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Tampa City CRA

Thursday, February 14, 2013

9:00 a.m. session


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09:06:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:02 We are going to start with the Community Redevelopment

09:06:05 Agency board meeting.

09:06:08 And I'm going to yield to Councilman Mike Suarez.

09:06:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's my pleasure to introduce our invocation

09:06:17 speaker this morning.

09:06:19 The person that's going to be doing our invocation is

09:06:22 minister Jacqueline Coffey Leaks.

09:06:26 She is a Tampa native and graduated from Hillsborough high

09:06:29 school which my son will hopefully be attending next year.

09:06:31 She attended the University of Florida, received her B.S.

09:06:34 degree and received her degree from Moody Bible Institute,

09:06:39 the mother of three children, Tia, Eric and Keandra and the

09:06:44 daughter of Ronald Coffey, Sr, and Marilyn Streeter, who is

09:06:48 here with us today, too.

09:06:49 She's a member of 34th Street Church of God.

09:06:51 And if anyone remembers that title, it's because that's

09:06:54 where the Reverend Thomas Scott is the pastor, and of course

09:06:58 a former member of this board.

09:07:00 She serves our community in several capacities including

09:07:03 being part of the Mayor's African-American Advisory Council,

09:07:06 and a member of the Tampa Metro Alumnae chapter of Delta

09:07:10 Sigma Theta.

09:07:13 Pastor, thank you for coming over here and please stand for

09:07:15 the invocation and stay standing for the pledge of

09:07:18 allegiance.

09:07:19 >> It is indeed an honor to be here.

09:07:23 Before God.

09:07:23 We thank you for this day.

09:07:25 We thank you for waking us.

09:07:26 We thank you for keeping us.

09:07:28 We ask that you move in a mighty way among this city, that

09:07:31 you bless each council member individually and collectively

09:07:34 as they make decisions about our community.

09:07:36 Keep them and anything, goo guide them in our way that our

09:07:41 city will be blessed.

09:07:42 Help them as they work with our mayor to be in one accord

09:07:46 that nothing will cause strife among them and even if they

09:07:49 disagree that they may agree.

09:07:50 Thank you for their service.

09:07:52 Keep them and all things that they do and bless the City of

09:07:55 Tampa that we may be a city that shines not only in this

09:08:00 place but in the state and in the nation.

09:08:02 Guide us in all things.

09:08:03 And we thank you for giving us one more chance.

09:08:06 In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

09:08:09 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here muscle.

09:08:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:08:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:43 Got a memo from Councilwoman Mary Mulhern who stated that

09:08:46 she will be unable to attend this morning's CRA meeting.

09:08:49 I want to state that for the record.

09:08:51 All right.

09:08:56 Bob.

09:08:57 >> Good morning.

09:08:58 I always just like to say that part of being successful is

09:09:01 managing expectations, and I noticed that Mr. Suarez said

09:09:08 nothing about graduating from Hillsborough high school.

09:09:10 So it's all about managing expectations.

09:09:14 As is our custom, we have a chair from one of our advisory

09:09:19 boards.

09:09:20 And today we are pleased to have Essie Simms from the East

09:09:25 Tampa advisory board.

09:09:26 >> Thank you, Bob.

09:09:37 Essie Simms, chairman of the Tampa partnership.

09:09:40 Thank you once again for allowing me to stand before you

09:09:43 this morning.

09:09:44 I come with a simple report.

09:09:46 The last time I was here, I thought maybe I was in church

09:09:49 and I kept you too long.

09:09:50 But I promise not to do that today.

09:09:55 The committee has voted on to move forward and to different

09:09:58 initiatives, one in our infrastructure process.

09:10:02 We have approved in the access about $750,000 to bring some

09:10:08 road improvements to East Tampa neighborhoods, as we did

09:10:12 some months ago.

09:10:14 We approved another $300,000 as well in improvements.

09:10:20 We also allocated about $600,000 to our environment

09:10:23 protection officer, and to combat illegal dumping, and to

09:10:28 get him another camera to help in that fight.

09:10:31 We are looking at bringing in some lights into the pond

09:10:36 where many of our residents walk at night.

09:10:38 Hopefully we can eliminate that area as they go around that

09:10:43 area.

09:10:43 22nd street project as you have seen is improving and is

09:10:48 almost in completion.

09:10:51 They have already started on the round-about.

09:10:53 I'm excited about that.

09:10:55 Longing to see when that day and the ribbon is cut.

09:10:58 The Hillsborough and 30th street project that we had

09:11:01 undergoing for about the last year or so has come to

09:11:04 completion, and understand we will be getting a few dollars

09:11:09 back from that project as well, and hopefully as we get

09:11:12 those dollars back, the partnership in this community, to be

09:11:15 very prudent in how we spend our taxpayer dollars.

09:11:20 There are new developments that have come in our area in the

09:11:23 last few months.

09:11:25 We have a business that opened up on the Hillsborough,

09:11:28 O'Reilly auto parts, family center market on Hillsborough

09:11:33 and 46th street.

09:11:38 We are moving forward in our public safety agenda.

09:11:40 We want to thank Chief Castor, Major Burns of East Tampa

09:11:44 district 3 for all the help in helping us with some perilous

09:11:52 things we have, particularly with drugs and crime

09:11:54 activities.

09:11:55 And they have been very aggressive in helping us stamp out

09:11:57 some of that stuff.

09:11:58 And I know there's much work to do, and we'll continue to

09:12:01 work with them, and we thank the men and women of blue who

09:12:06 serve each day, who help serve and protect.

09:12:09 Also, our public safety initiative, we had our 2012 first

09:12:16 annual event where we invite all the children of East Tampa

09:12:19 out.

09:12:19 Thank you chairman Reddick for come out and being there to

09:12:24 support us in that initiative.

