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Thursday, June 20, 2013
5:01 p.m. Session


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05:03:23 [Sounding gavel]

05:04:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:04:35 Roll call.

05:04:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:04:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:04:42 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:04:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:04:46 Okay.

05:04:47 Yes, sir, this is item number 1.

05:04:50 >>THOM SNELLING: Can I have the slide or the fourth, please?

05:04:56 >> This is a public hearing.

05:05:00 Let's open the public hearing number 1.

05:05:02 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by Mr. Suarez.

05:05:05 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:05:07 Opposed nay.

05:05:07 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:05:09 Yes, sir.

05:05:09 >> Thank you, council.

05:05:11 This is a public hearing, just asking you to open it and

05:05:13 receive any input from the public who may be here, any input

05:05:19 that you may have.

05:05:20 We are not asking council to approve any plan this evening.

05:05:23 That's not what we are here for.

05:05:25 This is just to open the hearing, to gather any additional

05:05:27 information.

05:05:28 I have talked to a couple council people about some of the

05:05:30 observations they made on the plan.

05:05:33 Those observations will be incorporated into the draft that

05:05:36 is existing.

05:05:37 The draft is available.

05:05:39 It is online.

05:05:40 There's a copy of it in the housing office across the

05:05:43 courtyard here, and there are two copies of the draft

05:05:46 available for the public to look at in the clerk's office.

05:05:49 That was all advertised so everybody knows that that's

05:05:52 there.

05:05:53 So I will go ahead and get started with this.

05:05:57 As you know, this is the second one-year action plan based

05:06:02 on the five-year consolidated plan that council approved

05:06:06 just last year.

05:06:07 It went through the process.

05:06:09 What we are here today is like I said on June 14th, the

05:06:12 draft of that plan was placed in public circulation so that

05:06:17 people had an opportunity to look at it, study it, and it's

05:06:20 required to sit there for a 30-day open period so people

05:06:24 have a chance to look at it and provide comments to us or

05:06:27 leave them with the clerk and we incorporate those comments

05:06:29 in the plan, and those comments get forward add long with

05:06:32 the plan to the department of community affairs.

05:06:35 At the time it's getting ready for adoption.

05:06:38 From here, we will come back after the 30-day period,

05:06:42 incorporating any changes that are made, from the public or

05:06:46 from council themselves.

05:06:48 We try to incorporate that into the plan and bring back a

05:06:51 plan for transmission to the state on July 18th.

05:06:56 The plan will be drafted and transmitted up to the DCA on

05:07:01 the 15th.

05:07:03 You know, we have about three, almost four weeks between the

05:07:08 first time that we are coming back to council, the time for

05:07:11 which we are going to draft it.

05:07:12 We did that deliberately so that one of the things council

05:07:16 had asked before is that like you were adopting it on August

05:07:21 14th, and you had to because I had to sent up on the

05:07:24 16th kind of thing in August.

05:07:25 We tried to give council a couple, two or three weeks in

05:07:28 between so that additional discussion about the plan could

05:07:31 take place at council meetings.

05:07:33 We tried to build a little bit of a window in there for us

05:07:35 to do that.

05:07:38 The fiscal year for the plan begins October 1.

05:07:44 That pretty much is it.

05:07:47 It is based on the RFP process we just went through.

05:07:50 We don't have the specific programs and allocations that are

05:07:52 going to the various agencies, and programs and projects at

05:07:58 this point.

05:07:58 We are still finishing up that overview review -- review

05:08:02 process.

05:08:03 We have 30 applications come in through that Ringling Museum

05:08:06 process, both for infrastructure, structural kinds of

05:08:09 things, bricks and mortar, as well as service, public

05:08:13 service agencies for a whole variety of agencies.

05:08:19 And it's a 30-day comment period.

05:08:25 The money this year, it is a slight decrease.

05:08:27 Generally it's been done.

05:08:28 I have a slide that will go to that.

05:08:30 This plan covers the expenditures through the Ringling

05:08:33 Museum process for the community development block grant,

05:08:35 the home investment partnership home, HOME grant, emergency

05:08:40 solutions grant, and the housing opportunities for people

05:08:43 with aids and the HOPWA grant, total of 6.9 million that

05:08:51 will be accounted for in this plan.

05:08:52 I wanted to show you this.

05:08:53 The funding sources.

05:08:55 Of course it continues to dwindle.

05:08:58 The good news is that CDBG showed a heartbeat.

05:09:02 We got an additional $69,000 there.

05:09:05 It won't make a whole lot of difference in what we are doing

05:09:08 because, as you can see, HOME, HOPWA and ESG all took a hit.

05:09:14 The ESG grant perhaps the largest percentagewise dropped

05:09:19 33%, and that's a tough one.

05:09:23 So we took that into consideration.

05:09:25 So some of the programs that were typically funded through

05:09:29 the ESG program, particularly some of the homeless things --

05:09:32 I know that's an important issue to council -- we have tried

05:09:35 to keep that in mind when we are looking at some of the

05:09:37 other applications that came in through the CDBG to see if

05:09:40 we could possibly offset some of that decrease.

05:09:47 Okay.

05:09:48 There we go.

05:09:50 We are going to basically break it out.

05:09:52 The housing projects which include both the CDBG and HOME,

05:09:57 at this point we are thinking 1.8 million for that.

05:10:00 Public services, we are putting -- you know, some of these

05:10:09 are specifically required.

05:10:11 The program delivery cost, the capital improvement projects,

05:10:14 some of those come straight from work done by the citizens

05:10:18 advisory committee, the CDBG group, and then general A

05:10:22 administration.

05:10:22 That's the general breakdown of how the funding is used.

05:10:28 And that's really all I have.

05:10:30 And I'll take any questions or any public comments that they

05:10:32 have.

05:10:32 Again, council, I'm not asking you to vote on the plan.

05:10:35 That's not what this meeting is for.

05:10:36 This meeting is really just to receive additional comments

05:10:39 from council and the public.

05:10:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

05:10:44 time?

05:10:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I am going to quickly go through some of

05:10:49 the things that you and I discussed, Mr. Snelling, because

05:10:52 we did have a couple of conversations about this draft.

05:10:56 And --

05:11:01 >>THOM SNELLING: I will fix the typos.

05:11:02 I haven't yet but we will.

05:11:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The one thing that struck me, because

05:11:08 you a you highlighted, we do speak often on council about

05:11:11 the issue of the city funding homeless initiatives and dock

05:11:17 something to ameliorate the preponderance of individuals who

05:11:26 don't have any other places to go.

05:11:29 And we have received the drive from the secretary of housing

05:11:38 to eliminate homelessness through the opening doors program

05:11:41 by 2015, yet not only did we not receive additional funding

05:11:48 to assist us in that goal, Tampa and I believe it was

05:11:54 Las Vegas that was the two cities that the secretary had

05:11:57 targeted?

05:11:58 >>THOM SNELLING: I believe so, yes, ma'am.

05:11:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So two cities out of the entire country

05:12:03 that he has specifically targeted to end homelessness by

05:12:07 2015, yet our HUD office is up for closure, and our funding

05:12:15 to assist individuals who are homeless has decreased by 33%.

05:12:20 So I am not sure how we can meet the goal when HUD is

05:12:25 cutting our funding.

05:12:28 >>THOM SNELLING: Well, as we said, the one thing we are

05:12:29 trying to look at in some of the areas, perhaps in some of

05:12:32 the other funding sources, from other programs, were in

05:12:35 there that had the issues as their core mission, taking a

05:12:43 hard look at those to see if we can't somehow offset that

05:12:46 funding and by being creative with some of the other stuff

05:12:49 that we'll bring into the final recommendations.

05:12:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the other important issue always to

05:12:55 me is communication with the public.

05:12:58 So you and I had discussed not only the traditional methods

05:13:01 of community meetings and, you know, posting it to some of

05:13:07 the areas here on page 10, as in "The Tampa Tribune," and

05:13:11 the public meetings on page 9, but we also find ways to

05:13:20 utilize technology in communicating with the public so that

05:13:24 we can have a good response from the public during that

05:13:29 comment period.

05:13:31 >>THOM SNELLING: And some of that came to light as you were

05:13:34 looking at the Invision program this morning.

05:13:37 Randy showed you that article.

05:13:39 I shared that article with you how they use the four square

05:13:42 and some of that.

05:13:44 Frankly I'm kind of backward and not completely savvy in

05:13:47 some of that, but I have people on my staff that are very

05:13:50 good at that.

05:13:50 And we are -- it's all about the social media and getting

05:13:56 the message out that way.

05:13:57 And we are learning more and more how to just use that as an

05:14:00 additional planning tool, and absolutely it's a good point.

05:14:03 We'll have some of that stuff going forward in future public

05:14:06 hearings and public meetings.

05:14:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Even utilizing some of the technology as

05:14:11 people did with the telephone town halls.

05:14:15 That's also a good way, I think, to reach out who may not be

05:14:18 on social media but everybody has a phone.

05:14:22 The other areas of interest to me is the economic

05:14:24 development portion of this plan, because last year I had

05:14:30 pointed out that we had a chart that showed us how much was

05:14:34 being allocated in the different categories.

05:14:38 And only something like 3% were being allocated for economic

05:14:42 development activities.

05:14:42 And my view is that if you help with economic development,

05:14:48 and you help create jobs, and you help, you know, bring our

05:14:52 workforce up to the skill level that it needs to be, then

05:14:55 perhaps some of the other assistance in affordable housing

05:15:00 subsidies and doing the affordable housing pieces, you know,

05:15:06 in some cases will work their way up because now we have

05:15:09 some people who are trained and have jobs and may not need

05:15:12 much assistance.

05:15:13 So again, I encourage funding for economic development

05:15:18 opportunities category rather than just a 3%.

05:15:22 But it may be at a little bit higher level.

05:15:26 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay.

05:15:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: On page 17 there's a breakdown of how

05:15:32 many persons were assisted.

05:15:35 50 persons assisted, 500 households assisted, 10 rental

05:15:39 units are constructed, 20 rental units were rehabilitated.

05:15:45 And I was questioning what you really meant about how those

05:15:49 numbers are arrived at and whether or not there is any

05:15:54 overlap in categories.

05:15:57 And the other question was the cost per unit.

05:16:00 And I think that we can do a little bit better.

05:16:03 >>THOM SNELLING: I agree with that.

05:16:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: With the millions of dollars that we

05:16:06 have and the number of units and individuals and families

05:16:08 that are a assisted by the dollars that we have.

05:16:11 I think that it's a very low ratio, and I think we need to

05:16:14 greatly improve our return on investment, our allies, those

05:16:22 in business.

05:16:23 On page 18 is a statement that 20 jobs were either created

05:16:29 or retained and four businesses were assisted.

05:16:32 And I have questions as to who the businesses were and where

05:16:35 they were located, and only 20 jobs is again a pretty low

05:16:42 number.

05:16:42 And maybe if we up the economic development percentage, then

05:16:46 maybe we can do a little better with the number of jobs

05:16:50 created or retained and the number of businesses assisted.

05:16:56 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay.

05:16:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I think those are the major points

05:17:03 that I wanted to highlight.

05:17:07 We did talk about the affordable housing advisory council.

05:17:15 And maybe you can educate us a little more on the council

05:17:18 where that stands and what their charge is going to be as it

05:17:23 relates to this draft.

05:17:27 >>THOM SNELLING: The affordable housing advisory council as

05:17:29 it relates to this plan, part of this plan is to look at

05:17:33 improving ways to assist in the development of affordable

05:17:36 housing.

05:17:38 And doing that through streamlining codes, other kinds of

05:17:42 incentives or waivers or what have you, that group's charge

05:17:45 is to get together and analyze what we have on the books and

05:17:48 to come up with ideas and recommendations that can improve

05:17:52 and increase the ability for affordable housing to be

05:17:54 constructed, to be built.

05:17:57 I brought to you six names from Mayor Buckhorn which you did

05:18:02 move on.

05:18:06 And there were two names that came to council, that council

05:18:09 selected.

05:18:09 They readvertised for the remaining three that council had

05:18:12 to select.

05:18:15 On the 27th.

05:18:16 We are hoping those are all confirmed and we will meet with

05:18:19 that group immediately thereafter.

05:18:20 We will have a quorum for that group to get started

05:18:22 immediately thereafter, looking for ways to incentivize or

05:18:26 otherwise remove hurdle and obstacles from constructing

05:18:30 affordable housing.

05:18:31 And that's the core mission of what that group is for.

05:18:34 And they are identified in this document here as to what

05:18:40 they are supposed to do.

05:18:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One question I didn't ask you when we

05:18:44 met and it just occurred to me.

05:18:46 You and I both sit on the Hillsborough County affordable

05:18:51 advisory board.

05:18:52 Will there be input from our affordable advisory council to

05:18:56 the Hillsborough County advisory board?

05:19:00 Or are these going to be two separate --

05:19:03 >>THOM SNELLING: They are separate entities.

05:19:05 >> I know they are separate entities.

05:19:08 >>THOM SNELLING: At a minimum once we conclude with our

05:19:10 affordable housing advisory board and they come up with

05:19:13 their document and their incentive packages, I will transmit

05:19:16 that to Ms. Harvey who is the organizer, liaison, whatever,

05:19:21 staff member assigned, and share that with the T group to

05:19:24 see where we are working.

05:19:26 Paula has already sent to me some of the reorganization

05:19:31 plans that she has done with some of her housing

05:19:33 departments.

05:19:34 I have been looking at that.

05:19:35 So Paula and I have a longer history of knowing each other,

05:19:38 and working together.

05:19:39 I don't know than there's going to be a formal sit-down, but

05:19:43 my contact with her has increased quite a bit over the past

05:19:46 several months, and especially when this document is ready,

05:19:50 I'll share with her to have her take a look at it and what

05:19:53 she thinks.

05:19:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

05:19:56 Page 37, section 108, loan payments.

05:20:00 The city currently has section 108 outstanding loans with

05:20:05 Centro Ybor entertainment retail.

05:20:07 I had made a note here when I reviewed this that -- why only

05:20:11 one, and why isn't there another to support projects in TIF

05:20:16 districts that are underperforming?

05:20:18 Because we have a lot of CRA TIF districts that are

05:20:21 underperform.

05:20:22 Is there a possibility of using that 108 structure to assist

05:20:27 those underperforming areas?

05:20:31 >>THOM SNELLING: I am not intimately familiar with that

05:20:33 program or how it works.

05:20:36 That's something, when I review this tape, I can ask some of

05:20:39 my friends in the legal department as to how these kinds of

05:20:41 things work as well as some of our friends in finance to see

05:20:45 what this was.

05:20:46 And how -- if there's a possibility to, you know, improve

05:20:51 upon that performance.

05:20:54 Right now, we are just paying it back.

05:20:59 And that will be a big chunk of money that you will have

05:21:01 available for other things.

05:21:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The last thing back to the homeless

05:21:05 issue, it says throughout this document that we, the City of

05:21:08 Tampa, when I say we, the City of Tampa is an honorary

05:21:12 member of the homeless coalition.

05:21:14 And some months ago, before Maria Bacchus was hired to be

05:21:20 the CEO of the homeless coalition, there was a lot of

05:21:25 homeless bashing going on and there was a lot of, you know,

05:21:31 a lot of criticism being thrown around.

05:21:34 And I want to say that if we are only an honorary member of

05:21:38 the homeless coalition, that maybe we should have more of a

05:21:43 participatory role, and provide more support to the homeless

05:21:49 coalition so that they are successful and they are more

05:21:52 coordinated with our goals in the City of Tampa.

05:21:57 >>THOM SNELLING: Point taken.

05:21:57 I do want to introduce Keanna Boutry. She attends every

05:22:03 homeless coalition meeting for us.

05:22:03 We asked her to come by tonight.

05:22:06 >> We might have more of a role if we are a regular board

05:22:09 member rather than just an honorary member.

05:22:18 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay.

05:22:19 Yes, ma'am.

05:22:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's it for me.

05:22:21 Thank you.

05:22:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

05:22:23 Anyone in the public care to speak on item number 1?

05:22:26 Item number 1.

05:22:27 Please come forward.

05:22:30 I see no one.

05:22:34 Motion to close by Mr. Suarez.

05:22:36 Second by Mr. Reddick.

05:22:37 All in favor?

05:22:39 Opposed?

05:22:40 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:22:41 Thank you all very much.

05:22:43 >>THOM SNELLING: Thank you, council.

05:22:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 2.

05:22:46 This is a quasi-judicial proceedings.

05:22:49 The one we just heard was nonquasi-

05:22:58 Item 2.

05:22:59 It's 5:01.

05:23:01 Maybe I am looking at the wrong one.

05:23:02 I don't know.

05:23:04 All right.

05:23:04 We'll go to item number 2.

05:23:06 It's a quasi-judicial proceeding, 5:01.

05:23:10 I need a motion to open.

05:23:12 Motion by Mr. Cohen.

05:23:13 Second by Mr. Reddick.

05:23:15 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

05:23:18 Opposed nay.

05:23:19 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:23:20 This is the first public hearing on the zoning matter.

05:23:26 Who is here for the city?

05:23:33 Evidently they are not interested.

05:23:35 I have had a rough day today with time and people showing

05:23:38 up.

05:23:41 Usually after 1, it is 2.

05:23:48 >>

05:23:53 >>THOM SNELLING: We can't do 3 yet.

05:23:55 I downtown know.

05:23:55 I'm looking for my staff to be here.

05:23:57 Because I don't have the files on that.

05:24:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't expect you to do the presentation

05:24:02 because I'm sure the staff is the one that did the intricacy

05:24:06 and dynamics of the works.

05:24:07 >>THE CLERK: Would you like the clerk to swear in public

05:24:12 speakers?

05:24:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would like to collect, find the staff

05:24:18 first, and then I will look at swearing speakers.

05:24:20 But thank you very much.

05:24:23 If we have no staff, there will be no speakers.

05:24:30 >>THOM SNELLING: Would you like me to sing?

05:24:32 [ Laughter ]

05:24:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, we don't want to disrupt the

05:24:35 audience.

05:24:37 You can joke if you like for a couple of minutes.

05:24:40 But singing is out of the question in your case, I believe.

05:24:44 >>THOM SNELLING: I apologize.

05:24:45 You know my staff is typically very punctual about this.

05:24:48 I'm not sure what happened.

05:24:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I cannot go to 3 because that's a 5:30

05:24:55 one.

05:24:55 So I am stuck on two.

05:24:59 So I have six minutes.

05:25:03 Let me call for a five-minute recess so that council can eat

05:25:07 something because they are going to have a long, long, long

05:25:09 night, I think.

05:25:11 We stand in recess for five minutes until we find the

05:25:15 missing city employees.

05:25:23 >>> (Recess)

05:25:24 >>

05:25:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called in session.

05:33:54 Roll call.

05:33:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:33:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:33:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:33:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

05:34:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

05:34:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:34:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:34:03 This is a quasi-judicial proceeding, item number 2.

05:34:06 That means anyone in the audience that's going to speak on

05:34:08 this item for or against or whichever way it may be to

05:34:14 abstain.

05:34:14 If you want to speak on it, you have to be sworn in.

05:34:17 Anyone who is going to speak on item number 2, please rise

05:34:20 to be sworn in.

05:34:21 (Oath administered by Clerk)

05:34:33 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning and development.

05:34:36 Case Z-13-47 is the fifth and final area rezoning for the

05:34:41 greater Seminole Heights planning area.

05:34:43 Previously, adopted the other four areas including the local

05:34:48 historic district, northwest, southeast and southwest

05:34:51 sectors.

05:34:52 The one before you today is the northeast sector.

05:34:55 It runs -- the area is bound by Nebraska -- I'm sorry, 275

05:35:02 on the west, Hillsborough on the south, the river on the

05:35:04 north, and 22nd street on the east.

05:35:11 As in the past cases, I have provided a memorandum.

05:35:17 I have a staff report which highlights the process, the fact

05:35:22 that we kicked off in February 2008, all the community

05:35:25 meetings that were held, leading up to the adoption of the

05:35:28 vision plan, the updates to the comprehensive plan and the

05:35:33 future land use map.

05:35:35 Then the development of the code itself through those

05:35:38 charrette s and community meetings.

05:35:41 The initial public meetings actually go through and adopt

05:35:44 the actual code itself which took place, the adoption of the

05:35:47 code was in March 2011.

05:35:51 And in the last paragraph, this is the final area rezoning.

05:35:55 And we did hold two public open houses as we did with the

05:35:59 other areas as well.

05:36:00 We held them on May 28th and 29th of this year.

05:36:04 We had a fairly good turnout over the two nights, with a

05:36:09 wide ranging opinion and comments from the residents of the

05:36:13 area.

05:36:14 Several of the people were repeat people who stayed with the

05:36:17 process from the very beginning.

05:36:18 We did have some additional property owners that came in

05:36:21 that had not come out of the other areas, but specifically

05:36:26 for this one they had some comments related to Hampton

05:36:29 terrace and specifically the residential buildings.

05:36:32 I will let them comment and then I'll answer any questions

05:36:35 that you may have.

05:36:36 There is one additional property that I want to put you on

05:36:39 notice of.

05:36:42 This location, the number is 61625.

05:36:48 It's on Knollwood.

05:36:51 It's owned by Ms. Susan Gott.

05:36:53 She actually requested that she be changed from RS-50.

05:36:57 She's zoned CI and RS-50.

05:37:00 She's asking to be changed to SHDI and SH-RO, residential

05:37:05 office.

05:37:06 She actually made that request after our notice was already

05:37:09 made, but prior to the notice deadline, so she actually

05:37:13 performed her own notice embedded as part of this case, and

05:37:16 that was turned into the clerk's office on time with the

05:37:19 affidavit.

05:37:20 So there was one update to the map for that particular lot

05:37:23 to the SH-RO.

05:37:27 That is on file.

05:37:30 If you have any questions, we advised her to be here in case

05:37:34 there are any questions from council.

05:37:35 I will reserve time for any questions you have afterwards.

05:37:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

05:37:39 All right.

05:37:41 This is a public hearing.

05:37:44 Anyone in the public.

05:37:45 I believe there was a few that I saw were sworn in that

05:37:48 would like to speak on this item, item 2, Z-13-347.

05:37:53 Please come forward.

05:37:53 >> Mr. Chairman, members of City Council.

05:38:03 My name is Ann McDonald.

05:38:04 And I own my home at 5605 Ninth Street North in the area

05:38:11 that you are considering tonight.

05:38:14 You heard Randy Goers speak this morning.

05:38:20 So you know the kind of things that your planning department

05:38:26 has done to bring our neighborhood, the five Seminole

05:38:31 Heights neighborhoods, involved in the entire process of

05:38:38 redoing the zoning for our area.

05:38:43 They have had workshops, as you just heard Ms. Coyle talk

05:38:47 about.

05:38:48 When we did the very first one, and there was a lot of

05:38:52 questions about our historic district, the entire planning

05:38:58 department came to Seminole Heights, and it was standing

05:39:01 room only at the Seminole Heights garden club.

05:39:07 So planning has really gone an extra mile in making sure

05:39:12 that this is a partnership between the neighborhood and the

05:39:17 city and its planning department.

