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Community Redevelopment Agency meeting


9:00 a.m. session


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>> John Bennett standing in for Chief Castor who is away at

the moment.

10:14:03 It's an honor to be here again this month to present to you

10:14:05 Officer Lance Baker.

10:14:08 He came to us with 12 years prior experience in Missouri.

10:14:12 He's been with us seven years and works on our field

10:14:15 training evaluation program.

10:14:16 So he's only really one of 30 officers that are dedicated to

10:14:20 training the incoming officers for the department, followed

10:14:24 by the field training supervision, which some of them are

10:14:27 here today recognizing his efforts.

10:14:29 He works in East Tampa.

10:14:31 And I think the story that for him, he's an officer full of

10:14:37 proactivity, and collaboration.

10:14:39 I'll give you a few examples what happened over this past

10:14:42 spring.

10:14:42 As part of his training efforts where he gets to touch many

10:14:45 officers in various teaching moments, in March, taken guns

10:14:54 off the street.

10:14:55 He has taken folks that have been wanted off the street for

10:14:59 various offenses which typically, a very small percentage of

10:15:03 our criminal population commit a majority of the crime so by

10:15:08 being proactive and taking folks off, different things like

10:15:13 that, as he goes through the community, really makes a

10:15:15 difference in crime reduction every day.

10:15:18 A lot of it comes from the small things.

10:15:20 He will start with traffic stops, or looking at suspicious

10:15:24 vehicles, and in some cases, when I want to emphasize

10:15:28 collaboration, he was able to track down an individual by

10:15:31 working hand in hand with the Hillsborough County sheriff's

10:15:33 office, and arrested somebody for a violation of probation

10:15:36 for burglary on multiple counts and grand theft charges.

10:15:41 These are just an example of what this officer has done on a

10:15:44 daily basis in East Tampa and beyond the community once

10:15:48 again, working in collaboration with some of our sister or

10:15:52 partner agencies.

10:15:55 You heard the mayor mention today we were down 65.8% in

10:15:59 crime, down another 9.2 as of midyear.

10:16:03 It's because these officers have found a way to convert what

10:16:07 was formerly known as the active polices prior to 2002 into

10:16:12 proactive policing this day, and the fact they put all of

10:16:16 their daily energy into making the street safer.

10:16:19 It not only helps us get to that 150,000 less victim mark,

10:16:23 it sustains that model.

10:16:25 So the fact that they have inverted all this time with the

10:16:28 great leadership over my right shoulder and the efforts of

10:16:32 Lance Baker, we thank you for recognizing him as officer of

10:16:35 the months.

10:16:36 [ Applause ]

10:16:37 >> On behalf Tampa City Council, we want to present you with

10:16:46 this commendation for being chosen as officer of the month

10:16:49 for July 2013.

10:16:51 Congratulations.

10:16:52 [ Applause ]

10:17:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Officer Baker, you can have your family

10:17:10 stand up so they can enjoy this with you, too.

10:17:13 >> Good morning.

10:17:16 Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford and obviously we are very

10:17:20 proud to be part of this program.

10:17:22 And Lance, we would like to recognize you, thank you very

10:17:25 much for your hard work.

10:17:26 We would like you to accept this watch as a token of our

10:17:29 appreciation for a job well done.

10:17:30 >> Thank you.

10:17:32 [ Applause ]

10:17:35 >> Chip Deblock with the Tampa Police Benevolent

10:17:39 Association.

10:17:40 We partnered with Star and Shield Insurance Group and want

10:17:44 to presents you with this $100 gift card.

10:17:50 >> Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

10:17:54 We have been a partner with the city for a long time.

10:17:57 And we really appreciate everything you do.

10:18:01 Words can't express how comfortable -- I'm a transplant,

10:18:05 been here five weeks, but I will tell you that I feel very

10:18:08 safe here.

10:18:09 And I don't have a problem of expressing that every day to

10:18:14 every officer I see.

10:18:16 So thank you very much.

10:18:17 We have tickets for you.

10:18:20 >> Joe Durkin on behalf of BrightHouse Network.

10:18:32 Congratulations from all your friends at Bright House,

10:18:34 complimentary services for one month.

10:18:39 Thank you.

10:18:40 [ Applause ]

10:18:46 >> Good morning.

10:18:47 Congratulations.

10:18:50 Representing Stepp's towing service on behalf of Jim, Judy,

10:18:53 Todd Stepp, we would like to present this token of our

10:18:57 appreciation to you for a job that you have done really well

10:19:00 out there and proactive.

10:19:03 [ Applause ]

10:19:10 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Let's start with your significant other,

10:19:14 shall we?

10:19:15 Make her happy.

10:19:16 This is on behalf of Allen flowers.

10:19:22 Congratulations for that.

10:19:24 And something for the kids, I think.

10:19:29 It's up to dad.

10:19:30 It's four tickets to any of the movies at the Tampa Theatre,

10:19:33 the summer classics, a one-year membership for you and your

10:19:37 significant other.

10:19:39 And there's a little bit of goodies in there that I think

10:19:43 they will go around.

10:19:44 What do you think?

