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Thursday, March 24, 2011

9:00 a.m.


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09:10:05 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to start our meeting this

09:10:07 be morning and I am going to yield to Mr. Charlie

09:10:10 Miranda.

09:10:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's my pleasure this morning to

09:10:13 introduce an individual that's been a friend of the

09:10:16 city for many years, and a personal friend of one of

09:10:18 the directors here, pastor Dan Schaffner, pastor of the

09:10:25 Common Ground Community Church on MLK and North

09:10:28 Boulevard.

09:10:28 Pastor.

09:10:30 Please rise for the invocation.

09:10:31 Remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.

09:10:33 >> Let us pray.

09:10:38 Dear God, creator of heaven and earth, thank you for

09:10:43 the blessing life, for the beauty of your creation.

09:10:46 Thank you for the privilege to live in Tampa.

09:10:48 God, today we pause and pray in remembrance of what's

09:10:53 going on in Japan as they endure the typhoon, the

09:10:59 victims, the families that have been lost there.

09:11:03 We pray for those in the Middle East continuing the

09:11:05 fight, the battle of the conflicts in the Middle East,

09:11:08 what's going on in Libya.

09:11:09 God, may we ever be mindful of the privileges and the

09:11:13 freedoms that we have here, the great gifts that you

09:11:15 have given us, being part of the city that we are a

09:11:18 part of, choosing and living in great freedom.

09:11:23 God, be with us on this day.

09:11:26 Give us discernment on our decisions as we make

09:11:30 decisions with efficiency and effectiveness.

09:11:33 May we empower and mobilize the best of all people.

09:11:36 May the city flourish in the years to come.

09:11:40 May we be reminded that our enemies are not each other,

09:11:43 people who think different than us, act different than

09:11:46 us, have values different than us.

09:11:50 God, our enemies are things like oppression, racism,

09:11:55 poverty.

09:11:55 May we empower our people to overcome the obstacles to

09:12:01 education, to giving great lives to our families.

09:12:05 God, make today a historic today, a day of new hopes,

09:12:08 and of new dreams, an unstoppable passion to transform

09:12:14 Tampa into an even greater city than it already is.

09:12:17 God, we ask all these things in your son's name.

09:12:20 Amen.

09:12:21 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:12:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is now called to

09:12:42 order.

09:12:43 Roll call.

09:12:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:12:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:12:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:12:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:12:51 >>CURTIS STOKES: Present.

09:12:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:13:00 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time, we are going to have our

09:13:01 mayor come up and do some presentations.

09:13:04 >>MAYOR IORIO: Good morning as you go forward to your

09:13:09 last full council meeting of this group, and April

09:13:11 1st we welcome a new mayor and a new council, and I

09:13:14 have tremendous confidence of in their abilities and

09:13:18 how they will move the city forward.

09:13:22 I come to you today to say a formal goodbye, and to

09:13:26 express to you how much I have enjoyed working with

09:13:29 Tampa City Council.

09:13:32 This is a form of government where often the mayor's

09:13:37 office greatly emphasized that the role of the council

09:13:41 is so-so very important on the legislative side as well

09:13:45 as with the check and balance that is so important to

09:13:48 our form of government.

09:13:50 I'm really pleased that after eight years, there has

09:13:53 never been a veto that has come from the mayor's

09:13:57 office, and I think that really reflects the

09:13:58 cooperative spirit in which we have operated over the

09:14:01 past eight years.

09:14:03 While there will always be disagreements in how in the

09:14:06 world can you ever have any form of government without

09:14:08 some disagreement of some of sort, we have always been

09:14:11 able to work out our differences in a very civil and

09:14:14 respectful and professional way.

09:14:16 And that's been important to me in terms of the tone to

09:14:19 set for city government.

09:14:22 Today you will be saying farewell to some of our top

09:14:26 administrative staff, of course our CFO Bonnie Wise who

09:14:30 is going over to Hillsborough County, and she has just

09:14:34 been exemplary in her work with the budget and ensuring

09:14:38 that the city is on firm financial course for the

09:14:40 future, and Cindy Miller, who is leaving also on April

09:14:44 1st, and has done an outstanding job in dealing

09:14:47 with all those departments understood her in

09:14:50 modernizing and streamlining.

09:14:54 Darrell Smith is with me today.

09:14:56 Darryl is an individual who desires no credit and

09:15:03 absolutely no recognition.

09:15:05 I have worked with him for nearly 20 years, and I know

09:15:08 him well, but I will tell you for an individual who

09:15:11 desires no credit and no recognition, there is no

09:15:15 harder working public servant.

09:15:18 And much of the credit for the well-run City of Tampa

09:15:22 that I get credit for is really due to the work every

09:15:28 single day of Darrell Smith as chief of staff.

09:15:32 So what a great staff.

09:15:35 it has been.

09:15:36 We have been a team that has been together for the full

09:15:39 eight years.

09:15:40 Some staying, some leaving.

09:15:42 Of course, there will be natural transition was the new

09:15:46 mayor but I am very proud of the professionalism and

09:15:48 integrity of the staff, and they have served the

09:15:52 citizens well.

09:15:53 So today I am also here on their behalf to say thank

09:15:55 you to them.

09:15:57 I know that Charlie Miranda thought that you had to

09:16:00 leave the council in order to be eligible for a Tampa

09:16:05 plate but today I am giving each of you a special Tampa

09:16:08 plate that I have personally inscribed to thank you for

09:16:11 your years of public service.

09:16:14 Charlie, if you want to hold yours in abeyance until

09:16:17 you do leave council, you are welcome to do that.

09:16:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mayor, since you have taken A1A in

09:16:24 comedy, when I saw this box I thought it was a hub cap

09:16:28 for my Volkswagen.

09:16:30 >> I know when I have come up against the master.

09:16:38 I know Chairman Scott will probably be here in a

09:16:40 moment.

09:16:40 >>GWEN MILLER: No, he won't.

09:16:43 He's having problems, is taking some medication.

09:16:48 He is not reacting to it right now but he will call in

09:16:52 later.

09:16:52 >>MAYOR IORIO: Let me just state, in case he's

09:16:56 watching --

09:16:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's really sick if he's watching.

09:17:01 [ Laughter ]

09:17:11 >>MAYOR IORIO: But I have so appreciated the

09:17:13 partnership of Chairman Scott.

09:17:16 He really has been an excellent chairman and someone

09:17:19 who has been so professional and wonderful to work

09:17:21 with.

09:17:22 I know I echo the sentiments of my staff in saying

09:17:25 that.

09:17:27 He really was a leader in the mass transit efforts and

09:17:31 I want to publicly state for the record how much I

09:17:33 appreciate Chairman Scott.

09:17:35 For the first four years when Gwen Miller was chairman

09:17:38 of the City Council, and not only did she do a

09:17:40 wonderful job of leading the council, but I have a

09:17:42 great deal of personal affection for Gwen Miller

09:17:45 because she was my guidance counselor at Greco junior

09:17:49 high.

09:17:51 And she guided me the best she could.

09:17:53 [ Laughter ]

09:17:54 >>GWEN MILLER: But look how you turned out.

09:17:57 >>MAYOR IORIO: I know, turned out okay.

09:18:01 But we go back so many years on a personal level, what

09:18:04 a pleasure it has been to be able to work with her, and

09:18:06 you never know how the world turns, do you?

09:18:08 I can't say enough about Charlie Miranda and his

09:18:11 leadership on water issues.

09:18:14 Charlie, I really don't know what I would have done

09:18:16 without you, with being able to appoint you to Tampa

09:18:19 Bay water and having total confidence how you conducted

09:18:25 yourself and the views that you expressed on Tampa Bay

09:18:27 water would really be mine, and that of the

09:18:30 administration, but that you would even be more

09:18:33 effective than I could have ever been on Tampa Bay

09:18:35 water, and I really very much appreciate that.

09:18:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have to admit, the only thing I

09:18:39 did was read your notes that you gave me.

09:18:42 [ Laughter ]

09:18:45 >>MAYOR IORIO: We nor that's not the case.

09:18:47 Mary, I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate

09:18:49 your attention to detail, particularly on those

09:18:52 budgetary issues, and your great overarching concerning

09:18:57 all the time regarding your environment.

09:18:59 Curtis, while our time together has been short and we

09:19:01 had a relationship, our administration had a

09:19:03 relationship with you even prior to your appointment on

09:19:06 the council, and I'm sure that relationship will

09:19:09 continue as I suspect you will always be very involved

09:19:11 in city affairs because I know that's your interest.

09:19:17 Yolie, what a pleasure, and congratulations on your

09:19:20 election.

09:19:21 From the very time that you got appointed, you have

09:19:24 really thrown yourself into City Council duties, you

09:19:28 have been at every event.

09:19:31 Every groundbreaking and ribbon cutting and opportunity

09:19:34 to share your thoughts what the public.

09:19:35 And I have really appreciated the diligence in which

09:19:38 you have thrown yourself into City Council duties.

09:19:41 And I wish you great success as you have now been

09:19:44 elected to a full term.

09:19:45 Joseph, you and I go back to our years back when I was

09:19:49 on the county commission, and you were a member of the

09:19:52 Tampa Palms CDC, and you were out there speaking up and

09:19:57 standing up for the people in Tampa Palms, and this is

09:19:59 20-something years ago, probably 25 years ago.

09:20:03 It's been a real pleasure working with you.

09:20:05 You have been a real fighter for your district.

09:20:07 And you say in a very fort right way what you mean and

09:20:11 it's been a pleasure.

09:20:12 I have enjoyed our partnership.

09:20:14 Marty, as the council attorney, of course, this was a

09:20:17 new position that was created, and so it was new for

09:20:20 our administration, and we weren't quite sure how that

09:20:22 relationship quo work out.

09:20:24 But let me say that I think in large part due to the

09:20:27 way you have conducted yourself and your

09:20:29 professionalism, I think the relationship between the

09:20:31 council attorney and the city attorney and the

09:20:33 administration, the council, has all been to the good.

09:20:36 And I very much appreciate working with you, too.

09:20:40 Council, we have had a great eight years together, and

09:20:43 much progress has been made.

09:20:44 I hope that you share in that joy of that progress and

09:20:48 look with pride at the city and see it as a great city

09:20:52 where continual progress is of what city government is

09:20:56 all about.

09:20:58 Serving with integrity, serving with a servant's heart

09:21:03 and really caring about every part of this city in

09:21:06 every way.

09:21:06 I think what a great legacy, and can't all of you be so

09:21:10 proud of the years and the times that you have served,

09:21:13 and that you have contributed to this positive tone in

09:21:15 the community.

09:21:16 You have contributed to the progress.

09:21:20 I think you have a lot to be proud of as you go on and

09:21:22 do other things.

09:21:23 And for those of you who are continuing to serve.

09:21:26 It has really been a pleasure to serve with you.

09:21:28 I have enjoyed every bit of being mayor.

09:21:31 I will always look back upon it as the best

09:21:35 professional years of my life.

09:21:37 I will always look back upon this great city as the

09:21:41 best place to live in America.

09:21:44 And thank you so much for your kindness and

09:21:47 professionalism and courtesy.

09:21:50 Thank you for being a part of the governance of this

09:21:53 great city.

09:21:54 I bid you farewell and all the best in the future.

09:21:58 Thank you.

09:22:01 [ Applause ]

09:22:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.

09:22:38 Glad to have you here as officer of the month.

09:22:42 It is my pleasure for my last time to present our

09:22:44 Officer of the Month, and he is corporal Larry.

09:22:50 I am going to turn it over to Chief Castor.

09:22:54 >> Good morning, council.

09:22:56 I would like to thank you as well on behalf of the men

09:22:58 and women of the Tampa Police Department for all that

09:23:01 you have done, not only for us but for our community as

09:23:04 well and how well you have worked together as a team.

09:23:09 On a personal note, I thank you for all that you have

09:23:11 done for me, the mentoring and helping me a longs

09:23:13 through this last year and a half.

09:23:17 And while you are very supportive of law enforcement

09:23:23 you haven't rubber stamped everything, which in law

09:23:25 enforcement we think our ideas are the best and always

09:23:28 correct, but I appreciate the thoughtful way we have

09:23:31 worked through some controversial issues and always

09:23:34 come to a solution or conclusion that's in the best

09:23:36 interest of the community.

09:23:37 So I thank each and every one of you.

09:23:40 And as the mayor said as well, I wish you all the best.

09:23:43 And if you ever need anything from me, you all have my

09:23:46 cell phone number, and if you have lost that, 911 is

09:23:50 always good.

09:23:50 [ Laughter ]

09:23:51 It's my pleasure to bring one of Tampa's finest,

09:23:55 obviously the highlight for me every month, and we have

09:23:58 corporal Larry brass from district one.

09:24:02 He's on the ROC squad, our rapid offender control squad

09:24:06 which we started last year, and he is just an amazing

09:24:09 individual.

09:24:10 He is one of those officers that a particular problem

09:24:13 comes up and you think of who you are going to put on

09:24:16 that issue and who is going to solve it.

09:24:19 Larry brass is one of the first names to come to mind.

09:24:22 As you recall, Ray Estevez was here a few months ago as

09:24:28 Officer of the Month and when we had the serial

09:24:31 arsonist in the Ybor area and the mayor called and

09:24:34 asked me to put a team on there, the individuals that I

09:24:37 picked were Ray Estevez and Larry brass because they

09:24:40 are two of the finest in the Tampa Police Department.

09:24:43 In particular, to be chosen for the March Officer of

09:24:46 the Month, we had what Larry did was oversaw an auto

09:24:51 theft issue that we had in district one.

09:24:54 We had a number of Ford F-250 trucks that were being

09:24:58 stolen, and the number of those trucks continued to

09:25:04 rise.

09:25:05 Usually, a car is stolen and we find it within a day or

09:25:09 two, and we weren't locating any of these Ford F-250,

09:25:13 so Larry brass got on the issue and worked in concert

09:25:17 with all of the other district officers and with

09:25:19 Hillsborough County sheriff's office to identify the

09:25:23 individuals in this ring that were stealing these cars.

09:25:27 It was rather prolific criminal Terry Newsome that had

09:25:32 been pretty much in a life of crime for a long time,

09:25:36 and Larry brass identified him and five other

09:25:39 accomplices that were stealing these vehicles

09:25:41 he was charged with 28 auto thefts, and he also, Larry

09:25:48 has an incredible ability to interrogate individuals,

09:25:51 and to get stories out of them and confessions out of

09:25:54 them when others don't, and as you will see in a minute

09:25:59 when he speaks he's a rather quiet, unassuming

09:26:01 individual, but there's a lot of power behind that

09:26:03 quiet nature of his.

09:26:05 And he got Terry Newsome to confess, to incriminate all

09:26:09 of the other individuals involved, and to also indicate

09:26:12 where that property was at.

09:26:14 And these are cars that were being stolen and they were

09:26:18 basically putting new identification numbers on them.

09:26:21 They had been out there on the streets for a couple of

09:26:23 years, cars that were stolen.

09:26:25 So it wasn't just a joy ride type of a ring that we

09:26:29 were dealing with here.

09:26:30 Not only is Larry an outstanding investigator.

09:26:34 He trained everyone on his squad.

09:26:37 He's a corporal.

09:26:37 He trains everyone on his squad in investigative

09:26:41 tactics to include search warrants, interrogations,

09:26:43 those kind of things.

09:26:44 So Larry is spreading the wealth and allowing our crime

09:26:49 rate to the continue to drop dramatically.

09:26:53 He has done an amazing job over his 13 years.

09:26:56 He could be Officer of the Month every month of the

09:26:59 year.

09:26:59 It's my pleasure to recognize him for March 2011.

09:27:06 [ Applause ]

09:27:09 >>GWEN MILLER: On behalf of Tampa City Council, I

09:27:12 would like to present you this commendation.

09:27:14 I'm not going to read it because all those good things

09:27:17 the chief just said are right here.

09:27:19 Come over and we have some good things from the private

09:27:22 sector.

09:27:23 >> Congratulations.

09:27:28 On behalf of Tampa PDA we would like to give you this

09:27:33 $100 Visa card to use any way you see fit.

09:27:37 >> On behalf of Lowry Park Zoo we are especially proud

09:27:40 of our partnership and the city police and the things

09:27:45 they do.

09:27:45 Thank you, mayor, as well.

09:27:46 >> Thank you for your years of service.

09:27:51 On behalf of Straz center for the performing arts, two

09:27:54 tickets for jersey boys which opens Friday night.

09:27:56 >> Wow, thank you.

09:28:00 [ Laughter ]

09:28:00 >> Steve Stickley representing steps towing service.

09:28:05 On behalf of Jim and Judy Stepp and Todd Stepp we would

09:28:08 like to present this statue to you for a job well done

09:28:11 and also a gift certificate at Lee Roy Selmons for

09:28:16 lunch or dinner.

09:28:17 >> Good morning.

09:28:20 On behalf of Bill Currie Ford Lincoln I want to thank

09:28:23 you, congratulate you especially for looking out for

09:28:26 our vehicles.

09:28:26 We appreciate it.

09:28:28 [ Laughter ]

09:28:29 Here is a watch for you.

09:28:30 >> These flowers really aren't for you but for your

09:28:37 significant other.

09:28:38 >>STEVE MICHELINI: You know, it's a extinct pleasure

09:28:48 and honor for me to come and prepare these

09:28:51 certifications for the officers and the firefighters of

09:28:53 the month and the quarter, and I am truly humbled and

09:28:58 honored to do this.

09:29:00 On behalf of a variety of different corporations and

09:29:02 small businesses that like to honor you and your fellow

09:29:06 officers and those in the public safety divisions of

09:29:09 the city.

09:29:10 On behalf of Bryn Allen studios we are providing you

09:29:13 with a gift certificate so you can have your family

09:29:15 portraits taken.

09:29:17 On behalf of Bern's steakhouse we are providing you

09:29:19 with a gift certificate so you can enjoy dinner at

09:29:22 Bern's steakhouse.

09:29:23 And we have four tickets to go to the St. Petersburg --

09:29:32 so enjoy yourselves.

09:29:33 Congratulations.

09:29:34 >>> Council, first of all, I would like to thank Chief

09:29:40 Castor and our staff.

09:29:42 I'm very humbled by this award and I'm very grateful.

09:29:46 I have just been very fortunate to be surrounded by

09:29:48 exceptional police officers.

09:29:50 And I'm just glad that I'm in the position that I'm in.

09:29:52 I grew up in Tampa so I call Tampa my home, and it's my

09:29:56 honor to protect the city that I call my own.

09:29:58 Thank you.

09:30:00 [ Applause ]

09:30:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Charlie Miranda will now do a

09:30:20 presentation, commendation.

09:30:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Honorable members of Tampa City

09:30:42 Council, it's my pleasure this morning to stand before

09:30:45 two outstanding department heads of the City of Tampa

09:30:48 who have done a job well beyond the definition of the

09:30:51 job they were chosen to do.

09:30:55 I think the mayor made an excellent choice not only in

09:30:57 these two individual but she formed her team but more

09:31:00 so really all the department heads that she chose.

09:31:04 We don't have commendations for all because we don't

09:31:07 know who is staying.

09:31:09 We only know who is leaving.

09:31:10 That's up to somebody else.

09:31:14 Put the pressure on.

09:31:16 But this morning I stand right here with Bonnie Wise.

09:31:21 And Bonnie has been outstanding, not only in the way

09:31:24 she performs her duties as chief financial officer of

09:31:26 the City of Tampa but also in the mannerism in which

09:31:30 she's done those things.

09:31:31 She came up and rewrote a lot of ideas about the bonds

09:31:36 and how to save money, and that's what we are all

09:31:39 about.

09:31:39 Without her, the City of Tampa would have certainly had

09:31:42 a longer and more difficult climb to the top with the

09:31:46 deficit but even with all the major cutbacks this city

09:31:49 is still the premier city in the United States, and

09:31:52 partly because of Bonnie Wise and the work that she's

09:31:54 done as chief financial officer of the city.

