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Thursday, May 2, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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9:05:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to session.
9:06:15AM The Chair yields to Ms. Montelione.
9:06:20AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:06:21AM I would like everyone to rise for the pledge and for the
9:06:26AM invocation.
9:06:28AM This morning, we have Reverend Bob Spurgeon.
9:06:31AM I am pleased to introduce, who will lead us today.
9:06:34AM Pastor Bob is the assistant pastor at Temple Terrace United
9:06:37AM Methodist Church, which is also my home voting precinct.
9:06:41AM If anybody cares.
9:06:44AM Little bit early.
9:06:45AM Pastor Bob was born in Iowa and was a newspaper writer
9:06:48AM before entering the religious service in 1986.

9:06:52AM He's also served as an on-call chaplain, serving families of
9:06:56AM all faiths in a time of need.
9:06:57AM Pastor Bob and his wife Wendy have four children and eight
9:07:01AM grandchildren.
9:07:02AM Thank you.
9:07:03AM >> Thank you, Lisa.
9:07:04AM I bring you greetings from the Temple Terrace United
9:07:07AM Methodist Church, where our vision is to be an instrument of
9:07:12AM hope in our community.
9:07:13AM It's in that spirit I invite you to join me as we pray
9:07:17AM today.
9:07:17AM For you indeed are a God of hope, and today, we thank you on
9:07:21AM behalf of all who are gathered here today.
9:07:24AM Thank you for your blessings for us, family and friends.
9:07:28AM Thank you for the ability to be involved in useful work and
9:07:33AM for the honor of bearing appropriate responsibilities.
9:07:36AM Today we pray for our Mayor, for the various levels of city
9:07:43AM officials and in particular, for this assembled City
9:07:46AM Council.
9:07:47AM Grant them, O God, wisdom to govern amid the conflicting
9:07:54AM interests and issues of our time.
9:07:56AM Sense of the welfare and the needs of people.
9:08:00AM Confidence in doing what is good and honorable and personal
9:08:05AM peace in their lives.
9:08:06AM And joy in their work.

9:08:08AM So we pray for the agenda today, for the City Council, bless
9:08:13AM their work and their efforts.
9:08:14AM In your name, Amen.
9:08:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.
9:08:38AM [Roll Call]
9:08:39AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:08:41AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:08:42AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:08:44AM >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
9:08:45AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:08:46AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
9:08:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:08:48AM I need a motion to adopt the minutes of the regular session
9:08:51AM of April 4th, April the 18th and April the 11th.
9:08:54AM >> So moved.
9:08:55AM >> Second.
9:08:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Capin, second by Mr. Cohen.
9:08:58AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:09:00AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:09:01AM Go now to the ceremony activities.
9:09:03AM First one will be a commendation to who?
9:09:08AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's me.
9:09:09AM Councilwoman who?
9:09:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He forgot, after a couple more days.

9:09:15AM Anyways, Ms. Capin will make the commendation presentation
9:09:18AM to Santiago Corrada.
9:09:37AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I got to say, this is the second in two
9:09:41AM weeks.
9:09:42AM I got to say, when I first met Santiago Corrada, the first
9:09:45AM thing he did was give me this pin.
9:09:47AM And of all the pins I have, I have City Council pin, pins
9:09:54AM with little flags.
9:09:56AM This is the one I wear the most, because it reminds me and I
9:09:59AM think it was intentional.
9:10:00AM It's all about Tampa.
9:10:02AM It's all about our city.
9:10:04AM And I thank you for that.
9:10:06AM The commendation presented to Santiago, I'm going to go
9:10:11AM ahead and read it.
9:10:14AM Tampa City Council recognizes the accomplishes of Santiago
9:10:16AM Corrada, has made as leader of our community.
9:10:19AM We wish him well in his new role at Tampa Bay and company as
9:10:23AM their president and CEO.
9:10:24AM As Tampa's chief of staff, Santiago successfully coordinated
9:10:30AM the effort of all departments and agencies to implement the
9:10:33AM programs directed by the Mayor and the policies developed by
9:10:36AM City Council.
9:10:36AM Santiago came on board in 2004.
9:10:41AM And he kissed Miami goodbye.

9:10:44AM [ Laughter ]
9:10:46AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: An avid fan of the famous rock band, he was
9:10:49AM a natural, fit for the various positions in which he so
9:10:53AM aptly served our city.
9:10:55AM In a worked he was dressed to kill, and hotter than hell.
9:11:00AM [ Laughter ]
9:11:02AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: When he got here.
9:11:04AM [ Laughter ]
9:11:06AM [ Applause ]
9:11:08AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And he never let up.
9:11:10AM We are better off for his leadership, Santiago brought to
9:11:14AM the City of Tampa, that he brought to the City of Tampa and
9:11:17AM we'll know he'll do all wonderful things in his new position
9:11:21AM and we thank you.
9:11:22AM And I'm so glad you're still here.
9:11:24AM And for you, from City Council --
9:11:29AM [ Laughter ]
9:11:30AM [ Applause ]
9:11:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's the one in the middle.
9:11:51AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's what we must have looked at.
9:11:55AM But he still showed up.
9:11:56AM Thank you, Santiago.
9:12:00AM [ Applause ]
9:12:04AM >> I don't think I've heard a commendation read like that.
9:12:08AM Dressed to kill and hotter than hell has never been on any

9:12:11AM commendation I can recall in nine years.
9:12:14AM Thank you so very, very much.
9:12:15AM I've always wanted one of these the first time I ever
9:12:18AM received one of these, and this one is very, very special.
9:12:21AM Thank you for the kindness, professionalism, courtesy City
9:12:25AM Council that you've always shown me.
9:12:27AM I've always felt so comfortable coming before you, because I
9:12:30AM knew we were always about doing the right thing for the
9:12:33AM citizens of Tampa, even though we didn't always agree, that
9:12:36AM was the bottom lines in our hearts, we always felt that we
9:12:39AM were doing what was best for the people of Tampa.
9:12:42AM I really have to say the people of Tampa really don't know
9:12:44AM how fortunate they are to have a City Council that cares,
9:12:48AM that deliberates, that agonizes over the decisions that you
9:12:52AM have to make for the betterment of our community and they
9:12:56AM really don't know.
9:12:57AM You have to come from other places, you said I kissed Miami
9:13:00AM goodbye and I really did.
9:13:02AM And having been there, the value of our City Council, the
9:13:06AM work that you do is just amazing.
9:13:09AM And I don't know that the citizens know how very, very
9:13:12AM fortunate they are to have the public servants that they
9:13:15AM have new.
9:13:15AM I really have to thank a lot of people.
9:13:17AM I have to thank Mayor Iorio for opening this beautiful

9:13:21AM community to me.
9:13:22AM For having this community adopt me, nine years ago.
9:13:26AM I'm leaving tomorrow.
9:13:28AM On my ninth year anniversary.
9:13:30AM I walked in on may 3rd, I'm walking out on May 3rd.
9:13:34AM I always believe you finish what you start.
9:13:36AM So it was important to me leave on my ninth year
9:13:39AM anniversary.
9:13:40AM She opened the doors for this wonderful city to me, gave me
9:13:43AM so many, many opportunities to grow and learn and for that,
9:13:45AM I'm forever grateful.
9:13:47AM To Mayor Buckhorn for appointing me chief of staff.
9:13:50AM Little did I know nine years ago that I would be the chief
9:13:53AM of satisfy for the City of Tampa, again providing me for
9:13:56AM opportunities to grow personally and professionally.
9:13:58AM And if you know me, you know that's what I'm always
9:14:00AM motivated by, is to learn and to grow.
9:14:03AM It's not about the money.
9:14:05AM It's not about material things.
9:14:07AM It's how I can grow as a person, as a professional, so to
9:14:10AM Mayor Iorio, Mayor Buckhorn, I'm eternally grateful to the
9:14:14AM incredible staff, again, the citizens of Tampa just don't
9:14:18AM know how very lucky they are that they have individuals that
9:14:20AM go out there every single day and believe in what they do in
9:14:24AM making this a better city and to all of the friends on all

9:14:27AM of the boards that I've come to know and love here in Tampa,
9:14:30AM this is my home.
9:14:31AM I don't think there's a better ambassador for Tampa Bay and
9:14:35AM company to go out there and sell this region, because this
9:14:37AM is my home.
9:14:38AM I love my home.
9:14:40AM And I think we're the greatest city in the world.
9:14:42AM So when I'm out there selling, it's about all the incredible
9:14:45AM assets that we have from ecotourism to the arts, to the
9:14:49AM museums, great venues, hotels, restaurants.
9:14:53AM So it's going to be an easy job for me to go out and do.
9:14:57AM If you'll indulge me, today is my daughter's 20th birthday.
9:15:00AM So I want to wish Tiffany happy birthday.
9:15:03AM She's not here.
9:15:04AM She's over in Orlando.
9:15:05AM So I wanted to be able to do that on television.
9:15:10AM That's my girl.
9:15:12AM Thank you again so much for these.
9:15:13AM I don't believe I've ever had Kiss' original album framed.
9:15:18AM So this will be prominently displayed.
9:15:21AM I've been a Kiss fan since I was a teenager.
9:15:24AM Followed them since they started in 1974.
9:15:27AM And have my own Kiss museum at home.
9:15:29AM [ Laughter ]
9:15:30AM >> I'm featured in a web site -- not featured.

9:15:33AM There are many crazy people like myself that have Kiss
9:15:36AM collections.
9:15:37AM And so there's a web site called everything Kiss.
9:15:39AM And Santiago Corrada's collection is on everything Kiss.
9:15:42AM [ Laughter ]
9:15:44AM >> So those of you that wanted to put the connection
9:15:46AM together, so maybe gene Simmons is watching and he'll give
9:15:50AM me a call.
9:15:50AM [ Laughter ]
9:15:51AM >> Maybe I can do the junk.
9:15:55AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:00AM [ Applause ]
9:16:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
9:16:08AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Santiago, you know, I want you to know -- I
9:16:11AM don't know if you knew this.
9:16:12AM But not only was that commendation laced with different song
9:16:16AM titles, but Councilwoman Capin is constantly playing,
9:16:20AM blurting out all kinds of things from Kiss.
9:16:22AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:23AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: We have to listen to -- we didn't have any
9:16:27AM idea until we knew she either used Google or she's a big
9:16:31AM Kiss fan, I'm not sure.
9:16:32AM I just wanted to thank you very much for serving the city so
9:16:36AM well.
9:16:36AM Particular chief of staff is not an easy job.

9:16:38AM When you work for a politician and you are both the hammer
9:16:44AM and the trigger on things that need to be done, sometimes
9:16:48AM you get the brunt of kind of the hatred and kind of the
9:16:53AM approximate that associate the city.
9:16:56AM You are the front man and a lot of times you're sent out to
9:16:59AM battle without the ability to actually answer all the
9:17:02AM questions that need to be answered.
9:17:04AM But you did it with great professionalism, great integrity.
9:17:08AM We're losing a great chief of staff.
9:17:11AM I that I Dennis Rogero is a great replacement for you.
9:17:15AM But those Kiss masks are going to be hard to fill, with you
9:17:18AM gone.
9:17:19AM We're just very happy that you were, spent some time with us
9:17:22AM and you know, I know that it's on your plaque, but rock on,
9:17:27AM dude.
9:17:28AM Have fun in your new job.
9:17:30AM >> Thank you.
9:17:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
9:17:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:17:35AM You know, all this time I thought you was 30 years old.
9:17:38AM [ Laughter ]
9:17:40AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just say it was, always been a
9:17:47AM pleasure working with you.
9:17:49AM Even though we had some difficult times, sometimes, but it
9:17:56AM was a pleasure working with you.

9:17:57AM You were always honest and respectful and I cherish that
9:18:02AM moment I had to work with you.
9:18:03AM I can tell you now, I can see that you got that promotion,
9:18:06AM you're moving forward because he's standing before us this
9:18:10AM morning dressed like a presidential seal.
9:18:13AM I just want to wish you well and continue do doing a good
9:18:19AM job.
9:18:19AM Let me just say this.
9:18:20AM I will definitely be communicating with you because this
9:18:25AM weekend, for example, have a huge event that is going to be
9:18:28AM in town this weekend.
9:18:29AM And I was thankful I was able to coordinate that event here.
9:18:33AM But speaking with the Mayor and, we're working on a huge
9:18:37AM event that would attract over 25,000 people here to the
9:18:41AM city.
9:18:43AM And I know I'll be coordinating this event with you and
9:18:47AM reaching out to you for assistance in that matter.
9:18:50AM I just thank you and I look forward to working with you in
9:18:52AM the future.
9:18:53AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:18:54AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
9:18:56AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
9:18:56AM I'm so happy for you, and I think it's a perfect fit for
9:19:02AM you, that new job.
9:19:03AM And I'm excited because we'll still get to work together.

9:19:06AM I was just recalling that I got to know you as whatever that
9:19:12AM first title you had, was when Mayor Iorio brought you here.
9:19:17AM And I was coming to you just as a citizen and as a supporter
9:19:20AM of the arts and the parks.
9:19:23AM And giving you my opinion about how the new museum should be
9:19:29AM built, what should happen in the park.
9:19:31AM I was always on the public arts, a big supporter of public
9:19:36AM art and I was on their advisory board.
9:19:38AM So I met you in that capacity, and it was -- you've always
9:19:43AM been, listened and worked together with me, even as our
9:19:50AM relationship evolved when I got on Council and I often
9:19:53AM grilled you, and it's just -- we're going to miss you so
9:19:57AM much.
9:19:57AM The thing about you is you, we're probably still going to be
9:20:00AM calling you because you are the guy that gets things fixed.
9:20:04AM Every time.
9:20:06AM It's after hours.
9:20:08AM And there is something I need help with, I call you and you
9:20:11AM get it fixed like that.
9:20:12AM So I can't tell you how much I appreciate having been able
9:20:16AM to work with you and hope it continues in your new capacity.
9:20:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
9:20:24AM >>HARRY COHEN: Well, I think everyone has said it very well,
9:20:26AM but I will tell you, I think you are so perfectly suited for
9:20:30AM this new role that you're going to play with Tampa Bay and

9:20:33AM company.
9:20:34AM The obvious enthusiasm you have for the city and this region
9:20:37AM is really infectious.
9:20:39AM And I am convinced that this is one of the most phenomenal
9:20:43AM place there is the world to come and live and to visit.
9:20:46AM And I think we need to get our story out there.
9:20:48AM And who better to tell it than somebody whose been in the
9:20:53AM trenches of every major event in the city for the last nine
9:20:55AM years.
9:20:56AM I'm looking forward to seeing you actually next week on some
9:20:59AM things on my calendar.
9:21:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
9:21:03AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
9:21:04AM Santiago, I think my colleagues have really put towards to
9:21:09AM how we all feel about you.
9:21:11AM And you reminded me that I was the only one who didn't call
9:21:16AM you to congratulate you and you get this every time.
9:21:20AM I see you now, that's all I think about, so I need to make
9:21:24AM up for that.
9:21:25AM But as I said before, I'm not so glad that you are going,
9:21:29AM so, you know, I haven't come to terms with not being able to
9:21:33AM pick up the phone and call you.
9:21:34AM But I have to say, Mr. Rogero does pick up the phone, so
9:21:39AM he's following in your footsteps.
9:21:43AM There's such a wide variety of tasks that the chief of staff

9:21:49AM has to do.
9:21:50AM And we saw that in a little slide show that TPD put together
9:21:54AM for you yesterday.
9:21:56AM You have fulfilled every role with grace and that smile that
9:22:00AM you always wear, whether you mean it or not, you're smiling.
9:22:05AM And everybody is going to smile along with you because as
9:22:09AM Councilman Cohen said, your enthusiasm is very infectious.
9:22:13AM I remember that the, when you first were promoted to chief
9:22:17AM of staff and then had to take on every job when somebody
9:22:21AM else got promoted or left the city.
9:22:24AM And I sent you that trifold business card because your
9:22:29AM titles, you know, kept adding to each other, and there was
9:22:35AM never a time when you said that it was too much or there
9:22:38AM was, you know, that you couldn't handle something.
9:22:41AM You took it on.
9:22:42AM You took it on with a smile and just made everybody feel so
9:22:47AM at home and feel so important in any question that they had
9:22:54AM for you.
9:22:54AM So thank you very much for that.
9:22:56AM And for novice Council people, I think having you there as
9:23:01AM our go-to guy, which is one of the titles I gave you, the
9:23:05AM go-to guy, was very important and especially to me and you
9:23:10AM know, just remain a constituent, please.
9:23:13AM Stay, same district 7.
9:23:15AM I liked having you there in district 7.

9:23:17AM There's something comforting about that.
9:23:19AM So congratulations.
9:23:20AM And again, I'll be working with you too as I have a lot of
9:23:25AM entertainment venues in my district.
9:23:28AM So, we'll be working hard to promote that.
9:23:30AM >> Thank you.
9:23:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
9:23:33AM Parting words?
9:23:34AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I haven't said enough?
9:23:36AM [ Laughter ]
9:23:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Believe me, you haven't.
9:23:39AM [ Laughter ]
9:23:45AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The title go-to guy is perfect.
9:23:49AM Santiago will be working together as we have stated, we have
9:23:53AM met and I think -- I am so glad you are staying here and
9:23:58AM doing the job of promoting our fabulous city.
9:24:01AM So thank you for that.
9:24:02AM And thank you for -- I knew every time, no matter what was
9:24:07AM happening, even in the most contentious, you showed up, you
9:24:12AM smiled, and -- Santiago negotiates with honey.
9:24:19AM [ Laughter ]
9:24:23AM [ Applause ]
9:24:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You know, when I first met Santiago, I
9:24:32AM was sitting down, he was standing up.
9:24:34AM We were both the same size.

9:24:35AM [ Laughter ]
9:24:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I told him.
9:24:38AM I said, you don't look so good.
9:24:41AM And then I named him 6 seven.
9:24:47AM He said, what does that mean?
9:24:49AM >> Your 6'7" now.
9:24:51AM When they finish with you, you'll be 4'2".
9:24:55AM Your hair is black, now it's something other that you're
9:24:58AM not, you don't have the disease that I have.
9:25:00AM Okay?
9:25:00AM Baldness it's called.
9:25:03AM But you done a fantastic job and you took it one step at a
9:25:07AM time.
9:25:07AM And you didn't just pick up the ball and run.
9:25:10AM You picked up the ball and looked where you were going to
9:25:12AM and made the best decisions you could.
9:25:14AM And that's anyone can ask of anyone is do the best you can.
9:25:18AM And you have certainly done that you're an honorable
9:25:21AM individual.
9:25:21AM Straightforwardness.
9:25:22AM That's what I'll remember you for.
9:25:25AM >> Thank you.
9:25:25AM Thank you so very, very much.
9:25:27AM Can we get a picture?
9:25:28AM I'd really love a picture.

9:25:30AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Could we ask him to come up here?
9:25:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That will be $25.
9:25:35AM [ Laughter ]
9:25:36AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Wait a minute.
9:25:38AM There are seven of us.
9:25:40AM >> I didn't count the other six in.
9:25:43AM [ Laughter ]
9:25:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione will handle number two for
9:26:46AM the International Gay Bowling Association.
9:27:02AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:27:05AM Fellow Councilmembers, today we are presenting a
9:27:09AM commendation to the International Gay Bowling Association.
9:27:13AM I was really impressed when I found out that 33 years,
9:27:19AM they've been holding this bowling tournament in the City of
9:27:22AM Tampa.
9:27:22AM That is a long time -- it's probably one of the longest
9:27:26AM standing events, sporting events that we have here in Tampa.
9:27:30AM So I would just extend on behalf of all of the City Council
9:27:35AM members, congratulations on this 33rd tournament and general
9:27:41AM membership meeting which you also hold here in Tampa,
9:27:43AM between may 22nd and may 27th.
9:27:46AM Rob McDaniels is here to receive the award, representing
9:27:50AM IGBO.
9:27:54AM Nearly 800 bowlers and guests will attend and compete in the
9:27:58AM annual tournament.

9:27:59AM One of two major tournaments held by IGBO each year.
9:28:04AM The Tampa City Council salutes both for supporting Tampa's
9:28:07AM Francis House and one of our favorite charities, the humane
9:28:11AM society of Tampa.
9:28:12AM And the treasure project as a tournament sponsored
9:28:15AM charities.
9:28:16AM I would also like to thank IGBO for inviting me to throw out
9:28:21AM the second ball on their opening ceremonies may 23rd.
9:28:25AM Mayor Buckhorn will throw out the first bowl and I intend on
9:28:28AM picking up his spare.
9:28:29AM On this day, may 2nd, 2013, it is with congratulate pleasure
9:28:32AM that the Tampa City Council presents this commendation
9:28:35AM recognizing the international gay bowling organization on
9:28:38AM this 33rd annual tournament.
9:28:42AM [ Applause ]
9:28:48AM >> Lisa, fellow Council folks, I appreciate this
9:28:53AM commendation.
9:28:54AM The international gay bowling organization again is 33 years
9:28:56AM old.
9:28:57AM We're the single largest gay sporting organization in the
9:29:00AM world.
9:29:00AM We have over 20,000 bowling members in 116 member leagues
9:29:07AM and over 60 tournaments, taking place across the United
9:29:10AM States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
9:29:12AM We're very pleased that we'll be having, hosting between 600

9:29:17AM and 8 hunch of those bowlers, including folks from Australia
9:29:20AM and Canada for our tournament here.
9:29:22AM I moved to Tampa about eight years ago.
9:29:25AM I've been involved with IGBO for over 20 years.
9:29:29AM The first thing I said with the folks at the bowling
9:29:32AM community here was we need to host this tournament here.
9:29:35AM Excellent venue.
9:29:37AM We're looking forward to it.
9:29:38AM We have got a lot of fun activities planned in the Gabor
9:29:43AM district as well as throughout the city.
9:29:46AM We hope that you will have the opportunity to come out and
9:29:48AM watch, some very fun bowling hospitality suites and general
9:29:52AM meetings going on at the Embassy Suites downtown.
9:29:56AM And we will end the event with our awards banquet at the
9:29:59AM convention center.
9:30:00AM Thank you so much for this opportunity and for the
9:30:02AM commendation.
9:30:04AM [ Applause ]
9:30:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:30:11AM Batting third, or the 233 batting average, you got to come
9:30:16AM up to at least 300, Ron.
9:30:19AM Is the executive director of the Westshore Alliance, Mr. Ron
9:30:22AM Rotella.
9:30:24AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers.
9:30:26AM With me this morning is Dan Woodward, who is president of

9:30:31AM the Westshore Alliance.
9:30:32AM Dan is, runs Harvard properties, Randy Cohen, who chairs our
9:30:39AM master plan committee.
9:30:40AM And Trent Green, who is with University of South Florida
9:30:43AM school of architecture.
9:30:47AM He is the architect of our master plan.
9:30:50AM I think the comment I'd like to make to you before Trent
9:30:53AM makes a great presentation is we're not asking you to by
9:30:59AM resolution officially approve the plan, but we are asking is
9:31:03AM that you review the plan, hopefully embrace the vision as we
9:31:09AM have, and then work with us over the coming years to
9:31:13AM implement the master plan.
9:31:15AM We also want to thank you for funding one-third of the
9:31:19AM master plan, along with the county commissioners and the
9:31:22AM Westshore Alliance.
9:31:23AM I will tell you that as a matter of practice, we know how
9:31:29AM important it is and necessary to meet with the neighborhoods
9:31:32AM before we go public with the plan, before we present it to
9:31:36AM the business owners and the property owners, make sure that
9:31:39AM they're okay with the plan.
9:31:41AM Try to accommodate their concerns.
9:31:43AM We have done that.
9:31:44AM We have had meetings with property owners, we have had
9:31:47AM meetings with business owners in Westshore.
9:31:50AM We have not had one negative comment about the plan.

9:31:54AM We are very, very excited about the product.
9:31:57AM And again, the architect of that plan is Trent Green.
9:32:01AM I ask Trent to come forward and make the brief presentation,
9:32:05AM please.
9:32:21AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers.
9:32:22AM Trent Green from the school of architecture at USF.
9:32:28AM Going to briefly -- show you a few images from the master
9:32:32AM plan for the Westshore District public realm.
9:32:36AM Why a master plan?
9:32:42AM The Westshore District as you know is a -- sorry, I'm
9:32:46AM looking up because it's not showing up on the screen.
9:32:48AM The Westshore District is one of the three growth areas in
9:32:54AM the City of Tampa, along with the downtown and the
9:32:58AM University of South Florida area.
9:33:00AM And there's an awful lot of anticipated growth in the area
9:33:05AM and as you well know, there's -- there are a number of major
9:33:10AM roadway infrastructure projects that are going on, as well
9:33:13AM as a number of things that are on the horizon for the
9:33:16AM district.
9:33:17AM This is a long-term vision.
9:33:23AM The master plan identifies a number of public realm
9:33:27AM improvements that can take place on an incremental basis
9:33:30AM over a number of years to come.
9:33:33AM As new development and growth, new housing that's planned
9:33:37AM for the area starts to come on line, these number of

9:33:40AM improvements that I'll show you in some of these images
9:33:43AM will, can be implemented on an ongoing basis, let's say.
9:33:48AM This image shows the overall area that we have looked at.
9:33:54AM This is the area south of the airport.
9:33:57AM And it really is sort a framework that is defined by the six
9:34:04AM major thoroughfares that course through the Westshore
9:34:05AM District.
9:34:07AM Starting on the east is a portion of Dale Mabry Highway.
9:34:13AM Then down to West Kennedy Boulevard.
9:34:17AM Westshore Boulevard, Lois Avenue, Boy Scout Boulevard and
9:34:23AM Cypress street.
9:34:25AM What the plan entails is a number of public realm
9:34:31AM enhancements that are intended to transform these major
9:34:34AM thoroughfares into pedestrian-friendly walkable conditions.
9:34:38AM And then tend to take place along with the anticipated
9:34:42AM growth and development.
9:34:43AM Such as new commercial development, as well as the over 1700
9:34:49AM new housing units that are planned for the area.
9:34:52AM What you're looking at in this top image is some
9:34:56AM enhancements that we're proposing to create portal like
9:35:05AM conditions at the locations where the interstate crosses
9:35:08AM over, at-grade streets.
9:35:12AM We're treating these as portal like conditions.
9:35:15AM And the intent is to give this, give these conditions a more
9:35:17AM welcoming sort of character for pedestrians that we

9:35:24AM anticipate a lot more pedestrian activity in the future.
9:35:27AM But also to help create a new brand image and identity for
9:35:33AM the Westshore District.
9:35:34AM The other image at the bottom left sort of shows the idea of
9:35:39AM incorporating new public spaces.
9:35:41AM A range of public spaces are being envisioned from small
9:35:45AM scale plazas such as this, corner locations to major open
9:35:50AM spaces.
9:35:50AM At this point, currently there are no open spaces within the
9:35:55AM district that are central to a lot of the commercial and
9:36:00AM residential areas.
9:36:01AM This is a few images looking at Lois Avenue.
9:36:10AM The photograph at the top is a current image.
9:36:15AM The middle image sort of shows what Lois could look like
9:36:19AM with additional traffic calming and features that will
9:36:26AM foster a greater pedestrian activity and help people who
9:36:30AM live in the Carver City Lincoln Gardens neighborhood move
9:36:38AM across Lois.
9:36:39AM And some other modest scale elements that would screen or
9:36:43AM buffer some of the traffic that's on Lois.
9:36:45AM This is the image that one of the images I'm most excited
9:36:53AM about because it shows a lot of potential in terms of what
9:36:57AM could happen.
9:36:59AM At the intersection of Westshore Boulevard and Cypress
9:37:02AM Street, this is looking east, this is actually showing the

9:37:09AM automated people mover system that extends from the airport,
9:37:13AM that comes down into the Westshore District that could
9:37:18AM create a connection with the envisioned multimodal transit
9:37:24AM facility in the future, if it's located in this, along
9:37:27AM Cypress.
9:37:28AM This shows some enhancements at the, on the street, creation
9:37:35AM new public spaces.
9:37:36AM This area would become, if again this multimodal facility is
9:37:40AM located here, this will become Westshore central.
9:37:43AM This image looks at a portion of Dale Mabry Highway.
9:37:52AM This is right where the big box retailers are located, on
9:37:56AM the, I guess the lower portion of this image just off the
9:38:00AM image rather, is the Target, Home Depot plaza, Whole Foods
9:38:05AM plaza.
9:38:05AM And on the other side is Walmart and Best Buy.
9:38:11AM But again, this shows what is envisioned in terms of new
9:38:15AM public realm enhancements to allow pedestrians to move
9:38:19AM safely across Dale Mabry Highway, from one of these major
9:38:23AM shopping destinations to the other.
9:38:25AM And this is another image that I'm also most excited about.
9:38:31AM This is Boy Scout Boulevard.
9:38:33AM And this shows the potential for creating a major public
9:38:37AM space right along the large retention pond that's in front
9:38:43AM of the International Plaza currently.
9:38:45AM And the, just off to the right in this image of course is

9:38:51AM where a lot of new housing is going in.
9:38:53AM This is actually at the end of Spruce Street, where Spruce
9:38:58AM dives into Boy Scout.
9:38:59AM And we anticipate that a number of these, a number of
9:39:04AM residents, let's say, who will be living in this area will
9:39:07AM be able to look out their window across Boy Scout Boulevard
9:39:11AM and see the mall and say, rather than try to drive this, I'm
9:39:14AM just a few steps, so let me, maybe I can walk there.
9:39:17AM So this image sort of envisions a number of those public
9:39:20AM realm enhancements that will allow that to occur.
9:39:24AM This space is intended to also accommodate events on a
9:39:31AM regular basis.
9:39:32AM There are no public spaces in Westshore currently that can
9:39:37AM accommodate some type of outdoor event.
9:39:39AM So this space is envisioned as sort of a convertible space
9:39:45AM that could change from one weekend to weekend, let's say, to
9:39:49AM accommodate various types of activities.
9:39:52AM Just another shot from the same vantage point looking
9:39:58AM towards the south.
9:39:58AM And then some of the street corners and small scale
9:40:04AM infrastructure elements that we're envisioning that could be
9:40:08AM added throughout the district, everything ranging from bike
9:40:11AM racks to shade structures, to other types of wayfinding
9:40:17AM elements that would help in people sort of finding their way
9:40:22AM around the district.