10:19:47 [ Applause ]

10:19:48 And for the family, we have a important trait package from

10:19:53 you from prestige photos and portraits, Grand Central

10:19:59 Avenue.

10:19:59 The phone number here, you will be happy to contact them and

10:20:02 they'll arrange for a time bewhen you can have your family

10:20:05 pictures taken.

10:20:06 After the kids are at the movie you can go to Bern's.

10:20:09 How is that?

10:20:12 The kids can't go.

10:20:14 [ Laughter ] and you can go to Byblos Mediterranean cafe on

10:20:24 South MacDill and enjoy their hospitality for lunch or

10:20:27 dinner.

10:20:28 Congratulations.

10:20:28 We thank you for what you do for us and training new

10:20:32 officers coming in.

10:20:33 Congratulations.

10:20:34 [ Applause ]

10:20:39 >> I would like to say thank you.

10:20:49 I'm overwhelmed and honored by this.

10:20:53 I have been doing this job for 19 years.

10:20:56 And as mentioned, I have prior experience with Missouri.

10:21:02 But having come here, it has been amazing the amount of

10:21:07 support that the City of Tampa and the police department

10:21:11 receives from the community, and overall citizen population.

10:21:19 I work in an area that some say is high crime, but it's a

10:21:27 few people that commit the majority of the crime.

10:21:28 And the majority of the people that I deal with are happy to

10:21:32 see us.

10:21:32 And I think it speaks volumes to the city and the way the

10:21:38 department is run.

10:21:42 And I could not have done any of what I have done without

10:21:44 the support of the squad that I work with.

10:21:47 They are an absolutely amazing squad.

10:21:52 It has been truly a joy to work with these guys.

10:21:55 Thank you.

10:22:06 [ Applause ]

10:22:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: At this time we would like to recognize

10:22:22 our firefighter of the quarter for the July 2013,

10:22:27 firefighter Lieutenant Jeremy Bentley.

10:22:34 Chief.

10:22:34 >> Good morning, Councilman chair Miranda, council.

10:22:40 It gives me a great honor and privilege to present to you

10:22:45 this morning Tampa Fire Rescue's firefighter of the quarter.

10:22:52 The member that I am going to speak with you all about is a

10:22:55 very talented and extremely passionate officer with our

10:22:59 department for over eleven years.

10:23:01 I also have the honor of working with his father for over 20

10:23:05 years, and he's accompanied this morning with his mother who

10:23:10 also worked as a medic for Hillsborough County for over 30

10:23:13 years, retiring just a few years ago.

10:23:16 I wanted to communicate to you some of the accomplishments

10:23:19 and why this individual was recognized as Tampa Fire Rescue

10:23:23 firefighter of the quarter.

10:23:26 Lieutenant Jeremy Finney not only exemplifies what it truly

10:23:33 means to be a community service and fire emergency response,

10:23:37 but has groomed himself to be an asset to our organization

10:23:41 and to a profession.

10:23:43 He's a tactical medical response team member, which means

10:23:47 anytime law enforcement has a situation of serious

10:23:50 significance, where there may be a hostage situation, or

10:23:54 someone may become injured, he is with law enforcement, he

10:24:00 has a law enforcement certification as well to provide

10:24:03 tactical response to not only the bad guy if there's an

10:24:06 injury but also to our law enforcement community in the

10:24:09 event that happens as well.

10:24:10 Every day he trains paramedics that are out there on the

10:24:14 street as well.

10:24:15 Being a paramedic field training officer.

10:24:18 He also participated in initial smallpox vaccination when we

10:24:23 had the big scare where smallpox -- he was one of the first

10:24:29 ones on that task force to not only take the vaccination but

10:24:33 also make certain that our workforce was vaccinated as well.

10:24:37 He works with our hurricane task force and also a medical

10:24:42 specialist with urban search and rescue and water rescue as

10:24:47 well.

10:24:48 Jeremy goes on and does a lot of other things, as a pure

10:24:51 fitness person making certain that Tampa Fire Rescue

10:24:55 maintains by working out and training with a number of our

10:25:02 members to ensure that they have a good healthy workout and

10:25:05 good eating habits as well.

10:25:07 He's also a member of the union's executive board, and

10:25:11 elected three times to that, and has been a representative

10:25:14 of the City of Tampa as in 2008 which is one of the things

10:25:20 that I really wants to highlight with respect to what Jeremy

10:25:23 does.

10:25:23 You know, in our community, we realize a number of fires in

10:25:27 the course of the year.

10:25:28 And in those incidents, often we have a number of our youth

10:25:33 that are burned badly and severely.

10:25:36 And those are catastrophic burns, and many times with really

10:25:41 major, major physical situations. Lieutenant Finney works

10:25:49 with Camp Hopetake every year. He's a director there. And

10:25:54 we take 30 to 40 members of our community who have realized

10:26:01 serious burns to their person.

10:26:03 These youth get together for one week at Camp Hopetake under

10:26:07 the direction of Lt. Finney, and he gives them a good week

10:26:11 of not worrying about having addressed issues concerning the

10:26:15 burns, their physical impairments with result of major

10:26:19 catastrophic burns.

