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Thursday, September 27, 2012

5:01 p.m. session


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05:04:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:05:34 Roll call.

05:05:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:05:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:05:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:05:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:05:41 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:05:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

05:05:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:05:46 We need a motion to open the public hearing, one through

05:05:49 four.

05:05:49 >> So moved.

05:05:50 >> Second.

05:05:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

05:05:52 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

05:05:53 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:05:56 Opposed nay.

05:05:57 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:05:59 As chairman of the Finance Committee, the chair yields to

05:06:02 Mr. Harry Cohen.

05:06:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:06:06 This is the second public hearing for the City of Tampa

05:06:09 fiscal year 2013 budget.

05:06:11 The proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills which is 2.47

05:06:18 percent less than the rollback millage rate of 5.8777 mills.

05:06:24 Property tax funds are used to support the general fund

05:06:27 operating budget of the city.

05:06:29 This fund includes such departments as fire, rescue and

05:06:32 police, human resources, parks and recreation, and public

05:06:36 works.

05:06:42 I believe now we are going to hear from Sonya Little from

05:06:45 the City of Tampa.

05:06:46 >>SONYA LITTLE: Good evening.

05:06:48 I appreciate the opportunity to come before you this evening

05:06:51 for the second hearing of the fiscal year 2013 City of Tampa

05:06:56 budget.

05:06:58 During the course of this budget presentation, we have

05:07:00 worked very closely with the citizens budget advisory board.

05:07:07 Your appointees have been quite gracious and very, very

05:07:09 committed and really added value to the entire process.

05:07:13 We thank you for the opportunity to work with them.

05:07:16 But I just wanted to recap on a couple of things.

05:07:21 All of this information you have seen either in one of our

05:07:24 two workshops, individual briefings, the mayor's

05:07:27 presentation, and also the first public hearing.

05:07:33 You have already been presented, on more than one occasion

05:07:38 in those public meetings, an economic update with a

05:07:42 reflection of what it means to us for the City of Tampa.

05:07:45 You have seen the historical trends of our major revenues

05:07:50 and expenditures, and more over we have provided you with

05:07:54 where we think we are going to end fiscal year 2012 which is

05:07:58 right on top of where we originally budgeted, and forecast

05:08:02 it forward, and, of course, provided you with our

05:08:06 projections for fiscal year 2013 and the proposed budget

05:08:10 resulting from those projections.

05:08:13 Starting out this budget process, you will recall that we

05:08:16 started with a budget deficit of $27.8 million.

05:08:21 We shared with you over the course of the process what led

05:08:24 to this shortfall, and we have also shared with you by line

05:08:28 item in great detail how we plan on satisfying that budget

05:08:34 shortfall.

05:08:35 It includes increasing departmental budgets based on

05:08:40 spending analysis that we completed internally,

05:08:44 consolidation of and the elimination of non-essential vacant

05:08:48 positions, reductions in subsidy to the parking department,

05:08:52 and also Tampa Sports Authority, resulting in some improved

05:08:57 efficiencies as it relate to them evaluating their

05:09:01 operations, and certified property tax values came in

05:09:07 slightly better than what had been projected.

05:09:10 The bottom line is where we end is that we will take an $8.7

05:09:15 million transfer from our general fund.

05:09:19 This will leave us with the remaining balance for fiscal

05:09:22 year 2013 of $103 million.

05:09:26 That leaves us at 27% of our general fund expenditures.

05:09:31 Our policy you will recall is 20% so we are still in our

05:09:36 minimum threshold.

05:09:38 Today, we will recap some of the information to kind of

05:09:43 summarize what this 2013 budget means.

05:09:47 And if I could ask that the budget presentation be brought

05:09:50 up.

05:09:57 We will review the proposed millage rate, the capital

05:10:00 improvement plan, and I would also like to update you on

05:10:04 some very recently received information from Fitch rating,

05:10:08 one of the rating agencies that just evaluated the city.

05:10:11 I'll provide you with details on that credit report.

05:10:18 But to start out, let's take a look at the city-wide

05:10:21 picture.

05:10:22 Our total budget for fiscal year 2013 is $804.4 million.

05:10:30 With the largest two components obviously as depicted in

05:10:33 this pie chart being general fund and enterprise.

05:10:37 Under the general fund, it's largely comprised of public

05:10:42 safety, public works, and parks and rec, and it totals 43%

05:10:47 of our entire city-wide budget with our enterprise fund

05:10:52 following behind at 36% of the entire budget, and it

05:10:55 includes our water, wastewater, solid waste and parking

05:11:02 department.

05:11:02 To the heart of the matter of what this all really means to

05:11:10 us, we will focus a little bit on the general fund

05:11:13 expenditures.

05:11:15 And you will notice by this chart that our total general

05:11:18 fund expenditures are $347.2 million.

05:11:25 Largely attributable to public safety, in which 62% of the

05:11:28 entire general fund budget is applicable.

05:11:33 Also, central government expenditures which is really all of

05:11:39 the city's nonsupporting departments such as the

05:11:44 administration, purchasing, revenue and finance, T&toy name

05:11:49 a few, and parks and rec with 12% of the entire general fund

05:11:54 budget.

05:11:57 Besides approving the overall 2013 operating and capital

05:12:07 budget for the city, we will also ask for your approval of

05:12:10 the 2013 millage rate.

