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August 8, 2013
9:00 a.m.
Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting

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8:44:00AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.
9:03:53AM We're going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency
9:03:58AM meeting to order.
9:03:58AM Roll call -- okay.
9:04:06AM It is the pleasure this morning to have with us Antonio
9:04:11AM Hawkins, who is the senior pastor at Faith Live Baptist
9:04:15AM Church.
9:04:16AM He will lead us in the invocation at this time.
9:04:18AM Will you please stand?
9:04:24AM >> Shall we pray?
9:04:26AM Eternal God our father, we come this morning to thank you
9:04:29AM for yet another day of renewed mercy.

9:04:33AM We ask now, God, as we move forward in the order of
9:04:36AM business, that you would be the invited guest in this
9:04:39AM meeting this morning.
9:04:40AM Have thine own way.
9:04:44AM Lead, guide and direct all orders of understanding, that we
9:04:49AM may resolve all matters peacefully and that we may stay
9:04:54AM united as we stand together, to protect government here in
9:05:01AM this beautiful city.
9:05:02AM We thank you now for these leaders who will rightly divide
9:05:07AM and make sure understanding of what shall come to light.
9:05:12AM In your name we pray, Amen.
9:05:32AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Now we do roll call.
9:05:34AM [Roll Call]
9:05:36AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:05:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:05:41AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:05:43AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:05:43AM Just for the record, we have a memo from Yvonne Yolie Capin
9:05:49AM stating that she'll be absent from today's CRA meeting.
9:05:52AM All right.
9:05:54AM Mr. Bob?
9:05:56AM >> Good morning.
9:05:57AM As is our custom, we have a representative from one of the
9:05:59AM CRA boards.

9:06:00AM And this morning it's our pleasure to hear from Mr. Essie
9:06:04AM Sims from the East Tampa CRA.
9:06:15AM >> Good morning.
9:06:17AM Pastor Essie Sims, Jr., chairman of the East Tampa
9:06:20AM partnership.
9:06:20AM To all the distinguished agency members here this morning,
9:06:23AM thank you for allowing us to be here to present what is
9:06:25AM happening in East Tampa.
9:06:26AM It's always exciting to tell people about what we're doing.
9:06:31AM We have had recently, a successful safe summer event
9:06:38AM attended by 500 different residents in our community with
9:06:42AM children.
9:06:42AM Many elected officials did come out and support this event.
9:06:46AM We had a fun field day of games and food and gift cards and
9:06:49AM bike giveaways.
9:06:51AM We have also in a recent months have allocated dollars to
9:06:55AM continue to improve our city streets within our CRA area.
9:06:59AM That's one of the things that is continually ongoing.
9:07:03AM We will be having an upcoming small business symposium in
9:07:07AM September, September 27th.
9:07:08AM I don't have the actual time with me right now.
9:07:11AM You about we're encouraging all entrepreneurs that have a
9:07:14AM desire to want to be an entrepreneur or a business owner to
9:07:18AM come out.
9:07:18AM There will be many different partners that will be there.

9:07:21AM Bankers that will lend different funding to those that would
9:07:25AM desire to do so.
9:07:26AM That would be at Ragan Park.
9:07:28AM We will get you the information at a later date.
9:07:31AM We have allocated dollars in recent months also to the parks
9:07:35AM and recreation department in reference to several football
9:07:39AM fields that many of our youth play on during the football
9:07:43AM season at Jackson Height and as well as Highland Pines.
9:07:47AM We're still in the works to finding an individual company or
9:07:52AM source of, someone that is going to actually do the work.
9:07:56AM We had someone in mind.
9:07:58AM Unfortunately, they was not on the city contracts list and
9:08:02AM or neither the county.
9:08:04AM So we're trying to figure that out.
9:08:06AM We will be having a drug March on March 17th.
9:08:09AM From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
9:08:12AM Many of you have, have gotten a request to attend.
9:08:17AM Many of you have responded back and we thank you for that.
9:08:20AM We understand your schedules are tight.
9:08:22AM But I want to be candid with you this monk.
9:08:25AM You may not hear, but I hear it all the time.
9:08:28AM Our community feels that there's a lot of apathy and lack of
9:08:32AM concern or support for major events like we have in our
9:08:36AM community.
9:08:37AM And as I understand it and as I hear it every day, and I'm

9:08:41AM just going to be candid with you.
9:08:43AM From the senators down to all our elected officials, they're
9:08:47AM very concerned that we have the lack of apathy and support
9:08:51AM in various events that we put on in our community.
9:08:54AM And we would like to see elected officials that we support
9:08:57AM to come out and support us in our initiatives.
9:09:00AM It's time out for the couched conversation, especially with
9:09:04AM this drug March.
9:09:05AM We know it's a systemic problem in our area and we wanted
9:09:09AM the support of elected officials too come out.
9:09:11AM This is not a jab at anybody here.
9:09:13AM But we want to just -- I want to just bring the word to you.
9:09:17AM As chairman of the East Tampa partnership, I took on the
9:09:20AM oath to represent our community.
9:09:22AM And these are the concerns that they have.
9:09:23AM We also have a real concern about the parks and recreation
9:09:29AM budget that is in our honorable Mayor's budget this coming
9:09:34AM year.
9:09:35AM There's concern about Fair Oaks Park.
9:09:39AM It was on the table at one point to be rebuilt.
9:09:43AM That is a center that is very old.
9:09:44AM If you ever toured it, you would understand that it needs to
9:09:48AM be torn down like yesterday.
9:09:50AM In that process, understanding that it's been taken off the
9:09:53AM table.

