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Thursday, August 5, 2010
5:01 p.m. Session


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(Meeting commences without audio)

17:01:33 >> Actually Item -- yes, Number 56, I am David

17:01:37 Mechanik, and we were asking for a continuance to

17:01:38 September 2, 2010.

17:01:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with that.

17:01:44 Any opposition, Madam Chairman?

17:01:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone want to speak to that

17:01:47 continuance?

17:01:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to September --

17:01:52 >> 2nd.

17:01:53 >> 2010 at what time?

17:01:56 >> 1:30 in the afternoon.

17:01:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 1:30 in the afternoon would be fine

17:02:01 to me.

17:02:04 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, say aye.

17:02:04 Opposed nay.

17:02:06 >> Thank you for reminding me.

17:02:09 Council, just so the record is clear on this, at 1:30

17:02:14 this afternoon, this was scheduled to be heard.

17:02:16 Mr. Mechanik was present in the audience;

17:02:19 unfortunately, there was not a quorum which is why

17:02:22 notice was placed on the door and downstairs informing

17:02:25 people that this item would be held over past 1:30

17:02:28 until 5:00 today when we did take it up.

17:02:31 But just so the record is clear, there was no one

17:02:35 present from the public other than Mr. Mechanik at the

17:02:39 time of the request for the continuance.

17:02:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Madam Chair, if I may do one

17:02:46 ceremonial thing for us but something very large for a

17:02:47 group of young girls.

17:02:52 The 13 and 14-year-old softball junior league from West

17:02:54 Tampa not only won the district, won the regional, won

17:02:58 the state, and now won the southeast championship last

17:03:04 night on a 4-1 victory over Coral Way, and they are

17:03:07 undefeated and will be going to the World Series in

17:03:09 Kirkland, Washington.

17:03:13 The first time that team from West Tampa Little League

17:03:13 has gone this far.

17:03:16 I would like to ask the Council with permission -- they

17:03:19 will be gone leaving in two weeks that next week we

17:03:20 could give them a commendation.

17:03:23 >>GWEN MILLER: A second.

17:03:24 >> Second.

17:03:25 >>GWEN MILLER: All favor say aye.

17:03:28 Opposed say nay.

17:03:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.

17:03:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion to open the public hearings.

17:03:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move 1 through 9.

17:03:39 >> Prior to moving forward with your public hearings, I

17:03:43 want to take care of a housekeeping item relating to

17:03:45 the transmittal public hearings for the comprehensive

17:03:48 plans that are on your agenda today.

17:03:51 After they are transmitted up to the Department of

17:03:55 Community Affairs, they come back to City Council for a

17:03:56 public hearing.

17:03:58 October 14 would be the first reading public hearings

17:04:01 for the items which would be on your agenda this

17:04:02 evening.

17:04:05 We -- in looking at the calendar noted that the

17:04:08 calendar is set up in such a way that second reading

17:04:12 would not be able to occur until November 4, and given

17:04:16 some of the referendums on the -- on the ballot, we

17:04:19 think it would be prudent to go ahead and set the

17:04:21 second reading of those public hearings for your

17:04:27 November -- I am sorry your October 29 meeting which is

17:04:30 your CRA meeting, and I noted that is the only item on

17:04:34 -- only -- because of items on your agenda are from the

17:04:36 CRA that you don't have any other regular business that

17:04:38 day.

17:04:41 But from a legal perspective, it would be prudent to

17:04:43 have all of our comprehensive plan amendments completed

17:04:48 prior to whatever were to happen after November 4.

17:04:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

17:04:54 >> Council, it would be -- it would be October 28.

17:04:57 It would be appropriate, I believe, the motion, to

17:05:02 amend your calendar to add another meeting of Council

17:05:06 for -- beginning at 10 a.m. after conferring with the

17:05:12 chair of the cr a for allowing for a second reading and

17:05:13 public hearing.

17:05:16 Rather than a special call meeting, amend your calendar

17:05:19 to put on a regular meeting of Council for the purposes

17:05:23 of being able to set these public hearings on that day.

17:05:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Madam chair, move that we have a

17:05:28 special -- not a special meeting but a call meeting on

17:05:32 that same date of October 28 at 10 a.m. after our CRA

17:05:36 meeting to complete the city business that is needed so

17:05:39 we won't have any confusion between our business and

17:05:42 the balloting of the voting the following days.

17:05:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Make that motion, Mr. Shelby, I don't

17:05:48 think we will have a CRA meeting because I got a note

17:05:52 today to change it -- to move it to October -- I have a

17:05:55 note on my desk to want to change the CRA.

17:05:58 >> I thought we changed the date to accommodate.

17:06:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Just to make a motion of -- to vote on

17:06:04 an item.

17:06:08 But if -- if you go look on my desk while --

17:06:11 >> If we can -- mill continue and come back.

17:06:13 I don't think we will have a meeting on the 28th.

17:06:15 It is right on my desk.

17:06:16 The note.

17:06:23 While he is doing that go ahead with item number 1.

17:06:27 >>STEPHEN GRIFFIN: Good evening, Council.

17:06:29 Stephen Griffin, Planning Commission staff.

17:06:31 Tonight, you will be holding your adoption public

17:06:33 hearings for the plan amendments part of the August

17:06:35 2009 cycle.

17:06:37 You will also be considering transmitting plan

17:06:40 amendments that were part of the March 2010 cycle of

17:06:43 plan amendments.

17:06:46 If it is the pleasure of the Council, staff would like

17:06:50 to present items 2 and 3 first and those would be the

17:06:54 adoption public hearings for the Seminole Heights plan

17:06:55 amendment.

17:06:58 Those amendments are up for adoption this evening.

17:07:01 They were heard by the Planning Commission on January

17:07:07 25 and heard by Tampa City Council on February 25, and

17:07:09 were transmitted for state and regional review.

17:07:11 The state Department of Community Affairs did review

17:07:15 and make some comments on those plan amendments for

17:07:16 Seminole Heights.

17:07:21 After you heard the Seminole Heights items tonight, you

17:07:23 will take action either to adopt or not to adopt each

17:07:25 of those items separately.

17:07:27 Once you finished that, we would like to begin our

17:07:30 second public hearing for the transmittal of the March

17:07:34 cycle of plan amendments of 2010.

17:07:37 Again, some of those plan amendments for the March

17:07:40 cycle are both text and maps and they kind of go

17:07:42 together, so if it would please the Council, staff

17:07:48 would like to combine the presentations for item 4 and

17:07:51 8 together when those come up and items 7 and 9

17:07:52 together.

17:07:55 You would still vote on those separately, but staff

17:07:57 would like to make the presentations together because

17:08:00 they are both companion members for map and text.

17:08:05 And, again, as attorney Cole did say, those adoption

17:08:07 public hearings for the transmittal for the March cycle

17:08:09 will be held in October.

17:08:13 If that pleases the board, we would like to move

17:08:15 forward with the Seminole Heights plan amendment for

17:08:21 Items 2 and 3 if it pleases the Council.

17:08:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can tell you one thing, I got to

17:08:26 leave at 6:15, and I can see already we are jumping

17:08:30 around this calendar here real quickly.

17:08:34 >> Madam chair if I can with great liberty, I made

17:08:37 arrangements for the chair for the first item to be

17:08:38 heard first.

17:08:40 I have a land use amendment being held at 6:00 in the

17:08:41 city of Clearwater.

17:08:43 I made those primary arrangements.

17:08:46 I have to implore you to take that item first.

17:08:50 My back is up against a wall.

17:08:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number one.

17:08:56 >> Item number one.

17:08:58 I have a meeting at 6:00 in Clearwater.

17:08:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We will take that now.

17:09:09 Who is going to present it?

17:09:11 >>TONY GARCIA: Good evening, members of Council, Tony

17:09:13 Garcia, Planning Commission staff.

17:09:15 Present with you item one now which is the first of the

17:09:19 transmittal plan amendments all this be taking into

17:09:21 consideration this evening.

17:09:26 This is known as comprehensive plan amendment PA 10-02

17:09:32 located in the intersection of Adamo Drive and 50th

17:09:32 Street.

17:09:35 The request is to change from Heavy Industrial to

17:09:37 residential mixed use-100.

17:09:39 12.7 acres.

17:09:42 Privately initiated plan amendment and a regular plan

17:09:44 amendment that means it has to be subject to state and

17:09:48 regional review as well as review by us here which is

17:09:51 why it is -- characterized as a transmittal public

17:09:52 hearing.

17:09:55 Some of the concepts that we will be talking about is

17:09:59 the property as an -- to the economic known as the Port

17:10:01 of Tampa, talking about the strategies, the districts

17:10:04 and aspects of the districts for the City of Tampa and

17:10:07 the overall urban forms of the city.

17:10:10 The comp plan amendment site is located generally in

17:10:13 this location right here within this green area which

17:10:15 is known as the central Tampa planning district.

17:10:18 One of your three planning districts on your vision

17:10:19 map.

17:10:21 Areas known as opportunities for growth for

17:10:24 redevelopment and for job opportunities.

17:10:27 The site is located as I said before along 50th Street

17:10:30 and Adamo Drive.

17:10:34 Adamo Drive, a good section of Adamo Drive has Heavy

17:10:38 Industrial land use classification characterized by

17:10:40 many industrial uses which are very imperative to the

17:10:42 functioning of the overall vision to the Port of Tampa

17:10:47 which offers and provides and generates over the last

17:10:50 many decades over the last 70 years thousands of jobs,

17:10:53 not just here in the City of Tampa but in the region

17:10:56 and throughout the State of Florida.

17:10:58 The effect of the amendment will basically introduce a

17:11:03 use of an urban city form not currently found.

17:11:05 The Regional Mixed Use-100 has intention Commercial

17:11:09 office and multifamily development with a mixed use

17:11:10 environment.

17:11:14 Just so you know where you find RMU-100 right now is

17:11:18 primarily in -- just several isolated places.

17:11:21 You find it on the channel district on the west side of

17:11:25 Ybor Channel.

17:11:29 You also have them located in the Westshore business

17:11:29 district.

17:11:37 You also have them located on the north side of the

17:11:42 Central Business District.

17:11:45 You have predominance of this land use category.

17:11:47 The subject site is located as I said before on the

17:11:51 southeast corner of Adamo Drive and 50th Street north

17:11:56 of palm river and north of the city-county city limits.

17:11:59 As you can see, there are quite a few industrial uses

17:12:01 in the area.

17:12:04 You can see the warehousing and storage areas.

17:12:06 You can see the rail lines just to the northeast of the

17:12:06 site.

17:12:09 All of these things are very functionally important

17:12:12 considering primary interest for the functioning of the

17:12:15 Port of Tampa and for the overall mission statement for

17:12:16 the Port of Tampa.

17:12:19 This is also characterized by this dark gray color that

17:12:21 typifies Heavy Industrial.

17:12:24 The land use category that is predominant in this

17:12:26 particular segment of Adamo Drive.

17:12:30 Everything north of the Crosstown Expressway and the

17:12:33 rail line is essentially Heavy Industrial.

17:12:36 And that was reflected by the aerial I had already

17:12:36 shown you.

17:12:41 The applicant wishes to change the land use category to

17:12:42 this color.

17:12:45 This is the color that you will find as I said before

17:12:47 in the three locations that I already described to you.

17:12:50 So as you can see, this particular color and this

17:12:54 particular intensity in F.A.R. is foreign and cannot be

17:12:57 found anywhere within a mile radius of this particular

17:12:59 site on this map.

