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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, March 14, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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9:07:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.
9:07:05AM We're going to call the Community Redevelopment Agency
9:07:08AM meeting to order.
9:07:09AM And I'm going to yield to Councilman Mike Suarez.
9:07:15AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
9:07:16AM Like to introduce Brian Dembowczyk, executive and
9:07:21AM discipleship pastor at the First Baptist Church in Tampa
9:07:26AM since January, 2011.
9:07:27AM Brian was born in Baltimore, Maryland and obtained
9:07:30AM bachelor's degree in journalism from Towson University in
9:07:34AM Baltimore and master of divinity from Southern Baptist

9:07:36AM Theological Seminary, and a doctor of ministry from New
9:07:40AM Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
9:07:42AM He served as a student pastor, discipleship pastor in
9:07:48AM churches in Florida, Maryland and Kentucky.
9:07:50AM Married to Tara, three children, Joshua, Hannah and Caleb.
9:07:54AM So he's very tired most of the time, but he's here to offer
9:07:58AM the prayer.
9:07:59AM Please everyone stand for the invocation and stay standing
9:08:03AM for the Pledge of Allegiance.
9:08:05AM >> Thank you.
9:08:06AM Let us pray.
9:08:07AM Father God, we thank you so much for the blessing it is to
9:08:09AM live in this community.
9:08:10AM God, you have bestowed amazing blessing by giving us amazing
9:08:15AM weather, amazing resources, amazing people here in this
9:08:18AM community, this city.
9:08:19AM Father, for this we are deeply grateful.
9:08:21AM God, we give ample reason or you have given us ample reason
9:08:25AM to celebrate you every single day when we open our eyes and
9:08:28AM see the beauty in what you have given us all around.
9:08:31AM Father, I thank you for the work of the City Council.
9:08:33AM I thank you for how they are working tirelessly to improve
9:08:36AM our city, make it even better.
9:08:38AM God, I pray that you give them wisdom, guidance, direction.
9:08:42AM God, help them to grapple with the difficult decisions they

9:08:45AM need to make.
9:08:45AM Give them wisdom as they pursue the right path to be on for
9:08:49AM this city, this community as a whole.
9:08:51AM God, I pray that they find unity, God, I pray that they can
9:08:55AM come alongside in one mind and one spirit to deal with the
9:08:59AM common problems, the issues that we see as a city and help
9:09:03AM resolve them and push us forward to a better place to live,
9:09:07AM work and play.
9:09:08AM God, pray for us as a community.
9:09:10AM Let us come alongside them and work as partners, especially
9:09:15AM the people of faith, all the different faiths, we recognize
9:09:18AM injustice as injustice.
9:09:19AM I pray you help us be partners with them as we fight for one
9:09:24AM common cause to bring justice to every single person in this
9:09:26AM city.
9:09:27AM God, thank you so much again for the privilege it is to be
9:09:30AM in this city.
9:09:31AM God bless this Council.
9:09:34AM God, we also would be remiss if we did not pray for the
9:09:37AM safety upon our first responders, our police, our fire,
9:09:40AM other personnel this very day.
9:09:42AM God, we praise you for them and their tireless efforts as
9:09:45AM well to keep us safe in this wonderful city.
9:09:49AM It's for your glory we do pray, Amen.

9:10:11AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.
9:10:12AM [Roll Call]
9:10:15AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:10:16AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:10:17AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:10:19AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:10:20AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
9:10:21AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:10:22AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Just state for the record that we received
9:10:24AM communication from Councilwoman Mulhern.
9:10:27AM She will not be able to be here this morning.
9:10:29AM So we just want to state that for the record.
9:10:31AM All right.
9:10:31AM Mr. Bob?
9:10:33AM >> Good morning, Council, as is our monthly custom, we have
9:10:36AM a representative from one of the CACs.
9:10:39AM And this month, it is Ms. Abbey Dohring representing the
9:10:42AM Channel District CRA.
9:10:47AM >> Good morning.
9:10:48AM It's an honor to be here this morning.
9:10:53AM Thank you for having me.
9:10:54AM The Channel District is booming.
9:10:57AM We're thrilled to talk about all the great things that are
9:11:00AM happening in the Channel District.
9:11:02AM Related Development is on path to finish up construction by

9:11:06AM May, start moving folks in.
9:11:08AM There are plenty of infrastructure improvements taking place
9:11:11AM right now.
9:11:12AM Sidewalks, drainage, street parking, street resurfacing.
9:11:18AM The Martin, also Ken Stoltenberg project is moving forward.
9:11:24AM They're going through the rezoning process and are planning
9:11:27AM to have that in June.
9:11:28AM Novare is back, filed the zoning petition to development
9:11:37AM mixed use complex on twelfth street right behind the Related
9:11:42AM Group.
9:11:42AM City district-wide, working on some parking options.
9:11:48AM And our committee specifically are working on such tasks as
9:11:52AM event grant programs applications, sidewalk cafe, creating
9:11:57AM more of a policy for the grant applications for startup
9:12:03AM businesses.
9:12:06AM Working on our mission statement to be a little more exact.
9:12:09AM But we have a great team this year and we're thrilled.
9:12:13AM The budget's looking strong.
9:12:15AM The neighborhood amenity incentive program, we really want
9:12:18AM to get awareness out about that this year.
9:12:21AM Make sure everyone knows what options are out there, if
9:12:23AM they're willing to come and open a business in the Channel
9:12:25AM District.
9:12:26AM Again, the street parking hopefully looking at some of the
9:12:34AM land development opportunities where, looking at the code

9:12:38AM for bonus densities.
9:12:40AM And you know, when your problem is that you have to maintain
9:12:45AM the dogs in the area, you know, I got to just clap.
9:12:50AM It's great.
9:12:51AM And the other problem is there aren't enough units available
9:12:55AM for sale or for lease.
9:12:56AM What great problems to have.
9:12:59AM So we're thrilled.
9:13:00AM We're excited to be here.
9:13:01AM And be on the right track for great success.
9:13:05AM We are also looking to help with the cruise ship dropoffs
9:13:10AM and the taxi staging areas.
9:13:12AM And making the street car the economic development tool that
9:13:17AM it so wants to be and can be.
9:13:19AM So thank you very much.
9:13:20AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:13:21AM Are there any questions?
9:13:25AM We thank you for coming.
9:13:30AM >> Good morning.
9:13:31AM Just a summary of some of the activities in the various
9:13:35AM CRAs.
9:13:35AM First of all, I'd like to point out that you got copies of
9:13:39AM your annual report left at your desk.
9:13:42AM At the end of the meeting, I'd ask you to receive and file
9:13:45AM that.

9:13:45AM But this is the previously approved document you had seen in
9:13:48AM draft form and now it's in final printed form.
9:13:51AM Last weekend, second Gasparilla musical festival was a huge
9:13:56AM success, so I can say we're officially done with the pirate
9:13:59AM season.
9:13:59AM And this weekend, we're taking care of the Irishmen.
9:14:02AM We have the St. Patrick's day parade in Ybor City and River
9:14:06AM of Green Festival in Curtis Hixon Park.
9:14:08AM The Twilight Criterium is also this weekend, which is a bike
9:14:13AM race which is attended by professionals and amateurs from
9:14:16AM all over the southeast.
9:14:17AM It's grown to over 600 contestants.
9:14:20AM And this year, something that's interesting is that they
9:14:23AM have moved part of the race up to Encore.
9:14:26AM So, the amateur race is in the morning, during the day up at
9:14:31AM Encore and then the professionals race downtown in the last
9:14:34AM few races in the evening.
9:14:35AM This year, actually has a $20,000 first prize.
9:14:39AM So it's grown to be quite an impressive event.
9:14:41AM And then in May, early May, the downtown CRA is one of the
9:14:48AM sponsors for Funk Fest.
9:14:50AM That is a little different from the River of Green Festival.
9:14:53AM And it will be coming to Curtis Hixon Park first weekend in
9:14:57AM May.
9:14:58AM We have two high rises that recently filed in the Channel

9:15:02AM District.
9:15:03AM One is Novare that Abbey mentioned.
9:15:08AM They were the development of Skypoint in the downtown CRA.
9:15:11AM The other one is The Martin, by Ken Stoltenberg and his
9:15:15AM partner Frank Bombeeck, immediately behind Grand Central.
9:15:21AM So two very substantial properties.
9:15:22AM And the Channel District CRA is also looking at founding a
9:15:26AM park, which was part of the -- so they're in conversations
9:15:29AM right now about property.
9:15:31AM And will be coming back to the CRA in the not too distant
9:15:34AM future about that.
9:15:35AM Construction projects still abound, being funded by the
9:15:39AM various CRAs.
9:15:41AM We have in East Tampa, there is the 22nd Street project,
9:15:46AM it's still going on.
9:15:47AM And we have gotten confirmation from FDOT that their
9:15:52AM segment, which will be from the roundabout to the
9:15:55AM interstate, will take place in the first half of 2014.
9:15:59AM They want to finish their connector project first, which is
9:16:03AM running a little behind schedule.
9:16:05AM So now they're talking about their segment, which is funded
9:16:08AM and paid for by FDOT, in the first part of 2014.
9:16:12AM Drew Park still continues on with the Grady avenue project.
9:16:17AM And in the Channel District, there are improvements for the
9:16:21AM twelfth street to complement what's going on with Related.

