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Thursday, February 7, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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9:05:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
9:07:28AM The chair yields to Mr. Mike Suarez.
9:07:31AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
9:07:32AM It's my pleasure to introduce our speaker for our
9:07:35AM invocation.
9:07:36AM We have Mr. Allison Al Leroy Lewis, Sr., a native of Tampa,
9:07:43AM Florida.
9:07:44AM Port Tampa neighborhood and civic association.
9:07:47AM Al is a retired Army paratrooper and former Gulf oil
9:07:51AM corporation diesel driver for 20 years.
9:07:53AM While quote unquote retired, Al is a faithful member of the

9:07:58AM Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church, also in Port Tampa.
9:08:00AM Al heads up the management of his church's kitchen, cooking
9:08:04AM meals for all church functions, assists with the food
9:08:06AM pantry, distributing food to shut-ins and needy families and
9:08:07AM helps with maintenance and upkeep of the church grounds.
9:08:10AM He sings in the all-male choir.
9:08:12AM You don't have to do that today.
9:08:14AM But some other time you might want.
9:08:15AM He is a mentor for the youth program.
9:08:18AM And a member of the couples ministry.
9:08:21AM He even takes time to bike ride for exercise and walks the
9:08:25AM community chatting with neighbors to take issues and
9:08:27AM concerns to his neighborhood association.
9:08:29AM This year, Al will be 75 years old.
9:08:31AM Congratulations, Al.
9:08:32AM And recently celebrated 50 years of marriage to his life
9:08:36AM partner Betty Jean Lewis.
9:08:38AM Together they have two adult children, Al junior and our own
9:08:41AM city employee, Ms. Carla Jackson, who many of you know.
9:08:46AM Eight grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.
9:08:48AM Mr. Lewis, if you could come to the podium.
9:08:52AM Everyone please rise for the invocation and stay standing
9:08:55AM for the Pledge of Allegiance.
9:08:58AM >> First I want to thank the City Council for inviting me
9:09:02AM here today.

9:09:03AM So let us all bow our heads in a word of prayer.
9:09:07AM Our heavenly father, our heavenly father, we thank you for
9:09:13AM allowing us to wake up this morning, in the right mind.
9:09:17AM We thank you for being the father that you are.
9:09:19AM We thank you for heavenly father for our blessings.
9:09:25AM We know -- we don't know what is in store for us.
9:09:30AM Father, only you know that.
9:09:32AM And only you can guide us and lead us in the right
9:09:37AM direction.
9:09:38AM This month is February.
9:09:42AM Known for everyone as Black History Month.
9:09:48AM Please help us, all of us to unite as one, regardless of
9:09:56AM race, creed, or color.
9:09:57AM Father, you made us all in your image.
9:10:03AM Also, father, guide our mayor of the city, our City Council
9:10:07AM and all other officials that enable us to make the right
9:10:13AM decision for this great city of Tampa.
9:10:17AM And for our community so our kids would have a good city to
9:10:23AM live in.
9:10:25AM Thank you.
9:10:26AM Thank you again, father.
9:10:27AM These are the blessings we ask in your name for our sake.
9:10:31AM Let us all say Amen.
9:10:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

9:10:53AM [Roll Call]
9:10:55AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:10:56AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:10:57AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:10:59AM >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
9:11:00AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:11:01AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
9:11:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:11:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need motion for adoption of the minutes
9:11:07AM of January 24th hearing.
9:11:08AM Have a motion by Ms. Montelione.
9:11:11AM Have a second by Mr. Suarez.
9:11:13AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:11:15AM Opposed nay.
9:11:17AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:11:17AM Mr. Reddick will now make the ceremonial activities and the
9:11:22AM commendation to a fine individual.
9:11:30AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:11:36AM It is a pleasure to stand here this morning and recognize
9:11:40AM one of our citizens.
9:11:42AM Many of us have focused on the homeless population in this
9:11:47AM city.
9:11:48AM We felt and we all know there's a major need for it.
9:11:51AM And very few things have been done about the homeless
9:11:55AM population.

9:11:56AM We have with us today a young man who, who took it upon
9:12:06AM himself every year to make sure that the homeless is not
9:12:11AM only recognized, but he also went to do something about the
9:12:15AM homeless population.
9:12:16AM He decided to, on Christmas and Thanksgiving, in a nightclub
9:12:22AM parking lot, to feed the homeless population.
9:12:26AM To make sure that those who did not have a meal on Christmas
9:12:30AM and Thanksgiving, was able to get a meal.
9:12:33AM He was recognized in "The Tampa Tribune" for his service.
9:12:38AM And what he was able to do.
9:12:40AM And if you can see, he drew hundreds and hundreds of people
9:12:45AM who had opportunity to get a hot meal and celebrate
9:12:49AM Thanksgiving and Christmas just like majority of us do every
9:12:52AM year.
9:12:53AM So, not only he was recognized at the Toga breakfast, but I
9:12:59AM thought fitting and deserving to recognize this gentleman
9:13:03AM for the work he's doing and he's doing it out of his heart.
9:13:06AM If we can get more citizens in this community to devote time
9:13:09AM and energy to help the homeless population, I think we will
9:13:12AM get rid of some of the problems we are having.
9:13:16AM It's a pleasure to have with us this morning, Mr. Andre
9:13:20AM Kirwan.
9:13:21AM And Mr. Kirwan -- I'm going to get it right sooner or later.
9:13:27AM We want to recognize you for your service to this community.
9:13:31AM And what you are doing to bring attention to the homeless

9:13:35AM population.
9:13:36AM And even though you received recognition and I know it's not
9:13:41AM all about you.
9:13:41AM And you received recognition from the Tribune.
9:13:45AM You received recognition from Toga organization.
9:13:49AM But I thought it befitting to recognize you for your
9:13:52AM dedication and commitment to the homeless population.
9:13:56AM So on behalf of the Tampa City Council, we would like to
9:13:59AM present you this commendation for your services and
9:14:02AM dedication to the homeless population in the City of Tampa.
9:14:05AM [ Applause ]
9:14:19AM >> First and foremost, allow me to say this is a true
9:14:24AM privilege and honor for me to be here.
9:14:27AM Thank you, Councilman Reddick and Mr. McVeigh.
9:14:31AM When they contacted me, I was quite shocked, but very
9:14:31AM grateful.
9:14:33AM All the attention has been overwhelming to tell you the
9:14:35AM truth.
9:14:35AM I think I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a guy who is a big
9:14:39AM part of this, was Dr. Neal Sayers.
9:14:44AM Dr. Sayers tragically passed.
9:14:48AM He was throwing a baseball with his son a week before
9:14:50AM Thanksgiving and went up on the roof to get the ball that
9:14:52AM was thrown up there and he slipped and fell and passed.
9:14:56AM And so, it's been hard for me to realize.

9:14:58AM He always told me, Andre, we've got to go big or go home.
9:15:02AM It's been hard for me to kind of wrap my brain through the
9:15:06AM fact through his passing, his dream was realized.
9:15:09AM Like I said, all the attention has been completely
9:15:11AM overwhelming and very grateful to get the support, but I
9:15:15AM would be remiss in saying this -- this is in honor of him.
9:15:19AM I'm grateful and thank you.
9:15:20AM I know he's smiling down on us and I am eternally grateful
9:15:24AM for this award.
9:15:25AM Thank you, guys, and God bless.
9:15:27AM [ Applause ]
9:15:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:15:33AM We need approval of the agenda and the addendum.
9:15:37AM >> So moved.
9:15:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second -- I
9:15:42AM missed the second.
9:15:42AM Mr. Suarez.
9:15:43AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:15:45AM Opposed nay.
9:15:47AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:15:47AM Before by into public comments, we have an individual in the
9:15:51AM audience that may or may not have a job when we finish, but
9:15:55AM I think he may.
9:15:56AM It's item 18.
9:15:59AM Mr. Snelling has an appointment that he has to keep.

9:16:02AM And I promised that I'd try to get him on the agenda first.
9:16:05AM It's confirmation of the appointment Mr. Snelling?
9:16:08AM With permission of Council, I'd like to do this now.
9:16:11AM >> I didn't really.
9:16:20AM >>THOM SNELLING: I didn't really prepare anything, but I do
9:16:23AM want to say that I appreciate Mayor Buckhorn allowing me to
9:16:26AM be a part of his administration going forward.
9:16:28AM And I also appreciate working with this Council here and
9:16:32AM look forward to a number of years of very productive work as
9:16:35AM we go forward with all the various projects that I'm able to
9:16:38AM help you with.
9:16:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you have moved into the city?
9:16:42AM >> Yes, sir.
9:16:43AM I have.
9:16:44AM I'm in Councilman's Reddick's district.
9:16:49AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:16:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now you can vote for you, maybe one day
9:16:53AM you can vote for him.
9:16:54AM He I said maybe.
9:16:56AM I didn't say this is a done deal.
9:16:57AM Don't misconstrue these words.
9:16:59AM All right.
9:17:00AM Thank you very much.
9:17:00AM What we're going to do, we're going to hold this in
9:17:03AM Mr. Cohen's committee.

9:17:04AM I just wanted you to have the opportunity to do this and
9:17:07AM carry on with your appointment.
9:17:09AM >>THOM SNELLING: Thank you very much.
9:17:11AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Public comments, we're at public
9:17:13AM comments.
9:17:13AM Anyone in the audience.
9:17:14AM [ Applause ]
9:17:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wow, that's the first time public
9:17:21AM comments got an applause.
9:17:22AM [ Laughter ]
9:17:30AM >> It wasn't for me, I'm sure of that.
9:17:33AM Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.
9:17:35AM I send you e-mails all the time.
9:17:39AM You know where I stand on the chickens, boarding houses, all
9:17:42AM this kind of stuff.
9:17:44AM Cuscaden pool, sorry, we should've fixed it the first time.
9:17:49AM But I'm mainly here on item number 26.
9:17:51AM I would like to thank Lisa for requesting it and I will go
9:17:55AM home, get my bathrobe and listen to you at 2:00.
9:17:58AM But, the number of formal decisions just on this two year
9:18:07AM list is unusual.
9:18:10AM And 90% of these, and I'm going over to code right now, are
9:18:17AM apartment complexes or illegal structures that house drug
9:18:26AM dealers and prostitutes.
9:18:28AM I'm sorry.

9:18:28AM It's a big business to cut up a house.
9:18:31AM This is just what is on my desk prior to this and I still
9:18:39AM can't get enforced.
9:18:41AM So what is the sense of spending the money to have a formal
9:18:46AM decision -- the city doesn't spend any money.
9:18:49AM The property owner pays for it.
9:18:51AM But what's the sense of having a formal decision if they're
9:18:54AM not enforced?
9:18:55AM It's ridiculous.
9:18:58AM That's all I got to say.
9:19:01AM Hope you guys have a good lunch and I hope it's fried
9:19:04AM chicken.
9:19:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:19:06AM Next please?
9:19:09AM >> Hi.
9:19:09AM I'm Kelly Bailey, V.M. Ybor neighborhood president, residing
9:19:15AM at 2701 North Banks Street.
9:19:18AM I'm here, well, personally we haven't talked about the
9:19:20AM chicken ordinance in our meetings, but I personally would
9:19:23AM approve of the changes or hope that you approve the changes.
9:19:27AM I'm here on behalf of the neighborhood, the V.M. Ybor
9:19:31AM neighborhood to request you to please adopt the recommended
9:19:35AM changes to the city ordinance that governs the rooming
9:19:37AM houses.
9:19:38AM If the positions are adopted specifically that each lodging

9:19:41AM unit is a minimum of 150 square feet, that the maximum
9:19:46AM occupancy of each unit does not exceed two individuals, that
9:19:50AM each rooming house does not have more than six lodging
9:19:53AM units.
9:19:53AM And that each rooming house be located at least 500 feet
9:19:57AM apart, that it will help to make significant changes in the
9:20:01AM V.M. Ybor neighborhood, which has experienced the negative
9:20:04AM effects of having up to 40 individuals packed in, into 3,000
9:20:09AM square feet or less of living space.
9:20:11AM These changes will also help to ensure that the residents of
9:20:16AM the properties are not being exploited and that they are
9:20:19AM being provided a safer place to live in regards to their
9:20:23AM personal well-being as well as fire safety.
9:20:25AM In regard to Cuscaden pool also on the agenda today, on
9:20:29AM behalf of V.M. Ybor neighborhood association, we're asking
9:20:33AM you to make necessary repairs to the pool priority.
9:20:36AM We're soon going to be approaching the fourth summer this
9:20:39AM pool is not available for our residents.
9:20:40AM This issue has cited as being one of the top issues of our
9:20:44AM neighborhood for the last several years.
9:20:45AM We are asking that the city do what is necessary to make
9:20:48AM this a national historic landmark available to the residents
9:20:52AM of V.M. Ybor as well as surrounding area and do this as
9:20:56AM quickly as possible.
9:20:57AM It is a shame that over $2.6 million in federal and CIT

9:21:00AM funds were used to make only temporary upgrades at best.
9:21:04AM By closing the pool again in 2010, our neighborhood lost an
9:21:07AM activity that promotes healthy living, helps to keep our
9:21:10AM children safe and supervised environment, as well as lost a
9:21:15AM place where afterschool programs were held.
9:21:17AM I'm using some of Mayor Buckhorn's own words, we need this
9:21:20AM pool to reopen to help strengthen our neighborhood, in turn
9:21:23AM helping to strengthen our city by providing facilities so
9:21:26AM that our children will not be at risk to the temptation of
9:21:30AM the streets, which is a very real problem in our
9:21:32AM neighborhood.
9:21:33AM Again, we are asking that you make it a priority to reopen
9:21:36AM Cuscaden pool in the near term, as this will greatly improve
9:21:39AM the quality of life of our residents.
9:21:41AM Thank you.
9:21:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so much.
9:21:43AM Next please?
9:21:46AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:21:47AM Fran Costantino, president of the East Ybor Civic
9:21:51AM Association.
9:21:53AM I'm here to support staff recommendations regarding the
9:21:56AM boarding house and the chickens.
9:21:58AM But I'm mainly here to talk to you about Cuscaden pool.
9:22:02AM Cuscaden pool was built in the 1930s.
9:22:05AM It is historic.

9:22:07AM It was designed by an architect Wesley Benz, it's an oval
9:22:12AM up-ground pool.
9:22:13AM And other than our cigar factories and some of our historic
9:22:17AM schools, I think this pool architecturally-wise is more
9:22:20AM significant historically to Tampa than even our Waterworks
9:22:23AM Building.
9:22:25AM Speaking medically, you know, we keep getting Band-Aids and
9:22:29AM keep putting stents on something that needs open-heart
9:22:31AM surgery.
9:22:32AM This pool is of major importance, now that we're extending
9:22:36AM the boundaries to include V.M. Ybor into the historic
9:22:39AM district, it makes it even doubly important.
9:22:42AM I'm pleading with you all to please -- I remember when we
9:22:46AM were young.
9:22:47AM They used to have diving contests there.
9:22:49AM They had a low diving board and high diving board.
9:22:52AM They would even teach children of our age how to swim.
9:22:56AM Of course I never learned, so I probably got whistled at the
9:23:01AM most for dog paddling under the high dive.
9:23:04AM All of us would go there daily.
9:23:06AM We would watch Mikey Garcia jump and win national
9:23:10AM championships.
9:23:10AM It is so important to our history.
9:23:12AM I'm begging you please, whether we got to dip into reserves
9:23:17AM or adjust priorities, we need to fix it.

9:23:19AM To spend 2 million for it to still leak is just I think
9:23:23AM pathetic and mismanagement.
9:23:25AM I don't know how it happened.
9:23:27AM But I'm here to plead, find some money to save the Cuscaden
9:23:32AM pool.
9:23:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:23:33AM Next please?
9:23:35AM >> Kim Headland.
9:23:37AM 1001 East 24th Avenue.
9:23:39AM I'm here to speak on items number 53, the rooming houses and
9:23:43AM Cuscaden pool, item 50.
9:23:45AM On the rooming houses, I would like to ask that you move
9:23:47AM forward with the staff's recommended changes for these
9:23:50AM rooming houses.
9:23:51AM The proposed changes will clarify the conflicting
9:23:54AM definitions that are so very difficult and almost impossible
9:23:57AM for code enforcement to actually enforce.
9:24:00AM To introduce square footage in maximum occupancy requirement
9:24:03AM eliminating the potential for a handful of owners to truly
9:24:07AM exploit borders and extremely, extremely overcrowded
9:24:11AM conditions.
9:24:11AM In 2013, you simply should never have 45 people living in a
9:24:15AM 3,000 square foot house.
9:24:17AM These staff recommended revisions have the potential to
9:24:22AM positively affect the quality of life for many folks moving

9:24:25AM forward and they are something the V.M. Ybor community
9:24:28AM supported in 2012.
9:24:28AM On Cuscaden pool, as Kelly mentioned, the V.M. Ybor is
9:24:34AM approaching its fourth summer without a pool.
9:24:36AM A fitness facility, afterschool programs or youth programs.
9:24:39AM And as you know, it's one of four pools currently closed.
9:24:42AM Two of those are in East Tampa.
9:24:44AM An area that desperately needs youth programs.
9:24:48AM It's programs such as these are so critical for the youth,
9:24:54AM but also for the long-term stabilization of a community and
9:24:57AM all of Tampa's urban core neighborhood the city spent
9:25:01AM $2.6 million in federal and local fund in 2005.
9:25:04AM And within months of completion, it was leaking.
9:25:06AM The pool -- the problem was ignored.
9:25:09AM Completely ignored until the pool was forced to be closed in
9:25:13AM 2010.
9:25:13AM Staff continuously cites low park usage as a reason to not
9:25:18AM quickly address repairs to this local historic landmark.
9:25:21AM Yet the Cuscaden fields are rented most evenings.
9:25:24AM Hundreds of youth use the football field in the summer and
9:25:27AM the fall.
9:25:28AM The dream center is now accessed by a multitude of use three
9:25:32AM days a week and the community was asked to build their own
9:25:34AM playground, funded privately.
9:25:37AM There is plenty of current use and plenty of community

9:25:40AM support for this facility.
9:25:41AM Finally, as a taxpayer, I will never understand why it's
9:25:45AM acceptable to mismanage federal grant dollars, let a
9:25:49AM historically significant pool fall into disrepair
9:25:52AM immediately upon completion of a major renovation and then
9:25:55AM claim it's a tough business decision as a reason to leave it
9:25:58AM closed.
9:25:58AM Please consider it, I guess more quickly renovating the pool
9:26:03AM to have it reopened.
9:26:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:26:05AM I'm glad that all of you remember Mike Garcia, but before
9:26:09AM Mike Garcia, there was Barracuda Jack.
9:26:11AM So you didn't know that.
9:26:14AM Barracuda was a great swimmer until one day that he decided
9:26:17AM to go out and play baseball and he was a fly hit to right
9:26:20AM field.
9:26:20AM He said I got it.
9:26:22AM When he moved the glove, he caught it with his left eye.
9:26:25AM But he did fine.
9:26:27AM Barracuda Jack is still alive and doing well.
9:26:30AM Yes, sir?
9:26:31AM >> My name's Charles Leon Parker.
9:26:33AM Black people working, Tampa general hospital like that.
9:26:42AM The reason I say this, because the first man, he had wings,
9:26:50AM he had a tiny foot like that's why he was called a human

9:26:58AM being, with the wing, hair and all -- he looked just like a
9:27:03AM a bear.
9:27:04AM He had five fingers in the rear.
9:27:09AM They took a real life and made eve but he had five fingers.
9:27:15AM He carved and real as he sat.
9:27:24AM Then he took his image and flipped it over and gave woman
9:27:28AM her vagina.
9:27:30AM Then he took the energy, like the battery energy and formed
9:27:33AM the breast milk.
9:27:34AM And women been giving baby energy milk ever since then.
9:27:39AM Then he had, he had took his image and put it in the water
9:27:44AM and the water went through the head of it like this here
9:27:47AM back and forth through the head.
9:27:48AM And after that, he made the fish.
9:27:52AM The fish made the fish, and it had gills.
9:27:57AM That's where the gills come from, when the water went
9:28:00AM through the head and give the fish gills.
9:28:02AM And in your Bible where it says Jesus Christ said the mother
9:28:06AM two fish, that means female and male fish and trying to say
9:28:10AM he gave them gills.
9:28:12AM You know, the reason why I went in the hospital, because
9:28:17AM black people need the gospel, the black nurses and stuff,
9:28:21AM lawyers, lawyer, that's like Mohammed dream.
9:28:28AM 300 billion black people.
9:28:31AM What they call ghetto black people.

9:28:34AM I supposed to have $689 million if you all would let me get
9:28:42AM right on the way and contact Mr. Mulholland so he can help
9:28:46AM me get the hospital started to being built.
9:28:48AM You think you can handle that?
9:28:51AM >> I will be your first patient.
9:28:54AM >> You're going to try?
9:28:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:28:57AM I appreciate it.
9:29:07AM >> No handouts today.
9:29:15AM >> Okay.
9:29:16AM I'm Ed Tillou.
9:29:19AM And you know I often speak about global warming and
9:29:23AM greenhouse effect, importance of you know hybrids and volts.
9:29:30AM Plug in hybrid electric vehicles.
9:29:34AM But this is something more important.
9:29:35AM I've been speak about the past couple of meetings, this EMP.
9:29:39AM I become habit waited of finding the items of relevance.
9:29:44AM Item eight, almost all are public works.
9:29:47AM I was a municipal engineer.
9:29:49AM I have my professional engineers license.
9:29:51AM It's in Maryland.
9:29:53AM I'm going to transfer it to North Carolina, maybe some day
9:29:56AM I'll get in it Florida.
9:29:57AM But item nine, Katrina gave us a sense for I think 400, 600
9:30:04AM people were killed in that.

9:30:06AM Since Tampa's about a quarter of a million people, EMP has
9:30:10AM the capable of taking out maybe 175,000 of those people.
9:30:13AM They would starve to death because trucks wouldn't be able
9:30:17AM to get food in.
9:30:18AM Reason for this is so many transistors and computer chips.
9:30:22AM Item 11, large motor soft start.
9:30:25AM Does that mean when that goes down that the whole plant is
9:30:28AM going to go down?
9:30:29AM Item 14.
9:30:30AM Pumping station.
9:30:31AM Well, these are all things impacted by this.
9:30:34AM Now here's a committee.
9:30:36AM I'm going to be getting in touch with.
9:30:38AM There's a general, two Mr. s and six Ph.D.s.
9:30:44AM Hopefully they would be on top of this.
9:30:45AM I distributed some things at a past meeting that need a
9:30:49AM little clarification.
9:30:51AM About the dolphin class submarines.
9:30:54AM They were given -- some of them were given and these Israel
9:30:57AM had to pay for them.
9:30:59AM That was because I thought that Iran was for T further
9:31:02AM along.
9:31:03AM Actually North Korea is much further along on all of this
9:31:06AM stuff.
9:31:06AM And for instance, they'll probably have missiles like this,

9:31:11AM I said in four years.
9:31:12AM But it's, these are from the early 60s with respect to the
9:31:16AM United States.
9:31:16AM But they'll have them in three to five years and probably
9:31:19AM have them deployed.
9:31:20AM 16 to 20 of them are all they need, because they can merge
9:31:25AM them with warheads, five to six warheads each.
9:31:27AM They're not signatories to the treaty that holds that to
9:31:32AM fore.
9:31:32AM So, that's why I mentioned about the dolphin class
9:31:36AM submarines because Israel does have the capability of taking
9:31:39AM out the Iranian nuclear installations.
9:31:42AM One of them had a industrial accident recently.
9:31:45AM And that's about a third of their centrifuges.
9:31:49AM But there's clarification on that.
9:31:55AM Then some materials about Charles Fung, not a relative of
9:31:58AM ours but I corresponded with him during my socialist days.
9:32:03AM Because his name kept coming up as I researched our family.
9:32:06AM It was an interesting quote by Clemmons about that.
9:32:10AM He said a man in his 20s who is not a socialist has no
9:32:15AM heart.
9:32:15AM A man in his 40s who is still a socialist has no head.
9:32:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:32:26AM >> Good morning, council.
9:32:28AM Steve LaBour, 5105 west Azeele Street.

9:32:31AM I think I have a head and heart.
9:32:33AM I don't know how old that makes me.
9:32:37AM Speaking on behalf of T.H.A.N.'s zoning committee.
9:32:41AM On item 53 and 54, the rooming house and chickens.
9:32:45AM Unfortunately, we just -- first of all, I want to say that
9:32:49AM Cathy Coyle has been very good keeping us updated on things
9:32:53AM she's working on.
9:32:54AM We have had good conversations.
9:32:56AM But unfortunately we didn't receive the ordinances until
9:32:58AM actually on Monday.
9:32:59AM We have a T.H.A.N. meeting next Wednesday.
9:33:01AM In which we're going to be going over both those ordinances
9:33:05AM thoroughly with our members.
9:33:06AM So we don't have an official opinion or can we make comments
9:33:12AM today.
9:33:13AM We do know that you're taking this up in your staff reports
9:33:16AM this afternoon.
9:33:18AM We would actually respectfully request that you continue
9:33:21AM these two items so that we could at least officially
9:33:25AM comment.
9:33:26AM But if you choose not to do that and go ahead and transmit
9:33:30AM to the Planning Commission, we're concerned that there might
9:33:32AM be a presumption that we all have discussed it and weighed
9:33:36AM in.
9:33:38AM In which we will not be able to do so today because of just

9:33:41AM receiving the ordinances on Monday.
9:33:43AM So, we certainly can come back this afternoon to listen to
9:33:48AM your discussions, but unfortunately we cannot offer any
9:33:50AM official positions on behalf of T.H.A.N. and our members.
9:33:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
9:33:56AM Okay.
9:33:59AM Anyone else care to speak this morning under public comments
9:34:03AM for three minutes?
9:34:04AM I see no one.
9:34:05AM Anyone in the audience care to ask this Council for any
9:34:11AM reconciliation matters of legislative decisions, last
9:34:15AM Council meeting?
9:34:16AM I also see no one.
9:34:18AM We go to committee reports.
9:34:22AM We go to park, recreation, culture committee chair, Ms. Mary
9:34:26AM Mulhern.
9:34:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
9:34:29AM I move items number 2 through 7.
9:34:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
9:34:40AM Mr. Cohen on items 3 through 7.
9:34:43AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:34:45AM Opposed nay.
9:34:46AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:34:47AM Public works committee chair, Mr. Mike Suarez.
9:34:53AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

9:34:54AM I move items 8 through 14.
9:34:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a
9:34:58AM second by Mr. Reddick.
9:35:00AM On those items.
9:35:01AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:35:03AM Opposed nay.
9:35:06AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:35:07AM I have finance committee chair, Mr. Harry Cohen.
9:35:12AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:35:13AM I move items are 15 through 20, that of course includes item
9:35:16AM 18 regarding Mr. Snelling.
9:35:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a
9:35:20AM second by Mr. Suarez.
9:35:21AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:35:23AM Opposed nay.
9:35:25AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:35:25AM Building and zoning and preservation, Ms. Lisa Montelione.
9:35:32AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:35:33AM I think we need to move item 21 separately, as it's the
9:35:38AM substitute resolution.
9:35:39AM So move the substitute resolution item 21.
9:35:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second by
9:35:46AM Ms. Mulhern.
9:35:47AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:35:49AM Opposed nay.

