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August 8, 2013
5:30 p.m.

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>>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
5:38:13PM Roll call.
5:38:18PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
5:38:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
5:38:22PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
5:38:23PM Just for the record, we're having some technically
5:38:26PM difficulty problems with the computers.
5:38:27PM And items two and three will be done second reading by
5:38:31PM voicemail (sic).
5:38:32PM Okay.
5:38:33PM Item number one, Mr. Shelby.
5:38:36PM >> Good evening, Mr. Chairman, members of Council.
5:38:39PM Councilwoman Capin had an emergency come up this evening.
5:38:43PM She will not be able to attend this evening.

5:38:45PM She extends her apologies and requests respectfully her item
5:38:49PM number one be continued to the next regular meeting,
5:38:52PM August 22nd, under staff reports.
5:38:54PM >> So moved.
5:38:55PM >> Second.
5:38:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second -- I have a motion by
5:38:57PM Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Reddick on item number one.
5:39:00PM All in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
5:39:02PM Opposed nay.
5:39:03PM The ayes have it unanimously.
5:39:06PM Okay.
5:39:06PM We go to item number two.
5:39:08PM It's a public hearing, second reading of proposed ordinance.
5:39:12PM I need to open -- in fact, let me open items two -- I guess
5:39:20PM even though there are six, I can open them all.
5:39:23PM >> No, sir.
5:39:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
5:39:25PM We'll do two and three.
5:39:27PM >> So moved.
5:39:28PM >> Mr. Chairman, 3 is set for 6:00 p.m.
5:39:32PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number two.
5:39:33PM I have a motion by Mr. Suarez to open number two.
5:39:35PM Second by Mr. Reddick.
5:39:37PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
5:39:38PM Opposed nay.

5:39:40PM The ayes have it unanimously.
5:39:40PM All right.
5:39:42PM This is an ordinance for second reading.
5:39:44PM An ordinance presented to this Council.
5:39:47PM Petitioner?
5:39:51PM And these are all quasi-judicial.
5:39:55PM So only item number two, do the others later.
5:39:57PM It's like being in the third grade again.
5:40:00PM Only they're smarter than I am.
5:40:03PM If you're going to speak on item number two this evening,
5:40:05PM please stand up and be sworn.
5:40:11PM [Oath administered by Clerk]
5:40:20PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Abbye Feeley, land development.
5:40:21PM Item number two required certified site plans.
5:40:24PM They have been received and provided to the clerk.
5:40:26PM All modifications were made in between first and second
5:40:29PM reading.
5:40:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, very much.
5:40:31PM Petitioner?
5:40:31PM >> I have nothing to add except to thank you for your time.
5:40:34PM Feel like this issue was fully vetted before and we look
5:40:37PM forward to moving this forward.
5:40:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Very smart attorney.
5:40:40PM [ Laughter ]
5:40:42PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

5:40:45PM item number two?
5:40:46PM Please come forward.
5:40:47PM >> Hello, Council.
5:40:49PM Jeff Zampitella.
5:40:54PM Just want to speak in favor of this development in downtown
5:40:57PM Channelside.
5:40:58PM We think it's a good project.
5:41:00PM We think it will bring some added character and a welcome
5:41:06PM new addition to the Channelside area.
5:41:08PM Thank you.
5:41:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
5:41:09PM Anyone else on item number two?
5:41:11PM Item number two.
5:41:12PM If you want to speak on item number two and you're sworn in,
5:41:15PM please come up.
5:41:19PM >> Hi, my name is Jane Sector. And I live in the Bayshore
5:41:23PM area.
5:41:24PM And I'm also a real estate agent.
5:41:26PM I have been for 25 years in this market and lived here for
5:41:29PM 34.
5:41:29PM And I see a project like this about to happen and I think
5:41:32PM it's incredible that we are so fortunate to have people
5:41:37PM willing to do something like this to help our city grow.
5:41:40PM Because downtown, and we all know it, is where things are
5:41:43PM happening.

5:41:44PM It can only make it better.
5:41:47PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
5:41:48PM Appreciate it very much.
5:41:49PM Anyone else to speak on item number two?
5:41:52PM Well, if it ain't the former city attorney.
5:41:57PM [ Laughter ]
5:41:57PM I thought I'd get a second chance at you.
5:42:02PM >> David Smith, Gray, Robinson, I'm here on behalf of the
5:42:06PM downtown partnership speaking as the chairman for the
5:42:08PM organization.
5:42:08PM And as you know, the partnership does not take positions on
5:42:11PM individual projects.
5:42:12PM But what we do is, we promote a vision for downtown.
5:42:16PM And we like to see the development and the kinds of projects
5:42:19PM that will make downtown the kind of place we all want it to
5:42:22PM be.
5:42:23PM So in that regard, we'd like to make a couple of comments.
5:42:26PM You got a letter from our executive director, Kristin
5:42:30PM Burdick.
5:42:31PM Can't believe I'm speaking for him.
5:42:34PM But I am.
5:42:35PM [ Laughter ]
5:42:36PM >> I'm incredulous as well.
5:42:39PM What I say will actually apply to both projects.
5:42:42PM But I'd like to go ahead and say it now and then leave you

5:42:45PM alone.
5:42:45PM [ Laughter ]
5:42:46PM >> Since it is generic, because we really do not speak to
5:42:50PM either project.
5:42:51PM What we do want to advocate for and we do advocate for
5:42:55PM downtown.
5:42:55PM We want projects that are the right kind of thing approved.
5:42:59PM Specifically we have an organization statement which says,
5:43:02PM we're seeking to have a vibrant, diverse, 24 hour downtown
5:43:06PM neighborhood, which to learn, live, work and play.
5:43:10PM I heard one of the opponents of one of these projects
5:43:16PM indicate we don't need 300 more residents downtown.
5:43:18PM We could not be more diametrically opposed to that position.
5:43:23PM We do need residents downtown.
5:43:25PM My children both have stayed in the community.
5:43:27PM We want that opportunity for the young, imaginative and
5:43:29PM creative people for our community.
5:43:31PM We need to have a vibrant downtown to do that.
5:43:33PM That's where most people are going these days.
5:43:35PM And if we do the right things with our downtown, if we
5:43:38PM create the density that will allow transit to work, create
5:43:41PM the environment that will allow the creative people to
5:43:44PM thrive, we will have a downtown we're proud of.
5:43:47PM We will have a vibrant city that will grow and meet the
5:43:50PM future.

5:43:50PM Be careful about those with almost a troglodytic fear of
5:43:54PM change.
5:43:55PM Change is not all bad.
5:43:57PM In fact, we need to make good positive changes in our
5:44:00PM community.
5:44:00PM And we encourage you to do that.
5:44:02PM We encourage you to have the strength of conviction to
5:44:05PM create the density downtown so that Tampa can grow and be
5:44:08PM vibrant and my kids can stay nearby.
5:44:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you for your past service to the
5:44:14PM whole community and what you do.
5:44:15PM You're a wonderful individual.
5:44:16PM Great golfer.
5:44:17PM [ Laughter ]
5:44:18PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And I agree with change.
5:44:19PM I used to have long hair.
5:44:21PM [ Laughter ]
5:44:22PM >> Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
5:44:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else on item number two?
5:44:28PM Did you got rebuttal?
5:44:31PM >> Do I get an opportunity to rebut?
5:44:33PM I've never had new people come out in support of a project
5:44:35PM on second reading.
5:44:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Some things do happen.
5:44:38PM >> I'll sit down and be quiet.

5:44:39PM Thank you.
5:44:40PM >> Move to close.
5:44:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
5:44:42PM Mr. Cohen.
5:44:43PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
5:44:45PM Opposed nay.
5:44:47PM The ayes have it unanimously.
5:44:48PM Ms. Be Montelione, would you kindly handle number two,
5:44:50PM please?
5:44:51PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was afraid you were going to say that.
5:44:53PM Okay.
5:44:54PM I move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
5:44:56PM vicinity of 107 North 11th Street, 104 and 110 North
5:45:01PM 12th Street and 1401 East Whiting Street in the City of
5:45:04PM Tampa, Florida, more particularly described in section one,
5:45:06PM from zoning district classifications CD-3, Channel District
5:45:11PM residential multi-family to CD-2, Channel District
5:45:14PM residential, multi-family and retail sales, providing an
5:45:16PM effective date.
5:45:17PM >> Second.
5:45:17PM >>I have a motion for second reading, adoption by
5:45:21PM Ms. Montelione, seconded by Mr. Suarez.
5:45:23PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
5:45:24PM Roll call vote.
5:45:25PM Voice vote because the roll calling machine is temporarily

5:45:28PM out of order.
5:45:29PM We go by voicemail -- voice call the.
5:45:33PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.
5:45:36PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
5:45:41PM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.
5:45:44PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern being
5:45:46PM absent.
5:45:47PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
5:45:47PM I can't do anything because the other's at 6:00.
5:45:52PM I will give you -- we're going to take a little recess.
5:45:54PM But before that, you came here as friends.
5:46:00PM Very emotional one way or the other.
5:46:02PM No matter which side you are, I want you to leave as
5:46:05PM friends.
5:46:05PM Life is too short to be mad at somebody.
5:46:07PM If you be mad at somebody, be mad at me.
5:46:10PM You're mad at me already, good.
5:46:14PM But I appreciate you being here.
5:46:16PM It will be heard and Council will make a decision and we'll
5:46:19PM go from there.
5:46:19PM We stand in recess to 6:00.
5:46:22PM [ Recess ]
6:00:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

6:03:55PM Roll call.
6:03:57PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
6:04:01PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
6:04:02PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
6:04:03PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
6:04:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, I've been informed by the city
6:04:06PM clerk's office, Mascotte room is now open downstairs on the
6:04:09PM first floor for those that are sitting out in the hallway
6:04:12PM and so forth.
6:04:13PM And there's some benches down at the first floor.
6:04:15PM I hate to have this fire marshal come up and close us in the
6:04:18PM middle of this nice evening today.
6:04:20PM So, that's the reason we're doing that.
6:04:22PM You have TVs there, the same amenities we have here.
6:04:25PM So, with that being said, need to open items 3 through 12.
6:04:37PM >> So moved second.
6:04:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Suarez to
6:04:41PM open she through 12.
6:04:43PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
6:04:45PM Opposed nay.
6:04:46PM The ayes have it unanimously.
6:04:47PM More -- anyone who is going to speak before I go to city
6:04:52PM personnel, item number 11, is there a statement you want to
6:04:56PM make on item 11?
6:04:58PM >> Thank you chairman, Abbye Feeley, land development.

6:05:01PM Item number 11 we have received written correspondence,
6:05:04PM request for a continuance.
6:05:06PM That would be the request is to October 10th.
6:05:10PM 108 day deadline on this case is in September.
6:05:13PM So this would be one of those calls where Council considers
6:05:17PM extenuating circumstances past that 180 days.
6:05:20PM I believe Ms. Pollack is here on behalf of the applicant.
6:05:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am?
6:05:25PM >> Good evening.
6:05:26PM Anne Pollack, 305 South Boulevard.
6:05:30PM We're asking for the October hearing for two reasons.
6:05:33PM One is an effort to provide a little extra time to work out
6:05:36PM concerns that the neighbors have raised.
6:05:37PM We want to be able to find agreement so that we can get what
6:05:44PM we want and satisfy the neighbors.
6:05:46PM In addition, I will be out of the country in September, so I
6:05:49PM won't be able to represent Mr. Arodak.
6:05:58PM So, we would respectfully request that you continue this to
6:05:58PM October.
6:05:59PM >> Move to grant the continuance to October.
6:06:01PM >> Second.
6:06:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion to grant the continuance by
6:06:04PM Ms. Montelione.
6:06:05PM Second by Mr. Cohen.
6:06:06PM Anyone in the audience care to speak, only on the

6:06:09PM continuance?
6:06:10PM I see no one.
6:06:11PM Take a vote on that.
6:06:13PM All in favor of that motion to grant the continuance to
6:06:15PM October, please indicate by saying aye.
6:06:17PM Opposed nay.
6:06:18PM Motion passes unanimously.
6:06:19PM Thank you very much.
6:06:19PM Okay, we go back to item number three.
6:06:25PM Before I do that, anyone who is going to speak on item 3
6:06:28PM through 12, even though 11 is out, has to be sworn in.
6:06:31PM So, I'll ask the clerk to swear you in if you're going to
6:06:37PM speak on items 3 through 12.
6:06:40PM [Oath administered by Clerk]
6:06:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Half of you said yes, the other half
6:06:47PM didn't answer.
6:06:47PM [ Laughter ]
6:06:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:06:50PM Item number three.
6:06:54PM >>> Thank you, Chair Miranda. Abbye Feely, Land Development
6:06:56PM Coordination.
6:06:57PM Item number 3 is a continued second reading.
6:07:01PM It was before you back on June 16th for second reading and
6:07:04PM it is located at 3802 West Santiago Street.
6:07:08PM The request before you was for specialty retail in this

6:07:11PM location.
6:07:12PM Mr. Grandoff is here tonight to speak to some modifications
6:07:17PM that they would like to propose.
6:07:19PM In response to this application, Ms. Capin had also
6:07:22PM requested that staff provide a diagram of the access for the
6:07:27PM properties along Dale Mabry, four blocks north of the
6:07:31PM subject and four blocks south of the subject.
6:07:33PM I do have that this evening.
6:07:34PM I see she's not present.
6:07:36PM But I believe that Mr. Grandoff will be desiring to go back
6:07:39PM on first reading tonight, with some other modifications to
6:07:42PM the plan.
6:07:43PM And once we do that, I could present that then at second
6:07:46PM reading.
6:07:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Grandoff?
6:07:55PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Good evening, Mr. Chairman, members of
6:07:57PM Council.
6:07:57PM My name is John Grandoff.
6:07:59PM My address is Suite 3700 Bank of America Plaza here in
6:08:03PM Tampa.
6:08:04PM And I have the pleasure of representing David Alexander this
6:08:07PM evening.
6:08:08PM David just stepped into the chamber.
6:08:11PM Dave, would you please raise your hand?
6:08:13PM Also joined by Dick LaRosa, our professional engineer, and

6:08:16PM co-counsel Brian Scott, who are with me this afternoon.
6:08:21PM Primarily, to summarize the last hearing involved a
6:08:26PM condition on uses of the property, which was condition 14.
6:08:32PM I have joined the team to draft that condition and also
6:08:37PM resolve the Santiago access issue.
6:08:40PM I've prepared the condition for your review.
6:08:43PM It has been provided to Ms. Mandell and also Ms. Feeley,
6:08:46PM which they have approved as to its sufficiency, both under
6:08:50PM the zoning code and under the comprehensive plan.
6:08:55PM Let me step back to the Santiago access issue.
6:09:03PM That, the backup, there's material in your backup in which
6:09:08PM FDOT has denied access on Dale Mabry Highway.
6:09:12PM Therefore, the only legal access remaining for the project
6:09:17PM is the Santiago entrance.
6:09:18PM The condition I have drafted, condition 14 -- provided a
6:09:28PM copy to Ms. Feeley already.
6:09:30PM I'm going to provide several to you as well.
6:09:32PM To refresh your recollection, Mr. Suarez has had a question
6:09:52PM about limiting the use of the property.
6:09:54PM And the condition I drafted permits the office use,
6:10:00PM single-family residential use and then narrowly defines
6:10:05PM specialty retail goods and excludes several items that had
6:10:13PM caused you concern at the last hearing.
6:10:15PM Those being bar, lounge, liquor store, tobacco products,
6:10:20PM tobacco paraphernalia, lingerie, and similar uses.

6:10:24PM I've also added a second paragraph that, if there's any
6:10:29PM change of any of these uses, the property owner is obliged
6:10:34PM to go to the City of Tampa change of use or substantial
6:10:37PM change process in Chapter 27, so there's one stop gap on any
6:10:42PM change that would be unauthorized.
6:10:43PM And second, if it fails those change of use standards or
6:10:47PM those substantial deviation standards, the petitioner
6:10:50PM reserve it is right to rezone the property and a public
6:10:53PM hearing which obviously would provide notice to surrounding
6:10:57PM owners.
6:10:57PM So this is what I call a buffet condition in which everybody
6:11:00PM gets social.
6:11:01PM And it moves the project forward, so the neighborhood gets
6:11:03PM the assurance of what the use will be.
6:11:06PM And what it will not be.
6:11:08PM City Council gets assurance that it meets the public safety
6:11:11PM requirements and my client is allowed to develop the
6:11:15PM property within the parameters of this condition.
6:11:17PM So with those items before you, I'll request that you
6:11:20PM approve the application this evening.
6:11:23PM On a parliamentary issue, it was set for second reading.
6:11:27PM However, since this condition has come forward, I believe to
6:11:29PM be proper, you'd have to put it back to first reading.
6:11:32PM And we would come back on a second reading on August 22.
6:11:35PM With that I request approval this evening on first reading.

6:11:39PM I reserve the remainder of my time for rebuttal as
6:11:43PM necessary.
6:11:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:11:45PM Thank you very much, sir.
6:11:46PM And we do have, I'm told individuals in the hallway want to
6:11:50PM speak on this.
6:11:51PM I'm not certain of that a hundred percent.
6:11:53PM But at this time, anyone in the audience who would care to
6:11:56PM speak on item number 3, please come forward.
6:11:59PM I don't know if -- we got first floor, they got to go from
6:12:05PM first floor to third floor.
6:12:06PM But I see one here now.
6:12:08PM Yes, ma'am?
6:12:09PM >> Hello.
6:12:09PM I'm Rachel Liggio, 3808 West Santiago.
6:12:15PM I spoke at the last meeting, primarily about this being a
6:12:19PM residential neighborhood.
6:12:21PM Tonight, I have four points.
6:12:22PM First is the word retail.
6:12:24PM It's any retail, specialty or not.
6:12:28PM It doesn't matter if it's lingerie, which people seem to
6:12:32PM harp on.
6:12:32PM It isn't that word.
6:12:33PM It could be soap or shelfs or jewelry or children's
6:12:37PM clothing.

6:12:38PM It's retail that we don't want.
6:12:39PM This is a residential neighborhood.
6:12:40PM We are families with pets and we play football in the
6:12:43PM street.
6:12:44PM We don't want to shop there.
6:12:46PM The other shops, the other commercial along Dale Mabry in
6:12:50PM that short stretch are not retail shops.
6:12:53PM They're small, low volume offices.
6:12:56PM Which brings me to my second point.
6:12:58PM The access.
6:12:59PM The access for those commercial properties is on Dale Mabry.
6:13:02PM It is not on the side street.
6:13:04PM We do not want any access on Santiago.
6:13:07PM My third point is a variant request to have the building
6:13:14PM four feet from the property line.
6:13:16PM Four feet.
6:13:17PM A commercial building in the middle of a residence, four
6:13:20PM feet from the property line.
6:13:22PM This is not okay.
6:13:23PM And my last point is the current condition of the property.
6:13:26PM This property has not been maintained.
6:13:29PM There is trash.
6:13:30PM The lawn has knots been mowed in a number of weeks.
6:13:33PM I actually do have pictures on a flash drive.
6:13:36PM I could email them or put them up on one of these commuters

6:13:41PM or give you this flash drive.
6:13:43PM This is the condition of the property right now and he wants
6:13:45PM something from us.
6:13:46PM This project is not okay.
6:13:47PM Please do not approve a retail project in the middle of our
6:13:50PM neighborhood.
6:13:51PM Thank you.
6:13:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:13:54PM Anyone necessary the audience?
6:13:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
6:14:01PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Abbye, if I could ask you a quick question.
6:14:03PM Sir, I want to ask her a question about this particular
6:14:06PM condition that Mr. Grandoff brought forward.
6:14:10PM Now, the only reason that this -- is this condition as he
6:14:14PM stated, something that will always stay with the land always
6:14:18PM be as part of this particular, this particular property
6:14:21PM because it's on the site plan, correct?
6:14:24PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
6:14:24PM Abbye Feeley, land development.
6:14:26PM Whenever, I mean, a site plan controlled development, which
6:14:29PM is what is before you this evening under this application,
6:14:32PM planned development, has a list of permitted uses.
6:14:35PM So these would be the permitted uses and the only permitted
6:14:38PM uses on the property.
6:14:40PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

6:14:41PM And the question I have is that, you know, we have done
6:14:43PM quite a few of these where people may or may not bring up
6:14:46PM their own conditions.
6:14:47PM But typically we don't bring it up from Council because
6:14:49PM we're only here as an arbiter of whatever is being decided
6:14:56PM by the applicant and what is doable under the code and under
6:14:58PM our land use conditions, is that correct?
6:15:01PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
6:15:01PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And again, I think that, you know, this
6:15:05PM attempt is, it's a little bit maybe too, has put too fine a
6:15:10PM point on it because there still is broad enough for other
6:15:13PM uses.
6:15:14PM So I was, I was just curious as to what, what real force of
6:15:21PM law it had as opposed to, you know, some of the other things
6:15:25PM when we say is it on the site plan?
6:15:27PM You're supposed to follow it.
6:15:29PM But there is no way for us to enforce it though, is that
6:15:33PM correct?
6:15:34PM >> Well, the enforcement process would be the change of use
6:15:37PM process that happens with any commercial building at the
6:15:39PM time a different occupant --
6:15:41PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me interrupt you.
6:15:42PM The reason I ask is because, you know, if there's a change
6:15:46PM of ownership, or, and there's no, no one is asking for
6:15:50PM change of use.

6:15:51PM But then they're actually selling some of the things they
6:15:53PM say they're not supposed to sell as part of the site plan.
6:15:56PM There's really no way for us to enforce it as a city, at
6:15:59PM least none that I can see.
6:16:02PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: It would be code enforcement.
6:16:04PM Smarty pants or went in as David Alexander jewelers and now
6:16:08PM it's in as, you know, it wouldn't be Publix, but some other
6:16:12PM retailer, not a specialty retailer, then it would come to
6:16:17PM our attention and we would have them cited and they would be
6:16:20PM in violation of their zoning, much as other locations in the
6:16:23PM city are cited when they too are in violation.
6:16:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.
6:16:27PM You made my point.
6:16:29PM That's exactly what I was asking.
6:16:30PM Thank you.
6:16:31PM Thank you, chair.
6:16:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Suarez.
6:16:35PM >> Good evening.
6:16:36PM My name is Ryan Lee.
6:16:38PM I live at 3811 Santiago right across from Rachel and I agree
6:16:43PM with Rachel and completely against this, no matter what they
6:16:45PM put there, as far as retail, any type of commercial.
6:16:48PM She has four children.
6:16:50PM I have two small children, five and two, and one on the way
6:16:53PM next month.

6:16:53PM We ride bikes, scooters, everything outside.
6:16:56PM And like she said, the office building there, the only way
6:16:59PM they get in and out is Bay to Bay.
6:17:01PM So it never affects us.
6:17:02PM But now you're talking about moving all that whatever the
6:17:05PM store is, down our street, our kids can't play in the street
6:17:08PM and just the concern is there for our kids' safety.
6:17:11PM We want to keep it residential.
6:17:12PM So, thank you.
6:17:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
6:17:14PM Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item number
6:17:17PM three?
6:17:18PM >> My name is Tracy Milvain.
6:17:22PM I live at 3806 West San Juan, across the street from the
6:17:26PM property.
6:17:27PM I'm in support of this.
6:17:28PM In my opinion, it's only a matter of time that there's going
6:17:32PM to be a retail place there.
6:17:33PM There's only five houses left on Dale Mabry.
6:17:35PM And I think he's put in a lot of effort and looking after
6:17:40PM the neighborhood feel.
6:17:41PM The layout of the building looks really nice.
6:17:44PM And the windows in the back property facing the neighborhood
6:17:47PM aren't going to be real windows, so you can't see in and
6:17:50PM out.

6:17:50PM But I think he's put a lot of thought into making it the
6:17:55PM neighborhood feel as opposed to put being up some random
6:17:58PM business.
6:17:58PM And I think it would bring more police circulation through.
6:18:02PM It being a jewelry store and all.
6:18:04PM And I'm just in support.
6:18:05PM And I do have a kid as well.
6:18:07PM So, just so you know.
6:18:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:18:10PM Anyone else?
6:18:14PM Petitioner, you have rebuttal time, five minutes.
6:18:21PM >> Just to refresh your recollection from the last hearing,
6:18:24PM here's a photograph, collection of the proposed building as
6:18:30PM it will face Santiago.
6:18:32PM The setback is ten feet, not four feet as the lady
6:18:39PM explained.
6:18:41PM It is ten feet.
6:18:42PM Also want to provide to you the letter from DOT, denying
6:18:59PM access.
6:19:00PM Also the rule cited by Florida department of transportation,
6:19:04PM rule 1497.
6:19:06PM And also the affidavit to authorization.
6:19:09PM I'll provide Mr. Shelby and ask he place those in the
6:19:12PM record.
6:19:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need a receive and file motion, any

6:19:18PM items that we receive from three through 12 motion by
6:19:21PM Mr. Reddick.
6:19:22PM Second by Mr. Suarez to receive and file any items between
6:19:24PM three and 12.
6:19:26PM All in favor of those motion please indicate by saying aye.
6:19:29PM The ayes have it unanimously.
6:19:30PM Ms. Mulhern?
6:19:31PM >>MARY MULHERN: I had a question, Mr. Grandoff.
6:19:34PM >> I need to interrupt, Julie Mandell, apparently there are
6:19:38PM folks outside who do want to speak on this item.
6:19:40PM So we need to actually ask maybe a couple people who are not
6:19:45PM here for this item to leave, so that we can allow them to
6:19:48PM come in under our fire code.
6:19:50PM >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Grandoff, I have a question for you.
6:19:53PM Are you saying a reduction of the residential setback is,
6:19:59PM instead of four feet, it's now ten feet?
6:20:03PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No, I think the lady that spoke was
6:20:05PM misreading the site plan.
6:20:06PM The building setback of the building is ten feet from the
6:20:10PM property line.
6:20:10PM To the west.
6:20:12PM And she had said four feet.
6:20:15PM >>MARY MULHERN: But the waiver is for reduction of the
6:20:20PM buffer from 15 to four feet.
6:20:22PM That hasn't changed?

6:20:24PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No.
6:20:24PM And that is not, not a building.
6:20:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Again, anyone outside that wants to speak
6:20:31PM on this item, I'm told there's up to five individuals.
6:20:34PM Please come forward.
6:20:35PM >> Hi, my name is an Tina Watkins, 3806 West Santiago, the
6:20:40PM house thatting is directly next door to the proposed
6:20:42PM project.
6:20:42PM The four feet zoning, I guess exception is meant for their
6:20:48PM parking, which to me is just as much of a problem as a
6:20:52PM building, because these things are going to be coming in and
6:20:55PM out.
6:20:55PM I understand that some of the folks on San Juan are now in
6:20:59PM support of it.
6:21:00PM But at the end of the day, the truth is it really affects us
6:21:02PM on Santiago the most because of the entrance and exit.
6:21:06PM I know that all of you probably live in residential homes.
6:21:10PM And none of you would be exceptionally excited about having
6:21:14PM any type of business suddenly put in.
6:21:17PM This is my first home.
6:21:18PM I've lived there for seven years and when I because it this
6:21:20PM property, I bought it next to a residential lot.
6:21:23PM Mr. Alexander bought a residential lot.
6:21:26PM Betting on the probability of him being able to parlay this
6:21:29PM into a business lot.

6:21:31PM This is going to do nothing but hurt our neighborhood.
6:21:33PM And just because we're losing houses all the time, to me
6:21:37PM doesn't make a sufficient argument to lose one more.
6:21:40PM Thank you.
6:21:42PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:21:42PM I'm going to make a statement.
6:21:44PM Although I don't, none of us here can say who got sworn in,
6:21:48PM who didn't.
6:21:49PM I would have to assume since I said that earlier, that
6:21:51PM everyone coming in was sworn in on their own.
6:21:54PM Because they raised their right hand.
6:21:56PM I didn't see it.
6:21:57PM But I have to make that assumption.
6:21:59PM Thank you very much.
6:22:00PM >> I could do it again.
6:22:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nope.
6:22:01PM [ Laughter ]
6:22:02PM >> I wasn't speaking directly to you, young lady.
6:22:05PM Next?
6:22:06PM I'll try to clear the record in case there's an appeal
6:22:10PM somewhere.
6:22:10PM >> John Landkammer, 3813 West San Juan Street.
6:22:14PM I did raise my right hand.
6:22:18PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Sure.
6:22:18PM [ Laughter ]

6:22:19PM >> This matter has been before this Council three times.
6:22:23PM This is the third time.
6:22:25PM First time I came in and I talked about my family.
6:22:27PM It's important.
6:22:28PM It was the pinnacle of importance in my not liking this
6:22:32PM project.
6:22:33PM Second time came in and talked about future uses.
6:22:36PM The future uses had been called down, but they aren't
6:22:40PM solved.
6:22:41PM We still have retail in the neighborhood.
6:22:42PM Today, there are three very good reasons, and I'd like to
6:22:46PM present why this project should be denied.
6:22:49PM A, the access.
6:22:51PM There is no Dale Mabry access.
6:22:54PM The only access is off a side street.
6:22:56PM There are no other businesses in this area but for one
6:23:01PM corporate center where it is simply offices, not retail.
6:23:05PM Where they do not have access off of Dale Mabry.
6:23:09PM Second, they're asking for a change of zoning from
6:23:12PM residential.
6:23:14PM That is a big change.
6:23:16PM They want to have a retail space.
6:23:18PM They want to have offices.
6:23:19PM That is a change.
6:23:20PM Not only are they asking for a change in the use of the

6:23:24PM property.
6:23:25PM They're asking for a variance of some codes regarding the
6:23:30PM perimeter of the property and the various setbacks.
6:23:34PM There are three good reasons not to grant this request.
6:23:38PM There is not good access.
6:23:43PM DOT says not, they can't have access off Dale Mabry.
6:23:47PM The property is not zoned nor are the properties around it
6:23:51PM zoned for retail.
6:23:52PM Third, they can't even get the property, if they get the
6:23:57PM zoning changed, it doesn't even get what they want.
6:23:59PM They have to have an additional variance.
6:24:01PM This is just a case of wrong project, wrong place.
6:24:05PM Please do not approve this.
6:24:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:24:07PM Next please?
6:24:09PM Anyone else?
6:24:12PM Anyone else care to speak on item number three?
6:24:16PM Yes, sir?
6:24:17PM >> Good evening.
6:24:18PM My name is Gordon Wayman, I live at West San Juan Street.
6:24:23PM We just moved two months ago in the process of looking, we
6:24:26PM have moved from Ohio.
6:24:28PM We were looking at a bunch of houses and having, not having
6:24:31PM retail at the end of our street was a primary reason for us
6:24:34PM moving there.

