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Thursday, June 14, 2012
5:01 p.m.


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05:08:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:08:48 Roll call.

05:08:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:08:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:08:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:08:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:08:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:08:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

05:08:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:08:59 Okay.

05:09:00 We have got some 5:01 public hearings, 1 through 4.

05:09:06 These are non-quasi-judicial.

05:09:08 Item number 1.

05:09:11 Need a motion to open items 1 through 4.

05:09:14 >> So moved.

05:09:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

05:09:21 Yes, sir.

05:09:21 >> Public hearing has been opened, council?

05:09:24 Thank you.

05:09:25 We are here today to make a formal presentation of the draft

05:09:28 of the five-year action plan and one-year -- five-year

05:09:34 consolidated plan and one-year action plan.

05:09:37 What we are asking council to do is just move to accept the

05:09:39 document, and you already opened it for public hearings.

05:09:42 If anybody is here for public hearing, we can get their

05:09:46 comments.

05:09:48 We are not asking you to approve to vote any more debt.

05:09:52 This opens a 30-day window, public hearing window so people

05:09:55 can have opportunity to look at the document, provide

05:09:58 comments that they want to provide to my staff, and myself,

05:10:01 or to council.

05:10:04 A copy of the document, the official copy. Document will be

05:10:06 available at the clerk's office.

05:10:08 There will be another hard copy over at the housing and

05:10:11 community development office at the third floor of en, and

05:10:16 also going to put a copy of the document online.

05:10:19 And the reason -- do you want to go ahead?

05:10:24 What I have for you -- because I know how much you want to

05:10:27 take this stuff home with you -- I have put these on a disk

05:10:30 for you, you can take it home and read it at your leisure.

05:10:37 The reason I did that, this is the actual document here.

05:10:41 It's a little over 400 pages bits time you get all the

05:10:44 tables and the other information in there.

05:10:46 And this is double sided.

05:10:48 I didn't want to print out nine of these.

05:10:52 Just for presentation.

05:10:53 So you will have that document in front of you.

05:10:57 What we have -- the consolidated action plan, it opens the

05:11:18 official 30-day window, and we will be asking for the second

05:11:21 public hearing on the draft approval on the 19th when we

05:11:23 come back in fronts of you.

05:11:25 That will give us time to submit it up to HUD by the

05:11:27 19th in order for to the go into effect on October

05:11:32 1st.

05:11:37 Some of the items that are included in this document, the

05:11:42 various program uses and the gross breakdown of the dollars

05:11:45 into the various categories, the plan as you know includes

05:11:48 housing projects, facilities, public services, economic

05:11:51 development, and the 108 loan.

05:11:54 The 108 loan is the repayment from -- what was it, the

05:12:00 Centro Ybor.

05:12:01 That's where that goes to.

05:12:03 There's a big chunk of payment that goes to.

05:12:05 That other capital improvement projects, various programs,

05:12:08 emergency solution services, which is really a lot of the

05:12:11 homeless programs, and then the HOPWA and the general

05:12:16 administration.

05:12:18 And as I told you, what you have on that document is the

05:12:22 five-year consolidated plan which is basically the

05:12:25 overarching document that here is how we are going to deal

05:12:28 with community development block grants, home, HOPWA, over a

05:12:34 five-year period, and then the single one action plan which

05:12:37 really is based on the RFP process that we just finished

05:12:41 going through, we are still going through, we finished going

05:12:44 through it, and we do that similar RFP process over the

05:12:49 course every year to get additional solicitation for the

05:12:51 program.

05:12:52 That has to be consistent with the overall overarching five

05:12:57 year program as I said.

05:12:58 You can see for the public services, these are all the

05:13:00 various agencies with their dollar values.

05:13:04 Many of these agencies were funded in the past.

05:13:07 There are some new ones.

05:13:09 Unfortunately, we have less money, if you recall from some

05:13:13 of our earlier conversations, approximately 20% less money

05:13:15 to go around.

05:13:17 Everybody's award is less than what they asked for, and it's

05:13:21 been a bit of a reduction but we feel we did a pretty good

05:13:27 job getting as many worthwhile programs funding as they were

05:13:30 seeking.

05:13:31 The next one?

05:13:33 The community development block grant specific activities,

05:13:42 use block grant money for infrastructure.

05:13:44 One of the items is the Perry Harvey park improvement.

05:13:47 For housing we have a couple of different housing activities

05:13:50 taking place.

05:13:51 A number of public facility programs taking place.

05:13:55 One thing I did want to point out, what we did this year

05:13:58 since I have been involved with this, the first time we have

05:14:00 done that, is because we were able to carve outs $100,000

05:14:03 for economic development activities.

05:14:05 I don't know what that is.

05:14:06 We did not get any specific proposals for that kind of --

05:14:10 any kind of economic development project, so our intention

05:14:14 is to put another RFP, and we'll see what comes in from

05:14:18 that.

05:14:18 It might be an incubator program, it might be a different

05:14:21 kind of smaller development or one or two projects that

05:14:23 needs a little bits of a assistance.

05:14:25 We may be able to funds two or three people that need

05:14:28 adjusts a little bit more money to gets something going.

05:14:30 This year we will have that opportunity, both the

05:14:32 administration and council has wanted some economic

05:14:35 development capabilities.

05:14:36 So we are very happy to have been able to put that in there.

05:14:43 Go ahead.

05:14:45 The other place where we get money, we get it from the HOME

05:14:49 program and the emergency solutions grants program.

05:14:52 The home activities, you have to remember HOME is housing.

05:14:56 That's the only thing you can use those dollars for.

05:14:58 You can do rehabilitation. You can do acquisition.

05:15:01 And disposition and things like that.

05:15:02 But it has to be home.

05:15:04 Different from the community development block grant which

05:15:07 you have a broader ability to use such as some of the social

05:15:10 service agencies as well as economic development aspects.

05:15:13 All home money has to be spent on housing and Holme some of

05:15:16 kind.

05:15:17 And the ESG, that was the only thing that did not go down.

05:15:22 Those are basically -- not all but some of our homeless

05:15:25 activities right there.

05:15:26 Okay.

05:15:29 You know -- all know Michelle, don't you? Okay.

05:15:33 The HOPWA is the Housing Assistance for People With Aids.

05:15:39 As you recall it's for four different counties.

05:15:42 It's Hillsborough County, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando.

05:15:48 We are the administrators of that, those dollars,

05:15:52 unfortunately, because I would rather not be -- because

05:15:56 Hillsborough County has the highest incidence of aids ands

05:16:00 HIV in the four counties area.

05:16:01 The money is broken down on a formula basis.

05:16:04 We have worked with the individuals, some of those other

05:16:09 agencies, and they saw the breakdown of how this went and

05:16:12 they were in favor of it as well.

05:16:16 That's basically a very brief overview of what you have.

05:16:19 Again, the document that I will e-mail you probably Monday

05:16:23 when we load it in, and we have on your disk, has a lot

05:16:27 greater detail.

05:16:29 It's an extension with a little bit more detail of the

05:16:31 document that I mailed you about ten days ago.

05:16:33 This justs really starts to put the detail in there that you

05:16:38 want to have in there.

05:16:44 And remembering that this is at the end of the RFP process.

05:16:49 The members that were on the review committee, I did want to

05:16:51 mention that.

05:16:54 The people that evaluated this was consistent from last

05:16:58 year.

05:16:59 We have many of the same people.

05:17:00 Unfortunately one of the people is no longer with the city

05:17:02 so we could not use her, but Michelle Boone who I just

05:17:06 introduced you to, Michelle Van Lone, economic development,

05:17:10 CRA East Tampa, Mr. Frank Roder on the citizens advisory

05:17:13 committee for the CDBG, as well as Jennifer, our citizen

05:17:21 advisory member.

05:17:22 That is virtually the same group that did the evaluations

05:17:24 last year.

05:17:25 They are not new to it.

05:17:26 They evaluated it.

05:17:28 And they all had RFP documents come back, and they ranked

05:17:33 them by score.

05:17:35 And I think they did a pretty good job funding as many

05:17:39 possible programs and projects as we could.

05:17:41 If you have questions, I can certainly entertain them.

05:17:44 But if there's someone from the public.

05:17:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions from council members at

05:17:47 this time?

05:17:48 Anyone in the public care to speak?

05:17:51 Ms. Montelione?

05:17:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Great job, Mr. Snelling.

05:17:55 >>THOM SNELLING: Thank you, ma'am.

05:17:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is this the document that we have --

05:18:03 >> Yes, right there.

05:18:07 She's done a marvelous job.

05:18:08 One of the things that she's agreed to do is over the next

05:18:11 two-week period I am going to be scheduling time on each of

05:18:14 your calendars.

05:18:16 I will give you a couple, two weeks.

05:18:17 I don't expect you to go home and read it tonight.

05:18:19 But meet with you individually and continue the

05:18:23 understanding of what's going on and some of the details.

05:18:27 As you develop questions I can hopefully answer those on a

05:18:30 one-on-one setting.

05:18:32 Ms. Combs will come with me on that.

05:18:34 And since she went to the workshops, the charrettes, she was

05:18:39 in attendance and should be a very valuable asset when we

05:18:42 are speaking here.

05:18:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One of the questions that I have on the

05:18:49 survey and the survey results of one of the appendix in the

05:18:54 book, and I was reading through the comments from the

05:18:57 public, and a couple of them caught my eye simply because

05:19:00 one says expanded public transportation services in south

05:19:06 county.

05:19:07 Another one says lighting is very important especially in

05:19:10 our south county site.

05:19:13 Bloomingdale park needs updated play equipment and mulch.

05:19:21 And there are other.

05:19:22 And training for women especially in south county.

05:19:25 So --

05:19:28 >>THOM SNELLING: Those were probably surveys that came in

05:19:30 online and not the ones at our individual meetings.

05:19:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So how do we quality control maybe?

05:19:41 Or how do we filter for respondents who live within the city

05:19:49 limits of the City of Tampa, or work in the city limits of

05:19:53 the City of Tampa, they go to school here, have an interest

05:19:56 in the programs that affect our community, and not have a

05:20:03 lot of suggestions coming from or asking us to address needs

05:20:08 that are in the unincorporated county?

05:20:15 >> Campbell, house community development office.

05:20:19 Counsel, I think part of the requirement, we did hold a

05:20:22 number of meetings throughout the community.

05:20:24 We did target the definite areas that we want to receive

05:20:27 input and get feedback from.

05:20:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right, I saw the schedule of where the

05:20:32 meetings were held, on what dates.

05:20:34 >> Trying to be responsive to the Internet participation for

05:20:38 those that don't want to go to meetings, those that don't

05:20:40 want to participate, we ventured off this year and used the

05:20:43 high tech method of Internet, trying to solicit input from

05:20:48 city residents.

05:20:49 Unfortunately, we can't control a lot of the responses that

05:20:53 we got, and we did receive some responses that were not

05:20:56 within --

05:20:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I would think that you would be

05:20:59 able to put in a zip code.

05:21:00 >> We did, but there are some divided between half city,

05:21:04 half county.

05:21:05 There's a couple of them.

05:21:08 >>THOM SNELLING: We can pull that out and find out the zip

05:21:11 code.

05:21:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If you look at my zip code for my house

05:21:15 it's split between the City of Tampa and Temple Terrace.

05:21:20 >>THOM SNELLING: Is it?

05:21:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

05:21:21 >> Zip code is a good tool.

05:21:23 >> So that answers that question.

05:21:25 That was just a concern to me.

05:21:27 And the other comment that was a concern to me is this one,

05:21:31 and it says: You don't explain what you mean.

05:21:34 The survey is not organized.

05:21:37 What do you mean when you say microenterprise?

05:21:40 Is this to for-profits? It says, what is ed tech

05:21:47 assistance?

05:21:47 You mean teaching people computers or helping them navigate

05:21:50 permitting and licensing needs needed to do business?

05:21:53 So there seemed to be some confusion about the questions.

05:21:56 And although we know what we mean by microenterprise and

05:22:00 what we mean by tech assistance, the general public is not

05:22:07 as well versed in our shorthand.

05:22:11 So perhaps clarifying those types of the vernacular.

05:22:25 >>THOM SNELLING: And I think we might be able to go back and

05:22:28 circle with that person.

05:22:29 It's not a large number but some of the ones that are a

05:22:32 little more glaring we can circle back, and I think it

05:22:35 wouldn't be that difficult to do and at least answer some of

05:22:39 their questions.

05:22:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think about 115 responses that came

05:22:42 online.

05:22:46 >>THOM SNELLING: That shouldn't be that hard to do.

05:22:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

05:22:49 All right.

05:22:51 That was the concern that I had.

05:22:53 Thank you.

05:22:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

05:22:56 Okay.

05:22:56 Anyone from the public care to speak on item number 1?

05:23:01 I see no one.

05:23:02 >> If you could indulge me real quick, I want to introduce

05:23:09 the new member of my half.

05:23:12 Would you stand up?

05:23:13 She previously worked at the Boley center from St. Pete and

05:23:18 we were fortunate enough to steal her from them.

05:23:21 It is certainly their loss, I'm sure, if they are watching.

05:23:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That we are celebrating?

05:23:30 >>THOM SNELLING: She came at the recommendation of an

05:23:32 employee who I have a great deal respect for, Marie, working

05:23:39 with the HOPWA grant, and Keana is right behind her so I

05:23:46 feel very lucky having her on board.

05:23:47 Welcome.

05:23:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

05:23:50 We need to close our public hearing.

05:23:52 Motion to close by Ms. Montelione, seconded by Mr. Suarez.

05:23:55 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

05:23:57 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:23:58 Item number 2.

05:24:09 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning manager for the city.

05:24:11 Item number 2 is the request by Mr. Weaver, Ron Weaver, for

05:24:14 an amendment to the parking standards for downtown DBD and

05:24:20 it is to create a temporary waterfront parking special use

05:24:25 1.

05:24:27 At the workshop for Planning Commission I acknowledged we

05:24:32 were in objection to this particular amendment, and I also

05:24:36 logged on at the planning hearing commission as well.

05:24:39 I believe you received a letter from the Tampa downtown

05:24:42 partnership also on this item.

05:24:46 Over the past couple of months since the initial

05:24:49 transmittal, there have been some revisions to the language,

05:24:52 and just to highlight what they are, Mr. Weaver has narrowed

05:24:56 the language.

05:25:00 You have the ordinance.

05:25:02 The language.

05:25:03 We can go through it really quickly.

05:25:05 Specifically, in order to create a temporary waterfront

05:25:08 parking lot, we are prohibited, the property -- the property

05:25:19 does have to be constructed with a portion of the

05:25:25 waterfront.

05:25:25 Also the applicant has to own the lot for the parking lot as

05:25:30 well as the adjacent property on which the building sits

05:25:33 that the parking will serve.

05:25:34 So it does have to be truly accessory and adjacent to it.

05:25:38 Furthermore he is acknowledging that the parking is going to

05:25:40 be open to the public on weekends ands free of charge

05:25:43 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

05:25:47 The limitation on it extends it, as you can see, in

05:25:50 paragraph C, from the original May 7th, 2000, which is

05:25:55 when it was amortized and he's asking to extend to the

05:26:00 January 1st, 2018, which, if approved, it would give it

05:26:04 approximately a 5.5 year life span.

05:26:08 There's additional criteria acknowledging that it's a

05:26:10 special use, acknowledging the special use criteria that I

05:26:13 just went through, and then some of the reference language

05:26:17 including the definition.

05:26:20 By definition, it also clearly states that it is a surface

05:26:24 parking lot located in the central business district

05:26:27 waterfront overlay district.

05:26:28 It's permitted to only operate until January 1st, 2018.

05:26:34 Again for the record, we did acknowledge in both the

05:26:36 workshop and before the Planning Commission that we were

05:26:39 objecting to this request based on goal 6, policy 6.1.2 of

05:26:44 the comprehensive plan which does state that we are supposed

05:26:47 to develop regulations to discourage surface parking entry

05:26:53 at parking garages and view corridor, parking with primary

05:26:57 structures, adjacent structures, including compatibility and

05:27:00 design in appearance.

05:27:01 We believe that these regulations were already established

05:27:05 back in 1997, and then in touchdown for that extension. So

05:27:09 over 12 years ago we believe the regulations were

05:27:12 established by council and set by that policy, and

05:27:14 prohibited within the waterfront overlay.

05:27:16 And we feel we would be going backwards essentially to allow

05:27:20 that now.

05:27:20 We believe we have already met the comprehensive plan policy

05:27:23 and we are still objecting.

05:27:24 Thank you.

05:27:24 >>

05:27:33 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

05:27:34 This item was presented in front of the Planning Commission.

05:27:39 This Monday, the applicant Mr. Weaver who will be getting up

05:27:42 shortly, based on his presentation, the Planning Commission

05:27:46 did find the proposed request consistent with the

05:27:48 comprehensive plan.

05:27:51 Thank you.

05:27:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

05:27:54 >> Mr. Chairman, members of the City Council.

05:28:01 The reason that the applicant would come forward with this

05:28:05 Land Development Code amendment is because he had no other

05:28:09 choice.

05:28:10 There's no variance for the enormous hardship that he faces

05:28:13 in having a parcel that has been kept for most of the past

05:28:22 40 years in good faith to make the building work, that he

05:28:25 bought both the building and the adjacent lot, and in 2005

05:28:31 came to this room for rezoning.

05:28:33 And if we could bring forward to you now please an extra

05:28:36 copy of the aerial for the past 40 years very briefly, and

05:28:39 the 2005 zoning condition six which reads the surface

05:28:43 parking, and I quote, surface parking on the paved portion

05:28:46 of the property may continue until construction commences on

05:28:50 the improved residential development, and the developer

05:28:53 should not have built that building which has just been

05:28:57 endured, and all he's asking for you to do is that which we

05:29:01 confirm with the Planning Commission which voted

05:29:03 unanimously, over 10 people present, and all 10 of those

05:29:07 Planning Commission members heard the unusual extenuating

05:29:10 hardship circumstances.

05:29:12 One of the best 15 questions the Planning Commission asked

05:29:15 on Monday afternoon was this.

05:29:17 Why don't you try a variance of something else?

05:29:20 And we acknowledged on the record, there is regrettably no

05:29:24 such variance or other pocket.

05:29:27 The only recommend I do try to persist with this parking

05:29:30 which hundreds of our competitors do park adjacent to the

05:29:33 building, and we park adjacent to our building almost

05:29:36 forever, and then the question, Mr. Weaver, is Y is isn't it

05:29:42 forever instead of almost forever?

05:29:44 And because we tried to build a multi-million dollar 51

05:29:47 story tower for the tax base and revitalization of Tampa and

05:29:50 to do what this development code is trying to facilitate is

05:29:54 build something for the citizens and for the tax base.

05:29:56 That's the only reason we are not still parking out there,

05:30:00 and as your staff mentioned there was an amortization, and

05:30:05 in 2005 there was the zoning that has that provision with

05:30:07 respect to surface parking on the paved portion of the

05:30:10 property may continue until construction commences.

05:30:13 To accommodate the fact that the real goal here is to

05:30:16 achieve -- and I quote -- vibrants, financially viable,

05:30:21 aesthetically pleasing riverfront.

05:30:23 And what we believe is that by having that fence there now

05:30:26 instead of having it open with the buffering so that the

05:30:30 public can, A, get in, walk in, park free on the weekend, we

05:30:34 are doing a public service that in effect solves some of our

05:30:37 financial hardship of not being able to persist with the

05:30:40 parking we have had for most of the last 40 years.

05:30:43 It does not penalize us for trying to develop something

05:30:45 better in the form of the Trump Tower site, and in addition

05:30:52 to the 2005 rezoning, it enables the property to be a

05:30:56 taxpayer provide free parking on the weekend, provide

05:31:02 buffering and comply with the old and new code.

05:31:05 Mr. Vick.

05:31:07 Trey Vick, from Brownstone, the applicant.

05:31:10 >>> Thank you.

05:31:12 I want to point out Ron states the case very well.

05:31:15 I don't want to reiterate any of that.

05:31:17 So our position, we are really quite aligned with the city.

05:31:20 We want the riverwalk to be vibrant.

05:31:22 We want the river to be protected.

05:31:24 We want it to be beautiful.

05:31:26 We want it to be utilized by the sentence of Tampa.

05:31:29 This amendment is a bridge from point A to ALB. We invested

05:31:33 in the arrive walk because we believe in it.

05:31:35 We believe that river is a huge amenity to the City of

05:31:37 Tampa.

05:31:38 We want to see it used by the public.

05:31:40 So as we looked at how can we best bridge from our

05:31:43 acquisition to the ultimate development of that parcel,

05:31:46 which would be an open integrated mixed use project, we

05:31:50 wanted to see how could we bridge the gap to make the most

05:31:54 financially feasible possible, to overcome the market

05:31:58 conditions that exist.

05:31:58 We want also to benefit the public and we wants to allow the

05:32:02 public an access point for the riverwalk the city has

05:32:05 invested heavily in.

05:32:06 And that's what the solution is that came before you today.

05:32:10 It is an opportunities for people on the weekends to bring

05:32:12 their family to this newly constructed portion of the

05:32:15 riverwalk that's directly behind our site, the brownstone

05:32:19 segment.

05:32:20 We'd we just had a ribbon cutting a few weeks ago, and if we

05:32:23 see this parking area on a temporary basis used forts public

05:32:26 will allow families and use of the public of that riverwalk

05:32:31 segment sew for the weekends free of charge and will drive

05:32:34 more people to downtown.

05:32:36 That is our focus.

05:32:37 That is our intent.

05:32:38 And ultimately we want to see that -- we bought it to

05:32:42 develop a beautiful project to help the City of Tampa, not

05:32:45 to operate a long-term parking lot.

05:32:48 I can assure you that.

05:32:49 So that's the only point I would like to bring up.

05:32:51 And also we have tried to be good partners with the City of

05:32:53 Tampa.

05:32:54 We have used our site for the riverwalk that was provided at

05:33:00 no cost to the city.

05:33:02 As an efforts to minimize the expenses as well as expedite

05:33:05 the process of completion of that riverwalk.

05:33:08 We do believe in partnership and we do believe in working

05:33:11 together.

05:33:11 That's all I have to say.

05:33:12 >> Ron Weaver for the record.

05:33:15 One last note.

05:33:16 We are not going to park the public -- or fee during the

05:33:22 week.

05:33:22 The public will work for free on the weekend.

05:33:24 This is not going to be one of those sell it to the highest

05:33:27 bidder or charge whatever they charge to park downtown.

05:33:30 It is only as an adjunct to our tenants and their vendors

05:33:35 and customer whose desperately need that help in order for

05:33:38 this project to be viable.

05:33:41 We are not going to sell spaces.

05:33:43 It's just for our tenants who used it historically for most

05:33:46 of the last 40 years and rezoning to continue to do so in

05:33:50 2005.

05:33:51 Thank you.

05:33:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members, any comments at this

05:33:53 time?

05:33:53 Mr. Suarez and Ms. Capin and Ms. Montelione.

05:33:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Weaver, does that say that in what's

05:34:03 proposed and worked out he with you and the city that there

05:34:06 need not be any parking during the week other than for --

05:34:10 >> That's correct.

05:34:11 >> And accessory use to that within the code.

05:34:16 And that's part of that?

05:34:17 >> Yes.

05:34:18 >> I want to make sure that what I just said is correct,

05:34:23 what Mr. Weaver said is correct in terms of parking, I not

05:34:29 going to be open up to members of the public to park there

05:34:32 during the week, primarily used only for those people that

05:34:35 are vendors or occupants of the building next door.

05:34:39 >> It's considered accessory parking so it does have to be a

05:34:45 link to the building that's adjacent and the users of that

05:34:48 building.

05:34:48 >> Meaning that they can't open it up to the public charging

05:34:51 for parking during the week, correct?

05:34:53 >> That's a tough answer.

05:34:57 Generally a principle parking lot is not linked to anything

05:35:03 as a stand-alone.

05:35:05 We don't typically regulate the charging of parking whether

05:35:08 or not it's for sale or for lease.

05:35:10 We regulate simply the use of it, whether or not it's

05:35:13 directly related to an accessory structure and use, or

05:35:18 stand-alone parking locality.

05:35:21 >> I am just trying to break it down to its components

05:35:24 parts.

05:35:24 Mr. Weaver made a comment.

05:35:26 I want to make sure it's something we can actually enforce

05:35:28 as part of an agreement or as part of the change that we are

05:35:31 making here.

05:35:32 So that's what I am getting at.

05:35:34 >> It's questionable whether or not we can actually enforce

05:35:37 it.

05:35:37 Because we do not regulate the selling or charging of

05:35:42 parking -- it's not in any of the other regulations.

05:35:45 >> Okay.

05:35:46 Mr. Weaver?

05:35:47 >> We believe it is.

05:35:49 We'll make it even clearer.

05:35:51 I have -- it's written down here that should confirm if you

05:35:56 approve it that the spaces will not be sold to the public.

05:36:00 They will only be available to the tenants and vendors and

05:36:04 customers, not for the public during the week.

05:36:06 Free to the public on the weekend.

05:36:08 And I'll say it again a second time.

05:36:10 Accessory parking.

05:36:12 It's in there twice.

05:36:12 I'll say it a third time those nine words.

05:36:15 >> Is that something that can be put into this so that we

05:36:18 can -- hello.

05:36:22 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

05:36:43 It is something that is somewhat unusual, and we can work to

05:36:49 see if we can craft something like that.

05:36:51 Typically, I think that we could probably clarify that it's

05:36:54 only open to the user of the buildings but then have a

05:37:00 mandate that's free and open to the public.

05:37:02 We can look it.

05:37:07 >> And as a matter of law, because of the privately

05:37:10 initiated amendment, can we do a separate agreement that

05:37:15 specifically does that as part of it, meaning that we have

05:37:18 something that we are doing as part of our plan, but then

05:37:20 have a structural relationship saying that they cannot do

05:37:25 this, or a portion of it?

05:37:27 Is there -- any my point is if we can't put it into the

05:37:33 comprehensive plan, or to our plan because of the privately

05:37:35 initiated amendment that we are going to vote on tonight,

05:37:38 that we can't put it in there.

