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December 20, 2012
9:30 a.m.
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8:36:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Good morning.
9:06:01AM City Council is called to order.
9:06:02AM The Chair yields to Ms. Yolie Capin.
9:06:06AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Good morning.
9:06:06AM It is my pleasure to introduce our invocation, is being
9:06:14AM presented by Jim Reese.
9:06:19AM He's a graduate -- I'm going to read his bio.
9:06:22AM A graduate of the University of Minnesota.
9:06:24AM Has been a legislative aide for the Tampa City Council for
9:06:26AM the past nine years.
9:06:28AM Presently serving in the capacity for Councilwoman Yolie
9:06:32AM Capin -- that would be me.
9:06:33AM Formerly the mayor of his hometown of Patchogue, New York.
9:06:41AM Jim served as commissioner of general services for Suffolks
9:06:45AM County, New York and is director of facilities management
9:06:50AM for Pasco County and served very loyally to this
9:06:53AM Councilmember.
9:06:54AM Please rise for the invocation and stay for the Pledge of
9:06:57AM Allegiance.
9:07:02AM >> As we gather today to attend to the duties of our city
9:07:06AM during this merriest of times, let us be mindful of the
9:07:11AM recent terrible act of violence that took the lives of so
9:07:14AM many young children.
9:07:15AM And as we celebrate this holiday season, let us devote even
9:07:18AM more of our efforts to ensure that the leadership we provide
9:07:21AM benefits all of our citizens as we constantly move towards a
9:07:25AM more understanding society, full of love and less inclined
9:07:30AM to enmity and violence.
9:07:33AM As we ask your blessing at this holiest of times, dear Lord,
9:07:37AM we are of mindful of our own duties to help our fellow man
9:07:42AM by providing guidance and understanding in our actions.
9:07:45AM We ask that you look over all our citizens and bring
9:07:49AM happiness and joy into their lives.
9:07:52AM Happy holidays to us all.
9:08:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call?
9:08:25AM [Roll Call]
9:08:27AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:08:28AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:08:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:08:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
9:08:31AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:08:35AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
9:08:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:08:36AM Okay, we have five ceremonial activities.
9:08:39AM First one, presentation of commendation of Police Officer of
9:08:43AM the Month.
9:08:45AM Councilmember Reddick will do that.
9:08:48AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning, Council.
9:08:53AM My pleasure once again to present the commendation on behalf
9:08:59AM of Tampa City Council to our Officer of the Month.
9:09:03AM For the month of December, 2012.
9:09:05AM To Master Police Officer Ray Wurst.
9:09:14AM >>Chief Castor: Good morning, Council.
9:09:15AM It's again my pleasure to bring one of Tampa's finest in
9:09:19AM front of you.
9:09:19AM Rounding out the year with a wonderful officer, Master
9:09:22AM Police Officer Ray Wurst, who is a part of our canine unit.
9:09:27AM Our canine unit is assigned geographically the street dogs,
9:09:31AM throughout the city.
9:09:32AM And they aren't tasked strictly with those issues that
9:09:37AM involve canines.
9:09:38AM They are of course multiplier out there and he they get
9:09:41AM involved in everything and anything that goes on.
9:09:44AM They're also an incredible officer safety tool.
9:09:46AM With the dogs, the dogs obviously have an incredible sense
9:09:49AM of smell.
9:09:50AM And they can search out suspects and keep our officers from
9:09:53AM being put in dangerous situations.
9:09:56AM So, our entire canine unit is amazing, obviously, the best
9:10:01AM in the country, and they do such a good job on a day-to-day
9:10:04AM basis and I warn Council in the audience, if you hear
9:10:10AM barking, that's a K-9 units' way of playing.
9:10:14AM [ Laughter ]
9:10:16AM >>Chief Castor: They're all out here in the ad Kens.
9:10:19AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Where is the doggy?
9:10:21AM >>Chief Castor: I told him if he could ensure that the dog
9:10:25AM could behave he could be here today, but apparently, he
9:10:29AM couldn't assure us of that.
9:10:30AM Anyway, razor is somewhere chomping on a big bone.
9:10:34AM I'll just go over very quickly for the sake of time, just
9:10:38AM three incidents that MPO worth was involved in in the month
9:10:43AM of November.
9:10:43AM We had the Sunniland Florida dairy was experiencing some
9:10:48AM burglaries and property crimes.
9:10:50AM So K-9 Officer Wurst took it upon himself to go out and
9:10:54AM patrol in that particular area.
9:10:56AM He caught an individual riding away with a couple of milk
9:11:00AM crates.
9:11:01AM Stopped that individual and found that he had property from
9:11:04AM the dairy.
9:11:04AM Now, he hadn't just stopped right there he continued to
9:11:07AM investigate, found that the items that had been taken were
9:11:12AM room temperature.
9:11:13AM And so obviously, he had taken them sometime before.
9:11:17AM And come back and grabbed that.
9:11:19AM So he took the individual into custody and then went back
9:11:22AM and investigated, searching the entire lot.
9:11:25AM And found a number of items that this individual intended to
9:11:28AM come back and pick up at a later date.
9:11:30AM So he prevented that particular theft.
9:11:33AM And then subsequent thefts as well.
9:11:37AM Any individual that was arrested had a prolific burglary
9:11:40AM history.
9:11:41AM Was another incident out in New Tampa, where an individual,
9:11:45AM a young woman was robbed at gunpoint of her purse and her
9:11:49AM cell phone.
9:11:50AM Officer Wurst was the first one on scene.
9:11:52AM When he found out that her iphone had been taken, he used
9:11:56AM an app on his personal iphone to locate these individuals.
9:12:00AM And apparently, the three suspects had forgotten to read the
9:12:04AM robbery manuscript and they failed to fill up their car with
9:12:08AM gas prior to committing the robbery.
9:12:11AM So he located them out at a gas station in New Tampa, was
9:12:15AM able to take all three into custody.
9:12:17AM Recovered the firearm, and get the woman's property back.
9:12:20AM And she actually blogged about that on her Facebook, what a
9:12:26AM great job the Tampa Police Department did.
9:12:27AM And then finally, one night he was on his way to work and
9:12:30AM heard a call go out where they were chasing a suspect for
9:12:33AM felony charges.
9:12:34AM He took it upon himself to respond to that scene, gathered
9:12:37AM all of the information, and then he and his dog -- this is
9:12:41AM where he has to share some of the gifts with his dog --
9:12:44AM tracked this individual to a house.
9:12:47AM He announced the individual would not come out.
9:12:50AM And when Officer Wurst and Razor went inside, the suspect
9:12:54AM decided that was probably a pretty good time to give up.
9:12:57AM So, he was able to take him safely into custody and no harm
9:13:01AM to the suspect, or to the officers.
9:13:05AM He will say that he was just doing his job.
9:13:08AM But he does this every day, 365 days a year, and he is an
9:13:12AM incredible asset to the Tampa Police Department.
9:13:14AM So it's my honor to recognize him as Officer of the Month
9:13:17AM for December 2012.
9:13:20AM [ Applause ]
9:13:26AM >>FRANK REDDICK: On behalf of the Tampa City Council, we
9:13:29AM would like to present a commendation to you.
9:13:33AM Been chosen Tampa Police Officer of the Month,
9:13:35AM December 2012.
9:13:37AM Congratulations.
9:13:38AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:13:50AM >> Chip walker, Tampa PBA.
9:13:53AM Congratulations, Ray.
9:13:54AM We have teamed up with the insurance company and have a $100
9:13:56AM Visa card for you and your lovely wife.
9:14:01AM >> Thank you.
9:14:03AM >> Hello, Officer Wurst.
9:14:04AM Donna McBride from the Straz Center.
9:14:06AM It's our way of helping the community, thank you for your
9:14:09AM services.
9:14:09AM Tickets to the current Broadway show, Mary Poppins.
9:14:12AM Starts this month.
9:14:13AM If you need to change the dates, just call the box office.
9:14:19AM >> Thank you very much.
9:14:21AM >> Congratulations.
9:14:22AM Good morning, Steve Stickler representing Stepp's Towing
9:14:27AM Service, and on behalf of Jim, Judy and Todd Stepp, we'd
9:14:29AM like to send this small token of our appreciation for a job
9:14:32AM well done.
9:14:33AM Everything you do out there also a gift certificate to Lee
9:14:36AM Roy Selmon's.
9:14:36AM Maybe you can get Razor some steak bones.
9:14:39AM [ Laughter ]
9:14:44AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:14:45AM Frank Cassotto, representing Bill Currie Ford.
9:14:49AM Seasons greetings to all of you.
9:14:51AM Officer Wurst, thank you very much for your service.
9:14:55AM We'd like to present you with this watch from Bill Currie
9:14:57AM Ford for a job well done.
9:15:00AM Thank you, sir.
9:15:05AM >> Joe Derken, Bright House Networks.
9:15:07AM Congratulations.
9:15:09AM Well done.
9:15:09AM On behalf of all of us at Bright House, want to make your
9:15:12AM life a little easier.
9:15:14AM Complimentary services of all bright house services fee for
9:15:17AM one month.
9:15:18AM And then some.
9:15:25AM >> Hi.
9:15:25AM I'm Kelly from the Tampa Theatre.
9:15:28AM A gift membership, two people for the year of 2013.
9:15:32AM And some goodies to take with you next time you go.
9:15:35AM >> I'm Mario Deshares from Island Flowers in Ybor City.
9:15:44AM I usually have a little joke about this time.
9:15:46AM These roses are really not for you.
9:15:48AM But they're for your two-legged significant other, who also
9:15:54AM has your back.
9:15:55AM And here's a couple of calendars, so you can remember those
9:16:00AM special dates in the coming year.
9:16:04AM >> Good morning, Steve Michelini.
9:16:06AM What he didn't tell you was, he put his birthday on there.
9:16:10AM He's just waiting for you to recognize that.
9:16:12AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:13AM >> We always appreciate what the police officers do for us.
9:16:16AM And it's a daily basis, 24/7, I don't think you of go to
9:16:20AM sleep without thinking about the safety of yourself and your
9:16:23AM family.
9:16:23AM And all those around you.
9:16:25AM As well as your fellow officers.
9:16:27AM So in that light, we'd like to present you with a gift
9:16:30AM certificate so you and your wife can go and have your
9:16:32AM pictures taken at prestige portraits on Kennedy Boulevard.
9:16:38AM And a gift certificate for you to go and enjoy dinner at
9:16:42AM Bern's Steak House.
9:16:44AM So before you have all your pictures done, you can't today
9:16:48AM the dog, but maybe they'll give you some meat for him or
9:16:51AM whatever.
9:16:52AM Some special prepared meals.
9:16:54AM Congratulations.
9:16:55AM >> Thank you very much.
9:17:00AM >> I'd like to say thank you to City Council for having me
9:17:04AM here.
9:17:04AM Secondly, I'd like to thank the chief.
9:17:07AM She does an outstanding job.
9:17:09AM It's a great place to work for and serving the citizens of
9:17:13AM Tampa.
9:17:13AM I'd also like to thank my chain of command.
9:17:16AM Major Teague.
9:17:17AM Captain Vazquez.
9:17:20AM Sergeant Patrick and Officer Troy Neal back there for coming
9:17:24AM and supporting me.
9:17:25AM I really want to thank my wife Katie, who has been there
9:17:29AM from the start.
9:17:31AM My law enforcement career.
9:17:32AM Not only does she deal with me working midnights, coming
9:17:35AM home late.
9:17:36AM We also have the addition of the dog with our family that
9:17:39AM she has to deal with I want to thank you and it's an honor.
9:17:42AM I appreciate it.
9:17:43AM [ Applause ]
9:17:58AM >>Chief Castor: Thank you, Council.
9:18:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:18:00AM Item number 2 is the commendation to the CEO of American Red
9:18:07AM Cross.
9:18:09AM That would be done by Councilmember Mary Mulhern.
9:18:40AM >>MARY MULHERN: Good morning.
9:18:41AM It is my honor today to present commendations to these
9:18:46AM wonderful women.
9:18:50AM I'm going to give them individually.
9:18:52AM We have the CEO of our local Red Cross chapter, which is
9:18:57AM actually the Florida west coast region, and Tampa.
9:19:01AM And then also to the founders of the Red Cross angels, who
9:19:05AM we have many of us on Council, had the pleasure of attending
9:19:09AM their coffee and learning about what they do.
9:19:11AM Linda Carbone serves as the chief executive officer for the
9:19:16AM American Red Cross Tampa Bay chapter and Florida's west
9:19:19AM coast region.
9:19:20AM In this role, she's responsible for leading the team that
9:19:23AM ensures Red Cross services are provided in eight counties
9:19:27AM along the west coast of Florida.
9:19:28AM Including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, Hardee,
9:19:32AM Sarasota, Desoto and Charlotte County.
9:19:35AM Every 24 hours on average, Florida's west coast region of
9:19:39AM the American Red Cross is needed at the scene of a local
9:19:42AM disaster.
9:19:42AM Mostly house and apartment fires, to comfort the impacted
9:19:47AM families and help them through the recovery process.
9:19:50AM When the American Red Cross arrives on the scene of a
9:19:52AM disaster, trained volunteers may provide temporary lodging,
9:19:55AM emotional support and the means to replace life's
9:19:58AM necessities.
9:19:59AM We give our commendations to our first responders as we did
9:20:04AM to police officer today.
9:20:06AM And I think what people don't realize is that the Red Cross
9:20:09AM is one of those first responders.
9:20:11AM They are on the scene every time there's a fire or any kind
9:20:14AM of terrible tragedy.
9:20:15AM And I think we have seen their work recently in the terrible
9:20:21AM hurricane sandy that hit the northeast, and also the
9:20:25AM volunteers that responded to the Newtown school disaster
9:20:30AM just the other day.
9:20:33AM That's what these people, these volunteers and these staff
9:20:36AM do all across the nation.
9:20:38AM And what gets done here every day in Tampa Bay that we don't
9:20:41AM really hear about, because it's not huge proportion.
9:20:45AM But every fire, every thing that happens to a family, to a
9:20:51AM person, they're there.
9:20:52AM The Red Cross also feeds emergency workers, handles
9:20:56AM inquiries from concerned family members outside the disaster
9:20:58AM area and helps those affected by the disaster to access
9:21:03AM other available resources.
9:21:04AM Linda's passion and commitment to the Red Cross mission is
9:21:07AM unwavering.
9:21:08AM And cites her philosophy of teamwork between paid and
9:21:13AM volunteer staff as a key leadership initiative, contributing
9:21:17AM to the success of her chapter.
9:21:21AM And Linda made this commitment to this wonderful
9:21:25AM not-for-profit career after a career in law and I think
9:21:30AM she's happier now.
9:21:33AM Thank you so much.
9:21:34AM [ Applause ]
9:21:37AM >> I really thank the Council so much for this recognition.
9:21:42AM We are out there every single day.
9:21:44AM I accept it on behalf of my paid and volunteer staff.
9:21:47AM 90% of what the Red Cross does is done by volunteers.
9:21:50AM Those are dedicated volunteers.
9:21:52AM They get up out of their beds at 2:00 in the morning because
9:21:54AM of the family who needs us.
9:21:56AM And we do this every single day, about 400 times a year.
9:22:01AM Again, just as you said, people really don't know us.
9:22:04AM They see us as the large disaster people, sandy.
9:22:07AM Locally certainly Isaac, Debby, the things we did this
9:22:11AM summer.
9:22:11AM I'm so proud of my team for what we have done and the
9:22:14AM partnerships that we are able to form here locally.
9:22:16AM And it's really just an honor so much to be able to accept
9:22:20AM this.
9:22:20AM So thank you so much.
9:22:23AM [ Applause ]
9:22:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: And now for our volunteers.
9:22:30AM The American Red Cross serves by the mission to prevent and
9:22:33AM alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by
9:22:37AM mobilizing the power of volunteers and generosity of donors.
9:22:40AM In 1981, then board Chairman Al Austin and his wife Beverly
9:22:46AM formed an auxiliary group focused on attracting generous and
9:22:50AM dynamic women to the mission.
9:22:52AM When communities are devastated by disaster, military
9:22:55AM families are separated by war or individuals are faced with
9:22:58AM life-threatening emergencies, the Red Cross angels are
9:23:01AM looking out for our community, ensuring the local Red Cross
9:23:05AM is able to meet their needs.
9:23:07AM The Red Cross angels are an enduring part of the Red Cross
9:23:10AM family, sustaining a critical safety net for the entire
9:23:13AM Tampa Bay region.
9:23:15AM Their roster now counts more than 170 members, who meet
9:23:18AM monthly in small committees, pay dues and secure
9:23:22AM sponsorships in order to achieve their self-established
9:23:26AM aggressive fund-raising goals.
9:23:27AM Throughout the year the Red Cross angels host events, sell
9:23:30AM items and promote fundraisers aimed at attracting support
9:23:34AM Torres the American Red Cross Tampa Bay chapter.
9:23:36AM Anyone can contribute to the angels project.
9:23:38AM Even if not a member.
9:23:40AM And several of us, the women on Council are new Red Cross
9:23:46AM angels.
9:23:47AM So this commendation is presented to Beverly Austin.
9:23:53AM Thank you.
9:23:58AM >> Missy steadman is the president this year of the Red
9:24:01AM Cross angels.
9:24:03AM Thank you, ladies.
9:24:05AM [ Applause ]
9:24:09AM >> I want to thank Mary and the whole City Council for this
9:24:13AM lovely award.
9:24:15AM And the angels' basic job is to raise money to help the Red
9:24:21AM Cross do these jobs that they have to do.
9:24:24AM So, we're constantly trying to raise money and anybody want
9:24:29AM to join?
9:24:31AM We're always looking for members.
9:24:32AM Thank you again.
9:24:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:24:36AM [ Applause ]
9:24:52AM >> Thank you all very much.
9:24:55AM Happy holidays, Merry Christmas.
9:24:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much.
9:24:59AM Really appreciate the good work you all Dore for the
9:25:01AM community.
9:25:01AM The next presentation would be for the community stepping
9:25:05AM stones and its founder, Ed Ross.
9:25:08AM And that would be done by Ms. Yvonne Yolie Capin.
9:25:26AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Really, what an honor this is for me, to be
9:25:29AM here.
9:25:29AM The work that has been done through community stepping
9:25:34AM stones in Sulphur Springs is no less than amazing and that's
9:25:40AM why we're here today.
9:25:41AM Going to first talk, Sigrid Tidmore and Ed Ross are here
9:25:46AM because they are a team.
9:25:47AM But yet individually have done very special work for
9:25:53AM stepping stones for Sulphur Springs.
9:25:56AM I'm going to read this from Tampa City Council to Sigrid
9:25:59AM Tidmore.
9:26:01AM Tampa City Council commends the excellent work of executive
9:26:05AM director Sigrid Tidmore for community stepping stones in
9:26:09AM combining art and the involvement of at-risk youth in
9:26:13AM producing award winning artistic pieces for among others,
9:26:17AM Lila's house and the Tampa Bay estuary program.
9:26:21AM Through the creative foresight of founder Ed Ross and the
9:26:25AM continuing guidance of Sigrid Tidmore, community stepping
9:26:28AM stones has reached for and found the stars.
9:26:32AM The programs' 64 students, excellence can be seen on, in one
9:26:39AM waterway, one Tampa Bay, created from refuse collected
9:26:46AM during beach cleanups along the Hillsborough river and Tampa
9:26:49AM Bay.
9:26:50AM Beautiful from a distance and it is equally rivetting up
9:26:57AM close when one sees all the plastic that clogs our
9:26:59AM waterways.
9:27:00AM The mural designed and built by stepping stones staff and
9:27:05AM teenagers now resides in the VIP suite level of the Tampa
9:27:10AM Bay times forum, where it speaks to 1.5 million people every
9:27:15AM year.
9:27:16AM Tampa City Council applauds the work of Sigrid Tidmore in
9:27:21AM creating and nurturing the growth of art through so many
9:27:26AM young people and wishes community stepping stones continued
9:27:30AM success.
9:27:31AM Thank you.
9:27:33AM [ Applause ]
9:27:43AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Now it is with extremely great pleasure and
9:27:46AM honor that we present this to Ed Ross.
9:27:50AM I'm going to read this and then -- first, I will tell you,
9:27:57AM Ed Ross was part of our September 2011, we had a workshop on
9:28:03AM economic -- on cultural assets of economic engines.
9:28:07AM And Ed was one of the 28 presenters.
9:28:10AM And he stood up here and told us how much he loved the city.
9:28:14AM And truly it permeated to where Ed was awarded the lightning
9:28:26AM award of $50,000 this past, so with that I'm going to read
9:28:34AM the commendation to Ed Ross.
9:28:36AM Tampa City Council recognizes the achievements of Ed Ross in
9:28:40AM being chosen as the recipient of Tampa Bay Lightning's
9:28:43AM community hero of the year award.
9:28:45AM Mr. Ross was chosen for his tireless efforts on behalf of
9:28:50AM community stepping stones.
9:28:51AM The mission of community stepping stones is not only to
9:28:54AM offer art education for at-risk youth, but also to foster
9:28:58AM and improved caring of the environment through cleaning up
9:29:02AM the Hillsborough river.
9:29:04AM Many young people in Sulphur Springs area owe their love of
9:29:08AM art and sense of community to Ed Ross.
9:29:10AM An abandoned crack house became an art center.
9:29:15AM Through his dedication and his -- has become a haven for
9:29:20AM young people to develop a dual love of art and nature,
9:29:24AM benefiting the entire community.
9:29:27AM A former professor at the University of South Florida,
9:29:33AM Mr. Ross has graciously donated half of his, of the $50,000
9:29:40AM was donated to his beloved creation, community stepping
9:29:47AM stones.
9:29:47AM He also spread the wealth and, to the arts Council hip-hop
9:29:55AM basketball.
9:29:55AM The mental health Council and the Sierra club.
9:29:59AM Very generous man.
9:30:00AM With his time, his talent and his treasure.
9:30:03AM Tampa City Council salutes Ed Ross and community stepping
9:30:08AM stones and wishes them continued success and nurturing young
9:30:12AM people into developing a deep sense of pride in their
9:30:16AM community.
9:30:17AM Thank you, Ed Ross.
9:30:18AM [ Applause ]
9:30:25AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want to add, Ed, when we first met
9:30:28AM and I asked him to come to the cultural assets economic
9:30:32AM engine workshop, we sat in my office for almost, at least
9:30:35AM two hours.
9:30:36AM And he taught me so much.
9:30:38AM He is a gifted teacher.
9:30:40AM And one of the things he said to me was, through art, you
9:30:45AM can learn everything.
9:30:48AM And he believes this through the marrow of his bones.
9:30:53AM Thank you.
9:30:55AM >> Besides from thanking City Council so much for this
9:30:59AM recognition, I also want to remind you that our wonderful
9:31:03AM facilities out on the Hillsborough river, we have a
9:31:06AM beautiful campus, about three and a half acres.
9:31:08AM And it is jointly provided to us by the county and the city.
9:31:13AM And so, if any of you have not had the opportunity to come
9:31:16AM out and see what is going on there, I just want to make the
9:31:19AM point of asking you now.
9:31:22AM Thank you so much for your support.
9:31:24AM You have no idea what it means to the kids out there.
9:31:32AM >> Well, it's great to be coming to you all and not
9:31:34AM complaining about things in the city.
9:31:36AM [ Laughter ]
9:31:38AM >> One of the things I am truly honored to be here with you
9:31:44AM guys today, and I keep thinking about community stepping
9:31:49AM stones.
9:31:49AM And the different types of communities we all are in.
9:31:52AM Actually I've seen a couple of City Council members out at
9:31:55AM stepping stones at baseball games and stuff like that.
9:31:59AM So I really appreciate it.
9:32:00AM But I want to let you know, when you do come to a community
9:32:03AM such as stepping stones and stuff like that, it is really,
9:32:06AM really important for our residents to be able to see you
9:32:09AM there, to talk to you, to realize that you are actually
9:32:13AM human beings also.
9:32:14AM Believe it or not, you know, if you remember when you were
9:32:18AM young in school -- not everybody considered a teacher a
9:32:21AM human being.
9:32:21AM But at this period of time, sense our name is community
9:32:26AM stepping stones, all of us are part of multiple community.
9:32:31AM And one of the things that I learned from teaching over 40
9:32:34AM years is that I can teacher any subject through art.
9:32:37AM But more than that, I started looking around the world at
9:32:41AM other models.
9:32:42AM And in every culture in the world, art is the essence of how
9:32:45AM people understand how they relate together.
9:32:49AM And you practice it every day, and you might not be aware of
9:32:52AM it.
9:32:52AM So in this holiday season, whatever way you celebrate it or
9:32:56AM don't celebrate it, the next time you're with your family or
9:32:59AM with friends, and you share something and you feel something
9:33:02AM in your heart being shared with each other, how you are
9:33:06AM sharing that is not by saying oh, I love you.
9:33:09AM It's the way you say it.
9:33:12AM As almost not theater, but what a real good actor does is
9:33:17AM gets into it so that they believe it inside themselves.
9:33:20AM When you believe what you do for the community with another
9:33:24AM person, whether it's your family, your religious community,
9:33:27AM your neighbors or anybody, you are practicing what we do at
9:33:31AM community stepping stones.
9:33:32AM And you are a part of us at that time because you can't
9:33:35AM separate.
9:33:38AM Those connections are not about separations, they're about
9:33:40AM connections.
