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City of Tampa

CRA Meeting

Thursday, July 22, 2010


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09:22:40 >>GWEN MILLER: I call the CRA to order.

09:22:46 The chair will yield to Yolie Capin.

09:22:52 >> YVONNE CAPIN: This morning's invocation will be

09:22:54 given by Shirley Foxx-Knowles, the city clerk of the

09:22:57 City of Tampa.

09:22:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Will you please stand and remain

09:23:01 standing for the pledge of allegiance?

09:23:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, CRA members.

09:23:05 Let us pray.

09:23:06 Father, thank you for this beautiful summer mornings

09:23:08 here in the City of Tampa.

09:23:09 Thank you for your grace and your mercy and all the

09:23:14 wonderful gifts you have provided.

09:23:15 Let us remember to show our gratitude by being kind to

09:23:19 one another.

09:23:20 Thank you for a new beginning with new CRA members.

09:23:24 We congratulate them and wish them well with this new

09:23:27 chapter in their lives.

09:23:29 Thank you for all our leaders who are servants of the

09:23:32 people.

09:23:33 Continue to guide them and make them instruments of

09:23:37 your will.

09:23:38 Give them the wisdom they need to make decisions for us

09:23:44 all and continue to give the gift of understanding to

09:23:46 the individuals who will come before this board.

09:23:50 As you have led our state and country, please remember

09:23:54 the City of Tampa, our mayor, the administration, the

09:23:57 employees, and our wonderful citizens.

09:24:00 Keep us all in your care.

09:24:03 And now, as we go about the worldly matters of this

09:24:06 city, we again say thank you for everything and ask

09:24:09 that you continue to bless and guide us in your way.

09:24:13 Make us shining examples of your love.

09:24:16 These things we ask with humble hearts.

09:24:19 Let us all say amen.

09:24:21 (Pledge of Allegiance)

09:24:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.

09:24:42 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:24:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:24:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:24:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:24:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:24:52 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:24:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:24:54 Before we begin our CRA meeting, I would like to

09:24:56 introduce a young group of students who are working

09:25:00 with East Tampa and participating in a summer program

09:25:03 sponsored by the Tampa Bay community and Development

09:25:07 Corporation which is part of the civil government

09:25:09 experience.

09:25:12 Would you please stand and be recognized and come to

09:25:15 the podium?

09:25:16 >> Good morning.

09:25:24 And congratulations to the new council persons.

09:25:27 I'm here this morning as a resident coordinator of what

09:25:32 we call an organization an advisory group under the

09:25:39 auspices of CDC of Tampa.

09:25:43 We have come together as an advisory group, and we are

09:25:46 working together with several other partnerships.

09:25:51 As I said, the CDC of Tampa, the mentors program, USF,

09:26:01 and one other.

09:26:04 And the Tampa Bay.

09:26:05 And what we have done, with the economy the way it is

09:26:08 now, we all have a little bit of money, and we want to

09:26:11 do something for children.

09:26:13 And we all put some moneys together, and we have come

09:26:18 up with what we call a summer enrichment program.

09:26:21 The students will -- and I have experienced this with

09:26:24 them spending half a day with them -- they will be

09:26:28 learning how to develop, how to build a computer that

09:26:33 they would eventually take home with them at the end of

09:26:35 the summer.

09:26:39 They will also experience being a photographer.

09:26:41 And then they will know how to take pictures.

09:26:44 As I told them ... they will also be exposed to social

09:26:52 skills, they will experience reading, and they will do

09:26:54 some journaling.

09:26:57 And with those things pooled together, one of the

09:26:59 things we want to do is take them out into the

09:27:02 community.

09:27:02 And this morning that's one of our experience of

09:27:04 bringing them here, to learn about how the government

09:27:06 works.

09:27:07 We will be going to several offices this morning, and

09:27:11 we will be doing more field trips.

09:27:13 We will be going to the aquarium.

09:27:15 We will end this summer by having a weekend retreat

09:27:20 that they will pool together their thoughts and see how

09:27:24 they gained things of this nature.

09:27:26 The other thing is they will attend the East Tampa

09:27:29 community partnership meeting that will be on August

09:27:31 3rd, and report to a community, East Tampa, and

09:27:36 give us an update report.

09:27:38 And that's what we are hear for this morning.

09:27:41 And thank you for this opportunity.

09:27:45 [ Applause ]

09:27:51 >>CHAIRMAN: While you are coming up on agenda item

09:27:52 number 3, we are going to move it to the last thing on

09:27:55 the agenda, number 10. We are going to change the

09:27:59 agenda around a little bit and move number 3 to the

09:28:02 last thing on the agenda.

09:28:02 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.

09:28:07 And I'm honored to, on behalf of the administration,

09:28:11 have the first chance to welcome honorable Capin,

09:28:16 honorable Stokes to your role of service to the council

09:28:20 and the CRA board, and we look forward to working with

09:28:22 you.

09:28:23 I can share with your fellow board members that each of

09:28:26 you took out significant time of your day yesterday to

09:28:28 be prepared for today's meeting, and we appreciate that

09:28:31 interest in the work of the redevelopment agency.

09:28:35 Our first order of business is our monthly reports from

09:28:42 one of the chairpersons of your advisory committees.

09:28:45 We are pleased this morning to have Steven foster here

09:28:48 from the Central Park redevelopment area.

09:28:51 We are excited, of course, to have the Encore project

09:28:54 moving forward.

09:28:55 So Steven, welcome.

09:28:56 >> Steven Foster: Good morning.

09:29:04 Well, he already gave half of my report.

09:29:06 But thank you all very much for the opportunity to be

09:29:08 appear and to thank you all personally.

09:29:11 We recognize the difficulty it is marrying a vision

09:29:16 with economic realities and I want to commend you all

09:29:19 for that I can making some difficult decisions and

09:29:22 bringing this to fruition or at least to the point we

09:29:25 are today, and I am happy to say that we have started,

09:29:29 and as you all are keenly aware is going to bring jobs

09:29:32 to the area, so much-needed housing and some business

09:29:34 and retail opportunities to the area.

09:29:37 This has not been seen in quite awhile.

09:29:40 We are looking forward to revitalization.

09:29:42 Perry Harvey park.

09:29:43 We are looking forward to the construction of the

09:29:45 downtown intermodal station just to our west and the

09:29:49 improvement.

09:29:49 Public transportation system along Nebraska Avenue.

09:29:52 If the last piece of that puzzle is going to be the

09:29:55 adoption of the 41-acre comprehensive plan amendment

09:29:59 that's coming before the council next month in August.

09:30:04 I am honored to be the chairman during this exciting

09:30:06 time.

09:30:06 It's a long time coming.

09:30:08 There's been a lot of hard work from a lot of different

09:30:10 people.

09:30:12 And I just want to thank you all.

09:30:13 If you have any questions, I would be glad to try to

09:30:16 answer them.

09:30:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?

09:30:18 Thank you, Mr. Foster.

09:30:19 >>MARK HUEY: Item 2 is monthly reports.

09:30:35 Provided a page update on each of the redevelopment

09:30:37 areas.

09:30:37 As usual there are many things going on across the

09:30:40 redevelopment agency, notably in downtown.

09:30:44 We have heritage place, the new community affordable

09:30:50 workforce housing project that will be at the St. Paul

09:30:56 AME church location, moving forward to a September

09:30:58 groundbreaking.

09:30:59 And that's great news in our downtown.

09:31:03 We continue to work in downtown on the high-speed rail

09:31:07 station, downtown intermodal station, many things

09:31:12 happening relating to that.

09:31:13 Project CAMLS which you approved just a couple of weeks

09:31:18 ago continues to move forward positively, and we remain

09:31:24 optimistic that that will in fact close in our downtown

09:31:28 and move forward.

09:31:30 The Ybor vision plan, the amendment to that plan that

09:31:34 takes into account the needs and interests of our Ybor

09:31:39 2 district.

09:31:40 That continues to move on, move forward, and you will

09:31:43 be previewed on that shortly, likely in August.

09:31:48 In the Channel District, we were very excited to have

09:31:51 the ribbon cutting on the new garage that the port

09:31:56 built and developed in the Channel District, 150 cars,

09:32:00 and it will benefit visitors coming into the district,

09:32:05 whether they are going to the port or the Channel

09:32:07 District shops or coming to visit other venues in the

09:32:11 district like the aquarium.

09:32:18 At the time Channel District park, we had a successful

09:32:23 sweep in working with our solid waste department of the

09:32:26 commercial district.

09:32:28 22nd street and East Tampa continues to move forward.

09:32:31 We continue to work on the facade grant program.

09:32:34 And you have a number of applications before you this

09:32:37 morning in particular to approve.

09:32:43 The Beck building has now formally had their ribbon

09:32:47 cutting in the Heights and a portion of the riverwalk

09:32:49 was completed there.

09:32:50 And as was said earlier, as big as anything, the Encore

09:32:54 project is under construction.

09:32:57 So a lot of things going on in our various

09:33:02 redevelopment areas.

09:33:04 I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have

09:33:06 about the work or the reports.

09:33:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I really don't have a question, mark.

09:33:11 Thank you for the report and all the activity going

09:33:15 through the administration.

09:33:16 I had the privilege to go to the Beck opening.

09:33:21 Quite a crowd and quite a facility.

09:33:25 They have done a remarkable job.

09:33:27 And that's the kind of thing you want to see in CRAs

09:33:30 across Tampa, that kind of redevelopments, that kind of

09:33:34 refurbishings of buildings.

09:33:38 I thought it was great, good turnout, excellent.

09:33:40 >> I understand they had nearly 500 people there.

09:33:44 Quite a turnout.

09:33:45 >> Three floors of people.

09:33:48 >>MARK HUEY: And like you said, if the rest of the

09:33:50 Heights develops to the quality of that building it's

09:33:52 going to be a fantastic redevelopment process.

09:33:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And that's what you want to see under

09:33:57 CRA, that kind of redevelopment.

09:33:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

09:34:02 At this time we go to our public comments.

09:34:05 Anyone in the public that would like to speak, would

09:34:07 you please come now and speak?

09:34:08 >> My name is Al Davis.

09:34:26 I live within the geographic area of the East Tampa

09:34:32 community redevelopment area, 3717 east wilder.

09:34:39 Madam Chairman, I want to extend my congratulations to

09:34:42 the new addition to the agency, Mr. Stokes and Ms.

09:34:48 Capin.

09:34:49 I appreciate hearing the remarks of the administrator

09:34:55 about giving some insight as to what they can expect of

09:35:04 this kind of a meeting of the agency.

09:35:05 I won't take much of your time this morning, but I feel

09:35:05 a little frustrated. As I look at the program of the

09:35:16 redevelopment agency, and what it's trying to do for

09:35:24 the area -- I think you have about seven areas that you

09:35:28 focused on.

09:35:30 For the next -- well, now in the case of East Tampa,

09:35:33 for the next 25 years as I listened before, I expect to

09:35:42 be around here, but even in the event that I don't, I

09:35:48 see what you have laid out for East Tampa through the

09:35:52 document of the redevelopment plan, the kind of

09:35:57 day-to-day activities.

09:36:00 As I look forward to it, obviously I need information.

09:36:08 Well, Madam Chairman, for example, this morning, I

09:36:26 wanted to be prepared for this meeting, the

09:36:28 before-the-fact information, that is the agenda items,

09:36:37 go to the clerk's office.

09:36:38 Well, that's fine.

09:36:40 Go to the clerk's office.

09:36:42 You know, we only got what they gave us electronically.

09:36:47 And that was just yesterday.

09:36:51 Madam Chairman, you know I can't hardly see these

09:36:58 except with some mag any fix.

09:37:02 I would not want to bore with you that difficulty.

09:37:06 But I went to Mark Huey's office, I mean to the

09:37:09 administrator's office this morning to ask for some of

09:37:12 the agenda items.

09:37:15 "Go to the clerk."

09:37:16 I go to the clerk.

09:37:17 Well, they were sent electronically.

09:37:22 Madam Chairman, I don't live in a world of electronics.

09:37:26 I live in a physical world.

09:37:30 And maybe I can talk to my single-member district

09:37:36 representative, and maybe I can talk to the three

09:37:39 at-large representatives, and maybe then the power of

09:37:44 four might be able to help me a little bit better.

09:37:48 Thank you, Madam Chairman.

09:37:51 I'm looking forward to my continued engagement as the

09:37:57 years unfold.

09:37:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Davis -- Mr. Davis, right here,

09:38:02 right in front of you.

09:38:03 Yes, sir.

09:38:04 I guess the question is, you are trying to access the

09:38:06 agenda for today?

09:38:07 Is that the issue?

09:38:10 >> That's one of them.