05:37:41 Maybe you find that in terms of precedence or something that

05:37:48 we can't do it, how do we actually make sure that what Mr.

05:37:53 Weaver is proposing we can actually enforce?

05:37:57 >>REBECCA KERT: Well, if we can't put it into our code I'm

05:38:00 not sure it's something we would be able to enforce.

05:38:03 If he wanted to do some deed restrictions it's possible but

05:38:06 it wouldn't be something we would be able to enforce.

05:38:08 And we do need an opportunities to look at that.

05:38:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

05:38:12 >> And it is first reading tonight's.

05:38:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know.

05:38:18 Thank you.

05:38:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Along the same line that I am looking at,

05:38:25 the weekend parking, where you are telling us that it's free

05:38:30 to the public, again, how can we enforce that, that the lot

05:38:36 is a private lot, that it doesn't get locked up on a special

05:38:43 weekend and the public doesn't have access to it?

05:38:48 It is access to it he have weekend of the entire year for

05:38:50 them?

05:38:52 >> Absolutely.

05:38:53 Yes, ma'am.

05:38:54 Every weekend.

05:38:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And how can we put that and enforce it, and

05:39:01 maybe our legal staff needs more time to look at that also?

05:39:12 >> Ron Weaver: He can correct me if I am wrong.

05:39:14 And we have been working on this language since the last

05:39:17 one, thank you.

05:39:19 We get a letter, which we are not going to do, we aren't

05:39:23 going to close it on the weekend.

05:39:24 We worked so hard to get something that works for you and

05:39:27 us.

05:39:27 If for some reason somebody made a mistake and did close it

05:39:32 by mistake, a new employee or something, we would probably

05:39:35 get a letter to the following effect: You have the zoning

05:39:41 condition and you have just violated, please appear at a

05:39:45 hearing on the citation for violation of zoning condition,

05:39:47 if we violated the zoning condition by accidentally locking

05:39:50 it some weekend.

05:39:51 We would be cited for violation of the zoning condition.

05:39:53 >>REBECCA KERT: I did look at the language, and there is

05:39:59 currently language in the proposed amendment that they do

05:40:02 have to allow it to be open on the weekend.

05:40:05 So if there was a violation, we have a number of different

05:40:07 methods that we could take in enforcement including going to

05:40:10 the Code Enforcement Board, potentially issuing a citation,

05:40:16 but we would be able to enforce that condition.

05:40:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Open on the weekends, free to the public.

05:40:24 >>REBECCA KERT: That is actually what the language says.

05:40:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

05:40:28 That's what I wanted.

05:40:29 Thank you very much.

05:40:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?

05:40:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

05:40:36 I'm sorry, Mr. Weaver.

05:40:40 But any of the folks sitting here up against the window can

05:40:43 tell you, I don't like parking.

05:40:45 And I especially don't like parking along the river.

05:40:51 And I understand that your client has a need for parking.

05:40:57 But I have worked downtown off and on since I moved to

05:41:02 Tampa -- well, to Florida in general.

05:41:04 I have only been to one city, in 30 years, and I have worked

05:41:09 in buildings downtown that parking was a challenge, and I

05:41:12 parked in the city-owned garages at Poe or at Fort Brooke or

05:41:19 I car pooled at one point.

05:41:24 And we are encouraging people to ride their bikes, or to

05:41:29 take public transit, accommodating the tenants of a

05:41:35 building, there are other ways to make those accommodations,

05:41:43 on the weekends, allowing people to park on an as-need basis

05:41:52 for free for the public.

05:41:54 I have been downtown a lot on the weekends, and there is not

05:41:58 really a shortage of parking for the public on the weekends

05:42:03 downtown.

05:42:05 What might be a better use on the weekends is some kind of

05:42:11 recreational type facility, some type of garden, or even a

05:42:19 community garden along the river would be a great thing.

05:42:22 Something that people would be attracted to come to so that

05:42:28 when they visit downtown, this is another attractive thing

05:42:31 that they could visit.

05:42:34 I notice that in the ordinance here, one of the things that

05:42:39 was struck was, E, landscaping is required by landscaping

05:42:45 and tree planting ordinance must be provided in accordance

05:42:48 with said ordinance, and that was complete lip struck.

05:42:50 >> And substituted.

05:42:54 In fact, that's sort of what we have been -- the new code

05:42:57 about 90 days ago you changed your code.

05:42:59 When you changed it you created a new category called

05:43:02 primary north to south primary corridors, page 27.

05:43:05 >> So it will still have landscaping?

05:43:08 >> Yes, per the middle column, page 27, which is the

05:43:11 north-south primary corridor code.

05:43:13 That's the one that we are meeting.

05:43:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just don't -- I have a difficult time

05:43:21 thinking that additional parking is something that we

05:43:26 really, really need downtown.

05:43:29 Referencing back to the ULI study, when ULI came down

05:43:33 referencing the recent envision presentations that we had

05:43:37 from AE Comm, that we have parking in places downtown that

05:43:43 are in appropriate places, and that the lands could be

05:43:48 better used to create an attraction downtown, and a reason

05:43:54 for people to come downtown, and parking was not on that

05:43:58 list.

05:43:59 So I can't support having additional parking, especially

05:44:07 along the river.

05:44:08 Sorry.

05:44:09 >> We respect your views.

05:44:11 Thank you for sharing that.

05:44:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time

05:44:14 who have not spoken?

05:44:15 Okay.

05:44:17 All right, Mr. Suarez.

05:44:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Kert, back to some of the statements

05:44:27 that Mr. Weaver had mentioned, isn't it possible that we can

05:44:30 just actually put that in the definition themselves?

05:44:35 Because the definition is specific to this piece, isn't it

05:44:39 possible to put that language that restricted language

05:44:43 within the definition itself?

05:44:46 >>REBECCA KERT: In rereviewing these, it appears that some

05:44:49 of that language is already in here.

05:44:52 There's a specific requirement, and I will read tout, all

05:44:55 parking shall be open to the public on weekends free of

05:44:58 charge between the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

05:45:02 So that's already something that's been in there.

05:45:05 Has been reviewed by legal and --

05:45:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What is the suggestion then?

05:45:13 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I can clarify.

05:45:15 Catherine Coyle, planning manager.

05:45:17 These are special use one criteria.

05:45:19 Typically you come for a special use one, and we had one

05:45:23 recently where someone asked City Council for a waiver

05:45:28 criteria. There are no waivers to be granted by the city

05:45:30 for any of these criteria.

05:45:32 So it is what it is.

05:45:33 Either they get it or they don't.

05:45:35 I just want to make that as well.

05:45:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm not sure you made anything clear in my

05:45:40 mind, but that's okay.

05:45:41 >> Be clear that we are objecting to the request.

05:45:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We already know.

05:45:48 That and again, I want to get back to what we were talking

05:45:51 about before on the weekdays, if they are making an offer to

05:45:54 us, can we accept the offer as part of the definition of

05:45:58 what it is?

05:45:59 Because, I mean, the definition -- and I'm not sure if

05:46:03 that's the answer or not.

05:46:04 >>REBECCA KERT: Mr. Suarez, I'm not exactly clear of the

05:46:09 number of things that Mr. Weaver said.

05:46:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me rephrase what we were talking about.

05:46:16 Week-day parking to make sure that the parking itself is

05:46:19 only for those tenants and those people that need to use the

05:46:22 building that are next door to the lot that we are talking

05:46:25 about.

05:46:25 So there's nothing in it to restrict them from right now, in

05:46:31 my reading of this, to allowing them to say, we are going to

05:46:35 park 100 cars here, whatever spaces they have, open to the

05:46:39 public during the week, which is exactly opposite is of what

05:46:44 we want at all.

05:46:45 I mean, there are going to be discussions of -- accept

05:46:51 completely or allow some kind of compromise.

05:46:53 I'm just asking is a compromise possible as part of the

05:46:56 language?

05:46:57 >> I think it is, and Ms. Coyle will speak on it.

05:47:02 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Number 3 addresses the fact that the

05:47:04 parking is supposed to be accessory to the adjacent use.

05:47:07 You have the applicant in both parcels, the structure and

05:47:09 use.

05:47:10 That parking is accessory to that.

05:47:11 We could add an additional criteria.

05:47:14 I think I hear what you are getting to that there shall be

05:47:17 no additional parking placed on that property for general

05:47:20 public parking.

05:47:22 Nothing beyond what is truly accessory and required for that

05:47:26 use.

05:47:27 And I can write that more artfully but I think that's what

05:47:31 you are get to.

05:47:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, he made an offer of a compromise in

05:47:35 some way, in some language.

05:47:37 I wasn't sure it was enforceable language and where it would

05:47:40 go.

05:47:40 So you have explained, I think, that it is already somewhat

05:47:44 in there, about you we may want to clarify it more.

05:47:47 And I didn't know whether or not we could do that as part of

05:47:50 this process.

05:47:51 >> Many years ago the downtown parking ratio, we normally

05:47:56 have parking as a minimum, downtown years ago used to be

05:48:00 maximum.

05:48:00 It used to be three parking spaces per 1,000 square feet

05:48:04 maximum.

05:48:04 You couldn't park any more than that.

05:48:06 It's now a minimum.

05:48:08 You could do the reverse.

05:48:09 Could you actually say a maximum of what it is to park that

05:48:12 building.

05:48:13 That way, they can't provide any more.

05:48:15 And if there are additional spaces put in, then that would

05:48:17 be a violation.

05:48:19 So you could set it at a maximum.

05:48:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

05:48:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time

05:48:28 that have not spoken?

05:48:29 We go to the public audience, any comments from the public.

05:48:32 Let me say this.

05:48:33 I'm just waiting till Mrs. Saul-Sena gets here.

05:48:36 I have no one says you can't charge -- no one says you can't

05:48:41 sublease.

05:48:41 I heard nothing to that effect.

05:48:43 Go on, Mrs. Saul-Sena.

05:48:44 >> I'm Linda Saul-Sena from 157 Biscayne.

05:48:49 And I think you need to think of this proposal in a

05:48:52 different context.

05:48:53 This isn't about charging, not charging.

05:48:56 It's really about the quality of our riverfront downtown and

05:49:00 the kind of city that we want to have, and the specificity

05:49:04 and power with which you all as council members can direct

05:49:07 that experience.

05:49:09 So thinking about the major investment that primarily the

05:49:13 public but also the private sector has made to complete the

05:49:16 riverwalk to enjoy walking, strolling along it, one of the

05:49:20 reasons why it's nice to walk along the riverwalk is that on

05:49:24 one side you have the river which is beautiful, and on the

05:49:26 other side you have parks and public buildings, beautiful

05:49:29 structures like the hotels.

05:49:32 This would be the first time in years, in decades, that the

05:49:38 City Council has allowed an individual to put parking next

05:49:41 to the river.

05:49:42 And as much as all of us would frankly love a free park

05:49:46 parking space on a Saturday afternoon when there's a concert

05:49:48 going on, for the 100 people who ho get to park there, other

05:49:53 5,000 would prefer it be a green area where they could play

05:49:57 Frisbee, play picnic, where they could enjoy.

05:50:00 That's the kind of quality this city wants along the river.

05:50:04 We do not want parked cars next to the riverwalk.

05:50:08 It's a public investment that you all are stewards and need

05:50:12 to protect.

05:50:13 I served on council for a number of years, and during that

05:50:16 time we had this huge controversy, I would call the

05:50:21 Mirabella property, what should go there, and one of the big

05:50:25 fights was, should there be parking next to the river?

05:50:28 And we said no.

05:50:29 And we protected it.

05:50:31 You have a very eloquent staff who has definitively asked

05:50:36 you to protect the waterfront, and I'm speaking now as a

05:50:39 member of the public asking you to protect the quality of

05:50:43 the experience of downtown and the riverfront.

05:50:46 And I think that cars next to the river is just not the

05:50:49 quality that we aspire to.

05:50:51 Thank you.

05:50:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:50:54 Anyone else in the audience?

05:50:57 Petitioner, you have closing time.

05:51:00 >> Ron Weaver.

05:51:04 The eight pictures of the parking at the convention center,

05:51:07 the Straz and those 15 spaces north of Straz on the river,

05:51:11 are a necessity to understanding completely, because over

05:51:14 the last 40 years, your needs as with ours to park next to

05:51:19 our building, you have adapted the last 40 years, taking

05:51:22 pictures of these parkings on the river.

05:51:24 We don't encourage them either.

05:51:26 We are just trying to survive as part of our 2005 rezoning

05:51:29 with respect to the parking on the river.

05:51:30 We are also discouraging, it's time limited and only

05:51:33 pursuant to our 2005 zoning and parked there for the last 40

05:51:38 years and need it financially.

05:51:40 Thank you.

05:51:40 I admire Ms. Saul-Sena for coming forward but we do these

05:51:44 eight puck pictures of the parking on the river.

05:51:47 We are phasing those out and adding them to the public free

05:51:50 to boot as our part of making the river right and making

05:51:53 sure that vibrancy is not lost but is enhanced.

05:51:57 And there's a time limit on it.

05:51:59 It's not forever.

05:52:00 And it's only an adjacent building that has parked there for

05:52:03 most of the last 40 years.

05:52:04 Thank you.

05:52:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

05:52:06 That was the closing statement.

05:52:10 Any remarks other than what we have heard from council?

05:52:12 Any other remarks?

05:52:15 Okay, I need a motion.

05:52:16 Before I make a motion to close, let me say this.

05:52:21 Ms. Saul-Sena was right.

05:52:22 This administration, the administration before this for

05:52:26 years and the administration before that one for years and

05:52:30 other administrations, ones that bought the property,

05:52:34 millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, one way or the

05:52:38 other, either from city budget or grants -- and grants don't

05:52:40 come just from grant's department store. They come from

05:52:44 people's pockets, to do what they have to do to make this a

05:52:47 viable community that everybody would care more for.

05:52:52 All these things said, even when certain individuals came

05:52:57 up, they were told no.

05:52:59 She was here.

05:53:00 I was here.

05:53:01 Maybe others were here that remember that far.

05:53:04 What happens here when you start to say five and a half

05:53:09 years from now, January of 2018 is going to end, I may not

05:53:15 be here.

05:53:15 Some council members may not be here.

05:53:17 They might be mayors here.

05:53:19 They might be governors.

05:53:20 I don't No. but let me say this.

05:53:24 Come 2018 they are going to say, now what?

05:53:27 We need an extension of five more years.

05:53:30 It will become doubly hard to do that once you have already

05:53:32 given it just like it becomes doubly hard when you give an

05:53:36 extension for alcohol zoning -- and I'm not comparing

05:53:39 alcohol with this.

05:53:40 Let me clear that for the record -- to come back and say,

05:53:43 oh, you did it a year but we don't want it now.

05:53:46 What happens if you end up in courts in lengthy litigation,

05:53:49 things that cost money?

05:53:51 And it's very hard once you do this, just like telling the

05:53:55 wild fire don't come here -- near the forest.

05:53:59 It's going to happen, especially during the dry season. I

05:54:02 don't know what's going to happen in 2018.

05:54:04 I hardly know what's going to happen next week.

05:54:06 But five and a half years seems a very small amount of time

05:54:10 compared to history.

05:54:11 But when you compare it to the future of the City of Tampa,

05:54:14 it's a long time away I.don't know what's going to happen in

05:54:17 development.

05:54:17 I can't tell you.

05:54:18 I'm not qualified to tell you that.

05:54:20 But these are the things that get to you.

05:54:23 And once you do this and pass it, to get it back, it's

05:54:27 almost impossible.

05:54:30 Because when you go to court, and they have adhered to

05:54:33 everything they said, it's hard for to you tell that judge,

05:54:37 I don't want it.

05:54:38 What's the reason you don't want it?

05:54:40 They did everything you wanted them to do.

05:54:42 And there's where the rubber meets the road.

05:54:44 It's very difficult and very costly.

05:54:48 But I'm not here to sway public opinion, just how I am going

05:54:52 vote.

05:54:53 Yes, ma'am, Mrs. Mulhern.

05:54:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Miranda.

05:54:57 And it's great that we have Mr. Miranda and Ms. Saul-Sena

05:55:01 here to give us some history on this, on how former councils

05:55:09 had addressed the question of parking on the river.

05:55:16 I think this is the one thing that I find most disturbing if

05:55:20 we were to approve this today, which is pointed out in the

05:55:24 letter from the downtown partnership.

05:55:28 All of the work that's been done -- and Councilwoman

05:55:32 Montelione talked about some of the recent things that the

05:55:35 Urban Land Institute and the apop studies, our staff has

05:55:40 been working on downtown development forever probably, at

05:55:47 least a decade of trying to make downtown development -- and

05:55:51 I think the riverwalk, Sandy Freedman started that right?

05:55:57 Or was it someone even before her?

05:55:59 So for all these years we have been trying to protect the

05:56:01 riverfront.

05:56:02 And the letter from the partnership mentions that all of the

05:56:08 recent work that they have been doing, and that they helped

05:56:11 to fund, their efforts culminated earlier this year with the

05:56:15 adoption by City Council of new regulations including the

05:56:18 prohibition of waterfront parking lots.

05:56:21 So we are talking about something that, you know, we worked

05:56:25 so hard to establish.

05:56:29 I don't think now is the time to make any kind of exception

05:56:32 to it.

05:56:34 I won't be able to support it.

05:56:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

05:56:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Anytime that we consider taking or not

05:56:45 taking action that might interfere in some way with the

05:56:53 businesses being able to operate, I want to pay very close

05:56:56 attention and do whatever we can to try to be helpful.

05:57:02 But in this particular situation, I have a different problem

05:57:06 with this than has been enunciated so far, and that is the

05:57:12 environmental studies that show that when you park cars next

05:57:16 to the river, and the effluent from the car washes away into

05:57:21 the water, it ends up polluting it.

05:57:24 That's number one.

05:57:25 This council has worked very hard this past year to take

05:57:28 actions to improve the quality of our water supply.

05:57:31 We took a very, very principled and difficult position on

05:57:36 passing a fertilizer ordinance which we did in the face of

05:57:46 some economic arguments against doing that but we did it

05:57:49 because we were concerned about the water supply. I can

05:57:51 also tell you representing district 4 that there are an

05:57:53 awful lot of people that live on the Westshore canals that

05:57:56 are very upset about the fact that over the years all of the

05:57:59 runoff into the water has basically clogged up all those

05:58:05 canals, and polluted them.

05:58:08 And I am very concerned that we start allowing these types

05:58:13 of uses along the water, and we are going to find ourselves

05:58:17 right back where we started with polluted and clogged-up

05:58:25 waterways.

05:58:26 So that's another reason that we should think very, very

05:58:30 carefully before we start moving backward rather than

05:58:34 forward on these types of uses.

05:58:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

05:58:38 I need a motion to close.

05:58:41 >> Motion to close.

05:58:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mrs.

05:58:43 Montelione, seconded by Mrs. Mulhern. My further discussion

05:58:47 on closing? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it

05:58:50 unanimously.

05:58:50 What's the pleasure of council?

05:58:56 I have a motion for denial by Mrs. Capin, a second by Mrs.

05:58:59 Mulhern.

05:58:59 Any further discussion on that motion?

05:59:01 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:59:04 Opposed nay.

05:59:05 >> Nay.

05:59:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 6 to 1.

05:59:09 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Suarez voting no.

05:59:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3.

05:59:16 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The second request is USF is actually the

05:59:20 applicant.

05:59:21 And this is to allow fencing within -- for their property,

05:59:27 their parking lots in the rear of their building, and this

05:59:30 is specifically to amend the map to add their block as zone

05:59:40 2.

05:59:49 They are allowed six feet.

05:59:51 It does have to be a decorative ornamental fence.

05:59:54 Can't be chain link or wood or PC.

05:59:59 And there were no objections from staff on that request.

06:00:06 It does have to go through design review.

06:00:09 >>TONY GARCIA: This item was also presented to the Planning

06:00:10 Commission this past Monday.

06:00:13 Planning Commission based on staff's findings, we concurred

06:00:17 with staff's recommendation of consistency on this

06:00:20 particular item.

06:00:20 Thank you.

06:00:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is petitioner here?

06:00:22 >> Good evening.

06:00:27 I'm Hillary Black, associate general counsel on behalf of

06:00:31 USF.

06:00:32 I know that all of you are familiar with the CAMLS project

06:00:35 and I hope that each of you have a chance to tour the

06:00:38 facility is.

06:00:39 We begin in February and this has been going strong.

06:00:42 We are very proud of the building.

06:00:43 We are proud of the cutting edge technology that we have in

06:00:46 the building.

06:00:47 The cutting edge teaching methodologies.

06:00:50 But we are equally proud to have the USF presence finally in

06:00:54 downtown in the central business district.

06:00:56 We know without the support of the city it wouldn't have

06:00:58 been possible.

06:00:59 So I wanted to take the opportunity again here today to

06:01:02 thank you for your support of this project.

06:01:05 As Ms. Coyle outlined we are here today to request this code

06:01:08 change to allow for decorative fence along the back of our

06:01:11 property.

06:01:12 We are requesting the fence for security reasons.

06:01:14 And this is done in consultation with and recommendation by

06:01:17 the Tampa Police Department.

06:01:19 I'm happy to answer any further questions you might have.

06:01:21 >> Any questions by council members?

06:01:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you tell me where the fence is going?

06:01:28 >> It's just on the back of the property.

06:01:37 This is what we call little brother lean, the front of the

06:01:40 property on Brorein Street.

06:01:42 The fence is in this red marking area along the back of our

06:01:45 property, to secure the back delivery, and machinery and

06:01:51 deliveries coming in through the back of the property.

06:01:52 >>MARY MULHERN: So that is -- is that the garage?

06:02:04 >> No, ma'am.

06:02:05 That's just the back of our property and it stops before the

06:02:07 Fort Brooke garage entrance.

06:02:09 >>MARY MULHERN: So what street is that?

06:02:12 >> It's actually not a street.

06:02:13 That's all part of our property.

06:02:14 >>MARY MULHERN: This isn't a street?

06:02:23 >> I'm sorry.

06:02:26 North.

06:02:26 I apologize.

06:02:27 This is north.

06:02:29 Okay.

06:02:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

06:02:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

06:02:36 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 3?

06:02:39 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

06:02:42 Mulhern on a clothe vote with Mrs. Capin.

06:02:45 All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:02:48 Right to left, Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 3

06:02:52 for first reading?

06:02:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Present an ordinance for first reading of

06:02:57 consideration of ordinance, city of Tampa, Florida remitted

06:02:59 to fencing. Central business district making revisions to

06:03:03 the City of Tampa code of ordinances chapter 27 zoning

06:03:06 amending section 27-441, development design regulations,

06:03:12 repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict

06:03:15 therewith, providing for severability, providing an

06:03:17 effective date.

06:03:17 >> Second.

06:03:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by

06:03:20 Mr. Reddick.

06:03:21 Further discussion by council members? All in favor?

06:03:24 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:03:26 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

06:03:28 Second reading and adoption will be on June 28th at 9:30

06:03:31 a.m.

06:03:34 >>: Item number 4.

06:03:36 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning manager for the city.

06:03:37 The final request is to have the structured parking in the

06:03:43 Channel District be similar to that in the central business

06:03:45 district, allowing the standard to measure 8 feet by 18 feet

06:03:51 with a 24-foot drive aisle.

06:03:53 We actually amended the central business district standards

06:03:55 for those structured parking garages.

06:03:57 This just makes the Channel District similar.

06:03:59 I'm not sure the F the applicant is present.

06:04:03 If he is, great.

06:04:04 Otherwise, we have no objections to the request.

06:04:08 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

06:04:09 This item was also presented to the Planning Commission this

06:04:12 past Monday, was found consistence in accordance with

06:04:15 staff's recommendation to the Planning Commission.

06:04:17 Thank you.

06:04:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:04:19 Is petitioner here?

06:04:23 Okay, comments by council members?

06:04:26 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item number 4?

06:04:30 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

06:04:34 Montelione.

06:04:35 All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:04:38 Ms. Capin, would you kindly take number 4, please?

06:04:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first

06:04:44 reading consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa

06:04:48 Florida relating to parking dimensions in the Channel

06:04:51 District making revisions total City of Tampa code of

06:04:55 ordinances chapter 27, zoning, amending section 27-454,

06:05:01 parking requirements, repealing all ordinances or parts of

06:05:05 ordinances in conflict therewith, providing for

06:05:09 severability, providing an effective date.

06:05:10 >> Second.

06:05:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion with Mrs. Capin making

06:05:14 the motion, seconded by Mr. Suarez on a very close vote with

06:05:17 Mr. Reddick.

06:05:18 All in favor of the motion?

06:05:19 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:05:21 Thank you all very much for appearing.

06:05:23 We go to 5:30 public hearing.

06:05:25 These are non-quasi-judicial.

06:05:28 Let's open 5, and then we go through 6 and 14, if I may.

06:05:34 5 through 14.

06:05:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So moved.

06:05:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Cohen on 5 through 14.

06:05:39 All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:05:42 Item number 5.

06:05:46 This is on adoption public hearing.

06:05:48 >> Jake Hawk, Planning Commission staff, here tonight for a

06:05:53 public hearing to provide information for 3610 east 10th

06:05:57 Avenue.

06:06:04 This is a privately initiated amendment.

06:06:08 I'm not sure which way that goes.

06:06:12 This is a privately initiated amendment, public/semi-public,

06:06:19 transitional use 24, 1.48 acres, 3610 east 10th Avenue.

06:06:28 It is located in the central Tampa planning district.

06:06:30 This is a district that has a variety of different economic

06:06:33 engines, including downtown and the port of Tampa, as well

06:06:36 as some of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

06:06:39 As such, the district is expected to receive the majority of

06:06:42 the population in employment in coming years.

06:06:54 This is the former Gary school.

06:06:57 The school is now gone.

06:06:58 This is a vacant piece of property.

06:07:00 You can see to the north interstate 4 as well as the large

06:07:03 block building that you see there, other industrial

06:07:05 properties.

06:07:06 Coming down right here, this is 36th.

