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Thursday, September 22, 2011
9:00 a.m.


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09:08:55 >> Good morning and welcome to Tampa City Council.

09:08:57 The Chair yields to Councilmember Reddick, who will

09:09:04 introduce our invocation.

09:09:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:09:07 Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:09:09 I'd like to acknowledge Dr. Tom Atchison, pastor of New Life

09:09:17 Church.

09:09:17 Thank you.

09:09:18 >> Please stand.

09:09:19 Heavenly Father, we thank you for your mercy and your

09:09:29 precious grace.

09:09:30 We ask that you give wisdom in these important matters

09:09:35 today.

09:09:35 And as your creation, we want to protect and cultivate your

09:09:41 people to obtain the full potential to serve you.

09:09:45 We thank you for another day of opportunity, to serve you

09:09:50 and to be your servants.

09:09:52 In your precious name, Amen.

09:09:54 Could we say the Pledge of Allegiance.


09:10:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Roll call, please.

09:10:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:10:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:10:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:10:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:10:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:10:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:10:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I'd like a motion to adopt the minutes from

09:10:35 our last meeting.

09:10:36 >> So moved.

09:10:36 >> Second.

09:10:38 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:10:39 Aye.

09:10:39 Anyone opposed?

09:10:40 Council, I'd like to ask your support in making a couple of

09:10:51 changes.

09:10:51 We do have Councilmember Cohen has a proclamation to

09:10:57 present, which would be under, normally be under ceremonial

09:11:02 activities.

09:11:04 I'd like for him to be able to do that.

09:11:06 And then, have the approval of the agenda after that, at

09:11:12 which time I would like to move item one to, after approval

09:11:18 of the agenda and after public comments, because there are a

09:11:22 lot of people here today, I believe, to speak to item one.

09:11:27 So, and that would be their only opportunity.

09:11:29 So Council would agree to do that?

09:11:32 Thank you.

09:11:33 Councilmember Cohen?

09:11:50 >>HARRY COHEN: We have some guests with us today from the

09:11:54 Moffitt Cancer Center.

09:11:55 And I'm going to introduce one of them to speak to you in

09:11:58 just a moment.

09:11:59 But first, I want to announce that the month of

09:12:03 September 2011 has been declared national prostate cancer

09:12:07 awareness month.

09:12:08 Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in

09:12:11 men, as well as the second leading cause of cancer death in

09:12:15 American men.

09:12:15 The Tampa City Council joins with Moffitt Cancer Center in

09:12:20 recognizing the months of 2011 as prostate cancer awareness

09:12:24 month, to enhance the understanding of this disease and

09:12:27 encourage participation in voluntary activity to support

09:12:30 education programs and the funding of research programs to

09:12:34 find a cure.

09:12:35 I'd like to present John DeMuro, vice-president of

09:12:38 government relations at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

09:12:41 >> Thank you, Councilmember.

09:12:42 I'm going to yield to Michael Latini.

09:12:46 >> Hello, Council.

09:12:47 I would like to thank you for this recognition of September

09:12:49 being prostate cancer awareness month.

09:12:53 I'm a USF senior, majoring in political science.

09:12:56 I'm serving Moffitt as an intern in our government relations

09:12:58 department.

09:12:59 Next month, Moffitt will be celebrating its

09:13:02 25th anniversary.

09:13:04 In this time, Moffitt has provided care for thousands of

09:13:12 family members here in the Tampa area.

09:13:13 Moffitt has grown to be one of the top leading institutes in

09:13:17 the country.

09:13:18 We could not do that without the support of Tampa.

09:13:20 Now I'd like to introduce Dr. Brian Rivers, one of Moffitt's

09:13:25 lead researchers.

09:13:27 >> Good morning City Council, Madam Chair and City Council

09:13:30 members.

09:13:30 Thank you for reading our proclamation and supporting our

09:13:34 efforts around prostate cancer awareness in Hillsborough

09:13:37 County and throughout the state of Florida.

09:13:38 On behalf of Moffitt Cancer Center, we appreciate you

09:13:42 helping us with efforts to increase effort, realizing this

09:13:46 is a disease when found early is 100% treatable.

09:13:49 We realize men are extending beyond the ten year survival

09:13:53 mark post treatment.

09:13:53 We thank you this morning for assisting with supporting our

09:13:56 effort in increasing awareness around prostate cancer.

09:13:59 I will introduce Jim Wallace, a very strong supporter of

09:14:04 Moffitt and awareness activities.

09:14:06 He's been out in the battlefield really reaching men,

09:14:10 increasing their awareness towards this disease.

09:14:12 Jim Wallace.

09:14:15 >> The City Council, I want to thank the members that are

09:14:19 present now and the past Councilmembers for their support as

09:14:25 to prostate cancer awareness.

09:14:28 And the party for all the health fairs that was put on as to

09:14:34 the examination of men and making men aware of their body.

09:14:39 We are still out there trying to make men aware that they

09:14:46 should get their body checked at least once a year.

09:14:51 And that if there's any problem, any family history, one way

09:14:59 or the other, they need to seriously look at it as to

09:15:05 staying healthy in that area.

09:15:07 Moffitt Cancer Center has been wonderful as to my working

09:15:13 with them as to cancer awareness.

09:15:16 And I'm going to continue to work with them as to the

09:15:21 awareness of prostate cancer, especially with men that is

09:15:26 hard, as you know, to get to the doctor to be examined for

09:15:30 anything.

09:15:30 So with that, I thank you very much.

09:15:36 >> Thank you very much.

09:15:38 [ Applause ]

09:15:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for the research and education

09:15:54 work you're doing on this.

09:15:56 It's fantastic.

09:15:57 We will now move to the approval of the agenda.

09:16:11 >> Good morning, Councilmember.

09:16:13 To review the addendum to the agenda for September 22nd,

09:16:20 2011, at our 9:00 a.m. session, as far as the substitution

09:16:25 of item, agenda items, item number 57, we have a memorandum

09:16:32 from the legal department transmitting a substitute

09:16:35 resolution to include the standard release of easement

09:16:39 language.

09:16:39 The title of the substitute resolution is reflected on the

09:16:44 agenda.

09:16:44 On item number 116, we have a memorandum from the legal

09:16:50 department transmitting a substitute ordinance pertaining to

09:16:54 the posting of conditions of alcoholic beverage permit.

09:16:59 The title of the substitute ordinance is reflected on the

09:17:02 agenda.

09:17:02 Under continuance or removal of items, item number 5, we

09:17:09 have a memorandum from Catherine Coyle, zoning

09:17:13 administrator, requesting a continuance to October 20th,

09:17:18 2011.

09:17:18 Item number 61, we have a memorandum from the legal

09:17:24 department requesting a continuance to October 6th, 2011.

09:17:30 Item number 117, we have a memorandum from the legal

09:17:37 department requesting a continuance to November 3rd, 2011.

09:17:41 Item number 118, we have a memorandum from Tonja Brickhouse,

09:17:51 director of solid waste and environmental program

09:17:54 management, requesting a continuance to October 6th, 2011.

09:17:58 Under item number 125, we have a memorandum from David

09:18:05 Vaughn, director of contract administration department,

09:18:08 requesting that the resolution be removed from the agenda.

09:18:11 Under item number 126, we have another memorandum from David

09:18:18 Vaughn requesting that that resolution be removed from the

09:18:22 agenda.

09:18:22 Under special notes to the meeting or agenda, item number

09:18:29 121, we have a memorandum transmitting three ordinances for

09:18:36 Council's consideration.

09:18:37 Under items removed from the committee report or consent

09:18:44 agenda, item number 34, we have a verbal request of Chair

09:18:49 Pro Tem Mulhern to pull that item for discussion.

09:18:52 That's item number 34.

09:18:55 Item number 52, we have an e-mail from Chair Pro Tem Mulhern

09:19:02 requesting that this item be pulled for discussion and heard

09:19:06 with item number 34.

09:19:07 And now, we're requesting your approval of the agenda.

09:19:15 >> Move to approve.

09:19:16 >> Second.

09:19:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Council, I just want to make sure that

09:19:22 everyone is in agreement to all these changes, because a

09:19:28 number of these continuances were to items that were

09:19:36 motioned by Council, and so, if everyone is okay with that.

09:19:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'd like to 116.

09:19:54 That -- please refresh me.

09:20:02 >>MARY MULHERN: That is the alcoholic beverages.

09:20:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know what it is.

09:20:05 I'm asking --

09:20:06 >>MARY MULHERN: They have a substitute ordinance.

09:20:07 And if you're the maker of the motion, if you're comfortable

09:20:11 with that.

09:20:11 That's my question.

09:20:13 If everyone is comfortable with the changes, the

09:20:15 substitutions or continuances.

09:20:20 But that will come up under staff reports, so we can discuss

09:20:23 it at that point.

09:20:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: All right.

09:20:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to, just for staff sake say that

09:20:32 the two items that I pulled from the consent agenda can be

09:20:36 heard at the very end of the meeting, if Brad Baird and

09:20:39 Roger Strout could come over, because Roger will be here for

09:20:43 item 124, I believe, so, 34 and I believe it was 52, can be

09:20:49 heard at the end of the meeting.

09:20:54 All in favor of the agenda changes -- Councilmember Cohen?

09:20:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Was it seconded?

09:20:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, we had a second.

09:21:00 We had a motion by Councilmember Reddick, seconded by

09:21:06 Councilmember Cohen.

09:21:07 All in favor, aye.

09:21:09 Anyone opposed?

09:21:11 Okay.

09:21:12 Because, as we can all see, not only from the agenda, the

09:21:24 number of people in the audience and the very complex

09:21:29 changes to the agenda that we just went over, this is,

09:21:33 promises to be a long meeting, with a lot of discussion, a

09:21:37 lot of public comment.

09:21:38 And, which will necessitate a lot of discussion by Council.

09:21:45 So, I'd like to at this point, before we start, just bring

09:21:49 everyone's attention to some of our Council rules of

09:21:53 procedure, so that we can make sure that this meeting goes

09:21:58 as quickly as smoothly as possible.

09:22:00 So, under rule number 4 in our Council's rules of procedure,

09:22:08 it's our parliamentary policies, and I've never, since I've

09:22:13 been brief time as chair pro tem and conducting these

09:22:18 meetings, I haven't had to refer to these, but if I think

09:22:22 there are any days we need to stick to our rules, it's

09:22:24 today.

09:22:25 So, rule 4-G, no Councilmember shall introduce a motion or

09:22:30 speak to a subject under discussion without recognition by

09:22:33 the Chair.

09:22:34 When more than one member requests recognition at the same

09:22:37 time, the order of speakers will be decided as fairly as

09:22:40 possible by the Chair.

09:22:41 So, I'm trying.

09:22:42 And I will try, as I always do, to recognize you.

09:22:46 But I'd like to ask that you reach out with your hand, if

09:22:50 you're not always doing that, because if I get a nod or a,

09:22:55 you know, sign language from you, I don't necessarily know.

09:22:59 I want to make sure that we all get to speak and we do the

09:23:02 order fairly.

09:23:03 So I'm just asking for that.

09:23:04 Then rule number H, Councilmembers, 4-H, refrain from

09:23:10 speaking more than twice on the same subjects at the same

09:23:13 meeting and should not be recognized by the Chair to speak

09:23:15 the second time if another member who has not spoken to the

09:23:18 question desires the floor.

09:23:19 And I think we generally do this, but it's just a reminder

09:23:24 that we want everybody to be able to speak before anyone

09:23:27 speaks again.

09:23:28 But I am going to hold it to two times today.

09:23:31 So, before you ask to speak, make sure that you have

09:23:37 everything that you want to say in mind, so you can do it at

09:23:40 that point.

09:23:41 And now, it is time for public comment.

09:23:47 Can we have a motion -- no, we don't need to open that.

09:23:52 Meeting is open.

09:23:53 Public comment, I'd like to ask the public, anyone who is

09:23:57 here to speak to raise your hand at this point and let me

09:24:01 also remind you that I believe what many people are here for

09:24:07 today, are two items.

09:24:11 The solicitation ordinance, which is near the end of our

09:24:15 agenda, and the discussion of Cuba, which is at the

09:24:21 beginning.

09:24:21 But, your opportunity to speak on those items is right now.

09:24:25 So anyone who wishes to speak on those two items, it would

09:24:30 be very helpful if we could have you either stand up or at

09:24:33 least raise your hand.

09:24:35 So we know how many people wish to speak.

09:24:47 >>MARY MULHERN: The items are -- anything on the agenda,

09:24:51 anything you wish to speak to on the agenda, now is the time

09:24:55 to speak.

09:24:55 Unless it's a public hearing which are items -- where do our

09:25:05 public hearings start?

09:25:09 Unless you're here for anything after item number --

09:25:19 Mr. Shelby?

09:25:20 Maybe you could advise.

09:25:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Your items for public hearing are items 106

09:25:25 through 113.

09:25:26 Anything that is set for the consent docket or ceremonial,

09:25:31 or staff reports, the time to speak to that, as the Chair

09:25:34 has stated, is now, agenda public comments.

09:25:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

09:25:39 I should've said that.

09:25:40 Anything on the agenda, or off the agenda that you wish to

09:25:44 speak to, is right now.

09:25:45 We are going to hear from, I hope to hear from the people

09:25:49 who are speaking on agenda items first.

09:25:51 So, can I see the show of hands again, now that we have

09:25:55 clarified?

09:25:56 Our rules show we have 30 minutes per public comment.

09:26:08 And three minutes a person.

09:26:09 So, I think it might be -- counsel can advise if you'd like

09:26:18 to ask people to speak for two, or we could open the public

09:26:21 comment period for longer than 30 minutes.

09:26:25 I believe it will be -- if people are speaking three minutes

09:26:28 at a time, it will need to go longer.

09:26:30 So what's the pleasure of Council?

09:26:33 >> Move to extend the time for public comment.

09:26:36 >> To an hour?

09:26:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: To however long it takes for everyone to

09:26:40 have three minutes.

09:26:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:26:43 If it gets close to an hour, we may need to revisit that.

09:26:48 I'm also going to ask that people -- keep it as brief as you

09:26:52 can, and also, if you -- Councilmember Suarez?

09:26:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ask we maybe set a time certain?

09:27:00 I think it will be easier to deal with that as opposed to,

09:27:03 you know, because we'll be here quite a long time, based on

09:27:07 the number of hands I just saw go up.

09:27:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, one hour would probably be 10:30.

09:27:12 The other question is, normally -- when we have

09:27:18 quasi-judicial proceedings, we have the speaker waiver form

09:27:21 available.

09:27:22 That's not normally what we do during public comment.

09:27:25 Are those available?

09:27:28 We could use those if people would like to speak for other.

09:27:36 >> That would require a waiver of your rules.

09:27:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just wondering if those forms are

09:27:41 available, if we should even do that.

09:27:45 >> They're in the hallway.

09:27:46 But normally those are not available for public comments,

09:27:48 because people could waive their time and allow people to

09:27:51 speak longer than three minutes.

09:27:54 Or however long you set.

09:27:56 >>MARY MULHERN: But they waive their three minutes and give

09:27:59 one minute, so that would shorten our public comment if

09:28:02 people wish to do that.

09:28:03 Would Council agree to do that?

09:28:07 If an individual would like to speak for people in the

09:28:10 audience, they could get the speaker waiver form to do that?

09:28:15 >> Especially if it's going to be the same issue for each

09:28:18 and every person that comes up, I think that's probably the

09:28:20 best way of handling it.

09:28:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Reddick?

09:28:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, Madam Chair.

09:28:29 I'd just want some clarification.

09:28:31 If we have people here who want to speak, where we have a

09:28:33 public hearing at 9:30, and if they speak now, would it be

09:28:40 entitled to speak once that issue comes up at 9:30?

09:28:44 >>MARY MULHERN: If they're going to speak at 9:30, they

09:28:47 shouldn't speak now on that issue.

09:28:48 That should be the time to speak, if it's one of those items

09:28:51 public hearing, would be at the time on the public hearing.

09:28:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:28:56 >>MARY MULHERN: And it probably won't happen at 9:30,

09:28:57 because it is 9:30.

09:29:00 >> Madam Chair, I would ask Council if they wish to utilize

09:29:04 speaker waiver form for agenda public comments, that being a

09:29:06 deviation of the rules, if you could do it by motion and

09:29:10 vote to waive the rules.

09:29:11 >> Can I have a motion to do that?

09:29:13 To waive the rules.

09:29:14 >> I so move.

09:29:15 >> Second.

09:29:16 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:29:17 Aye.

09:29:17 Anyone opposed?

09:29:19 Okay.

09:29:20 There are other speaker waiver forms, our clerk is going to

09:29:24 put them at the podium?

09:29:29 >> Madam Chair, just a reminder please to the audience, that

09:29:32 speaker waiver forms should be completed in advance of you

09:29:36 coming up, having the signatures or the names legibly

09:29:40 printed of those people who are present who will be waiving

09:29:42 their time.

09:29:43 Please hand me those forms.

09:29:45 I will call the names of those people who are waiving their

09:29:48 time and if you can acknowledge by raising your hand and

09:29:50 then the amount of time will be computed and then you can

09:29:55 proceed, please.

09:29:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:29:57 Public comment?

09:30:00 Mr. Tillou?

09:30:03 >> Thank you.

09:30:03 You know me.

09:30:06 >> I have a lot of specialized knowledge I'm trying to bring

09:30:09 to the Council's attention.

09:30:10 I have four degrees going on to six.

09:30:12 That's the reason I'm down here going on to six.

09:30:16 But I do other things too.

09:30:17 That's where a lot of my inputs come from.

09:30:20 I have a master in public health.

09:30:22 You have this commemoration on prostate cancer.

09:30:25 The two key things on that are the communities that you have

09:30:28 a high occurrence of this are the ones that are alerted.

09:30:31 Even if you have to take money from the other communities

09:30:33 where you can cause problems with that, another thing too is

09:30:36 that tomato juice is supposed to reduce prostate cancer.

09:30:43 It's not an answer to it, but anyway.

09:30:45 What I mostly came to speak about is tangential to item 19,

09:30:50 that picks up on a workshop that I spoke at about the need

09:30:52 for more attention to history.

09:30:54 And in the paper, I noticed something that passed by

09:30:58 probably most people, but is a key and critical thing.

09:31:02 City of Tampa has come by something very wonderful.

09:31:04 Whoever is over the airport now deserves a lot of

09:31:09 congratulation.

09:31:11 But getting flights from Zurich.

09:31:13 People don't realize the importance of flights from Zurich.

09:31:18 Zurich is the money capital of Switzerland.

09:31:21 I used to belong to a blond.

09:31:24 I learned a lot about Switzerland.

09:31:28 Zurich is the money capital of Switzerland and roughly of

09:31:34 Europe as a whole.

09:31:36 There are things people have to realize, what's happened

09:31:39 over the last 30 years.

09:31:40 I was never a fan of Bill Clinton.

09:31:43 But he called down fire in his own position.

09:31:47 He said the economics we have now goes back 30 years.

09:31:50 This has been 30 years in the making.

09:31:52 So, if the mayor wants to go up to New York, that's probably

09:31:55 another basket case, another economic basket case.

09:31:59 You want to put the money into Zurich.

09:32:01 You could get a lot of tourism coming here, money coming

09:32:04 into the community by, like on the aircraft, pirates of the

09:32:07 Caribbean on stranger tides, about the fountain of youth.