09:31:57 We wish you well in your new endeavor.

09:32:00 Even then you are very smart because you are only going

09:32:02 two blocks down.

09:32:06 So you have done an outstanding job with a budget of

09:32:09 $787 million.

09:32:12 She's earned every penny of her salary.

09:32:15 I can tell you that her and I had many conversations as

09:32:18 most members of council have done, in every aspect.

09:32:20 You always say ahead of time what's happening and we

09:32:25 are very sorry to see you leave but we are happy that

09:32:28 you have made a choice that will enhance another

09:32:30 government with your abilities.

09:32:31 And you are an outstanding person and one that we

09:32:35 cherish for the remaining period.

09:32:38 And we certainly hope of that your transition in the

09:32:41 county is very helpful and anything you can do to help

09:32:45 us, I'm sure you will be there to let us know.

09:32:48 Bonnie, I am not going to read the whole thing because

09:32:50 I think I spoke more word than what's on this thing.

09:32:52 I am very proud also that had you were the recipient of

09:32:55 the 2011 Joseph he have fiend Howard Stafford award

09:33:01 recognizing the outstanding commitment to the City of

09:33:03 Tampa.

09:33:04 We are really proud and honored to have you with us.

09:33:07 [ Applause ]

09:33:19 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you, council.

09:33:20 And thank you to the mayor for my appointment.

09:33:22 It has been a pleasure these last few years, these last

09:33:27 eight years to work with you and to serve the citizens

09:33:29 of Tampa.

09:33:30 And I am so much looking forward to my new position

09:33:32 because it gives me the opportunity to continue to

09:33:35 serve the citizens of Tampa and also residents of

09:33:39 Hillsborough County.

09:33:40 And I think it would be terrific for the relationship

09:33:42 between the city and the county.

09:33:43 So thank you so much.

09:33:45 Eight years ago I had no idea that I would continue to

09:33:47 serve in city government, but it was because of the

09:33:49 partnership we have all had that has allowed me to do

09:33:52 this.

09:33:53 And I would also like to thank my staff, the revenue

09:33:57 and finance team.

09:33:58 Because as you know, it is a team like the mayor said,

09:34:01 that gets things accomplished, and without them none of

09:34:03 this could have happened.

09:34:04 So thanks to all of them as well.

09:34:06 Thank you.

09:34:08 [ Applause ]

09:34:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The next young lady is well-known to

09:34:20 us.

09:34:20 She's been working with the city for about 14 years.

09:34:23 Look at that hair-do.

09:34:26 [ Laughter ]

09:34:29 Is that a famous actress?

09:34:31 Who is that actress?

09:34:36 Merrill something?

09:34:39 >> Meryl Streep.

09:34:41 >> What an audience.

09:34:43 It looks like Charlie.

09:34:44 Cindy Miller as we all know her has been with the city

09:34:51 for 14 years.

09:34:53 She started with the director of the internal audit

09:34:56 division.

09:34:56 She was head of that division.

09:34:57 Did an outstanding job.

09:34:59 And every one of that she wrote, I read years ago.

09:35:04 And she would call me.

09:35:05 She said, are you reading this?

09:35:07 And I said, yes.

09:35:08 She would say, well, do you understand it?

09:35:10 I said, no, but I was bored before I started.

09:35:13 And these numbers just add up real fine and she

09:35:19 followed up on every one of them.

09:35:22 She did an excellent job.

09:35:24 She was promoted to director of growth management and

09:35:28 development services for the city understood Mayor Pam

09:35:31 Iorio.

09:35:32 She did an outstanding job in focusing on what had to

09:35:35 be done and changing things that needed to be changed.

09:35:38 She made the decision, stood by them, and worked her

09:35:41 way to facilitate the needs of the city.

09:35:46 And for that, very few have done what you have done and

09:35:49 accomplished so many in a short time.

09:35:54 She and her husband Luis received the spirit of

09:35:59 humanity award, and that's an honor when both of you

09:36:02 are chosen for one award.

09:36:05 That shows you that you still speak to your husband.

09:36:09 [ Laughter ]

09:36:09 And we are honored for the years of service that you

09:36:12 have given us, I'm sure where you are headed.

09:36:18 We will certainly be honored to have you and your

09:36:21 husband Lewis, at the Atlanta airport.

09:36:26 Maybe I'm looking for a job.

09:36:28 But I'm sincere when I say this, outstanding person,

09:36:34 outstanding work ethic like Bonnie Wise, and the same

09:36:40 category both of them, and we are sorry too see them

09:36:43 leave, but we are happy that they have chose ten field

09:36:46 in which they are going to excel somewhere else and

09:36:49 make other people happy.

09:36:50 Thank you so much for your years of service.

09:36:52 [ Applause ]

09:37:00 >> Thank you.

09:37:01 And I wanted to dispel a rumor.

09:37:03 There is humor intervention for the hair color.

09:37:07 But God is the one that did the curl.

09:37:09 He decided this year it was going to be curls.

09:37:12 And there is no extra chemicals there.

09:37:15 Just dispelling that rumor.

09:37:17 I do want to thank City Council, the mayor, and all of

09:37:20 the staff and all the various departments that I had

09:37:23 the measure to serve you with.

09:37:25 Internal audit and intergovernmental relations, growth

09:37:29 management development services, code enforcement,

09:37:31 business tax and community affairs most recently.

09:37:34 I also want to thank a few folks that I don't think we

09:37:38 hear their names very often from this podium, and that

09:37:42 is when you walk through the door just a few feet away,

09:37:45 there's always a smile from Kathryn, there is also

09:37:50 courtesy and professionalism by Belinda, Christina,

09:37:54 Cindy, Jeffrey, Libby, Mary, and Rhonda, and their

09:37:59 predecessors.

09:38:00 I want to thank them for making my work with City

09:38:03 Council, I think, one of the most productive

09:38:07 relationships that we have had, and I think thank City

09:38:09 Council, the clerk's office, City Council attorney, for

09:38:12 the courtesies and professionalism and dedication that

09:38:17 you have helped us all exhibit here.

09:38:18 Thank you.

09:38:20 [ Applause ]

09:38:30 >>GWEN MILLER: On our agenda for today we are going to

09:38:32 start with our attorney.

09:38:34 Okay, just a moment.

09:38:37 Mayor, before you leave, Ms. Capin wants to say

09:38:41 something to you.

09:38:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, mayor, this place, this Tampa

09:38:44 place, when I saw it, I thought, I would love to have

09:38:48 one of those plates.

09:38:49 And I heard the rumor that you had to leave to get the

09:38:52 plate.

09:38:53 And I thought, well, it will take me eight months, but

09:38:58 I will leave with a plate.

09:39:01 And here I am.

09:39:03 And I got my plate.

09:39:04 Thank you very much.

09:39:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Wait a few minutes for them to leave.

09:40:12 Mr. Shelby, do you want to give the agenda?

09:40:15 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's rather short.

09:40:19 Council, as you know, this is the last regular meeting

09:40:21 of this term of City Council.

09:40:23 A reminder that you do have a special called meeting on

09:40:27 Tuesday, this coming Tuesday, the 29th at

09:40:30 10:00 a.m., and that being said, I believe Mr. Territo

09:40:35 is here to walk on an item that is requested to have

09:40:41 council action on.

09:40:42 >>SAL TERRITO: We are walking on an item if we may.

09:40:46 We have a hold harmless and license agreement which we

09:40:49 didn't get to quickly enough to get on the agenda so

09:40:51 I'm requesting that you please approve that so we can

09:40:53 get some work done.

09:40:55 Somebody is putting a building that they are going to

09:40:57 be submitting to the federal government in a contest,

09:41:01 interestingly enough, and it's going to be on water

09:41:05 works property.

09:41:06 >> Second.

09:41:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:41:11 All in favor?

09:41:12 Opposed?

09:41:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

09:41:14 Item 56 you received a memo from Darrell Smith, chief

09:41:17 of staff, requesting that be removed from the consent

09:41:19 docket and moved to staff reports, unfinished business,

09:41:22 related to the red light infraction detection program.

09:41:27 Also, there's been a request, Madam Chair, from Karen

09:41:30 Palus who is going to be doing the presentation on item

09:41:33 number 44 on your agenda understood staff reports

09:41:37 rather than Mr. Corrada, and she respectfully asks,

09:41:44 because she has a presentation to make with the mayor,

09:41:46 I believe, at 10:30, she asked if it's possible that

09:41:49 that be moved up to be taken first, if that would be

09:41:52 council's desire.

09:41:55 The two other items 39 and 40 are items that we can

09:41:59 take up of that have to be continued to move the second

09:42:02 readings to.

09:42:02 Other than that, members of City Council, I am not

09:42:05 aware of any other changes to today's agenda, and I

09:42:08 present to the you for your approval.

09:42:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to approve.

09:42:13 >> Second.

09:42:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:42:16 All in favor?

09:42:17 Opposed?

09:42:17 We now go to our public comments.

09:42:20 Would be anyone in the public like to speak?

09:42:22 Please come up now.

09:42:27 No public comment?

09:42:29 >> My name is Tanya Wideman, 3706 west Oklahoma Avenue.

09:42:45 I have noticed this water bill issue seems like it's

09:42:48 never going to go away.

09:42:49 But I brought copies for each one of the council.

09:42:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to the attorney.

09:42:57 >>> I heard Mr. Daignault's presentation last Thursday.

09:43:11 And I saw the reaction of the council.

09:43:15 Part of the problem with this water bill issue is, it

09:43:19 is -- some of which he's saying, I'm not going to say

09:43:26 100 percent, but this class action lawsuit, and I'm

09:43:30 kind of on both side of this issue.

09:43:32 I was the person that was selling this item as well as

09:43:37 taking it as a return.

09:43:38 This is a class action lawsuit over what they call

09:43:41 America standard champion toilets.

09:43:45 I have provided each one of you a copy.

09:43:47 And just as I predicted, two of the areas would have

09:43:53 large as well as two of the cities which, yes, two of

09:43:57 the cities have had issues with these excessive water

09:44:00 bills.

09:44:02 But on the second side, when our chief says it is a

09:44:08 software issue, I heard the city repeatedly say it's

09:44:12 not right.

09:44:13 If I could have the overhead.

09:44:20 See that water bill?

09:44:21 There's data missing, actual data.

09:44:24 So how does the computer drop data?

09:44:27 I'm not talking about the numbers.

09:44:30 At this point here, this should be the person's

09:44:33 wastewater charge.

09:44:34 You see the meter which read that the wastewater does

09:44:40 not appear at all, so this bill is actually not going

09:44:43 to come out correct because it's too low.

09:44:48 So what happened to the data?

09:44:49 It either has to be the software or the handling of the

09:44:53 software.

09:44:54 Okay.

09:44:55 Let's go to -- I forgot to tell you, that's the house I

09:45:05 grew up in childhood.

09:45:07 This is the second one.

09:45:08 This is the address that I originally gave and turned

09:45:13 out to be my next door neighbor.

09:45:16 The meter was read.

09:45:18 All the input there.

09:45:22 No charge whatsoever.

09:45:24 Everything is done correct.

09:45:27 But the system didn't calculate a charge.

09:45:31 So that's why I'm saying, if it's not your software --

09:45:37 I'm kind of wondering why out of all of this going on,

09:45:41 solid waste is garbage.

09:45:42 It's not a running water, not a broken pipe.

09:45:49 It's excessive as far as solid waste and then I see

09:45:52 multiple numbers of solid waste, so that lead me to

09:45:56 believe there somewhere has to be a problem either with

09:45:59 the software or the handlers. I didn't generate this.

09:46:03 This came from the city software.

09:46:05 So that's what I am asking.

09:46:07 Thank you.

09:46:07 (Bell sounds).

09:46:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:46:09 Would anyone else like to speak?

09:46:12 We go to item number 4, ordinance for first reading.

09:46:18 Mr. Stokes, would you read it, please?

09:46:21 >>CURTIS STOKES: An ordinance being presented for first

09:46:23 reading consideration, an ordinance of the city of

09:46:26 Tampa, Florida renaming the dedicated park property

09:46:30 located at 400 north Ashley drive, Tampa, Florida, that

09:46:33 is now known as NationsBank park plaza, to Kiley

09:46:37 Gardens park, providing for severability, providing for

09:46:40 all ordinances in conflict herewith, providing an

09:46:42 effective date.

09:46:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:46:45 All in favor?

09:46:46 Opposed?

09:46:46 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.

09:46:49 Second reading of the ordinance will be held April

09:46:52 7th at 9:30 a.m.

09:46:54 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to our committee reports.

09:46:58 Public safety.

09:46:59 Mr. Charlie Miranda.

09:47:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Number 50, Madam Chairman, we hold

09:47:04 for staff reports later.

09:47:06 And move item 6 and 7.

09:47:07 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

09:47:10 All in favor?

09:47:11 Opposed?

09:47:15 Before Mr. Stokes, I am going to abstain from item 10.

09:47:22 >>CURTIS STOKES: Congratulations.

09:47:22 Move 8 through 11, please.

09:47:26 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor.

09:47:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For the record then, Ms. Miller has

09:47:36 filed a notice of conflict with the city clerk.

09:47:44 That conflict obviously being the subject of the

09:47:47 resolution.

09:47:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Public works.

09:47:52 Mr. Charlie Miranda.

09:47:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:47:56 I move items 12 through 20.

09:47:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:48:02 All in favor?

09:48:03 Opposed?

09:48:08 Finance Committee.

09:48:10 Mary Mulhern.

09:48:11 >>MARY MULHERN: I move 21 through 24.

09:48:14 >> Second.

09:48:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:48:17 All in favor?

09:48:17 Opposed?

09:48:19 Building and zoning.

09:48:19 Mr. Joseph Caetano.

09:48:21 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I move items 25 through 29.

09:48:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

09:48:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:48:29 All in favor?

09:48:30 Opposed?

09:48:31 Transportation, Ms. Capin.

09:48:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move item 30 through 33.

09:48:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

09:48:40 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:48:41 Opposed?

09:48:42 Items set for public hearing, 34.

09:48:45 >>MARY MULHERN: I move item 34 for public hearing.

09:48:48 >> Second.

09:48:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:48:50 All in favor?

09:48:51 Opposed?

09:48:52 Okay.

09:48:54 We go to our second readings.

09:49:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to open 35 through 36: All in

09:49:08 favor?

09:49:09 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on

09:49:11 item number 35?

09:49:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

09:49:16 I just wanted to let now that item 35 did require

09:49:19 certified site plan, and that site plan has been

09:49:22 certified by the zoning administrator.

09:49:25 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the

09:49:29 late nights we spent together over the past eight

09:49:32 years, five years together, and say it's been a real

09:49:35 pleasure to work with all of you and look forward to

09:49:37 continue working with those of you who will be staying

09:49:39 and more late nights ahead.

09:49:41 Thank you.

09:49:41 >>THE CLERK: We need to swear in witnesses.

09:49:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to swear in all witnesses,

09:49:55 whoever is going to speak.

09:49:56 Would you please stand and raise your right hand.

09:49:57 (Oath administered by Clerk).

09:50:08 >> I'm sorry to interrupt, but if there is available

09:50:12 items to be received and filed before the vote on

09:50:18 second reading.

09:50:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone like to speak on item

09:50:22 35th?

09:50:24 Motion to close?

09:50:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

09:50:26 >> Second.

09:50:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Mulhern, would you read that,

09:50:29 please?

09:50:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

09:50:32 for second reading and adoption, an ordinance approving

09:50:35 a special use permit S-2 approving a drive-in window in

09:50:38 a PD-A planned developmental alternative zoning

09:50:42 district in the general vicinity of 20590 Bruce B.

09:50:46 Downs Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida, and as

09:50:48 more particularly described in section 1 hereof

09:50:51 providing an effective date.

09:50:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:50:56 Vote and record.

09:50:59 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.

09:51:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that

09:51:10 would like to speak on item number 36?

09:51:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

09:51:14 >> Second.

09:51:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:51:17 All in favor?

09:51:18 Opposed?

09:51:18 Mr. Miranda.

09:51:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance presented for

09:51:21 second reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning

09:51:23 property in the general vicinity of 7700 south sparkman

09:51:27 street and 7701-7713 South Westshore Boulevard in the

09:51:31 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described

09:51:33 in section 1 from zoning district classification IG

09:51:36 industrial general to RS-50 residential single-family

09:51:40 providing.

09:51:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:51:43 Vote and record.

09:51:53 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.

09:51:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to open the public hearing 37

09:51:58 through 40.

09:51:59 >> Second.

09:52:01 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:52:04 Opposed?

09:52:04 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak

09:52:06 on item 37?

09:52:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

09:52:10 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second to close.

09:52:12 All in favor ever? Ms. Capin?

09:52:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for second

09:52:18 reading and adoption.

09:52:19 An ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida relating to

09:52:21 chapter 27, genre vision, making comprehensive revision

09:52:26 to the City of Tampa code of ordinance, chapter 27,

09:52:30 zoning amending section 27-180, alternative parking

09:52:34 requirements, repealing all ordinances and parts of

09:52:37 ordinances in conflict therewith, providing for

09:52:40 severability, providing an effective date.

09:52:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:52:47 Vote and record.

09:52:52 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.

09:52:57 >> Is there anyone in the public that would like to

09:53:00 speak on item 38?

09:53:03 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.

09:53:04 This is the second reading for the greater Seminole

09:53:06 Heights district.

09:53:07 It's the first form based code for the City of Tampa.

09:53:09 And I do have the revised exhibit B which was

09:53:14 instructed by City Council at first reading.

09:53:16 I will provide an additional copy to the clerk as well.

09:53:19 If I could, I think several people at the last public

09:53:27 hearing -- and there is one person in particular that I

09:53:30 spoke very highly of but she was absent from work that

09:53:32 day, and I want to introduce Lauralee MILO, our urban

09:53:38 designer who actually created the graphics in the

09:53:39 document and they are fantastic.

09:53:41 As I mentioned before, she's a great asset to this

09:53:44 city.

09:53:44 The way that she can take some ideas that come out and

09:53:47 actually put them into a graphic and create such a

09:53:51 beautiful drawing that really expresses what a

09:53:52 regulation should be.

09:53:54 And we are very lucky to have her and keep her.

09:53:57 With that, I would ask for your approval.

09:53:59 This is the first revision of our entire way that we do

09:54:04 things in streamlining our processes.

09:54:07 And on a side note, I'm sad to see many of you go.

09:54:12 Happy to have served with all of you.

09:54:14 Ms. Miller, you have been here since day one with me.

09:54:17 It's been ten years, many more years of service for

09:54:22 you.

09:54:22 Mr. Caetano, I am going to miss you greatly it's been a

09:54:26 blast serving with you and Mr. Stokes as well.

09:54:28 And I look forward to seeing the rest of you coming

09:54:31 back.

09:54:32 Thank you so much.

09:54:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:54:34 Would anyone else like to speak?

09:54:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

09:54:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.

09:54:40 All in favor?

09:54:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance being presented for

09:54:45 second reading, an ordinance of the city of Tampa,

09:54:47 Florida relating to greater Seminole Heights district

09:54:50 making comprehensive revisions to City of Tampa code of

09:54:53 ordinances chapter 27 zoning, creating article XXV,

09:54:58 greater Seminole Heights district, amending section

09:55:02 27-544, definitions of grouping of various districts,

09:55:07 amending section 27-545, definitions, repealing all

09:55:10 ordinances, parts of ordinances in conflict therewith,

09:55:13 providing for severability, providing an effective

09:55:15 date.

09:55:15 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

09:55:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Motion to adopt.

09:55:21 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Right.

09:55:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.

09:55:24 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.

09:55:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 39.

09:55:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to continue to May

09:55:37 56th, 20 is 1, 9:30 a.m.

09:55:43 April.

09:55:46 It's May 5th.

