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Thursday, April 12, 2012

5:01 p.m.


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05:05:05 [Roll call]

05:08:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick, for the record, did advise

05:08:44 the chair at the CRA meeting that he would not be back due

05:08:47 to illness.

05:08:50 We have public hearings, 1 through 4, starting now.

05:08:55 And these are non-quasi-judicial proceedings.

05:09:01 Item number 1.

05:09:07 >>THOM SNELLING: Could we have the presentation, please?

05:09:15 Thom Snelling beings planning development director.

05:09:17 I'm here this evening for a presentation on the kind of

05:09:20 briefing you on what's going on with the five-year

05:09:23 consolidated action plan.

05:09:24 With me this evening, I have our consultant that we hired,

05:09:29 she's going to be here to make sure I don't say anything

05:09:31 incorrect.

05:09:32 Also I have Michelle from my staff as well as Jennifer and

05:09:37 Kevin so we will be able to answer questions.

05:09:46 Basically this is to bring you up to speed on where we have

05:09:48 been and talk about some of the time lines, funding balances

05:09:51 and some of the other items coming before you over the next

05:09:54 several months.

05:10:00 What we really want to talk about is the consolidated action

05:10:03 plan which covers these grants here, the community

05:10:07 development block grant, emergency solutions, home, and

05:10:14 HOPWA.

05:10:16 Also go over and discuss the overall consolidated planning

05:10:20 process as well as explain how the one-year action plan

05:10:25 actually fits into that five-year process.

05:10:27 Talk about the needs and priorities of the citizens, as well

05:10:30 as the requests for proposal process.

05:10:34 We are also including some conversation on what eligible

05:10:38 activities are, been the source of some confusion.

05:10:44 Briefly go over the overall calendar to give you some idea

05:10:49 what you can expect coming down the woman, then at the end

05:10:51 provide -- open the public hearing.

05:10:53 The public hearing is open, at the end will provide any

05:10:56 citizens that want to offer some input or conversations to

05:10:59 council.

05:11:03 Currently, in the fiscal year 12, the money we have, we are

05:11:07 working through those dollars right now, you can see the

05:11:11 community development block grant is roughly $3.3 million in

05:11:16 our program.

05:11:18 Home is approximately 1.9.

05:11:20 The HOPWA is the largest at 3.5 million, and then the

05:11:28 emergency shelter grants previously known as the

05:11:30 emergency -- yes, now they are the emergency solutions

05:11:34 grant.

05:11:35 It's backwards, yes.

05:11:37 In HOPWA, one of the reasons that particular program is so

05:11:43 important is that the City of Tampa represents the

05:11:45 administrator for that program for the four-county area,

05:11:50 including Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas

05:11:53 County.

05:11:54 And unfortunately the reason we did that is because we have

05:11:57 the highest incidence of aids-related illnesses so we get

05:12:06 the prize of administering that, something I would rather

05:12:08 not do, but it is nonetheless a sad fact.

05:12:15 Just to such on some differences because I know there's been

05:12:17 a great deal of conversation on the funding decreases over

05:12:20 the recent years from 2012 to 2013, and as you can see, the

05:12:29 grant money has been decreased 673,000, 19% home took the

05:12:34 biggest hit, or we took the biggest hit from our home

05:12:37 dollars which is actually housing dollars, 700,000 HOPWA

05:12:42 took a fairly substantial decrease at $358,000.

05:12:47 The one also bright spot is we did get a small increase in

05:12:50 our emergency shelter grant dollars, and that was actually

05:12:53 an increase of 14%, but overall when you calculate all of

05:12:57 those together, it still results in a decrease of

05:13:00 approximately 18.6% of funding, and that will have to be

05:13:04 reflected on the staff and/or program realities.

05:13:13 Okay, to get started, the five year planning process, which

05:13:16 is what we are doing right now is kind of the beginning of

05:13:19 that.

05:13:23 It basically tells you how you put together your plan and

05:13:26 how you want to expend your dollars over the next five

05:13:29 years.

05:13:29 It's really your comprehensive plan for this program for

05:13:31 these programs, and you really focus in on goals, objectives

05:13:35 and policies.

05:13:36 Downtown really get into drilling it down in terms of we are

05:13:39 going to fund that person, we are going to fund that agency

05:13:41 and we are going to do these projects.

05:13:43 That is where your action plan comes in, where you really

05:13:47 drill into the nitty gritty.

05:13:50 The five year plan we are putting together that homes is

05:13:53 putting -- helping us put together is kind of the

05:13:56 overarching plan that sets the course of direction of the

05:13:59 kinds of things that you want to do. The data that comes

05:14:02 from, how those priorities orthos objectives and priorities

05:14:06 get set, comes from a long list of various priorities.

05:14:10 The census data, which is your standard age, gender, race,

05:14:15 sex, average income, things like that, your standard census,

05:14:20 a needs assessment that is put out vis-a-vis surveys.

05:14:25 The housing conditions, again that comes from some of the

05:14:27 census data.

05:14:31 The patient plan which we are going to talk about in a

05:14:33 little bit.

05:14:34 And I believe a new requirement this year is that it's

05:14:38 called the limited English proficiency plan is to make sure

05:14:42 that you are putting out the document, and the other

05:14:47 language in our case would be Hispanic -- it would be

05:14:51 Spanish, with all due respect to my -- okay.

05:15:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Spanglish would be a better word.

05:15:02 >> I had that written down, but that's what it is.

05:15:10 Limited English proficiency plan which I apparently have

05:15:14 some English pro fish sis.

05:15:16 The needs assessment as I mentioned, one of the things that

05:15:19 they have done, my community staff has been very busy out

05:15:24 into the neighborhoods already.

05:15:25 You can see they administered the survey, handed the surveys

05:15:30 out, and they also attended community meetings with these

05:15:32 agencies, the homeless coalition was the one agency they

05:15:36 went to, but they actually visited the Drew Park

05:15:39 neighborhood, Old West Tampa, East Tampa CRA Neighborhoods,

05:15:45 Gandy, Sun Bay South, Tampa Heights, Sulphur Springs, and

05:15:49 really tried to get out into the neighborhoods more.

05:15:51 They did a priority survey for the HOPWA and currently being

05:15:57 funded and they responded back, and we have that data that

05:15:59 will become part of the plan itself.

05:16:01 What I do want to touch on very quickly -- ma'am?

05:16:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thanks. Are these needs assessment

05:16:12 bills going on, have they concluded, or where are we in the

05:16:16 process?

05:16:19 >> Well, we have done -- hi.

05:16:21 For the record my name is Lee Combs.

05:16:23 I'm a consultant for the City of Tampa.

05:16:26 What we have done in the month of March, we sent a citizens

05:16:33 survey, five pages long, which mirrors the HUD required

05:16:36 document, what's needed, and we also sent out the link

05:16:40 online survey, and that, we go through one, the planned

05:16:48 process.

05:16:49 However, we are going to be receiving up to draft plan would

05:16:54 be done.

05:16:54 We still -- any more input from City Council or citizens,

05:17:03 organizations.

05:17:04 We welcome the comments and all of that.

05:17:06 >> The reason why I'm asking this question is because the

05:17:12 North Tampa Community Plan consists of three distinct

05:17:17 neighborhoods, Copeland Park, Terrace Park, and University

05:17:22 Square, and they are somewhat removed from -- the closest

05:17:28 neighborhood two Sulphur Springs neighborhood, but they are

05:17:31 somewhat removed from any of the ones that are on this list,

05:17:34 and there are a lost residents meeting at one time in one

05:17:38 place.

05:17:41 Tonight from six to eight is one of the meetings.

05:17:43 And the first meeting was last month.

05:17:46 But they will be meeting many more times during the planning

05:17:50 process.

05:17:51 But I really would like to have -- since you have a captive

05:17:55 audience, there may be an opportunity for to you get with

05:17:58 the Planning Commission and make a presentation to that

05:18:01 group.

05:18:02 We have 80-some-odd people at the first meeting.

05:18:06 >> Certainly we can do.

05:18:07 That we can schedule it in.

05:18:10 And I'm still learning about the Tampa area, north Tampa --

05:18:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yeah, well, the study area goes from

05:18:21 Temple Terrace city line to 275, between Busch and Fowler.

05:18:25 So that would capture all of those neighborhoods in between

05:18:28 those boundaries.

05:18:29 >> Also, for your information, we had a list of all the

05:18:34 neighborhood associations contact numbers, and they were all

05:18:39 sent during the month of the survey, forms were all sent to

05:18:44 the president or the director for the neighborhood

05:18:49 association.

05:18:49 I just want to tell you we had every single neighborhood

05:18:53 association that registered with the City of Tampa.

05:18:57 >>THOM SNELLING: Very quickly, when I get toward the end, I

05:18:59 kind of show the overall calendar, and there are gaps in the

05:19:04 calendar where there will be opportunity for additional

05:19:06 kinds of things, and it's exactly this kind of thing where,

05:19:09 you know, cost with council members on one-on-one kind of

05:19:14 things or continue that kind of outreach, so there is

05:19:17 opportunity to do that, yes.

05:19:24 The one thing I did want to note, in terms of the survey,

05:19:31 Hillsborough County, when they did their survey and they did

05:19:33 their plan awhile back, they sent out a thousand surveys,

05:19:39 their population compared to the City of Tampa is probably

05:19:42 triple, 1.7 million or something like that.

05:19:45 City of Tampa's is 358,000 roughly.

05:19:49 They received back about 300 surveys and we received back

05:19:53 260.

05:19:54 So our percentages of what we got back the from what we have

05:19:57 done is higher.

05:19:58 I know that seems like a lower number, but in terms of this

05:20:01 kind of activity, it's pretty good.

05:20:05 And we'll continue to do the additional outreach, and we

05:20:07 have gone to the neighborhoods.

05:20:09 So we still have two, three months ahead of us where we can

05:20:14 continue to do outreach and continue to get input from

05:20:18 individuals and groups.

05:20:27 Okay, the next one.

05:20:28 Very quickly, and we had talked about it's important for

05:20:32 eligible activities, the first part of that is that it meets

05:20:36 the national objective and it needs to meet one of the -- at

05:20:41 least these three primary objectives.

05:20:43 The first one primarily benefiting low and moderate income

05:20:47 person, the second really preventing or eliminating slums

05:20:51 and blighted areas, and the third is to meet an urgent

05:20:54 community need.

05:20:55 And what that translates into, the third one we don't do so

05:20:58 much, because as you can see, fortunately, we haven't been

05:21:01 the victim of too many natural disasters orthos kinds of

05:21:05 highly charged emergencies, but that is there for that

05:21:11 eventuality.

05:21:12 Most of the activities and programs and agencies we work

05:21:17 with really live in the world of the first two national

05:21:21 objectives, and that's the first level of criteria that Lou

05:21:25 at to see whether or not an agency or a group is going to be

05:21:29 eligible for some funding for these programs.

05:21:34 The eligible activities first for the community development

05:21:37 block grant, you can see is quite large.

05:21:40 The block grant perhaps has the broadest range of ability to

05:21:44 be used for a variety of programs.

05:21:47 County be used, acquisition or disposition of real estate,

05:21:51 bricks and mortar, public facilities, infrastructure,

05:21:56 rehabilitation and rehab.

05:21:58 Also certain service programs as well.

05:22:00 And on the bottom, you can't really see it because it's

05:22:03 scrolling, it does say special economic development.

05:22:08 I know this council has an interest in economic development.

05:22:10 The block grant dollars is where that kind of thing comes

05:22:14 from.

05:22:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: When you say special economic development,

05:22:22 what's the criteria for special?

05:22:26 What is that or do you know?

05:22:28 >> Do you want to handle that?

05:22:30 >> Lee: Well, the community development block grant allows

05:22:34 you to have full profit or nonprofit businesses, and instead

05:22:38 of drilling down to nitty gritty, basically jobs created

05:22:45 have been below markup, and there is a dollar threshold, if

05:22:49 you spend $35,000, you create one job, that kind of thing,

05:22:54 or aggregate.

05:22:55 You can do job training.

05:22:57 You can do facade improvement.

05:22:58 Or you can have a warehouse building, if somebody wants to

05:23:03 come in. I'm just giving you general ideas.

05:23:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ, no but excuse me for interrupting, but these

05:23:10 are things in the criteria for the community block grant?

05:23:12 Or does it allow for any other creativity outside of those

05:23:16 things you mentioned?

05:23:18 >> There are about five or six categories that have to fit

05:23:24 into those categories to be able to use block grant dollars.

05:23:27 >> And you mentioned some of them primarily tied to job

05:23:30 creation?

05:23:30 >> Yes, or job retention.

05:23:31 >> Or job retention.

05:23:32 Okay.

05:23:34 >>THOM SNELLING: Two programs that have gone through that

05:23:37 and I just made myself a note to provide council with a

05:23:40 criteria of what that is so that will help clear up that.

05:23:45 Clothing in East Tampa, they got some property, some seed

05:23:48 money from the city a few years back and created a number of

05:23:51 jobs with that.

05:23:53 A lot of assistance from the block grant program.

05:23:55 Also, if you recall the Morgan cigar factory on Howard that

05:23:59 received some community development block grant money and

05:24:01 they created a great number of jobs.

05:24:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I guess when you say receive it, they got

05:24:06 direct benefit in money towards that particular business in

05:24:10 order for job creation?

05:24:12 So you would have to, as she mentioned, $35,000 job is

05:24:18 created, that's an expense that comes out of the community

05:24:22 block grant, that amount?

05:24:26 It's not paying for the job obviously.

05:24:28 What is that the it actually goes towards?

05:24:30 >> In the case -- they did have that requirement for the job

05:24:34 creation, for exactly that, and that responsibility, or he

05:24:39 got it for all the bricks and mortar were rehabbing the

05:24:42 building, getting it ready to accept an office use or the

05:24:46 type of use that it was.

05:24:48 When he accepted that, I think his criteria was to create

05:24:52 seven or eight jobs.

05:24:53 He had the document that when he created his project that

05:24:56 that building wag now available, and at least seven people

05:25:00 now have a job working in what he created there based on the

05:25:05 improvement that's made there.

05:25:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right.

05:25:09 That's what I was getting at, meaning that you are not

05:25:12 creating the job primarily because you are fixing a facade.

05:25:15 It's accretion after the amount?

05:25:19 That's what I wanted to get at.

05:25:21 And where the threshold was in terms whereof the block grant

05:25:24 actually -- where the rubber meets the road, so to speak,

05:25:27 which is if we are giving a bid, this money, to facade or

05:25:33 expand bricks and mortar for them to hire seven more people.

05:25:36 That's what I wanted to make sure.

05:25:38 >> Lee: Right.

05:25:42 I can give you the one community south of here, they built a

05:25:48 new reporting facility, but people come in and take over

05:25:56 that facility and they have to show they created 12 jobs,

05:25:59 and that's what you have to show at the end of the day.

05:26:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I guess the second question to all of

05:26:05 that, are there other activities that they can do to show

05:26:07 that they have created jobs short of brick and mortar type

05:26:11 projects?

05:26:12 That's the only other question I have.

05:26:17 And we don't have to report the progress now.

05:26:20 You guys can offer off camera at some point.

05:26:23 I would like that answer.

05:26:25 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, and I will look and drill down if you

05:26:26 want that actual criteria because I think there's some

05:26:29 interest there as well.

05:26:31 >> Training is somebody -- if somebody comes in and they

05:26:34 require more skill than a labor force, you can use the

05:26:37 dollars for job training activity.

05:26:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: All right.

05:26:42 Well, Thom, if you can get the rest of that criteria and get

05:26:45 to the Americas I would appreciate it.

05:26:47 >>THOM SNELLING: I can do that.

05:26:48 Any other on that?

05:26:52 Okay.

05:26:52 >> I would mention one item before we go further.

05:26:56 Eligible activity, that these priorities must be identified

05:27:00 in your five year consolidated plan for you to spend the

05:27:06 funds on the type of activities five years from now, it's

05:27:10 very important.

05:27:11 The process as Thom mentioned before, you have to have a

05:27:15 plan, and you have to set the priorities, goals and

05:27:18 objectives and five-year plan, because the one year plan is

05:27:21 how you are going to spend a dollar each year to meet those

05:27:24 goals and objectives that you identified in your five year

05:27:27 plan.

05:27:37 >>THOM SNELLING: Thank you.

05:27:37 And this is the eligible activity for the home.

05:27:39 The biggest difference here -- and the fundamental

05:27:42 difference here is this is all housing and housing-related

05:27:45 services, housing-related service agencies, where this

05:27:48 funding is.

05:27:49 Economic development kinds of activities are not eligible

05:27:52 for the home dollars, but acquisition, single-family

05:27:55 housing, multi-down payment assistance, then we have owner

05:27:59 occupied rehab, all of those kinds of things can be done

05:28:02 with the home money.

05:28:03 And then when you look at the eligible activity for the

05:28:08 emergency solutions grant.

05:28:10 Those are exactly that.

05:28:14 When something happens to somebody's house.

05:28:18 House, homeless preventive services, short-term, essential

05:28:23 services, things like that.

05:28:25 Again

05:28:26 The operative word here being it has to be housing related

05:28:29 or housing service provider related to be eligible to be

05:28:32 used for those kinds of things.

05:28:35 CDBG gives you your greatest flexibility.

05:28:39 The other programs are really honing in on home and the

05:28:42 housing-type issues.

05:28:44 The last one again on the bottom -- I will have to remember

05:28:48 the next time I do this slide -- is the HOPWA, specifically

05:28:53 for a very specific housing population, individuals and

05:28:57 families can both be assisted with that.

05:29:00 They have to be income eligible.

05:29:01 And as I said before that is the program, the administrator

05:29:06 for the four-county area.

05:29:10 Okay, the request for proposals process.

05:29:14 Basically, what this is a part -- and we already have this

05:29:19 underway, as a way of background, you know, we put the ad up

05:29:25 and we are soliciting requests for proposals for people who

05:29:28 want -- or ask for dollars in one of our programs.

05:29:32 And one of these four programs that we already discussed,

05:29:35 and they were proposed a project, they will submit a

05:29:38 project, and they will be vetted and they will be vetted by

05:29:42 the review committee, et cetera, and we have already started

05:29:45 that process.

05:29:47 It's already appeared in "The Tampa Tribune," The Times, the

05:29:50 Sentinel, and in Spanish in La Gaceta.

05:29:54 It was mailed out to all of the other parties that had

05:29:57 previously applied.

05:29:58 We also contacted them directly.

05:30:02 And this past week, we had workshops on all four of the

05:30:09 programs, and they were not mandatory workshops, but to the

05:30:16 HOPWA workshop we had over 28 agencies representing -- 20

05:30:21 people representing different agencies, all attend that

05:30:23 workshop.

05:30:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione wants to ask.

05:30:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I guess it's maybe a little

05:30:30 confusion.

05:30:31 We started talking about the five year consolidated plan.

05:30:34 Is this -- the date is April, April, April.

05:30:43 So is this all about the five-year plan tore one-year plan?

05:30:51 We are jumping back and forth then?

05:30:54 >>THOM SNELLING: I'm glad you stopped.

05:30:56 Thank you, thank you.

05:30:57 Going back, five year plan, guiding principle, as part of

05:31:01 this first five-year plan, you will also be doing

05:31:07 simultaneously your first year action plan.

05:31:09 And I apologize, I should have made that clarification.

05:31:13 This request for proposal is specifically for the

05:31:17 implementation of some of your one-year plans.

05:31:22 >> I guess some of the confusion that maybe I have is that

05:31:26 if you are working on the five-year plan, and you are

05:31:29 setting out guidelines and priorities for five years, what

05:31:36 guidelines and priorities are being used for the first year?

05:31:39 Is it last year's five-year plan?

05:31:41 Because you haven't yet established the goals and objectives

05:31:45 and priorities for the current five-year plan.

05:31:48 So how can you -- what priorities are you working on?

05:31:56 >>THOM SNELLING: First -- and I'll let Ms. Colmes talk --

05:32:00 first, this is put together, and we are reacting to the

05:32:03 rules and regulation, criteria that we get from the federal

05:32:06 government.

05:32:06 They say you have to do these things simultaneously.

05:32:09 I agree with you.

05:32:11 First you get the big picture and they say okay, here is

05:32:14 what we want to do, and you do this maybe a little

05:32:17 concurrently but not simultaneously so to speak.

05:32:20 This process, their process that they give us requires a

05:32:23 simultaneous concurrent kind of application.

05:32:25 So it is a little confusing for me as well.

05:32:29 >> So what are the priorities and goals and objectives for

05:32:32 this first year?

05:32:36 >> Lee: That's the reason we did the survey, in the month

05:32:40 of March, and get some ideas from the community.

05:32:43 I know we haven't gone out to your neighborhood you

05:32:45 mentioned, but we have kind of a general overview, and also

05:32:48 we have been doing a lot of data analysis.

05:32:51 For instance, right now, as of September, 2011, City of

05:32:56 Tampa is experiencing 15.7% foreclosure issues.

05:33:02 Yeah.

05:33:02 And that means that one out of 314 homes are being

05:33:07 foreclosed.

05:33:07 But that is a priority.

05:33:08 You know, we need to address the foreclosure prevention.

05:33:14 >> That begs the question who is deciding the priority?

05:33:19 Are the responses to the surveys in the data analysis in

05:33:23 deciding the priorities?

05:33:25 Is administration deciding the priorities?

05:33:27 Or is it this body in a collaboration?

05:33:31 >>THOM SNELLING: I think it's a combination of all those

05:33:32 things, Councilwoman.

05:33:34 We do not say, okay, we have these 269 surveys, that's it.

05:33:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But the meeting schedule and the

05:33:44 presentation of your report to this body as a whole, the

05:33:49 presentation of whatever data you have collected and the

05:33:52 data analysis, when does that come before us so that we can

05:33:55 look at it and we can see where you are at with the analysis

05:34:02 so we can add our reasoning?

05:34:11 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay, the first time that you will have the

05:34:13 draft consolidated plan -- well, we have on the calendars

05:34:18 June 14th.

05:34:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When is it due to be submitted?

05:34:25 >>THOM SNELLING: August.

05:34:26 August 15th.

05:34:27 >> Lee: So you will receive the draft plan and draft year

05:34:34 one action plan.

05:34:35 And we have a time frame we have to work with.