17:13:03 You have transition use 24, CMU-35 here,

17:13:06 Residential-20, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial.

17:13:10 This is transitioning 24, CMU-35 year.

17:13:11 Light industrial.

17:13:14 And all these land use categories for unincorporated

17:13:17 Hillsborough County land use categories.

17:13:20 This is an existing land use map which basically shows

17:13:24 you which properties currently are under light

17:13:26 industrial which is great categories and which ones are

17:13:30 -- the white categories.

17:13:33 As far as planning issues are concerned, this is of

17:13:35 critical importance this particular site and where it

17:13:38 is located relative to the port activity center area,

17:13:41 the port activity center area in 2000 is reflected by

17:13:44 this blue boundary which is where the edge -- the edge

17:13:47 of the boundary is where the CPA site was located at.

17:13:51 The port activity center was modified in 2007 when the

17:13:53 port came in with a new port master plan.

17:13:55 As you can see the port has identified a significant

17:13:57 amount of land that they expand to the east because of

17:13:59 the rail lines and all the existing Heavy Industrial

17:14:02 classifications that currently exist here.

17:14:06 I do not think I have to go into great detail to tell

17:14:10 historically for those on Council for a while about how

17:14:15 important that we try to retain the existing industrial

17:14:19 heavy land use designations in the city because we have

17:14:23 undergo an erosion of light industrial and Heavy

17:14:26 Industrial land use classifications in the last decade.

17:14:29 We also have planning issues as it relates to the

17:14:31 category in what it is going to allow.

17:14:32 RMU-100.

17:14:36 100 stands for residential units and brings a

17:14:38 residential component that doesn't necessarily exist.

17:14:42 All that black to Adamo Drive and to the north, Heavy

17:14:45 Industrial prohibits industrial use.

17:14:50 The RMU-100 100 dwelling units per acre and potential

17:14:54 of 1300 residential units to be developed on this site.

17:14:57 We are also talking about mobility features here where

17:14:59 because of the importance of the rail lines to the

17:15:02 north and also we do have public facilities which will

17:15:05 be available regardless of what gets developed on this

17:15:05 site.

17:15:08 We have a variety of agency comments.

17:15:11 The City of Tampa objects to the plan amendment.

17:15:14 The Port Authority objects to the plan amendment.

17:15:17 The Planning Commission finds the plan amendment

17:15:19 inconsistent.

17:15:21 Based on these policies that support the Port of Tampa

17:15:23 as an economic engine.

17:15:28 Major economic engine to talk about concentrating ports

17:15:32 around the City of Tampa and industrial strength as

17:15:34 well as an employment center to preserve industrial

17:15:38 areas with Transportation accessibility, and then

17:15:40 finally what I want to show you over here, two more

17:15:43 points I am going to make and then I will be concluded.

17:15:46 The RMU-100, the only reason that the applicant is

17:15:49 coming forward with the RMU-100, only one zoning

17:15:53 district allowed in the RMU-100 that is of interest to

17:15:56 the applicant and that is 0p 1.

17:15:59 Op 1 is not site plan controlled.

17:16:02 It allows a height of 200 feet.

17:16:04 No site plan is required by the applicant for this.

17:16:09 So what he may show you as a representative for the

17:16:11 applicant doesn't necessarily mean that is what is

17:16:15 actually going to be built.

17:16:17 So site plan has to be sent to the city plus you have

17:16:18 significant height.

17:16:20 I will tell you right now, there is nothing even close

17:16:24 to 200 feet in this general area right here.

17:16:28 The other thing that I want to show you is he may make

17:16:30 a reference well you have already had significant

17:16:33 parcels of land that change different land use

17:16:37 categories along Adamo Drive, that is true, it has, but

17:16:40 this is where the rubber meets the road, where the line

17:16:41 ends right here.

17:16:47 This is where IKEA currently exists on this particular

17:16:47 site.

17:16:48 Over 30 acres.

17:16:53 Went to RMU-35 six years ago.

17:16:55 Mixed use development that was composed to go to

17:16:58 CMU-35.

17:17:00 Ikea had it come in before that would not have

17:17:03 necessitated a change from the Heavy Industrial land

17:17:06 use classification on this site.

17:17:08 So, the other I think that is important to note over

17:17:12 here is its proximity to an urban village of Ybor City

17:17:16 and the other urban village of the channel district and

17:17:23 established neighborhood village of Palmetto to the

17:17:23 side.

17:17:26 Here is what land use classification was, but what I

17:17:28 want to point out over here is something significant.

17:17:31 This is all general mixed use-24 which allows

17:17:32 residential.

17:17:36 This is commuter mixed use-35 already, which is what

17:17:37 this site went to.

17:17:43 This is all community mixed use-35, urban mixed use-60,

17:17:44 community Commercial-35.

17:17:47 All those categories I just mentioned to you allow

17:17:51 residential development and they are compatibility and

17:17:53 consistent with what this particular property changed

17:17:55 to, the Eastern terminus of this particular property is

17:17:56 26th street.

17:17:59 That is two miles away from where this particular site

17:18:03 is as a crow flies to the east on 50th Street.

17:18:05 So there is no significance.

17:18:10 This is specifically designated a redevelopment in your

17:18:13 plan Adamo Drive from 7th to 26th street from 26th

17:18:16 street east the character changes significantly.

17:18:19 Based on all those findings of fact that I presented to

17:18:20 you this evening, the Planning Commission, as well as

17:18:24 the City of Tampa, as well as the port authority, finds

17:18:26 this inconsistent with the City of Tampa comprehensive

17:18:29 plan and also with the port authority master plan.

17:18:33 That concludes my presentation.

17:18:36 Mr. Gross may have a couple of comments to add on to

17:18:41 what I was talking about.

17:18:43 [Inaudible]

17:18:48 >> Randy Goers, Land Development Coordination.

17:18:52 The city provided comments reflected in the city

17:18:54 Planning Commission report, and city staff did object

17:18:57 to the plan amendment for all the reasons that Mr.

17:18:59 Garcia mentioned, primarily the introduction of a

17:19:03 Residential Mixed Use plan category in a predominantly

17:19:05 industrial area.

17:19:08 Staff also brought up the point in the new comp plan

17:19:11 there is a new locational criteria for making plan

17:19:13 amendments that when you make a change to a plan

17:19:18 category, City Council should consider what is adjacent

17:19:21 to that plan category, and if it is the same plan --

17:19:24 plan category adjacent to it, you can consider it a

17:19:25 change of plan category.

17:19:29 If it is an isolated plan category, according to the

17:19:35 plan, City Council -- if I can find it quickly -- can

17:19:38 either deny the plan amendment or make a determination

17:19:41 that the existing land use classification is no longer

17:19:42 in the best interest of the public.

17:19:45 So it would be a question of looking at the existing

17:19:48 industrial land use and making a determination that it

17:19:52 no longer serves a useful purpose on that property

17:19:56 because it is introducing a new plan category in an

17:19:57 isolated location.

17:20:02 With that, the city did object to the plan amendment

17:20:03 and transmitted that to the Planning Commission.

17:20:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, petitioner.

17:20:12 >> Good evening, my name is Todd Pressman.

17:20:16 Palm Harbor, Florida, 34604.

17:20:19 If we can go to the powerpoint, please.

17:20:20 Thank you.

17:20:24 As you have been shown, the location is noted in yellow

17:20:30 there, CPA site at Adamo and the Crosstown at 50th

17:20:31 Street.

17:20:34 There is new gas coming in to the South.

17:20:38 And there is -- as you can see, to the right, there is

17:20:41 new gas coming in at the corner there as well.

17:20:46 Looking toward downtown from the Crosstown the site is

17:20:47 noted for.

17:20:50 The large vacant site which has been vacant since the

17:20:52 beginning of the City of Tampa.

17:20:53 No uses have been interested in this site.

17:20:56 You have the southbound view and the eastbound view.

17:21:01 This is what is proposed.

17:21:03 They have developed a lot of property in the Bay Area.

17:21:06 He just finished a project at Valrico and State Route

17:21:07 60.

17:21:09 This is his office project that is proposed for this

17:21:10 site.

17:21:16 This is the view elevation looking from above the

17:21:16 Crosstown

17:21:20 The office building as you can see to the right, and

17:21:23 then proposed street view.

17:21:29 And the project -- the project he finished in Valrico

17:21:32 was an office building and developed quite a number in

17:21:35 the Bay Area, Hillsborough.

17:21:38 What is interesting, commissioners is what you haven't

17:21:39 heard from your staff.

17:21:41 What you haven't heard from your staff is when you

17:21:43 review the entire Planning Commission report, there is

17:21:47 not a single word about inclusion of what we have

17:21:51 already filed in the city, which is a zoning p 1.

17:21:52 That is filed.

17:21:53 It's pending.

17:21:56 And that is the desire of the applicant.

17:21:58 And as you can see from the summary on the Planning

17:22:01 Commission report, that is not mentioned.

17:22:02 It is not discussed.

17:22:05 In fact what is discussed is 100 units per acre unless

17:22:08 you have setbacks -- unless you have the parking.

17:22:09 Unless you have the buffers.

17:22:13 100 units per achier is simply not going to work in a

17:22:16 very tight site like this, but that is a figure that

17:22:18 the Planning Commission will throw out at the he can

17:22:20 stream of the statistics that would possibly be

17:22:24 permissible before you start building on this site.

17:22:31 And as I am indicating to you here, file 0p 1 pending.

17:22:33 What you will hear from Planning Commission is urban

17:22:36 infill and that is what this is, an urban infill

17:22:37 project.

17:22:38 You will see the policy from the Planning Commission

17:22:43 staff but a policy they use quite often, 14.1.4 that it

17:22:46 uses more efficiently for development that is more

17:22:49 economically sound by encouraging development of

17:22:53 vacant, underutilized sites.

17:22:56 In Chapter 2, the district which staff indicated to you

17:23:00 central Tampa district notes in improving mobility and

17:23:03 support mass transit and other mobility options.

17:23:05 Certainly this project is going to do that and

17:23:06 certainly meets that standard.

17:23:09 And meets the standard of attracting private investment

17:23:11 in is included in the report, but they looked at it a

17:23:12 little bit differently.

17:23:16 If this is not attracting new investment to a site that

17:23:19 has remained vacant, I don't know what is.

17:23:23 Mr. Garcia has well presented the port master plan, the

17:23:28 port, as I understand it, took a crayon and drew a

17:23:30 crayon of what they would like to see industrial

17:23:34 properties and CPA site and Mr. Garcia presented a site

17:23:37 down the street at the IKEA and he made some comments,

17:23:40 but the critical comment here is when the planning

17:23:43 staff reviewed the Adamo corridor.

17:23:48 I mean corridor for that site versus this site, their

17:23:49 findings were completely different.

17:23:54 In '05 they said Adamo was a thriving industrial

17:23:56 boarder and seen erosion.

17:23:58 There has been movement from industrial.

17:24:00 Still plenty of room for industrial.

17:24:02 Certainly if you have a lot of industrial uses they

17:24:04 need to have office uses.

17:24:06 Also the Planning Commission said the result reviewing

17:24:10 the corridor for the IKEA plan, the result has been a

17:24:13 slow transition away from Heavy Industrial reflected by

17:24:15 recent development of several properties along South

17:24:16 Adamo.

17:24:20 They also noted that allowing the change will eliminate

17:24:23 potential adverse industrial uses currently allowed.

17:24:26 At that time they found industrial uses damaging and a

17:24:29 problem, but today they don't.