09:55:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It was an issue because the first

09:55:49 public hearing was continued, this being the second

09:55:51 public hearing, this has to be continued.

09:55:54 Mr. Miranda did state it right.

09:55:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:56:04 All in favor?

09:56:12 Item 40.

09:56:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Similar situation.

09:56:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move to continue to March 29th

09:56:16 to run in conjunction with a second reading adoption of

09:56:18 the ordinance.

09:56:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, I believe this is not an a

09:56:22 continued public hearing, so Mr. Miranda, if could you

09:56:24 move to open that first please.

09:56:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to open items 37 through 40.

09:56:28 >> Second.

09:56:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

09:56:31 All in favor.

09:56:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to continues item 40 to March

09:56:34 29th.

09:56:36 >> Second.

09:56:36 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:56:38 Opposed?

09:56:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I apologize, so could you do that.

09:56:41 >>GWEN MILLER: It's not 10:00 yet.

09:56:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mrs. Palus is here.

09:56:50 And it's not a public hearing.

09:56:52 If you wish to take up that item, since it is

09:56:54 informational.

09:56:55 You can do it.

09:56:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to take item 44 out of order.

09:57:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Karen Palus.

09:57:04 >>KAREN PALUS: Good morning.

09:57:08 And thank you.

09:57:09 I appreciate you accommodating me this morning.

09:57:12 I have a packet that's being passed out right now in

09:57:16 regard to item number 44.

09:57:18 And you have made a request for me to present

09:57:21 information regarding an update on our fees, and I

09:57:24 provided an overall information.

09:57:27 I will go over that information quickly with you, and

09:57:29 if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer

09:57:32 them, and do appreciate everybody who was able to speak

09:57:36 with me yesterday, and also want to thank you,

09:57:39 Councilwoman Mulhern, putting the questions together

09:57:43 and very helpful and made sure we answered your

09:57:46 concerns.

09:57:46 Way prepared for you is information regarding the

09:57:49 after-school specialty programs and update.

09:57:52 Really, what we have done is we have referred back to

09:57:54 the resolution that was approved on 2010, number 699,

09:58:01 in August, and that was the requested reduction in

09:58:04 fees.

09:58:04 We went from the after-school program, that was a $20 a

09:58:09 week program, back down to three, and the only need to

09:58:14 participate is or recreation card, and you are

09:58:17 enrollment and average daily attendance indicated that

09:58:21 for you and they start in 2008-2009 and we are now for

09:58:24 2010-11.

09:58:26 Our enrollment -- and I do have an asterisk here in my

09:58:30 report that says enrollment was 2450 folks back then.

09:58:36 That was all of our rec card holders.

09:58:39 We did not differentiate for all the different

09:58:41 programs.

09:58:42 Now with the capabilities we have, able to

09:58:44 differentiate that after-school program specifically to

09:58:47 that component.

09:58:48 So you will see we have the average daily attendance,

09:58:52 have 29 sites, average daily attendance at 784 in 2010

09:58:57 and an average of before 711 participants just in the

09:59:01 after-school piece that are averaging our daily, and

09:59:04 that's on 25 sites.

09:59:06 One of the questions that was requested was the four

09:59:10 facilities that far we did not participate participant

09:59:14 in after-school any longer.

09:59:16 We had four of them that we retooled or repurposed for

09:59:20 after-school with a fee in place.

09:59:22 We are looking at some of our licensing requirements

09:59:25 and reviewing that operation and how we allocated our

09:59:28 resources throughout the city.

09:59:29 So there were four sites.

09:59:31 American Legion which was retooled for toddler, gym and

09:59:35 dance program, and the Wayne Papy center, they do a

09:59:38 fantastic job there with dance, and asked for

09:59:41 additional programming.

09:59:43 And a very strong athletic program in the evening.

09:59:47 Cuscaden, we did have been low enrollment, and the

09:59:50 facility conditions, dealing were the -- they will

09:59:54 continue to undergone with that study, currently under

09:59:57 a feasibility study.

09:59:58 Malone was another very small facility, and Robles, the

10:00:04 one Robles facility had lack of enrollment but there

10:00:07 were some additional after-school programs that opened

10:00:09 in that area.

10:00:10 One of the questions as well in reduction in openings

10:00:13 after school, and if you take based on the number of

10:00:16 enrollments we had 35 children.

10:00:18 That would have been reduced based on our minimum

10:00:21 requirement at our facilities.

10:00:23 That would have been 100 slots we would reduce.

10:00:26 I want to you be aware that all active participants

10:00:29 will be able to be dispersed within those other

10:00:32 facilities that they wanted and chose to participate

10:00:35 in.

10:00:36 Our summer program, the traditional summer program

10:00:39 fees, $55 a week, and there was a variety of discounts

10:00:43 and scholarships available, and over 1800 youth last

10:00:46 year received those discounts.

10:00:48 This year, summer program cost is $70 for the session

10:00:52 for the resolution that was done in August, and there

10:00:56 is a $10 for the program for out-of-school time

10:00:59 partnership that we are doing, a literacy program,

10:01:02 through the stallion foundation, all the out-of-school

10:01:06 fund, that participate through the children's board

10:01:09 that will be doing this throughout Hillsborough County.

10:01:11 So we are really putting a very strong focus on our

10:01:13 literacy and our reading program throughout this summer

10:01:16 with our children and youth and we look forward to

10:01:18 that.

10:01:18 The children each receive their own book on the black

10:01:21 stallion.

10:01:22 They will go through that curriculum and there is a

10:01:24 great deal that they get to go and participate with the

10:01:27 horses and such.

10:01:28 And those program areas for that are 7:30 a.m. to

10:01:32 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and includes the

10:01:34 program T-shirt.

10:01:36 So essentially equates to $8.89 per week for the

10:01:40 nine-week summer program.

10:01:41 Our traditional summer program enrollment, provided

10:01:44 that for the last three years.

10:01:46 They have gone from 3100 up to 3600, and last year down

10:01:51 to 2181.

10:01:54 Our average daily attendance last year was about 1285.

10:01:57 And throughout the program.

10:02:01 We do have a series of specialty programs that we have

10:02:04 throughout the city, and I wasn't able to pull all the

10:02:07 average attendance.

10:02:08 That's for all our additional programs and things that

10:02:12 are coming up in the next couple of months for

10:02:13 registration.

10:02:14 But did it provide you the numbers of enrolled, 1190 in

10:02:18 '08, 1743 in '09 and 2400 enrolled of in 2010.

10:02:24 You can see in this we are seeing a trend for parks and

10:02:27 recreation overall.

10:02:30 It's becoming a very, very popular thing for families.

10:02:33 They want to do something unique.

10:02:35 The children want to do something unique.

10:02:36 In fact, last year, one of our most popular programs

10:02:42 filled with environmental sciences, biological sciences

10:02:44 and getting involved in our waterways and such.

10:02:46 We added two additional weeks because of the popularity

10:02:49 of that.

10:02:50 So there are those that continue to meet the needs of

10:02:53 the community.

10:02:56 Gymnastics programs in there, there is dance programs

10:02:59 in there, there's sports programs, there's parks and

10:03:02 performance arts available within the specialties.

10:03:04 And I did provide you all a brochure for this year,

10:03:07 comprehensive brochure for the City of Tampa, all of

10:03:10 our parks and recreation, available from the

10:03:12 traditional to the specialty, and they are available

10:03:15 there for you all.

10:03:19 We have provided some information about some of the

10:03:21 facilities we repurposed, and they are the same four

10:03:24 facilities I mentioned earlier.

10:03:26 Retooled them and the conditions of the facilities and

10:03:29 such.

10:03:29 We did review those all based on our facility

10:03:32 requirements.

10:03:33 All of our staffing ratios, restroom facilities, and

10:03:37 seasonal staffing through our budget process.

10:03:40 So we did review and I shared this with council before,

10:03:43 1600 spaces in the traditional program throughout all

10:03:47 of the city on-site, and that was provided in my City

10:03:51 Council report on June 24th, 2010.

10:03:54 This year's summer program -- and I appreciate the

10:03:56 opportunity -- it will start April 4th,

10:03:59 registration at 6:00 p.m., and all you need is a card

10:04:04 holder and they can go online and register and we are

10:04:07 encouraging everyone to do -- and this is what staff

10:04:10 has been very active -- if they don't have a rec card

10:04:15 that they get one because it will give you the most

10:04:18 flexibility online to be able to provide information

10:04:20 and pick your different camps.

10:04:22 So if you pick Kate Jackson or Cyrus Green and want to

10:04:27 choose between those you are able to get through

10:04:29 quickly and go through those.

10:04:30 You would stand in line at one location and then have

10:04:32 to go to another location in the past and stand in line

10:04:37 again.

10:04:37 This gives the parents the most opportunities.

10:04:39 We have also our scholarships are available for Tampa

10:04:44 recreation.

10:04:45 We also had some opportunities for scholarships and we

10:04:49 are partnering.

10:04:50 A good example of some of the partnerships is up in

10:04:54 Sulphur Springs area.

10:04:55 We are working with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club,

10:04:59 and the focus has been through the community, what we

10:05:01 are hearing is to be more teen program so we are

10:05:04 focusing the George Bartholomew program on teen and the

10:05:09 YMCA focusing on the youth, so we have both of those

10:05:12 pieces working together, very great collaborative

10:05:16 partnership.

10:05:17 The children at the Y, the younger children in the

10:05:20 elementary age will be free for that program, and with

10:05:23 the boys and girls, the partnership there is only $25

10:05:26 for the summer.

10:05:27 So great opportunities he and we really appreciate

10:05:30 working with those folks.

10:05:31 And that really conclude all my information

10:05:34 specifically to after-school, and summer.

10:05:36 If you want to take questions for those particular

10:05:41 questions first, whatever council wishes.

10:05:44 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you very much for the

10:05:44 information, Karen.

10:05:46 Given the popularity of the special interest camps, if

10:05:48 you live at 34th and Osborne, what special interest

10:05:53 camp would you go to?

10:05:55 >> 34th in East Tampa?

10:06:01 You have got different programs that we have got.

10:06:03 We have Joe Abrahams sports camp over at Wayne Papy

10:06:06 center which is in the north Seminole area.

10:06:10 >> If you don't have an automobile, how do you get

10:06:16 there?

10:06:17 It's quite aways from 34th and Osborne.

10:06:21 The Wayne Papy center.

10:06:23 >> Currently, we don't provide transportation except

10:06:25 for some of our specialty like spring programs, like

10:06:28 the turn-to foundation, but parents would need to work

10:06:33 that out or if we know about a particular situation we

10:06:35 can work with other families and maybe council.

10:06:38 >> The purpose of my question, Karen, is given the laws

10:06:44 kid of that have an interest in sports there isn't a

10:06:47 specialty camp located in the East Tampa area.

10:06:49 >> Yes, you are correct.

10:06:54 >> Do we have time to create one?

10:06:59 >> We can look at that, sure.

10:07:01 >> Enrollment starts in a couple of weeks.

10:07:03 >> We can look at that and see if we need to pull

10:07:07 something over to East Tampa.

10:07:08 Traditionally our East Tampa programs has a lot of the

10:07:12 traditional -- there are a lot of other activities and

10:07:15 such, that they haven't had that specialty piece

10:07:18 because those facilities have a lot of children that

10:07:21 come through the traditional program.

10:07:23 But we can look at that and see what's available.

10:07:25 I would be happy to do that.

10:07:27 And I will talk to the East Tampa staff and see, and

10:07:32 maybe the transportation is something that we can

10:07:33 identify as well.

10:07:35 We used to deal with a lot of the school buses and

10:07:38 stuff, and we still continue to do that for field

10:07:44 trips.

10:07:44 A lot of them will take field trips.

10:07:46 But as far as the specialty camp, I can look at

10:07:48 identifying facilities, and maybe retool to do that.

10:07:51 >> Because given the amount of time that you are

10:07:54 entitled to invest, it's quite alarming that you would

10:07:59 leave that entire group of individual who wants to go

10:08:07 in summer.

10:08:08 >> We have a bunch of our traditional programs

10:08:10 available throughout all of the facilities in East

10:08:12 Tampa.

10:08:13 One of our largest programming.

10:08:17 >>CURTIS STOKES: If they want to Don golf, tennis, some

10:08:19 of the country clubs, cartooning, park camp, adventure

10:08:27 camp.

10:08:29 They don't get an opportunity to participate unless

10:08:31 they gone halfway across town.

10:08:34 >> We can look at that.

10:08:38 I can talk with staff and see if we can retool one of

10:08:41 the facilities to do that type of programming there, if

10:08:43 that will work.

10:08:43 We will be happy to look further.

10:08:46 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you.

10:08:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Karen.

10:08:51 And I know you didn't have a lot of time to pull this

10:08:54 together, and I really have to apologize because I wish

10:08:59 that I had, you know, looked and asked for a report

10:09:05 earlier, but I was kind of busy, and just with

10:09:09 everything going on here, and I appreciate, it looks

10:09:15 like you answered most of my questions.

10:09:19 And I am a little concerned about -- with the

10:09:28 after-school programs, the attendance drop.

10:09:33 And I understand, you know, your recording of -- that

10:09:39 the enrollment, you were measuring it.

10:09:43 The rec card holders were counted as after-school

10:09:47 participants in 2009.

10:09:51 >> And previous years it's all been.

10:09:53 >>MARY MULHERN: So how do we know I'm really not clear

10:10:04 if they were counted.

10:10:05 And they have to have a rec card to be enrolled now,

10:10:08 too.

10:10:08 So it looks like the enrollment has dropped.

10:10:12 By half.

10:10:13 >> Yes.

10:10:15 As far as what we have been reporting, anybody that

10:10:18 participated, like in a possible program, an act tuft

10:10:23 fee, what it was called back then, and counted in that

10:10:26 overall number for after-school, because that was just

10:10:28 a number which was being calculated, and if you look

10:10:34 further in my report I kind of share that H.I pulled a

10:10:36 sample for you.

10:10:37 I didn't -- it's almost 15, 20 pages worth of

10:10:43 information, but these are all the programs that we

10:10:45 offer through that after-school time period, and

10:10:47 there's over 7200 folks that have been -- these are

10:10:53 children -- participating throughout all of those

10:10:55 programs throughout the city.

10:10:56 So I can give this to you.

10:10:58 And this shows you, since the beginning of the school

10:11:02 year in September, our current enrollees for all of

10:11:05 those programs -- and some of them -- 7200 children.

10:11:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, but I'm glad that that is

10:11:15 included in the 2008-2009, because that's basically the

10:11:24 same thing as what councilman Stokes is talking about,

10:11:29 those are kind of the -- really, those after-school

10:11:33 programs, football, sports, all of those, that you

10:11:36 don't consider after-school care, those extracurricular

10:11:44 things are part of what people count on.

10:11:47 >> And that is here.

10:11:50 And that's here.

10:11:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll look at that, but it concerns me

10:11:54 because it looks like by these totals that number has

10:11:57 dropped off.

10:11:59 And from what I am hearing anecdotally, and the problem

10:12:03 with that is that even though, you know, the fees that

10:12:07 you have reduced didn't really affect a lot of the

10:12:12 sports programs, those programs, and those fees still

10:12:18 went up for basketball, soccer, those things, and I am

10:12:30 hearing that those people can't afford that anymore,

10:12:32 and there are less sports programs, and this -- I think

10:12:37 what you have has really helped get us back to where

10:12:39 the younger age children have a place to go, but the

10:12:43 teens who are participating in sports, I think we need

10:12:46 to look at that and see how we can bray some of those

10:12:50 back, because from what I hear, the cost for soccer was

10:13:01 $35 a player.

10:13:03 The cost for a softball team was $450.

10:13:09 You know, soccer used to be $15 a player.

10:13:12 And the people can't afford it.

10:13:15 So I think going forward, hopefully you will still be

10:13:22 here.

10:13:22 Whoever is in the Parks Department needs to look at

10:13:24 that, because I think that's one of the most important

10:13:26 things we provide, have been providing that gives

10:13:30 teenagers something to do in their neighborhood

10:13:33 especially since, you know, they don't necessarily have

10:13:38 the ability to go anywhere else.

10:13:40 So we need to make sure those are affordable.

10:13:43 But it looks like in general you really did roll back

10:13:48 the fees.

10:13:49 More than rolled them back.

10:13:50 And I think there's room for figuring out a way to

10:13:53 charge the people who can afford it, but I'm glad to

10:13:56 see you did that for the care, after-school care

10:13:59 programs.

10:13:59 But I think the sports, the extracurricular, we need to

10:14:03 look at that in the future.

10:14:07 The other question -- and we have only got a week now,

10:14:12 right?

10:14:14 A week before the summer program starts, and I know

10:14:17 that last year -- your summer programs, what are you

10:14:29 attributing the increase in enrollment?

10:14:35 Is that due to the way that -- the fact that they have

10:14:38 to get a recollection card and sign off?

10:14:40 Is before you weren't recording every person who came.

10:14:44 That looks like a lot, 2010.

10:14:48 >> For which one?

10:14:49 The summer?

10:14:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at the wrong number.

10:14:52 Sorry.

10:14:53 Never mind.

10:14:57 No, specialty summer programs.

10:15:04 The specialty summer programs are more than just --

10:15:12 >>KAREN PALUS: The first three years were traditional

10:15:15 summer programs and that's what we have done throughout

10:15:17 all of our recollections alpha silts.

10:15:21 And then the next piece is specialties.

10:15:23 So we have the camp we added at Kate Jackson.

10:15:30 Again some of the things where you see our numbers may

10:15:32 have come down in traditional and in regard to Kate

10:15:36 Jackson, one of the things the parents had requested

10:15:38 there is to be able to continue the preschool level

10:15:41 program.

10:15:41 So again we evaluate the site, review what we can do

10:15:44 and what we can accommodate to meet the need of those

10:15:47 families.

10:15:48 So that program has been added.

10:15:52 >> But our problem, Kate Jackson we need a program like

10:15:59 that in East Tampa as councilman Stokes pointed out.

10:16:04 But I think here is the problem that I'm hearing with

10:16:10 the summer programs right now, and I hope that this can

10:16:18 be remedied, but that families are being asked to

10:16:27 prepay for the whole program when they sign up, and

10:16:35 including field trips, and several field trips, plus

10:16:42 general summer camp around $500.

10:16:48 And I don't know anybody who needs that summer

10:16:53 programming that would have that.

10:16:55 So I would like an assurance that they can pay by the

10:17:02 week, and also that the field trip -- I have never had

10:17:10 that happen in school where you had to pay -- you get a

10:17:13 notice the week before with a permission slip and

10:17:15 asking you to send in a few dollars to send your child

10:17:18 on a field trip, and I think if people are signing up

10:17:22 for the camp for the summer, you know, they may not be

10:17:25 able to afford the field trip when the time comes, but

10:17:28 maybe they will, but to have to pay all of that up

10:17:33 front.

10:17:33 So is that how it's working?

10:17:35 You are asking people to pay everything up front?

10:17:38 The summer program traditionally, that's how it has

10:17:40 been handled before up until last year.

10:17:43 Prior to that, they ever always paid in full for the

10:17:45 program, and the field trips were done on an

10:17:48 incremental basis, and it's done much differently, and

10:17:52 now we are doing that on more of a bulk process,

10:17:56 because one of the issues we ran into for years is

10:17:59 folks, because it was so inexpensive, folks would sign

10:18:02 up for the whole summer, hold a slot, and at which time

10:18:07 only come for a day here, a day there, and for us to be

10:18:10 able to budget the number of staff, the appropriate

10:18:12 number of buses that are needed to transfer, we need to

10:18:15 have as much of that information up in front.

10:18:17 Again, if somebody is having difficulty with paying, we

10:18:20 have the scholarships available.

10:18:22 They just need to let us know that.

10:18:23 The staff is aware of that and are working with folks

10:18:27 in regards to those particular issues.

10:18:29 I have already talked with the NFL Yet, and we are

10:18:33 ready within our facility at Jackson Heights,

10:18:37 discussion was staff in those regard.

