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Wednesday, September 7, 2011
5:01 p.m.
Budget Hearing


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05:03:19 >> Good evening.

05:06:03 The Tampa City Council first budget public hearing,

05:06:07 September 7th, 2011, is called to order.

05:06:11 Councilman Reddick will introduce the invocation.

05:06:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Madam Chair.

05:06:18 I would like to announce our clerk for the invocation.

05:06:26 Please stand.

05:06:32 Good evening, council.

05:06:34 Let us pray.

05:06:35 Father, once again, we thank you for another beautiful

05:06:38 afternoon here in the City of Tampa.

05:06:41 We give you thanks for your grace and your mercy.

05:06:44 Thank you, father, for showing us with your many blessings.

05:06:49 May we remember to show our gratitude by being kind to each

05:06:53 other.

05:06:53 Thank you once again for the opportunity to be here at this

05:06:57 moment in time.

05:06:59 We ask that you continue to bless our council, our mayor,

05:07:03 our administration, our employees, and our great citizens.

05:07:07 Thank you again for blessing us to live and work in this

05:07:12 great city.

05:07:13 Today, please bless this budget meeting as council takes

05:07:17 care of city matters.

05:07:20 Guide our council so they do that which is best for all of

05:07:24 our citizens.

05:07:25 Let us always remember to be instruments of your will.

05:07:30 We pray for your blessing, your peace, your grace, and your

05:07:34 mercy.

05:07:36 With humble hearts we pray.

05:07:38 Let us all say amen.

05:07:39 (Pledge of Allegiance)

05:07:58 >>MARY MULHERN: May we have roll call?

05:08:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:08:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:08:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:08:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:08:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

05:08:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:08:14 If we could have a motion to open.

05:08:17 >> I move that we open the public hearing.

05:08:19 >> Second.

05:08:20 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

05:08:23 And the chair yields to finance chair Cohen, Councilman

05:08:30 Cohen, for reading of the statement.

05:08:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

05:08:37 Welcome back, Councilwoman Capin.

05:08:40 We are glad to have you

05:08:43 This is the first public hearing for the City of Tampa

05:08:45 fiscal year 2012 budget.

05:08:47 The proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills which is 4.11%

05:08:55 less than the rollback millage rate of 5.9782 mills.

05:09:01 Property tax funds are used to support the general fund

05:09:04 operating budget of the city.

05:09:06 This fund includes such departments as fire rescue and

05:09:09 police, human resources, parks and recreation, and public

05:09:13 works.

05:09:15 I would like to call on our CFO San yeah little, with the

05:09:21 City of Tampa's budget presentation.

05:09:23 Welcome.

05:09:24 >> Good evening.

05:09:26 Madam Chair and finance chair, thank you for the opportunity

05:09:31 to present an overview of our proposed budget for fiscal

05:09:36 year 2012.

05:09:38 If I can ask that our budget presentation be brought up on

05:09:43 our screen.

05:09:45 As part of this public hearing, I would like to provide you

05:09:52 with an overview of our budget.

05:09:53 Much of the information you have seen in the past I'm

05:09:58 delighted to report that the revenue figures that we

05:10:00 provided to you in great detail in prior workshops earlier

05:10:06 this year, May and June time frame, have come in very close

05:10:11 to projections, so there are no material changes.

05:10:14 So the purpose of this presentation is to provide you with

05:10:18 an overview of how we balanced the budget, and also to

05:10:22 provide you with the next step for the budget process.

05:10:34 When we started taking a look at the fiscal year 2012 budget

05:10:37 we started out with a $34.5 million shortfall, and this is

05:10:42 in comparison to the prior year when we compare fiscal year

05:10:45 '11 to fiscal year 2012 proposed.

05:10:49 Where we were is as a result of property value reductions

05:10:54 being estimated at a 6% decline over the prior year which

05:10:58 results in $17 million.

05:11:00 We had increases in certain expenditures but that we were

05:11:05 projecting, in particular parking where our debt service

05:11:08 came on the parking system increased to from 1.9 million to

05:11:14 $6 million causing a shortfall in that enterprise fund, the

05:11:19 general fund would have to fill the gap.

05:11:21 In addition, we estimated that our pension costs would

05:11:24 increase roughly 11 million and health care costs 1 million.

05:11:32 In order to balance our budget we asked all of our

05:11:35 departments to provide three budget scenarios where they

05:11:39 would reduce operating expenditures.

05:11:43 Those scenarios ranged from using 2009 operating levels plus

05:11:53 an additional 3% decrease all the way up to the 2009 levels

05:11:59 plus a 3% decrease, and in addition to that an additional

05:12:04 15% decline over -- reduction over -- in operating

05:12:10 expenditures.

05:12:12 What we have done to actually balance our budget and the

05:12:18 steps that we took to begin with, we decreased our

05:12:22 department budget.

05:12:24 That generated an additional $3 million.

05:12:27 That $3 million includes 1.2 million from 21 eliminated

05:12:32 positions.

05:12:33 In our general fund we had a total of 151 vacant positions.

05:12:37 We took a look at each one of those positions to determine

05:12:41 whether or not they were essential.

05:12:43 And I have to point out thatch in looking at the budget in

05:12:46 its entirety, we were extremely mindful of maintaining an

05:12:51 appropriate level of service to our citizens, but we wanted

05:12:54 to be mindful of our financial and fiduciary responsibility

05:12:58 to balance the budget.

05:13:01 Included in that $3 million was an additional reduction

05:13:05 based on historical spending analysis of each one of our

05:13:10 departments.

05:13:10 The departments have done a very, very good job in managing

05:13:14 their spending levels.

05:13:16 And based on historical spending results, we were able to

05:13:21 decrease the department's budget a total of $1.4 million

05:13:25 across the board.

05:13:28 In addition, we reallied how lower reductions in our

05:13:32 certified property value, and that generated $1.5 million

05:13:37 increase to a shortfall instead of a 6% reduction, we ended

05:13:46 up with a 4% reduction.

05:13:49 You all are very much aware of the intersection safety

05:13:52 camera program that's currently being implemented by the

05:13:55 city.

05:13:56 As of today, we have 18 approaches that have actually been

05:14:01 installed, and they will become effective on October 1.

05:14:04 Under this plan, notice goes out.

05:14:07 We are doing public announcements, actually done by our

05:14:11 mayor, and the public receives a 30-day grace period after

05:14:15 the actual installation whereby they receive warnings

05:14:18 instead of a ticket during the 30-day grace period.

05:14:23 You are also aware that we implemented an increase to the

05:14:26 TECO franchise fee from 4.6% to 6%.

05:14:31 That increase will become effective November 1st, and we

05:14:35 expect that it will generate an additional $7 million of

05:14:39 available funds to our budget.

05:14:42 On September 1st, you as City Council adopted a contract

05:14:48 whereby we have engaged a collection agency to collect

05:14:52 unpaid EMS and code enforcement liens.

05:14:55 We estimate that in fiscal year 2012 that we will stand to

05:14:59 gain roughly $2 million as a result of those efforts.

05:15:11 We expect to see a positive trend for the Tampa Convention

05:15:15 Center, roughly $2 million, and for fiscal 2012 instead of

05:15:20 using CIT funds to fund our vehicle purchases for our police

05:15:27 department, instead of using utility tax, I apologize, we

05:15:32 are using our CIP funds, and have more flexibility as to

05:15:35 what we can spend or use our utility tax funds for.

05:15:40 So it just made better sense to use, purchase vehicles where

05:15:46 they are allowed because CIP funds are more restrictive.

05:15:51 Our anticipated savings from fiscal year '11, those are the

05:15:55 funds that were actually swept prosecute the -- from the

05:15:59 department.

05:15:59 We took a very close and hard look on the budget for each

05:16:03 department and determined the projects that were scheduled,

05:16:06 but funds have not been expended and really took a hard and

05:16:10 long look to determine the likelihood of the funds being

05:16:13 spent.

05:16:14 Also again keeping in mind that we wanted to maintain an

05:16:17 appropriate level of services throughout all of our

05:16:19 department.

05:16:20 As a result, we were able to generate an additional $9

05:16:24 million in unspent proceeds, also adding -- chipping away at

05:16:30 our budget shortfall.

05:16:31 Bottom line is, after all of these initiatives have been put

05:16:35 in place, our hit to our general fund is $6 million instead

05:16:40 of $34.5 million.

05:16:43 I have to commend all of our departments who have worked

05:16:46 very, very hard to come up with solutions.

05:16:51 They are all very instrumental in making this happen for the

05:16:54 city, and I find it a personal honor to work with each of

05:16:58 them.

05:17:05 Now, in greater detail before the overall budget.

05:17:09 Our overall budget is 765.4 million, a decrease of 34.7

05:17:16 million over our prior fiscal year 2011.

05:17:20 This is as a result of shrinking our government.

05:17:23 And that's what we are charged to do, operate efficiently,

05:17:27 but with less.

05:17:32 It's quite obvious that property taxes make up the majority

05:17:36 of our general fund revenues, and then again we have utility

05:17:42 taxes, enterprise fund, which are 36% of our budget.

05:17:49 Obviously, we have debt service payments at 5%.

05:17:54 Debt service payment to fund all of our capital projects.

05:17:57 And our internal service funds, such as fleet and insurance

05:18:02 for property and so forth.

05:18:10 As it relates to our general fund expenditures, no secret

05:18:15 that public safety is our largest expenditure under our

05:18:17 general fund.

05:18:19 And it picked up roughly half of our general fund -- it

05:18:24 contributes roughly half of our general fund expenditures.

05:18:29 We all know that a key factor in improving our quality of

05:18:33 life for our citizens, and that equates to roughly $212 or

05:18:40 59% of our total general fund expenditures.

05:18:43 Also, ranking as one of our higher general fund expenditures

05:18:48 are park and rec, central government at 13%, which is more

05:18:53 or less our support for essential services, all

05:18:58 non-enterprise services, and then finally the other smaller

05:19:06 type expenditures under this category for general fund.

05:19:13 As you are aware, we are required by Florida statutes to

05:19:17 have a public hearing, and to have this process, but I'm

05:19:22 happy to point out that for the fifth consecutive year as it

05:19:25 relates to our millage rate for property taxes, there will

05:19:28 be no increase.

05:19:29 We are holding steady, or constant.

05:19:32 The millage rate for property taxes at 5.7326 Millers per

05:19:38 thousands of dollars of tax value.

05:19:46 Under this proposed budget, we continue to commit our

05:19:48 resources to investigate investing in our neighborhood

05:19:53 program.

05:19:54 Fiscal year 2012 we have budgeted $12.4 million.

05:19:58 That's up over last year's budgeted amount of $10 million.

05:20:03 And all of this information is included in great detail in

05:20:08 the actual budget.

05:20:10 So any details related to this can be found there, and we

05:20:16 would certainly be happy to answer any questions later on

05:20:19 during this hearing related to both investing in

05:20:23 neighborhoods and the capital improvement program.

05:20:26 What you see here is the capital improvement programs for

05:20:29 the upcoming five years, 2012-2016.