9:33:41AM And I know Charlie, even though we don't always agree on our
9:33:46AM politics, when I first started working with him, the one
9:33:50AM thing I learned is, I don't have to agree with him.
9:33:52AM But I did learn to respect him.
9:33:54AM And every one of you all that I personally worked with or
9:33:57AM even met in the neighborhood, I don't have to agree with
9:34:01AM everything, and by the way, it would be really boring if we
9:34:04AM all agreed.
9:34:05AM But what I have learned is to learn how to respect other
9:34:09AM human beings.
9:34:10AM And thank you very much.
9:34:13AM And I appreciate it.
9:34:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
9:34:15AM [ Applause ]
9:34:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Appreciate it very much and I want you to
9:34:23AM know that sometimes I don't even agree with myself.
9:34:26AM [ Laughter ]
9:34:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, item number 4, would be the
9:34:41AM presentation by Ms. Montelione on the eagle scout.
9:34:50AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Good morning everyone.
9:34:51AM I'd like to present to you Stephen Michael Liles, who as you
9:34:57AM can see, is an eagle scout.
9:34:59AM Stephen did something very special for us because Lowry Park
9:35:03AM Zoo is one of our very special assets here in the community.
9:35:07AM And Stephen had volunteered there for years.
9:35:10AM And I know he's very young, but it was something that he was
9:35:15AM passionate about and he spent a lot of hours during his high
9:35:17AM school years at the zoo.
9:35:19AM And when it came time for him to choose a project for his
9:35:22AM eagle scout badge, he was dedicated to helping out the zoo
9:35:27AM in some way.
9:35:28AM So working with staff and working with the volunteers and
9:35:31AM with the administration over at the zoo, they decided that
9:35:36AM the Cheetah habitat would be where Michael would dedicate
9:35:41AM his efforts.
9:35:43AM He built a lot of things over there at the Cheetah habitat.
9:35:47AM And I'm assured that the Cheetahs were not in the habitat at
9:35:51AM the time that you were working with there, because they are
9:35:55AM very special animal.
9:35:56AM They're very beautiful, but they're very dangerous.
9:35:58AM And I understand they can run about 65 miles an hour.
9:36:00AM So I don't think you could get out of their way if there was
9:36:05AM they would decide to crunch down.
9:36:08AM So he built a sun deck so that they would have some place to
9:36:11AM sun themselves.
9:36:12AM And because the Cheetahs are aging, the zoo wanted to have a
9:36:17AM lower platform for them to not have to jump so high when
9:36:20AM they wanted to take a little nap.
9:36:22AM So they built platforms for them to sleep on that weren't as
9:36:28AM high as the previous ones.
9:36:29AM He cleaned out, refurbished, built a partition so when they
9:36:35AM wanted to separate the Cheetahs if the need ever was there
9:36:39AM for them to be a separate habitats, they each had their own
9:36:43AM personal little space at the zoo.
9:36:45AM So, he did quite a bit over there.
9:36:48AM He recruited 20 volunteers to help him, which as we know
9:36:52AM recruiting volunteers is not always an easy task.
9:36:55AM So I credit you for that because many of us have been in
9:36:58AM that position and it's not easy to get people to help you
9:37:02AM build and clean out a Cheetah habitat.
9:37:04AM Although it's probably a lot more fun than some of the
9:37:07AM things we try and recruit volunteers to.
9:37:09AM And I'm also very proud to say that Stephen is now a bull.
9:37:18AM So go bulls.
9:37:19AM And it's a wonderful thing that you're dedicating yourself
9:37:23AM to what you are passionate about.
9:37:25AM One of his majors is biology.
9:37:28AM And the other, because he got so excited about our political
9:37:32AM system, he decided to look at the economic side of what our
9:37:37AM country does, so he's added biology and economics, which is
9:37:42AM a pretty impressive task in and of itself.
9:37:46AM So today I want to present -- we all want to present you
9:37:50AM with this commendation.
9:37:52AM In recognition of your achievements of attaining the rank of
9:37:56AM eagle scout, the boy scout's of America highest honor and in
9:38:00AM appreciation of your dedication and to your family,
9:38:03AM community and country, your tireless commitment to
9:38:06AM refurbishing Cheetah habitat at Lowry Park Zoo is exemplary.
9:38:10AM We applaud you and commend you for the countless hours,
9:38:13AM planning and carrying out this project with the help of
9:38:16AM volunteers and zoo personnel.
9:38:18AM On this day December 20th, 2012, it is with great pleasure
9:38:21AM that the Tampa City Council presents to you this
9:38:23AM commendation honoring your accomplishments and wishes you
9:38:27AM continued success in the future.
9:38:29AM [ Applause ]
9:38:36AM >> Well, where I was working at is actually the back area,
9:38:39AM where they sleep.
9:38:41AM But the exhibit is where they were held, so we didn't have
9:38:44AM to worry about running into them.
9:38:47AM And because of that, not too many people see it.
9:38:51AM So I'm glad that I could get this, you know, people to see
9:38:56AM what I've done, even though they don't really see it on a
9:38:58AM daily basis when they go to the zoo.
9:39:01AM So it's good.
9:39:01AM And I would like to thank you again for recognizing me.
9:39:09AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much, Stephen.
9:39:11AM And welcome to all your family and thank you all for coming.
9:39:15AM Sometimes we do fun things here at City Council.
9:39:18AM Okay, thank you very much.
9:39:26AM [ Applause ]
9:39:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nice seeing you again.
9:39:41AM Mr. Suarez will do the introduction of item number 5.
9:39:46AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
9:39:48AM If I could have Mr. Lopano come up.
9:39:51AM Mr. Lopano is the CEO of the Tampa International Airport.
9:39:56AM And our airport authority.
9:39:59AM And he has some exciting plans to talk about.
9:40:02AM I think a couple of us have already seen this particular
9:40:04AM plan, but I think everyone else will find that not only does
9:40:08AM he have the enthusiasm and energy, but he also has a way of
9:40:13AM presenting things that is very clear to almost everyone.
9:40:16AM So thank you, Joe, for being here.
9:40:18AM >> Thank you all very much.
9:40:20AM I appreciate the opportunity to make this presentation.
9:40:22AM And I always start off by saying it's a privilege to be your
9:40:25AM CEO at the airport.
9:40:26AM I'm here today to talk to you about our -- is the slide show
9:40:32AM up?
9:40:33AM Talk to you about our master plan.
9:40:37AM We have been involved in this master plan for a little over
9:40:41AM a year.
9:40:42AM And it's a $1.8 million project.
9:40:46AM So we're just about complete.
9:40:48AM But I wanted to take you through a real quick update.
9:40:51AM The first thing I wanted to show you is our master plan
9:40:56AM guiding principles.
9:40:57AM These are the things we told our consultant that they must
9:40:59AM focus on.
9:41:00AM Number one and most importantly, this is the community's
9:41:02AM airport.
9:41:03AM It's not my airport and it's not the manage team's airport.
9:41:06AM It's the community's airport.
9:41:07AM So every step along the way, I need input from our community
9:41:10AM so they understand what our plans are and they can give us
9:41:13AM their opinions on where we're headed.
9:41:15AM Number two, and very importantly, we had to consider the
9:41:17AM economic and airline industry conditions.
9:41:21AM It seems so weird for me to say things are changing in the
9:41:24AM airline business.
9:41:24AM That's been happening for 50 years.
9:41:26AM You remember Braniff and Eastern and all the rest of those
9:41:29AM guys.
9:41:31AM Just this last two years, Continental no longer here,
9:41:35AM AirTran, Northwest Airlines.
9:41:37AM So as a result we have a few major carriers.
9:41:40AM We need less ticket counters.
9:41:42AM So the whole brick and mortar scenario kind of changes and
9:41:45AM we have to factor that in.
9:41:47AM We need to grow but we need to do that efficiently,
9:41:51AM thoughtfully and affordably.
9:41:52AM The days of plopping down three or four billion dollars for
9:41:57AM massive infrastructure at an airport are probably over.
9:42:01AM The new reality is that the airline business will grow at
9:42:04AM two to three percent at the most.
9:42:06AM So you have to provide the ability to grow only when you
9:42:08AM need to.
9:42:09AM So we call it dial up and dial down.
9:42:12AM Of course we have to maintain high level of customer
9:42:15AM service.
9:42:15AM In fact, part of our guiding principles as we went through
9:42:18AM our terminal project was to go back to 1970's document that
9:42:22AM said no customer should ever walk more than 700 feet.
9:42:25AM And that's why we have shuttle cars.
9:42:28AM Why we're the first airport in the world to have automated
9:42:31AM people mover systems.
9:42:34AM That was 41 years ago.
9:42:35AM We used that same principle in our future plans as well.
9:42:37AM Grow our business and create new revenue opportunities.
9:42:40AM It's critical for us as an airport to diversify our revenue
9:42:44AM streams.
9:42:45AM We cannot rely solely on airline revenues.
9:42:47AM We know the airlines are going to grow, but they're not
9:42:50AM going to grow quickly.
9:42:51AM We also know they expect low cost structure.
9:42:53AM So we can't pass costs along to our airlines.
9:42:55AM We have to find other ways to make revenue.
9:42:58AM This plan addresses that through use of real estate parcels.
9:43:01AM Our timeline, we began this back in November of 2011.
9:43:05AM In April we had our aviation forecast approved by the FAA
9:43:10AM and we began our first stakeholder public meetings.
9:43:13AM In October, we talked about our south and east side
9:43:17AM development areas and we briefed the Council at that time.
9:43:20AM And we're here now in December for our third stakeholder and
9:43:23AM public meeting.
9:43:24AM And in March, we will ask for adoption of this plan by our
9:43:28AM board and will submit it to the federal aviation
9:43:30AM administration as well.
9:43:31AM The issues that we had to address were roadway and curbside
9:43:36AM congestion.
9:43:37AM We already have fairly significant curbside congestion.
9:43:41AM You've all probably experted that at certain times,
9:43:43AM especially right now in the holiday season, it's quite a lot
9:43:46AM of traffic.
9:43:47AM Our rental car facilities, although right across the street
9:43:49AM and convenient are now maxed out in terms of their ability
9:43:52AM to grow.
9:43:53AM Rental cars are land hogs and we don't have that kind of
9:43:57AM land next to the terminal, so we have to address that issue.
9:44:01AM Real estate use.
9:44:02AM We have a lot of parcels of land that have been preserved
9:44:05AM for aviation purposes.
9:44:06AM So we have asked our consultants to go through and see if
9:44:09AM they still are needed for aviation purposes.
9:44:11AM We also wanted to address intramodal and intermodal
9:44:15AM connectivity.
9:44:16AM And we have heard a lot from our community that they want us
9:44:19AM to provide at least provide the ability for some way to
9:44:23AM connect to either buses, bus rapid transit or rail or other
9:44:28AM mass transit.
9:44:29AM That also had to be factored in.
9:44:31AM Our main terminal and international capacity needs.
9:44:34AM We have been given a mandate to grow the international side
9:44:36AM of our business and so far this year, our international
9:44:39AM passenger counts are up 20%.
9:44:41AM We will at some point need a bigger international facility.
9:44:45AM We believe that's down the road seven to 10 years, but we
9:44:48AM had to address it.
9:44:49AM Our 20 year forecast, you can see here that we had a period
9:44:54AM of decline after 19, I'm sorry, after 2007.
9:44:59AM We actually lost nine years of growth as a result of what I
9:45:02AM call the triple perfect form.
9:45:04AM Which whereas a national recession, the Florida real estate
9:45:06AM melt down and the effects of the oil spill scare, hurt the
9:45:11AM west coast of Florida disproportionately to the rest of the
9:45:14AM state.
9:45:14AM So we took a 14% decline.
9:45:17AM We won't come back to those levels until 2016.
9:45:20AM If you'll notice, I'll draw your attention to the read line,
9:45:24AM the international portion that will grow quicker than the
9:45:27AM domestic portion.
9:45:27AM Our parking requirements, although in total we have enough
9:45:32AM parking, there are certain lots that do not have the kind of
9:45:35AM capacity we need.
9:45:37AM Specifically the long-term lot, which is right adjacent to
9:45:40AM the mained terminal.
9:45:42AM It has been clogged five times this year because it's full.
9:45:45AM Now, that also happens to be the place where we have our
9:45:47AM rental car facilities storing cars.
9:45:49AM They take up about 2,000 spaces in that garage.
9:45:52AM If we were able to move the rental cars out, we don't have
9:45:56AM to build a new garage.
9:45:57AM So we save money by doing that.
9:45:59AM That's one of the things that we'll talk about in just a
9:46:01AM moment.
9:46:02AM Curbside congestion, you probably have seen this.
9:46:07AM Has anybody seen curbside congestion at Tampa International
9:46:09AM Airport?
9:46:10AM [ Laughter ]
9:46:10AM >> All right.
9:46:11AM Well, we're going to try to fix it.
9:46:13AM There's a couple of ways we're going to do it.
9:46:15AM Right now, you can see the departure side is not so bad
9:46:18AM because when people pull up and let people off for
9:46:21AM departures, it's a quick transition.
9:46:24AM So they're going to be good for a while.
9:46:27AM It's the arrival side, you can see that we are already maxed
9:46:30AM out.
9:46:31AM And what we have, our consultants pointed out to us that we
9:46:35AM have people dwelling at the curbs for 20 or 30 minutes.
9:46:38AM And that of course is someone to pick someone up out in the
9:46:42AM third lane.
9:46:42AM We have photos of people coming in wheelchairs having to
9:46:45AM wheel out into active traffic to get into a car.
9:46:48AM The rule is that active loading and unloading only, although
9:46:52AM over the past, it's been relaxed.
9:46:55AM What we have done, in fact, we started last night.
9:46:57AM We will enforce active loading and unloading only.
9:47:01AM And we are handing out brochures to let people know we have
9:47:05AM one hour free right in the short-term lot, you can pull in
9:47:08AM there, get the elevator gown D down and meet your party, go
9:47:12AM right up to your car.
9:47:13AM Safe and convenient.
9:47:14AM Or you can wait in the cell phone lot.
9:47:16AM People have commented that this is a great plan because I
9:47:19AM under the current scenario, 10% are happy and 90% are
9:47:23AM unhappy.
9:47:25AM Under the new plan, we provided alternatives so we can
9:47:28AM decongest the roadways.
9:47:29AM We don't have to build massive infrastructure to solve this.
9:47:32AM And ultimately I was talking to someone.
9:47:36AM They said I don't even have to use your fence, he said I
9:47:41AM have my iPad and I track the flight.
9:47:43AM I know exactly when he's landing.
9:47:45AM So technology is part of this plan, really helping us quite
9:47:48AM a bit.
9:47:49AM Our roadways currently, you can see we are looking good.
9:47:53AM This is all green in 2012.
9:47:55AM But by 2031 when we hit almost 30 million annual passengers,
9:47:59AM we reach a level of service, that's the red portion, and we
9:48:04AM have a problem.
9:48:05AM Now, there's a couple of ways to solve that.
9:48:07AM One is build roadways and that sort of thing.
9:48:13AM A lot of infrastructure spending.
9:48:15AM The other is take some of those cars off the road.
9:48:18AM And part of this is rental car transactions.
9:48:21AM In order to rent a car, to return a car, you have to drive
9:48:23AM up to the main terminal.
9:48:24AM Once you rent the car, you have to drive out of the main
9:48:27AM terminal, causing congestion here.
9:48:29AM In addition, the rental car cones store their rental cars on
9:48:32AM the south side.
9:48:33AM So when a peak demand comes on, they have to have people
9:48:36AM drive those cars up to be rented.
9:48:38AM All this traffic can be prevented by moving the rental car
9:48:41AM center and we won't have to build new roadways.
9:48:43AM So, we have, this is kind of a neat term.
9:48:46AM This is a consultant's way of saying we have pedestrian
9:48:50AM vehicle conflicts.
9:48:52AM That's never really good.
9:48:54AM So what happens is, we have a lot of people crossing the
9:48:56AM main roadway to rent their car.
9:48:59AM As well as other people who are crossing for parking.
9:49:01AM That is a major problem.
9:49:03AM It's also very costly to operate there because as I said,
9:49:05AM they have to store their cars on the south.
9:49:07AM A lot of labor to bring them up.
9:49:09AM It's really not a very good situation.
9:49:12AM Most airports when they hit 17 or 18 million annual
9:49:15AM passengers having to go to a consolidated rental car
9:49:17AM facility and that's where we are right now.
9:49:20AM So, the south development area provides us with great
9:49:23AM opportunity.
9:49:25AM First of all, this is the way it looks right now.
9:49:27AM You can see the postal service is there.
9:49:29AM We have two economy parking garages.
9:49:31AM And these other blue parcels here are places where they
9:49:34AM store the rental cars.
9:49:36AM So this area, as you enter the airport, is our gateway area,
9:49:39AM which provides us with tremendous opportunity.
9:49:41AM And the strategy here would be to redeploy this south area
9:49:45AM to move some things that are at the main terminal curbside,
9:49:48AM causing us congestion, move them down here so we can grow
9:49:52AM the main terminal.
9:49:53AM So we don't have to build a new north terminal up in the
9:49:56AM north side.
9:49:56AM So, the first phase of this, we will build a rental car
9:50:00AM consolidated rental car facility right south of the economy
9:50:03AM parking garage.
9:50:04AM This will be a fairly massive facility.
9:50:06AM It will probably be four or five stories tall.
9:50:09AM It will have fueling capability on every floor, so when you
9:50:13AM pull your car in, they can take it, vacuum it, refuel it and
9:50:16AM have it ready for the next customer.
9:50:18AM It will be connected by an automated people mover system.
9:50:22AM You can see the red boxs are the APM stations.
9:50:25AM That APM will be a mile and a half long shuttle, just like
9:50:28AM the ones that we have today, so we're going back to the
9:50:30AM future.
9:50:30AM 41 years.
9:50:32AM This will prevent the need for buses that will congest our
9:50:37AM roadways.
9:50:37AM We can stop our busing operation from the economy parking
9:50:40AM lot, which is also very good for the environment and also
9:50:43AM takes trucks off our roadways.
9:50:45AM And also the rental car customers can now rent their car
9:50:48AM right here, go right on the highway and never see that main
9:50:51AM terminal roadway be congested.
9:50:54AM Saving us the need to spend a lot of money to fix those
9:50:56AM roadways.
9:50:57AM The way it will interface, and we also have an idea here,
9:51:01AM you can see we'll move our employee parking down across from
9:51:05AM the consolidated rental car.
9:51:07AM That's about 5,000 spaces.
9:51:09AM It's currently up on the north side of the airport and we
9:51:11AM have a busing operation that crosses an active taxiway to
9:51:15AM bring people to work.
9:51:16AM We'll now let them park down there, they can ride our APM
9:51:20AM along where our economy parkers and rental car customers.
9:51:23AM We suddenly have a small city here.
9:51:25AM We have ridership on the APM, a very vibrant place.
9:51:29AM Then the pink areas, red or pink, we will put commercial
9:51:32AM development there.
9:51:33AM We will put offices.
9:51:34AM We'll put gas stations, restaurants.
9:51:37AM All the things that 10,000, 15,000 people might want.
9:51:41AM So an employee when they get off their shift will ride an
9:51:43AM APM, get in their car and can stop and buy milk and eggs,
9:51:47AM whatever they need.
9:51:48AM Gas, all those things can be done very conveniently.
9:51:51AM Or rental car customer -- I don't know if you've ever tried
9:51:55AM to return a rental car in Tampa.
9:51:57AM There's not a lot of gas stations out there.
9:51:59AM Very difficult to find one.
9:52:00AM So you would pull right in here, gas your car up and bring
9:52:02AM it back to the rental car center.
9:52:05AM It's a plug and play.
9:52:07AM Everything a customer might need can be serviced on the
9:52:10AM south side.
9:52:11AM We also have ideas about perhaps an economy hotel, or a pet
9:52:15AM hotel.
9:52:16AM For travelers who want to leave their pet.
9:52:19AM There's a lot of people who travel a lot but have a pet and
9:52:21AM want to leave it.
9:52:23AM The airport is becoming very popular to have a pet hotel.
9:52:26AM So that's one of the ideas as well.
9:52:28AM Here's how we would interface with the main terminal.
9:52:31AM This is a one and a half mile APM system.
9:52:34AM It would cross just to the west of runway 1028, under
9:52:38AM taxiway Juliet and pass our firehouse and rise up 85 feet to
9:52:43AM connect to the main terminal.
9:52:45AM It will connect at the spot that's known as the observation
9:52:47AM deck.
9:52:47AM Or the smoking deck, in between air side's A and C trains.
9:52:52AM So the customers can quickly get their bags at the baggage
9:52:56AM claim, go up an elevator or escalator with their bags and
9:53:00AM get on an APM.
9:53:02AM Never have to go up a step.
9:53:03AM When you're traveling to rent the car and have kids and
9:53:06AM baggage and you have to get on a bus, it's unacceptable.
9:53:08AM So this is the solution that we're proposing.
9:53:11AM And it really is sort of being true to our heritage, right?
9:53:15AM So we are using trains to take people to the places where
9:53:18AM they want to go.
9:53:19AM Now, it also will give us the opportunity at some point --
9:53:25AM let me go back if I may for just a moment.
9:53:28AM This facility will also have the ability right now to accept
9:53:33AM bus rapid transit.
9:53:35AM In other words, at the rental car center where the APM
9:53:38AM station is, there will be a ground floor level with a bus
9:53:40AM can pull up.
9:53:41AM Get on the APM and go right to the terminal.
9:53:44AM Or hotel buses, all the buses that are congesting our
9:53:49AM terminal can now pull up at this station, go up an
9:53:52AM escalator, get on the APM and go further to the airport.
9:53:55AM Further decongesting the main terminal area.
9:53:58AM It also gives us the opportunity, if the community so
9:54:01AM desires, to extend that people mover to some other place
9:54:05AM down by Trask, if it's train or bus or bus rapid transit,
9:54:12AM whatever that might be, gives us the opportunity to go and
9:54:15AM connect.
9:54:15AM As an example, if there were some sort of rail that ran
9:54:18AM along 275, you could have a station called Tampa
9:54:22AM International Airport Westshore station, and you get off the
9:54:25AM train and there will be a check-in counter, restaurants,
9:54:29AM just like an airline terminal.
9:54:31AM Get on the people mover and it will take you right to the
9:54:34AM main terminal.
9:54:35AM These are ideas, these are concepts.
9:54:37AM But we wanted to factor them in and be ready if the
9:54:40AM community so desires.
9:54:41AM The east development area, not too many people are familiar
9:54:46AM with this, although if you fly out often, you know the Pemco
9:54:49AM hangars, the large hangars that are on the east side, also
9:54:53AM known as the Drew Park area.
9:54:55AM Right now we have two major MRO's -- that stands for
9:54:58AM maintenance repair overhaul operators.
9:55:01AM Pemco operates that now.
9:55:02AM We believe that the uses here are threefold.
9:55:05AM Number one is to provide for dedicated air cargo.
9:55:11AM It's important that we provide aviation use spaces.
9:55:16AM We don't have a big cargo operation right now, but this
9:55:19AM provides -- that dedicated Air Cargo space on the upper
9:55:22AM left-hand side can handle seven 747s simultaneously.
9:55:28AM We currently have no 747s.
9:55:30AM We have provided for tremendous growth.
9:55:31AM We also have provided for growth by FedEx over on the left
9:55:34AM and also additional belly cargo.
9:55:36AM We have a fair amount of belly cargo.
9:55:38AM So the regulation of that land could be used for other
9:55:40AM things.
9:55:40AM And here's some ideas that we have.
9:55:42AM You may have heard this before, so please bear with me.
9:55:46AM The maintenance repair overhaul operations are wide body
9:55:51AM heavy maintenance operations that require refurbishment of
9:55:55AM major parts on the aircraft.
9:55:56AM Refurbish landing gear, seats, cushion, fabric, refurbish
9:56:02AM galleries, lavatories.
9:56:03AM The airplane pulls in and a bunch of mechanics get on there
9:56:06AM and pull the things off.
9:56:07AM Take the lavatories out, take the seats out, take the gear
9:56:12AM off.
9:56:12AM Then there's a new set wait to be put on.
9:56:14AM What they do with the stuff they take off, they send it on a
9:56:17AM truck to another city to be refurbished.
9:56:20AM Maybe it's Indianapolis, maybe Miami.
9:56:22AM Our proposal here is to help these MROs grow by providing
9:56:28AM support areas right behind the hangars.
9:56:30AM If you take a set of seats off the airplane, you push them
9:56:34AM out the door to another shop that is in Tampa that employees
9:56:37AM Tampa mechanics, air frame and power plant mechanics and
9:56:41AM they fix it right there and push it back out.
9:56:43AM No trucking.
9:56:44AM And we can do landing gear shop, we could do a paint shop.
9:56:48AM We could do seat cushion fabric.
9:56:52AM The other idea is once you get that set, then the seat
9:56:56AM cushion guy who is based in Lakeland, will say night to be
9:56:59AM right near this shop.
9:57:00AM So then they set up a smaller shop to supply the seat
9:57:03AM cushion guy, who supplies the wide body aircraft guy.
9:57:07AM And suddenly we need gas station, restaurants and all that
9:57:09AM stuff over in Drew Park and it becomes a vibrant aviation
9:57:12AM gateway.