10:18:38 So I'll go back and look at that overall number

10:18:41 being -- I don't know anything being at that $500, but

10:18:46 I'll be sure to look at those.

10:18:51 The group that put all of our field trips together, and

10:18:55 I'll take a hard look at that and see in regard to

10:18:58 those issues with field trips.

10:19:00 >>MARY MULHERN: One more time.

10:19:11 So the cost -- summer program, $70.

10:19:19 Okay.

10:19:19 So it's $70 per session?

10:19:25 Wait.

10:19:26 For the whole summer.

10:19:27 >> Entire summer.

10:19:32 >>MARY MULHERN: What about for families who have more

10:19:35 than one child?

10:19:36 Is there any kind of deal?

10:19:37 >> There isn't in this structure, because again the

10:19:42 overall rate that was being charged for to that level.

10:19:45 Before when we had the hire rate, a good example last

10:19:49 year, you had some families that they have multiple

10:19:51 children, they may have paid six-something a week for

10:19:54 one child and the next child was a dollar something a

10:19:56 week.

10:19:56 So we did have those discounts.

10:20:02 If somebody has an issue -- and we talked about

10:20:04 multiple families with multiple children -- again all

10:20:07 we need to do is know who they are and we will work

10:20:10 with them with our partners that we have onboard.

10:20:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

10:20:14 So then that brings up what I think is was one of the

10:20:17 big questions when we had these discussions a couple

10:20:22 years ago, and I know that on council I suggested this,

10:20:28 and probably other people on council, but I know the

10:20:31 community asked for this, because there seemed to be a

10:20:38 lot of difficulty for people actually filling out, you

10:20:42 know, the whole application process for a scholarship.

10:20:46 And what we had all asked for -- and I know they are

10:20:50 able to do this in the county with their programming,

10:20:54 school programming -- is that you base the need for a

10:21:00 scholarship for a means tested programming is based on

10:21:04 the after-school -- I mean, free and reduced school

10:21:11 lunch program with these determinants so people

10:21:15 wouldn't have to bring in all this information when,

10:21:19 you know, these children are all in school, they have

10:21:22 all done that at the beginning of the school year, so

10:21:26 per school year, so this would be on the summer

10:21:29 programs would be part of the 2010-11 academic year,

10:21:34 that if those children qualified for free and reduced

10:21:37 lunch, they should qualify for the scholarship.

10:21:41 And it seems like it should not be a difficult thing

10:21:44 for our computers to get hooked up with that.

10:21:47 So I want to nobody if that happened.

10:21:49 >> The program that we did last year, we are not doing

10:21:55 this year.

10:21:57 Again, that was mirrored with the school systems

10:22:00 program, was exactly the same form, on the top of it.

10:22:05 So we are not doing that program.

10:22:06 We are strictly going with the program which is a

10:22:09 single one-page sheet, and it may be -- one of the

10:22:13 things we have done last year with folks, it may be a

10:22:16 family that they may not be on reduced or free lunch

10:22:20 but they have extenuating circumstances, they need

10:22:22 assistance.

10:22:22 So friend didn't limit to the free or reduced lunch and

10:22:26 we are not limiting to the that this year as well.

10:22:28 >> Well, I am not saying you limit it.

10:22:30 I'm saying that you have got the qualifier, and that if

10:22:33 people did not qualify for that, or can show another

10:22:36 need, that's when maybe you would have a different

10:22:38 criteria.

10:22:39 But I don't understand why you wouldn't use this.

10:22:42 I mean --

10:22:45 >>KAREN PALUS: They can use it.

10:22:46 It's just not a determining factor for them.

10:22:50 It's one little sheet, it's very simple.

10:22:54 And that wasn't the program that got the comments.

10:22:58 The comments regarding a lot of information.

10:23:00 That was our system, our financial aid system that we

10:23:03 have mirrored after the school board system.

10:23:05 >> But you are not --

10:23:09 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.

10:23:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Send me a copy of that application.

10:23:17 Thank you very much.

10:23:17 I just hope going forward that we can, you know, a

10:23:21 couple of things that really became clear.

10:23:23 And I will have to really look at the numbers, too,

10:23:26 because I have to look at them.

10:23:30 But the summer camp programming, it doesn't look like

10:23:34 there's a specialty thing, and maybe we can work on

10:23:38 that next year or maybe late they are summer if you get

10:23:42 something going for August, somewhere in East Tampa.

10:23:44 >>KAREN PALUS: And I am happy to identify that with

10:23:47 the staff out there.

10:23:49 We'll look at that and see what we can do and what the

10:23:52 interest is.

10:23:52 We have some pretty full facilities in East Tampa, the

10:23:56 NFL yet facility has some specialties in that

10:24:00 traditional camp.

10:24:02 They have some really interesting electronic activities

10:24:05 and things that not all of our facilities have.

10:24:08 And so that may be one of those that they are doing

10:24:13 some pretty neat things out there.

10:24:15 And one thing, if I have a chance, we have an

10:24:19 incredible deal for the City of Tampa residents, and my

10:24:23 team does a phenomenal job out there.

10:24:25 They have got great programs, great activities and

10:24:28 great things going on, and I'm real proud of them,

10:24:31 because it's been tough for the city as a whole

10:24:35 economically, and we are trying to do the best they can

10:24:37 and they are doing the best things for our kid, and I'm

10:24:40 real proud of that, and they are working very hard,

10:24:44 pulling together this information.

10:24:45 Years ago, they would give a flier for 32 facilities.

10:24:51 We now have all of our information, one shop stop, the

10:24:55 information is online, they are available in our

10:24:57 computer lab.

10:24:57 We are working with the parents to make sure they have

10:24:59 all the necessary means.

10:25:01 We have got partners on board.

10:25:03 We have really done a nominal job trying to make the

10:25:05 best of some difficult circumstances financially.

10:25:08 But we are here for our children.

10:25:10 We are servicing a tremendous amount of families.

10:25:14 We now have over 18,000 households in our system that

10:25:18 heir participating in some form or fashion which is a

10:25:20 little over 32,000 individuals that do something within

10:25:24 our facility over this past year.

10:25:26 And I couldn't share that information with you prior to

10:25:30 now because we didn't have the means to calculate that

10:25:33 information.

10:25:33 So thank you for your support on that and for the

10:25:37 support for our program.

10:25:38 We do a tremendous job and really, really proud of our

10:25:41 team and will continue to work with the community and

10:25:44 the areas where we need to continue to do good work.

10:25:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:25:48 I really, really appreciate your working with us and

10:25:52 getting this down to where it could be affordable.

10:25:55 And, you know, we all understand that we weren't at the

10:26:03 market rates, weren't charging enough fees, and I would

10:26:06 like to see -- still see you, be able to charge more

10:26:10 where people can afford it, and I think there is room

10:26:13 to do that, and will support you on doing that.

10:26:17 >>KAREN PALUS: I support that.

10:26:19 Thank you for your time this morning.

10:26:21 Councilman Miranda, did you want me --

10:26:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I was just going to ask the chair

10:26:25 for the permission to speak, Madam Chair.

10:26:27 May I speak are? I think I'm in one of your classes.

10:26:33 Yesterday, I think Mrs. Mulhern adequately handled the

10:26:37 summer camp programs, and along with that idea that she

10:26:39 brought up, I brought in the senior programs.

10:26:41 I think you and I had a lengthy discussion yesterday,

10:26:44 and most of these things, not all were remedied.

10:26:48 I think on the conversations you and I had.

10:26:50 So I will be visiting with that center, visiting with

10:26:52 the seniors and hopefully that will be resolved.

10:26:54 Thank you very much.

10:26:56 >>CURTIS STOKES: Going back to councilman Mulhern's

10:26:59 question about affordability, this year it's about $80

10:27:02 per child for some of the camps.

10:27:05 And that's particularly the ones at Copeland park,

10:27:12 Jackson Heights, about $80.

10:27:15 But if you go to cartoon camp it's $45, golf camp $45,

10:27:27 specialty camps, for someone with reduced lunch in

10:27:32 different parts of the city.

10:27:34 Half the cost.

10:27:35 >>KAREN PALUS: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

10:27:37 Half the cost?

10:27:39 There are nine -- those programs are only from 9 a.m.

10:27:49 to noon.

10:27:50 They vary depending on which program and where it's

10:27:52 located.

10:27:55 I'm happy to have go through that information with you

10:27:57 and share that with you.

10:27:58 But they are typically specialty camps are shorter time

10:28:03 periods.

10:28:04 Part of the traditional piece.

10:28:05 And so they are again located in those areas, we are

10:28:10 able to accommodate those kind of programming

10:28:12 structures.

10:28:12 >>GWEN MILLER: We do have scholarships for those

10:28:16 people, too?

10:28:18 >>KAREN PALUS: We can.

10:28:19 We have young ladies we were able to scholarship for

10:28:22 cheerleading.

10:28:23 One of the staff has been overtime, and brought to my

10:28:26 attention, we had three young girls that were having

10:28:31 some difficulties that they got to participant and had

10:28:32 a great time.

10:28:33 So p again, we are working with the families.

10:28:37 And if there's a need, we are going to work with them

10:28:39 to make sure, we want them there.

10:28:42 It's important for them to be there.

10:28:43 We do a great job.

10:28:44 It's a great program.

10:28:45 There's a lot of great staff out there doing phenomenal

10:28:48 work with our kid.

10:28:49 And making a huge difference.

10:28:54 >>CURTIS STOKES: One last --

10:28:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for the job you are doing.

10:28:57 >>CURTIS STOKES: I would like to make a motion to have

10:28:59 Karen come back in 30 days with a report on the

10:29:02 establishment of the specialty camp in East Tampa and

10:29:05 provide to new council, please.

10:29:07 >> Second.

10:29:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

10:29:09 All in favor?

10:29:10 Opposed?

10:29:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: In the form of a request to

10:29:16 investigate that, correct?

10:29:19 >>CURTIS STOKES: Yes.

10:29:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

10:29:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby --

10:29:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: He's aware of that.

10:29:25 But in the meantime he could just move the resolutions

10:29:27 on 41 and 42.

10:29:29 They require no staff report for that.

10:29:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move item 41, and if I may, I

10:29:38 would like to vote on them separately.

10:29:40 >>GWEN MILLER: 41.

10:29:42 Need a second.

10:29:42 >> Second.

10:29:43 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye.

10:29:45 Opposed, nay.

10:29:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move 42, the resolution.

10:29:49 >> Second.

10:29:50 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

10:29:52 All in favor?

10:29:53 Opposed?

10:29:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you move on to the water

10:29:58 issue, there is a request, if it's possible, to move up

10:30:02 item 46.

10:30:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll move to move up item 46.

10:30:43 Since we are doing that, I move to open the public

10:30:45 hearings 45 through 46 at this time.

10:30:47 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

10:30:50 All in favor?

10:30:53 Opposed?

10:30:53 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Council, if you recall, we are

10:31:09 requesting to convert what formerly was a seven seas

10:31:12 adult use, and it was understood an agreement we've the

10:31:16 city for that to be converted from an adult use, which

10:31:21 everyone applauded for many years for that to happen.

10:31:24 And now we are before you requesting a 4(COP-R) for

10:31:29 restaurant to be converted, which will infuse about

10:31:34 half a million dollar or more in renovation, expenses,

10:31:38 it will creates more jobs, and we are respectfully

10:31:43 requesting approval for this.

10:31:44 Last Thursday, we had a deadlock with a 3-3 vote, was

10:31:51 centered around operating hours.

10:31:53 I would like to point out that we are consistent with

10:31:54 the Kennedy overlay district and encouraging

10:31:57 restaurants to go in and for establishments to convert

10:32:00 to neighborhood-friendly uses.

10:32:03 This is clearly one of those neighborhood friendly

10:32:08 uses.

10:32:08 And in order to be competitive with all the other

10:32:11 restaurants around there on Kennedy Boulevard, we are

10:32:13 respectfully requesting that the hours not be adjusted

10:32:16 beyond what we originally requested.

10:32:19 I can certainly answer any questions you might have.

10:32:22 But the few family -- the family bought this in '47 and

10:32:29 it operated as an adult use up until 2000, 1998, and

10:32:35 then was understood citation, and the settlement

10:32:38 agreement, it was in litigation for seven years, it's

10:32:40 just not emerged from that litigation, which enabled us

10:32:43 to submit this application for a restaurant.

10:32:48 Everyone has been very happy that this was being

10:32:51 converted to a restaurant.

10:32:53 And we have had no complaints from anyone regarding

10:32:56 this establishment.

10:33:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So that building has been vacant for

10:33:03 about seven years?

10:33:07 Since the litigation or no?

10:33:11 >>STEVE MICHELINI: It's been vacant for many years.

10:33:13 I can't tell you for how many.

10:33:16 It's undergoing a full and complete restoration,

10:33:20 renovation, in excess of $500,000 in renovation

10:33:23 expenses.

10:33:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?

10:33:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not trying to qualify my vote.

10:33:32 You know, things happen.

10:33:36 Procedures is what caused me to change my vote.

10:33:38 Procedurally, this council changed their rules.

10:33:41 When anything can stay open till 3:00 in the morning.

10:33:44 It's not about the Feug family.

10:33:46 I know them personally.

10:33:47 But that's not the question here.

10:33:48 When we change the procedures on a 4-36 vote that any

10:33:51 restaurant can stay open till 3:00, I thought that was

10:33:56 just too excessive.

10:33:57 Back about a year, year and a half ago.

10:33:59 And I have consistently voted that I don't do that, and

10:34:05 it's not the family, it's not the petitioner.

10:34:06 I have faith in all of them.

10:34:08 But it's the procedures that we change in this council,

10:34:10 and I said you are going to make 500 restaurants, bars,

10:34:14 automatically.

10:34:15 That's exactly what we have done.

10:34:17 In the past, we used to have one in the location of the

10:34:20 neighborhood.

10:34:21 Make agreements between the neighborhood.

10:34:22 This council and the petitioner, and everything was

10:34:25 working fine.

10:34:26 But when we changed this for one restaurant that's what

10:34:30 caused me to change my mind, my vote.

10:34:33 So I am not being apologetic.

10:34:35 I'm just saying this is why I do what I have to do, for

10:34:37 the protection of the people of the City of Tampa.

10:34:39 Maybe I'm right.

10:34:41 Maybe I'm wrong.

10:34:41 But when we change those procedures in this council,

10:34:48 anything after 12:00, from 12 to 3, the preponderance

10:34:53 of the sale is going to be alcohol, not food so

10:34:56 therefore I vote against them all because I have to.

10:34:58 That's all, Madam Chair.

10:35:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: All right.

10:35:06 In response to the 3 a.m. and the -- I did, and I have

10:35:14 been a proponent of establishing and posting exactly

10:35:20 what is happening here.

10:35:21 The conditions that are requested, and we have agreed

10:35:32 to, and it would help very much, both law enforcement

10:35:39 and code enforcement, exactly what Mr. Miranda is

10:35:42 talking about.

10:35:47 We did not do that, and I just wanted to point that

10:35:53 out.

10:35:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, Mr. Chairman, with

10:36:03 regard to broad public policy issues that you apply to

10:36:06 every case, that is addressed in your code, and

10:36:09 certainly this council has the opportunity to amend the

10:36:12 code in any way it sees fit.

10:36:14 And just for the purpose of the record, I just wish to

10:36:16 remind council that what you do have is you do have

10:36:20 your code of ordinances that is presently presented,

10:36:25 and it is the petitioner's right to have your decision

10:36:28 based upon the code and the facts as you hear them.

10:36:32 So I would ask council to be specific with regard to

10:36:39 applying the facts as you hear them, the code as is

10:36:44 provided, and the purpose of making the determination

10:36:46 of how you vote on this particular petition, and as you

10:36:49 know, Mr. Chairman, we do say we view it on a

10:36:53 case-by-case basis, which is a due problem sees

10:36:56 consideration.

10:36:56 That being said, Madam Chair, be if you can just choir

10:37:01 of the audience if there's anybody else from the public

10:37:04 here.

10:37:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone from the public like to

10:37:07 speak?

10:37:07 >> John Feug, Tampa, 333609.

10:37:15 I represent the family that owns the property.

10:37:17 And I just want to say that it has been -- let me

10:37:22 clarify a couple points first of all.

10:37:24 The property has been vacant since May of 2010.

10:37:27 It took us 12 years to get the tenant out.

10:37:32 Litigation began in 1999.

10:37:37 It took us 12 years to get where we are now.

10:37:41 We share the same vision of the Kennedy Boulevard

10:37:44 thoroughfare that the City of Tampa does.

10:37:46 We are trying our hardest to turn this into a

10:37:50 family-friendly carriage trade kind of Boulevard,

10:37:56 central commercial district, that you guys want.

10:38:01 We have gone to great pains to find a tenant that --

10:38:06 can I see a show of hand how many of you have eaten at

10:38:09 the bungalow?

10:38:10 That's our tenant.

10:38:11 The bungalow closes at one on the weekend.

10:38:15 Closes at eleven during the week because that's the

10:38:17 kind of business that it is.

10:38:18 That's the kind of business that's going in here.

10:38:20 All we are asking for is as far as the zoning goes is

10:38:23 what the ordinance allows.

10:38:25 Now, this business isn't going to stay open till 3:00

10:38:28 in the morning.

10:38:29 You know, I can help you regulate the business hours.

10:38:32 But we are just asking for the zoning the way the

10:38:35 ordinance reads.

10:38:37 Again, all I can say is appeal on behalf of the family

10:38:43 that's working very hard to support the City of Tampa's

10:38:46 vision of what should happen to Kennedy Boulevard, just

10:38:49 to allow us to operate within the ordinances.

10:38:51 That's all.

10:38:52 Thank you.

10:38:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?

10:38:55 Mr. Shelby?

10:38:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, as you know, understood your

10:38:58 code, you do have, if there are adverse impacts or you

10:39:02 can determine adverse impacts from the record, you can

10:39:05 impose certain things such as hours of operations to

10:39:08 mitigate that.

10:39:09 But then again that requires certain findings that you

10:39:11 would have to make.

10:39:12 And again it would be something that would have to be

10:39:15 part of the hearing.

10:39:16 With that being said, I'm sorry to interrupt.

10:39:18 >>STEVE MICHELINI: We respectfully request the council

10:39:24 approve this.

10:39:25 I think that the difficulty we have is that the other

10:39:28 establishments have the ability to stay open later.

10:39:33 And if we start restricting that, then we are in a

10:39:36 distinct competitive disadvantage with adjacent

10:39:40 properties as well as the ABC package store right next

10:39:43 door.

10:39:44 We are not selling package.

10:39:46 We have to maintain 51% food, 49% alcohol, regardless

10:39:51 of when that happens during the course of the operating

10:39:54 hours.

10:39:56 The total can never exceed 49% of the total sales.

10:40:00 And we will be happy to post inside the property that

10:40:05 those are the restrictions.

10:40:07 We have to abide by them.

10:40:09 That's state law.

10:40:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.

10:40:15 I have a motion and second to close.

10:40:18 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

10:40:18 Opposed?

10:40:23 It.

10:40:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you can read the motion.

10:40:29 Do you need a title?

10:40:43 It would be an ordinance for special use, with council

10:40:49 member Stokes.

10:40:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Give to the plaintiff Caetano.

10:40:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance presenting an

10:41:03 ordinance special experiment S-2 allowing beverages

10:41:07 containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic content

10:41:09 beer, wine, liquor, 4(COP-R) for consumption on

10:41:13 premises only in connection with a restaurant business

10:41:16 establishment at or from that certain lot, plot, or

10:41:20 tract of land located at 3023 West Kennedy Boulevard,

10:41:24 Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described in

10:41:27 section 2 hereof, providing for repeal of all

10:41:30 ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date.

10:41:36 I'm sorry, I believe there's also an addition to

10:41:40 include the revision that they have to put on the

10:41:43 record between first and second reading.

