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Thursday, May 12, 2011
6:00 p.m. session


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18:01:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The meeting is called to order.

18:01:59 Roll call.

18:01:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

18:02:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

18:02:05 >>MIKE COHEN: Here.

18:02:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

18:02:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

18:02:08 Okay.

18:02:09 We have, I believe, nine hearings.

18:02:11 I believe two of them are not going to be heard today.

18:02:15 And Abbye Feeley will clean the agenda up.

18:02:23 And a motion by Mr. Suarez, seconded by my good friend

18:02:31 Reddick.

18:02:32 I'm getting to that.

18:02:33 I was going to say my good friend Mr. Frank Reddick.

18:02:36 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

18:02:43 I said Suarez.

18:02:48 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

18:02:49 Item number 1 on your agenda this evening cannot be

18:02:52 heard.

18:02:52 If you would just withdraw that from the agenda and I

18:02:55 will reset that administratively at a later time.

18:02:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We need a motion to that effect.

18:03:01 Anyone here on item 1 that would like to speak to this

18:03:04 being changed to another meeting date?

18:03:06 I see no one.

18:03:07 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

18:03:09 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

18:03:14 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

18:03:16 Opposed, nay.

18:03:19 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:03:21 >> The second item, item number 9, that item we have

18:03:24 already administratively scheduled to June 9th so

18:03:28 you will be hearing that next month.

18:03:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone here to speak in objection to

18:03:32 item number 9 for a change of hearing date to June

18:03:35 9th?

18:03:35 I see no one.

18:03:36 I need a motion for that.

18:03:37 >> Move to change.

18:03:40 >>MARY MULHERN: By Mr. Reddick.

18:03:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By Mr. Reddick.

18:03:45 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:03:47 That leaves us with seven.

18:03:48 Item number 2.

18:03:49 Need a motion to open public hearings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

18:03:54 and 8.

18:03:54 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Reddick.

18:03:58 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

18:04:01 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:04:03 All the hearings are now open.

18:04:04 >> Are you going to swear in the witnesses?

18:04:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, I am.

18:04:20 I don't do that, the clerk does.

18:04:22 (Oath administered by Clerk)

18:04:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

18:04:38 I also provided a package for you this evening.

18:04:41 The first case on your agenda tonight is V-11-11,

18:04:47 locate at 3015 west Azeele street, from RM-16,

18:04:53 residential multi-zoning district to PD for office,

18:04:58 medical and personal services.

18:05:00 There are three waivers associated with this request,

18:05:03 and that is to reduce the vehicle use area buffer along

18:05:06 Azeele to reduce the required buffer along the north

18:05:12 from 15 feet to three foot 6 inches with a 6-foot

18:05:17 masonry wall and to reduce the require number of

18:05:20 parking spaces from nine to eight spaces.

18:05:22 I will defer to Mr. Garcia.

18:05:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:05:43 I have been sworn in.

18:05:50 I will just point out a few things for you this evening

18:05:53 on the cases as relate to the comprehensive plan.

18:05:59 Some of the seven cases will be in one of three

18:06:02 district in the City of Tampa that offer the most

18:06:03 opportunity for redevelopment and job opportunity.

18:06:10 This particular site is located in the central

18:06:13 district, specifically just to the east of the

18:06:17 intersection of Azeele and MacDill.

18:06:21 As you can see right here on the map, land use

18:06:23 category, this allows for consideration for the

18:06:27 professional office use, medical office use on this

18:06:31 particular parcel of land.

18:06:32 This land use category is CMU 35 to mixed use 35 which

18:06:37 allows commercial using as well as neighborhood serving

18:06:41 uses which this parcel will also allow.

18:06:43 This is residential 35 on the south side which also

18:06:45 allows the same consideration of uses on the north side

18:06:48 of Azeele.

18:06:49 The orientation of this particular building, I

18:06:51 understand, is going to be to Azeele when it's

18:06:54 reconfigured which will be more compatible with the

18:06:57 character along Azeele.

18:06:58 This particular segment has been transitioning over the

18:07:01 last decade to low intensity professional office and

18:07:04 medical office uses.

18:07:07 Planning staff find the proposed request consistent

18:07:10 with land use.

18:07:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.

18:07:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:07:22 The applicant is proposing to construct a multi-use

18:07:25 building with medical office and personal services.

18:07:29 And as tony said the site is located at the northwest

18:07:33 corner of Azeele and New Jersey Avenue.

18:07:37 It's surrounded by residential to the north, business

18:07:39 professional office to the east and west, and medical

18:07:42 office to the south.

18:07:43 The PD setbacks requested are as follows.

18:07:46 6-foot 5 inches to the north, 10-foot 11 inches to the

18:07:50 south.

18:07:52 There's a typo there.

18:07:54 On the west and 19 photo 9 inches on the east.

18:07:57 The required parking based on the configuration for 978

18:08:00 square feet of medical and 326 square feet of personal

18:08:03 services is nine spaces, and eight spaces are being

18:08:07 provided.

18:08:14 As Tony showed you, we are at the northwest corner of

18:08:17 Azeele and New Jersey.

18:08:18 MacDill is one block to the west.

18:08:23 Zoning atlas shows you that there are a series of IL 1

18:08:27 which is residential office and PD which is planned

18:08:29 development along this corridor.

18:08:32 Big mix of medical, professional offices in this area

18:08:34 of the city.

18:08:36 And commercial general zoning also along MacDill.

18:08:44 I will show you some pictures of the site.

18:08:48 This is looking from New Jersey looking west.

18:08:52 This is on Azeele looking at the property looking

18:08:54 north.

18:08:56 This is looking west on Azeele.

18:08:59 This is to the east of the property.

18:09:04 From Azeele street.

18:09:05 This is from New Jersey looking east.

18:09:07 This is the property immediately to the north moving up

18:09:11 New Jersey.

18:09:12 This is the east side moving up New Jersey.

18:09:16 This is south on Azeele which is Hospice.

18:09:23 Looking east on Azeele and looking west on Azeele.

18:09:31 Review committee has reviewed the petition and there is

18:09:34 one modification needed between first and second

18:09:36 reading, a note that needed to be added from the

18:09:38 stormwater division, confirming the current from map

18:09:45 number 4, the property.

18:09:46 Staff analysis is found on pages 2, 3 and 4 of the

18:09:50 report.

18:09:50 And we are available for any questions.

18:09:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:09:53 Petitioner?

18:10:00 Petitioner, item number 2.

18:10:04 That's nice.

18:10:08 Well, I don't like to continue with a hearing.

18:10:13 I don't like to go on with a hearing once it's open if

18:10:16 the petitioner isn't here.

18:10:17 Then the petitioner, whoever he or she is, may say we

18:10:21 didn't give them ample time or due process to explain

18:10:23 their concerns.

18:10:24 But I will at least take testimony with council's

18:10:27 permission so that in case the petitioner walks in, in

18:10:30 a few minutes, we can go back to item number 2 and we

18:10:33 don't lose this item.

18:10:37 Anyone in the audience on item number 2 who would care

18:10:39 to speak on this petition for or against?

18:10:42 I would like to hold it in abeyance.

18:10:46 Is he coming?

18:10:47 He must have seen you, Abbye.

18:10:51 Good.

18:10:51 Thank you.

18:11:02 Must have got here on Hartline.

18:11:05 >> Hello.

18:11:19 >> Wait a minute, we swear you in, you don't swear us

18:11:28 in.

18:11:29 >> Tell us about your project.

18:11:33 >> Yes.

18:11:34 My name is Juan Carlos Castillo. I am the petitioner

18:11:37 in this case.

18:11:39 Case number Z-11-11.

18:11:45 We are trying to do a nice place in that area to bring

18:11:51 a nice building and create jobs for the City of Tampa

18:11:55 and improve the property.

18:12:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:12:06 Anyone in the audience to speak on this item number

18:12:08 22nd?

18:12:09 Tampa petition of Juan Carlos Castillo, and Z-11-1 at

18:12:14 3015 west Azeele.

18:12:17 I see no one.

18:12:18 Motion to close?

18:12:19 >> Moved.

18:12:20 >> Motion by Ms. Capin, second by Mr. Suarez to close.

18:12:26 All in favor?

18:12:26 Opposed?

18:12:27 Yes, ma'am.

18:12:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: There is not a modification since

18:12:35 there is just one modification.

18:12:36 >> On second reading on storm, item number 4.

18:12:45 We have an ordinance.

18:12:46 Who wants to tap this?

18:12:47 >> Move an ordinance in the general vicinity of 3015

18:13:01 west Azeele street in the city of Tampa, Florida and

18:13:03 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

18:13:05 district classification RM-16 residential multifamily

18:13:09 to PD planned development, office, medical and personal

18:13:12 services, providing an effective date.

18:13:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And there's one other item that

18:13:17 Abbye alluded to, the flood zone shown on map CO 5588.

18:13:27 Am I correct, Ms. Feeley?

18:13:29 That should be added to that motion.

18:13:31 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen for approval, on first

18:13:34 reading between first and second those will be obtained

18:13:37 by Abbye as stated earlier.

18:13:40 Seconded by Ms. Montelione.

18:13:43 The Ayes have it unanimous.

18:13:45 Thank you all very much.

18:13:52 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried unanimously.

18:13:54 Second reading and adoption will be held on June

18:13:57 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

18:14:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

18:14:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

18:14:05 The second item on your agenda this evening is Z-11-12

18:14:08 located at 311 and 3713 South MacDill Avenue, which is

18:14:12 just about a half block from where we just were,

18:14:17 actually at the southwest intersection, northwest

18:14:20 corner of Azeele and MacDill.

18:14:22 >> I have been instructed by the city attorney that I

18:14:28 should abstain from voting on this matter due to the

18:14:31 fact that my father is a consultant on the project, and

18:14:34 I am going to file form B with the clerk.

18:14:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you very much.

18:14:44 We need a motion to receive and file that form.

18:14:47 Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mrs. Capin.

18:14:50 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:14:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The request is from PD planned

18:14:55 development for office, medical and business

18:14:57 professional to PD planned development, office, medical

18:14:59 and business professional and there is one waiver being

18:15:06 requested to reduce the green space from 18% to 14.3%

18:15:12 which is 117 square feet.

18:15:14 Before Mr. Garcia comes up, I would like to say this

18:15:17 site was previously PDs in 2009 for business,

18:15:21 professional office and medical office use.

18:15:23 There were some modifications made, beyond those

18:15:27 modifications so that could be approved

18:15:29 administratively.

18:15:29 Therefore, this case is back before council this

18:15:32 evening.

18:15:41 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:15:42 I have been sworn.