10:26:20 And he gives of his personal time working with members, 30

10:26:27 or 40 of our local youth are brought together each year

10:26:30 where they don't have to think about their physical

10:26:33 impairment, the burns, and things of that nature for an

10:26:37 entire week, working with the Tampa General Hospital burn

10:26:40 unit.

10:26:41 And Lieutenant Finney drives that program on a regular

10:26:44 basis.

10:26:45 He's also a member of the paramedic team that provides field

10:26:49 medics for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also for the Tampa storm,

10:26:53 he's also a medic for the Tampa Bay ice reason as well.

10:26:59 So with that, and all the other things that Lieutenant

10:27:02 Finney does for the community and the way he embraces our

10:27:05 youth and as well as mentoring new members that come on

10:27:09 Tampa Fire Rescue to ensure they have the best medics to

10:27:12 provide the best level of service to our community, our

10:27:16 department has recognized lieutenant Jeremy Finney as

10:27:20 Tampa's third quarter firefighter of the quarter.

10:27:26 [ Applause ]

10:27:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: We would like to present this commendation

10:27:38 to you on behalf of Tampa City Council for being chosen as

10:27:42 firefighter of the quarter for July 2013.

10:27:46 Congratulations.

10:27:48 [ Applause ]

10:28:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Lieutenant, you can get closer to the

10:28:06 podium.

10:28:06 I know you are used to danger.

10:28:08 There's no danger there, believe me.

10:28:09 >> Joe Durkin with Bright House networks.

10:28:14 Congratulations for a job well done.

10:28:17 On behalf of all of us at Bright House, three months of our

10:28:21 complimentary service, make your life a little brighter.

10:28:24 Congratulations.

10:28:30 [ Applause ]

10:28:32 >> Good morning again, council.

10:28:34 Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford.

10:28:36 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new

10:28:39 community relations person, Christy Bennett is back here and

10:28:44 will be playing a big part of these programs with us.

10:28:48 Thank you for everything you do.

10:28:49 We would like to presents you with this watch as a token of

10:28:52 our appreciation for a job well done.

10:28:55 [ Applause ]

10:29:03 >> Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

10:29:06 I tell you, the thing that struck me most is it's not what

10:29:12 he does when he's on the clock, it's what he does off the

10:29:15 clock.

10:29:15 And from what I just heard it's not only inspiring but it

10:29:18 humbles me to know that you give of your time and yourself

10:29:22 beyond the call of duty.

10:29:24 So I have tickets to you for the opera fest that we have at

10:29:28 the Straz Center.

10:29:32 Short story.

10:29:33 First day I was here throw alarm fire.

10:29:37 These guys are amazing.

10:29:39 [ Applause ]

10:29:42 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing.

10:29:46 Todd Stepp.

10:29:47 We would like to thank you for a job well done.

10:29:50 We thank you very much for what you do.

10:29:52 And also a gift certificate to Lee Roy Selmon

10:30:01 [ Applause ]

10:30:03 >>STEVE MICHELINI: He's taking that and running.

10:30:04 Steve Michelini.

10:30:07 I can't give those to you.

10:30:10 My arms aren't that long.

10:30:12 Congratulations to you and your family.

10:30:14 Certainly we appreciate what lieutenant Finney does for all

10:30:18 of us.

10:30:21 Who likes the movies?

10:30:22 >> We all do.

10:30:23 >> You like the movies?

10:30:24 You get to go to the movies.

10:30:28 Four tickets to any summer classic of the movies and a

10:30:32 one-year membership for you and your significant other.

10:30:36 And you can enjoy yourself there.

10:30:39 Also, family portrait my prestige portraits.

10:30:46 When you can get away, you can go have dinner at Bern's.

10:30:51 It's your chance.

10:30:52 Here it is.

10:30:55 And the Byblos Mediterranean cafe.

10:31:01 And I understand we have to talk to Chief Forward about

10:31:03 assigning a firefighter to council chambers because there's

10:31:06 a lot of fire going on in there.

10:31:11 [ Laughter ] We have the police officer for unruly people

10:31:15 but I don't think they have addressed the fire issue yet.

10:31:18 Anyway, congratulations.

10:31:19 We appreciate what you do for us.

10:31:21 Thank you.

10:31:22 [ Applause ]

10:31:25 >> What an amazing honor to be recognized by not only my

10:31:35 peers but people in the community.

10:31:38 I have a great deal of respect for the job because of the

10:31:40 people that came here before me.

10:31:42 Both the ones that I'm related to.

10:31:45 I walk down these streets with 120 years of experience

10:31:49 between my mother, my stepfather, my father, and uncle.

10:31:54 Both between Hillsborough County and Tampa Fire Rescue.

10:31:58 They set an amazing example for me, with hard work,

10:32:01 dedication, and the love for your job and your work and your

10:32:06 day-to-day operations.

10:32:10 So this is an award, know it to me but to them as well, as

10:32:14 well as the people that have driven me in my career and

10:32:18 given me the guidance and respect that I enjoy today, many

10:32:25 in the audience here, my instructors, my first fire class,

10:32:31 now the airport chief.