9:35:50AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:35:52AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move items 22 through 33, with the
9:35:57AM exception of item number 26, which was pulled by
9:36:01AM Councilwoman Mulhern for discussion.
9:36:03AM >> Second.
9:36:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second by
9:36:07AM Mr. Cohen.
9:36:08AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:36:09AM Opposed nay.
9:36:10AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:36:11AM Ms. Mulhern?
9:36:16AM >>MARY MULHERN: Although I asked to have item 26 pulled for
9:36:18AM discussion, I think at this point I'd like to move it be
9:36:24AM continued, if we can do that, to our next regular meeting.
9:36:35AM >>JULIA MANDELL: There's no time limit associated with this.
9:36:38AM So that would be fine.
9:36:39AM Continue that for two weeks.
9:36:40AM I speak to Councilmembers who want some more information.
9:36:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for continuation on 26 to
9:36:47AM the next Council meeting.
9:36:48AM Motion made by Ms. Mulhern, second by Mr. Cohen.
9:36:51AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:36:52AM Opposed nay.
9:36:54AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:36:55AM We go to committee reports, continuation transportation

9:37:00AM committee chair, Ms. Yvonne Yolie Capin.
9:37:03AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:37:04AM I move item 34.
9:37:05AM >> Second.
9:37:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin on 34,
9:37:08AM second bring Suarez.
9:37:09AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:37:11AM Opposed nay.
9:37:12AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:37:13AM Item, resolution setting a public hearing on February the
9:37:18AM 14th.
9:37:18AM Item number 35.
9:37:20AM Who wants to move the resolution?
9:37:22AM Mr. Reddick moves the resolution, second by Mr. Cohen.
9:37:26AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, Mr. Chair.
9:37:28AM I believe we had a memo from the attorney representing the
9:37:32AM client on that item.
9:37:34AM He didn't put the item number on the agenda, so I'd have to
9:37:37AM check the address.
9:37:38AM This is dated yesterday.
9:37:42AM From Mr. Gardner.
9:37:45AM Requesting, it was originally set for February 14th, 2013
9:37:52AM but he's respectfully requesting a continuance to
9:37:55AM March 14th.
9:37:55AM Is this the same item?

9:38:01AM Because he didn't put the agenda item on the letter.
9:38:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Does it refer to Z 1308.
9:38:08AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, I'm sorry, it's 125.
9:38:12AM >> That's different.
9:38:13AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I apologize.
9:38:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No problem.
9:38:15AM Okay.
9:38:15AM Take a vote now on 35.
9:38:17AM All in favor of that motion to move the resolution, please
9:38:20AM indicate by saying aye.
9:38:20AM Opposed nay.
9:38:21AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:38:22AM We go now to public hearings, second readings.
9:38:29AM Proposed ordinances.
9:38:30AM We need to open up 36 and that same motion, receive and file
9:38:38AM any items that came in regarding 36.
9:38:40AM >> So moved.
9:38:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen opening 36
9:38:44AM and receiving and file, seconded by Ms. Capin.
9:38:49AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:38:51AM Opposed nay.
9:38:53AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:38:53AM Item 36 is now open.
9:38:55AM Who's here representing 36?
9:39:04AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on 36, please come

9:39:07AM forward.
9:39:08AM No one's coming up.
9:39:13AM Everything -- need a motion to close.
9:39:15AM >> So moved.
9:39:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Ms. Mulhern,
9:39:18AM seconded by Mr. Suarez.
9:39:20AM All in favor of the motion on 36 to close, please indicate
9:39:22AM by saying aye.
9:39:23AM Opposed nay.
9:39:24AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:39:24AM Okay.
9:39:26AM This is the ordinance, it was a scrivener's error, item 36,
9:39:32AM Ms. Montelione, would you kindly take number 36, please?
9:39:37AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, sir, thank you.
9:39:37AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
9:39:46AM adoption, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida
9:39:49AM amending ordinance 2012-150 passed and ordained by the City
9:39:54AM Council of the City of Tampa on December 20, 2012 by
9:39:57AM correcting a scrivener's error in the body of the ordinance
9:40:00AM and in the text amending section 122-135, transit shelter
9:40:05AM advertising.
9:40:05AM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,
9:40:06AM providing for severability, providing an effective date.
9:40:11AM >> Second.
9:40:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione on 36, second

9:40:14AM bring Suarez.
9:40:15AM Roll call vote.
9:40:17AM Vote and record.
9:40:28AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
9:40:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:40:31AM Let me also say, I apologize for not bringing it up earlier.
9:40:35AM This Council would be recessing today -- they will be
9:40:38AM recessing at 10:30 in the morning for some Council business
9:40:43AM and luncheon with the governor, state of Florida.
9:40:47AM And we'll continue, we'll come back in session at 2:00.
9:40:54AM I had to bring that into the record.
9:40:55AM Thank you very much.
9:40:56AM Mr. Reddick?
9:40:58AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you Mr. Chair.
9:41:00AM Chair, at this time, I would like to recognize our 2013
9:41:08AM Black History Month committee.
9:41:11AM And will you please stand and come forward?
9:41:30AM >> Good morning, Tampa City Council and thank you all for
9:41:32AM allowing us to be here this morning.
9:41:34AM We are representatives of the City of Tampa Black History
9:41:37AM Committee.
9:41:38AM And this is a very special time for us because we're marking
9:41:41AM a milestone in the history of the City of Tampa.
9:41:46AM And that is the silver anniversary of the City of Tampa
9:41:49AM black history celebration.

9:41:50AM Our theme this year is 25 years of excellence.
9:41:54AM And we're doing this because we know upon whose shoulders
9:41:58AM that we stand.
9:41:59AM We stand here together and united serving the City of Tampa
9:42:03AM and city employees, but also volunteers helping the
9:42:06AM community.
9:42:06AM And we invite you as well as the viewing public out to this
9:42:09AM most important event.
9:42:11AM It's going to be at the Tampa convention center.
9:42:13AM The event is free and open to the public.
9:42:15AM The date is going to be February the 15th, which is a
9:42:19AM Friday.
9:42:19AM At the Tampa convention center, starting at 11:00 a.m.
9:42:23AM But it's all right if you come early because we are also
9:42:25AM going to have an expo, where you'll get a chance to interact
9:42:29AM with some of our supporters, as well as our sponsors.
9:42:33AM And to top it all off, we are going to highlight several of
9:42:36AM the individuals who have worked for the City of Tampa,
9:42:39AM tirelessly to make the black history committee what it is,
9:42:42AM as well as those who have served Tampa.
9:42:46AM But we also have a gospel choir.
9:42:49AM For the first time ever, the City of Tampa employees have
9:42:51AM gotten together to form a gospel choir.
9:42:54AM And they'll be performing during the celebration, along with
9:42:57AM our very own Ardell Allen, who is also a city employee.

9:43:02AM So once again we welcome you to come to our celebration.
9:43:05AM We all have made this possible, along with the
9:43:08AM administration as well as everyone who is standing behind me
9:43:11AM today.
9:43:12AM We're all a part of one great city.
9:43:15AM And thank you again for allowing us to have a few minutes to
9:43:18AM come before you to talk about this wonderful celebration.
9:43:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Crum for all you
9:43:23AM and your committee and all the good people City of Tampa
9:43:25AM have done for each other.
9:43:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Will there be any food?
9:43:29AM [ Laughter ]
9:43:31AM >> My name is Lenore Russell, I'm the vice-president of the
9:43:35AM City of Tampa black history committee.
9:43:36AM And it lists on here that this program, as Frank said, will
9:43:40AM highlight the accomplishments of city employees, the efforts
9:43:44AM of the City of Tampa black history committee and the unity
9:43:48AM that can be found within diversity.
9:43:50AM And that's right the part I like.
9:43:53AM Unity within diversity.
9:43:55AM >> Yes, there is food.
9:43:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for attending.
9:43:58AM [ Applause ]
9:44:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need to open items 37 through 45, along
9:44:07AM with the motion that we're, and that motion included that we

9:44:10AM receive and file any documents for all those 3673 through 45
9:44:14AM that have been set.
9:44:16AM Motion by Ms. Montelione, second by Mrs. Mulhern.
9:44:19AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:44:21AM Opposed nay.
9:44:22AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:44:23AM These are quasi-judicial hearings.
9:44:25AM Ms. Clerk, if anyone of you in the audience is going to
9:44:28AM speak on 37 through 45, she will swear you in.
9:44:31AM If you're thinking about it, just stand up and be sworn in.
9:44:40AM [Oath administered by Clerk]
9:44:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, item number 37.
9:44:45AM Yes, sir?
9:44:52AM >> Have been certified by the zoning administrator.
9:44:56AM Staff is here to answer any questions.
9:44:58AM Joel Sousa, land development.
9:45:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner here on 37?
9:45:03AM >> Good morning, Tammy Corbett, 100 North Tampa Street,
9:45:06AM suite 2700, Tampa, Florida for the petitioner.
9:45:10AM >> Anyone in the audience would like to speak on item number
9:45:14AM 37?
9:45:15AM I see no one.
9:45:17AM >> Move to close.
9:45:18AM >> Have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
9:45:21AM Miss Mulhern.

9:45:22AM Further discussion by Councils?
9:45:23AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:45:24AM Opposed nay.
9:45:25AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:45:26AM Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take item number 37, sir?
9:45:33AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:45:33AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
9:45:36AM adoption.
9:45:36AM An ordinance approving a special use permits, S-2 for
9:45:41AM alcoholic beverage sales, bar lounge on premises only and
9:45:43AM making lawful the sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic
9:45:47AM content - beer, wine and liquor - on that certain lot, plot
9:45:48AM or tract of land located at 2301 North Dale Mabry Highway,
9:45:53AM Tampa, Florida as more particularly described in section 2.
9:45:57AM That all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are
9:46:00AM repealed, providing an effective date.
9:46:02AM >> Second.
9:46:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Cohen, have a second
9:46:06AM bring Suarez.
9:46:07AM Before I ask for the vote, remember, these are second
9:46:09AM readings.
9:46:09AM So this would be the last opportunity for anyone in the
9:46:12AM public to speak.
9:46:13AM This is a roll call vote.
9:46:15AM Vote and record.

9:46:24AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick voting no.
9:46:28AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:46:28AM The next one is item number 38.
9:46:33AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:46:35AM Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.
9:46:37AM If I may, item 38, 40, 42, 43 and 45 required certified site
9:46:43AM plans.
9:46:44AM Those have been certified and provided to the clerk.
9:46:46AM I also have copies if you'd like to review them.
9:46:48AM Thank you.
9:46:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:46:50AM Item 38, petitioner here?
9:46:55AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of Councilmember.
9:46:58AM Gina Grimes, 101 East Kennedy Boulevard.
9:47:04AM Here on behalf of the petitioner.
9:47:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
9:47:09AM item 38?
9:47:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
9:47:14AM Mrs. Capin.
9:47:15AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:47:17AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:47:17AM Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly take number 38.
9:47:20AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
9:47:21AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
9:47:24AM adoption, an ordinance approving a special use permit ST

9:47:27AM approving a drive-in window in a CG, commercial general
9:47:32AM zoning district in the general vicinity of 403-405 North
9:47:40AM Westshore Boulevard, in the City of Tampa, Florida, and as
9:47:41AM more particularly described in Section 1 hereof; providing
9:47:41AM an effective date.
9:47:43AM >>Reporter: Motion by Mr. Mulhern, second by Mr. Cohen.
9:47:46AM Roll call vote.
9:47:48AM Vote and record.
9:47:54AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
9:47:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:47:57AM Item number 39.
9:48:07AM >> Plans have been certified by the zoning administrator.
9:48:10AM Staff is here for any questions.
9:48:12AM >>REBECCA KERT: I believe on this item, you may hear or you
9:48:15AM may possibly have already heard of some possible illegal
9:48:17AM activity that occurred there over the weekend.
9:48:20AM Of course they haven't worked their way through the court
9:48:23AM system yet.
9:48:23AM But even if you were to assume there's activities actually
9:48:27AM happened and were illegal, those can't be the basis for your
9:48:30AM denial.
9:48:30AM Always you know this is a land use consideration.
9:48:32AM And the issue is whether or not the use itself is compatible
9:48:35AM with the surrounding area.
9:48:36AM And the courts have told us that you must assume that that

9:48:39AM use is going to operate legally.
9:48:41AM You do have an objection from staff based upon the land use
9:48:45AM consideration.
9:48:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:48:47AM Anyone else?
9:48:53AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mrs. Kert, repeat the objection.
9:48:56AM >>REBECCA KERT: I'd rather staff.
9:49:00AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Just remind Council and some of the staff
9:49:03AM report in the background, there is a significant parking
9:49:05AM reduction that's being requested.
9:49:07AM I believe it's 35 spaces to 16.
9:49:10AM So more than a 50% reduction.
9:49:12AM You have the objection from both land development and from
9:49:15AM transportation on that parking reduction.
9:49:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir?
9:49:21AM >> Officer Don Miller.
9:49:22AM City of Tampa, police department, I did alcohol
9:49:27AM investigations, as you know.
9:49:28AM On this particular case, second reading in front of you
9:49:31AM today, I did have the unfortunate incident on the 1st of
9:49:38AM February to do an investigation with state alcohol, beverage
9:49:40AM and alcohol, in reference to this particular establishment.
9:49:45AM We were doing a routine operation, checking out the
9:49:49AM establishments in the SoHo area.
9:49:52AM Alcohol and beverage had a complaint on this particular

9:49:56AM business.
9:49:56AM We wents inside and during the investigation, I'll put these
9:50:00AM on the overhead for you.
9:50:01AM There was a large amount of alcohol, hard liquor in plain
9:50:04AM view.
9:50:05AM Like I said, it was in plain view when we walked in the
9:50:19AM establishment.
9:50:20AM More photos here.
9:50:21AM Also during the investigation, subsequently three underage
9:50:36AM UT students were arrested for underage drinking at the
9:50:41AM establishment.
9:50:42AM And we also had a small gambling game of some Super Bowl
9:50:45AM football going on that they were cited for.
9:50:48AM Everything at this time is administrative as far as ABT is
9:50:52AM concerned.
9:50:53AM And we have some administrative progress as far as we're
9:50:56AM concerned also with the police department.
9:50:58AM And we -- we just want you to show caution.
9:51:07AM This is one of those cases we talked about, we're scared
9:51:09AM about the bar there is this area and the way things are
9:51:11AM starting to develop for the SoHo area.
9:51:14AM But I want to you really look at the waivers, asking for
9:51:19AM waivers.
9:51:19AM It's important that they get the waivers for parking.
9:51:22AM And we important to bring this to your forefront since this

9:51:30AM is the second reading.
9:51:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
9:51:32AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
9:51:32AM Officer Miller, when the objection -- I was looking through
9:51:36AM the staff report that was provided at first reading.
9:51:41AM I believe you prepared this review.
9:51:50AM And the first comment says the district has objections to
9:51:56AM this request.
9:51:57AM They have concerns about the already overburdened parking in
9:52:01AM the area in the city.
9:52:06AM So when you were conducting your investigation on Sunday,
9:52:08AM did you see any issues with the parking as you had concerns
9:52:11AM about that?
9:52:12AM >> Parking has increased in this area.
9:52:14AM Parking increased in front of the SoHo saloon.
9:52:18AM Like I said, we're starting to see a trend of things going
9:52:22AM in the wrong direction for the SoHo area.
9:52:27AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I mean specifically at this location.
9:52:30AM >> Yes, ma'am.
9:52:31AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
9:52:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
9:52:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:52:34AM This question is for legal.
9:52:35AM Because this issue came up during second reading, I want to
9:52:43AM know, could we continue this, or send it back to first

9:52:49AM reading and see how this be resolved prior to us moving
9:52:52AM forward?
9:52:54AM >> The crimes, if there were crimes, assuming there are
9:52:58AM crimes or were crimes, they're not relevant to your land use
9:53:00AM decision.
9:53:01AM So I wouldn't recommend you see this to see how they come
9:53:03AM out.
9:53:04AM They can't be a basis for your denial.
9:53:06AM You need to look at land use compatibility issues spoken of
9:53:12AM by the police department and your staff and whatever
9:53:14AM evidence the applicant presents to those issues.
9:53:17AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:53:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
9:53:19AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Kert, in terms of larger legal issue, if
9:53:22AM we are in the middle of a zoning -- we can do it
9:53:26AM hypothetically.
9:53:27AM Whichever you prefer.
9:53:28AM If we find some significant illegal activity during a zoning
9:53:31AM issue, whenever the police come in and they tell us they
9:53:34AM have no objection to a particular zoning change, doesn't
9:53:39AM that have any weight whatsoever in terms of land use code?
9:53:44AM Why do they provide these reports to us if they have no role
9:53:48AM whatsoever in the land use?
9:53:50AM >>REBECCA KERT: I believe that the information that was
9:53:54AM presented by Officer Miller as to the parking issues --

9:53:58AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me rephrase.
9:54:00AM I'm talking about in general, whenever we do land use cases
9:54:03AM and we do have those cases in which the police come up and
9:54:05AM say we have no objection to the particular zoning that's
9:54:09AM going forward.
9:54:10AM Why would they be able to present at those land use hearings
9:54:15AM and have no, no weight whatsoever given to it, why do we go
9:54:20AM through that exercise?
9:54:23AM That's a question, I don't know if you know the answer.
9:54:26AM >>REBECCA KERT: Some policy matter, Council has previously
9:54:28AM asked to have the police department weigh in.
9:54:32AM From a legal matter, they have in the past and they may
9:54:35AM continue because they're out there and they see these
9:54:38AM situations, to comment on what are very relevant
9:54:40AM compatibility issues.
9:54:41AM Such as parking, overcrowding, items like that.
9:54:45AM To the extent that they report to you on items such as the
9:54:48AM individual's a crime Florida or things like that which may
9:54:51AM be very, very important to the police department, they are
9:54:56AM still not relevant to your land use decisions.
9:54:58AM But I'm not prepared to say that what the other information
9:55:01AM that they're presented is not relevant.
9:55:02AM It is.
9:55:04AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm talking about in relation to land use
9:55:06AM only.

9:55:06AM It's always relevant when we have police tell us about
9:55:09AM public safety issues.
9:55:10AM But when talking about a second reading, we get this type of
9:55:14AM report, you know, for us to not take some kind of action or
9:55:18AM not take action because of this report, it does kind of
9:55:25AM weigh in on what the record is.
9:55:26AM I know legally, legally we may not have the power for to it
9:55:30AM have any kind of stance within the case, but at the same
9:55:35AM time, having this report given to us, it gives us pause as
9:55:38AM to what we should do next.
9:55:40AM Because of public safety concerns.
9:55:43AM In my mind, based on what we know of land use and again,
9:55:47AM this is mostly hypothetical, illegal activity at a place in
9:55:52AM which we're about to rezone or to allow for a particular
9:55:57AM use, I think has some kind of relevance.
9:56:00AM It may not have any legal relevance, but it does have some
9:56:02AM relevance in terms of how we proceed.
9:56:05AM So, I think that we need some, and I agree with Councilman
9:56:11AM Reddick, I think we need some clarification on this in our
9:56:14AM own minds before we can move forward.
9:56:16AM I would agree with Councilman's Reddick's viewpoint to do a
9:56:24AM continuation to clarify this instead of trying to do this
9:56:27AM now in front of cameras and not get the kind of legal
9:56:30AM opinion also we might need.
9:56:31AM I think a lot of legal issues and a lot of the public policy

9:56:34AM concerns aren't going to be answered if we go ahead and move
9:56:38AM forward with this.
9:56:38AM And that's the only thing I wanted to make positive.
9:56:41AM I think I understand your position and where you're at in
9:56:44AM terms of your legal obligation.
9:56:45AM But think we have a higher obligation on public policy that
9:56:49AM we need to look at.
9:56:52AM >> Councilmember Suarez, obviously, if you feel you need
9:56:55AM additional information, we can continue it.
9:56:57AM I do need to stress to you that my job is to make sure that
9:57:02AM the decision you make is legal.
9:57:04AM Not to influence the outcome in any way.
9:57:06AM But just to make sure that whatever decision you make, we
9:57:10AM can up hold in court.
9:57:12AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I understand that.
9:57:12AM And you would probably agree, Ms. Kert, by virtue of this
9:57:16AM being presented on the record to us before second reading,
9:57:20AM for to us not take action, or to take action, has some kind
9:57:23AM of effect on the record itself.
9:57:25AM So again, you know, a judge may look and say yeah this had
9:57:30AM nothing to do with it, boom, we're going to rubber stamp it.
9:57:33AM This applicant should've been granted his land use according
9:57:39AM to our ordinances.
9:57:40AM But again, it's already in the record.
9:57:43AM For me, I'd rather go back and try and figure out what our

9:57:48AM obligation is in relation to this, in terms of not only the
9:57:51AM land use portion, but the public safety portion.
9:57:54AM So, that's why we -- I totally understand what you're
9:57:57AM saying.
9:57:57AM There is nothing within this report that should preclude us
9:58:01AM from agreeing to allow this to go forward.
9:58:04AM I think I got that from you.
9:58:05AM But, I think that we have a different duty to take a look at
9:58:11AM that is different than land use.
9:58:13AM >>REBECCA KERT: Mr. Suarez, I appreciate that.
9:58:14AM But in the light that you have said you see the two separate
9:58:17AM duties, what my recommendation would be that you handle the
9:58:20AM land use duty and then you have additional questions, we can
9:58:23AM discuss those at a separate time outside of the realm of
9:58:26AM this.
9:58:26AM That would be my recommendation to you.
9:58:28AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I disagree with the recommendation, but I
9:58:31AM appreciate you coming forward and clarifying at least our
9:58:35AM roles in this.
9:58:36AM Thank you.
9:58:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm stopping it right here.
9:58:38AM I have Mr. Cohen, Ms. Capin.
9:58:41AM >>HARRY COHEN: I would just like to respectfully remind
9:58:43AM everyone that when this issue came up for first reading,
9:58:48AM Councilwoman Mulhern presented a very, very detailed case

9:58:51AM for denial based on the record and the staff report.
9:58:56AM And from Councilwoman Montelione's question for TPD, it
9:59:01AM seems as though that record was buttressed by Officer
9:59:07AM Miller's observations of what happened the other night.
9:59:11AM I don't really think you even have to get to this other
9:59:14AM issue in order to resolve this matter as a land use issue.
9:59:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Cohen.
9:59:22AM Ms. Capin?
9:59:24AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I agree with Mr. Cohen.
9:59:25AM We don't even have to go to the other issue at this time,
9:59:31AM even though it is a public safety.
9:59:33AM Do I believe we need to bring this up at another time and
9:59:37AM discuss it.
9:59:38AM And if you will look at the record, I remember Officer
9:59:41AM Miller coming forth and talking about the situation of the
9:59:45AM parking there.
9:59:48AM It was on the record the first time he came up.
9:59:51AM So, I just wanted to make that clear.
9:59:56AM But I don't think we need to, we need to postpone this or
10:00:02AM continue this.
10:00:02AM At this time.
10:00:04AM I think we can move on it.
10:00:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:00:06AM Ms. Montelione?
10:00:08AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

10:00:09AM I had initially thought that I was the one who had moved
10:00:15AM this for approval.
10:00:16AM But looking at the record of January 24th, I was not.
10:00:20AM I did support the approval at the vote.
10:00:25AM And you know, to Councilman Suarez's point, Officer Miller?
10:00:38AM Thank you.
10:00:39AM When you review these cases on a routine basis, what are the
10:00:49AM things that you are looking for and base your opinion on?
10:00:55AM And I'm assuming you write most of these reports or do the
10:00:59AM reviews.
10:01:01AM >> Yes, ma'am.
10:01:02AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's not a variety of staff over at TPD.
10:01:04AM >> It's approved by the staff.
10:01:06AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.
10:01:07AM But when you're looking at these cases, what are you looking
10:01:10AM for to base your opinion on?
10:01:11AM I ask that question because when, say solid waste reviews a
10:01:18AM land use case, or when transportation reviews a land use
10:01:23AM application that's coming before us, they have a particular
10:01:26AM set of technical items that they are reviewing that site
10:01:32AM plan for and their basis for an opinion is the technical
10:01:40AM manuals that guide their departments for ingress and egress,
10:01:44AM for use of local roads, for, you know, capacities, those
10:01:48AM types of things.
10:01:49AM But when TPD reviews a case, there's not a strong and

10:01:57AM steadfast set of technical manual regulations that you're
10:02:02AM looking for.
10:02:04AM So, to Councilman Suarez's point, what is this that TPD
10:02:10AM looks at when basing their opinion from the on set?
10:02:14AM Mill.
10:02:19AM >> Depends on the particular establishments.
10:02:20AM If they're brand new, never been in the area, I do an
10:02:24AM overview of the ownership and who's applying.
10:02:26AM I look at records and see if they own some other clubs
10:02:29AM within the state of Florida.
10:02:30AM And any type of criminal histories.
10:02:32AM If they're an established venue, has been in the city, what
10:02:37AM we go to is our calls for service and we look for a
10:02:40AM different criminal activity that may have occurred at that
10:02:43AM particular location.
10:02:44AM And how many, or the volume of calls are, and that's where I
10:02:49AM look at cases within the city that have been there at a
10:02:52AM venue.
10:02:53AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And how does that apply -- and maybe
10:02:58AM either Ms. Kert or Ms. Coyle can address this.
10:03:01AM When speaking in a land use realm, or how did those types of
10:03:10AM issues become salient points to land use application?
10:03:17AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I may.
10:03:17AM Catherine Coyle, planning and development.
10:03:20AM Just to reiterate what Donnie was mentioning, there's a

10:03:23AM sub-paragraph in your staff report that we put in every
10:03:26AM single one.
10:03:27AM It's under 27269.
10:03:29AM It's sub-paragraph 7.
10:03:31AM Talks about the controls of adverse impacts and effects
10:03:34AM generally.
10:03:34AM One of the things that's listed in there is something for
10:03:37AM Council to look at, which is the parking and loading,
10:03:40AM lighting, pedestrian safety, a whole host of things.
10:03:42AM Solid waste facilities.
10:03:44AM TPD goes obviously through the background checks and looks
10:03:46AM at histories and trends of certain ownership and certain
10:03:50AM club owners or bar owners or license holders.
10:03:54AM But when looking at that particular location and you've seen
10:03:57AM this in previous cases, when Officer Miller and his group is
10:04:01AM looking at that specific location, which is the land use
10:04:04AM issue, whether or not that place is isolated from other
10:04:07AM places, whether the cops have to be called out on a random
10:04:11AM basis and pulled from other squads, or if it's a highly
10:04:16AM consequence trailed area for alcohol, then they look at
10:04:18AM their, whether or not there are parking issues in the area.
10:04:21AM What kind of additional concentration in the areas,
10:04:24AM additional alcohol would cause more problems, so, to kind of
10:04:28AM paraphrase for him and I think he would agree, that's what
10:04:31AM they look at.

