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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5:01 p.m.


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17:04:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to

17:04:03 order.

17:04:11 We will stand for the invocation.

17:04:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Introduce our guests?

17:04:16 >> Oh, you have guests?

17:04:17 I'm sorry, go ahead.

17:04:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Tonight it's an honor for me to have

17:04:20 this guest who is always willing to come and give the

17:04:23 invocation to us.

17:04:25 We love her, we are glad that she accepted every time

17:04:28 we ask her, our city clerk, Shirley Foxx-Knowles.

17:04:34 You are already standing so remain standing for the

17:04:37 pledge of allegiance.

17:04:38 >> Good evening.

17:04:39 Let us pray.

17:04:40 Gracious father, thank you for this day and for this

17:04:42 place and this time.

17:04:44 We thank you for our fair city and for those gathered

17:04:46 here this afternoon for our budget hearing.

17:04:50 Thank you for our council members, our mayor, our

17:04:53 administration, the employees of the great City of

17:04:56 Tampa, and our wonderful citizens.

17:05:00 Bless us, father, and keep us in your care.

17:05:03 Father, we again ask that you increase in the Tampa

17:05:10 City Council members the gifts of faith, hope, charity

17:05:14 and compassion in the decisions they must make this

17:05:17 afternoon and the gift of understanding to the

17:05:18 individuals who come before this council.

17:05:21 We ask that you continue to guide our council and to

17:05:25 make them instruments of your will.

17:05:28 Lead them as they make the decisions that affect the

17:05:31 lives of the citizens of our fair city.

17:05:34 As we close this prayer of Thanksgiving, we ask that

17:05:37 you help us to remember the importance of service and

17:05:41 to know that to whom much is given, much is required.

17:05:45 Help us to understand that it's only by serving others

17:05:49 in your name that we find love, peace and joy.

17:05:54 Let us remember to be kind to each other.

17:05:56 Bless us with patience, integrity, and honesty.

17:06:01 We pray for your blessings, your peace, your grace and

17:06:04 yours your mercy.

17:06:05 In your mighty name we pray.

17:06:08 Amen.

17:06:08 (Pledge of Allegiance)

17:06:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

17:06:30 We'll have roll call.

17:06:31 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

17:06:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

17:06:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

17:06:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

17:06:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

17:06:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

17:06:41 This is our sec public hearing.

17:06:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I make a motion to open all public

17:06:46 hearings, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

17:06:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

17:06:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

17:06:50 Opposes?

17:06:51 Now we'll have Councilwoman Mulhern needs to read the

17:06:54 statement.

17:06:57 >>MARY MULHERN: This is the second public hearing for

17:07:01 the City of Tampa fiscal year 2011 budget.

17:07:04 The proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills which is

17:07:09 11.69% less than the rolled back millage rate of

17:07:16 6.493 -- 13 mills.

17:07:21 6.4913 mills.

17:07:23 Property tax funds are used to support the general fund

17:07:26 operated budget of the city.

17:07:27 This fund includes such department as fire rescue,

17:07:31 police, human resources, parks and recreation, and

17:07:33 public works.

17:07:34 >> Thank you, Councilwoman.

17:07:37 We will now ask Mrs. Wise to come forward.

17:07:42 >> Good evening.

17:07:44 Bonnie Wise, finance director.

17:07:46 I will just make a few brief statement for you.

17:07:49 I do not have a PowerPoint presentation this evening.

17:07:51 You will be happy to note.

17:07:53 Of course, we have this second budget hearing for the

17:07:56 fiscal year '11 budget.

17:07:58 The balanced budget before you.

17:08:00 We of course had the budget presentation on August 12.

17:08:04 A public hearing was held on September 14th.

17:08:06 I want to thank you for your input throughout the

17:08:08 process, and answer -- understand my staff has answered

17:08:13 all your questions between this first public hearing

17:08:15 and the second one.

17:08:17 A special thanks to my staff of the budget office, our

17:08:20 reorganized staff.

17:08:21 We have had our new employees, and we have all worked

17:08:25 very smoothly with our department heads, and the

17:08:27 administrators.

17:08:29 Once again, the theme of this year's budget is sensible

17:08:32 solutions in tough economic times, truly reflecting the

17:08:36 environment that we are all operating in.

17:08:39 As was previously stated millage rate is to remain at

17:08:43 5.7326 mills, the same millage rate that we had last

17:08:48 year.