18:15:49 As Ms. Feeley has already stated to you, this is also

18:15:51 locate in the central planning district for the City of

18:15:53 Tampa on your vision map or your comprehensive plan,

18:15:57 and the site is located just a block due west of where

18:16:00 the other site was we just talked about which is right

18:16:03 here.

18:16:03 This is the previous site.

18:16:05 This is the other site on the corner.

18:16:07 Through the years, this whole west site of MacDill

18:16:11 has transition from single-family detached homes to

18:16:14 low-intensity office uses.

18:16:16 This corner over here will basically finish up the

18:16:20 block face so that all that will be represented over

18:16:24 here will be professional office uses from Cleveland

18:16:26 all the way to Azeele.

18:16:28 We do have a gas station and there's a vacant

18:16:30 commercial parcel here.

18:16:32 This site is located a couple of blocks south of

18:16:34 Kennedy Boulevard, and is on MacDill Avenue as I

18:16:38 have already stated.

18:16:39 Ms. Feeley already stated this has already come through

18:16:42 for a PD for other uses.

18:16:43 That was a two-story structure, I believe.

18:16:46 This is going to be a one-story structure.

18:16:48 But I believe there is a little bit different parking

18:16:50 orientation but it is consistent and complementary to

18:16:53 the other low-intensity use as long MacDill and

18:16:56 along this particular segment of Azeele.

18:16:59 Planning Commission staff find the proposed request

18:17:01 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

18:17:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir. Is

18:17:03 petitioner here on item number 3?

18:17:09 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:17:11 As Tony mentioned, I want to show you an aerial of the

18:17:15 zoning atlas and pictures of the site.

18:17:18 The request before you this evening 3800 square foot

18:17:32 medical office, 28 spaces are being required and 23

18:17:35 spaces are being provided.

18:17:39 There are currently two structures on there.

18:17:41 These structures will be removed and a new structure be

18:17:44 constructed.

18:17:47 The zoning atlas, here we are in green, PD on the west

18:17:50 side, commercial general to the south, business

18:17:54 professional office and medical office located along

18:17:56 this corridor.

18:18:01 The picture of the property from MacDill looking

18:18:05 west.

18:18:10 This is the structure on the northern half.

18:18:12 It very hard to get pictures.

18:18:14 This is the south half along Azeele.

18:18:21 This is the medical office to the north.

18:18:24 This is looking south on MacDill.

18:18:27 Here is the Sunoco gas station.

18:18:29 Across the street there is a mix of uses as well, from

18:18:34 two-story to single-story retail, and some personal

18:18:39 services.

18:18:46 Staff did find the request consistent.

18:18:50 There are some modifications that need to be made in

18:18:52 between first and second reading relate to the tree and

18:18:54 landscape code.

18:18:56 I have provided a revision sheet outlining those

18:18:58 modifications.

18:18:59 I believe the petitioner is in agreement to make those

18:19:02 modifications in between first and second reading, and

18:19:05 staff is available if you have any questions.

18:19:06 >> Thank you very much.

18:19:07 Petitioner?

18:19:08 >> Good evening.

18:19:11 Richard Radke.

18:19:15 I have been sworn.

18:19:16 I am attorney for the petitioner. I have Jeff Connor,

18:19:19 the architect for the project, here to answer any

18:19:19 questions.

18:19:19 We think that this project will be good for the

18:19:21 neighborhood in the area, and that it's an improvement

18:19:24 from the prior PD.

18:19:27 We would ask that council approve the project.

18:19:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:19:32 Does anyone in the audience care to speak on behalf or

18:19:35 against this project, item number 3?

18:19:37 I see no one.

18:19:38 I need a motion to close.

18:19:42 Motion by Capin, second by Mr. Suarez.

18:19:44 All in favor?

18:19:45 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:19:47 There will be some revision between first and second

18:19:50 reading.

18:19:51 Those will be part of the record.

18:19:52 >> We agree with the changes.

18:19:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:19:59 Ms. Montelione.

18:20:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move an ordinance rezoning

18:20:07 property in the general vicinity of 311 and 313 South

18:20:10 MacDill Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

18:20:12 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

18:20:14 district classifications PD, development office,

18:20:17 medical and business professional, to PD, planned

18:20:19 development, office, medical and business professional,

18:20:22 providing an effective date.

18:20:23 Along with the revision sheet as provided by staff.

18:20:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:20:30 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

18:20:32 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.

18:20:34 Opposed, nay.

18:20:35 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:20:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Cohen abstaining and

18:20:39 Mulhern being absent at vote.

18:20:41 Second reading and adoption will be on June 2nd at

18:20:44 93:07 a.m.

18:20:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:20:50 We are now on item number 4.

18:20:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:20:54 Item number 4 is Z-11-13 located at 2716 west Jetton

18:21:00 Avenue.

18:21:00 The request this evening is from an RS 60 residential

18:21:05 single-family to PD planned development residential

18:21:08 family.

18:21:08 This is to create two 58 by 106 lots.

18:21:23 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:21:24 I have been sworn in.

18:21:27 This is one of the two cases that I alluded to earlier

18:21:30 that's in the South Tampa planning district which

18:21:32 basically is a district of stable neighborhood Bub does

18:21:34 offer the opportunity in certain situations for in-fill

18:21:36 developments, and this is one of the cases that

18:21:38 presents an opportunity this evening.

18:21:40 The request is for a parcel of land that would be split

18:21:44 to allow for one conforming lot, it's going to create

18:21:48 one conforming lot, two buildable lots but I think one

18:21:53 will be RS-50, I think.

18:21:56 I don't know.

18:21:57 Bottom line is two buildable lots.

18:21:59 Two single-family detached homes.

18:22:01 The character of this particular neighborhood from

18:22:05 Morrison south is pretty much single-family detached

18:22:09 residential units.

18:22:10 So the character is there.

18:22:14 City, staff normally looks at is going to be the lot

18:22:18 parcelization as far as the size of the lots, as far as

18:22:20 the consistency, the scale and massing of the homes.

18:22:25 From the comprehensive plan aspect, we are looking at

18:22:28 to make sure there's not too much density to create any

18:22:30 more adverse impacts to the local neighborhood roads.

18:22:33 This is only going to create one additional potential

18:22:35 buildable lot on the site, because you already have

18:22:39 that potential right in and out with the existing

18:22:41 parcel.

18:22:41 Planning Commission staff found it's not posing any

18:22:46 adverse impact to the local street.

18:22:48 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I am going to take a minute to explain

18:22:58 some of this stuff in a more relaxed manner because

18:23:01 that is one of those cases that's not a typical PD

18:23:04 case.

18:23:06 You have one extra map in your packet, the regular map

18:23:08 I am going to talk a little bit about that.

18:23:14 It's required 60 by 100 feet for a minimum lot.

18:23:17 The way the zoning code is written, you need a minimum

18:23:21 lot width of 06 feet.

18:23:22 This subdivision was plotted in 1924.

18:23:26 With 58 by 106.

18:23:28 They meet the 6,000 square feet but they don't meet the

18:23:31 60 feet in width. If they remained in single separate

18:23:36 ownership then they are buildable under the zoning

18:23:38 code.

18:23:38 However, if you own two lots, and you wish to split

18:23:42 that back off and make it back into its original lot,

18:23:47 you cannot do so without a PD rezoning bass you don't

18:23:50 meet the front width of the 60 feet.

18:23:53 That being said, that's why the PD is before you

18:23:55 tonight.

18:23:55 So they will meet lot area by having more than 6,000

18:23:58 square feet, but they will only be 58 feet in width.

18:24:02 That regular map shows you the existing development

18:24:04 pattern of the area.

18:24:09 Now we actually stop at Morrison.

18:24:14 To show you how I do my work sheet, I start out with

18:24:20 the subdivision. This is part of the north new

18:24:23 suburban subdivision, actually talking about these this

18:24:25 lots over on the western side.

18:24:27 What I do is I then go through, and I look at the

18:24:29 existing development pattern of the area to see how the

18:24:32 lots are actually developed historically.

18:24:35 Everything in blue was developed as a single plotted

18:24:39 lot, so 58 by 106, or sometime they were 59.

18:24:44 Everything in red has been developed at a lot or more.

18:24:48 So that shows you.

18:24:50 And then I do kind of a breakdown of the area.

18:24:53 This area north of Morrison was an area that was

18:24:56 previously plot had a similar request but is part of

18:25:01 the subdivision so please don't look at that when

18:25:03 making your analysis.

18:25:05 The way that our system keeps it, it keeps all of them

18:25:08 in color so if I ever have to go back, they are already

18:25:11 done for me.

18:25:12 So there was a total of 62 lots in the lot analysis

18:25:18 that I performed, and of them, 13 are conforming to the

18:25:23 RS-60 meaning they have 60 feet or more of frontage,

18:25:26 and the blue were the nonconforming which made up 79%.

18:25:30 So in this area, it has been that everything has been

18:25:34 developed as a lot of record, or a plot lot.

18:25:38 So the request before you this evening would not

18:25:40 necessarily be incompatible with the current

18:25:44 development pattern.

18:25:45 Let me go ahead and show you.

18:25:49 This is the part of the subject property, the

18:25:54 single-family home.

18:25:55 This is the part that's currently serving as that side

18:25:59 yard area that has the detached structure in the back,.

18:26:07 This is moving down the street.

18:26:14 Let see which way I went.

18:26:16 To the east.

18:26:23 That actually is to the east.

18:26:25 And this moving further down the east.

18:26:27 I think one of the you neck things to low at in these

18:26:30 pictures is very few of the houses actually have a

18:26:33 garage in the front of the structure.

18:26:34 The garage is located behind the structure which is

18:26:37 what's being requested before you this evening, to

18:26:40 maintain that.

18:26:41 A lot of them have carports that lead to a detached

18:26:45 accessory structure.

18:26:50 I think there was only one.

18:26:52 We are now on the north side of the street.

18:26:54 I'm sorry.

18:26:55 This was the only one I found that did have -- you can

18:27:02 see most of them had some sort of carport that led to a

18:27:08 attached structure in the back.

18:27:11 The request this evening as I said was to establish

18:27:14 those two lots.

18:27:15 Everything will meet the RS-60 requirements which are

18:27:19 7-foot side yards, 25-foot front yards and 20-foot rear

18:27:23 yard with the exception of the east side of the

18:27:25 existing structure which is 5 feet 5 inches.

18:27:30 I'm sorry, 5.5 feet.

18:27:32 So that would the only modification than would need to

18:27:35 be made on that as well.

18:27:38 You can see my analysis of the map on page 2 and 3, and

18:27:42 the general PD criteria on 4 and 5.