09:32:11 Because the fountain of youth really did exist.

09:32:14 It was in Safety Harbor.

09:32:15 There's a resort around it now.

09:32:17 You could enter into some sort of relationship to publicize

09:32:20 both of them at the same time.

09:32:22 On the airplanes, they could show that movie.

09:32:26 They could show Cocoon that also is based on that.

09:32:30 I wanted to transition from that to curb that's being put in

09:32:35 Sulphur Spring.

09:32:36 The problem with that, and it's probably been on the books

09:32:39 to do it for years, this is six or seven foot wide

09:32:44 sidewalks, and I think the sidewalks could be a foot or two

09:32:50 narrower to provide for bicycle lanes.

09:32:52 Someone came here, I don't know where they were talking

09:32:55 about, but they said Nebraska Avenue is fine.

09:32:57 No, Nebraska Avenue isn't fine for bicycles.

09:33:00 It's got about a foot.

09:33:01 Supposed to have three foot.

09:33:02 If you had to take a foot or two from the sidewalks to not

09:33:06 have bicycles on the sidewalks I think most pedestrians

09:33:08 would view that positively.

09:33:10 And then you need park tests with the stormwater management.

09:33:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:33:16 Next?

09:33:22 >> Good morning, Council.

09:33:23 My name is Diane Hart, 2912 north 26th street.

09:33:27 I just want to thank you all for allowing East Tampa

09:33:31 business and civic association another opportunity to help

09:33:36 residents in the East Tampa area and around the city.

09:33:39 We have been providing homeowner rehab for the last past

09:33:43 year.

09:33:43 And I'm going to send to you all a waiting list of what it

09:33:47 looks like in our city for the several hundred people

09:33:50 throughout the City of Tampa it's raining on and some other

09:33:54 things.

09:33:54 But I just want to say thank you very much for allowing

09:33:58 dollars to be spent in and around East Tampa and throughout

09:34:01 the city.

09:34:02 We're not just spending all our money in East Tampa.

09:34:05 However, we're concentrating on our seniors and the worst of

09:34:08 the worst houses that homeowners live in.

09:34:13 So again thank you very much for the opportunity to serve

09:34:15 our community in this capacity.

09:34:17 We're very excited about helping homeowners.

09:34:20 And we just want to ask you all to please, if there's ever

09:34:23 any money anywhere, please consider giving it to some

09:34:26 organization that can continue to help homeowners in their

09:34:29 quest to be able to live in their own houses.

09:34:32 Thank you very much.

09:34:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:34:34 Next?

09:34:38 >> Want to thank all the Councils who gave me the

09:34:45 opportunity to talk here.

09:34:46 I'm nervous.

09:34:48 I was born in Tampa.

09:34:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you give us your name please for the

09:34:54 record?

09:34:55 >> Abelardo Arteago, but they call me Al.

09:35:03 I love Tampa.

09:35:04 That's where I was born.

09:35:06 And I'm concerned about the whole city.

09:35:11 The port authority, the economy the way it's coming.

09:35:17 And I think, I believe that it's time to we try to get

09:35:28 connection with other countries that I visit about few days

09:35:34 ago.

09:35:35 I was on the flight the 8th of September to go from Tampa to

09:35:41 Havana.

09:35:42 That's history.

09:35:44 Never, it was that opportunity to the people who got family

09:35:52 there, there are thousands, to be able to just one, one

09:36:01 trip.

09:36:01 Not need to go to Miami.

09:36:03 And always.

09:36:05 So, I was very happy and I was hoping that this will

09:36:13 continue.

09:36:13 Not only continue, try to be involved and doing some kind of

09:36:21 business with Cuba.

09:36:23 Cuba needs it.

09:36:24 And we also needs it.

09:36:27 I think it's a lot, a lot of things that we can sell and

09:36:33 buy.

09:36:35 I just want to put one sample, a mango, a mango, the papaya,

09:36:42 a lot of mango, can be picked up in Cuba.

09:36:45 In about maybe a day or two, we be eating it over here in

09:36:51 Tampa.

09:36:52 And that will bring, for instance, in the field of

09:37:02 medicines, they need a lot of medicine for children's.

09:37:06 For people, and we probably could sell it to them.

09:37:12 So, believe me, I think we should start talking.

09:37:18 Sit down and talk and try to come to understand them and

09:37:28 they understand us.

09:37:29 Okay?

09:37:30 So, I hope we see that coming soon.

09:37:35 Tampa needs it.

09:37:45 Thank you very much.

09:37:47 And I hope we all get together in something.

09:37:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:37:52 [ Applause ]

09:37:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, after this, let's hold our applause.

09:38:05 >> Don't applause me, please.

09:38:07 That's really tough to match.

09:38:10 Okay.

09:38:10 First of all, about Cuba.

09:38:12 My father was an architect.

09:38:15 Back in the '50s, late '40s, he designed and built the

09:38:19 Havana Rivera.

09:38:21 I heard so many stories about Cuba as I was growing up.

09:38:24 But unfortunately, I was never allowed to go.

09:38:27 I miss it.

09:38:29 I've got pictures of my father's architectural work, it's

09:38:34 beautiful.

09:38:34 It was a beautiful building back in the '50s.

09:38:36 Unfortunately, I don't think this subject should come up at

09:38:40 City Council, due to the fact that it was not a City Council

09:38:45 function or supported subject.

09:38:47 Beyond that, that's all I have to say on Cuba.

09:38:50 I would love to see it.

09:38:52 Second thing I'm very interested about, I've been trying to

09:38:57 locate public records through the City of Tampa for the

09:39:00 report on the Cuscaden pool in 2005.

09:39:06 Reason I'm looking for this report, it will show the

09:39:09 waterproofing material was requested and wanted by the

09:39:14 architect.

09:39:14 But it was not installed per administrative contract

09:39:23 administrations.

09:39:23 This is what caused the entire pool to create the problem.

09:39:28 That we now have to spend another $1.5 million to repair

09:39:32 what we have spent $2.3 million on.

09:39:34 And someone needs to be held accountable.

09:39:37 Unfortunately, those documents are missing.

09:39:40 The last time I had missing documents was in code

09:39:43 enforcement under the previous director, when I found code

09:39:47 files destroyed, burned, torn up, to protect personal

09:39:52 friends and relatives.

09:39:54 The last thing I want to talk about is panhandling.

09:40:00 We have discussed this, we have looked at it inside and out,

09:40:05 up, down.

09:40:06 I mean, this is like the federal government that can't

09:40:09 decide on a budget.

09:40:10 Come on, people.

09:40:13 We need to make a move, one way or the other, make a vote,

09:40:17 make a move, and get it done.

09:40:19 Thank you.

09:40:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:40:24 Next?

09:40:28 >> Good morning, Council.

09:40:30 Jerry Frankhouser, T.H.A.N. president.

09:40:33 I'm here to talk about the panhandling solicitation issue.

09:40:36 In one of our meetings, at a previous meeting of T.H.A.N.,

09:40:45 we voted no total ban.

09:40:47 But we know you have problems, but really, really we would

09:40:50 like to have you do something.

09:40:53 I mean, we don't care what it is, just get the people off

09:40:55 the streets, because we're worried about the safety of the

09:40:58 people who are walking around the neighborhoods and the

09:41:01 neighbors who might run into them.

09:41:03 It's not a real good issue.

09:41:06 We would like you to take some kind of action on that, if

09:41:09 you would, please.

09:41:11 Thank you.

09:41:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:41:18 >> My name is John Dingler.

09:41:21 980 East Lake Avenue.

09:41:22 I was in here a few weeks ago and heard you guys push back a

09:41:26 little bit on some of the leadership in Ybor on, between

09:41:29 like the idea of, you know, beautification and sidewalks and

09:41:34 palm trees, versus like over, I think someone said like one

09:41:38 and a half jobs.

09:41:39 I really wanted to applaud you guys for, after you said

09:41:44 something about being philosophically consistent and

09:41:47 standing for people over this idea of something that's

09:41:50 beautiful or whatever.

09:41:51 It would be great to have more palm trees, but I really want

09:41:54 to applaud you for that.

09:41:55 I want to ask you to stay consistent in that way when we

09:41:59 talk about something like panhandling.

09:42:00 With these last two guys, I agree, something -- there needs

09:42:04 to be something done, like a decision made, but I really

09:42:06 want to urge you to decide on behalf of people.

09:42:08 When we have a city and a society that demonizes and

09:42:14 despises poor people.

09:42:15 I really want to ask you guys to be leaders.

09:42:19 The reason it's taken so long because I know it should be

09:42:22 passed.

09:42:23 We're trying to do this gymnastics to make this thing, just

09:42:27 so it's constitutional.

09:42:28 Go beyond just being constitutional.

09:42:32 Be ethical, stand strong.

09:42:35 Be on the side of people that have nobody else on their

09:42:38 side.

09:42:39 Please.

09:42:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:42:40 Next?

09:42:43 >> Good morning, City Council, my name is Samuel L. Mobley.

09:42:48 I'm the president of Eastern Heights Neighborhood

09:42:50 Association and crime watch.

09:42:51 I'm here in response to item 5-Z-11-30.

09:43:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Sir, I believe that is a public hearing.

09:43:03 And you'll need to speak on it when it comes up.

09:43:06 >> Oh, okay.

09:43:07 My understanding was that anything on here you could talk

09:43:09 about.

09:43:10 >>MARY MULHERN: What number is it on the agenda?

09:43:12 111?

09:43:15 Yes, I think it will be later in the morning when we get to

09:43:19 that.

09:43:19 Thanks.

09:43:23 >> Good morning, Council.

09:43:24 Jason Wilson, 2540 West Maryland Avenue.

09:43:27 I come to you this morning actually wearing two shorts

09:43:29 literally.

09:43:30 I'm supporting Alan Snell's proposal for the bicycle air

09:43:34 mobility network.

09:43:35 Not only am I wearing the shirt, I'm on the shirt.

09:43:38 I'll let smarter people talk about that.

09:43:40 I'm also here, I represent a community task force looking at

09:43:43 options to deal with homelessness and also create a

09:43:48 rescue -- arrest diversion proposal, specifically for

09:43:51 homeless individuals that might be charged with misdemeanor

09:43:54 crimes or if a street solicitation ordinance were to go into

09:43:57 effect, how we would deal both efficiently and

09:44:00 empathetically with people that violate that ordinance.

09:44:03 I presented last week on the beginnings of that task force.

09:44:06 I told you about how our community group, from our group of

09:44:09 concerned citizens to a group of stakeholders and providers

09:44:11 of the homeless community.

09:44:14 Law enforcement support and broader support throughout the

09:44:16 community.

09:44:16 I just again want to thank the Council for taking such

09:44:20 deliberate and thoughtful action and considering how to not

09:44:23 only deal with the symptom, but also the underlying disease

09:44:26 as well.

09:44:27 Our task force comments specifically on the street.

09:44:30 Whether we are pro or against, because no matter whether

09:44:33 that passes or not, we still have an issue to deal with.

09:44:36 I want to update you again on that issue.

09:44:38 I told you last time we spoke that the biggest concern we

09:44:41 have is housing and beds.

09:44:43 We're continuing to look for housing and beds.

09:44:45 We have had a great amount of community outpouring of

09:44:47 different ideas and where we might find facility site at.

09:44:50 That continues to be our number one priority.

09:44:52 And I would call on Council to help us with that.

09:44:54 I would call on city staff to help us with that.

09:44:57 I'd call on the private community to help us with that.

09:45:00 Ideas where we might find a facility at.

09:45:02 In order to broaden our search for that and to collaborate

09:45:05 more closely with other stakeholders, we have also begun

09:45:09 meeting with the Hillsborough County Commission.

09:45:12 There's a mental health arrest diversion proposal project,

09:45:15 more limited in scope than our project, but very far along

09:45:18 and doing some very good things.

09:45:20 We are working with the housing subcommittee of that group

09:45:24 to seek a jointly a site and a facility.

09:45:26 So again I would just ask for help with that part.

09:45:29 That's where we're at right now.

09:45:30 We'll continue to come back and update the Council on this

09:45:33 matter.

09:45:34 Thank you again for your consideration.

09:45:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Dr. Wilson?

09:45:42 >> Yes, ma'am?

09:45:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we have some questions.

09:45:45 Councilwoman Capin?

09:45:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for bringing that and thank you

09:45:48 for reminding us.

09:45:52 Stay tuned.

09:45:53 We have, I made a motion to have staff reports on properties

09:45:59 that the city owns and that we could maybe make a, do what

09:46:05 we did with the children's museum, which was a collaborative

09:46:07 with the county, the city and private investment.

09:46:12 And I will be putting on the overhead a property that I

09:46:16 thought might help.

09:46:19 >> Thank you for your leadership on that.

09:46:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Stay tuned.

09:46:23 Thank you.

09:46:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin, the staff report today,

09:46:29 what number is it?

09:46:31 Probably toward the end of the meeting.

09:46:32 Is that right?

09:46:33 Okay.

09:46:34 So anyone who wants to talk about what the city and what

09:46:39 this fantastic task force is doing about finding places for

09:46:44 the people on the streets, the homeless people, that would

09:46:47 be toward the end of our meeting.

09:46:50 Thank you.

09:46:57 >> Good morning.

09:46:59 Thank you Madam Chair and Councilmembers.

09:47:01 My name is Jim Shirk.

09:47:03 I'm here initially to talk about the bicycle area mobility

09:47:08 network, which Alan is going to speak about.

09:47:11 The other thing I want to remind you of, is that for a lot

09:47:14 of the homeless or indigent community, the bicycle is the

09:47:21 engine of mobility.

09:47:23 One thing we need to do, we need to decriminalize people who

09:47:27 are ignorant about what they're supposed to do and how

09:47:30 they're supposed to do it.

09:47:31 If we could give the City of Tampa police form a one-page

09:47:35 bilingual card proper ways to ride a bicycle and what it

09:47:39 needs to be legal, I think it would go a long ways to

09:47:43 decriminalize and make it easier for people to ride safely

09:47:47 and ride in a law abiding manner.

09:47:49 If you look at statics, half of all bicycle crashes are

09:47:53 caused by lack of knowledge or lack of doing the right thing

09:47:57 by the bicycle rider.

09:47:58 This gives a tremendous burden on the innocent person who

09:48:01 actually hits the bicyclist.

09:48:03 And makes, that damages their life even though it might take

09:48:07 the life of the bicyclist.

09:48:08 So I'd like to encourage the City Council to support

09:48:12 programs to educate bicyclists through the police.

09:48:16 Thank you very much.

09:48:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:48:23 Next?

09:48:24 >> Good morning, Council.

09:48:24 Chairman Mulhern.

09:48:26 For the record, my name is Don Rode.

09:48:28 Office at 412 Madison street.

09:48:30 Here to speak on the solicitation issue.

09:48:33 And I won't take up but a moment or two of your time.

09:48:36 But, from my own personal standpoint, I hope that you'll

09:48:40 take some kind of action on both of the issues that have

09:48:42 been brought up by speakers before me.

09:48:44 One, what to do about people at these intersections

09:48:46 particularly.

09:48:47 And then secondarily to that, and hopefully maybe at the

09:48:51 same time, do something in reference to the homeless

09:48:54 problem.

09:48:54 My experience goes back to 1969, selling newspapers on the

09:49:00 City of Tampa's streets.

09:49:02 That's how I made a little bit of money as an 11-year-old.

09:49:05 I don't see any 11-year-olds out there these days.

09:49:08 But I will tell you that it's still a way for people to make

09:49:11 money and it's part of freedom of the press.

09:49:14 I think it's important for newspapers to be broadly

09:49:17 dispersed in the community, as a way of keeping up with what

09:49:22 City Council does, what state legislatures do, what good and

09:49:26 bad governments do, and that's what the main function of

09:49:30 freedom of the press was supposed to serve.

09:49:32 I'd also ask that if you look into the issue of panhandling,

09:49:38 you'd see that most people that panhandle do not make a

09:49:42 consistent progressive living doing that.

09:49:46 They barely accomplish anything at all.

09:49:48 In the last year, I've mediated two cases that involved

09:49:52 property damage because of accidents on streets caused by

09:49:57 people receiving a donation in the median.

09:50:00 It's dangerous to do this.

09:50:02 There's no reason that you guys can't take some kind of

09:50:05 action like some of these prior speakers have said, stop

09:50:08 this now.

09:50:09 But simultaneously, please, do something about the homeless

09:50:13 issue that's aggressive, and that will make an immediate

09:50:16 impact, just like you'll make an immediate impact if you put

09:50:20 the panhandling, or excuse me, the solicitation ordinance

09:50:23 into effect.

09:50:24 Thank you.

09:50:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:50:31 >> Good morning, my name is Ed Cronyn.

09:50:34 I live in Virginia Park.

09:50:38 Not speaking on behalf of the neighborhood association, but,

09:50:41 I know this has been a long debated issue about the

09:50:44 panhandling ordinance and they've given a lot of thought and

09:50:47 consideration.

09:50:47 Just thinking back and listening to those comments at the

09:50:50 last hearing, it's pretty obvious to me there are a few bad

09:50:55 apples out there who are causing problems.

09:50:57 There's no doubt about it, a few people are causing safety

09:51:00 problem, been a personal issue for some people that

09:51:02 encountered them.

09:51:03 But I think it's, it's a difference having a few anecdotes

09:51:07 and having a widespread safety problem that would then cause

09:51:10 you to have an ordinance which just says nobody can ask for

09:51:15 help in public.

09:51:17 Like I said the last time I was here, this practice used to

09:51:19 be known as asking for alms and giving alms.

09:51:25 It's a time-honored tradition, even pre-dates the press.

09:51:27 So, if we're talking about preserving historic institutions,

09:51:30 I think about that.

09:51:32 You're on the verge of outlawing something that's been

09:51:35 around as part of our society as a Christian society and

09:51:37 before that, a Jewish society, and also as part of Muslim

09:51:42 society, talking about outlawing that here in the City of

09:51:45 Tampa.

09:51:46 I just think, you're crossing a moral boundary here.

09:51:49 Outlawing institution that's been around for a long, long

09:51:53 time, a way for people to ask for and receive help from

09:51:56 folks in public.

09:51:57 At the last hearing also, there was quite a bit of debate

09:51:59 and discussion over saving one and a half taxpayer supported

09:52:02 jobs.

09:52:03 What's going to happen to these folks?

09:52:05 This is their income.

09:52:07 This is a livelihood.

09:52:08 A lot of them do depend to tide themselves over between

09:52:12 jobs.

09:52:12 I've talked to them.

09:52:13 I know them.

09:52:15 A few bad ones, but a lot really need this help.

09:52:18 If you're going to take away this form of income, what

09:52:20 you're doing is basically forcing them into a tax paying

09:52:23 institution, whether a jail or like St. Petersburg did.

09:52:26 And I don't think you've thought through the cost of this.

09:52:29 I know for the police, it's a very easy thing for them to go

09:52:32 out, much easier for them to sweep everybody up and not

09:52:35 worry about who needs the help or not.

09:52:38 It certainly helps folks out who think, an aesthetic problem

09:52:42 for the city.

09:52:43 But it gets back, is this a widespread safety issue to take

09:52:49 action to restrict free economic transactions in public

09:52:52 places that have been around for thousands of years.

