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Thursday, June 24, 2010

9:00 a.m. session


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09:10:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to

09:10:42 order.

09:10:42 We'll have roll call.

09:10:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:10:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:10:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:10:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Here

09:10:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:10:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Please, a motion for adoption on the

09:10:57 minutes from June 3rd.

09:11:00 >> So moved.

09:11:01 >> Second.

09:11:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

09:11:03 Opposes?

09:11:04 We have several ceremonial items we need to take up.

09:11:07 Then we'll take up the approval to the agenda.

09:11:09 So we'll deal with those first.

09:11:10 Item 1-A, we have Bonnie Wise, who is scheduled to

09:11:14 appear for presentation at this time.

09:11:18 And then followed by that, we'll have a presentation by

09:11:24 councilman Miranda to Wofford Johnson.

09:11:30 Followed by the Gasparilla distance classic

09:11:33 presentation.

09:11:33 Okay.

09:11:34 >>BONNIE WISE: Director of revenue and finance.

09:11:39 I would like to have the budget officer come up with

09:11:43 me, if I could, and then we have various members of our

09:11:46 budget staff, too.

09:11:46 But I am here to present to you an award presented to

09:11:50 our staff from the GFOA, the government finance

09:11:53 officers association, and this is an award that is

09:11:56 given for excellence in budget reporting, and we have

09:11:59 consistently received this award from the GFOA.

09:12:03 And so on behalf of the GFOA, this is the highest level

09:12:07 of distinction that the GFOA can offer to a budget, and

09:12:11 I want to present that to Dennis and to his staff.

09:12:14 And if I can ask the staff to please stand to be

09:12:17 recognized.

09:12:21 They are already standing.

09:12:23 [ Applause ]

09:12:33 Thank you.

09:12:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Congratulations.

09:12:36 You have done an outstanding job for the City of Tampa,

09:12:38 the whole department.

09:12:39 We appreciate that so very much.

09:12:41 Thank you.

09:12:41 You make us proud.

09:12:46 Councilman Miranda.

09:13:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, honorable members of

09:13:42 Tampa City Council, I am pleased answer honored to have

09:13:44 the opportunity to stand here with an individual of

09:13:47 integrity, honesty, generosity, and mannerisms of the

09:13:53 past, hopefully the future will learn that you don't

09:13:58 always have to yell and scream and you can get the same

09:14:01 thing accomplished by understanding of what you say and

09:14:04 looking somebody straight in the eye.

09:14:07 Before I make this presentation of Mr. Wofford Johnson,

09:14:11 I would say that Mrs. Johnson is just as responsible as

09:14:14 he is.

09:14:20 Mr. Johnson, this commendation is presented on behalf

09:14:23 of the Tampa City Council.

09:14:25 And I am going to read it.

09:14:26 In recognition for your generosity, life-long efforts

09:14:30 on behalf of the citizens of the City of Tampa, most

09:14:33 recently Mr. Johnson completed his third term as

09:14:36 president of T.H.A.N.

09:14:37 That's the Tampa homeowners association of

09:14:40 neighborhoods.

09:14:41 In his capacity, he led T.H.A.N. as he worked with the

09:14:44 City of Tampa and the Planning Commission on all of the

09:14:46 issues affecting neighborhoods from the comprehensive

09:14:49 plan, the chapter 27 amendments, to news racks and

09:14:53 other issues too numerous to mention.

09:14:55 Mr. Johnson has been a steady leader, standing firm on

09:14:58 neighborhood issues, but always gracious and

09:15:02 accommodating.

09:15:04 Mr. Johnson has consistently demonstrated sincerity and

09:15:07 strength of character, and it is with pleasure that we

09:15:10 present this commendation on behalf of Tampa City

09:15:13 Council and the city of Tampa, Florida.

09:15:16 Mr. Johnson.

09:15:17 [ Applause ]

09:15:22 >> I won't take but a moment.

09:15:30 I would like to thank some people.

09:15:32 First of all, I thank council for this recognition, and

09:15:38 also for your concern and support for neighborhood

09:15:42 issues.

09:15:43 T.H.A.N. appreciates your being willing to listen to

09:15:47 our concerns on issues that affect neighborhoods.

09:15:50 Good neighborhoods are the foundation of great cities,

09:15:52 and we appreciate your ongoing support.

09:15:55 And I would like to thank the administration.

09:15:58 It has been a neighborhood mayor and we really

09:16:02 appreciate her support for neighborhoods.

09:16:04 And I would like to thank the city staff.

09:16:08 Staff has been very considerate of T.H.A.N.'s concerns

09:16:10 on many issues and on proposed new or revised

09:16:14 ordinances.

09:16:15 We thank them for being willing to listen to us and to

09:16:19 make changes where possible.

09:16:21 And I would be remiss if I didn't thank Shannon Edge

09:16:25 and Carla Jackson from the neighborhood and community

09:16:28 relations department.

09:16:29 They have been a very, very strong supporter of our

09:16:33 neighborhoods, and they continue to be that.

09:16:35 And I would like to thank the T.H.A.N. officers and

09:16:38 T.H.A.N. representatives for their dedication to the

09:16:43 principle of improving not only their own neighborhood

09:16:45 but also all neighborhoods in the city.

09:16:46 The new officers of T.H.A.N. will serve the city very

09:16:49 well.

09:16:50 Randy Baron is president. Jerry Frankhouser is

09:16:54 vice-president, Fred Zerluff, Secretary; Bill Duval is

09:16:56 treasurer.

09:16:59 Again, thank you very much.

09:17:02 [ Applause ]

09:17:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have a couple council members would

09:17:11 like to make some comments.

09:17:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

09:17:14 I just want to add that it's always been a great, great

09:17:16 pleasure to work with Mr. Johnson.

09:17:18 He's a true gentleman.

09:17:22 And I don't think it has anything to do with age.

09:17:24 I think he's just a wonderfully intelligent and patient

09:17:29 person, and it's always been wonderful to work with

09:17:31 you.

09:17:31 And I want to thank your wife Ann, too.

09:17:35 She was mentioned but she's been a great neighborhood

09:17:37 advocate, too, and always a pleasure to work with you.

09:17:41 You really -- it's amazing how much neighborhoods do

09:17:45 for their own neighborhood.

09:17:48 And you don't know it until you work here and see how

09:17:52 much work you do for us, for the city staff and for

09:17:56 council to make sure that we are doing the right thing.

09:18:00 >>> Thank you.

09:18:03 And I would be very remiss be if I didn't thank Ann for

09:18:07 allowing me to attend all the meetings I have and to

09:18:09 spend hours on the computer.

09:18:10 So thank you.

09:18:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

09:18:18 [ Applause ]

09:18:25 The Gasparilla distance classic to appear.

09:18:29 >> Good morning.

09:18:36 Karen Palus, parks and recreation director.

09:18:38 It's truly my pleasure to be with you all this morning.

09:18:42 We have two organizations that have come forward.

09:18:46 One is our Gasparilla distance classic, and they have

09:18:48 been a tremendous supporter of our friends of Tampa

09:18:51 recreation and Parks and Recreation Department for

09:18:53 many, many years.

09:18:54 And it's my pleasure to introduce them.

09:18:57 First is Susan, a fabulous Executive Director for the

09:19:02 Gasparilla distance classic.

09:19:04 She has grown that event with her team, her board

09:19:06 members and now the volunteers out there.

09:19:07 So we are so privileged.

09:19:10 Heritage charity for the Gasparilla distance classic.

09:19:13 With that, here is Susan.

09:19:14 >> I do definitely have some money to give away.

09:19:17 But first, I have been doing this for 18 years, and I

09:19:20 have never had the opportunity to come to y'all on

09:19:23 behalf of the Gasparilla distance classic association

09:19:27 and say thank you.

09:19:27 The City of Tampa has helped us produce this event

09:19:29 since 1978.

09:19:31 Together we have all given over $3 million to youth

09:19:34 charitable organizations in our community.

09:19:36 This past year was incredibly successful year.

09:19:39 We had almost 25,000 runners and we gave a total of

09:19:42 $210,000 to charity but none of that would be possible

09:19:45 without your support, without the city co-sponsorships

09:19:48 that we receive from y'all.

09:19:50 Also, I want to bring to your attention, we travel to

09:19:52 events all over the country, Boston, Chicago, New York,

09:19:56 and no other city like Tampa has a reputation that we

09:20:00 have for providing safe and secure streets from the

09:20:04 police department, Tampa Fire Rescue, the convention

09:20:06 center, transportation, solid waste, of course parks

09:20:10 and recreation.

09:20:10 We couldn't do it without you.

09:20:11 So thank you very much.

09:20:13 On behalf of the organization and on behalf of all of

09:20:15 the runners and walkers, our volunteers and our

09:20:17 sponsors, too.

09:20:18 And with that, who do I give this money to?

09:20:21 >> To the friends --

09:20:25 >> I have a check here for $50,000 that we would like

09:20:27 to give to friends of Tampa parks and recreation.

09:20:32 [ Applause ]

09:20:36 >> Let me introduce mark downing, the chairman of our

09:20:39 friends of Tampa recreation.

09:20:41 He's done a fabulous job with our board.

09:20:43 And right behind here is their Executive Director doing

09:20:46 great work for us.

09:20:48 At this time I would like to thank you, mark.

09:20:50 >> Good morning, everybody.

09:20:52 To say that I'm a little overwhelmed is a an

09:20:55 understatement.

09:20:56 This is an incredible generous offer from a group that

09:20:59 we have been in partnership for a long time, and like

09:21:01 you this is the first time that I have had a chance to

09:21:03 say thank you to the City Council and actually thank

09:21:06 you.

09:21:06 I have not had a chance to meet you personally.

09:21:08 And we have watched this partnership grow and grow and

09:21:10 grow.

09:21:11 And I just want to let you know that on behalf of the

09:21:13 friends of Tampa recreation that this money actually

09:21:17 makes it possible for underprivileged children in the

09:21:19 community to participate in recreation programs during

09:21:23 the summer.

09:21:23 We just sent about 150 folks through the program, and

09:21:27 it's only going to get better and better.

09:21:29 And this political climate and in this economic climate

09:21:33 when things are so challenging, I think it's really

09:21:35 cool to have partnerships that come together and create

09:21:38 synergies that actually make really good things happen.

09:21:40 So I'm privileged to meet you and accept this check and

09:21:44 can't thank you enough.

09:21:46 Thank you to the city for supporting this organization.

09:21:49 [ Applause ]

09:21:54 >> Just one more thing to present to you all and to

09:21:57 Mayor Iorio. Just kind of a little representation

09:21:59 about what 2010 was all about.

09:22:01 If you get a chance, take a look at these pictures.

09:22:03 You can see what you helped to us accomplish.

09:22:06 Thank you very much.

09:22:09 [ Applause ]

09:22:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you all very much for what you

09:22:11 do for this community, and for the City of Tampa, and

09:22:14 for charity.

09:22:15 Thank you so very much.

09:22:16 >>KAREN PALUS: Next we have a new friend to introduce

09:22:21 to you all.

09:22:22 We have Mr. YOGISH and Bella Patel from the Bella Patel

09:22:31 foundation.

09:22:31 And they have a donation to help our children be able

09:22:33 to a swim this summer as well.

09:22:36 >> Good morning.

09:22:45 Thank you, Councilwoman Harris for your phone call with

09:22:50 the story about the swimming was in the newspaper and I

09:22:55 want to thank the mayor, who is not here, for the phone

09:22:58 call.

09:22:58 Sherri Ackerman's story about the city's vulnerable,

09:23:03 the children and the poor, facing the possibility of

09:23:05 not being able to use the city's pools touched the

09:23:10 hearts of hundreds of citizens of this great city.

09:23:14 And illustrated by the e-mails and the phone calls

09:23:18 received by my office.

09:23:21 Their message was consistent.

09:23:24 Thank you for stepping up to enable these children to

09:23:26 swim, and we hope this does not happen again.

09:23:32 The honorable mayor and this panel campaigned for the

09:23:37 job to protect the health, safety and welfare of Tampa

09:23:41 citizens, a job this panel and the mayor are carrying

09:23:45 out admirably.

09:23:48 However, during bleak times, as we are in now, this

09:23:53 panel must take extra care to protect the vulnerable

09:23:59 and the helpless.

09:24:01 In this case the children and the poor.

09:24:03 And I might add elderly who are here as well.

09:24:07 Thus, although this check of 20,000 from YOGESH and I,

09:24:15 this check is from us, but in spirit this check is from

09:24:18 the caring people of this city and the county who have

09:24:22 sent me here with the following message:

09:24:27 Don't let this happen again, please.

09:24:29 Thank you.

09:24:33 [ Applause ]

09:24:36 At this point I would like to present a check of

09:24:39 $20,000 to friends of recreation, ink.

09:24:43 >> Thank you.

09:24:57 I don't think anything else needs to be said.

09:24:58 That was a passionate presentation.

09:25:01 And directed toward a great cause.

09:25:03 Thank you so much.

09:25:06 [ Applause ]

09:25:09 >> Council, thank you this morning.

09:25:11 I appreciate the time.

09:25:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Again, thank you very much and to the

09:25:15 Patel foundation and family.

09:25:17 Thank you so very much for your generosity.

09:25:19 It means so much to all of us, to the city and to the

09:25:22 community.

09:25:22 Thank you very much again.

09:25:46 It.

09:25:46 Now we review the agenda at this time.

09:25:48 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:25:50 Good morning, members of Tampa City Council.

09:25:52 Before you, you have the addendum to today's very

09:25:57 lengthy agenda, your last agenda before your summer

09:26:03 recess of two weeks.

09:26:06 I am going to take them in numerical order.

09:26:10 The first is item number 34, a resolution approving a

09:26:15 cooperative funding agreement between the city and the

09:26:18 water management district regarding the lower

09:26:21 Hillsborough River project, a request from assistant

09:26:24 city attorney Jan McLean that the agreement attached to

09:26:28 the resolution be substituted.

09:26:32 Item 2 is an item that is on the consent docket, and

09:26:40 that involves a resolution establishing a revised

09:26:42 schedule of fees for the application, processing of

09:26:47 applications for determinations and permit fees for

09:26:51 pain management.

09:26:52 And because that is a fee issue, it is being removed to

09:26:58 the 10:30 staff reports per council's policy.

09:27:03 Item number 53 is also likewise a fee resolution, and

09:27:10 that relates to the modular news rack permits, a and

09:27:16 this is also a request to remove that from the consent

09:27:18 docket and put it on the 10:30 staff reports so council

09:27:23 can deal with that item separately.

09:27:29 Item number 80 is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

09:27:38 It is an ordinance being presented for second reading

09:27:43 regarding the parks and recreation schedule of fees,

09:27:47 memorandum from assistant city attorney Maurice

09:27:51 Rodriguez requesting that ordinance be substituted.

09:27:54 And the clerk, as you will note, has put the titles of

09:27:56 the reflected substitute ordinance on the final agenda

09:28:00 so you can read it right from the final agenda.

09:28:04 Item number 5 is also set for --

09:28:10 >>GWEN MILLER: 95.

09:28:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 95.

09:28:13 >> I was going to say, yes, I stand corrected.

09:28:18 Going back in numerical order, I want to address number

09:28:21 85 which is an ordinance that is being requested to a

09:28:26 continuance to July 15th, 2010, and that would have

09:28:29 to be taken up after 9:30, which is in about two

09:28:33 minutes.

09:28:37 Then item 93 is the second public reading relating to

09:28:43 the Encore development agreement which you took up as a

09:28:47 CRA.

09:28:50 That is a request as Mr. Territo made during the CRA

09:28:54 that the agreement attached to the resolution be

09:28:56 substituted, I believe as an entire package.

09:28:59 That is being requested to be substituted.

09:29:01 Is that correct, madam clerk?

09:29:02 >>THE CLERK: He's requesting the entire agreement be

09:29:09 substituted.

09:29:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, my understanding is because

09:29:12 that was taken up and there are members of the public

09:29:14 here who are involved in that, if that can be moved up

09:29:19 earlier on the agenda to accommodate those people.

09:29:24 Item 95 is a continued public hearing that's scheduled

09:29:29 for 10 a.m., and that is also a request that that

09:29:33 ordinance be substituted with the title of the

09:29:35 ordinance being properly reflected on the final agenda.

09:29:40 Item 105 is a resolution regarding a bid for asphalt

09:29:51 rejuvenating.

09:29:53 That item is scheduled presently under staff report,

09:29:55 but if you recall, that was an item of concern to

09:29:59 council member Dingfelder.

09:30:01 My understanding is that those issues have been

09:30:03 resolved, and if there are no other concerns relating

09:30:06 to this resolution Chairman Scott has suggested that

09:30:09 that substitute resolution rather than being held to

09:30:12 the end of the day be taken up at the time that the

09:30:14 resolutions under transportation committee are moved so

09:30:17 that staff will not have to be here and wait for staff

09:30:21 reports.

09:30:21 That's a request here.