09:12:25 We will be undergoing a 2013, and I want to at this point

09:12:32 give every one of you an invitation, May 25th.

09:12:36 We would love to have you come out and mingle with our

09:12:39 residents, as well as an opportunity to speak to our

09:12:41 community.

09:12:42 We would love to do so.

09:12:43 This year we hope to have at least 1200 or more.

09:12:47 We want to make it bigger and better.

09:12:49 We gave away 10 bicycles last year, one free laptop.

09:12:53 This year we want to give away about 20 bikes, three laptops

09:12:56 and about $3,000 in gift cards.

09:12:59 We have a clean-up initiative.

09:13:01 You may know me.

09:13:03 I'm not one for just having a conversation just to move

09:13:07 words around.

09:13:08 I'm pretty straight to the point.

09:13:09 We have an issue with beautification in our community.

09:13:14 I ride all over this city.

09:13:16 And I'm disheartened a lot of times in what I see.

09:13:19 It could be a combination of many things that causes an

09:13:22 issue.

09:13:23 But what we want to do is rally our residents, challenge our

09:13:27 residents, our business owners to come out on February

09:13:30 23rd of this month, and we will assemble as Cuscaden

09:13:37 park.

09:13:37 We partnered with keep Tampa Bay beautiful on a couple of

09:13:40 initiatives in the past year.

09:13:42 We will be working with them again, as well as 100 USF

09:13:46 students from USF who are doing a black history event, and

09:13:50 they want to come out and help clean our community.

09:13:52 But at the end of the day it's the responsibility of our

09:13:54 association president, our association residents to do a

09:13:59 better job.

09:14:00 We are working on some different initiatives with the new

09:14:03 enhancement department, solid waste, Jake Slater with code

09:14:08 enforcement, as well as environmental protection officer,

09:14:12 and how we get that message across, better for our community

09:14:17 that we need to help as well to help stamp out a lot of the

09:14:20 problems we have.

09:14:23 That's pretty much it other than the fact that I will be

09:14:25 sitting with the mayor the next couple of days to talk over

09:14:30 some of the initiatives and how we can help our community as

09:14:33 well.

09:14:33 I'm often reminded when he speaks at different events when

09:14:37 he says that if there's one part of our city that is down,

09:14:40 that means the whole city is down.

09:14:42 And East Tampa is down.

09:14:43 And if that's the case, then we need to pull owl the

09:14:47 resources, I believe, into our community to bring us up to

09:14:50 that standard as the rest of the community.

09:14:54 I would like to see if we could get $200 million, but that

09:14:57 might not be prudent.

09:14:59 But if you give me 2 million I think I can work with that as

09:15:02 well.

09:15:04 If there is any questions, I our community, as you well

09:15:08 know, with the housing department, throughout this state,

09:15:12 city, many places in the country have a real serious problem

09:15:15 when it comes to resident homes being destroyed, roofs

09:15:21 leaking, things of that nature.

09:15:24 We have had some vigorous debates in the last six months or

09:15:27 so.

09:15:27 We have recently had a document back in 2009 approved by

09:15:33 this ABC for rehab, acquisition, resale.

09:15:37 We understand that didn't go well two years ago.

09:15:40 We recently voted to take those -- recently voted to take

09:15:47 those funds and reallocate them back.

09:15:49 At that time, Councilman Mr. Reddick was onboard to approve

09:15:54 that.

09:15:54 I gave each one of you a document here, e-mail, that was

09:15:58 sent to me by Mr. Johnson, housing, which for CRA on our

09:16:08 house, when rehabilitation is available.

09:16:11 This policy is still valid as written.

09:16:13 I'll stop there.

09:16:15 One of the reasons, what we have now is that this document,

09:16:18 we would like to point back to this agency also to try to

09:16:24 solicit help from the housing department and how do we amend

09:16:28 this document?

09:16:28 There are a few things that need to be amended.

09:16:31 I think we need to take out the language when it talks about

09:16:34 the HOME and SHIP funding because as now we do not have

09:16:39 those agencies now.

09:16:40 We would like to in the future bring that before you for

09:16:42 approval.

09:16:43 And as we move forward, I was thankful to hear Ed tell me --

09:16:50 Mr. McDonaugh, thank you -- in the housing line item, we

09:16:54 should move forward and can move forward and try and help.

09:16:59 I shared with Mr. Snelling with the housing department.

09:17:02 If we don't help anybody, then that's more residents going

09:17:06 to be displaced.

09:17:09 Public safety, some issues that are at stake.

09:17:12 I know that the list is long.

09:17:14 I do believe that once the process goes forward that that

09:17:18 1100 people may not be 1100.

09:17:21 We want to try to help somebody today.

09:17:24 If we have 20 residents we can help today.

09:17:27 I think what our community is trying and saying we want to

09:17:30 move forward, because if we have 20 residents displaced in a

09:17:33 home, for lack of TIF funding, that becomes a public safety

09:17:37 issue as well.

09:17:38 At this time, I will field any questions or concerns you may

09:17:41 have.

09:17:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Simms, you just stated that you wanted

09:17:49 an amendment, and then you stated that Bob and yesterday

09:17:54 informed you to move forward.

09:17:56 So do you still need an amendment?

09:18:00 >> Well, the document as written still has the language of

09:18:03 how we used to leverage money with SHIP and the HOME

09:18:08 process.

09:18:09 We would have to take that language out and move forward.

09:18:13 That's a house department situation that we work with.

09:18:17 You know, the process could take a long time.

09:18:21 But I believe just taking out a few words shouldn't take

09:18:25 that long.

09:18:26 That's one of the things, again we had a discussion for

09:18:28 quite awhile.

09:18:29 And how do we proceed?

09:18:33 How do we move forward?

09:18:35 We understand, we have the blessings of our mayor, and I

09:18:42 would hope that as I speak with the mayor concerning it, we

09:18:45 will definitely get his blessing as well.