9:57:13AM That's the second idea.
9:57:14AM The third idea is just in time fulfillment center, which
9:57:20AM would be a place where someone like Dell computer or someone
9:57:23AM who needs to have very quick redemption of orders can be
9:57:28AM right there at the airport and use belly cargo to get their
9:57:31AM orders fulfilled.
9:57:32AM And finally, the airport support area, that's where we have
9:57:37AM our fire training and police and our greenhouse.
9:57:40AM And then commercial, there's a commercial area up there near
9:57:44AM Hillsborough, which we could use for commercial development.
9:57:46AM Now, quickly move on to the terminal major needs of the
9:57:50AM terminal.
9:57:50AM This is the latest portion of the study that's come out.
9:57:53AM We, our major finding are that we have major service and
9:57:57AM revenue opportunities with additional concession space.
9:57:59AM We don't have enough concession space right now.
9:58:02AM There's more demand and we can't supply it, so we have to
9:58:04AM address that issue.
9:58:06AM An expanded main terminal building, in other words, the
9:58:08AM building that we currently have can sustain us for another
9:58:12AM 20 years if we expand.
9:58:14AM We don't have to build another terminal on the north.
9:58:16AM Stay right where we are, but just grow it a bit.
9:58:20AM That expanded main terminal avoids a massive infrastructure
9:58:23AM investment and would last at least 25 years.
9:58:26AM When international growth is achieved we can affordably add
9:58:30AM capacity.
9:58:30AM That's one of the brilliant parts about the original design
9:58:33AM is you build a main terminal.
9:58:34AM Then you plug air sides in as you need them.
9:58:37AM If you don't need more, you don't build the gates.
9:58:39AM But the main terminal is already there.
9:58:42AM That infrastructure has been paid for.
9:58:43AM Here's one of the concepts.
9:58:48AM The concept that we settled on.
9:58:50AM If and when we need an international terminal expansion, and
9:58:53AM what you can see here is air side C, existing southwest air
9:58:58AM side, would be expanded just a bit along that curb section
9:59:03AM to have international gates.
9:59:04AM And then a new air side D, which would be an international
9:59:07AM air side, would have 16 gates on it.
9:59:09AM And they would be connected to a central TSA screening area,
9:59:15AM which is essentially on the site where the hotel is today.
9:59:18AM Below that central screening TSA area would be immigrations,
9:59:23AM passport control, you go down one more flight and there's
9:59:25AM customs and you pick up your baggage and you'd have an
9:59:29AM international curbside arrival that is what you would expect
9:59:33AM at most major airports.
9:59:35AM This would be accomplished probably over a period of 10
9:59:39AM years from now.
9:59:40AM And would be a major, major benefit for the international
9:59:44AM traveler.
9:59:44AM Now, this is another view of the main terminal.
9:59:48AM You can see that we're growing the main terminal area in
9:59:52AM order to expand and have this growth.
9:59:54AM So we're going to build out onto the, if you've ever Lon
9:59:59AM looked out the window, there are decks out there.
10:00:01AM They can sustain another floor of construction.
10:00:03AM So we will build out the main terminal and you can see it's
10:00:05AM almost double the square footage that it has today when we
10:00:08AM get done.
10:00:09AM Once you build it out, it's like a heart that supplies your
10:00:12AM limbs.
10:00:13AM If the heart is big enough to handle it, you can plug
10:00:16AM another air side in any time you want.
10:00:18AM You don't have to go and rebuild another main terminal.
10:00:20AM So that is the strategy for our terminals.
10:00:23AM The other thing is, and again, I keep focusing on
10:00:26AM technology.
10:00:27AM Technology will help us to avoid major infrastructure
10:00:30AM spending.
10:00:30AM This is called SUPPS, shared use passenger processing
10:00:37AM systems.
10:00:38AM When you go to Home Depot, you check yourself out.
10:00:41AM People have gotten very used to that.
10:00:43AM No matter what airline you're flying on, when you walk into
10:00:46AM the terminal, you push that airline's logo, and check in.
10:00:51AM You put the bag on a belt and it goes in.
10:00:53AM We don't need massive ticket counters anymore, A.
10:00:57AM B, there's not that many other airlines.
10:01:00AM We don't have Ozark, Republic, Eastern.
10:01:02AM We only have three.
10:01:04AM And so that gives us the ability to use technology to do
10:01:06AM this.
10:01:07AM And quite honestly, most people, a lot of people get their
10:01:11AM boarding pass at home and go directly on to the aircraft.
10:01:14AM So all that's changed the way the airport operates.
10:01:16AM We're going to take advantage of that so we don't have to
10:01:19AM spend a lot of money in the future.
10:01:20AM So, the main terminal complex, we believe by 2031, which is
10:01:25AM the study period, we'll be at 28.7 million annual passengers
10:01:29AM and main terminal can handle that.
10:01:31AM We can even go to 2041 with 35 million annual passengers by
10:01:35AM just expanding the main terminal.
10:01:37AM Leaving the north available for another generation to use as
10:01:40AM they see fit.
10:01:41AM Our perimeter parcels, you can see here there are a number
10:01:46AM of parcels.
10:01:47AM There's one north of Hillsborough, which was originally
10:01:50AM being preserved for the north terminal.
10:01:52AM That will not be needed now, so that's available for
10:01:55AM commercial development.
10:01:57AM Area 7 south of Hillsborough is also available for
10:01:59AM commercial development.
10:02:00AM Area 2 and 3 were originally runway protection zones.
10:02:05AM That's just south of Raymond James Stadium, along Dale
10:02:07AM Mabry.
10:02:08AM We are not going to extend runway 1028.
10:02:10AM There's no need to extend runway 1028, besides which the FAA
10:02:16AM would not fund any portion of that spending.
10:02:18AM It's plenty long enough for commercial aircraft operations.
10:02:21AM That will allow us to recapture that runway protection zone
10:02:26AM and use that for commercial development, helping us
10:02:28AM diversify revenue streams.
10:02:30AM The area to the south is already designated for commercial
10:02:33AM development.
10:02:34AM And the area to the west, on left side, area 5 is near Dana
10:02:40AM shores.
10:02:40AM That has been designated as a scenic reserve.
10:02:44AM So, we have some opportunities to take some of our land,
10:02:49AM redevelopment it and drive more revenues up.
10:02:52AM Let me just quickly summarize.
10:02:55AM The south development area provides us a number of
10:02:58AM solutions.
10:02:59AM Number one, it eliminates the need for expensive buses.
10:03:02AM Number two, the consolidated rental car facility
10:03:05AM significantly relieves congestion at the main terminal
10:03:07AM roadways and it would help us expand long-term parking.
10:03:11AM We don't have to invest in that.
10:03:12AM Provides new revenue opportunities to fund our future.
10:03:15AM Once that south area becomes enabled.
10:03:17AM By enabled, I mean once you have a train that can take
10:03:20AM people right to the terminal this will be a lot of people
10:03:23AM wanting to locate there had will be a lot of services that
10:03:26AM want to locate there.
10:03:27AM And it provides a connection to regional transit and
10:03:29AM transportation systems.
10:03:31AM So as the community decides what they want, we can connect
10:03:33AM them right there at the south side to the main terminal.
10:03:36AM The east development provides revenue opportunities and
10:03:38AM creates jocks.
10:03:39AM Terminal concepts allows for phased expansion as meets
10:03:44AM demand only.
10:03:45AM So that concludes my presentation.
10:03:47AM I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
10:03:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:03:50AM We really appreciate it.
10:03:51AM I want to speak that, you're doing an outstanding job the
10:03:56AM location and the train, certainly what we need.
10:03:59AM It's amazing that 41 years ago, someone thought of this
10:04:01AM concept, built this beautiful airport and today, it's one of
10:04:06AM the shining stars throughout the world.
10:04:08AM So those individuals, including the mayor and those
10:04:10AM individuals who sat on government bodies, including your
10:04:13AM bodies at the airport, should be congratulated again for the
10:04:16AM thought that they had and the investment of the mind that
10:04:19AM they had into the future.
10:04:20AM And you're doing the same thing now, by bringing us up to
10:04:23AM date on what could happen at a very low cost, as I
10:04:26AM understand it.
10:04:27AM Compared to the relatively cost it would be if you had to
10:04:31AM expand the main terminal.
10:04:32AM So any other questions by Councilmembers?
10:04:33AM Mr. Cohen?
10:04:36AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
10:04:36AM This is, as always, very, very informative.
10:04:40AM I think what's so interesting hearing about the airport is
10:04:42AM that we all use the airport.
10:04:44AM So we all know what it feels like to be there as a consumer.
10:04:48AM And I just, I wanted to make sure I understood a couple
10:04:51AM things.
10:04:52AM And understood what some of the timetables are.
10:04:54AM First of all, the south construction and expansion, from
10:04:59AM what I've seen, some of that is already in place.
10:05:02AM The economy lot and things like that.
10:05:05AM So how long do you think it will take to get to the point
10:05:08AM where the people mover is actually built and in operation?
10:05:13AM >> Okay.
10:05:13AM Good question.
10:05:14AM Our plan and the board hasn't approved it yet.
10:05:18AM Once the board says going G on this, we can have the people
10:05:22AM mover and the consolidated rental car constructed and
10:05:25AM operating in three to four years.
10:05:27AM And if the board approves this in March, we already have
10:05:30AM plans to begin immediately with design built.
10:05:35AM Because quite honestly, the rental cars are legislature
10:05:39AM maxed out.
10:05:40AM So three years from now, four years from now, you can
10:05:42AM imagine how bad it will be.
10:05:44AM So we really have to move quickly.
10:05:46AM >>HARRY COHEN: And I understand, that people mover comes
10:05:48AM into the third floor of the main terminal, basically at the
10:05:51AM same place where the shuttles are now.
10:05:54AM >> Yep.
10:05:54AM >> And what you're talking about in terms of expansion of
10:05:57AM the third floor, it's not in place in the hotel, it's
10:06:00AM actually in that area that sort of acts as a gateway to the
10:06:03AM hotel.
10:06:04AM Is that correct?
10:06:04AM Or is it in place of the hotel?
10:06:06AM >> It would be in place of the hotel.
10:06:08AM >>HARRY COHEN: So, would there be a hotel on the main
10:06:10AM property or is that something you see as moving to this
10:06:13AM south side?
10:06:15AM >> Either one.
10:06:16AM Either one.
10:06:17AM If it was moved to the south side, you would have a people
10:06:20AM mover right at the lobby that would take you immediately to
10:06:24AM the train.
10:06:24AM So you wake up at 7:00 for an 8:30 flight, you're on the
10:06:28AM train, you go right to gate.
10:06:29AM It's very convenient.
10:06:30AM Also, there's an opportunity to build above the area I just
10:06:33AM showed you.
10:06:34AM To build a hotel above that TSA checkpoint.
10:06:37AM So essentially at the same site, right above a brand new
10:06:41AM building.
10:06:43AM >>HARRY COHEN: You could build a new hotel.
10:06:45AM >> Brand new hotel.
10:06:46AM >> You could do both.
10:06:48AM One on the property and one on the south.
10:06:50AM >> To your point, I think there will be over a 20 year
10:06:53AM period a need for both.
10:06:56AM >>HARRY COHEN: One last question.
10:06:57AM None of us, I don't think, experts on the airline industries
10:07:03AM and the way the consolidation has affected things.
10:07:07AM There used to be sort of a hub and spoke system in the
10:07:10AM United States.
10:07:10AM And that seems to have gone away.
10:07:12AM It doesn't seem like there are as many of those.
10:07:16AM So what's the growth in domestic commercial flights.
10:07:22AM >> Where would we see new domestic service wanting to plug
10:07:28AM into coming to Tampa?
10:07:31AM >> Could I go back on this presentation?
10:07:33AM Okay.
10:07:36AM Thank you.
10:07:36AM I'll show you that, that's a very good point.
10:07:39AM Want to make sure I explain it.
10:07:41AM Okay.
10:07:42AM This is what -- this really gives us a great opportunity,
10:07:46AM because what could happen is the way this is arrayed.
10:07:50AM As an example, if today you fly in from, let's say you fly
10:07:55AM in from Phoenix on U.S. airways.
10:08:00AM And you want to go to London.
10:08:02AM You come into one air side and you have to go out through
10:08:04AM another air side to west coast to London.
10:08:06AM Here, the way this is designed, if you come into air side C
10:08:11AM and southwest is our largest carrier.
10:08:13AM I want to disclaim anything at this point.
10:08:15AM I am not saying that southwest will have an international
10:08:17AM operation at Tampa.
10:08:18AM Because I'm going to see them in a couple weeks and I don't
10:08:23AM want -- I don't want that in the paper.
10:08:25AM But if someone came in from Baltimore and if we had a flight
10:08:29AM to Punta Cona over on airside D, they'd take the train and
10:08:35AM go back on the other train to D.
10:08:37AM You don't have to go back through security.
10:08:39AM So this enables us to have a connecting complex.
10:08:42AM We will never be a hub like Atlanta or Dallas or any of
10:08:45AM those guys.
10:08:45AM However, if we're going to support service to the Caribbean,
10:08:48AM you can't do it just on the local passengers.
10:08:50AM If you could get 20, 30, 40 passengers from another
10:08:52AM destination, coming in, filling up your plane, it suddenly
10:08:57AM becomes a much more viable flight.
10:08:58AM This particular construction concept would allow us to
10:09:02AM connect passengers from one air side to another without
10:09:05AM having to go back through security.
10:09:07AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
10:09:08AM Very interesting presentation.
10:09:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
10:09:12AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
10:09:12AM That was great.
10:09:13AM It's good to see what the plans are and how extensive they
10:09:17AM are and that we're not just making a Xerox copy of the
10:09:22AM airport and putting it down the way, the old plan, which was
10:09:27AM too much.
10:09:28AM I have a couple questions.
10:09:30AM To follow up on what Councilmember Cohen was asking, about
10:09:33AM the hub idea.
10:09:35AM Is there a vision at all of having us be a hub for the
10:09:41AM Caribbean and for south and central American travel?
10:09:46AM >> Absolutely.
10:09:47AM Our location -- first of all, Florida is going to double or
10:09:53AM triple its south American tourism and business.
10:09:57AM It just is.
10:09:58AM Because of our location and our ethnicity and so on.
10:10:01AM Orlando already has good service.
10:10:03AM Miami's got great service.
10:10:05AM And the only one left who doesn't is us.
10:10:07AM And it's our time to go do this.
10:10:09AM So I believe, in fact we'll be in Panama in January meeting
10:10:14AM with Copa airlines.
10:10:19AM We would love to see that happen.
10:10:19AM We also believe a Brazilian flight could work for us, Sao
10:10:24AM Paulo specifically.
10:10:25AM We think eventually a Colombian flight would work for us.
10:10:29AM Any near South American destinations work.
10:10:31AM Also near Caribbean.
10:10:33AM All Caribbean works because you can reach it with 737s.
10:10:36AM You don't need long-range aircraft to do this.
10:10:39AM It's not aircraft expensive either because you can reach
10:10:41AM these islands in two and a half hours.
10:10:43AM So five hours, you can still do domestic legs on that
10:10:46AM airplane during the day.
10:10:47AM So it doesn't burn an airplane for a whole day.
10:10:50AM Only takes five hours to do these round trips.
10:10:52AM We believe we're in a good geographic location.
10:10:55AM We think the facility we have designed would enable that
10:10:58AM kind of growth.
10:11:00AM >>MARY MULHERN: Then on a different front, I was curious to
10:11:02AM hear about the cargo plans.
10:11:05AM The concepts for that.
10:11:06AM Where do you see in the future of cargo, how much room for
10:11:16AM growth is there for Tampa as a, you know, a hub for cargo?
10:11:26AM >> It's -- the thing that enables real cargo growth is wide
10:11:30AM body capacity.
10:11:31AM Because on an narrow body aircraft, you can't put any cargo
10:11:34AM in the belly.
10:11:35AM You can put some, but not much.
10:11:36AM When you start he seeing triple 7s and 74s, even if it's
10:11:41AM a passenger Inverness, the bellies have a lot of space.
10:11:47AM In Dallas, we had no freighters.
10:11:51AM But we had wide body aircraft from American, so we used
10:11:53AM that.
10:11:54AM Then we began attracting wide bodes, who could connect to
10:11:58AM the American flights.
10:12:00AM Now it's a very vibrant cargo facility.
10:12:02AM So we have provided for the opportunity to handle wide body
10:12:06AM cargo aircraft.
10:12:07AM But it's many years down the road for us.
10:12:09AM I believe.
10:12:11AM Especially Miami is a huge air hub for cargo.
10:12:14AM Not far from here.
10:12:15AM All cargo goes on a truck anyway.
10:12:18AM So it's not that bad a deal.
10:12:20AM Five hours away and you got your cargo.
10:12:23AM >>MARY MULHERN: So it's more for the wide body plane.
10:12:26AM And then I just wanted to say, I think that's fantastic, the
10:12:31AM plans for having maintenance operations to bring new
10:12:35AM business and new jobs here.
10:12:37AM And keep it local.
10:12:38AM I think that's really fantastic.
10:12:41AM >> I would ask you all to keep your fingers crossed on that
10:12:43AM one, because if it comes through, it's really powerful for
10:12:46AM us.
10:12:46AM These are $50,000 a year jobs.
10:12:49AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
10:12:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:12:51AM Really appreciate it.
10:12:52AM And you're right, one time I landed in Houston on a Tuesday,
10:12:55AM and I left on a Thursday because I had to go to the other
10:12:58AM side of the airport to find the airplane.
10:13:00AM [ Laughter ]
10:13:00AM >> I appreciate it very much.
10:13:02AM >> Thank you and happy holidays.
10:13:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:13:07AM We now go to the approval of the agenda and addendum.
10:13:11AM There are some items Councilmembers have asked.
10:13:13AM I'll start with, before I go into that, I need approval of
10:13:16AM the agenda.
10:13:19AM >> Move to approve.
10:13:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Mulhern, seconded bring
10:13:23AM Cohen to approve the agenda.
10:13:25AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:13:27AM Opposed nay.
10:13:29AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:13:30AM I need item to approve the addendum.
10:13:32AM I have some requests here.
10:13:33AM I hope I don't miss them all because there are a future.
10:13:36AM Item 64 and 65 has been asked by Councilmember to be pulled.
10:13:42AM Based on the fact that item 83 and 85 -- 87 are being pulled
10:13:51AM by members of the administration for various reasons.
10:13:54AM So that's 83, 85, 87, 64, and 65.
10:14:00AM And then on the 10:30, item 94 is also request that I just
10:14:07AM received early this morning to be continued to another date.
10:14:12AM We'll address those when we get there.
10:14:14AM And then my aide was asking me to pull another one.
10:14:20AM And as Mr. Lopano was making his presentation and I think it
10:14:24AM was 96, but when we get there, we'll bring it up.
10:14:30AM I want the public to understand, the items I have spoke, if
10:14:33AM they're here.
10:14:36AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Item 96 is being requested to be
10:14:38AM continued to January 24th sir.
10:14:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:14:41AM When we get there, we'll do that thank you very much.
10:14:43AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:14:44AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to see if -- okay.
10:14:47AM I had number -- you had 85.
10:14:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.
10:14:51AM >>MARY MULHERN: Then 87.
10:14:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.
10:14:56AM >>MARY MULHERN: I had 95.
10:14:59AM Did I circle the wrong?
10:15:01AM >> No, that's on there.
10:15:03AM 94 and 95.
10:15:06AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
10:15:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 94 and 95.
10:15:09AM Maybe I missed one.
10:15:10AM There was so many of them.
10:15:13AM >>MARY MULHERN: So I'll move to accept the changes to the
10:15:17AM agenda.
10:15:18AM >> Second.
10:15:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a by Ms. Mulhern, second by
10:15:22AM Mr. Cohen.
10:15:22AM All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.
10:15:26AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:15:26AM Okay.
10:15:27AM Now we go to public comments.
10:15:29AM Anyone in the audience like to speak first of all on any
10:15:32AM item on the agenda?
10:15:33AM We have three minutes for each person and 30 minutes in
10:15:35AM total.
10:15:36AM Please come forward.
10:15:37AM Items first of all on the agenda.
10:15:39AM After that, items off the agenda.
10:15:41AM Please come forward.
10:15:48AM >> Good morning.
10:15:49AM You may remember that my name is Reverend Bernese Powell
10:15:53AM Jackson, the copresident of the Hillsborough organization
10:15:55AM for progress and equality.
10:15:57AM And I serve as the pastor of the first unitary church in
10:16:01AM Tampa.
10:16:01AM I'm speaking to item 86.
10:16:03AM On behalf of the 5,000 members of the 17 congregations of
10:16:08AM hope, thank you for continuing to address the problem of
10:16:11AM unemployment in the City of Tampa.
10:16:13AM By focusing on the problem of the thousands of persons who
10:16:18AM are unemployed because of their criminal records.
10:16:21AM We support your efforts to strengthen the propsed ordinance
10:16:24AM for fairness and hiring by the dropping of the proposed
10:16:27AM sunset provision and by increasing the one day time period
10:16:30AM for job applicants to respond to background checks to seven
10:16:34AM days.
10:16:38AM While we would like to see the credit check provision
10:16:41AM included, we are glad to see a further discussion of this
10:16:43AM aspect of the proposed ordinance is scheduled for January.
10:16:45AM We believe that the greatest weakness of the current
10:16:49AM proposed ordinance is the exclusion of businesses that have
10:16:53AM contacts with the city.
10:16:55AM Inclusion of these businesses would have a much greater
10:16:57AM impact on unemployment and indiscrimination against
10:17:02AM thousands more people than if this ordinance were only to
10:17:06AM cover hiring by the City of Tampa itself.
10:17:09AM Moreover, we do not believe inclusion of business that is
10:17:12AM have contracts with the city would place an undue burden on
10:17:15AM the city or on those businesses.
10:17:18AM 11 cities across the nation already have such ordinances in
10:17:21AM place.
10:17:21AM And we suggest that the city examine more closely how these
10:17:25AM cities handle issues of compliance reporting and reviews.
10:17:29AM We believe that a closer look at the best practices of these
10:17:33AM cities may reveal that existing staff can manage such work.
10:17:37AM And that the cost or effort is not prohibitive while the
10:17:41AM benefit to the thousands who might be employed would be
10:17:44AM great.
10:17:44AM We ask to you look at these cities so that you might
10:17:47AM consider every way possible to reduce discrimination and
10:17:51AM unemployment so that people with criminal records and their
10:17:55AM families have an opportunity to contribute to our local
10:17:59AM economy and be a blessing to us all.
10:18:01AM Finally, while we do believe in second chances for human
10:18:05AM beings, this proposed ordinance emphasizes a job applicant's
10:18:11AM qualifications rather than one's past mistakes.
10:18:14AM Statistics tell us that unemployment contributes to 40 to
10:18:17AM 60% of persons with criminal records returning to prison.
10:18:22AM Therefore, this ordinance is about public safety, the local
10:18:25AM economy and assisting families in our community.
10:18:28AM It is also good public policy.
10:18:31AM We ask for your leadership on this issue.
10:18:33AM Thank you very much.
10:18:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:18:35AM Next please?
10:18:37AM [light applause]
10:18:49AM >> I'm Ed Tillou from north Tampa, Sulphur Spring.
10:18:53AM I came to speak about this.
10:18:56AM It was an article in the TBT.
10:19:00AM And several other things have developed in the course of the
10:19:07AM last week.
10:19:07AM And they are on every item here.
10:19:09AM So I'll just try to go over this quickly.
10:19:12AM Technology.
10:19:13AM The use of LEDs to reduce a million dollar a year power
10:19:20AM bill.
10:19:21AM So I think that's important.
10:19:23AM $10 a taxpayer.
10:19:27AM Okay, what I'll speak about is, bears on item 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
10:19:34AM It's the -- and again, technology.
10:19:38AM And it's the importance of communication.
10:19:40AM The kind of world that Mr. Ross referred to, that's item 3,
10:19:45AM depends very much on communication.
10:19:47AM But if you have outlaws, you might not have communication.
10:19:53AM And that's what bears on all of this.
10:19:56AM On the first of December, I saw a movie that was very -- I
10:20:03AM first discounted it as like -- it was called Red Dawn.
10:20:06AM And I just thought, oh, this is right wing kind of clap
10:20:09AM trap.
10:20:10AM But the thing is, about the middle of the movie, they raised
10:20:14AM some very important issues, which are EMP, electromagnetic
10:20:21AM pulse.
10:20:21AM And that can take out communications.
10:20:23AM Now as an engineer, I knew about this kind of thing.
10:20:26AM But I didn't realize the impact of this.
10:20:28AM This is why North Korea becomes so much of a problem.
10:20:32AM Because just a very small bomb set off about 20 miles up
10:20:38AM with a rocket can take out all our communications.
10:20:42AM Now, the thing is, this article, the Wikipedia filled in on
10:20:47AM that this has been around for 60 years and been intensively
10:20:51AM studied for 40 years.
10:20:52AM So the central thesis of red dawn really wouldn't come to
10:20:55AM the fore.
10:20:55AM Which is the military is very well protected from this.
10:20:59AM But what about civilian things?
10:21:01AM Like specifically communications?
10:21:03AM To a certain extent, that's shielded.
10:21:07AM But in a lot of ways, it isn't.
10:21:09AM And you go through this.