05:39:20 So we commend them on that.

05:39:24 We think that the most important part of this is the help

05:39:29 that it will give to our commercial properties.

05:39:32 Those of us who are homeowners are proud of the fact that we

05:39:36 have, over the last 30 years, pulled ourselves up by the

05:39:42 bootstraps, and Seminole Heights is now one of the premier

05:39:46 areas in the City of Tampa.

05:39:50 But our commercial corridors have suffered badly.

05:39:54 The code that is in place has made it so onerous and so

05:40:00 difficult for the owners of older buildings, and the

05:40:04 business that would want to come in there, that we welcome

05:40:10 the form base because it will help us with that.

05:40:15 Again, I want to thank Ms. Coyle and the whole planning

05:40:19 department, and to thank you all for all that you do for the

05:40:24 city.

05:40:25 You have already approved all of the other Seminole Heights

05:40:29 neighborhoods.

05:40:31 I'm absolutely certainly that you will do the same for ours

05:40:36 because it will be a great benefit to more people in Tampa.

05:40:42 Thank you.

05:40:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mrs. McDonald.

05:40:45 Next please.

05:40:45 We'll go right and then we go left.

05:40:48 >> My name is Myron Griffin. I live at 1010 east Clifton

05:40:54 street in what is known as Hampton terrace.

05:40:59 In Old Seminole Heights.

05:41:00 And I have been there for about 25 years now, which is I'm

05:41:05 starting to feel like that's my real home even though I was

05:41:08 born and raised in the Clearwater area.

05:41:10 I have been active in neighborhood associations and active

05:41:13 in many different areas.

05:41:15 I have tried diligently to bring up Centro -- central Tampa

05:41:21 which I think has needed some help.

05:41:22 It's been a very tough thing to deal with the commercial

05:41:26 corridors that suffered greatly when the interstate came

05:41:28 through, and a lot of our historic structures were taken

05:41:31 down, a lot of our trees were taken down, and it has been

05:41:34 very tough to get chain link fence down and other things

05:41:38 that kind of just make our neighborhood -- it's not a good

05:41:41 reflection of what's going on behind it.

05:41:43 I think Ann put it very well.

05:41:45 I have been through many of the form-based zoning Americas

05:41:48 not all of them because I go to a lot of other meetings.

05:41:51 I see a lot of familiar faces behind the desk up there.

05:41:54 But I fully support and trust the neighbors that have gone

05:41:59 to these meetings and worked for some five years now to come

05:42:01 up with a technique that can help us further ourselves

05:42:05 along.

05:42:06 We have had a couple of successful restaurants pop up here

05:42:09 and there.

05:42:09 Publix is a great success.

05:42:11 But we need some help.

05:42:13 And I fully support what has been worked on by my fellow

05:42:19 neighbors and I hope you will vote for it tonight.

05:42:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:42:22 Next, please.

05:42:22 >> Joe Switsman, east Idlewild Avenue.

05:42:30 I have been there for approximately eleven years.

05:42:36 I love my neighborhood.

05:42:39 I have become a member of the neighborhood association.

05:42:44 This is all kind of new to me because I have never done any

05:42:47 kind of public service before.

05:42:51 So my only concern with what we are suggesting here is the

05:42:58 residential building part of it.

05:43:02 It's my understanding that if a house is destroyed or, you

05:43:06 know, by a hurricane or whatever, whatever disaster, that

05:43:12 you are limited to a certain amount of approved houses that

05:43:19 you can choose from to get your house rebuilt.

05:43:22 I don't agree with that.

05:43:24 I think it kind of sound something like a deed restricted

05:43:29 community to me.

05:43:30 That's just how it seems to me.

05:43:32 And that's why I live where I live, because I don't agree

05:43:36 with some of the deed restrictions that others live in.

05:43:42 I know that they had talked about possibly exempting the

05:43:49 residential structured part of it out of Hampton terrace.

05:43:55 I support that.

05:43:56 And that's why I am here tonight to show my support for

05:43:59 that.

05:43:59 Thank you very much.

05:44:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:44:02 Next, please.

05:44:02 >> Good evening.

05:44:06 My name is Gayle Davis.

05:44:08 Live at 1203 east -- Avenue in Hampton terrace.

05:44:12 My husband and I have a home there and a business.

05:44:14 And we have lived there close to 30 years.

05:44:16 We came in there in the early days, the pioneer days, when

05:44:21 it wasn't really a really great place to live.

05:44:23 We have seen a lot of great changes.

05:44:26 Everything has been wonderful.

05:44:27 The people moving in, fixing up their homes, and carrying

05:44:31 about their properties and such.

05:44:32 And form based zoning is something that I am real concerned

05:44:38 about.

05:44:39 I have been here that long, and I have been told by the

05:44:41 staff that nothing has changed as far as my zoning is

05:44:46 concerned, commercially.

05:44:48 And I don't have any problems with that.

05:44:50 And my husband and I several years ago when this started, we

05:44:55 went to their workshops.

05:44:57 We were part of this, the beginning of the city having the

05:45:00 workshops, giving our input, and our questions and concerns

05:45:06 answered, and we were told from the very beginning, this is

05:45:11 to help the commercial corridors because historically the

05:45:16 area has very small lots, have real issues with parking.

05:45:22 The codes that the City of Tampa has doesn't really help out

05:45:25 with businesses coming in there very easily.

05:45:28 And I'm totally for that.

05:45:30 Nothing wrong with that.

05:45:31 Hey, bring in business.

05:45:32 Make it easy for, you know, great businesses to come into

05:45:35 our community.

05:45:37 And I'm totally for that portion of form-based zoning.

05:45:41 However, I do have a problem with something that came up

05:45:45 later that I wasn't aware of.

05:45:47 Like I said, I went to these workshops, and never was it

05:45:50 mentioned at the beginning that the residential portion

05:45:53 would be affected by any of.

05:45:55 This seems like a big wide net has been cast, and it not

05:46:02 only concerned and had anything to do with commercial

05:46:04 properties, but residential properties got sucked into this

05:46:06 somehow.

05:46:07 And now we have a residential building form code that's part

05:46:11 of this, which I am opposed to.

05:46:13 I don't think it's fair.

05:46:15 I don't think it's right.

05:46:16 I think a property owner should be able to rebuild their

05:46:20 home if they are burned down to the ground or a hurricane

05:46:25 took it away, and they should be able to build it exactly

05:46:28 the same as the way they had it before.

05:46:29 Why not?

05:46:30 Why not?

05:46:32 Now, to my understanding which I hope Mrs. Coyle will

05:46:35 elaborate on, because there's real concerns begun these

05:46:42 certain designs of homes that you can only pick from, four

05:46:47 or five or six or whatever it is.

05:46:49 And if you have a home such as myself, and not change the

05:46:53 pitch of my roof, and it's not exactly the standard

05:46:59 bungalow, so to speak, but if my house burns down and I have

05:47:02 to build again, I am going to have to not have my addition

05:47:05 on or anything.

05:47:06 It's got to be that particular form.

05:47:10 So because of that, I'm hoping you will make an exception in

05:47:14 Hampton terrace and have us exempt from that portion.

05:47:18 Otherwise I support it.

05:47:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:47:20 Mrs. Montelione.

05:47:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

05:47:22 Ms. Coyle?

05:47:23 Before we hear from any other speakers -- because I hear a

05:47:26 common theme resonating throughout the comments, and one of

05:47:33 them was just mentioned.

05:47:34 If my house burned down.

05:47:36 Being in construction and having worked for Hillsborough

05:47:38 County planning before, there are certain things that if

05:47:42 your house burns down that you have to abide by when you

05:47:46 rebuild your house.

05:47:47 So there are certain things that fall under a category of

05:47:53 conforming, or nonconforming, but are allowed to be rebuilt.

05:47:58 And there are a lot of things that would apply because a

05:48:03 house that maybe was built pre 1950 or, you know, pick a

05:48:08 year, would have to be rebuilt according to the current

05:48:10 building code.

05:48:12 So there are a lot of changes that are our state law dictate

05:48:17 for building code that you would not be able to build the

05:48:23 exact same house that was there on the property previously.

05:48:26 Is that correct?

05:48:29 >> Yes.

05:48:29 Those are usually the codes that make a lot of changes to

05:48:32 rebuilding structures, much more so than the basic design

05:48:36 standard.

05:48:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So if you have a house anywhere in the

05:48:38 city and it burns down and you go to rebuild it, walk me

05:48:43 through that process.

05:48:44 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The first thing we look at is the

05:48:46 underlining zoning, and look at your basic height

05:48:49 limitations.

05:48:50 Then we look at the rest of the site regulations, if there's

05:48:52 any trees on-site, where your access to S going to be for

05:48:56 your cars, what type of stormwater retention you might have

05:48:59 to provide, depending on how big the lot is and how big of a

05:49:04 house.

05:49:04 If something is destroyed more than 60% in our code even if

05:49:07 you are nonconforming, you do have to follow the new

05:49:11 regulations regardless.

05:49:13 So once we deal with the site issues and give you the basic

05:49:19 box that you can build for setbacks and height, then it's a

05:49:23 building code.

05:49:27 Maybe you have six windows on this side of the building but

05:49:29 it was closer to where it should be, you might not be able

05:49:31 to put six windows on this side of the building.

05:49:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

05:49:35 And it comes to my mind very recently because I have a

05:49:38 constituent though doesn't live anywhere near this part of

05:49:41 town who purchased the corner lot.

05:49:43 There was a house on it previously.

05:49:45 They had taken the house down.

05:49:46 I believe he wanted it as a vacant property.

05:49:49 And there were already driveway cuts and aprons on the

05:49:52 property.

05:49:53 And he's being told, well, you can't have a driveway there

05:49:57 anymore, and you can't have a fence there anymore, and when

05:50:01 he bought the property, he didn't realize that the driveway

05:50:06 was there.

05:50:07 He thought that he could utilize that driveway and

05:50:10 transportation is telling him, no, you can't.

05:50:14 So I want to make it clear that when we hear these

05:50:17 repetitive comments that if my house burns down, I can't

05:50:21 rebuild it any way I want to, and I am invoking property

05:50:24 rights and those kind of conversations, that there are

05:50:27 regulations, even if you are not in this area, that --

05:50:33 >> That are far more restrictive.

05:50:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

05:50:38 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I could just to clarify, the current

05:50:40 rules today for the nonseminole Heights zoning

05:50:44 classifications in the Seminole Heights area, there is an

05:50:52 overlay district for residential development, and we

05:50:55 actually did talk about it in all the workshops.

05:50:57 We went through all the residential standards, and we did a

05:51:00 survey of the entire area.

05:51:03 The current overlay mandates three or four very specific

05:51:07 things.

05:51:07 You have to have a 6-12 pitched roof no matter what.

05:51:13 A porch or some type of overhang can drop down to 3-12 or

05:51:19 even flat, if it's attaching to something as a flat, but

05:51:23 mandates 6-12 for the principal roof in the current, not the

05:51:28 new code.

05:51:28 You also have to have an 18-inch finished floor above,

05:51:33 finished grade.

05:51:34 You also cannot have a garage door or the entrance to that

05:51:36 carport or garage sticking out in front of the front of your

05:51:41 building.

05:51:43 It has to be flush or set back or detached in the back.

05:51:46 There's a few things that are mandated in the overlay, the

05:51:51 section since 1999 that sit over the entire area.

05:51:54 The reason why we did the survey and looked at all different

05:51:58 forms that are out there is because the reality, it has

05:52:01 developed over many, many decade, and especially in this

05:52:05 particular area towards the northeast, as we started going

05:52:08 northerly and easterly developing in the city, you see a lot

05:52:12 more contemporary ranch 50s and 60s houses more

05:52:16 northeasterly, and get a lot craftsmen, bungalows, those

05:52:23 traditionally are in the center, near the historic districts

05:52:26 and are scattered throughout in the other areas of the

05:52:28 south, but as you start to go north you actually become more

05:52:32 contemporary and a little more modern.

05:52:34 That's when those houses were built.

05:52:36 And we wanted to be sure to capture those basic components

05:52:39 of each building form to not limit people anymore than they

05:52:43 already were but actually widen the allowances but still

05:52:46 retaining the fact that in 1999 this area came forward and

05:52:50 developed the overlay on their own, and said we want to

05:52:53 mandate certain basic architectural form.

05:52:56 We took that, but also recognizing the fact that there is a

05:53:01 wide range of forms out there.

05:53:03 And we actually widen it much more than the current code

05:53:06 allows.

05:53:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So what you are saying is that the

05:53:10 mandates that are contained in this new code, the maps that

05:53:18 we are considering tonight, are less restrictive than what

05:53:22 is currently in place.

05:53:24 So if we don't pass this a at all, there are still

05:53:26 restrictions on rebuilding and design elements that you have

05:53:33 to abide by.

05:53:34 >> If you were to choose not to rezoning this area and leave

05:53:37 it out of Seminole Heights, the zoning classification, they

05:53:41 remove the benefit -- would lose the benefit of everything

05:53:44 in the code as far as rebuilding accessory structures, add

05:53:46 existing setbacks.

05:53:48 They are not allowed to do that.

05:53:49 I will give you some classic examples.

05:53:51 But if they were to build a new house, or the house burned

05:53:54 down and they were to come in to build something new, and

05:53:57 they weren't zoned Seminole Heights, they would have to do

05:54:00 exactly what I said in the overlay.

05:54:01 They would have to have a flush or --

05:54:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Those --

05:54:07 >> Those three or four requirements.

05:54:09 Otherwise they have to rezoning to ask for those waivers.

05:54:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

05:54:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Wait, Ms. Coyle, don't leave.

05:54:17 A couple questions.

05:54:18 You only mentioned three things.

05:54:20 What was the fourth?

05:54:21 Is there a fourth thing?

05:54:25 >> It's the roof pitch.

05:54:26 Going from memory.

05:54:27 Roof pitch.

05:54:28 The Fitch interested floor and the garage entrance.

05:54:32 Those are the three mandates.

05:54:33 The fourth thing that is option able but encouraged is the

05:54:36 ribbon driveways, in lieu of having a solid waived driveway.

05:54:41 And we also averaging front setback.

05:54:45 >>MARY MULHERN: If we were to adopt those new design

05:54:49 guidelines, would it mean -- would the garage not in front

05:54:55 still be part of it?

05:54:58 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Only if you actually fit within that

05:55:00 form.

05:55:00 >>MARY MULHERN: You are actually getting rid of something

05:55:06 that's actually a good design standard as far as I can tell.

05:55:09 >>CATHERINE COYLE: In the orange, where you actually have

05:55:13 the predominance of that traditional ranch contemporary

05:55:17 housing stock that actually physically is existing out

05:55:22 there, those are the basic components where the garage can

05:55:24 be flush, but the development pattern actually happened much

05:55:28 later than the 20s and the 30s.

05:55:31 We actually ran -- when we first started this, we ran the

05:55:35 analysis of the width and depth, that area, or the entire

05:55:39 area, to look at the pattern.

05:55:40 We also ran the year built for each property, to look at the

05:55:46 style that was out there, to look at the age and condition

05:55:50 of the structures.

05:55:52 That was all in the very beginning when we did the analysis.

05:55:58 This is for reference the northeast.

05:56:00 Like I said, it's the business area.

05:56:03 Hampton terrace is this piece right here.

05:56:07 You can see it.

05:56:08 >> The pink is --

05:56:11 >> The pink is the craftsman, orange is ranch, and then the

05:56:16 yellow is eclectic.

05:56:18 >>MARY MULHERN: When did you say these ranch houses were

05:56:22 built?

05:56:24 In the 60s and 70s?

05:56:28 >> They can start and then move on from there.

05:56:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I grew up in one of those and the garages

05:56:35 weren't in front.

05:56:39 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Coyle they don't have to be.

05:56:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, they weren't.

05:56:42 That started, I think, must have been around the 70s, or

05:56:45 late 60s that the garage would be in front.

05:56:48 Not a great suburban historic architecture period. Anyway,

05:56:55 thanks.

05:56:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

05:56:57 Yes, sir.

05:56:58 >> Wesley Warren, president Tampa neighborhood association,

05:57:12 the neighborhood came together in 1999 and did the overlay

05:57:14 district.

05:57:15 The Hampton terrace neighborhood association was not in

05:57:17 existence in 1999.

05:57:19 We are now.

05:57:21 For that very reason, or one of the reasons.

05:57:25 I spent the last two weeks going around talking to my

05:57:27 neighbors discussing this new code.

05:57:33 A lot of people did not want any of it.

05:57:36 Some people liked parts of it.

05:57:40 Very few people liked all of it.

05:57:45 We do not object to codes.

05:57:47 We do not object to certain roof pitches.

05:57:49 What we object to is style.

05:57:52 The City of Tampa telling us what style home they can build.

05:57:57 The residential building forms dictate a style of house.

05:58:01 Not code.

05:58:02 A style.

05:58:04 We do not want to be told what type of house to live in.

05:58:06 I live in a ranch home.

05:58:08 My house is gone, I have a little section here that I can

05:58:12 choose from.

05:58:13 I can't build an eclectic house there, or I can't build one

05:58:20 of the others.

05:58:20 I have a certain amount that I can build on here.

05:58:22 That's what we object to.

05:58:23 Not code.

05:58:25 Style.

05:58:26 We feel the only people that should be dictating the style

05:58:29 of the house that we live in is the property owners, people

05:58:34 who pay the tax on the house, people who bought the house,

05:58:37 not someone who doesn't even live in our neighborhood.

05:58:39 We are not speaking to the rest of this area.

05:58:41 We are here, or I'm here, speaking for Tampa terrace only.

05:58:48 I ask you to support the neighborhood association.

05:58:52 I ask you to support the people in Hampton terrace.

05:58:56 Direct the staff to exempt Hampton terrace from the building

05:59:00 form standards.

05:59:01 We are asking.

05:59:01 We are not asking to do away with the rest of the code.

05:59:04 Just that small section.

05:59:05 We do not feel the city has a right to dictate the style of

05:59:09 house we live in.

05:59:11 That's all we are asking.

05:59:12 Thank you very much.

05:59:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione.

05:59:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mrs. Capin wants to speak first.

05:59:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin.

05:59:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you have the forms or styles in front of

05:59:25 you?

05:59:25 If your house were to burn down what style options do you

05:59:28 have?

05:59:29 >> I'm sorry, I'm everything a difficult time hearing you.

05:59:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Since you have that, the criteria in front

05:59:39 of you, if your house were to burn down, what style options

05:59:42 do you have?

05:59:44 >> Ranch.

05:59:44 I have a minimal traditional.

05:59:46 Contemporary.

05:59:47 Or split ranch.

05:59:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You have a ranch now?

05:59:54 >> That's correct.

05:59:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And your issue --

05:59:57 >> Perhaps I want to build a bungalow.

05:59:59 I like bungalow.

06:00:01 I have lived in a ranch.

06:00:02 Maybe I want a bungalow this time.

06:00:07 I can't understand why someone else should Dick that to me

06:00:10 or anyone else.

06:00:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand.

06:00:13 Thank you.

06:00:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council member that has not

06:00:17 spoken?

06:00:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:00:22 You are the president of the Hampton --

06:00:24 >> That's correct.

06:00:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you speak on behalf of the

06:00:28 association?

06:00:28 Has the association taken a vote, and are you officially

06:00:31 representing the association?

06:00:32 >> I'm officially representing Tampa terrace neighborhood

06:00:35 association and again I spent the last two weeks --

06:00:38 >> I know, being formerly a president of a civic association

06:00:42 before, I would speak, or the now president deroche would

06:00:49 speak, we take a vote at the meeting to either support or

06:00:53 not take a position.

06:00:54 So what I am asking is, was there a meeting --

06:01:01 >> There was a vote taken.

06:01:02 >> There was a vote taken of the executive board or the

06:01:05 entire member sh?

06:01:06 >> The executive board.

06:01:07 >> So not the entire membership.

06:01:09 I don't know if your blahs are different than the other

06:01:13 bylaws I had.

06:01:13 >> There was not a vote of the entire membership.

06:01:16 However, the entire membership did elect the executive

06:01:18 board.

06:01:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mrs. Coyle, I have a question four, too,

06:01:26 to follow up on what Mrs. Capin was saying.

06:01:29 Where his house is located, is that correct?

06:01:33 He would only be able to build contemporary?

06:01:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A ranch, split ranch.

06:01:41 I didn't catch the fourth.

06:01:46 >>CATHERINE COYLE: We are having a lot of feedback.

06:01:47 I didn't hear his address or where he was.

06:01:53 Hampton terrace is a whole, if you look at just the square.

06:01:59 And as reference there is 9,673 parcels in the entire area.

06:02:05 There is 34, 45 parcels in the northeast.

06:02:09 This is actually the largest rezoning.

06:02:11 There's 576 parcels in Hampton terrace.

06:02:14 So it's a very small amount of parcels.

06:02:17 But it's a tight little square, commercial and residential.

06:02:21 But if you look at just this square, yellow is eclectic.

06:02:26 And eclectic based on the methodology that we actually

06:02:30 developed when we are doing this is we went by the majority

06:02:33 block base rules.

06:02:35 If we went out and saw throw minimal traditional, three

06:02:39 craftsmen, three ranch, and then one whatever the heck it

06:02:42 was because we couldn't tell, because some houses have just

06:02:46 been added on over the years and just morphed into something

06:02:49 else, we would assign it eclectic which gives you full

06:02:54 range.

06:02:54 You can pick anything from the code.

06:02:56 And what I want to be clear to council is it's not dictating

06:02:59 architectural style.

06:03:00 What we did is we I.D.ed the basic form out there.

06:03:04 We used the two industry standards, academia, field man

06:03:09 yells, architectural guides, and we looked at the styles

06:03:12 that they were, and we pulled out the basic components.

06:03:15 And that's actually was in the code.

06:03:17 So in each single form, it repeats, where you have got a

06:03:23 roof pitch, porch, garage, carport, there's seven different

06:03:31 components and it gives you the ranges of numbers.

06:03:33 So like I said the overlay requires the 6-12 pitches.

06:03:36 But for Craftsmen, it actually by the field manual is a

06:03:40 range of 3-12 to 6-12.

06:03:42 It's not a single pitch.

06:03:43 So the new code actually allows a larger range, just for the

06:03:46 one form.

06:03:48 And we use those, those manuals for that reason.

06:03:52 But Hampton terrace is a -- as a whole if you just looked at

06:03:56 it and looked at the distribution of those block faces, it's

06:03:59 eclectic in and of itself.

06:04:01 It's got some arts and crafts.

06:04:04 Got some ranch.

06:04:05 It's got some blocks that just were a mixed bag.

06:04:08 And I spoke with the leaders that you heard from so far from

06:04:13 Hampton terrace, and we talked about, you know, what the

06:04:19 options were as far as this evening and the rezoning is what

06:04:24 it is.

06:04:25 It would be a text amendment in order to change that.

06:04:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When you were speaking quickly before

06:04:32 when you initially gave the presentation, when you mentioned

06:04:35 the March of 2011 adoption, the format, I have in my note

06:04:43 building format adopted March 2011, effective April 1st

06:04:46 of 2011 which is an important date for all of us sitting up

06:04:50 here, that has already put in place this notion of what you

06:04:59 can and cannot build?