9:16:24AM And finally, this weekend, for you fashionistas, the grand
9:16:31AM opening of The Container Store in the Westshore Business
9:16:33AM District.
9:16:34AM What's interesting about that, a new developer to our
9:16:38AM marketplace.
9:16:39AM Liked Tampa, liked the location so much that he's bought the
9:16:42AM land from the south and he is now developing that as well.
9:16:45AM So it's an important gateway to our city.
9:16:48AM It's part of our business district and before, it was
9:16:51AM surface parking lots behind a rather broken down fencing.
9:16:56AM So it's going to be a big improvement to the business
9:16:58AM district.
9:16:59AM And that concludes my report.
9:17:05AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have a question.
9:17:06AM Mr. McDonough, I asked last year -- not of you, but I did
9:17:12AM ask and I wanted -- I was curious because I read where the,
9:17:17AM we called about the green, turning the river green.
9:17:22AM We asked Chicago, we wanted to copy that.
9:17:24AM And they wouldn't give us the formula.
9:17:26AM So we hired a chemist to turn our river green.
9:17:30AM And I asked what was the cost to the city?
9:17:33AM And I never got that answer.
9:17:35AM So I'm wondering.
9:17:36AM >> I'll find out.
9:17:38AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

9:17:38AM >> I think that the reason is that they did not use the
9:17:42AM people from Chicago is it's a proprietary dye and they will
9:17:46AM not give the agreements.
9:17:47AM They'll actually hire out and come and do it for a rather
9:17:51AM large amount of money.
9:17:52AM I'll see what I can find out for you.
9:17:54AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
9:17:57AM >> Thank you.
9:18:00AM Item number three is the, talking about an approval process
9:18:05AM for new CRA.
9:18:07AM And this is specific to West Tampa.
9:18:09AM In your package, you have a verbal description of how long
9:18:13AM it would take.
9:18:14AM I have given a simple schedule here.
9:18:17AM Are you able to read that?
9:18:34AM So we would have the establishment of the geographic
9:18:40AM boundaries, which takes approximately 30 days.
9:18:42AM Would like to get buy-in from the community and the various
9:18:45AM stakeholders.
9:18:46AM We would engage the Planning Commission to perform an
9:18:48AM existing condition study, get them hired.
9:18:52AM Takes about 15 days.
9:18:53AM Development of an existing conditions report, which is
9:18:58AM condition of blight report.
9:19:00AM I prefer this name.

9:19:00AM I think it's a little easier on the eyes.
9:19:04AM Cost for that is somewhere between 30 and $60,000.
9:19:08AM The draft plan for the CRA with community participation,
9:19:14AM basically setting the goals of what you hope to achieve with
9:19:16AM the CRA.
9:19:17AM That's about 120 day process.
9:19:19AM Submitting to the local planning agency for consistency
9:19:23AM review, which in this case would be the Planning Commission,
9:19:27AM assumptions around 30 days.
9:19:29AM And then City Council adopts the CRA plan and trust fund
9:19:34AM ordinance, taking about 60 days.
9:19:35AM One of the assumptions that I made in this, is that during
9:19:39AM this process, we would have ongoing conversations with the
9:19:42AM Hillsborough County to decide about revenue sharing and that
9:19:47AM type of thing.
9:19:48AM We also have some other conversations to have because as you
9:19:51AM might be aware, we have the downtown CRA facing its end of
9:19:57AM time.
9:19:57AM We have Ybor facing its end of time.
9:19:59AM And there are some questions about some of the other CRAs.
9:20:03AM So, there will be some other dialogue to have with
9:20:06AM Hillsborough County during this time period.
9:20:09AM And that does not include time required to authorize start
9:20:15AM of the process.
9:20:16AM But the administration is ready, willing and able to begin

9:20:21AM this process.
9:20:26AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
9:20:28AM Bob, in terms of -- couple questions.
9:20:31AM One, the money for the study, does it come from the city?
9:20:35AM >> Yes.
9:20:36AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Doesn't come from the CRA?
9:20:38AM >> Doesn't have any money.
9:20:39AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because it's not a created CRA, so comes from
9:20:41AM us, correct?
9:20:42AM In terms of the process with the Council and when you say
9:20:46AM negotiation of interlocal agreement, I know there's been a
9:20:50AM lot of talk sometimes, or previously the county was less
9:20:54AM than enthusiastic about CRAs.
9:20:57AM I know in this week's newspaper there was some discussion
9:21:00AM about other CRA areas.
9:21:04AM I think wholly within the county, some may have spilled over
9:21:08AM into the city, but how tough do you think those negotiations
9:21:12AM will be in terms of, you know, you've been dealing with the
9:21:15AM county administration now for the last couple years.
9:21:18AM Do you think that it would be amenable for us to be able to
9:21:22AM get a new CRA created?
9:21:24AM >> I think that Mr. Reddick actually had a conversation with
9:21:27AM one of their commissioners, who was supportive.
9:21:29AM And we have had conversations with the county.
9:21:31AM It comes down to a matter of money.

9:21:35AM Because what stays within the CRA is no longer distributed
9:21:39AM to the county.
9:21:40AM And so they have a vested interest in that.
9:21:42AM When Ybor 2 was created as well as the Heights, if you look,
9:21:50AM it's actually on a sliding scale, where the CRA does not
9:21:56AM receive its normal 95% of the operating funds.
9:21:58AM As time goes on, the county receives a little bit more of
9:22:01AM that.
9:22:01AM My assumption is that those same types of conversations
9:22:04AM would happen.
9:22:05AM And part of it is going to have to do with anticipated
9:22:10AM revenues.
9:22:11AM You know, if we're talking about extending the downtown CRA,
9:22:14AM that's obviously a CRA which generates more funding than
9:22:18AM something like the Heights.
9:22:20AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, I assume -- it's going to be based on
9:22:23AM whatever that study comes up with because that's going to
9:22:26AM figure out the relative tax value for that area in some
9:22:31AM ways, plus what the potential is.
9:22:34AM >> The study basically is performed to say yes, this area
9:22:40AM does have existence of blight and could use the extra
9:22:45AM assistance from the CRA.
9:22:47AM The next step is doing a CRA plan, which lays out goals for
9:22:52AM it.
9:22:55AM They're kind of two separate things.

9:22:56AM One is the establishment of blight, saying yes, this is an
9:22:59AM area that infrastructure could use help and the businesses
9:23:02AM could use help.
9:23:03AM And so that is the finding that is necessary for the state
9:23:07AM to say yes, this meets our criteria.
9:23:10AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I don't want to belabor the point, but in
9:23:13AM terms of the specifics that we look at in terms of the
9:23:16AM statute when it comes to blight, what are those standards?
9:23:21AM >> Infrastructure is a lot of it.
9:23:23AM Condition of housing, condition of buildings.
9:23:29AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Property values part of that too?
9:23:31AM >> Property values, income, yes.
9:23:33AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: So it's a pretty holistic demographic
9:23:36AM assessment of a specific geographic area that then goes
9:23:39AM through this process?
9:23:41AM >> Correct.
9:23:42AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: All right.
9:23:42AM Thank you, chair.
9:23:44AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, is it possible you can get a copy of
9:23:47AM this?
9:23:49AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Absolutely.
9:23:50AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't see it in our package here.
9:23:52AM So we appreciate it.
9:23:53AM Any other questions for Bob?
9:23:56AM All right.