10:04:32AM They look at those trends, call also for services as he
10:04:35AM mentioned.
10:04:36AM It's not just for criminal activity or underage drinking,
10:04:39AM but also calls for service of other parking issues and other
10:04:43AM adverse impacts in that particular area.
10:04:45AM And as he mentioned SoHo itself has had an increase in
10:04:48AM certain types of businesses and activities and parking has
10:04:51AM been one of the main concerns in the SoHo area of the
10:04:55AM residents.
10:04:56AM I just put out there also if you recall, I think it was two
10:04:59AM years ago, Council actually adopted the residential parking
10:05:02AM permit program for the Courier City Oscawana area because
10:05:06AM that area came forward and said there's a very large parking
10:05:10AM issue.
10:05:10AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, that was section 27269?
10:05:15AM >> Yes.
10:05:15AM Staff report, probably 132 now.
10:05:17AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:05:18AM I was looking through staff report and didn't see that
10:05:20AM section of the code.
10:05:21AM >> I renumbered.
10:05:22AM Sorry.
10:05:23AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't know how you remember all those
10:05:25AM numbers.
10:05:27AM >> Obviously, don't remember the new numbers.

10:05:30AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I see section 27, 129, general standards.
10:05:36AM Section A, B.
10:05:38AM Well, section -- I see, section 7 controls potentially
10:05:43AM adverse effects generally.
10:05:44AM >> Laundry list of things --
10:05:47AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: 27, 129.
10:05:49AM All right.
10:05:50AM Thank you, Ms. Coyle.
10:05:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
10:05:51AM Before we continue here, I think we ought to listen to the
10:05:54AM petitioner and the public first before we make any decision
10:05:57AM in this matter.
10:05:58AM Is petitioner here?
10:05:59AM >> Yes, sir, good morning.
10:06:01AM Michael Disser, 3624 West Santiago Street, Tampa.
10:06:07AM First of all, want to apologize for what happened
10:06:09AM February 1st.
10:06:10AM It was a lot of misinformation on my part.
10:06:12AM I cannot make excuses for what happened.
10:06:14AM But to come around to that first if I will.
10:06:17AM Gasparilla weekend we had a charity liquor license for the
10:06:21AM three-day weekend.
10:06:23AM Under my direction after the hearing here on Thursday the
10:06:25AM first hearing, we order our liquor for the weekend.
10:06:29AM I was excited.

10:06:30AM I had good feelings.
10:06:32AM I said over-order liquor.
10:06:34AM If we don't use it for Gasparilla, we can use in it two
10:06:38AM weeks when we get our full liquor license.
10:06:40AM All the liquor you saw this was left over from Gasparilla.
10:06:43AM Was my first Gasparilla in SoHo.
10:06:45AM So I didn't know what to expect.
10:06:47AM We did half of what we thought we would do.
10:06:49AM Sunday was absolutely dead.
10:06:51AM So, we had leftover liquor from a legal liquor license that
10:06:54AM we bought, or that we had with the charity for Gasparilla
10:06:58AM weekend.
10:06:58AM That's all leftover full bottles of liquor.
10:07:01AM Any you see in the picture that was capped had been opened
10:07:05AM during Gasparilla, was not being served.
10:07:08AM The agents tried to buy liquor from my bartenders inside and
10:07:11AM outside.
10:07:12AM They were denied.
10:07:13AM They couldn't buy liquor.
10:07:14AM We weren't selling liquor.
10:07:15AM We were storing liquor on premise, which I did not know was
10:07:19AM illegal.
10:07:19AM There were three underage people at the bar.
10:07:25AM We did not serve them.
10:07:26AM No one saw us serve them alcohol.

10:07:28AM Yes, they had a drink.
10:07:30AM Our bartenders IDed them.
10:07:32AM They did not serve them.
10:07:33AM I'll take full responsibility.
10:07:35AM They're in my bar drinking.
10:07:36AM We've not served them a drink.
10:07:38AM The football squares, guilty, we did it.
10:07:47AM I'm sorry.
10:07:47AM I knew about it.
10:07:49AM We were profiting from them.
10:07:52AM Every bar up and down south Tampa does it.
10:07:55AM I'll take responsibility for that.
10:07:56AM Parking, we're already open and operating.
10:08:00AM At the parking deficiency.
10:08:01AM When I pulled up at 1:00, 1:30 Saturday night, I could've
10:08:05AM parked at three spots in front of my restaurant bar.
10:08:08AM The police were there in front of spots.
10:08:10AM They were empty when they pulled in.
10:08:11AM No one gets towed from my lot.
10:08:15AM It is not a park issue.
10:08:17AM Yeah, there's a general parking issue in SoHo.
10:08:20AM But I employ four people.
10:08:23AM My capacity is 80.
10:08:24AM I'm not a parking issue.
10:08:26AM You can't hear me from the street.

10:08:29AM I'm a little frustrated at myself and the way this all, you
10:08:32AM know, come together.
10:08:34AM But it's unfortunate, it's embarrassing, what happened.
10:08:38AM Take responsibility for it.
10:08:39AM But we didn't know what we did was wrong.
10:08:41AM That's not an skulls.
10:08:42AM But we didn't serve alcohol.
10:08:46AM I have a storage unit.
10:08:47AM I have a car.
10:08:48AM I can put all that alcohol in my car.
10:08:50AM Why would I blatantly have it out there and say hey
10:08:54AM everybody, look.
10:08:55AM So, here to answer any questions.
10:08:57AM I have had liquor license or alcohol license for 10 years in
10:09:01AM Hillsborough County.
10:09:01AM Several of them.
10:09:02AM Never had one incident ever.
10:09:07AM I've had a beer and wine license for 10 years.
10:09:11AM Never one incident.
10:09:13AM If you ask the officers why this happened, they won't tell
10:09:16AM you on the record.
10:09:18AM Competitors.
10:09:19AM Sent them in.
10:09:21AM Every one, on duty, off duty told me that's what happened.
10:09:24AM And ABT.

10:09:25AM What else do I have?
10:09:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:09:41AM Any questions of Councilmembers at this time?
10:09:43AM Yes, sir.
10:09:46AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for purposes of the record, I believe
10:09:48AM Council has received a memo or writing from Officer Miller
10:09:53AM that he made reference to.
10:09:55AM A copy has been provided to the petitioner.
10:09:57AM And for the purposes of the record, I'm going to ask it be
10:10:00AM added to the record.
10:10:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We stated earlier all these items, 37
10:10:04AM through 45 were to be received and filed.
10:10:06AM Anything.
10:10:06AM Stated that earlier.
10:10:08AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: This was not I believe part of the record.
10:10:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If it wasn't part of the record, if it
10:10:12AM was received any part of the city, it should've been because
10:10:15AM I stated that, 37 through 45 were part of the record
10:10:18AM automatically with the statement of the Councilmember also.
10:10:20AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
10:10:21AM Just one last reminder Council that, to add to what Ms. Kert
10:10:26AM said, that whatever your decision is, the basis should not
10:10:28AM be anything that relates to that subject of the memo.
10:10:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We understand.
10:10:31AM Thank you very much.

10:10:31AM Anyone in the audience, and we'll get to you in a second,
10:10:34AM sir.
10:10:35AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 39?
10:10:38AM Please come forward.
10:10:48AM >> Good morning.
10:10:48AM My name is April black.
10:10:50AM I'm a resident of that neighborhood.
10:10:52AM This is hard for me to hear.
10:10:56AM But I just want to go -- want to thank you first for talking
10:11:00AM to us, as well as the petitioner.
10:11:04AM First of all, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity, but
10:11:06AM I'd also like to remind you that this neighborhood gives
10:11:09AM opportunities to a lot of people.
10:11:10AM Not just us neighbor as who live there and have nice homes,
10:11:16AM but to businesses.
10:11:19AM They do a pretty good business there.
10:11:20AM The gentleman who's petitioning, he's in business.
10:11:24AM He's selling beer and wine.
10:11:26AM He's doing fine.
10:11:27AM He's got adequate parking.
10:11:28AM But parking is an issue, so there should be some sort of
10:11:30AM benefit to the city to make a change to that.
10:11:33AM The city benefits from the neighborhood.
10:11:37AM The city benefits from the businesses.
10:11:40AM They collect taxes.

10:11:41AM They keep us safe.
10:11:42AM They try to keep it clean.
10:11:45AM But the businesses don't keep it clean.
10:11:46AM We have got those armbands.
10:11:49AM We have red coats all over the neighborhood.
10:11:51AM And there should be a little give and take here.
10:11:53AM If this new petition was going to really benefit the city or
10:11:59AM the neighborhood, let's do it.
10:12:00AM We've agreed to a lot of things.
10:12:02AM This is not really going to help the neighborhood.
10:12:04AM It's not -- it's really not going to help his business other
10:12:07AM than -- he's going to make more money, but he's probably
10:12:10AM going to add the same amount of people sitting in the same
10:12:13AM amount of seats in that business.
10:12:15AM I just like you to balance what's good for the city, what's
10:12:19AM good for the neighborhood, what's good for the party.
10:12:23AM And looks like two out of three don't go with the petition.
10:12:28AM Thank you.
10:12:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:12:31AM Next please?
10:12:35AM >> Good morning, Council.
10:12:42AM My name is Mike Yusick.
10:12:45AM I live at 305 South Melville.
10:12:46AM I just wanted to state as an officer of the Courier City
10:12:50AM Oscawana neighborhood association, we formally are against

10:12:54AM this proposal.
10:12:56AM A lot of us are unable to attend due to employment
10:13:00AM commitments.
10:13:00AM But we always try to get few of us at least to be in front
10:13:04AM of Council just to let you know we are concerned about what
10:13:07AM happens here.
10:13:07AM When the neighborhood association was approached years ago,
10:13:12AM they wanted to open a restaurant and serve beer and wine.
10:13:16AM And we were okay with that because it was our understanding
10:13:20AM that they would serve beer and wine only and they would be
10:13:23AM subject to the 51-49% rule.
10:13:26AM And we wanted restaurants.
10:13:27AM We don't want bars.
10:13:28AM I was a little confused on the last hearing, to hear that
10:13:33AM they're exempt.
10:13:35AM That they can basically serve alcohol now without any food.
10:13:38AM That didn't make sense to me.
10:13:40AM But if that was the case, that wasn't always presented to
10:13:42AM the neighborhood when we agreed.
10:13:47AM I walk by the establishment on Tuesday, and I noticed that
10:13:50AM most of the seating has already been removed.
10:13:53AM It's designed to be a bar.
10:13:55AM It's not really designed to be serving food.
10:13:57AM I also went and talked to several of the businesses on
10:14:04AM Tuesday afternoon.

10:14:04AM These are the small businesses along Howard.
10:14:07AM And the business to the north and the business to the south
10:14:11AM are opposed, I mean, they're direct neighbors to this
10:14:16AM business.
10:14:16AM They're opposed to it.
10:14:18AM And I spent probably about 20 to 30 minutes with each
10:14:21AM business, so I didn't get very far.
10:14:24AM But if every one of them that I spoke to, tissue of parking
10:14:27AM came up.
10:14:28AM And several people were very disgusted with prior City
10:14:34AM Council tow letting this happen in the first place.
10:14:36AM And then others were just very apathetic and decided what's
10:14:40AM the point of going to Council if they're just going to
10:14:43AM approve it anyway?
10:14:44AM So, we obviously have a problem here.
10:14:46AM At every rezoning I've attended, waiver for parking has
10:14:54AM always been requested and granted.
10:14:56AM This area was never designed for high density.
10:14:58AM That's why the existing parking requirements are in effect.
10:15:01AM These are small structures housing small businesses.
10:15:04AM Therefore, it's not necessary to have a large number of
10:15:07AM parking spaces.
10:15:08AM These petitioners are also stating that they are procured
10:15:12AM additional offsite parking.
10:15:15AM However, this is a limited area of parking in this area.

10:15:19AM It is impossible for these establishments to all be
10:15:23AM utilizing the same lots.
10:15:27AM Once the approval has been granted, there is no enforcement
10:15:29AM or validation by Council that any of these parking leases
10:15:33AM are still in effect or being renewed.
10:15:36AM I think Ybor City is a perfect example what happens when the
10:15:38AM continued wet zonings.
10:15:40AM You can't continue to do things over and over and get
10:15:43AM different results.
10:15:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:15:44AM Anyone necessary the audience care to speak at this time?
10:15:48AM Petitioner, you have time for rebuttal.
10:15:53AM >> I appreciate what the neighbors came up and spoke about.
10:15:57AM I guess what, I think sometimes is lost in this is that one,
10:16:03AM I'm open and operating till 3:00 a.m. already.
10:16:06AM If I choose to stay open that late with the existing
10:16:08AM parking.
10:16:09AM It's zoned as a bar lounge.
10:16:13AM I'm just trying to add liquor.
10:16:15AM I'm not trying to increase occupancy or get 5,000 people
10:16:18AM more in there.
10:16:19AM I need to get more money out of people there and liquor
10:16:22AM affords me the ability to do that.
10:16:23AM I'm losing money there.
10:16:25AM I need to get more out of the existing people there.

10:16:28AM That's all I'm looking to do.
10:16:30AM I'm not looking to add a parking deck, do any crazy events.
10:16:34AM We have agreed not to do that.
10:16:36AM We have agreed to the site plan changes.
10:16:38AM I think I've done everything I can.
10:16:40AM I guess my concern is, if you vote no, all it changes, I
10:16:44AM don't have liquor.
10:16:45AM That's it.
10:16:48AM Nothing else that anyone spoken about is fixed.
10:16:54AM Nothing.
10:16:54AM So, I guess that's my last point.
10:16:59AM Nothing changes if you vote no.
10:17:00AM You haven't fixed anything.
10:17:03AM The neighbors aren't any more happy.
10:17:04AM I just lose money.
10:17:06AM That's not tour problem.
10:17:08AM That's my problem.
10:17:08AM So, I once again apologize for my mistakes as far as ABC and
10:17:17AM with the Mrs. Officers.
10:17:18AM But, you know, the my parking issues, I don't think I have a
10:17:23AM parking issue.
10:17:24AM It's full parking Saturday night in SoHo, gentlemen, it is,
10:17:30AM it's full.
10:17:30AM But this doesn't change that.
10:17:32AM All I have to say.

10:17:34AM Thank you very much.
10:17:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:17:35AM Appreciate it.
10:17:36AM Okay.
10:17:38AM Any other Councilmembers at this time?
10:17:43AM Ms. Capin?
10:17:47AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I made the motion to move this forward
10:17:52AM January 24.
10:17:53AM And I want to express that yes, the deficiency continues.
10:18:00AM The deficiency for parking is there.
10:18:02AM After reviewing this, because of the addition of alcoholic
10:18:12AM beverage, that will increase traffic to the establishment.
10:18:18AM And because the waiver is quite large for the parking and it
10:18:27AM was brought forth both by Officer Miller and by our staff, I
10:18:34AM will be -- I will not be supporting this at this time.
10:18:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:18:39AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:18:43AM Okay.
10:18:43AM I need -- I think we discussed this to the benefit of all
10:18:48AM the neighborhood, the public.
10:18:50AM Need a motion to close.
10:18:51AM Mr. Reddick makes a motion, second by Ms. Montelione to
10:18:54AM close.
10:18:54AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:18:56AM Opposed nay.

10:18:57AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:18:58AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:19:00AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:19:02AM I move to deny the application citing the same parts of code
10:19:11AM that I did in our first reading and I'll refer to them again
10:19:14AM to make sure that we have them.
10:19:16AM Looking at the staff report, the petitioner has asked for
10:19:20AM waivers section 27-132, distance separation from a thousand
10:19:26AM to 62 feet from other establishments selling alcoholic
10:19:31AM beverages and I'm going to remind everyone that there are 17
10:19:35AM establishments within a thousand feet.
10:19:37AM Waiver number two, section 27-132, reduce the required
10:19:42AM minimum mum distance separation from a thousand to 33 feet
10:19:46AM for residential uses and I would like to point out that
10:19:49AM there is a residential use within 33 feet of this.
10:19:52AM Section 3, reduce the required parking from 35 to 16 spaces.
10:19:58AM We have heard more testimony about that problem today.
10:20:00AM And 27-283.2, the increased intensity will, if established
10:20:15AM in the offstreet parking, same argument on the parking.
10:20:21AM I would like to point out one thing I don't believe I
10:20:23AM brought up in my motion earlier, that section 27-129 just
10:20:31AM general standards under number 5, the use will not establish
10:20:34AM a precedent of, or encourage more intensive or incompatible
10:20:39AM uses in the surrounding area.
10:20:41AM Clearly every time we approve more liquor licenses, as I

10:20:45AM pointed out the last time, we have, we open the door for
10:20:51AM approving others.
10:20:52AM And that's been happening.
10:20:54AM The fact of those 17, the majority of them have happened in
10:20:57AM the last few years, is testament to us setting a precedent
10:21:03AM every time we approve a special use alcoholic beverage
10:21:07AM permit.
10:21:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for denial by
10:21:09AM Miss Mulhern.
10:21:10AM Second by Mr. Cohen.
10:21:11AM I have a motion on the floor.
10:21:13AM For denial.
10:21:14AM Any further discussion by Councilmembers?
10:21:17AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:21:22AM Opposed nay?
10:21:24AM Roll call vote.
10:21:28AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No.
10:21:31AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
10:21:32AM >>FRANK REDDICK: No.
10:21:35AM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
10:21:37AM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.
10:21:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.
10:21:44AM >>THE CLERK: The motion passes 4-3.
10:21:47AM With Suarez, Reddick and Montelione voting no.

10:21:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, thank you all very much for
10:21:55AM attending.
10:21:55AM We go to item number 40.
10:21:57AM This is ordinance for second reading, adoption property.
10:22:20AM >> Ron weaver, 401 East Jackson streets.
10:22:23AM Be glad to answer any questions that you have about this
10:22:27AM retail corner at Westshore and Spruce across from
10:22:32AM International Plaza.
10:22:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
10:22:34AM item number 40?
10:22:35AM Please come forward.
10:22:36AM Item 40.
10:22:37AM I see no one.
10:22:39AM >> Move to close.
10:22:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:22:42AM Mr. Suarez.
10:22:43AM All those in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying
10:22:45AM aye.
10:22:45AM Opposed nay?
10:22:47AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:22:47AM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number 40 please?
10:22:50AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, Mr. Chair.
10:22:51AM Move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
10:22:54AM adoption.
10:22:54AM An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

10:22:57AM 4720 West Spruce Street and 1810 North Westshore Boulevard
10:23:01AM in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more particularly
10:23:03AM described in section 1, from zoning district
10:23:06AM classifications, M-AP-4, municipal airport, and PD, planned
10:23:11AM development, retail, bank with drive-in window, restaurant,
10:23:15AM to PD planned development, retail, bank with drive-in
10:23:19AM window, restaurant and office, business professional,
10:23:23AM providing an effective date.
10:23:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, I have a second by
10:23:27AM Mr. Suarez.
10:23:28AM Roll call vote.
10:23:29AM Vote and record.
10:23:40AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent at
10:23:43AM vote.
10:23:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:23:44AM We go to item number 41.
10:23:46AM And this is I believe in conjunction with item number 40.
10:23:51AM Yes, sir?
10:23:52AM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:23:53AM Ron weaver, Stearns weaver law firm.
10:23:56AM 401 East Jackson Street.
10:23:57AM This is the complementary to that retail establishment.
10:24:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone care to speak on item 41?
10:24:08AM I see no one.
10:24:09AM Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

10:24:11AM Second by Mr. Cohen.
10:24:12AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:24:13AM Opposed nay.
10:24:16AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:24:16AM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take number 41 please?
10:24:19AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:24:20AM And ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing and
10:24:23AM abandoning a portion of the right-of-way known as union
10:24:27AM street in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida,
10:24:30AM same being more fully described in section one hereof,
10:24:34AM providing an effective date.
10:24:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin, second by
10:24:39AM Mr. Suarez.
10:24:40AM This is a roll call vote.
10:24:41AM Vote and record.
10:24:49AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:24:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:24:53AM We go now to item number 42.
10:24:55AM Anyone in the audience on item number 42?
10:25:07AM Petitioner here?
10:25:09AM >> Michael Horner, 14502 Dale Mabry Highway representing the
10:25:15AM applicant.
10:25:15AM Appreciate your support.
10:25:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
10:25:18AM item 42 in motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by

10:25:22AM Mr. Suarez.
10:25:24AM All in favor please indicate by saying aye.
10:25:26AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:25:27AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 42 please?
10:25:30AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:25:31AM I present an ordinance for second reading and adoption, an
10:25:33AM ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 18600
10:25:37AM high woods preserve parkway in the City of Tampa, Florida,
10:25:42AM more particularly described in section is, from zoning
10:25:44AM district classification, PD-A, planned development
10:25:47AM alternative, residential, place of religious assembly, to
10:25:50AM PD, planned development, congregate living facility, offers,
10:25:54AM business professional and medical, providing an effective
10:25:55AM date.
10:25:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Suarez.
10:26:00AM I have a second by Ms. Mulhern.
10:26:02AM This is a roll call vote.
10:26:04AM Vote and record.
10:26:05AM Item 42.
10:26:16AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Montelione being
10:26:19AM absent at vote.
10:26:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 43.
10:26:24AM Petitioner here for 43?
10:26:28AM >> Move to close.
10:26:29AM >> Second.

10:26:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close bring Reddick, second
10:26:33AM bring Suarez.
10:26:33AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:26:36AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:26:37AM Okay.
10:26:49AM I'm sorry for the delay for a second.
10:26:54AM We closed the hearing.
10:26:56AM So Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 43?
10:27:00AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:27:01AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
10:27:04AM adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
10:27:07AM vicinity of 4521 west North A Street in the City of Tampa,
10:27:10AM Florida and more particularly described in section 1, from
10:27:13AM zoning district classification PD, planned development,
10:27:16AM residential, two family, to PD, planned development,
10:27:19AM residential, single-family, semi detached, providing an
10:27:22AM effective date.
10:27:23AM >> Second.
10:27:23AM >> Have a motion by Mr. Cohen, have a second by Mr. Suarez.
10:27:26AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:27:27AM And this is a roll call vote.
10:27:30AM Vote and record.
10:27:36AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Montelione being
10:27:39AM absent at vote.
10:27:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council's permission, I'd like to hold

10:27:46AM this for a second, 44 wand 45.
10:27:49AM One of the assistant city attorneys who is handling number
10:27:52AM 55 asked if I could bring it up at this time.
10:27:55AM It is past 10:00 and I said yes because he has to be at
10:27:58AM another prior meeting.
10:27:59AM So in essence, of saving time and money, I'd like to bring
10:28:02AM 55 up.
10:28:03AM Yes, sir?
10:28:08AM >>SAL TERRITO: 55 was placed by mistake.
10:28:11AM We're actually going to be receiving those funds.
10:28:14AM Normally would've been under the consent agenda.
10:28:16AM I just ask it be moved to that and be taken up at this time.
10:28:21AM >> Move to approve.
10:28:22AM >> Second.
10:28:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to approve the resolution
10:28:24AM by Mr. Reddick.
10:28:26AM That's called a hut-hut.
10:28:28AM Supposed to be the practicing field.
10:28:29AM Mr. Cohen seconded it.
10:28:31AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:28:33AM Opposed nay.
10:28:34AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:28:34AM Thank you very much, Mr. Territo.
10:28:37AM Thank you for the $2.566 million.
10:28:39AM Item number 44.

10:28:41AM Anyone here on item 44?
10:28:46AM >> Move to close -- sorry.
10:28:51AM >> I'm here for.
10:28:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions?
10:28:57AM >> No, no questions.
10:28:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You don't want any questions?
10:29:02AM I don't blame you.
10:29:03AM Let's see what happens here.
10:29:04AM >> Move to close.
10:29:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion to close -- anyone in the
10:29:07AM audience before I close the hearing care to speak on item
10:29:10AM number 44?
10:29:10AM I see no one.
10:29:11AM I have a motion by Mr. Reddick to close, second by
10:29:13AM Mr. Cohen.
10:29:14AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:29:17AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:29:17AM Number 44.
10:29:18AM Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly take 44.
10:29:21AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:29:22AM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
10:29:24AM adoption.
10:29:26AM An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of
10:29:28AM 10024 and 10102 North Nebraska Avenue in the City of Tampa,
10:29:34AM Florida and more particularly described in section 1, from

10:29:37AM zoning district classification CG commercial general, CI,
10:29:44AM commercial intensive and RS-50 residential single-family to
10:29:47AM CI, commercial intensive, providing an effective date.
10:29:50AM >> Second.
10:29:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
10:29:54AM Mr. Suarez.
10:29:54AM Roll call vote.
10:29:55AM Vote and record.
10:30:01AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent at
10:30:07AM vote.
10:30:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go to item 45.
10:30:10AM Anyone in the audience care to -- petitioner here on 45?
10:30:17AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on 45?
10:30:20AM I see no one.
10:30:21AM Need a motion to close.
10:30:22AM I have a motion by Mr. Reddick to close, second by
10:30:24AM Mr. Suarez, in close votes with Ms. Mulhern.
10:30:27AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:30:29AM Opposed nay.
10:30:30AM The ayes have it unanimously to close.
10:30:31AM Item number 45.
10:30:33AM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take 45, please.
10:30:38AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move ordinance being presented for second
10:30:40AM reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the
10:30:43AM general vicinities of 4400, 4410 and 4488 west Boy Scout

10:30:46AM Boulevard in the City of Tampa, Florida and more
10:30:49AM particularly described in section 1, from zoning district
10:30:52AM classification, PD, planned development, mixed use,
10:30:55AM business, professional office, bank, hotel and restaurant,
10:30:59AM to PD, planned development, mixed use, business/professional
10:31:04AM office, medical office/clinic, bank hotel and restaurant.
10:31:08AM Providing an effective date.
10:31:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, I have a second by
10:31:11AM Mr. Suarez.
10:31:12AM This is a roll call vote.
10:31:13AM Vote and record.
10:31:16AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent at
10:31:23AM vote.
10:31:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:31:25AM I think this is the first time in history that we said we
10:31:28AM were going to recess at 10:30, and guess what?
10:31:31AM It is 10:30.
10:31:32AM And guess what?
10:31:33AM We did all the agenda other than the staff reports.
10:31:35AM So I commend each and every one of you very much.
10:31:39AM It's up to you.
10:31:40AM You want to continue or leave?
10:31:41AM I think we're going to leave.
10:31:43AM Anything else before we go into recess?
10:31:46AM This Council stands in recess till 2:00.


February 7, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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February 7, 2013
2:00 p.m.

This file represents an unedited version of realtime
captioning which should neither be relied upon for complete
accuracy nor used as a verbatim transcript.
The original of this file was produced in all capital
letters and any variation thereto may be a result of third
party edits and software compatibility issues.
Any person who needs a verbatim transcript of the
proceedings may need to hire a court reporter.

2:05:34PM >> HARRY COHEN: Good afternoon, everyone.
2:13:15PM It is a little past 2:00 and we are going to open our
2:13:18PM afternoon session of Council.
2:13:20PM We are going to start off with item number 46, but first,
2:13:23PM we're going to have roll call.
2:13:24PM [ ROLL CALL ]
2:13:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
2:13:30PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
2:13:32PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
2:13:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
2:13:36PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, Mr. Shelby, item number 46.