09:52:54 It's not unique to Tampa or this time period.

09:52:56 And I think you're on the verge of crossing a threshold that

09:53:01 really shouldn't be going.

09:53:02 Just be compassionate.

09:53:04 Recognize they do need help and do need assistance.

09:53:08 Please be compassionate.

09:53:09 If you're going to pass an ordinance, at least wait to

09:53:12 enforce it until there's something else in place to catch

09:53:15 them as a safety net.

09:53:17 Thank you for your consideration.

09:53:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:53:19 Next?

09:53:37 >> We have a speaker waiver form is David Drewer, okay,

09:53:45 thank you.

09:53:46 And Patrick, I can't pronounce --

09:53:50 Are you Patrick?

09:53:51 Okay.

09:53:51 Thank you.

09:53:52 Two additional minutes, please.

09:53:55 >> My name is Tom Atchison, 1611 East Bougainvillea Avenue.

09:54:00 I'm the pastor of New Life Church and founder of New

09:54:02 Beginnings of Tampa emergency shelter and transitional

09:54:06 housing for those with addiction problems.

09:54:08 I applaud the work that Dr. Wilson has done to create a

09:54:12 one-stop coordinate services to help the homeless and the

09:54:16 disenfranchised.

09:54:17 This City Council has been very sensitive to the needs of

09:54:21 the homeless, while also having today make some very hard

09:54:26 decisions when it comes to the safety and the welfare of its

09:54:30 citizens.

09:54:30 I'm here today to ask you to consider some other resources

09:54:36 that can be tapped into to help this homeless situation.

09:54:39 I keep referring to this resource as the sleeping giant.

09:54:46 During tragedies such as hurricanes and tornadoes, it's the

09:54:51 communities and the churches that rally together to make a

09:54:55 difference in people's lives.

09:54:58 The greatest resource are the people.

09:55:00 There are several churches, synagogues, mosques that are

09:55:05 behind the scenes that are doing great work to help the

09:55:08 disenfranchised citizens of Tampa.

09:55:11 However, the great work that they do would even be more

09:55:14 effective if the efforts were coordinated for better public

09:55:19 awareness.

09:55:19 What they do would just, if they just had just a little help

09:55:25 from the city financially, and also in coordinating their

09:55:29 services, could really increase the great work and take what

09:55:33 they do as a small part of helping the homeless, and

09:55:37 multiply it many times over to become this great giant that

09:55:41 could serve the homeless in such a great way.

09:55:44 We think of the many faith-based organizations in the city,

09:55:49 and you add to them all the members of those organizations,

09:55:53 you're looking at a substantial number of citizens.

09:55:57 I believe that if given direction and encouragement by this

09:56:01 Council to form a faith-based coalition.

09:56:09 This would be a separate arm of the city.

09:56:12 The homeless coalition does a great work to coordinate

09:56:15 services primarily that are grant driven and secular

09:56:19 structured.

09:56:19 Although there are faith-based organizations that are

09:56:23 members of the homeless coalition, such as New Beginnings,

09:56:26 the majority of the faith-based organizations are not a

09:56:30 part, nor ever will be a part of the homeless coalition.

09:56:33 Their needs, their motives are on a totally different page.

09:56:38 Some examples of how some of the faith-based organizations

09:56:42 can make a great difference is, I get between five to ten

09:56:47 calls a day from women with children.

09:56:50 And usually the conversation starts out, is there any place

09:56:54 for me to go?

09:56:55 I'm being evicted, my husband lost his job, and you know, or

09:56:59 he's been arrested, multiple things.

09:57:02 Left me.

09:57:02 And my response out of my mouth, I just hate it when I get

09:57:06 that call, I cringe, because I have to say, I'm sorry, I

09:57:10 can't help you.

09:57:12 Women and children just do not have any place in Tampa.

09:57:16 The few places that do take women and children are not

09:57:19 emergency shelters.

09:57:20 They're longer term.

09:57:22 I got on the phone, I called 211.

09:57:24 I called every organization I could.

09:57:26 I finally called Fox 13 News.

09:57:28 And I said, we need some help here.

09:57:32 Here's another woman, a woman came in my office with three

09:57:34 kids.

09:57:35 Instead of being able to tell her no on the phone, I had to

09:57:38 look across at her at the three kids and her and say I'm

09:57:41 sorry.

09:57:41 She says, but I'm going to be on the street tomorrow.

09:57:43 Isn't there something I can do?

09:57:45 And Fox News came out and did a story on it the other day.

09:57:49 And out of that story, I've had three calls already in the

09:57:52 last couple days from churches who have people in their

09:57:56 church who are willing to step up to the plate and take

09:57:59 those families in, help them, coordinate them, help them

09:58:02 request the day care, so she can go out and get a job.

09:58:06 And here's something that with all the services we have in

09:58:08 Tampa, we can't do at this present time.

09:58:12 But if we wake up the sleeping giant, if we coordinate the

09:58:15 services of the various faith organizations, we can do it.

09:58:19 Dental truck, Mission Tampa, many of you might not know.

09:58:24 I'm on the board of directors for Mission Tampa out of

09:58:27 Seminole Heights Baptist Church.

09:58:29 Now, they coordinate with several other churches and have

09:58:32 formed a dental clinic that goes out once a month, not only

09:58:36 to the homeless on the street, but to churches to help serve

09:58:38 the neighborhood doing dental services that's already being

09:58:42 done without one dime out of the city budget.

09:58:44 Yet, most people have never even heard of that work being

09:58:49 done.

09:58:50 It's one of those silent things.

09:58:51 For the last 13 years, New Beginnings and several other

09:58:56 organizations have been on the streets of Tampa, feeding the

09:59:00 homeless for over 13 years.

09:59:02 And we really don't consider the feeding, we consider it an

09:59:06 outreach.

09:59:06 And what we do -- is that my three minutes?

09:59:10 >>MARY MULHERN: You got 30 seconds left.

09:59:12 >> And we coordinate services there.

09:59:14 We're a mini one-stop already.

09:59:16 And all we're asking from the city is just a little bit of

09:59:21 help with some recognition, some coordination and forming a

09:59:26 group of, a group that can be a faith-based specific

09:59:31 organization to be able to help coordinate all these

09:59:34 services and wake up this sleeping giant and put to work

09:59:37 something that isn't going to cost the city a whole lot of

09:59:40 money, but can be very effective.

09:59:41 Thank you.

09:59:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:59:44 >> I have a question.

09:59:49 >>MARY MULHERN: It's fine.

09:59:50 I was reminded that we have a rule about not having dialogue

09:59:52 with our speakers.

09:59:54 But, I don't know if you can be here later, but if you could

09:59:59 be here later -- you're not going to get to talk then

10:00:03 either.

10:00:03 I don't have a problem.

10:00:04 Ask him one question, do it quickly.

10:00:07 Okay.

10:00:09 Thank you.

10:00:10 Next?

10:00:16 >> Good morning City Council.

10:00:17 My name is Frank Morris and I'm with New Beginnings too.

10:00:22 I'm glad New Beginnings took me in.

10:00:26 Because I'm a product of your homeless.

10:00:28 I was born and raised here in Tampa.

10:00:30 I've seen Tampa go from a little city to a big city now.

10:00:33 I'm a seven time loser in prison.

10:00:37 I just got out March 4th.

10:00:39 If it wasn't for New Beginnings taking me in, I'd still be a

10:00:43 product of your homelessness.

10:00:44 I think City of Tampa needs to do something about it with

10:00:47 these type of programs that Pastor Tom Atchison is running

10:00:50 for the homeless.

10:00:52 It's a good program.

10:00:53 And we need it here.

10:00:55 [lost audio]

10:01:09 >> People need to wake up to it.

10:01:11 City Council members need to wake up to it.

10:01:13 And this problem is not going to go away.

10:01:16 And the people, the homeless people need help.

10:01:19 Just like me.

10:01:20 And most of them really, a number are drug addicts.

10:01:27 You have drug addicts that need help, they need help.

10:01:30 And we need a faith-based program and a drug program.

10:01:35 And that's what New Beginnings run.

10:01:37 And we need this help from the City of Tampa.

10:01:40 Thank you very much.

10:01:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:01:42 Next?

10:01:47 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

10:01:48 My name is Justin Frasier.

10:01:50 I am a husband and a father.

10:01:52 I'm here speaking on the solicitation.

10:01:54 I sell refreshments mostly to military.

10:01:58 [lost audio] take my income away.

10:02:12 We will be homeless within a matter of a week.

10:02:15 And like these gentlemen are saying, there is nowhere for us

10:02:18 to go.

10:02:18 If you take my children away from me, which is exactly what

10:02:23 will happen, my life will fall apart.

10:02:26 I wouldn't even be out there in the green light.

10:02:33 I walk out during red lights.

10:02:35 I walk it.

10:02:36 I get off.

10:02:36 I don't want to be out there during moving traffic.

10:02:39 Just because someone gets pulled over for drinking and

10:02:41 driving, you don't say anybody can't drive.

10:02:43 You put rules.

10:02:45 Make it to where no one can be out here during green lights.

10:02:48 But don't take away our only source of income.

10:02:51 Because when you take these incomes away, what jobs are you

10:02:55 going to give us?

10:02:56 Nobody's hiring.

10:02:58 Everybody I know that is hiring, is firing the next day

10:03:02 because the work goes away.

10:03:03 I was laid off 11 months ago.

10:03:05 For the last nine months, I've sold these refreshments.

10:03:11 I speak on behalf of everyone who didn't show up.

10:03:15 Please, don't take our income away.

10:03:17 Please.

10:03:18 Thank you.

10:03:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:03:28 >> Dear City Council, my name is Marvin Atkins.

10:03:32 And I sell fresh-cut flowers on the street corners for my

10:03:39 livelihood.

10:03:39 I have an occupational license and I pay state sales taxes

10:03:49 and I pay federal income tax.

10:03:51 I am supporting the community and I hope that the community

10:03:54 would support me by allowing me to keep my livelihood

10:04:00 selling flowers on the street corners.

10:04:02 I pay rent and I am not homeless.

10:04:06 If I am disallowed to sell flowers as I am now, and have

10:04:11 been doing the past two years, I will become homeless and

10:04:16 unemployed.

10:04:17 Jobs are hard to find and I've been able to work

10:04:21 self-employed.

10:04:22 The economy is not doing so well.

10:04:25 This allows me to have employment with the unemployment

10:04:31 situation like it is today.

10:04:32 I sell lots of flowers and roses.

10:04:35 And many people tell me that they appreciate me being out

10:04:39 there.

10:04:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:04:43 Next?

10:04:49 >> Good morning.

10:04:51 Bill Nelligar, 511 North Franklin.

10:04:53 We're a new business, a new restaurant that's opening up.

10:04:57 A year ago when we selected Tampa, we fell in love with the

10:05:00 street.

10:05:00 We fell in love with the friendliness and the family type

10:05:04 environment.

10:05:04 If we had to make that same decision today, we would have

10:05:07 elected to move to a different city.

10:05:09 I'd like to, as uncomfortable as it is, explain to you the

10:05:12 reasons why.

10:05:13 We cannot run a restaurant, we cannot attract element crowd,

10:05:18 we cannot get the SkyPoint people to come down because it's

10:05:22 deemed unsafe, dangerous and vulgar.

10:05:25 By vulgar, we're talking about public urination in our

10:05:28 doorway at 1:00 when our dining room is full of guests.

10:05:32 All the way to public masturbation, which is uncomfortable

10:05:35 for me to say, but more uncomfortable for our guests to

10:05:38 view.

10:05:38 And the fact that last night, we had to lock our door three

10:05:42 times.

10:05:42 We locked our door three times for our safety and for our

10:05:46 guests' safety.

10:05:47 These are people that are falling under the ordinance that

10:05:51 you're going to pass, or vote on for -- I'm sorry, I'm

10:05:56 losing my train of thought here.

10:05:58 But for the panhandling.

10:05:59 I'm very compassionate.

10:06:01 A year ago I thought that the homeless was a nefarious

10:06:06 society.

10:06:06 My view has changed.

10:06:08 I wanted to feed these people, but I think the problem is,

10:06:11 we're compassionately looking at one situation, and enabling

10:06:15 another.

10:06:15 And what we're enabling is an environment on Franklin

10:06:18 Street.

10:06:20 We're talking three minute walk from here, where it's not

10:06:23 safe.

10:06:23 It's posted on the internet not to go down there, it's the

10:06:26 seedy unsafe area.

10:06:28 We have invested a large amount of money to try to help

10:06:32 revitalize that area.

10:06:33 And we need assistance.

10:06:35 We can't operate calling the police department.

10:06:37 We can't burden the police department with these types of

10:06:40 issues.

10:06:41 A week ago, I met with Councilman Reddick -- sorry, and

10:06:45 explained to him the situation that happened the night

10:06:47 before.

10:06:47 And that situation was, we had a switchblade pulled on us.

10:06:51 A 12-inch switchblade because they were demanding that we

10:06:54 give them food.

10:06:55 You have to do something.

10:06:57 You have to step up and protect these merchants, or they're

10:07:00 going to close.

10:07:00 You don't have a downtown nightlife.

10:07:02 The reason you don't have one is because we don't have a

10:07:05 safe environment.

10:07:06 It is not family friendly.

10:07:07 And we would really like to see something done that's

10:07:11 compassionate for those that truly are down on their luck,

10:07:14 but that stops the people that really don't want help and

10:07:19 that's a lifestyle that they've chosen.

10:07:21 And if that would include -- we would like to invite the

10:07:24 Council down, come down and spend four or five hours just

10:07:28 observing what happens as soon as you leave the city.

10:07:32 At 4:30, the population descends on Franklin.

10:07:37 The police aren't empowered to help us.

10:07:40 What option do we have other than to close our businesses?

10:07:42 And I just can't stand by and see that happen.

10:07:46 We would have to lay off 15 of our employees because we

10:07:50 can't pay them if you can't make it safe for residents to

10:07:54 come down and enjoy it.

10:07:56 We're talking a two-block walk that they won't make.

10:07:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:08:00 >> Thank you.

10:08:07 >> Madam Councilwoman, City Council, my name is Johanna

10:08:12 Caldwell.

10:08:13 I'm with God Works, Inc.

10:08:15 That is a ministry that housed, transitional houses for sex

10:08:21 offenders.

10:08:22 We are in Thonotosassa.

10:08:24 As you can see, I have compassion for people that nobody

10:08:28 wants.

10:08:29 My calls come from the correctionals.

10:08:33 Begging me to house people that nobody wants.

10:08:37 I'm here for an unusual reason.

10:08:41 I'm here for asking you to reconsider your ordinance about

10:08:47 feeding the homeless.

10:08:48 You see, my ministry is a very small ministry.

10:08:53 I founded it in 2007.

10:08:56 Part of what we do is go down and feed the homeless.

10:08:59 It opens my men's hearts and makes them see.

10:09:05 See, I am one of the fortunate people that I go home every

10:09:08 night.

10:09:09 I have food on my table.

10:09:10 And so do the men.

10:09:12 And they get to see that.

10:09:14 The people that we serve, they have no home.

10:09:18 They have no food on their table.

10:09:20 And they're able to look in peoples eyes and see that they

10:09:26 are homeless.

10:09:28 Like they would be if they didn't have that.

10:09:30 Being, having a home any more, it's not a right.

10:09:35 It's a privilege.

10:09:37 That man on the street could be my father.

10:09:40 Could be my mother.

10:09:41 Could be my brother, my sister, my son.

10:09:43 And all these people that are saying do something about the

10:09:47 homeless, could they look that person in the eye and see

10:09:52 their brother, their sister, their mother, their father?

10:09:55 Can you see your family member with compassion?

10:10:05 We have to help these people.

10:10:06 Homelessness is not what it used to be.

10:10:08 There are people out there with degrees, master's degrees,

10:10:13 lots of degrees.

10:10:14 They don't have a home.

10:10:17 And we're telling them get off my parking lot.

10:10:19 Get out of my shade.

10:10:22 Please, let's reconsider this.

10:10:27 They could be our family members.

10:10:30 I serve with Pastor Tom and many churches.

10:10:35 We cook the food in our homes.

10:10:37 And we bring it out to them, in coolers to keep it hot, so

10:10:43 they can have a decent meal once a week, if possible, in the

10:10:48 shade.

10:10:49 And now you're telling us we can't do that.

10:10:53 Have compassion, please.

10:10:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:10:58 Next?

10:11:02 >> Good morning, Madam Chair, councilmembers.

10:11:05 My name is Reverend Gregory Lockett.

10:11:09 I'm a homeless advocate.

10:11:11 In 2005, I got really upset with the city of St. Petersburg.

10:11:17 I organized 151 homeless people and took over a piece of

10:11:22 property and started tent city.

10:11:25 I did that for a reason, to open their eyes to a flat tire,

10:11:31 a car on a chassis that they continually refusing to look

10:11:34 at.

10:11:35 What came out of it wasn't what I expected, but it came,

10:11:39 something came out pretty good of it.

10:11:41 I'm here today to bring to your attention, since 2001, where

10:11:47 all this coalition and stuff started coming up and

10:11:49 everyone's talking about these one stops and all of this,

10:11:52 and you got faith-based organization, even probably you,

10:11:56 your own church or if you do go to church, be asking you to

10:11:59 help out in crisis, when the monies that you have thrown to

10:12:03 these individuals that is so tied up with grants, so tied up

10:12:09 with restrictions, can't even go out there and help one

10:12:12 person and have to say no.

10:12:14 The doors open.

10:12:15 Some of these small groups and organizations, even mosques

10:12:19 and synagogues, and a lot of government eyes, who break the

10:12:23 laws.

10:12:23 Because I will take a homeless person in to my home.

10:12:27 I supposed to be licensed.

10:12:28 I will try and direct a family to somewhere to help.

10:12:31 Okay.

10:12:32 How many -- ask yourself and in your heart, how many times

10:12:35 have your pastor or your religious leader, when a crisis

10:12:39 came up, asked you for help?

10:12:40 Stop throwing away the money.

10:12:42 For years and years, we have been saying this.

10:12:44 Okay.

10:12:45 The solution to the homeless situation is the homeless.

10:12:50 And the faith-based organizations.

10:12:51 We don't tie our hands.

10:12:54 We live by a spirit that sets us free to do that.

10:12:57 We don't have to sit down and spend millions of dollars to

10:13:01 get a definition for homelessness.

10:13:03 One word.

10:13:03 How silly is that?

10:13:05 I ask you right now, I'm asking you in the name of my Lord,

10:13:11 and I'm pleading the blood on this, that you all go home and

10:13:14 you pray and you look at the faith-based organizations, the

10:13:17 small ones, that's out there that's actually doing

10:13:20 something.

10:13:22 Doors are open 24/7.

10:13:23 We need a faith-based coalition here, we need the city to

10:13:29 get a leads on, so you can stop wasting the money.

10:13:34 That's what you're doing, you're wasting money over and over

10:13:37 again, when you can use that money to solve the problems

10:13:39 with the bicycle, solve the problems with the panhandling.

10:13:43 We can solve those problems by helping these people and

10:13:45 directing them at addressing the barriers, not giving them

10:13:49 crumb and say come back in 90 days.

10:13:51 I ask you right now, in the name of our Lord, you go home,

10:13:55 you pray.

