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Tampa City Council
July 25, 2013
6:00 pm


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06:06:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to session.

06:06:53 Roll call.

06:06:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

06:06:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

06:06:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

06:06:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

06:07:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

06:07:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

06:07:05 All right.

06:07:05 I need a motion to open public hearings 1 through 9, I

06:07:10 believe.

06:07:11 >> So moved.

06:07:12 >> Second.

06:07:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione made the motion.

06:07:17 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

06:07:18 All in favor of the motion?

06:07:20 Opposed?

06:07:21 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:07:23 Also need a motion to receive and file any documents between

06:07:26 one and nine.

06:07:27 Motion by Ms. Montelione.

06:07:32 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

06:07:33 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:07:35 These are quasi-judicials.

06:07:36 Anybody who is going to speak, thinking of speaking or maybe

06:07:40 wishing had spoke, please stand up and get sworn in.

06:07:43 One through nine.

06:07:44 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:07:47 >> That means everyone is speaking but four people by my

06:07:58 counts, right her on this side.

06:07:59 All right.

06:08:00 Yes, ma'am.

06:08:01 Continuation.

06:08:03 Item number 1.

06:08:04 There's a letter from Mr. John Grandoff, petitioner,

06:08:08 requesting said petition be withdrawn.

06:08:11 Correct?

06:08:13 >> Yes, sir.

06:08:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a motion to allow this to be

06:08:16 withdrawn.

06:08:18 Motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mrs. Mulhern.

06:08:22 All in favor to allow withdrawal?

06:08:25 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:08:26 We go now to item number 2 number 2 can't be heard because

06:08:32 not perfected in the notification of this project.

06:08:35 Yes, ma'am?

06:08:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:08:38 You could go ahead and either just withdraw that this

06:08:41 evening and I'll reset it when it falls into the next cycle.

06:08:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to withdraw.

06:08:47 >> Second.

06:08:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to withdraw coming

06:08:51 back --

06:08:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Use the word remove.

06:08:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to remove from the agenda by Mr.

06:08:57 Suarez.

06:08:57 Seconded by Mrs. Capin.

06:08:59 Further discussion by council members?

06:09:00 All in favor of the motion?

06:09:02 Opposed?

06:09:02 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:09:04 Okay.

06:09:04 Item number 3.

06:09:06 We have got --

06:09:11 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Baseball tonight, right?

06:09:13 Item number 3 is actually Z-13-25.

06:09:19 This is a public hearing that you originally heard on May

06:09:22 9th of the on May 9th it came before you with six

06:09:26 units, and also with four waivers.

06:09:30 What I did was on the staff report I provided to you, I did

06:09:33 show you what was originally submitted to council and heard

06:09:36 on the 5-9 and then what was amended.

06:09:40 What is before you tonight, they have reduced those units

06:09:43 from six to five.

06:09:45 They no longer have a parking waiver, which took away both

06:09:50 the parking waiver and the compact space waiver, and the

06:09:55 multifamily green space waiver.

06:09:57 They now have one waiver that is before you.

06:09:59 And that is the buffer along the north which is a parking

06:10:03 lot, and on the west from 15 feet, 6-foot concrete masonry

06:10:10 wall to 6-foot PVC fence.

06:10:15 I do have -- I provided revised site plan to you.

06:10:18 I can show you an area with elevation as to where we are.

06:10:24 And I still also have pictures of the site.

06:10:30 There are a few minor modifications that would need to be

06:10:33 made between first and second reading.

06:10:38 This is the property located on Elberon.

06:10:45 Elberon to the east.

06:10:47 Quincy to the west.

06:10:53 If you do recall, this site has several large specimen

06:10:57 trees.

06:10:57 Along the south there was one on the right-of-way, a 33-inch

06:11:01 tree and a 29-inch tree.

06:11:02 So the way the site has been configured, those three along

06:11:08 the south.

06:11:09 And to provide adequate protection for those.

06:11:14 A couple of modifications I mentioned to you are from

06:11:17 natural resources.

06:11:18 One is to adjust for pervious in the drive aisles.

06:11:23 The other is to take care of the palms that are being locate

06:11:26 relocated.

06:11:27 And then there are some notations that need to be added to

06:11:30 the site plan as well.

06:11:32 Staff is available for any questions.

06:11:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nobody from the Planning Commission.

06:11:49 Petitioner?

06:12:00 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Suite 3700 Bank of America Plaza.

06:12:02 I represent ABC capital corporation on the application

06:12:06 before you.

06:12:07 This evening, was continued from the May hearing, and the

06:12:12 reason for the continuance is summarized in Ms. Feeley's

06:12:16 report to modify the site plan, reduce the density, and

06:12:19 provide the -- provide the required parking provided on the

06:12:22 previous site plan.

06:12:23 And I have both items before me.

06:12:29 I would like to put those up for you to look at, and also

06:12:32 improve the elevation requested by the neighborhood.

06:13:10 (off microphone) We had a meeting with the homeowners

06:13:16 association.

06:13:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's all right.

06:13:28 I don't like that sign anyway.

06:13:29 >> I'm sworn in.

06:13:31 I have been sworn at, too.

06:13:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Join the crowd.

06:13:35 >>> It's on?

06:13:38 Essentially we were at six units.

06:13:39 We reduced it to five units.

06:13:42 Parking complies.

06:13:44 The grand tree on the site has been preserved.

06:13:47 We have always preserved the same tree that are being

06:13:51 removed are still being removed.

06:13:52 The only waiver before you tonight is to the north boundary,

06:14:02 and to the west boundary.

06:14:04 on the north boundary there will be a six foot vinyl fence

06:14:13 and seven foot separation and a six foot vinyl fence with

06:14:16 five foot separation.

06:14:17 Remember we are in a CG project on what is now a CG zoned

06:14:23 property.

06:14:23 And here is the elevation of the apartment project, which we

06:14:26 have prepared as well.

06:14:33 The comprehensive plan which was provided to you in his

06:14:40 report -- talks about the urban village around Gandy, and

06:14:47 this is essentially the Ballast Point area, urban village as

06:14:50 described.

06:14:51 I have done a price study of densities.

06:14:54 And this brings the issue clearly into focus.

06:15:04 Put this on the overhead, please.

06:15:12 Okay.

06:15:21 Comprehensive plan is community mixed use 35 dwelling units

06:15:25 per acre.

06:15:26 We have .24 acres that translates to 10,640 square feet.

06:15:34 And in a pure analysis of 35 dwelling units per acre over

06:15:40 .25 acres would allow a density of eight units.

06:15:43 That would be 100% density.

06:15:46 Our last site plan, which was dated March 21st, came to

06:15:50 you in the May hearing, again resulted in a 25 unit per acre

06:15:56 density over the land area, which was the six units we

06:16:00 built.

06:16:01 We have now scaled the project down to five dwelling units,

06:16:06 which is an effective density of 20.

06:16:08 So if you could have a new CMU category called CMU 20, which

06:16:13 we are building at.

06:16:14 If you look over on the right-hand column you will see if we

06:16:17 were building an eight dwelling units would be at 100%.

06:16:21 The last was at 75%.

06:16:24 With these modifications to the unit count, and providing

06:16:28 all the required parking, we are at a 60% density.

06:16:33 So that is a very, very substantial move, very compatible

06:16:41 project, and you can review Mr. Hayes' findings which I

06:16:44 believe are very instructive, and the subject site can be

06:16:52 considered for maximum of eight units.

06:16:54 I'm reading page 2 from his report.

06:16:56 The subject site is utilizing 62% of the subject site

06:17:01 maximum residential development potential.

06:17:04 It's utilizing dwelling units density.

06:17:08 He recognizes we are in a mixed use corridor village.

06:17:11 And on page 3, policy 14.1.4 says use limited land resources

06:17:19 more efficiently and pursue development patterns that are

06:17:23 more economically sound by encouraging in-fill development

06:17:26 on vacant underutilized site.

06:17:29 This is a general commercial site in which we are

06:17:31 transitioning from commercial zoning at Gandy, moving south

06:17:35 to this project under the CMU, and doing what I call a CMU

06:17:41 20 development.

06:17:43 And then the RM 75, neighborhood further to the south.

06:17:49 Policy 13.3.9 on the bottom, the city shall require that

06:17:54 scale and massing of new development in higher density

06:17:58 centers provide appropriate transition and are sensitive to

06:18:01 the physical character of the adjoining neighborhood.

06:18:07 Also finds that the logical transition of intensity and

06:18:10 density from commercial general to the single-family

06:18:16 development.

06:18:16 On the top of page 4.

06:18:18 I think the best policy that the Planning Commission adopted

06:18:21 is in the middle of page 4, urban villages, which is like

06:18:25 Ballast Point, contain most of the following uses.

06:18:28 You see all these uses.

06:18:29 And we should work toward creating mixed and placements of

06:18:33 these uses that work for the character of the village and

06:18:36 creates a vibrant community.

06:18:40 You can see findings finally on page 5.

06:18:43 We preserved the majority for trees on the property.

06:18:46 And we are providing an 85-foot front yard, 85 feet from

06:18:57 Elberon all the way to the structure, again seven feet on

06:19:00 the north, five on the west.

06:19:03 These are vacant parcels, commercially zoned parcels.

06:19:06 And then to the south ten feet as required.

06:19:29 There are two trees that the city deems to be effectively

06:19:35 removed.

06:19:36 That's the tree at the entrance, conflicts with the power

06:19:39 line at the top, above the tree.

06:19:44 In any development scenario, it is everyone's opinion that

06:19:48 that tree would have to be removed.

06:19:50 It is a protected tree.

06:19:51 It is in the tree table to be replaced.

06:19:54 The second tree is to the north, just to the north of the

06:19:56 parking area near the retention pond.

06:19:59 Again, the city construed that to be an effective removal.

06:20:03 We are going to try to protect the view.

06:20:06 We are going to try to preserve that tree during

06:20:08 construction because it helps the site characteristics, and

06:20:14 we mean what we say, because we included that tree as a

06:20:17 taken tree in the tree table.

06:20:20 Even though it's calculated as taken, we ask to preserve

06:20:24 itself.

06:20:24 We are going to try to preserve it on-site and be bound by

06:20:28 the tree table.

06:20:32 Pervious payment will be around the grand tree, another tree

06:20:36 on the north near the building.

06:20:41 That's my summary of the site plan and the staff reports.

06:20:45 You recall before there were significant issues regarding

06:20:49 parking and traffic.

06:20:50 We have no objection to the transportation department.

06:20:53 The parking has never changed.

06:20:55 It was nine before.

06:20:57 It is nine now.

06:20:58 It complies with the code.

06:21:01 At a request of the neighborhood, we reduced the compact

06:21:03 spaces from two spaces -- two six spaces to two compact

06:21:08 spaces.

06:21:09 So with that I would like to wrap up my preliminary remarks

06:21:11 and reserve any further comments for rebuttal.

06:21:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by council members at this

06:21:17 time?

06:21:17 Ms. Mulhern?

06:21:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I had a few questions, if I can find

06:21:22 them.

06:21:26 Actually question for Abbye.

06:21:28 Do we have a new staff report?

06:21:32 Okay.

06:21:35 I'm looking at -- was it passed out?

06:21:44 It should have been in my book.

06:21:46 Okay, maybe it's buried in here.

06:21:48 I'll find it.

06:21:51 So the transportation objection from the beginning of this

06:22:03 hearing -- I'm digging for them ... you know, I'll wait.

06:22:11 I can't find what I'm looking for, so I'll wait.

06:22:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council member?

06:22:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I did find it.

06:22:20 I'm sorry.

06:22:21 Okay.

06:22:23 There was an objection to the two-way driveway, then minimum

06:22:31 growth width with 10-foot radii flares.

06:22:35 It says that code requires 20, and it is now at.

06:22:39 >> and it is now at 20.

06:22:42 They made that modification.

06:22:44 Those objections everybody removed.

06:22:49 ADA has been placed properly.

06:22:51 The throat is now at 20.

06:22:53 The backup width waiver was no longer needed.

06:22:57 And then they showed a sidewalk on south Elberon, a Notation

06:23:03 that it would comply with 22103, and they have done that as

06:23:07 well.

06:23:07 The only thing that's outstanding right now is a comment

06:23:10 from me that there was a typo.

06:23:13 It should be a 6-foot PVC instead of a 7.

06:23:17 I have done some minor modifications by Natural Resources

06:23:18 for the pervious pavement, the transplanted palms and a

06:23:23 couple of other things.

06:23:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know if you can answer this

06:23:26 question.

06:23:26 I probably asked it the last time but I don't remember and

06:23:29 don't have notes.

06:23:32 This, even though we are right adjacent to single-family

06:23:36 zoning, do we know at what point it became commercial

06:23:42 general?

06:23:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's always been, even under the previous

06:23:48 zoning code, which was conformance -- it was a C-1.

06:23:58 There were two kinds of zoning conformance so prior to '87

06:24:04 when it became CG it was C-1 which was also a low intensity

06:24:08 commercial district.

06:24:10 I don't show it was ever residential.

06:24:11 >> So is that lower intensity than commercial general?

06:24:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, they are equivalent.

06:24:16 >>MARY MULHERN: So probably because it was adjacent to

06:24:22 Gandy?

06:24:25 I'm just trying to picture it.

06:24:26 I don't Howe understand how that residential street --

06:24:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Let me put up the zoning atlas.

06:24:35 the CG line there is all the way back, at the back of the

06:24:47 platted lots.

06:24:48 They were platted north-south to Gandy.

06:24:50 You will see those developments within those CG, which was

06:24:54 the other thing we talked about at the hearing.

06:24:57 You can do this development under a CG through a special use

06:25:00 1 if you meet the RM-24 standards.

06:25:03 Because of a buffer waiver, they don't meet those standards,

06:25:07 and a buffer waiver wouldn't be able to be processed that

06:25:10 way.

06:25:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:25:14 >> All this is CG.

06:25:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

06:25:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council members?

06:25:19 We go to the audience portion.

06:25:20 Item number 3, Z-13-25.

06:25:23 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 3,

06:25:27 Z-13-25?

06:25:28 Please come forward.

06:25:29 >> Hank Ennis, 2808 Marlin Avenue, a member of the Ballast

06:25:45 Point neighborhood association.

06:25:48 And you received some e-mails from our president and some

06:25:51 other people who are board members of our association, and

06:25:54 we are still opposed to the project.

06:25:55 We appreciate the developer meeting with us, but there are

06:26:00 still many issues that we want to bring forth.

06:26:02 Specifically, the scale of this project we feel is

06:26:05 inappropriate for the lot size.

06:26:07 This is a small lot.

06:26:08 It's a large development.

06:26:10 The rear setback provides for a 5-foot rear setback for a

06:26:18 three-story building overlooking single-family residential

06:26:22 homes to the south is totally incompatible with the

06:26:26 neighborhood.

06:26:27 And also we have a huge issue with the loss of these

06:26:33 beautiful trees, 33-inch oak on the road and the 29-inch oak

06:26:38 on the north side of the property.

06:26:39 This tree provides a beautiful canopy on the north side and

06:26:44 over the road for people walking to Bayshore and up to

06:26:47 Gandy.

06:26:48 And that's just a huge loss for our neighborhood.

06:26:51 And we want to speak against that.

06:26:59 As they said, they cut down the trees to provide for the

06:27:02 parking.

06:27:03 We appreciate the parking.

06:27:04 But it certainly -- we said this at the last hearing -- for

06:27:07 the residents to have to choose between parking and trees,

06:27:11 that's not right.

06:27:12 That's not fair.

06:27:14 These guys knew exactly what they were getting into when

06:27:17 they bought this property.

06:27:18 They knew there were these beautiful trees on the land.

06:27:20 And yes, they are cutting them down to provide parking for a

06:27:26 project that's too big for the space.

06:27:29 And just in closing, as we have always said, properties

06:27:36 south of Gandy is sort of the stepchild of the city, and

06:27:42 this project being proposed one block north, it wouldn't

06:27:45 even be considered.

06:27:46 And we are hoping that you will change that process and

06:27:50 what's been going on and deny this proposal.

06:27:53 It's a planned development and you obviously can deny it

06:27:56 based on competent, substantial evidence, and we think we

06:27:59 have provided that evidence to you.

06:28:00 Thank you.

06:28:02 >>: Thank you.

06:28:02 Anyone else in the audience on item 3, Z-13-25?

06:28:06 >> My name is Joe Steal, 5002 South Elberon.

06:28:16 I also object to the size and the scale of this for the

06:28:20 neighborhood.

06:28:21 I live quite close to it, single, residential family-type

06:28:29 houses.

06:28:29 And what they are proposing with the setbacks that they are

06:28:33 proposing and the number of -- the community and the feel of

06:28:41 the neighborhood.

06:28:43 And in addition to that, I mean, they need to have parking.

06:28:50 Chopping down the trees to have that parking is going to

06:28:53 change the flavor of the neighborhood.

06:28:58 And we like our neighborhood.

06:29:00 I think a lot of people thought there were only going to be

06:29:03 four units, which we discussed.

06:29:05 After the meeting, they somehow switched to five.

06:29:13 I really hope the members here vote to preserve the Ballast

06:29:15 Point community.

06:29:17 Thanks.

06:29:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:29:18 Anyone else on item 3, Z-13-25?

06:29:23 Petitioner, you have five minutes for rebuttal.

06:29:33 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I will explain the trees briefly.

06:29:37 These trees are in the footprint of the building, protected

06:29:40 trees, chapter 13 is very clear.

06:29:42 There's a reason, you may remove protected trees, to a sure

06:29:48 the reasonable use of the property.

06:29:50 Compare that to the density study I showed to you.

06:29:52 Number two, several of these palm trees are going to be

06:29:55 relocated on the property.

06:29:56 They are sabal palm tree, excellent species.

06:29:59 We are going to relocate those palms.

06:30:01 Those are part of the comment that Mary Bryant requested be

06:30:05 put in between first and second reading after she reviewed

06:30:08 the revised site plan.

06:30:10 The two trees that Mr. Amerison is talking about is this

06:30:16 tree right here, in the power line.

06:30:18 You can look at two surveys.

06:30:20 One survey will put it in the right-of-way.

06:30:22 Another survey will put it on our client's property.

06:30:24 This is built as a home -- and we'll talk about the home

06:30:30 issue in a minute. This is built on commercial general

06:30:30 zoning, and right now that tree goes, and it has to be

06:30:34 replaced which is what we are doing.

06:30:35 It's a protected tree.

06:30:36 Not a grand tree.

06:30:37 The grand tree is here.

06:30:38 We are protecting that tree.

06:30:40 There's a second tree Mr. Ennis pointed out.

06:30:44 That's the tree we are going to try to save in the project

06:30:47 but it is also included in the removed tree in the tree

06:30:50 table.

06:30:51 Whether we save it or not it is going to be placed on-site

06:30:54 so this will be flush with trees when we finish the project.

06:30:57 It will be an outstanding project.

06:30:59 Comprehensive plan CMU 35 does not allow residential

06:31:05 development, single-family on this property.

06:31:07 It would be illegal to try to build a single-family home on

06:31:10 this property without a plan amendment and a rezoning which

06:31:13 would be a two-year process.

06:31:15 That is what the opposition wants us to do on commercially

06:31:17 zoned property.

06:31:18 I believe that's unreasonable.

06:31:23 Go back to the comment about the parking is not fair.

06:31:32 We meet the required parking.

06:31:36 Develop incompatibles.

06:31:38 We are at 52% of the reasonable CMU 35 density on the

06:31:43 project.

06:31:45 Size and scale.

06:31:47 I don't understand how there's a size and scale issue.

06:31:50 We have an 85-foot setback from the front.

06:31:58 In the rear yard, as Mr. Harris spoke about, rear yard.

06:32:07 The yard behind us.

06:32:20 Commercial, general zoning, is kind of a leftover from the

06:32:23 parking lot to the north, that is used by the ALF.

06:32:26 That property owner was notified, had not contacted us with

06:32:29 any objection.

06:32:30 That's on the west.

06:32:32 No contact to us.

06:32:34 The property on the north where the other buffer is going to

06:32:38 be.

06:32:41 The ALF parking lot is here, again.

06:32:44 Notified by letter.

06:32:45 No contact.

06:32:46 No objection.

06:32:48 Those are two issues Mr. Ennis is bringing up.

06:32:51 Zero contact with this property owner.

06:32:53 Mr. Ennis lives down the street and around the corner.

06:33:07 In summary, we provided a few competent substantial comments

06:33:12 this evening in the form of a staff report.

06:33:14 The site plan, the amendment to the site plan, the site

06:33:21 study indicates the size and density of the project and also

06:33:26 the zoning map that Ms. Feeley discussed with Ms. Mulhern

06:33:30 clearly shows where the commercial general line has been for

06:33:32 years.

06:33:33 Since 1956, if you go back to the C 1 zoning.

06:33:40 Their objections are not reported by competent substantial

06:33:46 evidence.

06:33:46 Especially the one north stepchild argument.

06:33:49 What's that supposed to mean as far as an evidentiary

06:33:54 standard?

06:33:54 Those are not reasons for denial.

06:33:56 I respectfully request your approval this evening.

06:33:58 We have compromised to five units and ask for your approval.

06:34:03 Thank you.

06:34:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:34:07 Council members?

06:34:08 Mrs. Mulhern?

06:34:10 >>MARY MULHERN: I have questions for staff, for Abbye.

06:34:18 One of the e-mails we got from a neighbor talked about the

06:34:21 Ballast Point community plan.

06:34:26 Is there any kind of overlay or community plan in place

06:34:32 here?

06:34:33 >> This is what I'm curious about.

06:34:38 And when you look at this, they are basically putting a

06:34:43 parking lot in front of the apartment building they are

06:34:46 building.

06:34:47 So while I understand it started out as a commercial --

06:34:59 right now it's commercially zoned, the PD is making it into

06:35:03 residential.

06:35:04 So that kind of row of parking on residential, even

06:35:12 residential multifamily, are we trying to move away from

06:35:15 that in these mixed use urban villages, that you not have

06:35:20 all of this parking in front?

06:35:24 Lower commercial than putting a parking lot in front of

06:35:27 there.

06:35:27 >> The problem is the grand trees and the three large

06:35:32 specimen trees on the south side and providing protective.

06:35:37 You can't have it both ways.

06:35:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

06:35:40 But do they have some kind of right because it's commercial

06:35:47 to have the maximum density allowed?

06:35:49 >> They are not executing the maximum density.

06:35:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, any kind of density.