9:09:54AM We would like to have some answers to how do we figure out a
9:09:58AM way, you know, the collectively, to figure out what we can
9:10:03AM do for those residents of East Tampa, as well as the
9:10:07AM children that attend that center on a monthly basis or the
9:10:10AM residents as far as the seniors.
9:10:12AM In our community meeting we had the other today, in our CAC
9:10:18AM committee meeting, there was a very grave concern about the
9:10:20AM Mayor's budget in totality.
9:10:22AM In reference to the dollars that may be allocated to our CRA
9:10:27AM area.
9:10:28AM We understand that our CRA area is represents district five.
9:10:34AM And we understand that district five also extends down to
9:10:37AM downtown area.
9:10:38AM And in that budget, our committee believes that needs to be
9:10:43AM fine combed and looked at to the point that we are looked at
9:10:50AM favorably where some of the things that we're dealing with,
9:10:53AM in East Tampa.
9:10:54AM We're willing to extend funding and we have done so over the
9:11:00AM many years.
9:11:00AM But we also need the help.
9:11:02AM We understand there is no TIF dollars funding coming in as
9:11:05AM of late.
9:11:06AM But we also need the support of the administration.
9:11:08AM At this time, I would field any questions.
9:11:13AM I don't want to belabor you or keep you long.

9:11:16AM But varying concerns or thoughts, I would entertain the
9:11:19AM conversation.
9:11:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, let me just say that, since you been
9:11:23AM coming down here, that's the shortest presentation we have
9:11:26AM had.
9:11:26AM [ Laughter ]
9:11:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm pretty sure, some of those are
9:11:34AM thankful.
9:11:34AM Let me just say this.
9:11:36AM You mentioned about Fair Oaks Park.
9:11:40AM I agree that was in previous administration budget.
9:11:45AM And they had made promises to the community that they was
9:11:51AM going to renovate that park.
9:11:52AM So, I'm glad you brought it up and what I'm going to do
9:11:59AM under new business, I'm going to ask that someone from parks
9:12:02AM and recreation department come and give us some answers to
9:12:06AM what happened, because that -- you know, we're condemning a
9:12:11AM lot of property around the city.
9:12:13AM And something that's not done soon, they're going to be
9:12:18AM condemning that park over there.
9:12:19AM That building at least.
9:12:21AM It's in bad repairs and in bad needs of repairs.
9:12:26AM So probably be condemning that building soon if nothing is
9:12:29AM done.
9:12:29AM So I'm going to ask under new business, somebody from parks

9:12:32AM and recreation give us some answers where we're at and what
9:12:36AM they plan on doing.
9:12:38AM All right.
9:12:38AM Any questions for Mr. Sims?
9:12:40AM >> Thank you for having me this morning.
9:12:42AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:12:49AM >> Good morning, just a brief update on the various CRAs
9:12:54AM this month.
9:12:54AM I think the word to use is construction.
9:12:57AM Downtown, we have The Loft and Le Meridien under
9:13:05AM construction.
9:13:06AM Both progressing nicely in the channel district, you should
9:13:09AM be receiving invitations in the near future for the grand
9:13:13AM opening of the Pier House apartment complex.
9:13:15AM What's important, component of that is a public park.
9:13:19AM What they're waiting for before the grand opening is the
9:13:22AM arrival of two more art pieces.
9:13:24AM Public art that's included in the park.
9:13:26AM I think you'll be very happy with it.
9:13:28AM Ybor, on the serious side, we have the completion of the
9:13:32AM 2300 block of seventh avenue, the streetscape improvements.
9:13:36AM On the not quite assessor, we had the construction of the
9:13:39AM world's largest Cuban sandwich.
9:13:41AM The East Tampa, if you haven't been down 22nd Street
9:13:45AM recently, you need to.

9:13:47AM It looks good.
9:13:49AM I think we're getting now to the fun part of the projects.
9:13:52AM And this is where we're going to start seeing the
9:13:54AM installation of landscaping and finishing touches, which
9:13:57AM will really polish it up.
9:13:59AM Tampa Heights, the Ulele building is under construction and
9:14:05AM restoration of the spring has begun.
9:14:07AM In Central Park, we should have -- sir?
9:14:12AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Quick question.
9:14:12AM What's the construction schedule for Ulele in terms of what
9:14:16AM they think it should be completed?
9:14:19AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I believe it is February or March.
9:14:24AM It was a moving target.
9:14:25AM February, March of next year.
9:14:28AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Perfect.
9:14:29AM Thank you.
9:14:30AM >> We should be receiving a invitation soon to the
9:14:34AM groundbreaking of the Reed.
9:14:36AM Yet another building in Encore, which is a senior project.
9:14:40AM And the groundbreaking on that should be sometime the next
9:14:43AM few weeks.
9:14:44AM And then in Drew Park, we have construction as well on Grady
9:14:49AM and soon Lois Avenue as well.
9:14:53AM I have a presentation of the proposed budget.
9:15:01AM Before I do that, I'd just like to do a quick highlight,

9:15:06AM which I promised a nutrients ago, some of the facade grant
9:15:10AM programs.
9:15:11AM Some of the successes in that.
9:15:12AM Here is an after picture of a building on Columbus avenue
9:15:20AM that the East Tampa CRA has done.
9:15:23AM One of the more dramatic before and afters.
9:15:34AM Perhaps maybe only the window building on 22nd Street was as
9:15:39AM dramatic as this one.
9:15:40AM Again, the befores.
9:15:44AM And the after.
9:15:49AM And they should have the ribbon cutting there I think in the
9:15:53AM next couple of weeks.
9:15:54AM So I'll make sure that everybody gets an invitation to that.
9:15:58AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Mulhern?
9:15:59AM >>MARY MULHERN: Bob, what is that?
9:16:01AM What's the business there?
9:16:02AM >> They're an architectural firm.
9:16:04AM >>MARY MULHERN: That's really cool.
9:16:05AM And that's on 22nd Street?
9:16:07AM >> That's on Columbus.
9:16:09AM >>MARY MULHERN: Was this all the same building you just
9:16:12AM showed us?
9:16:13AM >> Yes.
9:16:14AM >>MARY MULHERN: Beautiful.
9:16:19AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: A re-do of a project in Drew Park.