18:27:46 And I'm available for any questions.

18:27:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council member Capin?

18:27:52 >> The five feet is on the east side?

18:27:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, I'll show it to you.

18:27:58 It would be internal to the two lots.

18:28:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Between the house and the lot, the

18:28:03 existing house that owns the property?

18:28:05 Okay.

18:28:10 It's on the eastern side of the existing house.

18:28:20 So the newly create lot will be over here to the east,

18:28:22 which will be required at a minimum to have the seven,

18:28:26 but because the driveway will be there, it will

18:28:28 actually be greater.

18:28:29 So it should be consistent with the development.

18:28:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further questions by council

18:28:38 members?

18:28:39 Petitioner?

18:28:39 >> Anne Pollack with Mechanik Nuccio, 305 South

18:28:48 Boulevard.

18:28:49 I represent the Hanekes.

18:28:56 I want to give a little personal background.

18:28:58 When the Hanekes purchased these properties and tore

18:29:02 down one of the houses, their goal really was to

18:29:05 rebuild and build their dream house on this new lot,

18:29:08 and then they realized they ran into this issue in the

18:29:11 code.

18:29:12 And so that's what this PD is looking to do.

18:29:15 And ultimately it's really just bringing back what was

18:29:18 there before, because up until a few years ago there

18:29:22 were the two houses there.

18:29:23 And I wanted to show this aerial, which I think very

18:29:28 clearly shows the pattern of development in the area

18:29:31 and how the vacant lot right here really is different

18:29:37 from everything else in the whole neighborhood.

18:29:40 And really putting another house back in and allowing

18:29:45 that would be consistent with the development in the

18:29:46 neighborhood.

18:29:50 And like Ms. Feeley said, the new development would

18:29:54 meet RS-60 zoning standards which probably most of the

18:29:59 houses which are so old in the neighborhood don't meet

18:30:01 anyway, so this would be one of the few houses that

18:30:03 actually met the zoning standards, except for the front

18:30:07 lot width.

18:30:08 We would respectfully request that you approve this.

18:30:11 Thank you.

18:30:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:30:13 Any questions by council members at this time?

18:30:15 Anyone in the audience care to speak for or against

18:30:17 this petition?

18:30:18 This is item number 4.

18:30:22 I see no one.

18:30:24 We need a motion to close.

18:30:26 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

18:30:28 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.

18:30:30 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:30:33 Mr. Reddick.

18:30:34 >> Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general

18:30:42 vicinity of 2716 west Jetton Avenue in the city of

18:30:47 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

18:30:48 section 1 from zoning district classification RS-60

18:30:52 residential single-family to PD development residential

18:30:56 single-family, providing an effective date.

18:30:57 >> I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

18:31:04 In addition to the items that Mrs. Coyle alluded to.

18:31:24 Motion by Mr. Reddick.

18:31:26 Second by Mrs. Capin.

18:31:28 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.

18:31:30 Opposed, nay.

18:31:31 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:31:32 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern absent at

18:31:35 voting.

18:31:36 A correction on item number 2 which was Z-11-11.

18:31:40 That motion carried with Mulhern being absent at vote.

18:31:44 Thank you.

18:31:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:31:51 We are now at item number 5.

18:31:53 >> When is second reading going to be?

18:31:56 >> Second reading and adoption will be June 2nd at

18:31:59 9:30 a.m.

18:32:02 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:32:03 Item number 5 is case Z-11-14 located at 403 south ha

18:32:10 pan ban a Avenue.

18:32:11 The request this evening is from PD planned

18:32:14 development, which is specialized medical office to PD

18:32:17 planned development, office, medical and business

18:32:20 professional, parking or retail.

18:32:25 A few cases ago, this was originally PDed in 2004 to be

18:32:31 the home of Skin Savvy, and several members on the

18:32:35 council here this evening remember last year when we

18:32:38 rezoned the property just to the north of this to

18:32:40 become the new home as Skin Savvy. With the PD being

18:32:45 restricted on this piece of property they are back

18:32:47 before you to ask for some additional uses to the

18:32:50 previously approved PD.

18:32:54 There are two new waivers that are going along with

18:32:57 that, and two waivers that were previously approved as

18:33:01 you see in my staff report.

18:33:02 The first one is if the site were to be developed as

18:33:06 the parking lot, they would need a waiver to the buffer

18:33:08 along the north, which would be to their other property

18:33:11 from three foot to zero, and the second would be to

18:33:15 reduce the vehicular use area of green space from 20%

18:33:20 to 18.43%.

18:33:32 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:33:34 I have been sworn in.

18:33:37 So here we are back in the central planning district.

18:33:42 The site, if you will notice, is on Habana, but it's on

18:33:49 Azeele a few blocks south of Kennedy Boulevard, so

18:33:52 Azeele is getting quite a workout tonight.

18:33:55 This is your third zoning either on or proximate to

18:33:58 Azeele, and within a few blocks of MacDill.

18:34:01 So you really are getting a feel for how this whole

18:34:04 segment of Azeele has really transitioned to low

18:34:08 density office.

18:34:09 Again, this is a residential 35 land use category.

18:34:12 Memorial lies to the south of this particular area.

18:34:14 This is a residential 20, residential 35, which both

18:34:19 allow consideration for this use.

18:34:21 And Ms. Feeley already told you this was PD in front of

18:34:24 this body several years ago, as well as the parcel just

18:34:27 to the north.

18:34:29 There's a lot of similar uses that have high density,

18:34:33 multifamily uses in this particular area, south of

18:34:37 Kennedy Boulevard, to Memorial Hospital for a series of

18:34:41 low intensity office uses.

18:34:43 Planning Commission found it to be consistent.

18:34:49 Planning Commission staff finds the propose request

18:34:51 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

18:34:53 Thank you.

18:34:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner? You all are getting me

18:35:03 confuse.

18:35:04 First it's him, now it's you.

18:35:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I like it when it's just me.

18:35:21 This is the zoning atlas.

18:35:25 We were just down -- actually down at this

18:35:28 intersection, just here now just a little further to

18:35:30 the east.

18:35:35 The PD is located in green.

18:35:37 We a few month ago came back and PD to the north.

18:35:42 The new home is Skin Savvy.

18:35:45 Here is an aerial of the site.

18:35:47 This is very close to Memorial Hospital so you have a

18:35:49 lot of mix, a lot of medical and business professional

18:35:53 offices.

18:36:04 This is the detached garage in the back.

18:36:13 Parking area.

18:36:14 A picture of the property to the north coming down

18:36:17 Habana looking from the subject property north.

18:36:24 This is immediately to the south, south down Habana.

18:36:28 This is at the southeast corner, which I think is --

18:36:37 this is coming down Habana.

18:36:39 On the other side of the street.

18:36:42 There is still some residential uses there

18:36:48 As I said, the request this evening is to allow for

18:36:51 some additional uses on the planned development that

18:36:55 were not previously approved, and that is either

18:36:58 regular office, regular medical office, a parking lot,

18:37:03 or a potentially retail.

18:37:12 If any of other uses are allowed they would be using

18:37:14 the existing structure.

18:37:16 If the parking lot is allowed it would be removing the

18:37:18 existing structure and establishing the parking lot.

18:37:21 There were some modifications that needed to be made.

18:37:24 I do have a revision sheet here that I will pass out,

18:37:27 and that is to remove some notes from the site plan to

18:37:31 dimension the structure, and also to take care of some

18:37:35 impervious surface that needed to be added so -- that

18:37:39 needed to be added soap the trees would be protect.

18:37:42 I did meet with the applicant earlier this week and she

18:37:45 is amenable to make those modifications between first

18:37:47 and second reading. Staff has no objection if those

18:37:52 are made.

18:37:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think you have to be sworn

18:37:56 mind tells me you came in late and were not sworn in.

18:37:58 (Oath administered by Clerk).

18:38:00 >> My name is Toni Sloman, the petitioner for the

18:38:11 property at 403 Habana.

18:38:13 My business is Skin Savvy, which was started six years

18:38:16 ago at this property.

18:38:22 At two years, I was successful enough to be bursting at

18:38:25 the seams, and was able to purchase the property next

18:38:29 door.

18:38:32 Unfortunately, the economy turned, and I was paying

18:38:38 double mortgages, double taxes, et cetera, et cetera,

18:38:42 and the PD medical zoning on the property was so

18:38:48 restrictive that basically it really didn't apply to

18:38:53 99% of medical facilities.

18:38:56 So it was hard to sell and for me it's not good for the

18:39:07 commitment I made to the neighbors about six years ago.

18:39:10 So I am asking for it to rezoning options more than one

18:39:17 so that I can make the most appropriate choice and

18:39:20 respect the diversion on the street.

18:39:27 There's a big diversity, commercial, if the street and

18:39:33 transition is a block in transition.

18:39:37 And so it requires tolerance, and respect on all of our

18:39:41 part, and if I'm so restricted as to what I can do with

18:39:45 the property, it's not good for me financially, it's

18:39:48 not good for the neighborhood.

18:39:51 I'm here.

18:39:52 I don't believe there's any objection from anybody on

18:39:55 the street.

18:39:57 And therefore I didn't bring any supporters.

18:39:59 I'm here tonight to answer your questions.

18:40:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:40:03 I appreciate it.

18:40:04 Any question by council members?

18:40:05 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 5,

18:40:08 for or against?

18:40:09 I see no one.

18:40:11 I need a motion to close.

18:40:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Moved.

18:40:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a question.

18:40:20 Ms. Feeley, if you would, please.

18:40:22 I just want to clarify, during the hearing, the

18:40:27 summary, the request was from PD to PD, and it's to

18:40:32 allow for business professional office retail and

18:40:35 commercial parking.

18:40:37 The commercial parking -- and assuming use 2, one of

18:40:44 the other uses?

18:40:46 >> No.

18:40:47 As you will see on the second page of your site plan --

18:40:51 Abbye Feeley.

18:40:53 It shows the removal of the existing building and the

18:40:55 establishment of the parking lot that could be used to

18:40:59 go with the property to the north.

18:41:02 Or it could have stand alone.

18:41:03 >> So the intention -- petitioner, do you want to

18:41:09 answer the question?

18:41:09 The intention is for this piece of property to become a

18:41:13 parking lot for your existing business?

18:41:15 >> Okay.

18:41:17 Yes.

18:41:18 But if you look -- it's multiple options.

18:41:29 It's retail.

18:41:30 It's PD so that I can rent the property to CPAs,

18:41:34 lawyers, appropriately small professional groups,

18:41:38 retail so that I can rent the property to someone, so

18:41:45 retail on a scale that was appropriate and in support

18:41:48 of the business I have next door.