2:13:40PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
2:13:41PM This is a resolution that was requested that be prepared
2:13:45PM relating to the support of the preservation of tax exempt
2:13:50PM municipal financing.
2:13:51PM I have prepared it.
2:13:53PM It has been reviewed by Ms. Little and Mr. Territo.
2:13:58PM It is ready to be moved.
2:14:00PM I would ask if Council does do that, that they wish to have
2:14:03PM it, I believe it says in the motion it says to be sent to
2:14:06PM the legislative delegation.
2:14:07PM I thought the original intent was the Congressional
2:14:10PM delegation.
2:14:11PM If that's the case, if you could put that in part of the
2:14:15PM motion and direct that be sent to whichever delegation
2:14:18PM Council wishes.
2:14:20PM >> I will move the resolution to be sent to the
2:14:22PM Congressional delegation.
2:14:26PM Signed by our chair and sent to the Congressional
2:14:29PM delegation.
2:14:29PM >> Second.
2:14:31PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
2:14:31PM We have a motion by Councilman Suarez, seconded by
2:14:34PM Councilwoman Mulhern -- Montelione, I apologize.
2:14:39PM We have all been at the fair luncheon, so we're all sugared
2:14:43PM up.

2:14:43PM Is there any discussion on the motion?
2:14:47PM Hearing none, all those in favor, please indicate by saying
2:14:51PM aye.
2:14:51PM Opposed?
2:14:53PM Okay.
2:14:54PM The motion passes and the resolution will be sent.
2:14:57PM Number 47 on our agenda today is a presentation from the
2:15:02PM Westshore Alliance to appear and make an update presentation
2:15:07PM on their master plan.
2:15:08PM And Mr. Ron Rotella is with us today.
2:15:14PM >> What do I do here?
2:15:16PM Press a button?
2:15:18PM There's a PowerPoint presentation.
2:15:19PM And there it is.
2:15:20PM Good afternoon, Councilmembers.
2:15:31PM Ron Rotella, Westshore Alliance.
2:15:35PM It was rescheduled.
2:15:36PM Was supposed to be an earlier presentation.
2:15:39PM Wanted to bring you up to date where we are with our master
2:15:43PM plan.
2:15:43PM As most of you know, we have evolved from commercial office
2:15:52PM market to a regional activity center.
2:15:54PM And some of those statistics are very interesting.
2:15:56PM 12 and a half million square feet of commercial office
2:16:00PM space, 75 hotel rooms, 6,000 square feet of retail and an

2:16:05PM influx of residential units happening right now in the
2:16:09PM business district.
2:16:10PM These are not my numbers.
2:16:13PM But you can see that the Westshore Business District is the
2:16:16PM largest commercial office market in the state of Florida by
2:16:20PM about a million square feet.
2:16:22PM And then when the new Met West building comes online at Boy
2:16:28PM Scout, that's another 253,000 square feet, so we'll be at
2:16:34PM 2,750,000.
2:16:36PM Again, numbers that are compiled by the city, county
2:16:46PM Planning Commission.
2:16:47PM And you can see that the continued growth that's projected
2:16:51PM in the Westshore Business District.
2:16:53PM As you go up Boy Scout, you'll see 304 units going in just
2:17:02PM east of Boizao steakhouse.
2:17:05PM There's about another -- this should read 1700 now, units
2:17:09PM ready to go in between Westshore and Dale Mabry from Boy
2:17:14PM Scout south.
2:17:17PM That's where most of the new residential units are going in.
2:17:22PM And they're rental units.
2:17:23PM They're not condos.
2:17:24PM And a challenge for us I think in the Westshore business
2:17:28PM districts is workforce housing and how we get the developers
2:17:34PM to include workforce housing.
2:17:37PM And I do have some ideas on how to do that and would like to

2:17:41PM discuss that with Council at another time.
2:17:43PM Couple of new restaurants going in.
2:17:46PM Of course Time-Warner business services, LLRC just went into
2:17:54PM Westshore.
2:17:55PM That's significant.
2:17:56PM They're going to hire 500 people.
2:17:58PM As of last week, they hired 86.
2:18:00PM And the average wage of those new positions are 53,000.
2:18:09PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Who is connect wise?
2:18:11PM Not familiar with that name.
2:18:13PM Know other two.
2:18:14PM >> Well, you know?
2:18:16PM You caught me off guard.
2:18:17PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry.
2:18:18PM >> That's okay.
2:18:19PM As you know, the city's comprehensive plan targets its
2:18:29PM growth in three areas.
2:18:33PM Downtown, the University of south Florida and the Westshore
2:18:36PM Business District.
2:18:38PM So we want to be consistent with the comp plan, and address
2:18:42PM and accommodate that growth.
2:18:44PM Most of you know that we have an area wide DRI in plays.
2:18:50PM Was the first privately sponsored DRI in the state of
2:18:54PM Florida.
2:18:54PM We still have about six million square feet left.

2:18:58PM We have extended the buildout date to 2017.
2:19:02PM Again, as you know, we did our own commercial overlay
2:19:05PM district.
2:19:06PM I'm really pleased that the neighborhoods internal to
2:19:10PM Westshore and external who we work with very closely support
2:19:18PM that effort and of course contacted Council and asked you to
2:19:22PM pass the overlay district, which you did.
2:19:24PM And you're beginning to see the results of that overlay
2:19:27PM district.
2:19:27PM You look at Boy Scout Boulevard.
2:19:31PM It really looks good.
2:19:32PM You don't see all those billboards and signs and all that
2:19:37PM blighted, all these buildings have complied with the overlay
2:19:41PM district.
2:19:42PM Now, what we're going to focus on with our master plan is
2:19:46PM not private property, because we did that with the
2:19:49PM commercial overlay district.
2:19:50PM We're going to focus on the public realm.
2:19:54PM It's not very pedestrian friendly.
2:19:57PM In Westshore, you have narrow sidewalks.
2:19:59PM You have utility poles in the sidewalks.
2:20:04PM Not really good pedestrian crossings and lack of open space.
2:20:08PM This study itself is funded by the Westshore Alliance.
2:20:15PM Paying a third.
2:20:16PM Hillsborough County paying a third and City of Tampa paying

2:20:19PM a third.
2:20:20PM We're using the University of south Florida, their school of
2:20:24PM architecture, their community design division.
2:20:27PM Trent Green is the principal who is leading the master
2:20:32PM planning effort.
2:20:34PM We're not going to focus on the whole Westshore Business
2:20:35PM District.
2:20:38PM We're going to focus on from Kennedy Boulevard to Boy Scout,
2:20:45PM from Dale Mabry to the bay.
2:20:47PM Which is predominantly our DRI area.
2:20:51PM And again, we're not focusing on private properties.
2:20:54PM We're going to focus on the public realm, the major
2:20:57PM collectors, Westshore, Lois, Dale Mabry, Boy Scout, cypress,
2:21:03PM Spruce and Kennedy.
2:21:05PM We really want to focus on westshore boulevard.
2:21:13PM If you think about Westshore, you have two malls anchoring
2:21:18PM both ends of Westshore Boulevard.
2:21:19PM But they're not good pedestrian connections.
2:21:23PM Narrow sidewalks.
2:21:25PM So our new overlay district eventually will require the
2:21:29PM buildings to be pulled up front, parking in the rear, wider
2:21:33PM sidewalks.
2:21:33PM If you look at the Florida blue building across the street
2:21:38PM from seasons 52, that's a good example of what the
2:21:42PM commercial overlay district requires.

2:21:44PM And as properties redevelop on Westshore, they'll have to do
2:21:49PM that.
2:21:50PM For example, take out -- good friend of mine, Al sits on
2:21:55PM 13 acres, no debt.
2:21:57PM Owns the land under the Marriott hotel.
2:22:00PM And then all those office buildings up to that high rise,
2:22:04PM 13 acres.
2:22:05PM Somebody will sit down with Al, offer him five million,
2:22:11PM he'll insist on ten.
2:22:12PM [ Laughter ]
2:22:14PM >> He'll stay in the deal.
2:22:17PM Be a joint venture partner.
2:22:18PM Take no risks, and that 13 acres will be redeveloped.
2:22:22PM And when it does, it will comply with the commercial overlay
2:22:25PM district and be pulled up front.
2:22:28PM So this will happen over the period of time.
2:22:30PM But what we want to do in the interim is focus on Westshore
2:22:34PM Boulevard.
2:22:35PM We have got an exciting, exciting happening out there right
2:22:42PM now.
2:22:43PM If you know Cypress Point Park, if you've been to it,
2:22:47PM 43 acres.
2:22:48PM Some reason, I can't get this to focus.
2:22:58PM Cypress Point Park is located there down the end of Cypress.
2:23:03PM If you go across the Courtney Campbell Causeway now, go to

2:23:07PM the first bridge, which is on the Hillsborough County side.
2:23:12PM That 3500-foot bridge, you'll see a brand new bridge going
2:23:17PM next to it.
2:23:18PM And that's just for cyclists and pedestrians.
2:23:23PM Because if you try to get across that bridge on a bike,
2:23:27PM you'd get blown off the bridge.
2:23:29PM Cars going 60, 70 miles per hour.
2:23:31PM Connection from Cypress Point Park, 12-foot wide trail right
2:23:35PM next to the water, on the south side of the Courtney
2:23:39PM Campbell Causeway, all the ways over to Clearwater.
2:23:42PM That second red hash mark -- I can't point to with the
2:23:46PM pointer -- is the second bridge in Pinellas.
2:23:49PM That's 500 feet.
2:23:50PM And that's under design now.
2:23:52PM Will go out for bid.
2:23:54PM So by the end of 2014 and early 2015, you'll be able to go
2:23:59PM from Cypress Point Park, completely crosses the Courtney
2:24:03PM Campbell Causeway, to Bayshore Boulevard and Clearwater.
2:24:09PM With the city of Clearwater is doing is putting in a bike
2:24:12PM lane along Bayshore.
2:24:13PM And they're going to extend the Florida progress energy
2:24:17PM trail to Bayshore.
2:24:18PM So you'll be able to go and of course Florida progress
2:24:23PM energy trail connects to the Pinellas trail.
2:24:25PM So you're going to be able to go from Cypress Point Park all

2:24:29PM the ways to Caladesi island on a recreation bike trail.
2:24:36PM >> Councilmember Capin?
2:24:38PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's one of my favorite drives is the
2:24:40PM Courtney Campbell Causeway because of all the water.
2:24:41PM I mean, it has issues and they're coming along.
2:24:45PM But they're working on that bridge now.
2:24:47PM The first one, right?
2:24:48PM >> Correct.
2:24:49PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Oh, it is just fantastic.
2:24:52PM It's so separate from that traffic going back and forth, it
2:24:58PM is going to be a gem for us.
2:25:00PM Truly a gem.
2:25:01PM I am very, very excited about this project.
2:25:04PM Can't wait.
2:25:05PM And I did read about the Bayshore connection in Clearwater,
2:25:12PM the other Bayshore they call it, the one in Clearwater.
2:25:15PM And that connection.
2:25:16PM And that is -- that's quite, you know, for our city and
2:25:21PM their city, the connection is fantastic.
2:25:24PM >> That was a $15 million grant from the U.S. department of
2:25:27PM transportation to build those two bridges.
2:25:30PM And then there will be a 12-foot wide bike trail, recreation
2:25:37PM trail.
2:25:37PM Again, it's just going to be an incredible April meant, for
2:25:40PM people on both sides of the bay.

2:25:42PM To be able to drive your car to Cypress Point Park, park,
2:25:46PM take your bike and go all the ways to Caladesi island and
2:25:50PM not hit any lights or any congestion.
2:25:53PM It's going to be an amazing, amazing trail.
2:25:58PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: When is that expected to be done, all the
2:26:01PM way to Caladesi?
2:26:03PM Do you know how much time?
2:26:06PM >> We'll be able to get to Bayshore Boulevard by late 2014,
2:26:10PM early 2015.
2:26:11PM They'll put a bike lane in before that, so you'll be able to
2:26:17PM go all the ways up to Philippe park through there.
2:26:21PM But then they got to extend the Florida progress energy
2:26:24PM trail.
2:26:25PM That will take a little bit longer.
2:26:27PM But again, it's just going to be an amazing amenity.
2:26:32PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Going to be a fabulous ride.
2:26:34PM >> We're really proud of this.
2:26:37PM >> Councilmember Suarez?
2:26:38PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Rotella, has there been any discussion,
2:26:41PM and I know is not on your end, but anybody talk about the
2:26:45PM bay side bridge in terms of including that as another place
2:26:49PM where riders could go?
2:26:52PM Because you know, obviously that would be a great ride too.
2:26:55PM And as you go from our side to the other side and not only
2:27:01PM be able to go north, but also to go south, would be an

2:27:04PM interesting thing.
2:27:05PM No discussion from either the MPO over there or the folks in
2:27:10PM Clearwater or Pinellas County about extending it, correct?
2:27:15PM >> No I've not heard any discussion about that.
2:27:16PM But it's a good point.
2:27:19PM And next time we meet, I'll bring that up.
2:27:24PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
2:27:26PM >>HARRY COHEN: Just to tag on to the end of what
2:27:28PM Councilmember Suarez was saying, those of us that sit on the
2:27:32PM MPO, this week approved a document with some long-range
2:27:38PM transportation priorities for the region.
2:27:40PM And one of the things that was very high up on the list is
2:27:43PM the new span of the Howard Frankland bridge.
2:27:45PM And I know that we're all very enthusiastic about making
2:27:48PM sure that there are recreational bike and pedestrian
2:27:51PM amenities included in the design for that bridge's
2:27:56PM replacement.
2:27:57PM So that will fit very nicely into what you're talking about.
2:28:00PM >> I don't know what happened to the PowerPoint.
2:28:02PM It disappear?
2:28:05PM Oh, there it is.
2:28:06PM Okay, so we met -- excuse me, Tuesday night, we met with the
2:28:24PM Westshore residential neighborhood improvement committee.
2:28:29PM The Council makes appointments to that committee.
2:28:32PM It includes all the neighborhoods in Westshore.

2:28:34PM And we have started working with them on the master plan,
2:28:38PM show them where we are with the concepts.
2:28:41PM We'll finish up this summer.
2:28:44PM And we'll be making the presentation to you in the summer.
2:28:50PM I will assure you that we will work very closely with the
2:28:55PM residential neighborhoods to make sure that they're
2:28:59PM satisfied with what we're doing.
2:29:00PM It affects them obviously.
2:29:02PM And tonight I'm meeting with Carver City/Lincoln Gardens at
2:29:07PM their community center at a quarter to 7:00.
2:29:11PM And then there's another meeting with another neighborhood
2:29:14PM tonight as well that Ann Kulik will cover.
2:29:17PM And then we'll take it out to all the property owners and
2:29:20PM all the business owners.
2:29:21PM So what will be the challenge?
2:29:26PM We'll have a master plan.
2:29:29PM We're focusing on the public realm.
2:29:31PM The challenge will be to come up with a permanent dedicated
2:29:37PM funding source to pay for the infrastructure to make the
2:29:41PM improvements that the master plan suggests.
2:29:44PM So, when we make our recommendation -- excuse me, when we
2:29:49PM present the final plan to you in June, we will have some
2:29:53PM recommendations to address that, a number of options for you
2:29:58PM to consider.
2:29:59PM So thank you very much.

2:30:01PM We are also appreciate you funding one-third of the plan.
2:30:05PM And if you have any comments or anything you'd like to see
2:30:10PM us include in the plan, just let us know.
2:30:13PM And we'll address it.
2:30:16PM >>HARRY COHEN: Are there any additional questions or
2:30:19PM comments?
2:30:20PM Councilmember Suarez?
2:30:21PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
2:30:22PM Mr. Rotella, there was a lot of discussion over the last
2:30:26PM week.
2:30:27PM We had the master, excuse me, the transit summit that we
2:30:32PM were both part of.
2:30:33PM After that, we also, as I sit on HART's board, we had a HART
2:30:39PM board meeting and MPO with my other two colleagues,
2:30:43PM Montelione and Cohen.
2:30:44PM One of the things that was an issue that was brought up
2:30:48PM during our HART meeting, which is the airport's idea of
2:30:52PM getting a, from their particular location, building out on
2:30:56PM that out-parcel that they have now, to include some parking
2:31:02PM for their employees and some other things and in addition
2:31:05PM trying to reach out and come to another intermodal location.
2:31:12PM There was a discussion as to whether or not we should have
2:31:15PM one intermodal location versus two intermodal locations.
2:31:19PM My question to you is, as part of the overlay district, is
2:31:23PM there any plan as to a specific area -- I know you and I

2:31:29PM privately have talked about some ideas that you've told me
2:31:32PM that might be good locations for it.
2:31:34PM But is there anything within the overlay district or in the
2:31:37PM master plan that says we want to have a intermodal transit
2:31:42PM facility here?
2:31:44PM >> Yes.
2:31:44PM There is.
2:31:45PM You should be aware that as part of the interstate
2:31:49PM reconstruction, Florida department of transportation builds
2:31:54PM a platform above the interstate.
2:31:56PM There's 44 feet down the middle of the interstate.
2:32:00PM Forget technology, whether it's light rail, computer rail or
2:32:04PM bus rapid transit.
2:32:06PM People from St. Pete, gateway, Westshore downtown, if
2:32:12PM they're going to get off at Westshore, they're going to get
2:32:15PM off at that platform.
2:32:16PM So, it makes sense to have the intermodal facility as close
2:32:22PM to that platform as possible.
2:32:24PM That's where the HART buses will pull in.
2:32:27PM That's where circulator system would emanate from.
2:32:30PM That's where your rental cars would be.
2:32:34PM Taxis, etcetera.
2:32:36PM So we did a study.
2:32:37PM We used consulting company, and they've located -- we
2:32:42PM started with 21 locations.

2:32:43PM We ended up with four.
2:32:45PM And three of them are right at the intersection of Cypress
2:32:52PM and Trask.
2:32:53PM So that's where we pinpoint the intermodal facility, at that
2:32:58PM location.
2:32:59PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: One other question.
2:33:01PM And we had a presentation to our HART board meeting on
2:33:03PM Monday concerning circulator service.
2:33:07PM One of the take-aways that we got from that is that there is
2:33:12PM no real consensus among the businesses that they need it
2:33:19PM currently.
2:33:20PM And I know this is something again you and I have talked
2:33:22PM about privately in terms of maybe finding a private entity
2:33:26PM that would do that.
2:33:28PM But we still haven't gotten the critical mass in order to
2:33:31PM get people willing to invest in it from the business
2:33:35PM standpoint.
2:33:36PM Are you actively -- bless you -- are you actively looking at
2:33:42PM how to promote or to get more of the businesses in your
2:33:47PM association to be involved in so type of circulator service
2:33:52PM or -- what are the plans for -- we know what the surveys
2:33:57PM have said in terms of what the MPO's report was to us, but
2:34:03PM what is your plan in terms of trying to get more of a
2:34:06PM circulator service?
2:34:07PM Because obviously, with this type of overlay plan, you're

2:34:10PM going to need to have some surface transportation that's
2:34:14PM going to move more people than just automobiles, individuals
2:34:19PM and automobiles.
2:34:21PM So, what's the Westshore Alliance's plan currently, if you
2:34:24PM have one?
2:34:25PM >> Well, you know, we were involved in the circulator study.
2:34:30PM For example, I think today, you could probably run a
2:34:35PM circulator on Westshore Boulevard that goes from the urban
2:34:40PM center to International Plaza to the food court.
2:34:43PM I see thousands of cars during lunch hour going to Westshore
2:34:48PM mall for the food courts.
2:34:50PM Going to International Plaza to cheesecake factory,
2:34:56PM Toojay's, etcetera.
2:34:58PM So I think we could probably implement a shuttle circulator
2:35:02PM on that leg initially as a demonstration.
2:35:05PM The issue is funding.
2:35:06PM As you know, HART ran the downtown circulator.
2:35:11PM And the ridership was not good.
2:35:15PM And HART continued the service.
2:35:17PM The city picked it up and is paying $200,000 for the
2:35:21PM downtown circulator.
2:35:23PM Would the city consider that for the Westshore Business
2:35:25PM District for that demonstration start shuttle?
2:35:30PM I'm not sure.
2:35:31PM I think we need to have that discussions.

2:35:34PM And then not just the circulator, but the whole issue of how
2:35:40PM you, from the improvements in the Westshore Business
2:35:42PM District, and a permanent dedicated funding source to do
2:35:50PM that.
2:35:51PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, I appreciate that, Mr. Rotella.
2:35:54PM Thanks very much for the leadership you show with Westshore
2:35:56PM Alliance.
2:35:57PM You've been there since the beginning.
2:35:59PM And --
2:36:00PM >> I'm the best executive director they've ever had.
2:36:03PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know.
2:36:04PM You're first, last and only right now.
2:36:06PM And I will say that as a, as someone that works in the
2:36:10PM Westshore District, I can see a lot of the improvements that
2:36:15PM are being put in place because of the work of the Westshore
2:36:17PM Alliance.
2:36:18PM And believe me, myself and my colleagues in the private
2:36:21PM sector really appreciate what you're doing and we want you
2:36:24PM to keep up the good work.
2:36:25PM So I appreciate that.
2:36:26PM >> Thank you.
2:36:27PM We appreciate that very much.
2:36:28PM And over the years we appreciate the support we have
2:36:30PM received from the City Council members as well.
2:36:32PM Thank you very much.

2:36:34PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
2:36:36PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Rotella, thank you very much.
2:36:37PM Always a pleasure to see you and we look forward to hearing
2:36:40PM more about the master plan as you continue its development.
2:36:43PM Thank you very much.
2:36:44PM We are going to skip over item number 48 for the moment and
2:36:52PM come back to it when the people that can address it are
2:36:54PM here.
2:36:55PM We're going to move on to number 49.
2:36:57PM Number 49 was originally removed from the consent agenda,
2:37:02PM but tissues that caused that removal appear to have been
2:37:05PM resolved.
2:37:06PM So, unless anyone has any objections, I'd like to entertain
2:37:10PM a motion to move item number 49.
2:37:13PM >> So moved.
2:37:15PM >> Second.
2:37:16PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
2:37:17PM We have a motion from Mr. Suarez, seconded by Ms. Capin.
2:37:20PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
2:37:22PM Opposed?
2:37:23PM And that motion passes.
2:37:25PM Okay.
2:37:26PM We are moving on now to item 50.
2:37:29PM Which is Mr. Reddick made the motion for this item.
2:37:35PM And I know that he is here.

2:37:36PM So I'm expecting he'll be walking right back out on to the
2:37:40PM dais at any moment.
2:37:41PM But I see Mr. Bayor is here from the Parks Department to
2:37:48PM address.
2:37:49PM >> Good afternoon, chair.
2:37:50PM Good afternoon, Council, Greg Bayor, director of parks and
2:37:53PM recreation, City of Tampa.
2:37:55PM Always a pleasure to follow Mr. Rotella with all the
2:37:58PM exciting things he does over in the Westshore.
2:38:00PM The item actually says plans to repair Cuscaden, there are
2:38:07PM plans.
2:38:07PM I think what the real issue is the timeline.
2:38:10PM And that respect, at this time, there have been no decisions
2:38:14PM for administration's on the entire aquatic facility study
2:38:18PM right now.
2:38:19PM I say that with respect that we have to take the whole
2:38:22PM situation in the context.
2:38:23PM We're looking at an $11 million, according to the 2011 study
2:38:28PM of repairs needed out on the pools.
2:38:30PM Which is pretty drastic given that we are $30 million
2:38:34PM shortfall of the city alone.
2:38:37PM So, with that respect also, I've taken a look at the study.
2:38:41PM It did develop criteria on which one, which one should be
2:38:45PM built next.
2:38:46PM But it included some things, such as attendance, I don't

2:38:50PM feel like that should be put in there.
2:38:52PM I think the pool shell and amenities are things you should
2:38:56PM weigh.
2:38:56PM Attendance should be how well you program the pool and of
2:38:59PM course the condition of the pool has made a difference.
2:39:02PM Have been some suggestions that the closings are
2:39:04PM geographically situated.
2:39:07PM Really quite frankly is not the case.
2:39:09PM Two closed in the west, two in the east, one in the south.
2:39:12PM It's pretty eventually distributed.
2:39:14PM Also taking a look at near facilities, including the YMCA
2:39:17PM that where the public is allowed in.
2:39:20PM Alternative ways we could have aquatics programs.
2:39:25PM My 40 years of, national standard is 20 years.
2:39:30PM You look at our pools, they're way beyond that.
2:39:32PM If you put the best maintenance practices, you're going to
2:39:35PM get 30 years.
2:39:36PM So we have exceeded many of those situations.
2:39:39PM The study also points out those pools were reached the 20
2:39:43PM year life cycle are needing the significant repairs also.
2:39:48PM A lot is due to change in code.
2:39:51PM The ADA situation, the change in your water quality, also
2:39:54PM it's driving our costs up.
2:40:00PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
2:40:02PM I think we're going to have to call a truce here soon.

2:40:05PM Because everybody seems to be sick.
2:40:07PM [ Laughter ]
2:40:12PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a plane to sick.
2:40:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had the windows opening driving to the
2:40:17PM fairgrounds.
2:40:18PM And I think the animals got to me.
2:40:22PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Bayor, thank you.
2:40:24PM Did you say 2011 study indicated that it would cost
2:40:28PM approximately $11 million to look at doing the repairs to
2:40:31PM that pool?
2:40:32PM >> Not Cuscaden.
2:40:34PM All the pools.
2:40:34PM I was trying to paint the whole picture.
2:40:38PM We don't know which one is most dire need.
2:40:42PM We have other ones closed.
2:40:43PM We have so much we're operating right now really facing a
2:40:47PM hefty price tag.
2:40:49PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you know whether it be any type of cost
2:40:51PM analysis done for Cuscaden pool.
2:40:54PM >> Yes, sir.
2:40:55PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Lately?
2:40:56PM >> Yes, sir, quite an extensive report.
2:40:58PM Done in 2011.
2:41:00PM I've given pretty hard look at it.
2:41:02PM The situation there is really twofold.

2:41:04PM It is a lot of structural damage that's occurred since the
2:41:09PM repairs.
2:41:10PM I will point out everything I can tell, repairs were done
2:41:13PM correctly at the time.
2:41:15PM Just old pool and continues to fail.
2:41:17PM So needs more repairs.
2:41:19PM Besides the structural failures of the pool, where the
2:41:22PM leaking is coming in, pool shell, brick work outside the
2:41:25PM windows, there's also very archaic water system.
2:41:29PM We're losing 450,000 gallons of water a year being flushed
2:41:33PM out.
2:41:34PM Then the pool heaters don't function.
2:41:37PM We have some work to do there.
2:41:38PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you have the cost analysis dollar
2:41:42PM amount?
2:41:43PM >> Yes, Cuscaden, 1.3 million.
2:41:47PM Let me put a caveat on that.
2:41:50PM On this 2011, estimated $741,000.
2:41:55PM It's now at 1.3.
2:41:57PM It's a 50% escalation.
2:41:59PM I'm worried about that I think we'll have a better ideas
2:42:02PM when we open Jenkins in a couple weeks.
2:42:04PM I'm worried this $11 million could actually be $16 million
2:42:08PM we're short.
2:42:09PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just point out this.