09:18:49 I understand the CRA agency, the agency that oversees our

09:18:55 funding, but I would like to have the blessing of our mayor.

09:18:58 That's why I stated I would like to ask for $200 million.

09:19:01 >> Mr. Johnson, it's stated in this memo received from you,

09:19:10 and he stated that he's prepared to discuss on November 13.

09:19:16 Is this in reference to what Mr. Simms is speaking of?

09:19:20 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager, City of Tampa.

09:19:25 The document that he's referring to is a program that we had

09:19:28 in place a few years back that was addressing owner occupied

09:19:35 rehabilitation for seniors and low-income individuals.

09:19:38 And it definitely is addressed in the document how we would

09:19:44 leverage our TIF dollars with the Federal HOME and state

09:19:49 SHIP program that would then become eligible for use on each

09:19:53 individual home, and at that time, when obviously

09:19:57 construction prices were a lot higher back in those days for

09:20:01 construction work.

09:20:03 We put approximately $80,000 per home.

09:20:07 That was the maximum that would go into each individual home

09:20:09 that we were rehabbing, and the max that we would take out

09:20:12 of our TIF program was $30,000. So we matched $30,000 from

09:20:17 TIF with funding from SHIP and HOME to make whatever the

09:20:22 need of a house would be up to a maximum of $80,000.

09:20:25 All of that language is written within this document.

09:20:27 So now to go back to a homeowner occupied rehab program,

09:20:33 with no other leveraging opportunity, it would be strictly

09:20:37 TIF dollars, you are going to have to write a new program

09:20:40 that would really spell out how you are going to use those

09:20:43 TIF dollars and how much you are going to allocate per

09:20:46 house.

09:20:46 And that should be clearly defined in that document.

09:20:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: So this is November 13, 2012.

09:20:55 I just saw that.

09:20:57 When do you plan on submitting that to the CAC?

09:21:00 >> Ed Johnson: The CAC has already been in discussion with

09:21:05 the item itself.

09:21:07 And what we have to do now is get our housing department,

09:21:13 because that's who manages the program, who writes the new

09:21:16 program, helps us create the language with that new program.

09:21:21 And just talked last week or so about moving forward.

09:21:24 It's going to probably take a couple of weeks to rewrite

09:21:28 that.

09:21:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we have it on the agenda for review at

09:21:33 our next CRA meeting?

09:21:35 >> Yes.

09:21:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: What month is it, February?

09:21:38 So March.

09:21:39 Is it possible we would have that for March 14th?

09:21:42 >> I don't see that being a problem.

09:21:45 >>HARRY COHEN: So moved.

09:21:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Cohen, seconded by

09:21:57 Councilman Miranda.

09:21:57 All those in favor of the motion?

09:22:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can we have discussion first?

09:22:05 This is going to be pertaining, since the motion is on the

09:22:10 floor, I would like the motion to include, since Mr. Johnson

09:22:13 did correctly mention that housing has to be part of this

09:22:15 conversation, they are the ones who really are the center of

09:22:20 this discussion, along with Mr. McDonaugh and the economic

09:22:25 development department.

09:22:26 I would request that Mr. Snelling or one of his staff

09:22:28 members from the housing department be here since we don't

09:22:31 have a manager yet.

09:22:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:22:35 >>HARRY COHEN: I'll accept that.

09:22:36 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) so my suggestion would be

09:22:54 if you approve it today is bring it back before City

09:22:56 Council, make a recommendation to the administration that

09:22:58 they bring that back buff to change the policy, because --

09:23:04 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If I may interrupt, or make a correction.

09:23:07 In this particular case we are speaking specifically of CRA

09:23:10 TIF funds.

09:23:11 We are not talking about federal funds.

09:23:13 Because as you recall, there were some issues about

09:23:15 homeowner occupied repairs that we ran into using HUD money.

09:23:19 So this is specifically talking about East Tampa TIF funds.

09:23:23 And what I had conversations with yesterday and the other

09:23:28 folks about is that we are more than happy to assist in the

09:23:31 administration of this, the inspections and all of those

09:23:36 other things that help them administer the dollars and give

09:23:41 them as much bang for the buck.

09:23:45 >> The old policy includes all three.

09:23:48 >> It's very similar.

09:23:49 It's just the leveraging of those other two.

09:23:52 >>SAL TERRITO: The agreement was approved by all the

09:23:55 bodies.

09:23:55 So if you want to bring a separate one back before the CRA

09:23:58 independently that's perfectly fine as long as you don't

09:24:01 involve the SHIP and HOME money.

09:24:06 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It will be specifically East Tampa TIF

09:24:08 funds.

09:24:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: So come back to the CRA on March 14th.

09:24:12 >> And we'll have a representative from housing.

09:24:14 >> You may not be able to see.

09:24:19 >> Jim Crew, city clerk's office.

09:24:23 May I ask the motion be formally restated for the record?

09:24:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

09:24:28 The motion is to discuss this item on March 14th at

09:24:36 9:00 a.m. and to have a representative of the housing

09:24:42 department present at that time.

09:24:43 >>THE CLERK: And, Mr. Cohen, particularly, what is the

09:24:51 item?

09:24:54 Stated in the motion.

09:24:55 >>HARRY COHEN: The housing rehab program.

09:25:00 >>THE CLERK: Thank you.

09:25:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a motion and second is.

09:25:07 Any further discussion?

09:25:09 All those in favor of the motion say aye.

09:25:10 Opposed?

09:25:11 Yes, sir.

09:25:11 >> One more thing for this conversation in the essence of

09:25:19 time due to the fact these dollars are ready to expire, and

09:25:22 if we don't move in some kind of time, date, we would have

09:25:25 to eventually move those dollars to some other line item.