10:32:32 He was one of the first ones that kind of got me started on

10:32:35 this whole instruction before I was even on the fire

10:32:39 department.

10:32:40 As well as many other individuals that gave me a lot of

10:32:42 guidance throughout my career.

10:32:43 So I share this with them.

10:32:46 So this is Tampa Fire Rescue award, not just firefighter of

10:32:49 the quarter.

10:32:51 For that I thank you.

10:32:53 [ Applause ]

10:32:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I guess our chair left for a minute.

10:33:25 I am going to be chair for a few minutes.

10:33:27 Once everybody clears out, who is going to be representing

10:33:30 the city today?

10:33:32 I know Mr. McDonough is not here.

10:33:36 Oh, I see.

10:33:37 Before we start -- firefighter, did they say 28 years?

10:33:52 Everybody calls you Sal, but you know what I call you is

10:33:55 Sammy.

10:33:56 >> We don't want to say what you call me.

10:33:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's true.

10:33:59 Sammy, I thank you for serving for 28 years.

10:34:02 And we really appreciate it.

10:34:04 Kids growing up in the neighborhood, we never expect that

10:34:07 people get any kind of success especially some of the guys

10:34:11 that we hung out with, and I want you to know that we are

10:34:14 all proud of you in the neighborhood.

10:34:15 >> Thank you, Councilman Suarez.

10:34:18 I really appreciate it.

10:34:19 >> And you never called me that before either.

10:34:22 Thank you, Sammy.

10:34:23 Mr. Johnson?

10:34:30 I know I don't look like the chair, but I'm the chair right

10:34:33 now.

10:34:33 Come up and do your monthly report, sir.

10:34:35 >> Ed Johnson subbing for Mr. McDonaugh this morning.

10:34:41 I know you all heard he's up to Tallahassee working on the

10:34:44 Central Park issues.

10:34:47 This morning on our agenda, first up, obviously is our

10:34:51 community advisory committee report, monthly report.

10:34:54 We have Mr. Harry Hedges from the downtown community

10:34:58 advisory committee that will bring comments on their behalf.

10:35:02 >> Good morning.

10:35:10 Harry Hedges, downtown CRA.

10:35:13 Last time I was here, we talked about people from Wesley

10:35:16 chapel not knowing downtown exists, and Brandon not knowing

10:35:20 downtown exists.

10:35:21 That is changing.

10:35:22 It is changing rapidly.

10:35:24 There is a vibe.

10:35:26 I think the things that we continue to support, the

10:35:28 Gasparilla music festival that we did in March, the

10:35:34 international film festival, all of these things bring new

10:35:38 people to town.

10:35:41 Funk fest was a great success.

10:35:46 Whenever you have new venues coming into town, it always

10:35:49 brings somebody else.

10:35:51 And they always get to see how much more is going on.

10:35:55 So the more we continue to do that, you know, the more the

10:35:59 town, the community, and the surrounding community benefits.

10:36:02 We did spend time in the last couple of meetings adjusting

10:36:07 our policies and procedures, primarily due to budget cuts,

10:36:13 and the budget restraints.

10:36:17 We had requests for funding as much as $75,000 in the past.

10:36:23 It's hard to make $30,000 go that far.

10:36:26 So we have addressed that.

10:36:29 Those people coming to us to ask for funds.

10:36:34 We are sensitive to what they want.

10:36:37 That is not a hard, fast rule, that we can only give $2500

10:36:42 now.

10:36:43 We do evaluate each one.

10:36:45 But it is to incubate an ongoing menu.

10:36:54 So we are trying to get those dollars go a lot farther and

10:36:56 trying to keep the vibe alive in Tampa, and it's working.

10:37:03 I thank you.

10:37:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are there questions?

10:37:08 Ms. Mulhern?

10:37:09 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to compliment you.

10:37:12 I like that idea of incubating the new events because as the

10:37:16 traditional events go on, they usually had a chance to

10:37:19 establish themselves.

10:37:21 So I think that's great that you are looking at the new, you

10:37:24 know, the new events coming up, and how things have

10:37:28 fostered.

10:37:29 >> Thank you.

10:37:30 It's amazing how many venues would have gone on without

10:37:33 funding in the past.

10:37:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to know when that funk fest is

10:37:38 because I missed it.

10:37:39 I didn't know it was happening until I read about it in the

10:37:43 paper.

10:37:43 Are we having another one this year?

10:37:46 >> We haven't had one come to us as yet.

10:37:48 That has not come back to us.

10:37:51 They changed the venue, as you know, from St. Pete to Tampa.

10:37:55 >>MARY MULHERN: The funk fest.

10:37:59 You were there.

10:38:00 I read about you being there.

10:38:01 >> It was gray. As Tampa becomes more alive, people

10:38:11 understand that if we are aiming for 24/7, life in the city,

10:38:15 it gets loud from time to time, but that's part of the

10:38:19 metropolitan area.

10:38:20 And we are getting there.

10:38:22 Thank you.

10:38:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:38:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Johnson.