06:35:55 You could build a multifamily -- you know, we don't have

06:35:59 these too much in Tampa, but traditional apartment buildings

06:36:04 in urban areas like this are two flats or three flats where

06:36:08 you would have two or three apartments.

06:36:10 And then you wouldn't need, you know, twice as much parking

06:36:14 for the residents.

06:36:15 >> I'm not sure I'm --

06:36:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't understand the argument that --

06:36:23 okay.

06:36:26 That it's okay for them to put this parking in front when we

06:36:30 are trying to, you know, move away from that.

06:36:34 It doesn't seem to fit in with our comprehensive plan for a

06:36:38 mixed use urban villages.

06:36:41 You are putting a parking front.

06:36:44 >> I understand what you are saying, that they need to do it

06:36:48 because of the trees, but they also need to do it because

06:36:52 they need that much parking.

06:36:53 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may, the width of the lot will also

06:36:58 not allow them to put the building in front and get to the

06:37:01 back of the building for access and parking.

06:37:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Because of the size of the building?

06:37:11 If they were building a three-unit, one, two, three-story

06:37:16 residence on the first floor, residence on the second floor,

06:37:21 residence on the third floor, kind of double the apartment

06:37:25 building with the entrance in the middle.

06:37:28 And you would have room to put a driveway around the back.

06:37:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That's not what we were asked to review

06:37:37 under this application.

06:37:37 I'm not sure what other product the applicant has for

06:37:40 consideration of designing something like that.

06:37:42 That would be a question that you could ask them.

06:37:46 We evaluated the product that was provided to us based on

06:37:49 the lot, the comprehensive plan has both types of policies.

06:37:52 It does have a set of policies that talk about preservation

06:37:55 and natural resources and trees, and providing parking

06:37:59 waivers for when you are providing protection for large

06:38:03 specimen trees.

06:38:04 It also has the urban village policies that talk about the

06:38:07 placements of that.

06:38:08 And I guess that's part of planning. You have to balance

06:38:10 those things.

06:38:11 The reality is under the CG commercial zoning, which this

06:38:15 property is, it has a minimum ten foot front, side and rear

06:38:19 setback.

06:38:20 And if you were to use that minimum ten foot all the way

06:38:23 around the property and lay out a building, you could have a

06:38:26 large intensity based on the allowable F.A.R. in the

06:38:30 property.

06:38:31 So it's a balance of all of those aspects in trying to get

06:38:33 to the best product.

06:38:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:38:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:38:40 Mr. Suarez.

06:38:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Feeley, you kind of touched on what I

06:38:46 was going to ask anyway, which is because it's already CG,

06:38:49 by right he has certain things that he could build there.

06:38:52 You mentioned about the ten-foot setback on three sides and

06:38:56 the one side in order to allow for access.

06:38:59 What are some of the things that usually can come under a CG

06:39:02 type of use?

06:39:04 I mean, I don't need the entire list but --

06:39:07 >> Medical office.

06:39:09 Professional office.

06:39:09 Retail sales.

06:39:11 Vehicle repair minor.

06:39:14 Gas station.

06:39:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, so we can probably have -- you could

06:39:21 have pretty much a lot of different uses there that are

06:39:24 not -- I wont won't say compatible but not quite the nature

06:39:28 of the single-family neighborhood type thing either,

06:39:33 correct?

06:39:33 >> Yes.

06:39:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

06:39:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:39:39 Okay.

06:39:39 We have heard from the petitioner.

06:39:41 We heard from the public.

06:39:45 We heard comments.

06:39:46 Need a motion to close.

06:39:48 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:39:50 Seconded by Ms. Capin.

06:39:55 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:39:58 Opposed nay.

06:39:59 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:40:02 Mr. Suarez, would you read the ordinance?

06:40:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

06:40:11 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:40:13 vicinity of 4905 and 4907 south Elberon street in the city

06:40:21 of TV and described in section 1 from zoning district

06:40:24 classification CG commercial general to PD planned

06:40:27 development residential multifamily, providing an effective

06:40:29 date.

06:40:30 And including the revisions as provided by staff from the

06:40:35 first hearing to now.

06:40:36 >> Second.

06:40:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez.

06:40:39 Second by Mrs. Capin.

06:40:40 Further discussion by council members? All in favor?

06:40:44 Opposed?

06:40:44 Motion passes unanimously.

06:40:48 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Cohen being absent.

06:40:51 Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at 9:30

06:40:55 a.m.

06:40:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 4.

06:40:59 Z-13-27.

06:41:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:41:12 Item number 4, Z-13-27 is a rezoning request at 116 south

06:41:20 Church Street.

06:41:20 And the request buff this evening is from RM-24, which is

06:41:23 residential multifamily to PD, planned development, for

06:41:28 commercial off-street parking.

06:41:29 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:41:40 I have been sworn.

06:41:42 Our next case is located within the central Tampa planning

06:41:45 area, one of the two planning districts within the City of

06:41:48 Tampa that is expected to take the majority of growth within

06:41:51 the next 20 years.

06:41:54 Next we move on to the aerial.

06:41:56 The subject site is in the center of the map.

06:41:58 To the north we can see the Kennedy Boulevard corridor, and

06:42:01 the American Legion cemetery and historic hopewell cemetery

06:42:06 which dates back to the late 1800s.

06:42:08 To the west and south we have multifamily residential.

06:42:10 And to the east we have an existing parking lot.

06:42:14 The dealership which the lot is associated with is directly

06:42:18 northwest of the subject site across south Church Street.

06:42:23 Church Avenue, excuse me.

06:42:25 We have the future land use map.

06:42:27 The subject site and property to the south, and east.

06:42:33 Directly to the north running along Kennedy Boulevard,

06:42:35 corridor, we have the urban mixed use 60, future land use

06:42:39 category, which is the purplish color.

06:42:41 The lighter brown color to the south of Cleveland is

06:42:44 property designated residential 20.

06:42:46 While the property south of Cleveland and west of south

06:42:49 church are designated residential 10.

06:42:51 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

06:42:53 rezoning to PD to allow for parking lot is comparable to the

06:42:57 nonresidential pattern within the surrounding area.

06:42:59 The site is properly mitigated for use by providing for

06:43:05 screening and therefore based on all that, the goals

06:43:08 objectives and policies of the plan, Planning Commission

06:43:11 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the

06:43:13 comprehensive plan.

06:43:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:43:21 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Typically, the parking comes to you as a

06:43:24 special use.

06:43:25 But because this special use did need one landscape waiver,

06:43:31 that's why it's a PD but the special use criteria travel

06:43:35 with that request.

06:43:36 So there are a couple waivers to those criteria. The first

06:43:39 is to allow for the commercial use which the property serves

06:43:43 to be separated by a right-of-way which is south church

06:43:46 Avenue.

06:43:46 I will show you that.

06:43:47 The second is to allow for the parking area to extend beyond

06:43:50 100 feet from 100 to 130 feet along south church and from

06:43:55 100 to 105 along south Roland.

06:43:59 I'll show you that also.

06:44:00 To reduce the use buffer along the south from 15 feet to

06:44:04 12-foot with a 6-foot concrete masonry wall and landscape

06:44:08 features including the retention of the protective trees

06:44:11 along the common property line.

06:44:13 And I will also show you a photo of that.

06:44:16 The last is to allow for a requirement, plant 50% of the

06:44:20 required trees within the interior area to be satisfied by

06:44:23 the perimeter's planting.

06:44:25 The special use criteria on this do require that it cannot

06:44:29 be used for overnight parking of vehicles or parking of

06:44:35 operative vehicles -- inoperative vehicles, or teenager T

06:44:40 storage of inoperative vehicles.

06:44:42 So I wanted to go through that.

06:44:44 Criteria start on page 4 and go to page 5.

06:44:48 I will show you the site.

06:44:51 As David mentioned, Roland to the north, Cleveland to the

06:44:57 south, church, Dale Mabry Highway, Kennedy Boulevard.

06:45:01 I did make a notation on here handwritten because we changed

06:45:06 this zoning from PD to CI earlier last year.

06:45:09 This is the commercial property which is being served by the

06:45:13 site.

06:45:14 Just to the east of here, there is also a parking lot that

06:45:18 received a special use as well.

06:45:25 David mentioned there is a cemetery just to the north here,

06:45:30 and residential multifamily to the south and to the west.

06:45:39 Here is an aerial of the site.

06:45:43 Again, that lot that I just referred to to the east, subject

06:45:46 property shown here in yellow, multifamily residential to

06:45:50 the south and west, and then the car dealership, which is a

06:45:53 combination of a commercial intensive and PD over a little

06:45:57 further to the east.

06:46:05 Some photos of the site.

06:46:07 This is from Roland looking south.

06:46:11 This is from Roland looking west.

06:46:17 Also from Roland.

06:46:19 Moving actually towards Dale Mabry.

06:46:23 This is the other special use lot.

06:46:31 This is from church.

06:46:34 Looking east toward Dale Mabry.

06:46:38 Some of these are a little dark.

06:46:40 I apologize.

06:46:41 This is the residential multifamily immediately to the south

06:46:43 on church.

06:46:46 This is to the west on church.

06:46:50 Moving up toward Kennedy.

06:46:53 Here is a look from the intersection of Roland and church

06:46:57 looking northwest.

06:47:01 This is from Kennedy and church looking south.

06:47:05 And on the north side of Roland coming from Dale Mabry,

06:47:09 working west toward church.

06:47:21 The request before you tonight is to create off-street

06:47:23 commercial parking lot with 36 spaces.

06:47:26 It is 143.69-foot lot by 107.95 lot.

06:47:31 It will have ingress and egress on west Roland street and

06:47:35 serve a collar dealership to the west.

06:47:37 The subject property is surrounded by commercial intensive

06:47:40 zoning to the north, residential multifamily to the south

06:47:42 and west, and commercial offstreet parking to the east.

06:47:46 There's one outstanding comment from natural resources, and

06:47:51 that is just to correct the tree overlay on the site plan

06:47:54 that follows, that all three trees are Laurel oaks.

06:47:59 One is cherry Laurel and they would like this to be

06:48:04 corrected that the tree between the six inch and seven inch

06:48:07 oak and palm are Laurel oak.

06:48:10 That being said, I did mention that I would talk about the

06:48:13 waivers for the extension of the special use criteria.

06:48:23 We had this on a couple other cases.

06:48:27 So it talks about 100-foot extension.

06:48:31 And under the waiver in the staff report, there's two

06:48:33 different ones.

06:48:34 There's one to take it to the furthest point on Roland and

06:48:39 one to take it to the further point here on Church.

06:48:41 And that includes the distance here, and then over -- I'm

06:48:45 sorry, all the way out to here.

06:48:47 So it does have both of those for the width and depth of the

06:48:51 lot in relationship to the 100 feet.

06:48:59 Other than that, staff found the request consistent.

06:49:02 We are available for any questions.

06:49:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

06:49:06 Petitioner?

06:49:13 You're dressed in black.

06:49:16 I thought it was a stadium issue.

06:49:17 >> No, that was this morning.

06:49:20 For the record, Gina Grimes of the law firm of Hill, Ward,

06:49:23 Henderson.

06:49:24 We represent the applicant in this case.

06:49:26 The applicant is an entity that's related to clean

06:49:30 automotive this evening is the consultant on this

06:49:36 project.

06:49:36 I'm also joined by Randy Coen who is our transportation

06:49:40 planner, and our planner.

06:49:42 And I'm going to hand out some books that I have.

06:49:45 And Randy is going to walk you through our site plan and

06:49:48 discuss some of the details.

06:49:50 And then after that I'll address the code criteria.

06:49:53 >> Good evening.

06:50:05 Randy Coen.

06:50:06 I have been sworn.

06:50:07 My address is 4121 west lake street.

06:50:10 Go to the overhead for a moment.

06:50:16 I superimposed the parking lot on the overhead so we can see

06:50:19 what we are dealing with here.

06:50:20 The cemetery north.

06:50:23 KUHN automotive here.

06:50:25 Existing parking lot here.

06:50:27 The project here.

06:50:29 Condominiums here.

06:50:30 Access to the project is from Roland.

06:50:32 Obviously you can see KUHN.

06:50:36 We are providing sidewalks on both sides of the property

06:50:39 which has faced some contention with this parking lot.

06:50:42 There are sidewalks built on Malcolm and Roland.

06:50:48 With that I would like to move over to a larger site plan.

06:51:07 Just to quickly talk about the site plan for a moment.

06:51:09 36 spaces.

06:51:10 Spaces are to be gated.

06:51:13 During today's time of operation the gates will be open

06:51:17 although at the times the gate is closed the parking lot

06:51:22 will not be open.

06:51:24 It is only for parking by KUHN employs.

06:51:28 No vehicle storage allowed.

06:51:30 No light in the parking lot.

06:51:31 We felt that was important for the residential neighborhood

06:51:33 to the south and to the west of us.

06:51:36 I want to talk a little bit about landscaping.

06:51:39 Buffer on Church Street is 250% greater than what's required

06:51:43 by code.

06:51:44 One of the reasons for that is to provide a good vegetative

06:51:46 buffer and to place the number of trees there.

06:51:48 That's the reason for our waiver of not having so many trees

06:51:52 in the center of the parking throat really put them on the

06:51:54 perimeter of the parking lot.

06:51:56 We took a six foot wall where we are talking a 12-foot

06:52:00 buffer here, rather than 15.

06:52:01 6-foot masonry wall.

06:52:05 The wall slightly from the property, and that's to save all

06:52:09 of the existing tree vegetation on the southern property

06:52:11 line.

06:52:12 We are only removing one tree on this particular site.

06:52:15 That is up in this corner.

06:52:17 And it is requested by the City of Tampa when they inspected

06:52:20 the trees, then realized the tree was in very poor condition

06:52:23 and it whats better to take it down from a safety

06:52:25 standpoint. We agreed to do that.

06:52:26 We are also mitigating for that tree on-site.

06:52:31 That's the site plan as it is.

06:52:33 Very compatible with the existing parking lot to the side of

06:52:36 it.

06:52:37 There is an alleyway through the center between these two

06:52:41 parking lots.

06:52:41 And if we can go back to the overhead for a moment, in

06:52:44 talking about that alleyway, if you notice, this parking for

06:52:49 the condominium is angled.

06:52:52 They we felt it was important to keep that alleyway in

06:53:00 place.

06:53:01 You don't have a view of trees there.

06:53:02 We also increased the buffer on that side by 25%.

06:53:06 So we are doing everything we can to assist the condominium

06:53:09 development as far as having a low-scale project here as

06:53:13 opposed to dumping more townhouses on property in that lot,

06:53:16 which would be the typical use we would put in there if we

06:53:20 did not do this parking lot.

06:53:22 And with that I'm happy to answer any questions you would

06:53:25 have.

06:53:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:53:28 time?

06:53:28 Ms. Capin?

06:53:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone).

06:53:36 >> Right here in this corner directly across the street from

06:53:39 the cemetery.

06:53:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The cluster.

06:53:43 >> Oh, the cluster we are redefining the trees right here.

06:53:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Know no, to the north.

06:53:49 >> The cemetery.

06:53:52 Yes.

06:53:53 VFW is over here.

06:53:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You didn't hear me because I didn't have my

06:53:58 microphone on.

06:53:58 >> Oh, sorry.

06:54:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council members?

06:54:03 Continue, petitioner.

06:54:10 >>GINA GRIMES: As you can see, a lot of the design of the

06:54:13 parking lot was specifically geared towards ensuring its

06:54:19 compatibility with the adjacent residence to the south.

06:54:22 And I want to emphasize the restrictions and the mitigation

06:54:27 and buffers that we have of this project, because it's very

06:54:29 important as far as the code criteria is concerned.

06:54:32 As Randy said, we have limited hours of operation.

06:54:35 That's the first restriction.

06:54:37 Another restriction, the gates will be locked and closed.

06:54:41 There is no overnight parking to protect the residents.

06:54:45 There is no public parking.

06:54:47 And there is no lighting.

06:54:48 All of that was intended and designed toward insuring it's

06:54:53 compatibility with the adjacent multi-family project.

06:54:56 The buffers in the mitigation, we have 21 trees that are

06:55:01 going to remain on this site.

06:55:04 13 trees, new trees will be planted and eight there's trees

06:55:08 will remain.

06:55:09 So 21 trees on a site that's 15,000 square feet.

06:55:13 That's a substantial number of trees.

06:55:16 The landscape area is 212 percent over what is required by

06:55:21 code.

06:55:22 That's a substantial increase from what the code would

06:55:25 require.

06:55:26 And we think that goes a long way toward ensuring the

06:55:29 compatible.

06:55:31 Also, we are asking for a waiver to allow the trees that are

06:55:34 to be planted on the interior to be planted other on the

06:55:37 perimeter of the site.

06:55:39 We are doing that in order to provide that buffer around the

06:55:41 parking lot, and to make it more compatible with the

06:55:44 residential.

06:55:45 The parking lot is not going to be entirely an asphalt

06:55:49 parking locality.

06:55:50 It's going to be turf block.

06:55:52 There will be a block wall, 6-foot high buffer wall adjacent

06:55:58 to the residential down here.

06:56:00 6-foot high along this whole entire line.

06:56:02 And then there will be a chain linked fence around the

06:56:06 perimeter including that gate.

06:56:07 So it will be completely enclosed.

06:56:09 And then very importantly, in this area, because there is an

06:56:14 issue with a lack of sidewalks, we are going to be

06:56:18 installing sidewalks along the western boundary of the site

06:56:21 and along the northern boundary of the site.

06:56:24 That's about 250 feet, where there are none now.

06:56:30 Each time I have been to the site, I have always seen people

06:56:33 walking down Roland or walking up church.

06:56:36 People walk up church to get to the bus route up there.

06:56:39 So everything the sidewalk along that portion of church will

06:56:42 help a lot.

06:56:44 And the reason I wanted to emphasize the restrictions that

06:56:48 we have and the mitigation is because they go a long way

06:56:52 towards establishing that we meet all the code requirements.

06:57:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Don't worry, she's just passing out.

06:57:05 She had a victory today.

06:57:09 >>GINA GRIMES: As far as the code requirements I think it's

06:57:10 important to note that we are being subjected, or the city

06:57:13 is applying to us two sets of code criteria, not just the

06:57:18 standard criteria that applied to a PD.

06:57:20 That's typically what you see.

06:57:22 But the city is saying that the special use standards that

06:57:26 apply whenever you apply for special use for a commercial

06:57:29 parking lot, that those travel with this application, and

06:57:33 that we have to meet those requirements as well.

06:57:35 And that's why you see the four waivers that we have in this

06:57:39 application, because the city is applying really two

06:57:42 separate standards.

06:57:43 Abbye and I have agreed to disagree on that point.

06:57:46 I believe that only the PD standards should apply.

06:57:50 But we will show you how even though we are going to comply

06:57:53 with the special use standards, and we need certain waivers,

06:57:57 we think again the mitigation justifies those waivers.

06:58:02 In your materials, you have the staff report.

06:58:05 And the staff report includes the criteria for PD.

06:58:10 And there's really only two criteria that the staff has said

06:58:14 apply.

06:58:15 And the one deals with promoting certain land uses, provided

06:58:21 they consider the potential adverse impacts on the

06:58:23 neighborhood.

06:58:24 And again, we think all of our restrictions and all of our

06:58:28 buffering ensure that there are no adverse impacts on the

06:58:30 neighborhood and on the adjacent residential.

06:58:33 The other criteria that the staff believes PD criteria that

06:58:37 they believe applies states that the project shall promote,

06:58:42 encourage development where appropriate, and location and

06:58:45 compatibility with surrounding impacted neighborhoods.

06:58:48 Again, compatibility standards.

06:58:50 And we again believe that we meet that standard because of

06:58:54 the mitigation and because of the restrictions.

06:58:57 The special use criteria that apply, we are asking for

06:59:01 waivers for three of them.

06:59:05 The first one is the separation of the -- the separation

06:59:09 from the commercial site that is being served, KUHN

06:59:15 automotive sights.

06:59:17 It's not supposed to be separate bid right-of-way.

06:59:19 We are asking for a waiver of that.

06:59:21 However, we are providing that sidewalk, provide a

06:59:25 pedestrian access from this parking lot directly to the

06:59:28 corner.

06:59:31 The corners abut for especially the right-of-way.

06:59:35 We think providing this sidewalk justifies the waiver of

06:59:37 that special use criteria.

06:59:40 The other special use criteria provides that we cannot

06:59:44 extend this parking lot 100 feet further from the commercial

06:59:47 use it served.

06:59:48 We are extending it 200 feet this way and 130 feet this way.

06:59:53 However, again we have moved all of the required trees and

06:59:57 all of the required landscaping to the perimeter of the

07:00:00 site.

07:00:01 And what's significant about that is that it will, when it

07:00:04 is mature, completely buffer the parking lot from the

07:00:11 adjacent residential.

07:00:12 And you can see that in the materials that I provided.

07:00:16 I provided a picture of the existing parking lot to the east

07:00:21 right here.

07:00:21 It's standing on the ground, in the alley, looking directly

07:00:25 east towards that parking lot.

07:00:30 That was constructed, I think, back in 2003.

07:00:34 So far over the course of the last two years the Hedges have

07:00:38 grown to a height that you can only see the tops of the

07:00:40 cars.

07:00:41 Here is another picture of that parking lot.

07:00:45 Again, you can see the maturity of the landscaping and how

07:00:49 it's Buford the surrounding uses.

07:00:51 There's a picture, more interior to the parking lot to the

07:00:56 east.

07:00:56 And then here is a picture showing the extent to which the

07:00:59 perimeter tree, just like the ones we are going to plant,

07:01:03 will provide the buffering against the gated residential.

07:01:06 Here is a picture of the other side, the other side of the

07:01:08 parking lot.

07:01:09 Again you can see the hedge.

07:01:11 It's higher than most of these cars in the parking lot.

07:01:22 We think that by providing that perimeter landscaping, and

07:01:27 allowing the project to extend within 100 feet from the

07:01:31 commercial uses it's going to serve, we think that

07:01:35 landscaping justifies the waiver of that limitation and a

07:01:38 special use standard.

07:01:40 We have also asked for a waiver to reduce the width of the

07:01:43 buffer on the southern portion of the site.

07:01:45 It's a 15-foot buffer.

07:01:47 We are asking that the buffer be reduced by 3 feet to 12

07:01:52 feet.