17:24:32 Also note that the site is located in the coastal high

17:24:35 hazard area and that's fine for that site, but not

17:24:36 here.

17:24:39 Their recommendation for the other site on Adamo was

17:24:42 for the redevelopment trend shifting to mix used from

17:24:43 the industrial uses.

17:24:46 That is exactly what we are doing, bringing in office

17:24:47 use.

17:24:50 When they looked at IKEA for the corridor it was a

17:24:53 great idea but for where we are it is not a great idea.

17:24:56 You have to consider the economics in is a big project.

17:24:58 Not only on the construction project and in terms of

17:25:02 impact fees to the city and continual tax source.

17:25:06 It is a site that will be beautifully done as his

17:25:08 projects all done, and we are looking at significant

17:25:11 economic time in the city, and this would be a great

17:25:14 project both for workers who would be working on the

17:25:16 site as well as the City of Tampa and the taxpayers.

17:25:18 So in summary, we ask to you please consider the larger

17:25:20 picture.

17:25:22 Consider a consistent evaluation and consideration.

17:25:27 We ask for your consideration on the valid policies and

17:25:29 objectives that do very well apply to the site and

17:25:34 factor in the significant economic impacts.

17:25:37 We appreciate your attention and appreciate your

17:25:38 consideration, thank you.

17:25:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?

17:25:45 Any questions?

17:25:49 Okay.

17:25:53 Yeah, you want to --

17:25:54 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

17:25:56 Just a couple of comments.

17:25:58 Number one, under the current Heavy Industrial

17:26:01 classification, what the applicant is asking for can be

17:26:03 done under the existing land use category.

17:26:04 Under a PD.

17:26:08 So what he is asking for can be done --

17:26:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What he is asking for can be done

17:26:12 already now.

17:26:12 >> Yes, sir.

17:26:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: For a PD.

17:26:16 >> That's correct.

17:26:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Talks about the infill he referenced

17:26:21 policy 14.14.

17:26:23 >>TONY GARCIA: Well the point there again you can have

17:26:26 urban infill at the existing PD.

17:26:29 Doesn't require going through the gyration of doing an

17:26:35 RMU-100 increasing the F.A.R. to a 2.0 to a over 3.5.

17:26:37 And introducing a residential component which you don't

17:26:38 have in there right now.

17:26:39 There is no residential around there.

17:26:42 As I showed you with all the black -- he had a very

17:26:47 telling slide on his presentation where the IKEA slide

17:26:48 is.

17:26:52 Two miles of black, nothing but Heavy Industrial.

17:26:55 The line is drawn from the Eastern edge of that site.

17:26:57 Urban infill is great, but it also can be industrial

17:27:03 and can be done as a present land use classification.

17:27:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Garcia, if he can build now on a

17:27:08 PD, what is the difference?

17:27:11 Why has he come before you now to change it?

17:27:15 >>TONY GARCIA: The op-1 is not site plan controlled.

17:27:17 >>GWEN MILLER: You are saying you need to see a plan

17:27:18 before you build it.

17:27:22 >>TONY GARCIA: For them to come in and submit a PD and

17:27:23 do a Transportation analysis.

17:27:27 Under the p 1 he doesn't have to do that.

17:27:31 Plus he already has a 200-foot ceiling under the op-1

17:27:33 which he will have to ask for a waiver for that under a

17:27:35 PD.

17:27:40 Heavy Industrial only has a 60-foot height limitation.

17:27:43 So additional protections to ensure that you keep the

17:27:46 character what it is there and the significance of --

17:27:49 once you change that, you can't do industrial there.

17:27:50 That is the whole thing.

17:27:53 The RMU doesn't allow any industrial use and you can't

17:27:59 revert back and do IG there and you can't put Heavy

17:28:01 Industrial there so no industrial can go there.

17:28:05 For what other reason you can't come to fruition, a

17:28:07 13-acre piece of property that you can't convert to

17:28:10 industrial uses which tantamount to the issue and the

17:28:14 overall objective of the port master plan.

17:28:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's see if I can follow and you come

17:28:19 back on rebuttal.

17:28:24 Anyone from public wish to address Council on item one?

17:28:26 Anyone from the public?

17:28:30 Item 1?

17:28:32 >> Thank you Mr. Mayor and Commissioners --

17:28:33 [ Laughter ]

17:28:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.

17:28:38 I am sorry.

17:28:40 I must have been in a coma --

17:28:46 [ Laughter ]

17:28:49 >> Still sitting in the same chair.

17:28:52 Mr. Chairman and commissioners, the Planning

17:28:58 Commission, clearly they have presented the Adamo

17:29:00 corridor as moving from industrial and Mr. Garcia is

17:29:02 here fight for industrial on the corridor.

17:29:07 That is an inconsistency we found on the reports.

17:29:09 You know zoning is a great complex process.

17:29:11 A lot of ways to skin a cat.

17:29:13 As we have evaluated and been involved with this

17:29:15 project for about a year, this is the way we chose to

17:29:15 go.

17:29:19 The Planning Commission would like is they would like

17:29:22 in my opinion bureaucracy, control.

17:29:24 They like to control all the details and height is the

17:29:25 issue.

17:29:27 One of the major critical issues we need to deal with

17:29:29 and what we are propose something a way to go.

17:29:33 A great way to go and a very positive way to go and I

17:29:35 think in summary, again, I think we have to be careful

17:29:38 as to how sites on this corridor are being evaluated

17:29:40 and are being pursued.

17:29:41 Thank you.

17:29:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask -- Mr. Pressman, you are

17:29:49 talking about height and the way to go -- I missed out

17:29:52 because I had an important call there for a second.

17:29:52 Meaning what?

17:29:54 To what degree?

17:29:56 I believe there was a statement made that you can go up

17:29:58 to 200 feet --

17:30:05 >> A maximum 200 feet on the op-1, yes, that's correct,

17:30:05 sir.

17:30:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am trying to think as to what a

17:30:10 corridor is to a city.

17:30:16 And it is very important, but when you look at Spruce

17:30:20 coming in from Boy Scout.

17:30:21 It has got three names.

17:30:24 You get confused even when you lived here a long time.

17:30:29 That is a corridor that runs into Columbus Drive, when

17:30:30 you look at Hillsborough Avenue, that is another

17:30:32 corridor going into the city.

17:30:35 When you look at Busch Boulevard, that is another

17:30:37 corridor going into the city.

17:30:41 And then when you look at Adamo Drive, that is a

17:30:44 corridor that doesn't look so good.

17:30:46 Half and half, you know what I mean.

17:30:50 You look at some sites there, and for whatever reason,

17:30:53 those courts did what they had to do and gave what they

17:30:56 had to do and we had to give in to certain businesses

17:31:05 we don't really want to talk about right now, but --

17:31:09 what I am saying is that -- that -- is -- is this

17:31:12 something that will enhance the city or not?

17:31:14 I am trying to be very practical.

17:31:21 When you -- I have seen cities that have much taller

17:31:25 buildings than in the perimeter of the city.

17:31:29 When with I travel South to -- I used to go to Arcadia

17:31:33 quite often and take the cut-off at Brandon and come

17:31:35 over 301 and come in and make a left.

17:31:39 Adamo Drive didn't look too attractive.

17:31:40 Nothing wrong with dealerships.

17:31:44 There was a real nice Ford dealership and real nice

17:31:46 dealership across.

17:31:49 IKEA certainly has made a difference in the appearance

17:31:50 of the corridor in my opinion.

17:31:54 I know some Councilmembers didn't like that, but it

17:31:58 gave us jobs, it gave us a certainty of brightness

17:32:02 somewhere where there was a little nightfall at all

17:32:02 times.

17:32:09 I am not too sure that I agree with either side, but I

17:32:11 just want to continue to see what my colleagues think,

17:32:13 and we will go from there.

17:32:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me -- my concern and you can come

17:32:18 back again.

17:32:19 My concern is this.

17:32:22 They can do whatever they want to already on the

17:32:26 existing zoning is what I am hearing you say.

17:32:27 >>TONY GARCIA: Pretty much.

17:32:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: They don't want to come in for any

17:32:32 site plan and that sort of thing.

17:32:35 >>TONY GARCIA: He already has a 200-foot limit and

17:32:39 op-1 is not site plan controlled.

17:32:42 So there is no guarantee whatever has been shown to you

17:32:44 on the screen will come this way.

17:32:48 And I think -- change is important to understand here

17:32:52 also is if this can be done through virtue of that, the

17:32:54 other I think that you have to understand by seeing all

17:32:56 these categories that you are seeing there, you have to

17:32:58 create this -- this is basically like a spot zoning is

17:33:01 what you are doing here and you are isolating the land

17:33:04 use in a sea of Heavy Industrial, and the other

17:33:07 critical thing to take into consideration.

17:33:12 The court -- you know, a 13 -- almost a 13-acre piece

17:33:16 of site on a major corridor and in proximate limit to

17:33:17 rail.

17:33:19 So as far as the port authority master plan, it really

17:33:23 doesn't -- kind of flies in the face of what the

17:33:25 long-term goals for the port authority and the

17:33:27 comprehensive plan in addition to the comprehensive

17:33:28 plan because we are trying to observe Heavy Industrial

17:33:31 lands here wherever we see it is viable.

17:33:34 Now on the other side, yes, I understand Adamo corridor

17:33:37 and the transition and all that.

17:33:38 We wrote what we wrote back then.

17:33:41 We define the redevelopment corridor in the old

17:33:45 comprehensive plan as going on Adamo from 2nd to 26th.

17:33:50 So a proverbial line drawn in the sand that says this

17:33:54 type of mixed use goes no further than 26.

17:33:59 So that's because once you get past 26, the character

17:34:00 changes significantly.

17:34:02 So there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

17:34:04 We do it with residential and Commercial on all our

17:34:07 major thoroughfares throughout the city.

17:34:10 So we should hold the line also when it comes to

17:34:12 regional issues, intensive mixed use categories like

17:34:14 this and our Heavy Industrial lands, the same line

17:34:17 should be towed for both.

17:34:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?

17:34:22 >>CURTIS STOKES: I don't know if it is a question.

17:34:25 Maybe more of a comment.

17:34:27 The -- opened in 2014.

17:34:31 60% of the roads, traffic, cargo traffic will come

17:34:36 through the Panama Canal as a way through that channel.

17:34:38 Like Councilman Miranda.

17:34:39 I am kind of conflicted.

17:34:41 We need a heavy mix of both, residential as we grow and

17:34:45 preserve our port areas and industrial areas.

17:34:49 I think there is a need to want to have residential or

17:34:51 office building -- office space.

17:34:55 But as the port grows in contract and industrial uses

17:34:57 of the port increases over the years, we are going to

17:35:01 need office space if that's what is proposed and

17:35:04 residences if that is what is proposed.

17:35:05 So I am kind of conflicted.

17:35:07 I would like to hear from the port and see what the

17:35:11 port -- I have -- I see in here there is a letter from

17:35:17 -- I can't pronounce -- I would like to hear them come

17:35:22 and talk more about the port plans in the future.

17:35:23 >>TONY GARCIA: Sure.

17:35:25 If you want to make a request and send that out to the

17:35:29 port, they can have a workshop or something along that

17:35:30 lines.

17:35:32 >>CURTIS STOKES: I would like to because the port is

17:35:35 becoming increasingly more important to the future of

17:35:36 the City of Tampa.

17:35:38 And I would like to hear from the port before I make a

17:35:40 decision.

