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Monday, July 19, 2010

9:00 a.m. session

Special called meeting


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09:02:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's stand for the invocation and

09:02:48 remain standing for the pledge.

09:02:54 Today we pause to thank you for your blessings upon us

09:02:57 and for this day.

09:02:58 Thank you for your grace upon our lives as we come

09:03:00 together today as a City Council to deliberate and to

09:03:04 hear from those who want to be a part of this council.

09:03:07 We pray that you will give us wisdom and knowledge and

09:03:10 insight as we listen and share together.

09:03:14 We pray for our nation and our country, pray for men

09:03:17 and women fighting for democracy around the world, that

09:03:20 you protect them and bring them back home safely to

09:03:22 their families.

09:03:23 Today bless our nation.

09:03:24 Bless our country.

09:03:25 Bless those who lead us in Washington and in

09:03:28 Tallahassee.

09:03:29 Thank you now for your blessing and for being with us.

09:03:32 In your name we pray.

09:03:34 Amen.

09:03:34 (Pledge of Allegiance)

09:03:50 We will now have roll call.

09:03:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:03:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:03:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:03:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:04:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:04:05 Good morning, have been.

09:04:06 Today we'll spend most of the day going through all of

09:04:09 the applications, hearing from all of the speakers that

09:04:11 are here.

09:04:12 The clerk will announce the persons to come forward.

09:04:17 Each person will have two minutes to address council.

09:04:22 This process has been outlined, the process set up a

09:04:26 couple of years ago, and so we are following pretty

09:04:28 much the same process, as I understand.

09:04:32 So with that being said, all the applicant have all the

09:04:35 information, have everything that's required, and also

09:04:41 relevant to the sunshine issues, is that right, Mr.

09:04:44 Shelby?

09:04:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: They have the financial disclosure

09:04:48 forms.

09:04:48 The required financial disclosure forms, with regard to

09:04:51 the sunshine, Mr. Chairman.

09:04:54 I would point out -- I'll do it now instead of the end

09:04:58 of the meeting -- that whoever is selected today, at

09:05:00 the end of today's council special called meeting,

09:05:03 council will pass a resolution appointing those members

09:05:06 who will then take office on Thursday.

09:05:10 The sunshine law, both the public records law and the

09:05:12 public meetings law, will apply to those people who are

09:05:16 selected as of today.

09:05:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And let me just say to all of those, I

09:05:22 think we have about six to eight applicants.

09:05:25 Most of us have gone through all of them, a lot of

09:05:28 outstanding candidates on this list.

09:05:31 However, we can only select two people.

09:05:33 I wish all of you could serve.

09:05:35 But we will only select two people out of the list of

09:05:38 68 applicants.

09:05:39 And so hopefully as we go forward in this process, you

09:05:45 will recognize that we have an awesome task and

09:05:47 responsibility and respect council for its integrity,

09:05:52 for the process, and for trying to do the best.

09:05:54 >>> That we have in selecting two people out of 66.

09:05:57 Okay, council members.

09:06:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:06:04 I was so impressed and so happy to see that there are

09:06:08 so many people, surprising people, new people, mostly

09:06:14 everyone who has applied for these two positions, a lot

09:06:17 of volunteer public servants.

09:06:22 Some people have already served.

09:06:24 So it's pretty exciting.

09:06:25 So I encourage everyone who is part of this to think

09:06:31 about running next year in March 2011.

09:06:37 I feel it's incumbent upon me to say that especially

09:06:41 because there are so many applicants, so many great

09:06:45 applicants, it's going to be really difficult for us.

09:06:48 And in light of the fact that we do have an election in

09:06:54 March, and this is a special circumstance where two of

09:06:57 our colleagues had to resign, so it opens up a long

09:07:01 interim position for people.

09:07:05 I personally do not feel it's fair to appoint someone

09:07:10 who is running for council, planning to run, thinking

09:07:14 about running, has talked about running, or has run

09:07:20 before in March.

09:07:24 If there's a question in my mind about that, I hope I

09:07:27 will be able to ask you about your intentions.

09:07:29 Most people said on their application whether they

09:07:31 would or not.

09:07:32 This is not something that could disqualify you.

09:07:35 I'm not saying that whoever is appointed cannot decide

09:07:40 to run.

09:07:41 However, personally, my vote, I don't feel, is right

09:07:47 for me to use my position to influence and help someone

09:07:54 with a campaign next year.

09:07:56 I think there was an article in the "St. Pete Times"

09:07:59 recently that showed that of some 400, somewhere

09:08:03 between 3 and 500 candidates, incumbents who ran in

09:08:10 Florida, in the state house and Senate, only three were

09:08:14 not elected in the next election.

09:08:17 So incumbency is a huge advantage.

09:08:20 It doesn't mean you would win, but it is a big

09:08:24 advantage.

09:08:24 So I just wanted to let people know that and let now

09:08:28 that if it wasn't clear on your application, which I

09:08:32 read every single one of them, and all of the backup on

09:08:35 your application, you might want to say when you're up

09:08:38 here what your intentions are in March.

09:08:42 Thank you.

09:08:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I was not going to

09:08:47 speak.

09:08:48 You spoke.

09:08:49 And council member Mulhern spoke.

09:08:51 And since I differ from that, I guess I have to make my

09:08:55 statement.

09:08:57 So what I'm saying is, I don't really base my values on

09:09:02 whether you are going to be a candidate or not.

09:09:05 Let me tell you why.

09:09:07 So then I am going to go through three that I think are

09:09:09 very good candidates, let's say.

09:09:12 To me they are the best.

09:09:14 And because they, on item number 18, that was a

09:09:19 question, on 18, stated, are you going to be a

09:09:21 candidate for City Council?

09:09:23 Yes or no?

09:09:24 That was a simple question.

09:09:26 I got responses that were undecided, uncertain, don't

09:09:31 know, I don't know what I'm going to do, and I read all

09:09:36 of that, and I read all, and I asked myself this

09:09:42 question.

09:09:43 So then I have three or four or five that I think are

09:09:46 the top-ranked candidates but because they say they

09:09:49 might be a candidate, so am I going to tell the public

09:09:53 I didn't vote for those but I chose the fifth one less

09:09:56 qualified in my judgment to be your elected official?

09:10:00 I think that's a chilling effect on the individuals

09:10:04 that have taken their time to answer all these

09:10:05 questions that apply this morning.

09:10:08 So I'm open to August discussions, whether you are a

09:10:11 candidate or not.

09:10:13 That's up to the public to decide.

09:10:15 And let me tell you about advantages.

09:10:17 If I was you, and I was a candidate for the office

09:10:20 coming up in March, I wouldn't be there.

09:10:24 Because numbers is my game.

09:10:28 Say you are elected with 50% plus one vote.

09:10:30 You only got favor members.

09:10:32 You have got to get 60% of the vote.

09:10:34 So you are almost going in with a minus 10.

09:10:38 You understand what I'm trying to say?

09:10:40 It's not favorite.

09:10:41 It may be against you to do this.

09:10:43 So I would rather have the public decide on your

09:10:46 future.

09:10:48 But that's not the way the rules read.

09:10:51 Because that's what we have to do.

09:10:52 So always remember that here you have got to get 60% of

09:10:55 the vote.

09:10:57 In an election you need 50 plus one.

09:11:00 So I want to thank each and every one of you for

09:11:03 applying and I read them all last night, he have single

09:11:07 one of them.

09:11:08 I took notes.

09:11:09 I can tell you what you said.

09:11:11 I memorized.

09:11:12 And number 15 bothered me, too.

09:11:14 Number 15, the question is, have you ever been

09:11:17 convicted of a crime or misdemeanor?

09:11:19 It should have been said not only convicted but you are

09:11:23 now in the process, because tonight you are not going

09:11:27 to be going to court.

09:11:28 I don't know if you are convicted or not.

09:11:30 So number 15 bothered me when I was reading this last

09:11:33 night.

09:11:33 So I try to anticipate things that are not there.

09:11:37 I don't know if that's a fact.

09:11:39 I know none of you have but the question should be

09:11:42 asked.

09:11:43 It wasn't asked so you don't have to bring it up.

09:11:46 And I read every little thing here.

09:11:49 About eight of you did it typewritten.

09:11:51 That was much easier to read.

09:11:53 That don't hold anything against you or for you.

09:11:57 But the clarity was the ones that were typewritten.

09:12:00 So here is where I'm at.

09:12:02 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:12:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.

09:12:04 We'll turn it over to the clerk at this time, Shirley

09:12:07 Foxx-Knowles.

09:12:07 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:12:13 Council, we have 39 applicants that have expressed

09:12:18 interest in district 3 vacancy, and we will start with

09:12:25 the first applicant.

09:12:27 They will come up and give a two-minute presentation.

09:12:31 Before I start that, just a little bit of house

09:12:34 cleaning.

09:12:36 We have several individuals that have withdrawn or may

09:12:40 not be here.

09:12:41 And if you could look at your agenda.

09:12:44 Hakim Aquil can't be here.

09:12:54 Eddie Diaz withdrew his application.

09:12:59 Richard Levine will not be in attendance today.

09:13:05 Sean Lloyd removed his name.

09:13:10 In district 4, Linda Baxley withdrew her application.

09:13:17 Rosanne Clementi may not be here.

09:13:21 And Ken Walters cannot be here.

09:13:25 The first applicant for district 3 is David Agliano.

09:13:31 Followed by Jason Alesnik.

09:13:38 >> My name is David Agliano.

09:13:41 One of the things that I appreciate about being able to

09:13:43 apply for this office is that it's very similar to the

09:13:47 Hillsborough County civil service board that I have

09:13:50 been on for the last five years, the last three as vice

09:13:54 chair.

09:13:54 All of our deliberations are out in the open and, Ms.

09:13:58 Mulhern, I appreciate your comments regarding the

09:14:01 appointment.

09:14:02 I'll address that at the end of my two minutes.

09:14:05 The contacts that I feel as though I have made through

09:14:08 my service with the Hillsborough County civil service

09:14:11 board with commissioners, agency heads, state

09:14:14 policymakers, I believe gives me distinct benefit in

09:14:18 this time where we are looking for cooperative

09:14:21 government between the entities that run our city.

09:14:24 Having run a business in the downtown Tampa area for

09:14:28 the last 30 years, my business skills and my people

09:14:33 skills in engaging the public, corporations and

09:14:37 business leaders, will give me another benefit when it

09:14:41 comes to engaging the public to cooperate in carrying

09:14:49 out the mission of City Council.

09:14:50 My volunteer work with the Tampa Bay crisis center has

09:14:55 given me exposure to the elderly, the disabled and the

09:14:58 shut-ins.

09:15:01 These people that I volunteer with, their only voice

09:15:04 that they may hear that day, the only human voice they

09:15:06 may hear that day would be my voice on that phone, and

09:15:10 that endears me to those issues.

09:15:14 I do want to address the issue of being appointed and

09:15:18 running.

09:15:19 I have declared to run in the May election.

09:15:21 I read the question completely different.

09:15:24 Basically, the question to me asked me, are you

09:15:28 committed to taking this life-style change?

09:15:32 For me it's a life change.

09:15:35 My great grandfather started a business in Ybor City in

09:15:38 1916, operated for 90 years.

09:15:41 My grandfather started a restaurant on Kennedy

09:15:43 Boulevard, ran for 82 years.

09:15:45 My father ran a business in Tampa going on 53 years.

09:15:52 I ran the restaurant at the Valencia Gardens the last

09:15:56 30 years.

09:15:56 I have never committed to anything for just eight

09:15:58 months in my entire life.

09:16:00 When I read that question, it was, are you committed to

09:16:02 serving the City of Tampa?

09:16:05 And whether I'm a City Council member or just a

09:16:07 concerned citizen, I answered yes to that question.

09:16:09 (Bell sounds)

09:16:12 Thank you.

09:16:12 Any questions?

09:16:13 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:16:19 The next candidate is Mr. Jason Alesnik.

09:16:24 Alesnik.

09:16:30 Apparently he's not here.

09:16:42 The next candidate is Mrs. Mary Alvarez.

09:16:47 >> Good morning, members of the City Council, Mr.

09:16:49 Shelby.

09:16:50 Good to see you all.

09:16:51 My name is Mary Alvarez and I reside in Tampa.

09:16:54 I am applying for the district 3 at-large vacancy.

09:16:58 When I heard of this vacancy, I felt it was my

09:17:01 obligation to apply for the benefit of my city.

09:17:04 I was a in City Council for eight years ending March

09:17:09 2007.

09:17:10 Therefore I believe that I have the most experience of

09:17:13 any of the candidates that I hear applying.

09:17:16 I know the budget process, because I was chairman of

09:17:19 the Finance Committee during my years, and I was CRA

09:17:25 chairman for two years.

09:17:26 I was chairman of the parks and recreation's committee

09:17:29 for many years, too.

09:17:30 I served on the board of the Florida Aquarium, the

09:17:34 Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, and the in a

09:17:38 aquarium.

09:17:39 And I continue to serve as trustee of the Florida

09:17:42 Aquarium.

09:17:45 I have been on many boards like the Barrios Latino

09:17:48 commission, the Planning Commission, and I also serve

09:17:51 on the Tampa Sports Authority, serving at the pleasure

09:17:55 of the mayor.

09:17:57 I was here when all this development happened,

09:18:01 throughout the city, including the Channelside

09:18:03 district, the inauguration of the streetcar, the

09:18:06 redevelopment of Ybor City, the creation of the five

09:18:11 CRA districts, and other projects too numerous to

09:18:14 mention.

09:18:16 My experiences are wide and diverse, and I know I can

09:18:22 fill my obligations.

09:18:23 I know how City Council works.

09:18:26 And unless your rules have changed, I can step right in

09:18:29 where I left off.

09:18:30 I know I can help.

09:18:33 I am willing and able to help.

09:18:35 And I will come out of retirement to serve our

09:18:38 beautiful city for the council.

09:18:41 Thank you.

09:18:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: As I mentioned, Mr. Hakim

09:18:55 Aquil will not be here.

09:18:57 The next is Keith Walter Babb III.

09:19:03 >> Good morning, council members.

09:19:08 My name is Keith Babb.

09:19:10 I'm a recent graduate of the masters program in public

09:19:13 administration at the University of South Florida.

09:19:16 I just want to thank you for the opportunity to be here

09:19:20 to vie for the district 3 City Council seat vacancy.

09:19:24 There are several reasons that I feel make me a viable

09:19:27 candidate for this vacancy but I am going to briefly

09:19:29 discuss with you three reasons why I feel like I'm a

09:19:33 viable candidate.

09:19:34 One, I represent a different demographic.

09:19:38 Two, my education and professional experience has

09:19:40 prepared me for public service.

09:19:43 Three, I'm a byproduct of the political shift in our

09:19:47 country.

09:19:48 One, as a minority, and at the age of 26, I represent a

09:19:54 demographic that is historically disengaged from civic

09:20:00 involvement.

09:20:01 In government, it does a public disservice when we fail

09:20:05 to accurately reflect our constituents.

09:20:09 And based on the foundation of basis that our

09:20:13 government has established, representing a democracy is

09:20:16 a unique opportunity to pointing that individual to a

09:20:21 vacant council seat allows the City Council to remain

09:20:23 consistent with this team.

09:20:27 I aim to be a bridge between our citizens and the

09:20:29 council by providing a relevant voice and mobilizing

09:20:33 uninformed citizens.

09:20:35 Although we may have citizens that are engaged in the

09:20:38 civic process, there still remains many of our citizens

09:20:42 who remain uninformed.

09:20:44 My education and public administration allows me to

09:20:47 decipher political jargon, to our citizens, as well as

09:20:53 political experience in social work has consisted of

09:20:55 engaging and working with citizens who have minimal

09:20:59 education and low socioeconomic status.

09:21:02 And although we aspire to separate church and state, I

09:21:06 serve as a young adult leader in my local church that

09:21:10 serves hundreds of individuals with an average age of

09:21:13 30.

09:21:14 Also, with my education in public administration, that

09:21:17 allows me to have a learning curve to develop policies

09:21:22 that are readily translated into implementation.

09:21:25 Thirdly, the recent political shift and the climate in

09:21:30 our country has seen an increased involvement by

09:21:33 citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 engaged in the

09:21:38 civic process.

09:21:39 (Bell sounds)

09:21:44 Thank you.

09:21:44 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:21:48 The next candidate is Mr. Rick Barcena.

09:21:54 >> If I could please hand out these books to Mr. Shelby

09:21:58 and if it's necessary to be placed into the record,

09:22:00 please.

09:22:03 I am Rick Barcena for district 3 at-large.

09:22:18 I have seen the members of City Council govern with

09:22:20 understanding of the issues.

09:22:21 A passion for what's important to Tampa and a vision

09:22:24 for what happens to both sides of an issue.

09:22:28 And what will happen tomorrow.

09:22:30 And the commitment of time, energy and patience it

09:22:33 takes to be a City Council member.

09:22:35 Even after I hear how hard you work, I want your vote.

09:22:40 Perhaps the most important reason is I know how to be a

09:22:43 good teammate.

09:22:45 For my years in sports to running a successful business

09:22:48 to 19 years of marriage, my wife Sonya, which I still

09:22:52 hold hands with -- wow, that's teamwork.

09:22:55 A team maid mate knows they depend on each other in

09:23:00 order to be a good teammate.

09:23:01 If you choose me to be on your City Council team, I

09:23:04 promise to be that teammate.

09:23:06 I also listen to both sides of an issue before I make

09:23:09 up my mind.

09:23:10 This trait has helped me run my business, raise my

09:23:13 children, serve as a member on the Hillsborough

09:23:18 adjustment board, serve as the current chairman of the

09:23:21 City of Tampa Code Enforcement Board.

09:23:22 Because I listen, it helps me see where a compromise is

09:23:25 possible to move an issue forward in ways that would be

09:23:28 best concerned for all, when people work hard,

09:23:33 understood and acknowledged they are more than willing

09:23:35 to meet in the middle.

09:23:36 By bilingual is another value I bring to the council.

09:23:40 I don't just speak Spanish.

09:23:43 I understand the culture.

09:23:44 I understand the culture very well.

09:23:46 The future holds many challenges.

09:23:48 Having someone able to listen to the Hispanic community

09:23:50 and communicate in their language can help bring all

09:23:54 sides together when there's issues to be resolved.

09:23:56 I'm a native of Tampa and I feel that I'm blessed.

09:23:59 I feel that I owe Tampa back for everything that it has

09:24:02 given to me, for my wife, my children and my business.

09:24:07 I'm a champion for everything Tampa has to offer.

09:24:09 I am proud to call Tampa my home.

09:24:12 And I humbly ask you for your vote and the opportunity

09:24:15 to work with you today to build a better Tampa.

09:24:19 I care.