05:20:33 This slide provides a summary by category of all of the

05:20:38 projects that are included in the budget.

05:20:41 Again all the detail is included in the budget book under

05:20:44 each category.

05:20:48 In summary, the five-year program in total is just over $327

05:20:55 million devoted to this program.

05:21:01 We are in our first public hearing budget.

05:21:04 We have another public hearing budget on September 21st

05:21:10 where we will also be available to answer any questions, and

05:21:15 hopefully receive your approval to move forward with this

05:21:19 budget for fiscal year 2012.

05:21:22 That concludes our overview of the fiscal year 2012 budget.

05:21:29 We would be happy to make ourselves available for any

05:21:31 questions.

05:21:32 We have department heads and staff available to answer any

05:21:35 questions from council and from our citizens.

05:21:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Question.

05:21:50 You announced recently that the city has been able to

05:21:53 refinance some of its debt and some of its bond obligations

05:21:58 going forward.

05:21:59 I believe that the total amount of savings over the course

05:22:03 of that debt was about $9 million.

05:22:06 What does that equate to in terms of money saved just in

05:22:14 this coming fiscal year 2012?

05:22:17 >> Just in this coming year, it will result in roughly

05:22:21 $740,000 in cash flow savings.

05:22:25 And the $9 million is a present value savings.

05:22:28 So over the life of the bond, for the re-sending portion, we

05:22:33 stand to gain on a present value basis 9 million.

05:22:37 >> So theoretically we are already $745,000 to the good when

05:22:44 we start the year on October 1st, if we realize that

05:22:49 savings over 12 months.

05:22:50 >> Yes, sir.

05:22:51 That is savings for our water and wastewater system.

05:22:54 But if I can point out along those same lines, one of the

05:22:57 things we were able to do when we priced these bonds is

05:23:00 because of the shape of the yield curve we were able to

05:23:03 shorten the maturity of the bonds instead of having a

05:23:06 typical 30-year transaction, we ended up shortening the

05:23:10 maturities to 20 years.

05:23:13 Even by shortening the maturity, did it not significantly

05:23:16 increase our annual debt service payment.

05:23:19 But by doing that, we saved the city over the life of the

05:23:22 bond roughly $28 million in interest cost savings.

05:23:26 Same as refinancing your house, 30 year versus a 20-year.

05:23:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen, just because we have a

05:23:42 complicated agenda, did you want to have council's questions

05:23:45 now, or hear from your advisory committee?

05:23:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't we see if everyone has something

05:23:53 to ask now and then we'll move on to the next.

05:23:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the direction I was going, because

05:23:59 I would like to hear from the budget, Finance Committee as

05:24:02 well as the process whether the citizens will be allowed to

05:24:07 speak, those who came here, before I ask any questions.

05:24:11 >>HARRY COHEN: All right, then why don't we move onto the

05:24:15 citizens advisory committee and then take public comment and

05:24:17 we can all go after that.

05:24:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

05:24:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Next is the Tampa City Council citizens

05:24:23 advisory committee on budget and finance to present their

05:24:27 report.

05:24:28 I just want to take a moment to thank the members of the

05:24:31 committee.

05:24:31 They have met eight times since June 28th.

05:24:35 They have been working very hard.

05:24:37 They are George Greenly, James Chittenden, Gina Grimes,

05:24:43 Kimberly Overman, Mark Anderson, Tony Desisco and Evin

05:24:46 Netzer.

05:24:50 And we owe them a great debt of gratitude.

05:24:53 I also want to thank the city staff for being so

05:24:56 accommodating and available to meet with them.

05:24:58 I know that our conference room got a lot of use the last

05:25:01 couple of weeks while they were getting ready to prepare

05:25:03 their report.

05:25:04 >> Thank you, Councilman Cohen, Madam Chair

05:25:17 I'm Nevin Netzer.

05:25:25 >> It was e-mailed out yesterday afternoon.

05:25:28 >> This is being presented by PowerPoint but formerly known

05:25:31 as the Elmo.

05:25:34 And I'm not sure if C.J --

05:25:42 >> It was e-mailed to everybody.

05:25:44 >> It looks like we need to get copies.

05:26:11 I would say maybe we should go ahead and -- do you want to

05:26:17 wait for us to have those?

05:26:19 >> It's up to you, Madam Chair.

05:26:22 I would be happy to stand aside and wait for those or

05:26:24 proceed.

05:26:24 >>HARRY COHEN: We can follow on this in a moment and then

05:26:28 we'll each have a copy.

05:26:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Why don't you go ahead?

05:26:30 >> Okay, thank you.

05:26:39 I'm afternoon new member of the citizens advisory council

05:26:42 for the city.

05:26:42 As Councilman Cohen indicated, the members of the committee,

05:26:49 George Greenly, chair, vice chair, mark Anderson, myself,

05:26:53 Tony Desisco, Evin Netzer, prepared, to review the city's

05:27:12 proposed budget and to undertaken questioning analysis of

05:27:15 the budget in order to understand it and provide feedback to

05:27:19 the council today.

05:27:21 Thank you on behalf of the committee, each council member

05:27:24 for the opportunity to serve on the committee.

05:27:27 We also wanted to especially thank the city staff that

05:27:31 attended each of the committee meetings.

05:27:33 CJ Ford, Councilman Cohen's aide, Dennis Rogero, Sal

05:27:43 Territo, assistant city attorney.

05:27:45 Their assistance in putting together each meeting and in

05:27:47 helping us understand some of the history behind the issues

05:27:51 was crucial and we very much thank them for their

05:27:55 assistance.

05:27:58 During the process of reviewing the budget, we were able to

05:28:02 meet with various department heads.

05:28:08 And I'll try to keep my presentation together with my

05:28:12 speaking.

05:28:13 These included Chief Castor of the Tampa Police Department,

05:28:18 Santiago Corrado, chief of staff, Kimberley Crum, director

05:28:22 of human resources, Steve Daignault, director of public

05:28:27 works and utilities, Chief Forward of the fire department,

05:28:32 Bob McDonaugh of the economic and urban development

05:28:36 department, and Thom Snelling with growth management and

05:28:41 development services administrator.

05:28:43 Each of these individuals were kind enough to give an hour

05:28:46 and a half to two hours of their time, came to our meetings,

05:28:50 discussed the issues that they are facing under the current

05:28:54 budget, and we wanted to thank them and thank the

05:28:56 administration for providing their input and guidance during

05:29:00 this process.

05:29:14 Kick being off the substance of our presentation, it's

05:29:17 obvious the pressures continue in the next fiscal year, 2012

05:29:21 As CFO little indicated, there is still -- there was a

05:29:26 shortfall in the general fund of $34.5 million, and through

05:29:32 the proposed actions, both the mayor and the administration,

05:29:39 $28.5 million have been found leaving a fund transfer

05:29:50 proposal of $6 million to balance the budget.

05:30:02 The big picture that we saw as we reviewed the budget, in

05:30:07 fact what's obvious to everyone is that citizens are

05:30:09 hurting, in line with the overall economy in the U.S.

05:30:13 The same is true for Tampa.

05:30:16 And let me try to center this a little better.

05:30:20 And perhaps zoom out.

05:30:23 There we go.

05:30:27 Many citizens have experienced layoffs, cuts, furloughs and

05:30:32 foreclosures.

05:30:33 And all citizens are trying to do the same or more with less

05:30:37 resources, very similar to the city.

05:30:41 City employees have borne have been of the burden of city

05:30:44 budget cuts in the past, with frozen pay rates, and bonuses,

05:30:48 and elimination of positions.

05:30:51 703, the majority of which were positions not yet filled to

05:30:55 be cut, but a great many of which were in fact positions

05:30:59 that were cut since fiscal year 2008.

05:31:02 Despite this effort, over the years, personnel costs still

05:31:05 remain the dominant budget expense at 78% of the general

05:31:09 fund as we go into the new fiscal year.

05:31:13 It appeared to us that the city's budget and finance

05:31:16 departments program of centralizing and upgrading financial

05:31:20 reporting systems has greatly improved transparency and

05:31:25 manageability of the city's fiscal issues, allowing the

05:31:28 administration to better identify, evaluate and assess the

05:31:32 city's budget challenges.

05:31:35 The city has successfully reduced expenses, over the past

05:31:40 three fiscal years, without significant reductions in

05:31:44 services.

05:31:51 With that background, and with the background of the mayor's

05:31:55 proposed budget, the committee wanted to make the following

05:32:00 recommendations to the City Council.

05:32:05 Although the proposed withdrawal of $6 million from the

05:32:08 general fund, from reserve funding for ongoing operations,

05:32:12 is much lower than the prior two fiscal years, it does

05:32:17 present a risk, continuing to withdraw money from our

05:32:20 reserve funds.

05:32:24 One of the ways to perhaps fill that gap, although we have

05:32:30 filed the mayor's executive order today, pending longevity

05:32:34 bonus for new hires, and see that as a step in the right

05:32:37 direction.

05:32:39 Tipping that merit increases have been reinstated for this

05:32:44 fiscal year.

05:32:45 We suggest the administration and the council may want to

05:32:47 look at a fiscal year 2012 suspension of the longevity bonus

05:32:53 for all city employees, since it is not based on performance

05:32:57 or productivity.

05:32:58 We understand that this will result in the current year

05:33:02 savings of just over $2 million.

05:33:07 With respect to solid waste, the committee recommends that

05:33:12 the city move ahead after it completes the study, at

05:33:18 residential solid waste rates, with converting the monthly

05:33:22 billing process to the annual assessment process to pay for

05:33:27 residential solid waste fees.

05:33:32 With commercial solid waste rates, we suggest that the

05:33:35 administration consider a rate increase since the commercial

05:33:39 solid waste rates have not increased since fiscal year 2005.

05:33:46 Now, we recognize that it is -- that these difficult times

05:33:50 affect not only our citizens, but our businesses as well.

05:33:58 Specific economic developments to businesses could be given

05:34:01 while still increasing rates affecting revenues.

05:34:10 Were respect to parking, we support retaining assets now

05:34:15 while the market value of those assets is at the bottom, or

05:34:20 hopefully at the bottom.

05:34:21 But we suggest phasing parking rates for contracts and

05:34:25 markets, but while seeking to make those increases neutral

05:34:33 to city employees.

05:34:35 We also suggest using existing you idle city-owned property

05:34:39 to additional surface lot parking to increase parking

05:34:44 revenue.

05:34:47 We noticed as we were reviewing the budget that there are

05:34:51 areas where fees are charged, and in some of those areas

05:34:57 distinctions are made for nonresidents versus residents, and

05:35:01 higher rates for those fees charged to nonresidents.

05:35:05 We suggest that additional areas be explored whereby those

05:35:09 nonresident distinctions can be made.

05:35:12 And looking at the fees that are currently charged to

05:35:14 nonresidents to determine whether additional fee increases

05:35:18 could be made.

05:35:27 Along the lines of the administration's seeking to change

05:35:31 the financial DNA of the city, we support that effort and

05:35:37 understand it to be an ongoing effort to increase efficiency

05:35:41 in the city and to always be doing more with less.