9:40:24AM And then finally, some of the things that we're actually
9:40:28AM we're talking with various transportation entities about,
9:40:34AM which is some, some of these types of enhancements that
9:40:38AM would occur on the road surface itself.
9:40:41AM These are all intended to help with traffic calming, to help
9:40:45AM make these major intersections more pedestrian friendly and
9:40:49AM safer for pedestrians to actually get across.
9:40:52AM And again, carrying that same consistent theme in terms of
9:40:56AM creating a new look and a new identity for the Westshore
9:40:58AM area.
9:40:59AM Something that's unique, that's modern, contemporary and
9:41:05AM something that fits with the aspirations really of where the
9:41:09AM alliance and the business property owners would like to see
9:41:13AM the area go in the future.
9:41:14AM And with that, I'll end and will answer questions.
9:41:20AM Thank you.
9:41:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:41:21AM Ms. Montelione?
9:41:26AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:41:27AM Trent, it's been a long time.
9:41:30AM I've known Trent 20 years.
9:41:33AM Last time I acted with you was at Lewis elementary when you
9:41:38AM designed a playground.
9:41:39AM This is a far cry from that first encounter we had back
9:41:42AM then.

9:41:43AM I hate to admit it was that many years ago and our children
9:41:46AM were little.
9:41:46AM >> Right.
9:41:47AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was really excited to see this when Ron
9:41:51AM brought it to me, because it incorporates so many of the
9:41:55AM things that many of us here champion all the time, both here
9:42:01AM and in our roles at the MPO.
9:42:03AM I know Ms. Mulhern was on the livable roadways committee
9:42:06AM before my tenure there.
9:42:08AM And I can say that seeing this complete streets concept come
9:42:15AM to life in this plan is just certainly gratifying, because
9:42:20AM we all like to see the green space.
9:42:24AM The wide sidewalks, the use of color and landscaping, to
9:42:32AM slow traffic down and use those kinds of strategies.
9:42:38AM And I'm looking forward to your work and Mr. Rotella and all
9:42:44AM of the members over at the Westshore Alliance with FDOT.
9:42:48AM And getting some of these strategies implemented, because
9:42:53AM they're not known to be the most innovative folks.
9:42:59AM I say this about engineers all the time.
9:43:02AM They have blinders on sometimes.
9:43:04AM And it's that negotiation that I hope that you can lead the
9:43:10AM way, because these are principles that we'd like to see used
9:43:13AM all over the city.
9:43:14AM And one of the things that I'm most excited about when you
9:43:17AM showed the one slide with the people mover on it, is that

9:43:21AM connection from the Westshore area to, you know, to Pinellas
9:43:29AM County over the bridge and to the gateway area.
9:43:31AM So, that is something that we really need to talk about.
9:43:36AM We need to talk about using rail to move people between the
9:43:41AM two centers of employment, between here and gateway.
9:43:46AM The Westshore and gateway areas, once combined, are second
9:43:49AM in the employment numbers, only to Atlanta in the southeast
9:43:54AM region.
9:43:55AM And I don't think a lot of people talk about that.
9:43:57AM It's just really exciting to see that.
9:44:02AM I just wanted to congratulate you on this plan.
9:44:04AM >> Thank you.
9:44:05AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
9:44:07AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:44:08AM Thank you.
9:44:10AM I agree with Councilwoman Montelione.
9:44:12AM I think this is a terrific plan for a very, very important
9:44:16AM and dynamic part of our city.
9:44:18AM At the beginning, Mr. Rotella asked us to embrace the vision
9:44:21AM and then work to implement it.
9:44:23AM And I think down the road, our job is going to be to partner
9:44:26AM with you and other stakeholders in the region to figure out
9:44:30AM how to fund some of these concepts.
9:44:32AM I wanted to point out something -- I agree with everything
9:44:37AM Councilwoman Montelione said.

9:44:38AM But I also wanted to point out the concept that you've
9:44:43AM presented information Boy Scout, for the public space along
9:44:46AM the retention pond.
9:44:47AM I think that is a really, really terrific concept.
9:44:51AM And one of the things that, that is happening in that area,
9:44:58AM there's a very, very high end restaurant that's actually
9:45:01AM made waterfront dining on that retention pond because it is
9:45:05AM so attractive.
9:45:07AM And we're starting to rethink things like retention ponds
9:45:10AM and recognize that they can be part of recreational
9:45:13AM amenities.
9:45:14AM On Swann avenue, in south Tampa, there's going to be a
9:45:17AM similar project taking a retention pond and working with the
9:45:21AM neighborhood to make it into a park.
9:45:22AM This is perfectly timed to coincide with all of the new
9:45:28AM development that we have recently approved that's going on
9:45:30AM in that area, because people are going to be living there as
9:45:32AM well as working there.
9:45:33AM And it's just great to see that you've been able to
9:45:36AM creatively create recreational space, where there really
9:45:40AM isn't any now.
9:45:41AM So again, I applaud your work and look forward to helping
9:45:44AM you see it through to completion.
9:45:47AM >> Thank you, commissioner.
9:45:49AM Can I add just one thing?

9:45:54AM We're trying to dispel the idea, rather the term retention
9:45:59AM pond.
9:45:59AM [ Laughter ]
9:46:01AM >> We renovated two, to commissioner Reddick knows, two in
9:46:08AM East Tampa initially several years ago.
9:46:10AM And this was the first time something like this has ever
9:46:12AM been done in the city.
9:46:13AM And we'd like to refer to them as community lakes.
9:46:16AM Okay?
9:46:18AM So we're trying to instill that in our parks and recreation
9:46:21AM department to think about them and stormwater department to
9:46:23AM think about them in that manner.
9:46:27AM >>HARRY COHEN: I will remember that and start referring to
9:46:28AM them as community lakes.
9:46:29AM I promise.
9:46:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:46:30AM I remember when I was raising in the housing projects, I
9:46:33AM called them condominiums.
9:46:36AM [ Laughter ]
9:46:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
9:46:39AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Rotella, if I could ask you a quick
9:46:42AM question.
9:46:42AM There are two things about this that is terrific.
9:46:47AM And I'll get to the aesthetic part first.
9:46:51AM You know, what we're seeing here, not only some of the more

9:46:55AM pie in the sky things, the partnership with the airport to
9:47:00AM bring the people mover into the Westshore Business District
9:47:03AM and possibly to an intermodal site, somewhere off of airport
9:47:09AM property, but the inexpensive aspects of painting on to
9:47:15AM roadways.
9:47:15AM Is something that's being done in a lot of other communities
9:47:18AM across the country.
9:47:19AM And it's a simple way of not only doing some traffic
9:47:23AM calming, but also making it more decorative and more
9:47:28AM attractive for neighborhoods and business communities across
9:47:31AM the city.
9:47:33AM The point I wanted to make with you Mr. Rotella, could you
9:47:36AM tell me again how much did this cost the Westshore Alliance
9:47:39AM to study this study?
9:47:41AM I think you told me yesterday.
9:47:44AM >> Well, you know, thanks to the city and the county, the
9:47:49AM for funding one-third, our portion of this study is 21,000.
9:47:53AM Yours is 21 and the county is 21.
9:47:57AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The reason I wanted to ask you that, because
9:47:59AM a lot of times when we do these studies, they can be
9:48:02AM extremely expensive.
9:48:03AM Cooperating with USF and the school of architecture over
9:48:07AM there and Mr. Green, you know, we have put together
9:48:10AM something that's a beautiful and workable plan without the
9:48:15AM significant costs that you see usually with these type of

9:48:18AM plans.
9:48:18AM Typically what's the cost on something like that if you went
9:48:21AM to the private sector?
9:48:22AM In your experience, Mr. Rotella, you've probably seen.
9:48:25AM >> You know, it is not uncommon for a master plans for areas
9:48:29AM as large as the Westshore Business District to exceed a
9:48:33AM million dollars.
9:48:35AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: What I wanted to say, I appreciate the fact
9:48:37AM that you did use a resource that we have locally in USF, and
9:48:42AM that our one-third was so significantly less than it
9:48:47AM would've been had you gone to a private entity.
9:48:50AM So thank you for that.
9:48:51AM And thank you for this plan.
9:48:52AM It's a wonderful plan amount of I see Mr. Green smiling
9:48:55AM because I know he likes to have himself and his students
9:48:59AM work on these real world problems, because a lot of times we
9:49:03AM don't, they don't get a chance to do it until after they've
9:49:06AM graduated.
9:49:07AM Some are still in school.
9:49:08AM They may be interning in other places, but this is some real
9:49:11AM world experience for them and it's helpful to us, both at
9:49:14AM the city and the community at large.
9:49:16AM Thank you.
9:49:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
9:49:19AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Rotella and I had the

9:49:23AM privilege of attending the Westshore Alliance annual
9:49:26AM meeting, and when you hear and see the Westshore plan and
9:49:32AM the airport together at the same time, you can see it's very
9:49:38AM possible and it will -- it works.
9:49:41AM A lot of people questioned -- I had this conversation -- can
9:49:46AM that area ever be that walkable?
9:49:49AM And absolutely it can.
9:49:50AM It is not today, but it very much can be.
9:49:55AM I do live in that area.
9:49:56AM I live very close to there.
9:49:58AM I look forward to the community lake.
9:50:02AM [ Laughter ]
9:50:04AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And I want to thank you for all your efforts
9:50:07AM and thank you for again -- what Councilman Suarez said, for
9:50:13AM using our local talent to bring this forth.
9:50:16AM And saving money and division -- we have the people here to
9:50:22AM be able to put these visions together.
9:50:26AM So thank you so much.
9:50:28AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
9:50:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:50:30AM Trent, good to see you again.
9:50:32AM >> Good to see you.
9:50:34AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, you're right about our ponds.
9:50:39AM Retention, you're going to change them in East Tampa.
9:50:41AM But Trent worked with the East Tampa partnership in

9:50:44AM developing a lot of plans for us and with his staff and
9:50:51AM those at University of South Florida.
9:50:53AM He's done a wonderful job.
9:50:55AM And I will tell you, he's probably one of the best in this
9:50:58AM city, in designing and developing the perspective for a
9:51:04AM vision for a community.
9:51:05AM So I want to compliment you on that.
9:51:08AM The residents in Carver City and Lincoln Garden, they will
9:51:15AM be relieved to see that some of the traffic congestion,
9:51:18AM especially off of Lois, will not be there.
9:51:21AM With this master plan.
9:51:23AM I think they'll be very, very relieved.
9:51:25AM Let me just ask you.
9:51:27AM The other problem they have is when there's events at the
9:51:30AM Tampa stadium, a lot of that traffic flows down Spruce
9:51:36AM Street off of Dale Mabry, which cause traffic congestion in
9:51:41AM that area.
9:51:42AM After seeing this plan, are there any visions for
9:51:49AM alleviating some of that congestion for those residents who
9:51:54AM live on the eastern side of the Dale Mabry Highway?
9:52:04AM That's a major problem.
9:52:05AM Lois is one.
9:52:06AM But also off of Spruce.
9:52:07AM The Spruce area.
9:52:08AM Will there be any plans in regards to that?

9:52:15AM >> Along Cypress or Himes?
9:52:18AM >> No, Spruce.
9:52:22AM >> We don't -- the plan doesn't envision any direct response
9:52:30AM to the traffic volumes on the roadways itself.
9:52:34AM No, we -- the plan just didn't address that issue at all.
9:52:49AM >> Don't know if there's anybody here from city
9:52:51AM transportation division, but I know that funded with
9:52:53AM Westshore transportation impact fees, Spruce, the city is
9:52:59AM about to let a contract to look at re-doing Spruce from Lois
9:53:07AM to Himes.
9:53:08AM So that will be done very soon.
9:53:12AM We have an excellent working relationship with the
9:53:14AM department.
9:53:15AM I know the city will include Carver City and Lincoln Gardens
9:53:19AM in the conceptual redesign of Spruce and work with the
9:53:23AM neighborhood to make sure they're comfortable with the
9:53:26AM improvements that are going to be made.
9:53:28AM So although it's not directly addressed in the plan, I think
9:53:32AM the concepts within the plan, slowing traffic down, narrower
9:53:39AM lanes, wider sidewalks, landscaping, enhanced pedestrian
9:53:44AM identification at intersections, with brightly colored
9:53:48AM thermal plastic, that can be incorporated on any segment,
9:53:53AM even though the roadway is note shown in the plan.
9:53:56AM The Westshore Alliance works with all the neighborhoods on a
9:54:00AM regular basis and I know the city will include us and the

9:54:04AM university and the neighborhoods when they re-do Spruce.
9:54:07AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:54:09AM And I just want to thank you for reaching out to those
9:54:11AM neighborhoods for their input, as you went forward with this
9:54:16AM plan.
9:54:16AM So thank you very much for that.
9:54:18AM >> The people in Carver City and Lincoln Gardens have been
9:54:22AM there a lot longer than some of the new buildings and the
9:54:24AM businesses that have sprung up around it.
9:54:28AM And we made a promise to the neighborhoods when we first
9:54:30AM started our organization, that way would not encroach on
9:54:34AM their neighborhoods one inch.
9:54:36AM And we have kept that promise.
9:54:38AM We work well together.
9:54:40AM They respect us and we respect them.
9:54:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you Ron, Frank, and Dan, Mr. Cohen,
9:54:49AM all of you.
9:54:49AM It's really what I see is a step fast, being one step ahead
9:54:54AM of what's coming, what's needed.
9:54:55AM When you look at the 20 year projection of growth, mostly in
9:54:59AM the urban areas.
9:55:00AM And you have to stay ahead.
9:55:01AM You have to look at these plans and you have to make
9:55:03AM adjustments.
9:55:04AM And through your leadership, Ron, I can say that you and the

9:55:07AM Westshore people that have worked there for so many years
9:55:10AM have done an outstanding job and promoting the whole area,
9:55:14AM not just Westshore.
9:55:16AM Because what you do for yourself there, you do for everybody
9:55:18AM else around you.
9:55:19AM And we want to thank you.
9:55:20AM Your organization, in fact, if it wasn't for Ron and Al
9:55:24AM Lawson and others, Tampa may never have had reclaimed water.
9:55:28AM And it's something that you guys started.
9:55:31AM And then you had to pay for it.
9:55:33AM So thank you for doing what you've done and many years, more
9:55:38AM prosperity, you and to everyone who's been involved with
9:55:42AM your organization, we want to thank you very much.
9:55:44AM >> Thank you very much.
9:55:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
9:55:46AM We go now to the approval of the addendum to the agenda.
9:55:51AM Need a motion to that.
9:55:54AM >> So moved.
9:55:55AM >> Second.
9:55:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion, Mr. Suarez.
9:55:58AM Second by Mr. Cohen.
9:55:59AM Ms. Mulhern, you want to discuss the addendum.
9:56:03AM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
9:56:04AM I would like to ask that -- was going to just ask for item
9:56:12AM 44, which is the parking listed as the parking agreement for

9:56:17AM the waterworks private project that's going to be built on
9:56:22AM our public land, to, if we could possibly continue that for
9:56:27AM a couple of weeks.
9:56:31AM 45 -- item 45.
9:56:32AM But as I've been reading the backup, I think I now have
9:56:36AM questions about the other two items and how they're going to
9:56:41AM relate to that.
9:56:42AM So, because this is such an important piece of the
9:56:48AM Riverwalk, the downtown plan, the envisioned plan, and it
9:56:53AM was discussed -- I know publicly here in the past, questions
9:56:58AM about how the parking was going to work.
9:57:02AM I don't feel comfortable voting on these, those three
9:57:06AM consent agenda items today, so I'm going to ask staff if
9:57:09AM there is any reason why we can't continue this to our next
9:57:12AM regular meeting, so that Council will have time to do their
9:57:16AM due diligence and see -- and also, the item number 45, the
9:57:23AM background, and I apologize for just bringing this up this
9:57:26AM morning and not before.
9:57:28AM I do.
9:57:28AM But the background of the two exhibits A and B were not
9:57:32AM attached to the, either the draft agenda or the final
9:57:37AM agendas that I received.
9:57:39AM So today, really, this morning I saw something I hadn't
9:57:43AM seen, hadn't had access to until this morning.
9:57:46AM And I don't know if anybody on Council was even briefed

9:57:49AM about these items?
9:57:52AM >> First of all -- Bob McDonaugh.
9:57:56AM First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of
9:57:58AM exhibits.
9:57:58AM They were up loaded into the new system, Sire, and
9:58:01AM apparently illegible.
9:58:03AM That's why they were not attached.
9:58:05AM I have copies of them here.
9:58:06AM I -- they've been circulated.
9:58:09AM Again, the only -- we have been working on this for over a
9:58:15AM year, as you well know.
9:58:17AM And have had a lot of input from the neighborhood on there
9:58:21AM and I actually have a site plan which reflects the desires
9:58:26AM of the neighborhood.
9:58:28AM It's reflective of that.
9:58:30AM It would be nice to be able to move forward.
9:58:38AM They are anxious to begin construction, but if it were the
9:58:42AM pleasure of Council, I'd be willing to spend more time
9:58:46AM talking to Council about it.
9:58:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this on 43, if I remember, 43
9:58:50AM is the one that gives the rights that go along the property
9:58:55AM and they, we are held hold harmless, anything happens, it's
9:59:02AM their baby.
9:59:02AM >> That's correct.
9:59:03AM That would at least allow them to begin demolition within

9:59:06AM the building itself, would not impact the park.
9:59:08AM And that would be helpful if Council would consider to
9:59:12AM approve that.
9:59:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
9:59:14AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
9:59:14AM Yes, that would be fine.
9:59:16AM I would be happy if Council would agree that we could pass
9:59:22AM on the hold harmless, which is item 43 today.
9:59:27AM But I would like, if Council would agree that we continue
9:59:30AM items 44 and 45 to our next regular meeting, May 16th.
9:59:38AM And maybe have it under staff reports so you can explain and
9:59:44AM give us, give the public the background that we'll have had
9:59:49AM time to get in that time.
9:59:50AM And I appreciate it.
9:59:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What is 44 and 45 in general so that the
9:59:55AM public understands?
9:59:57AM >> It is the lease of the building formerly known as the
9:59:59AM Waterworks Building by the Columbia restaurant group with
10:00:05AM the intent to development a full service restaurant within
10:00:09AM the Waterworks Park.
10:00:10AM We brought the concept to Council over a year ago.
10:00:14AM And have been diligently working with them.
10:00:18AM And I think one of the reasons that it has taken this long
10:00:21AM is that they have spent a considerable amount of time
10:00:23AM working with the neighborhood.

10:00:25AM An original concept had parking adjacent to the building.
10:00:29AM Some of the people in the neighborhood said you know, they
10:00:31AM didn't feel like that was appropriate.
10:00:33AM And so, if I could just ask counsel for a second.
10:00:43AM What has been done is an arrangement has been made with the
10:00:49AM owners of the beck building, who have agreed to allow their
10:00:54AM parking lot to be used by the restaurants, so there would
10:00:57AM not be any parking near the river.
10:01:00AM Ongoing conversations with the Stetson law school envisions
10:01:03AM parking on their property.
10:01:05AM They've already said yes, they would do that and we're
10:01:07AM working that out.
10:01:08AM We're also striping a lot of the street parking in that
10:01:11AM area, which previously has not been used for on-site
10:01:13AM parking.
10:01:15AM Our current site plan, that is the proposed site plan for
10:01:22AM the building, again, that's a large grassy area.
10:01:25AM Adjacent to the park.
10:01:28AM This is the restored springs adjacent to it.
10:01:31AM And as you -- this is the site plan that was put in for
10:01:37AM permitting.
10:01:38AM So as you can see, there is no parking adjacent to that.
10:01:41AM They have been through the A.R.C. and those plans have been
10:01:45AM approved.
10:01:45AM Again, it's an old historic building that we have and their

10:01:51AM intention is to bring that up to wonderful standards.
10:01:56AM He's got a very exciting concept.
10:01:59AM It's again people said oh, my goodness, not another
10:02:03AM Columbian.
10:02:03AM It's not, it's a Ulele, which is named after the springs,
10:02:08AM which was original source of drinking water for the City of
10:02:10AM Tampa.
10:02:11AM So it's paying homage to the springs in that development.
10:02:15AM But again, we have spent considerable time and he has spent
10:02:19AM considerable time with the neighborhood making sure that
10:02:22AM this is a site plan that works for the neighborhood and
10:02:24AM works for the city.
10:02:25AM And the Parks Department.
10:02:26AM So it's a -- it's a collaboration of a lot of people over a
10:02:31AM long period of time.
10:02:32AM And actually, as time has progressed, it has gotten better
10:02:36AM and I think what we have right now is something that is very
10:02:39AM attractive to the public and to the neighborhood.
10:02:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
10:02:44AM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm concerned about what I see as, in this,
10:02:51AM I mean, I can't vote for it, item 44 today because there's
10:02:55AM an exhibit in there that looks like we are agreeing to allow
10:02:59AM some parking right along the river.
10:03:02AM Right along, adjacent to the Riverwalk.
10:03:05AM So, I need time to really look at this.

10:03:07AM And it is a great project and I, you know, the really
10:03:13AM wonderful idea.
10:03:14AM It's going to be beautiful.
10:03:15AM But these, the devils in the details and we need to knee
10:03:19AM before we approve it.
10:03:21AM I reiterate my motion to continue this till, for two weeks.
10:03:25AM For a staff report.
10:03:28AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
10:03:29AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:03:30AM I don't think that Ms. Mulhern's question was actually
10:03:34AM directly answered.
10:03:35AM Is there any harm in continuing this for two weeks?
10:03:42AM Is there any consequence?
10:03:43AM >> No --
10:03:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let her finish the question.
10:03:46AM I understand the anxiety, please.
10:03:48AM Yes, ma'am.
10:03:49AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: If we continued this for two weeks, that
10:03:54AM really is just my question, I mean, is there any consequence
10:03:58AM that will be affected by that?
10:04:02AM >> I believe as long as the non-disturbance agreement or the
10:04:07AM license to allow them to begin demolition is permitted, I
10:04:10AM don't think there is a harm, no.
10:04:13AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: All right.
10:04:13AM I'll support Ms. Mulhern's motion.

10:04:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?
10:04:17AM Okay.
10:04:18AM I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern -- make sure I'm correct, 44
10:04:22AM and 45?
10:04:25AM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes, to may 16th.
10:04:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To may 16th 10:00 a.m.
10:04:29AM Of the year 2013.
10:04:30AM Make sure I got the year in.
10:04:32AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:04:35AM Under staff reports.
10:04:37AM Opposed nay.
10:04:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:04:39AM Thank you very much for attending today.
10:04:41AM We'll continue, we'll hold 44 and 45.
10:04:44AM And did we -- did we actually vote on the addendum?
10:04:52AM I don't believe we have.
10:04:53AM I need a motion for that.
10:04:55AM >> So moved.
10:04:55AM >> Second.
10:04:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by
10:04:58AM Ms. Montelione on the addendum.
10:04:59AM Fall favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:05:01AM Opposed nay.
10:05:02AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:05:02AM Okay.

10:05:04AM We go to public comments for three minutes.
10:05:08AM Anyone in the public care to speak, first on items on the
10:05:11AM agenda, please come forward.
10:05:14AM >> Please give us your name and address prior to speaking.
10:05:23AM And everyone has three minutes on the clock.
10:05:26AM >> Good morning.
10:05:27AM Council, my name is Shawn Robinson, 2112 North 15th Street,
10:05:33AM Tampa.
10:05:33AM I am the Hillsborough Community College Ybor City campus
10:05:37AM president.
10:05:37AM And I'm here today to speak on behalf of item number 73
10:05:42AM regarding the impact of homelessness and vagrancy as well as
10:05:45AM panhandling on Hillsborough Community College, its students
10:05:49AM and employees.
10:05:50AM First I'd like to remind Council that HCC Ybor campus has
10:05:57AM about 8,000 students each fall and spring semesters,
10:05:59AM approximately 400 full-time and part-time employees.
10:06:03AM Nine buildings, around 500,000 square feet of space in those
10:06:07AM buildings.
10:06:09AM And a child development center which houses 60 preschool and
10:06:12AM pre-K children.
10:06:13AM We are one of few community colleges with public streets and
10:06:18AM sidewalks running next to our educational facilities.
10:06:21AM Since joining HCC in 2007, I have received numerous reports
10:06:26AM of homeless individuals sleeping in student and employee

10:06:30AM lounges, labs and classrooms.
10:06:32AM I have gotten reports of, from our library and computer
10:06:35AM staff that individuals coming on to campus have been
10:06:43AM belligerent in the past when told they could only use public
10:06:45AM computers, not student computers.
10:06:49AM We have had students and employees repeatedly asked for
10:06:50AM money on the campus sidewalks and streets around Ybor City.
10:06:53AM Our students are not like students at other campuses.
10:06:56AM We have choices for dining opportunities within a couple
10:06:58AM blocks of walking distance to the campus.
10:07:01AM And the students take advantage of that.
10:07:02AM Our students are generally older returning students who have
10:07:06AM had an opportunity to have work experience, raise families.
10:07:10AM And they have little time or money to deal with panhandlers
10:07:14AM on the sidewalks on their way to class.
10:07:16AM Vagrancy and panhandling is more than an inconvenience to
10:07:20AM our 8,000 students and 400 employees.
10:07:24AM It is distraction to our learning process and our core
10:07:27AM operations.
10:07:28AM Thank you.
10:07:30AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank.
10:07:31AM Mr. Reddick?
10:07:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Dr. Robinson, do you have any
10:07:38AM recommendation on how that problem can be remedied?
10:07:43AM >> Well, I'm hoping that there's great wisdom in this group

10:07:47AM up here, that will look at opportunities to --
10:07:51AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You give us a lot of credit, I tell you
10:07:53AM that.
10:07:54AM [ Laughter ]
10:07:54AM >> To limit access to those facilities, to have regulations
10:07:59AM in place, ordinances, where if folks are being asked
10:08:02AM repeatedly for money, that they can be, if you will,
10:08:05AM trespassed a little more effectively.
10:08:07AM That there could be zones, maybe surrounding our educational
10:08:10AM facilities in particular, that would keep our students and
10:08:14AM our employees away from those folks.
10:08:19AM That would be helpful to us as a campus.
10:08:21AM And again, we spread over several streets and blocks.
10:08:26AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
10:08:28AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
10:08:33AM >> Thank you.
10:08:34AM Good morning.
10:08:34AM I'm Candy Olson, 901 East Kennedy Boulevard.
10:08:38AM I'm here today with my chair of the homeless coalition hat
10:08:41AM on.
10:08:41AM And I would just say to you this.
10:08:43AM I think this is a community problem.
10:08:45AM It needs community solutions.
10:08:48AM We need to be open minded, compassionate and creative in
10:08:52AM finding those solutions.

10:08:54AM Stable housing, mental and physical health care for those
10:08:58AM who need it.
10:08:59AM Jobs for those who can work.
10:09:00AM At this same time, we all in this community have a right to
10:09:06AM a high quality of life.
10:09:07AM We talked about it when we had the presentation for Santiago
10:09:11AM Corrada.
10:09:11AM It is important for us to balance the needs of homeless
10:09:20AM people, and they have needs and rights, with the needs and
10:09:23AM rights of all of the rest of us.
10:09:24AM And that means ordinances that limit and balance.
10:09:30AM I will be happy to work with you.
10:09:32AM I look forward to working with everyone who wants to find
10:09:35AM solutions from both sides of this issue.
10:09:37AM Keeping the quality of life high is very important.
10:09:40AM At the same time, we need to work on finding solutions for
10:09:43AM those who are homeless.
10:09:44AM Maria Barcus, the new -- not very new any more, CEO of the
10:09:49AM homeless coalition is here today as well.
10:09:52AM We have been working with a lot of people in the community
10:09:55AM and will continue to do so to find those solutions.
10:09:57AM But in the meantime, I think we all know that there need to
10:10:00AM be some ordinances that help manage these situations better
10:10:05AM in the city.
10:10:06AM Thank you very much.