9:16:21AM If you remember, the owner of this building came and spoke
9:16:24AM to you prior to the commencement of it last year.
9:16:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Got it looking like a church.
9:16:33AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes.
9:16:34AM He does.
9:16:35AM Another dramatic change is a project in Drew Park.
9:16:37AM Very dramatic before and after.
9:16:43AM Ybor project, 21st street.
9:16:49AM And probably one of the more dramatic ones that's under
9:16:56AM construction right now, and today we have the befores.
9:17:00AM And I think this is probably going to be at least a six
9:17:03AM month project for the afters.
9:17:05AM And that's the Las Novedades building that will be converted
9:17:10AM into an office project.
9:17:12AM So I will begin the proposed budget presentation.
9:17:20AM And I will attempt to keep from death by PowerPoint.
9:17:24AM Again, today is the planning presentation, you'll receive
9:17:30AM copies of this, the opportunity to digest it.
9:17:32AM And will be bringing it back, the final budget on the 19th.
9:17:37AM There might be some small changes in the numbers.
9:17:40AM The values have been set, but not everyone has set their
9:17:44AM millage rate.
9:17:45AM And so between then and there, there might be some more
9:17:47AM small adjustments to the gross dollars.
9:17:50AM We have some interesting numbers.

9:17:54AM Dramatic drop in unemployment.
9:17:56AM Again, we still have a very fragile economy and I think that
9:17:59AM people would argue that perhaps this number is not a real
9:18:02AM number because there are some people that are either
9:18:04AM underemployed or have dropped out of the marketplace.
9:18:07AM But this has been a vigorous job growth in our market.
9:18:10AM We see a lot of construction activity.
9:18:13AM Sales price for homes is starting to climb again.
9:18:16AM And the number of homes that are being sold has begun to
9:18:20AM accelerate again.
9:18:21AM Again, the, a graphic showing the areas of our CRAs.
9:18:27AM Total TIF revenues, if you see we're almost back to half of
9:18:32AM where we were five years ago.
9:18:34AM So we did have a modest increase this year in dollars.
9:18:39AM These are gross dollars.
9:18:43AM You can see, the there are some changes.
9:18:46AM Most of them positive.
9:18:47AM But Tampa Heights and Drew Park, slight decreases.
9:18:52AM And no change in East Tampa, which saw no income last year
9:18:57AM and no income this year.
9:18:58AM Probably the most important part of this graph is the fact
9:19:05AM that we strive to keep our operations and administrative
9:19:09AM costs as low as possible.
9:19:10AM And that is still below 4%.
9:19:12AM Quick update on the downtown.

9:19:16AM On the left is the Le Meridien and Loft Hotel.
9:19:24AM St. Patrick hotel in Curtis Hixon Park.
9:19:27AM And Frank Reddick music festival in Curtis Hixon.
9:19:30AM [ Laughter ]
9:19:32AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, good.
9:19:40AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: So, we have some things to look forward to
9:19:42AM in the coming year.
9:19:44AM The opening of Le Meridien and The Loft.
9:19:48AM Couple projects proposed in downtown.
9:19:50AM We will continue to co-sponsor activities and cultural
9:19:53AM events and continue to work on improving our downtown.
9:19:55AM We had a slight increase here in the assessment value.
9:20:00AM TIF revenues again have climbed above the point where we are
9:20:07AM making our bond payment, which was the original reason for
9:20:10AM the formulation of the downtown CRA.
9:20:12AM Here is a proposed budget, where the money would go.
9:20:22AM Again, that right column is existing funds in balance now.
9:20:33AM Again, if you have questions, please give me a holler and
9:20:41AM I'll stop.
9:20:41AM The Channel District.
9:20:43AM Top left is Pier House.
9:20:45AM Top right is 12th street, which is being reconstructed right
9:20:49AM now with some new underground utilities.
9:20:52AM That is the relocated Sugarman in the turn.
9:20:55AM And as you know, the Florida Aquarium is undergoing

9:20:59AM expansion right now.
9:20:59AM Sky House Channelside and the Martin are two projects that
9:21:09AM are proposed, two high-rise residentials.
9:21:13AM We have some fairly substantial community improvement
9:21:16AM projects that we're looking to do.
9:21:18AM We should be coming to you shortly with a contract buying
9:21:22AM some land.
9:21:23AM The original CRA plan envisioned three parks in the channel
9:21:27AM districts.
9:21:28AM There's the new project created along with Pier House.
9:21:32AM We have the park at Washington and 12th.
9:21:35AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob?
9:21:39AM >> Yes, ma'am.
9:21:40AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: It was the first item that the Sky House
9:21:42AM and the Martin met.
9:21:45AM The second Meridian, and that is in infrastructure because
9:21:49AM of all the development there.
9:21:52AM Do we have estimations on what the future tax revenue to the
9:21:56AM TIF is going to be with all the projects that are planned,
9:22:02AM approved preconstruction or under construction?
9:22:06AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Probably a good yardstick to use on those
9:22:09AM buildings is approximately a million dollars a year apiece.
9:22:12AM That's currently the dollars that are produced by element,
9:22:17AM which is a comparable high rise apartment.
9:22:22AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So, for each project, approximately, and