05:35:45 In that regard, we make some suggestions to continue

05:35:51 changing the DNA of the city's finances.

05:35:55 The first area we wanted to talk about is grants.

05:35:59 The city does an excellent job getting grants, the 9.1

05:36:04 million of money incoming to the city this year, will be

05:36:08 from grants.

05:36:10 However, we learned that there is no centralized grant

05:36:14 resource.

05:36:14 So each department identifies grants.

05:36:20 The committee believes there can be a benefit from

05:36:22 centralizing duplicated tasks and cross training among

05:36:27 departments so that those who are doing very well and have

05:36:32 learned some of the tricks of the trade, if you will, versus

05:36:37 other departments can share those learnings and information

05:36:42 with other departments.

05:36:46 We also support the city's continuing to seek public-private

05:36:50 partnerships as well as automating tasks.

05:36:53 The city has been looking at the potential for automating

05:36:58 electric meter reading, and conceptually we support that

05:37:02 effort greatly, of course, much more study will have to go

05:37:08 into that, but with the prospect of the large outlay today,

05:37:13 saving us a lot of money in reduction and further full-time

05:37:19 employee positions in the future.

05:37:22 We believe that a great benefit could accrue to that.

05:37:27 As far as providing a additional automation for additional

05:37:32 metering of city services.

05:37:34 The committee would like to suggest that the city undertake

05:37:38 an effort to reduce energy utilization and also increase

05:37:44 city utilization of its own assets, if the cost is less than

05:37:48 third-party would provide.

05:37:52 An example of this would be mulch used by the Parks

05:37:56 Department.

05:37:58 On one hand, the Parks Department purchases mulch each year.

05:38:06 On the other hand the solid waste department takes in yard

05:38:08 trash a big amount of which goes to the waste energy

05:38:10 facility.

05:38:12 There may or may not be opportunities for savings there, but

05:38:14 we wanted to suggest that the city undertake the effort to

05:38:17 inventory the products that are best produced and determine

05:38:23 whether it can be better by utilizing its own rather than

05:38:29 purchasing it on the open market.

05:38:35 As we indicated before, the centralization and increasing

05:38:39 visibility of budget and financial reporting is very good,

05:38:46 and we would like to recommend that the city continue doing

05:38:50 that.

05:38:52 As well, we support smart consolidation within the city.

05:38:57 For example, the city fire and police, 911 dispatch

05:39:01 operations, looking at more consolidations, and we do

05:39:06 support that if that can be done while still providing that

05:39:09 important service in a good way for both services, and also

05:39:13 looking at city and county consolidations, where the city

05:39:17 and county combine its efforts to perform the same tasks for

05:39:22 less money between the two.

05:39:24 Finally, we wanted to recommend with regard to pensions that

05:39:30 the city seek uniform guidelines among its three pension

05:39:33 plans, the general plan, the fire plan and the police plan.

05:39:39 While the fire and police plans are not subject to ARISSA

05:39:44 guidelines, the financial professionals on the committee

05:39:46 felt that these could benefit by following somewhat the

05:39:53 guidelines with the goal to increase transparency to those

05:39:57 employees who benefit from those pension plans, but also to

05:40:00 reduce the differences and returns among the plans, and

05:40:04 extremes, and results that are produced by not following

05:40:08 some of those guidelines.

05:40:11 Thank you again for the opportunity to serve on the

05:40:17 committee.

05:40:19 On my behalf and everyone else's.

05:40:21 I would be happy to answer any questions about the process

05:40:25 or about our recommendations.

05:40:26 Thank you.

05:40:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe this will be our opportunity if we

05:40:42 have any questions for the committee to ask them.

05:40:48 Do you want to hear from the public first?

05:40:50 >>HARRY COHEN: There might be some interest in hearing from

05:40:54 the public, and then asking.

05:40:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, whatever the pleasure is.

05:41:03 Thank you.

05:41:07 So we have already opened the public hearing.

05:41:13 So this is the opportunity for public comment on the budget

05:41:18 presentation.

05:41:19 Anyone who wishes to speak.

05:41:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Are we going to have the same rules as

05:41:27 regular council meetings where we have three minutes per

05:41:30 comment?

05:41:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I think so.

05:41:32 It might help if people would stand up and let us know.

05:41:38 But I think three minutes is the general rule.

05:41:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to make sure we were on the

05:41:43 same page.

05:41:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: 30 minutes and 40 minutes?

05:41:47 >>MARY MULHERN: No, we need to let everybody speak, I

05:41:50 think.

05:41:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

05:41:51 >> Good evening, City Council members.

05:41:59 My name is Walter hill and I'm president of the Davis Island

05:42:02 civic association, and I am here on behalf of the civic

05:42:06 association to support the mayor's budget regarding the

05:42:09 funding of aquatic facility, so the city can move forward

05:42:13 with repairing and restoration of city pools that have now

05:42:16 been closed or in need of significant improvement.

05:42:19 As you know, historic Jenkins pool on Davis Island has been

05:42:24 closed for several years due to major disrepairs.

05:42:27 Restoring the historical swimming facility for all the

05:42:32 residents of Tampa, top priority of Davis Island community

05:42:35 plan.

05:42:35 Approved by the City Council in 2006, just last year your

05:42:41 designation of Roy Jenkins, a local historical landmark, now

05:42:44 funding is needed to restore the pool.

05:42:48 Leaders of Davis Island such as the Davis Island Chamber of

05:42:51 Commerces are working right now on a major blues and

05:42:54 barbecue fund-raiser set for October 15th at Curtis

05:42:57 Hixon park to help the city fund pool restoration.

05:43:01 In addition, funds remaining in the Davis Island recreation

05:43:06 improvement fund created a number of years ago by the Tampa

05:43:08 General Hospital are also available to assist with the pool

05:43:12 restoration.

05:43:13 With your approval of the 2012 budget in conjunction with

05:43:17 funding assistance from these additional resources, the city

05:43:22 will be able to ensure that Roy Jenkins pool be opened in

05:43:27 the near future for city residents to enjoy.

05:43:31 The Davis Island civic association would appreciate your

05:43:34 support.

05:43:34 Thank you very much.

05:43:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:43:38 >> Good afternoon, City Council.

05:43:42 Jarvis El-Amin, 4818 East 99th Avenue.

05:43:48 I want to thank CFO Ms. Little for the great overview for

05:43:54 the budget.

05:43:57 I wanted to ask a question of council speaking to the

05:44:00 budget.

05:44:01 As you know, Mayor Buckhorn promised on the campaign trail,

05:44:08 and I have seen nothing in the budget that would lay out

05:44:12 something deputy mayor because people would like to see a

05:44:21 deputy mayor to getting things done that we can have a

05:44:24 direct impact on with the deputy mayor.

05:44:28 And to have a budget and not just cutting ribbons but to get

05:44:35 some things done in East Tampa.

05:44:36 As you know, the past administration of East Tampa, on the

05:44:41 radar, economic development, it needs to be done in East

05:44:44 Tampa, and that is our concern as community leaders.

05:44:49 Also, one question for the CFO and the investment in

05:44:53 neighborhood portion.

05:44:54 I did not see particularly the neighborhood that the $4

05:45:00 million will be invested in.

05:45:01 I don't see -- if somebody on council, maybe the CFO can

05:45:05 answer the question, what particularly is it going to be for

05:45:07 East Tampa and that investment in neighborhoods program?

05:45:10 Thank you.

05:45:10 And we hope that we can get this done.

05:45:12 We really want to see the deputy mayors come out in our

05:45:16 community.

05:45:17 Thank you.

05:45:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:45:18 >> Good evening.

05:45:20 I'm elder Michelle Patty, representing a number of citizens

05:45:26 and clergy here tonight.

05:45:28 I'm the spokesperson for them.

05:45:31 My address is P.O. Box 4624, Tampa, Florida.

05:45:36 I would like to start off by thanking those of you that were

05:45:39 here last year when we came before you about the parks and

05:45:42 recreation.

05:45:43 However, we are here today because there's a lot of people

05:45:46 that are still being unemployed, they are losing their jobs

05:45:51 at alarming rates, and, therefore, they cannot afford the

05:45:54 fees to send their children to the park.

05:45:57 I'm glad to see that the can chief of police is here and can

05:46:02 attest to the fact that prevention is the key to some of the

05:46:06 problems that we are having with our youth.

05:46:07 I speak from a personal standpoint, just last year a grand a

05:46:16 son murdered here in Tampa and a grandson murdered.

05:46:19 If your child -- that's $30 a week.

05:46:26 Most parents actually have more than three children.

05:46:28 They can't afford $30 a week.

05:46:29 They have already lost their unemployment checks and so

05:46:33 forth.

05:46:33 Also, we can do, get income by raising the fees for

05:46:38 non-resident.

05:46:40 Having them pay the increase of parks and recreation.

05:46:44 Also, I would like to ask about the pools.

05:46:47 We are glad to know that you are going to have the pools

05:46:50 redone and all, but we must -- we must get the fees rolled

05:46:55 back to our rec center.

05:46:58 We are talking about Reagan park.

05:46:59 We could not have these dances this year.

05:47:02 I'm the president of a nonprofit organization.

05:47:07 It's T fee now is $120.

05:47:09 It's $628 or $500, and our organization ministry specializes

05:47:18 in children.

05:47:18 We could not afford this year.

05:47:20 So the kids had nowhere to go, a safe place to have dances

05:47:25 than we provided every weekend.

05:47:27 So this is just unconscionable.

05:47:30 I'm glad that they have some statements here, and maybe we

05:47:33 can put it in our youth, so that we don't have to send them

05:47:37 to jail where we are building more jails.

05:47:40 We need to have an wholesome environment for our young

05:47:46 people.

05:47:46 So we ask that council, that you are friendly to the

05:47:50 community, that you look at this, and also improvements with

05:47:52 the sidewalks, the roads.

05:47:53 We would ask that you all direct those issues in East

05:47:56 Tampa -- the West Tampa area.

05:48:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Patty, I have a question for you.

05:48:08 Over the last two years the parks fees had been raised for

05:48:12 the programming, for the after-school, and the assurance we

05:48:15 have from the last administration was that all the fees were

05:48:20 going to be rolled back.

05:48:21 In fact, I think we voted on that at council.

05:48:25 So are you telling us that that didn't happen?

05:48:28 Or that you are just talking about for the fees?

05:48:34 >> No, I'm talking about fee it is children have to pay, I

05:48:38 think it's $2, any activity at the park, the taxpayers

05:48:45 already paid for that.

05:48:45 >> So it's the activity fees that didn't get included?

05:48:48 >> Correct.

05:48:49 >> Thank you.

05:48:49 >> My name is Taylor wood, 53 Bahama circle on Davis Island,

05:49:02 hear to support the funding of Jenkins pool.

05:49:07 My daughter and I will combine our time.

05:49:09 Like a lot of people my parents and grandparents swam in the

05:49:12 general dins pool and it's a beautiful asset to our

05:49:14 community.

05:49:15 But I think at this point that's not the important part.

05:49:21 It's a part of our neighborhood that's been closed for years

05:49:24 now, and really makes our community smaller, and we don't

05:49:27 have a place that we all get together.