09:30:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So what we can do is move that under

09:30:24 the consent agenda with the motion that's being made on

09:30:26 the transportation, item 105.

09:30:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's the request.

09:30:31 Thank you.

09:30:34 Item 106 is set for this afternoon, and that's just to

09:30:37 put people on notice, it can't be taken up till this

09:30:40 afternoon.

09:30:40 But if anybody is concerned with a hearing, an amended

09:30:44 petition of the Port Authority to close certain

09:30:47 rights-of-way by causeway, west Causeway Boulevard,

09:30:51 that that is a request for a continuance to August

09:30:54 5th.

09:30:55 It will not -- assume council grants the continuance be

09:30:58 heard, but it will be a request for a continuance at

09:31:00 the time, at that time.

09:31:02 Item 10 likewise is set for 1:30.

09:31:06 It's an appeal hearing on the petition of Nicole Ann

09:31:10 DeBartolo relative to a Variance Review Board appeal on

09:31:16 Longfellow Avenue.

09:31:17 There is a request from the appellant's representative

09:31:21 that the council not take up the appeal, but instead

09:31:23 remand it back to the Variance Review Board.

09:31:27 And that's to put people on notice this morning that

09:31:29 that's going to be the request and that will have to be

09:31:31 taken up this afternoon.

09:31:33 Mule.

09:31:35 >>MARY MULHERN: What number was that?

09:31:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That was item number 113.

09:31:40 And I believe council members have received a letter

09:31:43 from Ms. Grimes making that request.

09:31:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, we did.

09:31:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, there are a couple of

09:31:50 issues, and I believe I can wait till new business with

09:31:52 regard to the rules, but, council, now after the break

09:31:56 I am going to be coming to you with revisions to

09:31:59 council's rules that we discussed at the strategic

09:32:01 planning meeting.

09:32:02 But it was raised that there is no formal rule with

09:32:05 regard to council's policy that they don't wish to have

09:32:08 fees placed on the consent docket, so that each

09:32:12 individual council member will have the opportunity to

09:32:14 vote on that individually and to have staff present be

09:32:17 if they wish.

09:32:18 So if council wishes to have that to be a formal rule,

09:32:22 I would ask council to direct me to include that on the

09:32:26 revisioning that I bring back to council, so that both

09:32:29 the clerk's office and the city staff know that there

09:32:32 is a formal request and a formal process for that.

09:32:35 So what happened today, which was inadvertent, would

09:32:38 not happen again.

09:32:40 And I will ask for that under new business.

09:32:45 The other item, council, that I wish to bring to your

09:32:47 attention is a matter of new business.

09:32:53 And that is that late yesterday afternoon, council

09:32:58 member Dingfelder tended his letter of resignation to

09:33:04 City Council.

09:33:04 He tended the letter to the supervisor of elections who

09:33:07 is the elections officer for the City of Tampa, and he

09:33:14 tendered it to the city clerk.

09:33:15 That being the case, council, that letter states that

09:33:19 his resignation submitted yesterday is effective

09:33:22 immediately.

09:33:26 Because of that, council, you now have a vacancy on the

09:33:31 City Council.

09:33:33 And for those council members -- I believe council

09:33:36 member Miller was here -- that at the time, in 2006

09:33:40 when two council members resigned to run for the county

09:33:44 commission, that being council members Rose Ferlita and

09:33:47 Kevin White, council had a process to be able to select

09:33:55 a replacement to fill the remainder of the term.

09:33:58 What I would like to do now is I would like to pass out

09:34:01 to you the process and the application that was used in

09:34:10 2006.

09:34:14 It is my request, council, if you wish, to add this as

09:34:21 an item on the agenda, to be taken up today.

09:34:26 And my suggestion would be that you take the

09:34:29 opportunity during lunch to be able to review these

09:34:34 guidelines, and if you wish to add it to the agenda to

09:34:38 the item this morning to discuss among yourselves you

09:34:40 may do so.

09:34:42 Certainly that's your prerogative.

09:34:43 My recommendation, council, would be that it be added

09:34:48 to the agenda for the first item at 1:30 this

09:34:51 afternoon.

09:34:52 And what that would do would be if it's council's

09:34:56 direction to direct me and the city attorney and the

09:34:59 clerk to coordinate President Obama tension dates for

09:35:02 council, because you see these dates here are 2006

09:35:06 dates.

09:35:09 Then what we can do when we come back at 1:30 have

09:35:12 dates for council to review and choose.

09:35:15 And I would also ask that City Council be prepared with

09:35:19 their calendars to be able to review those dates so

09:35:22 that they could -- so council could make adjustments at

09:35:27 the time.

09:35:27 Mr. Chairman, you may want to contemplate setting a

09:35:30 special meeting if you need to.

09:35:32 I would just point out three things, council relative

09:35:35 to the charterer, and these are listed in bullet points

09:35:37 on the papers you received.

09:35:39 All vacancies on council, City Council, shall exist

09:35:43 within 15 months or less of the term remaining shall be

09:35:46 filled by a majority vote of the remaining City

09:35:48 Council.

09:35:49 Vacancies filled by appointment must be made -- must be

09:35:54 made within 30 days from the time that T vacancy

09:35:57 exists.

09:35:58 So in effect, City Council, the can clock has started

09:36:01 running.

09:36:02 Number 2 that I wish to bring to your attention is that

09:36:05 the council shall act only by ordinance or resolution.

09:36:09 Four members shall constitute a quorum, and no

09:36:11 ordinance or resolution or motion shall be passed

09:36:13 adopted or made except upon the affirmative vote of

09:36:16 four members.

09:36:18 And the last item, which you can read, are the

09:36:21 qualifications on the terms.

09:36:29 The majority of the remaining members.

09:36:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Five.

09:36:35 Well, Mr. Territo I will stand corrected but that is --

09:36:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think we need to take this up at the

09:36:55 end of the day.

09:36:56 I looked at our agenda this afternoon because there may

09:36:57 be some other continuances given the magnitude of this

09:37:00 issue.

09:37:02 But I think we should take it up at the end of the day,

09:37:06 secondly -- secondly that it gives you the city

09:37:09 attorney more time to look at what the process is so we

09:37:12 can be clear, and also it would give council enough

09:37:16 time to maybe raise questions relative to the

09:37:19 appointment and the process, and at that time we can

09:37:22 decide whether we want to have a special meeting given

09:37:25 the fact -- I just think it would give more time at the

09:37:27 end of the day versus 1:30 because we have all these

09:37:30 other items that are before that.

09:37:31 So my suggestion would be we take it up at the end of

09:37:35 the day to allow ourselves a lot more time to

09:37:38 deliberate, discuss, and how we want the attorney to

09:37:40 proceed in terms of advertisement.

09:37:44 Councilman Miranda.

09:37:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with the end of the day.

09:37:49 Certainly a time frame where minds could be a little

09:37:53 clearer and more defined according to the law.

09:37:55 And I heard four, I heard three.

09:37:58 I believe it's the majority of the standing members.

09:38:00 And since there's five, I think the number would be

09:38:02 three.

09:38:03 But I'm not certain about that.

09:38:04 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: The selection and the process you

09:38:10 will go through will need to be developed by a vote of

09:38:13 four members.

09:38:17 Your resolution or ordinance would be appropriate here.

09:38:19 The actual selection is by majority of the remaining

09:38:21 members.

09:38:22 So if it was five, at this point we only have one

09:38:28 resignation, but it would be three of those five that

09:38:31 would make that selection.

09:38:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Some of us, Mr. Chairman, I'm sure

09:38:36 you and others, I think were through this before some

09:38:38 time back, when we had two council members.

09:38:41 And that's right, 30 days.

09:38:44 My suggestion would be later on.

09:38:46 I don't want to take the public's time right now.

09:38:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:38:54 So, Mr. Shelby, anything else you want to add?

09:38:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No, council.

09:38:59 I'm not aware of any other additions, deletions or

09:39:03 substitutions to the addendum.

09:39:04 And I would present it to you for your approval as

09:39:06 amended.

09:39:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Move approval.

09:39:10 >> Second.

09:39:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

09:39:12 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

09:39:15 Opposes?

09:39:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: At this time we take public comment

09:39:34 for items first on the agenda, 30 minutes set aside for

09:39:37 items first on the agenda.

09:39:39 If you want to speak you may come forward now, state

09:39:41 your name and address for the record.

09:39:43 >> You have to excuse me.

09:39:53 I have to have water in order to be able to speak.

09:39:55 I have a health condition.

09:39:57 I can't speak without it.

09:40:03 Good morning.

09:40:05 My name is Sarah Jones.

09:40:07 I live at 115 north Gomez Avenue.

09:40:12 And I'm a member of Barksdale senior center.

09:40:17 My talk relates to item number 97 on the agenda.

09:40:23 In early March, we filed a petition protest this fiscal

09:40:33 year.

09:40:34 A second petition of 255 signatures was delivered to

09:40:38 Mayor Iorio's office earlier this week.

09:40:41 You should have a copy of that petition.

09:40:44 It was presented to you this morning.

09:40:54 Our objections concerning the fees are documented in

09:40:56 the petition it explains why members left Barksdale and

09:40:59 expresses the hope that you will consider more

09:41:03 affordable fees to help bring our members back.

09:41:09 The most grievous complaint is about charges to county

09:41:13 residents.

09:41:16 Their activity fees increased $100 more than city

09:41:21 residents.

09:41:23 For years, regardless of where one lived, the activity

09:41:29 fee was equally applied.

09:41:33 Coincidentally, in this year, there was no COLA for

09:41:40 seniors so the fee increase had a greater negative

09:41:43 impact.

09:41:44 We lost a lot of members as a result.

09:41:51 Many felt they were being penalized for not living in

09:41:54 the city.

09:41:57 Yet they had long contributed to the city's economy by

09:42:00 patronizing restaurants, coffee shops, or shopping in

09:42:06 the area.

09:42:08 Meanwhile, residents are welcomed to county centers,

09:42:16 classes are free, so many of them have left rather than

09:42:20 pay a fee at Barksdale.

09:42:23 Another issue is that fees are not consistent

09:42:30 throughout the area.

09:42:32 We have been paying $2.50 since the fees became

09:42:36 effective.

09:42:38 But other centers have been allowed to charge $1.50

09:42:43 which we think is a more reasonable fee, and we would

09:42:47 like to have our fee lowered and not to have the other

09:42:51 centers hurt by having their fees raised just to have

09:42:56 an equal distribution of the fees.

09:43:01 Lowering the rates would allow me to take another

09:43:04 class.

09:43:05 But in today's environment, if you don't pay, you don't

09:43:10 get to play.

09:43:13 We know we have to pay something.

09:43:18 But invoking fees which drove customers away doesn't

09:43:22 make sense.

09:43:23 It's just not good business.

09:43:26 We want our members to return.

09:43:30 We hope you will be able to come up with a plan which

09:43:34 will allow us to enjoy Barksdale.

09:43:37 (Bell sounds).

09:43:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, ma'am.

09:43:41 Thank you very much.

09:43:43 Next speaker.

09:43:46 Next speaker.

09:43:54 When I say next speaker, you need to move.

09:43:56 Go ahead.

09:43:56 >> My name is Emily mendy and I want to talk to you

09:44:00 about on behalf of the seniors at Barksdale.

09:44:05 I have been a ballroom dance instructor at Barksdale

09:44:07 for ten years.

09:44:08 I have never accepted money for any of my classes, but

09:44:11 I do it to help the seniors and to be a good citizen in

09:44:14 my community.

09:44:16 The center is a great place for fun and recreation for

09:44:19 seniors.

09:44:20 We have an exercise room, music room, game room,

09:44:23 computer room, arts and crafts, and best of all a large

09:44:27 ballroom dance floor with stage, sound system, chairs

09:44:30 and tables, and large kitchen to accommodate our

09:44:37 frequent evening dances.

09:44:38 We had a 16-piece band.

09:44:40 We had dinners put on by Patti and the cost was $8

09:44:45 apiece.

09:44:45 There was always a full house.

09:44:47 I believe it held 140 people and a good time was had by

09:44:51 all.

09:44:52 Since the fees were added the center is but a shadow of

09:44:56 its former self.

09:44:57 The dances are a thing of the past, and no one who

09:45:01 works there will tell us why.

09:45:02 There seems to be a big secret thing going on.

09:45:05 We can't figure out what's going on.

09:45:07 The whole atmosphere has changed, and here is an

09:45:10 example.

09:45:11 I was asked by Mary at Mr. Miranda's office to talk to

09:45:14 be a reporter from the Trib about the situation.

09:45:16 She met me at the center, and I invited her to come to

09:45:20 the ballroom to meet the students, and she was refused

09:45:22 entrance, which seemed quite rude.

09:45:25 I asked if we could talk in another room, and they

09:45:27 said, no, we had to talk out in the parking lot.

09:45:30 It's just not reasonable and shows we cannot find out

09:45:33 what's going on around there.

09:45:35 The seniors have been paying taxes for years and have

09:45:38 more than paid for the use of this building.

09:45:40 Isn't it reasonable to let them take advantage of this

09:45:43 recreation center in their golden years?

09:45:47 The $15 a year is not the problem.

09:45:51 2.50 is too much for a class when you are on a fixed

09:45:54 income.

09:45:55 Line dancing and aerobics are good exercise for seniors

09:45:57 and now they have to reduce their attendance because of

09:46:00 the cost.

09:46:00 Also ballroom dancing is considered one of the very

09:46:03 best exercises.

09:46:05 Can't we find some way to resume the dances and make

09:46:07 better use of the ballroom?

09:46:09 The seniors have been paying taxes on this building in

09:46:13 the city for many years.

09:46:17 This shows the seniors of our great city all they have

09:46:20 contributed to Tampa and give them an affordable

09:46:23 recreation facility for their enjoyment.

09:46:26 Thank you very much.

09:46:28 [ Applause ]

09:46:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.

09:46:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One second.

09:46:31 I want to ask something.

09:46:32 Since my aide's name was mentioned, we did get a

09:46:35 request to make a bridge between a reporter and the

09:46:41 young lady who just spoke, and we did such that.

09:46:45 We were not involved in any other dialogue.

09:46:48 And let me say this.

09:46:50 When I found out yesterday about the distastefulness --

09:46:57 I guess that's the best way I can put it -- when a

09:47:00 media person can come in and view anyone in this room

09:47:03 or in this building or next door, in the administration

09:47:07 office, or in any other city-owned properties, I find

09:47:12 it extremely distasteful, extremely unswallowable --

09:47:19 and I'm using kind words because I want to say

09:47:21 something else -- that the media, in this great

09:47:25 country, was asked to leave the building and not

09:47:30 interview the person inside the building.

09:47:34 This is America.

09:47:36 Just two weeks ago I came from a country where you

09:47:38 don't have those rights.

09:47:41 I did call the media.

09:47:42 I did call the lady who wrote the article.

09:47:45 And I apologized to her for the actions of someone at

09:47:50 the city.

09:47:51 And I don't know where to point a finger at.

09:47:54 I'm not one that points too many fingers.

09:47:56 But let me say that in all cases, whether I like it or

09:48:01 not, whether it's written the way I want it or not, the

09:48:05 media certainly has the right to go into any building

09:48:09 and see for themselves and make an observation of what

09:48:14 the facts or the findings you are.

09:48:17 And in this case, to a lot of degrees, they were not

09:48:22 allowed to do that.

09:48:24 I hope that the administration sends out a memorandum

09:48:28 to all these rec centers that the media is certainly

09:48:33 allowed in and report whatever they want.

09:48:37 You know, the media was there when that senior center

09:48:41 was opened by the former administration in a ribbon

09:48:45 cutting.

09:48:45 Everybody was happy.

09:48:46 They allowed the media.

09:48:49 I think there's a little controversy or big

09:48:51 controversy.

09:48:52 They are not allowed.

09:48:53 That cannot in this city.

09:48:55 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:48:57 [ Applause ]

09:48:58 >>> I don't want to take a lot of time on our agenda.

09:49:05 Number 97 we are discussing the senior centers, and

09:49:08 also the programming.

09:49:09 So we will get into that in-depth and I assure you that

09:49:14 I will be following up on this as much as I possibly

09:49:16 can.

09:49:16 And I want to thank Ms. Ackerman who was mentioned

09:49:21 earlier and all the other reporters that have been

09:49:23 reporting on this, because if you didn't let people

09:49:26 know what's happening with our Parks Department, they

09:49:29 wouldn't know.

09:49:30 So, council does have some say about setting fees.

09:49:35 And we have been asking for resolution of all of these

09:49:39 problems for more than six months probably, and we are

09:49:43 not going to quit on that.

09:49:44 So I just want you to know that in case you can't stay

09:49:47 here until we get to that report on number 97.

09:49:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:49:53 Yes, sir.

09:49:53 >> My name is Robin truth.

09:49:55 I reside at 620 Riviera drive, and speaking in regards

09:49:58 to agenda item 101 which has to do with golf carts.