17:08:48 The entire budget is $787 million, about a 4% increase

17:08:53 over last year.

17:08:55 The general fund utility tax and other operating funds

17:08:58 is 436 million and the enterprise funds at 304.8

17:09:03 million.

17:09:05 For a home valued at $157,000 with a $50,000 homestead

17:09:10 exemption, the total millage would pay to all city-wide

17:09:15 would be 21.4588 mills, approximately, of which 25% or

17:09:20 so goes to the City of Tampa for its budget.

17:09:24 Our CIP budget totals $135.7 million which is up from

17:09:29 last year.

17:09:31 It is made up of 117.6 million in operating funds as

17:09:35 well as 18.1 million in bond funds.

17:09:38 We had the Investing in Neighborhoods Program which has

17:09:41 reached the $10 million point for our community.

17:09:45 It has increased 285% since fiscal year '03.

17:09:52 We had various capital projects throughout our city

17:09:55 including water, wastewater, transportation projects,

17:09:57 stormwater projects, various repair replacement of our

17:10:01 facilities, and our technology, our ERP project with

17:10:05 Hillsborough County that we are doing jointly.

17:10:07 In addition, we have an emphasis on the purchase of

17:10:10 vehicles for TPD this year.

17:10:12 Tonight you have three items before you that will

17:10:15 require your consideration.

17:10:17 With that, I respectfully request your approval of the

17:10:20 city's fiscal year 2011 budget.

17:10:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

17:10:27 We will now open for public comment, those who wish to

17:10:31 address council relative to the budget.

17:10:33 This is the budget hearing tonight.

17:10:34 So if you want to speak to council on the budget, this

17:10:37 is your opportunity to come forward and time to address

17:10:40 council on issues relative to the budget only.

17:10:44 Okay.

17:10:48 Are you coming on down?

17:10:55 >> Al Davis: Chairman and members of the City Council,

17:10:59 I'm Al Davis, 3717 east Wilder Avenue, and I'm so glad

17:11:05 to be here.

17:11:07 Tonight is your opportunity to give ratification to the

17:11:13 proposal that the chief executive officers of this

17:11:20 community, that is the mayor, has given to you what is

17:11:25 needed to get us through the economic -- in the theme

17:11:41 sensible solutions in tough economic times.

17:11:46 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, I'm

17:11:51 beginning to feel what these tough economic times

17:11:55 impact.

17:11:56 But I'm pleased to observe, and to the excellent staff

17:12:04 of Ms. Wise, you know, the chief financial officer and

17:12:10 her budget director, and I did appreciate -- can I call

17:12:18 it the citizens support they have extended by the

17:12:20 shared information that I don't have to strain my eyes

17:12:30 and not be able to turn the page mechanically.

17:12:35 And so this little booklet that was provided -- and if

17:12:40 I am not mistaken, I think I received it through the

17:12:44 mail from the desk of the mayor.

17:12:52 You know, that made me proud because the letter that is

17:12:56 introduced to this book said "dear neighbor."

17:13:01 It's good to feel that you are a part of a neighborhood

17:13:05 that has your interest at heart.

17:13:10 Mr. Chairman, I am going to believe that due to that

17:13:17 shortfall of 32 million, and the proposed cancellation

17:13:23 of 700 million is going to get us through, at least

17:13:30 through this fiscal year.

17:13:33 I'm going to believe that as the mayor indicated that

17:13:42 they would have continuing interest in trying to use

17:13:44 these dollars very wisely.

17:13:46 So, Mr. Chairman, I would urge this council to ratify

17:13:53 support, approve this budget as presented, because I

17:13:58 know that it's not the big budget, it is a little

17:14:05 budget.

17:14:06 What I say by little, I mean during the year, there may

17:14:12 be reconsideration, there may be reallocation, there

17:14:14 may be some amendments, but by and large using sensible

17:14:22 solutions in tough economic times.

17:14:25 (Bell sounds)

17:14:27 I wish you all -- thank you.

17:14:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.

17:14:31 Next speaker.

17:14:31 >>> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of council.

17:14:41 I have some documentations that hi would like to have

17:14:46 Mr. Shelly to didn't.

17:14:51 Al Steenson representing Gandy civic association.

17:14:57 The document that I am going to be referring to are

17:15:00 being passed out to you at this time.

17:15:02 I call your attention to page 190 of the budget, the

17:15:07 section labeled transportation impact fee construction

17:15:09 fund, and to the sentence: Revenues are used to

17:15:13 provide roads and related facilities necessitated by

17:15:17 the new development.