09:24:20 I am Rick Barcena.

09:24:22 Thank you.

09:24:27 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:24:27 The next candidate is Mr. Randy Baron.

09:24:30 >> Good morning, council.

09:24:38 My name is Randy Baron, 217 west Comanche Avenue.

09:24:42 I guess I'm so used to saying that.

09:24:44 There are many paths that brought people to this room

09:24:47 today.

09:24:47 My path started with my neighborhood association when I

09:24:49 first moved to Old Seminole Heights.

09:24:51 I started off working on the first overlay district,

09:24:56 residential overlay district in the city, working on

09:24:58 zoning cases.

09:25:00 Some of you were on council when we were doing the old

09:25:04 Walgreen's zoning cases.

09:25:06 I worked my way up through the old Seminole

09:25:09 neighborhood Heights association, was president, led

09:25:12 that association for three years.

09:25:14 During that time we worked on all sorts of issues that

09:25:17 came before council.

09:25:17 I have been before council.

09:25:20 I can't even count the number of times or the parking

09:25:22 fees I paid before council.

09:25:28 I then wanted to run for City Council unsuccessfully,

09:25:31 but upon losing that racy was appointed to the VRB and

09:25:35 served on that body for the last three years.

09:25:38 I have also been on the CDBG advisory committee for the

09:25:42 last seven years.

09:25:43 I currently serve as the vice chair.

09:25:45 You may recall I was before you last month bringing

09:25:47 forward the needs and recommendations for fiscal '11.

09:25:53 I'm also on the City Council budget advisory committee

09:25:56 for the last two years, and as far as I know, I think

09:25:59 I'm the only citizen who was there in the first year

09:26:01 who attended any meetings

09:26:05 I think my experience both with the neighborhood

09:26:08 associations and leadership that I have given to those,

09:26:13 the VRB and also the CDB committee and my role in

09:26:21 T.H.A.N. has prepared me to sit on the council.

09:26:26 I have worked on all sorts of issues through T.H.A.N.

09:26:30 We have doubled dealt with the comp plan, zoning, the

09:26:35 wet zoning issues that are coming before the board.

09:26:37 The whole gamut of issues that are come up before this

09:26:40 board.

09:26:41 I have been here.

09:26:42 I sat on the seats on the VRB.

09:26:46 I can deal with the public.

09:26:48 And I would hope that you would consider me for this

09:26:50 seat.

09:26:50 Thank you very much.

09:26:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:26:58 The next candidate is Ms. Lara Jill Buford.

09:27:10 Apparently she's not here.

09:27:11 The next candidate is Mr. Joe Chillura.

09:27:22 >> Good morning, council, members of council.

09:27:25 My name is Joe Chillura.

09:27:27 I applied for this position because I believe it's a

09:27:31 necessary duty of those who believe that they are

09:27:34 qualified to serve and apply.

09:27:38 I had 24 years of public service as well as 40 years of

09:27:41 architectural practice in this community.

09:27:43 I ran for City Council at-large in the early 70s, and

09:27:47 then I serve on the Planning Commission for 12 years

09:27:50 where we notably passed the 1985 growth management act

09:27:54 as a member of the commission.

09:27:56 I also ran for an at-large seat on the county

09:28:00 commission where I served for eight years, and I

09:28:03 currently am president of Tampa Bay Academy which is a

09:28:06 charter school for challenged young people.

09:28:11 And that's been a challenging job as well.

09:28:14 In observing the City Council here, there are a number

09:28:16 of key issues that I think are important.

09:28:19 One is the budget.

09:28:20 The other is transportation, the environment,

09:28:24 neighborhoods, economic development, and the central

09:28:25 business district of the City of Tampa.

09:28:29 As far as the budget is concerned, when I left the

09:28:31 commission in '98, we had a $2.2 billion budget.

09:28:35 It's currently over 3 billion.

09:28:37 City Council is a little over 700 million so I'm

09:28:40 familiar with intricate budgets.

09:28:42 I know that's a very important consideration as I read

09:28:45 the comments by many of you in the local dailies.

09:28:50 As far as transportation is concerned, I serve on the

09:28:53 Tampa Bay area rapid transit authority and was

09:28:56 instrumental in moving that operation to Tampa

09:28:58 international during my tenure as a councilman.

09:29:03 The environment, I passed the first tree ordinance in

09:29:05 the City of Tampa which became a model for the entire

09:29:08 southeast, and served eight years on the Environmental

09:29:11 Protection Commission.

09:29:13 The neighborhood issue is a very key one to me.

09:29:16 I'm a strong believer in viable neighborhood.

09:29:19 One of my platforms on the commission was the

09:29:21 neighborhood Bill of Rights which led to the office of

09:29:23 neighborhood relations, which the City of Tampa later

09:29:26 adopted after our time on the county commission.

09:29:31 Of course, economic development continues to be a key

09:29:34 issue in the city where jobs are necessary, and the

09:29:38 central business district, I was instrumental in

09:29:41 passing the community investment tax, which as you know

09:29:45 helped fund the arts center as well as the history

09:29:48 center in downtown Tampa, which led to hopefully led to

09:29:53 continuing that downtown redevelopment.

09:29:54 (Bell sounds)

09:29:55 I appreciate your time and I look forward to answering

09:29:58 any questions if you feel free to do that.

09:30:03 Thank you.

09:30:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:30:06 The next candidate is Mr. James M. Chittenden.

09:30:17 >> Good morning.

09:30:20 I would like to ask permission to use the audio-visual

09:30:23 equipment.

09:30:24 Good morning.

09:30:39 I am James Chittenden, here to discuss my

09:30:42 qualifications for appointment to the vacant district 3

09:30:45 seat on the Tampa City Council.

09:30:48 You may have my application in front of you.

09:30:49 In the interest of time, I am not going to go into my

09:30:52 biography, et cetera, but the fact is that Tampa is a

09:30:55 great place to live.

09:30:56 It's not perfect.

09:30:57 But in the experience of many people there is much to

09:31:01 be improved upon.

09:31:02 So I will go into just a little bit of it.

09:31:09 Is that upside down?

09:31:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Sideways.

09:31:13 >> Okay.

09:31:14 This was taken in New Tampa.

09:31:16 This is the view of a lot of people have to go to and

09:31:20 from work every day.

09:31:21 I know, Mr. Caetano, you are probably tired of talking

09:31:24 about this much less sitting in it.

09:31:27 But this could be Armenia, it could be Westshore, it

09:31:30 could be Dale Mabry.

09:31:32 The next thing I would like to discuss is the urban

09:31:36 core and how it can use improvement and how it really

09:31:40 could live up to its potential, and it isn't right now,

09:31:43 but it could.

09:31:44 The next thing I would like to talk about are some of

09:31:47 the things we are doing right in Tampa.

09:31:51 Specifically this, making Tampa a more livable

09:31:54 residential community downtown, and in the last five

09:31:58 years, even in the middle of an economic recession we

09:32:00 still added two beautiful museums and a beautiful park,

09:32:03 and that's a true community treasure, and that's one of

09:32:05 the things we are doing right in Tampa.

09:32:07 I would like to continue that sort of momentum.

09:32:09 Now that is beneficial.

09:32:14 I'm talking about buildings.

09:32:16 This is organic.

09:32:18 When I say organic, that happens to be produce on sale

09:32:21 at the Saturday morning market in Ybor City.

09:32:24 When I say organic, I'm not talking about the more

09:32:27 expensive items for sale at Publix greenwise.

09:32:31 I am talking about the soul and energy and buzz of a

09:32:34 city.

09:32:35 These are the things that make Tampa a more desirable

09:32:37 place to live.

09:32:37 Now, there's not much that we can do about the economic

09:32:40 conditions.

09:32:40 Economic conditions are at issue.

09:32:44 Credit is very tight and that does impact on the

09:32:46 development of a city.

09:32:47 But we can do something about this.

09:32:49 This is red tape.

09:32:50 It is within the power of City Council to do something

09:32:52 about red tape.

09:32:53 One man's cautious prudent measure is another man's red

09:32:57 tape.

09:32:57 Now, process, I'm not a worshiper of excessive process.

09:33:02 A process does get in the way of unsuitable

09:33:05 development.

09:33:06 It does prevent it.

09:33:07 It gums up the work of things that are worthy.

09:33:09 (Bell sounds)

09:33:10 On that note I thank you.

09:33:22 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:33:22 The next candidate is Ms. Angelica Diaz.

09:33:29 >> Buenos dais.

09:33:33 Good morning, council members.

09:33:36 I reside in Seminole Heights.

09:33:40 No doubt these are economically challenging times for

09:33:44 us all.

09:33:45 Now more than ever, judicious spending of our limited

09:33:52 fund is critical.

09:33:53 As a member of City Council I would support

09:33:55 conservative spending.

09:33:57 On the bright side, recessions are excellent

09:34:02 opportunities for entrepreneurs.

09:34:04 I would encourage policies and decisions that support

09:34:08 independent businesses.

09:34:14 In addition to alternative transportation, safe bicycle

09:34:19 lanes and sidewalks will ensure a more sustainable

09:34:23 future for our neighborhoods.

09:34:24 As you know, I am an avid supporter of the arts and

09:34:27 would encourage developing an environment that would

09:34:33 sustain creative people.

09:34:35 The arts are the heartbeat of the community and must be

09:34:38 nurtured.

09:34:40 To quote George Bernard Shaw, without art, crudeness of

09:34:44 life would be unbearable.

09:34:50 Thank you for your consideration.

09:34:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Mr. Paul

09:35:01 Erni.

09:35:07 >> Good morning.

09:35:11 My name is Paul Erni.

09:35:13 And I am applying to fill a vacancy in the district 3

09:35:16 City Council seat.

09:35:19 I have no problems except myself, I have no mission

09:35:22 statement except that I love this city, born and raised

09:35:25 here, and want to do the best work.

09:35:31 I served the city and community for the last 16 a years

09:35:34 as a member of the University Square Civic Association,

09:35:36 the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood association, the

09:35:40 Hampton terrace neighborhood association of which I am

09:35:42 presently the treasurer.

09:35:44 I was Fellowship Masonic lodge, member of the Scottish

09:35:49 Rite Masonry and Eastern Star.

09:35:52 I was involved with north Tampa pony league baseball,

09:35:56 was there for seven years at which time I also became

09:35:59 the president of the park and dealt with 500 children,

09:36:04 which was quite an accomplishment.

09:36:09 Presently I'm the disability director of pony league

09:36:14 baseball, oversee seven parks in two counties, and at

09:36:18 this time sitting on the City of Tampa Code Enforcement

09:36:20 Board, 16 years of service to the city where I have

09:36:25 racked up probably about, I want to say, 1600 hours.

09:36:29 I sat as the only hearing master for over a year.

09:36:33 I also sat as the vice chairman and then chairman of

09:36:37 the City of Tampa public nuisance and a basement board,

09:36:42 worked closely with Tampa Police Department to

09:36:44 eradicate businesses engaged in illegal activity.

09:36:52 I was born and raised here in Tampa, parents who imbued

09:36:59 upon me a real sense of civic pride and responsibility.

09:37:02 The need to give back to the community.

09:37:04 I believe I have done that.

09:37:06 I continue to hope to do that.

09:37:07 I stand here amongst many fine candidates.

09:37:12 And I appreciate the time that I have to appear before

09:37:17 you today to make my case.

09:37:19 I believe a City Council member or City Councilman

09:37:24 needs to have a good sense of good old-fashioned common

09:37:26 sense, the ability to see both sides of a situation,

09:37:30 make that decision upon only having all the knowledge

09:37:34 available, be able to hit the ground running, which I

09:37:38 feel that I will be able to do, and a sense of civic

09:37:42 pride.

09:37:43 And I thank you for your time.

09:37:44 (Bell sounds)

09:37:45 Thank you very much.

09:37:56 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Ms.

09:38:01 Flora "Flo" Felicione.

09:38:04 >> Good morning.

09:38:05 I am Flo Gonzalez Felicione, and I would like to tell

09:38:10 you why I am uniquely qualified for the district 3

09:38:13 seat.

09:38:13 I have lived in Tampa for 52 years which has given me

09:38:18 an in-depth perspective of the issues affecting our

09:38:21 residents.

09:38:22 Being a widow with three small children, I experienced

09:38:26 the hardships of raising a family.

09:38:28 It ingrained in me an understanding and compassion

09:38:32 regarding the struggle of many Tampa families.

09:38:37 I spent my career as a teacher in the Hillsborough

09:38:40 County schools.

09:38:41 Over the years, many parents have shared with me their

09:38:45 concerns, frustrations and hardships regarding raising

09:38:51 their families.

09:38:52 It is my desire to find ways to improve their quality

09:38:56 of life.

09:38:59 As such, I have volunteered many hours to improve life

09:39:02 in my community.

09:39:05 In 1977, I joined the classroom teachers association

09:39:09 and was a CTA rep for my school.

09:39:12 I am presently the labor liaison to the central labor

09:39:17 council.

09:39:19 At the Metropolitan Ministries, I volunteer to tutor

09:39:23 young homeless children at their on-site school.

09:39:27 I worked with the NAACP as a member of the political

09:39:31 action committee.

09:39:33 I participated in the voter registration of minorities

09:39:37 and those seeking the restoration of their voting

09:39:40 rights.

09:39:42 I am a member of LULAC, an organization that promotes

09:39:47 the welfare of Hispanics.

09:39:48 I boned and served as the first vice-president of the

09:39:54 LULAC council, the first which was to create a liaison

09:39:57 to the central labor council.

09:40:01 I have a reputation throughout the county for being a

09:40:03 team player and problem solver.

09:40:06 I will be an asset to the City Council.

09:40:10 Thank you for seeing me today.

09:40:23 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Mr.

09:40:25 Timothy Frendo.

09:40:33 >> Good morning.

09:40:39 My name is Timothy Frendo, I live -- in Riverside

09:40:43 Heights.

09:40:44 For the past year and a half I have been working with

09:40:46 local businesses, community redevelopment areas, the

09:40:49 city and county officials and various green

09:40:51 initiatives.

09:40:52 As you may remember last September, a green business

09:40:55 designation program that I co-authored was passed by

09:40:58 the council making City of Tampa one of a handful of

09:41:01 cities in the country that has their own designation

09:41:03 program.

09:41:04 By working with the local communities, businesses,

09:41:06 CRAs and city officials, I was able to get a

09:41:09 designation program passed that hasn't cost the city

09:41:13 any money to oversee.

09:41:14 This was accomplished by the city partnering what a

09:41:16 local nonprofit who administers the program for the

09:41:18 city.

09:41:19 Currently working with the green restaurant association

09:41:21 to accomplish the same result but for restaurants.

09:41:24 Additionally, I developed a long-term sustainability

09:41:27 action plan for the Tampa downtown partnership.

09:41:30 This action plan was originally developed to assist

09:41:32 local businesses with the upcoming results of the City

09:41:34 of Tampa's greenhouse gas.

09:41:38 What transpired was a collaborative effort between the

09:41:40 City of Tampa, USF, the county, and the Tampa downtown

09:41:45 partnership.

09:41:46 The action plan incorporates the goals of the city,

09:41:48 county, and USF into one plan and creates a task force

09:41:52 to help all entities involved move forward together by

09:41:55 pooling available resources to accomplish common goals

09:41:58 and reduce costs.

09:42:00 I moved here to Tampa from Detroit about four years ago

09:42:03 and have seen what happens when a city like Detroit

09:42:06 loses focus and where it needs to go and becomes

09:42:08 content on what it has done in the past.

09:42:11 Believe the City of Tampa has a lot of potential.

09:42:13 I would like to see it compete not just against

09:42:15 St. Pete but other cities like Atlanta, Boston,

09:42:17 Philadelphia, and Chicago.

09:42:20 By working with a group called young professionals

09:42:22 unite, I saw the desire of young professionals here and

09:42:26 believe if they work in the city, and if the city works

09:42:29 with local universities, they can help retain the

09:42:32 recent graduates, as well as make the city more

09:42:34 business friendly.

09:42:35 I think that they can start working with businesses and

09:42:38 leave cities like Atlanta and come to the City of

09:42:40 Tampa.

09:42:42 I'm very excite for the opportunity to work with all of

09:42:44 you, the citizens, CRA managers, business owners, and

09:42:47 course the mayor to make this a world class city.

09:42:50 Thank you.

09:42:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:42:58 The next candidate is miss Jeanette Jason.

09:43:14 >> Good morning.

09:43:15 I'll take a few minutes to reiterate and expand on some

09:43:19 of my responses to the application questions.

09:43:22 I have been a resident of Tampa since 1986 and have had

09:43:27 my business here since 1990.

09:43:30 My family, through my father, has been visiting and

09:43:32 doing business in Tampa since the 70s.

09:43:37 Raised my two daughters here in South Tampa, one of

09:43:40 whom is now away at college and the other is a senior

09:43:43 at Plant High School.

09:43:45 My degree is in economics.

09:43:47 My career for the past 24 years is in commercial real

09:43:52 estate.

09:43:54 This year I have always been doing commercial

09:43:56 appraisals.

09:43:57 I am familiar with and experienced in preparing and

09:44:02 analyzing pro formas, budgets and investment packages.

09:44:09 Over the past 20 years, I sit on -- I have been on this

09:44:13 side of the podium a number of times with requests for

09:44:16 wet zonings, rezonings and entitlements, ARC approvals,

09:44:21 and neighborhood rezoning requests.

09:44:26 I had met and worked with various city departments,

09:44:29 including zoning, legal, historic preservation, code

09:44:34 enforcement, construction services for permitting.

09:44:40 I feel like I have gained quite a bit of experience

09:44:42 through those efforts.

09:44:45 I will not be running foe for an elected position in

09:44:48 March.

09:44:50 If I am selected to fill this seat, I will work closely

09:44:54 and cooperatively and diligently with council members

09:44:58 as well as with city staff to get some work done over

09:45:01 the next eight months.

09:45:03 And I appreciate your consideration.

09:45:18 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:45:19 The next candidate is miss Lynette Judge.

09:45:23 >> Good morning.

09:45:31 My name is Lynette Judge and I am seeking appointment

09:45:34 to the interim district 3 City Council seat.

09:45:37 You, the five remaining members of the Tampa City

09:45:40 Council, have before you a unique opportunity to select

09:45:44 two applicants to serve on an interim basis on the

09:45:48 council.

09:45:52 Given a field of 66 applicants and only two minutes to

09:45:57 present a convincing argument as to why we want to

09:46:00 serve on the council, your work is not easy.

09:46:03 With the looming budget deficit for the fiscal year

09:46:07 2011 and a fully seated council is needed to help

09:46:10 approve the budget and ensure that all neighborhoods

09:46:12 and their citizens are represented fairly.

09:46:16 The budget deficit is significant and tough decisions

09:46:22 must be made regarding the use of limited resources.