09:50:03 I think the question was as of last night I understand

09:50:07 there's no written staff report that has been filed.

09:50:10 If it has, I haven't seen it.

09:50:12 I think the question was raised if use of golf carts on

09:50:15 public streets on Davis Island is legal.

09:50:19 As a resident, I believe in the current situation, the

09:50:22 answer is no with one caveat, and that would be golf

09:50:25 carts that can travel at a maximum speed in excess of

09:50:29 20 miles but less than 25 miles per hour.

09:50:32 Any golf cart that does not fit within that narrow band

09:50:38 is operating on the street illegally.

09:50:39 The reason I say that is the public, Florida statutes

09:50:45 provides that if the city is going to permit them on

09:50:47 the streets, then there has to be a feasibility study

09:50:49 done by the city, taking into consideration the roads,

09:50:54 the traffic, and certainly certain other feasibility

09:50:58 issues to determine that they can be operating safely

09:51:00 beings.

09:51:01 If they can be operating safely, then there has to be

09:51:04 signs posted on the side of the streets designating

09:51:08 that they can be operated.

09:51:10 In my review of Davis Island there's no signs on Davis

09:51:12 Island that I have seen.

09:51:14 Therefore, my belief is that they are being operated on

09:51:18 Davis Island improperly.

09:51:19 I am not going to go into the feasibility of that at

09:51:22 this time because I don't think that's on the agenda

09:51:24 today.

09:51:25 But the one caveat is that they have a maximum speed in

09:51:29 excess of 20 miles per hour, less than 25, then there's

09:51:34 a state statute as well as a federal statute regulation

09:51:37 that controls that.

09:51:38 And it basically says they can operate, but they have

09:51:41 to be licensed by the State of Florida, they have to be

09:51:43 insured, they have to have a tag, they have to have

09:51:46 safety equipment which includes seat belts, lights,

09:51:50 rearview mirrors.

09:51:51 I have on Davis Islands seen a vehicle that fits that

09:51:54 description, but the majority of them are not.

09:51:57 And I just wanted to bring that to the City Council's

09:52:01 attention.

09:52:01 Thank you.

09:52:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to ask you one question before

09:52:06 you sit down when you were talking about those state

09:52:08 statutes.

09:52:08 Does that cover the entire city or just Davis Island?

09:52:12 >>> It talks about any state or municipality that has

09:52:16 control over public streets.

09:52:17 I have had discussions with assistant city attorney in

09:52:22 regards to the specific statutes as late as two days

09:52:26 ago but I'm not aware of a written recommendation on

09:52:32 that issue.

09:52:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you in favor of allowing this?

09:52:35 >> No, I would not be mainly from the standpoint, if

09:52:38 you go on Davis Island, you have parking on the side of

09:52:40 the street.

09:52:41 You have speed limits of 35, 25, 30 miles per hour.

09:52:46 You have a golf cart that has a maximum speed of less

09:52:49 than 20 miles an hour.

09:52:52 I think it's a danger.

09:52:54 You do not have --

09:52:58 >> It sounds like those aren't allowable.

09:53:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me suggest that we take that up

09:53:02 under that time, because we have other people standing.

09:53:05 We won't get through public comment.

09:53:06 We are going to stop and --

09:53:09 >>> I don't think it's appropriate --

09:53:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We'll take it up under 101 at that

09:53:13 time.

09:53:14 Okay?

09:53:14 >>> I won't be here but I wanted to make my comments.

09:53:17 I understand I cannot make comments at that time.

09:53:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.

09:53:21 Thank you for your time.

09:53:22 Next speaker.

09:53:22 >>> Good mornings.

09:53:25 I am Dr. Woodard, 8402 north Hubert Avenue, apartment

09:53:30 B-2 in Tampa, Florida.

09:53:32 I am here on an issue of 97.

09:53:34 I was a former -- how can I put this -- volunteer, if

09:53:42 you will, at the center.

09:53:44 I know many of these people behind me.

09:53:49 Many people at Barksdale also went to hunt center where

09:53:54 there are excellent facilities, excellent staff and

09:53:56 very sensitive to the needs both disabled and the

09:53:59 elderly.

09:53:59 In the heyday it was vibrant.

09:54:02 People would come with their $15 with their dignity and

09:54:05 their respect held high.

09:54:07 They didn't have to ask how much I need to give here,

09:54:10 or do I have to pay my rent here, or groceries here, or

09:54:13 medications there.

09:54:14 They were able to go.

09:54:15 They were able to fellowship and most of all it was

09:54:18 therapy.

09:54:19 Let me say it again.

09:54:20 It's therapy.

09:54:21 It's not merely a playground.

09:54:23 It is something for which they look forward to coming

09:54:26 to and leaving and coming back again.

09:54:28 So when they left Barksdale, hunt center.

09:54:33 Then two for the price of $15 a year.

09:54:38 Then what happened?

09:54:40 Fees increased.

09:54:41 Now, as a volunteer, I called nine months ago to the

09:54:44 main office, and asked your staff, chairperson, to run

09:54:52 interference.

09:54:53 And now I am telling the truth.

09:54:54 So in case someone says, we didn't hear you, I was

09:54:58 there in unique voice so everybody here knows that I

09:55:01 called.

09:55:01 In fact, I'm sure the office manager know me by name,

09:55:05 know me by voice.

09:55:10 So what do I say?

09:55:17 Let's be reasonable about the increase.

09:55:19 $30 a year, twice a year would be reasonable.

09:55:22 Let me offer the solution again.

09:55:23 $30.

09:55:24 $15 at the beginning.

09:55:28 What could be better?

09:55:29 I give you a problem.

09:55:31 I give you a solution.

09:55:33 And I know when it's time to leave and it's my time.

09:55:37 Thank you very much.

09:55:39 [ Applause ]

09:55:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:55:44 Next speaker.

09:55:45 >> My name is Cathy Bordalotti, 4023 north Lincoln here

09:55:56 in Tampa, Florida.

09:55:56 I'm here also to speak as the previous three speakers

09:55:59 that have spoken on the parks and recreation fees.

09:56:02 We all understand that the budget deficit problem, we

09:56:06 understand because we feel it in our own lives.

09:56:09 Okay.

09:56:09 We have our own problems with our budget.

09:56:11 I'm here also to speak for not only Barksdale senior

09:56:15 center but the Cornelia art center at Al Lopez.

09:56:20 We would like -- by the way, everybody gets senior

09:56:24 breaks, okay?

09:56:25 Everybody.

09:56:28 It was in the paper this week.

09:56:29 Everybody offers senior breaks so that's what we are

09:56:31 asking for.

09:56:32 A break.

09:56:32 Just a break.

09:56:33 The $15 seemed very good.

09:56:35 Actually it seemed better than good.

09:56:36 It seemed wonderful.

09:56:37 And then we were charged $1.50.

09:56:40 It takes few minutes to write this check -- write a

09:56:43 receipt out for either our check or our cash.

09:56:46 That's a long time.

09:56:47 I think it's wasting city staff to be perfectly honest.

09:56:51 But I understand that we would like to have a reduced

09:56:56 rate or scholarship for seniors and for the disabled

09:56:59 individuals that take classes at both centers or any

09:57:03 center in the City of Tampa, because our $15 recreation

09:57:06 fee, we can go just about anyplace and avail ourselves

09:57:09 of any services.

09:57:10 But for additional revenue, I think we could use the

09:57:15 recreation centers, to rent them.

09:57:18 If we can rent them, except I hear from those that

09:57:24 would like to go there, well, I would like a toast for

09:57:27 our 50th anniversary but I can't take it in there

09:57:33 because it's not wet zoned.

09:57:35 Maybe we would like that for additional revenue because

09:57:37 we understand.

09:57:37 We would like to give additional revenue.

09:57:39 But I speak for many people that are here today both

09:57:41 from Barksdale and from Cornelia.

09:57:45 And we thank you for listening to us this morning.

09:57:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

09:57:48 [ Applause ]

09:57:50 Next speaker.

09:57:55 >> Before my time starts I have some notebooks I would

09:57:57 like to give to council.

09:58:34 >>> Car Mac, 3704 west San Raphael street.

09:58:38 Our house is beautiful superficially.

09:58:41 To our emotional and financial detriment the house was

09:58:44 allowed to be built without filing approved plans for

09:58:46 Florida building codes.

09:58:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me stop you right there.

09:58:49 Now is that relative to public hearing on a rezoning?

09:58:53 >> No.

09:58:54 >> Is this related to a rezoning?

09:58:58 >> My house.

09:59:03 Can I start my time?

09:59:04 >> Go ahead.

09:59:04 >> Is my time still going?

09:59:06 I'm going to need those five seconds, sir.

09:59:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:59:10 You got them.

09:59:10 >> Financial and emotional detriment the house is

09:59:14 allowed to be built without filing approved plans of

09:59:16 Florida building codes.

09:59:17 Many things are wrong at the house but most egregious

09:59:20 is the foundation and brick work.

09:59:22 Building a house on a poor foundation the entire house

09:59:24 is unstable so what happens when you build a house with

09:59:27 a poor foundation?

09:59:28 A foundation that doesn't resemble the approved plans?

09:59:30 The plans called for a footer and stem wall with brick

09:59:33 ledge, the unapproved model has no brick slab provided.

09:59:38 The brick is cutting off the house from the bottom and

09:59:41 it's only two years old.

09:59:42 The only thing holding up the walls are the wall ties.

09:59:44 Without footers and stem wall it's significantly

09:59:49 impacted.

09:59:50 There's also about six inches of foundation from the

09:59:52 concrete missing.

09:59:53 We have in a way of knowing if the house as is will

09:59:55 hold the load Florida. Statutes states it's the

09:59:57 responsibility of the building code administrator to

09:59:58 ensure compliance with building codes.

10:00:01 Florida building codes specifies any changes made

10:00:03 during construction not in compliance with approved

10:00:06 documents shall be resubmitted for approval as amended,

10:00:11 neither occurred.

10:00:12 Inspector 3175 assigned a red tag on the slab's first

10:00:16 inspection.

10:00:17 Two days later he gave approval to nothing that

10:00:19 resembles our foundation was constructed.

10:00:25 FDR requested inspection, of the home, construction

10:00:29 services says they can't seem to locate it, it must be

10:00:31 misplaced.

10:00:32 I have been warned this happens by numerous

10:00:34 professionals.

10:00:35 It's hard to believe now this is just a coincidence.

10:00:37 We spent over two years calling, writing and talking to

10:00:40 everyone to get resolution.

10:00:41 Construction services and risk management made me feel

10:00:44 like we are the ones who acted in bad faith when it was

10:00:47 the city deliberately exhibiting gross negligence made

10:00:51 this occur.

10:00:51 One can only wonder who was involved, the extent

10:00:54 involved and the cover-up and what personal gains were

10:00:56 made at our sacrifice.

10:00:59 Detective Darryl conducted the interview in 2008.

10:01:03 We are still waiting a final report.

10:01:04 I'm sorry, 2008.

10:01:06 Risk management rep every time he speaks with me he's

10:01:09 Curt and awkward.

10:01:10 I feel like I'm the one being investigated.

10:01:13 He made it very clear I am nothing but an announce.

10:01:15 He will be holding a meeting next week and he hasn't

10:01:18 even consulted the engineer of record or their experts.

10:01:21 There are two options available.

10:01:24 Take down the house and rebuild it completely or remove

10:01:26 the brick and footers but not knowing what was used a

10:01:30 retrofit can't be decided until we know what they did

10:01:32 to the house.

10:01:32 I would not be here today if the government departments

10:01:34 were doing the right thing.

10:01:36 I know protocol.

10:01:36 I know how to make things happen and what you should

10:01:38 do. We need your assistance not only getting this

10:01:41 resolved but getting this resolved fairly.

10:01:43 City inspectors acted in bad faith, willful disregard

10:01:47 on our property by allowing the unimproved deviation

10:01:49 that resulted in our home not being built to code or

10:01:52 design.

10:01:53 Is government conduct immune from any kind of

10:01:55 accountability, responsibility, reliability for

10:01:58 deliberate, willful action?

10:02:00 How would you feel if it was your house?

10:02:03 The brick is falling down off the walls.

10:02:05 Thank you.

10:02:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:02:13 Okay.

10:02:14 We have to refer this over to legal staff, to city

10:02:17 attorney.

10:02:17 But let me stress again, we want to tab items first

10:02:20 that are on the agenda, then any remaining time we have

10:02:24 we'll take up at the end of the day.

10:02:25 If you are speaking to an item on the agenda.

10:02:27 Thank you.

10:02:27 >> Wanda Howard, 7411 O'Brien street, Tampa, Florida

10:02:32 33616.

10:02:33 I'm here to speak for the children of the Kwane Doster

10:02:38 rec center.

10:02:39 I would like to thank the Parks and Recreation

10:02:40 Department for giving us the extra time needed to

10:02:43 register children for our summer program.

10:02:45 And I would like to thank the council for giving us --

10:02:48 for helping us sort out the confusion as caused anger

10:02:52 and decertification in our community.

10:02:54 We are still trying to solicit kids for our program,

10:03:01 with the what has been raised it's very hard.

10:03:07 Some of the parents as now during that time, we weren't

10:03:10 sure if the center was going to be open, if it was

10:03:12 going to be closed, if we had the program or not.

10:03:14 So some of the families, some it parents had family

10:03:18 members watching their children, friends, and then in

10:03:20 some cases the kids themselves are watching each other.

10:03:25 We have also heard that some parents set up daycare

10:03:30 centers from their homes.

10:03:31 Now today I heard that we had $70,000 that was given to

10:03:35 the friends of Tampa.

10:03:37 So what a blessing.

10:03:38 Hopefully some of the kids at the Kwane Doster center

10:03:41 will be receiving some of these scholarships that are

10:03:44 given out.

10:03:44 I also want you to know that we have quite a few

10:03:48 programs that are at the center.

10:03:50 We have the seniors there out there twice a week.

10:03:53 We have the seniors food program that comes three times

10:03:55 a week.

10:03:57 The association comes six times a year.

10:04:01 We have a back to school celebration which me and my

10:04:05 husband have today's blessings ministry and we gave out

10:04:11 over 400 book bags at the center.

10:04:13 Once again we have the summer blast.

10:04:16 The center itself has tables, and spring fling, which

10:04:22 they invite other centers to come out.

10:04:25 Then we have the black history brain bowl.

10:04:27 We have churches that have repass which is a dinner

10:04:31 after a funeral.

10:04:32 We have had tea parties for the girls, cooking classes.

10:04:36 I mean, it is a center that we use, and we would love

10:04:39 to have our center to stay open so that if you don't

10:04:42 give the kids a place to be after school or during the

10:04:47 summer, there's only one other place they are going to

10:04:50 be and that is in the streets of Tampa, Port Tampa or

10:04:54 our community.

10:04:55 So we have to give the children either jobs or we have

10:04:57 to have someplace for them to go.

10:04:59 We have no other option.

10:05:00 So I am asking that the City Council help us.

10:05:05 I'm hoping that you can see fit in your busy schedule

10:05:08 to help us keep our center open.

10:05:10 Thank you.

10:05:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, ma'am.

10:05:13 [ Applause ]

10:05:19 >> Frank R. Williams, Sr., paradise missionary Baptist

10:05:24 church.

10:05:26 Before I talk I want to give glory and praise to

10:05:29 almighty God and I thank God for Jesus Christ.

10:05:32 I know some of you all don't want to hear that but

10:05:34 that's the way I am.

10:05:36 I speak the truth because I'm most concerned about your

10:05:38 soul than I'm concerned about your living here.

10:05:42 Let me read something for you first.

10:05:46 In God we trust, missionary Baptist church.

10:05:53 This is the Constitution.

10:05:54 We hold these truths to be self-evident that all man

10:05:58 are created equal, that they are endowed by the their

10:06:01 creator, and meteorology these rights are life, liberty

10:06:05 and pursuit of happiness, that government institute

10:06:08 among men deriving their just power from the concept of

10:06:12 government, that whenever a form of government becomes

10:06:16 destructive to these ends, the government is bias,

10:06:24 racist, unjust, thieverous and anti-Christ.

10:06:33 I don't know why you put so much restriction on the

10:06:35 park.

10:06:36 Was over at Robles park last Sunday.

10:06:40 The children having kick balls and all that.

10:06:43 About 15 Ku Klux Klan policemen came out and disturbed

10:06:50 them all.

10:06:50 The reason I call them Ku Klux Klan, they think they

10:06:55 can do anything they want to do to our black children.

10:06:57 And I got to speak the truth.

10:07:00 We believe in God.

10:07:01 We trust in God.

10:07:02 We put our trust in God.

10:07:04 And we are going to be like that till we go to the

10:07:06 graveyard.

10:07:06 You all seem to have an agenda here that's very racist.

10:07:11 And they had a little thing set up here.

10:07:16 I don't know what they call it.

10:07:17 The police went down.

10:07:20 They come down on the innocent children.

10:07:25 I talked to the chief the other week, and I told her I

10:07:27 wanted to meet with her.