07:01:53 However, remember on that southern portion of the site, you

07:01:55 have these existing trees, approximately eight of them, and

07:01:59 in addition to that, we will be providing three more to fill

07:02:03 in, including underneath those trees lab buffer wall, and

07:02:08 there will also be landscaping.

07:02:10 So that's a substantial buffer against that residential.

07:02:13 Again, we think that kind of buffering, on the southern

07:02:17 portion of this site, justifies the waiver to reduce the

07:02:20 buffer width from 15 feet to 12 feet.

07:02:23 And then the last waiver that we are asking for is again the

07:02:26 interior trees be allowed to be planted on the perimeter.

07:02:31 That only makes sense because of buffering from the

07:02:33 residential.

07:02:33 I wanted to talk really real briefly about the neighbor.

07:02:38 We met with one of the representatives from Kingston court

07:02:44 which is the condominium to the south.

07:02:52 They expressed a concern regarding the fence on their

07:02:54 northern property line.

07:02:55 They have an area that is -- actually, this is a picture of

07:03:01 the gate on their northern property line, and a fence.

07:03:05 They wanted to make sure that fence and that gate were going

07:03:08 to remain that portion of their property between the fence

07:03:19 and their building will remain closed off and nobody can

07:03:22 have access to it.

07:03:25 We have also agreed that any gap between our new buffer wall

07:03:30 that's going to be constructed on our property, and this

07:03:33 chain link fence that runs along their northern boundary,

07:03:36 that we will maintain that area.

07:03:40 And lastly we committed to them that we would provide them

07:03:42 with light, motion sensors, lighting that they can install

07:03:47 on their property to light up this area, if they are worried

07:03:52 about any activity back there.

07:03:53 We can't put these on the site plan, because they are

07:03:57 off-site conditions and the city only allows to us put

07:04:00 conditions that relate to this site.

07:04:03 The Swann states neighborhood association is the

07:04:06 association, the presidents of that association, he said he

07:04:11 had no objection, and has not heard of any objections.

07:04:18 And with Mr. KUHN and the existing parking lot.

07:04:22 Lastly, did you receive a letter of objection from Andy --

07:04:30 he really complained more about the existing lot and the

07:04:32 method by which the approval.

07:04:36 I want to make it clear we did not own that property.

07:04:47 It was owned by the owner of the property after that

07:04:51 approval was given.

07:04:52 This property that worry asking approval for now has

07:04:55 remained vacant for the last eight and a half years, and the

07:04:58 dealership has grown to the point where we do need to have

07:05:01 this additional area in which to park.

07:05:05 With that I would just say that staff has presented staff

07:05:10 reports that recommend approval, and that is substantial

07:05:15 competent evidence in addition to the evidence that we

07:05:17 provided to support approval of this application.

07:05:21 And I will wait to hear if there's any questions.

07:05:26 (Bell sounds).

07:05:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

07:05:30 You are right on target.

07:05:31 15 minutes.

07:05:32 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

07:05:36 number 4, Z-13-27?

07:05:38 Item number 4?

07:05:40 I see no one.

07:05:42 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Capin.

07:05:44 Second by Mr. Cohen.

07:05:45 All in favor?

07:05:46 Opposed?

07:05:49 The hearing is now closed.

07:05:51 Mrs. Capin, would you kindly read item number 4 of the

07:05:55 ordinance?

07:05:55 >> An ordinance presented for first reading consideration,

07:05:58 an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

07:06:01 116 south Church Street in the city of Tampa, Florida and

07:06:05 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

07:06:08 district classifications RM-24 residential multifamily to PD

07:06:14 planned development commercial, off-street parking,

07:06:17 providing an effective date.

07:06:17 >> Second.

07:06:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

07:06:22 Further discussion by council members?

07:06:23 All in favor?

07:06:25 Opposed?

07:06:26 Motion passes unanimously.

07:06:28 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern and Montelione

07:06:31 being absent at vote.

07:06:32 Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at 9:30

07:06:34 a.m.

07:06:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for attending.

07:06:39 Item number 5.

07:06:41 Z-13-11.

07:06:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:06:51 Item number 5.

07:06:52 Z-13-11 is located at 3015 west Azeele street and 315 S.

07:06:56 Jersey Avenue.

07:07:01 The request is from PD planned development, office medical

07:07:03 and personal services to PD planned development office

07:07:07 medical and personal services.

07:07:11 This property actually was rezoned in 2011 by this council.

07:07:17 And since that time, it's been acquired by another property

07:07:21 owner and some modifications have been made to the overall

07:07:23 square footages, layout, site configuration.

07:07:26 So although the uses before you this evening are the same,

07:07:29 the actual site configuration has been changed somewhat.

07:07:33 So I will let David go ahead and then go over the things

07:07:35 that are associated with this application.

07:07:37 Thank you.

07:07:37 >> David Hay again with your Planning Commission staff.

07:07:43 And I have been sworn.

07:07:45 The next case, we are back to the heart of the City of

07:07:49 Tampa, central Tampa planning area.

07:07:50 The subject site is located on the north side of Azeele

07:07:54 street at the northwest corner of W. Azeele street just east

07:07:58 of MacDill Avenue.

07:07:59 Next we have the aerial.

07:08:02 The subject site is always within the center of the map.

07:08:05 You can see the mixture of uses including office commercial,

07:08:08 multi, and single-family residential.

07:08:10 Especially to the south and east of the subject site.

07:08:13 To the north and west, you still have a mixture but there

07:08:16 are more single-family detached residential uses within

07:08:19 these areas.

07:08:20 And you can see MacDill Avenue running north and south

07:08:23 near the center of the map.

07:08:25 We have at the southern edge of the Kennedy Boulevard

07:08:29 corridor.

07:08:30 At the northern edge, actually.

07:08:37 You can make out the Memorial Hospital campus on the lower

07:08:40 right of the aerial.

07:08:47 I'll basically take the subject site starting at the new

07:08:49 position clockwise around the map.

07:08:51 The subject site to the north.

07:08:53 The light brown color are all residential 20.

07:08:57 The blue area is the public-semi-public and this one is

07:09:02 associated with Mitchell elementary.

07:09:04 The darker brown south of weather Azeele street is

07:09:08 residential 35.

07:09:09 Again, we have some blue at the lower right.

07:09:11 This time associated with Memorial Hospital.

07:09:13 The red is community commercial 35.

07:09:19 And the beige color in the upper left is residential 10

07:09:23 located in the Gray Gables neighborhood.

07:09:31 With the staff of the city and Planning Commission have

07:09:34 addressed a number of those issues.

07:09:36 The applicant has designed a building that is oriented

07:09:38 toward west Azeele.

07:09:40 In keeping with policy directions within the comprehensive

07:09:42 plan.

07:09:43 The applicant has also adjusted his original proposed

07:09:46 multi-story building to a one-story, 1,738 square foot

07:09:51 medical office building.

07:09:52 This proposed design is comparable to the existing office

07:09:55 uses within the surrounding area.

07:09:59 And based on the provided site plan, Planning Commission

07:10:02 staff finds the zoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:10:04 comprehensive plan.

07:10:05 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The request before you tonight is for 1738

07:10:15 square foot building with medical office and personal

07:10:18 services, and the site is located at the northwest corner of

07:10:21 west Azeele and south New Jersey Avenue.

07:10:23 Surrounded by residential to the north, business

07:10:25 professional office to the east and west, medical office to

07:10:28 the south.

07:10:30 This previously rezoned in 2011 for 1300 square foot medical

07:10:35 office and personal services.

07:10:38 The proposed modifications exceed that which we can approve

07:10:40 administratively after a site plan controlled district is

07:10:43 approved.

07:10:43 I'll go ahead and show you the pictures.

07:10:48 The PD setbacks requested are 6-foot, 4 and a half inches

07:10:52 north, 4-foot 3 inches south, 71 feet 8 inches west, and 5

07:10:57 foot 9.5 inches east. Maximum building height is proposed

07:11:01 at 36 feet 6 inches.

07:11:03 Building configuration contains ground level parking -- oh,

07:11:07 that didn't get changed.

07:11:08 It's surface parking now to the west of the building, and a

07:11:15 single story office space.

07:11:17 Also, there is a waiver from eleven spaces to nine.

07:11:21 The previous approval of the 1300 square feet was from nine

07:11:24 spaces to eight.

07:11:25 So equivalent percentage reduction.

07:11:35 The zoning atlas, site shown in green, Azeele to the south,

07:11:39 MacDill to the west, New Jersey to the east, you'll see

07:11:44 not I-11 but I-10, this is one of the infamous places in the

07:11:51 city where you have a host of planned development, as you

07:11:53 can see along MacDill Avenue.

07:11:56 Council, you recently did the PD here that was just

07:11:59 constructed.

07:11:59 The PD here two years ago, there is a special use that was

07:12:03 done here for the cleaners and the site has been demoed and

07:12:08 appears to be approaching redevelopment.

07:12:13 This segment of Azeele as well as MacDill has seen

07:12:16 redevelopment with a lot of medical offices and PDs over the

07:12:23 past several years.

07:12:24 Many that you considered and approved.

07:12:26 The atlas shown here, this is Hospice to the south here.

07:12:33 I'll show you a picture.

07:12:34 These four lots just to the north and west of this subject

07:12:37 site are actually for sale right now.

07:12:40 So that may be something that they will be considering in

07:12:44 the future.

07:12:44 Another office to the east here with parking in the rear.

07:12:48 And at the corner of Gomez, actually did the branch academy

07:12:53 which was a proceed school that got done maybe three years

07:12:55 ago.

07:12:56 So a lot of transitions.

07:12:58 Some pictures of the site.

07:13:02 These were actually taken back before the originally

07:13:05 scheduled zoning in February.

07:13:07 So it's a little cleaner.

07:13:09 There's some vegetation out there now.

07:13:10 This is from New Jersey looking west back toward

07:13:13 MacDill.

07:13:15 Another site.

07:13:17 This is the property immediately to the north just mentioned

07:13:23 to you.

07:13:23 For sale, those four lots.

07:13:25 This is still moving north on New Jersey.

07:13:32 Immediately across the street to the east, the parking lot

07:13:34 that travels or is associated with the office there from New

07:13:41 Jersey, approaching Azeele.

07:13:45 This is the property immediately to the west at the

07:13:48 northeast corner of MacDill and Azeele.

07:13:52 This is the PD I mention towed that was done a few years ago

07:13:56 at the northwest corner of MacDill and Azeele.

07:14:01 This is the shot of the site from Azeele looking north.

07:14:08 This is on Azeele looking east.

07:14:11 The south side of Azeele.

07:14:14 Sorry.

07:14:16 I had a couple other shots.

07:14:17 This is to the west.

07:14:21 At the intersection.

07:14:26 I think that is it.

07:14:29 This was the site I mentioned with the cleaners.

07:14:36 And then this is actually a picture of the site today.

07:14:49 As you can see on the staff report there are several waivers

07:14:51 that need to be revised, added between first and second

07:14:54 reading.

07:14:55 I would like to briefly run through those.

07:14:56 The first is the parking from eleven spaces to nine that

07:14:59 needs to be revised in between first and second reading.

07:15:02 The second that needs to be added is the reduction in the

07:15:06 backup width from six foot to two foot.

07:15:08 The third is to reduce the required use buffer from the

07:15:11 adjacent residential to the north, 15 feet, 6-foot masonry

07:15:16 wall to 6-foot with a 6-foot masonry wall.

07:15:20 Fourth to reduce the required vehicle use area buffer along

07:15:23 the south along Azeele from 8 foot to 5-foot 5.5 inches and

07:15:28 the total square footage of that waiver needs to be

07:15:32 calculated and provided between first and second reading,

07:15:34 and the last is to require the vehicle use area buffer from

07:15:39 the north from 3 to 1. You will see that on your site plan.

07:15:40 It's a small backup area.

07:15:43 Those waivers do need to be revised as shown by staff on

07:15:46 page 1, in between first and second reading.

07:15:49 Also the ground sign that's shown on the site plan is not in

07:15:52 compliance with code.

07:15:55 If it is the applicant's desire to have that ground sign

07:15:58 shown where it's located we need to add a waiver for that.

07:16:00 If not we need to go ahead and take that ground sign off

07:16:04 between first and second reading.

07:16:06 Transportation also has several comments.

07:16:10 One was to add the waiver I just discussed about the

07:16:13 backups.

07:16:13 I'll just take care of the parking waivers, remove from the

07:16:18 concrete slab from the right-of-way and ADA drive aisle.

07:16:22 Natural resources had several comments as well about the

07:16:27 vehicle use area, the two waivers that I just mentioned, as

07:16:31 well as along Azeele.

07:16:33 There is a three-phase power line.

07:16:37 Need to be shown for planting.

07:16:39 Solid waste also had a few comments to illustrate the

07:16:43 interior dimensions of the enclosure and to between the

07:16:48 store.

07:16:49 Lastly, stormwater does need the flood zone for the 2008 to

07:16:55 be added to the site plan.

07:16:56 As I mentioned to you in 2011, you guys did rezone this for

07:16:59 medical office personal services just as it is today.

07:17:03 For those uses.

07:17:04 What is being proposed to you is about 300, a little bit

07:17:08 more than 300 square feet expansion of the building.

07:17:11 Since that exceeds the 5% which we can approve

07:17:13 administratively, it is back before you tonight as well as

07:17:16 consideration of new site configuration of the building.

07:17:21 If the changes are made between first and second reading,

07:17:23 staff finds the request consistent. Thank you.

07:17:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

07:17:35 >> Thayer Hersom, architect, I have been sworn in. My

07:17:48 residence is 211 South Treasure Drive.

07:17:54 If we can go to the overhead.

07:18:00 As Ms. Feeley has discussed, this is a property that's

07:18:03 situated on Azeele, northwest corner of Azeele and New

07:18:08 Jersey Avenue.

07:18:13 To the west, one property over is MacDill, running north

07:18:16 and south.

07:18:19 Ms. Feeley had mentioned this had gone through a PD a couple

07:18:23 years back.

07:18:25 Notice that PD involved taking the existing structure and

07:18:28 modifying it, and doing some cosmetic work to it and doing

07:18:33 some minor revisions such as canopied entry, that sort of

07:18:39 thing.

07:18:43 The building turned out to be a little more deteriorated

07:18:46 than what they had thought.

07:18:47 So it was upon purchasing this property they decided to RAZE

07:18:53 the building and start anew.

07:18:55 Our process has gone from a two-story structure with parking

07:18:59 below to a single -- by the way, this is a single occupant

07:19:05 structure, commercial structure.

07:19:07 So we have gone from two-story with parking below, which was

07:19:11 a pretty large building, to this structure, which is 1738

07:19:16 square feet.

07:19:19 The F.A.R. is .239, if I am not mistaken.

07:19:26 Yes, F.A.R. .239.

07:19:28 And we do have some issues with buffering, landscape

07:19:37 buffering in the front.

07:19:40 Though you can make out some landscaping, 6-foot high

07:19:46 masonry wall to the rear, to make up the distance from the

07:19:52 building and the parking to the north.

07:19:55 And we do have a couple of trees.

07:19:58 One tree of note, Parks Department has given us permission

07:20:04 to remove this oak tree.

07:20:06 I happen to like it.

07:20:07 I would like it to stay.

07:20:11 There are a couple existing cabbage palms that are going to

07:20:15 be removed.

07:20:15 They are shown here along the west property line.

07:20:19 And in the center, the south southern property line to the

07:20:24 center of the site.

07:20:25 That palm will be removed and replaced with power line

07:20:31 species like Craig Myrtle.

07:20:36 That's all I have.

07:20:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by council members?

07:20:40 Anyone in the audience dire speak on item 5?

07:20:43 Z-13-11.

07:20:49 Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by Mrs. Capin.

07:20:55 Hello?

07:21:02 >> Ms. Feeley was asking about the sign.

07:21:07 >> You have to speak louder.

07:21:09 Speak to that Mike.

07:21:10 >> There is -- oh, oh, yes, we would like to have a waiver

07:21:15 as ask for the waiver for that froe standing sign that I am

07:21:19 pointing to right here.

07:21:22 I was confused.

07:21:26 I thought because a contractor placed his sign on that

07:21:29 property I was safe.

07:21:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe on the revision sheet I provided

07:21:34 in your staff report is correct. It did include the waiver

07:21:36 for the free standing sign.

07:21:37 So it's on your motion for approval.

07:21:39 You will include that revision sheet, you will be fine.

07:21:42 Thank you.

07:21:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:21:44 All in favor of the motion to close?

07:21:46 Opposed nay?

07:21:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:21:47 The hearing is now closed.

07:21:49 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take 5, Z-13-11?

07:21:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for

07:21:56 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

07:21:59 in the general vicinity of 3015 west Azeele street and 315

07:22:03 south jersey Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida more

07:22:06 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

07:22:09 classification PD planned development, office, medical and

07:22:14 personal services, to PD, planned development, office,

07:22:17 medical, and personal services, providing an effective date,

07:22:19 including the staff recommendation and all the revisions

07:22:24 that need to be made between first and second reading.

07:22:26 >> Second.

07:22:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:22:29 Second by Mr. Cohen.

07:22:30 All in favor?

07:22:30 Opposed?

07:22:31 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:22:32 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent at

07:22:35 vote.

07:22:36 Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at 9:30

07:22:38 a.m.

07:22:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go to item 6.

07:22:42 Z-13-35.

07:22:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Located at 5402 north McKay Avenue and

07:22:56 the request is from RS-50 residential single-family to PD

07:23:01 planned development for school.

07:23:01 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

07:23:11 I have been sworn.

07:23:11 We move off to the university planning area, just barely.

07:23:15 The site is located along the north side of Hillsborough

07:23:17 Avenue, west on Hillsborough River.

07:23:20 The central planning district is just on the other side of

07:23:24 Hillsborough Avenue so we are just within the university

07:23:26 area planning area.

07:23:29 Next we have the aerial.

07:23:31 The subject site is located on north McKay Avenue just

07:23:34 north of Hillsborough, Hillsborough Avenue.

07:23:41 There is a slight error on this map.

07:23:44 It's just the northern piece.

07:23:46 Doesn't include the southern.

07:23:47 It only comprise it is 0.14-acre parcel that's along

07:23:51 McKay.

07:23:51 The map -- basically, there are nonresidential uses,

07:23:58 Hillsborough Avenue with single-family detached located to

07:24:00 the north and south of Hillsborough Avenue back within the

07:24:04 neighborhood.

07:24:06 That pattern is continued on the future land use map.

07:24:09 You can see the subject site, which is the northern .14-acre

07:24:14 portion of the site shown there, and it's within the

07:24:16 residential 10 future land use category.

07:24:19 The residential 10 future land use category can also be

07:24:23 found to the north, west and east of the subject site.

07:24:27 The residential 10 categories can also be found on the south

07:24:30 side of Hillsborough Avenue.

07:24:33 The color running along the east-west along Hillsborough

07:24:37 Avenue are parcels designated as community mixed use 35.

07:24:41 Planning Commission staff found that the rezoning would

07:24:43 provide for an appropriate transition in intensity from the

07:24:46 commercial general uses a along Hillsborough Avenue, and the

07:24:50 single-family detached residential uses located to the north

07:24:53 of the subject site.

07:24:54 Access has been limited to employees and emergency vehicles

07:24:57 only along McKay Avenue.

07:25:00 The traffic will be accessing the site through the

07:25:02 commercial parcel to the south.

07:25:04 The applicant will also be making some site improvements to

07:25:07 bring the site more into conformance with the city's Land

07:25:10 Development Code, which will also assist in mitigating any

07:25:13 potential negative impacts on adjacent residential uses.

07:25:17 Therefore, based on those findings, Planning Commission

07:25:20 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:25:23 comprehensive plan.

07:25:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This application also came in as a special

07:25:35 use, but it did need some waivers that could not be granted

07:25:39 understood the special use.

07:25:40 As David mentioned, and I will kind of try to show you, this

07:25:44 piece of property, and what you see on your site plan, and

07:25:51 provided by the applicant, these two pieces of property have

07:25:54 been in ownership together since like 1980 or so.

07:25:58 The piece that we are talking about here, and the piece to

07:26:02 the south along Hillsborough.

07:26:04 So the paradise learning center is here along Hillsborough.

07:26:08 And that's CG so that's not a problem.

07:26:11 It's just that this structure here has been attributed to

07:26:14 that use under the residential single-family it can't.

07:26:20 So under this application, really to make this use, school

07:26:25 use legal to go with the existing property back on

07:26:29 Hillsborough.

07:26:31 So I will go ahead through.

07:26:34 There won't be any access as David mentioned.

07:26:36 The driver will remain, but it's really for maintenance and

07:26:39 emergency access only.

07:26:40 There's some parking going on out there today, and let the

07:26:45 applicant know that once this passes that parking cannot be

07:26:47 occurring.

07:26:48 They do need to be parking on the main school site.

07:26:50 And any drop-offs, pickup of students will all be occurring

07:26:55 on the Hillsborough site.

07:26:58 There are three waivers.

07:27:00 There are buffer waivers.

07:27:01 The first is to the north.

07:27:03 And these are all based on existing conditions.

07:27:06 It's nothing new is going to be constructed there.

07:27:09 Everything is going to remain as is.

07:27:11 The first is to reduce the north from 10-foot to 1.5-foot

07:27:16 with a 6-foot wooden fence, which is in existence.

07:27:20 I'll show you a picture of that, to reduce from 10-foot to a

07:27:25 6-foot wooden fence.

07:27:28 And then the last is to allow access to a local street,

07:27:32 north McKay Avenue.

07:27:34 They still have to ask for that access for maintenance.

07:27:55 They are requesting to utilize the existing structure on the

07:27:58 residential portion of the property as a 700 square feet,

07:28:02 and access would be as just mentioned to you.

07:28:07 The PD setbacks are 2-foot north, 6-foot south, 14.5-foot

07:28:11 west, and 77.75-foot east.

07:28:15 Maximum building height is proposed at 35 feet.

07:28:18 The required parking based on the single classroom is two

07:28:23 parking spaces and it will be satisfied at 1205 west

07:28:27 Hillsborough address.

07:28:29 The subject property shall not be utilized for pickup or

07:28:34 drop-off of sites.

07:28:35 The driveway areas shall be utilized only for emergency and

07:28:39 maintenance purposes.

07:28:40 The zoning atlas, Hillsborough is to the south.

07:28:46 McKay to the east.

07:28:48 Forest Hills runs around to the west.

07:28:51 The small sliver shown there in green.

07:28:54 The CG line does travel just to the south of this property.