09:25:28 So I want to ask you to consider that as well.

09:25:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: We'll take that up in our discussion on

09:25:34 March 14th.

09:25:36 Any other comments or questions for Mr. Simms?

09:25:40 All right.

09:25:40 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Monthly reports.

09:25:44 Last month was our month for parades.

09:25:47 This is our month for festivals.

09:25:49 But I would like to talk first about economic development

09:25:52 initiatives that have been taken on by Ms. Montelione.

09:26:02 If folks are not aware of it, tomorrow morning there is a

09:26:05 workshop at the Tampa Convention Center.

09:26:07 This is the second annual.

09:26:10 Last year it was a meeting between the federal banking

09:26:12 regulators and local banks to talk about ways of getting

09:26:15 more money out into the community for small businesses.

09:26:18 This year, probably the biggest difference is the fact that

09:26:20 we have small businesses invited as well.

09:26:23 And we'll have the federal government represented.

09:26:27 We have local banks represented.

09:26:29 We'll have the SBIC.

09:26:31 We have really most of the folks that people need to talk

09:26:34 to.

09:26:34 And this is a great initiative.

09:26:37 We'll be taking some of these results back to our rules and

09:26:40 regulations on the enterprise fund to see how we can modify

09:26:44 some of the rules, and perhaps some incentives in our

09:26:46 enterprise.

09:26:47 But it's a nice opportunities for folks to come out and

09:26:52 learn a little bit more about small business lending and

09:26:55 what kind of opportunities there are in the community for

09:26:57 them.

09:26:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want to thank everybody.

09:27:05 I see some of the sponsors and presenters that are listed.

09:27:08 But I especially want to thank the mayor's office and the

09:27:12 staff, because without -- as Mr. Johnson knows, we have been

09:27:16 everything conference calls and forums for a year now.

09:27:20 And without the help and the guidance of some of the

09:27:24 individuals that have been working with me on this, and the

09:27:28 mayor's office helping secure the convention center, and

09:27:33 pick up some of the tab, I just -- it just would not be

09:27:37 possible.

09:27:37 I also want to make one correction.

09:27:40 Ms. Ortega is the regional information network director, and

09:27:45 she is with the federal reserve bank of Atlanta.

09:27:47 She's flying in tonight from Atlanta.

09:27:50 And we lowered the cost this year to $25 because in this

09:27:57 time of economic challenges, with the small businesses being

09:28:02 invited, we wanted it to be cost affordable for everyone to

09:28:07 participate.

09:28:07 Registration will close today at 2:00 for online

09:28:11 registration.

09:28:12 But you can always call my office.

09:28:14 We are taking registrants at the door.

09:28:16 And thank you to the downtown partnership, because if it

09:28:20 weren't for them, and their expertise in handling large

09:28:24 events like this, again, it would have been quite a

09:28:27 challenge.

09:28:28 So thank you everybody for your help and assistance, and I'm

09:28:32 really looking forward to tomorrow.

09:28:33 Thank you.

09:28:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I would like to thank some of the members

09:28:38 who were able to make it yesterday to the groundbreaking for

09:28:41 the classic federal courthouse which is an important

09:28:44 redevelopment effort here in our downtown.

09:28:47 We have some very fun events coming up.

09:28:49 And I hope folks are able to attend.

09:28:51 Very interesting tradition at the Florida museum of

09:28:57 photographic arts, on February 21st from 5:30 to 7:30,

09:29:01 Tampa's rock 'n roll history.

09:29:05 I can remember when Elvis Presley showed up at Curtis Hixon

09:29:10 park.

09:29:11 It was quite the scrum to get tickets.

09:29:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: You go back that far?

09:29:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Oh, yes, sir.

09:29:17 Yes, sir.

09:29:17 >> You know how far back I go?

09:29:25 At the armory, 1968, '7 or $7.

09:29:31 My mother made my aunt take me.

09:29:35 So, yes, Elvis' first visit to Tampa.

09:29:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Essentially, Bob, what we are saying is you

09:29:44 saw the bad old Elvis.

09:29:47 Actually at 6 years old you were there at the same time my

09:29:50 mother was there who was with my sister, and the rock and

09:29:54 roll stars, to see a pregnant woman in the audience.

09:29:57 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Some other things to put on your

09:30:02 calendars, the Gasparilla music festival is March 9th at

09:30:06 Curtis Hixon park.

09:30:08 The Gasparilla festival of the arts is March 2nd.

09:30:14 Fiesta today and Kwanza, this is the 56th year for

09:30:20 Fiesta day.

09:30:21 And as I said we'll move from parades to fiesta.

09:30:26 So we have a lot of activities going on, as Mr. Simms

09:30:29 mentioned the 22nd street project is going on very well.

09:30:32 We have road projects in Drew Park, and the 12th Street

09:30:38 project.

09:30:40 And the Channel District.

09:30:40 So lots being done with the TIF dollars in each of the

09:30:46 communities.

09:30:46 >> Ms. Capin, you were looking at me and I looked at her,

09:30:57 and I said, Cuban sandwiches.

09:31:00 You know, Mr. McDonaugh, I have to tell you, that is an

09:31:03 oversight of immense proportions with the festival coming

09:31:07 up.

09:31:07 >> I'm sorry, the Cuban family festival is coming up on

09:31:13 Septima.

09:31:13 >> Or Setima.

09:31:18 [ Laughter ]

09:31:21 >>HARRY COHEN: In all seriousness I was a judge in the

09:31:24 Cuban sandwich festival last year and I wasn't invited this

09:31:28 year and I want to inquire of the organizers if I did

09:31:33 something to disqualify myself from being able to

09:31:35 participate.

09:31:36 [ Laughter ]

09:31:37 >>BOB McDONAUGH: There's a story about a judge going home

09:31:39 with sandwiches in his pocket.