9:24:02AM We do item number 4.
9:24:08AM Item number 4.
9:24:18AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Certainly.
9:24:19AM I am going to introduce Thom Snelling and Ed Johnson.
9:24:24AM As you may recall, the East Tampa CRA had set aside a
9:24:29AM portion of their TIF funds specifically for housing
9:24:33AM rehabilitation.
9:24:34AM And the administration was asked, would the city handle the
9:24:40AM mechanics of that?
9:24:42AM And we said certainly, we will.
9:24:44AM And so, Ed and Thom are going to come up and talk about the
9:24:48AM goals of the disbursement of this money.
9:24:57AM >> Good morning, CRA board members, Ed Johnson, CRA manager
9:25:00AM for the East Tampa CRA.
9:25:02AM The item in question was about the 477,000 plus dollars that
9:25:10AM we have in our housing rehabilitation line item to be used.
9:25:18AM Previously it was used for acquisition of foreclosed
9:25:22AM properties and rehabilitation of those properties and then
9:25:24AM put back into home ownership.
9:25:26AM But it was -- at that time it was leveraged with our
9:25:30AM neighborhood stabilization funding.
9:25:33AM And the neighborhood stabilization 2 program, as you recall,
9:25:36AM half of the money was spent and the other half was returned
9:25:39AM to the housing authority, who had jurisdiction over the NSP
9:25:44AM 2 dollars.

9:25:45AM So our item in the foreclosed property rehabilitation
9:25:52AM program was stopped at that time.
9:25:54AM And those dollars just sat there.
9:25:55AM So, now the question is asked if we could utilize those
9:26:00AM dollars and put them into a new program that would address
9:26:04AM rehabilitation of seniors.
9:26:07AM And I went and met with Thom Snelling and his staff in the
9:26:11AM housing department, who administered the previous program.
9:26:14AM And together we have come up with a plan of action that we
9:26:18AM would like for you to consider this morning.
9:26:19AM So Thom?
9:26:22AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:26:27AM Thom Snelling, planning director.
9:26:29AM I'll put this on the Elmo, whatever it's called now.
9:26:55AM As Ed said, they had the approximately $478,000 available in
9:27:06AM the East Tampa TIF.
9:27:08AM And basically what we are proposing to administer following
9:27:14AM our existing program to administer the funding, and the --
9:27:19AM what we don't want to do is reinvent the wheel entirely and
9:27:22AM create a whole new administrative process to do virtually
9:27:25AM the same type of program and to administer the same type of
9:27:29AM program.
9:27:29AM Previously, the city had kind of did the entire program from
9:27:34AM soup to nuts and we were in the bid process and we selected
9:27:40AM the contractors.

9:27:41AM We did the income qualification.
9:27:43AM We did everything.
9:27:45AM We proposed the RFPs, selected the contractor and we did
9:27:48AM all of that.
9:27:48AM We have long since stopped doing that and turned a lot of
9:27:51AM that function over to the, the not-for-profits that are
9:27:56AM currently active and that we worked with in the past, and
9:27:59AM we're basically proposing to do the same thing here.
9:28:01AM So we're not going to change that type of program.
9:28:03AM The same kind of a program, the same type of approach that
9:28:06AM we're going to have, we'll follow that process because
9:28:08AM frankly I don't have enough staff to just go ahead and
9:28:12AM administer one program one way and another program with all
9:28:15AM the soup to nuts another way.
9:28:16AM So we're just going to roll it into how our existing process
9:28:20AM works.
9:28:20AM As you know, our current partners right now are the Center
9:28:24AM for Women, Habitat for Humanity and Self-reliance.
9:28:28AM And if they bid on this process, then their contracts and
9:28:35AM agreements would have to be amended or would have to enter
9:28:38AM into brand new ones with them.
9:28:40AM So if that happens, then those certainly are going to have
9:28:43AM to be amended because this is a new source of funding.
9:28:46AM Given that it is a new source of funding, it's not the home
9:28:48AM dollars or CDBG or any federal dollars.

9:28:52AM We're proposing that we do a new RFP for the -- to acquire
9:28:58AM the CRA funds.
9:28:59AM We can have that CRA, or that bid ready to go out on Monday.
9:29:05AM We have the boilerplate, some very minor changes we would
9:29:08AM have to do to that.
9:29:09AM We could get it loaded on demand star by Monday.
9:29:12AM Have it run for a short two week period in that time, it
9:29:16AM would go out to all the usual suspects through the demand
9:29:19AM star process.
9:29:19AM But we would also do e-mails and snail mails to all the
9:29:23AM partners that we worked with in the past so they would all
9:29:26AM be informed.
9:29:27AM We'd leave it out for approximately a two week period.
9:29:30AM It would come back to the city by roughly April 1st.
9:29:34AM And we feel that we could have everything, the
9:29:38AM recommendations made and done and have the contracts awarded
9:29:43AM by May 1st.
9:29:44AM What that would do is, that would allow five entire full
9:29:48AM months to expend that money.
9:29:50AM The one thing I did not mention, I'm not sure if Ed
9:29:53AM mentioned it or not, these CRA TIF funds must be expended by
9:29:57AM September 30th of 2013.
9:29:59AM So, we feel five months expending that amount of money is
9:30:05AM probably very doable.
9:30:07AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thom, let me stop you for a second.

9:30:09AM You stated that these are TIF dollars?
9:30:15AM >> Yes, sir.
9:30:17AM >>FRANK REDDICK: So these -- and I'm looking at the current
9:30:24AM housing partners.
9:30:26AM If these are TIF dollars coming out of East Tampa, then I
9:30:35AM want to see that the East Tampa Business Civic Association
9:30:41AM and the Coast Foundation be included as one of these
9:30:46AM partners because they're businesses in East Tampa.
9:30:51AM And I don't think it's fair to the citizens in East Tampa
9:30:56AM and the residents who are paying property taxes, to have
9:31:02AM businesses that are not located in East Tampa doing this
9:31:05AM work, when you got businesses in East Tampa who are property
9:31:09AM owners, not being included.
9:31:13AM So, could you tell me why, is it restricted to these three
9:31:18AM people?
9:31:19AM >>THOM SNELLING: No, sir, I listed those three just so you
9:31:21AM know who our current partners are.
9:31:24AM There is no restrictions.
9:31:25AM That's why we're proposing a new RFP, so everybody has
9:31:28AM opportunity to participate in this funding round.
9:31:31AM I just listed these folks here, just as background
9:31:35AM information.
9:31:36AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
9:31:36AM So, those two other agencies that I mentioned can also, with
9:31:41AM the new RFP, they can also apply for these?

9:31:44AM >>THOM SNELLING: Absolutely.
9:31:46AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Wanted to make clear.
9:31:48AM >>THOM SNELLING: I did have conversations with Reverend Sims
9:31:49AM and he wanted to open it up as wide as possible as well.
9:31:53AM I don't want to speak for him.
9:31:55AM He would be here today except he's had a medical emergency.
9:31:59AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
9:32:01AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Is it -- it would be one, or would it be
9:32:04AM three?
9:32:06AM How many partners?
9:32:08AM >>THOM SNELLING: You could have as many partners that
9:32:09AM qualified.
9:32:10AM It could be one, two, three or more.
9:32:12AM And that -- that will come up as part of the RFP process.
9:32:17AM As staff evaluates the, the RFPs when they come back.
9:32:25AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The more partners you have.
9:32:30AM >>THOM SNELLING: The easier it will be to expend the money.
9:32:33AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Much faster.
9:32:34AM But would it...
9:32:38AM I think my concern is deluding the...
9:32:47AM >>THOM SNELLING: The same number of residents would be
9:32:48AM helped, whether it was a single partner or whether it was
9:32:51AM ten partners.
9:32:54AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: At a maximum of 15,000.
9:32:57AM >>THOM SNELLING: That's my suggestion.

