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Thursday, July 28, 2011
9:00 a.m. Session


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09:05:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Good morning.

09:05:44 Welcome to City Council.

09:05:48 We have a busy, important early meeting today.

09:05:54 And we'll be making a very minor switch in the order.

09:06:04 We're going to have our commendations for the police

09:06:09 Officer of the Month and the firefighter of the

09:06:11 quarter, which are two and three.

09:06:13 We're going to hear those first before the Mayor

09:06:17 presents the budget to us.

09:06:18 So we're going to start with the presentation of the

09:06:24 commendation.

09:06:25 I'd like to ask that Councilmember Cohen, who is going

09:06:35 to introduce the reader of our invocation and then

09:06:39 we'll stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

09:06:42 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:06:43 Good morning, every one.

09:06:44 Welcome, Mayor.

09:06:45 Please join me and us in welcoming Rabbi mark sack from

09:06:52 congregation ROTO shalom.

09:06:57 And then rise for the pledge of allegiance.

09:07:04 >> The divinity prayer opens this way.

09:07:10 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I

09:07:13 cannot change, courage to change the things I can.

09:07:15 And wisdom to know the difference.

09:07:18 We all live with tensions in our lives.

09:07:21 Between the things we cannot change, however much we

09:07:25 want to.

09:07:25 And the things we can, even when making that change

09:07:28 comes at some price.

09:07:29 To us or to others, as a Rabbi, I work every day to

09:07:35 strike a balance between upholding the guidelines of

09:07:38 Jewish law and meeting the real needs of my

09:07:41 congregants, which don't always fall within those

09:07:45 guidelines.

09:07:45 I think all of us leaders feel that tension, between

09:07:48 upholding the principles on which we were elected to

09:07:51 office, and meeting the real needs of the people which

09:07:54 don't always fit in within those principles.

09:07:57 It takes serenity, courage and wisdom to find our way

09:08:01 through those situations, so that we can make decisions

09:08:05 that lead our community forward.

09:08:08 If I can make any political comment at all, it would be

09:08:12 that our elected leaders in Washington on all sides,

09:08:16 are showing the distinct lack of those attributes.

09:08:19 And that the people of this country are hurting because

09:08:22 of it.

09:08:22 So this would be my prayer for us today.

09:08:25 That God give us the strength to be leaders, to make

09:08:31 decisions that are difficult and compassionate at the

09:08:34 same time.

09:08:35 That God give us the patience to listen to the words

09:08:39 and the ideas of others, without jumping to premature

09:08:43 conclusions.

09:08:44 That God give us the courage to change our minds after

09:08:49 listening to all the facts and the opinions and that

09:08:54 God help us broaden our spirits so that we can work

09:08:58 toward a vision of a greater good.

09:09:00 One that will move our city forward and better the

09:09:04 lives of all of our citizens.

09:09:07 We're all working during very difficult times.

09:09:10 I pray that God is with all of us and the people of

09:09:14 this great city, so that we can all work for a better

09:09:18 future.

09:09:19 Mr. Mayor, a little birdie called Facebook told me that

09:09:24 tomorrow is your birthday.

09:09:26 [ Laughter ]

09:09:27 >> Thanks.

09:09:29 >> So happy birthday.

09:09:31 An early happy birthday, Mr. Mayor.

09:09:33 And I bring -- I pray and hope it's a good day for you

09:09:37 and your family.

09:09:38 Amen.


09:09:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Roll call, please.

09:10:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:10:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:10:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:10:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:10:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:10:10 If we --

09:10:14 >>MARY MULHERN: If we could have a motion to adopt the

09:10:16 minutes of the last session.

09:10:17 >> So moved.

09:10:18 >> Second.

09:10:19 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:10:21 Aye.

09:10:21 Anyone opposed?

09:10:22 And now we can move on to, Councilman Reddick will

09:10:32 present the commendation to the police Officer of the

09:10:34 Month.

09:10:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning, Madam Chair, members of

09:10:53 the Council.

09:10:54 And to the Mayor.

09:10:56 Good morning.

09:10:56 It is an honor for us to present our police Officer of

09:11:02 the Month, as well as firefighter of the quarter.

09:11:08 At this time, I will turn it over to the chief to make

09:11:10 that presentation.

09:11:12 >> Thank you, Councilman.

09:11:14 Again, it's a measure to come before Council to bring

09:11:17 one of Tampa's best and brightest before you.

09:11:20 This month, the Officer of the Month is Gary Felice.

09:11:25 He has well over 20 years of experience.

09:11:27 And that's the way we put it when we get old in police

09:11:30 work.

09:11:30 But he's certainly not coasting into retirement.

09:11:35 He is out there on the midnight shift, which I always

09:11:36 say is the best shift if it wasn't for the hours.

09:11:38 He's out there protecting us in Ybor City, downtown,

09:11:42 Channelside, and East Tampa.

09:11:44 And he's one of the reasons that the Mayor and myself

09:11:47 and Council can sleep more soundly at night, knowing

09:11:50 that he's out there on the job.

09:11:52 Just for the sake of time, I'm going to give you three

09:11:55 examples of his outstanding work in catching burglars,

09:11:59 robbers and rapists.

09:12:00 There was a series of auto burglaries that had occurred

09:12:04 in a downtown high rise.

09:12:05 And Gary decided to expand his investigation and look

09:12:09 in some of the nearby locations for suspects.

09:12:12 He went to an area bar and as he was approaching the

09:12:16 bar, he saw an individual suspect jump out of a car and

09:12:19 run.

09:12:19 He chased the individual down, caught him, got all of

09:12:23 the stolen property back, interviewed the suspect and

09:12:27 was able to clear 18 crimes based on his work in

09:12:31 catching that individual.

09:12:32 It was another incident when call went out, there was

09:12:37 an individual in Ybor City arguing with himselves,

09:12:41 which may not be an unusual occurrence in some areas.

09:12:43 And he went to check that out, walked down a nearby

09:12:46 alley to see if he could locate the person, and heard

09:12:49 some noises, unusual noises coming from behind a fence.

09:12:52 He went to investigate, and found that an individual

09:12:56 had kidnapped a woman and was in the process of

09:13:00 sexually battering her, so he was able to arrest the

09:13:03 suspect.

09:13:04 The victim was very, very distraught and didn't want to

09:13:08 talk to anyone.

09:13:10 And Gary was able to develop a rapport with her and got

09:13:14 enough information out of her to actually the suspect

09:13:20 eluded capture at that particular moment.

09:13:22 But they were able too take him into custody based on

09:13:25 the information that Gary was able to elicit from the

09:13:28 suspect.

09:13:29 Or I'm sorry, from the victim.

09:13:30 And come to find out, the suspect was on probation and

09:13:34 had previous convictions for sexual battery.

09:13:37 So there's no telling how many crimes he may have

09:13:40 prevented as well by that capture.

09:13:42 He was also involved in a search for several robbery

09:13:46 suspects.

09:13:48 He was able, as they had done a string of robberies in

09:13:51 the East Tampa, Ybor area, and he was able to gain

09:13:54 information out on the street that indicated the

09:13:57 suspects may be in the Belmont Heights area.

09:13:59 He went to a particular location, saw three of the

09:14:02 individuals trying to conceal themselves on a porch.

09:14:05 And he was able to take two into custody at that time

09:14:08 on his own and called for backup.

09:14:11 They recovered -- he recovered large amount of stolen

09:14:15 property from those robberies.

09:14:17 And was able to also get information that led to the

09:14:21 identification of the third suspect.

09:14:22 He had some days earlier investigated an auto burglary

09:14:26 and had processed the car and lifted prints off of

09:14:29 those.

09:14:29 And those prints actually came back to one of the

09:14:31 robbery suspects.

09:14:33 And he was able to get confession, not only for the

09:14:36 robberies, but for the auto burglary as well.

09:14:39 So, Gary has done an incredible job.

09:14:42 I've worked next to him, just about my entire career.

09:14:44 And he has -- he is one of the best of the Tampa Police

09:14:48 Department.

09:14:49 And I'm just glad he's out this on the night shift

09:14:52 protecting the citizens of the City of Tampa.

09:14:55 And those are just a few of the reasons that he is our

09:14:57 July Officer of the Month for 2011.

09:14:59 Congratulations.

09:15:01 [ Applause ]

09:15:08 >> On behalf of the Tampa City Council, we would like

09:15:10 to present this commendation to you.

09:15:13 It's been selected to Officer of the Month for the

09:15:16 period ending July 2011.

09:15:17 Congratulations.

09:15:18 >> Thank you, Council.

09:15:21 >> We also have people going to bring you some goodies.

09:15:30 >> Congratulations, Gary.

09:15:32 Very impressive on behalf of the PBA.

09:15:36 A hundred dollars visa card to use as you choose.

09:15:39 >> Thanks, Joe.

09:15:45 >> Joe Durkin on behalf of Bright House Networks.

09:15:48 Congratulations on your selection of Officer of the

09:15:49 Month.

09:15:50 Like to present you one month complimentary service of

09:15:54 all Bright House service, digital, high speed and phone

09:15:57 service.

09:15:58 Congratulations.

09:16:06 >> Good morning, Steve Stickley, representing Stepp's

09:16:09 Towing Service.

09:16:12 We'd like to present this award to you.

09:16:15 I don't know if you call it a plate or what.

09:16:18 This award to you.

09:16:19 It's your trophy.

09:16:22 It's well deserved and also gift certificate to Leroy

09:16:25 Selmon.

09:16:26 We thank you.

09:16:33 >> Good morning, Council.

09:16:34 I'm Frank Cassotto representing Bill Currie Ford

09:16:38 Lincoln.

09:16:39 Gary, I'll see you when you come in to get your car

09:16:42 serviced.

09:16:42 Congratulations on a job well done.

09:16:44 >> Thank you very much.

09:16:49 >> I'm from iron sides in Ybor City.

09:16:52 This is never really for you, but it's for the backup

09:16:54 that's at home.

09:16:55 [ Laughter ]

09:17:07 >> The chief operating officer with the Straz Center.

09:17:12 Hope you like classic rock and roll.

09:17:16 We'd like to have you during an evening office.

09:17:19 Thank you for your service.

09:17:20 >> Thank you.

09:17:24 >> I have kids.

09:17:26 >> You should've told me that.

09:17:29 >> They like movies?

09:17:31 We'll have to get you some movie passes, how's that?

09:17:35 >> I'm not asking for anything.

09:17:36 [ Laughter ]

09:17:42 >> I know that.

09:17:43 On behalf of burns steakhouse, we'd like to present you

09:17:52 with a gift certificate for you and your wife to enjoy

09:17:56 an evening at burn's.

09:17:57 And a photographic package so you can have you and your

09:18:00 family's portraits taken and movie passes for the kids.

09:18:04 Congratulations.

09:18:05 >> Thank you very much, sir.

09:18:19 >> I have a lot of great help from the guys that I work

09:18:23 with.

09:18:23 We have got a really good squad.

09:18:25 We work together very well.

09:18:27 Have an excellent police department that we work with.

09:18:30 With the help from our air service, our canines, our

09:18:35 detectives.

09:18:35 As well as a group of men and women that know how to

09:18:41 work together well.

09:18:42 I also have a great supporting Cass behind me, with my

09:18:47 family.

09:18:51 Without them, I'm nothing.

09:18:52 So without my family and my friends, my co-workers, I

09:18:57 wouldn't be standing here today.

09:18:58 Thank you.

09:18:59 I appreciate this.

09:19:01 [ Applause ]

09:19:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Also like to take this opportunity to

09:19:20 recognize our firefighter of the quarter.

09:19:23 Chief, would you come forward?

09:19:32 >> Good morning, Council.

09:19:34 Chief, Tampa fire rescue.

09:19:36 Councilman Reddick, Mayor Buckhorn, this is one of the

09:19:39 highlights of my position as fire chief, to get the

09:19:41 opportunity to honor our distinguished men with Tampa

09:19:45 fire rescue.

09:19:45 Unfortunately, my awardee for the third quarter had a

09:19:50 family emergency this morning and could not attend.

09:19:53 But I still wanted to highlight some of the

09:19:55 accomplishments that have allowed us to choose this

09:19:58 individual for this third quarter as our firefighter of

09:20:01 the quarter.

09:20:02 The individual that we'll be recognizing will be

09:20:04 Lieutenant John Haintz.

09:20:06 John has been on Tampa fire rescue for eight years.

09:20:09 And is a very, very tentative, aggressive firefighter,

09:20:14 paramedic and has done a great, great job to Tampa fire

09:20:17 and the entire City of Tampa.

09:20:18 It's also refreshing and encouraging to have members

09:20:22 and employees of the city of Tampa that not only come

09:20:25 to workday in and day out to realize a paycheck, but

09:20:28 also look at the community at large and realize that

09:20:31 there's something that they can do in the community

09:20:32 that makes a difference.

09:20:34 One of the things Lieutenant Haintz has done since he's

09:20:37 been here, not only is he the firefighter paramedic, a

09:20:40 critical care transport paramedic, but he's also one of

09:20:42 the members that assist us each year, our local 754 and

09:20:47 their burn camp at Camp Hope Pataki.

09:20:50 That's where a number of our citizens and young

09:20:53 children, youth that have been ravaged or been injured

09:20:57 severely many of them by fires in our community.

09:21:00 Well, Lieutenant Haintz is also a counselor at Camp

09:21:05 Hope Pataki.

09:21:06 But so much so that our local 754 spend their own time,

09:21:10 they raise their own funds, generate the revenues to

09:21:14 put on that burn catch so those kids at least one year

09:21:17 out of the, one week out of the year, they can go out

09:21:20 to Busch Gardens and enjoy a good day just like normal

09:21:24 other kids.

09:21:24 Well, Lieutenant Haintz was so moved that he put on a

09:21:28 benefit, a 5-K benefit race that generated over $17,000

09:21:34 to help run that burn camp for those kids.

09:21:37 Even so much so that the state of Florida recognized

09:21:39 that his attention to detail and his level of service

09:21:42 to his community, that he has become a member of the

09:21:45 state of Florida's counselors for youth of burn camps

09:21:48 and burn injuries, and he represented the City of Tampa

09:21:51 and Tampa fire rescue at Washington, D.C. this year as

09:21:55 an advocate to continue to garner resources and support

09:22:00 to help those youth that have been majorly impacted in

09:22:03 our communities by the ravages of fire.

09:22:06 As I said, Lieutenant Haintz puts in a lot of service

09:22:09 there, not only that, he is also a member of our fire

09:22:13 department's honor guard.

09:22:15 Where he goes out and involves himself in memorial

09:22:18 services and funerals of our fallen comrades.

09:22:23 So he's very engaged in that as well.

09:22:25 So it gives me great, great honor to present to you

09:22:28 all, even though in his absence, Lieutenant John

09:22:30 Haintz, paramedic, rescue 13 C at the Busch Gardens

09:22:37 fire station in north Tampa as Tampa fire rescue's

09:22:39 firefighter of the quarter.

09:22:41 [ Applause ]

09:22:48 >> We would like to on behalf of Tampa City Council

09:22:52 present this commendation to you on behalf of

09:22:54 lieutenant John Haintz for being firefighter of the

09:22:56 quarter in July 2011.

09:22:59 >> Thank you, Councilman.

09:23:04 >> We'll kindly accept, the rest of my staff.

09:23:09 >> Joe Durkin on behalf of Bright House Networks.

09:23:13 Would you pass along to the outstanding firefighters,

09:23:16 three months complimentary service of high speed video

09:23:21 and home phone service for the firefighter.

09:23:25 >> Thanks for the support.

09:23:30 >> Chief, the Straz center is indebted to the interface

09:23:35 and network that we have with your first responders.

09:23:37 We have a great sense of comfort that a place of large

09:23:41 assembly is well protected and attended to by the Tampa

09:23:45 Fire Department.

09:23:46 Please convey our congratulations to the fireman of the

09:23:53 quarter.

09:23:53 And again, we appreciate everything you do.

09:23:55 >> Thanks again.

09:23:55 We appreciate you.

09:24:00 >> Good morning, chief.

09:24:02 >> Steve Stickley, representing Stepp's Towing service

09:24:05 on behalf of Jim and Judy Stepp, I would like if you

09:24:08 would please pass this trophy along to Lieutenant

09:24:13 Haintz for a job well done.

09:24:14 I would appreciate that very much.

09:24:16 Also a gift card to Lee Roy Selmon.

09:24:19 Please pass on my congratulations.

09:24:22 Thank you.

09:24:23 >> Will do.

09:24:25 >> Good morning, sir.

09:24:28 Again, Frank Cassota with Bill Currie Ford Lincoln.

09:24:36 Congratulations to the officer of the quarter.

09:24:38 Thank you.

09:24:41 >> For his backup.

09:24:52 They're in water too, so if he comes in tomorrow,

09:24:55 they'll be all right if they're cooled down.

09:24:58 [ Laughter ]

09:24:59 >> First they give you the roses, chef.

09:25:02 Then they get the burn's steakhouse.

09:25:04 You going to give this to him?

09:25:09 >> I given too many of these.

09:25:12 They tell me they're so slow.

09:25:15 >> They eventually get there.

09:25:17 >> You just threaten them, right?

09:25:19 Anyway, congratulations to the officer.

09:25:22 You know I'm just joking about that.

09:25:24 The firefighters and the police department do a

09:25:26 wonderful job for us and we are so proud of them.

09:25:29 And these companies that come forward and give you

09:25:31 recognition and give you gift certificates do that

09:25:34 because they love you.

09:25:35 And because you protect us and you make our homes safe.

09:25:38 Thank you very much.

09:25:39 >> Thank you, Steve.

09:25:42 >> Again, thank you.

09:25:49 >> Thanks again, Councilman Reddick.

09:25:54 >> Again on behalf of Lieutenant Haintz and the entire

09:25:57 Tampa fire rescue family we absolutely thank you and

09:25:59 appreciate all of you have E your support and your

09:26:02 absolute attention.

09:26:03 Thank you.

09:26:04 [ Applause ]

09:26:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:26:34 Like to just make a couple announcements before we hear

09:26:39 from the Mayor.

09:26:40 Chairman Miranda will be absent at this meeting.

09:26:45 And Council wishes to extend our sympathy to

09:26:54 Councilwoman Montelione who had a death in her family

09:26:57 and is not going to be present today because she's

09:26:59 attending the funeral.

09:27:01 So it's with pleasure that we introduce Mayor Buckhorn

09:27:14 to present the big books on the budget.

09:27:17 And thank you, Mayor, for letting us give out those

09:27:26 commendations and award.

09:27:28 I know that you are probably very happy to be here for

09:27:31 that.

09:27:32 >>MAYOR: Madam Chairwoman, I am always happy to be in

09:27:35 the presence of folks who have the courage to do what

09:27:37 none of us have the courage to do for ourselves.

09:27:40 So thank you for honoring them and thank you for

09:27:42 allowing me to be a part of it.

09:27:45 I had the opportunity to visit with Chairman Miranda

09:27:48 yesterday.

09:27:48 He sends his regards and sends his affection.

09:27:51 All of us look forward to having him back in duty and I

09:27:54 know he does as well.

09:27:55 So, he said to say hello to everybody.

09:27:58 I can't tell you that he misses us, but you know.

09:28:00 [ Laughter ]

09:28:02 >>MAYOR: He is on the mend and we're excited to get him

09:28:04 back.

09:28:04 I would caution chief Ford to not take those home to

09:28:07 his wife, in hopes of scoring points with those

09:28:11 flowers.

09:28:12 I don't know where Tom disappeared to.

09:28:14 There he goes.

09:28:15 We're watching you, chief, just to make sure that they

09:28:18 get to the appropriate place.

09:28:20 But to all of you, thank you.

09:28:22 To the Rabbi, thank you for exposing how old I am.

09:28:26 It is indeed my birthday tomorrow.

09:28:28 I will be 53 years old.

09:28:30 After the last 120 days, it feels like about 83.

09:28:36 But that's okay.

09:28:37 More importantly in our house, my five-year-old today

09:28:41 is six.

09:28:42 And so as she told me this morning, she seas daddy, I'm

09:28:45 two hands.

09:28:46 So she is now two hands.

09:28:48 So, Colleen, if you're watching, happy birthday,

09:28:51 sweety.

09:28:51 But I doubt that's watching CC TV.

09:28:55 Although in our house, my ten-year-old, when you grow

09:28:59 up in a political family, sometimes your world is

09:29:01 skewed.

09:29:02 My ten-year-old grace, who heard one of our great staff

09:29:05 members talking on the city's behalf.

09:29:07 She said daddy, is he on message?

09:29:10 I said yeah, honey.

09:29:12 [ Laughter ]

09:29:13 >>MAYOR: Yeah, he's on message.

09:29:14 It's okay, sweety.

09:29:15 But thank you to all of you.

09:29:18 This is a great time.

09:29:20 This is an exciting time for us, certainly has been an

09:29:22 exciting time for me over the last 120 days.

09:29:25 I know certainly for the new members of Council, it is

09:29:28 an exciting time for you as well.

09:29:29 This is a great city.

09:29:31 We have come at an interesting time in our city's

09:29:34 history.

09:29:34 But I am the eternal optimist.

09:29:38 I think there is nothing but good things to come ahead

09:29:40 of us.

09:29:41 I would like to ask all of your staff and certainly my

09:29:44 staff to stand up.

09:29:45 They have done great work on this budget.

09:29:47 Stand up everybody.

09:29:51 [ Applause ]

09:29:57 >>MAYOR: They are topnotch professionals and I think

09:30:01 have done yeoman's work on this budget.

09:30:04 It was a collective effort.

09:30:07 It was shared sacrifice.

09:30:08 It was shared pain.

09:30:09 They were consistent.

09:30:11 They have absorbed the messages that got me to this

09:30:15 point.

09:30:15 And they are adapting them as their own and I am so

09:30:18 thankful to them for helping us get to where we are

09:30:21 today and with some good news.

09:30:23 I would particularly like to thank our new CFO, Sonya

09:30:29 Little.

09:30:30 And Dennis Rogero, the chief budget office, who for the

09:30:38 last 120 days have sat with me or sat with staff to not

09:30:42 only certainly in Sonya's case, to absorb a new

09:30:45 position.

09:30:46 And a new set of dynamics.

09:30:48 And in some difficult times, and she and Dennis have

09:30:52 done an amazing job.

09:30:53 And I am so thankful and we are so lucky to have them

09:30:57 in this position.

09:30:58 And we wouldn't be here today to present these good

09:31:01 news without them.

09:31:02 So, to the two of you, thank you.

09:31:05 A great job.

09:31:06 Great job.

09:31:06 And to all of our department staff, great job as well.

09:31:09 What I'd like to do is sort of move through this.

09:31:13 My role here is perhaps more ceremonial than substance.

09:31:18 As you know I brought this budget to you a week ago.

09:31:20 Not only in the spirit of cooperation, but because

09:31:25 having sat there for eight years, I know sometimes how

09:31:30 frustrating it can be to have this dropped on your desk

09:31:33 the day of a budget hearing.

09:31:35 And I wanted you to have the opportunity to absorb it,

09:31:37 to share.

09:31:38 You've been offering your input over the last couple

09:31:40 months.

09:31:41 We have engaged you early in the process.

09:31:43 We are happy to do that.

09:31:44 I made that commitment to you when I took office.

09:31:47 And I am living up to it and I think it works in both

09:31:52 ways.

09:31:52 So, you know for the most part what is in this.

09:31:55 Not much has changed in the last week.

09:31:57 But I'd like to walk you through some of the things

09:32:00 that we have talked about clearly, it's a difficult

09:32:03 time.

09:32:04 For every municipality and every jurisdiction.

09:32:08 And we are not alone.

09:32:09 We are better off than most.

09:32:11 But we still face our challenges.

09:32:13 And those are challenges that I think we have met

09:32:15 during the course of this budget.

09:32:17 What we have produced and what you will vote on,

09:32:20 hopefully, over the next month and what the public will

09:32:22 come to learn is we have produced a government that is

09:32:24 smaller.

09:32:25 With a budget that is smaller.

09:32:28 It is more efficient.

09:32:29 And I think more effective.

09:32:31 There are two people in this process that I really want

09:32:34 to thank.

09:32:35 One of them is not here today and that is David Straz.

09:32:38 Who has been with us every step of the way.

09:32:40 He has been great counsel for us.

09:32:43 He's been great guidance.

09:32:45 He has participated in every meeting that we have had.

09:32:48 His insight and private sector experience has been

09:32:51 invaluable as we look at this budget from a different

09:32:54 perspective.

09:32:55 So on behalf of a grateful city to David, we appreciate

09:32:58 that.

09:32:59 On all your help.

09:33:00 Second person I'd like to thank a Mayor Iorio.

09:33:03 When Mayor Iorio took office, there was $20 million in

09:33:07 fund balance.

09:33:08 When I took office April 1st, there was $120 million in

09:33:11 fund balance.

09:33:12 That goes to the heart of her financial stewardship

09:33:14 over the last eight years and certainly last four were

09:33:17 very difficult times.

09:33:18 She did a truly amazing job of setting aside money to

09:33:21 make sure that any event of catastrophic event, we have

09:33:25 the capacity and ability to do what we need to do.

09:33:27 $20 million doesn't even clean up Bayshore Boulevard in

09:33:31 the aftermath of a hurricane.

09:33:32 April 1st, I was left with a legacy, both real and

09:33:37 symbolic, of a significantly larger fund balance that

09:33:40 will allow news the short-term, and this is not

09:33:43 sustainable in the long-term, but certainly in the

09:33:45 short-term, to plug whatever deficits that we have.

09:33:48 So, to Mayor Iorio, thank you for giving us a

09:33:53 foundation to be able to deliver this product that ends

09:33:57 up with a, what was a $34.5 million deficit, having to

09:34:01 touch fund balance for something less than $6 million.

09:34:04 We could not have done that without her financial

09:34:06 stewardship.

09:34:07 So, to her, thank you very much.

09:34:09 I am ready to move on to this.

09:34:14 There we go.

09:34:15 What we're going to go through very briefly.

09:34:18 And our staff is here representing every department to

09:34:22 answer whatever questions that you have.

09:34:24 We're going to start out with some things that many of

09:34:29 you know about.

09:34:29 We're going to talk about where we are, how we got

09:34:32 here.

09:34:32 Some of the steps we have taken.

09:34:34 Some of the things based on your input that we have

09:34:36 incorporated into this.

09:34:37 We have got some good news in here that has not yet

09:34:41 been released to the press, but I think will be today.

09:34:44 And some opportunities for the future.

09:34:46 What you see today presented to you is a $34.7 million

09:34:53 decrease over fiscal year 2011.

09:34:57 That is fairly significant.

09:34:59 We are reducing the size of government.

09:35:01 Mainly through efficiencies, through changing the way

09:35:03 the city does business, through reducing and pushing

09:35:07 into out years some of our capital improvement

09:35:09 projects.

09:35:11 When you hear me talk about us having scrubbed the

09:35:14 budget, that budget is bleeding.

09:35:17 We scrubbed it so hard.

09:35:19 I mean, we really went through and looked under every

09:35:22 nook and cranny with the help of department heads.

09:35:25 As many of you know, we asked for a baseline budget.

09:35:27 We asked for 10% reductions and then we asked for 15%

09:35:31 reductions across the board.

09:35:32 The cataclysmic Draconian reductions would have

09:35:36 resulted in over 700 employees being eliminated.

09:35:39 And decimating city government as we know it now.

09:35:43 But that was never the scenario that I was willing to

09:35:46 accept.

09:35:47 But what this process did give me was a menu that I

09:35:50 could work from and a menu that the departments, based

09:35:52 on their recommendations, that we could work from and

09:35:55 pick and choose what path we wanted to take for the

09:35:57 next year.