06:07:09 This is a single-family neighborhood.

06:07:11 Again, this is Ybor, but also historically this is the town

06:07:15 of Gary.

06:07:16 This would be part of the historic plat of Gary, the other

06:07:22 detached, and you will also notice on 36th here, some

06:07:25 other types of residential support uses.

06:07:30 These residential support uses here is a daycare facility,

06:07:33 some other light commercial uses, that yellow is a

06:07:37 single-family detached house.

06:07:38 That purple behind there is still owned by Hillsborough

06:07:41 County schools.

06:07:43 They refurnish furniture there.

06:07:47 You can see the single-family detached property on the west

06:07:49 side of 36th as well as all the other industrial and

06:07:52 commercial on the east side of 36th.

06:08:01 This is the land use showing the public semi-public.

06:08:04 This is not in public ownership.

06:08:07 S in private ownership.

06:08:08 That category then does not work for the applicant since

06:08:11 they cannot use it to the full economic benefit.

06:08:13 You can see to the south the transitional use 24.

06:08:16 This is the category that the applicant has requested.

06:08:19 Across the street, these are residential 20, single-family

06:08:22 development that you saw, and light industrial being these

06:08:25 grays that are all around here.

06:08:30 Some of the surrounding uses, again employment, industrial

06:08:34 employment just to the south of the site, as well as there

06:08:37 to the east of the site.

06:08:38 This is a very old area, the City of Tampa, some of these

06:08:42 older homes that are near the site, in wonderful condition.

06:08:47 It has been operating as a church for quite some time.

06:08:50 And this is that daycare facility that is just to the south

06:08:52 of the subject site.

06:08:54 Then with that, there is a broad range of uses that you see

06:08:57 in this area.

06:08:58 And with that, the area has seen some reinvestment, both

06:09:02 within the housing as well as within its commercial and

06:09:05 industrial uses.

06:09:12 The proposed future land use showing the transitional use

06:09:15 24, the comprehensive plan speaks to compatibility of

06:09:18 commercial and industrial uses.

06:09:21 36th street creating that line of demarcation between

06:09:24 the residential uses and the more intensive uses of the

06:09:27 commercial and the industrial.

06:09:30 Basically a good compatibility, good buffering between the

06:09:33 residential uses and those industrial uses.

06:09:35 And with that, Planning Commission finds 1106 consistent

06:09:41 with the future land use -- excuse me, with the goals,

06:09:44 objectives and policies of the Tampa comprehensive plan.

06:09:46 Thank you.

06:09:46 >> Before you sit down, could you put that back up there?

06:09:53 I just want to ask you what the bright orange that's south

06:09:57 of the subject property, what is that?

06:10:00 Land use category?

06:10:02 >> That's transitional use 24.

06:10:03 That is the same category that the applicant is requesting.

06:10:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:10:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further questions by council members

06:10:10 at this time?

06:10:14 Petitioner?

06:10:14 >> Truett Gardner, Jake said everything that needed to be

06:10:21 said and he said this property is no longer publicly owned,

06:10:25 it's privately owned.

06:10:26 As a result the property owner needs to be able to use it

06:10:28 for something.

06:10:29 He's not sure what that is going to be at this time, but we

06:10:31 felt like the transitional use would be a much better use to

06:10:36 allow for any sort of future change in development as

06:10:38 opposed to more of an industrial designation.

06:10:41 So that's why we have asked for this TU 24.

06:10:45 And we did get to the Planning Commission and received a

06:10:48 unanimous recommendation for them.

06:10:49 >> Thank you.

06:10:50 Question, Mr. Reddick?

06:10:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, chair.

06:10:56 If you don't have knowledge of what you want to put there

06:10:58 now, when do you anticipate making that decision?

06:11:01 When do you anticipate making that decision?

06:11:05 >> Councilman Reddick, I think a lot of that is based upon

06:11:09 market conditions.

06:11:11 There were plans for this project before, but the economy

06:11:14 when it changed, changed everything.

06:11:16 And the developer -- the owner is just trying to position

06:11:19 this property in the best way he can for the future to allow

06:11:23 for development to come.

06:11:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you know whether that might be

06:11:27 employment opportunity, or whether it will be some form of

06:11:31 industrial building?

06:11:34 You have no clue?

06:11:35 >> I think he's not aware at this time.

06:11:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:11:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I remember this property has nothing

06:11:41 to do with this hearing.

06:11:42 That was a school called Gary, and this individual or groups

06:11:45 of individuals bought it, and during the period that they

06:11:47 were trying to renovate or work on it, they came here, and a

06:11:51 wall fell down, as I remember.

06:11:52 >> Correct.

06:11:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It was something about the plan that we

06:11:57 saw, five or six years, in fact, about playgrounds, and

06:12:03 things of that nature, and apparently the economy -- I can

06:12:06 only speculate that's what happened.

06:12:08 >> Yes, sir, you are correct. Ten years ago is when the

06:12:11 Gary school closed.

06:12:12 Five years ago is when my client purchased the property.

06:12:15 His intent at that time was to use it, and you can correct

06:12:18 me if I am wrong, but as overspill for schools to be able to

06:12:22 have volleyball courts and playgrounds and the like.

06:12:25 So if a school was stressed on their facility they could use

06:12:30 this and he was actually going to in corporate the Gary

06:12:33 adult school and then, Chairman Miranda, you are corrects it

06:12:35 started falling down and it was demolished three and a half

06:12:38 years ago.

06:12:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

06:12:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Gardner, could you again reiterate

06:12:47 reason Yu need this comprehensive plan change?

06:12:50 >> One reason and one reason only.

06:12:52 Right now, with this formerly being in public and could be

06:12:56 used for public purposes, it is now in private hands, and

06:12:59 cannot be used for any private purpose.

06:13:01 >> So in order to do anything at all with the site,

06:13:06 anything, you would need to have this comprehensive plan

06:13:11 changed?

06:13:12 >> Outside of a public park or a school -- and a hospital.

06:13:19 >> Your client doesn't want to build us a park?

06:13:22 >> Believe it or not, he doesn't.

06:13:24 [ Laughter ]

06:13:24 >> I just wanted to make that abundantly clear.

06:13:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Other council members?

06:13:35 Anyone else in the public to speak on this matter, item

06:13:39 number 5?

06:13:39 Please come forward.

06:13:41 >> We have a component rezoning which is item number 11 and

06:13:47 if we could run those two together.

06:13:49 Abbye and I discussed that.

06:13:50 And this is after 6:00.

06:13:52 >> We did open 5 through 14.

06:13:56 So we can hear both of them.

06:14:00 I assume.

06:14:06 I don't have no attorney telling me.

06:14:09 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:14:11 Chairman Miranda, as far as process would go, we would just

06:14:14 need council to vote on the plan amendment prayer to the

06:14:17 rezoning, but I think it would address Councilman's

06:14:21 Reddick's question as far as what potential uses will be

06:14:24 going on there.

06:14:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me close then.

06:14:27 I have no problem with the -- from the public.

06:14:31 I ask again on number 5.

06:14:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Motion to close on item number 5.

06:14:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

06:14:38 All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:14:40 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take item number 5, please?

06:14:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance presented for first

06:14:48 reading consideration, an ordinance amending Tampa

06:14:50 comprehensive plan, future land use map for the property

06:14:53 located in the general vicinity of 3610 east 10th Avenue

06:14:58 from public/semi-public, P/SP, to transitional use-24

06:15:05 (TU-24) providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

06:15:11 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

06:15:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

06:15:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the snows opposed nay.

06:15:20 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:15:22 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

06:15:24 And Mr. Shelby, I believe you mentioned that the second

06:15:26 reading on this would need to be 30 days after?

06:15:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Actually, this one could be set for two

06:15:32 weeks.

06:15:33 >> The comprehensive plan amendment requires 30 days.

06:15:39 >>THE CLERK: Second reading and adoption for item number 11

06:15:45 is adopted on first reading.

06:15:47 Passed on first reading.

06:15:49 Second reading and adoption of item number 5 will be on

06:15:52 August 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

06:15:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:15:58 There is companion, number 11.

06:16:01 With council's permission I am going to allow number 11, not

06:16:04 to skip rope but to join its companion.

06:16:07 Item number 5 is behind us now.

06:16:14 >> Do you want to go ahead and swear in the witnesses?

06:16:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Whatever is necessary.

06:16:20 The clerk will do that.

06:16:21 The clerk will swear in the witnesses on items not only on

06:16:25 item 11, but 6 and 7.

06:16:28 So anyone that's going to speak on 8 through 14, 8 through

06:16:32 14 have to be sworn in.

06:16:33 These are quasi-judicial proceedings.

06:16:35 8 through 14.

06:16:37 If you are going speak, if you think you are going speak, if

06:16:39 you may speak, raise your hand.

06:16:41 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:16:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 11.

06:16:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask a procedural question.

06:17:08 If 5 takes 30 days for the planning amendment -- 5 takes two

06:17:12 weeks?

06:17:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I think we clarified that.

06:17:14 >> The second reading for the plan amendment may take place

06:17:20 two weeks from today.

06:17:21 Second reading for the rezoning must take place 30 days

06:17:24 after the second reading of the plan amendment.

06:17:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Got it.

06:17:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Sorry for any confusion.

06:17:31 >>THE CLERK: Then second reading and adoption for item 5

06:17:34 will be on June 28th at 9:30 a.m.

06:17:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:17:39 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:17:43 Item number 11 on your agenda this evening is Z-12-06.

06:17:48 This is a rezoning request located at 3610 east 10th

06:17:52 Avenue.

06:17:54 This is the property you just considered for a plan

06:17:57 amendment.

06:17:57 That's why we are now going to entertain the rezoning.

06:18:02 The request is from RM-16 to IG industrial general, light

06:18:07 industrial uses.

06:18:08 It is Euclidean rezoning request.

06:18:11 Therefore no waivers may be requested of you this evening.

06:18:14 And all regulations dependent on the use that would occupy

06:18:18 the site would need to be met.

06:18:22 Jay gave you a really good overview of the site where you

06:18:24 were, the pictures.

06:18:26 I'm happy to do photo presentation, if you would like that,

06:18:29 to see the surrounding areas.

06:18:34 Let me just show you.

06:18:37 This is the zoning atlas.

06:18:40 36 is to the west.

06:18:44 10th is to the south.

06:18:47 37th.

06:18:48 And then the CSX also runs along the property on the eastern

06:18:53 side.

06:18:54 This was historically to the north, the Hillsborough school

06:19:01 refurbishment was to the east.

06:19:05 All of the property here is industrial general.

06:19:09 Industrial general to the north.

06:19:10 There is industrial general here to the south.

06:19:12 There is a mixture of CI and CG to the property south.

06:19:18 This is the daycare.

06:19:21 There is some self-storage there.

06:19:22 I can show you some pictures of that.

06:19:26 Predominantly to the west side of the 36 is the RM-16.

06:19:33 Again, here is an aerial of the property.

06:19:41 Here are some photos of the subject site.

06:19:44 I actually was the one who processed the rezoning several

06:19:47 years ago.

06:19:48 It was to be an aquatic center.

06:19:50 That was the anticipation.

06:19:53 Here is looking to your east.

06:19:55 Looking north.

06:19:58 This is at the southeast corner of 36th and 10th.

06:20:06 I'm working back east.

06:20:10 The daycare.

06:20:11 And there is a lot.

06:20:15 It looks like it's loaded on the south side.

06:20:17 And then storage, self-storage.

06:20:20 There's looking east toward the railroad.

06:20:24 East across the railroad.

06:20:27 That's the refurbishment.

06:20:30 It really is an area in transition, the T-24.

06:20:33 This is looking south on the railroad.

06:20:39 This is the property to the east.

06:20:43 This is looking at the property from 36th.

06:20:46 Looking back telephonic at the property from the northeast

06:20:52 corner -- northwest corner, looking back east.

06:20:56 These are some of the homes along the west side of 36th.

06:21:05 This is immediately north.

06:21:10 This is vacant now.

06:21:13 There is a lot of vacant industrial out in this area.

06:21:20 And also the I-4 connector going on there.

06:21:29 Staff has reviewed the request and found it consistent with

06:21:32 the City of Tampa land development regulations.

06:21:34 Thank you.

06:21:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:21:38 Planning Commission?

06:21:43 You already did?

06:21:44 Okay.

06:21:45 Petitioner?

06:21:46 >> Truett Gardner, North Tampa Street again, this is a

06:21:49 companion to the comp plan amendment.

06:21:52 Same reasons apply.

06:21:53 And so we ask for your support in this request.

06:21:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by council members?

06:22:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:22:06 Abbye, Ms. Feeley, a question.

06:22:10 This is for industrial general?

06:22:16 >> Yes, ma'am.

06:22:19 >> Could you state what are allowable uses in industrial

06:22:23 general?

06:22:24 >>> Sure.

06:22:29 Based on table 27-77 of the city code, allowable uses in

06:22:35 industrial general would include a cemetery, a club, a

06:22:45 daycare, a nursery facility, vocational school, a business

06:22:51 school, a trade school, air condition storage, an airport --

06:22:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Air conditioned storage?

06:23:00 >> Yes, like the mini warehouse.

06:23:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I thought what?

06:23:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Out a little bit further, appliance and

06:23:16 equipment repair, auto rental, a bank, a bank with a

06:23:19 drive-in, a bar and lounge, catering shop, cigar factory,

06:23:24 correctional facility --

06:23:27 >> Correctional facility?

06:23:29 >> Dry cleaning plant.

06:23:30 >> So pretty heavy industrial uses.

06:23:33 And schools and light industrial uses, schools and things

06:23:39 like that.

06:23:40 Are they permitted -- it looks like from the aerial here for

06:23:43 open storage?

06:23:44 >> Yes.

06:23:44 Open storage is a permissible use on the property.

06:23:48 However, one "however," now that the land use has changed,

06:23:54 and the zoning has changed, the property owner would need to

06:23:57 perform what we call a change of occupancy.

06:24:01 And even though there's not a structure there, it would

06:24:03 still need to legally establish the use on the property.

06:24:06 So if open storage were to be used pursuant to chapter 137

06:24:11 of the code there are buffering requirements for that use

06:24:14 such as screening from the public right-of-way, limitation

06:24:16 of the stacking height, other items on there that they would

06:24:20 need to comply with once they are legally establishing that

06:24:23 use on the property.

06:24:24 Which you may see in the aerial there may have been an

06:24:26 illegal use of the property, obviously, given the zoning and

06:24:30 the land use at the time.

06:24:31 >> Mr. Gardner, what's the currents use of this property?

06:24:38 Is it still open storage and all of this stuff that we see

06:24:41 on the property?

06:24:42 >> It is completely Clearwater. Completely clear.

06:24:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Under a change of occupancy you would

06:24:48 have to file for one of those, which is a whole process that

06:24:52 seems silly when it's vacant, what occupancy does it have?

06:24:56 But it would certify that this is being used as what now?

06:25:08 >> At this point it's vacant.

06:25:10 I believe when we ever -- when we would first meet with

06:25:18 staff based on that use that was being --

06:25:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So to use this for open storage, after

06:25:28 hypothetically saying this passes, you could use this

06:25:32 property for open storage?

06:25:35 >> Subject to the requirements under the code of being able

06:25:37 to allow the use.

06:25:41 >> And what I am getting at, directly across the street, it

06:25:46 appears as residential property.

06:25:49 People own homes on that street.

06:25:53 And that seems to be the case for the whole west side of the

06:25:59 street, where the east side of the street is the majority of

06:26:08 the industrial uses.

06:26:09 But I noticed on the rezoning map that the parcels, I guess

06:26:15 the entire city block, a lot of them have the CI in the

06:26:21 front.

06:26:23 So the possibility of open storage wouldn't go all the way

06:26:26 to the street, that it would be some kind of retail,

06:26:31 commercial, something like that.

06:26:33 >> I can tell you our analysis of this.

06:26:38 And I think Jay said it best, 36 is the line of demarcation.

06:26:42 So, yes, you are correct that there is some CI on the front,

06:26:45 but also north, and I believe south, too, IC is also very

06:26:50 prevalent.

06:26:50 We felt like the big decision that was made was going to

06:26:54 TU-24 route under the comp plan as opposed to -- and I will

06:26:59 put this up on the screen.

06:27:05 As opposed to the gray areas which are also

06:27:08 dominant, the light industrial.

06:27:09 So the TU-24 will allow this property to transition, should

06:27:13 a more residential scale development be appropriate on the

06:27:16 front, but under that, we felt like the zoning designation

06:27:24 we were asking for would be appropriate given the

06:27:26 predominance to the north as well as to the south.

06:27:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

06:27:35 I am just lag for a way -- and I understand the buffering

06:27:37 and the screening and all of that would have to be put in

06:27:40 place.

06:27:42 But I'm just concerned about, I guess, the west side of this

06:27:49 rectangular piece, and it's facing those residences.

06:27:59 Mr. Garcia, would you like to add to this conversation?

06:28:05 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

06:28:06 I have been sworn.

06:28:09 I think I will clarify.

06:28:10 I think what Jay has said, what Truett has said, is correct.

06:28:15 We do have clear liven character change on 36th street

06:28:18 from residential to the left, and to the east which is

06:28:20 clearly an industrial presence.

06:28:22 It is IG.

06:28:24 All of the zoning, predominant zoning districts are

06:28:28 Euclidean.

06:28:29 You are going to see very few PDs, too.

06:28:32 So that being the case, having the Euclidean districts, you

06:28:35 are going see, the Euclidean districts are actually much

06:28:39 more stringent.

06:28:40 No waivers are going to be allowed for this site coming in

06:28:42 for the IG.

06:28:43 So that means a buffering requirements, setback requirements

06:28:48 are going to be much more protective of the adjacent

06:28:50 residential use to the west.

06:28:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Kind of what I was entertaining was

06:28:55 split zoning.

06:28:58 >>TONY GARCIA: I think that would have to be a PD.

06:29:00 I don't think -- you want to the do CI on one side and IC on

06:29:04 the other?

06:29:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Similar to how it is south of that

06:29:08 parcel.

06:29:10 >>TONY GARCIA: Because IG is -- CI use is already alludes

06:29:14 under the IG.

06:29:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

06:29:19 Giving it a shot.

06:29:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

06:29:24 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 11?

06:29:29 Don't all rush up here at once.

06:29:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to close.

06:29:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr. Suarez,

06:29:35 second by Mr. Cohen.

06:29:36 All in favor of the motion? Opposed? The ayes have it

06:29:39 unanimously.

06:29:41 Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly take item number 11?

06:29:44 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:29:46 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

06:29:49 in the general vicinities of 3610 east 10th Avenue in

06:29:53 the city of Tampa, Florida, particularly described in

06:29:57 section 1 from zoning district classification RM-16

06:30:04 residential multifamily to IG industrial general providing

06:30:07 an effective date.

06:30:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second

06:30:10 by Mr. Capin.

06:30:12 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:30:15 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:30:17 Thank you all very much.

06:30:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

06:30:20 Second reading and adoption will be on August 2nd at

06:30:23 9:30 a.m.

06:30:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go back to the agenda item number 6.

06:30:31 These are nonjudicial, quasi-judicial hearings, of and .

06:30:36 Item number 6.

06:30:37 >> My name is Cathy Ginster, with the city's attorney's

06:30:52 office on brownfield program, and here for a third public

06:30:56 hearing of the two required public hearings that council has

06:31:01 to hold in order to designate property as a brownfield area

06:31:05 under the brownfield.

06:31:08 Number 6 is proposed designation of the brownfield area, and

06:31:13 the details for designation have been outlined in the in the

06:31:16 staff report, the brownfield area designation which is on

06:31:22 file with the city clerk's office.

06:31:25 And the purpose of the brownfield designation is to provide

06:31:29 incentives to the property owner in order to remediate and

06:31:34 redevelop the property.

06:31:36 And at the second conclusion of the second public hearing

06:31:40 City Council had an opportunity to pass a resolution to

06:31:43 approve the brownfield designation that's scheduled for June

06:31:47 28th at 10:30 a.m.

06:31:49 And today, council did not have to take any action at all,

06:31:54 other than just hold the hearing.

06:31:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you. Any comments by council at

06:31:59 this time?

06:32:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a question, chair.

06:32:09 What are the plans for this site?

06:32:14 >>> This particular site was owned by a family owned

06:32:20 business that has a printing place facility over on north

06:32:23 Willow and Hyde Park.

06:32:24 It's subject to an ongoing consent order.

06:32:30 The owner wanted to keep existing jobs which are over 30 but

06:32:35 they are having trouble selling the business because they

06:32:37 have to clean it up, and potential buyer doesn't want to get

06:32:40 involved and be reliable for remediation and then

06:32:43 rehabilitation.

06:32:44 So right now, they conveyed the operations to another

06:32:50 company that's still doing business under the photo

06:32:56 engraving incorporated name, and if this is approved they

06:33:01 will be able to redevelop and remediate.

06:33:04 They are going to-but it's designed to really promote growth

06:33:12 and job development.

06:33:13 That's why the city is entertaining this on behalf of the

06:33:16 business owner to help them out.

06:33:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

06:33:22 This is a public hearing even though it's first hearing.

06:33:25 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on this?

06:33:27 I see no one.

06:33:28 Need a motion to close.

06:33:30 Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Montelione.

06:33:36 All in favor of the motion?

06:33:38 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:33:40 There's no action to be taken. Thank you very much.

06:33:44 Item number 7.

06:33:45 >> I'm here on item number 7 as well.

06:33:50 This is a city initiated brownfield, proposed brownfield

06:33:54 designation for the north part brownfield area.

06:33:58 It is city owned property.

06:34:00 And the details of the designation have been outlined in a

06:34:03 document for north park, a proposed brownfield designation

06:34:09 which is available for public review with the city clerk's

06:34:13 office.

06:34:14 And the purpose again is to, for this particular site, this

06:34:20 site has been targeted by the city administration for

06:34:22 potential -- think there might be a better use of the

06:34:28 property.

06:34:29 And because of historical use, you know, it used to be a

06:34:33 city dump, solid waste dump, historic landfill, or

06:34:37 industrial properties, maintenance, heavy equipment, and

06:34:41 repairs, solid waste administration building is over there,

06:34:47 there's a dedicated park, and there's also the fleet

06:34:51 maintenance facility.

06:34:52 So the thought is because of the concern about the type of

06:34:58 use of property, there might be some -- it would enhance its

06:35:05 marketability to some potential buyer to have those kind of

06:35:07 concerns about the environmental impact.

06:35:09 That's the reason why the administration is requesting the

06:35:13 designation.

06:35:14 And again the second hearing for this particular site is

06:35:17 scheduled to June 28th at 10:30, where council would be

06:35:22 asked to approve a brownfield resolution, the A proving the

06:35:27 site as a brownfield designation.

06:35:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:35:29 Mr. Reddick?

06:35:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: You already took my original question.

06:35:36 The city is planning on selling this property?

06:35:40 >> Well, they don't have any current plans, but I guess it's

06:35:45 a site currently under evaluation as I understand it for

06:35:48 potential sell, because there might be a better use of the

06:35:51 property than its current use, Westshore business district,

06:35:55 and it's been a residential zone.

06:35:59 Right now, there's four separate businesses over there, and

06:36:06 as I understand it in reading through the off-site public

06:36:09 hearing transcript, I think all the council members

06:36:12 received, and the clerk's office as well, know to move all

06:36:20 employees, so there would have to be a lot of planning and,

06:36:24 you know, decide if they did get a buyer, it would be

06:36:27 existing --

06:36:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you a follow-up.

06:36:34 Are you aware of any agreement between the city and the

06:36:38 Lincoln Gardens neighborhood pertaining to that site?

06:36:42 >> An agreement with that neighborhood group?

06:36:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Correct.

06:36:46 >> No, I'm not.

06:36:48 For the property?

06:36:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

06:36:49 >> No, I'm not.

06:36:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, it was not done in this

06:36:54 administration.

06:36:55 It was done in a previous administration.

06:36:57 And that's my understanding.

06:37:03 >>> Have you been provided a copy of the agreement?

06:37:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: I haven't been provided but there's

06:37:09 supposed to be one given to me, an agreement in place, so I

06:37:12 just want to know if you were aware of that.

06:37:15 >> No, I am not aware of that at all.

06:37:19 I didn't attend the public hearing but I read the

06:37:21 transcript, because this site didn't qualify to have -- it

06:37:25 wasn't an enterprise zone, and not have the on-site public

06:37:33 hearing to invite all the neighbors in to talk about the

06:37:35 proposed brownfield, and I guess they had an additional

06:37:39 hearing after that with that particular neighborhood

06:37:41 association.

06:37:43 So to my understanding, no report has ever been produced.

06:37:46 But there were a number of residents that did come forward,

06:37:50 with to talk to the administration, regarding the proposed

06:37:56 brownfield.

06:37:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:37:58 I just wanted to inquire.

06:37:59 >> But if you do see that I would be very interested to see

06:38:02 it.

06:38:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: And I might suggest that you talk with Dr.

06:38:11 Harvey.

06:38:13 I will provide his name and information to you.

06:38:14 >>> That would be great.

06:38:16 Thanks very much.

06:38:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

06:38:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, I got the answer.

06:38:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:38:24 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 7?

06:38:27 Need a motion to close.

06:38:29 Motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:38:31 Seconded by Ms. Capin.

06:38:34 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:38:36 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

06:38:39 >>> Thank you very much, council.

06:38:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Bee go to item number 8.

06:38:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:38:53 Chairman Miranda, if I may just a moment, item number 13,

06:38:57 they did not submit revised site plans after their

06:39:00 development review committee meeting.

06:39:02 So I would request that we continue them till July 26th.

06:39:07 At 6:00 p.m., if council would.

06:39:10 >> Anyone in the audience care to speak on the continuance

06:39:14 of item number 13?

06:39:15 Continuance of item number 13?

06:39:17 I see no one.

06:39:18 I need a motion.

06:39:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Motion to continue.

06:39:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to continue by Mrs. Montelione,

06:39:24 second by Mr. Cohen, to what date?

06:39:27 July 26th at 6:00 p.m.

06:39:29 Item 13 is what we are voting on.