05:49:29 I know there are a lot of pools that need to be opened.

05:49:32 But this is a whole area that's not by a pool.

05:49:35 You have to go a long ways to get to another one from Davis

05:49:38 Island.

05:49:39 So a lot of people on the island can't afford to join a park

05:49:45 but a lot of people can.

05:49:51 I am here to support funding.

05:49:52 Thank you.

05:49:52 >> My name is Sarah Daugherty, and I live on Davis Island.

05:50:01 The last time I swam at the pool I was four years old.

05:50:04 Now I am seven years old and I would really like to get back

05:50:06 in there and swim.

05:50:08 The summers are really hot, and we need a place to get

05:50:10 together with our friends and family to cool off.

05:50:13 The past summer, I went to day camp on Davis Island.

05:50:20 I had to go almost nine miles to get to another pool.

05:50:24 I like the Jenkins pool because it's my neighborhood pool.

05:50:28 We should have a pool open like other neighborhoods do.

05:50:32 Thank you.

05:50:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:50:36 [ Applause ]

05:50:38 >> That's a hard act to follow.

05:50:43 I'm Dr. Diane Longstreet here representing both Partners in

05:50:49 Obesity Prevention and the Tampa Diatetic Association. I

05:50:52 live at 4152 Brentwood Park Circle in Tampa.

05:50:57 My fellow citizens have done an excellent job of speaking to

05:51:00 the personal reasons why they want support for parks and

05:51:04 recreation, and sidewalks and safer communities.

05:51:09 I would like to bring one other aspect of that issue to your

05:51:12 awareness.

05:51:13 Every year, U.S. employers, it costs 7.3 billion to lost

05:51:20 productivity due to obesity.

05:51:23 More than hundred million is spent annually on health care

05:51:26 went to obesity.

05:51:27 On a personal level, on a one by one individual basis, if

05:51:31 you lose the excess baggage, could you drop your insurance

05:51:34 rates by up to 100 percent.

05:51:38 Because it's closely tied with diabetes losing weight can

05:51:44 lose your feet from amputation, eyesight from blindness.

05:51:48 If losing weight was as easy as telling people to lose more

05:51:52 and we less two third of the Americans would not be

05:51:58 overweight or obese.

05:52:00 And obesity rates are still large in Florida and

05:52:03 Hillsborough County, and more than one third of children

05:52:05 ages 10 to 17 are overweight or obese.

05:52:09 This is also a concern as we look at our military, and our

05:52:14 youth coming forward are not eligible to serve in the

05:52:17 military because of their overweight and obesity.

05:52:20 And this is an issue that cuts across all ethnic and

05:52:24 socioeconomic groups.

05:52:25 Obesity is a costly community issue, and requires a

05:52:29 comprehensive approach.

05:52:31 To include policy at community level.

05:52:34 I would like to remind you that last century, some of the

05:52:38 most powerful changes in our longevity and decrease in

05:52:42 morbidity and mortality came from a policy level, things

05:52:46 such as simply requiring the car manufacturers put in seat

05:52:50 belt, and fine people when they weren't using them.

05:52:54 Those policy issues made a difference.

05:52:57 You make a difference.

05:52:59 So you have an opportunity again to make decisions,

05:53:03 decisions that influence the health of your constituents.

05:53:06 The self-reported rate of sedentary behavior, last year,

05:53:09 went up by about 14%.

05:53:12 Why?

05:53:14 It might have something to do --

05:53:15 (Bell sounds)

05:53:18 Thank you very much.

05:53:18 Is that a warning sign?

05:53:20 >> 30 second.

05:53:21 >> 30 second.

05:53:23 The self-sedentary behavior rate went up 14% and that may

05:53:27 have something to do with the access to physical activity,

05:53:33 parks and recreation, safety in our streets, and it's not

05:53:39 safe to be physically active.

05:53:41 Who is going to do that?

05:53:42 These are things that you need to consider.

05:53:43 (Bell sounds)

05:53:45 Thank you.

05:53:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Doctor Longstreet, Councilman Reddick has a

05:53:54 question.

05:53:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to thank you for keeping this

05:53:56 day on your calendar to be here this evening.

05:54:01 I appreciate you coming out.

05:54:04 The sad part about it is that I was just informed that I

05:54:07 have a slice of pizza in the back and -- (laughter) I'm

05:54:14 scared to go back and eat it.

05:54:16 >> Every extra 300 calories requires an hour of walk. Let's

05:54:16 make those sidewalks better. (Laughter)

05:54:24 >> Wait, doctor, don't go away.

05:54:26 I think wave some other questions we need your expertise

05:54:29 here.

05:54:34 No?

05:54:34 Oh, I did have a question.

05:54:38 Tell us one budget policy recommendation you have for us.

05:54:42 >> If you can keep those parks and recreation facilities as

05:54:48 affordable as possible.

05:54:52 You have heard what the citizens are asking for.

05:54:54 That is what needs to happen.

05:54:56 Because when the citizens can't access the facilities, they

05:55:00 are not going to be physically active.

05:55:03 The other thing that you may want to consider is

05:55:06 opportunities for joint access, like what does it take to

05:55:12 keep school facilities open after hours for communities that

05:55:15 might not have good parks and recreation facilities?

05:55:18 That would be some other thing to look at, too.

05:55:21 Because there are barriers to that action.

05:55:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:55:26 Any other questions?

05:55:29 Thank you.

05:55:30 >> My name is Carol Cameron. I live on 3316 North San

05:55:38 Miguel.

05:55:40 I'm here to speak about pools, parks and recreation.

05:55:43 I worked very hard in trying to get Interbay open this

05:55:47 summer when it had been closed two summers, and the mayor

05:55:50 was gracious and gave us $45,000, which only a small amount

05:55:55 was actually spent.

05:55:56 I think a lot of people don't realize, when they call it an

05:56:00 open pool they only gave us 12 hours a week, and of those 12

05:56:04 hours, not one minute of it was for lap swimmers.

05:56:08 I am over ten times the age of the little girl that spoke,

05:56:11 and I have to swim because I have back problems and I have

05:56:15 knee jobs and I had a shoulder replacement, so swim is the

05:56:19 only thing that I can do.

05:56:21 As a matter of fact, I got information of attendance record

05:56:24 at Interbay pool the last summer it was opened in '08 there.

05:56:28 Were 6300 people that swam in June, July and August.

05:56:32 4300 of those were adults, 75% was estimated were lap

05:56:37 swimmers.

05:56:37 So it's good for the kids, and the kids need to have access

05:56:42 to a pool, but we as adults, some of them -- I do lap

05:56:46 swimming, but there are also adults who are doing aerobics.

05:56:50 I know when you were dealing with Williams pool there were

05:56:51 some ladies that came up and said we want to have aqua

05:56:56 aerobics in our pool, too.

05:56:58 So my concern is that the plan for next year is very yes a

05:57:03 size for Interbay so I want to get in on the beginning of

05:57:06 the budgeting process, that we want the pool to say open for

05:57:10 the summer, and our pool has no problems.

05:57:13 It's an operational pool, it's working fine, we only need to

05:57:17 have staff, and they only need to get the least expensive

05:57:23 people, lifeguards, as less than $somebody and some

05:57:26 chemicals.

05:57:27 The rest of the cost is minimal for keeping our pool open.

05:57:31 I would like to urge the pool stay open year round, not just

05:57:35 be open for the eight or ten weeks that school is out, and

05:57:39 we know it has to close for a couple of weeks when they have

05:57:42 to repaint it and do a little maintenance, but other than

05:57:45 that, I am not asking for 60 hours a week, which is what

05:57:51 Hicks is open.

05:57:51 I would be happy with 25 or 30 but I would like it to be

05:57:54 open year round.

05:57:55 And some arrangement, for lap swimmers, we don't need near

05:57:59 as many lifeguards when lap swimmers are swimming as they do

05:58:02 with the kids.

05:58:02 They made no arrangements this year for any lessons for the

05:58:05 kids and we need lessons for the kids to learn how to swim.

05:58:09 (Bell sounds)

05:58:09 So that's what I am urging.

05:58:11 Thank you for your time.

05:58:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:58:13 Next.

05:58:18 >> Good afternoon, council.

05:58:21 My name is Alan McCoy, and to tell you the truth, I'm here

05:58:27 as a visitor to Tampa.

05:58:30 I'm visiting my sister Rashima McCoy who is an active

05:58:36 participant in the community of Hillsborough.

05:58:38 I'm here to survey because I'm considering moving here.

05:58:47 But from what I see, a lot of times the recreation, parks

05:58:53 and recreation, that's obvious, and has to be attended to.

05:58:57 Another problem that I have seeing is the lack of

05:59:02 communication and the interacts between the police

05:59:06 department and the youth.

05:59:09 There's too many conversion of the youth, and they don't

05:59:11 have anything to do.

05:59:13 So if it's possible, and there's some way that you can

05:59:17 allocate some of the funds, in this budget, that you are not

05:59:22 now talking about, and direct them onto the youth.

05:59:29 We can somehow regulate the criminal activity that's going

05:59:36 on in Tampa as we speak, because I know I don't like what I

05:59:41 see.

05:59:41 Thank you.

05:59:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:59:46 Is there anyone else who wishes to be speak on the budget?

05:59:56 Council, any questions?

05:59:59 >> Yes, question.

06:00:01 This question is for little Mrs. Little.

06:00:05 I know I called you and I apologize.

06:00:10 Mrs. Little, we had talked about -- obviously the mayor had

06:00:13 mentioned about the longevity bonus.

06:00:16 That question at least came up today.

06:00:18 And the citizen advisory committee had talked about a

06:00:21 one-year suspension for that.

06:00:24 The first question I have for you is what the mayor

06:00:27 announced today, is that going to have any effect whatsoever

06:00:31 on this particular budget in terms of current savings,

06:00:35 current money?

06:00:39 >> What the mayor announced today is a long-term plan, and

06:00:44 will only impact new hires after October 1st.

06:00:48 What currently stands in the budget as we have it right now

06:00:51 is that the longevity award is in place and has been

06:00:58 budgeted for.

06:00:59 >> Now, if we followed what the recommendation was from the

06:01:03 citizens advisory committee, I think they have put down

06:01:07 about a $1.2 million savings for a one-year savings.

06:01:11 That's something that you also see in terms of if we did

06:01:15 suspend the longevity bonus for a year for all employees as

06:01:19 opposed to new employees?

06:01:20 >> Yes, sir.

06:01:20 >> And so that would be money that we could definitely put

06:01:28 away, so to speak or use for other activities that we might

06:01:31 need over the course of the year, correct?

06:01:34 >> That's correct.

06:01:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I didn't have any other questions.

06:01:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Maybe this is a question for legal.

06:01:48 I was under the impression that the Florida legislature

06:01:51 passed something this year that restricted local governments

06:01:57 abilities to give bonuses that were not directly tied to

06:02:02 merit.

06:02:03 And I know that a lot of local jurisdictions have been

06:02:06 wrestling with that.

06:02:08 Have we looked at that?

06:02:09 Do we know about that?