17:15:19 A total of $25 million from all six zones has been

17:15:24 budgeted, but $.3 million has been allocated to

17:15:30 improving of West Gandy Boulevard intersections.

17:15:35 As many of you may know, there's a brand new WalMart

17:15:39 fixing to open, actually in almost a month from today,

17:15:45 October 27th.

17:15:47 On July 29th of this year, WalMart wrote a check to

17:15:52 think this for $478,329 at that time, and I have the

17:15:58 e-mail that I sent to the administration requesting

17:16:00 that this money be put in a reserve fund for at least a

17:16:07 period of six months to see if transportation

17:16:09 mitigation is going to be required.

17:16:12 My request was rejected by the administration.

17:16:16 My mission here this evening is very simple.

17:16:19 We would like to have this council to segregate these

17:16:22 funds for a period of one year.

17:16:24 If after one year there's in a detrimental effect to

17:16:27 this store operation, then we will certainly not object

17:16:31 to these funds going back into the inner bay impact fee

17:16:36 fund.

17:16:36 The impact of 145,000 square foot store with 617

17:16:41 parking places is going to be felt in the quadrant of

17:16:44 Gandy, Lois, pearl and Manhattan, not in the entire

17:16:49 impact fee zone.

17:16:51 We feel this is very vital to the community.

17:16:54 And the other thing, too, is six months after the store

17:16:57 is open we are going to have a new administration and a

17:16:59 new council.

17:17:00 Action is needed now.

17:17:03 In closing, let me paraphrase the statement that was

17:17:06 made by the late senator Ted Stevens on the floor of

17:17:09 the Senate when he said to hell with politics, let's do

17:17:13 what's right for Alaska.

17:17:14 Tonight I'm saying to hell with politics and

17:17:16 bureaucracy.

17:17:20 Let's do what's right for the Gandy corridor. Thanks

17:17:21 for letting me address you this evening.

17:17:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.

17:17:42 >> I'm Christine Burdick.

17:17:52 Thank you again for your commitment to go through this

17:17:56 subject process and do the things that we know will

17:17:59 make this city grow.

17:18:00 I'm just reiterating our request for your support of

17:18:03 the Promenade of the Arts improvements that have been

17:18:07 suggested for your budget.

17:18:09 We feel it's very important to provide the gateway and

17:18:12 enhancement to the park, to the city, and in order to

17:18:19 allow that street to be animated and become really an

17:18:23 adjunct to the park and a place that will attract

17:18:26 businesses and really give people another special

17:18:30 experience in downtown.

17:18:33 I hope you can support it.

17:18:34 Thank you.

17:18:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else?

17:18:40 Okay.

17:18:50 I don't know who want to address Mr. Steenson's concern

17:18:54 about impact fees there and how that's done.

17:18:57 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Administrator for public works and

17:19:03 utility services.

17:19:05 As you all know, the transportation impact fees, the

17:19:09 city is broken up into six districts.

17:19:12 So as a business comes on or as residents come on and

17:19:17 pay into the impact fee fund, it goes into the fund for

17:19:19 that specific district.

17:19:20 The inner bay district is where Gandy is and where the

17:19:25 WalMart is.

17:19:26 We traditionally have not compiled or subcompartmented

17:19:33 amounts of money.

17:19:34 As we told Mr. Steenson, they are paying $478,000.

17:19:39 What if there's a fix that's needed that's $500,000?

17:19:43 We have all the money in that district that we can

17:19:45 bring to bear on that project.

17:19:48 And so we just don't think that it's necessary to,

17:19:52 again, subcompartment below the transportation impact

17:19:56 fee district level any moneys that are paid into that.

17:20:00 We certainly will be watching.

17:20:03 That's a big project in the area.

17:20:04 And if there's a need, we would like to be able to

17:20:06 address it with again all of the resources and not just

17:20:09 the restricted amounts of money.

17:20:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So, in essence, if there's a need

17:20:15 beyond the 300,000, it will be utilized from that

17:20:20 particular fund?

17:20:22 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Correct.

17:20:23 From the inner bay district, yes, sir.

17:20:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.

17:20:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm not sure if that answers his

17:20:32 question.

17:20:32 I think what he was asking is that that specific amount

17:20:36 that WalMart is paying be restricted within the

17:20:41 district.