10:10:07AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
10:10:11AM >> Good morning, City Council.
10:10:13AM Joshua Pillock, I live at 3405 North 11th Street here in
10:10:17AM Tampa, Florida.
10:10:19AM I'm speaking not only as a 17-year resident of Tampa, which
10:10:22AM I suppose makes me a Tampa native almost.
10:10:26AM But also a business owner within the central business
10:10:28AM district.
10:10:29AM I've had the pleasure of working with the Mayor's office as
10:10:32AM well as the Tampa downtown partnership and launching our new
10:10:36AM business at 501 North Franklin, the corner of Madison.
10:10:39AM We're excited to be part of the burgeoning entertainment and
10:10:45AM retail restaurant scene that really is shaping a new future
10:10:48AM for downtown Tampa.
10:10:49AM I think that part of that future is creating a place and an
10:10:55AM environment that feels safe for all users.
10:10:57AM I'm not here to talk about all the things that possibly
10:11:03AM could happen or -- I'm certainly not here to be a
10:11:07AM non-compassionate person and I'm not arguing that we outlaw
10:11:10AM homelessness, but there are some things that I believe we
10:11:14AM could in place to support a more usable environment for all
10:11:19AM community members.
10:11:21AM One of those could be the discussion of a strict panhandling
10:11:27AM exclusion zone in Ybor City and downtown.
10:11:29AM I also believe that we have some very good rules about sunup

10:11:35AM to sundown hours in parks that we would like to see actual
10:11:38AM enforcement of so our parks aren't being used as sleeping
10:11:42AM camps.
10:11:43AM And I would like to also see some sort of ordinance
10:11:48AM discussion about sleeping on city property, such as public
10:11:53AM sidewalks after hours.
10:11:54AM These are just a handful of things that we could discuss to
10:11:59AM really target the major issues that lead to quality of life
10:12:04AM problems between our downtown customers and the future, a
10:12:12AM usable downtown that we would all like to see and visit.
10:12:15AM Thank you for your time.
10:12:19AM >> Good morning.
10:12:20AM Tom Atchison, 1611 East Bougainvillea.
10:12:24AM Pastor of New Life Church and CEO of New Beginnings of
10:12:29AM Tampa, a life recovery program.
10:12:30AM These people that are panhandling, they are equal citizens.
10:12:38AM They are human beings equal in the sight of God.
10:12:40AM And yes, it's an inconvenience.
10:12:44AM They have their issues.
10:12:45AM But I believe they need to be treated just as any other
10:12:49AM citizen would be, and we need to deal with their issues.
10:12:53AM Most of them are just a pill away, a little bit of
10:12:56AM counseling away from being able to have their lives back and
10:13:01AM to be productive citizens.
10:13:03AM Banning panhandling, doing these things, they're Band-Aids.

10:13:09AM They stop panhandling in certain areas, but it's going to go
10:13:12AM to other areas.
10:13:13AM We're not going to stop the problem.
10:13:15AM We're just going to put Band-Aids here and there.
10:13:17AM We need to deal with the real issues.
10:13:19AM The real issue is these people are human beings who have
10:13:23AM rights, who have needs.
10:13:25AM We need to be able to deal with their mental health issues,
10:13:28AM with their addiction problems, with all the situations that
10:13:33AM brought them on the street.
10:13:34AM A lot of them, a lot of people right now in Tampa are one
10:13:38AM paycheck away from being on the street and being, having to
10:13:43AM panhandle.
10:13:44AM So, I believe we need to focus not just on banning
10:13:49AM panhandling, looking at these people as a plague on our
10:13:53AM society, and look at them as equal human beings who need our
10:13:58AM help, and that's part of what we're to be, yes, we're to
10:14:02AM educate, we're to have all the entertainment venues, the
10:14:06AM quality of life, but the quality of life that we deal with,
10:14:09AM that we need to pursue also has to equally be that we pursue
10:14:16AM the quality of life for these people that are
10:14:20AM disenfranchised.
10:14:21AM We need to quit criminalizing being poor and being homeless
10:14:24AM and deal with their issues.
10:14:26AM Thank you.

10:14:28AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
10:14:30AM >> My name is Richard Boone, 1929 East Seventh Avenue in
10:14:35AM Ybor.
10:14:36AM I own a pub on seventh avenue called the Dirty Shame.
10:14:39AM I am A founding member of the Ybor Merchants Association, a
10:14:43AM current board member of YCDC.
10:14:46AM As to the noise ordinance, I just have a few brief comments,
10:14:48AM one being that the current noise ordinance was arrived at a
10:14:51AM considerable time, effort and expense, and we feel it seems
10:14:54AM to be working just fine.
10:14:55AM Number two, is, we feel that any change in the noise
10:15:01AM ordinance will really affect the aspect of Ybor City being a
10:15:05AM live music destination.
10:15:07AM It would considerably reduce any possibility for any kind of
10:15:11AM live music in the area.
10:15:13AM And we feel that's of great value.
10:15:16AM And thirdly, I think it's unenforceable.
10:15:19AM I own a noise meter myself.
10:15:21AM And on any given Friday or Saturday evening, I can get a
10:15:25AM reading of 80 DB just in ambient noise on the street.
10:15:29AM So I don't know how you would even get a 65 DB decibel
10:15:34AM reading.
10:15:35AM A letter to the like has been sent to you electronically.
10:15:39AM I'm going to leave copies of it.
10:15:41AM Thank you.

10:15:47AM >> Ed Tillou, north ninth street, Sulphur Springs.
10:15:56AM I'll go in reverse order.
10:16:01AM First item 70, there is a serious noise problem that
10:16:04AM continues to be a serious noise problem, often it's not
10:16:07AM mufflers, disconnected from cars as music.
10:16:13AM And the thing is that where it was a few dozen about a year
10:16:18AM ago, it's hundreds and hundreds of vehicles now.
10:16:22AM Several times a day, you know, you encounter this.
10:16:25AM Item 55, I'll try to get to that.
10:16:28AM There's a lot of agriculture in support of food festivals.
10:16:33AM That I draw my public health background like food festivals
10:16:37AM that are good for people.
10:16:38AM As opposed to being bad.
10:16:40AM Okay.
10:16:43AM I tried at a meeting to bring attention to -- well, doesn't
10:16:51AM show.
10:16:52AM But I tried to bring attention to how, the movie 42, it
10:16:58AM brought to mind something Admiral Collins, who since passed
10:17:02AM on now, he was killed in, on his bicycle.
10:17:06AM That he mentioned about his dad.
10:17:10AM Well, I guess I'll never get to that, but these artificial
10:17:15AM wedge between history and historic preservation, I think
10:17:20AM dates from this time, 1978 when American society planning
10:17:26AM officials, it was people like you that were very involved in
10:17:30AM planning and participatory democracy, were devoured by

10:17:34AM American Institute of Planners and its treasury was also.
10:17:39AM And that's the point at which so much of community
10:17:42AM redevelopment became legalese and jargon, real estate
10:17:49AM speculation jargon, instead of items like things like item 3
10:17:55AM or the Columbia restaurant, all of which could've been done
10:17:58AM like 30 odd years ago.
10:18:00AM And here's the bottom line of that.
10:18:03AM 500 years ago, Ponce De Leon discovered Florida.
10:18:08AM No commemoration at all.
10:18:09AM People are ignorant of this.
10:18:11AM I was reading about it in the paper.
10:18:13AM I thought this was a buildup to something in a year or two.
10:18:15AM This was unbelievable.
10:18:18AM In Baltimore, they would've had parades.
10:18:21AM And commemorations of things like that.
10:18:23AM This other now is -- I'll hand it around to you, but this is
10:18:34AM more or less Admiral Collins' final words.
10:18:36AM Which are, which extrapolate to the City Council, county
10:18:41AM commission, should be buying Volts and hybrids, because the
10:18:45AM point he tried to make three weeks before he was killed on
10:18:48AM his bicycle was, that the U.S. Navy no longer can do the
10:18:52AM things that are expected of it.
10:18:54AM And I'm old enough to remember 15 B-52s in one day.
10:18:59AM That might be a 50 or a hundred tankers.
10:19:03AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Tillou.

10:19:05AM >> Let me get this out to you.
10:19:29AM >>HARRY COHEN: Ma'am, you can go ahead.
10:19:35AM >> My name is Kim Headland, I live at 1001 East 24th Avenue
10:19:41AM in V.M. Ybor.
10:19:43AM I work in Ybor City.
10:19:43AM And as you know, Trinity Cafe opened in our neighborhood
10:19:47AM earlier this week.
10:19:48AM It has had an impact.
10:19:51AM Some of it good, some of it not so good.
10:19:53AM And for that reason, I'm here today to request that you
10:19:56AM support various city departments and local organizations by
10:19:59AM creating additional tools that will assist local agencies to
10:20:02AM more effectively address issues relating to a high transient
10:20:06AM population and panhandling in our region.
10:20:09AM I strongly believe that new tools are needed to mitigate
10:20:12AM many of the current issues inherent in the decentralized
10:20:16AM service points for social services in Tampa.
10:20:20AM Medical services over there, substance abuse and mental
10:20:23AM health issues over there, beds another mile away, even
10:20:26AM further.
10:20:27AM I am not an expert.
10:20:29AM But as a citizen, it does not appear that this issue has
10:20:32AM been adequately addressed.
10:20:33AM There are truly great programs in the city, many great
10:20:36AM programs in the city.

10:20:38AM Metropolitan ministries is a very fine example.
10:20:41AM However, the numbers are very, very large.
10:20:43AM In fact, I believe Tampa has at the end of 2012, one of the
10:20:47AM highest populations for homeless in the entire country.
10:20:51AM But it's still not a place where we are seeing many
10:20:54AM significant or progressive solutions emerging from local
10:20:56AM leaders.
10:20:57AM Now that the area social services are more decentralized and
10:21:02AM disparate than ever, they're in neighborhoods, they're
10:21:05AM adjacent to single-family homes, they're on busy commercial
10:21:08AM corridors.
10:21:08AM We need tools to be able to address some of the significant
10:21:12AM issues that are also on the rise as a result.
10:21:14AM It would be very easy to pretend that these issues don't
10:21:18AM exist and it would be easy to debate various options
10:21:23AM endlessly.
10:21:24AM But these issues impact businesses be, it affects quality of
10:21:27AM life for life long Tampa residents.
10:21:30AM It affects parks residents go to.
10:21:32AM It affects where business owners and clients choose to do
10:21:35AM business.
10:21:35AM These are very real issues and we need to implement very
10:21:39AM real solutions.
10:21:40AM Part of that is giving TPD tools necessary.
10:21:43AM Beyond a single homeless liaison that quite simply cannot

10:21:47AM tackle this problem on his own.
10:21:49AM That being said, it is also critical that in addition to new
10:21:52AM tools for TPD or various city departments, that that be
10:21:57AM coupled with consistent progressive and holistic efforts
10:22:01AM among all social service agencies.
10:22:04AM There clearly needs to be a cohesive plan that is
10:22:06AM effectively implemented in order to connect service
10:22:09AM providers with those that desire assistance.
10:22:11AM So with that I implore you to support our city's police
10:22:14AM department and various other agencies and empower them with
10:22:17AM tools that can assist all citizens.
10:22:20AM Lead in this effort.
10:22:22AM Please lead with action, not more talk.
10:22:24AM Without additional tools, long time residents and businesses
10:22:27AM will continue to be adversely impacted and the homeless
10:22:30AM population will continue to struggle with uncoordinated and
10:22:32AM decentralized services.
10:22:35AM Thank you.
10:22:37AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ms. Headland?
10:22:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
10:22:41AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:22:42AM Two things.
10:22:42AM You're with the civic association, are you not?
10:22:46AM >> I'm on the board of the civic association.
10:22:49AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Has the civic association as a body as a

10:22:53AM whole or individual members reached out to any of the
10:22:57AM service providers or any of the groups who are working,
10:23:02AM because there are local leaders who are working on the
10:23:04AM issues.
10:23:05AM And we like to think we are making some progress.
10:23:08AM But has anyone reached out?
10:23:11AM >> There's been constant communication with leaders of
10:23:14AM Trinity Cafe over the last two years.
10:23:18AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, I mean any of the other service
10:23:21AM providers.
10:23:22AM Because there are -- you referred to there are many service
10:23:25AM providers.
10:23:26AM But have you tried to work with any of them?
10:23:28AM >> Well, since the only service provider impacting the V.M.
10:23:32AM Ybor neighborhood is Trinity Cafe at this point, that's the
10:23:36AM only point of contact, if you will.
10:23:40AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
10:23:41AM The second thing, just do me a favor.
10:23:42AM Could you bring that juice bottle there to Mr. Tillou?
10:23:47AM >> I will.
10:23:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
10:23:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
10:23:50AM >> Lonnie Rhode, 412 Madison Street.
10:23:56AM Good morning.
10:23:57AM Two and a half years ago, whenever it was when the city had

10:24:00AM no panhandling ordinance, and only had two bad newspapers
10:24:04AM instead of three, I was one of the people that was in favor
10:24:07AM of enacting something that would ban panhandling.
10:24:10AM I still feel that way.
10:24:12AM I still feel that panhandling is immoral and the proceeds of
10:24:15AM it are ill got.
10:24:17AM But I think just after being here a short time this morning,
10:24:21AM all seven of you, at least the five of you that are still
10:24:25AM here, would agree that the best panhandling that goes on in
10:24:28AM this city is right here at this microphone.
10:24:31AM Everybody comes here asking for money.
10:24:35AM Usually for themselves or for someone that they represent.
10:24:40AM Why not do something on the requests of some of these people
10:24:46AM that have come here, that have said well, if we can do
10:24:50AM something about homelessness, we might be able to do
10:24:53AM something about panhandling and approach it from the other
10:24:57AM direction.
10:24:58AM Personally, you know, the I think that maybe the ideas to
10:25:02AM just throw everybody in jail that panhandles.
10:25:05AM They say that capital punishment for people who are crazy
10:25:09AM and commit mass murders might cure some of that.
10:25:13AM Why not take the same approach with panhandling?
10:25:16AM For goodness sake if you're going to expand this ordinance
10:25:19AM again, couldn't you couple it at the same time with some
10:25:23AM work on doing something with people who don't benefit

10:25:26AM personally from this?
10:25:27AM You've had panhandlers in line in front of me.
10:25:31AM You guys just haven't recognized them as such.
10:25:33AM So why not do something for, on a truly volunteer basis,
10:25:37AM meaning volunteers that aren't paid, volunteers that don't
10:25:39AM get any government money for them, for their paycheck, why
10:25:44AM not do something that is truly volunteer and addresses
10:25:48AM homelessness and unemployment?
10:25:51AM Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:25:52AM And if somebody doesn't like the current panhandling
10:25:57AM ordinance as it's read now, tell them what you told me last
10:25:59AM year, which is if you don't like the laws of our fair city,
10:26:03AM the courthouse is three blocks away.
10:26:05AM That's actually where taco bus is.
10:26:09AM There is no courthouse three blocks away.
10:26:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:26:13AM I'll buy me a new GPS.
10:26:15AM Next please?
10:26:17AM >> Good morning, Council.
10:26:18AM Don Barco, I own King Corner Cigars, 1523 Seventh Avenue in
10:26:24AM Ybor City.
10:26:24AM We've worked very hard to expand the cafe ordinance that has
10:26:33AM been a wonderful thing for Ybor City.
10:26:35AM It's brought a dimension that wasn't there before.
10:26:39AM And I think we're trying to expand that.

10:26:42AM That's a wonderful thing.
10:26:47AM We have lots of tourism, tourism coming -- people coming to
10:26:52AM Ybor City.
10:26:53AM Ybor City's an economic engine of tourism.
10:26:59AM Unfortunately, a lot of our visitors that come in are
10:27:02AM accosted on a daily basis.
10:27:04AM This happens to my business all the time.
10:27:06AM I have a cafe under my roof.
10:27:11AM And I'm constantly having to go out and deal with people
10:27:14AM that are bothering my customers.
10:27:16AM And coming in in the morning, a lot of times on 16th street,
10:27:21AM I'm having to step over people that are sleeping on the
10:27:23AM sidewalk.
10:27:24AM I know Officer Mark Bear has his hands full down there.
10:27:30AM He's done an incredibly good job for Ybor City.
10:27:35AM I ask if you can do anything to expand the panhandling
10:27:40AM ordinance, to give TPD -- right now, if somebody comes and
10:27:46AM is accosting one of my customers, one of my staff members,
10:27:50AM and they leave and the police come, there's nothing that can
10:27:53AM be done.
10:27:54AM I would like to see it expanded, because a lot of these
10:27:57AM people are there on a daily basis.
10:27:59AM They're there over and over and over.
10:28:02AM A lot of times it's the same people.
10:28:04AM Although I have seen, since St. Pete has changed their

10:28:08AM ordinance, a lot, we've had a lot more come in.
10:28:11AM So, I encourage you in the face of us trying to expand the
10:28:16AM cafe ordinance, that we do something to protect the
10:28:20AM businesses that are down there working so hard to make Ybor
10:28:23AM City the wonderful place that it is.
10:28:25AM Thank you.
10:28:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:28:27AM Next please?
10:28:31AM >> Good morning.
10:28:32AM Stephen Nunez, 1301 East Seventh Avenue.
10:28:36AM I represent the Hampton Inn Suites.
10:28:40AM We came into Ybor City on April 1st, 2011.
10:28:43AM We were very excited to get there.
10:28:45AM We have tried to support the community and the Tampa Police
10:28:47AM Department during the last two years.
10:28:49AM I echo Mr. Barco's comments that the vagrancy and
10:28:54AM panhandling that have taken place in Ybor City is becoming
10:28:58AM to impact our guest experience at our hotel.
10:29:00AM We have the unfortunate sight of having someone who has
10:29:06AM chosen the benches across from our seventh avenue entrance
10:29:09AM as a place to spend the majority of his day.
10:29:11AM And unfortunately, sometimes he chooses to take off his
10:29:16AM shirt.
10:29:17AM This is the first visual that many of our guests receive as
10:29:21AM they come out the seventh avenue entrance to visit Ybor City

10:29:24AM or to take our shuttle within a three mile radius.
10:29:27AM A few months back during our regional team visit, we were
10:29:30AM approached by a panhandler asking for money, who was not too
10:29:34AM happy when we declined his request.
10:29:36AM We would love to see the Tampa Police Department have some
10:29:40AM type of enforcement ability to take that negative guest
10:29:46AM experience from our hotel and from Ybor City.
10:29:49AM We have about 40,000 guests each year.
10:29:53AM And we believe it's in benefit of the City of Tampa, not
10:29:57AM just for our hotel.
10:29:59AM Just to make sure that I address a few speakers earlier,
10:30:03AM we're not asking for anything monetarily.
10:30:06AM We have -- we will be undergoing a million dollar renovation
10:30:09AM of that property, beginning this month, we're going to put
10:30:11AM $56,000 in the exterior of that building to help beautify it
10:30:15AM and help Ybor City keep fresh.
10:30:17AM And in keeping with its heritage as well.
10:30:20AM What we're asking for is, for those 40,000 people who pay
10:30:24AM taxes, bed tax at our hotel and who support many of the
10:30:28AM services that eventually you'll decide will help those who
10:30:31AM are homeless, we want to keep their guest experience
10:30:34AM positive.
10:30:36AM And unfortunately, our online presence, both at the hotel
10:30:39AM and in Ybor City, reflects somewhat of a negative experience
10:30:43AM when they're approached by both panhandlers and those who

10:30:46AM are homeless.
10:30:47AM We would hope that that enforcement ability be given to
10:30:50AM Tampa Police Department and that we could all benefit from
10:30:54AM having a solution that's equitable for all.
10:30:57AM We're not offering a social solution on behalf of the hotel.
10:31:01AM We're just telling you that the guest experience is being
10:31:04AM impacted and that we're going to lose guests to the City of
10:31:07AM Tampa simply because they don't feel it's safe and they
10:31:11AM can't have a great experience.
10:31:12AM Thank you.
10:31:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:31:13AM Next please?
10:31:17AM >> My name is Chip Williams, 1910 East Palm Avenue.
10:31:21AM I'm here today representing Carne Chop House, Bernini of
10:31:25AM Ybor and the Green Iguana.
10:31:28AM And also representing residents of Ybor City.
10:31:31AM I've lived and worked in Ybor City since I moved here 10
10:31:33AM years ago.
10:31:34AM I'm very familiar with the repetitive nature of a large
10:31:36AM number of the panhandlers.
10:31:38AM The problem of panhandling in Ybor is not the homeless
10:31:41AM people panhandling.
10:31:42AM It's the repeat offenders who have been scamming people for
10:31:45AM years in order to satisfy their poison, whether it be drugs
10:31:49AM or alcohol.

10:31:50AM They know how to make people feel uncomfortable by not
10:31:54AM giving them money and being aggressive, they're more likely
10:31:58AM to solicit money just to stop from being bothered.
10:32:02AM I got married in Ybor City, and that was common theme.
10:32:05AM Ybor is so beautiful, but the bums made us feel unsafe, even
10:32:09AM during the day.
10:32:10AM In Ybor, we try to give conventioneer the cruise ship
10:32:13AM travelers something positive to take back home.
10:32:14AM But all too often the story most remembered is a story of a
10:32:17AM ruined dinner, or uncomfortable walk down the street.
10:32:21AM Excuse me.
10:32:23AM One week ago while sitting on a restaurant sidewalk cafe, I
10:32:26AM witnessed the owner ignore a panhandler who was begging
10:32:29AM directly from our table.
10:32:30AM When ignored he started swearing at surrounding tables.
10:32:35AM The owner told me many times it is better to ignore the
10:32:37AM problem and hope they go away because the scene if directly
10:32:40AM confronted can be many times worse.
10:32:43AM I witnessed many times with my managers having to deal very
10:32:46AM carefully with panhandlers because you never know what will
10:32:49AM push them into a screaming fit.
10:32:51AM I have personally moved countless tables inside because the
10:32:54AM customers no longer feel safe on the sidewalk after being
10:32:57AM approached numerous times for food and money.
10:33:00AM I've watch couple in a wheelchair bum money from people all

10:33:05AM weekend long to help their kids.
10:33:06AM The man pushed while the woman nursed a broken leg.
10:33:09AM They were back again the next weekend.
10:33:11AM The only difference was that the woman was pushing this time
10:33:14AM and the man was in the chair.
10:33:15AM You can see like this avenue and every day, scaring away
10:33:20AM customers that we have tried for so many years to bring to
10:33:23AM Tampa.
10:33:23AM I visit Nashville before they enacted the panhandling law
10:33:27AM and after they did.
10:33:29AM It's truly amazing how the simple act of outlawing
10:33:33AM panhandling has totally changed the feel in their
10:33:35AM entertainment district.
10:33:36AM You don't feel like you're going to get mug it every minute.
10:33:39AM It gives you a chance to enjoy the area and sightsee and
10:33:43AM feel safe instead of reaching for your wallet.
10:33:46AM There are plenty of cities drafted lays to deter this type
10:33:49AM of behavior and I hope Tampa is the next.
10:33:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:33:51AM I'm going to ask the Council for -- it's 10:33.
10:33:56AM I have till 10:35 to finish the 30 minutes.
10:33:58AM I won't be able to do that today and I want to give everyone
10:34:01AM an opportunity to speak who is in line.
10:34:03AM I'd like to ask Council for two things.
10:34:06AM First of all, let me go to 11:00 and let's cut the time from

10:34:09AM three minutes to two minutes so everyone can speak.
10:34:11AM At 11:00, we will stop.
10:34:13AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:34:15AM >>MARY MULHERN: While on the subject of timing, I have to
10:34:18AM leave at, right at noon, so I'm hoping that we can just plan
10:34:24AM to break at noon as we normally do instead of extending the
10:34:27AM meeting.
10:34:28AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We will take that.
10:34:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
10:34:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
10:34:32AM >> I move the continuation.
10:34:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen is saying he will support the
10:34:36AM 11:00 with two minutes instead of three.
10:34:39AM Who seconds that?
10:34:40AM I have a second by Ms. Mulhern.
10:34:42AM Fall favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
10:34:44AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:34:44AM Yes, sir, I'm sorry.
10:34:45AM I got to cut it down so everyone can have their time.
10:34:49AM >> John Sullivan, 1700 east ninth avenue.
10:34:51AM I'm the general manager of the Hilton garden inn in Ybor.
10:34:55AM Along with Steven, we are partners in the hotel business.
10:34:58AM We do a lot of business together.
10:35:00AM As his guests are being affected, my guests are being
10:35:03AM affected.

10:35:04AM Our staffs are being affected.
10:35:06AM Generally it's impacting revenues.
10:35:09AM Safety and security of the area has come into question a lot
10:35:12AM of times.
10:35:12AM Now more with the St. Petersburg's ban.
10:35:15AM We have seen uptick in the homelessness and the panhandling
10:35:19AM in Ybor.
10:35:21AM It is impacting the guest experience and they are turning to
10:35:26AM other avenues and other areas.
10:35:28AM Generally going away from Ybor, staying in there, spending
10:35:31AM their dollars there and generating the revenues that
10:35:34AM hopefully we can use with the Council and stuff to help the
10:35:38AM homelessness and the panhandlers get treatment.
10:35:41AM Generally impacting those revenues though is causing concern
10:35:45AM for a lot of different things.
10:35:46AM We want to address that.
10:35:48AM My ownership just spent two million dollars on renovation on
10:35:51AM our hotel.
10:35:53AM And they've looked for return on their investment.
10:35:55AM And things impacting that return is hard to explain.
10:35:59AM And things that we tend to control by giving the police
10:36:04AM increasing the ordinance to help them keep everything in
10:36:06AM check.
10:36:06AM The checks and balances.
10:36:07AM So, again, we have compassion for homeless and the

10:36:11AM basically, we also have businesses, we have -- our idea of a
10:36:17AM pursuing happiness.
10:36:19AM We need to basically continue with that.
10:36:22AM And this is impacting our business.
10:36:23AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:36:24AM Next please?
10:36:31AM >> Good morning.
10:36:31AM My name is Michelle Cardamme, 1700 East Ninth Avenue.
10:36:37AM Hilton Garden Ybor City.
10:36:38AM I'm up here as a member of the Ybor City Development
10:36:40AM Corporation board.
10:36:41AM We want you to know that we have had the leadership of the
10:36:46AM homeless coalition at our public safety committee meetings
10:36:51AM to work with them and develop partnership among us.
10:36:56AM Thank you.
10:36:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:36:57AM Next please?
10:37:01AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers.
10:37:10AM Renee Rivard, 4508 Southeast Drive, Tampa.
10:37:15AM I'm here today because I would like to open a doggy day care
10:37:18AM in South Tampa.
10:37:19AM I have forwarded all Councilmembers an e-mail explaining my
10:37:23AM issue and have spoken with all of your aides and counselor
10:37:26AM Reddick was kind enough to give me a call and speak with me.
10:37:30AM The doggy day care will be a small one, approximately 20

10:37:33AM dogs.
10:37:33AM All dogs will be under 18 pounds.
10:37:35AM The day care will cater to pet owners who want day care for
10:37:38AM their pets and our special needs such as blind, deaf, old,
10:37:42AM timid etcetera or very tiny ones.
10:37:44AM Ones that don't do well at regular doggy day caring the
10:37:48AM atmosphere will be tranquil for them and they will be mostly
10:37:52AM Kent indoors.
10:37:52AM My hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through
10:37:56AM Friday.
10:37:57AM There will be no boarding.
10:37:58AM This is strictly doggy day care, no dogs will stay
10:38:02AM overnight.
10:38:02AM I have found a space on MacDill Avenue in a strip mall.
10:38:06AM The property is zoned GC.
10:38:08AM All adjacent properties are commercial except for two homes
10:38:11AM behind the strip mall.
10:38:12AM The landlord who is going to rent to me owns those two
10:38:15AM homes.
10:38:15AM I have been searching for almost a year for a location.
10:38:19AM South Tampa does not have a lot of ID and CI property.
10:38:23AM The IG and CI properties tend to be very large.
10:38:26AM I only need 600 to 800 square feet.
10:38:28AM I have spoken to Jerry Frankhouser, the president of the
10:38:31AM Tampa homeowners association of neighborhoods.

10:38:34AM He thinks I have an excellent idea and believes there's a
10:38:37AM need for doggy day care.
10:38:38AM He is very supportive and said he'd like my updated version
10:38:42AM of the kennel, which I have provided for you.
10:38:44AM I've been working with zoning for the last several weeks and
10:38:48AM I was wondering if the counselors could please help me so
10:38:52AM that I could get my zoning issue resolved.
10:38:56AM I have more, but I know we only have two minutes.
10:38:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.
10:38:59AM We're kind of backed up.
10:39:02AM I read your remarks.
10:39:03AM I read the information that I received in the office a
10:39:05AM couple days ago, or yesterday, I forget which.
10:39:08AM I think you got to go back where you started to zoning and
10:39:11AM go through the process like everyone else.
10:39:14AM I can't carte blanche give you what you want.
10:39:17AM That's my recommendation to you.
10:39:19AM >> I have gone through all the --
10:39:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not going to debate you today.
10:39:23AM I'm tied up.
10:39:24AM Got a meeting to run.
10:39:26AM I want to be as kind as I can and helpful as I can.
10:39:29AM We all do.
10:39:29AM But I think you have to go back to where you started.
10:39:32AM And then tell us what your progress is and what you want.