09:38:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:38:15 Help me understand, what else is it you are trying to

09:38:17 get?

09:38:18 Because if you are having difficulty getting the

09:38:21 agenda, I can help you.

09:38:23 I mean, I'll bring it to you if you want me to help out

09:38:28 or mail them to you.

09:38:29 But we just got them Monday ourselves.

09:38:32 Monday or Tuesday.

09:38:34 Tuesday.

09:38:35 So they are not always available.

09:38:37 >> You mean the backup material.

09:38:40 That's the backup material.

09:38:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, the draft agenda, and then the

09:38:45 final agenda don't come out until --

09:38:48 >> I guess on the agenda, councilman Scott.

09:38:54 What we are talking about, for example, the

09:38:55 administrator gave you an oral report on the

09:38:58 activities.

09:39:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

09:39:02 >> I like to kind of see how East Tampa is doing.

09:39:07 In order for me to have access to that written

09:39:09 information I have to go through a convolution.

09:39:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:39:17 In essence of time, because it is my understanding that

09:39:21 that is a part of doc agenda.

09:39:23 Mr. Huey, am I correct on that?

09:39:25 So even that should be a part.

09:39:28 If you have confusion, access, and you are trying to

09:39:33 access it then, when I get my copy, if you want to stop

09:39:36 by my office or if you want me to drop it in the mail

09:39:39 to you we can certainly do that.

09:39:41 To me these are very small, minute issues that can be

09:39:43 easily resolved.

09:39:44 >> I believe so.

09:39:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:39:47 >> So maybe the bureaucrats doesn't know how simplified

09:39:50 it can be just by pushing that computer button.

09:39:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: But you have to understand now, we

09:39:56 don't always get the information sometimes ourselves

09:39:59 till the day before.

09:40:00 That's what I'm saying, you have to understand where we

09:40:03 are with that.

09:40:04 Okay?

09:40:05 >> Very well.

09:40:06 Thank you.

09:40:06 I appreciate that.

09:40:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I was just going to say the same thing

09:40:11 as Chairman Scott.

09:40:12 But don't feel left out, because council -- you can

09:40:18 have access to that.

09:40:20 Someone should be able to, if the clerk or that

09:40:23 administrative office is telling you it's available

09:40:26 electronically, they could print it out for you and

09:40:28 give it to you.

09:40:29 I don't see any reason why they couldn't do that.

09:40:33 But you shouldn't feel that it's being withheld from

09:40:37 you.

09:40:38 It's a public record, and it is available to you as

09:40:42 soon as it's available to council, the CRA board.

09:40:46 >> Well, you know, madam --

09:40:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand your frustration.

09:40:51 >> Is it Ms. Mulhern speaking?

09:40:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

09:40:55 >> You know, they had that public record law.

09:41:01 And I won't belabor my frustration with that system.

09:41:07 I use the term "hide behind it."

09:41:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

09:41:17 Next speaker.

09:41:20 >> Jim Crew, city clerk's office, for the record.

09:41:24 All documents are available for review and for purchase

09:41:29 in the clerk's office.

09:41:30 The public records law does indicate a cost of 15 cents

09:41:33 a page.

09:41:34 I believe that -- but they are available and have been

09:41:40 provided routinely in the clerk's office.

09:41:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for the clarification.

09:41:44 >> My name is pastor Frank Williams, 1112 east Scott

09:41:49 street in the heart of Central Park.

09:41:52 Central Park seems to ignore me and CRA seems to ignore

09:41:56 me, for some reason that I don't know.

09:41:58 Not only myself, but muss Ann, had the grocery store

09:42:04 down there, in Central Park, and I see you all begin to

09:42:08 do something for -- never contacted me under any

09:42:17 circumstance.

09:42:18 I'm right there in the heart of it.

09:42:20 I'm the one that came in that they need to get rid of

09:42:25 Central Park because it was a slum area, and it was a

09:42:29 cesspool.

09:42:30 And since they have gotten rid of it, nobody come to me

09:42:34 and questioned me about a thing.

09:42:40 I told Scott last week, but could care less.

09:42:46 I got something here.

09:42:48 I don't want to read it but I'm going to read it out to

09:42:51 you, because you all have offended me in more ways than

09:42:54 one.

09:42:57 I wasn't going to read it.

09:43:03 You all are not doing the right thing for the right

09:43:05 people and I am not going to let you all blackball me.

09:43:10 Okay.

09:43:11 This is something I just wrote down.

09:43:15 Why do we continue to tolerate political who abuse

09:43:20 their powers, and the people who have elected them?

09:43:24 Hillsborough County tax collector, try to kiss a girl.

09:43:32 He's a tax collector, is that right? I think that's a

09:43:36 felony offense.

09:43:37 Supervisor of elections, buddy Johnson, where that

09:43:46 money is, I think that's a federal offense.

09:43:48 Chairman white, take young girl to Atlanta, Georgia for

09:43:54 sex purpose, and then you all award $75,000?

09:43:58 I think that's a federal offense.

09:44:01 Mayor Pam Iorio, I think she's one of the richest -- I

09:44:10 don't think she's elected but point appointed in Tampa,

09:44:13 Florida.

09:44:14 The Mexican people need to be represented

09:44:21 City Council, you need to put a Mexican up there, and

09:44:23 we need to put -- somebody to represent them.

09:44:30 Black balling them like you black balled us.

09:44:33 We have to understand, God created us.

09:44:36 And we created in the image of God.

09:44:39 Treat us like anybody else want to be treated.

09:44:42 Don't black ball us because of the color of our skin.

09:44:45 It's like you all hate our president, all the news

09:44:49 media talk about is something negative about him.

09:44:56 Talk negative about him.

09:44:57 He's our president.

09:44:58 We need to get behind him and try to support him.

09:45:02 They try to crews if I him every way they can only

09:45:05 because he's a black man and that's the only reason.

09:45:08 There ain't no other reason.

09:45:09 The man graduated from Harvard university, one of the

09:45:12 smartest -- why do you do black folks, because you walk

09:45:19 away and do what you want to with them?

09:45:22 Let me tell you something else.

09:45:24 You all don't lift up the name of Jesus.

09:45:28 If you don't honor God's son Jesus, God don't hear your

09:45:32 prayer.

09:45:33 (Bell sounds).

09:45:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, your time is up.

09:45:37 >> I'm preaching to you.

09:45:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:45:41 >> You all get up there and not doing the right thing.

09:45:43 >>GWEN MILLER: You had three minutes just like

09:45:45 everybody else.

09:45:45 >> The two new members, represent all the people.

09:45:52 Don't just represent a segment of people.

09:45:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?

09:45:57 Okay.

09:45:57 We now go to item number 4, Mr. Huey

09:46:11 >>MARK HUEY: If I can just make a brief statement.

09:46:13 I was a little uncomfortable with the discussion

09:46:15 earlier about somehow that our department uses sunshine

09:46:20 law oh to hide behind bureaucracy.

09:46:23 We hold up the highest standards of transparency in all

09:46:26 the work that we do, and we are proud of it.

09:46:29 So I just want to make sure everyone is aware of that

09:46:33 in the viewing audience and make sure you are aware of

09:46:39 that.

09:46:40 Item 4.

09:46:40 We are pleased to be in a position this morning to fill

09:46:42 the final seat in our Central Park advisory committee,

09:46:47 and you have an application from Federico Braithwaite,

09:46:52 and he is here today, and we are thrilled that you have

09:46:56 an interest in serving in that capacity, and so it is

09:47:00 before you for approval.

09:47:01 >> My name is Federico Braithwaite.

09:47:09 I live in Valrico, Florida, but I am a member of the

09:47:15 cleaver Catholic church governing council.

09:47:18 I also volunteer at the St. Peter Claver Catholic

09:47:23 school.

09:47:24 I am keenly aware of the needs for what is being done

09:47:30 in the CRA and the Encore development.

09:47:35 Because it's going to impact the community as a whole,

09:47:37 and the church and school.

09:47:39 So my interest is making sure that this whole new

09:47:46 development is integrated well with what the church and

09:47:48 the school, because the future that we have is very

09:47:54 important for all of you in our community, and I think

09:47:57 that we as a church and school can provide very good

09:48:03 input to the development of this CRA.

09:48:06 And I look forward to working with the rest of the

09:48:10 community, and also with the boards in making sure that

09:48:14 we get the best that we can for our community and our

09:48:19 city.

09:48:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We want to welcome you.

09:48:24 And move approval, Madam Chair.

09:48:26 >> Second.

09:48:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:48:28 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

09:48:30 Opposed, Nay.

09:48:31 Okay.

09:48:31 Welcome aboard.

09:48:33 You are now an official member.

09:48:34 >> Thank you very much.

09:48:36 Thank you.

09:48:36 >>MARK HUEY: Our next item is for you to receive our

09:48:42 quarterly financial report that reports to you each

09:48:47 quarter, how TIF resources are being used.

09:48:53 So that is before you for receiving and filing.

09:48:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to receive and file that.

09:48:59 >> Move approval.

09:49:00 >> Second.

09:49:01 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:49:05 Opposed?

09:49:05 Okay.

09:49:05 >>MARK HUEY: The next two items are budget items

09:49:08 relating to -- matters relating to East Tampa.

09:49:12 The first one will a -- we'll allude to a fact in our

09:49:18 budget presentation is a reprogram in 2008 that is

09:49:22 important for us to do in order to keep 22nd street,

09:49:26 that project moving forward, in light of our reduced

09:49:30 TIF revenues in East Tampa for 2011.

09:49:34 So we recommend that for your approval.

09:49:35 >> Pass the resolution.

09:49:39 >> So moved.

09:49:40 >> Second.

09:49:41 89 motion an second to approve the resolution.

09:49:44 All in favor?

09:49:44 Opposed?

09:49:47 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 is a land acquisition in East

09:49:50 Tampa and associated with the 22nd street project.

09:49:53 >> So moved.

09:49:55 >> Second.

09:49:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:49:58 All in favor?

09:49:59 Opposed?

09:50:01 >>MARK HUEY: Items 8 and 9, we are pleased to bring

09:50:03 forward the grants that's part of the facade grant

09:50:09 improvement program that you put in place last year,

09:50:11 and we have item 8 is an application from East Tampa

09:50:15 for the Italian club, and they will be using the grant

09:50:20 as is spelled out in the support documents you got to

09:50:24 improve the facade, and particularly the windows at the

09:50:27 Italian club.

09:50:28 So we are pleased to recommend that for your approval.

09:50:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Move 8 and 9.

09:50:35 >> So moved.

09:50:37 >> Second.

09:50:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Both of them?

09:50:39 >>MARK HUEY: 9 is a project in East Tampa.

09:50:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just want to say in regards to 9, we

09:50:45 have someone from the Pepin academy that may want to

09:50:48 come forward, to be recognized, Madam Chair.

09:50:52 Let me just say I'm pleased to support both of these

09:50:55 grants, and then on they have done a marvelous job with

09:51:03 the school and everything and they are to be commended

09:51:08 what I pass almost every day, and they are doing a

09:51:10 great, great job there, and we really appreciate the

09:51:12 work that they are doing with children, and I'm just

09:51:16 pleased to support this application today.

09:51:18 >> I'm one of the founders of the Pepin academy.

09:51:25 I would like to invite every one of you to come to the

09:51:27 school.

09:51:28 We serve children all over the City of Tampa,

09:51:30 Hillsborough County, Pinellas, and Pasco County.

09:51:34 All with severe learning disabilities.

09:51:36 It's a wonderful, wonderful institution, 450 students

09:51:41 at this time, and this is the -- just to show you, it's

09:51:48 a very old building.

09:51:50 We love it.

09:51:52 It's centrally located for us for our students that

09:51:54 come from all over the area.

09:51:58 And there's no way to explain it unless you come and

09:52:01 visit.

09:52:02 And I really, really hope that you just come by anytime

09:52:06 and I will be glad to give you a tour.

09:52:11 Mr. Miranda, thank you for coming and visiting the

09:52:11 school.

09:52:14 We are very successful.

09:52:15 I left a copy of Monday's editorial page where

09:52:19 representative will weatherford talks about the school.

09:52:22 He has been to the school many, many times.

09:52:24 We have kindergarten through age 22.

09:52:27 We have a wonderful transition program where we access

09:52:30 business partners in the community.

09:52:31 And we are very successful with this population.

09:52:37 We just cannot allow them to fall through the cracks.

09:52:40 And we are very successful.

09:52:41 And our goal is by 25 they are employed or in another

09:52:47 type of education.

09:52:49 80% of our students from the high school graduate with

09:52:52 a standard diploma and go on to further education.

09:52:54 So please come see us.

09:52:56 It's a wonderful place.

09:52:57 And thank you very much for this.