17:35:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The only problem, we have to vote

17:35:44 tonight whether to transmit this.

17:35:45 That is the issue.

17:35:46 >>TONY GARCIA: That's correct.

17:35:49 You have the option of transmitting this for state and

17:35:52 regional review if you want to buy some time, or you

17:35:55 can not -- not vote to transmit it tonight.

17:35:58 That is Council's pleasure as you want to go ahead and

17:35:59 do that.

17:36:00 This will go to the port again.

17:36:04 And if they need to be a little more vociferous to you

17:36:07 how they feel about this or more specific they will

17:36:10 take that opportunity as well as DCA and Tampa planning

17:36:12 Council and so forth.

17:36:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.

17:36:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

17:36:18 The area of the port has changed slowly but surely in

17:36:19 many ways.

17:36:21 For many years.

17:36:24 It didn't start yesterday or the end of night or

17:36:25 anything else.

17:36:29 When you look at the port and go back 15 years, it was

17:36:31 certainly a disaster.

17:36:34 Not that the individuals wanted it that way, but it

17:36:35 was.

17:36:36 There was no Channelside.

17:36:38 There was no Harbour Island.

17:36:42 There was very little to look at other than things that

17:36:48 were broken and conveyor belt, that brought all the

17:36:51 dust to Davis island when they were loading the

17:36:54 phosphate from one thing to the bins and things have

17:36:54 changed.

17:36:57 They have really gotten modernized.

17:37:01 We ourselves gave the port and overruled our own rule

17:37:04 when you couldn't stack something six foot high.

17:37:06 I remember that about a year ago, a year and a half

17:37:10 ago, and we let the port build -- I forget how high

17:37:14 because it is a mechanism of an engine for economic,

17:37:18 and in today's times -- and I don't want to harp on

17:37:21 today's times, but all times we need to continue to

17:37:24 find jobs for individuals so that this city can be

17:37:25 vibrant.

17:37:27 Then -- in fact an attorney in the audience who is

17:37:32 reading his E-Mail now -- at my age I didn't know I

17:37:33 could see that far.

17:37:33 [Laughter]

17:37:36 What I am saying is that we -- about a year and a half

17:37:41 to two years ago very eloquently changed the southern

17:37:45 portion of the port along with the Eastern sector down

17:37:50 the other side to the Easternmost part and changed it

17:37:53 mixed residential -- if I remember on a beautiful thing

17:37:56 that haven't yet been quite built and I understand why,

17:37:59 but that changed, because that used to be the part that

17:38:04 was the plan banana docks and now gone from banana

17:38:05 docks.

17:38:08 Some opposition from property owners who said we don't

17:38:09 want that.

17:38:11 When they saw that plan, they changed their minds.

17:38:14 So what I am saying is the port is an ever-changing

17:38:19 evolution of things that happen in constant time.

17:38:23 So I don't usually speak this way, because I am talking

17:38:26 in theory and I am not really a theologist and all that

17:38:30 kind of stuff, but when I look at what happened there,

17:38:37 I am seeing an ever-changing time.

17:38:39 When you go in a city do you want to see a corridor the

17:38:42 way it is coming in from Adamo Drive?

17:38:45 Is this thing going to be sitting on the railroad

17:38:46 track?

17:38:46 No.

17:38:50 I am just saying what I see is going to enhance

17:38:51 something.

17:38:54 Somebody has got to give something for this to be

17:38:55 enhanced.

17:38:59 Does the petitioner have the proper things to show us

17:39:03 that is going to be designed exactly how shown?

17:39:04 I don't know.

17:39:08 I can't tell you that; however, let me tell you about

17:39:09 Charlie Miranda.

17:39:11 If that petitioner showed me that photograph and

17:39:15 something is built there that doesn't quite meet that

17:39:19 standard, it doesn't have to be exact, he has a big x

17:39:23 by his name, that means he is down six members.

17:39:26 That is what I am saying.

17:39:29 I tried to take people at their face value, yourself

17:39:32 included, and I try to understand what we need and what

17:39:33 we don't need.

17:39:35 Is this good or bad?

17:39:37 I don't really know.

17:39:38 I will be sincere with you.

17:39:44 I can tell you that something has to happen in Adamo

17:39:45 Drive to.

17:39:46 >> You are something on.

17:39:50 In fact, I think the city -- this is on 50th.

17:39:53 The city goes east maybe another mile and a half, and

17:39:55 then you are in Brandon.

17:39:59 I think the city -- I mean -- ends at 66 or 68,

17:40:01 something around that area.

17:40:04 So what happens to the other side of Adamo Drive which

17:40:06 is highway 60?

17:40:09 It changes automatically completely again to a very,

17:40:12 very, very vibrant interest.

17:40:15 I remember when Brandon was nothing more than a

17:40:16 blinking light.

17:40:24 A bus line used to stop there Greyhound to pick up on

17:40:25 the way to Miami.

17:40:26 To pick up passengers.

17:40:29 It changed so much, some for the good, some for the not

17:40:33 so good I will be very, very sincere.

17:40:37 Now between this city and 20-something and Brandon, you

17:40:40 have a gap that is all industrial.

17:40:41 Is that bad?

17:40:41 Absolutely not.

17:40:45 I remember the feed store that used to be there where

17:40:47 they did their own milling on the left-hand side.

17:40:50 I think it was called Martino's.

17:40:53 They used to manufacture feed, bag it and sell it.

17:40:56 And it was good and vibrant, so what I am saying is

17:41:00 that's no longer there but something else there that

17:41:01 makes opportunities for employment.

17:41:04 And what I am saying is, I am just asking to myself and

17:41:07 my colleagues, how do you handle something like that

17:41:13 this looks so good to a corridor that doesn't look so

17:41:17 good and how do you mix it together to that you win,

17:41:21 the port win, somebody -- if the port is successful,

17:41:23 somebody is going to have to live somewhere, I don't

17:41:26 know if it is there or if it goes or transmits.

17:41:29 I don't know or if it is going to be in all that land

17:41:36 that we zoned residential, mixed use, some time back.

17:41:38 We are way ahead of ourselves, but sooner or later if I

17:41:41 remember the statistics, just came out in the paper the

17:41:42 other day.

17:41:46 Every minute, there is 159 more births than there are

17:41:47 deaths.

17:41:49 So somewhere along the lines, somewhere is going to

17:41:50 have to live somewhere.

17:41:54 But what I am saying is, you got to have a working

17:41:58 relationship so that something happens to everything

17:42:02 together.

17:42:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Capin.

17:42:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Chairman.

17:42:10 Please clarify the 200 feet.

17:42:13 It is now possible to build up 200 feet?

17:42:14 >>TONY GARCIA: No.

17:42:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Tell me.

17:42:16 Clear that for me.

17:42:18 >>TONY GARCIA: Not now.

17:42:18 Not now.

17:42:19 You do have caps.

17:42:22 All the Euclidian zoning districts that you currently

17:42:25 have in, you Land Development code all have caps with

17:42:29 the exception -- well, the lp 1 is a high one, 200

17:42:30 feet.

17:42:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

17:42:36 >>TONY GARCIA: If it goes to the op-1, 200 feet and a

17:42:39 significant height increase to go that way and also he

17:42:40 is suggest to any site plan.

17:42:43 He is going to have to meet code, okay.

17:42:46 But if he meets code, he may not be able to build what

17:42:48 he wants if he meets code.

17:42:51 He may have to come in for some waivers which is why we

17:42:54 are saying he could come in and do a PD under the

17:42:55 existing land use classification.

17:42:58 Not that we are not in favor of economic development.

17:43:04 It can be built today under the PD.

17:43:04 So it can be built.

17:43:08 We have no problem with that type of use there.

17:43:12 It is changing the land use category, which could set a

17:43:12 precedent.

17:43:15 Nothing to prevent someone else from coming adjacent to

17:43:17 that for the same thing because you would have set the

17:43:22 mark then.

17:43:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

17:43:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman.

17:43:27 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Garcia --

17:43:27 [Inaudible]

17:43:33 -- request any changes or modifications?

17:43:38 >>TONY GARCIA: Came in as a PD.

17:43:41 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Came in as a PD.

17:43:43 >>TONY GARCIA: The land use wasn't changed for IKEA,

17:43:47 it came for a land use prior to purchasing the site in

17:43:49 site has more with the land use classification also

17:43:53 have more entitlements, more building entitlements than

17:43:56 the IKEA site.

17:44:00 This 12.87-acre site will have more building

17:44:05 entitlements than the 29-acre IKEA site.

17:44:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Pressman, we need to --

17:44:13 >> Extremely short.

17:44:15 There is no interest on this parcel.

17:44:18 It has remained vacant.

17:44:20 He is trying to do something positive for it.

17:44:23 But again as Mr. Garcia just said, he is throwing at

17:44:26 you what I would call a campaign terms scare tactics.

17:44:29 He is throwing at you statistics of the maximum that

17:44:31 can be developed here which can never happen.

17:44:32 You have to have the parking.

17:44:33 You have to have the buffers.

17:44:35 All the development criteria.

17:44:38 This is the site that will come in under the city

17:44:39 development code.

17:44:42 Not to skirt rules or get around rules.

17:44:45 We are seeking to move the most positive way forward to

17:44:48 get something done on a site that is left vacant and

17:44:49 urban infill.

17:44:51 Thank you very much.

17:44:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close the public hearing.

17:44:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

17:44:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

17:45:00 All those in favor signify by saying aye.

17:45:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Move for this to be transmitted.

17:45:05 Which one?

17:45:10 >> Move to transmittal or move not to transmit.

17:45:13 >>GWEN MILLER: I move for transmittal.

17:45:14 >> Second.

17:45:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

17:45:18 Let me just say I am -- I am going -- for me, I have to

17:45:19 vote against it.

17:45:23 The reason being is because as I understand -- first

17:45:32 off, I developed a process 14 years ago.

17:45:34 At the county commission, when I hear Planning

17:45:37 Commission reject something, when I hear planning and

17:45:42 growth, and EPC rejects and Zoning Hearing Master,

17:45:44 which you don't have, I generally have issues with

17:45:45 that.

17:45:47 That is something that I adopted.

17:45:51 I am not talking about nobody else.

17:45:53 So it would have been two out of the three or something

17:45:57 like that supported it, then maybe different, but when

17:46:02 you have staff recommending against it, you have the

17:46:05 Planning Commission represented -- objecting to it.

17:46:06 You have the port objecting.

17:46:09 That just raise as flag to me.

17:46:14 Second issue for me what I am hearing staff say is can

17:46:18 be done on a PD versus changing the land category,

17:46:23 which may can never be revert back -- I think that is

17:46:25 what I am hearing from staff as well.

17:46:28 And would be setting a precedence.

17:46:30 I am concerned about it for that --

17:46:32 >>GWEN MILLER: For the city to say that we can do it.

17:46:35 Pointed out that the city is okay with it.

17:46:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

17:46:36 A motion.

17:46:38 All in favor signify --

17:46:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before the vote, if I may.

17:46:45 Even with PD and I am not here defending or protecting

17:46:47 one side or the other.

17:46:51 I have seen many, many PD that is we pass as a PD with

17:46:53 site control with a specific thing.

17:46:56 Guess what, a year later I sit back in the same chair

17:47:00 and I got back the same land owner with the same

17:47:04 representative saying I want to change from PD to PD

17:47:05 because times change.

17:47:07 Things happen.

17:47:12 And these are the things that are very hard to be on

17:47:16 this side of the dais and digest and come up with

17:47:17 things.