10:39:36AM If I recall, these things are handled in certain zoning
10:39:39AM areas only.
10:39:40AM But I see right person is here.
10:39:44AM Get with her.
10:39:45AM And you guys work it out.
10:39:48AM Some degree before you bring it back.
10:39:51AM I can't recommend things to you unless the department tells
10:39:55AM me that it's correct.
10:39:56AM I don't want to be presumptuous and making any kind of
10:40:00AM statements to you, helpful or note helpful at this time
10:40:03AM because I don't know the whole text of it.
10:40:06AM >> All right.
10:40:06AM Thank you very much for your time.
10:40:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We really appreciate what you're trying
10:40:09AM to do.
10:40:09AM >> Thank you.
10:40:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
10:40:14AM >> Hello, my name is Brenda Mobley.
10:40:17AM I live 4236 East Cayuga Street.
10:40:21AM I briefly want to talk about item 70, the noise ordinance
10:40:25AM that we're trying to work on.
10:40:27AM I want to talk to you on a personal level because I work in
10:40:31AM the community and hold different positions and attend main
10:40:37AM meetings.
10:40:37AM I tried very hard to work to make our neighborhood in East

10:40:40AM Tampa better.
10:40:42AM However, since these people who do the loud noises on my
10:40:47AM particular block, are also involved in drugs and when I come
10:40:51AM out of my home, they turn their music up extra loud to be an
10:40:56AM irritant to me.
10:40:57AM And when they get to my home, they'll turn the music up or
10:41:02AM they'll blast it and then whenever they think the police
10:41:07AM might come out, then they'll turn it down.
10:41:10AM Please, I'm not the only senior citizen in East Tampa that's
10:41:14AM suffering from this.
10:41:15AM I'm asking that something be done about it.
10:41:18AM And that also something be done to protect the neighborhood
10:41:22AM leaders.
10:41:23AM Thank you.
10:41:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:41:25AM Next?
10:41:29AM >> Good morning City Council members and staff.
10:41:32AM My name is Samuel L Mobley.
10:41:35AM I live at 4234 east Cayuga street, Tampa, Florida.
10:41:39AM I'm also the president of eastern height neighborhood
10:41:41AM association and crime watch.
10:41:43AM I'm addressing item 70, which concerning the loud music.
10:41:51AM Now, at least four of you all attended my meeting, general
10:41:55AM meeting in East Tampa at Williams Park.
10:41:57AM Some of you are familiar with the problem that we have in

10:42:01AM East Tampa.
10:42:02AM But we have an extra problem in our neighborhood of the loud
10:42:06AM music.
10:42:07AM It was so loud that we had to file a complaint with state
10:42:13AM attorney concerning that.
10:42:15AM They were coming in front of your house, open up the doors
10:42:19AM and just turn the music up loud as they possibly can.
10:42:22AM That's aggravation.
10:42:24AM Sometimes the music so loud, you can feel the glass shaking.
10:42:27AM We shouldn't have to deal with that.
10:42:29AM Now, police officer come out from time to time to try to
10:42:34AM help us out.
10:42:35AM It's really not enough, if we don't have an ordinance in
10:42:39AM place.
10:42:40AM So we need something to protect our neighborhood, as we move
10:42:45AM forward.
10:42:45AM Now, not only that neighborhood, but a lot of other
10:42:48AM neighborhoods -- I'm on three different boards.
10:42:51AM I don't just work with my neighborhood.
10:42:52AM I work with other things in the City of Tampa.
10:42:56AM See I'm asking, pleading with the City Council, that you
10:43:00AM help us in this situation.
10:43:01AM Thank you so much.
10:43:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
10:43:04AM Next please?

10:43:08AM >> My name is John Dingler.
10:43:10AM 908 East Lake Avenue.
10:43:11AM I work on seventh in Ybor City.
10:43:13AM I want to talk about 73.
10:43:17AM You guys have heard it all.
10:43:19AM I don't know, you know, I went to the state of the city
10:43:25AM address.
10:43:25AM Listened to our very attractive Mayor saying, something my
10:43:29AM heart leapt inside when set I don't want to be a Mayor of
10:43:33AM the city that demonizes people on the color of their skin or
10:43:37AM who they love.
10:43:37AM And it was, I was overjoyed to hear.
10:43:40AM Then at the same time something in me, I looked around at
10:43:43AM our city and I asked, what if they're black and broke?
10:43:47AM Gay and broke?
10:43:48AM White and broke, Hispanic and broke?
10:43:50AM Then we do.
10:43:50AM We do tend toward something like a demonization.
10:43:55AM Dehumanization with our legislation and we -- and the thing
10:43:59AM is, like these are citizens.
10:44:00AM These are neighbors, friend of ours.
10:44:02AM And he keeps saying the Mayor would also say, you guys are
10:44:05AM all familiar with this, I don't want to see -- don't want to
10:44:08AM lose my daughters to that city.
10:44:10AM Don't want to lose my daughters to that city.

10:44:12AM None of us do I wonder, well, what if those daughters end up
10:44:16AM on the street?
10:44:17AM What if they end up broke?
10:44:18AM Would he still want them in the city?
10:44:20AM You know, we do.
10:44:21AM It's like the truth is, we have neighbors in need.
10:44:24AM The real issues that we -- it's not like, this isn't about
10:44:28AM legislation.
10:44:28AM It's like we -- people are valuable.
10:44:31AM So we want to defend the economic value of these businesses.
10:44:35AM And this is important.
10:44:36AM I realize this is very hard.
10:44:38AM But the least I think we could do is kind of like not do
10:44:41AM harm to keep our hands off in a way to people that are, you
10:44:45AM know, there's real needs.
10:44:46AM Behind those needs are issues like access and they don't
10:44:49AM have roofs or food.
10:44:51AM Behind that are structures.
10:44:52AM Part of that is what you guys do.
10:44:54AM You're part of making those structures, to do that very
10:44:57AM carefully.
10:44:58AM And think about the ideology behind the structures.
10:45:02AM People that are valuable.
10:45:04AM Things are less valuable than people.
10:45:06AM By the way, we have houses full, with no people.

10:45:09AM And we have people with no houses.
10:45:12AM All throughout the city.
10:45:13AM So maybe, there's something we could think about.
10:45:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:45:16AM Next please?
10:45:17AM >> My name is clay Daniels.
10:45:19AM I didn't come before City Council for 13 years about the
10:45:22AM loud music problem.
10:45:23AM I think we waited long enough.
10:45:25AM When you have problems with casino cafe, with the gambling.
10:45:28AM You all didn't wait on the Florida legislature for that.
10:45:31AM We went ahead and made a move.
10:45:33AM We got to make a move on this like Sarasota.
10:45:35AM We cannot let the hoodlums take over the neighborhood.
10:45:39AM Each one of these people spoke today, they're complain about
10:45:41AM loud music.
10:45:42AM Even one of them are presidents of neighborhood here, are
10:45:45AM complaining about loud music.
10:45:46AM See, there's a problem.
10:45:48AM And this is the most compassioned City Council that I ever
10:45:51AM been around for 13 years.
10:45:53AM You all listen and you all are not arrogant.
10:45:55AM I like that I'm going to be very out spoken this right here,
10:45:58AM you all need to come out and visit Mr. Sam over at the
10:46:01AM neighborhood and visit Ms. Betty neighborhood, and clay

10:46:05AM Daniel's neighborhood and see what we're going through.
10:46:09AM It's not like some of you all stay here, this is a 24 hours
10:46:13AM thing.
10:46:13AM You ears never rest.
10:46:14AM This why I act the way I do when I come here, I'm so
10:46:18AM aggressive, because this noise is just destroying our lives.
10:46:21AM It's a bad way to live in your home with earplugs on.
10:46:24AM We need to do something about this today.
10:46:26AM We can no longer wait.
10:46:28AM I told you the all when I was here last week, you can't wait
10:46:30AM on the Florida legislature.
10:46:33AM After your attorney set up any committee, she voted for it
10:46:36AM and she told Amy, who is the chief, who worked with the
10:46:38AM chief association that she was going to vote for it.
10:46:42AM She sat on the senate floor and voted against it.
10:46:46AM When she voted against that, she hurt all the senior
10:46:49AM citizens.
10:46:50AM She voted for the people making the noise.
10:46:53AM Half of them don't have voting cards.
10:46:55AM I'm asking you to do something about this noise problem,
10:46:57AM like Sarasota.
10:46:58AM The same thing you all did with the casino gambling.
10:47:01AM You did not wait on the state legislature.
10:47:03AM You need to do something about this now.
10:47:05AM We waited long enough.

10:47:07AM Thank you.
10:47:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
10:47:08AM Next, please?
10:47:12AM >> Steve Vick, 1603 north, Salvation Army and general
10:47:17AM manager for Salvation Army in Hillsborough County.
10:47:19AM Just read some notes yesterday from a CRA meeting.
10:47:22AM Wanted to clear up a few things if I could about what
10:47:26AM Salvation Army does here in this county.
10:47:28AM Salvation Army is the largest providers of homeless services
10:47:32AM in this county.
10:47:33AM We have our homeless she will tier, which is opened 24 hours
10:47:37AM day, 365 days a year.
10:47:39AM And we have two programs that are, programs for people to
10:47:46AM transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.
10:47:49AM We understand the issue of the place around our buildings
10:47:53AM and those types of happenings.
10:47:54AM One of the things said in that meeting was that the
10:47:56AM Salvation Army keeps saying it's not their problem after
10:48:00AM they leave our programs.
10:48:01AM That's not how we feel at all.
10:48:02AM How we feel is that we try our best to give them a place to
10:48:06AM be.
10:48:07AM We feed them.
10:48:08AM We clothe them, let them clean up and we do everything we
10:48:12AM possibly can do to help them in every way that we can.

10:48:15AM We tell them every single day, do not stay in this area.
10:48:18AM It's time for you leave once you lever our programs.
10:48:21AM We cannot in any fashion have a full day time program.
10:48:25AM There's no way for us to do that because of money that it
10:48:28AM costs.
10:48:28AM So we do everything we can to make sure we house them and
10:48:31AM house them properly and take care of them.
10:48:33AM So we ask for you to understand that the Salvation Army is
10:48:36AM here.
10:48:36AM We have been here since 1878.
10:48:39AM We think we know what we're doing with homeless people the
10:48:42AM best we can.
10:48:42AM And any help from you or any other city agencies would be
10:48:46AM greatly appreciated.
10:48:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
10:48:50AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before you go, I'm glad you, you're here
10:48:55AM today, because your agency I think was -- although I wasn't
10:49:00AM here on the 11th when this subject was brought up at the CRA
10:49:05AM meeting, I did watch the meeting.
10:49:07AM The recording of the meeting online.
10:49:09AM And I do have the transcript from Mr. Tennison.
10:49:14AM And I didn't see him here this morning.
10:49:17AM That's a shame, because he did speak about your program
10:49:20AM specifically.
10:49:20AM And have you met with Mr. Tennison?

10:49:24AM >> Have not.
10:49:25AM Just saw this for the first time yesterday.
10:49:26AM And have not met with him yet.
10:49:28AM But we will do so.
10:49:30AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Has he called you?
10:49:31AM >> No.
10:49:31AM But he does have some misunderstandings about what we do.
10:49:34AM He doesn't understand all that we do.
10:49:37AM So we'll try to help him.
10:49:40AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: If you have difficulty researching him,
10:49:44AM I'd be glad to facilitate a meeting.
10:49:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
10:49:51AM >> Good morning, City Council.
10:49:53AM Lela Lilyquist, Department of Hope, Brandon, Florida.
10:49:58AM I wanted to bring up with the panhandling issue, some of my
10:50:01AM observations on feeding the homeless the last five years in
10:50:04AM my community.
10:50:05AM We have gone from feeding approximately 125 people a week to
10:50:08AM 600 indirectly with our food pantry as well as migrant
10:50:12AM population in the east part of the county as well as Meals
10:50:14AM On Wheels at greater Brandon community.
10:50:17AM Our cafe celebrates our fifth anniversary of feeding the
10:50:21AM homeless in Brandon and downtown Tampa.
10:50:24AM As leader in concerns for unfunded care, I helped implement
10:50:27AM the half cent sales tax.

10:50:31AM While it was a huge success, we as a community have not been
10:50:34AM as successful dealing with our homeless population.
10:50:36AM During the Republican National Convention, I suggested
10:50:41AM utilizing the now vacant women's prison in Baum as a
10:50:44AM resource for our transitionary people coming out of prison,
10:50:47AM especially the felons, for our on-the-job training program
10:50:51AM to keep them off the streets and keep our streets safe
10:50:54AM Florida dangerous criminals.
10:50:56AM It was closed last spring and the county commission has
10:50:58AM asked for allotment of that facility for the county to have
10:51:02AM ownership of the prison.
10:51:03AM That would create on-the-job training for technical skill
10:51:07AM jobs they otherwise would not be privy too.
10:51:09AM The sheriff's office would utilize along with volunteers
10:51:13AM from the sun city area that is 800 strong that volunteered
10:51:16AM at that prison to actually help the women through the
10:51:18AM transition program.
10:51:20AM There's lots of people that want to volunteer.
10:51:22AM We could also take advantage of our elderly population
10:51:25AM professionally.
10:51:27AM The on-the-job training program that I've been trying to get
10:51:30AM going with Sami's Bakery for the last two year, Sami's
10:51:33AM Bakery is willing to house 40 homeless on-site and give them
10:51:37AM jobs at 20 hours a week and get them into a skills program
10:51:40AM to learn carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

10:51:43AM Unfortunately, the -- what do we call it?
10:51:47AM The big sports thing came to town and we were dropped like
10:51:51AM dead ducks in a pond because all of a sudden, the sports
10:51:54AM complex is coming.
10:51:56AM Became a priority with the county.
10:51:58AM So we need to go back and reassess.
10:52:00AM We have a good person willing to offer his business back to
10:52:03AM work training programs.
10:52:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Your two minutes are up though.
10:52:06AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:52:08AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to thank you for all the work
10:52:10AM you're doing and for telling us about it.
10:52:12AM And I wanted to ask you about the Baum, the women's prison
10:52:16AM in Baum.
10:52:17AM Is the idea to use it for women?
10:52:22AM >> Actually would like to use it for women.
10:52:24AM But I think greater need is felons I see in my soup kitchen
10:52:27AM and dangerous criminals coming out of jail.
10:52:30AM We need to have more police involved in doing background
10:52:33AM checks.
10:52:33AM If they are a felon, they should be immediately removed from
10:52:36AM our roadways.
10:52:37AM This is very dangerous.
10:52:38AM I have it happen on a daily basis at my soup kitchen.
10:52:43AM Myself, as a person that serves the homeless, I can tell you

10:52:46AM the money is being spent on drugs, beer and spice.
10:52:49AM It's not going toward their families.
10:52:51AM This needs to stop.
10:52:52AM I am a person that provides services for the homeless.
10:52:55AM We need to create jobs.
10:52:56AM We need to get them stepping stone back in the felons are
10:52:59AM the main problem.
10:53:00AM Because they cannot get jobs.
10:53:01AM That's what we have going on at our soup kitchen day in and
10:53:04AM day out.
10:53:05AM We have no place to go, nobody will hire us because they see
10:53:07AM our background.
10:53:08AM We need transitional job programs all over the county.
10:53:11AM We have got many people that will volunteer their services.
10:53:14AM I have spoken to one of your City Council members about
10:53:16AM Sami's Bakery.
10:53:18AM Wonderful bakery.
10:53:19AM Gone from $100 a year to ten million a year in sales.
10:53:23AM They want to open a new bakery on I-4 and 301.
10:53:26AM They need infrastructure.
10:53:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
10:53:29AM Thank you.
10:53:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
10:53:32AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Claire, I just want to state something.
10:53:34AM Not for you.

10:53:35AM State something to clear up something that Councilwoman
10:53:40AM Montelione stated previously.
10:53:42AM Let me just say also in the transcript it should read that
10:53:46AM Mr. Tennison, I was coordinating a meeting.
10:53:50AM That is in the process now.
10:53:51AM Mr. Tennison, metropolitan ministry, Tampa Heights as well
10:53:55AM as Salvation Army, we all going to meet.
10:53:58AM I just want didn't want to duplicate the process.
10:54:04AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I did see that.
10:54:05AM Thank you.
10:54:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am?
10:54:08AM >> Good morning, Lorena Hart Ludovici, southwest Cypress.
10:54:13AM Represent BMCK, Inc.
10:54:15AM I'm here on item 56, which is scheduling a review hearing
10:54:18AM for June 27th.
10:54:19AM I am requesting that that review hearing be moved to
10:54:23AM June 6th.
10:54:24AM This is a hardship case and there was --
10:54:27AM >> I believe that was approved already with the addendum
10:54:30AM earlier this morning.
10:54:31AM >> Thank you.
10:54:31AM >> I didn't want to interrupt you.
10:54:34AM But I thought good news was better than no news.
10:54:36AM Next, please?
10:54:42AM >> Good morning.

10:54:43AM I'm Betty J. Bear from Hollins Pines, 3003 Star Street,
10:54:49AM Tampa.
10:54:50AM I was hoping I wouldn't have to come back down here.
10:54:53AM We were down here in March about the loud music.
10:54:56AM But it has continued, calling the police just doesn't help.
10:54:59AM I have a person that rides around on a bicycle, all over
10:55:03AM East Tampa, with his music.
10:55:05AM And he sits in the neighborhood and he plays it loudly.
10:55:08AM I have neighbors who sit in their cars.
10:55:11AM They don't care about anybody else in the neighborhood.
10:55:13AM They just sit, open their windows on their cars and their
10:55:17AM doors and just play the music loudly.
10:55:19AM I have neighbors who party all day long on their porch.
10:55:23AM Even the mailman says my goodness, do they ever go in the
10:55:27AM house?
10:55:27AM So, these are things that impact the senior citizens on my
10:55:31AM block.
10:55:34AM I only have about four young people that live on my block
10:55:38AM that do their thing.
10:55:39AM So it's hard for me when I come in.
10:55:41AM I'm running around all day long.
10:55:43AM And so I'm just hoping that this will help and we can get
10:55:46AM some relief in East Tampa.
10:55:48AM Thank you.
10:55:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:55:50AM Next please?
10:55:53AM >> Cynthia few.
10:55:55AM My address is 2506-29th street, Tampa, Florida, 33610.
10:56:01AM And along with Mrs. Bell and Mr. Daniels, I was here last
10:56:05AM month to ask for relief from the loud music.
10:56:11AM On May the 24th, I will be 65 years old.
10:56:15AM I have lived in my neighborhood all of my life.
10:56:18AM And we have these people that come in now and they want to
10:56:22AM take over with the loud music they hope that they'll drive
10:56:25AM you away.
10:56:26AM So, I'm asking that the City Council will pass the bill or
10:56:31AM do something to help us to stay in our neighborhoods and get
10:56:34AM the people out that disrupt it.
10:56:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:56:38AM Anyone else?
10:56:40AM I got two minutes here left.
10:56:43AM I see no other speakers.
10:56:44AM Way go to request from the public for any reconsideration of
10:56:50AM legislative matters.
10:56:50AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on any items passed by
10:56:54AM this Council in past, or reconsideration of matters?
10:56:57AM I see no one at this time.
10:57:00AM We go to item number 4.
10:57:05AM Ordinance presented for first reading consideration.
10:57:09AM Items 4 through 6.

10:57:11AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number four, please?
10:57:14AM First reading.
10:57:16AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, sir.
10:57:17AM I present an ordinance for first reading consideration, an
10:57:22AM ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida making revisions to
10:57:25AM the City of Tampa code of ordinances, chapter 12, human
10:57:28AM rights, amending section 12-2, definitions, repealing all
10:57:34AM ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict therewith;
10:57:37AM providing for severability; providing an effective date.
10:57:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
10:57:42AM Mr. Cohen.
10:57:43AM On item number 4.
10:57:44AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:57:47AM Opposed nay.
10:57:48AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:57:50AM >> Second reading of the ordinance will be held may 16th at
10:57:53AM 9:30 a.m.
10:57:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:57:55AM Item number 5.
10:57:57AM First reading ordinance, Ms. Capin, would you kindly read
10:58:00AM that one, please?
10:58:06AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance in the City of Tampa, Florida
10:58:09AM making revisions to City of Tampa code of ordinances,
10:58:13AM chapter 12, human rights, amending section 12-5 human rights
10:58:17AM board; repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in

10:58:20AM conflict therewith; providing for severability; providing an
10:58:26AM effective date.
10:58:26AM >> Second.
10:58:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin, second by
10:58:29AM Mr. Cohen.
10:58:30AM Ms. Montelione.
10:58:32AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:58:33AM I had met with our legal staff and Ms. Singer is here to
10:58:38AM discuss how this board is arranged.
10:58:43AM I believe it's the second item, which is why I went ahead
10:58:46AM and voted for the first one.
10:58:48AM But the second item addresses the appointments and the
10:58:52AM structure, is that right, Ms. Singer?
10:58:54AM This is the only board, from my understanding, that is
10:58:59AM completely appointments of the Mayor.
10:59:02AM And it's unlike any of the other boards that exist within
10:59:08AM the city, was created in 1992 and it hasn't been changed
10:59:12AM since 1992.
10:59:13AM And what I would request is that we request the
10:59:18AM administration to structure this board just like every other
10:59:23AM board is structured, to be a mix of the Mayor's appointments
10:59:27AM and City Council appointments.
10:59:28AM Is that possible, Ms. Sing senator.
10:59:30AM >> Certainly that would be Council's pleasure, if that was
10:59:33AM something you wanted to request.

10:59:34AM I did do a little bit of research on that after our
10:59:37AM discussion.
10:59:37AM I believe there are a couple of boards, but you're correct
10:59:40AM that the vast majority of boards are a combination of
10:59:43AM mayoral and Council appointments.
10:59:45AM The others that I found were that solely mayoral were the El
10:59:49AM Centro ALC and arts Council, that sort of thing.
10:59:54AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Those are more specific.
10:59:56AM And this one to me has a, a wider reach, if you will, across
11:00:04AM policies that the Council really establishes, so, it would,
11:00:12AM with Council's pleasure, I'd like to not approve this today
11:00:14AM and bring this back for staff report, with whatever date
11:00:18AM Ms. Singer feels comfortable with.
11:00:20AM Would you feel -- I think it's may 19th?
11:00:24AM >> 16th.
11:00:25AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: May 16th, coming back with the staff
11:00:28AM report and recommendations after you've done some more
11:00:31AM research on how we can restructure this board?
11:00:34AM >> Absolutely.
11:00:35AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:00:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Reddick and Ms. Mulhern.
11:00:38AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:00:40AM Councilwoman Montelione, you brought up an excellent point,
11:00:42AM because I had the same discussion with Ms. Singer when she
11:00:46AM met with me.

11:00:47AM When she was talking about expanding the board, requesting
11:00:50AM expanding to 15 minutes, I raised the question to her, how
11:00:53AM could we have one appointee from the Council, which would be
11:00:57AM seven minutes and the Mayor have eight?
11:01:00AM He still had the majority, but at least each Councilwoman
11:01:05AM would have an opportunity to appoint one person.
11:01:07AM I told her I was going to raise this issue.
11:01:09AM And I was told that all we had to do was amend the ordinance
11:01:13AM in order to get this done.
11:01:16AM And if that's true, amending the ordinance would be one
11:01:20AM Councilmember make one appointment and Mayor make eight, is
11:01:24AM that true, all we need to do.
11:01:26AM >> It would be my opinion, yes, Councilman you could amend
11:01:29AM the ordinance because right now it is legislated within the
11:01:34AM code.
11:01:34AM Yes, you could make the decision to amend.
11:01:36AM >>FRANK REDDICK: That was my point.
11:01:38AM I agree with Councilwoman Montelione.
11:01:40AM And Mr. Chair, I would support a motion that ordinance be
11:01:46AM brought back to us where would be amended with seven --
11:01:50AM eight appointed by the Mayor and seven appointed by the
11:01:52AM Council.
11:01:52AM One each by the Council.
11:01:54AM >>I have Ms. Mulhern, then Mr. Cohen and then we get back to
11:01:58AM this motion, I believe that Ms. Montelione, yourself is

11:02:01AM going to second.
11:02:02AM >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Singer.
11:02:03AM You mentioned, what was the other -- what were -- what was
11:02:07AM the first of those two boards you mentioned?
11:02:14AM >> El Centro CAC.
11:02:16AM >>MARY MULHERN: Is that the Ybor City Centro espaniol that's
11:02:24AM now the restaurant?
11:02:26AM >> I don't know exactly what they do.
11:02:28AM I just was researching.
11:02:29AM I'm happy to look that up.
11:02:31AM >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe chairman Miranda knows that.
11:02:33AM I do think, would like to ask also, and it doesn't have to
11:02:38AM be part of this, but at some point, come back and maybe it
11:02:42AM makes sense to look at the arts Council too, because the
11:02:45AM fact that we have no appointees on the arts Council other
11:02:49AM than -- we have -- the Mayor did appoint a City Council
11:02:55AM person, but City Council has no appointments on that board.
11:02:59AM I think, at least look at it.
11:03:03AM Come back with a report about whether we might be able to
11:03:05AM have at least one appointee to that board.
11:03:08AM I don't know how many members are on that board.
11:03:10AM But if you could look into that, that would be great.
11:03:13AM Thanks.
11:03:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, managers Capin?
11:03:16AM >>HARRY COHEN: I am fully supportive of this continuance,

11:03:18AM looking into this as Councilwoman Montelione and Councilman
11:03:21AM Reddick requested.
11:03:23AM There is one complication that I think is going to be
11:03:27AM difficult for us to work through.
11:03:28AM And I want to suggest to the city attorney that we're going
11:03:33AM to need to figure out how this would work.
11:03:35AM Most of these appointments are occupation specific.
11:03:38AM They fall into a specific category.
11:03:41AM So if we take seven of the appointments and the Mayor had
11:03:45AM eight, we would by the very nature of the way that the board
11:03:49AM is constituted, have to be possible for appointing people of
11:03:54AM a certain profession to those -- each seat has a specific
11:04:00AM requirement.
11:04:01AM So my question is, would each Council be assigned the
11:04:06AM category in which they would appoint?
11:04:09AM Or would it be a collective appointment of seven into a
11:04:13AM designated seven seats, and if so, how would you choose
11:04:18AM which occupation categories go into each?
11:04:22AM That's my -- that's just the one wrinkle I just want to add
11:04:26AM to this.
11:04:27AM Is that correct?
11:04:28AM >> Absolutely.
11:04:28AM I appreciate you raising that.
11:04:29AM That was part of the proposed amendments today.
11:04:32AM Where actually changes to some of the fields that were

11:04:34AM proposed.
11:04:35AM And there are, currently, there are nine slots, two of which
11:04:39AM are at large slots, not field specific or industry specific.
11:04:43AM The proposed amendments at the diplomat would increase the
11:04:45AM board to is a slots, four of would be at large or not field
11:04:49AM specific.
11:04:49AM I completely agree that would be a wrinkle to be considered.
11:04:53AM >>HARRY COHEN: I understood from Mr. Reddick's comment, I
11:04:57AM may have misunderstood.
11:04:58AM I thought he meant that each Council would appoint one
11:05:04AM individual.
11:05:04AM It might be we would do it the way we do some of the other
11:05:08AM boards, I think that's what Councilwoman Montelione thought,
11:05:12AM it would be a collective appointment where we would vote, in
11:05:15AM which case you'd have to determine which categories we would
11:05:18AM vote for.
11:05:18AM That's the only issue I wanted to raise.
11:05:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
11:05:22AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Now, with the new number, it would be four
11:05:26AM at large.
11:05:28AM >> That's correct.
11:05:29AM The current proposed limits, there would be four at large.
11:05:33AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That could very well be the ones we vote on,
11:05:36AM is the four at large.
11:05:37AM Or however it works out.

11:05:39AM But when it came back to Centro, it is Centro Ybor and we
11:05:43AM had the discussion in 2010 exactly this discussion about the
11:05:47AM appointment and who appoints to Centro.
11:05:51AM We were very concerned about not having a public -- a
11:05:58AM citizens advisory is what we were looking at.
11:06:01AM I remember that discussion on Centro.
11:06:03AM So yes, it's very good to bring this up.
11:06:06AM However it works out, I am in favor of it.
11:06:09AM Thank you for bringing it up.
11:06:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione.
11:06:11AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think Miss Mulhern has something.
11:06:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
11:06:16AM >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to respond to Councilwoman Capin.
11:06:18AM Are you suggesting that she come back with some
11:06:20AM recommendation for that too?
11:06:25AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right now we're specifically looking at
11:06:27AM this, at this board.
11:06:30AM But yes, it may be something we'd want to look at, all the
11:06:33AM different boards and the appointments and how that is
11:06:35AM structured, which is something that, a lot of them have been
11:06:39AM for many, many years.
11:06:42AM >>MARY MULHERN: I think we if -- if we asked Ms. Singer to
11:06:47AM look at those three, since those, the three boards she's
11:06:51AM told us don't have Council appointments, maybe that wouldn't
11:06:53AM be too much.