09:35:58 Where it was that we saw efficiencies, where we could

09:36:01 contract, where we could move people, where we could

09:36:04 eliminate vacancies and out of this comes this budget.

09:36:07 The next slide shows you where our money is spent.

09:36:10 The budget is $765.4 million.

09:36:14 That's both general fund and enterprise fund.

09:36:17 General fund represents about 357.9 million, which

09:36:23 translates to about 47%.

09:36:24 Enterprise is 279.4 million or 36% with some of the

09:36:29 other departments or areas scattered in there as well.

09:36:33 General fund expenditures, which is really where we

09:36:36 have the flexibility, to go to the next slide -- is,

09:36:41 and I would point to you the blue portion of the pie

09:36:45 chart.

09:36:45 We'll get into that a little bit later.

09:36:47 Public safety, fire and police, represent out of our

09:36:50 general refer new budget, about 59% of the total.

09:36:54 Obviously, personnel drives these budgets.

09:36:58 Our police department, our fire department represent

09:37:01 the significant portion of our personnel costs, and you

09:37:04 can see that reflected in this number.

09:37:06 Second to that would be parks and recreation.

09:37:09 Followed by central government, public works and some

09:37:14 other CIP projects.

09:37:15 The general fund budget decreases by $4.8 million.

09:37:22 And this is how we were able to get to the number that

09:37:27 we are presenting to you today.

09:37:28 Part of that includes reduction in pension costs.

09:37:31 As a result of the stock market performance in the last

09:37:35 quart of last year and with E the twister E first two

09:37:38 quarters of this year, our contributions to our

09:37:40 pensions, fire, police, general employees has

09:37:42 diminished.

09:37:43 That is good news.

09:37:44 As you know, our pension contributions are tied to the

09:37:47 performance of the stock market.

09:37:48 Pure and simple.

09:37:50 Stock market does well, our contributions decrease.

09:37:54 The members' contributions decrease.

09:37:56 Stock market does poorly, we go up, they go up as well.

09:38:00 It is shared pain, shared sacrifice certainly with

09:38:02 police and fire, which is a very unique pension system.

09:38:05 We have had a reduction in governmental operating

09:38:07 costs.

09:38:08 We have done some things internally in terms of

09:38:10 transferring right-of-way and construction services

09:38:13 division to special revenue funds.

09:38:16 Let's look at how we got where we are today.

09:38:20 And for those of us that were new, what we were facing

09:38:23 on April the 1st.

09:38:25 The contributing factors to this $34.5 million

09:38:28 shortfall include primarily property value reductions.

09:38:32 We have all known, each of us have individually

09:38:36 experienced the value of our houses has diminished

09:38:39 significantly in some cases.

09:38:41 That results in less revenue coming to the city.

09:38:44 That translates to about $17 million.

09:38:46 We have had expenditure increases in parking.

09:38:49 All of you are aware, we are going to talk about this

09:38:52 further down the a presentation, our parking system is

09:38:57 challenged.

09:38:58 To the tune of about $6 million.

09:39:01 Per year, coming out of general refer new fund to what

09:39:04 should be an enterprise fund expenditure.

09:39:06 It should be self-sufficient.

09:39:08 It is not.

09:39:08 We have to do something over the next year with that

09:39:12 parking system to stop the bleeding, if you will.

09:39:14 Pension costs, are about $11 million for us.

09:39:17 Health care costs are about a million.

09:39:20 We are hopeful with the implementation of our new

09:39:24 clinics, that our employees are using, that we'll

09:39:27 proactively try to deal with the health care issues and

09:39:32 get our employees healthy before we end up having to

09:39:34 deal with prolonged sickness and emergencies.

09:39:37 Some of the steps that we have taken to reduce that

09:39:40 shortfall, we have decreased department budgets about

09:39:46 $3 million.

09:39:47 We eliminated 21 vacancies.

09:39:50 I asked our departments what were critical needs.

09:39:54 And mission critical jobs.

09:39:57 And to me if it was vacant for a year, it wasn't

09:40:00 mission critical.

09:40:02 So we have eliminated those jobs.

09:40:03 That saved us about $1.2 million.

09:40:05 We have gone through and reduced based on spending

09:40:07 analysis, about another $1.4 million.

09:40:10 Certified property values, we anticipated were coming

09:40:13 in at negative 8%.

09:40:15 I never thought I would be ecstatic about negative 4.

09:40:18 I am ecstatic.

09:40:20 That was significant.

09:40:20 That shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and

09:40:24 perhaps decline in property tax values is stopping and

09:40:26 the upward swing is starting.

09:40:28 The implementation of intersection safety camera

09:40:32 program, we have increased the TECO franchise fee from

09:40:36 4.6 to 6%.

09:40:39 That merely keeps us in line with virtually every other

09:40:41 jurisdiction around us.

09:40:43 That fee hasn't been raised in over 15 years.

09:40:45 The impact on the average household in this community

09:40:48 is dollar and 50 cents.

09:40:51 It is negligible.

09:40:52 We're going to step up and I know for Councilmember

09:40:55 Mulhern, this was an issue.

09:40:57 Our collections for unpaid EMS and code enforcement

09:41:00 liens.

09:41:00 We have a significant amount of money outstanding in

09:41:05 uncollected, unpaid fire rescue bills, as well as code

09:41:10 enforcement liens.

09:41:11 Now, those are two separate animals.

09:41:14 Some of those code enforcement liens are 20 years old.

09:41:17 Most of them will never collect on.

09:41:19 But there is a chunk of money out there that with a far

09:41:23 more aggressive, yet gentle campaign to collect them,

09:41:28 because if you look at most of our fire rescue fees,

09:41:31 they are covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

09:41:35 We just haven't pursued them.

09:41:37 We haven't fallen up.

09:41:39 We provide for the service, we charge the service, we

09:41:42 should be reimbursed.

09:41:43 So we are going to aggressively go after that we

09:41:45 anticipate that would generate an additional

09:41:48 $2 million.

09:41:48 Santiago is going to want me to say this.

09:41:54 Since he's been running the convention center.

09:41:57 I think he actually stuck this slide in there.

09:42:01 [ Laughter ]

09:42:02 >> Is his picture up there next to it?

09:42:05 Continued positive trend for the Tampa convention

09:42:07 center.

09:42:08 Santiago has done a great job over there.

09:42:10 He reminds me of that daily.

09:42:13 We have seen that number go from operating in the red

09:42:16 to now operating in the black.

09:42:18 And that will continue as you know, we are in the midst

09:42:20 of a search for a new convention center director.

09:42:24 We can only hope to get someone as good as Santiago.

09:42:28 We are getting applications from all over the country.

09:42:30 We are getting applications from some topnotch folks.

09:42:32 And that is an important slot given the RNC coming next

09:42:37 year.

09:42:37 We need that person upon engaged quickly.

09:42:40 Some anticipated savings from fiscal year 2011 when you

09:42:43 heard me say we went through and scrubbed the budget,

09:42:45 we did.

09:42:46 We looked under every rock and every department to find

09:42:49 money that had not been used, projects that had not

09:42:51 been completed or had excess funds and we took it.

09:42:54 We moved it over to get this deficit down.

09:42:57 Unlike our friends in Washington, D.C., I don't have

09:43:01 the luxury of printing money.

09:43:02 I don't have the luxury of arguing about debt ceilings.

09:43:04 Our job collectively is produce a balanced budget and I

09:43:07 think we have done that.

09:43:08 So, in the budget that you will get today is balanced.

09:43:11 It touches the fund balance for about $6 million.

09:43:15 It includes the merit and step employees.

09:43:20 Merit and step raises as we are obligated to do by our

09:43:24 ATU and police and fire contracts for the men and women

09:43:27 who work so hard for us every day.

09:43:29 For those who would argue they don't deserve it, I

09:43:32 would suggest to you, certainly we have a great group

09:43:36 of employees that work hard every day who have done

09:43:38 more with less for the last four or five years.

09:43:41 And particularly when you look at the performance of

09:43:43 our police department, reducing crime 60% translates to

09:43:48 100,000 less victims.

09:43:49 Those are our friends, our family members and our

09:43:51 citizens.

09:43:52 So if you're looking at a performance-based

09:43:55 measurement, we could not have a department that has

09:43:57 done better than that police department.

09:43:59 And they deserve to be paid accordingly.

09:44:02 We are not doing anything other than what we have done

09:44:04 for years past in honoring our commitments to our

09:44:07 bargaining units and to our union contracts.

09:44:09 The next slide shows our millage rate.

09:44:13 City of Tampa has not raised its millage since 1989.

09:44:16 I think we are a great example of fiscal austerity and

09:44:23 keeping the budget within our means.

09:44:24 The property taxes will not be raised this year.

09:44:27 We'll continue that trend.

09:44:28 At 5.7326.

09:44:31 That impact on the average single-family house in our

09:44:35 city, less the homestead exemption, results in a

09:44:40 property tax assessment of $613.

09:44:43 I think that is a bargain for the services that we

09:44:46 provide to our citizens.

09:44:47 The next slide is a fairly graphic example of where

09:44:52 most of this money goes.

09:44:54 If you look at our general fund, we raise city wide,

09:45:01 from property tax, $117.2 million.

09:45:05 The cost of our police and fire department alone,

09:45:09 alone, is $206.9 million.

09:45:13 What we raise in property tax doesn't even cover the

09:45:17 cost of two of our departments.

09:45:19 So therein you see the challenge for a state so

09:45:24 dependent on property tax, to run local government.

09:45:27 Based on input from a lot of you and a commitment to

09:45:33 our neighborhoods, we are continuing the trend started

09:45:36 by Mayor Iorio.

09:45:38 And we are increasing our investing in neighborhood

09:45:42 program from $10 million to $12.4 million.

09:45:46 We can't have a strong city if we don't have

09:45:50 neighborhoods that are engaged, that are vibrant, life

09:45:53 and vital.

09:45:54 There are needs out there and we are going to do our

09:45:56 best to meet those needs with a limited budget.

09:45:59 But my commitment is that we are going to make sure

09:46:02 that our neighborhoods are not only at the table, but

09:46:04 they are part of the process and that they're needs

09:46:08 will be addressed.

09:46:09 Some of the things that you will see in our investing

09:46:12 in neighborhoods are listed here.

09:46:14 The list is too long to include all of it, but it is

09:46:17 contained in this book.

09:46:19 As well as maps to indicate where in your respective

09:46:22 district for those of you that are single member, where

09:46:25 some of these proposed projects would be.

09:46:27 Aquatic facilities, you have complete streets, you've

09:46:31 got additional neighborhood projects.

09:46:34 We have got the completion of Perry Harvey senior park.

09:46:36 We have got sidewalk construction.

09:46:38 Obviously, a big need in some of our neighborhoods.

09:46:40 And we have got street resurfacing.

09:46:44 Any of you have driven down our street recognize the

09:46:47 need for street resurfacing.

09:46:49 The next slide has the pages in the book of some of the

09:46:54 respective projects that we have identified in your

09:46:57 districts.

09:46:58 The next page is something I am very, very excited

09:47:02 about.

09:47:03 And something you should be excited about as well.

09:47:06 As many of you know, Sonya and I and our financial

09:47:10 advisors and Steve Daignault went to New York last

09:47:13 week.

09:47:13 And we went to New York for a very specific reason.

09:47:16 And that was to talk to the rating agencies.

09:47:19 As you know, the rating agencies are the entities that

09:47:22 look at our financial stability.

09:47:24 That look at our long-term security and rate our bonds.

09:47:27 The ability to get money cheaply is critical for us.

09:47:31 And we need to go number one, tell the story of Tampa.

09:47:35 Tell the story of a new Council, of a new Mayor, of a

09:47:39 new direction, of a new excitement.

09:47:41 To tell the story of the tough steps we have taken in

09:47:43 this budget, to balance this budget.

09:47:45 And have dealt with some of the things that haven't

09:47:47 been dealt with for years.

09:47:48 That have been addressed in this budget.

09:47:50 We made a presentation to three of the agencies that do

09:47:54 the ratings for bonds, all over the country.

09:47:57 Moody's, S&P and Fitch.

09:48:00 Sonya did a great job.

09:48:02 She was on a first-name basis with most of them based

09:48:05 on her previous career as an investment banker as well

09:48:08 as one of our financial advisers for many years.

09:48:10 I am excited to tell you that in the case of two of

09:48:13 them, Fitch has not reported yet, moody's, we remained

09:48:18 exactly where we were, which was other than a triple A

09:48:20 bond, which is wear.

09:48:22 A double A one.

09:48:23 But we were increased by Standard & Poor's.

09:48:26 To a double A plus from what previously was a double A

09:48:30 bond.

09:48:30 That is significant.

09:48:31 That tells the financial marketplace that this is a

09:48:34 city that is well positioned in spite of the economic

09:48:38 challenges, that is doing the right thing.

09:48:39 That is making the tough decisions, that has cleaned up

09:48:42 its house.

09:48:43 That has the resources available to pay for the debt

09:48:46 that we incur and as a result of that, they have

09:48:48 enhanced our bond rating.

09:48:50 That is big.

09:48:51 That is really big.

09:48:52 And that's savings over time.

09:48:54 As a result of our ability to go to the market to get

09:48:57 money cheap.

09:48:57 With those kinds of ratings, is very, very significant.

09:49:01 So, to Sonya and to the whole financial team, good

09:49:04 work.

09:49:04 That was a great job.

09:49:06 And we're anticipating Fitch will come back with a

09:49:09 similar rating.

09:49:10 All right.

09:49:11 What's the future look like?

09:49:13 This process doesn't stop today.

09:49:17 And it doesn't stop on October the 1st when this budget

09:49:21 goes into effect.

09:49:22 We have got some challenges ahead of us.

09:49:25 Our staff on October the 3rd will start this process

09:49:30 all over again.

09:49:31 We anticipate a similar situation in terms of a deficit

09:49:35 over the next two to three years.

09:49:37 We're going to have to continue to scrub, to look for

09:49:40 efficiencies, to find ways to look at joint ventures

09:49:44 with our municipal partners in the county.

09:49:46 To reduce costs.

09:49:47 I mean it is what it is, folks.

09:49:49 It's nobody's fault.

09:49:51 We can't cut our way out of this ditch.

09:49:54 Eventually we are going to have to grow our way out of

09:49:55 the ditch.

09:49:56 But in the interim, on October the 3rd, we'll start

09:49:59 this process for fiscal year '13.

09:50:01 Some of the things that we're going to have to deal

09:50:03 with and some of the potential savings and contractions

09:50:09 and other targeted areas include purchasing.

09:50:13 Solid waste.

09:50:16 Parking clearly is something that we're going to have

09:50:18 to deal with.

09:50:19 We're going to look at some partnerships, whether it be

09:50:22 purchasing, WMBE, that we could do jointly with the

09:50:25 county.

09:50:26 There is economies in scale when you do things in bulk.

09:50:29 So we are obligated and I think our voters expect us to

09:50:32 run this like a business and we intend to.

09:50:34 Purchasing, you know, we're going to look at just in

09:50:38 time inventory.

09:50:39 There is no need for us to maintain warehouses.

09:50:42 When we could pick up the phone and call a private

09:50:45 provider and have that delivered, would save us the

09:50:47 cost of maintaining large warehouses with parts.

09:50:52 The interest carry on some of this stuff, you know, it

09:50:55 makes sense.

09:50:56 We are one of the few jurisdictions around that is not

09:50:59 doing just in time inventory.

09:51:01 Opportunities for future of solid waste.

09:51:04 We're going to have to have a very, very vigorous

09:51:07 discussion about the status of our solid waste

09:51:10 department.

09:51:10 We have got to look at things to allow this department

09:51:13 to run more efficiently.

09:51:15 Some of the things that we're going to look at over the

09:51:18 next year and this is not part of this budget, but over

09:51:20 the next year's budget, we're in the midst of a rate

09:51:22 study to determine whether or not we are charging

09:51:25 appropriately.

09:51:26 We have not raised the rates for commercial hauling in

09:51:30 a number of years.

09:51:31 We need to address the shortfall and the fund balance

09:51:35 in solid waste.

09:51:36 And we need to look at what we do and how we do it, and

09:51:39 make sure that what we're doing is in keeping with

09:51:42 current practices.

09:51:43 Some of the things that we're going to look at is pay

09:51:46 as you throw.

09:51:47 Pay as you throw means that right now, there's a flat

09:51:50 fee for solid waste.

09:51:51 I think it's 25, 25 for residential.

09:51:54 There are some folks who perhaps a senior citizen who

09:51:57 put out one bag a week.

09:51:59 There are other folks who put out four blue bins, but

09:52:03 yet everyone is charged the same.

09:52:05 We need to look at that, to determine adequately and

09:52:10 fairly what is it that folks should be charged based on

09:52:13 what it is that they throw.

09:52:14 We're going to look at alley service.

09:52:17 Some of you have dealt with this before.

09:52:19 There are parts of the city where trash is picked up in

09:52:22 the alley, which requires and entirely different truck.

09:52:25 It is largely labor intensive because the big trucks,

09:52:28 the automated trucks can't get through the alleys, so

09:52:32 you have to put smaller trucks that are labor intensive

09:52:35 because the guys have to throw it.

09:52:36 We have to look at that residential recycling.

09:52:39 We are losing money to the tune of about $3 million on

09:52:41 recycling.

09:52:42 The upside to pay as you throw, and if you look at

09:52:45 other cities that have gone to pay as you throw, is

09:52:47 that there is now an incentive to recycle if it means

09:52:50 you're going to get charged less based on what you put

09:52:52 in the trash can.

09:52:53 So we have to find ways to incentivize people to

09:52:56 recycle.

09:52:57 Recycling is the right thing to do.

09:52:58 We need to continue to do it.

09:53:00 But it's got to stop being a loss leader for us.

09:53:03 We have parts of the city that recycle 75%, we got

09:53:05 parts of the city where the trucks drive for blocks to

09:53:09 pick up one blue bin.

09:53:10 That's got to change.

09:53:11 There's an educational component of this, we're not

09:53:16 going to drop this on your lap.

09:53:18 We need to educate our consumers and customers and let

09:53:20 them know what we're contemplating.

09:53:22 The other option is, and this is again a discussion

09:53:24 that preliminarily was had a number of years ago, is

09:53:31 the one day versus two day.

09:53:33 Whether or not we need to be picking up trash twice a

09:53:36 week.

09:53:37 I have a fairly, I guess large family.

09:53:39 An active family.

09:53:42 Two kids, two dogs.

09:53:42 I could easily live with one day a week.

09:53:46 I don't generate enough trash to warrant two day a week

09:53:49 pickup.

09:53:49 I just don't.

09:53:50 And so we need to find out based on customer surveys

09:53:54 and what not, what our customers want.

09:53:56 What they can live with.

09:53:57 What they would be willing to support.

09:54:00 Parking is a challenge.

09:54:04 As we all know.

09:54:06 Our financial advisors are reviewing the debt structure

09:54:09 options.

09:54:10 The challenge with parking is it doesn't make any sense

09:54:14 to sell the asset.

09:54:16 Because the assets will be paid off in 2021.

09:54:20 That would be akin to selling your house in the

09:54:22 25th year of the mortgage.

09:54:23 When you've paid off virtually everything.

09:54:27 If this were the first year, perhaps.

09:54:29 There may be opportunities with, you know, a particular

09:54:32 garage that that would make sense.

09:54:33 But for the most part, the vast majority of them don't

09:54:36 warrant sale.

09:54:38 Eight out of the 11 are losing money.

09:54:40 That's the reality.

09:54:42 Some of them are tied up in previous agreements that

09:54:47 make it very difficult for them to charge either market

09:54:49 rates or anything even close to market rates.

09:54:51 So we have got to find a way to make those garages more

09:54:55 efficient.

09:54:55 More productive and more market-driven.

09:54:59 That is going to be a challenge for all of us over the

09:55:03 next year as we try to figure out what we do.

09:55:05 In somewhat of conclusion, the first public hearing has

09:55:13 been set for I guess September the 7th, 2011.

09:55:17 Second public hearing on September the 21st.

09:55:21 Both of the meetings will be held in your chambers

09:55:23 here.

09:55:23 This will be the opportunity for the public to engage

09:55:25 you.

09:55:25 That was why we gave you this budget early.

09:55:27 I will tell you, and I'm proud to say this.

09:55:31 And this is the product of a lot of hard work by a lot

09:55:33 of people standing behind me.

09:55:35 The city is stable.

09:55:37 Unlike some of our counterparts around the country,

09:55:41 some of our counterparts around the state, this city is

09:55:44 stable.

09:55:44 We are in good financial shape by comparison.

09:55:49 Things are getting better.

09:55:51 We are going to be aggressive about looking at our

09:55:56 options and looking at better ways to do things around

09:55:59 here.

09:56:00 Just because they've always been done that way is not

09:56:03 the answer.

09:56:04 We have got to be creative as an administration and as

09:56:08 a Council.

09:56:08 I'm excited about what this future holds for us.

09:56:12 I mean, I can sense the optimism out there in the

09:56:14 community.

09:56:15 I think people recognize that we have got, you know, a

09:56:17 new Council.

09:56:18 We have got a new Mayor.

09:56:19 New county commissioners.

09:56:21 We have a new county administrator.

09:56:22 We have a new Aviation Authority director.

09:56:24 The table is set for us to do what we are all capable

09:56:29 of doing as a community.

09:56:30 And you know, in spite of the challenges, like you, I

09:56:34 love coming to work every day.

09:56:37 I love coming to work every day.

09:56:39 Some of you think I never leave.

09:56:41 But that's okay.

09:56:42 Because all of us have four years to leave our mark.

09:56:45 Certainly it is my intention with your help that at the

09:56:47 end of the four years, that folks will look back at

09:56:50 this time in our history and say they did it right.

09:56:53 They made the tough decisions.

09:56:55 I think the financial rating agencies have recognized

09:56:57 that.

09:56:58 With your help, this budget will be adopted.

09:57:00 There is pain.

09:57:02 We all acknowledge that.

09:57:03 But I think from where we started on April 1st, I know

09:57:07 that you share my optimism and my excitement about

09:57:11 where we have arrived at this day.

09:57:13 We did it without layoffs.

09:57:15 We did it with rewarding good city employees.

09:57:19 We did it with producing a budget that is by

09:57:23 comparison, a healthy city, that is smaller, that is

09:57:28 better run.

09:57:28 Where the actual budget number is less.

09:57:31 And we're tapping that fund balance for something less

09:57:34 than $6 million.

09:57:35 That still leaves us with 27% coverage.

09:57:38 27%.

09:57:42 For those of you who were here for the last four years

09:57:45 or parts of it, you should be proud.

09:57:47 You were part of that and we thank you.

09:57:49 But on behalf of our staff, it's a pleasure to present

09:57:54 this to you.

09:57:54 They are all here to answer your questions.

09:57:56 I've got to deal with the other ten crises on my desk.

09:58:01 But I want you to know how much I appreciate your

09:58:04 teamwork.

09:58:05 I look forward to working with you over the next three

09:58:08 years and ten months.

09:58:09 And I hope you are as excited about this as I am.

09:58:12 And so, madam checker, do I give this to you?

09:58:15 Does it matter?

09:58:16 Okay.

09:58:17 On behalf of all these folks, here it is.

09:58:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

09:58:24 [ Applause ]

09:58:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Any questions for -- oh, are you giving

09:58:44 another presentation or are you here for questions?

09:58:46 >> No, ma'am, just to answer any questions you may

09:58:48 have.

09:58:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I didn't have a question, but the Mayor

09:58:52 apparently has the ten very important crises sitting on

09:58:58 his desk, but I just wanted to share.

09:59:00 This is my second city budget, and again, I want to

09:59:08 reiterate how hard and how, so far it's been pleasant.

09:59:16 [ Laughter ]

09:59:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And an early happy birthday to our may.

09:59:21 Oh, which is also my sister Shirley's birthday.

09:59:27 Happy birthday, Shirley.

09:59:28 Thank you.

09:59:28 That's it.

09:59:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

09:59:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'd like to thank you and the rest of

09:59:36 your team.

09:59:36 You did an great job.

09:59:38 This is not an easy process.

09:59:40 For you to come here today with an increase on our

09:59:43 rating is tremendous.

09:59:44 I assume that Fitch is going to come through as you

09:59:47 think they are.

09:59:49 >> We're hopeful.

09:59:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let's not be hopeful.

09:59:52 Let's get it done.

09:59:53 That's the most important aspect of city government,

09:59:56 which is, if we do not have a high enough rating, we'll

09:59:59 not be able to do anything to solve our problems.

10:00:02 I just wanted to thank you, because I know you've been

10:00:04 around for the duration.

10:00:06 As our financial advisor, now as our CFO, so I wanted

10:00:10 to thank you personally.

10:00:11 >> Thank you, sir.

10:00:12 Really appreciate that.

10:00:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen?

10:00:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Very briefly, I wanted to highlight, go

10:00:22 back to something that the Mayor talked about, because

10:00:24 I thought it was very significant that he spent some

10:00:28 time discussing the work that will take place after

10:00:32 this budget is adopted.

10:00:34 Through the next year, where we are going to continue

10:00:37 to look for every dollar that we possibly can, in

10:00:41 savings.

10:00:41 And what makes me so optimistic about that process is

10:00:46 the fact that all of you have managed to wring

10:00:53 $9 million out of last year's appropriation.

10:00:55 So we really have the ability to build on that success.

10:00:57 And find even more money to supplement our needs next

10:01:02 year, when we know we're going to be in similar straits

10:01:05 to the ones we are today.

10:01:06 So I thought that was really tremendous that he spent

10:01:09 so much time focusing on what we do after this budget

10:01:13 is adopted.

10:01:15 >> Thank you, sir.

10:01:17 Madam Chair, if I could just make one last comment.

10:01:22 I just wanted to in particular thank personally on

10:01:26 behalf of revenue and finance, all of our departments.

10:01:29 Who have been quite helpful in guiding us through this

10:01:34 process and extremely responsive to our requests and

10:01:38 our inquiries.

10:01:40 And in particular, working with our budget officer,

10:01:44 Mr. Dennis Rogero.

10:01:46 And our budget supervisors as well, Ms. Peggy Curtain

10:01:50 and Mr. Mike Perry.

10:01:52 I just wanted to personally thank each of them and me

10:01:55 coming in as a new member and guiding through the

10:01:57 process and just really committing the time and the

10:02:00 effort to get this done city-wide.

10:02:06 You have a great staff.

10:02:06 So thank you.

10:02:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:02:09 And I just wanted to tell you that you've done a great

10:02:13 job on just walking, in really big shoes to follow

10:02:18 after Bonnie Wise, who was great.

10:02:20 And I know that Dennis has been a huge help.

10:02:24 And I want to thank you and the Mayor and all of the

10:02:31 department heads for giving us this information with

10:02:36 enough time to really review it and look at it.

10:02:39 This is my fifth year of looking at budgets, and it

10:02:44 feels like a leisurely pace.

10:02:53 I'm glad to know you were in the investment banking

10:02:58 industry, because you probably know what the real

10:03:01 health of our economic situation is.

10:03:03 And what, you know, I want to say thank you also to

10:03:08 Mayor Iorio for, you know, keeping the fund balances

10:03:15 and I also want to say to everyone that, I'm relieved

10:03:20 and I think in these economic times, which appear to be

10:03:24 getting a little better at least, not property values

10:03:28 not going down as fast, we did have a lot of layoffs

10:03:32 and we did have a lot of cuts over the last few years.

10:03:36 And there have been reductions in services, so, there's

10:03:40 still a big challenge, even without any more cuts, in

10:03:44 making sure that we're really delivering the best

10:03:47 service we can to the city.

10:03:49 So, I want everyone to realize that this isn't just oh,

10:03:53 well, everything's going to be great.