2:42:11PM Earlier today, we voted to accept the $2.5 million from the
2:42:21PM Buccaneers.
2:42:22PM And part of that money is supposed to be utilized for parks
2:42:27PM and recreation and other infrastructure needs.
2:42:30PM I will hope consideration will be given to utilize some,
2:42:39PM because those are taxpayers dollars, some of those funds to
2:42:41PM be utilized, to repair that pool as well as in the previous
2:42:48PM years when they received funding to do that pool, they
2:42:53PM received a federal grant.
2:42:55PM And I would also suggest maybe we need to pursue the federal
2:42:59PM funding to offset, but I hope out of that $2.5 million,
2:43:05PM which would be received next month, and part of my agreement
2:43:12PM being on the Sports Authority is not, as one of the
2:43:14PM commissioners on the Sports Authority, we have the right to
2:43:18PM say give that money back to the Bucs.
2:43:21PM So I don't want to vote to give that money back to the Bucs.
2:43:23PM If it's not going to be used properly.
2:43:28PM So my point is, since some of those funds can be utilized
2:43:31PM for parks and recreation, and knowing that this is a
2:43:35PM historic pool, the V.M. Ybor neighborhood is now going to be
2:43:46PM recommending being part of historic district.
2:43:50PM It means a lot to those residents in that community.
2:43:53PM So my suggestion is two things.
2:43:55PM Pursuing the pocket of utilizing some of the $2.5 million of
2:44:03PM funding that is coming back to the city, which it can be

2:44:07PM utilized for parks and recreation.
2:44:09PM And two, to pursue any type of federal funding if there's an
2:44:15PM option for that, and see a plan can be put in place to
2:44:20PM repair and restore the pool at Cuscaden pool.
2:44:24PM So, I would just like to offer that suggestion up to you and
2:44:30PM hope that maybe in March, once those funds are released, I
2:44:36PM hope you can come back and tell us whether it's feasible to
2:44:40PM utilize some of those funds for that purpose.
2:44:42PM >> Those suggestions are outstanding, sir, and as you're
2:44:45PM getting to know me, you know I'm trying to find funds
2:44:48PM everywhere that I can and change our dynamics and have
2:44:51PM awesome programs.
2:44:53PM And sponsorships.
2:44:54PM And we're looking at that type of package also, naming
2:44:57PM rights.
2:44:57PM We'll do anything we can to help offset our costs of our
2:45:01PM park.
2:45:01PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
2:45:03PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.
2:45:05PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
2:45:05PM Working with you during this time here on City Council and
2:45:09PM you're at the parks, I know you're a very creative person
2:45:13PM when it comes to trying to work out the funding and the
2:45:16PM partnerships and the rest of it.
2:45:18PM And I have every confidence that that will happen.

2:45:21PM I do want to say that along with Mr. Miranda this morning, I
2:45:27PM did ride my bike with my swimsuit rolled up in a towel and I
2:45:33PM rode my bike to that pool from the time I was, along with
2:45:37PM the older kids.
2:45:39PM Because I was in third grade.
2:45:40PM And rode my bike to that pool, swam in that pool.
2:45:44PM It is an incredible building.
2:45:45PM And the park itself is being used.
2:45:49PM It's being used.
2:45:50PM I see soccer teams playing there all the time.
2:45:53PM And it is a very valued property to the community.
2:45:58PM I agree with my fellow City Councilman Reddick, that every
2:46:04PM effort we should put forth every effort to save that pool,
2:46:11PM whatever it is that we can.
2:46:12PM I've driven by there trying to think, what else could we do
2:46:16PM that would save the building and be able to -- other than --
2:46:20PM but that's what it is.
2:46:21PM It is a pool.
2:46:22PM I cannot imagine it being anything else.
2:46:25PM And I remember the lockers.
2:46:27PM I remember everything about that.
2:46:30PM Saturday mornings, swimming in that pool.
2:46:33PM And the big high diving board and the rest of it.
2:46:35PM And so, people have -- there's a lot of history there.
2:46:39PM And more importantly, that the community that's there now

2:46:45PM is, can use it.
2:46:46PM And of course every park belongs to every citizen in the
2:46:49PM city.
2:46:50PM So everyone in the city will be able to visit and be there.
2:46:54PM So, put your thinking cap on and your creative side and help
2:46:59PM us come up with the dollars to do this.
2:47:02PM Whatever on my part I can do, I would be more than happy to
2:47:07PM help.
2:47:09PM >> Little short comment on that.
2:47:10PM And yes, I've been to the pool, I've seen it.
2:47:13PM I share your vision of what it should be and what it might
2:47:16PM have been in the past.
2:47:17PM More importantly, I heard the speakers this morning talk
2:47:19PM about apparently there was some notion of lack of
2:47:22PM participation.
2:47:25PM That should be the department motivating people to get out
2:47:27PM there.
2:47:28PM There are youth using the park.
2:47:30PM Mother youth are using it.
2:47:31PM We are starting a low cost use program over in the east side
2:47:35PM of town.
2:47:36PM Overwhelming success right now.
2:47:37PM We're giving the kids back.
2:47:39PM That's our mission.
2:47:40PM Looking at a summer program along those same lines.

2:47:43PM We know we have a fee structure and we're going to satisfy
2:47:46PM those folks that have higher desires.
2:47:48PM But we want to have the old-fashioned recreation back again.
2:47:52PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Suarez?
2:47:54PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
2:47:55PM Greg, as always, thank you very much for being willing to be
2:47:59PM innovative and think these things through.
2:48:02PM I think that Councilman Reddick's comments are taken to
2:48:06PM heart because truly, with some of the money coming back from
2:48:09PM the Sports Authority, which some of our CIT dollars, that
2:48:14PM should be available, and may not be a lot, but if I recall
2:48:18PM the aquatic study from 2011 and you're right, I think it was
2:48:26PM $11 million total.
2:48:27PM There was about, I think there was half a million a year for
2:48:30PM the next five years and CIT dollars for the aquatic
2:48:35PM facilities.
2:48:35PM May be wrong about that number.
2:48:36PM But if nothing else, we can probably find those dollars
2:48:41PM necessary in order to make Cuscaden back into what it was.
2:48:45PM I know that there are lots of needs in terms of the Parks
2:48:49PM Department.
2:48:51PM Your immediate predecessor, this was one of the issues that
2:48:54PM became a problem for her.
2:48:55PM I don't want it to be a problem for you either.
2:48:58PM So not a warning at all, Greg, I hope you don't take it in

2:49:01PM the wrong way.
2:49:02PM I do think that when we talk about parks, and I know that
2:49:06PM you live and breathe this every single day, that the
2:49:10PM swimming pools are unique to Florida, unlike any other place
2:49:15PM in the rest of the U.S.
2:49:16PM We should aspire to trying to have more pools open year
2:49:22PM round than other places.
2:49:24PM When you're in a place like Baltimore or Chicago or other
2:49:28PM places, half of the year is going to be closed for just the
2:49:31PM weather.
2:49:32PM For us, I think that that is not a legitimate reason.
2:49:37PM I think that maybe three months at the most can probably be
2:49:40PM closed.
2:49:41PM Those aquatic facilities should be open more often than not.
2:49:45PM Now, cost is a factor.
2:49:49PM I know that would Cuscaden and please help me out with this.
2:49:53PM We were as part of the aquatic study, we were looking at all
2:49:57PM the other pools that needed to meet the federal guidelines
2:49:59PM concerning the Baker Act -- not the Baker Act -- and is
2:50:09PM Cuscaden, when they originally refurbished it, did it meet
2:50:13PM those federal requirements or was that prior to the -- the
2:50:17PM drainage system?
2:50:19PM >> I'd rather get you the actual details.
2:50:23PM Codes have changed since then.
2:50:25PM You need the dual drains, make sure you don't have the

2:50:27PM suction brooks.
2:50:28PM ADA rules have really change.
2:50:30PM And they're about to change again on us.
2:50:33PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Obviously, that was a big factor in the
2:50:35PM Williams Park pool because, there were several things going
2:50:37PM on there.
2:50:38PM But one of them was the reason was we needed to change
2:50:41PM because the federal law.
2:50:43PM And then when we decided to change it, we needed to change
2:50:46PM the entire outlay.
2:50:48PM There were a lot of other problems and issues hopefully that
2:50:50PM are going to be not going to be visited upon because
2:50:53PM Cuscaden pool.
2:50:55PM So, if you could come back to us at some point and just tell
2:50:59PM us, you know this is what we're going to be able to do in
2:51:02PM terms of our funding that doesn't starve the other
2:51:05PM facilities, but same time tries to get this pool up and
2:51:07PM operational again, I'd appreciate it.
2:51:09PM >> Yes, sir.
2:51:11PM >>HARRY COHEN: Before I go to round two, I think Mr. Reddick
2:51:15PM and Ms. Capin each have something they'd like to add.
2:51:18PM I wanted to put my own two cents in regarding Cuscaden pool.
2:51:23PM About a year ago, I took a tour of all of the pools in the
2:51:27PM city.
2:51:28PM And I went to Cuscaden pool and the Parks Department was

2:51:32PM nice enough to unlock it and let me in.
2:51:34PM I was there with a few other citizens who were concerned
2:51:36PM about the pool.
2:51:37PM And we had a tour of the entire facility.
2:51:40PM And I want to just pass along a few things to my fellow
2:51:44PM Councilmembers.
2:51:44PM First of all, if you haven't been there or haven't seen it,
2:51:48PM it is absolutely spectacular.
2:51:50PM It is built of red brick.
2:51:52PM It's round.
2:51:53PM It's enormous.
2:51:54PM It was completely renovated and refurbished within the last
2:51:59PM 10 years.
2:52:00PM And almost immediately after the renovation took place, the
2:52:04PM pool was closed because it was leaking.
2:52:07PM We have never as a Council, and I believe this happened with
2:52:11PM the last Council, but we have never really received a report
2:52:14PM of what happened and who was held accountable for the fact
2:52:18PM that all of this money was spent for a pool that ended up
2:52:21PM not being operational.
2:52:22PM That's number one.
2:52:23PM Number two, I would say that time is of the essence with
2:52:28PM this particular pool.
2:52:29PM Because when I was there, we had a professional pool
2:52:33PM engineer with us.

2:52:34PM And that person told us that the longer that this pool sits
2:52:38PM and bakes in the sun, with no water in it, the more
2:52:41PM expensive it's going to get to fix it down the road.
2:52:44PM So the longer we go, the more likely it is that we incur
2:52:48PM more expense in order to get it operational.
2:52:53PM The final thing that I would point out about it is that
2:52:59PM there are citizens in this community who grew up in that
2:53:03PM neighborhood, who are willing to raise private funds to
2:53:07PM augment what the city is willing to do to get the pool open.
2:53:10PM They have approached me.
2:53:11PM I believe that they have reached out to Mr. Reddick as well.
2:53:15PM And we are all willing to work with them to get that moving.
2:53:19PM When the discussions commenced about getting Jenkins pool
2:53:23PM refurbished.
2:53:24PM One of the things that made the project move forward was
2:53:27PM that the Davis Islands civic association had money to put
2:53:30PM into it.
2:53:30PM And I want to tell you and I want the public to know and I
2:53:34PM want the administration to know that there absolute Li is
2:53:38PM private money out there that is willing and able and
2:53:41PM enthusiastic to come to the table to try to help get this
2:53:45PM pool opened again.
2:53:47PM And we heard what the neighborhood said this morning.
2:53:50PM And simply from a historic perspective, to lose this pool
2:53:55PM would be an absolute travesty.

2:53:57PM It is such a jewel.
2:53:59PM It is something we can be so proud of.
2:54:01PM And there is -- it's huge and there is no reason in the
2:54:05PM world why we can't work to get it open for the literally
2:54:07PM hundreds of kids that could enjoy it every summer.
2:54:11PM So with that, Mr. Reddick, you were next, then Ms. Capin.
2:54:15PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, being Mr. Cohen.
2:54:19PM Let me echo what he said about the private citizens.
2:54:21PM They did approach me and they did ask to put this on the
2:54:25PM agenda.
2:54:25PM This is the reason why it's scheduled because they wanted to
2:54:27PM move forward.
2:54:28PM And they are willing to help with the resources.
2:54:34PM They just want to see this pool repaired, restored and
2:54:38PM opened.
2:54:38PM So, keep that in mind and Mr. Suarez just mentioned it, but
2:54:46PM what I wanted to do, so we can keep this flowing.
2:54:49PM I wanted to ask that you, ask Mr. Bayor to report back to
2:54:56PM the Council at the regular Council meeting on April the 4th.
2:55:02PM Update on any resources developed, where you had a chance to
2:55:08PM look at whatever resources that we can pursue, as well as we
2:55:17PM probably put you in the contact with those private
2:55:20PM individuals who is willing to work with you and work with
2:55:24PM the city to identify additional private resources to move
2:55:28PM this forward.

2:55:29PM And I think, I agree with Mr. Cohen that urban, they told me
2:55:40PM some very unflattering words they want to see this moved.
2:55:43PM They told me this.
2:55:46PM In a very, very nice conversation, that let's move this dog.
2:55:50PM So, I want to see it moved.
2:55:54PM And so I just want to put that motion, that April 4th, come
2:55:58PM back with an update.
2:55:59PM And with resources and we'll, Mr. Cohen and I'm sure we can
2:56:05PM provide you those resources, whoever approached us.
2:56:09PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion on the floor from
2:56:11PM Mr. Reddick, seconded by Councilwoman Montelione for a staff
2:56:16PM report on April 4th.
2:56:17PM Any discussion on the motion?
2:56:19PM Councilwoman Capin.
2:56:21PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Before we vote on the motion, I wanted to
2:56:23PM say that I also received calls.
2:56:25PM And thank you for reminding me.
2:56:27PM I received this morning very early in the morning a call
2:56:31PM specifically about this.
2:56:32PM And yes, they are out there.
2:56:34PM There are many, many people that have expressed that they
2:56:39PM want to help with this.
2:56:40PM And so thank you for reminding me.
2:56:43PM And that call this morning did that.
2:56:45PM And I wanted to say that because there is a price, there is

2:56:49PM a quote as to the amount it would cost to repair it, then it
2:56:56PM is repairable.
2:57:01PM >> List of all the items that have to be repaired, yes.
2:57:04PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It is not beyond repair?
2:57:06PM We're not going to hear down the road it's beyond repair?
2:57:09PM That's what I'm asking.
2:57:11PM Do we know that for sure?
2:57:16PM >> As pointed out, and I'm not trying to put a wet blanket
2:57:19PM on this, but I don't know if anything else has happened, or
2:57:24PM as Councilman Suarez said if there are any other regulations
2:57:29PM we need to add into this.
2:57:30PM I can't speculate that it is beyond repair.
2:57:33PM But I wouldn't want to leave that one little one percent
2:57:36PM open that it might.
2:57:37PM I don't know.
2:57:38PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: My impression and the public's impression
2:57:40PM when there's a price, it would cost this much to do what was
2:57:44PM on there, that it is repairable.
2:57:48PM >> Extensive list of what has to be done.
2:57:51PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's all I needed.
2:57:53PM Thank you.
2:57:54PM >>HARRY COHEN: All right.
2:57:54PM With that let's take a vote on the motion.
2:57:56PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
2:57:59PM Opposed?

2:58:00PM Okay.
2:58:01PM So we'll see you on the fourth.
2:58:04PM Thank you very much.
2:58:04PM If not before then.
2:58:06PM Okay, item number 51 has requested a continuance to the work
2:58:13PM shown scheduled June 20th that is regarding solid waste
2:58:16PM rates.
2:58:16PM Do I have a here motion for that.
2:58:19PM Okay, we have a motion for continuance of item number 51 to
2:58:22PM June 250th, 2013.
2:58:24PM The motion is by Mr. Suarez, seconded by Ms. Capin.
2:58:27PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
2:58:28PM Opposed?
2:58:31PM Okay.
2:58:31PM Item number 52.
2:58:33PM Ms. Coyle?
2:58:36PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Catherine Coyle, planning and
2:58:38PM development.
2:58:39PM Items 52 through 54 were all in one staff report.
2:58:42PM I did separate the items just for clarification.
2:58:47PM The memo that I drafted dated February 4th included two
2:58:52PM separate items listed.
2:58:54PM For the purposes of where the amendments actually originate.
2:58:58PM So item number one included the specific chicken proposal
2:59:03PM and rooming houses, which were directed by City Council.

2:59:05PM And item number two in the memo identify the general animal
2:59:09PM regulation changes that we talked about back in November
2:59:14PM with the conflict chapter 19 and 27.
2:59:18PM Code administration, subdivision procedures and sidewalk
2:59:20PM cafes.
2:59:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: Let me stop you for one moment.
2:59:23PM I'd like to ask Council's pleasure on, we have received
2:59:27PM communication from staff, they asked us to put off
2:59:32PM consideration of the chicken ordinance for two weeks.
2:59:35PM We don't have a full Council.
2:59:37PM I was wondering if we're going to entertain doing that, I
2:59:41PM think it would behoove us to go ahead and do it now rather
2:59:44PM than get into the discussion with the others not being here.
2:59:48PM >> I was just about to note that I put that in my memo.
2:59:55PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione?
2:59:56PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to say I don't want this to
2:59:58PM become what happened with Community Gardens.
3:00:00PM And we put it off and we put it off and put it off.
3:00:04PM So, we have been talking about chickens, Mr. Reddick, for
3:00:08PM how long?
3:00:10PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I could advise Council, I did speak
3:00:12PM with the members of T.H.A.N. that are here.
3:00:15PM I'm going to try to work out my schedule to meet with them
3:00:18PM again on the language.
3:00:19PM Going through motion Council made and the language before

3:00:22PM you, which the language is directly what was referenced by
3:00:27PM Council.
3:00:27PM But I'm going to try before next Wednesday, they have the
3:00:30PM full T.H.A.N. meeting.
3:00:31PM I was going to try to meet with the zoning committee to go
3:00:34PM back through what it says, just so they're clear, so they
3:00:37PM can talk their full membership.
3:00:39PM >>HARRY COHEN: To Councilwoman's Montelione's point, I
3:00:42PM believe that the motion is only to move it to two weeks, to
3:00:45PM the 21st.
3:00:46PM Not postpone it indefinitely.
3:00:48PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't want to get here in two weeks and
3:00:50PM say we're going to postpone it another two weeks.
3:00:55PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Give them more time to produce more eggs.
3:00:57PM [ Laughter ]
3:01:00PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
3:01:01PM With that, we have a motion from Councilman Reddick,
3:01:06PM seconded by Councilwoman Capin to move the chicken ordinance
3:01:12PM discussion to February the 21st at 10:00.
3:01:15PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
3:01:18PM Opposed?
3:01:19PM Okay.
3:01:20PM So we will do that in two weeks.
3:01:21PM Go ahead though with the other items that you were going to
3:01:25PM address.

3:01:26PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The second item for rooming houses, I
3:01:30PM think Ms. Head Lynn spoke about it from V.M. Ybor under
3:01:33PM public comments.
3:01:34PM The motion Council made was for me to come back with draft
3:01:38PM language based on the staff report we had given.
3:01:41PM We talked about different concepts at that workshop.
3:01:44PM Whether or not to limit the number of occupants per unit,
3:01:48PM minimum square footage for each unit.
3:01:51PM A cap on the number of units, reducing that cap of number of
3:01:55PM units per rooming house and so on.
3:01:57PM Looking at this in distance separation.
3:01:59PM What's before you in the doubt titled rooming houses is a
3:02:03PM cleanup of the definitions, because I also noted to you that
3:02:06PM there was conflict between the bed and breakfast, hotel,
3:02:11PM motel, lodging unit, and rooming house definitions.
3:02:15PM The terminology wasn't quite the same.
3:02:17PM So in the meantime, as I went away from that workshop,
3:02:21PM winter to, back and looked at definitions for these type of
3:02:25PM housing united a it became even clear even translating into
3:02:29PM the building code, there's a clear distinguishing definition
3:02:32PM between non-transient lodging units and transient lodging
3:02:35PM units.
3:02:36PM Non-transients being typically what is residents.
3:02:40PM And transient being what is typically in a hotel or bed and
3:02:43PM breakfast and so on.

3:02:44PM And those definitions at the state level translate into
3:02:47PM those unit types.
3:02:48PM So following suit, but tailored to the way that we write our
3:02:54PM language, I kept those terms similar.
3:02:55PM And then went back and re-drafted bed and breakfast, so you
3:02:59PM do still have a cap of 12 units in the bed and breakfast.
3:03:04PM With the resident managers being the 12th, and transient
3:03:12PM units.
3:03:12PM Because it's not your residents, other than resident
3:03:15PM manager.
3:03:15PM The hotel motel is the ten or more, so that carried through,
3:03:19PM but clarifying that it's the transient lodging unit.
3:03:25PM Adding in the non-transient lodging unit, the one correction
3:03:28PM that I would like to make to that and actually was, asked me
3:03:35PM about it yesterday, because she hadn't really thought about
3:03:37PM it before either.
3:03:38PM And what we're trying to do is eliminate as much conflict of
3:03:42PM code enforcement as possible.
3:03:43PM So, to make it as easy for those officers possible to go in
3:03:47PM and make a head count essentially, as opposed to having to
3:03:50PM measure things and do all kind of interesting things.
3:03:53PM This is the actual definition page.
3:03:55PM The very first page.
3:03:59PM So under the old lodging unit definition, it does say by one
3:04:03PM family only.

3:04:03PM Occupying the lodging unit.
3:04:07PM I carried that through just to be consistent, but in doing
3:04:11PM that, because we did limit the rooming house lodging unit to
3:04:15PM two people, the definition of family is four.
3:04:20PM So, inherently there was a conflict in the number.
3:04:24PM I didn't mean for that to happen.
3:04:25PM Just to make it clear what I do recommend is that we strike
3:04:28PM that.
3:04:28PM Because it's really not necessary to put there.
3:04:31PM In the rooming house regulation its capped.
3:04:35PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I don't want to make a, what may be
3:04:39PM politically incorrect statement or you know, character rise
3:04:43PM rooming houses as only being for those who are homeless.
3:04:48PM But it's kind of inherent in the definition that it's not
3:04:53PM their permanent residence.
3:04:55PM >> No, it is.
3:04:56PM Non-transient.
3:04:57PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Non-transient?
3:04:59PM >> Non-transient, it's presumed the lodging unit is the
3:05:02PM solely residence of the occupant.
3:05:04PM It's different than the hotel where it is transient.
3:05:08PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I guess the comment I was just
3:05:10PM going to make was that, if we're trying to add additional
3:05:16PM units for the homeless population that we have in abundance
3:05:21PM here in the city, that a good portion of the homeless

3:05:27PM numbers are children.
3:05:30PM And by limiting to two people, I'm worried that parents who
3:05:37PM have children are going to have no place to go.
3:05:39PM They can't go to a rooming house if it's limited to two
3:05:47PM people.
3:05:50PM Where are they going to go?
3:05:52PM And that is a major, major concern of mine.
3:05:57PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Very true.
3:05:58PM Didn't come up in the last round of discussions.
3:06:00PM I think because of the population that people are most
3:06:02PM concerned about with some of these units.
3:06:04PM But it's a very valid point.
3:06:06PM We could specify that it's adults, two adults.
3:06:10PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would prefer that.
3:06:15PM >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just for Council's benefit mention
3:06:17PM this was also an item T.H.A.N. asked us to continue for two
3:06:22PM weeks because they wanted to have the opportunity to
3:06:24PM scrutinize some of the details, so I'll obviously leave it
3:06:31PM open to Council's pleasure on that issue.
3:06:37PM But perhaps if that's the case, that would be an opportunity
3:06:39PM to assuage some of your concerns.
3:06:42PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
3:06:42PM There's just one other thing that maybe if we are going to
3:06:45PM go that route and postpone it two more weeks, it's something
3:06:48PM I spoke to Ms. Coyle about just a second ago, and that was

3:06:53PM on page three of what was in our backup material, section
3:06:57PM 19-235 it talks about plumbing fixtures and it has an entire
3:07:02PM table.
3:07:04PM And that -- there is some historical purposes was the reason
3:07:08PM why she left it in there.
3:07:09PM But it's almost not going to be applicable except for those
3:07:14PM that prior, you know, existed prior.
3:07:17PM So just having a note, take out the table.
3:07:20PM This way when you come back, those adjustments can already
3:07:24PM be made and -- because really that table is very confusing.
3:07:29PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I totally agree.
3:07:30PM And I agree, I can strike the table.
3:07:33PM I really was just retaining it with the footnote for
3:07:36PM previously legally established ones.
3:07:38PM But the table is skewed by number even on current numbers.
3:07:44PM The history of how it became in 19 -- I can't really tell
3:07:48PM you.
3:07:49PM The terminology, that's one of the issues as I said, I'll
3:07:52PM talk about in the animal regulations too.
3:07:54PM The stuff in '19 versus '27, the terminology sometimes is
3:07:58PM the same or slightly different.
3:08:01PM Then it will say as defined in another chapter and then it
3:08:04PM doesn't match up.
3:08:05PM I'm good with striking it.
3:08:07PM And then basically retaining the footnotes to reference the

3:08:11PM previous rule.
3:08:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So before you go to T.H.A.N. and meet
3:08:14PM with the neighborhood associations, if you just make those
3:08:18PM two changes, add the word adults and strike the table and
3:08:22PM then when we come back, we'll have a clean set.
3:08:24PM Thank you.
3:08:27PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin?
3:08:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No I was just going to move that we continue
3:08:32PM this for two weeks.
3:08:34PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
3:08:34PM We have a motion from Councilwoman Capin, seconded by
3:08:36PM Councilman Suarez to continue it to February 21st at
3:08:41PM 10:00 a.m. under staff reports.
3:08:47PM All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.
3:08:49PM Opposed? Okay.
3:08:50PM So we will discuss that after T.H.A.N. has a chance to talk
3:08:54PM to you and Ms. Coyle, as always, we appreciate your work on
3:08:58PM that.
3:09:00PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: You're welcome.
3:09:00PM The third one under number two, the which is the animal
3:09:03PM regulations that I actually was recommending because of the
3:09:06PM conflicts between chapters 19 and 27, what you have before
3:09:10PM you I wrote a certain way and I wrote the chickens
3:09:15PM separately.
3:09:15PM So if Council decides to whatever they do with the chickens,

3:09:19PM it will seamlessly move into the animal regulations.
3:09:23PM So the animal draft that you have before you, the draft
3:09:26PM language does not accounts for adding chickens as an
3:09:29PM allowable use.
3:09:30PM It is specifically moving that the regulations in '19 and
3:09:35PM the Chapter 27 and then clarifying the difference between
3:09:38PM small kennel and a large kennel.
3:09:40PM And it retains those chickens under the farm animal
3:09:43PM definition.
3:09:44PM So that's really the specifics behind these.
3:09:48PM And just, if you were to compare the two between the chicken
3:09:51PM regulations and the animal regulations that I put forward,
3:09:54PM looking at the definition of domestic or companion animal,
3:09:58PM the version that I wrote for animals does not include
3:10:01PM domestic egg laying chickens.
3:10:02PM The chicken regulation does include that phrase.
3:10:05PM But that's one of the main differences between the two.
3:10:08PM And that way if this does move forward -- I'm going to put
3:10:13PM this forward no matter what because there's confusion
3:10:16PM between the two rules.
3:10:17PM But if the chickens don't move forward this can still move.
3:10:21PM I just wanted to lay that out to you.
3:10:24PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.
3:10:26PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
3:10:27PM Under the same principle as I mentioned privilege with the

3:10:32PM rooming houses, cleaning things up before you go to T.H.A.N.
3:10:35PM and come back here, if we put this off again like we did
3:10:39PM with the other two.
3:10:42PM There was a recent court case, I don't recall -- I think it
3:10:46PM was here in Florida.
3:10:47PM I just saw Ms. Van Dell when I mentioned the word cover.
3:10:54PM About a miniature pig being kept by a young boy that was
3:11:00PM suffering from psychological disorder.
3:11:04PM And the court ruled that that mini pig was a pet.
3:11:11PM And it was a service animal.
3:11:14PM So, where you say the definition of farm animal includes
3:11:21PM swine, I would ask Mrs. Mandell to look at that court case
3:11:27PM to see if we need to adjust that definition.
3:11:30PM And also under utility or assistance animal, it states
3:11:35PM people or entities in the completion of daily or official
3:11:39PM tasks, which to me talks more to a physical ailment rather
3:11:45PM than a psychological one.
3:11:46PM And we know now that a lot of, especially troops coming back
3:11:50PM with post trauma stress disorder or anxiety issues, as well
3:11:56PM as the general population require service animals that
3:12:00PM aren't just the kind, you know, to turn off and on the
3:12:03PM lights and you know, those kinds of things.
3:12:05PM So, to include, you know, the psychological disorders, I'm
3:12:10PM not sure how legally, but I'm sure Mrs. Mandell can figure
3:12:15PM out how to word that.