07:28:58 And then we'll show you the adjacent uses.

07:29:02 Then there's the aerial of the site.

07:29:11 Here is a picture of the property from north McKay.

07:29:23 North McKay.

07:29:24 This is the property just to the north.

07:29:25 This is the six foot wood fence, that one of the buffers is

07:29:30 requesting.

07:29:31 This is further to the north.

07:29:33 Appears to be a single-family residence there.

07:29:37 The accessory structure is there and the apron is there but

07:29:40 the house is no longer there.

07:29:42 This is immediately adjacent to the property heading toward

07:29:46 Hillsborough, from the south side of the subject site.

07:29:50 This is the property at the corner of Hillsborough and

07:29:54 McKay.

07:29:55 This is on the east side of McKay.

07:30:00 Traveling north.

07:30:03 This is the property referred to on Hillsborough.

07:30:10 That is associated with the subject site.

07:30:13 This is immediately to the east again at the corner of

07:30:15 Hillsborough and McKay.

07:30:16 This is to the west of the paradise learning center on

07:30:20 Hillsborough.

07:30:21 This is the northeast corner of Hillsborough and McKay.

07:30:31 This is on the east side of McKay heading -- this is at

07:30:37 the intersection of Hillsborough and McKay but headed

07:30:39 across from the subject property.

07:30:41 This is across from the subject site on McKay.

07:30:49 I believe the only outstanding comment, there are no site

07:30:52 plan revisions that are necessary.

07:30:53 But the only comment is an inconsistent find big

07:30:58 transportation with access on McKay.

07:31:01 And they are here tonight if you would like to ask them any

07:31:04 questions.

07:31:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Are there any questions or comments from

07:31:09 council members at this time?

07:31:11 Okay.

07:31:12 We will hear from the petitioner now.

07:31:16 And the public will have their opportunity in a moment.

07:31:18 >> Steve Semorich, Landcamp Design Group, 2816 South MacDill

07:31:33 Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

07:31:34 I have been sworn.

07:31:36 I'm here representing the applicant, Mr. Eduardo Arias.

07:31:42 He has utilized the property as a school for younger

07:31:49 children for age one to four.

07:31:52 And as you can see, the northern portion of properties, why

07:31:58 we are here today for the PD, the southern portion is the

07:32:03 existing use that was there prior to -- excuse me, not prior

07:32:11 to.

07:32:13 The owner of the CG zoning is a permitted use for the

07:32:18 school.

07:32:19 We are here today to expand that existing use.

07:32:23 The building has been there ever since my client owned the

07:32:26 property.

07:32:26 And the intent is to make this site more code compliant, and

07:32:34 any waivers as minimum as possible.

07:32:36 And as indicated, the majority of the waivers are existing

07:32:41 waivers that are the minimum required for the northern and

07:32:45 south and mostly against the existing building.

07:32:48 We will be removing the ability to park on this property for

07:32:56 the residents -- excuse me, for any drop-off or daycare use.

07:33:04 And the entrance on McKay we believe is secondary.

07:33:08 It's residential in nature.

07:33:09 And any trip count or traffic from that drive or any

07:33:15 negligible if any, emergency access to the property, because

07:33:19 it allows access to the rear portion and not have to have

07:33:24 any emergency vehicles beyond Hillsborough Avenue access to

07:33:27 the property, or any maintenance vehicles accessing the

07:33:30 property off of Hillsborough, which is more attractive to

07:33:34 us.

07:33:38 At this time we request your approval of this rezoning.

07:33:43 Thank you.

07:33:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Is there anyone from the public who would

07:33:48 like to address council?

07:33:50 If so, now is your opportunity.

07:33:54 Please give us your name and address W when you come to the

07:33:57 microphone.

07:33:58 >> Frank Greco.

07:34:01 I live at 5440 north River Shore Drive.

07:34:05 I have not yet been sworn in.

07:34:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Is there anyone else that's going to be

07:34:13 speaking tonight?

07:34:14 Now would be your opportunity to be sworn.

07:34:15 (Oath administered by Clerk)

07:34:19 >> First of all, I would like to --

07:34:30 >>HARRY COHEN: It's upside down.

07:34:33 >> First I would like to thank the council members for

07:34:37 allowing me to speak tonight.

07:34:38 I represent the River Bend civic association.

07:34:42 And this is not the first time we have been here before

07:34:45 council members for the river bank neighborhood.

07:34:51 We worked very hard to try to stabilize this neighborhood

07:34:53 which has been a very difficult path.

07:34:55 But I would like to tell you a little bit about the history

07:34:59 of this particular property.

07:35:00 This property was constructed without permits.

07:35:04 It does not meet any of the zone current zoning setbacks.

07:35:08 It doesn't even meet the fire separation requirement of the

07:35:11 structure that's on the site.

07:35:13 And I'll just put this down to show you.

07:35:16 It's part of the plan.

07:35:17 This building right here is close to the property line which

07:35:22 is a residential property behind it.

07:35:24 The property is zoned for RS-50, residential property, has

07:35:30 been used, minimum of 2004 as a commercial property,

07:35:39 apartments, have been used on that property.

07:35:45 And in 2005, Mayor Iorio at the time allowed members of the

07:35:50 community to visit some of the town hall meetings to ask

07:35:55 questions and to issue any concerns that they may have in

07:35:58 the neighborhood, and this was an opportunity for our

07:36:01 neighborhood to do the same thing, which we did.

07:36:03 And we handed this letter to Mayor Iorio, which specifically

07:36:07 shows this property using an address that was not a current

07:36:12 address.

07:36:12 There's in a address in the city directory for this

07:36:15 property.

07:36:15 It was just simply, the building was constructed on that

07:36:20 property without permits, without code.

07:36:25 Nothing there that meets code.

07:36:27 And put up on the property, used, and basically abuse the

07:36:35 neighborhood.

07:36:36 We handed it to Mayor Iorio and also to the code enforcement

07:36:40 office, and the property never was corrected.

07:36:42 (Bell sounds)

07:36:45 So my point on this is that we have property that's been in

07:36:50 violation for a minimum of ten years according to this

07:36:52 letter that we actually handed to Mayor Iorio at the time.

07:36:56 And it appears that what we are trying to do now is trying

07:36:59 to write the zoning code to meet the requirements of the

07:37:04 violation instead of trying to make sure that we have

07:37:08 quality enforcement on the zoning issues that the city had

07:37:17 to take.

07:37:17 Thank you for your time.

07:37:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:37:21 I appreciate it very much.

07:37:22 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item 6,

07:37:24 Z-13-35?

07:37:27 I see no one.

07:37:28 Petitioner?

07:37:30 Rebuttal time, five minutes.

07:37:31 >>> To my knowledge, that building has been there ever since

07:37:40 my client has owned the property. He has not made any

07:37:47 attempt to utilize that property, to my knowledge, for

07:37:50 anything else besides storage and the legal parking which

07:37:56 Abbye mentioned before which is why we are here to correct

07:37:59 that and resolve all those issues.

07:38:03 If you look at this property, there is actually an address

07:38:10 5402 north McKay Avenue.

07:38:12 So I'm not sure what the question is with that.

07:38:17 With the property in its configuration, size, there is very

07:38:20 limited use of this property can have, even when applied in

07:38:27 the existing zoning definition.

07:38:29 So we are trying to utilize this property to the highest and

07:38:32 best use and to a functionality standpoint.

07:38:35 I'm trying to limit the minimum amount of variances and

07:38:38 waivers that are needed for this property, and we think that

07:38:44 is consistent with the neighborhood, and we are trying to

07:38:46 make that area better.

07:38:50 Trying to get to the code and everything else associated

07:38:52 with the City of Tampa Land Development Code.

07:38:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:38:59 All right.

07:39:00 Petitioner -- Mr. Reddick?

07:39:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have this question for the petitioner.

07:39:13 You saw where Mr. Greco put up a letter.

07:39:15 >> Yes.

07:39:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: And some allegations that was made by not

07:39:23 having a permit or anything for the building.

07:39:26 Do you want to respond to that letter?

07:39:29 >> I was just provided that letter.

07:39:30 I'm not familiar with it.

07:39:32 I wish he had brought that to my attention before that we

07:39:35 could have addressed this issue beforehand.

07:39:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

07:39:38 Thank you.

07:39:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Don't go.

07:39:42 Thank you.

07:39:43 You said that you believe the property has been like this

07:39:51 since your client purchased the property, and Ms. Feeley

07:39:56 said she thought that both properties have been under the

07:39:59 same ownership since the mid to late 80s?

07:40:04 >> That's correct.

07:40:05 My client purchased the property in 1983 and all of those

07:40:09 improvements were there at that time.

07:40:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you know what -- I guess was it this

07:40:17 use at that time when he purchased the property?

07:40:20 >> Yes, he purchased that property and then turned that use

07:40:24 into a school, which under CG, the southern part was allowed

07:40:30 and in the northern part there was actually a fence that

07:40:33 separates these two portions of the property.

07:40:35 So it was never used for a school before, just used for

07:40:39 miscellaneous storage and used that for parking.

07:40:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So if there was a fence there, they have

07:40:46 been using that access point get to that storage building?

07:40:51 And parking?

07:40:55 >> That's correct.

07:40:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:40:58 I actually have the 1993 survey on the property up on the

07:41:02 Elmo, if you would, please.

07:41:03 And it does show that structure in existence.

07:41:06 Probably shows it as constructed in 1942.

07:41:09 You can have a zoning, split zoning.

07:41:13 That's exactly what you have here.

07:41:14 And unfortunately I did go look back through all the code

07:41:17 enforcement records.

07:41:18 The property was never cited.

07:41:20 Hasn't been cited until today.

07:41:21 The applicant did come in and say, how do I do this?

07:41:24 Now, one of the other issues that Mr. Greco mentioned

07:41:27 about -- he can't go in and permit for a school until a

07:41:31 school is an allowable use.

07:41:33 So once you would take action on this application tonight,

07:41:36 which would make the use allowable, then he will need to go

07:41:38 through and properly permit what's out there, to make sure

07:41:41 that there is a change of occupancy on this structure.

07:41:44 And then he's operating under the auspices of the code.

07:41:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the property, the property in the

07:41:56 picture that was provided -- but you keep mentioning that

07:42:07 storage, and from the looks of these pictures, and from the

07:42:11 notification on the site plan, it's a school.

07:42:13 >> That's what's being proposed before you tonight.

07:42:19 >> That was a previous generic use of the property that was

07:42:23 before -- or today, right now.

07:42:26 We are going to convert it to a school with all the proper

07:42:29 permits that are required.

07:42:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it's still today, or yesterday, last

07:42:34 week, still just storage.

07:42:36 They weren't operating a classroom out of that building?

07:42:39 >> No.

07:42:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

07:42:42 Thank you.

07:42:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other comments by council members?

07:42:49 Need a motion to close.

07:42:50 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Montelione.

07:42:53 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

07:42:54 It all in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

07:42:56 Opposed nay.

07:42:57 The hearing is now closed.

07:42:59 What's the pleasure of council?

07:43:02 Mr. Cohen?

07:43:05 >>HARRY COHEN: I present an ordinance being presented for

07:43:08 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

07:43:10 in the general vicinity of 5402 north McKay Avenue in the

07:43:15 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

07:43:17 section 1 from zoning district classification RS-50

07:43:21 residential single-family to PD, planned development,

07:43:25 school, providing an effective date.

07:43:25 >> Second.

07:43:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, a second by

07:43:29 Mrs. Montelione.

07:43:30 Further discussion by council members? All in favor of the

07:43:32 motion please signify by saying aye.

07:43:34 Opposed nay.

07:43:35 Motion passes unanimously.

07:43:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern being

07:43:39 absent at vote.

07:43:41 Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at

07:43:45 9:30 a.m.

07:43:47 >> We go to item number 7.

07:43:49 Z-13-40.

07:43:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:43:52 Item number 7 is located in the Channel District at 107

07:43:56 north 11th street, 104 and 110 north 12th Street, 1401

07:44:05 east Whiting Street, from CD-3 to CD 2, residential,

07:44:11 multifamily and retail sales.

07:44:14 If I may just for one second, David, part of what brings us

07:44:18 here tonight is that back in 2006, shown here to you in

07:44:23 green, plus the lots 1, 2, and this small sliver of 3, were

07:44:31 all rezoned understood multifamily projects with a large

07:44:36 open space park on this side, and residential structured

07:44:42 parking on the east side.

07:44:44 Since that time, the city purchased a portion of this

07:44:47 property, and Washington park, and that is what is in white,

07:44:56 and a portion of 3, severing the site plan on this property,

07:45:01 and part of what brings it back tonight is to go ahead and

07:45:03 reentitle the property for the use this evening in their

07:45:08 configuration.

07:45:09 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

07:45:19 I have been sworn.

07:45:20 We head back down to the central Tampa planning district for

07:45:23 this next case.

07:45:24 This is located within the Channel District urban village.

07:45:27 It is also within the boundaries of the downtown business

07:45:30 center.

07:45:31 The site is also located in proximity to the TECO line

07:45:34 street car line and a number of major bus routes.

07:45:39 Onto the future land use -- onto the aerial, excuse me.

07:45:44 You can see the subject site in the center of the map, urban

07:45:47 in character, with some remaining vacant parcels which seem

07:45:50 to be quickly filling up.

07:45:52 We have a portion of the port of Tampa to the east, and you

07:45:55 can also see the Crosstown expressway to the north and west

07:45:58 of the subject site.

07:46:00 Channelside plaza and St. Pete Times Forum can also be seen

07:46:03 near the bottom of the aerial.

07:46:06 Onto the future land use map, the subject site is parcels

07:46:10 surrounding it are all designated regional mixed with us

07:46:15 100, one of the most intensive planned categories within the

07:46:18 City of Tampa and for that matter west coast of Florida.

07:46:20 The dark brown seen on the left side of the map is the

07:46:23 central business district, future land use category.

07:46:27 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

07:46:30 rezoning appropriate for the regional mixed use 100 future

07:46:33 land use category.

07:46:35 It contains a mixed use structure with retail uses at ground

07:46:38 level.

07:46:39 Planning Commission staff found it allowed for existing

07:46:43 housing choices within the downtown area which is encouraged

07:46:46 within the comprehensive plan.

07:46:47 The rezoning would continue the evolution of the Channelside

07:46:50 district and as such the Planning Commission staff finds the

07:46:56 zoning request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:46:59 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The request before you tonight is for the

07:47:10 construction of a multifamily residential high-rise retail

07:47:15 and independently structure garage.

07:47:18 The 1.35-acre site is currently zoned CD 3 for multifamily

07:47:23 development.

07:47:26 It is located in the Channel District.

07:47:28 Bordered by 11 street to the west, 12th Street to the east,

07:47:33 Washington Street to the north and the Meridian to the

07:47:35 south.

07:47:36 Proposed development is for 320 multifamily residential

07:47:39 units, 6500 square feet of retail uses, 5500 of that to be

07:47:44 located on the ground floor of the residential tower and

07:47:47 1,000 square feet of that to be located in the structured

07:47:50 garage.

07:47:50 It is proposed as to two buildings with internal covered

07:47:56 elevated walkway.

07:47:58 The residential tower is proposed on the eastern portion of

07:48:00 the property adjacent to 12th with a maximum height of 275

07:48:03 feet.

07:48:04 The six story structured garage proposed for the western

07:48:07 portion of the property on 11th with a maximum height of

07:48:10 76 feet.

07:48:11 Total 334 parking spaces are required and 567 spaces are

07:48:15 provided.

07:48:17 As you will note in the last paragraph of my report, 142

07:48:22 public parking spaces are being provided as bonus density

07:48:25 within the Channel District provisions for that.

07:48:30 And I did explain a little bit in the last paragraph about

07:48:33 how that was reached.

07:48:34 The setbacks are as follows.

07:48:36 North zero feet.

07:48:37 South 20 feet.

07:48:39 Residential tower, west five foot to the structured garage

07:48:43 and east 5-foot to the residential tower.

07:48:49 I put the atlas sheet up for you.

07:48:53 There is a lot that's been constructed and entitled around

07:48:56 the Channel District.

07:48:58 I think there's a few pieces in the title and a lot of it

07:49:02 has been built.

07:49:04 As I mentioned to you, the site is shown here in green.

07:49:07 The Meridian to the south.

07:49:09 The related group project to the souse just finishing

07:49:12 construction get and I do have some pictures to be show you

07:49:17 of that.

07:49:18 Southwest of it.

07:49:20 You have Victory Loft.

07:49:22 You have the administrative pictures.

07:49:26 We have a lot of pictures.

07:49:29 For one block it's a lot of ground to cover.

07:49:34 Let me go ahead and get started.

07:49:36 We no longer have a CD 3 district.

07:49:38 Only CD 1 and CD 2.

07:49:42 Central business district.

07:49:43 What I am going to do, I am actually going start on the 12th

07:49:46 Street side and work my way around, show you mostly what's

07:49:50 on the subject lot first and then show you what's on the

07:49:54 opposite side of the street.

07:49:57 If you are very familiar with this, I have a lot of photos.

07:50:01 Here are some is the subject site from 12th.

07:50:06 Another picture.

07:50:10 Another picture.

07:50:13 Kind of get a view where that northern border is.

07:50:16 You will see that on the site plan.

07:50:18 A little further back picture.

07:50:22 To the north of the site.

07:50:28 Immediately to the south.

07:50:32 Meridian, 1 and 7 stories.

07:50:34 One is a five-story.

07:50:37 Here is the Elementary at the corner of 12th and

07:50:41 Whiting.

07:50:44 Here is another view from Whiting looking east.

07:50:52 This is the 11th street side.

07:50:55 This is on 11 looking south towards White.

07:50:59 Now I am actually coming out the backside of the property

07:51:02 where the structured garage will be.

07:51:04 This building will be -- this is the subject site.

07:51:09 Subject site on the 11th street side.

07:51:16 And this would be the northern portion of 11th street of

07:51:19 the subject site approaching city blue.

07:51:22 To the northwest at Washington and 11th is the Slade.

07:51:30 This is the west corner of 12th and Washington.

07:51:37 I don't know how I got these out of order.

07:51:41 On 11th related back to the project is that western side

07:51:48 of 11th traveling south.

07:51:51 This would be immediately across the street from the project

07:51:54 to the west on 11th.

07:51:57 This is looking back north on 11th.

07:52:00 The subject would be on the right-hand side of the street.

07:52:06 Back on 12th, this is at the northeast corner of 12th and

07:52:10 Washington.

07:52:12 Moving south now.

07:52:13 This is at southeast corner of 12th and Washington.

07:52:24 This is directly across from the subject site.

07:52:26 And Washington street park.

07:52:31 This is at Whiting and 12th looking back north.

07:52:36 The place is on the right.

07:52:37 Subject property is on the left.

07:52:40 And this is at Washington looking west.

07:52:48 And along White.

07:52:50 I just took some shots for you to show you.

07:52:53 This is from Washington.

07:52:58 Looking directly south so the subject site would be where

07:53:01 those cars are there.

07:53:04 I think that's it.

07:53:07 A lost it I did to give you a feel of what's going on around

07:53:10 there because what's being proposed at mid block is taller.

07:53:14 It's less than what the site is entitled to.

07:53:17 I believe it was originally 320 feet but it's still in

07:53:21 relationship to everything around it will be one of the

07:53:23 taller elements in the district.

07:53:28 So I just wanted to provide you some points of reference.

07:53:33 There are some modifications.

07:53:37 Let me go through.

07:53:38 I did mention the entitlements that are being requested

07:53:42 before you tonight.

07:53:43 I do need just modifications to the site data table, future

07:53:47 land use, property location, folio number. Natural

07:53:50 resources needed some notations added to the aggregate for

07:53:55 those areas that are less than the six foot protected

07:53:58 radius.

07:53:58 This project did require both an administrative alternative

07:54:02 design by solid waste, and also a driveway design by

07:54:06 transportation.

07:54:07 And both of those were administratively approved.

07:54:09 The site plan does reflect those administrative approvals.

07:54:15 Transportation has a few modifications that are required.

07:54:24 And also have an inconsistent finding in relation to the

07:54:27 loading berth dimension.

07:54:33 The they needed the ADA spaces changed and layout of the

07:54:37 parking garage.

07:54:38 The other floors to be provided to them.

07:54:40 The e-mail would be fine.

07:54:41 And then the loading berth to be dimensioned.

07:54:48 The other thing I did do for you is I provided the waivers

07:54:51 that were originally granted on this property in 2006, in my

07:54:55 staff report, and then what is actually being requested

07:54:58 today.

07:55:04 I believe that's it.

07:55:06 They also just needed the curb to be just striped and then

07:55:13 note number 12 related to the gate.

07:55:15 Other than that, with those modifications, staff will find

07:55:18 the request consistent.

07:55:21 And we are available for any questions.

07:55:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Abbye, would you mind if you send up the

07:55:29 photographs you took?

07:55:30 I would like to quickly review them myself.

07:55:33 And can you also refresh my memory as to what other bonus

07:55:39 density provisions could have been opted for by the

07:55:44 developers?

07:55:46 So they chose to get the bonus density.

07:55:48 They chose to provide 142 public parking spaces.

07:55:54 But what are some of the other things?

07:55:56 Because they don't have the chart.

07:55:58 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Let me pull those up for you.

07:56:01 I know that the -- in the district the comp plan is a little

07:56:06 different because as now they are requiring certain things

07:56:08 like public art and other things that are not required in

07:56:11 other parts of the city.

07:56:12 But let me go ahead and pull those for you.

07:56:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And maybe for future reference it might

07:56:20 be helpful to have that in the staff report.

07:56:22 >> Sure.

07:56:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We had 44 photographs.

07:56:29 >> Actually there are 60.

07:56:31 I didn't show you all of them.

07:56:39 In this part of the city, as well as the Central Business

07:56:39 District, the bonus is actually done on a calculation of a

07:56:54 10-to-1 for the development and the construction costs ,so

07:56:55 we worked closely with Catherine Coyle in the preparation of

07:56:58 the bonus criteria.

07:57:03 It's under code section 27-206.

07:57:07 And there's actually 18 of them.

07:57:09 In recent months, we have been meeting with Mr. McDonaugh to

07:57:14 look back given that there's been so much development in the

07:57:16 district, and many of the things that were initially thought

07:57:20 as bonus or that could really enhance the experience in the

07:57:25 district have been satisfied.