09:31:44 That concludes my report, sir.

09:31:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:31:51 Public comments.

09:31:52 Anyone wishing to speak on any matter on the agenda?

09:31:55 You have three minutes.

09:31:56 Please state your name and address.

09:31:59 And please try to stick to items on the agenda.

09:32:08 >> I'm ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:32:15 Okay, there are other things I really wanted to speak to.

09:32:19 But the thing is, at the evening meeting, there's about the

09:32:23 Ybor City historic district, and this is pretty close to it.

09:32:26 In any case, this is where item 1 and possibly item 4, in

09:32:32 other words, a construction company that works with CRA.

09:32:35 And this is about a secondary blind spot of the mayor, which

09:32:39 is light pollution.

09:32:41 Now, I realize that he's probably saying what he thinks TECO

09:32:44 wants to hear, which is something good for their business,

09:32:47 put a roundabout, 8500 lights around town, $2 million a year

09:32:52 in electricity costs, which good for them.

09:32:56 Instead of electrical vehicles.

09:32:59 Although they are working with that.

09:33:01 One came by my neighborhood the other day with the Web site

09:33:05 on it.

09:33:06 But with respect to light pollution, I saw that first hand

09:33:10 this week.

09:33:11 I went to the festival.

09:33:15 I didn't go up around is ath or 16th street but I

09:33:19 stayed back around 12th because it's closer to the buses

09:33:22 and I have been having trouble with my leg.

09:33:24 And what happened was a lot of floats went by this seemed

09:33:28 interesting, and I couldn't read what it said on them,

09:33:31 because they were big streetlights across the way.

09:33:35 And if a streetlight is up here, you can't see -- I mean,

09:33:41 you just can't.

09:33:41 And the thing is, a lot of them are interesting, little Web

09:33:46 sites, you can find out more about that.

09:33:50 For instance, putting more lighting around Drew Park.

09:33:53 Well, Drew Park is fundamentally an airport, and as a pilot,

09:33:57 I know that the night vision is very important.

09:34:00 In fact, the importance of night vision, I think for a lot

09:34:06 of the bicycles and pedestrians fatalities.

09:34:10 Because after one of these bicycle or pedestrian fatalities,

09:34:13 this should be checking of the night vision of the driver,

09:34:18 and over time you would have the knowledge base to maybe

09:34:22 start testing for this.

09:34:24 You know, on people's licenses, not just what a stop sign is

09:34:29 and things like that, but people still have night vision.

09:34:31 Because these headlights are indications, these halogen

09:34:35 headlights years ago were illegal because they destroyed

09:34:40 everyone else's night vision.

09:34:42 These are now legal.

09:34:43 So apparently there are people who have night vision

09:34:46 problems on the road, and running over bicyclists and

09:34:52 pedestrians.

09:34:52 But I started thinking about this.

09:34:57 Take them down, put them in East Tampa.

09:34:59 East Tampa might be glad to get them, and work on designing

09:35:04 light posts, and not as obstructive of the ambience.

09:35:11 As I say, this is a planning redevelopment issue.

09:35:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next.

09:35:16 >> I'm Al Davis, Community Redevelopment Agency, community

09:35:36 at-large citizen partner.

09:35:39 My interest this agency and its rolls that it has in the

09:35:44 community covers the entire geographic area of the City of

09:35:53 Tampa.

09:35:54 I know all CAC, that is your community advisory committee,

09:36:05 as the community redevelopment area, they are not all the

09:36:11 same.

09:36:13 And we look at different ways by which the objective of

09:36:18 getting those areas out of the slum and blight requires

09:36:28 diligence, and its goals as well as being able to pay for

09:36:36 them.

09:36:36 It's all some kind of matter of "do you have the dollars to

09:36:43 do what you want to do?"

09:36:45 And Mr. Chairman, I want to extend to you all a happy

09:36:53 Valentine's day.

09:36:58 Also, as you perhaps are aware, that this is what they call

09:37:01 black history month, and that's marvelous that has taken

09:37:10 place and I hope you get an opportunity to celebrate and to

09:37:13 commemorate the accomplishments of, if you will, black

09:37:19 people, even for the development as a history of this city.

09:37:27 I'll be looking forward to the mayor's annual state of the

09:37:33 city message sometime, I guess that's going to be in April.

09:37:38 And both the concern of the people that live here and the

09:37:54 area in which they live.

09:37:55 (Bell sounds)

09:37:57 I will be back next month because I want to see what this

09:37:59 policy is about that requires some particular attention in

09:38:05 terms of its language.

09:38:07 I'm looking at some of your policies, and I tell you, some

09:38:11 of the language in there is rather ghastly. I still don't

09:38:21 like the idea that you all are called CRAB rather than

09:38:21 "agency." Thank you.

09:38:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Happy Valentine's day to you.

09:38:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 3 on the agenda is the

09:38:35 acceptance and ratification of Susan Collins as ex-officio

09:38:45 appointee to the Drew Park advisory board.

09:38:49 Her application is included in the information.

09:38:52 >> So moved.

09:38:54 >> Second.

09:38:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a motion from Councilwoman

09:38:58 Montelione, seconded by Councilman Miranda.

09:39:00 All in favor?

09:39:02 Opposed?

09:39:02 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 4 is the acceptance of a

09:39:09 contract which will then be taken to City Council for

09:39:11 Ferrill construction for work on the facade grant program.

09:39:20 The offering was -- an RFP was published on 10-1.

09:39:27 We had two recipients or two people apply.

09:39:30 And Ferrill construction partners and the group of employees

09:39:37 looked at this and scored Ferrill construction company with

09:39:41 a higher number.

09:39:42 So we are asking for the board acceptance of Ferrill

09:39:47 construction.

09:39:47 >> Move the resolution, Mr. Chairman.

09:39:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Miranda, seconded by

09:39:53 Councilman Suarez.