09:46:24 Yes, due to the tax revenue some services will need to

09:46:29 be decreased or eliminated and some fees on services

09:46:32 will need to be increased.

09:46:35 With that said, we must be cautious not to let overly

09:46:39 burdensome fees on already overly taxed population.

09:46:43 Surely, we cannot hope to ease our budget deficit on

09:46:47 the backs of our children and senior citizens.

09:46:49 Excessive recreational fees and senior daycare fees

09:46:54 make safe haven out of reach for many of our citizens.

09:46:57 While striving to make Tampa the next great city we

09:46:59 must keep in mind the costs such as high-speed rail and

09:47:07 no further than how much it's going to cost me.

09:47:10 With less revenue we must help neighborhoods transform

09:47:14 blighted areas into protected spaces such as community

09:47:16 gardens.

09:47:17 Community gardens benefit neighborhood by removing

09:47:21 eyesores, reducing criminal behavior and providing low

09:47:26 cost foods to its citizens.

09:47:27 With less revenue we must continue our CRA commitment

09:47:30 to economically depressed areas

09:47:33 So that all of Tampa will be a great place to live,

09:47:36 work and play.

09:47:38 I am Lynette Judge, and I seek your consideration for

09:47:41 appointment to the interim position district 3.

09:47:45 Thank you.

09:47:45 >> Thank you.

09:47:50 The next candidate is Mr. Jeffrey Karon.

09:47:55 >> Good morning.

09:48:02 I'm Jeff Karon, and for several reasons I could discuss

09:48:06 I am going to focus on just two.

09:48:08 First, I have been living in Seminole Heights for over

09:48:11 16 years, and it strikes me that Seminole Heights as

09:48:14 many of us know in this room is a microcosm of the

09:48:17 economic and development issues that face the city as a

09:48:19 whole.

09:48:20 I have been living and continue to live there and

09:48:23 expect to do so for myself and my family.

09:48:25 The second reason has to do with my background.

09:48:28 I spent over 20 years in service, as many people in

09:48:32 this room have.

09:48:33 In my case it's been education.

09:48:37 That service included four years as professor at the

09:48:38 University of Tampa followed by going into the public

09:48:41 school system and deciding to teach at Blake high

09:48:43 school after which I started my own business called the

09:48:47 honorable classroom.

09:48:48 So I am a local business person who tutors students and

09:48:51 parents.

09:48:52 I think that I have a good sense of the educational

09:48:59 complexion of the city.

09:49:01 From all the parents, students, and all the family

09:49:04 members who are impacted by what I do.

09:49:09 I have a dual identity, though, and that second

09:49:12 identity is as a working writer in Tampa.

09:49:17 In fact, my work was recently selected to be on the

09:49:20 riverwalk project.

09:49:21 It will be displayed with colleagues who are also

09:49:25 professional writers, and as part of that identity, I

09:49:27 am well aware of the challenges we have in developing

09:49:31 Tampa as an arts district.

09:49:34 I have interests in sustainability, community gardens,

09:49:39 certainly, but as an artist I have a concern that Tampa

09:49:43 outpace St. Petersburg, for example, as an arts

09:49:46 December T destination.

09:49:48 I think it is something essential and a time of fiscal

09:49:51 austerity.

09:49:57 The last few seconds of my time, I would like to make a

09:49:57 comment about this room today. It struck me if you are

09:49:59 here today, you cannot be cynical about local

09:50:02 government because of the civic pride that everyone has

09:50:04 demonstrated today.

09:50:05 Thank you.

09:50:20 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:50:21 The next candidate is Mr. Thomas Kester.

09:50:27 >> Good morning.

09:50:28 My name is Tom Kester.

09:50:30 I was an employee of the City of Tampa for 27 years in

09:50:33 the police department, and I think you have my record

09:50:35 there in front of you.

09:50:36 I have owned my own business.

09:50:37 I went to high school and college here.

09:50:43 Been a past board member on several city boards, and am

09:50:47 currently president of Swann estates neighborhood

09:50:49 association, and vice-commander of my post 5, the

09:50:54 American Legion an post at Kennedy and Dale Mabry, the

09:50:57 oldest post in the state.

09:50:59 I have been actively involved in our community, but

09:51:01 it's only been the opportunity the city offered by

09:51:04 early retirement from the police department that I

09:51:06 really enjoyed myself, and by enjoying myself I mean

09:51:10 volunteer work.

09:51:12 I got to indulge myself by being involved in local

09:51:15 politics and campaigning.

09:51:17 I got to go to the '96 Olympics on staff.

09:51:21 And I owe the city, and they have given me this

09:51:25 opportunity, they provided me with an education free of

09:51:28 charge.

09:51:28 They have a lot invested in me.

09:51:31 And the reason I want to be on City Council is because

09:51:33 obviously it's a great city, and I just want am just

09:51:39 one of many, many candidates here.

09:51:40 But why I am impressed with this city is you can have

09:51:43 two vacancies like this, and you can have this pool of

09:51:47 talent show up and raise their hands and say, I

09:51:49 volunteer.

09:51:50 This is not a full pay job.

09:51:53 This is not a well-paid job.

09:51:55 But these folks all showed up and they are well

09:51:57 qualified.

09:51:59 And willing.

09:51:59 And that's why I love Tampa, and that's why I am

09:52:02 willing to do most anything.

09:52:04 And I appreciate the time for this interview.

09:52:09 Thank you.

09:52:13 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:52:14 The next candidate is Mr. Guido Maniscalco.

09:52:23 >> Good morning.

09:52:24 My name is Guido Maniscalco.

09:52:28 In March I filed to run for the city seat so I will

09:52:34 currently a candidate for it.

09:52:35 Do I see it as a disadvantage in next March's election?

09:52:38 I do not because this business is not a game.

09:52:41 Today, we have these two open seats.

09:52:44 Therefore I am asking you, not the people of Tampa, you

09:52:47 for the opportunity to serve on City Council.

09:52:49 My mother is from Cuba.

09:52:51 My father is from Italy.

09:52:52 I was raised speaking all three languages, Italian,

09:52:55 Spanish and English, and my family has had a business

09:52:58 in West Tampa for the last 36 years.

09:53:00 Now 36 years is a long time which means we have been

09:53:03 successful.

09:53:04 It's not us to ho have made this business successful.

09:53:07 It's the people of Tampa that made us successful.

09:53:10 Therefore, I see this is not about me, this is not

09:53:14 about you, this is about us, this is about our

09:53:16 community, the people of Tampa, and working together to

09:53:18 make Tampa go forward in the 21st century.

09:53:22 People see Tampa as a place where a Super Bowl has been

09:53:27 won, where a Stanley Cup has been won.

09:53:29 I want people to see Tampa as a great place to live.

09:53:32 I want Tampa to be a model for other cities in the

09:53:34 United States where she say, why don't we do it like

09:53:37 Tampa?

09:53:37 Why can't we set examples, do things how Tampa does

09:53:41 things?

09:53:42 I have lived here all my life.

09:53:44 I have gone to school mere.

09:53:45 I have never left.

09:53:47 I never left because I had the passion to see Tampa

09:53:50 succeed, and that's what I want.

09:53:51 I want the best for Tampa, and I want to do the right

09:53:54 thing.

09:53:54 Now, public service on the City Council is not just

09:53:58 contained within these four walls.

09:53:59 It's about reaching out to the people of Tampa, going

09:54:02 and listening to concerns of each individual.

09:54:05 Thank you very much.

09:54:15 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:54:15 The next candidate is Mr. Seth R. Nelson.

09:54:22 >> Good morning.

09:54:23 I am Seth Nelson, live at 800 South Dakota number 213.

09:54:28 I a didn't apply for this seat on a whim.

09:54:31 I am committed to this city and the issues we all face.

09:54:34 That's why I applied for this city-wide seat and that's

09:54:36 why I am running for this seat in the March election.

09:54:39 As you are aware our community is facing serious issues

09:54:41 that affect every neighborhood, from Drew Park to grant

09:54:45 park, from Tampa Heights to Tampa Palms.

09:54:48 The most pressing issue that affects all of us is the

09:54:50 budget.

09:54:51 I have served on the citizen advisory council for

09:54:53 budget and finance for the past two years.

09:54:56 In that role I met with the department heads to analyze

09:54:59 what cuts could be made while having the least impact

09:55:02 on the services provided to our neighborhoods.

09:55:04 Because I have studied this budget, I am uniquely

09:55:07 qualified to serve in this seat at this time.

09:55:11 Another important issue before us is transportation,

09:55:16 specifically designing and implementing a system that

09:55:19 redevelops our urban area and helps promote economic

09:55:22 growth.

09:55:23 I currently serve on the CAC for the MPO.

09:55:26 I understand how transportation affects our city and

09:55:29 our entire region.

09:55:31 If selected, I'm prepared to serve on the MPO board

09:55:34 with other members of this council.

09:55:36 The council also presides over rezonings and PDs.

09:55:41 As an attorney I represented neighborhoods in front of

09:55:43 this council and in court to keep a high-rise out of

09:55:47 Historic Hyde Park and to keep a city dog park open in

09:55:51 Palma Ceia. I also served on the VRB and I understand

09:55:54 that decisions made must be made on the record, not on

09:55:58 just the number of people that attend the meetings.

09:56:02 In making tough decisions, I appreciate that reasonable

09:56:05 people can differ.

09:56:06 I value our differences and explore different points of

09:56:10 view.

09:56:11 I'm ready, willing and able to work with each of you in

09:56:15 a collegial manner to move our city forward.

09:56:17 Thank you for your consideration.

09:56:34 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

09:56:35 The next candidate is miss Mimi B. Kehoe Osiason.

09:56:42 >> My name is Mimi Osiason.

09:56:45 Thank you for your service to this community.

09:56:47 It seems to me that the primary goal of this process is

09:56:49 to mitigate the disruption that present circumstances

09:56:52 have imposed on conducting the public's business.

09:56:56 No one has more knowledge than the five of you about

09:56:58 the requirements for effective service on City Council.

09:57:02 Would I be your best choice?

09:57:04 Many matters coming before you are quasi-judicial in

09:57:07 nature.

09:57:07 I serve as an arbitrator for the financial industry

09:57:10 regulatory authority, so I am experienced in ruling in

09:57:15 a quasi-judicial form.

09:57:17 Many matters coming before you require applying

09:57:19 statutes and ordinances to issues that affect the

09:57:22 everyday lives of citizens.

09:57:24 As the Tampa regional financial administrator of the

09:57:28 state comptroller office I resolve consumer complaints,

09:57:31 I explain state laws and make recommendations with

09:57:35 consumer oriented revisions, I work with department

09:57:37 personnel on modifications recommended as a result of

09:57:39 regulatory experience, so I'm experienced helping

09:57:43 citizens deal with government.

09:57:45 Many matters coming before you require making equitable

09:57:51 judgments when diverse interests are at play.

09:57:52 I have served as president of the local League of Women

09:57:54 Voters and as the director of finance and taxation, so

09:57:59 I have experience in finding common grounds for

09:58:02 appropriate public policy.

09:58:03 I was chairperson of the campaign that achieved the

09:58:06 homeless charter for Hillsborough County.

09:58:08 As a volunteer I worked on taxation and N zoning

09:58:11 matters, written articles on government financing,

09:58:14 served on the downtown DRI transportation study, and as

09:58:17 chairperson of the growth management committee on the

09:58:20 Tampa chamber state and local government council.

09:58:23 So I'm experienced with nonpartisan public policy

09:58:27 issues in our community.

09:58:29 My experience will allow me to make a contribution to

09:58:31 my community and be a productive interim member of the

09:58:35 Tampa City Council.

09:58:36 Yes, I believe I am your best choice.

09:58:38 Thank you.

09:58:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you. The next candidate

09:58:52 is Mr. Thomas L. petitioner son.

09:58:54 >> Good morning.

09:59:01 My name is Thomas Peterson.

09:59:03 I reside at 17920 Bahama isle circle here in Tampa.

09:59:08 Thank you for your time this morning and also for

09:59:13 considering me the interim City Council position.

09:59:18 I have been a Tampa resident for the past 20 years.

09:59:22 I have also been a commercial realtor and a

09:59:30 professional manager in technology.

09:59:34 And listening to some of the candidates who spoke with

09:59:38 you previously, I think I bring potentially a more

09:59:45 diverse set of experiences and point of view to serve

09:59:49 the City of Tampa in this interim period.

09:59:56 I think my skills and my experience -- and I presented

09:59:59 you with my resumé -- would help in going through and

10:00:12 working with City Council on the important issues ahead

10:00:14 of us.

10:00:15 Some of the things I believe in and would focus on are

10:00:19 jobs.

10:00:19 I believe that jobs will bring us out of this economy.

10:00:24 Jobs are key to this.

10:00:26 Also, my background in commercial real estate is that I

10:00:29 think we need to work to improve the value of real

10:00:34 estate, which again would bring jobs and growth in the

10:00:38 tax base.

10:00:41 I also support the transportation initiatives that are

10:00:45 going on today, both the high-speed rail and the light

10:00:50 rail initiatives, to build the infrastructure to help

10:00:54 grow the city.

10:00:55 Also, I strongly believe in the environment and

10:00:58 protecting the environment and developing the

10:01:01 environment, because that's one of the primary reasons

10:01:04 that people do move to Florida, is to take advantage of

10:01:07 a place where you can live and enjoy that.

10:01:11 So it would be an honor and a pleasure and a privilege

10:01:14 to work with you during this interim period as a member

10:01:18 of Tampa City Council.

10:01:20 Thank you very much for your time.

10:01:31 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:01:32 The next candidate is Mr. Robert petit.

10:01:35 >> Good morning, council members.

10:01:49 And all in attendance.

10:01:50 My name is Robert petit and I'm seeking the appointment

10:01:53 to the district 3 at-large seat.

10:01:56 I am not be running for seat for council in the March

10:01:59 election.

10:02:01 We have had an opportunity to hear from a wide variety

10:02:03 of applicants, former Tampa City Council members,

10:02:06 current and former members from various city boards and

10:02:08 commissions, business owners, professionals of all

10:02:11 trades and professions and civic activists and those a

10:02:14 part of various neighborhood and community groups.

10:02:16 I'm not an attorney, I have never owned a business,

10:02:18 have never served in any appointed or elected role

10:02:21 before.

10:02:22 I am not connected to the political, social or civic

10:02:24 establishment of this city, nor do I believe the

10:02:27 aforementioned categories to be prerequisites to serve

10:02:31 in one city.

10:02:32 Currently I am a full-time student at St. Petersburg

10:02:34 college and a life-long resident of Hillsborough County

10:02:39 and resident of the north Tampa community of Tampa for

10:02:43 more than 17 years.

10:02:45 I have worked my community change from mixed to retail

10:02:48 such as theaters and grocery stores to pawn shops and

10:02:56 flea markets.

10:02:56 The movement definitely has change not for the good

10:02:59 compared to the rest of the City of Tampa which has

10:03:03 moved progressively forward.

10:03:05 I think this seat represents or does represent all of

10:03:09 the city, and I think whoever is chosen needs to be

10:03:12 someone who can represent the entire city, not just a

10:03:16 particular neighborhood.

10:03:18 What I want from this city is the city to move more

10:03:21 towards a progressive city compared to what it

10:03:27 currently is.

10:03:27 Right now.

10:03:29 I this city can be better than what it is right now and

10:03:33 I think we need to choose somebody who can bring an

10:03:36 outside perspective to this council, somebody who is

10:03:39 not an insider, somebody who hasn't served on various

10:03:42 boards previously before, and I'm that type of person.

10:03:44 I have never been appointed to anything, never served

10:03:46 on anything before.

10:03:47 I do have some minor political experience.

10:03:49 I have been to Tallahassee a couple of years, I have

10:03:51 lobbied issues before the Florida legislature, I have

10:03:53 had a chance to meet governor Jeb Bush on an issue

10:03:57 regarding student safety and anti-discrimination and

10:04:00 anti-bullying in schools.

10:04:02 That's the extent of my political experience.

10:04:04 But I am an outsider.

10:04:05 I am not someone who has been connected with city

10:04:07 politics or been connected with city establishment

10:04:10 before.

10:04:10 So I think we need to bring a common outside

10:04:13 perspective to this council, especially dealing with

10:04:16 the things we are going to be dealing with such as the

10:04:18 budget, the ordinances, and things of that nature.

10:04:21 (Bell sounds)

10:04:22 Thank you.

10:04:30 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:04:31 The next candidate is Mr. Frank Reddick.

10:04:38 >> Good morning.

10:04:40 I stand before you as interim councilman for district

10:04:48 5.

10:04:48 During my tenure on the council, I represented district

10:04:51 5 and the City of Tampa with honor and integrity.

10:04:55 No one questioned my character or professionalism

10:04:58 during my tenure as a member of the council.

10:05:02 Today I stand before you requesting your support for

10:05:05 the appointment to the district 3 City Council seat.

10:05:09 I stand before you as president of the neighborhood

10:05:15 association, the vice chairman of the Hillsborough

10:05:16 County charter review board and the chairman of the

10:05:19 East Tampa weed and seed committee, the past chairman

10:05:23 of the Lee Davis neighborhood center advisory board,

10:05:26 board member of the Tampa General Hospital authority

10:05:28 board, past executive board member of East Tampa

10:05:31 partnership, and, finally, I stand before you as the

10:05:35 recently elected first African-American chairman of the

10:05:38 Board of Directors for the second largest health

10:05:41 organization in the country with a budget in the

10:05:42 millions.

10:05:48 The next day or two, you have a very difficult decision

10:05:53 to make.

10:05:55 I believe with my experience and qualification, I am

10:06:01 prepared to start on day one.

10:06:03 I am prepared, without any training or orientation.

10:06:12 He can start working for the betterment of this

10:06:14 community.

10:06:15 Most importantly, I am prepared to save the city money.

10:06:21 All I have to do is retrieve my old parking sign and

10:06:26 have it installed.

10:06:29 [ Laughter ]

10:06:30 And states reserved 24 hours for Frank Reddick, City

10:06:35 Council.

10:06:35 That saves the city money.

10:06:41 I hope when you deliberate, I hope you will give me

10:06:45 great consideration.

10:06:48 And I am willing to do what it takes to work with the

10:06:53 members of City Council and to do what it takes to

10:06:56 improve our community.

10:06:58 Thank you for this opportunity.

10:07:10 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you. The next candidate

10:07:11 is Joseph S. Russo.

10:07:18 >> Good morning!

10:07:20 Good morning.

10:07:23 Everyone, good morning!

10:07:25 Let's hear it.

10:07:27 Now, that's what we want to do is be able to hear it so

10:07:31 that everyone knows what we are saying.

10:07:33 My name is Joseph S. Russo.