05:12:13 We have consistently maintained our millage rate at 5.7326

05:12:18 mills for the past five years, still well below the rollback

05:12:23 rate that was established.

05:12:27 And we have done this.

05:12:29 I would just like to point out, we held the millage rate

05:12:33 constant for the past five years even in light of the fact

05:12:36 that our property tax revenues have declined.

05:12:38 Those revenues have declined since 2007, somewhere in the

05:12:42 neighborhood of $49 million.

05:12:44 So even in light of those declining revenues, we have still

05:12:49 been able to maintain the same millage rate.

05:12:57 As it relates to the other part of our budget, the operating

05:13:01 side, we have forecasts on the capital side.

05:13:04 And the capital improvement program spans over the years

05:13:09 2013 all the way through to 2017.

05:13:12 So the major categories that you see listed here are a

05:13:16 compilation of all of those projects that will occur over

05:13:19 that time period.

05:13:20 And just to highlight a few, parks and rec at 13.2 million

05:13:25 dollars over that period of time.

05:13:28 We also have public works at just under $72 million, and it

05:13:34 includes street resurfacing facilities, R&R, as well as the

05:13:40 Riverwalk project is also included in that category as well.

05:13:43 Then also pointing out transportation related capital

05:13:47 improvement projects at $47 million.

05:13:51 And just to give you an idea of some of those projects, we

05:13:56 have the Cross Creek Boulevard widening, a significant

05:14:00 amount of sidewalk and streetlight improvements, and also

05:14:04 bridge repair and rehab included in that category.

05:14:08 Then again, we showed you at the first public hearing our

05:14:12 history as it relates to our funding for strong

05:14:15 neighborhoods.

05:14:17 For 2013 we are budgeted for $15 million, but over this

05:14:22 capital improvement plan term through 2007, 17, we expect to

05:14:31 expend just under $58 million under the strong neighborhood

05:14:35 program.

05:14:39 Giving us a total of just under $380 million for our

05:14:43 city-wide capital improvement program.

05:14:48 As I mentioned early on, we have just gone through the

05:14:54 ratings review process of Fitch ratings, an independent firm

05:14:59 that's widely accepted and viewed in the investment

05:15:01 community.

05:15:03 I like to refer to these reports because it is an

05:15:06 independent review of our credit and tells us really what

05:15:09 our financial condition is.

05:15:11 A couple of the highlights that were included in the report

05:15:16 that just came out about two weeks ago was that the general

05:15:20 credit stress for the city is by fiscal management.

05:15:28 It says we have sizable reserves and ample liquidity.

05:15:32 Our management debt and retirement liability, our debt and

05:15:37 retirement liabilities are manageable, and that we have a

05:15:40 very diverse and regionally important economy.

05:15:46 The report further goes on to outline our credit profile.

05:15:51 And those highlights include that Tampa serves as an

05:15:54 economic hub for the regional economy, and that our recent

05:16:01 economic indicators evidence of ongoing growth in the local

05:16:05 economy.

05:16:06 And I pulled from a report done by the university of central

05:16:10 Florida first public meeting to support those.

05:16:13 Even though we are experiencing some improvement that the

05:16:18 economic outlook is set, that improvement will be slow to

05:16:23 moderate.

05:16:24 So we are hopeful that we do continue to see improvement,

05:16:29 but we can all expect that it will be very slow to moderate.

05:16:34 We may look at our local economy.

05:16:36 They say that we continue -- they realize that we continue

05:16:40 to expand, even though our unemployment rates are greater

05:16:43 than that of the state, we have seen solid gains in the last

05:16:48 couple months with our employment.

05:16:52 One of the things that is always in the forefront of our

05:16:58 minds is what's going on with our tax base, and we are

05:17:02 realizing for the fifth straight year there's been a

05:17:05 contraction in the amount of decline.

05:17:07 A couple of years ago, we had a decline of 12% over the

05:17:11 prior year for 2012, we had a decline of 4% over the prior

05:17:16 year, and this year fiscal year 2013 we are at a 2% decline.

05:17:20 So there is some contraction which serves as a solid

05:17:26 indicator that things are improving, although slowly, they

05:17:29 are improving.

05:17:39 Finally, the credit profiles that the report highlighted

05:17:47 described that the city's financial reserves remain elevated

05:17:50 despite our revenue pressure.

05:17:53 And they also focus on the fact that we had manageable

05:17:56 retirement obligations and a moderate debt load.

05:17:59 So everyone talks about the debt load because there has been

05:18:04 some discussions that we are heavily borrowing, but as you

05:18:09 can see from this report, a direct response or a direct

05:18:13 statement from Fitch rating was that our sales tax debt

05:18:18 service coverage remains wide.

05:18:22 That means we are far in excess of what would be expected

05:18:25 for our outstanding bonds.

05:18:40 Just to summarize what was reviewed by Fitch, we know we

05:18:42 don't have any GO outstanding by the city but they did look

05:18:48 at our general obligations credit.

05:18:51 Even though we don't have any debt, they reviewed our

05:18:54 general fund and compared us to our peers as relates to

05:18:57 various credit thresholds.

05:19:00 And in doing so, we received an AAA rating.

05:19:05 AAA is the highest category.

05:19:07 AAA-plus is next and then AA.

05:19:10 We received the same, an AA rating for our utilities tax

05:19:18 senior bonds and sales tax which are CIT-secured bonds.

05:19:22 Our utility tax bonds which we do have a group that are

05:19:25 junior, and because of their junior status, we have a

05:19:29 double-A minus for those outstanding bonds.