06:05:00 Or the regulations.

06:05:03 So if Hampton terrace wanted to be excluded out, there would

06:05:06 have to be a text amendment?

06:05:08 >> It would be a text amendment.

06:05:09 >> By one Homer, or by the majority of the homeowners in the

06:05:14 community?

06:05:15 >>CATHERINE COYLE: At that point -- and I spoke about it

06:05:17 with -- I spoke about it with Ms. Mandell as well.

06:05:21 And if there's a single property owner that wants to come

06:05:24 forward and ask for that, it would be a privately initiated

06:05:27 amendment F.the entire collective of this area wanted to

06:05:30 come forward and ask for something different, council could

06:05:34 certainly entertain that, council initiated.

06:05:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And tonight?

06:05:40 >> You are just adopting a zoning category.

06:05:42 If you wanted to deal with this map you would be dealing

06:05:44 with a text amendment process.

06:05:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So all the speakers who were asking that

06:05:48 they not be included tonight, we can't do that tonight, can

06:05:53 we?

06:05:56 >> You can't not include them in the rezoning itself but you

06:05:59 could afterwards direct us --

06:06:03 >> That's exactly what I wanted to get at.

06:06:06 I'm having an awful time of getting there tonight.

06:06:08 But that's exactly what I wanted to get to, is that we

06:06:11 cannot tonight exclude Hampton terrace.

06:06:17 >> From the residential building component?

06:06:20 No.

06:06:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:06:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:06:24 Mrs. Mulhern.

06:06:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Don't pull the colored map away yet, the

06:06:28 60s colors.

06:06:29 The groovy.

06:06:30 I am wearing them today in honor of the ranch houses.

06:06:34 [ Laughter ]

06:06:44 >> This is what I am trying to understand.

06:06:48 Now, I was looking at this map a few minutes ago thinking

06:06:52 that -- and I believe this is true, but maybe not the whole

06:06:57 truth -- that these color codes show what you say the

06:07:06 majority of those geometric blocks of houses is what most of

06:07:14 them show.

06:07:15 But it also shows what you are asking us to adopt tonight

06:07:18 with these design guidelines?

06:07:23 >> You are not adopting design standards tonight.

06:07:24 They are already adopted.

06:07:26 This is essentially zoning conformance.

06:07:28 You are bringing the --

06:07:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

06:07:31 Are you telling me that I adopted something for Seminole

06:07:35 Heights that I voted for, or this council did, or the

06:07:40 previous council, whoever it was, voted to tell people that

06:07:45 if they lived in a ranch house, and they were to rebuild

06:07:51 their house, they couldn't build a bungalow?

06:07:55 That you are literally telling people -- it's not the same

06:07:59 as historic preservation where you are trying to keep the

06:08:05 designated historic quality, but you are just saying, well,

06:08:09 it was built then, so everything replacing it needs to be

06:08:13 built just like it was built then.

06:08:16 Is that really what you are saying here, that those yellow

06:08:19 ones -- this is what I need you to tell us.

06:08:22 And if we don't have in the writing, we need in the writing.

06:08:26 What can be built on the yellow?

06:08:29 What can be built on the pink?

06:08:30 And what can be built on the orange?

06:08:36 And the reason I'm taking this time up now, council -- I'm

06:08:39 sorry to do this -- but I think that if what you are saying

06:08:44 is what you think it is, I am not going to support that part

06:08:46 of this.

06:08:48 And we may hear from other council members so that maybe all

06:08:51 the people that are opposed to it won't have to be here all

06:08:55 night.

06:08:55 So --

06:09:02 >> You asked me a lot of different questions.

06:09:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Tell me what can be built.

06:09:06 That's only the question I ask, by color code.

06:09:11 >>CATHERINE COYLE: By list in the code, the color, the pink

06:09:14 color covers craftsman, American full square, queen Ann and

06:09:20 prairie.

06:09:20 The orange is ranch, minimal traditional, contemporary,

06:09:24 modern and split ranch.

06:09:26 And the yellow is eclectic, Spanish eclectic, and then

06:09:31 anything above it.

06:09:33 And then we develop --

06:09:36 >> Other designations or is that what you just came up with?

06:09:44 Danish eclectic?

06:09:46 >> They are special.

06:09:49 But just to answer one of the questions you asked, it's not

06:09:53 majority of the block.

06:09:53 We went by block face because the relationship --

06:09:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

06:09:57 It's possible that we may have heard from someone already,

06:10:02 but their house that they live in is not the preferred

06:10:08 style.

06:10:08 There may be houses.

06:10:10 Some of those majority.

06:10:13 Yellow is eclectic.

06:10:18 Well, that might give you a little more room it sound like.

06:10:21 But what if you are in the pink -- or in the orange ranch

06:10:26 traditional, and you want a bungalow, like this citizen

06:10:33 already said.

06:10:34 You can't build a bungalow?

06:10:36 And what if your house is an existing bungalow in a yellow

06:10:41 eclectic area, and you want to rebuild?

06:10:45 You can't rebuild it as a bungalow?

06:10:51 >> I don't know exactly which question you want --

06:10:55 >>MARY MULHERN: The last question, okay?

06:10:59 >>CATHERINE COYLE: You have the opportunity through the

06:11:01 process, if you come in and you are an orange block and you

06:11:04 are not a ranch style house or contemporary modern or split

06:11:08 ranch or minimal -- you are something else and you come in

06:11:12 and rebuilding, let's say it's new development, and you come

06:11:15 in, you are going to look at these four pages in the code,

06:11:18 and look at the components and choose from those basic

06:11:22 components from each one, okay?

06:11:24 If you don't want to do that, there is an alternative design

06:11:28 process where you can actually show us what it is you want

06:11:30 to do and how it relates to the adjacent structures on that

06:11:34 block face.

06:11:34 So maybe you are a bungalow in an orange block face.

06:11:40 You are already a bungalow.

06:11:42 >>MARY MULHERN: So who determines that?

06:11:44 >> The zoning administrator, yes.

06:11:47 >>MARY MULHERN:

06:11:48 >>MARY MULHERN: I can't support that.

06:11:49 Are you saying we can't take that part out of tonight?

06:11:54 >> It is a text amendment then.

06:11:55 >>MARY MULHERN: I am not going to support it, just to let

06:11:58 everyone know.

06:12:04 [ Applause ]

06:12:04 [Sounding gavel]

06:12:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll call a recess.

06:12:08 You know, I understand your frustration.

06:12:10 I understand everything about it.

06:12:11 But if we do this, I have got after this hearing, I have

06:12:15 other hearings that I have to get to, and I am not trying to

06:12:17 speed anyone up.

06:12:18 I'm just trying to take the normal course of action.

06:12:21 The more interruptions we have the later those people have

06:12:23 to wait.

06:12:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

06:12:30 So if I heard you correctly before, if this passes tonight,

06:12:42 and we can't exempt this without a text amendment, the

06:12:46 remedy is for us to instruct you or the administration to

06:12:54 work on a text amendment to exempt this area.

06:13:05 >>CATHERINE COYLE: You would be directing a text amendment,

06:13:07 yes.

06:13:07 I would be coming back --

06:13:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You would need four votes to do that?

06:13:14 >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's correct.

06:13:14 >>JULIA MANDELL: Legal department.

06:13:18 I do feel somewhat compelled to just remind you where we are

06:13:22 in this process.

06:13:23 This is the rezoning aspect.

06:13:24 We are actually taking properties and putting them into the

06:13:27 Seminole Heights zoning classification.

06:13:29 And I think Ms. Coyle said this but I want to make it clear

06:13:32 to everybody, what is in front of you is not that map.

06:13:38 I understand you have some issues with the fact that by

06:13:40 moving into the Seminole Heights zoning classification that

06:13:43 they may be subject to this map, and what that map means,

06:13:46 but that is not something that can be taken up today because

06:13:49 you need -- if you would like to change the map, or somehow

06:13:53 change what's in the map or the processes relating to the

06:13:56 map, you will need to direct the Land Development

06:14:01 Coordination to make those changes, which is a separate

06:14:04 process.

06:14:05 So I want to make sure -- and I understand you all

06:14:08 understand, and I want to make sure everybody in the

06:14:10 audience understands that.

06:14:12 So whether or not you move forward with this rezoning

06:14:14 tonight or not doesn't change the fact that that map is

06:14:17 already adopted.

06:14:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand that.

06:14:21 Thank you.

06:14:21 I am not done and I was interrupted.

06:14:24 And I think that's what I said.

06:14:29 I think that's what I said.

06:14:31 And I hope the audience understood that, that that is the

06:14:34 remedy that was brought forth, would be for us to direct

06:14:43 this be exempt through text amendment, and I read red let me

06:14:54 just be clear, this ordinance we have on first reading,

06:14:58 that's presented to us tonight, and we vote this down, then

06:15:03 we can entertain a motion to come back with a text amendment

06:15:06 that exempts Hampton terrace .

06:15:11 Is that correct?

06:15:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's go.

06:15:19 Let's have someone answer.

06:15:22 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Can you ask that again?

06:15:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have an ordinance for first reading

06:15:25 tonight.

06:15:27 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Right.

06:15:27 For rezoning.

06:15:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: If this is voted down, then we can come

06:15:32 back and entertain a motion, this council, a motion for

06:15:39 staff to come back with a text amendment that excludes

06:15:44 certain items that we don't want.

06:15:45 Is that correct?

06:15:48 >> I'm not sure why you would direct me to come back if you

06:15:52 voted it down because the zoning wouldn't apply to them.

06:15:55 If you vote the ordinance in front of you down, if you deny

06:15:58 it, they are not zoned SH anything and they are just subject

06:16:02 to the overlay district that's in place.

06:16:03 >> If I could put this into perspective just to remind you,

06:16:13 there are almost 10,000 parcels in the entire area.

06:16:15 You have already rezoned over 6,000 of them.

06:16:20 This area is 576 parcels.

06:16:23 Not that it's any less or any more important than any other

06:16:26 part of the area.

06:16:27 But it is a very, very small percentage of the entire area.

06:16:31 You have already been through four area rezonings, with not

06:16:35 one complaint that I can recall about the code related to

06:16:39 this residential building forum tore process.

06:16:45 The communities that we have been involved, we put everybody

06:16:47 on notice the entire five years, sent out letters and

06:16:51 postcards to every single property owner inviting them.

06:16:54 They have time and time again said we want this, we want

06:16:57 this type of administrative process, we want this type of

06:17:00 regulation, and that's what was developed.

06:17:02 Based on the area.

06:17:04 The Hampton terrace in particular, which is less than 5% of

06:17:09 the entire area, want something different, that's fine.

06:17:12 We can look at that.

06:17:13 But again, it's through a text amendment process.

06:17:16 I wouldn't advocate that you vote the entire area rezoning

06:17:20 down because of this particular area.

06:17:23 It is something I would recommend that we deal with in the

06:17:26 text itself, because that's the piece that they are really

06:17:28 talking about.

06:17:29 And the piece that I talked about with the people that are

06:17:31 objecting to the residential building format, the public

06:17:34 meeting, was not that they were upset about the SH district,

06:17:37 not that they are upset about the building setback, build-to

06:17:42 lines, the special provision these get for rebuilding for

06:17:45 structures for having their garage apartments allowed as

06:17:47 opposed to not allowed anymore, they are actually allowed in

06:17:51 the new code, there are certain things that they very

06:17:53 clearly said they are happy to get. It's the one piece of

06:17:57 the code that they have a question about, and they have

06:17:59 concerns about, which we can deal with.

06:18:02 But I wouldn't recommend that we can the entire rezoning

06:18:06 process just because of that.

06:18:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's my only issue.

06:18:09 I want to be able to deal with that one area of concern, and

06:18:13 not have that be included.

06:18:14 And how we do it, what you recommend, whatever legal

06:18:19 recommendations, I just want to make sure that I not

06:18:21 included if I am going support this.

06:18:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.

06:18:26 >>HARRY COHEN: It sounds like it's necessary for us to all

06:18:29 go on record as to what our views are so that everyone will

06:18:32 be able to proceed through a series of votes.

06:18:35 My understanding is that if we want to fix this situation

06:18:38 for this particular neighborhood, the most logical way to do

06:18:42 it would be to proceed with the zoning and then direct staff

06:18:45 to come back with a text amendment dealing with this

06:18:50 particular area.

06:18:51 And I agree with the sentiments, that's been expressed in

06:18:56 terms of helping these homeowners to broaden the definition.

06:18:59 So I would be willing to support passing the overall zoning,

06:19:03 and then directing staff to come back with a text amendment.

06:19:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I get so frustrated. Anyway, the idea

06:19:18 of fixing the situation of Hampton terrace again was

06:19:23 something that should have been addressed in March of 2011,

06:19:28 because in March of 2011 was when this map was adopted.

06:19:33 So we are getting all hung up on this map, and the colors on

06:19:36 this map, and what you can and cannot do on this map but the

06:19:40 map isn't what we are voting on tonight.

06:19:43 The map was voted on in March of 2011.

06:19:46 So the text amendment form, process, is the way to

06:19:51 quote-unquote fix, borrowing a term, Hampton terrace's

06:19:56 situation that is a text amendment process, and Ms. Coyle, I

06:20:03 want to talk a little bit about the text amendment process.

06:20:06 So I am going to support approving the rezoning, the area

06:20:09 wide rezoning that's here before today, because from the

06:20:12 e-mails that I have gotten from people that have spoken,

06:20:16 there's an overwhelming support from the majority of the how

06:20:20 many thousands of people, 9,673 parcels, that you have been

06:20:28 working with since 2008 over all of these meetings.

06:20:35 The consensus was we want this.

06:20:39 So I am going to support this area wide re zoning.

06:20:42 And from what I understand, there is a process in place

06:20:46 already, if someone does not want to build that style of

06:20:51 house.

06:20:53 So we have processes for homeowners to go through, just like

06:20:57 we have processes through the building process, if you want

06:21:01 to build anything in the City of Tampa.

06:21:04 And that right now, if they are taken out of this -- I don't

06:21:11 want to go there right now.

06:21:13 So the text amendment process, hopefully we are going to

06:21:16 attach this -- pass this area wide rezoning.

06:21:19 We direct you then to come back if that's the consensus of

06:21:22 what everybody wants with a text amendment for Hampton

06:21:25 terrace.

06:21:27 How does that text amendment process work?

06:21:30 Is it city-initiated text amendment, or does the

06:21:33 neighborhood, the home own verse to bring the request for

06:21:36 the text amendment?

06:21:38 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The City Council is viewing it as a

06:21:41 neighborhood base or certain area base initiative, then you

06:21:45 can certainly direct me as a City Council initiated and then

06:21:48 I would process it and I would come back with either exactly

06:21:53 what -- exactly what you told me to do with some comments or

06:21:56 options, and that's the normal process.

06:22:00 July is the next cycle.

06:22:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If we do that and Hampton terrace is

06:22:05 exempted, they go back to being covered by the overlay

06:22:08 districts or no?

06:22:12 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The overlay district is still in place

06:22:14 until it's officially repealed, which is going to be on the

06:22:18 heels of this.

06:22:19 So that's really the debate.

06:22:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think I am confused here.

06:22:24 So if you come back with a text amendment to remove Hampton

06:22:30 terrace from the map, the building format in March of

06:22:36 2011 --

06:22:37 >> To make them white, essentially.

06:22:39 Yes.

06:22:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But what would that mean?

06:22:45 If my house burned down, to use that as an example, if my

06:22:49 house burned down, more than 60%, and I am now white on this

06:22:53 map, so none of the building styles that everybody is

06:22:56 complaining about comply, rebuilt, to keep it simple, I live

06:23:05 in a contemporary, and I want to rebuild, and I want to make

06:23:10 it a bungalow.

06:23:11 >> Technically the overlay district from 1999 would still in

06:23:15 place so you would be directing a change to this map to be

06:23:18 white, which is essentially exempt it, and you would also

06:23:22 need to direct the removal, repeal of the overlay district

06:23:25 so that they would have in a standard other than basic

06:23:27 setbacks and height limitations.

06:23:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we also have to repeal the overlay

06:23:32 district.

06:23:32 And usually overlay districts -- or not.

06:23:35 That's the option.

06:23:37 And if we leave the overlay district in place, then they can

06:23:42 do things like have a garage apartment?

06:23:46 >>CATHERINE COYLE: No, the overlay district --

06:23:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: They still have decline guidelines.

06:23:51 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Those three specific design standard,

06:23:53 roof pitch, finished floor.

06:24:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Who was next?

06:24:01 I'm sorry, Ms. Mulhern or Ms. Capin.

06:24:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:24:05 I am going to say one more thing and then nothing else until

06:24:07 we hear from the public.

06:24:08 I promise you can cut me off, chairman.

06:24:14 I did not know that we passed these kind of restrictions on

06:24:19 how people could build a new house on their property when we

06:24:24 passed this -- when did we pass this?

06:24:35 March of 2011, with our transitional council in place.

06:24:39 >> Keep in mind that was not the first time you saw it.

06:24:45 We had three or four --

06:24:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

06:24:47 I went to a few of your workshops.

06:24:50 >> You were the champion of the vision plan.

06:24:54 >>MARY MULHERN: And I never realized that people were going

06:24:56 to be locked into a majority design style that was part of

06:25:01 their block.

06:25:05 So we have already written that into the code for all of

06:25:08 Seminole Heights, except for -- except for Hampton terrace.

06:25:12 This is the last one, right?

06:25:14 >> It's in the code for the entire area including Hampton

06:25:18 terrace.

06:25:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, this is what I want to say.

06:25:24 I think that people probably just -- who live in Seminole

06:25:26 Heights probably didn't realize that was happening, because

06:25:29 I don't think -- I didn't know that.

06:25:31 I didn't know that was part of what was happening.

06:25:36 The very narrow restriction block by block and how you could

06:25:40 rebuild a house on your own property?

06:25:42 And I don't support it at all.

06:25:44 So I think we need a text amendment for the entire -- I

06:25:47 don't know that we do, but we might.

06:25:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

06:25:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Real quick.

06:25:54 With the text amendment, I mean, we are going to go to the

06:25:57 next level.

06:25:58 It doesn't have to eliminate everything.

06:26:00 Week we can actually broaden it.

06:26:02 We can actually direct to broaden the style, and just leave

06:26:08 it at that.

06:26:08 That's the only thing that I heard that I'm unhappy with, is

06:26:12 the style.

06:26:14 Actually broaden it when you ask for the text amendment.

06:26:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think this is first reading, right?

06:26:20 So I think between first and second reading you can put it

06:26:22 today, discuss it, and everybody knows who is here.

06:26:27 Maybe that's not 100% legal possible, but it's here.

06:26:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No, sir, what's here today is just the

06:26:33 adoption.

06:26:35 What you are talking about is changes to the text of what

06:26:38 was adopted in March of 2011 which was a separate process.

06:26:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:26:44 I got it.

06:26:45 Any other council members?

06:26:46 I apologize to the public.

06:26:47 I apologize to the good people who have been standing up for

06:26:50 a while.

06:26:50 Next, please.

06:26:51 >> My name is Mona Robinson. I'm the homeowner at 1211 east

06:27:00 Hannah Avenue, Hampton terrace.

06:27:03 I would like to point out the Hampton terrace neighborhood

06:27:05 association, whom I was a member of -- only had one meeting

06:27:10 in two years.

06:27:11 That was two years ago.

06:27:12 Told me at their election that they had 125 members.

06:27:14 I believe there's more than 500 houses in the neighborhood.

06:27:19 I don't know who they are because they never had a meeting.

06:27:22 But I don't know that they speak for the majority of the

06:27:25 people in Hampton terrace.

06:27:27 As a former owner of an architectural firm I can tell you

06:27:31 that throws a broad range of styles, and those styles that

06:27:36 they have given you, and even in any category.

06:27:39 I mean, it's such a broad range that you can rebuild

06:27:44 probably exactly what you have.

06:27:46 I am in favor of the entire zoning change.

06:27:50 I think that it's needed in our neighborhood.

06:27:52 I agree with Ms. McDonald.

06:27:55 I lived in the neighborhood for 40 years so I have been

06:27:58 there a long time, and I think this is a really, really

06:28:01 important thing that's happening in the neighborhood.

06:28:03 And I would hate to see one group of people trying to

06:28:09 destroy what we are trying to do in the neighborhood.

06:28:11 So don't take them as speaking for all of Hampton terrace.

06:28:14 If you decide that you want to do something about Hampton

06:28:17 terrace, then I would urge the City Council to take a house

06:28:20 by house vote yourself to find out exactly what the people

06:28:23 in Hampton terrace feel.

06:28:25 Because there are a lot of people that couldn't come to this

06:28:28 meeting tonight because they work and they can't be here by

06:28:31 5:00.

06:28:31 So that's all I have to say.

06:28:33 Thank you.

06:28:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

06:28:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me.

06:28:39 Architectural firm.

06:28:41 Would you object to the styles?

06:28:43 >> Not at all.

06:28:44 There's a huge amount of style already in the code.

06:28:48 And if you look at houses in North America, I mean, if you

06:28:52 go through and look at those styles, I think it pretty much

06:29:00 covers all the neighborhood.

06:29:01 >> So don't object to it being broadened?

06:29:04 >> Not at all.

06:29:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

06:29:06 >> My name is Susan GATT, 811 east Knolls street and I have

06:29:16 my iPad here.

06:29:22 Mine is an American four square 1912.

06:29:26 It's not the oldest house in the district but it's one of

06:29:28 the oldest houses in the district and it was recently on the

06:29:31 Seminole Heights historic home tour.

06:29:34 I'm in support of the ordinance.

06:29:36 And I think my property is a good example.

06:29:42 I'm between Nebraska and the interstate on the south side of

06:29:44 the Post office.

06:29:46 I bought the 1912 four square a little over 20 years ago at

06:29:53 auction.

06:29:53 It was dilapidated.

06:29:55 And abandoned.

06:29:57 Bought it and started rehabbing it.

06:30:00 At the time I was teaching.

06:30:01 But I bought it primarily because it had commercial -- it

06:30:06 had a strip of commercial intensive zoning that's part of

06:30:09 the 811 Knollwood property.

06:30:12 All one plotted property but it had the zoning.

06:30:16 So mine is a good example of how it's a positive thing.

06:30:19 On the commercial corridors, and when what I am asking is

06:30:22 that my residential house feed into the RO which would allow

06:30:31 office for future use.

06:30:36 I lived there, continued to live there as a residential home

06:30:39 but it makes sense to have the house as a buffer for office,

06:30:44 and not just have the commercial building is this right

06:30:49 here, and this is a 1912 four square.

06:30:51 Right now it's residential and it's all one property.

06:30:54 So it's as broad as that little 50-foot strip and would make

06:30:59 my house a residential office.

06:31:02 And I think again it's a good example of the kind of -- the

06:31:08 commercial corridor part of it.

06:31:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

06:31:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want to say that you are a very

06:31:14 talented artist, and confirm that the glass studio that you

06:31:19 have will remain in the commercial portion of it?

06:31:23 >> Yes.