10:07:35 I have lived in Tampa for more years than many of you

10:07:40 in this room have lived.

10:07:43 Yes, I came to Tampa in 1946, got off the plane, and I

10:07:49 thought to myself, where on earth am I?

10:07:52 This must be Cuba.

10:07:54 Everything was closed.

10:07:57 There was a flood coming down hard as it can be.

10:08:02 I thought I will never, never, ever end up here.

10:08:06 But fortunately after 60-some years I am still here and

10:08:10 I have wanted to do something like this, be on City

10:08:13 Council.

10:08:14 Unfortunately I was unable to do it because of my work.

10:08:16 When I saw this in the newspaper I said, why not?

10:08:19 This is the time to do it.

10:08:21 And especially after reading some of the comments,

10:08:26 right from our chairman, Mr. Tom Scott.

10:08:30 He said he's looking for a can data with no political

10:08:35 experience, and he won't rule out one, newcomer who has

10:08:42 enthusiasm.

10:08:43 And, yes -- [ Laughter ]

10:08:46 We have enthusiasm.

10:08:49 That's right.

10:08:51 He wants someone who can hit the ground running.

10:08:58 Yes, sir!

10:08:59 And he also wants a team player.

10:09:02 So I qualify for all three of those

10:09:07 And Ms. Mary Mulhern says, well, she wants a candidate

10:09:12 who would seem to embody the principles of John

10:09:19 Dingfelder and also Linda Saul-Sena.

10:09:21 Quite honestly, I don't know what those particular

10:09:25 philosophies was or is.

10:09:29 Okay?

10:09:29 Now, I did like Mr. Charlie Miranda.

10:09:32 Mr. Miranda said this.

10:09:34 He's not concerned about whether the applicant has any

10:09:37 experience in city politics.

10:09:40 He's concerned about whether that applicant is alive.

10:09:43 And needs to be a team -- willing to be a team player.

10:09:48 And I am willing to be a team player.

10:09:50 I can guarantee you.

10:09:51 So all I ask of you, think of me.

10:09:54 The name is Joseph S. Russo, R-U-S-S-O.

10:10:01 Thank you for your time.

10:10:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I feel sorry for the next applicant.

10:10:20 [ Laughter ]

10:10:21 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you, council.

10:10:23 The next applicant is Taryn E. Sabia.

10:10:28 >> Good morning, council members.

10:10:37 This is definitely a hard act to follow.

10:10:41 I have been before you many times asking you to be

10:10:43 visionary, and I am not doing anything different today

10:10:48 I am here before you speaking for young professionals

10:10:52 and young families, and know that it's important and

10:10:55 essential that we have that voice among you, that some

10:11:00 sitting up there, we start to hear some younger voices

10:11:03 in the crowd, getting physically engaged, being part of

10:11:07 this community, and working hard for it.

10:11:09 I don't have any political experience.

10:11:12 I'm looking to get a little bit.

10:11:14 I would love to know what it's like to be there, to

10:11:17 understand, to sit in your shoes, and to look at the

10:11:21 community from the bench.

10:11:25 I have worked in the community from the ground up,

10:11:27 founding a nonprofit, the urban charrette, which has

10:11:30 been working to elevate the culture of design, and

10:11:33 start helping to build a civic infrastructure here in

10:11:39 Tampa for the past three and a half years.

10:11:40 This is something that's been dear to my heart.

10:11:43 We have been working on issues of sustainability,

10:11:44 bringing a sustainable assessment team, a technical

10:11:46 assistance grant here to Tampa and working on lots of

10:11:49 charrettes with neighborhoods, intense design processes

10:11:54 that are collaborative in nature and bring people

10:11:57 together to talk about issues, such as community

10:11:59 gardens and our open Mike series which we held at a

10:12:04 local coffee shop in Ybor City.

10:12:06 I currently live in Tampa Heights, and previously have

10:12:09 lived in Ybor.

10:12:10 I spent a lot of time living around the country

10:12:13 including the northeast, where I did my education.

10:12:17 After my bachelors program here at Eckerd college in

10:12:20 St. Pete, which I have I have to say is one of my

10:12:23 favorites because of the beach, I went to Harvard and

10:12:26 did a masters in education.

10:12:27 I went to Risby and did a masters in architecture, but

10:12:32 what I really gained from those programs most was

10:12:34 learning how to be a quick study.

10:12:35 So I can promise there's not a big learning curve.

10:12:38 I'm ready to dive in, go head first.

10:12:40 It's really time we start to see some young

10:12:43 professionals spark up in this community.

10:12:45 Tampa is growing.

10:12:46 It's changing.

10:12:47 It's moving forward.

10:12:49 And I would love to learn from you and be part of that

10:12:52 movement.

10:12:52 So thank you so much today for giving all of us the

10:12:55 opportunity to come before you.

10:12:58 And I look forward to your decision.

10:13:07 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:13:08 The next candidate is miss Vivian Salaga.

10:13:16 >> Good morning, council.

10:13:18 I am Vivian Salaga.

10:13:21 Sitting on City Council is in fact not about me as an

10:13:27 individual.

10:13:28 Or you, or the others in this room, for ma matter.

10:13:34 It's about pooling diverse professional experience to

10:13:38 bring the best and brightest front and center to help

10:13:42 move Tampa into the 21st century with enlightened,

10:13:46 informed, and cooperative leadership.

10:13:49 It's about consensus building to accomplish the myriad

10:13:53 of complex issues with which this council must deal

10:13:56 prior to that March election.

10:14:00 Transportation, responsible development, growth

10:14:03 management, planning, fiscal responsibility and

10:14:08 accountability.

10:14:09 It's about renewed energy and enthusiasm.

10:14:14 It's about team building.

10:14:17 These, I promise, to bring to this interim position

10:14:21 should you consider confirmation of my appointment.

10:14:25 It would certainly be a privilege to be able to

10:14:27 continue my service to the City of Tampa in this

10:14:31 capacity.

10:14:32 And I thank you for that consideration.

10:14:42 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:14:42 The next candidate is Mr. Jacob Shafer.

10:14:54 >> Thank you for hearing me this morning.

10:14:56 My name is Jacob Shafer.

10:14:59 I'm very interested in helping this city during the

10:15:01 transition period until two members can be elected in

10:15:05 March.

10:15:06 I am currently administrator at UT.

10:15:08 Previous to that I taught at USF where I completed a

10:15:10 master's degree at biochemistry.

10:15:12 I worked with Moffitt, and another spinoff, GLT Pharma.

10:15:21 I have elected board experience and I am a home owner

10:15:22 in New Tampa.

10:15:23 I know that you are constrained by budget limitations,

10:15:26 and during my tenure in Tampa we had to deal with very

10:15:30 serious budget limitations so I understand what's

10:15:34 coming ahead, the hard work and difficulty

10:15:36 communicating to people that certain cuts are going to

10:15:38 have to be made.

10:15:39 I think I am prepared to begin almost immediately

10:15:41 helping you with that process.

10:15:43 I usually approach these sorts of problems by listening

10:15:46 diligently, building consensus and communicating

10:15:49 clearly to all stakeholders what's going on.

10:15:53 I am always talking about how important it is to grow

10:15:55 the Florida economy, especially the Tampa region.

10:15:58 I think there's a great opportunity to grow our biotech

10:16:02 tech sorry as laid out by enterprise Florida's road map

10:16:06 for Florida, and within the state, I am always hoping

10:16:08 Tampa will improve itself relative to the other cities

10:16:12 such as Orlando or Miami.

10:16:14 One great opportunity we have for that is building the

10:16:17 light rail and the high-speed rail, and I agree

10:16:19 completely with Councilwoman Mulhern's position on

10:16:22 Thursday that there needs to be two stops at Tampa

10:16:25 International Airport for light and high-speed rail.

10:16:28 I would like to bring my research and analysis to

10:16:31 support these decisions on behalf of the council.

10:16:34 I understand the council's role in working with the

10:16:37 county and state.

10:16:37 I would like to help in communication operation between

10:16:41 the organization.

10:16:42 I thank you for hearing me this morning and ask you to

10:16:47 seriously consider my candidacy.

10:16:49 Any questions?

10:16:56 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you. The next candidate

10:16:57 is Mr. Michael Spero.

10:17:05 >> Good morning, council members.

10:17:07 My name is Michael Spero and I thank you for the

10:17:10 opportunity to speak today.

10:17:11 I have been a resident of Tampa since 1988 when I moved

10:17:14 here to attend the University of South Florida.

10:17:17 I fell in love with this city and have been fortunate

10:17:19 enough to live and work here to this day.

10:17:22 I am now a resident of The Oaks of Riverview community

10:17:25 in Old Seminole Heights.

10:17:26 As now, the oaks at Riverview is the rebirth of was

10:17:30 once Riverview terrace.

10:17:32 After purchasing a home at the oaks in 2007 my wife

10:17:35 crystal and I became involved in the homeowners

10:17:37 association in which I currently serve as president,

10:17:41 and our community master association of which I

10:17:43 currently serve as secretary.

10:17:45 I have had the good fortune to work closely with some

10:17:47 of the most dedicate and thoughtful individuals I have

10:17:49 ever met.

10:17:50 Residents like William Dennis who share the same pride

10:17:53 and vision for our community and local officials like

10:17:55 LeRoy Moore and Michael butler from the Tampa Housing

10:17:58 Authority. In keeping our neighborhood secure, I

10:18:01 volunteered and was trained by the Tampa application

10:18:03 department, neighborhood watch mobile patrol.

10:18:05 I work with our great captain as another upstanding

10:18:09 resident of The Oaks.

10:18:11 In participating in neighborhood watch I felt a strong

10:18:14 relationship with local law enforcement and am proud to

10:18:16 know some of the district 2 officers like sue Harmison,

10:18:21 assistant chief Bennett.

10:18:23 They have all taken a great interest with our new

10:18:25 community and made us feel like partners and

10:18:27 maintaining the quality of life we all enjoy.

10:18:30 When faced with issues that required help from the city

10:18:32 I was able to reach out to Shannon Edge from the city

10:18:34 department and neighborhood relations and Shannon was

10:18:36 able to set up a meeting with Mayor Iorio at her

10:18:39 offices to discuss the problems and hope facilitate

10:18:42 solutions.

10:18:42 Last week Mayor Iorio personally took time out of her

10:18:46 schedule to call me just to see how things were doing

10:18:48 in our neighborhood.

10:18:49 And it's that kind of thoughtfulness and kind of

10:18:52 accessibility from the mayor that continues to inspire

10:18:54 me to further serve my community.

10:18:56 I stand before you thankful for the time you have taken

10:18:59 to consider my application and would be both eager and

10:19:02 humble to serve on this council.

10:19:04 Thank you

10:19:12 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:19:13 The next applicant is Ms. Janet Stanley.

10:19:25 >> I'm here today because I just couldn't help myself.

10:19:32 I am a fixer.

10:19:33 I see things on an everyday basis that need to be

10:19:37 fixed, and I have this uncontrollable urge to fix them.

10:19:48 I read in the paper, and I think that just isn't right.

10:19:51 I keep thinking, how can I fix this?

10:19:53 What can be done to fix this?

10:19:55 So I guess I just must be see the City Council as

10:20:00 fixers.

10:20:01 I have a background in nonprofit administration, and it

10:20:06 has made me creative and resourceful.

10:20:12 I bring creative solutions to problems, and I would

10:20:15 like to bring those solutions to council to make our

10:20:17 city a more livable place.

10:20:20 I don't want to just step in and finish somebody else's

10:20:24 job.

10:20:24 I want to bring some of my own fresh ideas to the City

10:20:27 Council.

10:20:31 I think it would have a positive effect on the city,

10:20:33 even after I was gone from the council, because I don't

10:20:37 plan to run for the City Council.

10:20:41 But I have been active in my community for years.

10:20:44 I have been active with the river round table and the

10:20:48 friends of the river, and I have initiated groups that

10:20:50 have made a positive effect, a lasting positive effect

10:20:54 on the city, I formed save our tower group which

10:20:58 enabled the city to purchase the tower property in

10:21:01 Sulphur Springs, and now we have a beautiful park that

10:21:04 everyone can enjoy.

10:21:07 I would welcome this opportunity to work more closely

10:21:10 with the city and with the City Council.

10:21:13 Thank you.

10:21:20 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:21:21 The next candidate is Mr. Curtis Stokes.

10:21:34 >> Good morning.

10:21:34 Thank you all for this opportunity to reconsider my

10:21:37 appointment to Tampa City Council.

10:21:38 I'm Curtis Stokes.

10:21:39 I reside here in the city.

10:21:43 The appointment to Tampa City Council would be very

10:21:45 important.

10:21:46 I have served the residents of the city in different

10:21:48 roles over the years.

10:21:49 I serve on the board of general employees pension board

10:21:54 of retirement funds for those retired and those

10:21:57 currently working.

10:21:58 I believe my experience of the past 17 years would help

10:22:02 me hit the ground running as we prepare for next year's

10:22:04 budget.

10:22:04 I think that experience would be crucial.

10:22:06 My working in the community by serving on the board of

10:22:07 several large nonprofits, by working as chairman of the

10:22:10 board of the American cancer society, where we raised

10:22:12 funds for cancer research. I'm on the board of

10:22:15 Metropolitan Ministries, where I lend my experience to

10:22:17 build transitional housing for the homeless and for

10:22:21 those who need housing as they work to get themselves

10:22:23 on their feet.

10:22:24 We raise funds to feed our citizens at Thanksgiving and

10:22:27 also give away toys to our citizens who are less

10:22:30 fortunate at Christmas.

10:22:33 And I worked for Hillsborough County schools to form a

10:22:39 world class program for minority firms.

10:22:42 Currently, on a work group for the Tampa chamber,

10:22:48 looking for creative ways for infrastructure to help

10:22:50 spur business development.

10:22:52 I'm a strong supporter of the one penny sales tax, rail

10:22:55 is needed, high-speed rail and light rail.

10:22:58 As we go to compete with some of the bigger cities who

10:23:01 will need best in class to be attract business.

10:23:04 We also need creative ways to create jobs and to the

10:23:09 economy.

10:23:10 I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and go to work.

10:23:12 Thank you for this time.

10:23:13 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you. The next candidate

10:23:19 is Mr. Mike Suarez.

10:23:22 >> Good morning, council members, Mr. Chairman.

10:23:29 Thank you for this opportunity.

10:23:31 I am not going to be the loudest.

10:23:32 We already know who that is.

10:23:34 I'm definitely not going to be the youngest.

10:23:36 I'm not really sure who that might be.

10:23:39 And I am not going to be one of the people that has

10:23:41 already gotten experience on City Council.

10:23:42 You already know who they are.

10:23:43 But I do have unique background and experience that I

10:23:47 think will be very helpful for the City Council.

10:23:51 I used to work for senator Bob Graham for about four

10:23:54 and a half years, ran his office for central Florida

10:23:56 under federal issues and how they effect cities and

10:23:59 counties.

10:24:04 I worked for the EPA in the water division, something

10:24:07 very dear, I think, to Mr. Miranda's heart.

10:24:10 We helped give money to water and weight water

10:24:14 treatment plants to rebuild after it ended and I have

10:24:20 been involved with nonprofit groups both as chairman,

10:24:23 as members throughout this city and the county.

10:24:27 Now, I think one of the things that we need to figure

10:24:33 out is what it is that you are looking for.

10:24:35 And we all don't know what you are lag for.

10:24:37 I think we all kind of try and hit on different issues,

10:24:40 different points, but at the same time, you need to

10:24:43 understand that we all understand what the importance

10:24:47 of being a City Council member is.

10:24:50 We appreciate your service, and we want to try and help

10:24:53 you solve some of these budget problems that are coming

10:24:56 up.

10:24:56 With is a $7504 million budget it's going to be

10:25:00 difficult for anyone to jump in here and start looking

10:25:03 at the hard decisions that are necessary in order to

10:25:07 make the cuts necessary in order to keep the budget

10:25:12 balanced.

10:25:13 Now, again, I have some unique experience working with

10:25:16 the federal government.

10:25:19 I am the member of my professional organization.

10:25:22 I'm a professional insurance agent.

10:25:24 And I have lobbied to the state on our issues, and I

10:25:29 know that will be helpful for the City Council.

10:25:34 Now, I think all of us know that over the last few

10:25:36 years, especially over the last two years, there's been

10:25:39 a lot of talk out there about loss of faith in

10:25:43 government.

10:25:43 All of us in government.

10:25:45 And without trying to say that we have lost faith in

10:25:51 this city's government, all these people here show they

10:25:56 do still have faith in city government.

10:25:57 (Bell sounds)

10:25:58 I would like to say that I humbly ask you for your vote

10:26:02 and would love to be your colleague.

10:26:04 Thank you very much.

10:26:04 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:26:08 The next candidate is Mr. Paul V. Suppicich.

10:26:21 >> good morning esteemed council.

10:26:24 My name is Paul Suppicich, a long time resident of the

10:26:29 City of Tampa, currently live in New Tampa with my wife

10:26:32 of nearly 20 years, and my five-year-old daughter

10:26:36 I'm an attorney by profession and own and operate my

10:26:39 own small civil litigation law firm here in Tampa.

10:26:43 I have a previous career as a professional educators,

10:26:48 an international educator, as a matter of fact.

10:26:50 I graduated from Stetson university college of law over

10:26:53 in Pinellas County.

10:26:55 He I also hold two degrees from a the University of

10:26:57 South Florida, bachelors in education and masters in

10:27:01 teaching.

10:27:03 Even though education is no longer my full time

10:27:09 avocation, I'm still a strong supporter of education,

10:27:13 and I'm an adjunct professor with continuing education

10:27:17 at the University of South Florida.

10:27:22 I sit on the board of the Hillsborough literacy council

10:27:26 which is a local nonprofit that teaches reading to

10:27:30 adults in our community.

10:27:33 And also teaches English to speakers of other languages

10:27:36 that have become members of our community.

10:27:40 I'm the president of the New Tampa regional library

10:27:43 friends chapter.

10:27:45 The friends, if you are not familiar with it, is the

10:27:47 organization that receives donated materials from the

10:27:49 community, both AV materials and then have the book

10:27:55 stores that relend those materials to the community.

10:27:58 All the fund of which go to support programming at our

10:28:01 libraries throughout Hillsborough County.

10:28:05 As the president of the New Tampa regional friends

10:28:07 chapter, I also sit on the county-wide council with

10:28:13 other community leaders like Jan Platt, and am familiar

10:28:18 with budgeting issues through my work with that

10:28:20 council.

10:28:24 I'm a very active community servant and a member of the

10:28:29 New Tampa Rotary Club.