17:20:41 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: That's what I'm saying.

17:20:44 We typically have not limited subcompartmentalized

17:20:49 moneys below the district level.

17:20:52 In other words, when Newport was being developed there,

17:20:58 were requirements that they had to meet in addition to

17:21:01 paying impact fee money.

17:21:02 So if there were transportation needs or entrances or

17:21:08 exits, they had to fund it.

17:21:09 WalMart was made to deal with transportation issues and

17:21:14 entrances and exits in dealing with all of that as part

17:21:17 of their construction, and then they had to pay the

17:21:19 impact fees.

17:21:20 The impact fees for that entire district, the total

17:21:23 amount, not just what WalMart pays, is what we should

17:21:26 be able to draw on if there is a need, whether around

17:21:33 WalMart or another project.

17:21:36 >>MARY MULHERN: So you're saying if they limit the

17:21:38 WalMart impact fees to just a specific area within the

17:21:42 district, you couldn't use money from -- you're making

17:21:50 that assumption that maybe you couldn't add more money

17:21:53 from the impact fee fund from the district?

17:21:56 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Again, we have traditionally not

17:21:59 subcompartmentalized it into a smaller fund, smaller

17:22:04 than the district level, and if we are going to just

17:22:07 hold that in reserve and just for the WalMart, I mean,

17:22:12 then we have other developments in the district wanting

17:22:16 to hold it just for their area.

17:22:17 We need to be able to use all of the money within that

17:22:20 district to bear on a problem regardless of where it is

17:22:25 in that district.

17:22:26 We plan to watch what's going on at the WalMart.

17:22:29 We will watch for the six, nine, twelve months, watch

17:22:33 and see what's going on and see if there are impacts

17:22:36 that need to be addressed and whether it's the $478,000

17:22:40 or other moneys.

17:22:41 We want to be able to use all the moneys that bear on

17:22:44 that issue within that district.

17:22:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:22:50 I understand what you're saying.

17:22:51 I understand it's perspective to just impact fees.

17:22:56 There's five of them?

17:22:59 >>> Six.

17:23:00 >>MARY MULHERN: They are pretty large.

17:23:01 So when there's a specific impact to a specific area,

17:23:05 or neighborhood --

17:23:07 >>> It nice to be able to use again all of the money

17:23:10 and not just the little subcompartmentalized.

17:23:15 >> But that's a lot of money in this particular case.

17:23:17 I think that's why they would like to make sure it goes

17:23:19 to a neighborhood that's being impacted.

17:23:21 >>> We want to use it where there is a problem,

17:23:26 correct.

17:23:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

17:23:28 Okay.

17:23:28 Thanks.

17:23:29 I think his concern is the probably the change of

17:23:33 administration, too.

17:23:37 >> That's another issue.

17:23:45 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: City attorney.

17:23:46 The main issue here is when we set up an impact fee

17:23:50 fund system we have to use those funds related to

17:23:53 impacts for those particular projects related to the

17:23:57 projects and district.

17:23:58 I think what he's trying to say is we need to treat

17:24:01 everybody within those districts the same way, and if

17:24:04 we compartmentalize for one we have to do it for all

17:24:08 the larger ones.

17:24:09 So the preference, not the actual requirement but the

17:24:14 preference is to have the districts have the money

17:24:16 spread among the district so -- within the district so

17:24:20 they can be used and brought to bear like we described.

17:24:23 If we do it for one we need to start doing as a policy

17:24:26 for a variety of them.

17:24:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand.

17:24:30 I think that this has been the direction that we have

17:24:33 gotten on this council for four years, and Mr. Steenson

17:24:41 might have better luck maybe next administration,

17:24:43 because this administration hasn't wanted to do that

17:24:46 ever.

17:24:46 So is that what you are reminding us?

17:24:50 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Well, there's that issue.

17:24:52 But it wouldn't be a defensible practice to just do it

17:24:56 for one.

17:24:57 We would have to change the policy going forward.

17:24:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

17:25:00 And you don't want to do that.

17:25:02 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Correct.

17:25:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, it would present a problem, what

17:25:06 I'm hearing them saying.

17:25:08 For instance, what if the project requires $600,000?

17:25:11 What if it required 600,000 versus the four that you

17:25:14 have?

17:25:14 Where is the rest of the money going to come from?

17:25:16 So there's another side to that.

17:25:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I think that brings up a broader

17:25:24 question then I don't think we can answer tonight, but

17:25:30 I think there's a lot of money in this WalMart impact

17:25:34 fee.

