much, and I

18:09:58 hope whatever levels we have to go to next will get

18:09:59 approved.

18:10:00 Thank you.

18:10:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

18:10:03 Need to close the public hearing.

18:10:04 >> So moved.

18:10:04 >> Second.

18:10:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and a second.

18:10:07 All those in favor say aye.

18:10:08 Opposed, nay.

18:10:12 Now to item number two, Mr. Shelby?

18:10:16 >> I believe the attorney is in the lobby, the

18:10:17 vestibule.

18:10:23 I see Miss Kert coming up before --

18:10:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Miss Saul-Sena.

18:10:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to say everybody with

18:10:29 requests, over of the years on Council, the amount of

18:10:33 money has continued to lessen each year even though the

18:10:36 cost of doing anything for wheelchair ramps to programs

18:10:37 have increased.

18:10:41 It is really painful because we really wish we can do

18:10:43 more, and this is money from HUD and Washington.

18:10:46 So when you talk to your Federal representatives and

18:10:49 Senators, point out that we could really use more CDBG

18:10:49 money.

18:10:55 Thanks.

18:10:59 Mill are they here, Mr. Shelby?

18:11:01 However you want to do it.

18:11:03 >> Rebecca Kert, Legal Department.

18:11:05 This item cannot be heard tonight because it was not

18:11:05 noticed.

18:11:08 The attorney for the applicant is here.

18:11:10 This would be the third time this case was renoticed.

18:11:13 It was originally filed in May of last year.

18:11:18 What the appellant's attorney, I believe, would like to

18:11:21 proffer to you all that he believes he did mail it in,

18:11:23 and we did not receive it this time.

18:11:26 So we will let him speak to that.

18:11:29 >> Before do you speak, Council, I wanted to bring to

18:11:34 your attention 27-373, appeal from determination of a

18:11:36 board and commission.

18:11:40 The requirements in order for this to be heard by City

18:11:42 Council states that the applicant shall prepare an

18:11:45 affidavit showing the names and addresses of each

18:11:47 person who participated during the board or commission

18:11:52 public hearing, the date and post office address to --

18:11:55 to which each copy of the notice was mailed, the names

18:11:58 and addresses of the neighborhood associations that

18:11:59 were mailed or noticed.

18:12:02 The applicant should attach to the affidavit copies of

18:12:05 the postmarked receipts for certificate of mailing

18:12:07 showing that the notices were mailed and one photograph

18:12:10 depicting the location of the sign on the subject

18:12:12 parcel and its proximity to the street frontage and one

18:12:15 photograph in which the language on the sign is clear

18:12:17 and legible.

18:12:19 The affidavit and the copies of the postmarked receipts

18:12:22 for certificate of mailing and a photograph of the sign

18:12:26 as posted on the subject parcel shall be filed with the

18:12:30 city Clerk not less than 15 days prior to the public

18:12:31 hearing.

18:12:34 The next section says misnotice.

18:12:36 If the notices of the date and time of the public

18:12:46 hearing as required by subsection 27-370 -- 373 sub 2

18:12:50 and 3 which I stated above -- stated at 5 is not mailed

18:12:53 to the applicant 30 days prior to the scheduled day of

18:12:55 the public hearing or the affidavit together with the

18:12:59 copies of the postmarked receipts for certificate of

18:13:03 mailing and a photograph of the sign posted on the

18:13:07 subject parcel is not filed with the Clerk of the City

18:13:09 Clerk 15 days prior to the state of the appeal hearing,

18:13:11 the matter will not be heard and shall be rescheduled

18:13:12 by the City Council.

18:13:15 The applicant shall prior to the date set for the

18:13:18 rescheduled appeal hearing comply with all notice

18:13:22 requirements as provided by 27.373 Sub C above.

18:13:26 Failure to perfect notice required for the rescheduled

18:13:31 appeal hearing shall result in the appeal being denied.

18:13:35 And what has happened in this case is through several

18:13:37 circumstances there are case has been rescheduled

18:13:41 before City Council as it recalls on multiple occasions

18:13:44 for a litany of reasons.

18:13:47 So you have that before you tonight.

18:13:49 I will tell that you in consultation with the Deputy

18:13:54 Clerk, Sandy Marshal, we have reviewed the file, and

18:14:00 there is no receipt that these items as required by the

18:14:03 code have been received by the City Clerk.

18:14:06 It is the City Clerk's position that they were not

18:14:09 filed as required by the code.

18:14:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.

18:14:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I know I have seen this case around

18:14:19 for a while because I recognize the learned counsel

18:14:23 over there, but is any -- are any other property owners

18:14:27 involved in the case or just his client?

18:14:31 >> No one else and at the -- at the underlying hearing.

18:14:33 The one thing I did want to bring to City Council's

18:14:36 attention that after the second misnotice where

18:14:38 typically this would just be removed from your agenda

18:14:42 and be deemed denied, the -- we -- the Legal Department

18:14:45 was asked to look at that, and we realized that the

18:14:49 Barrio ordinance as it is currently written does not

18:14:52 allow to you come back with the same application.