11:06:54AM I don't know.
11:06:57AM You want to make a statement?
11:07:00AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The explanation on Centro was, because there
11:07:02AM was a -- it was a transfer on the lease of Centro.
11:07:08AM But we need to be refreshed on that.
11:07:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
11:07:11AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just want to make one point.
11:07:13AM Maybe Ms. Singer can clarify this.
11:07:15AM You don't, as city attorney, you are not, you don't have
11:07:19AM purview over all these boards.
11:07:20AM Am I correct?
11:07:21AM >> You are correct.
11:07:22AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The reason I say that, I think we're going a
11:07:25AM little far afield in terms of what her responsibility is,
11:07:28AM because she's just dealing with the human rights board
11:07:31AM because it is under your boss and your purview.
11:07:36AM >> Even if it's not exactly lineage.
11:07:39AM I'm a liaison to the division of community affairs, who is
11:07:41AM the division --
11:07:44AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to clarify that I didn't want
11:07:46AM us to have a discussion up here that you're going to come
11:07:48AM back and talk about all these other boards, that you really
11:07:50AM don't have any, it's not in your portfolio.
11:07:54AM I didn't want anyone to thing, why didn't you come back with
11:07:57AM this other thing?

11:07:58AM I think maybe we ought to just think about that in terms of
11:08:01AM her being here with us.
11:08:03AM So that the motion is focused as we can make it.
11:08:08AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll address that.
11:08:10AM >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted, since I brought up the other
11:08:12AM two boards, I will make a motion regarding the arts Council
11:08:16AM a separate motion.
11:08:17AM After City Council woman Montelione.
11:08:24AM [all talking at once]
11:08:28AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: To have our acting city attorney be the
11:08:32AM one to come back with the recommendations for all of the
11:08:40AM boards, and that way, we can have, since they're related
11:08:45AM discussions, we can have all of them addressed at the same
11:08:49AM time on May 16th.
11:08:52AM >>JULIA MANDELL: That would be fine.
11:08:54AM I'll go ahead and work with Ms. Singer and all the other
11:08:57AM interested parties to go ahead and bring you back that
11:08:59AM report.
11:09:00AM I would assume you'd put that on staff report.
11:09:02AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.
11:09:02AM Staff reports, 10:00 a.m., may 16th, to address the three
11:09:07AM boards that were mentioned and have that one discussion.
11:09:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second
11:09:14AM by Mr. Reddick.
11:09:15AM Further discussion?

11:09:16AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:09:17AM Opposed nay.
11:09:19AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:09:20AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:09:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
11:09:22AM We go to item number 6.
11:09:26AM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly read item number 6?
11:09:31AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, Mr. Chairman.
11:09:32AM Move an ordinance being presented for first reading
11:09:34AM conversation, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida
11:09:36AM making revision to the City of Tampa code of ordinances, by
11:09:39AM deleting, reserving and readopting chapter 23, subdivision,
11:09:43AM amending Chapter 27, zoning and land development, to readopt
11:09:48AM and amend provision of chapter 23, subdivision, repealing
11:09:51AM all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict there
11:09:55AM with; providing for severability; providing an effective
11:09:59AM date.
11:09:59AM >> Second.
11:09:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
11:10:01AM Mr. Mulhern.
11:10:03AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:10:05AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:10:05AM Go to committee reports.
11:10:07AM >> Second reading of the ordinance will be held may the
11:10:09AM 16th at 9:30 a.m.

11:10:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Public safety committee, Mr. Frank
11:10:14AM Reddick.
11:10:15AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you chair, move items 7 through 9.
11:10:17AM >> Second.
11:10:17AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
11:10:19AM Mr. Cohen.
11:10:20AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:10:21AM Opposed nay.
11:10:22AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:10:23AM Parks, recreation, culture committee chair, Ms. Mary
11:10:27AM Mulhern.
11:10:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
11:10:29AM I move items ten through 18.
11:10:31AM >> Second.
11:10:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
11:10:34AM Mr. Cohen.
11:10:35AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:10:37AM Opposed nay.
11:10:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:10:40AM Public works committee chair, Mr. Mike Suarez.
11:10:43AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
11:10:44AM I move items 19 through 22.
11:10:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second bring
11:10:48AM Reddick.
11:10:49AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.

11:10:50AM Opposed nay.
11:10:52AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:10:52AM Finance committee chair, Mr. Harry Cohen.
11:10:55AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:10:56AM I move items 23 through 34.
11:10:58AM >> Second.
11:10:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a second by
11:11:01AM Mr. Suarez much.
11:11:04AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:11:05AM Opposed nay.
11:11:06AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:11:07AM Building, zoning and preservation committee chair,
11:11:11AM Ms. Montelione.
11:11:13AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:11:14AM I move items 35 through 43 and items -- and item 46.
11:11:20AM That is accepting 44 and 45 that we have scheduled for may
11:11:27AM 16th.
11:11:28AM >> Second.
11:11:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second
11:11:31AM bring Cohen, with the exception of 44 and 45, all in favor
11:11:34AM of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:11:35AM Opposed nay.
11:11:37AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:11:37AM Transportation committee chair, Ms. Yvonne Yolie Capin.
11:11:43AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

11:11:45AM I'd like to move these, but I'd also like to just make a
11:11:48AM comment on 47 and 53.
11:11:50AM Right after they're moved.
11:11:53AM I'd like to move items 47 through 53.
11:11:58AM >> Second.
11:11:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin, second by
11:12:02AM Mr. Cohen.
11:12:02AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:12:04AM Opposed nay.
11:12:06AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:12:06AM Yes, Ms. Capin?
11:12:10AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
11:12:11AM Item 47, please note it is approving a transfer of
11:12:15AM appropriations of $400,000 that is for local agency
11:12:21AM agreement, lap agreement with the Florida department of
11:12:23AM transportation for the design of sidewalk, bike lanes and
11:12:26AM shared youth paths.
11:12:28AM The avenues that are going to be impacted are palm avenue,
11:12:31AM bike lanes sidewalk, Willow Avenue, sidewalk, bike lanes,
11:12:35AM Bougainvillea Avenue, share use path.
11:12:38AM And Cypress Street shared use path.
11:12:42AM I know it's very important to all of us, being, that we have
11:12:45AM more walkability, more areas to bike on.
11:12:49AM 53 also is, not part of this, but it pertains to again our
11:12:57AM livable treatments and walkable streets and the project

11:13:01AM consists of pavement widening, median and signage
11:13:05AM improvements to add southbound bicycle lanes between, in
11:13:11AM Bayshore Boulevard, between South Howard and Rome Avenue.
11:13:14AM And this is phase two.
11:13:16AM Phase three is -- phase one has been completed.
11:13:19AM And we are moving in the right direction.
11:13:21AM Thank you.
11:13:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:13:24AM >> Second.
11:13:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, she's already -- already done.
11:13:27AM All right.
11:13:28AM Items set, items being set for public hearing by Council,
11:13:32AM consent items, 54 through 56.
11:13:38AM >> Move items 54 through 56.
11:13:41AM >> Second.
11:13:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, I have a
11:13:44AM second by Mr. Cohen.
11:13:45AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:13:48AM And let the record reflect that 56 is not June the 27th.
11:13:52AM I believe it's June the 6th.
11:13:54AM If message mother serves me correct.
11:13:56AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:13:57AM Opposed nay.
11:13:59AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:13:59AM All right.

11:14:00AM We go to continued public hearings.
11:14:03AM Second reading, proposed ordinance.
11:14:06AM At this time, also let me -- I need to open these two
11:14:10AM hearings, 57 and 58.
11:14:13AM I have a motion to open by Ms. Montelione, second by
11:14:15AM Mr. Suarez.
11:14:16AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:14:18AM Opposed nay.
11:14:19AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:14:19AM I also need to receive and file any items --
11:14:23AM >> So moved.
11:14:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second
11:14:28AM by Suarez.
11:14:30AM Items received and file.
11:14:32AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:14:33AM Opposed nay.
11:14:34AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:14:35AM Yes?
11:14:36AM 57.
11:14:39AM >>JULIA MANDELL: I sent you a memorandum in regard to this
11:14:42AM ordinance.
11:14:44AM I'm going to ask you to re-read this on first reading as we
11:14:47AM removed a portion of what was in the previous ordinance
11:14:50AM relating to alcohol beverage sales.
11:14:52AM There seemed to be confusion between that section and other

11:14:56AM section of code.
11:14:57AM So we're going three of the as is without creating any
11:15:01AM additional future.
11:15:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You said first reading?
11:15:04AM >>JULIA MANDELL: First reading.
11:15:05AM I'm asking to you re-read this on first reading.
11:15:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Your ordinance is one and the last one.
11:15:10AM Anyone in the public -- well, it's first reading.
11:15:13AM So I'll skip that part.
11:15:15AM Item 57 as by the instruction of the acting city attorney is
11:15:18AM going to change from a second reading to adoption back to a
11:15:21AM first reading, am I correct?
11:15:24AM >>JULIA MANDELL: Yes, sir.
11:15:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:15:25AM Mr. Cohen, would you kindly read the first reading ordinance
11:15:29AM on 57?
11:15:30AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:15:33AM Move an ordinance being presented for first reading
11:15:35AM consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida,
11:15:37AM making revisions to the City of Tampa code of ordinances,
11:15:41AM chapter 22, streets and sidewalks, amending article I,
11:15:44AM division 3, subdivision IX, sidewalk cafes, repealing all
11:15:49AM ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict therewith;
11:15:53AM providing for severability; providing an effective date.
11:15:56AM >> Second.

11:15:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a
11:15:58AM second by Ms. Montelione.
11:16:00AM On 57.
11:16:01AM All in favor of that ordinance first reading, please
11:16:03AM indicate by saying aye.
11:16:04AM Opposed nay.
11:16:05AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:16:09AM >> Second reading will be held may 16th at 9:00 a.m.
11:16:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 58, an ordinance presented for
11:16:15AM second reading and adoption.
11:16:17AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
11:16:19AM Item 58, I see no one.
11:16:24AM Let me close this hearing.
11:16:25AM All in favor of the motion to close the hearing, please
11:16:27AM indicate by saying aye.
11:16:28AM Make the motion please?
11:16:30AM Motion made by Mr. Reddick.
11:16:31AM Second by Mr. Suarez in closing the haring.
11:16:35AM Vote again.
11:16:36AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:16:38AM Owes poped nay.
11:16:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:16:39AM Yes, ma'am?
11:16:40AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would just like to reiterate my
11:16:44AM feelings about this ordinance.

11:16:46AM And that including employees in this section of our code to
11:16:55AM hold them responsible for this sale of alcohol after the
11:17:04AM establishment is closed, I think would be really punishing
11:17:12AM the wrong people.
11:17:13AM These are individuals who are just trying to make a living.
11:17:19AM They do not have a stake in the profits of these
11:17:24AM establishments, other than the tips that they are receiving.
11:17:27AM They are often making less than minimum wage.
11:17:31AM If as a restaurant employee, they are only making 2, $3 an
11:17:37AM hour and rely on those tips, is the only way that they can
11:17:43AM scratch out a living.
11:17:44AM And when we're talking about helping people with jobs and
11:17:50AM employment, and we are -- we heard this morning from several
11:17:55AM people who stated that lots of folks cannot get hired
11:17:58AM because of their background.
11:18:00AM These are some of the very people that we're talking about,
11:18:04AM and to punish them for following the instructions of their
11:18:09AM managers or the owners of these establishments, I think is a
11:18:14AM travesty.
11:18:14AM So, I will not be supporting the passage of this ordinance
11:18:19AM for that reason.
11:18:20AM And I really hope that my fellow Councilmembers reconsider
11:18:25AM their affirmative votes in this area.
11:18:29AM And I thank Mr. Cohen for his support.
11:18:31AM Snow hasn't voted yet.

11:18:34AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Previous support.
11:18:37AM >>HARRY COHEN: May I say, I wasn't actually going to say
11:18:40AM anything.
11:18:40AM But when I voted no, I voted no in order to allow more time.
11:18:44AM And I did have some time to reconsider the matter.
11:18:47AM And I've decided to vote yes on second reading.
11:18:51AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I take back my thanks.
11:18:53AM [ Laughter ]
11:18:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry I made that motion, that joke.
11:18:56AM Mr. Suarez?
11:18:57AM Ms. Capin?
11:18:58AM Somebody get me off center here.
11:19:02AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think Ms. Capin wants to make a comment
11:19:04AM about the item.
11:19:06AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just the vote, and -- I empathize, but I
11:19:11AM also, you know, following an illegal order is no excuse, as
11:19:16AM we saw in the Nuremberg trials.
11:19:18AM It is an illegal order.
11:19:21AM You follow it, it is illegal.
11:19:23AM I'm sorry.
11:19:24AM But that's my vote.
11:19:26AM So thank you.
11:19:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else -- let me just say this one
11:19:29AM more time.
11:19:30AM Anyone else care to speak on this item?

11:19:32AM Item 58.
11:19:34AM I see no one.
11:19:35AM Motion from Mr. Reddick to close, second by Mr. Suarez.
11:19:39AM All in favor of the please indicate by saying aye.
11:19:42AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:19:42AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly read 58.
11:19:46AM >> Wait.
11:19:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We haven't voted yet.
11:19:49AM You will be recorded on the record.
11:19:50AM Somebody's in a hurry over here.
11:19:56AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance being presented for
11:19:58AM second reading an adoption, ordinance of City of Tampa,
11:20:00AM Florida making revisions to City of Tampa code of
11:20:03AM ordinances, chapter 134, offenses, amending section
11:20:06AM 14-150.1, hours of sale for consumption on and off premises,
11:20:12AM repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict
11:20:12AM therewith; providing for severability; providing an
11:20:15AM effective date.
11:20:17AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a second by
11:20:20AM Mr. Cohen.
11:20:20AM This is a roll call vote.
11:20:22AM Vote and record.
11:20:30AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione voting no.
11:20:34AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Madam Clerk.
11:20:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

11:20:38AM We go to the 9:30 public hearings for second reading and
11:20:41AM proposed ordinances.
11:20:42AM Items 59 through 68, need to open those.
11:20:46AM >> So moved.
11:20:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
11:20:49AM Ms. Mulhern.
11:20:50AM Please indicate by saying aye.
11:20:51AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:20:51AM Need a receive and file all the documents that were
11:20:54AM presented.
11:20:55AM >> So moved.
11:20:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
11:20:57AM Ms. Montelione.
11:20:58AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:21:00AM Opposed nay.
11:21:01AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:21:01AM We go to item number 59.
11:21:05AM Quasi-judicial proceedings.
11:21:06AM If you're going to speak, think of speaking or maybe just
11:21:09AM want to get sworn in, please stand up and get sworn in.
11:21:12AM [Oath administered by Clerk]
11:21:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:21:21AM Item number 59.
11:21:26AM >> Joel Sousa, land development.
11:21:30AM V13-52.

11:21:32AM Staff is here for questions.
11:21:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:21:34AM Petitioner here?
11:21:35AM Anyone want to speak on this thing?
11:21:38AM Anyone?
11:21:42AM >> Michael Hutchinson, Hutchinson survey and mapping, 2313
11:21:46AM ray road.
11:21:47AM Here to answer any questions you have.
11:21:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:21:49AM Any questions?
11:21:49AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 59?
11:21:52AM I see no one.
11:21:53AM Need a motion to close.
11:21:54AM >> So moved.
11:21:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione.
11:21:56AM Second by Mr. Reddick on 59.
11:21:58AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:21:59AM Opposed nay.
11:22:00AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:22:01AM Item 59 is closed.
11:22:03AM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take item number 59, please?
11:22:07AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ordinance approving a special use permit S-2
11:22:10AM for alcoholic beverage sales, restaurant consumption on
11:22:13AM premises only and making lawful the sale of beer and wine at
11:22:17AM or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at

11:22:20AM 3401, 3415 west Bay to Bay Boulevard, unit number 3409 B,
11:22:28AM Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in section
11:22:31AM 3, that all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict
11:22:34AM are repealed providing an effective date.
11:22:37AM >> Second.
11:22:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, second
11:22:41AM bring Suarez.
11:22:41AM Roll call vote.
11:22:42AM Vote and record.
11:22:47AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:22:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 60.
11:22:57AM >> Good morning, Council, Abbye Feeley, Land Development
11:23:00AM Coordination.
11:23:01AM Item 60, 62, 63 and 66 all required certified site plans for
11:23:07AM either rezoning or special use, non-alcoholic beverage,
11:23:11AM those have been certified and provided to the clerk.
11:23:13AM I also have copies if you would like to review anything.
11:23:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:23:17AM Petitioner?
11:23:23AM >> Gina Grimes with Hill, Ward and Henderson, East Kennedy
11:23:27AM Boulevard.
11:23:28AM I represent the petitioner home bank.
11:23:29AM If you have any questions, be happy to answer them.
11:23:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions?
11:23:33AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 60?

11:23:35AM I see no one.
11:23:37AM >> Motion to close by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.
11:23:40AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:23:41AM Opposed nay.
11:23:42AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:23:42AM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number 60 please.
11:23:46AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for
11:23:48AM second reading and adoption, an ordinance approving a
11:23:50AM special use permit S-2, approving a drive-in window in a CG
11:23:56AM commercial general zoning district in the general vicinity
11:23:58AM of 327 North Dale Mabry Highway in the City of Tampa,
11:24:01AM Florida, and as more particularly described in section 1
11:24:04AM hereof, providing an effective date.
11:24:06AM >> Second.
11:24:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call vote.
11:24:08AM Motion made by Mr. Reddick, second by Ms. Mulhern.
11:24:11AM Roll call vote.
11:24:12AM Vote and record.
11:24:14AM >>THE CLERK: Need one more vote.
11:24:22AM Motion carried unanimously.
11:24:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:24:31AM Item number 61.
11:24:38AM >> Joel Sousa.
11:24:40AM Land development.
11:24:41AM Has been certified.

11:24:43AM Staff here for questions.
11:24:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone from the audience care to speak on
11:24:46AM this item, 61?
11:24:47AM Petitioner here?
11:24:48AM In essence of time, as we're going through these things, if
11:24:54AM you're the petitioner, please move up.
11:24:56AM >> Yes, sir, I'm John Kelly with Precourt, representing ABC
11:25:00AM Fine Wine and Spirits, petitioner and willing to answer any
11:25:03AM questions.
11:25:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any question by Councilmembers?
11:25:05AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item 61?
11:25:10AM I see no one.
11:25:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez to close, second by
11:25:14AM Mr. Cohen.
11:25:15AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:25:16AM Opposed nay.
11:25:18AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:25:18AM Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly take 61, please?
11:25:22AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
11:25:24AM >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented for
11:25:26AM second reading adoption, ordinance approving special use
11:25:29AM permit S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales, small venue,
11:25:33AM package sales off premise consumption only and making lawful
11:25:35AM the sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content, beer,
11:25:39AM wine and liquor at or from that certain lot, plot or tract

11:25:44AM of land located at 3015 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa,
11:25:48AM Florida, as more particularly described in section two,
11:25:51AM providing an effective date.
11:25:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call vote, vote and record.
11:26:08AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick being absent at
11:26:11AM vote.
11:26:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 62.
11:26:16AM That's it?
11:26:24AM No one's going to speak?
11:26:27AM Well, come on.
11:26:28AM I'm getting older here.
11:26:31AM >> My name is Jim Wordes --
11:26:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Speak to the mic, please.
11:26:36AM Not that Mike.
11:26:38AM >> I'm Jim Wordes.
11:26:40AM 2909, about a block and a half from this project.
11:26:44AM Just wanted to clear up a couple things from the first
11:26:46AM hearing.
11:26:47AM This is the proposed rezoning of the three residential lots.
11:27:01AM These are me and my neighbors.
11:27:04AM Against it.
11:27:05AM Including the psychologist who signed our, our proposal.
11:27:10AM He signed, they're here.
11:27:15AM They signed.
11:27:17AM Those here no against it.

11:27:23AM Against it, right next to it is me, my neighbor.
11:27:26AM People across the street everything around this property is
11:27:29AM against it.
11:27:30AM So I was confused as to who are all these people that
11:27:34AM support it?
11:27:35AM Our neighborhood?
11:27:35AM Well, we got the list.
11:27:37AM And let's take a look at it.
11:27:41AM These are the people, some of the people that are for it.
11:27:45AM There's somebody in Chaval.
11:27:49AM Dana Shores, Harbor Island, Channelside, Davis islands, near
11:28:01AM the Gandy bridge, south of Gandy.
11:28:03AM So it's actually a 30-mile long strip, our neighborhood now,
11:28:07AM people that are for a parking lot in our neighborhood that
11:28:10AM are fine with us tearing down three houses and putting up a
11:28:14AM parking lot in the middle of our cute neighborhood.
11:28:16AM Here are more people that are on the list that support it.
11:28:19AM These are people that work in the little businesses on
11:28:25AM Kennedy.
11:28:26AM Couple of people in the ABC liquor store support parking lot
11:28:30AM in our neighborhood.
11:28:31AM A couple law firms, advanced auto parts.
11:28:36AM Somebody who works there is forth.
11:28:38AM Any kind of business.
11:28:40AM The state vacuum cleaner store, the one with the gorillas.

11:28:43AM Somebody in there is for a bigger parking lot in our
11:28:46AM neighborhood.
11:28:47AM None of these people live in our neighborhood.
11:28:49AM Of course, none of these people in the Chaval and Harbor
11:28:54AM Island, they don't live in our neighborhood.
11:28:56AM They live in nice places on the water so they don't mind
11:28:58AM that we can tear down three houses and put up a parking lot.
11:29:02AM So, I just wish that if you listen to the neighbors, who are
11:29:07AM here, who live around this, you would vote against it.
11:29:11AM Thank you.
11:29:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
11:29:13AM Anyone else in the audience?
11:29:18AM >> Good morning, Council, John few, 26 south treasure drive,
11:29:22AM Tampa Florida.
11:29:23AM Also representative of properties LLC that owns the property
11:29:26AM at 203 West Kennedy Boulevard, fire bar and grill the
11:29:30AM nearest neighbor to the proposed parking.
11:29:32AM We are in support of the project.
11:29:36AM And with all due respect to the neighbor that just spoke,
11:29:40AM the cute neighborhood, the houses that were immediately
11:29:43AM behind our property were dilapidated, overgrown yards and
11:29:48AM used as rental property.
11:29:52AM And we see this as a vast improvement over what was there
11:29:54AM before.
11:29:55AM >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Capin?

11:29:57AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have a question for you.
11:29:59AM Your family has owned that property for many, many years,
11:30:02AM correct?
11:30:02AM >> Correct.
11:30:03AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And when this, this first came to us two
11:30:07AM years ago, I believe, was it 2010?
11:30:10AM The expansion and the alcoholic beverage permit, it was
11:30:16AM non-consistent.
11:30:19AM And if I understand -- if I remember -- I'm trying to
11:30:23AM recollect, because I don't have the background.
11:30:26AM But I was here.
11:30:27AM And part of what was offered and the waivers, there was
11:30:31AM waivers granted.
11:30:32AM The parking was to be at your property.
11:30:36AM For them.
11:30:36AM Did you lease or permit the Miguel's to park at your
11:30:45AM property while.
11:30:48AM >> We have never had a formal arrangement in place, a formal
11:30:51AM written arrangement in place, but we have always had an
11:30:53AM understanding.
11:30:55AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right.
11:30:55AM And that does not exist now because you're using your
11:30:57AM parking lot.
11:30:58AM >> Correct, we're using our parking lot.
11:31:00AM In fact we have the lease parking across the street from

11:31:04AM people employers and employee plaza.
11:31:09AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: My point is, Miguel's is a fine restaurant.
11:31:12AM I understand, I see the issue with the cars being parked in
11:31:15AM the streets and front of homes.
11:31:17AM But when this came to us the first time, it was -- Abbye,
11:31:23AM you can follow-up with this it was inconsistent.
11:31:26AM And I voted against it because of that.
11:31:28AM And here we are today, and all of a sudden, now it's
11:31:31AM consistent.
11:31:32AM Something that was voted on with a waiver that was
11:31:36AM inconsistent because there was not enough parking, loses
11:31:41AM their parking, or their agreement, whatever, and now it
11:31:45AM comes back to us and it is consistent to put a parking lot
11:31:49AM in a residential area.
11:31:50AM This is -- this is what's wrong with our whole, the whole
11:31:56AM process.
11:31:57AM That you can come in through the back door, inconsistent
11:32:01AM with a waiver, and then come back and add a parking lot and
11:32:07AM it be consistent.
11:32:09AM That I cannot support.
11:32:10AM I just wanted to make clear why my vote was no in the first
11:32:15AM place.
11:32:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
11:32:17AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
11:32:18AM Mr. Few, did you speak at the first reading of this?

11:32:22AM >> No, but we supported them at the first reading.
11:32:24AM In fact, we were -- fire bar and grill, the business
11:32:27AM supported on our behalf.
11:32:29AM >>MARY MULHERN: So someone did come and speak in support for
11:32:32AM you?
11:32:33AM >> No, they did not speak.
11:32:35AM >>MARY MULHERN: I thought I remembered.
11:32:36AM Did we just do a rezoning for?
11:32:39AM >> Two years ago.
11:32:40AM I was here two weeks ago for ABC.
11:32:43AM >>MARY MULHERN: That's what I was getting confused about.
11:32:46AM >> I'm being surrounded by all this.
11:32:48AM >>MARY MULHERN: Let me ask you another question then.
11:32:49AM You have just said that you don't have enough parking.
11:32:53AM So, will you be --
11:32:54AM >> We have enough parking.
11:32:56AM We're compliant.
11:32:57AM >>MARY MULHERN: You just said people are having to park
11:32:59AM across Kennedy.
11:33:01AM >> We have auxiliary parking in addition to our piece of
11:33:05AM property across the street that we lease parking.
11:33:08AM >>MARY MULHERN: Is it across Kennedy?
11:33:10AM >> Yes, it is.
11:33:11AM What we use for our valet.
11:33:13AM >>MARY MULHERN: Will you be using -- if this is approved,

11:33:16AM the parking lot on A street -- will you be possibly sharing
11:33:24AM that parking with, with Miguel's?
11:33:29AM >> Yes and no.
11:33:29AM Yes, in the sense that I'm sure customers will end up
11:33:32AM parking there, but no we have enough parking for our
11:33:35AM customers on-site.
11:33:37AM And valet across the street where we should not need their
11:33:40AM parking per se.
11:33:41AM However, many of our customers currently park in the street,
11:33:45AM in the neighborhood as it is anyway.
11:33:47AM And I'm sure some of our customers will end up parking there
11:33:50AM at some point.
11:33:52AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:33:52AM Thank you.
11:33:53AM I would like to suggest -- I question whether that is, that
11:33:58AM testimony should be registered as part of the petitioner's,
11:34:04AM as opposed to the public hearing, because this is someone
11:34:07AM who may benefit from the approval.
11:34:14AM >>JULIA MANDELL: They haven't signed off as the petitioner,
11:34:18AM they're not suggesting that they're going to use that to
11:34:20AM meet the City of Tampa parking regulations.
11:34:22AM They're saying they've met it through other means, so I
11:34:25AM wouldn't say they would be to be coming as.
11:34:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
11:34:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?