05:19:32 So in essence just wanted to summarize for you our credit

05:19:36 profile just to let you know that we are perceived by the

05:19:41 industry as having conservative financial approach to the

05:19:43 way we do business here in the City of Tampa.

05:19:47 And in this environment I would say that's a huge

05:19:50 compliment.

05:19:53 And, Mr. Chair, if I could, prior to accepting any

05:19:58 questions, if I could just quickly acknowledge some of the

05:20:00 people that have worked so hard in getting us through this

05:20:06 budget process.

05:20:07 I would like to start out by thanking the citizens advisory

05:20:10 committee on budget and finance for their commitment, and

05:20:14 their contributions to this process.

05:20:17 We worked very closely with all of the members, and Mr.

05:20:22 George Greenly, chair, vice chair, Kimberly Overman, Mark

05:20:27 Anderson, Tony Gasisto, Gina Grimes, Evan Metzger, Willie

05:20:33 Stokes. And in addition to the advisory board, we had a lot

05:20:37 of support from our city staff.

05:20:41 Dennis Rogero, Sal Territo, and also Lorena Hartwick

05:20:47 attended each one of the meetings that were held by the

05:20:49 citizens advisory over a period of time.

05:20:56 And not only did these folks work very closely with that

05:21:00 committee, but also had various administrators and

05:21:03 department heads and staff who came in and made

05:21:05 presentations throughout this period as well.

05:21:09 So all of our city departments, I want you to be assured

05:21:15 have done a very, very fantastic job in working with us

05:21:18 through this process.

05:21:19 We are very demanding.

05:21:21 And they all came through, and they are very supportive and

05:21:24 very conscientious of what they provide to us and how they

05:21:28 provide it to us.

05:21:29 Our budget department, we have just a few representatives

05:21:32 here, and I will ask them to stand, if they would.

05:21:35 They are very relentless in what they do, accuracy, timely

05:21:47 and accountability is our model in revenue and finance.

05:21:51 And I believe this department is the epitome of what that is

05:21:54 and what it should be.

05:21:55 And they are headed up by Mr. Dennis Rogero, and our two

05:22:00 budget operating managers, Mr. Michael Perry and Ms. Peggy

05:22:05 curtain.

05:22:06 They lead the team.

05:22:07 And we also have Ms. Amy Murphy and Mr. Antonio Hardaway,

05:22:18 and a slew of other staff members back in the office who

05:22:20 contributed greatly.

05:22:21 I want to thank them for all that they have done.

05:22:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you as always for giving us a great

05:22:36 presentation.

05:22:37 Before I start, though, I would like to ask the mayor

05:22:41 corp -- this is our second group of folks from the mayor's

05:22:46 corps.

05:22:46 Could you stand up and we are going to let the camera take a

05:22:49 picture of you while you are up here.

05:22:51 We appreciate you coming here.

05:22:52 This is something that we do every year.

05:22:55 We have two budget hearings, specifically to create the

05:22:57 budget for the next year.

05:22:59 So you are seeing real government at work as your colleagues

05:23:03 saw this morning.

05:23:03 Thank you for being here.

05:23:04 And thanks for paying attention.

05:23:06 Hopefully you are taking lots of notes.

05:23:08 Thank you very much.

05:23:11 Ms. Little?

05:23:13 A quick question.

05:23:14 You brought up the rating.

05:23:17 And I want to ask you a couple of questions about the

05:23:19 rating.

05:23:20 One, what's the difference between junior and senior?

05:23:24 Is it ten years and more?

05:23:25 Or is it a longer period?

05:23:27 What is the period of time that is considered senior versus

05:23:30 junior?

05:23:30 >>SONYA LITTLE: It's the entire time that is outstanding.

05:23:34 We have a group of bonds that are junior.

05:23:35 The senior bonds go away in 2015 meaning they have a

05:23:39 priority over -- that's why it's one notch lower rating.

05:23:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So that means that those that are already in

05:23:47 place and not the ones that we just over the last year have

05:23:51 refinanced, correct?

05:23:53 >> Yes, sir.

05:23:53 The senior bonds were issued several years ago and have a

05:23:58 final maturity of 2015.

05:24:00 And under the bond covenants, tax revenues come in, those

05:24:06 bonds get paid first before the balance of the junior bond.

05:24:11 It like on your house you may have a first and a second, oh

05:24:16 first lean status.

05:24:17 >> Secondly, the rating that you had mentioned on there,

05:24:20 there was one, of course.

05:24:21 The junior ones are AA-minus.

05:24:25 That is a higher rating than the other double A's or a lower

05:24:28 rating?

05:24:29 >>SONYA LITTLE: It is one notch lower because of junior

05:24:32 status.

05:24:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because they are newer they are going to be

05:24:35 paid secondarily and that's the reason they are paid lower?

05:24:39 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

05:24:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's what I wanted to ask.

05:24:42 I appreciate that.

05:24:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

05:24:46 Mr. Reddick?

05:24:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:24:50 Mrs. Little, two-part question.

05:24:53 You might be able to answer the first one.

05:24:54 And somebody in administration can answer the second part if

05:24:58 you can't.

05:25:00 A story written in a local newspaper this week, I believe

05:25:05 $2.2 million in capital improvements, Riverfront Park.

05:25:13 Are you aware?