18:14:55 You can only come back with a substantially different

18:14:55 application.

18:15:00 Most regulations allow you to come back with the same

18:15:01 application 12 months later.

18:15:06 We are currently changing that with the Barrio.

18:15:08 Something you send that to the Planning Commission and

18:15:11 will be coming back to you shortly.

18:15:15 City Council adopts that, then they will be able to

18:15:16 come back to the Barrio and within the same

18:15:18 application, but back in October where the Legal

18:15:21 Department asked to you reset this again, and then we

18:15:24 had some issues with the record not being perfected,

18:15:26 dates not --

18:15:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just for clarification, assuming

18:15:32 that we deny it on procedural grounds right now, he

18:15:36 could or could not come back with the same petition

18:15:38 when?

18:15:40 >> Right now.

18:15:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Fill in those blanks.

18:15:44 >> Tomorrow.

18:15:46 Tomorrow morning he can not come back ever with the

18:15:47 same application.

18:15:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How about six months from now?

18:15:52 >> In about three months, if City Council passes the

18:15:54 proposed change, which you have already forwarded over

18:15:57 to the Planning Commission, he would be able to come

18:16:00 back basically when that passes if he is to withdraw

18:16:01 his application.

18:16:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If it passes based on the

18:16:04 assumption it passes.

18:16:06 >> Yes, that's correct.

18:16:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No other parties involved that we

18:16:11 know of other than his client and the city?

18:16:14 >> There were no other parties and at that hearing to

18:16:15 testify.

18:16:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Therefore, they couldn't be parties

18:16:18 in the appeal.

18:16:19 >> Correct.

18:16:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.

18:16:25 The only thing I am going to say, and Joseph, I want to

18:16:28 say it to everybody.

18:16:32 Sir, I can't remember your name.

18:16:34 But you are an attorney.

18:16:35 >> Yes.

18:16:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record.

18:16:41 >> Anthony Ekonomides for the appellant.

18:16:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I want to hear what you have to say

18:16:46 but I want to you swear under oath whatever you are

18:16:47 going to say.

18:16:49 >> Is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the

18:16:50 truth.

18:16:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The Clerk will swear you in and I

18:16:54 want to you say that and I will tell counsel as a

18:16:56 lawyer if he swears under oath and is not telling the

18:16:58 truth, that is a big deal.

18:17:00 So if he does that, and he says he mailed something,

18:17:03 then I think we have to kind of recognize that he is a

18:17:07 lawyer and he is jeopardizing his entire bar license if

18:17:10 he swears under oath and he is not telling the truth.

18:17:13 So -- I don't know what he is going to say or anything

18:17:16 else, but I am going to say if you swear under oath a

18:17:19 lawyer and not telling the truth, that is a big deal.

18:17:21 I am not sure he would risk that for this one little

18:17:22 case.

18:17:24 But anyway, Madam chair --

18:17:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Swear him in please.

18:17:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And anybody who is going to speak.

18:17:33 [Oath Administered by Clerk]

18:17:36 >> I do so help me God.

18:17:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is the procedural motion.

18:17:43 >> On the procedural matters, I am holding in my right

18:17:48 hand a copy of what was sent on may 21, the day after I

18:17:52 signed it and it was sworn by Adrian Lopez of our

18:17:55 office to the Clerk's office.

18:17:58 May I pass that up for a moment?

18:18:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to our attorney and let him

18:18:07 check it out.

18:18:09 >> It's a copy.

18:18:17 In my left hand I have is a copy I kept for my files

18:18:20 but pictures on the back of my copy are original

18:18:23 pictures whereas the copy for the ones I sent to the

18:18:24 Clerk are in black and white.

18:18:25 They are identified differently.

18:18:32 The pictures on that particular affidavit have a hand

18:18:34 written date on them with my initials.

18:18:40 These ones say not may 18, 2010 because I am the one

18:18:41 that posted this notice.

18:18:46 These say 18 May, 2010.

18:18:48 Copied with the initial.

18:18:50 I caused that document to be filed -- well, filed

18:18:51 through the mail.

18:18:57 We file documents through the mail every day.

18:19:01 I realize this is not a judicial body but a

18:19:04 quasi-judicial body.

18:19:07 I simply made the presumption it would be dealt with

18:19:08 the way it should be.

18:19:10 Now I don't know how learned a man I am, but I am an

18:19:11 educated man.

18:19:14 I can't speak for the habits of the United States

18:19:17 Postal Service,and I certainly won't point my fingers

18:19:19 to anyone under the roof of this building, but I mailed

18:19:23 that document, and it comports with the other language.

18:19:30 I received an email letter on the 12th of May from the

18:19:34 Clerk's office indicating that pursuant to what we had

18:19:37 done here on May 6, I would have to do these things

18:19:38 which I have done.

18:19:43 And the time limits within which they would have to be

18:19:47 filed which I did personally because I didn't want any

18:19:48 more mess-ups On this file.

18:19:50 We had enough delay.

18:19:52 And the Chairman at that time made it very clear to me

18:19:55 he would not be very happy about delaying it any

18:19:56 further.