10:41:45 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.

10:41:47 There was a staff report.

10:41:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: It would include the staff

10:41:52 report.

10:41:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

10:41:54 All in favor?

10:41:56 Opposed?

10:41:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nay.

10:41:59 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin --

10:42:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, I voted yes.

10:42:05 I voted yes.

10:42:05 >> Roll call.

10:42:08 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.

10:42:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

10:42:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

10:42:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

10:42:13 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

10:42:17 >>CURTIS STOKES: Yes.

10:42:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

10:42:19 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Mulhern

10:42:23 voting no.

10:42:25 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Thank you very much, council.

10:42:26 >> We will go back to item number 5.

10:42:31 Would you like to come up, Mr. Smith?

10:42:32 Item 5.

10:42:33 >>THE CLERK: The second reading of the ordinance will

10:42:45 be held April 7th at 9:30 a.m.

10:42:47 >>GWEN MILLER: You may come up.

10:43:03 >> John Bennett, assistant Tampa chief, Tampa Police

10:43:22 Department.

10:43:23 The police department trying to champion the crime

10:43:27 track going forward to introduce red light photo

10:43:30 enforcement in the City of Tampa for public safety.

10:43:34 I just want to give a second of history on this

10:43:36 project.

10:43:36 We looked at it several years ago, and the police

10:43:39 department and the administration thought it to be wise

10:43:42 to allow the this to continue in the State of Florida

10:43:45 and around the nation to let it mature and see what the

10:43:47 best possibilities were, and not just jump on the early

10:43:50 bandwagon.

10:43:51 That choice led to us last year.

10:43:53 We were trying do an ordinance-based photo enforcement

10:43:57 objective in this city.

10:43:59 And we have gotten through most of the RFP process when

10:44:02 we realized, of course, the legislation was going to go

10:44:06 through, to bring it to the state level. So again we

10:44:09 came back this year after the legislation had been in

10:44:11 place.

10:44:12 We saw some other local jurisdictions go to photo

10:44:15 enforcement.

10:44:16 We allowed their processes to mature.

10:44:19 And now we are at this point whereby we feel we

10:44:22 reviewed comprehensively and we feel it's the right

10:44:24 choice for the City of Tampa and motorist public

10:44:27 safety.

10:44:28 And it really does boil down to that.

10:44:30 If you look at a red light violation, the harmful event

10:44:35 of that, which is a traffic crash, crash, whether it be

10:44:38 vehicle on vehicle, vehicle on pedestrian, or vehicle

10:44:41 on pedicyclist, they have a large number of juries

10:44:46 associated with those violations.

10:44:49 Sadly to the point that a moving violation now, if you

10:44:51 just get pulled over for a typical moving violation,

10:44:54 the fine is $151.

10:44:57 If you get pulled over for red light violation it's

10:44:59 $249.

10:45:00 And a lot of those moneys are surcharged to go to

10:45:04 trauma centers because that's exactly what happens.

10:45:06 So it affects not only the vehicle occupants, but the

10:45:10 workplace, the hospitals, everything you can imagine

10:45:13 come out of the red light running situation involving a

10:45:16 crash.

10:45:17 The other side that's important for us, the chief

10:45:22 always encourages us to look at mission efficiency.

10:45:24 Our challenge, to be at every intersection, to do

10:45:30 basically traffic law enforcement on AP daily basis

10:45:33 becomes a challenge.

10:45:34 We look at the top 40 intersections of crashes, and we

10:45:38 try to deploy our resources strategically around the

10:45:41 top 40 intersections but you can't be at every one 24

10:45:46 hours a day.

10:45:47 So because of that we feel like photo enforcement would

10:45:49 be a much more consistent opportunity to save lives in

10:45:54 this city, as well as allow our resources to be

10:45:57 redistributed to do other things in addition to our

10:46:01 mission accomplishment that we have seen so far.

10:46:04 With me today I have lieutenant Eric ward, who is the

10:46:08 lieutenant commander over the traffic-based units

10:46:11 inside the police department.

10:46:12 So if you have any direct statistics within the city,

10:46:15 you are welcome to ask him.

10:46:17 And I have with him Major Sophie Teague who commands a

10:46:24 special support division and she owns the discretionary

10:46:24 resources city-wide that typically does our traffic

10:46:27 enforcement and our DUI enforcement.

10:46:32 I also can talk about the crime track and the way the

10:46:37 legislation has been laid out for a violator.

10:46:41 Of course, we would go into a warning phase, if this is

10:46:44 implemented.

10:46:45 The warning phase, of course, would be an educational

10:46:48 phase to the motorist.

10:46:49 And I think there's something else important, why we

10:46:51 looked at every vendor in the selection process as an

10:46:56 independent opportunity.

10:46:58 The vendor that was selected by and large has good

10:47:01 countywide integration because they are already

10:47:04 installed in Hillsborough County and Temple Terrace,

10:47:06 which is good for, in essence, what would be the

10:47:10 customer in the end, because we don't have a disparate

10:47:15 opportunity for enforcement not to mention that while

10:47:17 most vendors have this option, this one is unique

10:47:21 because it has the abilities to turn on an amber alert

10:47:24 system and help us look for things beyond photo

10:47:27 enforcement without turning off the photo enforcement

10:47:29 sign.

10:47:30 So the fact that if we were to go through this contract

10:47:34 the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County and the city

10:47:36 of Temple Terrace could all unite efforts beyond photo

10:47:40 enforcement should we have an amber alert situation and

10:47:43 use technology again instead of just the eyes of the

10:47:45 law enforcement that are on the street at that given

10:47:50 moment as well as the motoring public.

10:47:50 So there's a lot of benefits beyond just the red light

10:47:52 enforcement.

10:47:54 At that point either I or lieutenant ward will take any

10:47:56 questions from council.

10:47:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Question from council members?

10:48:01 Mr. Stokes?

10:48:03 >>CURTIS STOKES: Where are the projected lights going,

10:48:04 sir?

10:48:05 >> what we did, sir, is like I mentioned, we always

10:48:08 navigate around our top 40 intersections.

10:48:11 And inside that 40, we examined 20 to share with the

10:48:18 RFP, and those throughout the city are actually have a

10:48:23 map of that we started with, and I can just read out

10:48:27 the 20 intersections that where we felt were the

10:48:30 highest ones.

10:48:32 And inside those intersections, what I think council

10:48:35 should understand is those approaches, typical each

10:48:39 intersection has four approaches.

10:48:41 So some intersections are dangerous coming from three

10:48:44 different directions so we would have three approaches

10:48:46 covered.

10:48:46 But they are in New Tampa, north Tampa, South Tampa,

10:48:49 West Tampa, there are streets throughout the city, and

10:48:52 they have been itemized as the most egregious

10:48:58 intersection -- giant intersections for crashes.

10:49:03 And the data collection we put together had 128 crashes

10:49:06 based on red lights at three different directions,

10:49:09 40th another Hillsborough and the smallest on the

10:49:11 list came out to Kennedy and Tampa street, which is

10:49:14 with only-open westbound only.

10:49:16 So it tend to shown you that the spectrum is wide,

10:49:19 citywide.

10:49:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?

10:49:24 >>CURTIS STOKES: Do you have a list of the addresses

10:49:26 be?

10:49:26 >> I do.

10:49:27 Do you want me to read them all?

10:49:29 >> Yes, please.

10:49:30 >> 40th and Hillsborough was the highest.

10:49:32 Fowler and 30th was second.

10:49:34 Hillsborough and Himes was third.

10:49:36 Dale Mabry and Hillsborough was fourth.

10:49:38 Gandy and Manhattan was fifth.

10:49:41 Florida and waters was sixth.

10:49:43 Hillsborough and Nebraska was seventh.

10:49:46 Dale Mabry and Columbus was eighth.

10:49:48 Dale Mabry and Kennedy was ninth.

10:49:50 Armenia and waters was tenth.

10:49:52 Fowler and Nebraska was 11th.

10:49:55 50th and Adamo was 12th.

10:49:58 Dale Mabry and Gandy was 13th.

10:50:01 Busch and Florida was 14th.

10:50:02 Gandy and Westshore was 15th.

10:50:05 22nd and Hillsborough was 16th.

10:50:08 Habana and Hillsborough was 17th.

10:50:11 22nd and Fowler was 18th.

10:50:14 Amber Lee drive and Bruce B. Downs was 19th.

10:50:16 And as mentioned, Kennedy and Tampa was 20th.

10:50:19 And those 20 intersections, when you look at all the

10:50:23 approaches, there was 29 different approaches within

10:50:26 those 20 intersections.

10:50:28 And we have additional intersections, but we felt from

10:50:30 looking at the data they were the top 20 and 29

10:50:33 approaches in the city for crashes, which means it's

10:50:36 not just running red lights.

10:50:38 Those are people that ran red lights that got in an

10:50:41 accident.

10:50:41 >> What's the projected revenue to the city?

10:50:44 >> Well, it's a cost neutral program.

10:50:48 In essence, when state took over the legislative

10:50:52 control of the violation, the fine is $158.

10:50:56 Half of that roughly goes to the state.

10:50:58 And then the city would get the other half.

10:51:01 So in essence a conviction, you are looking at about

10:51:04 $75.

10:51:05 That's without the administrative cost overhead.

10:51:07 So by the time we have the administrative personnel --

10:51:11 the unique thing about the way our program is designed,

10:51:13 or offered, is that a sworn law enforcement officer is

10:51:17 going to have to look at every violation.

10:51:19 You can write the business rules with the vendor, but a

10:51:22 sworn officer is going to look at every one to make

10:51:24 sure that there was nothing missed on the vendor side

10:51:28 of the review in the business rules.

10:51:31 So once it's cleared by an officer, that's an

10:51:33 administrative overhead, there's going to be some in

10:51:36 fiscal area, we have to separate the fees and do some

10:51:41 administrative work there.

10:51:42 We don't predict -- again our motive is public safety.

10:51:45 We also have eliminated the red light side of the

10:51:48 equation.

10:51:49 Part of the maturity process of watching other areas

10:51:52 from writing violations on red lights -- I mean right

10:51:55 on red, because we want to make sure that it's the most

10:51:58 dangerous portion of running a red light, with I is

10:52:00 left turns and through.

10:52:01 So I don't have that number.

10:52:03 We have to ask budget to see if they have done a

10:52:06 projection.

10:52:07 But it's cost neutral for us, meaning the vendor puts

10:52:10 the equipment out, and if we don't make money, they

10:52:13 don't ma make money and vice versa.

10:52:15 >> So there's incentive, if they don't make money, we

10:52:20 don't make money, so there's incentive to get as many

10:52:28 drivers as possible then?

10:52:29 >> I don't understand the incentive.

10:52:30 The incentive for success the safety side.

10:52:33 In other words, if you run the red light, you run the

10:52:36 red light.

10:52:36 From the vendor's side.

10:52:38 Equation I know they need to cover their cost.

10:52:40 But if they put out the contract, opportunity is cost

10:52:43 neutral.

10:52:43 So if there's no violations, and everybody is doing the

10:52:46 right thing, then they don't make any money, and we

10:52:49 don't make any money, but we have a safe city.

10:52:51 >> What were the projections of how many potential

10:52:57 stops there might be?

10:52:59 >> We can tell you -- we don't know.

10:53:02 Because we are going -- we are driven by accident data.

10:53:06 Nerd, we are trying to bring red light running --

10:53:09 >> How many red light runnings or accidents are in the

10:53:13 top 20 locations?

10:53:14 >> The average, the high end was 128 accidents and the

10:53:17 low end was 49.

10:53:18 So probably somewhere between 80 and 09 if I averaged

10:53:21 them out in the study.

10:53:24 Now, lieutenant ward can tell you how many red light

10:53:28 crashes we are having a year city-wide, absent those

10:53:32 intersections and also tell you how many citations we

10:53:35 are writing now based on our discretionary enforcement

10:53:38 city-wide.

10:53:39 >> So that's a week or a month?

10:53:41 >> No, no, that was in the study period of -- it want

10:53:44 to say it was three years we looked at.

10:53:47 At those intersections.

10:53:50 '08, 09 and 10.

10:53:52 We refreshed the study.

10:53:54 >>CURTIS STOKES: All right, thank you.

10:53:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

10:53:57 Along the same series of questioning, the other day I'm

10:54:00 driving waters heading east, and lo and behold my right

10:54:06 eye caught a sign, camera enforced, or something like

10:54:09 that.

10:54:09 It was very small, about the size of a monitor we have

10:54:12 here.

10:54:12 So I read the newspapers an it said this was come out.

10:54:18 And I hadn't read the final agenda yet and started

10:54:21 thinking, how many accidents happened?

10:54:23 And this is the county, of course, waters on that side,

10:54:26 water towers Dale Mabry, without the sign being there,

10:54:28 without the camera, and how many accidents have been

10:54:31 there with the cameras?

10:54:33 I don't think anybody can see those signs when they are

10:54:36 driving.

10:54:36 I saw it because I was slowing down.

10:54:39 But people don't drive reading little signs.

10:54:42 >> We hope they are looking at the light.

10:54:44 >> Well, that's what I'm saying.

10:54:47 But that sign doesn't work.

10:54:49 You have to post it, I guess, according to the law.

10:54:51 >> Right.

10:54:52 >> But I don't know what benefit to reduce the ratio of

10:54:56 accidents a light is going to do.

10:54:58 What I want to know is how many, and the county should

10:55:01 have this, how many accidents were there before the

10:55:03 light went on, the camera, and how many accidents with

10:55:07 the camera?

10:55:08 I am not here to create a paper mill, and fine tickets.

10:55:13 I want to see what raw data you have of intersection

10:55:16 location that you have now.

10:55:17 I can tell you some of those accidents, MacDill and

10:55:21 Dale Mabry, you go there to make a left-hand turn

10:55:25 heading south or right-hand turn or left-hand turn

10:55:28 heading north, you are not going to make it because

10:55:30 there is no arrow. You have to take it on your own.

10:55:34 So we don't have intersection improvements.

10:55:37 We have done some, but we haven't finished wash we

10:55:39 should have done.

10:55:40 What percent of money is going anywhere, you mentioned

10:55:44 certain figures that half goes to the state, half goes

10:55:47 to us.

10:55:48 I'm saying where is the vendor's portion?

10:55:50 I don't know.

10:55:51 >> It comes out of our side of the equation.

10:55:52 >> That was never explained.

10:55:55 I'm not trying to cross-examine an officer.

10:55:59 I never would do that.

10:56:01 And the portion of where it's going, is it going to the

10:56:06 general fund?

10:56:07 >> It's going to the general fund.

10:56:08 >> That right there tells me a red flag.

10:56:12 It should go for intersection improvements so that the

10:56:15 benefit is for the people who are driving the vehicles.

10:56:19 They should have beneficial to the City of Tampa, who

10:56:21 are paying for those traffic tickets to go and improve

10:56:24 the intersection of the city.

10:56:27 Even including sidewalks.

10:56:29 You should have those intersections with more traffic

10:56:32 accommodation, more better signalization, so that the

10:56:35 people that heir accommodating and driving don't get

10:56:37 the tickets.

10:56:38 And that came up to just say, what are we doing here?

10:56:45 Plus the cost of litigation.

10:56:46 If somebody sues us, and it happened before, and they

10:56:50 stopped it like you said three years ago, I don't know

10:56:53 what's happening do. We pay for that?

10:56:54 Or is it shared between the state, us, and the vendor?

10:56:58 Or is it just us?

10:57:00 I don't know that.

10:57:04 If all of us are sharing the pool of money, maybe all

10:57:07 of us are not sharing in the litigation costs.

10:57:09 I don't know.

10:57:10 This is all new to me.

10:57:14 If it was for intersection improvements for the benefit

10:57:16 of those that are using our city streets, I would be

10:57:20 inclined to vote for it.

10:57:22 But if it's not, this money goes to the general fund,

10:57:26 it's going to get lost in other departmental needs, and

10:57:29 we are not going to improve the intersection like we

10:57:31 should.

10:57:31 And this is not for you.

10:57:32 This is for whoever the next administration is.

10:57:35 >> Can I just address one of your questions?

10:57:37 Can I read one report that came out from the insurance?

10:57:41 We look for good study as well, and lieutenant ward

10:57:45 decided to look at 16 cities that have had -- on

10:57:51 camera.

10:57:51 We just have what we have which is the intersections I

10:57:54 read.

10:57:54 We commission lieutenant ward when we were doing our

10:57:56 research process to look at 16 cities around the

10:57:59 country that had it that could give us an agency

10:58:03 feedback instead of getting it from a vendor.

10:58:06 Because we want to make sure it's like you did.

10:58:09 But going back to this report on February 1st of

10:58:12 this year, so it's pretty fresh, using 2009 data, the

10:58:16 insurance institute for highway safety spoke of the 14

10:58:20 largest cities that have red light cameras.

10:58:23 They did a study from '04 to '08, the study, the same

10:58:27 four-year period but in the 90s, and they had shown

10:58:30 there was a 24% decrease in fatalities for running red

10:58:35 lights based on camera enforcement.

10:58:37 And we felt like that was a good comprehensive picture,

10:58:39 and they are using 2009, 656 fatalities occurred

10:58:44 nationwide against 113,000 injuries caused by the same

10:58:48 crashes in the red light.

10:58:50 And so what we are saying, I think as a city, is that

10:58:54 we had the incidents, we have the red light running

10:58:57 crashes.

10:58:57 We are no stranger to that because we investigate them.

10:59:00 The state recognizes red light running as an issue

10:59:03 because they have increased the fine from a moving

10:59:05 violation from 151 to $249.

10:59:09 Of course, I can only speak to the front side of the

10:59:12 equation which is the public safety and the resource

10:59:14 allocation.

10:59:15 I can't speak to the general fund side completely.

10:59:20 But I -- again, my angle here is public safety.

10:59:24 >> I understand that.

10:59:25 But the general fund is somebody's decision to put it

10:59:27 there.

10:59:27 Not yours.

10:59:28 >> Yeah, I understand.

10:59:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You understand that.

10:59:30 And other cities that I have seen -- and I am not an

10:59:32 expert here, let me say that for the record, but I have

10:59:35 seen different idealisms put into place where you are

10:59:38 30, 40 yards from the intersection and there's a

10:59:40 blinking light that starts to blink real quickly saying

10:59:43 you better stop because it's going change.

10:59:45 We have these little things now at night, it says 13,

10:59:48 14, then goes down to zero and the light changes.

10:59:50 The problem is they are so small you can't see them.

10:59:53 And I have 20/20 with glasses on.

10:59:56 So I would imagine that they are just too small.

10:59:58 Whoever invented that, it's a great invention but the

11:00:01 people can't see them.

11:00:03 It's a lot of work to do in intersection improvement.

11:00:08 And this is going through intersection improvement, I

11:00:10 have no qualms with it.

11:00:12 I do not want to the go into general fund.

11:00:13 >> Understood.

11:00:16 Again, on the front half.

11:00:17 Equation I just want to say that between Chief Castor,

11:00:21 myself and everybody else on the project, we try to put

11:00:23 in every measure of accountability to make sure they

11:00:26 were pure violations, they were going to be looked at

11:00:29 by a sworn law enforcement officer.

11:00:31 We are not in it for a money making proposition.

11:00:34 If we've one, we have one.

11:00:36 If we have 30, we have 30.

11:00:38 We just want to make sure we make our intersections

11:00:42 safer.

11:00:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree.

11:00:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I agree with councilman Miranda on the

11:00:48 general fund.

11:00:53 I would like to see to improve more safety, bring

11:00:57 intersections.

11:00:58 And when you listed the different intersections you

11:01:01 were just listing an incident, the order of the first,

11:01:05 second, third.

11:01:06 >> High incidences, yes, ma'am.

11:01:08 >> Not necessarily where the cameras will be.

11:01:10 >> Well, I can say westbound, northbound.