09:52:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for being here.

09:53:01 We have a motion to move resolution 8 and 9.

09:53:03 All in favor say Aye.

09:53:04 Opposed, Nay.

09:53:05 >>MARK HUEY: Item 10, we sent a letter to the chair

09:53:10 requesting that the full city agenda, we have some

09:53:14 documentation issues that we continue to work on, and

09:53:16 we hope to bring that to you next month.

09:53:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go back to item 3.

09:53:21 >>MARK HUEY: Item 3.

09:53:26 We have a PowerPoint for that.

09:53:34 We are starting this morning in earnest the budget for

09:53:53 the redevelopment agency.

09:53:55 You, everyone in the community is aware of the

09:53:57 substantial reductions in our TIF revenues this year.

09:54:00 And so I personally have been associated with the work

09:54:02 of the redevelopment agency for seven years.

09:54:05 And I can tell you this is our most challenging budget

09:54:07 year ever given the declines, and it's testing our

09:54:11 resourcefulness in every way, to continue progress in

09:54:15 our redevelopment areas.

09:54:17 But we are very fortunate throughout our redevelopment

09:54:20 areas to have non-TIF resources, major activities

09:54:24 occurring that will be highlighting those that again

09:54:28 provides great impetus for redevelopment work to go

09:54:31 forward.

09:54:32 As you all know, Tampa as a whole is a great place to

09:54:37 invest in each of our redevelopment areas as well, and

09:54:40 we certainly haven't lost any of that passion for the

09:54:43 work that we do on a day-to-day basis.

09:54:49 This is our calendar, and approach is no different this

09:54:52 year than previous years.

09:54:54 This morning, we will be previewing you on the general

09:54:58 direction that the budgets are heading.

09:55:01 And as you are aware, we are working with our advisory

09:55:04 committees, so the work that you are seeing is

09:55:07 certainly work that they are aware of, and that they

09:55:10 are cognizant of as everyone works on the final budgets

09:55:14 which will come to you next month in August.

09:55:17 That's when you will actually receive your detailed

09:55:19 draft budget document, and it will come with the

09:55:22 support of the advisory committees that we are working

09:55:25 with.

09:55:26 In the month of October, you will be asked to approve

09:55:29 that.

09:55:30 That will occur after the city and all the taxing

09:55:33 municipalities have adopted their budget.

09:55:36 Our board meeting is on the 28th.

09:55:38 And we are likely going to request from you to consider

09:55:41 a different date.

09:55:42 In fact, if I could make that request.

09:55:45 That's a little bit late for us to adopt our budgets

09:55:47 formally.

09:55:48 So if it would be okay, I would like to check the

09:55:51 calendar and work with the chair to see if we can't

09:55:54 schedule a time at one of the other City Council

09:55:59 periods for a short meeting of the board to approve the

09:56:02 budget.

09:56:02 But that is the process that we are about.

09:56:05 Today, in particular, we want to again, as I said,

09:56:08 quaint you with the direction that we are heading and

09:56:10 solicit your input and feedback this morning and over

09:56:13 the next couple of weeks as we work on the final

09:56:16 budgets.

09:56:17 Our format as in previous years, I am going to start

09:56:20 out and provide a general context for you, and then

09:56:23 each of the redevelopment managers will come forward

09:56:25 and talk to you about their redevelopment areas.

09:56:45 Just to orient you, we'll skip through that.

09:57:01 As we two through I will just remained you of the

09:57:04 boundaries of our first redevelopment areas.

09:57:06 But let me provide a little context.

09:57:08 Everyone knows, no surprise, continued slump in the

09:57:12 local economy and the national economy, and importantly

09:57:16 for our planning, no one is expecting that to turn

09:57:19 around quickly. So our planning framework is that.

09:57:25 We do have been, as I alluded to and will show you in

09:57:28 more detail significantly reduced TIF revenue.

09:57:32 So that is requiring a significant amount of

09:57:34 resourcefulness on our team's part to keep key

09:57:38 initiatives and projects moving forward in our

09:57:40 redevelopment areas.

09:57:42 An example of that would be what occurred just a little

09:57:44 while ago in East Tampa, how we are reprogramming funds

09:57:48 to keep the 22nd street project moving forward.

09:57:54 We will be reevaluating the use of all existing and

09:57:57 unencumbered funds.

09:57:59 I want to remind you that some of our CRAs have debt

09:58:02 obligations that other precommitted expenses, downtown

09:58:07 and convention center.

09:58:08 Channelside has the debt service that we have in place,

09:58:13 the fifth street project, and 22nd street is an example

09:58:16 of a committed-to project.

09:58:23 In terms of opportunities, our planning objectives,

09:58:27 again, we are very fortunate to have very significant

09:58:31 non-TIF resources that are benefiting our redevelopment

09:58:35 areas.

09:58:36 The neighborhood stabilization program, NSP, that's

09:58:40 what is funding the Encore project moving forward, and

09:58:43 we have a $10 million initiative available in East

09:58:47 Tampa for a project and activities in East Tampa.

09:58:51 The high-speed rail coming into our downtown, the

09:58:55 downtown station is going to transform our downtown.

09:58:58 Non-TIF resources.

09:59:01 21st and 22nd street are going to benefit from the

09:59:04 Crosstown expressway, the work that FDOT is doing

09:59:07 there, and they will be really changing those streets

09:59:11 to provide connectivity within the neighborhood and

09:59:14 pedestrian friendliness, and those improvements are not

09:59:17 TIF related.

09:59:19 So we are going to continue to work on those.

09:59:21 We have regulatory and incentive initiatives that we'll

09:59:24 continue to work with.

09:59:25 For example, right now, we have transportation impact

09:59:28 in waiver zones that we will be renewing and we'll come

09:59:32 to you as council.

09:59:33 The facade program is an example of another incentive.

09:59:36 We will continue to support businesses, residents and

09:59:41 limited private investment that's out there, like the

09:59:44 CAMLS project.

09:59:46 Ybor City is working very hard to try to support

09:59:50 in-fill residential that hasn't filled up yet to market

09:59:53 them, the residential opportunities.

09:59:57 So we are working very strategically to support private

10:00:00 initiatives.

10:00:03 We are having to streamline our administrative expenses

10:00:06 in this environment, as you might imagine.

10:00:09 We will be about four staff members less in this budget

10:00:12 than we were last year.

10:00:18 We will pursue additional non-TIF resources.

10:00:21 And we are working on a number of grant opportunities

10:00:23 as we speak, to complement our TIF resources.

10:00:27 We are just going to continue to move forward and try

10:00:29 to invest to be ready for when economic conditions

10:00:32 improve.

10:00:32 And they will.

10:00:33 And we want each of our areas to be positioned to be

10:00:38 generate maximum impact when conditions improve.

10:00:46 This is a graph showing you the redevelopment, TIF

10:00:50 revenues available for the entire agency.

10:00:54 In blue is history.

10:00:58 The past years, last year you can see we were

10:01:01 $26.2 million and you can see the decline.

10:01:05 That column this year is the agency budget planning

10:01:08 number, $18.7 million.

10:01:10 So a 29% decline overall.

10:01:15 The green numbers projecting out limited detail

10:01:20 associated with that.

10:01:21 I think really the message we are just trying to say is

10:01:23 that we don't anticipate TIF revenues for the agency

10:01:27 turning around very quickly.

10:01:28 It's going to take a number of years before we get back

10:01:32 to the kind of levels we were at in the past.

10:01:37 This is a breakout by redevelopment area.

10:01:39 And you can see on the left, the different

10:01:45 redevelopment areas, the fiscal 10 revenues, and what

10:01:50 we were projecting for fiscal 11.

10:01:53 And then the change in each area.

10:01:56 So if you look at the top, Channel District, last year,

10:01:59 about 3.5 million, this year 2.2 million, and a 34%

10:02:06 decline.

10:02:07 East Tampa, in the middle of the page, I want to

10:02:10 highlight, very substantial.

10:02:12 The most, really, the most impacted significantly of

10:02:15 all our redevelopment areas, going from just over 4

10:02:19 million last year to 800,000 this year.

10:02:23 And you can see the list.

10:02:25 All of the areas were impacted, some more than others,

10:02:29 but they were all impacted quite negatively.

10:02:32 I will tell you as well that we continue to scrutinize

10:02:38 these numbers.

10:02:39 When our managers come up they will give you a little

10:02:41 background about each of them.

10:02:42 But they may still change before the final budgets come

10:02:46 to you.

10:02:47 So I just want to Mike you aware of that.

10:02:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to ask one question

10:02:53 about this graph.

10:02:54 Is your fiscal year 10, is that what was budgeted or is

10:02:58 that our actual?

10:03:01 That's revenue?

10:03:02 >>MARK HUEY: Which was what was budgeted.

10:03:04 >>MARY MULHERN: But it is the actual revenue?

10:03:07 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, yes.

10:03:10 This pie chart shows you a basic breakout across the

10:03:15 whole agency of how funds will be used.

10:03:18 And as the managers come up, they will be giving you a

10:03:21 little bit of information in each of these categories

10:03:24 about how they see funding being spent.

10:03:27 The most significant change in this chart versus last

10:03:30 year and previous years is the blue and the red.

10:03:34 The blue representing capital improvement projects, and

10:03:38 the red representing redevelopment investment.

10:03:40 The major items in redevelopment investment are debt

10:03:44 service obligations and land acquisitions that are

10:03:47 intended for investment.

10:03:53 Capital improvement projects speak for themselves, what

10:03:55 those are.

10:03:56 And what you will see is this year, less money

10:03:59 available for capital improvement projects, because of

10:04:02 the very reduced TIF.

10:04:04 And so what we are doing again -- and the approval you

10:04:07 did a little bit earlier -- is we went into the 2008

10:04:12 Tampa budget and shift sod moneys thereby into capital

10:04:15 improvement projects.

10:04:16 So this doesn't represent the totality of the amount of

10:04:21 TIF that is going toward capital improvement projects

10:04:24 overall, but it does give you a depiction of what is

10:04:27 being projected at this time overall in our

10:04:30 redevelopment work.

10:04:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are you finished?

10:04:36 I want to wait.

10:04:37 >>MARK HUEY: I was going to move on but I'll be happy

10:04:40 to answer a question if you have any.

10:04:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, my question is, this is a

10:04:44 significant reduction, and you have it out through

10:04:51 2015, and it still does not come back to the level

10:04:54 where it was.

10:04:56 You have a master plan for East Tampa for all these

10:04:59 areas.

10:05:00 I guess my question is, what are the implications of

10:05:03 that now?

10:05:04 I mean, given the fact that you have got this plan been

10:05:09 approved, and now you have significant reductions in

10:05:12 terms of your revenue.

10:05:14 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:05:17 Board member Scott is using East Tampa as an example,

10:05:21 we have a strategic action plan in East Tampa and we

10:05:23 have that in all of our areas, and included in those

10:05:26 plans was a budget projected out, multiple years, five

10:05:29 years or more, and they anticipated higher revenues

10:05:33 than these projects than what you are seeing here and

10:05:36 what you are seeing projected.

10:05:38 Yes, so it will force a whole rethinking about our

10:05:42 priorities over the coming years, not just this year,

10:05:46 but over multiple years, what our priorities, what we

10:05:49 can do.

10:05:50 And so as another example, stormwater project in Drew

10:05:54 Park is a very significant improvement that we have

10:05:58 been working on with the community.

10:05:59 And we are now having to rethink how TIF resources

10:06:04 might play into that project, and what the impact would

10:06:06 be.

10:06:07 So I think there are many implications.

10:06:09 And I think your observation is right on point.

10:06:13 We had not figured it all out yet.

10:06:16 I think as we were alluding to many months ago, we were

10:06:20 anticipating reductions in the TIF revenues.

10:06:23 But honestly we were not really expecting the kind of

10:06:26 reductions that you are seeing.

10:06:27 So we are still processing internally as a staff and

10:06:31 with the community about the long-term impacts.

10:06:36 Our initial effort, though, has been to identify what

10:06:40 everyone has agreed to are the very important projects,

10:06:43 like in East Tampa using that as an example is the 22nd

10:06:46 street.

10:06:47 So immediate reaction was, what do we need to do to

10:06:49 make sure that stays on track?

10:06:52 Because in the strategic action plan, in East Tampa, we

10:06:56 had planned to fund 22nd street out of some multiple

10:07:00 years going forward, as an example.

10:07:02 We are not going to have those same revenues so now we

10:07:06 are reaching back into previous year budgets to really

10:07:08 identify resources that we can keep it moving forward.

10:07:12 So that's really what we are all about at this point.

10:07:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me follow up.