10:21:11AM I'm a pilot, so I understand the importance of electronics,
10:21:14AM avionics.
10:21:16AM What is the impact of EMP on Avionics?
10:21:23AM What are you going to do when your wastewater treatment
10:21:26AM plant doesn't work any more?
10:21:27AM So on, so forth.
10:21:29AM It's interesting that the day after the following week, that
10:21:33AM I saw this movie was December 7th.
10:21:35AM And it was very interesting thing, like this day shall live
10:21:41AM in infamy.
10:21:43AM Ask the average kid, they don't know anything about it.
10:21:45AM But it was a very complex kind of issue.
10:21:48AM So, I have these distributions.
10:21:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:21:53AM Next please?
10:22:07AM >> My name is Bill Tone.
10:22:10AM On the board of HOPE.
10:22:12AM And I'm here to talk about item 86 on the agenda.
10:22:17AM I want to thank the Council, every one of you for meeting
10:22:23AM with us.
10:22:24AM You've been gracious with your time.
10:22:26AM And you've listened to us and we appreciate that.
10:22:28AM All of you have told me at those meetings, individually,
10:22:36AM every one, that you support what we're trying to do.
10:22:40AM You applaud our efforts to help.
10:22:45AM But as you know, we can't do anything but bring the idea to
10:22:50AM you.
10:22:50AM Now, we brought that idea to you in the form of an ordinance
10:22:55AM because that we thought would outline it as best we could.
10:23:00AM You have taken time to look at what we brought and you have
10:23:03AM decided, or you are deciding on an ordinance, as written,
10:23:09AM that ordinance is very limited.
10:23:12AM And only addresses city jobs.
10:23:15AM Very few new jobs are created in the city each year.
10:23:21AM This means that unless you expand the scope of this
10:23:25AM ordinance to include city contracts, it will be largely
10:23:33AM symbolic.
10:23:34AM And only set an example.
10:23:38AM A good example, but it will only set an example.
10:23:41AM Remember that the solution to recidivism is jobs.
10:23:48AM Whether you agree with finding ex-offenders jobs or not is
10:23:54AM not the question.
10:23:55AM You cannot disagree with reducing recidivism.
10:23:59AM It impacts our city and the lives of all the communities in
10:24:03AM Tampa.
10:24:04AM And we know and you know, and we have shown you, that the
10:24:10AM solution is jobs.
10:24:12AM Today, you have an opportunity to do justice.
10:24:20AM Not legal justice, but moral and social justice.
10:24:26AM This is harder.
10:24:29AM Than the justice in the courtroom.
10:24:32AM It requires intestinal fortitude and standing up to people
10:24:39AM who don't want you to go a certain route, to help the less
10:24:44AM advantaged, disadvantaged in our society.
10:24:46AM Remember that you have an opportunity today to add
10:24:57AM contracts, talk about adding delaying of credit checks and
10:25:03AM you'd be working on an ordinance that will have a
10:25:05AM significant impact on the lives of thousands of people in
10:25:07AM Tampa and Hillsborough County.
10:25:09AM Thank you.
10:25:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:25:11AM Next please?
10:25:14AM >> Tom Atchison, pastor of New Life Church and director of
10:25:19AM New Beginnings of Tampa addiction center.
10:25:21AM I'm speaking on item number 86.
10:25:26AM We take a lot of people off the street.
10:25:28AM A lot of people that have addiction problems, mental health
10:25:31AM issues.
10:25:33AM And the ideas is once they get their faith back, get their
10:25:37AM spiritual life right and also to help them get a job and get
10:25:40AM their life back so they can become productive citizens in
10:25:43AM society.
10:25:44AM We're not really in this ordinance, we're not asking for
10:25:47AM favoritism.
10:25:48AM We're just asking for a level playing field.
10:25:51AM A lot of these people that we bring in used to have a great
10:25:55AM life.
10:25:56AM Highly skilled people.
10:25:57AM But due to circumstances in their life, things went south.
10:26:02AM And this ordinance will -- it's not going to accomplish
10:26:06AM everything that needs to be accomplished, but it will at
10:26:09AM least give them a chance to be able to show the abilities
10:26:12AM they have.
10:26:13AM So we appreciate that and we appreciate the support.
10:26:16AM Actually, the statistics show that 92% of all those with
10:26:21AM criminal histories that have a job for at least a year or
10:26:24AM more do not commit repeat crimes.
10:26:26AM So, it's also will help our City of Tampa with our crime
10:26:30AM rate, because if they come through our program at new
10:26:34AM beginnings and they graduate and they do everything right
10:26:38AM and everything well, but they go back out and all they have
10:26:41AM is a backpack on their back and no job, the chances of them
10:26:44AM making it and becoming a productive citizen is very slim.
10:26:48AM So, this ordinance is inroads.
10:26:51AM It's not the ultimate of what we want, but we'll keep
10:26:55AM working on it.
10:26:56AM And we appreciate your support in it.
10:26:58AM Thank you.
10:26:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:26:59AM Next please?
10:27:06AM >> Good morning.
10:27:07AM I am Roberta Kittrell.
10:27:16AM One of the pastors through New Life Pentecostal Church of
10:27:19AM God and on the board of Hope.
10:27:21AM I talked to you last time about how this is generation by
10:27:27AM generation.
10:27:28AM It is affecting the parents, it's affecting the children and
10:27:33AM the grandchildren now, because just like welfare became
10:27:39AM generation by generation way back -- I mean the dinosaur
10:27:44AM age.
10:27:45AM So I spoke on national TV about teen suicide last week.
10:27:54AM And this morning, just as I was coming here, I heard
10:28:00AM something new on the radio.
10:28:04AM They were addressing unemployment, especially among males,
10:28:11AM and how in this time of year, they're becoming more and more
10:28:17AM aware of suicide or tendency toward it, because we measure
10:28:23AM everything by the almighty dollar, as far as someone's sense
10:28:28AM of worth.
10:28:29AM And it's natural that they want to provide for their
10:28:32AM families.
10:28:33AM And we need to let Tampa be, as I said, a city of
10:28:44AM progression, compassion, enterprise.
10:28:48AM It can be totally positive.
10:28:52AM And that's what you've been working toward.
10:28:55AM And if we can reach these thousands, hundreds of thousands
10:29:01AM of people, people are gonna know about Tampa, not because of
10:29:08AM the Republican National Convention, but the fact that we're
10:29:13AM caring.
10:29:14AM We're caring for the welfare of our citizens.
10:29:18AM And so I thank you and I told you the first time in June,
10:29:24AM I've worked 26 years with ex-offenders and everything.
10:29:29AM And I'm going to use the next 26 years, if need be.
10:29:33AM But if we make progress, I won't have to spend that long.
10:29:38AM Thank you.
10:29:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:29:39AM Next please?
10:29:44AM >> Good morning.
10:29:45AM My name is Odie Jones.
10:29:48AM And I'm representing the Gandy Civic Association.
10:29:52AM And I'm here to talk about item 24 on the agenda.
10:29:55AM This is a picture of the machine that is on the agenda for
10:30:07AM purchase.
10:30:07AM I hope you can see that pretty good.
10:30:09AM I think we should get that machine.
10:30:13AM I was there for the demonstration.
10:30:15AM It worked real well.
10:30:17AM And it's one of the reasons right here that we want to get
10:30:22AM the machine.
10:30:23AM This is the Bobby Hicks park lake.
10:30:28AM It's overgrown with hyacinths.
10:30:34AM You have to go out and see it.
10:30:37AM You can't tell the grass from the lake.
10:30:38AM I don't know if you see that description up in the picture.
10:30:44AM But it says Bobby Hicks park lake.
10:30:51AM On another picture I have here, it's the Gadsden Park lake.
10:30:56AM It's in green and it says go.
10:30:59AM To me, Bobby Hicks park is at a stop.
10:31:04AM Gadsden park is beautiful, clear.
10:31:07AM It's got a lot of fish in it.
10:31:09AM People go out there and walk around the lake and enjoy it.
10:31:13AM Used to be that way at Bobby Hicks park.
10:31:17AM It's not that way any more.
10:31:22AM Harvester will clear that out.
10:31:24AM Probably the only way we can do it.
10:31:27AM I know they spray for mosquitos and all that, but and it's
10:31:31AM supposed to kill some of the hyacinths.
10:31:34AM But it's not killing it.
10:31:36AM It's a pretty big lake.
10:31:38AM Both of these lakes are about the same size.
10:31:41AM So I would suggest that you please buy this harvester.
10:31:44AM Thank you.
10:31:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:31:45AM Next please?
10:31:57AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of Council.
10:31:59AM Al Steenson, 4100 West Leila Avenue, Tampa, Florida.
10:32:04AM President of the Gandy Sun Bay Civic Association.
10:32:08AM I'm not going to go over ground that Odie already plowed.
10:32:12AM But let me just say that when Odie came to us, the board and
10:32:17AM the members and said I'd like to tackle this issue, we
10:32:21AM unanimously said yes, let's go after it.
10:32:25AM And this community owes that gentleman a debt of gratitude
10:32:30AM for the tenacity that he has kept going on this thing.
10:32:34AM When we first started going on it, we found out there were
10:32:38AM three agencies involved.
10:32:39AM Fish and wildlife, mosquito control, City of Tampa.
10:32:42AM As Dr. Fernandez from the mosquito control agency said to me
10:32:49AM one day on the phone, he said there's too many cooks in the
10:32:53AM kitchen.
10:32:53AM Now, what brings us here today is the fact that parks and
10:32:57AM recreation, with the help of Mr. Bayor and Mr. Grimsley and
10:33:03AM that gentleman, Odie Jones' efforts, we are going to -- we
10:33:09AM hope that you all will unanimously support item 24, because
10:33:14AM it's not only good for our community.
10:33:16AM But it's good for any place in the City of Tampa.
10:33:19AM And ultimately, we may make arrangements with Plant City for
10:33:25AM Temple Terrace, to lease it out if it's idle.
10:33:28AM But, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you will unanimously
10:33:32AM support item 24.
10:33:35AM And continue with going with the purchase.
10:33:38AM Thank you very much and you all have a great holiday.
10:33:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:33:42AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:33:43AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to thank these last two
10:33:46AM gentlemen aren't here when we vote on this in the consent
10:33:49AM agenda item 24, that on the Parks Department did brief us,
10:33:52AM at least briefed me.
10:33:54AM It looks like a great idea.
10:33:57AM And I'm in support of it.
10:34:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.
10:34:01AM Thank you.
10:34:01AM Next please?
10:34:04AM >> Good morning, Chair Miranda and City Council.
10:34:06AM My name is Patrick Kenneth Stewart from Tabernacle of Hope.
10:34:10AM I'm here also to speak to item 86.
10:34:12AM Would like to say in our church we have a very active job
10:34:15AM training program.
10:34:16AM Been featured in local newspaper and television.
10:34:18AM And we have many people that we have helped to achieve
10:34:22AM employment.
10:34:24AM Gainfully employed for years now.
10:34:26AM I have companies that will take our recommendation and hire
10:34:29AM the person even though some of them have mistakes in their
10:34:32AM past.
10:34:32AM And they've turned their lives around, chance to have a job.
10:34:35AM I'm here today to speak to you not just as a pastor, but
10:34:39AM also a business owner.
10:34:40AM I own Integrated Security Consultants.
10:34:42AM I have ten employees in my company.
10:34:44AM And my most recent claim to fame locally, we're the company
10:34:47AM that installed the cameras for the Republican National
10:34:49AM Convention that you've had so much fun talking about here
10:34:52AM recently.
10:34:53AM [ Laughter ]
10:34:53AM >> But we did a hundred percent of the installation for the
10:34:56AM company that had the contract.
10:34:57AM And just as you speak on the business, I understand that as
10:35:01AM you said, they're a City Council, that you have to look at
10:35:05AM what burdens you place on business.
10:35:07AM And I can tell you my opinion, I wish I could say about my
10:35:11AM fellow business owners, that businesses will choose to do
10:35:15AM the right thing because it's the right thing to do.
10:35:17AM But if that were the case, we wouldn't have to do, have
10:35:23AM foreclosure and the law firms that were running, the farms
10:35:25AM and we wouldn't have the financial mess we have in our
10:35:29AM country today.
10:35:30AM I think we're well pass the point of companies doing the
10:35:33AM right thing.
10:35:34AM And if you want to talk about making it easier for companies
10:35:36AM to do business with the City of Tampa, I do a lot of work
10:35:40AM with the City of Tampa.
10:35:41AM Hillsborough County.
10:35:41AM We have a project at saint Carr.
10:35:45AM I do work around the state of Florida.
10:35:47AM I need a lot more than three minutes to tell you how to make
10:35:50AM that a lot easier.
10:35:52AM I don't feel like that this ordinance will place undue
10:35:55AM burden on the businesses.
10:35:56AM I do feel like that as a government, there are certain
10:36:00AM things that you have responsibility to do.
10:36:04AM Assist clean water access to all citizens.
10:36:08AM And I've never hired anyone for a job -- I've hired hundreds
10:36:12AM of people in my career.
10:36:13AM I give you an opportunity.
10:36:14AM That's all I can give you.
10:36:16AM I don't give you a job.
10:36:18AM You make of it what you want to.
10:36:20AM The bottom line, we're looking for ways to give
10:36:23AM opportunities to more people.
10:36:24AM We're not making anyone hire anybody.
10:36:26AM As I said, in my opinion, as business owner, I intentionally
10:36:29AM look to give people a chance, but I don't think others do
10:36:32AM that.
10:36:33AM And I think it's a way that could be done that would not be
10:36:37AM an undue burden.
10:36:38AM If I had more time I would give you more my opinion on that
10:36:42AM as a business owner, I think sometimes leaders have to do
10:36:45AM the right thing and look for reasonable way to create more
10:36:48AM opportunities for people and I for one, as community and
10:36:53AM business owner would be in favor of this.
10:36:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
10:36:58AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to ask you, I think the draft
10:37:02AM ordinance we have just applies to the city.
10:37:04AM But you're speaking as a business owner, suggesting as a
10:37:08AM contractor that you wouldn't feel like this was an undue
10:37:11AM burden if we.
10:37:14AM >> No.
10:37:14AM As a matter of fact, what was kind of funny to be honest
10:37:16AM with you, in some cases would be legitimate, of the
10:37:19AM sensitive nature of the contract for the installation for
10:37:23AM the City of Tampa.
10:37:24AM There are some employees that I couldn't put on the job
10:37:26AM because they might end up having to pass a background check.
10:37:32AM So in some cases, I understand that you may not be able to
10:37:35AM use everybody in every position.
10:37:36AM But I know the second part of the ordinance that they would
10:37:40AM like you to look at is expanding it.
10:37:42AM So it would have more effect on the city.
10:37:45AM City jobs alone would not have as big effect.
10:37:49AM Speaking about the contract, that is something that should
10:37:51AM be looked at.
10:37:53AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
10:37:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:37:53AM All right.
10:37:56AM Anyone else in the public?
10:37:57AM >> Yes, Mr. Chairman.
10:37:58AM Didn't you say you can talk, didn't have to be on the
10:38:01AM agenda?
10:38:02AM Okay, thank you.
10:38:03AM Good morning.
10:38:04AM My name is Clay Daniels, 3708 east north bay, Tampa,
10:38:10AM Florida.
10:38:10AM What I want to show you all is that -- how do you work this
10:38:15AM thing?
10:38:15AM If you notice here, I'm talking, when they was writing
10:38:27AM tickets, you notice I got underlined district three.
10:38:30AM It says 762 tickets, loud music.
10:38:33AM That's where most of the noise is coming from.
10:38:36AM We have taken a beating over there.
10:38:37AM We know what the courts says.
10:38:41AM Passed out stuff from the Pinellas County sheriff's
10:38:45AM department.
10:38:45AM They got operation new program called lower the boom box.
10:38:52AM Now, I know what the courts have said.
10:38:57AM We have tried everything in the City of Tampa, Chief Castor
10:39:03AM came up with disorderly conduct for loud music.
10:39:05AM That didn't work.
10:39:06AM Police are saying we can't write tickets.
10:39:08AM But we can.
10:39:09AM They're saying that the courts got our hands tied.
10:39:13AM We got to find a way to control this noise.
10:39:16AM It is out of control.
10:39:17AM So what I brought you in, Judy Elder, she's expert in
10:39:23AM St. Pete, in Florida.
10:39:24AM She specialize in noise.
10:39:25AM And she will come over here, do a seminar, free, or work
10:39:29AM with Mr. Jim Shimberg, state attorney.
10:39:32AM James Shimberg.
10:39:34AM I think you know here.
10:39:36AM But we got a problem with noise.
10:39:37AM It's out of control.
10:39:38AM You know it, I know it.
10:39:40AM Everybody knows.
10:39:41AM Some neighborhoods are just worst than others.
10:39:43AM The noise is so bad, sleep with earplugs on.
10:39:47AM The house is just shaking.
10:39:49AM And I started talking about this in 2002.
10:39:52AM And if it got worse over the years.
10:39:55AM We going to have to really do something about this problem.
10:39:57AM We're going to have to contain this noise.
10:39:59AM I flow you all want to talk about it on January the 10th,
10:40:03AM 2013.
10:40:03AM And I hope you all will really do something that we can, you
10:40:08AM know, control this problem.
10:40:10AM We'll never be able to stop it.
10:40:12AM We can control it and keep it down.
10:40:14AM And it is a problem.
10:40:15AM I know you all are tired of me coming up here talking about
10:40:19AM it and I'm tired of talking about it.
10:40:21AM But that noise is something else.
10:40:24AM And I know when you're in traffic, you hear it, but I have
10:40:27AM to sleep with it, wake up with it.
10:40:29AM It's a daily thing.
10:40:30AM And it's not a good life to enjoy.
10:40:31AM Have a nice day.
10:40:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:40:34AM Okay.
10:40:35AM Any requests for public for reconsideration of any
10:40:39AM legislative matters of the past Council session?
10:40:42AM I see none.
10:40:42AM All right.
10:40:44AM We go to ordinances for first reading consideration.
10:40:50AM Items 6 through 14.
10:40:52AM I'm going just for the record open it up, on that motion,
10:40:58AM whoever makes a motion also receive and file any documents
10:41:01AM we might have in it.
10:41:02AM >> So moved.
10:41:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
10:41:05AM Mr. Reddick.
10:41:06AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:41:08AM Opposed nay.
10:41:09AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:41:09AM Item number 6.
10:41:11AM Mr. Suarez, we'll go right to left.
10:41:16AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:41:17AM I present an ordinance for first reading consideration, an
10:41:21AM ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida amending chapter 26,
10:41:24AM City of Tampa utilities ordinance, article III, City of
10:41:27AM Tampa wastewater department ordinance, section 26-120,
10:41:32AM excluded wastes, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
10:41:35AM conflict; providing an effective date.
10:41:40AM >> Motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a second by Mr. Cohen.
10:41:42AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:41:44AM Opposed nay.
10:41:45AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:41:48AM >> Reading of the ordinances for items 6 through 14 will be
10:41:52AM held January the 10th at 9:30 a.m.
10:41:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 7, Ms. Capin, would you kindly take
10:42:00AM item number seven?
10:42:01AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first
10:42:03AM reading consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa,
10:42:06AM Florida amending chapter 26, City of Tampa utilities
10:42:09AM ordinance, article 3, City of Tampa wastewater department
10:42:12AM ordinance, section 26-124, extensions or improvements
10:42:18AM provided by applicant, providing for repeal of all
10:42:22AM ordinances in conflict; providing an effective date.
10:42:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Capin, second by
10:42:29AM Mr. Suarez.
10:42:30AM All in favor of the ordinance, please indicate by saying
10:42:31AM aye.
10:42:32AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:42:32AM Thank you.
10:42:33AM Item number 8.
10:42:38AM Mr. Red kick.
10:42:39AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for first
10:42:41AM reading consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa,
10:42:44AM Florida amending chapter 26, City of Tampa utilities
10:42:47AM ordinance, article III, City of Tampa wastewater department
10:42:51AM ordinance, section 26-125, costs, sizes and methods of
10:42:58AM construction, for building sewer connection.
10:43:04AM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict;
10:43:05AM providing an effective date.
10:43:06AM >> Second.
10:43:06AM >> I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Suarez.
10:43:09AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:43:11AM Opposed nay.
10:43:12AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:43:13AM Item number 9.
10:43:17AM Ms. Mulhern.
10:43:20AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you motorcycles chairman.
10:43:21AM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading
10:43:23AM consideration.
10:43:23AM An ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida amending chapter
10:43:26AM 6:00, City of Tampa utilities ordinance, article III, City
10:43:30AM of Tampa wastewater department ordinance, providing for
10:43:34AM repeal of section 26-126, alternate materials and methods of
10:43:39AM construction.
10:43:40AM And providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict
10:43:45AM providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict;
10:43:47AM providing an effective date.
10:43:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
10:43:48AM Mr. Suarez.
10:43:49AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:43:52AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:43:52AM Item number 10.
10:43:58AM Mr. Cohen.
10:44:01AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you Mr. Chair.
10:44:03AM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading
10:44:05AM consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida
10:44:07AM amending chapter 26, City of Tampa utilities ordinance,
10:44:11AM article III, City of Tampa wastewater department ordinance,
10:44:17AM providing for repeal of section 26-127 analytical methods,
10:44:25AM providing for repeal of all other ordinances in conflict;
10:44:26AM providing an effective date.
10:44:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:44:28AM Ms. Mulhern.
10:44:30AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:44:32AM Opposed nay.
10:44:33AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:44:33AM Item number 11.
10:44:35AM Ms. Montelione.
10:44:39AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:44:39AM I present an ordinance for first reading consideration, an
10:44:41AM ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida amending chapter 26,
10:44:45AM City of Tampa utilities ordinance, article VII, City of
10:44:48AM Tampa grease management ordinance, section 26-302,
10:44:51AM applicability, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
10:44:53AM conflict; providing an effective date.
10:44:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second by
10:44:59AM Mr. Cohen.
10:44:59AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:45:01AM Opposed nay.
10:45:03AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:45:03AM Item number 12, Mr. Suarez, please.
10:45:10AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:45:10AM I present an ordinance first reading consideration, an
10:45:15AM ordinance approving a historic preservation property tax
10:45:18AM exemption application relative to the restoration,
10:45:20AM renovation and rehabilitation of certain property owned by
10:45:24AM Russell S. Versaggi and Frances Leigh Wilson Versaggi,
10:45:29AM located at 720 South Orleans avenue, Tampa, Florida in the
10:45:33AM Hyde Park historic district based upon certain findings,
10:45:36AM providing for notice to the property appraiser of
10:45:38AM Hillsborough County, providing for severability, providing
10:45:43AM for repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an
10:45:44AM effective date.
10:45:44AM >> Second.
10:45:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
10:45:48AM Mr. Cohen.
10:45:48AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:45:50AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:45:50AM Item number 13, Mr. Capin, please?
10:45:55AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair, an ordinance being
10:45:57AM presented for first reading consideration.
10:45:59AM An ordinance approving a historic preservation property tax
10:46:02AM exemption application relative to the restoration,
10:46:08AM renovation or rehabilitation of certain property owned by
10:46:12AM Russell S. Versaggi and Frances Leigh Wilson Versaggi
10:46:17AM located at 506 east Park Avenue, Tampa, Florida in the Tampa
10:46:21AM Heights historic district based upon certain findings,
10:46:24AM providing for notice to the property appraiser of
10:46:25AM Hillsborough County, providing for severability; providing
10:46:30AM for repeal of all ordinances in conflict; providing an
10:46:31AM effective date.
10:46:33AM >> Second.
10:46:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin, second by
10:46:36AM Mr. Suarez.
10:46:37AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:46:39AM Opposed nay.
10:46:40AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:46:41AM Item number 14, Mr. Reddick, please.
10:46:45AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:46:46AM Move an ordinance being presented for first reading
10:46:48AM consideration.
10:46:48AM An ordinance amending the Tampa comprehensive plan capital
10:46:52AM improvements element by updating schedule of projects for
10:46:55AM fiscal year 2013 through fiscal year 2017, by updating the
10:47:01AM Florida department of transportation's work schedule for
10:47:04AM fiscal year 2013 through fiscal year 2017; by updating
10:47:10AM school board's facilities work program for fiscal year 2013
10:47:13AM through fiscal year 2017; providing for repeal of all
10:47:17AM ordinances in conflict; providing for severability;
10:47:22AM providing an effective date.
10:47:23AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
10:47:24AM Mr. Cohen, all in favor of that motion, please indicate by
10:47:27AM saying aye.
10:47:28AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:47:31AM Also for the record, clerk, on items 6 through 14, I know
10:47:34AM you said it earlier, the second reading will be held and the
10:47:37AM time.
10:47:38AM >>THE CLERK: Second reading of the ordinances for six
10:47:40AM through 14 will be held January the 10th at 9:30 a.m.
10:47:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:47:45AM We go now to committee report.
10:47:47AM Items 6 through 75.
10:47:50AM Public safety committee chair.
10:47:52AM Mr. Frank Reddick.
10:47:53AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, I move items 15 through 20.
10:47:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.
10:47:59AM Second by Mr. Suarez.
10:48:01AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:48:02AM Opposed nay.
10:48:05AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:48:05AM Parks, recreation, culture committee chair, Ms. Mary Mulhern
10:48:11AM event.
10:48:11AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:48:13AM I move items 21 through 36.