11:01:15 I can give you the approach for these intersections

11:01:17 because we did enumerate that.

11:01:20 In those 20 intersections we had 29 different

11:01:22 directions inside those 20 intersections.

11:01:25 That was the harmful vehicle, the vehicle that

11:01:28 committed the violation.

11:01:28 And traffic engineer study that we took their data,

11:01:32 worked it down another level to make sure that because,

11:01:35 you know, one direction may not have any problem.

11:01:37 If the violator may be going westbound.

11:01:41 So we did enumerate that.

11:01:44 >> Hillsborough and Dale Mabry, there's an overpass

11:01:47 there.

11:01:51 Where would that be?

11:01:52 >> What happens on these installation sites is, you

11:01:55 know, we may have the data that supports a need, but we

11:01:58 may not be able to find the real estate to make it

11:02:04 happen and that's charged to the vendor to work out

11:02:06 that opportunity, even if they have to negotiate, you

11:02:08 know, private property agreements to get that done.

11:02:11 Because, of course, you have a logistics move in this

11:02:16 as well.

11:02:17 So every one of these things has to be studied for not

11:02:19 only the value of public safety, but the overall value

11:02:22 of the opportunity, and then we make those decisions

11:02:25 with our oversight.

11:02:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Can I ask, because I saw the time line,

11:02:31 toward the end of the year?

11:02:33 I'm trying to remember now.

11:02:34 >> Sure.

11:02:39 There's installation incentives for us.

11:02:41 Nerd, it's cost neutral.

11:02:44 If we go to contract to have it all installed within a

11:02:46 year.

11:02:47 And that requires all the field studies to happen, the

11:02:50 warning period to happen, no change in the legislation.

11:02:52 So we basically look at, you know, we could be on the

11:02:55 high end a year out to go through all those phases.

11:03:04 Have been.

11:03:07 >>CURTIS STOKES: Like councilman Miranda, the moneys

11:03:09 going to the general fund is nothing more than a tax on

11:03:13 the citizens.

11:03:14 Of those 28 addresses you gave, 40% are minority

11:03:18 neighborhood.

11:03:18 And that's an extra tax, extra burden on those

11:03:21 individuals that had you just gave.

11:03:25 And I look at this as a money maker convenience

11:03:28 adventure to help balance the budget especially if it's

11:03:31 being directed to general fund.

11:03:33 Again it's on the backs of 40% of those addresses you

11:03:37 gave are minority neighborhood.

11:03:39 And I can't support cameras when it's an extra tax.

11:03:48 >> Darrell Smith, chief of staff.

11:03:58 I understand the emphasis on directing any revenue back

11:04:04 into intersection improvements.

11:04:06 But I would like to also remind council that the

11:04:11 majority of the general fund, a large portion of that,

11:04:15 goes to support public safety, and specifically the

11:04:19 police department, and this initiative is an

11:04:25 opportunity for the police department to expand their

11:04:30 surveillance, if you will, and their intervention into

11:04:37 crime or running red lights.

11:04:40 So it is a significant benefit for the police that

11:04:45 benefits their opportunity to enforce more

11:04:51 intersections than they can with existing resources.

11:04:54 And the general fund, you know, that provides our

11:04:59 public safety revenue, and I think that we should be

11:05:04 providing emphasis on providing that support for the

11:05:10 police department.

11:05:11 I will tell you that I live in New Tampa.

11:05:13 I go home many times through Fletcher and Bruce B.

11:05:17 Downs, and they have had a traffic enforcement light

11:05:22 there for over a year, possibly a year and a half, and

11:05:25 I see drivers paying attention.

11:05:29 They know that that intersection is enforced.

11:05:33 They may not know it the first week that the lights are

11:05:36 installed, but they know it over time based on the

11:05:40 media attention and based on citations that they get.

11:05:44 And I see them first hand stopping rather than putting

11:05:49 the pedal to the metal and accelerating on through the

11:05:53 intersection.

11:05:53 So that first-hand experience is something that I would

11:05:59 contribute to this discussion.

11:06:01 And I would also tell you that about 58% of the general

11:06:04 fund goes for police and fire.

11:06:08 And we need that revenue in order to continue our

11:06:14 support of those resources.

11:06:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:06:20 I am certainly not debating anything.

11:06:21 And I realize that the ad valorem taxes collected in

11:06:24 the city don't even meet the needs of the police and

11:06:26 fire department.

11:06:27 I understand and agree with you, Mr. Smith.

11:06:29 What I disagree on is the -- we all want to help the

11:06:33 police department.

11:06:34 Not one of us say no.

11:06:36 What we are saying is if we want to help them even

11:06:39 furthermore and help the citizens at the same time, we

11:06:41 would get this money to improve the traffic locations

11:06:47 of the city, of the infrastructure of the intersection

11:06:49 so that in the future -- it may be sooner than

11:06:53 expected -- they would have less work, less amount of

11:06:56 cameras.

11:06:57 And guess what happens when that comes about, and there

11:06:59 have been locations where cameras have been removed

11:07:01 because they weren't generating enough revenue to meet

11:07:05 the costs.

11:07:05 That has happened.

11:07:06 So what I am saying when we get that money and enhance

11:07:09 it to the city, it would make it a much better livable

11:07:12 city, where the last police preference, yet the

11:07:16 preference is there by the camera creating a need that

11:07:19 we need for public safety, and at the same time have

11:07:22 traffic stabilization that would be vastly improved to

11:07:25 the majority needs of the citizens, which we serve.

11:07:29 That would be an enhancement not only to the police

11:07:31 department but to the general public together, and a

11:07:34 good marriage would be formed out of that.

11:07:37 And that's the only thing I'm saying.

11:07:39 I'm saying if we do something differently, I think we

11:07:41 can all be a winner.

11:07:42 Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:07:43 >> Just a comment, I agree.

11:07:47 And we need both, is what you are saying.

11:07:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, we do.

11:07:50 >> Darrell Smith: But because of the budget situation

11:07:53 the city is facing you are going to get to the point

11:07:55 where if you have $100,000 in revenue from the red

11:07:58 light cam camera program you may be putting it into an

11:08:03 intersection improvement but you may be laying off a

11:08:05 police officer, because there are limited fund and

11:08:09 revenues available in the general fund is very

11:08:13 significant in support of public safety.

11:08:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That wasn't what the cameras were

11:08:18 brought to us about.

11:08:19 It was not about laying off anyone.

11:08:20 It was about traffic tickets.

11:08:22 It's about enhancement, about people getting hit.

11:08:25 I don't even have an answer to an intersection with a

11:08:28 camera, how many accidents, how many serious accidents,

11:08:31 how many accidents without a camera. I don't even have

11:08:33 that in front of me.

11:08:34 So what I'm say is, I don't know what to tell you.

11:08:39 I just don't.

11:08:39 But I'm trying to be compassionate and understanding of

11:08:42 the facts, and let's say that we do that.

11:08:47 Let's say that $100,000 does something to improve an

11:08:50 intersection.

11:08:51 How many lives do we save, one two, ten, none?

11:08:53 I don't know.

11:08:54 But we would have that.

11:08:57 The police would be able to work somewhere else with

11:09:01 that camera being there, an enhancement to both and I

11:09:04 think it's a win-win.

11:09:06 That's all I'm saying.

11:09:09 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mr. Smith, I'm still trying to get my

11:09:11 arms around the idea that this is a money-making

11:09:13 venture for the city to help balance the budget and

11:09:16 help bring in revenues for the police officers.

11:09:20 Of those intersections that the gentleman mentioned,

11:09:25 who is monitoring traffic violations of red light

11:09:28 violations now?

11:09:31 >> The police department, as a capable approach.

11:09:37 But they can't --

11:09:38 >> So this is an additional tax to the citizens of

11:09:42 Tampa to help fund and the police and the general

11:09:48 revenue fund.

11:09:48 >> No, sir, it's not a tax.

11:09:53 It's a revenue source, and there is no doubt about it

11:09:57 that the principal purpose that we are trying to serve

11:10:01 is public safety.

11:10:02 But the reality is that there hopefully will be revenue

11:10:06 that comes out of this program and that revenue can be

11:10:09 used to provide even more increased public safety

11:10:14 especially the police department.

11:10:15 >> But we need additional fund.

11:10:16 We can just increase the franchise fees on and not

11:10:24 using red lights to do that.

11:10:26 >> That would be an option, yes, sir.

11:10:31 >> And 40% of the 20 locations that the gentleman

11:10:35 mentioned are in minority neighborhood, so we are

11:10:38 putting a tax on the backs of minorities just to help

11:10:42 the general revenue fund when, what 60% of the

11:10:46 individuals currently incarcerated are minorities?

11:10:49 >> Okay, let me just further expand upon the location.

11:10:54 What's going to happen here is that we have provided

11:10:59 intersections based on the highest accident percentages

11:11:02 or statistics that we have.

11:11:03 But in reality, after the contract is approved, the

11:11:07 vendor will go out and conduct specific traffic studies

11:11:11 at each of those intersections to verify current-day

11:11:16 statistics on which ones have the highest flow of

11:11:20 traffic.

11:11:22 I would anticipate that they have would be fairly

11:11:24 evenly distributed within the city, but those are not

11:11:27 the exact locations that will have cameras at them.

11:11:31 And each intersection will not have four cameras, four

11:11:35 approaches.

11:11:35 We may have one or two approaches that at certain

11:11:39 intersections based on the traffic count and the

11:11:42 previous accident history.

11:11:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?

11:11:52 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: The whole focus is public safety.

11:11:54 I don't know why we have all this bickering going on

11:11:56 that we don't need these cameras.

11:11:58 We do need these cameras.

11:12:00 We have deaths happening every day, people getting

11:12:03 personal injuries, personal property damage, and 58% of

11:12:09 this money comes from the general fund, goes to police

11:12:12 and fire, and that's all about public safety.

11:12:15 I mean, if we didn't have the fire department and the

11:12:17 police department, we would be in big trouble.

11:12:19 And I'm sure the administration understands that 58% of

11:12:23 this money is needed for public safety.

11:12:26 And I see it as a necessity.

11:12:28 I see accidents every day on Bruce B. Downs.

11:12:32 I mean, I followed the other day from one of my

11:12:37 businesses next door and I saw her involved in an

11:12:39 accident, and first thing you know there was five

11:12:43 vehicles involved, and she was honestly going to the

11:12:46 bank to conduct business, and she lost her vehicle.

11:12:51 The vehicle -- the value of the vehicle wasn't covered

11:12:55 by the amount of damage.

11:13:00 I don't November why we are bickering back and forth.

11:13:03 Public safety is why we have the police department and

11:13:04 the fire department out there.

11:13:05 Weep definitely need it.

11:13:08 It's been proven on Fletcher Avenue and 30th street

11:13:17 how the accidents have been reduced there.

11:13:19 The personal damage and property damage.

11:13:22 I think this board needs to support this.

11:13:25 It's definitely needed.

11:13:26 >> If I can comment on a couple components on the

11:13:31 public safety side.

11:13:32 The goal of our violation-based ordinance, legislative

11:13:38 act, states state statute, is to change behavior.

11:13:41 We don't want our citizens, no matter what neighborhood

11:13:43 they live in, to end up in the hospital or dead.

11:13:45 Typically, the person who runs the red light is not the

11:13:48 victim in the accident because there are physics on

11:13:51 their side.

11:13:52 At this time person they hit in the intersection, the

11:13:55 pedicyclist, or because the other person is getting

11:13:57 T-boned they end up the ones in the hospital or dead.

11:14:00 I understand there's an economic discussion on the back

11:14:04 end of the violation.

11:14:05 But most studies that have come through show that you

11:14:08 do change behavior, not only in the intersection where

11:14:11 the red light is, but there's a halo effect and folks

11:14:15 think they start paying attention to red lights

11:14:17 everywhere, and it's in every Inc. is will study of

11:14:19 this halo effect, your entire city end up safer at all

11:14:23 lighted intersections because of the sake of having red

11:14:26 lights at certain intersections that have high

11:14:29 propensity of red light running and crashing crash

11:14:33 statistics and that's ultimately the goal for us here.

11:14:35 On the back end, the fact that it's cost neutral.

11:14:38 We think don't even give that a second look.

11:14:39 The backside of the equation of and the general fund,

11:14:44 you know, the police department is always focused on

11:14:46 the public safety side and resource allocation.

11:14:48 And I think if we have the opportunity to change

11:14:51 behavior of the drivers, no matter what neighborhood

11:14:53 they are in, we are going to save every walk of life

11:14:56 from being in the hospital, maimed, injured, loss of

11:15:00 work, everything that's going to affect the economy on

11:15:02 a global center and every study has pointed to that

11:15:05 direction.

11:15:06 That's why we waited so long to bring the proposal

11:15:08 forward.

11:15:08 We wanted to mature the information, not only in the

11:15:12 city but in the state and the county.

11:15:14 So we think beyond that, we talked about the amber

11:15:19 light park.

11:15:21 Part.

11:15:21 I don't think we can discuss the public safety part any

11:15:23 harder than what we think is important, and from that

11:15:26 point I'll take any more questions.

11:15:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I disagree that it is a tax.

11:15:34 It is a fine for violating a law.

11:15:35 >> If you didn't run the light, you wouldn't get it.

11:15:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Correct.

11:15:43 And I just wanted to reiterate what we are looking at.

11:15:49 We are looking at a fine for violating a law.

11:15:53 Thank you.

11:15:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?

11:15:56 We need a motion for item 56.

11:16:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to support it.

11:16:05 But I am not going to support it in the form that it's

11:16:07 in because the money should go to the general fund and

11:16:09 not town pp public safety and welfare of all citizens.

11:16:13 If that was there, it would go for the enhancement of

11:16:15 those intersections, I would be the first one leading

11:16:18 the charge.

11:16:18 But it's not.

11:16:19 So we are staying by the same old standard.

11:16:23 Whatever has been has been, and that's how it's going

11:16:25 to be, and we have to change.

11:16:26 We have to get out of that.

11:16:29 We have to go to the future and say, look, let's fix

11:16:31 these intersections so the people don't get the

11:16:34 tickets, so people can get a better feeling of

11:16:36 themselves, and people can move, bikes and people

11:16:41 walking.

11:16:42 Chief, I'm sorry to say that, but I just can't support

11:16:45 it the way it's being presented.

11:16:46 It's not your fault.

11:16:47 Thank you very much.

11:16:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano.

11:16:50 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Fletcher, it seems the

11:16:57 sentiment from this group here is hung up on where

11:16:59 the -- where the money is going.

11:17:01 What can we do to change that?

11:17:06 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Well, the proposal before you is a

11:17:07 contract that was bid out, and you would not be in a

11:17:10 position to change that.

11:17:11 However, through the budgetary process, you all could

11:17:14 dedicate those fund to a particular use, as you go

11:17:17 through your budget process.

11:17:19 So that would be an option for council.

11:17:20 >> There's nothing we can do today to do that?

11:17:28 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Not that comes to mind

11:17:30 immediately, no.

11:17:31 You have a contract before you that you need to vote up

11:17:33 or down on.

11:17:34 And there will be no revenues generated for quite some

11:17:37 time, as you heard earlier, even if there are

11:17:40 significant citations issued, takes awhile for that to

11:17:45 start.

11:17:45 So you would not be receiving any revenues during this

11:17:48 budget year.

11:17:49 I think that would be unlikely.

11:17:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I hate to bear this any further, but

11:17:58 he's right.

11:18:00 But he's answered only the question.

11:18:03 I have been here long enough to know if you pass this

11:18:05 resolution, then is the intent in writing that it goes

11:18:09 in the general fund, the administration coming in will

11:18:12 put it in the general fund, because -- am I correct or

11:18:15 wrong?

11:18:16 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: That's correct.

11:18:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You put in the general fund, and

11:18:19 guess what happens.

11:18:20 It will never get moved again.

11:18:21 Because then you need five votes, not four, to change

11:18:24 it in the budget item.

11:18:25 Am I will correct?

11:18:26 Because of the veto power.

11:18:27 Not that it's going to happen.

11:18:31 I'm not talking to the City Council, I'm talking to the

11:18:33 city attorney.

11:18:34 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: The council as you go through your

11:18:36 budget process could create a fund to dedicate the fund

11:18:39 as part of that process.

11:18:41 If that was not done collaboratively today you would

11:18:46 need five votes.

11:18:46 >> You're smiling because we know that you can do that,

11:18:49 but the mayor never has to deal with the council if he,

11:18:54 in this case, incoming mayor, does not have to do it,

11:18:57 he just sets it aside, never touches it.

11:19:00 But it does not benefit anyone.

11:19:02 Am I correct?

11:19:06 I'm not trying to take any power away from the mayor.

11:19:09 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Once you adopt this, the status

11:19:11 quo, it would go into the general fund and it would

11:19:14 take another act through the charter by council with

11:19:17 the mayor to change that.

11:19:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Correct.

11:19:19 That you can thank you.

11:19:20 >>GWEN MILLER: The one thing, Mr. Fletcher, if the

11:19:23 money is in a fund, and we need to take that out for

11:19:26 public safety, can you take it out of the general fund

11:19:27 for public safety?

11:19:29 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Yes.

11:19:30 As I understand, what is before you, it would be -- the

11:19:34 fund would be unrestricted.

11:19:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Madam Chairman.

11:19:43 I guess my questions for Mr. Miranda, at this point, is

11:19:52 there another fund that you could see this being

11:19:54 dedicated to?

11:19:55 Or would we have to do what Mr. Fletcher said?

11:19:58 Create a new --

11:20:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: My opinion is, there's certainly

11:20:05 traffic improvements in the city that there's fund

11:20:07 under public works.

11:20:08 Am I correct?

11:20:09 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: That would be a question for

11:20:15 revenue and finance.

11:20:16 I suspect there is a fund that would be available.

11:20:18 But to do exactly what I was hearing council say, I

11:20:21 would think we have to create a dedicated fund for

11:20:24 those particular purposes.

11:20:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Smith?

11:20:35 >> Darrell Smith: Council members, I sense we are

11:20:38 trying to make a decision in a vehicle I assume here

11:20:40 and way, way, way too early before we have enough

11:20:43 information about what is in the 2012 budget.

11:20:48 And I understand the desire to earmark those fund for

11:20:54 intersection improvements.

11:20:56 But the reality is if we don't have enough revenue that

11:21:01 comes in in the general fund to support our existing

11:21:04 and future needs in public safety, we might be making a

11:21:08 decision at that point significantly different than we

11:21:11 would be making today.

11:21:14 So I would encourage council not to foreclosure options

11:21:18 on how any potential revenue that comes out of this

11:21:22 program is used, and I would encourage the next

11:21:26 administration to look at the budget for 2012, see what

11:21:31 the situation really is, how big that deficit is that

11:21:36 we know that is out there, and then work with council

11:21:39 on whether a portion of it goes to general revenue

11:21:43 fund, or all of it, or, in fact, some of it goes to

11:21:49 intersection improvements as a compromise.

11:21:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions from council members?

11:21:58 We need to vote it up or down.

11:22:00 What is the pleasure?

11:22:02 What is the pleasure of council?

11:22:04 Mr. Caetano.

11:22:05 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I move for approval of this

11:22:07 program.

11:22:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there a second?

11:22:12 >> Second.

11:22:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

11:22:14 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

11:22:16 Opposes?

11:22:20 >>THE CLERK: That was a 3-3 vote.

11:22:22 Miranda, Stokes, and Mulhern voting no.

11:22:25 >>GWEN MILLER: It will come back?

11:22:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Again on a vote of 3 to 3.

11:22:36 And the rule 4-C of the motion, a resolution of a

11:22:41 legislative matter which this is fails to receive at

11:22:43 least four votes either in support or opposition, it

11:22:45 shall automatically be brought before the council at

11:22:48 the next regular council meeting as unfinished

11:22:52 business.

11:22:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Which is the next regular council

11:22:55 meeting?

11:22:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's scheduled for April 7th.