6:24:35PM We looked around at a lot of places.
6:24:38PM Enjoyed the easy access to Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay.
6:24:41PM While we still have the serenity of the quiet neighborhood.
6:24:45PM So that was a major reason for us to choose this house.
6:24:48PM The proposal, what I believe, having the parking lot on
6:24:55PM Santiago, the gentleman mentioned that he's going to put a
6:24:59PM no left turn down Santiago.
6:25:01PM Well, if anybody is trying to get west, that means they're
6:25:03PM going to take a right right on to Dale Mabry and a right
6:25:06PM down San Juan street, which will significantly increase the
6:25:10PM traffic on west San Juan street.
6:25:12PM So, I would urge you to vote this no, please.
6:25:15PM Thank you.
6:25:16PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
6:25:16PM Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item number
6:25:19PM three?
6:25:21PM >> I do.
6:25:22PM I've been sworn.
6:25:28PM Would you like me to swear?
6:25:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, no.
6:25:31PM [ Laughter ]
6:25:31PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Listen, I'm scary enough already.
6:25:34PM [ Laughter ]
6:25:35PM >> My name is Marsha Bunting Howardton.
6:25:39PM My sister and I own the property at 3802 West San Juan.

6:25:45PM That property has been owned by our family -- wait a second.
6:25:51PM 50 plus years.
6:25:54PM Let me speak to the gentleman who just spoke about the
6:25:59PM traffic.
6:25:59PM San Juan, Santiago, Obispo, all those lights, all those
6:26:06PM streets there turn into crazy land at times, at 5:00 and
6:26:13PM after.
6:26:13PM So, doesn't matter about his street there.
6:26:22PM They're all busy because everybody is trying to get away
6:26:25PM from Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay.
6:26:26PM My sister and I are in, we're for this.
6:26:33PM We'd be right smack dab on the corner.
6:26:35PM We have seen the changes come.
6:26:38PM And this has to be done.
6:26:41PM We have too much in that neighborhood invested for this to
6:26:49PM be stepped over and said 0, hum.
6:26:54PM So I would ask you to look at this in the way that it's
6:26:57PM going to generate money for the City of Tampa.
6:27:05PM All right, guys, I'm done.
6:27:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:27:08PM Anyone else?
6:27:11PM Please come forward.
6:27:17PM >> I'm colonel guy Howardton.
6:27:19PM I am the husband of that lovely lady who just spoke.
6:27:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Should have been a general.

6:27:26PM [ Laughter ]
6:27:29PM >> The only reason I made colonel is because I have a sense
6:27:32PM of humor.
6:27:33PM As she mentioned, we lived there for 15 years.
6:27:40PM Change is coming.
6:27:41PM When this came up last time, I made a presentation to the
6:27:47PM Council showing that the property values of properties
6:27:53PM contiguous to the businesses along that strip had, without
6:28:00PM exception, increased over the past four years prior to that
6:28:05PM time.
6:28:06PM One can only make the assumption that said increase was due
6:28:11PM in fact at least partially to said Contiguity with these
6:28:18PM businesses.
6:28:19PM Again, change is coming.
6:28:21PM Business makes Tampa go round.
6:28:23PM I urge you to approve it.
6:28:26PM Thank you.
6:28:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
6:28:27PM All right.
6:28:27PM One last time -- yes, ma'am?
6:28:35PM >> Good evening.
6:28:36PM My name is Vita Martins.
6:28:39PM And that's my sister.
6:28:40PM I've heard a lot of arguments about this.
6:28:45PM Last time, we had this discussion, about a month or so ago,

6:28:50PM I kept wondering why there was so many people down San Juan
6:28:54PM who were opposition to this, since I knew it would not be
6:28:58PM emptying out on to San Juan, it would empty out on to
6:29:01PM Santiago.
6:29:02PM And then tonight, I heard about other things about families
6:29:05PM and having children and kids.
6:29:07PM I know what that.
6:29:07PM I grew up in that house, right across the street.
6:29:10PM But when you look down Dale Mabry, as someone said, there's
6:29:15PM only four or five homes left on the edge of Dale Mabry.
6:29:20PM From one end to MacDill Air Force Base, it's all
6:29:26PM commercial.
6:29:26PM Across the street from there on Dale Mabry is commercial on
6:29:31PM boat sides.
6:29:31PM Behind our house is commercial, opposite this property is
6:29:35PM commercial.
6:29:36PM So I -- it's kind of got to happen one way or the other,
6:29:42PM whether this time or sometime in the future.
6:29:44PM I would like to speak also to the traffic thing and about
6:29:48PM worrying about the cars.
6:29:49PM This is not a Walmart going in.
6:29:51PM This is a specialty jewelry, specialty charter and clothes.
6:30:02PM And yes, a small parking lot.
6:30:04PM And that's about all it will hold.
6:30:06PM So to think of it in terms of traffic flowing down there all

6:30:09PM day long, I think is kind of over the edge.
6:30:11PM I hope you all will pass this I think it's important to give
6:30:16PM those people the chance to do what everybody else along the
6:30:20PM edge of Dale Mabry has done over the years.
6:30:23PM Have access to the Dale Mabry traffic and have a business.
6:30:26PM Thank you.
6:30:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, ma'am.
6:30:27PM Next please?
6:30:28PM Last time.
6:30:30PM No, no, I'm sorry.
6:30:31PM You've already spoken.
6:30:34PM Item number one, no ma'am, I'm sorry.
6:30:37PM I have to go by the rules.
6:30:38PM Not my rules.
6:30:39PM They're the Council rules.
6:30:40PM Anyone else who has not spoken care to speak at this time?
6:30:43PM I see no one.
6:30:47PM Petitioner, you have five minutes for rebuttal.
6:30:52PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Thank, Mr. Chairman.
6:30:54PM Ms. Mulhern, on your question on the site plan, here there's
6:31:00PM a buffer waiver for 15 feet to four feet.
6:31:03PM That is driven by the parking lot.
6:31:04PM The code requires seven spaces.
6:31:06PM We're providing 13 spaces.
6:31:09PM Opening on to Santiago.

6:31:10PM The other setback, there's a single-family home here.
6:31:14PM That setback is ten feet.
6:31:15PM That's a ten foot versus four foot that we were discussing.
6:31:19PM Mr. Suarez, your question about the limitations of the uses
6:31:38PM and the lady's objection that there's any retail at all, I
6:31:41PM went right down the zoning code and picked every use that
6:31:46PM could be restricted and that is the in the restriction I
6:31:49PM drafted.
6:31:50PM If there's any change, they have to go through the change of
6:31:53PM use process or Zee zone and that's a very, very tight
6:31:56PM restriction.
6:31:56PM It runs with the land regardless of the owner.
6:31:59PM And it is indefinite.
6:32:01PM That is very firm language in there.
6:32:02PM There's trash on the site, yes, because the property has
6:32:06PM become derelict.
6:32:07PM This projects will certainly remedy that situation.
6:32:10PM The sisters who came forward, I have not met before.
6:32:16PM But their statements this evening put in excellent plain
6:32:23PM language, Ms. Feeley's conclusion on this project.
6:32:27PM And she says the proposed low intensity commercial use and
6:32:31PM associated site configuration and buffering will provide a
6:32:36PM nice transition from a very heavily traveled corridor back
6:32:42PM to the surrounding single-family residential neighborhood.
6:32:47PM This is one block south of Bay to Bay and Dale Mabry.

6:32:50PM I urge you to heed that finding and also heed the finding of
6:32:56PM these folks who have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years.
6:33:00PM What better evidence could you have to ground your approval?
6:33:05PM At this point, I'd like to introduce Mr. Scott.
6:33:08PM He's going to come forward and he's going to explain to you
6:33:10PM briefly the question that was raised by Ms. Capin in a
6:33:14PM previous hearing and what she wanted some answers on, other
6:33:18PM uses along Dale Mabry that access the local street.
6:33:23PM For instance, focus your attention from Henderson Boulevard
6:33:26PM to about Euclid, in your minds, drive up the road as he's
6:33:31PM explaining this to you.
6:33:33PM >> Good evening.
6:33:34PM Brian Scott, I've been sworn.
6:33:36PM Just in response to the people that have said that there's
6:33:40PM no other commercial businesses that have access to Dale
6:33:46PM Mabry.
6:33:46PM This is kind of hard to see.
6:33:47PM We have handouts we can pass out to everyone.
6:33:51PM There's a number of businesses that have access to Dale
6:33:54PM Mabry.
6:33:55PM Have access to neighborhood local streets.
6:34:02PM I've been told 27.
6:34:05PM I have not counted, but there are quite a few.
6:34:07PM Pon Engineering right cross the street.
6:34:10PM I've taken pictures of a few of them.

6:34:12PM There's a few like Nuevo Cafe.
6:34:21PM Pon Engineering.
6:34:25PM Palma Ceia United Methodist Church that has parking.
6:34:31PM They have access to Santiago.
6:34:33PM Board Executive Realty has access to Santiago.
6:34:36PM These are just blown-up pictures.
6:34:41PM There's an orthodontist and pediatric dentistry.
6:34:48PM Only has access to I believe San Luis.
6:34:53PM And parking lot is in the back there.
6:34:55PM There's also, if you go three blocks east on Santiago,
6:35:01PM there's a business, John Clarence antiques at 3510 West Bay
6:35:07PM to Bay.
6:35:08PM They have an 18 space parking lot that accesses Santiago.
6:35:15PM Right in the middle of the neighborhood.
6:35:17PM So, this is just in response to those people that have said
6:35:20PM there are no other businesses that have neighborhood access
6:35:24PM to neighborhood streets.
6:35:25PM Thank you.
6:35:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
6:35:28PM Ms. Mulhern, stop the clock for a second.
6:35:33PM Council has a question.
6:35:34PM Ms. Mulhern?
6:35:35PM >>MARY MULHERN: I had a question.
6:35:37PM Do you have a picture -- I'm trying to visualize how far
6:35:43PM from Dale Mabry the actual, your building is.

6:36:03PM >> Dick LaRosa, LaRosa Civil Design, 1095 East Brandon
6:36:09PM Boulevard.
6:36:09PM I have been sworn.
6:36:10PM The property, the building from the front property line will
6:36:13PM be five feet.
6:36:14PM From the center line of Dale Mabry, it will be 45 feet from
6:36:18PM the center line of Dale Mabry.
6:36:19PM From the edge of pavement of Dale Mabry, it's approximately
6:36:22PM 15 feet.
6:36:23PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
6:36:24PM So -- and is that -- this is -- you're adding on to the
6:36:31PM existing houses there?
6:36:32PM >> No, we're going to demolish the existing house and this
6:36:35PM is going to be a new structure.
6:36:37PM >>MARY MULHERN: Within the same footprint?
6:36:38PM >> No, it is going to be south of the original structure.
6:36:44PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
6:36:46PM So is it closer to Dale Mabry than the existing, the
6:36:50PM original house?
6:36:53PM >> It is slightly closer.
6:36:54PM Not too much.
6:36:55PM The original structure would've had to request the same
6:36:58PM waiver that we're requesting from the Dale Mabry setback.
6:37:01PM It still falls within that buffer.
6:37:05PM >> You got about 30 seconds, Mr. Grandoff.

6:37:08PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: That's all we have, Mr. Chairman.
6:37:09PM We respectfully request your approval this evening.
6:37:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is back on first reading.
6:37:15PM >> Filed with Mr. Shelby the materials Mr. Scott was quoting
6:37:19PM from.
6:37:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:37:19PM Any other comments?
6:37:22PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: If it is the pleasure of Council to proceed
6:37:24PM on approval on this application, would need to go back to
6:37:27PM first reading, adding the condition as presented by
6:37:30PM Mr. Grandoff.
6:37:32PM On the handout that he provided to you, to be included on
6:37:35PM the site plan in between first and second reading.
6:37:38PM Thank you.
6:37:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
6:37:41PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
6:37:42PM Ms. Feeley, and this is kind of dovetailing I think to what
6:37:47PM Councilman Suarez asked earlier about the enforcement of the
6:37:50PM revised language.
6:37:51PM If we can't enforce something, or you know, it's unlikely
6:37:58PM that code enforcement is going to go in and inspect what
6:38:00PM types of goods are being sold inside, why include it?
6:38:05PM I mean, I mean, could we still do second reading and, with
6:38:12PM the language as proposed the first time?
6:38:17PM >>JULIA MANDELL: Julia Mandell, legal department.

6:38:19PM I have told you in many occasions that when you have
6:38:22PM conditions that specify uses that are not specifically
6:38:25PM defined in our code, you legally have the right to do that
6:38:29PM and in this instance, it went a little further and added
6:38:32PM some dictionary definitions to tie it to.
6:38:34PM What I'm specifically seeking, that is the lingerie shop.
6:38:37PM I think the rest of the provisions are pretty self-evident.
6:38:40PM It does create an enforcement problem and maybe difficult to
6:38:43PM enforce.
6:38:44PM But doesn't make the condition legally insufficient.
6:38:46PM It just means that if there was an enforcement case going
6:38:49PM forward, there may be subject to some question as to how you
6:38:53PM define what is, for example, lingerie shop and in fact I
6:38:56PM believe I raised that at the last hearing in front of you.
6:38:59PM I did review this language.
6:39:01PM It comes about as close as you can get to having something
6:39:05PM that will give us a greater opportunity to enforce it.
6:39:08PM But I'm always going to tell you whenever you take specific
6:39:11PM terms in a PD or in any other instance and you create
6:39:15PM categories of uses that are not specifically defined in the
6:39:19PM code, it could create a problem down the line for
6:39:21PM enforcement purposes.
6:39:22PM And this is no different.
6:39:24PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess legally enforceable is what I was
6:39:26PM looking at.

6:39:27PM And you know, I don't know how my fellow Councilmembers
6:39:38PM feel, but we have the neighborhood split between, you know,
6:39:42PM opponents and proponents of this project.
6:39:44PM And I would be inclined to support it with the language as
6:39:48PM is without any alterations to the code, because as the first
6:39:56PM speaker in opposition said, it is not about the lingerie.
6:39:59PM So, you know, whether or not that's an allowable use, the
6:40:05PM opponents don't want retail period.
6:40:07PM So, rather than putting the city in a position that we have
6:40:13PM language that may be difficult to enforce on our already
6:40:19PM taxed code enforcement division, I would support approval
6:40:23PM with the language as is second reading and move forward.
6:40:29PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I do have a certified site plan that was
6:40:33PM what we brought before you back on June 16th.
6:40:35PM And if that would be the pleasure of Council.
6:40:39PM Just to add what Julia said, you know, I deal with this on a
6:40:43PM daily basis from everything as big as developments as Met
6:40:47PM West and the Avion park that are site plan controlled that
6:40:50PM have a list of uses that have a new tenant and call me and
6:40:54PM say hey, can we put a gym in here?
6:40:56PM Can we put, you know, Met West wanted to put personal
6:41:00PM training, the new barre method that went in there.
6:41:03PM And we have come back to you and rezoned those large scale
6:41:06PM projects to add uses that weren't there.
6:41:07PM So this is a very typical occurrence in a PD as far as

6:41:11PM looking at uses, centering them down to specific uses and
6:41:14PM then potentially in the future, having an issue where you do
6:41:18PM have to rezone it to add another use.
6:41:20PM The other things, since we didn't do full presentation on
6:41:23PM this, I would like to remind Council, there are hours of
6:41:26PM operation on here.
6:41:27PM 9:00 to 6:00, for other things that was put on, and
6:41:31PM certified as quell.
6:41:32PM So I know we didn't go back and go through what is on the
6:41:35PM certified plan before you this evening.
6:41:36PM I can do that if it's your pleasure to move forward on
6:41:39PM second reading tonight, just let me know.
6:41:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just wanted to point out the difference
6:41:46PM between the larger projects like Met West and coming back
6:41:48PM and having to rezone to add uses, they have a bit deeper
6:41:52PM pockets and their return on their investment for rezoning to
6:41:55PM add a use is a little bit different than it would be on a
6:41:57PM project of this size for a small business owner who wants to
6:42:01PM change the use, would have to come back.
6:42:03PM It's a financial hardship on a smaller business.
6:42:07PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I understand.
6:42:07PM But I can tell you, in the last six months you've done
6:42:10PM several of them.
6:42:11PM On Azeele and Platt.
6:42:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: They get written about in the newspaper

6:42:17PM because there was a projects that could have gone forward,
6:42:20PM but the gentleman who was developing the parcel was,
6:42:23PM Westshore parcel and said the way he wanted to go was too
6:42:27PM expensive.
6:42:27PM So they ended up developing a differ plan because it was the
6:42:30PM city's regulation and rezoning process was too expensive to
6:42:34PM go through with their initial plan.
6:42:36PM Thank you.
6:42:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
6:42:38PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
6:42:39PM I would like to respectfully disagree with the direction
6:42:43PM that Councilwoman Montelione is suggesting that we go.
6:42:46PM This is a, you know, a classic case of trying to accommodate
6:42:56PM the transition from commercial to residential.
6:42:58PM And the reason that I voted in support of this project on
6:43:01PM the first reading was because I think that this project
6:43:06PM creates actually a very nice buffer between the neighborhood
6:43:09PM and Dale Mabry.
6:43:10PM But I think what the applicant has attempted to do here is
6:43:14PM try to assuage some of the neighborhood's concerns about
6:43:17PM restricting the types of goods that are going to be sold in
6:43:21PM the store.
6:43:23PM And quite honestly, I think that's a nice compromise and I
6:43:27PM don't think we should throw that away to go back to second
6:43:29PM reading.

6:43:30PM So I would be in favor of a first reading consideration of
6:43:32PM this, with the conditions with the caveat of course that we
6:43:38PM will review it again on second reading and have the site
6:43:40PM plan in front of us to have a more specific look at the
6:43:44PM questions that Councilwoman Capin raised in the last
6:43:46PM hearing.
6:43:48PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
6:43:50PM All right.
6:43:52PM Any further discussion?
6:43:56PM Hearing is closed, right?
6:43:58PM >> Move to close.
6:43:59PM >> Second.
6:43:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.
6:44:01PM Second by Ms. Montelione.
6:44:02PM Further discussions by Councilmembers?
6:44:04PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
6:44:06PM The ayes have it unanimously the what's the pleasure of
6:44:08PM Council?
6:44:13PM Ms. Montelione?
6:44:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: You know, I'm not sure where the rest of
6:44:17PM the members sit.
6:44:18PM But I'm going to take a stab and move to approve on second
6:44:21PM reading for consideration.
6:44:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second reading or first reading?
6:44:27PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Second.

6:44:28PM They said, she said she's ready if we, if we wanted to move
6:44:34PM that for second reading, we could move it for second
6:44:37PM reading.
6:44:37PM If there's no support for that, then somebody else can make
6:44:41PM a motion, or I can revise my motion.
6:44:44PM Let's take a vote and see where we land.
6:44:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have so many differences of opinion.
6:44:48PM First, I hear first reading only.
6:44:50PM Same person said first reading.
6:44:52PM I'm advised first reading and then I'm hearing second
6:44:56PM reading.
6:44:56PM Maybe we should have a third reading.
6:44:58PM [ Laughter ]
6:44:59PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I do have a certified site plan.
6:45:02PM It does not have that condition on it.
6:45:06PM So if it's your pleasure to move forward by adding that
6:45:08PM condition, we do need to go back to first reading.
6:45:11PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But if we don't add the condition, it, we
6:45:14PM can vote on second reading.
6:45:16PM >> Yes.
6:45:17PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's make your motion.
6:45:18PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just did.
6:45:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do I hear a second to that motion?
6:45:21PM Motion dies for lack of a second.
6:45:23PM Mr. Cohen?

6:45:24PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, thank you.
6:45:25PM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading and
6:45:27PM adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
6:45:30PM vicinity of 3802 West Santiago Street in the City of Tampa,
6:45:34PM Florida and more particularly described in section 1, from
6:45:37PM zoning district classifications RS-60 residential
6:45:40PM single-family to PD planned development retail sales,
6:45:44PM specialty goods and office, business professional, including
6:45:47PM the language and revisions proposed by the applicant during
6:45:51PM this hearing, to be provided on second reading.
6:45:56PM >> Second.
6:45:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a
6:45:58PM second bring Reddick.
6:45:59PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
6:46:00PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
6:46:03PM Opposed nay?
6:46:04PM Clicker clerk may avenue voice roll call?
6:46:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Voice.
6:46:12PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No.
6:46:15PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
6:46:17PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
6:46:22PM >>MARY MULHERN: No.
6:46:24PM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

6:46:27PM >>THE CLERK: Motion failed with Suarez, Miranda, Mulhern and
6:46:32PM Montelione voting no.
6:46:37PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:46:38PM Counselor?
6:46:40PM >> The motion to pass did not -- motion to move forward did
6:46:45PM not pass.
6:46:46PM Therefore --
6:46:48PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a motion to deny.
6:46:50PM >> And with a legal basis for so stating.
6:46:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
6:47:00PM >>MARY MULHERN: I move to deny the application for rezoning,
6:47:08PM based on the fact that the, it's inconsistent with the
6:47:16PM residential neighborhood.
6:47:22PM It is requiring creating a burden on the neighborhood with
6:47:26PM the required local access to a residential street.
6:47:34PM Also, the reduction of the buffer and the infringement of
6:47:39PM parking on the residents, and I'm going to cite section
6:47:45PM 27-139.
6:47:47PM The applicant is the responsibility of the applicant to
6:47:51PM present evidence in the form of testimony, exhibits,
6:47:54PM documents, models, plans and the like to support the
6:47:56PM application for approval of a site plan rezoning request.
6:47:59PM It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to present
6:48:01PM any additional information needed to support a request for a
6:48:06PM waiver pursuant to this section.

6:48:08PM The following are the criteria for the waiver.
6:48:11PM That the, that it will not, 27-139.2, the waiver, if
6:48:21PM allowed, will not substantially interfere with or injury the
6:48:25PM rights of others whose property would be affected by
6:48:27PM allowing said waiver.
6:48:28PM We heard testimony from many of the neighbors on this street
6:48:32PM and on the adjacent street to the effect that they did not
6:48:38PM want this to, and felt it would interfere with their living
6:48:45PM situation.
6:48:45PM That it's in harmony and serves the general intent.
6:48:50PM Purpose of the chapter, this is point three and other
6:48:52PM chapters of land development.
6:48:54PM I don't believe it is in harmony with residential 60 zoning
6:48:59PM designation, where all the other houses on the street are
6:49:02PM residential.
6:49:03PM By the way, this is one of the best school districts,
6:49:08PM probably the best school district in Tampa, and it is,
6:49:13PM there's no reason why we can't have more residential on that
6:49:16PM residential lot.
6:49:18PM That it will allow for substantial justice being done,
6:49:25PM considering both public benefit intended.
6:49:28PM I don't see that there really is a public benefit.
6:49:30PM The only benefit we are hearing about is it would be a
6:49:33PM transition or a buffer between Dale Mabry and the
6:49:36PM residential neighborhood.

6:49:37PM Well, actually having it the residential is better than
6:49:42PM having a buffer that transitions into a different use.
6:49:46PM I'd also like to cite the fact that we did hear from our
6:49:51PM legal department that the applicant's commitment to limit
6:49:58PM the types of uses was something that was problematic as far
6:50:02PM as being enforceable.
6:50:05PM >> Second.
6:50:07PM >>MARY MULHERN: And I also would like to cite section
6:50:10PM 27-136.7.
6:50:16PM That it does not promote a more desirable living and working
6:50:19PM environment than would be possible through the strict
6:50:22PM application of minimum requirements of other zoning
6:50:24PM districts.
6:50:25PM So basically, if you had a strict requirement of this zoning
6:50:29PM district, you would have a house there instead of a retail
6:50:34PM commercial establishment on a residential lot.
6:50:38PM In a residential district.
6:50:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:50:42PM I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by Mr. Suarez.
6:50:46PM Voice vote.
6:50:50PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.
6:50:53PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.
6:50:55PM >>FRANK REDDICK: No.
6:50:58PM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

6:51:00PM >>HARRY COHEN: No.
6:51:03PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That failed.
6:51:05PM >>THE CLERK: Motion failed with Capin, Reddick, Cohen and
6:51:09PM Montelione voting no.
6:51:11PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: All right.
6:51:12PM Let me try this again.
6:51:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you thought you weren't watching TV.
6:51:15PM [ Laughter ]
6:51:16PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
6:51:19PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, I am going to obviously compromise
6:51:24PM and change my position, so I will move that we accept first
6:51:29PM reading, move an ordinance on first reading consideration --
6:51:34PM can I have the?
6:51:35PM Thank you.
6:51:40PM Move for an ordinance rezoning property in the general
6:51:46PM vicinity of 3802 West Santiago Street in the City of Tampa,
6:51:49PM Florida, more particularly described in section 1, from
6:51:51PM zoning district classifications RS-60 residential
6:51:53PM single-family to PD planned development, retail sales,
6:51:57PM specialty goods and office, business professional, providing
6:51:59PM an effective date, including the language to revise the
6:52:04PM definition and, of specialty retail on the site plan between
6:52:11PM first and second reading.
6:52:12PM >> Second.

6:52:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione.
6:52:16PM I have a second by Mr. Reddick.
6:52:17PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
6:52:19PM Vote again.
6:52:23PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No -- make sure I get this right.
6:52:26PM It's no in favor.
6:52:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
6:52:32PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
6:52:35PM >>MARY MULHERN: No.
6:52:37PM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.
6:52:39PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Suarez, Miranda and Mulhern
6:52:43PM voting no.
6:52:44PM Second reading and adoption will be on August 22nd at
6:52:47PM 9:30 a.m.
6:52:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
6:52:49PM Thank you all for all sides.
6:52:52PM Thank you very much.
6:52:53PM Item number four.
6:52:54PM >> Thank you for your time this evening.
6:53:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir, Mr. Territo?
6:53:18PM >>SAL TERRITO: .
6:53:19PM Good evening, Sal Territo, legal department.
6:53:28PM I just wanted to address your next items, four and five.

6:53:33PM Several issues have been raised.
6:53:35PM Wanted to see if I could give some clarifications.
6:53:38PM There were three that don't have a lot to do with what
6:53:42PM you're doing, since this is rezoning and vacation night.
6:53:45PM Three questions was raised, dealing with Community
6:53:47PM Redevelopment Agency, which has nothing to doing with
6:53:50PM tonight.
6:53:51PM Community Redevelopment Agency plan that was approved for
6:53:53PM doubts is not something that, not before you tonight.
6:53:57PM So I don't think you should be addressing that.
6:53:59PM That was raised earlier the CRA plan that was done for
6:54:02PM downtown had two things in mind when it was done.
6:54:04PM It was done to show there was the redevelopment needed
6:54:07PM downtown and there also done to raise tax increment
6:54:09PM financing money.
6:54:10PM It has nothing to do with what the city is using its money
6:54:14PM for and the development the city desires to do downtown.
6:54:17PM Two separate issues.
6:54:18PM So that's not an tissue that should be coming before you
6:54:20PM tonight.
6:54:20PM There was a question raised about the, the RFP that came out
6:54:27PM as well.
6:54:27PM The RFP is over.
6:54:28PM It is done.
6:54:29PM It is not before you tonight.

6:54:30PM And the third item that came up before you was the sales
6:54:33PM contract.
6:54:33PM That has gone through as well.
6:54:35PM Those issues may come up.
6:54:36PM But they really have nothing to do with what you're doing
6:54:39PM tonight.
6:54:39PM Just wanted to bring that to you to know those are not
6:54:42PM issues you should be dealing with tonight.
6:54:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Territo.
6:54:45PM You sure you said what you said, you meant it?
6:54:48PM We change so often here.
6:54:51PM >>SAL TERRITO: Yes, I understand.
6:54:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
6:54:52PM Item number four.
6:54:54PM Continued public hearing from may the 9th.
6:55:00PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Good evening, Abbye Feeley, Land Development
6:55:03PM Coordination.
6:55:04PM On May the 9th, you did hear the vacating related to this
6:55:07PM rezoning request.
6:55:08PM Tonight, what we'd like to do, we would like to go ahead and
6:55:12PM open the vacating and the rezoning and then also Ms. Mandell
6:55:17PM will be speaking to you about the roadway construction and
6:55:20PM improvement agreement, which would be coming before you on
6:55:22PM second reading, but we do want to talk about that tonight as
6:55:25PM well.

6:55:25PM So if we can give you a recap of the vacating, go ahead and
6:55:29PM present the rezoning.
6:55:31PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's fine.
6:55:32PM But we will vote on them separately.
6:55:34PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Absolutely.
6:55:35PM Thank you.
6:55:37PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
6:55:40PM >>MARY MULHERN: Abbye, remind me, so what happened was we
6:55:44PM continued the vacation?
6:55:49PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: We never opened the rezoning that night.
6:55:53PM We'd like to talk about everything as a whole and then you
6:55:55PM will look at each item independently and then like I said,
6:55:58PM the agreement will come back on second reading.
6:56:00PM That won't be heard tonight.
6:56:02PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
6:56:08PM >> James Cook, land development coordination.
6:56:12PM I have been sworn.
6:56:12PM At the last hearing I gave a full report on the vacating.
6:56:15PM I showed you roughly 40 to 50 pictures.
6:56:18PM Not sure if Council wants to go through, since Abbye is
6:56:21PM going to show a lot of those.
6:56:23PM I'll give you a brief overview.
6:56:25PM Vacating the Cass, highlighted in yellow.
6:56:29PM Approximately half acre in size.
6:56:30PM It is improved.