10:03:55 We really do need to look at that.

10:03:58 But thank you for, and also being a great communicator,

10:04:03 because whenever you have anything to explain to us,

10:04:06 it's very, very accessible.

10:04:08 >> Thank you.

10:04:14 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.

10:04:15 Back to our agenda.

10:04:16 We'll ask for any changes to the agenda from the clerk.

10:04:34 >>THE CLERK: Good morning, Council.

10:04:37 [inaudible] regarding the items, Mr. Shelby has some

10:04:49 comments on that.

10:04:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, members of Council, I had

10:04:53 requested that this workshop be changed to a special

10:04:59 discussion meeting.

10:05:00 Mostly for housekeeping reasons because workshops have

10:05:03 different requirements and a special discussion

10:05:06 meeting.

10:05:07 However, this item is, councilmember's Montelione's

10:05:13 item and in her absence, I'm asking you strike this

10:05:17 request this week and if it's necessary we can at the

10:05:18 up when she returns next week before the workshop.

10:05:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Shelby.

10:05:22 Which number?

10:05:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The new business item on the walk on

10:05:26 on your addendum.

10:05:27 The first item on your addendum.

10:05:29 Thank you.

10:05:31 >>MARY MULHERN: It's not on the agenda, it's only on

10:05:33 the addendum?

10:05:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Exactly.

10:05:36 >>MARY MULHERN: So you're asking us to strike it from

10:05:37 the addendum?

10:05:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Please do.

10:05:40 Thank you.

10:05:41 >> Thank you.

10:05:42 Regarding substitution, item number 7, that's regarding

10:05:48 an agreement for educational services between the

10:05:51 school board and the City of Tampa.

10:05:52 The legal department is requesting that the agreement

10:05:56 be substituted.

10:05:57 Under continuances, removal of items, item number 16,

10:06:04 that's regarding an agreement with government services

10:06:07 group for professional services for the solid waste

10:06:10 assessment project.

10:06:11 Steve Daignault, administrator for public works and

10:06:17 utility services is requesting a continuance to

10:06:20 August 4, 2011.

10:06:23 Also Councilmember Montelione requested that that item

10:06:30 be pulled from the agenda.

10:06:34 Item 39, that is regarding appointments to the Planning

10:06:43 Commission.

10:06:45 Councilmember Montelione has requested a continuance of

10:06:48 the vote to a time determined by Councilmembers

10:06:53 present.

10:06:53 Under item 43, that is regarding a resolution relating

10:07:01 to purchase of real property at 3020 north 22nd

10:07:05 Street.

10:07:09 Ed Johnson, your ban redevelopment manager is

10:07:13 requesting that item be removed from the agenda.

10:07:15 Item 44, that's a report on research regarding revenues

10:07:21 from the red light cameras.

10:07:24 Council attorney Martin Shelby is requesting a

10:07:30 continuance of these item to August 4th, 2011.

10:07:33 Under item 47, that's regarding a report on requirement

10:07:39 for posting of special conditions where special

10:07:44 alcoholic beverage sales conditions exist.

10:07:46 Councilmember Capin is requesting a 30-day continuance

10:07:52 of this item to the August 25, 2011.

10:07:58 I believe that's it.

10:07:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Madam Clerk.

10:08:01 Councilmember Suarez?

10:08:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Question on the addendum.

10:08:04 Item 39 concerning the Hillsborough city county

10:08:08 Planning Commission, I know that Councilmember

10:08:10 Montelione has asked for a continuance.

10:08:12 I'd like to talk about this at that time, to determine

10:08:16 whether or not we should go forward with those

10:08:18 appointments.

10:08:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes -- here's what I'd like to do.

10:08:25 Go through the items on the addendum.

10:08:28 I think that's the first one we need to discuss.

10:08:30 So I think we should have a brief discussion about it.

10:08:38 As chair, I received her memo and had some discussion

10:08:40 with the clerk and with the city attorney yesterday

10:08:43 about how to handle this.

10:08:45 So, I'd like to make a suggestion and then Council can,

10:08:50 we can discuss how we want to proceed with this.

10:08:55 But my suggestion, because this -- this is an emergency

10:08:59 situation that one of our members couldn't be here, who

10:09:03 very much wanted to vote.

10:09:05 I'd like to, I think it's important that we honor that,

10:09:11 so I would like for her to be able to vote on these.

10:09:14 However, since it came up so quickly and we have so

10:09:17 many appointees who are already planning to be here and

10:09:21 who I believe most of them are here today, my

10:09:24 suggestion is that when we get to that item, that we

10:09:29 hear from all this applicants who are here.

10:09:33 And then at that time, after we have heard from anyone

10:09:37 and had whatever discussion Council wishes to have,

10:09:41 that we then continue the voting until next, our next

10:09:47 Council meeting -- is it next week?

10:09:51 Yes, I think that's what we talked about.

10:09:53 This is just my suggestion.

10:09:56 Whatever the pleasure of Council is fine.

10:09:58 But I think that would also possibly allow -- we might

10:10:04 even have a full Council if Mr. Miranda is well enough

10:10:07 to be back here next week.

10:10:09 So that's my suggestion.

10:10:12 >> One question, I think would go to our city, I mean,

10:10:16 excuse me, our Council attorney.

10:10:17 Is there any requirement that it has to be a super

10:10:20 majority or anything like that?

10:10:22 Can it be a simple majority of the board sitting to

10:10:25 appoint folks to the Planning Commission?

10:10:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Per your charter, any affirmative

10:10:29 action of Council requires a vote of four.

10:10:31 So it would be irrespective of how many are present, it

10:10:37 would require four for action.

10:10:40 >> I'd prefer to go forward on this because we have so

10:10:42 many things coming up on the agendas, both in August,

10:10:45 we are going to have a day off for league of cities in

10:10:47 August, you know, I hate to continue to pile on other

10:10:52 dates.

10:10:53 I would like to go forward today, and again, as

10:10:57 pleasure of Council, we'll have a discussion about

10:11:00 that.

10:11:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Capin?

10:11:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just to repeat, so I understand.

10:11:05 Your suggestion is to hear the applicants today and

10:11:10 vote when the Councilmember Montelione has returned?

10:11:16 Or next week?

10:11:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:11:19 That was my suggestion.

10:11:20 And I guess the one thing I didn't say was, of course

10:11:24 she'll be able to review the record and have the

10:11:26 opportunity to ask, you know, individually privately

10:11:30 ask questions of any of the applicants.

10:11:33 So it won't be the same as being here today, but she'll

10:11:36 get that opportunity.

10:11:37 Councilmember Reddick?

10:11:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm going to support what Councilman

10:11:46 Suarez was speaking of.

10:11:47 We have put this off more than one, I understand it's

10:11:49 emergency.

10:11:50 But we also got members who are sitting on that

10:11:52 Planning Commission who wish to step down.

10:11:54 And they're waiting on this decision to be made.

10:11:57 And to those people who, I mean, we have cancelled

10:12:01 these presentations before.

10:12:06 And it's not fair to have these people come here and we

10:12:09 don't make a decision.

10:12:11 If we take four votes, then we need to make those four

10:12:15 votes.

10:12:16 And move forward.

10:12:17 But I will support what Councilman Suarez is speaking

10:12:21 of.

10:12:22 I think we need to move forward.

10:12:25 There's plenty of items on the agenda coming up.

10:12:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Cohen?

10:12:30 >>HARRY COHEN: I tend to think is week is not too long

10:12:32 to wait for her to come back.

10:12:33 I agree that we absolutely should go forward with the

10:12:36 presentations today.

10:12:37 But I would support the chair's suggestion that we

10:12:41 simply do the vote next week.

10:12:44 I also for the purposes of scheduling, maybe this is

10:12:50 the time that I should mention that under new business,

10:12:54 I'm going to ask to defer something from the

10:12:57 August 4th calendar.

10:12:59 So, you know, which may free up a little bit of time.

10:13:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm also going to consider for

10:13:08 something to be deferred.

10:13:10 We might be speaking of the same thing.

10:13:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Maybe, maybe not.

10:13:15 That's helpful.

10:13:15 >> MARY MULHERN: Let me just say one thing, especially

10:13:18 Councilman Reddick, this is another consideration for

10:13:22 me.

10:13:25 The reason I didn't want to continue the entire item is

10:13:30 because everyone's here.

10:13:32 We have delayed this.

10:13:33 However, the appointments aren't effective until

10:13:38 October 1st.

10:13:39 So we won't, you know, we're asking the volunteers for

10:13:42 this to have to wait another week to find out.

10:13:45 We're not asking them to come back.

10:13:47 In fact, I don't think anyone should come back next

10:13:51 week for the vote unless there was an applicant that's

10:13:54 already in the pool that wasn't able to be here today,

10:13:56 then they'd have an opportunity to come next week.

10:13:58 And I think there might have been one or two people who

10:14:01 couldn't be here today.

10:14:02 But, you know, there's no urgency about the

10:14:06 appointments because they don't take effect till

10:14:09 October 1st.

10:14:10 So, I guess that's -- not sure how we're going to

10:14:17 resolve this if we don't really have a full -- seems

10:14:22 like we don't have a majority.

10:14:24 >> Madam Chair, I would defer to that.

10:14:26 I don't have a problem with that as long as it's just a

10:14:28 vote for next week and you know, not a continuation of

10:14:31 the, you know, other applicants.

10:14:38 This is just one question.

10:14:39 What do we do with applicants who are not able to

10:14:41 present today?

10:14:42 Should we allow them to present next week then since it

10:14:45 is a continuation of a vote?

10:14:47 I would assume that we could allow that.

10:14:49 Especially since I don't think that there's more than

10:14:52 maybe a couple that aren't going to be here today.

10:14:55 So -- the only thing I would allow then, if we are

10:14:59 going to continue the vote till next week on the

10:15:03 commission candidates, that we also allow those folks

10:15:06 that weren't able to make it today to come back next

10:15:08 week, if that's okay.

10:15:09 I guess we can make a motion.

10:15:15 I move that we allow other candidates that could not

10:15:18 make it today, allow them to present next week their

10:15:22 candidacy for the Planning Commission.

10:15:24 And that we go forward and allow presentations today

10:15:28 for those present.

10:15:32 >> And to vote next week.

10:15:33 And the vote, which is August 4th.

10:15:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Suarez,

10:15:41 seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

10:15:44 All in favor?

10:15:44 Aye?

10:15:44 Anyone opposed?

10:15:46 Okay.

10:15:46 So we'll come back next week and we'll hear this item

10:15:49 at the regular time under the agenda.

10:15:52 I think it's item number 39.

10:15:54 Item number 44 Mr. Shelby -- did you want us -- sorry,

10:16:13 Mr. Shelby, did you want to speak on this now or wait

10:16:17 till it comes under the agenda?

10:16:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, if you want to do this under

10:16:21 the approval, I had an opportunity to speak to

10:16:24 Councilmember Reddick.

10:16:25 I am respectfully requesting if you do this as part of

10:16:29 your motion, that you remove item 44 and continue it to

10:16:32 August 4th on the staff reports.

10:16:35 So that would be my request of Council.

10:16:37 If you wish to make that part of your motion to approve

10:16:40 the agenda, as amended.

10:16:41 Madam Chair, respectfully, did you wish to take up the

10:16:47 subject of items 40 and 42 as a result of your actions

10:16:51 on items 39?

10:16:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Item 39, yes.

10:16:56 I forgot about that yes.

10:16:59 Items -- because items 40 and 42 are also appointments

10:17:07 to boards and because many of the applicants had also

10:17:11 applied to the Planning Commission, I would like to add

10:17:14 that we'll follow the same procedures, the motion just

10:17:19 made by Councilman Suarez, so maybe we can get another

10:17:22 motion if that's okay with Council.

10:17:24 >> So moved.

10:17:26 >> Second.

10:17:27 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:17:28 Aye?

10:17:28 Opposed?

10:17:29 Thank you, Mr. Shelby.

10:17:32 So we'll take up item 44 under the approval of the

10:17:37 addendum and item 47, Councilwoman Capin?

10:17:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Chairwoman.

10:17:50 Mulhern.

10:17:51 I'm asking for a 30 day continuance.

10:17:55 On item 47, alcoholic beverage ordinance for the

10:18:00 comprehensive safety placard.

10:18:02 First of all, I'd like to thank legal and law

10:18:05 enforcement, code enforcement and fire marshal for

10:18:09 their participation in getting this ordinance ready.

10:18:12 After meeting with Santiago Corrada yesterday morning,

10:18:18 chief of staff, that because of the complexity of the

10:18:21 record keeping, I determined more time is needed to

10:18:24 address the implementation.

10:18:28 So 30 day -- we have August 25th, 33 days would be

10:18:35 September 1st.

10:18:35 So either would work.

10:18:39 >>MARY MULHERN: So under staff reports, on August 25th?

10:18:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Under staff reports on August 25th.

10:18:50 >>MARY MULHERN: One other clarification I want to go

10:18:53 back to item 16, also that, I would like our approval

10:19:00 of the changes to the agenda to include the fact that

10:19:04 that continuance to August 4th of item 16 would be

10:19:09 under staff reports.

10:19:12 >> I move that.

10:19:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Are there any other changes?

10:19:18 I got a motion to approve the addendum.

10:19:21 >> So moved.

10:19:22 >> Second.

10:19:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Moved by Councilmember Suarez, seconded

10:19:26 by Councilmember Capin.

10:19:28 All in favor?

10:19:28 Aye.

10:19:29 Anyone opposed?

10:19:32 >> Madam Chair, if I may.

10:19:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:19:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just before Council's information,

10:19:37 item number 54, which was continued from the, to today

10:19:43 because of the failure to receive four votes, because

10:19:46 of Councilmember Montelione's absence, it is going to

10:19:50 be the request, when this comes up, at 10:30 or

10:19:54 sometime thereafter, to have this continued to

10:19:58 August 25th, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.

10:20:02 And if we could take that up sometime after 10:30 and

10:20:06 remove that from the agenda in the course of action,

10:20:09 that would be appreciated.

10:20:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Item 54, at the time -- oh, at 10:30.

10:20:15 Okay, Mr. Shelby, feel free to remind me of that.

10:20:21 We'll move to item number 4, ordinance being presented

10:20:38 for first reading.

10:20:45 >> We need public comment.

10:20:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Can I get a motion to open the public

10:20:51 hearing?

10:20:52 >> So moved.

10:20:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone -- oh, public comment?

10:20:56 Sorry.

10:20:57 This agenda's been moved around.

10:21:00 Is there anyone in the public that wishes to speak on

10:21:03 any item on the agenda that is not set for public

10:21:07 hearing, or any other matter, please, I'd like to hear

10:21:13 from the agenda items first.

10:21:18 >> Greetings from the Japanese Navy.

10:21:29 Was a wonderful ceremony.

10:21:32 Marilyn Smith, our mother at large, I was amazed that

10:21:42 the budget looks pretty good.

10:21:44 But it didn't get clean part 6.

10:21:49 You're still losing one million $200,000 a year.

10:21:53 That's a lot of money.

10:21:54 And it is coming from the Sports Authority.

10:21:57 We cannot afford it.

10:21:58 I brought this to you before.

10:22:01 I'm not making these figures up.

10:22:03 They're presented every month at the Sports Authority.

10:22:06 And I think we should address it.

10:22:10 I'm not trying to deprive anybody of anything.

10:22:13 But that's a lot of money now.

10:22:14 $1.2 million.

10:22:17 You know.

10:22:23 I think you need to look at that.

10:22:25 We could use it elsewhere.

10:22:27 With the pool, for children.

10:22:29 And yeah, we are coming a long way, and yes this is

10:22:33 better run than down the street at county commission.

10:22:35 Believe me, that is not as great as you think it is.

10:22:40 If you get very close to the subject.

10:22:42 You have a new Mayor who's working very, very hard, and

10:22:47 I understand that.

10:22:48 But we have to look at everything.

10:22:50 You can't cherry pick when it comes to the budget.

10:22:52 Thank you.

10:22:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:23:02 >> Okay, I'm Ed Tillou.

10:23:04 I would like to speak to a lot of items, but I only

10:23:09 have three minutes.

10:23:10 I'd like to wrap up about the fertilizer bill.

10:23:12 It's not being studied for the economic impact.

10:23:17 I ran this off about slow release fertilizers with a PS

10:23:23 about the sterling hall bombing.

10:23:26 One of my professors at USF, Dr. Carnahan, who was also

10:23:31 Major Carnahan, who was an unrecognized hero.

10:23:34 He made sure American troops had water in the Iraqi

10:23:38 invasion.

10:23:39 But he didn't get a lot of credit for that.

10:23:41 The Iraqi's didn't have that.

10:23:43 In any case, I have these five, I'll leave the other

10:23:46 two off.

10:23:49 Okay.

10:23:49 I'll just drop it off to the city clerk.

10:23:51 Anyway, what happens is, it's not a problem -- it's a

10:23:56 problem of nitrogen, but it's a problem of nitrogen

10:23:59 that isn't getting to the plants, to the lawns, it's

10:24:03 killing off into the environment.

10:24:05 You have a lot of environmental people here, a roomful

10:24:07 of them.

10:24:08 Who wanted something done.

10:24:10 Well, as I said, if you go up to line bow in Nebraska

10:24:14 and look at the sump there, it is so green, it is

10:24:17 clogged up.

10:24:18 And every time it rains, it floods out into the

10:24:21 streets.

10:24:21 So something has to be done.

10:24:23 And it's good that there will be probably a moratorium

10:24:26 during the rainy season.

10:24:28 But it's very important that slow-release fertilizer be

10:24:32 exempted from that.

10:24:32 The economic impact of that is probably long run.

10:24:36 You'll lose jobs in that field because when the

10:24:40 fertilizer increases by a factor of three, the

10:24:45 application overall will increase maybe by a factor of

10:24:47 two, but people who have to do it half as much.

10:24:50 But on the other hand, if this is exempted, you won't

10:24:55 have a need for workers during the non-rainy season and

10:25:01 then during the rainy season, you have to lay them all

10:25:04 off.

10:25:05 It's not only just the rainy season.

10:25:08 Maybe you have two thirds of the rain and a third of

10:25:11 the months, something like that.

10:25:12 But this is a very big and serious issue because what

10:25:16 you have is something bigger than deepwater horizon.

10:25:19 It's the Mississippi delta.

10:25:23 This is a dead zone of thousands of square miles where

10:25:26 nothing lives.

10:25:26 And the reason for that is so much fertilizer comes out

10:25:29 of the country, out of the Midwest and things like

10:25:31 that.

10:25:32 And there was the believe and major Carnahan believed

10:25:37 this because of the impact that this can be used as

10:25:40 explosives, nitrogen salts can be used as explosives.

10:25:44 But they're so detrimental to the environment that

10:25:46 everything would shift over to slow release.

10:25:48 But there isn't an industry producing large quantities

10:25:52 of that, because there isn't a demand.

10:25:54 So what there is the need for is to create the demand

10:25:57 for this during the rainy season, let it start growing.

10:26:01 City of Tampa becomes the model for other cities, to

10:26:04 focus on slow release fertilizers and maybe ultimately

10:26:08 even though the price of food will increase somewhat,

10:26:12 this will start being used in Iowa, Nebraska and

10:26:15 Kansas, because you'll have an industry producing

10:26:17 quantities of it.

10:26:18 This is an early implementation step.

10:26:23 So as I say, I'll give you this.

10:26:25 This is actually about the use of it on greens.

10:26:28 But that's a start.

10:26:29 That's a start.

10:26:32 And as I say, the sterling hall is a PS to that.

10:26:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone else who wishes to

10:26:46 speak?

10:26:55 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Tampa City

10:26:57 Council.

10:26:57 My name is Samuel Kinsey.

10:26:59 I live 4610 Ashland Drive here in Tampa.

10:27:02 And I'm here to speak on Williams Park pool.

10:27:08 First thing I want to do is just to tell you how

10:27:12 hopeful and how optimistic I am about the future of

10:27:15 Williams Park.

10:27:16 And I get that hope from the support that the members

10:27:20 of this body have given us and so we are very

10:27:24 optimistic about that.

10:27:26 Recently, there was a controversy over the opening of

10:27:31 the Interbay pool.

10:27:33 I'm here to tell you that I don't like to be

10:27:38 controversy.

10:27:39 The people at Interbay, those children deserve to have

10:27:44 their pool.

10:27:45 And so, I support opening that pool.

10:27:50 The Mayor in a comment made a statement that children

10:27:54 need to be in instructive programs.

10:27:59 I wholeheartedly agree.

10:28:01 He cannot say anything to be more truthful than that

10:28:06 statement.

10:28:06 They deserve it.

10:28:07 And I support the decision to open that pool.

10:28:13 It was the right thing to do.

10:28:15 And now we must do the right thing for the children at,

10:28:22 in East Tampa and the people at Williams Park.

10:28:25 And so, I'm here again to say thank you and ask that

10:28:30 you will continue to support the pool.

10:28:32 And I'm optimistic that the administration is going to

10:28:37 come on board, because the Mayor made that statement.

10:28:39 And I agree.

10:28:40 Santiago Corrada made a statement in the newspaper that

10:28:42 the city is going to do something about the pool.

10:28:45 So you've given us great hope.

10:28:47 And so we are here to say thank you and ask that you

10:28:52 continue to support us and we appreciate you so very

10:28:54 much.

10:28:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:28:59 That item is on our agenda, number 46.

10:29:15 >> Good morning to the chair and City Council.

10:29:19 My name is Gloria Taylor.

10:29:21 I'm representing Northview Hills Civic Association.

10:29:25 I spoke before you previously.

10:29:29 And I realize that it is on the agenda.

10:29:33 However, I did send an e-mail to each of the Council

10:29:36 persons.

10:29:37 And I'd like to thank Councilman Mulhern for responding

10:29:45 and Councilman Reddick.

10:29:47 The rest of you I hope that you receive the e-mail and

10:29:52 you remember it.

10:29:53 We're here thanking you for taking consideration about

10:29:58 the pool.

10:29:59 We want you to look at the fact that we know we don't

10:30:03 have, as the other pools, a million dollars donated,

10:30:10 because we don't have property for parking or whatever

10:30:12 as the other pool on Davis Island did.

10:30:15 So, we're asking you to search some other place, find

10:30:20 the money to repair the pool.

10:30:22 There was the remark that was made, I think by someone

10:30:26 by the name of Carlos in 2009.

10:30:28 There were three pools that were, had problems.

10:30:33 Williams was one.

10:30:35 The comment was made about the other two that they were

10:30:40 put on -- they really didn't know when those two would

10:30:45 be repaired.

10:30:46 However, the other one they said they found the funding

10:30:50 because of what I'd previously said about Tampa general

10:30:55 donating some of the money.

10:30:57 However, Williams now is still as it was.

10:31:04 They said that they didn't know when it would be

10:31:06 repaired and they held true to what was said.

10:31:10 So I ask you again to consider the pool because we

10:31:14 have, even the elderly would like the pool for water

10:31:19 aerobics.

10:31:20 And I have a picture of some, if you would like to see,

10:31:24 that represent the elderly as well as the children.

10:31:28 Thank you.

10:31:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:31:44 >> Good morning.

10:31:45 I'm Vivian Kitchen.

10:31:47 And I live at 4802 Ashland Drive.

10:31:51 I stand here for two reasons.

10:31:55 First to say ditto to what has already been said by my

10:32:01 neighbors as we request the reopening of our pool in

10:32:07 Northview Hills.

10:32:08 The second reason I'm here is to comment on your item

10:32:14 39.

10:32:14 I am presently on the Planning Commission.

10:32:21 And my tenure does end in September.

10:32:27 And I am very hopeful that as you go through the

10:32:31 process of appointing someone to replace me, that you

10:32:36 will continue the practice of diversity, in other

10:32:43 words, I'm going to be very brief.

10:32:45 If you would appoint someone that looks like I did

10:32:51 about 10 years ago.

10:32:54 [ Laughter ]

10:32:55 >> I thank you and I will pray that you do appoint

10:33:01 someone who is capable, a citizen who is concerned and

10:33:05 again, who looks like I did about 10 years ago.

10:33:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Ms. Kitchen, for your

10:33:17 service on the Planning Commission.

10:33:18 Was it 10 years?

10:33:24 >> Two more.

10:33:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you so much.

10:33:27 Any other comments, public comments?

10:33:32 Thank you.

10:33:33 I'm going to -- well, are there any requests by the

10:33:39 public for reconsideration of legislative matters?

10:33:43 I'm going to pass the gavel to Councilman Cohen.

10:33:51 Because I have a request for reconsideration of a

10:33:58 legislative matter.

10:33:59 Last week at our Council meeting, this Council

10:34:06 unanimously approved a tax subsidy of more than half a

10:34:15 million dollars for an unnamed quality targeted

10:34:21 industry.

10:34:21 It was a request that had been put on our agenda at the

10:34:26 request of the county and the economic development

10:34:31 Council, Hillsborough economic development Council and

10:34:35 by our economic development department to agree to this

10:34:43 incentive or this literally tax subsidy for financial

10:34:48 services company that was confidential.

10:34:50 We didn't know what company it was.

10:34:52 On Monday, Price Waterhouse Cooper, one of the top four

10:35:03 global accounting firms announced that they were the

10:35:05 company.

10:35:06 And also their representative, I should say, one of

10:35:13 their representatives announced this.

10:35:15 And also announced that they had never had any

10:35:19 intention of leaving Tampa.

10:35:23 This Council was told that this tax subsidy would be

10:35:33 the way to retain, I think it was 1600 existing jobs

10:35:38 here, for that company.

10:35:43 And I feel that since we were under what is now a

10:35:48 questionable testimony that, that there was actually a

10:35:54 need to provide this tax incentive to this company,

10:35:59 that I would like Council to reconsider our vote and

10:36:04 I'm going to ask for the advice from my colleagues and

10:36:08 from Councilman Shelby, but -- counselor Shelby.

10:36:15 What I would like to ask for is that we, receive a

10:36:23 staff report at our next meeting from economic

10:36:28 development.

10:36:30 I think that there needs to be an investigation of how

10:36:33 this happened.

10:36:36 I think we need to have a report after the

10:36:40 investigation on why this happened.

10:36:42 I know that Bob McDonaugh, who is our economic

10:36:47 development director is already working on this.

10:36:49 So, I don't think he -- I think he has every intention

10:36:53 of reporting back to us anyway.

10:36:55 So I think putting it on the agenda to do that, and I

10:36:58 think we need to discuss and have some recommendations

10:37:03 for in the future, I think that, you know, after we

10:37:07 heard about our budget and then we realized that the

10:37:10 very limited revenues that we can count on now, if

10:37:15 we're going to be forfeiting some potential revenue, we

10:37:21 need to know that we are doing that in support of our,

10:37:27 of jobs.

10:37:28 Which is what quality targeted industries are supposed

10:37:30 to provide.

10:37:31 So, I would like to make a motion at this time to put

10:37:42 on our agenda under staff reports for next week,

10:37:45 September 4th, a report from economic development on

10:37:52 this particular QTI and then I would like us to be

10:37:59 able, at that time, to reconsider our vote.

10:38:02 And I guess we need -- I see our attorney, perhaps

10:38:08 maybe you need to explain to us where we are legally

10:38:11 with this.

10:38:12 Also.

10:38:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can --

10:38:15 >>MARY MULHERN: If we can reconsider it.

10:38:17 Yes.

10:38:17 Mr. Shelby?

10:38:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Pursuant to Council's rules, that a

10:38:21 motion to reconsider action of Council shall be made

10:38:24 only by a member who previously voted on the prevailing

10:38:26 side and shall be made only at the same meeting or at

10:38:29 the first subsequent regular meeting.

10:38:31 A second to the motion may be made by any member.