11:34:34AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'd like to remind Council, remind the
11:34:36AM public as well.
11:34:37AM All person whose provide testimony, information or opinion
11:34:40AM regarding a petition in a quasi-judicial matter pending
11:34:43AM before the City Council must disclose any direct or indirect
11:34:45AM business or personal interest between themselves and the
11:34:48AM petitioner, or applicant, which is requesting action.
11:34:51AM And this goes to what Ms. Mandell says.
11:34:53AM The information shall not be used to deny the petition or
11:34:56AM matter but goes to the weight of the evidence, the
11:34:58AM information or opinion provided.
11:35:01AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Shelby.
11:35:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand that very well.
11:35:04AM In fact, on parking lot down here, people park here, even
11:35:10AM though they have names reserved 24 hours for XYZ individuals
11:35:13AM and they still park here.
11:35:14AM What Mr. Few says, he has parking if I recall what he said,
11:35:18AM across the street and Kennedy.
11:35:19AM He doesn't need parking at the fire, but because he rents a
11:35:22AM place for employees to park across the street.
11:35:25AM I believe that's what I heard.
11:35:27AM But whatever it is, it is.
11:35:30AM Anyone else?
11:35:36AM >> Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of Council.
11:35:39AM Andre Dixon and I own and live with my family, 3205 west

11:35:46AM north bay street.
11:35:47AM Our home is proposed for rezoning.
11:35:50AM My family is affected by this and I'm asking Council to
11:35:54AM protect us.
11:35:55AM Previously a waiver was given that released the restaurant
11:35:58AM from meeting the city's parking criteria.
11:36:01AM Now the applicant has purchased homes and leveled them with
11:36:03AM the stated need for more parking to serve his customers.
11:36:06AM I'd like to remind Council that this is requested parking
11:36:10AM that was previously waived at the applicant's request.
11:36:13AM Our neighborhood is being encroached on.
11:36:16AM I was able to review the black binder provided to the
11:36:18AM Council from Mr. Bricklemyer.
11:36:21AM First I'd like to state my home is showing it is in support
11:36:24AM of the parking lot that is not true.
11:36:26AM While I stated Mr. Rodriguez that I didn't oppose his plan,
11:36:29AM I would only support a parking lot if it was done correctly.
11:36:33AM This statement was always met with the response of how much
11:36:35AM it cost burden that would create.
11:36:37AM I do not want this parking lot approved.
11:36:39AM I want homes built to protect our property values and stop
11:36:43AM the encroachment of commercial development into our
11:36:45AM neighborhood.
11:36:46AM But in that same breath, I also need to protect my family,
11:36:50AM which is why I'll ask that Council protect my family

11:36:53AM Mr. Miguel's properties rezoning is approved.
11:36:57AM When deciding on a proper barrier for north and east
11:36:59AM boundaries, please take into consideration our home is
11:37:02AM elevated.
11:37:03AM We were asked the height at the barrier is maximum allowable
11:37:08AM to keep shielded from car headlines as they enter the drive
11:37:11AM aisles.
11:37:11AM An example was given in that back binder with law group.
11:37:15AM This is not comparable at all.
11:37:16AM The law firm sees traffic 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through
11:37:20AM Friday.
11:37:20AM Unlike restaurants across the street, write get the bulk of
11:37:23AM their traffic during the 12:00 to 9:00 hours win crease on
11:37:26AM the weekends.
11:37:26AM These are seven day a week operation also.
11:37:29AM In regards to quality barrier, I'll ask Council require the
11:37:32AM highest quality of solid material which helps with noise
11:37:35AM attenuation.
11:37:36AM My family will also ask the Council only approve the highest
11:37:40AM technology and energy efficient non-spill lighting for the
11:37:44AM proposed parking lot.
11:37:45AM Please take away the possibility of ever using parking lot
11:37:48AM for live music or any kind of event.
11:37:50AM Our street has always been used as a cut through.
11:37:52AM Cars turn loaf MacDill to past the MacDill Kennedy

11:37:56AM intersection and come to Kennedy by way of New Jersey for
11:37:59AM the same reason.
11:38:00AM I'm requesting no street parking be allowed on the southern
11:38:03AM size of north A street.
11:38:04AM It has been stated this parking lot will eliminate the
11:38:07AM spillover of cars on our street.
11:38:09AM We do not want to he wait and see if that is true.
11:38:12AM When cars are parked, it makes it impossible for cars at the
11:38:16AM stop sign going north on New Jersey to proceed on to or
11:38:19AM across North "A" Street safely.
11:38:21AM I'm making this plea for the safety of my family because
11:38:23AM when cars are parked there, it narrows my ability to back
11:38:26AM out safely onto the street.
11:38:28AM This is also for the citizens of our community that are
11:38:30AM familiar and I'm familiar with that intersection.
11:38:32AM I want to finish by telling Council about the first time I
11:38:35AM walked through those doors January 17th and I heard a story
11:38:38AM about how St. Joseph's Hospital's had a proposal for their
11:38:41AM parking lot.
11:38:42AM After seeing in one to oppose that I listened to firsthand
11:38:47AM account of the his story of their pangs into the adjoining
11:38:50AM neighborhood through the years.
11:38:51AM I see many similarities between that item from that evening
11:38:54AM and this one.
11:38:55AM It was seven to nine houses many years ago in my family's

11:39:00AM neighborhood it started with three.
11:39:02AM If you allow this rezoning and development, please protect
11:39:05AM us so I won't be telling the story in the future similar to
11:39:08AM Chairman Miranda's.
11:39:09AM Your approval of this application for rezoning is the first
11:39:12AM step for business and commercial development into our
11:39:14AM neighborhood.
11:39:15AM This parking lotting not be here forever, but Mr. Rodriguez
11:39:18AM will one day cash out on his real estate holdings.
11:39:21AM We'll be back down here again doing same thing four 24 hour
11:39:25AM gas station or pharmacy.
11:39:27AM Thanks for listening and I appreciate your consideration of
11:39:29AM my family and neighbors.
11:39:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
11:39:31AM Next please?
11:39:32AM My name is Celeste am Rico.
11:39:39AM 3,009 north bay.
11:39:42AM I still oppose the petition for the parking lot.
11:39:45AM On April 11th I understand that central planning provided
11:39:48AM for re-intensification and redevelopment while protecting
11:39:53AM historic neighborhoods.
11:39:54AM The word was while.
11:39:55AM Not instead.
11:39:57AM Arguments were made in support of this petition.
11:40:01AM I will refute these arguments.

11:40:03AM One of the arguments that was made by the city planning
11:40:06AM person was that this would not impact the neighborhood
11:40:09AM because entrance and exit to this parking lot was on an
11:40:13AM alleyway and it was not access the entrance was not on north
11:40:18AM A or New Jersey.
11:40:19AM Therefore, the patrons would go down the alley.
11:40:24AM Now, therefore there would be no vehicle access to local
11:40:28AM roads.
11:40:29AM But, people naturally prefer to use a paved road rather than
11:40:34AM a narrow dirt alleyway to access parking.
11:40:38AM And they will naturally turn on to north A and New Jersey as
11:40:44AM their route to get to the alley and then into the parking
11:40:48AM lot.
11:40:48AM They will not traverse a little dark unpaved alley.
11:40:55AM Argument two.
11:40:58AM North A already has mixed use.
11:41:00AM And therefore, let's continue it.
11:41:03AM Yes, it does.
11:41:04AM It has mixed use west of MacDill.
11:41:08AM Not east of MacDill.
11:41:10AM So I ask you all, go drive down west of MacDill on north
11:41:16AM A.
11:41:16AM And see what this poor planning, haphazard planning has done
11:41:22AM to that neighborhood.
11:41:23AM Lack of planning, poor zoning has changed a nice residential

11:41:27AM street into a not nice residential street.
11:41:31AM Please, don't allow this to happen to our side.
11:41:35AM Don't let bad zoning in one area be a precedent to continue
11:41:41AM haphazard zoning east of MacDill.
11:41:44AM Argument three.
11:41:45AM The parking lot will be an improvement and will alleviate
11:41:49AM parking problems.
11:41:50AM The parking problem was created because of an ill thought
11:41:55AM out waiver, allowing the restaurant to expand without proper
11:42:01AM parking facilities.
11:42:03AM Allowing more waivers will not solve the problem.
11:42:07AM Nor will it improve the neighborhood.
11:42:08AM This is a business problem created by the business.
11:42:12AM It should be solved on business turf.
11:42:14AM I challenge Mr. Friar over there, I asked him Wednesday, I
11:42:19AM had all the people from fire parked in front of my house.
11:42:24AM I asked every one of them, where are you going?
11:42:26AM We're going to fire.
11:42:27AM He doesn't have sufficient parking.
11:42:29AM He probably got a waiver too.
11:42:30AM Thank you.
11:42:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please.
11:42:35AM >> Good morning, members of the City Council.
11:42:41AM I'm Theodora Morgan, West North "A" Street and I am one of
11:42:44AM the affected resident owners from Miguel's property limited.

11:42:50AM I'm a little old for retirement and I want to spend my
11:42:54AM upcoming golden years for the same residential.
11:42:59AM I don't want to have the fear, while I'm walking my dog,
11:43:04AM jogging, biking or simply walking, that a high speed car
11:43:09AM will run over us coming to and from the parking lot.
11:43:13AM We are here to express our opinion and concerns about our
11:43:18AM places that we call home.
11:43:19AM We need to protect them from the commercial invader that is
11:43:25AM coming to take over and destroy the beauty and the character
11:43:28AM of our neighborhood.
11:43:29AM We need to preserve the style and our safety.
11:43:34AM To summarize my objections.
11:43:35AM We are talking about a permanent situation that is going to
11:43:39AM change the neighborhood forever.
11:43:41AM We are talking about the danger of the vehicles supposed to
11:43:47AM our residents and especially the children.
11:43:49AM We are talking about a permanent noise that we're going to
11:43:52AM endure from the 53 cars parking spaces.
11:43:55AM And most important of all, we are talking about the value of
11:44:00AM our properties, the most expensive real estate investment of
11:44:03AM our time.
11:44:04AM We are filled with fear, doubt and uncertainty because we
11:44:10AM don't know what the future is going to bring if you allow
11:44:14AM the rezoning to begin.
11:44:16AM That's why I strongly oppose the rezoning for parcel 70-1278

11:44:24AM North "A" Street.
11:44:25AM We know we are not rich and famous.
11:44:27AM But we are hard working people and our percentage is higher
11:44:32AM to be what minority.
11:44:34AM So in the event your vote places us in that category, kindly
11:44:39AM accept our small regret.
11:44:43AM The PVC fence to be replaced with six foot concrete block
11:44:47AM wall on the north side of North "A" Street, the most
11:44:50AM affected residential area.
11:44:53AM A concrete wall is a good barrier and noise suppresser, so
11:44:57AM we don't have to endure too much noise through the years.
11:45:00AM A PVC fence is only for looks.
11:45:03AM A PVC fence does not utilize noise.
11:45:07AM Is not durable and soundproof.
11:45:09AM And as a concrete wall is.
11:45:12AM Mr. Chairman, members of the City Council, just visualize
11:45:17AM and live for a moment.
11:45:18AM In our place and then I'm sure you will understand our
11:45:22AM position, our fears and our concerns.
11:45:25AM You are the decision-makers.
11:45:26AM Please, use your authority and intelligence and the right
11:45:32AM judgment before you Cass your vote against us.
11:45:35AM By the authority that we have invested in you, please allow
11:45:40AM the six feet concrete block wall on the north side.
11:45:44AM Thank you so much.

11:45:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:45:46AM Next please?
11:45:49AM >> High name is Lara Dickerson.
11:45:51AM I along with my husband and our two children live at 3025
11:45:55AM west North "A" Street.
11:45:56AM Directly across from the property that we're talking about
11:46:01AM this morning.
11:46:02AM First of all, I'd ask you to visualize your own home.
11:46:06AM Where you live.
11:46:06AM Your street.
11:46:07AM Your neighbors.
11:46:08AM And think about what would happen on your street if someone
11:46:12AM tore down the three houses across from you, leveled them and
11:46:15AM wanted to put in a parking lot.
11:46:17AM What that would do to the value of your home, the valve your
11:46:20AM neighborhood.
11:46:21AM My husband and I over the past 10 years have put more and
11:46:25AM more time and money into our home, to make it the place that
11:46:29AM we want to live and raise our children.
11:46:31AM We do not want a parking lot in our neighborhood.
11:46:36AM We are the ones who will be affected by this every single
11:46:39AM day.
11:46:40AM I'm there with my kids every day.
11:46:42AM My three-year-old loves to play in our front yard.
11:46:45AM And now we're faced with a parking lot across the street

11:46:48AM instead of neighbors.
11:46:49AM If you will not listen to the pleas of our neighborhood, I
11:46:53AM ask that you at least make the applicant follow the
11:46:56AM guidelines that you the Council set forth in your city plan
11:46:59AM criteria.
11:47:01AM We ask that you would move the wall back to the edge of the
11:47:06AM parking, allowing for the most green space to be on the
11:47:10AM north A side of the wall.
11:47:14AM This parking lot is going to encroach on our neighborhood,
11:47:17AM stow very least they can do is make it appealing to the
11:47:20AM north A side of the street.
11:47:22AM To place the maximum buffer on the north A side of the
11:47:25AM street, by eliminating this drive path, the space would be
11:47:30AM allowed for a five foot turn around for these end parking
11:47:33AM places.
11:47:34AM And still allow for the drive path to be in front of the
11:47:39AM parking.
11:47:39AM This may be a loss of a few parking spaces, but it would
11:47:43AM still giver the maximum buffer on the north A side of the
11:47:46AM street.
11:47:47AM It would also allow them to plant more trees on the north A
11:47:50AM side of the street, which would hopefully help with the
11:47:53AM elimination of the street traffic that we now hear from
11:47:56AM Kennedy.
11:47:57AM I can see from my living room window all the way through to

11:48:00AM Kennedy.
11:48:01AM And it wasn't like that before.
11:48:02AM When there were homes there, it was not an issue.
11:48:06AM It is a residential street.
11:48:08AM And we would like it to stay that way.
11:48:10AM Thank you for your time and consideration.
11:48:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:48:14AM Anyone else who has not spoken?
11:48:17AM Petitioner?
11:48:22AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers.
11:48:23AM Mark Nash.
11:48:25AM For 15 years, lived in Swann Estates in the City of Tampa.
11:48:30AM And, hearing the passionate pleas and the perspectives from
11:48:35AM the community, it's interesting to hear what people who
11:48:39AM believe very strongly in their community have to say when a
11:48:43AM development like this and the evolution of commercial space
11:48:46AM happens.
11:48:47AM But the reality is, as Tampa continues to grow, and to move
11:48:52AM forward, people on Dale Mabry, on Kennedy, are going to have
11:48:59AM to be dealing with these changes to their communities, in
11:49:02AM some cases hopefully as slight and less intrusive as
11:49:06AM possible.
11:49:06AM I am here speaking in favor of 62 because of the business,
11:49:13AM and I see the businesses on Kennedy.
11:49:15AM I drive down Kennedy.

11:49:17AM For one block I see, we're moving in the right direction.
11:49:20AM Another block I see the '40s and '50s motel that were
11:49:24AM built that need to change into something else that hopefully
11:49:26AM will in the days to come.
11:49:27AM This business is successful, this part of the MacDill
11:49:33AM Kennedy intersection is changing and evolving in a positive
11:49:35AM way.
11:49:36AM I believe that the Rodriguez, Miguel's family and his wife
11:49:41AM will put in a quality parking lot with a proper green
11:49:47AM enhancements to keep that parking lot as less intrusive as
11:49:52AM possible.
11:49:53AM Unfortunately, in-town neighbors that live near major
11:49:59AM thoroughfares are going to be dealing with this.
11:50:01AM So I say we support the quality evolution happening in some
11:50:04AM of these areas and be critical when it doesn't meet that
11:50:07AM requirement.
11:50:07AM So, I hope you'll support this.
11:50:10AM My heart breaks for the community and the homes that live
11:50:15AM around there.
11:50:15AM I love that neighborhood.
11:50:16AM Actually live in east Hillsborough County now.
11:50:19AM But that's the community that I'm going to move back to
11:50:20AM later this year.
11:50:21AM So I will help them fight for the continued evolution of the
11:50:27AM community, but I hope you all will support this issue today.

11:50:30AM Thank you.
11:50:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
11:50:32AM >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Nash, I was going to ask where you
11:50:36AM lived.
11:50:37AM You might be the furthest living person who is supporting
11:50:43AM this petition.
11:50:44AM That lives the furthest from this property.
11:50:47AM Does it occur to you that if you might want to move back
11:50:51AM into the city and purchase property in that neighborhood,
11:50:54AM that there's three less lots available for you to build a
11:50:57AM house?
11:50:58AM >> Right.
11:50:58AM I do know what that property looked like before those homes
11:51:01AM were demolished.
11:51:02AM They were not particularly attractive.
11:51:05AM And I do live pretty far away, almost to the Atlantic ocean.
11:51:12AM I went to high school with Miguel's wife and I'm a frequent
11:51:16AM user of the restaurant.
11:51:17AM And I see parking issues that are there.
11:51:19AM I understand the challenges.
11:51:21AM But it seems like they're trying to make some smart
11:51:24AM decisions and I was watching recently this commercial to
11:51:28AM residential evolution.
11:51:29AM At least Miguel's is not trying to build on that particular
11:51:33AM piece of property.

11:51:33AM If you were to build a building there, I would probably
11:51:35AM think that's not a good idea.
11:51:37AM But parking's tough there.
11:51:39AM The ABC is trying to change what's going on there.
11:51:42AM There are other businesses.
11:51:43AM You look how wildly popular bungalow is and there are
11:51:46AM parking challenges in that neighborhood.
11:51:48AM If you live within a block proximity of Kennedy, you got
11:51:52AM some tough choices.
11:51:53AM These are the days you earn your big bucks and
11:51:56AM Councilmembers.
11:51:57AM I wish you well.
11:51:58AM [ Laughter ]
11:52:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
11:52:03AM Anyone else who has not spoken care to speak before the
11:52:06AM petitioner takes the floor?
11:52:07AM We're about eight minutes away, you have --
11:52:11AM >> I'll be brief.
11:52:12AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers, my name is Keith
11:52:14AM Bricklemyer, attorney for the petitioner, 400 north Ashley,
11:52:18AM suite 1100.
11:52:19AM I'll go back and revisit the issues that we visited at the
11:52:24AM first hearing.
11:52:24AM This is not a residential street as it's been characterized.
11:52:28AM This is the site.

11:52:35AM And the red lines that you can see are nonsingle-family
11:52:40AM residential properties that abut the site.
11:52:42AM The only part, the only boundary on the property is the
11:52:48AM north boundary that abuts North "A" Street that is abutted
11:52:52AM by single-family the rest is multi-family to the east,
11:52:55AM commercial to the south, and office to the west and north.
11:52:58AM If you recall, the reason we're here is because we have a
11:53:03AM classic legal justification for rezoning.
11:53:06AM Things have changed.
11:53:07AM In the last few years, Miguel's restaurant has lost overflow
11:53:12AM parking on the site immediately next door, where the fire is
11:53:15AM now.
11:53:15AM And on the ABC store, totaling about 50 spaces that they had
11:53:19AM for overflow.
11:53:21AM They meet the required parking, but the overflow parking has
11:53:24AM gone away.
11:53:24AM What do you do?
11:53:25AM Well, Miguel's stepped up and bought the adjacent property,
11:53:30AM which had not previously been available.
11:53:32AM And is asking you to allow them to use it for parking so
11:53:35AM that the parking, overflow parking does not occur in the
11:53:39AM neighborhood.
11:53:39AM That's a benefit.
11:53:40AM There's no connection to north A, there's no connection to
11:53:43AM New Jersey.

11:53:43AM All the parking in and out, all the traffic in and out of
11:53:46AM those parking areas will go through the alley.
11:53:48AM This will -- the buffers and screens have been required by
11:53:54AM staff, it was pointed out that originally this came to
11:53:57AM Council without staff support.
11:53:58AM It now has support of the Planning Commission staff, city
11:54:02AM staff and the neighborhood as I showed you on the graphic,
11:54:07AM at the original hearing, is largely in support.
11:54:10AM The people obviously who are here, right across the street
11:54:15AM are not.
11:54:15AM But -- this is not a referendum.
11:54:18AM But if it were, the majority of the neighborhood has
11:54:22AM supported this petition, as indicated by the materials that
11:54:26AM I presented to you.
11:54:27AM This is a very expensive proposition for Miguel's restaurant
11:54:33AM to attempt to solve.
11:54:35AM But they're doing it on their nickel.
11:54:37AM They're not asking City Council to do anything other than
11:54:39AM recognize the evolution of what's occurred on North "A"
11:54:43AM Street.
11:54:46AM Again, we had only one boundary that abuts single-family
11:54:49AM residential.
11:54:50AM This is an appropriate rezoning.
11:54:52AM We request your approval.
11:54:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:54:54AM Okay.
11:54:57AM We have heard both sides.
11:55:01AM We have an issue here that's very difficult.
11:55:03AM I know it is.
11:55:04AM And let me ask you about that fence.
11:55:09AM There were some things brought up in the first hearing I
11:55:11AM want to refresh my memory, sir.
11:55:14AM Petitioner.
11:55:14AM The fence that was talked about by the neighborhoods coming
11:55:17AM back, is that being done or not?
11:55:20AM >> I'm sorry?
11:55:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe the fence which was the
11:55:23AM northern part of the property on Miguel's, where the three
11:55:29AM homes were, what is the setback from the curb to the fence?
11:55:33AM >> The original buffer was 8 feet.
11:55:36AM The new buffer required by staff is 28 feet.
11:55:39AM Which allows some trees that were to be removed to remain in
11:55:43AM place and allows the addition of additional landscape.
11:55:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So that's been an indentation from the
11:55:49AM north property to the southern part of the northernmost part
11:55:53AM of the property by 20 feet?
11:55:55AM >> Yes, sir.
11:55:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:55:56AM All right.
11:56:00AM Any questions by Councilmembers?

11:56:02AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'd like to see it.
11:56:03AM I'd like to see the buffer.
11:56:05AM I'd like to see what the property is going -- is going to
11:56:09AM look like.
11:56:10AM What the parking lot is going to look like.
11:56:13AM The buffer and what is being recommended.
11:56:16AM Thank you, Ms. Feeley.
11:56:36AM >>ABBYE FEELEY: They have requested a PVC fence.
11:56:40AM That's the dark line that's shown.
11:56:42AM At the eight and a half.
11:56:47AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So the landscaping --
11:56:49AM >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's on the inside.
11:56:50AM That's correct.
11:56:51AM And I believe what the neighbor had said about moving that
11:56:55AM back.
11:56:55AM Sand she even had further back than that, into the drive
11:56:58AM aisles.
11:56:59AM And then placing what's shown here in that dark black line
11:57:03AM as the PVC fence, could be placed.
11:57:06AM I mean, this is what the applicant is proposing.
11:57:08AM But there is an opportunity for that to shift.
11:57:13AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, we had one come up here on a South
11:57:16AM Howard Avenue.
11:57:18AM And we talked about the noise that, this is just going to be
11:57:23AM parking, residents lived around it.

11:57:26AM And when cars rev up, they make noise.
11:57:31AM When you start up a car, it makes noise.
11:57:34AM I'm surprised that we have nothing on here to, on our code
11:57:42AM for noise abatement.
11:57:43AM To the residential area.
11:57:45AM That might not something we need to look at in the future.
11:57:50AM Because it does -- they do -- it is very noisy.
11:57:54AM And this establishment is opened very late.
11:57:56AM Or very early, if you will.
11:58:00AM >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may.
11:58:01AM What code requires is that when you are a use group C, which
11:58:05AM this would be a use group C, across a right-of-way from
11:58:08AM residential, the required buffer is either a six foot
11:58:12AM concrete masonry wall or a five foot planted buffer.
11:58:15AM So, they have an eight and a half foot, with a PVC fence.
11:58:21AM So that is above what code would require.
11:58:23AM But the point you're making, may be worth going back into
11:58:26AM the code and looking at that for across right-of-way,
11:58:31AM because if this were adjacent to a house, the code is six
11:58:36AM foot wall and 15 feet.
11:58:38AM So, it's a little bit different when you're across right of
11:58:42AM way than when you're adjacent.
11:58:44AM But if it's Council's desire, that can always be revisited
11:58:49AM in our code provision.
11:58:55AM >>ABBYE FEELEY: And Council conditions may be placed on

11:58:58AM here.
11:58:58AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, thank you.
11:58:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
11:59:01AM >>HARRY COHEN: I just had a question about the fence.
11:59:05AM It would seem to be that it would make no difference at all
11:59:09AM to the parking space to move the fence to the other side of
11:59:13AM the landscaping.
11:59:14AM And it might be an improvement for the neighborhood.
11:59:23AM Does anyone have any thoughts on that?
11:59:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Counselor, you understand, I'm sure you
11:59:28AM do, from where the fence, fence line and then you have the
11:59:31AM buffer location and the areas to move the fence line back
11:59:35AM and put the buffering on the northern part of the property
11:59:38AM instead of the southernmost portion of the northern part.
11:59:42AM >> Yes, sir.
11:59:43AM I understand the suggestion.
11:59:44AM We would prefer the plan as it's been presented and approved
11:59:48AM by staff, to keep that interior space.
11:59:50AM There is additional landscaping, as you know, north of where
11:59:53AM the fence is proposed.
11:59:54AM There is additional landscaping that's required by this site
11:59:58AM plan on north of the fence itself.
12:00:00PM There's also retention inside the parking lot itself.
12:00:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin, FLEET also say it's 12:00, so
12:00:07PM night a little ten minutes.

12:00:09PM >> Motion to extend ten minutes.
12:00:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by
12:00:12PM Mr. Suarez, all in favor of the motion, please indicate by
12:00:15PM saying aye.
12:00:15PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:00:18PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick is going to leave, so we have
12:00:20PM a problem here.
12:00:21PM Said that before and the meeting start, he told me.
12:00:24PM But go on.
12:00:27PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: A concrete wall, that would, since we can
12:00:30PM place conditions for abatement of noise, can we ask that?
12:00:40PM >>JULIA MANDELL: You can state conditions if the petitioner
12:00:41PM is willing to accept that as part of their application.
12:00:44PM I just heard Mr. Bricklemyer Sid Seay on behalf of his
12:00:48PM client, he wants the application heard on the merits what he
12:00:51PM has in front of you.
12:00:51PM Unless he would like to correct me to that statement.
12:00:54PM So while you can make suggestions and have that
12:00:57PM conversation, he has just indicated east not wig to amend
12:00:59PM his application.
12:01:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
12:01:01PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
12:01:02PM I have to leave, so I'm going to ask that we continue this
12:01:06PM to 1:30.
12:01:07PM Continue the hearing.

12:01:08PM I would like to say before we leave that I think we have
12:01:14PM heard new evidence today, before we start agreeing to
12:01:20PM amendments or even discussing amendments to this petition,
12:01:23PM let's remember that we heard new evidence today.
12:01:26PM So we don't necessarily have to go that way.
12:01:28PM And certainly won't.
12:01:31PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, thank you.
12:01:32PM What's the pleasure of the Council?
12:01:35PM You want to stop here and come back at 1:30?
12:01:38PM >> Yes.
12:01:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
12:01:39PM I'm sorry, but we're going to come back at 1:30 and we stand
12:01:43PM in recess until 1:30.
12:01:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We're going to start.
1:38:37PM I'm going to call this counseling in session a minute.
1:38:40PM I think counsel was asking questions of the petitioner if I
1:38:42PM recall.
1:38:44PM That's where we left off.
1:38:46PM Roll call.
1:38:46PM [Roll Call]
1:38:50PM Suarez here.
1:38:52PM >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
1:38:54PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
1:38:55PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
1:38:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

1:38:56PM Let me ask you, sir, before we continue the talking process,
1:39:01PM but do you want a full 7 member board to take a vote or not?
1:39:05PM >> Yes, sir.
1:39:05PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
1:39:06PM That's in the record.
1:39:07PM I always ask that, when there's less than seven.
1:39:10PM An issue that could go either way I guess.
1:39:12PM All right, yes, sir?
1:39:13PM Any questions by Councilmembers?
1:39:15PM We were talking about the north portion of the lot, if I
1:39:18PM recall, and the setbacks and so forth and so on.
1:39:23PM Any other questions by Council?
1:39:28PM Mr. Cohen?
1:39:35PM >>HARRY COHEN: I just want to reiterate, when we left off,
1:39:38PM there was some discussion about that 20-foot of buffering at
1:39:42PM the north end of the property.
1:39:45PM And you had indicated that your petition is to leave the
1:39:51PM fence where it is.
1:39:54PM On the site plan.
1:39:56PM Is that correct?
1:40:00PM >> There are a number of reasons that we would like to leave
1:40:03PM the fence where it is.
1:40:04PM If you move the fence to the south, the land outside the
1:40:11PM fence effectively becomes public.
1:40:13PM Although it continues to be privately owned and is a

1:40:16PM liability to the owner.
1:40:17PM It also would be isolated from the owner's property, so it
1:40:21PM becomes a maintenance issue.
1:40:23PM You have to go out into the public right-of-way to get to
1:40:25PM that land in order to be able to maintain it.
1:40:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me stop you here one second.
1:40:30PM You know, I'm pretty liberal and I'm pretty straightforward
1:40:34PM at times.
1:40:34PM Still got to go to the public sector, whether you have ten
1:40:42PM inches, or ten feet.
1:40:45PM >> It's a question of scale.
1:40:47PM >> I don't understand the logistics.
1:40:49PM You still go to go outside.
1:40:51PM >> What you're effectively asking the property owner to do
1:40:54PM is dedicate that property to the public.
1:40:56PM And it becomes an issue of getting to it with whatever
1:40:59PM equipment you need to get to it.
1:41:01PM In order to maintain it.
1:41:03PM We would also like to have some green space inside the wall
1:41:07PM for the benefit of the parking lot.
1:41:08PM It would be nice to have at the end of the parking area,
1:41:12PM some green space.
1:41:14PM And it's designed for retention.
1:41:16PM I think the retention can be accommodated whether it's
1:41:18PM inside or outside, but it would be nice to be able to use

1:41:22PM some of that space as green space for the parking lot
1:41:25PM itself.
1:41:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
1:41:29PM I can only tell you that I got lost in that debate because
1:41:34PM retention on one side is a car is going to look at a wall,
1:41:39PM whether it has two plants, five plants or ten plants.
1:41:42PM And it's not like that on the outside.
1:41:44PM I don't follow the logic, but I understand what you said.
1:41:47PM Ms. Montelione?
1:41:50PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: May I inquire, Mr. Chair, do you know if
1:41:52PM the other two Councilmembers will be returning?
1:41:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: They both said they were.
1:41:57PM Here's one now.
1:41:59PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because I bring that up because
1:42:01PM Mr. Bricklemyer has already put on the record that he wants
1:42:04PM seven member full board.
1:42:05PM And if we're not going to have a full board, then I don't
1:42:09PM see the point in continuing the discussion and we'll have to
1:42:12PM continue it, maybe for a little bit later today so that we
1:42:16PM would have Mr. Reddick here.
1:42:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's outside.
1:42:23PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Good.
1:42:23PM Thank for that information, Councilwoman Capin.
1:42:26PM Appreciate that.
1:42:27PM And I, you know, just to share the feelings of Chair

1:42:33PM Miranda, you do have landscaping on the other side of that
1:42:39PM wall already on the site plan.
1:42:41PM You pointed that out previously.
1:42:42PM So, that is going to have to be maintained.
1:42:48PM >> Again, it's a question of scale.
1:42:49PM Somebody can walk down the sidewalk -- we're required in the
1:42:55PM 26 and a half feet from the edge of pavement, we're required
1:42:58PM in that 26 and a half feet to install landscaping as it
1:43:01PM currently exists, and including shrubs and trees.
1:43:05PM So somebody could walk down the sidewalk that we're required
1:43:08PM to put in that 26 feet to do that maintenance.
1:43:11PM To add more land to that, obviously, you simply add to the
1:43:15PM liability issue and add to the maintenance obligation.
1:43:19PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I understand that.
1:43:21PM But not to put myself in your shoes, but I would say that
1:43:29PM compromise might be what you should be addressing.
1:43:36PM >> We are --
1:43:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Taking a hard line over, you know,
1:43:40PM something that already is a controversial case, or so it may
1:43:45PM be, taking a hard line I don't think is going to serve you
1:43:48PM well.
1:43:49PM But that's just my opinion.
1:43:50PM >> We're not taking a hard line.
1:43:51PM I don't want to give that impression at all.
1:43:53PM What I was trying to do is explain to you why we like the

1:43:56PM plan that we have given you, which is Abbye has indicated,
1:44:00PM exceeds code requirements for the circumstances that we're
1:44:02PM in.
1:44:02PM If City Council chooses to require us to move that fence
1:44:07PM back, we obviously would like to mover it as small a
1:44:11PM distance as possible.
1:44:13PM You got 26 and a half feet already --
1:44:15PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, I apologize to you for
1:44:17PM interrupting, but I'm going to ask for Council to make a
1:44:21PM reference -- City Council can't make that choice for you.
1:44:24PM Am I correct?
1:44:27PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Absolutely correct.
1:44:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That has to come from you and from a
1:44:30PM debate with your client and what you think, whether you're
1:44:34PM going to get the full votes, I'm going to be very blunt with
1:44:37PM you.
1:44:38PM Now, you make that decision.
1:44:39PM You're smart enough.
1:44:40PM Not me.
1:44:41PM That's your decision, you're represent being your client.
1:44:43PM Your client has given you, I assume, some perimeters of
1:44:48PM where to work at.
1:44:49PM If he didn't, then I don't know what he's thinking.
1:44:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's the point I was trying to make.
1:44:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm trying to be very forth right with

1:44:58PM you, very forth right with the neighbors.
1:45:00PM You have a problem we are trying to solve.
1:45:02PM And it's up to you good people to make that decision on
1:45:05PM which way you want to do it.
1:45:07PM Either one way or you can go the other way.
1:45:09PM But it's not our decision.
1:45:10PM That's your decision, sir.
1:45:12PM >> Right.
1:45:12PM As I indicated, our preference is to leave the fence where
1:45:15PM it is.
1:45:15PM We would agree to move the fence to the south so that we can
1:45:20PM provide an additional buffer.
1:45:24PM If you took that 20 feet and split in it half, put the fence
1:45:27PM in the middle, at least would give us some green space
1:45:29PM inside the parking area, which we would like to preserve.
1:45:34PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
1:45:34PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
1:45:35PM And that's the point I was trying to make.
1:45:38PM And I appreciate that compromise because, generally
1:45:43PM speaking, I don't -- people here will tell you, I don't
1:45:47PM support parking, flat parking in general.
1:45:50PM I do see, however, the point, and I guess I should stated
1:45:59PM this on the record.
1:46:00PM I was not here for the April 11th hearing.
1:46:02PM Did I watch the proceeding online.