06:02:11 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal Department. I'm not aware of anything

06:02:13 like that.

06:02:13 The only one I am aware of that had something in the pension

06:02:17 from police and fire.

06:02:19 There was an issue dealing with that on whether it was a

06:02:22 pension but other than that I am not familiar with anything

06:02:24 else.

06:02:24 >> And I am going to go back and check this out.

06:02:30 I was under the impression that the Hillsborough County

06:02:32 civil service board actually dealt with this issue recently,

06:02:36 and that they had some questions about whether or not they

06:02:38 could continue their own longevity bonus program.

06:02:41 So that's something we can look into between now and the

06:02:44 next public hearing.

06:02:45 >> With current employees?

06:02:53 >>HARRY COHEN: I just know that there was something passed

06:02:55 by the legislature restricting local government's abilities

06:03:00 to get some of these types of bonuses. So we may want to

06:03:03 just check that out.

06:03:04 >> You might want to make that a motion.

06:03:07 If you want to make that a motion for the second reading and

06:03:11 the budget, if we could just get --

06:03:15 >>SONYA LITTLE: May I also, Madam Chair, make one point of

06:03:18 clarification as it relates to the longevity award?

06:03:24 With our bargaining unit, it's an item that has to be

06:03:28 bargained in or out.

06:03:30 So right now it's currently in the contract.

06:03:32 And the figure that I believe that the citizens advisory

06:03:37 committee was referring to was as it relates to

06:03:40 nonbargaining unit employees.

06:03:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I don't think I will make a motion.

06:03:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Were you done, Councilman Suarez?

06:03:55 Councilman Reddick?

06:03:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: I wanted to get you before you took your

06:03:59 seat.

06:04:00 Thank you.

06:04:01 First, let me just commend the citizens advisory committee

06:04:07 for the time and duration they put into the work they have

06:04:09 done.

06:04:13 The based on the recommendation, I'm hoping that CFO and the

06:04:17 staff will incorporate some of these recommendations,

06:04:21 because I think they are valid and need to be taken a look

06:04:25 at.

06:04:27 In the meantime, in looking over the budget -- and maybe you

06:04:32 can help me.

06:04:35 And I saw where we are raising the TECO franchise fee from

06:04:43 60 cents for 6%.

06:04:45 To those who are not here tonight, how much money per

06:04:50 household per month?

06:04:52 >> For the average household, which is roughly kilowatts

06:05:00 hours per month, it equates to 1.50 per month.

06:05:04 >> 1.50 per month?

06:05:06 >> Yes, sir.

06:05:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: I also wanted to raise a question about

06:05:13 when I looked into the detail portion of the budget?

06:05:22 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes.

06:05:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Maybe I should know this but I don't.

06:05:26 Speak up Tampa Bay, what is that?

06:05:31 $76,000 to be allocated to speak up.

06:05:35 >> It's public access.

06:05:36 >> That's what that is?

06:05:37 >> Yes, sir.

06:05:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is that controlled by the city?

06:05:41 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

06:05:43 >> Okay.

06:05:43 >>SONYA LITTLE: Councilman, if I can clarify, the funding

06:05:48 is, the organization is not.

06:05:49 The funding is controlled by the city.

06:05:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:05:55 I just saw speak up Tampa Bay.

06:05:58 Another item -- and this goes to parks and recreation.

06:06:03 I agree with elder -- Ms. Patty.

06:06:08 Somehow we need to look at -- we are paying residents,

06:06:14 property owners, citizens of this community, that utilize

06:06:17 one of the facilities.

06:06:20 Take Reagan park, for example.

06:06:24 The rec center to have activity facilities, that you have to

06:06:27 pay that much money to rent out those facilities for four

06:06:33 hours, and the only competing level, take Reagan park, for

06:06:41 example.

06:06:42 If they are going to charge you almost $6 or $700 for now

06:06:48 hours, you can go to the letter carriers, rent it for almost

06:06:52 5, 6, $700, and the city property doesn't have been fruit

06:07:00 juice but you can buy the fruit juice at that facility.

06:07:04 So something you need to look at even if the recommendation

06:07:09 that the gentleman from the citizens advisory committee who

06:07:11 stated that looking at nonresidents, may look into that area

06:07:18 of nonresidents and see how we can offset some of the

06:07:21 funding costs to those who are residents of this community,

06:07:23 and also taxpayers because they are paying twice.

06:07:28 This is just something that I ask that you take into

06:07:31 consideration.

06:07:32 And I hope that we can have some type of answer by our

06:07:37 second reading for the budget.

06:07:39 And my last question, Madam Chair, but I couldn't find for

06:07:49 several years here, we had an icon who served for the

06:07:58 lottery, and I don't see James Tokley, I don't see nowhere

06:08:04 in this budget that there's funding for that position.

06:08:12 Now, I spent my Labor Day weekend on this budget, and I

06:08:19 don't see it in here nowhere, and I asked for it and I still

06:08:27 haven't got it.

06:08:27 That's why imposing the question to you.

06:08:30 Is his position being eliminated from the budget?

06:08:33 >> Yes, sir.

06:08:34 And I am aware of your inquiry.

06:08:36 And we did respond back to your office, and I'm sorry that

06:08:41 you didn't get the response back, Councilman.

06:08:44 But for this fiscal year, the poet laureate position was not

06:08:51 funded.

06:08:51 >> Okay.

06:08:55 So does that also include the city photographer that you had

06:09:03 funding in the previous budget?

06:09:05 >>SONYA LITTLE: Let me check.

06:09:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:09:13 >> Good afternoon.

06:09:35 Santiago Corrada, chief of staff.

06:09:38 Just a clarification on the photo laureate program.

06:09:40 That's a program that have been is not funded through

06:09:43 general fund dollars.

06:09:44 That's a program that's funded through the public park trust

06:09:46 fund, which is art, program funded from private development.

06:09:52 It's a competitive program.

06:09:53 The same photo laureate is not chosen every year.

06:09:58 Eights competition that's juried and selected and that is

06:10:01 not the same position as the poet laureate and how the poet

06:10:04 laureate was funded for some years.

06:10:06 The photo laureate has been in place for the public art

06:10:08 trust fund.

06:10:09 Clarification on parks and rec fees, there was a comment

06:10:13 made about fees charged for children participating in

06:10:17 after-school programs.

06:10:18 We did roll back that fee to zero.

06:10:21 So we are open for business, and all of our after school

06:10:24 programs, for no charge to children in the community.

06:10:29 The swimming Poole program, open swim, is also free for

06:10:33 children wanting to swim, for anyone wanting to swim during

06:10:36 the open swim time at our pools.

06:10:38 And the only charge is the rec card fee which is an annual

06:10:42 fee, and that was lowered to its price that it always was,

06:10:49 and the summers program was also rolled back to the lowest

06:10:52 fee that was ever collected through the department.

06:10:54 So those after-school programs open for free for children in

06:11:02 the community.

06:11:03 >> Chief, let me ask you a question.

06:11:05 >> The poet laureate was not competitive.

06:11:16 The photo laureate was.

06:11:17 >> Oh, the photo --

06:11:20 >> The photo laureate program was competitive to the public

06:11:23 art trust fund.

06:11:24 The poet laureate position was the same person every year

06:11:26 receiving.

06:11:27 It wasn't a paid position, it was a stipend for work

06:11:30 committed by the poet laureate to the city, so there was a

06:11:34 product that was created in lieu of the pavements.

06:11:39 The payments were made for products rendered by the poet

06:11:41 laureate.

06:11:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's all, Madam Chair.

06:11:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Any other questions?

06:11:51 I have of a few questions.

06:11:54 And just a few things I wanted to say.

06:11:58 Santiago, Mr. Corrada, maybe we can clarify a little bit,

06:12:03 because you did clarify somewhat.

06:12:09 And I hope that we have heard some complaints here, but it

06:12:16 seems like what I think we are hearing the people would like

06:12:21 to see more funding, or fee reductions for, is not -- when

06:12:27 we ask for and the mayor and you decided to roll back the

06:12:32 fees, that was for programs which were for the after-school

06:12:43 and camp programs.

06:12:45 So I think what may still be difficult for people -- so

06:12:53 clarify this for me, too -- is the activity fee that you

06:12:56 have to pay to use the pool.

06:12:58 So I think you said it's free.

06:13:02 If every child that wants to go to the pool, their visit is

06:13:08 free?

06:13:09 >> During open swim, yes, ma'am, it is free.

06:13:11 Now, there are activities, that there's a cost associated.

06:13:14 There are fees associated with special activities.

06:13:17 Like the rental fee.

06:13:18 If you want to rent out a facility, absolutely, there's a

06:13:21 fee especially if it's a facility that is normally closed

06:13:24 and we don't have staff there, and we have to pay for staff.

06:13:26 >> but that's a rental fee.

06:13:29 >> That's a rental fee.

06:13:31 >>CHAIRMAN: That's not a fee for swimming, for an

06:13:33 individual, for a child.

06:13:35 >> That's correct.

06:13:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe Ms. Palus can clarify.

06:13:38 >>KAREN PALUS: Santiago is correct.

06:13:42 In other words, for open swim, if you have a $15 rec card,

06:13:46 it's an annual fee, they can swim free during the open swim

06:13:50 time.

06:13:50 We also have open gym, we have free classes, we have

06:13:54 computer labs, and you have access.

06:13:58 So after-school program 69 give me an example.

06:14:00 Let's say Sulphur Springs pool, or -- yeah, let's start with

06:14:04 that.

06:14:05 If I bring children to -- my children to Sulphur Springs

06:14:10 pool, how often is their open swim?

06:14:14 Does that mean every day in the summer?

06:14:16 What does that mean?

06:14:17 >> Yes.

06:14:19 Typically every day in the summer there is open swim in the

06:14:21 afternoon, but each pool runs differently, but our normal

06:14:24 summer operational hours, they have swim programs in the

06:14:28 morning, you will have group swim time in the midmorning and

06:14:30 then the afternoon for open swim.

06:14:32 >>MARY MULHERN: And is all that posted at every pool so

06:14:36 that they know?

06:14:38 >>KAREN PALUS: Yes.

06:14:38 And the recreation card is the key.

06:14:41 It's a $15 fee annually to pay, and you have a family fee

06:14:45 for that as well, and again you get access to open swim,

06:14:48 after-school, and any of our free programs that we have

06:14:54 going on, all of our events.

06:14:58 In our facility.

06:14:59 >> Did you have a question for Mrs. Palus?

06:15:02 Maybe you need to stay up here because we have other -- I

06:15:04 have some other things, but maybe we can do this per staff

06:15:08 person so that you are not jumping up and down.

06:15:11 Councilwoman Capin?

06:15:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mrs. Palus, the $15 fee is a fee, and that

06:15:19 is applicable at any of our recreation centers?

06:15:23 >> Correct.

06:15:24 Thank you for clarifying that.

06:15:26 If you pay the $15 fee once and it gives you access

06:15:30 city-wide to over 26 different facilities for after-school,

06:15:35 to I think we are up to 28 different facilities throughout

06:15:40 the overall park facilities, we have 187 park facilities

06:15:45 throughout.