07:57:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had asked attorney Shelby to be part

07:57:29 of those discussions because he and I had discussed what

07:57:33 bonus density criteria, not just for Channelside but for all

07:57:37 of the downtown.

07:57:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So we are working on that.

07:57:42 We had had an initial meeting on that, Cathy and myself,

07:57:45 because given some of the recent developments, especially

07:57:48 completion of the related group and the Washington park and

07:57:50 what may be happening up at the Martin site, you are going

07:57:53 to have all the parts completed, you are going to have

07:57:56 different things.

07:57:56 So really the priorities are shifting.

07:57:59 And I think you will see that come back before you as a

07:58:01 workshop here in the next six months or so as we look at

07:58:05 those.

07:58:05 >> Affordable housing, public open space, Channelside Drive

07:58:11 Promenade, Riverwalk improvements, mid block pedestrian

07:58:14 connectors, bicycle accommodations, artist studio, display,

07:58:18 indoor outdoor performance, transit support, public parking,

07:58:22 fire rescue site, child care center, LEED certification, and

07:58:27 now we have had several developers I have had give me a call

07:58:31 recently that not only LEED but several of the green

07:58:35 certifications, they are asking if the city will consider

07:58:37 those as well and start moving forward on projects.

07:58:40 I think that's what the consideration is.

07:58:44 Public access to the waterfront, which this site obviously

07:58:46 wouldn't have the opportunity for.

07:58:48 And increase sidewalk area, public art, beyond what the

07:58:52 minimum requirements are and then public water features of

07:58:55 the

07:58:59 So in the past several months, bonus like the one you

07:59:06 considered on Howard and Morrison and the one you considered

07:59:09 on Rome and Packwood that are comprehensive plan bonuses,

07:59:13 that said if you want to achieve maximum F.A.R. do three of

07:59:17 these ten criteria, and it doesn't have that ten to one

07:59:20 ratio, it doesn't factor in the cost of land, cost of

07:59:24 construction.

07:59:25 It's different in this part of the city.

07:59:27 I do have all those calculations if you would want to see

07:59:30 them.

07:59:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I trust your math.

07:59:40 You know, given the 18, already talked about parking and my

07:59:49 desire to prompt people to use other methods of

07:59:52 transportation that we hope to have soon.

07:59:55 But in some places, in Channelside, we do have options for,

07:59:59 you know, being mobile without using your car.

08:00:05 And, you know, although the public parking is nice to have,

08:00:12 there are a lot of other things of the 18 that a project of

08:00:19 this size, you know, asking 23 stories is a lot.

08:00:25 And suction stories of parking is a lot.

08:00:29 And that's one of the reasons why I wanted to take another

08:00:37 look at the pictures.

08:00:39 Because I spent some time down there, and to the Stageworks

08:00:45 theater, those another of Mr. Stoltenberg's projects, scale

08:00:51 is important to me.

08:00:57 And keeping with the character and flavor of the area is

08:00:59 important to me.

08:01:01 And there are maybe some of the things on this list of 18

08:01:06 items that are important to me.

08:01:09 Unfortunately parking isn't really one of them.

08:01:12 So just my feeling.

08:01:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

08:01:20 >> Truett Gardner, 401 north Ashley.

08:01:23 Councilwoman Montelione, I want to address your question up

08:01:28 front.

08:01:31 And a couple materials for you to be perusing while we give

08:01:36 our presentation.

08:01:38 The first is the F.A.R. calculator on how we justified --

08:01:46 guaranteed to put you to sleep.

08:01:48 Then we have a PowerPoint presentation.

08:01:50 These are the slides that go with that, as well as an

08:01:52 outline of our agenda.

08:01:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: He's making copies of the 1 criteria for

08:02:07 me.

08:02:07 He will be back momentarily.

08:02:08 >> To address your question on the parking and I think you

08:02:16 will hear from some of the residents here tonight, one of

08:02:19 the things that's holding the Channel District back is a

08:02:21 lack of parking.

08:02:22 And, for instance, the Slade, which is across the street,

08:02:26 all of the retail is literally shuttered.

08:02:30 The reason why they have no excess parking, Steven Smith is

08:02:34 here tonight.

08:02:35 He's a unit at the Meridian.

08:02:37 He can't get tenants there.

08:02:40 He has one parking space.

08:02:41 So that was one.

08:02:43 In talking, we were very aggressive in our outreach with the

08:02:47 neighbors and that was probably the number one thing that

08:02:49 everybody wanted us to address.

08:02:51 Of those 18 items, we have to justify that.

08:02:54 And that's why the calculator is here.

08:02:56 But the other items we are touching on a lot of different

08:02:59 ones.

08:03:00 For instance, we met for an hour today with artist Carlton

08:03:07 ward.

08:03:08 I think he has a lot of his photos in here.

08:03:12 He addressed the scales of that deck.

08:03:14 We haven't discerned exactly where they are going to be but

08:03:17 it's going to be a massive screening with a large mesh

08:03:23 mangrove, something really creative on there to reduce that.

08:03:26 So again that was the item that we heard from the residents

08:03:31 that they wanted to be addressed, and that's what we decided

08:03:34 to address.

08:03:36 And we would love for their to be some sort of light rail

08:03:39 and have parking not to be mandatory.

08:03:43 Unfortunately right now that's not the world we are living

08:03:45 in.

08:03:46 That's one we wanted to address with our density.

08:03:49 >> Hopefully, building and project will be there long enough

08:03:52 to see.

08:03:53 >> We would absolutely love it.

08:03:55 >> I like planning for the future and not just tomorrow.

08:03:57 >> Sure.

08:03:59 >> I mean, obviously tomorrow is in the future but --

08:04:03 [ Laughter ] Before Mr. Miranda calls me out on that.

08:04:06 >> We would love to address the now and the future.

08:04:11 With this project again, Truett Gardner, 400 Ashley drive.

08:04:16 I couldn't be more excited to be in front of you tonight

08:04:18 with this, to reiterate two things on Abbye's. Her vision

08:04:23 sheet, everything on there is absolutely acceptable to us.

08:04:26 Secondly, this really is an effective downzoning from what

08:04:31 was approved in 2006.

08:04:32 We had 30 stories and 425 units approved then.

08:04:36 This is 23 stories and 320 units.

08:04:40 And again we have been very diligent in our outreach to the

08:04:44 neighbors.

08:04:44 We have got a couple that are here in support.

08:04:46 I don't believe we have any opposition at all.

08:04:50 And I attribute that to being aggressive and talking to

08:04:53 people, stakeholders, residents. Everybody that wanted to

08:04:56 talk, we talked to.

08:04:58 And we have got a presentation that we can give you.

08:05:01 But given that there's not any opposition, I want to

08:05:04 introduce Jim Borders, the president and CEO of Novare. You

08:05:09 will know of his work in the Skypoint project to just touch

08:05:13 on some of the highlights of this project.

08:05:14 I feel you will agree that it's a great project and it will

08:05:18 be a worthy addition to the Channel District.

08:05:20 With that I will turn things over to Jim Borders.

08:05:27 >> Jim Borders. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

08:05:37 817 W. Peachtree Street. Mr. Chairman, members of council.

08:05:40 Happy to be here to talk about our project, SkyPoint

08:05:43 Channelside.

08:05:47 Our company has been around since '92.

08:05:49 I am not going through the whole presentation.

08:05:52 We have developed a lot of multifamily units.

08:05:54 We developed two buildings here, SkyPoint and elementary.

08:05:57 And we just say we are well received and have been a

08:06:02 positive addition to the skyline as well as the general City

08:06:06 of Tampa.

08:06:07 We are very excited about our skyhouse development program

08:06:13 that we are doing around the southeast.

08:06:16 And this is a very cool building targeted at 25 to

08:06:21 34-year-old singles, also known as the young and the

08:06:26 restless.

08:06:27 And they are a target demographic for the major metropolitan

08:06:31 area around the southeast United States.

08:06:35 And the concept of this 24 story building, there are 320

08:06:41 units in the building, and then there's a skyhouse on the

08:06:45 roof.

08:06:45 And outside of the skyhouse, and that's where the amenity

08:06:49 areas are.

08:06:50 There's the club room, the fitness room there, there is a

08:06:54 swimming pool on one side, there is an outdoor area on the

08:06:59 other side.

08:06:59 And to this particular project we envision incredible views

08:07:03 of the city skyline as well as the water.

08:07:06 It's going to be an incredible place for our residents.

08:07:12 We view the product as somewhat of the BMW-3 series products

08:07:20 of residential.

08:07:21 Our first project of this type within we started it in

08:07:30 January 2012 and finished it in January 2013, and finished

08:07:36 up in about six months.

08:07:38 The program is very quick build, very minimal disruption to

08:07:42 the neighborhood.

08:07:44 Our vision going into this particular product was we want to

08:07:49 be able to build it in a year and not have a big, long,

08:07:53 drawn-out construction project for the neighborhood.

08:07:58 We have a partner in our program, cook company, long-time --

08:08:06 has had an office here in Tampa.

08:08:12 I will answer any questions that you have.

08:08:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments or questions by council

08:08:18 members at this time?

08:08:22 That's it?

08:08:23 >> Yes, sir.

08:08:24 >> We have our full team of engineers, landscape architects,

08:08:30 numerous people from -- I can drag my father out.

08:08:35 He's here, too.

08:08:36 So we are happy to answer any questions.

08:08:37 We would ask for your support.

08:08:40 The plan is for this, they would like to literally be

08:08:44 breaking ground in hopefully mid September?

08:08:48 And in the ideal, and things progress very well with their

08:08:53 finance partners, and would ask that you move this project.

08:08:57 One thing, if I could ask for, given the speed at which they

08:09:02 want to start, is should you find this acceptable, to have

08:09:05 our second reading on the morning of August 8th.

08:09:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

08:09:15 >> There's a CRA meeting that morning and a land use meeting

08:09:27 that night on the 8th.

08:09:28 >> What would the next -- again, if that is acceptable, that

08:09:37 evening would be fine.

08:09:39 For the second reading.

08:09:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The start date, when is it expected to

08:09:44 finish date?

08:09:45 >> That's the neat thing about this.

08:09:47 For instance, SkyPoint and elementary, if you remember when

08:09:50 those were being built, it took forever to build that

08:09:52 parking podium.

08:09:54 And then once they started those floors they took off.

08:09:58 The way they have this, the neat thing about it is, they can

08:10:02 build the tower, and then four months before, I believe it's

08:10:05 four months before the tower is finished they build the park

08:10:08 being deck.

08:10:08 So in Atlanta on the first one they were moving people in

08:10:11 less than a year from when they started construction.

08:10:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

08:10:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Other questions by council members?

08:10:19 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?

08:10:21 Item number 7-Z-13-40.

08:10:25 Please come forward.

08:10:26 >> Good evening.

08:10:29 Captain woods, 818 South Orleans Avenue and I was sworn.

08:10:33 I'm the managing member of 110 acquisition.

08:10:37 We own the building directly across 11th, 110 north

08:10:42 11th street.

08:10:44 We also own 207-11th street which currently is a vacant

08:10:49 building and parking area.

08:10:51 With all due respect to the Councilwoman's comments on the

08:10:54 relative importance of parking, it's a big problem.

08:11:00 We have been in this building since 2004, and we actually

08:11:06 this H to buy 207 eleventh street solely for parking.

08:11:10 We lost a tenant downstairs in part due to parking problems.

08:11:14 And we are having to re-let and in order to do that we were

08:11:19 told we had to buy another property just for the purpose of

08:11:22 parking.

08:11:22 So until we find an alternative parking solution, 207 is

08:11:30 going to sit there vacant, and just the use of the parking

08:11:33 lot.

08:11:33 If we can get public parking across the street, that may

08:11:36 free up 207 for who knows what other use?

08:11:41 But from our perspective, parking is very important.

08:11:44 And we are here in support of the proposal.

08:11:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:11:50 Next, please.

08:11:51 >> Steven Smith, 102 south 12th street.

08:11:57 I am an of Cooper Johnson Smith architect town planners,

08:12:04 12th and Whiting.

08:12:05 About 50 yards from this site.

08:12:07 And we have been there about 18 years.

08:12:09 And we also own across the street at the Meridian.

08:12:15 And I'm here in support, couldn't be happier to have seen

08:12:19 this project come before you, for the right design, right

08:12:26 building type and right developer.

08:12:29 We see it as being just one more engine for the Channel

08:12:32 District.

08:12:34 What we are feeling we need the most, we need folks.

08:12:37 We need rooftop to help energize the street, bring more

08:12:42 retail and restaurants, and we couldn't be happier.

08:12:46 It was later that I found out about the parking, added

08:12:50 parking, design component, which I would underscore with the

08:12:56 previous person has just said, we have quite a parking

08:13:01 crunch down there.

08:13:03 There's a lot of beautification going on right now in the

08:13:06 Channel District.

08:13:06 And it is making it more beautiful but it is actually taking

08:13:11 more street parking a way.

08:13:13 So we have in the past, and we foresee in the future, we are

08:13:18 using that parking garage for both our business and our

08:13:23 love-work.

08:13:24 Many of the units that were built in the Channel District

08:13:26 have been built with one parking space per unit.

08:13:30 So if there's one bedroom and two folks living there with

08:13:33 two cars, they are generally on the street.

08:13:36 And I know those folks would like a garage as well.

08:13:42 So we hope you folks support it.

08:13:44 Thank you.

08:13:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:13:45 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on this item 7,

08:13:49 Z-13-40?

08:13:51 Other comments by council members?

08:13:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Mrs. Gardner, since I came in, you already

08:13:56 started your presentation.

08:13:57 So have you addressed the quest ADA spaces?

08:14:02 >> Yes.

08:14:03 >>MARY MULHERN: You are providing like what?

08:14:04 >> That will be done between first and second reading on

08:14:08 that revision sheet.

08:14:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you adding another loading bay?

08:14:13 >> There was a waiver that was previously granted.

08:14:16 We'll have two.

08:14:17 But we are complying again with that revision sheet exactly

08:14:20 what transportation wants there.

08:14:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

08:14:22 Thank you.

08:14:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

08:14:25 Mrs. Montelione?

08:14:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Not so fast.

08:14:32 Mr. Gardner, can you put this page up on the Elmo, please,

08:14:35 for me?

08:14:39 I have got ground to make up.

08:14:49 >> Would you hold that up so I can see it?

08:14:51 >> Sure.

08:14:52 It's the rendering of what the building will look like in

08:14:54 the skyline.

08:15:00 Thank you.

08:15:03 Let's talk about scale.

08:15:09 The tower, the Channelside, is the only other building that

08:15:12 I would venture to guess that's in the area that is larger

08:15:17 than -- that's taller than this one, or will be when it's

08:15:21 built.

08:15:22 And we talk about, you know, the bonus density.

08:15:29 I understand you are entitled to build, because it's the way

08:15:32 that the code is laid out in Channelside, and the provisions

08:15:36 that we have written into the district .

08:15:40 But it seems very much out of place amongst those six,

08:15:48 seven, eight-story buildings, and even smaller ones that are

08:15:52 original and historic.

08:15:53 And I think part of what is the charm of the area -- and

08:15:58 even some of the new projects that were built were the

08:16:03 architectural styles that were invoking that warehouse kind

08:16:11 of industrial feel.

08:16:15 And when we talk about character, and what we are trying to

08:16:21 achieve, in the different districts in our city, our areas

08:16:30 that are -- that people are drawn to because of its

08:16:34 character.

08:16:39 So historic, Spanish, Cuban, Italian, I don't want to leave

08:16:45 anybody out, multicultural melting pot heritage, Afro-Cuban,

08:16:58 black Irish,

08:17:02 Ow Jewish community.

08:17:05 But, you know, people are drawn to Channelside for different

08:17:09 reasons, or people are drawn to living downtown across from

08:17:12 Curtis Hixon park.

08:17:14 And I don't want to lose those characters of our

08:17:17 neighborhood.

08:17:18 I know I spent a lot of time going back and forth to

08:17:21 Pittsburgh and visiting family up there.

08:17:25 And, you know, you go to different neighborhoods, and that's

08:17:27 a completely different feel.

08:17:29 And, you know, I'm very in favor of development.

08:17:38 You know that I have worked in the development field.

08:17:41 I believe in stimulating our economy and putting more heads

08:17:48 in beds, as we say in the industry, to support the retail

08:17:52 and support all the other activity.

08:17:55 But I also believe in maintaining the character of the area.

08:18:02 And I just think that both in scale, design, and it just

08:18:12 seems like -- it just does not fit for me.

08:18:18 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I have a little bit to say.

08:18:28 >> I think what Abbye is going to get to is partially my

08:18:31 support, too, because what you see there now is not the

08:18:33 reality of what has been approved.

08:18:36 And in 2003, we were actually one of the pioneers down

08:18:39 there.

08:18:40 We did the Meridian.

08:18:41 And which is why we have such a vested interest.

08:18:43 And there was a big discussion at that time on should it be

08:18:47 allowed, should it not be allowed?

08:18:49 And I don't have the exact numbers but I can give you a

08:18:51 little bit of a run-through.

08:18:55 Why reality isn't necessarily the perception of now.

08:19:00 Obviously as you mentioned, you have The Towers of

08:19:01 Channelside on the south end.

08:19:05 And Abbye is going to fill you in on the details.

08:19:08 A point tower, which was in 2006, code for going super high,

08:19:14 she's got the numbers on this block here, authorize property

08:19:19 here, this property here.

08:19:21 Obviously, we had the prior approval for 30 stories.

08:19:28 30 stories actually down to 23.

08:19:30 This was another Point tower, I believe, here.

08:19:34 And just a month ago you approved the Martin project which I

08:19:38 believe is also the exact height of this which is 23

08:19:42 stories.

08:19:42 And so I hear what you are saying.

08:19:47 And --

08:19:57 Again, that's the reality of what's there now.

08:19:59 Another really interesting comment that I heard in reaching

08:20:03 out to residents and stakeholders, that they really liked

08:20:06 about this building in particular.

08:20:17 If you look at everything down there, including the

08:20:20 high-rise at the towers of Channelside, everything has a

08:20:24 very, very heavy stucco element.

08:20:27 And what everybody reacts to is this, that, yes, it's in the

08:20:31 center of the district, yes, it's tall, but it's modern,

08:20:34 it's glass, and as a result it's very light feeling.

08:20:40 So that was the reaction I got from a lot of the residents.

08:20:43 As soon as I showed it, they fell in love with the building

08:20:46 and thought it was perfect.

08:20:47 And so I think we have one of the best developers in the

08:20:50 southeast proposing this.

08:20:51 >> I'm a fan.

08:20:55 >> And this will get the density that the district really

08:20:59 needs to take off.

08:21:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern?

08:21:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, this is déjà vu all over again because

08:21:10 we had upbeat discussions about probably five years ago and

08:21:13 even before that, six years ago about Channel District when

08:21:17 all of these really high towers, some of them were probably

08:21:21 twice that height, go it approved.

08:21:23 And I agree with Councilwoman Montelione that I like the --

08:21:27 I think Channelside could have succeeded more quickly and

08:21:32 would have been fine at the lower mid level rise, but these

08:21:37 not what we approved overall.

08:21:41 But my question to you, it is back to the future here with

08:21:45 the high-rise and Channel District.

08:21:48 Are these going to be apartments or condos?

08:21:51 >> I'll let Jeremy address this but definitely apartments.

08:21:55 And they are actually, again going back to the SkyPoint

08:22:00 elementary and their model before, these are smaller, more

08:22:03 efficient units, and really lend themselves to apartments

08:22:07 into that 25 to 34-year-old.

08:22:09 >>MARY MULHERN: That's all I wanted to hear because we

08:22:14 don't want to gone through another condo boom.

08:22:18 Weaver so much that's already approved.

08:22:19 We didn't need another right now.

08:22:22 Thanks.

08:22:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:22:27 25, 25, 25?

08:22:28 >> I'm trying to drag Mrs. Month Mrs. Montelione to a

08:22:35 groundbreaking in a month.

08:22:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can I say one more thing?

08:22:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to hold you to one.

08:22:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:22:43 Perhaps if we provided -- it's one of the things on here,

08:22:48 too, the density -- is bicycle accommodation on road bicycle

08:22:52 lanes, bicycle, laundry, transit support is number eight so,

08:22:57 bicycle is number six.

08:22:58 If perhaps we provide multimodal accommodations, we might

08:23:04 have people who are opting to use vehicles other than

08:23:09 automobiles.

08:23:10 >> Truett Gardner.

08:23:15 To. Answer that question, we are actually the guinea pig

08:23:17 for the application of the bonus density.

08:23:20 And it really takes a doctorate from M.I.T. to figure it

08:23:26 out.

08:23:27 [ Laughter ] but what Abbye, Bob McDonaugh have been very

08:23:32 gracious throughout the project, there needs to take another

08:23:35 look at this.

08:23:36 One of the things is public park with the Washington park

08:23:39 and with the park that's going to be north of Kennedy, they

08:23:42 feel that really they have that park element done.

08:23:45 So I think to take your issue, public parking is one that

08:23:50 they were trying to attract, people at South Beach struggled

08:23:53 and put a parking deck in the middle, and everything

08:23:57 flourished.

08:23:57 So that perhaps as we go forward can be one of the bonuses

08:24:02 removed from the table, and others could come in.

08:24:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:24:11 It's becoming a reality show.

08:24:15 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

08:24:17 Seconded by Mrs. Capin.

08:24:20 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:24:22 Opposed nay.

08:24:23 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:24:33 Mrs. Montelione, your turn.

08:24:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is number 7, correct, on the

08:24:37 agenda?

08:24:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

08:24:38 Z-13-40.

08:24:40 >> I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

08:24:42 consideration, ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:24:44 vicinity of 107 north 11th street, 104 and 110 north

08:24:49 12th Street and 1401 east Whiting Street in the city of

08:24:53 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1

08:24:55 from zoning district classifications CD-3 Channel District,

08:24:58 residential multifamily, to CD-2, channel districts

08:25:01 residential, multifamily, and retail sales, providing an

08:25:05 effective date including any revisions recommended by staff

08:25:08 that were discussed earlier by Mrs. Feeley.

08:25:11 >> Second.

08:25:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

08:25:13 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

08:25:16 Opposed nay.

08:25:16 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:25:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

08:25:20 And Mr. Chair, did the council approve the request for a

08:25:22 second reading on August 8?

08:25:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Providing they meet the requirements.

08:25:28 >> There's a special request, if I might.

08:25:31 Abbye whispered in my ear that perhaps we could have that at

08:25:34 5:30 just move it out of the way.