9:22:27AM that's the revenue to the TIF or is that the general tax
9:22:31AM revenue period?
9:22:32AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: That's the full tax revenue.
9:22:34AM But again, there are few offsets in the Channel District.
9:22:37AM Figure 95% of that.
9:22:39AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
9:22:40AM Thank you.
9:22:42AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: We saw relatively dramatic increase there.
9:22:49AM A lot of that had to do with the sale of the land for Pier
9:22:52AM House and the fact that those apartments are all full, so it
9:22:57AM was a sale of one of the apartment complexes, a couple
9:23:00AM hundred thousand dollars apiece, as well as the fact that
9:23:03AM grand central continues to sell condos at the rate between
9:23:07AM five and ten a month.
9:23:09AM So that builds into the tax base.
9:23:11AM I believe the high for that district was a little better
9:23:16AM than $4 million.
9:23:18AM Was about $4.3 million.
9:23:19AM There's a proposed budget.
9:23:25AM Redevelopment investment, you may recall, we borrowed
9:23:28AM $5 million from a commercial bank to build the underground
9:23:31AM vault to street the stormwater for the majority of the
9:23:35AM Channel District.
9:23:36AM And so, after this coming year, we'll have one year left on
9:23:41AM that loan.

9:23:42AM It was a low interest loan and certainly much cheaper than
9:23:44AM bonding the project.
9:23:46AM Some of the capital improvement projects that are planned.
9:23:51AM The Heights.
9:23:57AM Ulele springs building there or Waterworks Building.
9:24:06AM We will be coming to City Council in October, with a
9:24:10AM rezoning program and a development agreement and a vacating
9:24:14AM program.
9:24:15AM So the folks that have assembled all of that land have some
9:24:19AM very ambitious plans and I'm happy to say we should see some
9:24:23AM forward progress there relatively soon.
9:24:26AM What's interested is the trolley barn, they hired the
9:24:30AM architects that did the Oxford exchange to work on the plan
9:24:33AM for that building.
9:24:34AM It's very attractive.
9:24:36AM So they've got some good ideas.
9:24:38AM We have some things to look forward to in this coming year.
9:24:43AM We had a slight decline.
9:24:50AM Again, there's nothing been built there yet.
9:24:59AM Central Park.
9:25:05AM Again, we should have groundbreaking shortly for the Reed.
9:25:13AM Start with a low enough base, it's easy to get a dramatic
9:25:25AM increase like that.
9:25:26AM [Inaudible]
9:26:00AM >> The only problem, we're in Florida.

9:26:03AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was there for that and it was amazing.
9:26:05AM The two marches bands on the stage after the parade.
9:26:10AM It was unbelievable.
9:26:11AM Those pep rallies.
9:26:14AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: You know, Ybor knows how to throw a party.
9:26:17AM That's what they do very well.
9:26:19AM Again, the baseball museum.
9:26:24AM There's a fund-raising going on right now for that.
9:26:27AM We have had a slight tick up.
9:26:33AM We are seeing some interest from hotel developers.
9:26:37AM We have residential people looking again at Ybor.
9:26:40AM Ybor, like East Tampa, has put money aside for the rainy
9:27:14AM day.
9:27:15AM So they are able to continue on with their budgeted
9:27:21AM programs.
9:27:21AM That's the project that we just looked at a couple minutes
9:27:28AM ago.
9:27:28AM That was a former motel that has been scraped and is a new
9:27:31AM retail center, done with private investment money.
9:27:34AM That's a facade grant program.
9:27:37AM That's an interiors company working on the bottom left.
9:27:41AM I believe that's the kaboom project on the right.
9:27:43AM Yes, lot of zeros.
9:28:07AM But again you saw 4.8% increase.
9:28:10AM We're starting to see a little more commercial investment.

9:28:14AM And the housing market is starting to stabilize.
9:28:16AM And we're going in and we're going to be doing some things
9:28:18AM as well.
9:28:19AM Bottom left is I believe the president of the CRA.
9:28:38AM That is, they're a family business and they did an
9:28:41AM expansion.
9:28:42AM I believe he came and spoke to us about that.
9:28:44AM The car businesses are all expanding and have all built new
9:28:47AM showrooms.
9:28:48AM Bottom right is the streetscape plans.
9:28:52AM Driving force on a lot of those streetscape plans and the
9:29:04AM rebuilding of the streets are stormwater control, which has
9:29:08AM been an issue in the Drew Park area for a number of years.
9:29:10AM So, a copy of this will be delivered to you today.
9:29:28AM And ready to meet and discuss whenever you would like to do
9:29:34AM that.
9:29:34AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez?
9:29:36AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. McDonaugh, let me ask you a quick
9:29:39AM question about Tampa fights.
9:29:40AM We have a 5.4% decline.
9:29:42AM Any particular reason why that is?
9:29:46AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Vacant land didn't increase in value.
9:29:48AM That assemblage was all done buying either notes or
9:29:52AM foreclosed properties.
9:29:53AM And so the values probably fell reflecting the purchase