05:34:40 HUD mandates that citizens have 30 days to review the draft

05:34:43 plan and make a comment.

05:34:47 But that's the way the schedule is set up.

05:34:49 >> So if we get it June 14th and it's due to the federal

05:34:53 government in August?

05:34:55 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, ma'am.

05:34:57 These are the dates we have, and that's at the end of the

05:34:58 presentation you will see the calendar.

05:35:00 That's where that breaks down to.

05:35:02 We feel that in May, we will have already received the RFP

05:35:07 submission deadlines by April, so you will have an idea, the

05:35:11 needs and recommendations will have been -- that we have

05:35:15 sent out, the surveys will be N.of course, the data from the

05:35:19 census bureau is already in.

05:35:21 So we'll have a lot of that data available prior to the June

05:35:24 14th, and what we are trying to do the best we can is to

05:35:28 get you data information on what it's starting to look like,

05:35:31 to give council as much time, you know, two months, ten

05:35:35 weeks, you know, as much as possible, so you have to react,

05:35:39 and that's what we are also trying to build in some

05:35:41 additional meetings, like I said use additional one on ones,

05:35:46 go to some additional neighborhood meetings to continue to

05:35:49 work on that so we don't get all up involved and all of a

05:35:52 sudden it's, here, take a look at, this and we have about a

05:35:56 week and a half to react.

05:35:57 We are trying to avoid that, and we think so far we are

05:36:00 trying to do that.

05:36:01 We are trying to give council as much leeway as possible for

05:36:04 the whole picture.

05:36:05 >> Well, if the draft is going to be already put together

05:36:09 and presented in June, I think I would like to see a staff

05:36:12 report sometime in May so that we can see the picture as

05:36:21 it's forming, whether in June be presented with a draft in

05:36:28 somewhat of a formalized nature.

05:36:31 >>THOM SNELLING: All thousand can't see this, Councilwoman,

05:36:34 I have opportunity for additional input and workshop.

05:36:37 Put that in there prior to the June date.

05:36:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't have any my council calendar, so

05:36:46 I would like to set a motion for staff report at one of our

05:36:50 May regular sessions.

05:36:59 Okay, staff report May 17th.

05:37:01 >> That will be fine.

05:37:03 We can do that.

05:37:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: At 9 a.m.?

05:37:07 >>THOM SNELLING: 9:00?

05:37:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: 10 a.m.?

05:37:11 Staff report.

05:37:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione on the 17th

05:37:15 of May at 10:00 for staff report of this subject matter that

05:37:19 we are discussing, to bring over the plan before the June

05:37:24 15th deadline.

05:37:25 And who seconded it?

05:37:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: June 14th.

05:37:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll second it.

05:37:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Suarez.

05:37:34 All in favor?

05:37:35 Opposed?

05:37:35 The ayes have it.

05:37:39 >>THOM SNELLING: We will have a lot of that information out

05:37:41 ahead of time.

05:37:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Moving on.

05:37:53 >>THOM SNELLING: We have discussed that.

05:37:54 And the workshops like I said, they were very well attended,

05:37:58 the deadline towards April 13030thth.

05:38:01 In May that's when we are going through the process, the

05:38:04 evaluation of the review committee and what they do.

05:38:09 You know, they will rank them, clean them up, make their

05:38:12 funding recommendations available in June, and then we have

05:38:16 already talked about that, the actual June 14th action

05:38:18 plan deadline, July 19th, final program, the second

05:38:25 public hearing.

05:38:26 And then agreements for funding approval by council, way

05:38:29 back in October.

05:38:30 But that's after everything is. Did you those are just the

05:38:33 actual draft agreements.

05:38:36 And here is a calendar where we spent a good deal talking on

05:38:40 it.

05:38:41 You can see we have already had some of the meetings and the

05:38:43 needs assessment throughout March.

05:38:45 We did the RFP the 2nd of April.

05:38:50 Right now we are having the first public hearing on April

05:38:52 12th.

05:38:53 The 30th is when the deadlines for those items will come

05:38:56 back in, and with all of that data coming back in, with

05:39:02 everything we already do have, vis-a-vis the census and

05:39:05 surveys and some of the needs and recommendations, we should

05:39:08 be able to give you a fairly good picture of what's

05:39:11 happening and how it's starting to come together for the May

05:39:15 14, May 17.

05:39:17 Montana and when you said you send it to all the

05:39:20 neighborhood association presidents, did you also include

05:39:22 the homeowners association presidents in the Tampa Palms and

05:39:26 New Tampa area?

05:39:27 >> Lee: Yes.

05:39:29 >> Come back up.

05:39:32 >> We sent the list, have a list of all the registered

05:39:37 neighborhoods and homeowner associations within the city.

05:39:39 They were sent to all of those organizations.

05:39:42 And every other organization that we find that we have,

05:39:46 because we sent it out to everybody we could they've.

05:39:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Would you mind let meeting know in my

05:39:53 district who you have not heard from?

05:39:56 >> Absolutely.

05:39:58 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes.

05:40:02 That's the 12th and 30th.

05:40:22 We discussed the calendar so I think that fairly well covers

05:40:25 that.

05:40:25 The needs and recommendations process.

05:40:27 This is something we have gone through within our advisory

05:40:33 committee.

05:40:35 There's nine representatives there.

05:40:37 That's where we sent out.

05:40:38 We received over 30 responses back from the mailouts of

05:40:43 that.

05:40:43 And those are a lot of the bricks and mortar kinds of

05:40:48 things, recommendations for sidewalks, streetlights, tree

05:40:50 trimming, park improvements, traffic calming, safety issues,

05:40:56 things like that is where all that comes back from.

05:40:59 The reason that is important is because we'll get that back

05:41:02 and that will be incorporated into the overall plan, but it

05:41:04 also will be given so that the city can use some of that and

05:41:09 get an idea of what the overall neighborhood city-wide, what

05:41:14 folks are also thinking about what kinds of things that they

05:41:17 see their community and their neighborhood needs as well.

05:41:20 So to me that becomes a very valuable piece to the overall

05:41:23 five-year plan, the one-year action plan, as well as often

05:41:28 going annual budget.

05:41:32 And I just told you the advisory committee, and then that's

05:41:37 the end of my presentation.

05:41:41 I'll answer any other questions.

05:41:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

05:41:46 time?

05:41:48 Okay.

05:41:48 This is a public hearing, so we'll ask the public anyone

05:41:54 want to speak on item number 1?

05:41:57 I see no one.

05:41:58 We'll go to item number 2.

05:42:09 >>THOM SNELLING: Did you close the public hearing for number

05:42:11 1, anyway?

05:42:13 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chairman there, was no motion to open.

05:42:18 >>THOM SNELLING: I thought when we started you said you were

05:42:21 opening from items 1 through 4.

05:42:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I don't think so.

05:42:25 >>THOM SNELLING: My apologies.

05:42:26 My bad.

05:42:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's a good motion you made.

05:42:29 [ Laughter ]

05:42:29 I need a motion to open public hearing 1 through 4.

05:42:32 >> So moved.

05:42:33 >> Second.

05:42:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr.

05:42:36 Cohen.

05:42:36 All in favor of the motion?

05:42:38 Opposed nay?

05:42:39 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:42:45 Speak on 1 for a few minutes.

05:42:50 I want to you bring up 1 again, and very briefly.

05:42:52 Very briefly, in a minute.

05:42:54 One minute.

05:42:56 >>THOM SNELLING: Thom Snelling, planning and development,

05:42:58 here to talk about the five-year action plan.

05:43:04 In order to spend the money we received from the federal

05:43:06 dollars primarily through HUD, covering four different

05:43:08 funding sources.

05:43:11 As part of that you will also develop a one-year action plan

05:43:14 from that, which will dictate some of the specific programs

05:43:18 and projects would you like to see happen and what the

05:43:21 community would like to see and I will answer any questions

05:43:22 that you have.

05:43:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a motion to receive the documents

05:43:28 for a workshop.

05:43:28 >> So moved.

05:43:31 >> Second.

05:43:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's on May 17th at 10:00?

05:43:36 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, sir.

05:43:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need that motion made by Mr. Suarez,

05:43:38 the original motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mrs.

05:43:42 Capin, originally motion by Mr. Suarez, and a third motion

05:43:46 by Mr. Cohen.

05:43:47 All in favor of that motion?

05:43:48 I know what I'm doing.

05:43:53 I want to give credit to the people who made it originally.

05:43:57 It's my fault.

05:43:59 All in favor say aye.

05:44:00 Opposed, nay.

05:44:01 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:44:02 Thank you very much.

05:44:03 Need a motion.

05:44:04 Anyone from the public to speak on item number 1 I see no

05:44:11 one.

05:44:12 Motion to close by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.

05:44:16 All in favor?

05:44:17 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:44:20 >>THOM SNELLING: Council, thank you.

05:44:21 I'll get you the information you requested.

05:44:22 >> And just to be clear, we have opened all four?

05:44:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

05:44:32 >> Thank you, sir.

05:44:34 >> Anyone here on item 2, anyone from the administration?

05:44:37 >> Gregory Hart, manager, minority small business

05:44:44 development.

05:44:46 I'm here as staff resource for the public hearing on the

05:44:50 mayor's new initiative for the equal business opportunity

05:44:53 program.

05:44:55 On March 15th, we presented those initiatives to you,

05:44:58 and today we are here for the public hearing.

05:45:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else?

05:45:10 Anything else?

05:45:10 Any question by council members?

05:45:12 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 2?

05:45:16 Come forward.

05:45:16 >> Good evening, council members.

05:45:27 Chair.

05:45:27 My name is James ransom, here representing the Tampa

05:45:32 organization of black affairs, chairman of the economic

05:45:35 development committee.

05:45:37 I want to say to council that we have been made aware of Mr.

05:45:46 Hart's proposal from the mayor's administration.

05:45:48 We think that it appears, it looks like the mayor is going

05:45:51 in the right direction to mandate that his ports are going

05:46:00 to be evaluated in the way they spend the city's money

05:46:04 fairly and equitably.

05:46:05 One of the things we are looking at even more closely is the

05:46:08 term good faith.

05:46:09 So far, good faith doesn't help the certified companies on

05:46:12 this end actually get money spent with them on the other

05:46:16 end.

05:46:17 So at the end of the day all of those companies are looking

05:46:19 for is to be able to actually do business.

05:46:23 Whether they are in a demographic group by race or gender.

05:46:27 In one case on one of the reports I saw the city has spent

05:46:31 20-plus million dollars, in African-American contractors in

05:46:36 that category down about $132,000, and that can be changed

05:46:42 in a strong government formation like the City of Tampa

05:46:45 where the mayor administratively, everyone works under the

05:46:49 mayor.

05:46:50 And we think that the mayor seems to be going in the right

05:46:53 direction here.

05:46:53 We are going to keep monitoring it.

05:46:55 We are going to send to you the same letter that we sent to

05:46:58 the mayor, chief of staff, that outlines our request for

05:47:04 formation of an evaluation component for the mayor to have,

05:47:10 and if you have any questions, once you receive that, please

05:47:13 give me a call.

05:47:14 But, anyway, we wanted to go on record telling you that we

05:47:17 are taking a close look at this.

05:47:18 We think this City Council has shown some recent, very good

05:47:25 leadership in many things that you do, and we think this

05:47:28 mayor seems to be thinking in the right direction.

05:47:30 So we just want to put that on the record.

05:47:34 Does anybody have any questions?

05:47:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions?

05:47:36 That's my job.

05:47:38 Thank you.

05:47:38 [ Laughter ]

05:47:41 Mrs. Montelione?

05:47:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Anson, I raised questions about the

05:47:52 small business, the small local business enterprise program

05:47:56 and I know we are talking more about that year with the WMBE

05:48:01 programs, and I think I understand what you are saying but

05:48:04 let me see if my interpretation is what you mean, because I

05:48:08 have been part of that system.

05:48:10 And what I have experienced is a contract, and the way the

05:48:20 scoring works and those bids being returned to the city, is

05:48:24 this question on have you reached out to the small

05:48:29 businesses and minority businesses that are certified

05:48:32 through the city process?

05:48:34 But often, they say yes, and they get points for reaching

05:48:43 out, but because the subcontractors that they actually use

05:48:46 are ones they have been dealing with and using for business

05:48:50 all along, and the small businesses that they got the points

05:48:55 on never get the work.

05:48:58 Is that clear?

05:49:00 >> Our problem with the good faith piece is that you have

05:49:06 certain business relationships with companies that get

05:49:10 points for the good faith effort.

05:49:11 The problem with the good faith is, good faith is does not

05:49:15 transfer to actually paying the company, that might be the

05:49:21 minority company that the points are to be given for.

05:49:28 For example, you have a city attorney under contract.

05:49:33 Let's say he's got years and years of doing good work for

05:49:36 the city.

05:49:38 They are supposed to bring in minority subcontract attorneys

05:49:40 to work with them under good faith.

05:49:43 They haven't done that.

05:49:44 So the only way to change that is to make good faith convert

05:49:49 to an actual contract with the subcontractor, and then ride

05:49:55 that contract with the prime, and the city monitor

05:49:57 throughout the year that payments are being made from the

05:50:00 prime to the sub, or nothing will change.

05:50:04 Good faith doesn't change to actual money being transferred

05:50:07 to the subcontractor.

05:50:09 You cannot have good faith without actually paying the

05:50:12 subcontractor money.

05:50:15 I'll give you an example.

05:50:17 One of my favorite pizza shops in South Tampa, I love this

05:50:20 place, they joined the South Tampa chamber, and then they

05:50:24 quit.

05:50:25 They stopped paying their membership.

05:50:26 So I met with the South Tampa chamber and asked them if they

05:50:29 understood why the pizza company stopped paying their

05:50:32 membership.

05:50:33 And they said, no we don't know.

05:50:35 We know she's upset.

05:50:37 And I said, listen, she's got to sell pizza to make money in

05:50:41 order to pay her bills and make a living, and then pay your

05:50:44 membership.

05:50:45 So having this doesn't do.

05:50:49 That being certified doesn't do that.

05:50:51 Actually being paid does.

05:50:54 That so that's where we have to close that gap.

05:50:57 And that will change everything.

05:50:59 Yes, that's what we are looking at.

05:51:02 Thank you.

05:51:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else on item number 2?

05:51:06 Thank you all very much.

05:51:07 Item number 3 is a transmittal public hearing.

05:51:12 >> 2?

05:51:16 >> I think 2 was closed.

05:51:19 I need a motion to close.

05:51:21 Mr. Suarez, motion to close.

05:51:22 Second by Mr. Cohen.

05:51:23 All in favor say aye.

05:51:26 Item number 3.

05:51:27 Yes, sir.

05:51:29 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

05:51:30 Could you please also open number 4?

05:51:33 Number 4 will be part of the transmittal hearing.

05:51:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 1 through 4 was open.

05:51:39 That means they are both open.

05:51:41 >>TONY GARCIA: Thank you, sir.

05:51:43 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.

05:51:45 We have before you this evening two plan amendments, both

05:51:48 text amendments both initiated by the City of Tampa the

05:51:51 first one before you on the mole, the comprehensive plan,

05:51:58 PA-11-03, a policy regarding the Seminole Heights flex

05:52:03 provision, presented in front of the Planning Commission

05:52:05 staff on January 9, 2,012,012th.

05:52:08 Planning Commission staff found it consistent with the

05:52:11 comprehensive plan.

05:52:11 Let me briefly give you a few of the facts regarding the

05:52:15 particular request.

05:52:15 The reason for the request was as I said before, was initial

05:52:20 by the City of Tampa to recognize properties, rezoned using

05:52:23 the flex provision from Seminole Heights to zoning

05:52:28 conformance process conducted in 1987, to recognize this by

05:52:31 the creation of a policy that I will show you subsequently

05:52:34 to facilitate the implementation of the greater Seminole

05:52:37 Heights vision plan which you all have adopted, and you also

05:52:40 have adopted certain policies which are already integrated

05:52:43 in the comprehensive plan.

05:52:45 To give you a little bit of background, there are about 08

05:52:48 properties in the Seminole Heights area, and because you are

05:52:50 going to have different zoning districts created, which is

05:52:55 prefix with an SH on them now, these districts are already

05:53:00 recognized and are agreed to through the zoning component

05:53:03 process of 1987, between the property owners and the City of

05:53:06 Tampa, recognizing that the properties were flexed, and the

05:53:11 flex provision which is not used anymore, it was ceased in

05:53:15 the early 1990s, was to guarantee thousand flex a zoning

05:53:19 district 150 feet.

05:53:20 So those properties that were given in this flex provision

05:53:24 of 1987, the policy is just to recognize, since you are

05:53:27 going to be changing the prefixes for the new zoning

05:53:31 districts for Seminole Heights, this is just to guarantee

05:53:33 what these people already were promised in 1987.

05:53:35 So that's basically the crux of the policy.

05:53:40 So the policy reads like this.

05:53:41 The city shall establish specific Seminole Heights zoning

05:53:45 districts in conformance with the vision plan and Tampa

05:53:47 comprehensive plan.

05:53:49 Any property within the Seminole Heights urban village that

05:53:51 was zoned and considered conforming under the flex provision

05:53:54 which I have already explained to you, which is in chapter

05:53:57 9, may be zoned to a specific Seminole Heights zoning

05:54:00 district.

05:54:01 It's got that SH prefix it.

05:54:10 It's already given to these properties and not reducing any

05:54:12 of their development potential.

05:54:16 So the staff did recommend the Planning Commission find

05:54:21 Tampa comprehensive plan amendment 1103 consistent with the

05:54:23 comprehensive plan, and we have forwarded this

05:54:25 recommendation to you for consideration of transmittal per

05:54:28 state and regional review.

05:54:30 Thank you.

05:54:30 That concludes my presentation to you.

05:54:34 Do I have any questions from council?

05:54:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Not at this time.

05:54:40 >>TONY GARCIA: Thank you, sir.

05:54:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You will in a few minute in the next

05:54:46 portion.

05:54:47 All right.

05:54:47 Thank you very much.

05:54:48 I need a motion.

05:54:53 Well, transmittal you do that also?

05:54:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If anybody wants to speak it is a public

05:55:00 hearing.

05:55:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Does anyone want to speak on item number

05:55:02 3?

05:55:03 I see no one.

05:55:06 Need a motion to close.

05:55:07 >> Motion to close.

05:55:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mr.

05:55:13 Suarez.

05:55:13 All in favor?

05:55:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:55:15 I need a motion to transmit item number 3.

05:55:18 I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

05:55:23 All in favor of that motion indicate by saying aye.

05:55:26 Opposed nay.

05:55:27 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:55:29 Mr. Garcia, number 4.

05:55:32 Oh, not Mr. Garcia.

05:55:37 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: Surprise.

05:55:37 Rose Petrucha, planning staff, PA-11-04, initiated by the

05:55:46 staff, City of Tampa, and this is related to the major

05:55:49 public semi-public of the future land use element.

05:55:53 This amendment is proposing a little bit of text change as

05:55:57 well as proposing three new policies which is going to

05:56:01 clarify the use of this category.

05:56:03 The reason for this text amendment is to establish a policy

05:56:06 guideline for defining the intensity and density associated

05:56:10 with this category, as well as to offer protection to the

05:56:13 character of the neighborhood.

05:56:17 The text amendment will be amending some of the text within

05:56:23 the land use element.

05:56:24 It's going define some uses as primary purposes, and it will

05:56:28 define the density intensity associated with the category.

05:56:32 And that is clarified through three proposed new policies.

05:56:42 Proposed policy 21.1.7.

05:57:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The Elmo just stopped.

05:57:06 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: Thank you.

05:57:12 The first policy is to recognize the existing uses within

05:57:17 that category that were established prior to the adoption of

05:57:20 this particular comprehensive plan of February 9th,

05:57:24 2009, but those pieces will be considered conforming.

05:57:31 The new proposed policy 21.1.8 define that maximum allowable

05:57:38 intensity and density of that category will be guided by the

05:57:42 most intensive future land use categories that is adjacent

05:57:45 to that property.

05:57:46 It also provides provisions of higher intensity and density

05:57:51 can be considered by the Tampa City Council, provided that

05:57:53 it will conform to criteria, more intensive development, and

05:57:57 redevelopment, and that criteria will be defined in the Land

05:58:01 Development Code.

05:58:02 And it is also stated in here that the development and

05:58:06 redevelopment must ensure that the uses be located in a

05:58:10 design and compatible man we are the neighboring uses.

05:58:16 And then the third policy that is proposed, 21.1.9 states

05:58:24 that any use that's going to be developed within that

05:58:26 category must be developed in a manner that will be

05:58:29 compatible with community character of the surrounding areas

05:58:33 and will minimize the visual and environmental impact.

05:58:36 And again, any specific regulations would be within the Land

05:58:40 Development Code.

05:58:41 This was presented to the Planning Commission at a public

05:58:44 hearing on January 9th.

05:58:48 This amendment was worked with the City of Tampa staff and

05:58:50 they concurred with the proposed wording of the policy.

05:58:55 And the Planning Commission did find the proposed amendment

05:58:58 consistent, and we recommend to you the transmittal of this

05:59:02 for state and regional review.

05:59:04 Thank you.

05:59:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:59:06 Any questions by council members at this time?

05:59:08 Ms. Mulhern?

05:59:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, all of these policies actually, have

05:59:16 they been presented to neighborhood associations, to

05:59:22 T.H.A.N. or --?

05:59:29 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: The neighborhood associations were aware of

05:59:31 our public hearings.

05:59:33 We did work with city staff.

05:59:34 I believe we did receive some comments from the various

05:59:37 neighborhoods but we did not receive any type of objections.

05:59:40 >>MARY MULHERN: No objections to that 21.1.8 where the

05:59:47 highest density is automatically granted -- or I'm sorry,

05:59:52 the highest intensity is automatically granted?

05:59:56 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: The intent of this policy is the future

06:00:00 land use categories that are surrounding the public

06:00:02 category, that those are the future land use categories that

06:00:07 will be utilized for the guidance of any type of

06:00:09 development.

06:00:10 In other words, the F.A.R. of the land use that's around

06:00:13 there is to be used for review.

06:00:16 It can't be any higher than that.

06:00:20 Preferred is for some reason -- I'll give you an example.