08:25:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

08:25:40 Seconded by Mrs. Capin on that request for August the

08:25:43 8th at 5:30.

08:25:45 All in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.

08:25:48 Opposed nay.

08:25:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:25:50 >> Thank you very much.

08:25:52 >>THE CLERK: Second reading and adoption will be on August

08:25:54 8th at 5:30 p.m.

08:25:56 >> Thank you all very much for attending.

08:25:59 We go to number 8.

08:26:01 Z-13-41.

08:26:04 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:26:04 Z-13-41 was the recent subject of an annexation considered

08:26:08 by City Council.

08:26:09 This is the associated rezoning located at 10550 taboo drive

08:26:17 and 10610 broken arrow drive.

08:26:19 The request before you tonight is an AS-1 agricultural

08:26:24 single-family district from Hillsborough County coming into

08:26:27 the city to become a PD planned development for multifamily

08:26:30 residential.

08:26:31 >> Good evening.

08:26:35 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff and I have

08:26:37 been sworn.

08:26:38 The site is located within the New Tampa planning district.

08:26:42 It's located at the northeastern send end of the City of

08:26:45 Tampa and was recently annex dollars into the City of Tampa

08:26:49 from unincorporated Hillsborough County.

08:26:51 Next we go on to the aerial.

08:26:53 Here we can see the surrounding development pattern.

08:26:57 To the north and west, we can see the suburban development

08:27:00 pattern with single-family detached residential units on

08:27:02 small lots and some multifamily residential as well.

08:27:06 To the east and south, you can see the larger lot

08:27:09 development, pattern located in the community of

08:27:13 unincorporated Hillsborough County.

08:27:14 The whole area also has some significant environmentally

08:27:19 sensitive areas scattered throughout.

08:27:23 Next under the future land use map, this is the future land

08:27:26 use map I received from our mapping department.

08:27:31 I needed to pull the actual to show you something.

08:27:33 I needed to pull the plan amendment map that actually showed

08:27:36 the site with the SMU 3 future land use category after it

08:27:42 was annexed into the City of Tampa.

08:27:44 The yellow, which is a little further west, is the

08:27:47 residential 3.

08:27:49 And the bluish greenish blob, an unofficial kind of color

08:27:54 designation -- I can't think of a better way to describe

08:27:58 it -- those are the environmentally sensitive areas that are

08:28:00 identified within the future land use map.

08:28:05 In unincorporated Hillsborough County which is to the east

08:28:07 of the subject site, that light green, that's all the

08:28:10 residential 1 future land use category.

08:28:13 Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning to

08:28:16 allow for development pattern that is comparable and

08:28:18 compatible with the development pattern within the

08:28:21 surrounding areas, especially within the City of Tampa, and

08:28:24 provides for an appropriate transition between the suburban

08:28:26 development pattern found within the City of Tampa in the

08:28:30 more rural characteristics of the unincorporated

08:28:33 Hillsborough County area.

08:28:33 Therefore, based on those, that finding, Planning Commission

08:28:36 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

08:28:39 comprehensive plan.

08:28:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:28:42 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The rezoning involves a 7.66-acre tract of

08:28:52 land that was, as I said, subject to the voluntary

08:28:56 annexation.

08:28:57 The second hearing was on July 18th.

08:28:59 Property is adjacent east of Canterbury apartments and the

08:29:04 proposed development is actually an expansion of Canterbury

08:29:08 apartments.

08:29:10 It is adjacent.

08:29:11 The subject is going to be the first 50 residential

08:29:14 multifamily units.

08:29:16 The PD plan shows the multifamily structures setback at 50.4

08:29:20 feet from the eastern property line which is the county

08:29:23 line.

08:29:23 The property is adjacent to wetlands on the north and the PD

08:29:26 site plan commits to maintain the required jurisdictional

08:29:29 setback.

08:29:30 Maximum height is proposed at 45 feet.

08:29:33 A total of 153 parking spaces are being provided to support

08:29:41 the request.

08:29:44 David showed you -- and it's hard to just go out there and

08:29:48 take pictures of the vacant land, so I am going to use the

08:29:51 aerial.

08:29:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are disappointed.

08:29:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'm sorry.

08:29:54 As you can see, Cross Creek Boulevard to the north.

08:30:04 Morris bridge is over on your eastern side.

08:30:06 It is east of 275 and 75 and west of 41.

08:30:10 This is the existing development that actually has access

08:30:17 off of Cross Creek and the proposed site plan as you will

08:30:20 see before you in your packages proposes that the

08:30:23 development will utilize the existing access and provide for

08:30:26 the additional units.

08:30:30 That being said there are no modifications in between first

08:30:32 and second reading.

08:30:33 Staff did find the request consistent.

08:30:35 And we are available for any questions.

08:30:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:30:39 Petitioner?

08:30:39 >> Clayton Bricklemyer, Bricklemyer law group, north Ashley.

08:30:58 This is a good project for my client.

08:31:00 He's excited about the ability to expand it.

08:31:02 He spent kind of a lot of time and money for the amount of

08:31:05 units he's putting back out.

08:31:06 There is one stormwater note that's been asked that we add

08:31:09 to the plan and weep Do need to do a little more

08:31:12 coordinating with natural resources and we are going to add

08:31:14 that note.

08:31:15 And we are going to make them happy.

08:31:17 So we are here for questions if you have any.

08:31:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions at this time?

08:31:21 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 8, Z-13-41?

08:31:25 I see no one.

08:31:27 A motion to close by Mrs. Capin.

08:31:29 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:31:29 All in favor of the motion?

08:31:31 Opposed?

08:31:32 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:31:33 Mr. Suarez, will you kindly read number 8, please?

08:31:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

08:31:42 I present an ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:31:45 vicinity of 10550 taboo drive and 10610 broken arrow drive

08:31:54 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

08:31:56 described in section 1 from zoning district classifications

08:32:00 AS-1 agricultural single-family, Hillsborough County zoning

08:32:05 district, to PD, planned development, multifamily, City of

08:32:07 Tampa zoning district, providing an effective date.

08:32:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

08:32:13 I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

08:32:16 And it reminds me of a lone ranger story here.

08:32:19 All in favor of that motion?

08:32:22 Opposed?

08:32:22 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:32:23 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

08:32:25 Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at 9:30

08:32:27 a.m.

08:32:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 9.

08:32:32 Z-13-45.

08:32:33 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:32:42 Last case before you tonight 13-45 is located at 522 North

08:32:46 Howard Avenue familiar to most of you as the fort Hesterly

08:32:53 armor building.

08:32:54 We rezoned it back in 2007 for a mixed use entertainment

08:32:58 complex to a PD.

08:33:00 What's before you tonight is another PD zoning but also an

08:33:03 RM 16 zoning.

08:33:04 So what's going on is they are actually taking the northern

08:33:08 portion that houses some of the armor operations and putting

08:33:13 that back to RM-16 which is what it was prior to the PD

08:33:17 being placed on it in 2007, and then adjusting the site plan

08:33:21 for the southern portion of the site, which is proposed to

08:33:24 be the new southern campus for TJCC.

08:33:37 I'll let David present and then I will finish up.

08:33:41 >>David Hay: The last case, we go back down to the central

08:33:44 Tampa planning district.

08:33:46 The site is also located within the West Tampa urban

08:33:49 village.

08:33:51 Next we have the aerial.

08:33:54 The subject site as always is in the center of the map.

08:33:57 You can see the area contains a mixture of uses.

08:34:00 There are some nonresidential uses to the north, office and

08:34:03 residential uses lying north of Armenia and North Howard

08:34:07 Avenue, with predominantly single-family detached

08:34:10 residential uses along the internal local street.

08:34:14 Finally, we have the fought land use map.

08:34:17 The subject site and properties to the north and south along

08:34:19 North Howard Avenue is designated mixed use 35 which is

08:34:24 represented by the pink color.

08:34:25 The brown to the south is residential 20.

08:34:29 While the red along North Howard area is community

08:34:31 commercial 35.

08:34:33 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

08:34:35 rezoning to return a designated historic structure back to

08:34:39 active use is consistent with the comprehensive plan.

08:34:42 The rezoning would also create a more active use along

08:34:45 Howard Avenue to the placement and improve the overall

08:34:50 impact along the south side of the structure.

08:34:53 Since the applicant will be making buffering and screening

08:34:55 improvements and will be limiting access to service and

08:34:57 employee vehicles on that southern side.

08:35:01 Currently, the armory has a full access point along west

08:35:04 Grady street.

08:35:05 Overall the proposed rezoning is comparable to the existing

08:35:08 development pattern, and with the long-term vision of this

08:35:12 portion of the City of Tampa as outlined within the

08:35:14 comprehensive plan.

08:35:15 Therefore based on those findings and the goals, objectives

08:35:18 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

08:35:20 staff find the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

08:35:23 comprehensive plan.

08:35:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:35:33 The proposed rezoning involves the Fort Homer Hesterly

08:35:37 building, zoned in 2007 to PD for mixed use development.

08:35:43 The proposed application would row zone the north half to

08:35:45 5.24 acres back to Ringling Museum 16 and the south half to

08:35:50 5.09 including the landmark building site of the Fort Homer

08:35:53 Hesterly building to PD for Jewish Community Center

08:35:59 multi-use facility.

08:36:01 It does show the retention of the armory building which is

08:36:03 85,000 square feet and the addition of a now entry structure

08:36:07 which is 2800 square feet.

08:36:08 Preschool 14,000 square feet with future expansion of

08:36:12 potentially 3,000 square feet.

08:36:13 The guard house, pump room and key jobbing, is 105,553

08:36:21 square feet.

08:36:22 The parking requirements of the proposed mixed use is 476

08:36:26 spaces, and the site plan shows 202.

08:36:29 So there is a parking waiver being requested for the parking

08:36:32 deficiency.

08:36:33 Primary access to the site is on Howard Avenue and Armenia

08:36:36 Avenue, and there's limited employee parking, and service

08:36:41 and loading area on Gray Street.

08:36:44 The site plan does show the six foot high metal fence.

08:36:49 The fence is placed approximately 9 feet from Howard, 7 feet

08:36:54 from Armenia, along the south property line of Gray Street.

08:36:57 The recycling dumpster and screen with a 6-foot high masonry

08:37:01 wall and 8-foot wide landscape buffer.

08:37:03 There are five waivers being requested with this application

08:37:06 before you tonight.

08:37:06 The first is to allow access to a local street which is

08:37:09 Gray.

08:37:10 The second is to allow two 12 by 30 loading spaces.

08:37:14 The third which I mentioned already is the reduction of

08:37:17 parking from 476 to 202, 5% reduction.

08:37:22 The fourth is to reduce the required loading and unloading

08:37:25 spaces from five to two and the last is to reduce the

08:37:28 vehicle area buffer from 8-foot to three foot along the

08:37:31 south property line and three foot to two and a half foot

08:37:33 along the north property line adjacent to the RM district.

08:37:37 The in-lieu fee would be required at the time of permitting.

08:37:42 Let me go ahead and show you the site.

08:37:52 And I will go over one more time what we are talking about

08:37:56 is roughly across that line right there.

08:37:59 What we are doing tonight is the south would be for the

08:38:03 retention of Fort Homer Hesterly, the north back to almost

08:38:08 16 which is predominantly the zoning pattern on the west

08:38:12 side of Armenia.

08:38:13 There are several offices that are PDed around the CI zoning

08:38:16 to the north across lemon and to the east across Howard

08:38:19 Avenue.

08:38:23 Here is an aerial of the site.

08:38:24 Again, Howard, Armenia, Lemon, and Gray.

08:38:31 In my photo presentation, what I am going to do is I

08:38:34 actually worked around the site again, and then I believe

08:38:39 they are in order of the subject site.

08:38:41 And then the surrounding property.

08:39:12 This is South Howard.

08:39:13 Moving south on Howard.

08:39:15 This is where the access of Howard would be.

08:39:17 Coming up to Lemon.

08:39:18 Moving west on Lemon toward Armenia.

08:39:26 Coming up on the Armenia intersection.

08:39:28 Working south on Armenia toward Gray Street.

08:39:40 Coming along Gray back toward Howard.

08:39:45 This is back where that service area and entry will be.

08:39:48 A little broader view there.

08:39:53 Howard.

08:39:55 Look back, the cement barricades obviously that are going to

08:39:57 be removed from the site.

08:39:58 This is the southeast corner of Howard and Gray.

08:40:04 This is the south side of Gray that is going to be

08:40:09 interfacing with that service area that we have discussed

08:40:14 and the plant.

08:40:16 Still moving back toward Howard.

08:40:17 So this is at the corner of Howard and Gray.

08:40:21 This is at the southeast corner of Howard and Gray.

08:40:26 This is moving up Howard now.

08:40:32 Moving back toward Lemon.

08:40:35 Got some parking.

08:40:36 Got some low intensity offices.

08:40:38 Some vacant properties.

08:40:42 Still on Howard.

08:40:43 And coming down the west side of Armenia, you have the

08:40:52 brothers park that mostly composes the eastern side that

08:40:55 interfaces with the subject property.

08:40:56 This 506 is a PD you did a few years ago that was recently

08:41:02 constructed and has, I think, Rocky Creek Cafe or something

08:41:05 in there.

08:41:06 Parking.

08:41:07 And this also.

08:41:12 Staff does have some modifications that need to be made in

08:41:15 between first and second reading of the ordinance in

08:41:18 relationship to the application.

08:41:24 Let me just say also, this was heard by Architectural Review

08:41:28 Commission on August 8.

08:41:30 And it was recommended for approval as presented, with some

08:41:35 modifications.

08:41:43 July 8th.

08:41:44 Sorry.

08:41:45 We are not in August yet.

08:41:46 July 8th.

08:41:47 The following -- they had a few things that were going to be

08:41:50 for final review by the ARC, back for certificate of

08:41:55 appropriateness, and that is the final design solution for

08:41:57 the architectural element, providing a solution for parking

08:42:01 that respect it is front yard, retain historic location of

08:42:05 the sidewalk off of Howard, and any above-grade water

08:42:07 control valves to be screened with landscaping.

08:42:11 A note should be added to the site plan indicating a

08:42:13 commitment to comply with the ARC request for final review.

08:42:18 Land development modifications, I believe the parking, and I

08:42:27 did confirm that with Mr. Singer, the waiver will stay as

08:42:32 is.

08:42:32 That is in relationship to bullet number 2 that I provided

08:42:34 in my report.

08:42:35 The tiller is proposed to be screened with a 6-foot high

08:42:39 wall and 8-foot high landscape buffer.

08:42:41 We would like to see more detail as to that, since that is

08:42:45 actually interfacing with the single-family residential on

08:42:47 the south side.

08:42:48 Tillers tend to be taller than a 6-foot wall.

08:42:52 So in between first and second reading, if they can provide

08:42:55 that, provide additional screening with some height, they

08:42:58 might be able to do some different vegetation that would

08:43:01 screen above that wall.

08:43:02 They need to remove reference 20.5 under the notes, and also

08:43:09 correct the proposed use, and then the setbacks, let me just

08:43:12 correct my report, the west should be 65 and the east should

08:43:17 be 39 feet 3 inches.

08:43:19 The northern and south were correctly stated.

08:43:22 Transportation found this inconsistent.

08:43:28 They have concerns of the 58% parking waiver that's before

08:43:32 you for the facility.

08:43:34 Jonathan Scott from transportation is here this evening.

08:43:37 They also have some changes that need to be made in between

08:43:40 first and second reading, and those are spelled out on page

08:43:42 4 of your report.

08:43:46 4 and 5.

08:43:48 Also solid waste.

08:43:50 And I went over these changes with Mr. Singer, had some site

08:43:53 plan modifications as well that need to be taken care of,

08:43:57 and natural resources also had some substantial

08:44:01 modifications that need to be made in between first and

08:44:04 second reading.

08:44:05 We did feel that given second reading will not be until

08:44:08 August 22nd.

08:44:09 That typically when we have substantial changes in between

08:44:12 first and second reading, it is four weeks before we can

08:44:15 have second reading.

08:44:16 This is scheduled for four weeks from now so I believe we

08:44:18 can work with the applicant to make sure that these

08:44:20 modifications made in between that time and that the site

08:44:23 plan adequately reflects everything that needs to be taken

08:44:26 care of.

08:44:36 >> David singer from the firm singer and McDonnelly, 712

08:44:41 south Oregon.

08:44:43 Mr. Chairman, members of council.

08:44:44 I know it's been a long day.

08:44:47 But on behalf of the applicant, the Jewish Tampa community

08:44:51 center, and the many, many members of the Tampa community

08:44:55 that have contributed their time and energy to the success

08:44:57 of this project over the past two and a half years, let me

08:45:01 say thank you, and we are excited to be here this evening.

08:45:04 With me tonight on behalf of the applicant are Gary Gould,

08:45:09 CEO of Tampa JCC and Federation, Jack Roth, Executive

08:45:14 Director of the Tampa Jewish Community Center, Jonathan

08:45:16 Moore, the project's principal manager for the InVision

08:45:17 advisors, Sol Fleischman of Fleischman-Garcia, Lucas Carlos,

08:45:22 our civil engineer from Hamilton Engineer, Jordan Behar,

08:45:27 architecture, Joe Grimail, our parking consultant

08:45:31 from Grimail Crawford.

08:45:34 Two important members of our project team could not be here

08:45:36 this evening.

08:45:36 The co-chairs of our development committee, one is Sam

08:45:40 Linsky, the other is David Sherr.

08:45:44 David is in South Africa and he specifically asked me to

08:45:47 send his regards to each of you and to thank you in advance

08:45:50 for your thoughtful consideration of this application.

08:45:53 You and I have discussed many projects and issues over the

08:45:56 years, some large, some small, but rarely do we get a chance

08:46:00 to address a project like this.

08:46:04 That will simultaneously repurpose such a large and

08:46:07 difficult parcel in our urban area, that will reshape an

08:46:11 iconic and historic landmark while preserving its core

08:46:15 character, that will re inspire thoughtful and positive

08:46:18 development in such an important part of our city.

08:46:22 At the armory site and bidding that has been woven into the

08:46:25 fabric of our city history, revered Americans, Dr. Martin

08:46:30 Luther King Jr. and president John F. Kennedy, music

08:46:33 legends, and the temporary home for Theodore Roosevelt's

08:46:37 rougher riders, reemerging to inspire a new generation to

08:46:41 embrace a sense of community and acceptance and tradition

08:46:44 that honors the past and welcomes its future.

08:46:50 This project enjoys wide community support.

08:46:52 The West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the letter signed by the

08:46:56 vice-president that reads in part: Over the past year you

08:46:58 have engaged us with communication and meetings, you have

08:47:01 attended our functions and informed our members of the

08:47:04 design and intent of the project, and our members are

08:47:07 excited not only for the project but the future

08:47:09 redevelopment in the surrounding neighborhood that the JCC

08:47:12 will potentially bring.

08:47:14 Congresswoman Kathy Castor writes, I am pleased to write in

08:47:17 support of the restoration of the iconic Fort Homer Hesterly

08:47:23 armory and a cornerstone of the West Tampa Renaissance now

08:47:26 underway.

08:47:27 For years this armory has sat woefully idle and the Tampa

08:47:31 Jewish community is moving to restore the grandeur and

08:47:35 promise of this iconic landmark.

08:47:38 Mayor Buckhorn writes this is part afternoon exiting west

08:47:42 Renaissance and rents a transitional force for the West

08:47:45 Tampa community, the City of Tampa, and the Tampa Jewish

08:47:48 community.

08:47:49 A win-win for the entire community and for the City of

08:47:51 Tampa.

08:47:53 I offer my strong personal endorsement.

08:47:56 At the end of our time I'll submit these letters to Mr.

08:47:59 Shelby to make this part of the record.

08:48:01 From the technical perspective.

08:48:07 The waivers that staff mentioned will be added between first

08:48:10 and second reading and I would like to address three areas

08:48:14 briefly.

08:48:14 Solid request requested a revision based on specific notes

08:48:18 that were required to us.

08:48:19 Those changes have been made already and you will see them

08:48:22 reflected on the site plan when it is presented for second

08:48:24 reading.

08:48:26 Transportation indicated concern with the amount of parking

08:48:28 provided on-site.

08:48:30 We have requested a waiver for the number of stations

08:48:32 required for intended use, the 202 parking spaces provided

08:48:36 on-site is adequate for our use, and complies with the

08:48:39 intent of the code in terms of historic landmark structure

08:48:44 with the community center function.

08:48:46 The site will include space for bicycle parking.

08:48:49 We anticipate many users of the facility will use a carpool

08:48:54 arrangement.

08:48:54 The site Linn will be served by existing bus routes.

08:48:57 There is significant number of on-street parking options as

08:49:00 well, should they be necessary.

08:49:02 In providing over 200 parking spaces in the urban core area.

08:49:07 It's a very considerable amount of parking on-site.

08:49:11 Lastly, we have requested a waiver for the number of loading

08:49:13 berths from five to two based on our intended use two,

08:49:17 loading berth will be sufficient.

08:49:22 This truly has been a collaborative effort working with the

08:49:26 city staff to ensure a safe, aesthetically pleasing

08:49:31 functional design that maintains the historic nature of the

08:49:34 existing facility.

08:49:36 The site plan has also been considered by ARC as Abbye

08:49:39 mentioned.

08:49:40 And recommended for approval.

08:49:43 For the remaining amount of our time, I would like to call

08:49:46 up Jack Ross, the Executive Director of the Jewish community

08:49:49 center, to give you an opportunity to hear directly from

08:49:52 him.

08:49:53 And Jack will conclude this portion of the applicant's

08:49:55 presentation.

08:50:00 >> Jack Ross: I have been sworn.

08:50:04 I'm the Executive Director of the Tampa Jewish Community

08:50:07 Center, 13009 Community Campus Drive, Tampa, Florida 33625.

08:50:14 Mr. Chairman, distinguished members of the Tampa City

08:50:16 Council, thank you very much for receiving us this evening

08:50:20 to talk about what we believe and what we refer to in our

08:50:23 development group as the game changer.

08:50:27 We believe it's a game changer for the Tampa Jewish

08:50:29 community, for the West Tampa area, it's residents, as well

08:50:34 as part of the Renaissance that's been referred to this

08:50:37 evening.

08:50:37 This hearing is a culmination those for two and a half years

08:50:41 of very difficult work by people gathered here in the forum

08:50:46 that we sit and back at our campus on Gunn highway in north

08:50:51 Tampa.