09:39:54 All in favor?

09:39:56 Opposed?

09:39:56 Motion carried.

09:39:56 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 5 is a facade grant

09:40:02 application.

09:40:07 What we have today are existing conditions.

09:40:09 And they are asking for facade grant of $45,000.

09:40:14 And they will be spending approximately $52,000.

09:40:18 And so on this project in Ybor City.

09:40:24 And I'm looking for approval from the board for the facade

09:40:27 grant.

09:40:27 >> So moved.

09:40:29 >> Second.

09:40:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a motion from Councilman Cohen,

09:40:32 seconded by Councilman Suarez.

09:40:35 Discussion on the motion?

09:40:37 All in favor of the motion?

09:40:39 Opposed? Motion carried.

09:40:40 >> Item 6 is again a facade grant application, this in Drew

09:40:51 Park, and the applicant is asking for $48,452, and they

09:40:53 anticipate spending $164,683 on this project.

09:41:02 I'm asking the board's approval for this facade grant.

09:41:04 >> Second.

09:41:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr.

09:41:15 Suarez.

09:41:16 All in favor?

09:41:16 Okay.

09:41:17 >> Item number 7 is a facade grant application for a project

09:41:21 in Ybor City.

09:41:21 It's located 1602 north 21st Street, which is a very visible

09:41:27 location, asking for a $33,835, and their anticipated

09:41:32 investment is 126,165.

09:41:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move the resolution, Mr. Chairman.

09:41:41 >> Second.

09:41:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mrs.

09:41:44 Montelione.

09:41:45 Discussion on the motion?

09:41:46 All those in favor say aye.

09:41:48 Opposed?

09:41:49 Okay.

09:41:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That concludes my report.

09:41:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: I want to yield to Mr. Territo.

09:42:00 >>SAL TERRITO: I had something off the agenda and I

09:42:02 apologize.

09:42:03 We had a facade grant for Mr. Capitano in May of last year,

09:42:08 and when we do a facade grant it was -- with he woo he do a

09:42:13 facade grant naturally we come behind all of the previous

09:42:16 financing.

09:42:17 They are now refinancing.

09:42:18 So that will put our lien in front of their lien.

09:42:21 And they are asking us to subordinate and put it back in the

09:42:23 position it was when we originally did it.

09:42:25 So this would be a subordination of our lien putting it back

09:42:28 in the previous position, because they want to have the

09:42:30 ability to refinance.

09:42:31 >> So moved.

09:42:33 >> Second.

09:42:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr.

09:42:38 Miranda.

09:42:38 Any discussion on the motion?

09:42:40 All those in favor say aye.

09:42:42 Opposed?

09:42:43 Thank you.

09:42:47 Bob, let me bring up an item and get your feedback.

09:42:51 Many residents in West Tampa, business owners in West Tampa,

09:42:56 have requested by instituting a CRA in the West Tampa

09:43:03 community.

09:43:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

09:43:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: I spoke with commissioner Les Miller.

09:43:07 He's willing to move that forward to the Board of County

09:43:10 Commissioners.

09:43:12 What is the process we need to do to start the process?

09:43:17 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Legally, there are a couple of things that

09:43:20 have to be done.

09:43:21 First you have to determine the geographic boundary.

09:43:23 Then you have to do a finding of the condition of blight.

09:43:26 And then we would have to enter into an interlocal agreement

09:43:30 with Hillsborough County.

09:43:31 I believe --

09:43:38 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:43:41 We have two steps involved in this thing.

09:43:42 Once you find the condition of blight the City Council has

09:43:45 to approve a plan be created.

09:43:47 The plan is created, give to the CRA, and since we have an

09:43:51 interlocal agreement with the county indicating that we will

09:43:53 not create, expand, or change the timing on CRCRAs, we have

09:44:01 to get our interlocal amended to allow us to do that.

09:44:04 It's a fairly complex process because the finding has to be

09:44:08 done prior to all of this happening.

09:44:10 And the timing, if the county commission is willing to amend

09:44:14 the agreement to allow us to go forward, that's probably the

09:44:16 first step, because it doesn't make any sense to go through

09:44:20 the expense of going through the study if the county is not

09:44:22 amenable to making a change in the CRA and local agreement

09:44:26 that we have with them.

09:44:27 >> Okay.

09:44:28 So the board of county commission needs to amend their

09:44:33 interlocal agreement to move forward?

09:44:37 >> Correct.

09:44:39 What I can do is draft an interlocal agreement to cover that

09:44:42 particular area, if they are okay with it.

09:44:44 Because what they have done in the past, they may not want

09:44:46 to let it be clean because normally we get all the funds.

09:44:49 As you know, you have a CRA which we basically lock in the

09:44:52 existing property values.

09:44:54 And any increase we get, not only our increase in property

09:44:57 taxes, but we get theirs as well.

09:45:00 And sometimes we have done this, and they may give it all to

09:45:04 us. So there's a negotiation that takes place, and that's

09:45:06 what the interlocal agreement would have to cover.

09:45:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:45:09 In terms of the analysis that's done -- and this is more of

09:45:13 a political question than anything else, but when is the

09:45:18 last time we had an agreement, or made an agreement with

09:45:21 Hillsborough County?

09:45:22 And when is the last time that they approved a CRA going

09:45:27 forward?

09:45:27 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone).

09:45:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: How long of a process was it, if you can

09:45:49 recall?

09:45:50 >>SAL TERRITO: It was somewhat contentious, because

09:45:55 basically ... and it has political aspects as well.

09:46:13 As well as the majority of the county commission to amend

09:46:15 that.

09:46:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And one last question.

09:46:17 Did they ask for economic detail prior to approved CRA?

09:46:25 I know what your point is, which is why go forward with the

09:46:28 analysis to determine whether or not a CRA can be created by

09:46:34 our rules, or by the federal law?