6:56:32PM City owns everything highlighted in red.
6:56:34PM So Hillsborough river to the west.
6:56:38PM Fortune to the north.
6:56:39PM Cass to the south.
6:56:40PM And MacInnes to the east.
6:56:47PM This is approximately the area we're vacating.
6:56:49PM This is Cass, south of the photo.
6:56:52PM This is the loop that goes around the library parcel, which
6:56:55PM this piece, this is Tyler on the north.
6:56:58PM Straz Center.
6:56:59PM So basically the vacating area, something like this, goes
6:57:02PM across.
6:57:03PM And then hits the back of the sidewalk.
6:57:05PM About a half acre in size.
6:57:08PM How is this tied to the rezoning, which is item number five?
6:57:16PM That's the area we're proposed to vacate.
6:57:18PM You take that fees.
6:57:23PM You include approximately a little over quarter of an acre
6:57:27PM of what's currently in the Straz lease.
6:57:29PM Take this little piece, which is also city owned, which is
6:57:35PM west of the library site.
6:57:37PM That's a little over, little less than a quarter of an acre.
6:57:41PM You combine all that and you get the one acre parcel, which
6:57:46PM is right here, which is subject of the rezoning tonight.
6:57:49PM Staff has no objections this vacation request.

6:57:53PM Unless you have any questions.
6:57:55PM That concludes the vacating overview.
6:58:05PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Upon approval of the vacating request,
6:58:12PM what's before you tonight would be a rezoning request from
6:58:14PM central business district one to central business district
6:58:17PM two to allow for a height increase on the property.
6:58:20PM As you know, central business district both one and two of a
6:58:24PM height limitation of 120 feet.
6:58:26PM What's before you tonight would be a 235 by 188-foot lot.
6:58:31PM The proposal is for 400 feet in height.
6:58:34PM That would be 36 floors above nine floors of parking for a
6:58:39PM 45 floor total building.
6:58:41PM I will go ahead and let David Hay present from the Planning
6:58:44PM Commission.
6:58:45PM And then I'll come up and give you the rest of my
6:58:47PM presentation.
6:58:48PM Thank you.
6:58:50PM >> Good evening, Councilmembers, David Hay with your
6:58:56PM Planning Commission staff.
6:58:57PM I have been sworn.
6:58:58PM Well, we start -- we start down in the central Tampa
6:59:04PM planning district.
6:59:05PM The site is located within the downtown business center, as
6:59:10PM identified also on this map.
6:59:11PM It's the historic heart of our city.

6:59:13PM Downtown Tampa is the most intense planned area within the
6:59:17PM City of Tampa.
6:59:18PM And also along the west coast of Florida.
6:59:20PM Next we have the aerial.
6:59:25PM We're all pretty familiar with the site.
6:59:27PM The subject site is in the center of the map.
6:59:29PM The boundaries on this map are reflective of the current lot
6:59:35PM configuration.
6:59:36PM They've already discussed how they're putting the one acre
6:59:41PM piece together.
6:59:42PM It is behind the John F. Germany main library and you can
6:59:46PM see the Cass Street bridge to the west and the performing
6:59:51PM arts center to the north and Curtis Hixon to the south.
6:59:56PM Finally we have the future land use map.
6:59:58PM The subject site, which includes portions of the roadways,
7:00:01PM which are proposed to be vacated and surrounding all have a
7:00:04PM future land use designation of central business district,
7:00:08PM most intensive land use category in all the Tampa Bay
7:00:10PM region.
7:00:11PM We can see the Hillsborough river to the west and the
7:00:13PM University of Tampa represented by the blue color,
7:00:16PM signifying the public, semi public land use category.
7:00:20PM Councilmembers, chapter 2 of your comprehensive plan has a
7:00:24PM very large section on our downtown.
7:00:27PM It's part of our growth management strategy to get the city

7:00:30PM transit ready.
7:00:33PM Its strategy three, cowling calling for a vibrant downtown.
7:00:37PM That vibrant downtown, out of the comprehensive plan, it
7:00:41PM basically discusses that it's the one place within the City
7:00:44PM of Tampa where residents and visitors can find shopping,
7:00:49PM services, professional offices, hotels, churches, housing,
7:00:52PM entertainment, historic sites, murals, dining, government
7:00:57PM offices, sports all within walking distance of each other.
7:01:01PM It's a very important strategy within the comprehensive plan
7:01:04PM to have a vibrant downtown.
7:01:07PM And it does call for it to be a highly active and integrated
7:01:14PM urban core with a mixture of uses throughout that core.
7:01:16PM Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning does
7:01:21PM allow for additional housing choices within the downtown
7:01:24PM area, which is encouraged within the comprehensive plan.
7:01:27PM The rezoning also provides potential for additional activity
7:01:30PM within proximity to Curtis Hixon Park and the Riverwalk, two
7:01:35PM significant capital investments within our downtown area.
7:01:37PM And based on all that and the goals, objectives and policies
7:01:41PM of the comprehensive plan dealing with development within
7:01:44PM the central core and our business districts, Planning
7:01:47PM Commission staff finds the rezoning request consistent with
7:01:50PM the Tampa comprehensive plan.
7:01:51PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: As I mentioned to you, the request before
7:02:04PM you tonight, CBD-1 to CBD-2 for residential multi-family

7:02:08PM retail sales and all CBD uses.
7:02:12PM There are four waivers being requested.
7:02:13PM The first is reduce the number of loading berths from five
7:02:16PM to one.
7:02:17PM The second is to allow for the size of that one loading
7:02:21PM berth to be 12-foot by 30-foot the third is to allow for
7:02:25PM maneuverings in the right of way and the last is to remove
7:02:28PM the trees to increase the percentage of tree removal from
7:02:31PM 50% to a hundred percent.
7:02:33PM The request before you tonight from 120 to 400 feet for a
7:02:40PM total of 380 dwelling units.
7:02:42PM And 10,000 square feet of retail development.
7:02:44PM Outside of the waivers that I just presented to you, and the
7:02:52PM height increase, all other central business district
7:02:54PM regulations would need to be met concerning this project.
7:02:57PM Which includes 30, 60, 90% development review by the urban
7:03:03PM design coordinator.
7:03:04PM Go ahead and show you the zoning atlas.
7:03:12PM The site is shown here in green, Cass to the south.
7:03:16PM MacInnes up to the northeast and then Tyler, which runs
7:03:24PM across to the north.
7:03:26PM And there would be reconfiguration of Tyler and Cass as part
7:03:31PM of this project.
7:03:32PM Central business district two picks up just on the south
7:03:37PM side of Cass.

7:03:39PM Which includes the arts district area.
7:03:43PM And also several pieces, SkyPoint Element, all those are
7:03:49PM central business district two as they did get that height
7:03:52PM variance as well.
7:03:53PM I think many of us are familiar with this area.
7:04:00PM Given the attention and creation of this lot.
7:04:05PM And just traveling in the downtown on a regular basis.
7:04:08PM This is a shot from Cass, looking back east toward the site.
7:04:14PM Another shot.
7:04:16PM This is really just some pictures from the apex.
7:04:21PM This is from the south side of Cass looking back north
7:04:24PM toward the Straz center.
7:04:26PM This is from the Straz property, looking back toward the
7:04:30PM site, including a portion of what would be included in the
7:04:33PM site.
7:04:34PM So this would be more of the northwest corner of the site.
7:04:42PM Two would be inclusive, as Jimmy showed you, this is kind of
7:04:45PM that concave area adjacent to the library.
7:04:48PM That would be included.
7:04:50PM Another shot.
7:04:52PM This is Cass looking back west.
7:04:57PM Some of these are repetitive.
7:05:00PM Current sky bridge that links the library to the Straz
7:05:03PM Center.
7:05:04PM Shot from the Cass Street bridge looking back to the Poe

7:05:19PM garage.
7:05:19PM The south side.
7:05:20PM South view, back into the entry plaza that also would be a
7:05:25PM portion of the site.
7:05:26PM Back along Tyler.
7:05:29PM There was some questions last time about where the line
7:05:34PM comes in to include this portion of the property.
7:05:43PM So I wanted to be sure to show that site.
7:05:45PM I had a lot on this slide.
7:05:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin wants the floor.
7:05:55PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: You said there was a question last time.
7:05:57PM There was no last time.
7:06:00PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: As part of the vacating last time, it came
7:06:02PM up to where exactly in relationship to the existing
7:06:04PM structure does the property line cross?
7:06:08PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for clarifying that.
7:06:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
7:06:12PM >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Feeley, where is that?
7:06:16PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: It would be right on that piece right there.
7:06:21PM Along that drive line.
7:06:25PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
7:06:26PM So that's the, we're looking at the garage -- wait, we're
7:06:31PM looking at the library?
7:06:33PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: He yes, the library.
7:06:35PM >>MARY MULHERN: So it cuts into the actual, the entrance to

7:06:38PM the library?
7:06:41PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: No.
7:06:41PM >>MARY MULHERN: From the walkway.
7:06:43PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Just to the east side.
7:06:45PM >>MARY MULHERN: So there's literally how many feet between
7:06:48PM that, that existing library building and?
7:06:55PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: This is where the access roadway is going to
7:06:57PM go.
7:06:58PM That's shown on the site plan before you.
7:07:03PM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
7:07:04PM So you're talking about only a few feet between the library
7:07:09PM and the road?
7:07:11PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's 50 feet.
7:07:13PM The new roadway would be 50 feet.
7:07:16PM Talking about this space in here.
7:07:18PM See where the bold out is?
7:07:25PM >>MARY MULHERN: 50 feet is the width of the road is what
7:07:28PM you're saying.
7:07:28PM >> Yes.
7:07:29PM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
7:07:29PM But the, so the road is abutting, going to abut right up to
7:07:34PM the edge of the library?
7:07:37PM Can you put that?
7:07:40PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: That 50 feet -- I can't turn it, to line it
7:07:44PM up with the site plan.

7:07:46PM >>MARY MULHERN: Just leave the photograph up.
7:07:47PM That's more helpful to look at the reality of the space.
7:07:52PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: On your site plan --
7:07:54PM >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that I want to talk about the
7:07:57PM photograph.
7:07:57PM Not the site plan.
7:08:00PM I want to look at, from the perspective we're looking at,
7:08:03PM looking south, if that's what we're looking.
7:08:06PM So, the road -- the yellow posts, is that like the curb,
7:08:14PM where the curb will be for the road?
7:08:19PM Or will it be even closer to the building?
7:08:22PM The curb?
7:08:23PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I am not sure of that.
7:08:25PM Once the reconfiguration happens, it will be 50 feet.
7:08:34PM >> The 50-foot width will be the total width of the
7:08:38PM right-of-way.
7:08:39PM Doesn't mean that would be totally included by pavement.
7:08:41PM There might be landscaping in there just like your normal
7:08:44PM right-of-way now.
7:08:45PM Typical right-of-way, pavement is not 50 feet.
7:08:48PM >>MARY MULHERN: I guess, we'll see from the party what's
7:08:52PM going there.
7:08:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
7:08:59PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: As a comparison, could you tell me what
7:09:02PM the width is of Datsun street?

7:09:11PM >> 80-foot of right-of-way.
7:09:15PM But that is not full pavement of the lanes.
7:09:17PM That includes the sidewalks and other things during the
7:09:20PM right-of-way.
7:09:21PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And this will be 50.
7:09:22PM So there's a 30-foot difference.
7:09:25PM >> Yes.
7:09:25PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm just trying to get visuals.
7:09:39PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.
7:09:40PM There are no modifications required for the site plan
7:09:43PM between first and second reading, which is a typical
7:09:45PM requirement of staff as we things change, as I mentioned,
7:09:50PM everything would comply with CBD land development
7:09:52PM regulations.
7:09:53PM I do have a notation that was drafted in relationship to the
7:09:59PM agreement that will be traveling with the project.
7:10:01PM And that notation would be added in between first and second
7:10:04PM reading.
7:10:05PM And do I have copies of that notation for you.
7:10:09PM Also to provide to you, I received in my offices yesterday a
7:10:13PM brief in support of the Poe garage bridge that was
7:10:16PM submitted.
7:10:17PM I brought copies of that for you as well.
7:10:19PM I don't know if that came to you via your, your own e-mail,
7:10:24PM which I no sometimes people give me copies and you copies as

7:10:28PM well.
7:10:28PM That being said, that's it.
7:10:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
7:10:33PM Petitioner?
7:10:34PM Let me just say this.
7:10:37PM We're going to hear both of them four and five, so after the
7:10:41PM petitioner speaks for up to 15 minutes.
7:10:43PM Then we'll go to audience participation and then this
7:10:46PM audience will vote, first on four and then on five.
7:10:50PM If four passes we'll vote on five.
7:10:52PM If four fails no vote needed on five.
7:10:54PM It died.
7:10:56PM I guess, but we will vote to do it.
7:10:59PM You can speak on either one or both.
7:11:02PM But you have three minutes to speak on bother of them or one
7:11:05PM of them.
7:11:05PM Yes, ma'am?
7:11:07PM >>JULIA MANDELL: As Abbye described, I did want to take a
7:11:09PM moment before we moved into the petitioner's presentation.
7:11:11PM To also describe to you what will be coming to at second
7:11:16PM reading, which is the road rate, construction improvement
7:11:20PM agreement.
7:11:21PM That agreement, which is between the developer and the city,
7:11:26PM reinforces the obligation that is you're going to hear from
7:11:28PM the developer this evening in terms of the obligations to do

7:11:32PM certain improvements, which are inclusive of the new arrival
7:11:37PM plaza to the Straz, in which the developer is undertaking
7:11:41PM that as a responsibility and how that will work in terms of
7:11:44PM the financing that as well as specifically moving forward
7:11:48PM and working with the city on that particular item.
7:11:51PM The other among the issues that will also be dealt with as
7:11:55PM part of that agreement is the issue related to the
7:12:00PM pedestrian, the elevated pedestrian walk.
7:12:04PM The portion of the elevated pedestrian walk, that remains
7:12:07PM completely intact as it does today and that will be
7:12:09PM described within the agreement as well as a reconfiguration
7:12:12PM of a portion of that elevated walkway.
7:12:14PM But the landing of that will be at the same location from
7:12:16PM what I understand as the existing location.
7:12:19PM The developer is going to describe this in more detail.
7:12:21PM I just wanted you to understand that that's parts and parcel
7:12:24PM when you mover forward, as to what's going to be dealt with.
7:12:26PM The only other issue, well, not the only other issue, but
7:12:29PM the other issue you'll hear about tonight that I wanted you
7:12:33PM to have reassurance was being dealt with as part of that
7:12:35PM agreement relates to the timing of development, the timing
7:12:38PM of the roadway improvements.
7:12:39PM And I have been working with the Straz folks to determine
7:12:42PM the best way to describe how that timing should begin and
7:12:45PM how that timing should be dealt with and that will be coming

7:12:48PM forward as part of that agreement as parts of your second
7:12:51PM reading.
7:12:52PM I'm available for any questions on that issue.
7:12:54PM But I would encourage you to listen to the developer
7:12:56PM describe the project.
7:12:57PM But I wanted you to know up front how that would be handled.
7:13:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
7:13:05PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was mentioned earlier when he spoke on
7:13:11PM three questions that were asked and said that we have a
7:13:14PM contract.
7:13:14PM We have a conditional -- we have a contract with conditions.
7:13:19PM It's a conditional contract.
7:13:22PM Correct?
7:13:24PM There's contingencies on that contract.
7:13:28PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I'm not sure what you mean by
7:13:30PM contingencies.
7:13:31PM This roadway construction and improvement agreement is
7:13:36PM intended to set forth how the parties will get the work done
7:13:39PM that's being described to you today.
7:13:42PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm going to go back to, according to Bob
7:13:45PM McDonaugh, maybe he's wrong, looking at one of the land
7:13:50PM uses attorneys, I was looking -- okay.
7:13:56PM And the agreement says, this agreement shall be subject to
7:14:00PM the grant of the city Council of the seller of the petition
7:14:04PM to vacate a right-of-ways.

7:14:07PM That's a condition.
7:14:09PM >>JULIA MANDELL: Oh, you're speaking of the sales contract.
7:14:11PM That's already been approved by City Council and yes, the
7:14:13PM sales contract is contingent on certain things current, such
7:14:16PM as this vacation of the right-of-way and the rezoning of the
7:14:22PM property.
7:14:22PM What I'm speaking of is just --
7:14:24PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know what you're speaking of.
7:14:26PM But since you're our legal, and he's not here, that the way,
7:14:30PM I wanted it to be clear to the public that the contract is
7:14:35PM conditional and there's --
7:14:44PM >>JULIA MANDELL: The real estate contract does have
7:14:45PM contingencies built into it.
7:14:48PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The City Council agreed back in January to a
7:14:53PM contract with contingencies to look at it, that we may sell
7:14:59PM it or we may not.
7:15:01PM That's what City Council, yes.
7:15:04PM >>JULIA MANDELL: Absolutely, I would agree with you on that.
7:15:06PM And taking a step further, whenever you have real estate
7:15:09PM contracts that have an ultimate requirement that there's a
7:15:12PM zoning or a vacation, they always end up being contingent.
7:15:16PM If not, we do have other legal issues that could arise.
7:15:20PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
7:15:23PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione?
7:15:27PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm dovetailing a lot tonight.

7:15:29PM So dovetailing on Councilwoman Capin's comments, the
7:15:33PM revision sheet that we were just handed also points out that
7:15:38PM there is something called the residence at Riverwalk roadway
7:15:43PM construction and improvement agreements.
7:15:45PM And that agreement also may be amended in, I guess
7:15:51PM reflecting whatever changes we require as Council tonight or
7:15:55PM whatever changes develop as necessary when the building is
7:16:00PM actually being laid out and the construction plans
7:16:04PM submitted?
7:16:07PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I requested that condition because there
7:16:09PM was a note on the plan that talked the roadway improvements
7:16:13PM being resolved in a different manner.
7:16:15PM And since we were working on this agreement, I wanted the
7:16:17PM zoning to reflect that there was an agreement coming forward
7:16:20PM and the reason I included that as amended language was
7:16:23PM because if there's an amendment to that roadway construction
7:16:26PM agreement, I didn't want to also have to come back -- that
7:16:29PM didn't require any other amendment to the site plan, I
7:16:32PM wanted to be able to amend that without having to go through
7:16:36PM and also amend the zoning.
7:16:39PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But the roadway and construction
7:16:41PM improvement agreement has not yet come to Council.
7:16:44PM >>JULIA MANDELL: It will come to you at second reading.
7:16:46PM So that will be approved at second reading with that
7:16:48PM language, which is ultimately approved at second reading.

7:16:51PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
7:16:52PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, petitioner?
7:16:58PM >> Good evening, Marilyn Healey, Adams and Reis, 101 Kennedy
7:17:03PM Boulevard, Tampa.
7:17:04PM I represent Intown framework group.
7:17:07PM Before I start, I'd like to make a quick correction to any's
7:17:11PM staff report.
7:17:12PM We are not 45 stories.
7:17:13PM We are 36 floors, 28 floors of those are going to be
7:17:17PM residence.
7:17:18PM One floor, the bottom will be commercial retail.
7:17:21PM And seven side stories of parking.
7:17:27PM Over many years, this city --
7:17:32PM >>HARRY COHEN: Just one minute.
7:17:33PM Councilwoman Mulhern?
7:17:34PM >>MARY MULHERN: Can you run that by us again?
7:17:36PM >> 35 stories tall.
7:17:38PM >>MARY MULHERN: 35 stories total?
7:17:40PM >> 36.
7:17:40PM Skulls me.
7:17:42PM >>MARY MULHERN: Including the parking and the retail?
7:17:44PM >> Yes, ma'am.
7:17:44PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, thanks.
7:17:46PM >> Over many years ago, this city has spent significant
7:17:49PM dollar resources and thousands of constituent stakeholders

7:17:54PM have worked to come up with a plan that works to revitalize
7:17:58PM our downtown.
7:17:59PM We have a lot of things that are starting to come to Tampa.
7:18:03PM And these folks as recently as the InVision plan, over 1800
7:18:09PM people, public, private, residence, homeowners associations,
7:18:13PM they all came together and did this plan.
7:18:15PM And the other plans that Keith scrimmager will talk about
7:18:21PM tonight also have the same component.
7:18:23PM The core downtown area should be mixed use and high density
7:18:26PM to attract people to come live, work and play in the City of
7:18:31PM Tampa and have it be a destination.
7:18:35PM Not just a place where you come in, you come out.
7:18:37PM It will be a critical mass if we're able to accomplish this
7:18:42PM project.
7:18:43PM And create a synergy along with the existing museum, the
7:18:48PM Riverwalk and the Straz.
7:18:49PM Our proposal also solves a lot of issues that are happening
7:18:56PM now with traffic.
7:18:56PM There is a dysfunctional grid system that's going to be
7:18:59PM corrected.
7:19:00PM It's going to enhance the pedestrian connectivity and will
7:19:04PM also be like a really great place to go, so that when you go
7:19:08PM to the Straz, you can go have dinner and you're not trying
7:19:11PM to come all the way from Channelside to do it.
7:19:14PM The library, the museum, the Straz, and a lot of the local

7:19:22PM business and residents are very 67 in support of this
7:19:26PM project.
7:19:27PM I would like to turn in 40 petitions in support.
7:19:32PM For this.
7:19:33PM So, we have got a lot of support for this.
7:19:37PM This has not been easy.
7:19:39PM This hasn't happened overnight.
7:19:40PM We have spent over a year talking to folks, to try to come
7:19:45PM up with a good public and private partnership to make this
7:19:49PM the best development we can.
7:19:51PM And hopefully, if we are approved by City Council, we're
7:19:54PM going to continue that dialogue.
7:19:56PM Not just to get the project approved.
7:19:59PM But to make it a beautiful centerpiece for the City of
7:20:02PM Tampa.
7:20:02PM And I'd like to show you what that is going to look like.
7:20:08PM I'd like to introduce Eric Kreher, who is going to give you
7:20:12PM a visual of what we're doing here.
7:20:15PM And the rest of our team will come up accordingly.
7:20:18PM Thank you.
7:20:19PM >> Hello, my name is Eric Kreher.
7:20:24PM I live at 3117 Fairoaks Avenue.
7:20:25PM I'm the architect and I'm going to do a little bit of a
7:20:29PM walk-through of the project.
7:20:48PM I can see it on this screen.

7:20:50PM There it is.
7:20:51PM Okay, this is a model of downtown Tampa, with the project.
7:21:00PM >> Clerk, we don't have it on our screens.
7:21:04PM >> There we go.
7:21:07PM We have got it.
7:21:08PM We need to be able to see it.
7:21:10PM >> I think Charlie went back and fixed it.
7:21:14PM It's a little blurry.
7:21:16PM I apologize for that.
7:21:17PM It looks great on my screen.
7:21:19PM This is a model of downtown Tampa showing the river in the
7:21:24PM fronts.
7:21:24PM The Straz Center on the left.
7:21:26PM You can see the tower in the center.
7:21:27PM And the Sykes building to the right.
7:21:30PM You can also see Element and SkyPoint behind it.
7:21:33PM So I'm going to walk you around this building.
7:21:36PM And I know that this project is hard to understand.
7:21:39PM When I first got a hold of it, I had difficulty understand
7:21:43PM it because the way Tyler and Cass come together and make
7:21:49PM curve.
7:21:50PM One of the things that that does is make the Straz Center on
7:21:53PM an island.
7:21:53PM It makes it almost impossible for a pedestrian to walk from
7:21:58PM Curtis Hixon Park to the Straz Center.

7:22:02PM And way am trying to do with this project is solve those
7:22:05PM problems with site planning.
7:22:06PM So I'm going to zoom down a little bit.
7:22:09PM This is the Riverwalk.
7:22:11PM If you can see my arrow.
7:22:12PM And then this would be the new connection of the Riverwalk
7:22:16PM that is planned.
7:22:18PM And it can go directly to the Straz Center.
7:22:21PM Now we're down at street level, right next to the water.
7:22:24PM You can see the museum to the right.
7:22:26PM And we'll take a little walk down the Riverwalk that is
7:22:32PM planned.
7:22:32PM And you can see the Straz building to the left.
7:22:34PM You can see our tower to the right.
7:22:36PM So when we get up to Tyler -- excuse me, Cass Street, our
7:22:41PM plan is to make Cass Street two way.
7:22:43PM Bring it together so that a pedestrian can actually cross
7:22:46PM it.
7:22:50PM And our project will have retail on the ground floor.
7:22:53PM I think you can see the existing sky bridge that remains.
7:22:58PM Still here.
7:23:00PM And we have opportunity for retail and cafes and a very
7:23:05PM urban intense environment at street level, which is I think
7:23:12PM what Tampa is trying to promote for downtown Tampa.
7:23:14PM We look a little further to the left, you'll see the

7:23:19PM entrance to the project.
7:23:20PM This is a new road, which is going to be a very slow road
7:23:26PM with -- Keith can talk about how we'll use traffic calming
7:23:32PM ideas to make that a very slow urban environment in front of
7:23:35PM this project.
7:23:36PM I pulled up a little bit.
7:23:39PM You can see a little bit of the auto court to the left and
7:23:42PM two way Cass to the right.
7:23:44PM If I come to the other side, you can see the sky bridge,
7:23:47PM which will remain.
7:23:49PM This is the library.
7:23:50PM I think there is an adequate distance between the parking
7:23:54PM structure and the back of the library.
7:23:57PM Now we have come to the other side where we configure the
7:24:02PM sky bridge and connect it into the same location of Straz
7:24:06PM Center.
7:24:07PM Now when people arrive at the Straz, they're coming on
7:24:12PM Tyler.
7:24:12PM Now, Tyler used to be a one way street that you can race
7:24:17PM over the river with.
7:24:18PM No longer.
7:24:19PM Tyler now is dedicated to the entrance of the arrival plaza
7:24:24PM of the Straz Center.
7:24:26PM When they have Broadway shows and cars back up, they're
7:24:30PM backing up into a street that's dedicated to the Straz and

7:24:34PM not fighting the traffic, two-way traffic across the river.
7:24:38PM So this would be your arrival.
7:24:39PM You go underneath the sky bridge.
7:24:41PM You drive straight up to the arrival plaza, which is now
7:24:44PM approximately twice the size.
7:24:47PM So will be able to handle more cars on show nights.
7:24:53PM If we come to the Straz and look back, you can see the
7:24:59PM museum right here.
7:25:00PM You can see the corner of the tower project.
7:25:03PM You can see this very slow street.
7:25:05PM It's unnamed right now.
7:25:08PM And little bit of retail underneath there.
7:25:10PM If I move to the right, you get a better idea of how the
7:25:14PM arrival plaza looks.
7:25:15PM And if I go a little bit further -- I went too far.
7:25:20PM This was someone standing under the cover.
7:25:26PM You can see the tower to the left.
7:25:27PM You see a little bit of the Sykes building poking up and the
7:25:31PM arrival plaza filled with cars right now.
7:25:33PM Because they're so successful.
7:25:36PM So I'm going to pull back.
7:25:38PM This gives you kind of a view of how this whole area looked.
7:25:43PM Because I believe this is the area that is most important to
7:25:46PM this whole project.
7:25:47PM The arrival plaza, the two way of Cass Street.

7:25:53PM And pull back a little further.
7:25:57PM That's the project.
7:26:15PM >> Good evening, Councilmembers, Susan Finch, 101 east
7:26:19PM Kennedy.
7:26:20PM I have been sworn.
7:26:21PM I'm a land use planner representing the applicant.
7:26:23PM I am certified by the American institute of certified
7:26:26PM planners.
7:26:27PM And I've been practicing almost 24 years.
7:26:29PM As Abbye always does, she did a fine job of explaining the
7:26:33PM actual land use issues associated with this rezoning
7:26:36PM application.
7:26:36PM And I can assure you that the application is consistent with
7:26:41PM the City of Tampa's Chapter 27 zoning regulations and the
7:26:45PM comprehensive plan that is adopted.
7:26:50PM I have two graphics that are not as fancy as the architect's
7:26:55PM graphics, so you'll have to excuse that.
7:26:57PM But a lot has been said about the scale and the setback
7:27:01PM associated with this building.
7:27:02PM So I have two graphics, each of which you have a copy, if
7:27:06PM you want to look at a closeup version.
7:27:08PM But I'll put them on the Elmo too.
7:27:10PM So the project, the Residences at the Riverwalk is in the
7:27:20PM red area.
7:27:20PM Which is right here.

7:27:22PM And this, the purpose of this graphic is to show you the
7:27:26PM setback from the Hillsborough river.
7:27:27PM Our project will be set back approximately 280 feet from the
7:27:34PM river.
7:27:35PM The adjacent Straz Center is a hundred feet from the river.
7:27:39PM South of that, the museum of art is 65 feet from the river.
7:27:44PM And you can go down the Rivergate, the Sykes building,
7:27:47PM that's only 50 feet from the river.
7:27:49PM So, in and of itself, we are set back much further than any
7:27:54PM of the adjacent uses that are utilizing that space.
7:27:57PM But I think more important to the discussion from a land use
7:28:00PM perspective is the second graphic that you have before you.
7:28:04PM And that speaks to the scale of the project and how it
7:28:10PM integrates and is compatible with the other buildings of
7:28:13PM downtown Tampa.
7:28:14PM You heard Mr. Hay, the Planning Commission, describe that
7:28:17PM your central business district land use category is the most
7:28:21PM intensive comprehensive plan category that you have.
7:28:24PM There is no better place to put a high rise next mixed use
7:28:28PM development than in downtown Tampa.
7:28:29PM Here's the building right here in yellow.
7:28:32PM The Rivergate building, what I refer to as the Sykes
7:28:37PM building.
7:28:38PM 454 feet tall.
7:28:39PM Our maximum height is 400 feet.