9:29:56AM prices of that assemblage.
9:29:58AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And chances are, because we have so am vacant
9:30:02AM land there, we should see a pretty exponential increase once
9:30:07AM all those other, not only the assemblage and projects that
9:30:10AM are coming up at the armature works building but also Ulele
9:30:14AM comes online and some other stuff.
9:30:16AM Is there an estimate in terms of what that might be?
9:30:19AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Actually, we're working on one.
9:30:22AM Because it's going to take a fair amount of infrastructure
9:30:24AM investment to make that work.
9:30:26AM This is CDD in place, to remember, and so we're going to
9:30:31AM have to look at some income projections to see how much
9:30:34AM money the CDD can actually afford the put out in bonds to be
9:30:38AM able to do some of that infrastructure.
9:30:42AM >> So you're saying the community development district is it
9:30:44AM up for that.
9:30:46AM >> Right.
9:30:47AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And they have to, if my memory serves me,
9:30:49AM they have to put in a certain amount of money for their
9:30:52AM phases and the assessments that they're going to put to each
9:30:55AM one of the owners of that CDD, correct?
9:30:58AM >> Correct.
9:30:59AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: How, where do we get our TIF from?
9:31:02AM Is it after their assessments and then that increase?
9:31:06AM Or is it before the assessment?

9:31:08AM How does that work?
9:31:10AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Generally how it works is that, we enter
9:31:14AM into an agreement whereas they will finance the
9:31:16AM improvements.
9:31:17AM And the bonds, or the TIF would then be used to pay the
9:31:23AM bonds to do the infrastructure.
9:31:26AM Because again, there's no money there right now.
9:31:28AM So we're using future money to finance bonds to do that
9:31:32AM infrastructure.
9:31:33AM Seawalls, water, sewer, roads.
9:31:36AM There's quite a bit of work that needs to be done.
9:31:38AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Now the CDD that's created, is that, is it
9:31:41AM for the entire district or is it just one for Ulele and one
9:31:45AM for armature works or both?
9:31:48AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Just for the Heights.
9:31:49AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Just for the whole district though?
9:31:52AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: That's correct.
9:31:52AM Excuse me.
9:31:53AM The Heights project.
9:31:54AM The --
9:31:56AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Apologize.
9:31:57AM It's the Heights project.
9:31:58AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes.
9:31:59AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: So their assemblage no matter what they put
9:32:02AM there, of course we don't know yet until we see that

9:32:05AM project.
9:32:06AM They're going to be responsible for doing exactly what you
9:32:08AM just mentioned, which is doing some of the infrastructure
9:32:11AM work and paying back part, or all of the bonds, correct?
9:32:17AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Correct.
9:32:18AM The mechanism is using TIF to pay the bonds.
9:32:21AM Because there is, there is envisioned housing, structured
9:32:27AM parking, office, because the fellow that's doing the
9:32:32AM development now feels that it could be an important
9:32:36AM employment center, with its proximity to downtown and its
9:32:41AM location to residential areas, there could be a very good
9:32:44AM employment.
9:32:44AM So, his vision is more commercial office oriented as opposed
9:32:50AM to luxury housing, which was the last person.
9:32:53AM And he feels the job creation is a very important part of
9:32:58AM the success of something like this.
9:33:00AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last question.
9:33:01AM You know, CDD's were created all over the states and a lot
9:33:07AM of them went bust.
9:33:08AM Primarily because they would have phase one, two, three,
9:33:11AM whatever.
9:33:12AM And they would have huge tracts of land, not being able to
9:33:16AM sell those parcels, those, you know, home builders would not
9:33:21AM come in.
9:33:22AM And then, you know, they couldn't afford to even keep up

9:33:26AM some of the upkeep of that particular area.
9:33:30AM And I don't think that this will happen.
9:33:31AM But if for some reason the project is not successful, what
9:33:36AM does that mean in terms of the bonds themselves?
9:33:39AM We are backing up the bonds, correct?
9:33:42AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: No.
9:33:43AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's not like that at all?
9:33:45AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I stand corrected.
9:33:46AM But generally it's the issuer of the bonds.
9:33:48AM In the case --
9:33:51AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's a pass through.
9:33:53AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Westshore and Gandy, it was the banks ended
9:33:56AM up holding that.
9:33:56AM And have been sold two or three times since then.
9:33:59AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The question was, we essentially are going to
9:34:01AM use as a pass-through for the bonds itself?
9:34:04AM >> Correct.
9:34:04AM >> As we have done with other projects throughout the city.
9:34:08AM >> Not like a HUD 108 loan, where the city is a backstop.
9:34:10AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted to make sure I was clear about
9:34:14AM the specifics of it.
9:34:15AM Because when you start adding another layer, you know, and I
9:34:18AM have no problem with CDDs in general, because they're good
9:34:23AM for trying to do large developments.
9:34:25AM There's no doubt about it.

9:34:26AM But I wasn't sure where our role was in relation to the
9:34:30AM dollars that are going to be coming in in terms of our
9:34:33AM responsibility later on if for some reason something
9:34:36AM happens.
9:34:37AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I think that the, the responsibilities or
9:34:41AM the cash flow is limited to the cash flow of the TIF.
9:34:45AM Not a general obligation of the city of Tampa or the, you
9:34:49AM know, the Community Redevelopment Agency.
9:34:51AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right.
9:34:51AM It's directly connected to the project itself.
9:34:55AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Correct.
9:34:55AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
9:34:56AM Thank you, chair.
9:34:57AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So, Bob, you bring us the development
9:35:00AM agreement.
9:35:01AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes.
9:35:01AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's when we can really take a look and
9:35:05AM I think Councilmember Suarez's questions can maybe be vetted
9:35:10AM at that time, because we have to be very judicious because
9:35:13AM that development agreement is going to live with us for a
9:35:16AM long time.
9:35:16AM And whatever deal we strike is going to be, is going to set
9:35:21AM the tone for -- I say many years to come, but I would say
9:35:26AM for as long as the development is there.
9:35:29AM And most, although some of the CDBs around the country, even