06:15:46 There's a lot of opportunities, a lot of access for folks.

06:15:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: A lot of times people have the impression

06:15:52 the pool is in a certain community.

06:15:54 But the pool is open to the entire city residents.

06:15:58 >> Correct.

06:15:59 We do not discriminate on what neighborhood anybody lives

06:16:02 in.

06:16:03 You are welcome to come.

06:16:04 If you buy your rec card over at the Barksdale senior center

06:16:07 and you want to swim in Interbay you have full access. If

06:16:11 you want to swim in Sulphur Springs, head to the New Tampa

06:16:15 gymnastics center, your rec card gives you access to any of

06:16:18 our facility.

06:16:19 If you have a program that's separate from that and has a

06:16:22 specialty fee or an independent contractor, there are other

06:16:25 fees for those programs.

06:16:26 But the things that we offer for free within that $15 wind

06:16:30 offer is all the things we talked about, our computer labs,

06:16:34 our after-school programs, gives you access to any of our

06:16:39 free and volunteer programs and any of our locations

06:16:41 throughout the city.

06:16:42 >> Thank you.

06:16:43 I just wanted to clarify because that impression is out

06:16:45 there, that the pool is, from the -- for the community, and,

06:16:51 for instance, Davis Island pool when it becomes open, it is

06:16:54 open to everyone.

06:16:55 The pool belongs to the city and its residents.

06:16:59 Thank you.

06:16:59 >> Yes.

06:16:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Don't go away.

06:17:04 You are the most wanted person tonight.

06:17:07 All the comments were about parks, it sounds like.

06:17:09 Councilman Reddick.

06:17:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

06:17:12 That $15 per family or per child ever?

06:17:15 >> It's per individual but we have a family fee of $50.

06:17:18 And that can is four folks in a family unit that you are

06:17:24 only paying the $50 is a great price.

06:17:29 If you are a family of six it's still $50 so it's a great

06:17:31 fee and a great opportunity for folks to be use our

06:17:34 facilities.

06:17:34 >> Well, let me expound on that.

06:17:39 You can go to every pool then in the city.

06:17:42 Well, I don't know if you are passing that information on to

06:17:45 other pools, because I can tell you right now, I got some

06:17:49 examples where people go to other pools and are told to

06:17:52 leave.

06:17:53 Now, I got some examples of that.

06:17:57 Be with the swimming pool issue, we have some people that

06:18:01 went to be a pool and were told to leave.

06:18:03 Now, I can bring these people to you.

06:18:05 >> I would be happy to talk with them to be clarify that.

06:18:08 But officially say again, if you have a recreation card in

06:18:12 the City of Tampa and you are City of Tampa resident and we

06:18:15 have a nonresident card, a $15 rec card, and you can go and

06:18:21 swim during open swim time for free.

06:18:24 You can come to after-school for free.

06:18:26 You can utilize our computer labs for free.

06:18:29 You can come top any free volunteer program that we offer at

06:18:34 any of our facilities for free.

06:18:35 It's a one-time payment up front for those activities.

06:18:38 >> I'm not going to go on in this setting because I don't

06:18:45 want to get into that issue, but just want to say we know

06:18:48 that document and hope they are aware of this.

06:18:53 >> I would be happy to reach out with you.

06:18:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The reason is, again, it's televised, it's

06:19:03 free, it's $15, anyone watching -- now, what I want to know

06:19:08 is, how are the people that buy the membership, or the fee,

06:19:15 how are they notified of what hours, what activities?

06:19:21 How do they know what's going on throughout the city?

06:19:24 >>KAREN PALUS: We have all of the information posted on our

06:19:27 Web site.

06:19:28 If you are going to a particular location within your

06:19:30 community, all of them have different calendars, different

06:19:34 event flyers, program flyers and things available at each of

06:19:37 those locations.

06:19:38 But it's to that location?

06:19:41 >> To that location.

06:19:42 But again you can go to the computer lab and get onto our

06:19:45 Web site and look at any of the information at any of our

06:19:48 locations throughout the city to see what programs are

06:19:50 available, what kind of schedules, what type of activity.

06:19:54 You can do a search if you are interested and you want to

06:19:56 find out which locations, you can go online and view that.

06:20:01 If you do not have Internet access at home please come to

06:20:04 one of those facilities during the open computer labs.

06:20:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would also like to maybe suggest that it

06:20:14 be posted, the schedule, or at least the location, their

06:20:19 hours, and open swim, because I think that would be very

06:20:26 helpful.

06:20:27 If you walk in and you know exactly what's going on at the

06:20:30 different places.

06:20:31 I appreciate -- the computer labs are open all the time?

06:20:37 >>KAREN PALUS: It depends on whether there's a class

06:20:39 scheduled, but again those are posted and available to know

06:20:42 when that time is for that location.

06:20:44 >> That's where posting everything, at all the facilities,

06:20:49 their hours, and what is available free, or with that card,

06:20:55 I think it's very important.

06:20:56 But thank you.

06:20:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Montelione.

06:21:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:21:03 I am glad I get to speak last because I think everybody hit

06:21:06 upon the issues.

06:21:07 Thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

06:21:13 But Mrs. Patty, I see you are back there, you are shaking

06:21:16 your head, and I just want to find out where the disconnect

06:21:19 is.

06:21:19 Because I heard a lot of individuals at the microphone

06:21:24 talking about fees and talking about access.

06:21:26 So I'm not sure that either the information isn't being

06:21:32 communicated in a way that is clear, or there are, for the

06:21:41 staff members aren't consistently cohesively -- cohesively

06:21:48 probably isn't the right word -- but aren't trained in the

06:21:51 policies in a consistent way, so that people are under the

06:21:56 impression that policies, in fact, are different, and they

06:22:00 are open to interpretation.

06:22:02 And I find that a lot with, you know, department stores or

06:22:07 wherever you go, you ask one employee one question, you get

06:22:10 an answer.

06:22:10 You have another employee the same question you get a

06:22:13 different answer.

06:22:14 So I'm not criticizing, you know, your staff, but it is an

06:22:18 issue in customer service that everybody is looking at the

06:22:22 same book and giving the same answers to everyone across the

06:22:26 board.

06:22:28 And since pools is a big subject, I know that -- I remember

06:22:33 $6 million set aside for pools, studies, restoration,

06:22:39 repairs, and all of that.

06:22:41 That is in this budget and will happen within the 2012 Calen

06:22:44 today are year?

06:22:46 Fiscal year?

06:22:46 >> It's 6.5 million that's been allocated over the next five

06:22:50 years of the community investment tax.

06:22:52 >> It's 6.5 million over the next five years.

06:22:58 Do you know how much it will impact the fiscal budget we are

06:23:03 looking at here?

06:23:04 >> For this year, right now, we have some money that we set

06:23:07 aside for Williams that we are working with budget on.

06:23:10 However, we are in the process of finalizing the aquatic

06:23:14 study.

06:23:14 So once we have those numbers we will be sitting down and

06:23:17 reviewing that to determine which projects are next within

06:23:20 that.

06:23:21 >> When is the aquatic study planning to be?

06:23:27 >> We have the final-final draft, that everybody is doing

06:23:32 their reviews, and there's a couple of things that I

06:23:34 requested additional information on.

06:23:35 So they are working on that H.but we are reviewing.

06:23:41 I would anticipate something by the end of this month, to

06:23:43 know when week sit down with the board.

06:23:46 I spoke with contract administration actually yesterday

06:23:48 afternoon about that, about finishing up our final reviews

06:23:52 and getting again with the consultant to clarify, and we

06:23:55 should be able to sit down and go through some

06:23:57 recommendations so we can bring those forward to the mayor.

06:23:59 >> So you think maybe by September 30th, sometime, if

06:24:05 maybe not right now but have a motion to have the report

06:24:08 brought forth and discussed with council sometime in October

06:24:11 would be safe?

06:24:12 >> Yes.

06:24:12 >> And I had asked for this as well and I had talked with my

06:24:22 appointee.

06:24:22 Thank you, Kimberly, to be everyone on the committee who did

06:24:25 a great job.

06:24:26 I know it wasn't easy.

06:24:27 >> But we talked a little bit about -- Mr. Al-Amin mentioned

06:24:40 which neighborhoods capital improvements were being made and

06:24:43 I know that falls into your department with public works,

06:24:46 Mr. Daignault.

06:24:47 These projects fall in one of your two areas.

06:24:50 And if we could get some kind of specifics of where the

06:24:54 funds were allocated to be spent, even if it's not specific

06:25:00 down to the last T and I being dotted and crossed but we

06:25:06 have an idea of where funds are being thought of to be

06:25:13 studied even if it's a draft so we have some answers for

06:25:15 some folks

06:25:16 And I think -- I just want to mention on the 15th we are

06:25:21 having -- I had to ask for a workshop on energy efficiency,

06:25:24 and hopefully some of the other committees' recommendations,

06:25:28 energy efficiency will be addressed on the 15th.

06:25:32 Thank you.

06:25:32 >>SONYA LITTLE: Madam Chair, this is in response to the

06:25:38 request for information of how the fund are allocated.

06:25:43 It's a lot of information in our budget.

06:25:45 But I did want to point out that in response to Mr.

06:25:50 Al-Amin's request, but I can direct you to specific pages

06:25:57 within the budget, that it will outline and give to you the

06:26:03 list of projects that are in the budget to be funded.

06:26:08 I just want to point out that the priority is determined by

06:26:12 the department as far as which projects are first in the

06:26:19 queue to start with for our be --

06:26:29 >> When you talk about priorities as determined by the

06:26:30 department, when you are prioritize being, is the criteria

06:26:38 which projects we can, for instance, shovel-ready projects,

06:26:42 are they based on cost affordability, are they based on

06:26:46 highest need?

06:26:48 What is the criteria?

06:26:50 >>SONYA LITTLE: All of the above.

06:26:52 That's correct.

06:26:53 Need being, I would imagine, highest priority.

06:26:58 But within our budget, the highlight that describes both

06:27:02 investing in neighborhood and more details on the aquatic

06:27:07 facilities, and street improvements, and so forth, sidewalk

06:27:12 improvements, if I may just call out the page numbers for

06:27:14 the record, so that they could take a look, because it would

06:27:18 be too much for me to read off.

06:27:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to jump in to make sure we are

06:27:25 clarifying.

06:27:25 This investing in neighborhood, not being a department,

06:27:29 there's in a where we can find it all in one place.

06:27:32 Okay.

06:27:33 >>SONYA LITTLE: Exactly.

06:27:35 Thank you for that clarification.

06:27:36 So if you go to these particular pages in the budget, it

06:27:40 will outline the projects that are in the queue for the

06:27:45 available funding.

06:27:46 And they start with page 35.

06:27:51 Additionally page 320, page 3 --

06:27:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Excuse me, Mrs. Little, is this in the

06:27:58 supplement or in the big budget book?

06:28:01 Just so people know where to look because you can go online

06:28:04 and find all of those so if you write it down you will be

06:28:07 able to look it up online, correct?

06:28:09 >> That's correct.