10:38:36 The appropriate course of action then would be to make

10:38:40 the motion to reconsider that the motion on the floor

10:38:46 if it is seconded and if the Council then decides to

10:38:49 reconsider, then to take action when it wants to take

10:38:52 it up and what manner.

10:38:54 In other words, if a motion to reconsider, once it

10:38:58 passes, assuming it does, brings the original motion

10:39:02 back alive on the table, on the floor.

10:39:05 And then you can always move to continue it as you had

10:39:08 suggested, but the appropriate thing to do would be to

10:39:10 determine whether there's a desire of Council to

10:39:12 reconsider the motion.

10:39:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

10:39:16 I think Ms. Cole, did you want to speak?

10:39:19 Just seeing you made me realize there's another

10:39:22 question, and this would be just part of the later

10:39:25 motion I'll make, if I do.

10:39:26 If the reconsideration passes, find out whether the

10:39:33 resolution that we passed is in any way in question

10:39:40 after the company made their announcement.

10:39:44 >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, legal department.

10:39:47 I first want to say procedurally I agree with what

10:39:50 Mr. Shelby has said, that the bringing up the motion

10:39:52 for reconsideration would simply give City Council the

10:39:55 opportunity to retake the vote.

10:39:56 I am not in position to opine as to the impact on the

10:39:59 existing resolution.

10:40:00 Or how that would impact anything that has happened to

10:40:05 date.

10:40:05 But I am comfortable procedurally if you want to take

10:40:08 up that motion for reconsideration, you really do have

10:40:10 to take that up today and then you can set the entire

10:40:12 thing for next week.

10:40:13 Over that time, we could identify what any potential

10:40:17 legal issues are.

10:40:18 It may be we have to advise you that you can't take any

10:40:20 additional action, but at least the motion would remain

10:40:23 alive and that would give us the opportunity to look at

10:40:26 that issue.

10:40:29 >> Just for clarification, just so we all are

10:40:31 absolutely clear on what is being asked for here.

10:40:35 This is simply a motion to provide for a

10:40:41 reconsideration at a later date.

10:40:43 If she doesn't make this -- if the motion is not made

10:40:47 and passed today, there will be no opportunity at a

10:40:50 later date to revisit it.

10:40:54 >> Unless Council waive its rules or starts, forms a

10:40:58 new motion, a new, requesting a new action.

10:41:01 Such a thing might be able to be done down the road.

10:41:05 I don't know.

10:41:06 In terms --

10:41:08 >> Just to follow up.

10:41:09 And voting yes for this motion would not lock us in to

10:41:14 having to reconsider later.

10:41:16 It would only leave the option open.

10:41:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It would lock you in to having to vote

10:41:24 again, but you are not obligated to change your vote,

10:41:27 your initial vote.

10:41:29 >> Thank you.

10:41:30 >>JULIA COLE: If I could reiterate.

10:41:32 I can't at advise you legally whether or not this is

10:41:34 something that can be revised.

10:41:36 What this, in my mind would be is a procedural action,

10:41:41 because if you don't take an action on your motion to

10:41:43 reconsider today, you lose that opportunity to be able

10:41:47 to revisit the vote, but that doesn't mean that there

10:41:52 are other legal issues out there.

10:41:53 So that's what I understood the attempt for today was,

10:41:56 is to leave the opportunity for that reconsideration,

10:42:01 but I'm really not going to advice you legally what

10:42:04 your options are.

10:42:05 The other option, as Mr. Shelby said, you take no

10:42:10 action today.

10:42:10 You still may have an opportunity in the future to

10:42:14 bring up the issue again and take action.

10:42:16 But again, I can't legally advise you of that either.

10:42:19 So to me this would be a procedural action to allow

10:42:28 that opportunity.

10:42:30 >> One question, Councilmember Mulhern.

10:42:33 Is the motion in the spirit of trying to either pull,

10:42:36 as has already been afraid to, or just to discuss how

10:42:39 this particular situation came about?

10:42:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, after the advice of counsel, I'm

10:42:48 going to change my motion to just having a motion to

10:42:52 reconsider.

10:42:53 Then if counsel agrees to that, then I will propose

10:42:58 basically what I just said.

10:42:59 I feel that our, our decision was not based on -- I

10:43:12 think the facts that we made our decision on last week

10:43:15 are in question.

10:43:16 I'm not saying we should -- you know, I'm not saying

10:43:23 how I will vote if we too reconsider it.

10:43:27 >> I understand.

10:43:28 That's what I was asking.

10:43:29 >>MARY MULHERN: So I think there are many, many

10:43:31 questions out there.

10:43:32 You know, I asked a few of them.

10:43:35 But I think that for this process, you know, part of

10:43:39 this is because I don't -- I don't think anyone wants

10:43:42 this to happen again.

10:43:45 And if -- if we allow -- you know, if our decision just

10:43:52 stands as it is, we move on and -- for me, it's saying

10:44:00 no.

10:44:01 We can't operate with the public, basically I can't

10:44:04 operate with the public trust on decisions like this in

10:44:07 the future, unless we know that the city is doings, the

10:44:13 city, the county, whoever we're relying on for the

10:44:17 information is doing their due diligence in presenting

10:44:19 us with as much information as they can.

10:44:22 There's all kinds of other bigger questions, which

10:44:25 Council wants to bring them up.

10:44:27 >> Will you accept a friendly amendment?

10:44:29 Because I think we need to look at what legal

10:44:32 ramifications are if we do remove it.

10:44:34 Because here is the thing I've been thinking about.

10:44:36 Is if, because we operate under that exemption, under

10:44:43 the sunshine law, that now that we know the name of the

10:44:45 company, and that it is out there, does this -- if we

10:44:49 remove that, is there any legal ramifications for that

10:44:52 company to us?

10:44:54 Meaning that we could be sued because we have reneged

10:44:58 on an agreement.

10:44:59 I don't know the answer to that or whether or not there

10:45:01 is something else within that sunshine law exemption

10:45:03 that allows us to proceed in that manner.

10:45:07 So my point is not that I disagree with the motion

10:45:10 itself, that we open it up, because obviously I was not

10:45:13 here for that vote.

10:45:14 But at the same time, I'd like to find out -- the

10:45:18 information I've been getting has been in the paper and

10:45:21 through private conversations with Mr. McDonaugh.

10:45:23 So I'd like to figure out if we do make a vote to

10:45:26 reconsider the deal itself, do we open ourselves up to

10:45:29 a different legal issue that we don't know about right

10:45:32 now?

10:45:32 And I would ask for a staff report to your amendment

10:45:37 from the legal department concerning any ramifications

10:45:40 for those.

10:45:43 >> Let's hear from our legal counsel, then

10:45:47 Councilmember Capin and Mulhern.

10:45:49 >>JULIA COLE: If I might make a recommendation that we

10:45:53 hold this issue to allow me to find out some

10:45:56 information that may be able to guide you.

10:45:58 Certainly we don't want to get ourselves in a position

10:46:01 where even just a procedural vote creates a legal

10:46:04 ramification that I can't identify at this point in

10:46:06 time.

10:46:06 So, if that would be acceptable -- I can at least

10:46:10 attempt to try and find some additional information as

10:46:13 to whether or not this would be a problem.

10:46:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would be willing to revisit for more

10:46:25 information.

10:46:26 >>JULIA COLE: I just mean the end of the meeting today.

10:46:29 I'm not saying continue to next week.

10:46:31 Just give me an opportunity to find some additional

10:46:33 information before you take action on the pending

10:46:35 motion.

10:46:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's what I understood, because today

10:46:39 is the only day we have to consider this.

10:46:41 So, I will hold my comments till we hear further.

10:46:51 >> Let's take up this item again at new business at the

10:46:54 end of the meeting.

10:46:57 >>MARY MULHERN: That's fine.

10:46:57 Thank you.

10:46:58 Thank you.

10:47:00 All right.

10:47:03 Item number 4.

10:47:07 Ms. Cole, did you want to speak to this?

10:47:12 >>JULIA COLE: That is an item being promulgated by the

10:47:16 police, Kirby Rainsberger in order to deal with some

10:47:21 new state law preemptions on local government's ability

10:47:24 to regulate firearms.

10:47:26 It is being done in line with state law and we are at

10:47:30 this point preempted, in fact, Florida legislature has

10:47:35 even put an additional penalty on local governments who

10:47:38 do not remove this type of regulation, so I would just

10:47:41 ask you to go ahead and support the ordinance.

10:47:44 Thank you.

10:47:46 >> Move that we -- item 4.

10:47:51 >>MARY MULHERN: You need to read it.

10:47:54 >> An ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida amending

10:47:57 Tampa code section 14-112 to omit any reference of

10:48:01 firearms in deference to the preemption requirements of

10:48:03 new state legislation and providing an effective date.

10:48:08 >> Second.

10:48:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilmember Suarez,

10:48:11 seconded by Councilmember Cohen.

10:48:13 All in favor?

10:48:14 Aye.

10:48:14 Anyone opposed?

10:48:17 >> Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione being

10:48:20 absent.

10:48:20 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

10:48:23 25th at 9:30 a.m.

10:48:27 >>MARY MULHERN: We'll move on to our public safety

10:48:30 committee.

10:48:31 Councilman Reddick.

10:48:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move items 5 through 9.

10:48:35 >> Second.

10:48:37 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:48:37 Aye.

10:48:38 Parks and recreation.

10:48:45 Mr.-- Councilmember Cohen, could you read those.

10:48:51 >>HARRY COHEN: I move items ten and 11.

10:48:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:48:57 >> Second.

10:48:58 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:48:59 Aye.

10:48:59 Councilmember Suarez, public works committee.

10:49:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move items 12 through 15, and item 17.

10:49:08 >> Second.

10:49:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Isn't 16 -- that's right.

10:49:16 Second.

10:49:18 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:49:18 Aye.

10:49:19 Councilman Cohen, finance committee?

10:49:23 >>HARRY COHEN: Move items 18 through 24.

10:49:25 >> Second.

10:49:26 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:49:27 Aye.

10:49:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin for building an

10:49:34 zoning.

10:49:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Move items 25 through 32.

10:49:38 >> Second.

10:49:39 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:49:41 Aye.

10:49:41 Councilwoman Capin again for the transportation

10:49:51 committee.

10:49:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Move items 33 through 36.

10:49:55 >> Second.

10:49:57 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:49:57 Aye.

10:49:58 Anyone opposed?

10:50:00 Well.

10:50:04 We're just in time for 10:00 time certain.

10:50:08 Staff reports.

10:50:11 Item 39.

10:50:20 >> 37 and 38.

10:50:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, sorry.

10:50:23 Yeah, we need to -- Councilman Cohen, could you move

10:50:27 those?

10:50:29 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

10:50:29 Madam Chair, I move an ordinance being presented for

10:50:33 second reading and adoption, an ordinance approving a

10:50:35 historic preservation property tax exemption

10:50:37 application --

10:50:39 >> I'm sorry, you need to open the public hearing.

10:50:41 >> Move that we open items 37, 38 for public hearing.

10:50:45 >> Second.

10:50:46 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:50:48 Aye.

10:50:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, Madam Chair --

10:50:55 >> Did you ask if there was any public comment on that?

10:50:58 >>MARY MULHERN: On item 37, ordinance being presented

10:51:01 for second reading, is there anyone who wishes to speak

10:51:04 on this?

10:51:06 >> Motion to close.

10:51:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Seeing none.

10:51:08 >> Motion to close.

10:51:09 >> Second.

10:51:10 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:51:11 Aye.

10:51:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Madam Chair, I move an ordinance being

10:51:15 presented for second reading and adoption, an ordinance

10:51:17 approving an historic preservation property tax

10:51:20 exemption application relative to the restoration,

10:51:23 renovation or rehabilitation of certain property owned

10:51:26 by James E. Blackwood, located at 2105 Marjory every,

10:51:31 Tampa, Florida in the Hyde Park historic district based

10:51:34 upon certain findings, providing for notice to property

10:51:37 appraiser of Hillsborough County, providing for

10:51:39 severability, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

10:51:39 conflict, providing an effective date.

10:51:42 >> Second.

10:51:43 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor, vote and record.

10:52:06 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick, Miranda and

10:52:08 Montelione being absent.

10:52:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 38, is there anyone that

10:52:13 wishes to speak on this?

10:52:15 Seeing none, Councilwoman Capin, could you read that?

10:52:21 >> Need to close.

10:52:22 >> Move to close.

10:52:24 >> Second.

10:52:24 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:52:25 Aye.

10:52:25 Councilwoman Capin?

10:52:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Chairwoman.

10:52:29 Ordinance being presented for second reading and

10:52:32 adoption, an ordinance approving an historic

10:52:35 preservation property tax exemption application

10:52:37 relative to the restoration, renovation and

10:52:40 rehabilitation of certain property owned by Ybor

10:52:43 property group, LLC, located at 1315 east 7th avenue,

10:52:47 Tampa, Florida, in the Ybor City historic district,

10:52:51 based upon certain findings, providing for notice to

10:52:54 the property appraiser of Hillsborough County,

10:52:57 providing for severability, providing for repeal of all

10:52:57 ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date.

10:53:02 >> Second.

10:53:04 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor -- please vote and record.

10:53:14 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda, Mulhern --

10:53:17 I'm sorry -- Miranda, Montelione and Reddick being

10:53:21 absent.

10:53:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I'd like to ask that we hear items 54

10:53:46 as it's going to be a request for continuance, so we

10:53:48 can move that item before we get started.

10:53:51 >> I move item --

10:53:54 >>MARY MULHERN: We hear from the petitioner, or staff?

10:53:56 >> I'm sorry, petitioner is present.

10:53:58 Council, as I stated earlier, this item is brought back

10:54:02 to Council pursuant to rule 68 and with the continued

10:54:07 absence of Councilmember Miranda and today's absence of

10:54:11 Councilmember Montelione, it would be appropriate that

10:54:14 this be continued.

10:54:16 And it would normally be to the next regular meeting,

10:54:19 but I believe Council has request it be continued to

10:54:23 next date.

10:54:23 >> Good morning, Susan Johnson, 309 South Florida

10:54:26 Avenue in Tampa, appearing on behalf of the applicants

10:54:29 of this petition.

10:54:30 It's my understanding under your normal procedure this

10:54:32 would be continued to the August 4th regular meeting.

10:54:35 But my clients will be out of town on that date and so

10:54:38 we are requesting that it be continued to the

10:54:40 August 25th regular meeting with a time certain.

10:54:43 >> 10:30 a.m. is acceptable?

10:54:45 >> Yes.

10:54:46 >> That would be the request.

10:54:48 >> Move to continue the meeting to August 25th meeting.

10:54:51 >> Second.

10:54:52 >> All in favor?

10:54:53 Aye.

10:54:54 Anyone opposed?

10:54:56 >> Thank you.

10:54:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:54:58 Are.

10:55:01 >> This is because this is here pursuant to rule 6 H,

10:55:06 so it has to be done that way.

10:55:07 >>MARY MULHERN: The revote.

10:55:08 We're back to the regular agenda, item number 39.

10:55:20 Our applicants, Planning Commission, clerk will advise

10:55:25 us on our procedure.

10:55:29 >> Good morning, Council.

10:55:30 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

10:55:33 This is regarding item number 39.

10:55:36 We have ten applicants, since one applicant withdrew,

10:55:41 this is regarding the Hillsborough County City-County

10:55:46 Planning Commission.

10:55:47 The first applicant is Bowen A. Arnold.

10:56:01 >> Good morning.

10:56:03 Want to thank the Council for letting me apply for this

10:56:06 important appointment.

10:56:07 My name is Bowen Arnold.

10:56:09 I reside at 4801 West Neptune Way in Tampa.

10:56:12 My educational background, I have a degree in finance

10:56:17 and I have a law degree.

10:56:18 Been a member of the Florida Bar for the past 10 years.

10:56:21 I've held the real estate license for the past 19

10:56:23 years.

10:56:24 And I have a local real estate brokerage company.

10:56:27 My primary business over the last 16 years has been as

10:56:31 an affordable housing developer.

10:56:33 I've developed several thousand units under the tax

10:56:35 credit program in nine different states.

10:56:38 And most recently, I'm the for profit partner on

10:56:44 several NSP in the City of Tampa.

10:56:48 Neighborhood stabilization projects.

10:56:49 You know, this is obviously an important time.

10:56:53 We have got 25 years of growth management laws have

10:56:56 been changed.

10:56:56 We have the passage of the community planning act.

10:56:59 This is a critically important time for the city, the

10:57:04 county and the state.

10:57:07 The new acts will vest more chrome in local

10:57:11 governments, so I think this is an opportunity for us

10:57:13 to understand this new law and try to implement it

10:57:17 properly.

10:57:17 And I think that, you know, what I can offer is, I have

10:57:22 both the background, the technical background to

10:57:24 understand this new legislation, which is important

10:57:26 right now.

10:57:27 And also the real world practical experience as a small

10:57:30 business owner, entrepreneur, developer to understand

10:57:33 the ramifications of the decisions that the Planning

10:57:35 Commission will make.

10:57:36 I'd be happy to answer any questions anybody has.

10:57:40 And thank you again.

10:57:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:57:44 Any questions?

10:57:45 Thank you.

10:57:52 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

10:57:52 The next candidate is Mr. Steven L Benson.

10:57:58 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to reiterate in case anyone

10:58:01 didn't hear earlier when we decided that we're going to

10:58:05 hear from all the candidates for these appointments who

10:58:07 are here today, but we'll not be voting today.

10:58:11 We're holding our vote until next week, when

10:58:15 Councilwoman Montelione can be here.

10:58:17 Thank you.

10:58:19 >> Good morning.

10:58:20 My name is Steven Benson.

10:58:23 And I come before you today because I wish to serve my

10:58:26 community on the Hillsborough County city county

10:58:29 Planning Commission.

10:58:29 I'm a native of the City of Tampa, with family roots

10:58:33 dating back to Ybor City and West Tampa.

10:58:35 My education experience, qualify me for this

10:58:39 appointment.

10:58:40 My membership in and up and coming generation compels

10:58:45 me to seek it.

10:58:46 As we plan for our city's future, our approach must be

10:58:50 intergenerational.

10:58:52 Over the years, we have all watched college bound

10:58:54 students move away to cities in other states and other

10:58:58 universities.

10:58:58 While some choose to return upon graduation, many

10:59:03 choose to live elsewhere.

10:59:05 Tampa is a great place with many opportunities, but we

10:59:10 still have a little work to do if we want to compete

10:59:13 with other great cities.

10:59:14 Our goal should be to not only keep the best and

10:59:16 brightest of our younger generation here, but to

10:59:19 attract others from across the country to come live,

10:59:21 work and play in Tampa.

10:59:23 Transportation options, affordable housing choices,

10:59:28 walkability, thriving activity centers.

10:59:32 These are all characteristics of a city that

10:59:34 effectively serves all of its residents, regardless of

10:59:37 age, demographic or lifestyle.

10:59:39 I believe my service on the Planning Commission will

10:59:43 help raise awareness of planning issues affecting my

10:59:46 generation and all generations.

10:59:47 And will bring new perspectives to the board as it

10:59:50 seeks to pursue its vision of improving the quality of

10:59:53 life here in Hillsborough County.

10:59:54 As a lifelong resident, professional planner and member

10:59:59 of the new generation, I humbly ask for your support.

11:00:02 Thank you.

11:00:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:00:10 >> Thank you.

11:00:11 The next applicant is Mr. Warren C Dixon the third.

11:00:22 >> Good morning, Madam Chairman and members of the

11:00:25 Council.

11:00:25 I am Warren Dixon.

11:00:27 I reside at 16006 Burnham way in Tampa Palms.

11:00:31 While the entire Tampa area is a dynamic city, New

11:00:35 Tampa is particularly so and in need of particular

11:00:39 attention in its planning efforts.

11:00:41 Right now, nobody from that area sits on the Planning

11:00:46 Commission.

11:00:47 I've been active in community issues in New Tampa.

11:00:52 I've met with each Councilmembers, each one of you,

11:00:55 except for Chairman Miranda, on New Tampa

11:00:59 transportation issues.

11:01:01 Matters of highway impact and neighborhoods.

11:01:03 Those of you with whom I've met know that I come to the

11:01:06 table prepared.

11:01:07 Similarly, I led an evident with the county

11:01:10 commissioners that resulted in 15 years advancement of

11:01:14 the funding of the widening of the south end of Bruce

11:01:19 B. Downs Boulevard, which at the time was the most

11:01:21 failed road in the county.

11:01:23 My experience includes three solid years of recent

11:01:28 involvement in road and highway issues, mass transit

11:01:31 matters, study of DRI's and concurrency issues,

11:01:36 particularly in New Tampa.

11:01:38 I have familiar with business concerns.

11:01:41 My father owned a commercial construction company and

11:01:44 construction products company.

11:01:46 I'm somewhat familiar with the challenges that small

11:01:48 businessmen face.

11:01:50 I participated in the mass transit initiative in moving

11:01:56 Hillsborough forward.

11:01:57 I still believe the city and the region need to improve

11:02:00 mass transit.

11:02:01 I'm happy that the MPO has continued a post referendum

11:02:04 analysis and is considering options both for the best

11:02:07 modes of mass transit and means of funding.

11:02:10 I participate as a committee member in my

11:02:14 neighborhood's homeowners association.

11:02:18 I'm also an attorney.

11:02:20 I have experience in real property matters, in both

11:02:23 private and in federal practice.

11:02:25 I have the time and the interest to devote to matters

11:02:30 of issues before the Planning Commission.

11:02:32 I've read the founding statute, the bylaws, the

11:02:35 standards of conduct, the Florida ethics statute, and

11:02:39 the extensive meeting preparation packages currently

11:02:42 online for all 2011 meetings and workshops held to

11:02:45 date.

11:02:45 My concerns are that we need to continue development

11:02:51 and growth in a manner that will attract stability

11:02:54 quality employment for our population, but we must find

11:02:56 ways to preserve the quality of life in existing

11:02:59 communities and neighborhoods while we are allowing for

11:03:02 the expansion of business and growth.

11:03:04 We must not outstrip our water and other natural

11:03:08 resources, and we must preserve our environment.

11:03:11 These are tough charter.

11:03:13 And to do it, we have to provide for more mobility

11:03:18 within our community, such as by interconnecting them

11:03:21 locally.

11:03:21 So that massive highways need not bisect and divide

11:03:29 those communities.

11:03:30 We need more emphasis on MPO principle 3.6.

11:03:35 I hope you'll give me serious consideration for

11:03:37 appointment.

11:03:38 Thank you very much.

11:03:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:03:43 >>THE CLERK: The next candidate is Mr. David P Ferrell.

11:03:54 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Council.

11:04:01 My name is David Ferrell and I have lived in Tampa

11:04:05 since 1965.

11:04:07 When I returned home from college, I started my career

11:04:10 with the commercial real estate brokerage firm during

11:04:14 another tough recessionary time, the late 80s and the

11:04:17 S and L crisis.

11:04:19 For the next 15 years I was educated and mentored by a

11:04:22 wonderful family owned development company based out of

11:04:25 Toronto, Canada.

11:04:26 I managed the portfolio of retail shopping centers.

11:04:29 The southwest corner of Kennedy and Dale Mabry, the

11:04:33 Kinko shopping center was the first project I developed

11:04:37 and built for them.

11:04:39 I spent the last 15 years of a building contractor,

11:04:42 last 11 of which with a family owned business as my

11:04:46 wife.

11:04:46 I served on the architectural review commission for

11:04:50 nine years.

11:04:51 Even though I am obviously involved in the developing

11:04:53 and building industry, I'm a strong advocate of

11:04:57 environmental stainability and comprehensive planning.

11:04:59 Growth in our area in state is not a probability, it is

11:05:03 a certainty.

11:05:05 How we manage that growth is the challenge.

11:05:08 I do not think that development, environmentalism and

11:05:12 growth management are mutually exclusive.

11:05:14 I've been fortunate enough to have traveled and I've

11:05:18 seen places in the world and in this country where all

11:05:21 the elements of the public and private sector have come

11:05:24 together to develop sensitive and sustainable

11:05:27 communities.

11:05:27 I see the Planning Commission as a part of the catalyst

11:05:33 which shapes how our city and county will develop over

11:05:36 the long-term.

11:05:37 With so many dedicated and knowledgeable people on all

11:05:41 sides of the issue, I see the commission as the venue

11:05:45 where these sides can come together to create

11:05:48 sustainable development plans to be considered by the

11:05:51 Council and the county commission.

11:05:52 In addition, I would hope that the Planning Commission

11:05:56 will serve as part of the foundation that ties the city

11:06:00 and county together, that it would help strengthen the

11:06:03 relationship between the two governments as they become

11:06:07 ever more interdependent on each other.

11:06:10 I would very much like to be a part of this process.

11:06:13 I think it is very important that our city and county

11:06:16 be open for business.

11:06:18 But I do not think that that has to come at the price

11:06:21 of sacrificing our natural resources or wise urban

11:06:26 management.

11:06:27 Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

11:06:35 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:06:36 The next candidate is Mr. Clinton Parker Johnston.

11:06:40 The next candidate, Mr. William Meriweather has

11:06:54 withdrawn his application.

11:06:55 The next candidate is Donald Edmond Phillips.

11:07:02 He's not here.

11:07:09 The next person or applicant is Ms. Marilyn Smith.

11:07:23 >> Good morning.

11:07:31 I am a newcomer to this government and this county or

11:07:37 city.

11:07:38 I'm deeply, deeply involved in some very, very hard

11:07:44 times, decisions that were hard fought and the Planning

11:07:47 Commission was the one that saved the day.

11:07:49 I was interfaced with that also.

11:07:52 I haven't seen a lot of these people down in some of

11:07:56 these grinding things that we have had to save our

11:08:00 county and city over.

11:08:02 I mean, I've been to the Planning Commission, I know

11:08:06 the way in the dark.

11:08:07 I've been on some very important committees, all the

11:08:14 environmental committees that pined me were very happy

11:08:16 and didn't want me to get off.

11:08:17 But you get a time where you need to move on.

11:08:20 Interfacing with those committees gives you an

11:08:23 opportunity, just like now, I'm very involved with the

11:08:27 port authority.

11:08:28 That's a huge part of our going forward in this county.

11:08:30 And if you don't pay attention to the elements that

11:08:35 make this move, just sitting on the Planning Commission

11:08:39 isn't going to get it done.

11:08:41 Let me assure you, I'm not here to build my resume,

11:08:44 okay?

11:08:44 I know what I'm doing.

11:08:46 I know the enabling act.

11:08:48 I know the ethics that people need to absorb.

11:08:53 And I will absorb them because I've already been

11:08:56 observing them.

11:08:57 I am the grandmother at large.

11:08:59 I care about everything that goes on.

11:09:00 And I have a prospect of this that lots of people

11:09:05 don't.

11:09:05 I've got years behind me that answered many questions

11:09:09 that some people haven't even thought of.

11:09:11 Thank you.

11:09:18 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:09:18 The next applicant is Mr. Steven M Sutton.

11:09:34 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Council.

11:09:35 My name is Steven Sutton.

11:09:38 I reside at 3606 Lykes avenue west here in Tampa.

11:09:43 I am a long-term career registered architect, who over

11:09:49 25 years ago, met a Tampa girl in Washington, D.C. and

11:09:52 married and I moved her home in '88, where we have

11:09:55 raised a family.

11:09:57 Needless to say, Tampa has been very, very good to us.

11:09:59 However, I am still waiting for Tampa to be the great

11:10:04 next American city that she really deserves to be.

11:10:09 There are many forces that are part of this community.

11:10:13 There is potential.

11:10:14 There is opportunity.

11:10:17 There's development.

11:10:18 There is growth.