18:41:51 And then the least desirable is to make it a parking

18:41:54 lot.

18:41:56 However, if you look at this overhead, from this point

18:42:11 over to this point is approximately 1700 square feet.

18:42:17 It is not approved for me to use for medical use.

18:42:20 I don't have the parking to support it.

18:42:22 So Skin Savvy actually operates an 1800 square feet

18:42:29 approved, and that's fine, but because I don't have the

18:42:31 parking, but if the professional development and retail

18:42:37 zoning, which those would be the most optimal, I think,

18:42:42 for the street rather than the parking lot, but if they

18:42:45 don't work, I'm sitting on 1700 square feet of

18:42:48 property, interior, heat space at the corner property

18:42:54 that is not utilized, and could be utilized if I raise

18:43:00 the structure at Habana and made parking, the most

18:43:05 expensive option, the one least desirable sentimentally

18:43:10 to me, but it something that I might need to consider.

18:43:16 >> The way that the current PD is on the property we

18:43:24 are speaking on this evening, it says specifically Skin

18:43:27 Savvy, and it breaks out all the different operations

18:43:32 related solely to that business.

18:43:35 So she cannot, at the present time, use that property

18:43:38 for any other business, that PD was so restrictive.

18:43:43 So that is part of the application tonight before you

18:43:46 is really two options.

18:43:48 The one option is to reuse the existing building with

18:43:51 these other uses, and we have looked at the parking

18:43:54 required for that and everything and made the

18:43:56 adjustment.

18:43:57 And the second would be if it could not be used as one

18:44:00 of those uses to remove it and create a parking lot.

18:44:03 >> And that's my concern, and I completely understand.

18:44:07 I mean, having a PD that is so restrictive that you

18:44:13 can't market this property whether for lease or for

18:44:15 sale to any other business other than your own because

18:44:18 it mentions Skin Savvy in the language of the

18:44:23 initial -- of the current zoning.

18:44:26 I understand that.

18:44:27 My concern is that this would eventually become a

18:44:30 parking lot and only a parking lot.

18:44:34 I understand emotionally, you know, that's your least

18:44:36 favorite option, but if somebody were to come behind

18:44:40 you and buy this property at some other time and they

18:44:45 said, well, we can have a parking lot there, they may

18:44:49 not be as emotionally attached.

18:44:51 >> I'm the most affected neighbor.

18:44:53 The neighbor to the south has no objection to this.

18:44:56 The street again is in transition.

18:44:59 And if you look at the people who are residents one way

18:45:04 or the other, whether they are residents, you know,

18:45:09 single-family homes.

18:45:55 >> I'm simply asking for the latitude to be able to

18:45:58 make these decisions which I believe I have proven to

18:46:02 be a good neighbor, a good resident, and a person who

18:46:11 follows through with their word.

18:46:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr.

18:46:20 Suarez.

18:46:20 Seconded by Ms. Capin.

18:46:23 All in favor of the motion?

18:46:25 The Ayes have it unanimously.

18:46:27 There is a revision sheet now.

18:46:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance rezoning property in the

18:46:52 general vicinity of 403 Habana Avenue in the city of

18:46:56 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

18:46:58 section 1 from zoning district classification PD

18:47:01 planned development specialized medical office to PD

18:47:05 planned development office medical business,

18:47:08 professional retail and commercial parking, providing

18:47:11 an effective date.

18:47:17 With the revisions as identified on the revision sheet

18:47:19 titled V-11-14 dated May 12, 2011 and any other

18:47:25 modifications as described by City Council.

18:47:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:47:29 I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mr. Suarez.

18:47:33 All in favor of the motion?

18:47:35 Opposed?

18:47:36 Motion passes 5-1.

18:47:38 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent

18:47:43 at vote and Montelione voting.

18:47:45 No second reading and adoption will be on June 2nd

18:47:48 at 9:30 a.m.

18:47:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:47:55 The next item on your agenda is Z-11-15 located at 2708

18:48:00 west Saint Isabel street.

18:48:02 The request is from RS-50 residential single-family to

18:48:06 PD planned development medical office.

18:48:09 There are three waivers being requested.

18:48:12 One is to reduce the required buffer along the west

18:48:15 from 15 feet to 6 feet.

18:48:17 The second is to reduce the required buffer along the

18:48:20 south from 15 feet with a 6-foot masonry wall to five

18:48:24 feet with a six-foot PVC fence, and the last touch

18:48:28 reduce the required parking from 26 spaces to 21 spaces

18:48:32 which is a 19% reduction.

18:48:41 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:48:42 I have been sworn.

18:48:48 Yet another of your five of seven cases that will be

18:48:52 located in central planning district.

18:48:54 What's also interesting is all five of these are

18:48:57 medical office uses.

18:49:00 Which is pretty rare to not only see all of them in the

18:49:03 central district but all of them for the same type of

18:49:06 use.

18:49:06 This will be for the creation of a new use as Ms.

18:49:11 Feeley already stated to you.

18:49:12 This is generally located southeast of the major

18:49:16 intersection of MLK Jr. Boulevard and Habana.

18:49:20 Habana is your north south street, and MLK Boulevard is

18:49:26 about four blocks roughly to the north of this.

18:49:28 The site is proximate to St. Joseph hospital which is a

18:49:34 major regional medical facility, as we all know.

18:49:38 This land use category is residential plan.

18:49:41 I will quickly let now residential is usually not a

18:49:44 category that's going to lend itself to this type of

18:49:47 use.

18:49:49 This use was created via policy plan provision outlined

18:49:55 in your report from me, which created several years

18:49:58 back to allow consideration of low density office,

18:50:04 specifically medically related uses in this area to St.

18:50:10 Joseph hospital.

18:50:10 It has been delineated gee oh graphically within our

18:50:14 policy to let you know that the furthest south you can

18:50:18 go to not allow further encroachment of this type of

18:50:20 use into the residential neighborhood is a south facing

18:50:25 Isabel street which is where this property lies.

18:50:27 The property does have a medical office use.

18:50:29 You can see the aerial over here.

18:50:31 It does have a medical office use located already to

18:50:34 the north and to the east of the south.

18:50:37 There is vacant property to the west between the

18:50:39 property itself and Habana.

18:50:41 There are a variety of medical office uses that have

18:50:46 been create over the past decade, at least in this

18:50:49 area, and to the north of MLK all the way up to

18:50:52 Hillsborough Avenue.

18:50:53 Planning Commission staff based on the provision, based

18:50:56 on the continuity of these and the compatibility of the

18:50:59 uses in this particular area, finds the proposed

18:51:02 request consistent with the comprehensive plan.

18:51:04 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

18:51:10 The applicant is proposing to rezone the property from

18:51:13 RS-50 to PD, to construct a two-story, 4,333 square

18:51:19 foot medical office.

18:51:20 The .402-acre site is currently vacant surrounded by

18:51:24 medical office to the east, single-family residence to

18:51:27 the west, medical office and single-family residential

18:51:29 to the north, and single-family residential to the

18:51:31 south.

18:51:32 The PD setbacks are requested as follows: 54.01-foot

18:51:39 north, 30.51 feet south, 572.23 feet west, and 57-foot

18:51:46 east.

18:51:46 The required parking is 26 spaces and a total of 21

18:51:49 spaces are being provided.

18:52:11 There is a series of two-story medical office, one

18:52:14 directly across the street parking underneath, one down

18:52:18 at the intersection of Tampania and St. Isabel.

18:52:24 The zoning atlas on the site will show you the mix of

18:52:29 uses.

18:52:30 The medical office directly across is a PD.

18:52:32 The one to the east is residential office.

18:52:38 There is a series of other PDs in the area as well.

18:52:48 The picture of the property.

18:53:01 This is going west down Saint Isabel.

18:53:08 This is the medical office directly to the east of the

18:53:13 subject property.

18:53:14 This is moving east.

18:53:15 I don't know why there's such a glare on the pictures

18:53:19 taint.

18:53:22 This is at the eastern corner of Tampania and Azeele --

18:53:28 I'm sorry, Saint Isabel on the south.

18:53:32 This is the northeast corner of Tampania and Saint

18:53:38 Isabel and we are now going to move west down the

18:53:40 street to show you the residential structure, medical

18:53:48 office.

18:53:49 This is the medical office PD directly across the

18:53:52 street, single-family residential, single-family.

18:53:58 And then at the corner of Habana and Saint Isabel is

18:54:04 another office.

18:54:10 Staff did find the request consistent.

18:54:12 There are several modifications that need to be made

18:54:14 from tree and landscape.

18:54:17 And I have outlined those on page 2 of my report.

18:54:20 They are also on the revision sheet provided.

18:54:22 There was one modification required by transportation

18:54:24 which I think was just maybe a misunderstanding of

18:54:27 something that had been depicted on the site plan so

18:54:31 that is also being requested to be removed.

18:54:33 Staff analysis is on pages 4 and 5 of the report.

18:54:36 And we are available for any questions.

18:54:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

18:54:42 Petitioner?

18:54:45 Before you start, Ms. Capin has a question.

18:54:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Garcia, could you real quickly, you

18:55:00 said that Saint Isabel, the border is the south of --

18:55:08 >> The south face.

18:55:10 >> The south base?

18:55:11 >> The south face.

18:55:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Face.

18:55:14 Okay.

18:55:15 I just wanted to clear that up.

18:55:19 >>TONY GARCIA: That was too fast.

18:55:20 Sorry.

18:55:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before we go any further, I think

18:55:24 you in the audience hop stepped out and came back, I

18:55:26 don't know if you were sworn in.

18:55:27 The gentleman to your left came in late.

18:55:29 >> I was sworn.

18:55:30 Would you like to swear me again?

18:55:35 >> Okay.

18:55:36 My mind is still correct.

18:55:37 >> You are still correct.

18:55:38 I'm Judah Rubin on behalf of the applicant.

18:55:45 I wanted to share a couple of things that maybe are

18:55:47 misunderstandings and something that we talked to one

18:55:50 of our neighbors about.

18:55:51 Just to give you an idea, it is a two-story structure.

18:55:55 The reason in the request, it will read actually as a

18:55:59 single-story building.

18:56:04 Really what's represented in the second floor ended up

18:56:08 being a bonus floor in the attic space.

18:56:12 So it going to read as a residential scaled structure

18:56:14 in terms of a single story structure with a bonus room

18:56:19 upstairs, if you will.

18:56:20 And that's what's driving the majority of the parking

18:56:22 waiver request, is just that flexibility of having that

18:56:24 space up in the attic.

18:56:28 In short, we are here to answer any questions if you

18:56:30 have any.

18:56:36 Oh, I'm sorry.