10:13:56 If you are believers, you pick up whatever book you read, I

10:14:00 guarantee you, submit to the bureaucratic system, you define

10:14:06 the real system of the holy spirit.

10:14:08 Thank you.

10:14:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:14:11 >> Good morning, my name is Diana MacLean with the

10:14:14 Muscular Dystrophy Association.

10:14:16 First, I just want to say thank you to the Council for your

10:14:20 time and your consideration on this matter.

10:14:22 I know that you've spent a lot of hours thinking about it

10:14:25 and trying to reach a compromise and a solution.

10:14:29 The funds raised by our trained public safety professionals

10:14:34 help us fund our clinics, our local clinics at St. Joe's and

10:14:39 St. Anthony's.

10:14:39 It helps MDA fund a summer camp for 6 to 17-year-olds right

10:14:43 here in Brandon.

10:14:44 It's also funding ALS research study at USF.

10:14:48 To find a cure for these diseases.

10:14:51 On top of the countless medical services that we offer our,

10:14:56 over 300 local families.

10:14:58 This money stays here local in the community.

10:15:00 And MDA couldn't offer these services without these funds

10:15:04 that are safety professionals lays on the streets.

10:15:09 Again, I just want to say thank you for your consideration

10:15:11 and your time on this matter.

10:15:13 And we hope a compromise can be reached.

10:15:18 >> Thank you very much.

10:15:19 Next?

10:15:21 >> Thank you.

10:15:23 Jim Lake, 4218 West San Pedro, as a lawyer for "The Tampa

10:15:27 Tribune."

10:15:28 Just want to make two points regarding the street

10:15:30 solicitation ordinances, item 121.

10:15:33 If those are to be enacted, we urge two changes between

10:15:36 first and second reading.

10:15:37 First, the proposed safety rules appear to contain a

10:15:43 typographical error.

10:15:46 Sub-paragraph eight of those rules says when traffic is

10:15:48 allowed to move, no person shall be standing either on a

10:15:52 median or at least two feet outside of the road.

10:15:56 Our understanding is intent was actually to mirror Pasco

10:15:59 County's ordinance on this area, which says, the person

10:16:02 shall be standing either on a median or two feet outside of

10:16:05 the road.

10:16:06 So, simple change there of the word "the" rather than the

10:16:12 word "no" would make this consistent with Pasco's.

10:16:16 Second, with regard to the proposed ban on solicitation at

10:16:20 certain intersections, an issue that I guess came up since

10:16:23 the last meeting, we submitted that ban makes sense on high

10:16:27 traffic days, when FDOT data shows a lot of cars are out,

10:16:32 accidents occur.

10:16:33 But we don't think that has been shown to make sense on

10:16:36 Sundays, when the information you have from the Florida

10:16:40 department of transportation shows there are far fewer

10:16:43 accidents and far fewer cars on the road.

10:16:46 The case hasn't been made for seven day a week ban at those

10:16:50 locations.

10:16:51 And more at that particular language in these ordinances is

10:16:55 written, that would apply only to newspaper vendors and not

10:16:58 to other people.

10:16:58 So we don't think that was the intent either.

10:17:00 And so, we'd recommend that that aspect of both ordinances,

10:17:06 paragraph ten in the Sunday rules and 11 in the newspaper

10:17:09 rules, say no solicitation, no solicitation shall occur

10:17:14 Monday through Saturday.

10:17:15 At the ten intersections that have the highest number of

10:17:19 accidents.

10:17:19 With those changes, I think Council would be able to

10:17:22 accomplish what has been discussed, the goals that have been

10:17:25 articulated and address the concerns that have been raised

10:17:28 about street solicitation.

10:17:29 Thank you.

10:17:35 >> Good morning, Council.

10:17:37 My name is Don Barco.

10:17:38 13101 Burns Lake Drive.

10:17:41 I'm here today to speak to the issue of Councilwoman

10:17:46 Mulhern's desire for the Council to send a letter to the

10:17:49 people of Cuba.

10:17:50 I wholeheartedly am behind this.

10:17:56 I think it's something that we need to do.

10:17:58 This is the 21st century.

10:18:01 We're not living in 1960.

10:18:03 Councilmember Suarez --

10:18:07 >> Excuse me, Chair.

10:18:09 If you could direct the speaker to speak to us as a Council.

10:18:13 And not as individuals.

10:18:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:18:15 >> I'm sorry.

10:18:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:18:18 And everyone, this is an opportunity to speak to Council,

10:18:20 not to single out anybody.

10:18:22 >> I apologize.

10:18:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Although if you just want to say thank you

10:18:25 to any of us, that's fine.

10:18:26 [ Laughter ]

10:18:29 >> Ahead of time, also, thank you.

10:18:32 I think in doing this, that the Council would be

10:18:38 representing all of the people of Tampa.

10:18:41 It's an important thing that we have already made the

10:18:45 reconnection with flights.

10:18:47 It's an important thing for the citizens of Tampa Bay, we

10:18:53 have heard person after person come up and speak about the

10:18:57 hard times that we're going through economically.

10:18:59 And as we're doing this, it's been said that we shouldn't

10:19:05 have government to government business.

10:19:08 But right now, as we speak, there's ports in Mobile and New

10:19:13 Orleans and Jacksonville that's doing business with Cuba

10:19:16 through their ports, while our port stands idly by and let's

10:19:24 this business pass us by.

10:19:25 This community needs this money.

10:19:27 It's been illustrated by person after person coming up

10:19:30 saying how bad things are here.

10:19:32 By us doing business with the Cubans, it's going to create

10:19:39 jobs, and I think it's disingenuous for us not to open our

10:19:46 hearts and go and talk with these people and get started on

10:19:49 what we should be doing.

10:19:50 You all are here to lead.

10:19:51 Please do it.

10:19:52 Thank you.

10:19:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:19:57 >> My name is Terry Watson.

10:19:59 I live 718 South Willow Avenue.

10:20:01 Mr. Barco just took about half of what I wanted to say, but

10:20:05 I'll go ahead.

10:20:06 I'm not up here because, unlike Al, who spoke earlier, I'm

10:20:12 not Cuban.

10:20:13 I don't have Cuban blood in my veins.

10:20:16 But, I am here because I'm a citizen of Tampa and I'm

10:20:19 interested in the welfare of the city and the jobs in the

10:20:23 city.

10:20:23 We have heard a constant theme today.

10:20:26 Whether it's talking about the panhandling or talked about

10:20:29 Cuba.

10:20:29 The issue is jobs and economic welfare of Tampa.

10:20:33 Right now, as Mr. Barco stated, there are ports doing

10:20:41 business with Cuba while we stand here.

10:20:43 There are tourists from Europe who are on the beaches, who

10:20:47 are in Havana at this very moment.

10:20:50 There are students from almost every state except Florida,

10:20:53 who are beginning exchanges, going down and doing projects

10:20:57 in Cuba.

10:20:58 We all know the direction this is going.

10:21:03 This isn't a debate about whether Batista or Castro was the

10:21:10 bad guy 50 years ago.

10:21:11 We know where this is going.

10:21:13 The real issue is, is Tampa going to sit passively on the

10:21:21 sidelines and let Birmingham and Jacksonville and all other

10:21:24 places go ahead of the line or is Tampa going to be active,

10:21:29 are we going to take an active role and get the benefits as

10:21:35 the laws change, so that we can improve our economy?

10:21:39 And I ask the City Council to go beyond what Councilmember

10:21:45 Mulhern is planning to do and take an active leadership and

10:21:50 make this happen, put us in a leadership role as the changes

10:21:54 occur in our relationship with Cuba.

10:21:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:22:03 >> Good morning, City Council.

10:22:04 My name is Lance Ponton.

10:22:07 I'm here to address the letter that was going to be sent to

10:22:12 Cuba.

10:22:13 I just want to thank City Council Mulhern for taking the

10:22:18 effort to tie our two communities together.

10:22:23 And as you know, we have 67,000 Cuban-Americans here in

10:22:26 Tampa.

10:22:27 I'd like to see everything possible done to tie Cuba back to

10:22:31 Tampa.

10:22:32 And see more jobs come into Tampa.

10:22:37 The port and through our airlines.

10:22:41 And I thank City Council Mulhern for making all the effort

10:22:46 that she's done.

10:22:47 Thank you very much.

10:22:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:22:55 >> Good morning, Council.

10:22:56 Victor DiMaio.

10:22:58 I want to say that I'm proud and honored to be part of the

10:23:03 historical first delegation that traveled directly from

10:23:06 Tampa to Havana in 50 years.

10:23:09 My grandparents on my mother's side were born and raised in

10:23:11 Belgas and Santiago de las vegas.

10:23:17 They left Cuba, like many other Cubans, for the privilege of

10:23:18 working 16 hours a day 7 days a week in Tampa's bustling

10:23:21 cigar industry in Ybor City.

10:23:25 When the government changed 50 years ago and the people

10:23:27 cheered for the deposed brutal dictator, we all cheered as

10:23:32 well.

10:23:32 I went to my grandparents' homeland to see and experience

10:23:35 and hear for myself Cuba.

10:23:38 I didn't want to take The Tampa Tribune's or St. Pete Times

10:23:43 editorials that the Cuban embargo must go or accept the

10:23:47 50-year-old exiled community propaganda that the embargo

10:23:51 must stay.

10:23:52 I saw for myself a bustling and prosperous and very happy

10:23:55 people.

10:23:56 I saw tremendous opportunities for our culturally linked two

10:24:00 cities.

10:24:01 And I experienced very much a bit of sadness because my own

10:24:05 country is needlessly punishing these people because of the

10:24:09 ignorance of a dying 50-year-old dream.

10:24:12 We trade and travel openly with Communist China and

10:24:17 Communist Vietnam.

10:24:18 We need to drop this stupid embargo and you the Tampa City

10:24:23 Council have the freedom to make a statement that you want

10:24:28 things to change for our people and our cities and our

10:24:32 country.

10:24:32 I am here today because of Al Fox and the courage of himself

10:24:36 and the alliance for responsible Cuban policy.

10:24:38 And his local board members, David Straz, Jr. and John

10:24:42 McDonald.

10:24:43 The alliance moved from Washington, D.C. to Tampa a few

10:24:46 years ago to focus attention on this issue.

10:24:49 No organization knows more about this issue than the

10:24:51 alliance.

10:24:52 We all should embrace the alliance's knowledge and

10:24:56 experience and move forward.

10:24:58 My late father, my mother and my grandparents all changed

10:25:01 their minds about Cuba and myself as well.

10:25:04 It's time that Tampa changed its mind about Cuba too.

10:25:07 Other cities, counties and states have long ago done what

10:25:11 you are hopefully going to do today.

10:25:13 And that is open trade, travel, and cultural exchange with

10:25:19 Cuba.

10:25:20 It's time -- it's easy to cower behind the 50-year-old

10:25:24 exiled community dying dream about Cuba.

10:25:27 It's hard to make the right decision.

10:25:29 I'm holding you all personally accountable to do the right

10:25:31 thing today.

10:25:32 Thank you very much.

10:25:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:25:34 Next?

10:25:39 >> Good morning, Councilmembers.

10:25:43 My name is Sylvia Alvarez.

10:25:45 I'm a lifelong resident of Tampa.

10:25:48 I was born in Havana.

10:25:50 But I'm going to be translating today for Vicente Amor, who

10:25:54 has a travel agency here in Tampa, and he said he didn't

10:25:59 want to put you through the torture of listening to his

10:26:02 English.

10:26:09 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:26:25 >> What he's wanting to do, he's wanting to invite the City

10:26:28 of Tampa, the City Council to go and visit and have -- and

10:26:34 form your own opinions as to this problem that has been

10:26:39 plaguing all of us for so long.

10:26:43 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:26:56 >> Always when the subject of Cuba comes up, it's about

10:27:00 whether you are for Castro or against Castro.

10:27:04 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:27:16 >> The subject today is not so much about Cuban-American,

10:27:21 but it's more about what is good for the City of Tampa.

10:27:25 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:27:34 >> It's for the jobs in Tampa, the families in Tampa and the

10:27:38 rights of Americans.

10:27:41 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:27:57 >> Right now, there's a company in Miami that is the one who

10:28:02 is running the charters from Miami as well as the ones out

10:28:05 of Tampa.

10:28:05 And he has not been able to work with the group in Miami.

10:28:11 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:28:20 >> At this point, five people came from Miami to Tampa and

10:28:23 they're the ones who are running the operation.

10:28:26 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:28:32 >> That's the profit that could be coming to his company as

10:28:34 well as jobs to the people of Tampa.

10:28:38 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:28:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I'd like to give them another minute or

10:28:52 another two minutes since she's translating.

10:28:56 >> He says it's time now to get beyond about what is good

10:29:00 for the discussion between Cuban-Americans and do what's

10:29:04 right for Tampa, with jobs and the economy and moving

10:29:08 forward with this issue.

10:29:11 >> [speaking Spanish]

10:29:15 >> He said thank you for the extension of time, but this is

10:29:18 what he wanted to say.

10:29:19 However, I would like to add something.

10:29:21 My father --

10:29:23 [ Laughter ]

10:29:24 >> I'm Cuban, what can I say?

10:29:27 >>MARY MULHERN: You can have your own three minutes.

10:29:29 >> I really don't need all that much time.

10:29:31 But, I'm not going to try to repeat what so many of the

10:29:36 other eloquent speakers that have come before me have said.

10:29:39 My father was Al Arteago, one of the first speakers this

10:29:44 morning, and I'm very proud of him for this battle that he's

10:29:47 had for his life and I'm very happy that he was able to be

10:29:50 on that first flight out of Tampa.

10:29:52 It made a huge difference in his life, and in being able to

10:29:58 see one of his goals accomplished.

10:30:00 But I just want to say this to all of you.

10:30:02 If you've never had a mango from Cuba.

10:30:05 [ Laughter ]

10:30:06 >> You've never had a mango.

10:30:09 [ Applause ]

10:30:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Next?

10:30:16 We were going to cut off public comment at 10:31.

10:30:21 That's when we started.

10:30:23 Just, if you wish to speak, please, if you are able to stand

10:30:26 up now, so we know who.

10:30:29 >> Good morning, Madam Chair.

10:30:30 John Grandoff, Suite 3700, Bank of America Plaza.

10:30:34 I commend Chairman -- Chairwoman's Mulhern's efforts to

10:30:39 author and send the letter to Cuba.

10:30:41 I'd like to provide a few perspectives on my reasoning for

10:30:45 that.

10:30:46 You need look no further than the great seal of our city.

10:30:52 The boat mascot, which was owned and operated by probably

10:30:57 our greatest founding father of the city, Henry Plant, to

10:31:00 trade between Tampa and Cuba.

10:31:02 It's on our seal.

10:31:03 The Tampa Bay Hotel housed soldiers before they left for the

10:31:09 Spanish-American war.

10:31:10 A gentleman named Cuevado, who operated a Cuban airline

10:31:15 before the embargo, took upon himself to establish a park in

10:31:19 Ybor City and convey title to the park as the Jose Marti

10:31:21 park to the Cuban government.

10:31:26 Cuban government owns that park.

10:31:27 You search the title records, they own the property and it's

10:31:31 exempt from taxation because it's sovereign.

10:31:35 Jose Marti appeared in Tampa shortly before he was

10:31:39 assassinated, the liberator of the Cuban people.

10:31:42 We have hundreds of Cuban friends across all generations we

10:31:46 have met through family gatherings, through business,

10:31:49 through other social events.

10:31:50 I think it's high time we established that contact.

10:31:57 I'm not making a political speech.

10:31:59 I'm basically saying as a neighbor to a neighboring country,

10:32:02 it's a nice effort, especially with the rich tradition we

10:32:05 have with Cuba.

10:32:06 I would also suggest that you augment Ms. Mulhern's efforts

10:32:11 by adopting a resolution urging the mayor to likewise send a

10:32:14 letter on behalf of the city as well.

10:32:17 And I think that would be a nice gesture and certainly well

10:32:20 received by the Cuban community and by our neighbor to the

10:32:24 south.

10:32:24 Thank you for your time.

10:32:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:32:33 >> Good morning Council.

10:32:35 My name is Lewis Chatwith.

10:32:36 And I wish I had an address to give you like a lot of these

10:32:39 good people have.

10:32:40 I am a panhandler, not by trade, but by necessity.

10:32:44 People have this misguided belief that we're out there

10:32:50 getting rich.

10:32:51 I stood out there for eight hours yesterday.

10:32:54 Made three dollars.

10:32:55 That was a bad day.

10:32:57 I've had good days.

10:32:58 But as my only source of support.

10:33:02 Without an ID, you cannot get a job.

10:33:06 Without a residence, you cannot get an ID.

10:33:09 You get those little unity card.

10:33:12 Nobody accepts it.

10:33:13 It's worthless.

10:33:15 Without a home, you are so limited.

10:33:19 Bed spaces are limited.

10:33:21 Even at some of these shelters, they're not considered a

10:33:24 legal residence.

10:33:25 On Sundays, I don't believe Sunday is any safer than any

10:33:34 other day.

10:33:34 If it's safe on Sunday, why is it not safe Monday through

10:33:39 Saturday?

10:33:40 Thank you.

10:33:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:33:43 That concludes our public comments.

10:33:52 We will move to item one.

10:33:57 Which is, I'm going to read the title of the agenda item.

10:34:07 To keep myself on task here.

10:34:11 I'm going to give a brief update regarding my recent trip to

10:34:16 Cuba.

10:34:18 As I was early, in the early hours this morning writing some

10:34:25 notes for my update, which I guess it's kind of, I thought

10:34:30 it would be a debriefing for Council.

10:34:31 I realized that this Council hasn't been present during the

10:34:41 last three or four years when this City Council has many

10:34:45 times taken action passing resolutions, a lot has happened

10:34:52 by the former City Council on the issue of the economic

10:34:58 benefit that trade with Cuba will bring.

10:35:01 So, I have a lot to say, but I need to start with, before my

10:35:12 trip two weeks ago to Cuba.

10:35:14 I'm going to start with a time line.

10:35:16 And this time line, everything on this time line has to do

10:35:20 with City Council, including myself, what we have done

10:35:25 relating to this.

10:35:26 May 7th, 2009.

10:35:30 Resolution passed by City Council in support of Tampa

10:35:34 International Airport becoming an authorized port of entry

10:35:37 and exit for direct flights to Cuba.

10:35:39 The Tampa, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce led this

10:35:43 effort.

10:35:44 That was May of 2009.

10:35:46 May 29th, 2009, Tampa Bay World Affairs Council had a Cuba

10:35:51 panel discussion that was a luncheon where there were more

10:35:57 than a hundred people, business leaders, people interested

10:36:00 in doing trade with Cuba and academics and I believe our

10:36:06 port director was there, Richard Wanio, to speak on the

10:36:13 legal trade we can do now and how to expand that.

10:36:16 June 2009, I went to Cuba -- no, I went to Washington along

10:36:22 with Al Fox, the executive director of the alliance for

10:36:28 responsible Cuba policy, to meet with the Ambassador Bolanos

10:36:30 in Washington.

10:36:33 We do have an ambassador to Cuba.

10:36:37 We don't have an embassy.

10:36:38 We have a, what we call a special -- an interest section,

10:36:46 and an office in Washington, where the ambassador from Cuba

10:36:51 cannot travel more than, I believe, 60 miles from there.