10:07:19 Given those reductions naturally you are going to have

10:07:21 to adjust, you know, how you do this and how you move

10:07:26 forward.

10:07:26 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:07:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: With your budget or your plan based on

10:07:31 XYZ, and those numbers have changed so you have to go

10:07:34 back and look at your whole master plan.

10:07:36 However, are there stimulus dollars available?

10:07:41 Federal NSP dollars that are shovel-ready in East

10:07:45 Tampa?

10:07:46 We know Drew Park -- not Drew Park but Central Park

10:07:49 already receives some of those dollars.

10:07:50 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:07:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I don't know if the feds are

10:07:54 coming out with any new revenue extremes, financing

10:07:57 money, but I just want to make sure that if that is the

10:08:00 case, one, that we are ready.

10:08:04 Two, that we target those dollars and apply for them to

10:08:08 bring them in and make it happen.

10:08:11 So --

10:08:13 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, we agree with you 100 percent.

10:08:16 And each staff person will tell but the 10 million of

10:08:20 NSP dollars available in East Tampa.

10:08:23 And again I can just tell you we were working on other

10:08:25 sources.

10:08:26 There's an indication there might be a third round of

10:08:29 NSP.

10:08:29 And they are a variety HUD, national endowment for the

10:08:37 arts.

10:08:38 A number of groups are coming out with funding

10:08:39 opportunities, and not just our department but across

10:08:41 the city.

10:08:42 We are scanning for good opportunities for the city to

10:08:46 continue to benefit from those kind of programs as they

10:08:48 become available.

10:08:49 >> Mark and I talked yesterday.

10:08:57 Given the revenue nor East Tampa how will it -- last

10:09:04 year we budgeted $424,000 as part of that.

10:09:07 How would that affect us with the revenue based on

10:09:11 going forward?

10:09:13 >>MARK HUEY: I'm going to let Ed Johnson when he comes

10:09:16 up deal with that.

10:09:16 He was anticipating talking to you about that program

10:09:19 specifically.

10:09:20 So if I can defer on that.

10:09:21 And I'm just trying to get out of my team's way because

10:09:26 they are anxious to sort of go through redevelopment

10:09:28 area by redevelopment area to answer those kind of

10:09:32 questions.

10:09:33 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thanks, mark.

10:09:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to make two points.

10:09:37 One is that I would like, because at police to all the

10:09:40 CRAs when you get your team leaders up here, that

10:09:45 since you are going to have to make these budget

10:09:47 adjustments, but those decisions will be approved

10:09:51 before you bring them to us by the citizens advisory

10:09:58 groups, committees?

10:09:59 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:10:00 We are working very collaboratively as always.

10:10:04 >>MARY MULHERN: And the other thing I want to second

10:10:06 what Chairman Scott said, to really look at the federal

10:10:08 funding available, because there are different --

10:10:12 especially with the Obama Administration, there are

10:10:15 going to be a lot of different sources of funding.

10:10:18 There is the national institute of health has grants

10:10:22 available called community transformation grants, and

10:10:25 the purpose of them is exactly what it says, community

10:10:30 transformation.

10:10:31 Those are things that you might be able to access.

10:10:34 The energy department is going to have grants available

10:10:36 for these new energy -- what do you call them, energy

10:10:42 areas, or regions.

10:10:47 So there's a lot out there that -- we usually think of

10:10:50 the HUD.

10:10:51 There's HUD and there's tiger grants, the

10:10:53 transportation things, coupled with redevelopment.

10:10:56 Society I just hope everybody will start really looking

10:10:59 at that ahead of time.

10:11:02 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

10:11:04 And again I have only been at the city for seven years,

10:11:06 but I would agree that we are seeing more opportunities

10:11:08 for federal grants than we have ever seen in my time

10:11:11 with the city.

10:11:12 So good observations.

10:11:16 All right.

10:11:20 My last slide is just to share with you the format that

10:11:25 each of our redevelopment managers will walk you

10:11:28 through.

10:11:30 They are going to just familiarize you with their

10:11:33 geographic boundaries.

10:11:35 They will give you some highlights of things that many

10:11:39 of you are aware of are going on in their redevelop

10:11:41 areas, but it will just be a refresher.

10:11:44 They will tell you about some of the special things

10:11:46 unique.

10:11:47 I have shared with you things that are general to each

10:11:50 of the redevelopment areas.

10:11:51 They'll tell you some of the unique things hang in

10:11:53 their redevelop areas.

10:11:55 Then they are going to walk you through three slides.

10:11:59 They are financial oriented.

10:12:01 One will tell you about what's happening with their

10:12:02 assessed values in their redevelopment area, which is

10:12:06 the basis upon which TIF is generated.

10:12:09 Then they will share with you their trends as it

10:12:11 relates to TIF revenues.

10:12:13 And then they will show you their initial budget work

10:12:15 sheet and share with you about the direction that they

10:12:20 along with their communities are working on their

10:12:22 budgets.

10:12:23 So with that I am going to turn it over to Bob

10:12:26 McDonaugh, and we'll start with downtown.

10:12:27 >> Bob McDonaugh, CRA meeting manager for downtown and

10:12:39 the Channel District.

10:12:42 Just a quick update.

10:12:43 The boundaries to the north is 275.

10:12:45 To the west, the Hillsborough River.

10:12:47 To the east, Meridian street.

10:12:49 An to the south.

10:12:55 Quick picture.

10:12:56 Just some of the highlights that have gone on the last

10:12:58 year.

10:12:59 The top left is the opening of the Tampa Museum of Art

10:13:01 which has become a local icon.

10:13:03 Top right, the 1.25 billion that our president has

10:13:08 promised to the area for the high-speed rail.

10:13:11 And something of interest to you is that the city is in

10:13:14 the process right now of hiring a consultant to work on

10:13:18 marrying the efforts of the FDOT consultants with the

10:13:21 interests of the City of Tampa to make sure that it's a

10:13:25 seamless integration into our downtown marketplace.

10:13:29 Bottom left is Tony Marcopoli, who is redoing the

10:13:36 Floridan Hotel which we hope to see opening this year,

10:13:39 and back in its old home the Curtis Hixon waterfront

10:13:43 park.

10:13:45 Special conditions, Curtis Hixon park, the Museum of

10:13:47 Art opened very successfully.

10:13:50 The Curtis Hixon waterfront park is really becoming a

10:13:53 local gathering place, very successful.

10:13:56 The Glazers children's museum opens up this month.

10:13:59 As I mentioned we are working hand in hand with the

10:14:02 Florida Department of Transportation about the

10:14:03 high-speed rail and the transit oriented development

10:14:07 opportunities in our downtown when that comes.

10:14:11 2015, right around the corner.

10:14:13 Spending a lot of time working with U SF.

10:14:15 And on the CAMLS project and making a lot of progress.

10:14:21 Their goal is to start construction this year if we get

10:14:24 our dots connected so we are working very hard with

10:14:26 that.

10:14:27 A great opportunity for downtown.

10:14:28 Somewhere between 13,500 and 13,000 nights a year. A

10:14:34 lot of folks going downtown.

10:14:36 The sage partners.

10:14:38 This is an example of leveraging our CRA money.

10:14:40 We pledge $200,000 in money from the downtown CRA so

10:14:44 they were able to leverage that and get state and

10:14:48 federal funding.

10:14:49 That's 120 unit workforce housing project, $25 million

10:14:54 investment for downtown, to commence construction in

10:14:56 September.

10:14:57 Downtown residential population continues to grow.

10:15:01 And that's attracting more restaurants and retails.

10:15:04 Big news, a couple years away, the RNC announcing its

10:15:09 national Republican convention is going to be in

10:15:11 downtown.

10:15:12 The one that they had in New York City had 45,000

10:15:14 people attending.

10:15:15 So it's a boon for the area.

10:15:19 The construction of the Tampa historic streetcar line

10:15:21 will be completed in December, probably be done before

10:15:24 that, and that's the extension of the Whiting Street.

10:15:27 The Tampa Bay Lightning, the St. Pete Times Forum has

10:15:31 change.

10:15:32 While that's important, it's bringing stability to that

10:15:34 organization.

10:15:35 In 2009 they had almost 2 million visitors to that

10:15:38 facility so it is a real generator to the downtown

10:15:42 marketplace.

10:15:44 We are working with, as I mentioned, D.O.T. to ensure

10:15:47 that the city goals for high-speed rail.

10:15:51 We are working with the Parks Department as well as the

10:15:54 community, called realm, assisting our Parks Department

10:15:59 and making sure the Curtiies Hicks on is energized as

10:16:04 it should be.

10:16:04 We are encouraging more residential growth in downtown.

10:16:06 We are investing in community improvement projects.

10:16:10 Zack Street is an example of that.

10:16:13 And we continue to work on the redevelopment of the old

10:16:16 federal courthouse.

10:16:17 We had a prospect last year that was not selected by

10:16:19 the federal government.

10:16:20 We are working with some folks right now again trying

10:16:22 to energize that building.

10:16:25 The assessed value has fallen, and that is directly

10:16:29 attributable to the increase in the vacancy rate in the

10:16:32 hotels and the office buildings.

10:16:34 So that's why the numbers have fallen.

10:16:39 13% decline in the revenues.

10:16:43 This is a preliminary budget.

10:16:46 The real number that sets the tone for the downtown is

10:16:49 we have an ongoing obligation about 13.5 million to pay

10:16:53 for the bond and the convention center, and the

10:16:55 convention center is the anchor for the downtown

10:16:57 marketplace.

10:16:58 We will probably be using some moneys generated from

10:17:01 previous years to make sure we have a balanced budget

10:17:03 going forward this year.

10:17:08 Channel District.

10:17:09 Quick picture there.

10:17:10 The one on the left is an example of one of the

10:17:13 residential projects.

10:17:14 The center is the New Port authority garage.

10:17:16 As mark mentioned 750 cars.

10:17:19 To the right is again another generator for our

10:17:21 marketplace, the aquarium.

10:17:23 And they are actually going to some plans right now

10:17:26 about possibly expanding the aquarium.

10:17:28 Their attendance continues to grow, and it's a great

10:17:30 venue.

10:17:33 Our Channel District is Meridian to the west, the

10:17:37 Crosstown to the north, the Ybor channel to the east,

10:17:41 and the bay to the south.

10:17:45 Some redevelopment highlights.

10:17:46 The top left, stageworks is building a 99 seat theater

10:17:51 in Grand Central being funded by public and private

10:17:55 dollars.

10:17:56 Top right is the Port Authority garage.

10:17:58 Bottom left is the Slade condominium project that

10:18:00 opened this year.

10:18:01 Bottom right is the York street stormwater project

10:18:04 which is really the biggest project the Channel

10:18:05 District has undertaken.

10:18:07 $6 million construction project.

10:18:09 And that will improve water quality in the bay.

10:18:12 But it also handles 38 acres of stormwater for our

10:18:15 Channel District.

10:18:16 It handles existing conditions in the future.

10:18:20 In the center is the rubber wheel trolley which has

10:18:23 continued to be funded by the city which provides one

10:18:25 of the transportation links to the Channel District to

10:18:27 the rest of the city

10:18:31 York and Washington streets are under reconstruction.

10:18:35 Again that is part and parcel of our strategic plan.

10:18:38 The Port Authority garage is done.

10:18:40 We have purchased land, this board approved purchasing

10:18:44 at the corner of Washington and 12th.

10:18:46 The plans are about 65% completed and we should be

10:18:48 going out to bid relatively soon.

10:18:50 Several of the residential properties to stabilize

10:18:54 occupancy.

10:18:56 Things in the newspaper are negative and we have some

10:18:57 really positive news.

10:18:59 People want to live there.

10:19:00 The seaport Channelside is about 95% right now.

10:19:03 The place is about 95%.

10:19:08 Central is open 95%.

10:19:09 People want to live in this district.

10:19:11 And I think part of the amenities that we bring make it

10:19:14 a more attractive place to live.

10:19:15 And ownership of Channelside mall is changing.

10:19:18 It's an important thing because it is an anchor to our

10:19:21 district.

10:19:21 And the port of Tampa has announced that a larger

10:19:25 cruise ship will begin service bringing more visitors

10:19:28 to our community.

10:19:31 Highlights of next year or this coming year, we are

10:19:33 going to finish York and Washington streets.

10:19:36 We will do the park.

10:19:38 We are going to make Kennedy Boulevard a little more

10:19:42 pedestrian friendly.

10:19:43 We are encouraging additional occupancy and

10:19:48 development.

10:19:48 One of the things we have is we have amenities in the

10:19:52 program to bring retailers into the district which

10:19:54 makes it a better place to live.

10:19:55 And we will commence the reconstruction of 12th Street

10:19:59 just south of Washington.