7:28:42PM 36 stories, 400 feet.
7:28:44PM So next to us, 454 feet.
7:28:48PM Keep going, there's SkyPoint, 360.
7:28:51PM The park tower, one of the first high rises in downtown
7:28:53PM Tampa, 458 feet.
7:28:56PM The Bank of America building, 577 feet.
7:28:59PM Remember, we're at 400.
7:29:01PM And then finally the Region's Bank Building, 579 feet.
7:29:06PM The purpose of the development is to revitalize downtown
7:29:13PM Tampa.
7:29:13PM To infuse residential in the midst of the cultural arts
7:29:18PM center, so that as Ms. Feeley said, you're able to enjoy all
7:29:22PM those amenities, live there, work there, play there and not
7:29:25PM leave at 5:00.
7:29:26PM Again, I would emphasize the land use compatibility and the
7:29:30PM adherence to your comprehensive plan.
7:29:32PM Thank you.
7:29:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez, stop the clock.
7:29:36PM Mr. Suarez?
7:29:37PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Finch, can I ask a quick question?
7:29:40PM Want kind of footprint are those other buildings in relation
7:29:46PM to the current one that's being proposed?
7:29:47PM >> I can tell you the SkyPoint building, which is also I
7:29:50PM believe similar, ours is a little Terrell, but similar in
7:29:54PM stories, covers the acre of land, a footprint, identical to

7:29:58PM this building.
7:29:59PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And the reason I ask, it looked like a lot of
7:30:02PM them are close to about the same size.
7:30:04PM You know, I don't have the same kind of perspective or
7:30:07PM knowledge you do on this.
7:30:08PM But are buildings this size essentially put on that kind of,
7:30:13PM that kind of parcel that kind of size?
7:30:15PM Usually it's not a large parcel, because you're going up
7:30:20PM already.
7:30:20PM >> Right.
7:30:21PM Exactly.
7:30:21PM In a downtown area, you don't, you wouldn't typically have
7:30:24PM acreage and acres available to you for development that
7:30:26PM would you in a suburban setting.
7:30:28PM So that is the purpose.
7:30:30PM An acre of land and go up to get the density that you need.
7:30:34PM But then you have the amenities of the retail, restaurant a
7:30:37PM the ground level for that pedestrian experience.
7:30:40PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Typically on some of these larger type of
7:30:42PM skyscrapers, whether you're in New York or Chicago or
7:30:45PM anything else if you've got more than an acre, typically
7:30:47PM it's either owned by the same developer and now they're
7:30:50PM developing other parcels, contiguous with that particular
7:30:55PM parcel.
7:30:56PM They either use it for purposes of other types of buildings

7:30:59PM or you know, other types of land use, whether it's a park or
7:31:02PM something like that, correct?
7:31:03PM >> Yes, sir.
7:31:05PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
7:31:06PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern and Ms. Montelione.
7:31:08PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
7:31:08PM As I look at this -- I'm looking at this one.
7:31:14PM The bird's-eye view.
7:31:18PM It looks like there's a lot of empty space.
7:31:24PM And actually I think a lot of your text is covering up some
7:31:27PM of it too.
7:31:28PM I can see a lot of acres and acres of surface parking lots,
7:31:36PM just north and a little bit east.
7:31:39PM I'm not sure, I guess that's the Straz Center just north of
7:31:45PM there.
7:31:45PM But as you move around to the north and to the east, there's
7:31:50PM a lot of surface parking.
7:31:52PM And I'm just wondering this it was ever considered to
7:31:57PM purchase the land, some of the parking, instead of jamming
7:32:05PM it in there.
7:32:06PM In that little space right on the river.
7:32:11PM >> Well, the proposal at hand is this parcel.
7:32:15PM I will tell you that there are a lot of entitled properties.
7:32:18PM Properties that are currently underutilized, either as
7:32:21PM parking or they're sitting vacant, that are not developed

7:32:24PM because of the economy.
7:32:25PM This is the first, I believe that will start the
7:32:27PM revitalization of downtown.
7:32:29PM And give it the surge that it needs to grow into a major
7:32:34PM metropolitan area.
7:32:37PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
7:32:39PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ms. Finch, a lot of talk and a lot of the
7:32:44PM correspondence that we have received talk about the
7:32:46PM distance, and I think Ms. Feeley mentioned it, from the
7:32:52PM river and the setback, how far the building is set back from
7:32:55PM the river.
7:32:56PM And if I recall, we're looking at 250 feet?
7:33:01PM >> 280 feet.
7:33:03PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: 280 feet.
7:33:04PM And do you know -- and you might not, but do you know
7:33:07PM offhand, because the building in the foreground here
7:33:10PM region's bank.
7:33:12PM Do you know how far that is from the river?
7:33:14PM >> Yes, that's 200 feet from the river.
7:33:16PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
7:33:17PM So that's, this is 200 feet.
7:33:21PM And you're going to be at 280.
7:33:22PM >> That's correct.
7:33:23PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
7:33:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?

7:33:26PM Proceed.
7:33:29PM Start the clock.
7:33:31PM >> Thank you.
7:33:32PM Keith Greminger, urban design planner for the community
7:33:38PM horn.
7:33:39PM Address is 655 North Franklin Street.
7:33:42PM I'm going to walk you through a plan view of the site.
7:33:46PM And Eric walked you through the graphic portion of this.
7:33:51PM I'm going to walk you through the 2D.
7:33:56PM We walked you through this last time.
7:33:59PM We'll try to move through it very quickly.
7:34:02PM As you can see, this is the reconfiguration of the street.
7:34:04PM As Eric mentioned, it's much more legible and understanding
7:34:10PM in the sense that you have Tyler that is now a two-way
7:34:14PM street.
7:34:14PM Traveling to the north of the site.
7:34:16PM Cass, a two-way street to the south.
7:34:20PM MacInnes is now proceeding to the south on the east side of
7:34:23PM the property.
7:34:24PM And a new drive on the west side.
7:34:27PM Tying back into it.
7:34:28PM The aspect of this development is the two-way conversion
7:34:34PM really creates a much safer environment.
7:34:36PM We talked to the last time we were here about the pedestrian
7:34:39PM movement.

7:34:39PM There are going to be brought about, identifying where the
7:34:45PM origination at the start and pedestrian movement.
7:34:48PM Creating a much safer environment than currently exists.
7:34:52PM The current Cass Street cross-section is similar to this.
7:34:58PM Four lanes of speeding traffic one way with a sidewalk to
7:35:04PM either side.
7:35:06PM What we will be doing relocating this adding a track on the
7:35:10PM southern side, a turn median in the middle, parallel parking
7:35:17PM to reduce what is currently about a 50-foot right-of-way to
7:35:22PM two 11-foot cross-sections for the pedestrian movement.
7:35:25PM Much, much improved environment for the pedestrian.
7:35:27PM We will also through this plan be creating quite a bit of
7:35:31PM multimodal use, again, from the standpoint of the pedestrian
7:35:36PM and the bicyclist.
7:35:37PM We'll also be adding about 40 street parking spaces along
7:35:48PM through the development.
7:35:49PM This re-griding is actually, makes a much easier movement
7:35:54PM pattern for the city and the inhabitants and pedestrians as
7:35:58PM well as the vehicular movements.
7:36:01PM It's very understandable.
7:36:02PM Goes back to the urban grid.
7:36:04PM And we talked about the ability to the urban grid and the
7:36:08PM question was whether or not we're moving maybe too fast
7:36:11PM through this process.
7:36:12PM Well, this process has been going on for almost 15 years

7:36:15PM now.
7:36:16PM We can go back, and I won't belabor you, but in 2000 we had
7:36:23PM the cultural arts district master plan that was done by
7:36:27PM Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.
7:36:29PM In 2005, or 2004, Harry did a study for the Germany library.
7:36:37PM Gateway district plan.
7:36:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.
7:36:44PM 15 minutes are up.
7:36:46PM >> So several plans that were being done.
7:36:48PM Of course all these push for a comprehensive plan.
7:36:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just one second.
7:36:53PM Mr. Reddick?
7:36:54PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
7:36:55PM On Tyler Street, there is a railroad crossing, railroad
7:37:00PM track there.
7:37:00PM And I haven't noticed anything in all the designs and
7:37:06PM reconfiguration that you're, all your representatives have
7:37:09PM presented to us tonight, you haven't stated anything, what
7:37:11PM impact this railroad track.
7:37:14PM >> On Tyler, it's actually, it's parallel to Cass.
7:37:19PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.
7:37:20PM And Tyler.
7:37:20PM >> Tyler again is on the north side.
7:37:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Regardless where it's located, what impact
7:37:31PM would this reconfiguration have?

7:37:33PM >> Right now, we're not going to impact any of this CSX
7:37:36PM crossing.
7:37:37PM We're going to continue use crossings in existence and move
7:37:40PM forward with our pedestrian movements and vehicular
7:37:42PM movements across those intersections as they exist.
7:37:45PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Have you presented that in writing to CSX?
7:37:48PM >> I don't believe that -- we haven't, we're not impacting
7:37:51PM CSX.
7:37:52PM We haven't dealt with them.
7:37:53PM >>FRANK REDDICK: You all haven't had any discussion with
7:37:55PM them in reference to this proposal?
7:38:00PM >> Currently, we have not.
7:38:01PM >> James Cook, land development coordination.
7:38:05PM The only correspondence we have had with CSX and of course
7:38:07PM we haven't had a reply back from them, was the possibility
7:38:10PM of moving the Riverwalk crossing a little further to the
7:38:13PM west, where it originally was.
7:38:15PM But this project does not affect any of the existing
7:38:18PM crossings.
7:38:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know that's unusual, because they
7:38:20PM respond right away.
7:38:21PM [ Laughter ]
7:38:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: My last question is this then.
7:38:28PM I don't know if you're the person to ask or the other
7:38:31PM representative.

7:38:32PM What other site or sites downtown did the developers look
7:38:40PM at, compared to this particular site?
7:38:44PM >> I can't speak to what other sites they may have looked
7:38:47PM at.
7:38:48PM I know this was an RFP that was offered by the city that
7:38:50PM they responded to.
7:38:52PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Could anybody else speak to that?
7:38:55PM The ladies that spoke or the representative or the architect
7:38:58PM or somebody?
7:39:03PM >> My name is Phillip Smith, 1200 West Cass Street.
7:39:07PM I have been sworn.
7:39:08PM I'm the codeveloper of the property and president of
7:39:11PM Framework Group.
7:39:12PM The property, we have looked at several properties in
7:39:17PM downtown and continue to.
7:39:18PM But this was in specific response to a request for a
7:39:22PM proposal that was put out last summer.
7:39:24PM So the issue at hand, the property we're talking about
7:39:27PM tonight is this one.
7:39:29PM We, again, we have looked at and continue to look at
7:39:31PM actively many different sites.
7:39:33PM And we certainly don't thing this is the only developable
7:39:36PM property or only reasonable place to have residences in
7:39:39PM downtown.
7:39:40PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

7:39:40PM Thank you.
7:39:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
7:39:43PM Capin?
7:39:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, since you brought that up.
7:39:45PM And you responded to the ad that was placed in the Sentinel,
7:39:51PM correct?
7:39:59PM >> I believe I received the RFP through e-mail.
7:40:03PM I think I went directly to the city's web site and got the
7:40:07PM RFP on the web site.
7:40:08PM I didn't respond to anything in the Sentinel.
7:40:11PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The RFP advertised on the web site.
7:40:14PM >> The RFP was made available on the web site.
7:40:17PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that's how you found out about it?
7:40:19PM >> Yes.
7:40:20PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
7:40:21PM Then my question is that -- you were the only developer that
7:40:32PM responded, according to Mr. McDonough, correct?
7:40:38PM So, 99.9% of the developers did not even bother to make an
7:40:49PM inquiry or 99.99% of the developers didn't know of this
7:41:03PM sale?
7:41:05PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mandell?
7:41:07PM >>JULIA MANDELL: As you heard from Mr. Territo at the outset
7:41:10PM of this hearing, discussion as it relates to the RFP and the
7:41:13PM process of bids was not relevant for tonight.
7:41:17PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm not considering it's relevant.

7:41:20PM I think it's for the public to understand how this all came
7:41:23PM about.
7:41:23PM I'm not going to consider it.
7:41:26PM I just, I'm at a point right now that it is a matter of
7:41:31PM knowing, I want to know how, where the appraisal came from.
7:41:35PM I want to know how the appraisal whereas done.
7:41:37PM I'm not going to consider it.
7:41:38PM But I think it's very pertinent that the public know
7:41:41PM exactly, because that information is nowhere.
7:41:44PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I understand what you're saying, Ms. Capin.
7:41:46PM But as you heard from Mr. Territo who represents the CRA and
7:41:49PM was the one who is responsible for the RFP and it's also my
7:41:53PM advice as well, if you want to have those questions
7:41:56PM answered, I would ask that you have them answered outside
7:41:59PM the scope of the rezoning and the vacation public hearing.
7:42:02PM It's really not relevant or appropriate to have that as part
7:42:05PM of this record.
7:42:05PM Not just for you to consider or not to consider, but it is
7:42:09PM part of the overall record once we have this conversation.
7:42:11PM And as Mr. Territo advised on the outset, it's really not
7:42:15PM appropriate for us to have that discussion.
7:42:17PM Certainly outside the scope of this rezoning hearing, it
7:42:20PM would be appropriate.
7:42:21PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
7:42:22PM This administration puts out a PR -- a public relations memo

7:42:36PM for everything that's been done.
7:42:38PM I didn't see a thing -- I learned about this proposal, two
7:42:47PM days before it came to City Council.
7:42:49PM Two days.
7:42:51PM The media covered the courthouse, the media covered the, the
7:43:03PM restaurants for the -- gosh, I've gone blank.
7:43:08PM Waterworks.
7:43:14PM The waterworks.
7:43:15PM Ulele.
7:43:20PM And I'm looking at this, and those questions, here we are
7:43:28PM six months, nine months, transparency, and -- can I ask how
7:43:39PM the appraisal was done?
7:43:41PM >>JULIA MANDELL: Again, Ms. Capin, what is no front of you
7:43:44PM right now is the vacation of the right-of-way and the
7:43:46PM rezoning.
7:43:47PM And I'm being very consistent as I advise you of these
7:43:51PM matters.
7:43:52PM What is in front of you is that question.
7:43:54PM If you have questions outside the scope, as Mr. Territo
7:43:56PM said, that is not appropriate for you to discuss as part of
7:43:59PM this overall record.
7:44:00PM If we want to have conversations about that through some
7:44:02PM other process, if you want to have private conversations
7:44:05PM with myself or with anybody else, I am happy to have those.
7:44:08PM But this is here for the vacation of the right-of-way and

7:44:12PM for the rezoning.
7:44:13PM And that is exactly why Mr. Territo was very clear at the
7:44:17PM beginning of this hearing, to discuss the appraisal, the
7:44:20PM discuss the RFP, to discuss the process that was undergone
7:44:23PM as it relates to the sales contract, I appreciated that you
7:44:28PM asked me some questions on those.
7:44:29PM I went ahead and answered them.
7:44:32PM Factually, but in temperatures of the record and asking this
7:44:34PM petitioner to make that, to respond to those types of
7:44:38PM questions, again, I'm going to caution you, that is not
7:44:41PM appropriate to have as part of this record.
7:44:43PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm not going to ask the petitioner.
7:44:45PM I'm going to ask the city.
7:44:47PM >>JULIA MANDELL: If you would like to ask the city, I would
7:44:49PM ask you to either privately ask the city legal department
7:44:51PM outside the scope of this hearing or alternatively, if you
7:44:54PM would like to have City Council make a motion outside the
7:44:57PM scope of this hearing to have something brought forward to
7:44:59PM City Council, that would be the more appropriate way to
7:45:02PM handle that line of questioning.
7:45:03PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
7:45:04PM Marty?
7:45:14PM >> Yes, councilwoman?
7:45:16PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: There's a lot of information that hasn't
7:45:19PM been brought forward.

7:45:20PM >> If I can remind you, Councilwoman Capin.
7:45:22PM You're here at first reading.
7:45:24PM And it will be coming back for second reading and adoption,
7:45:27PM assuming it does move forward.
7:45:29PM You will have the opportunity to discuss this and I do
7:45:32PM concur with Ms. Mandell, that would be appropriate to either
7:45:37PM do it privately or if Council does by motion put it on a
7:45:42PM future agenda, to have a discussion publicly.
7:45:44PM But I agree that it is for your consideration today two
7:45:49PM items.
7:45:49PM The vacation of the rights of way and the rezoning petition
7:45:53PM that is before you.
7:45:55PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
7:45:55PM I appreciate that.
7:45:56PM So I'd like to move that we have a discussion on the, the
7:46:06PM RFP, the appraisal.
7:46:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.
7:46:12PM And I'm not an attorney.
7:46:14PM But, I've been around a little bit.
7:46:18PM And a couple of times, the city has done things as a Council
7:46:23PM and well intended, and they've taken us to court.
7:46:28PM And it's cost the city a few million dollars.
7:46:31PM And I take legal advice.
7:46:36PM I understand what is being said, but, it's about either a
7:46:43PM closure of a vacation of a portion of right-of-way and a

7:46:49PM rezoning.
7:46:50PM Anything else should be handled on another forum.
7:46:53PM Not tonight.
7:46:57PM >> And Mr. Chairman, I would agree it would be appropriate
7:47:00PM to find that motion to be out of order at this time.
7:47:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In my opinion, it is.
7:47:06PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
7:47:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
7:47:09PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
7:47:10PM I have a question for transportation.
7:47:12PM I was going to ask James because he was talking about this
7:47:23PM before.
7:47:24PM I guess planning.
7:47:28PM You're very well versed.
7:47:30PM Can I ask you, were we -- it's been discussed and been part
7:47:36PM of our plans, I know since the last administration, to two
7:47:41PM way the streets downtown, right?
7:47:44PM >> Ann Callaway, transportation.
7:47:46PM >>MARY MULHERN: Including the streets included in this?
7:47:48PM It's been part of our planning?
7:47:50PM >> Yes, I worked with streets for 12 years and I know, heard
7:47:54PM many times of two waying streets.
7:47:56PM As you know, we have, we have started Cass Street, those
7:48:01PM were all changed to two way streets.
7:48:03PM >>MARY MULHERN: So in order for us to do that say if, to

7:48:06PM make Cass a two way street, and Tyler and have it terminate,
7:48:13PM have Tyler terminate at the Straz Center, do we need to
7:48:16PM build a building and vacate all those rights-of-ways in
7:48:20PM order to do that?
7:48:21PM Wasn't that already part of our city planning to do that?
7:48:26PM Transportation planning?
7:48:27PM >> Well, what I know about two waying Cass Street and Tyler
7:48:30PM Street, years ago we did the parking lot right adjacent to
7:48:34PM Cass and south side of Cass, east side of Ashley, that
7:48:39PM parking lot, those pekoe, years ago, we did actually
7:48:42PM residents there.
7:48:44PM I remember we had traffic analysis to actually two way Cass.
7:48:48PM We made them put that in their analysis.
7:48:50PM That was years ago, at the time we did SkyPoint.
7:48:53PM And the Element.
7:48:54PM So, we have wanted to do those types of things.
7:48:58PM And the issue I believe, we have what they call the apex.
7:49:02PM We call it apex and we have two of them.
7:49:04PM We have right at Cass and, Tyler and Cass and we have
7:49:08PM another one at Orange and Jefferson.
7:49:10PM It's almost the same way, it's just flipped.
7:49:14PM And we find that, putting back a grid system is the best way
7:49:19PM to make that connection better and two way the streets.
7:49:24PM Because that apex is always a issue.
7:49:26PM It's hard to two way a street with the apex there.

7:49:29PM We have to make some type of block.
7:49:31PM >>MARY MULHERN: I guess my question is, would the city be
7:49:34PM able to do that?
7:49:35PM Is there any reason we can't do that without vacating and
7:49:41PM doing an RFP and building a high rise residential tower?
7:49:44PM It's the question -- it's just a budget question, right?
7:49:54PM >> Correct.
7:49:54PM That's a part of it.
7:49:56PM It's a budget question.
7:49:57PM It's also, most of it is right-of-way.
7:50:00PM When you saw Jimmy's picture, because it showed which part
7:50:05PM was public, which was private and which part was
7:50:07PM right-of-way.
7:50:08PM Right-of-way is not city owned.
7:50:11PM We're just the caretaker of the right-of-way.
7:50:13PM City property is exactly what that is, city property owned.
7:50:17PM And then a part of the Straz, that is a little bit of
7:50:21PM private.
7:50:21PM So to make that block, you need all those three pieces.
7:50:25PM To make the buildable, you know, like Sid, the other apex
7:50:29PM would need to do some type of reconfiguration in a block
7:50:35PM manner to make the two-way streets work.
7:50:39PM And taking out that apex.
7:50:41PM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
7:50:41PM But that, that's always been in the planning for the city --

7:50:47PM at least since SkyPoint, at least 10 years or something.
7:50:54PM >> I first started in city 2001.
7:50:56PM I worked here for 12 years.
7:50:58PM So when I started with the city, I heard things about
7:51:00PM two-way streets.
7:51:01PM I've never heard anything specific to exactly that.
7:51:04PM But I can see how that helps to mitigate tissue of that apex
7:51:08PM and that road curving.
7:51:10PM Right now, it's --
7:51:13PM >>MARY MULHERN: You said there was a study of those
7:51:15PM particular streets back when.
7:51:19PM >> I know there were plants I don't know if they were that
7:51:21PM daddy.
7:51:22PM They talked about two waying.
7:51:24PM When we do a traffic analysis, when we have a developer do a
7:51:27PM traffic analysis, we have them take into that account, that
7:51:30PM yes, they're going to two way the streets, so take that into
7:51:32PM account in their analysis.
7:51:34PM So we take that capacity into account.
7:51:36PM So we just -- that's as far as the analysis went.
7:51:40PM I don't believe we had any like plans as far as to this
7:51:42PM point.
7:51:43PM But we did definitely want to change the road configuration.
7:51:46PM At this time.
7:51:48PM Does this, has this petitioner, or has there been an

7:51:52PM independent traffic study done?
7:51:56PM >> The petitioner, as all petitioners, that are required to
7:52:00PM do is traffic study because of their rezoning, are required
7:52:03PM to provide a traffic analysis.
7:52:06PM They hire a consultant, who does a methodology with the
7:52:10PM city.
7:52:10PM We make sure that it is complying with everything that we
7:52:13PM want studied.
7:52:15PM We review that, review the analysis like every rezoning case
7:52:19PM and look at it and determine if it's adequate.
7:52:22PM And then whatever needs to be determined from that do we
7:52:24PM need mitigation, whatever?
7:52:27PM No different.
7:52:28PM This is no different.
7:52:29PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
7:52:29PM Thank you.
7:52:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
7:52:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Don't go away, Melanie.
7:52:35PM I think what maybe, we need to clarify is, when you say
7:52:43PM plan, you're not talking about what we used to call
7:52:49PM blueprints?
7:52:51PM They're not blue any more.
7:52:55PM >> No it wasn't -- when I started with the city, I was just
7:52:58PM a lonely engineer two, they didn't give me all that detail.
7:53:03PM But I know there were study, a study, what I mean -- it was

7:53:09PM the envisioned plan.
7:53:10PM I'm just giving an example, like the envision plan.
7:53:13PM It gives you an overview of things that could occur.
7:53:16PM Or walk bike plan that shows you, oh, you could convert this
7:53:20PM street, put in some bike lanes this is what it might look
7:53:23PM like.
7:53:23PM We don't design the street.
7:53:26PM It wasn't like a plan like that.
7:53:29PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm going to dovetail again.
7:53:31PM Since Ms. Mulhern brought up traffic studies, you were --
7:53:34PM actually Jonathan e-mailed them to me.
7:53:38PM But you and I had a discussion about the traffic studies
7:53:40PM done by Kimley-Horn.
7:53:43PM The first one dated March 2013 and we talked a little bit
7:53:49PM about the trips generated.
7:53:53PM A.m., p.m., peak and future traffic.
7:53:57PM And that's one of the things that I was interested in.
7:54:01PM It was also just for clarification, it was updated
7:54:04PM July 19th, 2013, because as is typical when a developer
7:54:10PM submits -- right?
7:54:12PM You review it or somebody in your division reviews it?
7:54:15PM >> Yes.
7:54:16PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And then you come back with comments and
7:54:17PM questions and then they reply.
7:54:19PM So it's not another full-blown study, it's just a reply to

7:54:23PM your concerns.
7:54:24PM >> Right.
7:54:24PM What happens, usually in analyses, the first one they submit
7:54:27PM isn't all the information that we need.
7:54:29PM It's more than likely in most cases, we require more
7:54:32PM information.
7:54:32PM They give us that information.
7:54:34PM We look at it.
7:54:36PM In this particular instance, there was a, there's a
7:54:39PM narrative and there's printed documents and there's also a
7:54:43PM model, a synchro model that we use to look at the traffic.
7:54:51PM They have in the report, you can see that it does give you
7:54:54PM data.
7:54:55PM But you can also watch a model.
7:54:59PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here's a picture of the model here.
7:55:02PM A shot of the synchro.
7:55:06PM >> Right.
7:55:06PM We can watch it run.
7:55:08PM Just because you need software to look at it.
7:55:11PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
7:55:12PM So one of the things that I, acid before, was interesting
7:55:16PM was in future traffic.
7:55:17PM The concern that I have, and tell me maybe I missed it in
7:55:23PM the update. I think it's here.
7:55:25PM I'm a little rusty at reading traffic studies.

7:55:28PM It's been a while. The future traffic in the first go at
7:55:33PM this, the March study said that a 1.5% growth rate per year
7:55:38PM for two years agreed upon with the City of Tampa staff, per
7:55:42PM discussions with city staff, no committed development exists
7:55:45PM within the study area, therefore, no vested trips were
7:55:49PM incorporated in the full future buildout traffic volumes.
7:55:53PM So, way guess concerns me is that when we're setting the
7:55:59PM parameters for the study, because they have to submit the
7:56:03PM model and we have to approve the model and all of that.
7:56:06PM So when they submit it, we said we don't -- they don't have
7:56:11PM to add anything more than one and a half percent, because no
7:56:15PM committed development exists, however, we have seen a great
7:56:20PM change in traffic coming downtown.
7:56:23PM When I moved here 30 years ago and I worked for NCNB
7:56:27PM national bank, we were in the Rivergate tower across from
7:56:30PM the one that exists now.
7:56:33PM And you could lay down on Ashley Street at 6:00 and not
7:56:36PM worry about getting hit by a car.
7:56:38PM Now, we have a lot of festivals.
7:56:42PM We have Frank funk fest.
7:56:45PM We have a, we have activity in Curtis Hixon Park that takes
7:56:50PM place.
7:56:51PM I guess nobody watched the CRA meetings this morning.
7:56:54PM The traffic is not necessarily from entitled development.
7:57:00PM But from the activation of spaces downtown, so, how is that

7:57:06PM accounted for in a traffic study?
7:57:08PM >> When we look at traffic studies, we look at a.m. and p.m.
7:57:13PM peak.
7:57:14PM We know, the as traffic engineers and we study many, many
7:57:19PM times, that they are, our p.m. peak is the most intense
7:57:24PM peak, from 4:00 to 6:00.
7:57:27PM I'm very familiar with these two roads.
7:57:29PM I commute on them every day.
7:57:30PM Every day.
7:57:31PM And so I know the traffic patterns there.
7:57:35PM Usually festivals or things that happen on the weekends, I
7:57:38PM mean, sometimes they occur in p.m. peak, but not always.
7:57:41PM And they're in limited instances.
7:57:45PM They're not -- it's the same thing with the forum.
7:57:49PM You have events at the forum.
7:57:51PM Traffic patterns change around the forum, as you know.
7:57:54PM We make Morgan a one way street inbound, exiting.
7:57:58PM Things change during events.
7:57:59PM But that's --
7:58:03PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: When there's a conflict of events for
7:58:05PM folks that are worried about, you know, the malfunction of
7:58:08PM the traffic on a Sunday afternoon when there's an event at
7:58:13PM Curtis Hixon Park, there's a show going on at the Straz, and
7:58:17PM neighbor there's a food festival, you know, that's taking
7:58:20PM place or the Tampa Theatre is having something on Franklin

7:58:22PM Street a couple blocks away, we would put traffic control
7:58:27PM measures in place, TPD would be out there.
7:58:30PM If we had intelligence transportation system, something we
7:58:33PM talk about at the MPO, we would time the lights differently.
7:58:37PM >> And we do that.
7:58:38PM Our traffic control is there to control any event,
7:58:43PM especially at the forum.
7:58:44PM That's one of their big events, what they do.
7:58:46PM We have cameras.
7:58:47PM They watch.
7:58:48PM They work overtime, as you know, don't let.
7:58:52PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Finally, I did notice a big change on the
7:58:55PM trip generation chart.
7:58:56PM Because the initial trip generation chart, when I looked at
7:58:59PM it, I thought it was pretty conservative.
7:59:03PM But then the revised I guess due to the comments, thank you
7:59:07PM very much, transportation division, the trip generation was
7:59:11PM revised and this seems a lot mother realistic to me.
7:59:15PM So, I'm very happy with that.
7:59:17PM Thank you very much.
7:59:18PM >> You're welcome.
7:59:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
7:59:19PM Thank you very much.
7:59:20PM Appreciate it.
7:59:21PM Petitioner, I know your time is up.

7:59:23PM But there was some interruptions here and there.
7:59:25PM I'll give you one minute to wrap up.
7:59:29PM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
7:59:31PM We respectfully ask that you approve this on first reading
7:59:34PM and schedule it for second reading.
7:59:36PM If you have any other questions about the design or the
7:59:39PM urban planning aspects of it, we do have our team here to
7:59:43PM answer those.
7:59:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
7:59:44PM Appreciate it very much.
7:59:45PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item four wand five
7:59:50PM together?
7:59:50PM You have three minutes.
7:59:52PM Not three each.
7:59:54PM For all them.
7:59:56PM I held the petitioner to one minute over and I'm sure I'm
8:00:00PM going to go over 16 minutes in the audience portion.
8:00:02PM Anyone that wants to speak, line up and I'll take one from
8:00:05PM either side one at a time.
8:00:07PM And we'll start with this gentleman.
8:00:08PM Yes, sir, your name and address.
8:00:10PM >> Mike Miller.
8:00:11PM 777 North Ashley Drive, unit 1401.
8:00:15PM I also own at one as well.
8:00:19PM I A, first, live, work and play downtown.

8:00:22PM I don't understand why people are saying we have to
8:00:24PM revitalize downtown.
8:00:26PM If they haven't been down here in the last year, it's vital.
8:00:29PM And yes, it does need to grow.
8:00:31PM But it's a better choice of proper growth and moving forward
8:00:35PM properly.
8:00:35PM I'd like to start with my first image.
8:00:38PM First thing I thought about this tower when was Mr. Bern's
8:00:41PM blocked out the sun.
8:00:42PM Imagine when you're walking out of the Straz Center, out of
8:00:45PM the museum and there is this monstrosity right there.
8:00:48PM That's really kind of the thought process I had.
8:00:51PM I'd like to go on to my first image, my second image, excuse
8:00:55PM me, about, when I think about rezoning, I think there's no
8:01:00PM more room to put something, so we need to change some land
8:01:04PM around.
8:01:05PM But right now there is plenty of spaces for us to put a
8:01:08PM tower this size and magnitude that I would be all about.
8:01:12PM I want neighbors.
8:01:13PM I want to see downtown grow.
8:01:14PM I've invested in it.
8:01:15PM That's what I think is going to happen.
8:01:17PM But I don't think I want to see is an okay instruction of
8:01:20PM what has really become known as the arts district.
8:01:22PM And to see, you know, the sight line completely changed.