10:38:32 >> Ed Johnson: I would like to cover, if I could, several

10:38:37 activities that are going on throughout the rest of the CRA

10:38:42 in downtown, it's appropriate to assist the Intown

10:38:47 frame group, and the residents on the Riverwalk, that

10:38:51 project is moving forward.

10:38:57 In Ybor, I would like to highlight that staff is working

10:39:00 with our contract administration department for the

10:39:04 successful completion of the East 7th Avenue streetscape.

10:39:08 This project will beautify the 2300 block with new benches,

10:39:14 pavers, landscape, on-street parking, and that's in Ybor.

10:39:19 Over in Channel District, the T city is reviewing right now,

10:39:23 and will be coming to you, I'm sure, at your evening

10:39:28 session, a rezoning petition for the sky house at

10:39:31 Channelside, which is an interesting project for the Channel

10:39:34 District community.

10:39:36 In East Tampa, we are continuing our work on buying

10:39:43 properties, especially properties that were in the area of

10:39:46 the property we purchased a few years ago called the

10:39:48 honky-tonk bar which I know we have been working on trying

10:39:51 to create an RFP to take that property and turn it into some

10:39:56 community use.

10:40:01 On this agenda, also, later on, is a request to purchase a

10:40:04 property that's adjacent to the honky-tonk bar that will

10:40:09 complete the acquisition of properties in and around there

10:40:12 that will give us now enough land to be able to do the

10:40:15 project that we anticipated doing several months ago.

10:40:18 So you will see that a little bit later.

10:40:21 Over in Tampa Heights riverfront area, the phase one

10:40:29 improvements for water works parks is underway.

10:40:33 The installation of perimeter fencing, aesthetic enhancement

10:40:37 of the sea wall.

10:40:38 And of course the Ulele project.

10:40:41 And they are working on the interior demolition of the water

10:40:44 works building right now so they can get ready for that

10:40:49 exciting project.

10:40:51 Over in Central Park, construction of the Trio apartment

10:40:58 complex continues.

10:40:59 Of course, you know the Trio is the next phase of the Encore

10:41:04 project which will be a family-generated project,

10:41:07 multifamily project.

10:41:09 In Encore.

10:41:11 Over in Drew Park, they are working on resolving any issues

10:41:17 and obtain the Florida Department of Transportation approval

10:41:19 for the communities identifying -- ID markets that Jeanette

10:41:25 and her group has been working on for some time.

10:41:27 And in the overall department concept one of the key

10:41:31 activities that staff is working on, they are working

10:41:33 obviously to prepare for the FY-13 CRA budget, the TIF

10:41:38 budget, the annual CRA budget planning presentation will

10:41:43 happen at the next CRA meeting August the 8th.

10:41:48 So that's it on the CRAs, if you have any questions.

10:41:54 If not, I will move on.

10:41:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Have they completed that project in

10:42:00 Central Park?

10:42:02 At Drew Park.

10:42:07 Have they completed that project?

10:42:09 I read somewhere that they were starting to do it.

10:42:11 >> Fenton: They are in the process of installing the lights

10:42:17 but they have not completed them.

10:42:19 There were about 150 lights so it's quite a large project.

10:42:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:42:23 That's part of the mayor's program of bright lights?

10:42:27 >> Jeanette Fenton: Yes.

10:42:29 Thank you.

10:42:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question on that, too, and you may

10:42:34 have already answered this but I can't remember what the

10:42:37 answer was.

10:42:38 The Drew Park street lights, are those going to be LED

10:42:41 lights?

10:42:43 >> Yes.

10:42:44 Well, I take that back.

10:42:45 I think the last time, the streetlights that I had

10:42:48 referenced that were LED lights are the pedestrian lighting

10:42:52 along Lois Avenue.

10:42:54 The streetlights that are being installed as part of the

10:42:56 mayor's streetlight initiative are the ones that are the

10:42:59 standard -- that meet the standards that the city is using

10:43:02 right now.

10:43:03 And I don't believe those are LED.

10:43:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

10:43:06 Is there any chance we could revisit that?

10:43:08 Because I know after just meeting with TECO that they now

10:43:11 have the -- I know when they were plan for that they didn't

10:43:16 have the Terrafin in place to be able to recoup some of the

10:43:24 loss, because they are so energy efficient, TECO wouldn't be

10:43:27 able to -- they would lose a lot.

10:43:36 So they now worked that out with the Public Service

10:43:38 Commission, gotten approval for the LED lights so I'm

10:43:43 wondering how far along we can look at putting LEDs in

10:43:47 there because it's going to save us so much money in the

10:43:49 long run, and it's also -- they are more expensive to begin

10:43:53 with but there's funding available, federal funding through

10:43:56 the Department of Energy to do that, and we can also

10:44:00 probably get Department of Energy bonds if we needed it to

10:44:03 cover the increase in costs of that.

10:44:05 So I was just wondering how far along are we?

10:44:08 Could we look at that, as maybe the first ones that are

10:44:13 getting installed it's too late, but as we do the other

10:44:15 ones, maybe we could do the LED lights.

10:44:18 >> We will bring that to the attention of the department

10:44:22 that is responsible for that program and see if that's

10:44:24 possible.