9:35:37AM the state of Florida, I can't tell you the exact number, but
9:35:40AM there are several in New Tampa.
9:35:42AM And they're all doing quite well.
9:35:45AM They've got very large budgets.
9:35:47AM As a matter of fact, I noticed in the newspaper last Friday,
9:35:54AM the K bar community development district was advertised as a
9:35:58AM public notice.
9:35:59AM And those are all residential units that are being counted.
9:36:03AM But at 475 rental -- town homes, single-family parcels, is
9:36:11AM 475 and their total assessment they're looking at is
9:36:15AM $592,959.
9:36:18AM So, it's substantial.
9:36:21AM And something to keep in mind, which I'm not sure that a lot
9:36:26AM of the citizens are familiar with CDDs in other areas of
9:36:32AM Tampa, but they have their own elected boards who decides
9:36:37AM how that money is spent.
9:36:38AM So, a lot of the questions that I faced from citizens when I
9:36:43AM was running for office was, we're going to take all that
9:36:46AM Montelione from New Tampa and we're going to spend it in,
9:36:49AM you know, in north Tampa.
9:36:50AM And that's not physically legally or any other way possible
9:36:54AM because the CDD revenue that's collected in New Tampa is
9:37:00AM governed and decided by the elected officials of that CDD.
9:37:06AM Not of this body of the CRA and not of us members as we sit
9:37:12AM as City Council.

9:37:13AM So, the only, the only discretion that we would have in
9:37:18AM spending the funds is, as you described, what was going to
9:37:22AM be into the TIF.
9:37:23AM Not what was going to be into the CDD dollars.
9:37:27AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: As you recall, there was an existing
9:37:28AM development agreement that we felt was untenable.
9:37:32AM Because of the changes in the market and the changes of what
9:37:35AM had gone on.
9:37:37AM At City Council dissolved that agreement.
9:37:40AM So we will be coming back with one that is more appropriate
9:37:43AM for the changing times and the change in the plan.
9:37:46AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Sure.
9:37:47AM And the difference between having a development based on
9:37:50AM residential units, than now based on commercial property.
9:37:56AM >> More of a mixed use.
9:37:58AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mixed use is entirely different.
9:38:00AM I think that's all the, I had on that project.
9:38:06AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Any other questions?
9:38:07AM All right.
9:38:09AM Bob, anything else?
9:38:11AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Not for this, no.
9:38:12AM Thank you.
9:38:13AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm just thankful that you got through the
9:38:15AM budget without mentioning the baseball stadium.
9:38:18AM [ Laughter ]

9:38:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm happy to hear that.
9:38:23AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: One of the reasons why I asked about the
9:38:26AM TIF revenue for the increased residential units we see in
9:38:29AM Channelside.
9:38:31AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Figured that's where you were going.
9:38:33AM Further comments?
9:38:36AM Anyone wish to speak at this time, please come forward.
9:38:39AM You have three minutes.
9:38:45AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Please state your name and address.
9:38:47AM >> Good morning.
9:38:47AM My name is Jorge Dokisa.
9:38:50AM I am a property owner in Drew Park.
9:38:53AM I am here to ask not to put street parking across from my
9:38:57AM property at 5018 North Grady Avenue.
9:38:59AM Drew Park is an industrial area, with narrow streets.
9:39:02AM When I bring a semi trailer to my property, it's almost
9:39:08AM impossible or impossible at all.
9:39:10AM It makes it very difficult for the driver to unload.
9:39:15AM I do not understand the reason why Grady Avenue, I don't
9:39:20AM understand the reason why this was chosen to have a parking
9:39:24AM Grady Avenue when in fact Grady is not a retail area.
9:39:28AM Contrary, it is a small family-owned business, small cabinet
9:39:34AM makers, parking lots for trucks and engineering companies
9:39:39AM and what have you.
9:39:40AM All the businesses do not have the floor business to warrant

9:39:46AM parking in front and on the side of the businesses.
9:39:49AM When a business is open, they must provide street parking in
9:39:55AM order obtain a change of use.
9:39:57AM You must accommodate the number of vehicle necessary to run
9:39:59AM your business.
9:40:00AM For some reason, you all approved street parking on Grady
9:40:03AM Avenue, decision that could be reversed hopefully.
9:40:06AM In our five blocks between Crest and Martin Luther King,
9:40:10AM there are 13 parking spaces indicated on the plat.
9:40:15AM Seven of which are on the extreme north corner of Grady
9:40:18AM Avenue within 100 feet of the end of the street.
9:40:24AM That combines 54% of the parking spaces around a five block
9:40:31AM area.
9:40:32AM Why this situation, furthermore, the there are a couple of
9:40:35AM blocks on that five block area that do not have any parking
9:40:38AM spaces at all.
9:40:39AM So, it only indicates to me that the planners had no
9:40:43AM intention or had no need for parking on the area.
9:40:46AM You have to understand that Grady Avenue is not Lois Avenue.
9:40:52AM Right?
9:40:54AM Furthermore, within 50 feet of this assigned parking spaces
9:41:01AM or proposed parking spaces on Grady Avenue across from my
9:41:05AM property, there is a humongous commercial area horizon park
9:41:09AM that has over 500 parking spaces.
9:41:12AM That can be used.