06:31:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because I am familiar with who you are.

06:31:26 You do a great job.

06:31:27 It is the glass studio with tours and things so I want to

06:31:31 make sure you will still be able to operate the glass studio

06:31:34 because that will Romaine in the commercial section and that

06:31:37 it's just your house to allow to be office.

06:31:40 >> Allow it to be office.

06:31:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When I first heard your name and I was

06:31:44 wondering about that.

06:31:45 So now you explained it.

06:31:47 >> Yeah, I think it's kind of a good thing for the whole

06:31:51 Seminole Heights area.

06:31:52 I'm an active part of the arts community.

06:31:54 Allowing that house to go as office, it's really the best

06:31:58 use for the property because it is the first area.

06:32:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:32:03 Next, please.

06:32:04 >> Christie Hess.

06:32:10 I live at 1011 East Broad Street.

06:32:12 However, I own multiple properties in the area that we are

06:32:15 discussing tonight.

06:32:16 And I do not live in Hampton terrace.

06:32:21 We fully support this form-base zoning in our area.

06:32:24 I have several empty lots.

06:32:25 And trying to figure out what kind of house and what the

06:32:28 requirements were to build on my empty lots has been very

06:32:33 difficult with the current zoning plans the way they are

06:32:35 right now.

06:32:36 So this is going to make it a lot easier for me to figure

06:32:40 out what kind of house I can build, how high above the road

06:32:46 it has to be, what my pitch needs to be, how many windows I

06:32:49 have to have, whether I can have a garage apartment, which I

06:32:52 want, or not.

06:32:54 I fully support it.

06:32:55 And I look forward to moving forward with this pro process.

06:32:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:32:59 Next, please.

06:33:00 >> Susan Long, 921 east broad.

06:33:06 I liver in the area of rezoning.

06:33:08 I live at the northern end, not southern end.

06:33:10 Hampton terrace is at the southern end.

06:33:12 I live way up to the north.

06:33:14 I am totally in support of the rezoning, was totally in

06:33:17 support of all the formed based zoning when it came through.

06:33:20 Those of us who were very active from the day it started

06:33:23 right up through today are all very supportive.

06:33:25 It's like any other.

06:33:28 Is it perfect?

06:33:29 No.

06:33:29 Is it what we asked for?

06:33:31 Absolutely.

06:33:31 And we have supported it.

06:33:33 Please pass the rezoning.

06:33:35 One of the things we ran into -- and I had this conversation

06:33:38 with Cathy.

06:33:40 I said, oh, please do.

06:33:42 When we first put it in the overlay, the overlay is

06:33:45 residential overlay for Seminole Heights.

06:33:48 Somebody pulls the building permits.

06:33:51 Construction services.

06:33:53 They build some slab on grade which is totally forbidden

06:33:58 based on the overlay district.

06:34:00 Construction services didn't necessarily know what was in

06:34:02 Seminole Heights and what wasn't.

06:34:04 So we spent months and months.

06:34:07 And this new zoning -- put an H in front of anything.

06:34:14 Anybody can figure out whether or not it's in Seminole

06:34:15 Heights.

06:34:16 So please, passing this has nothing to do with housing

06:34:20 styles in this area versus that area.

06:34:24 If you want to take Hampton terrace out of the housing,

06:34:28 please don't take us out.

06:34:29 We don't want to be re moved.

06:34:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:34:33 Anyone else who has not spoken that would like to speak on

06:34:35 this item number 2?

06:34:37 I see no one.

06:34:41 Motion to close by Ms. Capin, second by Mr. Reddick.

06:34:44 All in favor of the motion?

06:34:46 Opposed nay?

06:34:47 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:34:50 Mrs. Montelione, would you care to read this ordinance or

06:34:53 not read the ordinance?

06:34:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

06:34:58 (off microphone).

06:35:03 I move an ordinance relating to -- and ordinance of the city

06:35:09 of Tampa, Florida relating to an area rezoning, the general

06:35:12 location of which is south of the Hillsborough River, north

06:35:14 of Hillsborough Avenue, west of 22nd street and Rowlett park

06:35:18 drive, east of a boundary running south on interstate 275

06:35:22 from Hillsborough River to Henry Avenue, thence running east

06:35:26 on Henry Avenue to the alley immediately west of Nebraska

06:35:29 Avenue thence running south to Hillsborough Avenue in the

06:35:32 city of Tampa, Florida from zoning district classifications

06:35:34 for residential single-family RS-50 and RS-60, residential

06:35:38 multifamily, RM-16, commercial neighborhood, CN, commercial

06:35:43 general, CG, and commercial intensive, CI, to Seminole

06:35:45 Heights-specific zoning classifications SH-RS, SH-RM, SH-CN,

06:35:53 SH-CG, and SH-CI, providing for notice, providing an

06:35:57 effective date.

06:35:57 >> Second.

06:35:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

06:36:01 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

06:36:02 Further discussion by council members?

06:36:03 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:36:06 Opposed nay.

06:36:07 Motion passes unanimously.

06:36:08 Thank you all very much for attending.

06:36:10 >> Motion carried unanimously.

06:36:11 Second reading and adoption will be on July 18th at 9:30

06:36:14 a.m.

06:36:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

06:36:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to make a motion that we direct

06:36:26 the administration to adopt -- oh, my goodness -- a text

06:36:34 amendment looking at Hampton terrace.

06:36:40 Hampton terrace, as I recall, in 2011 has always been very,

06:36:45 very adamant about independent.

06:36:48 And I remember distinctly.

06:36:51 So with that in mind, I move that a text amendment to

06:36:59 broaden these styles.

06:37:02 Not to eliminate it, but to broaden.

06:37:09 That was the main concern.

06:37:12 So that's what I would like to see.

06:37:15 Yes?

06:37:17 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to make a suggestion, a

06:37:19 friendly amendment.

06:37:20 Perhaps we ought to schedule a staff report first and bring

06:37:22 it back any suggestions before we start -- well, ordering a

06:37:27 text amendment.

06:37:28 If anyone from the public wants to come -- dap cap I think

06:37:31 that's a good idea, yes.

06:37:33 I knew that her next question was what styles would you

06:37:36 like.

06:37:37 >> I didn't hear because of the noise.

06:37:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for the friendly amendment.

06:37:46 >> August 1st at 10 a.m.

06:37:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: To come back August 1st, 10 a.m., with

06:37:53 suggestions of broadening the styles of Hampton terrace.

06:37:56 >> Second.

06:37:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion and second.

06:37:59 Mrs. Mulhern?

06:38:00 Any further discussion by council members?

06:38:02 All in favor of the motion?

06:38:03 Opposed?

06:38:04 Motion passes unanimously.

06:38:05 Thank you very much for attending.

06:38:08 We go to item number 3.

06:38:10 But 3 runs with item number 6.

06:38:12 And I am going ask the council, please, it's past 6:00.

06:38:17 So I can have the right to open items 3 through item number

06:38:20 10.

06:38:22 That's open 3 through 10.

06:38:23 I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mrs. Mulhern.

06:38:26 Further discussion by council members?

06:38:28 All in favor of the motion?

06:38:29 Opposed?

06:38:30 Motion passes unanimously.

06:38:31 Yes, sir.

06:38:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I'm wondering whether

06:38:34 council would like to be able to resolve the issue with

06:38:36 number 7 now before proceeding further.

06:38:40 That is a workshop which could be scheduled in the daytime

06:38:47 anytime the council wishes.

06:38:50 I believe Mrs. Kert is here or was.

06:38:53 She is here.

06:38:53 If it's council's pleasure to continue it to another day,

06:38:56 council might want to consider doing that now.

06:38:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have no opposition to that at all.

06:39:01 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

06:39:03 I am here and Dennis Fernandez is here, and we are both

06:39:07 prepared to speak at length as long as he wants about this

06:39:10 event.

06:39:12 But I'm obviously not communicating very well.

06:39:15 In deference to your packed agenda and all the other people

06:39:18 here tonight, this is not time sensitive so if you want to

06:39:21 continue it --

06:39:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Are you sure you are here?

06:39:25 I'm not sure either.

06:39:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move to continue.

06:39:30 Does anybody want to speak to item number 7, only the

06:39:33 continuation portion of it?

06:39:34 I see no one.

06:39:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move to continue to August 29th at

06:39:38 10 a.m.

06:39:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 8-29 at 10 a.m. or thereabouts.

06:39:43 We have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

06:39:45 Seconded by Mr. Suarez, I believe.

06:39:47 All in favor of the motion?

06:39:49 Opposed?

06:39:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:39:52 Thank you very much.

06:39:52 I appreciate it.

06:39:53 3 and 6 are going to run together.

06:39:55 Am I correct, sir?

06:39:59 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, sir.

06:40:00 Thom Snelling, director of planning and development.

06:40:03 First want to speak on item number 6 which is the voluntary

06:40:06 annexation.

06:40:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt.

06:40:10 But item number 6, which should be heard first, is

06:40:13 quasi-judicial so anybody who will speak on item number 6

06:40:16 should be sworn.

06:40:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When I get there I will.

06:40:21 In fact let me do this so everybody is satisfied.

06:40:23 Item 3 is not quasi-judicial.

06:40:26 Item 4 and 5 are non-quasi-judicial.

06:40:34 Item 6 is quasi-judicial.

06:40:36 Item 7 is out.

06:40:37 And item 8, 9 and 10 are quasi-judicial.

06:40:49 I know we won't remember that but I said it.

06:40:54 >>THOM SNELLING: 6 -- .68 acres into the city.

06:40:58 I will show that real quick.

06:41:00 As you can see, the area of the city, just to show you the

06:41:04 relative size of this annexation, this is the piece here.

06:41:08 It really kind of feels a little-oh fills a little gap

06:41:11 there.

06:41:16 What this demonstrates, this is Cross Creek Boulevard right

06:41:20 here.

06:41:20 Morris Bridge Road right here.

06:41:22 The yellow portion of this is actually already in the city

06:41:24 by the property owner.

06:41:26 The green portion is what he recently acquired and wants to

06:41:32 bring into the city to develop in the same fashion, under

06:41:34 the same development regulations and requirements that he

06:41:37 did with this.

06:41:38 This has been a very successful project for him.

06:41:41 He just wants to continue that with approximately 50 units

06:41:43 right here.

06:41:46 One question that did come up in my conversations with

06:41:48 council during it was about the revenue that would be

06:41:52 generated.

06:41:54 We did go back and we took a look, and we were able to

06:41:57 extrapolate -- and this is very rough, because this isn't

06:42:00 our area -- we were able to figure out --

06:42:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.

06:42:05 I can only speak for me.

06:42:07 Don't talk to me about rezoning revenue of the city?

06:42:18 >> No, no, the revenue that will be coming through the city

06:42:21 by this annexation.

06:42:22 >> I don't like that because it's either good zoning or bad

06:42:25 zoning, has nothing to do with revenue.

06:42:27 That's just me.

06:42:29 >>THOM SNELLING: That's fine.

06:42:30 The rezoning will come to you at the end of July.

06:42:34 It's just the annexation portion of that.

06:42:37 The staff report, there were no impacts.

06:42:40 The transportation is a single way in and out for the

06:42:43 property.

06:42:43 Water and sewage, there were no objections from city-wide to

06:42:47 this annexation.

06:42:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I like the address, broken arrow.

06:42:57 Anyone in the public care to speak on this item, item number

06:42:59 6?

06:43:03 Yes, sir?

06:43:03 >> Clayton Bricklemyer for the applicant.

06:43:11 I have nothing to add.

06:43:12 Just here for yes, sir.

06:43:14 >> Thank you very much.

06:43:14 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?

06:43:16 Item number 6?

06:43:18 I see no one.

06:43:20 I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

06:43:24 Second by Mr. Suarez to close.

06:43:26 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:43:28 Opposed nay.

06:43:29 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:43:31 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly read number 6, please?

06:43:33 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:43:36 first reading consideration, an ordinance relating to the

06:43:39 voluntary annexation to the city of Tampa, Florida municipal

06:43:43 corporation, existing under the laws of the State of

06:43:45 Florida, of certain unincorporated land in the general

06:43:49 vicinity of 10610 broken arrow drive and 1055 -- 10550 TABOO

06:43:59 drive, consisting of approximately 7.6 acres of land,

06:44:04 property, annexing the property to the City of Tampa upon

06:44:06 voluntary petition from the owner of the property,

06:44:09 redefining and extending the boundary lines of the City of

06:44:12 Tampa to include the property, providing an effective date.

06:44:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:44:16 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

06:44:17 Further discussion by council members?

06:44:19 All in favor of the motion?

06:44:20 Opposed?

06:44:21 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:44:21 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern absent sent at

06:44:26 vote.

06:44:27 Second reading and adoption will be on July 18th at 10

06:44:29 a.m.

06:44:30 >> I'm here for the plan amendment 1204.

06:44:40 As Thom was saying it's located up in the northeast corner

06:44:43 of the City of Tampa which you just annexed into the City of

06:44:48 Tampa.

06:44:51 The subject site is located within the center of this map.

06:44:54 It's kind of hard to see right there.

06:44:56 You can see Cross Creek Boulevard to the north of the

06:44:58 subject site, running east to west.

06:45:02 And then to the right or east, we can also see Morris Bridge

06:45:05 Road, located within unincorporated Hillsborough County and

06:45:12 there are also a number of large residential developments

06:45:15 surrounding the site including Heritage Isles and Cory lake

06:45:19 isles and the yellow one represents the single-family

06:45:22 residential areas.

06:45:24 Next, onto an aerial of the general area.

06:45:29 On this aerial you can see the mainly suburban style

06:45:32 single-family detached residential patterns of the west of

06:45:36 the subject site and the large rural residential uses in the

06:45:39 environmental lands associated with the Hillsborough River

06:45:42 watershed in the unincorporated Hillsborough County portion.

06:45:48 Here we have a little closer look at the subject site.

06:45:51 Currently the subject site contains a mobile home and a few

06:45:54 outbuildings.

06:45:55 We can see the Canterbury apartments to the west.

06:45:58 We have a wetland feature along the north.

06:46:00 Property boundary.

06:46:01 To the east along broken arrow drive, we have some large

06:46:05 single-family residential.

06:46:08 Onto the existing future land use map, the site is currently

06:46:13 residential 1 in the unincorporated Hillsborough County.

06:46:16 You can see the suburban mixed use 3 area in the City of

06:46:18 Tampa represented by the dark pink, and the yellow is

06:46:23 residential 3, again in the City of Tampa.

06:46:28 Here we have the proposed future land use map with the

06:46:31 subject site shown, the suburban mixed use 3.

06:46:34 And then overall the Planning Commission found that the

06:46:38 request furthered a number of the comprehensive plans

06:46:41 dealing with the promotion of a mixture of uses, development

06:46:44 that is reflective of the surrounding neighborhood, and

06:46:47 promotes the accommodation of the city's housing needs with

06:46:50 the creation of new residential neighborhoods.

06:46:52 Therefore, the Planning Commission's found the request

06:46:56 consistent and recommends approval to the Tampa City

06:46:59 Council.

06:47:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:47:01 Anyone else?

06:47:04 City?

06:47:05 Anyone in the audience care to speak on the item --

06:47:09 petitioner first and then anyone else.

06:47:11 Petitioner?

06:47:12 >> Clayton Bricklemyer.

06:47:17 I'm available for questions.

06:47:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone care to speak on item number 3?

06:47:21 I see no one.

06:47:28 Come in.

06:47:28 >> I just have a question.

06:47:31 I'm Terry Peltier.

06:47:34 I didn't have to be sworn for this?

06:47:37 >> Well, this is quasi-judicial.

06:47:40 If you are going to speak, you do.

06:47:41 Oh, this is non-quasi-judicial.

06:47:44 3. Sorry.

06:47:45 See, 3 is 6 but -- 3 is not but 6 is but they are in

06:47:50 partnership so they want to get a divorce.

06:47:51 >> I just have a question about how they plan to mitigate

06:47:54 the wetlands because it seems that every time somebody build

06:47:57 around the wetland they dump owl the construction debris and

06:48:02 the birds go away and nobody ever talks about it.

06:48:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner has rebuttal time.

06:48:10 Five minutes.

06:48:10 >> Council members, as you know, this is a comprehensive

06:48:30 plan amendment.

06:48:30 We'll be back with zoning.

06:48:31 But the question from here on out is we won't be impacting

06:48:35 the wetland.

06:48:36 We'll be following all the guidelines and doing our

06:48:38 delineation studies.

06:48:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:48:42 Anyone else in the audience?

06:48:43 Yes, sir.

06:48:43 >> And I just want to clarify, David Hay for the Planning

06:48:48 Commission staff.

06:48:50 There is an overlay.

06:48:51 All the wetlands will be designated once the delineation is

06:48:54 done as environmentally tempting, there won't be any

06:48:57 development within the wetland areas.

06:49:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:49:00 Does anyone else in the audience care to speak to this item,

06:49:03 item number 3?

06:49:04 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:49:06 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

06:49:07 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:49:10 Opposed nay.

06:49:10 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:49:11 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly read number 3?

06:49:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for

06:49:16 first reading consideration, an ordinance amending the Tampa

06:49:19 comprehensive plan, future land use map, for the property

06:49:22 located in the general vicinity of 10610 broken arrow drive

06:49:28 and 10550 TABOO drive, from residential 1, R-1 to suburban

06:49:36 mixed use 3, SMU-3 providing for repeal of all ordinances in

06:49:41 conflict providing for severability, providing an effective

06:49:44 date.

06:49:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Cohen.

06:49:47 All in favor of the motion?

06:49:48 Opposed?

06:49:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:49:50 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent at

06:49:52 vote.

06:49:53 Second reading and adoption will be on July 18th at 10

06:49:55 a.m.

06:49:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much guy. To item number

06:49:59 4.

06:49:59 This is non-quasi-judicial.

06:50:01 You do not have to be sworn in.

06:50:03 >> Jake Owen, Planning Commission staff, to the Tampa

06:50:14 comprehensive plan amendment 13-01.

06:50:16 It is a privately initiated small scale amendment.

06:50:18 It is in the South Tampa planning district.

06:50:22 Got an arrow to it right there.

06:50:24 Basically the southwest corner of west Prescott and South

06:50:28 Westshore.

06:50:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You are sideways.

06:50:34 Not you personally.

06:50:38 Turn it the other way around.

06:50:39 Thank you.

06:50:39 >> My neck was getting hurt.

06:50:41 >> Looked down to see how that went.

06:50:48 >> You just didn't want to look at us.

06:50:50 >> That eye contact.

06:50:52 All right.

06:50:54 This is the future land use map.

06:50:56 It's how it is today adopted.

06:50:58 This is showing the industrial, light industrial.

06:51:00 This is what the applicant currently has.

06:51:02 Residential 35 to the north.

06:51:04 The applicant is asking for residential 35.

06:51:07 The applicant owns the property to the north, in this

06:51:10 property you can actually see the lines running down here.

06:51:13 So the applicant is actually changing property associated

06:51:16 with this folio and property associated with this folio.

06:51:20 Basically, this would make one large 23-acre site for

06:51:25 residential development, as well as keeping some of the

06:51:28 parcels industrial, which would be used for a buffer against

06:51:31 the other industrial properties that are here.

06:51:36 Another for the area.

06:51:37 This is community commercial 35, residential 20, residential

06:51:41 35 here.

06:51:42 This industrial, this residential 35 and this residential 35

06:51:45 are all owned by the City of Tampa.

06:51:47 This property down here is operating.

06:51:53 It is a concrete facility.

06:51:55 Then you can see the Port Tampa city.

06:51:57 Right there, this is the neighborhood that this is in and

06:52:00 that is all residential 10. You can see Westshore and

06:52:03 Prescott.

06:52:06 This site is vacant.

06:52:08 There is nothing that is here.

06:52:10 You can see some of the building form that is here that's

06:52:12 orange being two-family or above.

06:52:16 Multifamily to the north.

06:52:17 And the single-family that is here.

06:52:19 Also, this area that is running right here.

06:52:21 This is the seaboard railroad.

06:52:23 That's a railroad line that goes all the way down into the

06:52:26 historic area of the Port Tampa, actual port of Port Tampa

06:52:32 city, if you will.

06:52:34 This is just showing the residential 35.

06:52:37 And again it also showed the coastal high hazard area that

06:52:41 goes through here.

06:52:42 Again, the heart of this is in the coastal high hazard area.

06:52:46 Tonight, that is not an issue.

06:52:48 But zoning, if this amendment were to be approved, the

06:52:51 applicant would have to adhere to all of the standards of

06:52:54 the city and the county, with evacuation time, as well as

06:52:58 shelter responsibilities.

06:53:03 So I will take you on a trip and let's go down and look at

06:53:06 some of this.

06:53:07 This is going north-south.

06:53:08 So you have Westshore here.

06:53:10 You have Gandy here.

06:53:11 And you have the amendment site right there.

06:53:13 So pay attention to this area right here coming down.

06:53:17 I just put it on its side.

06:53:19 Basically, what has happened from Gandy going all the way

06:53:23 south, there's a comprehensive plan amendment in this area

06:53:25 going from industrial, and to community mixed use, and

06:53:30 Rattlesnake Point as well has had plan amendments going from

06:53:34 industrial into community mixed use.

06:53:36 Today those industrial properties still remain there.

06:53:39 However, they now have a community mixed use category.

06:53:42 Continuing further south, you can see the block development

06:53:45 of the apartments in the condos and the residential 35.

06:53:48 And you can also see some larger block development here.

06:53:51 I have got some pictures.

06:53:53 I will show you that in a minute.

06:53:54 And then the site.

06:53:55 And you can see on the other side of Westshore,

06:53:57 single-family detached.

06:53:59 The reason why we are going through that exercise is to show

06:54:01 that there's a clear delineation between the east and the

06:54:04 west side of Westshore Boulevard.

06:54:10 Going south, basically again, this is that industrial we

06:54:12 talked about.

06:54:13 This is next to the site again.

06:54:14 Industrial will be left which will be a buffer between

06:54:17 whatever residential nay be built here and the industrial

06:54:19 uses as they continue.

06:54:21 MacDill Air Force Base.

06:54:25 So that was the general content.

06:54:29 The lay of the land.

06:54:29 Basically there has been some residential in-fill that you

06:54:32 can see here.

06:54:32 This is right across from the site.

06:54:34 And also there's opportunity on Westshore Boulevard to serve

06:54:38 the population that is down there.

06:54:40 So now going down closer in, to what's actually occurring

06:54:43 around the site, the City of Tampa has invested in this

06:54:46 neighborhood.

06:54:47 There are parks catercorner to the site.

06:54:50 That is actually Westshore and Prescott.

06:54:54 There's American Legion down at the end there.

06:54:57 Is Prescott itself.

06:54:58 Prescott is probably no more than 16 feet wide.

06:55:01 It's a brick street.

06:55:03 And then the railroad creates a barrier between the

06:55:07 neighborhood and some of those multifamily properties that

06:55:10 we spoke of.

06:55:11 So we just talked about neighborhoods.

06:55:13 Every neighborhood in the City of Tampa should be a

06:55:16 desirable place to live, whether they are single-family

06:55:18 detached neighborhoods or multifamily neighborhood.