17:47:20 It is very easy to pass judgment, but it is hard to

17:47:21 fill these shoes.

17:47:23 Not mine.

17:47:25 Mine are small shoes.

17:47:26 Narrow.

17:47:28 But it is very hard to sit on this side of the dais

17:47:31 because everything is not alike.

17:47:34 I always say if you come back here twice, 100% of the

17:47:37 population is not going to like us because the first

17:47:39 time 50% don't like us and you come back the other 50%

17:47:42 don't like you and you are down to zero.

17:47:44 This is what this is all about.

17:47:47 It is just very difficult and very hard, and you try to

17:47:49 make changes and you are trying to make the city go

17:47:53 forward, and you got these things that are true, but, I

17:47:57 mean, we are getting close to Brandon, and Brandon is

17:48:01 nothing more that -- than something -- maybe a little

17:48:05 less than 200 feet, but 200 feet is 80 feet past second

17:48:08 base from home.

17:48:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

17:48:14 >> Mr. Chairman, not only with regard to this

17:48:16 particular transmittal hearing but with every

17:48:19 particular -- every other transmittal hearing that you

17:48:21 have tonight, just a quick review that really what you

17:48:24 are doing by moving to transmit this, you are sending

17:48:26 this to the Department of Community Affairs for their

17:48:27 review.

17:48:29 It still has to come back, and just like you have

17:48:32 tonight, you have first adoption public hearings and

17:48:34 then you have the second adoption public hearing.

17:48:37 A motion to not transmit would really have the effect

17:48:39 of a denial.

17:48:42 Those are your two items.

17:48:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Tallahassee may not.

17:48:50 So even if it goes to tall --

17:48:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Even if it comes back to Tallahassee,

17:48:58 we can still vote against this and this sort of thing.

17:48:58 >> Right.

17:48:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: With that.

17:49:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Make a motion.

17:49:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: If it is going to come back before us,

17:49:12 then.

17:49:14 If it is going to Tallahassee and send it back and then

17:49:17 we will have another hearing on this, I don't have an

17:49:21 issue about that, but sending forward for approval, and

17:49:23 it is not coming back to have any more discussions then

17:49:29 I have an issue.

17:49:30 >>JULIA COLE: Correct.

17:49:32 The process would be transmitting to the community of

17:49:33 affairs.

17:49:35 They will have an opportunity to hear what happened

17:49:38 here today and to see the reports out of staff.

17:49:39 They will look at it, look at it from a statutory

17:49:44 perspective, look at it from our comp plan perspective,

17:49:48 and they will issue a report as to their position as to

17:49:51 the appropriateness of the comp plan amendment, so when

17:49:55 it comes back to you, it will be for adoption and this

17:50:04 information will be part of your consideration.

17:50:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: For clarity, Mr. Garcia, I don't have

17:50:09 a problem with it being transmitted for input, but

17:50:14 when it comes back, unless there is a valid Atlanta is

17:50:19 presented to me, Mr. Pressman to change it, I am just

17:50:20 telling you where I am.

17:50:22 I just wanted to be clear.

17:50:25 >> Just to know that a motion to not transmit -- if

17:50:28 that is truly the sentiment of Council, what it does is

17:50:33 in effect stops the process right then and there and

17:50:35 you don't have the staff time or community affairs

17:50:36 review.

17:50:40 All that favor signify by saying aye.

17:50:41 Opposes.

17:50:44 >> Motion carries with Mulhern being absent.

17:50:46 >> Thank you, I appreciate it.

17:50:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 2.

17:50:58 >>TONY GARCIA: Okay, we are going to juggle a little

17:51:00 bit and go into the adoption.

17:51:02 >> They have to open the hearing.

17:51:04 >>TONY GARCIA: You opened all the hearings?

17:51:14 >>GWEN MILLER: We opened all the hearings.

17:51:17 >>TONY GARCIA: This will be a much more kindler

17:51:18 version --

17:51:19 [ Laughter ]

17:51:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I certainly hope so.

17:51:25 >>TONY GARCIA: I wish I could say the same for you,

17:51:26 Mr. Miranda.

17:51:29 What you have before you now -- we are going to combine

17:51:31 the two plan amendments for Seminole Heights.

17:51:32 The Seminole Heights Vision Plan.

17:51:37 Also known as comp plan amendment 09-07 and 08.

17:51:40 The greater Seminole Heights Vision Plan which will

17:51:42 consistent of a Vision Plan worked on in great detail

17:51:46 by the City of Tampa staff, and creating objectives and

17:51:49 policies, and the second part will be the land use

17:51:52 changes that will be needed to go ahead and completely

17:51:55 implement the Vision Plan.

17:51:58 The general location of the site as you can see as it

17:52:03 bifurcates a couple of major thoroughfares,

17:52:08 Hillsborough Avenue, MLK, I-275, Sligh Avenue which is

17:52:11 not shown in this general location map.

17:52:14 Seminole Heights as we all know was at that point in

17:52:17 time way back in the days when you see the black and

17:52:21 white photos were the suburbs of Tampa and was one of

17:52:22 Tampa's urban neighborhoods.

17:52:25 You see this famous water tower out here.

17:52:27 Famous for bung ga low homes.

17:52:32 Famous for being one of the major corridors.

17:52:36 Had all these little mom and pop places.

17:52:37 The neighborhood gas station.

17:52:43 The linoleum store and a variety of motel, hotels and a

17:52:45 proliferation of those.

17:52:49 But, of course, this is really the bread and butter and

17:52:52 the pride for the residents and people that do have

17:52:55 their businesses in Seminole Heights.

17:52:59 Lovely bungalows.

17:53:03 Architecture styles, a variety of different housing

17:53:06 styles that gives it that down-home feeling.

17:53:08 To let you know the Seminole Heights plan went through

17:53:11 about two years of public participation.

17:53:12 It was truly a labor of love between all the

17:53:16 stakeholder in Seminole Heights and the City of Tampa

17:53:18 staff and the Planning Commission in developing and

17:53:21 constructing this plan.

17:53:25 As I told you, the first part of the request is pa

17:53:31 09-07 the Seminole Heights Vision Plan, objectives,

17:53:33 goals and policies relating to the concepts of the

17:53:34 plan.

17:53:37 The plan will be building community planning through

17:53:38 codes.

17:53:40 Request is to change approximately for the second part

17:53:46 which is pa 09-08 the map segment.

17:53:49 To change approximately 193 acres within the greater

17:53:55 Seminole Heights from Residential-10 to Residential-20,

17:54:00 Suburban Mixed Use 6, public/semi public to community

17:54:03 Commercial-35, community mixed use-35 and

17:54:06 Residential-20 and Residential-35.

17:54:08 For land use classifications in the greater Seminole

17:54:12 Heights area and that will attract along the major

17:54:13 corridors.

17:54:16 That being said you need to know that 90% of all the

17:54:18 changes being made or proposed from the land use

17:54:19 changes are along all the major Commercial

17:54:22 thoroughfares that are within the Seminole Heights

17:54:25 neighborhood associations.

17:54:28 With that being said, the within we are locating more

17:54:31 density potential along the corridors is to allow the

17:54:34 second half of this to occur to protect and capitalize

17:54:37 on the character of single-family residences in the

17:54:40 area, with the least amount of change and also one of

17:54:41 their greatest assets.

17:54:44 So we will be preserving residential by trying to

17:54:47 redirect some residential into greater potentials along

17:54:51 the major corridors, therefore preserving the

17:54:53 residential integrity and character of the greater

17:54:55 Seminole Heights area.

17:54:57 Some of the planning issues we had to deal with, what

17:54:59 is the mobility, because we have residential and park

17:55:02 and major thoroughfares.

17:55:08 We know major safety issues along the thoroughfares,

17:55:10 connectivity and the compatibility.

17:55:13 A lot of different ownerships, a lot of small different

17:55:16 properties and when you go from Commercial off these

17:55:18 roads, right down into residential.

17:55:20 So the transition is very, very brief so we are going

17:55:23 to go ahead and give an opportunity for some businesses

17:55:27 to come in and have that opportunity to expand in a

17:55:29 very powerful and considerable way while not really

17:55:32 encroaching on the residential integrity of the

17:55:37 neighborhood.

17:55:38 In purple over here is the greater Seminole Heights

17:55:42 area in Tampa's urban form.

17:55:44 Along the northern part of the southern Tampa district

17:55:46 which I told you is one of the three districts of the

17:55:48 five districts that you have in the city that offers

17:55:51 the most opportunities for growth, development and job

17:55:52 potential.

17:55:56 This is consistent with the strategy one in your

17:55:58 comprehensive plan that talks about the district, the

17:56:00 central Tampa district is the hub of the region's

17:56:02 economic and government center.

17:56:06 It also supports a strategy two, which talks about

17:56:07 strengthening Our diverse neighborhoods.

17:56:11 A lovely bungalow home and lovely mixed use project

17:56:13 which is on the corner of one of the major

17:56:15 thoroughfares in Seminole Heights.

17:56:17 Neighborhoods are united because microcosms larger

17:56:22 communities and building on our assets.

17:56:24 Historic districts from in the Seminole Heights area

17:56:29 and a wonderful tree can know me which is symbolic --

17:56:34 canopy which is symbolic of Tampa heights and Seminole

17:56:37 Heights, and west Tampa I might add too.

17:56:40 And a fourth strategy talks about growing economic

17:56:43 prosperity to give people the opportunity to take

17:56:46 buildings like this which are underutilized and

17:56:48 blighted and potentially try to turn them into

17:56:50 something like this which is productive, provides more

17:56:53 of a higher economic base for the tax base for the City

17:56:57 of Tampa and provides vertically integrated uses that

17:56:59 are aesthetically pleasing.

17:57:01 Basically comprised of the three neighborhood

17:57:03 associations.

17:57:06 Hillsborough River to the west and to the north, 22nd

17:57:09 street to the east, 15th street and west, Martin Luther

17:57:12 King, Jr. -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to

17:57:13 the South.

17:57:15 Current future land use classification.

17:57:18 The predominant land uses here in this orange corridor.

17:57:20 That's a all residential.

17:57:20 Residential-10.

17:57:23 Here is the interstate which pretty much splits the

17:57:26 Seminole Heights neighborhood in half.

17:57:30 Right over here that you can see vaguely represents the

17:57:34 major corridors that go through Seminole Heights, right

17:57:36 through the neighborhoods and the intersection of

17:57:38 Florida Avenue, Nebraska Avenue, and Hillsborough

17:57:40 Avenue.

17:57:42 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to the South, the

17:57:43 southern periphery.

17:57:48 What we are showing you now here the 193 acres and how

17:57:49 they have been redirected.

17:57:52 The overlay that goes over it to show you that the

17:57:54 majority of the uses that have been changed are

17:57:59 primarily along the major thorough fares along 22nd,

17:58:01 along Florida, along Nebraska, along Hillsborough

17:58:04 Avenue, along all the major east-west corridors to

17:58:07 provide a more effective and efficient way of

17:58:10 developing property and to provide hopefully a walkable

17:58:13 environment for people to go ahead and get the uses --

17:58:17 to go ahead and patronize uses that could be developed

17:58:20 in the future so that the people can patronize in the

17:58:20 future.

17:58:22 As far as the agencies reviews that we have received,

17:58:24 we have reviewed reviews from the City of Tampa School

17:58:29 Board, the EPC, Metropolitan Planning Organization, the

17:58:33 DCA -- the DCA had one comment needed us to change the

17:58:36 verbiage for one of the policies and pretty much about

17:58:36 it.