10:44:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Great.

10:44:25 Thank you.

10:44:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any other questions?

10:44:34 >> Ed Johnson: Next up is the quarterly TIF report in your

10:44:38 file.

10:44:38 We would like you to consider severing and filing that at

10:44:41 the proper time.

10:44:44 Or if you have any questions concerning it.

10:44:51 Hearing none.

10:44:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file.

10:44:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Miranda, seconded by

10:44:58 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:45:00 All those in favor say aye.

10:45:01 Opposed?

10:45:02 Thank you.

10:45:02 >> Ed Johnson: Moving to our next item is you had asked Mr.

10:45:09 McDonaugh to come and report to you about the update on the

10:45:12 time line for creating a West Tampa CRA.

10:45:16 Of course, he's out of town, but I will bring you some

10:45:19 comments that I received from him.

10:45:23 The process, as most of you know, to go through that between

10:45:27 the City Council and the MPO and the county commission takes

10:45:34 approximately a year to go through that process, legal

10:45:37 process of creating a CRA.

10:45:40 But Mr. McDonaugh has informed us that they have had several

10:45:43 meetings in the West Tampa area, and just recently they met

10:45:46 with residents from the North Boulevard homes association

10:45:51 and the idea of creating the CRA was very well received in

10:45:56 the community there, and they actually provided some copies

10:46:00 of some plans at that -- that that particular association

10:46:05 has undertaken over the last several years that they would

10:46:08 like to see incorporated in any kind of effort that goes

10:46:11 forward with creating a CRA.

10:46:12 As it stands right now, he is working to get a meeting with

10:46:17 Hillsborough County.

10:46:19 As you know, Hillsborough County is a major player in

10:46:21 creating CRA.

10:46:22 So he's just waiting for the green light from them to have

10:46:24 that meeting so they can get started on finding out if there

10:46:30 is enough momentum to move that forward.

10:46:32 So that's what we have today.

10:46:33 And I'm sure there will be other comments as time goes on.

10:46:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:46:38 Mr. Johnson, let me just walk through the process again,

10:46:42 because once we identify the boundaries, and when those

10:46:47 boundaries have to meet certain criteria per the statute,

10:46:52 then we go to MPO, MPO then does preliminary study on that?

10:47:05 I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson, but thank you anyway.

10:47:07 What's the next part of the process?

10:47:09 >> Ed Johnson: Why don't I defer to our attorney because he

10:47:15 has mapped this out over the last several years and throws

10:47:18 always been some discussion as to who gets on that next.

10:47:22 I'll defer to Sal.

10:47:23 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:47:26 The county is on board, with the Planning Commission, and

10:47:31 council has to authorize the study to be done.

10:47:33 The study is done.

10:47:34 You do a contract.

10:47:39 The Planning Commission gets a study done.

10:47:41 Once the study is done it is brought back to the City

10:47:43 Council.

10:47:44 City Council then approves the study.

10:47:46 And then that will go to CRA, say here is your new CRA plan.

10:47:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think you might have misspoke.

10:47:57 Are you saying before the CRA is created or the CRA has to

10:48:02 create the --

10:48:03 >>SAL TERRITO: City Council has to create the new CRA.

10:48:08 And create a new area.

10:48:10 The City Council has to make a finding that they want to do

10:48:13 a now CRA area.

10:48:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right.

10:48:15 We have to be in agreement with the council, correct?

10:48:18 >>SAL TERRITO: That's correct.

10:48:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: After that agreement is done, then we go to

10:48:21 the county saying we want this new CRA?

10:48:25 >>SAL TERRITO: Correct.

10:48:27 The CT county commission has to say we are agreeable with

10:48:29 that.

10:48:29 They may want to negotiate what the relationship is going to

10:48:33 be, and the City Council is in control of the project, the

10:48:39 CRA then takes what the City Council has approved.

10:48:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: When is the last time we created a CRA?

10:48:45 >>SAL TERRITO: I want to say 2004.

10:48:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: 2004?

10:48:48 And that was --

10:48:50 >>SAL TERRITO: Drew Park.

10:48:51 >> 2006.

10:48:55 Central Park.

10:48:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right.

10:48:59 Terrific.

10:49:00 Thank you.

10:49:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:49:10 Well, let me just say that once we get that meeting, the

10:49:16 commission, board of county commission, they are agreeable

10:49:18 to the West Tampa CRA.

10:49:23 The meetings just need to be coordinated.

10:49:26 But those we have spoken with and the person leading the

10:49:31 effort on that board assures me that this will be no problem

10:49:37 with the commissioners.

10:49:38 So we just need to establish the meeting, as you stated,

10:49:43 there was a meeting in West Tampa.

10:49:46 I attended several of those meetings.

10:49:48 And the people -- I was in that process in the beginning

10:49:53 when we did in East Tampa will understand the process and

10:50:00 need to be done, and how it needs to be done.

10:50:02 But once we do that study, especially with the establishing

10:50:10 the blightness of that area, and I'm pretty sure as we all

10:50:15 know they can put up newspaper housing developments, but

10:50:18 everything surrounding the housing development will still be

10:50:21 blighted.