10:20:03 Our Channel District assessed value trend as you can

10:20:05 see, a very large drop, and that is basically the drop

10:20:09 in residential values.

10:20:11 We add a couple of residential projects that were in

10:20:15 foreclosure.

10:20:15 They had difficulties.

10:20:16 And the property appraiser has dropped values for the

10:20:20 properties considerably.

10:20:23 So we have about a 35% decline this year.

10:20:27 And our budget, we are still moving forward with lots

10:20:30 of community projects, as I just outlined.

10:20:34 Redevelopment investment, I am just going to point it

10:20:37 out again, we borrowed $6 million last year, very

10:20:42 attractive rate, 4.1%, a five year note, which allowed

10:20:46 us to move forward with the York street project.

10:20:48 And so that's ongoing.

10:20:50 We have a balanced budget.

10:20:51 And we have a lot of projects and programs working in

10:20:55 the district.

10:20:56 I'm very encouraged about what's going on this year.

10:20:58 Any questions about either downtown or the Channel

10:21:00 District?

10:21:02 Thank you.

10:21:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:21:13 >> Good morning.

10:21:14 My name is Vince Pardo, manager for Ybor City

10:21:16 development.

10:21:21 We have a few of our highlights for Ybor.

10:21:27 Ybor City, on this map is under the blue of East Tampa.

10:21:38 We have two areas, two CRAs, two TIFs.

10:21:43 One is in Ybor.

10:21:44 One is referred to as the commercial core bounded by

10:21:48 the interstate on the north, down to Adamo Drive --

10:21:54 excuse me, down to sixth Avenue.

10:21:56 22nd street on the east, and Nebraska on the west.

10:21:59 And 2003 we created Ybor 2 which is pretty much the

10:22:04 residential area surrounding that commercial core.

10:22:06 It is the area of the east Ybor neighborhood

10:22:10 association which is 22nd to 26th, Adamo to the

10:22:14 interstate, the area down from the railroad tracks down

10:22:16 to Adamo Drive, and the northwest quadrant, the

10:22:21 triangle area south of the interstate around the German

10:22:24 American club.

10:22:25 So that is new in Ybor City, and primary residential

10:22:32 Highlight of the past year, we have the facade work

10:22:36 that's just been completed, the inspection was actually

10:22:39 yesterday, the facade improvement program.

10:22:43 Ybor has been lucky.

10:22:44 We had five programs come to you so far, four today

10:22:47 and -- one today.

10:22:50 Our focus is a little different twist other than just

10:22:53 fixing up the facades in Ybor.

10:22:55 Ours is tailored to incent advising our target

10:22:59 industries, retail, arts, restaurant, residential,

10:23:02 hotel, those kind of amenities.

10:23:04 That is the community's perspective, that is in

10:23:10 consensus with the administration, and almost

10:23:12 everything we do now -- and you will see as we talk

10:23:16 more about the vision plan--- is geared towards those

10:23:19 types of amenities.

10:23:24 You remember what we referred to as Harpo's, the bar,

10:23:28 it was converted initially to food and now a full scale

10:23:33 restaurant.

10:23:34 And they have funded that.

10:23:35 So there's about a 380,000 project where we are putting

10:23:38 in 50 that you for the facade work.

10:23:40 So we did beautification, but also did more of one of

10:23:44 the charter initiatives.

10:23:47 Just below that, and to the top, you see some of our

10:23:50 street amenities, the decorative baskets and also the

10:23:55 bench works.

10:23:56 We will be replacing in the next year all of the

10:24:00 benches in Ybor City.

10:24:04 It's approximately 115 of them.

10:24:07 We have a budget in the reprogram money we did for the

10:24:10 current fiscal year.

10:24:11 This council has approved it the last couple of

10:24:13 meetings and it was with resolutions.

10:24:16 And looking at the next fiscal years as far as adding

10:24:20 those on as well.

10:24:21 We are responsible for all of the street amenities,

10:24:25 over the city standard, whether it be pavers on the

10:24:29 sidewalks, the red brick pavers, these kind of street

10:24:31 amenities, the lamp posts you see.

10:24:35 Those are our responsibility with the TIF.

10:24:37 Over on the top right is the Ybor vision plan, which

10:24:41 next week I'll be receiving the final document for the

10:24:45 Planning Commission, and we are taking that back to our

10:24:49 board, Ybor Development Corporation, which is the

10:24:51 community advisory committee for Ybor.

10:24:54 You see the last two drafts, consensus to the community

10:24:59 and bringing that the next month or so.

10:25:02 Below that is an example of one of our Ybor 2 projects

10:25:05 which is we could not afford to return all of the

10:25:11 streets of Ybor to red bricks.

10:25:16 Pedestrian crosswalks.

10:25:17 They serve as a.m. by understand and those have been

10:25:22 several targeted intersections throughout the district.

10:25:24 In the center one of the things that we'll talk about

10:25:26 is we also help to co-sponsor special events and the

10:25:31 cigar heritage festival built Ybor museum society was

10:25:34 put on last year and had the distinction of having the

10:25:36 longest cigar in the world in Ybor City, and we'll hold

10:25:39 that title against Cuba, who we beat out by several

10:25:43 feet.

10:25:46 Special conditions.

10:25:52 Perception of crimes.

10:25:56 Unfortunately while we are not a perfect community we

10:25:58 have more per problem with perception of crime than

10:26:01 crime itself.

10:26:02 There's been a 76% reduction.

10:26:04 76% reduction of crime since 2003 in Ybor City.

10:26:09 28% just in the last year alone.

10:26:12 There are several efforts we talked about through the

10:26:14 Ybor task force which mark and I chair, which all of

10:26:19 the agencies in any one of our communities, and also a

10:26:24 Public Safety Committee which brings the community

10:26:26 around the table monthly, meets with the fire marshal,

10:26:29 code enforcement and the captain for the police

10:26:31 department.

10:26:33 Communication all the way throughout the organization.

10:26:36 Economic downturn for tourism and special events.

10:26:42 Tourism is down throughout.

10:26:43 Obviously it's one of our life bloods.

10:26:46 Very different from other CRAs that you will be

10:26:48 hearing from this morning.

10:26:49 Tourism is one of our key economic generators and hash

10:26:53 for a number of years as are special events.

10:26:56 As costs go up, sponsorship has gone down, the city's

10:27:01 cost of putting on special events has gone up.

10:27:03 We are seeing more difficulty of private nonprofits,

10:27:06 nerd, putting on special events, not only help them but

10:27:09 also helps our community as well.

10:27:12 Ybor 1.

10:27:13 That TIF will expire in 2015.

10:27:16 We'll have discussions with the mayor, the council, the

10:27:21 county commission, all need to be involved in the

10:27:22 discussion.

10:27:23 So next year we will be having some very serious

10:27:25 discussions about whether to let that sunset, have

10:27:28 further discussions on that, looking at the

10:27:30 possibilities of something such as a user tax as

10:27:34 downtown has, in some areas for the private businesses.

10:27:38 That will be one coming up.

10:27:41 FDOT and the Crosstown connector.

10:27:43 Connector is slated to be completed in 2013 in the

10:27:46 summer.

10:27:47 We are working very closely with FDOT and with city

10:27:52 transportation department and the community to look at

10:27:55 the total reprogramming of 21st and 22nd street.

10:27:59 From Adamo Drive all the way up to the interstate, and

10:28:02 then right into the East Tampa area as well, continue

10:28:09 through both of our CRAs.

10:28:10 But it's a very strong point in the vision plan.

10:28:13 It's coming back as far as what the community wants to

10:28:14 see, what has been pretty much a subgroup and hopefully

10:28:19 will be returning to city streets instead of state

10:28:22 roads.

10:28:24 Two objectives.

10:28:25 Number one, continue to implement the facade

10:28:27 improvement program, very successful, very well

10:28:30 received, project improvement where the Italian club is

10:28:35 going to restore 64 windows in that particular building

10:28:38 which does in fact bring business into the district

10:28:40 because of weddings, concerts and other things that

10:28:42 come in.

10:28:43 Also, administrative special event and sponsorship.

10:28:46 We have a fund that's small, it will be reduced in next

10:28:49 year's budget, unfortunately, but this past year we had

10:28:51 $50,000 to allocate.

10:28:54 We funded about eight programs where we give them seed

10:28:57 money to start new events, that either are daytime,

10:29:02 family oriented events and bring business into the

10:29:05 district as well.

10:29:06 We don't just want the promoter to make money.

10:29:09 We want the district as well.

10:29:13 And that will be continuing in the next coming year.

10:29:15 We have on the street right now and there is a deadline

10:29:23 for receiving applications.

10:29:24 Marketing, creating partnerships, outreach programs.

10:29:28 We had a marketing contract.

10:29:30 We had marketing firm.

10:29:32 We worked with for several years.

10:29:33 They have really helped us to brand Ybor City is a

10:29:36 place for families.

10:29:37 But we are also doing strategic things with the Outback

10:29:39 Bowl.

10:29:41 We have had receptions for concierges association, and

10:29:45 show them what kind of events we have in Ybor City so

10:29:48 clients coming in all over from the Don Cesar, showing

10:29:53 exactly what we have and offering the clients of Ybor

10:29:56 City.

10:29:57 Again partnering with FDOT and 21st and 22nd

10:30:03 street.

10:30:03 Again this will be strengthened as well as the

10:30:06 community's input to the vision plan.

10:30:08 Maintain and repair critical infrastructure, sidewalks,

10:30:12 curbs, streets, put a lot of money into restoring the

10:30:15 brick streets in Ybor City for the repair jobs that are

10:30:18 needed.

10:30:19 Also, continue to implement the crime prevention

10:30:21 strategies and aggressively enforcing.

10:30:24 Again through the Ybor task force and for on the city

10:30:27 side and through the Public Safety Committee through

10:30:30 the YCDC side, very effective communication for the

10:30:33 community, and all of the departments that are helping

10:30:38 in Ybor City.

10:30:39 Assessed values you see are down.

10:30:41 This is for Ybor 1.

10:30:48 There are a number -- primarily commercial and 22%

10:30:53 reduction here.

10:30:54 Decline in our TIF, from a million five to roughly a

10:30:59 million one, and the community has worked with me for

10:31:04 the last several months in beginning the projections,

10:31:07 retagging and reidentifying what our priorities are.

10:31:11 Our budget for the upcoming year.

10:31:18 Redevelopment investment.

10:31:20 $332,000.

10:31:22 This is a payment that goes to pay a portion of the

10:31:28 city's obligation for the 108 loan for HUD for central

10:31:32 Ybor.

10:31:33 This number is offset by money that is in the transfer

10:31:38 fund and will be able to brief the council people on

10:31:41 the transfer fund.

10:31:44 Certain blocks of the city were being sold, he the City

10:31:51 of Tampa.

10:31:51 City of Tampa had to be used for certain activities.

10:31:55 So I will show you a separate budget later where we

10:31:58 actually offset this.

10:31:59 So the whole impact of the TIF.

10:32:02 We only pay as a TIF where central Ybor actually pays

10:32:06 in property taxes to the TIF.

10:32:08 And no other taxpayer or property owner in the city was

10:32:12 actually paying to offset the loan.

10:32:14 District programs and services.

10:32:18 In this particular area, the current year, the special

10:32:21 event funding, that has been reduced by about $15,000.

10:32:27 The district marketing has also been reduced and our

10:32:31 ambassador program.

10:32:33 Three programs that we had to take a cut.

10:32:38 We continued with our sidewalk, street sweeping, which

10:32:45 was the responsibility this year from the stormwater

10:32:48 department as far as the street sweeper, code

10:32:51 enforcement officer is on weak ends, continued in this,

10:32:54 as well as allocations for the street car.

10:33:01 For this budget and the other ones, the only way to do

10:33:06 these cuts is a lot of strategic reprogramming.

10:33:09 Again some of the last two council meetings, we have

10:33:12 passed resolutions.

10:33:13 In Ybor 1 we reprogrammed $200,000.

10:33:17 In fiscal year 10 or '9 money to shore up so we

10:33:22 wouldn't take such a hit as we are coming up to this.

10:33:25 A lot of that reprogramming is taking place

10:33:30 Ybor 2, our special conditions, perception of time

10:33:32 again, same thing we talked about the affected

10:33:36 neighborhood areas as far as neighborhood.

10:33:38 Amenities and people moving into the area.

10:33:41 Number 2 is the amendment to the vision plan.

10:33:43 Five years ago, we did an Ybor vision plan.

10:33:46 Vision plan, we use the term vision plan in Ybor City,

10:33:49 and other CRAs is strategic action plan.

10:33:51 It was done before those and stay with that particular

10:33:56 terminology.

10:33:57 What we are doing now is an amendment.