17:58:38 Found it consistent as far as state law is concerned

17:58:40 and the Tampa Comprehensive Plan.

17:58:43 It was consistent with these policies to talk about

17:58:45 building sustainable neighborhoods through community

17:58:45 planning.

17:58:48 And, of course, consistent with the Growth Management

17:58:52 solution which talks about creating distinctive and

17:58:54 memorable places and supporting the urban village

17:58:58 concept which is what this is, Seminole Heights is, and

17:59:00 mixed use corridor village what Florida and Nebraska

17:59:02 and Hillsborough Avenues are.

17:59:04 The recommendation that we have for you, and we are now

17:59:09 at the very end of the light of the tunnel after about

17:59:11 two and a half years of going through this.

17:59:14 We are proud to present to you for your consideration

17:59:20 for adoption the first community plan for a major

17:59:24 neighborhood in form-based zoning which will eventually

17:59:25 come forward.

17:59:27 With that I conclude my presentation, and I'm available

17:59:31 for any questions that the Council may have of me.

17:59:33 And will follow me.

17:59:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?

17:59:37 Okay.

17:59:40 Congratulations.

17:59:44 >> Good evening, Council, Catherine Coyle, Land

17:59:44 Development.

17:59:48 I just have a couple cleanup items really quickly.

17:59:52 I did -- I reviewed the legal description today before

17:59:55 we came to this hearing, and I noticed just a couple of

18:00:01 minor errors with four of the -- four -- minor errors

18:00:03 when they went through four of the properties.

18:00:05 They recommended four changes to properties that were

18:00:08 already on the list, and in the legal description, it

18:00:11 was put under the wrong subheader so I had to change

18:00:11 that.

18:00:17 I do have that for the Clerk.

18:00:23 the second item, if you remember through the

18:00:24 transmittal hearing.

18:00:36 I went through a list which I will give you copies I

18:00:39 went through a list of parcels that were omitted or

18:00:42 amended from the original request based on the public

18:00:46 hearing or the change recommended by staff.

18:00:49 Initially on page 1, you will see there are some

18:00:51 parcels listed, omitted by staff.

18:00:54 There are a number of parcels that were removed or

18:00:57 change through the Planning Commission recommendation

18:00:58 hearing.

18:01:01 If you flip over to page 2, architectural review

18:01:04 recommendations for changes, and in your transmittal

18:01:07 hearing back in March, also additional parcels that

18:01:09 were either changed or omitted.

18:01:11 That came at the request of the actual property owner

18:01:15 that either didn't want to be changed or an affected

18:01:17 adjacent property owner.

18:01:20 I bring that up because I received correspondence from

18:01:22 a David Barry.

18:01:24 He resides on Duncan.

18:01:26 He owns several properties on Duncan.

18:01:32 And just for the record, I do have a large --

18:01:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The one close to Hillsborough

18:01:35 Avenue?

18:01:39 >> I am sorry?

18:01:42 West of Florida Avenue behind the pioneer Cleaners.

18:01:44 If you look here, these are the properties along

18:01:45 Duncan.

18:01:47 These are the properties -- they show in black right

18:01:47 here.

18:01:51 This line of property needs to be changed and this

18:01:52 block to be changed.

18:01:55 I received correspondence from him -- I believe he owns

18:01:58 five or six parcels immediately adjacent to both sites

18:02:02 and he did apparently speak to neighbors who own

18:02:02 properties.

18:02:03 They are opposed to these changing.

18:02:07 They would like them to remain to Residential-10 and

18:02:10 will not like them to change to the community mixed 35

18:02:12 that have proposed.

18:02:15 As stated in the other hearings as staff, as the

18:02:17 petitioner potentially initiating in amendment, we

18:02:20 don't have any objections of those kind of omissions or

18:02:20 changes.

18:02:24 I would like to preface for the record with -- with

18:02:27 this type of that is shown here, it is not an immediate

18:02:29 change to Commercial development allowed to be

18:02:32 permitted because the property is zoned residentially

18:02:33 today.

18:02:37 It would be a required rezoning to follow up.

18:02:41 So there would be additional public hearings even if

18:02:43 the plan amendment was to go forward on these parcels

18:02:47 but if Council wants to remove them that's fine.

18:02:49 I can lift them for the record and between first and

18:02:52 second reading I could amend the legal description

18:02:53 again.

18:02:55 The only request I had over the last four months for

18:02:55 any changes.

18:02:57 And with that, if you have any questions, I am

18:02:58 available.

18:02:59 It has been a very long process.

18:03:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Both parcels remain R-10.

18:03:07 >> To remove R-10, yes.

18:03:10 If you would like to do so, you would motion for me to

18:03:13 remove those and I would lift them for the record.

18:03:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have to take public comment.

18:03:16 Any other questions?

18:03:16 Okay.

18:03:17 We will hear from the public.

18:03:21 Anyone from the public wish to address Council on item

18:03:21 2?

18:03:23 No one from the public?

18:03:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

18:03:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

18:03:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:03:29 Take a motion first --

18:03:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Chairman I move that we omit those

18:03:35 -- Duncan from the transmittal.

18:03:38 Duncan -- Duncan?

18:03:39 >> Yes.

18:03:40 Is there a second.

18:03:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Does that satisfied everything.

18:03:45 >> She made a motion to remove them?

18:03:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

18:03:49 >> It needs be too full Council motion.

18:03:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Between first and second.

18:03:54 >> I need an affirmative action.

18:03:57 >> She is looking for a second.

18:04:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You got five seconds.

18:04:02 >> That's it.

18:04:02 All right.

18:04:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It has been moved and seconded those

18:04:08 properties as identified by Cathy Coyle, that they be

18:04:08 removed.

18:04:12 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:04:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I also want to say that I thank

18:04:16 everybody who -- two and a half years seems like a

18:04:19 short time when you look at it with the history, but

18:04:22 these folks work three years or four years or five

18:04:25 years, six years or ten years, they have done an

18:04:28 outstanding job and agreeing and disagreeing and

18:04:31 agreeing and it is agreeing they come up with a plan

18:04:33 that I would like to see in west Tampa also.

18:04:36 Something that looks really nice.

18:04:40 And very powerful.

18:04:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Chairman, I make a motion --

18:04:46 >> This is an adoption.

18:04:50 Prior to reading that, I would like to list the folios

18:04:51 for the record.

18:04:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: She wants to read something.

18:04:55 >> I need to read the folio numbers really quickly.

18:05:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Move an ordinance amending the Tampa

18:05:35 Comprehensive Plan and goals, objectives and policies

18:05:37 relating to the greater Seminole Heights Vision Plan

18:05:41 provided for the repeal of all ordinance and conflict,

18:05:44 providing for severability, providing an effective

18:05:45 date.

18:05:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I agree with Mr. Miranda, I agree to

18:05:51 compliment the staff and the community and all those

18:05:52 who participated.

18:05:54 A number years -- several years ago I was involved in

18:05:57 community-based planning through the county.

18:06:00 I was initiated and throughout the county went through

18:06:06 establishing community-based planning, and so now the

18:06:09 city is moving through that process and this is our

18:06:10 first one.

18:06:14 So congratulations Seminole Heights and to the staff

18:06:17 that was so much involved with the process and even

18:06:20 that it took two years with the whole process.

18:06:22 Took a year and a half to two years I understand.

18:06:29 A lot of community meetings, a lot of input from the

18:06:31 residents from the community.

18:06:32 Moved and seconded.

18:06:34 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:06:35 Opposed.

18:06:39 >> Motion carried with Mulhern being absent.

18:06:41 Second reading August 26 at 9:30 A.M.

18:06:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:06:45 >> Also number 3, related --

18:06:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Two and three.

18:06:49 >> You have another ordinance for number 3.

18:06:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Number 3.

18:07:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Kathy, on these here do we have any

18:07:01 folio numbers.

18:07:05 Mr. Chairman move an amendment amending the Tampa

18:07:07 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Element, Future Land

18:07:10 Use Map for the properties located in the general

18:07:15 vicinity of Hillsborough River to the north and west,

18:07:18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to the South, and

18:07:21 north 15th street, Hillsborough Avenue and north 22nd

18:07:25 street to the east in the Seminole Heights area

18:07:29 providing for repeal of all ordinances and conflict.

18:07:30 Providing for severability.

18:07:32 Providing an effective date.

18:07:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A second.

18:07:35 >> Second.

18:07:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:07:38 All those in favor signify by saying aye.

18:07:39 Opposed.

18:07:44 >> Motion carries with Mulhern being absent.

18:07:46 August 26 at 9:30 a.m.

18:07:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 4 and 8.

18:08:00 >> Good evening, my name is Allison Yates.

18:08:02 I am also with the Planning Commission staff.

18:08:05 And I am here to present to you the Tampa Green Tech

18:08:09 Corridor.

18:08:16 Items 4 and 8 are combined text-map amendments.

18:08:19 Request to add an Economic Development Overlay

18:08:20 corridor.

18:08:23 The site is 648 acres and a little bit of history on

18:08:28 the site, during World War II, it was Henderson Air

18:08:28 Field.

18:08:35 Auxiliary training field for MacDill Air Field.

18:08:37 In the '50s, the site went from that to an industrial

18:08:40 development starting with the development.

18:08:43 So the site is bounded by that red line you see with

18:08:46 Fowler Avenue being the northern boundary with a little

18:08:49 bit of extension into the University research area.

18:08:52 The west end boundary is 30th Street.

18:08:59 And southern boundary is -- white way, 118th street

18:09:03 with the western edge being 46th, 48th, and 50th

18:09:04 Street.

18:09:10 This was a initiated amendment, text and map amendment.

18:09:13 A little bit of context about this amendment.

18:09:16 Began with i-4 Green Tech Corridor study.

18:09:20 The corridor study looked to provide economic long-term

18:09:27 economic policy and environmental responsibility a way

18:09:33 to create sustainable environment with jobs.

18:09:37 And put those toward target industries such as

18:09:40 research, administration.

18:09:43 This particular 640-acre overlay was projected that

18:09:47 1,000 jobs be created generating $50 million in revenue

18:09:53 for the city.

18:09:57 This map of the i-4 Green Tech Corridor study area and

18:09:59 providing just to give you a little geographic context

18:10:04 of where the Tampa portion is, you see the Tampa

18:10:14 portion is the far left corner at the end of the

18:10:15 corridor.

18:10:17 This area -- primarily in the blue area is located in

18:10:21 the city's University district which is about ten miles

18:10:23 from downtown Tampa, and it is really an interesting

18:10:26 area, because it has museum of science and industry.

18:10:28 It is home to the University of South Florida.

18:10:31 There are four regional hospitals there.

18:10:33 There are small businesses and residential development.

18:10:38 It really is a high concentration of human capital

18:10:39 there.

18:10:43 Intellectual researchers and economic.

18:10:47 So an area that is ripe for Economic Development

18:10:51 Overlay and has an added bonus of having a potential

18:10:53 light rail corridor going through this district with a

18:10:58 potential site on 30th Street.

18:11:04 So as I said earlier, the effect of this overlay will

18:11:09 be to encourage redevelopment attract target industries

18:11:12 to this primary employment center.

18:11:14 One of three prime employment centers in the city and

18:11:16 none of the existing land use categories will change

18:11:20 for all the existing entitlements that would be in

18:11:21 place.

18:11:28 Would you have permit-ready developable sites wells

18:11:29 investment criteria.