09:46:37 But did they have the discussion that said, hey, we want to

09:46:41 look at this and see if this is a viable CRA?

09:46:44 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes, we did, and a really large property was

09:46:46 removed from the Central Park area because they didn't want

09:46:50 to give that particular development rights to us, they

09:46:53 wanted to continue to collect all the taxes on that issue.

09:46:56 So they may be carved out, we don't want to go that far

09:47:01 east, west, or whatever, so there's all those discussions

09:47:03 that need to take place.

09:47:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And may I suggest -- and I'm not sure if

09:47:07 this is going to be the right process.

09:47:08 I agree with what Mr. Territo is saying about making sure

09:47:12 that before we go forward that we do have some kind of

09:47:15 buy-in from the county, but at the same time I think we

09:47:17 might have to do a two-track way of doing this, in which

09:47:21 there is going to be some analysis to present to them,

09:47:24 because they may push back on us and say, what's the need

09:47:27 for CRA?

09:47:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Also, what Mr. Territo did not mention, in

09:47:33 some of our agreements we also have a sliding scale, which

09:47:35 is another point of negotiation with the county, where a

09:47:38 certain percentage of the proceeds from the CRA district

09:47:42 would then go back to the county.

09:47:45 So it's not 95% or 100% N.some cases it goes all the way

09:47:51 down to a considerable less amount.

09:47:52 >> Would you say based on what you just said about the

09:47:54 sliding scale that it probably would be best to have some

09:47:56 economic numbers to show to the county before?

09:47:59 >> We have base numbers now.

09:48:01 Yes, we do.

09:48:03 >> But we have still determined the boundaries in which

09:48:05 those are included?

09:48:07 >> That's correct.

09:48:07 We have taken a look at that.

09:48:09 And again, you know, the redevelopment of the North

09:48:13 Boulevard homes, public properties that are owned up there,

09:48:19 and the importance of bringing Main Street back, the Main

09:48:22 Street for the community, there are a lot of very positive

09:48:26 forces at work, and it has been something that has

09:48:32 considerable conversation about because it's of importance

09:48:34 to this community.

09:48:35 But I think they just wanted to bring up the fact that it's

09:48:37 not just as simple as saying we want to have a CRA.

09:48:40 There are a lot of other folks that we need to get involved.

09:48:43 Yes.

09:48:43 The process has already been looked at, and some

09:48:46 consideration has been had.

09:48:48 But, again, what I will do is come back to you with a time

09:48:55 line, and give you an idea of when we can take first steps

09:48:59 and how those things can be accomplished and that type of

09:49:02 thing.

09:49:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for all that.

09:49:06 I did look -- the Housing Authority did send me the -- I

09:49:13 guess a study of the 140 acres, and in there, their

09:49:20 conclusion was, amongst other things, was a suggestion to

09:49:26 form a CRA.

09:49:27 >> That was from the ULA study.

09:49:31 That was not the Housing Authority.

09:49:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, the Housing Authority -- sends me the

09:49:37 ULI study, and on there it had the suggestion of the -- it

09:49:42 has been in conversation for a while.

09:49:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes.

09:49:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that would be -- I think that's a great

09:49:48 idea to move forward and look at the steps that need to be

09:49:53 taken to bring that, as it was stated.

09:49:55 And so Tampa workshop last week or the week before, the

09:50:00 people there are very much in favor.

09:50:03 I know that it was attempted back -- wasn't there an attempt

09:50:07 to form a CRA in West Tampa back in the 80s, 90s?

09:50:11 >> Not that I'm aware of.

09:50:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No?

09:50:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: What a lot of people don't understand,

09:50:17 they think it's a panacea and it's automatically going to

09:50:20 generate dollars.

09:50:21 What it does is -- if you look at, you know, certain CRAs,

09:50:27 like Central Park and the Heights, they have been in place

09:50:31 several years now and so just doing a CRA is not in itself

09:50:37 the answer, it's having a CRA and a plan to provide some

09:50:43 impetus to generate development, which in turn generates

09:50:48 dollars which can be reinvested in that community.

09:50:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The plan for redevelopment is already

09:50:56 happening in West Tampa, or --

09:51:06 >> Again, public housing pays no taxes so whether they are

09:51:09 in a CRA makes no difference.

09:51:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If it was just for public housing it would

09:51:13 have been 40 acres, not 112 acres.

09:51:16 You are looking at 112 acres which is 60-some acres more

09:51:21 outside of the public housing.

09:51:23 So that part, yes, and that does generate tax dollars.

09:51:27 That part would generate tax dollars.

09:51:30 >> 95% of that property is owned by public entities which do

09:51:33 not generate any tax dollars.

09:51:35 It's owned either by the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County

09:51:38 or the school board.

09:51:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And Tampa is doing what with their property?

09:51:43 >> Right now, little league field and a public park.

09:51:48 >> And the plans for it is to stay that way?

09:51:52 >> We haven't finished the plan yet.

09:51:54 But the idea is to hopefully, like you say, develop a plan

09:51:58 which will enliven that neighborhood and bring private

09:52:03 investment in.

09:52:04 >> This Columbus court apartment privately owned?

09:52:08 That's not public housing.

09:52:12 So when you make that statement, it is a little bit

09:52:16 misleading because the plans are to develop that area.

09:52:21 There is in a doubt that that is exactly what the plans are.

09:52:24 So it's a little bit misleading.

09:52:27 It is 95% owned.

09:52:29 But that is not -- if we are to do anything with that area,

09:52:35 obviously, that land that is owned by the city would be up

09:52:46 for development.

09:52:46 >> And again, just to expand on your thought, that the

09:52:50 geographic boundaries, because the West Tampa people feel

09:52:54 very strongly about corridors and Howard and Armenia as

09:52:59 well, so we have a lot of discussion points there.