05:25:14 There are $2.2 million in the current budget for the

05:25:17 changing of the Riverfront Park?

05:25:23 >> We are not aware of that.

05:25:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic opportunity.

05:25:32 As you may or may not be aware, the Tampa Housing Authority

05:25:35 just last Friday issued an RFQ for the North Boulevard homes

05:25:41 area.

05:25:42 140 acres north of the interstate boarded by Columbus, North

05:25:46 Boulevard, and the river.

05:25:51 The Julian lane park is seen as an integral part of that

05:25:56 development, and so this is the first part of putting money

05:25:59 aside to be able to redevelopment that park to complement

05:26:05 some of the activity that's going on in the area.

05:26:07 And obviously the first part would be earmarking.

05:26:11 The second part would be going out there and getting the

05:26:16 neighborhood involvement in that and making sure that the

05:26:19 development is something that everybody in the community can

05:26:24 enjoy and use.

05:26:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

05:26:31 Thank you for bringing that to my attention, because I

05:26:36 received quite a few calls from the residents of that

05:26:39 community that lives adjacent to that park.

05:26:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

05:26:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: And if what I read is correct, I have a

05:26:52 problem with this development, because it is a neighborhood

05:26:55 park.

05:26:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It is.

05:26:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: And if you are talking about putting a

05:26:59 restaurant out there, a boat dock where you have rowing and

05:27:06 all that stuff out there, then it takes away from being a

05:27:09 neighborhood park.

05:27:10 And that's where I have a major problem if that's the

05:27:17 direction the city is going.

05:27:18 And this historic value in that park, many people have

05:27:28 played a significant role in that park.

05:27:32 And I don't know if you know this, the NCAA used to sanction

05:27:41 summer league basketball program out there.

05:27:45 And you are going to have so many major outstanding athletes

05:27:49 that utilize that park from the tennis courts, basketball

05:27:52 courts, softball field.

05:27:56 There used to be a swimming pool and now you got a lot of

05:27:59 row boats with a pool that's closed.

05:28:01 So is that the direction?

05:28:06 And I was shocked when I read about this story in the paper

05:28:09 this past weekend that this is the direction that the city

05:28:13 was looking at going.

05:28:15 And it seems like the decision would be made but has not

05:28:21 reached out to any of the neighborhood other than the

05:28:27 neighborhood association, and I'm reluctant to support this

05:28:30 budget, because I would hate to see the change of that

05:28:35 development.

05:28:35 And I understand the Housing Authority talking about

05:28:40 redeveloping the area over there, but you are talking about

05:28:43 taking away the only neighborhood park in that community.

05:28:51 And that's a problem.

05:28:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Well, sir, that is patently inaccurate.

05:28:56 There have been no plans drawn for that park.

05:28:58 As a matter of fact, there have been meetings with some of

05:29:00 the folks in the neighborhood.

05:29:02 One of the first ones we reached out to was the Boys and

05:29:05 Girls Club saying that one of the concerns that people in

05:29:08 the neighborhood have had is that the park is not used as

05:29:12 much as it could because --

05:29:16 >> The Boys and Girls Club are not residents.

05:29:18 But no one has reached out to the neighborhood association?

05:29:21 >> Planning hasn't been done on that and obviously the

05:29:26 neighborhood will be part of what happens.

05:29:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, if no plans have been done, why is

05:29:33 there $2.2 million in the budget for capital improvement

05:29:36 going toward that park?

05:29:37 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It's the beginning of being able to afford

05:29:39 to redevelop a park.

05:29:41 Curtis Hixon park cost $15 million to redevelop.

05:29:44 And obviously the city does not have the money to do that,

05:29:47 so this is the beginning of the process to be able to put

05:29:52 money aside so when the neighborhood and the community

05:29:54 decides what should be in that park, there's money set aside

05:29:57 to redevelop it.

05:29:58 There are no plans, sir.

05:30:00 There were plans that were done several years ago.

05:30:03 I don't know if the neighborhood has been involved or not.

05:30:06 But in this case, this is the beginning of a process,

05:30:09 putting money aside for when plans are developed, and

05:30:12 obviously the community will be involved.

05:30:15 And the basketball courts are used all the time.

05:30:17 The handball courts are used all the time.

05:30:20 Some of the things that were heard is that some of the

05:30:23 neighborhood folks are concerned with the fact that they

05:30:27 can't see their children because of the mounds, that the

05:30:31 lighting could be better.

05:30:32 There's a lot of things that need to be done.

05:30:34 But there are no plans present for the redevelopment of the

05:30:36 park.

05:30:36 The intention is that starting the budget process, start

05:30:41 putting money aside to be able to redevelop the park when

05:30:44 plans are developed.

05:30:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

05:30:49 Anyone else?

05:30:52 Ms. Montelione?

05:30:53 Month Monday thank you.

05:30:57 Mr. Chair, I have got a few questions.

05:30:59 And you can stay at the Mike.

05:31:02 You can probably address this first one.

05:31:03 >> Let me put money in the meter and I'll be back.

05:31:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yeah, and I was surprised to learn this

05:31:10 morning that you needed a green card.

05:31:12 That's another discussion.

05:31:15 The third item on the list under nondepartmental detail is

05:31:19 page 58 in the binder is a great thing.

05:31:25 And I wanted to highlight it.

05:31:27 It's the intersection safety program.