10:48:18AM >> Second.
10:48:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Mulhern, second by
10:48:20AM Mr. Cohen, august in favor of that motion, please indicate
10:48:23AM by saying aye.
10:48:23AM Opposed nay.
10:48:24AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:48:24AM Public works committee chair, Mr. Mike Suarez.
10:48:29AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Chair.
10:48:30AM I move items 37 through 45.
10:48:32AM >> Second.
10:48:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a
10:48:35AM second by Mr. Reddick.
10:48:36AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:48:38AM Opposed nay.
10:48:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:48:40AM Finance committee chair, Mr. Harry Cohen.
10:48:45AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:48:46AM I move items 46 through 62.
10:48:49AM >> Second.
10:48:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Capin.
10:48:52AM All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.
10:48:55AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:48:55AM Building and zoning and preservation committee chair,
10:48:59AM Ms. Lisa Montelione.
10:49:01AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move items 53 through 63 and 66 through
10:49:05AM 71.
10:49:06AM Items 64 and 65 are being continued to January 24th.
10:49:11AM >> Second.
10:49:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione.
10:49:15AM I have a second by Mr. Cohen.
10:49:16AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:49:18AM Opposed nay.
10:49:20AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:49:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Transportation chair, Ms. Yvonne Yolie
10:49:28AM Capin.
10:49:30AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move item 72 through 75.
10:49:32AM >> Second.
10:49:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin, second by
10:49:35AM Mr. Suarez.
10:49:35AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:49:37AM Opposed nay.
10:49:38AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:49:38AM All right.
10:49:41AM We go to public hearing, second readings of proposed
10:49:45AM ordinance, which are items 76 through 78.
10:49:47AM Need a motion to open and to receive and file documents.
10:49:52AM I have a motion by Ms. Capin, I have a second by Mr. Reddick
10:49:55AM on 76 through 78.
10:49:56AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:49:58AM Opposed nay.
10:49:59AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:50:00AM These are public hearings.
10:50:03AM So we go to item number 76.
10:50:06AM Ordinance presented for second reading.
10:50:09AM Anyone from the administration would like to present it or
10:50:11AM speak on it?
10:50:12AM Yes, ma'am?
10:50:14AM >> Rebecca Kert, legal department.
10:50:15AM This is the same ordinance you read on first reading.
10:50:18AM I'm available if you have any questions.
10:50:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:50:20AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 76?
10:50:24AM I see no one.
10:50:26AM >> Move to close.
10:50:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:50:29AM Ms. Montelione.
10:50:30AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:50:32AM Opposed nay.
10:50:33AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:50:34AM Ms. Mulhern -- yes, sir?
10:50:37AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I just had an observation here.
10:50:40AM On 76, I thought we had discussion about using the term when
10:50:47AM the people, and making that change.
10:50:49AM >> This will be changed to two.
10:50:54AM >>REBECCA KERT: Yes, as you see in the title it was
10:50:57AM previously called window peeping and we are renaming, now
10:51:01AM will be called invasive viewing.
10:51:03AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
10:51:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We had open and close it.
10:51:06AM And little conversation.
10:51:07AM But Miss Mulhern, would you kindly take number 76.
10:51:10AM Again in the audience, any whereon care to speak on 76?
10:51:13AM I see no one.
10:51:14AM Let me close the hearing again.
10:51:15AM >> Playoff to close.
10:51:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:51:18AM Ms. Montelione.
10:51:18AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:51:20AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:51:21AM Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly take number 76, please?
10:51:25AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you Mr. Chair.
10:51:26AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
10:51:28AM adoption, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida making
10:51:31AM revisions to City of Tampa code of ordinances, chapter 14,
10:51:34AM offenses, amending and renaming section 14-42, window
10:51:40AM peeping, repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in
10:51:42AM conflict therewith; providing for severability; providing an
10:51:46AM effective date.
10:51:48AM >> Second.
10:51:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
10:51:52AM Mr. Suarez.
10:51:53AM Roll call vote.
10:51:55AM Vote and record.
10:52:02AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:52:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all.
10:52:06AM Item number 77.
10:52:08AM This is regarding sidewalks.
10:52:10AM Anyone from the administration, please?
10:52:16AM >> As I described, as this was presented at first reading,
10:52:19AM this is to go ahead and prohibit within the right-of-way
10:52:24AM advertising on transit shelters, which was also done in the,
10:52:29AM in an amendment to Chapter 27 in the Westshore overlay.
10:52:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:52:33AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 77?
10:52:36AM I see no one.
10:52:39AM I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
10:52:41AM Mr. Suarez.
10:52:42AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:52:43AM Opposed nay.
10:52:45AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:52:45AM Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 77, please?
10:52:50AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:52:51AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
10:52:54AM adoption, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida making
10:52:56AM revisions to City of Tampa code of organizations, chapter
10:52:59AM 22, streets and sidewalks, amending section 22-135, transit
10:53:03AM shelter advertising, repealing all ordinances or parts of
10:53:08AM ordinances in conflict therewith; providing for
10:53:10AM severability; providing an effective date.
10:53:13AM >> Second.
10:53:13AM >>I have a motion by Mr. Cohen on 77, second by Mr. Suarez.
10:53:17AM This is a roll call vote.
10:53:19AM Vote.
10:53:19AM And record.
10:53:27AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:53:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 78.
10:53:35AM >> You're here for the second reading on the senior citizens
10:53:38AM homestead exemption increase.
10:53:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:53:41AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 78
10:53:44AM please?
10:53:45AM >> Move to close.
10:53:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
10:53:48AM Mr. Suarez.
10:53:51AM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate by
10:53:54AM saying aye.
10:53:54AM Opposed nay?
10:53:55AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:53:56AM Ms. Montelione, for being a nice person, would you kindly
10:54:00AM take number 78, the long one?
10:54:05AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I present an ordinance for second reading
10:54:06AM and adoption, an ordinance of the City of Tampa amending
10:54:09AM sections 24-123 and 24-124 of the City of Tampa code of
10:54:14AM ordinances; providing for additional homestead exemption for
10:54:18AM eligible senior citizens by increasing exemption from 25,000
10:54:22AM to 50,000, by changing the eligible retroactive to
10:54:27AM January 1, 2012, to be effective for the year commencing on
10:54:30AM January 1, 2013, providing that the $20,000 household income
10:54:34AM eligibility criteria that began on January 1, 2001, be
10:54:38AM adjusted by percentage change in the average cost of living
10:54:40AM index in the period January 1 through December 31 for the
10:54:43AM previous year.
10:54:44AM Adding a new section 24-125 granting an additional homestead
10:54:49AM exemption of up to $250,000 for eligible senior citizens who
10:54:54AM meet the income standards and who have maintained a
10:54:56AM homestead exemption for 25 years in the home for which the
10:55:00AM exemption is being sought; providing for this ordinance to
10:55:05AM take effect retroactive to December 1, 2012, providing an
10:55:08AM effective date.
10:55:09AM >> Second.
10:55:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second
10:55:14AM by Mr. Suarez.
10:55:16AM Roll call vote.
10:55:18AM Vote and record.
10:55:26AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:55:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
10:55:31AM The item number 79 is a quasi-judicial.
10:55:35AM But there's a request here, as I understand it, on behalf of
10:55:38AM the petitioner to hold to January 24th.
10:55:40AM I'm going to open and receive and file the motions, if any.
10:55:44AM Night a motion to that effect.
10:55:46AM >> So moved.
10:55:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Capin, second by Mr. Cohen.
10:55:49AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:55:52AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:55:52AM Yes, sir, number 79, are you asking for -- Joel?
10:55:57AM If you're asking for couldn't United Nations on this one
10:55:59AM here?
10:56:00AM On 79?
10:56:04AM Anyone in the public that wishes to speak on the
10:56:07AM continuation of 79?
10:56:18AM >> Joel Sousa, land development.
10:56:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is 79, sir.
10:56:29AM It's second reading.
10:56:30AM On behalf of the petitioner, I got an e-mail here from Joel
10:56:33AM Sousa asking for couldn't United Nations to January 24th,
10:56:36AM the year 2013 at 9:30.
10:56:39AM >> That's right.
10:56:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And everybody's in agreement with that?
10:56:43AM >> Yes, sir.
10:56:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:56:44AM I need a continuation motion.
10:56:46AM >> So moved.
10:56:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by
10:56:50AM Mr. Suarez to continue this to January 24th, the year 2013
10:56:55AM at 9:30 a.m.
10:56:56AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:56:57AM Opposed nay?
10:56:59AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:57:00AM As this item is continued to that said date.
10:57:05AM Okay, Gee to item number 80.
10:57:07AM This is an ordinance proposed for second reading.
10:57:10AM This is quasi-judicial.
10:57:12AM I need a motion to open and to receive and file all the
10:57:15AM documents.
10:57:15AM >> So moved.
10:57:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez to that
10:57:18AM effect, second, by Ms. Mulhern.
10:57:22AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:57:25AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:57:25AM 89 is now open.
10:57:26AM Yes, sir?
10:57:31AM >> Plans have been given to the clerk's office.
10:57:34AM Here for any questions and so is the applicant.
10:57:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
10:57:38AM item 80?
10:57:39AM 8-0?
10:57:41AM I see no one.
10:57:42AM Have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
10:57:45AM Ms. Montelione.
10:57:46AM All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.
10:57:48AM Opposed nay.
10:57:50AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:57:50AM Your turn?
10:57:54AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 80?
10:57:58AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:57:59AM I present an ordinance for second reading an adoption.
10:58:02AM An ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 for
10:58:07AM alcoholic beverage sales, bar, lounge, on preemptions only
10:58:09AM an making lawful the sale of beverages regardless of
10:58:14AM alcoholic content - beer, wine and liquor - on that certain
10:58:15AM lot, plot or tract of land at 109 north 12th street, suit
10:58:22AM 1101, Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described in
10:58:25AM section 2, imposing certain conditions based on the location
10:58:28AM of the property, that all ordinances or parts of ordinances
10:58:30AM in conflict are repealed, providing an effective date.
10:58:33AM >> Second.
10:58:34AM >> Have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Ms. Mulhern.
10:58:37AM Close vote with Mr. Reddick.
10:58:39AM This is a second reading.
10:58:40AM Roll call vote and record.
10:58:45AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin being absent at vote.
10:58:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, these are staff reports coming up
10:58:54AM now.
10:58:55AM Item 81 through 91.
10:58:57AM And some, some changes to some of them.
10:59:00AM Item number 81?
10:59:02AM This is a quarterly report to Council.
10:59:06AM Anyone in the administration handling that?
10:59:17AM >>REBECCA KERT: On item 81, I believe that Mrs. Coyle, who
10:59:21AM is ill today and unable to be here today, had provided
10:59:24AM written documentation to Mr. Capin and Ms. Capin was going
10:59:28AM to present that.
10:59:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
10:59:31AM Let's just hold 81 till we Finnish that.
10:59:34AM Item number 82.
10:59:37AM It's a report on synthetic drugs.
10:59:44AM >> Julie Mandell, legal department.
10:59:46AM I was invited to attend and participate in task force
10:59:50AM meetings which were spearheaded by county commissioner Les
10:59:53AM Miller as well as Councilmember Frank Reddick.
10:59:55AM I had attended, I want to say four task force meetings,
11:00:00AM which on the task force includes members of the Hillsborough
11:00:03AM County attorneys office, the state attorney's office.
11:00:06AM The Hillsborough County sheriff's legal department, in order
11:00:09AM for us to review and look at what kind of local regulation
11:00:13AM can be obtained for this synthetic drug issue.
11:00:17AM And we talk a lot about the synthetic drug issue so I'm not
11:00:21AM going to get into the nuances of it.
11:00:23AM But there has been coordinated effort to go forward and look
11:00:26AM at whether or not we could do some local regulation.
11:00:28AM Right now, the Hillsborough County attorneys office is
11:00:30AM preparing a draft ordinance to bring to the Hillsborough
11:00:34AM County board of county commissioners meeting in February,
11:00:37AM which would be applicable countywide to prohibit, prohibit
11:00:44AM additional prohibitions against synthetic drugs on a local
11:00:47AM regulatory level as well as looking at other alternatives,
11:00:51AM such as having requirements that if you are going to sell
11:00:55AM something that has a package that looks like it could be a
11:00:58AM synthetic drug, there may be some kind of requirement you
11:01:02AM sign a document, that you give your drivers license.
11:01:05AM We're looking at a lot of different options right now at
11:01:09AM this point, not only Hillsborough County looking at this
11:01:11AM issue, as well as the City of Tampa, but jurisdictions all
11:01:15AM over the state have been continuously looking at this issue.
11:01:18AM It is a difficult thing to regulate as we discussed
11:01:20AM previously, given the chemical compositions and what's
11:01:23AM happened at the state level.
11:01:25AM But there is a concerted effort I believe on the part of the
11:01:28AM Hillsborough County and all the agencies to see what other
11:01:30AM opportunities we have to regulate and prohibit synthetic
11:01:33AM drugs.
11:01:34AM I also wanted to note to you that Pam Bondi, the Florida
11:01:38AM attorney general has also taken on this issue and has just
11:01:42AM recently moved into enact an emergency rule in which there
11:01:47AM has been an additional 22 substances which are banned as
11:01:52AM class C felony drug arrestable offenses.
11:01:56AM And those additional 22 substances, as you may recall there,
11:01:59AM was additional 50 substances which were added to state
11:02:02AM statutes last year.
11:02:03AM These additional 22 substances will more likely than not be
11:02:07AM looked at by the Florida legislature during its legislative
11:02:11AM session coming up in January.
11:02:12AM So, with all of these efforts that are occurring and what's
11:02:15AM happening on the local level, I'm hopeful that sometime in
11:02:18AM February, I can bring back to you a report as to what the
11:02:22AM conclusion is on this countywide ordinance, whether or not
11:02:25AM it would be necessary for the City of Tampa to take any
11:02:28AM additional legislative action in order to move forward with
11:02:34AM what the county has done and we should have a better idea of
11:02:37AM what we all feel is enforceable.
11:02:39AM Because of course the biggest issue with this type of
11:02:42AM regulation is it's enforceability.
11:02:44AM So it was a real pleasure to have that opportunity to sit
11:02:47AM down, not just with ply fellow attorneys from the county
11:02:51AM attorney's office but also with the state attorneys who are
11:02:54AM the people on the fronts lines in the process of enforcing
11:02:57AM any kind of criminalization, additional criminalization,
11:03:01AM even if it's on a municipal ordinance level, of this type of
11:03:04AM ordinance.
11:03:04AM I'm available for any questions.
11:03:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:03:07AM Ms. Montelione?
11:03:08AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:03:09AM Just refresh my memory because we may have discussed this
11:03:12AM before.
11:03:13AM And I'm not super familiar with the preface.
11:03:17AM But when the attorney general comes out with the new list of
11:03:20AM additional substances, can we ban them within the City of
11:03:24AM Tampa city limits?
11:03:26AM Do we have to wait for the legislature to ban?
11:03:28AM >> Well in fact they're banned now under state law.
11:03:31AM The question is finding an additional resource, because
11:03:34AM technically, all of the substances which make up the
11:03:38AM synthetic drugs are banned substances.
11:03:40AM The problem is the chemical compositions change, they don't
11:03:44AM have -- it's not like they're clearly labeled to say here,
11:03:47AM we contain these substances.
11:03:49AM So we were looking at additional resources of how we could
11:03:52AM further ban it, either from display or other types of
11:03:58AM enforcement mechanisms, against businesses who display
11:04:03AM materials which could possibly be construed as these types
11:04:07AM of substances.
11:04:08AM The substances themselves are illegal, and now there's an
11:04:11AM additional 22 substances which under the emergency rule
11:04:14AM would be illegal.
11:04:16AM And the attorney general has that authority to enact that
11:04:19AM emergency rule until such time as the Florida legislature
11:04:22AM takes action.
11:04:23AM So we don't need a separate ordinance to ban those
11:04:26AM substances.
11:04:27AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't know, what I thought was that we
11:04:29AM had to wait until the legislature banned the 20 that were on
11:04:32AM the attorney general's list before it was enforceable.
11:04:36AM But that's not the case?
11:04:38AM As soon as the order is issued.
11:04:40AM >> That's correct.
11:04:41AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had brought this up, one of the times
11:04:43AM that we talked about this, was looking at the false
11:04:48AM advertising or, you know, misleading labeling on the
11:04:56AM packaging and those kinds of things.
11:04:56AM So, it sounds like that's one of the strategies that you're
11:04:58AM going off.
11:05:00AM >> That is one that we are looking at.
11:05:03AM It's been a really good opportunity to work with all these
11:05:07AM agencies to look at different opportunities, because we also
11:05:13AM run against other federal laws and state laws, advertising.
11:05:18AM So we are trying to find different methods and mechanisms to
11:05:21AM deal with tissues.
11:05:22AM In Pasco County is actually just enacted an ordinance which
11:05:27AM is very broad, but it does have some elements of the
11:05:30AM advertising portion of it in there.
11:05:32AM So we're looking at that.
11:05:33AM Trying to assure ourselves that we are comfortable, that
11:05:36AM it's legally enforceable and that it will be part of the
11:05:40AM ordinance that we are bringing back.
11:05:42AM As I said, I think it's really positive that we're actually
11:05:45AM doing this on a countywide level.
11:05:47AM And that way, we will all be speaking on this particular
11:05:52AM issue in one voice.
11:05:56AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: One other suggestion is that, I know that
11:05:58AM a while back, there was a certain type of substance that was
11:06:02AM contained in flu medication, I think it was, or cough
11:06:07AM medicine or something.
11:06:08AM And in the supermarkets and other places where that was
11:06:11AM previously just on the shelf and sold over, you know, just
11:06:16AM readily available to pick up the box, it's now sold behind
11:06:19AM the counter at the pharmacy and it's behind glass or locked
11:06:24AM key or something like that.
11:06:25AM So, if we could maybe look at that, because the more
11:06:31AM barriers you add to somebody having to walk up to a product
11:06:35AM and purchase it, I think it's not going to eradicate it, but
11:06:39AM it will reduce it somewhat.
11:06:40AM So maybe just -- in the meantime, since we can't figure out
11:06:45AM how to get it out of the stores, maybe that's something we
11:06:48AM can do right away while the task force is working on all the
11:06:52AM other issues.
11:06:53AM >> Well, we will actually -- the intent is have something
11:06:56AM back to the county commission in February.
11:06:58AM And in fact, that is one of the thoughts and strategies is
11:07:02AM to put in almost like a business regulation relating to
11:07:06AM this, the places which sell what could be construed as the
11:07:12AM bath salts or other synthetic cannabinoids, behind the
11:07:19AM counter.
11:07:20AM Have to show your drivers license to be able to purchase.
11:07:23AM Those kinds of things.
11:07:24AM So those are part of the strategies we're working toward.
11:07:26AM I'm very hopeful we'll have a draft ordinance that
11:07:29AM everybody's comfortable with in early part of January.
11:07:31AM And they intend to bring it back to the board of county
11:07:34AM commissioners in February.
11:07:35AM So it may be appropriate for us to maybe have this put on
11:07:37AM the agenda again for February.
11:07:40AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
11:07:40AM I just want to thank you and commend Councilmember Reddick
11:07:44AM for his work on this issue, as well as commissioner Les
11:07:49AM Miller.
11:07:49AM Because it is a scourge on the young people in our
11:07:54AM communities.
11:07:55AM And every time I walk into the gas station on the corner by
11:07:58AM my house, I just kind of shutter.
11:08:00AM So thank you very much.
11:08:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have Mr. Suarez, Ms. Capin and
11:08:04AM Mr. Reddick.
11:08:07AM Mr. Reddick, okay.
11:08:08AM I'm sorry.
11:08:09AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Want to thank you, Mr. Chair, thank you
11:08:12AM Mr. Suarez.
11:08:12AM I was just going to be brief and just suggest that
11:08:16AM February 21st at our last meeting of that month might be the
11:08:20AM best time to put it on the calendar for you to come back.
11:08:24AM >> That will be great.
11:08:25AM Thank you.
11:08:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: And I just want to thank our Council for
11:08:30AM working with the task force and I believe with all the
11:08:34AM agencies that we have involved, that we're going to have
11:08:38AM something in place.
11:08:39AM It might not solve all the approximate, but I think we're
11:08:42AM going to get to the bottom of it.
11:08:44AM So thank you for working with us on that.
11:08:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Who was first?
11:08:48AM Ms. Capin?
11:08:50AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think it was me now.
11:08:51AM Thank you, chair.
11:08:52AM Ms. Mandell, you know, Ms. Montelione, I mentioned some of
11:09:01AM the things that I was going to ask specifically about
11:09:04AM advertising some of the other things to keep it out.
11:09:06AM Is there a way in which those, we can make an ordinance that
11:09:11AM says those items that are put on an emergency order by the
11:09:16AM AG's office are those that have to be asked for, you know,
11:09:20AM by someone and have to have a drivers license saying they're
11:09:23AM 18 years old or something like that?
11:09:26AM It may be excessively broad and may be against some other
11:09:29AM state laws, but it seems to me that the simplest way of
11:09:33AM doing it so we stop getting out of the game of the makers of
11:09:38AM these bath salts, of hiding the football, where we can have
11:09:42AM an ordinance that is broad enough that excepts those things
11:09:46AM that are already either illegal by state statute or by
11:09:50AM emergency order by the AG's office.
11:09:53AM I think that is probably the direction to go.
11:09:55AM Because now we don't have to revisit another ordinance based
11:09:58AM on that.
11:10:00AM We can let the state do their job, which is to identify
11:10:03AM those particular substances that are, you know, newly
11:10:08AM created in order to get around the state law.
11:10:11AM And at the same time our ordinance will still be in place to
11:10:15AM make sure that those items fall beneath our enforcement
11:10:19AM aspect of it.
11:10:20AM Whether it's under the business aspect or under a criminal
11:10:23AM penalty.
11:10:25AM >> That's certainly something we can look at.
11:10:27AM I'm not sure legally it would be a problem to draft that
11:10:30AM ordinance.
11:10:30AM I think there's been a good experience, it's more
11:10:32AM enforcement issue and how you prove that up when going into
11:10:36AM a criminal violation situation, which is why it's been great
11:10:39AM to have the opportunity to actually work with the state
11:10:42AM attorney's office on these particular issues.
11:10:45AM At the next task force meeting, let me raise that issue and
11:10:48AM see what we can come up.
11:10:50AM It may well be we put something on the books to that effect
11:10:53AM and we just will have to see how that is dealt with
11:10:57AM ultimately.
11:10:57AM But I think that's a great idea and I'll go ahead and seek
11:11:01AM to have that added into anything that we bring forward.
11:11:04AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I appreciate that.
11:11:05AM Because I look at a two pronged approach.
11:11:08AM If we keep trying to figure out those substances to ban,
11:11:11AM we're going to keep running a step or two behind those
11:11:14AM manufacturers of these particular products.
11:11:16AM If we put in place an ordinance that includes those things
11:11:20AM that are already listed, regardless of what happens, we can
11:11:23AM still have little broader latitude in order to allow TPD to
11:11:29AM go visit some of these convenience stores and other places
11:11:33AM to knock on the door and say listen, you know what?
11:11:36AM This is part of a list of banned substances, regardless of
11:11:40AM what it is.
11:11:40AM And we can get away from the packaging side of it because I
11:11:44AM think you're right.
11:11:45AM There are a lot of federal regulations dealing with that.
11:11:47AM There are a lot of constitutional protections too in terms
11:11:50AM of how you advertise.
11:11:52AM And secondly, I think it gets us out of the business of
11:11:56AM trying to continually regulate a moving target.
11:12:00AM And then that way, we have got as broad a possible
11:12:03AM ordinance, so that we can still have the ability to enforce
11:12:09AM it without having to get into the game as to, you know, what
11:12:12AM is the banned substance and what is not?
11:12:14AM As long as the state keeps up with it.
11:12:17AM And I think the AG's office has the right idea, so that they
11:12:20AM can keep doing these emergency orders and we can still be
11:12:24AM under that blanket and be able to enforce it.
11:12:26AM I appreciate all the work you're doing and thank you
11:12:30AM Councilman Reddick, yourself and commissioner Miller for
11:12:33AM being involved in this and takings a lead role in it.
11:12:36AM So thank you.
11:12:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:12:38AM Any other Councilmembers?
11:12:40AM Thank you very much.
11:12:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick is going to make the motion.
11:12:49AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, chair.
11:12:50AM Just like to make a motion that legal department report back
11:12:53AM on February 21st, staff report on any update pertaining to
11:12:58AM an ordinance of synthetic drug ordinance.
11:13:02AM >> Second.
11:13:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ordinance by Mr. Reddick, second,
11:13:09AM Mr. Suarez, with close vet where Ms. Capin, Ms. Mulhern and
11:13:14AM Mr. Cohen.
11:13:15AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:13:16AM Opposed nay.
11:13:19AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:13:20AM We go back to 81 that was a reference made by the particular
11:13:25AM department regarding Ms. Capin.
11:13:26AM She's here now.
11:13:27AM You care to make that statement again, ma'am?
11:13:31AM Want to make sure all parties.
11:13:33AM >>REBECCA KERT: It was my understanding that Ms. Coyle is
11:13:35AM out sick today.
11:13:36AM But she has provided some information to Ms. Capin she could
11:13:40AM relate.