06:00:24 Say there's an elementary school, and it is no longer being

06:00:27 used as an elementary school, and someone is interested in

06:00:30 converting that to perhaps elderly housing, assisted housing

06:00:36 facility.

06:00:37 That might require a little higher density than the

06:00:39 surrounding residential land uses.

06:00:41 But the provisions for the consideration of that would be

06:00:44 granted to you to make that consideration for a

06:00:48 redevelopment project.

06:00:50 It's not an automatic guarantee that that would be

06:00:52 considered.

06:00:54 In other words, any type of use or development must utilize

06:00:58 the surrounding land use land specifications for the

06:01:03 consideration of the F.A.R.

06:01:04 Not anything higher than that.

06:01:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

06:01:09 But we see different land use categories could be abutting a

06:01:16 property that's public/semi-public, so this language reads

06:01:22 to me that the maximum allowable intensity shall be guided

06:01:31 by the most intensive FLU category -- you are saying it

06:01:35 should be guided by the most intensive?

06:01:39 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: The intent is for guidance of an F.A.R.

06:01:42 that they can utilize joining land use category as

06:01:47 limitations for F.A.R.

06:01:48 >>MARY MULHERN: More than one land use category.

06:01:54 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: That's correct.

06:01:55 >>MARY MULHERN: That's my problem.

06:01:57 >>TONY GARCIA: Ms. Muscle American, if I may.

06:02:01 Public/semi-public has no cap.

06:02:05 Currently has no cap.

06:02:06 The reason for putting these provisions in is to ensure that

06:02:09 a cap, in some way, can be reached based on the surrounding

06:02:13 character of that particular parcel.

06:02:15 For example, this parcel, fits public/semi-public, or wants

06:02:21 to go there, and let's say it's surrounded by residential

06:02:25 10, residential 20, residential 35, what can't be taken into

06:02:31 consideration is a residential 35 or something thereof, but

06:02:36 what you are doing Sur actually setting a cap where there is

06:02:38 no cap prevent presently.

06:02:40 So you are using the code around to show whatever it

06:02:45 becomes, the F.A.R. is in character with the F.A.R. of the

06:02:48 abutting properties.

06:02:49 So there's a protection by doing that.

06:02:52 >>MARY MULHERN: That doesn't sound like a cap to me.

06:02:55 It sound like entitlement to have the higher intensity.

06:03:03 I mean, we see a typical public/semi-public would be a

06:03:09 church or school and they are surrounded by different land

06:03:12 use categories.

06:03:15 >>TONY GARCIA: Again, there is no cap on public/semi-public.

06:03:18 This whole exercise is to create criteria to allow a process

06:03:22 to create and establish a cap, where there is no cap in this

06:03:26 area.

06:03:28 Public SLB semi-public as it is now without these policies

06:03:33 has no ceiling for intensity or density.

06:03:35 This will establish a criteria to establish a cap, in

06:03:39 character with the surrounding land use categories.

06:03:42 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know, well, maybe --

06:03:49 >>TONY GARCIA: It was found in agreement and consistent with

06:03:51 your city staff.

06:03:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:03:53 Anyone in the audience care to speak to this item, item

06:03:55 number 4?

06:03:58 One more time, anyone in the audience dire speak on item

06:04:00 number 4?

06:04:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to close.

06:04:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, seconded by

06:04:08 Mr. Suarez.

06:04:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:04:10 I need a motion to transmit.

06:04:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll make the motion to remove the

06:04:17 resolution and transmit.

06:04:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion from Mrs. Montelione for

06:04:22 transmittal, second by Mr. Suarez.

06:04:23 All in favor?

06:04:24 Opposed?

06:04:26 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:04:27 Thank you all very much.

06:04:28 We are going to take a five-minute recess and we will be

06:04:31 back for the 6:00.

06:04:33 Well, it will be 6:04 really.

06:04:39 (Recess)


06:17:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

06:17:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

06:17:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

06:17:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

06:17:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

06:17:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are going to open items 5 through 12.

06:18:02 I need a motion for that.

06:18:03 And then Abbye will come up.

06:18:06 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by Mr. Cohen.

06:18:09 All in favor?

06:18:10 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:18:11 Also, these are quasi-judicial proceedings so anyone in the

06:18:17 audience who is going to speak on any item 5 through 12 will

06:18:20 have to get sworn in.

06:18:25 If you are going speak on items 5 through 12 that includes

06:18:28 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

06:18:32 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:18:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:18:47 I believe everything with the exception of item number 8,

06:18:51 item number 8, Z 12-13 located 1217, I have rescheduled with

06:19:05 the clerk for the May 10 public hearing.

06:19:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is anyone here to speak to item number 8?

06:19:12 That hearing will not be heard tonight.

06:19:14 It will be heard May 10 at 6:00 p.m.

06:19:18 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Number 9, also.

06:19:34 It has been rescheduled for the May 10th public hearing

06:19:37 at 6:00 p.m.

06:19:38 And that's at 2122 west Mohawk, 2115, 2119, 2131 west

06:19:46 Hillsborough Avenue.

06:19:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's item number 9.

06:19:49 Anyone that came specifically for item number 9, it will not

06:19:54 be heard tonight, it will be heard on May 10th at 6 p.m.

06:19:58 I need a motion to move these to two to may 10th.

06:20:04 Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.

06:20:07 Please signify by saying aye.

06:20:09 Opposed nay.

06:20:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:20:11 All right.

06:20:12 First on the agenda is item number 5.

06:20:30 >>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination.

06:20:31 I have been sworn.

06:20:32 I'm here on item number 5 which is case C-12-05 related to

06:20:37 item number 6, S-2 application in front of you, case

06:20:42 V-12-88, and the S-2 is contingent on the vacating being

06:20:49 approved.

06:20:49 Petitioner is requesting to vacate a north-south unimproved

06:20:53 alley running from forest Avenue to Bryan street between

06:20:59 Nebraska and Mitchell Avenue.

06:21:02 The alley north-south is highlighted in yellow. For the

06:21:05 record, 275 to the west.

06:21:18 Here is a picture of the alley nothing north on forest

06:21:21 Avenue, and south on Bryan Street.

06:21:24 There's a couple of pictures of the petitioner's property.

06:21:27 This is looking east from Mitchell Avenue.

06:21:31 This is looking east from Mitchell Avenue.

06:21:34 Staff has no objection to this vacating Q.petitioner has

06:21:38 agreed to wastewater conditions.

06:21:40 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:21:44 There is a special use that runs with this vacating for a

06:21:47 commercial offstreet parking lot so I would like to present

06:21:50 that case now if you would consider both items together.

06:21:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:21:54 5 and 6 are the ones that we are going to speak on.

06:21:57 They are both open so we'll go 5 and 6 together.

06:22:00 However, 6 won't pass, I guarantee you, unless 5 passes.

06:22:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: You are absolutely corrects sir.

06:22:09 The special use request before you this evening is 2802 to

06:22:12 2808 north Nebraska Avenue, is for off-street commercial

06:22:17 parking.

06:22:18 And the applicant is proposing a parking lot that will serve

06:22:21 the commercial general portion along Nebraska and the

06:22:25 vacated, soon to be vacate order potentially vacated

06:22:30 alleyway that runs down the north-south of the property.

06:22:36 Jimmy showed that to you.

06:22:38 Will provide the connection, make this one zoning lot

06:22:43 together.

06:22:44 There's a total of 15 parking spaces that are being proposed

06:22:48 in the special use portion of this site.

06:22:51 The site plan that you see does show you the whole block

06:22:54 functioning including the proposed retail.

06:22:56 This is along Nebraska Avenue.

06:22:58 This is one of the urban villages in our comprehensive plan,

06:23:03 and therefore the building is pushed up to the front at

06:23:05 Nebraska, and the parking is in the side, in the rear.

06:23:09 The 15 parking spaces seems shown to the back.

06:23:21 I'll let Tony go ahead and present on the comprehensive

06:23:23 plan, and then I will come back and show you some

06:23:26 photographs of the site and the zoning ath atlas to you as

06:23:29 well.

06:23:32 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

06:23:33 I have been sworn in.

06:23:34 She just was getting into the -- wanting to do the

06:23:38 presentation.

06:23:39 It's real nice of her to let me have a couple of words.

06:23:44 To make it real simple for the cases before you this

06:23:47 evening, all the cases are in the central planning district,

06:23:51 which fits right into what we want to do with the comp plan.

06:23:54 So this particular property, to give you some context, is

06:23:57 located just a block north of the intersection of Nebraska

06:23:59 and Columbus drive.

06:24:01 The land use categories along Nebraska are predominantly

06:24:04 community mixed use 35.

06:24:06 That's your pink color, and also the dark brown color is

06:24:11 residential 20.

06:24:12 As you can see, the subject site does consistent of two land

06:24:15 use categories, community mixed use 35 along Nebraska, and

06:24:19 as you go westwardly away from Nebraska, residential 206789

06:24:23 this is where the special use really is taking into effect.

06:24:27 You have to take the whole site into account.

06:24:28 This is where the parking will be.

06:24:30 This already is CG right here.

06:24:32 So you can have a variety of use allowed on that particular

06:24:37 site.

06:24:37 The special use will allow for the parking spaces that Ms.

06:24:40 Feeley already addressed.

06:24:42 This will give you some context of where the area is, just

06:24:45 east of the -- just northeast of the junction that separates

06:24:50 this particular area from the downtown area.

06:24:56 The Planning Commission staff found the proposed request for

06:24:58 the special use temporary parking consistent with the

06:25:00 comprehensive plan.

06:25:01 Thank you.

06:25:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:25:06 To up where Tony left off, the zoning atlas and the comp

06:25:12 plan future land use, Tony just showed you that pink, all

06:25:17 the way back to the back of this block is where this

06:25:20 commercial general corridor actually picks up and follows

06:25:24 north-south.

06:25:30 Forest Avenue to the south, Bryan street to the north,

06:25:34 Nebraska Avenue to the east.

06:25:44 I do have some photos to show you.

06:25:48 This site is currently vacant.

06:25:50 This picture is looking west from Nebraska.

06:25:56 This is from the southeast corner looking back northwest.

06:26:03 This is the property to the south of forest.

06:26:07 This is looking from forest north.

06:26:10 This is looking from Mitchell back toward Nebraska.

06:26:20 This is looking from Nebraska down forest.

06:26:23 This is looking north on Mitchell, northwest.

06:26:29 There are single-family residences along that street.

06:26:37 This is to the north of the site.

06:26:40 This is also to the north.

06:26:43 This is looking north on Nebraska.

06:26:45 South on Nebraska.

06:26:47 I think that's it.

06:26:53 Staff has reviewed the special use request in accordance

06:26:56 with the code of ordinances and does find it consistent.

06:26:59 There are no modifications needed to the site plan being

06:27:02 proposed before you this evening.

06:27:04 I have provided for your review the special use criteria,

06:27:09 two, three and four of your staff report.

06:27:14 There is one waiver being requested, and that is to allow

06:27:18 the parking lot to extend more than 100 feet from the use

06:27:20 that it serves.

06:27:22 It's 113 feet in depth, 10 feet of that is the alley that

06:27:26 will be vacated.

06:27:28 So that is where you are in context to the special use

06:27:31 criteria.

06:27:33 I'm available for any questions.

06:27:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:27:37 Is petitioner here?

06:27:38 >> Good evening.

06:27:46 I'm Robin Kendall, 7815 N. Dale Mabry Highway, and I have

06:27:51 been sworn.

06:27:53 Basically, we just need to Pa put a parking lot in and build

06:27:58 a retail store.

06:27:59 I can answer any questions.

06:28:02 We agree to the conditions of the alley vacation from the

06:28:07 solid waste department or the sanitary sewer department.

06:28:10 If I can answer any questions.

06:28:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:28:13 time?

06:28:14 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

06:28:16 number 5?

06:28:18 Please come forward.

06:28:19 >> My name is Kim Hadland, I live at 1001 east 24th

06:28:32 Avenue, and I'm the president of the VM Ybor Neighborhood

06:28:34 Association, and we received the two required good

06:28:38 neighborhood notification letters regarding these two issues

06:28:41 and at our April 4th neighborhood association meeting we

06:28:44 discussed this, and the community and the board voted

06:28:47 unanimously to oppose these requests.

06:28:51 While we greatly support any economic development along the

06:28:55 Nebraska Avenue corridor, there were several really big red

06:29:00 flags that went off for our community and residents in close

06:29:04 proximity to this.

06:29:06 The first is that this is taking up an entire city block in

06:29:10 our neighborhood.

06:29:11 There's no other CG parcel that takes up an entire block and

06:29:16 forces parking to occur on both Nebraska Avenue and on

06:29:20 Mitchell, which is a residential street.

06:29:23 Those properties that face Mitchell will now face a parking

06:29:27 lot, where the intent, I don't think, long ago was ever to

06:29:31 have those residences facing a parking lot.

06:29:35 The access to the parking lot is limited to narrow side

06:29:39 streets, Bryan and forest Avenue there, was concern about

06:29:44 increased traffic on those two side streets.

06:29:49 Belong walls towards Nebraska Avenue and Bryan street and

06:29:51 ended up completely inconsistent with that historic

06:29:55 commercial corridor in the area, and the north suburban

06:30:00 development, that entrance faces inward on the lot towards

06:30:03 the new parking.

06:30:05 Residents question the amount of parking required and also

06:30:07 the minimal buffering required for those residents on

06:30:10 Mitchell Avenue.

06:30:11 There's the eight-foot minimum required buffer there.

06:30:15 And again, I wanted to reinforce that every commercial

06:30:21 property along that strip in our community does not take a

06:30:24 whole city block, even renting and checkers don't take an

06:30:29 entire city block for parking and force residential

06:30:33 properties to medley face parking.

06:30:35 So on behalf of the VM eBay neighborhood association we ask

06:30:41 that council deny the request and encourage a more

06:30:43 appropriate urban design solution, and meeting overlay

06:30:49 requirements.

06:30:49 Thank you.

06:30:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:30:51 Next, please.

06:30:52 >> Janet Howard.

06:30:56 And I have not been sworn.

06:30:57 My address is 812 east Bryan street.

06:31:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before we go any further, anyone else in

06:31:04 the audience who wishes to speak tonight who has not been

06:31:07 sworn?

06:31:08 Has to be sworn.

06:31:09 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:31:11 >> Yes, sir.

06:31:19 I came to the meeting tonight because I'm a resident on

06:31:24 Bryan street, 812-6789 it is directly where the alley that

06:31:29 they want business to vacate.

06:31:31 I have a small child, several small children in the area.

06:31:35 I believe that any commercial parking, off-street parking in

06:31:38 that area will hinder, you know, child play, also endanger

06:31:44 these children, because the roadway is pretty much the main

06:31:48 area where they play at, and that actual area, you know,

06:31:52 stops traffic from coming through and, you know, small

06:31:56 children running across the street, they don't have to worry

06:31:58 about a lot of traffic going down.

06:32:01 Furthermore, being that I am a resident in that area, and

06:32:06 staying there for a long time, I see safety issues in

06:32:09 regards to them, taking that alley, or cutting it off in a

06:32:14 manner that would hinder my neighbors who are in the back of

06:32:19 me from seeing what's going on.

06:32:22 I'm sure that that alley has been there for over 20 years,

06:32:28 and I don't see any need there should be any vacating of it

06:32:33 or any off-street commercial property because -- parking

06:32:36 because it will not help Nebraska Avenue.

06:32:38 Right now, there's only, I believe, a linen store on the

06:32:41 other side.

06:32:42 And there's no commercial parking in that area.

06:32:46 So I don't think -- I certainly wish that the City Council

06:32:50 oppose and object to this change.

06:32:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:32:54 Next, please.

06:32:54 >> Kelly Bailey, 2701 North 9th Street.

06:33:01 First I would like to speak for Terry Grinsdale who also

06:33:05 resides at 2701 north 9th street.

06:33:08 He would like me in his absence state his opposition to the

06:33:12 plan for family dollar at the corner of 17th, or between

06:33:17 forest and, whatever, Bryan along Nebraska Avenue.

06:33:21 I would also like to express my opposition to the

06:33:24 development of family dollar and the variances that they are

06:33:27 requesting in our neighborhood.

06:33:29 The design presented is not at all in keeping with the

06:33:31 historic fabric in our neighborhood that is along Nebraska

06:33:35 Avenue, going through VM Ybor.

06:33:37 This would also encompass an entire block, ingress and

06:33:43 egress to the parking lot really concerned me.

06:33:45 There are homes that directly face where those driveways

06:33:50 will be placed.

06:33:52 All the other properties along Nebraska Avenue have the

06:33:55 entryway mostly along Nebraska Avenue, if there are any

06:34:00 commercial properties.

06:34:03 I also do not approve of the plan with the back it of the

06:34:08 building facing Nebraska.

06:34:09 That is not at all in keeping of the historic area in which

06:34:15 we reside.

06:34:17 I'm concerned about the traffic, like I said, on the side

06:34:20 streets.

06:34:21 I'm sorry, I'm not as organized as I usually am when

06:34:24 speaking buff.

06:34:25 I go by this area because of the historic feel and I really

06:34:29 thought that we would move into a better direction.

06:34:31 I think this is moving us away from our goals as a community

06:34:36 to really preserve this historic fabric.

06:34:39 I am asking you to please do right by our neighborhood in

06:34:42 this case and in our struggles and deny the variance request

06:34:50 for the vacating of the alley and also for the waiver on the

06:34:52 parking.

06:34:53 Thank you.

06:34:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:34:54 Anyone else in the audience dire speak on item number 5?

06:34:58 Petitioner for rebuttal?

06:34:59 >> You know, we did notice everybody.

06:35:06 We have not heard back from anybody on any concerns.

06:35:09 Of this.

06:35:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Did you reach out to them?

06:35:12 Did you call the neighborhood organization?

06:35:14 >> No, sir, did we not.

06:35:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Then it's a halfway/halfway.

06:35:18 I'm not blaming anyone.

06:35:20 I'm saying I understand what reaching out S.

06:35:23 >> Okay.

06:35:25 A couple of the items in the buffer areas, I mean, we are

06:35:30 meeting the code for the buffers, all the buffers.

06:35:32 The driveway.

06:35:33 The reason we have the driveway on Bryan, or on forest, is

06:35:40 because D.O.T. will not allow an access onto forest.

06:35:44 And the only access on Bryan is a right-out only, which is

06:35:49 to service solid waste, garbage trucks.

06:35:54 There's no other way we can put access out here.

06:35:57 The store itself is not a typical -- a typical store.

06:36:05 I mean, we have improved that store.

06:36:13 You can see the front of the store, the side and rear of the

06:36:16 store.

06:36:17 It's not your typical metal building.

06:36:19 I mean, it's a nice store.

06:36:22 It's an improvement over what's typically put out there.

06:36:31 The alley right now serves no purpose.

06:36:33 It's not paved.

06:36:36 You know, there's a sanitary sewer main in there that's in

06:36:40 very poor condition, with the vacation of the alley will be

06:36:43 reimbursing the city for the cost of that main.

06:36:49 I think this will be an asset to the -- to that site as a

06:36:55 whole.

06:36:56 I can answer any questions.

06:36:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:36:58 time?

06:37:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't have a question of you, sir, but

06:37:02 I have a question of staff, and particularly Ms. Cole.

06:37:13 From what I understand from what's in our packet in the

06:37:15 staff report, we are considering the vacation of an alley,

06:37:21 and I heard a lot about the store.

06:37:27 This is not a PD.

06:37:30 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

06:37:33 That is correct.

06:37:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we are not looking at the siting of

06:37:39 the store, the direction of the store.

06:37:41 We are just considering the vacation of this alley at this

06:37:44 point.

06:37:44 >>JULIA COLE: Tough alley right now, and then you also have

06:37:52 the special use, which, if approved, would allow a use of

06:38:00 the property as a commercial parking lot to serve the

06:38:03 adjacent parcel, which is zoned CG, and does have the

06:38:08 allowability for a variety of CG use.

06:38:14 You are only looking at the special use for the parking and

06:38:17 also the vacation of the alley.

06:38:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is there anything related to --

06:38:23 >>JULIA COLE: Other than the fact that there is a

06:38:25 commercial use that is allowed on the property, which is

06:38:27 abutting Nebraska, that is not what's in front of you today.

06:38:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:38:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further questions by council members?

06:38:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: For the petitioner, sir.

06:38:43 In terms of the -- obviously all we are looking at is that

06:38:48 back piece.

06:38:48 When you were designing it, are there any studies, or do you

06:38:51 do any studies to look at the traffic flow and how to do it?

06:38:56 I know that with it being CG, it's a little bit different.

06:38:59 But -- I mean, basically, this is our main access point

06:39:12 right here.

06:39:15 As far as the studies, no.

06:39:18 We have a small piece of property that it's very, very

06:39:21 tight.

06:39:22 And this is the only way we can get in here, because D.O.T.

06:39:25 will not grant any access over here.

06:39:27 We would like access over here, but they are not granting it

06:39:30 to us.

06:39:32 The only -- from about here back is the area that we want

06:39:37 the special use on.

06:39:39 You know, this is our only parking right there.

06:39:42 This is pond and all of this is buffer nor residential back

06:39:48 here.

06:39:51 I hope that answers your question.

06:39:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's a little bit different because we are

06:39:57 just putting in CG on one part of it, and we are fronting --

06:40:03 aren't we changing the back part to CG?

06:40:06 I'm sorry, not CG but allowing the use for the parking,

06:40:09 correct?

06:40:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:40:11 The CG on the front is all existing.

06:40:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, narcs I know that.

06:40:15 I know that.

06:40:15 >> It would just ab special use --

06:40:18 >> I apologize for the misuse of the terminology.

06:40:20 I apologize.

06:40:22 The reason I was asking is because a lost times when we are

06:40:25 looking at zoning, in particular when we are using

06:40:31 residential streets for ingress and egress, a lot of times,

06:40:36 a lot of what I look at, war the safety factors coming into

06:40:41 neighborhoods, and sometimes we have access from a major

06:40:44 arterial road, and in this case we don't.

06:40:54 Now, obviously he can't change this in any way to make it

06:40:59 stick based on the uses and everything else there, correct?

06:41:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:41:04 There's a couple different things going on, on this site.

06:41:08 One is the denied access on Nebraska by FDOT.

06:41:11 Okay.