11:10:20 There are needs, both present and our past as an

11:10:26 example, our environment.

11:10:28 There is the future, where we need to think more

11:10:30 sustainably.

11:10:31 These large balls juggling in the air.

11:10:38 Part of the process of being on a board, such as the

11:10:42 planning Council, is to be aware of all the pieces that

11:10:48 make up this community, to be aware of the forces that

11:10:52 make up this community.

11:10:54 To be aware of its potential and its opportunities.

11:10:58 And not to give away the store.

11:11:00 The purpose of the Planning Commission and the parties

11:11:07 that are involved with it is to make Tampa the next

11:11:10 great American city.

11:11:12 Part of that is vision and part of that is an ability

11:11:18 or actually more of a desire and make sure that if

11:11:22 things are going to change, it will be a positive

11:11:26 change and will be a positive change for all the

11:11:28 parties that are involved, not just the few.

11:11:31 Where this will take us, in these current times and

11:11:36 these economic conditions, unknown.

11:11:38 The legislation has changed recently, again, unknown.

11:11:43 We may be embarking at a period of time not only of

11:11:48 great opportunities, but also of great unknown perils.

11:11:53 And we need to be realistic.

11:11:55 And we need to be thoughtful and we need to be

11:11:58 cooperative.

11:11:59 And I wish to bring some of those aspects that I've

11:12:03 learned and grown up and have made part of myself to be

11:12:08 on this board.

11:12:09 So today, I come before you, I request your appointment

11:12:12 to the Planning Commission.

11:12:15 The least I can do is to promise to be observant.

11:12:19 And to be fair and to be intelligent about the choices

11:12:24 that we make on behalf of our city and our neighbors

11:12:29 sister communities, and with our county as a would.

11:12:32 Thank you very much.

11:12:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:12:41 >>THE CLERK: Thank you, Council.

11:12:42 The next applicant is Ms. Jacquelyn Smith Wiles.

11:12:51 >> Madam Clerk, I'm just going to say for the record, I

11:12:54 think we all received, and I want to put this on the

11:12:57 record, she made sure she contacted my office as well

11:12:59 as mailed the information to me, she had surgery just

11:13:04 recently and unable to be here today.

11:13:07 So I do want to state that for the record.

11:13:10 >>THE CLERK: And the last candidate, Enrique Woodroffe

11:13:18 will not be attending.

11:13:21 And I believe he prepared a statement which he provided

11:13:23 to Councilmembers.

11:13:24 That would include the ten applicants, with one with

11:13:29 drawings and self being absent.

11:13:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:13:34 Councilmember Suarez?

11:13:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: May I make a motion that the clerk send

11:13:37 notice to those applicants that missed today's meeting

11:13:40 because of prior commitments, because of surge, that

11:13:42 they come -- surgery, if they can come to the next

11:13:46 meeting and prevent.

11:13:48 >> Second.

11:13:48 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:13:49 Aye.

11:13:50 Anyone opposed?

11:13:54 Thank you, Madam Clerk.

11:13:56 Move on to item 40.

11:14:08 The applicants for the architectural review committee.

11:14:18 >>THE CLERK: Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

11:14:21 We are here for the interview for the architectural

11:14:24 review commission.

11:14:25 You have six applicants.

11:14:31 Since one applicant has appointed by the Mayor to the

11:14:34 A.R.C.

11:14:35 The first applicant is Donnelly Bailey.

11:14:45 >> Good morning, Council.

11:14:51 My name is Donnelly Bailey.

11:14:52 I reside at 1908 west Morrison avenue.

11:14:55 And as I've stated in my application, that I live in

11:15:03 one of the city's historic districts and I have

11:15:06 invested a great deal of time and resources and

11:15:10 preservation of that district.

11:15:11 This is evident in my many years as a board member of

11:15:15 the neighborhood association and construction on my

11:15:19 residence.

11:15:20 I would like to see design guidelines continue to be

11:15:22 followed and applied equally to everyone living in each

11:15:26 one of the historic districts.

11:15:27 Thank you for your consideration.

11:15:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:15:39 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:15:40 Ms. Joanne Beck has been appointed by the Mayor to the

11:15:44 A.R.C.

11:15:44 So, her name is being withdrawn.

11:15:48 The next applicant is Mr. Jason Matthew Ebert.

11:15:55 He's not here.

11:15:59 Nor is Kenton Parker Johnston, who also applied for the

11:16:05 Planning Commission.

11:16:06 The next applicant is Donald Edmond Phillips, who is

11:16:14 also absent and he applied for the Planning Commission.

11:16:16 Gregory Steven Ricks will not be able to make the

11:16:23 meeting today, and I believe he also provided a letter

11:16:26 to Councilmembers.

11:16:28 The last one is Steven Michael Sutton.

11:16:35 Good morning again, ladies and gentlemen of the board.

11:16:49 As you can see, I'm available.

11:16:53 [ Laughter ]

11:16:56 >> My first touching of the historic property was with

11:17:02 saint Michael's church in the tide water area of

11:17:07 Maryland as part of a graduate school project, many,

11:17:10 many years ago.

11:17:11 I have been in love with the idea of history and

11:17:15 historic preservation for quite some time.

11:17:18 One of the great bosses that I had when moving to

11:17:23 Florida, particularly in the Tampa area, is that there

11:17:26 is so very little of an historic pattern and character

11:17:31 remaining in this city.

11:17:33 A lot of it is gone.

11:17:35 It is important to learn to balance how you maintain

11:17:42 what you do have in terms of districts in our

11:17:44 neighborhoods and our very significant buildings.

11:17:47 And how do we do so so that the future pattern of

11:17:51 growth and change can accommodate the growth of them

11:17:56 together?

11:17:57 Not an easy process.

11:17:58 I do not see the nature of the historic preservation

11:18:03 committee to act in a Draconian measures to make the

11:18:11 existing fabric remain in static form that really adds

11:18:19 no value to the whole community.

11:18:20 What's important to me is that our historic resources

11:18:24 actually folded into and made a vibrant part of our

11:18:27 community without loss of rights to our property

11:18:30 owners, without loss of the historic fabric that makes

11:18:34 some parts of Tampa so very much interesting and so

11:18:37 very much vibrant.

11:18:38 This takes a reasoned hand.

11:18:42 This takes a hand that recognizes that there are many

11:18:46 different parties that are involved and in many

11:18:50 respects, none of them are unreasonable.

11:18:52 It takes a recent hand that has some experience in

11:18:56 trying to develop, redevelop existing historic

11:18:59 properties, which can be very, very difficult and in

11:19:02 some cases not quite possible.

11:19:03 For this city to continue, we need to recognize those

11:19:10 opportunities where the good idea and the good plan

11:19:15 enhances our historic resources.

11:19:19 And I think it is the purpose of that board to assist

11:19:24 that.

11:19:26 Preserve what we have, allow what we have to move

11:19:30 forward, or we lose it all.

11:19:33 There are very number of buildings, I have seen them

11:19:38 here, our historic cigar factories are part of the

11:19:41 matter, as an example of something that is so difficult

11:19:45 to redevelop.

11:19:46 They sit empty and they're dying.

11:19:49 We could lose those if we do not find a means to make

11:19:52 them a vibrant part of our community.

11:19:54 That is our duty.

11:19:57 Seek the opportunities, mentor those opportunities,

11:20:03 make the changes necessary to preserve and extend our

11:20:08 existing fabrics.

11:20:10 Thank you very much.

11:20:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:20:18 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:20:19 That's it for the candidates for the architectural

11:20:22 review commission.

11:20:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair?

11:20:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, Mr. Shelby.

11:20:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just so the record is clear, I believe

11:20:35 Council took action with regard to putting the vote on

11:20:37 for number 39 for next week, when it adopted the

11:20:40 addendum.

11:20:41 My question is, can I just apologize for interrupting,

11:20:44 want to be clear, as to whether there was official

11:20:47 action with regard to item 40?

11:20:49 And again, 42 would be the same question.

11:20:52 >>MARY MULHERN: I believe we had a motion to do that, a

11:20:56 separate motion.

11:20:57 For 40 and 42.

11:20:59 Yes, didn't we?

11:21:02 >> I'll check.

11:21:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Sorry to interrupt.

11:21:04 But I want to be clear.

11:21:07 Okay, I'm sorry to interrupt.

11:21:12 >>THE CLERK: You want to move on to item 41?

11:21:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, item 41, I believe there weren't

11:21:17 any cross applications with the Planning Commission, is

11:21:20 that correct?

11:21:22 That we'll be hearing -- we will be hearing from both

11:21:26 the applicants and voting on item 41.

11:21:30 >>THE CLERK: Yes.

11:21:31 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

11:21:33 The interviews for the equal business opportunity

11:21:36 advisory Council, we have six applicants.

11:21:38 The first applicant Francis brook, will not be able to

11:21:43 attend the meeting.

11:21:45 The next applicant is Joshua hall.

11:21:50 Doesn't seem like he's here.

11:21:55 The next applicant is Guido Maniscalco.

11:22:10 >> Good morning, my name is Guido Maniscalco, 4902

11:22:13 North MacDill Avenue.

11:22:15 50 years ago, my grandparent came from Cuba.

11:22:18 And they spoke little English.

11:22:20 My grandmother worked several jocks, my grandfather

11:22:24 also worked several jobs, but he had a vision of doing

11:22:27 something more and that was starting his own business.

11:22:30 Several years later he had the opportunity to do so and

11:22:32 a business now in the third generation, I run and

11:22:34 operate and continue the legacy and tradition my

11:22:38 grandfather began.

11:22:39 I'm a proud Tampa native, USF graduate.

11:22:42 Involved with several organizations throughout the City

11:22:44 of Tampa.

11:22:44 I often say if you're not passionate about something,

11:22:47 don't do it.

11:22:47 I'm passionate about serving my community.

11:22:50 Tampa has been good to me.

11:22:51 Tampa's been good to my family and I want to give back

11:22:54 as much as I can.

11:22:56 I'm proud of my heritage.

11:22:57 I have Cuban, Spanish and Italian blood in me.

11:23:03 I ask for the opportunity to serve on this board, thank

11:23:06 you very much.

11:23:07 >> Thank you.

11:23:12 >>THE CLERK: The next applicant is Serkan Ozak.

11:23:27 >> Good morning, members of the Council.

11:23:29 I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

11:23:33 I'm Serkan Ozak, 1839 Palm Bay drive in north Tampa.

11:23:40 I'm a resident of Tampa, the area over 12 years.

11:23:43 I have graduated in upstate.

11:23:52 I have attended master program, New York university, in

11:23:55 New York and also in Tampa, Florida.

11:24:01 In 2001, I have served in operating my first retail

11:24:06 store in the Tampa Bay area.

11:24:08 Since then I have established, opened, operated and

11:24:11 sold basically over 28 stores in the area.

11:24:14 And I've been, I have two retail stores that I own and

11:24:20 operate.

11:24:21 And I also do wholesale business.

11:24:28 And we also do import goods from various countries,

11:24:31 overseas.

11:24:37 As a member of the business community, I witnessed and

11:24:42 experienced challenges.

11:24:43 And this was during my business life and still doing

11:24:48 so.

11:24:49 And I believe that being involved in various aspects of

11:24:53 business and having basically hands-on experience and

11:24:56 various skills from retail to wholesale.

11:24:59 Wholesale distribution helped me to gain valuable

11:25:02 experience that I could share with my community.

11:25:04 For this reason that I mention, for the reasons I

11:25:08 mentioned, I believe that I would be a good candidate

11:25:12 for this volunteer position.

11:25:14 And as a resident of the city, I believe I'm obligated

11:25:18 to give back basically to my community and share with

11:25:21 it with what I have earned and gained.

11:25:25 Thank you very much.

11:25:25 Thanks for your time.

11:25:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:25:31 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:25:32 The next applicant is Mr. Gilberto Sanchez.

11:25:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Shelby, I'd like to say that the

11:25:43 clerk has confirmed that we did vote to continue items

11:25:47 40 and 42.

11:25:50 >> Good morning.

11:25:51 Honorable members of the Tampa City Council, my name is

11:25:54 Gil Sanchez.

11:25:55 I currently reside at 109 South Pafford Avenue.

11:25:58 I'm a small business owner, owning my own law practice.

11:26:01 I opened my firm in January of 2007.

11:26:03 Within my areas of law is representing small business

11:26:06 owners, which I think very important part of the

11:26:09 responsibilities to be a part of the equal business

11:26:13 opportunity advisory Council.

11:26:15 I've represented hundreds of small business owners,

11:26:18 incorporated them.

11:26:19 Not only am I a business attorney, but I'm also a

11:26:21 business intermediary, which basically means I

11:26:25 represent small business owners in buying and selling.

11:26:27 This experience both professionally and also as a

11:26:30 volunteer and board member of the Hispanic business

11:26:34 initiative fund, which is a non-profit organization

11:26:36 which started here in Tampa and is now statewide and

11:26:39 potentially nationwide, started with the purpose to

11:26:42 promote and help small businesses move up.

11:26:45 The opportunity that's here before me, I believe is an

11:26:48 excellent opportunity for me to utilize my experience

11:26:52 and as the purpose states, that to promote the

11:26:53 participation and use of small local business

11:26:56 enterprise.

11:26:57 In a time where small business owners are having

11:27:00 difficulty finding financing, making transactions, I

11:27:03 believe is the great opportunity for me to help the

11:27:07 small business owners, move up, understand the process

11:27:10 and procure their services through the City of Tampa.

11:27:13 Thank you very much.

11:27:21 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

11:27:21 Our last candidate is Mr. Louis Frank Bernucca.

11:27:33 >> My name is Louis Bernucca.

11:27:38 I live on Knights Run Avenue in South Tampa.

11:27:40 Been in Tampa since 1992.

11:27:42 I guess there are two ways to describe what I think I

11:27:45 would be helpful on this voluntary board.

11:27:48 First of all, my educational background is fairly

11:27:53 extensive.

11:27:54 I have a bachelor's degree from university in New York.

11:27:59 NBA from NYU in New York.

11:28:04 My background is with small companies and big

11:28:06 companies.

11:28:07 I have started at least four small companies and run

11:28:10 them and then sold them successfully.

11:28:12 I've run a number of big companies.

11:28:15 I'm talking about real big companies, where you have

11:28:18 two, three thousand employees.

11:28:20 I'm very well versed in the idea of starting a company,

11:28:25 that is, for example, do you want to start from

11:28:27 scratch?

11:28:28 Do you want to buy someone else's company?

11:28:30 Would you like to buy a franchise?

11:28:32 Those are the options that are out there.

11:28:34 Secondarily, how do you want to legally set up your

11:28:38 company?

11:28:38 As an independent contractor?

11:28:40 Do you want to be a partnership or a corporation?

11:28:42 And lastly, the most important part is where to get the

11:28:47 money from.

11:28:47 What options are out there to get money, for example,

11:28:50 from the small business administration.

11:28:53 I have accomplished my goals as a business person.

11:28:55 I am fundamentally retired.

11:28:57 I teach college.

11:28:59 I'm a -- on a part-time basis.

11:29:01 Have been doing that my entire life.

11:29:04 I teach here in Tampa.

11:29:07 I've had any number of students who have started their

11:29:10 business with my advice and how to get going.

11:29:13 So I'd love to be able to help other people who want to

11:29:16 start a business.

11:29:17 I just want to give back something to the community

11:29:20 because I think this country has done well for me.

11:29:23 Thanks very much.

11:29:33 >>THE CLERK: Council, you've been provided ballots.

11:29:35 For the Hispanic American, you will be choosing between

11:29:41 Guido Maniscalco and Gilberto Sanchez.

11:29:47 Under Caucasian male, you will be choosing from Joshua

11:29:55 Hall, Serkan Ozak and Louis Frank Bernucca.

11:30:04 Under the African-American, Francis Brooks.

11:30:06 If you can complete your ballots.

11:30:52 >>THE CLERK: Council, if I may, there's only one

11:30:54 applicant for the historic preservation commission.

11:30:58 And that is Mr. Steven Sutton.

11:31:01 If you want to consider that individual.

11:31:07 >> Madam Chair?

11:31:08 If I may have a question about that.

11:31:10 Because Mr. Sutton has applied for three different

11:31:13 boards, and I actually had asked our counsel attorney

11:31:18 to look into this, if we appointed him as the alternate

11:31:21 for one and then on one of the other boards, is that

11:31:25 does that preclude him from serving on one of the other

11:31:28 boards?

11:31:30 >>THE CLERK: I believe he had some preferences.

11:31:31 I believe the first one was planning.

11:31:34 >> I don't mean his specific preferences.

11:31:36 But there are some boards that are advisory, that you

11:31:39 can also serve on other boards.

11:31:40 So I wasn't sure what is considered -- that's his

11:31:44 question.

11:31:50 >>JULIA COLE: I'd have to look into that a little

11:31:52 further.

11:31:53 But I would venture say it would probably create a dual

11:31:57 office holding problem.

11:31:58 I think that was one of the reasons why they wanted to

11:32:00 go ahead and wait and do these all in a block.

11:32:04 >> All right.

11:32:05 My question is answered.

11:32:06 Thank you.

11:32:06 I think we should just take that up for next week then.

11:32:18 >> While the votes are being tallied, I'd like to point

11:32:24 out it's getting close to noon when we normally break

11:32:28 for lunch.

11:32:28 I'd like to maybe hear from Council whether you'd like

11:32:40 to waive our rules and continue the meeting or if

11:32:45 Council would like to take our lunch break and come

11:32:48 back?

11:32:49 Any preferences?

11:32:53 Councilman Reddick?

11:32:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: One thing I would suggest, staff

11:33:01 report, that tissue pertaining to Williams Park, that

11:33:04 we have the staff, contract administration come and

11:33:07 give that report because you have individuals who have

11:33:09 been sitting here since 9:00 this morning.

11:33:11 I would hate to see them not come back after 1:00 and

11:33:14 in addition, they might ask me to feed them.

11:33:17 So I don't want to do that.

11:33:18 That you give consideration.

11:33:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I think that we'll get to that.

11:33:24 Let's see.

11:33:25 What number is that?

11:33:27 46.

11:33:28 I think we'll get to that before lunch.

11:33:31 >> Madam Chair?

11:33:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I do have a board meeting at noon.

11:33:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, we'll try -- we can try to pick

11:33:47 up the pace here.

11:33:48 We might be able to get through if we still have a

11:33:51 quorum and you have to leave.

11:33:53 Any other -- I think you were out of the room.

11:33:57 I was asking what Council's preference was, if we need

11:34:00 to go past noon, if people wanted to waive the rules

11:34:04 and stay.

11:34:05 >> I'm flexible either way.

11:34:07 >> Same for me, chair.

11:34:12 >> I'm flexible either way.

11:34:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, we do have an item, we also need

11:34:22 to take care of.

11:34:24 Because the petitioner needs to be somewhere this

11:34:28 afternoon.

11:34:28 So we need to get so far to item 46 and also we'll take

11:34:33 up item 52 after item 46 and try to get that done

11:34:37 before noon.

11:34:52 >>THE CLERK: Council, Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

11:34:57 We have a 3-2.

11:35:00 And in speaking with the Council attorney, you need

11:35:05 four to be considered.

11:35:06 Is that correct?

11:35:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes.

11:35:11 >>THE CLERK: So I think another ballot is in order.

11:35:13 And I can pass that out.

11:35:14 However, the African-American Francis Brooks has been

11:35:18 voted on.

11:35:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Both of them you have 3-2 on the others

11:35:26 too?

11:35:26 Okay.

11:35:46 >>THE CLERK: Did you want me to note?

11:35:49 >>MARY MULHERN: On the second applicant, the Caucasian

11:35:51 male, tell us which two.

11:35:56 >> Gilberto Sanchez and Guido Maniscalco.

11:36:06 And then Caucasian mail, Joshua Hall and Serkan Ozek.

11:36:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Can I ask a question?

11:36:21 Can we know what the vote is?

11:36:24 >>THE CLERK: Yes.

11:36:24 Gilberto Sanchez received three votes and Guido two

11:36:30 votes.

11:36:31 Caucasian male, Serkan Ozak received three votes and

11:36:44 Joshua Hall received two votes.

11:36:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I may have been optimistic, Mr.

11:38:06 Grandoff, about how quickly we'd get through.

11:38:10 So after we're done with this item, we'll take up your

11:38:14 item number 52 and then we'll hear item 46.

11:38:35 >>THE CLERK: Council, Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

11:38:39 We need to prepare another ballot.

11:38:41 For the Hispanic American.

11:38:44 Serkan Ozek has been selected as the Caucasian male.

11:38:52 So we need to prepare another ballot.

11:38:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Did the vote not change on the other

11:38:57 one?

11:38:58 >> No.

11:38:59 >>MARY MULHERN: People aren't going to change their

11:39:01 vote, we are going to be sitting here all day.

11:39:05 >>THE CLERK: So if you want to proceed and we'll get

11:39:06 some other ballots prepared.

11:39:08 >> Madam Chair, is it appropriate to make any comments

11:39:11 at all about candidates that are on the ballot?

11:39:16 >>MARY MULHERN: I think at this point, it's kind of

11:39:18 late to do that.

11:39:19 Personally.

11:39:21 I figure if we -- I mean, it's fine.

11:39:28 If you want.

11:39:32 >> I'm just going to make a comment about one of the

11:39:34 candidates.

11:39:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Go ahead.

11:39:36 >> Gilbert Sanchez is someone I've known for many years

11:39:40 now and is really a strong advocate for the community

11:39:44 in terms of Hispanic Americans.

11:39:46 To me, I think that he would be an excellent choice.

11:39:50 I voted for him obviously twice now.

11:39:52 And I'll vote for him again.

11:39:54 And I think we should look at the breadth of knowledge

11:39:58 and expertise that he has.

11:40:00 So that's all I wanted to say.

11:40:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:40:06 It's a difficult one.

11:40:07 Both of these young men have, I think a lot of us know

11:40:12 them as candidates.

11:40:14 They both run for public office.

11:40:17 And they're both strong members of the community.

11:40:19 And it's tough.

11:40:22 So, I just want to give them both their due.

11:40:26 And Guido Maniscalco is a great member of the community

11:40:34 and roots go way back.

11:40:38 >>THE CLERK: If you want to proceed with your agenda

11:40:39 and we'll get other ballots prepared.

11:40:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:40:42 Mr. Grandoff.

11:40:43 Item number 52.

11:40:45 We need a motion to open the public hearing.

11:40:52 >> So moved.

11:40:57 Are.

11:40:58 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:40:59 Aye?

11:41:00 >> Madam Chair?

11:41:01 The witnesses would need to be sworn in as well,

11:41:03 please.

11:41:04 >>MARY MULHERN: If there's anyone wishing to speak on

11:41:06 item 52, please stand and be sworn in.

11:41:11 [Oath administered by Clerk]

11:41:18 >> Very quickly, Madam Chair, with regard to all of

11:41:20 today's hearings, for the records that have been

11:41:23 available for public inspection in City Council's

11:41:26 chambers that have been received, communications, I'd

11:41:29 ask them to be received and filed by motion at this

11:41:31 time, please.

11:41:32 >> So moved.

11:41:32 >> Thank you.

11:41:33 >> Second.

11:41:34 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:41:35 Aye.

11:41:40 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Case V 11-221 located at 3225 south

11:41:45 MacDill avenue.

11:41:46 They're requesting alcoholic beverage sales, beer and

11:41:49 wine, the report does say liquor, just to be clear,

11:41:52 that was an error in the report.

11:41:53 It is simply beer and wine package sales.

11:41:56 You'll notice on page one of the staff report they are

11:42:00 asking for the three waivers to the thousand feet.

11:42:02 For alcoholic beverage sales establishment within zero

11:42:07 front.

11:42:08 320 for residential and 691 for institutional leases.

11:42:12 The orient you with the site, this is on South MacDill

11:42:16 south of, where the Crosstown crosses over.

11:42:19 The Palma Ceia village plaza.

11:42:21 There's the site of the sign itself and then just a

11:42:28 couple shots of the uses.

11:42:30 The unit itself is 2,338 square feet.

11:42:40 The indoor sales will only be indoor as this is just

11:42:43 retail package sales itself.

11:42:45 It's not considered a change of use or an increase of

11:42:48 intensity.

11:42:48 It is a retail shopping center.

11:42:50 This is a retail sale.

11:42:51 No additional parking would be required for the site.

11:42:54 You'll notice on page two of the staff report, there

11:42:57 are a couple site plan modifications that are needed.

11:43:00 The first being that the distance separation criteria

11:43:04 for residential uses is noted as 319 feet on the site

11:43:09 plan, it's actually 320, so that's a minor correction

11:43:12 that can be changed.

11:43:13 The second bullet point as well as the transportation

11:43:17 comment can actually be addressed to the note I just

11:43:19 handed to the clerk.

11:43:21 It's basically documenting the site itself as

11:43:24 maintaining an 85,500 square foot building area.

11:43:27 With 152 parking spaces.

11:43:30 General retail parking spaces, spaces for thousand

11:43:34 square feet per code.

11:43:35 Current parking count is considered a nonconforming

11:43:39 characteristic of use.

11:43:42 Not considered increase in intensity.

11:43:44 Thus no additional parking is required.

11:43:47 Retail to retail change doesn't require additional

11:43:49 parking.

11:43:49 Finally, the additional change is a minor one.

11:43:53 They did note on the site plan that they wanted to

11:43:55 start sales at 10:00 a.m.

11:43:57 However, on Sundays, chapters three requires are

11:44:01 11:00 a.m. start.

11:44:02 So they would need to break Sunday out and put

11:44:05 11:00 a.m.

11:44:05 Pages three through six include criteria for your

11:44:10 consideration of the special use.

11:44:11 There were no additional objections from staff.

11:44:14 [inaudible]

11:44:33 >> It's unit 17.

11:44:35 It used to be a medical office, I believe.

11:44:37 Is what was in it.

11:44:38 Beer and wine package.

11:44:44 No on-site consumption.

11:44:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Petitioner?

11:44:51 Oh, I'm sorry.

11:44:54 >> Don Miller.

11:44:56 Good afternoon.

11:44:56 City of Tampa police department has no objections to

11:44:58 the special use permit.

11:45:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:45:01 >> Good morning, madam chair, members of City Council.

11:45:03 My name is John Grandoff, suite 3700 bank of America

11:45:09 plaza.

11:45:09 I represent the party.

11:45:10 First of all, thank you for your accommodation in

11:45:14 hearing our application this morning.

11:45:15 The project is going to be as you're facing the Pane

11:45:19 Rustica Restaurant, it's the space immediately to the

11:45:22 right in this plaza.

11:45:24 Ms. Cole has gone over the report thoroughly.

11:45:29 We have no objections to any of the requests to

11:45:32 change -- the change to the site plan, we can

11:45:34 accomplish all those changes between first and second

11:45:36 reading.

11:45:37 And we have no opposition that I'm aware of.

11:45:40 I respectfully request your approval and request

11:45:42 further time on rebuttal if necessary.

11:45:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Is this a -- this is an -- the

11:45:48 applicant isn't penny rustICA?

11:45:54 >> No.

11:45:56 >> Okay, thank you.

11:45:57 Is there anyone in the public who wishes to speak on

11:46:01 this?

11:46:03 >> Good morning, Albert Decobal, the owners of the

11:46:07 shopping center.

11:46:08 We obviously support the petition.

11:46:11 Pane Rustica has been a good neighbor.

11:46:18 The medical clinic moved out.

11:46:20 This gentlemen is a local wine shop already.

11:46:22 So we are just moving him into the center to be good

11:46:25 neighbors.

11:46:25 Thank you.

11:46:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Grandoff?

11:46:30 >> I have nothing further.

11:46:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Can I just ask you to state on the

11:46:33 record that this is just for sale of beer and wine?