10:28:33 If you are unfamiliar we've the Rotary Club, we are a

10:28:37 service organization that believes very much in service

10:28:40 to the local community, which I do primarily through

10:28:43 the schools, Moore elementary and Freedom High School

10:28:47 being the two that I do local out reach and

10:28:53 internationally.

10:28:53 (Bell sounds)

10:28:56 Thank you very much for your consideration.

10:29:02 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:29:02 The next candidate is Mr. Wesley G. Warren.

10:29:22 >> My name is Wesley Warren and I was born and raised

10:29:26 here in Tampa.

10:29:26 I lived here all my life.

10:29:28 I have fond memories of growing up listening to my

10:29:30 mother tell stories of her father who drove one of the

10:29:33 first street cars here in Tampa.

10:29:35 I live here because I choose to.

10:29:36 This is a great place to live.

10:29:38 I think one of the most important qualities a person

10:29:41 can have to sit in that chair is the ability to listen

10:29:45 and understand what their constituents say and want.

10:29:51 When you sit in that chair you don't push your own

10:29:53 agenda.

10:29:53 You push the agenda of the people who you represent.

10:29:57 I have that quality.

10:29:59 Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of

10:30:02 working with the majority of people in my neighborhood

10:30:04 to form one of the new associations in Tampa in a very

10:30:11 long time, the Hampton terrace neighborhood

10:30:13 association, which I am president.

10:30:15 I have familiarized myself with the issues that I feel

10:30:17 the council will be addressing, specifically light

10:30:19 rail, and I look forward to putting that knowledge to

10:30:22 use.

10:30:22 I respectfully and humbly request your support.

10:30:27 Thank you.

10:30:37 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:30:38 The next candidate is Mr. Carroll "Carrie" west.

10:30:47 >> Good morning, council.

10:30:51 Glad to be here this morning.

10:30:52 And I know you have a big decision to make.

10:30:55 My name is Carrie West, reside here in Tampa the last

10:31:01 30 years, got my two degrees from the University of

10:31:02 South Florida political science and communication and

10:31:06 postgraduate work in public administration.

10:31:10 I'm originally from Wisconsin.

10:31:11 I have served in law enforcement and the canine

10:31:18 squadron.

10:31:18 I'm active in business, civic, social organizations

10:31:21 here in the Tampa Bay area, and also very involved in

10:31:24 local and state politics

10:31:27 My uncle was a state senator from Wisconsin.

10:31:29 So I was at a young age very much involved.

10:31:33 At 20 years experience, in the marine industry, in the

10:31:37 RV industry, was a member of the national marine

10:31:40 manufacturing association and appointed to the national

10:31:42 marine safety council representing all the marine and

10:31:45 safety issues.

10:31:48 Today I have a partner, we have a business in Ybor

10:31:52 City, and we have done a lot of things making changes,

10:31:56 and gateway coalition is one of the many organizations

10:32:01 in the last few years that's encompassing two third of

10:32:04 the straight community audience and also one third of

10:32:08 the gay audience, including in some of the members from

10:32:10 the Straz, the Performing Arts Center, the American

10:32:17 Cancer Society, and also the Dali Museum.

10:32:23 I am presently serving on the city in two positions.

10:32:25 I'm on the city's Barrio Latino commission as one of

10:32:29 the commissioners. I am also working with the YCDC in

10:32:34 Ybor City as one of its active board members.

10:32:38 I feel that my actions speak louder than words, and I

10:32:41 am privileged knowing a lot of people working in

10:32:46 different directions and encompassing, focusing and

10:32:51 helping out Tampa.

10:32:53 Tampa is going to be a great area and has been a great

10:32:55 area, and I love it.

10:32:56 And one of the nice things about Tampa is its vitality,

10:33:00 its diversity and its growth and progress.

10:33:03 And it would be helpful in helping you and I would like

10:33:05 to be on your committee, and to be on your side and one

10:33:09 of your colleagues.

10:33:10 My name is Carrie West.

10:33:12 I greatly appreciate this opportunity.

10:33:14 Thank you very much.

10:33:19 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:33:19 The last candidate for district 3 is William G.

10:33:24 Westbrook.

10:33:29 >> Good morning.

10:33:32 I'm Bill Westbrook.

10:33:34 I want to help you meet the challenges of balancing the

10:33:39 needs of the community with the funds available.

10:33:45 Tampa's continued success, as you know, depends on your

10:33:48 wisdom and decision making for cost effective city

10:33:52 government and operations.

10:33:57 In this economy.

10:34:00 And on maintaining excellent relationships with

10:34:03 neighborhood and community organizations.

10:34:09 And listening to the concerns of citizens.

10:34:12 You do this well.

10:34:16 This is truly democracy in action, what you see here

10:34:20 today.

10:34:21 Budget review is one of the council's most important

10:34:23 duties.

10:34:24 Also, your advice Ray work to a sure maintenance of and

10:34:28 improvements to infrastructure.

10:34:31 An benefits for firefighters, police, and all other

10:34:35 city employees.

10:34:38 I offer budgetary analytical contracting and management

10:34:42 skills and experience beneficial to the council and to

10:34:46 Tampa.

10:34:46 I have success secreting, reviewing and managing

10:34:50 multi-million dollar budgets and large operations.

10:34:55 I believe it is possible to consolidate and negotiate

10:34:59 for lower costs.

10:35:01 And to take advantage of creative revenue strategies.

10:35:05 I have managed and evaluated performance with many

10:35:08 large organizations and hundreds of employees, 95% of

10:35:11 these employees in the last ten years were union

10:35:13 workers.

10:35:15 I have had very productive relationships with union

10:35:17 lead leaders and workers.

10:35:20 Incidentally, I walked most of the streets of South

10:35:21 Tampa ten years ago to hear the concerns of voters.

10:35:25 As a candidates of Tampa City Council I received the

10:35:29 second largest number of votes of five candidates in

10:35:33 district 4.

10:35:36 Also, like my father, I served as a career military

10:35:39 officer.

10:35:41 Thank you for considering my application.

10:36:02 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, I have given you --

10:36:05 (Bell sounds)

10:36:06 [ Laughter ]

10:36:08 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: If you can complete your

10:36:09 ballot, and pass it down.

10:36:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Five individuals who are not here

10:36:17 or withdrew, can you name them off so we can take them

10:36:20 off the ballot?


10:36:23 Not here was Jason Alesnik, number 2.

10:36:28 Number 8, Lara Buford was not here.

10:36:36 Hakim AQUIL is still interested.

10:36:40 However he could not be here.

10:36:41 Eddie Diaz number 12 withdrew from consideration.

10:36:49 And Sean Lloyd, number 21, removed his name.

10:36:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, just a clarification.

10:36:56 There's a distinction between those who are absent.

10:37:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to know those who were

10:37:02 absent, that's all.

10:37:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Those who are absent are still

10:37:06 eligible for the seat.

10:37:07 Those who withdrew, obviously --

10:37:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

10:37:11 Thank you.

10:37:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It appears the ballot, Mr. Miranda,

10:37:45 it appears the ballot does not have a location for you

10:37:47 to sign it.

10:37:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: May I make a suggestion that we

10:37:52 sign it over the date?

10:37:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: However you wish.

10:37:55 It says that a vote of the council shall be -- vote of

10:38:01 City Council by those members then present shall be

10:38:03 taken, a ballot shall have been prepared by City

10:38:05 Council to be distributed.

10:38:08 The completed ballots which are public records shall be

10:38:10 signed an dated and each council member shall select

10:38:12 only one name.

10:38:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It says tally by city clerk's

10:38:24 office.

10:38:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: While the clerk is tallying that,

10:39:13 we'll take a five-minute break.

10:39:14 Recess.

10:39:15 Okay?

10:39:15 (Recess)

10:39:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council is in session.

10:48:28 Roll call.

09:03:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:03:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:03:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:03:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:04:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.


10:48:36 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

10:48:38 Council, we have narrowed the field down.

10:48:42 No one candidate received three votes.

10:48:45 There was one candidate that received two, and the

10:48:49 other three candidates received one vote.

10:48:51 And fourth next round it will be between Mary Alvarez,

10:49:01 Joe Chillura, Mimi Osiason and Curtis Stokes.

10:49:06 If you could vote for one of those individuals.

10:49:11 Again, Mary Alvarez, Joe Chillura, Mimi Osiason and

10:49:23 Curtis Stokes.

10:49:25 You have your ballots

10:49:27 Council, I don't know how you want to handle this but

10:50:55 the votes were the same.

10:50:58 Of those individuals, there are four individuals, and

10:51:04 the vote was the same.

10:51:05 So if you want to vote again, or if you want to ask

10:51:08 additional questions, et cetera.

10:51:17 So we are on round 3.

10:51:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Question?

10:51:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess this is for legal.

10:51:33 Would it be appropriate to ask which candidate got two

10:51:36 votes?

10:51:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Absolutely.

10:51:40 These documents are public record so you can ask any

10:51:43 questions of them that you wish.

10:51:44 >>MARY MULHERN: That might speed things along.

10:51:47 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The candidate that received

10:51:50 two votes is Mr. Curtis Stokes

10:51:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Who are the other three?

10:52:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Curtis Stokes received two

10:52:13 votes.

10:52:13 Mimi Osiason received one vote.

10:52:17 Joe Chillura received one vote.

10:52:18 And Mary Alvarez received one vote.

10:54:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the new district 3

10:54:06 council, interim council member, is Mr. Curtis Stokes.

10:54:14 [ Applause ]

10:54:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

10:54:24 Thanks to all of the applicants again.

10:54:26 All of the applicants are very well qualified, and it's

10:54:29 a tough, tough decision for us to make, but it is the

10:54:34 process, as the process is here for us and we followed

10:54:41 that process.

10:54:42 I thank all of you again for your applications and for

10:54:46 coming down and speaking with us today.

10:54:47 I want you to know that all of you were worthy to sit

10:54:53 on this council.

10:54:54 I have been very impressed with the field of

10:54:57 candidates.

10:54:57 And I would encourage you to file to run.

10:55:03 I really believe that all of you are very well

10:55:05 qualified and would make very good council persons to

10:55:08 serve here on City Council.

10:55:09 Again thank you very much for those who applied for the

10:55:14 district 3 race.

10:55:15 Now may we move to the next race?

10:55:19 The next seat vacancy.

10:56:26 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

10:56:27 We have 27 applicants for district 4.

10:56:35 There are two that one can't be here and the other one

10:56:40 withdrew from consideration.

10:56:42 That's miss Linda Baxley withdrew from consideration,

10:56:46 and Ken Walters just can't be here.

10:56:50 The first candidate for district 4 is Mr. Antonio

10:56:54 Amadeo.

10:56:59 >> Good morning, Chairman Scott and distinguished

10:57:04 members of the City Council.

10:57:04 My name is Antonio Amadeo, resident of Davis Island.

10:57:10 Next to me is Joseph Briscoe at school of architecture.

10:57:15 I wanted to bring him here so he could experience

10:57:18 leadership.

10:57:21 Joe is very passionate about the City of Tampa's future

10:57:24 and I have no doubt he will be a future leader.

10:57:26 I have been very fortunate to serve on the City of

10:57:27 Tampa's Variance Review Board, the ARC and elected

10:57:32 chairman several terms.

10:57:33 I was over these eleven years of volunteer public

10:57:40 service, this experience helped me the importance of

10:57:42 listening and serving the community.

10:57:44 I believe in due process, being efficient with time,

10:57:47 and city resources, and making sure everyone feels they

10:57:50 have had a fair hearing.

10:57:53 While sitting where you are, I dealt with similar

10:57:56 issues of balancing the intent of the code with the

10:57:58 interests of the community.

10:58:00 As a small business and architectural practice in the

10:58:03 in longest recession in our history, I have learned to

10:58:06 retool, make alliances to move forward.

10:58:09 I have good relationship with the city departments, the

10:58:11 mayor's office and the Hillsborough County Board of

10:58:13 County Commissioners.

10:58:15 As traffic calming chair of the Davis Island civic

10:58:19 association I have been able to work with the city to

10:58:21 get things done even with limited resources.

10:58:25 If I can use this technology I think the experience in

10:58:30 the minor leagues have served me well.

10:58:33 Thank you for this opportunity.

10:58:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

10:58:41 The next candidate is Mr. David A. Austin.

10:58:44 >> Thank you.

10:58:48 My name is David Austin.

10:58:49 I live at 3604 west Vasconia street.

10:58:53 Thank you for the opportunity to address the council

10:58:55 this morning.

10:58:56 I have been in banking for over 25 years, a resident of

10:58:58 district 4 for over 21 years.

10:59:01 I served on various boards, chaired numerous committees

10:59:03 and volunteered countless hours.

10:59:07 The quality of the things you are involved with but the

10:59:10 quantity of time that you give.

10:59:12 My biggest contribution has been loaned over one

10:59:15 billion dollars to companies both small and large.

10:59:18 The biggest contribution is having those loans repaid

10:59:21 over those years.

10:59:22 In order to lend that much money and to have it repaid,

10:59:24 you need to be able to make sound business decisions.

10:59:28 To do that you have to analyze the information

10:59:30 available.

10:59:30 You have to listen not just to what is said but to what

10:59:33 is meant.

10:59:34 You have to ask the right questions.

10:59:36 You have to mix in a lot of common sense and be able to

10:59:39 come up and reach a final decision.

10:59:43 Banking tends to make you conservative but I have had

10:59:47 the ability to outside the box and make solutions.

10:59:51 I have run loan departments and I have run banks.

10:59:54 I have done budgets an business plans for banks and for

10:59:56 clients.

10:59:57 It's easy to put things on paper and it's another thing

10:59:59 to execute what's on that paper.

11:00:01 I have been successful with both.

11:00:04 He I didn't launch a Facebook campaign, didn't have you

11:00:08 bombarded with e-mails and phone calls. Plain and

11:00:12 simple I love Tampa.

11:00:12 I passed up other promotional opportunities outside to

11:00:16 stay in Tampa.

11:00:17 That the point the sales tax if it's done correctly do

11:00:19 support light rail, if it's done correctly.

11:00:21 I'm not running in 2011.

11:00:25 I do feel it is my duty to step up and offer my time

11:00:28 and talent to fill the vacancy until the people can

11:00:31 select a person of their choice

11:00:33 It would be my honor to serve beside you.

11:00:35 And I thank you for your consideration.

11:00:43 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:00:43 The next candidate is A.J. Brent.

11:00:50 >> Good morning.

11:00:51 I'm A.J. Brent, small business owner in the financial

11:00:54 services industry.

11:00:55 I work primarily with retirees and assist them with

11:00:59 their retirement planning.

11:01:01 I'm a graduate of the university of Tampa and a

11:01:03 residents of Tampa for over 30 years.

11:01:06 I have served on the city Code Enforcement Board for

11:01:09 the past five years, and while being empathetic, when

11:01:13 warranted, I have stayed focused on the mission of

11:01:16 cleaning up our city and making it a better place to

11:01:18 live.

11:01:19 I served as a mediator for the 13th district court

11:01:23 and arbitrator for the national association of security

11:01:26 dealers.

11:01:27 Which has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my

11:01:30 analytical skills, with common sense.

11:01:34 I served on my condominium association board for the

11:01:37 past nine years.

11:01:40 As chairman of the Tampa Bay chamber orchestra, I have

11:01:43 been involved with balancing budgets, establishing

11:01:46 priorities, and improving community relations.

11:01:49 I believe in free enterprise, small businesses are the

11:01:52 foundation of a strong economy, and government places

11:01:55 unnecessary burdensome regulations and fees on small

11:01:58 businesses, it has a negative effect on the economy.

11:02:03 I would like the council to be as accommodating as

11:02:05 possible to small business.

11:02:07 It's not our responsibility to create jobs but to

11:02:11 provide the atmosphere conducive to job creation.

11:02:16 A major issue that the council grapples with over the

11:02:20 next several months will be the budget and the

11:02:22 impending $13 million deficit.

11:02:24 Our past experience has prepared me to assist the

11:02:26 council with this task.

11:02:28 As a fiscal conservative it will not be difficult to

11:02:31 discern the difference between projects within the true

11:02:35 purpose of government, and items which are not within

11:02:39 those parameters.

11:02:41 The tendency may be for the council to appoint a former

11:02:43 colleague or some other insider.

11:02:45 However, I urge you to appoint someone new, someone

11:02:49 with new ideas and a new perspective.

11:02:51 Thank you for your time and consideration.

11:02:52 >> Thank you.

11:02:58 The next candidate is miss Julie Brown.

11:03:01 >> Good morning.

11:03:05 My name is Julie Brown.

11:03:10 One holds in his hand for failure or greatness.

11:03:16 This City Council has the opportunity to do something

11:03:19 great with that by pointing and instilling public

11:03:22 confidence with an appointee who has experience,

11:03:25 integrity, and most importantly, compassion.

11:03:27 As a previous city attorney here at the City of Tampa I

11:03:31 represented over 10 different departments including the

11:03:33 wastewater department, stormwater department, WMBE,

11:03:36 parks, recreation, convention center, public art, real

11:03:39 estate, just to name a few.

11:03:42 I have also been closely involved with the budget

11:03:44 process, public hearing, zonings and rezonings,

11:03:47 appeals, RFPs, RFQs, neighborhood constituent

11:03:52 meetings and worked closely with both city staff and

11:03:54 City Council throughout the years.

11:03:56 I also have a great amount of quasi-judicial

11:03:59 experience.

11:04:00 As a two-term member on the city's ARC I have worked

11:04:04 closely with preserving our city's historic structures

11:04:07 and communities.

11:04:08 I have contributed significantly on this board and have

11:04:11 demonstrated my ability to work very well with others.

11:04:13 I have also been on the bar grievance committee and

11:04:17 county judicial campaign practices committee.

11:04:19 My abilities to be fair impartial and prudent is

11:04:22 further evidenced by my past experience as former

11:04:25 league of women voter president of Hillsborough County,

11:04:27 two-term legal adviser to the Junior League, and

11:04:31 two-term officer and board member to our neighborhood

11:04:35 association.

11:04:38 I still provide legal is assistance for free and

11:04:43 participate in the life-long program.

11:04:45 I sacrifice all my time and energy for the very same

11:04:48 reason as you all do.

11:04:50 We have such a love for our community.

11:04:52 Another in my background is I ran for this seat in

11:04:59 2007.

11:04:59 I qualified by petition by walking the neighborhood,

11:05:01 talking with residents, getting to know the issues at

11:05:04 hand.

11:05:04 I know this district inside and out and I know the

11:05:09 issues and concerns directly.

11:05:10 Most importantly, would love nothing more than the

11:05:12 opportunity to serve with each and every one of you as

11:05:15 we strive towards a common goal of greatness for our

11:05:18 city.

11:05:25 My sole purpose alone is to help.

11:05:28 This district needs someone with the tools, the

11:05:30 experience, the acumen and the heart to serve it

11:05:32 effectively.