11:22:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:23:04 We now go to item number 43, the task force committee.

11:23:08 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Administrator for public works and

11:23:40 utility services.

11:23:42 Last week, we brought to you the water task force

11:23:45 report.

11:23:50 I realize that was for the first time, and the

11:23:52 presentation along with that report.

11:23:55 Since that time, we have met with most of you.

11:24:00 We have answered all of the questions that you had.

11:24:02 We provided the information that you have requested

11:24:06 during those meetings.

11:24:07 And today I have a short presentation of a couple of

11:24:11 items that may not be so clear to someone who is going

11:24:17 through and reading that report.

11:24:20 These are a couple of observations that we just want to

11:24:23 bring out a little clearer than perhaps might be seen

11:24:27 again in going through the report.

11:24:29 And we have a couple of slide here today.

11:24:31 If I could have the first slide up there.

11:24:36 This is one of the slide or one of the attachments,

11:24:38 attachment D in the report.

11:24:40 This shows the November-December 2010 usage for those

11:24:47 accounts who had usage that was three times their

11:24:51 historic or their 14-month average.

11:24:57 This next slide -- the first one was three times.

11:25:02 The second one would be five times.

11:25:06 Again folks who had usage five times their historic

11:25:09 average.

11:25:09 And the last one was ten times.

11:25:13 In the report, these slide that we are looking at are

11:25:17 for 2010.

11:25:18 In the report, we also show those same plots for 2009.

11:25:25 And for 2008.

11:25:30 I am going to move onto the next group of slide here in

11:25:33 just a second.

11:25:42 This chart -- on this chart, we have plotted, if you

11:25:46 look to the extreme right, you will see 2010, November

11:25:49 and December.

11:25:49 Again, we have plotted those numbers for 2010.

11:25:53 And then you see them plotted for 2009, and for 2008,

11:25:58 and for 2007, and for 2006.

11:26:03 The purple line up there is for those whose usage was

11:26:08 three times their historic average.

11:26:10 The red line is five times historic average, and the

11:26:14 blue line is ten times historic average, and the green

11:26:18 line shows rainfall.

11:26:22 So interestingly enough, what is this chart tell us?

11:26:27 It tells us that those numbers of high usage have been

11:26:34 occurring.

11:26:35 They didn't occur for the first time in 2010.

11:26:40 They occurred in 2009 and 2008 and 2007 and 2006 and

11:26:45 actually prior to that time.

11:26:46 It also tells us, looking more at the purple line, that

11:26:50 there is some sensitivity to the amount of rainfall.

11:26:54 You can see where the purple line dips down, so the

11:26:58 usage reduced as the rainfall went up with the green

11:27:01 line.

11:27:02 And then if you look more toward the end, you can see

11:27:05 when the green line went very low that the purple line

11:27:08 moved up.

11:27:10 So usage was sensitive to the amount of rainfall.

11:27:16 But if this happened in prior years, again, why wasn't

11:27:19 there the concern raised in prior years like there was

11:27:22 this year?

11:27:24 What's different?

11:27:26 Well, one.

11:27:27 Things that's been different, or is different, was the

11:27:30 watering twice weekly.

11:27:31 But perhaps the thing, the catalyst that caused the

11:27:34 most concern and the most contact from customers, was

11:27:41 the two high tiers.

11:27:43 That was not in place during those prior years.

11:27:46 So the high tiers certainly caused people's bill to be

11:27:51 higher.

11:27:51 It didn't affect their usage.

11:27:53 It didn't cause them to use more water.

11:27:56 But it certainly impacted their bill and how looked.

11:28:07 I have another little observation we would like to make

11:28:09 here, again using that first plot, this circle

11:28:12 represents all of the people whose usage was three

11:28:17 times their historic average, and that's 4,455.

11:28:23 And then this circle represents those who went as high

11:28:29 as five times again their historic average.

11:28:33 And then the circle would represent those folks who

11:28:36 went too ten times their historic average.

11:28:44 I think of this is one of the questions that the

11:28:46 council asked for, is how many people that were among

11:28:48 the complaints have high bills?

11:28:52 Well, as it turns out, this is the circle that shows

11:28:57 the number of complaints and where they reside within

11:29:00 these sets or subsets.

11:29:03 In fact, of the complaints that we have investigated,

11:29:09 there was 1706 that were at least three times in and 71

11:29:15 five times and about 30 that were in the ten times

11:29:17 group.

11:29:17 The rest of them were below the three.

11:29:23 The rest of the complaints were from customers whose

11:29:26 bill did not get to the three times level of usage.

11:29:33 Interestingly enough, in each of those intersections

11:29:35 it's about 4% of the folks that used -- that were

11:29:41 complaints, or had complaints, called with complaints,

11:29:44 also were in the 3, 5, or 10% level.

11:29:48 Now, every customer's complaint is important to us.

11:29:52 We are going to deal and have dealt with many of them

11:29:55 already, but we are going to deal with them on an

11:29:57 individual basis because, as we have been saying,

11:29:59 there's a number of processes, not all one issue.

11:30:04 So these complaints are all important to us.

11:30:06 We want to give you some perspective on where they were

11:30:08 what regard to those plots that he have been woo

11:30:13 showing about the numbers of people whose bills were

11:30:15 higher -- excuse me, whose usage was higher than their

11:30:18 historic average.

11:30:22 Council members, at this point, I would just like to

11:30:25 reiterate what we said last Friday, and that is, the

11:30:29 most important thing we believe going forward is the

11:30:33 recommendations and dealing with them as quickly as

11:30:35 possible.

11:30:36 And most notably again is going to the monthly meter

11:30:43 reading to purchase you Phi our routes and to deal with

11:30:46 revision to the format of our bill.

11:30:48 We think those are going to be the most important

11:30:50 things for our customers going forward.

11:30:55 We've that hill be glad to answer any questions that

11:30:57 you may have.

11:30:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Daignault.

11:31:03 And thank you to you and Mr. Baird and everyone else

11:31:09 who has worked on this.

11:31:11 And for answering pretty much all of my questions.

11:31:20 I just got these numbers today.

11:31:22 I don't know.

11:31:23 Hopefully, everyone else on council will have them.

11:31:28 And I do have to say that I asked for these numbers

11:31:31 months ago, and it would have helped us if you would

11:31:34 have given us this information when the issue first

11:31:40 came up so that we could have compared.

11:31:43 I know Mr. Miranda has many times kind of referred to

11:31:47 the fact that it wasn't a new problem.

11:31:54 And the numbers that you provided for me, which

11:31:58 compared the high bills from 2008-2009 and 2010 in just

11:32:05 those two months where we were having the complaints

11:32:10 over the November and December bills, I'm fairly

11:32:16 satisfied that it isn't a new problem, but I do still

11:32:21 see, sewage these numbers are really the numbers that

11:32:28 reflect -- I'm just going to assume this reflects what

11:32:32 happens with the billing.

11:32:34 It looks like the number of bills that were twice as

11:32:39 high were more than -- you know, there were more than

11:32:43 30% more people got two times as high water bills in

11:32:48 those months than got them in 2008 and 2009.

11:32:55 And the three times, there was, it looks like, maybe

11:33:03 50% more.

11:33:06 And the sixth time was high.

11:33:10 But it's interesting because those ten times as high

11:33:12 water bills, it looks like there were less this year

11:33:15 than there were in 2008.

11:33:16 So I think that what we have agreed to do, which is

11:33:27 monthly readings, will help.

11:33:30 I think that a number of the factors that you

11:33:32 identified through your task force do apply.

11:33:36 But I think I have to disagree with a couple of things

11:33:43 that you are still saying, which is the high tiers,

11:33:46 because when we looked at that in the meeting -- I

11:33:51 guess what you're saying is the two high tiers might

11:33:55 have confused people when they were reading their bill,

11:33:57 but they duly don't seem to statistically -- you know,

11:34:02 it whats a very small percentage I heard in that

11:34:04 meeting of the bills that were higher were due to going

11:34:09 into those two higher tiers.

11:34:12 That was a small number.

11:34:13 Do you remember what it is?

11:34:15 >> It was 994 accounts that touched at least tier 5.

11:34:21 >> Out of how many?

11:34:23 >> Out of 124,000.

11:34:26 >>MARY MULHERN: So I think if you would stop talking

11:34:31 about the things that probably don't have much

11:34:34 statistical significance, it would have helped us solve

11:34:37 the problem.

11:34:37 So that is not it.

11:34:41 I'm not convinced that the weather was a big factor.

11:34:45 What I think is that, you know, the problems you

11:34:52 identified with the meter reading could possibly-and

11:34:58 the fact that when you changed the policies and the

11:35:02 process for that, bills did change somewhat, because

11:35:10 the estimation wasn't happening anymore.

11:35:12 >> Well, we haven't stopped estimating yet.

11:35:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I know it wasn't -- there were a

11:35:22 couple of policies that you talked about that changed.

11:35:25 >> Correct.

11:35:27 >>MARY MULHERN: And I think those were changed for

11:35:29 good reason, and they are probably good steps.

11:35:33 But, so what happened was the problem with the actual

11:35:41 getting an accurate read that were due to human error

11:35:48 may have contributed to those high bills, since those

11:35:53 changes that were happening.

11:35:55 So, you know, I think what you are doing is good, I

11:36:03 think.

11:36:03 I just feel like part -- the problem for all of us, for

11:36:09 council, and for the public, was the difficulties of

11:36:15 getting the information to us.

11:36:18 And I know you are trying to do that on a case-by-case

11:36:23 basis according to complaints, and I think if you would

11:36:25 have initially, you know, immediately done all this

11:36:32 task force work and compiled these numbers, and shared

11:36:35 them with us, because I know that you have them, and

11:36:39 there's no reason not to share them with us.

11:36:41 I mean, I have been operating on this assumption,

11:36:44 because all I saw were how high the bills had gone in,

11:36:49 you know, in this recent time, in the last few months.

11:36:57 , that these were way, way out of the ordinary.

11:36:59 And they are still -- I still feel like it would be

11:37:03 worth looking at, some of those systematically, one

11:37:11 times, two times, three times tier, but, you know, I

11:37:16 also feel like we spent a lot of time doing this

11:37:18 because of the hesitancy of the administration to

11:37:26 actually talk to council and tell us, you know, what

11:37:32 you thought was going on.

11:37:33 So if we adopt the changes that you are talking about,

11:37:43 and if we continue to look at this and make sure that,

11:37:46 in fact, these aren't going to average out and they are

11:37:50 not going to continue to be these overly high bills,

11:37:54 especially in the next few months where it's probably

11:37:56 going to be dry and there won't be any weather that

11:37:59 could account for it, I think we'll be okay.

11:38:04 But I also want to point out that our questions were

11:38:08 not complaint driven.

11:38:09 I know you had to focus on the complaints.

11:38:12 But our questions were numbers driven, how high the

11:38:17 usage was and the bills, and how high the bills were.

11:38:21 It was in those numbers that we wanted to find out and,

11:38:26 you know, it looks like you are making good progress

11:38:29 with the complaints, but we still, when the numbers

11:38:32 were so high, how many overly high bills there were.

11:38:40 I know you gave me the percentages here, too.

11:38:43 For 2010, those are pretty high.

11:38:50 I think the number of -- 31% of the bills went down.

11:38:58 The rest of them went up.

11:39:02 So that's still a pretty high.

11:39:11 I am going to have to trust, I think, that it was not,

11:39:16 you know, my big suspicion and worry was that there was

11:39:20 some kind of computer problem, software problem,

11:39:25 involved in the billing.

11:39:26 And I think that -- I think you answered that.

11:39:30 I mean, it wasn't detailed very much.

11:39:33 But I think that's not it.

11:39:36 And I think it was more what was going on with the

11:39:39 readings, and the translation into the billing process

11:39:46 and the reading.

11:39:47 So --

11:39:51 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Councilwoman, if I could say

11:39:54 there's no hesitancy on our part to respond to council.

11:39:57 This is, as now, just a complex issue, bunch of issues,

11:40:03 and we certainly don't want to come back to report to

11:40:06 council unless we know we have correct answers.

11:40:08 So again please forgive us if we appear to have been

11:40:10 hesitant, but we have had a lot of work to cover in

11:40:14 order to be able to provide you good answers.

11:40:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, but I just want to reiterate

11:40:21 this point that if we had had these numbers to compare

11:40:27 to the other years which are easily available to you,

11:40:29 and which we did ask -- I know I asked for them.

11:40:33 I know Mr. Miranda asked for them too.

11:40:37 You know, the problem might not have looked as

11:40:41 insurmountable and difficult, and I think, you know,

11:40:47 you just need to share information, and hopefully going

11:40:48 forward it will be more like it was when we met last

11:40:52 week than it has been for the other four years.

11:40:59 Thank you.

11:40:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Anybody else?

11:41:01 We have another hearing, it's going to be a long

11:41:04 hearing, going to go over 12:00.

11:41:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

11:41:06 We have to finish this.

11:41:07 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.

11:41:10 Then we are going to go.

11:41:12 Mr. Miranda.

11:41:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:41:15 You know, when I look at this and you start to digest

11:41:17 what it's all about, this is like a perfect water

11:41:19 storm, like CSI.

11:41:22 Impossible to dissect and find everything.

11:41:27 This is going to take two or three minutes, that as an

11:41:32 elected official I may lie a little bit, but it started

11:41:36 like in July or August of 2010 when this department

11:41:39 took it over.

11:41:40 I'm not faulting blame or pointing fingers.

11:41:42 All of a sudden, instead of getting one or two calls a

11:41:45 month they got five, I got ten, I got 15, then I got

11:41:48 100, and I said, what in the world is going on here?

11:41:52 What happened is that people were getting paid not to

11:41:55 work eight hours.

11:41:58 Then I read the audit report, a meter reader -- you

11:42:06 can't go from one meter reader and go to the next one

11:42:09 and read it in 19 second.

11:42:10 Something had to be wrong.

11:42:12 To some degree.

11:42:16 Then you had lack of rainfall.

11:42:19 Then you had twice a week watering that was lifted by

11:42:24 another agency.

11:42:26 Guess what.

11:42:28 When we had the crisis in '08-09 we went from 90 some

11:42:32 million gallons to 606 million gallons on watering

11:42:35 days.

11:42:36 There was no reason to be found because people weren't

11:42:38 using water.

11:42:39 All of a sudden you forget what happened like we all

11:42:42 do.

11:42:42 We are all human.

11:42:43 And guess what, I want the lawn green.

11:42:46 Well, some of this is what you are paying for.

11:42:50 Some of it is that we have taken it for granted, that

11:42:53 there's no -- it's like buying gas.

11:42:56 Going from one station to the next.

11:42:58 You say, oh, I ran out of gas, only used is hundred

11:43:01 miles, I used to get 300.

11:43:04 Immediately, you stop the car and look for leaks in the

11:43:07 carburetor, the gas tank or somewhere, but in water it

11:43:10 takes a lot.

11:43:12 Not a gallon.

11:43:13 It takes two months the way the system works.

11:43:15 So I am trying to use that as a reference for us, for

11:43:19 our customers, but we are a utility.

11:43:21 Forget about the City of Tampa.

11:43:22 We must treat our customers as a utility company, just

11:43:27 like TECO, tore gas company, or Progress Energy.

11:43:31 We must do that.

11:43:32 We just retool ourselves so when we go in, not that --

11:43:42 we offer something like some of these companies, you

11:43:45 come in, they do an energy audit.

11:43:47 They tell you what to do to lower your bill.

11:43:51 Double pain windows, more insulation, cracks in the

11:43:54 doorway that have to be sealed.

11:43:56 We need to do that to the customers.

11:43:58 And it takes time.

11:43:59 But if you do ten a day, sooner or later you will catch

11:44:04 up, whereby our customers then are satisfied, and the

11:44:07 trust, and we are getting that trust back.

11:44:10 We were kind of hit hard.

11:44:11 And like I said, if it's a water storm that hit us, and

11:44:16 now we are back to almost normality.

11:44:18 Do I get them?

11:44:18 Yes.

11:44:21 But I'm not getting the volume I was getting a month

11:44:22 ago.

11:44:24 If I'm getting less, I assume that the water department

11:44:27 is getting less.

11:44:27 That's an assumption on my part.

11:44:29 So I think that the public, the media focus has

11:44:33 received, has been more cognizant of the fact that that

11:44:36 water bill will go up if you abuse it.

11:44:40 Ten years ago I said water is going to be like oil.

11:44:44 And I am going to tell you in ten years from now it's

11:44:47 going to be more expensive than oil, because population

11:44:51 keeps growing, and the supply keeps shrinking.

11:44:54 Supply and demand.

11:44:56 And if you buy water from another agency, you are

11:44:59 paying twice the cost.

11:45:01 That's why you have the pass-through.

11:45:04 So we better be cognizant of both the city side, if

11:45:07 there are customers, and the customers have to

11:45:10 understand that they are responsible to check -- and I

11:45:14 met with all of you, reviewed the files, and it looks

11:45:18 like a glacier coming out of the lawn.

11:45:22 I'm not saying they are all that way but some are.

11:45:24 And I have got some good customers that call me that,

11:45:27 oh, you have got to go to Euclid an Himes, the city

11:45:31 opened this line up, and I call the water department.

11:45:34 What they were doing was the right thing, flushing out

11:45:35 the line that they had to replace, and flushing out the

11:45:39 air in the lines.

11:45:40 And it has to be done for an extended period of time.

11:45:43 But because of the media attention of that we got, I

11:45:46 had two calls in that intersection within five minutes

11:45:49 saying, what are you doing, wasting water?

11:45:51 I was happy to get the call.

11:45:54 And I checked with the water department, and that's

11:45:56 what they were doing.

11:45:58 So it's a 50/50 case.

11:46:02 No one is right, no one is wrong.

11:46:05 But I think that we are in the right direction to

11:46:08 healing what has to be done, and treating the customer

11:46:11 like a customer.

11:46:13 And sometimes they are going to be right and sometimes

11:46:16 they are not going to be right.

11:46:17 And this has to be determined.

11:46:19 And you are doing the job that you are doing by

11:46:21 inspecting, and this would be all brought to almost

11:46:24 nothing when we get to 100 percent monthly water

11:46:27 reading of the meters.

11:46:29 So that's what I'm saying.

11:46:31 Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:46:32 And I appreciate the time you have given me.

11:46:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:46:38 And I will say that whatever information I requested, I

11:46:40 received.

11:46:41 I also believe it is -- and I used that term before, a

11:46:46 perfect storm.

11:46:47 But it's because of this, because of the media

11:46:50 attention, because of this, the audit and the review,

11:46:55 we have found out a lot of information, both that's

11:46:58 going to be beneficial for us going forward the public,

11:47:04 going forward, and I really wanted everything that went

11:47:11 on, we had a date for March 17th for the review,

11:47:16 and I truly appreciate the work that went into it.

11:47:20 And the audit was exceptional.

11:47:25 Thank you.

11:47:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?

11:47:28 Anything else, Mr. Daignault?

11:47:30 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: That's it.

11:47:31 Thank you very much.

11:47:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for your report.

11:47:36 Did anyone else come in after being sworn in?

11:47:39 If you did you need to stand up and be sworn in if you

11:47:42 came in late.

11:47:43 Everyone everybody that's been sworn that's going to

11:47:45 speak?

11:47:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: On item 45.

11:47:49 Item 45.

11:47:49 (Oath administered by Clerk).

11:48:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Staff.

11:48:13 45.

11:48:17 >>CATHERINE COYLE: V-161-68.

11:48:21 Catherine Coyle, land development.

11:48:22 This location is 1118 and 1120 West Kennedy Boulevard.

11:48:28 It's a commercial general zoning.

11:48:31 They are requesting a 3 PS, package sales, beer, wine

11:48:35 and liquor.

11:48:38 They are requesting three waivers to the distance

11:48:41 criteria.

11:48:45 Noted on page 1, you will notes that there are two

11:48:48 waivers listed.