05:31:32 So I would really like to highlight that when we talk about

05:31:38 pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, and things that are

05:31:44 improvements that we have a new item showing up understood

05:31:48 the nondepartmental detail in that intersection safety

05:31:52 program.

05:31:53 However, that being said, there is not a detail -- page 58.

05:32:03 There's not a detail of where that money is going to be

05:32:06 spent.

05:32:10 So at some point I would like to -- and Mrs. Duncan is

05:32:14 probably back there making notes -- but at some point I

05:32:17 would like to see if there's a schedule of where those funds

05:32:19 are going to be spent and on what intersections.

05:32:23 Now, then there's the item just above that, convention

05:32:30 center hotel lease, two million 30 thousand.

05:32:38 Exactly what hotel do we think the 2 million 30 thousand?

05:32:44 >> My understanding is when the Marriott waterside was

05:32:47 constructed, there is an agreement between the City of Tampa

05:32:50 and the Marriott waterside, which is an offset for sales tax

05:32:55 revenues that some of that money flows back to the Marriott

05:32:59 waterside, and the city actually has a lease arrangement in

05:33:04 the ground floor of that hotel.

05:33:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We do?

05:33:12 And we utilize that space how?

05:33:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's a very good question.

05:33:16 I believe it was more of a financing tool than an actual use

05:33:20 agreement.

05:33:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we are paying the Marriott

05:33:24 corporation to lease their property, and we don't really use

05:33:28 it for anything?

05:33:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe that would be accurate, yes.

05:33:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's pretty scary that we are paying

05:33:39 two million 30,000 dollars for space we don't use.

05:33:44 And this is purely coincidental.

05:33:47 But if you go along that straight line, the line directly

05:33:52 next to that in the column is the homeless coalition,

05:33:55 $55,000.

05:33:59 So it is a stark contrast between paying the Marriott

05:34:05 waterside $2 million 30,000 for space we don't use, and

05:34:11 $55,000 to the homeless coalition when we have 17,000 people

05:34:18 on the street, or in some form or fashion -- I wouldn't say

05:34:23 necessarily on the street every night, with no roof over

05:34:27 their head.

05:34:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe when you take it out of context,

05:34:30 it looks like that.

05:34:31 Would you like the rest of the story?

05:34:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me, if I may.

05:34:34 I don't know the whole story.

05:34:35 I don't remember the whole story.

05:34:37 But what we had for the convention center, they were losing

05:34:44 a lot of money.

05:34:44 What we had was the convention center losing money for two

05:34:47 reasons.

05:34:48 They didn't have small rooms to accommodate the smaller

05:34:52 individuals that wanted to use the room the size of this

05:34:54 office right here, or center that we were looking at City

05:34:58 Hall where we are in, the chambers, or there was the

05:35:01 convention center without a convention hotel.

05:35:04 At all.

05:35:05 So who is going to come to Tampa?

05:35:07 It was when times were a little tougher than they are now,

05:35:10 and if you think they are tough now you should have been

05:35:12 here when there was a convention with no hotel, not only the

05:35:16 Marriott but the embassy.

05:35:17 What has not been said, and is not nobody's fault, it hasn't

05:35:21 been said, is that we had to do something to spur growth.

05:35:25 We did that by doing I believe a 15 or 30-year lease --

05:35:32 >>> 16 years, I believe.

05:35:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 16, I was close.

05:35:36 To lease that park to get back, see if it would spur growth.

05:35:40 Now, if you close your eyes, you say, well, that's a bad

05:35:43 deal.

05:35:44 But knowing what happened or something that happened, it's

05:35:47 because of that that now you are collecting now from the

05:35:50 Marriott, not only the portion of different things,

05:35:53 ad valorem, so forth, that you forget the other hotel that's

05:35:59 the other hotel that's there, the embassy.

05:36:01 You forget the involvement and the recreation activities

05:36:04 that has been a boost to the area.

05:36:06 You are looking at now without that, you might not have the

05:36:10 spur that you had all around these high-rises in the city.

05:36:13 I'm not saying that's the reason.

05:36:14 But we were dead in the water.

05:36:16 And that decision was made about 14, 16 years ago to do

05:36:24 that.

05:36:27 That worked out that way instead of doing something to spur

05:36:30 development, that's the way it was handled.

05:36:32 Whether it's right or wrong, it was done with the public

05:36:35 intent.

05:36:35 And if you look at the amount of taxes, you collect in that

05:36:38 area now, ad valorem and otherwise, and you compare it to 16

05:36:42 years ago, because there was nothing there but a convention

05:36:45 center, you realize why it was done.

05:36:49 Rightly or wrongly, that's up to everybody's opinion to look

05:36:52 at.

05:36:52 Especially in the audience and those that are watching.

05:36:55 So these are the things that we do.

05:36:58 These are the things that have worked.

05:37:01 And what happens after 16 years?

05:37:05 Guess what, you get all that and more back because that

05:37:08 subsidy or infusion of cash, you get something done, the

05:37:13 value of that hotel has to be much more in the amount of

05:37:16 money than we spent there.

05:37:19 There's where we are at.

05:37:21 I am not trying to explain, not trying to wash anything.

05:37:23 That's why it was done.

05:37:25 It's done like that in a lot of areas.

05:37:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, the fundamentals of economic

05:37:35 development, you have to invest money to get money.

05:37:39 The question now is how many years are left on that lease?

05:37:44 And the chair said it was --

05:37:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe maybe two or three.

05:37:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So in two or three years we can stop

05:37:51 spending the 2 million?