08:50:51 And as a result of two significant occurrences that have

08:50:55 happened since that two and a half year beginning, just

08:50:58 prior.

08:50:59 First is the significant financial change in circumstances

08:51:03 of our organization that allowed us to become prospective in

08:51:06 how we function as an organization in our planning, 10, 20,

08:51:11 30 years out.

08:51:12 Also, our desire to better serve the presence of our

08:51:16 community in the South Tampa area.

08:51:18 The second occurrence, the demographic studies that showed

08:51:21 us what we knew empirically is the largest concentration of

08:51:24 our community is here in the south, the 46% of the Tampa

08:51:27 Jewish community.

08:51:30 We are excited.

08:51:31 We are proud to be a part of the revital historic landmark

08:51:37 that Fort Homer Hesterly armory, to celebrate the history in

08:51:43 many ways, in our renovation, inside of the armory, outside

08:51:47 of the armory, the property itself.

08:51:50 To be part as we mentioned of the economic Renaissance that

08:51:53 is now underway, the cultural Renaissance of the West Tampa

08:51:56 area.

08:51:58 To become part of the community, engaged as you may or may

08:52:03 not, community needs assessment, survey, but we polled

08:52:09 members of the Jewish community, non-Jewish community, West

08:52:12 Tampa community, focus groups, individual meetings,

08:52:15 telephone, and online surveys, community leaders,

08:52:18 discussions, stakeholders in the West Tampa community, and

08:52:26 he would believe, we hope that we have engaged thus far in

08:52:29 intelligent development.

08:52:31 We have developed what I refer to to the dream team of

08:52:35 professionals and consultants and community lay leaders,

08:52:38 some of whom are here tonight but many are not.

08:52:41 We developed what we believe to be an intelligent design and

08:52:44 layout for the project, one that's responsive to the

08:52:46 historical significance of the building and its property,

08:52:50 and that it's forward thinking for the vibrant future that

08:52:53 West Tampa, marrying historic component with the new

08:52:57 component that we have put forward.

08:53:01 And we have put Ford or together a comprehensive business

08:53:05 development plan with an emphasis on fiscal responsibility

08:53:09 and sustainability.

08:53:10 In short, we are very excited to become part of the West

08:53:13 Tampa community.

08:53:14 We are very excited to return to our roots in developing an

08:53:18 expansion campus to compliment the beautiful Douglas Cohen

08:53:23 Jewish Community Center on Gunn highway at the north end of

08:53:27 Tampa.

08:53:28 Once again I thank you for hearing and putting forward for

08:53:31 your consideration what we call the game changer.

08:53:34 Thank you.

08:53:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:53:35 I have Mrs. Mulhern and Mrs. Capin.

08:53:37 >>MARY MULHERN: I have questions for the parking.

08:53:44 Whoever wants to.

08:53:46 >> If I can't address it, I will call our expert.

08:53:51 >>MARY MULHERN: That's fine.

08:53:53 I used to drop off at the JCC for preschool, and I always

08:53:57 had to park.

08:53:58 But it looks like you are going to have a drop-off line like

08:54:03 the normal school sort of --

08:54:05 >> Yes.

08:54:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you sure that the moms are going to be

08:54:08 willing to just drop their toddlers off and not park and

08:54:14 walk in.

08:54:15 >> Some want to park.

08:54:18 >> For our youngest children which is the preschool, they do

08:54:22 not drop off.

08:54:23 However, they do pick up.

08:54:24 So in the afternoon, they there's a pickup recession but in

08:54:29 the mornings they are parking and walking the children in

08:54:31 for the most part.

08:54:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess maybe I just -- it is a huge

08:54:35 parking waiver you are asking for.

08:54:36 So maybe you need to tell us why you think that you will

08:54:41 have enough if we give you that waiver, and what are all the

08:54:46 uses, and also why you couldn't provide more parking, if

08:54:53 there's some reason why you couldn't accomplish more.

08:54:56 >> I am going to let our parking expert address it, and then

08:55:01 we'll go from there.

08:55:02 >> Joe Grimail, Grimail Crawford, 4600 West Cypress street.

08:55:07 I have been sworn.

08:55:09 What we do is a shared parking analysis of all the

08:55:12 individual uses where we have data that we can look at the

08:55:15 parking demands for each use throughout the entire day.

08:55:18 So we do really an hour by hour evaluation of school peak in

08:55:24 the morning and then levels back out and pick back up in the

08:55:27 afternoon.

08:55:27 And we look at the various land uses where some are peaking

08:55:31 while others are down and so forth.

08:55:33 And what we found was that predominantly throughout the day

08:55:39 the parking demand varies from 140 to 185 parking spaces

08:55:45 throughout the day.

08:55:47 It really only comes in to play when they have a T special

08:55:50 events on the evening, and we did a very conservative

08:55:54 analysis.

08:55:56 Where the parking demand exceeded the 202, but they are

08:56:00 going to use valet service whenever they have the evening

08:56:03 special events.

08:56:05 And the valet can park up to 282 spaces on-site, not

08:56:08 including any of the other ancillary parking spaces that are

08:56:12 available to them.

08:56:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Wait, I don't understand that.

08:56:20 So you are only going to have 200 self-parking spaces but

08:56:24 you think a valet can park?

08:56:26 >> Well, valet can park -- the valet parking experts can

08:56:32 utilize the valet in the evening to park cars closer

08:56:37 together and get approximately 40 or 50 more in there.

08:56:41 >> You say you are almost doubling it from 200 to 280?

08:56:44 >> 280.

08:56:45 >> Yes, that's almost double.

08:56:48 That sound like a lot.

08:56:49 >> 280 is not doubling.

08:56:53 400 would be doubling.

08:56:55 202.

08:56:55 But they can do much more efficient when they do valet

08:56:59 parking than they can just everything everyone come in and

08:57:02 park in designated parking spots.

08:57:04 That's only occurring in the evenings, when all the other

08:57:07 land uses are pretty much shut down.

08:57:09 So after 7:00 there's if no more --

08:57:12 >> And what are the other uses?

08:57:14 There's like a pool, and what are the other uses?

08:57:19 Daycare.

08:57:20 >> Fitness center.

08:57:23 Art center.

08:57:24 A Wellness Center.

08:57:27 So, you know, all of those -- and throws offices.

08:57:30 All of those are really daytime functions that peak in the

08:57:35 morning and level offer in the afternoon.

08:57:36 It's really just the special events, the events center that

08:57:40 will be in the evening when all those uses are not in action

08:57:44 anymore.

08:57:44 >>MARY MULHERN: So I guess I want to hear from our

08:57:48 transportation people.

08:57:52 >> They just have not had a chance to review that yet.

08:58:01 >> You haven't seen their report yet?

08:58:05 >> Jonathan Scott, Transportation Planning.

08:58:07 I have not seen that plan yet, or that aspect of it.

08:58:15 >>MARY MULHERN: You know, it's interesting that it comes up

08:58:18 with all of our zoning, is that we don't have enough parking

08:58:21 in the city, and it's at every single thing that comes in

08:58:27 front of us that we are really going to need to see that you

08:58:29 are going to be able to provide us.

08:58:31 >> I understand.

08:58:33 But if you look at the individual --

08:58:35 >> And find a way to for more parking on the site.

08:58:38 >> We do have more access to arrangements around there, and

08:58:42 there is on-street parking.

08:58:44 But if you really look at the uses, they are not really high

08:58:48 demand, high parking intensive uses.

08:58:51 You know, a fitness center, the pool, the preschool, the

08:58:54 arts center, Wellness Center, you know, they are not --

08:58:58 those are not uses.

08:58:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

08:59:01 I think just when you talk about the events at night, you

08:59:03 know, how many people will the hall hold?

08:59:14 I think you are going to need to show us that.

08:59:16 That will work out.

08:59:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

08:59:22 >> If I may, Councilwoman, there may be some confusion.

08:59:26 First of all, this critical period of time is at the 6:00

08:59:31 hour, or the children have finally left all forms of

08:59:39 after-care.

08:59:39 We have the hour between six and seven where there's still

08:59:42 fitness that's going on.

08:59:45 Then from 7 p.m. to the later hours would be an event, would

08:59:49 come to play.

08:59:49 So we have 202 parking spots that would be available, and

08:59:53 our usage, you will see in the report, peaks at the 6:00

08:59:58 hour when fitness and the events are starting to come

09:00:01 together.

09:00:02 Then at 7:00, it continues to rise but fitness trickles out

09:00:06 by 8:00.

09:00:07 And we have, in addition to 202 on-site parking, we have

09:00:12 Armenia and Howard on-street parking, and we have already a

09:00:16 letter of intent with the property adjacent to our property,

09:00:21 the subject property, for a valet service.

09:00:25 So I think that's the gentleman who is our expert was mixing

09:00:28 that, because it's approximately 61 spaces available on the

09:00:32 adjacent site.

09:00:33 We weren't suggesting the stacking on the on-site parking.

09:00:37 >>MARY MULHERN: So I need to see that and answer my

09:00:42 question about -- I'm sorry.

09:00:45 I didn't have my mike on.

09:00:49 How many people does the event area accommodate?

09:00:51 How many are you expecting for an event?

09:00:53 >> Our event center is being built out with flexibility in

09:00:55 mind.

09:00:56 That's been the mantra of our development.

09:00:58 And so we have event space that can accommodate very small

09:01:02 groups.

09:01:03 But it can accommodate an event up to 600 people in a seated

09:01:07 forum.

09:01:08 So we have that broad span.

09:01:10 Now, mind you, in a single year, we would have a very few

09:01:16 number of the largest events, but we can accommodate up to

09:01:19 600 in a sit-down format.

09:01:21 But again, our usage, in the report, is that we sort of look

09:01:27 like this, and with our on-site, off-site street parking,

09:01:32 and the arrangement that we are entering into and continue

09:01:36 to, and we have another one of our valet vendors who is here

09:01:40 for off-site parking, we have what we understand to be more

09:01:45 than sufficient amount of spaces.

09:01:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:01:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

09:01:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you want to continue on this?

09:01:55 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

09:01:57 I want to be clear.

09:01:58 You know, you have had this situation come before you when

09:02:00 people have a parking waiver, they provide for you

09:02:03 justification for that waiver.

09:02:04 Let me make it clear that what is on your site plan today is

09:02:07 202 spaces.

09:02:09 That's it.

09:02:09 You cannot condition them, you know, on an off-site piece

09:02:14 for valet.

09:02:15 Then they say to you, we have the opportunity to have X

09:02:17 number of spaces on-site.

09:02:19 Those spaces would need to meet required code.

09:02:22 But what's before you today is the park waiver down to 202.

09:02:27 They are providing some justification for that waiver.

09:02:29 But they may not valet park on this site, and double park

09:02:33 those spaces or tandem park them in any way.

09:02:36 And I'm not sure, you know, they could show you perhaps

09:02:38 would you like evidence of lease agreements or other things

09:02:41 for that off-site.

09:02:42 But we can't condition it that way.

09:02:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me ask you this.

09:02:47 We just heard that they could hold up to 600 people.

09:02:50 So say we are just talking about at night.

09:02:53 Is that what the 400 -- what is the required parking?

09:02:57 Is it based on that number?

09:02:59 >> Yes.

09:03:00 400 is the worst case scenario of the entire site.

09:03:03 >> And what is it, 400 --

09:03:09 >> 479?

09:03:14 >> Okay.

09:03:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: 476.

09:03:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we have a big problem with parking.

09:03:21 I do anyway.

09:03:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin.

09:03:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There's an adjacent property that again

09:03:29 can't be conditioned but there's negotiations for a lease of

09:03:32 an adjacent property for the use of valet parking?

09:03:39 The lease is with the valet company, or with the petitioner?

09:03:46 >> Councilwoman, there is at the moment one subject property

09:03:49 with which we have entered into a letter of intent.

09:03:52 However, there are numerous properties which we have

09:03:55 identified and will pursue.

09:03:56 So we have come with the formula of 202, plus on-site street

09:04:02 parking along Howard and Armenia which exists already, and

09:04:05 we have the number for you there.

09:04:08 And one adjacent property with whom we have a letter of

09:04:13 intent, happens to be a member of the Tampa Jewish

09:04:16 community, a prominent family, and that property in its

09:04:20 current state will provide approximately 61 to 63 additional

09:04:25 parking spots.

09:04:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And is that property within 1,000 feet?

09:04:30 >> Yes, yes.

09:04:31 >> So the 476 which is worst case scenario that can be up

09:04:42 to --

09:04:43 >> It's my understanding that it's not based on the capacity

09:04:45 of what we can have for an event but based on square footage

09:04:48 of the entire project.

09:04:52 Far beyond --

09:04:54 >> You're right.

09:04:54 >> So no basis on --

09:05:03 >> You're right.

09:05:04 Thank you for that.

09:05:05 I think we may have to see evidence of that lease between

09:05:10 first -- no?

09:05:12 We won't have to see evidence of that lease?

09:05:15 >> We are not asking you to consider that.

09:05:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

09:05:19 We are not considering it.

09:05:20 Now then I want to go on to the next.

09:05:23 On West Gray Street, there's homes on there.

09:05:29 And I want to know again if you can come up and tell me,

09:05:34 they are all residential thing which between Howard and

09:05:37 Armenia on Gray Street?

09:05:39 >>ABBYE FEELEY: There are several that are nonresidential,

09:05:48 not mid-block but at the --

09:05:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you have it there?

09:05:53 >> Yes. I will show you some photos.

09:05:54 But I want to show on the zoning atlas, this PD is where you

09:05:58 saw the U-hauls, and then this is commercial at this end.

09:06:03 So really the residential are those --

09:06:10 >> And that's what we have?

09:06:11 >> This is the zoning atlas.

09:06:13 >> Zoning atlas.

09:06:15 And I'm looking at it.

09:06:18 >> This is all RM-16.

09:06:22 It's RM-16 in here.

09:06:32 This is commercial.

09:06:37 And this is --

09:06:44 The RM-16 is just one, two, three, four, five, six, search,

09:06:54 eight lots residential in there.

09:06:56 And one is vacant.

09:06:58 And then I can show you the pictures of the other one.

09:07:00 >> And what is allowed there?

09:07:03 >> In the RM-16?

09:07:04 Residential.

09:07:05 >> Okay.

09:07:13 Oh, okay.

09:07:27 The previous PD application, Mr. Singer was just telling me

09:07:30 also, had the waiver for the access on the local already

09:07:35 approved.

09:07:36 In this instance is actually the service area that you will

09:07:40 see and it's a limited amount.

09:07:43 On employee parking when they first came to us, they had the

09:07:47 preschool queuing and access there, and we worked with them

09:07:50 through the DRC process to take it off and make it that back

09:07:54 service area just for -- I think there's four, six employee

09:07:57 parking spaces back there and then the service area.

09:08:00 >> What is the -- on the property line, is there anything?

09:08:11 Show us that, please.

09:08:11 >> That area, okay, there's ten.

09:08:22 Sorry.

09:08:22 So there's ten employees parking spaces back there.

09:08:27 And you will come in and then they are depending to go ahead

09:08:30 and leave.

09:08:33 There is a landscape buffer.

09:08:35 There's also fencing.

09:08:40 There's a very minimal buffer adjacent to the splash area.

09:08:45 That was one of the things that we were asking for was

09:08:48 really more detail in the buffering that's going to be

09:08:52 located in this area, a six foot wall and the chiller plant.

09:08:57 >> Right, okay.

09:08:59 That's where you were talking about.

09:09:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This is write was talking about additional

09:09:03 for buffering for here.

09:09:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: For there.

09:09:07 Okay.

09:09:08 And that they are requesting --

09:09:10 >> If between first and second reading.

09:09:13 >> First and second reading.

09:09:15 Thank you.

09:09:15 >> Some taller plantings or things that we are going to want

09:09:18 to see that.

09:09:21 Do you want to see those pictures?

09:09:26 What I am going to do is they actually went out of order.

09:09:29 So I am going to start down at the commercial and work my

09:09:32 way back.

09:09:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know the street real well because my

09:09:36 campaign headquarters was in that building.

09:09:38 >> There's one little residence in here.

09:09:41 >> I know it well.

09:09:43 >> So immediately, those three commercial lots, there's a

09:09:48 vacant lot.

09:09:50 And then these are those eight remaining residences on that

09:09:58 area.

09:09:58 >> Ten lots and eight residents?

09:10:01 >> No.

09:10:03 Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight residential lots.

09:10:07 One is vacant.

09:10:09 Seven residences.

09:10:10 Not sandwiched but in between those.

09:10:12 And then this is one residence in off of that PD.

09:10:19 So it's this one adjacent to that.

09:10:21 And they probably need to go ahead and remove those speed

09:10:25 bumps in there.

09:10:26 That's why they don't let me out of the office often to take

09:10:29 pictures.

09:10:30 And there's the PD.

09:10:33 >> Thank you for clarifying that on the buffer.

09:10:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, Mrs. Montelione, Mr. Suarez.

09:10:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You know, I have go it to agree with my

09:10:49 colleagues here.

09:10:50 The struggle is over the parking.

09:10:55 And I know worse case scenario, 600 people for a sit-down is

09:11:01 something that the federation can pull off on events as many

09:11:08 in the community attend your event and I have enjoyed doing

09:11:11 so from time to time as well.

09:11:14 And the chance of going to an event at this beautifully

09:11:18 restored historic building is going to be a draw.

09:11:22 So sure you will be able to get 600 people at an event with

09:11:26 no problem, except for parking.

09:11:32 Looking at the site plan, it's almost wrap-around parking,

09:11:36 you know.

09:11:39 For flat lot parking, I don't think you could squeeze

09:11:42 another space in here.

09:11:46 And I think a lot of situations may be addressed.

09:11:51 You don't know if you want to go there, is with a parking

09:11:56 deck.

09:11:58 I don't know if we can do that.

09:11:59 I don't know if there's anything prohibiting doing that.

09:12:03 With our code, our overlays or anything.

09:12:05 But I don't see where you can squeeze another parking space.

09:12:11 >> And I think that's part of the point.

09:12:13 Respectfully, a deck is way out of character with the area

09:12:15 and I think would be met with significant resistance from

09:12:18 the neighborhood.

09:12:19 But there is a waiver provision in the code for this

09:12:22 purpose.

09:12:23 In order to maintain the character of the historic landmark,

09:12:27 anything you are to develop on this site is going to require

09:12:31 a waiver.

09:12:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, but respectfully the character of a

09:12:35 historic landmark is not to surround it with a sea of

09:12:38 parking.

09:12:39 You have asphalt parking lot, you know, three quarters of

09:12:41 the way around the building.

09:12:43 I don't think that's in character with the historic site

09:12:45 either.

09:12:45 >> Well, the ARC disagrees with you, respectfully.

09:12:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well --

09:12:55 >> We have been through a lot of work.

09:12:57 And we have done a lot of work.

09:13:01 To allow for proper circulation of the parking area, to

09:13:07 allow for a safe design, so that spaces are not crammed in

09:13:12 there.

09:13:12 We worked very hard with staff to develop a plan that

09:13:15 actually makes sense for this particular site.

09:13:18 And we would request that you take into consideration that

09:13:23 this is a worst case scenario when you are looking at 400

09:13:30 some spaces, it's considering a preschool being open at

09:13:33 midnight and that's not going to happen.

09:13:38 So we believe it is a compatible use with the proper amount

09:13:41 of parking to facilitate the uses that we have outlined

09:13:45 including a fitness center, including a Wellness Center,

09:13:48 including arts campus.

09:13:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And speaking of those uses, I did write

09:13:53 down a couple of those.

09:13:54 There's the daycare, the fitness center, the pool, and the

09:13:59 Wellness Center.

09:14:01 Now, Wellness Center, medical office uses, are parking hogs.

09:14:07 I mean, we have discussed that before, too.

09:14:09 That's a very high, intense parking situation as well for a

09:14:15 medical office.

09:14:16 So --

09:14:18 >> If the medical office were 100,000 square feet I would

09:14:21 agree with you but it's a very small component of the

09:14:24 ultimate use.

09:14:24 >> May I interject?

09:14:29 This is not medical.

09:14:30 This is nonclinical screening, seminars on nutrition, on

09:14:34 handling Medicare and navigating Medicare, Medicaid.

09:14:38 It is the health industry's attempt to not have patients, to

09:14:42 educate them --

09:14:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

09:14:45 If you are having seminars, you can accommodate 20, 30

09:14:50 people in a seminar, that's still a lot of people, still a

09:14:56 lot of cars.

09:14:58 Because in a doctor's office, even if you are in a clinical

09:15:01 situation, you would be looking at the same thing.

09:15:04 But --

09:15:08 >> Dissemination of nutritional information to keep them out

09:15:14 of the hospital.

09:15:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood.

09:15:21 Understood.

09:15:21 And it's a 58% parking waiver and I understand that you are

09:15:26 not going to be parking every single person at the same time

09:15:29 on the same day.

09:15:31 The only other issue I have -- and I think Mrs. Capin was

09:15:35 alluding to this -- was that you have got ten spaces it

09:15:42 looks like of employee and service parking across from

09:15:46 residential, and loading, trash yard, compacter, recycling,

09:15:50 dumpster, transformer, and a chiller plant, all across from

09:15:55 that residential.

09:15:56 And we talk about noise here quite often.

09:16:01 And brought up a few times when we have a use of dumping the

09:16:07 trash and the recycling and it's down to the bottles and

09:16:10 things like that, and to protect the neighbors from that,

09:16:15 those sound.

09:16:16 We have got a lot of noise generation right there across

09:16:21 from these residential uses.

09:16:23 And I know that, you know, there was a screening, a

09:16:27 buffering issue brought up.

09:16:29 But, you know, that's another challenge I have, you know, in

09:16:33 looking at the layout.

09:16:34 >> And the best we can do is put our wall in and put that

09:16:38 landscape in there and it will be lush landscape and it will

09:16:42 be the best that we can do to mitigate the noise, based on

09:16:44 the layout of the site.

09:16:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

09:16:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:16:50 I am going ask a question of Mrs. Feeley.

09:16:53 You know, you tend to be our resident historian when we ask

09:16:56 questions like this.

09:16:57 And, you know, this is a building that I think all of us who

09:17:01 are natives know about.

09:17:03 And I was log at the history.

09:17:04 I pulled it online.

09:17:06 And do you know how many people that used to hold whenever

09:17:09 they would have an event or something like that?

09:17:11 >> When they would have rassling?

09:17:14 >> Well, not wrestling.