8:01:27PM I think about Florida the southern college and Frank Lloyd
8:01:31PM Wright architecture.
8:01:33PM They could not put a parking garage there because it would
8:01:37PM disrupt the sight line.
8:01:39PM I'd also like to bring up that there are other alternatives
8:01:42PM within the same distance, I would not disrupt the land.
8:01:46PM And which you could utilize that land and the structure of
8:01:52PM the road properly.
8:01:53PM And this property right here, which is next to SkyPoint and
8:01:57PM in front of Element, was actually owned at one point by
8:02:00PM Intown group.
8:02:01PM I'd like to talk about whereon of the articles that was in
8:02:05PM the newspaper today from inform Mayor Sandy Freedman and her
8:02:09PM concerns about the City Council jumping into this.
8:02:12PM She was what -- Mayor Freedman was a City Council
8:02:16PM Chairwoman.
8:02:17PM She was also part of the beer can building and she thinks
8:02:21PM it's just a short-term fix and she jumped right into it.
8:02:24PM I had a piece of information wrong there, I apologize.
8:02:27PM I'm reading very quickly.
8:02:29PM Rivergate tower.
8:02:31PM Sorry.
8:02:31PM And you know, she was a mentor to Mayor Bob and for her to
8:02:36PM make a stance like that I think it really speaks volumes
8:02:39PM about this property and not rushing into it.

8:02:42PM I would love to see you protect the landmarks and leave room
8:02:47PM for cultural growth downtown.
8:02:49PM We have plenty of room for buildings and towers as you see.
8:02:54PM We can just keep on going.
8:02:57PM I like to thank you.
8:02:59PM I really honestly, I use the word walk daily.
8:03:02PM I eat downtown daily.
8:03:04PM There's no reason that this tower is going to be suitable,
8:03:07PM 200 feet up the road across from Ashley, where all the high
8:03:11PM rises are, with the exception of the Sykes building.
8:03:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:03:15PM Next, right.
8:03:18PM >> Good evening.
8:03:19PM I'm Laura Starkey, 1207 East Palatine Avenue.
8:03:24PM That's in Seminole Heights.
8:03:25PM I've been in Seminole Heights about 14 years.
8:03:27PM I love Seminole Heights.
8:03:29PM I also love being close to downtown.
8:03:31PM I've been part of and anticipated in and observed the
8:03:35PM ongoing discussion that all of this city has about having a
8:03:38PM vital city that I think is amazing.
8:03:42PM But we still are convincing people of that we also talk a
8:03:46PM lot about not just revitalizing, but vitalizing and
8:03:51PM increasing the vitality of downtown.
8:03:53PM In 14 years, I've seen, I think we have all seen a lot of

8:03:56PM growth in that way with now you do see people walking their
8:04:00PM dogs and enjoying the parks downtown.
8:04:02PM Part of being in a big city, part of being in a downtown
8:04:05PM area is density.
8:04:06PM You do jam things together.
8:04:08PM You jam people together.
8:04:09PM You jam life together.
8:04:10PM That's why it's a downtown.
8:04:13PM That's why it's an urban area.
8:04:14PM It's not the suburbs.
8:04:17PM I love open space.
8:04:18PM My profession is conserving green land, open space.
8:04:22PM But this is downtown area.
8:04:24PM And if I were to be able to live downtown, which I fantasize
8:04:29PM about, part of me would love to do that I would want to live
8:04:32PM not only in a place that's in the cultural arts district,
8:04:36PM but also on the Riverfront.
8:04:37PM And that's what this project has that all of these other
8:04:40PM locations that people are thinking might be better, don't
8:04:43PM have.
8:04:43PM They don't have the Riverfront.
8:04:45PM And yet it doesn't jam up on to the Riverfront.
8:04:47PM You saw the drawings, it's got a beautiful Riverfront
8:04:52PM crossing, with the Riverwalk and some space there.
8:04:55PM I think it's a beautiful project.

8:04:57PM I would love to live there.
8:04:58PM I like to, I would like to see all of that life downtown
8:05:03PM increase.
8:05:04PM And density is a good thing because it's downtown.
8:05:08PM Thank you.
8:05:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:05:09PM Yes, sir?
8:05:13PM >> My name is Peter Cristiano and I do live downtown.
8:05:16PM I'm a citizen of Tampa.
8:05:19PM All I've heard from all of this is about revitalizing cities
8:05:22PM and money, money, money, money, money.
8:05:25PM Nobody seems to be talking about that fact that this project
8:05:29PM is being proposed right in the middle of our cultural arts
8:05:33PM district.
8:05:33PM Let me remind you what that.
8:05:36PM And quite from the Tampa community redevelopment plan, which
8:05:38PM established it.
8:05:39PM The intent of the cultural arts district is to help unify
8:05:43PM the cultural arts uses that are presently in the area and to
8:05:47PM provide for future support of uses.
8:05:49PM All public property from this district should be retained
8:05:53PM for use as open space, new cultural facilities, other uses
8:05:58PM closely related to the cultural arts.
8:06:01PM Lower intensity than those found in the core is desired for
8:06:05PM this area, unquote.

8:06:07PM Unfortunately, we in Tampa have the sad history of
8:06:12PM compromising our precious assets when money is dangled in
8:06:16PM front of our noses.
8:06:17PM For decades, developers have been saying to us, what we need
8:06:21PM to do to revitalize a specific area is let us build
8:06:26PM restaurants, build a nightlife, and build places for people
8:06:30PM to live.
8:06:30PM We let them do that in Ybor City, and it's been decades for
8:06:34PM that community to try to come back.
8:06:37PM We let them do that down in Channelside.
8:06:40PM And then we watched those assets bounce like ping-pong balls
8:06:43PM from one bankruptcy court to another.
8:06:45PM Now they're moving up the river, in the middle of our
8:06:48PM cultural arts district and they're saying trust me.
8:06:52PM Let us build restaurants, build the nightlife and build
8:06:55PM places for people to live.
8:06:57PM And by the way, those restaurants have to have a 400-foot
8:07:01PM tower on top of them.
8:07:03PM They like to use the term activating the space.
8:07:06PM Well, I say to you if you believe that activating the space
8:07:09PM in our cultural arts district is an appropriate thing to do
8:07:13PM with a 400-foot tower, then I challenge you to activate
8:07:19PM Kiley Gardens.
8:07:20PM Let's put a chuck E cheese's there.
8:07:22PM That will bring people in.

8:07:23PM Let's go north.
8:07:24PM Let's activate the top of the Poe garage.
8:07:26PM We'll put a wave club there.
8:07:28PM Trust me, nobody spends money like--year-olds at a Reeve
8:07:33PM club.
8:07:34PM Are those appropriate uses for our cultural arts district?
8:07:37PM No.
8:07:37PM But neither is a 400-foot tower.
8:07:40PM You City Council are the gate keepers of our cultural arts
8:07:43PM district.
8:07:44PM And the key to that gate are these zoning restrictions.
8:07:48PM I urge you do not bow to the pressure of developers who are
8:07:52PM dangling money in our noses.
8:07:54PM I urge you, do not succumb to the arm twist being academy
8:07:59PM storms of bear Bob boondoggle the do what is right for the
8:08:03PM citizens of Tampa and vote no on this project.
8:08:06PM Vote no.
8:08:07PM Thank you.
8:08:08PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:08:08PM Next please?
8:08:12PM >> I'm John McKibben, 1814 West Hills Avenue in South
8:08:16PM Tampa.
8:08:18PM I just want to say this is an extremely exciting project.
8:08:22PM It's not often you get proposed a 36 story skyscraper as
8:08:26PM gorgeous as this is in your community.

8:08:28PM I am a developer, even though I'm not involved in this
8:08:31PM project in any way.
8:08:32PM I developed the Marriott courtyard about two blocks away, 15
8:08:36PM years ago.
8:08:36PM It's hard to believe it's been 15 years ago.
8:08:39PM When we built that hotel, we were really pioneering and we
8:08:42PM expected that part of town to really grow and become active.
8:08:46PM It took years and years and years.
8:08:48PM And our guests were very disappointed because there were
8:08:52PM very few restaurant options in that neighborhood.
8:08:54PM It was very tough for us.
8:08:56PM Until Greg Minder built the SkyPoint and later the Element,
8:09:02PM brought restaurants retail, activity and now we're thriving.
8:09:06PM We have new hotels coming to town.
8:09:08PM Not that I'm excited about that.
8:09:09PM [ Laughter ]
8:09:10PM >> But we have the Le Meridien coming.
8:09:14PM That's because there are restaurants, retail, the and
8:09:17PM people.
8:09:17PM I developed in a lot of urban areas around the southeast.
8:09:22PM Getting the residential apartments or condominiums in a
8:09:26PM downtown area is the most difficult thing you can do in
8:09:29PM these urban areas.
8:09:30PM And everybody wants that because that creates success.
8:09:33PM Thank you very much.

8:09:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:09:35PM Next please?
8:09:36PM >> Good evening.
8:09:37PM My name is Bob glares.
8:09:39PM I have a condominium at 1212 west Whiting, the Meridian
8:09:45PM condominium.
8:09:46PM By trade I own Smith and associates real estate.
8:09:50PM I also, I have a very big interest because of the population
8:09:54PM of individuals trying to move to the city downtown.
8:09:57PM Presently there's about 50 residential units available,
8:10:03PM either for sale right now.
8:10:05PM We find the population growing.
8:10:07PM They're growing the average age being from 35 to 55.
8:10:10PM So we think the more opportunity we can provide to our
8:10:15PM developers today to provide housing, it's going to be very
8:10:18PM important for the future.
8:10:19PM I was lucky years past to work with Tampa Theatre.
8:10:23PM We recognized the cultural district.
8:10:26PM We know why it's important to have people walking from,
8:10:30PM could be the river, could be from housing, could be from the
8:10:33PM restaurants that you mentioned.
8:10:35PM But we think it's very important they live and have a stake
8:10:38PM in our community and I really hope that you would approve
8:10:42PM this project.
8:10:43PM Thank you.

8:10:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:10:45PM Next please?
8:10:46PM >> Good evening, Mr. Chairman, Councils, Steve Anderson, 101
8:10:50PM East Kennedy Boulevard.
8:10:51PM I'm here tonight as president of the friends of the Tampa
8:10:54PM Riverwalk.
8:10:56PM Wanted to let you know that friends of the Riverwalk board
8:10:59PM voted unanimously to support this project, this application.
8:11:06PM We would urge you tonight to support it as well.
8:11:09PM I'll be very brief.
8:11:10PM As you know, friends of the Riverwalk, our entire focus is
8:11:14PM on the river and on the Riverwalk.
8:11:16PM And our organization would never be in support of anything
8:11:19PM that we thought was in any way going to be detrimental to
8:11:22PM the Riverwalk, public access to the river, or the vitality
8:11:27PM of our greatest resource, downtown.
8:11:30PM So we take this very seriously and we are, we have looked at
8:11:36PM this project carefully.
8:11:37PM We spent a lot of time looking at it.
8:11:40PM We think it's not only compatible with our long-term plan
8:11:44PM and objectives for the river and the Riverwalk.
8:11:46PM We think it's a great asset towards that.
8:11:52PM We think it respects and preserves the necessary public
8:11:55PM access, gives us opportunities in the future to really have
8:11:59PM a beautiful piece of the Riverwalk in that area.

8:12:03PM And to do some other things in the public spaces.
8:12:06PM We do have a beautiful walk.
8:12:08PM It's almost finished.
8:12:10PM But it's a long way from being really truly the kind of
8:12:13PM Riverwalk that you envision and we envision.
8:12:15PM We think that one of the biggest things, one of the biggest
8:12:21PM factors in getting there ultimately in developing cafes and
8:12:24PM shops and retail and restaurants and ice cream shops and
8:12:28PM everything else we want down there and bringing people to it
8:12:31PM as a point of destination, one of the biggest factors is
8:12:34PM density downtown.
8:12:35PM We support this project.
8:12:37PM Thank you very much.
8:12:37PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:12:38PM Next please?
8:12:39PM Hi.
8:12:42PM My name is Cordell Chavis.
8:12:44PM Lived in Tampa for 26 years, which is practically all my
8:12:48PM life, considering I'm 26 years old.
8:12:49PM [ Laughter ]
8:12:50PM >> Went to Robinson High School, went to the University of
8:12:53PM South Florida.
8:12:54PM Worked at Citigroup in Tampa and I took my 41 K and became a
8:13:01PM technical trader.
8:13:02PM All my job requires is internet and electricity.

8:13:05PM Honestly, as a young person, I wouldn't liver here.
8:13:07PM I only live here because this is my home and I believe in
8:13:10PM it.
8:13:11PM But to say that downtown is full and we don't need anyone
8:13:13PM else living there because it will make it too congested is
8:13:17PM extremely shortsighted.
8:13:18PM If you go to any sun belt city such as San Diego, Atlanta,
8:13:22PM Houston, even those cities in Texas which offer the same
8:13:26PM opportunity, actually no income tax, excuse me, no capital
8:13:31PM gains tax, the things I'm looking for, I would rather live
8:13:35PM there, if this wasn't my home.
8:13:36PM And I just don't see how this is such an issue.
8:13:41PM You have a developer who is coming here and they're going to
8:13:44PM not only revitalize the arts district, which we cherish.
8:13:48PM They're actually going to improve the traffic flow for the
8:13:51PM city.
8:13:52PM SoHo and Ybor City is nice.
8:13:54PM But that does not offer the urban environment that someone
8:13:58PM like myself would want.
8:13:59PM I have friends that are getting master's degrees, getting
8:14:03PM Ph.D.s from the University of Florida, USF and you do not
8:14:07PM plan to come back here once they are done.
8:14:09PM They plan to go to the Raleigh, the Atlanta and plan to go
8:14:12PM to the Austin.
8:14:13PM And unless this Council decides to take a more stringent

8:14:17PM view or more foresight view on keeping its younger,
8:14:22PM intellectual young professional demograph in the city, I
8:14:28PM just don't see what is sustainable about living in Tampa.
8:14:32PM I understand there are beaches and I understand the weather
8:14:34PM is great.
8:14:35PM But I get the same thing in Houston.
8:14:37PM It's not that far from gas stone.
8:14:39PM It really isn't that far.
8:14:40PM So, I just don't see what is the issue here.
8:14:44PM If you have an arts district, you need artists actually
8:14:48PM living in that district.
8:14:49PM I don't see where they're living at right now.
8:14:52PM You can't point to a location and say this is the arts
8:14:56PM district because of the Straz Center and Tampa mural of art
8:14:59PM is here.
8:15:00PM As you see, I'm a big trekkie.
8:15:02PM I read in the times, had no plans, that's why I didn't
8:15:06PM change in the words of Mr. Spock.
8:15:08PM [ Laughter ]
8:15:10PM >> I take this seriously in the words of Mr. Spock, the
8:15:14PM needs of the -- hold on.
8:15:16PM The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
8:15:21PM So I close with that.
8:15:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:15:24PM [ Applause ]

8:15:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't want to go into recess.
8:15:31PM Yes, sir?
8:15:32PM >> That's a hard act to follow.
8:15:34PM My name is Larry Richy.
8:15:35PM My business address is suite 3600 one Tampa city center in
8:15:40PM downtown Tampa.
8:15:40PM I'm the senior managing director and market leader for
8:15:43PM Christian man and Wakefield offices in Florida.
8:15:45PM I'm here to support the project.
8:15:48PM Neither I nor my firm have any involvement in the project.
8:15:51PM One of the things our firm does is represent companies that
8:15:54PM are interested in relocating or expanding in the Tampa Bay
8:15:57PM area.
8:15:58PM And I'll share with you one story.
8:16:00PM We recently represented a very large national the
8:16:02PM engineering firm who had always been a suburban tenant with
8:16:07PM about a hundred employees.
8:16:08PM They made the decision recently to move downtown.
8:16:10PM One of the reasons they and other firms are making those
8:16:13PM decisions to move downtown is because of the urban
8:16:16PM environment that we're now building downtown.
8:16:19PM Where the residential towers that have been built.
8:16:21PM New office buildings, etcetera.
8:16:23PM You don't have an option to approve this project on a
8:16:26PM different site.

8:16:28PM Your only option is approve it on this site today or as this
8:16:31PM goes through the process.
8:16:32PM I would submit we are pretty lucky to have investors and
8:16:36PM developers willing to put that kind of risk of money and
8:16:38PM capital into a project of this size and that we need that.
8:16:42PM And I urge you to approve it.
8:16:47PM Another comment I was going to make.
8:16:48PM That's it.
8:16:50PM Thank you very much.
8:16:51PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:16:52PM Appreciate it.
8:16:53PM Next please?
8:16:54PM >> Thank you, Mr. Commissioner, Gary Printy, I'm also a
8:16:58PM resident of SkyPoint at 777 North Ashley Drive.
8:17:01PM And I wanted to speak as a resident in favor of this
8:17:04PM project.
8:17:05PM Because I came here four years ago.
8:17:08PM Me and my wife when we were looking for a home to breath.
8:17:12PM We saw SkyPoint, we saw Curtis Hixon Park.
8:17:15PM We saw the Element.
8:17:16PM We said wow, this place, if there's still a unit available
8:17:19PM in that building, we should buy there.
8:17:21PM This is the future of Tampa.
8:17:22PM And I urge you, 10 years ago, the there was a commission
8:17:26PM that had the courage to approve SkyPoint.

8:17:29PM It might not have been controversial at all.
8:17:31PM Might have been just standard.
8:17:33PM But don't stop now on the progress that has been made.
8:17:36PM You know, if you go buy SkyPoint, the other night we walked
8:17:40PM by there on a Thursday and you see the restaurant, you see
8:17:44PM the parks, you see the museum and you just say wow, this is
8:17:47PM amazing.
8:17:48PM Three years ago, none of that was here.
8:17:50PM You had the museum.
8:17:51PM But no one was using it yet.
8:17:54PM And now it's packed every weekend.
8:17:56PM There's events every other weekend.
8:17:57PM And we have come so far.
8:17:59PM But right now, that progress stops, literally stops at Tyler
8:18:04PM Street.
8:18:06PM I think after looking at the vision of, the InVision
8:18:12PM planners, I saw that and I said wow, this is a place I would
8:18:16PM really want to live.
8:18:18PM And four years ago, my wife was always begging me, can we
8:18:21PM move to New York city?
8:18:22PM Lets move to New York city.
8:18:24PM I said no, we have a lot of friends in Tampa.
8:18:27PM Tampa is a good town the and if we approve this building,
8:18:32PM there will be more buildings.
8:18:34PM Those other parking lots will be developed.

8:18:36PM But you need the first one.
8:18:38PM If you kill the first one, you don't get to the second and
8:18:40PM the third.
8:18:41PM And you don't get that future development.
8:18:43PM And that's what we need in Tampa to get other young
8:18:46PM professionals, lawyers and doctors who want to work downtown
8:18:50PM and live downtown.
8:18:52PM To decide let's move to Tampa.
8:18:55PM We don't need to go to Charlotte, we don't need to go to
8:18:58PM Raleigh.
8:18:59PM We don't need to go to Atlanta.
8:19:00PM Tampa is pretty good.
8:19:01PM Right now, there are 16-year-olds in high school around this
8:19:04PM city who are excelling or taking the SATs or kicking butt
8:19:10PM in school.
8:19:12PM When they get out and done with law school or done with
8:19:14PM medical school, maybe they'll come back to Tampa if the city
8:19:17PM goes in the right direction, instead of moving to Atlanta or
8:19:20PM Charlotte or Raleigh.
8:19:22PM Thank you.
8:19:22PM That's all.
8:19:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:19:24PM Next please.
8:19:29PM >> Elizabeth Muller, 120 East Kennedy Boulevard.
8:19:33PM I have a Tampa resident for a year now and been a property

8:19:36PM owner in the City of Tampa approximately three weeks.
8:19:39PM So, live and work downtown.
8:19:41PM I walk to work every day.
8:19:42PM I run on the Riverwalk.
8:19:44PM I eat at the restaurants around downtown.
8:19:46PM I have many co-workers that I'm friends with that live in
8:19:49PM the Channelside area and other buildings downtown.
8:19:52PM And many of my co-workers that don't live downtown often
8:19:55PM express they wish this that they did.
8:19:57PM As wonderful as downtown already is, I want to echo what
8:20:00PM many of the previous speakers have said, in that why stop
8:20:04PM now?
8:20:04PM People of this generation are looking for that truly classic
8:20:08PM urban experience.
8:20:09PM We are hoping for a vibrant downtown where we can liver,
8:20:12PM work and play.
8:20:13PM And to do that we need people.
8:20:16PM We need residents.
8:20:18PM And we need residents that are around to support the small
8:20:21PM businesses, to enjoy the vibrant art districts.
8:20:25PM To enjoy Curtis Hixon and the other parks around downtown.
8:20:27PM And to enjoy them safely with pedestrian foot paths that are
8:20:31PM free from speeding cars and other related issues.
8:20:36PM Young people are drawn to this urban lifestyle like many
8:20:40PM after speakers before that are in this sort of younger

8:20:42PM generation, have spoken about.
8:20:44PM We don't want to have to move to these other cities around
8:20:47PM the country.
8:20:48PM We need to create the next generation of Tampa residents.
8:20:50PM I'm not from Tampa.
8:20:51PM I heard wonderful things about Tampa from numerous people I
8:20:55PM knew and decided to come here and give it a chance.
8:20:57PM And I've been completely blown away.
8:20:59PM But there's no reason to stop that now.
8:21:01PM You have a developer here who is ready to go.
8:21:04PM And like many people have said, there may be these other
8:21:07PM vacant lots.
8:21:07PM We all know Tampa has numerous parking lots that charge
8:21:12PM astronomical rates.
8:21:13PM But this is here before you now and you have a chance to act
8:21:15PM and make a difference and show the rest of the country Tampa
8:21:20PM is ready to become one of the vibrant cities we know it can
8:21:23PM be.
8:21:23PM I support the residences at the Riverwalk and hope you all
8:21:28PM will as well.
8:21:30PM Thank you.
8:21:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:21:31PM Next please?
8:21:32PM >> My name is Arnold Buckley.
8:21:33PM I live at 777 North Ashley Drive, unit 2811.

8:21:38PM So I live in SkyPoint.
8:21:39PM But I'm speaking as the president of the uptown Council,
8:21:45PM which is the neighborhood at which this building will be
8:21:48PM built.
8:21:48PM It is the, defined by the boundaries of Kennedy, Palm, the
8:21:52PM river and Marian.
8:21:54PM So, as the Council, we are in favor of this unanimously,
8:22:00PM with no dissension of approval of this.
8:22:04PM Part of the reason, well, me as a person, that I moved to
8:22:09PM downtown is I wanted a vibrant downtown.
8:22:12PM And I came in and I bought at SkyPoint because that was the
8:22:16PM only condo and my only option.
8:22:17PM To actually buy.
8:22:19PM And I didn't come in with the expectation of that nothing
8:22:23PM else would be built and I wanted to be by myself.
8:22:26PM I came in with the expectation that there would be many more
8:22:30PM to come.
8:22:31PM And to live that urban lifestyle.
8:22:33PM I also ended up here for a job and other reasons and I
8:22:38PM stayed here because my family is here.
8:22:41PM And it happened that I got a residency in this area.
8:22:44PM And that's what kept me here and my family here.
8:22:47PM And it's the story of a lot of people.
8:22:49PM A lot of people have many choices.
8:22:52PM And an urban lifestyle is important to a lot of young

8:22:57PM people.
8:22:57PM You know, I'm 33.
8:23:00PM I'm a physician.
8:23:02PM And it was hard to convince my wife to stay here, instead of
8:23:06PM Chicago.
8:23:07PM These are all livability.
8:23:10PM Livability is very important.
8:23:11PM And this is part of the process.
8:23:14PM I know that there are many empty lots.
8:23:16PM And believe me, I would like them filled too.
8:23:19PM But that isn't our choice right now.
8:23:23PM So I'm willing to offer on the spot the city has put out a
8:23:26PM bid for, which I remember seeing that years ago.
8:23:29PM I happened to read the web site.
8:23:31PM So, you know, this is our chance.
8:23:34PM And this is what we got.
8:23:36PM And you can vote for it or against it, but I'm just letting
8:23:40PM you know that as the entire community, not just SkyPoint,
8:23:45PM but all those buildings, when laurel, metro side, elements
8:23:50PM and all the residence and all these other buildings in this
8:23:52PM neighborhood, we are for this.
8:23:54PM And that's all I wanted to say.
8:23:56PM Thank you.
8:23:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Doctor.
8:23:57PM Next please?

8:23:59PM >> My name is Ed O'Carroll, 3004 Samara Drive.
8:24:04PM I'm the chief operating officer of Gulf Shore Bank.
8:24:07PM We're a locally owned and downtown headquartered small
8:24:09PM business.
8:24:10PM We moved our headquarters downtown four years ago because we
8:24:13PM believe that you need to have a vibrant energized growing
8:24:17PM city.
8:24:18PM In order have that, you have to have a vibrant energized
8:24:21PM growing downtown.
8:24:22PM And we chose to be part of that.
8:24:24PM And in order to have that vibrant energized growing
8:24:27PM downtown, you have to have residents and you have to have as
8:24:29PM many residents as possible who are going to enjoy the
8:24:32PM amenities, enjoy the shops and the restaurants and we
8:24:35PM believer that this project follows that vision.
8:24:38PM Thank you.
8:24:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:24:40PM Next please?
8:24:44PM >> Hi, I'm Martin Silbiger.
8:24:46PM I live at 1827 Bayshore.
8:24:50PM And I'm chairman of the board of the Straz Center.
8:24:52PM Been chairman for about seven years.
8:24:54PM You don't find others coming along.
8:24:58PM [ Laughter ]
8:24:58PM >> But one of these days.

8:25:00PM I just wanted to tell you that we have been working on this
8:25:05PM idea for about seven years.
8:25:07PM And in the last year and a half, we have worked very closely
8:25:11PM with the city and with the developers of this project.
8:25:15PM And we have meetings.
8:25:20PM Sometimes they're really, really boring.
8:25:22PM And sometimes they're very, very active.
8:25:25PM And I pulled together members of our board and members of
8:25:34PM our foundation, who support the Straz.
8:25:38PM And we had a two hour session and heard the pros and
8:25:47PM cons of this and the pros, you've heard many tonight.
8:25:50PM The cons primarily related to the size of the building to
8:25:53PM the height of the building.
8:25:54PM But as I originally came sort of opposed to it, I became
8:26:00PM convinced that this was the best thing for the Straz.
8:26:04PM The ingress and egress of our patrons.
8:26:07PM The connection to the rest of the Riverwalk, you go down by
8:26:13PM the history museum and the Riverwalk's beautiful.
8:26:15PM You take people there, you walk around.
8:26:17PM You do want more cafes and restaurants.
8:26:20PM But to see it continue all the way up to the waterworks
8:26:25PM area, this will help that.
8:26:27PM Although aside, we took a vote.
8:26:32PM The vote was 32-16 in favor of the project.
8:26:36PM And everyone got a chance to talk and everyone expressed

8:26:40PM themselves fully.
8:26:42PM And I just want to let you know that the Straz hopes that
8:26:48PM this works.
8:26:49PM We hope that you vote for it and I merely representing the
8:26:53PM board, it's a board of people who run this center for the
8:26:58PM city.
8:26:59PM This is a city-owned property and it's our responsibility to
8:27:02PM run it for you.
8:27:03PM Anyhow, 32-16.
8:27:06PM Pretty good vote.
8:27:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:27:08PM I thought that was the address.
8:27:10PM [ Applause ]
8:27:15PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: 32-16 and 14 did not vote?
8:27:20PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, please.
8:27:22PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'll ask you the question.
8:27:23PM I will ask you, please, would you clarify that?
8:27:27PM Because I keep reading that.
8:27:28PM >> Yes.
8:27:30PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Come to the microphone.
8:27:31PM >> I'm sorry.
8:27:32PM We let everybody know about this.
8:27:36PM We e-mailed all this information to all members of the
8:27:40PM board.
8:27:41PM Of those abstentions, these were people that just didn't

8:27:45PM vote.
8:27:46PM I mean, I don't think that we're like Palm Beach county.
8:27:50PM We only count votes that come in.
8:27:53PM [ Laughter ]
8:27:56PM >> Our vote was 32-16.
8:27:59PM There were 14 people who did not vote.
8:28:02PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Did not vote, were absent?
8:28:04PM >> No, they may have been absent.
8:28:06PM But they all received all the information electronically.
8:28:09PM And we allowed them to call in.
8:28:13PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The vote?
8:28:14PM >> Yes.
8:28:14PM There were many call ins.
8:28:17PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for clarifying that I kept seeing
8:28:20PM that.
8:28:20PM >> I noticed that the paper seemed to have unusual views
8:28:23PM about voting.
8:28:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
8:28:27PM >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Slow burger.
8:28:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Doctor, I got another patient.
8:28:34PM >>MARY MULHERN: Another thing that I had heard was that the
8:28:37PM Mayor was at the meeting where you voted?
8:28:40PM >> We asked the Mayor to come to the meeting.
8:28:42PM He is a member of the board.
8:28:43PM And we asked him to come to the meeting and explain to our

8:28:48PM members why he thought it was a good idea.
8:28:52PM And he thinks it's a good idea.
8:28:55PM >>MARY MULHERN: Did he vote?
8:28:57PM >> I can't tell you if he voted.
8:28:59PM >>MARY MULHERN: It was a secret ballot?
8:29:00PM >> It was a secret ballot.
8:29:02PM And it wasn't a hand shake.
8:29:04PM We have another member here.
8:29:06PM He did not vote.
8:29:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.
8:29:09PM >>HARRY COHEN: Well, that was actually what I wanted to say,
8:29:12PM is that I am this Council's representative on the Straz
8:29:14PM Center board.
8:29:16PM And it was the city attorney who gave me the advice not to
8:29:20PM participate in the meetings discussing this at the Straz
8:29:23PM Center, so I was one of the 14 people that did not vote.
8:29:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
8:29:28PM We're looking for 13 others.
8:29:29PM [ Laughter ]
8:29:31PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am?
8:29:33PM >> Marianne Faren, 442 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa.
8:29:37PM I speak today as a business owner in Tampa 27 years and
8:29:41PM stakeholder in downtown Tampa for 21 years.
8:29:43PM I would be a resident in Tampa except as many of you know I
8:29:47PM have a lot of dogs.