06:28:10 Both the big budget book is what we call, the primary budget

06:28:13 book, and the supplement are online.

06:28:16 Correct.

06:28:16 >>MARY MULHERN: So where are the pages you are giving now?

06:28:20 Which?

06:28:21 >>SONYA LITTLE: They are in the main budget book, not the

06:28:23 supplement.

06:28:25 Again, page 35, page 320, page 326, and page 342.

06:28:34 And on each of those pages it will give you a description of

06:28:38 the projects that are in the queue.

06:28:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen?

06:28:45 >>HARRY COHEN: I have two questions.

06:28:47 And they are both related to items that were brought forward

06:28:51 by the citizens committee tonight.

06:28:56 The first -- and it's really, I think, a question for public

06:29:00 works, is whether or not we have looked into the idea of

06:29:04 automating the meter reading equipment and program.

06:29:15 We have all heard from our constituents over the course of

06:29:17 the past year about the problems people have had with

06:29:22 excessive water bills, and my understanding is that it's

06:29:28 technology now with new meters where the exact amount of

06:29:31 water usage is reported back to the city without having

06:29:35 actually to be read.

06:29:37 And I just wonder if that was something that we were looking

06:29:40 at, or we have explored, that type of program.

06:29:44 >> Good evening.

06:29:47 Steve Daignault, administrator for public works and utility

06:29:49 services.

06:29:52 As you say, we have been looking at this.

06:29:54 We have had consultants advising us for some time.

06:29:58 There is about a $30 million price tag on this conversion.

06:30:04 And it does have a payback in a relatively short period.

06:30:08 You still have to get over the $30 million so we are looking

06:30:11 at ways that we might be able to fund that going forward.

06:30:14 >> Is there a report that you have had done by any of these

06:30:20 consultants that you might be able to share with us?

06:30:22 >> Absolutely.

06:30:22 Yes, sir.

06:30:24 Be glad to provide that.

06:30:25 >> I would like to request that we see that.

06:30:28 And then the other question -- and this is probably a

06:30:30 question for the legal department -- has to do with the

06:30:33 suggestion that we charge different fees to nonresidents,

06:30:37 and to residents for ambulances and, really, any service

06:30:43 that's provided by the city.

06:30:46 It's something other municipalities have done.

06:30:48 And is it something we could do under the law?

06:30:52 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

06:30:52 In some cases you can.

06:30:53 With an ambulance service you probably cannot.

06:30:56 There are statutory provisions dealing with ambulance

06:30:59 services and what you can charge and not charge for.

06:31:01 There are other provisions that you can charge.

06:31:03 This is the Hillsborough County library system.

06:31:05 If you don't live in Hillsborough County, you will pay a fee

06:31:09 to use the library, whereas if you are a county resident you

06:31:11 will not.

06:31:12 So, yes, there are ways to do that, if you select carefully.

06:31:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:31:21 I'm sorry to tell you, Councilwoman Montelione, you don't

06:31:24 get the last word.

06:31:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, I was making that comment because I

06:31:34 raised my hand before Councilman Reddick and before --

06:31:38 >>MARY MULHERN: You really don't get the last word.

06:31:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to bring out on the meter reading, I

06:31:55 did have a meeting with one of the companies just describing

06:32:02 how it works, and, yes, it was the $30 million.

06:32:07 The only thing that I did ask, that I'm sure when the study

06:32:12 comes back we'll have that.

06:32:14 With the technology moving the way it is today, about that

06:32:20 our investment in that whereby, in order to upgrade to the

06:32:27 new technology, when we implement it in two years, we'll

06:32:31 have something else, and I want -- hopefully when we have

06:32:36 this study back to us, that that is included.

06:32:41 And how this investment were to go forward at a later date,

06:32:48 at some time, that we are assured of the technology and

06:32:55 implementing new technology at certain levels.

06:33:04 With whatever possible company, we may or may not go with,

06:33:13 whatever happens there.

06:33:14 Also, I know that the technology was so precise that I know

06:33:22 one of the companies said to me that they were reading in

06:33:28 other municipalities, other than the one that was in that

06:33:35 radius, so that is another issue to look at.

06:33:41 And I'm sure that will all be taken care of in the -- with

06:33:47 the consultant.

06:33:48 And I want to bring up on solid waste, with the

06:33:53 recommendation of the citizens committee, convert to monthly

06:34:00 fees, and consider commercial -- I have looked at -- I was

06:34:07 looking at Tulsa, and San Antonio.

06:34:11 And I think I mentioned it to Ms. Little earlier today where

06:34:17 they are charging a $2 per person fee to participate in the

06:34:24 recycling program.

06:34:30 In San Antonio, since they implemented the recycling, they

06:34:35 have, under the system, 500-tons of waste is generated

06:34:44 annually of recyclables and 25% of it before the switch, be

06:34:56 with only 5%.

06:34:58 So they are paying to participate and increase by 20% the

06:35:06 recycling.

06:35:07 And I believe in San Antonio, they generated $5 million.

06:35:15 I don't know what that compares with.

06:35:16 I think that's San Antonio.

06:35:18 But it's something to think about.

06:35:22 I know a lot of citizens participate and want to recycle and

06:35:27 maybe that will be some way of -- for the city benefiting

06:35:33 and for the citizens to help with recycling.

06:35:36 It took them three and a half years to implement it, and a

06:35:40 lot of education, and they did it in sections.

06:35:46 That's all I have for there.

06:35:48 That's just maybe a suggestion to generate some more income.

06:35:52 And thank you.

06:35:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:36:00 I just want to let council know, if you have any other

06:36:02 questions, we are getting ready to wind down.

06:36:09 I think we are getting there.

06:36:10 I want to thank the citizens advisory committee.

06:36:16 Hopefully some of you are still here.

06:36:18 And for eight meetings in a couple of months.

06:36:24 We so appreciate it.

06:36:27 It's so hard for us to look at everything, and to have, you

06:36:32 know, each of you come and PORE over these fact books and

06:36:39 come up with your ideas and to have your expertise is

06:36:42 really, really appreciated.

06:36:45 I'm sorry we just got your recommendations today, but I

06:36:48 think because this process over -- this is, I think, the

06:36:54 fourth year, and I have to thank you even more because I

06:36:57 think most of you just got appointed by new council people,

06:37:00 somebody it's the first time you did it.

06:37:03 We have some veterans, but my veteran took off and is on

06:37:08 another continent now.

06:37:10 So I'm just reading your recommendations today.

06:37:12 Normally, I would have known what was going on.

06:37:16 Your recommendations are great, and I'm going to compliment

06:37:19 you because the mayor took your recommendation, which is

06:37:27 maybe not as far as you wanted him to take it, but to state

06:37:31 that he was going to look at the longevity awards and limit

06:37:34 those in going forward, that you made that recommendation,

06:37:39 and it was heard.

06:37:41 So that really impresses us.

06:37:46 I want to thank the mayor for paying attention and thank you

06:37:48 for all the work you have done.

06:37:51 And tell you that we are looking -- I'm going to look at all

06:37:55 these recommendations, because we just saw them tonight, so

06:37:57 it's hard for us to do much about it.

06:38:00 And I know it's just the constraints of how late we heard

06:38:02 the budget.

06:38:04 But I think next year now we know, with this administration,

06:38:07 they are willing to, you know, really work with you, with

06:38:10 the individual departments, and we did get the budget

06:38:12 earlier.

06:38:13 So maybe really get your input a little earlier, and then we

06:38:20 can maybe act on those recommendations more.

06:38:23 But it looks like whatever you did, it worked pretty well,

06:38:27 because I think you spurred some action today.

06:38:31 And I think that's great.

06:38:32 So thank you for that.

06:38:33 I do want to say that I'm in support of a lot of these

06:38:39 things, and have been talking about them for years.

06:38:42 The public-private partnerships.

06:38:43 And I know that the new mayor and chief of staff have been

06:38:49 pushing for more of that, and that's going to continue.

06:38:54 As a way to generate revenue.

06:38:57 When you talk about grants and efficiencies, I know I have

06:38:59 talked to the mayor about it, and he's in favor of it.

06:39:05 We can probably hire someone who could pay for their job and

06:39:09 generate revenue to have someone coordinating grants, and

06:39:13 also having a better process.

06:39:16 So I know I for one -- and I'm pretty sure that the rest of

06:39:20 my colleagues are behind that, too.

06:39:22 And I know the mayor is behind it.

06:39:24 So your recommendations are great.

06:39:27 And it may not change what we can do tonight, but I think it

06:39:33 seems like it was a really good process.

06:39:36 And thank you so much, Santiago and all the staff for

06:39:39 working with them.

06:39:42 I have to give myself a plug because I started it.

06:39:46 Now years ago.

06:39:47 So we need the citizens advisory committee, and thank people

06:39:52 on the prior council for supporting that, and for all the

06:39:55 volunteers who have worked on it.

06:39:57 So thanks a lot for that.

06:39:59 I want to follow up on a few things.

06:40:02 For the specific questions about the Parks Department, the

06:40:06 pools, the fees, the schedule, go to and the

06:40:14 Parks Department and find out whatever you need.

06:40:16 If you have access to be a computer, which you can get at

06:40:19 the library and at your recreation center, you can go on

06:40:22 there and you can find out what's going to be happening.

06:40:26 I also want to say that as of this new council in April, I'm

06:40:32 the parks and recreations chair.

06:40:35 So if you have any problems, you can call me.

06:40:37 But I would rather have been you call the Parks Department,

06:40:40 because they will let you know, and we have all heard

06:40:45 tonight, as council has asked all these questions, that for

06:40:52 one thing, we have more -- you know, we have the mayor and

06:40:56 the Parks Department committed to opening those pools, and

06:41:00 we got Interbay open, we are going to get Williams in the

06:41:03 budget, and we have got that money in the budget, and I

06:41:06 think it's going to happen.

06:41:07 We are going get the pools opened.

06:41:12 As far as the hours, one thing I did notice in the budget,

06:41:14 which I think is interesting, there are still 130 unfilled

06:41:22 positions that are in this year's coming budget.

06:41:28 And I know a lot of the cuts in the Parks Department

06:41:30 happened in the last couple of years.

06:41:32 And the savings happened.

06:41:34 But we have in our budget to still hire more staff, and that

06:41:40 is what we need to have more hours and more instruction.

06:41:43 So it looks like there's room in there, if you will

06:41:47 communicate with the Parks Department, communicate with the

06:41:49 mayor and communicate with me or any of the other council

06:41:53 members about what you want to see happen, we can look at it

06:41:57 and see if those positions can possibly be filled.

06:42:01 So I think the news in parks is good in this budget, but I

06:42:06 also want to say that Karen Palus a couple years ago made a

06:42:12 really big effort to generate more revenue and to reduce her

06:42:19 costs, and over the year that that happened we did lose a

06:42:22 lot of programming, and we ended up rolling back the fees as

06:42:28 opposed to really implementing some of the fee increases

06:42:32 which I think did include -- and I think did already

06:42:37 happening.

06:42:37 I think we do charge more if you are not a city resident.