3:12:16PM So that that was just two things.
3:12:19PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Or could be any disability essentially.
3:12:24PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Make sure that we address that.
3:12:26PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I would probably wind up amending both,
3:12:30PM just to clarify.
3:12:31PM I have read reference in other states, but not Florida.
3:12:33PM Even about the pygmy goats.
3:12:36PM And a couple other animals that are typically farm animals,
3:12:39PM but have moved into the realm of companion and assistance
3:12:45PM animals.
3:12:46PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Domestication and breeding, they come up
3:12:48PM with all kinds.
3:12:50PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: As clear as we can make this would be the
3:12:52PM best case scenario for enforcement purposes.
3:12:57PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Reddick?
3:12:59PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you Mr. Chair.
3:13:00PM And that's the point I wanted to bring up.
3:13:03PM I want to know if this was limited to chickens only?
3:13:07PM Being in a coop in the backyard and not being extended to a
3:13:12PM pig and if I want to put a goat in my backyard.
3:13:19PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The chicken regulations that we
3:13:21PM continues, February 21st is specifically domestic egg laying
3:13:25PM chickens, hens only, no roosters.
3:13:27PM That's it.
3:13:28PM Every other typical livestock farm animal, clucked Hoovers

3:13:32PM and everything else under the farm animal definition still
3:13:35PM remains under that definition.
3:13:36PM And still has the same 200-foot separation from residential
3:13:39PM structures.
3:13:41PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here's my point.
3:13:42PM What is the difference, because when I heard about people
3:13:45PM wanting to have chickens because talking about eggs, and
3:13:49PM hens that lay these organic eggs and all this kind of stuff.
3:13:52PM What's the difference in having a goat back there that
3:13:55PM produce goat milk?
3:13:57PM And goat cheese?
3:13:59PM >> There's a very large urban agricultural movement that
3:14:02PM will would say there is no difference.
3:14:03PM I will tell you that.
3:14:04PM But what's before you and what was directed by Council was
3:14:08PM only to look at chickens at this point.
3:14:10PM So I'm not looking at anything else.
3:14:12PM >>FRANK REDDICK: And this is strictly in the residential
3:14:14PM community.
3:14:15PM >> Single-family only.
3:14:16PM Not multi-family.
3:14:18PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
3:14:18PM All right.
3:14:21PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: You won't have coops all over apartment
3:14:22PM complexes or anything.

3:14:25PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.
3:14:27PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
3:14:28PM Yes, it's striking that that case would be about a miniature
3:14:32PM pig.
3:14:32PM We had a pig as a pet as a child in West Tampa.
3:14:38PM Our street was not even paved.
3:14:40PM It did not go up to Himes avenue back then.
3:14:46PM >> Date yourself there.
3:14:48PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's okay.
3:14:48PM It just tells you that I lived a lot in this town.
3:14:54PM And it grew and grew and we, her name was Amy.
3:14:59PM And, yeah, we named her Amy.
3:15:01PM The three of us.
3:15:02PM I have two sisters.
3:15:03PM And we had this pig that we thought was a miniature pig.
3:15:06PM And just kept growing and growing and growing.
3:15:10PM And finally one day a truck came and took it in the bed of
3:15:14PM the truck and my mother said it was going to this wonderful
3:15:17PM farm where it could run free.
3:15:19PM And we come to find out years later, it was our -- it was
3:15:24PM our Christmas eve dinner.
3:15:28PM [ Laughter ]
3:15:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So be careful what you raise as a pet.
3:15:33PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I will say one of the concerns that has
3:15:35PM been raised to me about the chickens, because I've heard

3:15:38PM both sides now.
3:15:39PM Is that chickens eventually stop laying eggs and what do you
3:15:42PM do with them?
3:15:44PM And that's some of the concern.
3:15:47PM >>HARRY COHEN: We'll talk about that in two weeks when it
3:15:50PM comes back up.
3:15:52PM Just to close out this conversation, I want to respond to
3:15:54PM something Councilwoman Montelione said.
3:15:56PM We're going to have to scrutinize very, very closely if we
3:16:00PM start expanding animal definitions beyond where they already
3:16:05PM are.
3:16:06PM And I agree with Mr. Reddick.
3:16:09PM This item was only about chickens and if it's going to creep
3:16:12PM beyond that, that's going to require discussion and
3:16:15PM deliberation from this Council.
3:16:17PM It's not just going to happen overnight without a thorough
3:16:24PM airing of the issues.
3:16:25PM So with that, we will talk about this again in two weeks.
3:16:28PM Ms. Coyle, is there anything else that you have for us
3:16:29PM today?
3:16:31PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The only other items were is the basic
3:16:36PM moving of codes for the subdivision procedures.
3:16:37PM And the re-identification of the functional roles within,
3:16:43PM under code administration and under the sidewalk cafes.
3:16:47PM >>HARRY COHEN: And that's under item 52?

3:16:51PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's number 52.
3:16:52PM You don't have to take any action on those.
3:16:54PM I already verified the Planning Commission, they don't need
3:16:58PM to see those the looks like I'll be preparing them for March
3:17:01PM in the evening to come forward with the ordinances on first
3:17:03PM reading.
3:17:04PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
3:17:05PM Very good.
3:17:06PM Thank you very much.
3:17:07PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I think you need to continue the animals.
3:17:09PM I don't know that that was done.
3:17:14PM You were going to continue them to line up with the chickens
3:17:17PM so you could tell me which way you wanted knee go.
3:17:21PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That needs to be clear.
3:17:22PM I understand.
3:17:23PM That was going to be my question, don't we need to move on
3:17:27PM that?
3:17:27PM It's cleared.
3:17:30PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll move that the animal definitions,
3:17:33PM farm animals, all the definitions, we'll put it that way,
3:17:38PM for nonhuman -- I saw that in your language there, for
3:17:42PM nonhuman species come before us in two weeks.
3:17:49PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion from Councilwoman
3:17:51PM Montelione, seconded by Councilman Reddick.
3:17:53PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.

3:17:55PM Thank you, Ms. Coyle.
3:17:59PM Okay.
3:17:59PM Moving on, item number 56.
3:18:03PM Is there anyone from the administration to speak to us about
3:18:09PM item number 56?
3:18:14PM And item number 57 falls in the same category.
3:18:17PM It's and expenditure of over a million dollars.
3:18:19PM >> Move items --
3:18:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: Just one moment.
3:18:22PM I think we have someone here on item number 57.
3:18:28PM >> Cass to wastewater department.
3:18:29PM For any questions.
3:18:31PM >>HARRY COHEN: On item 57.
3:18:32PM Any questions on item number 57?
3:18:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move item 57 for approval.
3:18:39PM >> Second.
3:18:40PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion from Councilwoman
3:18:41PM Montelione, seconded by Councilwoman Capin.
3:18:44PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
3:18:50PM Still waiting on item number 56.
3:18:52PM I don't see anyone here from the staff on item 56, so we'll
3:18:58PM hold that.
3:18:59PM Councilwoman Montelione, item number 48 is still
3:19:02PM outstanding.
3:19:07PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Sadly the individuals that were prepared

3:19:09PM to speak cannot make it this afternoon.
3:19:10PM They all had prior commitments and perhaps we can -- I can
3:19:19PM check on availability if we can continue the item to our
3:19:22PM evening session of Council, or perhaps even during CRA?
3:19:30PM I don't know that we can do that.
3:19:36PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, if you wish to add something to
3:19:38PM the CRA agenda, you don't have the ability to do so as a
3:19:42PM City Council.
3:19:43PM However, if it's, if it's any consensus by Council, it could
3:19:47PM always be added to the agenda that day.
3:19:49PM But officially, today it cannot be.
3:19:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Add to the evening agenda.
3:19:55PM My only hesitation with evening agenda is they might not be
3:19:59PM available in the evening.
3:20:00PM Let me do this.
3:20:02PM We'll continue to it the evening agenda.
3:20:03PM I'll check on their availability and we'll address it on the
3:20:08PM 14th.
3:20:09PM Because it is Valentine's Day.
3:20:10PM They might have other things to do.
3:20:12PM Than spending it with us.
3:20:14PM >>FRANK REDDICK: That's a question of the legal, chair of
3:20:21PM the CRA, could I gins substitute this as part of the CRA
3:20:27PM agenda?
3:20:31PM >> I'm not the CRA attorney, but I assume you have the

3:20:34PM ability to add things to the agenda as the CRA chair.
3:20:36PM So if it's the agreement that you will do so, then when the
3:20:40PM agenda is prepared for the CRA, I guess that change can be
3:20:43PM made.
3:20:44PM I can talk to Mr. Territo while the next item is up.
3:20:50PM >>HARRY COHEN: I'm sure the other Councilmembers would be
3:20:52PM supportive.
3:20:53PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I appreciate that the thank you very
3:20:54PM much.
3:20:55PM >>HARRY COHEN: All right.
3:20:56PM Thank you for that suggestion.
3:20:57PM And we are going to move on now to item number 58, which is
3:21:01PM a discussion of the Clean City audit report.
3:21:04PM And we will hold number 56 in abeyance until we are
3:21:10PM concluded with item number 58.
3:21:14PM >> Hello, Council.
3:21:15PM Dennis Rogero, revenue and finance department, budget and
3:21:18PM neighborhood empowerment.
3:21:19PM Thank you for having us here today to talk about the Clean
3:21:22PM City audit.
3:21:23PM If you don't mind if I make a few comments before we begin
3:21:27PM the discussion.
3:21:27PM First of all, I'd like to thank the internal audit
3:21:30PM department.
3:21:30PM As you know, Mr. Strout isn't here any longer.

3:21:33PM We thought it was a very, very good partnership working with
3:21:36PM he and his staff.
3:21:37PM They've really helped us use this audit for the tool it's
3:21:42PM intended to.
3:21:42PM To I've deficiencies and correct the problems.
3:21:45PM I presume you all have read the media reports and seen the
3:21:49PM mayor's statements and are aware a reorganization is taking
3:21:52PM place.
3:21:53PM Quite simply, with the deficiencies identified in the audit,
3:21:58PM the deficiencies that I and Director Slater witnessed over
3:22:03PM the past nine or ten months, since it's been under our
3:22:06PM authority, we thought it was incumbent upon us and the
3:22:09PM administration make some significant changes to change the
3:22:13PM structure of the organization and to make it, I hate to
3:22:17PM throw out buzz words, but truly to make it more efficient
3:22:20PM and more effective.
3:22:21PM And we have done that.
3:22:23PM And we are already seeing the benefits of it and we're
3:22:27PM certain we're going to see more benefits of it in the
3:22:29PM future.
3:22:30PM As you can probably imagine, and I want to emphasize the
3:22:34PM decisions came about through some difficult considerations.
3:22:38PM Some difficult discussions and obviously some difficult
3:22:41PM decisions, I'd also like to emphasize that the personnel
3:22:46PM decision that is were made, we made every effort to go about

3:22:49PM them with the tremendous amount of discretion and a
3:22:52PM tremendous amount of sensitivities.
3:22:56PM They were not easy decisions on anybody's part.
3:22:58PM I'll attempt to fix this and correct the deficiencies and
3:23:03PM made even more importance by mayor's emphasis on
3:23:07PM neighborhoods and quality of life issues.
3:23:08PM One of the reasons I'm here today and director Slater is
3:23:12PM here today is, we discussed and there's that old saying, you
3:23:16PM can delegate any amount of authority, but you can't delegate
3:23:20PM the responsibility.
3:23:20PM And this department is our responsibility.
3:23:23PM So we're here today to thank again for having us.
3:23:27PM And we'll be happy to answer any questions and explain to
3:23:30PM the best of our ability this new organization.
3:23:36PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Suarez?
3:23:38PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks you.
3:23:39PM Thank you, Dennis for coming here to talk about this.
3:23:42PM You know, several of the things that came up during the
3:23:46PM audit.
3:23:47PM There were a couple things that were -- I thought were very
3:23:51PM serious issues.
3:23:52PM One was the splitting the credit card transactions.
3:23:56PM That seemed like a specific action by someone to hide a
3:24:02PM purchase.
3:24:03PM And I wasn't sure if you are able to or willing to answer

3:24:10PM whether or not that is the fact.
3:24:12PM Obviously, on an audit it is just the black and white that
3:24:15PM we look at.
3:24:16PM Was that something that during the investigation and after
3:24:18PM the audit was discovered?
3:24:22PM >> I think it was a deliver attempt to circumvent the
3:24:25PM purchasing procedures that we have in place.
3:24:26PM I'll let Mr. Slater speak to it in more detail.
3:24:29PM But yeah, absolutely.
3:24:30PM To me, the dollar amounts were so small.
3:24:34PM I mean, you simply don't take two actions and not connect
3:24:38PM the dots and come to the conclusion that they've exceeded
3:24:41PM your purchasing authority.
3:24:46PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The second thing was, inventory of pieces of
3:24:49PM equipment that were not documented, there were several
3:24:54PM instances -- can't say it -- there were several times where
3:25:02PM the equipment itself was not checked in, not followed, not
3:25:07PM really tracked where it was at.
3:25:11PM Have you been able to retrace some of what had happened in
3:25:15PM the past to find out A, have we found this equipment that
3:25:18PM was either lost, purchased or no, not found, or B, found the
3:25:25PM reasoning behind that, meaning, was there a damaged piece of
3:25:29PM equipment that it was replacing?
3:25:31PM Because I think that the audit really did point out that the
3:25:34PM kind of supervision needed in order to make sure that each

3:25:38PM and every dollar, nickel, cent that we put in to our
3:25:44PM division, our Clean City division is accounted for.
3:25:47PM And I think that that was shown in the audit that it was
3:25:50PM not.
3:25:51PM Have we been able to re-create where some of that equipment
3:25:54PM has gone?
3:25:55PM Or been able to recover some of that equipment?
3:25:59PM >> Yes, sir, we have been able to recreate and recover some
3:26:02PM of the equipment.
3:26:03PM I'm not going to stand up here and tell you we managed to do
3:26:06PM it all nor do I think we'll probably find all of it.
3:26:10PM But as you said, part of the difficulty was the tracking.
3:26:13PM You know, keeping track of where -- not only what the
3:26:17PM purpose of, or purpose of the equipment was, but where this
3:26:20PM equipment was going and why was it not going to the special
3:26:24PM units or the special purposes in some instances that it was
3:26:27PM intended for?
3:26:28PM And we have corrected that.
3:26:29PM And again, I give a lot of credit to Director Slater.
3:26:35PM He jumped in neck deep on day one.
3:26:38PM I got involved, but I was nowhere near what he got involved.
3:26:41PM And if you'll look at the audit, and I'm sure you have.
3:26:44PM I have just re-reading it a while ago and seen our comments,
3:26:48PM seeing our responses and the internal audit department's
3:26:51PM comments, you'll see that director Slater started making

3:26:54PM changes and correcting some deficiencies before the audit
3:26:57PM had even ended.
3:26:58PM And that's a perfect example of trying to find some of this
3:27:02PM used equipment and some of this new equipment that we could
3:27:05PM not account for.
3:27:07PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Do you have any numbers in terms of what
3:27:08PM you've already been able to track?
3:27:10PM >> I do not.
3:27:10PM Mr. Slater might.
3:27:12PM We can follow-up with you.
3:27:14PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's fine.
3:27:14PM I just think that obviously, you all have combed through the
3:27:17PM audit, just like all of us have coached through the audit
3:27:20PM and found the same kind of issues and you know, I don't want
3:27:24PM to belabor it, because I know you've read it.
3:27:26PM The last thing I was going to ask you was about work on
3:27:29PM non-city properties there were a lot of unknowns that were
3:27:32PM put in there in terms of what work we were performing and
3:27:36PM what the dollar amount was for that work.
3:27:39PM Did you find that we were not getting paid at all on any of
3:27:43PM these jobs that we were supposed to be getting reimbursed by
3:27:48PM someone?
3:27:50PM Have you been able to track and find out whether or not A,
3:27:53PM we were going to be able to get some of that money back, or
3:27:55PM B, whether or not the work was actually performed for us to

3:27:58PM get that money back?
3:28:00PM >> Yes and no on all of those questions.
3:28:03PM In some instances, we have confirmed work was performed.
3:28:06PM But as you can see from the audit, we didn't do the business
3:28:08PM job of tracking what work was performed.
3:28:11PM In some instances, I don't anticipate we'll get paid for
3:28:14PM some of that work.
3:28:16PM In some instances, and I'll use the golf courses as an
3:28:22PM example.
3:28:23PM Sometimes it's the city's best interest to do golf course
3:28:27PM work, because whatever they can't pay for, we are partially
3:28:30PM responsible for funding them.
3:28:32PM So we have gone back and looked at that again, as the audit
3:28:35PM clearly demonstrates, we did a very, vert poor job of
3:28:38PM tracking just what we were accomplishing and just what we
3:28:41PM were doing.
3:28:41PM Which makes it very, very difficult try to go back and get
3:28:45PM reimbursement for something we frankly may or may not have
3:28:48PM done.
3:28:48PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm sorry chair.
3:28:50PM I forgot there was one last question.
3:28:52PM When will we have a plan for correcting all the mistakes
3:28:58PM that were made by Clean City division that were pointed out
3:29:01PM in the audit and brought forward to City Council?
3:29:03PM I assume that you're already working on that.

3:29:06PM Obviously the reorganize is re-org is going to help you do
3:29:11PM that.
3:29:12PM Do you have a time when you will have some of these answers
3:29:16PM for us.
3:29:16PM >> As you said, we have got a draft.
3:29:19PM We'll be able to answer and provide a report very, very
3:29:22PM soon.
3:29:23PM I hate to keep turning around to Mr. Slater, but if you want
3:29:26PM to get into the detail, he's got the detail.
3:29:30PM But again we have a draft and we're prepared to elaborate
3:29:32PM not only on the deficiencies that we responded to in the
3:29:36PM audit, but elaborate on some of the improvements that we see
3:29:40PM coming from this new organization.
3:29:43PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Terrific.
3:29:43PM And chair, I know we need to hear from all the other
3:29:47PM colleagues here.
3:29:48PM But I hope we can make a motion to have them come back at
3:29:51PM our next regular meeting for a report on that in two weeks,
3:29:54PM if that would be okay.
3:29:56PM Mr. Rogero, you think two weeks would be adequate time?
3:30:00PM >> I think so, sir.
3:30:02PM >>HARRY COHEN: We'll do that at the end.
3:30:03PM Let's go around the different Councilmembers.
3:30:07PM Councilman Reddick.
3:30:09PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me yield to the other Councilmembers

3:30:12PM first, because I'm going to use my allotted five minutes,
3:30:16PM because I was a series of questions.
3:30:19PM I have a comment, and then I'll have a motion to make
3:30:22PM pertaining to this ordinance.
3:30:23PM So, I want to reserve my.
3:30:29PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, Councilwoman Montelione.
3:30:32PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.
3:30:33PM I wanted to follow up on a question that Councilman Suarez
3:30:36PM raised.
3:30:37PM And that was the purchase that was split into two
3:30:45PM transactions.
3:30:46PM Can you run me through where the procedure is for a purchase
3:30:51PM of that dollar amount?
3:30:56PM Because if I recall there, there isn't a specific dollar
3:31:00PM amount of what those two individual purchases were.
3:31:03PM It just gives the range, what our general procedure is.
3:31:07PM And I'm asking because, at a private company I used to work
3:31:15PM for, it required two signatures if it was a purchase over
3:31:19PM $500.
3:31:20PM It didn't have to go up the chain of corporate, if it was
3:31:24PM under $2,000.
3:31:26PM But it did require the requesting person's signature and it,
3:31:31PM you had to have your immediate supervisor's signature.
3:31:34PM And sometimes depending on the dollar amount, your
3:31:40PM department head.

3:31:40PM But it didn't have to go all the way to Charlotte.
3:31:43PM So, was this one person taking it upon themselves to do this
3:31:54PM transaction in the way that it occurred?
3:31:58PM Or more than one person accountable for that transaction?
3:32:04PM >> My understanding it was confined to one person.
3:32:08PM One person.
3:32:09PM And I'll give you my understanding of our purchasing policy.
3:32:12PM And the issue here was not necessarily that they were
3:32:17PM exceeding any amount that was approved.
3:32:19PM It was, they were exceeding an amount that was necessary to
3:32:22PM go out and get a number of quotes.
3:32:25PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Bids?
3:32:26PM >> Yes, exactly.
3:32:28PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because you know, as you said earlier,
3:32:31PM you can delegate authority but not the responsibility.
3:32:34PM I agree with that statement.
3:32:39PM However, having worked at the large corporation that I
3:32:44PM mentioned by reference to Charlotte, and also having been a
3:32:50PM Hillsborough County employee, I can tell you that there are
3:32:53PM oftentimes when you are limited in your ability to either
3:33:00PM reprimand or to replace individuals within your direct
3:33:05PM report because of decisions that may be made in HR or
3:33:12PM decisions that are made, you know, from higher up.
3:33:16PM So there's often -- and I am a -- I have a personal
3:33:22PM experience with this at the county, for instance.

3:33:27PM So, I know that sometimes no matter how egregious a
3:33:34PM particular employee has been, there was a saying, bad county
3:33:41PM employees don't go away, they just get transferred.
3:33:44PM So, my concern is that we have individuals who may have been
3:33:48PM caught in the middle.
3:33:51PM They, you know, they have the responsibility, they have the
3:33:54PM authority, but they cannot exercise either.
3:33:59PM >> Understood.
3:34:00PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So, that's -- that's a concern that if
3:34:03PM there is one person who is responsible for this action, then
3:34:11PM I'm not sure that we -- not we, that the administration has
3:34:18PM gone down the right road as far as the treatment of the
3:34:21PM individuals involved.
3:34:22PM And I do have other questions.
3:34:28PM And I know Mr. Reddick wants to reserve his time.
3:34:31PM But I was prepared to ask them all at once.
3:34:36PM I'm confused by even the definition in the second paragraph
3:34:39PM of the audit because it defines the tasks that Clean City
3:34:43PM was responsible for.
3:34:45PM And it talks about neighborhood tree service, herbicide
3:34:51PM spray program, alleyways and special support, illegal
3:34:52PM dumping and vacant lot and graffiti abatement.
3:34:59PM We have talked about illegal dumping many times here.
3:35:02PM And I have had difficulty in my own neighborhood and
3:35:05PM reporting instances of illegal dumping and then you know,

3:35:11PM little can of spray paint and the solid waste is involved
3:35:15PM and they have their own code enforcement.
3:35:18PM So I am confused as to how -- what will clean cities had in
3:35:25PM illegal dumping.
3:35:26PM There's also task that's mentioned later on in the audit--my
3:35:31PM New York is coming out -- maintains 111 major thoroughfares
3:35:37PM and residential corridors throughout the city, approximately
3:35:40PM 353 miles of roadways and medians.
3:35:44PM So that to me isn't a code enforcement function.
3:35:47PM That's a maintenance function.
3:35:49PM As are many of the other functions that clean cities
3:35:56PM performed.
3:35:58PM So rolling all of this up under the code enforcement
3:36:02PM division it seems in this neighborhood enhancement, we're
3:36:07PM creating that huge machine and I know -- I said it just the
3:36:13PM other day at the MPO, that in my experience, the larger the
3:36:17PM organization, the more ineffective it becomes.
3:36:20PM Because there's so many moving parts to it that it's
3:36:25PM difficult to keep track.
3:36:26PM And it seems like we had clean cities reporting under parks
3:36:33PM and rec.
3:36:35PM Reporting under neighborhoods, we had them reporting -- it
3:36:38PM was the football it seems just kept being passed around.
3:36:42PM So the responsibility that you mentioned earlier when you
3:36:44PM spoke about delegating authority, not the responsibility, I

3:36:47PM think falls a lot on the hands of the various different, not
3:36:50PM just this mayor, but the previous two mayors before, because
3:36:53PM it started clean cities under Mayor Greco, I understand.
3:36:57PM It seems that the administration has just created a
3:37:01PM situation where it's difficult to know who has the authority
3:37:06PM and who doesn't.
3:37:07PM Because they kept passing this football around.
3:37:09PM So, you know, I think there's a lot of responsibility to be
3:37:19PM passed around in your definition.
3:37:21PM And I think that the actions that were taken by the
3:37:25PM administration were somewhat planned, even before this audit
3:37:32PM came out.
3:37:33PM With the reorganization that was underway of the
3:37:37PM neighborhood division and services.
3:37:39PM So, that more or less sums up what concerns I had.
3:37:50PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
3:37:51PM Councilman Reddick -- excuse me, Councilwoman Capin, I
3:37:55PM apologize.
3:38:01PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: You the know, one of the things, I've seen
3:38:07PM audits.
3:38:10PM I was one of the ones -- I'm sure we were all, our auditor
3:38:21PM left, is very, because I've seen audits for the past, almost
3:38:26PM three years now.
3:38:27PM And other than this -- this is pretty egregious.
3:38:30PM Other than the, when we had the water meet are and the water

3:38:34PM department and we had the in-house audit at the time, and
3:38:40PM found you know, what was going on with the water meter
3:38:43PM readers, and those changes were made.
3:38:47PM But from what I understand, no one was fired.
3:38:54PM At that time.
3:38:55PM And there was -- there were quite a few issues.
3:38:59PM Was that during this Council?
3:39:01PM Or was this in '11?
3:39:03PM It was '10 and '11.
3:39:05PM Ry that but I want to bring this up.
3:39:07PM One of the things I'm looking at besides the credit card
3:39:10PM was, I wonder how this gets to this point, is that we -- the
3:39:15PM contract monitor, this is a big deal.
3:39:19PM >> Yes, it is.
3:39:20PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is a big deal.
3:39:21PM Paying for things that aren't done, invoices, and then found
3:39:28PM that there were five properties that the city didn't own
3:39:31PM that we maintained.
3:39:39PM I just -- this one is -- this one's pretty big.
3:39:46PM Pretty up there.
3:39:46PM I'd like to see more audits.
3:39:48PM There's again -- I remember in the water department, the
3:40:04PM audit showed also on building, there were issues in
3:40:09PM building, issues very similar to what has happened here.
3:40:13PM Lack of oversight.