10:07:29 Now she looked at the color of my skin, and I don't

10:07:33 meet with you.

10:07:35 We are racist in the United States.

10:07:37 Not only the United States but Tampa is one of the

10:07:40 racist cities in the world I think.

10:07:42 I have been here all my life.

10:07:43 I come out of Central Park.

10:07:44 Let me tell you a little about Central Park.

10:07:46 Central Park has been demolished.

10:07:48 And the reason it's been demolished is it's too close

10:07:53 to downtown for black folks to exercise, have a

10:07:57 recreation center.

10:07:58 It's blocked off, they blocked off coming off of Scott

10:08:04 street into Central Park.

10:08:05 So I went there and I challenged the guy.

10:08:07 I said why did you block off Scott street?

10:08:11 Basically what he was saying, White folks don't know

10:08:15 they are going into a black neighborhood.

10:08:16 So what?

10:08:17 You are going into a black neighborhood.

10:08:19 I go into a white neighborhood.

10:08:21 You don't block off nothing.

10:08:23 We so racist in the United States, the people that

10:08:26 built this country up, our ancestors, African-Americans

10:08:32 built this country up and Mexicans built this country

10:08:35 up, and yet you all treat us like we are inferior.

10:08:38 At one time, I got a book, I would sure like to read

10:08:41 something.

10:08:42 I got a book that was published, and the cruel things

10:08:49 they did to our ancestors is unbelievable.

10:08:53 I come here, and I bring an excerpt out of my book.

10:08:58 Thank God for you all hearing me.

10:08:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right, thank you.

10:09:07 Next speaker.

10:09:09 >> My name is Robert McCoy.

10:09:12 I'm a business manager for Carpenters 140.

10:09:15 Here to speak on the Encore project.

10:09:17 With unemployment --

10:09:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's a public hearing.

10:09:22 So you have to speak under that item.

10:09:23 >> All right, I'm sorry.

10:09:24 >> No problem.

10:09:25 Thank you.

10:09:26 >> Good morning.

10:09:30 My name is Elizabeth Smith.

10:09:31 I live at 19110 St. Lauren drive.

10:09:36 As you can tell from the address, a Hillsborough County

10:09:41 resident not within the city limits but I volunteer at

10:09:43 the Barksdale senior center.

10:09:46 And I'm here to speak about the fees that were

10:09:50 increased, not just a yearly fee but the per-class fees

10:09:55 adding insult to injury.

10:09:57 The class fees are not a win-win situation.

10:09:59 I think that there are other options that would result

10:10:02 in a win-win situation bringing back participants to

10:10:08 the centers as well as increasing the revenue at

10:10:11 Barksdale.

10:10:12 I started attending Barksdale three years ago,

10:10:18 participating in line dance classes, and other social

10:10:21 activities.

10:10:23 Outside of Barksdale I received training from three

10:10:26 professionals in the area in line dancing.

10:10:28 I also have background in high school education and

10:10:33 adult education, well qualified to teach the subject

10:10:37 that I teach but I chose to volunteer as a means of

10:10:40 giving back to Barksdale, since Barksdale played such

10:10:43 an important role in my adjusting to my retirement.

10:10:46 A year ago my class had 30 participants, mixed city and

10:10:51 county participants.

10:10:54 Now we have 20 participants resulting from the increase

10:11:00 in fees.

10:11:01 By the end of the summer, I expect to lose five more

10:11:05 when those people have to renew the fees at the

10:11:08 increased rate.

10:11:11 I am also unable to recruit more people because anytime

10:11:14 people approach me about participating in those

10:11:16 classes, and I mention $115 per year, the interest

10:11:22 vanishes.

10:11:23 There are many options to come up with a solution.

10:11:26 One was mentioned earlier at $30 two times a year.

10:11:31 I think that's something that people could swallow.

10:11:33 You could also look at a per-class basis so that a

10:11:39 person that attends only one class a week, it doesn't

10:11:42 pay the same as a person who may attend five classes a

10:11:47 week.

10:11:47 So I urge you to look for a win-win situation where

10:11:54 both the participants will benefit and the county will

10:11:58 increase -- the city will increase their revenue.

10:12:02 Thank you very much.

10:12:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

10:12:03 Next speaker.

10:12:05 [ Applause ]

10:12:09 >> Hall, 2711 north A street, here with the folks about

10:12:14 Barksdale.

10:12:15 I lost a leg about 10, 12 years ago, and was like two

10:12:19 or three years ago I started going to the senior center

10:12:22 there, and start doing all the classes, aerobics and

10:12:26 dance and all that stuff, and I started to be mobile

10:12:29 again and but due to the fees, I had to quit.

10:12:36 I'm on a fixed income and so forth and so on.

10:12:38 But I'm just here to speak my piece a little bit.

10:12:42 Hopefully they can get whatever they can get resolved

10:12:45 and I can try to keep up with those ladies in those

10:12:47 aerobics classes again.

10:12:49 Thank you.

10:12:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:12:51 [ Applause ]

10:12:53 >> We have time for one more speaker.

10:12:55 Time for one more speaker.

10:12:57 Anyone else want to speak on an item on the agenda?

10:13:02 Anyone else?

10:13:07 Okay.

10:13:08 Thank you very much.

10:13:15 Item number 3.

10:13:22 Councilman Miranda.

10:13:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I am going to read

10:13:32 the ordinance for first reading, if I may, sir.

10:13:35 An ordinance for first reading consideration.

10:13:37 Ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida readopting an

10:13:40 ordinance that makes comprehensive revisions to City of

10:13:42 Tampa code of ordinances chapter 6, business

10:13:46 regulation, creating 11, pain management clinic,

10:13:51 section 6-255 through section 6-262, revising and

10:13:58 clarifying sections 6-256-C-4, 6-257 A, 6-261 A, and

10:14:10 6-262, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

10:14:13 conflict, providing for severability, providing an

10:14:15 effective date.

10:14:15 >> Second.

10:14:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now that we pass this ordinance

10:14:25 there's an epidemic not only in this city and this

10:14:27 county but yesterday you saw the news where sheriff

10:14:29 white in Pasco has the same problem.

10:14:31 They have arrested over 40-some individuals, over 40

10:14:34 others are being looked at to get arrested when they

10:14:37 find them.

10:14:38 And they have had over 100 deaths.

10:14:40 This is the cause.

10:14:41 I have been speaking where our legal department, now

10:14:43 that this ordinance is passed on first reading, and if

10:14:47 I may ask you to come forward.

10:14:56 We need to further restrict in my opinion that

10:15:01 regulators, owners of clinics disclose if they or any

10:15:05 family member have an interest in pharmacy.

10:15:07 In other words, script mills, you go see this doctor

10:15:12 who is really a doctor without a license maybe, and I'm

10:15:15 not going to speak for the ones that are legit because

10:15:20 there are many that are legit, oncology, operations,

10:15:25 things of this nature.

10:15:26 But I think that's one of the things that should be

10:15:28 added on in the near future.

10:15:29 And I agree with the state.

10:15:32 And I think we also need to dovetail the limit of days

10:15:36 that prescription pills of this type of medication is

10:15:40 given to the patients.

10:15:42 It's jut most important that if you take some of these

10:15:46 highly toxic and highly dangerous pills and become

10:15:51 addicted that they only be prescribed for a number of

10:15:54 days.

10:15:55 And any pharmacy that opens up in the City of Tampa,

10:16:01 and lately there's been so many of them, and it's hard

10:16:03 to understand that, because in this type of economy,

10:16:08 how can pharmacies that are 20 by 20 opening up and

10:16:11 only serve seven or eight different types of

10:16:13 medication?

10:16:15 Mostly all in the drug field.

10:16:17 That all pharmacies are required to have a permit.

10:16:20 And those are the things that I say, the owner, the

10:16:25 business, the medical director and the property owner

10:16:28 be all identified in the ordinance that I spoke to our

10:16:33 attorney about.

10:16:34 And I need your help.

10:16:35 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

10:16:40 What I'm hearing from Mr. Miranda and what I would need

10:16:45 some action from council on would be a request to

10:16:47 actually amend the ordinance that's in front of you on

10:16:51 first reading, and I can bring that amendment back

10:16:54 after the second reading of the ordinance.

10:16:56 We could bring that back as an amendment to the

10:16:59 ordinance.

10:16:59 You would be approving on second reading on July

10:17:02 15th when the second reading was, and I would need

10:17:05 a motion of council to add into our regulation a

10:17:12 provision on the business operating permits for pain

10:17:15 management clinics, that an operator disclose their

10:17:18 interest in a pharmacy, and also look at adding some

10:17:22 language which would be in line with the state

10:17:24 regulations relating to limits on the prescriptions and

10:17:27 the number of days that prescriptions can be written,

10:17:30 and those two changes we certainly could go ahead and

10:17:33 amend the ordinance to add in as relates to having a

10:17:36 similar type of business operating permit for

10:17:38 pharmacies.

10:17:39 I will tell you, and I have spent a little time looking

10:17:42 at this and would need some more time.

10:17:44 I haven't seen in other jurisdictions that have

10:17:46 undertaken a separate -- a permit process for

10:17:51 pharmacies similar to what we have seen for pain

10:17:54 management clinics.

10:17:55 So I would need some time to research that.

10:17:57 That would be a separate permit process that we would

10:17:59 have to research, find out whether or not there's

10:18:01 anything that speaks to that, that would inhibit our

10:18:05 ability to do that.

10:18:06 At this point I would ask to be given some time to look

10:18:09 into that issue but can go ahead if council so desires

10:18:12 to amend the ordinance in front of you to deal with the

10:18:14 other two issues that Mr. Miranda raised.

10:18:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You gave us a time frame that you

10:18:20 think we need in case we say yes to my suggestion.

10:18:24 >>> What I would like to be able to do is maybe when I

10:18:26 come back on first reading on this amendment I can go

10:18:28 ahead and let you know what I have found and just a

10:18:32 short report at that point in time, and then what else

10:18:37 if I need additional time.

10:18:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, that's my motion.

10:18:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the original motion and then come

10:18:45 back and request the second motion.

10:18:47 Okay?

10:18:48 Moved and seconded by councilman Caetano.

10:18:51 All in favor say Aye.

10:18:53 Opposes?

10:18:53 Okay.

10:18:54 >>THE CLERK: The amendment to the ordinance that you

10:18:57 requested between now and --

10:18:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I certainly hope so but that can be

10:19:01 a separate motion, for clarity.

10:19:03 I make that motion.

10:19:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:19:08 And that will come back.

10:19:10 What's the time frame?

10:19:15 >>JULIA COLE: I think second reading of your ordinance

10:19:17 in front of you is July 15.

10:19:19 And what I will do is have a separate ordinance

10:19:23 amendment, the two changes which you have discussed

10:19:25 today to come back at first reading, subsequent second

10:19:29 reading.

10:19:31 >>GWEN MILLER:

10:19:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:19:33 All in favor?

10:19:34 Opposes?

10:19:34 So moved and ordered.

10:19:35 Item number 4.

10:19:36 >>GWEN MILLER: An ordinance for first reading, an

10:19:44 ordinance amending ordinance 2008-141 pass PD and

10:19:48 ordained by the City Council of the City of Tampa on

10:19:51 August 21, 2008, correcting a scrivener's error by

10:19:55 substituting the approved site plan dated August 14,

10:19:58 2008, for the old site plan dated May 22, 2008,

10:20:04 attached to the ordinance that was supplied in error,

10:20:07 providing for severability, providing an effective

10:20:08 date.

10:20:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's been moved and seconded.

10:20:11 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:20:13 Opposes?

10:20:14 >>THE CLERK: Second reading on item number 3 and 4

10:20:16 will be July 15th at 9:30 a.m.

10:20:19 >> okay.

10:20:24 We'll take up committee reports at this time.

10:20:26 Public Safety Committee.

10:20:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Move resolutions 5 through 14.

10:20:29 >> Second.

10:20:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:20:34 All in favor?

10:20:35 Opposed?

10:20:37 Parks and recreation.

10:20:43 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:20:44 >>MARY MULHERN: I wasn't expecting to be passing these

10:20:47 agenda items so I am looking at them real quickly so

10:20:50 maybe you can move on to the next.

10:20:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Public works.

10:20:57 Councilwoman Miller.

10:20:58 >>GWEN MILLER: I move resolution 26 through 45.

10:21:01 >> Second.

10:21:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:21:09 Opposes?

10:21:10 Okay.

10:21:13 Move to Finance Committee.

10:21:14 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:21:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Those are my items.

10:21:21 I'll move them.

10:21:21 But there were two items that we were asked to

10:21:26 substitute.

10:21:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 52 and 53 we pulled because they

10:21:30 include fees.

10:21:32 >> So we are pulling those.

10:21:33 I move items 46 through 51.

10:21:37 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:21:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:21:41 All in favor?

10:21:42 Opposes?

10:21:43 Okay.

10:21:44 Building and zoning.

10:21:45 Councilman Caetano.

10:21:46 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I move items 547 to 64.

10:21:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Second.

10:21:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I wanted to highlight item 63 and 64.

10:21:56 Item 63, I want to thank the administration for moving

10:22:01 forward.

10:22:02 This is a contract approving agreement between the City

10:22:06 of Tampa and the East Tampa senior association for

10:22:10 affordable housing in East Tampa in the amount of

10:22:13 $200,000.

10:22:14 And then item 64 also is a neighborhood stabilization

10:22:18 program loan agreement approving agreement in the

10:22:22 amount of $1.5 million for affordable rental units.

10:22:27 So I wanted to highlight those and thank the

10:22:29 administration for moving on those two items.

10:22:31 So moved and seconded.

10:22:32 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:22:34 Opposes?

10:22:36 Transportation.

10:22:38 Councilwoman Miller.

10:22:39 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:22:40 Move resolution 65 through 73.

10:22:42 >> Second.

10:22:45 >>GWEN MILLER:

10:22:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:22:49 Opposes?

10:22:50 Set for public hearing items74 through 79.

10:22:52 >> I move those items 74 through 79.

10:22:54 >> Second.

10:22:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:22:58 Opposes?

10:22:58 Okay.

10:22:59 Councilwoman Mulhern, go back now.

10:23:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:23:03 I move items 15 through 25.

10:23:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second?

10:23:10 >> Second.

10:23:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:23:12 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:23:14 Opposes?

10:23:14 Okay.

10:23:18 Now we move to our 9:30 items for reading and these are

10:23:24 public hearings.

10:23:27 A person will be allowed to speak on them.

10:23:30 Let me say to all of us here today, we are going to be

10:23:32 in a time crunch and constraint.

10:23:36 Council will break at 10:30 to take up staff reports.

10:23:41 At 12:00 council will break for lunch and we will come

10:23:43 back.

10:23:44 We convene at 1:30.

10:23:46 Some of these items are long items.

10:23:48 I can tell you now.

10:23:51 We take three hours the other night on one item.

10:23:54 An hour and a half on another one.

10:23:56 So my guess is that you are looking at almost the same

10:23:59 time frame.

10:24:00 So we will be here all day and part of the night,

10:24:03 because this is our last meeting before the break.

10:24:05 So you have to be patient and you have to bear with us

10:24:09 because this is a heavy agenda today.

10:24:11 And then we have the absence of two of our council

10:24:15 members.

10:24:16 And, council, I just received in hand the resignation

10:24:19 of Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena.

10:24:22 So we now have two vacancies that we will take up later

10:24:24 on today.

10:24:25 Okay?

10:24:30 Let me take up first under the 9:30 item the Encore

10:24:33 item, if they will come forward.

10:24:35 This is for public hearing.

10:24:38 Let me take up that item.

10:24:39 >> Move to open the hearing.

10:24:54 (Motion carried).

10:24:55 >>SAL TERRITO: We are here on 93, the Encore project,

10:24:57 the second public hearing required for this project.

10:25:00 You had the first one on June 10th.

10:25:02 I did submit documentation to you on June 17th for

10:25:04 the missing exhibit and I submitted a new package which

10:25:12 consisted of the entire package because we had small

10:25:14 typos in there.

10:25:15 We had some corrections that we had to make.

10:25:17 And they also included the exhibit that I submitted to

10:25:19 you earlier if there are any questions I will be happy

10:25:26 to answer for you.

10:25:27 >>MARY MULHERN: We have a lot of substitutions on here

10:25:31 today for some major items.

10:25:33 So could you please tell us anything substantive that

10:25:39 has changed since we last saw the agreement?

10:25:43 >>SAL TERRITO: The only change is the new exhibit that

10:25:45 you did not have available to you.

10:25:47 The new exhibit is dealing with design standards for

10:25:50 streetscapes, which is --

10:25:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You remember last time we didn't get

10:25:55 to all of them.

10:25:56 >>SAL TERRITO: That was submitted to you earlier on the

10:25:58 17th as a separate package dealing with design

10:26:00 standards.

10:26:01 >>MARY MULHERN: That's what we got on the 17th.