9:32:58AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right.
9:32:59AM That suggested cap that would be about 32 homes, if they
9:33:02AM went to that cap?
9:33:03AM >>THOM SNELLING: 30 to 35, yes, ma'am.
9:33:04AM I don't believe everybody will reach the 15.
9:33:07AM Some will come back at eight, ten, 12.
9:33:09AM And even at that on a case-by-case basis, if something comes
9:33:14AM back at 1,000, because perhaps some of the other savings
9:33:17AM that were under, I think we'd use that as the average, not
9:33:22AM necessarily the hard line.
9:33:24AM Some of these details, because we still need to work out, I
9:33:27AM want to have further conversations with Mr. Sims, Reverend
9:33:32AM Sims.
9:33:33AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm trying to understand.
9:33:34AM If you have these non-profit partners, the oversight of the
9:33:40AM criteria of who -- I see this here, code violations.
9:33:46AM This is the criteria for the, for the residents to receive
9:33:51AM the help?
9:33:52AM >>THOM SNELLING: No.
9:33:54AM Everything you have in front of you, as states on the top,
9:33:56AM it is our recommendation.
9:33:57AM We were asked to come back to see what the tweak was.
9:34:00AM Previously, the policies that we followed were in the
9:34:04AM previous, when we used the TIF dollars with the NSP dollars
9:34:08AM that Mr. Johnson talked about, the criteria there was

9:34:11AM virtually seniors and area median income.
9:34:14AM The first priority was seniors, area median income of 80%
9:34:17AM and then the second priority was seniors, area median income
9:34:21AM of a hundred percent.
9:34:22AM And 120%.
9:34:24AM And then the fourth criteria were families at 120%.
9:34:28AM What we're proposing, because as you have heard and the
9:34:33AM numerous discussions we have, is about people who are living
9:34:36AM in squalor, who have bad roofs, who are living in unsafe
9:34:40AM conditions.
9:34:40AM Frankly I thought I was hearing you loud and clear when you
9:34:44AM were saying to build in safety things and to establish some
9:34:46AM form of a criteria that took the worst first.
9:34:50AM And that's what we tried to do here.
9:34:52AM I had my construction manager, John Barrios, he went through
9:34:56AM and identified some of these.
9:34:57AM I think they're very good.
9:34:59AM The first three criteria that you have there -- did you
9:35:03AM already give them the map?
9:35:07AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I appreciate the explanation.
9:35:10AM >>THOM SNELLING: And the seniors, they'd be 80% AMI.
9:35:13AM We're proposing 80%.
9:35:14AM That could change based on the discussions today.
9:35:16AM But then what we identified for the priority listing, homes
9:35:21AM with basic code violations of a life safety nature.

9:35:24AM And that's leaky roof, faulty wiring, bad plumbing, things
9:35:29AM like that, where the person is literally living in an unsafe
9:35:31AM condition.
9:35:32AM Then it goes from there, then deficiencies for life safety
9:35:35AM could be inadequate plumbing, etcetera.
9:35:38AM Heating.
9:35:38AM And then quality of life, such as handicap accessibility,
9:35:44AM medical accommodations, things such as that.
9:35:46AM And then as you see, we're saying lengths of time and the
9:35:50AM waiting list goes down a little bit based on these other
9:35:52AM criteria.
9:35:53AM And then work done within the past five years.
9:35:55AM That's right now our city policy.
9:35:57AM We try to spread our dollars as far as we can.
9:36:00AM Again, these are our suggestions.
9:36:03AM We were asked to come back with some kind of
9:36:04AM recommendations.
9:36:05AM This is what we came up with.
9:36:07AM You know, I sent this over to Mr. Sims and when he and I
9:36:12AM talked, he wanted to have it open a little bit more for
9:36:17AM additional opportunities.
9:36:18AM So, we did, you know, this morning, last night, we did some
9:36:23AM calculations on how quickly we could get an RFP out and save
9:36:26AM the maximum amount of time for rehab.
9:36:29AM So we have added that to that.

9:36:30AM The $15,000 cap is our recommendation.
9:36:34AM Again, because we have heard there are so many people out
9:36:37AM there.
9:36:37AM We feel we could help more people by adjusting that cap a
9:36:41AM little bit.
9:36:42AM As I said, it doesn't necessarily have to be that, but we
9:36:45AM would like to at a minimum have that as our average.
9:36:48AM So if somebody does a ten and the next one is going to
9:36:51AM require, 17, okay, on average, that's what you are doing per
9:36:54AM household.
9:36:55AM We feel we could do the most good that way.
9:36:58AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
9:36:59AM And I do agree with the leaky roof and faulty wiring, that
9:37:03AM is a major problem of safety.
9:37:05AM Those leaky roofs.
9:37:06AM So thank you.
9:37:15AM >> What we have done, the infamous list, we have gone
9:37:18AM through and scrubbed it up.
9:37:19AM We have the physical locations of all these properties here.
9:37:21AM There's 250 items, or locations, and this is just the East
9:37:26AM Tampa CRA.
9:37:27AM I don't know if they're income qualified, I don't know what
9:37:33AM their specific circumstances are for each of these
9:37:35AM properties.
9:37:35AM But this would give the not-for-profits a bit of a head

9:37:40AM start on locating these are the people that are already on
9:37:43AM the current list for the use of the TIF funds to be focused
9:37:46AM in the East Tampa CRA.
9:37:48AM So we have scrubbed that list.
9:37:50AM We have that information available.
9:37:51AM We'll make it available to whoever the successful bidders
9:37:54AM are, so they can start working down that list.
9:37:56AM The other thing is, I want to get East Tampa community
9:38:02AM revitalization partnership, Mr. Sims, more involved in
9:38:06AM having them be the ones that are making the selections of
9:38:09AM the people to participate in this.
9:38:10AM In simple terms, it's their money and they want to have as
9:38:16AM much say as possible in who gets help.
9:38:17AM So, we'll work with Reverend Sims and handling it that way.
9:38:22AM What we did want to do is at least identify -- there's no
9:38:25AM shortage of need out there, as you can see.
9:38:27AM I would hate to have to be the one that decides who is the
9:38:32AM 35th person that gets help and who's the 36th person on that
9:38:36AM list.
9:38:36AM Not a fun decision.
9:38:40AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Before Ms. Montelione speaks, let me just
9:38:44AM say this to you, Thom.
9:38:46AM I would hope that the executive board of the East Tampa
9:38:52AM partnership will make those recommendations after consulting
9:38:57AM with their membership so it relief any problems or any

9:39:02AM tensions, future problems, and I think that would be the
9:39:05AM best way to handle it.
9:39:06AM Let the executive board meet and have discussions with their
9:39:10AM membership and then make the recommendations to you or to
9:39:14AM any of the partners who are doing the work.
9:39:16AM And that, it would greatly help me.
9:39:21AM [ Laughter ]
9:39:23AM >> Our role in this is be administrators.
9:39:26AM When I said I wanted to roll it into our existing program,
9:39:29AM by that I mean I have policies set up.
9:39:33AM In a sense, we're the check and balance.
9:39:35AM They'll do the income verification, they'll give you that
9:39:38AM paperwork.
9:39:39AM I have a staff that will validate that, yes indeed they are
9:39:42AM income qualified.
9:39:43AM Yes indeed they haven't been helped in the last five years.
9:39:46AM Yes indeed they are located here.
9:39:48AM And just go down that checklist as a safety valve.
9:39:51AM A check and balance in that.
9:39:53AM And that's where I'm talking about using -- because that's
9:39:56AM what we currently do.
9:39:57AM We want to continue to do that, not reinvent, come up with
9:40:00AM some whole new.
9:40:02AM >>FRANK REDDICK: That's great.
9:40:03AM I just want to minimize my phone calls.

9:40:05AM That's all.
9:40:06AM Ms. Montelione?
9:40:08AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:40:09AM When the RFP is developed, I'm hoping that you include a
9:40:16AM provision for those that can leverage funds.
9:40:20AM >> Yes, ma'am.
9:40:21AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because we are limited in funding,
9:40:26AM 477,951.
9:40:29AM $15,000 cap.
9:40:30AM We have already done the math.
9:40:32AM And some of these properties, you can blow through 15,000
9:40:36AM pretty quick with roofing and wiring, you know, some of the
9:40:40AM life safety issues that you talked about.
9:40:42AM So those that are successful in the RFP process, I'm hoping
9:40:50AM will be able to, you know, apply for other grant funding and
9:40:54AM other assistance programs, whether at the state level or the
9:40:59AM federal level, so that we can maximize the dollars spent.
9:41:04AM You have identified 249 parcels.
9:41:08AM And we're talking about maybe helping 32.
9:41:11AM So, that would be an important component at least to me, is
9:41:16AM to leverage those funds and even to pull in some, you know,
9:41:21AM private dollars and get community partners from our
9:41:25AM corporate citizens to assist in that.
9:41:27AM And that will make the money go even further.
9:41:35AM >>THOM SNELLING: Understood.