3:40:17PM Poor response to customers.
3:40:23PM I'm seeing that here again.
3:40:29PM So I just wanted to know, how did we get to this point?
3:40:32PM How do we get to this point?
3:40:35PM >> Good question.
3:40:36PM I'll try to answer it best way I can and maybe address some
3:40:39PM of Ms. Montelione's questions the same time.
3:40:41PM First the contract monitoring, I agree it's a very big deal.
3:40:45PM Putting on my budget hat because we're paying for services
3:40:49PM we can't confirm were performed.
3:40:51PM We're correcting that.
3:40:52PM In terms of how we got there, of course you may have heard
3:40:55PM at one time there were three contract monitors for what
3:40:58PM clean cities' responsibilities are.
3:41:00PM I don't know if that was the correct number of contract
3:41:03PM monitors.
3:41:04PM But we're now down to one.
3:41:05PM So, I don't want to sniffle, but we have been in austerity
3:41:13PM environment for years.
3:41:13PM Sometimes the resources necessary to carry out the mission
3:41:15PM aren't there.
3:41:16PM We're going to see what that benchmark is.
3:41:18PM What the ideal number of contract monitor is.
3:41:22PM I don't know.
3:41:23PM In terms of the mission, ma'am, that you referenced,

3:41:27PM Ms. Montelione, yes, looking at the application, the
3:41:29PM previous mission or the mission from its inception and the
3:41:32PM mission today, we have got some mission creep.
3:41:35PM That's one of the intents of this reorganization, is to more
3:41:38PM closely and narrowly focus the mission of what was the Clean
3:41:43PM City division.
3:41:44PM As you, as I'm sure you're aware of, we're starting the
3:41:48PM transition, a lot of the thoroughfare contracts to the parks
3:41:51PM and recreation department, where it's felt they have the
3:41:54PM expertise and a necessary level of sophistication to quite
3:41:57PM simply do it better.
3:41:59PM Do it better than us.
3:42:00PM The men and women of clean cities do a great job of going
3:42:03PM out and chopping things down and leveling things.
3:42:06PM But when it comes to sophisticated beautiful gate ways and
3:42:09PM things like that, that's not where our forte lies.
3:42:20PM I think the audit and Mr. Slater's observations confirm it,
3:42:24PM deficiency in oversight.
3:42:27PM And austerity.
3:42:29PM There's been -- this year, for instance, just fiscal year
3:42:33PM '13, we cut two clean cities positions.
3:42:36PM It's a challenge to balance the budget every year.
3:42:39PM So hopefully that wasn't too long-winded of an answer.
3:42:42PM But I think there's a number the ever adverse factors that
3:42:44PM have contributed to it.

3:42:46PM [inaudible]
3:42:59PM >>HARRY COHEN: Before we -- I'm not sure, Councilman
3:43:02PM Reddick, if you want me to go to you before round two?
3:43:05PM Would that be best?
3:43:09PM Before you do I just want to ask one question myself in
3:43:12PM round one.
3:43:13PM We have not seen the details of this re-org beyond what we
3:43:20PM read yesterday.
3:43:21PM There was one thing I saw that made me wonder.
3:43:23PM If you're dividing the city into four quadrants for the
3:43:26PM purpose of putting one person in charge of each, is that
3:43:31PM going to be done by City Council district?
3:43:34PM Or through some other -- are you going to divide the city up
3:43:38PM in some other way?
3:43:39PM And the reason I ask is because I know that those of us that
3:43:43PM are district Councilmembers, particularly, but also the
3:43:48PM citywides, we get a lot of the complaints that actually
3:43:54PM speak to these issues.
3:43:55PM And it might be helpful for us to know automatically who it
3:43:59PM is that we're dealing with because it corresponds to our
3:44:04PM district, I think for the citywide's too it would be helpful
3:44:08PM as opposed to having it divided another way, which would
3:44:11PM cause confusion about who's responsible for what.
3:44:13PM >> Chuck Slater, neighborhood services director, City of
3:44:13PM Tampa, good afternoon, Council.

3:44:17PM We're going to take a look at the workload, calls for
3:44:21PM service, the entire picture before we actually come up with
3:44:24PM the new type of definition for those areas, Councilman.
3:44:28PM I don't have that information now.
3:44:30PM Probably within the next couple of weeks we will have that.
3:44:32PM But I want to make it easy for Council, for the public and
3:44:36PM for everybody to understand exactly who's area it is and
3:44:39PM who's overall responsible for it.
3:44:43PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
3:44:44PM Councilman Reddick.
3:44:45PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you Mr. Chair and thank you for
3:44:47PM giving me this opportunity.
3:44:49PM Let me say this up front.
3:44:53PM I had a chance to review this audit when it was first issued
3:45:00PM to us.
3:45:01PM And my first concern that bothered me is that when I saw the
3:45:06PM date of this audit, December the 19th, and I saw who all
3:45:12PM these people was carbon copied -- copied, I didn't see it
3:45:17PM addressed to the City Council.
3:45:18PM Which we didn't get it till almost a month sometime later.
3:45:23PM That's my first concern about this audit.
3:45:25PM Secondly, let me say -- let me just raise a few questions.
3:45:31PM Because what I'm finding is totally inconsistent with, out
3:45:38PM of those administration, or someone else.
3:45:42PM Here's why.

3:45:43PM Let me-hoe requested this audit?
3:45:50PM >> This was part of the planned audit that the internal
3:45:53PM audit department submits to the Mayor on a periodic basis.
3:45:56PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
3:45:57PM So have you of seen a forensic audit?
3:46:02PM Have you ever seen one?
3:46:03PM >> A forensic accounting audit?
3:46:06PM Yes.
3:46:07PM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
3:46:07PM They make recommendations, correct?
3:46:09PM At the end.
3:46:11PM In this audit recommendation, did you see anywhere in this
3:46:15PM audit that Mr. Strout stated that anyone deserved to be
3:46:22PM determine interested?
3:46:23PM >> No, sir.
3:46:24PM >> No one?
3:46:25PM >> No.
3:46:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: And if he felt this was a bombshell audit,
3:46:29PM that someone should be held totally responsible and they
3:46:32PM should lose their job, they would've been included as a part
3:46:38PM and summary of this report.
3:46:39PM Most audits I review.
3:46:41PM And I go through forensic audits all the time.
3:46:44PM Let me just start there.
3:46:45PM Who informed Mr. Pinkney that he was terminated?

3:46:53PM >> Mr. Slater and myself.
3:46:55PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Was he fired by the city?
3:46:58PM >> No, sir, it was a reduction in force the he was laid off.
3:47:01PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Reduction in forces.
3:47:03PM So when an audit came out, somebody said we needed to have a
3:47:07PM reduction of forces.
3:47:08PM And reorganize.
3:47:10PM And I'm going to tell you why this don't make sense.
3:47:14PM Because two days after he was called in and relieved of his
3:47:21PM duties and then this excuse come up about reorganization,
3:47:25PM you hired somebody.
3:47:28PM Two days.
3:47:29PM So you're telling me that a person that's sitting home,
3:47:33PM retired in 2011, he all of a sudden got a call two days
3:47:41PM later on this reorganization and said we want to hire you
3:47:48PM and you gave him so many hours to consider because I'm
3:47:52PM pretty sure he retired, he didn't have to talk to his
3:47:56PM families, talk to his kids, whether he want to take on the
3:48:01PM responsibility to work again.
3:48:02PM So, anyone sitting out there looking, can tell you, that
3:48:06PM don't make sense.
3:48:07PM Two days.
3:48:08PM Now, there had to be some prior communication with this
3:48:11PM individual.
3:48:13PM Because you don't just call nobody off their, on a fish camp

3:48:18PM somewhere and say we're going to give you a job in 48 hours
3:48:21PM that you're going to terminate somebody.
3:48:24PM Then you got this whole big scheme about reorganization.
3:48:27PM You look at all these evaluations of the person,
3:48:32PM Mr. Pinkney.
3:48:33PM His evaluation from the day he started work, has he had
3:48:42PM anything he need to improve?
3:48:44PM All of them were like excellent.
3:48:46PM Very good.
3:48:47PM Outstanding.
3:48:48PM And then all of a sudden, the audit come out and then as you
3:48:51PM say, to this person after 13 years, that all of a sudden,
3:49:00PM there's no room for you to do any kind of, go through a
3:49:05PM process of improving on deficiencies of an audit, and could
3:49:14PM you actually stand here -- and I know who you're
3:49:19PM representing.
3:49:19PM And say to this Council and say to the people watching this
3:49:22PM on TV, that this person was given due process of the law,
3:49:30PM that has outstanding record for 13 years, and the audit come
3:49:35PM out, you hire somebody, you tell them two days, next two
3:49:39PM days, you got somebody retired coming to work.
3:49:43PM And you got this big organization plan and I guarantee you,
3:49:46PM if I asked you right now, let me see your plan, you couldn't
3:49:49PM give me the role plan because you're developing the plan as
3:49:52PM you go.

3:49:53PM Could you produce the plan organization structure and
3:49:58PM organization plan and all the details right now?
3:50:00PM >> We cannot produce the final plan.
3:50:02PM It needs to be finally approved by the administration.
3:50:07PM >> I think it's important to emphasize though the two
3:50:10PM positions in question, the outgoing position and incoming
3:50:13PM position are different.
3:50:14PM They're different levels of sophistication, different
3:50:16PM requirements and different classifications.
3:50:17PM The new position is much higher.
3:50:19PM And that's one of the things we're looking for as an
3:50:22PM organization, is a greater sophistication in leadership and
3:50:25PM supervisory capabilities.
3:50:27PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I asked you, who did Mr. Pinkney report to?
3:50:31PM >> Say again?
3:50:32PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Who did he report to?
3:50:34PM >> Mr. Pinkney reports to Mr. Slater.
3:50:36PM Reported to Mr. Slater.
3:50:38PM >>FRANK REDDICK: So he reported to Mr. Slater.
3:50:40PM You his immediate supervisor?
3:50:42PM >> Yes, sir.
3:50:43PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Slater, with all due respect, and I
3:50:48PM appreciate all your work you're doing and everything else.
3:50:51PM But some responsibility has to fall on you.
3:50:58PM >> Yes, sir.

3:50:59PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Because if you are his direct supervisor,
3:51:04PM then somebody was not doing a job overseeing him, monitoring
3:51:08PM his work.
3:51:09PM And then somebody in the last two, three, four, five years
3:51:17PM been filing false evaluation and they need to be terminated
3:51:21PM because if a person with that outstanding record, and there
3:51:27PM was evaluation and then one little minute problem, he's
3:51:38PM given the walking papers.
3:51:39PM That don't make sense.
3:51:40PM You can't justify that.
3:51:44PM And for just to justice and read the Mayor's comments in the
3:51:48PM paper this morning, almost like this is a big headache,
3:51:54PM since he been Mayor, you will all of a sudden I agree with
3:51:59PM my colleague Ms. Montelione, everybody that talks to me,
3:52:04PM call also I receive will tell you, that's a setup.
3:52:06PM This was set up for him to fail.
3:52:09PM And because you wanted to change, you wanted to get this
3:52:13PM person out.
3:52:14PM And that's what was done.
3:52:15PM And for the Mayor or the chief of staff, for 13 years
3:52:27PM employee, with an outstanding record, don't give him the
3:52:34PM courtesy to call him in the office and say let me discuss
3:52:37PM this audit with you, let me discuss the deficiencies in this
3:52:42PM here, let me put you on 90 day probation, a year probation,
3:52:47PM and you come up with a plan of action, none of this.

3:52:52PM And just by any workforce you see, they'll call in and given
3:53:02PM a plank action.
3:53:03PM Unless there's some criminal activities.
3:53:05PM And in this audit, they don't state nothing about criminal
3:53:08PM activities at all.
3:53:09PM And they don't say nothing about person to be terminated.
3:53:14PM They don't recommend anybody be terminated.
3:53:18PM And let me say, and I'll go back to the water department.
3:53:21PM How come nobody was terminated with the water department?
3:53:30PM City paid over a million dollars to garbage dump and nobody
3:53:34PM been terminated.
3:53:36PM And you're sitting here now saying we are terminating
3:53:43PM somebody because an audit, he didn't have the decency to
3:53:49PM have due process.
3:53:51PM I mean, the decency.
3:53:54PM If I'm a city employee and I'm a manager right now, in this
3:53:58PM city government, I would be scared as hell to be working
3:54:04PM here, because if you done it to a person with an excellent
3:54:09PM record, and then you have one aid with some deficiencies and
3:54:15PM no criminal activities, no recommendations by Mr. Strout
3:54:19PM that this person should be terminated and you fire these
3:54:22PM people, don't even put them on probation.
3:54:26PM I mean this is expel him three weeks, a month, but to
3:54:32PM terminate him, that is cold-blooded.
3:54:35PM And that -- I would have total disregard if I was a manager

3:54:42PM right now for the administration.
3:54:44PM Come and tell you, this administration, you cannot be Andy
3:54:50PM Griffin with some employees and treat a whole bunch of them
3:54:54PM like this Foster guy over in St. Pete.
3:54:56PM You can't do it.
3:54:57PM You got to be fair and consistent with everyone.
3:55:02PM And right now, you have this administration, you all have
3:55:09PM truly made a decision to get rid of personnel with
3:55:16PM outstanding record.
3:55:20PM I can see if they had a record of problems in his personnel
3:55:23PM file.
3:55:24PM But to stand here and tell me, and can't ask the question,
3:55:29PM was this person been suspended before?
3:55:33PM Us suspended?
3:55:36PM Ever disciplined before?
3:55:38PM And you just terminate him?
3:55:40PM And with everybody in the City of Tampa was running crazy
3:55:46PM about those water meters, and all of the mistakes that were
3:55:50PM made and found with the water meter, I don't recall not one
3:55:53PM person being terminated.
3:55:54PM But Clean City division was that they're doing a remarkable
3:56:03PM job in then community, a remarkable job under the leadership
3:56:08PM of this person, get treated this way by this administration,
3:56:14PM and by the decision makers and Mr. Slater, I think somebody
3:56:24PM else should be held responsible for this because if they

3:56:27PM were monitoring his work, evaluating his work, then if these
3:56:33PM issues was going on, somebody would've caught this.
3:56:39PM It would have to take an audit to find this.
3:56:44PM If he was doing the job that people hiring these people to
3:56:47PM do, somebody would've caught this.
3:56:49PM And all I can say to you, and all I can say at this time,
3:56:57PM managers who are employed in this city government should be
3:57:04PM worried.
3:57:04PM Should not be able to sleep at night because if you're doing
3:57:10PM it to this person, if you all have done it to this person,
3:57:13PM I'll be filling out resumes right now trying to get the hell
3:57:17PM out of this government.
3:57:18PM Because you have done a disservice to one person and three
3:57:23PM others, with other disciplinary actions you could have
3:57:27PM taken.
3:57:27PM And then to come back, and I don't care -- I know you never
3:57:32PM meant to do it, because you wanted to save your job.
3:57:35PM But ain't no way in heck you can tell me that you terminated
3:57:41PM somebody on two days, and two days later, you hire somebody.
3:57:52PM You going to reorganize the whole department?
3:57:57PM In two days?
3:57:58PM 48 hours.
3:57:59PM Man!
3:58:01PM [bell ringing]
3:58:12PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I mean, just think about it, how that look,

3:58:14PM to other employees of this city.
3:58:17PM Who's going to be next?
3:58:24PM Mr. Chair, that's all I want to say.
3:58:27PM I think in fairness, got to be fair and what you all have
3:58:33PM done is not fair.
3:58:35PM And you know, the audit come out, standing here and as I
3:58:44PM stated, you can't treat everyone differently.
3:58:51PM You got to be consistent.
3:58:53PM And if you want to have a good government, you have to be
3:58:56PM consistent.
3:58:57PM And right now, this administration has demonstrated poor
3:59:02PM government.
3:59:02PM Poor decision-making and a disservice to all other employees
3:59:08PM of this city.
3:59:10PM I can tell you right now, you can go over to construction
3:59:15PM services and if you can talk with some people in certain
3:59:22PM department in construction services, you got people who
3:59:27PM dedicated employees 26 years losing their job at the end of
3:59:31PM this month because some policy change over there.
3:59:34PM That's sad.
3:59:36PM Policy changes.
3:59:39PM And people who been working for more than 26 years in a
3:59:44PM certain department over there losing their job at the end of
3:59:47PM this month.
3:59:48PM They notified.

3:59:54PM And that's sad.
3:59:55PM So, I tell you, I don't know how somebody -- I don't know
4:00:06PM how some of these people around here who are in these
4:00:09PM positions can sleep at night.
4:00:10PM Because your conscience should be eating you up, because you
4:00:13PM done a disservice.
4:00:15PM You totally disrespected someone for 13 years who invested
4:00:19PM 13 years and has an outstanding record.
4:00:22PM And just tell them get the hell out of here, we don't want
4:00:25PM you any more.
4:00:26PM Thank you, Mr. Chair.
4:00:28PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.
4:00:31PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
4:00:31PM Thank you for your comments and your words.
4:00:34PM You brought up several excellent points, Councilman Reddick.
4:00:39PM And as did Ms. Capin.
4:00:42PM I hadn't made that connection before about the water
4:00:47PM department.
4:00:48PM But you're absolutely right.
4:00:49PM And that did cost us a lot of money.
4:00:53PM You know, the things that happened here have a dollar value
4:00:59PM attached.
4:01:00PM But we ended up forgiving I don't know how many, probably
4:01:05PM tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in water
4:01:08PM bills until the water department could get their act

4:01:11PM together.
4:01:12PM And some examples I think came out as I was thinking about
4:01:17PM this while my fellow Councilmembers were talking or
4:01:21PM speaking, was, and some of the things that you yourself
4:01:26PM said, Mr. Rogero, austerity.
4:01:33PM I've shared with department heads, Mr. Slater included, and
4:01:37PM couple other department heads.
4:01:38PM I've also said these words to the Mayor.
4:01:40PM You need to hire people.
4:01:43PM When you have austerity measures and you are eliminating
4:01:48PM under the previous administration, 700 jobs, couple of
4:01:52PM things are going to happen.
4:01:53PM Mistakes are going to be made.
4:01:56PM Things are going to fall through the cracks.
4:01:59PM Frustration is going to overwhelm the remaining employees.
4:02:04PM Morality goes down.
4:02:05PM -- morale goes down.
4:02:10PM Sorry.
4:02:11PM Slip of the tongue there.
4:02:12PM And remaining employees get overwhelmed by the tasks.
4:02:19PM And you know, I'm not saying that this audit, all parts of
4:02:24PM it is attributable to that.
4:02:26PM But there are certain segments of this audit that are
4:02:28PM certainly attributable to that, as you yourself pointed out
4:02:33PM with the austerity measures.

4:02:35PM As far as the contract oversight, I wouldn't say I think
4:02:38PM Councilman Reddick, maybe different choice of words.
4:02:41PM I wouldn't say that the audit was minimal.
4:02:43PM There were things that as Ms. Capin pointed out were very
4:02:47PM serious and did have significant dollar amounts attached.
4:02:50PM But you know in talking about the Hillsborough County
4:02:53PM schools, Raymond James Stadium, and city golf courses that
4:02:56PM receive services, that may not be under a direct control of
4:03:01PM the city, I mean, we do have the Sports Authority, which is,
4:03:06PM you know, the city, county -- it's still an emblem of the
4:03:11PM city.
4:03:11PM The city golf courses are properties owned by the city.
4:03:17PM So I don't know -- maybe it wasn't under their purview to
4:03:20PM spend their budget money in those areas.
4:03:22PM But you do what has to be done when it needs to be done.
4:03:25PM And as far as Hillsborough County schools go, I mean when we
4:03:29PM do an event a citywide cleanup, you and I Jake were out
4:03:34PM there last year pulling mattresses out of ditches on a CSX
4:03:38PM corridor.
4:03:38PM We don't own those properties.
4:03:40PM CSX railroad does.
4:03:42PM But code enforcement was out there cleaning it up.
4:03:46PM >> For the blighted neighborhood.
4:03:47PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.
4:03:48PM So when we do these programs, we often provide services to

4:03:52PM property owners that aren't the City of Tampa.
4:03:55PM I don't remember anybody bringing up that code enforcement
4:03:59PM was cleaning up CSX property.
4:04:01PM But it's brought up here.
4:04:04PM So, you know, I think as my colleagues pointed out, fairness
4:04:12PM and equal treatment really need to be looked at across the
4:04:16PM board.
4:04:16PM Across the entire administration.
4:04:18PM The other double standard, I think there was a minimal
4:04:22PM amount of money that was pointed out in this audit being
4:04:25PM spent for party supplies.
4:04:26PM Couple hundred dollars or so.
4:04:28PM $466.69.
4:04:33PM For Christmas, Thanksgiving, new year -- whatever the
4:04:40PM celebration is.
4:04:41PM If I recall, the Parks Department has an annual picnic.
4:04:46PM Who picks up the tab for that?
4:04:50PM >> I don't know, but I can find out for you.
4:04:52PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sure there are some decorations
4:04:55PM involved in pulling off that picnic.
4:04:57PM So, why is it that $466 is, you know, the is a cause for a
4:05:04PM major concern when I'm sure the Parks Department annual
4:05:09PM picnic comes out of their budget and that's probably a
4:05:12PM significantly more expensive endeavor.
4:05:16PM >> I don't disagree with you at all.

4:05:18PM But I don't think that you can look at the audit just by its
4:05:22PM individual parts.
4:05:23PM The audit taken together I think is very, very serious.
4:05:26PM I agree with all I wouldn't classify the $400 and change as
4:05:31PM a serious item.
4:05:32PM But taken together and the actions or inactions that appear
4:05:35PM to continued to take place during this audit period are a
4:05:38PM very, very big concern.
4:05:40PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, but policies need to be consistent
4:05:44PM across departments.
4:05:46PM >> I don't disagree.
4:05:47PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So if there was a policy on not spending
4:05:50PM department money on celebrations, whatever the case may be,
4:05:55PM if it's retirement celebration or if it's you know, monthly
4:05:59PM birthday celebration to recognize employees, then it should
4:06:02PM be across the board and it wouldn't have even been in this
4:06:05PM audit.
4:06:05PM >> I don't know that it's not.
4:06:08PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Same thing with code enforcement.
4:06:10PM I mean if the policy is that we do not do service -- we do
4:06:14PM not perform services on properties owned by anyone other
4:06:18PM than City of Tampa, well, then that needs to apply across
4:06:22PM the board.
4:06:23PM Not just selectively.
4:06:24PM >> I don't meaned to nitpick, but that's not necessarily

4:06:27PM what the audit is saying.
4:06:30PM It is saying the Clean City division should have obtained
4:06:34PM authorization from the city's administration before doing
4:06:36PM work on non-city property.
4:06:38PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But a citywide event is planned by the
4:06:40PM city.
4:06:41PM By the administration -- you know, if it's national clean
4:06:44PM city day, and you go out and do a citywide event, I'm sure
4:06:50PM Mr. Pinkney didn't plan that all by himself.
4:06:54PM >> I don't disagree with that metaphor.
4:06:57PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's not a metaphor.
4:06:59PM That's what happened with the Hillsborough County schools.
4:07:02PM It was during a citywide event.
4:07:05PM >> I don't know about Mr. Pinkney planning it all himself or
4:07:09PM not.
4:07:10PM But Mr. Slater will now approve any and all activities on
4:07:13PM non-city property.
4:07:14PM And that's the crux, my opinion, ma'am, of the audit.
4:07:17PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: What about the contract oversight, which
4:07:18PM is a large concern?
4:07:21PM As Councilwoman Capin pointed out.
4:07:23PM Contract administration have any oversight of any of the
4:07:26PM contracts that are administered by various departments
4:07:29PM within the city?
4:07:30PM Or are they just --

4:07:33PM >> They have many contracts.
4:07:34PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the contracts that they have oversight
4:07:45PM are solely construction contracts, not any other types of
4:07:48PM maintenance?
4:07:49PM >> That's my understanding.
4:07:50PM Or maintenance and rehabilitation associated with
4:07:52PM construction projects.
4:07:54PM As opposed to the maintenance we are talking about in this
4:07:57PM instance.
4:07:58PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Perhaps that's another policy we need to
4:07:59PM look at and its across the board by dollar amount.
4:08:02PM Your contract exceeds a certain dollar amount and that
4:08:05PM contract has an oversight of the budget department or
4:08:08PM contract department or someone other than that department
4:08:12PM because you mentioned sophistication earlier.
4:08:14PM And I think that -- you know, I don't know if it was again
4:08:19PM another poor choice of words, but that's saying that the
4:08:23PM individual who was overseeing this department, because it's
4:08:27PM a maintenance unit, isn't of the intellectual capacity that
4:08:31PM someone else is.
4:08:33PM And that just seem -- seemed to be a reference I didn't
4:08:37PM appreciate it.
4:08:38PM >> That's not what I meant at all.
4:08:39PM The classification of the position that individual is
4:08:41PM serving in was only required to go up to a particular

4:08:44PM sophistication level in terms of their supervisory duties.
4:08:47PM You could have a genius in there, but their span of
4:08:50PM responsibility and risk is a lot smaller, for instance, than
4:08:55PM the code enforcement supervisors.
4:08:57PM We talk about the code enforcement supervisors and the Clean
4:09:00PM City district supervisors and they're not compatible.
4:09:04PM They're not comparable.
4:09:05PM The code enforcement supervisors are a much higher
4:09:08PM sophistication from a classification perspective and what we
4:09:11PM expect them to do.
4:09:12PM And that's why we're moving to that model.
4:09:14PM And I apologize if anybody took those comments in the former
4:09:19PM reference context.
4:09:20PM That's not what I meant at all, ma'am.
4:09:23PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I've got two more observations or
4:09:27PM questions.
4:09:28PM What's the difference between laid off or terminated?
4:09:30PM You mentioned that these individuals, I think there were
4:09:34PM three of them -- four that were laid off.
4:09:37PM >> Yes, ma'am.
4:09:38PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Again, referencing back to the county,
4:09:41PM one of my departments that was reROG.
4:09:46PM They were some employees that took early retirement or
4:09:49PM entered the drop program or bumped employees in other
4:09:52PM departments.

4:09:53PM They moved around.
4:09:54PM So, is that an option that is available to these
4:09:58PM individuals?
4:09:59PM Or they no longer welcome in any other department in the
4:10:03PM city?
4:10:04PM >> Not at all.
4:10:05PM And to answer your first question, I would defer to HR for
4:10:08PM what I guess would be an official definition.
4:10:11PM From my perspective, termination carries a negative
4:10:14PM connotation.
4:10:15PM You were fired the or you left the organization for cause.
4:10:17PM Laid off is your position was eliminated.
4:10:19PM Each of these individuals is welcomed to apply for any city
4:10:23PM vacancy and they have the opportunity of staying on a
4:10:26PM vacancy listing or layoff listing, excuse me, for I think up
4:10:31PM to a year.
4:10:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So as Councilman Reddick pointed out,
4:10:36PM someone with a stellar review for 13 years would have the
4:10:41PM opportunity to be hired on another department, but someone
4:10:44PM who has a lengthy disciplinary action history, because the
4:10:49PM four individuals span those ranges.
4:10:53PM >> Yes, ma'am.
4:10:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: You know, obviously, would not be
4:10:56PM welcomed probably in another department.
4:10:58PM So, I think if those individuals decide to apply, it will

4:11:03PM come in, you know, to play, whether or not they had a good
4:11:08PM work history or not.
4:11:09PM >> I believe it would.
4:11:10PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And then the final question is something
4:11:12PM that again was brought up about Mr. Slater being responsible
4:11:18PM because ultimately, you know, Mr. Pinkney and the clean
4:11:23PM cities division reported to him.
4:11:24PM For how long?
4:11:27PM When did you take over clean cities?
4:11:29PM >> Since about March of last year.
4:11:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So only for a few months.
4:11:35PM >> Eight or nine months.
4:11:36PM The audit started back in August.
4:11:38PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So you were only there in charge for a
4:11:40PM couple of months before the audit.
4:11:43PM >> That is correct.
4:11:44PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Again, as I said before, two things I
4:11:47PM said before.
4:11:47PM One is that a larger department, you know, you create a
4:11:52PM behemoth and it's hard to keep track of all the moving parts
4:11:56PM and it's a lot of responsibility and you start getting into
4:11:58PM a very heavy upper management chart, chart, because you need
4:12:05PM more people to keep an eye on all these different divisions.
4:12:08PM And so that's a concern that I have.
4:12:11PM The clean cities report to you before you, Mr. Slater?