18:19:59 So I pretty much took it away from everybody and did it

18:20:01 myself.

18:20:06 I can't account and I can't explain why it's not here.

18:20:10 But if -- if I can send this other one up so you can

18:20:11 compare the two.

18:20:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you quickly tell us what you are

18:20:13 appealing.

18:20:15 Quickly, quickly --

18:20:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, we can't get into the substance

18:20:20 but we could schedule another hearing.

18:20:24 >>MARY MULHERN: We can't hear the appeal tonight --

18:20:27 Can you schedule another hearing?

18:20:32 Let me ask tell us in 30 seconds or less why this is

18:20:35 the 6th time we scheduled this?

18:20:37 >> Notice problems the first time around, ma'am.

18:20:40 Second time I think the record wasn't perfected and

18:20:44 then just calendaring glitches with respect to what I

18:20:44 do for a living.

18:20:46 And the last one I was going to be out of town in the

18:20:50 Atlanta area in or around -- I think it was June 3 or 4

18:20:52 we were calling for the date.

18:20:54 >>MARY MULHERN: So now if we are going to hear this

18:20:59 again we have to renotice, he has to renotice.

18:21:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: pick a date.

18:21:06 I move that we pick a date and renotice.

18:21:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Hear from Mr. Caetano.

18:21:09 >> I will do it starting Monday.

18:21:10 I will do it all over again.

18:21:12 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Did you mail this yourself or

18:21:15 have someone mail it for you?

18:21:18 >> I thought I may have had Adrian mail it.

18:21:21 Adrian would have been the person who swore the

18:21:23 signature on the 21st.

18:21:25 Because when we completed this document it was late in

18:21:26 the day on the 20th.

18:21:29 I believe the 20th was a Thursday.

18:21:32 I like to work half days on Fridays if I can so I can

18:21:35 get some -- some file work done as opposed to seeing

18:21:36 people.

18:21:40 And Adrian reminded me when I called him earlier that

18:21:42 that's one you took out yourself because you were

18:21:44 running out to the airport and I was running out to the

18:21:47 airport to send documents for my parents who are six

18:21:49 months here and six months up in Canada.

18:21:51 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: You got a receipt for what you

18:21:52 mailed or --

18:21:54 >> Nothing, I sent it regular mail.

18:21:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's pick a date.

18:22:00 Members of Council want to make a motion to rehear it.

18:22:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move we rehear it in a timely way

18:22:08 to get the notice out but that is absolutely the last .

18:22:14 >> Sir, you understand by the code, it requires that

18:22:16 the Clerk have it in the Clerk's file.

18:22:17 >> I don't think I will be mailing anything in the

18:22:19 future, Mr. Shelby.

18:22:21 I am on Davis Island.

18:22:23 I think I will just walk it in.

18:22:23 >> That will be great.

18:22:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have an evening meeting in July,

18:22:28 the evening of July 22.

18:22:31 Does that give us -- does that provide us enough time?

18:22:33 >>GWEN MILLER: We would just be coming back from

18:22:34 vacation.

18:22:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We don't have many things -- in the

18:22:39 evening.

18:22:45 >> Council, I will be out of town in July.

18:22:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The next evening meeting, a August

18:22:47 5 at 5:00.

18:22:50 Okay, we have plan --

18:22:52 >> The 12th would be a better day.

18:22:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, the 12th.

18:22:57 >> Completely at your discretion and doesn't have to be

18:23:00 at an evening meeting you typically hear them during

18:23:01 the day when staff is here.

18:23:06 >> I don't want to increase anybody's workload because

18:23:08 the evenings are great.

18:23:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: August 12 at 6:00.

18:23:11 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

18:23:12 >>GWEN MILLER: A motion and a second.

18:23:14 All in favor say aye.

18:23:16 Opposed, nay.

18:23:18 Receive and file.

18:23:23 All in favor say aye, opposed, nay.

18:23:26 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Madam Chairman.

18:23:28 I would like to make a motion that we have Chairman

18:23:34 Scott send a letter to compliment the Mayor -- I will

18:23:35 read what I am going to say here.

18:23:39 I will like to make a motion to have Chairman Scott be

18:23:43 requested to draft a transmittal letter on behalf of

18:23:46 Council encouraging President Barack Obama to give

18:23:51 Tampa International Airport as an entry between charter

18:23:52 flights between the United States and Cuba.

18:23:54 Not only is Tampa Bay the home to one of the largest

18:23:58 concentrations of Cuban-Americans, but our diverse

18:24:01 international population will benefit from this travel

18:24:02 opportunity.

18:24:05 Support for this decision comes from any community and

18:24:08 business organizations, including the Chamber of

18:24:11 Commerce, World Trade Center Bay, and Tampa Bay

18:24:14 Partnership to name a few.

18:24:16 This will complement the letter of our Mayor sent

18:24:18 yesterday.

18:24:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there a second?

18:24:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

18:24:22 >>GWEN MILLER: All favor of the motion, say aye.

18:24:25 Opposed, nay.

18:24:25 Anything else?

18:24:27 We stand adjourned.


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