09:53:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone)

09:53:12 Sorry, I didn't Vermont my microphone on.

09:53:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, there have been two groups and

09:53:20 basically working on boundaries, and I think they almost

09:53:24 came to agreement on the boundaries over there.

09:53:26 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

09:53:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: So if you can provide us some guidance on

09:53:32 what you mentioned earlier about the time line, and what we

09:53:35 need to do to move forward with the interlocal agreement,

09:53:40 from my understanding, there are commissioners who want to

09:53:49 be examples in West Tampa and what I am getting back from

09:53:51 the Chamber of Commerce over there, the business community,

09:53:54 the residents who I have had self meetings with, they are

09:53:59 all saying they want to see this take place, and he wanted

09:54:09 also to getting that to the Board of County Commissioners.

09:54:16 So let me try to -- and no rush -- but when can we expect --

09:54:24 >>BOB McDONAUGH: On March 14th.

09:54:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: That will be a good time.

09:54:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I could probably have a rough schedule

09:54:32 drawn out by then.

09:54:33 And again, because we are going to involve members of the

09:54:39 community and Hillsborough County government, some of these

09:54:42 dates are subject, but again the first idea is generating a

09:54:47 map, and then the second is the blight study.

09:54:50 >> And if you get the information that you want, that you

09:54:56 make a motion, because the city is the one that has to

09:54:59 initiate that process, and then they adopt a plan, then they

09:55:03 bring it back to you for your use, to actually adopt a plan.

09:55:08 >> So once we receive that information we can make a motion

09:55:13 for council to move forward.

09:55:14 Is that correct?

09:55:16 >>SAL TERRITO: That's correct.

09:55:17 Then it goes to the Planning Commission as well for their

09:55:19 review and we can spell out the steps for you.

09:55:22 It's somewhat complex, unfortunately.

09:55:26 It's a complex process.

09:55:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can you give us a time line?

09:55:34 How long does something like this take?

09:55:35 You mentioned 2005, 2006.

09:55:38 Obviously that was a different commission.

09:55:40 But --

09:55:43 >> You are probably talking about a 90-day process because

09:55:46 it requires a plan to be put together, a study has to be

09:55:48 done to determine whether it meets blight standards.

09:55:52 Once that is done the CRA plan has to be in conformance with

09:55:56 the comprehensive plan.

09:55:59 And once the reviews are done, then the plan is created,

09:56:02 brought back to the City Council for their approval, they

09:56:04 approve it, and then say, CRA, here is the plan you are

09:56:07 going live with.

09:56:08 So there are a lot of steps involved and you have a lot of

09:56:10 entities involved.

09:56:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the 90 to 120 days is thinking that

09:56:15 everything is going to go --

09:56:19 >>SAL TERRITO: That's right.

09:56:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Excuse me.

09:56:25 I think that 90 to 120 days is entirely too optimistic.

09:56:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You will probably want to double that.

09:56:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: At least because it takes 60 days just for

09:56:36 the planning of blight.

09:56:39 Again, we think we can give you a rough outline and proceed

09:56:43 as expeditiously as we can.

09:56:44 But I wouldn't want to give you some false hopes about how

09:56:48 quickly cost accomplished.

09:56:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: That would be fine.

09:56:56 It's not 100 years -- all right.

09:57:00 Any other comments?

09:57:03 All right.

09:57:05 Thank you, Bob.

09:57:11 We will have information and reports at this time.

09:57:14 Ms. Montelione, anything?

09:57:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business, thank you.

09:57:18 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you.

09:57:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None, sir.

09:57:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, sir.

09:57:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just -- yesterday when we were at the

09:57:26 courthouse, we were at the courthouse -- I am going to make

09:57:32 it even longer now.

09:57:37 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, our clerk, made a comment when we

09:57:41 entered into that main courtroom after you go up the steps

09:57:45 that maybe we can have a meeting there, a CRA meeting

09:57:49 probably is the best.

09:57:50 I had asked Bob, and maybe we could ask him to come back,

09:57:53 whether or not it is inhabitable for an hour for us to do a

09:57:57 CRA meeting.

09:57:58 I know that there's a lot of hoops to jump through.

09:58:01 But I'm not sure if our agency would be amenable to doing

09:58:06 that.

09:58:06 Maybe just sort of as a farewell to the way the courthouse

09:58:11 looks now and how it's going to be transformed.

09:58:14 If I could make a motion for Bob to come back and to whether

09:58:16 or not we actually can do something like that, I would

09:58:19 appreciate it.

09:58:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

09:58:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Make sure it meets control standards.

09:58:25 [ Laughter ]

09:58:27 We have a motion from Mr. Suarez --

09:58:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The longer you give me to think.

09:58:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by

09:58:44 Mr. Miranda.

09:58:44 All in favor?

09:58:45 Thank you.

09:58:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I did want to mention.

09:58:49 It's not that I am in a hurry but there are events going on

09:58:52 around the world today.

09:58:53 And it's to recognize that although today is Valentine's

09:58:59 day, as we were graciously reminded, one in three women are

09:59:03 affected by domestic violence or harassment or abuse, not

09:59:09 just domestic violence but abuse.

09:59:12 One in three women.

09:59:14 And there are again events going on around the world.

09:59:21 Today.

09:59:21 I'm taking part in one.

09:59:22 It's called one billion rising because that is the estimated

09:59:25 number of women that will be affected by some type of abuse

09:59:27 in their lifetime.

09:59:29 So in honor and respect of those victims, women around the

09:59:33 world are standing up and saying no more.

09:59:36 So I just wanted to add that.

09:59:38 Thank you.

09:59:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: We appreciate your PSA.

09:59:42 Any other.

09:59:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file.

09:59:47 >> Second.

09:59:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:59:51 We stand adjourned.


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