18:56:37 Our neighbor to the south is here this evening.

18:56:39 She requested that we adjust one of the waiver

18:56:42 requests, the 6-foot high fence.

18:56:45 She's cape with the fence type but would like it to be

18:56:48 8 feet which we are okay with.

18:56:50 So on the south property line, I would like to amend

18:56:52 that condition from 6 feet to 8 feet.

18:56:59 She said she's been there for 12 months.

18:57:04 >> A few months ago.

18:57:05 Okay.

18:57:06 (Speaking Spanish).

18:57:17 >> The qualify that we maintain the fence which we will

18:57:20 certainly do.

18:57:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak

18:57:24 on this subject matter?

18:57:26 Before we close, that space that you are talking about,

18:57:31 that's storage space or whatever.

18:57:32 How high is the building being single story?

18:57:38 >> It ends up being about 20 feet.

18:57:40 >> Total from rooftop down?

18:57:42 >> To the peak.

18:57:43 >> So where you can't build additional space.

18:57:48 If it did, I guess you couldn't meet the parking

18:57:50 requirements.

18:57:51 If it was any higher and you had a second story.

18:57:53 >> The practice is essentially going to be downstairs.

18:57:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not disputing the rezoning, but

18:58:00 let me ask Planning Commission something or the staff.

18:58:04 In lot 79 through 90 on the western part of this

18:58:07 property, a block and a half down, would continue in

18:58:11 this pattern, if it were to apply, what would be your

18:58:14 recommendation?

18:58:15 I know it's outside the realm but I am asking a

18:58:19 question.

18:58:19 I don't care what the attorney says.

18:58:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, with all due respect --

18:58:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm telling you, I am asking a

18:58:30 question and I want her to tell me, not you.

18:58:32 There's a reason for.

18:58:33 This it's been going on for 30-some years.

18:58:35 >> Respectfully, Mr. Chairman, I'm concerned about this

18:58:41 particular -- after this hearing is closed --

18:58:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It has nothing to do with this

18:58:46 hearing.

18:58:46 I said before I made the request.

18:58:48 Please let me answer the question.

18:58:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: As long as doesn't taint the record.

18:58:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just said that twice already.

18:58:55 Yes, ma'am.

18:58:58 >>> cop you please repeat the question?

18:59:01 I heard you say lot 79 --

18:59:03 >> Through 09 on the western most side between Gomez

18:59:06 and MacDill.

18:59:07 It has nothing to do with this petition, for the third

18:59:11 time.

18:59:16 I'm asking a question in the hypothesis state, because

18:59:21 I see --

18:59:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I adopt understand.

18:59:25 Can you show me?

18:59:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say it this way.

18:59:29 For the last 40 years, there is no neighborhood, none,

18:59:34 that can take what I see here.

18:59:37 All these houses, and the area that I just mentioned

18:59:41 without the lots 84 and 83, the other eight were all

18:59:46 residential, and all the avenues that we are looking at

18:59:50 at Saint Isabel and Virginia, they were all

18:59:53 residential.

18:59:54 And as you see what's happened, it is no longer

18:59:59 residential.

19:00:01 So my question is, we got to this point by doing one,

19:00:05 doing two, doing five, then taking one block, then

19:00:08 taking another block, then taking a whole subdivision.

19:00:10 So it's a fair question to ask.

19:00:15 Is it going to continue in that mannerism going west?

19:00:21 >> With the exception of lot immediately adjacent,

19:00:23 which is single-family residential, the one at the

19:00:26 corner is vacant.

19:00:27 It does have a huge tree on it.

19:00:29 I'm not sure what will happen there.

19:00:33 In looking at those, in taking in the application and

19:00:36 processing over the last three months, I did look at

19:00:40 that new policy in the comprehensive plan.

19:00:42 That kind of drew that line as to where it would be

19:00:44 appropriate.

19:00:45 So could applications come in?

19:00:49 They could.

19:00:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I also believe that lot 67, 68, one

19:00:53 of those, there's two new houses there that are very

19:00:56 nice and very nice looking.

19:00:58 But anyway, we'll continue with.

19:00:59 That would anyone else in the audience care to speak?

19:01:02 Ms. Capin?

19:01:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

19:01:04 Mr. Garcia, that was what I was referring to.

19:01:08 That baseline.

19:01:11 And that's what that is in reference to.

19:01:14 Right?

19:01:16 I mean, it's in reference to -- explain a little bit

19:01:19 more, sir, so I can understand it better.

19:01:22 >> Actually, I think chair Miranda was probably here

19:01:30 probably when that policy was initiated or integrated

19:01:34 into the comprehensive plan.

19:01:36 I'm guessing a decade ago because it was before I got

19:01:39 to the City of Tampa.

19:01:48 I haven't answered the question but let me say

19:01:51 basically, I don't think it's out of turn but I just

19:01:54 want to say paying you a compliment, Mr. Miranda, that

19:01:57 I know what your history is on this as far as the

19:02:00 history of the development for this particular area in

19:02:03 the City of Tampa.

19:02:04 So I hope when I reach in the winter of my years I hope

19:02:07 I can have a fragment.

19:02:09 Knowledge you have as far as the City of Tampa.

19:02:11 That's just a term of respect for you.

19:02:13 And in saying that, I want to go ahead, in all honesty

19:02:17 and sincerity, that I want to try to offer a friendly

19:02:20 alternative to watch I am seeing here that you view as

19:02:24 a potential dilemma for the neighborhood.

19:02:26 And if I may suggest to council that if council may

19:02:32 want to entertain in a future plan amendment cycle, do

19:02:35 you have a geographic boundary that's delineated.

19:02:38 So if you would like to modify that --

19:02:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just stop right there so we don't

19:02:42 get any more remarks.

19:02:43 Thanks very much.

19:02:44 >> Sure.

19:02:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Did you explain that to my question?

19:02:50 It's still not clear.

19:02:51 >>> The south face, Saint Isabel, if you have the north

19:02:57 face of the street and south face, you can build on the

19:02:59 south face of those parcels that basically face the

19:03:03 northern parcel.

19:03:04 So all those parcels in the south face of Saint Isabel

19:03:09 can currently be developed and be considered for low

19:03:11 density office, low intensity office development

19:03:15 presently according to the comprehensive plan.

19:03:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

19:03:22 >> Yes, ma'am.

19:03:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else in the audience before

19:03:24 we close this meeting to speak on this subject matter?

19:03:26 I see no one.

19:03:27 I need a motion to close item number 6.

19:03:30 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Reddick.

19:03:33 All in favor?

19:03:36 It's unanimous.

19:03:36 Mr. Suarez.

19:03:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move an ordinance rezoning property

19:03:45 in the general vicinity of 2708 west Saint Isabel

19:03:50 street in the city of Tampa, Florida, and more

19:03:52 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

19:03:54 district classifications RS-507 residential

19:03:58 single-family to PD, planned development office,

19:04:02 medical, providing an effective date.

19:04:04 With the revisions identified on the revision sheet

19:04:07 titled Z-11-157 dated May 12th, 2011, and any other

19:04:13 modifications as prescribed by the City Council.

19:04:15 >> An additional modification.

19:04:18 It would the increase of the fence on the south side

19:04:20 from 6 feet to 8 feet to be shown on the site plan

19:04:23 between first and second reading as well as modified in

19:04:25 the waiver.

19:04:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's correct.

19:04:28 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, seconded by Ms. Capin.

19:04:32 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

19:04:35 The ayes have it unanimous.

19:04:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick and Mulhern

19:04:40 absent at vote.

19:04:41 Second reading will be on June 2nd at 93:07 a.m.

19:04:45 >> Item 7 on your agenda -- Abbye Feeley, land

19:05:03 development -- is Z-11-16 located at 1901 site Dale

19:05:07 Mabry Highway, might be better known to you as Boston

19:05:09 market.

19:05:11 The corridor of the city that is very familiar to a lot

19:05:14 of us.

19:05:16 This development request is from PD planned

19:05:19 development, restaurant with drive-in windows to PD,

19:05:23 planned development, commercial general uses.

19:05:26 This is another one of those PDs that went through in a

19:05:29 very restrictive use, for a restaurant with a

19:05:32 drive-through and a restaurant with a drive-through

19:05:34 only.

19:05:34 So what is before you this evening is to add commercial

19:05:37 general uses back onto the property, and as far as the

19:05:42 drive-throughs would go, it would require a special use

19:05:46 2 to come before you.

19:05:49 So the request is to the existing structure to make a

19:05:53 little bit of modification by adding an addition of

19:05:57 potentially 27,449 square feet to the west and south of

19:06:01 the building.

19:06:02 Their parking has been calculated at 7.8 spaces per

19:06:06 thousand which is substantially greater than most of

19:06:10 our commercial general uses, which means that they have

19:06:13 a lot of parking spaces, 44 of them, and the maximum

19:06:17 building height would be 35 feet.

19:06:36 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

19:06:37 I have been sworn in.

19:06:41 This is one of two cases before you this evening that's

19:06:45 in the South Tampa planning area, as I have told you

19:06:48 before.

19:06:48 This is an area that's pretty much built up, consists

19:06:52 largely of established commercial corridors, mature

19:06:56 residential neighborhoods.

19:06:57 This particular site is on the south, on south Dale

19:07:02 Mabry area, as you can see.

19:07:04 It's just a couple of blocks north of Plant High

19:07:05 School, and so that would be just two blocks, five or

19:07:10 six blocks probably, seven blocks north of the

19:07:12 intersection of Bay to Bay and south Dale Mabry.

19:07:16 This site was formerly a Boston market, I believe.

19:07:21 They are wanting to expand the general commercial

19:07:23 potential of the site by increasing the square footage

19:07:26 from what I understand which is allowable under the CG.

19:07:31 And as you can see there is a little bit of apiece of

19:07:34 the western terminus of this parcel, the western

19:07:38 boundary, that has a residential six-lane land use

19:07:41 category, but it prohibits any kind of actual office

19:07:45 structure on there or commercial structure on there

19:07:47 which is not even proposed on the subject site.

19:07:53 So all the CG potential is being shown on the proposed

19:07:58 use, I believe, from what I have seen of the site plan

19:08:01 on the CG piece.

19:08:02 The use is going to be consistent with other CGs,

19:08:07 appraise dominance on south Dale Mabry, because it's a

19:08:10 major arterial road, and that's pretty much what this

19:08:13 consists of.

19:08:14 It's going to be strip centers, and complementary uses

19:08:17 to what's being proposed on the site.

19:08:19 Planning commission staff finds the proposed request

19:08:22 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

19:08:23 >> Just to go ahead and show you, Abbye Feeley, land

19:08:43 development.