06:41:14 The other is the solid waste service, and maneuvering by the

06:41:17 solid waste vehicles to access the site.

06:41:20 And the third is really the depth of the CG shows to the

06:41:32 south here, the interfaces there, and this is where you have

06:41:35 your full access on the site plan.

06:41:37 You have an in and out here.

06:41:39 Up here you have an out only.

06:41:41 And that out is channeliesed back to Nebraska.

06:41:43 It's not a full access as shown on his site plan here.

06:41:51 So here you will see in and out.

06:41:53 Here you see out only with that right directing back to

06:41:56 Nebraska, because in our overlay district such as Westshore,

06:42:01 Kennedy, the requirement is that 08% of your parking be

06:42:04 placed in the side or the rear.

06:42:06 And so this design would actually succumb to many of the

06:42:12 overlays we have on our major corridors that would promote

06:42:17 the building being brought out, and did he show you some of

06:42:20 the building.

06:42:21 The building is not in question here today.

06:42:23 What is in question is whether or not these spaces as he

06:42:26 showed you, because it can be placed in residential the way

06:42:31 it is now.

06:42:32 Your retention could be there.

06:42:34 So this time here that spans more than either nine feet in

06:42:39 depth, that's 25 feet right there plus your eight-foot

06:42:44 buffer is 32 feet.

06:42:45 This is 32 feet in depth until you are going to reach this

06:42:50 parking and solid waste enclosures there.

06:42:53 And down here would be the eight spaces that is being shown

06:42:58 to be located.

06:42:59 There's only 15 that are located here.

06:43:01 The remaining are locate up front.

06:43:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What's the reason for D.O.T. denying access

06:43:08 from Nebraska?

06:43:09 You don't know?

06:43:11 >> I don't No. I'm sorry.

06:43:12 They do try to limit the number of driveways for safety, and

06:43:17 because of spacing, so it probably had something to do with

06:43:20 streets, the amount of spacing, and would actually become a

06:43:24 safety issue for them.

06:43:25 I'm not exactly sure.

06:43:29 I know, I'm not --

06:43:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's okay.

06:43:31 Thank you, chair.

06:43:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council member?

06:43:34 Okay.

06:43:36 The public has been heard. The petitioner had his rebuttal

06:43:39 time.

06:43:40 Anyone else?

06:43:41 Need a motion to close.

06:43:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Motion to close.

06:43:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Mulhern to close.

06:43:48 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:43:51 Opposed, nay.

06:43:51 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:43:56 What's the pleasure of the council?

06:43:57 Who wants this ordinance?

06:43:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll move approval of this item.

06:44:08 Item number V-12-88 -- I'm sorry.

06:44:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please read the ordinance.

06:44:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, thank you.

06:44:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I'm sorry. Did you want to

06:44:22 take up item 5 first?

06:44:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

06:44:25 Because without 5, there is no 6.

06:44:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's why I was correcting myself to

06:44:29 take 5.

06:44:31 An ordinance vacating closing, discontinuing and abandoning

06:44:36 an alleyway east -- east of east of Mitchell street and

06:44:41 south of Bryan Avenue and north of forest Avenue in

06:44:45 Centralia subdivision a subdivision in the City of Tampa,

06:44:48 Hillsborough County the same being more fully described in

06:44:51 section 1 hereof authorizing the mayor to execute and the

06:44:55 city clerk to attest an indemnity agreement and bill of sale

06:45:00 transferring title to related wastewater facilities

06:45:05 providing an effective date.

06:45:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Cohen.

06:45:08 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

06:45:10 Opposed, nay.

06:45:12 Motion passes 5-1.

06:45:13 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick being absent and

06:45:17 Mulhern voting.

06:45:18 No second reading and adoption will be hemmed on May 3rd

06:45:23 at 9:30 a.m.

06:45:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go now to public hearing number 6.

06:45:31 We already made the same testimony.

06:45:35 >> Yes, sir, did we both presentations.

06:45:39 V-12-88, for the 15-space parking.

06:45:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, petitioner?

06:45:45 >> Same.

06:45:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now it's the same but at least say

06:45:51 something.

06:45:53 One is the alley and the other is the special use.

06:45:55 >> Okay.

06:45:58 Basically a special use to allow 15 parking spaces on a

06:46:02 residentially zoned piece of property to service the

06:46:05 commercial piece of property for the proposed family dollar.

06:46:09 I can answer any questions.

06:46:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

06:46:12 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 6?

06:46:15 Please come forward.

06:46:25 >> I have already been sworn.

06:46:28 This again, the fact that there are almost three or four

06:46:32 family dollars within a half mile radius of this property --

06:46:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: May I?

06:46:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Certainly, Ms. Montelione.

06:46:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When we look at applications for zonings

06:46:48 or special use applications, we cannot take into account any

06:46:51 economic type of circumstances.

06:46:54 All we can look at are the rules and regulations of the code

06:46:57 and whether or not --

06:46:58 >> So there's no code for the families with children around

06:47:01 that area?

06:47:03 There's in a code for that?

06:47:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Everyone has got children in the

06:47:09 neighborhood.

06:47:11 >> Are your children in that neighborhood?

06:47:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not going to debate you.

06:47:16 I will tell you one time.

06:47:17 I am not going to debate you.

06:47:19 We are listening to the evidence and this council made a

06:47:21 finding of fact that all we can do -- now what?

06:47:24 When you have zonings, let me tell you what happens.

06:47:27 50% of you leave unhappy.

06:47:29 The other 50% leave somewhat happy.

06:47:32 And if you all come back, the one that left somewhat happy

06:47:35 will come back and be unhappy.

06:47:37 So if you both come back next month 100 percent of you will

06:47:40 be unhappy.

06:47:41 That's all I can tell you.

06:47:42 We live in an unhappy world.

06:47:44 >> This is a historical landmark area.

06:47:55 It should be made for the purpose of that.

06:47:58 A family dollar or off-street parking, commercial parking,

06:48:02 does not fit with the historical outlook of that area.

06:48:09 That is the concern: It's been that way basically because

06:48:12 of thousand whose houses were made there, because they are

06:48:17 single-family houses, because there are children in those

06:48:20 single-family houses.

06:48:20 So all of that plays a part into what is done in the zoning

06:48:23 of that.

06:48:25 You all have your rights of what you want to do but we have

06:48:30 our rights and that's what you have given me.

06:48:33 Thank you.

06:48:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:48:35 Let me say this, and I think I speak on behalf of the

06:48:38 council.

06:48:38 No one here is to take anyone's rights away.

06:48:41 You are entitled to come here and speak and that's exactly

06:48:44 what we are doing.

06:48:44 And that's exactly way said earlier.

06:48:46 Next, please.

06:48:47 >> Kim Headland, president of the VM Ybor neighborhood.

06:48:56 The backside of that parcel that's zoned for residential is

06:49:01 zoned residential.

06:49:01 So it's those houses, used to say houses, and it's

06:49:07 unfortunate that we are at a point here where that entire

06:49:09 city block will be taken, those houses will now face

06:49:13 parking.

06:49:14 Yes, it's 30 feet back, and a minimal buffer.

06:49:19 And I'm sorry, there is no other parcel on Nebraska Avenue,

06:49:24 other commercial property on Nebraska Avenue, that has taken

06:49:27 over an entire city block.

06:49:30 Renting, checkers, all of those parcels were able to

06:49:33 accommodate and do what they needed to do without creating

06:49:39 special uses on residential property.

06:49:45 There's been no contact here, there's been no working with

06:49:47 the neighborhood, there's been no working with the immediate

06:49:50 neighbors short of posting a sign.

06:49:52 And the plans that come before you today has met with

06:49:57 unanimous opposition by the community.

06:49:58 Thank you.

06:50:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:50:01 Next, please.

06:50:01 >> Kelly Bailey again, 2701 north ninth street. I am just

06:50:06 begging to you please help preserve our historic fabric.

06:50:10 Those blocks were -- lots were residential lots, probably as

06:50:15 far back as the records were kept in the City of Tampa.

06:50:18 There is no way our neighborhood is ever going to improve

06:50:21 and start getting back to the historic fabric.

06:50:25 It keeps getting chipped off in these little parcels are

06:50:28 being used for things that are not in keeping of the

06:50:32 neighborhood.

06:50:33 These are residential lots, and I'm sorry if the man bought

06:50:39 the property.

06:50:40 He was an investor.

06:50:41 He bought this parcel.

06:50:43 His plan was to market it all along as a planned development

06:50:46 from what I understand when I used to be in real estate.

06:50:49 I'm sorry that he walked on this if he doesn't go through.

06:50:52 Intentions should have been to be built to go back and build

06:50:55 historic-looking homes, or something within keeping of the

06:50:58 neighborhood, and I am courage you -- urge you, strongly

06:51:03 urging you to listen to our community.

06:51:05 We cannot afford to keep having areas of our neighborhood

06:51:08 taken away from possibly being developed back into a

06:51:11 residential historic home the way that it used to be years

06:51:14 and years ago.

06:51:15 Thank you.

06:51:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:51:18 Anyone else in the audience dire speak on this subject

06:51:20 matter before I go to Ms. Montelione?

06:51:24 Speak now or after the rebuttal?

06:51:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

06:51:27 Ms. Feeley?

06:51:34 Am I missing something?

06:51:35 Is there a historic overlay district on this property?

06:51:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:51:39 No, there is not.

06:51:40 This is not a historic district of the city.

06:51:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, that's all.

06:51:47 Thank you.

06:51:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

06:51:51 You have your rebuttal.

06:51:53 >> As far as the parking on this site, we requested and

06:51:59 received a design exception to allow less parking than what

06:52:02 code requires.

06:52:04 So we have trade to minimize the parking in the back as

06:52:06 well, replaced the pond in the back as well to try to

06:52:10 minimize any impact we had on Mitchell.

06:52:15 Just one more photo of what's at the northeast corner of the

06:52:20 site.

06:52:21 I mean, there is a block wall there.

06:52:26 Part of a structure at some point.

06:52:31 If I can answer any other questions.

06:52:32 >> We need a motion to close.

06:52:39 I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second by Mrs. Mulhern to

06:52:43 close.

06:52:43 All in favor of the motion?

06:52:45 Opposed nay?

06:52:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:52:48 Mr. Cohen, would you take number 6?

06:52:51 >>MIKE COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I move an ordinance

06:52:53 being presented for first reading consideration, an

06:52:55 ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 approving

06:52:59 parking off-street, commercial in an RS-50 residential

06:53:03 single-family and CG commercial general zoning district in

06:53:06 the general vicinity of 2802, 2804, 2806 and 2808 north

06:53:13 Nebraska Avenue, 2807 and 2809 Mitchell street and 806 east

06:53:19 forest Avenue, in the city of Tampa, Florida and as more

06:53:23 particularly described in section 1 hereof, providing an

06:53:26 effective date.

06:53:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:53:30 I have a second by Ms. Montelione.

06:53:35 All in favor of the motion?

06:53:39 Conversation by council members?

06:53:41 Ms. Mulhern?

06:53:48 Mu.

06:53:52 >>MARY MULHERN: I am not able to support this.

06:53:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

06:54:00 >>JULIA COLE: Excuse me.

06:54:06 I apologize.

06:54:08 I realize when you read the ordinance it included the CG use

06:54:12 of part of what you would be approving.

06:54:15 So if I could ask you to reread that title and not read the

06:54:19 term "and CG commercial general zoning district."

06:54:24 I can come up and strike it.

06:54:26 >> No, I'll do it.

06:54:27 >>JULIA COLE: And I'll amend the ordinance between first

06:54:29 and second reading and correct it.

06:54:35 I read it and she would like me to read it differently but

06:54:38 why don't you go ahead and I'll come back and do it again.

06:54:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I am not going to be able to support this

06:54:45 based on our code, general standard, 27-269, 2.1, the use

06:54:54 will ensure public health, safety and general welfare.

06:54:57 We heard from many people here who felt that having the

06:55:01 access on those side streets where their homes are located

06:55:05 would increase the amount of traffic and really wouldn't be

06:55:10 safe.

06:55:11 Also 27-269.3, the use is compatible with continuous and

06:55:18 surrounding property.

06:55:19 This is a single-family residential lot where they are

06:55:22 proposing -- entire city block which they are proposing to

06:55:27 put a parking lot in.

06:55:29 I don't believe that's compatible with the surrounding

06:55:35 single-family homes on the two side streets, and also

06:55:40 eliminates the possibility of redeveloping it for

06:55:44 single-family things.

06:55:50 Also, 27-269.5, the use will not establish a precedent or

06:55:57 encourage more intensive compatible uses in the area.

06:56:00 Once we start allowing parking lots, residential streets, we

06:56:04 know that that tends to allow more of those to happen.

06:56:09 We get that argument a lot from developers, and people who

06:56:12 want to turn residential lots into parking lots.

06:56:21 Also, under this same section, 2-B-1, ingress and egress,

06:56:30 this is dependent on allowing ingress and egress from the

06:56:35 side streets which are -- where there is residential

06:56:38 housing, which we heard people didn't want.

06:56:41 Also, under that same section, number 7, control of

06:56:44 potentially adverse effects generally, I think that we have

06:56:48 heard about what the potentially adverse effects are.

06:56:53 We heard from the public as destroying the character,

06:56:57 possible redevelopment of residential in that neighborhood.

06:57:00 Also looking at the comprehensive plan, consistency with

06:57:04 furthering the intent of the comprehensive plan, number 1,

06:57:07 mixed use corridor villages.

06:57:10 I think the idea of a village is broader mix does not mean

06:57:14 that you are eliminating the residential.

06:57:20 I think the idea of the village is the walkable area, not to

06:57:23 have parking lots and strip mall setting in a residential

06:57:28 neighborhood.

06:57:30 Number 2, compatible development.

06:57:32 This is not compatible with the residential character of

06:57:36 this historic neighborhood which there are only a couple of

06:57:41 designated historic neighborhoods.

06:57:43 This doesn't mean that it is not historically a residential

06:57:46 neighborhood.

06:57:50 Objective 16.1, objective 18.4, policy 18.4.1, areas

06:57:57 adjacent to or within neighborhoods that are planned for

06:58:00 nonresidential uses shall be developed in a manner which is

06:58:04 sensitive and compatible to the affected neighborhoods.

06:58:07 I think this obviously was not sensitive or compatible

06:58:10 according to the neighbors who live there.

06:58:15 Number 3, policy 18.6.5, require commercial uses to be

06:58:21 appropriately buffered from any residential development.

06:58:24 I don't think there's any way that you are able to buffer a

06:58:29 parking lot, and buffers that we heard were not acceptable

06:58:37 to the neighbors, and I think basically it's going to be a

06:58:40 parking lot.

06:58:41 And, you know, whatever you are going to put up there is not

06:58:44 going to be able to change that.

06:58:48 So I won't be supporting it.

06:58:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:58:52 Mr. Cohen.

06:58:54 Excuse me, Ms. Capin.

06:58:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you want to read it?

06:58:59 Ms. Feeley -- may I ask Ms. Feeley a question?

06:59:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Sure.

06:59:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to reopen the public hearing

06:59:18 second by Mr. Cohen.

06:59:20 The hearing is now open.

06:59:21 Yes, ma'am.

06:59:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The ingress and egress on Nebraska Avenue,

06:59:26 that property, if there was a resident there, they build a

06:59:32 house on any one of those lots, they have to -- they have to

06:59:39 allow ingress and egress from Nebraska, the state road

06:59:45 department?

06:59:48 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:59:49 No, ma'am, it would depend first how the lots are actually

06:59:52 platted or how the lots are actually laid out as to where

06:59:55 their access could potentially be.

06:59:58 If they only had frontage on Nebraska, I mean, that would

07:00:01 have to be like a mid-block type of situation if you have

07:00:06 you have those lots.

07:00:12 If this were Nebraska -- sorry for the archaic.

07:00:15 You can kind of see on here it looks like potentially eight

07:00:19 platted lots.

07:00:20 Four were platted towards Nebraska.

07:00:22 So at worst-case scenario the north one and the south one --

07:00:27 and I don't know if you can see those dark lines that are in

07:00:30 there.

07:00:31 Frank, if you are back there, help me out.

07:00:33 >> That's okay, I don't mean need my eyesight.

07:00:39 >> I have it here in front of me.

07:00:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: At worse case, this north-south -- the

07:00:52 north-south would not be landlocked.

07:00:54 They would have other streets.

07:00:55 They would have Bryan and forest to access.

07:00:58 But the two in the center would be landlocked or could

07:01:04 perhaps be alley loaded.

07:01:05 It would all depend on the layout of those lots.

07:01:08 And then how the access would be granted.

07:01:14 However, single-family residential in the CG would be

07:01:17 special use.

07:01:18 >> It would be special use.

07:01:21 Okay.

07:01:21 The next one is, anything that is developed on this land

07:01:26 will not have -- or it denied access to Nebraska.

07:01:34 >> Yes, the CG property, fountain came in today without the

07:01:40 need for the back portion, is going to get access on either

07:01:43 forest or Brian.

07:01:44 Yes, ma'am.

07:01:46 That is a correct statement.

07:01:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

07:01:50 So whether it's this business or another business, that's

07:01:53 the access?

07:01:54 >> That's correct.

07:01:56 If D.O.T. has denied the access, we have to give them access

07:02:01 to one of the other streets that the property borders,

07:02:04 correct.

07:02:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council members at

07:02:07 this time?

07:02:07 Petitioner, tough last word.

07:02:09 >> I agree with everything they she just said.

07:02:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione,

07:02:23 second by Mr. Cohen.

07:02:24 All in favor?

07:02:25 Opposed?

07:02:25 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:02:27 Mr. Cohen?

07:02:28 >>HARRY COHEN: I am going re-read the ordinance.

07:02:31 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

07:02:34 consideration, an ordinance approving a special use permit

07:02:38 S-2, approving parking off-street commercial in an RS-50

07:02:44 residential single-family in the general vicinity of 2802,

07:02:50 2804, 2806 and 2808 north Nebraska Avenue, 2807 and 2809

07:02:57 Mitchell street and 806 east forest Avenue in the city of

07:03:01 Tampa, Florida and as more particularly described in section

07:03:04 1 hereof providing an effective date.

07:03:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a

07:03:09 second by Mrs. Montelione.

07:03:10 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:03:13 Opposed, nay.

07:03:15 Motion passes 5-1.

07:03:17 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick being absent and

07:03:20 Mulhern voting.

07:03:21 No second reading will be on May 3rd at 9:30 a.m.

07:03:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you for attending.

07:03:27 Item number 7.

07:03:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:03:48 Item number 7 on your agenda is Z-12-12 located at 3200 west

07:03:53 Hillsborough Avenue.

07:03:54 The request before you this evening is an RS-50 residential

07:03:58 single-family and CG commercial general to PD, planned

07:04:01 development, for a restaurant.

07:04:06 There is one waiver being requested with this application,

07:04:09 and that is to allow for a reduction of the required parking

07:04:12 from eleven spaces to eight spaces.

07:04:24 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

07:04:25 I have been sworn.

07:04:30 I think as you know, this is one of the cases in the central

07:04:35 planning district.

07:04:40 To give you some context, this site is located on the

07:04:43 southern face of Hillsborough Avenue.

07:04:46 This is Hillsborough Avenue right here.

07:04:47 This is just about in between Himes and Havana as far as

07:04:54 where the lights are at, on this particular segment of

07:04:57 Hillsborough Avenue.

07:05:02 As you go a little farther to the west you see Dale Mabry.

07:05:07 I will show you that when I show you the aerial. Anyway,

07:05:09 Hillsborough Avenue is a major transit corridor.

07:05:12 It's a commercial corridor.

07:05:13 We have a variety of CI, as you can see, community 35.

07:05:20 The CMU 35 allows neighborhood commercial and general

07:05:23 commercial uses.

07:05:24 The site in question, the subject site is basically

07:05:27 presently operated as a restaurant use, bring it in as a PD

07:05:34 to modify the use to better functionality of the site

07:05:37 itself.

07:05:47 This one is a little bit -- you can see relatively speaking

07:05:50 what the character is on Hillsborough Avenue.

07:05:54 It's a major arterial at commercial corridor.

07:05:59 That is its character.

07:06:00 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request to

07:06:03 modify the existing use consistent with the comprehensive

07:06:05 plan.

07:06:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:06:25 The request before you tonight, if I may just speak on the

07:06:34 record but off the record.

07:06:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are always off and on the record at

07:06:38 the same time.

07:06:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I know.

07:06:43 Here is the situation.

07:06:46 The site is shown here in green.

07:06:48 Hillsborough to the north.

07:06:51 Givens to the south.

07:06:52 Jamaica to the east.

07:06:53 Matanzas to the west.

07:06:55 The zoning lot is actually a split zoning.

07:06:59 It's commercial general to the front and it's residential in

07:07:02 the back.

07:07:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A duplex.

07:07:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What a surprise.

07:07:07 >>ABBYE FEELEY: But this commercial general comes all the

07:07:12 way back.

07:07:12 Then there was this one little sliver.

07:07:16 And then it jogs back all the way down again.

07:07:18 Because next to this is a motel.

07:07:22 This over here is a medical office.

07:07:24 This over here is the trailer place, like boat trailers

07:07:30 and -- okay.

07:07:32 And all of this up here --

07:07:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Right to the east is your auto parts, and

07:07:39 further down is your tire place.

07:07:42 That's on MacDill and Gomez.

07:07:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, sir.

07:07:47 So we have got a little situation here.

07:07:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And your sidewalk doesn't show there on

07:07:53 the eastern side.

07:07:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yeah.

07:07:59 Yes.

07:07:59 Sorry about that.

07:08:02 So that being said, parking has been occurring in the RS-50

07:08:07 portion of this site, which is not an allowable use as we

07:08:11 know, because it either requires a special use, like on the

07:08:16 previous application, which just came before you, or it

07:08:21 required it all to be commercial, or it would potentially

07:08:25 what's buff tonight, a PD zoning.

07:08:28 So everything about that invisible line in the CG is legal,

07:08:38 some of it may be nonconform, it was built back in 1947 so

07:08:42 it may not be true to CG, kind of small, tight site there,

07:08:49 but we needed to go ahead and bring this area back here that

07:08:52 is being utilized for the parking and make that legal, and

07:08:55 that's really what's before you tonight.

07:08:57 I am going show you some pictures of the site, the popular

07:09:01 location.