06:42:41 So that recommendation we can look at if we are charging

06:42:44 enough for people who don't live in the city, but that's

06:42:47 something we can look at.

06:42:49 But I think we can also revisit the fees, and where we can

06:42:53 lower, and where we can increase somewhere that's

06:42:57 affordable.

06:42:58 And what happened was, she tried to bring it up to what was

06:43:01 really happening in other cities, because we were not

06:43:05 charging enough, and it all happened too fast.

06:43:08 And so we are back to square one.

06:43:10 So I think that we can -- you know, I hope the Parks

06:43:18 Department, this add,will look at that and see where we can

06:43:22 increase fees and where we can lower them possibly, or --

06:43:26 this is one other thing I wanted to say about parks -- we

06:43:30 can look at the rental fees and figure that out, because the

06:43:33 rental fees, I think, are high.

06:43:37 Sometimes people can't afford it.

06:43:38 Sisters-in-law they can.

06:43:39 So I think we can figure that out.

06:43:41 And I am confident that parks will work with us on that, or

06:43:47 work with you if you contact them directly, and I think that

06:43:51 we need to look at what happened in the time that programs

06:43:55 got eliminated, because there was a whole year where the

06:43:58 fees went up and people couldn't afford to go, and I think

06:44:03 we lost a lot of programming.

06:44:05 So we are going to have to -- I think we need to go back and

06:44:09 look at that.

06:44:09 And I think as one of the -- a couple people said tonight,

06:44:16 our police chief is a big supporter of that, and I think

06:44:19 that as far as exercise and how we are all in support of

06:44:26 that, and the city actually did open our wellness clinic,

06:44:31 and it supported what you said are the most common

06:44:35 complaints that they get in those well visits, is obesity.

06:44:39 So we are working on it.

06:44:40 I think that philosophy is there.

06:44:42 So all of us -- and all of us felt a little guilty when you

06:44:46 were talking about how sedentary we are, because we sure

06:44:50 spend a lot of time sitting.

06:44:54 I think that's all I wanted to say.

06:44:56 Just thank everyone for your hard work on this, and thank

06:44:59 the mayor for really giving us all this information a lot

06:45:04 earlier than we are used to and working with us on the

06:45:07 budget.

06:45:11 Councilwoman Montelione.

06:45:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thanks.

06:45:14 I just want to be clarify while everyone was talking and we

06:45:18 were going over some issues, I looked up pages 35, 323, 326

06:45:23 and 342. For those of you watching, I can save you at bit

06:45:26 of time because when you open these documents online, they

06:45:29 are very, very large, PDF, if you don't have a really high

06:45:34 speed computer it will take awhile to open up, but pages 35,

06:45:39 320 say exactly the same thing.

06:45:41 So you don't have to look at both of those pages.

06:45:45 Page 326 identifies the parks that the improvements will

06:45:51 take place in.

06:45:52 And it's roughly, round numbers, $7.5 million there.

06:45:57 And pages 342 references streets and sidewalks.

06:46:04 For roughly 1.9 million and 5,000 respectively -- or 5

06:46:09 million respectively.

06:46:10 So I come up with a little more than 12.7 million.

06:46:14 If you want to clarify.

06:46:17 But I just thought that I would save the folks watching at

06:46:19 home a little bit of time.

06:46:21 And also, if I could ask Mrs. Little to clarify the process

06:46:25 for those watching at home, because it was in the newspaper

06:46:28 that tonight would be our first hearing.

06:46:30 I'm sure a lot of people are tuning in or watching,

06:46:34 following us, and if you could just lay out the steps, when

06:46:38 is the next public hearing? When is public comment taken

06:46:43 again?

06:46:44 If anyone still has anything to contributor comments they

06:46:48 would like to make, when is the time for them to make those

06:46:51 comments, and where should they direct them?

06:46:54 And I am vice chair of the parks and recreation, so I extend

06:46:58 the same invitation as Councilwoman Mulhern.

06:47:01 If you have any questions and you can't get any answers from

06:47:04 the Parks Department, feel free to contact my office.

06:47:07 >>MARY MULHERN: She's multitasking because she was

06:47:12 listening to me and looking up at the same time.

06:47:15 She'll get it done faster.

06:47:16 She's fast.

06:47:24 And our finance chair will clarify all of that.

06:47:26 >>HARRY COHEN: The second public hearing on the budget is

06:47:29 going to be held September 21st, 5:00 p.m., right here

06:47:33 in council chambers.

06:47:35 So we certainly welcome the public and anyone watching to

06:47:38 come and make your voice heard at our next public hearing.

06:47:42 Again, September 21st.

06:47:46 5:01 p.m.

06:47:47 >> And I think you are going to hear that again in a minute.

06:47:50 So fish we could be have been a motion to close.

06:47:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was just going to say I was going to make

06:47:59 a motion to close.

06:48:00 >> You are so gad.

06:48:01 You are the only one that didn't get more than three bites

06:48:04 at the apple tonight.

06:48:07 All in favor?

06:48:10 Anyone opposed?

06:48:14 Councilman Cohen?

06:48:15 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Madam Chair

06:48:22 This is the reading -- the first reading of the ordinance

06:48:27 regarding the budget.

06:48:29 An ordinance adopting the budget for the fiscal year

06:48:31 beginning October 1st, 2011, and ending September

06:48:36 30th, 2012, as presented by the mayor, providing for the

06:48:40 levy as provided by law of a tax on all taxable property in

06:48:44 the City of Tampa and fixing the millage within said city,

06:48:48 making appropriations in accordance with the provisions of

06:48:51 said budget, authorizing and directing the mayor and city

06:48:55 clerk, as the proper authorities of the City of Tampa, to

06:48:58 certify to the property appraiser of Hillsborough County,

06:49:01 Florida, the millage to be levied for all purposes for the

06:49:04 fiscal year 2012 in the City of Tampa, providing an

06:49:08 effective date.

06:49:09 And I move that ordinance.

06:49:10 >> Second.

06:49:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen, seconded

06:49:15 by Councilman Suarez.

06:49:17 All in favor? Anyone opposed?

06:49:21 Motion carried.

06:49:22 >>THE CLERK: (Off microphone) September 21st, 2011, at

06:49:29 5:01 p.m.

06:49:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:49:34 Do we need a separate motion on that?

06:49:38 Millage rate?

06:49:39 Cohen cone on the millage?

06:49:42 >>MARY MULHERN: That was in there, okay.

06:49:44 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You are now moving to item 2.

06:49:57 >>HARRY COHEN: I move to adopt the proposed millage rate of

06:49:59 5.7326 mills.

06:50:02 >> Second.

06:50:04 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor? Anyone opposed?

06:50:10 And we will move on to item 2.

06:50:16 This is the public hearing regarding the capital improvement

06:50:19 budget.

06:50:22 Do you wish to open?

06:50:25 >> I move to open the public hearing on item 2.

06:50:28 >> Second.

06:50:29 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

06:50:30 Anyone opposed are? Are there any questions from council

06:50:34 regarding the capital improvement budget?

06:50:48 This agenda is really confusing.

06:50:51 We open the public hearing.

06:50:52 Are there any comments, public comments from the public on

06:50:55 the capital improvement budget?

06:50:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

06:51:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Questions from council?

06:51:08 Councilwoman Montelione?

06:51:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Daignault, I mentioned just a moment

06:51:13 ago that sidewalks were part of the budget, or the investing

06:51:23 in neighborhoods.

06:51:24 I believe it was page 342.

06:51:27 And the capital projects has a little map and shows where

06:51:35 the project is going to be taking place.

06:51:37 But the sidewalks, it says that they were not, I believe,

06:51:42 determined, if I can get back to that page.

06:51:44 So it says site to be determined.

06:51:48 Is there a list of neighborhoods or streets that are

06:51:51 receiving sidewalks under this budget?

06:51:55 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: We can give you our current plans for

06:51:57 fiscal 12.

06:51:58 We can provide that information.

06:51:59 Some of those are works in progress.

06:52:03 We go out and talk with the community before we do that.

06:52:06 And, again, we work with the community before we put them

06:52:12 in.

06:52:12 If they are around schools, we just go forward with them.

06:52:15 But we can give you the list of our plans for fiscal 12.

06:52:18 We can do that.

06:52:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, please.

06:52:21 Because every neighborhood association meeting I go to,

06:52:24 civic association, we need sidewalks.

06:52:29 And it's also a question that I get on the economic

06:52:34 competitive committee about how builders, when they are

06:52:37 building a home, they have to install a sidewalk, and often

06:52:41 N it's in an area where there may not be another sidewalk on

06:52:45 the street.

06:52:46 I know there's locational criteria and so forth.

06:52:48 But investing in neighborhood, we talk about how we are

06:52:52 number two in pedestrian deaths in the country, and we are

06:52:55 talking about livable roadways and walkability, and

06:53:00 sidewalks are a very important part of that.

06:53:02 So thank you very much.

06:53:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to add one thing.

06:53:08 I suggest you make that in the form of a motion, and I would

06:53:11 like to ask, we have a great sidewalk person, Jan

06:53:16 Washington, and they have a really good process for how they

06:53:20 prioritize because it's a long list in our city of no

06:53:25 sidewalks.

06:53:26 So if maybe we could have a staff report with your list, Mr.

06:53:31 Daignault?

06:53:32 And then perhaps Ms. Washington could kind of explain to us

06:53:39 and the public how the prioritizing happens, how that list

06:53:44 gets listed.

06:53:47 So let me look at the calendar then.

06:53:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If we -- actually, it remind me, I'll

06:53:57 make two motions.

06:53:59 One is for public works to bring forth a staff report on the

06:54:05 installation of sidewalks, the program, and the criteria.

06:54:11 To be brought on October 20th at 11 a.m.?

06:54:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I'm sorry, are you asking for a

06:54:25 staff report?

06:54:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

06:54:26 >> It will just show up under your 10:30 agenda.

06:54:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: 10:00.

06:54:34 At sock on October 20.

06:54:36 >> Second.

06:54:40 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

06:54:41 Anyone opposed everybody?

06:54:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Then the second motion would be again on

06:54:44 October 20th for parks and recreation to present the

06:54:48 aquatic study to council under their staff reports.

06:54:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

06:54:55 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor are? Anyone opposed?

06:54:58 Okay.

06:54:59 Thank you.

06:55:04 Can we have a motion to close the public hearing?

06:55:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: So moved.

06:55:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

06:55:09 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

06:55:18 And we need a motion to -- oh, no, no action needed.

06:55:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The capital improvement plan will come

06:55:29 back to you to take action at your second meeting.

06:55:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

06:55:35 We'll only take action on that at the second reading on

06:55:38 September 21st at 5:00 p.m.

06:55:44 Any new business, Councilwoman Capin?

06:55:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, thank you.

06:55:49 None today.

06:55:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick?

06:55:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: None, Madam Chair.

06:55:54 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you.

06:55:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, ma'am.

06:55:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to receive and file.

06:56:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

06:56:05 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

06:56:06 Anyone opposed?

06:56:09 We are adjourned.

06:56:45 (City Council meeting adjourned at 6:56 p.m.)



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