17:25:34 But also that these districts including the Gandy

17:25:39 district don't like to see their impact fee money go

17:25:43 outside the district.

17:25:44 Is there a protection that they don't go outside the

17:25:47 impact fee district?

17:25:48 >> It's not going outside.

17:25:49 >> I know.

17:25:51 I'm asking if there is protection.

17:25:53 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: The moneys have to be spent within

17:25:56 the district.

17:25:57 Perhaps it whats not clear.

17:25:58 And that's a requirement in the way ours is set up and

17:26:01 there has to be some type of limitation.

17:26:03 That's how we chose to do it.

17:26:04 >>MARY MULHERN: The way this normally comes up is in a

17:26:06 rezoning or PD situation where oftentimes the

17:26:10 neighborhoods want specific improvements for

17:26:15 infrastructure and we can't ever connect money to that,

17:26:17 and that's been a problem in the past.

17:26:22 I think it's something we are going to have to work on

17:26:24 in the future.

17:26:25 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: How these funds are used, it's in

17:26:31 the city code.

17:26:32 This isn't just an ordinance.

17:26:33 This is in city code.

17:26:37 Ohio the planning for the use of those funds will be,

17:26:40 and again it's very specific.

17:26:42 But, again, I hope we are allaying some of Mr.

17:26:48 Steenson's fires because -- fears because we are

17:26:53 talking about the area around the WalMart and seeing

17:26:55 what the problems are and bringing all the resources we

17:26:57 have to bear within that district on whatever the

17:27:00 issues might be.

17:27:02 That's our intent.

17:27:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Caetano?

17:27:07 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Sir, red lights that are going to

17:27:09 be put up, who is going to pay for them on the outset?

17:27:13 >> I don't know off the top of my head.

17:27:19 I guess that the WalMart folks are being required to

17:27:21 pay for the red light, if it's right there at Lois or

17:27:25 beside the WalMart.

17:27:25 >> Well, if they are under construction right now, we

17:27:28 must have determined by now if they are going to need

17:27:30 red lights, traffic lights.

17:27:33 Traffic lights.

17:27:34 Excuse me, Mr. Miranda.

17:27:38 So you don't know how many lights?

17:27:40 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Off the 207 of my head, I don't

17:27:43 know.

17:27:43 >> Does anybody know in your administration?

17:27:46 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: You don't know.

17:27:54 >>JEAN DORZBACK: Jean Dorzback, transportation manager.

17:27:56 There's currently a signal at Lois and Gandy.

17:27:59 That signal will be adjusted as necessary to

17:28:01 accommodate the movements that will be generated from

17:28:03 the WalMart.

17:28:04 So that's being coordinated with the Department of

17:28:07 Transportation because Gandy is a State Road in that

17:28:10 area, and all appropriate related costs are being paid

17:28:15 by the developer.

17:28:16 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: At the present time, how many

17:28:19 access entries or egress entries are we going to be

17:28:23 adding there?

17:28:26 Are there going to be different entrances?

17:28:29 >> Yes.

17:28:29 I haven't looked at the site plan recently.

17:28:31 This came in as a commercial site plan review, not as a

17:28:34 rezoning.

17:28:39 I believe there's one entrance off of Gandy.

17:28:43 There is, I believe, two at Lois, but I haven't

17:28:46 reviewed the site plan recently as it was handled by

17:28:49 the construction services department.

17:28:51 But there was a site plan that was submitted and

17:28:54 reviewed through appropriate processes through the

17:28:57 construction services division, and that was also

17:28:59 coordinated with the department of transportation in

17:29:01 terms of the access on Gandy.

17:29:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What criteria is used to

17:29:09 determine how $487,000 came about?

17:29:13 What is the formula?

17:29:16 >>JEAN DORZBACK: We have on the transportation Web site

17:29:17 the -- the fees that are necessary that construction

17:29:22 services division uses to calculate the impact of the

17:29:26 impact fee based upon square footage and the type of

17:29:30 development that's all laid out.

17:29:30 Those fees have not been changed since the late

17:29:32 1980s.

17:29:35 They have been out there for quite a long time.

17:29:37 >> So if WalMart needs another traffic light, they are

17:29:43 going to have to pay for it?

17:29:44 Or do we pay for it out of this 487,000?