10:36:55 July -- June 27th, 2009.

10:37:00 There was a seminar on U.S.-Cuba relations with national,

10:37:05 political and economic experts.

10:37:06 That was at the Italian Club.

10:37:09 And I believe there were 200 people probably.

10:37:13 Many of the people here, again, that was organized by the

10:37:16 alliance for responsible Cuba policy.

10:37:19 And the, we had phone call report from, I believe from the

10:37:27 ambassador in Washington, who couldn't travel here.

10:37:30 We also had phone conference at that seminar with Bill

10:37:37 Delahunt, congressman from Massachusetts who has been

10:37:42 pushing for normalizing relations and for Americans to be

10:37:46 able to travel to Cuba.

10:37:47 July, 2009, I can't remember the date, I traveled to Cuba

10:37:52 for the first time.

10:37:53 And at that time, I did meet with President Alarcon.

10:38:01 He not only attended a brief, a reception briefly that our

10:38:05 group hosted at the hotel, he also met with me and some

10:38:11 other business leaders for a lunch that lasted three and a

10:38:14 half hours, where we talked about trade opportunities.

10:38:18 May 27th, 2010.

10:38:22 City Council workshop to discuss opportunities for Tampa to

10:38:25 prosper economically from reestablishing a relationship with

10:38:27 Cuba.

10:38:29 June 2010.

10:38:31 Mayor Iorio wrote to President Obama, encouraging the

10:38:34 allowance of Tampa International Airport becoming an

10:38:36 authorized port of entry and exit for direct flights to

10:38:39 Cuba.

10:38:40 June 17th, 2010, letter from City Council to President Obama

10:38:44 encouraging the allowance of Tampa International Airport

10:38:48 becoming an authorized port of entry and exit for direct

10:38:51 flights to Cuba.

10:38:52 September 20th, 2010, community political leaders met on

10:38:57 strengthening ties to Cuba.

10:38:59 February 17th, 2011, letter from City Council to the

10:39:05 Congressional delegation and senators, advising of Council's

10:39:09 continued support of direct flights from Tampa International

10:39:12 Airport to Cuba.

10:39:14 March 17, 2011, resolution passed by City Council, that was

10:39:19 our Council, this Council sitting here, expressing support

10:39:22 for the state legislature's removal of restrictions placed

10:39:26 upon Florida's public state colleges and universities

10:39:30 preventing cultural and educational exchanges involving

10:39:33 travel to Cuba.

10:39:34 September 2011, I went to Cuba to meet up with that first

10:39:42 flight, which this City Council and our mayor had been

10:39:48 supporting for over two years, who had been talking to our

10:39:52 government.

10:39:52 And our government allowed that.

10:39:55 Now, I'm going to have another time line where I talk about

10:39:58 what's been happening in Washington.

10:40:01 But this is what's happened in Tampa.

10:40:03 So you know, that wasn't -- I didn't have the time to put

10:40:07 this in this perspective for this Council the first time two

10:40:12 weeks ago when I asked for a letter, a courtesy letter to

10:40:16 the people of Cuba and the president of Cuba celebrating our

10:40:21 first trip.

10:40:22 And I think this would have helped, but I didn't have the

10:40:24 time to do that.

10:40:25 Here's my report.

10:40:29 I'll pass this out to Council.

10:40:35 And there are copies available for anyone else who would

10:40:39 like one.

10:40:39 These are basic travel facts about Cuba.

10:40:49 2009, President Obama removes restrictions for

10:40:53 Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba.

10:40:55 March 2011, President Obama announces eight new airports

10:41:01 were given permission to schedule charter flights to Cuba.

10:41:04 Eight new airports, Tampa was included in that, but we were,

10:41:09 we were only one of eight airports who got permission to do

10:41:12 that.

10:41:12 Cuban-Americans can go as often as they'd like to visit

10:41:19 family and friends on the island.

10:41:21 I think I already read that.

10:41:26 That's saying that these Cuban-Americans can now travel as

10:41:33 often as they like.

10:41:34 Americans can travel under licenses.

10:41:37 I just want to point out that I cut and pasted this bullet

10:41:43 point this morning from Fox News.

10:41:45 Americans can travel on their license.

10:41:48 Certain categories of people can visit, such as government

10:41:51 officials, journalists and full time professionals attending

10:41:55 conferences or doing research.

10:41:57 Tour groups also can receive licenses for people to people

10:42:01 or purposeful travel, including religious or educational

10:42:05 trips.

10:42:05 After -- this is very important.

10:42:14 The Cuban government gave us the landing rights to allow

10:42:21 that first flight that we celebrated a couple weeks ago, and

10:42:25 the continued direct charter flights from Tampa to Havana.

10:42:30 If the Cuban government hadn't given that to us, we would

10:42:35 not be able to fly there.

10:42:36 So, every trip between the U.S. and Cuba has to be approved,

10:42:45 not only by Washington, but also by Cuba.

10:42:51 And our flights, I understand, were approved when there was

10:42:56 a visit of our airport director and prominent citizen and

10:43:08 philanthropist David Straz visited the embassy in Washington

10:43:11 and he spoke -- he's an ambassador to Liberia, Mr.~Straz,

10:43:17 David Straz, he spoke, ambassador to ambassador, asking for

10:43:22 us to be able to land in Cuba.

10:43:24 And the answer he got was yes, of course.

10:43:31 No one's ever asked that before from Tampa.

10:43:36 What happened on our trip?

10:43:41 I had a very brief trip because of our Council meeting.

10:43:44 And so I couldn't go on -- I couldn't go to the party at the

10:43:47 airport.

10:43:47 And I couldn't go on the flight, and so, when everybody else

10:43:52 landed in Cuba on that Thursday, we were still here till

10:43:57 10:00 at night.

10:43:58 [ Laughter ]

10:43:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Talking about not such exciting things.

10:44:01 We were talking about wet zonings and parking.

10:44:06 So, I left the next morning and flew and met the delegates.

10:44:17 I had to go through Miami, which we can talk about another

10:44:20 time.

10:44:20 So I had dinner that we hosted for Cuban travel officials,

10:44:25 which by the way, the president, who is invited, President

10:44:32 Alarcon wasn't able to attend because he was meeting with

10:44:38 Chinese.

10:44:39 So Tampa got bumped by China.

10:44:41 But there was discussion with his second in command, Miguel

10:44:48 Alvarez the next day.

10:44:51 But that night at the dinner, we had very important

10:44:54 discussion with Xael Charters, the company from Miami who is

10:45:01 providing the planes.

10:45:03 One of the charter companies.

10:45:04 There are two charter companies.

10:45:06 And with the Havana tours and the Cuban, I can't remember

10:45:13 the name of it, but the people in charge of tourism for

10:45:16 Cuba.

10:45:17 And these discussions were about how Tampa's new charter

10:45:23 flights could be successful.

10:45:24 While TIA and the first flights to be scheduled after U.S.

10:45:29 approval was one of the first flights -- I can't read my own

10:45:34 writing.

10:45:35 Oh, all other, we were one of the first, as I said earlier,

10:45:41 all other U.S. international airports have been given

10:45:43 permission from the U.S. government, to fly to Cuba and New

10:45:48 York.

10:45:48 So basically, if you're an international airport who has the

10:45:51 customs and immigration capacity to handle flights, you can

10:45:57 fly.

10:45:57 So, Tampa is not just competing with Miami, Orlando, the

10:46:03 other seven or eight flights that can now go to Havana.

10:46:08 We have to compete with anybody who wants to start direct

10:46:12 flights to Cuba.

10:46:13 The key for our flights to succeed is for our elected

10:46:19 officials, and business leaders to work together, to unify,

10:46:25 to work together, to make Tampa the gateway to Cuba for

10:46:28 Cuban Americans and for the international travelers who can

10:46:33 travel.

10:46:34 Cuba will allow direct flights from American city to

10:46:37 compete, but the number of travelers on Tampa's flights will

10:46:40 determine whether we can sustain regular service.

10:46:42 So basically, the Communists are going to let the free

10:46:46 market determine which airports can sustain these flights.

10:46:49 So if we want ours, our airport to be that gateway, we have

10:46:54 to work as a community.

10:46:56 All of us together, to make sure that we can get those, make

10:47:01 those flights succeed and so people aren't going to choose

10:47:04 to continue to fly through Miami or to go to Orlando, or if

10:47:08 they're coming from Europe, that they'll go to another

10:47:11 airport, they can go to New York, they can go to Washington,

10:47:14 D.C.

10:47:15 They can go to Baltimore.

10:47:16 Atlanta.

10:47:18 We want to be that hub we have to work at it.

10:47:20 As long as travel restrictions on Americans are on place,

10:47:26 there will not be enough passengers to sustain all of these

10:47:28 flights from all these airports.

10:47:30 So we will be competing for the flights.

10:47:33 For Tampa to be one of the routes to survive, we'll have to

10:47:37 attract enough Cuban-Americans and enough international

10:47:40 passengers to use Tampa as their departure airport.

10:47:43 Okay.

10:47:46 These are simple bullet points of what I feel from my trip

10:47:52 and discussions and especially from hearing from the public

10:47:55 today, who were unified, who wanted to go even further than

10:48:00 what I had asked Council to support a couple weeks ago.

10:48:03 So I think the unity we see.

10:48:05 It's there.

10:48:06 But here are some things we need to do.

10:48:10 We have to have a concerted and unified marketing effort.

10:48:13 Oh, I have to announce big news.

10:48:16 The Tampa chamber of commerce, I got a text message, just,

10:48:23 this morning voted to send their executive director to meet

10:48:27 with Cuban people, I believe he's probably -- I didn't get

10:48:32 the details.

10:48:32 He's probably going to have to, or will go to Washington

10:48:35 first, but he will be planning a trip to Cuba to represent

10:48:39 the greater Tampa chamber of commerce and our intent to take

10:48:45 advantage --

10:48:45 [ Applause ]

10:48:47 >> -- of these new opportunities.

10:48:51 My second bullet point.

10:48:53 A relationship with the Cuban aviation and tourism officials

10:48:57 who oversee Cuba's tourism and can schedule international

10:49:01 tours through Tampa is paramount.

10:49:04 As we started those discussion a couple weeks ago in Cuba,

10:49:07 we have to continue that and to talk to them, we have to

10:49:10 travel.

10:49:10 And we now have the ability to do that as elected officials,

10:49:16 as people to people.

10:49:18 There are many, many opportunities for our leaders to go to

10:49:20 Cuba and to talk to them.

10:49:22 Third bullet point -- that was it.

10:49:27 We need to travel to Cuba.

10:49:28 My fourth bullet point is that City Council should recognize

10:49:34 our historic first flight in 51 years by voting to send the

10:49:38 attached letter to Cuba.

10:49:40 I'm going to pass it out to my colleagues if I can find it.

10:49:45 It is essentially the same letter, same content as what I

10:49:53 had asked to take with me the night before I left, with just

10:49:59 the basics of saying I'm bringing this letter to just say

10:50:04 that Tampa City Council has voted to send these greetings.

10:50:10 So, I will ask you to vote on that when I'm done with my

10:50:14 report.

10:50:15 But I just want you to know that it's essentially the same

10:50:18 thing, and, except I was advised by David Straz that I

10:50:24 shouldn't say Dear President, Dear Mr. President or Dear

10:50:29 President.

10:50:29 I should say Dear Excellency.

10:50:35 So I'm taking his protocol advice here.

10:50:38 I don't think we could have a better advisor.

10:50:42 In closing, I just want to say, you do business with the

10:50:45 people you know and trust.

10:50:47 That is why I am working to build a relationship between the

10:50:53 City of Tampa, our airport, our port, our agricultural and

10:50:58 business community and the people of Cuba.

10:51:00 This is one thing that I didn't include in here, but it's

10:51:05 included in my Op-Ed piece, which I'm also going to pass out

10:51:10 from two years ago when I originally went, one of the things

10:51:13 and we heard a lot about it from the public today, is that

10:51:16 we have been able to do agricultural and other exports to

10:51:21 Cuba legally for several years.

10:51:24 Tampa's port, unfortunately, account for less than, around

10:51:33 two percent of the $360 million of revenue that the ports

10:51:42 and -- I'm sorry, that the exports from the U.S. bring in.

10:51:46 We are way behind.

10:51:47 The people that are ahead of us are New Orleans and Houston.

10:51:51 Way, way ahead of us.

10:51:53 So, we're not doing this business we can do now legally.

10:51:57 And that's another thing that I think that this, I myself

10:52:02 and this Council and the community needs to really push for.

10:52:05 So, we have got the chamber going to Cuba next, we need the

10:52:09 port to go there and work with them.

10:52:12 And the Aviation Authority.

10:52:18 And I realize now too that I left the very, very important

10:52:24 person out of this discussion about our first flight, and

10:52:28 that was a new aviation director, Joseph Lopano.

10:52:32 Someone mentioned him.

10:52:33 But he was in on the meeting too, where we got our, asked to

10:52:37 receive those landing rights.

10:52:39 In Havana.

10:52:40 He has been just an incredible, after all these years and

10:52:46 years of so many people in our community working for all of

10:52:49 this, he jumped right in, being not from Tampa, he jumped

10:52:55 right in and got, really, really helped to get us this

10:53:00 flight.

10:53:01 So I have to give him credit.

10:53:03 So, if Tampa doesn't work diligently to expand our dialogue

10:53:07 with Cuba, we are going to be left out in the cold.

10:53:11 When the cold war finally ends.

10:53:15 And that's -- this is why we need to be friends with them.

10:53:21 We need to show our friendship, because if we don't, the

10:53:26 embargo is going to end no matter what happens.

10:53:31 Everyone knows it's going to end sometime in the near

10:53:33 future.

10:53:34 If other cities, other ports, other airports, other mayors,

10:53:39 other City Councils, other chambers of commerce, economic

10:53:45 development groups, governors, have that relationship, and

10:53:50 many of them do, we are already behind.

10:53:53 And so, we need to get together now and go for this.

10:53:58 I know that the governor -- that's another airport that

10:54:02 we're way behind, could be way behind is Atlanta.

10:54:05 The governor of Georgia recently went to Cuba, and, for his

10:54:11 state increased their possibilities for exporting

10:54:16 agricultural goods to Cuba.

10:54:18 So, I would like to pass the gavel to finance chair Harry

10:54:31 Cohen, ask Council -- hopefully you've had a chance to

10:54:40 speed read the letter.

10:54:41 Ask you to sign this and I would like to recognize that my

10:54:45 wording -- I don't know if I kept a copy information myself.

10:54:47 My wording in this letter says that we -- does not say that

10:54:55 Tampa City Council is sending its greetings.

10:54:58 It says that Tampa City Council has voted to send greetings.

10:55:03 So if you support this letter, it will be by a vote of

10:55:07 Council.

10:55:09 If Councilmember Suarez does not wish to support it, it is

10:55:15 not suggested that he would.

10:55:17 His name will not be on this letterhead.

10:55:19 The letterhead will come from City Council, but not

10:55:22 including everyone's name.

10:55:26 >> Do we have a motion?

10:55:28 >>MARY MULHERN: So that is my motion.

10:55:29 I'd like to ask Council to vote to send the letter draft

10:55:34 that I just gave you to President Alarcon.

10:55:46 Because it couldn't be hand carried, it will have to go to

10:55:49 Washington and be sent in the diplomatic pouch with the

10:55:55 ambassador.

10:55:56 >> We have a motion on the floor, do we have a second?

10:55:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have a second for discussion.

10:56:01 >> We have a second.

10:56:01 We have a motion by Councilmember Mulhern, seconded by

10:56:06 Councilwoman Capin.

10:56:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilwoman Mulhern, please read the

10:56:12 letter.

10:56:12 So that everyone is aware of what we are.

10:56:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:56:17 That's a very good suggestion.

10:56:18 September 23rd, 2011, The Honorable Ricardo Alarcon,

10:56:25 president of the national assembly of Cuba, Havana, Cuba,

10:56:30 Dear Excellency.

10:56:31 The Tampa City Council has voted to send greetings to you

10:56:34 and to the people of Cuba in recognition of the historic

10:56:37 resumption of the first commercial flights between Tampa and

10:56:40 Havana in 51 years.

10:56:42 While a Tampa City Council meeting prevented me from flying

10:56:45 on the September 8th, 2011 charter flight, I traveled

10:56:49 through Miami to Tampa -- to Havana -- got to fix that --

10:56:54 the next day to join the group of local officials and

10:56:57 business people who are on that first flight.

10:57:00 As you may recall on my first trip to Cuba two years ago, we

10:57:04 discussed economic opportunities for Tampa in the area of

10:57:07 trade with and travel to Cuba.

10:57:09 Much has changed since that date.

10:57:12 With the U.S. allowance of commercial flights from ten

10:57:15 additional U.S. airports and allowance for Cuban-Americans

10:57:19 to travel to Cuba.

10:57:20 The first departure from Tampa International Airport was a

10:57:28 celebrated occasion here.

10:57:30 The history of Cuba cannot be written without the mention of

10:57:33 Tampa.

10:57:33 The history of Tampa cannot be written without many chapters

10:57:34 on Cuba and the Cuban people.

10:57:36 Our city seal, which heads this letter, depicts the mascot,

10:57:40 one of the steamships that brought so many of Tampa's first

10:57:43 Cuban immigrants and the cigar industry to Tampa and

10:57:47 literally put us on the map.

10:57:49 Tampa's official city seal was adopted in 1888, by motion of

10:57:55 our predecessor serving on Tampa City Council, the son of

10:58:01 Vincente Martinez-Ybor, founder of Tampa's most famous cigar

10:58:06 factory and namesake of our historic neighborhood Ybor City.

10:58:11 I regret that our schedules did not allow us to meet on this

10:58:17 trip, but look forward to meeting with you again in the near

10:58:20 future.

10:58:20 Respectfully yours, Mary Mulhern, Chair Pro Tem, Tampa City

10:58:25 Council.

10:58:25 >> Is there any discussion?

10:58:31 Councilman Reddick?

10:58:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:58:36 Here's my concerns.

10:58:41 First, I think official letter going to the Cuban government

10:58:49 should've come from the mayor of this city.

10:58:50 That's number one.

10:58:52 I think in that capacity, we're going to do this, should

10:59:01 come directly from the mayor's office.

10:59:03 I don't know what's the mayor's position.

10:59:05 I haven't heard him speak publicly about it.

10:59:09 And I don't see his chief of staff or nobody here to speak

10:59:13 in that respect.

10:59:14 Secondly, when I look at this letter, a portion of this

10:59:17 letter reflect not coming from City Council, it's more a

10:59:24 personal letter coming from chair pro tem.

10:59:27 And I think if some language was taken out and redefine it

10:59:34 more in a form of the Council versus, when you personalize

10:59:41 it, it more comes from the chair pro tem instead of the

10:59:44 Council.

10:59:45 And that's why I have a problem with that part of it.

10:59:48 So the third part, let me ask, I don't know if anybody can

10:59:55 answer this question.

10:59:56 I'd like to know how many municipalities or cities in this

11:00:04 country have submitted a letter to Cuban government

11:00:12 outlining their concerns about establishing a form of

11:00:18 communications with them.

11:00:22 If I can get that answer from someone, I don't know pro

11:00:30 Chairman you have it, I don't know if someone from the

11:00:33 audience can speak to that.