9:41:14AM Since the majority of them are vacant during the day and at
9:41:19AM night, totally vacant.
9:41:20AM Okay.
9:41:22AM Okay, when I started complaining about this, was about two
9:41:29AM weeks ago, they rushed in to mark the parking spaces, marked
9:41:36AM within seven days.
9:41:37AM I'd like to know if in this parking spaces proposed, there
9:41:42AM are any limited parking spaces like in other commercial
9:41:45AM area, 50 minutes parking for load and unload.
9:41:48AM Is there handicapped parking allowed? Are we going to get
9:41:51AM parking spaces, parking meters?
9:41:55AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Sir, your time is up.
9:41:56AM Anybody wishes to respond to this inquiry?
9:42:05AM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, I don't know anything about this.
9:42:07AM But I'll look into it and see what I can find out.
9:42:09AM So if you can talk to my aide, Christina.
9:42:15AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: If I may, Ms. Mulhern.
9:42:17AM I know that myself and Chairman Miranda --
9:42:20AM >>MARY MULHERN: Never mind.
9:42:21AM Talk to them.
9:42:23AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And you know, we actually late yesterday were
9:42:25AM talking to the public works department and we're arranging
9:42:29AM for them to discuss with you about the situation itself.
9:42:32AM And I think that that's probably the same answer that
9:42:35AM Mr. Miranda got.

9:42:36AM >> I sure hope so.
9:42:37AM Because this is contradictory to what was intended for Drew
9:42:42AM Park.
9:42:43AM This was against all odds for the beautification of Drew
9:42:46AM Park.
9:42:46AM This is basically affecting the small business and the
9:42:48AM future growth of Drew Park and the attraction of small
9:42:51AM business to the area.
9:42:52AM In fact, this is the best --
9:42:57AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Sir, let me just say.
9:42:58AM Gout two people looking into this for you.
9:43:03AM So, I think you need to move on and let them handle it.
9:43:08AM >> Can I hand this over to the commission?
9:43:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, yes, I know Councilman
9:43:16AM Suarez and myself separately met with public works yesterday
9:43:19AM and had a rather lengthy at least 20, 30 minutes discussion,
9:43:22AM each with that department.
9:43:24AM We went street by street from point A to point B and
9:43:28AM discussed the 54% of the parking.
9:43:32AM I don't -- I don't know who is right and who is right wrong.
9:43:38AM I don't know if there is a right or wrong.
9:43:40AM I can only tell you I made the comments in the beginning.
9:43:43AM I stand by what I said and I'll say it publicly.
9:43:45AM If this is a new standard, then it's a new standard.
9:43:48AM But I've never seen a commercial area with sidewalks on both

9:43:52AM sides of the street.
9:43:53AM Where it doesn't have any residential areas.
9:43:55AM Money should be used, and I understand some of the monies
9:43:58AM here were from the association, the fees and dues collected
9:44:02AM and the CRA.
9:44:04AM But the preponderance of that money came from grants.
9:44:08AM And all parts of the city, I'm just going to say West Tampa.
9:44:13AM If there was treated like this, it would be a gate way to
9:44:18AM heaven.
9:44:18AM Because the money is being spent, is well done, well footed.
9:44:24AM I did not have a chance last night because I had to go to a
9:44:27AM high school for an event, but I can tell you that I was all
9:44:32AM intended to take pictures of what they said that the reasons
9:44:35AM for the 54% being on one street is that the other streets,
9:44:38AM the drives -- driveways were obstructing the areas of the
9:44:42AM parking.
9:44:43AM And I have to believe that.
9:44:44AM But however, being from Ybor City, I have to see it.
9:44:48AM So I had all the intentions of going over last night.
9:44:51AM It rained real bad.
9:44:52AM I could not go.
9:44:53AM Because those streets are not completed yet.
9:44:56AM But I do plan to do it this afternoon.
9:44:59AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:45:00AM All right.

9:45:01AM Yes, sir?
9:45:02AM >> I'm Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.
9:45:05AM Yeah, it did rain very bad last night.
9:45:08AM This is called climatic change and it's here.
9:45:13AM Where that bears on infrastructure and capital improvements,
9:45:18AM which were discussed several times, is you're going to
9:45:21AM probably have to rework the storm drainage system because
9:45:24AM this is just the beginning.
9:45:25AM I was over at the county building to try to retrieve
9:45:29AM something I left there.
9:45:30AM The gutters were overfilled and the sidewalks had three or
9:45:34AM four inches of water.
9:45:35AM So, I was thinking oh, my God, what's going to happen in
9:45:38AM Sulphur Springs?
9:45:39AM But fortunately, Sulphur Springs seemed to get missed by it.
9:45:44AM It clobbered downtown.
9:45:45AM But it's getting very scary.
9:45:47AM And you're going to have to ask yourself.
9:45:49AM If a category 5 hurricane hits Tampa, and they have to
9:45:52AM invent a category six capacity, and then your neighbors come
9:45:56AM crying to you that they let their insurance lapse, because
9:46:00AM insurance companies are in business to make money.
9:46:02AM My dad used to work for an insurance company.
9:46:05AM In fact, he specifically worked in bonding.
9:46:07AM Bonding municipalities.

9:46:09AM So, the thing is that you've got insurance companies that
9:46:14AM are in business to make money.
9:46:15AM Maybe people are going to let their insurance Lance and then
9:46:18AM they're going to come to you.
9:46:19AM But that's okay, you're the people who rubber stamped more
9:46:23AM gas stations.
9:46:24AM So listen to what the scientists are saying.
9:46:26AM Okay.
9:46:27AM I came mostly to speak about food, but there was mention of
9:46:31AM a food festival.
9:46:32AM Cuban sandwich.
9:46:34AM It should be made right.
9:46:35AM Now, I spoke to an older person to try to track this down.
9:46:39AM Lived in Tampa for a long time.
9:46:41AM And they said there was no ham in these.
9:46:45AM There was just salami.
9:46:46AM Salami and pork and cheese.
9:46:48AM So, I mean it should be made right.
9:46:50AM Somebody should get on that, because ham as a sliced meat is
9:46:55AM not, is not good for you.
9:46:57AM It's a processed meat.
9:46:58AM Just go to the little across the street, have your lunch
9:47:02AM there.
9:47:03AM They have a big poster.
9:47:04AM Sliced fresh daily.