17:29:49 >>JEAN DORZBACK: If they need a traffic signal related

17:29:51 to their development, that's already been determined

17:29:53 now.

17:29:54 More than likely there would not be any additional

17:29:57 traffic signals.

17:29:58 We would know that up front.

17:30:00 If there's adjustments to the signals that need to be

17:30:03 made in order for the traffic operation to be worked

17:30:07 more efficiently, then the transportation division

17:30:09 would adjust those timings through our traffic

17:30:12 management center.

17:30:13 Well, that's not a big task to adjust those, for

17:30:16 someone to go out and do that and take them an hour to

17:30:20 get there.

17:30:22 So if we need more traffic signals, are we going to pay

17:30:26 it out of the 487,000?

17:30:30 >>JEAN DORZBACK: Generally traffic signals at a

17:30:33 stand-alone project are not typically used by impact

17:30:36 fees.

17:30:37 Impact fees provide additional capacity.

17:30:40 But if there is a need for a traffic signal,

17:30:45 transportation would pay for that.

17:30:48 But at this point in time, the project has already gone

17:30:52 through the commercial site plan review.

17:30:54 It's already been determined what the signal needs are

17:30:57 for that project.

17:30:57 There should not be any additional traffic signals that

17:31:01 are needed for this project.

17:31:03 That's already been established in the review process.

17:31:05 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: And Lois and Gandy where the

17:31:08 traffic signal is now, how wide is that all total?

17:31:14 >> You mean how wide?

17:31:18 >> Right-of-way.

17:31:20 >>> Oh, right-of-way?

17:31:21 >> Where the light is sitting is it a two-lane going in

17:31:25 each direction?

17:31:27 >> Four-lane roadway.

17:31:31 There is a recent improvement that the Department of

17:31:32 Transportation did with aesthetics.

17:31:36 There's a lighting they put out there, aesthetic

17:31:41 lighting and treatment to the medium, a safety and

17:31:44 operation project they finished recently.

17:31:46 >> I personally feel that your department should know

17:31:51 all of these answers, and I don't think I have gotten

17:31:54 all my answers on this.

17:31:58 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: What is it you need to know?

17:32:01 >> Let me see if I can move this item.

17:32:03 Let me suggest, this is scheduled to open the 29th

17:32:05 of October, is that right? The 29th?

17:32:08 Of October?

17:32:10 27th, okay.

17:32:11 Can we get a report, make a motion for a report from

17:32:14 staff on any issues or problems that they have during

17:32:16 that time and report back to council?

17:32:17 And at that point we can take a look at that.

17:32:20 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

17:32:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's not a motion.

17:32:24 Someone can bring it up at our regular meeting that we

17:32:26 can have them report back to us once WalMart, within 30

17:32:31 or 60 days.

17:32:31 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So I'll make the motion.

17:32:34 Do you want to second it?

17:32:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No.

17:32:39 We can take it up under new business.

17:32:42 The way to deal with that is perhaps a report from the

17:32:45 administration once they open, and then look at --

17:32:49 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: As close as this is to opening,

17:32:51 there are a lot of answers we don't have answers for.

17:32:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I drove by there the other day

17:32:58 because I was bored and I didn't have the money to go

17:33:01 to the movie, and I made a left-hand turn there, and I

17:33:04 went east on Gandy and I saw the nice store, then I

17:33:08 made a right on the road that goes all the way back.

17:33:11 I think that's trees on that side and I ended up on

17:33:15 pearl, then made a left on pearl, then followed all the

17:33:18 way as far as I can.

17:33:19 I was just bored that day and I wanted to drive around,

17:33:22 take a look.

17:33:24 And what's going to happen there is very simple.

17:33:27 Everybody in that area is going to go the first 30 or

17:33:30 60 days and see what something new looks like.

17:33:33 A target is going to be decreasing.

17:33:36 I hate to say that but that's how it's going to be for

17:33:38 60 days.

17:33:39 Then after the people get use to the newness they will

17:33:42 come back to wherever they came from.

17:33:44 For 30 or 06 days you will have an on-rush of visitors

17:33:48 hopefully spending money.

17:33:50 If I recall, reading the paper, it was 300 jobs offered

17:33:56 above minimum wage, and some benefits and so forth.

17:34:00 Over 1500 applied.

17:34:01 So I think it's a boom to the area.

17:34:07 It's like Lowes at Dale Mabry.

17:34:11 It's not at the corner.

17:34:12 Ingress and egress, I believe only one on Gandy.