06:39:31 All in favor of the motion?

06:39:33 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:39:35 Thank you very much.

06:39:37 Item number 8.

06:39:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:40:13 Item number 8 on your agenda this evening is V-12-168, a

06:40:18 special use request located at 1505 north Nebraska Avenue.

06:40:23 The applicant is the Hillsborough County Board of County

06:40:24 Commissioners, and the request is for a public cultural

06:40:29 facility or what is more commonly known as a library.

06:40:38 It is located in Ybor City.

06:40:42 It is a YC-2 zoning district and therefore there is a

06:40:46 related application with the Barrio Latino commission, BLC

06:40:49 12-35-A.

06:40:52 I will defer to Mr. Garcia and then finish with my

06:40:55 presentation.

06:41:01 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

06:41:03 I have been sworn in.

06:41:12 This particular site is located within the central planning

06:41:15 district for the City of Tampa.

06:41:18 Publications before you this evening, the vast majority of

06:41:21 them will be in the central planning district.

06:41:23 It seems like the plan is working just fine as far as where

06:41:26 we are relocating the City of Tampa.

06:41:34 Tampa planning district this evening and another one from

06:41:36 the university planning district so that you know.

06:41:39 The request before you as Ms. Feeley stated is for a

06:41:43 library, specifically the Robert W. Sanders public library,

06:41:46 which is currently existing on the site, that will be

06:41:50 demolished and reason renovated or redeveloped for a much

06:41:53 belter and better and more serviceable library, bringing

06:41:57 this library into the 21st century to serve the citizens

06:42:00 of the historic Ybor City area.

06:42:03 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request

06:42:06 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

06:42:07 Thank you.

06:42:19 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This is currently the site of the library

06:42:23 and the plan is to demolish this library and construct a new

06:42:28 library in its currents location.

06:42:29 As you may remember from other cases when you have something

06:42:31 that's a special use, in this case a special use was never

06:42:34 granted for the library, so it was considered to be

06:42:36 conforming, at the point where they tear it down, and now

06:42:39 reestablish the use.

06:42:41 It is required a special use.

06:42:43 So that is why this application is before you this evening.

06:42:46 The request will contain a 30,000 square foot two-story

06:42:51 structure with surface parking and the proposed design

06:42:53 includes the following setbacks.

06:42:55 25-foot on Nebraska, 10-foot on the south street, 40-foot on

06:43:00 the east and 182 feet on the south.

06:43:03 The maximum building height is proposed at 42 feet with

06:43:07 final architectural -- filed subject to review by the Barrio

06:43:12 Latino commission.

06:43:14 It is located in the historic Ybor district and the

06:43:17 application will be considered by the BLC on June 19th

06:43:19 at 9 a.m.

06:43:22 Typically that has occurred prior to it coming to you, but

06:43:25 that is going to occur in between first and second reading

06:43:28 on this application. So at the time of second reading I

06:43:30 will be legislate now what the recommendation by the BLC was

06:43:34 for this request.

06:43:35 The project is required a total of 60 parking spaces, and 44

06:43:39 are being provided.

06:43:41 They do have a long-term lease agreement with Booker T.

06:43:48 Washington elementary school to the east for shared parking

06:43:53 to offset the deficit.

06:43:55 There's also a humongous grand tree on the site that has

06:43:58 affected their design and their ability to provide some

06:44:00 additional parking.

06:44:10 Here is the zoning atlas.

06:44:12 Nebraska Avenue to the west.

06:44:14 Scott street to the south.

06:44:19 There's Booker T. elementary here.

06:44:26 To the south along Nebraska Avenue.

06:44:28 CG zoning to the south.

06:44:30 RM-24.

06:44:31 So this is the cusp of the district.

06:44:33 Therefore the YC picks up to the north and to the east of

06:44:37 here, and the other designations are standard Euclidean

06:44:40 zoning districts.

06:44:45 Here is the aerial of the property.

06:44:47 Shown here in yellow.

06:44:49 Elementary again.

06:44:51 Ball field.

06:44:52 GTE.

06:44:55 Credit union offices to the west over here.

06:44:57 And other community-serving uses.

06:45:00 Boys and Girls Club.

06:45:03 Down over to the south.

06:45:08 Here is a shot of the property from Nebraska looking east.

06:45:15 Big tree to the south of the existing structure.

06:45:18 You will see it reflected for retention on the site plan

06:45:20 before you.

06:45:21 Also at the south, this is looking north of Nebraska.

06:45:27 There is a church just to the north.

06:45:31 This is the northern part along Estelle traveling east.

06:45:36 There's a connection between the library and the elementary

06:45:40 school, co-location, neighborhood serving uses in your

06:45:45 comprehensive plan.

06:45:47 Looking south along Nebraska.

06:45:49 The Encore development just to the southwest of this

06:45:52 property where the buses stop.

06:45:53 That is the northern boundary of the Encore redevelopment of

06:45:57 Central Park Village.

06:46:00 This is to the west along Nebraska.

06:46:03 Also to the west moving north.

06:46:06 Also to the west moving north.

06:46:13 There are a couple of outstanding modifications that do need

06:46:15 to be made to the site plan in between first and second

06:46:19 reading in order for that plan to be considered consistent.

06:46:22 One is that the waiver for the parking be added to the site

06:46:24 plan, and the second is that the tree table be revised as

06:46:29 provided in the staff report.

06:46:32 As provided on pages 3, 4 and 5 of your staff report, the

06:46:35 general use provisions as well as the criteria specific to

06:46:38 the public cultural facility.

06:46:41 Staff is available for any questions.

06:46:43 Thank you.

06:46:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:46:49 Petitioner?

06:46:54 >> Good evening.

06:47:08 Hillsborough County staff, here with our consultant Mr.

06:47:12 Jolly to answer any questions you have on the project.

06:47:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:47:17 time?

06:47:17 Mr. Reddick?

06:47:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: I want to make sure.

06:47:20 This is the Robert Sanders library you are speaking of?

06:47:29 >> Yes, sir.

06:47:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Congratulations.

06:47:32 Glad to see that be built.

06:47:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is that your presentation?

06:47:35 I need ten more like it.

06:47:36 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this subject matter,

06:47:39 item number 8?

06:47:40 >> Move to close.

06:47:43 >> Second.

06:47:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione,

06:47:47 second by Mr. Cohen.

06:47:48 All in favor of the motion?

06:47:49 Opposed?

06:47:50 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:47:57 Okay, Mr. Cohen, will you kindly take -- kindly take number

06:48:02 8, add the waivers and the tree table.

06:48:05 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:48:08 first reading consideration, an ordinance approving a

06:48:11 special use permit S-2 approving a public cultural facility

06:48:16 in the YC-2 Ybor City of Tampa zoning district in the

06:48:20 general vicinity of 1505 north Nebraska Avenue in the city

06:48:24 of Tampa, Florida and as more particularly described in

06:48:27 section 1 hereof, providing an effective date.

06:48:29 And including the attached revision sheet.

06:48:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, a second by

06:48:35 Mr. Reddick.

06:48:36 Further discussion by council members? All in favor?

06:48:39 Opposed?

06:48:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:48:42 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern being

06:48:46 absent at vote.

06:48:47 Second reading and adoption will be on June 28th at 9:30

06:48:50 a.m.

06:48:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say, you see council members

06:48:56 coming in and out.

06:48:57 It's not that they aren't listening.

06:48:58 They are right behind us getting some energy.

06:49:00 There's a gas station filling up with food so we continue

06:49:04 the process so they are watching on television.

06:49:06 So be kind to them.

06:49:11 Item number 9.

06:49:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:49:25 Item number 9 is another special use request.

06:49:29 Case number V-12-169 located at 402 South MacDill Avenue.

06:49:34 The request before you tonight is for a drive-in window.

06:49:38 This is a commercial general zoning district.

06:49:41 The drive-in window would be a special use 2.

06:49:44 And there are no waivers being requested.

06:49:52 I don't know if Tony wants to come in and make his

06:49:55 presentation.

06:50:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 9, Mr. Garcia.

06:50:13 Or Mr. Garsha.

06:50:34 >> If you were in the room he might not have teased you

06:50:36 about it.

06:50:38 >>TONY GARCIA: I have been called worse.

06:50:41 Today?

06:50:42 I don't know about today.

06:50:43 The site before you is basically a CG use.

06:50:48 It's asking for a special use with drive through, located in

06:50:51 the central planning district so there's two around the

06:50:54 central planning district that offers opportunities for

06:50:56 growth and redevelopment.

06:50:57 More specifically, the site is located from the general

06:50:59 context in the southeast corner of Azeele and MacDill

06:51:03 streets.

06:51:03 This is about two blocks south of Kennedy Boulevard.

06:51:07 You all are very familiar with this area.

06:51:09 We have done quite a few of rezonings along Azeele for

06:51:13 professional office or medical office uses in addition to

06:51:16 this particular segment of South MacDill, just on this

06:51:20 particular corner over here.

06:51:22 The land use designations as you can see relative to the

06:51:25 site, this is residential 35, which allows a higher

06:51:29 residential density, as does this.

06:51:32 This is residential 10 for single-family detached.

06:51:35 Residential 20.

06:51:36 All these uses allow consideration for nonresidential uses

06:51:39 like low density, low intensity offices that we are talking

06:51:44 about.

06:51:44 This particular is community mixed use 35 which allows for

06:51:48 two commercial zoning districts, neighborhood commercial, in

06:51:53 addition to all the other use that's already outlined for

06:51:56 you that are allowable in these other land use categories.

06:51:59 So the site is for a special use request to allow for

06:52:02 drive-through for an existing use.

06:52:06 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request

06:52:08 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

06:52:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:52:11 Is petitioner here?

06:52:13 I thought you spoke already.

06:52:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I didn't present something.

06:52:20 The applicant is requesting a special use as Tony said, 402

06:52:24 South MacDill to allow for dry clean we are a drive-in wind

06:52:28 to. Property is locate Ted southeast corner of MacDill

06:52:31 and Azeele.

06:52:33 And the request cannot consist of a one-story, 3350 square

06:52:39 foot building with a drive-through lane valet drop-off.

06:52:42 It's close to half an acre site, surrounded by commercial

06:52:45 uses to the north, south, east and west.

06:52:50 The proposed building setbacks are as follows -- 58.43

06:52:55 north, 69 south, 10 foot west to the canopy and 41.31 feet

06:53:00 to the building, and on the east 5 feet to the solid waste

06:53:06 enclosure and 17.67 feet to the building.

06:53:08 The request requires 12 parking spaces, and 14 are being

06:53:11 provided.

06:53:12 Maximum height of 21 feet is being proposed and elevations

06:53:15 have been provided.

06:53:17 There are some minor modifications outstanding, and I will

06:53:20 go over those in just a minute.

06:53:22 As Tony mentioned, the property is currently CG.

06:53:25 As you can see, more tellingly now all the PDs that go up

06:53:31 and down MacDill and also across Azeele.

06:53:37 This site has been vacant for some time.

06:53:46 I will do the aerial for you real quick.

06:53:51 This is LifePath Hospice to the east.

06:53:54 A Sunoco station.

06:53:56 There's a new medical office to the northwest.

06:53:58 There was a recent PD and also some other business

06:54:01 professional offices in this vicinity of the intersection.

06:54:09 The picture of this site looking east.

06:54:12 There's a picture of the site from the north looking south.

06:54:17 That's further, going further east.

06:54:22 This is the Sunoco.

06:54:24 Business professional office at the northeast corner.

06:54:28 Medical office at the northwest corner.

06:54:32 This is looking south down MacDill.

06:54:35 This is immediately adjacent to the property on the east.

06:54:38 That's the parking, starting the parking, the LifePath

06:54:42 Hospice.

06:54:43 And these are repeat photos.

06:54:50 Two modifications that need to be made.

06:54:52 Solid waste, we just need to adjust the setback on the east

06:54:56 side of the property to be to the actual solid waste

06:54:58 enclosure.

06:54:59 And there needs some corrections to the tree table as far as

06:55:03 the debits and credits.

06:55:06 And also the species along MacDill, power line species

06:55:10 meet the overhead power lines that are adjacent to the

06:55:13 property.

06:55:13 I provided those revisions in a revision sheet for you,

06:55:17 should it the pleasure of council to approve this, and the

06:55:21 inclusion of this sheet.

06:55:22 Thank you.

06:55:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

06:55:24 >> Good evening.

06:55:28 My name is Peter Pensa, commercial planner with avid group,

06:55:33 engineers for the project.

06:55:35 Also with me are Brad and Jodie Shirley who are the property

06:55:41 owners.

06:55:41 They have closed on the property.

06:55:42 And they are going to be the business owners and operators

06:55:46 of the property as well.

06:55:48 We concur with staff, the review they have done, will make

06:55:53 the minor changes that were discussed in the report, so

06:55:58 there isn't a problem.

06:55:59 They are excited to be here to clean up the property that

06:56:01 you saw in the pictures of the site, and definitely they

06:56:07 will be demolishing the property in its entirety, and

06:56:10 redeveloping it, putting substantially more landscaping in,

06:56:15 where it's not now, and a couple of palm trees, a few palm

06:56:19 trees.

06:56:21 They will be siting stormwater projects for the property.

06:56:25 We are substantially through with the construction

06:56:26 permitting process for dry cleaner which is a permitted use

06:56:30 on the property already as well as we have the SWFWMD

06:56:34 permits.

06:56:34 As you know, we are here tonight to add a drop-off service

06:56:40 for drycleaners so that the local residents of the

06:56:43 neighborhood, as they pass by on the way to and from work,

06:56:46 will be able to pull off under the canopy out of the

06:56:49 weather, an employee of the business will come out, take the

06:56:52 dry cleaning, bring it in for them, process it, likewise

06:56:56 bring it back out to them when they come to pick it up

06:56:58 later.

06:57:00 In addition, it will have the secure storage locker area for

06:57:06 the convenience of the customer, they can come in and pick

06:57:08 up their laundry after hours as well.

06:57:12 It's a new technology that's use. There it is a Thai dry

06:57:18 cleaner, the clean earth cleaning system, a nontoxic

06:57:23 cleaning solution, is not regulated bits EPA.

06:57:27 It's not an actual chemical substance like other dry

06:57:31 cleaning services.

06:57:32 Quite environmentally friendly.

06:57:33 You can take it take it, drop it on the ground, and it would

06:57:37 revert back to its three natural components which are sand,

06:57:41 water, and carbon dioxide.

06:57:47 It's basically the same solution that's used in common

06:57:53 shampoos and detergents that you probably have in your house

06:57:57 already.

06:58:01 The environment, we don't have issues with any kind of

06:58:03 regulation on that as far as any.

06:58:12 With that I think it's good for the neighborhood,

06:58:14 aesthetically, and creates neighborhood based service.

06:58:21 Everyone that I have talked to can't wait to see that site

06:58:25 cleaned up and have a business go in.

06:58:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:58:31 Any questions by council members at this time?

06:58:32 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

06:58:35 number 9?

06:58:44 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by Mrs.

06:58:47 Montelione.

06:58:48 All in five of the motion?

06:58:49 Opposed?

06:58:50 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:58:51 Mrs. Montelione, would you kindly take number 9, please?

06:58:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:58:56 first reading consideration, an ordinance approving a

06:58:59 special use permit S-2 approving a drive-in window in a CG

06:59:03 commercial general zoning district in the general vicinity

06:59:06 of 402 South MacDill Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida

06:59:10 and as more particularly described in section 1 hereof

06:59:13 providing an effective date.

06:59:15 Along with the revision sheet, June 14th, 2012, provided

06:59:20 by staff.

06:59:20 >> Second.

06:59:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

06:59:23 All in favor of the motion?

06:59:25 Opposed?

06:59:26 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:59:27 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin being absent at

06:59:30 vote.

06:59:31 Second reading and adoption will be on June 28th at 9:30

06:59:34 a.m.

06:59:35 >>HARRY COHEN: Go ahead.

06:59:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:59:53 Item 10 is a request before you this evening, V-12-18

06:59:57 located at 7720 through -- 7704 through 7720 Landcare Lane.

07:00:10 It's PD to PD, and there are no waivers being requested.

07:00:19 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

07:00:19 I have been sworn.

07:00:22 This is one of those South Tampa planning district projects.

07:00:28 This is one of your two districts that offers, that's

07:00:33 really -- the character is reflective of the neighborhood.

07:00:37 This is where you have a lot of your stable residential

07:00:39 neighborhoods particularly in the south district here.

07:00:45 So what we are seeing, which is what we are talking about as

07:00:49 far as the character of the South Tampa area, you are

07:00:51 talking about nine lots which are basically part of a larger

07:00:56 subdivision that was approved by this body in 2004.

07:01:00 So basically they are coming in, I believe, for technical

07:01:03 correction, but I believe it necessitated having a PD

07:01:07 change.

07:01:07 So Ms. Feeley will get to it on that one.

07:01:12 But as far as the land category is concerned the uses are

07:01:14 still residential.

07:01:16 The categories you can see is residential 10 which allows

07:01:19 for single-family detached.

07:01:20 This is just north of that big blue blast there, public

07:01:24 semi-public, which is MacDill Air Force Base as we are

07:01:28 in the South Tampa area, to give you some context on it.

07:01:32 That's upside down.

07:01:35 There's Interbay to the north so you can get a general idea,

07:01:40 about, I would say, half mile, three quarters of a mile just

07:01:44 west of Dale Mabry.

07:01:45 So just south of the MacDill gate there.

07:01:49 So the Planning Commission staff did find the proposed

07:01:51 requests consistent with the comprehensive plan.

07:01:53 Thank you.

07:01:53 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:02:14 Tony is correct.

07:02:14 This piece of property was actually rezoned to PD in four

07:02:19 for a combination of town home lots and single-family

07:02:22 detached lots.

07:02:23 And along the south property line of south boundary of the

07:02:29 property, there was a 75-foot setback, and I was not part of

07:02:34 that rezoning request.

07:02:36 It was before Abbye.

07:02:39 But I did look back into that.

07:02:41 And that 75-foot request was in part due to some comments

07:02:45 from the base, and some other things that went on.

07:02:52 To date -- and Mr. Robles will be able to speak to this --

07:02:55 one, two, three, four, there's five that have been

07:03:01 constructed and have not complied with that 75-foot setback.

07:03:05 This was brought to our attention when some permits came to

07:03:09 be pulled for another one of the lots, and we saw that it

07:03:15 was asking for a 54-foot setback.

07:03:18 So this request this evening is to correct the he shall you

07:03:22 on the lots that have been built, and to allow for the

07:03:26 remaining lots to be built consistence with what is out

07:03:29 there.

07:03:30 The aerial that you have before you is not very telling, as

07:03:33 a lot of this has been built.

07:03:34 I am going to show you in my -- in my photo.

07:03:43 As far as the town home piece and the single-family pieces.

07:03:51 These are the nine lots that we are looking at here to the

07:03:54 south.

07:03:54 It is IG to the east.

07:03:58 That is the bay to the south.

07:03:59 CI to the west.

07:04:01 There is some RM-16 and some other PDs and subdivisions down

07:04:05 there.

07:04:05 The photos I am going to show you, I am going to show you at

07:04:08 this eastern end and work my way back to the west.

07:04:14 This is that lot number 1.

07:04:20 The lots in between there are vacant I believe this may be

07:04:29 lot 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

07:04:38 So I may have had three in the middle there to equal up to

07:04:41 9.

07:04:41 This is a look from the backyard.

07:04:45 And there is -- that is fence fencing.

07:04:48 There's barbed wire fencing there on the other south side of

07:04:51 the trees there.

07:04:53 This photo here is looking at this area here.

07:04:58 So this has all been constructed.

07:05:04 This also.

07:05:06 These are directly north of the subject lots that we are

07:05:11 talking about.

07:05:12 So this is in this area here.

07:05:20 There are some more shots of the south of the base there.

07:05:28 Staff did not have any objections to the request.

07:05:33 No comments were received to date as far as the reduction in

07:05:36 that 75-foot down to a 54 feet.

07:05:39 That really is all that we are here for today.

07:05:42 The other parameters as far as side setbacks are already the

07:05:46 same as previously approved.

07:05:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Did this come forth last year?

07:05:58 >> No, 2004.

07:06:00 We were here on saint Patrick and Shamrock and it's the

07:06:04 same.

07:06:05 It's a little bit further over to the west, more as a

07:06:07 Westshore side.

07:06:08 This is more at the Dale Mabry side.

07:06:16 >> Thank you.

07:06:17 I thought maybe we had looked at this before.

07:06:19 >> Staff is available for any questions.

07:06:21 Thank you.

07:06:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:06:24 This is a public hearing.

07:06:25 Item number 10.

07:06:29 Has the public been heard, Mr. Cohen?

07:06:32 Does anyone in the public care to speak on item number 10?

07:06:35 Petitioner?

07:06:36 >> Kevin Robles, 2107 chestnut Forest Drive, Tampa, Florida,

07:06:46 petitioner.

07:06:47 Abbye pretty much covered everything that I had.

07:06:49 So unless there are questions from the council, I have

07:06:52 nothing further to add.

07:06:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Does anyone in the public care to speak

07:06:57 on item number 10 for or against?

07:07:00 I see no one.

07:07:02 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Capin, second by Mrs.

07:07:06 Montelione on a close vote with Mr. Cohen.

07:07:08 All in favor of the motion?

07:07:11 Opposed?

07:07:11 The eyes have it unanimously.

07:07:16 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take item number 10, please?

07:07:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

07:07:24 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:07:26 vicinity of 704 to 7720 Landcare Lane in the city of Tampa,

07:07:32 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

07:07:36 zoning district classification PD, planned development,

07:07:39 resident single-family, to PD, planned development,

07:07:43 residential single-family, providing an effective date.

07:07:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

07:07:48 I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

07:07:51 Further council discussion?

07:07:52 All in favor of the motion?

07:07:54 Opposed?

07:07:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:07:56 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

07:07:58 Second reading and adoption will be on June 28th at 9:30

07:08:01 a.m.

07:08:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 12 is a continued public

07:08:07 hearing.

07:08:07 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:08:44 Item 12.

07:08:44 The rezoning request is case number Z-1202 and the request

07:08:48 is located at 3005 west Columbus drive.

07:08:53 The request before you this evening is from CG commercial

07:08:56 general and RS-50 residential single-family to PD planned

07:09:00 development, strip shopping center, retail sales, and all

07:09:04 commercial general uses.

07:09:17 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

07:09:19 I have been sworn.

07:09:24 The site before you related to this case is located in the

07:09:27 central Tampa planning district.

07:09:29 This is again the third one this evening that offers the

07:09:32 greatest opportunity for growth potential and job creation.

07:09:40 The site is more specifically located in the area known as

07:09:43 West Tampa which is one of our urban villages.

07:09:47 The site is located in the vicinity of the northeast corner

07:09:52 of the intersection of Columbus drive and MacDill

07:09:56 Avenue.

07:09:57 Here are the future land use categories.

07:09:59 This is residential 10.

07:10:01 And as you can see by the parcelization, a mature developed

07:10:05 single-family detached residential neighborhood.

07:10:08 This particular land use category here is community mixed

07:10:11 use 35, which as I have stated earlier a previous case

07:10:15 allows neighborhood commercial and general commercial

07:10:18 serving use.

07:10:19 The red color to the south is community commercial 35 which

07:10:22 allows commercial intensive uses as well as the CG and CM

07:10:26 uses that I just talked about.

07:10:28 The sites that we are talking about right now actually has a

07:10:32 split land use designation as residential 10 to the rear,

07:10:36 extending to Kathleen street, and then the frontage,

07:10:42 community mixed use 35.

07:10:44 The site if it were to come in under any other area location

07:10:48 would not be allowed to place the build Wrights currently

07:10:52 oriented on the site plan.

07:10:53 The only reason why this building is able to be oriented on

07:10:56 the side plan the way it presently is, is because there is a

07:11:00 provision in the comprehensive plan that allows blending of

07:11:03 the land use categories if they are within -- if the subject

07:11:07 property is within an urban village.

07:11:09 So that particular policy is applicable to this site.

07:11:15 Henceforth, the applicant was able to move forward on this

07:11:18 particular project.

07:11:21 Let me go ahead and show you the aerial.

07:11:25 As you all know, the request for the site is for general

07:11:30 retail use, in more simple terms, we will see a strip

07:11:35 center, commercial strip center established, should this be

07:11:38 approved by this body this evening.

07:11:42 The current site is occupied by the West Tampa convention

07:11:45 center owned by the Centro Espanol board, and it has been in

07:11:49 existence there for approximately 40 years servicing this

07:11:52 particular community.

07:11:54 Columbus drive is known to many of us in the area, of course

07:12:00 Tampa is a historic area, for being noted for having a lot

07:12:03 of restaurants.

07:12:05 This particular area right here, though, no restaurants.

07:12:09 Sorry.

07:12:12 They are in close proximity to the area but let me give you

07:12:15 context of what's here there.

07:12:17 Have been some things done in recent memory, let's say

07:12:20 within the last eight years to this particular area.

07:12:24 There's a bank that was placed on this corner on the

07:12:27 northeast corner.

07:12:29 There is a CVS drugstore that was developed on this

07:12:32 southeast corner.

07:12:34 There's another strip center that was left on the southwest

07:12:37 corner.

07:12:40 Let me point out that this was done in 2005 or 2006.

07:12:44 This was done in 2004.

07:12:45 This was done by right.

07:12:47 There was no zoning done for this.

07:12:49 They were able to go ahead and develop this site, which is

07:12:52 basically still a suburban stale strip center, by right

07:12:56 because they met all the requirements for setback, and under

07:12:59 the CI zoning district which it presently had.

07:13:02 You have though, in front of you today, which was adopted in

07:13:05 2009, a new comprehensive plan that offers you development

07:13:10 guidelines and design guidelines and urban design

07:13:13 guidelines.

07:13:15 And we are using that now to mostly develop a better urban

07:13:19 environment, especially for our historic areas.