9:41:36AM I'll answer any other questions.
9:41:43AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Are there any additional comments or
9:41:46AM questions for Mr. Snelling?
9:41:47AM One last thing.
9:41:52AM Looking at the $15,000 cap that you have.
9:41:57AM I hope you will give consideration to at least basis where
9:42:04AM there's, there is a lot of older homes in East Tampa.
9:42:08AM And some of them are going to receive more than $15,000.
9:42:13AM I hope that's a need base, you all will give great
9:42:18AM consideration, because I would hope you put a maximum cap on
9:42:23AM that because some might run into 20, $25,000 of work.
9:42:29AM So, they will still be the same problem if they only do 15,
9:42:34AM 16, $17,000 worth of work and they need $25,000 work, then
9:42:38AM they got additional problems with that structure if it's not
9:42:45AM done completely.
9:42:47AM So, as at need basis, I hope consideration will be given if
9:42:52AM there's a drastic case where there's severe damage and need
9:42:56AM to be done, that you will give great consideration towards
9:42:59AM getting that done.
9:43:00AM >>THOM SNELLING: Yeah, again I think -- if we're approaching
9:43:05AM it from a cumulative and an average perspective, I think
9:43:10AM some of that flexibility we can build into the contracts.
9:43:13AM I would hate to say automatically just say okay, everybody
9:43:16AM can go up to $25,000 or $30,000 and have that be the cap.
9:43:23AM It's been my experience in the past that, that helps fewer

9:43:27AM people.
9:43:29AM And I think our focus on this -- my recommendation, again, I
9:43:32AM mean it's the CRA's funding.
9:43:36AM It's your choices.
9:43:38AM East Tampa business community partnerships input.
9:43:45AM These are our recommendations, having done a lot of these
9:43:47AM programs from the past.
9:43:49AM And where, what I've heard over the past many months of what
9:43:52AM kinds of needs are out there and what kind of help we should
9:43:55AM bring and who we should be helping.
9:43:57AM So we have tried to capture that in our recommendations.
9:44:01AM Again, when Mr. Sims comes back next week, we'll work with
9:44:05AM him and work up through a lot of those details.
9:44:08AM Suarez.
9:44:13AM >>HARRY COHEN: So Mr. Snelling, what exactly are you asking
9:44:16AM this board to do to get the ball rolling, since time is of
9:44:20AM the essence?
9:44:21AM >>THOM SNELLING: If you would motion to have me craft an RFP
9:44:24AM that would include the salient points of my, our
9:44:29AM recommendations, which would be going out for new RFP, that
9:44:38AM the criteria for applicant eligibility be what I have listed
9:44:42AM here as well as the prioritization.
9:44:44AM That limit be to an average over the total program of 15,000
9:44:52AM per home.
9:44:56AM And that the administration fee be capped at 10% of each

9:45:02AM home.
9:45:04AM >>HARRY COHEN: Just to clarify, when you say $15,000, the
9:45:08AM cap as an average, does that mean for every grant of
9:45:12AM $10,000, you can also have one for 20?
9:45:16AM >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, sir.
9:45:17AM >>HARRY COHEN: So the idea is they would balance each other
9:45:19AM out?
9:45:21AM >>THOM SNELLING: That would allow for what I think
9:45:23AM Councilmember's Reddick's concern was.
9:45:25AM >>HARRY COHEN: I would move --
9:45:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Before you make your motion, Ms. Capin
9:45:29AM wanted to make a comment.
9:45:31AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
9:45:32AM And I appreciate that.
9:45:33AM I wanted to -- of the 249 parcels, or homes that were
9:45:38AM identified, when the possible criteria applicant
9:45:42AM eligibility, are these homes all seniors of 62 of age?
9:45:48AM Or is it just all of the area?
9:45:51AM How did this come up?
9:45:53AM How many 62-year-olds --
9:45:56AM >>THOM SNELLING: That's all of the homes.
9:45:58AM Again, this was for again for demonstration.
9:46:01AM We can go back and further scrub and find which ones are
9:46:04AM seniors.
9:46:05AM There's a lot of seniors, believe me, there's many.

9:46:09AM And again -- represents data that's two weeks old.
9:46:16AM There could be more by now.
9:46:17AM We'll use the most current information we have.
9:46:20AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's just that the number 249 popped up.
9:46:26AM I looked at the possible criteria of 62 years of age and
9:46:30AM just wondered, is that how many are in this area?
9:46:33AM >>THOM SNELLING: That is unknown.
9:46:36AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: As of two weeks ago, this is the whole area?
9:46:38AM >>THOM SNELLING: Correct.
9:46:39AM Yes, ma'am.
9:46:39AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
9:46:40AM I appreciate giving me the time.
9:46:45AM Can we get that number?
9:46:46AM How many of these are 62 and up?
9:46:49AM >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, ma'am, I can have that for you.
9:46:52AM >>HARRY COHEN: Just to be clear, if we make a motion asking
9:46:55AM you to come back with, authorizing you to go forward, would
9:47:02AM you come back to us before you issued the RFP for another
9:47:05AM vote?
9:47:05AM Or is this it?
9:47:09AM >>THOM SNELLING: We would put it out.
9:47:10AM We would put out the RFP because of the time constraints.
9:47:14AM We would put the RFP out on Monday, based on the criteria
9:47:17AM that I have handed you today.
9:47:20AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Cohen -- I know there are some people

9:47:23AM out here for this issue.
9:47:25AM And let me just say, ask if anyone wants to speak on this
9:47:29AM issue before we make a motion.
9:47:31AM Come forward.
9:47:32AM Just to be safe.
9:47:35AM >> Good morning.
9:47:36AM I apologize for the sunglasses.
9:47:38AM I'm having some problems with my eyes this morning.
9:47:41AM I'm Diane Hart, CEO for East Tampa business and civic
9:47:44AM association.
9:47:45AM Let me just start by saying this is not a new program.
9:47:48AM This is something that we started when we set up the CRA the
9:47:51AM very first time many years ago in East Tampa.
9:47:54AM To do some rehab on houses in our community because we
9:47:57AM realize there had been more than 50 years in East Tampa
9:48:02AM since anything major has been done.
9:48:04AM I agree there must be a cap.
9:48:06AM To have that a fluctuating cap will not work.
9:48:09AM We have got to cap it.
9:48:11AM And we just have to.
9:48:13AM I'm working in that field right now.
9:48:14AM We have been working in it for the last three years, doing
9:48:17AM housing rehab.
9:48:18AM Yes, from time to time you may have a thousand or two
9:48:21AM dollars that you could save on somebody else's, that just

9:48:24AM gives you more money to be able, instead of 35, you do 36.
9:48:29AM But we have to have a cap.
9:48:30AM The reason I say that is because you can't let -- I need 25,
9:48:35AM you need 25.
9:48:35AM Who gets the 25?
9:48:37AM So if we cap it at the 15, the real concern is, will there
9:48:41AM be a need to bring that house completely up to code?
9:48:44AM If the house has got to go to code, nine times out of 10, 15
9:48:48AM will never do it.
9:48:50AM These houses that we're talking about.
9:48:51AM Now, if you don't have to bring that house up to code and I
9:48:54AM can go in there and just do your bathroom because it's the
9:48:57AM worst of the worst that you have happening at your house and
9:48:59AM you don't need a roof, you don't need electric, then yes, we
9:49:02AM go in, three or four thousand dollars, we're in, we're out.
9:49:07AM But we need to know that there is a cap.
9:49:10AM Are we required to bring that house completely up to code or
9:49:13AM not?
9:49:13AM Because that is the critical peace.
9:49:16AM Every time we touch one of these houses and right now we're
9:49:18AM using dollars that require us to bring it up to code.
9:49:21AM So when we go in there and we're using, I believe it must be
9:49:26AM home dollars that we're using that is requiring us to bring
9:49:28AM it to code, sometimes we just have to walk away from a
9:49:30AM house.

9:49:31AM You can't bring it to code, you can't help it at all.
9:49:34AM That's what I'd like to see us not do this round, if you can
9:49:37AM help that individual, and it's just the bathroom that they
9:49:40AM need, let's fix the bathroom.
9:49:42AM If it's just the electrical, let's just do the electrical
9:49:45AM and not have to bring that house up to code because when
9:49:48AM that happens, we have to walk away from many of these
9:49:50AM seniors where we might have been able to do something to
9:49:53AM help them.
9:49:54AM But because of the type of funding resources we're using,
9:49:57AM you can't do that.
9:49:58AM So I'd like to see, make sure that that's a part of it.
9:50:01AM The other thing is, I guess I was a little offended when he
9:50:05AM named off the three partners when you have I think five or
9:50:08AM six of us as partners.
9:50:10AM So please in the future include all of us when you're
9:50:12AM talking about partners.
9:50:14AM We have been partners with the City of Tampa for over, since
9:50:17AM 1999.
9:50:18AM That's how long we have been working in this housing
9:50:21AM program.
9:50:21AM We have been in the rehab business for the past three years.
9:50:24AM And the other thing we must do, we need to know -- and I can
9:50:30AM tell you out of my 150 on my list, over 98 of my people were
9:50:35AM passed 62.