17:34:16 I didn't go down far enough on Manhattan to tell you

17:34:21 that there's two, because I made a left-hand turn on

17:34:23 Gandy, and then took that little road, followed it all

17:34:26 the way up.

17:34:27 I wanted to see how the semis go back and unload.

17:34:31 They have that fixed up and painted nice.

17:34:34 You know how it is.

17:34:35 It's looks real nice.

17:34:40 It really does.

17:34:40 So I just visited.

17:34:42 Just by lucky was there.

17:34:48 Will there be a problem?

17:34:49 Yeah, maybe the first 30, 60 days.

17:34:51 After that people are going to go back to the regular

17:34:53 shopping routine.

17:35:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

17:35:01 I lived very close to there, and I was actually there

17:35:08 last night, and I drive down Manhattan and Gandy every

17:35:11 other day.

17:35:13 It is much improved from when I lived there.

17:35:18 Six years ago.

17:35:19 Very much improved.

17:35:20 The median is just really beautiful.

17:35:23 And I will say I also know on Lois, I watched the

17:35:29 construction of the WalMart.

17:35:33 And it's really one of the prettiest I've seen as far

17:35:40 as big box stores go.

17:35:42 It really is.

17:35:44 So I just wanted everyone to know I'm very familiar

17:35:47 with it.

17:35:48 There is traffic light at Lois, and two entrances on

17:35:54 Lois and one on Gandy.

17:36:00 I think considering what was there before, it may be a

17:36:08 lot traffic at first.

17:36:10 But as it settles down, it's going to be -- I think

17:36:15 it's in addition to the neighborhood, to the whole

17:36:18 district there.

17:36:20 Thank you.

17:36:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

17:36:24 Okay.

17:36:26 Anyone else from the public?

17:36:28 If not, then a motion to close the public hearing.

17:36:32 >> So moved.

17:36:34 >> Second.

17:36:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

17:36:37 Councilwoman Mulhern?

17:36:39 Any additional questions by council?

17:36:41 If not, Councilwoman Mulhern.

17:36:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to encourage Mr. Steenson

17:36:46 to keep talking to this administration for the next six

17:36:49 months and hopefully you will be satisfied with the

17:36:55 improvements that WalMart is going to make with those

17:36:59 impact fees.

17:37:01 I move resolution levying -- is that our next thing?

17:37:08 Levying an ad valorem tax at the rate of 5.7326 mills

17:37:17 upon all real and personal taxable property in the City

17:37:20 of Tampa for the fiscal year 2010 authorizing the mayor

17:37:24 and city clerk to certify such millage providing an

17:37:27 effective date.

17:37:28 Be it resolved by the City Council of the city of

17:37:31 Tampa, Florida section 1 that an ad valorem tax at the

17:37:34 rate of 5.7326 mills to raise the amount of money as

17:37:41 fixed in the recommended operating and capital budget

17:37:43 of the City of Tampa for this fiscal year commencing

17:37:46 October 1, 2010, ending September 30, 2011 for the

17:37:50 general fund for the maintenance and operation of the

17:37:53 City of Tampa is hereby levied as provided by law on

17:37:57 all real and personal property taxable for that purpose

17:38:00 in the City of Tampa.

17:38:02 Section 2.

17:38:03 That the mayor and city clerk as the proper authorities

17:38:05 of the City of Tampa and duly authorized empowered and

17:38:08 directed to certify to the property appraiser of

17:38:11 Hillsborough County Florida the millage to be levied

17:38:14 for all purposes of fiscal year 2011 in the City of

17:38:16 Tampa to wit: 5.7326 mills which is less than the

17:38:20 rollback rate as defined in section 200 .651 Florida

17:38:28 statutes by 11.69% and to request a levy of the millage

17:38:32 to set forth upon all real and personal property in the

17:38:34 City of Tampa as above set forth in accordance with the

17:38:37 provisions of the Constitution and laws of the State of

17:38:40 Florida.

17:38:41 Section 3.

17:38:42 That other proper officers of the City of Tampa are

17:38:45 authorized to do all things necessary and proper in

17:38:47 order to carry out and make effective the terms and

17:38:50 conditions of this resolution which shall become

17:38:52 effective immediately upon its adoption.

17:38:56 Passed and adopted by the City Council of the city of

17:38:59 Tampa, Florida.

17:39:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, can we record or our votes?