07:09:06 It is a sandwich show. And you are going to see this, too

07:09:11 another FDOT roadway.

07:09:13 They did ask that these be installed to prevent traffic from

07:09:18 backing out into the driveway.

07:09:20 Those were done a little while ago.

07:09:22 There's another shot.

07:09:24 As you can see now, there is parking that occur as long

07:09:27 Jamaica and back into the right-of-way.

07:09:31 And what the plan before you will do, Mr. Miranda --

07:09:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just letting motorcycles in.

07:09:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: But not his Volkswagen.

07:09:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I do have one.

07:09:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Here is the hotel to the west.

07:09:54 Medical office to the east.

07:09:56 This is a look from givens back north.

07:10:00 There is residential on the south side of givens.

07:10:07 Here is a look back at Jamaica.

07:10:10 Here is from the intersection of Jamaica and givens looking

07:10:15 northeast.

07:10:16 This is the frontage.

07:10:19 The frontage of residential is really an east-west

07:10:23 orientation, not a north-south orientation along there so

07:10:26 this will not be emptying into people's front yards.

07:10:29 It will be their side or rear yard.

07:10:32 This is the boat trailer place.

07:10:40 This is from givens looking back north best, some of the

07:10:43 residential.

07:10:43 Here is the back of the hotel site next door.

07:10:50 This is looking east on givens.

07:10:55 And then I just have some other -- and this is north across,

07:11:00 but Hillsborough. You can see the commercial to the north.

07:11:05 There is auto parts place that you referred to.

07:11:12 So on the site plan, and I can show you a little bit.

07:11:35 The other factor in this was the 32-inch off-site oak just

07:11:41 to the west so we had to provide for accommodation.

07:12:04 So this area where you are currently having cars parked is

07:12:06 actually going to be restored to the required buffer,

07:12:09 restored, and then the parking spaces are going to come in

07:12:14 at an angle, and there will be also two spaces on the other

07:12:18 side.

07:12:19 In addition to that, the solid waste is going to come into

07:12:22 compliance with the addition of the required enclosure,

07:12:25 solid waste will come in and leave the site.

07:12:31 And given the size, and depth, it's only 50 feet, as much as

07:12:37 we can accommodate what is going on in the right-of-way and

07:12:41 also to provide required parking in a way that was

07:12:44 consistent with code.

07:12:52 That being said, the request is to add the PD for a

07:13:00 restaurant and to add the commercial off-street parking

07:13:03 within the residential portion of the zoning law. There is

07:13:05 an existing 1400 square foot restaurant there, 1478 to be

07:13:09 exact.

07:13:10 The site itself contains 13,258 square feet.

07:13:16 I went through the access and how the site will function.

07:13:22 And the proposed setbacks are based on the existing building

07:13:25 that's out there, the north, the front would be 10 feet, the

07:13:28 existing building is at 20.8, but given CG we kept the

07:13:32 10-foot which would be the standard for that zoning

07:13:35 district.

07:13:35 The south, which is the rear from givens to the building is

07:13:39 110 feet from the property line.

07:13:41 The west is nine feet and the east is five feet.

07:13:45 The maximum building height is proposed at 1 feet.

07:13:56 The required parking is 11, and 8 spaces is what is provided

07:14:01 based on the configuration of what we were able to achieve

07:14:04 there.

07:14:04 That is more than 20% of the required parking.

07:14:07 Therefore, transportation does have an objection to the

07:14:10 parking waiver being requested.

07:14:13 They are here this evening if you would like to talk with

07:14:17 them.

07:14:18 They'll show you the iterations we went through.

07:14:21 Other than that, staff is available for any questions.

07:14:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:14:25 >> Oh, I'm sorry, there are some minor modifications between

07:14:33 first and second reading.

07:14:38 I have them on the revision sheet.

07:14:42 Just a couple items for land development, CG ands is 50 to

07:14:48 PD, that the existing zoning under the site data table also

07:14:51 be corrected it.

07:14:52 That the building height be provided on the site plan at 25

07:14:56 feet, that the direction of the building setbacks be listed,

07:15:02 and then also the building setbacks are as requested in my

07:15:07 staff report.

07:15:08 Lastly, natural resources to workshop meeting like a note

07:15:11 added on the site plan that asphalt within the protected aid

07:15:14 use would be removed by hand under supervision of an

07:15:17 arborist.

07:15:18 If it is council's pleasure to approve this rezoning

07:15:20 tonight, I would ask that you reference the proposed -- the

07:15:24 required revision sheet as part of the motion.

07:15:28 Thank you.

07:15:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:15:30 Petitioner?

07:15:30 >> My name is Mario Espaillat, and I have been sworn.

07:15:46 We have been working with the staff for the past three or

07:15:49 four months working on parking and making sure we are into

07:15:54 the code.

07:15:55 And we lost a few parking here and there and are trying to

07:16:03 get the maximum amount of parking.

07:16:05 I am going to show -- I think Abbye didn't show the right --

07:16:15 the parking at the end here came up and we came up with

07:16:18 another parking.

07:16:21 We want a wider driveway so the garbage truck can turn

07:16:25 easily to get in and out of there.

07:16:36 I am going to show you pictures that we were talking about

07:16:42 here.

07:16:44 And this aerial picture here, there was a big tree here and

07:16:52 it was taken out.

07:16:55 But this is the rear of the property that she was talking

07:16:58 about that needs to be on the compliance.

07:17:00 That's why we went to a PD so we can solve the problem and

07:17:04 try to get as much parking as we could.

07:17:08 I'm open for any questions that you have.

07:17:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

07:17:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:17:17 I know this is going to shock staff because usually I am

07:17:19 trying to lessen parking and not create parking but I really

07:17:22 want to help you get more parking out of this site, because

07:17:27 from the looks of how the lot is being utilized, there are a

07:17:35 lot of cars parked in there, and logically speaking, looking

07:17:39 at eight spaces, you are still going to have a parking

07:17:45 issue.

07:17:46 Because I don't think there's still adequate parking with

07:17:51 eight spaces.

07:17:52 And it seems to me that we have got some landscaping along

07:17:56 here that is probably required, but if we were to listen

07:18:04 landscaping along this northern boundary that was adjacent

07:18:11 to the medical office, the eastern boundary -- oh, I'm on a

07:18:18 different -- I'm sorry.

07:18:19 >> Jonathan Scott from transportation is here tonight.

07:18:24 We did actually layout with buffering and we can't pick up

07:18:28 any additional legal spaces.

07:18:30 So I will let him show you on the layout, but did he go

07:18:32 ahead and prepare that because we thought that you might be

07:18:37 looking for some additional options.

07:18:38 So we'll let him talk about that.

07:18:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm very impressed.

07:18:47 Thank you.

07:18:47 >> Jonathan Scott, Transportation Planning.

07:18:49 Did we look as getting as much parking as we possibly could

07:18:54 and the applicant did a great job working on.

07:18:56 This but to answer your question, if I can get this in

07:19:02 focus.

07:19:04 It is better to keep a parking lot with trees and green

07:19:26 space.

07:19:26 You never want to pave the whole thing but if you did, you

07:19:34 gain two spaces down to the south here.

07:19:38 But if you did that, Lou at -- this is the solid waste truck

07:19:42 that would have to push the driveway back here too close to

07:19:45 the corner, so it wouldn't work.

07:19:50 So to answer your question, we didn't look at that.

07:19:52 But an alternative to get more parking there.

07:20:08 The D.O.T. didn't want us to designate legal spaces, since

07:20:13 people were back out onto Hillsborough.

07:20:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Not even one space?

07:20:23 >> We didn't want to designate it as an official, legal

07:20:27 space.

07:20:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

07:20:31 Never mind.

07:20:31 >> This portion here, right-of-way north of this is city

07:20:35 right-of-way here, parking spaces there, office space here,

07:20:43 small grand tree, and we did move the space here.

07:20:47 So if you look at the solid waste here, what we did to

07:20:54 improve this site, we just hashed out that space.

07:20:58 Someone can still make -- can still park there.

07:21:03 But it's not a designated legal space either.

07:21:10 We tried to make it as flexible.

07:21:13 An idea of putting one more space in there.

07:21:17 Getting this thing to be less than 20% reduction.

07:21:20 We brought the solid waste truck in, and knock out some

07:21:23 spaces, and we did look at every possible angle.

07:21:29 And I think it is better to leave the trees in, would look a

07:21:35 lot better to the neighbors, and just a visual aspect of it.

07:21:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, thank you.

07:21:41 Anyone else?

07:21:49 Ann in the audience care to speak on this subject matter,

07:21:51 item number 7?

07:21:52 Please come forward.

07:21:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to close.

07:21:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

07:21:58 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

07:22:00 All in favor?

07:22:02 Opposed?

07:22:02 The ayes have it unanimous.

07:22:04 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 7?

07:22:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, sir.

07:22:11 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

07:22:13 consideration.

07:22:13 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

07:22:16 3200 west Hillsborough Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida

07:22:20 and more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

07:22:23 district classification RS-50 residential single-family and

07:22:28 CG commercial general to PD planned development, restaurant,

07:22:32 providing an effective date.

07:22:34 Including the revision sheet as provided by Ms. Feeley.

07:22:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

07:22:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen on item

07:22:42 number 7 for approval.

07:22:43 All in favor of the motion?

07:22:45 Opposed?

07:22:47 Motion passes unanimously.

07:22:48 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick being absent and

07:22:51 Capin and Mulhern absent at vote.

07:22:54 Second reading and adoption will be on May 3rd at 9:30

07:22:57 a.m.

07:23:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:23:00 Item 8 and 9 were taken care of earlier.

07:23:04 We go to item number 10.

07:23:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:23:15 Item number 10 on your agenda this evening is Z-12-17

07:23:19 located at 6202 north Central Avenue.

07:23:23 And the request before you tonight is from an RS-50

07:23:26 residential single-family to SH-CG Seminole Heights

07:23:30 commercial general.

07:23:31 This is the Euclidean rezoning request and therefore no

07:23:34 waivers can be requested at this time.

07:23:41 I am going to take a few minutes and go through this report

07:23:43 and some of your newly adopted code so that we look at the

07:23:47 SH-CG district, because this is only your second SH rezoning

07:23:52 that has come before you since the newly form based code was

07:23:57 adopted.

07:23:58 That code, your form-based code for the Seminole Heights

07:24:01 district was adopted over a year ago, March 24th, 2011,

07:24:06 was the adoption date of the ordinance.

07:24:08 So it has been in effect.

07:24:13 The applicant is looking to rezoning the property at 6202

07:24:16 north Central Avenue from RS-50 to Seminole Heights

07:24:18 commercial general to allow for commercial use of the

07:24:21 property.

07:24:23 Such property measures 73 by 120 and is located at the

07:24:26 northwest corner of Hanna street and Central Avenue.

07:24:30 The property recently underwent a comprehensive land use

07:24:33 change from the R-20 to CMU, 35, community mixed use 35, in

07:24:39 accordance with the Seminole Heights plans.

07:24:43 Minimum site requirements for Seminole Heights CG is 7500.

07:24:48 Lot area, 75, and the 10-foot front, 10-foot side street,

07:24:59 zero foot side interior and 15 for your setback.

07:25:04 In the Seminole Heights commercial general zoning district,

07:25:06 the maximum building height is three stories at 45 feet.

07:25:10 Per the provisions of chapter 27-548.6, record established

07:25:17 prior to July 1st, 2010 shall be allowed to develop

07:25:20 subject to the regulations set forth prior in this article.

07:25:24 The subject property is the lot of record prior to this date

07:25:28 and may therefore request to rezoning to Seminole Heights CG

07:25:32 district.

07:25:33 Before I show you the pictures of the site, the zoning

07:25:35 atlas, let me go ahead and let Tony do his presentation, and

07:25:39 then I will follow back. Thank you.

07:25:50 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

07:25:51 I have been sworn in.

07:25:54 To add onto a couple of comments that Ms. Feeley has already

07:25:57 stated, this particular area of greater Seminole Heights has

07:26:01 the distinction of having a prefix in front of a zoning

07:26:05 district.

07:26:05 There's only two areas in the City of Tampa that currently

07:26:08 share that distinction.

07:26:09 Seminole Heights and Ybor City.

07:26:10 You have the YC zoning districts, and you now have your

07:26:14 Seminole Heights with the prefix SH which basically lends to

07:26:19 be particular things that are allowed from a developmental

07:26:22 and form based aspect, using form based codes which will be

07:26:26 implemented in the greater Seminole Heights area, the only

07:26:28 area that can currently be used in that particular approach,

07:26:31 along with 40th Street which they are currently working on

07:26:34 the plan.

07:26:34 But as Ms. Feeley stated, these particular lots have already

07:26:39 undergone a comprehensive land use change from residential

07:26:41 to CMU 35 and may I state for record the parcels from the

07:26:45 south from east Hanna have the designation of mixed use 35.

07:26:52 This is an error on the map.

07:26:53 So these also share the CMU 35 designation.

07:26:57 There were quite a few, of course of those you sitting at

07:27:02 council, we did the comprehensive changes, we noted there

07:27:05 was a significant amount of parcels along the collector road

07:27:08 and along the major arterial roads to reflect these changes

07:27:11 to allow more economic development opportunity in the

07:27:16 residential density potential in certain areas of the

07:27:19 Seminole Heights area.

07:27:23 This is for change of use.

07:27:25 There is an existing single-family residence on the site

07:27:27 that can be used for this particular use.

07:27:30 Of course, CG, Seminole Heights CG does offer a particular

07:27:36 degree of certain types of uses on their use table.

07:27:40 If anything were to be built different that would require

07:27:42 the demolition potentially of this particular site, whatever

07:27:46 was to be built on this site would have to conform to the

07:27:49 form-based code standards and be complementary and with the

07:27:53 surrounding area along this particular area of Central

07:27:55 Avenue and Hanna.

07:27:57 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request for the

07:27:59 particular change of use consistent with the comprehensive

07:28:01 plan.

07:28:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:28:18 So right now with the adoption of the land development

07:28:20 regulation for Seminole Heights, the next step in this

07:28:23 process is the area-wide rezoning.

07:28:25 That has not happened yet.

07:28:27 So any one rezoning within this area must rezoning to one of

07:28:31 the Seminole Heights form-based code districts, which is

07:28:35 what is before you tonight.

07:28:44 Subject property is shown in green.

07:28:47 It is a commercial -- what actually we would call storefront

07:28:51 residential.

07:28:52 There are three units in the back, and there are storefronts

07:28:55 along Central Avenue.

07:28:59 This is the Seminole Heights school.

07:29:02 And then also Seminole Heights back of the church.

07:29:11 Sorry.

07:29:12 Sorry.

07:29:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There's one mistake your whole life.

07:29:18 >> I'm just hanging on.

07:29:23 If I can make it through tomorrow without logs an append

07:29:33 annal, I will be good.

07:29:35 Here is the subject property.

07:29:36 As Tony said, it is a single-family residence.

07:29:39 It is alley loaded.

07:29:41 I'll show you some pictures of that.

07:29:43 It's a short block in between Hanna and Jean, there are

07:29:48 three residential properties there.

07:29:49 Here is another view.

07:29:54 Here is another view.

07:29:57 Properties to the north.

07:30:00 Also moving north.

07:30:02 Way did is I went down Jean and I went down the alley behind

07:30:05 the property.

07:30:06 This is a look from the alley back towards Central Avenue.

07:30:20 The northeast corner where the school is -- my pictures got

07:30:25 out of order.

07:30:26 When you come out of the alley, this is the south side of

07:30:30 Hanna.

07:30:35 And this is the east side of the property, the storefront

07:30:40 residential piece that I mentioned to you that is at some

07:30:44 southwest corner so it is in line and depth with where the

07:30:48 alley comes out for the subject property.

07:30:53 Here is a look back north on central.

07:30:58 Here is the church at the southeast corner.

07:31:05 This is from the south side looking north.

07:31:10 And then I had one more of the frontage of the school.

07:31:21 Tony talked a little bit about the vision plan.

07:31:25 In the vision plan, as the neighborhood knows, here at

07:31:29 central and Hanna, and I would like to say, this is one of

07:31:34 the applications before you.

07:31:37 I would like to take just a minute and talk about the

07:31:40 potential development on this property.

07:31:45 It is to either use the existing structure and meet all

07:31:48 codes, which means there is no parking waivers before you

07:31:52 tonight, there's no setback waivers, whatever use would go

07:31:57 into this property would need to meet all codes under the

07:32:01 SH-CG.

07:32:02 That would be applicable at the time they pulled the permit.

07:32:04 If they are utilizing or reutilizing the existing structure,

07:32:08 then of course the go-to lines and the things that would

07:32:12 affect the new structure are not going take place at that

07:32:15 time.

07:32:15 In the future, should that structure be eliminated, and a

07:32:21 new structure be built, whatever use -- I don't want to talk

07:32:26 about use, because the form-based code, part of the vision

07:32:29 of the form-based code was that was formed overuse.

07:32:34 This is the built-to lines and the layout as part of the new

07:32:39 code.

07:32:40 And you will see, we took many pages of commercial zoning

07:32:43 code and put it into two pages.

07:32:47 This has the built-to lines, both for the front, for the

07:32:51 sides.

07:32:52 It also has parking placement needs to be.

07:32:56 So as soon as the existing structure were to be removed from

07:32:59 this site, this would be the form-based code for the

07:33:05 built-to lines would then take effect for any future use.

07:33:10 Not only that, the architectural finishes, the required

07:33:14 frontages, the uses on the ground floor and upper floor, all

07:33:17 of this is now codified in the Seminole Heights code,

07:33:21 section 27-548, which would now require that there's minimum

07:33:27 transparency along the ground floor, 40%, for all

07:33:31 nonresidential uses, there's a maximum allowable aluminum

07:33:35 metal siding, plastic PVC that could be used, so any future

07:33:40 development that would take place outside of utilizing the

07:33:42 existing building would need to succumb to these form-based

07:33:47 standards that is now in place on the property.

07:33:48 I just want to be clear on that.

07:33:51 Because I know there are some concerns that you will hear

07:33:54 tonight as to potential uses that could occupy this site,

07:34:00 potential uses that may not be appropriate.

07:34:03 What the neighborhood has said in the vision plan is that

07:34:06 this forum -- form has been S appropriate and that form has

07:34:10 been codified and it requires that buildings be brought up

07:34:13 to the front, that there are build-to lines, that there are

07:34:16 minimum standards for what can take place on the ground

07:34:19 floor and upper floor levels, and that is what is in place

07:34:22 on this property should the zoning change today, or should

07:34:25 it the pleasure of council to approve that.

07:34:28 I just want to be clear on that.

07:34:33 This lot does meet the minimum standards to apply to

07:34:36 rezoning, and this is what the S before you tonight.

07:34:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Feeley, what you just said, so this is

07:34:47 Central Avenue, which has a lot of residential on it.

07:34:56 And does the form-based code require you to build enclosures

07:35:02 to the street than what the -- really?

07:35:09 Even in a historic neighborhood where we are talking

07:35:11 about --

07:35:13 >> This is not within the historic district.

07:35:18 It's.

07:35:18 >> This is a neighborhood.

07:35:20 >> I understand.

07:35:28 This is immediately to the south.

07:35:29 This is Central Avenue with on-street parking in front.

07:35:32 And a new building structure.

07:35:34 Fountain were to go on properties to the north would be in

07:35:37 keeping with this.

07:35:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Even if it's a new building that would be

07:35:43 in place of a historic residential home with a front?

07:35:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'm sorry, I'm not understanding your

07:35:57 question.

07:35:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe I missed something.

07:35:59 Could you show the picture again of the site, the property?

07:36:02 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Sure.

07:36:03 >>MARY MULHERN: It's a house with a front yard.

07:36:11 Is that it?

07:36:15 That's Central Avenue?

07:36:18 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, ma'am.

07:36:19 >>MARY MULHERN: This is a form-based code, the Seminole

07:36:21 Heights neighborhood, and we adopted, says that if you were

07:36:25 to replace that, you would have to build up to the street?

07:36:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: There is a built-to line which is basically

07:36:34 a minimum setback line, that you bring the building to that

07:36:38 line.

07:36:48 It's not on the property.

07:36:50 >> The house right now is at 20.8 feet.

07:36:53 So the 9.5-foot side yard, okay?

07:36:58 The build-to line would be 10-foot.

07:37:03 Should this be demolished.

07:37:05 I don't believe it's the applicant's desire to demolish it

07:37:08 at this time.

07:37:08 I believe it's their desire to reuse it.

07:37:11 I just want to be clear that in the future, should it be

07:37:15 demolished, it would have to be built to the built-to line

07:37:18 which would be a 10-foot and would be consistent with the

07:37:22 compatible -- consistent with the commercial.

07:37:28 >>MARY MULHERN: That doesn't make sense, but we adopted it,

07:37:31 so I guess we would have to go back and look at what we

07:37:34 adopted as the code.

07:37:35 >>HARRY COHEN: Any other questions?

07:37:40 I think we are going to hear from the petitioner now.

07:37:43 >> My name is Juan Camacho, the property owner at 6202 north

07:37:53 central, as well as the co-owner of the business being

07:37:56 proposed to go there.

07:37:58 Mr. Garcia and Ms. Feeley did a great job sum rising my

07:38:02 rezoning Q.I would like to expand a little bit on the use

07:38:06 purpose, specialty retail.

07:38:11 I have provided a packet, an overview of the business.

07:38:15 At this time if I could approach to give you guys that

07:38:18 packet.

07:38:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: As I said in the last hearing we may

07:38:37 really like it or we may really hate it.

07:38:39 It doesn't matter what the business is going to be.

07:38:41 I just wanted to clarify again the actual economic use of

07:38:45 the property doesn't come into bearing when considering --

07:38:50 >> I understand.

07:38:51 The purpose is to insinuate that I don't intend to demolish

07:38:55 the building.

07:38:56 I intend to use it, and also go ahead and meet the

07:39:03 requirements of the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:39:08 The product features are consistent, all hand made decor

07:39:13 created by local artist.

07:39:15 You will notice on the front of the packet, it's just an

07:39:18 example of some of the art work that will be featured.

07:39:25 The inside space we are going to be enhancing the outside

07:39:28 landscaping to create a garden setting for use of baby

07:39:36 showers.