10:50:26 And there's a meeting with Bob before he left town, I guess

10:50:34 this morning.

10:50:35 And hopefully we can -- I will work with Bob and Troy to get

10:50:39 that meeting expedited, because they are willing to work

10:50:43 with those on the board of county commission.

10:50:47 If there is no other comment, anyone wishing to speak on the

10:50:50 public comment at this time?

10:50:51 You have three minutes to speak on any matter on the agenda.

10:50:58 I know that's not going to stand true, but on the agenda.

10:51:06 >> I'm ed, Ed Tillou, sum fur springs.

10:51:13 Actually, I wanted to state, I didn't realize this was a CRA

10:51:17 meeting, but it is the second Thursday so I have a lot of

10:51:21 stuff about food festivals, but I didn't read.

10:51:25 So, anyway, as a planner, I can always talk about these

10:51:29 things, because as I read the paper, I react to various

10:51:33 things I see of a planning nature.

10:51:36 And one of those is this high-rise that they want to

10:51:40 construct behind the library, 36 stories.

10:51:43 And I don't think that's a good idea.

10:51:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's not on the agenda.

10:51:48 >> With respect to downtown CRA, I didn't realize it was

10:51:53 downtown so didn't frame this in the context of agenda item

10:51:56 6.

10:51:58 West Tampa CRA, you could jerrymander and just take a piece

10:52:03 of that and call it West Tampa.

10:52:05 You look at district 6 and district 7, my Lord, I mean, they

10:52:10 go here and there and everywhere.

10:52:12 It's supposed to have been a thing of the past but it's

10:52:14 still here.

10:52:16 With respect to what that project entails, one-way streets.

10:52:26 Well, I worked in transportation as an engineer so you would

10:52:30 say I was a transportation engineer.

10:52:32 I don't believe that.

10:52:33 I mean, the 50s, going into the 60s, and 70s is, in

10:52:40 the transportation field it would go to one-way streets.

10:52:44 It started in New York.

10:52:45 And it continued into other cities.

10:52:47 I see it in Baltimore, saw it on the west coast, and it's a

10:52:51 vast improvement.

10:52:53 I thought at the time it was a vast improvement.

10:52:56 Like something that's new and you kind of react and think,

10:52:59 oh, well, it's no good.

10:53:01 But this was something that was good.

10:53:03 And just to justify this, we are putting in one-way --

10:53:07 eliminating one-way streets and putting in two-way streets

10:53:11 that are safer.

10:53:12 Anytime there's something like that, somebody lives on some

10:53:15 street and they don't want to have to drive around the block

10:53:18 so they say, oh, let's make it a two-way street again.

10:53:21 No.

10:53:22 It's safer.

10:53:23 But Mrs. Mulhern, Ms. Mulhern, brought up about the light.

10:53:33 And I was at the Sulphur Springs theater and there was a

10:53:36 sign going to put in new streetlights here, and it's going

10:53:40 to be safer.

10:53:41 Well, walking by sometimes at night, I don't think I would

10:53:44 be safer.

10:53:45 I feel I'm safer in the dark, because it's the crime of

10:53:51 opportunities that bad guys, they see somebody walking and

10:53:54 they grab them.

10:53:56 And rob them.

10:53:57 So, you know, you have to look into some of these things.

10:54:00 As I say, many, many more LED pedestrian lights, and fewer

10:54:04 streetlights.

10:54:04 But don't expect the pressure from that to come because they

10:54:11 sell electric power.

10:54:12 Now maybe expand the electric car and then say we are

10:54:16 expanding electric cars.

10:54:17 So you can forgo that other.

10:54:20 (Bell sounds)

10:54:21 >> Al Davis: Mr. Chairman and other members of the

10:54:34 redevelopment agency, I'm Al Davis.

10:54:37 And I have a petition that I have forwarded to the

10:54:51 electronic system.

10:54:52 You may have it, and I would like to present it for the

10:54:55 record, and then I'll come back.

10:55:04 with regard to the petition, Mr. Chairman, and members, I am

10:55:18 hopeful that I have an opportunity to be benefitted to the

10:55:29 matter in the petition so that I can continue my journey to

10:55:35 get involved, you know, with the redevelopment of the

10:55:42 program.

10:55:44 I listened to the concerns and the comments with respect to

10:55:47 the prospects you have to go through to develop the plans,

10:55:58 and I thought sympathize and empathize with the technical

10:56:06 process that you have to go through.

10:56:10 Back in the day when the community redevelopment areas

10:56:18 created in the community which I live, a blighted area, that

10:56:43 didn't have to be, so I was curious why did the city allow

10:56:47 that situation to develop to the extent that we have to use,

10:56:53 quote-unquote, Al Davis -- it was a good alternative, but if

10:57:04 the city did its job initially there would not have been

10:57:07 that designation.

10:57:09 So since that is the proposed remedy, then I hope you will

10:57:13 give it due diligence, because I don't want to live in a

10:57:18 community that is considered slum, blighted, and

10:57:21 deteriorated.

10:57:22 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:57:23 Best wishes.