06:55:25 If you are in a multifamily neighborhood make sure it's

06:55:28 compatible with surrounding areas.

06:55:31 And finally considering taking the industrial out of the

06:55:35 City of Tampa, preserving industrial lands which are

06:55:38 appropriate, they have transportation and do not degrade the

06:55:43 environment.

06:55:43 This is an area that has not been built, but it is an area

06:55:46 that we have already seen that is a brick road, and also

06:55:50 this is furthering what has been going on in this area for

06:55:52 the last decade of removing industrial land in the Port

06:55:56 Tampa city area to other areas of the city.

06:56:00 And with that, on May 13th, 2013, the Planning

06:56:03 Commission found Tampa comprehensive plan amendment 13-01

06:56:08 consistent.

06:56:09 Thank you for your time.

06:56:11 This conclude my presentation.

06:56:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:56:13 Petitioner?

06:56:15 >> Michael Horner, 14502 North Dale Mabry highway Tampa

06:56:21 representing Shamrock 9 with the contract purchaser.

06:56:27 Jay did a phenomenal job.

06:56:29 I don't need to add anything to that.

06:56:31 This is a request for a consistency, a planned category.

06:56:35 We have an existing track to the north under contract

06:56:38 purchase agreements currently, which is RM-24 and res 35 of

06:56:43 the plan.

06:56:43 This is simply taking industrial property into the

06:56:46 residential category.

06:56:47 We will be subsequently filing, assuming this approval

06:56:52 tonight for an RM-24 zoning to allow for a unified project,

06:56:56 multifamily apartments.

06:56:57 We have reached out to the community, Port Tampa city.

06:57:00 They have been strongly in favor of this.

06:57:02 We had unanimous recommends on the Planning Commission.

06:57:04 We know that we have to go through that zoning process and

06:57:07 scrutinize the applications.

06:57:08 This is a compatibility issue.

06:57:10 An argument that we feel very comfortable with.

06:57:13 We are prepared to move forward.

06:57:14 Be happy to answer any questions.

06:57:16 Thank you Mr. Chairman.

06:57:18 >> Anyone in the audience care to speak to item number 4 on

06:57:21 this comprehensive plan?

06:57:22 Please come forward.

06:57:22 >> Tom Harrison 5:001 west Prescott.

06:57:33 I'm intimately aware of the area.

06:57:35 I absolutely live at the bottom of the bowl on that street.

06:57:38 They just showed my property on one of the slides.

06:57:41 I'm concerned about a couple of things that should be

06:57:42 addressed.

06:57:43 This is the wetlands area.

06:57:45 It's very environmentally sensitive.

06:57:46 And it is a flood-prone zone.

06:57:49 And my other concern is that they are going to increase

06:57:52 flooding in my home.

06:57:53 I already have water lapping at my front door at high tide,

06:57:58 but rain also gives us some issues.

06:57:59 The other area that I am concerned about, several times, at

06:58:03 least 16-foot wide brick street.

06:58:05 It is absolutely true.

06:58:06 And when two pickup trucks try to go down together they've

06:58:10 slow to 5 miles per hour and get all the way over.

06:58:12 I don't know what they plan to do to mitigate traffic.

06:58:16 I don't have any problem with development in our

06:58:19 neighborhood.

06:58:21 We were the original president of the civic association of

06:58:23 Port Tampa.

06:58:24 Development is not necessarily bad.

06:58:25 But this particular development has a couple of areas that

06:58:29 it probably needs to be very careful with.

06:58:30 Thank you.

06:58:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:58:32 Anyone else in the audience?

06:58:34 Petitioner, you have five minutes, if you would like.

06:58:38 >> I'll be brief, Mr. Chairman.

06:58:41 To the point raised by Mr. Harrison, we had BBC to the site.

06:58:44 We had the wetland delineated.

06:58:46 We are not going to impact flooding.

06:58:49 We cannot create any more post construction discharge that

06:58:53 existed prior to construction.

06:58:55 Regarding the traffic.

06:58:56 We do have access to west Prescott street.

06:58:59 It is narrow. It is brick.

06:59:01 We have located access point further from the intersection.

06:59:03 We have to widen all of Prescott street to meet conforming

06:59:06 standards in the transportation guidelines.

06:59:08 So we know we have to go through those steps.

06:59:10 We have been working with transportation division for that.

06:59:13 I will be happy to work with Mr. Harrison on these plans as

06:59:17 we go forward.

06:59:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:59:18 Anyone else in the audience care to speak ton this?

06:59:21 I see no one.

06:59:21 Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:59:23 Second by Mr. Cohen.

06:59:24 All in favor of the motion.

06:59:27 Opposed?

06:59:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:59:30 Ms. Capin?

06:59:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first

06:59:33 reading consideration, an ordinance of the city of Tampa,

06:59:36 Florida relating -- wait.

06:59:40 I'm reading 5.

06:59:42 I'm sorry.

06:59:44 An ordinance being presented for first reading

06:59:47 consideration, an ordinance amending the Tampa comprehensive

06:59:50 plan, future land use map, for the property located in the

06:59:54 general vicinity of the southwest quadrant of South

06:59:57 Westshore Boulevard and west Prescott street from light

07:00:01 industrial LI to residential-35, R-35, providing for repeal

07:00:08 of all ordinances in conflict, providing for severability,

07:00:11 providing an effective date.

07:00:12 >> Second.

07:00:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin.

07:00:15 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

07:00:16 Further discussion by council members?

07:00:17 All in favor of the motion?

07:00:18 Opposed?

07:00:19 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:00:20 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Suarez and Mulhern being

07:00:23 absent at vote.

07:00:24 Second reading and adoption will be on July 18th at 10

07:00:27 a.m.

07:00:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you very much for attending.

07:00:31 Item number 5 is a public hearing.

07:00:33 This is a non-quasi-judicial also.

07:00:58 >>CATHERINE COYLE: This is a text amendment for chickens,

07:01:06 correct a few weeks ago council did the clean-up regulations

07:01:11 for animals.

07:01:12 Specifically at that meeting, at the council I noticed that

07:01:15 ordinance went forward was animals, no chickens.

07:01:19 The reason why I actually did that was because chickens in

07:01:22 particular, with he we went to the Planning Commission,

07:01:25 council transmitted both regulations as a substitute to the

07:01:29 Planning Commission.

07:01:30 The Planning Commission found the animal regulations

07:01:33 consistent.

07:01:33 They found the chicken regulations inconsistent with the

07:01:36 comprehensive plan.

07:01:37 So you will note on the ordinance that it actually does say

07:01:40 that they found it in the whereas clause inconsistent.

07:01:43 But what you have before you is what was transmitted back in

07:01:49 April from City Council, and it does potentially allow

07:01:53 chickens, domestic egg laying chickens which are Hens only,

07:01:58 no roosters, and it's not by zoning classification, it's by

07:02:01 use.

07:02:01 So they would be considered accessory and allowed for

07:02:04 single-family detached and semi-detached, some he that it's

07:02:08 a single house or what is typically known as a duplex. We

07:02:12 purposely did not allow them in multifamily, so you didn't

07:02:15 wind up with chickens in apartment complexes.

07:02:18 So it's only those particular uses throughout the city.

07:02:21 The definition for domestic or companion animals would

07:02:26 include the addition of domestic egg laying chickens, all

07:02:32 the various tables that allow single-family detached and

07:02:35 semi-detached would be updated with a footnote referring to

07:02:37 the new section of code, which is 27-2 2.28, chickens as

07:02:45 an accessory use, and the specific provisions of council

07:02:50 transmitted, and actually amended through the workshop,

07:02:54 after lengthy discussion, was hens only, no roosters

07:02:58 allowed, one chicken per thousand feet of land rounded down,

07:03:03 so half a chicken, you don't hack up the chicken, because

07:03:09 that would be gross.

07:03:11 [ Laughter ] That the chicken as part of that domestic

07:03:18 animal definition specifically should not count as the total

07:03:23 number of animals permitted as part of the family.

07:03:26 So the current definition on the books allows you to have

07:03:31 four animals as part of your family. If you were to have a

07:03:32 couple of chickens, it wouldn't count against the four.

07:03:36 They would be in addition to.

07:03:39 You must have an enclosed area for the chickens meaning your

07:03:41 yard has to be fenced at all times and that you actual de la

07:03:46 Hoya have to have a coop on the property.

07:03:48 There was discussion in that workshop whether or not they

07:03:50 had to be cooped at all times or whether or not you were

07:03:52 allowed to let them roam around your backyard.

07:03:56 Through that discussion, council directed that it always had

07:03:58 to be enclosed -- the property -- so they can roam free but

07:04:02 you do have do have to have a coop on the property.

07:04:05 Specifically for the coop, the options we brought forward,

07:04:10 structure setback which would have been typically 20 feet in

07:04:12 the rear and 7 feet on the side and brought forward

07:04:15 accessory structures.

07:04:17 The accessory structures or setbacks are typically three

07:04:20 feet in the side and rear.

07:04:21 Council elected for accessory structure standard.

07:04:23 However, you did limit the height of the coop to six feet so

07:04:28 it wouldn't tower over the typical privacy fence.

07:04:31 And that the maximum size or land coverage of that

07:04:35 particular coop structure would be no more than 125 square

07:04:38 feet.

07:04:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You mentioned about roaming in your

07:04:45 backyard.

07:04:46 But what happens when some residents have concerns, and I

07:04:50 think some council members have concerns, about what happens

07:04:52 when chickens roam off your property and start roaming

07:04:57 around in the street?

07:05:00 >> We discussed that.

07:05:03 It is essentially an enforcement issue.

07:05:05 >> And you are not in Ybor City.

07:05:06 Because in Ybor City there are protected chickens.

07:05:09 >> Well, in Seminole Heights.

07:05:12 And recall, birds are protected everywhere.

07:05:14 We are a bird sanctuary.

07:05:16 >> And can you talk to me about that bird sanctuary?

07:05:22 What your definition is, how that affects the chickens

07:05:25 wandering around the streets?

07:05:26 >> Part of that is going to be really up to the property

07:05:29 owner who owns the chickens, or the owner of the chickens.

07:05:35 If the chicken runs free, code enforcement comes by and sees

07:05:39 that chicken should have been over there on your property,

07:05:41 they are going to come to you and say you need to get your

07:05:43 chicken back.

07:05:44 You run the risk of being on our enforcement process.

07:05:47 So we talked about that scenario.

07:05:49 If the homeowner, you are right, my chicken got out, just

07:05:53 like my cat got out or dog got out, you keep it inside to

07:05:57 make sure it doesn't get out.

07:05:59 But you could also run the risk if the person says, it's not

07:06:02 my chicken.

07:06:02 And then potentially if it's not a claimed chicken, it's

07:06:06 running free, a bird, part of the bird sanctuary.

07:06:09 We cannot molest, move, alter, do anything due with birds or

07:06:15 chickens running free.

07:06:16 >> And this is the entirety of Tampa?

07:06:19 There's no geographic area?

07:06:20 >> In the bird sanctuary?

07:06:22 >> Right.

07:06:23 >> That's correct.

07:06:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

07:06:28 Audience?

07:06:28 >> Good evening, Mr. Chair, fellow council members.

07:06:38 And Mr. Shelby.

07:06:39 I am Lizette Hernandez, and I am here on item number 5, file

07:06:43 E-2012-8 chapter 27.

07:06:48 I presented some paper to your attorney.

07:06:51 I'm here on behalf of my grandmother.

07:06:52 And she lives at 3009 west Kathleen.

07:06:56 She's 91 years old.

07:06:58 And unfortunately she couldn't be here this evening.

07:07:00 But we are having problems with these chickens.

07:07:03 The chickens that you see as an example, they go through the

07:07:06 neighborhood, and they start looking for bugs, so they tear

07:07:11 up the shrubbery, the lawn, they leave debris and mulch in

07:07:15 the driveway and they are defecating all over as well.

07:07:19 So some of the other neighbors that have problems

07:07:23 unfortunately were not able to be here so I would say if you

07:07:28 don't have a way to enforce it, don't pass the ordinance.

07:07:31 Because we are frustrated.

07:07:35 We call code enforcement, and they say if they don't see who

07:07:38 it belongs to, they can't do anything about it.

07:07:40 We have called the sheriff's office.

07:07:42 The sheriff's office says they are free chickens.

07:07:44 You can have them for Sunday dinner if you like.

07:07:47 Then we also called animal enforcement.

07:07:50 An ma'am Humane Society.

07:07:51 They can't do anything about it.

07:07:53 So it is a detriment to the neighborhood.

07:07:57 I don't feel that the ordinance should be passed if there's

07:08:01 not a way to enforce it.

07:08:04 If we don't see it there we can't do anything.

07:08:07 We feel if it belongs to a certain neighborhood in 3015.

07:08:12 There's an own there.

07:08:14 We contacted the owner. The son came by and said he went to

07:08:18 the renters, because they are renting the property, they

07:08:19 don't belong there.

07:08:21 But 3013 and 3017 say the chickens are there.

07:08:25 And there are six chickens.

07:08:26 There are roosters because we hear the roosters.

07:08:29 They wake up at 5:00 in the morning.

07:08:31 We have chased after the chickens, and they fly on the

07:08:33 fences.

07:08:34 So we do see the fences but they are flying.

07:08:39 You chase after them, and they are flying up.

07:08:41 So we have roosters.

07:08:43 And there are six of them.

07:08:44 So I think they are beyond the number that's required.

07:08:47 I don't see them maintained in a coop.

07:08:49 We have no way of keeping them, no code enforcement that

07:08:53 will deal with it.

07:08:55 So if the ordinance goes through, you need to know you have

07:08:57 to enforce it, because we are very frustrated.

07:09:01 And if it happens in any other neighborhood like, I don't

07:09:03 know, Davis Island, I'm sure Derek Jeter would not be very

07:09:06 happy about it.

07:09:08 [ Laughter ] and maybe it would get taken care of.

07:09:11 Thank you for your time.

07:09:20 >>MARGARET VIZZI: 213 South Sherrill.

07:09:23 One of the last meetings I attended -- I haven't been here

07:09:26 for a while -- I think it was in February of '12 that this

07:09:31 first came up.

07:09:32 And I happened to be at the meeting.

07:09:35 And I spoke at that point -- oh, I'm sorry, Margaret Vizzi,

07:09:39 213 South Sherill. I don't know if I did that.

07:09:44 I spoke for myself but saying that this would be property to

07:09:47 T.H.A.N., and of course it was.

07:09:51 It's been that long that this has been discussed.

07:09:53 You just heard from someone in the neighborhood who is not

07:09:58 part of T.H.A.N. that I could identify.

07:10:01 Then, however, in the meantime T.H.A.N. did take a vote.

07:10:06 I'm pretty sure it was at the February meeting of this year.

07:10:10 And the vote was 24 to 2 to say no to this ordinance.

07:10:18 You have heard from the lady who just spoke many of the

07:10:22 concerns that were expressed.

07:10:24 I don't think that the Planning Commission was wrong when

07:10:30 they said that this was inconsistent with the Tampa

07:10:33 comprehensive plan.

07:10:34 Because we are trying to develop neighborhood in which

07:10:39 people want to live.

07:10:41 I'll just save that part.

07:10:43 And then Mr. Wofford asked me -- he could not be here this

07:10:51 afternoon, and Jerry Frankhouser had to leave, so I am

07:10:54 speaking for T.H.A.N., as well as the zoning chair.

07:10:59 Mr. Johnson, I think, sent all of you information about his

07:11:06 wife just being told by her allergist that many, many people

07:11:10 are allergic to chickens.

07:11:13 There's also the study that was done where chickens have

07:11:17 been shown to spread the bird flu.

07:11:24 There's noise concerns.

07:11:25 There's odor concerns.

07:11:27 Throws the fact that it can't be regulated.

07:11:33 Not only can code enforcement not do anything when they are

07:11:36 out, but they can't even look over the fence to see if the

07:11:40 people have the correct number of chickens.

07:11:44 Itself the interesting thing is that the large properties,

07:11:50 which --

07:11:51 (Bell sounds)

07:11:52 Oh, my gosh.

07:11:53 Well, anyway, there are so many, many concerns.

07:11:57 The concerns with the coops.

07:11:59 The larger the property is, the more chickens.

07:12:05 I think you put a certain amount.

07:12:07 I have not been able to read what was the last code that was

07:12:10 just put out.

07:12:11 Cathy just gave me a copy.

07:12:16 The more chickens you have, it looks like, the more coops

07:12:19 you have to have.

07:12:22 Please, council.

07:12:22 (Bell sounds)

07:12:23 There are so many issues.

07:12:24 Please don't pass this chickens in the neighborhood.

07:12:29 But the other thing is, please get rid of the roosters.

07:12:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:12:33 And we are really happy to see you back.

07:12:35 I know you had some extensive back surgery and doing much,

07:12:38 much better than the last time I saw you.

07:12:40 Okay.

07:12:41 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item number 5?

07:12:43 >> I'm Fred Zerla, secretary of T.H.A.N., I live at 111

07:12:53 north 43rd street.

07:12:55 And I would endorse what Ms. Vizzi said.

07:13:00 But more than that, I am also the vice-president of the

07:13:02 University Square Civic Association and the northern part of

07:13:05 the city, and we did have a vote that we were against

07:13:11 allowing chickens in the city.

07:13:13 University square, brierwood where we live has had bad

07:13:17 experience with chickens in the backyards in the past.

07:13:21 We do not want to repeat those.

07:13:23 And I would like to speak to the presumptions of this bill,

07:13:35 the presumption that if you have only hens, they are quiet.

07:13:38 No.

07:13:39 My son who lives next door to us had a family behind him

07:13:44 just within the past year that had quite a few chickens in

07:13:47 the backyard.

07:13:49 As you said, zoning can't look in backyards to see.

07:13:53 But they had quite a few only hens.

07:13:55 They were squawking.

07:13:56 They were very noisy.

07:13:59 So they were noisy in a different way than roosters.

07:14:03 But they were still noisy and annoying.

07:14:07 So T.H.A.N., University Square Civic Association, both

07:14:12 oppose chickens.

07:14:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:14:14 I appreciate it.

07:14:15 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item number 5?

07:14:18 Yes, ma'am.

07:14:18 >> I'm Kerry Kalsiac.

07:14:30 I live in Beach Park.

07:14:32 I followed Margaret, I think, the last time she spoke.

07:14:36 I was at the Beach Park civic association and several people

07:14:38 spoke about chickens.

07:14:40 All the people that spoke admitted having chickens.

07:14:43 And most of the neighbors are not even aware that they have

07:14:46 them.

07:14:47 There are a few problem chickens, of course, just like

07:14:50 there's problem dogs and problem cats.

07:14:53 But one street over, somebody got attacked by three pit

07:15:01 bulls a couple months ago, and they are still living.

07:15:04 So I think that if we are giving them a pass, that chickens

07:15:12 are certainly a lot easier to deal with.

07:15:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm sorry, ma'am?

07:15:20 Ma'am?

07:15:21 You said you live in Beach Park.

07:15:22 And I know you spoke before.

07:15:24 So I wanted to get your address again.

07:15:26 >> 4217 Culbreath Avenue.

07:15:29 >> Okay.

07:15:31 You are right in the heart.

07:15:33 Thank you.

07:15:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, you can see we went from

07:15:43 multi-million dollar operations to chickens.

07:15:46 And let's see what happens with the chickens.

07:15:50 Anyway, my only concern with the chickens is who is going to

07:15:55 regulate what?

07:15:57 I for some time have been saying we pass ordinances here or

07:16:00 there, and never in the attached ordinance is what's the

07:16:06 cost of enforcing and who is going to enforce it?

07:16:08 So we tell the administration, here you go, here is the

07:16:11 ordinance, and then what?

07:16:12 So I am not against chickens, I'll be honest with you.

07:16:16 I'm hesitant because of the enforcement and lackability of

07:16:20 who is going to do it.

07:16:21 There's no direction as to who is going to do what.

07:16:24 I grew up raising chickens.

07:16:27 I did them in a closet.

07:16:30 And I take them out in the afternoon and bring them back in.

07:16:33 By the way, a chicken eat five ounces of feed for one egg in

07:16:41 case somebody wants to know that.

07:16:42 I don't see your interest in it but I thought I would break

07:16:45 up the crowd.

07:16:47 Ms. Mulhern.

07:16:50 >>MARY MULHERN: That was it?

07:16:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What more do you want?

07:16:54 I can't have a rooster.

07:16:56 One of the chickens was squawking.

07:16:58 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to give a little different

07:17:05 perspective that's a little different from people who don't

07:17:08 want the chickens, that we have been talking about this for

07:17:10 probably three years, and I think maybe Ms. Coyle could help

07:17:15 me with this.

07:17:17 You know, when it was first brought to us by people who --

07:17:24 those brave chicken owners who admitted they had chickens

07:17:28 and said, you know, we want to be able to have our chickens,

07:17:34 and it's just something that was proliferating.

07:17:37 A lot of people have chickens in their backyards, in cities.

07:17:41 People in New York, Chicago, bigger cities, more dense

07:17:45 cities than us, with less backyard space have them.

07:17:50 It just the way that things are happening now, just like

07:17:53 more community gardening and organic gardening in their

07:17:57 backyard.

07:17:57 So, anyway, wasn't part of the reason to do this is that

07:18:02 there isn't any way to really enforce it, any kind of

07:18:08 problem with them?

07:18:08 Because there is no regulation?

07:18:10 Isn't this something that would give you the opportunity at

07:18:13 least that you could call code enforcement and complain if

07:18:16 you had one of the bad chickens?

07:18:26 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The issue with the animal regulations has

07:18:28 been rectified with the last amendment cleaning up the

07:18:31 definition.

07:18:32 Farm animals do include chickens by regulation and

07:18:35 definition and that's what the 200-foot separation was

07:18:39 originally.

07:18:39 The real issue with the chickens again is when they get

07:18:42 loose, who they belong to.

07:18:47 Kind of whether or not someone is going to claim them.

07:18:49 Once they are roaming free they are covered by the bird

07:18:52 sanctuary provision that we have.

07:18:58 We get a lot of calls about --

07:19:02 >>MARY MULHERN: More than you get about dogs?

07:19:06 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I don't know the comparison but I can

07:19:08 tell you there are a lot of calls about chickens.

07:19:09 >>MARY MULHERN: A lot?

07:19:16 >> Then what does code enforcement do?

07:19:18 They go out and try to figure out who the chicken belongs

07:19:22 to.

07:19:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I am just going to say, I think there are

07:19:26 some people that are bothered.

07:19:28 But I think there are so many people the that have these

07:19:30 already that passing this ordinance, all it can do is give

07:19:35 you another tool to actually limit the negative effects of

07:19:38 them.

07:19:43 I don't see why we should pass this because some people had

07:19:46 a problem with them.

07:19:48 If you have been having those problems when we didn't have

07:19:52 an ordinance regulating it, it's not going to get any better

07:19:56 by not passing this ordinance.

07:19:57 So I'm in favor of it.

07:19:59 I think that we are not hearing from people because they are

07:20:04 afraid to admit they have the chickens, but there are so

07:20:08 many of them out there.