19:08:44 To show you the property we are talking about, south

19:08:46 Dale Mabry to the east, San Rafael street to the south,

19:08:53 this area here on the west, it does run through from

19:08:57 west Angeles to west San Raphael.

19:09:04 Zoning atlas shown here.

19:09:10 Everything along the corridor is CG with exception of

19:09:13 PD and PD here also.

19:09:26 This is the subject property.

19:09:27 Immediately to the south looking south there's actually

19:09:33 another bank there, too.

19:09:35 Whitney bank to the south.

19:09:37 Looking north.

19:09:41 Restaurant.

19:09:42 And across the street, strip commercial.

19:09:52 Usually I get up here and say if you make these

19:09:55 modifications we are okay and we are gad to go between

19:09:57 first and second reading.

19:09:59 Thon case I am not saying that.

19:10:00 There are some concerns that are being raised this

19:10:03 evening by transportation concerning the access as

19:10:07 requested on west Angeles and San Rafael.

19:10:12 On page two of the staff report you will see site plan

19:10:15 modifications that are required by Land Development

19:10:16 Coordination.

19:10:18 You will also see site plan modifications that are

19:10:20 required by tree and landscape.

19:10:22 The third is being raised by the transportation

19:10:25 division.

19:10:27 I will briefly going to let Melanie Calloway speak to

19:10:33 those requests.

19:10:36 And on page 4 of the report are site plan modifications

19:10:40 needed by solid waste.

19:10:42 Solid waste does require a right-in on San Rafael and a

19:10:46 right-out on west Angeles in order to be able to

19:10:50 service the two dumpsters.

19:10:53 So they would require that access in, right-in on San

19:10:58 Rafael and right-out on west Angeles street.

19:11:01 The applicant is requesting full access.

19:11:12 They are requesting a left-in, right-out on Angeles and

19:11:16 right out -- let me go back on the site plan.

19:11:26 So on your site plan on the south side, you can see

19:11:29 they are requesting a right-in, right-out, and a

19:11:32 left-in, left-out, the south side, and also on the

19:11:36 north, a right-in, right-out, and a left-in.

19:11:44 And you will see the little extension of the

19:11:46 channelization there on the north part of the property.

19:11:50 That modification is depend it -- dependent will need

19:11:54 to be added to the revision sheet at the time that

19:11:59 determination is made.

19:12:00 I'll defer to Melanie Calloway for that.

19:12:03 >> Melanie Calloway, transportation.

19:12:19 The code is based on 27-246-J that all residential

19:12:26 parking lot have an arterial collector street.

19:12:29 Angeles to the south, San Rafael are both local streets

19:12:35 before code to allow access to the site, they have to

19:12:38 have a right-in only to the site, and a right-out.

19:12:42 The petitioner is asking something different of that.

19:12:44 He has channelized the drive-way on Angeles, which

19:12:51 unfortunately the code doesn't say, well, if you

19:12:53 channelize this drive then it's acceptable.

19:12:55 But he is channelizing it and asking for a full access

19:13:00 to the south.

19:13:01 I just want it to be clear and note our objection.

19:13:08 The petitioner will be able to explain more what he was

19:13:11 doing.

19:13:11 But he's asking for something different than what the

19:13:14 code states.

19:13:15 And I'm here to uphold the code.

19:13:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any question by council members in

19:13:23 order to do that I assume you have to come in on North

19:13:25 Dale Mabry, make a right on satisfy Rafael to make your

19:13:28 right hand turn in.

19:13:29 >> That's correct.

19:13:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In order to assume the second part

19:13:32 of that, you must go through the property and make a

19:13:35 right-out out of the north street and west Angeles.

19:13:40 Is that correct?

19:13:41 >> Yes.

19:13:41 And they have full access, but they are asking for full

19:13:45 access on San Rafael, from the west or the east to

19:13:49 access the site, the full access and make a full exit

19:13:52 out that driveway, a right or left, full access south

19:13:55 on San Rafael.

19:13:57 The north one, they have channel access to make a left

19:14:00 in, right-out.

19:14:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: For the general public, left in,

19:14:06 right-out?

19:14:08 >> That's correct.

19:14:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You are getting me confused.

19:14:12 That's not for the good folks at the sanitation

19:14:14 department.

19:14:15 That's for the general public?

19:14:17 >> That's fine for them, too.

19:14:19 Left-in, right-out, they can still accommodate.

19:14:22 >> What's the width to accommodate that request in the

19:14:25 apron going in and out?

19:14:29 >> For solid waste?

19:14:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Solid waste, yes.

19:14:34 >> They are asking for 26 feet.

19:14:44 That would be at the narrowest for not considering

19:14:47 first.

19:14:47 >> 13 feet on each side of the okay.

19:14:51 Any on the questions by council members?

19:14:53 Thank you very much.

19:14:53 >> North Tampa Street.

19:15:03 The attorney did a great job of describing the property

19:15:06 in our request.

19:15:07 I won't delve into that.

19:15:09 But I did want to touch on a few things, not the least

19:15:13 of which is the access issue because I know that's a

19:15:16 little confusing.

19:15:18 I hope I will be able to explain.

19:15:19 That really there are two reasons for our request.

19:15:21 One as has been mentioned is the existing site plan is

19:15:27 really -- it was specifically for a Boston market and

19:15:36 their needs.

19:15:37 Boston market has ceased operations so it's not very

19:15:43 valid now.

19:15:44 So we really want to revitalize the site and it's

19:15:49 turning into an eyesore now.

19:15:51 The site is currently dysfunctional as relate to the

19:15:54 bank to the south as it relates to stormwater as it

19:15:57 relates to access and as it relates to parking.

19:16:00 So this gave us the opportunity to come in, take a

19:16:02 fresh look at the site, and really kind of right some

19:16:05 of the wrongs that have existed there over the years.

19:16:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, Mr. Truett, put up -- is

19:16:13 that the same way we have in our handout?

19:16:15 I think it is.

19:16:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Oh, yeah.

19:16:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

19:16:20 I'm sorry.

19:16:20 Go on.

19:16:21 >> Is it directional change?

19:16:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I see it.

19:16:26 Go on.

19:16:26 >> And as Abbye mentioned with, respect to the staff

19:16:31 reports, we have agreed to absolutely everything.

19:16:35 The staff reports have already been redone.

19:16:38 They are right here in my hands.

19:16:40 That solves everything with the exception of the

19:16:42 transportation issue.

19:16:44 And if we'll focus in on that, what we are asking for

19:16:48 is nothing more than what's currently there.

19:16:50 We are just doing things a little differently.

19:16:52 And if I can explain.

19:16:58 Church is -- church is really the primary issue

19:17:02 immediately to the west the next block over.

19:17:05 And at present, from Church, they have access into the

19:17:08 property.

19:17:11 On one occasion on the side street, we are asking for

19:17:14 the same thing.

19:17:14 We are just changing that from San Rafael to Angeles --

19:17:19 I'm sorry, the opposite.

19:17:21 Angeles will no longer allow right-in, but San Rafael

19:17:25 will allow left-in.

19:17:27 And the way we are doing that, you can see it better on

19:17:30 the site plan in your package.

19:17:32 But in using this, previously, they had a pork chop in

19:17:38 the middle of the exit.

19:17:41 And that pork chop is going to go to the west and jut

19:17:47 out which will do a better job of preventing the

19:17:49 right-in or left-out, and so that's really what we are

19:17:53 doing, just handling that in a different way.

19:17:56 And to that end, we have been proactive from the very

19:18:00 beginning with this request, and sought the input of

19:18:03 the neighborhood as well as the neighborhood

19:18:04 association.

19:18:05 Mike McNabb of the Palma Ceia west association is not

19:18:09 here tonight but he did send an e-mail to each of you,

19:18:11 and I know it came this afternoon so I made a copy, and

19:18:15 I would be happy to hand that to Martin Shelby and

19:18:19 expressing that they had absolutely no objection to our

19:18:21 plan.

19:18:29 I want to underscore one more point on the access.

19:18:32 I know, Mr. Miranda, you were here when that PDQ

19:18:35 chicken came up recently, and that was controversial

19:18:38 because of the access issue.

19:18:40 We met with the Palma Ceia west association, talked

19:18:45 about this as between theirs, and they looked at that

19:18:49 carefully, the board took a vote, and agreed to support

19:18:53 our request.

19:18:55 And so it's been fully disclosed, fully discussed, and

19:19:00 we would ask for your support.

19:19:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

19:19:05 Any questions by council members at this time?

19:19:06 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

19:19:10 number 7?

19:19:12 File Z-11-16.

19:19:14 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this subject

19:19:16 matter?

19:19:18 I see none.

19:19:19 Any further discussion?

19:19:21 Any on the things on this?

19:19:23 So the only thing that I see that was discussed was the

19:19:27 good folks picking up right-in and right-out.

19:19:31 And you want left-in, right, from San Rafael.

19:19:38 Am I correct?

19:19:39 >>> I think the clearest way to explain it we want full

19:19:43 access on San Rafael, and on Angeles we want the

19:19:45 ability for right out and left in but we were willing

19:19:49 to prohibit left-out or right-in there.

19:19:53 And the point of that is on the PDQ application at

19:19:56 least, the neighbors didn't like all the cut-through

19:19:58 traffic through the local streets, and said they were

19:20:02 fine on that application with theirs ultimately, but

19:20:07 with ours, we simply flipped where that is.

19:20:09 And so that's the reason for the request.

19:20:11 >> One more time.

19:20:12 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this subject

19:20:14 matter for or against, item number 7, Z-11-16?

19:20:20 I see none.

19:20:21 >> Motion to close.

19:20:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By Mr. Suarez.

19:20:27 Second by Mrs. Capin.

19:20:29 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

19:20:31 Opposed, nay.

19:20:32 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:20:33 What is the pleasure of the council?

19:20:34 I think we go left to right.

19:20:36 >> I move an ordinance rezoning property in the general

19:20:42 vicinity of 1901 South Dale Mabry Highway in the city

19:20:45 of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

19:20:47 section 1 from zoning district classifications PD

19:20:51 planned development, restaurant with drive-in window to

19:20:53 PD, planned development, commercial general uses,

19:20:56 providing an effective date.

19:20:58 And providing the revisions sheet titled Z-11-16 dated

19:21:04 May 12, 2011 and any modifications described.

19:21:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Feeley?

19:21:12 Does that satisfy the need of the --

19:21:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

19:21:16 The one thing real quick, if I may, was the north still

19:21:20 shows the right-in.

19:21:27 We just need to add one modification, and that is for

19:21:29 the north.