11:46:37 >> Yes.

11:46:37 It is for sale of beer and wine only.

11:46:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:46:41 >> Motion to close the public hearing.

11:46:43 >> Second.

11:46:44 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:46:45 Aye.

11:46:51 >> I move to approve.

11:46:55 >> You need to read the ordinances.

11:46:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I need my glass.

11:46:59 Move to ordinance, ordinance being presented for first

11:47:02 reading consideration, an ordinance approving special

11:47:04 use permit S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales, small

11:47:07 venue and making lawful the sale of beer and wine,

11:47:10 package sales, off-premise, consumption at or from the

11:47:14 certain lot, plot, or tract of land located at 3225

11:47:18 south MacDill avenue, unit 117, Tampa, Florida, as more

11:47:22 particularly described in section 2 hereof, providing

11:47:29 for repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an

11:47:30 effective date.

11:47:31 >> Second.

11:47:33 >>MARY MULHERN: All in -- let's record and vote.

11:47:35 Okay, all in favor?

11:47:40 Aye.

11:47:40 Anyone opposed?

11:47:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:47:45 being absent.

11:47:46 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

11:47:49 25th at 30:00 a.m.

11:47:52 >> Thank you once again.

11:47:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:47:54 Could we go back -- do we have results of the vote?

11:48:03 Oh, we are still waiting for the ballot.

11:48:05 Okay.

11:48:05 Let's move to item 46.

11:48:07 Is staff here to discuss that?

11:48:28 >> Good morning.

11:48:39 David Vaughn, director of contract administration.

11:48:41 Was watching open E in a remote location, jumped on the

11:48:46 elevator and came over.

11:48:48 Happy for this opportunity to present.

11:48:49 Also was able to watch the public comment portion.

11:48:53 I've heard the comments and appreciate them.

11:48:57 And the spirit in which they were given and hope that

11:48:59 in this report, we're going to give sow substantive

11:49:02 information that will be helpful, as we understand

11:49:05 where we are and where we are headed.

11:49:08 I really would like to start with the end of my report.

11:49:12 You asked me to answer two questions.

11:49:14 And one of those questions was the comparative costs

11:49:18 between repairing the pool to replacing the pool.

11:49:21 And then to also talk about the schedule.

11:49:23 Based on what we know now, assuming that what we know

11:49:30 continues to be that way and that repair of the pool is

11:49:35 feasible, right now, there is not a substantive

11:49:40 difference dollar-wise in whether we repair or whether

11:49:44 we replace it.

11:49:45 There are still some things and I'll talk in detail

11:49:47 about what some of those are.

11:49:49 [audio disruption]

11:51:02 >> If you're going to fix it, you're going to have to

11:51:05 take the time and the effort to do it right.

11:51:06 Additionally in this park, we have a number of side

11:51:11 drainage issues that impact the area around the pool,

11:51:14 as well as park-wide.

11:51:16 We also, as we started working on the master plan for

11:51:24 this park, became aware that before we could do

11:51:27 anything anywhere, we had a survey that didn't close.

11:51:31 We had roadways going through the property that might

11:51:34 not be right-of-way.

11:51:35 And we had to address those issues because we couldn't

11:51:37 get a permit.

11:51:38 We couldn't do site design, couldn't do a lot of things

11:51:42 before we dealt with that issue.

11:51:43 And then lastly, under the issues that are in reviewing

11:51:47 this with parks and rec, there are longstanding

11:51:50 requests from the community about the notion of

11:51:53 enlarging the play activity building or the community

11:51:56 center building that's there.

11:51:57 And certainly as we think about a significant pool

11:52:00 project, significant site improvements, all of that

11:52:03 needs to be considered so we don't do something that we

11:52:05 have to turn around and tear up a few months later to

11:52:08 put in other improvements.

11:52:09 That being said, moving to box two where we are -- at

11:52:17 the Elmo again.

11:52:18 As you've heard previously, there is an overall

11:52:27 assessment of our city wide pool facility underway.

11:52:30 This is a contract that was let towards the end of last

11:52:33 year.

11:52:35 Tremendous amount of effort to go to each location,

11:52:38 look at each piece of equipment, each room, each item

11:52:43 among these pools in order to determine what is it that

11:52:46 we need to do at each of these places.

11:52:49 And try to give us a framework for not only

11:52:52 understanding what needs to be done, how much it might

11:52:55 cost, but also a framework for making decisions about

11:52:58 which ones should be done first and how we'd go about

11:53:01 doing it.

11:53:02 We have -- we received in early July a draft of that

11:53:05 information.

11:53:06 It's been distributed to the various pool managers.

11:53:08 And my staff as well, who are reviewing that, sort of

11:53:13 giving it a quality check and sanity check, have we

11:53:16 missed any things?

11:53:17 Are there other issues we need to deal with?

11:53:21 At Williams Park, there are irks, particularly the

11:53:24 shell of the pool that warrant further look.

11:53:26 Parallel to this study, there is the Williams Park

11:53:29 master plan that -- there are three elements included.

11:53:33 One the site survey, which has been completed.

11:53:36 We now have a property line that closes.

11:53:39 The sort of review and drainage assessment of what, and

11:53:46 recommendation for what needs to happen in order to fix

11:53:48 the site drainage issues.

11:53:50 That's underway now.

11:53:52 Then also in this contract is the provision for some

11:53:55 community meetings to present these things in

11:53:58 conjunction with the pool and some of the issues with

11:54:01 the building to get their input and make sure that we

11:54:03 are all on the same page as we move forward.

11:54:06 Then additionally, with the request to enlarge the

11:54:08 building, we need to understand what that means.

11:54:12 Are there specific activity that would impact the way

11:54:15 that we might add on to the building?

11:54:19 If we could go back to the Elmo.

11:54:24 >> Before you continue, I'd like to move that to

11:54:29 extend.

11:54:32 >> Second.

11:54:32 >> All in favor.

11:54:33 Aye.

11:54:35 >> Thank you.

11:54:36 Looking on box number three, under our next steps, the

11:54:40 most immediate thing for happening over the next six to

11:54:43 eight weeks are the completion of the aquatic study,

11:54:48 completion of the drainage assessment so we have the

11:54:50 information that we need to then meet with the

11:54:52 community and move forward with determining what are we

11:54:54 going to do with this project so that we can have a

11:54:58 scope, we can have funding.

11:54:59 Parallel to this, we're going to have to go through

11:55:02 designer collection process.

11:55:04 -- selection process.

11:55:05 We can run that parallel to the community input and be

11:55:08 in a position by the first part of 2012 to have our

11:55:12 scope, our funding, what are we going to do?

11:55:15 How are we going to go forward and proceed with the

11:55:17 project.

11:55:17 The estimated costs -- back to the Elmo.

11:55:22 Thank you.

11:55:23 Because there have been a number of numbers thrown

11:55:29 around about contract amounts and what we have spent to

11:55:32 date on various things, the only two contracts that are

11:55:36 in place at this point that relate to this discussion

11:55:38 are the Williams Park master plan, which is just under

11:55:42 $50,000.

11:55:42 This is part of $150,000 that was set aside for

11:55:46 Williams Park, the balance of that money remains

11:55:50 available as we move into the fall and we identify

11:55:52 things that we can do, that will allow us potentially

11:55:56 do some early start to things there.

11:55:58 Then the city wide aquatic study, 15 separate

11:56:02 locations.

11:56:03 It has not come out of the Williams Park money,

11:56:05 including the effort in this contract for Williams

11:56:08 Park.

11:56:08 The numbers that you see there, again, go back to my

11:56:13 initial comments that at this point, there is not an

11:56:16 obvious answer that replacing versus repairing the pool

11:56:21 is just an obvious thing that we want to do.

11:56:23 There are some other options on the table.

11:56:25 If folks are interested, there have been some

11:56:28 discussions about rather than a pool, potentially

11:56:30 having a splash feature.

11:56:32 There are advantages and disadvantages to that.

11:56:34 Both in terms of operating and how long a year it can

11:56:39 be open versus operating costs and versus it's not a

11:56:43 pool.

11:56:43 So certainly that is something that can be talked

11:56:46 about.

11:56:46 Or incorporated into a pool replacement or repair

11:56:50 project.

11:56:51 Again, you have kind of some place holders and guesses

11:56:55 about the site improvements and the building expansion.

11:56:57 Obviously depending on how those scopes flesh out,

11:57:01 those numbers can flex.

11:57:04 But they give you an idea of the magnitude of the

11:57:06 projects that we're talking about.

11:57:08 With that I hope it's helpful.

11:57:11 I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

11:57:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:57:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me let Councilmember Suarez go

11:57:23 first.

11:57:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

11:57:25 Thank you so much, chair.

11:57:27 You know, I got to tell you.

11:57:30 The last meeting that we had concerning this, and I'm

11:57:33 sorry, you're going to have to be the brunt of this.

11:57:35 Because one of the things that we're missing here is

11:57:38 the status as to why it took three years to find out

11:57:41 what the problem was.

11:57:42 That's the biggest issue right now.

11:57:44 Mine, we knew we needed to replace the drainage system

11:57:48 per federal law.

11:57:49 Okay?

11:57:50 And now we're coming back, you're just reiterating some

11:57:55 of the stuff Karen Palus had told us last time.

11:57:57 The second thing, now we are talking about a $2 million

11:58:00 pool versus 1.522 million to repair the current pool.

11:58:04 All right.

11:58:05 Have we been studying this for three years as to which

11:58:08 is the best alternative?

11:58:09 Is there $2 million waiting out there to be spent we

11:58:13 haven't spent?

11:58:14 It doesn't make much sense to me.

11:58:16 I understand you're going to get the brunt to you and I

11:58:19 apologize to you beforehand.

11:58:21 Here are the problems I have.

11:58:22 Everything seems to be coming up to completion for fall

11:58:25 2011 for building in early 2012.

11:58:28 Okay.

11:58:29 Where has all this information been?

11:58:32 I mean, did you guys just all of a sudden find the

11:58:36 information?

11:58:36 Is there something that has not been done by the

11:58:40 consultant?

11:58:40 Because I know you have a consultant involved.

11:58:43 Is the consultant not a good consultant?

11:58:45 Do you all look at what they're doing?

11:58:47 Please answer that question before I go on.

11:58:51 >> Let me answer that.

11:58:53 You've asked several questions.

11:58:55 >> Well, answer that question first.

11:58:58 >> First question, there's not a problem with the

11:58:59 consultant.

11:59:01 >> Okay.

11:59:02 Well, here's my question.

11:59:03 I think there is a problem with consultant, if he's

11:59:06 been on the job for three years.

11:59:08 Has he been on the job?

11:59:09 >> He has not.

11:59:10 >> How long has he been on the job?

11:59:13 >> The work order for the aquatic study was issued in

11:59:15 November of 2010.

11:59:16 >> Okay, November 2010.

11:59:18 The pool has been closed for three years, correct?

11:59:21 We knew about the drainage issue concerning federal law

11:59:24 back in what?

11:59:27 2009?

11:59:29 >> My understanding the pool was closed in 2009.

11:59:31 >> 2009.

11:59:31 So, but we knew about obviously the federal law

11:59:35 pre-dated that.

11:59:36 Then we had to have something going on at that time, in

11:59:41 2009.

11:59:41 And I understand including everything into a master

11:59:44 plan, to look at all the pools and all the drainage

11:59:46 systems.

11:59:47 Is there social that's so specific and so egregious

11:59:51 about this particular pool, versus all our other pools,

11:59:54 that makes it different?

11:59:55 What does the consultant say?

11:59:57 Or do you know what the consultant says?

11:59:59 >> Let me try to answer one of your earlier questions,

12:00:02 then I'll come back and talk specifically about some of

12:00:04 the uniqueness to the Williams Park situation.

12:00:07 Contract administration can only respond in a contract

12:00:13 manner to the direction that it's given and the funding

12:00:16 that's made available in order to address these issues.

12:00:19 We have moved as expeditiously as we, based on the

12:00:24 direction we were given, to deal with the aquatic

12:00:27 study, with the Williams Park, with the overall

12:00:30 Williams Park and those issues.

12:00:33 From train to 2011 has seen a lot of things relative to

12:00:37 funding, financing, scopes, that are outside and just

12:00:44 because it doesn't appear that anything was happened

12:00:46 doesn't mean that it was being ignored or doesn't mean

12:00:49 that nothing was being done.

12:00:50 >> That's not my question to you though.

12:00:52 I'm not saying you were ignoring it.

12:00:53 I'm saying what is the real thing that's slowing this

12:00:57 thing down?

12:00:58 >> Here's the issue with Williams Park pool.

12:01:00 Williams Park was built in the late 80s.

12:01:03 It was one of the city's first attempts at a zero depth

12:01:07 pool.

12:01:08 Which presents a lot of challenges in terms of

12:01:12 recirculating the water and meeting health code

12:01:15 requirements, on top of which maintaining accessibility

12:01:19 aspects at the zero edge that you're trying to do,

12:01:22 start with.

12:01:23 The currently, that drain, along that edge, gravity

12:01:30 doesn't work.

12:01:31 And so, the pumps and the piping that are connected to

12:01:34 it physically cannot recirculate the water to the

12:01:37 volume that it needs to do in order to operate that

12:01:40 pool.

12:01:40 We can't get a health department permit with it that

12:01:43 way.

12:01:44 It's separate from a notion of putting the drain

12:01:47 protection to meet the Virginia rivers act and the

12:01:51 things that have happened at other pools.

12:01:53 In fact, if we put those on at Williams Park, that

12:01:55 would further reduce the flow capacity.

12:01:58 What's not clear at this point is whether or not, the

12:02:03 fact that gravity doesn't work there is the result of

12:02:06 the entire pool moving, or whether it is some localized

12:02:11 situation with the pool that can be addressed.

12:02:15 Because the pool is empty at this point, can't go out

12:02:20 and just look at it and say oh, yeah, the pool's

12:02:23 moving.

12:02:24 But it is an issue.

12:02:25 It is a significant issue that impacts everything else

12:02:27 that we do with the remainder of that pool to deal

12:02:31 with, the age of equipment, the condition of it, the

12:02:34 accessibility stuff, that kind of thing.

12:02:36 >> All right.

12:02:37 Let me summarize what you've said.

12:02:40 So essentially we have had, since '09, we still have

12:02:45 not figured out what the hell is happening with this

12:02:47 pool?

12:02:49 I mean -- and -- you're only one part of this.

12:02:57 I understand the reason behind it.

12:02:59 And what myself personally and I think many of the

12:03:02 other members here on the board just want to know is,

12:03:05 A, is it money?

12:03:07 B, is it because of federal regulations or other state

12:03:11 or county laws?

12:03:12 And thirdly, how can we solve the problem?

12:03:15 We can't continue to go on with this each and every

12:03:19 time we talk about Williams Park pool.

12:03:21 So, we can't do our job until we know exactly what the

12:03:25 problem is.

12:03:26 You've stated part of it, which is you all don't know

12:03:29 what's going on.

12:03:30 Okay.

12:03:31 So actually that's much better than I've heard from a

12:03:34 lot of other people in the city and I appreciate that.

12:03:36 Okay.

12:03:37 My last question to you is, do you know when we're

12:03:41 going to know what the heck is going on over at the

12:03:44 pool in terms of how to repair it?

12:03:48 >> And I expect to know that, as outlined here in box

12:03:52 number three, next step.

12:03:54 We expect that review is ongoing, and we expect to know

12:03:57 it this fall.

12:03:59 >> Okay.

12:04:00 Fall's kind of a generic kind of term.

12:04:04 What are we talking?

12:04:06 November?

12:04:06 >> Particularly to go to the first item it says early

12:04:09 fall.

12:04:10 By early fall, I mean August, September.

12:04:12 I don't mean Thanksgiving.

12:04:14 >> All right.

12:04:15 Thank you.

12:04:15 Mr. Reddick?

12:04:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Going to the chair.

12:04:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:04:24 The pool closed in 2009?

12:04:30 >> That's my understanding event.

12:04:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Does that mean the beginning of the

12:04:34 summer?

12:04:35 >> I don't know.

12:04:36 >>MARY MULHERN: The pool closed and then -- is that the

12:04:39 time when it was emptied of water?

12:04:43 >> I would assume so, but I don't know.

12:04:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe you could find that out for us.

12:04:50 Or we could have somebody from parks who has the

12:04:52 answers to this.

12:04:53 We need to know when that was emptied of the water.

12:04:57 What's the size of this pool?

12:05:04 >> It is not -- I can't tell you gallon capacity.

12:05:08 It's not our smallest pool, but -- it's somewhere

12:05:11 between Bobby Hix and say Interbay.

12:05:15 >> Is it Olympic?

12:05:16 I haven't been there.

12:05:17 >> It's close to Olympic length.

12:05:19 But it goes a zero depth.

12:05:22 >>MARY MULHERN: When you say zero depth, what does that

12:05:24 mean?

12:05:24 >> That means from the deck, you can walk off into the

12:05:27 pool and it's accessible.

12:05:31 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.

12:05:31 I get it.

12:05:32 So that mobility people with limited mobility can go

12:05:37 in.

12:05:38 Okay.

12:05:38 Do you have the itemized, the estimates for the repair

12:05:47 that you've given us these general figures.

12:05:51 Do you have the itemized estimates with you today to

12:05:54 share with us for constructing a new pool and for

12:05:59 repair of the existing pool?

12:06:01 >> No, I do not have detailed estimates because --

12:06:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, how do you come up with this

12:06:06 numbers?

12:06:07 >> Okay.

12:06:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry to even ask that.

12:06:10 >> No, that's fine.

12:06:11 That's a fair question.

12:06:12 I have some understanding relative to Williams Park's

12:06:19 separate from the shell issue.

12:06:21 That there's close to three quarters of a million

12:06:24 dollars worth of work that needs to be done to the

12:06:27 deck, the equipment, the building --

12:06:30 >>MARY MULHERN: No, you know what?

12:06:32 We're not talking about the building.

12:06:34 We're talking about the pool.

12:06:35 I guess you could include the deck in that.

12:06:38 >> You can't get a health department permit without

12:06:41 addressing the building.

12:06:44 >>MARY MULHERN: For the showers and the bathroom.

12:06:46 >> Correct.

12:06:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:06:48 Sorry about that.

12:06:48 >> Has to be addressed that way.

12:06:50 So that's part of my answer.

12:06:52 That's one number.

12:06:52 Additionally, our newest pool, the Cyrus Green pool,

12:06:59 provides somewhat of a comparison in that it is not a

12:07:02 completely new pool.

12:07:04 The existing shell of that pool was maintained, a new

12:07:07 shell pool ordered within it, new deck, the existing

12:07:09 equipment was upgraded.

12:07:12 And that was about a million and a half to $2 million

12:07:16 project.

12:07:16 This project is going to be similar to that, based on

12:07:20 the level of work.

12:07:21 >>MARY MULHERN: That's why we need an itemized

12:07:23 estimate.

12:07:24 Because half a million dollar is a lot of money that

12:07:26 nobody has.

12:07:27 To say 1.5 to 2 million, that's why we need to see

12:07:32 itemized estimates.

12:07:33 >> Until you answer the question about the pool shell,

12:07:36 can't give it to you.

12:07:37 So it goes back to tissue of, we need to answer the

12:07:40 question about the pool shell and whether it is

12:07:42 feasible to repair the pool at all.

12:07:44 It could come off the table and say you really can't

12:07:47 repair it, because it's not a million and a half to

12:07:50 2 million, it's now twice the cost.

12:07:53 So we need those answers.

12:07:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to say this.

12:07:58 I don't think there's a question that this community

12:08:00 wants a pool.

12:08:01 So I think the idea that you need to have more meetings

12:08:05 is, is not necessary and I think that, you know, that

12:08:09 is not a reason to delay this.

12:08:12 Where are we as far as -- obviously, the reason that

12:08:18 this isn't getting done is because it costs 1.2 -- 1.5

12:08:24 to $2 million.

12:08:25 And we need to find the money to do that.

12:08:27 So, where is this administration as far as what, where

12:08:34 they think that that money should come from?

12:08:36 And are they making, are they talking to the community

12:08:39 about contributing some of it?

12:08:42 Is there discussion about CRA funds going toward it?

12:08:45 Where's -- I need to hear that because that's why it's

12:08:51 not happening, right?

12:08:55 >> Under consideration right now is the next five years

12:08:58 of CIP funding.

12:09:02 Talking numbers off the top of my head.

12:09:04 There's about $42 million in there that is being

12:09:07 identified by the administration to go to parks and

12:09:10 recreation projects.

12:09:11 So that is a potential source of funding for this work.

12:09:15 Granted, you have, when you look at all the candidates

12:09:20 that are listed as potential candidates from that

12:09:22 funding, you've probably got twice as many requests and

12:09:25 potential projects as do you money, so --

12:09:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, why hasn't the administration

12:09:30 committed CIT money for this over the last two years?

12:09:35 >> This is current CIT money, is not available for it.

12:09:41 This next five years worth of CIT money that's under

12:09:45 consideration now is a potential source.

12:09:48 >>MARY MULHERN: So starting this fiscal years,

12:09:49 October 1st?

12:09:52 >> Not being from revenue and finance, I don't know the

12:09:55 actual steps of adopting that next year, that next five

12:09:58 year CIT.

12:09:59 But yes.

12:09:59 It's a potential source for this project.

12:10:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:10:04 Thank you.

12:10:05 I would like to ask that you provide us with the

12:10:15 itemized estimates of these costs.

12:10:17 You don't have to give me a commercial estimate, but I

12:10:23 mean, at least -- you know what's involved, at least

12:10:27 your estimate in an itemized format.

12:10:31 >> Councilmember, with all due respect, Steve

12:10:34 Daignault, administrator of public works, utility

12:10:36 services.

12:10:37 A detailed break down and estimate won't be available

12:10:40 until we go through process of, with our consultant or

12:10:45 determining what has to be done.

12:10:47 All of the things, all of the pieces that either have

12:10:49 to be repaired or replacement, and detailing them.

12:10:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:10:52 Then get us an estimate for a, to build a new pool.

12:10:57 >> That's what we have provided today.

12:10:59 And it's the best that we can do --

12:11:02 >>MARY MULHERN: But it's not an estimate.

12:11:03 If I was going to get a pool in my backyard, I would

12:11:06 get an estimate.

12:11:07 Probably three.

12:11:10 >> Well, again, we can deal with our consultant to get

12:11:14 a quote, but again, we're not going to get quotes from

12:11:20 potential bidders until we put it on the street and

12:11:23 detail what it is that we want them to build.

12:11:26 >>MARY MULHERN: We're asking for an estimate, not an

12:11:30 RFP.

12:11:30 >> Understand.

12:11:31 And that's what we provided you, is an estimate of what

12:11:35 it would cost.

12:11:36 The ballpark figure of what it would cost.

12:11:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:11:42 Councilmember Reddick?

12:11:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

12:11:46 Councilmember Capin?

12:11:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

12:11:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just a quick question.

12:11:56 What was the amount that was targeted for aquatic

12:12:05 programs from the CIT fund?

12:12:08 Isn't there a line item there?

12:12:12 >> For the -- which category you're asking from?

12:12:18 I'm probably going to say I don't know because I don't

12:12:21 have the document in front of me.

12:12:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Daignault, do you know?

12:12:25 >> I'm sorry.

12:12:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't have it here.

12:12:27 >> The CIT money, as David said, was $42 million.

12:12:30 I don't know that it was broken down below that.

12:12:33 I think there was a list of aquatic features and then

12:12:36 other parks, but again, I don't think there was sub

12:12:39 numbers to that 42 million.

12:12:42 That's my belief.

12:12:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: But not an amount to --

12:12:48 >> By line item.

12:12:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

12:12:50 That was my question.

12:12:51 >> Thank you.

12:12:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just raise this issue.

12:12:55 And I was yielding patiently because each time, someone

12:13:02 from city come up here and speak to us, you know, I get

12:13:05 a migraine headache.

12:13:07 Because I'm getting tired of hearing all of these

12:13:11 different stories.

12:13:12 And I'm going to say in a nice way, respectful way, let

12:13:17 me ask my first question.

12:13:19 The Mayor came here and presented his budget to us this

12:13:26 morning.

12:13:26 Now, when I see the next steps on this piece of paper,

12:13:33 everything reference to 2011 and the fall or 2011.

12:13:39 And the CIP project, capital improvement projects, you

12:13:48 know what that mean, that anybody put $2 million in

12:13:51 there for Williams Park for the next fiscal year?

12:13:54 If you can come here and tell us a new pool will cost

12:13:59 $2 million, or you're going to say 1.5 to repair, when

12:14:06 we open our book to study the line item in the Mayor's

12:14:11 budget, will we see in there 1.5 or $2 million for

12:14:18 fiscal year 11 and 12 for, under the CIT or CIP funding

12:14:25 request?

12:14:26 Will we see that?

12:14:27 That's my first question.

12:14:30 >> A, I don't believe so.

12:14:32 B, it is included -- the following A, that's because

12:14:39 it's included in the CIT for the next five years.

12:14:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: So, in his budget for 2011, 2012, that

12:14:50 pool will sit out there, the sun bake for another year

12:14:54 because the funds are not in there?

12:14:58 >> If I had the funds October 1, it would not change

12:15:03 the schedule.

12:15:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

12:15:08 Well, I still want to know how the fund in that -- in

12:15:17 Councilmember Suarez's book, he has his book.

12:15:22 Mine's in my office.

12:15:23 Tell me where I find 1.5 or $2 million in that book

12:15:28 under the Mayor's proposal, budget, that he's asking us

12:15:31 to approve, and in there he got in there about

12:15:35 investing in the neighborhoods, in there he got about

12:15:37 improving parks and recreation, this is one of the

12:15:45 parks, 1.5 or $2 million in that proposed budget?

12:15:48 On a line item when I go through it and look at it?

12:15:52 That's the question I want to know you for fiscal year

12:15:55 2011-12.

12:15:57 >> Again, you're asking a non-budget person to answer

12:16:02 that question.

12:16:02 And the only answer I know to tell you is it's part of

12:16:06 the proposed CIT to be adopted.

12:16:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here's our problem.

12:16:11 We requested someone to come back here and bring us

12:16:16 this information.

12:16:16 Today.

12:16:18 And we're still not getting the questions that we

12:16:22 raised prior to this meeting answered today.

12:16:25 Now, somebody in this, in the administration and being

12:16:33 blunt with you, we have been misled.

12:16:36 Because this has been going on for three years.

12:16:40 It's not been going on for one month, or since April

12:16:42 the 1st when you got this Council.

12:16:44 It's been going on for three years.

12:16:46 That pool been sitting out there for three years.

12:16:49 And you'll pay over $140,000 -- that's what you told us

12:16:56 the last meeting, by the director of parks and

12:16:59 recreation department, for a consultant, and today,

12:17:04 you're telling us you're still waiting on your

12:17:07 consultant's report.

12:17:09 We haven't seen a consultant report.

12:17:12 Nobody in our neighborhood, Northview Hills and each

12:17:16 one of those residents sitting book there now can tell

12:17:19 you, they have seen a consultant report.

12:17:23 To be obvious as hell, I haven't seen the consultant.

12:17:27 I wouldn't know the consultant if he walked in here

12:17:29 today.

12:17:29 But we keep hearing, and hearing from you, you stand

12:17:32 here and tell us about the consultant.

12:17:34 But we haven't seen a consultant report, but $140,000

12:17:39 been paid out pertaining to a consultant.

12:17:42 Three years ago.

12:17:43 Look at your reports.

12:17:45 Look at the reports that have been printed in the news

12:17:47 media.

12:17:48 $105,000 was the repair that pool three years ago.

12:17:53 Now you're sitting here telling us 1.5 or $2 million.