07:20:11 As the last speaker said, these people don't even know that

07:20:14 they are there, because they in general are not loud or

07:20:19 obtrusive.

07:20:22 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I could offer a couple of points.

07:20:24 You are correct.

07:20:24 Urban agriculture is a growing trend throughout the country.

07:20:29 It includes bee keeping, goats, community gardens, chicken

07:20:33 keeping, in your own home, in your own yard, really as a

07:20:38 green sustainability movement, it's throughout the country.

07:20:41 There are cities, Denver, Chicago, New York, much larger

07:20:44 cities than us that adopted those regulations.

07:20:47 When I came to the last workshop, though, there was a

07:20:49 question about the comparison to the county and so on, and I

07:20:52 mentioned to council that the regulations for single-family

07:20:55 districts in the county don't actually allow you to have

07:20:58 chickens.

07:20:59 So we would be allowing it.

07:21:01 It's really a policy decision.

07:21:02 We would be allowing it in urban area versus suburban rural

07:21:06 area which it's ultimately up to you.

07:21:09 The second thing going through the research of the alcohol

07:21:11 that was done, Mrs. Kert and I actually found, chickens have

07:21:15 been debated in this city, and we found ordinance after

07:21:19 ordinance, allowing chickens, not allowing chickens.

07:21:22 It's very interesting, our history.

07:21:24 The third thing I would mention is the bird sanctuary

07:21:27 F.council were so inclined to approve chickens.

07:21:30 I would ask that you probably direct us to really look at

07:21:32 that bird sanctuary language, because the last adoption of

07:21:36 that language was in 1989 and we probably do need to go back

07:21:40 and look and tan a very serious look at the terms that are

07:21:43 used and make sure they align with state law, and the

07:21:47 fishing game commission and the rest of the regulations for

07:21:49 animals and wild fowl, just to make sure there's no other

07:21:52 provisions that maybe we could use to deal with certain

07:21:56 types of birds as opposed to just a broad brush sanctuary.

07:22:01 We certainly could look into that as well.

07:22:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen and Mrs. Montelione.

07:22:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:22:12 We have been talking about this item I think now for about

07:22:14 two years.

07:22:15 We have had at least five times when we have had this on the

07:22:22 agenda and we have heard from a lot of people on both side

07:22:25 of the issues.

07:22:26 We have parents that came with their children to talk about

07:22:28 how they were teaching them where food comes from.

07:22:30 We had people talk about why they like to raise chickens for

07:22:36 fresh eggs.

07:22:37 We had a lot of people come and talk about their concerns

07:22:40 about roosters and about disease and about setbacks.

07:22:42 And in the case of all of the different details regarding

07:22:48 this ordinance, we ourselves, in a number of meetings,

07:22:55 debated back and forth on every provision of this ordinance

07:23:00 in order to try to strictly tailor it to people who wanted

07:23:05 to enjoy urban agriculture or enjoy having chickens as pets,

07:23:10 and at the same time to try to protect neighbors that don't

07:23:13 want to live next door.

07:23:15 That's why we banned roosters.

07:23:17 That's why we limited the number of animals that were

07:23:20 allowed per square foot.

07:23:21 I believe that that's the reason we don't have a lot more

07:23:26 people commenting on both sides of the issue tonight is

07:23:29 partly what Mrs. Mulhern said that a lot of people that have

07:23:32 the chickens aren't sure if they are in compliance or not or

07:23:35 maybe know that they are not.

07:23:37 But I think a lot of people think that we already did this.

07:23:39 It was reported on extensively about nine months ago, and it

07:23:50 may have appeared to a lot of people that we already -- I

07:23:53 don't think that we should continue to debate whether or not

07:23:56 these parameters are the correct ones or not.

07:23:58 We have been through all those debates.

07:24:00 At this point, I would like to see us make a decision

07:24:03 whether or not to vote this up or down and then move on.

07:24:06 I am going to vote in favor of it.

07:24:08 And I would urge the others to do the same.

07:24:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione.

07:24:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

07:24:14 And I agree that right now we don't have anything in place

07:24:18 to regulate chickens.

07:24:20 So we don't have anything, well, besides the bird sanctuary.

07:24:25 Coyne Coyne the number of chickens are permitted today, but

07:24:28 throws a 200-foot separation.

07:24:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

07:24:32 Which means basically that no one can have chickens because

07:24:36 most of our lots do not have enough room for a 200-foot

07:24:42 separation.

07:24:44 I went back and had my aide pull my files since I have been

07:24:47 talking about this for a while, and overwhelmingly, the

07:24:50 e-mails and the contacts that I have gotten -- I don't know

07:24:54 about the other council members -- have been in favor.

07:24:57 Some of them in my district.

07:24:59 Some of them not.

07:24:59 I heard from people in New Tampa who live in deed restricted

07:25:02 communities saying, I can't have chickens because I'm in a

07:25:05 deed restricted community, but I wish I were because I want

07:25:08 to have chickens.

07:25:10 Well, maybe they had to leave those chickens with the

07:25:16 homeowner's association.

07:25:17 So the question I had was about back to the bird sanctuary

07:25:22 question, Ms. Coyle.

07:25:23 When we spoke, I asked you what the definition was and how

07:25:27 the bird sanctuary came in to play, because I think what

07:25:32 prevents us from doing anything with the chicken that no one

07:25:38 claims, that is now wondering around in the street, is they

07:25:43 are protected because of the bird sanctuary.

07:25:47 But didn't you tell me that it is defined as wild fowl?

07:25:52 >> That's what we were debating and talking about, what's

07:25:56 the definition of wild fowl.

07:25:57 I was looking at the state statute definition, and there was

07:26:00 one.

07:26:00 And we were looking at the --

07:26:02 >> So the bird sanctuary --

07:26:04 >> The bird sanctuary is blanket.

07:26:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And we created, not we today, but the

07:26:10 City Council created the bird sanctuary.

07:26:15 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Yes.

07:26:16 The last adoption was in 89 but that's when the last code

07:26:19 was consolidated so it was probably much earlier than that

07:26:23 when it was adopted.

07:26:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So is there a way to amend the bird

07:26:26 sanctuary so it would not apply to chicken?

07:26:29 >> That is the third thing that I recommended just a minute

07:26:31 ago, if you were inclined to approve chickens, I would ask

07:26:34 that we revisit the bird sanctuary and make sure that it's

07:26:37 in line with state law and administrative code the state and

07:26:42 make sure the terms are linear between the could two codes

07:26:44 and see if there is a possibility for exemptions for

07:26:47 chickens and so on, other types of birds.

07:26:50 Carrier pigeons happen to be the ones that come into code

07:26:53 enforcement realm at times, too.

07:26:55 >> So perhaps maybe we can address some of the concerns by

07:26:59 revisiting the bird sanctuary language.

07:27:02 >> Yes.

07:27:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

07:27:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

07:27:14 Ms. Coyle, how high can this be?

07:27:21 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Six feet.

07:27:22 >> What is the standard size that person can put a fence in

07:27:25 their backyard?

07:27:28 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Six feet.

07:27:29 >> So you have got a coop that's going to be the same height

07:27:32 as the standard fence.

07:27:36 >> That's correct.

07:27:38 That's what council directed, yes.

07:27:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just like the lady who spoke, if the

07:27:46 chicken get on top of the coop, that chicken could fly

07:27:50 across the fence, right?

07:27:56 >> I suppose so, yes.

07:27:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: And that chicken is going to end up in

07:28:00 somebody's backyard or the side of somebody's backyard.

07:28:03 And finance they got a dog back there, they are going to

07:28:05 have a great dinner.

07:28:07 And then there's going to be a problem with the neighbor.

07:28:17 The neighbor going to say the chicken got lost and ate the

07:28:21 chicken and now there's a disturbance.

07:28:24 The reason why my colleagues support this ordinance is

07:28:28 because they never have a chicken in their yard.

07:28:38 But if a person puts chicken in their yard and when they

07:28:41 come home and they see they fly, and chicken poop all over

07:28:48 your sidewalk and everywhere else, they won't feel this way.

07:28:53 But until they experience that, you know, I get a lot of

07:29:00 e-mails about chickens.

07:29:04 I went through that experience.

07:29:06 But until they experience that, they aren't going to have

07:29:13 the same feeling that I had or this lady or some other

07:29:16 people that went through it.

07:29:17 But throws already a problem.

07:29:21 The coop can be six feet.

07:29:24 And the standard length of a fence, the wood fence, PVC

07:29:31 fence installed at six feet, you have already got a problem.

07:29:35 And I shared this story with some of you before where I saw

07:29:40 a chicken walking down the street in my neighborhood.

07:29:46 And the first time I knew a chicken could fly when I saw a

07:29:49 dog chasing him, and he influence right on top of my house.

07:29:53 And that's when I knew a chicken can fly.

07:29:57 So she is correct.

07:29:59 We are going to have a problem.

07:30:00 And the next problem we are going to have is that residents,

07:30:05 neighbors, are going to be coming before this council upset

07:30:11 because these chickens are running loose on their property,

07:30:17 and then just by mistake or by coincidence a dog or cat

07:30:22 catches one of them.

07:30:23 And then there are going to be some angry people.

07:30:26 And we are going to get the e-mails.

07:30:29 Now, I'm not going to support this.

07:30:33 And I don't think chickens should be in the city.

07:30:38 You want to raise chicken?

07:30:41 Then go by your property.

07:30:44 But I don't think chickens should be in the city limits.

07:30:47 And so I will stand by my position and I will continue not

07:30:51 to support chickens in the city limits.

07:30:53 Thank you.

07:30:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

07:30:54 Mr. Suarez.

07:30:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think I'm the only other person that

07:31:00 vote -- maybe Mr. Miranda voted against it the first time on

07:31:04 this particular issue.

07:31:05 And I tell you what, if my grandmother found a chicken in

07:31:08 her backyard, that was dinner.

07:31:10 So I know for us, I don't think chickens belong in the city.

07:31:16 And I think that we have plucked the feathers off this

07:31:19 issue.

07:31:20 Let's go ahead and started voting.

07:31:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

07:31:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Move to close.

07:31:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mrs. Mulhern,

07:31:28 second by Mr. Reddick.

07:31:29 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:31:32 Opposed nay.

07:31:33 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:31:35 I

07:31:45 Who would like to read this ordinance?

07:31:47 Ms. Mulhern.

07:31:48 >>MARY MULHERN: This is a sad moment.

07:31:55 We'll have a second reading if this passes so we might get

07:31:58 to hear your chicken story again, Councilman Reddick.

07:32:04 It's Ben been very entertaining.

07:32:10 I move an ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida relating

07:32:13 to chickens, making revisions to City of Tampa code of

07:32:17 ordinances amending chapter 27, zoning and land development,

07:32:20 amending section 27-43, definitions, amending section

07:32:25 27-156, official schedule of district regulations, amending

07:32:30 section 27-177, historic district established, amending

07:32:36 section 27-211.8, schedule of permitted uses by district,

07:32:41 amending section 27-282.25, kennel, small, amend willing

07:32:46 section 27-282.26, kennel, large; amending section

07:32:51 27-282.27, animals, in general, creating section 27-282.28,

07:33:02 chicken as an accessory use.

07:33:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern.

07:33:12 One second.

07:33:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, I'm sorry.

07:33:19 I didn't read the last sentence.

07:33:21 Oh, I was reading the top part.

07:33:27 Repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict

07:33:31 therewith, providing for severability, providing an

07:33:34 effective date.

07:33:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern.

07:33:36 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

07:33:38 Any other discussion?

07:33:41 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:33:44 Opposed nay.

07:33:44 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Suarez and Reddick voting.

07:33:49 No second reading and adoption will be on July 18th at

07:33:53 9:30 a.m.

07:33:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this to the general

07:33:55 public and to all.

07:33:56 If we get no help from the administration on enforcing

07:34:02 chickens that are loose, I guarantee you I'll bring it back,

07:34:05 and I believe this council will change.

07:34:07 I can't promise anybody's vote.

07:34:10 But if it continues this way, and there is no one to enforce

07:34:13 the law, I am never going to support a law that's not

07:34:17 enforceable.

07:34:18 But we'll try it out and see how it works.

07:34:20 Mrs. Mulhern.

07:34:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to make a motion to ask you to

07:34:24 come back with the recommendations on the bird sanctuary.

07:34:30 >> Second.

07:34:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Once it's domestic, how can it be wild?

07:34:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know, in two months, whatever,

07:34:42 August 29th, 10 a.m.

07:34:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a discussion that we are going

07:34:46 into that if it's domestic and not wild then you can have

07:34:50 somebody take the chicken and pick it up and do whatever.

07:34:53 That's what we are getting at.

07:34:54 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, seconded by Mrs. Capin.

07:34:58 All in favor of that motion?

07:35:00 Opposed?

07:35:00 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:35:01 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I could reiterate for council and the

07:35:07 public, second reading is July 18th at 9:30?

07:35:12 >>THE CLERK: Correct Coyne Coyne and the ordinance then if

07:35:15 adopted will be effective August 1st.

07:35:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a 5-minute break?

07:35:25 The next three, I believe 7 is taken care of.

07:35:29 We need 8, 9 and 10.

07:35:31 And those are quasi-judicial.

07:35:34 You are going to have to be sworn in.

07:35:35 There's a lot of individuals down in the hall and

07:35:37 downstairs.

07:35:38 We are going to take a five-minute break to give ourselves a

07:35:41 little something to eat.

07:35:49 (brief recess).

07:35:53 >>

07:35:54 >>

07:45:20 [Sounding gavel]

07:45:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called back to order.

07:45:32 Roll call.

07:45:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

07:45:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

07:45:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

07:45:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

07:45:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

07:45:43 8, 9 and 10 are all open.

07:45:46 Once we start the process, we are going to take 10 first,

07:45:49 and then if it goes through we'll follow with the others.

07:45:57 Let me just say this is a quasi-judicial hearing.

07:46:00 All of you here or outside if you can hear me must be sworn

07:46:03 in before you speak.

07:46:04 So at this time we are going to ask the clerk to swear in

07:46:09 anyone who wishes to speak, whether they are here or they

07:46:12 are outside and we'll go by the honor system outside.

07:46:16 We can't see and I can't remember those that I see anyway.

07:46:18 So it's really the honor system all the way.

07:46:22 Please rise and get sworn in if you are going to speak or

07:46:26 have any intentions of speaking.

07:46:28 (Oath administered by Clerk).

07:46:34 >> Okay.

07:46:37 We go to number 10 first.

07:46:38 >> We are going to merge 10 and 8 together, right?

07:46:48 We are going to hear them together?

07:46:50 >> We are going to hear them all together but 10 will be the

07:46:55 ones we are voting on first.

07:46:58 >>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination.

07:46:59 I have a question just for a second.

07:47:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If we are taking 10 first, are we going to

07:47:06 take public comment on all three?

07:47:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On all three of them.

07:47:10 Yes, sir.

07:47:12 >>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination.

07:47:14 I have been sworn.

07:47:15 Petitioner is requesting to vacate a portion of Eleta street

07:47:20 lying north of Morrison Avenue, south of Bristol Avenue,

07:47:23 east of Howard Avenue, west of the Crosstown expressway.

07:47:26 We go to the Elmo.

07:47:29 This is Morrison to the south.

07:47:42 Bristol to the are north.

07:47:43 Howard to the west.

07:47:45 Crosstown to the east.

07:47:45 The portion asked to be vacated is highlighted in yellow.

07:47:49 Petitioner's property is highlighted in red.

07:47:51 There's three parcels.

07:47:52 One on the west.

07:47:53 One on the east.

07:47:54 The parcel on the north that runs to Bristol.

07:47:57 Eleta is improved with pavement.

07:48:03 Approximately a half acre in size.

07:48:05 The vacated portions.

07:48:06 Or the portions to be vacated.

07:48:09 It talks about wastewater, Tampa Electric, Verizon

07:48:12 facilities.

07:48:14 It's serviced by solid waste department.

07:48:18 I have a couple photos.

07:48:20 This is Eleta looking east from Howard Avenue.

07:48:26 Only a portion of this is being proposed to be vacated.

07:48:30 Approximately just on the east side of that structure right

07:48:32 there.

07:48:35 This is Eleta Street local west towards Howard.

07:48:42 This is Eleta looking south towards Morrison.

07:48:48 This is looking north towards -- this is Eleta looking

07:48:54 north.

07:48:56 This is Eleta looking south towards Morrison from mid block.

07:49:01 And this is the intersection, the two pieces of Eleta

07:49:06 intersect.

07:49:07 Also, I would like to point out a portion of Eleta was

07:49:10 previously vacated in 1986.

07:49:13 Eleta street used to "T" at this location and used to run

07:49:17 all the way to the railroad tracks.

07:49:18 This portion right here was vacated in 1986.

07:49:21 And that's what you see in this photo right here.

07:49:24 So the two pieces of Eleta meet this portion is vacated.

07:49:28 And a couple pictures of the abutting property.

07:49:31 This is looking east from Eleta.

07:49:36 This is also the east side of Eleta.

07:49:38 Just a different shot.

07:49:40 This is on the west side of Eleta.

07:49:48 This is on the south side.

07:49:50 This is looking north towards Bristol.

07:49:53 Petitioner owns this parcel right here.

07:49:59 This is looking north from Morrison.

07:50:05 This is the one piece of property abutting that the

07:50:08 petitioner does not own.

07:50:09 It's the Tiny Tap located right here, outparcel right here.

07:50:15 That's what this picture is.

07:50:17 That's this picture right here.

07:50:18 Staff has no objections to this vacating request as long as

07:50:25 the easements are reserved.

07:50:27 We are also reserving a transportation easement and there's

07:50:30 two special conditions that are put in the ordinance.

07:50:32 One is requiring a petitioner to obtain a vertical permit

07:50:35 within five years related to the rezoning petition.

07:50:39 And also the petitioner is required to construct the new

07:50:42 roadway that's connecting Eleta with Bristol.

07:50:49 This is going to run through these blocks right here.

07:50:51 It's going to connect.

07:50:52 So this portion of Eleta no longer dead-ends if the vacating

07:50:56 gets approved it will cut through this portion of Bristol.

07:50:59 And also required to construct that.

07:51:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

07:51:05 Any questions at this time?

07:51:08 Thank you, sir.

07:51:09 Yes, ma'am.

07:51:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:51:14 The rezoning request that's running with the vacating before

07:51:17 you tonight is a rezoning request from CI commercial

07:51:20 intensive to PD planned development for residential

07:51:24 multifamily, retail, office business professional, and

07:51:27 restaurant, or a second option which is to retain the CI

07:51:33 commercial intensive development regulations that currently

07:51:37 stand on the property.

07:51:38 >> Good evening, council members.

07:51:46 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

07:51:49 I have been sworn.

07:51:51 While we are in the central Tampa planning district for this

07:51:53 one and only case this evening.

07:51:55 The comprehensive plan recognizes the central Tampa planning

07:51:58 district as the primary urban core, civic and cultural

07:52:03 center of the City of Tampa.

07:52:05 Unlike South Tampa, the central Tampa district is identified

07:52:08 as a high growth area of the city.

07:52:11 Opportunities include attracting private investment that

07:52:14 focuses on developments of mass transit, while also showing

07:52:18 sensitivity to stable single-family neighborhoods within

07:52:21 this part of the City of Tampa.

07:52:26 Next we have the aerial, the subject site is always in the

07:52:29 center of the map.

07:52:31 You can see the Crosstown expressway in the CSX railroad

07:52:36 right-of-way, that bisects the aerial running north to

07:52:41 south.

07:52:42 The highway separates the subject site from the historic

07:52:45 side hark neighborhood which is located to the east of the

07:52:47 Crosstown.

07:52:48 Expressway, you can also see the urban development pattern

07:52:52 containing a mixture of higher density residential

07:52:55 development, with a number of mixed use commercial office

07:52:58 developments along Howard Avenue, and further north toward

07:53:03 Swann Avenue.

07:53:05 Finally, we have the future land use maps.

07:53:09 The subject site to the north and south are all designated

07:53:13 community commercial 35, which is the bright red color.

07:53:17 Along Howard Avenue, we can also see the community mixed use

07:53:21 35, which is represented by the pink color.

07:53:24 Further west represented by the brown, we have some

07:53:27 residential 20 over here.

07:53:31 While the tan color located in the upper left and to the

07:53:33 east across the Crosstown expressway is the residential 10.

07:53:38 The green area in the upper right is the Hyde park on Swann

07:53:42 Avenue.

07:53:44 Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning to PD

07:53:48 would allow for a project that is in keeping with the

07:53:50 overall development pattern along the Howard Avenue

07:53:53 corridor.

07:53:54 The overall comprehensive plan promotes along identified

07:53:58 corridors in more mixed use virtually integrated pattern of

07:54:02 development that promotes transit and creates a more

07:54:04 walkable pedestrian-oriented roadway.

07:54:07 Howard Avenue is also identified as a mixed use corridor

07:54:11 village.

07:54:12 It is also one of only two transit emphasis corridors found

07:54:16 south of Kennedy Boulevard, the other being Dale Mabry

07:54:20 Highway.

07:54:22 The South Howard design study from 1997 envisioned this

07:54:26 portion of Howard Avenue as the next great urban street

07:54:29 within the City of Tampa, second only to 7th Avenue.

07:54:32 This development is consistent with those goals of creating

07:54:35 a truly urban street, a street that combines a great urban

07:54:41 form, wide tree lined sidewalks, small shops, and both

07:54:48 neighbors and visitors walking along the corridor.

07:54:51 That is what this project helps to accomplish, as what was

07:54:57 outlined within that design study in '97.

07:55:00 Also, when you look at the description of the medium

07:55:03 intensity mixed use areas in the comprehensive plan, which

07:55:07 community commercial 35 is classified as is, you find the

07:55:12 development is meeting the intent of the future land use

07:55:14 category.

07:55:15 It states that development is typically between two and five

07:55:20 stories, which this development is.

07:55:22 It also states that building Heights should be highest at

07:55:25 intersections with facades that directly relate to the

07:55:28 streets and buildings with pedestrian oriented uses at

07:55:31 ground level such as outdoor cafes.

07:55:34 Planning Commission staff found that this rezoning request

07:55:36 is consistent with those characteristics.

07:55:40 The proposed rezoning also meets the intent of the city's

07:55:42 desire to internalize parking within structured parking

07:55:47 garages instead of surface parking, and that the mixed use

07:55:50 development is the preferred development pattern over solely

07:55:54 commercial development which is an identified policy which

07:55:57 is policy 18 .6.4.

07:56:01 Overall, Planning Commission staff found the rezoning

07:56:04 furthered the number of goals, objectives and policies of

07:56:07 the comprehensive plan, and based on the existing commercial

07:56:09 intensive zoning on-site would not create any negative

07:56:12 impacts on adjacent development beyond what is already

07:56:15 entitled.

07:56:17 Therefore, based on the goals, objectives and policies of

07:56:20 the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission staff find the

07:56:23 rezoning request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive

07:56:25 plan.