19:21:31 It assured not say existing right in.

19:21:35 If you channelize that drive you won't be able to make

19:21:40 a right-in.

19:21:41 >> Do you agree to that on the record?

19:21:43 >> They already changed it on the plan that way.

19:21:49 >> On the plan?

19:21:50 That's a moot question then.

19:21:51 Thank you.

19:21:52 I have a motion.

19:21:55 And second by Mr. Cohen on a close vote with Mrs.

19:21:59 Capin.

19:21:59 All in favor?

19:22:01 Opposed?

19:22:01 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:22:03 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent

19:22:06 at vote. Second reading and adoption will be on June

19:22:09 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

19:22:10 >> Item number 8.

19:22:11 >> Would you tell me again the date of second reading?

19:22:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: They are all the same.

19:22:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The last item on your agenda is Z-11-17

19:22:41 located at 2615 West Swann Avenue.

19:22:43 The request is from CI commercial intensive zoning

19:22:46 district to PD planned development, office, medical and

19:22:49 business professional.

19:22:50 There are three waivers being requested.

19:22:52 The first is to reduce the required vehicle use area

19:22:55 buffer along the west from 8-foot to zero foot, and

19:22:58 that's existing conditions, and the second is to reduce

19:23:03 the required parking spaces from 49 to 32 which is a

19:23:07 34% reduction.

19:23:08 And the last is to allow for commercial access to a

19:23:11 local street, Audubon Avenue.

19:23:18 The request is to add an addition to an existing

19:23:22 medical office.

19:23:30 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

19:23:31 I have been sworn.

19:23:32 This is your last case for the evening.

19:23:34 The last case in the central planning district

19:23:36 according to your vision map and your comprehensive

19:23:38 plan.

19:23:38 And also the last of the medical uses that are before

19:23:45 you within the central planning district also.

19:23:49 The site is located in this approximate area of your

19:23:53 central planning district.

19:23:56 More specifically, it's located just west of the

19:23:59 intersection of Swann and Armenia.

19:24:03 The category is community commercial 35 which allows

19:24:06 all the commercial zoning district, general commercial,

19:24:08 neighborhood commercial, commercial intensive.

19:24:10 This is community mixed use 35 which allows general

19:24:14 commercial and neighborhood commercial uses.

19:24:17 This land use category is residential 6 to give you a

19:24:20 little bit more context of the area, this is Parkland

19:24:22 Estates which is a mature residential area located just

19:24:25 to the south of Swann.

19:24:26 Most of the uses on the north face of swan are going to

19:24:29 be either similar to what we looked at for that Skin

19:24:32 Savvy place, and this is just a few blocks really to

19:24:35 the southeast of where Skin Savvy was at, the case that

19:24:39 was before you just a couple of cases ago.

19:24:41 So it's right up here.

19:24:44 So this particular area also was represented by a lot

19:24:46 of mixed uses as far as higher density, town home

19:24:52 developments, as well as commercial uses along this

19:24:55 segment of Swann.

19:24:56 If you look at the aerial, you will see, as Ms. Feeley

19:25:01 stated, this is already an existing medical use that's

19:25:04 been in the area for quite a few years and it's pretty

19:25:06 much a part of the fabric of Swann.

19:25:08 They are asking for an expansion of the use to the

19:25:11 north.

19:25:12 There's some vacant parcel land where they will be

19:25:14 modifying their use.

19:25:16 So the modification will not be towards Swann.

19:25:19 As you can see, Memorial Hospital lies a little farther

19:25:23 to the west.

19:25:23 This parking lot is for an office complex.

19:25:26 And then you can see the town home development to the

19:25:28 northeast of the subject site.

19:25:31 And, of course, the residential character of Parkland

19:25:33 Estates, you can see the character of the area changes

19:25:36 dramatically once you go south on Swann.

19:25:39 Of course, here is Armenia Avenue and Swann as you go

19:25:42 ton the east, in the SoHo district.

19:25:45 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request

19:25:47 consistent, is complementary to the other existing

19:25:50 commercial uses in the area as far as it relates to low

19:25:54 intensity and density as far as the town home

19:25:57 development, and of course the professional office uses

19:26:00 that are medically associated in the proximity to

19:26:03 Memorial Hospital, which will facilitate any uses that

19:26:09 the medical community may have to take advantage of

19:26:13 because of the location to the hospital so we did find

19:26:19 it consistent with the comprehensive plan.

19:26:20 Thank you.

19:26:20 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The request this evening is to

19:26:26 construct a one-story, 3,000 swear foot addition to an

19:26:29 existing medical office.

19:26:30 The proposed use for the site shall include both

19:26:34 medical office and business professional office.

19:26:36 The .66-acre property is surrounded by medical office

19:26:40 to the west and the north.

19:26:41 Parking and town homes to the east and single-family

19:26:44 residential to the south across Swann.

19:26:47 The PD setbacks requested as follows: 60-foot north,

19:26:52 28-foot south, 7-foot west, 6-foot east.

19:26:55 The required parking is 49 spaces and a total of 32

19:26:59 spaces are being provided with a waiver being

19:27:01 requested.

19:27:03 Building elevations have been provided and post modern

19:27:08 architectural style.

19:27:10 Let me show you the zoning atlas.

19:27:16 Everything in this area here, Armenia, CI, even past

19:27:24 Armenia, is CI zoning.

19:27:25 CG to the west.

19:27:26 Some OP, office professional, and CG.

19:27:30 The existing property that has a structure on it was

19:27:34 zoned CI.

19:27:35 Built the medical office to CI standard and then the

19:27:37 property to the north was purchased, joining these two

19:27:41 pieces together.

19:27:42 When that happened, the CI there either developed as a

19:27:51 stand-alone or in this case in order to do the

19:27:53 addition, there are waivers before you for access to

19:27:59 the local street, because once they joined with the

19:28:03 piece to the south, the access was no longer an access

19:28:07 by right, and then some of the parking waiver, and then

19:28:14 the buffer waiver.

19:28:15 The buffer waiver that you put to the zero is for the

19:28:18 existing parking area.

19:28:19 And I'll show you that when I show you the pictures.

19:28:22 The other thing I did want to mention about this site

19:28:24 is it has huge grand trees, huge.

19:28:27 And one of the things they are not before you this

19:28:31 evening is for a waiver to remove those.

19:28:34 They have been able to design around that and retrain

19:28:37 those trees so I want to show you the pictures of those

19:28:39 as well.

19:28:41 Here is the subject property.

19:28:46 This is looking east from Audubon.

19:28:56 This is the northern boundary of the site.

19:29:01 Here is the existing office location with access on

19:29:05 Audubon.

19:29:09 This is looking east on Swann.

19:29:16 This is looking north on Audubon, the medical office,

19:29:21 to the north of the property.

19:29:22 This is the medical office that is on across DeLeon

19:29:33 to the north.

19:29:33 This is coming back down Audubon which is the parking

19:29:36 for the medical.

19:29:44 I do have some duplicates.

19:29:46 This is the south side of Swann at Audubon.

19:29:59 There are some modifications being requested by staff.

19:30:03 One is from Parks and Recreation Department, and that

19:30:05 is that a note needs to be added that parking and

19:30:09 driveway within the protective grand tree at the

19:30:12 northwest corner will be on existing grade with no

19:30:15 excavation and cross sections will be required at the

19:30:17 time of permitting, and number one, the transportation

19:30:21 division is objecting, once the access to the local

19:30:25 street in this area, and the second to the reduction in

19:30:27 the parking from 49 to 32 spaces of 35% reduction is

19:30:32 excessive.

19:30:34 Staff's evaluation of the project according to the PD

19:30:37 criteria is provided for you on pages 27, 3 and 4 of

19:30:40 your report, and we are available for any questions.

19:30:43 I just wanted to mention also that it allows for

19:30:48 parking waivers for the saving of trees, large specimen

19:30:51 trees within the city, and house some of those unique

19:30:54 characteristics when you look on your site plan.

19:30:57 Thank you.

19:31:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at

19:31:01 this time?

19:31:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

19:31:04 How many spaces does of parking there are now?

19:31:15 The existing office.

19:31:15 >> It is an existing office, and there are 11.

19:31:30 The new design is going to incorporate for new spaces

19:31:36 on the existing site.

19:31:38 And then on the north part, next to the addition, and

19:31:43 then favor spaces along the alley, which code does

19:31:47 allow you to use the alley as part of your drive isle,

19:31:51 so they have five space as long the alley.

19:31:54 >> Okay.

19:31:55 The building is now -- what's the size?

19:31:58 >> The current square footage is 5,093 square feet.

19:32:04 >> And the addition?

19:32:07 >> The addition will be 3,000 square feet.

19:32:11 8,093 square feet.

19:32:14 >> And that's 5,000 square feet they have 11 parking

19:32:20 spaces right now?

19:32:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Uh-huh.

19:32:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

19:32:25 >> My name is Gary Volenec, with Volenec Technical

19:32:39 Services, Swann street.

19:32:41 I have been sworn.

19:32:42 I am remitting the petitioner.

19:32:43 I think the project has been well presented by staff.

19:32:49 A couple of things that I would like to enter into the

19:32:52 record is that the petitioner purchased the property in

19:32:56 1999, and remodeled it, and moved to cosmetic surgery

19:33:01 practice in 2001.

19:33:02 He's been operating for over ten years without any

19:33:05 problems with respect to parking.

19:33:08 A large part of the existing structure is dedicated to

19:33:12 either an operating room or support services for gases

19:33:17 and things like that for the operating room.

19:33:19 The type of cosmetic surgery, the petitioner sees two

19:33:24 to three patients a day two, to three times a week.

19:33:26 So that's why there isn't a parking problem.

19:33:29 If you are concerned about the future uses of the

19:33:31 building, if for some reason the petitioner retires,

19:33:36 there's such a large investment, it is an operating

19:33:39 room system.

19:33:39 It's not something you are going to go ahead and remove

19:33:41 and turn it into a pediatric, a lot of exam rooms or

19:33:46 something.

19:33:46 It's a very specialized building and it will retain the

19:33:49 character.

19:33:50 From a purchasing standpoint in the future.

19:33:52 But as far as the three waivers, the buffer waiver, it

19:33:57 only affects the existing parking spaces.

19:34:01 The access to Audubon Avenue.

19:34:05 It's the physical layout of the building on the lot

19:34:09 does not allow connection from Swann to that portion of

19:34:14 the property for development.

19:34:15 So what we are proposing to do is provide a one-way

19:34:19 drive into the property, and it basically skirts

19:34:22 between the grand oak tree and will exit only onto the

19:34:28 alley and then onto Swann Avenue.