9:50:36AM We have given that list to the city.
9:50:38AM However, East Tampa and Habitat was a partner in Habitat's
9:50:43AM grant.
9:50:43AM And we still haven't been able to do anything.
9:50:46AM So there's partnerships out here just waiting to take place.
9:50:49AM So all of us do understand the need to leverage these
9:50:52AM dollars and to work with other folks, but there's going to
9:50:54AM have to be a few changes.
9:50:58AM Thank you.
9:51:03AM >>HARRY COHEN: I was going to ask if Mr. Snelling could
9:51:05AM answer the question about the code, whether or not something
9:51:07AM has to be brought up -- Diane's absolutely correct.
9:51:19AM When we were using federal dollars, federal dollars required
9:51:23AM minimum code be met.
9:51:24AM When you go into a house, they wanted all to come up to
9:51:26AM code.
9:51:27AM The state SHIP dollars did not require it.
9:51:30AM These TIF dollars will not require that.
9:51:32AM So you can use a laser and if electric wiring is the issue,
9:51:35AM you can hit that.
9:51:36AM If the roofing is the issue, you can hit that.
9:51:38AM And as much as it would pain the people working on the
9:51:42AM project, you may have to walk away from a leaky faucet or
9:51:47AM some other kind of thing.
9:51:49AM But you don't have to bring the entire building up to code.

9:51:51AM You can go in and address the most serious life safety
9:51:56AM issues.
9:51:56AM So that's part of the beauty actually of being able to use
9:52:01AM this money for that.
9:52:02AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:52:10AM >> Good morning.
9:52:11AM I'm Willie -- Reverend Willie Dixon, executive director of
9:52:16AM the Coach Foundation.
9:52:18AM And my office is still located at 1331 West Cass Street and
9:52:24AM I'm doing business throughout the City of Tampa.
9:52:27AM I don't think anything happened my mere happenstance.
9:52:34AM We came down a few months ago and two of the same
9:52:40AM organizations received money then.
9:52:43AM Now you're giving these same organizations preference over
9:52:48AM our organization.
9:52:48AM You say it's not true, but the proof is in the pudding.
9:52:56AM We were left out.
9:52:57AM We were not even listed as a non-profit organization doing
9:53:01AM business.
9:53:01AM And here's the pitches, I go all the way back to the
9:53:05AM challenge fund.
9:53:06AM And I think I'm the only one still standing.
9:53:10AM And I'm original -- something else I want -- I know nothing
9:53:17AM just happens.
9:53:18AM And Mr. Reddick, you shouldn't be alone because you have

9:53:23AM district one, district two and district three at large.
9:53:27AM They are also supposed to support whatever you do, because
9:53:31AM they represent all of the people in the City of Tampa.
9:53:34AM Not just one district.
9:53:35AM And I do feel that -- I want to say what I want to say, but
9:53:45AM I won't say it, I'll wait until I see if there are any civil
9:53:51AM rights laws being violated.
9:53:52AM And if there are, we know what happened the last time.
9:53:55AM We didn't do any business for three years.
9:53:57AM So I just pray that you do what is right and what is fair.
9:54:01AM And not because of color.
9:54:04AM But because if you go back and look at some of the
9:54:08AM organizations you've given money to, check the audit.
9:54:13AM Check how they've been doing business.
9:54:15AM If you notice everyone about the City of Tampa has been
9:54:20AM perfect.
9:54:23AM Our organization is often better than the City of Tampa.
9:54:26AM So I would appreciate what you do what is morally and
9:54:28AM legally right, for all of the non-profits, not one over
9:54:32AM another.
9:54:33AM And history they say sometimes repeats itself.
9:54:36AM And I've given one out, but I want you to read the history
9:54:40AM of the City of Tampa and also say, meaning is the loss of
9:54:48AM us.
9:54:49AM I just pray that you do the right thing.

9:54:52AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.
9:54:59AM >> Council, when I listed the current partners, I listed
9:55:13AM them -- as you can see, it says for owner-occupied rehab.
9:55:17AM That's the current partners who we have right now.
9:55:19AM It was informational only, period.
9:55:21AM There was no exclusion.
9:55:23AM There was no snubbing.
9:55:24AM There was no deliberates, we're not going to include certain
9:55:28AM groups or others.
9:55:29AM That happens to be a fact.
9:55:32AM A black and white fact.
9:55:33AM Those are our current partners and that's what I said in the
9:55:36AM very beginning of my presentation.
9:55:37AM And the other thing, the quality of the work has never,
9:55:42AM ever, ever been at question.
9:55:44AM That has never been at question.
9:55:46AM We have never raised it as a question.
9:55:48AM I just want to be clear on this.
9:55:50AM Make sure that you understand that as well.
9:55:52AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Ms. Capin?
9:55:55AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Snelling, thank you for that.
9:55:57AM I think it's very important because color keeps coming up.
9:56:00AM And I want the best qualified non-profit to work on this.
9:56:04AM And that's what the RFP is for.
9:56:06AM I don't care what color it is.

9:56:08AM I do not care.
9:56:10AM And I cannot make that as clear as possible.
9:56:15AM Thank you.
9:56:15AM And thank you for clearing that up.
9:56:18AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
9:56:19AM Next speaker?
9:56:21AM And we're going to do a motion after this.
9:56:27AM >> Good morning.
9:56:27AM Carol Joseph Marshall, I'm from the East Tampa partnership,
9:56:33AM executive committee.
9:56:34AM And first I want to thank you all for -- thank Thom Snelling
9:56:41AM and his staff, Ed Johnson for making this happen.
9:56:44AM We have been working on this, asking for this to come to
9:56:49AM this point, or beyond this point, so I want to thank you for
9:56:53AM that.
9:56:53AM The next thing, Mr. Snelling, I thought Diane Hart was still
9:56:59AM doing rehab.
9:57:00AM Just want to bring that out.
9:57:05AM And then the next thing is, leveraging funds.
9:57:09AM We don't have much time.
9:57:12AM It's going to take time to leverage funds to make a big
9:57:17AM difference, okay?
9:57:19AM The funds are going to expire soon.
9:57:21AM So we really don't have time, unless there are funds out
9:57:25AM there that the city could help us with.

9:57:28AM And that's one of the stuff we have spoken about, we have
9:57:31AM asked about, if the city has any money back there hidden
9:57:34AM that they could bring out and help us to make this happen,
9:57:39AM because these houses need help.
9:57:41AM These people need help.
9:57:42AM The economy is really bad.
9:57:44AM And they're having a hard time.
9:57:46AM So, you know, we need people to come together and help us.
9:57:53AM We are not just in the bubble by ourself.
9:57:57AM We are still under the city, even though we are a CRA.
9:58:00AM And we need help.
9:58:01AM Okay.
9:58:04AM And basically, it's just not enough time to leverage other
9:58:08AM funds.
9:58:08AM So if you all could put on your thinking caps and Ms. Capin,
9:58:15AM you know, we need help.
9:58:17AM We need help to make this happen.
9:58:19AM And I just thank you all and just -- I would like one other
9:58:24AM thing I would like to know, or see the criteria for these
9:58:28AM non-profits, the RFP, is it going to be the same criteria we
9:58:34AM have always had?
9:58:35AM Or is it something different that's coming up?
9:58:39AM I'd like to know that.
9:58:40AM Thank you.
9:58:42AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I think Mr. Snelling can give you that

9:58:44AM information.
9:58:48AM >>THOM SNELLING: The criteria, I've heard that, you do want
9:58:51AM leveraging -- I'll wait till the final motion is made to
9:58:55AM that.
9:58:55AM I've heard that Ms. Hart requested a firm cap for lack of a
9:59:00AM better term.
9:59:01AM I'll wait for the motion on that.
9:59:02AM The criteria and the ranking and the points, I think
9:59:08AM leveraging is important.
9:59:10AM You stretch your dollar.
9:59:11AM The criteria that we have, without it sitting right in front
9:59:16AM of me, because this is a different funding source, because
9:59:19AM this is a bit of a different program, that criteria may
9:59:22AM change somewhat.
9:59:23AM I don't see a drastic change in the criteria to be
9:59:26AM completely frank.
9:59:27AM A lot of the criteria will be the same because that has been
9:59:30AM criteria that up until the confusion of the Choate take
9:59:35AM versus non-Chotl funding last year has worked very well.
9:59:39AM I don't see to add a whole bunch of new bells and whistles
9:59:42AM and new hoops for people to go through, because time is of
9:59:45AM the essence and because we want to get people to respond as
9:59:48AM many as possible, as quickly as possible, I'm not going to
9:59:51AM add a lot of new criteria that requires additional processes
9:59:55AM or applications or investigations.