07:39:37 We have reached out besides a good neighbor notice to

07:39:39 explain the usage, and to entertain any questions.

07:39:43 Included in the packet, you will find copies of e-mails, one

07:39:47 being from members of the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood

07:39:50 association.

07:39:53 We are involving ourselves with that corner with the intent

07:39:58 to create a productive intersection in the walkable

07:40:01 community that can be enjoyed by all.

07:40:06 At this time I am available for any questions.

07:40:07 >> Any questions by council members?

07:40:13 Okay, anyone in the audience care to come speak on this

07:40:15 item, item number 10?

07:40:26 >> Bill Duvall, 5408 Branch Avenue, and I have been sworn.

07:40:42 I'm here tonight representing the Seminole Heights United

07:40:46 Methodist Church, which is on the southwest -- southeast

07:40:51 corner of central and Hanna, so well protected intersection

07:40:57 with the elementary school to the northeast, and commercial

07:41:02 to the southwest.

07:41:05 The church has no objection to the use that is proposed, the

07:41:13 children's boutique.

07:41:14 Of concern is the other possible uses of CG in the future.

07:41:19 And as we read from the manual, things like appliance

07:41:27 repair, repair, I know there's in a certainty that can

07:41:34 happen, but because county occur, the church felt that they

07:41:37 could not support that.

07:41:38 On the other hand, they would support the proposed use.

07:41:45 Thanks very much.

07:41:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:41:46 Next, please.

07:41:48 >> Christie Hess, 1011 East Broad Street. I have been

07:41:53 sworn.

07:41:56 The other people speaking before you tonight did attend the

07:41:58 form-based meetings, the many meetings we all attended, the

07:42:03 charrettes, to talk about uses in addition to the forms that

07:42:09 we wanted to see in our neighborhood.

07:42:10 When this first forward it was a surprise to many of to us

07:42:14 find that appliance and equipment repair and small vehicle

07:42:19 repair minor or accessible uses in our neighborhood.

07:42:24 We would absolutely never have agreed to that.

07:42:27 And that is why you are seeing opposition here tonight to

07:42:30 the fact that this is being upzoned to commercial SH-CG when

07:42:38 normally, you know, you would not have expected to see us

07:42:42 here.

07:42:42 But had we realized that this slipped through without us

07:42:47 really considering the fact that it was there, we would have

07:42:52 opposed it a long time ago.

07:42:54 The uses would never have been included in this table.

07:42:57 That's why you are seeing the opposition that you are seeing

07:42:59 tonight.

07:43:00 I request that you deny this request for this rezoning

07:43:05 request, and I also think that we need to go back through

07:43:09 and look at some of these tables and ensure that the uses

07:43:12 that are contained in these tables are really what the

07:43:15 neighborhood wanted.

07:43:17 We are also surprised and didn't really realize that

07:43:20 form-based zoning had actually been fully adopted a year

07:43:23 ago.

07:43:24 That's my comment.

07:43:25 Thank you very much.

07:43:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:43:27 Next, please.

07:43:31 >> Wesley long, president, terrace neighborhood association.

07:43:35 We oppose this petition.

07:43:37 Many of our members use the on-street parking there, which

07:43:41 would be much more difficult to do if this would take place.

07:43:45 We support development, but not at the expense of the

07:43:48 existing businesses.

07:43:50 We ask that you deny the petition. Thank you.

07:43:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:43:54 Next, please.

07:43:54 >> Susan Long, vice-president of the Seminole Heights --

07:44:00 excuse me, of the business guild of Seminole Heights.

07:44:03 Let me get it in the right order here.

07:44:05 The board asked me to come read their letter into the

07:44:07 meeting.

07:44:08 The above property is located on the northwest corner of

07:44:10 central and Hanna, currently being considered for rezoning

07:44:13 from RS-50 to SH-CG.

07:44:17 To start a baby boutique that will sell baby items and hold

07:44:21 baby showers.

07:44:22 We cannot imagine anyone being opposed to a baby boutique on

07:44:25 that corner.

07:44:26 The issue however is rezoning properties to SH-CG.

07:44:29 If you are well aware if the baby boutique leaves the

07:44:32 property, a business can come in without any input from the

07:44:36 neighborhood or the city based on the current SH-CG zoning,

07:44:40 a small auto repair shop could be operated out of that

07:44:43 property, or for a hospital if they are two aggregate

07:44:46 sufficient property, a bowling alley, a pharmacy, equipment

07:44:49 repair, small auto repair, et cetera could operate from that

07:44:52 location.

07:44:54 This is the most beautiful street in Seminole Heights, it's

07:44:57 our pride and joy.

07:44:58 Only a few blocks north of the Seminole Heights Garden

07:45:01 Center and across the street from the historic district.

07:45:05 We agreed that small businesses could be on Central Avenue.

07:45:09 We agreed that residential office would be appropriate, and

07:45:12 light retail similar to the small shops in the southwest

07:45:15 corner of central and Hanna would also be appropriate.

07:45:17 But auto repair, equipment repair are not.

07:45:20 The flavor of the street is residential, or residential

07:45:23 appearing.

07:45:25 Although there are exceptions, Seminole Heights United

07:45:27 Methodist Church and Seminole Heights elementary school,

07:45:31 none of the businesses on Central Avenue have the flavor

07:45:34 and/or appearance of an auto repair shop or equipment repair

07:45:37 shop.

07:45:37 Rezoning this property to SHAG would be a disaster.

07:45:40 We would encourage the property owners to rezoning this

07:45:43 property PD to maintain the beautiful appearance of Central

07:45:45 Avenue even after the baby boutique has left our

07:45:50 neighborhood sometime in the future, and hopefully leave

07:45:55 because they needed more space.

07:45:57 We found the possibility of equipment repair and auto repair

07:46:00 on the corner of Hanna an central very upsetting.

07:46:03 Please vote no on this rezoning.

07:46:05 I also have an extremely brief letter, honorable City

07:46:10 Council members, I am against this property on the northwest

07:46:12 corner of central and Hanna being rezoned to CG, to up this

07:46:17 beautiful corner in Seminole Heights to any number of

07:46:19 businesses that will be detrimental to our neighborhood.

07:46:22 A zoning of PD is a much more appropriate choice.

07:46:25 Signed rich Gugliardo, Seminole Heights civic association.

07:46:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:46:32 Next, please.

07:46:33 >> I have a couple of extra minutes.

07:46:40 >> The names on this list, Chloe Davis, please raise your

07:46:51 hand if you are here.

07:46:52 Thank you.

07:46:52 And Bailey is the last name.

07:46:54 Thank you.

07:46:55 Two extra minutes, please.

07:47:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On go on.

07:47:13 >> I'm sorry.

07:47:14 My name is Alan Dobbs, 5111 north Suwannee Avenue.

07:47:22 I wanted to start with a letter from Bruce Gibson, architect

07:47:27 that has been very involved with the Seminole Heights

07:47:30 overlay district, and that was formed with the form-based

07:47:35 zoning code, and he put a lot waive wanted to say very

07:47:39 well -- put it very well in his letter so I thought I would

07:47:42 start by reading it.

07:47:44 Dear council members, this letter is to express my

07:47:46 opposition to the proposed rezoning based in part on my

07:47:49 participation in the Seminole Heights form-based zoning

07:47:51 public works shop.

07:47:52 Please consider the following issue or issues in your

07:47:56 deliberations.

07:47:57 SH/AG allows a long list of uses for the existing residents

07:48:03 property.

07:48:03 Many of these are incompatible in close proximity to the

07:48:06 residential neighborhoods of the type of residents have

07:48:12 complained about for years.

07:48:15 Uses include equipment repair, hotel motel, vehicle -- that

07:48:22 sort of thing that's already been mentioned.

07:48:24 To head to the second item, the SH/AG district derives from

07:48:28 the Seminole Heights form based code yet the existing

07:48:31 building is not required to be altered or placed to meet the

07:48:36 form of the requirements of the code.

07:48:38 As Ms. Feeley said, that hasn't been established yet.

07:48:42 So there's in a code for them to build to, and they are also

07:48:47 not required to -- not required to bring that up to code.

07:48:52 So will be granted more use without corresponding

07:48:59 improvement.

07:49:00 This is not the bargain residents joined onto in form based.

07:49:06 The form based code, the plan explains the underutilized

07:49:10 commercial zoning already existing in Seminole Heights, well

07:49:14 before those existing reached their best and highest use,

07:49:17 thus allowing more of the same noxious uses in close

07:49:21 proximity to residents.

07:49:25 Expand development potential does not require simultaneous

07:49:29 implementation of new form-based requirements, to

07:49:33 communicate impact and make them compatible with the

07:49:37 neighborhood.

07:49:40 I just thought I should start by reading that.

07:49:43 My qualifications are with the neighborhood for a long time.

07:49:46 I have been two degrees in architecture, most recently from

07:49:49 USF school of architecture, and live on Hanna across the

07:49:58 street, and have been involved in all the different codes

07:50:00 and workshops and things like that.

07:50:05 So the intersection is identified, this is why the

07:50:10 development is -- but the problem with upzoning is you can't

07:50:21 go back so we would like to err on the side of caution and

07:50:26 we feel CG is too intense.

07:50:28 And there's too much -- some might be an SH-GN, something

07:50:36 like a mixed use but less intense.

07:50:40 And also only allows for special use 1 or 2 which I thought

07:50:46 was a little unusual.

07:50:47 Again, we mention all the uses, with a particular one there.

07:50:58 However, that CM use would allow limited retail and personal

07:51:02 services at appropriate locations compatible -- so that's

07:51:12 what's intense in SH-CG use.

07:51:15 However, PD would give most control to the residents in the

07:51:20 neighborhood.

07:51:23 And the property to the south on parking, that would based

07:51:33 on existing conditions -- well, the conditions will

07:51:35 dramatically change when all these properties are eventually

07:51:38 rezoned to CG with more intense uses, things like -- that's

07:51:44 my 30 second warning?

07:51:46 Okay.

07:51:46 Parking is a big issue.

07:51:48 As I said.

07:51:54 The on-street parking which is very vital to the property to

07:51:57 the south.

07:51:58 And the new development could be zero setback on the north

07:52:03 side, right adjacent to single-family residence, and I don't

07:52:07 think that's an appropriate thing.

07:52:09 So again that's the sort of thing that's allowed by this

07:52:12 Euclidean rezoning.

07:52:13 (Bell sounds)

07:52:14 Thank you.

07:52:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Can I ask you one question before you

07:52:17 leave?

07:52:18 SHCM, you are saying?

07:52:23 As opposed to CI?

07:52:24 >> That is not current -- there is SH-CG, mixed use, and

07:52:30 there is a CM zoning category.

07:52:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Is it commercial neighborhood?

07:52:37 >> Commercial neighborhood.

07:52:39 They are more compatible to the neighborhood.

07:52:41 But again, I think the neighbors might have an issue with

07:52:44 that, because of the uniqueness of this property being on

07:52:47 the corner there.

07:52:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to you say what that category

07:52:51 was.

07:52:51 Thank you.

07:52:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:52:53 Next, please.

07:53:13 >> My name is Peters, I own the property immediately to the

07:53:18 south.

07:53:20 I owned it for 21 years.

07:53:22 And these two blocks we have eight parcels of property.

07:53:24 I own three of them.

07:53:26 The fourth is owned by a family member.

07:53:28 I have talked to everybody in the block south.

07:53:30 We would be happy if they would create a new classification

07:53:34 of CM.

07:53:35 And I know she was shaking her head over here a minute ago.

07:53:40 I had about two hours of conversation with Gloria this week.

07:53:44 Tallahassee very strong chance that category will be

07:53:46 created.

07:53:47 And Mr. Camacho and his fiancée came to me and I begged them

07:53:52 to get PD because we would have all these people on their

07:53:55 side.

07:53:55 He was talking about doing a curb cut on Hanna there.

07:53:58 Were three on-street parking places since 1926 and they

07:54:02 serve the residential triplex that's been there since 1926.

07:54:05 So some of this code is far reaching.

07:54:09 Fountain were true form-based codes we wouldn't have any

07:54:13 categories.

07:54:14 But it's a hybrid.

07:54:16 And I have talked to many people out in California in the

07:54:18 form-based codes.

07:54:19 It just things that -- a lot of things that we didn't know.

07:54:23 We are all looking at them from different perspectives

07:54:26 I.didn't go over adopt a map.

07:54:30 Some of it was just too photograph reaching.

07:54:32 The thing that bothers me about commercial general, that's

07:54:34 all the properties that are on Sligh, Nebraska, and Florida.

07:54:39 I didn't buy there for a reason.

07:54:40 I don't like the way they look.

07:54:42 I own a property on Sligh.

07:54:44 It's zoned CG.

07:54:46 And that's 23,000 cars a day.

07:54:48 This property has 3600.

07:54:51 That right there tells you something has to be balanced, you

07:54:55 know.

07:54:55 You buy nice looking properties that are quaint and serve

07:54:57 the neighborhood and you want to raise it up to auto repair?

07:55:01 We don't like that stuff.

07:55:03 We have got it everywhere in our neighborhood.

07:55:05 I was out photographing one of the auto repair places and

07:55:09 the guy came out and gave me a hard time.

07:55:11 He said we have 47 auto repair shops between Martin Luther

07:55:15 King, Sligh, Florida, and Nebraska.

07:55:18 Just too much.

07:55:19 It's not neighborhood friendly.

07:55:21 There's people who live like that, three residential

07:55:24 triplexes across the street.

07:55:26 This is not for a neighborhood.

07:55:27 I'm okay with this business.

07:55:29 Do a PD, okay.

07:55:30 I do have one problem with part of this business.

07:55:33 Baby showers.

07:55:34 I don't know where people goring park.

07:55:36 Okay.

07:55:39 It requires at least like ten parking places Gloria told me.

07:55:44 So parking is an issue.

07:55:45 We seem to deal with parking.

07:55:47 I respectfully ask that you deny this petition.

07:55:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:55:56 You want to leave that for us?

07:55:59 Next, please?

07:56:00 >> Jordan Miller, resident of Seminole Heights.

07:56:08 I have been sworn in. President of Seminole Heights for 15

07:56:10 years, business owner in Seminole Heights, in the three

07:56:15 commercial buildings just south of the lot we are talking

07:56:19 about. I respectfully ask that you decline the request for

07:56:22 CG zoning.

07:56:24 A few reasons that you might get a different perspective

07:56:29 from me from other residents, business owners and community

07:56:31 members, I obviously have a fairly involved presence in the

07:56:38 cycling community, the bicycle-pedestrian Planning

07:56:41 Commission, and I believe PD, to touch on the form-based

07:56:48 zoning, I believe PD requires something of the site plan

07:56:52 helps stick to the form, not to the use, which would answer

07:56:57 a lot of questions, eliminate the concern of auto repair,

07:57:02 appliance repair, hospital, bowling alley, et cetera.

07:57:05 I think planned development would make a lot more sense, and

07:57:09 just answer a lot more questions.

07:57:11 I do think that given the commercial general request that

07:57:16 changes that intersection radically.

07:57:18 You already have a pretty busy intersection.

07:57:21 You have an actual rate of speed on Hanna that tends to be

07:57:24 far higher than that on Central Avenue.

07:57:29 In part of the Seminole Heights proposed Seminole Heights

07:57:32 vision plan, there are things like traffic calming, and

07:57:38 other things designed to make the streets better for the

07:57:41 neighborhood.

07:57:41 Those include adding bike lanes, adding medians, narrowing

07:57:46 lanes, adding street parking, et cetera.

07:57:48 Hanna has a lot of those traffic calming things already on

07:57:52 it.

07:57:52 Our street parking, for example, has been there for over

07:57:55 half a century.

07:57:56 I think with the commercial general zoning and some of the

07:57:59 specific things, the property owner has proposed to do, it

07:58:02 takes away street parking, radically changes that corner,

07:58:05 and adds a pretty noticeable additional traffic which is

07:58:10 only going to take away from, I believe, the pedestrian

07:58:13 traffic, the potential bicycle traffic.

07:58:16 One other note on Hanna Avenue is that corner as you know,

07:58:21 in the vision plan, Hanna Avenue is also a significant berth

07:58:28 there and the bicycle and pedestrian corridors are being

07:58:33 developed throughout Tampa, and one of the big hurdles is

07:58:37 Hanna Avenue.

07:58:38 It contracts, it swells, it has sidewalks, has on street

07:58:42 parking, it doesn't.

07:58:43 Adding curb cuts and businesses that bring a larger

07:58:46 congregation of people without on-property parking is only

07:58:50 going to make that larger plan harder.

07:58:55 So again I just respectfully ask that you decline this

07:58:58 request.

07:58:59 Thank you very much.

07:59:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:59:02 Next, please.

07:59:02 >> My name is Michelle DeMicco, 6009 River Terrace, a

07:59:10 resident of Seminole Heights, have been my entire life.

07:59:13 I also live in Seminole Heights.

07:59:16 I own the cafe bakery which is also going to be opening in

07:59:20 that triplex there, a little business just south of what we

07:59:27 are talking about.

07:59:30 I have some definite concerns, both from a residential

07:59:33 perspective and from a business owner perspective.

07:59:36 I have children that go to the elementary school.

07:59:38 I also have children that went to the preschool, which is at

07:59:42 the church across the street.

07:59:45 We as a neighborhood like to consider space and healthy

07:59:51 environment to raise our children, and I do agree that CG

07:59:54 zoning would probably be a little bit too broad spectrum,

07:59:58 right across from a school and a church.

08:00:03 Planned development would be, I think, a lot more

08:00:06 advantageous and I would support that.

08:00:08 Again, I have no problem with the boutique idea come N.I

08:00:12 think it's fabulous.

08:00:13 I think that's something that Seminole Heights would

08:00:15 probably really benefit from.

08:00:19 From the perspective of having baby showers on-site, I am

08:00:23 highly opposed to.

08:00:26 Primarily because of the parking situation.

08:00:28 I have been in the hospitality industry a long time and

08:00:32 parking is always an issue whenever you have any type of

08:00:36 planned event.

08:00:38 One of the things that has concerned me about actually

08:00:41 opening a cafe and bakery in Seminole Heights is lack of

08:00:45 parking.

08:00:45 Right now, we are already struggling with a very minimal

08:00:49 amount of parking.

08:00:49 We do really depend upon the street parking that is already

08:00:54 there and existing.

08:00:56 But, at the same time, we also support our neighbors and a

08:01:01 lot of traffic that we bring through is Blake traffic and

08:01:04 people walking their dogs, people out walking.

08:01:08 We are neighborhood friendly.

08:01:10 When you bring in an event such as a baby shower or any type

08:01:14 of event like that, bridal shower or whatnot, you are

08:01:17 bringing people in from outside that have to drive a vehicle

08:01:21 there.

08:01:21 In Florida weather there's no way you are going to walk from

08:01:24 wherever it is you are coming from to get to an event that

08:01:28 you are going to want to look nice at.

08:01:31 And I think that the lack of parking on their property

08:01:35 surrounding that area would not only hinder their proposed

08:01:40 business but it would heavily hinder the already preexisting

08:01:45 center there.

08:01:46 And I ask you to look at that very seriously, and consider,

08:01:51 you know, denying the request of CG.

08:01:56 And I encourage them to rethink their business plan and

08:01:59 maybe look at it from a neighborhood perspective.

08:02:02 We all live in the neighborhood.

08:02:03 We love the neighborhood.

08:02:05 We support the neighborhood.

08:02:08 As far as I know, they do not live in the neighborhood, and

08:02:10 I don't think they can understand it fully the way we do.

08:02:13 So I appreciate the opportunity to talk, and I ask you that

08:02:16 you deny this request.

08:02:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

08:02:19 Next, please.

08:02:19 >> My name is Brett Bailey.

08:02:25 I'm the owner or one of the owners directly across the

08:02:30 street, have been sworn in.

08:02:32 My concern is like many of the others.

08:02:34 We are concerned about parking.

08:02:38 It has one issue.

08:02:39 The baby boutique is a wonderful idea but we are concerned

08:02:44 about the future, and what can happen.

08:02:46 And I know when you have something that could be more

08:02:49 valuable, maybe a more commercial type of development, it

08:02:54 might go that direction in the future.

08:02:56 So for that I ask you to please deny and look for a

08:03:00 different way to serve this property so they may enjoy it

08:03:04 and we may enjoy it also.

08:03:06 Thank you.

08:03:07 >> Thank you very much, sir.

08:03:08 Next, please.

08:03:09 >> My name is Ingrid Smith, 5 605 north Suwannee Avenue.

08:03:16 I have been sworn.

08:03:20 The parking encourages shared parking which those businesses

08:03:25 on the corner already do.

08:03:27 If you do curbside would you be reducing the parking instead

08:03:30 of taking away from what is being shared.

08:03:37 And I think the form-based zoning, when we were looking at

08:03:41 developing residential businesses, that would fit in with

08:03:47 the neighborhood, never envisioned CG for that corner,

08:03:51 because even described as a connector street, it's not like

08:03:56 Sligh, not lake Hillsborough, not like Martin Luther King.

08:03:59 It is something of traffic from Hillsborough to Nebraska and

08:04:03 it connects, two lanes, very much residential.

08:04:07 If you look at 5202 Nebraska, there you have an automotive

08:04:12 that went in, there was a house one over that got torn down

08:04:17 and now it's overflow parking for that business with pit

08:04:24 dogs in there.

08:04:25 You can imagine the neighbors are not going to want to have

08:04:30 CG with that kind of potential coming into the neighborhood.

08:04:34 One part of Seminole Heights, if you look at anything else

08:04:39 that is a connector, there is something there that you just

08:04:43 kind of cringe and think, oh, that's Seminole Heights.

08:04:46 Central Avenue, city Parks Department, everybody invested

08:04:50 heavily in time and money on the community garden.

08:04:53 This is only a few blocks up.

08:04:55 This is directly on the bored of the historic district.

08:04:58 It is in the historic overlay.

08:05:01 And residential house.

08:05:06 They can tear it down and do anything they want which they

08:05:09 can do if it goes to CG.

08:05:14 I have a good neighbor letter and I also have some letters

08:05:19 that are actually turned in, but with this form based

08:05:25 zoning, realize with some of the other things that came to

08:05:31 light that everything was not the way it is.

08:05:35 If it goes CG now, that's going to be a permanent wrinkle in

08:05:39 the fabric of Seminole Heights in the central core area.