19:34:31 So it will only provide access from Audubon.

19:34:34 We have spoken to Dr. Caller to the north to Dr.

19:34:40 Switzer to the west, the property owners to the east.

19:34:42 They have no objections.

19:34:43 We have also been in contact with the Parkland Estates

19:34:48 civic association and Ann Pittman told me she would be

19:34:51 happy to furnish a letter of no objection to council.

19:34:57 So we feel that this is a best use of a difficult site

19:35:01 to engineer and to get the spaces.

19:35:05 All of the new space gets six per thousand.

19:35:08 We are adding additional spaces for the existing

19:35:11 facility.

19:35:12 And we feel that this is the best use for this

19:35:14 property.

19:35:16 We request your favorable consideration of the

19:35:19 application.

19:35:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This may be just -- Mrs. Feeley,

19:35:26 the pictures that you showed earlier there, was a

19:35:28 photograph of cars parked on the right-of-way on the

19:35:31 grass.

19:35:33 >> Those are for a medical practice across the street.

19:35:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It just unfortunate --

19:35:40 >> We try and dissuade them from parking at that

19:35:44 location on the right-of-way, but that is not from --

19:35:47 >> I just bring that up because anyone watching at

19:35:49 home, because I know a lot of people do, that it's

19:35:54 clarified where that photograph was, and that were

19:35:58 paying attention.

19:36:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There is a dentist next door,

19:36:05 there's another doctor on the other side in the same

19:36:07 building and you have a building right there, and then

19:36:10 you have all the facilities, and the doctors you just

19:36:15 mentioned and I know the area very well.

19:36:17 There's one question in my mind, and you alluded to be

19:36:23 two or three patients a day, two or three days a week,

19:36:25 and that's it.

19:36:26 And this is a PD, planned development, but is it

19:36:30 enforceable to keep it under the same structure where

19:36:32 it's expanded but only under the circumstances for this

19:36:35 certain doctor under certain conditions.

19:36:40 In other words, this doctor may move inside the

19:36:42 building and it's already zoned for that.

19:36:45 And then it may be a pediatric place.

19:36:47 I don't know.

19:36:47 >> Again, the thing is, there's a substantial

19:36:51 investment in the facility.

19:36:53 And to go ahead and to negate that, it's almost as if

19:37:01 you had a cancer vault in a facility and sold it, it

19:37:08 would never be converted to a pediatric center.

19:37:10 This has the specialized equipment and facilities

19:37:13 there.

19:37:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree.

19:37:15 With money you can change anything.

19:37:17 >> You are correct.

19:37:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with you.

19:37:24 Any further questions by council members?

19:37:27 I have a motion to close by --

19:37:33 >> Was the public invited to speak in.

19:37:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's why I am closing.

19:37:37 Anybody to speak on Z-117-17?

19:37:42 Item number 8?

19:37:43 I see no one.

19:37:44 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione, seconded by Mr.

19:37:47 Reddick to close.

19:37:48 All in favor?

19:37:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

19:37:51 Mr. Cohen.

19:37:57 >>MIKE COHEN: I move an ordinance rezoning property in

19:37:59 the general vicinity of 2615 West Swann Avenue in the

19:38:04 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described

19:38:06 in section 1 from zoning district classifications CI to

19:38:10 commercial intensive to PD planned development, office,

19:38:14 medical and business professional, providing an

19:38:15 effective date.

19:38:15 >> Is there a revision sheet that goes with that?

19:38:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, sir, there is not.

19:38:25 There's just the one note to be added for parks and

19:38:28 recreation concerning the ongrade and excavation which

19:38:31 I previously read into the record.

19:38:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

19:38:35 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

19:38:37 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

19:38:39 Aye.

19:38:39 Opposed, nay.

19:38:40 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent

19:38:43 at vote.

19:38:44 Adoption and second reading will be on June 2nd at

19:38:47 9:30 a.m.

19:38:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before we continue, I need a motion

19:38:51 to file any documents received today during's hearings.

19:38:55 Second by Mr. Cohen.

19:38:56 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

19:38:58 Opposed, nay.

19:38:59 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:39:02 We go to information by council members.

19:39:03 We go from right to left.

19:39:05 Mr. Suarez.

19:39:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None.

19:39:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I have -- I would like to amend a

19:39:12 motion that I made April 15th to discuss solutions

19:39:16 to ensure compliance with special conditions that are

19:39:20 placed in establishments selling alcoholic beverages,

19:39:24 and I ask the Tampa Police Department, legal department

19:39:26 and code enforcement are invited to provide input.

19:39:29 I also would like to include zoning administrator be

19:39:32 invited to provide input at said workshop.

19:39:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And that has a defined date that you

19:39:38 want to have it?

19:39:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That is May 26th.

19:39:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A motion by Ms. Capin, second by Mr.

19:39:46 Suarez.

19:39:47 All in favor?

19:39:48 Opposed?

19:39:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

19:39:50 Anything else?

19:39:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: For Dennis McCall, operations

19:39:54 director of Hillsborough County animal services, and

19:39:57 Sherry Silk, Executive Director of the Humane Society

19:40:00 of Tampa Bay, to attend the June 2nd City Council

19:40:04 meeting and give the City Council brief presentation on

19:40:06 the work they are doing for the City of Tampa's

19:40:10 constituents.

19:40:10 >> Motion by Mrs. Capin.

19:40:15 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

19:40:21 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

19:40:24 Aye.

19:40:24 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:40:26 Anything else?

19:40:26 Mr. Reddick?

19:40:28 >> Nothing.

19:40:30 >>MIKE COHEN: I would like to make a motion for

19:40:32 commendation for Ann Rosenbach for her two years of

19:40:36 congregation Schaarai Zedek.

19:40:43 >> All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

19:40:45 Aye.

19:40:46 Opposed, nay.

19:40:47 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:40:48 Anything else, sir?

19:40:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

19:40:53 I have a couple of things.

19:40:55 I make a motion to direct legal staff to devise a

19:40:57 method to allow City Council members to review

19:41:01 the lower board's meeting prior to council hearing the

19:41:06 review case.

19:41:07 I would like to have that report from legal prior to

19:41:12 our hearing the next review case, which is June

19:41:15 2nd, which would mean that the legal staff would

19:41:20 have to come back to us at the May 26th meeting.

19:41:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by

19:41:30 Mr. Cohen.

19:41:31 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.

19:41:33 Opposed, nay.

19:41:34 The ayes have it unanimously. Anything else?

19:41:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would also like to make a motion

19:41:39 for a commendation to the be awarded upon Alan Snel,

19:41:47 the director of the Southwest Florida Bicycle United

19:41:51 Dealers in recognition for the work that he's done to

19:41:56 bring bicycle issues and safety during bike safety

19:42:01 month.

19:42:01 >> Second.

19:42:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's a commendation?

19:42:08 >> For the May 19th meeting.

19:42:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: May 19th.

19:42:11 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Ms.

19:42:19 Capin.

19:42:19 All in favor?

19:42:20 Opposed?

19:42:22 Unanimous.

19:42:22 >> I think I am being told by legal I have to amend my

19:42:25 first motion to --

19:42:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe that there is a workshop

19:42:37 you cannot have on a council meeting.

19:42:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm waiting for Mr. Shelby.

19:42:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What's council's pleasure?

19:42:51 It's just that you have it set as a workshop day.

19:42:54 You can end it to the end of the workshop day.

19:43:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

19:43:01 All in favor of the motion to add that to the workshop.

19:43:04 Please indicate by saying Aye.

19:43:06 Unanimous.

19:43:07 All right.

19:43:08 Anything else?

19:43:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is a motion to schedule a

19:43:16 workshop for June 16th at 9:30 to bring Cathy Coyle

19:43:20 and legal staff to do a presentation on the Land

19:43:22 Development Code.

19:43:24 I think going forward especially for members, when we

19:43:28 start moving into revisions of code, we will be looking

19:43:32 at the Seminole Heights area.

19:43:36 It's really important to understand these issues before

19:43:38 we start getting into making wholesale revisions to

19:43:42 code.

19:43:43 >> May I ask, because June 16th is our workshop on

19:43:51 street solicitation, and maybe better to schedule that

19:43:56 for another date.

19:43:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, yes, my apologies.

19:44:00 I didn't realize that the 16th was going to --

19:44:04 okay.

19:44:05 So how about we look at the workshop date.

19:44:10 What is our next workshop date?

19:44:14 No, after June 16th.

19:44:17 When is the next workshop?

19:44:20 July 28th?

19:44:32 >> September 15th.

19:44:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm trying to time this before we

19:44:40 start hearing -- Ms. Cole?

19:44:47 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

19:44:48 I understand that in your July cycle, which starts July

19:44:52 15th, is when we are going to be moving forward

19:44:55 with the changes relating to Seminole Heights, and I

19:44:59 could be incorrect about that.

19:45:01 So timewise that's really what we are looking at.

19:45:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

19:45:05 Although we have the panhandling and whatever coming up

19:45:08 on the 16th, that can't be an all-day affair.

19:45:14 It going to be an all-day affair?

19:45:16 I don't think so.

19:45:17 So we'll add this to it and go from there.

19:45:19 >> Thank you, sir.

19:45:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have that recommendation.

19:45:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the motion stands on the floor

19:45:26 as having a July 16th workshop with Cathy Coyle.

19:45:30 >> A motion by Mrs. Montelione.

19:45:32 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

19:45:35 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

19:45:37 Aye.

19:45:38 The Ayes have it unanimously.

19:45:39 Anything else?

19:45:40 >> Go Lightning.

19:45:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't know they were moving.

19:45:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

19:45:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Only joking.

19:45:49 I have a motion to make, and I turn the gavel over to

19:45:52 the third in command, Mr. Cohen, finance chair.

19:45:55 After 40 years, a mentor for many thousands of kids at

19:46:01 Jefferson high school and this is his 40th year of

19:46:04 coaching.

19:46:04 Give him a commendation for.

19:46:06 That second by Mr. Suarez.

19:46:08 All in favor of the motion, please?

19:46:12 >>MIKE COHEN: We have a motion on the floor by chairman

19:46:14 Miranda, seconded by Mr. Suarez.

19:46:15 All in favor of the motion?

19:46:19 The Ayes have it.

19:46:20 Anything.

19:46:21 >> Anything else to come before council?

19:46:22 We received every document.

19:46:24 Received and filed.

19:46:25 We stand adjourned.

19:46:27 Anyone in the audience before I take a vote to speak to

19:46:30 this council?

19:46:32 Would any of the hundreds of people care to speak?

19:46:35 We stand adjourned.

19:46:36 (Council meeting adjourned.)



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