10:26:03 >> And the other changes are ones dealing with

10:26:05 typographical errors.

10:26:06 We added some new definitions to the development

10:26:09 agreement itself, because they were referenced but

10:26:12 weren't really covered clearly so there were

10:26:14 clarifications.

10:26:15 All the other exhibits are substantially the same

10:26:17 there.

10:26:17 Were no changes on those at all.

10:26:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Do we have anyone here from the

10:26:22 Housing Authority?

10:26:23 >> Well, Mr. Ryan is here.

10:26:25 Staff is here.

10:26:26 So I don't know whether he wants to come up.

10:26:28 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to hear they are okay with

10:26:31 it.

10:26:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Ryan or whoever?

10:26:34 >> Leigh Fletcher, 401 East Jackson Street.

10:26:39 I'm here on behalf of Central Park development group.

10:26:42 And Mr. Ryan is here on behalf of the Housing

10:26:45 Authority.

10:26:45 And we are comfortable with the revised package that

10:26:48 you have before you.

10:26:48 >> Jerome Ryan, Tampa Housing Authority.

10:26:57 I guess your question is are we satisfied?

10:26:59 Yes, we are.

10:26:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I believe with this item today with

10:27:02 the approval of this also release some of the permits

10:27:06 until the CDB --

10:27:15 >>SAL TERRITO: There are two sets of permits.

10:27:17 There is grading.

10:27:18 It will be released.

10:27:19 And there are other permits that will be coming at a

10:27:21 later time of the community development district has

10:27:24 not yet been approved.

10:27:25 That will be coming back before you, and we are still

10:27:28 dealing with those issues but that's the only item that

10:27:30 has not come back to us.

10:27:31 One of the attachments here will be approved subject to

10:27:35 the development, community development district being

10:27:38 created, signatories to that particular item, the

10:27:41 financial agreement that's an attachment to your

10:27:43 document.

10:27:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Which will come back at a later date.

10:27:47 >> yes, it will.

10:27:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone from the public wishes to

10:27:49 address this council on item number 93, the Encore

10:27:52 development project over in Central Park?

10:27:55 >> Robert McCoy, Carpenters local.

10:28:03 With unemployment in Hillsborough County reaching close

10:28:05 to 13% in the construction industry is probably closer

10:28:08 to 24%, we feel this project is a much needed boost to

10:28:11 the economy for Tampa and Hillsborough County.

10:28:14 We applaud the Tampa Housing Authority's commitment to

10:28:18 providing jobs for the community and providing training

10:28:20 so the residents can learn some trades and provide them

10:28:23 with a life-long way and means to support their

10:28:27 families.

10:28:27 So therefore Carpenter's 140 urges the council to

10:28:31 accept the master development agreement and approve the

10:28:34 Encore projects so we can move forward with approving

10:28:36 Tampa and Hillsborough County.

10:28:37 Thank you.

10:28:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close the public hearing.

10:28:43 >> Second.

10:28:46 Substitute the entire package.

10:28:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and second to close the public

10:28:50 hearing.

10:28:50 (Motion carried)

10:28:51 Motion now by Councilwoman Miller to move the

10:28:53 resolution.

10:28:54 >> Second.

10:28:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The substitution on all the items and

10:28:58 include the entire package.

10:28:59 Moved and seconded by councilman Miranda.

10:29:01 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:29:03 Opposes?

10:29:04 Okay.

10:29:05 We'll take up item 81.

10:29:06 Item 81.

10:29:09 If we can open all of the public hearings.

10:29:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved, Mr. Chairman.

10:29:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

10:29:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:29:18 Opposes?

10:29:19 Item 81.

10:29:23 Anyone wish to have been speak on item 81?

10:29:26 This is University of South Florida related to the

10:29:29 banners and all that.

10:29:35 Item 81.

10:29:36 >> Good morning honorable am chairman and members of

10:29:40 the City Council.

10:29:40 My name is Cassandra Henson, the former associate

10:29:43 director of community affairs for unit of south Florida

10:29:46 student government, and on thank you so much for

10:29:51 working with us the past few months on this amendment.

10:29:55 We really appreciate the time all of you individually

10:29:57 have met with us to discuss this amendment, this

10:30:01 ordinance, in order for the banners to be erected, and

10:30:04 the university area in order to create better

10:30:08 cohesiveness between the USF campus and I would like to

10:30:14 thank Councilwoman Mulhern for sponsoring this, and

10:30:17 thank you so much to the rest of the council again for

10:30:20 meeting with us individually.

10:30:22 I really hope as an alumnae now that this ordinance

10:30:26 will help us to create and foster the communication and

10:30:32 communities between the USF and Tampa.

10:30:36 I will notify turn it over to Hernando who is now --

10:30:45 >> Chris Randall, student body Senate.

10:30:51 And I really hope that you all will really vote for

10:30:53 this measure.

10:30:54 I would like to thank councilman Miranda and council

10:30:56 man Caetano for coming out to our university and this

10:31:03 will be huge business for our school's morale and

10:31:07 school spirit.

10:31:08 When comes to football games in particular.

10:31:10 Because whenever my classmates and I definitely my

10:31:12 roommates and I go to our football games and we see a

10:31:15 sign this is bulls country, it means a lot to us.

10:31:18 And also could mean a lot to this community as well.

10:31:20 So I really hope that you all could vote for this

10:31:24 because it could really help out the community and the

10:31:26 school.

10:31:28 Thank you so much.

10:31:29 >>> My name is -- I am the current director of the

10:31:35 university of student government.

10:31:38 First I want to apologize, for the president Fernandez.

10:31:44 He has organic chemistry exam.

10:31:47 I'm sure you understand.

10:31:48 What comes with this, with these flags, is a sense of

10:31:51 pride for our university.

10:31:53 I think you can see in all of our faces that we are

10:31:56 extremely excited for this opportunity, and that this

10:31:59 is something that will continue building a culture in

10:32:03 Tampa.

10:32:03 When people come to the Tampa we want them to know this

10:32:08 is USF country, this is bulls country, and with that

10:32:11 culture comes success, the success of our students, and

10:32:14 of the greatness that we are trying to accomplish this

10:32:16 year.

10:32:17 So thank you for taking the time.

10:32:19 I look forward to working with you in the future.

10:33:01 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Chairman, I want to thank the

10:33:02 students.

10:33:03 I had a tour last week of USF, the medical facilities,

10:33:08 the new ROTC center.

10:33:11 It's amazing.

10:33:12 I have never been there.

10:33:13 And I was really set back on what I saw. and I

10:33:17 appreciate everything you guys do.

10:33:18 Because you are going to be our future leaders.

10:33:20 Thank you.

10:33:20 >> Thank you.

10:33:23 It's moved and seconded.

10:33:24 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:33:30 Councilwoman Mulhern, do you want to read the ordinance

10:33:32 81?

10:33:33 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

10:33:35 for second reading and adoption, an ordinance of the

10:33:37 city of Tampa, Florida making comprehensive revisions

10:33:40 to chapter 22, streets and sidewalks of the City of

10:33:43 Tampa code of ordinances amending section 22-235

10:33:47 installation and dimension requirements, amending

10:33:49 section 22-236 permitted areas, duration of permit,

10:33:54 maintenance requirements, removal, providing for

10:33:57 severability, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

10:33:59 conflict, providing an effective date.

10:34:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:34:05 We have to do a voice roll veto.

10:34:06 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.

10:34:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

10:34:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

10:34:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

10:34:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:34:12 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

10:34:15 >> We take up item 94, I believe, we take up item 94

10:34:21 and 52 and 53, I believe we have a couple of officers

10:34:24 that we need to get out, is that right?

10:34:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just heard also the chief is here

10:34:31 on item 101 as well.

10:34:44 >>SAL TERRITO: Here for item 94, the bond issue that

10:34:46 they are asking the City of Tampa to I shall four them,

10:34:48 3.7 million.

10:34:50 We do not bear any responsibility for the payment of

10:34:52 these bonds and we do get a fee for doing this.

10:34:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone wish to address council on item

10:35:01 94?

10:35:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close the public hearing.

10:35:05 >> Second.

10:35:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:35:08 Motion?

10:35:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move the resolution.

10:35:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

10:35:12 >> All in favor?

10:35:17 Opposes?

10:35:39 We need to direct Mr. Shelby, because as you recall, I

10:35:42 think that came up about fees, and council didn't want

10:35:46 any more fees put on the consent agenda but didn't pass

10:35:50 a motion to that effect.

10:35:52 So, yes, sir?

10:35:54 >> Mr. Chairman, I can only speak for -- I don't find

10:36:01 these fees to be unreasonable.

10:36:03 When you see a certain change from the norm, and the

10:36:06 norm is that very little activity to a certain place in

10:36:11 history, and all of a sudden you see an enormous amount

10:36:14 of activity on the same type of business, that tells me

10:36:19 that the flood gates to something that we do not really

10:36:23 want to see in the City of Tampa or anywhere else in

10:36:25 this country has to be regulated.

10:36:29 And certainly the legitimacy of those out there are not

10:36:34 what we are looking at.

10:36:35 What we are looking at is those that are doing it to

10:36:40 make money.

10:36:42 Those that are selling the pills, and the pills are

10:36:44 then sold for enormous amount of profit, and I don't

10:36:49 believe that this city or any other city wants to be in

10:36:54 this business.

10:36:55 However, we are starting this process from the bottom

10:36:57 up.

10:36:58 This process really should be from the top down, from

10:37:02 the federal government on down.

10:37:03 This started way back when different pharmaceutical

10:37:07 agents, I guess, lobbied someone in Congress years

10:37:09 back, instead of writing a prescription for five or six

10:37:13 or ten days after surgery or some dental procedures or

10:37:17 whatever, now write scripts for five or six defense

10:37:22 medications for a thousand pills a month.

10:37:24 No human being can consume the amount of pills that are

10:37:28 prescribed to you unless you want to kill yourself.

10:37:31 So in essence you sell it to somebody else so they can

10:37:34 kill themselves and you make the money.

10:37:35 And this is really what this is all about,

10:37:38 Mr. Chairman.

10:37:38 So really the fees, although we talked about them, this

10:37:42 does not, in my judgment, fit the criteria for this

10:37:46 type of activity.

10:37:48 And I welcome the fees.

10:37:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a motion?

10:37:51 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:37:52 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: City attorney.

10:37:55 Before council votes on that item, I would like a

10:37:59 representative of the police department to briefly

10:38:00 describe how the fee was developed.

10:38:01 It was developed to cover the costs of the Tampa Police

10:38:03 Department in providing the background investigation,

10:38:07 and just as a point of reference it is significantly --

10:38:11 or somewhat less than the county charges for a similar

10:38:13 activity.

10:38:14 >>> My name is Kenneth moreman and I commend the

10:38:22 strategic investigation bureau with the police

10:38:23 department.

10:38:24 With the ordinance was drafted we conducted an

10:38:28 assessment, an evaluation of the man hours we would

10:38:30 have to contribute to the background investigation to

10:38:33 be screen the criteria which the ordinance enacted.

10:38:36 We also have in place enforcement initiative to carry

10:38:40 out the functions of the ordinance which would involve

10:38:43 a strategic plan for actual site assessments to where

10:38:47 we don't have to be reactive to wait for complaints

10:38:50 from the public.

10:38:50 The costs that we have was a minimum cost for the

10:38:54 amount of man hours, the resources that we'll have to

10:38:57 commit to it, the site assessments and the background

10:39:00 investigations.

10:39:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to say thank you, sir,

10:39:06 and your officers and everyone associated in doing this

10:39:08 type of tedious work, and it takes a long time to get a

10:39:11 case prepared.

10:39:12 I really appreciate what you fellows are doing, and

10:39:14 ladies, too.

10:39:18 Mr. Chairman, I move that.

10:39:23 The substitute reso, right.

10:39:27 This is on item 52 and 53 for substitute reso.

10:39:33 Motion made by councilman Miranda and seconded by

10:39:36 Councilwoman Miller.

10:39:37 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:39:39 Opposes?

10:39:41 Okay.

10:39:43 Item 52 and 53.

10:39:45 Let's go over now to staff, the first item is 101.

10:39:57 We are kind of jumping around this morning.

10:39:59 Let me get to 101.

10:40:00 Then we'll come back to that, okay?

10:40:03 Take up item 101 and then we'll come back.

10:40:07 Item 101.

10:40:09 It's my understanding from the police department.

10:40:13 >>> John Bennett, assistant chief of operations Tampa

10:40:17 Police Department.

10:40:19 The police department was asked to come and address the

10:40:22 possibility golf carts being used exclusively on Davis

10:40:26 Island.

10:40:27 And after reading the state statutes and conferring

10:40:31 with transportation electronically, the challenge comes

10:40:35 down to the safety part, of course.

10:40:37 Safety and equipment.

10:40:39 Safety as you integrate golf carts with vehicles,

10:40:41 because obviously gavel carts aren't designed to

10:40:44 withstand the impact of a vehicle versus vehicle.

10:40:47 We did do a study of our speed analysis on Davis Island

10:40:50 over the past calendar year from June to June, and we

10:40:54 have written over 400 citations on the island.

10:40:58 300 of them are for speed.

10:40:59 And speed differential in itself is what would you look

10:41:02 at when you are dealing with a golf cart versus a

10:41:05 slow-moving vehicle versus a regular vehicle.

10:41:07 So the caution from the police department is simply to

10:41:10 look at those speed differential issues, look at a golf

10:41:14 cart as a vehicle that's not designed to have an

10:41:17 interaction with the motor vehicle, of course, and

10:41:21 safety features just aren't present.

10:41:23 So that would be our caution in this scenario.

10:41:26 Just obviously public safety.

10:41:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:41:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:41:33 Anything from council?

10:41:35 No action on that?

10:41:38 Okay, thank you very much.

10:41:40 Let's move to item 97.

10:41:45 10:30 staff report item.

10:41:46 >> Good morning.

10:41:51 Santiago Corrada, convention center tourism, recreation

10:41:54 and cultural arts administrator with the City of Tampa.

10:41:57 And after that I guess I'm out of time, right?

10:42:01 Here to report on item 97 part A and part B, was

10:42:06 monitoring the speakers at the meeting earlier from one

10:42:09 of the back rooms, and we checked into the incident

10:42:13 with a reporter that occurred.

10:42:16 We are a little distressed that that wasn't brought to

10:42:18 our attention immediately when it occurred, don't know

10:42:20 when it occurred.

10:42:21 Obviously, the report that we received this morning was

10:42:23 a little bit different than what was portrayed here

10:42:26 this morning.

10:42:28 And as a high school principal when I did observe an

10:42:30 incident I used to tell kids there are two sides to

10:42:34 every story and somewhere in between is the truth.

10:42:35 So everything said that the report we received this

10:42:37 morning was when the reporter arrived, wanted to

10:42:40 interview participants.

10:42:42 The reporter was told that our protocol is usually go

10:42:45 through our media person who is Linda CARLO.

10:42:50 They still wanted to review -- interview some of the

10:42:53 participant, go in during class time.

10:42:55 We asked that they wait till the class was over, to not

10:42:57 interrupt the class, and they said that they would just

10:43:01 catch the participants as they left the class in the

10:43:03 parking lot.

10:43:04 So that's the report we got back.

10:43:06 We certainly welcome the media.

10:43:08 They have always been our partner, are always welcome

10:43:10 at any of our facilities and we always had a great

10:43:13 working relationship with the media.

10:43:14 So again we'll continue to look deeper into that to be

10:43:18 make sure that that doesn't happen.

10:43:19 But having said that, the media knows how to find me,

10:43:24 knows how to find Ms. Palus.

10:43:25 I think most of the aides and the council members know

10:43:27 how to find us if something like that were ever to

10:43:31 occur we want it brought to our attention immediately

10:43:34 so if there was some issue with staff we can deal with

10:43:36 that right away.

10:43:37 On item 97 part A and B, I want to try to answer those

10:43:41 as methodically as possible.

10:43:43 There we're lots of questions that were asked in that

10:43:46 one item.

10:43:48 Teachers work voluntarily.

10:43:50 We have a number of courses that are taught either by

10:43:52 volunteers, staff, they are self-led or contracted

10:43:57 instructors.

10:43:57 I want to put on the Elmo just a graphic

10:43:59 representation, if I may.

10:44:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That looks like a dancer.

10:44:19 >> We have volunteer courses, 32 volunteer courses

10:44:24 taught at 13 different locations.

10:44:25 There is no cost to participate in those.

10:44:29 A number of those are at Barksdale.

10:44:31 A number of those are at the Cordelia hunt center.

10:44:34 We have 32 horses that are -- courses that are led by

10:44:38 staff at nine different locations at a sliding cost of

10:44:41 1.50 to $15.

10:44:43 Normally it's 2.50 to $25 for seniors.

10:44:47 It drops to 1.50 to $15.

10:44:51 There was a comment made earlier that a dollar 50 is

10:44:54 charged at other locations and 2.50 is charged at

10:44:57 Barksdale.