11:05:33 And I am that person.

11:05:34 Thank you for your time and your consideration and for

11:05:36 your years of service to this fine city.

11:05:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:05:46 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Yvonne

11:05:48 Yolie Capin.

11:05:54 >> Hello.

11:05:57 And good morning.

11:05:58 I'm Yvonne Yolie Capin.

11:06:02 If chosen, I will dedicate my time and my energies to

11:06:04 the residents of district 4 and the City of Tampa for

11:06:07 the remainder of the term.

11:06:09 I am ready and qualified for the task.

11:06:12 But I will not seek elective city office in 2011.

11:06:16 I believe this to be sensible, proper and correct.

11:06:19 And here's why.

11:06:21 I believe that this body, whose purpose it is to

11:06:24 represent the best interests of the citizens of Tampa,

11:06:26 should not show favoritism for one candidate over the

11:06:30 other.

11:06:31 You all have been urged through editorials, letters and

11:06:35 conversations to select a qualified person, and this is

11:06:39 as it should be.

11:06:40 You have a fiduciary duty to select someone qualified

11:06:44 to do this job.

11:06:47 However, it is beyond the scope of this council to

11:06:50 select the most qualified person.

11:06:53 I know and support many who have offered themselves as

11:06:57 candidates.

11:06:58 They are qualified and hardworking as well as dedicated

11:07:02 and committed to their city.

11:07:04 The differences between them lies in their philosophy,

11:07:07 vision and the direction they want Tampa to take.

11:07:10 And it is the job of the voters to choose from the many

11:07:13 qualified candidates the one that best represents their

11:07:17 views, hopes and aspirations.

11:07:19 For the upcoming 2011 election, I urge this elected

11:07:23 body to let the voters make their choice unencumbered

11:07:27 by what many voters may perceive as an unofficial

11:07:30 endorsement.

11:07:32 Most of you know me.

11:07:33 You have my application packet with my information and

11:07:37 my qualification.

11:07:38 I thank you for your time and the opportunity to

11:07:40 address this council.

11:07:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:07:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:07:52 The next candidate is Rosanne G. Clementi.

11:07:59 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman, fellow council members.

11:08:01 My name is Roseanne Clementi.

11:08:03 I'm the principal scientist with Clementi environmental

11:08:06 consulting.

11:08:07 I have been in environmental regulation and consulting

11:08:10 for 31 years.

11:08:11 I'm a life-long resident of Tampa, received my

11:08:14 bachelors arts degree from USF and my master of science

11:08:18 degree from Clemson university.

11:08:19 I have been one of the tens of millions of people who

11:08:21 sit around the newspaper and television and complain

11:08:24 how our government isn't working.

11:08:26 I want to put my words where -- my feet and my body

11:08:31 where my words have been and get to action.

11:08:33 I applied for district 4 seat to put my words into

11:08:36 action and make a difference.

11:08:38 I was an elected supervisor in the Tampa Palms open

11:08:42 space transportation CDD, served on that board for six

11:08:45 years, and I was chairman for one year.

11:08:47 I also was appointed to the grant advisory committee

11:08:51 last year, meeting several times on the disposition of

11:08:54 the Cone Ranch.

11:08:56 I have the ability to communicate, the ability to

11:08:58 listen and understand, and most of all, I know that

11:09:02 staff support is the most important thing that anybody

11:09:05 can use, and I understand that they will bring the

11:09:08 materials needed to make the proper decision.

11:09:12 I know that water does not run uphill and I know that

11:09:15 you can't spend more than you take in on taxes.

11:09:18 I want to serve my community.

11:09:20 And I ask you for that opportunity to do so.

11:09:22 Thank you.

11:09:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:09:30 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:09:31 The next candidate is Harry Cohen.

11:09:38 >> Good morning.

11:09:40 As someone who was born in Tampa and has lived here for

11:09:43 many years, it is clear that the city is at a

11:09:45 crossroads and is facing significant fiscal challenges.

11:09:48 It is one thing to say that we have to do more with

11:09:50 less.

11:09:51 It is another thing to actually transform government by

11:09:54 consolidating services and becoming more efficient.

11:09:57 Recently, I have participated in the restructuring of

11:10:00 an independent agency that due to budget cuts has

11:10:03 resulted in our processing an increased workload for

11:10:06 12% fewer people, all while trying to move from a paper

11:10:10 to a digital environment.

11:10:12 It has been at times a wrenching process and is

11:10:14 something that is being faced by local governments

11:10:16 across Florida.

11:10:18 I know that you have been grappling with complex budget

11:10:21 Ray challenges, and I appreciate the difficulties of

11:10:23 the decisions you are faced with in the course of your

11:10:26 duties.

11:10:27 The other day, as I was driving to work, I saw someone

11:10:30 bathing with water that had cooled on a curb at the

11:10:35 side of a downtown street, a stark remainder that

11:10:39 foreclosure filings are up over 500 percent in

11:10:41 Hillsborough County.

11:10:42 Close to 2,000 a month for over two years with no end

11:10:44 in sight.

11:10:46 The most important thing that City Council can do to

11:10:48 keep people in their homes and keep neighborhoods from

11:10:50 deteriorating is to foster economic growth.

11:10:54 Job creation, reducing the sometimes onerous

11:10:57 requirements placed on small business, simplification

11:11:00 of bureaucratic processes and land use decisions that

11:11:03 foster redevelopment and renewal in those parts of the

11:11:06 city that are now blighted and depressed.

11:11:09 A colleague of mine who was chief deputy clerk in

11:11:12 Broward County and serves as elected City Commissioner

11:11:15 in pen broke pines told me that while she is a busy

11:11:18 person and has to make sure that her calendar is

11:11:22 precise and accurate that the sinner nice with her work

11:11:26 in municipal government have been enormously

11:11:29 beneficial.

11:11:29 I am seeking this position because I believe that

11:11:31 things like real world experience, balancing and

11:11:34 managing a large government budget, understanding the

11:11:36 legislative process, and understanding how different

11:11:39 governmental entities coexist and overlap with one

11:11:42 another are invaluable and unique credentials that I

11:11:45 would bring to Tampa City Council.

11:11:46 I also happen to love Tampa, and I am proud to call

11:11:49 Tampa home, and I very much appreciate your time this

11:11:52 morning.

11:11:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:11:56 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:11:58 The next candidate is Ms. Lisa Kane DeVitto.

11:12:07 >> Good morning, honorable council members.

11:12:09 My name is Lisa Devitto.

11:12:13 I am not running for council seat in 2011.

11:12:15 My husband Ross and I have been South Tampa residents

11:12:19 for nearly 14 years and are homeowners.

11:12:21 I am a life-long Florida resident and a product of

11:12:24 Florida public and private schools.

11:12:26 For 23 years, I have put my heart and my soul into

11:12:30 community service whether it was in Tallahassee,

11:12:32 Sarasota, or Tampa.

11:12:34 I believe citizen involvement makes the community

11:12:37 healthy and vibrant.

11:12:38 If I see a problem, I try to find a creative way to fix

11:12:41 it.

11:12:42 This position is first and foremost about doing a good

11:12:45 job for businesses an residents of our vibe rants

11:12:47 community.

11:12:49 I want to be the kind of council member that you would

11:12:51 like to serve with, prepared and effective.

11:12:55 If you appoint me I pledge to do my homework beforehand

11:12:59 and spare you unnecessary yip yapping, pencil tapping

11:13:03 or chair squeaking.

11:13:05 I will be available to all open, respectful, ethical,

11:13:08 collegial and keep the best interest of the city in all

11:13:11 that I do.

11:13:11 I also would like to continue the excellent constituent

11:13:15 service that John Dingfelder gave district 4 and a

11:13:20 tents I've to his priorities.

11:13:23 I November policy making.

11:13:24 I know budgets.

11:13:25 And I love people

11:13:27 I'm a member of the Florida Bar and have served in many

11:13:29 capacities, including staff attorney for the Florida

11:13:33 legislature, advising the body very similar to yours.

11:13:36 I have also been a state governmental consultant on

11:13:38 budget and policy issues including for arts

11:13:41 organizations and local governments.

11:13:43 I'm very familiar with budgets.

11:13:46 One of my most important qualifications is my love for

11:13:49 neighborhood and city, a proven track record of

11:13:51 community service.

11:13:52 I'm a past president of the Davis Island civic

11:13:55 association and in my fifth year of serving on that

11:13:58 board.

11:13:59 I have served as representative, liaison to the Davis

11:14:04 islands Chamber, liaison to the island fest

11:14:10 organizations and many other organizations as well as a

11:14:12 member of the Davis Island planning task force which

11:14:14 successfully brought before you a neighborhood plan

11:14:17 which was approved and is in force today.

11:14:21 I serve on Hillsborough coalition for the homeless.

11:14:24 I'm in my fifth year as board member.

11:14:26 I understand homeless prevention and housing and those

11:14:29 budget related issues and programs.

11:14:31 I'm a past board member of Palma Ceia Presbyterian

11:14:35 church with over 2,000 members and a budget in excess

11:14:37 of $1 million.

11:14:38 (Bell sounds)

11:14:41 Thank you for considering my application.

11:14:43 I hope to serve with you and I ask you to select me for

11:14:46 the district 4 position.

11:14:49 Thank you.

11:14:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:14:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:14:55 The next candidate is Mr. Brian E. Donovan.

11:15:09 >> Good morning, members of council.

11:15:11 Thank you for allowing me to give my presentation

11:15:13 today.

11:15:15 If appointed to the City Council, public service will

11:15:20 be my theme.

11:15:21 I will emphasize public service over politics.

11:15:24 If appointed, I will donate 5% of my net salary to a

11:15:28 local charity in Tampa.

11:15:30 I have no preconceived notions as to what any outcome

11:15:33 should be.

11:15:34 I will be a neutral observer voting on all ordinances

11:15:39 and resolutions that come before council.

11:15:41 I will represent neighborhoods, individuals,

11:15:43 businesses, churches, government ages and personnel in

11:15:47 an equitable manner.

11:15:48 I will also consult with staff, members of the public,

11:15:52 and members of the administration to make sure I get

11:15:54 the best information available so I can make the best

11:15:57 decision.

11:15:58 My signature issues that I believe are important right

11:16:02 now are economic development, affordable housing,

11:16:05 public safety, and environmental protection.

11:16:08 In regard to economic development, I believe job

11:16:12 preservation is very important, and we can do that by

11:16:14 maintaining proper zoning classifications where we

11:16:17 allow businesses to maintain their operations and allow

11:16:20 new businesses to start up easily.

11:16:23 Now every business does not fit every neighborhood so

11:16:26 due diligence needs to be carried out effectively.

11:16:28 I also believe that Tampa does a pretty good job of

11:16:30 attracting small businesses, but we have to attempt

11:16:34 more medium to larger size companies that are more

11:16:36 diversified, particularly in manufacturing.

11:16:40 Manufacturers of consumer goods tend to do better

11:16:43 because of the demand, revenue capabilities and

11:16:47 individual investors.

11:16:48 I also believe that downtown Tampa should be a central

11:16:51 location for the headquarters of corporations.

11:16:55 Now, we all have the basic infrastructure right now in

11:16:58 downtown Tampa.

11:16:59 We have hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

11:17:03 Those outlets combined with a strong corporate presence

11:17:07 and retail shopping would ignite growth in downtown and

11:17:11 surrounding neighborhoods.

11:17:12 In regard to public safety, I believe patrolling the

11:17:18 long the side streets that go into the heart of our

11:17:21 neighborhoods where a lot of the crimes are still being

11:17:23 committed.

11:17:24 I also believe in the formation of more subgroups,

11:17:27 neighborhood associations, that will also be involved

11:17:31 in proactive surveillance as well with the police.

11:17:34 And in regard to environmental protection, I do believe

11:17:37 the City of Tampa needs a voice of Environmental

11:17:39 Protection Commission.

11:17:42 (Bell sounds)

11:17:43 Thank you.

11:17:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:17:49 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:17:49 The next candidate is Ms. Patricia S. Fosnaught.

11:17:54 >> Good morning.

11:18:03 After 30-plus years in a career in art education, both

11:18:08 as a public schoolteacher and as an instructor at

11:18:13 universities including USF and U.T. and then nine years

11:18:16 working with the Tampa Museum of Art and education, in

11:18:20 retirement I finally have the opportunity to pursue

11:18:22 other interests.

11:18:25 One of the things I have always been is kind of a

11:18:27 political junkie so I have always been interested in

11:18:31 local politics and government although I was never

11:18:33 really interested in running for office and don't plan

11:18:35 to in March.

11:18:38 But what I did do was transfer my interest into local

11:18:42 government issues by getting involved with the Davis

11:18:44 Island civic association, and I served on that board

11:18:47 for three years.

11:18:50 This has been a real education in how local government

11:18:53 works, interacts with citizens and neighborhood

11:18:57 associations.

11:18:58 The civic association is many things and has many

11:19:04 constituent areas, interests, including environmental

11:19:08 education through the Davis Island garden club, and

11:19:11 work with the young islanders youth group as part of

11:19:15 what we do in the association.

11:19:18 My main responsibility is with the Davis Island civic

11:19:22 association is the representative on the T.H.A.N.

11:19:25 board, which is the Tampa neighborhood association

11:19:27 which you all are familiar with.

11:19:29 And through those monthly meetings, I have learned a

11:19:32 lot about local governmental operations.

11:19:36 We have a report from Shannon Edge from the office of

11:19:39 neighborhood and community relations each month, and we

11:19:42 also deal a lot with issues related to zoning and code

11:19:45 enforcement.

11:19:48 And many of the members serve on other city boards, so

11:19:51 we also have the opportunity to learn about other

11:19:54 issues involving city operations.

11:19:58 Through these involvements with these organizations, I

11:20:01 feel that I really learned a lot about government, and

11:20:05 I have learned that citizens can get involved, that

11:20:08 those concerns can be addressed, listened to and

11:20:11 perhaps acted upon, and that we can all get involved to

11:20:14 make our community a better place.

11:20:16 This is why I have applied for this position, and I

11:20:19 hope you will give me consideration.

11:20:20 Thank you for your time.

11:20:21 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:20:28 The next candidate is Ms. Marie grace.

11:20:38 >> Good morning.

11:20:41 And I thank you for the opportunity to stand before you

11:20:43 and share.

11:20:45 I do have a mission statement.

11:20:47 It's very brief.

11:20:48 It's to the point.

11:20:49 And it is: I want to make a difference -- a difference

11:20:54 for good, not only for the individual but for the

11:20:57 corporate.

11:20:58 It's a very important to take a stand for what you

11:21:03 believe is right.

11:21:06 I sit in front of the TV and I watch the news and I

11:21:10 write down my complaints, and this is what I would do

11:21:12 and so on and so forth, and I have wonderful debates

11:21:16 within myself.

11:21:17 I usually win.

11:21:18 So I thought I am going to make the decision to stand

11:21:22 up and speak out.

11:21:25 I did that by first applying for a county board, and I

11:21:30 was appointed to the Hillsborough County health care

11:21:32 advisory board.

11:21:33 That gave me a tremendous opportunity.

11:21:36 I then was appointed to the subcommittee finance and

11:21:40 budget.

11:21:41 My history is quite varied, my educational history, my

11:21:45 professional history, from education, mental health,

11:21:50 theology, non-profit and business.

11:21:52 So I can say to you truly, I am a well-rounded person.

11:21:59 It is very important to realize that being part of the

11:22:04 council is going to make a difference for good or evil

11:22:09 depending on how you look at issues.

11:22:11 I do not look at the political environment.

11:22:14 I look at the character.

11:22:15 I look at what is going to be best, not for me

11:22:19 personally, but for what's going on out there.

11:22:23 Yes, I realize this is just an eight-month interim

11:22:27 position, but those eight months can make a difference

11:22:31 big time.

11:22:32 I will not be running in March for a full-time City

11:22:36 Council position.

11:22:39 It is very important to me to follow through with the

11:22:45 ordinances and the resolutions that are passed down

11:22:48 from the executive branch.

11:22:51 I think this is hysterical.

11:22:54 I grew up in a political family, and I said to my

11:22:57 family, I would never, ever, ever, get involved in

11:23:00 politics, and my mother, who is 87 who was the first

11:23:05 deputy sheriff of Norfolk county, who has been involved

11:23:08 in politics ever since I can remember, said to me, look

11:23:11 at what you are doing now.

11:23:13 I want to thank you for this time.

11:23:15 >> Thank you.

11:23:18 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Mr.

11:23:24 Richard P. Grammig.

11:23:35 >> Good morning, council members.

11:23:37 My name is rich Grammig.

11:23:41 When I first heard about the resignation, I felt bad

11:23:44 for you because you are going into a budget process

11:23:46 missing two members.

11:23:47 I can help.

11:23:49 I also see this as an opportunity for me to serve the

11:23:52 community that I adopted some seven years ago.

11:23:55 I can help because I'm a Tampa businessman.

11:23:57 I have experience I have experience in the affordable

11:24:01 housing, health care, grant writings, business

11:24:03 management, and working with nonprofits.

11:24:07 I have also worked in multiple states for various

11:24:10 agencies throughout the country.

11:24:12 Looking back at Tampa, I have worked a lot with the

11:24:16 children's board and with other various nonprofits.

11:24:21 At one point in time I did work with a group in Palm

11:24:23 River to get water and sewer lines installed down

11:24:27 Causeway Boulevard, and Commissioner Scott came through

11:24:30 with 6.5 million from the county, and Gwen Miller came

11:24:34 through with the support of the city on that project.

11:24:39 Back locally here, I have lived all over the state from

11:24:42 Melbourne to Tallahassee to Orlando to Miami.

11:24:46 And I chose to live in Tampa.

11:24:49 Tampa is where my wife Gabriel, her family has lived on

11:24:54 Davis Island forever.

11:24:57 My brother Robert is an attorney, and he's lived here

11:25:00 for over 20 years.

11:25:01 I appreciate Tampa.

11:25:02 I like Tampa.

11:25:04 I think I can help in this tough time.

11:25:06 And I appreciate your support for me for district 4.

11:25:10 Thank you.

11:25:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:25:13 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you. The next candidate

11:25:17 is Mr. Joe Greco.

11:25:23 >> My New Business item is Joe Greco, and I want to say

11:25:26 thank you to the chairman and all the council members

11:25:29 for your consideration on this application that I'm

11:25:32 making.

11:25:33 The reason I applied for this position is I feel that I

11:25:37 have had the experience and the qualifications to come

11:25:40 to the council and be of value to you as one of their

11:25:44 team members.

11:25:46 And I have always been a team player.

11:25:48 I have a very strong desire to serve on the council.

11:25:50 I know there's many, many challenges, and in nine and a

11:25:55 half years that I served on council, I think we faced

11:25:59 many difficult challenges.