8:29:48PM What I see is that as a public sector and a community, we
8:29:53PM have decided to invest in, focus on and build our urban
8:29:58PM core.
8:29:59PM Invest in the Riverwalk, invest in Curtis Hixon Park.
8:30:03PM Invest in the arts downtown.
8:30:05PM Invest in public realm downtown and invest in a downtown
8:30:08PM master plan.
8:30:09PM That in turn has led the private sector to invest in real
8:30:14PM estate.
8:30:14PM To invest in development.
8:30:16PM To invest in businesses small and large.
8:30:18PM We made those decisions about our investments as a
8:30:23PM community, as a community and we now need to make current
8:30:26PM decisions that create a success of those past decisions.
8:30:30PM We need this project and more like it, so that these other
8:30:34PM projects that we have already invested in can be a success.
8:30:37PM We need density.
8:30:40PM It cannot work without density.
8:30:42PM If we do not get more people and many more people downtown,
8:30:45PM particularly near the Riverwalk and this project finishings
8:30:49PM the Riverwalk, we will not succeed.
8:30:51PM I hear the cry for more downtown retail and restaurants so
8:30:55PM often.
8:30:55PM And I tell you as a business, that it is the type of
8:30:59PM business that would answer that call, we need more density

8:31:02PM or those businesses cannot succeed.
8:31:04PM If we do not approve projects such as this, we risk sending
8:31:09PM a peopling to private enterprise that we did not mean it
8:31:12PM when we developed a city plan and we are not ripe and ready
8:31:15PM for their investments.
8:31:17PM We also risk the possibility of success from the many
8:31:20PM enterprises like my own who have already invested where they
8:31:23PM believed the community told them that they should.
8:31:26PM Whether you are a small business such as myself or a
8:31:30PM developer such as these folks before you today, you read the
8:31:33PM city's message and you try to play within the plan.
8:31:36PM We have made it hard to read the plan in the past and we
8:31:39PM appear to be making some real progress now.
8:31:42PM We impede our chance at success when we send a contrary
8:31:45PM message, such as would be the case if this were not
8:31:48PM approved.
8:31:49PM In closing, I also feel that we as a community are very
8:31:52PM fortunate to have local developers who are not only talented
8:31:55PM but care about Tampa.
8:31:57PM Much like my own situation at Grand Central, where I have
8:32:01PM private ownership that care about my business and the
8:32:04PM community.
8:32:05PM We have private folks here.
8:32:07PM I think this is an example of great public-private
8:32:13PM partnership and I sure hope that we don't miss it.

8:32:17PM Thank you.
8:32:18PM >> Good evening, Todd Josko, 2900 West Azeele Street in
8:32:22PM Tampa.
8:32:23PM I am here tonight speaking on behalf of NAIOP Tampa Bay.
8:32:30PM NAIOP is the leading trade organization representing
8:32:30PM developers, owners, investors and related professionals in
8:32:32PM commercial real estate.
8:32:34PM NAIOP supports the proposed Residences at Riverwalk and asks
8:32:37PM for your support tonight accordingly.
8:32:39PM NAIOP typically doesn't adopt positions on specific
8:32:43PM development projects, but this is unique.
8:32:45PM We believe that the residents of Riverwalk is of such
8:32:48PM importance to the viability of the InVision planning process
8:32:52PM that it was important for us to come here and speak on
8:32:56PM behalf and support of the project.
8:32:58PM Our members have been active participate in the city's
8:33:02PM InVision planning process.
8:33:04PM We share the vision and enthusiasm for the creation of a
8:33:07PM true 21st century Tampa city center based on solid
8:33:11PM principles.
8:33:12PM The re-engineered city streets, which are neighborhood
8:33:14PM focused and connected.
8:33:16PM A strong city center, neighborhoods that are vibrant,
8:33:18PM diverse, safe and sustainable.
8:33:20PM And a mixed use walkable downtown core that's a desirable

8:33:25PM location for a growing targeted live, work, play population.
8:33:29PM The proposed residence at Riverwalk hits the mark on all
8:33:34PM those agreed upon building blocks for livability,
8:33:36PM sustainability and economic viability in Tampa's downtown
8:33:41PM city center.
8:33:42PM Probably more important as the last speaker said, the
8:33:44PM proposed development establishes important precedent for the
8:33:48PM type of public-private partnership needed to adequately fund
8:33:52PM these InVision priorities.
8:33:54PM Absent sufficient target investment from the private sector,
8:33:57PM much of InVision's lofty goals will unfortunately remain
8:34:02PM unrealized.
8:34:03PM For those important reasons and more, we support this
8:34:05PM project.
8:34:06PM We ask your support tonight and appreciate the opportunity
8:34:08PM to speak.
8:34:09PM As a side note, our incoming president is also a SkyPoint
8:34:12PM resident.
8:34:13PM She couldn't be here tonight but she also supports this
8:34:16PM project as well too.
8:34:17PM So thank you.
8:34:18PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:34:18PM Next please?
8:34:22PM Thank you, Jeff Gibson, 101 south 12th street in
8:34:25PM Channelside.

8:34:26PM I work in downtown.
8:34:27PM I live in downtown.
8:34:28PM I moved to Tampa in 1994 when I moved into my dorm room
8:34:33PM another the University of Tampa.
8:34:34PM Downtown Tampa.
8:34:35PM And frankly have fallen in love with Tampa since then.
8:34:39PM I think all of you would agree that the downtown core and
8:34:44PM downtownton has improved since 1994.
8:34:47PM And what those changes that have occurred since then is the
8:34:51PM Riverwalk.
8:34:53PM We have spent considerable resources improving on and
8:34:55PM building out the Riverwalk.
8:34:56PM But most importantly, it's density.
8:34:59PM Since then, Element has been built.
8:35:01PM SkyPoint has been built.
8:35:02PM A lot of projects have been proposed but failed sadly,
8:35:06PM because of the economic downturn.
8:35:07PM It's density we need in downtown Tampa.
8:35:10PM It's density that's going to make this a city that more
8:35:13PM people want to come to and it's density that's going to just
8:35:16PM create life for this city.
8:35:18PM For that reason, I implore you to take this opportunity
8:35:22PM that's before you and vote yes on this project.
8:35:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:35:25PM Next?

8:35:26PM Julie Locke, 6212 Bayshore.
8:35:31PM I get nerves coming before you because I used to come here
8:35:35PM for rezoning.
8:35:36PM I really do like this project enough to come back.
8:35:39PM I got a contract today, I work for Smith and associates.
8:35:43PM On one of the last one bedroom condos left at SkyPoint.
8:35:47PM And they were so nervous because they thought there was,
8:35:50PM they were going to miss it.
8:35:51PM Three had gone into contract in one week.
8:35:53PM And that's not really why I came.
8:35:55PM We do need to continue our efforts downtown.
8:36:00PM I'm a third generation Tampa native.
8:36:04PM My father developed Ybor square.
8:36:06PM It was going to only take five years.
8:36:08PM And we just have to keep going and we need this, I go to
8:36:14PM Charlotte a lot.
8:36:15PM I go to Atlanta a lot.
8:36:17PM I come back and I say, when are we going to be the next
8:36:20PM great city?
8:36:20PM I just think what these guys have done with the development,
8:36:24PM I'm so proud of it and it's so much fun to bring people to
8:36:27PM Tampa now.
8:36:27PM And I certainly hope you will support it.
8:36:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
8:36:30PM Hope you're not nervous tonight.

8:36:35PM >> My name is Robert Morera.
8:36:38PM My business address is 102 West Whiting Street.
8:36:42PM The Cap Trust Building on the river.
8:36:44PM I'm here to encourage you all to support this project and
8:36:48PM vote for it.
8:36:49PM My business is managing private equity funds the I manage
8:36:52PM real estate funds that investor from Virginia to Texas to
8:36:55PM Puerto Rico.
8:36:56PM Big area.
8:36:57PM Mainly for community redevelopment purposes.
8:36:59PM I believe in Tampa.
8:37:01PM I've actually provided capital to the hotel, the your
8:37:05PM courthouse redevelopment.
8:37:06PM I've provided capital for the aloft redevelop and I also own
8:37:11PM the Cap Trust Building and what a lot of people call the
8:37:14PM former Trump tower site.
8:37:16PM This could be potential competition for me.
8:37:19PM But I think it's a wonderful thing.
8:37:21PM The key to urban, active urban cities is a lot of residences
8:37:25PM downtown.
8:37:26PM This project will provide that.
8:37:27PM One of the things that I can encourage you to realize
8:37:32PM residences downtown, people living downtown, it's not a
8:37:35PM field of dreams.
8:37:37PM Not just build it and they'll come.

8:37:38PM A lot of cities wish they had the demand that this city has
8:37:41PM for people to move downtown.
8:37:43PM And I think when you have the opportunity, you need to take
8:37:45PM it.
8:37:46PM One last thing I'd like to say, I, hearing one of the
8:37:50PM earlier speakers, I have a 26-year-old daughter I paid for a
8:37:53PM really good education to wake forest.
8:37:55PM Hoping that she would come back to live here in Tampa.
8:37:59PM She moved to Charlotte.
8:38:00PM But she got a job in the suburbs.
8:38:02PM Guess where she moved?
8:38:04PM She moved downtown.
8:38:05PM Why?
8:38:05PM Because of how active the downtown of Charlotte is.
8:38:08PM I can tell you every time I talk to her, she talks about all
8:38:10PM the walks she takes downtown.
8:38:12PM All the restaurants she goes to.
8:38:13PM All that came about because of the number of people that
8:38:15PM liver down there.
8:38:16PM And it is, when you go there and you look, it's literally
8:38:19PM the future of this city, if you have a project like this
8:38:23PM voted for today.
8:38:24PM So, I encourage you to vote yes.
8:38:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
8:38:27PM Next please?

8:38:32PM Good evening, Kim Madison, 111 north 12th street, unit 1709
8:38:36PM in the Channelside area.
8:38:37PM I am here before as a resident and, in support of the
8:38:43PM proposed project.
8:38:44PM Prior to living to downtown, I grew up in the unincorporated
8:38:49PM county area.
8:38:50PM My father worked downtown and as such, I've had the great
8:38:55PM privilege of watching the downtown area develop over the
8:38:58PM last decades.
8:38:59PM I do recall a time when none of the residences that
8:39:02PM currently exist were there.
8:39:03PM So, I strongly support the continued movement and I
8:39:08PM encourage the Council to vote in favor of the project.
8:39:11PM And to continue the upward movement and development of the
8:39:15PM downtown area.
8:39:16PM And the hope of ultimately developing an area where the
8:39:19PM arts, residential mixed use work and development can coexist
8:39:23PM in harmony with one another.
8:39:25PM Thank you.
8:39:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:39:26PM Appreciate it.
8:39:27PM Next please?
8:39:27PM My name is Kevin Plummer, head of school of Tampa
8:39:33PM preparatory school.
8:39:34PM Please pardon my casual attire.

8:39:36PM As school administrators, we don't have much time to not be
8:39:39PM in a tie.
8:39:40PM And kids are coming.
8:39:43PM I moved to Tampa seven years ago.
8:39:45PM When I moved here and took a job at Tampa prep, my wife was
8:39:49PM seven months pregnant.
8:39:50PM We were unable to close on our house on time so we had to
8:39:53PM live from the residence inn.
8:39:55PM You can imagine the trouble I had with a seven month
8:39:59PM pregnant wife in the heat of the summer in saying let's go
8:40:04PM to dinner because we are downtown.
8:40:06PM And walking block after block after block and now I have to
8:40:11PM explain why this was a good move for our family from
8:40:14PM Philadelphia.
8:40:15PM The growth of downtown has been tremendous.
8:40:18PM And it's been an honor to live here and to see the progress
8:40:21PM that's happened.
8:40:22PM I support this development, of this construction of the
8:40:27PM riverside tower.
8:40:28PM Progress requires commitment, come pro myself dedication and
8:40:31PM courage.
8:40:31PM Growing and developing our urban density is a compelling
8:40:35PM vision for Tampa.
8:40:37PM And the prospect that that growth would further support the
8:40:40PM visionary amenities and opportunities of our downtown, such

8:40:43PM as the Straz Center, the Tampa Museum of Art, the Glazer
8:40:47PM Children's Museum, Tampa History Museum, the Tampa Theatre,
8:40:51PM our Riverwalk and our beloved Tampa Bay Lightning is equally
8:40:55PM compelling.
8:40:55PM I love these Tampa treasures and I look forward to and I
8:41:00PM want their continued success.
8:41:01PM To me, this project confirms an appreciation for the
8:41:06PM dedication of the historical business district to stay the
8:41:09PM course and rewards their commitment to Tampa.
8:41:11PM That commitment has been the backbone of Tampa's past and it
8:41:14PM will be of its future.
8:41:15PM By providing residence for the current and future workforce.
8:41:21PM This project confirms the courage of a growing number of
8:41:24PM entrepreneurs new to downtown whose restaurants, hotels and
8:41:28PM shops point to our future and whose businesses are fortified
8:41:33PM by the welcome and healthy combination of businesses and
8:41:37PM residences.
8:41:38PM Thank you.
8:41:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
8:41:39PM Next please?
8:41:43PM Hi, my name is Dave trainer.
8:41:45PM I live 1212 Whiting Street in downtown Tampa.
8:41:48PM Also work for Smith and associates.
8:41:50PM Fortunately this year I had the opportunity to give a
8:41:54PM presentation to the downtown partnership talking about

8:41:56PM downtown living.
8:41:58PM And at the time, we gave the presentation, we looked at
8:42:01PM every building in downtown Tampa, the there were between 90
8:42:05PM and a hundred percent occupied.
8:42:07PM Between 90 and a hundred percent occupied.
8:42:10PM So people now have actually come and lived in Tampa and
8:42:12PM they're enjoying Tampa.
8:42:14PM When gave that presentation several years ago, we talked
8:42:16PM about the lights being on but people not being home yet.
8:42:19PM Because we were a assisting the developers and putting
8:42:23PM lights on to make people think it was the place to go.
8:42:26PM Come to Tampa, lights are on.
8:42:29PM People weren't living there yet.
8:42:30PM Now they're there.
8:42:31PM And now we are excited.
8:42:33PM But as everybody was here talk about, we have a little bit
8:42:36PM of density.
8:42:36PM Things have started.
8:42:38PM Retail is picking up.
8:42:39PM But when you talk to local bills ordinance, they'll say
8:42:41PM things are getting better, things are improving, but we need
8:42:44PM more density.
8:42:45PM And we're excited about this and we think this is a
8:42:48PM wonderful development.
8:42:49PM We're in support of that because we also want more friends

8:42:52PM who can enjoy downtown like we are.
8:42:54PM Because there is limited inventory right now.
8:42:56PM We already have a lot of dogs, but we want more dogs.
8:42:59PM And we know this will bring more dogs.
8:43:01PM So, we are in support of this development.
8:43:04PM And thank you.
8:43:05PM And have a good night.
8:43:06PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
8:43:07PM Next please?
8:43:11PM My name is Chris suiter.
8:43:13PM I work in park towers and have been working there 10 years
8:43:17PM now.
8:43:17PM I've watched some of these high rises go up, Element and
8:43:21PM SkyPoint.
8:43:23PM I think when they first went up, I was sure there was
8:43:27PM controversy.
8:43:28PM They took away sight lines from my building.
8:43:30PM I work on the 30th floor, I have a beautiful view.
8:43:33PM And those buildings like the Sykes tower interrupt my view.
8:43:38PM But I never begrudged them from building those enterprises
8:43:43PM because I understood that this was the beginning of
8:43:46PM something special for this city.
8:43:48PM I didn't choose this city.
8:43:49PM I moved here because my wife's family is here.
8:43:52PM As many husbands will tell you, you go where your wife wants

8:43:55PM you to go.
8:43:56PM [ Laughter ]
8:43:57PM >> But I've learned to fall in love with this city and I'm a
8:43:59PM big believer in this city.
8:44:01PM You have a great, great asset in the river itself.
8:44:03PM And I look at this building, and the vision that it embodies
8:44:08PM and it's something that you ought to capitalize on when you
8:44:11PM have a chance to capitalize.
8:44:12PM It was something that was made effectively out of nothing.
8:44:16PM That is tremendously improved the corridor.
8:44:18PM I have attended the Straz Center.
8:44:20PM I have walked up and down these streets because of my job, I
8:44:24PM have spent countless weekends at work and I can tell you,
8:44:27PM there has been a change.
8:44:28PM But we are nowhere close, we are not even close to where we
8:44:32PM should be as a city in terms of the assets that we have.
8:44:34PM And that river is part of it.
8:44:36PM You put a residence like this with commercial space on the
8:44:40PM bottom, and you are going to provide an anchor for that part
8:44:44PM of the Riverwalk.
8:44:45PM And that's why you're seeing the people from the Riverwalk
8:44:49PM community supporting it.
8:44:50PM That's why you're seeing the Straz people supporting it, so
8:44:54PM many young people supporting it.
8:44:56PM I know many of you are long Tim residents of Tampa.

8:44:59PM But as somebody from the outside, I encourage you to look at
8:45:03PM this as an open mind.
8:45:04PM Change is sometimes difficult.
8:45:05PM But here you have the situation where somebody's putting
8:45:08PM something in front of you.
8:45:09PM That is going to create a positive change.
8:45:11PM And you're hearing cross pollination from other people from
8:45:15PM other commission as to what they're looking for and what
8:45:18PM they're telling you is this is something special.
8:45:20PM Something that you should think deeply about, but that you
8:45:25PM should entrance at.
8:45:26PM You should take advantage of.
8:45:28PM I come from a community, Kodak is a big presence in
8:45:33PM Rochester, New York.
8:45:34PM I heard about the arts community.
8:45:36PM When you attract talent and you attract business, it's not
8:45:40PM bad.
8:45:40PM What business brings with it is philanthropy interest.
8:45:46PM Kodak is the centerpiece of Rochester.
8:45:48PM It has one of the best music programs in the nation because
8:45:51PM it had that money to invest in its community, invest in
8:45:54PM education.
8:45:54PM Take advantage of this opportunity.
8:45:56PM Capitalize on the assets that you do have.
8:45:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

8:46:00PM Next please?
8:46:06PM >> My name is John McWhirter.
8:46:08PM I live at 10 Ladoga Avenue on Davis Islands.
8:46:16PM I'm a user of the John F. Germany library and a member of
8:46:19PM the library board.
8:46:20PM I received a call last week from the director who asked me
8:46:25PM to come here to tell you that the library board has taken no
8:46:31PM action in opposition to the construction of the high rise
8:46:36PM apartment building you are considering tonight.
8:46:38PM I feel like I'm almost a caboose in this train.
8:46:44PM The board took no action because on June the 6th, Mr. Smith
8:46:50PM who appeared before you earlier today, came to our board and
8:46:54PM told us that the bridge from the Poe garage to the library
8:47:02PM would be preserved, which made everybody very happy.
8:47:06PM That bridge, which I call the bridge of knowledge, carries
8:47:14PM 200,000 people a day who walk across from the Poe garage to
8:47:19PM the library.
8:47:20PM And 60,000 -- I said a day.
8:47:23PM A year.
8:47:24PM [ Laughter ]
8:47:25PM >> Sometimes I get pretty enthusiastic.
8:47:28PM But 60,000 of those people are young children.
8:47:34PM And so that bridge is very important to us.
8:47:37PM And we invited Mr. Smith who came to the board twice, and
8:47:41PM explained to us the first time that it was going to be

8:47:46PM demolished.
8:47:46PM The second time he came back and said we're going to
8:47:48PM preserve that bridge.
8:47:50PM And that pleases me very much.
8:47:53PM So, yesterday I went down to the zoning board and went
8:47:57PM through the file to see that the plan had been amended to
8:48:03PM put that bridge in and it was of course discussed here again
8:48:06PM today.
8:48:07PM And I found that it wasn't in.
8:48:09PM And that created a bit of a technicality that gave me some
8:48:15PM confusion because I read your ordinance and I believe the
8:48:21PM language means what it says it means.
8:48:24PM And what it says that construction on property zoned under a
8:48:29PM site plan district may only take place consistent with the
8:48:35PM development plan approved by the City Council at the time of
8:48:40PM zoning, rezoning.
8:48:42PM So, here's the problem.
8:48:44PM What the development plan you're voting on tonight says,
8:48:49PM it's going to take 7,000 square feet from property that's
8:48:55PM been leased to the library.
8:48:58PM It destroyed two stairways to the library.
8:49:01PM It demolishes the heavily used bridge I just mentioned.
8:49:07PM And it converts the disability ramp -- I'm going to try to
8:49:12PM wind autopsy real quick, Mr. Chairman.
8:49:13PM Into a two way street.

8:49:16PM That's a problem the city owns legal title to this property.
8:49:22PM But it's leased to the library for a long-term.
8:49:25PM And unless the demolition plan is -- not the demolition
8:49:32PM plan, but the development plan is properly amended before
8:49:37PM it's approved, you have a second thing, because the bridge
8:49:46PM can't be constructed.
8:49:47PM I think you can take care of this problem.
8:49:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say, I'm sorry that we have gone
8:49:52PM over.
8:49:53PM >> I appreciate it, Mr. Chairman.
8:49:55PM I have only got one more sentence.
8:49:57PM I request you to put in your approval when you do it that
8:50:00PM the applicant shall preserve or reconstruct the pedestrian
8:50:06PM above Cass Street bridge from the Poe garage to John F.
8:50:09PM Germany library as one of a limitations in your approval.
8:50:15PM Thank you.
8:50:15PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. McWhirter.
8:50:18PM Appreciate it.
8:50:18PM Yes, sir?
8:50:21PM >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
8:50:24PM My name is Jim Shirk.
8:50:27PM My business address as of this week is 212 East Cass Street.
8:50:31PM But I'm here not to speak as a business owner.
8:50:34PM But I'm here to speak as a follower of Jane Jacobs, the
8:50:42PM great planner, who wrote The Life and Death of Great

8:50:44PM American Cities.
8:50:45PM She wrote about the positive effects of multiple uses.
8:50:49PM When you get people living and working downtown, generating
8:50:53PM business, just residences, you get people on the street
8:50:57PM 24/7.
8:50:58PM It makes the streets safer.
8:50:59PM It may look chaotic, but it's much safer than a vacuum after
8:51:09PM 5:00 p.m.
8:51:10PM What we need in downtown Tampa is people staying here, going
8:51:13PM to dinner, going to theater, going to the Straz Center and
8:51:16PM going all through downtown.
8:51:17PM The other thing I'd like to mention is, the great impact
8:51:21PM that this will have on Tampa bike share.
8:51:24PM Because bike share is integral to the sort of development we
8:51:28PM want where people can come downstairs from their residence,
8:51:33PM hop on a bike, ride it to, ride it to their workplace south
8:51:37PM of Kennedy, park the bike, somebody else comes along and
8:51:40PM picks the bike up and rides it back.
8:51:42PM The third thing I'd like to emphasize is that cities are
8:51:46PM inherently conservative of energy.
8:51:51PM Think of all the people that can live downtown that don't
8:51:54PM have to drive from Avila in a 20-mile-per-gallon vehicle.
8:52:01PM But rather can get on a bike or even walk down to where they
8:52:04PM work or where they recreate or whatever.
8:52:07PM Anyway, cities are inherently saving of energy and it's

8:52:12PM where people want to come and live.
8:52:14PM You've heard all the young people today.
8:52:16PM Young people are not driving cars as much as they used to.
8:52:19PM They want to have a place where they don't have to have a
8:52:22PM car to survive.
8:52:23PM Anyway, I will give up my last minute for the gentleman that
8:52:26PM spoke before meet.
8:52:26PM Thank you.
8:52:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:52:27PM Next please?
8:52:32PM >> Good evening, Todd Smith, executive director of the Tampa
8:52:36PM museum of art.
8:52:37PM I have two things, one I'd like to collar nigh earlier
8:52:40PM comment.
8:52:40PM The Tampa museum of art has not endorsed this project.
8:52:43PM The board has voted instead to support development in
8:52:46PM downtown Tampa.
8:52:47PM This has nothing to do with the project itself.
8:52:51PM Has everything to do with the fact that as an agency in
8:52:54PM town, as a cultural institution, we believe in great density
8:52:58PM to support the efforts that this Council, prior Council,
8:53:02PM this administration and prior administrations have put forth
8:53:05PM to make sure that the museum is very successful.
8:53:07PM And second of all, I'd like to thank everyone tonight who
8:53:10PM has made such comments about the museum.

8:53:12PM [ Laughter ]
8:53:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:53:14PM Next please?
8:53:17PM >> Hi there.
8:53:18PM I'm a little nervous.
8:53:19PM I promised to wear my suit and tie when I come back on the
8:53:22PM 22nd for our consumption license.
8:53:24PM My name is Michelle Deatherage, and I'm the owner of
8:53:26PM Duckweed Urban Market.
8:53:29PM We just moved to the bottom of the Element.
8:53:31PM I see a lot of loyal customers who have been with us in our
8:53:35PM small 600 square foot business on Polk Street.
8:53:38PM We're thrilled to have been able to grow.
8:53:41PM But it was tough.
8:53:42PM We did not know if we were going to be able to survive as a
8:53:45PM mom and pop grocery store which we all know downtown Tampa
8:53:49PM has needed for a long time.
8:53:51PM When my husband and I opened it, we figured if it was the
8:53:55PM only one that shop there, I could get bacon and eggs Sunday
8:53:59PM morning.
8:53:59PM It was trying not just because it's a new business, which is
8:54:04PM scary, but because we didn't know which direction Tampa was
8:54:07PM going to go and we were on the cusp of either being
8:54:10PM developed in something fantastic and phenomenal or going
8:54:13PM another direction and that was quite a risk for to us take.

8:54:17PM We're really excited it's worked out and we have seen Tampa
8:54:20PM grow just in the few years we have been open.
8:54:23PM We have a wonderful clientele that comes throughout the day.
8:54:25PM But 90% of our business is still residents who live here who
8:54:30PM doesn't want to driver to get their grocery.
8:54:32PM They park their car and want to doing everything they can on
8:54:35PM foot.
8:54:36PM So to see this development happen will not only help more
8:54:40PM restaurants and cafes, but when we talking about true
8:54:42PM genuine retail shops, like a grocery store or jewelry stores
8:54:46PM or clothing or outdoor outfitters, these are the things that
8:54:50PM will come when we have more residence that live in the area.
8:54:54PM Thank you.
8:54:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:54:55PM Next please?
8:54:58PM >> Good evening.
8:54:59PM My name is Frank Starkey.
8:55:00PM I live in New Port Richey at 3104 Alachua plays.
8:55:04PM I also own a condo in the Madison at SoHo.
8:55:08PM I'm a real estate developer by dried.
8:55:10PM I hold undergraduate and professional degrees from
8:55:14PM architectural and urban design from Rice University.
8:55:17PM I look at this project and site from the viewpoint of what
8:55:20PM you're now calling north Hyde Park, the area just west of
8:55:22PM the river across Cass Street.

8:55:25PM I look at it from there for two reasons.
8:55:28PM One, because I always thought that was the next great
8:55:31PM neighborhood in town neighborhood for residential and street
8:55:35PM life.
8:55:37PM In Tampa's central core.
8:55:40PM Not the central business district of course.
8:55:42PM So I look at this project as the real gateway linking
8:55:47PM residential life that's already taking, blossoming on, with
8:55:53PM SkyPoint and Element and the Channelside district and
8:55:56PM starting to build that bridge across to the west side of the
8:55:59PM river.
8:56:00PM The other reason I'm looking at that area because I've taken
8:56:04PM a great area in the InVision Tampa plan.
8:56:07PM Because of the process that the city has gone through to
8:56:09PM engage stakeholders and really get a feel from the community
8:56:12PM for what it wants to see happen.
8:56:14PM But I'm also taking a personal professional interest because
8:56:18PM as the clouds are parting on the real estate development
8:56:21PM industry after this long dark night we have been in for the
8:56:24PM last several years, I'm looking specifically and
8:56:27PM strategically for locations to develop new projects, that
8:56:32PM are very oriented around people.
8:56:34PM The name of my new company is people place.
8:56:37PM I'm looking specifically for jurisdictions, cities,
8:56:41PM municipalities that have laid the groundwork and are going

8:56:43PM to be supportive and protective of good urban development
8:56:48PM and redevelopment.
8:56:49PM Myself and other developers are going to be very, pay very
8:56:57PM close attention to your decisions on this project as it will
8:57:02PM either send a very strong signal in support of the great
8:57:05PM work the city has already done with InVision Tampa as well
8:57:08PM as a number of other fantastic initiatives, the Riverwalk,
8:57:12PM the Straz Center, which is one of the -- the Straz Center
8:57:16PM and Tampa Museum of Art and the Children's Museum all close
8:57:20PM by, which are regional assets.
8:57:23PM Are you supporting the work you've done or sending another
8:57:29PM signal that's not going to be, not going to be well received
8:57:32PM by developers who are looking to do good things for the City
8:57:35PM of Tampa.
8:57:36PM I happen to be a person who thinks Tampa a is a fantastic
8:57:39PM town and we need to stop wringing our hands that it's not
8:57:42PM and stop comparing ourselves to cities that we think are
8:57:46PM cooler.
8:57:46PM I think they probably all have the same self-image problem.
8:57:51PM [ Laughter ]
8:57:52PM >> I'm running out of time.
8:57:55PM Thank you.
8:57:55PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
8:57:56PM I appreciate knowing the man who has the big boot company.
8:58:04PM >> Hi.