18:11:31 Two types of development that would be allowed in this

18:11:32 overlay.

18:11:36 The first is a transit-oriented development employment

18:11:39 center. And this is a relatively high intensity

18:11:42 development within close proximity or walking distance

18:11:43 of transit.

18:11:46 It would support research and office and there would be

18:11:52 secondary retail and residential for this area also.

18:11:57 So the F.A.R. Intensities would be .6 to .25.

18:12:00 Residential would be 12 to 24 units per acre.

18:12:03 As I said earlier, they have to be located adjacent to

18:12:08 -- or very close to a transit station or a bus route or

18:12:10 transit station.

18:12:12 The other type of development that would be suitable

18:12:15 for this area and allowed is the Corporate park.

18:12:19 And that is typically run by a single entity -- managed

18:12:27 by a single entity and spaces for office and directed

18:12:30 at target industries, finance and administration and

18:12:32 limited retail, restaurants.

18:12:36 .7 to .25, and these employment centers you typically

18:12:46 see the higher end toward .25.

18:12:49 Just a quick look at the existing land use map here.

18:12:54 You see there is -- there is -- the light gray is light

18:12:55 industrial.

18:12:56 That is the predominant land use.

18:12:58 152 acres of that.

18:12:59 There is some Heavy Industrial.

18:13:00 62 acres.

18:13:04 There is also some multifamily units, and about 40

18:13:06 acres of vacant land.

18:13:12 Just to compare that to the existing future land use

18:13:14 categories there, it is mostly dark, Heavy Industrial

18:13:19 with kind of light area that you see is Community Mixed

18:13:22 Use-35 which is currently all developed as residential.

18:13:26 And there is also about 25 acre of vacant lands at the

18:13:32 University of Florida research foundation.

18:13:37 So when we looked at this, we thought that this overlay

18:13:44 would -- policies for urban form and create sufficient

18:13:46 infrastructure.

18:13:48 You have jobs, redevelopment.

18:13:51 What is really underutilized property and providing

18:13:55 kind of a competitive edge over an area that is really

18:14:00 has -- it is an epicenter of intellectual capital so

18:14:05 providing a little edge by having an overlay, a green

18:14:07 tech overlay there.

18:14:11 Essential you have a place with the people which is

18:14:14 intellectual capital and good location with potential

18:14:15 for job generation.

18:14:18 It could potentially serve as a model for other

18:14:23 jurisdictions both in the city and the county.

18:14:27 We analyze this overlay for consistency with the

18:14:29 comprehensive plan, and one of the aspects of the

18:14:30 comprehensive plan.

18:14:32 You see the policies before you is to have a livable

18:14:37 city, and developing, for instance, the development,

18:14:42 this area would offer a great opportunity creating

18:14:46 jobs, and you are creating a lifestyle there with jobs,

18:14:51 employment, housing, and Transportation options, so it

18:14:54 is very consistent with chapter 1.

18:14:59 This area also happens to be a mixed use corridor, so

18:15:03 -- with which is an area where you look at a mixed use

18:15:07 corridor as a road area you might be able to transform

18:15:11 from just a roadway to an area that generates jobs and

18:15:15 -- that generates Gods and a mixture of Transportation

18:15:15 options.

18:15:21 So this is also consistent with chapter 3.

18:15:23 Another -- another aspect of the overlay that is

18:15:26 important to note is that it recognizes the importance

18:15:33 of industrial land, key economic generators in the

18:15:34 area.

18:15:38 But not just that, because converts industrial land

18:15:40 into spaces and business incubators which is what this

18:15:42 area does.

18:15:45 We have the University of South Florida.

18:15:46 You have University of South Florida research

18:15:49 foundation, so it is already happening just adding the

18:15:55 overlay helps enhance that.

18:15:59 Finally, in addition to providing permit-ready sites

18:16:05 that are easy to step into, this Green Tech Corridor

18:16:09 overlay looks to have land use policies coupled with

18:16:12 environmental policies which is consistent with Tampa

18:16:15 Comprehensive Plan desire to encourage energy and

18:16:21 resource conservation.

18:16:24 After reviewing these findings, the Planning Commission

18:16:27 did recommend that staff transmit this plan amendment

18:16:29 to the Tampa City Council.

18:16:31 Thank you, that concludes our presentation.

18:16:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?

18:16:44 Any questions?

18:16:47 Anyone from the public -- guess anyone from the public

18:16:52 who wishes to address?

18:16:57 Petitioner -- is there a petitioner?

18:16:58 >> This is --

18:17:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Initiated --

18:17:01 >> A transmitted public hearing.

18:17:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close the public hearing.

18:17:06 >> They have to be transmitted separately.

18:17:09 >> Pardon -- the motion would be to --

18:17:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:17:12 Opposed.

18:17:14 Need a motion to transmit.

18:17:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Make a motion to -- I can make a motion

18:17:19 to transmit 4 and 8.

18:17:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:17:26 Seconded by Councilman Caetano.

18:17:31 Those in favor signify aye.

18:17:34 >> Motion is carried with Miranda being absent ant

18:17:36 voted a Mulhern.

18:17:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Go back to item 3.

18:17:40 My understanding that the ordinance did not contain the

18:17:42 accurate legal description.

18:17:44 Is that right.

18:17:46 >> Unfortunately,the ordinance that I transmitted to

18:17:49 you this afternoon did not contain the uses.

18:17:51 They are fully contained in the ordinance within the

18:18:02 body but not in the title so as to avoid technicality

18:18:03 later.

18:18:05 When we get to the end -- you can read it directly from

18:18:08 the agenda.

18:18:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: If someone would move and read it from

18:18:13 the -- from the agenda.

18:18:16 Eye them in 3.

18:18:17 >> The ordinance.

18:18:20 Instead of amendment, can you just say ordinance.

18:18:24 Adopt the public hearing on an ordinance is the way it

18:18:26 would read.

18:18:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the motion.

18:18:32 >>GWEN MILLER: I said an ordinance, the agenda said an

18:18:33 ordinance.

18:18:34 >>JULIA COLE: It did.

18:18:37 What happened was unfortunately when I did the title I

18:18:40 cut off the ordinance title prior to listing out the

18:18:41 uses.

18:18:44 So it failed to include the uses when we read the

18:18:45 title.

18:18:52 I am just asking for to you read it again.

18:18:58 >>GWEN MILLER: So this amended ordinance on amendment

18:19:00 to the Tampa Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use

18:19:02 Element, Future Land Use Map for the property located

18:19:06 in the general vicinity of the Hillsborough River to

18:19:08 the north and west, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

18:19:11 to the South, and north 15th street, Hillsborough

18:19:13 Avenue, and north 22nd street to the east in the

18:19:16 Seminole Heights area from Residential-10,

18:19:21 Residential-20, Suburban Mixed Use 6, and public/semi

18:19:24 public to community Commercial 35, Community Mixed

18:19:27 Use-35, Residential-20, and Residential-35.

18:19:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:19:31 Seconded by Councilman Stokes.

18:19:33 Those in favor signify by saying aye.

18:19:34 Opposed.

18:19:35 >> Thank you, Council.

18:19:38 >> Motion carried with Mulhern being absent and Miranda

18:19:40 being absent.

18:19:44 Second reading August 26 at 9:30 A.M.

18:19:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 5.

18:19:49 >>ROSE PETRUCIA: Good evening, Council.

18:19:54 Petrucia, Planning Commission staff.

18:19:59 Plan amendment 10.

18:20:01 A development was developed for all four comprehensive

18:20:06 plans that being Temple Terrace, Tampa and

18:20:08 unincorporated Hillsborough County.

18:20:10 Text amendments to policies of each of these

18:20:12 comprehensive plans have been requested to look at the

18:20:16 timing of the update of the student generation rates

18:20:18 for Hillsborough County public schools.

18:20:21 For Tampa, this text amendment would revise one

18:20:24 particular policy within the Public School Facilities

18:20:30 Element, policy 36.1.3 which currently required the

18:20:34 updating to be reviewed every two years.

18:20:41 In effect, the amendment would allow the flexibility to

18:20:45 utilize the current census information to examine the

18:20:48 data for the student generation rate as opposed to

18:20:52 proceeding in an earlier time frame.

18:20:55 Currently the student generation rate is based on the

18:20:58 2000 census data, and this amendment would allow the

18:21:02 ability to use the 2010 census data for review of that

18:21:03 particular amendment.

18:21:05 This is more of a technical amendment.

18:21:08 It is just cleaning up some of the language.

18:21:12 The Planning Commission did review this on June 28, and

18:21:13 recommended approval.

18:21:17 And, a again, this public hearing is for purposes of

18:21:18 transmittal to the state.

18:21:19 Thank you.

18:21:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:21:20 Any questions.

18:21:23 Anyone from the public wish to address Council on item

18:21:23 5?

18:21:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

18:21:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:21:29 Opposed.

18:21:31 Motion to transmit.

18:21:33 >>GWEN MILLER: I make a motion to transmit item number

18:21:34 5.

18:21:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

18:21:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:21:40 Second by Councilwoman capin.

18:21:43 All in favor signify by aye.

18:21:47 >> Motion carries with Mulhern being absent and Miranda

18:21:49 being absent at rote.

18:21:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: item number 6.

18:21:57 >>ROSE PETRUCIA: Rose Petrucia, Planning Commission

18:21:57 staff.

18:21:59 This was issued by the City of Tampa.

18:22:02 There is a Transportation concurrency exception area

18:22:06 for the city and it lies and affects the area the city

18:22:12 South of Fletcher Avenue the Florida legislature passed

18:22:16 Senate Bill 360 last year in 2009 which among other

18:22:19 things established criteria for dense urban land areas

18:22:23 which would exempt areas from requirement of state

18:22:25 mandated Transportation concurrency.

18:22:28 The City of Tampa as part of this amendment is looking

18:22:33 to expand the Transportation concurrency area to

18:22:34 include the entire City of Tampa.

18:22:38 Additionally, this amendment is also looking at

18:22:41 including some additional policies to the Mobility

18:22:46 Element to really look at strategies for encouraging

18:22:50 and enhancing mobility options for the city.

18:22:54 In addition, there is a policy change to some of the

18:22:55 capital improvement elements.

18:23:00 Again, to be more consistent with mobility options.

18:23:04 City of -- the Planning Commission did review this

18:23:07 amendment June 28 and recommended approval and found it

18:23:10 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

18:23:17 Randy Goers was instrumental in carrying this

18:23:19 particular amendment and I believe he may want to say

18:23:21 some things recording this as well.

18:23:22 Thank you.

18:23:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:23:28 >> City Land Development Coordination.

18:23:31 We are responding to two requirements of the state law

18:23:32 when it was passed.

18:23:36 One of them was, Senate Bill 360 designated the City of

18:23:41 Tampa as a dense urban land area nicknamed DULA for the

18:23:45 acronyms and then those dense urban land areas for the

18:23:49 state mandated requirements of concurrency.

18:23:51 With this plan amendment, what we are doing is

18:23:56 recognizing that change in law by extending the

18:23:58 Transportation concurrency exception areas to the

18:24:00 entire city limits.

18:24:04 That basically extended extend up to new Tampa.

18:24:07 All but 40 acres of new Tampa are already regulated

18:24:15 under existing DRIs, development agreements or zonings.

18:24:18 We put a policy in the plan that those agreements stay

18:24:22 in effect unless they are mutually agreed upon with the

18:24:22 change.

18:24:24 All of the requirements approved with the development

18:24:27 that is there stay in effect and won't change unless

18:24:30 the city and the developer agree to make those changes.