11:00:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I believe, if anybody knows the answer to

11:00:37 that, it would be Al Fox, who is here.

11:00:40 If he'd like to.

11:00:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: If he's here, he can speak.

11:00:45 >>MARY MULHERN: If you'd like to speak.

11:00:51 >>MARY MULHERN: You have to speak to give us an answer.

11:00:54 >> The answer is hundreds.

11:00:55 Hundreds.

11:00:56 Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Mobile, Boise, Idaho.

11:01:06 Chicago, hundreds, hundreds.

11:01:09 I mean, where you had a senator or a governor or mayor or

11:01:14 City Council group, county commissioners, Fulton County,

11:01:20 Georgia.

11:01:20 They've all communicated with the Cuban government.

11:01:25 And I understand that when you say the Cuban government, it

11:01:28 looks like the City Council is negotiating something with

11:01:30 the Cuban government.

11:01:31 That's just not the facts.

11:01:33 The facts are, the answer is literally hundreds of

11:01:35 municipalities across this country have communicated with

11:01:42 the Cuban government.

11:01:44 All the latter.

11:01:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:01:47 I have no problem supporting the intent, what we're trying

11:01:51 to do here.

11:01:52 But I think the language has to be re-done.

11:02:00 And I can accept saying on behalf of Tampa City Council, but

11:02:06 I think Tampa City Council voted to send greetings on behalf

11:02:11 of Tampa City Council, then you're doing it more in the

11:02:15 formality of a business letter from the Council, versus a

11:02:18 personal letter because, none of us -- I haven't gone to

11:02:22 Cuba.

11:02:22 I haven't met with anyone there.

11:02:27 So it seemed more personal when you talk about, you talk

11:02:32 about economics, but what I'm speaking of, we are saying on

11:02:36 behalf of this Council, we send greetings on this historic

11:02:39 occasion.

11:02:40 And I can support that.

11:02:41 And support this intent with the change of the language.

11:02:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:02:49 Councilmember Reddick.

11:02:49 I think that's a really good point.

11:02:51 That's actually the language I changed because I didn't

11:02:53 think I had unanimous support.

11:02:55 So, I think the reason I changed the language was because

11:03:03 this is now the third time we have had discussion about this

11:03:09 letter, which I had hoped would be, already be filed away in

11:03:14 the archives.

11:03:15 In Tampa and in Havana.

11:03:18 But, if this allows us to send a letter that is from the

11:03:25 Councilmembers, who support it, those who vote for it, and

11:03:30 if we say, you know, I really did this in deference to

11:03:36 Councilmember Suarez, who has made very clear that he wasn't

11:03:40 comfortable with this.

11:03:41 So, my suggestion is that we vote on it and if we get a

11:03:50 unanimous vote, we could then change the language.

11:03:55 I think we might find that out from our discussion here,

11:03:58 whether we'll have unity or not.

11:04:02 >> Councilwoman Montelione would like to speak.

11:04:06 I also can make the suggestion that we're going to be here a

11:04:09 long time today.

11:04:10 So we can always have something done with the language and

11:04:13 brought back into the meeting a little bit later on.

11:04:17 Councilwoman Montelione.

11:04:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Councilman Cohen.

11:04:22 And I too support sending correspondence to the Cuban

11:04:27 government.

11:04:28 And, but I do share Councilman's Reddick's concerns about

11:04:34 the person in which this letter is written.

11:04:38 And really, I meanwhile I've been he sitting here and

11:04:43 reading this and taking that into account, I made two

11:04:47 changes that I think, and I'll give you those changes and

11:04:52 I'll tell the public what those changes are.

11:04:53 And I think it would just transform the letter into

11:04:56 something that possibly we could all support.

11:04:58 And that is the, let's see.

11:05:05 It's the second sentence in the first paragraph.

11:05:08 And removing the portion where it says about preventing you

11:05:14 from flying on September 8th because of the Council meeting.

11:05:17 So, we would keep the first sentence, the Tampa City Council

11:05:21 has voted to send greetings to you and the people of Cuba in

11:05:24 recognition of the historic resurface of the first

11:05:26 commercial flights between Tampa and Havana in 51 years.

11:05:31 And that would be the entire first paragraph.

11:05:33 And then in the second paragraph, again, removing the first

11:05:39 sentence, which recalls your first trip.

11:05:43 So that would again take out the personal nature of the

11:05:46 letter.

11:05:47 But leaving the second sentence, much has changed recently

11:05:53 with the U.S. allowance of commercial flights.

11:05:55 So just removing the personal reference.

11:05:57 Leaving the last, the third paragraph exactly as it is.

11:06:02 I think that is a very nice sentiment to have.

11:06:08 And in that last sentence, last paragraph, again, removing

11:06:14 the personal nature of the letter.

11:06:17 It would be we look forward to expanding the number and

11:06:21 frequency of flights and the opportunity to see additional

11:06:26 opportunities, or additional trade -- opportunities for

11:06:31 additional contact or something of that nature in the last

11:06:35 paragraph.

11:06:35 But I think that just removes all the personal nature of the

11:06:38 letter.

11:06:40 >>MARY MULHERN: That's fine with me.

11:06:41 Can you repeat -- you were adding a new, a new -- what was

11:06:48 that last?

11:06:49 Didn't you just add something new?

11:06:51 That isn't in my draft?

11:06:54 I'll write it down.

11:06:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I changed, I took out much has changed --

11:07:00 >>MARY MULHERN: No, I got that.

11:07:01 The last thing.

11:07:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The closing.

11:07:05 If I were writing it, I would say we look forward to

11:07:09 expanding the number and frequency of flights.

11:07:14 And I'm, really, because I'm composing this here on the fly.

11:07:19 Somehow saying, looking forward to seeing additional

11:07:24 opportunities in the future.

11:07:25 Not defining what those opportunities would be, because.

11:07:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:07:35 That is fine with me.

11:07:37 So I think what we have so far, we'll hear from anyone else

11:07:43 that wants to speak.

11:07:45 >> Is there anyone else?

11:07:46 Councilwoman Capin?

11:07:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I also agree that if we are going to

11:07:55 send the letter, then it has to be from us.

11:07:57 And of course signed, if it is voted to go ahead and pass

11:08:03 this through.

11:08:04 I have no problem with that I want to remind Council when we

11:08:07 said this should come from the mayor, we are an independent

11:08:11 and separate part of the Tampa government.

11:08:14 So that would, we can make a resolution, but the mayor is

11:08:22 administrative, we are legislative.

11:08:24 The other thing I'd like to say is that I heard our port

11:08:30 director speak the other day, Mr. Wanio.

11:08:35 We are 380 nautical miles from the port of Havana.

11:08:41 We are the closest port in the state of Florida.

11:08:45 In nautical miles.

11:08:47 And he has, at that lunch, he has already, he has had

11:08:54 contact.

11:08:55 And he said he personally spent personal money to bring

11:09:02 university professors from Havana to Tampa at that luncheon.

11:09:06 So that is a dialogue that's already happening.

11:09:09 The other thing I want to point out that many people don't

11:09:11 know, when you talk about Houston and you talk about all

11:09:14 these other ports and all these other cities, the City of

11:09:17 Tampa, the historic Cuban club that is in Ybor City, through

11:09:22 those doors, every, since that Cuban club has been there,

11:09:26 every president of Cuba has walked through those doors,

11:09:29 including Fidel Castro.

11:09:31 That is the connection that Tampa has to Cuba.

11:09:37 That is a sign from the economic impact that this city can

11:09:47 have, that the trade with Cuba.

11:09:51 My husband is from Europe.

11:09:52 We travel many times there.

11:09:54 For years, for 40 years, I have been seeing travel posters

11:10:03 to Cuba, and they catch my attention way back.

11:10:07 People have been going to Cuba, we're the only ones.

11:10:11 The rest of the world has, is there.

11:10:14 My husband has a saying, he is from Spain.

11:10:19 And Spain has been building hotels in Cuba.

11:10:25 The golf courses that are going up will be managed by a

11:10:30 Spanish conglomerate.

11:10:32 And we smile and he looked at me and he says, Cuba's being

11:10:39 recolonized one hotel at a time.

11:10:41 [ Laughter ]

11:10:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If we do this as a "we" letter of, you know,

11:10:54 welcoming this first flight 51 years, I would very gladly

11:10:59 endorse and vote for it.

11:11:01 Thank you.

11:11:06 >> Councilman Suarez?

11:11:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm not going to have a discussion.

11:11:11 I'm just going to make a statement.

11:11:13 First of all, I want to apologize to my colleagues for

11:11:16 belaboring the point that I made twice.

11:11:18 Again, it had nothing to do with flights.

11:11:21 Had nothing to do with trade.

11:11:22 It had nothing to do with Cuba per se.

11:11:25 And I know it's hard for people to believe because I've been

11:11:28 characterized in certain areas as if I'm against trade with

11:11:31 Cuba, against the Cuban people.

11:11:34 Against anything that has to do with changing our trade

11:11:39 policy.

11:11:39 That is not the point I was making.

11:11:41 Still not the point I'm making.

11:11:43 We have a government, federal government that makes foreign

11:11:49 policy.

11:11:49 They do have in place an embargo, which has opened up quite

11:11:53 a bit over the last 25 years.

11:11:55 As I had mentioned the last time, the last meeting, last

11:11:59 week, I was on one of the first committees greater Tampa

11:12:03 chamber of commerce talking about how we could trade with

11:12:06 Cuba.

11:12:07 Whenever the federal government had changed their policy.

11:12:10 It's changed significantly since 1990, when I was first on

11:12:14 that board.

11:12:14 And again, my point is only about government to government

11:12:18 communication.

11:12:21 Councilwoman Capin made a comment right now about we are an

11:12:24 independent body.

11:12:25 And we do, we can send these letters to anyone.

11:12:28 The charter does say that the mayor does speak for the city.

11:12:31 He's our spokesman according to the charter.

11:12:41 I don't believe that we should make government to government

11:12:44 communications from this Council, to governments that do not

11:12:48 have normalized relations with the U.S. government.

11:12:51 That's all I'm saying.

11:12:52 And again, it can mean any government.

11:12:54 Whether it's the Palestinian authority, Syrian government,

11:12:58 whatever it is.

11:12:59 I think that our jobs concern more about what we are going

11:13:03 to deliver services and less about this particular issue.

11:13:07 And again, I applaud everyone that wants to open up trade

11:13:11 with Cuba and open up communication with Cuba.

11:13:15 I think we should talk to our state and federal government,

11:13:17 if we believe that.

11:13:18 I really believe that.

11:13:19 And I think that the time line that Councilwoman Mulhern

11:13:24 brought out, I'm not sure, and I may be wrong about this,

11:13:27 but I thought that we had never sent a letter to the

11:13:30 government of Cuba during all that time.

11:13:32 I think we're these were all communications to our own

11:13:37 government or to the state government.

11:13:39 Again, that's the only point I was trying to make.

11:13:42 I still make that point.

11:13:43 And I think we should go on.

11:13:44 We have a lot of stuff on our agenda.

11:13:46 Thank you.

11:13:52 >> First of all, I agree with Councilman Reddick's comments.

11:13:57 I think that with the changes that he suggested and

11:14:01 Councilwoman Montelione suggested, that I could be in

11:14:05 support of the letter.

11:14:07 I think it's clear that reasonable people can disagree on

11:14:13 the meaning of these types of correspondence.

11:14:17 In my own case, I sat aside myself that I thinks it's

11:14:20 appropriate for us to send it.

11:14:22 And I, if we can get a copy of it, we can go ahead and move

11:14:27 the item.

11:14:28 What is the pleasure of the maker of the motion?

11:14:32 Do we need to get it typed up and brought back to us, or can

11:14:36 we do it the way it is?

11:14:39 >>MARY MULHERN: The one thing we have to, the one question

11:14:43 is just the first sentence.

11:14:45 If you want the letter to say on behalf of Tampa City

11:14:50 Council, or if you want the letter to say as I had written

11:14:54 it, the Tampa City Council has voted.

11:14:56 So that's up to Council.

11:14:59 >> I think since words matter here, it might be good to get

11:15:03 a clean draft to vote on just so everyone can look at it.

11:15:07 >> I think in answer to the, to Councilwoman Mulhern's

11:15:14 question, is that it would be, I would say it would be we

11:15:18 voted.

11:15:18 Because we are going to take a vote to send the letter.

11:15:23 And whether it passes by unanimously or by a majority of

11:15:27 Council, it says that we voted to send the greetings.

11:15:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Here is what I would like to do as maker of

11:15:38 the motion.

11:15:38 I accept the changes recommended, I'll read the letter

11:15:44 again, very quickly.

11:15:45 And I'd like to vote on it.

11:15:46 And then anything that needs to be, you know, if there's

11:15:52 something we missed, it will be fixed.

11:15:54 Normally when we send these letters, we make the intent --

11:16:03 >> Well, you'll read it.

11:16:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll read it.

11:16:05 So I'd like to vote now.

11:16:07 >> So go ahead and read it.

11:16:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Dear Excellency, the Tampa City Council has

11:16:11 voted to send greetings to you and to the people of Cuba in

11:16:14 recognition of the historic resumption of the first

11:16:16 commercial flights between Tampa and Havana in 51 years.

11:16:20 Much has changed recently.

11:16:24 With the U.S. allowance of commercial flights from ten

11:16:26 additional U.S. airports and allowance of Cuban-Americans to

11:16:29 travel to Cuba, the first departure from Tampa International

11:16:33 Airport was a celebrated occasion here.

11:16:36 The history of Cuba cannot be written without the mention of

11:16:39 Tampa.

11:16:39 The history of Tampa cannot be written without many chapters

11:16:42 on Cuba and the Cuban people.

11:16:44 Our city seal, which heads this letter, depicts the mascot,

11:16:46 one of the steamships that brought so many of Tampa's first

11:16:49 Cuban immigrants in the cigar industry to Tampa and

11:16:51 literally put us on the map.

11:16:53 Tampa's official city seal was adopted in 1888 by motion of

11:16:57 a predecessor serving on Tampa City Council, the son of

11:17:00 Vincente Martinez Ybor, founder of Tampa's most famous cigar

11:17:06 factory and namesake of our historic neighborhood Ybor City.

11:17:08 Now I can't read Lisa Montelione's.

11:17:13 I see.

11:17:14 We look forward to expanding the number and frequency of

11:17:20 flights and the opportunity -- and the additional

11:17:28 opportunities for travel between Tampa and Havana?

11:17:36 >> For cooperation between our communities.

11:17:40 >> I'm sorry.

11:17:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Let's write it right now.

11:17:44 The opportunity --

11:17:47 >> Additional opportunities that will present themselves

11:17:56 when the time is right?

11:17:58 >> Future opportunities.

11:18:02 >> There we go.

11:18:02 Well done, ladies.

11:18:04 Mull respectfully yours, Mary Mulhern, chair pro tem, Tampa

11:18:13 City Council.

11:18:14 >> Okay.

11:18:15 We have a motion on the floor.

11:18:18 It's already been seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

11:18:20 All in favor?

11:18:21 Aye.

11:18:22 Opposed?

11:18:24 No.

11:18:25 >> Motion carried with Suarez voting no.

11:18:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say one more thing.

11:18:31 Thank you, Council, so much for coming together on this.

11:18:35 And I will be writing my own letter.

11:18:39 [ Laughter ]

11:18:41 >>MARY MULHERN: But I didn't even have time to write before

11:18:43 I went.

11:18:43 So I'll be writing my own letter and thank you for your

11:18:47 support.

11:18:50 This is the best Cuba discussion we have had at Council.

11:19:01 [ Applause ]

11:19:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: All of this discussion just brought to light

11:19:21 a cultural asset that we have in Tampa.

11:19:24 And that is that heritage, that historic heritage.

11:19:28 So thank you, Council, for that.

11:19:32 >>MARY MULHERN: And now, is Alan Snell here to give us his

11:19:37 presentation?

11:19:59 >> Good morning, folks.

11:20:00 I want to thank Councilwoman Capin for putting this item on

11:20:04 the agenda.

11:20:05 I am here representing SWFBUD, Southwest Florida Bicycle

11:20:11 United Dealers.

11:20:12 And I am here to give you a ten minute presentation about

11:20:15 the BAM network project that we have working with the MPO on

11:20:22 and hopefully the city and Hillsborough County as well.

11:20:26 >> BAM, is that action?

11:20:28 Is the A for action?

11:20:29 Because you changed your name.

11:20:30 >> BAM is simply the name of this trail project.

11:20:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Is it an acronym?

11:20:39 >> BAM is bicycle area mobility network.

11:20:43 >> Okay, thank you.

11:20:43 >> Bicycling has come a far way in the last few years.

11:20:46 I remember standing there on those lines three and four

11:20:52 years ago getting a chance to adjust the City Council about

11:20:55 bicycling in the City of Tampa.

11:20:56 And now things have come far away, we have a city

11:21:01 transportation director that is aware of the bicycle need.

11:21:05 And I'm happy to say that by attending many of the political

11:21:10 campaigns that led up to the City Council elections, that

11:21:13 the City Council members have identified bicycling as a key

11:21:17 public policy issue.

11:21:18 SWFBUD is working with the MPO and we have proposed a

11:21:28 regional trail system that consists of three regional

11:21:33 trails.

11:21:33 And we have nicknamed it the BAM.

11:21:36 The bicycle area mobility network.

11:21:38 The BAM very simply is a combination of the Tampa, the Tampa

11:21:47 canal, the Tampa canal trail that leads from New Tampa, down

11:21:53 along the bypass canal trail down to state road 60.

11:21:56 You folks should have maps about this.

11:21:58 And also this was really described in a really well-done

11:22:04 story by Mitch Perry in Creative Loafing just two weeks ago.

11:22:08 So we have the Tampa bypass canal trail.

11:22:11 Coming from New Tampa, down along the bypass canal trail to

11:22:15 state road 60.

11:22:16 We also have the south coast green way coming up from just

11:22:20 south of Ruskin, leading north to state road 60.

11:22:23 And both trails would be feeding into the Selmon expressway

11:22:28 green way.

11:22:29 Which actually has been discussed at the MPO level in the

11:22:33 last year, so, in fact, the MPO hired a company to have an

11:22:38 open house about the Selmon green way about a year or two

11:22:43 ago.

11:22:43 So these are three regional trails that SWFBUD is simply

11:22:47 asking that the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County

11:22:52 partner to create a super highway system for bicycles and

11:22:55 other users.

11:22:57 Where now they could come from New Tampa or Ruskin into the

11:23:00 City of Tampa.

11:23:01 When I attended an MPO hearing about a month ago, concerning

11:23:07 transportation enhancements and TIF issues.

11:23:10 What was fascinating was that there were people coming to

11:23:13 support the Selmon Expressway greenway who I was not even

11:23:17 aware of.

11:23:18 So, this issue has traction.

11:23:23 I really want to emphasize that the, it's become a popular

11:23:28 issue.

11:23:29 Creative Loafing, like I mentioned, did a front page cover

11:23:33 story about this issue.

11:23:35 And that story is in your packet.

11:23:37 So I won't summarize that.

11:23:39 I do want to say that this issue will be getting more

11:23:46 traction at the bicycle bash festival on November 6th.

11:23:51 And I do want to invite all of you folks to be there.