9:59:57AM We'll make it as simple as possible.
10:00:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
10:00:02AM We're going to have comments, questions from Ms. Montelione,
10:00:07AM then Mr. Suarez and then I'm going to entertain a motion.
10:00:11AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:00:11AM And I wanted to speak, Ms. Joseph Marshall, to the
10:00:16AM leveraging.
10:00:17AM And you know, as Thom said, it is important and it does make
10:00:21AM our dollars go further.
10:00:22AM And there are many of the non-profits who engage in this
10:00:26AM type of activity, including Ms. Hart's East Tampa business
10:00:32AM and civic association.
10:00:34AM They already have a track record for leveraging funds.
10:00:38AM And some of them already have funding that they've received
10:00:43AM from the now infamous Wells Fargo gift that was delivered
10:00:48AM recently to several nonprofits in the community.
10:00:52AM So, yeah, when I speak of leveraging, it's really, really
10:00:58AM important because we have got 249 properties that we have
10:01:01AM identified in need.
10:01:03AM And the 400, almost, you know, 478,000 isn't going to go
10:01:09AM very far.
10:01:10AM So I'm looking to make as many people the recipients of the
10:01:15AM work as possible.
10:01:17AM And leveraging will do that.
10:01:19AM And it doesn't -- you know, I'm not necessarily saying that

10:01:23AM when that RFP is issued, now you have to go out and find
10:01:26AM partners to list them on your application.
10:01:29AM You've got the ability to list the funding that you have
10:01:33AM within your own resources already to say we can use these
10:01:37AM funds and direct them towards this project.
10:01:39AM Or we have partnerships ongoing with these, these corporate
10:01:44AM entities and we can, you know, go to them and request
10:01:48AM funding and see if they will pitch in to help this project.
10:01:52AM So, and there are other, you know, groups who are volunteer
10:01:57AM groups, you know, churches or, you know, some of those
10:02:01AM groups who could be listed as leveraging, because those
10:02:05AM man-hours or woman-hours, those people-hours are, you know,
10:02:11AM considered because that defrays the cost.
10:02:16AM I know volunteers can't be used to do a lot of things
10:02:19AM because you have to have licensed, licensed electrical
10:02:22AM contractors, roofing contractors, but there is work that can
10:02:25AM be done to make that home not only as close to code, if
10:02:31AM that's our goal, or meet code as possible, but also to do
10:02:35AM some of the aesthetic work that brings that house to a
10:02:41AM prideful place.
10:02:42AM So, those kinds of activities I think are all part of that
10:02:47AM leveraging process.
10:02:50AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez?
10:02:52AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:02:53AM Mr. Snelling, I got a quick question for you.

10:02:56AM I don't know if this would qualify.
10:02:57AM Mr. Dixon brought up a couple things.
10:02:59AM First of all, Mr. Dixon, thanks for reminding us about our
10:03:02AM history here.
10:03:04AM I'm a third generation Tampan.
10:03:07AM A lot of stuff I already knew, thank you for reminding me of
10:03:11AM it.
10:03:12AM Mr. Snelling, one of the things he did mention, there's a
10:03:15AM lot of groups already been doing this type of work, maybe
10:03:18AM under other programs.
10:03:19AM Is there a way that we can structure the RFP to, because
10:03:22AM we're an expedited process here, to include those already
10:03:27AM that are on a list that we have approved for other programs?
10:03:33AM >> I'm not sure if I understand the question.
10:03:35AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I mean, let's say for example, if Mr. Dixon's
10:03:38AM group has already been approved for SHIP dollars or Chotl or
10:03:42AM some of the others, can't we just allow them to make it as
10:03:46AM part of the RFP, that that certification would count as a
10:03:51AM threshold already in order to get them into the RFP process?
10:03:57AM I mean, I assume it's a possibility.
10:03:59AM >> Preselecting --
10:04:01AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Hang on a second.
10:04:02AM It's not preselecting.
10:04:05AM Again, we're talking about qualified.
10:04:06AM If you put in there as the RFP, what qualifications they

10:04:09AM are, if we already know there are partners out there that
10:04:12AM have already done work and Mr. Dixon did mention that he has
10:04:17AM had clean audits for his organization for years.
10:04:19AM And I take his word for it.
10:04:21AM So if that's true, why couldn't we put that as part of the
10:04:24AM RFP process, again, it's not matter of selecting anyone.
10:04:29AM They're still already qualified.
10:04:32AM They've qualified throughout the programs that we're
10:04:34AM administering.
10:04:35AM >> Some criteria towards existing partners or past
10:04:38AM performance, something like that?
10:04:40AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm not going to play the lawyer up here.
10:04:42AM That's what this guy's job is.
10:04:44AM But you know, it does sometimes belabor our process when we
10:04:49AM already have partners that we have dealt with, that even
10:04:52AM when we do an RFP, and there's nothing wrong with saying and
10:04:56AM restating what those qualifications are.
10:04:58AM There are some people that are already qualified.
10:05:00AM I mean we do this with, when we're talking about, you know,
10:05:06AM other types of organizations, there are people because of
10:05:08AM the way we write the RFPs, we already know who's going to
10:05:12AM apply for it.
10:05:13AM Let's face it.
10:05:14AM Sometimes that's part of the case.
10:05:15AM And again, all I'm asking is, we do have partners that we

10:05:19AM already deal with.
10:05:20AM The qualifications themselves doesn't go against the RFP and
10:05:24AM I don't think it precludes anyone to applying for the
10:05:28AM dollars.
10:05:28AM I think it just streamlines the process if you said you've
10:05:32AM already qualified through these other programs that we have
10:05:34AM already vetted.
10:05:36AM >> I will look.
10:05:37AM But there is language I know in virtually all of our
10:05:41AM existing RFPs that talk about organizational capacity, and
10:05:47AM that's where those kinds of, you know, existing partners,
10:05:52AM how qualified somebody is.
10:05:53AM Those kinds of qualifications are called out in the RFP, so
10:05:58AM if you have been a past, an existing partner in the past,
10:06:03AM then you'll score the full 20 points or the full 15 points
10:06:07AM or whatever that happens to be there.
10:06:09AM And if somebody who's never done with before and they say
10:06:12AM I've never done them, getting into this the first time, they
10:06:15AM would score lower.
10:06:16AM So existing partners, existing organizations that have done
10:06:19AM business with the city in these housing type programs would
10:06:23AM score higher in that.
10:06:24AM But I would double-check in the RFP before it goes out to
10:06:28AM make sure that --
10:06:30AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Maybe the language could be something about

10:06:32AM an invitation to bid or something like that because I do
10:06:36AM think sometimes we do spin our own wheels when we do RFPs.
10:06:39AM It's supposed to be open and fair.
10:06:41AM And I have no problem with that.
10:06:43AM But the same time, there are partners that we already know,
10:06:47AM already do this business, has been wanting to do this
10:06:50AM business and want to continue to do this business with the
10:06:52AM city.
10:06:53AM And they've already been qualified and vetted.
10:06:55AM The only thing that we would check for is make sure they're
10:06:58AM still financially able to provide the kind of services that
10:07:01AM we're asking for.
10:07:02AM And that, you know, we will never, ever stop doing.
10:07:06AM Which is doing that part of the vetting.
10:07:08AM Again, I don't know how we would put it down in the process,
10:07:12AM because there's a lot of legal hoops we have to jump through
10:07:14AM in order to make sure that that's fair for everyone.
10:07:17AM But there may be a way of expediting it without actually
10:07:21AM having to reinvent the wheel.
10:07:24AM That's all I'm suggesting.
10:07:25AM Again, that's an administrative process, it's just a
10:07:29AM suggestion from my desk.
10:07:31AM >>THOM SNELLING: I believe we have some of that criteria
10:07:33AM already built in.
10:07:34AM And trust me, my RFP will pass legal muster and then some

10:07:38AM before it hits the street.
10:07:39AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know it will.
10:07:40AM Because you don't look good in orange either.
10:07:43AM So we're going to make sure of that though.
10:07:46AM Thank you, chair.
10:07:48AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You want to make a comment?
10:07:53AM >> [inaudible]
10:07:59AM >> That's already there.
10:08:00AM In this type of program where you're actually going to the
10:08:03AM non-profits, part of the non-profits, response of the RFP is
10:08:08AM locating candidates.
10:08:10AM So this is not funds going directly to the RFP and then to
10:08:14AM somebody.
10:08:14AM But they will come to us with a project in hand, this person
10:08:17AM qualifies, this person meets X number of dollars to do the
10:08:21AM work.
10:08:21AM It's not just a question of qualifying the performer, but
10:08:27AM also the recipient that the performer brings forward.
10:08:30AM Is this a project that fits the criteria?
10:08:34AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: My argument was not about that portion of it.
10:08:36AM It's just that because we have vetted people for federal
10:08:40AM projects, that we are, the numbers that we have, you know,
10:08:44AM it's always important for us to make sure that we already
10:08:47AM know that there are already people doing that job.
10:08:51AM And not that we make it more restrictive than what we have