08:05:41 (Bell sounds)

08:05:42 So if we could just ERR on the side of caution, deny the CG

08:05:48 and ask it come back as a PD or look at getting what some of

08:05:51 us thought it would be as far as house/office combined but

08:05:58 not something that has the potential of being something that

08:06:01 would you expect on Sligh, on Nebraska or Florida Avenue,

08:06:03 but not there at the school, the church, all of those which

08:06:08 are neighborhood-related.

08:06:11 CG is not neighborhood related.

08:06:13 And I have these letters to turn in from neighbors all

08:06:17 objecting.

08:06:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:06:20 Anyone else who has not spoken on this usual you would like

08:06:23 to speak?

08:06:25 Petitioner, you have heard the concern of the neighborhood.

08:06:29 Your rebuttal, sir.

08:06:30 >> We believe these concerns are merely speculatory.

08:06:43 What I am proposing has been deemed appropriate.

08:06:48 It has been deemed appropriate by city, for what I am

08:06:52 requesting, with the Euclidean rezoning, no waivers, no

08:06:55 buffers.

08:06:57 I have met with the Department of Transportation regarding

08:06:59 the amount of spaces needed for the uses, and it is

08:07:02 currently two.

08:07:04 I currently have a parking pad that has two parking spaces.

08:07:09 Right now, there is also the whole side of central along

08:07:14 that property that is city parking, on-street city parking.

08:07:21 And as far as the future use goes, I don't intend to cut and

08:07:33 open for a driveway.

08:07:36 That's not my intention at all, and I have made that very

08:07:39 clear when I sat down with Mr. Peters and he expressed that

08:07:44 concern to me.

08:07:48 After we put that concern to rest, then the concern about

08:07:52 the future use of the property was raised to me based off

08:07:58 the Euclidean zoning, and no ability for the SHCN in the

08:08:07 area.

08:08:07 This was deemed the most appropriate option.

08:08:12 And I think in order to allow for more intense uses in this

08:08:15 area, it would have to be presented to the City Council once

08:08:20 again and overviewed, reviewed by the community again before

08:08:25 it received support to move to the speculatory concerns that

08:08:30 are in front of you today.

08:08:33 And I will be happy to entertain any other questions.

08:08:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

08:08:37 Ms. Capin?

08:08:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The square footage of the building is --

08:08:43 >> 641 square feet.

08:08:46 >> 641.

08:08:48 Okay.

08:08:50 And --

08:08:56 >> About the size of your old house.

08:08:58 >> Just about 100 feet less, we moved from a house just a

08:09:03 little bit larger than that.

08:09:07 The other question is, baby shower.

08:09:15 Yeah, okay.

08:09:16 So fits 600 square feet, and I saw photos of garages, as an

08:09:24 example, what could be there.

08:09:27 Really, a garage in a 640 square foot house?

08:09:34 >> Correct.

08:09:34 >> Secondly I am going ask this.

08:09:37 And either Tony or Ms. Feeley.

08:09:42 Someone said if it is torn down they can do anything they

08:09:45 want.

08:09:45 That's a quote.

08:09:46 Will you please tell me what can happen if it's torn down?

08:09:49 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:09:55 If it is torn down they can do anything they want.

08:10:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's the quote I heard from one of the

08:10:01 people that came up.

08:10:02 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If it's torn down -- and I visually want to

08:10:10 hook this up there.

08:10:11 >> I want to clarify.

08:10:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If it is torn down there are land

08:10:20 development regulations in place today that was adopted by

08:10:22 this council back on March 24th of 2011 to implement the

08:10:27 vision plans for Seminole Heights and move to the form-based

08:10:30 code.

08:10:31 If it was torn down, it is a corner lot.

08:10:42 So this would be central here.

08:10:45 This would be Hanna.

08:10:47 This would be the alley in the back.

08:10:50 It would have to be placed and rebuilt to meet the

08:10:54 requirements of the form-based code.

08:10:56 Let's say it was a garage.

08:10:59 Let's say it was minor vehicle repair.

08:11:02 It's going to be the nicest vehicle repair you have ever

08:11:04 seen in the city because it is going to be built within a

08:11:07 structure that complies with this layout for the property.

08:11:12 I don't know if you are familiar with the signature auto

08:11:15 repair on Kennedy Boulevard in the Kennedy overlay.

08:11:18 It is a vehicle repair shop, and it is up at pretty much a

08:11:24 zero-foot setback.

08:11:26 It may be ten feet off of Kennedy Boulevard, and it's brick

08:11:29 and enclosed and everything functions within the building,

08:11:31 because it's the form that was driving over the use.

08:11:34 And that is what you would end up here.

08:11:36 So it would be placed, the building would be placed as

08:11:40 required in the general building placement that's shown

08:11:43 through in gray with the built-to line, delineated here in

08:11:47 front.

08:11:49 Now, there is a statement made about a zero setback.

08:11:52 That zero setback is only if you are adjacent to other

08:11:55 commerce uses.

08:11:56 There is a required buffer when you are adjacent to a

08:11:58 residential use.

08:12:01 This type of code does not do away with the protection of

08:12:04 single-family residential uses.

08:12:07 That is a strong foundation of this neighborhood, and was

08:12:10 heard at many late night meetings, and that protection is in

08:12:14 there.

08:12:15 The parking, there is a parking placement as well.

08:12:19 That placement typically toward the rear of the property

08:12:23 where the alley is, and this is an alley-loaded property --

08:12:27 there is encouraged shared parking.

08:12:30 However, the way code is today, and the way code is, they

08:12:34 cannot count on-street parking to meet their required

08:12:37 parking.

08:12:38 They are going to have to meet the required parking on-site.

08:12:43 For the 600 square foot home to be turned into a minor

08:12:46 vehicle repair shop in its existing condition, I don't think

08:12:51 that's very possible.

08:12:52 I don't think it's possible for the 7500 square foot lot to

08:12:58 be successfully utilized as vehicle repair minor of any

08:13:03 sort.

08:13:04 That's one of the challenges we faced a long Nebraska Avenue

08:13:06 when we looked at redevelopment for this area, the success

08:13:10 of these lots not being able to accommodate the type of

08:13:13 retail that the neighborhood so desperately strived to have

08:13:17 redeveloped there in place of the car lots.

08:13:20 So based on the physical constraints, there are limits to

08:13:25 the intensity of the use, but that's, I don't believe,

08:13:29 what's important.

08:13:30 The importance is the form that would have to be replaced,

08:13:34 what would be removed should the existing structure be

08:13:37 removed, should the existing structure be removed, it would

08:13:41 as I am showing you here with the building envelope shown in

08:13:44 gray, and like I said, unlike a typical CG, this is not CG,

08:13:50 this is SH-CG which is very different than CG.

08:13:54 CG says you have a ten-foot setback.

08:13:56 Place the building anywhere you want, past that ten feet,

08:13:59 and do your parking and do your retention and have a nice

08:14:02 day.

08:14:03 In Seminole Heights it says bring that building up, all the

08:14:06 way up to that 10-foot line, come all the way up.

08:14:09 We want things to be at the corner of our property.

08:14:11 We want things to be eyes on the street, and that's what

08:14:16 this form provides.

08:14:17 So should that existing structure be removed, it would have

08:14:22 to be built back to what form required today, and these are

08:14:27 adopted regulations.

08:14:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that's what I understood it to be.

08:14:31 I am trying to relieve some of the fears, because there is a

08:14:35 lot of fear, and some of it based on -- I just want it to be

08:14:41 based on information that we know.

08:14:44 >> And I was shaking my head, because there is not a CN

08:14:49 district.

08:14:49 If there was, I would have highly recommended it.

08:14:52 And that's one of the things that may be touched on in the

08:14:56 future.

08:14:56 But there is not currently a CN.

08:14:58 So a CN could not be applied for.

08:15:01 What is open to this applicant today is only the SH district

08:15:05 as listed in the plan today.

08:15:07 So I can't even put them back to a typical CN that's

08:15:11 available in other parts of the city that is a site plan

08:15:14 controlled district because that's not available any longer.

08:15:17 They can only rezoning to one of the SH categories that I

08:15:20 provided to you in your staff report.

08:15:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione.

08:15:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you for clarifying that.

08:15:31 I have some questions, and Ms. Feeley, don't go away.

08:15:39 The things that I heard folks saying was taking away the

08:15:45 three parking spaces on street, which we don't ever consider

08:15:49 on-street parking as part of the calculation for required

08:15:54 parking for businesses when they want to relocate or

08:15:57 rezoning a property.

08:15:59 So whether or not those spaces are here today, gone

08:16:03 tomorrow, never really is addressed by this board.

08:16:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Correct.

08:16:10 Parking spaces that are available in the right-of-way are

08:16:12 public parking spaces, and they aren't designated for an

08:16:17 adjacent building, aren't designated for adjacent use.

08:16:20 They are open to the public and they serve everyone within

08:16:22 the neighborhood.

08:16:23 >> I understand if you go through and you eliminate all the

08:16:27 on-street parking, that would be a matter of our

08:16:30 transportation department because they control the

08:16:32 right-of-way.

08:16:34 >> And the reality is, it can happen. Unfortunately

08:16:38 K.sometimes it does, where there's been on-street parking,

08:16:41 now there's something near the intersection or something

08:16:44 happened, and the city has to remove that, or remove

08:16:47 something.

08:16:48 So the other --

08:16:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I am going to skip over some because Ms.

08:16:58 Capin already addressed them.

08:17:00 Something mentioned was a hospital.

08:17:03 You can build a hospital, and, you know, that's not

08:17:07 something that would be appropriate on Central Avenue, but

08:17:09 there are other requirements when you go to the building

08:17:11 department and you file your construction plans, get a

08:17:16 permit to build.

08:17:18 You have to meet the requirements, and the way I see it,

08:17:23 this lot, assemblage of lots would not ever be able to meet

08:17:29 the requirements of a hospital.

08:17:32 In that instance they would have to go PD.

08:17:35 Yes?

08:17:35 >> I agree with you.

08:17:37 I mean professionally on that statement --

08:17:43 >> It's hard when you sit and speculate as to how much could

08:17:45 you lay out, but when you look at how much it takes to

08:17:49 function, and what those parking spaces are required to be

08:17:53 to meet code, the land quickly gets eaten up.

08:17:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It seems a lot of the issue is what's on

08:18:00 the table, section 27-550, scheduled permitted uses by

08:18:04 district. And it's what's on this table that's an allowed

08:18:08 use by right in this SH category that's causing a lot of the

08:18:14 consternation.

08:18:16 And I don't see SHCN category.

08:18:21 We go from commercial general to commercial intensive.

08:18:23 Can you explain or can Ms. Cole explain why that is, why CN

08:18:29 was skipped over from CG, we go right to CI?

08:18:33 >> The other thing, at the residential office use doesn't

08:18:36 allow for specialty retail.

08:18:38 I mean, if something like that -- part of this, I think,

08:18:41 this is our first area within the city.

08:18:45 We are working through this.

08:18:46 >> Is this the first rezoning application to come?

08:18:52 >> This is the second.

08:18:54 The first one was an SH -- I'm trying to remember.

08:18:58 It was on Martin Luther King.

08:19:01 This is the second.

08:19:02 >> I'm sorry, marriages I don't remember your name.

08:19:07 I didn't writ down.

08:19:08 But you seem back there very animated like you want to say

08:19:12 something.

08:19:12 So if you want to come up to the podium.

08:19:14 And there were a couple of things that -- I understand, I

08:19:20 think what you are saying, you are talking about if

08:19:23 something were to be knocked down?

08:19:26 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I'm sorry to interrupt but

08:19:28 that would be outside council's rules to allow that to

08:19:33 happen and would require a waiver by City Council of those

08:19:35 rules.

08:19:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are sorry.

08:19:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

08:19:39 Well, clearly, if a lot of businesses could not operate

08:19:46 within a square foot residential build bug if it were to be

08:19:51 knocked down it would have to meet like Abbye Feeley said,

08:19:58 you are restrict to the form based requirement and would you

08:20:00 be restricted because of the form-based requirement.

08:20:02 And I think this is for Mr. Garcia. Was there recently a

08:20:07 change, CMU 35?

08:20:12 From what I understand, that's to allow or accommodate

08:20:16 commercial.

08:20:19 Can you speak to that and how it relates to this property

08:20:23 and explain that to me a little bit?

08:20:25 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The other item I forgot to mention when you

08:20:28 mentioned the vehicle repair, there is no permissible

08:20:31 storage anywhere in this district.

08:20:32 So I just want to be clear on that.

08:20:37 They usually have outdoor tires and equipment and things

08:20:40 like that and they couldn't V.

08:20:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

08:20:43 I have been sworn.

08:20:44 To answer your question, Ms. Montelione, there are

08:20:48 commercial nodes of different intensities.

08:20:52 There are quarter mile, eight-mile, half-mile nodes

08:20:56 throughout the entire greater Seminole Heights area that

08:20:58 have been determined by the City of Tampa staff, by your

08:21:01 zoning administrator Ms. Coyle, and those areas along

08:21:05 Kennedy for these potential type of economic development

08:21:08 projects that are nonresidential, and also potential

08:21:11 residential projects of greater density.

08:21:14 >> So where does this particular property fall?

08:21:17 >> This falls in one of the quarter miles because it's on

08:21:20 Hanna, which is classified as a collector and also central

08:21:24 which is a collector road.

08:21:25 Also, the land use categories were determined by city staff

08:21:31 and were presented on a variety of boards and scenarios to

08:21:35 the citizens of the greater Seminole Heights area.

08:21:39 They had a workshop and not a charrette.

08:21:42 They had a variety of workshops and charrettes.

08:21:45 All of these were presented and the applicable potential

08:21:47 categories, even though the SHs weren't created then,

08:21:52 still, you know, it was pretty close that you are not going

08:21:54 to create a CI in a CMU 35.

08:21:57 But all these categories were presented in a variety of

08:22:00 different scenarios, and they were deliberated on and voted

08:22:03 on by the citizenry at the garden club over in Seminole

08:22:07 Heights.

08:22:08 During a variety of which culminated in a variety of

08:22:11 workshops that were held there.

08:22:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:22:17 And I promise the last question is for Ms. Cole.

08:22:32 One thing that was mentioned was the possibility of a CN

08:22:34 category being created.

08:22:36 I'm not familiar with that possibility.

08:22:37 And is there going to be an area-wide rezoning at some point

08:22:41 for Seminole Heights as may typically happen when you

08:22:45 completely change an area for --

08:22:50 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

08:22:52 I did have an opportunity to contact Ms. Cathy Coyle who was

08:22:56 involved in this entire process to find out, the CN and what

08:23:03 the status is. And under your general code, site plan

08:23:07 controlled district, so it would not transfer over in that

08:23:10 form as site plan district into the Seminole Heights.

08:23:15 She is looking at that and intending to potentially bring

08:23:19 back to City Council an amendment to the code to provide for

08:23:23 a category that is in line with a CN tape of category in

08:23:26 terms of uses.

08:23:29 So, it's something she's looking at and intending to bring

08:23:34 forward, I understand may be brought forward to be heard by

08:23:36 council and maybe adopted somewhere in October.

08:23:39 In the meantime, when you did go through the process of

08:23:43 adopting your comprehensive plan, provisions relating to

08:23:46 Seminole Heights and your form based code, for the city to

08:23:52 go through and do an area wide rezoning within the

08:23:55 properties in this area to bring those categories from their

08:23:58 general City of Tampa classification to a Seminole Heights

08:24:03 zoning classification, and that will be an area that will be

08:24:08 come to City Council, so they are moved into the appropriate

08:24:12 category, similar to what you have in the Ybor district

08:24:15 category.

08:24:16 You have other district categories like Channelside, so that

08:24:20 would give you an area wide rezoning, to go ahead and move

08:24:23 all these properties.

08:24:24 Properties that came in before the area wide rezoning or

08:24:26 obligated for code to go into the Seminole Heights category,

08:24:30 so that we have the benefit of all the regulations.

08:24:34 At this point, they are not subject to the area-wide.

08:24:37 Certainly if this property had never come in, it would have

08:24:41 among the properties that would have been per the area-wide,

08:24:45 put into a classification consistent with their land use

08:24:48 classification that we were recently given, the CMU 35.

08:24:54 I don't know, I'm assume -- and I need Ms. Coyle to discuss

08:25:00 this -- how the idea of creating this potential new category

08:25:03 like a CN tape category falls in line with the process for

08:25:08 the area-wide.

08:25:10 I don't believe we have even really started the area-wide

08:25:13 yet.

08:25:13 So it's possible that items may go simultaneously.

08:25:17 And certainly all the properties, including this property,

08:25:21 could certainly be looked at in terms of what the zoning

08:25:25 classifications are.

08:25:26 So I was able to get with Ms. Coyle for just a couple of

08:25:32 minutes to get some background and I would want her to give

08:25:35 much more detailed analysis of what we are doing going

08:25:37 forward.

08:25:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:25:40 Ms. Mulhern, then Mr. Suarez.

08:25:42 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

08:25:46 I guess this would be probably for Abbye Feeley.

08:25:49 Ms. Feeley.

08:25:53 We all have your table here, right?

08:25:55 The Seminole Heights schedule of permitted uses.

08:26:00 So if there's an X under Seminole Heights commercial

08:26:05 general, any of the uses with an X would be permitted,

08:26:09 right?

08:26:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That's correct.

08:26:15 >>MARY MULHERN: So there must be 50 different uses on here.

08:26:18 There's got to be at least, I don't know, 25, 30 uses.

08:26:24 New categories.

08:26:25 So that if we gave this property, changed it from

08:26:30 residential single-family to commercial general, any of

08:26:35 these things here that have an X under that commercial

08:26:39 general would be a permitted use, right?

08:26:43 Is that correct?

08:26:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes. Considering they meet all other code

08:26:48 provision.

08:26:49 I want to say that, because -- ask me everything else, all

08:26:55 buffered.

08:26:57 >> Okay.

08:26:58 I understand.

08:26:59 That I think we all understand.

08:27:00 Especially people who sat, and I went through a few of

08:27:04 those, and I had a lot of these concerns, and it turns out

08:27:07 that, you know, this was a major, major change.

08:27:11 So we are going to find things that maybe we didn't

08:27:14 anticipate, right?

08:27:16 So I think trying to force, you know, requiring a zoning

08:27:23 because it's what, you know, was part of this very complex

08:27:29 schedule of what can be done under these new categories, I

08:27:33 think, you know, I don't agree that form can be separated

08:27:39 from use.

08:27:40 And I think that when you just say, okay, if you took this

08:27:46 form and you took these requirements, that somehow whatever

08:27:49 your use is not going to affect that.

08:27:53 So when you allow all these different uses but have

08:27:58 restrictions on how something is built, you still may have

08:28:01 problems.

08:28:01 So I just want to point that out especially to council that

08:28:06 I'm just going to read these off, because I know you like

08:28:09 listening to my lists.

08:28:12 Bed and breakfast.

08:28:13 Congregate living facility.

08:28:15 Suction or fewer residents.

08:28:17 Congregate living facility.

08:28:19 Large.

08:28:20 Congregate living facility small.

08:28:22 Home daycare.

08:28:23 Home occupation.

08:28:25 That's what it is now.

08:28:26 Business professional office.

08:28:28 Clinic.

08:28:29 Daycare facility.

08:28:30 Hospital.

08:28:32 Private cultural facility.

08:28:34 Medical office.

08:28:37 All these governmental uses.

08:28:40 Recreation.

08:28:42 Places of assembly.

08:28:44 And I think these are some of the ones that people

08:28:47 mentioned.

08:28:48 Appliance and equipment repair.

08:28:50 Bank.

08:28:51 Catering shop.

08:28:54 Dry cleaning.

08:28:55 Small funeral parlor.

08:28:58 Motel, hotel, medical dental, laboratory, personal services,

08:29:06 pharmacy, printing, light -- I don't know what that means --

08:29:11 restaurant.

08:29:14 Vehicle row pair.

08:29:17 So all of those uses, where now there is only single-family

08:29:23 residential.

08:29:24 All those uses are potential use ifs we give it these this

08:29:28 Euclidean zoning and then this is the other question.

08:29:34 We do have mixed use, but if you have the storefront,

08:29:48 residential, office, private institutional or storefront

08:29:52 residential assembly or residential recreation, some of

08:29:56 these, you could have a more restricted zoning, right?

08:30:03 >> I'm not sure I understand your question.

08:30:05 I'm sorry.

08:30:06 >>MARY MULHERN: If you look at the very bottom here, this

08:30:08 is what -- I mean, I think this is what you were telling me.

08:30:12 >> Storefront residential -- are you referring to storefront

08:30:15 residential?

08:30:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

08:30:17 >> That could not accommodate a storefront residential use.

08:30:20 Storefront is like what the south has to that PD.

08:30:24 It is commercial in the front and it has three residences in

08:30:26 the back.

08:30:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I was thinking that was a residential

08:30:33 converted to storefront.

08:30:34 >> A home occupation is one -- when you have 25% of your

08:30:39 residence for a commercial type use, such as an office,

08:30:47 something like that.

08:30:49 That's a home occupation but you have to reside there.

08:30:51 >> Right.

08:30:52 This is not unusual, though, especially in Seminole Heights,

08:30:55 to have what was a residence converted into some kind of

08:31:00 cafe, bakery, whatever, or like baby bungalow, like we have

08:31:07 in South Tampa.

08:31:08 So we don't have any kind of categories for that.

08:31:13 >> I think what you are labeling is a use, not a category.

08:31:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

08:31:18 >> Those uses are specialty retail.

08:31:23 >>MARY MULHERN: So why was it suggested to the petitioner

08:31:28 that they do a PD, so that we would have site plan control

08:31:31 and we wouldn't be able to --

08:31:36 >> No.

08:31:37 It wasn't.

08:31:39 Because I think that professionally, using PDs to regulate

08:31:47 uses in this area of the city, we have very strict design

08:31:52 guidelines now that regulate form, and if it's a medical

08:31:56 office behind that form, or a car, minor repair shop, or

08:32:01 it's a retail shop, or it's a Starbuck's in there, or it's

08:32:05 whatever, it's if the form is following the form that we

08:32:09 designed, it really shouldn't matter what's behind the door.