17:39:06 >>SAL TERRITO: We had a 501 there in the title, you

17:39:10 said 2010.

17:39:12 It should be 2011.

17:39:13 We'll make the change to that.

17:39:14 >>MARY MULHERN: And that was in section --

17:39:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In the title at the top.

17:39:20 >>SAL TERRITO: We'll make the substitution.

17:39:23 You can make that effective the date on here.

17:39:30 >> Second.

17:39:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we need voice roll call?

17:39:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to vote against the

17:39:36 budget like I did the first time.

17:39:38 I feel we have not hit rock bottom.

17:39:40 And for all the good team people who work for the city,

17:39:42 they certainly deserve, but when I look at the

17:39:46 statistics of the costs coming in, going up, the costs

17:39:51 of retirement going up, the revenues going down, and

17:39:53 using for now two consecutive years from the reserve

17:39:58 fund, it's not approved in the way of operation where

17:40:00 now a minimum before we change, as the God folks loan

17:40:07 us the money for the hundreds of millions of dollars

17:40:09 that we owe in debt, we could, if we go into a lesser

17:40:14 reserves than we have now -- notice I say could -- want

17:40:20 more money for the risk, and therefore we have a lot of

17:40:23 good people working for the city, in all departments,

17:40:26 and I want you to take a good look at all of them, all

17:40:30 the ladies and gentlemen to your right and the ladies

17:40:32 and gentlemen to your left, because if we continue to

17:40:35 go the way we are, some of them won't be here.

17:40:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's a motion and second.

17:40:43 Record your vote, please.

17:40:44 >>THE CLERK: Just vote on this.

17:40:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying Aye.

17:40:50 Opposes?

17:40:52 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda voting no and

17:40:54 Stokes being absent.

17:40:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now to our next resolution capital

17:41:02 budget.

17:41:02 >>THE CLERK: You do have to read item number 3,

17:41:05 ordinance for second reading.

17:41:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

17:41:10 for second reading and adoption, an ordinance adopting

17:41:12 the budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1,

17:41:15 2010, and ending September 30, 2011 as presented by the

17:41:20 mayor, providing for the levy as provided by law of a

17:41:23 tax on all taxable property in the City of Tampa fixing

17:41:26 the millage rate within said city, making

17:41:29 appropriations in accordance with the provisions of

17:41:31 said budget, authorizing and directing the mayor and

17:41:34 city clerk as the proper authorities of the City of

17:41:38 Tampa to certify to the property appraiser of

17:41:41 Hillsborough County Florida the millage to be levied

17:41:43 for all purposes for the fiscal year 2011 in the City

17:41:46 of Tampa, providing an effective date.

17:41:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second?

17:41:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

17:41:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

17:41:54 >>THE CLERK: This will be voice roll call.

17:41:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have anyone from the public?

17:42:01 Okay.

17:42:01 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.

17:42:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

17:42:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

17:42:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

17:42:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

17:42:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

17:42:12 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda voting no and

17:42:15 Stokes being absent.

17:42:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

17:42:22 Resolution 4, capital improvement budget.

17:42:27 Item 4.

17:42:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It just requires a motion, second and

17:42:31 a vote.

17:42:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Move a resolution adopting the City of

17:42:35 Tampa capital improvement budget and program for fiscal

17:42:38 year 2011 through fiscal year 2015 providing an

17:42:42 effective date.

17:42:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded.

17:42:49 All in favor?

17:42:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This one I will vote yes.

17:42:52 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously with Stokes

17:42:56 being absent.

17:42:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We take public comment.

17:42:59 No public comment on that?

17:43:00 Okay.

17:43:01 Anything else need to come before council?

17:43:05 Before we --

17:43:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move all documents.

17:43:10 >> Second.

17:43:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

17:43:12 Opposes?

17:43:13 What I would like to do under new business, make a

17:43:16 motion that we have administration report back to us.

17:43:19 Also 60 days relative to the rezoning, that zone.

17:43:24 Which zone is that?

17:43:29 Is that zone 6?

17:43:32 Inner bay zone, to report back to us, that occur around

17:43:41 that area, the WalMart, and report back to us relative

17:43:44 to that.

17:43:45 Okay?

17:43:45 >> Second.

17:43:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

17:43:51 All in favor?

17:43:52 Opposed?

17:43:53 >> Any other new business?

17:43:54 Then we stand adjourned.

17:43:55 Thank you very much.

17:43:56 (City Council meeting adjourned)



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