10:33:58 We are not going to have two separate plans.

10:34:00 There will be a unified plan but do an amendment to put

10:34:03 more emphasis on the residential community.

10:34:04 And because of that, the residential marketing, things

10:34:09 that we are doing.

10:34:10 The Ybor 2, neighborhood continues to experience

10:34:12 residential vacancies, and various than fill.

10:34:17 We are not going to build any high-rises in Ybor.

10:34:21 We have height restrictions.

10:34:22 So we are limit as far as density.

10:34:24 The key is to maximize the vacant footprints, and

10:34:28 redevelop as far as residential.

10:34:30 Our economy is local residential, Tampa Bay area, and

10:34:34 out of the area tourism.

10:34:36 And those three Ts are looked at constantly.

10:34:40 Redevelopment objectives for Ybor, implement Ybor

10:34:43 vision plans, and action plan.

10:34:46 There are no plans without an action plan.

10:34:48 That's key.

10:34:49 Most council people know that.

10:34:51 The action plan is key part oh to doing this.

10:34:54 Continue to implement the CRA facade improvement

10:34:57 program.

10:34:57 We did use some of our dollars to shore up that program

10:35:01 for fiscal 11.

10:35:04 It is in fact some moneys we have from we program will

10:35:08 actually be spending in '11.

10:35:11 Develop a residential marketing program.

10:35:12 This is under contract with our marketing firm Roberts

10:35:16 communication, and we have had also recently pro bono

10:35:21 assistance from Nielsen company, for demographics, who

10:35:26 is living there, who should be living there, and go

10:35:28 forward with that particular program.

10:35:30 Maintaining and repairing our critical infrastructure.

10:35:33 Same thing in the neighborhood as we have on 7th

10:35:36 Avenue.

10:35:38 But brick streets, granite curbs, sidewalks, great

10:35:42 sidewalk program where the city is funding some of this

10:35:45 great partnership.

10:35:46 We'll work with the city on that.

10:35:48 Also, we T crime prevention strategies and aggressively

10:35:52 enforce our city regulations.

10:35:54 You are going to be hearing a lot more because of the

10:35:56 council's past actions on improving parking lots.

10:35:59 It was referred to especially in the Ybor 2 area south

10:36:03 of 7th.

10:36:04 All the properties are noticed for code enforcement

10:36:09 hearings or have pending applications to improve those

10:36:12 properties.

10:36:12 So we are working with growth manage it and also with

10:36:14 code enforcement and other agencies to make sure all of

10:36:17 that is coming about.

10:36:20 Again

10:36:22 Value dropping in this particular area, 24.4%, and I

10:36:27 think we can look at the next chart as far as the

10:36:29 reductions of 50% decline, and again, because this is

10:36:35 residential.

10:36:36 So we have the impact of the homestead exemption

10:36:39 changes, and also the valuation of other properties in

10:36:42 the particular area.

10:36:44 Our budget for this particular -- not a lot of wiggle

10:36:51 room here.

10:36:52 We have some key things that are funded in Ybor 2 this

10:36:55 year.

10:36:55 Out of this particular budget, no capital projects.

10:36:58 No redevelopment investment.

10:37:00 Under additional programs and services, that's our 24/7

10:37:09 clean team we have in Ybor.

10:37:10 This is that portion that works in the residential

10:37:13 areas.

10:37:14 The streetcar allocation, and our code enforcement

10:37:18 officer evening.

10:37:19 That is the only thing in the fiscal year 11 budget.

10:37:24 Everything else we are doing in '11 is coming out of

10:37:28 program '10 moneys.

10:37:30 The Fifth Avenue stormwater project we had designed

10:37:33 money and initial money to start that.

10:37:35 We realized we are not going to have the money, over $2

10:37:39 million to complete that project.

10:37:41 So there's no use wasting money for somebody to design

10:37:44 it.

10:37:44 So we reprogrammed $350 that you this year and N

10:37:50 stormwater money and other projects to shore up this

10:37:52 year and definitely for '11.

10:37:55 Facade improvement, programs are being funded, the

10:37:58 macaroni factory contribution for that particular

10:38:01 stabilization, residential marketing, brick street

10:38:04 crosswalks, landscaping and signage improvements, all

10:38:08 out of fiscal year 10 and '9 reprogram dollars.

10:38:14 That completes Ybor City unless you have any questions.

10:38:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Pardo.

10:38:20 Ybor 2, I know that I was on county commission when we

10:38:25 did that Ybor 2.

10:38:27 Was that the 30-year plan or the 15-year plan?

10:38:32 >>VINCE PARDO: 30 year plan.

10:38:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:38:39 Other questions for Mr. Pardo?

10:38:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

10:38:44 The CRA facade improvement grant, this is how many per

10:38:51 year or quarter, or how is this budgeted?

10:38:58 >>VINCE PARDO: It's budgeted -- we started doing this

10:39:00 in '10 and it was not in our program when we present

10:39:05 the budget.

10:39:05 So when the project was approved, the program was

10:39:08 approved, we looked at reprogramming some moneys last

10:39:11 year.

10:39:11 I had about 240,000 some odd dollars in Ybor 1 this

10:39:15 year and about 140 in Ybor 2 that were able to put

10:39:20 together through reprogramming.

10:39:23 We had some design money in there for long-term for a

10:39:27 third parking garage.

10:39:28 That was $70,000.

10:39:30 That money and some of the reprogramming money I talked

10:39:32 about was put together to shore up the program for

10:39:34 fiscal year '11 and the same philosophy with that.

10:39:39 So it can foot up to $50,000.

10:39:44 So a $380,000 project, they were able to show they were

10:39:49 doing over $100,000 just in facade work.

10:39:53 So watching just the facade work up to 50.

10:39:57 We have some projects in Ybor 2 that are actually lower

10:39:59 than 50,000.

10:40:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Lower than the 50,000?

10:40:05 >>VINCE PARDO: Maximum of 50,000 from us.

10:40:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: But there were grants that were less

10:40:08 than 50,000?

10:40:11 >>VINCE PARDO: We have 1 and Ybor 2.

10:40:17 $30,000 commitment there.

10:40:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What is budgeted for these grants?

10:40:23 >>VINCE PARDO: Well, they vary.

10:40:24 In the current year we had $240,000, and one, and about

10:40:29 140 for Ybor 2.

10:40:31 In this budget we are putting together as we can, a

10:40:35 little less than 200 that you for Ybor 1, and a

10:40:40 fraction of that.

10:40:44 Within fine numbers.

10:40:45 A little less than that for Ybor 2.

10:40:50 The community definitely wanted to continue it and we

10:40:52 picked the investment, and the return investment has

10:40:54 been great on it.

10:40:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think so, too.

10:40:57 Thank you.

10:40:57 >> You are replacing all the benches?

10:41:06 >>VINCE PARDO: These benches have been in since the

10:41:07 streetscape project, about 2001.

10:41:12 In my transition here from Hillsborough County, coming

10:41:14 over, those benches were not what was originally

10:41:18 designed.

10:41:20 We could not afford the budget.

10:41:21 Let's say when the administration -- one of the

10:41:28 reductions was the benches.

10:41:30 Those benches we have out there out of the ground,

10:41:33 refurbished and put back in at least four times since I

10:41:36 have been here since 1999.

10:41:37 They don't withstand the parades and everything.

10:41:39 So we are going with a standard bench.

10:41:41 The committee knows that 2015, that TIF is not

10:41:45 extended, this may be --

10:41:49 >> So the new ones are going to be sturdier, not

10:41:52 require all the maintenance?

10:41:54 >>VINCE PARDO: Yes.

10:41:54 Much more.

10:41:55 >>> Good morning.

10:42:04 Congratulations to our two newest members and thanks

10:42:06 for serving.

10:42:08 The slide that's up before you is a slide that

10:42:11 represents somebody private and public investment

10:42:14 that's still going on in East Tampa.

10:42:17 As you know, the Robert S. Cole community lake on the

10:42:21 left.

10:42:24 We have new investment on 40th and Hillsborough

10:42:28 Avenue.

10:42:28 The hope center on Lincoln and 29th street.

10:42:31 Also the Chloe coney urban enterprise center.

10:42:35 The next slide represents the East Tampa CRA.

10:42:40 As you can see it's a very large CRA, represents about

10:42:43 7.5 square miles of our city, bounded by Hillsborough

10:42:47 Avenue on the north, interstate 4 on the south,

10:42:50 interstate 257 on the west, goes all the way over to

10:42:53 the city limits at 56th street on the east.

10:42:57 Some development highlights that occurred this past

10:43:02 year on the top left.

10:43:05 That's the depiction of the quality Inns and suites,

10:43:12 the old Miller in hotel.

10:43:14 The bottom left is the Tampa festival center on

10:43:17 Hillsborough Avenue and 25th street.

10:43:19 It was a $7 million investment.

10:43:21 It's completely been refurbished.

10:43:24 And they are 100 percent leased as of today.

10:43:28 And are anticipating moving with a new development on

10:43:33 the remaining outparcel.

10:43:36 To the top right is a $4 million public investment of

10:43:40 stimulus funds to build a health clinic on Osborne and

10:43:45 272nd street.

10:43:46 On the bottom right is the new Elias restaurant.

10:43:51 In the center another $1 million investment in the

10:43:56 retail center which has the Quizno's restaurant in it.

10:44:00 Special conditions currently that we are experiencing.

10:44:04 Crime continues to decline in East Tampa, believe that

10:44:07 or not

10:44:11 We have had a year to year decline of about 1.3% from

10:44:15 May to May, from '09 to '10.

10:44:20 The astonishing number that we just found out a couple

10:44:24 of days ago, the month of June saw a major reduction in

10:44:29 crime, crimes in East Tampa.

10:44:32 Over 25% for the month of June, and is still declining.

10:44:36 That's largest one-month decline in crime since we

10:44:38 started keeping records in 2003.

10:44:42 We are also maximizing the $10 million investment award

10:44:47 that we got from the NSP2 program.

10:44:51 We are also seeking to go after additional funding in

10:44:54 HUD.

10:44:57 HUD has a sustaining communities grant we are going to

10:45:00 aggressively pursue.

10:45:01 Also, there are additional brownfield grants under the

10:45:06 EPA ands the protection agency.

10:45:10 We have been very successful in the past.

10:45:11 We can continue to go after assessment grants as well

10:45:14 as job training grants under the brownfield program,

10:45:19 and other funded resources that we know that are out

10:45:21 there.

10:45:22 We are also -- the community has decided to maintain

10:45:25 its commitment.

10:45:26 As you heard talked about earlier the construction of

10:45:30 our enforcement project on 22nd street.

10:45:33 We have shifted funding, which you just approved

10:45:35 earlier this morning, to shift some of our funding to

10:45:38 ensure that phase 1 and phase 2 of that enhancement

10:45:42 project gets funded and the remaining phase, phase 3,

10:45:46 will look to fund at a later date.

10:45:50 Also, the community is also concerned about the clean

10:45:52 city team and the summer youth education program that

10:45:57 they have with clean city.

10:45:58 That's going to continue to get funded, and also our

10:46:02 environmental crimes unit continue to get funded in

10:46:05 this next budget.

10:46:11 Also along Hillsborough Avenue. We are continuing to

10:46:13 see investment along Hillsborough Avenue.

10:46:15 We just recently were made aware that the last

10:46:21 outparcel that is right adjacent to the Fifth Third

10:46:23 Bank building was recently purchased, and the owners

10:46:27 continue to develop two restaurant concepts on that

10:46:31 property, and they are in permitting as we speak,

10:46:35 directly across the street from the groceries next to

10:46:40 the Fifth Third Bank.

10:46:42 Also across the street where the Tampa festival center

10:46:45 is, the capital partners who made that investment there

10:46:49 have already engaged in a contract with a medical

10:46:54 office developer that wants to build on that outparcel,

10:46:59 on their property that will be a major investment into

10:47:01 our area in the office component.

10:47:04 Also, we continue to be assured that we will be part of

10:47:08 the Crosstown connector enhancement funding from that

10:47:13 project, will include some refurbishments of the

10:47:19 structure along the one way pairs of the

10:47:23 211thst and 22 street, will connect with the

10:47:27 22nd street project.

10:47:30 Key redevelopment objectives for the upcoming year with

10:47:33 FY 11 funding, we will definitely be funding some

10:47:38 dollars in our neighborhood infrastructure to be able

10:47:42 to continue the improvements in East Tampa to make sure

10:47:44 our curb appeal is what the community desires.

10:47:48 We are also assisting our housing and community

10:47:50 development department with administering a TIF funded

10:47:55 $1 million acquisition in rehabilitation of foreclosed

10:47:59 properties in East Tampa.