12:17:58 But you don't have it nowhere in the parks recreation

12:18:02 budget?

12:18:02 You don't have it nowhere in the 2011, Mayor's budget

12:18:08 under CIP or CIT.

12:18:10 Something is wrong here.

12:18:11 Something is wrong.

12:18:14 Because those poor kids, who can play four square and

12:18:22 two square on the pavilion out there, don't have the

12:18:28 same opportunity to swim in that pool that you found

12:18:33 $45,000 to go and make available for another pool.

12:18:37 Something is wrong.

12:18:40 And we are here budget time and you're telling me

12:18:47 during this budget process, the Mayor praised you for

12:18:54 going to New York about bond ratings, but nobody is

12:18:56 praising staff about putting 1.5 or 2 million dollars

12:19:00 based on your all figures in that green little book.

12:19:03 What you're talking about this is the city DNA.

12:19:06 Well, where's the DNA for Williams Park pool?

12:19:09 That's what we want to know.

12:19:11 And this is what we're tired of.

12:19:13 We have been misled.

12:19:15 And we have been misled for three years, three years

12:19:20 from the parks and recreation director.

12:19:23 Three years by the consultant we never seen.

12:19:26 Three years from a no report we have received and

12:19:31 reviewed.

12:19:32 The community has not met with any of the people that

12:19:36 have been spoken about.

12:19:38 And here we are today, had a beautiful presentation

12:19:43 this morning, and no one can tell me that we got 1.5 or

12:19:50 $2 million in that beautiful little green book that

12:19:54 they call the city DNA.

12:19:56 And that's what I'm looking to find out.

12:20:01 We're looking to find some answer.

12:20:03 And we are just tired, we have been at the point of

12:20:06 being misled.

12:20:07 For the people who paying taxes out in that community,

12:20:14 the citizens who have been denied access to that pool

12:20:18 for three years, and I'm so tired every time you talk

12:20:22 about it, we're talking about the pool.

12:20:23 We're talking about the drainage.

12:20:26 And I'm tired -- I don't want to hear nothing about no

12:20:30 plants.

12:20:31 I don't want to hear about no grass growing E growing

12:20:35 out there.

12:20:35 You tying all that into the pool.

12:20:37 I don't want to hear all about that all I want to hear

12:20:41 about is when is you going to do something to repair

12:20:44 that pool or replace that pool in Williams Park.

12:20:47 Somebody in that city administration going to have to

12:20:49 give us some answer because we are not going to sit

12:20:51 back and allow this to continue to happen.

12:20:53 You tell me five years from now you might have the

12:20:55 money.

12:20:55 We want to know and we want to know about this budget.

12:20:58 I would not vote for this Mayor's budget if there's

12:21:01 nothing in there telling me about 1.5 or $2 million.

12:21:06 Now, somewhere between now and whenever we supposed to

12:21:11 vote, you all need to go tell the Mayor or tell

12:21:13 somebody to put 1.5 or $2 million in there.

12:21:16 Because I would not vote for that budget.

12:21:19 And I don't care if I'm alone casting vote, sitting on

12:21:23 this here Council, because I would not sit back for

12:21:26 another year or two years, and allow those little kids,

12:21:30 and you saw the newspaper this weekend.

12:21:32 Sunday.

12:21:33 Saw the times article Sunday.

12:21:37 Beautiful positive.

12:21:40 Kids jumping out in the pool having a good time.

12:21:42 Our kids in East Tampa sitting under the pavilion that

12:21:47 is still leaking.

12:21:48 And they playing two square and four squire.

12:21:50 And you got a big old pool sitting in that picture

12:21:57 rotting because of no water.

12:21:58 Yes, it's going to come up to the surface, because

12:22:02 there have been no water out there in 95° heat.

12:22:05 Quite naturally it's going to move separately.

12:22:08 Sooner or later.

12:22:09 And a big old, like a frog that sit out there, kids

12:22:16 diving in the pool, that even deteriorating.

12:22:20 So that's what we are tired of.

12:22:22 And so the message, and I know that that park director,

12:22:27 I'm through -- and I'll finish up, Madam Chair.

12:22:30 But let me say this.

12:22:31 I no he the park director is listening.

12:22:33 And I know she's watching.

12:22:35 And know the Mayor is listening, and I know he's

12:22:38 watching.

12:22:38 I know his chief of staff is listening.

12:22:41 And I know he's watching.

12:22:43 Somebody need to put 1.5 based on your figure, or

12:22:48 $2 million in that budget if they want my vote.

12:22:54 And the message has been clear.

12:22:57 And I'm sending a strong message.

12:23:00 If not, I will not support that budget.

12:23:05 I don't care how much money taken out of reserve.

12:23:09 So, they need to go get another million and two out of

12:23:14 reserves to get that done.

12:23:15 Then Mayor, that's your message.

12:23:18 All I have to say, Madam Chair.

12:23:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

12:23:24 I just want to say if they're watching, they'll see how

12:23:28 very convincing you have been.

12:23:30 Because they might have to worry about more than one

12:23:32 vote.

12:23:33 >> Thank you your indulgence, Madam Chair.

12:23:37 I will point out on page 336 for FY12 through 16,

12:23:41 capital improvement projects, aquatic facilities and

12:23:44 does have $6.5 million in the budget.

12:23:46 Now, that answers the question about funding.

12:23:49 You guys, and you know, I feel sorry for both of us,

12:23:53 because really this is a more than just your efforts.

12:23:57 It is both yours and also the park director's efforts

12:24:02 to know what's going on.

12:24:03 And I think I would like to make a motion to have Karen

12:24:08 Palus, in addition to anyone else that has touched the

12:24:12 consultant's report, or excuse me, the non-consultant's

12:24:15 report, to come before us, to give us a report.

12:24:18 And I apologize that if the I became a little bit more

12:24:23 animated than I usually am.

12:24:26 But I do believe that when we ask questions, we want

12:24:29 answers.

12:24:30 And I know that you're in a tough position because

12:24:32 you're not the only one that's been involved in this.

12:24:34 So we need to get answers.

12:24:36 I think we know that funding's there.

12:24:38 Now we need to know what the heck it is that's actually

12:24:41 keeping us from getting this pool done.

12:24:43 So, I would like to make a motion reflecting that.

12:24:48 To have Karen Palus or anyone else that has to deal

12:24:52 with Williams Park pool to come before us, at the next

12:24:56 meeting, during staff reports.

12:25:01 >> Second.

12:25:03 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:25:04 Aye.

12:25:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: One more question.

12:25:13 The $42 million that's going to parks and rec and

12:25:19 that -- if I can borrow your page, please.

12:25:22 Aquatic is 6.5 million, right?

12:25:33 We have there.

12:25:35 Is it possible from that to set aside $2 million from

12:25:42 the 6.5 in order, so that when this consultant is done

12:25:51 and ready, we have that money set aside for this pool?

12:25:56 Or this facility?

12:25:59 This park, Williams Park.

12:26:02 >> Certainly that's an administration decision.

12:26:04 We are moving forward as you know on a number of parks

12:26:09 and a number of aquatic facilities with a number of

12:26:12 issues.

12:26:13 And as we move forward with any project, sometimes we

12:26:18 run into a permitting problem.

12:26:19 Sometimes we run into confusion in the community that

12:26:21 they want to go a different direction.

12:26:23 So there are all sorts of impediments we could come

12:26:27 upon.

12:26:28 So if we say let's put this money to that and nothing

12:26:31 else, we may be ready to do something else and not do

12:26:34 that.

12:26:36 But it's certainly possible that that could be

12:26:39 earmarked set aside, put there for that, when that

12:26:43 occurs, but again, that's a decision for the

12:26:46 administration above my level.

12:26:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

12:26:49 Well there's an option for the administration of the

12:26:52 $6.5 million to set aside $2 million to be used at

12:27:04 Williams Park when the decision is made, what is

12:27:09 needed, so that that money is there and it can be, it

12:27:14 can be moved forward.

12:27:16 >> Correct.

12:27:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That is a motion I'd like to make.

12:27:19 That we ask -- can we do that?

12:27:23 I'm going to ask legal.

12:27:25 Is that something.

12:27:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you could clarify your motion.

12:27:29 Sounds like you're asking about money being

12:27:31 specifically put in the budget the CIP, to be spent

12:27:37 specifically for Williams Park pool.

12:27:40 And you're asking whether it -- is that your question?

12:27:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: My question is if it could be set

12:27:46 aside, since the number they have here is $2 million,

12:27:50 if that could be set aside for, until -- so that money

12:28:00 is there for Williams Park.

12:28:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The answer to that question is that

12:28:06 the budget can be modified.

12:28:07 This is the Mayor's recommended budget as being

12:28:10 presented to you.

12:28:11 Of course the administration and the Council working

12:28:12 together can modify that budget between now and

12:28:15 adoption.

12:28:15 Of course, it would take an action of Council working

12:28:20 with the administration.

12:28:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Cohen?

12:28:24 >>HARRY COHEN: I want a clarification regarding the

12:28:26 6.5 million.

12:28:28 Because I don't want us -- the way I'm reading this,

12:28:31 that money is over three years.

12:28:32 And from what I heard here, no one wants to wait till

12:28:35 fiscal year '14 for this pool to be rebuilt.

12:28:39 So, I think it's important to note that there's only

12:28:42 $500,000 fiscal year '12, and so, before we get to the

12:28:47 point of earmarking 2 million, we need to get the money

12:28:51 put in there to have it to earmark.

12:28:54 Is that clear?

12:28:54 >> That makes sense to me.

12:28:56 Madam Chair, one thing.

12:28:58 I was looking more at what we are planning to do ever

12:29:00 the next four years, to make an example as to what the

12:29:04 plan.

12:29:05 Williams Park is part of that plan that's in the

12:29:08 budget.

12:29:08 The second part of course is that CIT monies are

12:29:11 already earmarked for this type of expense.

12:29:15 So I'm not looking to where the money's coming from,

12:29:17 but the money is there.

12:29:19 And I think that we know from the advisory reports that

12:29:23 were received about what project need to be done,

12:29:26 Williams Park was one of those on the advisory report.

12:29:28 So to me, the money is there.

12:29:30 The next step is, what's the problem?

12:29:32 That's the only thing I wanted to make clear.

12:29:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Then I don't have a motion.

12:29:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that Councilwoman Capin, we

12:29:48 have made it pretty clear that we would like to see

12:29:53 this funded.

12:29:55 So I think your motion without being a motion is good.

12:29:59 I just want to say that to put this in perspective, as

12:30:04 far as those aquatic funds, as far as the CIT or CIP

12:30:11 money, and as far as our overall budget, this is the

12:30:15 last pool that didn't open.

12:30:20 So, other than the two that the Davis Islands pool,

12:30:27 which is, you know, a historic property and has a lot

12:30:30 of issues.

12:30:31 According to Karen Palus, this is it.

12:30:34 So, if we have limited amount left for aquatics funding

12:30:41 out of that particular fund, not that that's the only

12:30:43 place that we can find money for it, it would make

12:30:47 sense to use it on this, which is the is last empty

12:30:51 pool, I believe.

12:30:52 I think -- we need to move on.

12:30:58 Thank you and I think Ms. Foxx-Knowles has announcement

12:31:03 to make.

12:31:04 And then we'll go to item 45, your ban trees.

12:31:19 >>THE CLERK: Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk,

12:31:22 regarding the BOAC for the Hispanic American, the

12:31:27 individual selected is Mr. Gilberto Sanchez.

12:31:31 Thank you.

12:31:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:31:35 And congratulations to those appointees.

12:31:38 That were voted on today.

12:31:41 And thank you for everybody who applied and came here

12:31:43 and is volunteering your service.

12:31:46 And we have an embarrassment of riches in the

12:31:50 volunteers and the qualified people that want to donate

12:31:52 their time.

12:31:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, if I can, I'm going to

12:31:57 request Council then to direct me to be able to prepare

12:32:01 over the weekend and bring in the beginning of the

12:32:03 week, so could be on next week's agenda, a resolution

12:32:07 affirming Council's decision appointing Frances Brooks,

12:32:11 Serkan Ozak and Gilberto Sanchez.

12:32:16 >> So moved.

12:32:18 >> All in favor, aye.

12:32:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, we'll move on to item 45.

12:32:27 Staff here to talk about the tree surveys?

12:32:31 All right.

12:32:40 Item 48.

12:32:43 Ms. Cole.

12:32:45 >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, legal department.

12:32:48 Did receive memorandum from city attorney Jim Shimberg,

12:32:52 but the legal department is requesting that a closed

12:32:54 session be scheduled on August 25th, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

12:32:58 to discuss settlement negotiations and strategy

12:33:01 sessions regarding City of Tampa versus Marion Lewis

12:33:06 case.

12:33:07 Need a motion of council.

12:33:11 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:33:12 Anyone opposed?

12:33:13 Item number 50, need a motion to open 50 through -- can

12:33:29 would he open the remaining items 50 through 53?

12:33:35 >> Madam Chair, I think we have not done 49.

12:33:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Didn't we continue that?

12:33:45 Did I mistakenly say that was continued?

12:33:52 I'm sorry.

12:33:55 I mistakenly marked my agenda.

12:33:57 So we need to hear 49.

12:33:59 Thank you.

12:34:00 >> I move that we open all remaining public hearings.

12:34:03 49 through 54, I believe.

12:34:09 53.

12:34:10 Excuse me.

12:34:12 >> Second.

12:34:15 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor.

12:34:16 Aye.

12:34:19 >>MARY MULHERN: If there's anyone here who wishes to

12:34:21 speak on any of these public hearings and has not been

12:34:24 sworn, please stand and be sworn in.

12:34:28 [Oath administered by Clerk]

12:34:44 >> Good afternoon, Council, Ron Vila, staff for

12:34:49 historic preservation.

12:34:50 Item 49 is tax ad valorem for the address of 2315 east

12:34:54 fifth avenue.

12:34:55 It is within the historic district of Ybor City.

12:34:58 On the Elmo, I have photo of the front elevation prior

12:35:02 to renovation.

12:35:03 This building was constructed in 1918.

12:35:07 And it's a typical example of a bungalow style with a

12:35:10 pitch gable roof, wood siding and two columns on each

12:35:15 side flanking the front.

12:35:16 This is a close-up prior to rehabilitation.

12:35:22 And then you see after rehabilitation, the success and

12:35:27 the care of the project coming forward and showing the

12:35:31 luster of it once had.

12:35:35 Just to move you around the other elevations, this is

12:35:38 moving around to the side.

12:35:39 And the rear.

12:35:41 After rehabilitation.

12:35:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Suarez, could you read

12:37:04 that?

12:37:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move an ordinance approving historic

12:37:11 preservation property facts exemption relative to

12:37:16 restoration, renovation and rehabilitation of certain

12:37:19 property edged by Roger M Rixom located 2315 east fifth

12:37:25 avenue, Tampa, Florida, in the Ybor City historic

12:37:27 district based upon certain findings, providing for

12:37:31 notice of property appraiser of Hillsborough County,

12:37:36 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

12:37:38 providing an effective date.

12:37:38 >> Second.

12:37:39 >> All in favor?

12:37:40 Aye.

12:37:41 Anyone opposed?

12:37:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda, Montelione

12:37:46 and Capin being absent.

12:37:47 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

12:37:51 25th at 9:30 a.m.

12:37:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:37:55 Item 50.

12:37:57 Mr. Hernandez?

12:38:00 >> Good afternoon, Councilmembers.

12:38:02 Dennis Fernandez.

12:38:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry.

12:38:08 >> That's okay.

12:38:10 I'm here on item number 50, proposed landmark

12:38:14 designation for the Oaklawn/St. Louis Cemetery.

12:38:17 Have a PowerPoint to familiarize you with the request.

12:38:20 Your see on your screen the gateway to the Oaklawn

12:38:27 Cemetery, one of the, or the first public cemetery that

12:38:33 was established in the City of Tampa.

12:38:35 The early development of the city necessitated the

12:38:39 establishment of a defined burial place.

12:38:41 In 1923, under the direction of Governor Duval, Colonel

12:38:46 Brooke chose Tampa as a site for a military outpost,

12:38:49 later becoming known as Fort Brooke, as a means of

12:38:51 enforcing the treaty of Moultrie Creek with the

12:38:54 Seminole Indians.

12:38:57 The home was occupied as the original Fort Brooke

12:39:01 garrison.

12:39:03 Once Fort Brooke was established, the area began to

12:39:05 quickly grow with infiltration of many troops coming

12:39:08 from around the nation.

12:39:09 The fort's reputation as a trading post grew and

12:39:13 thereby, more settlers were attracted to the area.

12:39:15 There was a massive hurricane in 1848 that damaged,

12:39:22 destroyed almost every structure in the village of

12:39:24 Tampa.

12:39:24 Fort Brooke was in the process of being decommissioned

12:39:27 at that time.

12:39:27 And the village of Tampa declared bankruptcy with debt

12:39:31 of $42.50.

12:39:33 That they passed on to the county at that time.

12:39:35 There were few remaining residents, about 200 in total.

12:39:39 They petitioned the federal government to keep Fort

12:39:41 Brooke open and finally reestablish the local

12:39:45 government in 1855.

12:39:47 And you see a plat of the original village of Tampa

12:39:51 there on the left.

12:39:52 By 1850, the city began to grow.

12:39:56 The city's plat was conducted and established by John

12:40:01 Jackson at that time, who laid out the original plat.

12:40:04 You see that on the left-hand side.

12:40:06 The burial place was located in the far northeastern

12:40:10 corner of the city because it was felt that area would

12:40:13 never develop out enough.

12:40:14 Now, of course, we have seen by the later map on your

12:40:18 right, that the city did begin to develop and encompass

12:40:21 the burial place at that time.

12:40:22 The initial parcel was designated as a public burying

12:40:31 ground in 1850.

12:40:31 In 1874, the northern parcel was donated to the parish

12:40:36 of St. Louis.

12:40:37 That's where the reference to the St. Louis Cemetery

12:40:40 comes from.

12:40:40 It was done so by the Leonardi family.

12:40:44 Was later renamed to Sacred Heart.

12:40:46 In 1880, the eastern parcel was donated to accommodate

12:40:49 the expansion of Oaklawn by the Magby family.

12:40:53 Lots were sold for a small fee and an additional $5 fee

12:41:01 was included if the sexton assisted in the burial.

12:41:04 The northeastern corner identified in red on the right

12:41:08 was reserved for the burial of slaves and strangers

12:41:11 that included pirates and indigents.

12:41:13 The first two burials in the section were recently

12:41:17 re-marked.

12:41:18 You see that they're at the bottom of your screen.

12:41:21 The elaborate array of funeral design in the cemetery

12:41:34 as it developed at the end of the Victoria era.

12:41:37 Much of the symbolism is obviously religious.

12:41:40 The dove is the meaning of a symbol of purity and

12:41:43 peace.

12:41:43 The lamb generally used on the graves of children and

12:41:47 infants, represents innocence.

12:41:49 And the climbing ivy stands for immortality.

12:41:52 Angels were also used on the graves of children and

12:41:56 infants.

12:41:57 And the upward pointing finger demonstrated the soul

12:41:59 rising to heaven.

12:42:01 You can see this monument in the St. Louis portion of

12:42:05 the cemetery demonstrates the refinement of the

12:42:09 Victorian era expressionism with religious reverence.

12:42:13 Within the St. Louis cemetery portion, which is the

12:42:18 Catholic portion of the cemetery, there are a number of

12:42:20 markers that do identify notable individuals to the

12:42:26 Catholic faith and also important individuals to the

12:42:30 development of our community.

12:42:31 This is where Vincente Martinez Ybor is actually

12:42:38 interred.

12:42:38 This is perhaps one of the more well-known headstones.

12:42:41 This is William Ashley, in which Ashley Street was

12:42:45 named after.

12:42:45 And Nancy Ashley.

12:42:47 This was actually erected after his death and after the

12:42:51 death of Nancy, who was his servant at that time of a

12:42:54 different race.

12:42:55 And it's an inspiring type of embossment on the

12:43:02 headstone.

12:43:03 It reads, William Ashley and Nancy Ashley, master and

12:43:06 servant, faithful to each other in that relation in

12:43:09 life, in death, they were not separated.

12:43:12 Stranger, consider and be the wiser, in the grave, all

12:43:15 human distinction of race and caste mingle together in

12:43:18 one common dust.

12:43:19 And this was established by their executor of the

12:43:24 trust, John Jackson.

12:43:25 Cemetery offers a serene environment, featuring brick

12:43:30 roadways and numerous examples of articulate iron work.

12:43:34 There are three structures that are designated as

12:43:38 historic.

12:43:39 These are the sexton's house, which was constructed in

12:43:42 1910.

12:43:43 The receiving vault in the middle constructed in 1894.

12:43:47 And the wall and entryway which surround the property

12:43:49 in 1907.

12:43:50 The Oaklawn Cemetery is the final resting place of many

12:43:55 of Tampa's pioneer families, including Mayors,

12:44:02 Governors, five framers of the state constitution and

12:44:04 veterans of seven wars.

12:44:05 Oaklawn Cemetery qualifies for local landmark

12:44:11 designation, early settlement and community planning.

12:44:14 And criterion B, individuals significant in our past.

12:44:18 And as such, was recommended for designation by the

12:44:20 Historic Preservation Commission.

12:44:23 That concludes my presentation.

12:44:24 If there are any questions, I'd be happy to answer

12:44:26 them.

12:44:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen has a historic

12:44:39 question.

12:44:39 >>HARRY COHEN: The seal on that, that we're looking at

12:44:42 right now says the city was incorporated in 1855.

12:44:45 And that seal says 1887.

12:44:48 >> Right.

12:44:48 There was a couple different incorporations of the

12:44:50 city.

12:44:51 This being of course the one that's lasted the longest.

12:44:55 [ Laughter ]

12:44:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Dennis.

12:44:59 Councilwoman Capin?

12:45:08 Would you like to read the ordinance?

12:45:10 >> Need to close the public hearing.

12:45:12 >> Move to close the public hearing.

12:45:14 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:45:17 >> Public comment.

12:45:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry.

12:45:19 Oh, I'm so sorry.

12:45:20 Good.

12:45:22 We have some public comment.

12:45:24 Beautiful cemetery.

12:45:27 >> Good morning, or good afternoon.

12:45:29 Councilmembers.

12:45:30 My name is father, 821 south Dale Mabry.

12:45:34 I represent the diocese St. Petersburg in this matter,

12:45:37 as Dennis mentioned, the northern third of the cemetery

12:45:39 is actually owned by the diocese of St. Petersburg.

12:45:42 Established by the diocese in St. Augustine.

12:45:45 Now under the jurisdiction of the diocese of

12:45:48 St. Petersburg.

12:45:48 We strongly support this designation.

12:45:50 This would -- this is one of local historic treasures.

12:45:54 We have done our best to maintain that and I think

12:45:57 certainly interested in trying to promote both Oaklawn

12:46:01 and St. Louis cemetery.

12:46:04 So many pioneers are here.

12:46:05 I just wanted to underline couple things that Dennis

12:46:08 said, that you know, present in the cemetery, is the

12:46:12 oldest Catholic cemetery on the west coast of Florida,

12:46:14 in that are the graves of five priests, oldest known

12:46:17 priests' graves on the west coast of Florida.

12:46:21 Vincente Martinez Ybor is buried in St. Louis Cemetery

12:46:26 as is Mrs. Zimoris, who was the pioneer of Catholic

12:46:30 educator in our area.

12:46:31 We strongly support this designation and hope to move

12:46:35 that forward.

12:46:36 Thank you very much.

12:46:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:46:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move an ordinance -- we need to

12:46:45 close.

12:46:46 >> Move.

12:46:47 >> Second event.

12:46:48 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:46:49 Aye.

12:46:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Are we ready?

12:46:53 Thank you, Chairwoman.

12:46:58 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

12:47:02 consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa,

12:47:04 Florida designating Oaklawn St. Louis cemetery located

12:47:07 at 606 east Harrison street, Tampa, Florida, as more

12:47:11 particularly described in section 3 hereof as a local

12:47:14 landmark, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

12:47:21 conflict, providing for severability, providing an

12:47:25 effective date.

12:47:26 >> All in favor?

12:47:26 Anyone opposed?

12:47:29 >> Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione being

12:47:31 absent.

12:47:32 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

12:47:36 25th at 30:00 a.m.

12:47:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:47:39 I think we only have two items left.

12:47:41 Item 45, we have heard from the Parks Department that

12:47:47 they are, would like for us to continue the tree survey

12:47:54 to September 1st.

12:47:56 If we could get a motion.

12:48:01 >> I move that we do so.

12:48:03 >> Second.

12:48:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you add in there that, to be the

12:48:07 first on the staff report agenda so we actually do it?

12:48:12 Because I think we have been continuing this through a

12:48:14 few different administrations, really for many times.

12:48:17 >> I amend it to be the first on the staff report.

12:48:20 >> Second.

12:48:21 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:48:21 Aye.

12:48:22 I think then he we have -- no, we have item 51.

12:48:39 >> Vacating?

12:48:40 >>MARY MULHERN: On my agenda -- we don't have the

12:48:42 ordinance on the agenda.

12:48:44 Do we have an ordinance?

12:48:45 We have it.

12:48:45 Okay.

12:48:47 >> Barbara Lynch, Land Development Coordination.

12:48:50 Before we get started, I'd like to give you a corrected

12:48:52 photograph in the report there was an incorrect

12:48:55 photograph showing the west side of the alley, so I'm

12:48:57 going to hand that to you.

12:48:58 C 11-11 is a request to vacate and alley in East Tampa.

12:49:16 I have a site plan for the Elmo.

12:49:19 The petitioner's property is in red and the alley to be

12:49:26 vacated is in yellow.

12:49:27 The alley runs from Hendry street to 39th street and

12:49:33 lies between seventh avenue and eighth avenue.

12:49:36 The alley is partially unimproved and the rest of the

12:49:39 alley has a building constructed over it.

12:49:42 The first photograph is the alley looking east from

12:49:46 Hendry street.

12:49:47 You can see the photo shows the building.

12:49:51 The next photo is the alley looking west from

12:49:55 39th street.

12:49:56 The next photo is the petitioner's property.

12:50:02 That's from 7th avenue.

12:50:05 And the last photo is the remaining property.

12:50:09 This is not owned by the applicant.

12:50:10 There's no utilities.

12:50:14 There was no apparent use of the alley by vehicles and

12:50:17 staff has no objection to this request.

12:50:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I had one question.

12:50:28 Because you put the zoning map up there.

12:50:30 Could you put that back up there just for a second and

12:50:33 show us -- so that alley doesn't connect with any other

12:50:37 alleys?

12:50:40 >> No, it doesn't.

12:50:41 >>MARY MULHERN: It doesn't even, it doesn't go through

12:50:44 on either side, right?

12:50:45 >> Let me describe that other photo.

12:50:47 Actually this block was bisected by 39th street.

12:50:50 So the other side of the block is on the east side of

12:50:53 39th and that alley was vacated.

12:50:55 And then the alley to the west is vacated as well.

12:50:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:50:58 Thanks.

12:50:59 Is there anyone that wishes to speak on this item?

12:51:09 >> Good morning -- or good afternoon.

12:51:12 I'm attorney Chris Fernandez.

12:51:13 I represent the petitioner.

12:51:14 I don't have anything else to add to what Ms. Lynch has

12:51:18 already told the City Council today.

12:51:25 >> Motion to close.

12:51:26 >> Second.

12:51:27 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:51:28 Aye.

12:51:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance vacatings, closing,

12:51:44 discontinue, abandoning a certain right-of-way, portion

12:51:47 of alleyway lying south of 8th avenue, north of

12:51:50 7th avenue, east of Hendry street and west of

12:51:52 39th street in the Whitesburg subdivision, a

12:51:56 subdivision City of Tampa, Hillsborough County,

12:51:58 Florida, the same being more fully described in section

12:52:01 two here off, conditions and restrictions.