05:37:53 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We will stop rebating back money to them,

05:37:55 I believe.

05:37:56 There was a gap financing thing.

05:37:58 The city went out for an RFP.

05:38:00 They could not get the financing that was sufficient to

05:38:02 build a $135 million convention hotel and pay $3 million a

05:38:07 year in property taxes and rent 314 spaces from us at market

05:38:12 rate.

05:38:12 So that was the agreement that was made at the time.

05:38:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

05:38:17 I look forward to having that $2 million extra.

05:38:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Absolutely.

05:38:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: In two or three years.

05:38:24 And with all the discussion that we have had on council

05:38:29 about the homeless population, I would have liked to have

05:38:33 seen that $55,000 number increase, even if by one or two

05:38:40 thousand dollars, even an incremental amount, just to make

05:38:43 an effort to show that we are looking to help the homeless

05:38:51 population, and help the homeless coalition to do their job

05:38:56 is what is needed.

05:38:58 So that's of concern to me.

05:39:00 And I have had -- now I think it's Mr. Rogero's turn at the

05:39:09 mike, and that is the expenditures that your office provided

05:39:12 to me for New Tampa and north Tampa capital projects.

05:39:19 This time period spans from 2008 to 2017.

05:39:23 So it is quite spread of time that we are looking at.

05:39:29 And the project was kind of light I have to say.

05:39:36 Parks and recreation is three projects.

05:39:39 There's several water, weight water projects, because a lot

05:39:45 of roads are not owned by us in the New Tampa, Tampa Palms

05:39:49 area.

05:39:52 There's just a couple of transportation grants.

05:39:54 One is $17 million for the bridge.

05:39:59 That's one issue in the north and part of my district.

05:40:04 And in the older section of the district, there's the north

05:40:07 Tampa capital project where the need is tremendous.

05:40:15 There isn't a lot funded there either.

05:40:17 So I would just like to say going forward next budget cycle

05:40:24 which starts tomorrow, I'm sure, we start looking at some of

05:40:30 the funding being directed at the needs that this community

05:40:38 has.

05:40:38 Mr. Slater knows what the needs are.

05:40:42 Ms. Dorzback knows what the needs are.

05:40:45 And you and Ms. Little will find out what the needs are when

05:40:48 we tour our area.

05:40:50 Mr. Hearne and I of stormwater went out.

05:40:57 It's almost horrific some of the conditions that exist in

05:40:59 the north Tampa section.

05:41:02 I would say between Busch and Fowler, and east of Armenia.

05:41:20 There are roads.

05:41:21 There's stormwater.

05:41:22 It's too numerous to count.

05:41:23 And we heard this morning about the drug and prostitution

05:41:26 issues we have in that same area.

05:41:31 It's disappointing to me that there's only, from 2008 to

05:41:37 2017, $44 million being spent in all of the north Tampa

05:41:41 area.

05:41:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:41:48 Anyone else?

05:41:49 Okay.

05:41:49 We go to the audience portion, open for public comment,

05:41:54 three minutes on each one of this first section of the

05:42:05 budget.

05:42:05 We'll go from there.

05:42:06 Yes, sir.

05:42:07 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

05:42:12 Now I'm going to speak.

05:42:15 Looking at the code enforcement and neighborhood services, I

05:42:20 can't even balance my checkbook.

05:42:22 If it wasn't for a computer and online bill paying, I'd be

05:42:26 broke.

05:42:28 All I can say is that this is the department that you all

05:42:34 expect to enforce your codes and regulations.

05:42:40 No one ever questions the budget.

05:42:42 We always approve the budget.

05:42:45 We always say, okay, Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, this is your

05:42:50 budget, now make it work.

05:42:52 But then we jump all over the department when we have code

05:42:58 violations and also it's a problem.

05:43:02 Just be sure that that one department, which has the most

05:43:10 effect on the entire city, both as far as property values,

05:43:13 and quality of life, have the money, the resources, and the

05:43:19 tools and the people that it needs to do what you want it to

05:43:23 do.

05:43:25 That's the only thing I can think of ever saying about

05:43:28 anything within the city.

05:43:30 This is the department that does what you want them to do.

05:43:35 It does what the people vote on.

05:43:38 So, please, like I say, I can't balance my checkbook.

05:43:43 I don't know diddlysquat what this means.

05:43:47 But please make sure that this department has what it needs,

05:43:51 because it's the biggest complaint you all hear.

05:43:55 Thank you.

05:43:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:43:57 Next, please.

05:43:58 >> Michelle Williams, P.O. Box 5814 Tampa, Florida 33675.

05:44:10 Being two months new to the East Tampa area, it is sickening

05:44:16 that I have already been able to get with the residents of

05:44:19 East Tampa from 14th Avenue all the way down to 22nd and

05:44:24 Hillsborough.

05:44:26 Several meetings, wee ours of the night, wee hours of the

05:44:31 morning, trying to figure out where this council has failed

05:44:35 East Tampa.

05:44:37 Just like the gentleman that just spoke moments ago, there

05:44:41 is a great need for code enforcement.

05:44:43 There is a lot of illegal dumping going on.

05:44:46 I believe I heard someone mention the word prostitution.

05:44:49 We have that in East Tampa, also.

05:44:52 We have that right in East Tampa where the creed is that all

05:44:58 seven districts are supposed to be seamless.