10:44:59 After analysis, there are only eight courses city-wide

10:45:01 that are taught at less than $2.50.

10:45:06 All the other courses in the city are at 2.50 and

10:45:09 above.

10:45:09 Staff-led courses we have 26 city-wide at nine

10:45:12 different locations.

10:45:13 Again, at zero cost.

10:45:15 Then we have contracted instructors, which is the

10:45:18 minority, 19 courses at seven different locations, and

10:45:21 those fees are set by the instructor for those courses.

10:45:25 Again, it requires -- thank you.

10:45:33 I am not so accustomed to the Elmo.

10:45:35 Normally what we have is someone would purchase a rec

10:45:41 card for 15.

10:45:43 That was an activity fee of $12.

10:45:45 We always had additional fees depending on the size of

10:45:47 the class, the materials and the staffing necessary,

10:45:49 and I have given you their the cost for seniors.

10:45:53 Again, for right, wrong or indifference, we decide add

10:45:58 year and a half ago that we would have an out-of-city

10:46:01 resident fee that would be attached to the $15 rec card

10:46:04 making it $115 rec card.

10:46:08 We received lots of complaints about that and I will

10:46:10 talk about some of the measures that we took to try to

10:46:12 address that and make that more affordable.

10:46:17 Section C of part A, how many seniors attended classes

10:46:20 prior to the fees being changed.

10:46:22 And I am going to give you that number, from October

10:46:25 2008 to September of 2009, we had 770 enrollments in

10:46:31 senior-only classes.

10:46:32 And I say that because prior to this new tracking

10:46:36 system that we had there, was no differentiation

10:46:38 between adults and seniors.

10:46:40 So these are for senior-only programs.

10:46:42 We had 770 enrollments, and there could have been some

10:46:45 duplication in there if you enrolled in more than one

10:46:48 class.

10:46:48 So again, 770. At Barksdale We had 509.

10:46:57 From September 2008 to 2009.

10:47:01 From this year October 2009 to the current we had 667

10:47:05 seniors enrolled city-wide and Barksdale center we had

10:47:10 421 enrollees.

10:47:12 So the numbers have dropped.

10:47:16 We have now a very, very good accounting system.

10:47:18 We have issued 1948 rec cards for seniors.

10:47:23 1915 rec cards for senior individuals, 23 rec card

10:47:27 seniors family, and 10 nonresidential rec card seniors.

10:47:32 We also have senior enrollment of 160, four for

10:47:38 seasonal swim pass, 36 for seasonal swim pass senior

10:47:41 individual and three Sandra Freedman tennis membership.

10:47:45 Those are answers to part A, item 97.

10:47:49 And as soon as I return to my office I can give you a

10:47:51 breakdown of what those courses are, the names of

10:47:53 instructors, the numbers of participants and locations.

10:47:56 97-B, senior program assistance, based on what I have

10:48:00 already presented, I don't know how we could slide

10:48:02 those further.

10:48:03 We already have a sliding fee schedule.

10:48:06 And back to the Elmo, we already offer 5 courses that

10:48:09 are free of charge at 22 different locations for

10:48:14 seniors.

10:48:15 We also again as I mentioned have a sliding scale fee

10:48:18 for seniors already.

10:48:19 Our regular price for enrollment at some of these

10:48:22 classes, 2.50 to $25 for seniors, is $1.50 to $15 per

10:48:29 class.

10:48:32 If you would like, I can move -- going back to the

10:48:36 annual passes for the $115 we have broken that down to

10:48:39 make it more affordable.

10:48:40 We heard that maybe some of the out-of-city residents

10:48:43 would not want to buy a pass for an entire year so we

10:48:46 have broken that down for summer.

10:48:47 You can purchase a rec card for $20.

10:48:50 Winter, spring, $50, fall-winter, $45.

10:48:55 And you can even pay that on whatever basis you can pay

10:48:57 that pass off.

10:48:58 You don't have to come up with the money right away.

10:49:01 We were also asked today to report on summer program

10:49:05 enrollment, a comparison analysis between 2009 and

10:49:10 2010.

10:49:11 And we will go back to the Elmo with a representation

10:49:15 of that.

10:49:19 In 2009, we had a little over 3600 students enrolled in

10:49:23 the summer program with an average weekly attendance

10:49:26 for the entire summer of 2451.

10:49:30 We did not have any friends scholarships last year, and

10:49:33 the number of financial assistance that went through

10:49:35 the parks and rec department was 1657.

10:49:39 This year through the first week of summer we had

10:49:42 enrolled 2181.

10:49:46 We had a an weekly attendance of 1235.

10:49:49 We have given out 124 scholarships through the friends

10:49:53 program that you saw this morning.

10:49:54 And we have given out 153 financial assistance plans

10:49:59 through our parks and rec department.

10:50:01 This is only for the first week.

10:50:03 I want to make sure that I state that we don't capture

10:50:07 a lot of our enrollees during the first week, because

10:50:10 some of the students are attending summer school for

10:50:12 the first three weeks of summer.

10:50:14 We catch them during the latter part of the summer.

10:50:17 Enrollment has been very, very heavy.

10:50:19 In fact at the NFL center we went from 60 enrolled to

10:50:23 over 140 during that first week.

10:50:25 And so we are seeing enrollment pick up.

10:50:28 The other thing I have to mention is that we have a

10:50:31 capacity limit to serve.

10:50:35 In 2009 our weekly capacity was 3700, and because of

10:50:38 staff cuts and reductions, we are at capacity of 2100

10:50:44 weekly allowed at all of our sites.

10:50:46 So our capacity has dropped because of staffing levels.

10:50:49 And again we feel that we are going to pick up on

10:50:53 attendance because last year you had to pay for the

10:50:56 entire summer up front.

10:50:57 Now you can pay for the weeks that you want to attend,

10:51:00 so we feel as the summer progresses after only being in

10:51:05 week one that we'll have an uptick in enrollment.

10:51:08 I just want to close by saying we wouldn't be having

10:51:10 these discussions if it weren't for money.

10:51:12 I think for many, many years, we served lots of

10:51:16 individuals quality programming for all our parks and

10:51:19 rec department, cares about children, cares about

10:51:23 seniors, cares about our community.

10:51:26 The out-of-city privilege that was offered for free was

10:51:31 something that we could afford at the time.

10:51:33 But we have all experienced economic situation, and the

10:51:35 only reason we are having these difficulty discussions

10:51:38 is because we all find ourselves in a very, very

10:51:41 difficult economic climate, and the parks and rec

10:51:43 department had to raise some fees to be recoup some of

10:51:46 the costs because in fact we heavily subsidize parks

10:51:50 and recreation, and hope to offset some of the cost in

10:51:53 light of the economic challenges that we were facing.

10:51:54 So I would like to open it up now, Mr. Chairman.

10:51:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before we do that, council, I invited

10:52:02 today from USF Dr. Susan Greenbaum to look at this

10:52:06 whole issue, Councilwoman Mary Mulhern has taken the

10:52:10 lead on this issue, but she and I met in the course of

10:52:13 the week, and come forward and look at the issue,

10:52:20 address it for us and put it in a context, how to press

10:52:24 with that.

10:52:24 So let her make a presentation unless you have a

10:52:30 question directed to Mr. Santiago.

10:52:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a couple of brief things.

10:52:36 I had asked for some very specific numbers and data

10:52:42 from Ms. Palus, I have been asking for six months, as I

10:52:45 said, and I don't have even a piece of paper.

10:52:49 So you showed us one graph.

10:52:51 I would like to at least have counsel get a copy of

10:52:54 that.

10:52:55 >>> I will make sure you do.

10:52:56 >>MARY MULHERN: And what I find very disturbing is

10:52:58 what you just said.

10:52:59 Can you put that back up there for now?

10:53:01 >>> Which one?

10:53:02 >>MARY MULHERN: The only thing you put up there, or

10:53:04 the second -- the graph that showed the attendance in

10:53:07 the summer program.

10:53:11 So about 40% it looks like the enrollment from 2009 to

10:53:19 be 2010 and I got your caveat about it is the first

10:53:24 week, and it's the average weekly attendance has

10:53:26 dropped by half.

10:53:28 But then you told us that we are at capacity.

10:53:31 So basically not only have the fees gone way up, but

10:53:37 the programs have been eliminated to the point where we

10:53:42 can't even serve, even if they have the money to go, we

10:53:45 don't even have the programs that we had last year.

10:53:47 Is that what you said?

10:53:49 You can only have 2100 and we are already at that

10:53:52 capacity?

10:53:52 >>> What I said was the maximum weekly capacity allowed

10:53:55 is 2100 based on average weekly attendance.

10:53:58 Right now we are at 1285.

10:54:00 So we have still capacity per week.

10:54:05 Yes, absolutely.

10:54:05 Staff has been cut.

10:54:06 We have all been involved in the cutting of staff in

10:54:08 the parks and rec department.

10:54:09 So we do not have the capacity to serve the numbers

10:54:12 that we were able to serve before.

10:54:14 We have all been involved in this cutting of the

10:54:16 department.

10:54:17 >> Well, considering that it looks like you have cut it

10:54:21 in half, there ought to be some savings there that you

10:54:25 can put toward the financial assistance.

10:54:31 And, now, I am not going to go get into this because I

10:54:35 am going to have to put in the writing, and send it to

10:54:37 you exactly what I asked for, and I'm sure we are going

10:54:43 to need to do the same thing with the senior program.

10:54:45 But I do want to point out to you that we have heard

10:54:48 from hundreds and hundreds of people.

10:54:51 And those are just the people that can afford to -- who

10:54:55 have a computer, who can send us e-mails, Charlie sees

10:54:59 at the West Tampa sandwich shop or I see at Starbuck's.

10:55:02 Hundreds of e-mails, hundreds of phone calls, repeated

10:55:07 phone calls telling us they can't -- they cannot find

10:55:12 Karen Palus and cannot get through to the Parks

10:55:14 Department when they call.

10:55:15 I have heard that many, many times.

10:55:17 And I don't think it's her fault or your fault.

10:55:19 I think it's because you don't have a system of being

10:55:21 able to get back to people or you are not committed to

10:55:23 it.

10:55:24 But we hear that over and over and over.

10:55:25 So you are saying there's assistance available but

10:55:28 nobody can get through to anybody, talk to a human

10:55:31 being.

10:55:31 They leave messages and never get called back.

10:55:34 So that's a problem.

10:55:36 I'm going to put this in writing what I want.

10:55:38 But I am more and more over, you know, the last six,

10:55:42 seven months, I think that council -- what I wanted to

10:55:45 do at first was just roll these fees back, because we

10:55:51 do realize that you weren't charging enough.

10:55:55 But it was obviously you went from, you know, 700

10:55:59 percent increase, 1,000% increase.

10:56:03 You could have done this gradually, phase it in.

10:56:06 Maybe you could have gotten to the point you didn't

10:56:08 have to eliminate all of those programs because we

10:56:10 could have over time gotten to where people could

10:56:13 afford it.

10:56:13 So I'm not saying it's this one little piece of paper

10:56:18 and I guess I'll keep asking you for more and more.

10:56:22 >>> And, Mr. Chairman, I'm always available to come in

10:56:24 and talk to members of Tampa City Council for as long

10:56:26 as I have to and provide whatever reporting I have to

10:56:29 provide.

10:56:30 That is not an issue.

10:56:31 You know, we have said that there's all this assistance

10:56:34 that no one has been able to get.

10:56:35 I just Virginia on the chart there 1853 financial

10:56:38 assistances that were provided through the parks

10:56:41 program and 124 through Friends, and that's, now, quite

10:56:45 a bit more than what was provided last year.

10:56:47 So folks are getting through.

10:56:49 They are coming right out to the site.

10:56:50 They are going ahead and registering at the site.

10:56:53 And again we can report to you on a weekly basis how

10:56:56 that registration is going in the summer program,

10:56:58 because we are now able with the tracking system that

10:57:00 we have to monitor the increases in registration.

10:57:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.

10:57:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:57:08 And no one is here, Mr. Corrada, to challenge your

10:57:13 integrity, your honesty, you're for the rite, the work

10:57:17 that you do.

10:57:18 I mean, if you were in the military, you would be the

10:57:20 only ten-star general.

10:57:22 You got ten departments under you.

10:57:24 But we are not.

10:57:26 And we always talk about the young and young at heart,

10:57:30 and young at heart means the elderly and those with

10:57:32 disability, also.

10:57:34 But in doing this, the figures that I have always

10:57:37 wanted and I am starting to get little by little is a

10:57:40 business, if you are going to sell 20 items at $30,

10:57:44 that's $600.

10:57:45 Or if you are going to sell 40 items at $15, guess

10:57:48 what, it's still $600.

10:57:50 So when you look at the figures on income, it's

10:57:54 proportionate to what you charge and what you don't

10:57:57 charge.

10:57:57 And I'm not speaking to you, sir, I'm speaking to the

10:58:00 general area.

10:58:03 And I realize and appreciate the position that you are

10:58:06 in, and the Parks and Recreation Department.

10:58:09 They were hit the hardest.

10:58:11 They are the ones that have to come up with the

10:58:13 shortfall, and certainly that's a concern to everyone

10:58:16 at the city.

10:58:19 I can say that whoever told you about the media is

10:58:25 wrong.

10:58:27 That lady is in this audience.

10:58:30 And as you were speaking, I study what people don't say

10:58:36 but they say with body language.

10:58:40 And I have to say that there should be a further

10:58:44 investigation by your staff into the incident

10:58:47 thoroughly, because I think it's just very distasteful.

10:58:52 Even if that class was on, and that media person had

10:58:55 made a contact with somebody to speak out, they should

10:58:58 have been allowed and say, I'm sorry, disruption, this,

10:59:03 that and the other thing.

10:59:04 But to have somebody taken out of the building in

10:59:08 80-something degree weather and put into an automobile

10:59:10 with the air conditioning turned on so they can have an

10:59:13 interview is not the right thing to do.

10:59:16 And I understand.

10:59:17 And I know you appreciate that and will do something

10:59:20 about it.

10:59:23 I can also say that these problems are not going to go

10:59:27 away.

10:59:28 These problems are going to be ever lasting, and as you

10:59:32 know we have a shortfall this year of about $33 million

10:59:37 from what I've read.

10:59:39 So the problems of this city, like any other

10:59:41 government, is that we catch it at the end when the

10:59:47 downfall comes we are still pretty good.

10:59:50 But as time goes on we go straight down.

10:59:52 And then it takes five to ten years for us to start to

10:59:55 bubble up a little bit and try to meet the demand that

10:59:58 we have.

11:00:00 I don't know what the answer is.

11:00:02 I'll be honest with you.

11:00:03 But I think if you have more people participating at a

11:00:09 lower rate, I think that changes the complexity of a

11:00:14 perception that we are getting shook down, and that's

11:00:20 not a good word to use, but that we are paying more

11:00:24 than what we are getting.

11:00:26 And it's very difficult because if you make that choice

11:00:30 and it doesn't work out, your problem becomes deeper.

11:00:37 Surfacing.

11:00:37 And I don't want to see that.

11:00:39 Barksdale was created as a senior center, as you well

11:00:41 know.

11:00:42 And it was done with valuation, and I think we bonded

11:00:48 out 20 or 25 million to fix some if not most of all of

11:00:51 those that were done.

11:00:54 HUD was moved from Drew Park to Al Lopez field, many

11:00:57 centers built, and Palmetto Beach was one of them and

11:01:01 others throughout the city that were in dilapidated

11:01:03 condition.

11:01:04 Even though sports entities have given moneys to build,

11:01:09 rebuild them, and then the problem is we have got to

11:01:12 staff them.

11:01:12 And there is where the problem begins.

11:01:15 It's very difficult to give a million dollars.

11:01:18 It's easy to give a million dollars and walk away.

11:01:21 But when you have to staff that every year for the

11:01:24 duration of that time, it becomes a burdensome task.

11:01:31 It's very difficult.

11:01:32 But I would like to see yourself or someone else who

11:01:38 understands the reduction that we had, reduction from

11:01:42 3600 to 2100.

11:01:45 And I'm looking at a garbage truck which is nice.

11:01:48 But

11:01:52 It's something that when the elderly have given so

11:01:58 much, and those with disability, to us, myself and

11:02:01 yourself included, you know being a high school

11:02:04 principal what it takes.

11:02:05 You have got to be a master of everything.

11:02:07 You have got to be a psychologist.

11:02:09 You have got to be an environmentalist, a teacher.

11:02:12 You have got to be a friend.

11:02:14 And it's very hard to do all those things to one human

11:02:17 being.

11:02:17 So I can understand your position.

11:02:23 And I'm wanting to discuss some rollback on a monthly,

11:02:27 six month payment, and see how that works for a little

11:02:31 bit, and see if those things can carry on your

11:02:34 department's need and necessity, and you do have need

11:02:38 and necessities, you have to have employees of the rec

11:02:41 centers.

11:02:41 You just can't say, okay, now I'm charging $5.

11:02:46 That can't happen either.