11:23:55 SWFBUD is giving a SWFBUDDY award to Councilwoman Capin for

11:24:01 her support of bicycling.

11:24:04 Councilwoman Mulhern was lucky enough to win a SWFBUDDY last

11:24:07 year, it's quite a coveted award.

11:24:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe I can get one next year.

11:24:16 >>MARY MULHERN: She'll have a SWFBUDDY and the other

11:24:18 Councilmembers got Loafies.

11:24:23 >> I'm sure those will be going on your political resumes.

11:24:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You are absolutely correct.

11:24:27 That's going to be the first item.

11:24:29 >> I did submit a quick PowerPoint that I was wondering, if

11:24:32 it's available to show you, just a couple minutes, just some

11:24:35 of the scenes along the Tampa bypass canal trail.

11:24:39 I guess it's up there right now.

11:24:41 Is there a pointer?

11:24:50 >>MARY MULHERN: You need help?

11:24:50 TV people.

11:24:57 >> What you're looking at is the, the Tampa bypass canal

11:25:02 trail section of the BAM network, which leads from New Tampa

11:25:05 and what's great about the bypass canal trail is that it

11:25:09 links other facilities along the way.

11:25:13 And it intersects -- thank you.

11:25:15 It intersects with roads that have bike lanes.

11:25:21 So, SWFBUD supports the entire inventory of bicycle

11:25:25 infrastructure.

11:25:26 We're not saying it's trails over roads or bike lanes over

11:25:29 trails.

11:25:30 It's simply, this is a major tool in your toolbox to get

11:25:34 bicyclists around in a safe manner.

11:25:36 We met SWFWMD, the water district, late last year.

11:25:52 And that's Colleen Kruk along with a Hillsborough County

11:25:57 staffer, and they're on board.

11:26:01 And this is the bypass canal trail that you can take right

11:26:05 now.

11:26:05 But as you can see, you need a mountain bike.

11:26:07 You have wonderful access there.

11:26:10 We're asking that simply a pavement be placed down so that

11:26:18 bike commuters can use it.

11:26:21 Right now, you do need what we call an offroad bicycle to

11:26:25 accommodate it.

11:26:28 We also, there's 0 openings that can get through.

11:26:32 That's a good opening.

11:26:34 And there's other problems where we need better access on

11:26:37 what is a current public access trail right now.

11:26:40 There are bridges.

11:26:43 And I'm happy to say that the MPO board has approved a study

11:26:49 looking at the crossings.

11:26:51 So the MPO board is in the pipeline on this and moving this

11:26:55 project along.

11:26:56 And in many towns, bike trails go underneath bridge also.

11:27:01 Again -- bridges.

11:27:05 Again, it's wonderful, not only practical, it's

11:27:10 aesthetically pleasing.

11:27:12 A great bicycle experience, again, going under the bridges

11:27:17 and getting around the fences.

11:27:20 And like I said, this particular section is 17 miles from

11:27:24 New Tampa.

11:27:25 Which is City of Tampa, down along the bypass canal trail.

11:27:30 It's a great aesthetic experience.

11:27:34 The nice thing is that you actually have a prototype of what

11:27:37 we're looking for.

11:27:38 And two bicyclists who went with me on a field trip few

11:27:43 months ago, we visited the bypass canal trail south of I-4.

11:27:48 And there's a small segment that's actually paved.

11:27:51 So this is the difference.

11:27:53 But then you go back to the grass.

11:27:57 It's a lot more, it's a lot more difficult to negotiate.

11:28:01 The grass is high and it's not really practical for bike

11:28:06 commuting.

11:28:07 And access again is an issue.

11:28:08 But, you have the patriot type.

11:28:11 There's about a half mile of pavement.

11:28:13 And again, you have to go underneath bridges and plow

11:28:16 through the grass along the bypass canal trail.

11:28:19 But again, it's, in some cases, you have barb wire actually

11:28:24 going across an opening, which is not too good.

11:28:27 He here we are coming to the end.

11:28:29 And it leads actually right to state road 60.

11:28:33 Bicycling has come of age.

11:28:35 We have seen a lot of improvements.

11:28:36 There are 12 stores in SWFBUD.

11:28:38 And bicycling is business.

11:28:44 I know you folks ran on campaigns of trying to get more

11:28:47 businesses and small businesses to come to Tampa and another

11:28:50 jobs.

11:28:50 Another bicycle store opened in Seminole Heights and they

11:28:53 join SWFBUD.

11:28:54 I know the bicycle store opened just outside of the city

11:28:58 borders in the Citrus Park area.

11:29:00 So, people are putting their money and their wallets behind

11:29:07 bicycling.

11:29:07 And that to me trumps politics and everything.

11:29:11 People are willing to economically commit themselves to

11:29:16 improving bicycling in the Tampa Bay area.

11:29:19 Again, I want to invite all you folks to the bicycle bash

11:29:23 festival.

11:29:24 For the folks who are a little unclear about bicycling, and

11:29:28 I want you, not asking you to necessarily just believe in

11:29:32 bicycling and get behind it right now.

11:29:34 What I am asking you is to just put a moratorium on your

11:29:38 thoughts about bicycling and come to the bicycle bash

11:29:41 festival.

11:29:42 And talk to the people there because what you'll see is that

11:29:45 these are folks who are not even the super roadies.

11:29:50 And they're not necessarily even the guys on bicycles who

11:29:53 Jim shirk talked about in terms of being educated.

11:29:56 They're really every day people who want to ride a bike.

11:29:59 Like I said, people are putting their dollars and cents

11:30:03 behind this area.

11:30:04 It's just good public policy.

11:30:06 Again, I want to thank the Council and Councilwoman Capin

11:30:10 for this opportunity very much.

11:30:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen had a question.

11:30:18 >> Just a comment.

11:30:19 You asked us to suspend our feelings about bicycling.

11:30:22 And.

11:30:22 [ Laughter ]

11:30:25 >>HARRY COHEN: You know, in all honesty, I'd a love to ride

11:30:29 a bike.

11:30:30 The reason I don't is because I'm afraid to.

11:30:33 I represent South Tampa.

11:30:34 We know what the statistics are about people being killed

11:30:41 when they're out riding a bike.

11:30:43 And for someone like me, I would ride a bike if I could

11:30:50 motivate myself a little more.

11:30:52 But also, if I felt there was some place safe I could go,

11:30:55 just like the trail that you showed us today.

11:30:59 So, you know, we all voted for this in the MPO.

11:31:03 And I know I'm thoroughly in support of it.

11:31:06 And the whole concept.

11:31:08 I think it would be wonderful for our community to make it

11:31:10 safer for a bicyclists.

11:31:13 >> Well, the wonderful thing about this is that it links the

11:31:16 entire county and city together.

11:31:17 So you have people in Ruskin who have a vested interest in

11:31:20 seeing the Selmon expressway green way bill, because

11:31:25 eventually they can get to downtown.

11:31:27 It makes everyone in the county invested in more than just

11:31:30 their immediate neighborhood.

11:31:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

11:31:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It is an excellent, excellent program that

11:31:38 you all have put together.

11:31:39 And I want to share that I rode my bicycle to school for

11:31:47 seven years.

11:31:48 First grade through seventh grade.

11:31:50 I visited, when I last visited Key West, we got around on

11:31:56 bicycles.

11:31:57 We did not have a car.

11:31:59 We rode our bicycles.

11:32:01 So, it is second nature to me to get on a bicycle, since I

11:32:08 did that.

11:32:08 I also want to point out, this is, besides what you're

11:32:12 presenting here, it came to my attention, I saw this on the

11:32:16 news, that bike share or bike rental is coming to New York

11:32:21 City, as early as spring of 2012.

11:32:26 And Chicago is implementing a huge, I think two or three

11:32:32 thousand bike rentals in their downtown.

11:32:34 So, it is all coming to fruition and thank you for leading

11:32:41 the way.

11:32:42 >> Thank you, the bike sharing programs are sweeping the

11:32:44 country.

11:32:45 You'll probably be seeing it coming to Tampa Bay as well.

11:32:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilmember Suarez?

11:32:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Alan, thanks nor coming.

11:32:54 I think we talked privately and you know, you've seen us at

11:32:57 the MPO.

11:32:58 We're various much in agreement and trying to make

11:33:00 transportation intermodal and not just about automobiles or

11:33:05 even buses or streetcars.

11:33:08 But I am going to make a promise.

11:33:09 I'm going to go out and ride my bike more often.

11:33:12 The second promise, and I hope Mr. Cohen will be in

11:33:15 agreement.

11:33:16 I'm never going to wear bicycle pants.

11:33:18 [ Laughter ]

11:33:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: But I will try and get out there more often.

11:33:23 You've been forewarned.

11:33:25 >> We appreciate that, Mike.

11:33:27 One of the things, the things about bicycle garb is that the

11:33:31 majority of people actually don't wear Lycra.

11:33:34 That's a beautiful thing when you come to the bicycle bash.

11:33:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We appreciate the fact you took pictures of

11:33:40 Jason Wilson.

11:33:42 He was not wearing Lycra.

11:33:43 Secondly, I don't know how Ms. Capin can get a low fee and a

11:33:48 SWFBUD, I'm not sure how that works.

11:33:50 You know, you've confused many people with the SWFBUD versus

11:33:56 SWFWMD.

11:33:58 People are saying what are they doing with the water

11:34:00 management district?

11:34:01 No, it's a different organization.

11:34:02 >> The funny think about the bypass canal, that is the water

11:34:06 district land and they have right-of-way.

11:34:08 What is great about this particular project, Portland,

11:34:11 Oregon, which is considered the preeminent leader in bicycle

11:34:14 infrastructure, they have built 300 miles of trails and bike

11:34:18 lanes for the cost of one highway mile.

11:34:21 This is a good investment and it's a good bang for your

11:34:27 buck.

11:34:28 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's why we think it is a good investment.

11:34:30 We appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

11:34:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

11:34:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You can tell how the high value that the

11:34:38 SWFBUD award has.

11:34:39 When my fellow Councilmembers have done nothing but lobby

11:34:43 for --

11:34:47 [ Laughter ]

11:34:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That competition is going to be fierce, I

11:34:51 can tell you.

11:34:52 Thank you very much.

11:34:52 >> For Councilwoman Mulhern, we are happy to extend the BAM

11:34:56 to Cuba as well, if that will help with funding.

11:34:58 [ Laughter ]

11:35:01 >>MARY MULHERN: One thing I didn't see was a lot of bikes in

11:35:04 Havana.

11:35:05 But there probably are.

11:35:07 Just didn't notice them.

11:35:08 Councilwoman Montelione?

11:35:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Alan, you've been working so hard at this

11:35:13 for so many years.

11:35:14 Thanks for what you're doing.

11:35:16 And I know that you have come to livable roadways committee

11:35:20 before.

11:35:20 And I encourage you to keep coming to livable roadways,

11:35:24 because as we move through some of the infrastructure

11:35:27 projects that maybe will get funded in the near future, at

11:35:31 the MPO, we can make those suggestions due to livable

11:35:38 roadways committee to the greater MPO board.

11:35:41 So that we encourage the bicycle sharrows or paths, or you

11:35:48 know, whatever we can do to make sure that bicyclists are

11:35:51 recognized with our transportation projects.

11:35:55 >> I thank the Council's support.

11:35:57 This an existing time.

11:36:00 Very compelling time for this issue.

11:36:02 Thanks for your support.

11:36:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Alan, for your one-man bicycle

11:36:08 advocacy that is has spread to, you now have all of us

11:36:12 wanting your little SWFBUDDY.

11:36:14 Can I ask, was I the inaugural one?

11:36:18 Who were the other people who got years before?

11:36:21 >> Well, I can tell you that Commissioner Mark Sharp

11:36:24 received one two years ago.

11:36:26 And city of St. Pete Mayor Rick Baker also received one two

11:36:33 years ago.

11:36:33 This year, we have some really terrific people.

11:36:36 St. Pete Councilwoman Lesley Curran will get one because she

11:36:41 actually had a very serious bike accident.

11:36:44 And we admire the fact she got back on her bike and was

11:36:48 continuing biking.

11:36:49 She was in ICU and had a very serious injury.

11:36:53 We are giving a buddy to a biker that started a wellness

11:36:59 program.

11:36:59 And Rays' manager Joe Maddon, who is a very big bicyclist.

11:37:04 We give these to folks who are outside the bicycle industry

11:37:07 who stand up and do good things to make our Tampa Bay

11:37:10 community more bicycle friendly.

11:37:13 >>MARY MULHERN: It's great.

11:37:14 Thank you for everything you do.

11:37:16 I have to say both Councilman Cohen and Capin's comments, my

11:37:24 son, my husband is trying to Mike my son ride his bicycle to

11:37:29 school and I won't let him do that.

11:37:31 And our, our bad record of safety for bicycles in this city

11:37:40 is such a huge problem.

11:37:43 And I think it's the number one priority, obviously, for

11:37:46 everyone on Council and for the former Council and MPO

11:37:50 members who worked really hard on it.

11:37:52 I just want to say that, you know, I worked with Mark Sharp

11:37:56 on this years, couple years ago when I was on the livable

11:38:02 roadways committee, Linda Saul-Sena has been promoting it

11:38:06 for a really long time.

11:38:08 But we do have cooperation across municipal governments to

11:38:10 work on it.

11:38:11 And the Planning Commission with our comprehensive plan that

11:38:15 we adopted last year, also we adopted not only multimodal

11:38:21 transportation and bicycle safety, but safety.

11:38:26 And I pushed to make safety the tag that we're using,

11:38:31 because it is important for all the other great reasons, but

11:38:35 for us as a community, there couldn't be anything more

11:38:39 compelling.

11:38:40 >> We have seen our community come together, which has been

11:38:42 really redeeming for me.

11:38:46 Police are on board.

11:38:47 You have seen their share the road three on their decals, on

11:38:51 their cruisers.

11:38:52 So Tampa police have bought into it.

11:38:54 Like you mentioned, we have a Tampa director here, Jean

11:39:00 Dorzback.

11:39:00 Has to be interdisciplinary.

11:39:02 So it's good to see.

11:39:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:39:06 Are there any requests from the public for reconsideration

11:39:13 of legislative matters?

11:39:14 I just want to bring up to Council that we have 20 minutes.

11:39:25 And I think today, we're going to follow our usual rules and

11:39:30 break for lunch at noon.

11:39:33 See I think we will probably get through our consent agenda

11:39:38 and not much more.

11:39:39 So if you're here, might as well -- cool your heels for 20

11:39:44 minutes, but we're probably going to get to the things

11:39:47 you're here for after lunch.

11:39:49 >> Madam Chair, will we resume at 1:30?

11:39:53 >> Yes.

11:39:53 The.

11:39:54 >> I think there are some people here that was for 9:30

11:39:56 public hearing.

11:39:58 >>MARY MULHERN: We have to get to those?

11:40:01 Okay.

11:40:01 Item 3, ordinances being presented for first reading

11:40:07 consideration Councilman Suarez, could you read that?

11:40:14 >> I move an ordinance for first reading, an ordinance of

11:40:16 the City of Tampa, Florida amending Tampa code sections

11:40:20 3-40, 3-41, and 16-46, to provide for a specified civil

11:40:25 infraction penalty in lieu of the general penalty provision

11:40:29 of Tampa code section 1-6, for certain offenses relating to

11:40:32 possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public

11:40:37 property, amending Tampa code section 23.5-5, to include

11:40:42 code sections 3-40, 3-41, and 1-46, among the existing code

11:40:48 sections the violation of which shall be a class one civil

11:40:53 infraction, authorizing community service hours as an

11:40:56 alternative penalty for a class I civil infraction and

11:41:01 providing an effective date.

11:41:01 >> So moved.

11:41:02 >> Motion made by Councilman Suarez, seconded by Council

11:41:07 Reddick.

11:41:08 All in favor?

11:41:10 Anyone opposed is had.

11:41:12 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:41:14 Second reading will be held October 6 at 9:30 a.m.

11:41:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 4, Councilmember Capin, could

11:41:20 you read that?

11:41:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, Chairwoman.

11:41:23 Chair Mulhern.

11:41:24 I'm sorry.

11:41:25 Ordinance being presented for first reading and adoption, an

11:41:29 ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida making revisions to

11:41:31 the City of Tampa code of ordinances chapter 22, streets and

11:41:35 sidewalks, amending section 22-235, installation and

11:41:40 dimension requirements; repealing all ordinances or parts of

11:41:42 ordinances in conflict therewith, providing for

11:41:45 severability, providing an effective date.

11:41:49 >> Second.

11:41:51 >> Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded by Councilman

11:41:55 Cohen.

11:41:55 All in favor?

11:41:56 Aye.

11:41:56 Anyone opposed?

11:41:59 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:42:01 Second reading of the ordinance will be held October the

11:42:04 6th at 9:30 a.m.

11:42:07 >> Item number 5 I believe we, do we need to continue that?

11:42:12 We did that.

11:42:15 Okay.

11:42:16 We'll move on to our committee reports.

11:42:18 Public safety committee, Councilman Reddick.

11:42:23 >> Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:42:24 Move items 6 through 17.

11:42:28 >> Second.

11:42:29 >> Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilman

11:42:33 Cohen.

11:42:33 All in favor?

11:42:34 Aye.

11:42:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Parks and recreation, vice chair, Lisa

11:42:41 Montelione.

11:42:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move items 18 through 25.

11:42:46 >> Second.

11:42:47 >> All in favor -- motion made by Montelione, seconded by

11:42:51 Councilwoman Capin.

11:42:52 All in favor, aye.

11:42:53 Anyone opposed?

11:42:57 Public works committee.

11:42:59 Councilman Suarez?

11:43:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move items 26 through 33, and items 35

11:43:06 through 44.

11:43:08 >> Second.

11:43:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Suarez, seconded

11:43:13 by Councilman Cohen.

11:43:15 All in favor?

11:43:16 Aye.

11:43:17 Finance committee, Councilman Cohen.

11:43:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:43:21 I move items had 45 through 52.

11:43:25 >> 51.

11:43:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I believe I had asked to pull 52 for staff

11:43:29 reports.

11:43:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Excuse me, with the exception of number 52.

11:43:32 >> Second.

11:43:33 >> Motion made by Councilman Cohen irks seconded by

11:43:35 Councilwoman Capin.

11:43:36 All in favor?

11:43:37 Anyone opposed?

11:43:39 Buildings, zoning and preservation committee, Councilwoman

11:43:44 Montelione.

11:43:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:43:46 Before I move these items, I want to bring to everyone's

11:43:49 attention, many of these items fall under the CDBG community

11:43:53 block grant program when we talk about taking care of those

11:43:56 less fortunate, when we talk about how we are appropriating

11:44:00 funds in order to serve those who are in need, these are

11:44:04 many of the items being moved here right now that further

11:44:09 that.

11:44:11 There is everything from social services provided for

11:44:13 HIV/AIDS for rehabbing houses, for disadvantaged, computer

11:44:18 education, so it runs the gamut.

11:44:21 Drug abuse.

11:44:21 All kinds of things here.

11:44:23 So with that, with the exception of item 61, which has been

11:44:27 continued, I move items 53 through 102.

11:44:32 >> Second.

11:44:33 >> Motion made by Councilman Montelione.

11:44:36 Seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

11:44:38 All in favor?

11:44:41 Aye.