09:17:18 We had Florida championship wrestling.

09:17:21 Understood.

09:17:21 But that was probably only a few hundred.

09:17:24 But how many do you think they got in there when Kennedy

09:17:27 came?

09:17:27 >> I could probably pull it on my iPad.

09:17:30 The point I am trying to make is -- I don't know the answer

09:17:33 to that.

09:17:33 I don't know the answer.

09:17:34 The point I am making is that sometimes we have to go

09:17:38 backwards to know go forwards.

09:17:41 And -- well, I mean, we have a facility that used to have

09:17:48 concerts and had Pink Floyd there in 1972 and I guarantee

09:17:53 you those stoners did not walk there, in that neighborhood.

09:17:59 They drove there.

09:18:01 And secondly -- [ Laughter ]

09:18:04 Secondly, there's a lot of pieces of equipment that are on

09:18:09 that site right now, okay?

09:18:11 And we used to -- and I know we used to do this when we go

09:18:16 to the armory, we would park on there, and those pieces of

09:18:20 equipment were there.

09:18:21 They were not somewhere else.

09:18:22 It was a working, so to speak, armory.

09:18:25 So I think we may be overstating some of the parking issues,

09:18:30 primarily because we do a formula.

09:18:34 We look at the formula as a code, you know, black and white

09:18:37 piece of paper.

09:18:38 We don't look at how the building operates or operated.

09:18:43 And I always have a problem.

09:18:45 And this is not a shot at anybody on our board.

09:18:48 But I do have a problem sometimes when we are rezoning

09:18:50 something that had a use, a purpose, was in use for years

09:18:54 and years and years, and then we have to rezone it for

09:18:57 something new, and we go, well, you know what?

09:18:59 You don't have enough parking.

09:19:01 And you think that's been used for something for years.

09:19:04 And I guarantee you, you know, it hasn't been overflowing in

09:19:09 the neighborhood that much.

09:19:10 It has not been anew sans in any way.

09:19:13 In fact, the new sans has come after they closed it down.

09:19:17 So I want to know if you knew the answer.

09:19:19 I don't think you know the answer.

09:19:20 And I will say that probably when Elvis was there, it

09:19:26 probably had about 5,000 people in that auditorium.

09:19:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The fire code.

09:19:36 I was five years old.

09:19:38 [ Laughter ]

09:19:39 >> And when Kennedy was there I guarantee there were about

09:19:44 3500 or 5,000 people.

09:19:45 When king was there --

09:19:47 >>ABBYE FEELEY: My counterparts say 14,000 according to

09:19:51 his iPad.

09:19:52 You know, respectfully, Councilman Suarez, you raise a

09:19:56 really God point.

09:19:57 And that's one of the shortcomings of our current code on

09:20:00 these mixed use developments we do max out, at a worst-case

09:20:03 scenario, and that's assuming that every use is operating at

09:20:07 maximum capacity all at one time.

09:20:08 And that's what is before you and that's why this waiver,

09:20:11 although it may seem 200 spoke some spaces the reality is

09:20:16 those things are not operating at the same time the way the

09:20:19 code currently is, you know, it doesn't subscribe to a

09:20:23 shared parking situation which is what you are experiencing

09:20:25 here on a mixed use piece of property.

09:20:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to make a point because I

09:20:31 think sometimes we get too inside the code and we don't

09:20:34 think about the reality of the space itself.

09:20:36 And I will say to Mr. Singer, you made mention of all those

09:20:40 great folks that came there.

09:20:42 If there is not a golden microphone for Gordon Soley in that

09:20:47 space or a foreign object removed from a pair of wrestling

09:20:52 trunks, I don't know what I am going do.

09:20:53 >> Noted but not going there.

09:20:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have to go to Mr. Cohen because he

09:21:00 hasn't spoken and then I go back to Ms. Capin.

09:21:03 Mr. Cohen left.

09:21:05 Well, one hasn't spoke.

09:21:07 Mrs. Capin has the floor.

09:21:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's an excellent point.

09:21:10 Excellent point.

09:21:11 And brought back all the time we were there and thousands of

09:21:15 people were in there.

09:21:16 And Chairman Miranda brought up the Latin American fiesta,

09:21:23 and I was part of that in 19 -- ooh, okay.

09:21:27 [ Laughter ]

09:21:28 And there were at least 3,000 people in that building at

09:21:36 that time.

09:21:37 So you're right.

09:21:40 And I appreciate that.

09:21:42 And I appreciate your very candid answers to our question.

09:21:46 Thank you.

09:21:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

09:21:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

09:21:50 It seems to me one of the challenges of dealing with the

09:21:54 historic site like this is that you have a finite area that

09:21:59 you can work with.

09:22:00 And you mentioned the leases earlier, and I have to tell

09:22:05 you, we recognize that we really can't consider that when we

09:22:08 are talking about the parking issues, because those leases

09:22:11 can go away, and then the approval still stands.

09:22:14 But I guess the one thing that I was struck by that Mr.

09:22:20 Suarez said, talking about the worst case scenarios, is even

09:22:24 if you have an evening event that has 600 people, most

09:22:27 people don't all bring their own car.

09:22:30 I mean, my experience would be evening events -- and I think

09:22:36 we all know this -- is if throws a venue that doesn't have

09:22:39 the appropriate parking, patrons don't want to hold their

09:22:43 event there.

09:22:43 So at the end of the day, it's incumbent on you to make this

09:22:49 work.

09:22:50 Otherwise, it's not going to be able to be successful for

09:22:54 its intended use.

09:22:55 It sound like the evening events are the major concern here.

09:23:03 We are he sure that the parking will at least accommodate

09:23:07 what the program activities are during the day?

09:23:10 >> Yes.

09:23:10 >>HARRY COHEN: And that parking study that was just

09:23:16 referred to that the city has not had a chance to scrutinize

09:23:20 will be able to look in that between first and second

09:23:22 reading if this should move forward tonight to be able to

09:23:26 scrutinize that for ourselves?

09:23:27 >> Yes.

09:23:30 >>: Mr. Reddick?

09:23:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:23:33 First, let me congratulate for getting the definitions from

09:23:41 the state today.

09:23:42 I appreciate you have gotten the word that they supported

09:23:45 your application.

09:23:47 So you got that state definition.

09:23:52 I want to congratulate you for that.

09:23:56 You know, I grew up and going to the armory every Tuesday

09:24:02 night.

09:24:05 When they had the rassling.

09:24:07 And I'm ashamed to say that.

09:24:10 You know, Dusty Rhode, Rick Flare, both won championships

09:24:18 right in that armory on Tuesday night, and there's always

09:24:25 been more than 600 people in that auditorium.

09:24:27 Especially going for a championship belt.

09:24:30 And then they got a history of all the professional

09:24:34 wrestlers in there.

09:24:35 And one of the things that I observed growing up and being

09:24:38 part of that, going to the armory, is that people park --

09:24:46 Mr. Suarez is correct -- one of the sections where those

09:24:50 armory truck where you can park, they let people park in

09:24:55 there.

09:24:55 But most people park on the streets.

09:24:57 All around.

09:24:59 And no complaints.

09:25:01 The neighbors.

09:25:02 I mean, the place would be loaded.

09:25:06 You can look from Rome, all the way west to Howard.

09:25:13 You can look at Gray.

09:25:16 You can look at Lemon.

09:25:19 Around the community, people park there.

09:25:21 And I'm going to tell you, you talk about president and

09:25:28 others there.

09:25:29 Ways there when James Brown performed, and I tell you, James

09:25:35 Brown drew the crowd.

09:25:40 You have more than 600 people sitting in that auditorium.

09:25:44 So I got a great history -- me grandmother was right around

09:25:53 the corner.

09:25:55 I used to be there all the time.

09:25:56 So I can understand the situation.

09:25:59 It sound large, the number you are requesting.

09:26:02 But the armory since the day I was able to walk and go to

09:26:06 the armory, cars always park on the streets and the

09:26:10 surrounding neighborhood.

09:26:11 And you only have so many that can park inside the gate.

09:26:14 And I think it's similar to what you are probably going to

09:26:18 face the same thing.

09:26:19 So I don't have a problem.

09:26:21 And I support what you are doing.

09:26:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

09:26:25 Anytime you have any building, this building included for

09:26:28 adaptive use, you have a problem because the buildings are

09:26:32 way oversized and the parking requirements are much greater

09:26:35 than the need.

09:26:36 And I look at.

09:26:37 This I say, okay, if every plane at Tampa international was

09:26:41 to take off at the same time you would have chaos.

09:26:43 If every plane was to land at the same time you would really

09:26:46 have chaos.

09:26:47 At this time same thing here.

09:26:48 I don't believe anyone coming here at the same time, I don't

09:26:50 believe that they are going to leave at the same time, and

09:26:55 like most of us here, over 50 -- well association us are

09:26:59 over 50 -- the armory was the place, they're was nothing

09:27:05 else.

09:27:05 There was that.

09:27:06 There was where the performing arts is now.

09:27:08 There was another place where the skyliners used to play and

09:27:11 the sharps and flats use Dodd play.

09:27:13 In fact, a lot of top talent used to play there when there

09:27:17 was nobody, and not even known and they made it big time, I

09:27:22 mean really big time, as big as Elvis.

09:27:24 And all these things are -- the building is there.

09:27:29 Surrounding area is there.

09:27:32 It hasn't changed.

09:27:34 Society has changed a little bit.

09:27:37 There's other venues that you can go to.

09:27:39 Competition is there.

09:27:40 And you may get one or two, maybe three of those 600 venues

09:27:45 a year.

09:27:45 But I think the preponderance are going to be in the 200 to

09:27:50 350 range, you know.

09:27:51 It's like a wedding.

09:27:52 Everybody goes to a wedding when somebody gets married.

09:27:55 How many show up for a divorce?

09:27:57 Two?

09:28:00 The same thing.

09:28:02 So, I mean, I look at these things and I try to figure out

09:28:06 life and I laugh at myself sometimes.

09:28:08 But it's just a building that for two and a half years, I

09:28:11 remember being with some of you the first time and joking

09:28:14 with you as I am now, and it's something that would be great

09:28:19 for the area, would be a wonderful thing for the city.

09:28:21 I mean, the way it looks now, it looks like a white

09:28:24 elephant.

09:28:25 Just there.

09:28:26 No use.

09:28:27 No life.

09:28:27 No breathing.

09:28:28 No nothing.

09:28:29 And I think it will mean something not only to West Tampa,

09:28:36 north Hyde Park, but to the whole city.

09:28:38 Because it would be a place of energy, of something

09:28:41 happening.

09:28:41 And therefore I understand what you are saying.

09:28:44 Any other council members?

09:28:46 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

09:28:48 number 9, Z-13-45.

09:28:52 Please come forward.

09:28:53 >> My name is Henry Hicks.

09:28:57 I have not been sworn.

09:28:58 I don't know if I have to be sworn in.

09:29:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You will, yes, sir.

09:29:00 Or you won't speak.

09:29:01 (Oath administered by Clerk).

09:29:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

09:29:08 >> I spent quite a bit of time this evening waiting to have

09:29:14 the opportunity to get up here and talk to you.

09:29:18 I own property adjacent to the armory .

09:29:24 It's property that I bought in 2006 with the intention of

09:29:29 building an office building there.

09:29:33 I have been through the process of rezoning and trying to

09:29:38 get it into a feasible state that I could build my office

09:29:41 building.

09:29:45 I'm a real estate attorney.

09:29:46 It's my intention to have an office there.

09:29:48 And we were successful in going through that process and

09:29:51 getting it approved for a building that I thought could work

09:29:55 there.

09:29:56 But I could never build it.

09:29:58 And the reason that I could never build it is because the

09:30:01 economy wouldn't let me.

09:30:03 And that economy, in part, in that area, is driven directly

09:30:09 by this piece of property.

09:30:13 This piece of property is so important to the economic

09:30:19 viability of that whole area.

09:30:23 And if you look at it, you have to ask yourself, you have

09:30:27 got an exit off of the interstate there.

09:30:33 Why isn't it in Westshore?

09:30:35 Why isn't it at Dale Mabry?

09:30:37 And all you have got to do is look south, and you see that

09:30:42 white elephant.

09:30:44 And I think that you have all kind of touched on one of the

09:30:49 main problems you have here in trying to reconcile what are

09:30:56 very, very veiled concerns about parking.

09:30:58 I'm concerned about parking.

09:30:59 When we started talking about it, I wondered about parking.

09:31:04 But you have to take into account something.

09:31:06 This city wants to preserve that building.

09:31:10 Now, I personally don't care much for that building, but

09:31:16 throws a lot of people here that would debate that that's a

09:31:19 part of history, and we should try to preserve it.

09:31:22 But for God's sake we don't need to preserve those Army

09:31:25 vehicles, do we?

09:31:26 Because that's what we are doing right now.

09:31:28 We are preserving the vehicles and the lack of use.

09:31:33 (Bell sounds)

09:31:34 I would encourage you to take into account that you can't

09:31:37 have it both ways.

09:31:38 You can't preserve an old building like that on the one hand

09:31:42 and expect somebody to come in and present you with plans

09:31:45 that are going to be compliant with code, when it comes to

09:31:47 parking.

09:31:48 I can't think of a better person, a better organization to

09:31:52 have in that community than the JCC.

09:31:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:31:57 Anyone else in the building want to speak on this item 9,

09:32:01 Z-13-45?

09:32:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Move to close.

09:32:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You have the right to rebuttal if you

09:32:10 dare.

09:32:11 Smart man.

09:32:11 Motion by Mrs. Capin.

09:32:13 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

09:32:14 Mrs. Mulhern?

09:32:15 All in favor of closing please signify by saying aye.

09:32:18 Opposed nay.

09:32:19 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:32:20 Mrs. Capin, it's your turn.

09:32:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:32:23 With pleasure.

09:32:25 An ordinance being presented for first reading

09:32:27 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

09:32:29 advice interest of 522 North Howard Avenue in the city of

09:32:32 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1

09:32:35 from zoning district classifications PD planned development,

09:32:38 residential, office, recreational facility, private, hotel,

09:32:44 and retail, to PD, planned development, daycare, preschool,

09:32:48 recreation facility, commercial, private, and place of

09:32:51 assembly, and Ringling Museum -16 residential multifamily,

09:32:56 providing an effective date.

09:32:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

09:33:00 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

09:33:01 Further discussion by council members?

09:33:02 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:33:05 Opposed nay.

09:33:07 Eyes have it.

09:33:09 Thank you very much for appearing tonight.

09:33:09 >>THE CLERK: Second reading and adoption will be on August

09:33:12 22nd at 9:30 a.m.

09:33:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go left to right.

09:33:16 Mrs. Montelione, new business?

09:33:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One item.

09:33:22 I would like to -- it was scald once before so he was out of

09:33:27 town apparently the day he was supposed to be here.

09:33:29 But to bring Steven Sapp, editor and chief of the epoch

09:33:34 newspaper to appear before council on August 22nd at 9 a.m.,

09:33:37 provide information on the mission and operations, how

09:33:40 things are going, and how things have changed over the past

09:33:44 year and a half.

09:33:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

09:33:47 Seconded by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:33:49 All in favor of the motion?

09:33:51 Opposed?

09:33:51 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:33:52 Mr. Cohen.

09:33:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes, following up on this morning, we do

09:33:57 need to formally schedule the second public hearing on the

09:34:01 budget.

09:34:02 And I believe that the time that we chose was 5 p.m. on

09:34:07 Wednesday night, September 25th.

09:34:10 >> Second.

09:34:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

09:34:13 A second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:34:14 All in favor of the motion?

09:34:21 5 p.m.

09:34:22 >> I'll clarify and get back to council.

09:34:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe it's 5:01.

09:34:28 >>HARRY COHEN: 5:01 p.m. the technical.

09:34:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of that to change to 5:01

09:34:34 signify by saying aye.

09:34:35 Opposed nay.

09:34:36 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:34:37 Anything else?

09:34:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Know.

09:34:39 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

09:34:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

09:34:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Good.

09:34:45 They leave all this time for me.

09:34:48 I have two things.

09:34:49 And one is that -- and I have to bring it up, because in

09:34:55 today's news, the plans that are in the air possibly, this

09:35:05 side of the bay, and no taxpayer money to be used.

09:35:09 The way to raise the private fund for a stadium is to use

09:35:12 EB-5 programs.

09:35:14 What was suggested by a county commissioner.

09:35:16 You know, a plan for using the EB-5 program is to raise

09:35:21 investment money that has been -- that's been sitting for

09:35:26 six months with no action, and has been taken, so you can

09:35:32 understand my surprise when I read this morning it being

09:35:36 considered as a primary source of money to build a stadium.

09:35:40 For those who cannot recall and have not heard of EB-5, it

09:35:44 is a federal program infusing money into local economies by

09:35:50 direct foreign investment of 500,000 or million dollars to

09:35:54 give the foreign investor a temporary Visa enough to create

09:35:57 ten permanent jobs.

09:35:58 It can be used and has been used in other states and T fund

09:36:01 high tech projects, tourist destinations, research centers,

09:36:06 airport and infrastructure and the list goes on.

09:36:08 The program was endorsed by the university south Florida.

09:36:15 Mr. Lopano, airport director, Westshore Alliance, the Tampa

09:36:19 Hillsborough economic Development Corporation, and many

09:36:22 more.

09:36:22 And also by an editorial in "The Tampa Tribune."

09:36:28 I am not going to read the USF world.

09:36:30 Everybody got a copy of that.

09:36:32 And the rest of it.

09:36:34 But right now, with a few exceptions, this investment

09:36:37 program is being used by private EB-5 centers to build many

09:36:42 of the dollar stores throughout the city and the county, and

09:36:45 now we are told it will be used to build a stadium.

09:36:48 It has been reported in our media that we are at the bottom

09:36:52 when it comes to raising venture capital.

09:36:55 The bottom because the amount raised last year was zero.

09:36:58 Nonetheless, we need a source of foreign investment that is

09:37:03 available to us.

09:37:04 We can do better.

09:37:05 We can bring new business, expand existing business with no

09:37:09 money.

09:37:13 I believe now when we are struggling to balance the budget,

09:37:15 shrinking revenues that is eating up our reserve, is the

09:37:19 proper time to bring this up.

09:37:21 We should -- and I want to -- and I want to go beyond an

09:37:25 economic that relies on minimum wage jobs to one that passes

09:37:30 onto the future and moves us forward to a more prosperous

09:37:33 city.

09:37:34 It's time to use all the resources we have at hand.

09:37:36 We cannot afford to do otherwise.

09:37:39 And any objection that may have existed to implementing the

09:37:43 EB-5 regional center can now be discarded as irrelevant

09:37:48 because EB-5 is now recognized as a powerful investment

09:37:51 tool, so much so that it has been identified as a main

09:37:56 source of revenue for government-built stadium.

09:38:00 However, it now appears that economic development in trade,

09:38:04 education, research, manufacturing, and other field have

09:38:07 been cast aside in favor of having EB-5 money used for

09:38:12 future stadiums.

09:38:14 So there is no longer a justification not to implement the

09:38:19 employment-based general center and start process of

09:38:24 bringing quality jobs to Tampa.

09:38:25 And here is the thing.

09:38:27 Other than, in some people's mind, may interfere with the

09:38:34 building of the stadium is the city would have for-profit

09:38:39 vetted projects in the pipeline for foreign investors could

09:38:43 choose from.

09:38:44 I say this to you, Mr. Mayor, let's implement the EB-5

09:38:52 city-public-private regional center, that the City Council

09:38:55 passed, now.

09:39:00 To identify and bring quality projects creating quality

09:39:03 jobs, that the market decide where the money should go, not

09:39:09 have such a narrow focus, and open the doors that encourage

09:39:14 broad and varied for-profit projects to our city.

09:39:18 And thank you for indulging me for that time.

09:39:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:39:21 Anything else?

09:39:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:39:23 A motion to present a commendation to Mr. Herman Monroe who

09:39:30 was born and raised in Tampa, and a former teacher who was

09:39:36 instrumental and dedicated many years, and was a citizen

09:39:40 advisory committee on the preserving the history of the

09:39:44 Central Avenue, the area known as the sprout.

09:39:48 He is also a prominent advocate of history -- of the history

09:39:52 of the Afro Cuban historic Martin MASO club.

09:39:59 It will be presented to him at the Centro us a studio Tampa,

09:40:11 and this represents a place where his great grandfather was

09:40:14 born, and he could not attend during his youth because of

09:40:19 segregation.

09:40:20 So now we are going to celebrate his 80th birthday

09:40:23 there.

09:40:23 Thank you.

09:40:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

09:40:28 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

09:40:29 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:40:32 Opposed nay.

09:40:32 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:40:33 Anything else?

09:40:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: August 9th.

09:40:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I only have one item.

09:40:43 Coming up on July 31st, the family justice center will

09:40:46 be closing down because of lack of funds.

09:40:49 Mickey Daniels, who runs that center, was the Executive

09:40:52 Director, has been involved in lots of different nonprofits

09:40:55 including the pace center for girls.

09:40:59 He's looking and would like to have some kind of help to

09:41:02 recreate something similar to the family justice center.

09:41:06 I would like to make a motion that we seventh send a letter

09:41:09 both to our legislative delegation and to the county

09:41:12 commission to find funds to start up another similar project

09:41:19 maybe with less money, I'm not sure, but to encourage that

09:41:23 we create something similar to what was already created

09:41:27 previously.

09:41:30 It is a center and a place that was used for women that have

09:41:34 been abused and neglected, that children that needed help.

09:41:40 It was a great place to help people get along because of

09:41:45 problems in their own families.

09:41:47 Thank you, chair.

09:41:47 >> I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

09:41:49 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:41:51 Further discussion by council members?

09:41:52 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:41:54 Opposed nay.

09:41:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:41:56 Anything else?

09:41:57 Anyone in the audience care to address this council on any

09:42:00 item?

09:42:01 Okay.

09:42:01 Let me just say this.

09:42:02 If you want to know about EB-5, read "Nation and World,"

09:42:06 Wednesday, July 24th, 2013, Tampa Tribune, Andrew

09:42:12 Miokas.

09:42:14 That will explain what it's about.

09:42:18 I can only say this.

09:42:20 Anything else?

09:42:21 Receive and file all the documents?

09:42:23 Motion by Mr. Reddick.

09:42:24 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:42:25 All in favor of the motion?

09:42:27 Opposed nay?

09:42:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:42:29 We stand adjourned.

09:42:35 >>>



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