18:24:34 So only affecting approximately, I think last year I

18:24:38 think it is about 300 acres in the -- in the city.

18:24:42 There is -- there is a 40-acre site within new Tampa I

18:24:46 think along Bruce B. downs and the 300 acres that we

18:24:50 annexed a couple of years ago that will be affected by

18:24:53 this plan amendment.

18:24:55 Will be regulated by the procedures that we are putting

18:24:59 in place, which have come before Council in our

18:25:02 workshops that will then be adopted after this plan

18:25:04 amendment, the second part of the requirement was to

18:25:08 demonstrate that we had a plan to fund and plan for

18:25:09 mobility.

18:25:13 All local governments have to submit that for a

18:25:16 strategy for a mobility by 2012, I believe.

18:25:19 The long-range Transportation plan that the MPO

18:25:21 finished has recently been approved.

18:25:25 Our comp plan has recently been updated, so we are

18:25:28 moving forward to bringing those -- the mobility

18:25:30 strategy into our plan.

18:25:33 So basically we are saying we are recognizing the MPO's

18:25:38 Long-Range Transportation Plan as the -- the city's

18:25:40 Long-Range Transportation Plan and we have put policies

18:25:44 in the capital improvements to begin looking toward

18:25:46 funding that implementation of the plan.

18:25:49 Basically those are the requirements of the plan

18:25:50 amendment.

18:25:52 There is a lot of material here that is mostly

18:25:54 documentation to the state that we do have the plan in

18:25:56 place that there are strategies in place.

18:25:59 I think we are change being 15 different policies.

18:26:03 One of them extending the TCA, the rest about

18:26:06 coordination and implementation of the MPO's long-range

18:26:07 plan.

18:26:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?

18:26:11 Flint public wish to address Council?

18:26:12 Anyone from the public?

18:26:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to close.

18:26:15 >> Second.

18:26:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:26:18 Need a motion to transmit.

18:26:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to transmit.

18:26:22 >> Second.

18:26:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:26:29 Seconded by Councilman Caetano.

18:26:34 >> Motion carries with Mulhern and Miranda being absent

18:26:35 at vote.

18:26:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Take up item 7 and 9.

18:26:44 40th Street Corridor Community Vision Plan.

18:26:46 >>TONY GARCIA: Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of

18:26:49 Council, Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff, one

18:26:51 more time this evening.

18:26:53 The final couple of plan amendments for you for your

18:26:56 transmit appear.

18:26:58 A pretty good time.

18:27:01 What we have before you are two plan amendments, a text

18:27:02 amendment and a plan amendment.

18:27:03 I know you like that.

18:27:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Oh, yeah.

18:27:07 Almost on target.

18:27:07 [Laughter]

18:27:12 >>TONY GARCIA: Way ahead of schedule.

18:27:12 [Laughter]

18:27:17 Pa 10-10 and 11, the 40th street Vision Plan.

18:27:23 This is part of the Tampa March 2010 cycle of the Tampa

18:27:27 pa 10-10 is the planning area that will basically be

18:27:29 the text amendment and similar things.

18:27:33 This is the next one right after we did the Seminole

18:27:36 Heights, but this still has to be transmitted to the

18:27:38 state for a regional review.

18:27:40 Here is the general location of this particular site

18:27:40 for you.

18:27:43 Street is going to be north of Hillsborough Avenue.

18:27:45 It is going to go all the way up to Busch.

18:27:48 So I will show you a couple of maps on that.

18:27:55 Anyway, first part, PA 10-10, the Vision Plan, the

18:27:59 document is located in the University district and part

18:28:01 of the form-based community planning evident.

18:28:04 Again to create the objectives and policies to capture

18:28:11 the essence of the Vision Plan.

18:28:13 Here a boundary that shows you basically the planning

18:28:17 area used, Busch Boulevard the north, 22nd street to

18:28:19 the west, Hillsborough Avenue to the South.

18:28:21 And then we have the City of Tampa boundaries right

18:28:23 over here.

18:28:27 And 43rd street right there.

18:28:30 I have to take my glasses off to read it.

18:28:32 Again -- let me go back real quick.

18:28:33 What is interesting about this again the Hillsborough

18:28:37 River factors here just like it did with the Seminole

18:28:38 Heights one.

18:28:46 Can't get that -- one of our best access.

18:28:47 Right?

18:28:49 Anyway, I want to briefly tell you and give you the

18:28:52 vision statement essence so you can see how we crafted

18:28:56 the policies, the vision statement talks about building

18:28:59 a safe, neighborhood that provides with a sense of

18:28:59 place.

18:29:03 The focus on pedestrians as a priority to provide

18:29:06 adequate sidewalks, bicycle lines and traffic-calming

18:29:08 methods.

18:29:11 Supports surround neighborhoods at a scale appropriate

18:29:12 for the surrounding area.

18:29:15 We know 40th street has been widened.

18:29:17 Some Commercial properties that were actually there,

18:29:20 and now this going to get Commercial entitlements back

18:29:23 to these properties and hopefully come back and be more

18:29:24 revitalized.

18:29:28 This is to protect and enhance the single-family area

18:29:32 which I want to show you the land use map, the

18:29:36 principles to.

18:29:40 Improve the street lighting on the major corridors,

18:29:43 develop a variety of traffic-calming designs and you

18:29:46 will have traffic circles for traffic calming that will

18:29:49 be complimentary for the overall planning vision and

18:29:51 the promotion of clean design standards into the

18:29:54 form-based code when it comes up and ensure adequate

18:29:57 buffering and protection to those residential uses that

18:30:01 are immediately adjacent to 40th street and the

18:30:01 Commercial properties.

18:30:04 This is the second half.

18:30:09 Tampa Comprehensive Plan amendment pa 10-11.

18:30:11 The land use changes we are going to do.

18:30:13 A lot more modest than Seminole Heights.

18:30:17 To change the Future Land Use Map designation for 33.34

18:30:20 acres of land within the street planning areas.

18:30:22 We have three designations.

18:30:25 Residential-10, Residential-20, and Residential-35, and

18:30:28 they will all be going to Community Mixed Use-35.

18:30:31 So all to the same St. Louis designation.

18:30:35 90% -- probably 95% of all these uses are situated

18:30:39 along 40th street the prime corridor that bifurcates

18:30:40 this particular planning area.

18:30:41 So here it is.

18:30:44 Here is the Future Land Use Map, the orange colors

18:30:46 predominantly Residential-10.

18:30:48 40th street and these colors right here.

18:30:53 This is Residential-20 and this is Residential-10 down

18:30:53 here.

18:30:58 These are outlined in that bold color, and couple of

18:31:02 parcels up along Busch boulevard that will be changed

18:31:04 and the new map is going to look like this.

18:31:07 So all those colors are going to go to that pink color,

18:31:08 the CMU-35.

18:31:11 So basically everything will go to CMU-35 which will

18:31:13 give you more of a continuity and an opportunity for

18:31:19 redevelopment opportunities for the greater 40th street

18:31:22 planning area.

18:31:24 As it relates to the comprehensive plan, the 40th

18:31:26 Street Corridor is identified in the city's

18:31:29 comprehensive plan as a mixed use corridor village.

18:31:31 The function is to transform major street corridors

18:31:35 into a broader mix of land uses both horizontal and

18:31:38 vertical.

18:31:41 Mixed use creates new housing and job opportunities and

18:31:45 pedestrian settings and streetscapes, shopping

18:31:47 opportunities and transit services for the community.

18:31:49 Anybody know what this new place is on 40th street?

18:31:58 Come on, I know somebody knows.

18:31:59 It is most excellent.

18:32:04 A very, very nice establishment.

18:32:05 >> Get there for lunch.

18:32:07 >>TONY GARCIA: As often as I can.

18:32:09 As often as my diet allows me to.

18:32:10 Anyway.

18:32:13 The effect of this map amendment is to increase

18:32:16 economic activity within the 40th street planning area

18:32:18 to provide more opportunities in the use of land by

18:32:20 property owners in this map amendment.

18:32:22 This could potentially be something on the traffic

18:32:24 circle right over here.

18:32:30 40th street Vision Plan consistency consistent that

18:32:33 talks about community efforts created through

18:32:36 form-based codes and specifically mentions 40th street

18:32:39 as it did in Seminole Heights, as far as specific areas

18:32:40 that they want to go ahead.

18:32:45 The city wants to go ahead and focus comprehensive

18:32:47 community planning efforts through form-based codes and

18:32:50 also create very specific Vision Plans which I have

18:32:57 just shown to you transform major corridors and so

18:32:59 Planning Commission accepted staff's recommendation

18:33:01 finding that the request was Kent.

18:33:04 So we are forwarding to you for transmittal for state

18:33:06 and regional review the Planning Commission

18:33:10 recommendation to find this consistent and forward this

18:33:13 on to DCA for review.

18:33:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 7 and 9.

18:33:23 >>TONY GARCIA: Yes, sir.

18:33:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone from the public.

18:33:27 >> Thank you, Catherine Coyle, Land Development.

18:33:29 I would be remiss if I didn't say just a couple of

18:33:31 words about the participants and the process.

18:33:34 And this process went significantly faster than

18:33:35 Seminole Heights.

18:33:38 Seminole Heights was the initial tem station project.

18:33:40 Now that we have got the process locked down and the

18:33:42 steps that we have to take, this -- this took probably

18:33:45 about 6 to 7 months to get through this stage as

18:33:48 opposed to two years.

18:33:49 So --

18:33:51 >>GWEN MILLER: You got it down.

18:33:53 >> I have to say wasn't just the staff or wasn't just

18:33:54 the Planning Commission and all the agencies we worked

18:33:57 with, the community we worked with out in that area was

18:33:58 phenomenal.

18:34:02 There is such camaraderie amongst those neighborhood

18:34:04 associations, and we attended several of the

18:34:06 neighborhood association meetings.

18:34:07 They provide food.

18:34:08 They sing.

18:34:09 They play.

18:34:12 It is an amazing experience.

18:34:14 I am -- just talking about it.

18:34:16 North and South of the river.

18:34:18 They have an amazing community out there.

18:34:21 I am very excited and very pleased to have worked with

18:34:21 them.

18:34:22 I am happy to present this.

18:34:25 And I hope to show you the full dog and pony show at

18:34:28 the adoption hearing and hope to have many of them here

18:34:28 for that.

18:34:32 Thank you.

18:34:33 [Inaudible]

18:34:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Oh yeah.

18:34:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Close the public hearing.

18:34:39 >> Second.

18:34:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone from the public want to speak?

18:34:44 Flint public want to speak.

18:34:46 >> Okay, all right, moved and seconded.

18:34:50 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:34:51 Opposed.

18:34:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to transmit items 7 and 9.

18:34:55 >> Second.

18:34:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:34:59 All in favor signify by saying aye.

18:35:01 Opposed.

18:35:03 >> Motion carries with Mulhern being absent and Miranda

18:35:06 being absent at vote.

18:35:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to receive and file.

18:35:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

18:35:13 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Chairman I have something --

18:35:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Opposed?

18:35:16 New business?

18:35:18 New business?

18:35:22 Any new business?

18:35:22 [Laughter]

18:35:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Die for lack of second.

18:35:35 [Laughter]

18:35:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:35:37 Anything else?

18:35:40 Anything else?

18:35:42 Okay.

18:35:43 Y'all did a good job tonight.

18:35:44 Thank you very much.

18:35:45 We stand adjourned.



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