8:58:05PM Patrick Dufour, 2202 North Westshore Boulevard.
8:58:09PM I like you and everyone else in the room do my small part to
8:58:13PM try and encourage business and development.
8:58:15PM And the overall progress of this city.
8:58:17PM Thank you all for your time.
8:58:19PM It's been a long night.
8:58:20PM Appreciate you listening to me for just a moment.
8:58:22PM And explaining my view on this project and the overall
8:58:26PM development evident city.
8:58:27PM I raise capital for various projects from various
8:58:30PM institutional capital sources around the country and around
8:58:34PM the world.
8:58:35PM And like many of the other folks have talked about, we are
8:58:38PM in some ways losing the young people and the future in
8:58:42PM downtown Tampa to other markets and other cities.
8:58:45PM Everyone plays a small role in building a city and we all
8:58:48PM know it takes a long time to build a city.
8:58:50PM Part of that is because the opportunities to build that city
8:58:54PM don't come around very often.
8:58:56PM And we are right now in probably the fourth ending of a
8:59:00PM development cycle, which comes around about every ten years.
8:59:03PM So the opportunity is here and now for you to make the
8:59:05PM changes in downtown Tampa that you'll see and live with for
8:59:08PM the next 10 years.
8:59:10PM And I congratulate you and everyone whose invested, between

8:59:16PM public and private, over a billion dollars in downtown Tampa
8:59:18PM over the last three years.
8:59:20PM To build public facilities, to build walkable pedestrian
8:59:23PM lifestyles, to encourage the people to move back into
8:59:27PM downtown Tampa and into the setting.
8:59:29PM And the fact of the matter, despite all that, we are still
8:59:32PM in a lot of ways losing those young people and that vibrance
8:59:37PM and long-term future in our downtown to cities across the
8:59:41PM southeast and the northeast as well as right here in our
8:59:44PM backyard and downtown St. Pete.
8:59:46PM Downtown St. Pete currently has four mid and high rise
8:59:49PM residential projects under development.
8:59:50PM Four.
8:59:51PM We have one in Tampa.
8:59:52PM Downtown St. Pete has less than four million square feet of
8:59:55PM office space.
8:59:56PM We have nearly ten million square feet of office space.
8:59:59PM There's no reason why there should be more residential
9:00:02PM development in downtown St. Pete than there is in downtown
9:00:06PM Tampa right now the and finally, with regard to this project
9:00:10PM in particular, I think this is hitting the nail on the head
9:00:14PM in terms of what young people are looking for as a place to
9:00:17PM live.
9:00:18PM There really is a shortage of housing in downtown Tampa,
9:00:20PM despite all the investment you and others have made.

9:00:23PM And this also has specific benefits to the city, not only
9:00:26PM benefits to the purchase price of the land Burkes in tax
9:00:29PM dollars this project will generate.
9:00:31PM So I encourage you to look at this opportunity as the right
9:00:34PM project and the right time.
9:00:36PM That doesn't come around very often and encourage you to
9:00:39PM support the project.
9:00:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:00:41PM Next please?
9:00:48PM >>> I'm Karen McClure, 217 South Hail Avenue.
9:00:51PM And I have not been sworn in.
9:00:53PM I was out in the other area.
9:00:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I thought you had.
9:00:57PM I made my mistake.
9:00:58PM Anyone else who has not been sworn in in the office, in the
9:01:02PM hallway?
9:01:03PM Too late.
9:01:03PM You already spoke.
9:01:04PM [ Laughter ]
9:01:05PM Testing my mind again.
9:01:10PM [Oath administered by Clerk]
9:01:20PM >> I was at the Council meeting in May, when the decision
9:01:25PM was made to postpone just the traffic portion of this,
9:01:29PM because that's all we were allowed to speak to at that
9:01:32PM meeting.

9:01:32PM The developer did meet with the library board.
9:01:35PM I attended that meeting.
9:01:37PM And they showed us a lot of renderings with that sky walk
9:01:42PM still there.
9:01:43PM Or back there.
9:01:45PM So it is alarming to me if plans have not been amended as we
9:01:51PM were told they were going to be, to keep that sky walk
9:01:54PM there.
9:01:54PM Because that sky walk is extremely important.
9:01:57PM It goes from the Poe over to the library.
9:01:59PM I have been a volunteer at the John F. Germany library for
9:02:04PM 20 years.
9:02:05PM I've been in Tampa really close to 50 years at this time.
9:02:09PM So this development downtown is extremely exciting.
9:02:14PM It's nice for somebody who grew up here, to go downtown and
9:02:18PM the sidewalks are not rolled up at 5:00.
9:02:20PM These wonderful.
9:02:21PM It's the location of this project that I and the other
9:02:27PM members of the friend of the library for John F. Germany
9:02:31PM object to.
9:02:31PM Just its location, 280 feet back from the water front.
9:02:36PM But there's nothing else until you get to, I'm sorry, to the
9:02:41PM beer can building to me.
9:02:43PM There's nothing else that's that tall.
9:02:47PM And you have that whole cultural arts district, which we

9:02:51PM consider the library to be part of.
9:02:52PM If you've never seen the art collection there, you should
9:02:55PM stop in.
9:02:55PM It's amazing.
9:02:57PM There's nothing else that is that tall and all of the
9:03:03PM friends of the library board members I have spoken to, it's
9:03:06PM the location of it.
9:03:08PM Any other location, great, bring more people in.
9:03:11PM Bring more business, bring density.
9:03:13PM Just not right there.
9:03:16PM Thank you.
9:03:17PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:03:17PM Next please?
9:03:19PM Mrs. Mandell?
9:03:21PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I was going to wait till everybody spoke.
9:03:23PM But since the issue has been raised.
9:03:24PM I want to make the record very clear.
9:03:26PM That's why my comments were what they were at the beginning.
9:03:29PM Mr. McWhirter has been in e-mail talking about the idea is
9:03:33PM the development agreement that he reviewed did not address,
9:03:36PM I'm sorry, not development agreement.
9:03:38PM Roadway construction agreement did not address the new plan
9:03:41PM with the elevated pedestrian feature remaining in its
9:03:47PM location because what he had seen was an old one.
9:03:49PM That's why I wanted to make it very clear for the record,

9:03:52PM the one I'm working on, bringing fourth to Council is going
9:03:55PM to address that issue.
9:03:56PM All that being said, he had made a request that an
9:03:59PM additional note be added that the site plan discussed, that
9:04:02PM was the developer, and the developer's comfortable adding
9:04:05PM that note the so when Ms. Feeley gets up, she's going to
9:04:09PM read another note into the record for you to adopt, assuming
9:04:12PM if you adopt this you can adopt that as part of your motion.
9:04:16PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:04:16PM Next please?
9:04:23PM >> Five names, Mr. Chairman.
9:04:26PM Deb rag Alan Mosley.
9:04:35PM William Gillette.
9:04:39PM >> He's no longer here.
9:04:43PM >> Jim.
9:04:49PM >> I don't even know who that is.
9:04:52PM >> And Lynn Kashar.
9:05:00PM A total of six.
9:05:03PM >> Jeff Zampitella.
9:05:04PM 777 North Ashley Drive, also at SkyPoint.
9:05:07PM Want to agree with about 90% of what everyone said,
9:05:10PM including the developer, wonderful building.
9:05:13PM We think that the density argument is very plausible.
9:05:17PM We think that all the arguments that have been put forth are
9:05:21PM very valid.

9:05:23PM Here's why I disagree with the location.
9:05:26PM And I just want to remind City Council it's a rezoning
9:05:29PM hearing.
9:05:30PM And what's before you right now is, we're asking you to do
9:05:35PM something basically, except for one exception, Rivergate
9:05:38PM tower, that in the last 30 years has not been done.
9:05:42PM That was the one exception.
9:05:43PM There's a reason why SkyPoint isn't where the Tampa museum
9:05:48PM of art is.
9:05:48PM It's not in the middle of Curtis Hixon.
9:05:50PM There's a reason and I think there's some confusion as to
9:05:53PM why that has happened.
9:05:56PM If I may throw this up on the overheld.
9:05:58PM Part of the CBD, central business district, I believe was
9:06:01PM created by the CRA.
9:06:04PM You're all familiar, Councilman Reddick the chair of that
9:06:09PM agency.
9:06:10PM The CRA interestingly enough, when you look at the coding
9:06:14PM that you guys have to consider, there are recommendations.
9:06:19PM This chart may look very familiar to you, because in the
9:06:22PM code that rezoning is considered, these districts, these 12
9:06:27PM districts are called out.
9:06:29PM And the interesting thing is that the city, the developer,
9:06:33PM and everyone who has spoken has not spoken to those.
9:06:36PM And they're suggestions.

9:06:39PM They're things that have been done for 30 years prior to you
9:06:41PM all that have protected our cultural arts district.
9:06:45PM It's the reason we have the Tampa museum of art.
9:06:47PM It's the reason we have the children's museum.
9:06:50PM It's the reason we have ripped down the Curtis Hixon hall
9:06:55PM and turned it into a park, not once but twice.
9:06:58PM So why isn't there a building in that build? Density is
9:07:01PM great.
9:07:01PM But there's a reason why SkyPoint is on the other side of
9:07:04PM Ashley, because it's a different district altogether.
9:07:07PM The cultural arts district was thought of 30 years ago, to,
9:07:14PM for these very purposes.
9:07:16PM What's very interesting is, there's no residence in those
9:07:19PM areas right now.
9:07:20PM And so, the problem is, all those venues depend on the city.
9:07:26PM And in case you haven't noticed, the Mayor is tweeting your
9:07:31PM numbers now, the afraid he tweaked my number earlier today
9:07:37PM too.
9:07:37PM There was a lot of pressure on those cultural venues.
9:07:41PM So they're obviously not going to come out against this
9:07:43PM because one thing, the Germany library, they're afraid of
9:07:47PM being torn down.
9:07:49PM Mayor gave a wink and a nod and basically could get rid of
9:07:53PM that it's a very strong Mayor city.
9:07:56PM You all know that.

9:07:57PM So the cultural arts district, which includes this area
9:08:01PM right here, also has a waterfront overlay district.
9:08:05PM So you've got two suggested, it is suggested, types of
9:08:10PM buildings that are the appropriate in there.
9:08:13PM A residential tower is not appropriate.
9:08:15PM And again, it's rezoning today.
9:08:17PM It's for, to exceed 120 feet height for the, from CBD-1 to
9:08:26PM CBD-2.
9:08:27PM Chi point, there's no controversy there.
9:08:30PM SkyPoint is in the Franklin retail district.
9:08:34PM Franklin street district.
9:08:36PM It's appropriate for that area because the envisioners of
9:08:39PM this plan envisioned pushing density towards the Franklin
9:08:43PM Street retail district, which is right here.
9:08:47PM You all know any history of downtown Tampa, that is where we
9:08:51PM want the density.
9:08:52PM We don't want the density all over the place.
9:08:55PM We want the density in this area right here, so that we have
9:09:00PM the businesses come back there.
9:09:02PM Honestly, 10,000 square feet over by the Straz, it's not
9:09:06PM going to make much of a difference as far as shopping.
9:09:09PM That's what we have at SkyPoint.
9:09:10PM Nothing.
9:09:11PM If you're going to do this project, do it in this area in an
9:09:15PM appropriate area.

9:09:16PM That's why it's so important to consider those vacant lots.
9:09:22PM The ones that are north of SkyPoint that were already
9:09:24PM pointed out earlier.
9:09:25PM I urge to turn this down.
9:09:28PM Turn down the rezoning.
9:09:30PM And let's slow down and let's engage, let's have the Mayor
9:09:35PM reach out to all the venues that are in that area, those
9:09:39PM cultural venues and without pressure from the Mayor, let's
9:09:42PM ask them to come together the next six months, eight months,
9:09:47PM three months, whatever it is.
9:09:48PM Please continue this if you're not going to vote it down,
9:09:52PM but have them come together and see whether or not they
9:09:54PM really want this project.
9:09:56PM Because I think if you were to ask them without the Mayor's
9:10:00PM boot on their throat, they would have a different answer.
9:10:03PM When he shows up at the Straz and basically intimidates the
9:10:10PM board to vote the way they did, that's very interesting.
9:10:15PM So, if it doesn't smell right, something's wrong.
9:10:19PM So, I ask you, you all today to turn down this rezoning
9:10:25PM request, or continue it.
9:10:27PM Continue it to give those cultural venues in this area time.
9:10:34PM Time to see if this is what they really want and what's
9:10:37PM appropriate for that area.
9:10:39PM Thank you.
9:10:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

9:10:41PM Next please?
9:10:46PM >> Thank you very much.
9:10:47PM My name is Kevin Thurman.
9:10:49PM Live 777 North Ashley Drive in the SkyPoint.
9:10:52PM Which you've heard a lot from tonight.
9:10:54PM Not going into my personal stories.
9:10:58PM Talk specifically about this project.
9:11:00PM We have some slides here.
9:11:01PM This is the view you can see down here.
9:11:03PM You see all the way that truck, in the back, you can see the
9:11:07PM river when you look down Cass Street right now.
9:11:10PM When you go to the next place, you go down Tyler Street, you
9:11:13PM can't see the river at all.
9:11:14PM It's blocked off.
9:11:15PM There's a view corridor currently blocked in this current
9:11:19PM configuration.
9:11:20PM That is what you're looking at.
9:11:22PM So when we look at what we're trying to do, when they say
9:11:27PM walling off the river, they're inaccurate.
9:11:29PM The river is currently walled off.
9:11:31PM When hotel visitors visit the hotel, when they come out,
9:11:35PM they're walled off.
9:11:37PM This will open up the river and create a view corridor.
9:11:39PM That's the Riverwalk right now going past the Straz, through
9:11:42PM a parking lot.

9:11:43PM This will change that it will become a true Riverwalk.
9:11:46PM This is what it looks like to be walking around this area
9:11:51PM right now.
9:11:52PM No pedestrians allowed.
9:11:55PM There's literally a sign.
9:11:57PM So let's see how important this is.
9:12:00PM You know what's so great about this?
9:12:03PM We're not going to have to fix any of those problems with a
9:12:06PM single dollar of taxpayer money.
9:12:08PM The developer is going to take care of that.
9:12:09PM And that's why this project is important.
9:12:11PM We have also talked about location a lot.
9:12:13PM I'm going to talk about transit.
9:12:16PM This circle on that map, the only regional tragedies sit hub
9:12:23PM in all of Hillsborough County.
9:12:24PM And there's a half mile radius, which says, is the amount of
9:12:33PM distance you should consider stationary when you're trying
9:12:36PM to look at density.
9:12:37PM Transit oriented development.
9:12:39PM Tomorrow I'm holding a press conference talking about how we
9:12:42PM need to get moving on train day.
9:12:44PM If you guys don't approve this today, that is a vote that
9:12:47PM makes it very clear that you're not that haunted in density
9:12:50PM around this area.
9:12:51PM This is the only city lot within this area.

9:12:53PM Not currently being developed.
9:12:56PM So if you don't allow density here, it's going to create
9:12:59PM serious problems.
9:13:00PM That's the issue, is the chilling issue of saying no to this
9:13:03PM we're fixing the sidewalks, we're putting people where we're
9:13:06PM going to have it.
9:13:07PM Not only here, but if you look at the plans for the last 30
9:13:11PM years, every single time we have looked at putting rail in
9:13:14PM downtown Tampa.
9:13:15PM This has been a quarter mile from every single transit stop.
9:13:18PM Two blocks from every single trolley, streetcar extension
9:13:22PM they've ever had.
9:13:23PM So this is clear.
9:13:24PM This is a vote that involves pedestrian and fixing our
9:13:27PM streets.
9:13:27PM Fixing our view corridors.
9:13:29PM It doesn't block off the river.
9:13:31PM It gives us access to it.
9:13:33PM It is important to having density in this location.
9:13:36PM It's vital in fact for us to have the future that we're
9:13:39PM looking for.
9:13:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
9:13:42PM Next please?
9:13:43PM Thank you, commissioners, or Councilmembers.
9:13:53PM Brian Willis, 608 South Orleans Avenue.

9:13:56PM I was born in Tampa.
9:13:57PM I left to go to school.
9:13:59PM Came back here in 2007.
9:14:01PM Since I grew up here, since I've been back this area in
9:14:03PM downtown continues to make great strides.
9:14:06PM But we're deluding ourselves if we say we don't want more
9:14:10PM development, we don't want more people living along the
9:14:13PM Riverwalk.
9:14:14PM What has driven the improvements in downtown is the people
9:14:17PM we're giving opportunities to liver down there.
9:14:20PM There's a reason why it costs $2,000 or $2,500 to rent an
9:14:23PM apartment in SkyPoint and Element.
9:14:26PM It's because there's overwhelming demand for that type of
9:14:29PM accommodations.
9:14:30PM Accommodations in that type of urban style living that this
9:14:32PM city is not meeting.
9:14:34PM So for the gentleman who put up the smiley faces and said
9:14:37PM build here, build here but not here, I say that's not the
9:14:40PM choice.
9:14:40PM It's not either or choice.
9:14:42PM We need to build in all those.
9:14:44PM We don't need more surface parking lots.
9:14:46PM But that, the fact we need to develop those other spaces as
9:14:49PM well doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything on this space.
9:14:52PM It's a good development.

9:14:54PM The area there now is a disaster that's around the staff.
9:14:57PM I think Kevin its straighted that with the no pedestrian
9:15:02PM sign.
9:15:02PM Anybody who has tried to navigate that can see it's a
9:15:05PM disaster.
9:15:05PM The Straz fits in an ocean of surface parking lots.
9:15:09PM And this is just the kind of gateway from the West Tampa
9:15:15PM area into downtown and it's unfriendly to pedestrians.
9:15:17PM It's unfriendly to people who are going from the museum up
9:15:20PM to the Straz.
9:15:21PM It's not attractive.
9:15:22PM And so the opportunity that's before us is to approve
9:15:27PM something that will make the Riverwalk better.
9:15:29PM It will make downtown better.
9:15:31PM It will give more opportunities for people to live in
9:15:33PM downtown.
9:15:34PM And that's a good thing and it's something this Council
9:15:35PM should approve.
9:15:37PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:15:38PM Next please?
9:15:38PM >> Good evening.
9:15:43PM Vinny Shapiro, resident, 510 East Harrison.
9:15:48PM Also treasurer of the Uptown Council, our neighborhood
9:15:51PM association.
9:15:52PM 13 years ago I made an investment in Tampa.

9:15:54PM I opened my first office in Ybor City.
9:15:56PM I along with the Ybor chamber on eighth avenue.
9:15:59PM And I've been investing in this community since then.
9:16:03PM Been an active participate in the community.
9:16:06PM Name support of this project.
9:16:07PM As an avid runner downtown, I use the river walk sometimes
9:16:10PM two or three times a week.
9:16:12PM Most dangerous intersection is not Ashley, not Kennedy, not
9:16:15PM Channelside, not Jackson, not Twiggs, not Nuccio parkway.
9:16:20PM It's this that's why I begin and end my runs at that point,
9:16:23PM because it's the one place I have to be safe when I cross
9:16:26PM the street I'd also like to say most of the poem in
9:16:29PM opposition tonight are one issue opposition.
9:16:32PM They're not active like the rest of us in the community on a
9:16:35PM regular consistent basis.
9:16:37PM So, thank you.
9:16:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:16:38PM Let me just say this.
9:16:39PM Anyone in the hallways, first floor, second floor, railways,
9:16:44PM airport?
9:16:44PM [ Laughter ]
9:16:46PM >> I don't know, they may want to speak up here.
9:16:49PM You're certainly entitled to come up if you have not spoken
9:16:54PM prior.
9:16:54PM I'll wait a couple minutes.

9:16:55PM If not, we'll go to the rebuttal section for five minutes
9:16:58PM for the deferral.
9:16:59PM Anyone coming in?
9:17:03PM You see anyone?
9:17:04PM Do you hear anyone?
9:17:06PM [ Laughter ]
9:17:07PM Don't see, don't hear, don't speak.
9:17:10PM Developer, you have five minutes.
9:17:12PM >> Thank you Mr. Chairman.
9:17:14PM I could stand up here tonight and tell you all the great
9:17:17PM legal reasons why you should vote for this but you have
9:17:21PM heard from the community.
9:17:22PM Not just the developer, not just the developer's friends,
9:17:27PM not just somebody that we happen to find that needed
9:17:29PM something to do tonight.
9:17:31PM [ Laughter ]
9:17:32PM >> These people took a long time out of their busy lives to
9:17:35PM come tell you how important it is for our downtown
9:17:38PM redevelopment.
9:17:40PM One of the other issues that I think is very important, our
9:17:43PM developers are local people.
9:17:44PM They care about this community.
9:17:46PM You heard SkyPoint.
9:17:48PM You heard Element.
9:17:49PM There are two or three other projects in the City of Tampa

9:17:52PM that are being done by one or the other of these developers.
9:17:55PM They're not going away.
9:17:56PM They want to live, stay, play and make Tampa a much better
9:18:03PM place.
9:18:03PM And with that on the size of the building and the other
9:18:06PM things that have come up, I think Mr. Phillip Smith the
9:18:10PM president can speak much more eloquently about that.
9:18:14PM And Mr. Minder, it's their vision.
9:18:16PM And I would love for you to hear it.
9:18:20PM >> Thank you, members of Council.
9:18:22PM I appreciate all those articulate remarks tonight from
9:18:27PM everyone that you've heard from.
9:18:30PM When you build a civic based and inclusive and
9:18:35PM interconnected cultural district like we have, with art
9:18:39PM museums and performing arts center, centers of learning,
9:18:44PM centers of research, a wide open public stage like Curtis
9:18:50PM Hixon Park.
9:18:51PM And people show up, you get an energy that makes living in a
9:18:58PM city appealing.
9:19:00PM And makes downtown thrive.
9:19:03PM And gives people that thirst for the things you heard about
9:19:06PM earlier.
9:19:07PM And it's that thing when you get when you visit a city for
9:19:11PM the first time and you walk downtown and right away you know
9:19:14PM it.

9:19:14PM It either has it or it doesn't.
9:19:17PM And there's no fooling.
9:19:20PM You can't fake it.
9:19:21PM And yet today, there's no place to live in the arts
9:19:28PM district.
9:19:29PM There isn't a round the clock presence of people in that
9:19:33PM incredible asset.
9:19:34PM Streets in that district are full of potential.
9:19:37PM But they don't have that cyclical spontaneity of activity
9:19:43PM that you hear people wanting.
9:19:46PM This is a missed opportunity that we have right now in the
9:19:49PM arts district.
9:19:50PM And we can fix it.
9:19:52PM And that is the defining purpose of this project.
9:19:56PM And discussions over the past few months with the good folks
9:20:00PM at the library that you heard from, I'm glad you shared that
9:20:04PM number with you.
9:20:04PM I was stunned when I heard that number.
9:20:06PM 200,000 people enter the library from the rear of the
9:20:12PM building through the elevated pedestrian walkway.
9:20:14PM The bridge of knowledge as he called it.
9:20:16PM And yet the streets are dead.
9:20:17PM Dominated by a mishmash of roads that don't work.
9:20:24PM And dangerous pedestrian crossings.
9:20:27PM Some of those people are visiting one of the finest

9:20:29PM genealogical research libraries in the United States.
9:20:33PM It's an incredible asset.
9:20:35PM But an incredible missed opportunity too.
9:20:38PM And all those trips to and from the library happen above the
9:20:41PM treat.
9:20:42PM Why?
9:20:42PM Because the street is too dangerous to cross.
9:20:44PM If you been down there and tried to cross the street, you
9:20:49PM know what I mean.
9:20:50PM Why do we want to fix and reestablish this grid?
9:20:53PM Because the grid is the most pack Cal mechanism we have to
9:20:57PM fit things together efficiently.
9:20:59PM It preserves view corridors, like you heard.
9:21:02PM Wayfinding is more legible.
9:21:04PM Street crossings are more efficient.
9:21:06PM Grids don't make great cities and not all great cities have
9:21:10PM grids.
9:21:11PM But we do.
9:21:14PM And it's broken in this area and this proposal will fix it.
9:21:17PM Last year, over half a million people came to the Straz.
9:21:20PM Half a million people.
9:21:22PM And this burst of activity, the streets around there are
9:21:25PM dysfunctional.
9:21:26PM The rest of the time they're largely empty.
9:21:28PM And when the show is over, your night in the arts center is

9:21:32PM over and you get in your car and you take a one way road
9:21:35PM back home.
9:21:35PM And that's it.
9:21:36PM And it's not their fault.
9:21:38PM They're doing their part.
9:21:39PM They're bringing the people downtown.
9:21:41PM But it is without question another missed opportunity.
9:21:44PM None of this can be fixed without a critical mass of people.
9:21:47PM All of the people, all the peels are here.
9:21:51PM But the people have to be here to energize it around the
9:21:54PM clock and they shouldn't be required to arrive there by
9:21:57PM their cars.
9:21:57PM The idea that people shouldn't live in an arts district,
9:22:01PM where people are the one thing that drive its existence, is
9:22:05PM like building a state-of-the-art elementary school, super
9:22:09PM high tech and telling families and kids you're not allowed
9:22:12PM to live in the neighborhood.
9:22:13PM It defies common sense.
9:22:15PM We can't have it both ways.
9:22:16PM We can't derive the congestion cars bring and prevent people
9:22:21PM from living where they want to go.
9:22:23PM The good news is, just like we hoped, now they want to live
9:22:27PM here.
9:22:28PM Thank you very much.
9:22:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

9:22:29PM Appreciate it very much.
9:22:30PM Okay.
9:22:30PM Comments from Council?
9:22:33PM Mr. Reddick, Mr. Suarez.
9:22:35PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
9:22:36PM Mr. Smith, you can come back up.
9:22:38PM Thank you for your closing comments.
9:22:53PM You remind me somewhat that I thought that was the Mayor
9:22:58PM standing there speaking.
9:23:00PM [ Laughter ]
9:23:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Maybe he is.
9:23:08PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Your presentation was similar to the line
9:23:10PM of the Mayor that we heard a lot.
9:23:11PM And the passion that you had.
9:23:13PM Let me just ask one question and because I know when we last
9:23:18PM discussed this, we had several member of the Straz Center
9:23:24PM that was in opposition.
9:23:25PM And I believe executive director, Ms. Lisa, came before us.
9:23:33PM And it seemed like you made a lot of concessions and they
9:23:39PM seemed to work out.
9:23:40PM One thing that bothered me out of everything that I read is
9:23:44PM that why was the incentive you provide to them over a
9:23:52PM million dollars, why was that offered?
9:23:54PM Because that seemed to me, and I don't want to imply
9:23:58PM anything wrong, but what it mean to me is that all these

9:24:02PM people who whereas totally against this, and they were
9:24:06PM forcing the opposition, so many of them, and then I hear
9:24:09PM about a concession of one million dollars that was provided
9:24:14PM to the Straz Center, unrestricted.
9:24:18PM They didn't have no restrictions on it.
9:24:20PM Use it for whatever they want.
9:24:22PM And then seemed like the attitude start changing.
9:24:25PM So, could you explain that?
9:24:28PM >> Sure.
9:24:29PM I think that's a valid question.
9:24:31PM Actually, that offer was made well in advance, actually, at
9:24:35PM the time that we made or were successful in our response to
9:24:40PM the RFP, we reached out to performing arts center.
9:24:44PM We wanted to integrate and connect the build doing the
9:24:47PM performing arts.
9:24:48PM We wanted the ability for the residence of this building to
9:24:51PM have a special connection to that facility and that was part
9:24:54PM of our outreach.
9:24:56PM We have been working on a gift agreement with the performing
9:25:00PM arts center and it has to do with access to the performing
9:25:03PM arts.
9:25:03PM It has nothing to do with personal gains for us.
9:25:06PM It's for the residents of this building and the connectivity
9:25:09PM to the performing arts center.
9:25:10PM That offer has been out on the table for over a year.

9:25:13PM And we are happy to continue to explain how or why that came
9:25:18PM about in more detail.
9:25:20PM But that's exactly why.
9:25:21PM It was about connecting and not about fixing a challenge.
9:25:25PM I think what we have done since the time we were last in
9:25:28PM front of Council and Mr. McDonaugh said it best, it wasn't
9:25:32PM sure that everybody really understood wag we were doing with
9:25:35PM this project and why it worked in this location.
9:25:38PM We have spent the last three months educating everyone we
9:25:42PM could in reaching out to every one of those groups.
9:25:45PM We have hosted special sessions and information sessions at
9:25:49PM the museum of art for residents of downtown, for the
9:25:52PM children's museum.
9:25:53PM We have met repeatedly with performing arts center with the
9:25:57PM museum of art.
9:25:58PM We have met with the surrounding property owners who have
9:26:00PM endorsed the project.
9:26:01PM We have met with citizens, we met with uptown Council and
9:26:04PM presented the project to them.
9:26:06PM I can keep going on and on.
9:26:08PM We felt like that was what we needed to do to convince not
9:26:12PM only you Council, but the residents of downtown, the
9:26:14PM business owners of downtown, the people that are really
9:26:17PM substantial stakeholders in downtown.
9:26:20PM What we were doing and why we were doing it.