07:13:24 There have only been, besides these three particular

07:13:27 developments that I have told you about, only one other

07:13:29 development that's been built on Columbus drive from the

07:13:33 Hillsborough River all the way to Dale Mabry, and that was

07:13:36 the fist third bank several years ago, prior to the

07:13:43 comprehensive plan in 2009.

07:13:45 So what we are seeing here is an opportunity -- an

07:13:50 opportunity to have something developed on this site that

07:13:52 will contribute to the character of this urban village as

07:13:56 its defined within your comprehensive plan.

07:13:59 We only have seven or eight urban villages in the entire

07:14:03 City of Tampa.

07:14:04 This one is as such because it provides unique

07:14:07 characteristics, unique only to this area as Hyde Park has,

07:14:13 as Seminole Heights has, as Tampa Heights has.

07:14:16 So if we are going to go ahead and try to retain the

07:14:19 character, and take the trouble to define these areas as

07:14:23 urban villages because they have unique characteristics,

07:14:25 it's your obligation as this body to try to do what you can

07:14:29 to perpetuate the character for this particular area.

07:14:34 What's being requested to you this evening is really

07:14:36 suburban in character, the structure itself.

07:14:40 The use is consistent, but the structure and the integrity

07:14:43 of urban design is really not consistent with the urban

07:14:46 development standards within the comprehensive plan.

07:14:49 The building itself is approximately 60 feet from the --

07:14:55 from Columbus drive, so we are replacing a very urban

07:14:58 building as you can see on the aerial with a very suburban

07:15:01 building.

07:15:02 So inner city neighborhood meets State Road 60.

07:15:07 For lack of a better term.

07:15:10 So we are putting a new type of use in an urban village, is

07:15:13 what we are proposing for you this evening, or what the

07:15:16 applicant is proposing for you.

07:15:20 This is the character of the area right now.

07:15:22 This is the fabric of the area.

07:15:24 So whatever decision is made on this project is something

07:15:28 that will be here, not just for a couple of years, this will

07:15:31 be here for decades to come.

07:15:33 And I do not know if this is truly reflective of West Tampa

07:15:37 urban village.

07:15:38 I find that it is not in accordance to the urban design

07:15:42 standards and the provisions that are outlined in the

07:15:44 policies that are placed within the report for you to view

07:15:47 this evening.

07:15:48 Planning Commission staff based on those findings of fact

07:15:51 find this proposed request inconsistent with the

07:15:53 comprehensive plan.

07:15:54 Thank you.

07:15:55 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:16:14 Council, as Tony mentioned to you tonight, I am going to go

07:16:18 ahead and go through the requests, and then I will go ahead

07:16:20 and go through staff's findings.

07:16:24 The request is obviously for the demolition of the West

07:16:26 Tampa convention center and for the construction of a 14,700

07:16:31 square-foot strip commercial center, with two tenant spaces.

07:16:36 It is a 1.689 abler site and it is surrounded by commercial

07:16:41 uses to the west, east and south and residential use to the

07:16:44 north across west Kathleen.

07:16:46 The proposed project consists of a single one-story 20-foot

07:16:50 tall building oriented east-west along the center of the

07:16:54 property.

07:16:54 The PD setbacks are as follows.

07:16:56 North, rear yard, 54 feet, 54.2 feet, south front yard, 61

07:17:05 feet, west, five yard, 79.5 feet, and east side yard, 110

07:17:12 feet.

07:17:12 The project requires 92 parking spaces and 68 spaces are

07:17:17 being provided.

07:17:19 The property currently has a future land use community mixed

07:17:22 use 35 along the south, and residential 10 along the north.

07:17:28 As Tony mentioned, this is in the West Tampa urban village,

07:17:32 which allows for the spreading of density.

07:17:36 I will go ahead and show you the zoning atlas.

07:17:40 Columbus to the south.

07:17:43 MacDill to the west.

07:17:44 Gomez to the east.

07:17:45 Kathleen to the north.

07:17:47 There is a PD immediately adjacent to the property.

07:17:49 It was PDed in 2005 and was constructed in 2006.

07:17:54 Predominantly, everything else in this area is CG, or CI, or

07:17:59 there's a little sliver of RM-16, and many of you may be

07:18:03 familiar, this is the cemetery.

07:18:06 So it's a multifamily kind of congregation.

07:18:12 Other than that, it's predominantly a commercial corridor.

07:18:21 Here is the aerial.

07:18:22 This also here, this commercial general piece is an assisted

07:18:28 living facility.

07:18:29 I do have some historical aerials of the site, if you would

07:18:32 indulge me for just a minute to show you.

07:18:41 We'll go ahead and go through that and then I'll show you

07:18:43 the boundaries of the urban village.

07:18:47 Through our research on this project, we did find that

07:18:50 although the building for the West Tampa convention center

07:18:53 was permitted in 1970 it was not actually in the current

07:19:03 configuration until the 80s.

07:19:05 This is the aerial from 1972.

07:19:07 >> The West Tampa and the Chamber of Commerce only?

07:19:11 >> That is the small building that was there at that time.

07:19:13 >> This was in 1976.

07:19:21 It was in 1979.

07:19:25 In '82.

07:19:27 The building went up.

07:19:29 And so did what is now the congregate living facility.

07:19:33 So that development mirrored itself in '82.

07:19:37 And that has been there approximately 30 years.

07:19:40 Establishing what we would consider the urban along this

07:19:46 corridor.

07:19:47 This is in '85.

07:19:50 '88.

07:19:53 '91.

07:19:56 And this was in '96.

07:20:00 If I can quickly just go back, and if you will keep an eye

07:20:05 on the subject PD to the west there, was never anything

07:20:08 there.

07:20:09 In all those years.

07:20:12 There was some overflow parking for an event at the

07:20:17 convention center.

07:20:18 Vacant.

07:20:19 Vacant.

07:20:19 Vacant.

07:20:20 Vacant.

07:20:22 Vacant.

07:20:26 Again, this was PDed in 2004 and constructed in 2005.

07:20:30 Therefore, it's only been there maybe seven years.

07:20:38 The boundaries of the West Tampa urban village are shown

07:20:41 here in blue, with the site shown to you in yellow.

07:20:50 The urban village is really important in this case, and

07:20:53 council, if you would indulge me for just a few minutes

07:20:56 given the inconsistencies of this defining, I would like to

07:21:01 take a step back and talk about the foundation of zoning.

07:21:11 This is my land development pyramid.

07:21:16 This is really where it starts because the future land use,

07:21:19 the comprehensive plan is the foundation, the pinnacle, it's

07:21:21 the starting point, it's what gets you, your development

07:21:24 rights on a piece of property.

07:21:28 Then comes the zoning.

07:21:30 Then comes whether or not you are in an overlay district, a

07:21:34 historic district, Aviation Authority.

07:21:36 It's more restrictive as you go up each layer of the case.

07:21:42 It's important to remember, you can't get to the second

07:21:46 layer unless you are consistent with the first.

07:21:48 And that's really what we are going to talk about tonight,

07:21:51 it's consistency with the comprehensive plan.

07:22:01 And this one in between.

07:22:03 The land use designation.

07:22:06 Tony went oaf this.

07:22:07 There is an R-10 and CMU-35.

07:22:13 You can see that the R-10 is 40 it hundred feet of this

07:22:17 property, larger than the CMU-35 portion.

07:22:20 The location of the urban village allows them to come before

07:22:23 you taint with this request, because if it were not in an

07:22:29 urban village this request would be accompanied by a

07:22:32 comprehensive plan amendment.

07:22:33 The R-10 a only louse only up to a CM.

07:22:40 If we take it one step further, here is where we just were

07:22:44 with our R-10 and community mixed use 35.

07:22:47 Existing zoning on the property is RS-50.

07:22:50 As you all know residential single-family, 50 by 100 lots.

07:22:55 CG commercial general is what is traveling the community

07:23:00 mixed use.

07:23:02 The most intensive potential zoning, the R-10 could have in

07:23:09 and of itself is neighborhood commercial.

07:23:13 The most intensive zoning that community mixed use could

07:23:15 have, which it currently has, is a commercial general.

07:23:19 The question now becomes a question of use.

07:23:24 The most intensive use that neighborhood commercial allows

07:23:27 is retail sales, convenience goods.

07:23:33 That's why gas station sales, smaller convenience types of

07:23:35 uses.

07:23:36 The greatest intensity retail use that the CG can have is

07:23:41 retail sales shoppers goods which is what they are proposing

07:23:44 this evening.

07:23:47 Given that the highest zoning allowable for consideration in

07:23:50 this R-10 district is CM or neighborhood commercial with the

07:23:55 satisfaction of locational criteria, in the R-10 you are you

07:24:01 have to have criteria in order get a CM which is 50% of the

07:24:06 block face already being commercial which this does not meet

07:24:10 so it could not come buff unless it was in an urban village

07:24:14 that allowed to the spread those uses across those lines.

07:24:17 And that's what the urban village designation allows.

07:24:24 At the same time the urban village designation allowed the

07:24:30 spread, it also requires urban.

07:24:33 Policies, goals and objectives in the comprehensive plan

07:24:35 that say if you are in the urban village and you are a new

07:24:38 development, you must comply.

07:24:41 This is what we want to see.

07:24:43 This is what our guiding principles are.

07:24:46 If I may for just a moment, the policy 15.1.7 which allows

07:24:52 you to spread the land use is found under 15 of the

07:24:58 comprehensive plan.

07:24:59 That states, to create a city of distinctive and memorable

07:25:03 places.

07:25:05 Distinctive and memorable places.

07:25:09 The objective under that goal says to support the urban

07:25:11 village designation that produced a distinctive,

07:25:15 high-quality built environment whose forms and character

07:25:20 respect Tampa's unique historic environment.

07:25:24 Historic environmental and architectural context and create

07:25:27 memorable places that enrich community life.

07:25:33 As provided on page 3 of the staff report these two critical

07:25:37 policies are what allow this to come before you this

07:25:41 evening.

07:25:45 As I mentioned to you, there are not only policies that

07:25:48 allow this to come forward, but new development prescriptive

07:25:52 development standards.

07:25:53 They are to create the distinctive high quality built

07:25:56 environment, maintain minimal setbacks, locate buildings

07:26:00 close to or adjacent to the sidewalk, building settings

07:26:06 gauge the street.

07:26:07 Tony mentioned to you the setback on Columbus Avenue is 61

07:26:10 feet.

07:26:11 61 feet.

07:26:12 That's almost as deep as a commercial general lot.

07:26:15 Commercial general lot is 100 fate deep.

07:26:18 So they are almost two-thirds of the way back on a

07:26:21 commercial general lot.

07:26:23 Our policies talk about engaging the street.

07:26:26 61 feet is six times the setback of a commercial general

07:26:30 property.

07:26:32 The subject application before you this evening speaks to

07:26:36 consideration under the premise of the urban village and the

07:26:39 ability to spread.

07:26:43 What I pose to you tonight, council, is the opportunity for

07:26:45 the implementation of the urbanville village is now.

07:26:48 It's at the time of redevelopment.

07:26:53 As you are well aware, our city is predominantly built out.

07:26:57 We don't get many opportunities like this.

07:26:59 1.69 acres on a major corridor.

07:27:02 That's pretty substantial.

07:27:07 Commercial lot is 10,000 square feet.

07:27:09 This is seven commercial lots.

07:27:13 I know we can do better than this.

07:27:14 Given that the average life cycle of a building is 35 to 40

07:27:18 years, now is the time.

07:27:24 Not in 2052.

07:27:25 2052 would be the next time that this property might seek

07:27:30 redevelopment.

07:27:30 That's who years from now.

07:27:34 If the development before you, the design before you tonight

07:27:36 were to satisfy the requirements of the urban village, we

07:27:39 would be here on a parking locality in the rear under a

07:27:41 special use.

07:27:42 We would not be here for a PD rezoning.

07:27:45 If you might remember, last month, family dollar on

07:27:50 Nebraska, 1505 north Nebraska, came before you for a special

07:27:54 use for a parking lot in the rear of the property.

07:27:58 You never saw the building.

07:27:59 It wasn't under your consideration.

07:28:01 But I'm here tonight to tell you that that building is in an

07:28:04 urban village and it was complying with all the regulations.

07:28:08 That's why you didn't have to see the building.

07:28:10 Because these regulations were being imposed on that

07:28:13 property, and they were meeting it.

07:28:15 And Mr. Callahan is here with me tonight to show you some of

07:28:20 those plans and those elevations.

07:28:25 I think it's important that I mention that -- and Tony

07:28:28 mentioned there are eight urban villages in the city, and we

07:28:31 are not just applying this to the property.

07:28:34 This is being applied across the city.

07:28:38 This is a new development that just went up last year at the

07:28:40 corner of 15th and MLK.

07:28:44 It's in an urban village.

07:28:46 Did it not come before you.

07:28:48 It met all the standards.

07:29:01 Has a corner entry that's located up on MLK.

07:29:08 So it kind of orients both ways.

07:29:11 That was a discussion at the hearing last month as well as

07:29:13 far as building orientation.

07:29:15 Here is another older project on Nebraska, also in an urban

07:29:22 village.

07:29:22 It's an older building still up at the street.

07:29:27 These are direct competitors with the applicant that's

07:29:29 before you tonight.

07:29:31 And I want to show you visually that this can be done.

07:29:34 Staff is not requesting something that cannot be done.

07:29:36 Here are some others.

07:29:38 This is on Columbus drive, Dale Mabry, up the street, in a

07:29:43 parking in the front.

07:29:44 Here is a brand new case that you approved on Kennedy, also

07:29:49 up to the street on two sides.

07:29:50 No parking.

07:29:52 In the front.

07:29:56 Another one on Westshore.

07:30:03 This isn't just about Columbus Avenue.

07:30:04 This is about all of our urban villages, and where we said

07:30:08 that design is important, and there's appropriate designs.

07:30:12 The other thing I wanted to show you is that we are not the

07:30:18 only municipality doing this.

07:30:22 U.S. 19, Pinellas Park, brand new, just opened, a couple

07:30:26 months ago.

07:30:27 Again, up to U.S. 19.

07:30:30 This one has a side entry.

07:30:35 Parking on the side and the rear.

07:30:37 And one of the important things I wanted to show you was,

07:30:40 there's no loading zone.

07:30:49 When the application before you this evening first came to

07:30:51 the BRC, we were told that the location of the building was

07:30:56 placed in the center of the property because that was the

07:30:56 only place that the semi trailer truck that services the

07:30:58 property could function.

07:31:03 Here are some other photos I would like to share with you.

07:31:14 This again is on fourth street in St. Petersburg.

07:31:22 Up to the street.

07:31:23 Up to the street.

07:31:24 All different uses.

07:31:25 You saw signs.

07:31:26 You have got restaurants.

07:31:27 This happens to be the intersection of 22nd and fourth

07:31:30 street.

07:31:30 You know, the point I would like to make here is that you

07:31:32 have to start with one piece of the puzzle.

07:31:35 This didn't get this way overnight.

07:31:36 And I know that all four corners of this intersection didn't

07:31:39 come in for development at the same time.

07:31:41 But step by step, they created this place by putting into

07:31:45 effect standards that create vibrant, urban, pedestrian

07:31:50 ways.

07:31:55 This is further up.

07:31:59 Fourth street.

07:32:00 50th Avenue.

07:32:02 Brand new Verizon building also.

07:32:04 Fourth street.

07:32:08 This is at fourth street and 50th.

07:32:12 Retail centers, mixed use retail centers, strip commercial

07:32:15 centers, exactly what the applicant is proposing tonight,

07:32:18 and they are all up at the street.

07:32:28 I am not here to tell you that retail is incompatible with

07:32:31 this site.

07:32:32 I am not here to tell you that retail is a bad use.

07:32:35 I'm not here to tell you will that this is wrong.

07:32:37 I'm here to tell you if we are going to do this, let's do it

07:32:40 right.

07:32:40 And we have an opportunity to do it right.

07:32:43 I am not going to go into the details, because Mr. Callahan

07:32:50 will.

07:32:53 Did staff take it upon themselves to design the site and

07:32:55 show you that it can be diabetes done?

07:32:57 Not only it can be done, we picked up 13 additional parking

07:33:01 space business doing it this way.

07:33:03 The only thing we don't have is a loading dock or loading

07:33:06 zone.

07:33:06 But there's plenty of room in the rear of the property for

07:33:10 someone to pull in and load and on the top ten waivers this

07:33:13 City Council considered the waiving of the loading dock is

07:33:16 one of them.

07:33:18 If we are designing for a loading dock, and the vision for

07:33:23 the urban villages are not going to be achieved.

07:33:26 This site in its current configuration today is

07:33:29 predominantly impervious.

07:33:31 There's hardly any trees to speak of.

07:33:33 It's 1 .69 acres.

07:33:35 And we can't get it done.

07:33:38 That's not right.

07:33:39 This is the time to get it done.

07:33:44 PDs are used for unique situations, unique circumstances.

07:33:48 When something needs to be maneuvered in order to make it

07:33:51 work, we putt pretty much have a 1.69-acre vacant property,

07:33:56 surface parking, no grand trees, no large specimen trees,

07:34:00 and there's in a unique circumstance.

07:34:05 Council, during the comprehensive plan update in 2009 you

07:34:08 adopted a long-range plan that seeks to create a livable

07:34:13 city, a plan that recognizes our unique and eclectic care, a

07:34:19 plan that provides design for the development.

07:34:23 The city's plan and associated vision of the urban village

07:34:26 is what we are here to uphold tonight.

07:34:36 In addition to my staff findings -- I am going to come back

07:34:39 and visit those after Mike does his presentation.

07:34:42 I'm sorry.

07:34:47 My staff findings are on pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, all the way

07:34:55 to page 10 of this report.

07:34:58 Findings of inconsistency with the comprehensive plan as

07:35:00 well as with the PD criteria for consideration of this

07:35:03 application.

07:35:07 I request that City Council uphold the comp plan and direct

07:35:09 the applicant to redesign to meet the standards of our urban

07:35:13 village.

07:35:18 >> Mike Callahan, urban design.

07:35:25 I think you heard in pretty intensive detail Ms. Feeley

07:35:32 described the application's inability to meet certain

07:35:36 critical components of the comprehensive plan.

07:35:39 From an urban design respective we have four criterias that

07:35:43 we use to evaluate the petition in the urban village for us.

07:35:49 I would like to go through those really quickly if I could,

07:35:52 please.

07:35:52 The first one is simply the building placement.

07:35:54 The urban village requires that the minimum front setback

07:35:59 become -- setback become the maximum in this case.

07:36:02 We have a CG classifications which require the 10-foot

07:36:05 setbacks.

07:36:06 I am going to show you the plan.

07:36:12 The applicant currently -- and I have to make one quick

07:36:17 announcement that this is a little bit earlier site plan.

07:36:22 They had moved the building up a little bit but it's still I

07:36:25 think for our purposes described the situation, the setback

07:36:30 as Abbye described six times, distance required in the urban

07:36:34 village.

07:36:35 It's closer to the adjacent residential communities to the

07:36:38 north than it is to Columbus.

07:36:40 The impact, I think, would be far greater than a loading

07:36:44 zone adjacent to the residents there as you can see right in

07:36:46 this area right here.

07:36:48 Incidentally, the existing West Tampa convention center

07:36:51 built years ago that we described would meet -- would meet

07:36:55 the urban village setback requirements.

07:36:59 When we first met with the applicant, their consideration

07:37:03 and their rationale for siting the building was that we

07:37:07 have -- to the rear was to efficiently accommodate the

07:37:11 maneuvering, the passage of the delivery vehicle, and it's a

07:37:15 large vehicle.

07:37:15 It's 67 feet long.

07:37:17 It's a tractor trailer semi.

07:37:19 We took the staff, urban design staff, took the liberty to

07:37:22 redesign the site plan ourselves.

07:37:27 And this is how we did that.

07:37:29 And we also took the liberty to run the auto turn, which is

07:37:36 basically simulating the vehicle through the site.

07:37:39 It works fine.

07:37:40 It works efficiently.

07:37:41 And quite frankly, it's better in the sense that Abbye said

07:37:46 13 spaces.

07:37:47 It's actually 15 more spaces that we could get on the site

07:37:51 by siting the building.

07:37:55 By the way, if this was in the West Tampa overlay, it's not.

07:38:00 It's one block to the west.

07:38:02 You could not do that -- you could not site the building as

07:38:05 they are proposing.

07:38:06 There should not be any parking between the building and the

07:38:09 street.

07:38:09 It has to be on the side and in the rear.

07:38:11 The second component, second criteria, I should say, the

07:38:17 facade transparency, simply means that the proposed -- the

07:38:20 proposed commercial buildings provide windows and doors up

07:38:23 to 50% of the facade oriented to the street.

07:38:27 This is the elevation that we were presented.

07:38:37 Their proposed elevation did not meet the 50% transparency

07:38:45 requirement, council.

07:38:46 This is the elevation proposed.

07:38:49 I think we can do a lot better for West Tampa.

07:38:51 This is anywhere America, land elevation created by actually

07:38:56 adroit architect, without any West Tampa community.

07:39:03 This is a special historic community.

07:39:06 It's not Brandon.

07:39:08 It's not New Tampa.

07:39:09 The third criteria that we used is pedestrian criteria to

07:39:13 the building entrance and I am going to United States.

07:39:17 There's virtually little or no pedestrian connection from

07:39:20 Columbus from the sidewalk out here to the building.

07:39:23 It's pretty simple.

07:39:25 It's hardly a pedestrian friendly plan.

07:39:27 And the fourth criteria that we use is parking waivers for

07:39:31 tree preservation.

07:39:32 Since tree preservation is not an issue here, why is there a

07:39:36 need for an increased parking waiver?

07:39:39 They are asking for an almost 30% reduction in the parking

07:39:42 requirements.

07:39:45 As I pointed out staff created a site plan that increase it

07:39:48 is parking talent.

07:39:49 It's just that that reduction, and that waiver, much, much

07:39:54 smaller.

07:39:55 I think it's also important, council, as Abbye indicated to

07:39:58 you, that over the last couple of months and even -- she did

07:40:03 not describe, we have been working with national chains in

07:40:07 the urban village.

07:40:08 I would like to show you a couple really quickly.

07:40:12 She did describe the one on Nebraska, which is a family

07:40:14 dollar.

07:40:15 The site plan.

07:40:17 The building location is clearly up on Nebraska.

07:40:21 The elevation.

07:40:25 Facade transparency.

07:40:27 It's a very handsome building.

07:40:29 I think it will work very nicely there and the community is

07:40:31 happy about it.

07:40:34 We are also working in the East Tampa area, which is also an

07:40:39 urban village along Hillsborough.

07:40:42 There's an O'Reilly's Auto Parts coming in. You can see the

07:40:47 location of the building up to Hillsborough and 37th

07:40:50 street.

07:40:51 And then there are elevations, of course, meet the facade

07:40:56 transparency requirement of the urban village.

07:41:02 The applicant meets none -- none of the urban village design

07:41:08 criteria that the comprehensive plan requires us to evaluate

07:41:12 in new development.

07:41:13 >> Truett Gardner, 400 North Tampa Street.

07:41:28 There's a difference of opinion with the staff on.

07:41:30 This and I am going to hand out a packet of materials for

07:41:33 each of you and one for the clerk that I am going to be

07:41:36 referring to.

07:42:09 After that looking at that presentation, it feels like we

07:42:12 are trying to create a monster that's only appropriate in

07:42:15 suburbia, and I want to show you some quick images under tab

07:42:19 I.

07:42:22 Of two developments, new developments, that are not in

07:42:25 suburbia, they are on Dale Mabry, that have the exact

07:42:29 setback that we are proposing here tonight.

07:42:31 Actually, one of them is even further.

07:42:33 The top is the new PDQ, set back 64 feet.

07:42:37 Again we are proposing 61.

07:42:39 The one under that is the Anthony pizza to the north of

07:42:43 that, set back exactly 61 feet.

07:42:45 As you can tell there, while there are cars in the front, if

07:42:50 treated properly, with landscaping, sidewalks, those types

07:42:54 of materials, these developments we feel can be completely

07:42:58 appropriate.

07:42:59 So we are going to start with that.

07:43:02 By way of introduction, I am here on behalf of Palmetto

07:43:05 capital group.

07:43:07 Several members of their company are here tonight.

07:43:09 Michael Halnick and their company, and requesting to

07:43:17 rezoning the West Tampa convention center for redevelopment.

07:43:21 A few issues that were brought up in staff report that I

07:43:23 want to clean up so we can synthesize this down to one issue

07:43:27 pertaining to natural resources and solid waste comments,

07:43:30 our engineer has talked to both of those departments.

07:43:35 Those changes can be made between first and second reading.

07:43:38 We are in agreement with those.

07:43:39 Mr. Callahan also mentioned pedestrian connections and

07:43:42 facade transparency.

07:43:44 We have actually been working with staff on that, should we

07:43:47 be approved tonight.

07:43:48 We would be more than happy to make those changes and work

07:43:52 with staff so we meet those standards.

07:43:55 So this leaves the sole issue as the design of the building,

07:43:58 and whether in this instance it's right to have the building

07:44:02 pushed all the way to the street front, or whether it's

07:44:04 right to have it where we have it, which is 61 feet back.

07:44:11 And just before I begin, I appeared in front of you, had the

07:44:16 pleasure of appearing in front of you for 15 years, and I

07:44:19 always try to work to find a common ground.

07:44:24 I enjoy my relationship with staff and enjoy the

07:44:26 collaborative experiment of trying to find the right thing

07:44:29 both for the city as well as for my client.

07:44:31 And I think in this situation we are doing exactly the same

07:44:35 thing.

07:44:35 And the site plan that is in front of you has evolved

07:44:38 substantially over when I got involved in this case, and I

07:44:41 feel like it's a strong movement in the right direction, and

07:44:44 I feel like what's presented in front of you tonight is

07:44:46 appropriate, and I think we will be able to share that.

07:44:52 I wanted to spend my allotted time on my issues with the

07:44:54 staff report, and then also I want to demonstrate why I feel

07:44:58 like we are actually consistent with the comprehensive plan.

07:45:03 First with respect to the staff report, there are three

07:45:10 primary issues that I have, and these are presented in the

07:45:15 materials that I distributed, and these, I believe, form the

07:45:19 central issue that has resulted in the city's objection to

07:45:23 this request.