07:56:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:56:27 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

07:56:35 As I mentioned, this property is located at 936 South Howard

07:56:41 Avenue, 2101 west Morrison Avenue, 2200 and 2202 west

07:56:47 Bristol Avenue.

07:56:48 Jimmy went over a lot of the vacating, showed you some

07:56:51 pictures of the area that we are discussing this evening.

07:56:54 As I mentioned, this is a CI to PD request.

07:56:58 As David mentioned, the CC 35 allows up to 35 units an acre,

07:57:03 or maximum F.A.R. of 2.0, if you utilize a planned

07:57:08 development, which is one of the reasons for the Olympic

07:57:10 application buff tonight.

07:57:11 There is a bonus density being requested under this

07:57:15 application to achieve 212 units.

07:57:20 Multifamily residential is a permissible use under the

07:57:24 commercial intense zoning district to come through as a

07:57:26 special used a might have for less units without the

07:57:28 vacating.

07:57:30 What's before you tonight is a maximization of the site

07:57:32 under the comprehensive plan up to the 2.0 F.A.R.

07:57:38 There are six waivers being requested tonight.

07:57:41 With this application.

07:57:43 The first is to allow the height of a 50 feet -- 50 linear

07:57:50 feet of masonry walls to go to 8 feet, and that is depicted

07:57:55 on your site plan in just a small portion to the west of the

07:57:59 structured garage, and this is so that so art can be

07:58:04 constructed on that element.

07:58:06 The second is to be reduce the required buffer adjacent to

07:58:10 folio 18610 from 5-foot to 2-foot only in the areas shown on

07:58:14 the site plan.

07:58:16 The third is to reduce the number of loading berths from 4

07:58:21 to 2.

07:58:22 Broken into two parts is to reduce the multifamily green

07:58:25 space requirement from 350 square feat foot unit to 91

07:58:31 square foot unit.

07:58:32 That waiver in the staff report reads 86.

07:58:36 If you will look down on the right-hand corner of your site

07:58:38 plan, the calculations actually provide 91 square foot per

07:58:42 unit, and they have a total of 19,300 square feet which is

07:58:48 being provided.

07:58:50 74,200 is what's required.

07:58:53 So their waiver is for 54,900 square feet of groan space.

07:58:59 As I mentioned in your staff report, based on the current in

07:59:02 lieu figures, that's going to run about just a little bit

07:59:05 more than a half million dollars to pay out that groan space

07:59:08 in lieu.

07:59:09 The second is to increase the permitted tree removal from

07:59:13 50% to 60%.

07:59:16 Predominantly what's on the site today are required trees

07:59:18 that were required as part of the parking lot that fronts

07:59:22 along Howard.

07:59:23 So that removal from 50 to 60% is also being requested.

07:59:27 And then lastly, there is a request to allow for commercial

07:59:30 traffic to access the local street.

07:59:33 In your staff report that's listed as Bristol, in a letter

07:59:37 that is actually should not include a let-up because there

07:59:43 is no residential fronting on that segment between Howard

07:59:47 and the Crosstown expressway so that has to be modified

07:59:51 between first and second reading as well.

07:59:55 The request before you tonight is for 212 multifamily

07:59:58 residential units and 15,700 square feet of retail,

08:00:02 restaurant, business professional office uses.

08:00:05 Of which 5,460 square feet of retail uses or office uses and

08:00:11 9,645 square foot of restaurant.

08:00:15 The 2.99-acre site is surrounded by mix of uses including

08:00:20 residential to the north across Bristol Avenue, bar-lounge,

08:00:24 Tiny Tap and restaurant, SideBern's to the south, Crosstown

08:00:28 to the east and mix of residential build wings retail,

08:00:31 restaurant and/or office uses occupying the first floor

08:00:34 along Howard Avenue.

08:00:37 The project will contain one four-story multifamily

08:00:41 residential building with retail, restaurant and/or

08:00:43 office -- I'm sorry, the along South Howard and integrated

08:00:48 garage along the southeast structure of the property

08:00:50 adjacent to the Crosstown expressway and CSX.

08:00:55 The second I mention towed is if this PD is not activated

08:01:00 there is a notation on the plan that they could develop

08:01:02 under the CI.

08:01:03 However, none of the waivers being requested related to the

08:01:05 PD could be applicable so it would have to be strict CI, no

08:01:10 waivers, no variances.

08:01:11 If any barriers or variances would be needed they would need

08:01:15 to come back and rezoning, how we crafted that notation.

08:01:19 This site configuration as you see on your site plan, it is

08:01:23 contingent on the vacating of Eleta.

08:01:27 The vacating of Eleta is what makes this to be developable.

08:01:31 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) on the CI, how many

08:01:37 residential units could they put in?

08:01:42 Without asking for any waivers?

08:01:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe 71.

08:01:54 >>MARY MULHERN: 71 is what would be allowed?

08:01:56 Thank you.

08:01:57 >> 2.99 acres -- wait a minute, wait a minute, no, it would

08:02:02 be 30 -- they would get 30 units to the acre by right. So

08:02:06 let me read you that.

08:02:09 So 89.

08:02:09 >>MARY MULHERN: 89.

08:02:12 Thank you.

08:02:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The proposed building setbacks are north

08:02:19 10-foot.

08:02:20 Actually, north 10-foot to the building structure, 9-foot to

08:02:23 the solid waste enclosure, adjacent to Eleta, south 12 feet

08:02:27 adjacent to Morrison, west 10 feet adjacent to Howard

08:02:30 Avenue, and east is 2 feet.

08:02:32 Maximum building height has been proposed at 60 feet with

08:02:36 the garage not to exceed 55 feet, 8 and three eighths

08:02:41 inches.

08:02:41 The required amount of parking is 500 spaces and a total of

08:02:44 51 will be provided.

08:02:46 The property is located within the South Howard commercial

08:02:49 overlay district.

08:02:51 Mike Callahan is here tonight should there be any questions

08:02:54 specifically related to that.

08:02:55 It has been reviewed, and no waivers are being requested to

08:02:58 the overlay.

08:03:00 Mr. Callahan did have a couple of things outlined in my

08:03:05 report.

08:03:06 Let me go ahead and give you some of the rest of my visual

08:03:11 presentation.

08:03:12 Then we'll go through what's in the reports.

08:03:15 The site is shown here in green.

08:03:19 Morrison to the south.

08:03:20 Howard to the west.

08:03:21 Eleta through the development.

08:03:25 Bristol is what is at the far north.

08:03:29 Crosstown expressway to the east, and also CSX.

08:03:33 I do have a letter from CSX requesting a 50-foot buffer from

08:03:40 that.

08:03:40 You may have seen that in the last few weeks.

08:03:44 I will provide that to the clerk, for the record.

08:03:59 Here is an aerial.

08:04:01 I have a plethora of pictures.

08:04:04 What I am going to do -- actually, I am going to start down

08:04:17 at the southeast corner, southwest corner of the site and

08:04:22 move up north, come down Eleta, come back down, I think come

08:04:26 across Morrison, and then show you some of the photos also

08:04:30 along Bristol.

08:04:31 I will try to be expeditious in my photo presentation.

08:04:38 I'm moving north along Howard.

08:04:40 I think you all are familiar with the site.

08:04:42 This is approaching Eleta.

08:04:46 This is existing parking in the CI just north of Eleta.

08:04:49 This is not part of the development.

08:04:53 As Jimmy showed you, this is Eleta from Howard.

08:04:59 South side of Eleta.

08:05:00 This is the north side of Eleta.

08:05:02 Moving east towards the Crosstown.

08:05:07 Also part of the subject.

08:05:11 He also showed you this, which is the previous vacating of

08:05:15 Eleta.

08:05:17 This is at the intersection of east-west Eleta, looking back

08:05:22 west toward Howard.

08:05:23 The Crosstown.

08:05:24 This is moving south down Eleta.

08:05:28 Toward Morrison.

08:05:29 This is the east side.

08:05:33 Almost to the Tiny Tap.

08:05:36 Approaching the Tiny Tap.

08:05:37 This is Morrison and Eleta.

08:05:40 Back up to that intersection of Eleta.

08:05:47 Coming down, I am going look at the left side now.

08:05:49 This is looking back toward Howard moving down the west

08:05:52 side.

08:05:55 And then somehow I got back out onto Howard.

08:05:57 This is at Howard and Eleta, moving south down Howard.

08:06:04 Formally the lime, now the green lemon.

08:06:08 Still moving south, approaching the intersection at

08:06:12 Morrison.

08:06:13 And Howard.

08:06:16 Southwest corner of Morrison and Howard.

08:06:20 All the way up north now to Bristol.

08:06:22 This is Bristol and Howard looking back east.

08:06:25 This is the north side.

08:06:31 This is single-family attached developed under the CI

08:06:34 zoning, not a PD.

08:06:35 This is the south side of Bristol.

08:06:38 Moving east.

08:06:42 Toward Albany.

08:06:47 this is almost all the way at the end.

08:06:57 And this is Bristol and Albany looking north.

08:07:01 The retention pond is to the east.

08:07:04 Down on the Morrison side.

08:07:06 This is from the east side of the Crosstown looking back

08:07:09 toward the site.

08:07:10 CSX.

08:07:11 This is looking north from Morrison.

08:07:14 Again looking back toward the site.

08:07:15 This is south.

08:07:17 Just a little dog leg over the site here.

08:07:19 Now moving back west toward Howard.

08:07:25 This is actually from SideBerns looking back east.

08:07:28 This is a picture of the site.

08:07:30 And then the south side of Morrison moving back toward

08:07:33 Howard.

08:07:35 I think you all are familiar with this area.

08:07:41 This is directly south of the site.

08:07:43 And then I have just a couple shots.

08:07:45 This is looking southbound on Howard.

08:07:48 This is from Eleta looking southbound on Howard.

08:07:53 This is looking northbound on Howard.

08:07:55 And then this is actually one of the bonus criteria that's

08:07:59 being presented to you tonight as an 11-foot sidewalk along

08:08:03 Howard.

08:08:04 I wanted to show you the existing condition of what is there

08:08:06 today.

08:08:06 This is the site to my west, your left.

08:08:09 And then looking straight down Howard.

08:08:12 I marked it off.

08:08:13 It's about 5 and a half foot, 6-foot.

08:08:16 This is almost doubling in size along the Howard facade of

08:08:20 the project.

08:08:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

08:08:26 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone)

08:08:31 I didn't have my Mike on.

08:08:33 How are they going to do that sidewalk with the poles?

08:08:40 >>ABBYE FEELEY: One of their bonus provisions is to

08:08:43 underground all of that along Howard.

08:08:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

08:08:47 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Just to briefly go through the comments on

08:08:52 the staff report.

08:08:54 Knoll resources did find this request inconsistent.

08:08:58 The waiver of the 55 or 54,900 square feet of green space

08:09:03 they felt does not meet the intent of our code in

08:09:06 relationship to providing 350 square feet of green space per

08:09:09 unit.

08:09:11 That provision is for anything six stories or less.

08:09:14 If the project are two go to six stories they would only be

08:09:17 required 30% green space of the site once the building

08:09:21 footprint and everything was taken out.

08:09:24 So that is a standing finding of inconsistency.

08:09:28 In relation to Land Development Coordination, I had a

08:09:31 notation I needed changed in relation to the CI option.

08:09:35 I also gave you on the second bullet there a little overview

08:09:40 of the bonus criteria that are being presented.

08:09:43 When you exercise maximum F.A.R. under a comprehensive plan

08:09:47 PD, you have to do three of the ten criteria.

08:09:50 I provided you with all of the criteria back on page 9 and

08:09:59 10.

08:10:01 There's three that are being proposed are structured

08:10:04 parking, transit stops, and also enhanced pedestrian

08:10:10 streetscape which will include streetlighting, one every 50

08:10:13 to 80 feet on center, the installation of benches, trash

08:10:18 containers along South Howard and Morrison Avenue, and also

08:10:21 pedestrian improvements along Eleta, the underground of

08:10:25 electrical, cable and phone utilities along South Howard and

08:10:28 then also that provision of 11-foot sidewalk which I

08:10:31 previously mentioned.

08:10:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?

08:10:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: (off microphone) you just mentioned

08:10:40 undergrounding of utilities.

08:10:43 And that's what they committed to doing from what I

08:10:47 understand.

08:10:47 But when I read the notes on the side plan, it says number

08:10:51 19, says electrical power distribution, telephone service

08:10:56 and cable service lines shall be underground whenever

08:10:59 possible.

08:11:01 So to me that doesn't sound like a firm --

08:11:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may in the development agreement

08:11:08 that's running with this application, it is clearly spelled

08:11:10 out.

08:11:10 I can refer to that language for you momentarily.

08:11:13 >> That may be fine but I would prefer it's on the site

08:11:17 plan.

08:11:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Okay.

08:11:18 >> However this turns out, I would like to see that as a

08:11:23 change between first and second reading.

08:11:26 Thank you.

08:11:26 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Okay.

08:11:29 Transportation had a finding of inconsistency in relation to

08:11:34 the nonresidential access along Bristol.

08:11:37 And also had two modifications that needed to be made in

08:11:41 relation to the waiver for the commercial access, and then

08:11:47 also for the sidewalks.

08:11:49 The north-south sidewalk from west Bristol down towards

08:11:53 Eleta will remain open to pedestrians and that's in the

08:11:57 cut-out piece.

08:11:59 On your plan you will see that also shows that large tree

08:12:01 being preserved and then a sidewalk being provided along

08:12:04 there.

08:12:04 So that needs to remain open.

08:12:08 Urban design as I mentioned had a few comments.

08:12:14 On the elevations to you there's signage shown.

08:12:16 That signage does not meet the overlay.

08:12:18 I have confirmed with the applicant that that is not their

08:12:20 intent so we are requesting that all signage be removed from

08:12:24 the elevations.

08:12:25 I think they were being shown as potential schematics.

08:12:28 And I'll let the applicant speak to that.

08:12:31 And then lastly, a note be added that urban design staff

08:12:36 will work with the landscape architect during construction,

08:12:39 permitting, to select appropriate tree species for along

08:12:42 Howard Avenue.

08:12:43 In relationship to the PD criteria, your bonus --

08:12:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

08:12:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Real quick question.

08:12:50 I apologize.

08:12:51 You made mention during your presentation about a 50-foot

08:12:54 buffer for CSX.

08:12:57 Now, I'm looking at the site plan.

08:12:59 And we have got I think about 36 feet 2 inches to the

08:13:04 property line, and it would go, if you are adding the extra

08:13:10 20 feet, would go directly into where their parking garage

08:13:14 would be, I believe.

08:13:15 >> Right.

08:13:15 The letter they provided was to the residential units.

08:13:19 So since the garage is going to be in between the

08:13:21 residential units and the CSX right-of-way, I believe the

08:13:26 applicant will speak to that in a little bit, as far as that

08:13:30 being satisfied.

08:13:31 You know, the CSX request, we don't have any code provision

08:13:35 that requires that.

08:13:36 And I don't know that they have federal regulation that

08:13:39 requires that.

08:13:40 But they did provide that and I'll provide that to you as

08:13:43 well.

08:13:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because right now the easement is as we

08:13:48 require concern of the railroad now.

08:13:50 The site plan is the way it should be.

08:13:52 The 50-foot is only for the residential portion and not the

08:13:55 parking.

08:13:56 It's not going to have any effect is what I am asking.

08:13:59 >> It appears to me that based on my review that what was

08:14:02 being requested was being satisfied.

08:14:04 I guess there's been concerns raised about the corn from

08:14:12 the -- the horn from the train when development is too close

08:14:17 to the CSX tracks and so they are seeking some additional

08:14:21 buffering to try to mitigate some of that.

08:14:24 But I will provide that later.

08:14:25 >> It doesn't stop in downtown Tampa, but anyway, thank you,

08:14:28 chair.

08:14:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That being said, if the modifications are

08:14:33 made in between, there are some modifications to be made

08:14:37 between first and second reading.

08:14:39 However the finding of consistency from natural resources

08:14:42 and transportation would stand no matter what modifications

08:14:45 would stand to the site plan.

08:14:46 Staff is available for any questions.

08:14:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Feeley, I don't know if you want to

08:14:53 answer this or Mr -- the urban design --

08:14:59 >> Mr. Callahan.

08:15:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking through the South Howard

08:15:05 overlay district regulations, and I'm trying to find if

08:15:09 there's a height limitation.

08:15:18 There's in a height limitation?

08:15:20 Okay.

08:15:21 Thanks.

08:15:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

08:15:23 You have 15 minutes.

08:15:24 >> Mr. Chairman, council members.

08:15:33 My name is David Mechanik, 305 South Boulevard, Tampa,

08:15:38 Florida, here on behalf of the applicant, Pollack shores

08:15:43 LLC.

08:15:44 I have with me this evening Anthony Everett, who is the

08:15:49 central Florida partner for Pollack shores, and Steve Henry,

08:15:52 who is a civil engineer, and we will introduce his resumé in

08:15:57 a moment as part of the record.

08:15:59 And as indicated, we are here, and our presentation will

08:16:03 speak to all items, 8, 9 and 10.

08:16:07 Of course at the end of our presentation we will be happy to

08:16:10 answer any particulars on any one of those particular

08:16:13 applications.

08:16:15 First of all, for the record -- oh, and I have been sworn,

08:16:20 by the way, for the record.

08:16:22 We agree with all of the recommendations for changes to the

08:16:25 site plan as indicated by Abbye, and reflected on page 15 of

08:16:30 her staff report.

08:16:32 We will add the additional correction that Mrs. Montelione

08:16:37 wanted to make clear that all the utilities will be

08:16:40 underground, period, without any qualifying language to that

08:16:44 effect.

08:16:47 To speak to the CSX issue more specifically, we communicated

08:16:52 with CSX.

08:16:54 I don't believe that they actually saw our site plan, but

08:16:57 the garage, in fact, which is a width of 120 feet, more than

08:17:06 meats the distance that they were seeking, plus you have a

08:17:09 structure that they were not anticipating being there, which

08:17:12 is a nonresidential parking structure. So this would more

08:17:17 than adequately meet what their requests were.

08:17:20 We have communicated with CSX, did not hear a response back,

08:17:23 which I think is pretty much normal under the circumstances,

08:17:27 given the size of that company.

08:17:29 So we do not -- I don't imagine that there's any concern

08:17:33 whatsoever at that point, nor did that have any, if you

08:17:38 will, jurisdiction to oppose any of the requirements in any

08:17:42 event.

08:17:43 I would like, I guess, to ask Abbye for one clarification.

08:17:47 Since we are, in fact, going to make all the changes

08:17:51 requested, we understand we have an inconsistency regarding

08:17:56 green space, and Mr. Everett will speak to that, and we are

08:18:03 making all the changes requested bit by transportation.

08:18:07 and I believe that that would resolve the finding of

08:18:11 inconsistency.

08:18:12 She asked us to modify the waiver and to provide for access

08:18:15 along Bristol, and we are agreeing to both of those changes.

08:18:19 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:18:24 They are asking for nonresidential traffic to a local

08:18:28 street, and they have --

08:18:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please.

08:18:32 I feel like -- I have you speak and I have them speak, and

08:18:36 nobody has asked you to stop clock.

08:18:38 The stop knows how to stop the clock.

08:18:42 Continue.

08:18:42 >>ABBYE FEELEY: As now on many of your applications, people

08:18:46 will ask for a waiver to access the local street.

08:18:50 Transportation objects because the code says that

08:18:53 nonresidential traffic should access an arterial or

08:18:56 collector, and it is at the discretion of council to grant

08:18:59 the waiver for that access, but that does not meet code,

08:19:03 transportation would find that request inconsistent.

08:19:05 >> Then just to clarify -- and Mr. Everett is going to speak

08:19:16 to five waiver requests and five items once before as listed

08:19:22 by Abbye will be spoken to.

08:19:23 I am going to go ahead and just address the fifth waiver,

08:19:26 which is the transportation waiver.

08:19:30 And not withstanding it, it is a technical objection.

08:19:34 This is something for finding of inconsistency.

08:19:37 This is something which council has commonly allowed, and in

08:19:42 fact the code authorizes the division director of the

08:19:49 department, the transportation division, to authorize when

08:19:54 in situations where the street primarily serves commercial

08:19:57 traffic, Bristol street actually half of the street is all

08:20:02 CI zoned.

08:20:03 The other half of the street is multifamily.

08:20:06 But secondly and more importantly, the basis for allowing

08:20:11 access to a residential street such as this is to address

08:20:19 matters of safety.

08:20:21 In this particular case the reason we introduced this access

08:20:24 was based on a request from the fire department and from the

08:20:27 solid waste department in order to provide save and adequate

08:20:31 access into the property.

08:20:34 So when we propose the closure of Eleta, we needed to create

08:20:38 that little stub of road onto Bristol in order to provide

08:20:43 adequate fire and solid waste access.

08:20:47 So that is why that request was made, and believe that that

08:20:51 satisfies the criteria for granting that particular waiver

08:20:58 of this request.

08:21:00 So with that, what I would like to do is turn it over to Mr.

08:21:03 Everett and he will speak to the other four waivers and

08:21:09 present the project as a whole to you as well.

08:21:11 >> I'm Anthony Everett, 5,000 Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa,

08:21:34 Florida and I have been sworn.

08:21:36 I'm central Florida partner for Pollack shores real estate

08:21:39 group, a multifamily operator, industrial class-A apartments

08:21:44 throughout the southeast.

08:21:45 We have approximately 6,000 units in the portfolio, about

08:21:49 5,000 units under development currently, 2,000 in central

08:21:53 Florida.

08:21:54 One of those is a project that this council approved last

08:21:57 year which is currently under construction up in north Hyde

08:22:00 Park NOHO flats.

08:22:05 It would have similar quality and construction.

08:22:08 This is NOHO flats.

08:22:10 As of this week.

08:22:11 We hope to open in September.

08:22:13 And the project is going very well.

08:22:15 And we appreciate council's support for that project.

08:22:17 And we were assured that we will do the same quality and

08:22:22 same class A type of project if this is approved.

08:22:26 I want to run you through our site plan and kind of design

08:22:30 issues that we face sometimes when developing in urban

08:22:33 areas.

08:22:33 First of all our site plan is for 212 residential units

08:22:37 above 15,000 square feet of restaurant, retail or office

08:22:41 along Howard Avenue.

08:22:42 Now, the reason we structured it that way is because we

08:22:47 didn't know how it was going to be received by the public.

08:22:49 But after the rumors had gotten out about the project,

08:22:54 gotten lots of calls from people who want to be involved in

08:22:56 the project, I think we would probably end leasing is two

08:22:59 restaurants with retail space in the middle so that's the

08:23:01 way we kind of moved our design.

08:23:03 But I want it clear that if we are approved, whatever goes

08:23:07 in the retail area will have to meet parking standards.

08:23:11 So the garage will limit what we can put in there.

08:23:13 So if the use requires 15 parking spaces and we don't have

08:23:18 it in the garage, then that use cannot go into our project.

08:23:21 And that's the way it's crafted in the CI.

08:23:24 The plan has 518 space parking deck.

08:23:28 We are doing a little pocket park for the neighborhood.

08:23:32 And then we are planning to keep the Tiny Tap.