05:45:01 If one resident or constituent is driving in their

05:45:05 automobile, we are not to tell which district that we are

05:45:07 in.

05:45:07 But it is always familiar when we are driving in

05:45:10 Hillsborough County that we are in district 3, or we are

05:45:13 driving in the City of Tampa, we are in district 5.

05:45:16 Some of you hold the seat of being a city-wide Councilman or

05:45:22 citywide Councilwoman.

05:45:24 Please do not forget East Tampa.

05:45:26 Code enforcement needs a bigger budget.

05:45:28 There needs to be more active people out there with the

05:45:31 illegal dumping.

05:45:32 When I have 80 and 90-year-old seniors that pick up the

05:45:36 phone and call they me because I have gotten involved with

05:45:39 the hope center and they don't know who to turn to and the

05:45:42 only thing they do is sit on their front porch and watch

05:45:45 these illegal dumpers who don't even reside in East Tampa,

05:45:48 they come and dump in our neighborhood.

05:45:50 This is not fair to us.

05:45:51 It's not fair to them.

05:45:53 And it hasn't been.

05:45:54 You guys will feel my presence, you will see my presence a

05:45:58 lot more down at this City Council because it's well long

05:46:03 overdue that the residents become united, we become a united

05:46:07 front, and we clean this city up in order for the City of

05:46:12 Tampa to become the next great city you must get out in the

05:46:16 field with the worker bees.

05:46:19 There are no Is in the word team, and that's what we are

05:46:23 doing.

05:46:23 We are building the bridge.

05:46:25 We had an operation clean-up on September 17th with the

05:46:27 residents.

05:46:28 We got out with our own mowers and chainsaws and we cut

05:46:32 branches where some transit members who were living on 22nd

05:46:38 street.

05:46:38 This is a no-no.

05:46:39 Let's build the bridge and let's stop this foolishness.

05:46:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:46:44 Anyone else?

05:46:47 Anyone else care to speak on this portion of the budget?

05:46:50 I see no one.

05:46:52 Need a motion to close unless a council member has some

05:46:54 comments.

05:46:55 >> Motion to close.

05:46:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have a motion by Mr. Suarez on this

05:47:00 portion.

05:47:01 Second by Mr. Cohen.

05:47:03 All in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.

05:47:06 Opposed nay.

05:47:08 Motion passes unanimously.

05:47:11 There's a resolution on this item 2 which Mr. Cohen earlier

05:47:15 read the public hearing statement, which he did a great job

05:47:19 and now he has to read the resolution item number 2.

05:47:23 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:47:25 I present the following resolution leave vying and

05:47:29 ad valorem tax at the rate of 5.7326 mills upon all real and

05:47:38 personal taxable property in the City of Tampa for the

05:47:40 fiscal year 2013, authorizing the mayor and city clerk to

05:47:45 certify such millage, providing an effective date.

05:47:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

05:47:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Be it resolved by the City Council City of

05:47:53 Tampa, section 1, that an ad valorem tax at the rate of

05:47:57 5.7326 mills to raise the amount of money as fixed in the

05:48:04 recommended operating and capital budget of the City of

05:48:06 Tampa for the fiscal year commencing October 1st, 2012

05:48:11 and ending September 30, 2013, for the general fund for the

05:48:15 maintenance and operation of the City of Tampa is hereby

05:48:18 levied as provided by law on all real and personal property,

05:48:22 taxable to that purpose in the City of Tampa.

05:48:26 Section 2, that the mayor and the city clerk as the proper

05:48:30 authorities of the City of Tampa are duly authorized,

05:48:33 empowered and directed to certify to the property appraiser

05:48:36 of Hillsborough County, Florida, the millage to be levied

05:48:39 for all purposes for the fiscal year 2013 in the City of

05:48:43 Tampa, to wit: 5.7326 mills which is less than the rolled

05:48:49 back rate as defined in section 200 .065 subsection 1 of

05:48:55 Florida statutes by 2.47% and to request the levy of the

05:49:00 millage as set forth upon all real and personal property in

05:49:03 the City of Tampa as above set forth in accordance with the

05:49:07 provisions of the Constitution and laws of the State of

05:49:09 Florida.

05:49:10 Section 3, that other proper officers of the City of Tampa

05:49:14 are hereby authorized to do all things necessary and proper

05:49:18 in order to carry out and make effective the terms and

05:49:21 conditions of this resolution which shall become effective

05:49:24 immediately upon its adoption, which passed and adopted by

05:49:28 the City Council of the City of Tampa today, September 27,

05:49:33 2012.

05:49:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Motion to adopt millage rate resolution.

05:49:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe I had a motion on the floor

05:49:41 already by Mr. Cohen and Mr. Suarez, if I recall.

05:49:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here it says reading of the resolution.

05:49:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He just read it.

05:49:48 >>HARRY COHEN: That was the motion to adopt the millage

05:49:51 rate.

05:49:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And I second it.

05:50:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I am going to have to ask the

05:50:05 clerk, because Mr. Cohen said I was going to move this

05:50:09 resolution.

05:50:09 Mr. Suarez seconded it, if I recall.

05:50:12 I'm sorry.

05:50:14 Am I right or wrong?

05:50:16 >>THE CLERK: You're right.

05:50:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further discussion by council

05:50:18 members?

05:50:19 All in favor of the motion please signify by roll call.

05:50:27 Do you want the machine?

05:50:28 All in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.

05:50:31 Opposed nay.