07:45:28 Under tab A, I have excerpts pulled of the staff report.

07:45:33 And if you will look at the bottom paragraph, actually

07:45:36 bottom sentence, of the staff report, I wanted to illustrate

07:45:40 one thing.

07:45:40 It says, while the side is located two blocks west, and

07:45:45 outside of the West Tampa overlay districted, it is located

07:45:47 within an urban village as defined in the 2025 comprehensive

07:45:52 plan.

07:45:54 Just to show you under tab B is the West Tampa overlay

07:45:59 district.

07:45:59 And our property is highlighted and you can clearly see we

07:46:03 are outside the West Tampa overlay boundaries.

07:46:08 Tab C shows the boundaries of the West Tampa urban village.

07:46:11 And our property is also highlighted, and it is on the

07:46:14 periphery of that urban village.

07:46:17 And this is important.

07:46:18 And I want to bring this to your attention.

07:46:20 For one reason and one reason in particular that's given me

07:46:24 the issue with you the city staff report, and that is, if we

07:46:28 were in the West Tampa overlay district, we would be in a

07:46:32 district that was defined by City Council, that had code

07:46:37 provisions that were enacted by City Council, and that those

07:46:40 code provisions would be readily available to the developer,

07:46:43 to anybody in this situation.

07:46:45 And that is not, unfortunately, the case if you are in an

07:46:49 urban village.

07:46:50 If you are in an urban village, the standards that are set

07:46:54 forth are actually in tab E.

07:47:02 And you will notice something interesting about that.

07:47:06 This is an internal memo that was done, that sets down the

07:47:13 standard for development within all of the city's urban

07:47:17 villages.

07:47:18 So these include Ybor City, Davis Island, East Tampa,

07:47:23 Seminole Heights, and West Tampa.

07:47:27 This memo was not passed by City Council.

07:47:29 It is not in the code.

07:47:31 And it's not even readily available on the city's Web site.

07:47:35 And this is my first objection with the staff report.

07:47:38 In this situation, I believe that rules should be

07:47:42 transparent.

07:47:43 And the regulation that are imposed upon developers should

07:47:47 be enacted by City Council.

07:47:49 This is not happened on this indication.

07:47:52 My second issue with the staff report is on the bottom of

07:47:56 page 11.

07:47:58 Again, back to tab A.

07:48:06 And I will just quickly read portions of this paragraph as

07:48:10 it's highlighted.

07:48:11 The applicant has chosen this site to locate a national

07:48:14 retail center within the greater West Tampa community, which

07:48:18 in Tampa's cultural heritage, even knowing to its nickname

07:48:22 the street on which it will be noted Nuccio Boulevard.

07:48:26 It is a suburban chain located in a culturally rich

07:48:29 community without consideration or architectural style that

07:48:35 complements.

07:48:36 And this is my second issue and it's bother some to me.

07:48:39 Because it seems like the tone of this has the city

07:48:42 basically picking and choosing where it wants to place

07:48:46 retailers and what type of retailers that it wants.

07:48:49 And I think that this is inappropriate and it sets a bad

07:48:54 precedent.

07:48:56 And my third issue with the staff report is actually shown

07:48:59 on the Elmo.

07:49:00 And it is tab E of the materials shown in front of you,

07:49:05 reduced copy of it.

07:49:07 This is the first time I have seen this.

07:49:10 So it's novel.

07:49:11 But the city has created its own site plan for the

07:49:15 developer.

07:49:17 And I think that is a big veering off of how business has

07:49:21 been done here in the past.

07:49:23 And I think it also sets a bad precedent.

07:49:26 I think it's staff's responsibility to apply the code, and

07:49:29 to respond to the site plans when submit buddy think it sets

07:49:34 a dangerous precedents for staff to be going about the

07:49:37 business of developers and preparing site plans for.

07:49:40 So this is my third and final issue with the city staff

07:49:43 report.

07:49:44 And I think these are major issues that deserve your

07:49:48 consideration.

07:49:50 Next I want to switch gears and discuss what I think are

07:49:53 actually consistent with the comprehensive plan.

07:49:56 And first and foremost, the memos, a very myopic view of the

07:50:03 comp plan and I think it's more extensive than what the memo

07:50:06 would allow.

07:50:07 And if you will go to tab F of my materials, I think I can

07:50:13 show this to you.

07:50:14 It's actually the third page of tab F.

07:50:21 It's the same policy that the city used, but I want to

07:50:25 stress one word.

07:50:26 It's policy 13.3.6.

07:50:28 In appropriate urban areas, buildings should be located

07:50:31 close or adjacent to the sidewalk.

07:50:34 The key word I want to zero in on is "appropriate."

07:50:38 As I mentioned, this relates to all of the urban villages.

07:50:42 And I would say that in some of the urban villages, and some

07:50:46 of the locations in the urban villages, it is completely

07:50:48 appropriate and is the right thing to do, to have the

07:50:51 buildings at the street front.

07:50:53 Perfect examples of those are in tab G.

07:50:59 This shows Davis Island.

07:51:02 And the second page shows Ybor City.

07:51:04 And what these represent is totally unique from the site

07:51:09 that we have.

07:51:11 You have a local street, two lanes, parking in the

07:51:14 right-of-way, so that it's easy for a user to pull in, park

07:51:19 on the right-of-way, get out of their car and access the

07:51:22 buildings right on the street.

07:51:24 I would submit that Columbus drive is completely separate

07:51:27 and distinct from these examples.

07:51:29 It is a four-lane road, heavily trafficked, 44,000 cars a

07:51:35 day that pass by, and so just as the policy says, there are

07:51:41 areas where this application is appropriate, and there are

07:51:44 areas where it is inappropriate.

07:51:45 And I would say it is appropriate on Davis Island and Ybor

07:51:49 City, but it is inappropriate on Columbus drive.

07:51:56 And then lastly, again, tab F, a couple more of the

07:52:03 comprehensive plans, policies, and I think this is what

07:52:06 shows that we are actually very consistent with the context

07:52:09 of this neighborhood.

07:52:11 So on page 54, it states -- and these are the goals that we

07:52:16 should be abiding by -- maintain traditional setbacks of the

07:52:20 neighborhood.

07:52:22 Policy 13.1.3 states, relate new buildings and development

07:52:27 to the context. Neighborhood and community.

07:52:30 When we take a closer look to Columbus drive, which is under

07:52:35 tab H -- and I am going to move you from east to west, and

07:52:39 the first couple are going to be new developments, and next

07:52:44 to the property is the Heritage Bank, and I apologize the

07:52:48 color of these pictures didn't turn out very good, but it is

07:52:51 set back 60 feet from the right-of-way exactly what we are

07:52:54 proposing, across the street.

07:52:58 Tab H, first picture.

07:53:00 Heritage bank set back 60 feet from the right-of-way.

07:53:04 Exactly what we are proposing.

07:53:06 So complete consistency with what we are proposing.

07:53:09 Directly across the street, CVS.

07:53:10 84-foot setback.

07:53:12 Next page, the top -- I'm sorry if you can't make this out.

07:53:16 This is the fountain plaza development.

07:53:19 It's on MacDill.

07:53:21 It's furnished.

07:53:22 It's 120 feet setback.

07:53:25 Then moving slightly west down Columbus, there's a retail

07:53:29 establishment.

07:53:30 It is set back 70 feet.

07:53:32 And now it gets interesting. We get into the true

07:53:36 historical context of Columbus drive.

07:53:38 The next page, top picture, it is, I believe in, excess of

07:53:45 100 feet setback, two rows of parking, huge drive aisles in

07:53:50 the middle.

07:53:51 Below that Florida bakery.

07:53:53 You will notice two rows of parking, drive aisles in the

07:53:56 middle.

07:53:57 Across the street, the Lincoln restaurant, one row of

07:54:00 parking in the front, and a drive aisle.

07:54:05 Moving west of that, my last example, is one row of parking,

07:54:10 drive aisle.

07:54:12 I would argue that this, our location, on Columbus drive,

07:54:16 when you look at the true historical context, it is

07:54:20 buildings that are set back, just as what we are proposing

07:54:22 here.

07:54:24 And with that, I will have Michael say a few words, but I

07:54:29 would ask for your support on this project.

07:54:31 >> Hello. We just want to pass on our appreciation to the

07:54:43 planning staff and their efforts.

07:54:47 We have been working as closely as possible on this over the

07:54:52 last six months or so, particularly the last month since

07:54:57 Truett became involved.

07:54:59 We feel like we have done a lot of stuff to work with staff,

07:55:03 and we have revised the site plan three times and gone back

07:55:07 to the tenants now three times, twice with the site plan

07:55:10 revision and once for the major environmental contamination

07:55:13 issue with landfill remediation that we are going to have to

07:55:16 do on-site.

07:55:17 And so we have gone back to them several times, and it's

07:55:21 really challenging for us to do that again.

07:55:24 We have already approached them about the streetscape

07:55:27 building, and their response is no, it's not going to

07:55:29 happen.

07:55:30 We need to proceed as it's laid out in the executed lease

07:55:33 that you have with us.

07:55:34 And so we are in the precarious position of presenting to

07:55:38 you all a plan that provides jobs and revenue, construction

07:55:41 revenue, and opportunity for young guy that works at the

07:55:44 store on a weekend, I mean, we are providing all sorts of

07:55:49 great things for the local community with this project.

07:55:52 And we just ask for your support.

07:55:55 This isn't the first project we have done with this tenant.

07:55:58 We have had 23 of these projects approved in central, west

07:56:01 and southwest Florida.

07:56:03 And we work really hard to take care of our tenant.

07:56:06 And we work really hard to not ever be in a situation where

07:56:10 we have a difference of opinion from staff.

07:56:13 And so this is a first for us.

07:56:15 But we are asking for your support because of what we can

07:56:18 bring to the table with new jobs, tax revenue, and solid

07:56:25 footing.

07:56:26 Thanks very much.

07:56:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

07:56:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you very much.

07:56:35 >> One last thing.

07:56:36 I have 15 letters of support that I would like to introduce,

07:56:39 one of which is signed by Roble of the Tampa Bay

07:56:42 partnership.

07:56:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just turn them in.

07:56:44 We are not interested in names right now.

07:56:45 We'll read them.

07:56:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ms. Feeley, first on the example of the PDQ,

07:57:00 which would be -- oh, here it is -- the pizza, were these

07:57:10 built over existing footprints?

07:57:12 And does it make a difference?

07:57:14 >> As you will remember, the PDQ we actually did together,

07:57:17 just a few years ago, was an 18-month buildout and it was a

07:57:21 PD.

07:57:21 It was formerly a Famous Tate Appliance Shop.

07:57:26 It's not located in an urban village and does not have the

07:57:29 requirements of being up the street.

07:57:31 The Coal Fire Pizza is an adaptive reuse of a Boston Market

07:57:38 Chicken that was there awhile ago.

07:57:41 So that went in and reused the existing structure that was

07:57:44 on the property.

07:57:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: One or the other was an existing.

07:57:50 All right.

07:57:50 The next is -- one of the things I am looking at, all the

07:57:55 examples that were used on Columbus drive were built prior

07:57:59 to 2009.

07:58:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: They were probably built far --

07:58:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I grew up, part of my -- three blocks from

07:58:10 there, Lincoln restaurant, as far as I can remember.

07:58:13 I might have been eleven years old.

07:58:14 I am not going to tell you how old I am.

07:58:16 It was there.

07:58:17 [ Laughter ]

07:58:20 So, yeah, they have new, and -- and I also --

07:58:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Those would be nonconform use today.

07:58:31 These would be nonconform uses.

07:58:33 Nonconform structures, excuse me.

07:58:36 Not nonconforming uses because they would be allowed in the

07:58:39 commercial district.

07:58:40 But they probably preceded -- I did not pull the year built

07:58:45 on any of those, to be able to tell you if they preceded

07:58:49 zoning compliance, what year they were actually built.

07:58:52 I showed you historical areas.

07:58:54 I mean, it progressively came along.

07:58:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The other thing is when I looked at this,

07:59:04 what was brought up, put up on the overhead, I viewed it as

07:59:09 an example.

07:59:09 Dy not view it as an example of how this could be

07:59:19 implemented, not necessarily be drawn to plans.

07:59:25 And I wanted to make that clear, that I did not see that at

07:59:29 all as a redrawing of the developer's plan, but rather an

07:59:34 example showing us that this can be done, and it's very

07:59:40 helpful.

07:59:42 Those were the three questions that I had of what was

07:59:44 brought up on the examples.

07:59:49 So for now, that's it for me.

07:59:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

07:59:57 Thank you very much.

08:00:00 I'm sorry, Mr. Suarez.

08:00:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a question.

08:00:04 Ms. Feeley -- I'm sorry, are you still there?

08:00:08 The front of the building, there is a designation.

08:00:23 The building is not designated a historic structure, is that

08:00:26 correct?

08:00:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, it is not.

08:00:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I don't know, but what happens to that

08:00:33 marker?

08:00:34 What's it there for?

08:00:35 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I do have that taken up close and personal

08:00:45 photo.

08:00:47 I did not know you were going to ask that question.

08:00:53 Is it in the documents provided by Mr. Gardner?

08:00:56 Sorry.

08:00:57 No, I have it.

08:00:57 I have it.

08:00:58 Bear with me just a moment.

08:01:01 I have a lot of photos.

08:01:02 >> It's in our backups.

08:01:08 Regardless, I'm curious about that, because obviously, you

08:01:11 know, one of the things that we kind of laugh about this

08:01:14 now, Ms. Capin is talking about Lincoln restaurant.

08:01:18 That is the marker.

08:01:23 West Tampa was a suburb of Tampa.

08:01:27 I mean, it was one of the reasons why it's called West

08:01:29 Tampa.

08:01:30 It's west of the river.

08:01:31 When you look at the plat of the streets, they don't have

08:01:34 the same street names going across each other for the most

08:01:37 part, because it was separate city, and of course kind of

08:01:41 this bedroom community from the City of Tampa.

08:01:44 And so when we talk about mixed use, and I think Mr. Gardner

08:01:48 made a comment about La Gaceta and some other places, and I

08:01:53 remember they used to buy my baseball cards there.

08:01:57 The cards tasted just as good as the drum that came with it.

08:02:01 But it's unique in terms of some of the uses.

08:02:03 And we obviously are talking about future use as opposed to

08:02:06 current use or past use.

08:02:11 When I look at a place like the convention center, it grew

08:02:17 up of really nothing, as you showed, as you were showing

08:02:21 those pictures, I was -- I think my hair was getting darker

08:02:25 because I was remembering when I was younger.

08:02:27 And I'm not sure that the character of the neighborhood is

08:02:32 perfectly relayed.

08:02:41 But this marker, it's there for a reason.

08:02:43 It was put there for a reason.

08:02:45 When -- what does it mean when we rezoning something?

08:02:52 I'll give you an example.

08:02:54 We never rezoning anything that has a marker in front of it.

08:02:57 Never have that I know of.

08:02:58 >> I haven't.

08:03:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And no one has an answer to that?

08:03:06 There's no legal issue with that.

08:03:08 And the reason I'm saying it is it has a historic nature

08:03:12 already.

08:03:12 Okay.

08:03:13 And I think that's essentially making the case for what you

08:03:17 have been saying about nature of the neighborhood.

08:03:22 I think Mr. Gardner is going to want to talk in a moment.

08:03:25 I will get to you in a second, Julie.

08:03:27 And so I think when we start talking about historical uses,

08:03:31 what has happened, suburban, or urban village, overlay

08:03:36 district, we start getting into lots of terms that we don't

08:03:38 talk about truly what the neighborhood is.

08:03:41 Mr. Gardner, you gave us a bunch of petitions.

08:03:45 There's a couple of people that I know on here.

08:03:47 How many of them -- Mr. Gardner?

08:03:50 Come on up.

08:03:51 She's still looking.

08:03:52 She's find it eventually.

08:03:54 The poor woman has all these papers she has to bring up he

08:03:58 have single time.

08:03:59 How many folks are on the board of Centro Espanol?

08:04:05 >> I don't know the toons that question.

08:04:07 >> Where did you get the petitions?

08:04:11 >> My client gave them to me.

08:04:13 They have been collecting them in their discussion.

08:04:15 >> Where do you collect them from?

08:04:16 Because they are not in the same neighborhood.

08:04:18 >> Through various meetings that they have had with either

08:04:21 principles of the convention sent oar neighbors in the

08:04:23 neighborhood.

08:04:24 >> She they could be members of Centro Espanol?

08:04:28 >> Right.

08:04:29 >> I don't think Stu Roble is a member of Centro Espanol.

08:04:34 >> We did not, and the reason we thought it was pertinent is

08:04:37 he represents nine counties one of which is Hillsborough

08:04:39 County so we thought it was germane to this issue.

08:04:42 >> Stu Roble thoughts it was that germane to sign this?

08:04:46 I'm just curious. Anyway --

08:04:51 >>> I want to answer your sign question.

08:04:53 I was out there about a month ago and I read the sign.

08:04:55 And it does not speak to the history of the West Tampa

08:04:58 convention center.

08:04:59 Instead it speaks to the development of that neighborhood.

08:05:03 And if I am correct -- and I think that I am -- that site,

08:05:07 as I talked to my client, should they move forward to this,

08:05:10 that will be preserved on-site because it does deal with the

08:05:14 history of the neighborhood as opposed to the West Tampa

08:05:16 convention center.

08:05:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, you made my point.

08:05:19 That was my point.

08:05:20 Talking about the neighborhood.

08:05:21 It wasn't about the convention center.

08:05:23 So thank you for bringing that up.

08:05:26 Back to what we were saying, we have the petitions from

08:05:29 different folks.

08:05:30 How often do you meet with the neighbors surrounding there?

08:05:33 >> As I mentioned, I got involved in this midstream.

08:05:36 And so the conversations with the neighborhood had already

08:05:39 started before I got involved.

08:05:41 And so once I got involved, I got with the developer build

08:05:48 relationships, and this might be a question more appropriate

08:05:50 for my client as opposed to me.

08:05:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sure.

08:05:53 >> Hi.

08:05:56 Austin Cox, Normandy trace road, Tampa.

08:06:01 I'm the development manager.

08:06:03 I have been sworn in.

08:06:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

08:06:06 The question that I was just asking, how often have you met

08:06:09 with the neighbors surrounding your proposed development?

08:06:14 >> We had two community meetings.

08:06:15 One, I believe, was May 7th and the other was this past

08:06:19 Monday, where we proactively wanted to field objections to

08:06:23 the project, and also solicit support for the redevelopment.

08:06:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

08:06:28 What was your sense of the meetings?

08:06:30 In terms of either supports or --

08:06:34 >> Not a person oh showed up to object to the project.

08:06:37 >> How many people showed up?

08:06:38 >> The last meeting was several people -- seven people.

08:06:43 >> Where was it?

08:06:44 >> It was at the Centro.

08:06:47 At the site.

08:06:48 >> The convention area?

08:06:51 >> Yes.

08:06:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

08:06:53 That's it, Mr. Chair.

08:06:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:06:55 I didn't think too many people were showing.

08:06:57 On one side you have the gas station.

08:07:01 We will call the people from the audience in a minute.

08:07:04 I do want to talk to you.

08:07:05 We'll talk.

08:07:06 I promise you will.

08:07:11 You have the CVS that used to be the Eckerd on one side.

08:07:14 Then you have the development on the other side of the plaza

08:07:20 there, with about 20 little nice shopping strip mall, and

08:07:26 then you have got the place that was a real thorn in

08:07:32 everybody's back in West Tampa when it was an apartment

08:07:35 building, and thank you thanks to Mayor Greco and Fernando

08:07:41 Noriega, and turned it into a place where I may be heading

08:07:45 soon, retirement village.

08:07:46 So what it is, it's a -- convenience so all those things are

08:07:54 there.

08:07:56 But that building there was never that size.

08:07:58 That building there started off way back with the West Tampa

08:08:03 association if I recall and the Chamber of Commerce, and it

08:08:07 was much narrower than this building that we sit in now,

08:08:11 much narrower, and through working out different agreements

08:08:14 when the hall was built later on.

08:08:17 Let me tell but that area.

08:08:19 Maybe the developer will say, what?

08:08:23 In close proximity, that was a dump.

08:08:28 So the building CVS south of there hasn't fared too well.

08:08:33 They have contract. They have lost people.

08:08:36 They didn't die there, don't get me wrong.

08:08:38 They lost the tenants who happened to be people.

08:08:40 And these are the things that have been going on there for a

08:08:44 long time.

08:08:45 That row was never straight at one time.

08:08:48 It had a little hook on it.

08:08:49 All of a sudden it's straight.

08:08:51 So who knows what happened there 55, 60 years ago, 70 years

08:08:56 ago?

08:08:57 But that's how all that started.

08:09:03 The bank is certainly positioned in a nice corner, looks

08:09:06 very nice, very pretty.

08:09:08 The only building that I know in that block that would meet

08:09:12 the standards that were discussed here today is the

08:09:16 restroom -- I don't call it a rest home.

08:09:19 It's a center for those that have care and they need public

08:09:23 assistance.

08:09:24 Because of their health and their age.

08:09:27 But it's done very well.

08:09:30 It's been a great community asset.

08:09:32 And that's what it's all about.

08:09:34 Any other council members at this time?

08:09:36 Ms. Montelione?

08:09:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

08:09:42 I know that both Abbye and to some extent Tony spoke about

08:09:50 this earlier, but I do want to bring up the idea of why

08:10:00 these codes are in place, and Abbye or Mike, the criteria,

08:10:07 for instance, for 50% -- and it was pointed out that this

08:10:12 building wouldn't meet the criteria now because it doesn't

08:10:14 have the glass facade as it would be required today, to have

08:10:21 the eyes on the street as it says in the code, but what's

08:10:26 the reasoning?

08:10:27 What's the concept behind having the requirement for 50%?

08:10:38 >> Mike Callahan, urban design.

08:10:41 There's another reason.

08:10:41 But I think principally it's to give building context to the

08:10:46 street.

08:10:47 As you said it's also to get eyes on the street.

08:10:50 It gives the building, you know, what makes the architecture

08:10:57 of the building to have just a blank wall is what we are

08:11:02 trying to avoid, is having blank walls.

08:11:09 And fenestration, what is referred to as building and doors.

08:11:12 Fenestration gives the building character.

08:11:14 And so that's generally what we are trying to do is create

08:11:17 much more character on the buildings instead of just the

08:11:25 blank facade.

08:11:26 >> And the idea of having the building oriented close to the

08:11:30 street, I know in one of the policies it says creates

08:11:42 vertical enclosure?

08:11:44 >> One of the things we are trying to get away from in many

08:11:47 of our areas, more urban areas, is to create scale, so that

08:11:51 you not have just a solid linear flat surface from the site.

08:12:03 The buildings give the street scale, and it gives an

08:12:06 architectural context, instead of having the building set

08:12:10 back 80 or 90 feet, there is a scale that we use in urban

08:12:14 design.

08:12:16 The maximum we would want to go is one to six.

08:12:23 That means the maximum -- the width of the street to the

08:12:26 scale of the building.

08:12:27 And so by pushing that back, the building way back, you lose

08:12:31 all sorts of scale.

08:12:32 You go one to 20, one to 30, and it creates a very

08:12:38 unfriendly pedestrian environment to the building closer to

08:12:41 the street.

08:12:42 It feels better.

08:12:44 If you have of walked, just as you walk downtown.

08:12:46 >> And Councilman Capin who stepped out for a moment, as she

08:12:53 pointed out earlier, some of the photographs of the building

08:12:56 that were provided in the applicant's binder here show that

08:13:02 buildings farther from the street that you pointed out, and

08:13:09 Abbye's concern is that those buildings were built before

08:13:12 2009 when the code changed.

08:13:15 Now, why did we change that code?

08:13:19 And why is it important now to take that step, to try to

08:13:28 encourage builders and developers to bring the streetscape

08:13:33 closer?

08:13:34 >> Many of the buildings that Mr. Gardner referred to were

08:13:37 built after World War II, where you pulled right up to the

08:13:41 building.

08:13:42 That is clearly a nonconforming use.

08:13:44 You can never build a building where you can back out into

08:13:47 the right-of-way.

08:13:48 You can't do that.

08:13:49 And so quite frankly, there's a number of examples along

08:13:56 Columbus and others where the building defines the street so

08:13:59 you don't park right up to the street, and of course there's

08:14:02 many that do.

08:14:03 Some of them more recent but before we had the urban village

08:14:08 designation, and not only the urban village but the West

08:14:11 Tampa overlay is very prescriptive in that as well.

08:14:15 >> So this is outside the overlay?

08:14:18 >> Yes.

08:14:18 But I am just saying in the West Tampa overlay, it would be

08:14:22 a similar situation.

08:14:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may, prayer to 2009 the comprehensive

08:14:31 plan, that I could stand up here and show you ten policies

08:14:35 for projects and ten policies against a project.

08:14:38 Our efforts to that comprehensive plan update in 2009, which

08:14:41 really were to provide the goals, objectives and policies of

08:14:46 our plan.

08:14:47 It's a very long process in order to get to a plan that

08:14:51 actually had more direction and what we referred to as some

08:14:56 teeth, to actually give direction.

08:14:58 As I started out my presentation, the comprehensive plan is

08:15:01 the foundation.

08:15:03 If you had no land development regulation, you would always

08:15:06 have a comprehensive plan.

08:15:08 That is the coming out of the growth management last night,

08:15:12 and that's where this all originates from.

08:15:15 And the irony in this case says the comp plan, and those

08:15:19 policies allow them to get in the door and ask you for

08:15:23 consideration, but there are equal amount of policies that

08:15:27 then say, if you are within this area, you should, and you

08:15:32 shall, shall be guide bid these policies.

08:15:37 >> In a couple of places it says where appropriate.

08:15:43 I took that to me I think something different than intended,

08:15:46 but I took "appropriate" to many the codes we Knott now put

08:15:51 in place in the comprehensive change that we have now.

08:15:58 A context.