12:52:05 As more particularly described herein, providing an

12:52:07 effective date.

12:52:09 >> Second.

12:52:11 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:52:12 Aye.

12:52:13 Anyone opposed?

12:52:16 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

12:52:18 being absent.

12:52:19 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

12:52:23 25th at 9:30a.m.

12:52:31 >>MARY MULHERN: We'll go to the final item, item number

12:52:37 53.

12:52:37 >> Joel Schultz, land development.

12:52:42 11-225, 365 South Westshore Boulevard.

12:52:49 The proposed use, special use request is for alcohol

12:52:53 beverages sale, beer, wine, liquor package sales off

12:52:57 premises only.

12:52:58 They're asking for two waivers.

12:53:00 To thousand feet.

12:53:01 One being 150 feet further out establishment selling

12:53:04 alcohol.

12:53:05 And the other is zero feet to an upstairs residential

12:53:09 unit.

12:53:10 This particular property, and I'll show you where it's

12:53:13 located.

12:53:14 El Prado to the north.

12:53:26 Euclid is right here.

12:53:29 Here's a look at the parcel.

12:53:34 This is the unit right here, is the upstairs

12:53:38 residential.

12:53:38 Here's looking southward, down Westshore Boulevard.

12:53:44 Subject is over here.

12:53:45 Here's another photo looking towards the north.

12:53:51 The applicant requesting special use approval to allow

12:53:58 retail package sale of beverages, for consumption off

12:54:01 preemptions, the site is occupied by storefront

12:54:05 residential use with retail on the first floor,

12:54:08 residential on the second floor, proposed sales area

12:54:12 encompasses 3,869.7 square feet.

12:54:15 Site utilizes surface parking on the site, totals 16

12:54:20 spaces.

12:54:21 And because it's not change of use, it is compliant to

12:54:24 code.

12:54:28 >> Officer Miller?

12:54:33 >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa police department.

12:54:36 Police department has no objection to this special use

12:54:40 two request.

12:54:44 >> Good afternoon.

12:54:44 Glad to finally be here.

12:54:47 Anne Pollack with Mechanik law firm.

12:54:52 I represent the applicant.

12:54:53 Mr. Amin is proposing a package store in this mall

12:54:59 commercial district on South Westshore.

12:55:01 It's between El Prado and Euclid.

12:55:05 It's in a small shopping center, it just would be this

12:55:08 business and a consignment store next door and then the

12:55:10 residence above.

12:55:12 It's proposed to be a high end liquor store with a wide

12:55:15 selection of wines and beers from around the world, as

12:55:18 well as premium cigars.

12:55:20 They expect to have wine tasting and other events to

12:55:25 work with the community.

12:55:26 He's hoping to open this business and create some jobs

12:55:31 in a community that has welcomed this little commercial

12:55:34 district.

12:55:35 It's a small business.

12:55:37 And the applicant really desires for his business to

12:55:41 blend into the community and for him to be a part of

12:55:43 the community.

12:55:44 Along those lines, and also in an effort to ensure that

12:55:48 there wasn't any concerns about what we were proposing,

12:55:51 Mr. Amin spoke with the president of the Bel-Mar Shores

12:55:56 civic association.

12:55:57 The president said he had no concerns about this and he

12:56:01 didn't feel that the association would, but that he

12:56:04 would speak to them and that if there were any

12:56:06 concerns, he would get back to us.

12:56:08 And we didn't hear anything further from him.

12:56:11 The applicant and the president discussed how they

12:56:16 could get this new business to participate in the

12:56:21 community events that they hold I guess regularly.

12:56:25 And he seemed very excited to have this business come

12:56:29 in.

12:56:29 My client has two other stores, one in Brandon and one

12:56:35 in Riverview.

12:56:35 Both are located close to residential and one is

12:56:39 located kitty-corner from a school.

12:56:41 They have not had any problems over there.

12:56:43 They have not had consumer complaints.

12:56:46 They have not had any issues with enforcement with

12:56:51 alcohol, with the state or with the county.

12:56:53 We believe that this project meets the city criteria

12:57:01 for this special use.

12:57:03 It's compatible with the surrounding commercial

12:57:06 district.

12:57:06 And we believe it's compatible with the surrounding

12:57:09 residential district.

12:57:10 Mr. Amin doesn't propose to create a business that will

12:57:16 encourage loitering and other bad behavior in the late

12:57:21 nights.

12:57:22 And in fact, the owner of the, of this property

12:57:27 actually is the one that lives upstairs.

12:57:29 She is 93.

12:57:31 And she is not a fan of, you know, loud noise and

12:57:35 partying and all that.

12:57:37 And in fact, when they were looking to rent this

12:57:39 property out, there were many that they looked at

12:57:43 before they came to a business that they felt would be

12:57:46 appropriate for this site.

12:57:47 The site will not affect ingress and egress.

12:57:54 It's compatible with the commercial neighborhood.

12:57:57 There's no issues with solid waste, with lighting, with

12:58:00 drainage.

12:58:00 Parking is, meets code and we feel that it will be

12:58:05 sufficient considering that the consignment store next

12:58:07 door closes at 5:00.

12:58:10 So any additional business during perhaps commuting

12:58:14 hours when people are using the liquor store, there

12:58:16 will be plenty of parking on the site.

12:58:18 I'd also meets the Tampa comprehensive plan and as you

12:58:22 saw in the staff report, the city finds it consistent

12:58:25 with the local regulations.

12:58:26 We would therefore respectfully request that you

12:58:31 approve this and the owner is here and the applicant is

12:58:35 here if you have any questions.

12:58:37 Thank you.

12:58:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

12:58:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Please repeat, what are the hours?

12:58:46 >> Well, we have not asked for specific hours.

12:58:49 Mr. Amin does not expect to stay open very late.

12:58:51 If there was a restriction, we would ask that it not be

12:58:56 before -- it at least be open until midnight.

12:59:00 But not later than that.

12:59:01 And it really is just to allow him some flexibility

12:59:05 based on, to stay open later if he wishes because of

12:59:11 demand or because of holiday season and other reasons

12:59:13 that he might want to have slightly later hours.

12:59:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So there are no set hours?

12:59:20 >> That wasn't part of our request.

12:59:33 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question.

12:59:34 Were you done?

12:59:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is set for first reading.

12:59:47 Okay.

12:59:47 I think I'd like to see hours.

12:59:54 I think -- is that something we can hear?

12:59:58 I'd like to hear what the hours are of operation.

13:00:05 >> Joel Sousa, land development.

13:00:08 We hold them to chapter 3 unless the applicant and

13:00:11 Council can come to agreement.

13:00:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 3:00 a.m.?

13:00:15 >> 3:00 a.m., yes, ma'am.

13:00:17 >> And opening at?

13:00:19 >> 7:00 a.m. during the weekdays, Sundays, 11:00 a.m.

13:00:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 11:00 a.m. to, on Sunday, till

13:00:26 3:00 a.m.?

13:00:27 >> Yes, ma'am.

13:00:32 >> Well, they expect to be open till about 10:00 or 11.

13:00:36 That's sort of their general idea.

13:00:38 But they would like to not be restricted such that they

13:00:43 can go at least until midnight.

13:00:45 So if we were to have hours, if we could have that at

13:00:48 least till midnight.

13:00:49 That is what we would request.

13:00:52 He plans on opening I believe at 10:00 a.m. and at 11

13:00:55 on Sundays.

13:01:02 >>MARY MULHERN: So they'll agree to those hours,

13:01:05 10:00 a.m. on weekdays.

13:01:08 >> And 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

13:01:10 >>MARY MULHERN: 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and closing at

13:01:12 midnight?

13:01:13 >> Correct.

13:01:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: They agree to that?

13:01:20 >> Yes.

13:01:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That would be part of the conditions.

13:01:23 >> Yes.

13:01:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

13:01:25 Just wanted to ask about the hours.

13:01:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question.

13:01:28 One question for you and I might have just not heard

13:01:31 everything you said.

13:01:32 But you were saying there have been no complaints.

13:01:34 But this is currently not --

13:01:37 >> No, I mean for his other two businesses.

13:01:40 This is not open yet.

13:01:43 >>MARY MULHERN: The applicant owns other.

13:01:45 >> He has two other liquor package stores in Brandon

13:01:48 and in Riverview.

13:01:49 This will be his third.

13:01:53 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question for staff.

13:01:56 This is currently zoned commercial general.

13:02:01 And is the, the apartment so the residential part,

13:02:06 commercial general, you can have mixed use as

13:02:09 residential?

13:02:12 >> It's been there for, I'm 52, it's been there since

13:02:15 I've grown up here.

13:02:16 Right now, it would be legal nonconforming.

13:02:21 Sorry.

13:02:22 >> Catherine Coyle, just to be clear, a storefront

13:02:25 residential use is a permitted use of the zoning

13:02:30 district.

13:02:32 >>MARY MULHERN: That's what I thought.

13:02:33 I just, it's pretty normal thing in a lot of cities,

13:02:37 where you have storefront and then you have apartments

13:02:40 above.

13:02:41 But we don't have a lot of that in Tampa.

13:02:43 Okay.

13:02:43 Any other questions for?

13:02:48 >> I'm Nelson Romero.

13:02:50 My mom owns the property.

13:02:54 She lives upstairs.

13:02:55 I have an elevator in there.

13:02:57 I built the building in 1960.

13:03:01 That was my first project as I graduated from

13:03:03 university of Florida in construction.

13:03:05 So, that was my first project.

13:03:07 To honey my skills on my mom and dad.

13:03:10 And we have been there ever since.

13:03:13 My dad passed away a couple years ago.

13:03:17 It used to be the hardware store of the neighborhood.

13:03:20 Westshore hardware.

13:03:21 If Home Depot and Lowe's hadn't come along, I'd

13:03:26 probably be in the hardware business.

13:03:27 But that's not the case any more.

13:03:29 So, we plan to keep it in the family.

13:03:31 I'm there pretty regular.

13:03:33 And I'll be overseeing it and my mom is still keen.

13:03:39 She'll be taking care of me I think in another four or

13:03:42 five years.

13:03:43 And she will keep an eye on them.

13:03:47 She won't allow any shenanigans.

13:03:50 Downstairs, she'll be look over the rail.

13:03:53 She's also very forceful in her actions.

13:04:01 >>MARY MULHERN: You have built-in security.

13:04:03 >> Yes.

13:04:04 No questions.

13:04:07 If Simon says it's going to be, it's going to be that

13:04:11 way.

13:04:11 And we support it.

13:04:12 And we think -- way think it will be a good addition.

13:04:16 Thank you.

13:04:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Anyone there the public wish to speak

13:04:20 on this?

13:04:22 >> Motion to close.

13:04:24 >> Second.

13:04:25 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

13:04:26 Aye.

13:04:26 Anyone opposed?

13:04:32 Counsel Cohen.

13:04:33 Cone I move ordinance being presented for first

13:04:36 reading, ordinance approving a special use permit, S-2

13:04:39 for alcoholic beverage sales, small venue and making

13:04:41 landfall the sale of beer, wine and liquor, package

13:04:44 sales off premise consumption at or from that certain

13:04:47 lot, plot, tract of land located at 3658 South

13:04:53 Westshore Boulevard, Tampa, Florida as more

13:04:56 particularly described in section two leer hoof,

13:05:01 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

13:05:02 providing an effective date, and with the conditions

13:05:03 that were afraid to earlier in our discussion.

13:05:08 >> Second.

13:05:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen,

13:05:12 seconded by Councilman Reddick.

13:05:14 All in favor, aye?

13:05:16 Anyone opposed?

13:05:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

13:05:21 being absent.

13:05:22 Second reading of the ordinance will be held August the

13:05:25 25th at 9:30 a.m.

13:05:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there any new business?

13:05:41 >> I do have two items of new business or continuing

13:05:44 business.

13:05:45 I don't know -- I know Mr. Reddick said earlier he was

13:05:48 going to move to continue something.

13:05:50 I don't know if this is the same thing or not.

13:05:53 But, related to the street solicitation discussion that

13:05:58 we are scheduled to have next week, I am going to make

13:06:02 two motions.

13:06:03 The first -- let me just say what both of them are.

13:06:10 And then we can proceed from there.

13:06:12 The first is to continue the matter either till the

13:06:17 25th of August or the 1st of September at Council's

13:06:20 pleasure, because I think it's important that we be

13:06:23 sure that we have a full Council here when we have the

13:06:25 discussion.

13:06:26 That's number one.

13:06:27 Number two, there have been a lot of issues that have

13:06:31 come up recently surrounding our consideration of the

13:06:37 different ideas that we talked about when we last

13:06:40 visited this topic.

13:06:42 And I wanted to make the suggestion and the motion that

13:06:47 we ask the city attorney to bring us back a third

13:06:50 option, which is really a hybrid between the New Port

13:06:53 Richey, Pasco County ordinance, and the Jacksonville,

13:06:57 Duval County ordinance, because in my discussions with

13:07:01 them and in the study of the issue, it seems as though

13:07:05 if we have the ability to bring those two ordinances

13:07:10 together, we might be able to achieve the, some of the

13:07:15 objectives that are present in both.

13:07:18 So, those are the two items that I wanted to bring up

13:07:23 today.

13:07:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick?

13:07:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: If I may add on some kind of way, what

13:07:31 I want to throw out and maybe we can add this on some

13:07:34 kind of way.

13:07:35 Is what I was going to also bring up under new

13:07:37 business, and that is to request an continuance from

13:07:41 August 4 discussion about the panhandle -- panhandling

13:07:45 ordinance.

13:07:46 But I wanted to, going to request a continuance until

13:07:50 September 22nd, regular meeting, because I was also

13:07:54 going to bring up a motion about having a workshop to

13:08:00 discuss some issues pertaining to the panhandling or

13:08:04 the September 8th -- immediately after the CRA meeting

13:08:09 on September 8th.

13:08:10 The reason why I wanted to also include those

13:08:12 individuals that you were speaking of, that you wanted

13:08:14 to bring, the two people, to speak about it, because

13:08:18 the Tampa chamber of commerce just recently had a

13:08:20 workshop.

13:08:21 And very informative and went well.

13:08:24 There was some people, some individuals that I want to

13:08:27 include in a workshop discussion, include them legal

13:08:31 about, this ordinance, how can we come up to resolution

13:08:34 outside of the two issues that we had, about the --

13:08:40 basically a third option.

13:08:41 So that's what I was looking at.

13:08:43 If we can incorporate all of this in one type of

13:08:46 workshop, that's what I wanted to do.

13:08:49 >>MARY MULHERN: And you want a workshop on the 8th?

13:08:52 >> 8th, immediately after the CRA meeting.

13:08:55 And to continue what we had on August the 4th, the

13:08:59 panhandling issue, to rescheduled that for

13:09:01 September 22nd, regular meeting.

13:09:04 That's what I was looking at.

13:09:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

13:09:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, so then there are two motions.

13:09:09 One for a workshop and one to move the, for the

13:09:16 solicitation from August 4 to September 22nd?

13:09:21 That's two motions, right?

13:09:22 Or can we do them together?

13:09:25 What's the third?

13:09:26 >> The third was to have the legal department bring us

13:09:29 back, we asked for the two options to ask them to bring

13:09:32 back a third option, which I would just say is a hybrid

13:09:37 of the two options that we have asked for to stand

13:09:41 alone.

13:09:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Is that for the 22nd?

13:09:45 I mean for that same day?

13:09:47 To move it or the work -- I just want clarification.

13:09:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, I would think it could be, if we

13:09:59 had a workshop scheduled for say the 8th of September,

13:10:03 after the CRA meeting, all this can be included as part

13:10:11 of that discussion on the A.

13:10:12 >> I think that's an excellent idea.

13:10:14 So in other words, we would have the discussion, we'll

13:10:16 have the presentation that Councilwoman Capin made the

13:10:20 motion for last time.

13:10:21 We would then have legal come back with the three

13:10:25 ordinances.

13:10:25 We would do this all in a special meeting, immediately

13:10:29 following the CRA meeting on September 8.

13:10:32 >> Correct.

13:10:32 >> I would be -- I'd be fine with that I think that's

13:10:35 good.

13:10:37 >> Should I go ahead and make a formal motion trying to

13:10:40 encompass all of that?

13:10:45 >> Next week you have a citizen task force, ten minute

13:10:49 presentation.

13:10:49 >> That's included.

13:10:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That is included and moving.

13:10:56 Okay.

13:10:56 Thank you.

13:10:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: So that's my motion, as a matter of

13:11:00 fact, to move the task force, that issue pertaining to

13:11:08 solicitation to August 4, to September the 8th, at a

13:11:14 workshop immediately after CRA meeting.

13:11:16 And to schedule back on the agenda, the discussion

13:11:21 about the panhandling from August the 4th to

13:11:24 September 22nd, at our regular scheduled meeting.

13:11:27 That was my motion.

13:11:28 Which would include all the things that --

13:11:33 >> Just to clarify.

13:11:34 I think we'd be having a workshop and also then a

13:11:37 meeting where we would take action, so, if Council

13:11:41 could give us some guidance.

13:11:43 I'm sorry, go ahead.

13:11:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Did Councilman Suarez, did you have

13:11:46 anything to say?

13:11:47 Okay.

13:11:48 Here's what I think we want to clarify.

13:11:50 I think one of your first motion that you first

13:11:55 proposed was to continue, or rescheduled what we were

13:12:02 going to have on.

13:12:03 >> The 4th.

13:12:04 >> August 4th.

13:12:05 And I think we have agreed -- well, now we have changed

13:12:09 it.

13:12:09 So -- but you're amenable to having rescheduling the --

13:12:17 it was for legal to bring us some draft language.

13:12:23 Two options for an ordinance, right?

13:12:25 >> That was originally scheduled for next week.

13:12:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

13:12:28 So you want to rescheduled that and now sound like

13:12:31 Council is willing to do that all at the workshop

13:12:33 meeting on September 8th.

13:12:35 As one item.

13:12:37 Right?

13:12:38 >> Right.

13:12:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Here's what my question is for you

13:12:43 about the ordinance part of it.

13:12:45 You're talking about a hybrid.

13:12:47 Can you just give the bare bones -- I -- at this point,

13:12:52 we have been having this Council, my Council, that I

13:12:55 started on, has been having this discussion for over a

13:12:58 year now.

13:12:59 So, and Councilwoman Capin has been here for most of

13:13:04 it, but.

13:13:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I've been here a year.

13:13:08 >>MARY MULHERN: But it's been over a year.

13:13:10 And so, I am not -- what's the latest?

13:13:15 I mean all these, Duval and Pasco, what is this hybrid

13:13:19 you're talking about?

13:13:22 >>HARRY COHEN: I think what I'm attempting to do here

13:13:24 is give the legal department some flexibility as they

13:13:28 craft an ordinance for us, that allows them to take the

13:13:31 best portions of both, of both of those approaches, so

13:13:35 that they can come up with something that meets our

13:13:38 needs.

13:13:39 >>MARY MULHERN: What are those?

13:13:42 >>HARRY COHEN: The Duval ordinance -- it specifically

13:13:44 has an exemption for newspapers and charitable

13:13:48 organizations outside of a seven day ban.

13:13:51 The Pasco County ordinance, which is a six day -- six

13:13:56 day ban, has some language in it that addresses some of

13:14:00 the federal rights that have been brought up recently,

13:14:03 that have been identified by some of the, the groups

13:14:08 representing some of the labor interests.

13:14:10 And in an attempt --

13:14:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

13:14:14 I got it.

13:14:17 So I didn't know about the Duval.

13:14:19 I hadn't heard that.

13:14:20 Okay.

13:14:24 >>HARRY COHEN: That was the thing we discussed last

13:14:25 time.

13:14:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Could you encompass all this in your

13:14:29 motion?

13:14:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: For the September the 8th, after the

13:14:32 CRA meeting.

13:14:33 And then what we was going to vote on August 4th,

13:14:38 rescheduled to the September 22nd.

13:14:41 >> No, I think we were going to do it all on the 8th.

13:14:45 I thought that was -- to handle the entire matter on

13:14:48 the 8th.

13:14:48 Discussion, the workshop and the three ordinances

13:14:52 together.

13:14:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

13:14:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

13:14:55 And then Councilwoman Capin, you have already scheduled

13:15:02 on that date the task force that's talking about the

13:15:06 bigger issues of homeless?

13:15:08 >> And the incarceration alternatives.

13:15:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

13:15:12 That makes sense.

13:15:13 >> That will also move to the 8th.

13:15:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I'd like to make -- I don't know if

13:15:22 it's an amendment, but to have the, what was the

13:15:26 initial on there?

13:15:27 This proposal?

13:15:28 Or this task force, hear that first, was already on the

13:15:31 agenda.

13:15:32 I think it's more important to hear that before we make

13:15:34 the decisions.

13:15:36 Okay.

13:15:37 Counselor.

13:15:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: City Council, just a reminder this is

13:15:48 a legislative item.

13:15:50 Obviously after you take public comment at the

13:15:52 workshop, for your workshop rules, you can take

13:15:54 official action.

13:15:54 This would be then available for you on

13:15:56 September 8th as a first reading.

13:15:58 Reminding you that it would have to come back per

13:16:01 Florida Statutes for a second reading and adoption

13:16:04 public hearing on the 22nd of September.

13:16:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's what I was trying to get.

13:16:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

13:16:11 Do we have a second?

13:16:12 Was this a second?

13:16:14 >> Second.

13:16:14 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

13:16:15 Aye.

13:16:15 Anything else?

13:16:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No.

13:16:20 Thank you.

13:16:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm going to try to make this quick

13:16:24 because we have already talked about it and I brought

13:16:26 it up and Councilman Suarez has some good input.

13:16:31 So, earlier, I had, was going to request a

13:16:36 reconsideration of the QTR we voted on last week.

13:16:40 I'm not going to ask for that after discussion with

13:16:43 legal.

13:16:44 I don't -- I don't think -- there may be some problems

13:16:50 with doing that.

13:16:50 So, not to have -- what I'm convinced of is we can't

13:16:56 reconsider a vote that was supposed to be made based on

13:16:59 confidentiality, now that the confidentiality isn't

13:17:04 even existing, which is probably what you were saying

13:17:06 earlier.

13:17:06 So thank you.

13:17:07 So, I'm just going to suggest that we have an

13:17:11 investigation and a report and recommendations on

13:17:19 future QTIs.

13:17:22 And I also discussions at that point as a staff report,

13:17:26 about the whole issue of confidentiality and also about

13:17:32 the lack of information and notice provided to Council.

13:17:38 That's my motion.

13:17:43 And I don't think we're in any rush.

13:17:48 The other thing I wanted to say, which hadn't even

13:17:52 gotten to this part of the discussion, and I think

13:17:54 maybe this should be a separate motion, that this

13:17:58 particular resolution that we passed, which was

13:18:02 intended to be eventually be a contract, that we are

13:18:11 noticed at -- should that tax exemption contract ever

13:18:16 show up, at that point -- I don't know.

13:18:22 Just to make sure that it's on, you know, it's a staff

13:18:25 report and that the whole process is referenced so

13:18:30 Council can at that point decide whether to actually

13:18:34 follow through with the agreement.

13:18:36 I guess we need to hear from you about that, that's

13:18:39 still our option.

13:18:42 >> You can request any contract that comes back related

13:18:44 to this QTI or any other QTI, that those are placed on

13:18:49 your staff reports as opposed to being placed on

13:18:51 consent.

13:18:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

13:18:53 That's a good idea.

13:18:56 First let's ask for the investigation and report and

13:19:00 recommendation, that's a motion.

13:19:02 I would say when do we not have a busy meeting?

13:19:11 >> Madam Chair, maybe suggest the August 18th meeting,

13:19:14 right after the CRA.

13:19:15 [inaudible]

13:19:22 >> Do it on the 25th.

13:19:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

13:19:25 August 25th, that's a regular meeting?

13:19:28 Staff report.

13:19:28 And then secondly -- thank you, Ms. Cole, because I

13:19:33 think that this needs to be a procedural policy

13:19:38 decision on our part, that whenever a contract for any

13:19:43 QTIs that have been passed comes to Council, that it

13:19:51 be placed under staff reports.

13:19:53 So that we know -- we have the follow-up.

13:19:58 Unfortunately, I think usually they never come back.

13:20:01 So, that's my motion.

13:20:06 >> Second.

13:20:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

13:20:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was just that -- and I'm glad that

13:20:14 was brought up, because it does come back, but it comes

13:20:18 back under consent.

13:20:20 So the contract does come back to us.

13:20:24 That was the understanding.

13:20:25 We were approving for them to proceed with a contract,

13:20:30 and then it has to come back for approval.

13:20:32 So being put on staff report, I agree with that.

13:20:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

13:20:38 Thanks for reiterating that because we are talking

13:20:43 about all QTIs, not just the one in question.

13:20:46 >> We have a motion from Councilwoman Mulhern, seconded

13:20:49 by Councilwoman Capin.

13:20:51 All in favor?

13:20:51 Aye.

13:20:52 I'm sorry.

13:20:56 Did Councilman Reddick second it?

13:21:00 I apologize.

13:21:01 I misunderstood.

13:21:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Any new business?

13:21:11 >>THE CLERK: Was that motion for both items?

13:21:17 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't pass you the gavel.

13:21:19 You need to do the other one two.

13:21:20 I think I made a motion and voted on it.

13:21:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We did the staff report.

13:21:26 The contract for staff report.

13:21:28 >>MARY MULHERN: We need to revote on that.

13:21:31 >> So now we have a motion by Councilwoman Mulhern,

13:21:35 seconded by Councilman Reddick.

13:21:36 All in favor?

13:21:38 Aye.

13:21:38 Opposed?

13:21:41 Motion passes.

13:21:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

13:21:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: All right.

13:21:48 New business, I do have, I'd like to make a motion for

13:21:52 the Tampa Bay regional planning Council to give

13:21:55 presentation at the newly released statewide regional

13:21:58 evacuation study on Thursday August 25 at a.m.

13:22:01 The study updated the storm surge vulnerability

13:22:04 evacuation zones, population at risk, shelter demand,

13:22:08 and evacuation clearance times for the four counties of

13:22:11 Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas, and I

13:22:14 thought it would be appropriate at this time of

13:22:16 hurricane season.

13:22:19 >> Second.

13:22:20 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

13:22:21 Aye.

13:22:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

13:22:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Suarez?

13:22:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have two items, Madam Chair.

13:22:30 The first I'm asking for a commendation for Mr. Danous

13:22:34 Estenor.

13:22:39 He saved someone's life on the campus of USF,

13:22:42 literally, lifting up a vehicle to save this man's

13:22:46 life.

13:22:46 I'd like to do commendation and present it at a future

13:22:49 time.

13:22:51 >> Second.

13:22:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Can we ask him to do a demonstration?

13:22:55 [ Laughter ]

13:22:58 >> Madam Chair, if you -- that's up to him.

13:23:02 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

13:23:03 Aye.

13:23:06 >> And the second commendation is for two of our

13:23:08 employees that work over at the David L. Tippin water

13:23:16 plant.

13:23:17 Two of them, they created a new item they call the

13:23:23 sludgealator, and it does a better job of taking out

13:23:29 the sludge so it's cleaner, doesn't waste as much.

13:23:32 I'd like a commendation for those two gentlemen.

13:23:39 >> All in favor?

13:23:40 Aye.

13:23:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Any other new business?

13:23:42 Is there anyone wishing to speak?

13:23:47 >> Move to receive and file.

13:23:50 >> Second.

13:23:52 >>MARY MULHERN: We're adjourned.



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