05:50:32 Motion passes unanimously.

05:50:34 Thank you very much.

05:50:38 Okay.

05:50:38 We go to item number 3 which is the ordinance presented for

05:50:43 second reading and adoption.

05:50:45 This is the ordinance approving the actual budget.

05:50:49 What we have done before, Mr. Cohen moved the hearing for

05:50:55 second reading on part of the budget for explaining the

05:51:00 millage rate and he moved the resolution which is item

05:51:03 number 2 of the millage rate itself.

05:51:04 Now we go to the budget itself.

05:51:07 So this is the reading of that.

05:51:11 And we are going to go into the public again.

05:51:15 I'll ask the public for that.

05:51:20 Ordinance for second reading and adoption.

05:51:22 I asked again Mr. Cohen who is the finance chair if he would

05:51:25 care to read this.

05:51:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:51:29 I present an ordinance on second reading, an ordinance

05:51:33 adopting the budget for the fiscal year beginning October

05:51:35 1st, 2012, and ending September 30th, 2013, as

05:51:40 presented by the mayor, providing for the levy as provided

05:51:43 by law, the tax on all taxable property in the City of Tampa

05:51:47 and fixing the millage within said city, making

05:51:50 appropriations in accordance with the provisions of said

05:51:53 budget, authorizing and directing the mayor and city clerk

05:51:56 as the proper authority to the City of Tampa to certify to

05:52:00 the property appraiser of Hillsborough County Florida the

05:52:02 millage to be levied for all purposes for the fiscal year

05:52:05 2013 in the City of Tampa providing an effective date.

05:52:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen's motion was to move and

05:52:13 approve and adopt the annual budget.

05:52:16 We have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

05:52:17 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

05:52:19 We are going to go to anyone in the audience who cares to

05:52:22 speak on any individual line item or the budget itself.

05:52:26 This is the actual budget of the expenditures of those funds

05:52:29 that were so eloquently presented by Ms. Little.

05:52:32 Does anyone in the audience care to speak on that?

05:52:35 I see no one.

05:52:36 Need a motion to close.

05:52:38 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Montelione, seconded by

05:52:41 Mrs. Mulhern.

05:52:42 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:52:44 Opposed nay.

05:52:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:52:48 Since this is second reading and adoption, we'll have a

05:52:55 voice roll call because the $50 million computer is not

05:52:59 working.

05:53:01 Or the 50-cent computer.

05:53:03 I don't know which.

05:53:04 >> SUAREZ: Yes.

05:53:12 >> CAPIN: Yes.

05:53:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

05:53:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

05:53:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

05:53:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

05:53:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

05:53:21 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick voting no.

05:53:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We thank you on that.

05:53:27 We go now to item number 4.

05:53:32 This is a capital improvement resolution budget for the

05:53:35 items that were so again adequately presented by Mrs. Little

05:53:39 and the beginning of this meeting.

05:53:41 Mr. Cohen as finance chairman, would you move the

05:53:43 resolution?

05:53:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Move the resolution adopting the City of

05:53:46 Tampa capital improvement budget and program for fiscal year

05:53:50 2013 through 2017 providing an effective date.

05:53:52 >> Second.

05:53:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

05:53:55 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

05:53:57 Any other discussion by council members?

05:53:59 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:54:02 Opposed nay.

05:54:03 Motion passes unanimously.

05:54:08 I would just say thank you to all of you, not only those

05:54:11 that work in the Finance Committee but those out in the

05:54:14 field trying to make the city of Tampa a better place to

05:54:17 live.

05:54:17 And although not eye or anyone else is perfect, I think that

05:54:21 the administration has done an outstanding job in what they

05:54:24 had to work with when they started earlier, there was a

05:54:29 deficit before 28 million.

05:54:31 There's a lot of things I don't agree with.

05:54:33 One particularly is spending money when you have to dip into

05:54:36 the reserves.

05:54:37 I understand that.

05:54:38 And I look forward to working with the administration this

05:54:42 coming year of this budget.

05:54:43 And I hope you the best of luck and speedy and maybe get a

05:54:49 little luckier, prices of houses continue to come up and you

05:54:52 have a little more spending capital so we can fix more of

05:54:55 the problems that the citizens so dearly deserve.

05:54:57 Thank you.

05:54:59 Any council members?

05:55:01 Thank you very much for attending.

05:55:03 We go to information reports by council members.

05:55:07 Right to left again like I did this morning.

05:55:08 Mr. Suarez.

05:55:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.

05:55:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone)

05:55:18 I have this from the arts council.

05:55:20 They have 555 October 19th, and they have formally --

05:55:26 they have asked me to formally invite all council members to

05:55:28 participate.

05:55:32 You contribute a photo, art, and it is sold for $25, and it

05:55:37 goes to artists to support the arts community.

05:55:42 I'm going to pass these out.

05:55:43 And they would be very happy if council members would

05:55:47 contribute.

05:55:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, I appreciate --

05:56:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know everybody has a little artist inside

05:56:03 of them waiting to come out.

05:56:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

05:56:10 Mr. Reddick.

05:56:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

05:56:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I have none.

05:56:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

05:56:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Then we are adjourned.

05:56:20 Oh, excuse me, we need a motion to receive and file.

05:56:24 We have a motion from Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mr. Suarez.

05:56:26 All in favor?

05:56:28 Opposed?

05:56:30 Thank you.

05:56:30 We are now adjourned.



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