11:13:41AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
11:13:41AM Yes, she did.
11:13:42AM We spoke a couple of days this week.
11:13:46AM This is pertaining to the alcoholic beverage conditions
11:13:51AM placard that was passed a little over a year ago.
11:13:55AM And the progress on it.
11:13:57AM I'm very satisfied with that.
11:13:59AM But more importantly, what has come of that, because it was
11:14:03AM a fairly arduous labor intensive because of the way the
11:14:09AM records had been managed over the years, but now, from that,
11:14:15AM she's taken it quite a few steps further and they're going
11:14:19AM to be utilizing digital records that will be compiled on a
11:14:23AM database of transition from a current environment to live
11:14:28AM system will be used by staff.
11:14:31AM Greatly reduced requirement to begin the placard production.
11:14:36AM The development is, it will be because of the laptops that
11:14:42AM the law enforcement has in their vehicles, they are able to
11:14:48AM layer without having to wait for the implementation of the
11:14:51AM overall system that we are now working on, they asking now,
11:14:58AM as soon as this is ready, it can be used by law enforcement
11:15:02AM in realtime.
11:15:04AM They will have all these conditions that have been placed on
11:15:07AM alcoholic beverage.
11:15:08AM So I want to commend them for taking it that step further.
11:15:11AM And of course the placard is for the public at these
11:15:15AM locations.
11:15:15AM So thank you, Cathy Coyle and her staff for taking this many
11:15:20AM steps further and bringing us to the 21st century.
11:15:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:15:25AM 81 and 82 are taken care of.
11:15:27AM 83, that was I believe one of the items that was earlier
11:15:34AM continued to January 24th at 10:00 in the morning.
11:15:37AM That takes care of 83.
11:15:38AM Item number 84.
11:15:44AM Yes, sir?
11:15:47AM >> Mr. Chairman, 41 was just placed on the staff reports
11:15:50AM because of the amount of the, as my understanding, but that
11:15:54AM is just a resolution that can be moved.
11:15:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
11:15:59AM Mr. Cohen, all in favor of the motion, please indicate by
11:16:00AM saying aye.
11:16:01AM Opposed nay.
11:16:02AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:16:04AM 85 is one that's set now for January the 10th of the year
11:16:07AM 2013 at the same time it is today, at 10:00 in the morning.
11:16:13AM That takes care of 85.
11:16:15AM We go now to 86.
11:16:16AM It's an ordinance on item -- let me open item 81 through 91,
11:16:28AM ordinance for first reading.
11:16:31AM And these are ordinances for first reading.
11:16:33AM I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by Ms. Capin.
11:16:38AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:16:41AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:16:41AM They're either resolutions or ordinance, we just put them
11:16:44AM all in.
11:16:45AM Yes, ma'am?
11:16:46AM >> Item 86, Mr. Chair.
11:16:48AM Good morning, Allison Singer with the legal department.
11:16:52AM I have presented the ordinance Council requested the last
11:16:56AM meeting for your review.
11:16:57AM And I'm available for any questions or discussions you have.
11:17:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We took earlier testimony on number 86.
11:17:05AM Anyone who has not spoken prior on this item, 86, care to
11:17:09AM speak now?
11:17:10AM I see no one.
11:17:11AM Need a motion to close.
11:17:13AM >> Move to close.
11:17:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick,
11:17:17AM second bring Cohen.
11:17:18AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:17:20AM Opposed nay.
11:17:21AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:17:21AM Ms. Mulhern?
11:17:25AM It's the first reading.
11:17:26AM You want to read the ordinance?
11:17:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: No.
11:17:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.
11:17:32AM Let's open the public hearing again.
11:17:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to reopen, second bring
11:17:40AM Cohen.
11:17:40AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:17:42AM Opposed nay.
11:17:43AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:17:44AM Yes, sir?
11:17:45AM >> Apologize, Mr. Claire.
11:17:46AM I know that Kimberly Crum had sent a memo to Council on
11:17:50AM their.
11:17:51AM I didn't know if any Councilmembers wanted to speak to that
11:17:53AM at all.
11:17:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern, I believe was the first one
11:17:58AM on the floor.
11:17:59AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:18:00AM I've listened to everyone here today and was very impressed
11:18:09AM and moved at the amount of time that all of these citizens,
11:18:15AM pastors, volunteers have put into this.
11:18:19AM So I listened to all of their comments, so I do feel like
11:18:23AM I'd like to ask a few more questions of legal, of Ms. Singer
11:18:29AM and also ask my colleagues to think about maybe adding,
11:18:35AM especially since we heard from one business person, maybe
11:18:38AM adding the contractors to the list.
11:18:41AM We got a memo from hope on December 17th.
11:18:45AM Do you have a copy of it?
11:18:47AM >> I do, thank you.
11:18:48AM >>MARY MULHERN: So I thought their recommendations were
11:18:50AM mostly pretty good.
11:18:51AM Did you remove this sunset provision?
11:18:56AM >> The sunset provision was removed.
11:18:58AM Few changes that Council had asked for was the sunset
11:19:01AM provision and number of days for an applicant to respond.
11:19:04AM The draft ordinance has been presented changes that from one
11:19:07AM day to seven days.
11:19:08AM I just did want to point out, I believe Council also
11:19:10AM received e-mail from Kimberly Crum with the administration.
11:19:15AM >>MARY MULHERN: I want to suggest, if Council agrees, maybe
11:19:20AM we split the difference and make it five days.
11:19:22AM And then, the credit check, was that added?
11:19:27AM >> The credit check was not added.
11:19:29AM The way that was left at the last meeting was for legal as
11:19:31AM well as human resources to appear at the
11:19:34AM January 24th Council meeting for a full discussion on that
11:19:36AM issue as to how Council would like to proceed.
11:19:41AM >>MARY MULHERN: So we're going to take that up next year.
11:19:44AM And then just, as far as the businesses contracting with the
11:19:49AM city, you know, I was looking over all the information
11:19:55AM that's been submitted and the fact that there are so many
11:19:58AM cities that have adopted this similar thing, and the fact
11:20:03AM that, you know, when we hear from responsible employers and
11:20:07AM compassionate employers, that don't feel this would be an
11:20:12AM undue burden, I'd like us to reconsider that.
11:20:15AM If Council supported adding contractors, I would support
11:20:20AM that.
11:20:23AM And I think that, you know, if you wanted to respond to what
11:20:27AM they had to say about the fact that the EEOC has recently
11:20:33AM reminded employers to follow their rules concerning hiring
11:20:37AM procedures for persons with criminal records, so I feel like
11:20:40AM there really is support for the idea.
11:20:45AM >> Just to respond to that.
11:20:46AM The EEOC was in April of this year, what they did, they
11:20:49AM released updated guidance about the use of criminal history
11:20:53AM in hiring decisions for employers.
11:20:54AM It was referenced in one of my earlier memos to you.
11:21:00AM This is how much guidance the EEOC issued.
11:21:03AM Part of that, this is based on title 7, which is federal
11:21:06AM law, with regard to how employers may use criminal
11:21:10AM information during the hiring process.
11:21:12AM The challenges the EEOC does not issue something with a
11:21:16AM force of law itself.
11:21:18AM So, they're updated guidance is really that.
11:21:22AM It is guidance for employers about what they can do, what
11:21:25AM they also do at the end of that guidance is they issue best
11:21:28AM practices, to give employers a sense of from their
11:21:31AM perspective, what's the best possible way you could go about
11:21:34AM using this information.
11:21:35AM Title 7 on the other hand, of course, do have the force of
11:21:38AM law.
11:21:39AM And part of what the EEOC is addressing in this updated
11:21:43AM guidance is how title 7 could be used against employers
11:21:46AM right now if they are indeed using criminal history in
11:21:50AM discriminatory fashion.
11:21:51AM The challenge from the city's perspective, from a legal
11:21:55AM aspect is, when we start to apply these to outside
11:21:59AM contractors, there is no question that that could
11:22:02AM potentially have a desired impact in terms of opening doors
11:22:05AM for folks who have criminal histories.
11:22:08AM It also I do not think is without question that that would
11:22:11AM also have some impact on the city as far as its potential
11:22:14AM liability.
11:22:14AM Not necessarily because we would ultimately lose any cases
11:22:18AM where we have been involved, but as I mentioned to you
11:22:21AM previously, I think it could increase our involvement in
11:22:24AM negligent hiring sorts of claims or other discrimination
11:22:29AM source of claims brought by applicants.
11:22:31AM So that is what you need to consider.
11:22:32AM The other piece I wanted to address, that members of the
11:22:36AM public mentioned today, I think it was said that without
11:22:39AM this being extended to private employers or contractors,
11:22:43AM this is sort of a largely symbolic ordinance.
11:22:46AM I think first of all, that that's a little bit of an
11:22:49AM overstatement in extense, it's not symbolic to make sure the
11:22:52AM city's hiring procedures are not only come polite with
11:22:55AM federal and stated law, which they already are, but also are
11:22:58AM not discriminatory in nature.
11:23:01AM I that I guess beyond symbolic.
11:23:03AM If you decide to extend this to other people, it puts the
11:23:06AM city in a position where they have to figure out a way to
11:23:08AM enforce it.
11:23:11AM We have discussed this before.
11:23:12AM That is the where we came down on the undue burden side of
11:23:15AM things.
11:23:16AM And indeed in the cities that have applied this outside of
11:23:19AM themselves to private employers, they are creating entire
11:23:23AM agencies within the city to do the enforcement.
11:23:25AM Usually that enforcement looks like fines against the
11:23:28AM employers.
11:23:29AM And usually there is either sort of a task force or a
11:23:33AM division or department that the mayor of that city has been
11:23:36AM responsible to assign.
11:23:38AM Specifically for example, in Philadelphia and in Newark,
11:23:40AM which were two of the examples cited in the memo that hope
11:23:44AM gave to you.
11:23:45AM The mayors of those cities are by ordinance required to
11:23:48AM appoint a department or an agency to enforce these things.
11:23:51AM That's really what I want you to consider in terms of what
11:23:55AM the burden on the city looks like, how you enforce this sort
11:23:58AM of thing.
11:24:00AM >>MARY MULHERN: Well, here's what I don't really understand.
11:24:03AM We already have a department, we have got our small and
11:24:07AM local business, we have got our women and minorities.
11:24:12AM So we have people who deal and we have personnel.
11:24:15AM So, I don't quite understand the liability -- our liability,
11:24:20AM if we are adopting this new policy for our own employees,
11:24:26AM and then we ask contractors to also adopt it, that would
11:24:32AM become part of their, the RFP process, the contract process,
11:24:38AM so it would just be like all the other things that we add to
11:24:43AM a contract for subcontracting.
11:24:48AM >> That's right.
11:24:48AM >>MARY MULHERN: So to add that language, mine the
11:24:50AM enforcement, we have enforcement problems with all of our
11:24:53AM laws.
11:24:55AM I don't see how that creates -- what is the actual potential
11:25:00AM liability?
11:25:02AM I'm just talking about contractors.
11:25:04AM Not, if we just added city contractors, not every employer
11:25:08AM in the city.
11:25:09AM >> It's pretty hard to tell you what the actual liability
11:25:11AM is.
11:25:12AM Because you don't know what you're going to be sued for.
11:25:16AM >>MARY MULHERN: Give me an example.
11:25:17AM >> The example is, negligent hiring.
11:25:19AM What happens if someone gets hired by a contractor, let's
11:25:24AM say they commit a tort on another employee on the job.
11:25:28AM The family of that person, whether that person was hurt or
11:25:33AM God forbid killed, will potentially sue that person's
11:25:38AM employers for negligent hiring or any other creative claim
11:25:41AM that they could come up with.
11:25:42AM In a situation where that person happened to have criminal
11:25:46AM history, it is conceivable to me that then that employer or
11:25:49AM contractor as the case may be, would include the city and
11:25:52AM say hey, we had to go follow the city's policy in terms of,
11:25:57AM excuse me, the city's ordinance in terms of how we go about
11:26:00AM hiring folks with a criminal record.
11:26:01AM I don't think, and I want to be careful.
11:26:03AM I don't necessarily think that's the case where we would
11:26:07AM ultimately end up paying money.
11:26:09AM I mean, I am presenting this to you as a possibility because
11:26:13AM I think it is defensible.
11:26:14AM However, as I've mentioned before, just because we don't end
11:26:19AM up paying money doesn't mean we don't end up spending
11:26:22AM resources on that type of claim.
11:26:23AM So that's really where my caution is.
11:26:25AM I wish I could tell you all the possible examples.
11:26:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: No, I just wanted to make sure I understood
11:26:30AM how we might be liable.
11:26:32AM We're liable all the time for being sued, as we're
11:26:37AM constantly reminded here when we make these big decisions.
11:26:41AM But I think we should consider -- I think as a Council, we
11:26:45AM should consider maybe weighing the benefit of reduction in
11:26:52AM crime, increasing employment, reducing the cost of
11:26:57AM recidivism and, against, you know, that just likely,
11:27:04AM unlikely possibility that we might get sued.
11:27:07AM I mean, I think because we have such a good legal department
11:27:10AM and you've done such a great job here, I think we would be
11:27:14AM fine.
11:27:15AM So, I'd be in favor of doing that, if other Councilmembers
11:27:18AM are.
11:27:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
11:27:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.
11:27:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Go ahead.
11:27:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I apologize for Mr. Reddick.
11:27:37AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: To follow up on some of the comments that
11:27:42AM Councilwoman Mulhern brought up, she had brought to Council
11:27:47AM a couple of years, maybe three, four years ago, the local
11:27:50AM hiring preference ordinance, which failed by a very narrow
11:27:55AM margin if I recall, because I was here to speak on that item
11:27:59AM before Council and Council heard it.
11:28:02AM In spending all the time hearing from the public and
11:28:05AM listening to people and understanding, being a contractor
11:28:11AM myself, I'm familiar with some of the intricacies and some
11:28:16AM of the regulations that contractors already have to jump
11:28:18AM through, like when we receive federal money for a job and
11:28:21AM you've got to fill out the requirements.
11:28:24AM It's just another thing that you have to do in order to get
11:28:26AM the work.
11:28:27AM So, if you're interested in bidding on that contract, you
11:28:31AM know what you're going to have to do to get that contract.
11:28:35AM It's all part of the package.
11:28:37AM So, and I do understand that, you know, this economic times,
11:28:43AM all the businesses are complaining, well, you can't put any
11:28:46AM more business regulations on us because we're already
11:28:49AM struggling to start with.
11:28:50AM And I also understand time is money, because I'm the one, I
11:28:53AM just spent a week filling out documentation for a LEED
11:28:57AM project.
11:28:58AM And having to get all of that in line to do the LEED, it
11:29:02AM takes a lot of time.
11:29:03AM We don't charge extra money for that but it's part of the,
11:29:07AM part and parcel of what you do.
11:29:09AM I did reach out across the bay and I talked to one of the
11:29:12AM City Councilmen in St. Petersburg, and I have obtained a
11:29:16AM copy of their ordinance for local hiring that they're
11:29:19AM considering right now.
11:29:20AM They haven't passed it yet.
11:29:22AM It's still under discussion.
11:29:23AM It is a very contentious issue.
11:29:25AM But I think that, the you know, in many ways it helps us not
11:29:29AM to have to reinvent the wheel.
11:29:32AM There are very good calls to this ordinance and I'll split
11:29:37AM this, it's public record, because it's part of the city of
11:29:41AM St. Petersburg, but also admitted so that it's part of our
11:29:44AM record and people can access it through our action agenda.
11:29:49AM And I think that it does deserve a longer discussion.
11:29:53AM I think, you know, to add things today and ask you to add
11:29:59AM things to the ordinance we have in front of us would just
11:30:02AM prolong implementing the one we have in front of us.
11:30:04AM So what I'd like to do and recommend I think is worthy is to
11:30:10AM schedule this so everybody speaks, but I think schedule this
11:30:14AM for further discussion maybe in March.
11:30:17AM I don't know how our calendar is shaping up.
11:30:19AM It's probably getting crowded for February, so we might be
11:30:23AM looking at March of 2013.
11:30:27AM And this way, it will give all of us, the public, looking at
11:30:35AM different ordinances for local hiring, because it is a
11:30:38AM little bit different than what we have been discussing so
11:30:41AM far.
11:30:42AM >> From a legal perspective, it's quite a bit of difference.
11:30:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think if we hold off that discussion
11:30:52AM until March, it would give people time to look at that I'd
11:30:55AM like to revise the discussion Councilwoman Mulhern started
11:30:59AM all those years ago.
11:31:00AM So that would be what I would recommend.
11:31:02AM And I agree with the five days.
11:31:04AM Know credit checks are coming back.
11:31:06AM So that's all I had to ask.
11:31:08AM Thank you.
11:31:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
11:31:10AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:31:11AM I also agree with the five days.
11:31:13AM Let me just put that out.
11:31:14AM But I don't agree that we need to wait till March.
11:31:18AM We have a workshop in January dealing with the credit
11:31:24AM checks, that's what it is?
11:31:26AM >> It's actually coming to us as a staff report.
11:31:29AM I believe on January 24th.
11:31:31AM >> That's correct.
11:31:32AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Staff report?
11:31:34AM Okay.
11:31:34AM Coming as a staff report.
11:31:36AM Well then, I would like to add, this a part of our staff
11:31:42AM report, that you have time to investigate this or we can
11:31:45AM Swedish this and make this a workshop, because I think we
11:31:50AM need to give consideration to this and give legal the time,
11:31:55AM the opportunity to investigate and, what you said you have
11:32:00AM from St. Pete, and I'm looking at either doing this as a
11:32:03AM workshop and not a staff report, or if legal feel they have
11:32:07AM enough time, if January 24th, to come back with evaluation
11:32:11AM and report based on this information.
11:32:13AM That we are discussing here, these two other items.
11:32:18AM >> On the local hiring?
11:32:20AM >> May I make a comment?
11:32:21AM I was going -- I would just like to make the following
11:32:23AM suggestion.
11:32:24AM We're really talking about two separate issues here.
11:32:27AM I think the issue that Councilwoman Mulhern brings up could
11:32:31AM be addressed a it the same time as the credit check issue on
11:32:35AM the 24th.
11:32:36AM I think the local hiring issue is really something that
11:32:40AM almost deserves an entirely separate discussion because it's
11:32:44AM really not related at all.
11:32:45AM Although it has the same type of goals.
11:32:48AM So I'm wondering if we could do on the 24th the issue
11:32:51AM regarding the contractors and then maybe at another time,
11:32:59AM maybe in February, at a regular meeting, a staff report on
11:33:02AM the local hiring.
11:33:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, basically what I was looking at was
11:33:06AM contractors, what Councilwoman Mulhern is speaking of.
11:33:10AM Including that as a part of the discussion on January the
11:33:13AM 24th.
11:33:14AM And because it's just basically me, it's having an
11:33:17AM understanding of the simple decisions, if we just want to
11:33:21AM add contractors to the ordinance.
11:33:22AM So, even if we have to do a new ordinance, so I was just
11:33:28AM looking at, we can do it on January 24th as a staff report.
11:33:35AM >> That a motion?
11:33:36AM >> Second.
11:33:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I go to a vote, there's
11:33:39AM Councilmembers who have not spoken.
11:33:40AM Anyone who has not spoken care to speak now?
11:33:43AM Okay, we go back to the motion of Mr. Reddick, second by
11:33:48AM Mr. Cohen.
11:33:49AM Ms. Mulhern, you have the floor.
11:33:51AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
11:33:51AM I think that's a good solution.
11:33:54AM I'm wondering if your motion could ask, you could amend to
11:33:58AM ask that the ordinance be brought back to include city
11:34:05AM contractors?
11:34:06AM Not just a discussion that we come back with a draft
11:34:09AM ordinance -- it's a staff report, right?
11:34:17AM >>HARRY COHEN: I want to go ahead and pass what we have
11:34:19AM today.
11:34:19AM And do this as a follow-up to it.
11:34:21AM Not hold this up to wait for it.
11:34:24AM >>MARY MULHERN: Well, what would you suggest we do?
11:34:27AM Pass one ordinance, you know, continue the discussion or
11:34:32AM should we pass what we have and amend it?
11:34:35AM >> I would say with regard to is the city contractors issue,
11:34:38AM there are quite a few factual questions, are you talking
11:34:41AM about everyone who does any type of contractual business
11:34:43AM with the city, if it's construction contract, is it
11:34:46AM purchasing?
11:34:47AM , etcetera, so those sorts of things I think we need much
11:34:51AM more specifics direction on what you're trying to include
11:34:55AM before I could make anything that I knew was what you're
11:35:01AM asking for.
11:35:02AM >>MARY MULHERN: So we'll get the report from you and we can
11:35:04AM talk to you in the meantime about what specifics.
11:35:08AM >> Yes.
11:35:08AM I'm certainly available.
11:35:09AM I would also suggest, and --
11:35:12AM >>MARY MULHERN: I would just look at the other cities and
11:35:14AM what they did.
11:35:15AM >> I have them all pulled.
11:35:17AM So that part will be easy.
11:35:19AM But what I would suggest as well is that you all hear from
11:35:22AM administration, any of the departments that might be
11:35:24AM affected from this.
11:35:25AM I have spoken with them.
11:35:26AM I know some members of HOPE have spoken with them.
11:35:29AM I think it may be important for you all to hear what they
11:35:32AM have to say so you can include that in your analysis.
11:35:35AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Can they do that on the 24th?
11:35:37AM >> I would assume they could.
11:35:39AM I don't want to speak for them.
11:35:41AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Send us a memo.
11:35:42AM How they feel about it.
11:35:44AM They can either send a memo before the 24th our appear
11:35:49AM before us on the 24th as part of this discussion.
11:35:53AM >> Are you asking me?
11:35:56AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
11:35:57AM >> Certainly, you can either direct them to appear or to
11:36:00AM provide a report to you, or you can invite them.
11:36:02AM However you'd like to approach.
11:36:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I move amend my motion, I want to amend the
11:36:08AM motion to include that any department head in the City of
11:36:11AM Tampa that wish to appear on the discussion we're going to
11:36:15AM have on January 24th, to provide us a written report or
11:36:19AM appear before Council on the 24th and giver a verbal report
11:36:23AM based on our discussion.
11:36:26AM >> And that particular topic?
11:36:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Particularly to this particular issue,
11:36:31AM contract affecting the city departments.
11:36:35AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before we take a vote --
11:36:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We're not going to take a vote.
11:36:38AM Ms. Mulhern isn't finished.
11:36:40AM Ms. Montelione has the floor after her.
11:36:45AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just lost my train of thought.
11:36:47AM I just wanted to make sure, the credit check part will be on
11:36:50AM there.
11:36:51AM I just want to clarify as Councilman Cohen said, this is
11:36:55AM talking about this second chance or opportunity for people
11:37:03AM with criminal histories.
11:37:05AM That's what we're talking about, so I think what we're doing
11:37:08AM is great if we discuss the credit check and the contractors
11:37:14AM at that meeting on the 24th.
11:37:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The original motion was made by
11:37:21AM Mr. Reddick and the second was made by Mr. Cohen.
11:37:25AM All right.
11:37:25AM With amendments he just stated, Ms. Montelione?
11:37:31AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was just going to recommend that this
11:37:33AM city of St. Petersburg local hiring ordinance does set
11:37:36AM parameters for again when we're talking about which
11:37:40AM contracts, if you want to like specify all contractors.
11:37:44AM That sort of thing.
11:37:45AM Anybody who does business with the city, they set this to
11:37:49AM construction or construction project means a project of
11:37:52AM $2 million or more which involves the process of building,
11:37:56AM altering, repairing, improving landscaping or demolishing
11:38:00AM any public structure, building a roadway or public
11:38:03AM improvements of any kind to public real property.
11:38:06AM And that might be something of a threshold that is offered
11:38:12AM when we're talking about which city contractors, which city
11:38:17AM processes and the parameters under way, so there's already
11:38:21AM some things in here where it gives that guideline.
11:38:25AM >> What you'll see if you look across the country, the
11:38:28AM threshold is very different, as you might suspect.
11:38:31AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm just recommending since they're
11:38:33AM St. Petersburg and we're Tampa, that we do something similar
11:38:35AM because then, when contractors are doing work or bidding
11:38:41AM work, I know I do it all the time, if you've got to look at
11:38:44AM all of the different regulations because they change from
11:38:46AM city to city, to jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it makes it
11:38:50AM much more difficult.
11:38:51AM So if we could mirror each other, it would at least make it
11:38:55AM less onerous because they would know if you're doing
11:38:58AM business either in Tampa, St. Petersburg or any other, you
11:39:01AM know, the it's the same set of rules.
11:39:03AM >> Let me just distinguish that, that makes perfect sense
11:39:06AM what you're saying.
11:39:07AM Let me just distinguish, that is a local hiring ordinance.
11:39:11AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But we're also talking about the credit
11:39:13AM checks and the background checks and which contracts that
11:39:19AM we're going to add, who will be having to comply with that
11:39:24AM ruling, that's what I'm suggesting.
11:39:27AM I'm suggesting the 2 million, I'm suggesting contractors,
11:39:31AM construction.
11:39:31AM It would be impossible for us to say any person who
11:39:34AM contracts with the city has to do the background checks, you
11:39:37AM know, the credit correction Czechs, because you're talking
11:39:40AM about applying paper from national paper companies.
11:39:44AM So, you know, we really have to narrow down the categories.