1:46:05PM So that I am familiar with what some of the discussion was
1:46:11PM from the previous hearing.
1:46:13PM So I, referring back to that discussion on consistency with
1:46:18PM the comprehensive plan, the there was somewhat of a
1:46:20PM discussion about that, and you know, I do see that as a
1:46:26PM valid point.
1:46:27PM I do see the consistency.
1:46:29PM And that, you know, this is a highly traffic intersection.
1:46:34PM And if I may make reference to a area-wide zoning that we
1:46:42PM recently completed in the Seminole Heights area, you would
1:46:45PM see that the most intensive uses face that street, arterial
1:46:53PM collector street that Kennedy and MacDill form, and then
1:47:00PM you have, as you move back away from that, you have, you
1:47:06PM know, gradually decreasing intensities.
1:47:12PM And these neighborhoods of ours in the City of Tampa all
1:47:17PM over the City of Tampa were constructed prior to having
1:47:21PM those types of planning practices in place.
1:47:24PM So now we're looking at some of these zonings where you
1:47:29PM have, you know, these uses and with the buffer between them,
1:47:36PM you know, I could support, you know, this additional parking
1:47:41PM because it is very difficult to have sufficient parking for
1:47:48PM the types of businesses that are there.
1:47:49PM And we see that in other cases as well, when we have
1:47:53PM neighborhoods complaining of all of the people parking in
1:47:56PM their, on their residential street.

1:47:58PM So it's, you know, for me, it's do we want to approve the
1:48:02PM park because we know it's needed?
1:48:04PM Or do we not approve the parking and have the neighbors
1:48:07PM complaint of all the cars parked in their neighborhood on
1:48:10PM the street?
1:48:12PM So, I'm sorry, that's --
1:48:16PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
1:48:17PM I got Ms. Capin next.
1:48:19PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
1:48:19PM Being that, that is a compromise that you brought up, sir,
1:48:26PM then I don't see the need for waiver for PVC fence.
1:48:32PM Because it was for, because of the landscaping.
1:48:37PM So that's no longer an issue, so the waiver for PVC fence is
1:48:42PM no longer needed.
1:48:43PM It could be the concrete fence that should be there in the
1:48:47PM first place.
1:48:48PM And I will reiterate that this situation is here today
1:48:54PM because Council voted waivers as they did for fire, where
1:49:00PM fire went from 49 spaces to 23.
1:49:03PM And now we have this waiver that was done two years ago, and
1:49:12PM their parking is gone.
1:49:13PM And now it's consistent.
1:49:15PM And we're here encroaching.
1:49:17PM And those lots behind there, you're right, they're not
1:49:20PM single-family.

1:49:21PM Are they -- can you build townhouses on there?
1:49:26PM On those lots?
1:49:28PM Is that zoned for townhouses?
1:49:29PM Abbye?
1:49:37PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Which lots were you referring to?
1:49:41PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: He had them drawn out from his book over
1:49:45PM here.
1:49:46PM And he had them lined in red.
1:49:48PM They were the lots adjacent.
1:49:52PM This piece right here.
1:49:54PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Everything north of this red line, which is
1:49:56PM that alley line, to the east of New Jersey is all
1:50:03PM single-family residential.
1:50:05PM The one block to the west, which then borders on MacDill
1:50:11PM is an office and some park here.
1:50:15PM And then a residential structure that was converted to an
1:50:19PM office here.
1:50:20PM The RO.
1:50:21PM So residential office.
1:50:22PM And then on the west side of MacDill, you have a couple
1:50:26PM non-residential uses, although that's an RS-50 there.
1:50:31PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So they're all single residential.
1:50:34PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
1:50:35PM RS 2, residential single-family.
1:50:38PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

1:50:38PM Even the lots where we're looking at for the parking lot.
1:50:45PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
1:50:46PM RS-50 allows for consideration of the parking lot, with
1:50:49PM those criteria.
1:50:50PM Typically that it's adjacent to the use it serves, which
1:50:53PM they have a waiver for.
1:50:55PM That it does not extend more than a hundred feet, which they
1:50:58PM also have a waiver for.
1:51:00PM That there's no parking of overnight vehicles, and there's a
1:51:05PM fourth one.
1:51:05PM On their as well.
1:51:11PM So it says a parking lot may be considered in residential
1:51:14PM single-family.
1:51:15PM Here are the criteria under which we evaluate that.
1:51:20PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And the other lots you pointed out, the PB,
1:51:22PM they face MacDill Avenue, which is a major thoroughfare, not
1:51:27PM north A.
1:51:28PM I mean, they are on north A, but they front MacDill.
1:51:31PM And that to me makes a huge difference.
1:51:35PM Tell me about the south side of Kennedy.
1:51:38PM Is that the same criteria?
1:51:40PM Should we have a parking lot request on the side south of
1:51:46PM Kennedy?
1:51:46PM On the south side?
1:51:51PM That would also, the overlay would also pertain to that

1:51:55PM side?
1:51:56PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Well, the special use side for the parking
1:51:59PM lot if it is residential, it would.
1:52:01PM It is CG directly across Kennedy.
1:52:06PM The south side of Kennedy from Matanzas all the way east,
1:52:10PM that's all CG.
1:52:11PM You have a piece of CI.
1:52:13PM More CG.
1:52:15PM Then there's a PB that spans all the way from Kennedy back
1:52:20PM to Cleveland.
1:52:21PM And then it picks up CG again.
1:52:25PM But then there's RM 18s, which is residential
1:52:29PM multi-family -- I mean RM-16, residential multi-family 16
1:52:33PM with special use criteria would be.
1:52:36PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: What apply there also, or could apply there.
1:52:40PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Once you have here, like the RM-16, you may
1:52:42PM see more of that transition of a town home or something like
1:52:44PM that because there's a multi-family designation there, which
1:52:47PM would allow that by right.
1:52:49PM In the RS-50, if you had two lots, you might see more of a
1:52:54PM duplex or two town homes attached with a side wall or
1:52:57PM something.
1:52:57PM But you're going to have the character up here is going to
1:53:00PM be more single-family residential because that's designed.
1:53:04PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Absolutely.

1:53:04PM On the -- I'm going to get back to the wall.
1:53:07PM The reason for the PVC waiver was for, because of the buffer
1:53:14PM of the landscaping and the waiver, so now that they're
1:53:20PM suggesting that they would move the wall or split the
1:53:23PM difference, then there's no need for the PVC waivers, so
1:53:29PM maybe they'll consider a concrete wall.
1:53:33PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: The PVC fence was partially in part due to
1:53:36PM these large specimen trees.
1:53:39PM 30-inch tree and multi-stem, 14, 2, so 38-inch here.
1:53:44PM We typically will not let them put a six foot CMU on the
1:53:49PM root systems of those trees.
1:53:51PM So, by using PVC, they can pier and lintel a wall.
1:53:59PM But it gets costly to do that.
1:54:01PM These trees would be proposed plantings.
1:54:04PM So anything outside of that protective radius here and here,
1:54:07PM which minimum would be ten feet by code, I don't believe any
1:54:12PM of those are grand.
1:54:13PM It's ten foot measured off the trunk, the outside trunk of
1:54:16PM the trees, no it the concern, but the outside trunk of the
1:54:19PM tree.
1:54:20PM Down here, they could put a wall, yes, it appears that way.
1:54:25PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
1:54:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
1:54:28PM >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to ask Abbye to leave that
1:54:33PM zoning atlas up there.

1:54:35PM Not that.
1:54:36PM That.
1:54:37PM And if you had -- if you don't have a yellow highlighter, I
1:54:45PM do.
1:54:51PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I don't think I brought one.
1:55:00PM >>MARY MULHERN: Will you please highlight from the subject
1:55:02PM area, which is RS-50, right?
1:55:05PM On the block of north A.
1:55:09PM Wait a minute.
1:55:18PM These fine.
1:55:19PM I just wanted you to do the block of north, north A.
1:55:23PM The southern side of north A.
1:55:25PM But why don't you do all of north A.
1:55:27PM To the east of MacDill.
1:55:29PM That is RS-50.
1:55:39PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: One thing the zoning atlas doesn't show are
1:55:41PM special uses.
1:55:42PM But the zoning in a special use still remains the RS-50.
1:55:47PM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
1:55:49PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: This is all single-family residential.
1:55:51PM >>MARY MULHERN: I think even, as you go further east, isn't
1:55:54PM that RS-50 too?
1:55:57PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: It may be 60.
1:55:59PM Dividing line here.
1:56:00PM It may be 60.

1:56:02PM On a typical atlas they would've put that line unless it
1:56:06PM changed.
1:56:06PM But, I believe it is either RS-50 or RS-60.
1:56:11PM >>MARY MULHERN: That's really helpful because I think when
1:56:13PM we get into discussing like compromises in these details
1:56:17PM about what kind of fence and where it's going to be, we
1:56:19PM shouldn't forget the reality of, this is a request to rezone
1:56:25PM three lots that are residential single-family 50, to planned
1:56:32PM development parking commercial off street.
1:56:35PM That's what we're being asked to do.
1:56:37PM Let's not lose sight of that.
1:56:39PM And there is no -- on that street, it's all residential
1:56:43PM single-family right now, except for the place where the
1:56:46PM houses were removed.
1:56:48PM Before getting a rezoning to create parking lot.
1:56:54PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: And the property immediately to the west.
1:56:57PM >>MARY MULHERN: Which are actually residential office.
1:57:00PM So they're still residential.
1:57:03PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: The one to the north -- to the north, this
1:57:07PM is PD.
1:57:08PM >>MARY MULHERN: But those are on MacDill.
1:57:10PM Facing on MacDill Avenue.
1:57:13PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: The front of this structure faces on to
1:57:15PM north A.
1:57:16PM I have pictures if you want.

1:57:18PM >>MARY MULHERN: No, it's okay.
1:57:19PM I think the one at Kennedy and MacDill -- they're old
1:57:24PM houses.
1:57:24PM I drive by there all the time.
1:57:27PM Right, they're houses.
1:57:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, any other Councilmembers?
1:57:32PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to see that picture, Abbye.
1:57:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez, while we're looking for the
1:57:41PM picture.
1:57:43PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just want a clarification on based on what
1:57:45PM Mr. Bricklemyer said a few minutes ago.
1:57:47PM Are you saying, as Mrs. Capin mentioned, you're willing to
1:57:51PM split the difference in terms of the buffer that you have
1:57:54PM currently, moving the wall back to a mid size, mid area and
1:58:00PM secondly, are you putting in a concrete wall?
1:58:02PM Those are the two questions that I have in my mind.
1:58:04PM I want to make sure before by ahead and vote on anything.
1:58:08PM Just tell us what that is.
1:58:09PM >> We would agree to put in a concrete wall.
1:58:11PM We don't think it's a good idea because there is a note on
1:58:14PM the --
1:58:15PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Answer my question, please.
1:58:17PM Make it easier for all of us to be able to follow it and be
1:58:20PM able to vote.
1:58:21PM Just answer my question.

1:58:22PM Yes on the wall?
1:58:23PM >> Yes.
1:58:24PM >> And in the location where?
1:58:25PM >> In the middle of the buffer.
1:58:26PM >> The middle of the buffer.
1:58:28PM Still with the --
1:58:29PM >> Can I --
1:58:30PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Hang on.
1:58:32PM We have been going through a long process, Mr. Bricklemyer.
1:58:35PM We have been trying to have to follow a lot of different
1:58:37PM things.
1:58:38PM Please bear with me.
1:58:39PM We're trying to get this thing solved one way or another.
1:58:41PM So, when you're talking about putting a wall, she made some
1:58:45PM comments about the costs associated with accommodating the
1:58:52PM trees that are going to be in there.
1:58:53PM You understand that, correct?
1:58:56PM >> That is the principal concern.
1:59:00PM >> If you move it back, there --
1:59:03PM >> I don't know the answer.
1:59:04PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Her opinion is, based on the record,
1:59:06PM Ms. Feeley, if that's okay for me to say, is that based on
1:59:09PM the record it may not be necessary to do as she mentioned,
1:59:12PM which is to raise up the wall to accommodate the root
1:59:17PM system, correct?

1:59:19PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
1:59:19PM They if they bring that dark line -- if they bring back that
1:59:35PM location of the fence wall -- the wall back outside of the
1:59:39PM protective radius of these trees, they will not have to pier
1:59:43PM and lintel that.
1:59:46PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The reason I'm asking the specific question,
1:59:49PM it looks to me, and again I may be wrong.
1:59:51PM There's a 20-foot buffer, there's a tree within the, within
1:59:55PM that buffer, and you had mentioned that it would be
1:59:59PM according to code what?
2:00:00PM Ten feet from the trunk of the tree, correct?
2:00:05PM >> Uh-huh.
2:00:06PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just don't want to have any curveballs
2:00:08PM later on that there's a problem.
2:00:11PM If he's agreeing to this, we can I think go forward and
2:00:18PM vote.
2:00:19PM And Mr. Bricklemyer, if you are agreeing to what I just said
2:00:23PM on the record.
2:00:24PM >> What you just said.
2:00:26PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, if you could say it, because we're not
2:00:28PM doing it.
2:00:29PM You mentioned it.
2:00:30PM I'm asking a question based on what you said.
2:00:32PM >> We would agree to change the buffer to provide for a
2:00:36PM masonry wall, splitting the difference in this retention

2:00:42PM area, so -- another ten feet.
2:00:46PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: You say another ten feet.
2:00:47PM >> I think it's ten feet.
2:00:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask a question here legally.
2:00:52PM I appreciate all the concern.
2:00:53PM I appreciate the petitioner, the neighborhood and the
2:00:57PM Council asking these good pertinent questions.
2:00:59PM I'm asking the legal department if we're making these
2:01:03PM changes, dogs it have to go back to first reading?
2:01:07PM Don't sense a debate.
2:01:11PM >>JULIA MANDELL: What you can do you can read this today
2:01:13PM again on first reading, direct these changes between first
2:01:16PM and second reading and then he will need to bring back a
2:01:19PM site plan reflecting these changes between first and second
2:01:22PM reading as per our normal processes.
2:01:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
2:01:26PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I don't think at this point, nothing I've
2:01:28PM heard, I would ask Abbye to back me up, sounds like these
2:01:33PM are the type of changes that would just be able to be made
2:01:36PM between, for two weeks.
2:01:37PM So we would just read now first reading again today and come
2:01:41PM back for second read.
2:01:42PM >> If I get Councilmembers a second and I get four votes,
2:01:45PM it's back to first reading and two weeks later you have the
2:01:48PM second hearing, am I correct?

2:01:49PM Hello?
2:01:53PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes.
2:02:04PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I think in looking at this, and I didn't
2:02:06PM bring my scale with me today, the location of those trees.
2:02:09PM It's going to need to be more than ten feet.
2:02:11PM I just want to be sure.
2:02:16PM But that 20 includes those trees or within the 20.
2:02:21PM So if you're doing half of 20 is ten, that's not enough to
2:02:25PM accommodate the protective radius of those trees.
2:02:28PM >>JULIA MANDELL: The way you could couch it is that the wall
2:02:30PM will be constructed in a manner that assures it is not
2:02:33PM within the protective radius.
2:02:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The wall would be ten foot go I remember
2:02:37PM the early injury statement from the outside part of the
2:02:39PM tree.
2:02:40PM Heading south.
2:02:41PM >> Of the southern most tree.
2:02:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I remember.
2:02:45PM >> That's correct.
2:02:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I've heard so many things, it's hard to
2:02:48PM remember.
2:02:49PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I would prefer it if the way you couched
2:02:51PM its was not within the protective radius, as within our
2:02:56PM technical manual.
2:02:58PM That way we're not having to pick out your exact words and

2:03:00PM determining where that ten feet are.
2:03:03PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner, you understand that?
2:03:05PM >> Yes, sir.
2:03:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else, Council?
2:03:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Where are the pictures?
2:03:20PM >> This is the office immediately adjacent on the west of
2:03:25PM the subject property.
2:03:26PM And that faces north A.
2:03:30PM But the entry is not -- there's a driveway.
2:03:43PM So this is MacDill.
2:03:45PM And this is north A.
2:03:46PM The entry is around MacDill.
2:03:51PM This is the RO piece that is to the northwest of the subject
2:04:00PM site.
2:04:01PM And this is the north A facade.
2:04:05PM This is the front that faces north A.
2:04:07PM So the door and driveway are on north A.
2:04:13PM And this is the MacDill side.
2:04:17PM Which there's another door that faces MacDill.
2:04:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
2:04:26PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here's a question for you.
2:04:27PM On this parking lot, is it allowed to have festivities,
2:04:31PM outdoor amplification?
2:04:34PM Anything other than parking?
2:04:35PM Is that an allowable use of the space?

2:04:44PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Not that I am aware of, no it would be for
2:04:46PM parking only.
2:04:47PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Parking only.
2:04:48PM All right.
2:04:49PM Thank you.
2:04:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:04:51PM Anything else?
2:04:53PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Not that you're aware of.
2:04:56PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Not that I'm aware of.
2:04:58PM Now that you ask that question, I'm thinking about that for
2:05:00PM a minute and I'm also thinking about a potential extension
2:05:03PM of alcoholic beverage for special events.
2:05:06PM So I'm just...
2:05:09PM >> But they would have to come here.
2:05:11PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, it doesn't have to come here.
2:05:14PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Not for a temporary extension.
2:05:16PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Exactly.
2:05:17PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: But it is separated by right-of-way.
2:05:19PM I mean, that could be a special consideration or Council
2:05:23PM condition that no special events may take place.
2:05:28PM I mean, that's part of the PD you have.
2:05:33PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That would be a condition that I would
2:05:35PM recommend, no, that there would be no outdoor amplification.
2:05:39PM It would not be used for anything other than parking.
2:05:42PM No special use, no parties.

2:05:49PM No cinco de mayo.
2:05:51PM Thank you.
2:05:52PM That would be a condition that I would like to propose.
2:05:57PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me get myself out of this deepwater.
2:06:00PM Want the petitioner to propose it.
2:06:04PM The last time we did this, it cost the city a million and a
2:06:07PM half dollars on a rezoning.
2:06:09PM I understand what she said and she's not always correct.
2:06:13PM I'm not always correct.
2:06:14PM I make mistakes.
2:06:16PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I would recommend that
2:06:17PM Council follow your recommendation and if, after hearing the
2:06:22PM sentiments of the City Council, the party's representative
2:06:26PM wishes to make a request of the City Council, my
2:06:28PM recommendation would be then to consider that in the form of
2:06:31PM a motion.
2:06:32PM And if that's the case, then take that to first reading.
2:06:36PM But again, it should be on initiative of the petitioner's
2:06:39PM representative, Mr. Bricklemyer.
2:06:41PM >> We would agree to that condition.
2:06:42PM The intention is to have a park lot, not to have events.
2:06:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What I want you to say, not that you
2:06:48PM agree to.
2:06:49PM That you're bringing it to us for us to agree on it.
2:06:52PM >> We would ask you to approve a condition that this be

2:06:57PM limited to parking uses.
2:07:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Solely and then go a little further.
2:07:03PM There's something else I heard Ms. Capin say.
2:07:06PM >> Mr. Chairman, my understanding of a PD is, you have
2:07:08PM permitted uses and everything --
2:07:10PM >> I don't want to debate PD.
2:07:11PM I want to debate what you want or don't want.
2:07:14PM I can vote this up or down.
2:07:16PM I'm tired of playing games.
2:07:23PM >> So, the, my proposed condition is it be limited to
2:07:28PM parking uses and it could not be used for special events or
2:07:31PM an extension of the alcoholic beverage use.
2:07:36PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: There was something else.
2:07:39PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I don't know whether you want
2:07:41PM to do it separately, but he could also put in other
2:07:45PM conditions, the tree, southernmost portion and the material
2:07:48PM of the wall and make that a single request to Council.
2:07:53PM >> In addition, the fence be converted to a masonry wall,
2:07:56PM that the wall be located outside the drip line of the two
2:07:59PM existing oak trees on the north boundary.
2:08:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
2:08:02PM Ms. Mulhern?
2:08:03PM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
2:08:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You got to go to the mic.
2:08:14PM >>JULIA MANDELL: As it relates to the location of the wall,

2:08:17PM as I stated, I think the best way to couch that condition
2:08:20PM would be to say that the wall be located outside the
2:08:24PM protective radius of the tree per our tree technical
2:08:28PM standards.
2:08:28PM That way there's no debate later what that means.
2:08:31PM >> That's what I meant to say.
2:08:34PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
2:08:35PM >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to point out, as Councilwoman
2:08:38PM Capin pointed out, this property came to Tuesday originally
2:08:43PM for rezoning and got waivers for parking and then came back
2:08:49PM because of building over where they had formerly had parking
2:08:54PM space, they needed more parking, so they came, as they are
2:08:59PM today, asking to turn residential properties into a parking
2:09:05PM lot.
2:09:06PM There's no, nothing to prevent them from coming back next,
2:09:10PM however long it is, week, two weeks, and asking for a
2:09:14PM special use permit for outdoor food service.
2:09:22PM Cafe.
2:09:24PM We probably passed some law today that let's them put a cafe
2:09:27PM out there.
2:09:27PM This will, that this compromise I don't believe is any kind
2:09:32PM of compromise for the benefit, or any kind of protection for
2:09:37PM the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood.
2:09:42PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close, Mr. Chair.
2:09:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

2:09:46PM But before I take, second by Ms. Montelione.
2:09:48PM Let me say this once it's PD.
2:09:50PM It's PD.
2:09:51PM It ain't pie in the sky or apple pie and ice cream with a
2:09:55PM cherry on top.
2:09:56PM It ain't none of that stuff.
2:09:58PM It's exactly what it is.
2:09:59PM It's exactly what it's got Toby.
2:10:01PM Am I correct?
2:10:03PM Put that on the record, Ms. Mandell.
2:10:09PM >>JULIA MANDELL: If you approve this PD as described, they
2:10:11PM cannot do anything other than what's within the bounds of
2:10:15PM the PD, especially with the additional Council condition.
2:10:17PM Those additional Council conditions would obligate any
2:10:20PM change to come back to City Council for a new public
2:10:22PM hearing.
2:10:24PM >>MARY MULHERN: That was the point I was making.
2:10:25PM Then they come back for another public hearing, we have
2:10:27PM already given them this much leeway, and it just continues.
2:10:31PM This is setting a bad precedent.
2:10:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
2:10:34PM All right.
2:10:35PM We have a motion close by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:10:38PM Ms. Montelione.
2:10:38PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.

2:10:42PM Opposed nay.
2:10:43PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:10:43PM Let me also say that if it's approved, it's back on first
2:10:46PM reading with the conditions that were discussed this morning
2:10:49PM and this afternoon.
2:10:50PM Okay.
2:10:51PM Ms. Montelione, would you care to --
2:10:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I believe Ms. Capin wanted this.
2:10:57PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No -- yes.
2:10:58PM I'm glad -- because there are other questions.
2:11:09PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move to approve on first reading,
2:11:14PM application number Z12-51, with the conditions as stated by
2:11:19PM the applicant for -- first reading, I don't have to read.
2:11:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, you got to read it.
2:11:30PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have to read the title.
2:11:31PM An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of
2:11:34PM 3012 through 3028 west North "A" Street in the City of
2:11:38PM Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1
2:11:41PM from zoning district classification RS-50 residential
2:11:45PM single-family to PD, planned development, parking commercial
2:11:48PM offstreet, providing an effective date.
2:11:49PM With all of the conditions as stated by the applicant for
2:11:53PM the, on the record.
2:11:55PM >> Second.
2:11:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, I have

2:11:57PM a second by Mr. Reddick.
2:11:59PM Further discussion, Ms. Mulhern?
2:12:01PM >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say that I'm going to vote no
2:12:03PM based on the motion that I made at the first reading.
2:12:07PM And all the evidence presented that this is not compatible
2:12:10PM with our comprehensive plan.
2:12:11PM And I just want the record to reflect that my no vote
2:12:16PM references the first first hearing that we had.
2:12:19PM On this case.
2:12:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let that be part of the record.
2:12:23PM I have a motion and a second.
2:12:24PM All in favor of the motion for first reading for approval
2:12:28PM please indicate by saying aye.
2:12:28PM Opposed nay.
2:12:32PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern and Capin voting
2:12:34PM no.
2:12:34PM The second reading of the ordinance will be held may the
2:12:37PM 16th at 9:30 a.m.
2:12:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much for attending,
2:12:42PM both sides.
2:12:43PM We go to item number 63.
2:12:47PM >> Mr. Chair, before we go.
2:12:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry, Mr. Suarez, you have a new
2:12:52PM aide.
2:12:54PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, thank you very much.

2:12:55PM Thank you for indulging me in this.
2:12:57PM I have my son here with us.
2:12:59PM He last week was take your child to workday.
2:13:02PM And he had a FCAT exam that he could not get out of.
2:13:06PM He had a chance to go with his mom to work.
2:13:09PM Today he had his chance to be here to see democracy at work.
2:13:12PM Sometimes messy, sometimes long.
2:13:14PM Thankfully we still take lunch.
2:13:17PM And he seems to be enjoying this.
2:13:19PM This is my youngest son Nicholas.
2:13:22PM He was very happy and he actually enjoyed being here today.
2:13:25PM Do you have anything to say about your experience here?
2:13:27PM [ Laughter ]
2:13:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Must take after your mother then.
2:13:31PM [ Laughter ]
2:13:33PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair, for your indulgence.
2:13:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to see white hair turn gray.
2:13:40PM All right.
2:13:40PM Thank you very much.
2:13:41PM My pleasure meeting you.
2:13:43PM All right, item number 63.
2:13:46PM Is an ordinance presented for second reading and adoption.
2:13:49PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
2:13:56PM Petitioner here?
2:14:00PM >> Move to close.