08:32:11 Because it is going to function in the way that it should

08:32:15 function.

08:32:16 And that's really what was behind the bush toward this type

08:32:18 of zoning.

08:32:19 And for the second application to come in and say, let's

08:32:21 make it PD so we can control it, well, we just went through

08:32:25 months and months and months.

08:32:26 And I feel like I want to cry.

08:32:29 I do.

08:32:30 Because I spent lots of time in this neighborhood, too.

08:32:34 And it's hard.

08:32:35 But I took a leap of faith and said, let's have faith that

08:32:39 this is going to work the way that we have designed to the

08:32:41 work.

08:32:42 And should it continue as how it is and as a specialty

08:32:48 retail use, that should be good for that intersection from a

08:32:52 planning perspective.

08:32:53 And if it is torn down and it is rebuilt to the form that is

08:32:56 now prescribed for that neighborhood node, that should be

08:33:00 good, too.

08:33:02 So that is from a professional standpoint how -- you asked

08:33:10 how it came in and I said no, because PD, to control uses, I

08:33:14 don't know, it's getting hard on me these days because every

08:33:16 time we want a PD to stop other uses from not happening, and

08:33:20 I don't know that that's good planning.

08:33:22 I don't know that, I'm sorry.

08:33:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we have a difference of opinion

08:33:26 here.

08:33:27 And I think that we heard from the neighbors that are now

08:33:30 realizing what, you know, how that process worked and what

08:33:34 the end result was, and, you know, this is what we do here,

08:33:37 is we change this stuff, so let's figure out how --

08:33:43 >> We haven't had a chance.

08:33:45 This is only the second one.

08:33:47 >>MARY MULHERN: But this is what I am trying to say.

08:33:51 And I guess I'm having a hard time.

08:33:53 But there is a difference between having a baby shop, baby

08:34:01 boutique, and auto repair, or something like that, and I do

08:34:05 not -- I think in the real world, it's not just form, it's

08:34:13 not just building blocks and drawings and formulas, it is

08:34:18 what is hatching there so we just have a difference of

08:34:20 opinion on it.

08:34:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

08:34:22 In about five minutes I am going to lose a council member.

08:34:26 I am going to go to Mr. Suarez.

08:34:27 But remember in five minutes I'm losing a council member.

08:34:30 Mr. Suarez.

08:34:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

08:34:33 Ms. Feeley, I'm sorry.

08:34:34 >> That's okay.

08:34:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And based on everything that my colleagues

08:34:39 said I understand when we are talking about form based.

08:34:42 And I think that based on the comments that we had from the

08:34:44 public, and again, we, myself and two other of the council

08:34:50 members were not on council when this came through,

08:34:53 literally came through right after the election last year,

08:34:58 that people have been through the charrettes, they have been

08:35:00 through the planning process in terms of trying to figure

08:35:03 this out.

08:35:04 I think many people came up and said that they had been part

08:35:06 of that.

08:35:09 What I am disturbed by is a lot of people saying this

08:35:11 slipped in or this was not -- I'm not saying that's what

08:35:14 happened.

08:35:17 And I guess my point is -- and I somewhat agree with what

08:35:21 Councilwoman Mulhern was saying -- is because obviously it

08:35:26 has nothing to do with what's going to be put there if it's

08:35:30 zoned this way, but it is the confusion of how can you have

08:35:32 a retail use, and you also have a small appliance use, and

08:35:37 it's a confusing thing.

08:35:38 Okay.

08:35:39 When you make it as broadly as possible for commercial uses.

08:35:44 And zoning can be confusing on its best days.

08:35:48 When things are going great.

08:35:50 But we are in an economy now where people are very nervous.

08:35:55 There's a lost anxiety.

08:35:57 The only thing they have to hang onto is their properties,

08:36:00 their neighborhoods, and they get very nervous when we start

08:36:02 talking about this.

08:36:03 Now, Seminole Heights, because it is one of the first to

08:36:09 have this type of form-based zoning is a little bit of an

08:36:14 exception.

08:36:15 And I would hope -- and again as you mentioned, this is the

08:36:18 second application.

08:36:20 I would hope that when this does go through, when we have

08:36:24 these kind of CG uses, SH-CG, that people understand that

08:36:32 whole process we went through was to make sure that we get

08:36:35 the best use from each neighborhood.

08:36:37 And I think that what you said is well taken, which is the

08:36:42 form itself is what happens afterwards.

08:36:46 It has to fit the form.

08:36:48 And the form is what called this a better look and a better

08:36:56 feel for a particular neighborhood, because there have been

08:37:00 and has always been this history of this city is that there

08:37:04 are commercial uses next to residential areas.

08:37:08 That's the way the old neighborhoods were created.

08:37:11 We have in the past, probably in the last 40 years, have

08:37:16 become more of a suburbanized use-based on N an urban area,

08:37:22 and because of that, it's changing the entire nature of what

08:37:25 we were 100 years ago.

08:37:26 And those places that my grandparents would walk to, you

08:37:30 know, are not the same places because they have changed it

08:37:34 for the use of the car.

08:37:35 And that's a whole other discussion for another time.

08:37:38 But when we talk about the PD, and this is kind of in a

08:37:46 different angle from what Councilwoman Mulhern with was

08:37:49 saying, not that you would suggest PD necessarily, when

08:37:52 people come in, and this is the way I feel about any zoning

08:37:55 case, they have to know what they want after discussing it

08:37:58 with you, what's the best fix for -- fit for them for their

08:38:03 particular business.

08:38:04 They are not going to be planning experts unless they have

08:38:06 hired someone to be a planning expert.

08:38:09 And for me, I think the biggest issue is, it sound like a

08:38:13 lot more -- not only our side but I think from the

08:38:19 neighbor's side, that I think a lot of people did not

08:38:22 envision how this form base was going to work, or maybe they

08:38:27 were misunderstanding.

08:38:28 I don't know. There's no way for me to No. I can't go back

08:38:32 to what happened last year and the year before.

08:38:35 What I'm trying to say is, I think that when it comes to the

08:38:39 PD part of it, why allow PD, if we have form-based?

08:38:44 And that's the biggest question for me, which is if you have

08:38:48 a form-based zoning, why even have PD available to someone?

08:38:57 >> The SHPD is for waivers that exceed what can be done

08:39:01 administratively.

08:39:02 And that's really how the PD oriented in the general part of

08:39:06 the city.

08:39:07 It was to get relief from code.

08:39:10 So that's why when it comes to slapping a PD on there just

08:39:15 to control use, and until other uses aren't appropriate, I

08:39:19 don't tend to look at that.

08:39:21 I tend to look at what --

08:39:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: It was more general question, not more

08:39:27 specific, which is PDs are used because of what you just

08:39:30 mentioned.

08:39:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The waivers and variances.

08:39:34 Absolutely.

08:39:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Which allows a little broader use -- not

08:39:38 broader use, but a little bit looser ways of getting --

08:39:44 >> Compliance.

08:39:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Compliance.

08:39:47 Thank you.

08:39:48 And form based, if it works correctly -- and we still call

08:39:51 this Euclidean, correct?

08:39:53 I mean, the Euclidean-based zoning was supposed to be that

08:39:57 you had continuity, and you had really knowing what the

08:40:03 purpose was, so that anytime you moved into a neighborhood,

08:40:09 and you said, I live here, and it was all zoned around you,

08:40:13 the exact same thing, and you knew exactly what was going to

08:40:16 be on the corner and who was going to be on the next block,

08:40:19 based on that zone, and -- go ahead.

08:40:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The last is what you said, though, is that

08:40:27 the use lives within the form.

08:40:30 The form is the house.

08:40:31 The building is the form.

08:40:35 And the use was inside.

08:40:37 And it doesn't -- if you have those regulations, that

08:40:40 control the form and promote the form, that is in concert,

08:40:44 and is compatible and is in line with the character, the one

08:40:50 that lives inside should not necessarily matter.

08:40:52 Because the vision is coming through the fiscal structure,

08:40:56 and the use is living within that structure.

08:40:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I understand.

08:41:00 That and that's what I was trying to get at, is the form

08:41:02 itself is what determines how your neighborhood or how your

08:41:05 area is going to be, is going to progress in terms of what's

08:41:10 here, what's there, what's not.

08:41:12 I think that as a practical matter, when we look at -- and

08:41:19 Ms. Mulhern went through all those different uses --

08:41:23 practically that's not going to happen on this.

08:41:26 It doesn't make sense to say that.

08:41:28 I mean, I wish I could throw better at the left hand or I

08:41:32 would have been a major league baseball player, but I don't

08:41:34 practically, all.

08:41:35 [Motion Carried Unanimously]

08:41:35 Left-handed, it is not going to happen.

08:41:37 And didn't happen.

08:41:40 And I think that you don't want to make too much levity of

08:41:43 it but it is true.

08:41:44 And again the use itself, you know, we don't talk about

08:41:47 that.

08:41:47 But, you know, there's very little intensive use you can use

08:41:52 on that particular property.

08:41:54 So I am trying to see what the neighborhood is saying, at

08:42:00 the same time wondering what went on prior to March 24th

08:42:03 of 2011, as to where the disconnect that's what I am

08:42:09 trying to figure out.

08:42:10 And I haven't gotten that answer yet.

08:42:12 Nor part of yours nor the neighbors.

08:42:15 I am still trying to figure that out.

08:42:17 But thank you very much.

08:42:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:42:21 Okay.

08:42:22 Any other questions by council members?

08:42:25 I need a motion to close.

08:42:30 I have a motion to close by Ms. Montelione, seconded by Mr.

08:42:34 Suarez.

08:42:35 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:42:37 Opposed nay.

08:42:39 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:42:42 What's the pleasure of the council?

08:42:43 Anyone that wants to read this ordinance?

08:42:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: An ordinance being presented for first

08:42:49 reading and consideration, an ordinance rezoning the

08:42:51 property in the vicinity of 6202 north Central Avenue in the

08:42:54 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

08:42:57 section 1 from zoning district classifications RS-50

08:43:00 residential single-family to SH-CG Seminole Heights

08:43:04 commercial general, providing an effective date.

08:43:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

08:43:09 I do hear a second?

08:43:12 I have a second by Mr. Cohen on item number 10.

08:43:15 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:43:18 Opposed nay.

08:43:20 Motion passes 5 to 1.

08:43:22 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick being absent and

08:43:27 Mulhern voting.

08:43:27 No second reading and adoption will be on May 3rd at

08:43:30 9:30 a.m.

08:43:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go to item number 11.

08:43:40 Before we do that, the clerk is going to need a couple

08:43:42 minutes recess to do some work.

08:43:44 Let me take a couple of minutes recess.

08:43:46 (Recess)

08:50:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called back to order.

08:51:56 Roll call.

08:51:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

08:52:00 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

08:52:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

08:52:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

08:52:08 Okay, item number 11.

08:52:11 >>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination.

08:52:12 I have been sworn.

08:52:13 This is similar to item 5.

08:52:16 11 and 12 are related.

08:52:17 Case C-08-02, and V-12-64.

08:52:23 Like items 5 and 6, the special use is not contingent on the

08:52:27 alley getting approved. We can go to the Elmo.

08:52:33 Petitioner is requesting to vacate an alley, 21st Avenue

08:52:36 to 18th Avenue, between Cord Street and Carioca street.

08:52:58 This is a picture of the alley looking south at 21st

08:53:03 Avenue.

08:53:04 A couple of petitioners of the pick -- pictures of the

08:53:08 petitioner's property.

08:53:21 Staff has no objection as long as the easement approved.

08:53:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:53:31 Item 12 is V-12-64 located at 2921 Cord Street, a special

08:53:39 use request for a place of religious assembly.

08:53:43 If I may just before Tony gets up, this church was

08:53:47 established prior to place of religious assembly being a

08:53:53 special use.

08:53:53 So this has been there for a while.

08:53:56 But because they would like to make a modification, in and

08:53:59 out needs to become an official special use.

08:54:02 So what out there right now is conform.

08:54:04 County stay there.

08:54:05 It's considered special use considered to be conforming.

08:54:09 However, due to the modifications they now need to come in

08:54:12 and actually request the special use.

08:54:23 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

08:54:24 I have been sworn.

08:54:28 I will be brief.

08:54:32 The land use category on this particular slide is

08:54:35 residential 35.

08:55:05 The land use category is residential 20 which allows

08:55:07 consideration for the uses.

08:55:11 This is for an expansion of an existing house of worship

08:55:14 which has already been established is part of the community.

08:55:18 Planning Commission staff finds the proposed request

08:55:20 consistent with comprehensive plan.

08:55:21 Thank you.

08:55:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

08:55:24 Just for the record, for the ones confused when you look at

08:55:27 11, it says see item 12.

08:55:29 When Lou at 12, it says see item 11.

08:55:33 So we have 11 on one item which is closing of an alley and

08:55:38 the actual changing of the use for special use is item 12.

08:55:43 So with that in mind, we do both of them simultaneously at

08:55:47 different times.

08:55:47 How do you like that?

08:55:50 >> Simultaneously at different times.

08:55:52 Abbye Feeley, land development.

08:55:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Did I say it correctly?

08:56:01 Did I wake you up?

08:56:02 >> There are eight waivers being requested with this special

08:56:07 use. And many of them are based on the existing building.

08:56:11 In a special use place of religious assembly, the yard needs

08:56:15 to be 40-foot with the exception of the front yard so you

08:56:17 will see that waiver number 1, 2 and 3 are related to

08:56:25 setbacks on the existing property.

08:56:27 There's also a waiver for access to a local street.

08:56:30 Waivers to reduce the off-street parking from 60 to 33

08:56:33 spaces.

08:56:34 A waiver to reduce the drive aisle from 26 feet to 21 feet,

08:56:38 and 11 feet to 10 feet for the 45-degree spaces.

08:56:42 To increase the percentage of compact spaces from 65% to

08:56:46 82%, and lastly to allow for 100 percent grass parking which

08:56:51 is a typical waiver request on a place of religious assembly

08:56:55 given the places are only to be used twice a week for

08:56:58 services on Wednesdays and Sundays or whenever that may be.

08:57:03 Mr. Cook showed you some pictures of the property.

08:57:06 Let me go ahead and show you them as well.

08:57:08 This is Carioca looking west, is Carioca.

08:57:18 This is on Cord Street.

08:57:28 This is the same picture.

08:57:30 You can see that 21st is just off the property.

08:57:33 This is moving south on cord.

08:57:36 Further south on cord on the same side of the street.

08:57:43 Still on cord.

08:57:44 This is on the west side of cord.

08:57:46 This is multifamily.

08:57:50 Two family dwellings.

08:57:54 Just to the north of the property on the north side of

08:57:56 21st.

08:57:57 Also on the north side of 21st.

08:58:00 And then at the pie-shaped -- I'm sorry, I should have put

08:58:06 this up here -- there is a credit union, there is a hotel in

08:58:10 the CG here, and there's also a hotel down to the south

08:58:14 adjacent to I-4.

08:58:22 Further down on Carioca the church owns that other property

08:58:32 shown in red that Jim showed you.

08:58:35 It is in red.

08:58:36 Here is the hotel on the east side of Carioca.

08:58:38 Here is the aerial as well.

08:58:43 The credit union there.

08:58:44 And then they showed you the pictures of their residential,

08:58:49 and the subject property here with the alley in between and

08:58:52 the hotel.

08:59:04 The existing place was built prior to churches being special

08:59:08 use.

08:59:08 The modification that they are proposing tonight is to

08:59:13 construct a fellowship hall.

08:59:17 Oh, I'm sorry, they want to construct a new sanctuary, and

08:59:20 they want to convert the existing sanctuary to be the

08:59:23 fellowship hall.

08:59:24 So it would be a 200 seat sanctuary, and 06 spaces would be

08:59:29 required.

08:59:29 33 spaces are being provided.

08:59:34 I do need modifications in between first and second reading.

08:59:38 The waivers need to just be formatted as I have shown on the

08:59:41 first page of my staff report.

08:59:43 Transportation also has the site plan modifications.

08:59:47 And lastly, tree and landscape, planning and development,

08:59:50 natural resources.

08:59:52 I have I have provided all these modifications to Mr. Hill

08:59:56 who is for the applicant this evening.

08:59:58 And with those modifications staff would find the request

09:00:01 for the special use to be consistent.

09:00:03 I'm available for any questions.

09:00:04 Thank you.

09:00:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

09:00:11 Petitioner?

09:00:16 >> My name is Thomas Hills. I live at 5805 north 20th

09:00:20 Street Tampa, Florida and I am sworn.

09:00:26 As you see this is a conforming church as it exists today.

09:00:30 But the congregation is seeking to improve their facilities.

09:00:36 As you know, we did need the alley vacated, as of seen the

09:00:44 plat, and down the middle of the property, and on our site

09:00:49 plan, one contiguous development.

09:00:57 The existing church could hold 200 as it stands.

09:01:05 But we don't have a social hall, and the church back then

09:01:12 the way it was designed in 1984 is really not designed the

09:01:17 way churches should function today.

09:01:22 So what we are doing is having the church with the sanctuary

09:01:26 brought up to a function of the church by the standards of

09:01:28 the City of Tampa and all those things that go along with it

09:01:31 and taking the social hall and the other church and social

09:01:38 hall.

09:01:38 Also, this particular church is a big thing in that

09:01:45 community there.

09:01:54 With them doing their changes to come up with the social to

09:02:00 do other functions, now other chumps are doing their thing

09:02:08 for their congregation.

09:02:09 Now they are able to bring their church up to conformity and

09:02:12 do all the things that they need to do. That's basically --

09:02:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone to speak on these items, 11 and

09:02:29 12?

09:02:30 Please come forward.

09:02:31 >> My name is Garry Jeffries, 4628 Fish Lake Road.

09:02:40 I'm here in support of the church.

09:02:43 And basically, the church, we are growing large enough and

09:02:50 we need to expand because we have -- you know, everybody has

09:03:04 family, and by developing a lot more we need to expand

09:03:12 church to accommodate, because sometimes we have functions,

09:03:15 and we have to move from our church to another church to

09:03:18 accommodate everyone.

09:03:22 And we could have the church for family and other things.

09:03:28 So we just ask, request the members to consider and because

09:03:36 we really need the church, and we just need help.

09:03:39 So as a member, I am asking the council.

09:03:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:03:46 Anyone else?

09:03:47 All right.

09:03:48 Petitioner, if you want a closing statement you are entitled

09:03:50 to that.

09:03:50 >> We just feel that it would be a good thing to get this

09:03:59 done.

09:03:59 They have worked tirelessly hard. They have been trying to

09:04:01 do this for years.

09:04:03 We finally got to that point and we are just asking.

09:04:10 Thank you very much.

09:04:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, seconded by

09:04:13 Mrs. Montelione, close vote by Mr. Suarez on number 11 and

09:04:18 12.

09:04:19 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:04:20 Mrs. Montelione, would you kindly take number 11?

09:04:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Sure.

09:04:29 Okay.

09:04:30 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

09:04:33 consideration, an ordinance vacating, closing,

09:04:34 discontinuing, and abandoning an alleyway lying east of cord

09:04:41 Street West of CARIOCA street and north of 18th Avenue

09:04:45 in Oak Park subdivision, a subdivision in the City of Tampa,

09:04:49 Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being more fully

09:04:51 described in section 1 hereof subject to certain easements,

09:04:55 covenants, conditions and restrictions as more particularly

09:04:58 described herein providing an effective date.

09:05:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr.

09:05:04 Suarez.

09:05:14 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:05:17 Opposed nay.

09:05:17 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:05:19 Number 11.

09:05:21 Number 12.

09:05:21 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 12?

09:05:24 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

09:05:27 first reading consideration, an ordinance approving a

09:05:30 special use permit S-2 approving a place of religious

09:05:34 assembly in an RM-16 residential multifamily zoning district

09:05:39 in the general vicinity of 2921 Cord Street and 2924 north

09:05:45 CARIOCA street in the city of Tampa, Florida and as more

09:05:48 particularly described in section 1 hereof providing an

09:05:50 effective date.

09:05:51 And including the revision sheet that was attached to the

09:05:56 application.

09:05:56 >> Second.

09:05:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen on item

09:06:00 number 12 and second by Mr. Suarez.

09:06:02 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:06:05 Opposed nay.

09:06:07 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:06:08 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern absent

09:06:16 ath vote and Reddick being absent.

09:06:19 Second reading on May 3rd at 9:30 a.m.

09:06:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione,

09:06:25 second by Mr. Suarez to receive all the documents.

09:06:27 All in favor of the motion?

09:06:29 Opposed?

09:06:29 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:06:31 New business.

09:06:32 Mr. Suarez.

09:06:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have one item.

09:06:34 Thank you, chair.

09:06:36 I would like to invite wit Ostrenko to appear before City

09:06:42 Council on May 4th to announce the name. Recipient of

09:06:46 the 2012 national Hispanic scientist of the year.

09:06:52 The award, the award will be presented at an awards ceremony

09:06:57 at MOSI in October.

09:06:59 If we could have at 10:00 on May 4.

09:07:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:07:15 All in favor?

09:07:16 Opposed?

09:07:16 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:07:20 Mr. Harry Cohen.

09:07:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

09:07:23 Two items.

09:07:24 The first is to request a public workshop on April 26th

09:07:28 at 10 a.m. to discuss the privately initiated amendments to

09:07:32 the January 2012 text amendment cycle.

09:07:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez at 10 a.m.

09:07:45 on April 22 -- 26th.

09:07:49 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

09:07:51 Opposed nay.

09:07:52 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:07:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Second, I would like to make a motion asking

09:07:56 our attorney Mr. Shelby to prepare a resolution for

09:08:00 presentation on April 19th, 2012, declaring the week of

09:08:04 April 29th through May 5th, 2012, as municipal

09:08:08 clerks week and extend the council appreciate to the clerk's

09:08:12 office for all they do on our behalf.

09:08:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

09:08:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

09:08:19 Suarez.

09:08:20 All in favor?

09:08:21 Opposed?

09:08:21 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:08:24 Mrs. Montelione?

09:08:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Nothing.

09:08:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You were 100 percent right today and this

09:08:32 evening.

09:08:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:08:37 Thank you thank you.

09:08:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience dire speak to this

09:08:40 council?

09:08:42 I see no one.

09:08:44 We stand adjourned.

09:08:49 >> (Meeting adjourned)



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