11:02:49 And I know you have worked hard.

11:02:50 I know your staff has worked hard.

11:02:52 And I know the administration has worked hard.

11:02:54 But after all that is said and done, we haven't

11:02:59 accomplished, because I see a downfall somewhat in

11:03:03 enrollment.

11:03:04 I don't know how -- I'm not the T chairman of parks.

11:03:09 If I was, maybe I still couldn't fix it.

11:03:12 I have enough problems with water and sewer.

11:03:14 But what I'm trying to say is that somehow, some other

11:03:21 methodology can be used to formulate equal to the same

11:03:24 type of revenue by increasing the attendance.

11:03:29 In the restaurant business they used to tell me raise

11:03:31 your prices, and I used to tell them, forget about the

11:03:35 raising of prices.

11:03:37 Let me have more people come in, and I'll meet my quota

11:03:41 for the month in sales.

11:03:42 Butt I can't continue to raise prices because the

11:03:45 people can't afford it the meal.

11:03:47 So I'm using the same philosophy and theory.

11:03:52 Mr. Chairman, I know my five minutes are up.

11:03:54 I don't want to get scolded by you.

11:03:56 But I appreciate your time being here.

11:03:58 And see if we can set up a committee with yourself and

11:04:01 some of the seniors, and someone else in parks and

11:04:05 recreation to work these things out.

11:04:07 That's all, Mr. Chairman.

11:04:09 Thank you very much.

11:04:09 >>MARY MULHERN: It is going to be short.

11:04:14 I can wait.

11:04:16 Mr. Santiago will still be here.

11:04:19 But it's short.

11:04:21 We got those two wonderful grants today going towards

11:04:24 parks programming.

11:04:25 I need to hear -- we need to know how we can be certain

11:04:29 that those dollars are dedicated immediately. The

11:04:34 Patel grant has to go to children.

11:04:36 >> Swimming.

11:04:37 >> Swimming, okay.

11:04:39 And then the other grant I would like very much like to

11:04:42 hear that going --

11:04:44 >> Absolutely.

11:04:45 That's why we wanted those dollars to go to friends of

11:04:47 Tampa rec because that's the scholarship arm of our

11:04:50 parks and rec department and we are working on a plan

11:04:53 of how we open swim to all children so that they can

11:04:55 have their admission paid to the 20,000, and then have

11:04:58 the other 50,000 apply to more summer scholarships to

11:05:01 get more kids in that need that financial support.

11:05:05 So that's exactly where that money is going.

11:05:08 >> I don't want you to work on it, though.

11:05:09 I want the money deposited wherever it needs to go.

11:05:12 >>> Yes.

11:05:13 >>MARY MULHERN: And the people brought into the

11:05:17 program and actually --

11:05:20 >>> Without a doubt.

11:05:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I think we all agree that last

11:05:23 year, the first year that there was a deficit, the

11:05:27 parks and rec got kicked the hardest.

11:05:29 And I will admit that.

11:05:30 That's a fact.

11:05:32 And because of that, we are faced with these dilemmas

11:05:35 now.

11:05:36 And this is no reflection on the administration or you,

11:05:39 Santiago, because you all have done a great job.

11:05:44 When our offices are continually bombarded with calls,

11:05:47 e-mails, or with people telling us one thing, and then

11:05:50 the staff is telling us something different.

11:05:53 So we are faced today with trying to help bring some

11:05:57 resolve to the issue because it's not going away.

11:06:00 And because parks and recreation is such a need for the

11:06:07 community, we have to find a way how to fix this, fix

11:06:12 it right, so our seniors can continue to enjoy parks

11:06:16 and recreations for our youth, as said, our most

11:06:23 vulnerable, I think Dr. Green about balm will come here

11:06:28 and the sexual predators within a certain geographical

11:06:32 parameter, and our youth don't have anywhere to go,

11:06:35 they get in trouble more, or the parents have got to go

11:06:38 to work, and they leave their home, and the kids are

11:06:40 taken away from them. If they stay home they lose the

11:06:43 job.

11:06:43 So we have to find a way how to fix this.

11:06:46 So Dr. Greenbalm, we invited her to come today and talk

11:06:49 to us shortly and give us a perspective of where she is

11:06:53 on this.

11:06:54 Okay?

11:06:54 And then we will move from there.

11:06:56 >>> And I want to pledge to you that we are analyzing

11:07:00 the fees that are affecting our most vulnerable.

11:07:02 We are looking at those fees.

11:07:05 We have had discussions.

11:07:07 Obviously with Councilwoman Mulhern and we had

11:07:10 discussion was our mayor regarding what may be the best

11:07:12 strategy to deal with what exactly you just said,

11:07:15 rectifying the problem and seeing how we can help those

11:07:17 that are most vulnerable and need this service provided

11:07:20 to them.

11:07:20 So we are working on that.

11:07:21 We certainly are.

11:07:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

11:07:24 Dr. Greenbalm, you can come and make a presentation.

11:07:27 >>> I thank you very much for the opportunity to do

11:07:31 this.

11:07:33 I'm not sure -- I don't know how to operate the

11:07:37 technology.

11:07:37 >> State your name for the record.

11:07:39 >> I don't have a lot to present here.

11:07:41 My name is Susan Greenbaum and I am a professor of

11:07:45 anthropology at the University of South Florida.

11:07:47 I am also the director of the office of community

11:07:50 engagement at USF.

11:07:52 I say that to identify myself.

11:07:54 I do not speak here today for USF but rather on my own

11:07:59 behalf as a private citizen, and as a person who has

11:08:02 been involved with communities across Tampa for three

11:08:07 decades.

11:08:11 I also represent students and faculty and Sulphur

11:08:16 Springs residents who are very concerned about the

11:08:18 changes in parks and recs program, and some of them are

11:08:22 here this afternoon.

11:08:28 >> You want to stand up?

11:08:31 Stand up.

11:08:31 Okay.

11:08:31 >> Now, our immediate interest in this program arises

11:08:35 from the summer course I'm teaching on neighborhood

11:08:38 safety and well-being.

11:08:40 These issues, however, surfaced earlier in courses that

11:08:43 we taught last spring, service learning courses in both

11:08:48 East Tampa and Sulphur Springs.

11:08:51 As we began to hear very, very deserving things about

11:08:54 the affects that were occurring as a result of these

11:08:58 fee changes.

11:08:59 For the past six weeks, in a class that I am teaching

11:09:02 now, my students, members of the youth organization and

11:09:08 several volunteers have been gathering information

11:09:11 about the impact of these changes.

11:09:15 He special reply the after-school and summer programs

11:09:18 but also reduced access to recreation centers, pools,

11:09:22 and the effective dismantling of many sports and adult

11:09:28 activities.

11:09:29 And I am kind of a senior myself so I care about

11:09:31 seniors as well.

11:09:32 This is a very drastic revision in services and costs.

11:09:36 These changes which are from the budget problems are

11:09:39 hitting the media the hardest.

11:09:41 This seems very unfair.

11:09:43 Two of them receive property tax rebates so they are

11:09:47 paying the price for that change, and they are doing so

11:09:50 with fees that are utterly unaffordable.

11:09:55 These are not niceties it these are issues that are

11:09:57 critical matters of safety and survival.

11:10:00 Keeping kids safe while parents work after school and

11:10:03 summers is a major challenge for low-income families.

11:10:07 Without a safe place to go kids are more likely to get

11:10:09 arrested, injured, in trouble, or molested.

11:10:12 And we have made maps that show the distribution of sex

11:10:17 offenders within a one-mile radius of -- okay.

11:10:26 This is the Sulphur Springs recreation center.

11:10:29 And I have done this for a variety of centers both in

11:10:32 Sulphur Springs and East Tampa.

11:10:37 And this shows the degree of endangerment, that not

11:10:42 having a safe place to go after school or in the summer

11:10:45 exposes these children to.

11:10:48 Older kids with nothing to do and nowhere to go are

11:10:51 magnets of police attention.

11:10:53 With increased fees, the city recreation -- in the city

11:10:56 recreation program, we expect juvenile arrests will

11:10:59 increase, and in fact the Florida department of

11:11:01 juvenile justice is presently performing analysis for

11:11:05 us to look at incidents before and after the fee

11:11:08 increases, and we expect that information will be

11:11:11 available soon.

11:11:16 In particular pool access has been greatly reduced are

11:11:21 very high, hours are short, only two hours in the arch

11:11:23 and there's only two that are open at all on Sunday.

11:11:26 This leaves you to swim in unauthorized places which

11:11:29 poses more danger and which also exposes them to the

11:11:32 likely involvement with law enforcement because they

11:11:34 are not allowed to do this.

11:11:37 Loss of access to after-school programs destabilizes

11:11:40 families, disrupts work arrangements and makes it

11:11:43 harder to take proper care of children.

11:11:46 In 2006, I did a study with several people with

11:11:52 out-of-school programs in Hillsborough County.

11:11:54 And back then there was already an acute shortage of

11:11:58 affordable child care, especially in neighborhoods like

11:12:00 Sulphur Springs and East Tampa.

11:12:02 The rec centers there were the main source of these

11:12:06 opportunities.

11:12:07 One of the problems is welfare reform where the kids

11:12:10 would be safe while their mothers were working.

11:12:13 This breaks that promise and puts mothers in an

11:12:16 impossible position that Reverend Scott was just

11:12:20 mentioning.

11:12:22 Either they have to leave their kids unattended and

11:12:24 risk losing custody of their children, or they have to

11:12:28 stay home with their children and lose their jobs.

11:12:30 This is an impossible dilemma.

11:12:34 Now, the applicant says Karen Palus has said repeatedly

11:12:39 that no one would be turned away for lack of funds but

11:12:41 I believe this is a hollow promise.

11:12:43 And I am very surprised at the figure of 1800 fee

11:12:49 reductions because the process is getting an

11:12:52 application and getting it submitted is very, very

11:12:56 difficult.

11:12:58 I did this myself.

11:12:59 So I can personally attest to how hard it is to get

11:13:03 anybody on the phone, and what you have to do in order

11:13:06 to get information about inconsistent directions on the

11:13:10 application.

11:13:10 You have to go down there.

11:13:12 And you can't just go down there.

11:13:15 You have to go down and sit and wait till somebody will

11:13:17 see you.

11:13:18 You cannot do this on your lunch hour.

11:13:21 So we are asking people to lose work time to get fee

11:13:26 reductions that could be provided much more easily.

11:13:31 The Hillsborough school district keeps records on

11:13:34 eligibility for free and reduced lunch.

11:13:38 This system could be very easily used to identify

11:13:42 eligible students for this program as well.

11:13:49 Save the city, save a lot of trouble with this

11:13:52 application process, that really is very, very poorly

11:13:55 designed.

11:13:58 Now, I spoke yesterday at the school district about the

11:14:02 possibility of and she thought with some attention we

11:14:08 could do that and I volunteered to help with that, and

11:14:12 I can get people at the college to help also.

11:14:15 I think we can work out technical and privacy issues

11:14:18 and allow people to be deemed eligible with relatively

11:14:22 little effort.

11:14:23 That way, everybody could participate, and we would not

11:14:27 have to put people through all of these aggravating

11:14:33 changes.

11:14:33 Now, I would like to conclude with two questions.

11:14:36 One, is this really the only way we can solve the

11:14:38 budget problems of the city?

11:14:42 If this problem fell this disproportionately on parks

11:14:46 and rec it is falling on the poorest citizens.

11:14:49 It sounds like a very progressive solution and maybe

11:14:52 there's another way to do it.

11:14:54 Do we really want to abandon what we have built in this

11:14:59 city?

11:15:01 I have only been involved with parks and rec for a very

11:15:05 long time.

11:15:06 Especially in low income neighborhoods where dedicated

11:15:11 staff have created safety for children that's

11:15:15 absolutely invaluable.

11:15:18 We are also losing the places where people can come

11:15:21 together easily, meet with each other, identify their

11:15:24 problems, solve their problems, and get better lives.

11:15:29 So what I would like to say is that we are doing

11:15:38 through the fall a series of research projects all to

11:15:44 this very issue, and what we would like to do is

11:15:46 provide City Council and the mayor and the Parks

11:15:48 Department and other interested persons with the

11:15:52 results of our research so they can take this into

11:15:54 account as they look at what the one-year effect has

11:15:59 been of this particular change.

11:16:01 Thank you very much.

11:16:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Dr. Greenbalm.

11:16:04 I kind of think it sums up.

11:16:07 And quickly there are other maps.

11:16:11 You have to see the maps of all the sexual predators

11:16:14 around these areas.

11:16:16 It's just outrageous.

11:16:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Could you point out what the dots

11:16:21 mean?

11:16:22 Because it's hard for people to see in the audience.

11:16:23 >>> Just garden variety -- these are serious sex

11:16:33 offenders.

11:16:34 Those are predators.

11:16:35 There are some indications on this one, here is

11:16:37 multiple.

11:16:39 This is multiple sex offenders living together in the

11:16:41 same place.

11:16:42 And this is Cyrus green.

11:16:49 This is William park.

11:16:52 This is a lot of industrial down here.

11:16:57 This is Highland pines.

11:16:59 This is Grant Park.

11:17:13 The one in all of them is the center.

11:17:15 Now if you notice, there are some very proximal sex

11:17:19 offenders, one of whom is a predator right there at

11:17:22 that center.

11:17:24 I question whether that's actually 1,000 feet, although

11:17:27 it might be.

11:17:29 And finally Jackson Heights.

11:17:33 Now, I did my own neighborhood, also.

11:17:38 And I want to say, you live in Temple Terrace.

11:17:41 I am not a city resident.

11:17:42 I live in an older section of Temple Terrace.

11:17:45 It's not upscale by any means.

11:17:47 And there are two within a one-mile radius.

11:17:52 So if I am a parent and viewing those dangers, I would

11:17:57 be very frightened about my child not having proper

11:18:02 supervision.

11:18:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:18:04 That's why it's important for to us make sure that we

11:18:06 kind of resolve this issue, and we have the kind of

11:18:11 protection we need for these children so they don't get

11:18:13 in trouble, but also that they don't become the victim

11:18:17 to a lot of these sexual predators.

11:18:19 So thank you, Dr. Susan Greenbaum.

11:18:28 She said she is available to assist the administration.

11:18:30 Do you want to speak to that?

11:18:32 Because it's very important if she has persons that

11:18:36 want to volunteer to try to help to assist, and correct

11:18:39 some of the problems.

11:18:41 I think you heard her say from her own experience

11:18:44 thereby was an issue of her calling and trying to get

11:18:48 through to staff to get kids signed up.

11:18:50 So you may want to address some of that.

11:18:52 >>> We appreciate the offer and we will reach out to

11:18:55 Dr. Greenbaum and meet with her and any representative

11:18:58 from a the school system.

11:18:59 We are always open to constructive criticism,

11:19:01 improving, so that is an offer we will accept.

11:19:04 I will personally be able to set up a meeting with her.

11:19:07 And I would love to meet with that reporter that had

11:19:10 the incident at Barksdale, and also would love to

11:19:14 follow up with her and her team, and look at how we can

11:19:16 improve the process, find out where the glitches are,

11:19:19 where phone calls aren't being returned, so that we can

11:19:22 deal with that immediately.

11:19:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I may add in absence of one of

11:19:27 our council mechanics I think the chair of that

11:19:29 committee is Mary Mulhern.

11:19:31 I would like to ask to appoint her to that committee

11:19:34 since she is the vice chairman of Parks, Recreation,

11:19:36 Culture Committee.

11:19:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

11:19:42 We'll do that.

11:19:45 Thank you.

11:19:45 Any other questions on this issue, council?

11:19:48 Other questions?

11:19:49 Thank you.

11:19:49 And then if you all can make a report back to us on the

11:19:52 progress, our first meeting is the 15th of July.

11:19:58 If you can make a report back.

11:19:59 Can we get a motion to that effect?

11:20:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

11:20:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I will second that but hopefully be

11:20:05 able to meet before then.

11:20:07 As I was saying, I'm starting to feel like the only

11:20:10 thing we can do is just start over again with the fees.

11:20:13 Because it's been such a problem.

11:20:16 And all we have been doing is talking about it and we

11:20:20 still don't even Virginia the numbers.

11:20:21 I still haven't seen the financial numbers about how

11:20:23 much we are saving, how much -- any of that.

11:20:28 I just want council to start thinking about if we

11:20:31 rolled back the fees, that might be the only thing

11:20:33 that's going to get this problem fixed.

11:20:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: There's a motion, moved and seconded,

11:20:40 for staff to report back on the 15th on the

11:20:43 progress of this issue.

11:20:45 Moved and seconded.

11:20:46 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

11:20:48 Opposes?

11:20:49 I guess the other issue related to the seniors center,

11:20:58 I heard was complaining, how do you want to proceed on

11:21:01 that?

11:21:01 How do you want to the direct council?

11:21:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe from one perspective that

11:21:06 should all be inclusive.