9:47:06AM That's important health-wiles.
9:47:08AM TIF, I don't know what TIF stands for.
9:47:11AM I finally figured out what CDD was mentioned.
9:47:15AM And it's not the pizza place up on Fowler.
9:47:18AM So, it would be nice.
9:47:20AM I think it means Tampa infrastructure fund, which is where
9:47:23AM the money would come for this.
9:47:25AM These things.
9:47:29AM >> It's tax increment financing.
9:47:31AM >> Okay, tax increment financing.
9:47:33AM Because if the county commission, they were talking about
9:47:37AM taking over east lake.
9:47:38AM There have been so many complaints about the water in east
9:47:40AM lake.
9:47:41AM And going to be meeting with you, so maybe you'll be hearing
9:47:45AM this from me first.
9:47:48AM Take that over from, or something.
9:47:52AM But looks like a big acquisition.
9:47:54AM So hopefully there's some money to do that as I say,
9:47:59AM transportation, rework of the storm drains, these are all
9:48:03AM very important issues.
9:48:04AM And public information is important to the people realize,
9:48:09AM one-way streets are safer and you don't get a pedestrian
9:48:12AM feel from all the parking spaces.
9:48:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

9:48:15AM All right.
9:48:15AM Item number 4.
9:48:17AM Anyone else wish to speak at this time?
9:48:19AM Seeing none, Mr. Bob?
9:48:24AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: With your pleasure, I would like the board
9:48:26AM to approve resolution for facade grant in the Drew Park.
9:48:33AM >> So moved.
9:48:33AM >> Second.
9:48:34AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right you can I have a motion by
9:48:36AM Mr. Miranda, second by Ms. Montelione.
9:48:38AM Any discussion of the motion?
9:48:39AM All in favor, say aye.
9:48:41AM Those opposed?
9:48:43AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: That concludes my report.
9:48:44AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:48:45AM All right.
9:48:47AM Anyone wish to speak at this time?
9:48:49AM Seeing none, Ms. Montelione?
9:48:54AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have one item of new business.
9:48:56AM And it's related to one that I had brought up previously.
9:49:01AM And having discussed with our esteemed attorney,
9:49:07AM Mr. Territo, as well as a couple members of the Hillsborough
9:49:11AM County board of county commissioners, and our staff, at this
9:49:16AM time, I would like to have staff -- I'll make this in the
9:49:22AM form of a motion.

9:49:23AM I would like to move that staff move ahead with determining
9:49:26AM boundaries for the potential establishment of a CRA in the
9:49:30AM north Tampa area, which would be complementary to the TIF
9:49:36AM that has already been budgeted for in the unincorporated
9:49:41AM areas of Hillsborough County, which would be north of the
9:49:45AM University of South Florida and northwest of the University
9:49:48AM of South Florida in the, what's called the University area
9:49:53AM district.
9:49:54AM So...
9:49:56AM >> Second.
9:49:58AM >> If I may, Mr. Chairman?
9:50:00AM [Inaudible]
9:50:02AM >> That's really a City Council, rather than CRA issue.
9:50:12AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
9:50:12AM I will do that tonight during our land use meeting.
9:50:18AM The staff that is here now, that is employed under contract
9:50:24AM by the CRA, are the ones who will actually be directed to
9:50:30AM accomplish that work, correct?
9:50:32AM >> But you'll have to find the funding because you can't use
9:50:35AM any existing funding for that area because the money wasn't
9:50:37AM collected in that area because it hasn't been established
9:50:40AM yet.
9:50:41AM It's a funding issue as well.
9:50:42AM That's why would be a City Council and administration
9:50:45AM function as well as a CRA function eventually.

9:50:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood.
9:50:49AM Thanks you.
9:50:51AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Cohen?
9:51:00AM [ Laughter ]
9:51:02AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You caught me off guard.
9:51:03AM Ms. Miranda?
9:51:06AM >>MARY MULHERN: No new business.
9:51:08AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Miranda?
9:51:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can only tell you Cuban sandwich
9:51:12AM without ham called a (Spanish), is a hunger killer.
9:51:14AM Because there is nothing else to eat.
9:51:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm glad you didn't bring him back in the
9:51:22AM room on that.
9:51:23AM >> May still be able to hear us.
9:51:25AM Of course the one thing he brings up when Yolie is not here.
9:51:28AM I can't believe it.
9:51:35AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like to make a motion that some
9:51:38AM representative from parks and recreation department appear
9:51:41AM before Council August 22nd at 10:00 a.m. to give us a
9:51:45AM report pertaining to Fairoaks park.
9:51:47AM >> Second.
9:51:48AM And that's my motion.
9:51:50AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by
9:51:54AM Councilman Miranda.
9:51:55AM All in favor?

9:51:56AM Any opposed?
9:51:57AM Thank you.
9:51:59AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:52:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Miranda.
9:52:06AM Any discussion or motion?
9:52:07AM All those in favor.
9:52:10AM All right.
9:52:10AM We stand adjourned.

August 8, 2013
Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting

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