11:26:00 I don't think any as difficult as your budget challenge

11:26:03 that you have this year.

11:26:05 But I have always been a team player.

11:26:07 But when I'm need I have always stepped out of the box

11:26:10 to do what I think is right.

11:26:11 For example, one of the things that I did when I came

11:26:14 on council, I was an at-large member district, and at

11:26:20 that time the only members that could be chairman of

11:26:23 the council were the at-large member district.

11:26:25 And although I was an at-large member, I didn't think

11:26:28 that was right.

11:26:29 So one of the things I brought up as an at-large member

11:26:33 is that I thought we needed to change that.

11:26:38 Fortunately, I think we were successful as you can

11:26:41 attest to the fact that some of you have served as

11:26:43 chairman from a district, and didn't have to be an

11:26:48 at-large council member.

11:26:49 The other thing I would like for you to know is the way

11:26:52 I like to make decisions is that I always try to be

11:26:55 fair to the people that are come before the council, as

11:27:00 I know you do.

11:27:01 I like to study the issues.

11:27:03 I'll do the research on the issues.

11:27:05 I always like to get citizen input at the public

11:27:07 hearings.

11:27:08 I have strong support from neighborhood associations

11:27:11 each time that I ran for council.

11:27:13 I always listen to what the staff has to say because I

11:27:16 know they have the professional knowledge to bring to

11:27:19 the council.

11:27:20 And, of course, my fellow council members, you all have

11:27:24 expertise in certain areas, and I know what those

11:27:28 expertise areas are, and you can be assured that when

11:27:31 it comes to the areas that I know you have expertise, I

11:27:34 will be listening to what you have to say in that area.

11:27:39 Again, I would like to say I humbly respect all of the

11:27:43 positions that you carry here.

11:27:45 I will be a team member.

11:27:46 But when necessary, I will, if I think in fairness, to

11:27:50 be on a smaller side of the vote, I'm willing to do

11:27:54 that.

11:27:54 (Bell sounds)

11:27:55 And if I am appointed I will not be running for City

11:27:58 Council in 2011.

11:28:00 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:28:05 The next candidate is Mr. Sam A. Giunta.

11:28:12 >> Thank you very much honorable members of council.

11:28:19 I am Sam Giunta, and I reside at 5300 Bayshore

11:28:23 Boulevard in Tampa.

11:28:25 I have several friends among the array of qualified

11:28:29 applicants that you are listening to this morning, and

11:28:32 I am quite impressed, as I am sure you are.

11:28:37 I stated in my application that I would not be a

11:28:39 candidate for the office in the March elections.

11:28:41 And my objective is to serve as an active guardian of

11:28:44 the district 4 seat until voters have the opportunity

11:28:47 to select a new council person without the specter of

11:28:52 an unelected individual who might be wrapped in the

11:28:55 advantages of incumbency.

11:29:02 I am a public account and mediator certified by the

11:29:05 Florida Supreme Court.

11:29:06 For 17 years I served as a panel member and panel

11:29:09 chairperson for the national association of securities

11:29:11 dealers.

11:29:13 I served on the Hillsborough County consumer protection

11:29:15 board and various other advisory committees in

11:29:19 Hillsborough County.

11:29:21 I bring to the council a rich variety of financial

11:29:23 skills, business acumen, and management experience.

11:29:30 By experience and dispute resolution has significantly

11:29:33 enhanced my ability to listen and to reason.

11:29:36 Of the many issues facing the City of Tampa, I would

11:29:41 give special focus to our transportation needs, a

11:29:44 working relationship with surrounding communities, and

11:29:47 attracting new businesses to our area.

11:29:49 It is, of course, a primary and continuing obligation

11:29:52 of city government to define priorities and core

11:29:56 services, including sharing resources with the county

11:30:01 to reduce costs and promote efficiencies.

11:30:04 I am a Tampa native and a life-long resident.

11:30:07 I am pleased in having a successful and very

11:30:10 professional career.

11:30:12 I have a high energy level, and can bring together

11:30:16 various points of view and problem solving.

11:30:20 By virtue of my professional training, life experience

11:30:22 and varied interests, I am in a unique position to

11:30:25 offer my service as guardian of the district 4 seat

11:30:29 while utilizing my skills in accomplishing a common

11:30:34 good for the citizens of Tampa.

11:30:36 I will approach my duties with integrity and reason.

11:30:39 At this time I would be pleased to entertain any

11:30:43 questions you might have.

11:30:44 Thank you.

11:30:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Ms.

11:30:54 Patricia W. Hall.

11:30:56 >> Good morning.

11:31:03 I'm Pat Hall.

11:31:06 Many of you have known me as the former president of

11:31:09 the League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County.

11:31:12 While president, I initiated the television and print

11:31:16 contacts that we use for electoral processes, which

11:31:22 provided exposure for many of you to get elected.

11:31:25 In addition, during my presidency, of the league,

11:31:29 Dr. Sickels, then the superintendent of schools,

11:31:33 credited the league with moving the school district to

11:31:37 be create middle and magnet schools which led to the

11:31:41 rebuilding of Blake and Middleton high schools.

11:31:45 During the mayoral term of sandy Freedman I

11:31:49 participated with my neighborhood group, Bayshore

11:31:51 Beautiful, to encourage the realignment of Bayshore

11:31:55 Boulevard, creating the grassy buffer adjacent to the

11:31:59 sidewalk.

11:32:00 It was definitely a lesson in red tape jumping with the

11:32:04 city.

11:32:06 Parks and recreation has been front and center on your

11:32:09 agenda of late.

11:32:11 The water class at Ingram pool is a fabulous asset

11:32:16 which I participate in.

11:32:17 It's led by our volunteer 86-year-old instructor.

11:32:21 Issues arise from time to time at the pool, and I have

11:32:27 problem solved with Karen Palus.

11:32:29 Years ago my children benefited greatly from the

11:32:32 excellent preschools that you had at Friendship

11:32:37 Playground.

11:32:38 Parks and recreation is a major asset of the city that

11:32:41 must be valued.

11:32:43 My career in Tampa was primarily as a teacher of 38

11:32:49 years and brought me into contact with many adults and

11:32:53 children from many walks of life.

11:32:56 One of my teaching jobs took me to neighborhood centers

11:32:59 like young garden apartments and Reagan park to help

11:33:04 elderly citizens with nutrition issues and sewing

11:33:08 projects.

11:33:09 I was director of Hillsborough world class mentors and

11:33:12 AmeriCorps project, working at four inner city schools

11:33:18 with a $300,000 yearly budget.

11:33:21 While a member of leadership Tampa, I recruited

11:33:24 business leaders to work as mentors for at-risk

11:33:27 students from Robinson high school, and then the

11:33:31 commissioner of education success award for achieving

11:33:35 91% graduation rate.

11:33:37 (Bell sounds)

11:33:38 I really look forward to working with you.

11:33:40 Thank you.

11:33:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:33:42 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:33:46 The next candidate is Ms. Ellen Hochschwender.

11:34:00 I see that she's not here.

11:34:02 The next candidate is Mr. Kirk Jones.

11:34:12 He's not here.

11:34:13 The next candidate is Sean Josephs.

11:34:29 >> Good morning.

11:34:30 My name is Sean Josephs and I would like you to select

11:34:34 me for the Tampa City Council district 4 vacancy.

11:34:37 I'm the son of Carroll Josephs Marshall, a prominent

11:34:41 community activist and since the age of ten I have been

11:34:44 volunteering in raising awareness on various issues.

11:34:47 I watched the quality of life deteriorate in my

11:34:49 neighborhood and decided I would not be an innocent

11:34:51 bystander or victim.

11:34:53 Prostitutes walk the streets by night, and by day I

11:34:56 walk the streets passing out flyers for the crime watch

11:34:59 civic association.

11:35:01 While many of the long-time residents moved, I was at

11:35:06 one police plaza conversing with police Chief Bennie

11:35:09 Holder, Deputy Chief Michelle, and Major McNamara to

11:35:12 find out what steps we the residents had to take to

11:35:14 improve our quality of our life.

11:35:16 I bring a youthful perspective to the issues that face

11:35:18 Tampa on a daily basis.

11:35:20 I also bring a community centered work ethic.

11:35:23 I worked for a nonprofit organization which was focused

11:35:26 on noneconomic development and after a short stint

11:35:28 working for one of America's largest financial services

11:35:31 corporations, I moved back to the nonprofit sector with

11:35:35 an organization that focuses on helping primarily the

11:35:38 homeless and veterans seeking assistance to discontinue

11:35:41 their substance abuse.

11:35:42 According to the U.S. census data, there are more than

11:35:45 343,000 people living in the City of Tampa.

11:35:48 Now, I'm 26 years of age, and 42% of those Tampa

11:35:53 residents are my age cohort or below.

11:35:55 Don't they deserve someone from their generation on

11:35:58 this council to represent their perspectives?

11:36:01 I'm not opposed to using this appointment as a stepping

11:36:07 stone towards further political aspirations.

11:36:08 I'm not a businessman or consultant interested in using

11:36:11 this office to Curry favor amongst larger influential

11:36:15 corporations to come before this body and seek

11:36:17 approval.

11:36:18 I am a person with an eclectic mix of knowledge who

11:36:23 wants to positively affect the political process in

11:36:26 Tampa.

11:36:26 I feel that my age, work history and studies in

11:36:28 communications would make me an asset to this council

11:36:31 and overall an asset to the City of Tampa and its

11:36:33 direction in these trying economic times.

11:36:35 I spent my entire life trying to do the right thing

11:36:38 regardless of whether it's popular or not.

11:36:41 I let my conscience be my guide.

11:36:44 I'm passionate in my convictions but always willing to

11:36:48 make mutually beneficial concessions.

11:36:50 Please select me to represent district 4.

11:36:59 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:36:59 The next candidate is Mrs. Linda Karson.

11:37:07 >> Good morning.

11:37:09 We are in a great recession, and people are suffering.

11:37:13 We need to grow our economy.

11:37:16 Tampa has location, location, location, to create job,

11:37:19 job, jobs.

11:37:21 This is Draper labs and two biotech companies are on

11:37:26 their way.

11:37:26 We need to make sure that what they develop in Tampa is

11:37:32 by Tampa workers.

11:37:33 This will create a lot of jobs, and establish Tampa as

11:37:36 a leader in the new emerging industry.

11:37:38 Our natural resources need to be tapped to create new

11:37:43 jobs.

11:37:44 America's new green economy has created tens of

11:37:47 thousands of jobs across our nation.

11:37:50 Partnering with MacDill and our universities will

11:37:53 help bring them here.

11:37:54 Tampa should be the number one destination point for

11:37:57 the Chinese tourist who will be the number one group of

11:38:01 travelers in five years, and data shows they are

11:38:05 looking for the American experience.

11:38:07 Let's bring our money home.

11:38:09 The high-speed rail will help attract the Asian

11:38:12 tourists to the many cultural and sports amenities that

11:38:15 we have to offer.

11:38:16 Federal grant money for the high-speed rail creates

11:38:19 jobs now that are desperately needed.

11:38:22 It also build a foundation to capitalize an untapped

11:38:25 tourist dollars in the future, which will help our

11:38:28 small businesses and keep our talented workforce in

11:38:31 Tampa.

11:38:32 As many of you might remember, I have lobbied you in

11:38:34 the past and spoken about the growing number of our

11:38:37 hungry and homeless citizens.

11:38:39 We need affordable housing more than ever.

11:38:42 Yet the city has done a remarkable job pursuing

11:38:45 stimulus, and we are working to make our neighborhoods

11:38:49 more stable.

11:38:49 We need more, more, and more, because affordable

11:38:53 housing creates jobs, and helps the people who need it

11:38:56 most.

11:38:59 We move ahead to make budgetary choices and painful

11:39:02 decisions but we have found ways to continue our

11:39:05 mission.

11:39:05 I have always pursued opportunities that expand

11:39:07 options, rather than surrender to the crisis at the

11:39:12 moment by thinking outside the box.

11:39:15 In the traditions of our great city and one into the

11:39:18 future.

11:39:18 Thank you, City Council, and thank you for all the

11:39:21 prospective council members.

11:39:24 I appreciate it.

11:39:30 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:39:31 The next candidate is Mr. Spencer Kass.

11:39:33 >> Good morning.

11:39:39 Spencer Kass.

11:39:41 It's a pleasure to be here today.

11:39:42 I thank you for taking the time to review my

11:39:44 application.

11:39:46 My concern is what happens right after this City

11:39:48 Council meeting?

11:39:50 If a resident in South Tampa needs help, the do people

11:39:54 know where to go, who to speak to?

11:39:56 I think we all know I have the established

11:39:58 relationships with all the different departments in the

11:40:00 city, and the only person running for the South Tampa

11:40:03 seat sits on the advisory committee.

11:40:06 For the advisory committee, you will notice it was me

11:40:09 coming down here at budget time speaking about the

11:40:11 budget.

11:40:12 I assure you, I will know more about the budget than

11:40:16 most people know about the budget or ever want to know

11:40:19 about the budget.

11:40:19 It's a complex issue.

11:40:21 We have issues with the CRA coming up.

11:40:23 We have issues with the facade programs.

11:40:25 Now that I work with East Tampa, West Tampa, Drew Park.

11:40:28 Besides South Tampa, Gandy, there's not an area of this

11:40:31 city that I don't work with, that I haven't heard from,

11:40:35 that I haven't stood here.

11:40:37 When I come down here, I always come down with a

11:40:39 proactive suggestion.

11:40:40 I don't just say I'm against this.

11:40:42 I try to give you a way that we can resolve the

11:40:44 problems to everyone's satisfaction.

11:40:45 I stood up here with the Westshore alliance, the

11:40:48 builders association, T.H.A.N., whenever there's an

11:40:51 issue where we can reach consensus, I tray to bring it.

11:40:54 I tray to stand here.

11:40:55 I try to do the right thing.

11:40:56 You don't hear me once every four years, once every

11:40:59 three years.

11:41:00 When there's something that we can do to make our city

11:41:02 better I come down here and try to present it to you.

11:41:05 Thank you very much for your consideration.

11:41:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:41:10 The next candidate is Mrs. Susan C. Lyon.

11:41:19 >> Thank you for this unique opportunity to apply.

11:41:30 My 15 years of experience passionately working for the

11:41:33 good of the city.

11:41:35 This interim position allows me to serve the city in a

11:41:39 higher capacity for a short period of time.

11:41:42 I am familiar with the procedures of City Council and

11:41:46 can start without extensive training.

11:41:50 So the work of the city can go on.

11:41:52 As president of Bayshore Beautiful homeowners

11:41:55 association, and with much cooperation of the

11:41:59 transportation department.

11:42:01 I worked on many transportation issues and I'm most

11:42:04 proud of the beautification of Himes Avenue.

11:42:10 We have accomplished traffic calming without speed

11:42:13 bumps.

11:42:13 I worked on the Bayshore task force, and again the

11:42:17 Boulevard project.

11:42:18 As a member of T.H.A.N.'s zoning committee, I have

11:42:22 read, discussed, workshopped, edited, and gone over

11:42:29 everything you see.

11:42:30 We have also worked on a 500 page comprehensive plan.

11:42:35 I know it backwards and forwards.

11:42:38 My appointment to the Variance Review Board allows me

11:42:43 to gain more knowledge about zoning issues, it allowed

11:42:45 me to learn both sides of the issue, and how difficult

11:42:50 it is to sit in your chair and make decisions that are

11:42:54 not popular with the neighborhood, that are part of the

11:42:58 law.

11:43:00 As president of T.H.A.N., I have worked with staff and

11:43:03 council to begin the process of neighborhood notices.

11:43:09 I brought the problems of 40th Street to the attention

11:43:12 of the mayor.

11:43:14 I have attended meetings of establishing scenic

11:43:17 corridors in the City of Tampa.

11:43:20 We also ran workshops to teach the people who come

11:43:25 before you to present competent evidence, not just

11:43:29 emotional.

11:43:31 I've learned, as emotional as I am, to be able to judge

11:43:37 on the facts of the case.

11:43:41 I have an excellent rapport with the city

11:43:43 administration and city staff for the last three years

11:43:47 I served as T.H.A.N.'s liaison to the city.

11:43:54 You cannot know Sue Lyon and not know the work I have

11:43:59 done for the city.

11:44:00 (Bell sounds)

11:44:01 Thank you very much.

11:44:07 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Mr.

11:44:08 Thomas E. Slaughter, Jr.

11:44:15 >> Good morning.

11:44:16 It's great to be here.

11:44:17 My name is Tom Slaughter.

11:44:19 I am a professional engineer, business owner here in

11:44:22 Tampa, practicing engineering now for about three

11:44:26 decades right here in Tampa.

11:44:27 I moved to Tampa in 1983, fell in love with this city,

11:44:30 and just never felt like leaving.

11:44:33 As you know, our wonderful city is facing a $30 million

11:44:37 shortfall in 2011, layoffs and cutbacks are feared.

11:44:41 Residents expect council to balance the budget,

11:44:43 maintain public services and grow the economy.

11:44:46 With my skills I will support implementation of the

11:44:48 East Tampa strategic action plan and help secure the

11:44:52 downtown to TIA high-speed rail route.

11:44:55 Additionally I will support remedies addressing the

11:44:57 long-term transportation issues affecting New Tampa and

11:44:59 Westchase.

11:45:01 I will also support greater city-wide access to job

11:45:04 training and social services for our struggling urban

11:45:07 and suburban household and of course do this all in

11:45:11 eight months.

11:45:13 As a successful business owner in Tampa, I make many

11:45:16 tough yet fair-minded decisions similar to those made

11:45:20 by council.

11:45:20 These decisions involve contract negotiations, urban

11:45:23 redevelopment, highway design and construction,

11:45:26 prioritizing budgets, and liaison with City of Tampa,

11:45:29 Hillsborough County, FDOT, SWFWMD, staff, along with

11:45:32 the general public.

11:45:34 I put in my application I was appointed to the MPO

11:45:37 citizens advisory committee and am proud to have

11:45:39 received a commendation for my years of work on the

11:45:42 Hillsborough County Trails Task Force.

11:45:45 You will find my application contains five pages of

11:45:47 community service spanning nearly 30 years of Tampa's

11:45:50 civic and charitable organizations from the Sierra Club

11:45:53 to the migrant farm workers to the Florida Orchestra

11:45:57 Guild and many more.

11:45:58 Thank you for your consideration.

11:45:59 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.

11:46:06 The next candidate is Mr. Steven Craig Stanford.

11:46:17 >> Good morning.

11:46:18 My name is Steve Stanford and I am a 19-year resident

11:46:22 of the City of Tampa, having lived at 3106 west

11:46:25 Fairoaks Avenue for the past 12 years.