11:44:41 Anyone opposed?

11:44:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman moan, which one was continued?

11:44:50 >> 61.

11:44:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:44:53 That was through?

11:45:08 >> 102.

11:45:09 >>MARY MULHERN: 102.

11:45:10 All right.

11:45:10 We're moving right along.

11:45:12 Transportation committee, Councilwoman Capin.

11:45:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:45:21 I move items 103 through 105.

11:45:26 >> Second.

11:45:27 >> Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, second by Councilman

11:45:31 Cohen.

11:45:31 All in favor?

11:45:32 Aye.

11:45:32 Anyone opposed?

11:45:34 Okay, we'll move to our 9:30 public hearings.

11:45:39 I want to see which of these is that we have -- Councilman

11:45:52 Reddick, you mentioned the public was here.

11:45:54 Which item was it?

11:45:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: 111.

11:46:00 Mull we have 15 minutes.

11:46:08 So we can either -- Council can either, if you want to start

11:46:11 with that one, I don't know if that's going to be enough

11:46:14 time to even get to that one.

11:46:16 What's Council's pleasure?

11:46:19 If you think that we can finish.

11:46:21 [inaudible]

11:46:31 >> Council, may I make a recommendation?

11:46:32 With 15 minutes, or 14 minutes remaining, and Council

11:46:36 agreeing to break at noon, perhaps you can go through each

11:46:41 one and just see how many people wish to speak on each

11:46:43 particular one, if there's one that doesn't require many

11:46:46 speakers, you could probably accomplish several of those

11:46:49 before a break.

11:46:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:46:51 Tem number 106?

11:46:55 Is there anyone here to speak on item 106?

11:47:00 >> You need to open public hearings.

11:47:02 >> Move to open the public hearings.

11:47:03 >> Second.

11:47:04 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor.

11:47:05 Aye.

11:47:05 Anyone opposed?

11:47:06 , yes, Mr. Shelby.

11:47:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communication which

11:47:10 has been available for public inspection in City Council's

11:47:13 offers be severed and filed prior to taking any action by

11:47:16 motion, please.

11:47:17 >> So moved.

11:47:18 >> Second.

11:47:20 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor.

11:47:20 Aye.

11:47:21 >> Secondly, a reminder, Council, if you've had any ex parte

11:47:26 communications with anybody related to any hearings this

11:47:28 afternoon, please before taking action, disclose with whom

11:47:31 that communication occurred and when that occurred and

11:47:35 substance of that communication.

11:47:36 Finally, there's a sign-up sheet outside if you are going to

11:47:39 be speaking, please make sure your name is on the sign-in

11:47:43 sheet.

11:47:43 Again this is quasi-judicial.

11:47:45 I ask the witnesses be sworn.

11:47:47 >> Anyone who wishes to speak on any of these public

11:47:49 hearings today, please rise and be sworn in.

11:47:53 [Oath administered by Clerk]

11:48:07 >>MARY MULHERN: 106, anyone wish to speak on 106?

11:48:15 >> Move to close public hearing.

11:48:17 >> Second.

11:48:17 >> All in favor?

11:48:18 Aye.

11:48:19 Councilman Reddick, could you read that?

11:48:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ordinance being presented for second

11:48:26 reading, ordinance by City of Tampa renaming and designated

11:48:32 several private streets within the City of Tampa within the

11:48:34 University of Tampa campus, lying north of West Kennedy

11:48:36 Boulevard, east of North Boulevard, west of Hillsborough

11:48:40 river and south of West Cass Street in the City of Tampa,

11:48:43 Florida, herein further mentioned and described.

11:48:47 Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflicts,

11:48:48 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

11:48:51 >> Second.

11:48:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded

11:48:57 in a close caller by Councilman Suarez.

11:48:59 Can we vote and record?

11:49:04 Vote and record please.

11:49:14 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:49:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 107.

11:49:22 >> Good morning, Council, an yea Feeley, Land Development

11:49:24 Coordination, items 107, 109, 110, 111 and 112 all required

11:49:30 certified site plans, both have been certified and provided

11:49:33 to the clerk.

11:49:34 I do have copies if you wanted to see those.

11:49:36 Thank you.

11:49:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:49:37 Item 107.

11:49:39 >> Anyone from the public who wishes to speak?

11:49:41 We have a motion to close?

11:49:44 >> Move to close.

11:49:45 >> Second.

11:49:47 >> All in favor?

11:49:47 Aye.

11:49:48 Councilman Cohen, could you read 107124.

11:49:51 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

11:49:53 second reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

11:49:56 in the general vicinity of 212 south Armenia avenue, in the

11:50:00 City of Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in

11:50:02 section 1, from zoning district classification, RM-24,

11:50:07 residential multifamily to PD planned development, catering

11:50:11 shop, retail business professional offers, cigar shop,

11:50:15 providing an effective date.

11:50:15 >> Second.

11:50:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen, seconded by

11:50:21 Councilman Suarez.

11:50:22 Please vote and record.

11:50:25 >> Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:50:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Item 108.

11:50:39 Is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak on item

11:50:43 108?

11:50:44 Seeing no one.

11:50:47 >> Motion to close.

11:50:47 >> Second.

11:50:48 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:50:49 Aye.

11:50:49 Councilman Montelione, could you read 108 please.

11:50:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I present an ordinance being presented

11:50:57 for second reading and adoption, an ordinance vacating,

11:51:00 closing, discontinuing and abandoning certain rights-of-way

11:51:03 portions of Gilchrist Avenue, Newport Avenue, Edison Avenue

11:51:07 and alleyway located north of West Kennedy Boulevard, west

11:51:11 of North Boulevard, south of vacated North B Street and east

11:51:14 of the CSX railroad right-of-way in Collins addition to West

11:51:17 Tampa Subdivision, a subdivision in the City of Tampa,

11:51:20 Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being more fully

11:51:24 described in Section 2 hereof, subject to certain easements,

11:51:24 covenants, conditions and restrictions as more particularly

11:51:26 described herein, providing an effective date.

11:51:28 >> Second.

11:51:30 >> Motion made by Councilwoman Montelione, seconded by

11:51:33 Councilman Suarez.

11:51:35 Please vote and record.

11:51:42 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:51:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 110.

11:51:50 >> 109.

11:51:51 >>MARY MULHERN: 109.

11:51:52 Is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak on item

11:51:56 number 109?

11:51:57 Seeing no one.

11:51:59 >> Move to close.

11:52:01 >> Second.

11:52:03 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:52:04 Aye.

11:52:04 Councilman Suarez, could you read 109 please?

11:52:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move an ordinance for second reading and

11:52:13 adoption, ordinance rezoning property in the general

11:52:15 vicinity of 401 West Kennedy Boulevard in the City of Tampa,

11:52:18 Florida, and more particularly described in section 1, from

11:52:21 zoning district classification PD-A, planned development

11:52:25 alternative, CG, commercial general, CI, commercial

11:52:30 intensive and RM-24 residential multifamily to PD-A, planned

11:52:36 development alternative college university private,

11:52:38 providing an effective date.

11:52:39 >> Second.

11:52:40 >> Motion made by Councilman Suarez, seconded by

11:52:43 Councilwoman Capin.

11:52:44 Please vote and record.

11:52:53 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:52:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 110.

11:53:01 Is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak?

11:53:08 >> Todd Seemy, 2706 north, Tampa, Florida, just wanted to

11:53:13 say thank you to staff.

11:53:14 Thank you for John Barrios at CFC.

11:53:18 On behalf of the New Hope Missionary Baptist church, we are

11:53:20 grateful for the city working with us and moving us along

11:53:24 quickly once we're able to overcome any questions.

11:53:27 Thank you.

11:53:29 >> Is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item?

11:53:33 >> Motion to close.

11:53:34 >> Second.

11:53:35 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:53:35 Aye.

11:53:38 Councilwoman Capin, could you read 110, please?

11:53:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you Madam Chair.

11:53:43 An ordinance being presented for second reading and

11:53:45 adoption, an ordinance approving a special use experiment, S

11:53:48 12 approving a place of religious assembly and day care in

11:53:51 an RS-50 residential single-family zoning district in the

11:53:56 general vicinity of 3005, 3007, and 3009 East Ellicott

11:54:04 street and 3008, 3012, 3014 and 3016 east Louisiana street

11:54:11 in the City of Tampa, Florida, and as more particularly

11:54:15 described in section one hereof, providing an effective

11:54:19 date.

11:54:19 >> Second.

11:54:20 >> Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded by Councilman

11:54:26 Suarez.

11:54:26 Please vote and record.

11:54:34 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

11:54:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 111, I believe we had public

11:54:43 here to speak on this.

11:54:45 We only have five minutes, so I'm going to suggest, I'm

11:54:48 sorry to ask you this, but if you could come back at 1:30.

11:54:54 And -- if Council would agree, we'll just hear items 112 and

11:55:07 113.

11:55:09 >> Madam Chair, may I make a suggestion?

11:55:13 Do we know how many people are here to speak on that item?

11:55:19 >>MARY MULHERN: If you would -- raise your hand so we know.

11:55:21 Anyone here to speak on 111?

11:55:25 I don't think we can do it before noon.

11:55:27 Sorry.

11:55:32 That's why I wanted to hear them first.

11:55:34 So, we're going to move to item 112.

11:55:41 Is there anyone here who wishes to speak on item 112?

11:55:46 Councilwoman Capin?

11:55:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I wanted to try to make a suggestion.

11:55:49 There were so many hands up, if they wanted to put their

11:55:54 minutes together to where one or two people could speak.

11:55:57 We won't make it.

11:55:59 No.

11:56:00 All right.

11:56:00 That was my suggestion.

11:56:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't think we can do it.

11:56:04 I want to give them a chance to speak.

11:56:07 Council Reddick?

11:56:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: As dare -- is there any urgent matter that

11:56:14 allowing us to having to stop at 12:00 and not extend it to

11:56:19 12:30?

11:56:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we discussed it at the beginning of

11:56:24 the meeting, didn't we?

11:56:26 And agreed -- no?

11:56:28 I'm sorry.

11:56:29 I thought we had.

11:56:33 It's the pleasure of Council, but I really felt, I think I

11:56:36 talked about the other rules.

11:56:38 But this one in particular, this is a long day, and I think

11:56:42 that for the benefit of giving our best to the public, we

11:56:49 should really take that break.

11:56:50 I think there are Council people who have to leave for

11:56:53 lunch, so, sorry to say, I think we should break at

11:57:01 12:00 and come back at 1:30.

11:57:04 Councilwoman Montelione?

11:57:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think this is where Councilman Reddick

11:57:08 was going.

11:57:09 If we can sus pend the rules and go to 12:30, we could

11:57:12 perhaps leer the item, hear all the speakers and then they

11:57:15 can go.

11:57:16 I mean, we'll still take the break.

11:57:18 We'll just take it a little bit later to allow for all of

11:57:21 the people who have been here.

11:57:24 >> I can stay 15 more minutes.

11:57:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I cannot.

11:57:28 This is the third board meeting I missed because of

11:57:30 extension.

11:57:32 So I will have to leave.

11:57:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me just say, for the public on this

11:57:39 item, and for -- that would mean we would have, probably

11:57:47 have one less Council person here to hear the case.

11:57:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: How many will be able to come back at 1:30?

11:57:55 If we're going to do that.

11:57:56 Because they was here since this morning.

11:57:59 And we was scheduled at 30.

11:58:02 So to their families, how many can come back at 1:30?

11:58:06 Mull all right.

11:58:12 So, what's the pleasure of Councilman?

11:58:16 >> I move to suspend the rules until 12:30.

11:58:20 >> I'll second that.

11:58:22 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:58:23 Aye.

11:58:24 Okay.

11:58:24 I'm sorry.

11:58:27 We are going to go back to the item before yours.

11:58:30 We are going to go back to item 111.

11:58:37 >> Is the petitioner here?

11:58:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Is the petitioner here for item 111?

11:58:52 >> My name is Thomas C hills, 5005 north 20th street Tampa,

11:58:58 Florida.

11:58:59 We petitioned to change from a RS-50 to a PD.

11:59:03 Basically this is the zoning matter.

11:59:07 And that's basically what it is.

11:59:10 I would like to hear the opposition first, please.

11:59:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:59:15 Anyone who wishes to speak on this, please come forward now.

11:59:18 And you can either stand up or there's room in the front few

11:59:24 rows to sit if you can't stand.

11:59:26 Thank you.

11:59:30 Go ahead.

11:59:32 >> Samuel Kinsey, 4610 Ashland Drive, Tampa, Florida.

11:59:37 For many years, the area now known as East Tampa was

11:59:41 neglected, and there were practically little to no rules.

11:59:47 Much of this time that that area was unincorporated.

11:59:51 So there were very few rules and the rules that did exist

11:59:55 oftentimes were unenforced or ignored.

11:59:58 And so, East Tampa has become an area that is slum and

12:00:03 blighted.

12:00:03 And that is documented in a preexisting condition study that

12:00:07 was done in 2003.

12:00:09 As a result of that, that area has become a Community

12:00:11 Redevelopment Area.

12:00:12 I was the first chair person of the Community Redevelopment

12:00:16 Area of East Tampa.

12:00:18 And we had a charge to eliminate many of the conditions that

12:00:23 existed, that made that area slum and blighted.

12:00:28 I was pro development.

12:00:31 And I still am pro development.

12:00:33 But sometimes development and quality of life and public

12:00:40 safety conflict.

12:00:41 And in this particular instance, such a conflict exists.

12:00:45 When this particular structure was built, it's on a lot

12:00:51 that's 50 by 100.

12:00:52 And it's on the corner of 22nd, 42nd street and

12:01:00 Osborne.

12:01:01 The setback on Osborne is approximately one car length.

12:01:07 On the 42nd street side of the building, the setback is

12:01:13 about one and a half feet.

12:01:16 From the street.

12:01:18 And in prior years, that building has been hit by cars.

12:01:23 That intersection is narrow and it has a lot of pedestrian

12:01:30 and car traffic.

12:01:32 And it's just down the street from Williams Park.

12:01:38 Williams Park is on the corner of 43rd street and Osborne.

12:01:42 You know Williams Park.

12:01:43 The swimming pool.

12:01:44 And a lot of children walk through that intersection.

12:01:47 Going to that park.

12:01:48 They also walk through there going to school.

12:01:52 And so it's a very narrow intersection.

12:01:55 It's currently surrounded by residential properties.

12:01:59 And so if they wanted -- if they were to put that store

12:02:06 today, you would not allow that to happen because it

12:02:09 wouldn't comply with the current code.

12:02:10 So right now, that area also has a lot of loitering in the

12:02:14 intersection.

12:02:15 And it's very narrow, so we're asking that we not allow them

12:02:20 to expand.

12:02:20 We would not even allow it to be there if they were coming

12:02:23 today to build that building.

12:02:24 So, we're asking you to consider that it's a residential

12:02:28 area, a lot of people there and it's a quality of life there

12:02:32 for the people that live in that community.

12:02:34 So we are asking you to please deny this rezoning.

12:02:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:02:39 >> Question.

12:02:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick.

12:02:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Because of the time, I wanted to ask quite

12:02:47 a few questions.

12:02:48 But I'm just going to ask a couple.

12:02:51 How long have you lived in that area?

12:02:53 >> I have lived in that area since 1964.

12:02:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Since 1964.

12:02:57 Mr. Kennedy, you walk the neighborhood every day.

12:03:01 >> Every day.

12:03:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: You walk by that facility every day?

12:03:06 >> Every day.

12:03:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have seen different things around that

12:03:11 facility every day?

12:03:12 >> Every day.

12:03:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: And now, with due respect to the Planning

12:03:17 Commission, they recommend that this, they spot the creation

12:03:24 of growth of neighborhood businesses that enhance vitality

12:03:28 and quality of life in their community.

12:03:30 The quality of life in this community will not be enhanced,

12:03:35 do you believe or not?

12:03:37 >> No, this building would not enhance the quality of life

12:03:39 for the people of that area.

12:03:41 And in fact, again, if they were coming before this

12:03:44 commission today, before this Council today asking to

12:03:47 approve that building to be there, it wouldn't be code.

12:03:50 It's a 50 feet lot by 100 feet.

12:03:53 And the building sits one and a half feet from 42nd

12:03:58 feet.

12:03:58 The building and the street literally run together.

12:04:01 And in prior years, cars have literally hit that building.

12:04:05 And it's a zigzag area there and it's real narrow.

12:04:08 We have both pedestrians, in fact, it's so bad that the

12:04:11 residents have argued with the city for years.

12:04:13 We finally did get them to put some speed bumps in there

12:04:17 because of the traffic and the safety issue.

12:04:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

12:04:25 >> Good afternoon City Council men.

12:04:28 Once again my name is Samuel L. Moody Senior.

12:04:38 My concern here is, this particular building at 4020 East

12:04:45 Osborne Avenue, I oppose rezoning for three reasons.

12:04:50 Excuse me.

12:04:51 Number one is that it's no parking area.

12:04:55 The cars park in streets.

12:04:59 There's a lot of loud music that irritates our senior

12:05:04 citizens, which they call in about it on several occasions.

12:05:08 Number three, there seems to be activity of drug dealing,

12:05:15 that seem to be.

12:05:17 Also, we had a meeting on Thursday at Williams Park, the

12:05:23 police department was there with the meeting.

12:05:26 And some of the citizens complain about the noise there.

12:05:29 At that particular store.

12:05:32 Now, the police officer say he would go down and talk to the

12:05:36 owner.

12:05:37 He called me the next day and said he did.

12:05:39 And we are constantly calling in about this particular

12:05:45 store, the loud music, the gathering of cars parked in the

12:05:49 street.

12:05:50 So, we are definitely opposing this rezoning.

12:05:54 Thank you.

12:05:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:05:56 Next?

12:06:01 >> Council, I'm Reverend Eddie Nunn Senior.

12:06:06 And I'm opposing the rezoning of that area.

12:06:09 I've been living there for 40 years.

12:06:12 One block.

12:06:14 And it's ridiculous to the music and the cursing and what

12:06:18 have you, and look like that's a congregating place.

12:06:23 And 7:00 in the morning, they're on the corner four and five

12:06:28 and six deep.

12:06:29 And we would not like to see anything else there, or added

12:06:33 on.

12:06:35 >> Reverend Nunn?

12:06:37 >> Yes, sir.

12:06:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: If I may, Madam Chair.

12:06:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I'm sorry.

12:06:43 Councilman Reddick.

12:06:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have lived in that neighborhood for

12:06:47 many, many years?

12:06:48 >> And run a business.

12:06:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: And run a business there.

12:06:51 And you're highly respected in this community.

12:06:53 You see the one, right in front of your area in which you

12:06:59 live adjacent from this facility, there are speed bumps out

12:07:03 there on your street, is that correct?

12:07:05 >> That's correct.

12:07:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: And do you recall why, you were the ones

12:07:11 who actually sent in for those speed bumps.

12:07:15 >> Absolutely.

12:07:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you recall the reason why?

12:07:17 >> Because the speeding traffic up and down Osborne avenue,

12:07:21 and really those speed bumps now don't do very much good

12:07:27 because they run 50, 60 miles over them and jump them.

12:07:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: And looking at the Osborne is a street

12:07:38 that's not wide?

12:07:40 >> No.

12:07:42 >>FRANK REDD