10:48:09 Also, they will be assisting us with administering this

10:48:11 $10 million NSP2 award, and we are looking right now,

10:48:16 we have, as a matter of fact, a review of six

10:48:18 developers that have responded to our RFP on a

10:48:22 potential mixed use development along 22nd street at

10:48:26 link Avenue where we have only recently acquired some

10:48:29 property through TIF funding to be able to make a

10:48:33 project work out of that, with our NSP funding.

10:48:39 Also, we are just about B ready to release the award,

10:48:43 design award contract for our stormwater relief project

10:48:46 on Hillsborough 30th street which was also a major

10:48:50 community concern.

10:48:51 And then always, we will continue to support private

10:48:54 investment through assisting with fast tracking

10:48:57 projects that come into our purview.

10:49:02 Everyone keeps talking about the drastic reduction in

10:49:05 our TIF for East Tampa, as you can see.

10:49:10 We have a 30, almost 34% decline in the asset value of

10:49:16 our assets in East Tampa.

10:49:17 And looking across all asset classes, that percent

10:49:24 rents the average.

10:49:25 The largest reduction came in residential properties

10:49:32 along with vacant land.

10:49:35 They reduced the largest and that equates to what you

10:49:40 are seeing on the next slide.

10:49:42 Because of that reduction, it's up there, actually

10:49:46 almost 80% decline in revenue into our TIF, from 4

10:49:53 million to $800,000.

10:49:54 But we are very optimistic because of what's going on

10:49:57 here.

10:49:59 Because of what we all know that the legislature

10:50:01 created these TIFs to be 30-year instruments.

10:50:05 We are only in our 7th year.

10:50:07 We still have 23 more years to go.

10:50:09 So we are very optimistic that times will change and we

10:50:12 will be the benefactor again of increased revenue as we

10:50:15 go.

10:50:24 The last slide is with our budget, working with

10:50:26 community groups, we will have some funding for capital

10:50:29 improvement projects to continue, an investment on our

10:50:31 Hillsborough 30th street project.

10:50:34 Thereby won't be any redevelopment because we feel we

10:50:37 have adequate dollars in previous years for land

10:50:39 assemblage that we don't need to fund land assemblage

10:50:43 for '11.

10:50:45 The clean team and the environmental detectives, and

10:50:48 then the final one is our staff, which we reduced.

10:50:52 We are going to spread two of my staff members will

10:50:55 consolidate into downtown, and we will spread those

10:50:59 over several of the other CRAs to be able to make

10:51:02 this adjustment.

10:51:04 So that's my presentation.

10:51:05 Any questions?

10:51:05 >> I have a few questions asked early on that you

10:51:11 probably respond, one was about the clean team.

10:51:15 >> We are definitely continuing the clean team, and the

10:51:22 summer youth program, it will just be at a reduced

10:51:25 number.

10:51:26 We have been budgeting about $380,000 previously.

10:51:31 We asked the clean city folks to take a look at that

10:51:34 budget, understanding that the community wants to

10:51:35 continue it, but with our limited resources, what could

10:51:38 they live with?

10:51:39 And they reduced it down to about $202,000 is what we

10:51:45 are budgeting for.

10:51:47 We are going to take some reductions and there will be

10:51:50 some reductions in the summer youth that will get

10:51:52 employed.

10:51:52 And then the environmental detective, we only have one,

10:51:55 and they agreed to continue to fund it as its existing

10:51:58 circular amount.

10:51:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also, the drive-in theater, has there

10:52:07 been any other interest in that property for

10:52:09 redevelopment?

10:52:10 >> I can tell you there's always interest in that

10:52:12 property.

10:52:13 It's just getting a cooperative seller that wants to

10:52:18 put it into play for development.

10:52:20 But there have been many brokers that talk to me.

10:52:24 I just had a meeting last evening westbound some

10:52:26 brokers, and that was one of the questions that came

10:52:28 up, to hear anything about the drive-in theater, are

10:52:35 they willing to look at investment?

10:52:37 But nothing yet.

10:52:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What is the size of that property, the

10:52:48 drive-in?

10:52:49 >> The drive-in site is a little over 11.5 acres.

10:52:55 And there have been a number of interested developers

10:52:57 in the past that have looked at that site and actually

10:53:00 started negotiations, then the market fell apart and

10:53:04 that's where we are today.

10:53:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just want to say that I think we

10:53:09 have eight CRAs, right?

10:53:11 And I think six had input, I even voted for them when

10:53:20 they were at the county.

10:53:21 The East Tampa one, which is the largest CRA.

10:53:24 Actually, I drew the boundaries for that, except for

10:53:27 the mayor extended over to the city line.

10:53:29 I think up to 50th street, took it over to 60.

10:53:34 But it is the largest CRA.

10:53:37 If you know anything about CRA that you haven't thought

10:53:40 about?

10:53:42 It logically makes sense to have revenue redevelop.

10:53:45 The problem now is that the property has declined.

10:53:51 On all the CRAs.

10:53:52 That's taken the biggest hit from a what I can see in

10:53:55 terms of the -- you are going from $4 million to

10:53:59 roughly $800,000.

10:54:00 >> And when you consider what has happened, now, it

10:54:06 directly related to the residential properties and

10:54:09 residential vacant lands, when you have 48% reduction

10:54:13 as we have had, and you are talking about 7.5 square

10:54:17 miles, and the majority of that 7.5 square miles

10:54:20 southbound residential property.

10:54:21 The 85% of that boundary is residential.

10:54:24 So obviously we are going to take the biggest hit when

10:54:27 you start revaluing residential properties.

10:54:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's why it's so important to try to

10:54:35 bring in business and create economic development,

10:54:37 brings in jobs and all of that.

10:54:39 I do know -- Mark, we had to go to groundbreaking for

10:54:43 that battery place.

10:54:46 That is the kind of things we need to happen.

10:54:48 >> Right.

10:54:52 It's just outside the boundary of our CRA.

10:54:55 But we are having positive effects of that because a

10:54:57 lot of the employment that has taken place at that

10:54:59 facility comes from the residents in East Tampa.

10:55:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right.

10:55:04 And that's the kind of development which is not subject

10:55:07 to tourism, by the way, and it's a great project that

10:55:15 the city was involved with and a huge opportunity, and

10:55:17 this is a lot of money too.

10:55:18 >> 100 million.

10:55:21 >> That's a lot of money.

10:55:22 Creates a lot of jobs.

10:55:23 And also having a great impact on East Tampa.

10:55:25 >> Yes, sir.

10:55:28 Any other questions?

10:55:30 We'll have our budget Monday.

10:55:40 >> My name is Michael Hatchett. I'm the CRA manager

10:55:41 for the Tampa Heights Riverfront and Central Park CRA.

10:55:47 And this morning I will begin with Central Park.

10:55:51 Central Park is represented here in the green.

10:55:54 It is strategically located between downtown and Ybor

10:55:59 City.

10:56:00 Its boundaries are Orange Avenue and 275 to the west,

10:56:04 I-4 to the north, the Nuccio parkway to the east and

10:56:11 Cass Street to the south.

10:56:14 Redevelopment highlights over this current budget year.

10:56:18 It's been a great year.

10:56:19 It's been all about Encore represented in the top left

10:56:23 photograph is the master plan rendering for the project

10:56:26 that is now under construction.

10:56:29 Made possible by a $38 million NSP2 grant from the

10:56:34 federal government.

10:56:35 Shortly after that award was made known the Tampa

10:56:37 Housing Authority hosted two very well attended job

10:56:42 fairs at the site represented by the picture on the top

10:56:44 right.

10:56:45 Both of those job fairs drew about 5,000 job seekers

10:56:49 for the construction jobs for the Encore.

10:56:52 Bottom left is the site as it appears now with the

10:56:56 earth work taking place in anticipation of the

10:56:59 construction of the infrastructure.

10:57:01 And as Encore moves forward, as part of that

10:57:04 development, Perry Harvey park will also be

10:57:08 redeveloped.

10:57:15 As now the CRA City Council recently approved the

10:57:17 master development agreement for the $450 million

10:57:21 Encore development.

10:57:22 The site work is underway with the goal of being to be

10:57:25 able to complete the infrastructure across the project,

10:57:29 being all new roads, water, sewer, and other amenities

10:57:34 by June of next year.

10:57:37 Also part of the Encore development, city staff is

10:57:39 currently reviewing the community development district

10:57:41 application et.

10:57:48 Once that's established that will be the entity

10:57:49 responsible for taking care of the maintenance and

10:57:51 operation of a large number of the public amenities

10:57:54 within the development.

10:57:56 And that is anticipated to be put in place a little

10:57:59 later this fiscal year.

10:58:01 And we are also beginning to initiate planning efforts

10:58:07 for the redevelopment of Perry Harvey park, and will

10:58:10 continue that effort into next year.

10:58:15 Continuing on in special current conditions, the Encore

10:58:18 team is likely to start construction of two vertical

10:58:21 projects.

10:58:23 One would be a 132 unit multifamily apartment rental

10:58:28 complex.

10:58:30 A 106 unit senior apartment complex.

10:58:37 As you know, we have been working over the past year or

10:58:39 so to make a change to the Tampa comprehensive plan

10:58:44 effecting -- affecting 41 acres within the Central Park

10:58:48 CRA north of the Encore site and west of Nebraska

10:58:51 Avenue.

10:58:53 That request has met the approval of the Florida

10:58:57 department of community affairs.

10:58:59 I will be back here this evening to start the adoption

10:59:03 hearings above before City Council this evening.

10:59:06 We have to have that back before you again in August

10:59:11 for the formal adoption.

10:59:13 Another point of celebration, the city recently

10:59:17 unveiled a historical marker on Primitive Baptist

10:59:21 Church on Nebraska celebrating it's 105th year of

10:59:28 service to the community.

10:59:30 A key redevelopment objective, of course it's about

10:59:34 Encore.

10:59:35 We do all that we can to support Encore structure

10:59:38 construction and the completion thereof.

10:59:39 Also, with the construction of the vertical buildings.

10:59:45 We will complete the Perry Harvey park design plans and

10:59:49 put in place the financing plan to make sure that that

10:59:53 park is developed.

10:59:56 As you are aware, the downtown intermodal transit

10:59:59 station is in very close proximity to the western

11:00:02 boundary of the CRA, and transit -- bus rapid transit

11:00:07 being planned for Nebraska Avenue which traverses the

11:00:10 center of the CRA.

11:00:11 And the CRA will be participating and supporting

11:00:15 transit planning efforts that may impact the

11:00:17 neighborhood.

11:00:18 As always, we will support private sector initiatives

11:00:22 that might evolve within the district.

11:00:25 And lastly is exploring the feasibility of creating a

11:00:29 strategic action plan.

11:00:30 You will recall that several years ago we started that

11:00:33 effort and then put it on hold.

11:00:37 Our taking on that now is that Encore being under

11:00:39 construction, the transit improvements that will be

11:00:43 made in the area, and with the proposed map amendment

11:00:48 going into play, that it might be time to revisit

11:00:54 creating a strategic action plan.

11:01:08 Looking at the assessed value plan, a 22% overall

11:01:12 decline, attributable to a decline in assessed value of

11:01:15 all asset classes, most notably a 75% reduction in

11:01:23 residential homesteaded properties.

11:01:26 And that translates into an incredibly modest TIF

11:01:34 revenue for fiscal year 11 of roughly $3500 which is a

11:01:40 near 90% decline from last year.

11:01:43 Or the current year.

11:01:47 So the budget for FY 11, very easy to understand.

11:01:50 All of the dollars that will be made available going to

11:01:53 support operations and administration for the CRA.

11:02:06 That's it for Tampa Heights.

11:02:09 I can field questions for Central Park if you like.

11:02:11 Thank you very much.

11:02:13 Tampa Heights riverfront.

11:02:16 Depicted here in the yellow, it's the smallest of our

11:02:21 CRAs, about 70 acres.

11:02:23 It's located just north to the downtown central

11:02:27 business district.

11:02:28 It's bordered on the west by North Boulevard to the

11:02:30 north by east Ross Avenue, to the east by Tampa street,

11:02:35 and south to the interstate and the river.

11:02:40 Some redevelopment highlights for you.

11:02:43 Mr. Huey indicated earlier the occupancy of the

11:02:47 building on the top left is now occupied.

11:02:51 And also to the top right is the city recently

11:02:56 completed the installation of a new roof on the

11:02:58 historic water works building, so that is complete.

11:03:02 Also, a portion of the Tampa riverwalk through

11:03:06 Waterworks Park has been completed and shown for you on

11:03:09 the bottom left.

11:03:11 Over the course of the year, the Heights development

11:03:13 team has been using the auditor building to host a

11:03:18 number of special events including jazz, wedding

11:03:21 receptions, and other activities there to draw some

11:03:26 interest.