9:26:23PM I think you've seen that here tonight.
9:26:25PM They've come in numbers and they've told you why and they
9:26:27PM have come from diverse backgrounds and told you why they're
9:26:30PM here.
9:26:31PM I think it's because we have reached out and explained what
9:26:33PM we are doing to them and think get it.
9:26:36PM >>FRANK REDDICK: One last question.
9:26:39PM As you move forward, as part of your development agreement,
9:26:43PM are you committed to the city MV program?
9:26:48PM >> We are.
9:26:48PM We discussed that at length with our general contractor and
9:26:51PM the primary consultants that work on the project.
9:26:54PM Some of them are here tonight and they can explain that
9:26:57PM program in detail.
9:26:58PM But yes, we're committed to that practice.
9:27:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just for the record, I need your.
9:27:05PM >> Greg minder, 2915 west bay court avenue in Tampa.
9:27:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:27:09PM Mr. Suarez?
9:27:10PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
9:27:11PM Ms. Feeley, you guys can sit down now.
9:27:14PM I want to apologize to the crowd.
9:27:18PM I know a lot of you had tickets to the Justin Bieber concert
9:27:22PM tonight.
9:27:22PM [ Laughter ]

9:27:23PM >> I did, but my husband is there.
9:27:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm sure he's having just as much fun as you
9:27:29PM are.
9:27:29PM [ Laughter ]
9:27:38PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Anyway, Ms. Feeley, I had asked you before
9:27:42PM to, one of the things that was brought up some ideas in my
9:27:48PM head before was, you know, we have got on the books what,
9:27:51PM the number is in terms of waiver, the height waiver.
9:27:54PM Okay.
9:27:55PM And I started thinking, why do we have height waivers?
9:27:58PM I started thinking about Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
9:28:00PM and some other cities that have specific types of height
9:28:04PM requirements, Philadelphia, they used to remember O -- I
9:28:08PM don't know if they still do.
9:28:09PM They used to have the top of William Penn's cap on top of
9:28:13PM the, you know, the building I guess was the city hall.
9:28:16PM And Paris has restriction there is terms of Heights in
9:28:21PM certain ports of the city.
9:28:23PM What was the reason for us having a height restriction?
9:28:25PM Do you know?
9:28:26PM We talked a little about it.
9:28:28PM But what was going on when they made that decision back in
9:28:30PM the 50s?
9:28:33PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: We did talk a little bit about that.
9:28:35PM And way did this morning, pilled the original zoning atlas

9:28:39PM for this part of the central city, central business
9:28:43PM district.
9:28:44PM What's kind of interesting, this M-1, which was the zoning
9:28:47PM category from 1956, the first time of zoning conformance,
9:28:51PM had an unlimited height.
9:28:54PM So there was no limitation on height adjacent to the river.
9:28:57PM Which I'm sure Mr. Miranda could enlighten us on some.
9:29:02PM [ Laughter ]
9:29:03PM >> And industrial type activities that were going on here
9:29:10PM that lended itself to that.
9:29:13PM The height restriction was actually further in under the
9:29:16PM C-2, there was a height restriction of 120 feet.
9:29:19PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Before you go on.
9:29:21PM 120 feet equates to how many stories essentially?
9:29:24PM >> Typically ten.
9:29:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ten stories.
9:29:28PM All right.
9:29:29PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: So, these green boxes that you see here,
9:29:34PM this is one Tampa center and where the Hyatt is.
9:29:37PM You had two opportunities for height variance under the old
9:29:40PM code.
9:29:40PM You could go to the Variance Review Board for a potential of
9:29:44PM a 20%.
9:29:45PM Or you could come before City Council to raise the height.
9:29:48PM So what you'll see along the end here, all these CHRs are

9:29:55PM central high rise.
9:29:56PM All those green squares came back before you and said, you
9:30:00PM know, we need more than this it wasn't you at the time, but
9:30:03PM whom ever was sitting on the dais at that point in time.
9:30:07PM The second time a zoning conformance in 1987, 1989 time,
9:30:12PM there was a downtown plan.
9:30:14PM And that downtown plan instituted the CBD-1 and the CBD-2,
9:30:18PM which is your zoning categories and central business
9:30:20PM district today.
9:30:21PM At that time, it took the 120 and it laid it across the
9:30:25PM entire central business district, unlike what was previously
9:30:28PM there was an unlimited height, due to I think the planning
9:30:32PM efforts at that time.
9:30:33PM It also called Franklin street as the central core of the
9:30:37PM downtown.
9:30:37PM So '89, now we are 30 years later, InVision Tampa is now
9:30:43PM looking at changing that central core, making it the river
9:30:46PM and looking at these other opportunities.
9:30:48PM But really, the southern end of the central business
9:30:51PM district, you know, all the way up to Cass had unlimited
9:30:55PM height.
9:30:57PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Would it be fair to say that a lot of times
9:30:59PM zoning districts are based on what is already there.
9:31:04PM And so they accommodate what's already there in order to
9:31:06PM allow for also for future development, meaning that I'll

9:31:12PM give you a great example.
9:31:13PM This is one of the examples I think I told you earlier
9:31:16PM today, which is the Floridan hotel, which is on Florida
9:31:20PM Avenue, which is nowhere near the river, was the tallest
9:31:23PM building in Florida probably for about 20 years.
9:31:27PM Maybe in '56, it wasn't any more.
9:31:30PM But it was the tallest building in Florida, was 19 stories.
9:31:33PM And again, I don't know this is true.
9:31:35PM I have no idea.
9:31:36PM It could be an apocryphal story.
9:31:39PM But the chances are the person that owned the Floridan hotel
9:31:43PM said I don't want any other buildings that are higher than
9:31:46PM ten stories.
9:31:47PM Because I have the highest building in Florida.
9:31:50PM And again, I don't know if that's a true story or not.
9:31:53PM I know, you know, when we look at zoning, a lot of times we
9:31:57PM look to sigh this is our district, this is not our district.
9:32:01PM This is a cultural district, arts district, central business
9:32:05PM district.
9:32:05PM I think we know based on just our role here on City Council
9:32:09PM that zoning changes constantly.
9:32:12PM There is never, there is never a static way of designing a
9:32:16PM city.
9:32:17PM We continually move forward, not because we necessarily like
9:32:22PM everything that gets built.

9:32:23PM Burr because we have changed as a city, where people live,
9:32:27PM where people work, where people play.
9:32:30PM And I say all that because I know that as an example, when
9:32:35PM we're talking about along the river, there's a picture in my
9:32:39PM office that is a panoramic shot, you've seen it I know, it
9:32:43PM says,ing from 1927, I think.
9:32:46PM The caption underneath the picture says Tampa, the fastest
9:32:50PM growing city in Florida.
9:32:51PM In 1927.
9:32:52PM And what was along that river?
9:32:55PM That was lumber yard.
9:32:57PM City would bring lumber up and down the river.
9:33:01PM It's just things have changed.
9:33:02PM We change with the times so to speak.
9:33:04PM One person mentioned earlier today that we're doing
9:33:10PM something that hasn't been done in 30 years, develop along
9:33:13PM the water that close.
9:33:14PM And someone else mentioned something about the Trump tower.
9:33:21PM The Trump tower was going to be on the water, wasn't it?
9:33:25PM >> Yes.
9:33:25PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: And that actually is still in play.
9:33:27PM They still have a right to build that tower there if they
9:33:30PM wanted to based on current zoning and current permission
9:33:34PM that was already given by prior Council?
9:33:37PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, they do.

9:33:39PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Ms. Feeley.
9:33:40PM I appreciate it.
9:33:41PM I just have one thing to say.
9:33:43PM It goes back to what I said before about the Floridan, which
9:33:46PM is, we as a city are going to constantly change.
9:33:50PM We're never going to be static the I'm 49 years old, I'm
9:33:54PM very happy to say that publicly, because I'm not the oldest
9:33:57PM one on the Council.
9:33:58PM [ Laughter ]
9:34:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You look terrible.
9:34:01PM [ Laughter ]
9:34:05PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Some of us have better hairlines than others.
9:34:08PM You know, the 49-year-old man, you know, I never dreamed of
9:34:13PM ever living in downtown Tampa.
9:34:15PM And the reason why is because there was no place to live in
9:34:18PM downtown Tampa.
9:34:19PM And had I been, had it been the same situation now as a
9:34:24PM younger man, I probably would've moved to downtown Tampa,
9:34:28PM with the option or at least some of the option that is we
9:34:30PM have now.
9:34:31PM I don't foresee that this is a projects that necessarily bad
9:34:36PM for the city itself.
9:34:37PM I think that there's some precedent.
9:34:40PM I think that the applicant has brought together a lot of
9:34:44PM precedent about where we have allowed development to go

9:34:47PM along the river.
9:34:49PM You know, if you think about some of the mistakes that were
9:34:53PM made previously, you know, we can call then mistakes now.
9:34:57PM But you know in 25 years, they may call this a mistake or
9:35:01PM other things mistakes that we do as Council.
9:35:03PM We're never going to know because the city is going to
9:35:06PM change based on the people that live here.
9:35:08PM Not based on what we do here.
9:35:10PM So, I'm going to support this project because I do think
9:35:13PM that it's important for us to recognize that our city is a
9:35:16PM completely different type of city than it was even when I
9:35:19PM was 29 years old, let alone 49 years old.
9:35:23PM So, thank you, Chair, for that.
9:35:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Suarez.
9:35:26PM If I was you, I'd dye my hair.
9:35:31PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think that's what happened.
9:35:32PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
9:35:34PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
9:35:35PM I was floored by how many people were here in support of
9:35:44PM this.
9:35:44PM I was very surprised to see that.
9:35:46PM And it was really great to hear all the support for downtown
9:35:51PM development.
9:35:52PM I have been and this Council has been and the Council prior
9:35:59PM to it has been always in support of higher density in

9:36:04PM downtown.
9:36:04PM I do want to point out that there were many, many people who
9:36:10PM did not want this for the reasons that we heard from a few
9:36:13PM people who came out tonight.
9:36:15PM But I think the opposition to, not to this project, not to
9:36:21PM this developer, it looks like a great building.
9:36:24PM The problem people have with it is the site.
9:36:27PM And the fact that it's public land.
9:36:30PM That we are selling to a developer to build a tower that's
9:36:37PM three times as tall as what is zoned in that district in our
9:36:43PM cultural arts district, on our waterfront, on our
9:36:46PM Riverfront, in a place where we haven't done that in 30
9:36:51PM years.
9:36:51PM And the only other building is an icon and will probably be
9:36:56PM a historic building declared historic building sometime soon
9:37:00PM because it's an incredible building.
9:37:03PM And there were a lot of people who were opposed to the beer
9:37:06PM can building when it was first built too.
9:37:08PM I like to call it that because I love the building.
9:37:11PM And I think it's, it's kind of like ObamaCare.
9:37:17PM If you accept it, people will come around.
9:37:20PM The beer can building.
9:37:23PM But I think that what we need to remember is, that this,
9:37:32PM what really builds a city and makes people, what's the
9:37:35PM economic driver for cities and for urban development is arts

9:37:40PM and culture.
9:37:41PM And is the natural environment and the riverfront.
9:37:48PM So as you allow that to be developed for residential, you're
9:37:55PM giving up a district, an area that has been dedicated and
9:38:02PM over -- there have been many, many plans, someone started to
9:38:06PM talk about tonight, there was the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
9:38:13PM plan and that dedicated that area to arts and culture.
9:38:17PM And even made a connection across the river.
9:38:21PM And really made it more park centric and more culture and
9:38:30PM museum centric.
9:38:35PM Then we had the plans for the art museum back when Greco was
9:38:41PM mayor.
9:38:41PM I think people remember, there was a lot of discussion and a
9:38:44PM lot of fear and people who were in favor of a museum and
9:38:49PM parkland prevailed over having condos built where we now
9:38:53PM have our beautiful Curtis Hixon Park.
9:38:56PM And we had a museum planned that was impinging on even on
9:39:01PM Ashley Drive.
9:39:02PM And that was turned out not to be workable.
9:39:05PM And we got rid of that plan.
9:39:07PM But all of these plans in the past for the Riverfront and
9:39:11PM for that downtown area had long public scrutiny.
9:39:16PM And there was a lot of public involvement.
9:39:18PM And stakeholder involvement in all of those plans.
9:39:21PM And they stood through that discussion and that public

9:39:25PM involvement.
9:39:26PM Unlike this plan, which came to Council, the sale of this,
9:39:34PM proposed sale of this plan came to Council, a couple days we
9:39:38PM were informed, you need to decide if we're going to sell
9:39:44PM this land to a developer to build a residential tower.
9:39:48PM We didn't have any of this information at that time.
9:39:51PM It was a rushed decision.
9:39:53PM No one knew about it in the public.
9:39:54PM And so now we're back here, and we have got obviously
9:40:01PM clearly support for downtown development.
9:40:03PM Support from our residential, support for more density,
9:40:07PM support for more transit oriented development.
9:40:10PM But you can't just look at that and say, this is the right
9:40:14PM spot to put this building that is four times taller.
9:40:19PM And which is really impacting everyone who uses the
9:40:25PM Riverfront and the Riverwalk.
9:40:27PM And I think, one of the speakers kept talking about how we
9:40:31PM need to have, and everyone's talked about how we need to
9:40:35PM have residential in the Riverwalk area.
9:40:38PM In the Riverwalk neighborhood.
9:40:41PM That doesn't mean you have to be on the river.
9:40:43PM And I think it's very clear that there's so much room,
9:40:48PM there's so many places that we can develop residential in
9:40:53PM the city, across Ashley.
9:40:56PM That's all you have to do.

9:40:58PM You have to go a little bit east and you have to go a little
9:41:00PM bit north.
9:41:01PM And I feel like this is problematic for my.
9:41:04PM And I know, this is a lot of pressure.
9:41:06PM Mine, every real estate developer, you know, we have got all
9:41:13PM of you here telling us we need to do this because we need,
9:41:16PM you know, we need to show people that we believe in
9:41:19PM developing downtown.
9:41:21PM And it's a lot of pressure on us.
9:41:23PM But the reality, we want that to happen.
9:41:26PM But we want it to happen in a way that is going to make
9:41:29PM downtown really continue to have the good things about it.
9:41:33PM And this is a big deal that we have this Riverwalk, that all
9:41:37PM of these mayors and all of these administrations have worked
9:41:40PM so hard to get.
9:41:42PM And so to just say because we have this, this is an
9:41:46PM opportunity for some developers.
9:41:49PM This is an opportunity for some people to benefit from this.
9:41:53PM But is this the best opportunity for the whole City of Tampa
9:41:58PM and for downtown?
9:41:59PM I really don't feel like I've heard any reason why this
9:42:05PM site, and absolutely we need to re-do that street grid.
9:42:12PM And, but that doesn't mean we need to vacate specifically
9:42:18PM for this one project to happen there.
9:42:20PM I don't feel like I have heard that case for that.

9:42:24PM I'm not going to be able to support it.
9:42:27PM I think that is, you know, it's just really a lot of public
9:42:30PM support for it.
9:42:31PM And it's probably going to pass.
9:42:33PM But I just have to do what I feel is the right thing to do
9:42:36PM for the development of downtown, for the many, many people
9:42:40PM and many people who are park employees and supporters and on
9:42:47PM the boards of these arts organizations and cultural
9:42:51PM institutions that are in that area, who have not felt
9:42:54PM comfortable speaking, but we have got e-mails this thick of
9:42:59PM people who also weighed in on this.
9:43:03PM And did not want to see, not that these aren't great
9:43:08PM developers.
9:43:09PM About isn't a great idea.
9:43:11PM It just doesn't belong there.
9:43:13PM And I also feel like what kind of precedent does this set if
9:43:16PM we do this?
9:43:17PM We're just going to go every little square inch of land on
9:43:21PM the river, can become available for towers, when we wanted
9:43:26PM it to be open, you know, open space, park space, cultural
9:43:32PM district.
9:43:34PM This city turned down the opportunity to put in one of the
9:43:38PM best art collections, privately owned art collections in the
9:43:43PM world that wanted to be on the Riverfront.
9:43:48PM And instead, we're all just chomping at the bit to put up a

9:43:51PM residential tower that could easily just go couple blocks,
9:43:56PM one block north or one block west.
9:43:58PM East, sorry, or west.
9:44:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:44:03PM Mr. Cohen?
9:44:06PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
9:44:08PM It has been very frustrating for me as I'm sure it has been
9:44:13PM for all my colleagues to have to spend this long hot summer
9:44:16PM staying site about this project.
9:44:18PM More people have expressed themselves about this I think
9:44:22PM than just about anything that we have considered during the
9:44:25PM time I have been here on Council.
9:44:27PM And I want to start off by saying that I think it's a
9:44:30PM wonderful testament to our community and to our city that
9:44:33PM people care so much about our collective future.
9:44:36PM Tampa is certainly not apathetic.
9:44:39PM And that is a good thing.
9:44:41PM Always I said, we have received a large amount of passionate
9:44:44PM correspondence.
9:44:44PM And I can tell you that some of my closest friends support,
9:44:48PM and neighbors vehemently oppose this project.
9:44:50PM And there are a lot of people out there whose opinion I
9:44:53PM respect, who believe that this should be voted down.
9:44:56PM But I see it differently.
9:44:57PM And I want to take just a moment after careful thought and

9:45:01PM deliberation to explain why.
9:45:03PM First and foremost, this Council spends a great deal of time
9:45:08PM wrestling with land use and zoning issues and this is one of
9:45:11PM our most important functions.
9:45:13PM On a regular basis, we make decisions regarding how much
9:45:16PM density is appropriate in various areas of the city.
9:45:20PM Sometimes, neighborhoods and citizens are here to weigh in
9:45:23PM on these matters and sometimes not.
9:45:25PM But here is the important thing.
9:45:28PM Sometimes, we vote for things in spite of neighborhood
9:45:31PM opposition because we believe it is best for the city and it
9:45:34PM is supported by our codes.
9:45:36PM And sometimes, we vote things down, when we believe that a
9:45:40PM neighborhood is unable to accommodate the increased dense
9:45:43PM that I a proposed development will create.
9:45:46PM That's happened often in this chamber in the last few
9:45:49PM months.
9:45:50PM But precisely because we do that, we must allow density
9:45:54PM where we feel it is appropriate.
9:45:58PM You cannot give lip service to being pro jobs and pro growth
9:46:02PM if you are not willing to allow increased density somewhere.
9:46:05PM In my view, downtown is a place where increased density is
9:46:09PM appropriate and people want to be in the Riverwalk and
9:46:15PM cultural arts district.
9:46:17PM As a member of the Straz Center board and also as a patron,

9:46:20PM I've taken an interest in this project because I've been
9:46:24PM concerned about some of the effects it might have on way
9:46:27PM believe is the one of the premier cultural institutions, not
9:46:31PM just in this community, but in the southeast United States.
9:46:34PM There is an opinion I have heard recently this development
9:46:37PM is going to make an already bad traffic situation worse
9:46:39PM around the Straz Center.
9:46:41PM And I through has been evidence proffered here tonight that
9:46:45PM this is not the case.
9:46:46PM The straightening of the streets and rearrangement of the
9:46:49PM street grid are going to enhance the Straz Center
9:46:52PM experience, not detract from it.
9:46:54PM As a patron of the center, I can tell you that my biggest
9:46:57PM frustration on coming out of a show there is the lack of a
9:47:01PM place to go to eat that you can easily access on foot.
9:47:05PM You can now take your life into your hands and run across a
9:47:08PM dark street and hope that you'll make it to the other side,
9:47:12PM but you still won't be able to find anywhere to get a bite
9:47:15PM to eat.
9:47:16PM This is all going to change with the approval of this
9:47:19PM project.
9:47:20PM And Mr. Reddick asked earlier the question about the
9:47:23PM railroad tracks.
9:47:24PM And I think that it's very, very important to understanding
9:47:28PM why this project is so important, really involve also the

9:47:32PM context around the railroad tracks.
9:47:34PM At every other point in the Riverwalk that we are working to
9:47:38PM complete at this time, the Riverwalk is going to ribbon out
9:47:42PM actually into the water.
9:47:43PM The only place, and that allows it to not have to deal with
9:47:48PM the street crossings that go over the various different
9:47:51PM points along the walk.
9:47:52PM The only place where that is absolutely impossible is this
9:47:57PM section of the Riverwalk that we're talking about here,
9:47:59PM because the railroad bridge is too low to allow anything to
9:48:03PM go underneath it.
9:48:05PM There has to be an at grade crossing.
9:48:08PM That is the only possible way to get people from Curtis
9:48:10PM Hixon Park and the art museum to the Straz Center and the
9:48:16PM Ulele restaurant and the Waterworks Park to the north.
9:48:20PM This is the best possible option to design that crossing so
9:48:24PM that people can make it safely and can make it as a
9:48:28PM contiguous part of the Riverwalk.
9:48:30PM Without this, the thing is going to dead end in the middle
9:48:33PM and people are just not going to be able to go from one side
9:48:36PM to the other.
9:48:37PM This is I think an extremely important reason that it is a
9:48:43PM good idea to put this tower where it is being designed.
9:48:46PM It opens up an arrival magazine for the Straz ands it opens
9:48:49PM up a walk path for people to go clear from the Tampa Bay

9:48:53PM History Center and the aquarium all the way up to the
9:48:57PM Hillsborough River.
9:48:58PM Some have called the Residence at the Riverwalk weird.
9:49:01PM I do not think so.
9:49:04PM I think it is bold.
9:49:05PM I think it is a bold statement about our commitment to
9:49:08PM downtown and developing an urban core that can party this
9:49:12PM kind of density.
9:49:13PM For those who want to see movement forward on a
9:49:17PM transportation initiative and increased retail and
9:49:20PM entertainment options downtown, it will never happen without
9:49:22PM the people to support it and a projects this size can be a
9:49:26PM game changer.
9:49:27PM For those who want to walk or bike uninterrupted up the
9:49:30PM Hillsborough river, this is a game change.
9:49:32PM For those who want to see a system of water taxis or ferries
9:49:37PM connected to the street Carr, this can be a game changer.
9:49:40PM I see it ultimately as a giant step forward.
9:49:44PM I want to just close by mentioning that I read something
9:49:49PM interestingly recently in the Tampa Bay Times, which
9:49:52PM absolutely editorialized against this project.
9:49:55PM But when they came out in support of the lens on the other
9:49:58PM side of Tampa Bay, they made --
9:50:00PM [ Laughter ]
9:50:02PM >>HARRY COHEN: I'm not comparing the two projects, other

9:50:04PM than to say this statement that they made.
9:50:06PM Tino violative designs for iconic public places shall often
9:50:12PM initially controversial.
9:50:14PM And revered by future generations.
9:50:17PM Ty I believe this bold step will be revered by future
9:50:21PM generations and will be an asset to downtown and an asset to
9:50:25PM the Riverwalk.
9:50:26PM Thank you very much.
9:50:28PM [ Applause ]
9:50:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, Mr. Cohen, now you're down to one
9:50:36PM newspaper.
9:50:36PM [ Laughter ]
9:50:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
9:50:41PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was afraid I'd have to follow that.
9:50:43PM You know, I want to say that first of all, thank you all for
9:50:49PM coming out here tonight because it is a rare occasion that
9:50:52PM we are in the company of so many individuals at ten minutes
9:50:56PM of 10:00.
9:50:57PM And it's very difficult for me to encourage people too come
9:51:03PM out and share their opinions with City Council on a Thursday
9:51:07PM night.
9:51:08PM So, thank you all for coming.
9:51:11PM And this is really, you know, a testament to the passion
9:51:15PM that our citizens have in this community.
9:51:18PM Not only those who live within the central business

9:51:22PM district, or even within the City of Tampa.
9:51:25PM We have had people speak tonight who maybe conduct business
9:51:29PM here but live elsewhere.
9:51:31PM I do want to say that, as most know, I'm a technical person.
9:51:37PM So I've laid out a couple of reports that I referenced in my
9:51:42PM comments.
9:51:42PM One is the UOI advisory services panel report dated
9:51:51PM October 9 through 14, 2011 where they say, they state out
9:51:56PM the panel's assignment and the question they're taxed with
9:51:59PM one of them is what are the redevelopment opportunities
9:52:02PM along both sides of the Hillsborough River and how can the
9:52:04PM city maximize the development potential, connectivity and
9:52:09PM amenity of the Hillsborough River in the study area?
9:52:13PM Another page mentions, examine all underused properties
9:52:17PM along both sides of the river.
9:52:20PM You know, great cities have leaders with great vision.
9:52:23PM And leaders not only in government, but leaders in the
9:52:26PM community.
9:52:27PM Leaders in the business community, in the private realm, in
9:52:31PM the cultural community.
9:52:32PM All of these come together to make great cities.
9:52:35PM All of you who came here tonight are here because you want
9:52:38PM to make your city better.
9:52:39PM Whether you supported the project or didn't support the
9:52:42PM project.

9:52:42PM That's what brought you here.
9:52:44PM So, the you know, I've got to say the vision of taking that
9:52:48PM scrappy little piece of land an pulling it together to
9:52:52PM create a developable parcel, which Wikipedia said isn't a
9:52:59PM really word.
9:53:00PM Is tremendous vision.
9:53:01PM I've been to the museum, Todd, if you're still here, I've
9:53:05PM been to the museum many times standing in that gift shop,
9:53:09PM browsing around and you look out the window and you so we?
9:53:12PM You see bus parking, a parking garage, a couple of signs,
9:53:18PM it's a horrible view.
9:53:20PM The best thing you can see is the sign of the Straz Center.
9:53:24PM But that's if you look up, you see the Straz Center name at
9:53:28PM the top of the building.
9:53:29PM You know, when I stank there and consider what can be, it's
9:53:34PM tremendous.
9:53:35PM And it shows fantastic I think vision and creativity to be
9:53:40PM able to conjure up something from really actually nothing.
9:53:47PM Another report that I took a look at for another reason, but
9:53:51PM it happened to stick with me is the Channel District arts
9:53:54PM plan.
9:53:55PM Which laid out very succinctly a couple of things that you
9:53:58PM should do to foster cultural arts district.
9:54:01PM And one of them says turn eyesores into icons.
9:54:06PM I can't imagine a better example of that statement than this

9:54:11PM project.
9:54:12PM I think Kevin's photograph of the no pedestrian crossing
9:54:16PM sign says that in visual better than I say it in words
9:54:21PM another line from that report, one of the tenets says, it's
9:54:26PM number four, it says recognize and celebrate Tampa's
9:54:29PM cultural assets.
9:54:31PM You're linking the museum with the Straz.
9:54:33PM Three blocks away, you have the Tampa -- the center of what
9:54:41PM was just named the best historic theater in the country at
9:54:46PM the Tampa Theatre.
9:54:47PM You've got three points of light.
9:54:50PM You need something to connect them.
9:54:52PM And I think the projects that these gentlemen have taken on
9:54:58PM here in the City of Tampa does that.
9:55:01PM It fills in in between.
9:55:07PM Two things, five and six of that report says market downtown
9:55:11PM Channel District and Ybor as a major urban center.
9:55:15PM Be a vibrant round the clock collection of communities that
9:55:21PM are pedestrian and visitor friendly and open for business.
9:55:25PM Now, I spent a lot of time going between here and
9:55:28PM Pittsburgh.
9:55:29PM And you know, the beautiful thing about being in Pittsburgh
9:55:31PM is you can go to one neighborhood and get one feel.
9:55:34PM You go to a different neighborhood, you get a different
9:55:36PM feel.

9:55:36PM And that's what this does for us.
9:55:38PM Ybor City and Channelside and downtown will all have their
9:55:43PM individual feels and flavors and people will come back to an
9:55:47PM area because that's where they want to go and that's what is
9:55:50PM a memory for them.
9:55:52PM And you know, I've got to say that, I was sitting coming
9:55:58PM back from the Oxford exchange this afternoon from a meeting
9:56:03PM and I was sitting on the Platt Street bridge.
9:56:05PM And I look across the bridge, because I'm waiting for the
9:56:08PM light to turn.
9:56:09PM And you can see the view down the river.
9:56:11PM And from that vantage point, you see Rivergate tower and I
9:56:18PM used to call the SNB building because I worked there when
9:56:23PM the property was built, in the land and development section,
9:56:28PM so I have personal connection to the Rivergate tower.
9:56:31PM You see the Rivergate tower, you see SkyPoint and you see
9:56:35PM what is now the area where this building will be built.
9:56:40PM And I think from that vantage point, it creates a triumphant
9:56:46PM almost of thoughts three buildings.
9:56:48PM And I talk a lot about having the past, talked a lot about
9:56:54PM the skyline of the City of Tampa.
9:56:55PM And I think that this, this building and the ones to come
9:57:00PM after it because certainly there will be other skyscrapers,
9:57:05PM there will be other high rises that are built in the City of
9:57:08PM Tampa.

9:57:09PM Will eventually fill in between the buildings that we have
9:57:13PM today.
9:57:13PM It's a reality.
9:57:16PM It's a future.
9:57:18PM That we are planning for.
9:57:21PM We are planning for 2040.
9:57:23PM We're looking at vision beyond what we have today.
9:57:26PM If people like the City of Tampa just the way it is today,
9:57:31PM and we don't want to bring it to the next level, then we
9:57:37PM vote down the project.
9:57:38PM But if we want to move forward and we want to see this city
9:57:42PM become the Tampa that I know it can be, then we will move
9:57:47PM forward with not only this project, but the ones that will
9:57:50PM come after it.
9:57:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:57:52PM Ms. Capin?
9:57:56PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Sure.
9:57:57PM My colleagues have been very eloquent on pro and reasons why
9:58:06PM it should be there and reasons why it shouldn't be there.
9:58:10PM One of the things that came up was why St. Petersburg is
9:58:14PM drawing the apartments that they have.
9:58:16PM They have a waterfront that is not developed.
9:58:21PM It is a parent that is a huge draw.
9:58:26PM Land.
9:58:34PM To that area.

9:58:34PM It looks like it's going to pass, but, you know -- I wanted
9:58:52PM to bring up, not only with the million dollars gift to the
9:59:00PM Straz, but it was revealed to us after the may meeting.
9:59:06PM Before that, we did not know -- maybe we shoved asked.
9:59:10PM We didn't know to ask.
9:59:13PM Was also $600,000 that is going to be, that the developer is
9:59:18PM going to spend on the Straz Center and the helping them with
9:59:26PM their, with their parking.
9:59:28PM And I wonder why dollars weren't offered to the museum of
9:59:35PM art.
9:59:35PM Why was a gift not offered to them?
9:59:39PM I also, there's questions as to, and maybe this will be for
9:59:45PM later.
9:59:46PM It appears, I'd like to see more of a site plans.
9:59:51PM When we listed this, when this was brought up to Tuesday
9:59:54PM pointing out all the high rises are, it's showing all the
10:00:01PM high rises.
10:00:02PM And then this photo right here shows a streetscape going
10:00:08PM toward the, toward the project.
10:00:14PM But it does not show a view from across the river, as to
10:00:19PM what you're going to see.
10:00:21PM And what this actually looks like.
10:00:24PM And if you think that we are not about density downtown, you
10:00:30PM haven't been paying attention.
10:00:32PM At all.

10:00:33PM Of the projects that we have approved that will be built in
10:00:42PM Channelside, because that's where the developers,
10:00:47PM development came.
10:00:48PM And that's where it is appropriate.
10:00:51PM But you know, if we want to develop our Riverfront and we
10:00:55PM want to fill it up with -- it's too bad that the only way
10:01:02PM that we find that we can correct this grid is by developing,
10:01:13PM or putting this tower and they say it's not on the river.
10:01:16PM Yes, it is.
10:01:17PM It absolutely is.
10:01:18PM The other thing is, one of the things, one of the photos
10:01:26PM that was brought up was about the crosswalk from, to the
10:01:31PM Straz Center.
10:01:32PM Is that coming down?
10:01:33PM There's not going to be a crosswalk there any more?
10:01:36PM Do you know?
10:01:41PM I haven't seen -- that crosswalk.
10:01:44PM There will be a crosswalk to the Straz Center?
10:01:46PM >> Yes.
10:01:47PM There will be an elevated crosswalk, which will end up at
10:01:51PM maestros, exactly where it's at.
10:01:54PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: What was the purpose of that photo?
10:01:57PM It is going to be there.
10:01:59PM >> The elevated crossing?
10:02:01PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: The elevated.

10:02:02PM >> Yes.
10:02:03PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's going to be there?
10:02:05PM >> That's correct.