11:39:49AM And if you're looking at categories, that's where I would
11:39:54AM like it to be similar to what the rules are in local
11:40:00AM Hillsborough, Pinellas, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Manatee,
11:40:05AM so that when somebody is going to bid on a contract, they --
11:40:09AM they don't have to think twice.
11:40:11AM They know the rules are going to be the same everywhere.
11:40:14AM Just like the domestic partner, you know, if we had similar
11:40:19AM rules and we can reciprocate and do all that it makes it
11:40:24AM much more simplified and less onerous on the business owner.
11:40:28AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, any other, go back to the original
11:40:31AM motion by Mr. Reddick as amended by Mr. Reddick, seconded by
11:40:36AM Mr. Cohen, all in favor of that motion, please indicate by
11:40:38AM saying aye.
11:40:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:40:39AM Now we go back to this ordinance.
11:40:42AM We have not addressed.
11:40:43AM Ms. Mulhern?
11:40:46AM Would you kindly read the ordinance.
11:40:48AM >> Well, the ordinance you have before you is the
11:40:49AM modification to seven days.
11:40:51AM Just want to point that out to you.
11:40:53AM I'm not sure what Council's pleasure is with regard to that.
11:40:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We can change it with your direction, if
11:41:01AM you speak to it legally.
11:41:02AM >> You certainly can change that.
11:41:05AM >> She can just read the change, correct?
11:41:08AM >> You can.
11:41:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
11:41:11AM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just going to read the ordinance on the
11:41:16AM agenda and add that one change.
11:41:19AM >> Right.
11:41:20AM Because the title would not change.
11:41:21AM >>MARY MULHERN: It will happen between first and second
11:41:23AM reading.
11:41:24AM Thank you.
11:41:24AM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading
11:41:29AM consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida
11:41:31AM amending City of Tampa code of ordinances, chapter 12,
11:41:34AM creating article VI, sections 12 through 127, through
11:41:39AM 12-130, criminal history screening practices.
11:41:45AM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict;
11:41:48AM providing an effective date.
11:41:48AM And changing the -- is it investigation period?
11:41:58AM >> Time to respond.
11:42:00AM >>MARY MULHERN: Response period from seven days to five
11:42:02AM days.
11:42:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
11:42:10AM Mr. Reddick.
11:42:11AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:42:12AM Opposed nay.
11:42:16AM Nay.
11:42:18AM Motion passes 6-1.
11:42:21AM >>THE CLERK: Second reading of the ordinance will be held
11:42:23AM January 10th, 9:30 a.m.
11:42:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for appearing.
11:42:27AM We go item 87, there's a continuation on this to John the
11:42:31AM 10th in case anyone came in late.
11:42:34AM 2013.
11:42:35AM To 10:00 in the morning.
11:42:36AM Item number 88 is a resolution.
11:42:43AM >> Move the resolution.
11:42:45AM >> Second.
11:42:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Moved by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.
11:42:50AM Ms. Mulhern?
11:42:51AM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I just wanted to read it out so we know
11:42:54AM what we're moving.
11:42:55AM We're recognizing the first annual Cuban cultural Fest
11:42:58AM taking place at the Cuban club on May 18th and 19th, 2013.
11:43:05AM Providing an effective date.
11:43:09AM We have had our festa Italiana and all our other ethnic
11:43:12AM festivals, so this will be start of a new tradition in Tampa
11:43:17AM celebrating our Cuban heritage.
11:43:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the resolution, please
11:43:22AM indicate by saying aye.
11:43:22AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:43:25AM Item number 89 is the staff report.
11:43:30AM Any other staff here who would like to speak on this
11:43:34AM discretionary grant program?
11:43:37AM It's for infrastructure to be used in the Riverwalk segment
11:43:40AM and the Lee Roy Selmon green way.
11:43:44AM >> Good morning.
11:43:45AM Riverwalk development managers.
11:43:46AM This grant was awarded to us back in earlier this summer.
11:43:50AM And we have finished our negotiations.
11:43:53AM It's submitted for your approval.
11:43:55AM Ready to answer any questions you might have?
11:43:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by Council?
11:44:00AM >> Move the resolution.
11:44:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Reddick move the resolution on
11:44:03AM 9, second by Mr. Cohen.
11:44:05AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:44:06AM Opposed nay?
11:44:08AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:44:08AM Thank you very much.
11:44:09AM We appreciate it for the good work.
11:44:11AM Item number 90.
11:44:13AM It's a resolution regarding the Expressway Authority and
11:44:18AM partial funding cost design and construction.
11:44:22AM >> Andy Hoffman again.
11:44:23AM This is an agreement with the Crosstown authority.
11:44:27AM The grant agreement is with the department of transportation
11:44:31AM and the city.
11:44:32AM Some of, they're kind of a partner on that, so the money
11:44:35AM will flow through.
11:44:36AM So this is just an agreement that has two parts.
11:44:39AM One says they will abide by all the things in the agreement
11:44:42AM and the second part is just the agreement between them, how
11:44:46AM the money will flow from us to them.
11:44:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:44:49AM >> Move the resolution.
11:44:51AM >> Second.
11:44:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen to move the
11:44:53AM resolution.
11:44:54AM Second by Mr. Suarez.
11:44:56AM All in favor of that motion for the resolution, please
11:44:58AM indicate by saying aye.
11:44:58AM Opposed nay.
11:45:00AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:45:01AM Thank you very much.
11:45:04AM >> Mr. Chair?
11:45:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.
11:45:05AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because we went by that a little quick, I
11:45:07AM wanted to point out that with the two items that we just
11:45:11AM passed, we're going to see the fruition of the Riverwalk and
11:45:19AM we just received $10,943,100 from the federal government to
11:45:27AM do that.
11:45:27AM So, as we just went quick and passed the item, I wanted to
11:45:32AM point out this is going to be a wonderful thing for the
11:45:35AM city.
11:45:36AM Thank you for all the hard work.
11:45:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:45:38AM Item number 91.
11:45:39AM It's a resolution regarding contract and pool renovation.
11:45:46AM Yes?
11:45:48AM >> Good morning, Greg Baird, director of parks and
11:45:50AM recreation, item 91 is certainly holiday news for Williams
11:45:55AM Park.
11:46:06AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: You don't get away that easily, Greg.
11:46:09AM You know, we had a lot of discussions prior to you being
11:46:12AM here about this pool and about the renovations.
11:46:16AM The aquatic studies and so on.
11:46:20AM I want to make sure this contract we're going to see a pool
11:46:22AM at Williams built and that, you know, there's no other
11:46:26AM things that are holding it up other than us approving the
11:46:29AM money, we're contracted, we're ready to go, correct?
11:46:34AM >> That's correct.
11:46:35AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to make sure because we have
11:46:36AM had some other iterations of this in the part of and wanted
11:46:39AM to make sure that the money we are providing finally is
11:46:42AM going to actually building the pool.
11:46:44AM >> We'll have a wet summer over there.
11:46:47AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you very much.
11:46:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick moved the resolution, second
11:46:50AM by Mr. Suarez.
11:46:50AM Any further discussion?
11:46:51AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:46:53AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:46:54AM Thank you very much, sir.
11:46:55AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair?
11:46:57AM Just to comment that, Mr. Suarez's comment, if there's no
11:47:03AM pool there, you will not be the only one I'll feel sorry
11:47:06AM for.
11:47:06AM [ Laughter ]
11:47:09AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I will too.
11:47:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Take that as a compliment.
11:47:15AM All right.
11:47:15AM These are public hearings.
11:47:16AM I need to open items 92 through 97.
11:47:19AM And open at the same time receive and file any documents we
11:47:23AM may have.
11:47:24AM I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.
11:47:27AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:47:29AM Opposed nay.
11:47:31AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:47:31AM 92 is now open.
11:47:33AM Yes?
11:47:38AM >> Barbara Lynch, land development coordination.
11:47:40AM I believe we have to be sworn in.
11:47:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anybody who's going to speak on 92
11:47:51AM through 97, please rise and be sworn in.
11:47:55AM If you're just thinking about it, please rise and be sworn
11:47:57AM in.
11:47:57AM [Oath administered by Clerk]
11:48:04AM >> Application C12-08 is a request by the city of Tampa to
11:48:11AM vacate portions of a permanent transportation easement that
11:48:14AM were reserved through a previous vacating of North "A"
11:48:16AM Street.
11:48:17AM The portion North "A" Street that we're talking about is
11:48:20AM north of Kennedy and east of North Boulevard.
11:48:24AM And I have a map I can put on the overhead.
11:48:26AM In 2010, City Council approved a vacating of a portion of
11:48:34AM North "A" Street from Boulevard to Brevard.
11:48:38AM And I'll point that out to you.
11:48:39AM Went from here to here.
11:48:42AM When that was vacated, there were several easement
11:48:46AM reservations that were part of the vacating ordinance.
11:48:51AM And one was a transportation easement and there were
11:48:55AM conditions by Council that said if that transportation
11:48:58AM easement was ever going to be altered or changed, that they
11:49:01AM would have to come to City Council to request that those
11:49:04AM changes be approved by Council.
11:49:07AM North A is a brick street.
11:49:09AM And it is still in use as a roadway through that public
11:49:12AM transportation easement.
11:49:14AM UT is requesting to vacate the air rights over about a
11:49:19AM 200-foot long segment of North "A" Street, which is shown in
11:49:24AM yellow.
11:49:24AM And that would be from 21 feet above grade to 100 feet above
11:49:28AM grade to accommodate a parking structure that's going to be
11:49:32AM belittle over north A that will connect a parking structure
11:49:35AM and another parking structure and classroom building.
11:49:39AM They're also requesting that a smaller portion of the south
11:49:43AM seven feet of north A in that 200 section strip be vacated
11:49:47AM from ground up to accommodate support columns for that
11:49:51AM structure.
11:49:52AM I have some photos of what north A looks like right now.
11:49:56AM And I know that the UT has Mr. LaRocca here who has some
11:50:01AM pictures of what they want to construction.
11:50:03AM Right now, the, this is north A as it looks today, looking
11:50:08AM west from North Boulevard.
11:50:09AM The brick street will stay intact.
11:50:15AM And they're also a companion, you previously approved a
11:50:20AM resolution that's releasing a utility easement that we
11:50:23AM reserved in this section.
11:50:24AM But this is just to release the transportation easement.
11:50:27AM This is the petitioner's property, looking north from North
11:50:30AM A Street.
11:50:32AM And this is the south side.
11:50:34AM Staff has no objections to this request.
11:50:38AM And as I said, it's just to really alter the conditions of
11:50:42AM the previous vacating.
11:50:44AM Any questions?
11:50:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
11:50:51AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Quick question, this is something I had never
11:50:53AM heard before in one of these hearings.
11:50:55AM You said we're vacating for the air rights?
11:50:57AM >> Uh-huh.
11:50:59AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And you know, explain something to me.
11:51:01AM When we vacate a piece of property, an alleyway, don't they
11:51:05AM already have air rights to it?
11:51:08AM >> Well, they do, but in this case the roadway is still
11:51:11AM functioning as a street.
11:51:13AM And public transportation easement was placed over north A.
11:51:17AM And so that gives us an easement, you know, over, under,
11:51:20AM through that area.
11:51:21AM So in order to alter that easement and construct in there,
11:51:24AM we're sort of cutting out a box area for them to put that
11:51:29AM structure in and I sort of -- I have a drawing, diagram of
11:51:33AM what we're actually going to release.
11:51:37AM If you look at the overhead, it's some -- it's like a box,
11:51:43AM 21 feet, this is 21 feet, this bottom part is 21 feet above
11:51:47AM grade.
11:51:47AM And then this would be the top.
11:51:49AM And that's where the structure will go through.
11:51:50AM Because north A will still function as a street.
11:51:53AM So, and this is clear title because of that easement
11:51:59AM situation.
11:51:59AM And then this strip here that's shown, this is the south
11:52:05AM side of north A, from Boulevard, 200 feet east and that's
11:52:09AM where the support columns are going to go.
11:52:10AM To round that out, John has a pretty good diagram of what
11:52:14AM it's going to look like if you want to walk down and show
11:52:18AM that now.
11:52:18AM Staff as I said, staff has no objections to this request.
11:52:23AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I guess the question is, is that we're not
11:52:25AM vacating the alley, just the air rights?
11:52:29AM >> No the street was vacate.
11:52:32AM It was vacated in 2010.
11:52:34AM So it's altering the conditions of that vacating.
11:52:37AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
11:52:37AM I want to be clear, because when I was looking at the map
11:52:40AM you had, it looked like one of the previous ones we had
11:52:43AM vacated.
11:52:44AM But I wasn't sure.
11:52:45AM So thank you for clarifying that.
11:52:46AM >> That's okay.
11:52:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
11:52:51AM >> Thank you, Barbara.
11:52:53AM I'm John LaRocca, agent for the applicant, University of
11:52:58AM Tampa.
11:52:58AM I have been sworn.
11:52:59AM My office is at 101 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida.
11:53:03AM The applicant concurs obviously with all the conditions and
11:53:06AM the approval process we have gone through.
11:53:08AM I think it might be helpful to the Council if I can show a
11:53:11AM couple of architectural renderings.
11:53:14AM It will clearly illustrate the area that is being proposed
11:53:17AM to be vacated.
11:53:20AM I'll let Barbra stand on the specific requests that we're
11:53:23AM asking for.
11:53:24AM But it's really asking for vacating of the easements or
11:53:26AM replacement of the already vacated rights-of-way.
11:53:29AM If I may, on the rendering before you, if you can pull away
11:53:41AM slightly.
11:53:42AM The illustration on the top is of the proposal -- thank
11:53:52AM you -- is of the construction activity that's going around
11:53:55AM the new residential hall number seven under construction.
11:54:01AM Those of you familiar with the site of the old Valencia
11:54:04AM Gardens restaurant.
11:54:06AM This is the dorm that is under construction.
11:54:08AM This view is looking from Boulevard east toward the new
11:54:12AM dorm's construction, to the left on this drawing is the
11:54:18AM current Thomas parking garage.
11:54:20AM The north A right-of-way that we're talking about that has
11:54:25AM been vacated, is where the tip of my pen is pointing right
11:54:28AM now.
11:54:28AM There's a proposal to construct a 320 car parking garage
11:54:33AM that will be located in the air right area over the vacated
11:54:38AM north A right-of-way, in the parking garage is the base on
11:54:43AM the land side, south side of north A will be administrative
11:54:47AM offices and some classrooms.
11:54:48AM As you can see in this rendering, there are plans in some of
11:54:52AM other drawings, if I may just move this up to keep the same
11:54:56AM scale, there's a view from the southwest looking northeast,
11:55:00AM where there's a park area, an open space planned between the
11:55:04AM new dorm and the new parking garage.
11:55:07AM A closer shot of that park area and then a elevation of the
11:55:12AM entrance from the east side of the building.
11:55:14AM What might be even clearer to see, if I may, is a close-up
11:55:23AM shot looking from east to west, this is the north A
11:55:29AM right-of-way that was vacated.
11:55:30AM The brick street will remain.
11:55:33AM Here are the columns that are proposed to support the
11:55:35AM structure.
11:55:36AM And this is, these are the easement area -- this is the
11:55:40AM easement area here that's being vacated.
11:55:43AM The transportation easement area, along with the air right
11:55:46AM space where the garage is being built above the right-of-way
11:55:49AM connecting to the existing garage.
11:55:51AM That's the clearest representation of what's being proposed.
11:55:53AM I'll be glad to answer any questions.
11:55:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
11:55:58AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
11:55:58AM Can you leave that rendering up there?
11:56:04AM I was here when we gave you the, voted for the vacancy and
11:56:11AM asked you to keep the brick street.
11:56:12AM And the idea was to keep some of the character and the grid
11:56:17AM of downtown.
11:56:20AM I guess my question is just, why -- the new building that
11:56:25AM you're building with the parking garage over the vacated
11:56:30AM street, that's a dorm with a parking lot?
11:56:33AM >> No, the dorm is to the east of the parking garage that is
11:56:37AM proposed.
11:56:39AM If I may, let me put the other drawing.
11:56:42AM >>MARY MULHERN: So that's all a parking garage across from
11:56:45AM the parking garage?
11:56:47AM >> If we may go to the drawing on the overhead projector.
11:56:53AM This building -- if you look at the tip of the pen, this is
11:56:58AM the existing North "A" Street.
11:57:00AM And the vacated right-of-way.
11:57:03AM From here to here, this is the existing Thomas garage.
11:57:07AM Kennedy Boulevard is here.
11:57:09AM This is north.
11:57:09AM This is the dorm under construction.
11:57:14AM You're looking, if we were a bird looking at the proposed
11:57:18AM construction activity that's going on east of Boulevard,
11:57:21AM what is proposed is a new parking structure with classroom
11:57:25AM space and office space south of north A.
11:57:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:57:30AM --
11:57:31AM >> With a connector to the existing garage.
11:57:34AM >>MARY MULHERN: So how many floors of office and classroom
11:57:36AM space is there?
11:57:38AM >> There are two floors.
11:57:39AM I don't have the exact number.
11:57:40AM I can get that information.
11:57:41AM >>MARY MULHERN: And then three floors of parking?
11:57:44AM >> Approximately three levels of parking above that, with a
11:57:48AM roof, I believe --
11:57:51AM >>MARY MULHERN: Tell me why you couldn't add more floors to
11:57:54AM the existing garage or make the garage taller?
11:58:01AM Instead of covering up the street?
11:58:04AM Because it doesn't even really make sense to preserve our
11:58:07AM brick street on a college campus for the, you know.
11:58:12AM >> I'm going to ask Austin Goff, the project engineer with
11:58:16AM Mills and associates to answer that question.
11:58:18AM >>MARY MULHERN: Because you just got this gigantic parking
11:58:22AM structure covering.
11:58:24AM >> I have been sworn.
11:58:25AM Basically there will be a lot of renovations that would have
11:58:29AM to take place to the foundation and the structural elements
11:58:32AM of the existing parking garage if we were to do that.
11:58:34AM Basically you'd tear that one down and have to build a whole
11:58:39AM new one.
11:58:40AM >>MARY MULHERN: You would just have to tear, build a whole
11:58:44AM new, all right.
11:58:45AM >> What we're doing is connecting to the existing.
11:58:48AM Having other structural elements up to the existing parking
11:58:51AM structure, then bridging over the road and having a
11:58:53AM structure on the other side.
11:58:55AM >>MARY MULHERN: So is that, the piece that's spanning the
11:59:00AM road, is that all of the parking?
11:59:03AM No, the whole new building is going to have parking on the
11:59:06AM top three floors, is that correct?
11:59:10AM >> Yeah, but there will be parking over the street.
11:59:12AM >>MARY MULHERN: So why couldn't you just put another floor
11:59:15AM of park on that new building instead of covering up the
11:59:19AM street?
11:59:21AM >> So you can also have parking above the street as well.
11:59:24AM You would like to have as many spaces as you can for
11:59:29AM students.
11:59:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
11:59:30AM This is what I'm saying.
11:59:32AM Why couldn't you, instead of putting the new garage portion
11:59:38AM over the street, why didn't you put that same square
11:59:42AM footage, which would maybe be one or two floors, on top of
11:59:46AM the dorm?
11:59:47AM Or the classroom building instead?
11:59:50AM I mean, part of it already has park, right?
11:59:54AM Part of the building, the office building has parking?
11:59:57AM >> Correct.
12:00:01PM >>MARY MULHERN: It's more expensive to build another floor
12:00:06PM of parking?
12:00:08PM >> Use that existing parking structure, and then bridge over
12:00:11PM the road to have additional parking and have a structure on
12:00:14PM the other side of the street.
12:00:16PM That was the wish of the university.
12:00:18PM >>MARY MULHERN: I don't get it at all.
12:00:20PM As far as design.
12:00:21PM And urban design and the street grid and college campus.
12:00:27PM >> Not disturb the street and still provide as much parking
12:00:30PM as we would like.
12:00:35PM >>MARY MULHERN: It's a tunnel.
12:00:36PM But it's a tunnel now, not a historic brick street.
12:00:40PM Okay.
12:00:40PM Thank you.
12:00:42PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other comments?
12:00:45PM Mr. Suarez?
12:00:46PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last one.
12:00:47PM Ms. Lynch, in terms of, you know, this air right stuff has
12:00:53PM really got me thinking for a moment.
12:00:55PM If they wanted to add on to, and I assume structurally, they
12:01:00PM could add on to the newer garage, if they wanted to.
12:01:04PM I don't know if structurally it's built in order to do that.
12:01:08PM They'd have to come back again to allow them to build
12:01:11PM higher?
12:01:12PM Is that correct?
12:01:13PM >> Higher than what they're currently, yes.
12:01:20PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to make sure because thinking
12:01:22PM about it and reading through it, where are our rights in
12:01:26PM terms of this particular facility, for future years, as to
12:01:31PM future Councils, whether or not they would want, or agree to
12:01:35PM having that expanded, if, you know, University of Tampa
12:01:39PM decided to expand also.
12:01:41PM >> Well, they could always come back and request, you know,
12:01:44PM more of this to be released, because that's their
12:01:47PM prerogative.
12:01:47PM By the way this was set up.
12:01:49PM I sort of think when you look at what they're doing, it
12:01:53PM would be hard probably to add on to this particular garage.
12:01:55PM That being said, there's nothing to say in the future they
12:01:58PM couldn't tear this whole thing down and rebuild.
12:02:00PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Not being an engineering, I wasn't sure,
12:02:03PM again, it's not necessarily they have plans for this future,
12:02:05PM but you know, because of expansion or other things that may
12:02:09PM happen, they may want that.
12:02:11PM I wasn't sure where we, if this is a absolute limit or if
12:02:16PM this is a limit that we can then add on to at some other
12:02:19PM point if they want to get it rezoned.
12:02:21PM >> Well, it's an absolute limit by your approval here,
12:02:24PM unless they come back with another request.
12:02:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
12:02:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I got Ms. Capin and Mrs. Montelione.
12:02:32PM But I need another 30 minutes.
12:02:33PM >> So moved.
12:02:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By Mr. Cohen, second bring Mr. Suarez.
12:02:40PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:02:42PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:02:43PM Ms. Capin?
12:02:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: My question is, and it's chained to what
12:02:50PM Councilman Suarez said.
12:02:51PM On the box of space that we have here is 61 feet.
12:02:58PM What you have on the rendering takes up that entire air
12:03:02PM space?
12:03:07PM >> Is it going to fill that entirely?
12:03:09PM >> It will take up the entire air space that.
12:03:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.
12:03:12PM Get on the mic and get on the record.
12:03:14PM You're going to have to state your name again.
12:03:16PM >> My name is Austin Goff.
12:03:21PM I have been sworn.
12:03:23PM Almost the entire space will be used for this parking
12:03:27PM structure over the street.
12:03:28PM All structural elements.
12:03:30PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That entire space?
12:03:32PM That's what I needed to know.
12:03:33PM Thank you.
12:03:34PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
12:03:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is there any fee involved with our
12:03:39PM transferring air rights to the university?
12:03:42PM >> No.
12:03:44PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's unfortunate.
12:03:45PM >> Well, part of the situation, this was a platted
12:03:48PM right-of-way.
12:03:49PM And the city doesn't actually own those platted
12:03:52PM right-of-ways.
12:03:53PM They're created by the developer and that's why they revert
12:03:56PM to the abutting owners.
12:03:58PM So technically, it's sort of, in this case since we have so
12:04:02PM many easement reservations, it's a little different.
12:04:05PM But we never have really owned it.
12:04:07PM We don't have a right to charge.
12:04:09PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just want to be mindful that when we
12:04:11PM are transferring rights and in this case it's different, so
12:04:14PM you get off the hook.
12:04:15PM But air rights are very, very valuable.
12:04:19PM Having experienced with skyscrapers in New York city, I can
12:04:23PM tell you, that is one valuable commodity.
12:04:27PM And since we don't own it.
12:04:31PM >> Well, generally when we own right-of-way, which is odd,
12:04:34PM it's usually when we acquire it for a purpose, then we would
12:04:38PM make them pay fair market value to get it back.
12:04:42PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess note to real estate department,
12:04:45PM if we're going to do anything with any city-owned property
12:04:48PM that involves air rights, there should be a fee involved
12:04:50PM with that.
12:04:51PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmember who has not
12:04:52PM spoke?
12:04:54PM Okay.
12:04:54PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 92?
12:05:00PM Petitioner, you want to closing remarks, if any?
12:05:04PM >> No.
12:05:04PM Thank you for your consideration.
12:05:05PM I'll be glad to answer any last minute questions.
12:05:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
12:05:11PM Mr. Cohen.
12:05:12PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:05:14PM Opposed nay.
12:05:15PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:05:15PM Mr. Suarez, will you kindly take number 92, sir?
12:05:21PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, sir.
12:05:23PM I present an ordinance, first reading consideration, an
12:05:26PM ordinance vacating a portion of the permanent public
12:05:28PM transportation easement reserved by the City of Tampa by
12:05:31PM ordinance 2007-11 and located within the vacated
12:05:36PM right-of-way known as North "A" Street, the same being more
12:05:39PM fully described in section 1 hereof; amending section 2.F of
12:05:44PM ordinance number 2010-11 to reflect said partial vacation;
12:05:48PM providing an effective date.
12:05:51PM >> Second.
12:05:51PM >> Have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.
12:05:55PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:05:59PM Opposed nay.