11:46:28 I married a third-generation Tampa girl and have two

11:46:32 great children and earn and operate a Tampa based

11:46:35 landscape business called plants.

11:46:37 For the past three years I have served the community as

11:46:39 president of Palma Ceia Little League.

11:46:42 I live my life in the heart of district 4.

11:46:46 I am confident my business experiences and community

11:46:48 involvement make me an excellent candidate to build on

11:46:51 Mr. Dingfelder's work.

11:46:53 I'm a pledge and play candidate, well versed on the

11:46:57 most important issues facing Council.

11:46:59 I will draw on my private sector experience in the

11:47:01 upcoming budget sessions and work on it from a business

11:47:06 perspective.

11:47:08 I will help to find new ways to capitalize on

11:47:11 public-private partnerships and interlocal strategies

11:47:14 to drive costs out of city budget.

11:47:16 I'm also committed to green Tampa initiatives.

11:47:18 This year, my company was recognized as an industry

11:47:21 leader and environmental sustainability, and I would

11:47:24 like to expand on the mayor's green vision for the City

11:47:27 of Tampa.

11:47:28 I am versed in transportation issues as well.

11:47:31 I am prepared to contribute to the efforts to bring

11:47:34 affordable multimodal transportation to the city, the

11:47:39 airport, and the region.

11:47:41 As president of Palma Ceia little league, I'm a friend

11:47:44 of Tampa parks.

11:47:45 Over the past three years I have directed the volunteer

11:47:47 workforce of 150 adults to the benefit of nearly 600

11:47:52 children.

11:47:53 I have worked with city parks to develop ERPs and

11:47:56 chart a course for new public-private investment in the

11:47:59 city-owned asset.

11:48:01 While other athletic programs were on the decline our

11:48:06 league grew significantly and through careful spending

11:48:08 and creative fund-raising so did our reserves.

11:48:13 On the rise too was our commitment to scholarship

11:48:15 programs to ensure that no child regardless of economic

11:48:19 condition was turned away from playing ball.

11:48:21 This work has given me a great deal of personal

11:48:24 satisfaction and put me in direct contact with the

11:48:26 families of South Tampa.

11:48:28 I understand the people of district 4, and I'm prepared

11:48:31 to perform my civic duty by representing them on City

11:48:35 Council.

11:48:35 I believe that I am the -- candidate and if selected

11:48:43 will begin immediately.

11:48:45 My name is Steve Stanford.

11:48:48 Thank you, and let's play ball.

11:48:49 (Bell sounds).

11:48:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:48:53 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: The next candidate is Ms.

11:48:55 Kimberly D. Thresher.

11:48:59 >> Good morning.

11:49:00 I'm happy to have say we are almost done.

11:49:02 My name is Kim Thresher.

11:49:03 It is my privilege to have these two minutes to speak

11:49:06 with you.

11:49:07 Two minutes is not enough time to share with you all

11:49:09 the ways I think we can work together to make Tampa a

11:49:12 better place.

11:49:13 But it is enough time for you to know why I am the best

11:49:17 candidate.

11:49:19 I'm not a CEO, not a career politician, I'm not running

11:49:22 for office in March, and I'm not here to push my own

11:49:25 personal agenda.

11:49:26 I am here because I want to make Tampa a better home

11:49:30 for my family and the residents of district 4.

11:49:33 I believe it is our job to work together, and for me to

11:49:38 work with all of you to make Tampa better.

11:49:40 It is times like these that we need people who are here

11:49:43 to put Tampa first and its residents first.

11:49:48 I am aware of the issues facing council.

11:49:51 As a prior business owner, I know about budgets.

11:49:53 I know they don't fix themselves overnight.

11:49:57 And I know it's hard to improve things.

11:49:59 However, in order to improve anything, we must have

11:50:03 full disclosure of the Tampa city budget.

11:50:06 We must find ways to generate revenue and attract

11:50:08 businesses and events to Tampa.

11:50:11 We need to continue to find fund being for projects

11:50:14 like the high-speed rail.

11:50:17 And a stop at a airport with high-speed rail.

11:50:23 We must continually to seek out grants as Ms. Mulhern

11:50:27 indicated and federal and state funding to help improve

11:50:30 our city.

11:50:31 I am also aware of the issues facing district 4:00 and

11:50:34 the need to improve our infrastructure.

11:50:36 We also need to encourage local businesses and find

11:50:39 ways to foster the growth in these difficult times.

11:50:43 I thank you for your time this morning.

11:50:44 And I look forward to working with you to make Tampa

11:50:47 better.

11:50:52 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the last candidate

11:50:55 that's here for district 4 is Robert W. Walkley.

11:51:00 Mr. Ken Walters can't be here.

11:51:03 Mr. Walkley.

11:51:06 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman.

11:51:08 Honorable members of the council.

11:51:09 My name is Bob Walkley.

11:51:11 I came to Tampa in 1972 after I graduated from FSU law

11:51:15 school.

11:51:16 I spent my first three years prosecuting, then I moved

11:51:20 out to Hyde Park where I have been a trial lawyer ever

11:51:22 since.

11:51:23 I have always owned property in Hyde Park.

11:51:26 I appreciate and I love Tampa's history here and its

11:51:32 progress.

11:51:33 I have made three renovations in Hyde Park and built a

11:51:36 home in the historic district.

11:51:39 As part of my practice over the past 25 years, I have

11:51:42 represented State of Florida analysis such as DCF,

11:51:51 FDLE, juvenile justice and the DOC.

11:51:55 50s oops as a trial lawyer, I have had to learn to

11:51:58 analyze problems from the end result back to the

11:52:00 present.

11:52:01 I have also learned the value of even-handed judgment

11:52:05 without precipitous action, and I have learned patience

11:52:09 and objectiveness.

11:52:12 In 1989 I became one of the first Supreme

11:52:14 Court-approved mediators.

11:52:17 My wife and I, Janelle Buck Walkley, give seminars now

11:52:23 to lawyers, health care professionals and CPAs on

11:52:26 diversity training, ethics, and domestic violence.

11:52:30 These are approved by the Supreme Court and the Florida

11:52:32 Bar.

11:52:36 I know sewers aren't sexy, budgets aren't sexy, but

11:52:41 it's difficult and demanding work.

11:52:42 I have the skill sets to serve this council and the

11:52:45 citizens of Tampa for district 4.

11:52:47 Thank you very much for your consideration.

11:52:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:53:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, as a recap, the only

11:53:06 individual that withdrew from consideration is Linda G.

11:53:12 Baxley.

11:53:13 That's number 3.

11:53:15 Three individuals were absent.

11:53:17 That's number 17, Ellen Hochschwender, Kirk Jones,

11:53:25 number 18, and Ken Walters, number 27.

11:53:31 They were just absent.

11:53:32 Thank you.

11:55:32 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, for district 4, it

11:55:37 has been narrowed down to Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin,

11:55:44 Harry Cohen, Joe Greco, and Sue Lyon.

11:55:49 Each one of them received one vote.

11:55:51 So round two.

11:55:56 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, it's the same vote so

11:58:20 we have to go again.

11:58:21 Round three.

11:58:22 I don't know if you want to ask questions.

11:58:24 And, again, it's Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry

11:58:30 Cohen, Joe Greco, and Sue Lyon.

12:00:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the vote is the same.

12:00:52 No one received more than one vote.

12:00:54 It's the exact same.

12:00:55 So I don't November if you want to ask questions of the

12:00:57 remaining candidates.

12:00:59 Again, Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry Cohen, Joe

12:01:05 Greco, and Sue Lyon.

12:01:10 Round four.

12:03:44 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the vote is the same.

12:03:47 Again, in round four, Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry

12:03:54 Cohen, Joe Greco, and Sue Lyon.

12:04:02 Each received one vote.

12:04:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess does council want to continue,

12:04:11 take a lunch break or what?

12:04:13 What's the pleasure of council?

12:04:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I would rather get this done.

12:04:28 Than take a lunch break.

12:04:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I have to take a break here

12:04:32 shortly.

12:04:33 I have to take a break.

12:04:34 >> So this is round five.


12:06:34 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, in round five, the

12:06:35 vote is the same.

12:06:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

12:06:37 Why don't we take --

12:06:39 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: And again it's brown, Capin,

12:06:43 Cohen, Greco, and Sue Lyon.

12:06:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It appears, Mr. Chairman, that you

12:06:49 are going to ask council to take a break.

12:06:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, we'll take at least a five-minute

12:06:53 break and come back.

12:06:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I think if I can, I know the council

12:06:57 knows this but I want the public to understand this,

12:07:00 the sunshine law does not require you during this

12:07:03 five-minute break to discuss the vote amongst

12:07:04 yourselves and clearly you will not do so.

12:07:07 I just wanted to public to know that, the purpose of

12:07:10 this five-minute break is not for that purpose.

12:07:13 That's clearly inappropriate.

12:07:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just for the record, Mr. Chairman,

12:07:18 if anybody thinks that a five-time vote is the same,

12:07:21 council members don't even speak to each other.

12:07:25 So that's how you get five on one, one, one, one, one,

12:07:30 five times.

12:07:30 >> Okay.

12:07:32 We stand in recess for about five minutes.

12:07:34 Thank you.


12:07:34 (Recess)


12:18:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Roll call.

09:03:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:03:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:03:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:04:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

12:18:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

12:18:36 Okay.

12:18:36 Round 6.

12:18:37 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, Shirley Foxx-Knowles,

12:18:42 city clerk.

12:18:43 For round six again the field has been narrowed to

12:18:45 Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry Cohen, Joe Greco, and

12:18:52 Susan Lyon.

12:18:54 You can vote for one.

12:20:35 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, for round 6 the vote

12:20:37 is the same.

12:20:38 Again, Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry Cohen, Joe

12:20:45 Greco, and Susan Lyon.

12:20:47 So round seven.

12:20:48 >>MARY MULHERN: At least you're moving, Shirley



12:22:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, with round seven the

12:22:45 vote is the same.

12:22:46 Again I don't know if you want to ask questions of the

12:22:48 finalists including Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry

12:22:54 Cohen, Joe Greco, and Susan Lyon.


12:24:04 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, round 8, the vote is

12:25:06 the same.

12:25:09 Again with Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Joe Greco, Sue

12:25:16 Lyon, and Harry Cohen.

12:27:25 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, in round nine, the

12:27:27 vote is the same again with Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin,

12:27:33 Harry Cohen, Joe Greco, and Susan Lyon.

12:27:36 Thank you.

12:27:37 On to round 10.


12:27:40 Council, round 10, the vote is the same.

12:29:35 Again with Julie Brown, Yvonne Capin, Harry Cohen, Joe

12:29:41 Greco, and Susan Lyon.

12:29:44 Round 10.

12:29:48 On to round 11.

12:32:06 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We have some movement.

12:32:08 We have a candidate with two votes and that's Julie

12:32:11 Brown.

12:32:12 The others have one each.

12:32:14 And that's Capin, Greco, and Susan Lyon.

12:32:20 So Julie Brown has two.

12:32:24 And on to round 12.

12:32:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, per your rules, you have

12:32:30 four candidates now from which to choose.


12:32:35 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, round 12 is the same

12:34:24 as the last one.

12:34:25 Julie Brown received two votes, Capin one, Joe Greco

12:34:32 one, and Sue Lyon one.

12:34:37 So round 13.

12:34:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, round 13, the vote is

12:36:22 the same as the last one with Julie Brown receiving

12:36:25 two, Yvonne Capin one, Joe Greco one, and Sue Lyon one.

12:36:32 And that's round 13.

12:36:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council, we will have to take a break,

12:36:38 come back this afternoon or come back Wednesday.

12:36:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I would rather come back this

12:36:48 afternoon.

12:36:50 If that works.

12:36:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I am going to have to take a break.

12:37:00 In fact, I'm getting a headache.

12:37:06 So why don't we stand in recess till 2:00.

12:37:09 Okay?

12:37:09 (Meeting in recess)


12:37:09 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

14:04:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

14:04:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

14:04:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

14:04:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

14:04:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, if I may make a

14:04:36 suggestion, since I don't know how this is going to go,

14:04:36 and no one does, and I don't know if it's legal or not,

14:04:42 but if it goes past one more round, in the essence of

14:04:43 time, with all the wonderful candidates are here, maybe

14:04:49 we ought to find Mr. Stokes, swear him in and let him

14:04:49 vote.

14:04:58 >> If that's Council's pleasure Certainly it depends on

14:04:59 Mr. Stoke's schedule and his availability.

14:05:03 But certainly Council can take whatever action is

14:05:03 appropriate. If it's council's direction --

14:05:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me raise a question. If you did

14:05:10 that, it still raises the votes because at that point

14:05:13 there are four votes, right?

14:05:15 Six members.

14:05:21 Three votes won't do it.

14:05:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It would be a majority -- it would

14:05:27 have to be four votes.

14:05:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's my point.

14:05:32 If it's a 3-3 vote, still have to have a fourth vote.

14:05:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You're right, the charter would

14:05:45 require that.

14:05:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other ideas?

14:05:51 Councilwoman Mulhern, you had your hand up.

14:05:53 >>MARY MULHERN: I was just going to second his

14:05:57 retraction of his good idea.

14:05:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

14:06:02 Clerk.

14:06:02 >>THE CLERK: Good afternoon.

14:06:05 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

14:06:07 Council, we are ready for round 14.

14:06:11 And we have the following candidates.

14:06:14 Julie Brown, Yvonne Yolie Capin, Joe Greco, and Susan

14:06:21 C. Lyon.

14:06:25 If you would vote, please.

14:06:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wow, we got new ballot sheets.

14:08:22 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, we will still have to

14:08:24 go another round.

14:08:25 We have Julie Brown with one, Capin with two, Joe Greco

14:08:32 with one, and Sue Lyon with one.

14:08:35 So another round.

14:08:37 Round 15.

14:08:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you can repeat that, please.

14:08:45 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: There was some movement.

14:08:48 Julie Brown with one.

14:08:51 Yvonne Capin with two.

14:08:55 Joe Greco with one.

14:08:57 And Sue Lyon with one.

14:09:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Miranda's idea of finding Curtis

14:09:35 Stokes, maybe one of the votes of one of the other

14:09:41 candidates.

14:10:18 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, with round 15, Julie

14:10:21 Brown with one, Yvonne Capin with two, Joe Greco with

14:10:26 one, and Sue Lyon with one.

14:10:29 The same as the last time.

14:10:39 Round 15.

14:10:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That was 15.

14:12:06 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, for round 16 the vote

14:12:08 was the same.

14:12:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Chairman, I second Mr.

14:12:15 Miranda's motion to see if we can locate Mr. Stokes and

14:12:19 get him down here.

14:12:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm not comfortable with asking

14:12:25 someone else to vote.

14:12:27 I mean, we have been on council for three and a half

14:12:29 years, and that's why we are asked to do this when

14:12:35 there is a vacancy.

14:12:36 I'm not even sure if Stokes was here for the entire --

14:12:39 all the presentations.

14:12:43 And he hasn't been sworn in yet.

14:12:45 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Well, get him sworn in.

14:12:47 >>MARY MULHERN, no I'm not in favor of that.

14:12:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Would you all like to hear from the

14:12:53 four remaining people again?

14:12:58 It may help to change your mind on anybody.

14:13:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think we heard before.

14:13:04 We aren't going to vote anything different.

14:13:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I guess I'm looking for a

14:13:11 solution.

14:13:11 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Miranda's motion still

14:13:15 stands?

14:13:16 >> No.

14:13:16 >> Council, there's a couple of issues that council

14:13:20 member Mulhern did make.

14:13:22 Number one is that Mr. Stokes did not receive the

14:13:26 applications, did he not review them, and he was not

14:13:29 tasked with this.

14:13:32 If council's pleasure is to have him sworn in and to do

14:13:34 that, certainly we can make inquiry to have that done.

14:13:39 There's nothing that legally bars you from having a

14:13:41 resolution drawn up today, having it passed and having

14:13:47 the clerk swear him in.

14:13:49 Off right to deviate from your rules if you so choose,

14:13:53 and again it would change the dynamics of it.

14:13:56 That being the case, council, if you wish to entertain

14:13:59 that, you can by motion and vote.

14:14:01 Otherwise, you can continue and debate amongst

14:14:06 yourselves until you reach a resolution, however the

14:14:08 council wishes to proceed.

14:14:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, the only thing I can

14:14:11 offer is that I don't know if it's going to change or

14:14:13 not, but if it's not going to change, then maybe we

14:14:17 ought to have the swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday

14:14:22 with Mr. Stokes, he can have his family here, whatever,

14:14:24 and then he can have certainly review the tapes of

14:14:27 these individuals who were the last four, read their

14:14:31 resumés, and then vote.

14:14:33 Are we looking for 3-3?

14:14:35 I don't think we are going to get a 3-3 but at least

14:14:37 one we have or two extra votes that these people here

14:14:40 can have finally a definition and an ending to the

14:14:44 never-ending saga that's not coming to an end.

14:14:48 I'm just trying to find a resolution to the solution.

14:14:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I would like to feel that my

14:14:55 council members would be willing to consider changing

14:14:58 their original votes, which I did, and in our first

14:15:02 round when we -- not our first round, but the previous

14:15:06 candidate, I didn't stick with my first choice because

14:15:11 I realize that we had to come to a majority agreement

14:15:15 here.

14:15:15 So I would like to feel that other people would be

14:15:18 willing to make that decision.

14:15:20 And I don't think we need to ask everyone to come back

14:15:23 another day, or ask someone who has not even begun to

14:15:30 serve on council to take part in this decision.

14:15:32 So I would like to just keep voting.

14:15:34 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: As far as coming back Wednesday,

14:15:40 Mr. Chairman, I think I notified you I am not going to

14:15:43 be in town Wednesday.

14:15:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Then let's keep voting.

14:15:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

14:15:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's no motion on the floor then.

14:15:51 Okay.

14:15:52 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So what time is our rent due

14:15:57 here?

14:16:30 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the new interim

14:17:39 council person for district 4 is Yvonne Yolie Capin.

14:17:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What do we need to do now?

14:18:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Come back and read the resolution.

14:18:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just read the resolution.

14:18:22 You don't have to read it; just move it.

14:18:24 >> Move Yvonne Yolie Capin for interim city council

14:18:34 person for district 4 and Curtis Stokes for district 3.

14:18:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second?

14:18:41 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

14:18:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

14:18:45 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

14:18:47 Opposes?

14:18:49 Okay.

14:18:50 All right.

14:18:50 Anything else?

14:18:51 Need to receive and file?

14:18:53 >>CHAIRMAN: Move to receive and file.

14:18:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

14:18:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying Aye.

14:18:58 Opposes?

14:18:59 Okay.

14:19:03 We stand adjourned.

14:19:04 (The meeting adjourned at 2:19 p.m.)



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