08:15:59 So it's not that where we are considering what's

08:16:04 appropriate, because of what was built next door or across

08:16:06 the street, 25, 35 years ago.

08:16:11 And it's probably because that's what's already on the

08:16:15 street, and that's what the streetscape looks like now.

08:16:19 What I think appropriate in this code the way it's written

08:16:22 is that it's appropriate in the context by which we are

08:16:28 moving forward.

08:16:29 That we are trying to improve access, we are trying to

08:16:33 reduce problems with traffic from backing out, and streets

08:16:38 lake you said before, you know, we don't allow that anymore.

08:16:41 The Department of Transportation isn't going to allow that.

08:16:43 And appropriate meaning what is S appropriate today on that

08:16:49 street to realize the vision that we would like to have for

08:16:53 that neighborhood as far as safety, walkability, livability,

08:16:58 and aesthetics?

08:17:04 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I completely agree with you.

08:17:05 And the term "appropriate" is a very subjective term, and it

08:17:14 depends who is making the determination of its

08:17:17 appropriateness.

08:17:18 But although that building next door sits at 60 feet, and

08:17:22 that was approved prior to the comprehensive plan update,

08:17:24 the building that's sitting on this property has been there

08:17:27 for 32 years, or 30 years.

08:17:29 What's more appropriate?

08:17:31 I mean, you can pose the question a number of different

08:17:34 ways.

08:17:35 But the question of appropriateness is coming from where we

08:17:37 stand today and where we want to be tomorrow.

08:17:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

08:17:41 Absolutely.

08:17:42 Okay.

08:17:42 That's all I have.

08:17:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

08:17:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ms. Feeley, again, the life of the building,

08:17:53 what was it, 35 years?

08:17:55 >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's approximately, yes.

08:17:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Buildings that are coming up, might be

08:18:01 coming up.

08:18:02 The reason I bring this up is because on the corner of

08:18:04 Columbus drive and Dale Mabry --

08:18:08 >> The Burger King?

08:18:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The K-Mart, that whole shopping center, that

08:18:15 lease on K-Mart is coming up in the -- not too distant.

08:18:20 And that whole corner is going to be redeveloped.

08:18:27 That is going to, in my maned, the proximity of that to

08:18:34 these properties is -- may just trigger the redevelopment of

08:18:40 many of these properties along there.

08:18:52 At that point as you said before, we have to start, and I

08:18:54 agree with that, that we have to start with this plan, and I

08:19:06 appreciate everything everyone brought and helping us to

08:19:08 understand this so much better.

08:19:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

08:19:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: While I am at the podium, if I may.

08:19:20 The West Tampa centennial, and it says an immigrant from

08:19:25 Scotland purchased land in November of 1886 and built the

08:19:28 cigar factory that started production on June 15th,

08:19:31 1892.

08:19:32 I hope he didn't wait that long for a permit.

08:19:35 [ Laughter ]

08:19:37 Other developers offered free land and buildings bringing in

08:19:40 more cigar factories and growth that led to the formation.

08:19:42 City of West Tampa on May 18th, 1895.

08:19:47 Immigrants from Cuba, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland,

08:19:50 Germany, different parts of the United States, made up the

08:19:54 population giving the town its distinctive vibrant

08:19:57 character.

08:19:57 After 30 years as a prospering municipality, West Tampa was

08:20:02 annexed to the City of Tampa on January 1st, 1925.

08:20:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks for putting that into the record.

08:20:09 I appreciate it.

08:20:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

08:20:13 Petitioner, are you finished?

08:20:16 We haven't heard from the public yet.

08:20:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, I would like to save time for rebuttal.

08:20:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Would anyone from the public like to

08:20:24 speak on this item, item number 12?

08:20:26 Please come forward.

08:20:27 >> My name is Carl Cosio, C-O-S-I-O.

08:20:50 And I want to let all of you know, I'm very insulted --

08:20:54 insulted and ashamed to know that our government of this

08:20:58 city would let this project be built in place of the West

08:21:02 Tampa convention center.

08:21:05 To me, these are professionals looking for a paycheck.

08:21:10 That's all it is.

08:21:11 Every time someone comes to Tampa, waves a dollar bill,

08:21:17 throws a wallet out in front of you, what do you need,

08:21:21 buddy?

08:21:22 Forget heritage.

08:21:23 Forget preservation.

08:21:25 Forget environment.

08:21:26 This is not but another WalMart place.

08:21:30 Tear down everything.

08:21:32 Who built the West Tampa convention center?

08:21:36 Local family dollar.

08:21:37 Who are the immigrants?

08:21:41 Factory workers.

08:21:42 No air conditioning.

08:21:43 No heat.

08:21:44 No nothing.

08:21:45 Couldn't speak English.

08:21:49 Not a penny from the government and they drew a line.

08:21:53 She's talking about a building 35 years old wants to tear

08:21:56 down.

08:21:57 You want to tear down your house because it's 35 years old?

08:22:00 Apparently she does.

08:22:01 Let's tear her house down when it gets 35 years old.

08:22:06 Everything about it.

08:22:07 These people don't want to save something in the city no

08:22:11 more.

08:22:12 Tear down the cigar factories.

08:22:15 Big oil didn't help us preserve that.

08:22:17 Tear them down.

08:22:18 Who wants to build the next big million dollar meg a center?

08:22:22 Let's tear down a cigar factory.

08:22:24 Pretty soon you are going to be moving cemeteries, because

08:22:27 no one -- someone comes up with here with a dollar bill and

08:22:31 wallet and says, hey, how much money can we pay you?

08:22:34 How much benefits does the government get?

08:22:38 I'm shocked.

08:22:39 I don't see anyone from West Tampa helping me here.

08:22:41 I'm the only one against the big dime here.

08:22:44 I don't see no ideal restaurant people, Tropicana, West

08:22:48 Tampa sandwich shop, I don't see anyone.

08:22:52 I don't even see the people here and it was my brother who

08:22:58 collected the money to build that place, Cosia.

08:23:04 My dad helped build that club, couldn't do things because of

08:23:09 illness.

08:23:10 He worked three jobs everything in this city.

08:23:16 That whole industry in this West Tampa was built by hard

08:23:20 working immigrants.

08:23:21 Everything.

08:23:22 We are not preserving nothing.

08:23:23 And the worst insult is the people of the cemetery who put

08:23:29 their money into this thing.

08:23:30 You people don't want to protect anything about it.

08:23:33 I hope the people from the cemetery a come up and haunt you

08:23:36 for life if you let this project go through.

08:23:38 I really do.

08:23:40 I'm shocked to see -- I don't even see Bob Buckhorn here who

08:23:45 want the community vote and he's not here to help us without

08:23:48 W that preservation of history.

08:23:50 And also the West Tampa, Charlie, and the Asturiano who

08:23:59 built the first hospitals in this country with no government

08:24:03 help?

08:24:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Our time is up.

08:24:05 >> You had all the time.

08:24:06 Where is my time?

08:24:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just tell what you the law is.

08:24:10 They have 15 minutes and 5 minute rebuttal.

08:24:13 They were given that sir.

08:24:14 No more, no less. Public has three minutes each.

08:24:18 Thank you very much for coming.

08:24:19 I appreciate it very much.

08:24:20 >> Well, I'm telling.

08:24:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm telling you, too.

08:24:23 That's enough.

08:24:23 >> I am going to come back and haunts you.

08:24:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:24:29 Next, please.

08:24:29 >> Good evening.

08:24:36 Albert Decobo here on behalf of the Board of Directors with

08:24:40 a question of the Board of Directors.

08:24:43 There's three of us here.

08:24:46 Our president, unfortunately, is tied up in O.R.

08:24:52 I'm obviously here to support this development.

08:24:56 Been a member.

08:24:58 My father came from Spain, migrated here, was a general

08:25:02 practitioner, both of the Centro Espanol, Centro Asturiano,

08:25:06 and I'm on the board.

08:25:10 There's a lot of love in this community because of my

08:25:12 parents coming over here.

08:25:15 The Hispanics, Italians, Cubans, Spaniards, Germans, Irish,

08:25:23 that's why we are here.

08:25:24 The plaque was erected because of the prosperity of West

08:25:27 Tampa.

08:25:28 This building is sitting on a -- for most you that have gone

08:25:35 into that building you sometimes walk around and think you

08:25:37 are drunk because you are not sure where you are walking.

08:25:41 The doors in all direction and that's because of the floors

08:25:45 basically caving in.

08:25:51 In short, this is good for the community.

08:25:53 I was born in Ybor City.

08:25:55 I was raised three blocks behind this building on I street

08:26:01 at 18th.

08:26:02 I used to walk down there down Columbus up MacDill to

08:26:07 St. Josephs to my brother's.

08:26:10 I was raised in this community.

08:26:13 Even when I moved out of that community, and I'm just living

08:26:16 up the street, not far from here.

08:26:18 I'm involved with the board.

08:26:20 I'm involved with the Centro Asturiano.

08:26:25 There's nothing historic about this building.

08:26:27 The site, absolutely.

08:26:29 That's West Tampa.

08:26:29 But we got a mixed use of property up and down from the

08:26:32 river to Columbus.

08:26:35 This development will help first of all bring tax dollars to

08:26:39 this community because that building pays zero in taxes,

08:26:42 nonprofit.

08:26:43 It will develop new jobs for this community.

08:26:46 It's everything that the code called for?

08:26:49 Probably not.

08:26:50 Is it a good step for this community?

08:26:52 Absolutely.

08:26:54 We have got the bank next door, 2006.

08:26:59 Most of these properties are set back.

08:27:02 99% of the code, planning development -- and Mr. Garcia, and

08:27:07 they all do a great job.

08:27:09 It's up to you to look at this project on its own merit.

08:27:11 It's a good, good development for West Tampa.

08:27:15 At this time we need it.

08:27:17 Thank you.

08:27:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:27:19 Next, please.

08:27:19 >> Rick Caladea.

08:27:29 I have been sworn in. I represent the Centro Espanol.

08:27:36 I am in favor of the rezoning.

08:27:39 If we were here discussing Howard Avenue or Armenia Avenue,

08:27:44 I would be in full agreement with you that the building

08:27:47 should be on the street.

08:27:48 But there's such an inconsistency on Columbus drive that I

08:27:52 feel that this is going to fit right into the neighborhood.

08:27:56 I think it's going to be great for the neighborhood for all

08:27:58 the reasons that Mr. KOBO said.

08:28:01 The fact of the matter is the club has dwindled down to we

08:28:05 have around 60 members.

08:28:08 The building was in bad shape.

08:28:11 It would take a few million dollars to just bring it up to

08:28:15 make it, you know, to compete with letter carriers and so

08:28:21 on.

08:28:23 It would just take too much to make this building work as a

08:28:30 clubhouse, and also a place to have parties. Anyway, we are

08:28:36 in favor of selling it.

08:28:39 The club needs these funds for the cemetery for perpetual

08:28:44 fund for the cemetery to do much needed renovation at the

08:28:48 cemetery, and we are just hoping you will look favorably.

08:28:55 >> Anyone else in the audience care to speak?

08:28:59 Mrs. Montelione?

08:29:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Gardner, I have a question for you

08:29:04 or your clients.

08:29:13 The statement was made earlier that you have been bringing

08:29:17 petitions before City Council for 15 years and you have

08:29:19 always wanted to work things out and compromise.

08:29:23 And it seemed like you were offended or your clients were

08:29:26 offended with the work that, I agree with Councilwoman

08:29:32 Capin, that I didn't take that as an affront to you or your

08:29:36 client in redesigning your site, your building or changing

08:29:40 things.

08:29:40 It was, to me, maybe out of frustration because they know

08:29:46 you.

08:29:46 They worked with you.

08:29:47 They know you compromise.

08:29:48 And they couldn't understand maybe why this wasn't working

08:29:52 for you, why it wasn't working for your client.

08:29:55 Because clearly it could be done.

08:29:57 So is there a particular reason why these design criteria

08:30:03 and meeting the standards of the urban village, why that's

08:30:08 not in your plan?

08:30:09 >> There's a couple things on that point.

08:30:11 One, I didn't take personal offense to anything.

08:30:14 But I do think it does start to vet a new precedents where

08:30:18 the points that are raised --

08:30:21 >> But starting a precedents is exactly what we are trying

08:30:24 to oh would Do with having an urban village and having

08:30:27 people adhere to the tenant of the design criteria so we are

08:30:31 trying to settle a precedent, trying to move forward.

08:30:34 I'm sorry for interrupting.

08:30:36 >> But the examples are where it's a negative precedents.

08:30:39 And the negative precedents was using a memorandum that's

08:30:43 not enacted by city code to impose regulations on not only

08:30:46 this property but all property in the urban villages, and on

08:30:50 that point I think the code should be completely trance

08:30:52 parents and available.

08:30:55 T my client.

08:30:55 And this is the problem.

08:30:56 This is the crux of the situation.

08:30:58 When they did their initial analysis of the site, that memo

08:31:01 was not available.

08:31:03 So when they look at the property, they knew they had to get

08:31:05 a PD.

08:31:05 When they looked at the con text tents of the neighborhood

08:31:08 everything that they were doing, they felt was in complete

08:31:12 consistency with the neighborhood.

08:31:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And Mrs. Kert is shaking heir head.

08:31:21 Maybe we need some legal clarification.

08:31:23 If there's something we need to change in order to approve

08:31:26 our process and be more transparent, I'm all for that.

08:31:29 So I would like to know what it is that we did not provide

08:31:32 to your client.

08:31:33 I mean, I understand people come to the city, they get

08:31:40 counseled in a preapplication meeting, and wouldn't that

08:31:44 have been brought up in the preapplication meeting?

08:31:47 >> Here the is the way I understand it and it was before I

08:31:50 was involved.

08:31:51 My client engaged an engineer, actually several engineering

08:31:54 companies, to perform due diligence for this property.

08:31:58 I am asked to do the same thing a lot in the job that I do.

08:32:01 And during that process, you don't go and have a

08:32:04 preapplication meeting because you are trying to assess the

08:32:07 property.

08:32:08 As a result, this memo, which again is nowhere to be found

08:32:12 in the public, is not available.

08:32:14 So when you analyze the property, you are dealing with

08:32:17 information that was later imposed that was not available at

08:32:20 the time, they got that site thrown out, sent up to Dollar

08:32:26 General, Dollar General approved it, and then at that point

08:32:29 they decided to proceed with the project, they had the

08:32:32 preapplication meeting, and this is when the memo suffixed.

08:32:35 >> I see a lost shaking no heads over there.

08:32:38 So somebody please clarify for me.

08:32:40 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

08:32:42 I believe staff may have a different take on some of the

08:32:46 time.

08:32:46 I have no knowledge.

08:32:47 I have someone to speak to that.

08:32:48 But I just want to clarify that the standards are in the

08:32:51 comprehensive plan, and the comprehensive plan is in fact

08:32:54 available to everyone.

08:32:55 >> So whether or not --

08:32:57 >> These standards still apply.

08:32:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So with the due diligence, review of the

08:33:05 comprehensive plan, those are things I am looking at,

08:33:07 comprehensive plan, you know, for the urban village, and

08:33:10 exactly what Mr. Garcia spoke of yearly, are basic tenants

08:33:19 that have exist Ford some time.

08:33:20 >> In all due respect I completely disagree with that last

08:33:23 comment.

08:33:24 And here is the reason why.

08:33:25 The comprehensive plan, search it up and down, these are the

08:33:29 same excerpts that the city used.

08:33:32 And nowhere in there does it say what the memo says.

08:33:35 The memo says, your minimum setback shall be your maximum

08:33:40 setback. In this case the minimum setback is ten feet.

08:33:43 That became our maximum setback.

08:33:44 That is not expressed in the comprehensive plan.

08:33:47 In fact what the comprehensive plan says is that you are to

08:33:50 maintain traditional setbacks with the neighborhood.

08:33:52 If you were to look at that based on the evidence that I

08:33:55 presented you will see all of these buildings are set back.

08:33:57 Secondly, policy 13.1.3 relates to new buildings and

08:34:02 development --

08:34:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Garcia, I'm sorry, is waving his

08:34:07 hand back there as well.

08:34:08 And I want to know -- we need to get to the bomb off of why

08:34:12 there is such a huge disagreement between yourself who has

08:34:15 been doing this for 15 years and staff.

08:34:19 I mean, I'm looking at the comprehensive plan, and it's the

08:34:23 issue of the comprehensive plan that we are having

08:34:25 difficulty with, this being consistent, the -- Mr. Garcia

08:34:29 found it inconsistent.

08:34:35 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may for a minute.

08:34:36 When the applicant on this application contacted me they

08:34:41 needed a finding of whether or not they were in the village,

08:34:44 because they couldn't even ask for what they were asking

08:34:47 for.

08:34:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: They couldn't ask for what they were

08:34:51 asking for?

08:34:55 >> I went through my explanation on an R-10 and CMU 35.

08:35:00 This property would have needed a comprehensive plan

08:35:02 amendment if it was not determined that it was in the West

08:35:06 Tampa urban village.

08:35:08 Because you cannot put a CG use in an R-10 land use.

08:35:14 Bottom line.

08:35:16 So when they contacted you in October of last year, and it

08:35:19 was before Mr. Gardner was involved -- yes, Mr. Gardner has

08:35:23 only been involved for probably the past 30 days.

08:35:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we don't have the individual here who

08:35:28 can say whether or not --

08:35:32 >> I can go to my archives and my e-mail where I showed I

08:35:36 sent the determination to them confirmation from Tony saying

08:35:39 you are in the village, and by the way, here is a memorandum

08:35:42 issued by the zoning administrator concerning the

08:35:45 development regulation for this property, or the intent of

08:35:49 the policies.

08:35:51 If I may take one step back just a moment, CVS, which I

08:35:55 believe only one of you was on the council at the time CVS

08:35:58 came forward, at the corner of Nebraska and Sligh, just

08:36:02 after the adoption of the comprehensive plan was also found

08:36:09 inconsistent by the Planning Commission and staff on the

08:36:12 premises, the placement. Building and there was no

08:36:16 memorandum.

08:36:16 The policies of the plan are what the policies of the plan

08:36:18 are, it calls for buildings to be located at the street, or

08:36:23 adjacent to the sidewalk, that could be 15 feet, 8 feet.

08:36:28 .

08:36:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You made my point saying --

08:36:34 >> That's correct.

08:36:38 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

08:36:41 Just some additional comments.

08:36:42 It's very easy to be selective in making a presentation to

08:36:47 come in and selectively say this policy is good for us

08:36:50 because we can blend the policy bus then turn around and say

08:36:54 these policies are inapplicable, so pick and choose which

08:36:58 they say in their project.

08:36:59 This is supposed to be a win-win situation. In this case

08:37:02 it's supposed to be a win-win-win situation.

08:37:04 But a win situation for the city, a win situation for the

08:37:09 developer, and a win situation for the neighborhood.

08:37:12 Because the neighborhood is the one that's going to have to

08:37:14 live with this project for the next 30 or 40 years.

08:37:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

08:37:20 >>TONY GARCIA: Now if I may -- I'm sorry -- you cannot

08:37:24 selectively come out and say zonings that were done eight

08:37:28 years ago pertain to a new plan that was adopted in 2009

08:37:31 which is what Truett did. You can't pick the three

08:37:35 developments on the corner of the intersection and say,

08:37:37 well, these are set back and that's fine, but one didn't

08:37:41 even have to come in for a rezoning which is a strip

08:37:44 shopping center.

08:37:45 The other were done in 2006 and 2004 respectively.

08:37:48 So this is why you have an opportunity tonight to use the

08:37:52 comprehensive plan, that this body adopted, that this body

08:37:58 is the ultimate determiner of.

08:38:00 We oversee it.

08:38:01 You are the ultimate determiners of it.

08:38:04 That's where I will leave it.

08:38:05 >> Thank you.

08:38:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just clear one point.

08:38:09 There was two members here on the CVS came on Sligh and

08:38:14 Nebraska or Florida, I forget which.

08:38:17 And it was denied on the merits that they refused to move

08:38:21 because that neighborhood, Seminole Heights plan had just

08:38:24 been enacted.

08:38:26 So that's what it was denied on, if I recall.

08:38:29 There was one that was built -- the comp plan, and then

08:38:34 there was another one that was built outside the city, which

08:38:37 would have met the guidelines of all, which is on Sheldon

08:38:42 road and Hillsborough Avenue.

08:38:44 But they just didn't want to do it.

08:38:46 That's why it was denied.

08:38:48 Yes, sir.

08:38:49 >> I just want to address a couple things.

08:38:52 One, as far as Abbye's recollection -- in fact I think she's

08:38:56 exactly accurate, and she dates her decision back to

08:38:59 October.

08:38:59 The unfortunate thing is, that is when the first discussion

08:39:04 were had with her, the due diligence was prior to October.

08:39:09 But that's the fact base we are miss there.

08:39:12 Second as far as Tony's comment that somehow pick and

08:39:17 choosing the guidelines that support our project, that's

08:39:22 what you do in any case.

08:39:24 And that's what they did in using policy 13 .3 .6, in urban

08:39:29 area, buildings should be located close or adjacent to the

08:39:32 sidewalk and I have I think we have a difference of opinion

08:39:35 of what that means.

08:39:36 And I think that means an appropriate area, because this is

08:39:38 again applying to all of the urban villages.

08:39:43 So I think there's some urban villages where it's

08:39:47 appropriate.

08:39:48 There's there are other writs inappropriate.

08:39:50 And then secondly, 13.1.3, this is not an ordained policy

08:39:55 that I am pulling out of my hat.

08:39:56 This is one page before that one.

08:39:58 Relate new buildings and development to the contents of the

08:40:01 neighborhood and the community.

08:40:02 That's exactly what this developer has done on Columbus

08:40:06 drive.

08:40:06 That is what the contents of the neighborhood in the

08:40:09 community is.

08:40:10 And then finally on page 354, maintain traditional setbacks

08:40:14 to the neighborhood.

08:40:15 And this is where I have the biggest issue.

08:40:17 Because I think what the true intent of the comp plan was

08:40:21 saying is, let's let neighborhoods be the neighborhood

08:40:24 that -- in Ybor City you want to promote street front

08:40:31 developments.

08:40:31 On Davis island, commercial corridor, you want to promote

08:40:35 that.

08:40:37 And that's why I so

08:40:47 And that's why the traditional setbacks of the neighborhood

08:40:50 should be maintained.

08:40:50 >>> Mr. Gardner, you come before us very often, and

08:41:01 oftentimes ware faced with land use questions that involve

08:41:07 waivers and involve taking detours away from what our

08:41:13 comprehensive plan dictates.

08:41:15 But in every instance that I can remember, when we have

08:41:19 talked about things like that, there's been a reason,

08:41:24 there's been a compelling reason that we have had to

08:41:25 deviate.

08:41:26 Maybe we are trying to save a tree, maybe we are trying to

08:41:32 make something fit somewhere, where there just isn't going

08:41:35 to be enough parking no matter how you slice it.

08:41:38 What is perplexing to me about this particular question

08:41:41 is -- and I recognize what you said, that it is a deviation

08:41:47 from normal procedure for there to be an alternate rendering

08:41:54 presented, but what struck me about that rendering was that

08:41:59 it provided an opportunity to actually go further toward

08:42:03 meeting the parking requirement, and it showed that there

08:42:06 was really no hardship at all involved in meeting the urban

08:42:14 village design criteria.

08:42:15 And I'm a little bit perplexed of why it's so important to

08:42:19 deviate from that -- I mean, it's absolutely physically

08:42:28 impossible to develop this project without any -- and you

08:42:31 said it very well, but I haven't really been satisfied that

08:42:34 I understand what the answer is.

08:42:35 So that's my -- that's my most important question.

08:42:40 And second, I mean, it sounds to me like your argument is

08:42:44 basically that you disagree with the revisions that were

08:42:49 made to the comprehensive plan in 2009 as regards to the

08:42:55 neighborhood that you think that's the development in this

08:42:57 neighborhood ought to go along the lines of the buildings

08:43:01 that are traditionally there, and I guess my response to

08:43:05 that would be that those decisions have already been made.

08:43:08 So I think it's too late to argue with whether or not those

08:43:16 are appropriate ways to redevelop the street.

08:43:20 I mean, not this council but the council before us, and the

08:43:23 Planning Commission.

08:43:25 I mean, everyone has spoken to the idea of moving toward

08:43:30 buildings that are less set back, where the parking is

08:43:35 behind them rather than in front of them, and, you know,

08:43:41 absent a compelling reason to deviate from that, I just -- I

08:43:48 don't even know what I would hang my hat on to go along with

08:43:51 your proposal.

08:43:52 I don't see what the compelling need is to deviate.

08:43:57 You are not even arguing economically it's not feasible to

08:44:00 build the building, corrected?

08:44:04 >> You asked three questions there and I will try to answer

08:44:06 each one. First, I am not arguing for deviation from the

08:44:09 comp plan.

08:44:10 What I am a certain towing is I think we actually comply

08:44:13 with the site plan.

08:44:15 And I think that the memo is a much more narrow myopic view

08:44:19 of what the comprehensive plan actually says.

08:44:22 And if you look at the comprehensive plan in its totality

08:44:25 which is what I tried to do, I feel like we are consistent

08:44:27 with the comprehensive plan.

08:44:28 >> But would you concede that the Planning Commission

08:44:30 doesn't see it the same way as you do.

08:44:32 >> That's our differences of opinion.

08:44:37 And then secondly -- and my client can add more to this --

08:44:40 but on the practical implications of the sites plan where Y

08:44:43 it doesn't work, I will tray to show you real quick.

08:44:49 One of the tenants is Dollar General.

08:44:51 And what's unique about this compared to basically all of

08:44:56 the pictures that Abbye showed is that in this situation,

08:45:00 you have two tenants, and all the examples she showed, you

08:45:03 basically had one tenant.

08:45:05 So now you have two parties that need to load and unload,

08:45:08 and the city, as they admitted, they don't have a loading

08:45:13 and unloading zone.

08:45:14 They said basically just park in the parking spaces to do

08:45:18 your loading and unloading.

08:45:20 How are we going to do that when their customers are there

08:45:23 shopping while a truck needs to load and unload?