12:06:00PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:06:05PM >>THE CLERK: The second reading of the ordinance will be
12:06:06PM held January 10th at 9:30 a.m.
12:06:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much all of you for
12:06:11PM attending.
12:06:11PM Item number 93.
12:06:13PM Yes, ma'am?
12:06:15PM >> Barbara Lynch, Land Development Coordination.
12:06:17PM Application C 13-02 is a request by the City of Tampa to
12:06:23PM vacate an alley in East Tampa.
12:06:25PM And I have a map for the overhead.
12:06:27PM This is in East Tampa, as I said.
12:06:39PM It's a request to vacate an alley that lies south of
12:06:43PM Chelsea, north of Genesee and lies between 34th and
12:06:47PM 35th street.
12:06:48PM City-owned property is outlined in red and alley is shown in
12:06:52PM yellow.
12:06:53PM I have some photos.
12:06:54PM This is the alley looking north of Genesee Street.
12:07:04PM You can see it's already blocked at the south end.
12:07:07PM This is the alley looking south from Chelsea Street.
12:07:14PM And the next photo is the city property.
12:07:23PM The alley is unimproved and there are no utilities in it.
12:07:26PM Staff has no objection to this request and there's no
12:07:28PM easements to be reserved.
12:07:30PM Mr. Ed Johnson of the City of Tampa, East Tampa CRA is here
12:07:36PM if you have any questions concerning this project.
12:07:42PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
12:07:43PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
12:07:46PM Item number 93, please come forward.
12:07:52PM >> Good afternoon.
12:07:53PM I am Butene White, owner of 4305 north 34th street.
12:08:01PM And I am in complete compliance to close the alleyway in
12:08:08PM that particular property.
12:08:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so very much.
12:08:11PM We really appreciate it.
12:08:12PM Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item 93?
12:08:16PM >> Move to close.
12:08:17PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick,
12:08:19PM second bring Cohen.
12:08:20PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:08:21PM Opposed nay.
12:08:23PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:08:23PM Item number 93, Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take that
12:08:27PM please.
12:08:28PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
12:08:29PM I move ordinance, ordinance being presented for first
12:08:32PM reading consideration, an ordinance vacating, closing,
12:08:35PM discontinuing and abandoning the alleyway lying east of
12:08:37PM 34th street, west of 35th street, south of Chelsea street
12:08:42PM and north of Genesee street and Oak Tree Subdivision, a
12:08:45PM subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County,
12:08:48PM Florida, the same being more fully described herein in
12:08:51PM section 1, providing an effective date.
12:08:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded
12:08:55PM bring Cohen.
12:08:56PM Close vote.
12:08:57PM Mr. Suarez.
12:08:57PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:08:59PM Opposed nay.
12:09:00PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:09:00PM Thank you all very much for appearing.
12:09:04PM >>THE CLERK: Second reading of the ordinance will be held
12:09:06PM January the 10th at 9:30 a.m.
12:09:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 94.
12:09:11PM I believe there was a request for continuation, am I
12:09:15PM correct, sir?
12:09:17PM >> You're correct.
12:09:18PM In.
12:09:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To January the 13th at same time, 10:30.
12:09:26PM >> We're requesting the 24th.
12:09:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 24th.
12:09:29PM All right.
12:09:32PM The applicant, make that request.
12:09:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let the applicant come up.
12:09:37PM I don't want to get involved in a three by six shootout.
12:09:40PM And I'm going to get the one getting the bullets.
12:09:43PM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of Council.
12:09:45PM My name is Mark Bentley representing the applicant.
12:09:47PM We're going a continuance in January 13, 2013 is fine.
12:09:52PM >> We don't meet on the 13th.
12:09:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Then we can't.
12:09:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, we have a motion by -- petitioner
12:10:03PM is going to request a continuation.
12:10:04PM Give me a date.
12:10:06PM >> January 17th at 6:00 p.m.?
12:10:11PM >> Okay.
12:10:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
12:10:13PM January 17th at 6:00 p.m.
12:10:16PM Motion made, Mr. Cohen, you're asking that Ms. Montelione is
12:10:19PM requesting that second by Mr. Cohen, close vote.
12:10:22PM Ms. Capin and the rest of us.
12:10:24PM Item number 94.
12:10:27PM That's the hardest continuation I've ever done in my life.
12:10:30PM >> Mr. Chairman?
12:10:30PM Sorry to interrupt you, but I was talking to Martin.
12:10:33PM I made a request on a VRB appeal to change the date on that.
12:10:37PM It was scheduled for April 4th.
12:10:40PM Martin, is it appropriate that I bring this up now?
12:10:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, let me finish with this agenda.
12:10:46PM This is something I don't have on my agenda?
12:10:49PM >> That's correct.
12:10:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me finish the agenda and I'll get
12:10:52PM right with you, sir.
12:10:53PM All in favor of that more, please indicate by saying aye.
12:10:56PM Opposed nay.
12:10:58PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:10:58PM 94 will be continued to the 17th at I believe 6:00 p.m.
12:11:03PM Okay.
12:11:04PM Item number 95.
12:11:06PM I need the maker of this continuation is here, I believe.
12:11:17PM >> Good afternoon, Kami Corbett for the record, 100 North
12:11:20PM Tampa Street, suite 2700.
12:11:23PM We're requesting continuation to January this at 10:00 a.m.
12:11:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
12:11:28PM this continuation.
12:11:30PM >> Have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Mulhern for
12:11:33PM continuation to said date.
12:11:35PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:11:37PM Opposed nay.
12:11:38PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:11:39PM We go now to item number 96.
12:11:47PM >> Item number 96 is requesting a continuance.
12:11:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner, are you the petitioner?
12:11:55PM >> I am, sir.
12:11:56PM Richard Campion, Dubliner Irish Pub.
12:11:59PM We are requesting a continuance due to a subsequent legal
12:12:03PM issue that's come up since we filed our application.
12:12:05PM We're hoping that this may be resolved by January the 24th.
12:12:10PM But we may in fact be looking for another continuation on
12:12:13PM January 24th.
12:12:14PM It contains part of the property that we're looking for the
12:12:17PM zoning and this came up subsequent to our application.
12:12:22PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
12:12:23PM I have a request to January the 24th at 10:30.
12:12:28PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on the continuance
12:12:31PM portion only?
12:12:32PM >> Move to continue.
12:12:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to continue by
12:12:34PM Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Cohen.
12:12:37PM All in favor of that continuation, please indicate by saying
12:12:39PM aye.
12:12:39PM Opposed nay.
12:12:41PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:12:41PM Item number 97.
12:13:18PM >> V 13-30, property address 3045 northeast Rocky Point
12:13:23PM drive.
12:13:23PM The Development Review Committee has reviewed the
12:13:25PM application, finds it consistent with the applicable City of
12:13:27PM Tampa land development regulations with minor site plan
12:13:31PM revisions between first and second reading.
12:13:34PM Current zoning is CN, commercial neighborhood.
12:13:36PM The proposed special use is alcohol beverage sales for
12:13:39PM restaurant, beer, wine, liquor, on-premises consumption
12:13:47PM only.
12:13:47PM They requested no waivers.
12:13:49PM According to the application and the submitted site plan,
12:13:50PM the site is occupied by an existing one-story restaurant
12:13:53PM building known as the Bahama breeze.
12:13:56PM The existing restaurant is currently undergoing remodel
12:14:01PM addition, which proposes to increase the alcohol beverage
12:14:03PM sales area from 15,994 square feet to 16,817 square feet and
12:14:10PM increase of 823 total square feet.
12:14:13PM 4,789 square feet of the 16,817 square feet will be outside
12:14:20PM beverage sales area.
12:14:20PM The proposed 54 seat seating for the restaurant utilizes an
12:14:26PM existing surface parking which totals 394 parking spaces.
12:14:30PM Let me show you some pictures of the site.
12:14:46PM Courtney Campbell Causeway is to the south.
12:14:47PM This is north.
12:14:49PM This is the facility itself.
12:14:51PM Been there for many years.
12:14:52PM This is the existing restaurant.
12:14:54PM Rocky Point drive.
12:14:55PM The Courtney Campbell Causeway is looking north.
12:15:01PM This is where the action is located.
12:15:05PM This is a look from the north off Rocky Point Drive in the
12:15:08PM rear, showing the parking areas.
12:15:10PM Entrance to the restaurant establishment.
12:15:20PM >> Don Miller, City of Tampa Police Department.
12:15:28PM City of Tampa Police Department has no objection.
12:15:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
12:15:31PM Petitioner?
12:15:36PM >> Good morning, chairman, Councilmembers, my name is Linda
12:15:40PM nun.
12:15:40PM I've been sworn.
12:15:41PM I represent the parent company of Bahama breeze.
12:15:48PM Did a good job of a brief description.
12:15:50PM I hope most of you are familiar with the restaurant.
12:15:52PM It has been in Tampa for many years.
12:15:54PM The scope of this is really we're removing one deck that
12:15:57PM currently exists and replacing it with an enclosed dining
12:16:01PM room, so we have a little more conditioned space and adding
12:16:04PM a small addition to the existing deck that fronts the bay.
12:16:07PM That will just give us a little more seating out there.
12:16:11PM Nothing will change operationally with the restaurant.
12:16:13PM The hours of operation, all those things, we are compliance
12:16:17PM with parking regs and all the other items under the zoning
12:16:21PM organizations.
12:16:22PM We have made some upgrades that were recommended on some of
12:16:25PM the handicap things and what not, because the building is
12:16:27PM older and we have brought some of the things up to current
12:16:31PM code as part of this process.
12:16:33PM It's been a long league for all of you, so I'm not going to
12:16:36PM give you a long running diatribe, but I will certainly
12:16:39PM answer anything I can relative to operation or the project,
12:16:42PM or anything else that I can help you with.
12:16:45PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
12:16:45PM Any question for Councilmembers at this time?
12:16:47PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
12:16:50PM Item number 97.
12:16:52PM 97.
12:16:53PM >> Move to close why.
12:16:54PM >> Second.
12:16:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Suarez.
12:16:56PM Second bring Cohen.
12:16:57PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:16:59PM Opposed nay.
12:17:00PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:17:01PM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take number 97?
12:17:07PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
12:17:09PM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading
12:17:11PM consideration, an ordinance repealing ordinance number
12:17:14PM 97-269, the approving a special use permit S-2 for alcoholic
12:17:19PM beverage sales, restaurant, on premises only and making
12:17:23PM lawful the sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content
12:17:25PM - beer, wine and liquor - on that certain lot, plot or tract
12:17:26PM of land located at 3045 north Rocky Point drive, Tampa,
12:17:36PM Florida, as more particularly described in section 3; that
12:17:40PM all organizations or parts of ordinances in conflict are
12:17:43PM repealed; providing an effective date.
12:17:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's also with the site revision
12:17:47PM between first and second reading.
12:17:50PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
12:17:50PM Thank you.
12:17:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Made by Mrs. Capin, second by Suarez on
12:17:55PM 97.
12:17:55PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:17:57PM Opposed nay.
12:17:58PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:17:58PM Okay, Mr. Bentley, anyone in the audience care to speak on
12:18:02PM some item that was not on the agenda?
12:18:05PM Mr. Bentley?
12:18:06PM >> Once again, Mark Bentley, 201 North Franklin Street.
12:18:08PM Mr. Chairman, Councilmembers, first of all, I apologize for
12:18:11PM trying to slip the other issue in on that.
12:18:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No problem.
12:18:14PM >> I thought we'd expedite things.
12:18:17PM In any event, I rent the petitioner in connection with a
12:18:21PM appeal filed from a VRB 12-10.
12:18:25PM And it was scheduled for, correct me if I'm wrong, Martin,
12:18:29PM April 4th, I believe.
12:18:31PM We'd like to move that up to sometime in February.
12:18:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is all the notification, whatever has to
12:18:38PM be done before then, I assume?
12:18:40PM >> Yes, sir.
12:18:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What's Council's pleasure?
12:18:43PM >> February 21st at 10:30?
12:18:47PM >> That's fine.
12:18:47PM Thank you.
12:18:48PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a
12:18:50PM second by Ms. Mulhern for February 21, 2013, at 10:30 in the
12:18:56PM motion.
12:18:57PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:18:59PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:19:00PM >> Thank you very much and have a great holiday.
12:19:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Same to you, sir.
12:19:03PM Information reports?
12:19:06PM We're going to go right to left.
12:19:08PM Mr. Suarez?
12:19:10PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Merry Christmas, that's it.
12:19:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
12:19:11PM Ms. Capin?
12:19:14PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I do.
12:19:15PM This is in reference to, and I have copies here, of the
12:19:23PM resolution that was passed September 27th.
12:19:28PM And it's in reference to the task force that was asked for
12:19:37PM by this Council.
12:19:38PM I want to just very briefly, I'm going to go back to
12:19:43PM strategic planning retreat.
12:19:45PM We discussed time at length, but we also, much discussion
12:19:49PM was given to respect for each other, personally,
12:19:53PM professionally and on the September, the vote for the
12:19:59PM resolution was 5-2 vote to form.
12:20:09PM A task force on the jobs creation federal program known as
12:20:12PM EB 5:00 which is employment based.
12:20:17PM Fact finding task force to be led and members appointed by
12:20:22PM Mr. Bill Flynn, who is an expert at Fowler White in
12:20:24PM international practice.
12:20:26PM He returned to Council with the list of the members and I
12:20:30PM have the list of the members here along with, and I think
12:20:35PM everyone got a copy.
12:20:38PM Is Ron Bartton of Hillsborough County director of economic
12:20:41PM development.
12:20:44PM Is part of this, along with the University of South Florida
12:20:47PM office of provost, Rick Homan's president, CEO of economic
12:20:51PM development corporation.
12:20:52PM I'm not going to go on.
12:20:55PM I'm going to pass this out.
12:20:56PM What I want to ask you, and see if we can come to some kind
12:21:00PM of a results here, he was also given me a way to appoint to
12:21:10PM the task force.
12:21:11PM And I gave you some of the members.
12:21:12PM The county three weeks ago had a presentation by an EB-5
12:21:18PM regional center, because they are very interested in of
12:21:21PM course they asked for Ron Bartton, the director of economic
12:21:25PM development for the county is serving on this task force.
12:21:29PM So what I'd like to know is, we have it coming back on the
12:21:36PM 24th because if you look at, on the 31st, which is a
12:21:39PM workshop, it is very, very full.
12:21:41PM It could be changed to there if it would help.
12:21:44PM But what I want to know is, we have five minutes allotted
12:21:51PM for these reports.
12:21:53PM And I know that this is fact finding, therefore, they're
12:21:56PM going to be point by point by point.
12:21:59PM And five minutes, I noticed I was timing what was going on
12:22:03PM here today.
12:22:06PM Now, out of respect for this body, I will be asking
12:22:11PM Mr. Flynn, the chair of the employment based EB-5 federal
12:22:16PM program, how much time would be needed for this report?
12:22:20PM Now, I would like to -- there are several options.
12:22:30PM One is we can move it to 1:30 with the caveat that we would
12:22:33PM have a quorum, and at least the five member that is voted
12:22:37PM for it to hear the report.
12:22:39PM Along, which, you know, with questions, we had one report
12:22:43PM that went for 25 minutes today.
12:22:44PM The other one would be to move it to the 31st, the workshop,
12:22:53PM which is also very, very full.
12:22:55PM And of course I would have to check the schedule, because
12:23:02PM it's on the resolution for January 24th.
12:23:04PM Now, several colleagues asked to be briefed by this EB-5
12:23:11PM task force before the report was presented.
12:23:13PM If that's still the case, I can, at the next task force
12:23:19PM meeting, ask for them to come and meet with you to brief.
12:23:24PM And I think it would be very helpful to move it along, or to
12:23:29PM formulate your questions ahead of time, or at least think
12:23:33PM about them before.
12:23:34PM I'm just trying to make this as timely as possible.
12:23:36PM But we have asked, you know, these people to volunteer to
12:23:40PM bring back a report and therefore, I'd like it to be timely
12:23:43PM but at the same time, thorough.
12:23:45PM So if you would let me know -- is this something you want?
12:23:54PM I'm asking, do you want to be briefed before on the task
12:23:57PM force finding, the fact finding?
12:24:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
12:24:03PM >>MARY MULHERN: I think I would like to be briefed.
12:24:05PM That would be good.
12:24:06PM And that would, if we could be briefed individually, then it
12:24:11PM won't take as long.
12:24:14PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The presentation, you'd have your questions.
12:24:16PM I'm trying to make it, you know.
12:24:20PM >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe you should schedule it for the 31st at
12:24:22PM 1:30.
12:24:23PM The workshop day at 1:30 instead of having it on the 24th,
12:24:27PM the regular Council session.
12:24:29PM Because it's, I'm sure it's going to be...
12:24:37PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: At 1:30.
12:24:38PM Again, for respect for these people that we have asked to
12:24:42PM volunteer this time to do this,ing that we have a quorum at
12:24:46PM 1:30 because I have seen that happen, where members just
12:24:49PM walked out and we did not have a quorum.
12:24:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not speaking for members.
12:24:54PM But whoever walks out because they already had something on
12:24:56PM the agenda, I'm not going -- Councilmembers have the right
12:25:01PM to do that if they have something on the agenda.
12:25:04PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm sorry, sir, say that.
12:25:06PM >> I say Councilmembers do walk out because they have other
12:25:09PM things on the agenda prior to any motion being made today or
12:25:11PM in the weeks in advance.
12:25:13PM I for one on Thursdays, on January and February, the first,
12:25:18PM last two weeks in January and the whole month of February
12:25:21PM will not be here for those dates, I'm letting you know now
12:25:26PM that I won't be here.
12:25:27PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right.
12:25:28PM I understand.
12:25:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
12:25:30PM >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just address what you said.
12:25:32PM Two things.
12:25:32PM First of all, I know very little about this program.
12:25:36PM So I would certainly appreciate a briefing in advance,
12:25:38PM rather than having to go through all the details in Council.
12:25:43PM That would be excellent.
12:25:44PM I would like to suggest to you, just looking at the
12:25:46PM calendar, that maybe a good compromise, what looks to be a
12:25:54PM light day so far is February 7th.
12:25:56PM The day after the January 31st.
12:25:58PM So maybe we could actually do it on that date.
12:26:01PM That will give plenty of time for briefs in briefings in
12:26:06PM advance.
12:26:06PM And just schedule it at 10:00 a.m.
12:26:10PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't want to make that motion now.
12:26:13PM I want to make sure that these people will be available or
12:26:16PM this, whoever does the presentation, which are probably be
12:26:19PM Mr. Flynn, available February 27th.
12:26:23PM >>HARRY COHEN: 7th.
12:26:25PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, 7th.
12:26:26PM Which is very reasonable.
12:26:28PM And I agreement I looked at that I just have to make sure
12:26:31PM that they are available and that we can do that.
12:26:33PM So I won't make that motion now, or I could.
12:26:38PM I'd maybe have to change it.
12:26:40PM >>HARRY COHEN: You can make it.
12:26:41PM You'll have two weeks.
12:26:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: We'll have two weeks to do it.
12:26:46PM Okay.
12:26:46PM I appreciate that.
12:26:47PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
12:26:48PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
12:26:48PM The first time that we heard the EB-5 was -- I was not here,
12:26:57PM but I watched the entire presentation online.
12:27:03PM Which for the general public, any presentation, any workshop
12:27:06PM we have, anything we here is -- always available online.
12:27:10PM So, and it was quite lengthy.
12:27:13PM I don't know how many speakers there were.
12:27:15PM I think maybe five or six.
12:27:18PM And I know the woman from Miami spoke for probably an hour.
12:27:21PM And then we heard the item again.
12:27:24PM So we have had two opportunities to hear information on the
12:27:29PM EB-5.
12:27:30PM And I know that it is an important subject.
12:27:35PM But in the presentation, when you say you, I had an issue
12:27:42PM with this before.
12:27:43PM The time of the presentation, if somebody comes with a
12:27:46PM PowerPoint or something like that, to me is when they're
12:27:49PM presenting it.
12:27:50PM So, they go through their power point or their talking
12:27:57PM point, that's the five minutes.
12:27:58PM Any time that, this is how I understand it, any time that
12:28:02PM Council adds to that is not part of the five minutes.
12:28:07PM So, if Mr. Flynn is making his presentation, I think five
12:28:12PM minutes is plenty to update us on whatever it is that the
12:28:17PM task force has found, because we have already had two or
12:28:21PM three hours worth of information already.
12:28:23PM So, and we're going to each have our briefings, whoever
12:28:27PM chooses to have the briefings.
12:28:29PM So I think the actual time when we're talking about minutes,
12:28:32PM I think five minutes is fine because five minutes is a
12:28:36PM really long presentation to be standing up there.
12:28:40PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm not asking for more.
12:28:42PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just want to clarify to all the members
12:28:45PM while we are here because we can't talk about once we step
12:28:48PM off this dais.
12:28:49PM I just want to clarify in my own mind, that's the way I
12:28:53PM understand it and see I'm on the same page with everybody
12:28:55PM else.
12:28:56PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's the way I understand it.
12:28:58PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Excellent.
12:28:59PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's why the briefing, I thought let me
12:29:03PM bring it up to remind everyone.
12:29:05PM That way, you're formulating your questions, you may ask
12:29:08PM them then individually, whatever, so when the five minutes
12:29:11PM is there, we can, you know, it's not all over again.
12:29:16PM And I do want to say that the first briefing, when you
12:29:20PM weren't here.
12:29:22PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I watched on TV.
12:29:24PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That was a, I'll have to say a fault of mine
12:29:28PM for not stopping it.
12:29:30PM So I apologize to everyone.
12:29:32PM But that will not happen again.
12:29:34PM We live and learn.
12:29:35PM Okay.
12:29:36PM So, that's what I'm saying, I'm trying to make it, with
12:29:40PM respect to this body, as informative as possible but at the
12:29:44PM same time, with the time limitations that we have.
12:29:46PM So, I will go, come back in January, with that
12:29:51PM recommendation of February 7th.
12:29:53PM And everyone would like an individual briefing.
12:30:01PM >>HARRY COHEN: Those of us who do will let you know.
12:30:04PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: We can't let here now.
12:30:05PM But we can certainly reach out to Mr. Flynn.
12:30:09PM >>HARRY COHEN: We just said we'd do that.
12:30:11PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you a.
12:30:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
12:30:14PM Anything else, Mr. Capin?
12:30:16PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, sir.
12:30:18PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
12:30:19PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
12:30:20PM I just got two items.
12:30:22PM Number one, are we ever going to get home for the holidays
12:30:25PM if way we're going.
12:30:26PM [ Laughter ]
12:30:28PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I just need to request commendation for the
12:30:35PM Martin Luther King breakfast January 21st, 2013.
12:30:39PM >> Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Ms. Montelione.
12:30:41PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:30:43PM Opposed nay.
12:30:44PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:30:45PM >>FRANK REDDICK: The last item, want to present a
12:30:48PM commendation to Andre kir want, who was featured in the
12:30:53PM Tampa tribune as local hero for his work in the holiday
12:30:56PM season homeless.
12:30:59PM Present a commendation on February 7th.
12:31:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
12:31:03PM Mr. Suarez on that.
12:31:05PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:31:07PM Opposed nay.
12:31:10PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Happy holidays.
12:31:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
12:31:14PM >>MARY MULHERN: Happy holidays to everyone.
12:31:15PM Merry Christmas, happy new year.
12:31:17PM Happy Hanukkah that I just found out already happened.
12:31:21PM Didn't get any latkes.
12:31:21PM [ Laughter ]
12:31:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
12:31:26PM >>HARRY COHEN: Well, I didn't make any latkes this year.
12:31:30PM I do want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new
12:31:36PM year.
12:31:36PM This has been a very traumatic week in this country.
12:31:38PM Hopefully we won't see any more incidents like what we have
12:31:42PM all witnessed since we last sat together.
12:31:44PM I do want to wish everyone a very healthy and prosperous and
12:31:49PM hopefully safe new year.
12:31:51PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
12:31:52PM Ms. Montelione?
12:31:53PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.
12:31:54PM In light of the discussion we had earlier, I'd like to
12:31:58PM schedule a workshop on the local hiring preference ordinance
12:32:06PM for our workshop session on March 28th.
12:32:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
12:32:15PM >>HARRY COHEN: I have to say that I'm not going to be able
12:32:17PM to support -- well, I should wait and see if someone seconds
12:32:21PM it.
12:32:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione.
12:32:26PM Second by?
12:32:29PM For the workshop.
12:32:30PM On hiring.
12:32:31PM Do I hear a second?
12:32:35PM Motion dies for lack of a second.
12:32:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: All right.
12:32:37PM I gave it a shot.
12:32:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You gave it a shot.
12:32:40PM Okay.
12:32:40PM Anyone else?
12:32:42PM >> Motion to receive and file.
12:32:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to receive and file bring
12:32:45PM Cohen.
12:32:46PM Second by Mr. Suarez.
12:32:47PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:32:48PM Opposed nay.
12:32:51PM Motion passes unanimously.
12:32:52PM General public, any whereon in the audience, all five
12:32:55PM hundred of you want to speak?
12:32:57PM I see no one coming up.
12:32:59PM I appreciate it very much.
12:33:01PM We stand adjourned till what date in 2013?
12:33:08PM >> January 10th.

December 20, 2012
9:30 a.m.

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