10:57:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:57:34 To our attorney.

10:57:35 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:57:37 The question is why the advisory committees have to meet the

10:57:39 sunshine law.

10:57:40 It's pretty clear in the statutes and all the case law out

10:57:43 there that CSR advisory committees are under sunshine

10:57:51 records.

10:57:52 I think question is why did the advisory committee, the is

10:57:59 law?

10:58:00 >> Al Davis: I have not seen the responsibility of filing

10:58:06 the various codes predicated on the kinds --

10:58:14 >>SAL TERRITO: I am sorry, they are not required to file

10:58:18 financial disclosure if that's the question you are asking.

10:58:20 >> Al Davis: That's where I see a difference in the Florida

10:58:26 statute 1112, and Florida statute 286.

10:58:36 When you look at 1112, it does describe those individuals

10:58:45 that are subject to the sunshine, that they have to file the

10:58:53 disclosure dependent on that particular category.

10:58:56 So it may be a matter of looking at those distinctions.

10:59:05 >>SAL TERRITO: We looked at those before and come to the

10:59:09 conclusion they are not required to file financial

10:59:11 disclosure.

10:59:12 >> I'm sorry, who came to that conclusion?

10:59:16 >>SAL TERRITO: The legal department.

10:59:18 We looked at that issue several times and came to the legal

10:59:21 conclusion that they are not required to file financial

10:59:24 disclosure.

10:59:25 They are subject to sunshine law and subject to public

10:59:27 records but they do not have to file financial disclosure.

10:59:30 >> Okay.

10:59:33 And the legal department feels a judgment in that matter

10:59:38 is --

10:59:42 >>SAL TERRITO: We have looked up and found other cases

10:59:44 where there were similar cases.

10:59:46 In most cases support the legal department's position.

10:59:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Mr. Davis, any other questions,

10:59:55 contact legal department and work that out.

10:59:57 All right.

10:59:59 Thank you.

11:00:04 Item number 7.

11:00:04 >> Ed Johnson: There are two items for approval this

11:00:10 morning.

11:00:11 7 and 8.

11:00:12 Number 7 is as I alluded to earlier, this is a property that

11:00:16 we are purchasing that's located at 4307 north 34th

11:00:20 street.

11:00:21 This is property that was previously owned by the Akins

11:00:26 funeral home family that we are purchasing in the amount of

11:00:28 $25,000.

11:00:29 The property appraised for 22,000.

11:00:32 And at this point I would really like to make a public

11:00:35 statement of appreciation to the Akins family, because you

11:00:40 know when we are out here trying to negotiate to buy

11:00:43 properties, sometimes the requests are a little outrageous.

11:00:49 But I wanted to publicly thank the Aikens family for their

11:00:53 professionalism and being responsible property owners in

11:00:58 allowing us to purchase this property at a reasonable price.

11:01:01 And also on that note I wanted to make sure that we thank

11:01:05 our real estate departments, because it's not me that's out

11:01:08 there buying these properties, it's our real estate

11:01:12 department, our professionals there that are out every day

11:01:16 working on our behalf to make these difficult transactions.

11:01:20 And I want to thank them personally myself.

11:01:24 But hopefully they will get recognized, too, as we go on

11:01:28 continuing to develop East Tampa.

11:01:31 So that item is on the agenda for approval.

11:01:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to be clear.

11:01:40 The appraisal was done by an independent appraisal company?

11:01:43 >> That's correct.

11:01:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's not the county --

11:01:47 >> No, night our city departments or county.

11:01:50 We actually paid for the appraisal out of our TIF dollars as

11:01:53 part of this process of acquiring these properties.

11:01:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I thought that might be the case but I

11:02:00 wanted to make sure and let the public know.

11:02:02 Thank you.

11:02:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Other questions?

11:02:08 Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

11:02:13 All in favor of the motion?

11:02:14 Opposed?

11:02:15 Thank you.

11:02:16 Item number 8.

11:02:17 >> Ed Johnson: Item number 8 is for you to ratify our slate

11:02:22 of six candidates for the upcoming East Tampa community

11:02:26 advisory committee where we have six candidates open, six

11:02:32 slots open for candidacy.

11:02:34 We had six that responded.

11:02:36 Four of them are returning for their second term, and two

11:02:40 are new.

11:02:40 So we are asking your favorable approval for that election

11:02:44 which will come up in September.

11:02:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mrs.

11:02:52 Capone.

11:02:53 Any discussion on the motion?

11:02:54 All those in favor?

11:02:56 Opposed?

11:02:56 Thank you.

11:02:56 >> That's all I have.

11:02:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

11:03:04 Mr. Suarez, any new business?

11:03:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.

11:03:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Not right now.

11:03:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Not right now.

11:03:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, sir, thank you.

11:03:15 >>MARY MULHERN: No, sir.

11:03:20 >>HARRY COHEN: No, sir.

11:03:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

11:03:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Need a motion to receive and file.

11:03:27 All in favor?

11:03:28 Opposed?

11:03:29 All right.

11:03:29 We stand adjourned.

11:04:33 (The CRA meeting adjourned).



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