08:45:26 So I guess what should happen when loading and unloading

08:45:29 occurs is perhaps you could close down, you move the

08:45:33 building to the front, close down the north lane of Columbus

08:45:36 drive, let 18 wheelers park there and let them load and

08:45:40 unload.

08:45:41 I don't think that's appropriate, and I think the developers

08:45:43 are the ones that know how their sites function the best,

08:45:47 and that should be their job, and that should not the city's

08:45:50 job to design site plans.

08:45:53 But again I will let my client speak to that as well.

08:45:59 One last point I want to make.

08:46:02 Again why I feel -- and this is appropriate -- why I feel

08:46:06 what we proposed here is appropriate, and why it wouldn't be

08:46:09 in an area like Ybor City and Davis Island, and that is

08:46:12 this: Ybor City, Davis Island are established, they are

08:46:16 local roads, they are not major arteries like Columbus is.

08:46:20 When you deal with major arteries, you have situations where

08:46:23 traffic is a certain point, where the road needs to be

08:46:27 widened. We have seen this all the time.

08:46:29 So in this situation, with it being the major artery, if

08:46:32 there were to be a taking, if there were to be a widening,

08:46:35 instead of taking a landscape bed or couple parking spaces,

08:46:40 you are literally taking the front of the building.

08:46:43 And that's another reason why I think it is appropriate on a

08:46:47 local street but inappropriate on a major artery like

08:46:50 Columbus drive.

08:46:51 I think if you look back historically, that's why it

08:46:53 developed as it developed.

08:46:55 >> The fear of eminent domain is the reason you don't think

08:47:00 county be built closer up the street?

08:47:02 >> I'm saying that is a potential negative implication of

08:47:05 imposing that standard on this site.

08:47:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

08:47:11 And I believe you have had your 15 minutes, rebuttal.

08:47:15 Let Mrs. Capin speak.

08:47:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: On page 55 you cited policy 13.1.3, relate

08:47:23 new buildings and development to the context. Neighborhood

08:47:26 and community.

08:47:30 Mr. Gardner, the context of the neighborhood and community

08:47:32 is inconsistent as they stated.

08:47:37 Those bid buildings are inconsistent as they stand today.

08:47:40 So inconsistency remains inconsistent until we bring

08:47:46 consistency to the plan.

08:47:51 And that's what I believe is being done with the 2009.

08:47:57 You mention major artery.

08:47:59 Kennedy Boulevard is a major artery.

08:48:03 And we bring -- we have the same situation, Tampa General

08:48:08 came to us exactly -- Tampa General on how many acres?

08:48:15 We were here till 1:30 in the morning.

08:48:18 And it went back, and they redrew it and brought it back to

08:48:23 us as it should be on Kennedy Boulevard.

08:48:25 And that is a major thoroughfare.

08:48:28 So those things came to me when you mentioned that in trying

08:48:38 to make your argument that it is -- and again, I have to

08:48:43 have agree with my fellow Councilman Cohen.

08:48:47 I'm trying to hang my hat on something.

08:48:50 But I also -- I think the project is well intended, it's a

08:48:56 good project.

08:49:00 The owners of the Centro Espanol the board is in favor.

08:49:06 They need to sell.

08:49:08 It is appropriate.

08:49:09 It's just not consistent.

08:49:17 And it has to be consistent.

08:49:18 And this may be the first in the line.

08:49:22 But believe me, it won't be the last if we have to go

08:49:25 redraw.

08:49:26 And as I said, trying to hang my hat on something.

08:49:32 And I do believe we are going, in my -- is going to have to

08:49:38 go back to the drawing board.

08:49:40 >> Mrs. Capin, I hear you and absolutely respect your

08:49:44 viewpoint.

08:49:44 But I would point out again, going back to the policy for

08:49:49 development, the contents of the neighborhood and the

08:49:51 community, why I think that's important is that it looks at

08:49:54 the history of that neighborhood, just like you look at the

08:49:56 history of Ybor City, just as you look at the history of

08:49:59 Seminole Heights, and in this situation, you look at the

08:50:01 history of Columbus drive.

08:50:03 And you have a pattern of development, whether they are

08:50:06 proper or not today, but the pattern of development through

08:50:09 history was set the building back.

08:50:13 And that's why I think we are appropriate.

08:50:15 Secondly, on another point you made, was the design of the

08:50:21 building itself.

08:50:22 When you apply that, I think it is appropriate.

08:50:27 And maybe I'm craze and I'm in left field, but I think that

08:50:31 that policy is exactly says, let's look at that

08:50:34 neighborhood, let's look at that community.

08:50:36 And there is one other point.

08:50:39 As you recall, there is the West Tampa overlay district,

08:50:43 which we are not in.

08:50:44 We are in the West Tampa urban village.

08:50:46 The West Tampa overlay district has the chapter 27, and when

08:50:54 you look at their front setback what it says you should do

08:50:57 is take a look at your current building, and then take a

08:51:00 look at the building, the other buildings open your black

08:51:04 base average to determine your front setback.

08:51:07 So that is a much looser standard --

08:51:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me stop here.

08:51:12 I do not ---I am only speaking for me -- I don't need a

08:51:19 circus.

08:51:19 I don't need to hear this from staff.

08:51:22 I don't wants them to do the same thing to you.

08:51:24 This is not a TV production show.

08:51:25 This is live in reality.

08:51:27 So that's all I want to say.

08:51:29 Continue.

08:51:29 >> So my point is that in the Westshore overlay district,

08:51:34 the sacred area of West Tampa, this front setback standard

08:51:39 is actually looser than in the you are balling ban village,

08:51:42 when we are not in the overlay district and we are on the

08:51:45 periphery of the urban village.

08:51:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: They follow what you just said.

08:51:53 Kennedy Boulevard developed the setbacks.

08:52:04 So we have -- Ms. Feeley, thank you.

08:52:11 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:52:12 What Mr. Gardner is referring to is for residential

08:52:14 properties in West Tampa only, not for commercial.

08:52:17 There is no block averaging on commercial property.

08:52:20 I just wanted to clarify that for the record.

08:52:22 Thank you.

08:52:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm done.

08:52:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Reddick who has not spoke.

08:52:31 Then Mr. Suarez.

08:52:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm sitting here and I'm listening to

08:52:36 everyone state their opinion.

08:52:37 And it's obvious to me, Mr. Gardner, that I get the

08:52:46 impression that your vote is not here tonight, okay.

08:52:49 It's obvious to me just hearing from the comments.

08:52:51 >> I'm trying.

08:52:55 [ Laughter ]

08:52:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: But I think -- I want to suggest to you,

08:53:05 it seems to me that you want to continue this and get with

08:53:11 staff and see if you all can work out this compromise and

08:53:14 come back, because it's a good project, but you don't want

08:53:20 to lose it on a vote here taint.

08:53:22 >>> Mr. Reddick, I think you are a sage and wise man and we

08:53:26 will take you up on that offer.

08:53:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: I appreciate it.

08:53:31 I hope you will do that.

08:53:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I was going to mention that to Mr. Suarez

08:53:35 but I am sew so glad you brought it up.

08:53:37 Mr. Suarez, do you want to speak or do you want to ask for a

08:53:40 continuance?

08:53:41 Let me ask you about this continuance.

08:53:45 We aren't going to hear this again.

08:53:47 It's only going to be on the point of the building location

08:53:49 between you, your client, and staff.

08:53:53 And the Planning Commission.

08:53:57 I don't mind sitting here for five weeks, but it's going to

08:54:00 be on that point only.

08:54:01 >>> And I can tell you the reason why we wanted to present

08:54:05 it tonight is the developer does run the risk, Dollar

08:54:10 General has approved the site at 89 feet, then moved up to

08:54:15 61 feet, which is where we are now.

08:54:17 That's what we believe is the compromise.

08:54:21 So the risk is Dollar General says we're out.

08:54:25 And --

08:54:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Or they are going to lose tonight.

08:54:36 Dollar General has a lot of people, a lot of brains.

08:54:38 They can count money.

08:54:39 And they know if they move the building, it might make some

08:54:42 more money, which is fine.

08:54:44 It's wonderful.

08:54:44 That's the best thing that can happen to all of us.

08:54:46 >>> And I would say I'm in agreement with continuance but I

08:54:51 wanted to make you aware that there might be, instead of a

08:54:54 continuance hearing, just a withdrawal of the application.

08:54:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You know, I can't speak for Dollar

08:54:58 General.

08:54:59 But maybe you ought to ask your client and come back.

08:55:07 Do you want to ask for a continuance?

08:55:09 Ask for one.

08:55:09 >>> We'll ask for a continuance.

08:55:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To what date, clerk, on the upcoming

08:55:17 agenda?

08:55:20 Thank you, Mr. Reddick.

08:55:21 >>THE CLERK: The next night meeting will be on July

08:55:27 26th at 6:00 p.m.

08:55:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I may not be here.

08:55:37 >>> Just to throw that out here since we don't appear to

08:55:41 have any neighborhood opposition, perhaps we can have a

08:55:43 daytime hearing, either the building will move or not move.

08:55:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Naive problem with that.

08:55:50 Because there is no opposition.

08:56:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I need one week -- I mean, this is going to

08:56:03 be a graphical change.

08:56:04 The case ware about to here was a four-week continuance.

08:56:08 So you have June 28th.

08:56:10 Then you go on vacation: And then you will be back.

08:56:14 And I believe there is one daytime meeting.

08:56:18 >> July 19th.

08:56:19 >> July 19th: And then July 26th is your nighttime

08:56:25 hearing.

08:56:26 So what would be the pleasure of council?

08:56:28 July 19th?

08:56:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move to continue to July 19th.

08:56:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion.

08:56:36 Get with all the people there and the date is July 19th.

08:56:39 Hello?

08:56:41 July 19th at 10 a.m.

08:56:49 We will try to be on time as much as possible.

08:56:55 The 19th at 10:00 on July the year 2012.

08:56:58 That's a motion made by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

08:57:01 Montelione.

08:57:02 All in favor of that motion pleas indicate by saying aye.

08:57:04 Opposed nay.

08:57:05 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:57:06 >>> Thank you for your time.

08:57:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:57:11 Item number 13 was continued earlier.

08:57:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:57:18 Item number 13 is a continued public hearing from May

08:57:27 10th.

08:57:28 At 6 p.m.

08:57:31 It's 708 South Howard Avenue.

08:57:39 Post property?

08:57:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, Post property --

08:57:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Oh, we continued 13 earlier.

08:57:47 That's west Linebaugh.

08:57:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Right.

08:57:53 >>ABBYE FEELEY: As you may recall, this hearing before we

08:57:54 took public comment, part of Mr. Mechanik's presentation,

08:57:57 there was some modifications that were being proposed to the

08:58:00 restaurant component of this project.

08:58:06 There were also a number of items that were in the staff

08:58:10 report that needed correction.

08:58:15 And would need to be modified in between first and second

08:58:18 reading.

08:58:20 The plans submitted last week were revised.

08:58:22 I will brief go over the revisions.

08:58:30 As you may recall, there is a parking waiver on the

08:58:33 property.

08:58:34 That parking waiver was modified, reduced due to the

08:58:42 occupancy of the restaurant.

08:58:43 What they have done is, they originally had one restaurant.

08:58:48 They have now limited with an occupancy of 670.

08:58:52 They have now limited or cut that out and said it could be

08:58:57 no more than three restaurants, and that the total occupancy

08:59:01 would not exceed 600 occupants.

08:59:06 That modification resulted in the parking waiver going

08:59:10 from -- it was originally 584 to 495.

08:59:18 It's now 571 to 495.

08:59:22 So it went down from 15% to 13.4%.

08:59:39 That being said, all of the other modifications were made to

08:59:43 the site plan for solid waste, tree and landscape,

08:59:48 transportation, and there are just a few outstanding items

08:59:52 at this point in time that would need to be modified in

08:59:55 between first and second reading should it be the pleasure

08:59:58 of council to approve this case taint on first reading.

09:00:01 I do have a revision sheet for those.

09:00:04 There is one typo on the plan for the number of

09:00:07 efficiencies.

09:00:07 It's up at the top of the table instead of next to the

09:00:10 number.

09:00:12 There's a place where the minimum is called out and it's

09:00:16 spelled.

09:00:17 There's a change in the parking garage to show the ground

09:00:22 level parking would be for retail, restaurant and office.

09:00:26 And then also the safety that needs to be enclosed.

09:00:33 So those modifications would be made in between first and

09:00:36 second reading.

09:00:37 As you may remember, this was a PD that was done, did not

09:00:41 have restaurant use, it was coming back to add restaurant

09:00:44 use.

09:00:45 The building footprint was predominantly the same.

09:00:48 The five years of substantial construction had expired so

09:00:52 they were subject to code provisions now.

09:00:54 And there is a green space waiver.

09:00:58 There are several waivers on the plan.

09:01:03 And no public comment has been taken the evening this was

09:01:08 presented.

09:01:09 Due to the modifications that the applicant was proposing.

09:01:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Did the Planning Commission speak on

09:01:26 this?

09:01:26 >> Tony had already given his presentation.

09:01:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

09:01:31 >>DAVID MECHANIK: Good evening.

09:01:32 I'm David Mechanik, 305 South Boulevard, Tampa, Florida.

09:01:36 I'm here on behalf of the applicant.

09:01:39 I have with me from Post David word, barred French and Kevin

09:01:45 Fulston.

09:01:47 I would just like to mention that we did give a full

09:01:50 presentation to council, and in light of the hour and the

09:01:55 fact that you probably don't want to hear the same

09:01:58 presentation a second time, we'll forgo that, although we

09:02:02 are here to answer any questions that you have, and of

09:02:05 course to respond, if there are any public comments.

09:02:09 I would like to mention that we made those revisions to the

09:02:13 site plan to reduce -- limit the size of the restaurant uses

09:02:20 in order to address concerns about parking from two property

09:02:24 owners across the street, the owner of the 717 restaurant

09:02:28 plaza, and the Panera bread plaza.

09:02:35 Those are two different plazas.

09:02:37 And I have correspondence from the owners indicating their

09:02:43 support -- I'm sorry, one of them indicated no objection and

09:02:46 one of them indicated support.

09:02:49 We are also passing out to you correspondence from the

09:02:55 Parkland Estates civic club indicating or reiterating their

09:02:58 statement of no opposition to our application this evening.

09:03:08 I would just lake to -- well, at this point, I think I just

09:03:13 would rather see if council has any questions at this point,

09:03:19 and/or respond to any comments from people in the audience.

09:03:22 Thank you.

09:03:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any council member has any questions?

09:03:25 This is the one that's on the east side of Howard, right?

09:03:30 >>DAVID MECHANIK: The east side of Howard.

09:03:32 This is the southeast corner of Howard and Swann.

09:03:35 This is where the old Heidt & Associates brick building,

09:03:42 whiskey park used to be in there p.

09:03:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions from council members at

09:03:46 this time?

09:03:46 I see none.

09:03:47 Do you want to continue?

09:03:51 >>> We just would respond to any comments from the audience.

09:03:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any individual in the audience care to

09:03:56 speak to this item, item number 14, Z-12-15?

09:04:01 I see no one.

09:04:02 >> Move to close.

09:04:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close by Mr. Reddick, second by

09:04:09 Mr. Cohen on a close vote with Mrs. Capin.

09:04:11 All in favor?

09:04:12 Opposed?

09:04:12 Meteorologist to close passes unanimously.

09:04:15 I forgot where I was at.

09:04:17 I think it's Mrs. Capin's turn.

09:04:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think so.

09:04:21 I'll do it.

09:04:24 An ordinance being presented for first reading

09:04:26 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

09:04:29 vicinity of 708 South Howard Avenue in the city of Tampa,

09:04:33 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

09:04:37 zoning district classifications PD, planned development,

09:04:40 residential, multifamily, retail and office, to PD, planned

09:04:44 development, residential, multifamily, retail, office and

09:04:48 restaurant, providing an effective date with revisions sheet

09:04:55 D, 1-2-1-5.

09:05:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mr.

09:05:02 Reddick.

09:05:03 All in favor of the motion?

09:05:05 Opposed?

09:05:05 Motion passes unanimously. Thank you all very much for

09:05:07 attending.

09:05:08 >>THE CLERK: Second reading and adoption will be on June

09:05:11 28th at 9:30 a.m.

09:05:14 Moss carried unanimously.

09:05:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:05:16 Any new business by council members?

09:05:18 I think we go from right to left.

09:05:25 That's this side.

09:05:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You said rate to left and pointed at me.

09:05:40 [ Laughter ]

09:05:41 >> We'll have a class on what's right and left.

09:05:48 >> Thank you, nothing.

09:05:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I do.

09:05:52 I need to bring up to amend my prior motion to amendment

09:06:00 section 3-41, reference parks.

09:06:04 It was brought to my attention by legal that -- and it would

09:06:12 be less work for them -- Davis Island seaplane and Picnic

09:06:16 Island, along with the department, which is River Tower Park

09:06:26 on Bird Street.

09:06:29 That's my motion, to amend the two parts.

09:06:31 >> Second.

09:06:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

09:06:33 Mr. Shelby?

09:06:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The reason I am asking about this

09:06:39 particular motion is because the clerk's office had a

09:06:42 question that you are asking a report on about it could be

09:06:45 done.

09:06:47 If you wish to amend your motion to have the ordinance come

09:06:51 back for consideration, that would save an extra step.

09:06:56 Obviously it's your decision.

09:07:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, so I will restate the motion.

09:07:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Bring back an ordinance to amend making

09:07:07 the amendment?

09:07:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, to bring back an ordinance to make

09:07:11 these amendments.

09:07:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Reddick.

09:07:14 All in favor of the motion to bring back the original motion

09:07:16 for amendment possibly.

09:07:22 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:07:23 >>THE CLERK: For the record when was that original motion

09:07:25 made?

09:07:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have got it right here.

09:07:28 It was made on June 7th.

09:07:40 Next, I would like to make a motion for legal to investigate

09:07:45 reciprocity with other municipalities in reference to

09:07:47 domestic partner registry.

09:07:49 >> Second.

09:07:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ba is that?

09:07:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That means we recognize their domestic

09:07:59 registration and they recognize ours.

09:08:01 And I will add something to that, also to look into us

09:08:07 recognizing other municipalities.

09:08:14 In other words --

09:08:17 >> Reciprocity.

09:08:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:08:19 What I am saying is this.

09:08:20 It does not necessarily have to go both ways, to also look

09:08:25 into the City of Tampa recognizing other municipalities.

09:08:29 So it can go both ways or it can go one way.

09:08:32 >>HARRY COHEN: In other words, if they don't recognize

09:08:38 ours, we can still recognize theirs.

09:08:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's my motion.

09:08:42 >> I second it.

09:08:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just a second.

09:08:46 I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, seconded on a very, very

09:08:49 close vote, this time left, one on the right.

09:08:53 >> Which left and which right?

09:08:56 [ Laughter ]

09:08:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion indicate by

09:09:00 saying aye.

09:09:01 Opposed?

09:09:02 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:09:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Then I started this morning, and pointed out

09:09:06 to me that it needed to be later today.

09:09:09 What I started to say, and I will try to say this as quickly

09:09:13 as possible, in July 19th it will be two years that I

09:09:16 served on council.

09:09:17 And I was going through a lot of notes and things.

09:09:22 And I came across the notes for that were taken during the

09:09:29 retreat.

09:09:32 >> Retreat.

09:09:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm glad you remembered from this morning

09:09:35 because I don't.

09:09:36 The retreat.

09:09:37 And in there was -- so when I saw that, I thought, this

09:09:42 looks like a very good idea, and to have the following year.

09:09:48 And if I recall correctly, the chairman at the time of Tom

09:09:56 Scott brought up possibly bringing the date for the next

09:10:03 one, and it was pointed out that it would probably be a new

09:10:07 council, and wouldn't be good to set the date then.

09:10:10 So I what I would like is for us to think about it, and

09:10:13 maybe bring it back.

09:10:14 I don't want to make a motion.

09:10:16 I just want to bring it out there that that might be a way

09:10:19 of -- and they did it with a facilitator.

09:10:23 I did a little bit of background, and we talk about

09:10:28 procedures, we talk about -- why don't we take that in the

09:10:35 form of a motion to direct Mr. Shelby to begin working on

09:10:38 such a retreat?

09:10:41 It's a motion.

09:10:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Who is going to second that motion?

09:10:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I will.

09:10:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

09:10:48 Never tell me -- let me tell you that I never attended one

09:10:52 and I won't attend one in the future.

09:10:54 All in favor?

09:10:55 Opposed?

09:10:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:10:57 Also I have a budget for money to expend.

09:10:59 Go on.

09:10:59 Next.

09:11:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Oh, yes.

09:11:10 I'm sorry.

09:11:11 Today, this is taking place tomorrow.

09:11:18 One waterway Tampa Bay.

09:11:21 And the second annual arts exhibits.

09:11:24 And it's taking place at HCC gallery in Ybor.

09:11:28 I had the distinct pleasure of going this afternoon, after

09:11:31 lunch, and visiting them while they were doing the

09:11:33 installation.

09:11:34 And it really is.

09:11:35 They have strung up 1500 plastic water bottles that were

09:11:40 picked up, and they strung them up, because 1500 plastic

09:11:44 water bottles are used every second in this country.

09:11:49 Every second.

09:11:51 So if you have a chance, stop by HCC galleries.

09:11:57 I have the cards here.

09:11:58 Thank you.

09:11:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any others?

09:12:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have just one item, Mr. Chair.

09:12:03 And I am going to ask staff to research the issue to present

09:12:11 the options of text amendment prior to item 15 cycle

09:12:16 amendment.

09:12:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is that a motion?

09:12:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

09:12:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'll second it.

09:12:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.

09:12:24 Second by Mrs. Capin on a close vote with Mr. Cohen.

09:12:27 All in favor?

09:12:29 Opposed?

09:12:29 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:12:30 Anything else, sir?

09:12:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it.

09:12:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

09:12:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:12:35 I would like to ask -- make a motion to present a

09:12:40 commendation to Patty Mira from the city's real estate

09:12:46 department upon her retirement after 26 years with the city,

09:12:50 and to present that on June 27.

09:12:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:12:58 All in favor?

09:12:59 Opposed?

09:12:59 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:13:00 Anything else, Mrs. Mulhern?

09:13:02 Mr. Cohen.

09:13:03 >>HARRY COHEN: I have two items.

09:13:04 The first is a scheduling issue.

09:13:10 I don't remember whose motion it was to make our calendars

09:13:13 more detailed.

09:13:15 Mrs. Montelione.

09:13:17 Well, that was a very smart thing to do because on June

09:13:19 28th we have an extremely full agenda.

09:13:21 And the last item on it, which is scheduled for 10:30 a.m.,

09:13:26 is our budget workshop, our first look at the 2012, 20-13

09:13:34 budget, and I would like to suggest to council that we move

09:13:37 that to 1:30 p.m.

09:13:39 We are never going to possibly get through the morning

09:13:41 anyway.

09:13:42 But at the very least, this will be much more close to the

09:13:47 time certain, and I would -- I know that it becomes more

09:13:52 difficult sometimes for people to attend in the afternoon.

09:13:55 But this is going to be our first look at what the mayor is

09:13:58 proposing for next year's budget.

09:14:00 And I think it would be good to have the time.

09:14:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

09:14:04 Second by Mr. Reddick.

09:14:05 Further discussion by council members?

09:14:06 All in favor of the motion?

09:14:08 Opposed?

09:14:08 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:14:10 Anything else?

09:14:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

09:14:12 Second, I would like to ask that council send a letter of

09:14:14 condolence to -- Pat Frank, on the passing of her husband,

09:14:23 former chief judge of the Second District Court of Appeals

09:14:26 in the State of Florida, Richard Frank, who passed away last

09:14:29 Friday.


09:14:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

09:14:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Capin on a close vote

09:14:36 with Mrs. Montelione.

09:14:39 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:14:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have two things.

09:14:42 One is motion to approve and ratify the council commendation

09:14:45 for Il Sung Lee, the intern in my office earlier this year,

09:14:45 which was presented to him at 9 a.m. at this morning's CRA

09:14:51 meeting.

09:14:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

09:14:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

09:14:55 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:14:57 Opposed nay.

09:14:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:14:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I have two changes to the

09:15:03 sustainability workshop agenda set for Thursday, June

09:15:06 21st, 11 a.m. to replace Tom Waldeck who will no longer

09:15:11 be able to participate with Wendy Nero, vice-president and

09:15:15 Southwest Florida Area Water manager CH2M Hill, and to

09:15:19 remove Miller Matthews from the sustainability workshop

09:15:22 agenda.

09:15:22 He will be here in the audience, but he does not require the

09:15:25 opportunity to speak.

09:15:27 >> Second.

09:15:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr.

09:15:32 Suarez.

09:15:33 All in favor of the motion?

09:15:34 The ayes have it unanimously. Anyone in the audience care

09:15:37 to address this council on any matters?

09:15:46 >>TONY GARCIA: In the next several months you will be seeing

09:15:48 a different face besides Mace.

09:15:51 I would like to introduce to you Mr. David Hay, the newest

09:15:55 addition to the city's planning team.

09:15:57 To the City of Tampa, he's moved over now, since we have a

09:16:00 new Executive Director, done some minor reorganization, and

09:16:03 Mr. Hay comes to us from the county, unincorporated county

09:16:08 section. Planning Commission where he has been doing

09:16:10 rezonings for them for the last eight to nine years and he

09:16:13 is going to be a welcome addition to our community.

09:16:15 And I wanted to introduce him to you.

09:16:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: He waited all this time?

09:16:23 >>TONY GARCIA: He's learning.

09:16:24 Great learning curve.

09:16:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need a motion to receive and file all

09:16:27 the documents.

09:16:29 >> So moved.

09:16:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

09:16:31 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

09:16:33 All in favor of the motion?

09:16:34 The ayes have it unanimously. Anything else to come before

09:16:36 this council?

09:16:37 We stand adjourned.

09:16:41 >>

09:16:42 (The City Council meeting adjourned at 9:17 p.m.)



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