11:21:07 It is going to be set up not piecemeal it but look at

11:21:10 the whole system and see how it works, how many are

11:21:14 there, how many are not, what the effect of this is.

11:21:17 >>MARY MULHERN: It sound like we need to add on top of

11:21:22 children, after-school summer programs, seniors, and

11:21:27 disability, disabled.

11:21:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

11:21:33 Thank you, Mr. Santiago Corrada.

11:21:36 Okay.

11:21:37 Item 98.

11:21:44 Ms. Brickhouse.

11:21:45 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: City of Tampa department solid

11:21:51 waste and environmental program management.

11:21:56 What I want to do is give an update on our curbside

11:21:59 collection program.

11:22:03 Here in the city.

11:22:05 There have been a number of issues related to where we

11:22:09 are in the evolution of the current automated program.

11:22:14 And I wanted to take us back a little bit to some

11:22:16 history as it relates to the program.

11:22:19 Prior to 2003, the city was not automated which means

11:22:24 100 percent of the refuse collection was hand tossed.

11:22:31 In 2003-2005 with the introduction of the semi

11:22:35 automated truck and the delivery of the first automated

11:22:38 carts we were able to achieve about 5% of automated

11:22:42 curbside service in the city.

11:22:44 And then from 2005 to the present, we got the

11:22:48 introduction of the fully automated truck, and now we

11:22:52 are right at about 85% of the city being automated.

11:22:56 We have just a small piece, about 12 to 15% is what we

11:23:02 are looking at, that has not been automated yet.

11:23:05 The standard service since 2003 to present has evolved,

11:23:10 and so the standard service in the City of Tampa has

11:23:15 moved to automated curbside service, the goal to be one

11:23:19 driver, one truck.

11:23:23 What I want to do with the next series of slides is

11:23:25 kind of show you some of the carting, and it might be

11:23:30 difficult to see but if you look down the street you

11:23:33 will see a cart.

11:23:33 This is Palma Ceia.

11:23:34 I want to show you where we are doing the standard

11:23:38 curbside service.

11:23:39 This is on Davis Island.

11:23:41 And you see carts placed on curbside.

11:23:47 This is in Woodland Terrace and you see the same thing.

11:23:51 You see the standard curbside service throughout the

11:23:53 City of Tampa.

11:23:54 I didn't have time to get every area of the city but I

11:23:57 wanted to give some representation there.

11:24:01 What we have here is the -- budge was gracious to give

11:24:07 me the slide they used in the six month presentation

11:24:11 and this is the solid waste fund revenue and what it

11:24:14 shows is that pretty much we have got a $4 million gap

11:24:18 where our expenses exceed revenue.

11:24:22 And you are briefed on the service changes a few weeks

11:24:26 ago.

11:24:27 There have been a number of initiatives, a number of

11:24:29 things that we have to look at in terms of how we

11:24:32 handle the business of solid waste.

11:24:34 And so here is the ideal of what we are dealing with in

11:24:38 terms of revenue being far less than expenses.

11:24:44 I want to give you a visual of the alley service, and

11:24:55 alley service continuing in the City of Tampa. So the

11:24:57 next series of slides will show you current conditions

11:25:01 of the alley, current conditions of the operating

11:25:04 environment that we have to do our service delivery in,

11:25:07 and then I will talk to you more about the costs

11:25:10 associated with that.

11:25:11 But this gives you an indication of you see a truck

11:25:15 coming through.

11:25:15 You see the risk associated with the trees and the

11:25:23 shrubbery and the fence, and just not enough clearance

11:25:26 in terms of that.

11:25:27 And so you can expect that we have damage to equipment,

11:25:30 also we get injuries with our employees.

11:25:35 This is an example from Old Seminole Heights as the

11:25:37 truck was going through, and you see that there's very

11:25:39 little clearance.

11:25:40 What you can't see is that -- you can see some gap.

11:25:45 What you can't see is where the mirrors are and some

11:25:47 other things but it just gives you an indication of

11:25:49 what we have going on in the alleys.

11:25:54 Again, this is in Hyde Park.

11:25:56 And as the truck tries to wiggle through some of the

11:26:01 tight places you can imagine the risk that the operator

11:26:04 takes, but also the damage on equipment and to property

11:26:09 as well.

11:26:14 And then again the overgrowth of vegetation, the fence

11:26:18 lines, all of those things that present hazards in the

11:26:21 alley.

11:26:24 Just another slide to just demonstrate the challenges

11:26:28 that we have with alley service.

11:26:31 What I want to do now is just kind of give you a figure

11:26:34 as to what this is costing the city as it relates to

11:26:37 personnel costs, as it relates to risk management and

11:26:43 as it relates to maintenance.

11:26:45 When I do the breakout of the costs associated with

11:26:48 claims, the costs associated with equipment damage,

11:26:51 injuries, the costs of having two persons on the truck

11:26:54 versus one, and then the cost of clearing the alley so

11:26:59 our trucks can just get through.

11:27:01 I point out here that alley maintenance is the

11:27:04 citizens' responsibility of course through our code.

11:27:07 But because we are still in the alley, solid waste has

11:27:10 to put in place a contract to clearing just so we can

11:27:13 get our trucks through minimally.

11:27:17 So it comes out to the almost $700,000.

11:27:21 (Bell sounds)

11:27:23 We have met with neighborhood associations

11:27:27 representatives, we have gotten e-mails communications,

11:27:30 all kinds of things from citizens, and the issues that

11:27:34 they highlight of the aesthetics associated with coming

11:27:37 out of the alley, and concerned about criminal activity

11:27:40 in the alleys, and they are concerned about vagrancy.

11:27:43 What I want to also point out is some of the things

11:27:46 that we have identified, too, there are lot line

11:27:49 issues.

11:27:49 There are some residences that people just can't bring

11:27:55 the cart.

11:27:55 So we have to look at all the alleys and assess which

11:27:58 ones we actually will be able to continue servicing and

11:28:02 which ones, if the community is conducive to pulling

11:28:07 them out of the alleys, then we have to assess all of

11:28:10 that.

11:28:12 And so these are some things that we are considering.

11:28:15 We are looking at truck size.

11:28:16 Looking at alleys, dimensions.

11:28:18 We are doing a complete risk assessment as it relates

11:28:21 to obstacles but also as it relates to some of the

11:28:24 challenges with some of the construction.

11:28:26 And we are looking at the personnel costs associated

11:28:29 with it.

11:28:31 We have got to work with all the departments, not just

11:28:34 solid waste.

11:28:35 And suggest sometime in September, somewhere mid

11:28:41 September, we should be able to have all the research,

11:28:45 all the assessments, all the information in, to be able

11:28:48 to give a proper assessment to come out and report back

11:28:51 on where we would appropriately take alley service out

11:28:56 and move it to the current, where we don't have a

11:29:00 choice but to continue that, and possibly offer some

11:29:02 options as relates to if in fact we have got to

11:29:06 continually service, let's explore how we do it.

11:29:09 Almost $700,000 is a huge amount of money to cover

11:29:14 roughly about 7500 customers, give or take a few that

11:29:19 are getting alley service.

11:29:21 That's a huge burden on the rate payers in terms of

11:29:24 being able to continue this service.

11:29:26 So from a standpoint of safety, from a standpoint of

11:29:31 service delivery, what I wanted to do today was just to

11:29:34 address that, and just remind council and any of the

11:29:38 listeners that the standard service in the City of

11:29:41 Tampa has been evolving through automated curbside

11:29:45 service, one driver, one truck, since 2003.

11:29:48 So now we get to the last phase of that.

11:29:51 And having said all of that, I will entertain any

11:29:54 questions or comments at this time.

11:29:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Caetano, Councilwoman

11:30:00 Mulhern.

11:30:01 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: You stated that 85% of the city

11:30:03 is covered by this automated service.

11:30:07 Now, the northern part of my district does not get

11:30:10 served by the city.

11:30:13 It's another solid waste company.

11:30:14 So they will not be included.

11:30:15 Are they included in that 85%?

11:30:19 >>> The 85% that we referred to was 85% of the

11:30:22 customers that are serviced by the City of Tampa

11:30:24 department of solid waste.

11:30:26 So they wouldn't be included in that.

11:30:29 >> Who is responsible for keeping the brush as we saw

11:30:33 in those pictures there cut back?

11:30:36 >>> According to city code, the city's resident is

11:30:42 responsible for that.

11:30:42 >> Could the neighborhood associations in that area be

11:30:44 notified be? Maybe they can do something about it so

11:30:48 we don't have to send city employees out there.

11:30:51 >> What I will say is that part of that is when I talk

11:30:57 to association neighborhood residents, when I mentioned

11:30:59 about working with other departments, I am going to be

11:31:02 working with Jake Slater and the department of code

11:31:05 enforcement to talk about that and how we can address

11:31:08 that, because that's something the neighborhood

11:31:10 associations have brought up in terms of they

11:31:13 understand their responsibilities for maintaining

11:31:16 alleys, but some of them say they can't get neighbors

11:31:18 to do what they are supposed to do.

11:31:20 So there's some other dynamics that are going on as it

11:31:23 relates to alleys.

11:31:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:31:28 That was a really thorough presentation.

11:31:29 I'm wondering if the problems when you showed us the

11:31:33 trucks and how narrow it was to get in the alleys and

11:31:37 it didn't look like -- it was almost impossible to even

11:31:41 do.

11:31:41 Is that because of these new automated trucks wider?

11:31:46 Or is just always been a problem?

11:31:48 >>> Keep in mind that the trucks that you saw in the

11:31:50 alleys are not the automated trucks.

11:31:53 Now, when we talk about alley width, in St. Pete, just

11:31:57 the neighboring municipality, they had fully automated

11:32:02 service.

11:32:03 And they have got alleys.

11:32:05 And they have got big alleys.

11:32:07 So it's conducive.

11:32:08 We need alleys in order to do one driver, one truck,

11:32:12 and go semi automated or fully automated, would require

11:32:18 a 25-seat wide alley, so the challenge was back.

11:32:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess that leads to my next

11:32:26 question, is, okay, that 15% that hasn't been

11:32:32 converted, are those the trucks that are now servicing

11:32:36 alleys?

11:32:42 >> The alley.

11:32:45 >>MARY MULHERN: So what about the option of -- I guess

11:32:49 it would again on your cost for doing this.

11:32:53 As Mr. Caetano pointed out, our you pointed out to him,

11:32:56 it's not the city's responsibility to do the

11:32:58 maintenance.

11:32:59 What about the possibility of letting those

11:33:03 neighborhoods know that if they want to use the alley

11:33:08 to continue to use the alley?

11:33:09 Because they do have a lot of good arguments about the

11:33:12 aesthetics.

11:33:13 That's what the alley was for, to keep that kind of

11:33:15 traffic on the streets, and the safety if you actually

11:33:20 got people going into the alley occasionally, there's

11:33:24 eyes on it.

11:33:24 But if you could leave the responsibility to the

11:33:28 neighbors, and if they don't maintain the alley, then

11:33:31 they are going to have to not get their garbage picked

11:33:35 up.

11:33:35 I mean, I think that would be pretty good motivation.

11:33:38 If they don't trim the trees, then they are going to

11:33:40 lose that option having alley pickup as opposed to --

11:33:44 and just, you know, keeping that one percent and

11:33:49 seeing, I'm sure it will be more cost probably.

11:33:51 But it's also the factor of are we going to be buying

11:33:55 all the new equipment?

11:33:57 I mean, it's got to have cost a lot of money to buy all

11:34:01 these things, automated garbage trucks, and the garbage

11:34:05 cans.

11:34:05 They will probably still have the same cans.

11:34:07 But if we were going to allow that 15% or 10% or

11:34:11 whatever it turns out to be, to keep the service that

11:34:14 they have.

11:34:18 >> When I say we are assessing, we are pulling in that

11:34:22 part of it, too.

11:34:24 When I talk about the city departments and pulling

11:34:26 people together to talk about this issue because

11:34:29 different departments have such different facets of the

11:34:32 alley issue.

11:34:33 One of those will also be neighborhood association,

11:34:36 Shannon Edge and Jackson to help.

11:34:39 One of the meetings -- in fact the meetings that I have

11:34:42 attended with the neighborhood association

11:34:43 representatives, I have offered them as well to provide

11:34:48 me input, what do you see as a benefit of alley

11:34:51 service, so that we can be balanced as we look at this

11:34:55 assessment.

11:34:56 And then, also, I put out there, consider how much it

11:35:02 means to you, because if it deviates from the standard

11:35:05 service, maybe there may be some option for an alley

11:35:11 rate, you know.

11:35:12 The standard rate is such and such.

11:35:13 And ware not talking about raising rates but there's a

11:35:15 different service.

11:35:17 So I planted the seed so they can start looking at how

11:35:20 they come up with options themselves.

11:35:22 But from when I looked at the numbers, and I look at

11:35:29 almost $700,000 and when I look at the amount of

11:35:31 equipment cost and when I look at trying to do fair and

11:35:34 equitable service to all the citizens that we serve,

11:35:38 you know, to continue on this task, we have got --

11:35:46 >> It sound like you are doing a good job with that.

11:35:48 I want to make sure that -- actually, that's the other

11:35:53 question I wanted to ask you, the almost 700,000.

11:35:56 Is that the cost of maintaining the alleys, public

11:35:59 works, cutting the trees and all of that?

11:36:02 >> It is a combination -- it is a combination of

11:36:06 personnel costs, safety and risk management, and I

11:36:12 listed these things on the slide because I wanted you

11:36:14 all to see the issues as it relates to safety and risk

11:36:17 management, injuries, property damage claims, equipment

11:36:24 costs.

11:36:25 It is also, when you look at -- if you think about two

11:36:29 people on a truck versus one person, there's a

11:36:34 significant personnel cost just there.

11:36:36 And when you look at property damage, I'll use the

11:36:41 claim that exceeds $210,000.

11:36:44 When I peel back the numbers, and you look --

11:36:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Property damage?

11:36:52 >>> Property damage claims.

11:36:54 And I have just done a thumbnail sketch.

11:36:57 I want to peel back the onion some more to get more

11:37:02 truer assessment of where we are.

11:37:03 But when you look at that, you have got to make a

11:37:05 decision that we cannot GTE continue to go the way we

11:37:08 are doing it.

11:37:09 We have got to be smarter.

11:37:11 We have got to be more efficient.

11:37:12 We have got to be more effective in how we do this.

11:37:17 But I want to make sure that we do diligence and

11:37:20 assessing it.

11:37:21 So that's the time frame.

11:37:23 We are going to continually service until we have

11:37:26 completed this assessment of September.

11:37:28 And then we'll figure out where we go from there.

11:37:30 >>MARY MULHERN: That's great.

11:37:32 And I think you are doing it the right way because you

11:37:34 are actually talking to the neighborhoods and working

11:37:36 it out with them.

11:37:36 So it's not going to be any changes they are going to

11:37:42 have their chance to have some input.

11:37:44 Thank you for this.

11:37:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Have you talked with the neighbors

11:37:48 about giving them an option and moving service to the

11:37:51 front, and then that way you won't have all this damage

11:37:56 to your trucks and all this?

11:37:58 Have you discussed this of moving it from the alley to

11:38:00 the street?

11:38:02 >>> Take is the significant emotional issue, is that

11:38:06 many people that have alley service don't want to move

11:38:09 out of the alley.

11:38:11 But, yes, we have had the conversation, and we'll

11:38:14 continue to have that dialogue, because what I would

11:38:17 like to do is like I showed the slide, it's the thing,

11:38:22 the top things that we have heard from the neighborhood

11:38:25 are aesthetics, vagrancy and criminal activity.

11:38:29 And when I look at solid waste, the vagrancy or the

11:38:36 criminal activity, I seventh send to the TPD because

11:38:39 there's a concern about that kind of stuff in the

11:38:41 alley.

11:38:42 And then the aesthetics.

11:38:43 When I look at the standard service slide that I

11:38:45 presented earlier, you look at Davis Island, you look

11:38:49 at palm a see, a you can go to East Tampa, you can look

11:38:52 at Woodland Terrace.

11:38:55 All of those areas, you look at all those areas of

11:38:58 concern about aesthetics.

11:39:00 We all are concerned about aesthetics in the city.

11:39:02 And so I go back from a service delivery perspective of

11:39:08 what is fair and equitable service to all the citizens

11:39:11 of Tampa?

11:39:11 And how do we do that?

11:39:13 Because I think that when I talk to some of the other

11:39:16 people and some of the other neighborhoods, they are

11:39:18 not so happy about the big part cart in front of their

11:39:22 homes, either, but they realize the efficiency and the

11:39:25 effectiveness that goes with the automated service.

11:39:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we have to get these people the

11:39:33 options?

11:39:34 Can we come up with an ordinance or something to say

11:39:36 that garbage will be picked up on the street in front

11:39:40 of your house?

11:39:42 Can that be done?

11:39:43 >> That's part of the assessment.

11:39:44 That's part of the assessment.

11:39:47 What will be the way ahead and I am going to move --