11:03:29 To the area.

11:03:30 Our special current conditions, it has been a good year

11:03:34 for a number of ways for the Heights project.

11:03:37 But it's also been a struggle also for the Heights

11:03:42 project.

11:03:43 We had shared with you earlier in the year that a

11:03:46 portion of the property that Fifth Third Bank hold the

11:03:52 mortgage on has been affected by the filing of a

11:03:55 foreclosure notice, the proceeds to the best of my

11:03:59 knowledge can V not gone forward, it's just a notice to

11:04:03 foreclosure as an issue, so conversations between the

11:04:06 property owners and the banker are taking place, and we

11:04:10 will monitor those as we go along and help in resolving

11:04:16 that.

11:04:16 Again, the $7 million Beck group office building is

11:04:20 open and occupied.

11:04:21 We are excited about.

11:04:22 That at this time first vertical construction within

11:04:24 the Heights project proper.

11:04:26 The roof is complete on the water works building.

11:04:29 And we are currently discussing opportunities for

11:04:32 redeveloping Waterworks Park and activating the water

11:04:37 works building site with the development team.

11:04:41 Going forward, we want to be in a good position to

11:04:44 respond appropriately to the outcomes of the fifth

11:04:47 third notice to foreclosure, and as always support

11:04:52 private sector initiatives that might evolve within the

11:04:57 CRA proper.

11:04:58 And special interest in the north Franklin street

11:05:01 corridor adjacent thereto.

11:05:04 Moving onto our assessed value trend.

11:05:08 Again overall a 25% decline, and a reduction in all

11:05:14 values of asset classes, and the Heights most notably a

11:05:17 40% reduction in industrial manufacturing land.

11:05:21 Which translates into a TIF budget going forward into

11:05:28 just a little shy of $100,000, which is a 35.9% decline

11:05:33 over last year.

11:05:36 And in looking at the budget particularly, again about

11:05:39 $100,000.

11:05:42 The 18,000, I would want to say a few words about that.

11:05:46 In light of the foreclosure notice, in light of some

11:05:51 other issues impacting the Heights, we are not clear at

11:05:55 this point what is going to transpire with that

11:05:58 development over the coming year, and as such we wanted

11:06:01 to be in a position where if we do need to employ the

11:06:06 services of specialized and intensive legal, financial

11:06:12 or other professional services to help us keep the

11:06:17 city, its best interest protected going forward and

11:06:21 keeping the property in the best position for

11:06:23 redevelopment investment, that we are having some

11:06:28 dollars budgeted for us to be able to contract with

11:06:31 said services in the event that we need them, which is

11:06:34 simply a question we just don't know at this time.

11:06:41 And I can answer questions about Tampa Heights.

11:06:43 And then Ms. Fenton will come up.

11:06:48 >> On the property that's being foreclosed, probably

11:06:51 not, but this just came to mind.

11:07:00 The state has fund for purchase of critical land.

11:07:03 I'm wondering if that land -- of course it would be not

11:07:10 developed for a park.

11:07:13 Maybe something like which was done on Westshore

11:07:18 Boulevard, with that property, would we have a park, or

11:07:21 the property is a park for the city and the rest is

11:07:25 developed, maybe the riverfront is just -- I was just

11:07:31 thinking if that's a possibility.

11:07:33 >> Thank you for the notice on that.

11:07:36 The particular property that we are speaking of is

11:07:39 addressed in a development agreement to be developed.

11:07:43 So it would not be something that we would envision

11:07:45 being open.

11:07:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, thank you.

11:07:54 >> Good morning, board members.

11:07:58 Jeanette La Russa Fenton, Drew Park manager, and I know

11:08:02 I am going to be your favorite presenter because I am

11:08:04 your last presenter.

11:08:07 As you can see the Drew Park CRA is located in the

11:08:10 northwestern segment of your map.

11:08:13 It is bounded on the north by Hillsborough Avenue, on

11:08:17 the south by Tampa Bay Boulevard, on the east by Dale

11:08:20 Mabry Highway, and on the west by Hesperides on air

11:08:29 Cargo Road immediately adjacent to Tampa International

11:08:31 Airport.

11:08:32 Our redevelopment highlights, and I'll take you through

11:08:36 beginning from the top left corner.

11:08:38 That is a 6800-foot expansion of mission critical

11:08:41 solutions.

11:08:42 That is a high-tech employer in Drew Park.

11:08:45 Their major headquarters building is not shown.

11:08:48 This is their expansion area.

11:08:50 Also, a new construction to the right is engineering, a

11:08:56 4,000 square foot building recently opened during the

11:08:59 past year.

11:08:59 Moving do I know to the lower right is the new

11:09:01 Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay dealership being constructed

11:09:07 on Martin Luther King and Dale Mabry.

11:09:09 That is a 79,000 square foot expansion.

11:09:12 And that dealership is locate within the CRA now, two

11:09:16 blocks down, so they will be upgrading to a

11:09:19 state-of-the-art facility and we are very anxious for

11:09:21 that opening.

11:09:22 The central photo is the airport surveillance radar,

11:09:26 and that is being relocated from the north Hillsborough

11:09:30 area of the airport in anticipation of when through

11:09:33 their master plan they will construct the new twin

11:09:36 terminal.

11:09:36 So all the things that the airport has in that north

11:09:40 Hillsborough area are being slowly relocated to their

11:09:44 east side development area

11:09:46 And then finally, on the lower left, you see the

11:09:49 construction crews.

11:09:51 We had over $2.6 million in street repaving in Drew

11:09:55 Park, almost all of the streets were in very poor

11:09:59 condition in the industrial area north of Martin Luther

11:10:01 King, and we were able to repave virtually all of them,

11:10:05 and add two long stretches of sidewalk as well.

11:10:08 We were able to do that, leveraging not only TIF

11:10:12 dollars but with CDBG money, with gas tax, and with

11:10:17 C.I.T. money.

11:10:19 Some special current conditions.

11:10:21 You heard reference earlier by Mr. Huey to the Drew

11:10:24 Park stormwater improvement project.

11:10:26 We are at a critical point with that project.

11:10:29 The modeling is now complete, and we are working with

11:10:32 the public works department and the community to look

11:10:37 at the possible solutions, the costs associated, and

11:10:41 project feasibility, and we expect to have more clarity

11:10:44 on what direction we are going to be moving very

11:10:46 shortly.

11:10:49 We have successfully implemented our facade improvement

11:10:51 grant program.

11:10:52 We have one that is coming before you, would have come

11:10:55 today, but will come to you next month, and we are

11:10:57 working on several projects that we think will result

11:11:01 in successful applications.

11:11:04 We are very pleased with the work of TPD and the

11:11:08 ongoing law enforcement efforts to eliminate the

11:11:11 unregulated adult uses within Drew Park.

11:11:15 They have all been shut down and none of them have

11:11:17 returned, nor have any new ones come, so we are

11:11:20 continuing to fund that effort.

11:11:22 We spoke about the Mercedes Benz facility already.

11:11:26 And we expect that the that is going to draw a lot of

11:11:29 extra attention to that area, and also attract

11:11:32 businesses that might want to locate close to this new

11:11:34 dealership.

11:11:39 So our key redevelopment objectives for FY 11, we are

11:11:43 continuing all of these efforts that we are talking

11:11:45 about, implement our strategic action plan.

11:11:47 We would like to complete additional street paving and

11:11:50 sidewalk projects in the coming year.

11:11:53 As I said, we are going to move forward be in some

11:11:56 fashion, determine the direction for our stormwater

11:11:59 project.

11:12:00 We are very pleased that our advisory committee has

11:12:03 implemented two committees dealing with code

11:12:05 enforcement and with crime prevention, and they have

11:12:08 already begun to bear fruit.

11:12:10 They have made recommendations on revising some of the

11:12:12 definitions in the zoning code, and we are starting

11:12:16 something in Drew Park that is very effective in other

11:12:19 parts of the city, and now we will have them as well,

11:12:22 and that's bike patrols.

11:12:23 TPD does not have the fund to acquire these bikes but

11:12:27 the TIF does so we are going to be purchasing those

11:12:30 bikes and equipping them, and probably within the next

11:12:33 06 days we'll have those operational, and we expect

11:12:36 that that's going to go very far to enhance the quality

11:12:40 of relationships with the community, and also help in

11:12:42 crime prevention efforts.

11:12:46 The last few years we have been involved in what I

11:12:49 would like to call housekeeping projects.

11:12:53 This overall upgrade of making Drew Park better with

11:12:56 street paving and law enforcement and those types of

11:13:00 things.

11:13:00 Now we are moving into the next level in trying to make

11:13:04 Drew Park more attractive.

11:13:06 And we want to do that through a comprehensive plan of

11:13:10 improvements for not only park space but for

11:13:13 streetscape as well.

11:13:14 So you will be hearing more about that.

11:13:16 And finally, we do have land that we had previously

11:13:19 acquired for potentially workforce housing, given the

11:13:25 difficulties of the market right now, we have been on

11:13:28 hold with that, but we will continue to monitor the

11:13:30 market, and then be ready to move forward as soon as

11:13:33 that's feasible.

11:13:37 Of course, like the other CRAs we have experienced a

11:13:41 decline, close to 15%.

11:13:43 The good news is we have less of a decline, if you

11:13:46 will.

11:13:46 We probably have the lowest decline other than downtown

11:13:49 as far as the other CRAs.

11:13:51 We actually had an increase in value in two of our

11:13:54 categories, in residential homesteaded property and in

11:13:58 vacant land.

11:13:59 Of course, those are the two smallest uses within Drew

11:14:02 Park.

11:14:04 The largest uses which are industrial, office retail,

11:14:06 and nonresidential homestead, all experienced about a

11:14:10 15% decline in value.

11:14:15 That translates into our budget projection.

11:14:20 As you can see, a very significant decline in our

11:14:22 revenues over 41%.

11:14:25 And we are projecting like the other CRAs relatively

11:14:30 flat revenues over the next five years.

11:14:34 In terms of our current budget, we are continuing the

11:14:37 trend that we have had over the past couple of years of

11:14:41 focusing our investment in capital improvement

11:14:44 projects.

11:14:46 And you have heard me talk about those during the

11:14:47 presentation.

11:14:48 We will also be funding our redevelopment investment,

11:14:51 which is essentially going to be maintaining our

11:14:55 current properties that we own in Drew Park.

11:14:57 We are not going to aggressively acquire more property

11:15:00 unless we have a good opportunity to be expand our

11:15:03 existing site.

11:15:05 And we also will include funding in there in case there

11:15:07 is an opportunity to assist or incentivize affordable

11:15:11 housing or an economic development project.

11:15:18 The district services program goes to fund our crime

11:15:21 prevention, newsletter, all those kind of quality of

11:15:24 life kinds of things in Drew Park.

11:15:27 Finally, our operations and administration, that budget

11:15:30 has declined about 17% from the prior year, and that's

11:15:34 primarily due to staff reductions.

11:15:37 That conclude my presentation.

11:15:39 And a special welcome to Ms. Capin and Mr. Stokes.

11:15:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Huey?

11:15:47 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for your attentiveness to the

11:15:53 presentation.

11:15:54 I know you always take our annual budget process very

11:15:57 seriously.

11:15:57 And we appreciate some of the feedback that we have

11:15:59 been getting this morning.

11:16:02 I look forward to working with you over the coming

11:16:04 weeks as we begin the work on the final budget document

11:16:06 that we will bring to you in August.

11:16:09 As you can hear from the presentations that you have

11:16:13 heard, we are not following up tents in our

11:16:16 redevelopment efforts.

11:16:18 We had many good things happen.

11:16:19 We expect many more to happen because we very much

11:16:22 believe that all of our redevelopment areas are great

11:16:26 places to invest.

11:16:27 So despite the decline in TIF revenues and the

11:16:30 challenges that that has put before us, we are

11:16:33 certainly embracing that and looking forward to a good

11:16:35 year.

11:16:36 So with that, I will be happy to answer any other

11:16:38 questions, or we will be done with our redevelopment

11:16:43 agency board meeting.

11:16:44 >>GWEN MILLER: No questions.

11:16:47 Is there any information from council members?

11:16:53 He we need to receive and file.

11:16:54 >> So moved.

11:16:55 >> Second.

11:16:56 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second to receive.

11:16:58 Any information by council members?

11:17:01 Ms. Capin?

11:17:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I was remiss when my husband, I asked

11:17:10 him to come up and hold the Bible.

11:17:13 And I didn't introduce him.

11:17:15 He's not here now.

11:17:16 And it is also his birthday today.

11:17:20 So, anyway, he will record it later.


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