10:08:55AM already, you know, done in terms of qualifications.
10:08:58AM That's all my entire statement was about.
10:09:02AM >> I understand the statements.
10:09:03AM I think what I wanted to address is some of the concerns
10:09:05AM that you have that past experience with the city, whatever,
10:09:10AM it's a clean slate, I think --
10:09:14AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's like a prospectus, past performance is
10:09:17AM no guarantee of future performance.
10:09:20AM I know that and again, it was not to cook the RFP so that
10:09:25AM certain people get a job.
10:09:27AM But, those qualifications that are asked for as part of the
10:09:31AM RFP, you already know who's already qualified because
10:09:34AM they've already applied for it.
10:09:35AM How do you work that process to get these guys to invite to
10:09:39AM bid so that we can get the work done quicker?
10:09:42AM Again, you know, we have a database in which we do it.
10:09:46AM Unfortunately, I think Mr. Snelling showed up, he showed who
10:09:50AM our current partners are and there are lots of other
10:09:52AM partners out there, as was stated.
10:09:54AM So, are we -- is this really just our stated partners or are
10:09:59AM there other partners out there?
10:10:00AM That's what opened the door.
10:10:01AM You don't have to answer.
10:10:02AM I'm not beating you up.
10:10:04AM I'm just saying by virtue of what you presented to us, it

10:10:07AM makes it seem like there's partners that we are dealing
10:10:12AM with, and I want to make sure that people understand that
10:10:15AM there's lots of people we deal with.
10:10:18AM >>THOM SNELLING: You're absolutely correct.
10:10:21AM The three that --
10:10:23AM >>FRANK REDDICK: May I just suggest that --
10:10:26AM >> Being quiet?
10:10:30AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Legal can work that out, so we can move on.
10:10:33AM All right, Mr. Cohen?
10:10:35AM >>HARRY COHEN: I'd like to make a motion incorporating
10:10:39AM some -- the items on this discussion list so that the clerk
10:10:44AM will have the benefit, I'm going to refer to the list itself
10:10:48AM in going through it.
10:10:50AM And I want to point out that the list of the current housing
10:10:53AM partners was strictly for example purposes only, that in no
10:10:58AM way is the RFP that we are voting to authorize the city to
10:11:05AM produce going to limit itself to any particular partners.
10:11:10AM In terms of the eligibility for, for funding and the
10:11:17AM prioritization listing for participation, I would suggest
10:11:20AM that we leave that alone and follow what's on the sheet
10:11:23AM itself, which is East Tampa CRA residents currently on the
10:11:27AM waiting list, seniors 62 years of age and above.
10:11:30AM 80% average median income maximum.
10:11:34AM Then on the prioritization listing, homes with code
10:11:38AM violations, general deficiencies, quality of life

10:11:41AM deficiencies, lengths of time on waiting list and worked on
10:11:43AM in the last five years.
10:11:45AM I'm comfortable with the $15,000 average cap.
10:11:49AM But, I do think we should have a hard cap of $20,000, given
10:11:57AM that there's only $477,000 available.
10:12:02AM I would incorporate into the motion that leveraging of funds
10:12:08AM be a consideration in the criteria for awarding the work.
10:12:14AM And I think we should spell out that the money will not be
10:12:18AM contingent on a property meeting all code violations, that
10:12:24AM we would take a best effort approach in trying to approve --
10:12:29AM improve individual properties.
10:12:31AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
10:12:32AM We have a motion.
10:12:33AM >> Second.
10:12:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'd like to add to that, within the
10:12:36AM targeted area, the new targeted area, as I may, a friendly
10:12:40AM amendment.
10:12:41AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you accept the amendment?
10:12:43AM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes, of course.
10:12:45AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Got a second.
10:12:46AM All right.
10:12:46AM All those in favor -- further discussion of the motion?
10:12:50AM The motion made by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Miranda.
10:12:54AM All those in favor of the motion say aye.
10:12:56AM Opposed? All right.

10:12:57AM Thank you.
10:12:57AM At this time, we will -- we have public comments and anyone
10:13:02AM who haven't spoken already, feel free to come up and speak.
10:13:06AM Any item on the agenda.
10:13:08AM Anyone who hasn't spoken already.
10:13:18AM >> Greeting, Mr. Chairman, other members of the Community
10:13:20AM Redevelopment Agency, I am totally confused.
10:13:25AM Having said that, Mr. Chairman, I'm real puzzled by this
10:13:35AM last motion that you made.
10:13:36AM And I hope the clerk's offices would confirm that motion so
10:13:49AM that ordinary person like myself can understand it.
10:13:52AM You know, this non-profit involvement in this effort to
10:14:05AM redevelopment East Tampa, I'm leery.
10:14:09AM I did hear the name of Coke.
10:14:14AM I hear the name of the East Tampa civic and business
10:14:18AM association.
10:14:22AM Does the member of this agency know how they operate?
10:14:25AM And to whom they are accountable to?
10:14:28AM Has anyone ever seen a audit concerning their performance
10:14:35AM and their accountability?
10:14:37AM I appreciate the opportunity for the public and the private
10:14:46AM to partner with -- I know how the public is accountable,
10:14:52AM because I can vote for you.
10:14:55AM But I'm not certain about the so-called non-profits.
10:15:03AM Who are they really accountable for?

10:15:05AM And how are they accountable?
10:15:09AM This thing called leverage, who is the leverager?
10:15:18AM And who is the leveragee?
10:15:20AM And how is this leveraging monitored to the extent that you
10:15:30AM know how much is leveraged and who makes up the difference
10:15:36AM in the leverage?
10:15:37AM So Mr. Chairman, to whom may I turn to be better educated
10:15:43AM and informed?
10:15:45AM Can I go to my representative that, who sits on this agency
10:15:53AM from the district that I --
10:15:56AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You go to Mr. Ed Johnson.
10:15:58AM [ Laughter ]
10:16:00AM >> Say that again please?
10:16:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You go to Mr. Ed Johnson, he'll provide
10:16:04AM that information.
10:16:06AM >> Thank you, sir.
10:16:07AM And then I'll give you a report on the results of my
10:16:11AM education.
10:16:12AM Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:16:13AM Best wishes.
10:16:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: We will also get you clarification on the
10:16:16AM motion as well.
10:16:17AM We'll get that for you.
10:16:18AM All right.
10:16:20AM Anyone else wish to speak at this time?

10:16:22AM All right.
10:16:23AM Bob?
10:16:26AM >> The last piece of business that I request is the
10:16:30AM ratification of Mr. Richard Boone as a member of the YCDC.
10:16:35AM He is replacing someone who has recently stepped down.
10:16:39AM And will fulfill this requirement through September, when
10:16:43AM they would reach a reelection.
10:16:46AM >> So moved.
10:16:47AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Got a motion.
10:16:49AM Moved by Mr. Miranda, second by Mr. Suarez.
10:16:51AM All those in favor of the motion, say aye.
10:16:53AM Opposed?
10:16:53AM Thank you.
10:16:55AM >> Again, just reminder to receive and file the annual
10:16:58AM report, which was delivered to you today.
10:17:00AM >> So moved.
10:17:02AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a second?
10:17:03AM >> Second.
10:17:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: A motion by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:17:06AM Mr. Miranda to receive and file.
10:17:08AM All those in favor of the motion say aye.
10:17:10AM Opposed?
10:17:12AM >> That concludes my business in front of the board.
10:17:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.
10:17:15AM Appreciate it.

10:17:16AM Mr. Suarez?
10:17:18AM Any new business?
10:17:20AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.
10:17:20AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?
10:17:22AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.
10:17:23AM >> Mr. Miranda?
10:17:24AM >> No.
10:17:24AM >> Mr. Cohen?
10:17:25AM >> No.
10:17:26AM >> Ms. Montelione?
10:17:27AM >> No, sir.
10:17:29AM >> Need a motion to receive and file.
10:17:31AM Moved by Mr. Miranda, second by Suarez.
10:17:36AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:17:38AM We stand adjourned.
10:17:40AM Thank you.

March 14, 2013
CRA 9:30 a.m.

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