2:14:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick,
2:14:17PM seconded by Mr. Cohen.
2:14:19PM Fall favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:14:20PM Opposed nay.
2:14:21PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:14:22PM Ms. Capin, going right to left, would you kindly take number
2:14:27PM 63 please.
2:14:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
2:14:30PM An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of
2:14:37PM 3117 questions Swann avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida
2:14:41PM and more particularly described in section 1 from zoning
2:14:43PM district classifications PD, planned development, office,
2:14:48PM business, professional to PD planned development,
2:14:51PM residential single-family attached, providing an effective
2:14:54PM date.
2:14:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin, second by
2:14:58PM Mr. Reddick.
2:15:00PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:15:01PM All in favor it motion -- roll call vote and record.
2:15:07PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
2:15:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 64.
2:15:15PM Petitioner here?
2:15:19PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
2:15:22PM Item 64.
2:15:23PM Z13-20.

2:15:25PM >> Move to close.
2:15:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:15:29PM Mr. Cohen.
2:15:29PM All in favor it motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:15:31PM Opposed nay.
2:15:32PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:15:32PM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number 64.
2:15:37PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, move an ordinance being
2:15:38PM presented for second reading and adoption, ordinance
2:15:41PM rezoning property in the general vicinity of 3908 east tenth
2:15:45PM avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida, more particularly
2:15:48PM described in section 1 from zoning district classification,
2:15:51PM CG to commercial general to CI, commercial intensive,
2:15:54PM providing an effective date.
2:15:55PM >> Second.
2:15:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:15:58PM Mr. Suarez.
2:16:01PM Roll call vote.
2:16:01PM Vote and record.
2:16:02PM >>THE CLERK: Need one more vote.
2:16:11PM Motion carried unanimously.
2:16:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 65.
2:16:21PM Anyone in the audience care to speak to 65?
2:16:24PM Petitioner here?
2:16:24PM Need a motion to close -- petitioner?

2:16:30PM >> Good afternoon, Mr. Chair, Councilmembers, Mark Bentley,
2:16:34PM 201 North Franklin Street representing the party.
2:16:37PM I'm here to respond any questions.
2:16:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers?
2:16:40PM Need a motion to close.
2:16:41PM I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Montelione on
2:16:44PM 65.
2:16:46PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:16:47PM Opposed nay.
2:16:49PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:16:49PM Mrs. Mulhern, would you kindly take number 65 please.
2:16:54PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
2:16:55PM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
2:16:57PM adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
2:17:00PM vicinity of 6807 and 6815 east Adamo Drive in the City of
2:17:04PM Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in section
2:17:07PM 1, from zoning district classifications IH, industrial heavy
2:17:11PM and IG, industrial general, to IG industrial general,
2:17:15PM commercial light industrial use, providing an effective
2:17:17PM date.
2:17:20PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
2:17:22PM Mr. Reddick.
2:17:23PM Roll call vote.
2:17:25PM Vote and record.
2:17:27PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

2:17:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 66.
2:17:35PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
2:17:38PM Petitioner, please?
2:17:39PM >> Michael Horner, 1405 North Dale Mabry Highway
2:17:42PM representing the applicant.
2:17:44PM Be happy to answer any questions.
2:17:45PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers?
2:17:47PM Need a motion to close.
2:17:49PM >> So moved.
2:17:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak?
2:17:51PM I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Ms. Montelione to
2:17:54PM close.
2:17:55PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:17:56PM Opposed nay.
2:17:58PM Motion passes unanimously.
2:18:00PM Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 66 please?
2:18:04PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
2:18:05PM I move an ordinance being presented for second reading and
2:18:07PM adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
2:18:10PM vicinity of 2511 north Grady avenue and 3860 west Columbus
2:18:14PM Drive in the City of Tampa, Florida and more particularly
2:18:17PM described in section 1, from zoning district classification,
2:18:22PM OP-1, office professional, and PD planned development to PD
2:18:27PM planned development residential multi-family, providing an
2:18:29PM effective date.

2:18:30PM >> Second.
2:18:30PM >>I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.
2:18:33PM Roll call vote.
2:18:34PM Vote and record.
2:18:35PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
2:18:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 67.
2:18:49PM >> Michael horner again representing the applicant.
2:18:52PM Be happy to answer any questions.
2:18:54PM Thank you.
2:18:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councils?
2:18:56PM Anyone in the audience care to speak in number 67.
2:18:59PM I see no one.
2:19:00PM I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr.
2:19:02PM Reddick.
2:19:04PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:19:05PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:19:07PM Ms. Montelione, would you kindly take number 67 please.
2:19:10PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, sir, thank you.
2:19:11PM I move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
2:19:14PM vicinity of 3860 west Columbus Drive in the City of Tampa,
2:19:17PM Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from
2:19:19PM zoning district classification PD planned development to CI,
2:19:23PM commercial intensive, providing an effective date.
2:19:25PM >> Second.
2:19:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second

2:19:28PM by Mr. Suarez.
2:19:29PM Roll call vote.
2:19:30PM Vote and record.
2:19:33PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
2:19:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 68.
2:19:46PM >> Scott Meckley for the petitioner, Tampa, Florida, 33629.
2:19:54PM Be happy to answer any questions.
2:19:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers?
2:19:56PM Anyone in the audience care to speak?
2:19:59PM Item 68.
2:20:00PM I see no one.
2:20:02PM Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.
2:20:05PM Second by Mr. Cohen.
2:20:06PM Yes, sir?
2:20:06PM >> Just remind, if you see the second line, it says in T-E-H
2:20:10PM City of Tampa, which came up the last time.
2:20:13PM Just to inform you, I have been told that the ordinance is
2:20:16PM correct.
2:20:16PM So it really should say the city of Tampa.
2:20:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's an Indian word for da-da.
2:20:22PM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate by
2:20:24PM saying aye.
2:20:25PM Opposed nay.
2:20:26PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:20:26PM I was on a roll there.

2:20:31PM Forgot who was next.
2:20:32PM Mr. Suarez?
2:20:34PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair, for forgetting me.
2:20:36PM [ Laughter ]
2:20:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's nothing new.
2:20:41PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Present ordinance for second reading and
2:20:42PM adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
2:20:45PM vicinity of 1502, 1508 and 1510 North Westshore Boulevard in
2:20:50PM the City of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described
2:20:53PM in section 1, from zoning district classification OP-1,
2:20:58PM official professional to CI, commercial intensive, providing
2:21:01PM an effective date.
2:21:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.
2:21:04PM I have a second by Mr. Reddick.
2:21:05PM Roll call vote.
2:21:06PM Vote and record.
2:21:13PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
2:21:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, need to open.
2:21:23PM >> Move to open number 69.
2:21:25PM >> Second.
2:21:25PM >>I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.
2:21:28PM Fall favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:21:30PM Opposed nay.
2:21:31PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:21:31PM 69 is open.

2:21:33PM This is the second public hearing regarding this item.
2:21:38PM Yes, ma'am?
2:21:41PM >> Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.
2:21:43PM This is the second public hearing on the third quadrant of
2:21:48PM the Seminole Heights area wide rezoning.
2:21:51PM I'm available for any questions.
2:21:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions from Councilmembers at this
2:21:54PM time in I see no one.
2:21:55PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item.
2:21:59PM I snow one.
2:21:59PM Have a motion to close by Ms. Montelione, second by
2:22:02PM Mr. Cohen.
2:22:03PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:22:05PM Opposed nay.
2:22:06PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:22:07PM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take number 69 please.
2:22:11PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you Mr., chair.
2:22:12PM An ordinance being presented for second reading and
2:22:15PM adoption, an ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida
2:22:17PM relating to an area of rezoning the general location of
2:22:20PM which is south and east of the Hillsborough river, north of
2:22:24PM Hillsborough Avenue and west of a boundary running north on
2:22:27PM Florida avenue from Hillsborough Avenue to Hanna Avenue,
2:22:31PM thence running east on Hanna Avenue to interstate 275,
2:22:36PM thence running north on interstate 275 to the Hillsborough

2:22:40PM river, in the City of Tampa, Florida, from zoning district
2:22:44PM classifications for residential single-family, RS-50 and
2:22:48PM RS-60, residential multi-family RM-12, RM-16, RM-18 and
2:22:58PM RM-24, residential office, RO, and RO-1.
2:23:03PM Commercial neighborhood, CN, commercial general, CG and
2:23:08PM commercial intensive CI, to Seminole Heights specific zoning
2:23:11PM classifications, SH-RS, SH-RM, SH-RO, SH-CN, SH-CG and
2:23:19PM SH-CI.
2:23:20PM Providing for notice, providing an effective date.
2:23:24PM >> Second.
2:23:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, I have a
2:23:27PM second by Mr. Suarez.
2:23:29PM This is second public hearing.
2:23:30PM Roll call.
2:23:31PM Vote and record.
2:23:33PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
2:23:42PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:23:43PM We go to staff reports and unfinished business from item 70
2:23:47PM through 74.
2:23:48PM Item number 70.
2:23:53PM >>REBECCA KERT: Rebecca Kert, assistant city attorney.
2:23:56PM I'm here to give you an update on the status of where we are
2:23:59PM based upon your request regarding our noise ordinance.
2:24:02PM I wanted to start with an update as to what happened at the
2:24:06PM state.

2:24:06PM As you all will recall, that there is and was a law on the
2:24:10PM books regulating noise for motor vehicles.
2:24:13PM That was declared earlier this year to be unconstitutional
2:24:15PM by the Florida Supreme Court.
2:24:16PM As I reported to you the last time I was here, there were
2:24:19PM bills pending in the senate and the house to amend that to
2:24:23PM correct the constitutional deficiency that bill failed last
2:24:27PM week in the senate.
2:24:28PM And so there's nothing that's going to happen this
2:24:31PM legislative session.
2:24:32PM It's at the end of the report, City Council would like to
2:24:35PM amend your motion to include amending your noise regulations
2:24:40PM to include something to deal with noise for motor vehicles,
2:24:43PM I think that it's appropriate at this time.
2:24:46PM I was also asked to look at what Sarasota, the city of
2:24:49PM Sarasota did.
2:24:50PM And Sarasota recently did pass a regulation on noise from
2:24:55PM motor vehicles.
2:24:56PM They regulated, if it was plainly audible at 50 feet.
2:25:00PM The law only applied between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and
2:25:03PM 7:00 a.m. Friday through Friday and ten a.m. Friday through
2:25:07PM Sunday.
2:25:08PM So those are some issues that you'll need to think about if
2:25:11PM you do decide to make a motion to move forward on motor
2:25:13PM vehicles.

2:25:14PM The other issue to consider along the lines of motor
2:25:18PM vehicles is what should be enforcement mechanism.
2:25:20PM Currently your noise regulation, if there's violation, it's
2:25:24PM an arrestable offense.
2:25:26PM The previous state law I believe was a nonmoving violation,
2:25:30PM citation.
2:25:31PM I think the fine was around $35, if I'm correct on that
2:25:36PM Sarasota has the first civil violation punishable by up to
2:25:42PM $250.
2:25:42PM A second violation is a civil offense with an escalated fine
2:25:46PM and it is not arrestable until your third offense.
2:25:48PM So I would need direction on that as well.
2:25:50PM Going back to the 50 feet, as you recall last time you asked
2:25:55PM me to come back with two noise ordinances.
2:25:57PM We had discussed plainly audible from hundred feet.
2:26:01PM That was amended to 50 feet.
2:26:03PM As I told you all last time, the policy decision on what
2:26:06PM that number should be.
2:26:08PM That being said, that policy decision needs to be based on
2:26:11PM facts and evidence.
2:26:12PM And so prior to coming back to you I will submit to Council
2:26:15PM some background information on noise, noise decibels so you
2:26:19PM have a better idea of what you can hear from 50 feet, what
2:26:22PM you can hear from a hundred feet.
2:26:23PM And you can then at that point make a determination based

2:26:26PM upon facts and studies.
2:26:28PM And that will be legally supportable at that point.
2:26:31PM So before I come back with this ordinance, I will provide
2:26:34PM that for you and that will help us establish our predicate.
2:26:36PM I talked to the attorneys from Sarasota, as you asked and
2:26:40PM also talked to the eventual protection commission and we're
2:26:44PM continuing to look at that.
2:26:45PM Wanted to clarify, last time I said the EPC decibel
2:26:49PM regulations did not apply in Ybor, Channelside and downtown.
2:26:52PM It's actually the language is more specific.
2:26:54PM Their decibel regulations don't apply in those areas if that
2:26:57PM noise is coming from entertainment or musical have been
2:27:01PM Yugoslavia.
2:27:01PM So if there's a factory or something else in those areas
2:27:04PM that was making that level of noise, EPC would be able to
2:27:08PM assist us in getting noise regulations with that.
2:27:11PM I believe that that was what I was supposed to cover.
2:27:18PM I would like to be able to come back with you as soon as
2:27:20PM possible.
2:27:22PM As soon as possible would be four wreaks.
2:27:24PM Know in that sounds a long time.
2:27:27PM People want this do done.
2:27:29PM But I do need front you some background information for you
2:27:32PM to base your decision on that.
2:27:33PM So I'd be asking for direction on that.

2:27:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
2:27:36PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
2:27:37PM I like what you stated about the Sarasota ordinance.
2:27:45PM And I definitely want to amend the ordinance we have to
2:27:51PM include motor vehicle.
2:27:52PM How can we -- I'm tired of seeing people come down here and
2:28:01PM keep complaining about this and it's been going on and on.
2:28:05PM I spoke at a luncheon this afternoon during our break.
2:28:09PM And one of the questions, first questions raised to me, what
2:28:12PM are you all doing about the noise ordinance?
2:28:15PM So I'm tired of getting, being asked about this.
2:28:18PM I want an ordinance, even if we adopt the one from Sarasota,
2:28:24PM with the civil citation, fines, whatever.
2:28:27PM But I want an ordinance that gives law enforcement the tool
2:28:31PM to do what they need to do.
2:28:32PM And I don't need to read anything else.
2:28:34PM I don't need more information.
2:28:36PM I don't know about the rest.
2:28:37PM But I don't need to read anything else.
2:28:39PM All I want to do is say legal, come back with an ordinance,
2:28:42PM if you got to adopt one from Sarasota, come back to fit the
2:28:47PM criteria for what we got in the City of Tampa.
2:28:49PM I'm also favored, and I think into about what you just said,
2:28:54PM exempts the clubs, because, you know, the clubs, because we
2:28:58PM got e-mails about some of the clubs, thought they would be

2:29:01PM included in this.
2:29:02PM I mean, you can exempt.
2:29:03PM The biggest problem is not from the clubs.
2:29:06PM Biggest problem is people complaining when they come here,
2:29:08PM is people pass through their neighborhoods with all these
2:29:14PM loud booming box automobiles.
2:29:15PM I think that's the problem.
2:29:16PM I'm pretty sure, they're getting by the club, they don't
2:29:22PM have that problem.
2:29:23PM What we need to do is address the motor vehicles.
2:29:26PM And if they have an ordinance that in place legally sound in
2:29:30PM Sarasota, I'm in favor let's adopting that ordinance with
2:29:33PM the civil citation and moving on, because please, I get
2:29:38PM enough material to read.
2:29:39PM I don't need to read any more.
2:29:41PM All I want to do is get something done.
2:29:43PM And I'm tired of these people calling me.
2:29:46PM I'm tired of people coming down here and I'm tired of being
2:29:49PM asked every time I go somewhere in public.
2:29:52PM So we can expedite this, come back with first reading as
2:29:57PM soon as possible.
2:29:58PM That's what I want.
2:29:59PM So I hope my colleagues up here will be understanding of
2:30:04PM that, because I'm pretty sure they're getting the same calls
2:30:08PM of somebody's asking them questions.

2:30:11PM So, that's my concern.
2:30:13PM And that's my wish.
2:30:15PM Is that we can adopt Sarasota ordinance, to meet our code
2:30:19PM here in the City of Tampa, let's do it.
2:30:21PM And hold off them documents you're talking about and just
2:30:24PM come back with a first reading so we can move forward.
2:30:27PM That's all I'm asking for.
2:30:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez, then Ms. Montelione.
2:30:31PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you --
2:30:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick, very well said.
2:30:34PM I know you're not knot tired of seeing the people, just want
2:30:38PM another subject matter.
2:30:39PM >>FRANK REDDICK: That's right.
2:30:40PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Kert, to reiterate what Mr. Reddick was
2:30:44PM just saying, two things.
2:30:46PM If you could specifically to the Sarasota ordinance, how
2:30:50PM does it deal with vehicles and loud noise?
2:30:54PM Because you know, we have two separate issues.
2:30:57PM One is ambient noise, which is essentially the running of a
2:31:01PM vehicle.
2:31:01PM And the noise that Anne gin causes, but also the amplified
2:31:06PM music that comes from vehicles.
2:31:08PM So, how is Sarasota handling that right now?
2:31:14PM >>REBECCA KERT: I believe that the way their ordinance
2:31:16PM works, if the noise that is coming from the motor vehicle

2:31:19PM can be plainly audible at 50 feet to a reasonable person
2:31:23PM without any additional amplified, you know, the hearing aids
2:31:26PM or anything along those linings, that in fact is a
2:31:29PM violation.
2:31:30PM Noise is a very intricate subject I know everyone doesn't
2:31:33PM need to understand the ins and outs.
2:31:36PM I will establish a predicate, whether you want it or not.
2:31:39PM But at the same time, the noise needs to be able to be heard
2:31:44PM above the motor vehicle.
2:31:45PM And that's one of the many factors that weighs in.
2:31:49PM So it's going to have to be loud enough to be able to heard
2:31:52PM over the engine.
2:31:53PM If the engine is running, then you're going to be able to
2:31:56PM hear it closer than if the engine is running.
2:31:59PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Distinction, not a difference.
2:32:01PM I understand.
2:32:01PM In terms of, you know, the enforcement of this, we're going
2:32:06PM to look at a lot of different things.
2:32:09PM I would like to, for you to come back with an ordinance that
2:32:13PM includes not only police that can make these type of
2:32:17PM citations, but also code enforcement in neighborhoods.
2:32:21PM And also to exempt those three districts that are currently
2:32:25PM exempt from our noise ordinance, meaning Channelside,
2:32:30PM downtown and Ybor City.
2:32:31PM So that as we have seen, the folks that are in those areas

2:32:36PM tend to have no issue right now with noise in terms of their
2:32:41PM activities there.
2:32:43PM So, if we can go forward to make the rest of the city a
2:32:46PM little bit, you know, less noisy, that would be great.
2:32:51PM And I guess I can make a motion that you come back with the
2:32:54PM ordinance if you're prepared to do so.
2:32:57PM I know Mr. Reddick, I don't know if Mr. Reddick had agreed
2:33:01PM to the four week timeframe you were talking about.
2:33:03PM The quicker the better in my mind.
2:33:05PM So that we can get it going.
2:33:07PM And again, it's not a matter of you not being able to do
2:33:10PM your work and I'm more in favor of you doing whatever you
2:33:14PM need necessary to bring it up, that is going to be an
2:33:17PM enforceable ordinance, this is not just, you know, lip
2:33:22PM service on our part.
2:33:23PM We really want to get this done.
2:33:24PM I agreed you can do the four weeks.
2:33:27PM I have no problem with that.
2:33:28PM But please make sure that it includes those aspects of it
2:33:31PM when you come back with the ordinance.
2:33:33PM I'll make that as a motion in order for you to come back and
2:33:36PM do that, as part of the ordinance.
2:33:39PM >>REBECCA KERT: I'm fine with that.
2:33:40PM That just reminded me one additional thing you asked me to
2:33:44PM look into.

2:33:45PM That was impoundment of the vehicles for noise coming from
2:33:47PM motor vehicles.
2:33:47PM And we're continuing to do that research and I'll have that
2:33:50PM research the next time I come back.
2:33:51PM Just to be clear, I'm comfortable with the numbers for the
2:33:55PM noise for motor vehicles.
2:33:57PM I already have some evidence to back that up.
2:34:01PM That I can present to you at the time.
2:34:03PM So if you wanted to have that come back in two weeks and
2:34:06PM then separate it out, I can do it those two ways.
2:34:10PM I can do the motor vehicles separately and come back in two
2:34:14PM weeks.
2:34:15PM I'm going to need four weeks.
2:34:17PM We are merging with it the decibel levels and plain levels
2:34:20PM for 50 feet.
2:34:23PM Bottom line, I'm going to need four weeks for that one.
2:34:26PM Or I can come back with everything at four weeks.
2:34:29PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me back up for just a moment.
2:34:31PM Because I don't want any confusion among either me or any of
2:34:34PM my colleagues.
2:34:35PM When talking about decibel level, you're talking about those
2:34:38PM three areas we have already exempted out, correct?
2:34:41PM They in our current noise ordinance.
2:34:44PM >> You have decibel levels across the city.
2:34:47PM They're different in those three areas.

2:34:49PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.
2:34:50PM The only thing I was going to say is that my statement is
2:34:54PM about making every place in the city, except those three
2:34:59PM areas, the plainly audible doctrine.
2:35:01PM So again, if you need the four weeks in order to do that,
2:35:04PM fine.
2:35:04PM I don't have a problem with that.
2:35:06PM I agree with you in some of the other information and
2:35:09PM research that you're doing, come back in two weeks under
2:35:12PM staff report, we can do that.
2:35:15PM I'll make both of those motions, you feel comfortable you
2:35:20PM can come back with the kind of ordinance that's going to fit
2:35:22PM in with what we're trying to do here.
2:35:24PM Because obviously, Sarasota has something on the books and
2:35:28PM then we want to try and put something forward.
2:35:30PM So we're proactive.
2:35:31PM Obviously the legislature didn't do it.
2:35:33PM So, you know this know we sound like a broken record every
2:35:37PM time we have to say things like that.
2:35:39PM My first motion would be that -- was yours a motion?
2:35:45PM I apologize then.
2:35:46PM Then I'm amending, friendly amendment to your motion.
2:35:50PM I apologized, Mr. Reddick.
2:35:52PM I didn't realize it was a motion.
2:35:54PM To come back in four weeks for the ordinance.

2:35:56PM And I'll make a second motion about you coming back under
2:35:59PM staff reports.
2:36:01PM >>HARRY COHEN: June 6th at 10:00.
2:36:04PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: June 6th at 10:00 a.m. to talk to us about
2:36:08PM the motor vehicle aspects of the noise ordinance.
2:36:13PM If I was correct in what you were trying to tell us.
2:36:16PM >>REBECCA KERT: Would you like me to come back in two weeks
2:36:18PM with a draft ordinance on the motor vehicles?
2:36:21PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: That would be great.
2:36:21PM If you've got goth to dime to do it.
2:36:26PM >>HARRY COHEN: May 16th at 10:00.
2:36:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick, was taken to that motion,
2:36:33PM Mr. Suarez picked it un, made a friendly amendment.
2:36:36PM Now we're back to the original two weeks.
2:36:38PM Am I correct?
2:36:40PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Correct.
2:36:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, Ms. Montelione.
2:36:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
2:36:43PM Just because I have Jake back there, can you show me --
2:36:49PM because I have questions for you, Ms. Kert, so I don't want
2:36:52PM you to step away from the microphone.
2:36:54PM What 50 feet looks like.
2:36:58PM I guess doctor the edge of the door here.
2:37:00PM I want to see what the 50 feet from the vehicle like is a
2:37:03PM visual.

2:37:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll tell you 50 feet from here to the
2:37:06PM gentleman in the purple or the chief.
2:37:10PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: There you are.
2:37:11PM I didn't see chief Bennett.
2:37:13PM Thank you.
2:37:14PM Because I'm trying to -- I'm trying to in my mind think of,
2:37:22PM you know, if somebody's in their car, playing the stereo,
2:37:26PM and if anybody has been around when I open the car door to
2:37:29PM my car, and hear how loud I listen to the music, how far
2:37:36PM away somebody would be to establish that 50 feet.
2:37:43PM And I agree, I mean, I've got people in my neighborhood
2:37:47PM where they sit out waiting for somebody to come out of the
2:37:50PM house.
2:37:51PM And they're sitting maybe in their driveway, and they're,
2:37:55PM you know, you can hear the stereo.
2:37:57PM But that's on somebody's private property.
2:38:03PM >>REBECCA KERT: I can tell you that some of the expert
2:38:05PM opinions that I've read on this were the experts conducted
2:38:09PM studies and testified in court, that in a normal car, you
2:38:15PM have the radio, the stereo cranked up, loud enough that you
2:38:19PM can't have a conversation with anyone necessary the car,
2:38:21PM about 93-decibels, which is borderline -- OSHA would require
2:38:27PM you to have safety equipment on at that point.
2:38:30PM If you have your windows up and the car is running, I
2:38:33PM believe at 25 feet, you would not be able to hear that.

2:38:36PM At 50 feet, if you're going to be able to hear it, it's
2:38:41PM going to be loud.
2:38:42PM It's going to be loud.
2:38:44PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
2:38:45PM I was trying to -- and if somebody is sitting in somebody's
2:38:51PM driveway, which happen as lot in my neighborhood because the
2:38:54PM streets are narrow, so you can't really park in the street.
2:38:58PM So they'll pull in to say my neighbor's driveway, and this
2:39:04PM is no reflection on my neighbors, but, there's somebody in
2:39:11PM the car, can they still be cited if they're on private
2:39:16PM property?
2:39:18PM >>REBECCA KERT: The way is Sarasota is written, it doesn't
2:39:21PM distinguish between motor vehicles on the street and motor
2:39:24PM vehicles parked.
2:39:25PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I realize that now from seeing the
2:39:28PM more and more often, that the boom boxes we used to see in
2:39:32PM the 70s and 80s have become popular again.
2:39:35PM And I've seen kids walking around with them on their
2:39:37PM shoulder or they walking, or they're riding bicycles, this
2:39:41PM one guy has like a trike and this whole stereo system on the
2:39:45PM back of his trike.
2:39:48PM >>REBECCA KERT: That would be, what I would be looking to
2:39:50PM come back and address in four weeks.
2:39:52PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
2:39:53PM All right.

2:39:56PM So would just be automobiles for the two weeks.
2:39:58PM And then everything else in the four weeks.
2:40:00PM I want to make sure that we are capturing all forms of, or
2:40:05PM modes of travel.
2:40:07PM >>REBECCA KERT: That was my understanding.
2:40:09PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: All right.
2:40:09PM Thank you.
2:40:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further discussion?
2:40:12PM Okay, Mr. Reddick.
2:40:13PM You want to restate that motion?
2:40:15PM I think Mr. Suarez amended it.
2:40:17PM He'll be your second.
2:40:20PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Please don't ask me to restate Mr. Suarez.
2:40:23PM It was so long.
2:40:24PM [ Laughter ]
2:40:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I couldn't recall.
2:40:27PM Basically the motion is to come back in two weeks for first
2:40:30PM reading ordinance, that for motorized vehicles that are
2:40:35PM similar to Sarasota.
2:40:36PM And that can be enforceable by civil citations and by TPD
2:40:43PM and whatever law enforcement agencies that come under that
2:40:49PM juster E jurisdiction.
2:40:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And Mr. Suarez added to that.
2:40:52PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just added in terms of the plainly audible
2:40:55PM doctrine with the exception of those three locations that

2:40:59PM are already exempted within our current noise ordinance.
2:41:02PM Meaning downtown, Channelside and Ybor City.
2:41:06PM >>REBECCA KERT: To get clarification, does that mean when I
2:41:09PM come back in four weeks, I don't need two alternative
2:41:12PM versions?
2:41:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Correct.
2:41:13PM Motion by Mr. Reddick, avenue second by Mr. Suarez.
2:41:16PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:41:17PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:41:19PM Opposed nay.
2:41:20PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:41:20PM Thank you all very much.
2:41:22PM And I appreciate the young man who has been with us for 13
2:41:25PM years, I was a teenager when you started.
2:41:27PM [ Laughter ]
2:41:32PM >>FRANK REDDICK: You only have two more weeks.
2:41:34PM Item S, there's a memorandum from Rebecca Kert requesting
2:41:38PM continuance to may 16th, am I corrects?
2:41:42PM >>REBECCA KERT: Yes, that is correct.
2:41:43PM Just an update the legislation, there has been legislation
2:41:45PM that appears to have been based upon the draft ordinance
2:41:48PM that you all have been about to consider that has passed
2:41:51PM would it house and the senate and now just waiting to be
2:41:54PM signed by the governor.
2:41:55PM And in two weeks, hopefully I'll have some more information.

2:42:00PM >> Move to continue.
2:42:01PM >> Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez, all in favor
2:42:04PM of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
2:42:05PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:42:06PM Okay.
2:42:10PM We are going to move on to item number 72, which is a code
2:42:13PM enforcement discussion.
2:42:15PM And I see Mr. Slater is here.
2:42:18PM >> Good afternoon, City Council.
2:42:19PM Jake slater, City of Tampa department of neighborhood
2:42:22PM services director.
2:42:23PM I'm here on a couple items to give an update on the Sulphur
2:42:26PM Springs project.
2:42:27PM Along with what's going on from the City of Tampa.
2:42:30PM Along with other code enforcement issues.
2:42:33PM First of all, I'm happy to give you an update.
2:42:37PM We are taking Sulphur Springs back.
2:42:40PM We had made an impact up there.
2:42:43PM The overall project's going very well.
2:42:46PM We have been able to identify 78 homes right now that we're
2:42:52PM going to tear down.
2:42:53PM We have expa