11:48:48 There is a third one being added.

11:48:51 That was the reason for the continuance at the last

11:48:53 hearing, that the applicant did have to go back to the

11:48:55 survey and clarify that there was an instance

11:48:57 substitutional use within 1,000 feet.

11:49:00 I will read them into the record.

11:49:03 The first is reduction from 1,000 feet to zero for

11:49:04 other establishments selling alcohol.

11:49:05 The adjacent establishment is 1118 West Kennedy

11:49:08 Boulevard was granted, and within the last couple of

11:49:15 years.

11:49:16 The second distance separation waivers are from 1,000

11:49:19 to 56 feet and the third is for institutional uses as I

11:49:23 mentioned to 207 feet.

11:49:27 The --

11:49:31 >> It was what?

11:49:32 >> Residential uses for 56 feet.

11:49:34 1,000 feet to 56 feet.

11:49:36 And the new waiver that was added, and it has been

11:49:39 corrected on the revised site plan is 1,000 feet to 207

11:49:42 feet for institutional uses.

11:49:46 As I mentioned it's a 3 PS for beer wine and liquor

11:49:50 package sale.

11:49:51 The structure is currently occupied with a retail

11:49:56 restaurant being converted to retail package store.

11:50:00 There are 36 spaces required by code, as it is combined

11:50:03 on the same zoning lot with that restaurant structure.

11:50:07 I'll show you the location.

11:50:10 There are 36 spaces required and 18 provided.

11:50:13 This is the location here on the south side of Kennedy.

11:50:18 The north-south cross street is Newport.

11:50:23 The building, the subject alcohol sales area is in

11:50:31 yellow.

11:50:32 So it is on the west side.

11:50:34 The east side is the portion of the structure that was

11:50:36 granted the "R" classification.

11:50:39 Just to show you the building so maybe you will

11:50:42 recognize it.

11:50:43 This is the drugstore where the retail package store is

11:50:50 proposed.

11:50:51 Next door I believe was the tangerine grill.

11:50:59 You will notice on the staff report as well, there are

11:51:03 proposed hours of operation Monday through Thursday,

11:51:05 9 a.m. to 11:30 Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to have

11:51:10 1 a.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

11:51:13 You will note on page 2 that there are some site plan

11:51:16 modifications needed.

11:51:18 The second waiver is just a change in dimension from 56

11:51:22 to 55 feet.

11:51:24 And the transportation planning site plan modifications

11:51:28 include some notations on the site plan.

11:51:34 The location is within 1,000 feet.

11:51:37 As I mentioned the waivers, the locations themselves

11:51:39 are noted on page 3.

11:51:41 On page 3, the institutional use is a private college.

11:51:44 I believe there's a library of Tampa

11:51:48 within that 1,000 feet located at 2007.

11:51:50 All.

11:51:51 Criteria for the 3 PS small venue as well as the

11:51:55 general standard for the special use permit are

11:51:58 contained on 3 through 6.

11:52:02 And I'm available for any additional questions you may

11:52:04 have.

11:52:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Officer miller is coming.

11:52:12 >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa police department.

11:52:19 The police department has no objection.

11:52:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?

11:52:25 >> Good afternoon.

11:52:29 Linda Pearson with Pearson planning services

11:52:33 representing land owner and the applicant in this

11:52:35 application, Veronica Clark.

11:52:37 This is a request for a 3 PS located at the southeast

11:52:40 quadrant of Kennedy and Newport.

11:52:43 I believe you have a site plan on the Elmo in case you

11:52:46 wanted to refer to it in your map.

11:52:58 I will give you an idea.

11:52:59 The current drugstore is shown here with existing

11:53:01 parking.

11:53:02 We are expanding the parking lot into this area, just

11:53:06 immediately south on Newport.

11:53:09 Staff report has found us to be consistent with the

11:53:15 site plan modifications we have concurred with.

11:53:17 I refer you to the general standard sections 27-269-A,

11:53:22 1 through 5, which are all met, and reference also for

11:53:27 your own information the Kennedy corridor is a

11:53:31 commercial corridor.

11:53:32 This project will be developed according to the site

11:53:34 plan.

11:53:36 We did comply with regulations with standard including

11:53:40 approval as requested.

11:53:45 This is a CG-zoned property for general commercial

11:53:48 retail sales.

11:53:50 We conform with the comprehensive plan as well as the

11:53:55 Kennedy transit corridor in this area, and I believe

11:54:00 Kennedy you have also designated as a mixed use

11:54:03 corridor village, which encourages more mixed uses for

11:54:07 purposes of gathering people.

11:54:10 Together.

11:54:16 We have more intensive uses in the area.

11:54:20 When we look at 1 through 7, 1 through 6 deal with

11:54:23 ingress-egress.

11:54:25 We have access to both streets.

11:54:27 Off-street parking and loading, which we believe with

11:54:30 the waivers is compatible and approvable for use.

11:54:34 Solid waste, lighting, utilities, drainage are all will

11:54:37 be addressed and have been addressed in the current

11:54:40 development.

11:54:44 This is off-site construction only as a package store.

11:54:47 There is no on-site consumption that would be permitted

11:54:51 at the location.

11:54:52 We have an attractive building.

11:54:55 This is not your typical franchise liquor store.

11:55:02 It's an attractive building, and will be professionally

11:55:05 operated and controlled and regulated by the owner as

11:55:08 well as by state statute, and your own city

11:55:12 regulations.

11:55:13 The hours of operation are consistent, I believe with,

11:55:17 previously approved council preferences, with the times

11:55:23 noted on the first page of the staff report, and then

11:55:25 indicated by Ms. Coyle.

11:55:28 We have the background checks have been completed.

11:55:31 The police department has testified to that.

11:55:33 There are some people in the audience that wish to

11:55:35 speak.

11:55:36 And I would like to withhold any further comments

11:55:39 unless you have any questions.

11:55:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council?

11:55:42 We will go to the public.

11:55:44 Would anyone like to speak on item 45?

11:55:51 >> Good morning.

11:55:52 Anne Pollack with Mechanik Nuccio.

11:55:56 I will try to speak as best I can.

11:55:58 I represent the University of Tampa.

11:56:00 The university has serious concerns about this

11:56:03 application and is requesting that it be denied.

11:56:06 Kennedy Boulevard is a mixed use village corridor which

11:56:12 encourages development that sustains stable

11:56:15 neighborhood and insures the economic health to the

11:56:18 city.

11:56:18 These corridors are encouraged to have oriented

11:56:23 activities like plaza, cafe, book stores, restaurants,

11:56:27 and offer an environment for a variety of people and

11:56:31 offers a welcome setting.

11:56:33 We don't feel that Kennedy really is an entertainment

11:56:36 district like downtown or Channelside or Ybor.

11:56:38 And introducing another package store into this area

11:56:41 would be antithetical to the goals that have been the

11:56:44 city has set for the Kennedy corridor.

11:56:49 More over, this particular segment of Kennedy is a

11:56:52 gateway.

11:56:53 A gateway into downtown, a gateway into the arts and

11:56:56 cultural district of Tampa.

11:57:00 It's characterized by long standing institutional

11:57:02 business, cultural, educational such as the university,

11:57:06 the Plant Museum, the theater, the First Baptist

11:57:10 Church, and now TGH has bought two major properties

11:57:14 right in that small segment, and is planning major

11:57:17 projects there.

11:57:18 These institutions are considered by the comp plan to

11:57:21 be, quote, critical dot health of the city and the

11:57:25 region surrounding it.

11:57:27 And while we recognize that there are other alcoholic

11:57:29 beverage institutions establishments along Kennedy, the

11:57:34 issue really is where you draw the line.

11:57:37 Undoubtedly U.T -- there are several people from U.T.

11:57:47 that are going to address that.

11:57:48 So what I want to emphasize is that adding a package

11:57:52 store to this area, it's contrary to the character of

11:57:57 this segment of Kennedy, and to the direction that the

11:58:00 city wants to head with Kennedy overall and as such

11:58:05 should be denied.

11:58:06 Instead, we should be offering a welcoming environment

11:58:08 for these major institutions, and the retail and office

11:58:14 uses which support these institutions.

11:58:17 The council here needs to protect and preserve these

11:58:20 institutions, in this gateway area, and put a stop to

11:58:24 adding a package store into this segment of Kennedy.

11:58:30 Finally, I would like to address the request for the

11:58:32 waiver from is thousand feet to institutional uses.

11:58:36 The reason they are requesting is U.T. is basically

11:58:40 right across the street.

11:58:41 And these requirements are designed to give extra

11:58:46 protection to these institutional uses, and that's

11:58:49 where we feel U.T.'s concern should be heeded in this

11:58:52 case.

11:58:52 This is a package store.

11:58:53 It's not incidental to other uses.

11:58:55 It's not consistent with the standard for special use

11:58:59 approval.

11:59:01 We feel that it will not ensure the public health,

11:59:04 safety and welfare.

11:59:06 As I discussed, it's definitely not compatible with the

11:59:09 surrounding areas, this segment of Kennedy.

11:59:11 So not a public necessity.

11:59:14 And it's not in conformity with the Tampa comprehensive

11:59:17 plan, and the city's goals for Kennedy.

11:59:20 Finally, we feel that approving this --

11:59:23 (Bell sounds)

11:59:23 If I cost have one more second -- will encourage more

11:59:26 uses of this type on Kennedy, and it's in the area that

11:59:29 the city has designated as one that should be enhanced

11:59:32 as the gateway area, and as such we feel it should be

11:59:37 denied and we respectfully request that.

11:59:39 Thank you.

11:59:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?

11:59:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't actually have a question for

11:59:45 you.

11:59:45 I have a question.

11:59:47 Does someone have -- I don't seem to have a zoning map

11:59:50 so we can see the map, you know, how close.

11:59:54 We have a little map on the site plan, but you can't

11:59:57 tell what, you know, where it is in relation to U.T.

12:00:09 >> This is the atlas page.

12:00:34 I believe U.T. has been purchasing a lot of this

12:00:37 property.

12:00:37 It's not controlled under their large PDA, planned

12:00:39 development.

12:00:42 I would have to show you -- you would have to ask the

12:00:45 U.T. representative exactly which parcels.

12:00:47 >> Maybe you could leave that therein so they can show

12:00:52 us.

12:00:52 >> Actually, the aerial is outlined that maybe would be

12:00:58 help.

12:01:03 This site is here.

12:01:11 This is U.T. property.

12:01:13 So everything in blue is U.T.

12:01:15 This is the main campus over here.

12:01:20 These are additional buildings as they have been

12:01:22 expanded.

12:01:27 The TGH property is also shown on there.

12:01:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

12:01:35 Would anyone else like to speak?

12:01:36 >> Hello. My name is Gina Firth.

12:01:46 14709 Haron Glen drive, Lithia, Florida.

12:01:51 I am here for the university of Tampa, and here today

12:01:54 to urge the members of City Council to deny this

12:01:57 special use application for package store.

12:02:01 There are already a number of establishments which sell

12:02:04 alcoholic beverages along Kennedy, including Metro Mart

12:02:09 which is right around the corner from this particular

12:02:12 address.

12:02:13 There is also WalMart which is just several blocks down

12:02:16 the street.

12:02:17 And then there's an ABC liquor which is further down,

12:02:21 about a half mile, half mile or so.

12:02:25 It's important to acknowledge that the greater the

12:02:27 number of these establishments in an area, the greater

12:02:30 the alcohol-related problems are for our community.

12:02:35 Alcohol related problems in communities are really

12:02:38 complex as you already know.

12:02:39 There's not one strategy that's going to cure the

12:02:42 problem.

12:02:42 So we have to have a really comprehensive multi-faceted

12:02:46 approach.

12:02:47 Limiting the density of alcohol outlets is one proven

12:02:51 strategy that is recommended by the national institute

12:02:55 of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, to address problems of

12:02:59 drinking behaviors.

12:03:00 Communities can and should regulate the availability of

12:03:03 alcoholic part of a comprehensive public health and

12:03:06 safety policy.

12:03:07 Research studies clearly demonstrate the more available

12:03:13 alcohol outlets for college students the more problems.

12:03:17 I mean, we have had hundreds of study that show this.

12:03:21 One in particular, the Harvard school of public health,

12:03:24 the college alcohol study concerned a very strong

12:03:28 correlation between frequent and risky drinking

12:03:31 behavior among students, and a high saturation of

12:03:34 alcohol outlets of liquor stores within two miles of

12:03:37 their campuses.

12:03:39 Reducing density also makes sense from a crime

12:03:44 perspective.

12:03:45 Many research articles demonstrate the relationship

12:03:48 between alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related

12:03:50 crime, violence and other disturbances.

12:03:52 When bars, liquor stores that sell alcohol are close

12:03:56 together, and so this would be the fourth one right in

12:03:58 a very close location, more adults and other violent

12:04:03 crimes occur.

12:04:04 University of Tampa joins colleges and universities

12:04:06 across the nation who are committed to reducing the

12:04:09 negative aspects of alcohol abuse not only on our own

12:04:13 campus but within our larger communities.

12:04:16 Through strategic partnerships both on and off campus,

12:04:19 we have built a comprehensive alcohol drug prevention

12:04:22 and student assistance program, and we have come a long

12:04:24 way.

12:04:24 We have made some tremendous strides in reducing the

12:04:27 alcohol related problems on our own campus, and with

12:04:32 the community issues.

12:04:33 Approving this request will be a step backwards in this

12:04:35 effort.

12:04:36 Please help us continue in a positive direction and say

12:04:39 no to this request.

12:04:41 Thank you.

12:04:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

12:04:42 Would anyone else like to speak?

12:04:43 >> I think it's officially good afternoon.

12:04:54 I'm Cheryl Eagan, I live at 75 Bahama circle in tap,

12:04:59 and I'm here representing Tampa General Hospital.

12:05:02 I'm a senior vice-president with Tampa general.

12:05:05 And we would like to support the University of Tampa in

12:05:10 opposing this use.

12:05:15 Are there any questions?

12:05:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

12:05:17 Would anyone else like to speak?

12:05:18 >> My name is Robert Ruday, dean of students at the

12:05:39 University of Tampa.

12:05:41 I would like to also ask you to deny this.

12:05:45 This is not the family-friendly establishment that the

12:05:52 first gentleman talked about when we sat down and

12:05:54 started with the hearing today.

12:06:02 We have worked hard, and we feel the alcohol

12:06:06 constriction on us.

12:06:10 We feel that more and more establishments are being

12:06:13 placed closer and closer to us.

12:06:19 We do have an excellent program, but as we add alcohol

12:06:31 events, alcohol at events, buildings to the area around

12:06:42 the campus, it makes our work more difficult.

12:06:48 So I respectfully request that council deny this

12:06:53 request.

12:06:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, you may come back in

12:06:57 rebuttal.

12:07:01 >> Thank you, council members.

12:07:03 This is an opportunity for a new business.

12:07:07 Miss Clark relocated from another state and this is one

12:07:10 of her business ventures and she plans others for the

12:07:13 City of Tampa and the community.

12:07:14 This application does meet with your requirements and

12:07:19 standards in section of the code.

12:07:22 And we will be fully complying with the law.

12:07:24 The state law as well as the city ordinances.

12:07:30 Staff has found it consistent.

12:07:31 We have asked our opponents, is there anything that we

12:07:33 can do that can address some of your concerns?

12:07:37 And we have been told very cordially, very politely,

12:07:42 yes, you can go away.

12:07:43 They don't want us there and we know that, we

12:07:46 understand that.

12:07:46 That is a decision for you to make today.

12:07:48 But this business will also be serving the needs of

12:07:51 community residents in the area.

12:07:53 There are package sales at the metro mart down at South

12:07:57 Boulevard and Kennedy, beer and wine.

12:08:00 About six blocks east of us.

12:08:02 And much closer to the main campus than we are.

12:08:06 There are numerous wet zoned establishments directly

12:08:08 across the street from a the university, and along the

12:08:11 Kennedy corridor that are within 1,000 feet of

12:08:14 university of Tampa.

12:08:16 University of Tampa boundaries are changing because

12:08:18 they are a growing university, and we applaud their

12:08:21 efforts and their presence in the community, and I do

12:08:24 not wish to diminish in any way, sense or fashion any

12:08:28 of the comments and the concerns that they nor TGH have

12:08:33 expressed today.

12:08:33 We respect their opinions and we want to a sure them

12:08:36 and a sure council that we take our responsibilities

12:08:38 very seriously, that there will be every effort to meet

12:08:47 state law, and particularly with it deals with underage

12:08:50 sales of alcoholic beverages.

12:08:54 We understand the corridor, and we believe it is also a

12:08:57 gateway, but it also is a general commercial corridor

12:09:00 where retail sales are permitted.

12:09:04 And given that information, we just request your

12:09:09 permission to have the opportunity to set up a new

12:09:11 business, an upscale business that will serve the

12:09:14 entire community, and we are available to answer any

12:09:17 questions you have, concerns about hours of operation.

12:09:20 We are certainly willing to work with you on those as

12:09:23 well.

12:09:24 Thank you very much.

12:09:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?

12:09:27 Mr. Shelby?

12:09:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

12:09:30 >> Second.

12:09:30 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:09:33 Opposed?

12:09:34 Mr. Caetano.

12:09:35 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I move that this application be

12:09:37 denied based on section 27-269.

12:09:46 Do you want me to read the reasons?

12:09:48 >>GWEN MILLER: The reasons.

12:09:48 >> It will not ensure public health, safety and general

12:09:51 welfare located and operated according to the plan as

12:09:57 submitted.

12:09:58 It is not compatible with the contiguous and

12:10:01 surrounding property.

12:10:06 The use will not establish a precedent -- encourage

12:10:12 more.

12:10:12 And the plan that's up there, I want that submitted as

12:10:15 evidence that's on our camera here.

12:10:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You want that map?

12:10:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: The map that I am looking at

12:10:25 here.

12:10:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is that okay?

12:10:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?

12:10:34 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: That's it.

12:10:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to deny.

12:10:37 All in favor of that motion say Aye.

12:10:39 Opposed, nay.

12:10:50 We now go tore new business.

12:10:51 Mr. Caetano, do you have new business?

12:10:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Excuse me, Mr. Miranda, there is

12:11:01 a difference.

12:11:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Any new business?

12:11:09 Mr. Miranda?

12:11:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: First, I would like the council's

12:11:14 placement on workshop on the 28th regarding the

12:11:17 Planning Commission to come talk to us about the

12:11:22 planned evaluations, I think that's 30 minutes.

12:11:27 That's number one.

12:11:28 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

12:11:30 All in favor?

12:11:31 Opposed?

12:11:33 >>: And the second, although we haven't done this all

12:11:35 the time in the past, I would like to have a

12:11:37 commendation made to all the council members who have

12:11:39 served and for one reason or another are not going to

12:11:42 be here with us come after April 1st.

12:11:47 And let me say this.

12:11:49 No matter what happens, I always say this.

12:11:53 I never lost an election.

12:11:54 I just never got enough votes.

12:11:57 And if you leave with that in mind, you're always a

12:12:00 winner.

12:12:01 You tried.

12:12:02 And you know I always say, it wasn't up to me, it was

12:12:06 somebody else.

12:12:06 So that's how I leave it.

12:12:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

12:12:09 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

12:12:11 Opposed, nay.

12:12:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else?

12:12:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Stokes?

12:12:22 New business?

12:12:22 >>THE CLERK: Receive and file.

12:12:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, Madam Chair.

12:12:31 Council has received a request from Tony Garcia.

12:12:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We did that.

12:12:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm so sorry.

12:12:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to receive and file.

12:12:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Receive and file the documents.

12:12:42 Last week we forgot to receive and file the bridge to

12:12:46 nowhere, or it was coined that way.

12:12:49 We just got it so it's a motion from last week to be

12:12:51 received and filed, the document.

12:12:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

12:12:56 All in favor of the motion?

12:12:58 Anything else?

12:13:00 We will go to audience.



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