08:23:35 Unfortunately, I got a bad rap for moving whiskey park

08:23:40 outside Howard Avenue so I am not going to be the guy that

08:23:43 takes down the Tiny Tap.

08:23:46 But also the Powell family has operated that property for

08:23:51 more than 50 years.

08:23:52 I went to school at plant with Wes Powell and got tone know

08:23:56 the family.

08:23:57 And we are going to try to make some improvements for them

08:23:59 if approved.

08:24:00 Part of Eleta street to be vacated we plan to give to Tiny

08:24:05 Tap because they don't meet parking right now so they would

08:24:08 have additional parking.

08:24:09 We are also going to do improvements for their trash pickup,

08:24:12 and then we are also going to do landscaping and will

08:24:16 continue sidewalk and landscaping along Morrison so that

08:24:19 becomes a more pedestrian friendly and multiple -- walkable

08:24:23 area.

08:24:23 Then in my design of this project, I was trying to bring

08:24:27 together a lot of conflicting things.

08:24:29 You know, designing and urban core is very, very difficult

08:24:32 to do.

08:24:32 And we end up having lots of conflicting interest.

08:24:37 As you can see here -- and I have got some of my friends and

08:24:40 neighbors who are here with this project -- and I met

08:24:43 with -- had more than 30 meetings with neighbors and

08:24:46 neighborhood groups.

08:24:47 I'm trying to create a project with mixed use that would be

08:24:50 complimentary to the district that would add to the ambience

08:24:57 along Howard Avenue and create a walkable streetscape,

08:24:59 something that would be a tractive with on-street cafes,

08:25:06 and, you know, just a very nice setting.

08:25:09 The project is designed within the Howard Avenue district

08:25:12 guidelines, and that leads us to certain building NFL, and

08:25:16 you have to have a certain setback from the street.

08:25:18 You want to try to maintain a certain rhythm of the street.

08:25:21 And so if you look at the Post project, and it creates a

08:25:27 series of buildings that are going to be probably in the

08:25:31 four to six-story range, and have a setback with roughly 18

08:25:35 feet from the street.

08:25:39 To help mitigate certain areas in the area like stormwater

08:25:42 and parking, wherever possible make logical waiver requests

08:25:46 when we needed waivers to get the design that we were

08:25:48 looking for.

08:25:49 And then we are trying to mitigate our impacts by

08:25:52 contributing to transportation improvements, public transit,

08:25:54 about $549,000 to offset green space, and then also creating

08:25:59 that public park.

08:26:02 We are going through lots of different elevation studies

08:26:05 right now.

08:26:05 When you go through rezoning you don't necessarily design

08:26:08 the project completely, and this is the rendering that he's

08:26:12 that's been in the papers. But I want you to know that we

08:26:14 are working on lots of different elevations and we are doing

08:26:17 different studies that, you know, we are trying to create a

08:26:21 walkable streetscape.

08:26:23 We are working with Mike Callahan to create a streetscape

08:26:26 that would have the street side cafes and the street we are

08:26:32 trying to get and trying to create something that can be

08:26:34 used up and down Howard Avenue.

08:26:37 Bob McDonaugh of the city talked about maybe using some of

08:26:39 the dollars from this project to do enhanced streetscape

08:26:42 along Howard Avenue if it's approved.

08:26:46 And so as we go forward, if we do get an approval, we are

08:26:50 going to go forward and work with Mike Callahan and the city

08:26:54 and work with our neighbors too and get their opinions on

08:26:57 our elevation, try to create something that we are all proud

08:27:00 of.

08:27:00 You know, we are not trying to do something here that

08:27:02 doesn't fit in the character of the neighborhood.

08:27:04 We are trying to do something that enhances Howard Avenue,

08:27:08 and that we can all be proud of.

08:27:13 I would like to further explain a little bit the waivers and

08:27:17 why we asked for them, and then it's kind of hard to

08:27:20 understand.

08:27:20 The 50-foot wall that we asked to raise 8 feet is right here

08:27:25 and abuts the Tiny Tap.

08:27:26 We have a courtyard and plan to put a fountain on the inside

08:27:30 of that courtyard.

08:27:32 We would be happy to make that 6 feet if council thinks

08:27:35 that's appropriate but we thought it would be reasonable in

08:27:37 order to get a better buffer there.

08:27:39 So reduce buffer from 5 to 2 is over here in this area.

08:27:43 We are trying to protect the tree there, and reduce our

08:27:46 buffer to do that.

08:27:47 The commercial traffic waiver on Bristol is really because

08:27:51 the city park is zoned RM-24.

08:27:53 All the other properties around that street are zoned CI.

08:27:56 In fact, the Sweetbay there is using that area for the

08:28:01 deliveries.

08:28:03 I have gotten several comments when I have been meeting with

08:28:06 neighbors.

08:28:06 And I would like to address some of those comments tonight.

08:28:09 One of them is the closing of a letter that prevent to

08:28:13 prevent cut through.

08:28:15 The other is the stormwater problems in the area.

08:28:17 One, doesn't have enough green space.

08:28:19 One that we will remove parking from the district.

08:28:22 And that our project will generate too much traffic.

08:28:26 And I would like to address some of those comments.

08:28:29 Closing Eleta street goes from Howard Avenue back to Howard

08:28:34 Avenue.

08:28:34 We are providing an access from Eleta street to Bristol.

08:28:38 So that would then create another cut through, that will

08:28:42 actually take traffic off of Howard Avenue rather than

08:28:45 directing Howard from Howard Avenue back around to Howard

08:28:48 Avenue.

08:28:51 Regarding stormwater problems in the area, I was very

08:28:53 surprised to find out there are no city stormwater

08:28:56 collection systems around our site. So there are no

08:28:58 stormwater elements.

08:28:59 So when it rains all the water from this site is blowing out

08:29:04 into the street.

08:29:05 And I couldn't believe that.

08:29:07 I thought every area in the city had stormwater treatment,

08:29:10 at least in urban areas, but this is not the case.

08:29:12 So we are going to collect all the stormwater.

08:29:14 We are going to pipe it through Bristol along the city

08:29:17 right-of-way and into the pond up by the city park.

08:29:20 As previously mentioned, the 350 square foot waiver of

08:29:24 landscaping, that's a suburban requirement.

08:29:28 You can't meet that in urban areas unless you are doing, you

08:29:31 know, almost high-rise type projects.

08:29:35 And it's been granted -- the waivers have been granted on

08:29:39 many projects, and we are actually asking for a waiver

08:29:42 that's 1% less than what was granted down the street so we

08:29:46 are going to provide 1% more landscaping than what is

08:29:50 provided, and then we are planning to mitigate that that can

08:29:53 be used to create green space elsewhere and the pocket

08:30:00 market.

08:30:00 The last time we were talking about the -- our parking

08:30:04 garage is going to be 518 spaces.

08:30:06 City code says we need 500.

08:30:08 We don't necessarily agree that the city code is adequate

08:30:11 for residential units.

08:30:13 We have 274 bedrooms in our project.

08:30:16 In other municipalities across the country, one bedroom per

08:30:21 sparkling E -- parking space is a standard.

08:30:24 If you use that standard, we would end up having about 244

08:30:28 parking spaces daily, so it would be available for our

08:30:31 commercial and retail uses.

08:30:33 City code says we need 139 spaces for the commercial and

08:30:36 retail.

08:30:36 So at any one time, we would have 105 spaces that are going

08:30:40 unused daily.

08:30:43 If you look at the fact that these properties operate at 95%

08:30:46 occupancy, that would mean we would have 119 spaces that

08:30:50 would be unused daily.

08:30:51 We plan to leave that parking to the public so we aren't

08:30:55 going to be able to control who is coming to our project.

08:30:57 If you look at Merrill's project down on the corner of Swann

08:31:00 and Howard, he has parking there all the time that are not

08:31:05 coming to his project.

08:31:07 The comment of too much traffic, I think we have to look at

08:31:09 the CIUs in place versus residential.

08:31:12 Mixed use and the residential component that we are bringing

08:31:14 has a completely different traffic pattern than does the CI

08:31:18 use.

08:31:20 And the CI uses are much more intense.

08:31:22 (Bell sounds)

08:31:23 The reason why we have that request to keep the CI is in

08:31:26 there is because the property owner wants to keep that in

08:31:28 from so they can redevelop to a CI use if we don't go

08:31:32 forward.

08:31:33 I would like to ask Steve Henry to come up and speak, if

08:31:39 possible.

08:31:43 >>DAVID MECHANIK: Mr. Chairman, may we have an extra five

08:31:45 minutes?

08:31:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes, I think that's fine.

08:31:47 >> Good evening.

08:31:48 Steve Henry, links and associate, Tampa.

08:31:53 We conducted the detailed traffic natural success for the

08:31:56 project to evaluate the impact on the adjacent roadways.

08:31:59 The analysis was done based on the approved methodology that

08:32:04 was approved and reviewed by the staff.

08:32:08 The property currently has a number of existing uses on it.

08:32:11 We did analysis.

08:32:12 We assumed it was actually vacant and added the total amount

08:32:14 of traffic generated by this project onto the roadway

08:32:18 system.

08:32:18 In addition to that, we added the traffic associated with

08:32:22 the Post project at Howard and Swann, the Bern's hotel, and

08:32:27 then also the chase bank project there at Howard and Swann.

08:32:33 Based on that analysis, when we looked at the intersection,

08:32:36 the addition of our traffic, it would be less than eight

08:32:40 second of additional delay on the intersection adjacent to

08:32:43 the project.

08:32:45 [ Laughter ]

08:32:46 [Sounding gavel]

08:32:47 >>HARRY COHEN: Everyone will have a chance.

08:32:50 Ladies and gentlemen, please let the petitioner finish their

08:32:53 presentation.

08:32:53 >> In addition to that, the developer has committed to

08:32:58 paying more than $31,000 in shares to mitigate the.

08:33:04 Again that was based on the total development scenario, and

08:33:07 total traffic sewage the project was vacant.

08:33:10 As we said, the reality is, the property is not vacant.

08:33:15 It is historically been used as a very successful health

08:33:18 club for years, a daycare, office and industrial use.

08:33:22 And this graphic here, this provides a comparison of the

08:33:31 traffic associated with the existing uses that are on the

08:33:35 site to what we are proposing today.

08:33:39 The left-hand side is the AM peak hour bar chart.

08:33:44 Right side is the p.m. peek hour.

08:33:46 Peak hour.

08:33:50 The blue represent it is proposed development.

08:33:54 The green is the existing.

08:33:56 And what we did, real quick on the blue, we have 162 in our

08:34:02 analysis.

08:34:02 Again a worst-case scenario, if the restaurant is open in

08:34:05 the morning, the reality is they wouldn't be open in the

08:34:08 morning.

08:34:08 So for comparison purposes, our project would generate about

08:34:13 107 a.m. peak hours, existing uses, 89.

08:34:21 During the p.m. peak hour the existing would be about 165,

08:34:25 the proposed project 188, 23 cars of additional traffic,

08:34:30 beyond what would historically be generated by the site.

08:34:35 This next graphic, said the site is zoned CI to be developed

08:34:45 for intensive uses.

08:34:47 What we looked at here is what could be developed on the

08:34:49 site is one of the store similar to what's catty-corner to

08:34:54 the property today, and then just two uses on that property.

08:34:58 You look at the a.m. peak hour is close to 300, over 300

08:35:03 trips generated by just those two uses versus our 107.

08:35:07 And during the p.m. peak hour, 208 versus 188.

08:35:15 In conclusion, our project would have a relatively

08:35:18 insignificant Dante increase in traffic over what is

08:35:21 historically generated by the site.

08:35:23 In addition the developer saving in excess of $31,000 in

08:35:28 mitigation.

08:35:30 That conclude my presentation, if you have got any

08:35:33 questions.

08:35:33 Thank you.

08:35:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern.

08:35:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to ask you about -- can you put

08:35:38 your graph back up for a second?

08:35:43 So I might not have heard you at the beginning.

08:35:46 But you were saying you were comparing the traffic, you are

08:35:50 going to generate to what might be generated if uses were

08:35:57 put in?

08:35:58 >> Two scenarios.

08:35:59 This scenario, we are assuming the site is redeveloped for

08:36:03 more intensive commercial uses, such as a gasoline store

08:36:08 and --

08:36:09 >> Well, those are two things that could happen.

08:36:13 Out of how many?

08:36:14 >> Sure.

08:36:15 And --

08:36:18 >>MARY MULHERN: You are not comparing it to the -- so are

08:36:20 you comparing it to the existing traffic?

08:36:23 >> The existing, this graphic here, provides a trip

08:36:27 generation for what is existing on the site today.

08:36:32 The health club.

08:36:33 The daycare.

08:36:36 Office and industrial uses.

08:36:37 So the groan represents what traffic would be, historically

08:36:41 been generated.

08:36:42 >> So you are saying it is going --

08:36:45 >> Slight increase.

08:36:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

08:36:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione.

08:36:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:36:54 Actually, this is for that, because when we talk about

08:36:57 potential uses, as he mentioned in his presentation about

08:37:00 the traffic, and Mrs. Mulhern pointed out they were only two

08:37:06 potential which would be a gas station -- CI is a broad

08:37:14 category.

08:37:15 So what other kind of things could be developed under CI?

08:37:21 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:37:24 CI is our most intensive commercial district, and it allows

08:37:28 almost anything.

08:37:30 Medical office, vehicle sales and leasing, hotel-motel.

08:37:36 I mean, I can --

08:37:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: They only picked out those two.

08:37:44 But do we have -- as a City of Tampa, as you do this every

08:37:49 day, the typical trip generated by a hotel/motel, or vehicle

08:37:58 leasing or some of the other things.

08:38:00 Because they only gave two.

08:38:06 Where does that fall in the scheme of things?

08:38:08 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I also asked Jonathan Scott to run some

08:38:12 numbers and he provided me with the uses that Mr. Henry

08:38:15 provided to us.

08:38:15 You know, I think the other factor in this when I was

08:38:18 looking at the other potential development is, would the

08:38:22 other potential development be occurring with the vacating

08:38:25 or without the Eleta vacated?

08:38:27 If you are looking at those pieces how they are standing

08:38:30 today and how they would have to accomplish in order to be

08:38:33 developable, it was a much different scenario, and the

08:38:37 allowable F.A.R. and the other factors that go into that.

08:38:41 So you can't really then sit and piece together the maximum

08:38:44 allowable development and then run trips for it.

08:38:47 You would be running a multitude of scenarios under a

08:38:50 multitude.

08:38:51 You know, the things --

08:38:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I understand that, but let me --

08:38:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I did run daily, 14, 13, proposed is going

08:39:02 to be 2112.

08:39:04 So it's going to be a net increase of 699 trips a day on the

08:39:12 project I did run that front piece.

08:39:16 So I did the vacating.

08:39:18 Everything to the west of Eleta.

08:39:20 So this front piece is 1.59 acres.

08:39:23 They could get 55 dwelling units there.

08:39:25 They could potentially get 103,000 square feet of

08:39:28 development.

08:39:31 At a 1.5 F.A.R.

08:39:33 That would require that 50% of the parking is in a structure

08:39:36 in order to achieve that maximum F.A.R., the 103,000.

08:39:41 The CI by right on that front piece, F.A.R. of 1, which you

08:39:46 could get, would be 69,000.

08:39:48 The 69,000 roughly is like a Publix, is about 35,000.

08:39:53 38,000.

08:39:54 Somewhere in there.

08:39:54 So you are looking at more than that, or a combination of

08:39:57 retailers that could go in there, with strip commercial

08:40:01 along the front.

08:40:02 I mean, I think anybody can put up different apples and

08:40:06 oranges and try to tell you, what the trip generation is but

08:40:09 you have to lay out a multitude of scenarios on the

08:40:12 property.

08:40:12 And then also remember you have to meet every other element

08:40:15 of code before I can tell you what the maximum development

08:40:18 would be because under CI no waivers, no variances, all the

08:40:22 buffers have to be met, setbacks, height.

08:40:26 So --

08:40:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You can't testify that the trips would

08:40:33 be increased or what the applicant is proposing if some

08:40:44 other CI type of need was there?

08:40:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Well, they did run the convenience market,

08:40:52 which originally Jonathan's calculations had it at 5500,

08:40:59 which 5500 is the equivalent of a Wawa.

08:41:03 A Wawa is a far larger with gas pumps.

08:41:10 What Circle K is proposing at Howard and Kennedy, that would

08:41:13 be 3800 daily trips.

08:41:15 So 3800 in relation to their 2112, yes, it's an increase.

08:41:20 You know, potential for a fast food restaurant with a

08:41:23 drive-through is only 2233, which is a little bit over 100

08:41:29 more trips than what this development would be.

08:41:34 So, yes, I mean, there other uses understood the CI would

08:41:38 have more trips?

08:41:40 I could testify to that, yes.

08:41:42 Could it have less depending on the configuration?

08:41:45 Perhaps.

08:41:45 Like I said, you would have to run a multitude of scenarios

08:41:50 and different developments.

08:41:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I get it.

08:41:54 Highest and best use and what the market will bear.

08:41:57 He's not going to build something small.

08:42:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, just hold it for one second.

08:42:05 Mrs. Mulhern also wants to say something, and Mr. Suarez.

08:42:08 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry I asked that question of the

08:42:12 transportation engineer, because I thought we got the answer

08:42:17 from you in that these are all hypotheticals.

08:42:20 There's no way you can compare something.

08:42:23 They are asking for entitlements to do something.

08:42:26 They are asking for specific waivers and for specific

08:42:32 allowance to build something.

08:42:34 The only thing you can compare it to, I think, if worry

08:42:38 going to compare it to something, compare to the what they

08:42:41 could do by code understood the existing zoning, which would

08:42:45 be half as many residential units -- more than half of

08:42:52 residential units which would be more than half as many

08:42:55 trips generated.

08:42:57 I think this whole idea of us trying to envision any

08:42:59 possible development that could possibly occur in a zoning

08:43:03 district and compare to the what's proposed in front of us

08:43:06 is ridiculous, and I would like us to stop doing that.

08:43:09 And I would like staff to realize that this is not the way

08:43:13 that we should be deciding if something is appropriate and

08:43:17 compatible by saying, well, you know, you could have a Wawa

08:43:21 there.

08:43:22 I'm sorry.

08:43:23 What are we looking at?

08:43:24 We are looking at what they could be building by code and

08:43:28 looking at what they are proposing.

08:43:31 And I'm saying you cannot envision every possibility.

08:43:35 So to bring up these endless lists of what's the highest,

08:43:45 you know, thing you could build there that would generate --

08:43:48 I don't even know if you could build -- you can't build a

08:43:51 Wawa on this space.

08:43:54 [ Applause ]

08:43:55 [Sounding gavel]

08:43:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's what I hear.

08:44:04 Mr. Suarez.

08:44:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

08:44:12 Where is our traffic engineer?

08:44:14 I don't see him.

08:44:15 Oh, thank you.

08:44:22 I got a quick question for you.

08:44:26 The inconsistency is based on residential -- excuse me,

08:44:31 arterial and collector roads.

08:44:33 Okay.

08:44:33 Why do we do that?

08:44:34 Why is it that is inconsistent?

08:44:36 Why is it important that arterial and collector roads are

08:44:42 less desirable for projects this size as opposed to other

08:44:45 types of roads?

08:44:46 Be.

08:44:49 >> Jonathan Scott, transportation planning, City of Tampa.

08:44:53 To answer your question, the reason why we have that in code

08:44:57 is for nonresidential uses affecting impacts on local

08:45:04 streets, basically.

08:45:06 If we -- we want to encourage those to be on arterials and

08:45:11 collectors, they don't have impact.

08:45:13 So this project has both commercial and residential.

08:45:18 So really it's only the commercial part that we are

08:45:20 objecting to, if that answers your question.

08:45:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sort of.

08:45:29 When we low at transportation in terms of these types of

08:45:32 issues, does safety come into play whenever we are looking

08:45:36 at the number of cars that are on these particular types of

08:45:39 roads?

08:45:41 >> Yes, we do look at that.

08:45:43 That's why we would prefer those be beyond the collector and

08:45:46 arterial Street because those are the higher volume streets.

08:45:49 They want to put more volume and not made to handle those

08:45:53 larger values.

08:45:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So if we want -- when we are talking about

08:45:57 larger developments, we want it to be on larger streets,

08:46:00 because not only will they be able to handle the number of

08:46:03 vehicles that are extrapolated or going to come from that

08:46:07 particular development, but also because it's safer for

08:46:09 people who live in the neighborhood.

08:46:11 Is that correct?

08:46:12 >> That's correct.

08:46:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Now, when we do these studies -- and I know

08:46:16 that Abbye brought up some what-ifs.

08:46:20 And I think that Councilman Mulhern's point is well taken,

08:46:24 which is there's a lot of what-ifs.

08:46:26 But in terms of safety, is there -- we are looking at peak

08:46:31 versus nonpeak.

08:46:33 Is there any particular optimal that he would look at to

08:46:36 make sure that not only is it -- when we queue the number of

08:46:42 cars on the road that is both safe for pedestrians and for

08:46:45 motorists, as opposed to, you know, when you are on larger

08:46:49 streets.

08:46:50 Obviously you are on larger streets, a lot of times the

08:46:52 speed limit is going to be higher.

08:46:54 That means there's going to be more capacity for more

08:46:57 vehicles which means it's going to be not as safe per se for

08:47:00 pedestrians and maybe for other motorists depending on the

08:47:03 type of traffic.

08:47:04 Is that correct?

08:47:04 >> Well, that's somewhat correct in that pedestrians are

08:47:09 going to be on the sidewalks, of course.

08:47:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let's hope so.

08:47:13 >> But there is certain aspects we want to look at.

08:47:21 I don't know what else --

08:47:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, when we look at these plans each and

08:47:26 every time we do land use and when talk about what the

08:47:29 transportation plan is, most of the time, when we are

08:47:31 looking at that, we don't loon at the specifics in terms of

08:47:35 the number of cars that are queued per se, we don't look at

08:47:38 the safety aspects of those cars being queued.

08:47:42 Society, you know, that's kind of why I wanted to ask you

08:47:45 that, because if your plan based on what you put in the

08:47:49 staff report is that it is inconsistent, it's inconsistent

08:47:52 for a reason.

08:47:53 It's inconsistent because the number of cars but it's going

08:47:56 to be inconsistent for other things including safety.

08:47:58 And I think you already answered that.

08:48:00 So that's the reason why I had asked you about that

08:48:02 particular question.

08:48:02 >> Also further in your question, the project also is

08:48:09 required to do a traffic study.

08:48:11 And this project had to mitigate their traffic impact.

08:48:18 The mitigation amount was $31,000 and $51, and they had met

08:48:25 their traffic impact.

08:48:27 This mitigation can't be used for anything else except for

08:48:30 improvements in the area.

08:48:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, I don't want to interrupt you, Mr.

08:48:36 DeSoto.

08:48:36 Impact is a different issue when it comes to them having to

08:48:39 pay for the impact of the additional amount of traffic.

08:48:41 That's a different issue.

08:48:43 Mr. Henry, can I ask you a couple of questions?

08:48:46 Thank you.