4:12:18PM >> I believe it was public works.
4:12:19PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So public works, that would be Mr. Lee?
4:12:22PM >> Just to clarify, former minimum straighter, Mr. Steve
4:12:26PM Daignault.
4:12:28PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Who is retired and no longer with us.
4:12:30PM So -- do you know for how long that reporting structure
4:12:33PM existed?
4:12:34PM >> I do not, ma'am.
4:12:35PM We can find out for you.
4:12:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Case in point, Mr. Daignault had many,
4:12:40PM many divisions and many, many departments reporting to him.
4:12:44PM And you can't keep your eye on every single moving part.
4:12:49PM So, that's a concern that I have going forward.
4:12:53PM And that's all I have.
4:12:56PM Thank you.
4:12:57PM >> If I may, sorry to interrupt.
4:12:59PM Thank you ma'am for bringing up the audit timeframe.
4:13:02PM In Jake's too proud to sniffle, so I was going to sniffle
4:13:05PM for himself and miles.
4:13:06PM You're talking about an audit scope that entailed a year and
4:13:08PM a half worth of time.
4:13:10PM And director Slater was in charge of it for less than two
4:13:12PM months.
4:13:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Slater knows, we have had a lot of
4:13:16PM time together, and I have great deal of respect for

4:13:19PM Mr. Slater.
4:13:20PM And I think that he'll do the best job that he possibly can.
4:13:26PM But again, I don't want to make -- I don't want him to be
4:13:29PM set up in a position that is doomed to fail.
4:13:32PM >> Thank you.
4:13:32PM Nor do I.
4:13:33PM I appreciate that and again I don't mean to interrupt.
4:13:36PM Mr. Reddick, thank you.
4:13:38PM I genuinely respect and appreciate your comments and
4:13:42PM opinions.
4:13:42PM I got a list here of things that perhaps you wanted
4:13:45PM responses to.
4:13:46PM And we just kind of transitioned into Ms. Montelione.
4:13:49PM I can do whatever, whatever Council likes.
4:13:52PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:13:52PM Why don't you go ahead and do that.
4:13:54PM Then I have Councilwoman Capin -- you want to speak first or
4:13:57PM would you like to wait for him to go through the list?
4:14:01PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want -- yes, go ahead and get this
4:14:04PM out.
4:14:05PM You know, I called Mr. Strout in to my office because when I
4:14:10PM saw the organizational chart that came out in October, I saw
4:14:13PM that he was directly answering to the Mayor.
4:14:16PM And I said well, I want to know how you come about the
4:14:22PM audits.

4:14:24PM How do we and exactly what you said is what he said to me.
4:14:28PM He was totally independent.
4:14:30PM He suggested to the Mayor.
4:14:32PM Now, I'm looking at this, and this audit says that on
4:14:37PM December 19th, a copy was given to Jim Pinkney.
4:14:45PM >> Yes.
4:14:47PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Were the same -- so he did get a copy of
4:14:50PM this audit?
4:14:54PM >> Yes, ma'am.
4:14:54PM And as the division supervisor, he was embedded in
4:14:57PM discussion of the audit and in discussion with the internal
4:15:01PM audit personnel.
4:15:02PM And Mr. Slater.
4:15:03PM He was instrumental to completing the audit.
4:15:07PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
4:15:08PM I just wanted to make sure it was the same person.
4:15:11PM So he was instrumental to completing the audit.
4:15:13PM He was privy to the, obviously the same time that everyone
4:15:19PM on this list got it, the final audit.
4:15:26PM Okay.
4:15:27PM That's it.
4:15:27PM Thank you.
4:15:30PM >> And again, thank you for your comments.
4:15:32PM I just wanted to make sure we got through this workshop with
4:15:35PM your concerns responded to, at least to the best that I can.

4:15:38PM Speaking of the best that I -- I will specifically not
4:15:40PM comment on the due process of law, defer that to the city
4:15:44PM attorney's office.
4:15:45PM And only to share with you my -- I've been here about four
4:15:49PM years.
4:15:49PM I've never seen an internal audit by Mr. Strout's department
4:15:53PM that specifically calls for the termination of individuals.
4:15:55PM If it exists, and it may, I'm unaware of it.
4:15:59PM The evaluations, and I'll state that for the record, as you
4:16:03PM read, many of these people who were laid off had stellar
4:16:06PM evaluations.
4:16:07PM Outstanding and excellent.
4:16:09PM And as Ms. Montelione brought up and hopefully I answered
4:16:12PM with some clarification, none of these individuals were
4:16:15PM terminated for cause.
4:16:17PM It's a reorganization, a reduction in force for the specific
4:16:21PM positions and functions that those individuals were
4:16:24PM fulfilling.
4:16:25PM So I happily go on record and say the evaluations were
4:16:28PM wonderful.
4:16:29PM And further, and again, thank you Ms. Montelione for
4:16:34PM appointing out the timeframe.
4:16:36PM But further to the responsibility.
4:16:40PM We're responsible, that's one of the reasons we are here.
4:16:43PM But there's a purpose for the audit.

4:16:44PM Jake could've been there the whole year and a half.
4:16:48PM And if he was, we'd be having more serious discussions.
4:16:51PM Burr even if he was there for a would year and a half, if
4:16:54PM you have supervision or if you have got management that can
4:16:58PM see every single detail of what's going on in an
4:17:01PM organization, you wouldn't need an audit.
4:17:02PM And that's what this audit was about, was finding the
4:17:05PM deficiencies, that for whatever reason, current and
4:17:08PM privilege management and supervision had not seen.
4:17:11PM Again, I will specifically not comment on the water or solid
4:17:20PM waste issues that you all referenced.
4:17:21PM I'll leave that to Mr. Herr.
4:17:25PM And to reiterate, thank you -- I've heard some of you say
4:17:30PM the Clean City division is doing a remarkable job.
4:17:33PM I think they are.
4:17:34PM I think the men and women of Clean City do a remarkable job.
4:17:37PM The deficiencies that we have seen personally and in the
4:17:41PM audit suggest they could do an even better job with the
4:17:44PM right resource allocation and the right direction, and the
4:17:48PM right mission focus.
4:17:49PM And that's what this reorganization is about.
4:17:51PM Referencing the tight timeframe.
4:17:58PM The two days.
4:17:59PM You're absolutely right.
4:18:00PM A lot has occurred the fast few days.

4:18:03PM I don't argue that at all.
4:18:04PM But the decisions and discussions and considerations
4:18:06PM associated with this have taken place far longer than two
4:18:09PM days.
4:18:10PM With Mr. Slater, myself, Sonya Little, the administration,
4:18:13PM etcetera.
4:18:13PM So I don't want anybody to get way consider to be the false
4:18:16PM impression that this was done in two days time.
4:18:19PM Thank you.
4:18:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick?
4:18:23PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
4:18:24PM Now I'm just going to make this last comment and I have a
4:18:26PM motion, if nobody else want to say anything.
4:18:29PM Look, I've talked with the personnel executive last night.
4:18:34PM And you keep using terminology, lay off.
4:18:37PM They told me that's the legal jargon you use to cover
4:18:41PM yourself from saying that you fired a person.
4:18:43PM Okay?
4:18:45PM So, layoff, and all this, I know, you know, and everybody
4:18:53PM else know that's just a legal jargon that you're using, it's
4:18:58PM safe keeping and safeguarding.
4:19:00PM And you can go out and call next week, every person, that
4:19:05PM person in this city and let them come up and stand there and
4:19:08PM they'll tell you that okay?
4:19:11PM That deny the person certain privileges.

4:19:13PM And so, I just want to put that on the record.
4:19:18PM Because I know personnel executive is probably reviewing
4:19:22PM this and saying, the term you sitting up there and this guy
4:19:28PM talking about this layoff stuff and reorganization.
4:19:29PM And that's just legal jargon.
4:19:32PM And Mr. Chair, unless Mrs. Capin put a light on --
4:19:37PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.
4:19:39PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a motion I want to make.
4:19:40PM I'm through with it.
4:19:45PM >> Go ahead.
4:19:46PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to make a motion that all
4:19:51PM audits, once they're completed, and when they're submitted,
4:19:55PM dated and submitted to the Mayor, this would become public
4:20:00PM information, that those audits be submitted to the Council
4:20:02PM during the same timeframe.
4:20:04PM >> Second.
4:20:05PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:20:05PM We have a motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by
4:20:08PM Councilwoman Montelione.
4:20:09PM Is there any discussion of the item among Councilmembers?
4:20:15PM Hearing none, all those in favor, please indicate by saying
4:20:18PM aye.
4:20:18PM Opposed?
4:20:19PM Okay.
4:20:20PM Motion passes.

4:20:21PM I did recall that there was some discussion of us having a
4:20:27PM followup, because we wanted to hear back from you when you
4:20:31PM had a comprehensive plan in place.
4:20:33PM So that we could actually, you know, hear a little bit more
4:20:37PM about what this new division is going to look like.
4:20:40PM I know that for me, I'm very interested in knowing who I'm
4:20:44PM supposed to call to pass along the number of complaints that
4:20:49PM we receive on a regular basis about different areas of the
4:20:51PM city.
4:20:52PM I'm sure the other City Councilmembers have the same
4:20:55PM question.
4:20:55PM So, I would certainly entertain a motion to that effect,
4:20:59PM Mr. Suarez.
4:21:00PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, before I get into that particular
4:21:03PM motion, I think that the original motion that I wanted to
4:21:05PM make was that a followup in terms of those details in the
4:21:10PM audit in terms of the processes that they're going to be put
4:21:13PM in place, to fix the problems that were found in the audit
4:21:16PM be brought back to us at our next regular meeting, which is
4:21:21PM the 21st at 10:00 a.m.
4:21:25PM >>HARRY COHEN: Would that include a discussion of how the
4:21:28PM department is now going to be organized?
4:21:31PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I can include that in the motion also.
4:21:33PM That's not a problem.
4:21:34PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'll second it.

4:21:35PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:21:36PM We have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by
4:21:38PM Councilman Reddick to have a discussion under staff reports
4:21:41PM at 1:00 a.m. February 21st to discuss the Clean City audit
4:21:46PM and the way in which the department is going to be organized
4:21:50PM going forward.
4:21:50PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
4:21:53PM Opposed?
4:21:55PM Okay.
4:21:56PM Then we will see you in two weeks.
4:21:59PM >> Thank you again, Council.
4:22:00PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
4:22:01PM I do believe that we have item number 58.
4:22:03PM And I see representatives from the police department here to
4:22:07PM address that item -- excuse me, it's number 56.
4:22:14PM >> Good afternoon, Assistant Chief John Newman,
4:22:16PM Investigative and Support Division for Tampa Police
4:22:19PM Department.
4:22:19PM Apologize for being late.
4:22:22PM I had some confusion with Mr. Spearman.
4:22:24PM I'm here with any questions you might have about the vehicle
4:22:27PM purchase.
4:22:28PM >>HARRY COHEN: Any Councilmembers with questions about the
4:22:31PM vehicle purchase?
4:22:32PM Any comments?

4:22:32PM Apparently not.
4:22:33PM I apologize then for interrupting your day.
4:22:37PM Request that -- I'd like to entertain a motion.
4:22:43PM >> Move number 56.
4:22:44PM >> Second.
4:22:45PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
4:22:45PM We have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by
4:22:48PM Councilwoman Capin.
4:22:49PM All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.
4:22:53PM >> Thank you very much.
4:22:55PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:22:56PM With that, we are through with today's agenda.
4:23:00PM Excuse me.
4:23:01PM Mr. Shelby?
4:23:04PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry.
4:23:05PM Going back to item 48, there was some discussion.
4:23:07PM I was informed Mr. Territo is not in the office this
4:23:11PM afternoon.
4:23:12PM But I was also informed by Mr. Shimberg that there should be
4:23:16PM no problem should the board of the CRA, particularly the
4:23:22PM chairman, wish to have that set for that next week to have
4:23:28PM those items heard on the CRA agenda.
4:23:31PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Shelby.
4:23:32PM I'm sure we'll get that worked out.
4:23:36PM At that, I'd like to go around for new business.

4:23:39PM Mr. Suarez?
4:23:40PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
4:23:41PM I have two pieces of new business.
4:23:43PM The first in absence of Chair Miranda, I'd like to move that
4:23:50PM we add Steven Liverpool to the citizens advisory budget and
4:23:56PM finance committee for 2013 as his selection.
4:23:59PM >> Second.
4:24:00PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:24:00PM We have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by
4:24:03PM Councilwoman Montelione.
4:24:05PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
4:24:06PM Opposed?
4:24:08PM Mr. Shelby?
4:24:10PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't know whether you wanted to
4:24:12PM follow-up, Mr. Suarez, but I was wondering, I do have the
4:24:15PM list of this year's appointees.
4:24:17PM They are being reappointed.
4:24:18PM But I would ask that Council accept these appointees and I
4:24:21PM will bring back a resolution to make that formalized.
4:24:27PM >>HARRY COHEN: We'll do that when you bring it back -- or do
4:24:29PM you need a motion?
4:24:31PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you could do that, because I believe
4:24:33PM they're meeting.
4:24:35PM >> So moved.
4:24:36PM >> Second.

4:24:37PM >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman
4:24:38PM Montelione, seconded by Councilman Suarez.
4:24:41PM All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.
4:24:42PM Opposed? Okay.
4:24:46PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I'd like to ask for a city commendation
4:24:49PM to our water department.
4:24:51PM [ Laughter ]
4:24:52PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Hard to believe.
4:24:53PM They performed a financial analysis, various treatment
4:24:59PM processes by a graduate intern, a man by the name of Dustin
4:25:05PM Bales, under the supervision of our water quality officer
4:25:09PM Dr. Dawn Lee.
4:25:10PM The study resulted in alternative treatment process that
4:25:13PM reduces bromate formation during water treatment by more
4:25:17PM than 50%.
4:25:18PM It's going to save us somewhere in the neighborhood of a
4:25:20PM million dollars in chemical costs.
4:25:23PM >> You have a date?
4:25:25PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: For the next regular session, which is on the
4:25:27PM 21st.
4:25:29PM At the beginning of Council at 9:00 a.m.
4:25:32PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, thank you.
4:25:33PM We have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by
4:25:36PM Councilwoman Capin.
4:25:38PM All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

4:25:40PM Opposed in okay.
4:25:41PM Thank you very much.
4:25:42PM Councilwoman Capin?
4:25:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
4:25:44PM I have one.
4:25:45PM It's come to my attention that members of the public would
4:25:49PM like to address City Council after they hear the EB-5 task
4:25:55PM force presentation.
4:25:57PM Therefore, I'd like to make a motion that the agenda for
4:26:00PM February 21 be amended to allow public comments for that
4:26:04PM agenda item to follow the presentation to City Council.
4:26:08PM >> Second.
4:26:09PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:26:09PM We have a motion from Councilwoman Capin, seconded by
4:26:12PM Councilman Reddick.
4:26:13PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
4:26:15PM And I would just ask the clerk to please make the Chairman
4:26:19PM aware of that special change on the agenda.
4:26:31PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: February 21st.
4:26:37PM >>THE CLERK: They're already listed first on the agenda, so
4:26:40PM the public comments section would be immediately after that.
4:26:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: They are listed first?
4:26:48PM >>THE CLERK: Their presentation at 9:00.
4:26:51PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want it on the record.
4:26:53PM >>HARRY COHEN: Just one question.

4:26:54PM Is there going to be a time limit on that public comment?
4:26:58PM Do you have any sense of how many people?
4:27:02PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, I would say maybe about a half
4:27:04PM dozen.
4:27:06PM But they asked to first hear about the five minute
4:27:09PM presentation and then speak.
4:27:12PM But as the clerk indicated, it is first on the agenda and
4:27:16PM public comment is right after that.
4:27:19PM >>HARRY COHEN: So it really could go during regular public
4:27:21PM comment then.
4:27:23PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It could.
4:27:26PM >>HARRY COHEN: And then it would be the three minute rule.
4:27:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Which would be fine.
4:27:30PM I'm sure none of them are going to bring dissertations.
4:27:34PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
4:27:35PM Councilman Reddick?
4:27:36PM >>FRANK REDDICK: One item, Mr. Chair.
4:27:38PM We had a very serious tragedy that took place on Busch
4:27:41PM Boulevard just recently, young girl getting killed.
4:27:45PM And I want to request that transportation department report
4:27:52PM to Council March --
4:27:58PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, didn't mean to interrupt,
4:27:59PM Mr. Reddick.
4:28:01PM But there's already plans in the works, after our MPO
4:28:08PM meeting on Tuesday, I spoke with the Florida department of

4:28:11PM transportation members who were there.
4:28:13PM And I was going to -- because Busch Boulevard is not a
4:28:17PM city-regulated road, it's a state road, it would be more
4:28:23PM appropriate, as a matter of fact, it was one of my motions
4:28:26PM to have the staff of the Florida Department of
4:28:27PM Transportation specifically, so if I can amend your motions,
4:28:32PM it's actually Debby Hunt who is with the Florida Department
4:28:35PM of Transportation, who is prepared to discuss the plans that
4:28:39PM they have for pedestrian safety.
4:28:42PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'll yield, you make a motion, I'll accept
4:28:45PM it.
4:28:46PM >>HARRY COHEN: I was actually going to ask if you consider
4:28:51PM the amendment.
4:28:52PM Question, when is that staff report going to take place?
4:28:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, Debby Hunt has specific scheduling
4:29:00PM conflicts that I need to accommodate.
4:29:02PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Madam Clerk, can you please give me my
4:29:05PM motion back?
4:29:06PM I don't have a copy.
4:29:07PM I gave you my only.
4:29:08PM You see, it's an e-mail from me to me.
4:29:10PM Thank you.
4:29:11PM We're saving the city money.
4:29:14PM Okay.
4:29:17PM What I'm trying to get at is that immediately after the

4:29:21PM presentation, if there are six people -- three minutes, or
4:29:26PM 15 minutes of that time of public comment, because it will
4:29:30PM get all mixed in with all the other public comment.
4:29:33PM And then, you know, if there's a motion to be made, I'm
4:29:38PM just -- I'm trying to accommodate that it has come to my
4:29:43PM attention that there are people coming here that would like
4:29:45PM to speak on it.
4:29:46PM But they want to hear the task force presentation first.
4:29:49PM So I'm trying to accommodate them.
4:29:52PM Get the task force done.
4:29:54PM >>HARRY COHEN: It seems to me that since public comment will
4:29:56PM take place immediately after the presentation, I think the
4:29:59PM Chair could use his discretion to allow those people to
4:30:02PM comment first directly following the presentation.
4:30:05PM And then do the rest of the public comment.
4:30:09PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, I would like to ask that.
4:30:11PM Ask the Chair to allow that to happen.
4:30:14PM I just want that on record.
4:30:18PM We can extend the time.
4:30:23PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Shelby, what would be the best way to
4:30:25PM effectuate what she would like to do?
4:30:27PM Send a memo to the Chair?
4:30:30PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Being that Mr. Miranda isn't here, if it's
4:30:33PM a motion and it's seconded and it's majority of Council's
4:30:38PM pleasure to ask that that agenda be set up that particular

4:30:41PM way or that be notated, Council can choose to do that.
4:30:46PM If you wish to wait until approval of the agenda -- actually
4:30:49PM approval of the agenda, the way you say, Madam Clerk, the
4:30:52PM approval of the agenda would come after this item, right?
4:30:56PM >>THE CLERK: Right.
4:30:57PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: And normally Council's rules would be that
4:30:59PM you really don't take official action on any item until you
4:31:01PM take public comment.
4:31:03PM So you wouldn't, a motion --
4:31:08PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I wanted to be consistent with what I'm
4:31:12PM trying to say.
4:31:12PM We have this task force.
4:31:14PM They come in and then afterwards, there's maybe a half
4:31:17PM dozen -- might be three people.
4:31:18PM I don't know.
4:31:19PM >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't you ask for point of order at the
4:31:22PM beginning of the meeting?
4:31:24PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
4:31:27PM >>HARRY COHEN: Since Chairman Miranda is not here, point of
4:31:31PM order at the beginning of the meeting to allow him to allow
4:31:36PM the comment to happen first during the public comment
4:31:40PM section.
4:31:43PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I can do that.
4:31:43PM We can always extend the time too.
4:31:45PM All right, thank you.

4:31:47PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
4:31:48PM We did not actually set anything on the Busch Boulevard
4:31:51PM matter.
4:31:52PM But my understanding from what Councilwoman Montelione said,
4:31:55PM we're going to come back to that once the schedule can be
4:31:58PM worked out.
4:31:59PM With that, I'd like to pass the gavel to Councilwoman
4:32:02PM Montelione.
4:32:02PM I do have one motion I would like to make.
4:32:04PM Because of today's discussion about Cuscaden pool and the
4:32:07PM fact that we are going to get a report on it on April 4th, I
4:32:12PM don't think it would be a bad idea for us to have a
4:32:14PM discussion at a workshop session, and I'm thinking
4:32:17PM April 25th, on the programming at all of the city pools,
4:32:20PM because I would like to see exactly what is programmed at
4:32:24PM each pool, what we are providing for the citizens at each
4:32:28PM pool.
4:32:28PM So that we know that each of the pools are being treated
4:32:32PM similarly, or if not identically, then at least similarly.
4:32:36PM And also because the Roy Jenkins pool will be opening soon,
4:32:42PM because there has been some questioning about programming at
4:32:44PM Interbay pool and some of the other pools, I think it would
4:32:46PM be very helpful for us to have a discussion about what's
4:32:49PM going on at all the pools.
4:32:52PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Cohen.

4:32:53PM So the motion on the floor is for the parks and recreation
4:32:57PM department to come and provide a -- provide a report during
4:33:01PM workshop session April 25th at 9:00 a.m.?
4:33:05PM >>HARRY COHEN: 9:30 a.m.
4:33:07PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: 9:30.
4:33:08PM And so I have a second from Mr. Reddick.
4:33:11PM All those in favor?
4:33:13PM Aye.
4:33:15PM Motion -- anyone opposed?
4:33:17PM Motion carries unanimously.
4:33:18PM Thank you.
4:33:20PM And there's the gavel.
4:33:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
4:33:22PM Okay, Councilwoman Montelione?
4:33:24PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
4:33:24PM I have a few.
4:33:26PM We'll start with the Busch Boulevard safety.
4:33:34PM Back quite sometime ago, we had discussion from our
4:33:39PM transportation division on recommendations they were making
4:33:41PM to the Department of Transportation.
4:33:44PM I believe that was last August.
4:33:45PM The department, Florida Department of Transportation has
4:33:48PM been working on that request from our transportation
4:33:52PM division.
4:33:53PM And there are already plans in the works for a mid block

4:33:57PM crossing in the vicinity of where that tragedy happened.
4:34:00PM I would like to schedule Ms. Debby Hunt, who is with the
4:34:05PM Florida Department of Transportation, to come to Council
4:34:08PM during the workshop session on the 28th.
4:34:10PM She has a conflict on the 21st, so she can't be here for
4:34:13PM that meeting.
4:34:14PM So if we could schedule not only Debby, Ms. Hunt from the
4:34:19PM Department of Transportation, Florida Department of
4:34:21PM Transportation at 9:30 on the 28th, but also I would ask
4:34:26PM that two members of the MPO staff also appear.
4:34:31PM And that would be Lisa Sylva from the livable roadways
4:34:37PM committee and Gina Torres, who have been instrumental in the
4:34:41PM walk-bike safety plan that is product of the MPO.
4:34:46PM >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just comment.
4:34:48PM I know that's the day we're discussing alcohol and it seems
4:34:51PM to me we had said that we wouldn't place anything else.
4:34:54PM Obviously, this is a very important situation and I know we
4:34:57PM want to get to it.
4:34:58PM I think it's important though to have this discussion before
4:35:01PM we get into the alcohol discussion.
4:35:03PM Because the alcohol discussion is really going to take the
4:35:05PM rest of the day.
4:35:06PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So I will schedule that, or ask Council
4:35:08PM to schedule that at 9:00 a.m. and then I'll make a motion to
4:35:11PM have the alcoholic beverage heard at 9:30.

4:35:15PM >>HARRY COHEN: Excellent.
4:35:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
4:35:16PM Thank you.
4:35:17PM >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman
4:35:18PM Montelione, seconded by Councilman Reddick.
4:35:21PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
4:35:22PM Opposed?
4:35:24PM Okay.
4:35:25PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: All right.
4:35:26PM I would also like to now schedule two commendations that
4:35:31PM were voted on by Council to be given.
4:35:34PM One to Spencer Kass.
4:35:36PM He would be available to appear before Council for that
4:35:39PM commendation on February 21st.
4:35:42PM I'd like to schedule that commendation be delivered to
4:35:45PM Mr. Kass here at Council.
4:35:48PM >> Second.
4:35:50PM >>HARRY COHEN: We already approved the commendation --
4:35:53PM [Multiple conversations]
4:35:58PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion from Councilwoman
4:36:01PM Montelione, seconded by Councilwoman Capin.
4:36:05PM All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.
4:36:07PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: The second commendation again already
4:36:08PM approved by Council to be delivered to Susan Jacobs.
4:36:12PM I'd now like to set that for Thursday, February 28th.

4:36:16PM >> Second.
4:36:17PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion from Councilwoman
4:36:19PM Montelione, seconded by Councilman Reddick in a close vote
4:36:21PM with Councilman Suarez.
4:36:23PM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
4:36:24PM Opposed?
4:36:26PM Okay.
4:36:27PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
4:36:28PM One more.
4:36:29PM This is a new commendation.
4:36:30PM Commendation recognizing Moffitt Cancer Center's Spring
4:36:37PM Swing program which offers free skin screenings and sun
4:36:41PM safety education at major league spring training games,
4:36:44PM including Yankees Tiger games at Steinbrenner field.
4:36:48PM So that would be also on February 28th immediately following
4:36:51PM the Police Officer of the Month presentation.
4:36:54PM >> Second.
4:36:55PM >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman
4:36:57PM Montelione, seconded by Councilman Suarez.
4:36:59PM All those in favor, signify by saying aye.
4:37:00PM Opposed?
4:37:03PM Okay.
4:37:04PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's it.
4:37:07PM >>HARRY COHEN: May I have a motion to receive and file?
4:37:09PM Motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilwoman

4:37:11PM Capin and maybe Mr. Suarez as well.
4:37:14PM All those in favor, the please indicate by saying aye.
4:37:16PM Okay.
4:37:18PM And we are adjourned until next Thursday.
4:37:20PM Thank you.
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